Story: Karma’s Romance

    Episode 1

    NOVEMBER 1998
    It was barely 8 ‘0’ clock on Saturday morning on a very cold day and Adaora was enjoying rolling about in her mattress. It was one of those wonderful days you just didn’t feel like getting up. Under her blanket, she stretched her supple body and adjusted her pillow to get into another gear of sleep.
    She didn’t hear the door open and she wasn’t concerned. When you share a room with 2 other girls in a Hostel as big as Succoth was, you learn to wear ear plugs when you go to bed. Barely a few seconds after the door opened, she felt herself shaken vigorously and drowsily opened her eyes to stare into her best friend’s angry eyes.
    Adaora: “Rita, what is it? Isn’t it too early?”
    Rita: “How could you miss the vigil? How? What is wrong with you? We have been planning this for over 6 weeks and you just refused to show up. That’s so wrong!!”
    Adaora : “I was tired jor!” She said grumpily. “Really tired, I just needed to sleep.” She proceeded to cover herself with the blanket, not mindful of her friend’s boiling temper.
    Rita : grabbed the blanket off Adaora, very angry, “Ada, what is wrong with you? Are you ignoring God now?”
    Ada gets up angrily, her small body clad in her nightgown, her normally calm demeanour riled up.
    Adaora : “Rita, Rita, Rita, I’m warning you! Stop this nonsense! What’s wrong with you? Why are you always trying to control me? If you want to go for a vigil, why can’t you go? Why must you drag me along? Am I not the one who wants to sleep? If you don’t want to sleep, go for your vigil!!”
    Rita : “Ada, is it me you’re referring to? Have you lost your sense of shame and dignity? You’re the one who did wrong and you’re still talking!” She didn’t stop when she saw Ada’s new roommates, Lanke and Kosi walk in. As far as she was concerned, these girls were a bad influence on Ada and she was going to see the Hall Mistress about having Ada’s room changed.“How could you miss this vigil?” She ranted on. “Weren’t you aware that the Zonal Priest would be around? What kind of sleep was so important?”
    Kosi : Her arms akimbo, focused on Rita, “This girl, what is your problem? Why are you always disturbing Ada? Why are you always trying to control her?”
    Rita : “Please, I’m not interested in talking to a sinner like you!” She turned her nose up as the other girl, Lanke started laughing.
    Lanke: “Imagine!! We are sinners, abi? Because we are not willing to allow your sad life influence us? Because we prefer to party now? Or you would prefer us to be like you who would be cheating on her husband years from now because you spent all your university life being fake?”
    Kosi and Lanke started giggling while Adaora looked uncomfortable. She was tired of Rita but she didn’t want her roommates making jest of her. Rita was very controlling and she couldn’t stand for anyone making her look stupid.
    Rita : “So this is what you want, right? This is how you want your friends to be talking to me, right? When all I tried to do was help you out so you won’t mess up your life? Well, keep it up! Just know that I won’t stand to be a part of your life if you want to continue like this!!” She turned on her heels and marched out of the room, slamming the door behind her.
    Kosi and Lanke burst into laughter immediately and when Adaora merely sighed and sat on her bed, they both laughed harder. When they were still giggling twenty minutes later, Adaora looked at both of them worriedly.
    Adaora : “Are you guys okay? Or are you drunk?” When they started giggling louder, she realised they were indeed drunk. “Isn’t it too early for you to be drunk?”
    Kosi : “Early? No oh, our party just ended not long.” She said as they took off their clothes and ran into the bathroom together, giggling all the way.
    Adaora was surprised. She knew the school was very strict about students not being outside the school without proper exeat. Since she began her 2 nd year and got to room with Kosi and Lanke in the past 5 weeks, she realised that some students went out anytime without exeats. She didn’t know how they did it and she was curious.
    Adaora : “How did you get in this morning?” She called out through the door.
    Kosi and Lanke: “We have our means!” She heard the two of them echo followed by more giggles.
    She smiled as she laid down back on her bed. She really enjoyed rooming with Kosi and Lanke. They were not perfect, she knew that. From the stories they told of partying, meeting guys and one episode of panic after Lanke had had a one night stand without a condom, she got the idea that their morals were very loose.
    Adaora did not want to be like them, they were too much for her but she wanted their carefreeness, their ability to laugh at everything and have fun while they did. She had spent all her life being good and decent and now at 18, she couldn’t point out one fun thing she had done in her life. Lanke was 18 too and also in her second year but was far ahead in experience.
    Kosi was a year older in age and academics but years ahead in experience. She, on the other hand had spent her entire life at the control of her best friend, Rita.
    She and Rita had been best friends since her days at their catholic all girls primary School, Saint Augustas. After that, they had proceeded to the same catholic secondary school and now the same Catholic University. Infact, the only reason she had come to this school was because Rita was going there.
    However, on getting to the University, she realised she wanted more than being at her best friend’s behest all her life. She had felt that Rita had controlled her for too long and she needed to break off from her.
    Knowing her nature, she was aware that she would have to apologise to Rita, she had never been able to keep malice with her no matter how angry she was with Rita’s controlling excesses. She sighed as she got back into her bed and covered herself with her blanket. She would apologise when she woke up in a few hours’ time.
    Adaora rushed out quickly so she could make her Philosophy 211 course. Rhaddeus University was pretty new, barely 3 years old, one of the two new Private Universities in Nigeria and they took class attendance and punctuality very seriously. Anyway, she also happened to enjoy the class and had a very fun philosophy lecturer.
    In 1998, Private Universities were still a very new development in Nigeria and Adaora’s parents hadn’t considered one for their daughter. In fact, their plan had been for Adaora to go abroad to study in Ireland but Adaora had wanted to stay close to Rita. Of course, Rita had pressured her a lot too.
    When Rita had gotten her their Priest to speak with Adaora’a staunchly catholic parents about Rhaddeus University, they had given in, albeit reluctantly when they realised the school was catholic and disciplined. So far, they hadn’t had any cause to regret their decision.
    Which was why it came as a surprise when Adaora heard her name being mentioned barely 2 hours later, over the speaker, which was in every lecture room, asking her to report to the Office of the Dean of student Affairs.
    When she got there 30 minutes later, the Dean, a Catholic Reverend had greeted her affably and informed her she had a telephone call from her parents. As was the school’s policy, when Parents wanted to communicate with their children, they could send letters or if they had telephones at home, make direct calls to the Dean, the child was then called to the Dean’s office to receive the call.
    Adaora was surprised at her parents calling her in school though. Since she started at Rhaddeus, her parents had often sent her letters but they had never called before. She tried not to be worried but as she went into the phone room, she was worried something was wrong.
    She heard the phone ring immediately she entered the booth and she picked it quickly. She heard her mother say hello and she replied hesitantly…

    Adaora : “Hello… good afternoon, mummy.”
    Mrs Chineme : “Adaora, how are you? How is school?” Her mother inquired.
    Adaora : sighing with relief, “Mummy, its fine, as usual. Really, quite good.”
    Mrs Chineme: “Really? Is that what you would say? Because that isn’t what I and your father have been hearing!! What have you been up to?!”
    Adaora was aghast at the anger in her mother’s voice. Her mother was usually the calm one and when her father was getting angry, her mum was usually the one to calm him down.
    Adaora :“Mummy, I haven’t been up to anything, I promise you, I have been a good girl here mummy.”
    Mrs Chineme: “That isn’t what I have been hearing Ada, I’ve heard very bad things about you.”
    Ada wondered at that word “hearing”. What exactly could anyone be telling her mother about her? And why would her mother believe such a person except if it was someone she had known for a long time? And then it came to her, of course, it was Rita. No other person would go as far as reporting her to her parents.
    Adaora : “Mummy, is it Rita telling you stuff about me?”
    Mrs Chineme: “ Does it matter who it is? My question is, what are you doing? Who are these new friends you are keeping?”
    Adaora : “Mummy, I’m not keeping any new friends, Rita is just lying! I can’t believe that girl! Yes, I have two new roommates but they aren’t bad or horrible like Rita is painting them! They…..”
    Mrs Chineme: “ Do they go to mass? Confessions? Do they pray? You know how your father and I made plans for you, don’t ruin them! I don’t want you keeping any bad friends!”
    Adaora : “Muuuumy…” she whined, “….they aren’t bad. And they aren’t my friends, just my roommates! I missed one stupid vigil and now Rita has you thinking I’m now satan’s daughter?”
    Mrs Chineme: “ Stupid vigil? Stupid vigil? Ada, what has come over you? We raised you better than that!! You had better watch yourself over there. You wouldn’t be sounding this way if I had let your father talk to you like he wanted to but I begged him to let me talk to you first.”
    At that, Adaora subsided. Her father was very strict and if he was the one at the other end of the phone, she knew she would be crying miserably by now. As it was, it took everything in her to stop from bawling.
    Mrs Chineme: “Adaora…” Her mother’s voice gentled, “…I love you and I want the best for you. You are my daughter, my special first child, please don’t keep bad friends, do what is right and study hard. Remember the daughter of whom you are, okay?”
    Adaora : “Yes, Nne.” She sniffed, “I won’t forget, thank you.”
    They went on to talk about other things including Ada’s father and her 12 year old younger sister, Sochi. By the time Ada rounded off the call, she didn’t feel so sad anymore but deeply angry. How could Rita call her parents? How could she be so manipulative?
    Her parents had started having children very late. And even at that, they had only managed to have 2 so they were extremely protective of Ada and Sochi. They never joked with any issue affecting their daughters and had spared no expense in giving them the very best of everything in life.
    Her father, Engineer Chineme was a Civil Engineer who also had a huge import and exports business. He was very rich and had for all of Ada’s life been able to afford summer holidays every year in different countries. As it was, Ada and her sister were citizens of the UK and the US. They were born in the UK and through their father had earned American citizenship.
    Her mother had always been a stay at home mum who was more comfortable taking care of her family, cooking and entertaining her slew of in-laws. Although her Parents were pretty strict, she had never had any cause to doubt their love and dedication to their children. Without actually seeming to, they gave them everything they wanted, including an opportunity for their beloved first daughter to attend a relatively unknown University just because her best friend was going there. Of course, for her masters, Adaora would still have to go to a foreign University.
    Rita on the other hand did not have such a great home life. Her mother was on her 4 th husband and she had 7 children for 4 different men. Rita was the fifth child but the 1 st child born by her mother to her 3 rd husband. A man who also happened to have 2 wives already. However, Rita’s brains, academic excellence, pious living and her unspoken desire to become a Reverend Sister ensured that the Catholic Church continued to fund her education.
    Adaora had not gotten around to apologising to Rita as she had planned to do on Saturday. When she had woken up, she had gone to wash, cook, eat and catch up on her school work that she had quite forgotten Rita. On Sunday in Church, Rita had refused to make eye contact with her and she had decided not to stress herself talking to her, she was tired of always apologising first.
    Which was most likely why, today being Tuesday, she was getting a call from her parents, Rita had probably called them yesterday. Another way to bring Adaora to heel. Adaora had however decided not to heed Rita, she refused to be Rita’s puppet forever and for this stunt, she was going to have something to say to Rita.
    As she passed the corridor to her 3 rd floor room, she saw Rita coming out of the 2 nd floor common room and heading for her own room which was two doors away. She quietly approached Rita whose head was in a book so she didn’t see Adaora until she walked right into her.
    When she looked up and saw it was Ada, she hissed and continued walking and was shocked speechless when Ada’s tiny arms dragged her backward by her shirt.
    Adaora : “I’m warning you right now!” She said with fire in her eyes, “If you ever call my parents on me again, you will regret it. I’m not your child or your puppet, I don’t have to do everything you tell me to! Stop trying to control me, go and get a life. If you think you’re so perfect, then stay alone but leave me out of your miserably controlled life. Amebo, AIT!!” She shouted as she walked away.
    Rita stood in the corridor as several girls who had heard Ada’s tirade stared at her and laughed. She was so shocked, she didn’t notice them at first. Ada had never spoken to her like that in all their lives. What was happening to her? Yes, she had called Ada’s parents but only because Ada had refused to apologise for last Friday’s incident. All she wanted was Ada’s good. If Ada continued to walk with those sinners, she would become like them and she could not have her best friend become a sinner.
    She became aware of the girls laughing in the corridor and she got angry. Ada must know that there was no greater insult she could pass than to insult her in a corridor full of girls who didn’t like her. She knew she wasn’t very popular among the other girls because she was holy but she didn’t care. She knew she couldn’t afford to fit in with people who weren’t heaven bound and that was that.
    But for Ada to humiliate her in these same corridor where they had flaunted their 15 year friendship was the worst thing that could happen and she would never forgive Ada for that. Now their friendship was truly over. Ada could keep her sinful friends, Rita would keep Jesus.
    Hmmm, what is going to happen to Ada and Rita’s relationship now?

    Episode 2

    Kosi was having a good time. She sat at a table laden with different assortments of night foods and she couldn’t be happier. Of course, her happiness had more to do with the hunky boy man she recently started calling boyfriend than with the amount of food. She knew he was bad for her but she had had a crush on James since her first year and he had never looked in her direction. He had actually been interested in Lanke for a while and that had made her mad.
    Recently however, they had been out together with mutual friends and they had all gotten into a game of truth or dare. She and James had been dared to kiss each other and since then had been inseparable. He wasn’t really her boyfriend, they weren’t dating or being exclusive but she didn’t really mind, she just wanted a piece of the hottest boy on campus. At 24, he was in his 2 nd year studying business administration and if the rumors were to be believed, he was a member of a cult group that had gained notoriety last year.
    Of course, she didn’t care about that, all that mattered was the good sex she enjoyed in the back seat of his car regularly since she started hanging with him. Unlike the younger post teenage boys in school, he was tough, brutal, handsome, mean and he had a magic penis that brought her plenty of pleasure.
    She picked at the suya on the table and smiled as she listened to the music and the cacophony of voices around them. Lanke sat opposite her with her own boyfriend, Nelson who was a student of the neighbouring state University. Rumour had it he was also a cultist, a leader of another gang.
    Beside them were others, Juwon, a brilliant guy studying law but who liked to hang with the hot crowd and smoke marijuana. According to James, his Parents had to bring him back to Nigeria when he started spending time with bad boys in Chicago where they lived before. That was why at 22, he was just starting his first year. If only his parents could see him now.
    Anslem, the cutest guy in school also sat with them smoking cigarettes and deep in conversation with Kachi, another suspected cultist. Anslem was a well-known man whore and had slept with virtually the entire female population at Rhaddeus University, including Kosi, Lanke and most of their friends. He broke hearts like a pro and did it with a smile. He was so cute though that girls usually forgave him.
    Kachi was 22 and was believed to be a very high ranking member of the Black cellos, a cult group formed by students of the state University and of Rhaddeus which James headed. The cult wasn’t particularly deadly but girls in School had heard they had been linked to the rape of some girls from the State school. Girls didn’t really get raped at Rhaddeus because of the protected nature of the school.
    Ufoma, a real wannabe dude was also hanging around them. In Kosi’s opinion, the guy was just stupidly hanging on. He was 18 and wanted to fit in so he kept running around for the older guys and doing everything they wanted him to do like he had no mind of his own, he probably didn’t anyway. She had heard his parents were rich and he was also a very hot dancer who got paid for big jobs so she wondered at him sometimes.
    And farthest from the table entirely was Biggie, Kosi didn’t know his real name but the guy was over 6 ft tall with muscles, abs and weight to match. He was very dark and she had often wondered how his girlfriend, a slim bony girl coped with having such a huge boyfriend. When she finally asked Debo, who was a close friend, Debo had told her they weren’t having sex yet and were waiting for marriage.
    This had surprised Kosi who not only didn’t believe in shit like that, she also didn’t see Biggie as the kind of Guy who would wait. The two however, Biggie and Debo seemed perfectly content with each other and had been dating from their orientation week when they were all in their first year.
    She was quietly contemplating everyone, including Lanke and Nelson when she noticed that most of the guys, excluding Biggie and James, who was smoking away were involved in a deep discussion about something. She couldn’t hear them though, the music was too loud and she wondered how they were hearing themselves.
    Suddenly the music went off and she could hear them clearly.
    Anslem: “……..What do you mean? Get away jare!! There’s no girl in that school I cannot have, even your school!”
    Kachi: “Guy, waka comot jare! Just because some girls dey open leg for you, you don dey feel yourself abi?”
    Ufoma : “As in! You’re just running mouth! Have you slept with Kanmi in mass communication?”
    Anslem: “Ehn? Which Kanmi? Why do you think she doesn’t talk to me anymore? She begged me not to break up with her but I had to tell her I don’t do exclusive relationships.”
    Ufoma : “For real? And I liked that girl oh.” He sounded really disappointed. “Was she a virgin?”

    Anslem: “Which virgin? If I hear!! Are there still any virgins in that our school?”
    Kachi : “No be una call am Catholic University?” He guffawed.
    Nelson: “Ha! Na inside God house sinners dey pass!” He said as he joined in the conversation.
    Juwon: “Chill oh, that girl Rita, in Engineering, she’s in Succoth Hostel, that girl go be virgin now, abi Lanke?”
    Lanke: “Oh please, don’t talk about that bitch, abeg! Even if she’s a virgin, she’s too toxic please.”
    Anslem: “True, I don’t even like her. Heard she’s going to become a nun….”
    Juwon: “Talk true, you know you can’t get her or that her tiny fine friend. Those girls have class!”
    Lanke: “Which class? Please let me hear word jor? Ada is my roommate and there’s nothing special to her!” She said derisively. “Only that her folks are rich!”
    Kosi : “True! She’s a very fake girl and pretentious. I don’t like her at all, I just form nice because she always has plenty stuff to give. I don’t know if she’s a virgin though.”
    Nelson: “For real? I know that girl now, abi?”
    Juwon: “If she’s a virgin, she will never agree to sleep with Anslem, trust me!!”
    Anslem: “I don’t like how you guys are always doubting me! I don’t like it at all! I can get that girl! Let’s bet on it!”
    The guys all hooted and started shouting. James and Biggie joined in and they started arguing on how much to bet to the excitement of the girls excluding Debo who found it disrespectful and walked away. Biggie quickly followed her, eager to appease her. The other guys settled on #20,000 which Anslem would give them if he couldn’t get Ada and they would give him if he got her.
    With laughter, Lanke and Kosi promised to help him get what he wanted and they enjoyed their night. Work would begin tomorrow.
    Lanke: “Have you heard?” She asked, excited as she burst into the room.
    Kosi : “Heard what?”Asked dismissively
    Lanke: “Reverend Sister goody goody and Madam Hoity toity argued in the downstairs corridor yesterday!!” She said as she burst out laughing.
    Kosi : “Really?” Kosi askedgiggling. Around Lanke, she spent a lot of time giggling even though sometimes she wanted to laugh. The truth was she had esteem issues with laughing around Lanke. Lanke had the most perfect set of teeth she had ever seen of anyone and she, on the other hand, had teeth that were the colour of caramel and in the top layer of her gums, she was even growing double teeth. Of course, James didn’t mind.
    Lanke: “Yes oh, many people saw them! They said Reverend Sister wanted to die!” She said as she started laughing again.
    Now, Kosi laughed. Served that idiot Rita right for thinking she was more perfect than everybody else. People like Rita and Ada nauseated her. Rita acted like she was Gods only begotten daughter and Ada was so proud because her father was so rich and she had been to many countries and had a car of her own at home.
    Kosi : “Serves them right! Stupid girls!”
    Lanke: “Seriously! I wish I was there. That Ada too, always acting like one first lady, prim and proper like she no get mouth! Imagine!”
    Kosi : “So you have also noticed, abi? I swear that girl is so fake!”
    Lanke laughed coldly, she really hated that stupid Rita and she had told the girl several times but with Ada, she couldn’t tell. The girl was just so nice, pretty, quiet and rich. She did not believe anyone could have it all and as far as she was concerned, Ada had her secrets and she would find them out.
    Lanke: “Maybe we should ask her when she comes today, what do you think?”
    Kosi : “Ask her what?”
    Lanke: “If she’s a virgin now. We promised to help Anslem, remember?”
    Kosi : “Oh, true oh. Or if she has a boyfriend.”
    Lanke: “Hahaha!!” They both started giggling again at their own ingenuity.
    After the showdown with Rita, Ada had decided to avoid her room for a while in case Rita chose to pay her a visit and had yesterday, slept in her floor’s common room. Today, she finally made her way back to her room, glad to see Rita hadn’t come to disturb her things in her absence. Lanke was dancing to music from the radio charger in the corner, swinging her massive bumbum while Kosi was on her bed, filing her nails and blowing gum. They both looked up when she entered.
    Ada : “Hello ladies…”
    Lanke: “How are you? Heard about your drama with your friend, Assistant Holy Mary. What happened?”
    Ada : “Nothing serious.” She told them as she made her way to her bed, taking off her clothes as she sat down. She quickly wrapped a towel around her underwear clad body because she wasn’t comfortable being naked around her almost always naked roommates.
    Kosi : “Nothing abi? Okay oh, don’t worry, since you can’t treat us like your friends and tell us.” She giggled at Lanke when Ada entered the bathroom.
    Ada came out three minutes later feeling refreshed and went to sit on her bed.

    Lanke: “So Ada, you can tell us what happened now. I thought we were friends?”
    Ada : “No, it’s nothing like that, I just don’t want to ruin entirely what I have with Rita. I know we will get back together very soon so let me just keep quiet about it, I was just angry yesterday, if not, I wouldn’t even have shouted at her at all.”
    Kosi : “Eyaa!” She left her bed and came to sit beside Ada on her bed, rubbing her back. “Don’t be angry with yourself okay?”
    Ada had always felt comfortable around the quieter and more composed Kosi unlike Lanke who was always forward and talkative. She was grateful for Kosi’s comforting aura right now. She knew they weren’t perfect but she didn’t find them so disagreeable. They weren’t critical or judgemental like Rita and they seemed genuinely nice.
    Ada :“Thank you, I feel better right now.”
    Kosi : “Okay then, I’m glad. Hmm….. Ada, do you have a boyfriend?”
    Ada : “Boyfriend?!” She shouted. “Nooooooo! What for? At my age?”
    Lanke: “Haha! Aren’t you an adult? What are you saying?”
    Ada : “Boys aren’t a priority though! I don’t need that kind of distraction…”
    Kosi : “So you have never had a boyfriend? Ever?”
    Ada : “No!! For what? I don’t need one!!”
    Lanke: “Have you had sex before?”
    Ada : “No, you guys are acting weird oh! I don’t believe in premarital sex at all.”
    Lanke: “So, you’re a virgin?”
    Ada : “Yes!” She stated emphatically, shrugging.
    Kosi : “Okay, okay!” She told Ada, winked at Lanke and went back to her own bed.
    Are you like me, wondering if Ada will fall for Anslem?

    Episode 3

    It had been 3 weeks since the fight with Rita and Ada was getting worried. Rita was now avoiding her, if Rita saw her coming one way, she would go the other way. Ada’s parents knew the money Rita got as pocket money wasn’t enough so whenever they sent Ada money, they sent to Rita too.
    Knowing how proud Rita could be, Ada had written an apology note tucked with the money and placed it under Rita’s room pillow. Initially, she assumed Rita didn’t get it since she still avoided Ada but she had since realised Rita had gotten it for she had paid for the lab suit and googles she told Ada she wanted to buy.
    This worried Ada because the action suggested that Rita did not want to have anything to do with her again. How would she cope without Rita? All she wanted was a little respect from Rita in their friendship. She wasn’t used to having to make new friends and the whole thing was tiring her out. She had been spending a lot of time with Kosi and Lanke but they had nothing in common.
    All they talked about were their boyfriends, nails, clothes etc. nothing about books, school and all the things Ada liked. She sighed as she continued walking to the Library, she had barely gotten to the entrance when she heard her name being called, she turned around and saw Anslem.
    Ada : “Hi, Anslem, how are you?”
    Anslem: “How are you, dear? Where are you going?”
    Ada : “This part only leads to one building…” She said sarcastically. She was beginning to feel irritated by Anslem’s ridiculous attention. He had an overblown ego because he was handsome, he had the brains of a cockroach and she expected a guy of 21 to have more going for him than a reputation for haven shagged the highest number of girls on Campus.
    Anslem: “You look extra beautiful today” He said as he leered at her bosom.
    Ada : “It must be the sun, its making you see visions!”
    Anslem: “No! Don’t you know you’re beautiful?” He smiled his winning smile.
    Ada : “I know, I just don’t like hearing you mention it every day!” She answered with a tight smile, letting her disdain show a little. “I have an assignment right now so I have to go. Talk to you later. Bye.” She turned and walked away.
    Anslem stood on the partway and rubbed his hands over his head. His time was running out, he barely had 8 days and he couldn’t even say he had gotten the girl to like him much less getting into her panties. What was he supposed to do now? The stupid bitch was just being so stubborn! What was her problem anyway? He decided to go and search for Lanke and Kosi, they weren’t helping at all.
    Lanke: “Why don’t you like Anslem?” She asked Ada who was sitting on the reading table drinking cornflakes.
    Kosi : “Abi oh! Hes so cute and all the girls want him.”
    Ada : “Why don’t they take him then? I’m not interested in him! I told you I can’t afford male distractions right now. My parents expect me to do well and I will.”
    Kosi : Who says you can’t do well and have a boyfriend?”
    Ada : “I don’t want to have a boyfriend, if I wanted a boyfriend, it wouldn’t be Anslem!”
    Lanke: “Anslem? Why not?” She couldn’t understand how any girl wouldn’t want Anslem. When she was having sex with Anslem last semester, she and the other girls he was sleeping with at that time knew about each other but no one cared. How can this yeye girl think she was all that special? “Do you know how girls are rushing for him?”
    Ada : “I don’t care! I don’t want a boyfriend…..”
    Kosi : “We are not talking about dating him, just sleeping with him. If you’re a virgin, its better you start with a guy with experience.”
    Ada : looked at them like they were both mad. “I would not sleep with any man until marriage and especially not a male prostitute, please, don’t tell me that again, I beg you!” She stood up and walked out of the room with her cornflakes.
    Anslem stood in the corner by the library wondering what to do. Lanke and Kosi had just told him to forget Ada and he was devastated. Besides the money he was about to lose, his pride had also badly suffered. He couldn’t believe Ada had turned him down and lost him so much money. What did that girl think she was?
    He had only four days now and he figured he could take another shot at it. He waited another 20 minutes till it was 9pm when Ada usually left the Library. He straightened when he saw her come out of the library.
    Anslem: “Hey dear!”
    Ada was startled when she saw Anslem in the shadows, she sighed and walked into the darkness at the corner. He looked miserable and she felt bad for him. She knew how that felt.
    Ada : “Hi, how are you?”
    Anslem: shrugs, “I’m fine, you?”
    Ada : “Fine, I was reading.”
    Anslem: “I know, I missed you.” He leaned into her and grabbed her waist. Before she could do more than squeak, he planted a sloppy kiss on her. He deepened the kiss when she started struggling and pushed his left hand under her blouse up to her breasts. He knew that all he needed was for him to kiss her for a few minutes and she would want him very soon. It had worked several times before. Women did not always know what they wanted.
    Ada was very angry. This bastard had the guts to put his hands on her breasts and she couldn’t get free. She tried to jerk free but she was small and he was big and he pushed his tongues deeper into her throat. She could feel his organ getting bigger against her stomach and she started getting scared.
    She dropped the books she had been holding, they fell on his feet and he jerked backward, she took a deep breath and bit deeply on his tongue. He screamed and released her breasts then she punched him in the eye and bit his shoulders too.
    Anslem: “You bitch!!!” He screamed when his hands which he had put on his tongue came away with blood. “What’s your problem?? You’re crazy!!”
    Ada : “You’re mad!! Your family is crazy!! Your life is crazy!! How dare you?!!” She screamed back as she started running, tears slipping out of her eyes.
    Anslem: “That crazy girl!! She will suffer for this.” He said into the dark rubbing at his painful shoulder.
    Anslem’s friends couldn’t help laughing when they saw him the next evening. He looked funny. His eyes were black and his tongue swollen so he couldn’t talk. His friends wanted to know what happened but he wouldn’t say. Eventually, when Kosi came with James, she told the other guys what had happened as she had heard from Ada when she got back to the room yesterday. This only made the guys laugh harder that a girl had taken down the mighty Anslem.
    Kosi : “You guys, I’m serious oh! It took Lanke and me the whole night to convince her not to report him to anyone. Do you know what could have happened if anyone heard?”
    Ufoma : “What is wrong with that girl though? It’s Anslem now.”
    Juwon: “I don’t get it oh….. Who does she think she is? Is she finer than some of the other girls Anslem has fucked?”
    Kachi : “I swear she lucky say she no be student for our school, she for don suffer!!”
    James: “What’s stopping you from dealing with her?” He said with deadly calm as all the other guys paid attention.
    Anslem was embarrassed but he was feeling angry and vengeful. “How do I deal with her? She’s in Rhaddeus, you know?”
    James: “So? Won’t she come out?”
    Kosi : “No….” She said nervously, “She doesn’t go anywhere.”
    James: “Then you’ll bring her out!”
    Biggie : “For what?” He asked. “Please guys, let’s leave the matter. She messed up but she’s young, let’s forget it.”
    Anslem: “You can forget it but you’re not the one she just humiliated! I lost money because of her.” He spat out.
    Biggie : “Guy, that’s your ego talking. If that’s the case, we won’t collect money for the bet…”
    Juwon: “For where? Make the rest of you no collect, I go collect.”
    Anslem “You see?”
    Ufoma : “Guys, seriously, let’s just scare her or something.”
    Kachi : “You know say you no get liver, go siddon!” He pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. “Nothing will happen except what we want to happen!”
    Biggie : “What do you want to do to her? Beat a small girl?”
    Nelson: “No, he will take the virginity she’s so proud of.” He laughed.
    Biggie : “Guys, no! Don’t go there! I’m warning you. Just leave her. Is she stupid that she won’t remember? This is not State University oh. See, I’m out, I don’t have the energy for trouble!” He said as he dropped his beer bottle and money on the table and stood up to leave.
    Kachi : “Coward, no wonder na Debo dey control you! Big for nothing mumu!” he shouted at his former best friend.
    Biggie kept walking like he didn’t hear the insult.
    Anslem: “But what if she recognises me?”
    James: “She won’t. You’ll just give her something to drink before it happens and she will never know what hit her.”
    Kosi : “What of the person who brought her out? Won’t she remember us?”
    Nelson: “You guys are overthinking this stuff, bring her out, do what you want to do and wait for the result, that’s what real men do!” He said decisively
    Kosi : “Please guys, let’s not do it, I’m not cut out for this kind of trouble.” She said beginning to realise what kind of fix she had gotten herself into.
    Juwon: “I like the idea, let’s do it!”
    “Yeaaaah!!” The other guys started screaming “Bugu!! Bugu!!” They shouted and clinked their bottles as other patrons turned to watch them.
    “No, no, no, please, let me go!” She screamed as the guy grabbed her and started tearing her clothes off….
    Rita was panting when she woke up. Her body was pooled with sweat and her bed linens were scattered all over. She felt terrified again when she realised that the dream had been about Ada. Ada had been led into the woods by Kosi and Lanke where some guys had been waiting to attack her. She quickly said a prayer and although she was still angry with Ada, she would tell her in the morning.
    When she woke in the morning, she figured the dream was her imagination because she was jealous of Ada’s new friendship with Kosi and Lanke, Ada had never had any friends besides her. Of course, the idea that she would have to talk to Ada now grated on her nerves. Ada would assume she was talking to her because she needed money, which she did.
    She came out of her room and saw Ada coming downstairs giggling with Lanke and decided not to tell her afterall. If Ada was in danger, God would have told her new best friends. In her anger, she forgot her dreams usually came true.
    Oh dear! Is Ada in trouble now?

    Episode 4

    Kosi was really nervous, she was eating her beloved suya way too fast but she couldn’t relax. All week, her head felt very heavy at the thought of what she had to do. She was worried about what James would have done to her if she hadn’t agreed. So naturally, she had approached Lanke with the plan and Lanke had been excited about the idea and had even been able to infect Kosi with her excitement, a little.
    It had been hard to convince Ada to come out on a Friday night without telling anyone beforehand. Fortunately, Ada did not have any other friends besides that pious Rita who still wasn’t talking to her. They eventually convinced her by telling her they had to attend an HIV convention taking place at midnight.
    Of course, she wanted to know why they had to go without school exeat since it was all perfectly legal, then they told her the School did not want to identify with the HIV patients. They convinced her because they told her there were lots of HIV patients who needed a listening ear. Or maybe because they continued to whine but eventually she agreed, probably because she was depressed over her bestie.
    Lanke: “Calm down Kosi, what’s wrong with you? You’ll give it up.” She whispered at Kosi who was acting all jittery.
    Kosi : “I can’t calm down, I’m scared! What if something goes wrong? What if……..”
    Lanke, “Chill, they will soon be here.”
    Ada noticed them talking and wondered for the 100 th time what she was doing in this place. The girls said they had to chill because the program did not start until 11pm but she was feeling very nervous. She put that down to the knowledge that she was never outside by 10pm. If her parents ever found out that she went outside school, she would be in big trouble.
    As she sipped her drink and ate of the suya, she had an inkling that she should have told at least one person about this outing. Maybe her class Rep or one of those girls in the room beside theirs who greeted her nicely. She just realised it was stupid to come out this late without telling anyone and with two girls she suddenly didn’t trust at all.
    Lanke and Kosi were looking around furtively and then suddenly seemed to relax. Ada stopped drinking her coke halfway and watched them quietly. She couldn’t place it but something wasn’t right. Then again the local bar was quite crowded so she didn’t think anything could happen. 5 minutes later, after her goose bumps kept rising, she stood up and they both stood up.
    Ada : “Girls, I’m going back!”
    Kosi : “At this time? No way!! You can’t go!! Please, have your seat, it’s almost 11pm.”
    Maybe it was the way she screamed but Ada was even more determined. Lanke looked somewhere beyond the entrance and she nodded at Ada.
    Lanke: “Okay, let’s go.”
    They all moved out of the bar to the door and unto the stretch of road that led back to school. Just then, a jeep stopped beside them. A guy she recognised as Kosi’s boyfriend and Ufoma, a dancer from school got out of the car.
    James: “Hi, Ada” He greeted, resting on the car’s bonnet.
    Ada looked back and saw that the road was rather deserted and no one was outside. Suddenly, she saw another car coming down the untarred road, and then parked behind them. Anslem then got out with some other guys she didn’t recognise. When she saw Anslem’s face, she grabbed Kosi and screamed.
    Ada :“Run!! Run!!” She screamed as she ran, making her way back to the bar but was tackled from behind, carried and thrown into the trunk of the second car where she was pinned down and her mouth covered by two guys. When they tied her hands, they closed the car’s trunk. She tried to scream but no sound came out.
    She felt terrified and started crying. Why would Anslem do this? How could James let them kidnap his girlfriend? Did they think Lanke and Kosi were responsible for what happened with Anslem last week?
    She listened and heard laughter outside. The laughter was feminine but she hadn’t seen any other females except herself and her roommates. Then she heard the laughter clearly and realised it was Lankes’s. Then it clicked, she realised she had made a mistake. The girls had tricked her and lured her out like bait…
    Lanke: “Can I come and watch?” She asked James eagerly.
    James: “No way!! Ufoma, take them to our place.”
    Ufoma : “Not now….. I will miss this. Let someone else take them.”
    James: “I said drop them and come back later to join us. We would be at the initiation ground.”
    Lanke: “That’s not fair, how come all of you are going to watch and I can’t come and watch?”
    James: “You don’t know the initiation ground and we can’t take you there.”
    Kosi : felt really scared at all this. She had thought it would be a quick simple rape, Ada would cry, forget what happened and learn to treat others more respectfully. She didn’t like all these talks of initiation grounds anymore. Were they all cultists? It was supposed to be only James and Nelson, how come cowardly Ufoma knew where it was? “Look, let’s call this off, I’m no longer comfortable, please.”
    James: “Shut up and get into the car! Ufoma, get in, drop them and come back.”
    At his tone, the two girls bundled into the car, Lanke looking resentful and Kosi crying. She watched with a heavy heart as the guys went into the other car and drove in the other direction.
    Ada felt the grass where they laid her on, her hands tied and fear overwhelming her. She could see six guys standing around her laughing and the tears started pouring out. From her position on the ground, she could see the place was a clearing in the forest and the moon high in the sky. No one would hear her! She started struggling earnestly as tears leaked from her eyes.
    Anslem: “Guys look, she’s crying!” He laughed. “I thought you were super woman, oya free yourself.”
    James: “She’s such a cutie.” He laughed and lighted up his cigarette, “Guys tear off her clothes!”
    Anslem and Kachi approached her. Anslem, holding up a scissors was laughing, very excited. They knelt beside her, Anslem put the scissors into her blouse and started cutting it up along with her bra. Kachi pulled it apart and tore it off her along with the sleeve while Anslem started cutting her trousers.
    Ada : “Please, No, Please, I beg you!!” She cried out, terrified and sure nothing would save her yet hopeful. She felt them pull all her clothes off as she closed her eyes. She heard the guys hooting. She felt a slap on her cheek and opened her eyes and saw one of them kneeling beside her with a something in a cup. He forced her mouth open and poured in the drink. It was a bitter liquid and she started to pray for God to help her.
    She felt very confused and dizzy but she saw Anslem had taken off his trousers and his organ was erect. He pushed her knees apart with his legs and knelt between her thighs. At his first thrust, she screamed so loud, she felt the Earth shake. As Anslem pumped away, the other guys kept shouting, laughing and drinking.
    She felt so tired and in so much pain, she closed her eyes against the pain. Just as she felt Anslem groaning as he released, she felt another one of them grab her left breast and start tugging it painfully. Another wet mouth attacked her right breast and was biting and sucking painfully. She started crying again.
    Another guy pushed her limp thighs apart and entered her and she couldn’t scream. She opened her eyes but she couldn’t see him. As he finished, another guy replaced him and she went to another place. She stared at the sky, only seeing the outline of the moon as the guys humiliated her, sucked her breasts, pinched her, bit her, fingered her and she lost count of who was doing what and what number he was.
    She felt she couldn’t feel anything anymore until she was rolled over unto her belly and her legs spread again. She was wrong. As whoever it was pushed his organ into her untried anus, she started crying again.
    This was the most humiliating thing they had done to her and she would never forgive them. Her senses came back alive and she smelt him and heard his voice clearly as he groaned terrible nonsense into her ears, it was James.
    After that, she was turned over and her legs spread again. She saw Ufoma’s face as he mounted her. She called his name but he didn’t hear her because she had lost her voice and was only whispering as she cried.
    When Ufoma stood up, he looked at the other guys and couldn’t believe what he done to prove himself, he was disgusted and felt nausea roiling up within him. He grabbed his stomach, moved to a corner and threw up as the other guys started laughing. He refused to look back at Ada where she lay. Her body weak and her eyes rolled back.
    Anslem: “What do we do with her now? She looks too tired. Lazy bitch, she’s not even tough!!”
    Kachi : “But I enjoyed the girl oh, she just tight like no man business!”
    Juwon: “Abi oh!” And they started laughing again.
    James went and knelt beside her when he saw her mouth moving. He pointed the torchlight at her and saw her mouthing the words “Anslem” “James”“Ufoma”
    James: “Guys, I don’t think she will forget us. She might not have clear memories but she will remember our names, let’s finish her.” He said coldly.
    Ufoma : “No, no, that wasn’t the plan!!” He cried out.
    James: “All of us raping her wasn’t the plan either but didn’t you join in? Didn’t you release?”
    Juwon: “But James, since we didn’t plan to kill her, there’s no need for that.”
    James: “She’s calling Anslem’s name, mine and Ufoma. If you guys don’t mind going to Prison, I do.”
    Anslem: “She’s calling my name?! You said the drugs would make her forget?”
    James: “Well, it didn’t work! She’s stronger than we thought”
    Anslem: “I think James is right, we should end it. If she goes back and everyone finds out she has been raped, her parents will do a DNA test and they will know it was us because none of us wore a condom. I saw this happen in a movie recently!”
    Ufoma : “You guys, I don’t like this, why didn’t we say all these before?” he started crying.
    Nelson: “The plan no be for all of us to do her. That one just entered this night.”
    Kachi : “Abeg, kill the girl!”
    Juwon: “Anything you guys want to do, just do it quickly, it’s almost 4am.”
    Ufoma : “What of when they find her body? They will still catch us!!” He cried louder.
    James: “Shut up! We will bury her here. Guys, start digging under that tree there.” He pointed at the farthest end of the clearing. “Dig very deep, okay? Kachi, finish her off.”
    Kachi : “With pleasure!” He picked up the scissors and knelt beside her. She opened her eyes and saw his smug eyes as he raised the scissors and tears came to her eyes again. She couldn’t believe they still planned to kill her after everything.
    She looked up to heaven and asked God to avenge her even while he received her soul. She didn’t say it loud for she couldn’t speak anymore but she knew God heard her. Kachi pushed the scissors into her belly several times. Then she felt nothing at all.
    When Kachi finished with her, he, Nelson and Anslem carried her bloody body towards the hole and buried her with her clothes. Kachi could not hide his excitement at the night’s proceedings and he smiled at James with contentment, Ufoma cried as he poured sand over the body, Juwon was in shock, he had done something he never thought he would do. Anslem wished they had kept her longer so he could have his way with her several more times before they killed her. He had never done anything so pleasurable.
    Nelson was indifferent. He had virtually been last on Ada ad he hated the idea of being in that position. He minded how James had made him go last like he was boss of them all. James might be Boss in his own cult, Nelson was also a Boss in his.
    James felt really good. After the guys had buried all the evidence and washed off, he made all of them swear a blood oath that their secret would never be revealed. Then they left in the car. At the House where they normally met, he forced Kosi and Lanke to take the same oath. And when Kosi wouldn’t stop crying, he pushed her into a bedroom and took her brutally against the wall.
    The next day, Lanke reported to the hostel mistress that they hadn’t seen Ada since the previous day and they didn’t know where she was. They started searching for her but couldn’t find her and a few hours later, the whole school was in an uproar, her parents were also called in.
    Rita knew without a doubt Kosi and Lanke had something to do with what had happened to Ada especially when Kosi did not return to school the following semester. She remembered the dream she had days before Ada disappeared and wished she had told Ada about that dream. Now, she was scared they would do something bad to her so she still didn’t tell anyone about it.
    Biggie, confronted James and Anslem about her. They told him to mind his business and warned him that if he didn’t, he would find himself wherever Ada was, he knew after that, that something horrible had happened to the girl so he stayed clear from them.
    Ada’s parents aged overnight when they couldn’t find her after a month of searching for her. Initially they thought she had been kidnapped for ransom but when no one reached out to them after a month, they knew something else had happened. The Police was put on the case but they didn’t have any clues, no one gave them information.
    Kosi and Lanke lied to them, Biggie moved far away, Rita hid in the Lab and Church and Ufoma had to home for he was very sick. The school had no cameras and no one had seen her leave the school at all. The case dragged on for a while but there were no leads.
    When 3 months passed, her parents came to pack her things in grief. At home, they looked for the words to explain to 12 year old Sochi that her sister might not be coming back home.
    They went on their semester break and Kosi did not return. Those who knew why breathed a sigh of relief. Their secret was safe. They had gotten away with murder.
    Ada has been betrayed and buried by people she called friends, will she ever be found? Lets find out in the next episode later today.

    Episode 5

    The Church of The Holy Overflow, Sango Ota had just bought a new land and were having their ground-breaking ceremony. There was excitement in the air as the Head Pastor raised his pick and hit it on the ground. Cheers followed along with snapshots by professional photographers and amateurs with phones. The diggers took over while church members went to devour the plates of rice that had been generously supplied.
    3 hours later and still digging, a bricklayer was surprised when his shovel packed up something that looked vaguely like fingers from a skeleton. Convincing himself that it was only the remains of an animal, he continued digging and then screamed loud when he shovelled up what he saw was a whole human palm.
    His scream brought the other workmen around and careful further digging of the site showed that there was indeed a human body lying beneath the surface there. Pastor Jeremiah Akanni, Senior Pastor immediately called the police to the site and an hour later, they were there and sealed off the place.
    Only Pastor Akanni’s high stand in society and the knowledge that he had only procured the land a few weeks ago saved him from being the No 1 suspect in connection to the body lying underground. The body was carefully exhumed to preserve the bones and submitted for autopsy at the state Lab.
    The case was very high profile, as the nation was experiencing a spate of ritual killings and Pastor Akanni’s church was linked very often to the skeleton that was found. In a bid to assuage the people, the Governor insisted that everything must be done to find out how the body got there in the first place.
    The State Medical Examiner, after the Autopsy concluded that the body he found was that of a female in her late teens. She died from nothing less than 6 stab wounds. He could only tell that number because of the markings that had been left on her rib bones by whatever instrument had been used. He also determined that the bones had been in the ground for nothing less than 18 years.
    Immediately Police got to working on the case and checked for females in their late teens who had been declared missing between 17 to 20 years ago around that area. One case stood out for them and was very glaring. The case of Adaora Chineme, the 18 year old University Student that had gone missing around that time.
    It took them a long while to track down Ada’s family for they had moved to settle in the USA when their daughter, Sochi was due to attend University almost 13 years ago. They finally managed to get the family through their relatives still in Nigeria and when the Chinemes heard what had been discovered, they took a flight back home along with Sochi who was married and pregnant with her second child.
    When they got back to Nigeria and reported at the Ogun state Command handling the case, they were told that because of the decomposition of the body, they would need DNA samples from her mother to compare with the bones they found.
    Mrs Chineme obliged them all the while praying that the body would not be that of her daughters’. All along, she had hoped that somehow, somewhere, Ada was still alive and healthy. If the results showed that indeed the body was Ada’s, it would mean that her daughter had been dead for years. The mere thought sent her into tears.
    Three weeks later, the results were out and they showed that indeed, the remains were that of Adaora. The police started working the case to see what could have led to her being killed in that area but they couldn’t find anything. There were no witnesses, no leads and most of the people who once knew about the case had since moved on.
    A week later, a burial ceremony for Ada was to hold in her hometown in Owerri in Imo state and her family members were devastated. Her mother cried her eyes out as other woman tried to placate her and her pregnant sister, Sochi was a mess. The pain was much, it was like losing her all over again and they never even got to say goodbye properly.
    When the ambulance bearing the body arrived and Ada’s remains were laid, her mother broke from the other women and ran to the casket, tears streaming down her face.
    Mrs Chineme: “God!! God!! You said I should serve you and obey you, you said I should do your will, is this my reward? Is this what you promised me? That they will stab my daughter and leave her in the ground like she has no one? God where are you?” She screamed as she cried. The other women tried to move her but she would not go.
    Woman 1 : “Chidindu, biko kwusi ibe akwa, God is not asleep, Nne. Please stand up”.
    Woman 2: “Chidindu, jikonata onwe gi, biko” patting her on the back and also crying

    Other women gathered and dragged Chidindu Chineme away from the casket but she only cried louder.
    Mrs Chineme : “Adaora uwam, how can you sleep? How can you not fight? Why would you let them do this to you and get away with it? God, God, God, where is your face?”
    When they brought her back to the front of the house, her pregnant daughter grabbed her around the waist and cried against her shoulders.
    Sochi : “Mummy it is well! Don’t cry anymore, biko.” She sniffled, “God will avenge Ada. He is a God of vengeance, he will not fail us.”
    All along, Mr Chineme stood on the other side staring out, unable to hide the tears that slipped out of his eyes. The men rallied around him and patted his back, they told him to take heart and be a man. He almost wished that they had never found her body for he had already let her go in his mind, now he had to start the pain all over again.
    The priests came and conducted the interment service later that day and as they poured sand on Ada thesecond time, the skies opened up and poured all over them. Her father looked up in the skies and spoke to God
    Mr Chineme: “Nobody should ever know the grave of their children. That is not the bargain I made when I chose to serve you. Now, Ada is dead, someone killed her. God do not sleep oh, do not sleep at all. They have brought grief to our hearts in our old age, they have removed happiness from our lives and they have filled it with anguish. God, whoever is responsible, let sleep be far from them, let happiness elude them and let them know the kind of pain my daughter felt when they took her.”
    And then thunder rumbled in accent and lightening said yes.
    Sister Rita of Our Lady of Sacred Hearts was asleep on her bed when she saw the thunder. She heard screams of agony, she saw blood and felt pain and she woke up screaming. She wasn’t alone in her room. She shared the room with Sister Mary. They were both nuns in the convent in Edo state.
    Sister Mary : Rushing to Sister Rita’s bedside, “What is it, Sister Rita? What happened?” She asked as she rubbed her shoulders in comfort.
    Sister Rita : “I’m okay, I’m fine, and all is well. Thank you, Sister Mary.”
    Sister Mary : “Are you sure? You were screaming just now.”
    Sister Rita : “Yes, I’m sure, I’m okay, don’t worry, go back to bed. It was just a dream.” She rolled over as sister Mary returned to her bed but she couldn’t sleep. She tried to see whose face it had been in her dream but she couldn’t tell who it was. She felt scared all over again. All her life, her dreams had always come true, good or bad. That was a gift she had. And she was certain this one would too, she just didn’t know who it would be.
    Ever since, she had made that mistake and refused to tell her best friend about the dream that showed that something would happen to her, she had promised herself that no matter what it took, she would always tell anyone what she saw about them no matter what. For all of these years since she had become a Nun, she had always kept to her word for she wanted no repeat of the disastrous consequences of keeping silent.
    She remembered the dream again, heard the glasses shattering, the thunder and she heard the screams and saw blood. She was very scared and she wondered what was going to happen and who it would happen to.
    She knelt down by her bed and said a quick prayer of mercy and preservation for the people around her.
    Vengeance, they say, is a dish best served cold. Wouldn’t you want to know what Karma has dished up for Ada’s Killers?

    Episode 6

    The music was loud, the place was rowdy and the men were drunk. Inside the club, slim girls wearing nothing but bikinis went about serving drinks and entertaining the clients. On the 6 poles erected in the centre of the huge room were 5 slick beautiful girls dancing in different stages of undressing. On the 6 th pole, a guy who was handsome and well-muscled, stripped for the benefit of the women who cheered him on and threw money and air kisses at him.
    On the first floor above the very popular nude club were well decorated suites where anyone interested could be entertained for however long they wanted. One hour there was two hundred and fifty thousand naira and could be multiplied depending on the number of hours a man or woman chose to spend with the beautiful high class sex workers.
    One of the hottest women there was Candy. She was a well-known favourite who could turn tricks and do anything a client wanted without complaints as long as the client was good for the cash. Even her boss and the owner of the club had been known to visit her a few times to enjoy of her vast knowledge and experience.
    Her real name was Kosi Ndimili and her real age was 39, against the age of 30 that was presently on her file in the human resource department. Kosi did not have a bad life. She had a good bank balance, a car of her own, a house she had gotten from a generous client in a choice area of Port Harcourt and she had worked hard to become Head of Team in a company where there was envy predominant.
    As head of Team, she had nothing less than 17 girls and 9 guys who reported to her. It was also her responsibility to train new girls on how to satisfy a client and keep him coming back for more. Of course, to achieve all this, she had paid with the only currency she had had, her body.
    On days like this, as she sat in front of the lovely dressing table in her room filled with expensive makeup and perfume, she could not help but remember the young girl with rose tinted glasses she had been. The one who had thought she would get married and have four children. The one who had had dreams and aspirations beyond being a high class whore.
    Her breasts, which used to be her greatest assets were slackened from misuse, her body looked tired and saggy, her skin was suffering from the different sophisticated bleaching creams she had used, her face underneath her makeup was old and tired. Her eyes had seen too much and she had heavy bags underneath them. Recently, she had developed pock marks and now, her face looked like a bad untarred road.
    She wore her comfortable nightgown as she crawled into her huge bed two stories above the club but she could not sleep. She was overwhelmed with the knowledge that she had a house she hardly slept in because she hated being alone, she had a car she hardly ever drove, she had money she hardly spent on worthwhile things. The only things she actually spent money on were drugs for her manic depression, a condition no one else knew about.
    She remembered the carefree young girl she had been during her brief stint at the University. How she had thought herself invisible and above error and mistakes. She remembered how happy, stupid and young she had been and she knew without a doubt, she would go back in a heartbeat to change some of the decisions she made all those years ago.
    She would have kept from some actions, kept from some friends, kept from many many things she had done. She knew now that those things had ruined her life and made her the person she was today. Mostly, she would never have allowed herself to have been part of what had happened to Ada.
    That singular thing that she had done, that silence she had kept had cost her so much that she had never been able to regain her life on any reasonable level since that time. If only she had kept the right group of friends, done the right things, gone to school and read her books, her life would have turned out differently but she hadn’t.
    After the disappearance of Ada, the guilt had begun to eat slowly at her until she had started to lose her mind. Lanke had tried very hard to caution her especially when a new girl joined them in their room in the second semester but things had only gotten worse.
    Infact, she started having nightmares where Ada would call her to save her and she had usually woken up from her nightmares screaming Ada’s name. An occurrence that had woken the other 2 girls several times at night.
    It didn’t take her very long to realise that when her dreams didn’t stop, Lanke had to tell the guys that she was going to give them away and she wasn’t surprised when she saw the calculation in their eyes. Especially James’ and Anslem’s. When Lanke started pressuring her to hang with them, something she hadn’t done since Ada’s dissapearance, she knew they had a plan for her.
    It was for that reason that she packed her things after one weekend and ran away from school and never returned. She didn’t tell her parents, she knew they wouldn’t understand. All her parents had wanted was a daughter that would go to school, graduate and help them feed the 8 other children that they had. Her uncle was the one who had paid her school fees and he was the one who had refused to spend a kobo on her if she didn’t return back to school. Unfortunately, she couldn’t divulge to him the reasons why she couldn’t go back.
    For all of her life, her parents had never been particularly good or caring parents. All her father knew how to do was impregnate her mother and all her mother was good for was popping out babies like babies were finishing in Heaven. Her mother had managed to carry and give birth eleven times and lost only two of those babies. She had often wished her mother had lost more children so their lives would be easier.
    As it was, she and her siblings spent a huge part of their lives hungry and desperate. It was hardly any surprise that her first sexual encounter was with their 68 year old Landlord. She was 14 at the time. When the affair continued and her mother found out through the Landlord’s wife, she had thought her mother, a supposedly devout Christian would kill her. Surprisingly, her mother had defended her and called the Landlady a boring frigid woman. That was the day she lost all respect for her mother.
    She came to realise that where her parents were concerned, it didn’t matter what their children did as long as they put food on the table. It was hardly any surprise that 2 of her brothers were well known cultists and armed robbers and her younger sisters had been total whores. That was the reason she hadn’t been able to stand Ada in school, the girl just seemed to have everything. Her life had seemed charmed and in the end, she had joined in ending that life.
    For a long time she hadn’t known what happened to Ada but when she now knew after reading about the discovery of her body on the internet: she had killed Ada as surely as if she had been Anslem. And she would pay for it. She knew that, infact, she was ready for it, maybe even a bit expectant. For the disease she had was killing her as slowly as a cancer but no one will ever know or care as long as she continued to turn tricks.
    Lanke got out of the driver’s side of her huge jeep stealthily and her friends did the same thing. She looked at the compound she was parked in front of, it housed several furnished apartments and she knew for a fact that her husband was housing his filthy good for nothing mistress in one of them. She opened the boot and brought out the bottle of industrial Acid she had put there while her friends carried their scissors and knives, they were going to teach that woman a lesson today.
    Lanke: “Titi, Kehinde, abeg lets go!” She told her friends.
    Titi : “Should we not hide ourselves?”
    Lanke: “Who is hiding anything? I want her and that stupid man to know who did it. Then it will teach them not to mess with me.” She said as she beat her chest. “Won ma gba!”
    Lanke was very angry with her husband and his family and she was going to make them pay. She had met Lanre during her NYSC program in Osun state and barely 5 months into their passionate relationship, she had gotten pregnant. She had wanted to spring for an abortion but Lanre’s parents insisted that they get married and promised to take care of them.
    After Service, Lanre got a job at an Oil company while she had to stay at home with her huge belly. She had a daughter and she was really spoilt by the family, especially her husband. She never had to do any work, she always had maids and servants doing everything for them. It didn’t take her long to get pregnant again and she had another daughter.
    She decided then she was going to have a son as her husband started commenting on it but she didn’t get one. Infact, the next time, she had twin girls to her husband’s and in-laws’ dismay. She went ahead to try again and had another daughter. By this time, she was worried sick and lost interest in everything she usually enjoyed. How could she have 5 daughters?
    Despite her doctor’s warnings, she decided to get pregnant again and during the scan, she was told that she was carrying a boy. She told the family and they were ecstatic, they began to treat her as of old and she was really pampered for the rest of the pregnancy. Alas, when she delivered, her baby had Downs’s syndrome. She was devastated and wouldn’t eat or talk to anyone for weeks. She didn’t even want to see the child.
    When she recovered, she realised she had lost all respect in the sight of her husband and his family and they treated her like the whole thing was her fault. Would any woman choose to have an unhealthy baby? The presence of the child annoyed her to no end. He was demanding and useless to her. Her husband never touched him and would always refer to the boy as “your child”
    She thought she was coping admirably well with the whole thing despite the pressures until 2 years later, her Husband’s family invited her to a meeting where they told her to welcome her Co-wife. The co-wife turned out to be a friend, someone she had housed for a while when things were down for her.
    She felt betrayed and angry but what made everything worse was that Odunayo, her former friend now co-wife had borne a son for Lanre. A healthy, good-looking little boy. Her envy had known no end. She had gone home that day and cried her eyes out. She refused to talk to her husband but he did not care, he didn’t approach her or apologise for his actions.
    She planned to leave the house for him and take her children except Junior but she knew that Lanre would never let her go anywhere with his children. He might fail as a husband but he cared about his children. In any case, she didn’t have any money to go anywhere. All through their marriage, all she had done was spend lavishly. She had never bothered to save for she had not seen the need for that.
    When the depression had become too much for her to bear, especially after her father-in-law’s birthday party and Odun had been treated like she was the Queen of Sheba while she was a slave, she had decided to get even. No woman could walk into her home and steal it from her just like that.
    These people did not know her or what she was capable of that’s why they were messing with her. If they knew her, if they knew what annoying her would cost them, they would have threaded more carefully with her.
    Lanke had called Kehinde and Titi to help her in her plan to deal with Odun and here they were. Not only would she wash Odun with acid and destroy the face she was so proud of, she fully intended to harm the baby in a way her husband would never forget. She would make sure that baby was no better than her own son. Then, she would move wait for him to do his worst.
    Lanke: “Lets go!” They pushed open the gate of the compound and walked stealthily inside. No one stopped them, there was nobody around anyway. Titi led the way, she was the one who had gotten all the intel for Lanke since she was still friends with Odun.
    At Odun’s flat, Titi knocked the door quietly while Lanke and Kehinde hid behind her big frame. Odun’s younger sister, Christiana, opened the door and knelt down immediately she saw Titi.
    Christiana: “Ha, aunty Titi, e ka són!”
    Titi : “Kasón, Christy, what of your sister?”
    Christiana: “She’s sleeping inside, ma.”
    Titi : “The baby nko?”
    Christiana: “He’s with her” She pointed to the bedroom.
    Just then, Titi grabbed Christy as Lanke and kehinde pushed their way into the apartment and made their way to the bedroom.
    Christiana: “Ha! Aunty Titi, why? Ha! Aunty Odun!! Aunty Odun! They are coming oh!! Wake up!” She screamed on top her lungs and struggled against Titi’s hold on her arms.
    At the bedroom, Lanke tried to push the door open but Odun had woken up and was pushing against the door too. Kehinde joined Lanke in pushing, Odun was no match for the two of them and slowly but surely the door opened. When it did, Lanke pushed her way through, inside the room, Odun opened her baby’s milk bottle and poured the content in Lanke’s eyes.
    As Lanke crouched down, unable to see, Odun and Kehinde started fighting. At the same time, Christy gave Titi a punch in the belly and ran to her sister’s rescue, Titi chasing closely behind.
    In the bedroom, Lanke had cleaned her eyes and groped for the container of the acid, making her way to the baby who was now crying on the bed. Odun, seeing this started screaming,
    Odun : “Ha! My baby, my baby!! Lanke, please, please, I beg you in the name of God!!!”
    Lanke: “Did you beg when you slept with my husband? You shameless betrayer!!”
    Christy rushed into the room and grabbed the baby from the bed. Odun pushed Kehinde aside and grabbed the acid Lanke was holding. Together, they struggled with it, shaking it repeatedly. Quite suddenly, the container exploded in both their faces. Screams of pain erupted from both of them and seeing this, Kehinde and Titi made their way out of the house and drove of in Lanke’s car.

    Episode 7

    Anslem marched swiftly into the reception of Alpha pharmaceuticals, angry and desperate. His tall and handsome bearing used to make the women in the office swoon whenever he entered and his casual greeting of Hi was enough to make any woman’s day. He was the darling of Alpha pharmaceuticals and he lived up to that role.Today as he walked in, his panty dropping grin was missing and the girls who usually lined up to say hi and flirt with him were busy whispering about him behind their palms. He wasn’t moved, he hadn’t come here for them, he was here to reclaim his position as COO of Alpha. No one could get rid of him that easily.
    He entered the elevator and made his way to the 4 th floor CEO’s office. As he entered, he watched as the PA, the secretary and assistant of the CEO all stood up simultaneously to block his path. He could not believe his eyes.
    Brenda, the PA had been warming his bed regularly until 4 months ago when she realised she was pregnant for her fiancée and Joke, the Assistant had been giving him the eye for over 2 years but he had never taken her up on it, she was not his taste. The only one of them who had never given him the time of day was the secretary, old, haggard Mrs Lawson, who had never hidden the fact that she did not like him.
    Anslem: “I want to see Oga.” He told the women as he cleared his throat.
    Mrs Lawson : “I’m sorry, Oga has said that you should not be allowed in.” she said rather smugly.
    Anslem: “What does that even mean? I am to be the future CEO of this company, go and tell him I want to see him.”
    Brenda: “Sir, can you show a little respect here? No one is your servant here.”
    Anslem was shocked, Brenda had never spoken so rudely to him. She had always been good and kind and responsive to him. Had she been faking it all along while she let him screw her?
    Anslem: “Brenda, don’t forget yourself! Address me with respect, okay?”
    Joke : “She will talk to you anyway she chooses, please sir, you must leave the office now.”
    Anslem: “Was I talking to you, I know your bitterness stems from the fact that I never paid any attention to you despite all your pleas.”
    Joke : Audibly gasped. How dare he? This stupid fool who had been unable to keep his marriage or his children? Where did he think he got off talking to her like that?“Who wanted you? You?!” She laughed clapping her hands together dramatically “You, that your Penis is everywhere like pure water? You that has no value!! Oshi!”
    Anslem: “Who do you think you’re talking to? You stupid, senseless bitch! I will slap you!!”
    Joke : “Slap me!! Slap me!! Isn’t that what they say you have been doing to your wife at home! Senseless animal!!”
    Mrs Lawson : “Joke, that’s eno……”
    Anslem grabbed Joke and slapped her before the other women could intervene. He lifted his hands and gave her another slap and shouts erupted. Mrs Lawson grabbed her shoes and started beating him across his back while Joke, crying, spat in his face and bit him. The pregnant Brenda stabbed him with an office pin on his butt from a safe distance and he howled in pain.
    “What is going on here?” They all heard and separated themselves. “What happened here?” The CEO asked when he saw tears running down Joke’s face.
    Mrs Lawson : “This man came in here and when we said he couldn’t see you, he started beating Joke anyhow.”
    CEO: “Really, Anslem, do you have no limits? You have now moved from beating your wife to beating other people’s wives, right? You stupid, shameless man!”
    Anslem: “No sir, please listen sir, whatever Caroline told you, she’s lying. I would never hurt my wife sir!”
    CEO: “You have forgotten Caroline is my daughter and I know her.” The CEO shouted very angry. “I’ve known for a while that things were wrong in your marriage but I kept quiet thinking you would work on it. I know how you were sleeping with all the girls in this building including that idiot behind you but still I said nothing. But to find out that you tried to rape your own child?” Behind them, the three women gasped. “You’re a disgusting man and I want you out of here, NOW!!”
    Anslem: “Sir….” He begged kneeling down, “I would never do that to my child, I was only checking some things….”
    CEO: “Inside the private parts of your 8 year old daughter??!!” His eyes goggled at the handsome nincompoop he had called son in law. “What were you looking for? Money? Or your car keys? And all the other incidents! The rape of your maids! The way you have been beating your wife to keep her quiet? How you have been destroying those women’s lives? If I was a better person, I would have you arrested. Just count your blessings and stay away from my children and grandchildren. Mrs Lawson, call security.”
    Anslem: “Alright sir, let me take some things from my office, I beg you sir. We can sort out all the other issues later.”
    CEO: “No way!! You’ll take nothing. You came in here with nothing and empty you will go. And we have no other issues to sort out!” At this point, two security men arrived. “Bundle this animal and throw him outside the gate!!”
    Without words, the security men dragged and pushed him into the elevators, down the corridor and out of the building. He saw people looking at him and talking. The men who had envied his quick rise to success and his way with women, the women who had slept with him and been angry when he moved on and other people who hated him just because.
    The security men dropped him outside the gate, making sure he fell down and rolled and made a mess of his suit. He stood up and felt like crying. He had been good to those guys. He had always complimented and tipped them. That was human nature, he wasn’t up anymore so they treated him like trash. Even Brenda, who only a few months ago had been willing to do it anywhere with him.
    He stood up and dusted his suit, tears pricking a corner of his eyes. How the mighty have fallen, he told himself as he cleaned his eyes and started walking away. His cars were gone, they were all trapped within the compound of the house he had been told he could not return to.
    He tried to remember what had started the entire nightmare in his life but he couldn’t recollect how he got there. All he could say was it was obviously the devil. Or how else could he explain the sudden erection he had been having for weeks anytime he saw his daughter? Especially when she went about naked or tied a towel when having her bath.
    As a rule, he wasn’t particularly close to his children and he didn’t bother about their welfare beyond their school fees, upkeep, and clothing and holiday allowances so he had probably roused his wife’s suspicions when he had started spending so much time with the children 3 weeks ago. She must have known he was up to something and he should have known she knew.
    All his life, his good looks and charisma had always ensured that he got what he wanted from women and when he couldn’t get it nicely, he took it by force. He would never admit that taking it by force was usually more pleasurable to just been given. He had never wanted a woman he couldn’t get and that was why when he started having an erection around his child, he knew he had to satisfy it.
    A week ago, he had sent everyone out to the pool on Saturday afternoon and lured his daughter into the bedroom with tales of ice-cream. The girl, who was hungry for a taste of her father’s love had followed him inside and promised not to tell anyone that he had fingered and licked her private part even though she had cried after what he did.
    That night though, as he lay in bed, he had known that he had to finish what he started so he went back downstairs to her bedroom and called her into his library. He had been about to put his penis into her when his wife and 2 maids burst in on them. That night, she had called her parents despite all his pleas and threats and he had found himself thrown out of his own house. Granted that, his Father-in-law bought it for them. Send hi to   to be added to our group
    He could not believe his wife had betrayed him for something so small. Over their 12 years of marriage, he had forcefully had sex with 4 of their household staff and mutually agreed affairs with at least 6 others that she had found out about yet she had never reported him. He had beaten her several times when she complained of his inability to keep his Penis in his trousers and his constant spending of their money on prostitutes yet she covered for him.
    Some women he had slept with had attacked her and mocked her, some from the office had even jeered her to her face and still she didn’t complain. This time, all he had done was just touch a child that was his as much as hers and she had reported him to the whole world. Stupid woman!! That’s what happens when a man marries a spoilt brat and works for the father of the brat!
    She probably thought he was finished because they took his houses, cars, clothes and everything else he owned. Well, they were wrong! If there was anything Anslem knew how to do best, it was recover.
    He was deep in thought as he crossed the highway that he wasn’t used to. He never saw the Ford explorer coming and so he did not know what hit him. When he landed in the gutter a few metres away, his eyes were already closed.
    Could Anslem be dead already? Find out as the story unfolds!

    Episode 8

    Kachi watched, his heart in his throat as the jury convened after 14 hours of deliberation on his case. He sat beside his very expensive lawyer, Jeremiah Sands and held his breath, hoping and praying for the best even as tears slipped out of his eyes. God, what had he done to deserve this?
    Mr Sands : “Pull yourself together, Mr Onwumere. I know how tough this is but you must not lose hope. Anything can happen at this moment, I need you to concentrate.”
    Kachi : “I can’t!! My life is finished!” He cried as he thought of all he had been through in the past 2 months.
    He had come back to the huge 6 bedroom house he shared with his Black American older wife one evening almost 10 weeks ago and had been vaguely surprised when he could not find his wife and children, never thinking anything was amiss. He had searched all over the house and had eventually gone into the basement where he had found the body of his wife and that of his 2 young children, Mason and Charlotte.
    He had screamed several times and checked to see if they were still alive, they weren’t. He checked their bloodied bodies and saw they had all been stabbed several times and left for dead but he didn’t know by whom. He sat there shocked for almost an hour before he decided to move. Believing, erroneously that he was going to be the first suspect for the murder of his wife and children, he stupidly didn’t call the police.
    Later that night, around 10pm, after making sure none of their surburban neigbours were awake or prowling, he had bundled the bodies of his wife, 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son into big disposable bags, taken them out to his wife’s sedan and driven to the corner of a deserted airfield a county away and buried them without telling anyone. He came back, cleaned up and made preparations to leave the vicinity.
    A few days before the murder, he and his wife had pulled a very big scam involving almost 30 million dollars and had already packed up in readiness to leave the country with their children before the FBI caught up with them. He had personally cleaned out their accounts and made plans that would enable them leave the following week.
    The next morning however, just after he finished packing up, the NYPD arrived at his door and arrested him for the murder of his wife and children. According to them, his motive had been the tidy sum of 30 million dollars his wife had siphoned from the company where she had worked.
    They believed he and his wife had been partners in the scheme but when the time to share the money came, he had gotten greedy and decided to make away with the money all alone so had killed his wife and children and had buried them disrespectfully.
    His pleas and denials made no difference to them. They had evidence that screams were heard in his house at the time of their death, his finger prints were found on the murder weapon, a long kitchen knife that had been in his kitchen for years, his fingerprints were also on the shovel used to bury them and his bloodied shirt found where he had buried it along with their bodies.
    They also had evidence that he had closed all of his wife’s accounts before the murder and so the murder had been premeditated. He tried to tell them that he met them dead when he got home but there was no proof that anyone else had been in the house or that the house was broken into. He also tried to convince them that he had only buried them out of fear for his own life but that to them was further confirmation that he had indeed killed them.
    His case had only been investigated for only a few days before the investigating officers had been sure they had enough on him to bring him to court and nail him. The case was very high profile because of the role his wife had played in embezzling from a huge conglomerate.
    A whole month of examination of witnesses and the suspect himself had drained him and left him feeling hopeless. The Prosecution’s witnesses, which included members of his wife’s family had mentioned several times how he and his wife had constantly had problems and even neighbours could testify to the fact that they were always fighting.
    Kachi agreed he and Dorothea had had issues but he had loved her and his kids. No woman had ever suited him so well. Despite the fact that she was older than him, she had treated him like he was boss and hadn’t even minded his womanising at the beginning of their marriage and when she had found out about how he specialised in Scamming people for a living, all she had wanted was to join in the business.
    Turned out, she had a flair for scamming. She had a natural gift for making people comfortable and she could blend in with any crowd. From the moment she joined him, he witnessed amazing growth in his business and he became even more grounded as a husband and father. He stopped womanising and keeping late nights but was more focused on business and his family.
    Their business had boomed and soon, they executed several high profile embezzlement schemes that left them very rich, comfortable and under the radar of the FBI. However, because of how careful they were, no one could get them easily which was why he selfishly hadn’t called the police when he got home to see his family murdered. He hadn’t wanted their backgrounds investigated.
    If he had known this would happen, he would have called the police and faced an embezzlement case instead of going through a murder trial, he though as he wept sadly. A lot of the money he and his wife had scammed out of innocent people had gone into getting a good lawyer to get him out of spending the rest of his life in prison and he wasn’t even sure he succeeded.
    As he sat in his orange scrub at the defence table, looking at the men and women who held his life in their hands, he promised himself and God that if he ever got out of this, he would go back to Nigeria and live the rest of his life as a peace-loving farmer.
    Judge: “Has the jury reached a verdict?”
    Foreman of the Jury: “Yes Your Honor, we have.”
    Judge: “Will the defendant rise to hear the decision of the Jury?”
    Kachi rose, along with his lawyers as he tried to put on an air of composure but inside he had failed woefully, he was really, really afraid. This pronouncement could mean life or death for him.
    FOTJ: “In the case of the State of New York versus Mr Kachi Onwumere, we the jury find the defendant guilty of first degree murder with intent.”
    Kachi fainted as the people in the courtroom started jubilating.
    Biggie felt very heavy as he switched off the TV, the depression he felt as he saw what had become of a guy he used to call friend left him feeling very sad. He walked to the windows of his house on the island and looked out. He was unable to remove Kachi’s miserable face from his mind and he wished after all this time that they could go back to who they used to be before life separated them.
    He and Kachi had known each other since they were children. They had played together and run around together. Whatever he had done, Kachi had done and they had gone to the same schools all their lives. When he had gotten admission into Rhaddeus and Kachi hadn’t been able to afford it, they had worked hard to ensure Kachi went to the state University so they could still be close.
    After that though, things had gone downhill fast. When he had started dating Debo immediately he got into school, Kachi had felt jealous, alone and resentful. In a bid to make up for his sudden preoccupation with a girl, he introduced Kachi to the guys he had just started hanging out with, without finding out their real characters.
    It wasn’t long before the easily corruptible Kachi had started manifesting different attitudes. By the time he learnt who and what the guys he had introduced Kachi to actually were, Kachi had been too far gone. He had hung out with the guys so he could monitor Kachi and get him out of their clutches but the idiot had only sunk deeper.
    As he remembered the scene on the high profile televised trial, he wanted to believe that Kachi was incapable of doing what he had been accused of but he wasn’t sure. The Kachi he had known had been a part of a group of guys who were responsible for the disappearance of a teenage girl years ago who was found only a few months ago, dead and buried.
    No, Biggie knew that whatever Kachi had been accused of doing, he was very capable of doing. As he started outside his window brooding, he felt arms wrap around his waist and he held unto them as his wife leaned forward and he saw her worried face.
    Debo: “What is it?”
    Biggie : “It’s nothing.”
    Debo: “No, don’t say that. It’s something, just tell me what.”
    Biggie : “They found Kachi guilty of murder”
    Debo: “Oh, dear! What does that mean for him?”
    Biggie : “Murder in the First degree? It would be a miracle if he got life imprisonment.”
    Debo: “You think they would kill him?”
    Biggie nodded his head
    Debo: “Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I know you were hoping for a different outcome.”
    Biggie : “I was but you know what? I’m not surprised. I knew something was going to happen to him very soon. Ever since, they found Ada’s body, I knew a time of reckoning would come for all of us.”
    Debo: “All of us? You had nothing to do with it!!”
    Biggie : “I knew they were thinking of something!”
    Debo: “You told them to stop but they didn’t listen. That’s not on you!!”
    Biggie : “And what did I do after I realised that? Nothing!”
    Debo: “It wasn’t your place, baby. It wasn’t, you went your own way.”
    Biggie : “Sometimes, silence is just as bad a betrayal.”
    Debo: “Look at me!” She said as she dragged his face towards hers, “You are not responsible for what happened, okay? We have paid our dues. We have suffered and waited for whatever sins we committed.” She said as she took his hand and placed it against her enormous belly. “God won’t punish us for something we weren’t responsible for. You didn’t know so He can’t hold you accountable. Okay?”
    Biggie : “Okay!”
    Debo: “Good. Now, come and give me a massage and leave God to take care of his own” She dragged him and he laughed as he followed her upstairs.
    He really had paid his dues, he and Debo had gotten married almost immediately after their Youth service and started building their lives together. It came as a surprise first and a trial later when they weren’t able to have a child for several years of their marriage. When they started having money, they had run all the requisite tests necessary but the doctors hadn’t found anything wrong with them.
    When Debo hadn’t taken in for years, she was sure Biggie would leave her but he hadn’t. Besides the fact that he loved her quite desperately, he had been very sure that God was punishing him for keeping silent over the disappearance of Ada. It took him a while to accept that he wasn’t going to suffer indefinitely for something he hadn’t known about.
    It came as a surprise when after 16 years of marriage, after they had stopped trying that Debo had fallen sick only for them to realise that she was pregnant with twins. He was so grateful, he couldn’t hide his gratitude to God for the miracle of a pregnancy that they had never had before. All he was asking God now was to forgive his sins and let his wife deliver safely.
    Seems Kachi just got served! More to come in the next Episode!

    Episode 9

    Ayokunmi sat in her parent’s sitting room watching TV but not connecting with the program. She felt weighed down by the sadness that had engulfed her family and wished only that they could go back to the times they used to be so happy. At 16, she knew enough to know that only a miracle could make that happen ever again.
    Her father had left the house for almost 2 months now, taking all of her siblings with him except her brother, Ayokunle. He had wanted to take her too but she had refused and insisted on staying with her mother and her younger brother who had Down’s syndrome.
    After an acid fight with a woman who had had a son for her father, her mother was now badly disfigured and blind. Nobody wanted to tell her the truth but she heard that her mother had been the one to take the acid to the scene of the fight and in the course of struggling, the acid had poured on both of them.
    The other woman had ingested some of it and died a few hours later at the hospital while her mother had totally destroyed herself. Her entire head looked like a big sore, her left ear had closed while her eyes had been destroyed by the acid. The only things she still had control over were her nose and mouth.
    Kunmi knew that if she left with all her sisters, her father would totally abandon her mother like he had threatened and she didn’t want that to happen to her mother. She didn’t stay because she loved her mother or because her mother loved them. In fact, it had been a very long time since she had felt any kind of love from her mother’s end. But her mother was getting badly depressed and she didn’t want her to kill herself.
    Today, after she got home from school, it was to find her mother fighting with the only maid left in the house. Considering that her mother couldn’t see or hear, it was a testament to the maid’s character that she hadn’t locked the door and beaten her mother properly like she deserved.
    Kunmi had waged into the fight but had gotten a slap from her mother for all her efforts. Her mother had started saying mean things to her and even called her a bastard, all because she wanted to help. She felt so hurt and angry, did her mother even know how much effort she was putting into making sure she was okay?
    She knew that if they lost this maid like they had lost all the others, her father would never employ another one. In a few months she would go to the University, who would then take care of the house chores or her brother?
    Her mother didn’t even realise what kind of sacrifice she was making to stay with her. She could have gone with her father and sisters instead of staying in a place saturated with bitterness and anger but she didn’t. Did her mother not appreciate her?
    She cleaned her eyes when she heard her phone ringing and picked up her call, seeing it was her friend, Sandra.
    Kunmi : “Sandra, what’s up?”
    Sandra : “Hey, dear, where are you?”
    Kunmi : “At home, of course, what of you?”
    Sandra : “Babe, its Friday, let’s go and hang out now.”
    Kunmi : “Honestly Sandra, I’m not in the mood.”
    Sandra : “Come on, Todimu is here oh!” she giggled.
    Kunmi could not help rolling her eyes. Todimu was Sandra’s neighbour and she had had a crush on the handsome medical student ever since she saw him a few months ago. She knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
    Kunmi : “Where are we hanging out?”
    Sandra : “We will go to Todimu’s place. He’s having a party.”
    Kunmi : “Oh, Sandra, I want to come. I like that boy!!”
    Sandra : “I know!!” She giggled.
    Kunmi : “Let me ask my mom!” She quickly ran out of her room to her mother’s new room downstairs to get permission only to hear her mother fighting with her little brother who slept across the hall. She quickly retraced her steps to his room where her mother was shouting.
    Lanke:“……..good-for-nothing, selfish…”
    Kunmi carried her crying brother out of the room, knowing that his tears were as much from his mother’s shouts as well from his mother’s new scary looks.
    Lanke: “What is happening? Where is he going?” She asked as she heard his cries getting more distant.
    Kunmi : “Mummy, I’m taking him away” she answered her mother.
    Lanke: “To where? You stupid disobedient bitch! How dare you?” She said as she followed after her daughter angrily and slammed into a wall. “Oh my God!! Kunmi, I will kill you!”
    After dropping her brother with the maid, Kunmi decided not to tell her mother about the outing, she could not be in more problems with her mum. She quickly dressed up and left the house for Sandra’s place from where they went to Todimu’s house.
    Todimu’s parent’s house was large and quiet after the small hangout ended. Kunmi sat on the chair watching Nickoledeon, her favourite channel while he sat on the other end of the couch. At least that’s how it was until Sandra winked at her and left and he moved right beside her. She was scared at first when Sandra left but she was also pretty excited too. She had once told Sandra that she wouldn’t mind if Todimu turned out to be her first kiss.
    So, while she was watching TV and he started rubbing her shoulders, she didn’t react, trying to dampen the nervous excitement inside her. When Todimu put his hands on the back of her head and turned her in his direction, she turned willingly enough and when he put his lips to hers, she allowed and even shivered a little. She finally got her first kiss.
    Todimu took the kiss deeper and she was responsive. They kissed for about 3 minutes before he put his hands on her breasts. She withdrew a little at that but that didn’t stop him. He pushed her on the couch and put his hands under her top, trailing from her stomach to her bra covered breasts. Pushing the bra out of the way, he palmed her nipples and she pushed his hands and seeking mouth away.
    Kunmi : “Todimu, please you’re going too fast.”
    Todimu : “Going too fast as how? You want this now, what’s wrong with you? Your friend told me you had been panting after me for a while now so why are you acting up?”
    Kunmi pushed him away from on top her as she got up from the chair.
    Kunmi : “What do you mean by that? Yes, I had a crush on you, that doesn’t mean I expect you to try and have sex with me!”
    Todimu : “Don’t dare play with me.” He said menacingly as he took off the belt on his jean trousers and unzipped. “I paid your friend for you already so don’t waste my time!!”
    Kunmi : “Wh….ich friend?” She asked as she moved a step back, seeing the look of determination on Todimu’s face. “I don’t know what Sandra told you but I am not that kind of girl at all.”
    Kunmi circled behind the chair to avoid Todimu. Opposite her, he took off his trousers and boxers, she saw his organ, bulging. Quickly, she ran towards the door and tried to open it only to find it had been locked. There, Todimu tackled her against the door and pushed her to the floor. She started screaming for help as Todimu tore off her top and grabbed her breasts.
    His hands seemed to be everywhere at once and her tears and struggles seemed useless against him. He pushed up her flared skirt and tore off her panties and she cried even louder. She felt like she was going to be torn into two when he thrust into her violently and she nearly died then. It seemed to go on forever and by the time he was done, she was too shocked to even stand up.
    Todimu : He stood up, smiled at her on the floor. “Sandra was right, you are very hot oh!” He picked up his clothing scattered in the small sitting room and went into a room. When he came back outside she was gone.
    As Kunmi left his house, her torn shirt covering her breasts, she seemed mindless. She dialled her father’s number on automaton and told him where she was. She had walked almost all the way home when her father’s car stopped beside her. When he got out of the car and rushed to grab her, she went into his arms, bawling her eyes out.
    Although all she wanted to do at that point was wash herself, her father insisted they go to hospital and also report to the Police. After much cajoling, she tearfully agreed and allowed him to take her to their family hospital where she was attended to. An hour later, he had called in a favour and 2 police women were there to question her and take her statement.
    Her father felt incredibly guilty for leaving her with her mother despite knowing how selfish Lanke was and how much worse she would be right now. He also knew deep in his heart that he was responsible for how scattered his family was. His and his parent’s desire for a son had made him behave irresponsibly and had jeopardised the life of everyone connected to him.
    As the police interviewed his daughter, he waited in the hospital corridor and started crying. He wished something like this hadn’t happened to Kunmi. She was goodness and kindness together and she didn’t deserve this punishment for the failings of her parents. He made a decision then, he would get Kunmi and her brother to come and stay with him and their other siblings, he would sell the old house and put Lanke in a nursing home somewhere.
    A few hours after that, Todimu and Sandra were arrested while Lanke paced in a circle at home with her walking stick, not knowing where her daughter was. She was still pacing when she heard the door open,
    Lanke: “Kunmi, is that you?!! Where have you been?!! Did you…?”
    Lanre : “It’s not Kunmi, it is me, Lanre.”
    Lanke: “Oh, what are you doing here?” She sneered.
    Lanre : “Something happened and I wanted you to know…..” He sighed as he sat on the sofa.
    Lanke: “I don’t want to know. Thank you!” She folded her arms across her chest and turned away from the sound of his voice.
    Lanre looked at her from his position and was still amazed at how she looked. Lanke used to be so beautiful and elegant, with lovely teeth and gorgeous hair. These days she looked like a very ugly monster. They used to be so in lust, they called themselves Lanlan until he couldn’t stand her or their marriage anymore. He knew he failed and this was his punishment.
    Lanre : “Kunmi went out to her friend’s place, her friend took her to a boy’s house and there, she was raped.”
    Lanke: Gasping “Nooooo! You’re lying!! You’re lying!”
    Lanre : “I am not!” He shouted at her as she covered her working ear and shook her head.
    Lanke: “No, God, please no!”
    Lanre : “The boy and Sandra have been arrested.”
    Lanke: “Sandra? It was Sandra? How could Sandra do that to Kunmi? How could she? They were friends!!” She cried out even as she knew the answer to that question.
    She moved herself to the single seater couch and started crying, seemingly heartbroken.
    Lanre : “Lanke, it’s okay.” He was surprised at her tears, he had expected anger and plans for retribution, not this apparent heartbreak. He stood up and tried not to cringe as he went to comfort her. “We have arrested them, Lanke. I will make sure they are properly dealt with and punished.”
    Lanke: “It’s my fault!” She said dejected. “It’s my fault.”
    Lanre : “No, it isn’t. It was a terrible thing to happen to our child but if anyone has a fault here, it’s me.”
    Lanke: She shrugged the hands he had been rubbing on her back away. “You think I don’t know what I’m saying?” She screamed. “God is punishing me!! Me!! Me!! Me!!””
    Lanre : “Lanke, calm down. God won’t p…….”
    Lanke: “I betrayed my friends in school. When I was a student, I led a friend to a group of guys and I knew one of them planned to rape her. I was even happy about it and i wanted to follow them so I could watch….”
    Lanre : “Lanke, Jesus! You didn’t!!”
    Lanke: “I did. I did! The worst part was she never returned. I don’t know what happened to her but she didn’t return to school again!!” she wept.
    Lanre : “She left school without mentioning your name?
    Lanke: “No, I think they killed her after that day but I never told anyone…”
    Lanre : “Oh my God, you are evil.”
    Lanke: “I know!” She cried, “God is punishing me!! On top of everything, when my closest friend threatened to unravel her secret, I told the guys about it and I would have led her to them too if she hadn’t packed her things and left the school. I deserve what is happening to me.” She cried out but there were no tears for she had no eyes.
    Lanre : “Yes, you deserve what happened to you! My daughter however did not deserve that fate but the evil you did brought this upon her. You selfish, wicked bitch!! You’re evil; and I never want to see you again. Tomorrow, when Kunmi is released from the hospital, I will have her come and pack her things and Kunle too. Then I will wash my hands off you!! No wonder you could kill Odun so easily!!”
    Lanke: “Nooo! Lanre, please don’t leave me here alone, those children are all I have left!” She cried out but her only answer was the sound of the door slamming. Lanre had gone.
    Later that night, she wondered if she would have done anything in her life differently. At 39, her life should just be starting but hers was almost over. She had 6 children, 1 was retarded, four had left her without a backward glance and the one who was kind enough to stay had been dealt with, a recompense for her mother’s sin.
    She thought back to the time with Ada and realised how mean and selfish she had been to actually lead a friend out to rape, humiliation and death. She thought she had gotten away with it but she didn’t know that Karma was just in front, waiting for her.
    She wept bitterly for the dreams she would never see fulfilled and for the children who would not miss her and the husband who would probably be relieved if she ceased to exist. She opened her bedside drawer and got out all the drugs prescribed for her and poured them out of their bottles and unto her bed. After saying a short prayer for God to accept her soul, she picked as many as she could and swallowed them at once.
    An hour later, Lanke was gone.
    The mothers have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge! Poor Ayokunmi!
    Tune in for the next Episode. You don’t want to miss this!

    Episode 10

    “Tony Igwebuike!! Come outside now!” The Principal called out on the Assembly ground, standing beside a gathering of debt ridden students.
    The 13 year old bowed his heads as his mates started laughing and booing, deeply ashamed. He almost didn’t go out but he knew what Mr Osas was capable of doing to him. He stepped out of the line of JSS3 students as he heard his sister’s name also being called out.
    When he had stood with the gathering, his sister also joined them, her head bowed down like his. He looked down at her and saw tears already gathering in her eyes. He wanted to hug but he knew the whole school was watching to see what would become of the debtors.
    For 3 years, he had watched from the side-lines as this happened to other students all the time. He had never seen it as wrong or felt particularly sorry for those it had happened to until it happened to him and his sister. He felt so embarrassed, he just wanted to sink into the floor and die.
    When Assembly dispersed, the Principal turned to the 20 or so of them who had been called out for defaulting on school fees payment. One by one, he addressed them. When he got to Tony and his sister, who was in JSSI, he had no mercy and spoke to them like they were professional debtors like Gbenga, an SSI student who was known to never pay any school fees until Exams.
    Tony felt slighted. They attended one of the best Schools in Ibadan and they had hardly ever defaulted on payment. In fact their father usually paid their fees before resumption. However, in the past few months, things had been going badly for their father so he couldn’t afford to give them the standard they were used to.
    He felt the Principal should have considered that before lumping them in with some of the school’s worst debtor. It wasn’t fair that the first time their father defaulted on timely payment, the school treated them like shit.
    Principal : “Of everyone here, Tony and Susan Igwebuike, you are the worst of all! While other parents have put in something as a testament of good faith, your parents haven’t paid a dime. This makes me very ashamed of you and for you. You haven’t paid for school bus and extra lessons too. Your father has told me to exercise patience with him and I have tried but the term is running to a close and exams are starting in 3 days. I’m sorry you will have to go home till your father makes some payment.” He concluded.
    Tony held his sister’s hand as she started to wail, deeply distressed for he had plans to study for his exams that particular day at the school library.
    Tony : “Alright sir, we will go but we don’t know the way home by ourselves…!” He said in his quiet ajebutter accent.
    Principal : “Don’t worry, because of the courtesy your parents have always provided by paying promptly, we would have the school bus drop you at home with a note for your father.”
    Tony nodded as the principal ordered both of them and another student to wait for the school bus while he dispersed the rest with severe warnings that they wouldn’t be allowed to write the exams without complete payment.
    They waited for an hour before the School bus picked them and dropped them at home. Their mother was in her shop that was attached to the front of their huge house in felele when the bus got there. She felt her throat close when she saw her dejected children step out of the bus.
    Tony and Susan : “Good morning, Mummy.”
    Seun Igwebuike : “What happened?” She asked.
    Tony : “We were sent away from school for owing school fees.”
    Seun Igwebuike : “Oh dear!” She exclaimed as she tried not to cry. For the past few weeks, Evan, their last child had also not being going to school too because they could no longer pay his fees. She couldn’t cry in front of her children though so she hugged them and sent them inside.
    When they had gone, she opened and read the politely insulting note telling her that her children would not be allowed in school until they paid their fees. As it was, she didn’t know how they were going to get those fees to pay.
    Her husband, Nelson was a very hardworking man who since she met him, always seemed to have more than enough for her and their children. She had been inclined to call her husband’s life charmed for there was nothing he wanted he could not get. He was into logistics and transportation and had had almost 16 trailers moving from one end of Nigeria to another carting goods, properties, petroleum resources and others all around.
    He had made a lot of money and built his official base in Lagos. When she had gotten pregnant for their second child and he was due to be abroad for a training, he had switched their base to Ibadan so she could be closer to her mother, who hailed from and still lived in Ibadan. After his return, he had decided he liked the city and had moved his family there entirely.
    From Ibadan, he visited his headquarters in Lagos once every week for he had trustworthy and knowledgeable people working for him. From Ibadan, he continued to run his business and make marvellous earnings. He hadn’t allowed his wife work since they didn’t think they needed the money she would make to survive.
    However, the last 4 months had been jinxed for him. Not only had they lost 11 of their buses – 8 had been engulfed by mysterious fires, 2 had been stolen by their drivers and 1 had just broken down one day- 4 had just suddenly started rusting and 1 had been involved in an accident that killed 13 people. The driver had run away and her husband was being held responsible.
    She was a dedicated Christian and she liked to think God was just testing their faith but this was just too much for her to bear. She couldn’t sleep at night anymore and she had lost so much weight. She knew it was the same for her husband. Their house in Lagos was being foreclosed by the bank over a loan Nelson had apparently taken just a month ago to branch into oil and gas. If not for the sudden problems, they would have made it but now they couldn’t even afford to pay their children’s school fees which totalled less than 4 million, how would they afford to refund a loan of 139 million?
    Even worse was the fact that her husband hadn’t even enjoyed the benefits of that loan that he was being made to pay for. No one had told her before she quickly built a shop in front of their house with her savings and started her provisions business. This way at least, she could afford to feed her children without them begging.
    If God wasn’t testing their faith, then she was sure it was some of their family members who were ashamed of their success. God would destroy them!
    The sisters of Our Lady, Queen of Mercy sang hymns as they made their way back from Enugu in the compact Toyota hiace bus. They had gone on a medical mission to minister to the orphanages and widows in some villages in Enugu and the lord had taken control for they had shared love, help and hope to many people in children in need.
    Behind them, their big bus plied the road leading to Benin. In the bus, Sister Rita was not singing. After her dreams all those months ago, she was constantly plagued by a great need to reach out to Ada’s family and tell them what she knew but it had been 20 years and she convinced herself to let sleeping dogs lie. Afterall, nothing she could say could bring Ada back and the people who she suspected were responsible for her death would not be so easy to find.
    She sat down 2 seats behind the driver ruminating on her dreams. Just as the driver was about to make a bend, a trailer turned the corner and raced towards them with no likelihood of stopping. Their driver tried to turn their bus in another direction but he moved too fast and before they knew quite what had happened, their bus tumbled out of the way of the trailer into the gulley beside the road.
    As it rolled down the steep hill and somersaulted twice, the sisters screamed for Jesus and the Blessed Virgin. And just like in her dreams, Sister Rita heard screams of agony and she saw blood, most of the blood was hers and she started crying.
    When the bus stopped rolling, she saw that several of the women were okay, albeit scared. She heard voices outside as the windows were broken. She knew even as she lost consciousness that help had come, she just wasn’t sure it came for her in time.
    Rita heard the voice in her head telling her to wake up but she didn’t want to. When the prodding wouldn’t stop, she finally opened her eyes. She felt rather than saw the man standing next to her. He held a flashlight and in his hands and was shining it in her eyes.
    Doctor: “Rita, can you hear me?”
    Rita : “Yes…… I can.” she answered groggily as she opened her eyes and saw she was in a hospital room.
    Doctor: “Okay, that’s good. Do you know your name?”
    Rita : “Yes, I’m Reverend sister Rita Elomien”
    Doctor: How many fingers am I raising?” He asked as he showed her four fingers.
    Rita : “Four!” She said feeling tired.
    Doctor: “Do you remember how you got here?”
    Rita : “I…. think…yes, yes…I do. There was an accident, right?”
    Doctor: “Yes, you had an accident. You were injured. You had a concussion and you broke 2 of your ribs, your left arm but you’re fine now.”
    As he said that, she began to feel the pain in her midriff area. She looked and saw she had been bandaged and her left arm was in a cast.
    Rita : “Oh, thank God, what of the other sisters?”
    Doctor: “What?”
    Rita : “The other sisters? How are they?”
    Doctor: “I’m sorry, there were no other sisters brought in here. I was told you were the only one injured in the accident.”
    Rita : “Me alone?” So the dream was really just for me she mumbled to herself.
    Doctor: “You have been out of it for a couple of days now so I’m going to do a quick test, okay?”
    She nodded her head as he took a small thin iron and touched different parts of her body. Each time, he asked her if she felt the cold iron and she said yes. When he got under her feet however, she felt nothing and she communicated her distress to him. Quickly he moved it higher.
    Doctor: “Do you feel this?”
    Rita : “No. no, I don’t.” She said trying not to panic.
    Doctor: “How about this?” He asked as he moved to her knees. She shook her head and he quickly rounded off the tests, a worried frown on his face.
    Hours later after she had been taken to the Lab to have X-rays and some other tests done and then returned, Reverend Father Paulinus came to see her bearing bad news.
    Father Paulinus : “My dear, they say you have lost feeling in your legs.” He held her hands.
    Rita : “Oh, dear Lord, what does that mean, father?” She asked as she cried.
    Father Paulinus ; “It means you might be paralysed. Your spinal cord was affected in the accident, my child. The damage wasn’t seen quickly but they are looking at your test results now.”
    Rita : “Is it forever?” She cried as she held on to his hands.
    Father Paulinus : “They don’t know yet, I’m sorry, Sister Rita. Have faith in God, he will never fail you, okay?”
    Rita : “Oh God, I had this dream.” She said as tears poured out of her eyes and dropped on the sky blue pillowcase. “I should have known God would punish me!”
    Father Paulinus : “Do not say that, sister Rita! God isn’t punishing you, He is testing you!”
    Rita : “He is, father, he is!” She cried out.
    Father Paulinus: “What could you have done to deserve Gods punishment? You’re one of the kindest people I know.”
    So she told him of her friend, Ada, of their quarrel, her disappearance and everything that happened since.
    Father Paulinus : “Oh, Sister Rita, why didn’t you say something afterward? That was so wrong. Even if she wasn’t your friend, you should never have kept silent.”
    Rita : “I’m sorry father, help me tell God that I’m sorry. Please father!”She cried louder.
    Father Paulinus : “Sister Rita, the Lord is merciful, he knows and he hears you. You must restitute. As soon as you’re discharged here, you must look for her family and let them know what you know. You owe them that. Do you understand?”
    She nodded still crying as the Doctor entered, coming in with another Doctor.
    Doctor: “Sister Rita, I have good news.”
    Rita : “What is it?”
    Doctor: “We checked the damage to your spinal cord and we see you developed a cyst that gathered pus. We have assessed it and can tell you for a fact that it isn’t life threatening. We would perform a surgery and take out the cyst, it shouldn’t affect your ability to walk for too long. After the surgery, you would have a little physical therapy that will allow you to be walking in less than 3 months.”
    Sister Rita : “Really?” She cried.
    Doctor: “Yes, really.”
    Rita : “Oh, thank you so much! Thank you, Lord!” She cried as she held tighter to father Paulinus’ hands. Glad for another chance to make it up to her friend she had betrayed.
    Is Rita’s help not “Too little, too late ?

    Episode 11

    A man that laid in the men’s ward of Igbobi general hospital was scared. He had broken his bones while taking a motorcycle to work that he should never have been on in the first place. His brother had told him to wait for him to drop him at his office but his eagerness to beat a co-worker to the office had caused him to take a bike that had landed him in trouble.
    Ever since he got here, he couldn’t help being scared at the different cases around him. Although his leg had been set, he was still very scared and his presence in the room was worsening his condition. There were men groaning in pain all around. Some were asleep but when they were awake, they usually seemed in pain.
    The man beside was almost comatose in pain. Whenever he looked at him, he felt very bad for him. He didn’t need to be told that the man would have been very handsome before whatever accident had brought him here. He looked like he would have been tall with wonderful fair skin and a full beard of hair.
    Looking at him now though, his skin was grey in suffering, his beard had been shaved off haphazardly, his eyes constantly dulled out from pain and his legs were gone from the knees downward, all the man had left were thick bandaged stumps where his leg should have been. Worse still was that, in his two weeks here, the man had only gotten one visitor. An old woman who most likely would be his mother.
    Anslem turned his head and saw the young man in the bed next to him watching him again. If he had the strength, he would tell the man to concentrate on his own healing. But he didn’t have the strength, neither did he have the will power. He was too tired and he wasn’t sure he cared anymore.
    He turned his head from the staring young man but was careful not to look down at the stumps that were now his legs. He never wanted to see it, ever. His life was finished, he was finished. Emasculated. Destroyed. He would never be the confident, charismatic, good looking young man he once was.
    What would he achieve with his legs like this? What could he ever amount to? Who amongst those women who had fluttered around him would want him now? Who would look twice at a man without legs? Caroline and her father finally got their revenge after all. He would never be anything more.
    Depression ate at him as he realized he had nothing at all. All the money he had was used in taking care of his bills here, neither his wife nor children had visited, none of his numerous friends had lifted a hand to help at all. He felt very hurt, very small and very alone. The worst part was he was too much of a coward to even kill himself and end it all here and now.
    While lying on the bed there, he had a lot of time to reminisce on his life and all the decisions he had made. Including the unfortunate accident that brought him here. He remembered how it had given him pleasure to lord it over a woman. To hold her life in his hands like it had been with several maids his wife had brought to their house.
    Their fear had fed his ego, their cries had made him feel stronger. He had felt fulfilled making women as he believed they were, the weaker vessels. He had laughed at men who said some women were strong. It had been about the power for him, about women looking up to him in fear and trepidation, alas, that would never happen again. For he could not even frighten a baby the way he looked.
    The doctors talked about prosthetics legs, that they would help him. How could he even afford it? He had no money left. His wife had taken his houses and cars from him, his father in law had taken everything else. His only surviving sibling was abroad and would not lift a finger to help him. She cut him off the day she found out he raped her husband’s younger sister and had refused to call him since he was admitted.
    Now, he felt what those women had felt, what Ada had felt the night her life had gone out of her. What must she have been thinking? Feeling? Experiencing? How could they have buried her in such a place? An unmarked grave like she had no one. He would go back if he could. He would never have hung with those guys, never have made that stupid bet, never have started what had been the beginning of his end.
    He lived with the mind numbing fear that he was finished and could do nothing about it. All the people who could help him had deserted him and he was alone with the aged mother he had never bothered to take care of when things were good.
    He felt the helplessness that he was sure Ada had felt at her death. The impotent unproductive rage that left you empty and aching. All he asked God for now was forgiveness for the way he had lived his life, for the mistakes he had made, for his thoughtlessness and selfishness. If he had another chance, he cried, he would live life well. He would never hurt another person again.
    But God did not answer.
    The Auditorium was crowded, the place was jam-packed full of people. The atmosphere was alive. Praise and worship had begun and the spirit was moving. The man sitting on the chair tried to move out of the way of the enthusiastic dancers around him and he searched for his church member who had pushed him there but he could not see her.
    He quickly realised he would have to stand up so he would not be trampled upon by the many people trooping in and out of the stadium. It was a prayer, worship and praise night organised by one of the leading ministers of God, Pastor Dare Ajuwon. He hoped against all hope that he would be able to see the Man of God so he could receive his healing.
    The vigil was huge and it only happened one night in a year. It was characterised by anointing, holy spirit baptism, healing and deliverances hence the reason why there were over 17, 000 people in the stadium that night.
    2 hours to the end of the 10 hour program, James was beginning to feel desperate. He had succeeded in moving closer to the centre of the stadium where Pastor Ajuwon was but he was still yet distant away from him. At this point, all he wanted was a prayer, a little laying of hands and he would be satisfied.
    When they called out those in need of healing an hour later, he ran as fast as his swollen legs could carry him to the front of the makeshift altar. Pastor Ajuwon started a series of deliverance prayers for them and James eagerly shouted Amen and waited for total deliverance from the troubles that plagued his severely weakened body.
    During the prayers he felt something leave his body and he felt suddenly relieved. He walked back to his seat in less pain than he had been in for almost a year. Indeed, God was in this place, he told himself.
    Barely a week later, James was rushed to the hospital again when his blood pressure suddenly rose and he was scheduled for another dialysis. After the treatment which he had been undergoing for four months, he called the doctor aside.
    James: “What is my condition, doctor?”
    Doctor: “Mr James, I have told you before and I will tell you again, you need that surgery, nothing else will save you!”
    James: “But Doctor, I received my healing, my Kidney should have recovered. A man of God prayed for me, he did!” He cried to the Doctor desperately.
    Doctor: “Mr Samuel. I have looked at your test results again, your Kidneys are barely existing at this point. I don’t know if the man of God prayed or not but God hasn’t answered yet.” He said seriously to James who started weeping on his bed.
    If only, he thought to himself. If only he could go back to the young man he had been, he would have told him not to abuse his youth for he would pay for it later. He remembered how he had enjoyed taking drugs and alcohol when he was younger. He remembered being advised to stop but he hadn’t listened, he actually hadn’t cared.
    He was arrested in his 3 rd year for executing the gang rape of a 200 level student. With the help of his very distant father and the Police, he managed to escape. Of course, he hadn’t let that disturb or distract him from his goal. He had joined a huge criminal gang and terrorised a lot of states in the west. His mother had died from a heart attack when she heard and confirmed that her son was a criminal, an armed robber, rapist, kidnapper and Killer.
    A superiority battle had eventually broken out between him and another deadly guy in the group years later. Their leader had died in a gun fight with the police and several of them had been arrested. The rest who escaped decided to regroup a few months later and they needed a new leader. He had wanted the position, so had General, his rival. In the end, General had tried to kill him to get the position so he had fled.
    Coming to Lagos, he had tried hard to enter into any of the several groups and cults that existed there but he hadn’t even been given a chance. In order to join in, he had to go through the bottom first. There were several guys at the top already and none were willing to shift or even give an opportunity for a newbie to show them up.
    Realising that the battle between he and General was nothing compared to Lagos Criminal politics, he had quickly shifted and gone underground, doing petty crimes and small online scams to survive, eventually he had started forming his own gang too but went out of business when majority of them were arrested.
    After that, he had gone to work for a Politician who needed young men as thugs. It was in the course of doing this that he met with a group on evangelism. They spoke to him about the Salvation of Jesus and he gave his life to Christ with immediate alacrity. He couldn’t say for certain what had been different that day, for he had heard the word several times, but that minute, he gave his life to Christ.
    He had gone on to join their Church, a strong bible believing church, ministering the word and bringing souls to Christ. He even went back to Bible school and was very well versed in the word of God. He stayed far away from women, drinking and smoking. He was on a path to rebuilding his life.
    Later, when the Church wanted to build a parish in Ilorin, he was nominated as the person who would shepherd the new branch. He was excited and grateful for the opportunity and was almost immediately ready. He was told however that he had to get married for that responsibility. At the time, he was already 36, so he agreed, after all he wanted children.
    That marriage proved his greatest undoing for it was like the woman had been brought to him as karma for all the other women he had hurt in his life. She had tormented him day and night, nagged him to deafness, stolen his money, burnt his car, torn his clothes, in private and public and refused to have children for him, she constantly took pills and mocked him with them.
    He reported her several times to the Pastors at the headquarters in Lagos and they spoke to her all the time. She would promise to change and as soon as they left or dropped the call, she would threaten him severely. Sometimes pouring water on their bed so he wouldn’t sleep or locking him inside the house after taking his key out with her.
    He became severely afraid of her and slept with one eye open at home. Realising things weren’t going to end, he had started sleeping in church to avoid his wife’s trouble at home. And then, one of the matured unmarried ladies started bringing him food in the evenings. She comforted him and made him feel like a man again.
    He thought he knew the devil, he was very sure the devil was at home in his house but the devil left his house and came to him in church. One cold, dreary night, Sister Folami had brought him rice and pepper soup and they had ended up warming each other up on the rug in his small office.
    After that, everything in his life started to fall apart. His wife burnt the house down on herself, members of the church, that had boomed from the beginning and increased even with his wife’s hysterics began to reduce gradually and soon he was left with only the very few that had started the church with him.
    In his lust hazed, grief- pretending mind, he hadn’t seen that his adultery was what was causing the problems, he had assumed his wife’s death by burning had been the reason why people lost faith in the Pastor-in-charge, he had been sure that given time, he would right everything and the old members would return.
    Sister Folami’s pregnancy ruined all that. When the Headquarters heard of it, he was immediately suspended and asked to report to Lagos while another Minister was appointed to his former position. He had been very angry by the Church’s dismissal of him and had refused to report in Lagos.
    He married sister Folami and had opened another Church there in Ilorin. The church had never gone past the primary school room they were renting and his only members were his wife and 3 other people. When Folami lost their second pregnancy, she had become very discouraged and lost interest in the church and him. He had returned one day to find her gone and that marked the end of his stay in Ilorin.
    He had returned to Lagos and joined another church. The fact that he hadn’t completed his tertiary education meant that he couldn’t get a satisfactory job and he was barely able to make ends meet. He had done small, small businesses on the side and was managing to survive before his health started to trouble him.
    Not able to afford good hospital treatment, he had used local herbs agbo
     and other herbal products to deal with his health challenges and was able to temporarily diffuse his issues. Of course, it wasn’t very long before he started seeing signs he could not ignore in his body. He started peeing blood, his legs began to swell and he experienced immeasurable pain.
    Eventually, his church had financed him to run a test and that’s where he found it he had end stage Kidney problems. He was told he would need to raise 8 million Naira for a surgery abroad and would also need to get a donor that would match him. His church had started helping him raise the money but he was still unable to find a willing donor.
    Unwilling to die so young, without having achieved anything, he had started to run to different men of God for prayers for healing. So far, he had been to 14 of them. After the prayers, he would feel a lightening of the load but soon enough, he would realise the disease was still there.
    The money the church had raised had so far been mostly expended on dialysis to keep him alive before the surgery would happen. He knew he was responsible for what was happening to him, he only wished God would have mercy on him, forgive his sins and help him out. He wasn’t ready to die yet, he still had a lot inside of him, why couldn’t God see that?
    Do you think God should give these men new chances?

    Episode 12

    Juwon changed the stations on the TV distractedly. He tried to be involved in the football game showing on TV but he couldn’t be. All he wanted was for his wife and children to go to bed but he knew if he told them to go sleep, his bitch of a wife would cry bloody murder and make sure all the neighbours knew that he had done something wrong.
    The crazy woman could create drama and disaster out of a simple matter. He couldn’t believe he had managed to remain married to her for the past 12 years. At the time he met her, she had been 16 years old, hot, young and beautiful. She had also being a virgin and he hadn’t been able to help himself from her. It hadn’t mattered that he was almost 14 years older than her.
    Before he could say Jack Robinson, the brainless air head was pregnant and her parents had gone about reporting him to everyone. His parents had been desperate to save themselves from shame and had insisted he marry her or they would cut him off permanently. Since he wasn’t working then and had no intention of going to get a job, he had agreed and married her.
    Of course it turned out to be a mistake almost from the beginning. He could immediately tell she had no home training, she was very dirty and could not take care of anything, she also liked to gossip a lot. Within their first 4 years of marriage, they had fought huge fights and she had moved out almost 6 times. His parents always brought her back though because of the mere fact that she was always pregnant every time.
    12 years of marriage and they had 6 children already. He could barely remember a time when she wasn’t pregnant. The things that had made him marry her, her hot sexy body, her firm, young breasts, her supple buttocks and her tight vagina had all been eviscerated by her constant pregnancy and childbirth.
    At this point, she had stopped caring about looking good or being classy. She had no training or real education and she was just one more tacky, wrapper-tieing, children carrying housewife. He didn’t care anymore and she didn’t matter to him. The only things that he enjoyed about his marriage were his children and the happiness that those children brought to his parents.
    He knew it was the existence of these children that made his parents continue to finance his lifestyle so he could at least appreciate something about the crazy woman he had married. Of course, with the healthy allowance he received from his parents, he was able to keep a few other women who would attend to the needs that his always pregnant wife could not fulfil.
    Juwon: “Aren’t the children supposed to be in bed at this time?” He asked when his youngest child, 6 months old Abigail poured her fruit juice on the couch where she sat. Her older ones were all scattered all over the sitting room in one trouble causing position or the other.
    Biodun : “What is your own? Please, watch your TV and leave my children alone. They are in their father’s house, if you don’t like it, go to your father’s house!”
    Juwon: “Isn’t this what I’m always complaining about? You don’t have the brains God gave a chicken!!” He shouted, startling his children who quickly huddled together like they always did when their parents fought.
    Biodun : “Don’t shout at me oh! I’m not your child, mad man!”
    Juwon held his nose with thumb and fore finger and tried to calm down. Biodun was created to drive him mad, he was very sure. He decided to drop the issue before the fight would distract him. With her, there was no winning, she was always ready for a fight, no matter what. He needed to be composed or this would drag out longer than it needed to.
    He hissed and concentrated on the TV gain. He had brought home 10 million naira he had managed to siphon from his father’s company with the help of his father’s accountant. He had to divide the money 70:30 and he couldn’t trust anyone else with the job.
    If he continued to fight with Biodun, she would manage to lengthen the conversation and if he left her impatiently, she would follow him about until she found out exactly what he was up to. So, he kept quiet and waited for her madness to run its course. That money was meant to be his insurance for whenever his father decided to carry out his promise to stop funding him and his family.
    They were all still downstairs 30 minutes later when they heard a knock at the door. Their maid, Kudi quickly ran to get the door. Immediately she opened the door, there was a scream followed by a muffled sound and then 7 men dressed all in black from their boots to their face masks and caps, holding heavy guns burst into the sitting room.
    Robber 1: “Down on your face, now!! Now!!” They shouted as Juwon, his wife and children dropped to their faces on the floor except his youngest Abigail, who fearlessly looked at the men.
    Robber 2: “Where is the money? Where is it?” When Juwon didn’t answer, one of them dragged him up to face his scary face.
    Robber 3: “Where is the money?” The one Juwon felt was the Leader asked him
    Juwon: He shook his head quickly, hoping to bluff his way through this. He had no intention of dropping his hard earned money for anyone. “I don’t…. I swear I don’t… money, please”.
    Robber 4:“Where is the money, madam?”From the floor, his wife screamed as he slapped her on the butt.
    Biodun : “Sir, we don’t have money, I swear! Please believe us!” She cried, her voice muffled by the floor.
    Leader/ Robber 3: “Eh ehn? You think we are here for play, right? They think say na play we come for! Burger, fire away!” He ordered one of them holding a gun.
    Juwon wasn’t sure if they were trying to scare him with that order but before he could decide either way, he saw the guy who was called Burger level his gun and fire away.
    His wife and children screamed when the gunshot sounded and he turned around to see where the bullet had gone. He saw then what was apparently the remains of his daughter, Abigail, half her head blown off. He screamed. His wife heard the scream and looked up, only to see her daughter’s body and she started screaming.
    When the men tried to calm her down and she refused to stop screaming or be consoled, they fired another shot, this time at their 7 year old son. His wife stopped screaming immediately and crawled as she grabbed her son.
    Biodun : “Ire! Ire!” She screamed as she cradled her son to her chest, his blood seeping into her clothes. His other children started crying.
    Juwon was dazed and in shock. He couldn’t believe they could shoot two of his children dead over money.
    Leader: “Where is the money?
    Biodun : “You evil men! We have no money! You killed my children for nothing! God will punish you!!”
    Leader: “I will shoot another person.” He said to Juwon over Biodun’s ranting. “Tell me where the money is.”
    Biodun : “We have…..”
    Juwon: “It’s in the garage! Please, don’t shoot again, it’s in the garage! Inside the trunk of my old car in the garage!” He begged, tears leaking from his eyes.
    Biodun : “So, you had money in this house?!” She screamed as she dropped her dead son and grabbed his head. “You bastard, you killed my children!! Mo gbe oh, Juwon ti pami!!”
    Leader: “Stop it! You…”he pointed with his gun at Juwon “……follow them and get the money out.”
    Juwon pushed the crying Biodun from himself and in shock, led the two robbers to the garage where he opened the trunk of the old chevy he put there and gave them the 10 million naira stored in two bags. When the men got back to the sitting room, they opened the bags and after agreeing that the moneywas indeed how it should be, they nodded to their boss.
    Leader: “You know say you be bastard like your wife talk?” He said to Juwon. “You get the money, you con dey waste our time? Guys, finish this guy children, make we go.” He told his cohorts as he left the house carrying one bag.
    His wife screamed as the rest of them started shooting his family. They left immediately they were done and he rushed over to his eldest child who was still groaning from the gunshot in his belly. He started crying as he grabbed his phone and tried to dial the police. His hands were shaking and his bloody fingers slid off his touch screen phone.
    When he finally managed to dial the number, his voice shook so badly, he could not answer the dispatcher when they asked him what his address was. “Help….please…..God, please, p…….please help, us!”
    Nelson walked out of the church angry and upset. How could the Pastor tell him that? How could the Pastor treat him like he was sinner or something? He had made all his money legally! He had never scammed anybody in his life and he was not a criminal. How dare that ridiculous Pastor tell him that he saw a revelation from God telling him that he, Nelson had done something evil to another person in his past.
    He stood for a minute in front of the church looking for his wife and children who had come outside over an hour ago when the service had ended while he waited to see the Pastor. As he stood, he saw some people eyeing him in funny ways, refusing to approach him for their usual sycophantic greetings.
    Of course, he realised the reason. His circumstances had changed. He, who used to come to church with different cars every Sunday could now be seen walking into the church premises. He had sold all 3 of his cars and the 2 cars his wife used to pay back a bank loan he wouldn’t have collected in the first place if he had an inkling about how things were going to turn out.
    He picked his phone out of his pocket to call his wife but he realised as he dialled the number that he didn’t have any credit. He hissed in anger as he stared around the church grounds. He saw them then, standing by the gate waiting for him. He quickly walked in their direction.
    Seun : “Where have you been? We have been standing in the sun waiting for you!” She cried.
    Nelson : “Didn’t I tell you the Pastor said he wanted to see me? That’s where I’ve been.” He said as he scooped up Evans into his hands. “Lets go!”
    Seun : “Erm, what did Pastor say? Did he pray for you?”
    Nelson : “No, he told me bull crap. That’s all he said!”
    Seun : “Haha! Pastor Jim??! That doesn’t sound like him at all oh!”
    Nelson : “Would I lie against him?” He asked as they got on the road and he hailed a keke Napep.
    Seun : “But, Nelson, Pastor Jim is a man of God, I believe whatever he said is revealed from God most high. He works with the Holy Spirit.”
    Nelson : “I used to think so too but the Holy Spirit isn’t always right, is it?”
    Seun : “Nelson, that’s blasphemy! What exactly did he say?”
    Nelson : “He said God told him I did something evil in my past.”
    Seun : “What? Pastor Jim said that?”
    Nelson : “Oh oooooo! Didn’t I tell you?”
    Seun : “But…..when did he say you did this evil?”
    Nelson : “Who knows for him and his holy spirit?”
    Seun kept quiet till they got home. She spent the whole afternoon ruminating. She cooked, served, cleaned, ironed and prepared for the new week but she couldn’t let go off what her husband had told her after the service. She had known Pastor Jim for 9 years and in all that time, she had never heard that he gave any false revelations so she was inclined to believe whatever he said was true.
    When she met her husband at the former church they had being going 16 years ago, she had known there were some things he was working on at the time. He was a struggling Christian who still womanised, drank heavily and went to clubs. With help and prayers, he had finally let go off those bad things and become the exclusively serious and dedicated husband that he was.
    What if he had done something wrong that time when he was in the world and didn’t remember? She made up her mind that she was going to visit Pastor Jim during the week and inquire from him what he told her husband.
    Oh dear! Innocent children again!

    Episode 13

    Kachi let himself be dragged out from solitary confinement and pushed down to the hall designed for visitors on death row. He wondered briefly who was here to see him. His sentence was due to be carried out tomorrow and at this point, he had accepted faith and was no longer looking for a miracle.
    When the verdict of death had been read out by the Judge after his trial, he couldn’t say he was surprised. At that point, it was safe to say everyone who seemed to matter had wanted him dead for killing his wife and children so gruesomely. His wife’s family in particular had championed the cause.
    His lawyer had told him to appeal on the grounds that the Judge had been swayed by popular opinion but he hadn’t had any money for a protracted appeal case he was sure he would never win. He was already very tired of the whole process and he had hoped before his sentence was carried out, the realkiller would come forward but apparently, the killer had no conscience.
    At this point, he was no longer angry or depressed, mostly he was scared of what death held for him but he had leftthe real culprit into the hands of God, he knew God would avenge him yet.
    He veered out of the corner that led into the waiting room and dint recognise the big hairy guy sitting at a table, waiting for him. And then he did.
    Kachi : “Biggie!! Biggie!!” He shouted as he ran towards his friend, forgetting for a second that he wasn’t allowed to hug his visitors. It took the Guard’s loud clearing of throat for him to remember himself. Just another one of the privileges of life that were taken from him, he thought as quiet tears slipped out of his eyes.
    Biggie : “Hey, hey! Don’t cry, guy. Abeg.” He said rubbing his friend’s orange scrub clad shoulders.
    Kachi : “How won’t I cry? My life is messed up, you have no idea!”
    Biggie : “I know, I know.” He said as they both sat down opposite each other.
    Kachi : “I’m going to die tomorrow……and for a crime I didn’t commit.” He sighed out.
    Biggie : “That’s not how it’s been reported.”
    Kachi : “I know what peeps are saying but I didn’t kill her, I swear to you, please believe me.”
    Biggie : “How come you were caught with their bodies?”
    Kachi : “I explained that…..” he grumbled “….and my explanation was the truth!”
    Biggie : “Really?!” He was shocked but he believed his friend. “Who do you think did it?”
    Kachi : “I don’t know but I hoped whoever it was would come forward when they knew an innocent man would die but they haven’t. I pray God will punish that person.”
    Biggie : “Really?”
    Kachi : “Yes really! This is tantamount to killing someone!! I believe God is watching and he won’t sleep. He would deal with them!”
    Biggie : “Like he is dealing with you?” he asked gently.
    Kachi : “What?”
    Biggie : “I said will God deal with them like he’s dealing with you?”
    Kachi : “I….dont….un…derstand…..”
    Biggie : “Ada? Do you remember her? “
    Kachi : “I…yes…..i, yes….i do.” He said moping sweat off his brows.
    Biggie : “They found her body 8 months ago where she was buried.”
    Kachi : “Oh God!! O, my God!! Do they know what happened to her??”
    Biggie : “No, not yet. She has been buried though.
    Kachi : “I killed her…….. me.”
    Biggie : “I don’t believe that! You know what happened but Anslem probably did it…”
    Kachi : “No! It was me!! I killed her!!”
    Biggie : “Stop shouting!” He whispered aggressively, sending glances at the security guards and camera. “You were part of those who killed her?”
    Kachi : “Yes, but it was me. Just me. I stabbed her!!”
    Biggie : “Kachi!! Why?! How could you do that?”
    Kachi : “I was young, I was stupid! I felt invisible, but believe me I’ve never killed anybody else. I am not the same person I was all those years ago. I have changed.”
    Biggie : “Oh, Kachi, why? Why did you go with them that day?” he suddenly felt very old.
    Kachi : “We all raped her that night….” He started crying
    Biggie : “All of you?” Biggie was shocked, he didn’t ever think anyone besides Anslem had done that to her. “Including you? And then you still killed her?”
    Kachi : “Yes.” He nodded miserably. “Oh, indeed, God is punishing me, I’m suffering for my past. Oh, Goooood!!” He began to weep.
    Biggie : “What do I say to you now? She’s gone and you can never take that back. Just ask God for forgiveness and mercy. I checked on Anslem and I found out he lost everything to a divorce with his wife, then he had an accident and now, I don’t know where he is. Nobody does. Juwon was robbed recently and all his children were killed, it’s all over the news back in Nigeria!”
    Kachi : “Oh my God!! Oh, our pasts have caught up with us. Oh, God please forgive us. I beg you!” He laid his face on the table and mourned the family he had worked to build, for the life he hadn’t lived enough, for the young girl whose life he had ended without giving her a chance.
    They were all gathered in the sitting room of Juwon’s big house. Juwon’s mother and Biodun’s mother were crying as they tried to hold on to the inconsolable Biodun.
    Biodun : “Haaaa, aiye me oh!! Jesu!! Omo mi oh!!” She cried, devastated. “God, why me?”
    The women just held her for none could tell her to stop crying. The loss of a child was bad enough but to lose five children in one night was obviously driving the woman crazy. Only their fourth child, Simileoluwa had survived the incident and she had to have 2 surgeries before she was totally safe. As it was, she was still in the hospital, recovering and would be discharged in a few days.
    Biodun : “Haaa, my life has spoilt, aiye mi baje!! Mo gbe oh!! Ha!! Ni bo ni mo ma gbe gba? Olorun, shanu mi!! haaa!” She cried, holding unto her head and rolling on the chair amidst the women holding her.
    Her husband watched her from his seat opposite. Juwon’s head was full. What was he to do now? Was he not responsible for what had happened to his family? He had killed his children as surely as if he had fired the bullet. Why did he steal that money? Why did he take that money? Now, he couldn’t even finger the accountant because then his father would know he stole his money.
    When the police asked, he hadn’t told them that it was 10 million that he brought home because then his father would know where he got it from. He had reduced the amount marginally and told them it was a bank loan. Fortunately, the police weren’t very competent and they never went to the bank to check his claims.
    He wished he hadn’t taken that money. He had just been so scared that his father would truly stop sponsoring him. What would he do then? he had never had to work in his life, how would he take care of 6 children and his forever pregnant wife, what was he to do now? He had ruined his life with his own hands.
    Ha, to never hear the laughter of his sons again, to never be able to see his precious Abigail, to not watch his first daughter grow into the beautiful terror she was becoming. Oh God, why me? Is this the punishment for greed or something else? Even as he asked, he remembered.
    That memory of the night when he had been less than human. When he did something that human beings didn’t do. When he had joined a group of boys to shame, kill and bury another person. He shook his head to push the memory back to where he had since buried it.
    He wasn’t that person anymore. He had changed. After that incident, he had stayed far away from those guys and never gone near them again. When that hadn’t even brought him comfort, he had followed Ufoma and Kosi’s example and withdrawn from school to start somewhere else.
    He wasn’t that person anymore, he had changed, and even God knew that. He was a changed person. He didn’t deserve to have his children killed that way, God knows. They hadn’t even had a chance to start living their lives. Neither did Ada, a voice whispered and brought tears to his eyes. Tears of guilt, shame and regret.
    Biodun : “Why are you crying, you bastard?” Juwon was startled at his wife’s voice. “Wasn’t it you who allowed them kill my children?”
    Juwon: “Me, what are you saying?”
    Biodun : “Was it not your fault?”
    Juwon’s mother : “Biodun, don’t say that please! Blame the robbers, not your innocent husband!”
    Biodun : “Innocent! Mummy! Juwon is not innocent, rara!! He was playing with those men even when they threatened to kill my children!! He knew he had money at home yet he denied it.”
    Biodun’s mother : “Biodun, oko mi, that’s a normal reaction. If he knew they would shoot the children, he wouldn’t have said he didn’t have money at home.”
    Biodun : “Mummy, iro ni!! It’s a lie. Juwon lo pa mi lo mo!! Juwon killed my children. See his face, can he talk?” She pointed at her husband’s grief stricken face.
    Suddenly, she stood up, pushing away her mother and mother-in-law’s hands and ran into the kitchen. Her mother stood up and followed her to see what she was up to. Before she could get there, Biodun ran out again, this time holding a knife.
    Biodun’s mother : “Biodun!! Biodun!!”
    She ran straight for her husband whose eyes were downcast. He raised shocked eyes and barely registered the knife before it was plunged into his chest.
    Juwon: “Haaaa!” He screamed, grabbing the knife as Biodun pulled it out and plunged it into him again.
    His father and brother grabbed her while her mother wrested the knife from her hands.
    Juwon’s father: “Biodun!! Biodun!!”
    Biodun : “Oya, go and join my children and take care of them!!” She told him with crazed eyes as he bled over the chair.
    Juwon’s mother ; “Biodun, o ti pa mi lomo oh. You have killed my child oh!”
    Biodun : “Yes!! Just the way he killed my children. 50,50, God no go vex!!” She laughed as Juwon’s brother and father carried his bleeding body to the car. He never made it to the hospital.
    James was all but crawling as he made his way to the office of Prophet Agadu. He was desperate now. The Doctor had just told him if he did not raise his money complete in the next 2 weeks, he would not make it to the end of month and now he was taking an option he couldn’t believe he could ever have taken. He was going to Egypt for help.
    When his friend, Hudson had told him about Prophet Agadu months ago, he hadn’t been interested then. Now, however, after being told he had barely a few weeks left to live, he had agreed to come and see the man. He could feel his life source draining out of him and he couldn’t afford to wait for God any longer.
    They walked into up to the 2 nd floor of a huge office complex and as he stepped into the surprisingly well decorated office with Hudson holding his hands, he saw the thin frail man sitting behind a huge desk, wearing an outfit better suited to a Shaman. He urged them forward with his hands and Hudson dragged him further into the room.
    Hudson : “Good afternoon, Prophet.” He said, genuflecting.
    Prophet: “How are you, my son? Please, have your seats.” He motioned to the chairs in front of his huge desk. And they sat down.
    Hudson : “Thank you, sir. This is my friend, James. He had end stage Kidney problems. He has need for a surgery in India and he hasn’t been able to raise the money for the surgery. When I remembered all the good works you’ve done for other people, I decided to bring him to you. The doctors say he only had about a few weeks to live and we need your help urgently, Prophet.”
    Prophet: “To James
     is that true? Do you want to live to see your children’s children?”
    James : “Yes, yes, yes sir, I don’t want to die yet! You see, sir…..I have a lot still inside me and I believe God still wants me to manifest glory.”
    Prophet: “Very good answer!! Yes, young man, you have given me the perfect answer!! Give me your right palm.”
    James : Stretches his right palm across the table to the prophet

    Prophet: “Hmmm, hmmmm, I see. Young man, I see that you still have a lot of living to do before you die. Nodding his head and staring intently at James’ palm
     you don’t have children yet, do you?”
    James : “No, sir.”
    Prophet: “Hahaahhhha, it never fails! It has been revealed to me, you will have 3 children after this. The woman is just around the corner.”
    James :“Really? Prophet? Could it be real?”
    Prophet: “I do not do anything fake here! If I tell you something, take it as the word directly from above. You will have 2 boys and a girl after all this.”
    James : “Oh, thank God, I have lost hope that I could have children. Thank God.”
    Prophet: “Now, I will make a treatment for you…..” Consulting the big book on his table
     “Hmm, yes, your case is peculiar but it isn’t beyond what I can do.”
    James : “Thank God!” He sighed.
    Prophet: “For this concoction, we will need a horse, a pregnant goat, 12 chickens from the same mother, an albino dog…..”
    James : “Ha, prophet!! Where will I get all these? They are too much oh.”
    Prophet: “Keep quiet!! Have I finished? Won’t you let me……”
    James : “I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again.”
    Prophet: “……the intestines of a pig, the Kidney of a cow and the …….That’s all we need for your treatment and you will be whole again.”
    James : trying to hide his dismay
     “But, but, Prophet, I can’t get all these things. You can see my friend brought me here, I cannot walk.”
    Hudson : “James, don’t worry your head, Prophet has an alternative. My sister’s husband also had the same problem, it was Prophet that healed him so just cool down.”
    Prophet: “If you can’t get it, I will get it for you, it isn’t expensive at all. Everything plus the work and special prayers I will do, will cost you one million, five hundred thousand.”
    James : “Ha!!! Prophet!! Do you want to kill me? Where will I find that money?”
    Hudson : “James, wetin they do you? Will you tell me you don’t have that money?”
    Prophet: “Me? Have I ever had two hundred thousand naira not to talk of one million!!! Me!!”
    Hudson : “This is your life oh! You can’t afford to play with it!”
    James : “Hudson, I no get that kain money!! For where??”
    Hudson : Whispering to him as the prophet busied himself, seemingly uninterested in their conversation
     “What about the money church raised for your surgery? Can’t you use it? I remember they raised almost 5 million that time!!”
    James : “Since when? Right now, it’s not even up to one point six million now. I’ve used almost all on drugs and dialysis!!”
    Hudson : “Really? That’s serious oh! Oya, you know what? Bring one point three million, I will help you with the rest.”
    James : “Hudson, that’s too much. What if it doesn’t work, I will now be back to square one. I don’t think I can afford this….”
    Hudson : “James, I don’t like what you’re doing! I brought you somewhere so you can get better now you’re saying you can’t afford it. With this treatment, you won’t need anything again. I dey tell you!! I cannot count on my hands how many people this guy has healed, seriously.”
    James : “But Hudson, the money is plenty!! Most of the men of God I met did not collect a dime…”
    Hudson : “Ehn, they didn’t collect na. Are you better now?” He asked James.
    James : “No” He said as he shook his head.
    Hudson : “Ehn! Can’t you see that anything good requires money? If one of those men of God had asked you to bring money, won’t you have taken it?”
    James : “I might….”
    Hudson : “Forget that thing!! You will! See, this guy is real. If you don’t feel better in two weeks, I will make sure he refunds your money. Okay?”
    James : Nods. “Okay.”
    Hudson : “Prophet, when do you say we should bring the money?”
    Prophet: Raising his head from his book, “Oh, you’re ready? Bring it as soon as you can if you want to remain alive.”
    Hudson : “Okay sir, we will bring it tomorrow. Thank you sir.”

    Hmm, am i the only one who doesn’t believe Prophet Agadu has any miracle cure?
    [2/16, 22:57] ‪+233 24 462 0852:

    Epiosde 14
     Karma’s Romance

    Seun : “Nelson!! Nelson!! Wake up, we need to talk…..” Seun shook her husband awake.
    Nelson : “What is it woman? Its midnight now! What’s the problem?”
    Seun :“I know! I have something important to discuss with you. And you need to sit up and listen.”
    Nelson : “It can’t wait for daytime when normal people have conversations?”
    Seun : “No, it can’t.”
    Nelson : “Okay, what is the problem?” He asked, sitting up.
    Seun : “Hmmm, I went to see Pastor Jim today…”
    Nelson : “What? Why? Why would you do that?”
    Seun : “You think I don’t want all these problems to end? My life is at stake too oh. My children’s lives are also at stake so I want to know exactly what is happening to us. I thought it was a test, a trial but I realised it was more serious when you refused to tell me exactly what Pastor Jim said.”
    Nelson : “So you went behind my back to see him?!”
    Seun : “Behind your back as how? Did I use to tell you whenever I go to see him before?”
    Nelson fumed impotently. What could that man have told her? She was looking at him so seriously, he was worried about what she had heard. Hopefully, the man didn’t tell her everything.
    Seun : “Pastor Jim told me everything. He told me how you came to him for prayers and how he prayed and told you what the Holy Spirit revealed to him. But you refused to heed what he said and have decided to do this your own way.”
    Nelson : “What does he mean by the Holy Spirit? Why are you so gullible? Is it everyone who says Jesus, Jesus that is working with the Holy Spirit?”
    Seun : “What are you saying now? Suddenly, Pastor Jim is not a man of God abi? After all the answered prayers and divine revelations abi? Now that he has told you the truth, He’s no longer a man of God. Nelson, listen to me. Pastor Jim said he saw a sword coated with blood upon your head. He said the blood of a young girl is crying against you seriously. He says you must make restitution as quickly as possible.”
    Nelson : “How can he tell you that? Doesn’t he respect privacy?”
    Seun : “I am your wife, there is no privacy between us. I need to know these things. What if the sword hanging over you moves to me or my children?”
    Nelson : “Eh ehen? So that’s your own concern with all of it, right? And now, they are your children, abi? The bible says it’s for better for worse, for richer or poorer, till…..”
    Seun : “No! Not when you’re hiding secrets from me! Who did you kill? And why won’t you make restitution?”
    Nelson : “I didn’t kill anybody!! And it doesn’t matter!!”
    Seun : “It matters! It matters! Look at our lives right now! It matters!!”
    Nelson : “The bible says that if a man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have passed away and all things have become new! Christ has taken away the ordinances written against us and nailed it…..”
    Seun : “Nelson, are you okay? Do you think giving your life to Christ automatically negates wrongdoing of the past?”
    Nelson : “Yes, it does!!”
    Seun : “You must confess your sins and make restitution!!”
    Nelson : “You want me to find a family after over 20 years and tell them nonsense about their daughter? What do you think they will do? Hug me and tell me thank you?”
    Seun : “Why don’t you try it first, Nelson?” She started crying. “Pastor Jim said it is the solution for us.”
    Nelson : “Will it be a solution for you when I am in Prison?”
    Seun : “If you truly have given your life to Christ, he would watch out for you and give you peace for those people.”
    Nelson : “If Christ wanted to do anything, he would have cleared my slate when I gave my life to him. Just leave me with my life, Seun!”
    Seun : “Okay, continue oh!! Continue your actions!! When you know death is the next bus stop abi? You want to make me a widow, right?”
    Nelson : “Seun, see, I won’t die, okay? Look at this……” He brought out a rosary wrapped around his neck. “You see it? Nothing will happen to me as long as I have this.”
    SEUN: “What is that?” She asked.
    Nelson : “I got it from an Alfa that my Aunty took me to.”
    Seun : “Ha!! Oooooooooo, Nelson! Now, you’re meeting an Alfa? You want to kill me? I will report you to your mother!!”
    Nelson : “Don’t you dare go to my mother!! That day you’ll go back to your own mother!!” Seeing her hurt expression, he said “It’s just a backup. If Jesus fails, Allah will not!”
    Seun : “Nelson, you’re making yourself more of object for the devil! This man oh!! You’ll kill me oh!!” She cried louder.
    Nelson : “Stop, Seun. It is fine. I promise you.” He hugged her, hoping to comfort her.
    However, Seun could not stop the sense of foreboding that held her bound. She knew that her husband was merely a sitting duck now. She would have to intercede for him and for her children to not bear the evil load of their father.
    The man that got out of the Honda looked old and very frail. Holding him up was the Head Pastor of his Church and the Assistant Pastor. They were flanked by two other pastors and the wife of the Head Pastor.
    Head Pastor : “Oya, hold him up, don’t let him slip. Brother James, look up and tell us, is this the office you came to?”
    James : feeling very weak, whispered, “Yes sir, it is.”
    Head Pastor : “Which office exactly?”
    James : “It….its 3 rd office…… on the….second floor sir.”
    Head Pastor : “Pastor Jimi and Pastor Unubun, please go to the second floor, the 3 rd office like he said and ask for Prophet…..prophet what, Brother James?”
    James : “Prophet Agadi….Agadu…”
    Head Pastor : “Did you hear?”
    Pastor Jimi: “Yes sir.”
    Head Pastor : “Quickly please…..”
    The two young Pastors hurried into the building and up the flight of stairs.
    Head Pastor : “Erm, Pastor Oluwanishola, please take Brother James phone and call his friend, Hudson again.”
    Pastor Oluwanishola : “Okay sir.” He said as he collected the phone and begins to dial for the 38 th time. He listens and smiles when he hears the phone ringing. “Pastor, Pastor, it is ringing oh!!”
    Head PASTOR : “Really?? Very good!! Give it to me, please.” He collects the phone but is disappointed when the call isn’t picked.
    Just then, the other two pastors come downstairs followed by a man wearing a guard uniform.
    Pastor Unubun : “Pastor, we didn’t see the prophet but the security man has something to tell us.”
    Head Pastor : “Yes? Good afternoon sir. Please can you help us? We are from the Christ Evangelical Outreach Ministry and we are here on behalf of our brother.” He points at James who leans weakly against the car. “We need to see prophet Agadi”
    Security man : “Sir, when I see the 2 man here go upstairs, I know say something don happen. See, make I no lie you, that man fake. No be only una don come here oh, plenty people don come say because of scam. Them don take my Oga wey get our building go Police station say na him bring the guy come…”
    Pastor Mrs: “Sir, please back up. Are you telling us this prophet does not exist??!!”
    Security man: “Madam, na so I dey talk!! Na 419 him be!!”
    James : “Ha! I am finished!! My life is finished!!”
    Security man : “Oga, no talk like so! As long as life dey, you fit overcome.”
    Head Pastor : “Young man, this prophet scammed this brother of the money he was supposed to take to India for a kidney transplant. How do you think we can get him??”
    Security man : “Ewo oh!!” He shouted as he put his hands over his head. “How you go do am?”
    Head pastor : “That’s our question!! Is it possible to see this your boss and see if we can get this guy?”
    Security man : “Ha! My oga don dey for Police. Some people say the man thief the money for their land!! The money reach 42million and they come take my Oga!! Plenty people don come. Some say na rent he take from them, some say na car, plenty things, oga.”
    Pastor Mrs : “Oh God, what do we do?”
    Head Pastor : “We call his friend….dial him on my phone instead of Bro James’ phone….”
    The Assistant Pastor quickly dials the number on the senior Pastor’s phone. After a few rings, he picks up and the phone is passed to James who is already weeping.
    James : “Hudson!! Hudson!! What’s up? Can you…hear me?”
    Hudson : “Yes, who is this?”
    James : “Its James now…”
    Hudson : “James, how far?”
    James : “Hudson, I’m at the prophet’s office oh…..they…I wasn’t feeling better so I came but….they say he’s a scamme….they say he has stolen several…..”
    Hudson : “Okay, what can I do?”
    James : “Hudson now! You brought me to this guy, you said…..”
    Hudson : “Wait, do you want to pin this on me?”
    James : “Hudson, please help me out, I beg you! Don’t treat me like this. It’s been 3 weeks and I am dying.” He cried desperately.
    Hudson : “So you no wan die? Guy leave matter abeg! I no force you pay money!”
    James : “Hudson!! You t……t…..ol…d me…how the….prophet healed people ….you …know, that’s…..what you said.”
    Hudson : Ehn so what? Guy, I don’t have money for you. Prophet don go oh!
    James : “Hudson, did you plan with the prophet to scam me? You sound like you don’t pity me…”
    Hudson : “Pity you?? Hahahhah! You, James!! So, that’s how your memory is short?!”
    James : “Hudson, please don’t let me die, abeg.” He started crying.“I beg you, don’t back stab me like this.”
    Hudson : “Make I hear!! You never stab anybody for back before? Why are you forming? As if it’s not you I knew in University!!”
    James : “I’ve changed, I swear!! Hudson please, I’m not ready to die! Help me!”
    Hudson : “You have changed right? You are a fool!! A bastard!! How dare you tell me about change? Did you forget you raped my cousin?? You might have forgotten but I didn’t……”
    James : “Hudson, no please!! You said I should forget it, that…….” He was seized by a fit of coughing!! The Head Pastor collected the phone from him.
    HP : “Mr Hudson, we believe that you are aware of the prophet who scammed your friend. It’s in your interest and that of Brother James to provide him as quickly as possible.”
    Hudson : “I’m sorry sir. That cannot happen. I’ve taken my own share of the money and gone far away.”
    HP : “Mr Hudson!!” He was aghast. “How can you do that to someone you call your friend?”
    Hudson : “Which friend?? Please sir, leave that talk, James no be person. Ask him, does he think I forgot, he and his gang raped my cousin in school and they thought I had forgotten! Ask him about Ebube!! Ask him about the girl he and his gang raped that got him expelled!!! I was his friend and he did that to me!! The girl that committed suicide 11 years ago because she couldn’t cope. That’s why I looked for him and became his friend again. Only for revenge!! Revenge is a dish best eaten cold and I am enjoying my own…”
    HP : “Sir, the bible says that money gained by deceit is………… Sir!! Mr Hudson!!” All he got was a dial tone. “Ah!! Brother James, your friend is your down fall. He has cheated you!!”
    James : “Oh God!! Oh God!! Help me!! Oh, please God, I don’t want to die.” James cried, resting his weary head against the car as tears poured out of his eyes. The pastor’s wife came and patted his back in comfort.
    They loaded themselves into the car and back to church. In church, The Head Pastor called James to his office and told him what his friend said about a girl named Ebube. James remembered Ebube. The last rape that got him expelled.
    He remembered Jennifer, the first girl, who had been from the state University, and then Ebun, and then Ada, the one they had killed and then Onome and then Ebube, the last in school. After school, there had been others. Girls, women whose names he hadn’t remembered or asked for. He nodded at the Pastor with glassy eyes and left the office.
    As he was assisted to the tiny room that was given him in church, he wondered why he had never seen that Hudson was out for his blood. Despite everything with Ebube, Hudson had gone out of his way to maintain a friendship with him and remain his friend. He realised now that the guy had probably been planning his revenge for the past 19 years. And revenge it was for James could not think of anything worse that anyone could do to him.
    In his room, he laughed as he took in the various bottles of potions that the prophet had made for him, wondering idly what was in it. He had wanted to live, to correct his errors, work passionately for God, enjoy marital bliss and have a few children to call his own. He realised now he wasn’t entitled to that now. Nemesis had come for him.
    In the tiny room, he would end his life. No wife, no children, no mourners, no one to say he had lived a good life. A beggar. A sick man. He wished now that he had done things right. He wished he could go back and change a lot of things he did. But time had run out on him. He closed his eyes and let the tears squeeze out.
    He didn’t die until three days later. Not only did his kidney give out, his heart did too.
    Awww, now i feel sorry for James.

    Episode 14 (Final)

    Kosi let the breeze blow over her face as Biggie took her through the scenic views of Lagos. It had been a while since she had been here. In fact, it had been over 20 years since she last stepped her foot in Lagos. After the disappearance of Ada, she had run away to Asaba where she had gotten married barely 5 months later.
    The marriage had lasted 5 years. 5 years of horror and pain. Elo, her husband had turned out to be an animal in human clothing. He had abused her physically, emotionally, sexually and financially. Seven miscarriages, plenty of beatings, sexually transmitted infections and in-Law mistreatment had not even been enough to make her run.
    Not until the day the other woman caught her on the street and beat her up did she wake up and realise she had to take a stand. Living with her in laws made everything unbearable for her. Elo at 29 had notbeen prepared to work or take responsibility for the woman he married, leaving her to feed him and his brothers who often came to their room in the BQ to eat up whatever they could find. It was horrible forher. After the beating by one of Elo’s mistresses and his family had taken his side, she had decided to leave and wasn’t surprised when no one had begged her to stay.
    She left and moved to Port Harcourt where she had worked as a prostitute and call girl for over 15 years. Recently however, when her manic depression had taken over her, when the regrets had become overwhelming, when she couldn’t sleep at night without drugs of some kind, she had decided to reach out for help but she didn’t know from whom.
    Quite accidentally, she had logged on to Facebook, a platform where she had never registered and had found Debo being celebrated. She was shocked to find that Debo had married Biggie, her long time boyfriend and had recently had twins and was also living a life of affluence in Lagos. She had opened an account to say hi but was surprised that Debo had been very concerned about her.
    She had taken her phone number and they had spoken severally before she confessed her health challenges to Debo who through Biggie had helped her find a Psychologist who had immediately offered to treat her. Biggie had paid for her treatments. After that, her self-esteem had gone up and she realised what kind of mess she had made of her life. She had left her agency and stayed at a rehabilitation centre recommended by the Doctor.
    Now, the wonderful couple had offered to let her come to Lagos and stay with them so she could rebuild her life all over again. She was so grateful for all their help, she couldn’t thank them enough. The funny thing was through all this, she hadn’t even seen Debo yet. Biggie had come to Port Harcourt to see her but Debo hadn’t come because of her new babies. Now, she was very excited to see her.
    Biggie had come to pick her at the Airport and he was telling her of all the developments that had happened in Lagos in the past 20 years. Kosi was surprised at how much different Lagos was. As they passed the Ojuelegba part of Lagos, she saw a man dancing, trousers and shirt torn with long dirty hair in his eyes and falling all over his face.
    In his hands were covers of pots and he slammed them together and made music and then danced, his feet moving rhythmically to a beat different from the one he was making. He was a talented dancer and reminded Kosi of someone who danced that way too.
    Biggie saw her smiling out of the window and smirked.
    Biggie : “That’s Uncle Johnny. He dances like crazy.”
    Kosi : “Hahahha, he reminds me of someone.” She said as she focused intently on him.
    Biggie : “Who?” He asked, a bit focused on moving the car away from the crazy danfo driver behind him.
    Kosi : “Oh, my God!!” She screamed. “It’s Ufoma!!”
    Biggie : “What??”
    Kosi : “Do you remember Ufoma? From Uni?”
    Biggie : “Ufoma? Ufoma?? The dancing boy that followed the guys everywhere?”
    Kosi : “Yes!! Yes! that’s him!!”
    Biggie : “No way!!” he stared intently at the guy.
    Kosi : “I swear!! Look at him!!”
    Biggie looked harder and suddenly he saw the resemblance between the handsome 18 year old and the torn dirty dancing man and he felt sadness clog his throat.
    Biggie : “Oh God!! I see this guy all the time and I didn’t know it was him!”
    Kosi was already crying. “He was so young, so optimistic.”
    Biggie parked in front of a shop and they got out and walked towards the dancing guy.
    Kosi : “Ufoma!”She called out when they were close by.
    Ufoma : He turned around and smiled through black teeth in a very dirtyface. “Kosi?? Biggie??” He made a dash for them, arms outstretched and they both shrunk from him before he stopped and looked at them, face unhappy yet full of memory.
    Kosi : “Oh Ufoma, what happened to you?”she cried.
    Ufoma : “I go crazy.” He said simply.
    Biggie : “How come?”
    Kosi : “I remember he wasn’t the same after the incident with Ada. He left school before I did. He was sick and started talking to himself!”
    Biggie : “Was he part of them too?” He asked, shocked.
    Kosi : “Yes, he dropped us and went back to join the other guys that night.”
    Biggie : “Oh, my God. Let’s go, Kosi. We will come back to see him” He said when he noticed that evil was about to befall his car at the hands of Lagos drivers.
    Kosi : “What of Ufoma?”
    Biggie : “I don’t know yet but he will be here tomorrow.” They left and went home where Debo was thrilled to see kosi. That night, Biggie told Kosi and Debo of his findings and left the women crying.
    James died a few weeks ago from Kidney failure, Kachi was hung for a crime he didn’t commit. After his hanging, the police realised it was his wife’s brother who had killed her and the children. Nelson also died a few weeks ago, a container crashed down on the cab he was in. Lanke died almost months ago now, she committed suicide. Anslem had his legs amputated and has just been released to go home with his mother.
    Kosi : “Amputated??!”
    Biggie : “Yes! Juwon’s wife stabbed him 3 months ago after 5 of their children were killed in…..”
    Debo : “5 children?? Oh my God.”
    Biggie : “Yes, five. The woman has been released on bail. His family doesn’t even want her tried because she is pregnant again. And today, we discovered that Ufoma is Uncle Johnny in Ojuelegba.”
    Kosi : “If this has happened to all the others, what about me? Will I also die or go mad?”
    Biggie : “I don’t know, Kosi. I think you should go and talk to Ada’s family. Tell them the truth of what happened.”
    Kosi : “I don’t know what happened after I left her. Until you told me, I didn’t know they all raped her.”
    Biggie : “Tell them whatever you know, I will tell them what I know. They deserve to know what happened to their child.”
    Kosi : “You want me to go and see them? I don’t know where they are.”
    Biggie : “I do. I found out so I could tell them all that Kachi told me. Now, you are here, why don’t we go and see them together?”
    Kosi : “What if they arrest us?”
    Biggie : “We won’t know until we go, will we? Anyway, if they arrest us, I will get us out. Okay? Debo, what do you think?”
    Debo : “I think you should go so it will give you peace of mind.”
    Kosi : “Alright then. I will do it. Thank you, Biggie. I will go.”
    Biggie : “I spoke to Doctor Martins, he said they will arrange a bus to pick Ufoma up tomorrow and take him to the psychiatric hospital.”
    Kosi : “Oh, Biggie, God bless you!!” She said with tears in her eyes.
    So they went and Ada’s parents cried tears of gratitude that they came. When they heard what happened to Ada, they cried even more. They were relieved to hear the truth though and were even more than surprised at the fate that had befallen everyone who had a hand in what happened to their child. They prayed for Kosi and Biggie and let them go in peace.
    Sochi: “Oh mummy, this sounds incredible. You mean they told you all these??”
    Chidindu : “Everything, my dear!! The truth just came to us like that before we even got the Private Detectives” She scooped 8 months old Ada who was sitting at her mother’s feet into her lap.
    They were in Sochi’s house. A huge stone estate in Birmingham, Uk. They left Nigeria a week ago and were only now reporting to Sochi everything that happened back home.
    Sochi: “It’s just too unreal, how would you describe what happened to all those people who hurt Ada?”
    Chidindu : “My daughter’s chi did not sleep. It stood up and fought for her.”
    Sochi: “Muuuumy!! You know I don’t believe in all those things!”
    Chidindu : “Believe or not, God rose and fought for my daughter!”
    Sochi: “Or it was just a coincidence……”
    Chidindu : “If that’s what you believe oh, Sochi.”
    Sochi: “No, that’s not what I believe, Mummy. I believe Karma paid them a visit.”
    Chidindu : “Me too. I am glad they didn’t go unpunished. Now, my daughter can rest in peace and me too I can sleep well.”
    Sochi: “And Daddy too.” She said, pointing to her father who was kicking a ball with his grandson and son-in-law on the huge field in their estate.
    Chidindu : “Your father is very relieved at knowing the truth. He says he forgives all those men and has even said a prayer for God to forgive them too and grant them grace to enter heaven.”
    Sochi: “What about you? Did you pray for them?” She laughed when her mother gave her a dirty look. “Oh mummy!! I just hope wherever she is, Ada can smile and rest now.”
    Chidindu : “Me too, my child, me too.”
    Resting her head on her grandmother’s breast, Ada smiled.
    The End!

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