Story: Kusi

    Part 1

    Happiness full my belle, the way God take reason my matter today e, I no fit shout, all the groundnut wey I carry go market to sell for my mama, I sellam finish, no single one remain,
    Today my mama go happy well well,

    My name na Kusimala, na the name wey my mama give me be that but my nick name na Kusi, I dey like make people dey call me Kusi, because i be fine guy no be for mouth,
    My mama born plenty of us, I be first born for my mama pikin, my papa no dey, him don dye for long,   I dey like help my mama sell market so that we go fit see food chop, and my younger ones wey dey school go fit pay school fees,

    I no dey reason school matter for now, I go learn trade if I gather money down, I wan first support my mama make she train others for school finish, I know say school no dey run, if I still wan go school after my sisters and brothers don school finish I fit still go, but school no dey my blood, school no dey hungry me go, I get plenty things wey dey my mind wey I wan do for this life,

    I wan hustle hard so that my mama no go suffer again, she dey try for us wella and my prayer na make God still keepam  strong and healthy so that when I go finally hammer she go enjoy, because I know say I go still makam for this life,

    Today I happy well well, other days I no dey fit finish the groundnut wey I dey help my mama hawk but today I finish am on time, i no fit remember the person wey first buy market for my hand today because na the person give me this better luck ,
    oh oh!.. wait, I don remember the person wey I first sell market give,  na one woman wey get belle, na she first buy market for my hand, God go bless am, I pray I go still see her tomorrow again,

    As I reach house today my mama no dey, she never come back from her market,  but the small market wey she dey always put for my bros them to go sell after school don dey ground they wait them,, their own no be groundnut but fruits like  pineapple, watermelon wey she don cut for different prices and set them for tray,  banana and pear follow join for the market, as I calculate all the market wey dey the tray e reach three thousand seven hundred naira, to some people the money no be anything  for their side, but for us the money na everything, because without this small small money wey we dey get hunger for don wire us,
    My bros them never come back from school, I come drop my own empty tray come join their own together for one big tray come carryam for head enter market again, I wan help them so that they go fit do their home work when they come back from school,

    Na true say life dey hard but I want makam easy for my brothers and my sisters,
    I get two brothers and two sisters, we dey five for the family and I no dey like make my mama dey remember say my papa no dey again, because I no say that kind thing dey painful, when you no get person wey go help you, anyway wey I fit helpam I dey like do am, I dey like make she dey always happy, because she dey try well well for us,

    I never too old to carry something for my head dey hawk, I no dey do big boy for this one, na person wey no get sense go dey hungry come still dey form big boy for empty pocket and empty stomach,I get small sense for that area,  I be eighteen years, but I dey reason like old man wey don reach sixty, no blame me, na because I start to dey hustle when I dey fourteen years, life don teach me plenty lesson, to be a man no be for mouth.  na when I dey fourteen years my papa die, I come carry my papa responsibility for head, to dey make sure say we no go die for hunger,  

    As I enter market again to sell the fruit, I come dey pray make better person first come buy for my hand so that I go fit sellam finish like the first one,

    Na so God come hear my prayer, one youth corper come buy nine hundred naira own, as I no come get change she come say make I take the change drink pure water, she give me one thousand and na hundred naira be her change for the money, I thank her well well,  and before two hours I don sell all the fruit finish, na there i come know say people like fruits well well, e be like say na the fruit me go dey sell instead of the groundnut wey plenty people dey sell for market, my heart wan boast with joy, God don do am for me again, today na better day,

    As I come dey go house, na so I come perceive one better food for nose, e come be say na one restaurant wey dey close to the market dey cook am, I no wan do longer throat, I wan pass because the gain wey I make for all the money na only two hundred naira, if I give my mama her three thousand seven hundred my own gain for inside na two hundred, I dey save am so that I fit use am do better thing, but as I reach where that restaurant dey my leg no gree move again, na so I come dey look peole wey dey chop for there, I come enter inside well, plenty people full ground, i come ask one of the food seller how much be one plate of food, she asked me which kind food i want, i tellam say na fufu with correct ogbono soup i wan chop, I see one man dey chopam for where i stand, the girl tell me say na three hundred and fifty naira, she say the food no cost, say na because of that plenty people dey come chop for their hand, she come ask weather make she bringam come for me,

    I no even known wetin I go answer her, as I still stand for there they look like mumu, I dey reason the money wey dey my hand, i come dey wish the food na only two hundred so that i go fit use my gain, but as e come be three hundred and fifty naira it means say i go still put hand for my mama money,

    Make I chop as the food don enter my eyes finish abi make I dey go house to my mama…this matter sef tire me,

    Part 2

    “wetin you dey talk na…Make I bring the ogbono with fufu for you abi make I dey go?

    “I fit price…una no dey sell two hundred naira own…?

    “ah ah…which kind person you be, which planet you come from sef…nawa for you o…a plate na three hundred and fifty naira, we no dey sell two hundred naira food for here…if I even manage give you the food, meat no go dey inside, I go commot all the small small fish wey dey inside the soup…na only small soup and eba I go fit give you for two hundred naira…talk fast I get plenty thing wey I wan do joor… we no dey sell crayfish for here, no come dey price a plate of food as if na crayfish you wan buy,

    Okay…no wahala…go bring the one plate of ogbono and fufu come…

    The thing wey do me be like say they super glue me for that place wey I stand, my body come dey do me like say if I no chop the food my name no go be Kusi again, I don swallow spit tire as I stand there they look people wey they chop, I know say this food I no go fit escapam,  if I commot one hundred and fifty naira take add for my two hundred, my mama no go too vex, If she vex too much I go pay her back from my little savings,

    as I see the girl they come with the food na so I balance well for chair, she come drop the food for table, no be say the face of the soup they too attractive, e no too make sense like that, and na only one meat dey inside the ogbono soup, she no even give me water to wash hand, she show me one tap were people dey wash hand for there, na there I come go wash hand, come start to they eat the food, as I eat finish na that time my brain come reset, after I don chop finish I remember say the food sef no too sweet like that, my mama own sweet passam,
    the food seller come ask me whether I wan drink mineral abi malt, as I look people wey dey chop for their I come see sey almost all the table get malt or other soft drinks for their front, so I come tell the girl say I go drink malt, I think say na free, maybe na wetin them dey use give their customer so that they go use step down the food wey they chop, but as she bring the malt, aah the malt they sweat, very cold malt, I come open na m with my teeth come drink everything finish, I come get myself, aah money good o.

    as the sells girl come ask for money I come carry three hundred and fifty naira givam, she come shout for me come say the money for malt and pure water nko,
    which kind talk be this one again… na only two sachet of pure water I drink, I think say na all the money even the malt be three hundred and fifty naira, I come squeeze face, all the food wey I don chop sef commot for my body as she talk say my total money na five hundred naira, she say one malt for there na one hundred and fifty naira, as she call that five hundred naira as if na chicken change, i no even fit argue, shebi na me carry my longer throat come chop for their place, if something never do you, person no go fit learn from the thing,  
    e pain me as I commot five hundred naira givam, which kind mumu thing wey I do na, I don happy finish today say I sell all the market I come still carry my hand wound myself, hmmm!

    as I reach house that day my mama don come back, I no fit explain the mumu wey I don do to her, how I go open my mouth tell am say I enter restaurant come spend a whole five hundred naira for food,  she go vex for me, and I no wan make she dey vex, I jejely go comot three hundred naira from the money wey I dey save come take add for her, so that her money go complete, she happy as I sell all the market and all the money complete, she come cook correct okro soup with smoke fish that night, I come take style askam how much she take cook the soup,
    she come tell me say everything wey she spend for the okro soup na one thousand three hundred naira,
    I come remember the money wey I spend for just a plate of food again, come shake my head, that kind thing no go fit happen again, God no go allow me do that kind mumu.

    The following day I carry fruits go market, I tell my mama make she dey give me fruits because e dey move market fast pass the groundnut wey I dey sell before,  , she come agree,

     my brother’s and sister’s them go school, my mama get one small shop where she dey stay sell, as I enter market that day, before you go know wetin dey happen I don sell finish, i run go house go carry another one again, as I dey pass that restaurant place, the aroma again come enter my nose, this one strong pass yesterday own, e come be like say the thing they call my name, but I stand strong I no fit be mumu two times, my mumu don do, I no fit fall maga for them again, I waka pass fast fast, i continue to dey sell my market,

    Today better pass yesterday, because I even recover the five hundred wey I take chop mama put yesterday, I happy well well, as I dey sell, I dey put all the money for my pocket, later I say make I relax count all the money wey I don make today, I no come see money again, I come dey search all my pocket but no money, I wan mad, which kind thing be this, na later I come notice say my pocket get hole, maybe the money fit don fall from there, na him I start to they waka all the market they search for ground weather I fit see the money, I come they pray make person never see the money for ground come take am,
     but I search and search I no see the money, cry they hungry me but I no fit cry, wetin I go tell my mama, and all the money wey I make today fit rich six thousand five hundred, which kind mistake I come do today again, aaah, this kind thing they painful, e pain me reach my bone marrow,

    As tears wan they come down for my eyes na so I blink am back, after I don hustle for this hot sun finish, from morning till this evening I come still lost money, na so the thing do me o,

     as night come dey reach, I come dey go house small small, I still they reason wetin I go tell my mama for the money wey lost, I come pass through one long road, I no wan reach house fast, I wan delay well well, because fear they catch me,
    So I come go sit down on top of one bridge they reason my life, i they wait make darkness come before I go face judgment for my mama hand,
    As I sit down for their na him I come hear person they cry, as I look I see one girl stand close to the bridge side, she hold the iron they cry, I no talk, everybody get their own problem,
     I come even dey vex as I they reason why the girl no go allow me to worry about my life in peace, her cry come dey disturb me,
    I still sit down for their they look as motor they speed past for down and people still wan cross the main road, they just they risk their lives, people no too they use the pedestrian bridge, so na only few people they pass, later e come be like say na only me and the girl wey dey cry dey there, darkness don come, and I wan start to they go house, because I know say my mama go dey find me,
    As I stand up to go na him I see the girl wan jump down for the bridge, she wan kill her self, haa, wetin make this fine girl want to commit suicide, which kind thing go give her that kind moral,
    As I see the girl wan jump, I rush as fast as my leg fit carry me, I just hold her before she go jump, na so me and she just fall for ground there, she come they struggle with me, she come dey beat me they talk

    “Leave me…I want to die..,leave me let me die..

    And this girl na correct fine girl, which kind wahala be this one na, I no come reason myself again na so I hold the girl tight so that she no go fit commot for my hand go jump and die,

    But wetin go make this kind fine girl wan to commit suicide,

    Well I go still know that one later but now make I still hold her tight until she calm down.

    Part 3

    After she has calm down I come dey askam wetin happen but she no gree talk, I know come know wetin I go do again than to carry her go house, na so I come take the girl go house, her cry don reduce, na all those small small cry  wey girls dey like cry she come dey cry now, I still they pet her, as we they go na only sorry I just they tell her, so that she go stop to the they cry,

    As we come reach house, I come explain to my mama wetin happen, I know tellam say I lost all the money wey I make today I just tellam wetin the young girl wan do, as I tell her that the girl don almost kill herself if no be say I rush go help her, my mama shout, come tell the girl to sit down my mama no ask the girl wetin happen immediately, she just they console the girl, she they tell the girl say everything go dey fine, I just they wait make my mama ask the girl wetin happen so that I go know why the girl get that kind mind but my mama no ask, she give the girl food but she no gree chop, she come they pet the girl na so I leave them go sit down for outside,

    We they stay for a room and parlour, my mama and my sisters them they sleep for the room while me and my brothers they sleep for parlour, and our parlour no get television, the one wey we get before don spoil finish, we never get money to buy another one, as I go bath finish, I just sit down for outside they wait when my mama go call me to bring the money wey I sell for her, my own saving money no even reach like the money wey I lost today, nothing wey I fit do than to beg my mama, I just they pray inside my heart make she no too vex

    When my mama later call me inside na to go chop my food, i no even get appetite for food but hunger they catch me, as i enter inside she come ask me for the money wey I make today,

    Aah…how I go take open mouth tell am say the money lost, I open mouth word no gree come out for my mouth, I no even know how I go take start for the talk,

    “wey the money wey you sell today Kusimala…

    “I……los….i no know how the money take fall for my pocket…na..when I say make I countam I no come see the money again…abeg…abeg…I take God beg you…no vex mama…na big mistake wey I do…I no check the cloth wey I wear well…I know say I do big mistake, abeg no vex…I go double my hustle so that I go try recover the money…abeg mama..

    “hmmmm… nawa o…and I wan use that money add for your sister them school fees, your brother them too never pay but I wan first pay your sister them own,  I no wan make the head teacher send them home because of school fees, but no wahala…I know say you no dey careless…this kind thing never happen before…I no vex…I dey even happy say you manage save that girl life...i happy well well say that girl no commit suicide…I never know why she wan do that kind thing but na God send you to go save her life…no worry about that money God go still provide for us…make we countam as one of our lost…as far as life dey hope go surely dey…I dey proud of you Kusimala…make God continue to dey direct your path…no worry for the money…wetin give me joy na for the life wey you save today come still carry her come house…

    Na so the matter for the money come take end, I happy say my mama no vex, I think say she go vex sef, maybe I no go chop food that night but she still give me plenty food chop, before I sleep that night I just kneel down and thank God for everything,

    The following morning I no quick go market, as my sister and brothers them go school, i come arrange things for house, come arrange my market inside tray, I arrange like three different tray wey I go sell today, as I enter inside the girl don wake up, come sit down for parlour with my mama, as she come see me she no talk anything she just bend her head, later she start to they talk

    “My father is a cleric…

    “abeg my daughter wetin be that…wetin be cleric?

    “I mean my father is a pastor, he pastor a big church   I have two brothers and I’m the only daughter and also the last born of the house, I’m going to be twenty by next month, I’m a student,  we are suppose to be a living example to others,  my parents always sing that as a song to us, everyone look up to us to live a perfect and exemplary life, and we have try not to disappoint, my dad is a role model to many, my mum also…and everyone of us, hmmm…so…so I had a boyfriend back in school and my parents doesn’t know about it, and I became pregnant for him… my parents will never accept such a shame…they will kill me, and the worst part is that when I told my boyfriend he denied it and said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me…I can’t live with this shame…I can’t live knowing well I have brought a big shame and disappointment to my parents, they will never forgive me, I was sent to school so that I can become biologist, I ended up with pregnancy, I’m the only daughter I suppose to make them proud not this… my parents are going to disown me anyway so it was just better I kill my self, I even try taking drugs and some other stuff but the pregnancy is still there, I just wanted to end it, I’m dead to them because they will never accept me with pregnancy,  I just wanted to end it and make it easy for everyone, they will just mourn me maybe a month or a year and that will be the end, but if I’m alive they will never forget the shame I cause them, anytime they see me it will bring back bad memory that they are trying to forget….so I don’t want to live like that…no…I don’t… I thought of many ways to die but just couldn’t come to conclusion until I saw that bridge and plan how I will jump down from there and die so that it will look like an accident…I was just about to jump when he…your son rescued me…

    “hmmm…nawa o…wetin be your name…  your papa and mama know say you get belle…you tell anybody aside your boyfriend…who again know…how long the belle don dey now…

    “my name is Emy, my parent doesn’t know about it…I’m 9weeks gone, I told my girlfriend back in school about the pregnancy, she is the only one that knows about it, my boyfriend contributed to me wanting to take my life, he denied the child and ask me to abort it,  last discussion I had with my girlfriend is that I may eventually kill myself because I can’t live with the shame she tried to discourage me but never knew my mind was already made up…my parents doesn’t know except my girlfriend and my so called ex boyfriend, and I don’t even know where I dropped my bag that has my phone and purse inside, but I don’t want to go back home…I can’t go back please…I know they will be looking for me but I can’t just go back…it will be better I was dead…

    “no wahala, you go stay with us…until your mind strong to go back…but I take God beg you, no try to kill yourself again…killing yourself no go solve anything…at the end you go still go hell fire go continue to they suffer… how you go get that kind mind, you wan kill yourself and innocent pikin wey dey grow inside you…you no dey fear God, you dey fear your mama and papa like this and you no fear wetin God reason for the matter…no be this kind of life God want you to live…God get better plan for you…pass the one wey you get for yourself…the pikin wey you wan kill,  you know say plenty people they find pikin…but they never see, make you no allow person to make you hate yourself…life go still make sense for you…no forget say God like you as you be…and you go still make your mama and papa proud…u they hear me…

    After Emy talk finish I come carry my tray enter market to go sell, I come still waka go that bridge side to go check weather I go fit see her bag, but I know see am, I come they reason for my mind, “na because she get belle and she no wan bring shame to her papa and mama make she wan kill herself, and her boyfriend too come deny her, she come gather moral to go jump bridge…God forbid bad thing, I know as she dey under my mama care she go still be alright at last, but that her boyfriend wicked sha, i pray that kind person no go come my sister them way, I ready to protect my sister them with my last blood, person no go come use “I love, “I love you take deceive them, I go sha they advice them as them they grow make they wise, make them no allow person use their brain drink garri,
    I know say my mama go take care of Emy well, thank God say I carry my problem go that bridge to go reason, na so God dey direct person way, her time never reach, make she go thank God, because of wetin people go talk she wan die, na so she for die for nothing, fine girl like that wey still get better future go just waste for nothing, God forbid bad thing, God no go allow us to see bad thing,

    As I sell my first tray of fruits finish I come go back house to carry another tray, Emy dey for shop with my mama, she wear one of my mama cloth and e fit her well well, I just smile for my mind as she come resemble my mama pikin, I just give my mama the money wey I don sell for the first tray come carry another one enter market again, as Emy don add to us I go make sure say I double my hustle so that we go always see food chop.

    As my mama dey always talk, as far as life dey hope go surely dey.

    Part 4

    Na so my market just dey sell everyday since wey I start to dey sell fruits, some days no be the same thing but no day wey I no dey sell one tray of fruit finish, Emy want to dey follow me they carry tray so that she fit help out with expenses but I tellam make she no worry, make she dey stay for shop with my mama, even my mama no gree make she do that kind work with her condition, and her belle don dey come out small small, person go know say she get belle, I no even fit allow make she do that kind of work because wahala plenty inside the work,

    If no be say fat full my body I for don slim down tey tey, I for turn lepa by force, but no matter how I stress myself I no dey slim, I resemble my papa for that one, because my mama na slim woman she be and she get height join, even Emy too tall like my mama, I no too tall like that but I dey “average height”, make I take that English console myself, afterall oyibo people they call my height average.

    As things they move forward I just dey thank God, Emy talk say she no get any number she go  take call her people, she talk say she no dey fit carry number for head, na only her own number they her head, and she no even get phone after she don lost her bag for the bridge side where she wan jump, she never get phone again, if I get money I go buy her small phone and she go fit retrieve her lost number so that in case person wan reach her they go fit call her,

    I come even get one small space for the market, na there i come put big umbrella because of sun and rain, so instead of hawking the fruit I get a standby place, where people they come everyday to come patronize me, even Emy dey come stay with me sometime, if she come I go leave her for that my space still arrange another one for tray which I go carry enter inside market to go sell, no food for a lazy man na oyibo talk that one again,

    People they call Emy my wife, they think say na me give her belle, wetin concern me for their gossip, people like amebo too much, I no owe anybody explanation, so anything wey they like make them talk, if they tire dey go keep quiet, I tell Emy make she no answer anybody if they ask her anything, na only greeting she owe them, nothing again,

    Market people sabi look person bad eye, as the talk come they too much I come later tell Emy e better make she just dey stay with my mama for her shop and dey help my brothers and sisters for home work as she dey do before, I no wan make she they come market because plenty bad belle people full there, before they go use eye commot pikin for her belle,
    Any day I just show face for market, the market people go come they ask me “Kusi  Kusi… your wife nko…how she dey na..”?

    They go dey ask as if they care but I go just answer them say she dey fine, I no get time for amebo, every minute dey important to me because I be man and I be correct hustler,

    Emy belle don big well well, she don change, her face come fat well well, even her body big, my mama register her for one hospital wey dey close to our house, na their she dey go do check up, I no know how many months she don reach,
    because wetin dey my head plenty but I know say she go don reach like six or seven months, all the cloth wey my mama buy for her no come they enter her, na so as I dey come back from market one day I come see were them dey sell okirika cloth for women wey get belle I come bend down select better cloth wey I know say she go like, as I carry the cloth them  go house, my mama happy well well, Emy come rush hug me with her big belle wey push me go back, me sef they fear for the way she take hug me, make the baby no start to they cry inside her belle,

    Emy come dey thank me say I try, me I happy as I see her dey laugh they try the cloth them wey I buy for her she come take them they do cat walk for us as if she dey do fashion parade, na so all of us just dey laugh for house.
    As I leave them go outside I come dey smile like mumu, I come later get myself come arrange my face well before I go back inside, but inside me I just they happy as I see Emy too they happy,

    One day as I go market one of my customer wey dey like buy fruits for my hand come stand they browse with her phone in front of my market, even after I package the fruits wey she buy for her she  still stand they read something for her phone, later she come they talk to herself,
    “eeyah…eyah…nawaooo!..see this fine girl…is only God that knows where she is…God have mercy o,

    As she just they talk to herself I come ask her hope everything they alright, she come sigh before she start to they talk,

    “the only daughter of a pastor in one big church has gone missing for almost a year now, nobody has seen her, nobody knows if she's alive or dead, they are showing her on television and radio, even on Facebook, that anybody that sees her should please call one of the numbers that they put up, her parents came on air and were begging the public, anybody that has any useful information about their daughter should contact them, she is their only daughter, they want to know if she is alive or dead, even when journalist interviewed the girl’s girlfriend she told them that the girl got pregnant and said she was going to commit suicide because she doesn’t want to be a disgrace to her parents and since then nobody has seen her, her parents are heart broken,

    “abeg wetin be the girl name…

    “they said her name is Immaculate Johnson and she is twenty years old, a university student...  a very young girl for that matter… all this children that they will send to school and they end up doing another thing…and this things happens more within the well to do people…

     I come collect the number from the lady, I come later go house,  I wish we get television at least we for know wetin they happen, as I reach house on time that day, my mama wey go market never come back, na only Emy dey house, she dey my mama shop, I come go meet her

    “you lie give us say your name na Emy but your real name na Immaculate Johnson…well sha any name you like you fit answer the wahala wey dey ground now be say your parents dey find you and your picture don enter television and Facebook…I don collect the numbers wey we fit use call them…you need to call them make them know say you still dey alive, abeg… na God I take they beg you…try make you call them…because the news don reach everywhere say pastor only daughter they miss…

    “Kusi…I’m sorry about the name but I felt unworthy to bear the name my parents gave me, Immaculate means perfect, it means something that has no stain, like something that is pure white, undefiled, they wanted me to marry as a virgin someday and my husband should be the one to disvisgin me after our wedding but I failed that…I…failed them and everyone who believed in me… so I felt like I was not worthy of such a name, I have stains, i have being defiled, I’m not worthy of the name anymore that was why I just simply  picked Emy,  please I don’t want to go back…and I don’t want to call them…I can’t face them like this…just take a look at me… this is so embarrassing…this was not the school they sent me…this was not the life  they planed for me, this is not how I wanted to end up…I’m a disgrace already to them and I can’t mend what that has be broken, I can’t change the wrong I have done…I can’t  …i…i..mmmm

    She come dey cry heavy cry as tears they pour down for her eyes, me I come dey worry why I dey vex for her, na me make she come dey cry now, and I know dey like make she dey vex, I come go hold her they beg her as she dey cry I just dey consol her, she come dey cry for my shoulder as her tears they pour down for my cloth, her cry sef wan come make me cry, I just hold her dey give her encouragement word so that she go stop to they cry,

    “you fit no change wetin you don do but you can still be anything wey you still wan be, you know wetin my mama dey always talk, as far as life dey hope go surely dey, that word don register for my head, no cry again, your tomorrow go better pass your yesterday and your today, you fit still make your parents proud, is not late, your name na Immaculate, and na fine name be that, we fit call you Imma if you no wan make we call you the full name, because you do mistake no means you be the first person for this world wey do mistake, no come allow your mistake to defined you, or come change your name because of this mistake, the pikin wey you carry no be mistake, God get better plan for that pikin, my mama they always tell you say tomorrow go still better pass our today, you think say your story no make sense now e go still make sense later,  e no means say you no fit rewrite your story, e no means say you no go still live upto your name, no fear, everything go still dey alright, you go call your parents…make they know say you dey alive, if you know wan go meet them like this, then you go wait till you born finish, my mama go take care of you wella, if they wan see you tell them to wait you go come see them but you call them make they know say you dey alive abeg…if na my mama dey house  she go still tell you the same thing wey I dey tell you now…abeg make you do the right thing… na your parents them be and they suppose to know say you dey alive and you dey alright…

    After I talk finish Emy…no I mean Imma, because na her name be that…she no wan make up her mind to go call her people

    As my mama come back I come tell my mama everything, my mama come still encourage her make she go call, I give her the number wey I collect from that my customer, I come go load credit inside my mama phone,  Imma come use my mama phone call her people, na long call because the call last for long, they come still call her back,  after the call she come dey feel alright, she talk say na her papa pick the call, everybody they happy say she dey alive but she tell them say she go come meet them when she dey ready but make nobody worry, but they fit reach her with that number anytime they wan call her, after she talk finish I even happy because I know say her parents mind go don come down,

    I know say everything go still dey alright for her, I fit no go school but I sabi things pass plenty people wey go school, shebi I tell una say I be eighteen before, now I don reach nineteen  years but I they reason like person wey don reach sixty, even my mama sef dey talkam, she dey tell me say I no dey do like my age,

    abeg make age stay one side, wetin dey my mind na how to make better money for this life, better money no be for  bad way but for good way, that is why I dey hustle hard, make I suffer now so that if I come get my own family tomorrow them no go suffer. I don suffer for me and their own, na so my mama dey talk, I copy her for that talk,

    At the end I know say Life go still make sense for all of us.

    Part 5

    Imma papa and mama dey call her through my mama phone every time, they even dey beg her make she allow them come see her or make she return back but she no gree, she tell them time never reach for them to see her, make they just wait when time reach she go come house or she go invite them come for where shey they live, Imma come tell them say she be prodigal child and she no wan shame them with her condition but her parents say they love her as she be and she go always be their lovely daughter, they tell her make she no worry, wetin give them joy be say she dey alive and healthy, her papa tell her say after she born finish she go go back to school, they say they even thank God well well as God send me to go save her, they even call me angel, say I be Imma’s guiding angel, I come laugh for my mind, that means my new name na angel Kusi, I be person wey God send to go save Imma, laugh catch me as I just reason the whole matter, me wey they look for angel that day wey go help me recover the money wey I lost but I know see, but I just thank God because nobody sabi wetin they God mind, na him know wetin go happen even before the thing happen,  
    Imma parents thanked me and my mama well well after Imma tell them say if no be us she for don  die, so they thank us and even they always pray for us for phone anytime they call,

    They come later they send plenty money for Imma account make she they take care of herself, sometime sef they go send plenty money for my mama too, na so things come they easy for us pass before,
     Imma time come they reach for her to born her pikin na so my mama come dey pray, she come enter praying and fasting for Imma,  she just dey pray make God help Imma to born well, Imma parents too they pray for their side as their daughter wan born, me sef I follow they pray make God help her make she born like women for Hebrew for bible, God talk say women for Hebrew go born well and their pikin go they healthy as them too go they fine, everything go easy for them , na so I come use that one as a praying point they fire prayer for Imma head
    My mama come later send address for Imma papa and mama make them come, na so they come drive come, na long journey from their side to our side, but they come before Imma go enter delivery room,
     her parents fine well well, and they be nice people, one of Imma brother follow them come, that one tall well well like his papa,  Imma mama come hug my mama, her papa wey be pastor come give me a warm handshake, even their son shake me come too, they come still they thank all of us how we manage they take care of their daughter,
    As all of us come go the hospital where Imma dey, she don already enter Delivery room,
    As she enter delivery room, all of us come dey corridor they wait as Imma papa just they pray silent prayer wey person no dey hear, Imma mama come dey waka up and down for the corridor, na so everybody just they worry and they pray,  we just they hear when doctor dey tell Imma make she push, she just they cry they scream, I come they  beg God make he help Imma to born like the Hebrew women for bible, but later doctor come out come talk say Imma no get strength to push pikin out say they go do her cs, my mama say na operation that cs mean, they go open her belle come bring the pikin out, na so fear catch me, e no dey easy to born pikin o,
    nawa o, how they go cut her belle to bring out pikin come still carry needle and thread sew the thing back, abi they wan kill Imma, aah nawa o, e no dey easy at all to be a woman, after you don suffer carry pikin like truck for nine months another wahala go come again when you wan born, but I just they pray as doctor them they plan to do her operation, as they wan carry her go where they go do her the cs, na so she come talk for her mind make she try to push again, as she talk say make she try na so she come push out the pikin, we come they hear the baby cry for the corridor, everybody they happy, doctor come later come out they smile better smile,
    Imma born baby girl, and she they alright and her baby too they alright, I just thank God say they no do her the operation again, she born by herself, na so e suppose be,

    After some days they come discharge Imma, before that time, I they always go hospital go see her and her babay, her baby fine well well, Imma just they smile, as she don become mother, she go just look her baby they happy, me too happy because na God win,

    When they come discharge them her parents come carry Imma go their house,
     After one month, pastor and his wife drive come down to our house, they come talk say make we follow them they wan show us something, they say dey get big surprise for us, and it was a big surprise wey I no even expect for my life, the thing be me like dream, they carry us for car to one new fine house wey get everything inside, they carry the house key give my mama say na our new home be that, if you see this house wey I dey tell you ee, e be like all this people wey they act firm house, the house fine well well, my mama shock me sef shock, everybody just they shock, I come they talk for my mind make e no be say na play this people they play, but at the end, I come see say no be play na real something, as if that one no do, they come still talk say their ministry go give one of my sister and one of my brother scholarship, all their school expenses till they finish university the ministry go pay for everything, .
     Imma come later go back to school after she do her daughter one year birthday finish, Imma mama no dey take the grand daughter play, even the pastor love his grand daughter wey carry his last name,

    They come ask me wetin I wan do, if na school I wan go they go pay, I tell them say  I no wan go school I wan do business, na so they come support me for the business wey I wan do,

    Na them God use help our life, things come turn around for us, my mama come get shop, she continue her business,
    Me I come change line of sells, come enter into the main business to they sell motor parts,
    Na there I come they pay school fees for my brother and sister them wey no follow for the scholarship, I come they pay their school fees from the money I get from my business, we no dey lack like before because I make sure say I put better eye for my business and profit they inside the thing, and plenty people come sabi me for the business, I come later get two sales boys,
    You see this life is good to be good, Imma dey always call me for phone, I dey always advice her make she dey focus for her book, make she no go follow man, she go laugh come talk for English “kusi you need not worry about that…once beaten twice shy, I’m wiser now all thanks to you, I can’t stop thanking God for using you to save me, I like you, I like everything about you, your realness, your personality, your strength, your hustling spirit, your love for humanity, your kind heart, thank you…and thank you again. You are God sent to me,

    I go come they smile as she they talk all those once, my head go they swear like puff puff,
     anytime I see her call I go they happy, I they always call her too, na she God use change our story, na she be God sent to us, or maybe we be God sent to ourselves, as God take use me for her na so God use her parents take change out story, I happy as I remember the day I go that bridge come save her life, oyibo talk say “being in the right place at the right time”

    My brother and sister them don enter university, the church they sponsor two while me and my mama they pay for the remaining two school fees,
    Life don dey make sense,  and very soon I go settle down, get my own family, I get friends, female friends too, some they come house come visit some they come shop, some don school finish, no be say I get anything with them but they just like me,
    but e get one person wey I like pass, wey always dey my mind, I know even know how to tell her say she mean plenty thing to me, na she matter pass, but make I no cross my boundary, make I still focus for my business and family,
    Over happiness they worry me as God don dey butter my bread, they sugar my tea.
    I know say life go better pass as e be now, I be man wey get faith.

    Part 6 (Final)

    “I Kusimala Issac do take Immaculate Johnson as my lovely wife, to love and to hold, in richer and in poor, sickness and in health till death do we part…

    “You may now kiss the bride…


    As I hear my name for the second time na so I come wake up, aah…so na dream I dey since, come do wedding finish with Imma, na when I wan kiss her… person come dey shout my name come wake me from my fine sleep, I suspect the way English they flow from my mouth as if I don they speak English since my mama born me…I know say na only for dream I fit speak that kind better English,
    Why e come be say na when I wan kiss my bride person come wake me up…who come be that sef…which kind of wahala be this, who be that person sef wey just they shout my name, today wey be Saturday I know wan rush go shop, my boys for shop go take care of things, I weak  I wan rest small today, I even tell my mama say I wan rest today, I know say that voice no be my mama, my mama dey her own shop, all my siblings them no dey house na only me dey house, and my small car wey I take they manage, I buy the car from one of my customer hand, na small money him take sellam for me,  the car get small engine problem I come repair everything for the car come dey use am,
    Maybe na the car the person see come know say I dey house, and na woman voice be that, as the person still dey call me I come stand up come go open my window curtain small to check who the person be, e come be say na Yeti, one of those my female friends, this one just they enter me pass other once, she no wan allow me breath, the last time she complain say she no get money to buy school hand-out,  say the money wey her parents give her she spend the money for something else now she no fit go meet them to give her another one,  so as she beg me i come carry the money give her, she happy well, after that time, she come they come every time,  I don give her money reach five time, no be say I be mumu I just wan help her, and she no be my girlfriend, but she go dey enter me as if I be her boyfriend, the girl make sense but I no wan, she no be my dream girl, and her house no far from where we dey live,
    As I see Yeti I come go outside, I just dey pray for my mind make e no be say she wan ask for another money, because me I no get, I get plenty responsibility make she no carry her own come join to my own,
    As I reach outside, she come dey smile, me I just manage smile small,

    “kusi…hafa na…I no say you dey house because I see your car park for compound as I open una gate,  i don dey call you since I no say you dey sleep…you no dey go shop today…abi you wan rest today…

    “I go still go later…make I rest small first…body no be firewood…

    “hahahaha… you funny Kusi… abeg rest jare na weekend we dey... see as you fresh…fine boy no pimple…wetin dey na…I say make I come see you so you go do weekend for me… my body need money…I never even make my weekend hair…if you dey free this weekend make we just hangout na…house dey boring…I wan make you flex me this weekend…make we grove small…all work no play make Kusi a dull boy…oya na…how e go be… as your girlfriend wey I be make you take me out…

    “hmmm…abeg make I understand the kind girlfriend wey you dey reason, because I dey confuse… I never toast you na…allow me to toast you first before you start to they claim me as your boyfriend, hahaha! No take am personal.. na joke o… but anyhow sha…I no get money…if work tire me..i go just rest my body I no need grooving…grooving sef na work… and if you get person wey fit do weekend for two of us abeg make I know because me sef they find that kind friend… I never cut my weekend hair…I need money too Yeti…so how e go be na…

    “aah ah…Kusi…you don dey stingy now…you don dey change small small… no come fall my hand, because I don take you get hope for this weekend, do make we hangout joor,  you know say I like you Kusi… you know abi…I know some men no sabi toast woman…they go dey shy, so I know say you dey shy to ask me out, because I don dey give you green light tey tey and you still never talk say you like me or you want me…is not good o…no be every girl get the kind boldness wey I get to they tell man say they like him…you suppose know that one… I no go lie sha… I get boyfriend for school but him no dey bring light, I wan leavam because of you, I no dey like make person dey dull my spirit, no be I love you, I love you go pay my bills, that my boyfriend wey go soon be my ex dey always tell me say he love me, I don tire to dey hear that one, na you I wan but you just they do me any how…I ready to do anything wey you wan…anything Kusi…I like you well well… and I like as you dey always give me money anytime wey I ask you…no be because of the money wey you dey give make me like you…I just like your person…you be better person and your type dey rare…no be every man go dey give me money as you dey give me and no go wan see the colour of my pant, but you no be like that…no be say if you ask to see the colour I no go gree show…I go show you well and even give any style you want because I like you, as I dey bold they tell you all this things I never tell man this kind thing before…as I wait make you tell me say you want me you no talk that is why I commot shame for eye say make I tell you since you no gree talk… I no say you no get girlfriend… all those other girls wey dey come around you I know say na normal friends dem be, so make I be your correct babe…I know say you like me…but the thing dey hard you talk…but I understand sha…no wahala…show me say you be man…

    “Yety…slow down small, i be correct man and I don’t need to prove that to you or anybody…no go leave your boyfriend because of me…abeg, if I want you to be my girlfriend I for don toast you tey tey…but I like as we be normal friends…I also like your courage…no be everybody get that kind mind to dey talk as you just dey talk now…but I get girlfriend Yety…she dey school that is why you never see her…we dey always talk for phone every time…and I no wan dey double date because I love and respect her and I no wan dey do anyhow…hope you understand…you na correct babe you be…if no be say I don already get girlfriend I for don chyke you…we for don dey even plan our marriage sef…hahaha, but I get person, wahala no dey  sha…if you need something and I get the thing I go surely help you…I no be stingy vex…hope say you understand me sha… go back to your boyfriend no reason my side because I’m already taken…my girlfriend no dey like use eye see another woman for my side…atleast you fit come once in a while no be every time because she fit dey around any moment from now…

    As she come dey squeeze face for me, she don already dey vex, I come carry the small money wey dey my wallet givam, she collect the money but her face still squeeze, the girl no get joy at all, she no even tell me thank you, she just waka comot for gate, abeg make she go and leave me alone, maybe she don dey think say I be money making machine, e better make she just know now say i no be mumu and i no fit be her boyfriend, to avoid stories wey dey touche the heart,  I get better thing wey dey my head no be Yety be my problem, I no even get girlfriend but I just lie give her so that she go fit leave me alone.
    Because I no get girlfriend no mean say I no be man, because I dey give her money anytime she ask no mean say I no sabi wetin I wan use the money do, because I never take advantage of her closeness come carry her enter bed no mean say I dey impotent, I get full action and hot blood still dey flow inside me but I no dey stupid and I no be mumu, some men like us still dey…we dey exist, we they like think better thing no be things wey no get head.

    Imma later come back for holiday, e remain small she go finish for school, she don dey round up, na her third third year she dey now for school, she come house come visit us, me and she come drive go my shop that day,

    “I really missed you Kusi…you are doing so well for yourself…look at your big shop, wow! you are a true definition of hardwork, I’m so proud of you…so tell me..any girlfriend yet…will like to meet if there’s any… you know you are like my younger brother…atleast I’m older than you with a year plus…so I will really like to know everything I have missed while in school…gist me I’m all ears...

    As Imma ask me about my girlfriend… come still add say I be her younger brother na so I just weak..i no just know what to reply again…the question weak me, she be the only one my heart beat for…na she matter pass for my life, and I even see her for dream where we do wedding… I get courage before but as she sit for my front dey smile after she don talk say I be her younger brother because she senior me small for age, na so I come lose focus and courage…maybe make I just swallow wetin dey my mind, make I no go hang cloth were my hand no go reach, maybe Imma don get boyfriend for school…anytime I gather courage I go tell her the truth, I go tell her wetin I dey feel for her, e better make I talkam out as it take dey my heart,  she go still matter to me even if she get boyfriend, but e go pain me well well I no go lie,  but me I be old man age no be anything for my side, I no care if na me senior her or she senior me for age all that matters for me now be say my heart dey beat for her every time,  

    “I no get any girlfriend Imma…no be because I no get woman friend or better ladies around but…na because... because….hmmm, Imma…i…I no fit talkam…make we just talk about something else abeg…you no go understand…so how’s school…

    “Say it… I will understand Kusi… don’t change the topic…I want to know,… you said is because of what…I want to hear it please…don’t swallow your word back…say it no matter how hard it is…please…

    Fear hold me I no fit talk again…why she go talk say she senior me… how she come wan make I put mouth tell her say na she I want, the way she dey encourage me to talk e come be as if she already know wetin dey my mind but she just want hear the word for my mouth… abi make I still talk…abi make I just leave the matter because I never know how she go feel if I tell her how I feel for her…abeg make I still talk…this one pass me... If Imma come get person or she no want me wetin i go do, and i no wan go meet Yety, Yety na fine girl she be but she no follow for my type of woman, abi make i give her a try but na Imma i wan...abeg wetin una reason for this kind matter?

    To face my fear I go try to be a real man, because even courage no dey enough for this kind time.

    As Imma dey urge me to tell her about my girlfriend I come gather courage say make I tell her as e take hold me, make I tell her how I dey feel for where she dey, anything wey go happen make  e happen, I don tire to dey pretend and to dey fear

    “me... I no get girlfriend for now Imma,  but I get one person for mind, this person don become part of me but I never fit tellam wetin she mean to me, she matter pass for my life, but I no wan cross my boundary because she just talk say I be her younger brother…me wey don do wedding finish with her for dream e come remain to start family together, but  I no even know wetin I fit talk…make she no go break my head as she dey see me as her younger brother… Imma, make we leave joke aside, na you my heart dey beat for, I love you Imma, I no fit pretend again, I no fit keep the kind feeling wey I get for you for my heart before my heart go blow, na you I want no woman again matter to me like you, na you matter pass for my life, but I wan still know…make you no vex Imma…you get person already…I mean you get boy abi man friend….so that I go know how I go take cry… e go pain me well well but I go try endure, the truth be say I never fit love another woman the way I take love you…na you I want…only you Imma…I wan kno….

    Before I go talk finish she just rush me, the rushing sef surprise me, she come give me one better hug wey I no expect...she hold me tight, me I come hold her too, we stay like that for some minutes, she no wan leave me, me sef I no wan leavam, but I never know what to expect, I just they pray make this hug be better hug,  I just dey feel her heart beat, na she be the woman I don carry for mind, my feeling for where she dey strong well well,   na she I go like spend the rest of my life with if God allows it, I wish she go accept me
     I get my own personal office for shop, na there we just hold ourselves as if the world wan end, she later come leave me, come hold my hand, I see small tears for her eyes she dey  try to hide, but I just sit down there they look her, as I look into her eye I know say she has feeling too for me but I wan make she take her mouth talkam…
    And she later talk.. Making me the happiest man alive,

    “I have always waited for this, not just now…but for a very long time, I have secretly prayed that you will ask me out, I have loved you Kusi right from when I was still pregnant for my daughter, few months after you saved me and took me to your mother, I began having feelings, I watched you hustle morning and night no relenting, you worked so hard and carried everybody’s burden like yours, the day you got me the cloths during my pregnancy was one of the happiest day of my life, I felt so care for that I didn’t even want to call my parents even after you and your mom urged me, I didn’t want to be far away from you Kusi, because I know they may take me away from you and I may not see you again, I always wanted to be close to you, when other young boys of your age then where enjoying their lives you were busy working so hard to feed many mouths, you and your mum, do you know that I like it when the market women back then will refer you as my husband, when I was pregnant, they will be calling you my husband because they thought you the man that got me pregnant and you will answer them positively, you accepted me without fault and covered my shame, I always wanted you to ask me to be your girlfriend, I couldn’t just come out straight because I was shy and didn’t know how you are going to feel about it, you know back in school whenever we talk over the phone and you tell me to focus on my book and don’t allow any man to deceive me I will just be laughing because you are always sounding and acting as like an elder, like you were older than me with ten years, and I loved it,  I have looked forward to this day Kusimala Isaac, and to answer your question I don’t have any boy or man friend, I had guys coming but I always dismiss them with I have a boyfriend, I will always tell them to leave me alone because  I have a boyfriend, and you were my imaginary boyfriend, I have prayed and crossed my finger with hope that you will not have any woman and you will eventually ask me out, I don’t care about your educational background, or anything else, all that matters to me is you, I even envy your polished pidgin English…hahahaha…and I wish I can speak it so fluently like you….so that we can both be on same level, and crack our ribs sometime, but no matter what I will love and support you, what my parents did to show gratitude to you and your mum for saving me was even small, I can never stop thanking God for you and also your mum, you are really God sent, as my Dad will always say that Kusi is the man God sent on mission to save you from dying, my Dad said they were praying for me all through that period and God answered their prayer by sending Kusi to that bridge, you losing your money that day was God’s own plan so that he can direct your step to the bridge to save a na├»ve young girl like me, you gave me reason to live and smile, my daughter is my blessing but there wouldn’t have being a daughter if I had jumped to my death that day, I’m not just loving you because you saved me, more because you are a man filled with strength, kind heart, originality and love for humanity, what more can I ask than that, my Dad will be glad to have you beside me, and hope you don’t mind if I take you to see my Dad because he made me promise him that I will bring down any man I intend to go into a relationship with, he will like to see and know the man, he doesn’t want me to make same mistake I made in my previous relationship, so please will you go with me...

    Hope say no be dream I dey dream so, abeg make person pinch me small so that I go know say na reality be this,
    as Imma just they talk na so so smile I just dey smile, so na so God come answer my prayer,
    Anywhere she want make we go, I ready to go with her, na she be the only woman my heart dey always beat for, I no even know say she don dey wait for me to toast her since, if I know I for don toast her tey tey na, wetin I dey wait for again, we for don dey relationship since but she for don carry another belle be that, because my blood dey hot for where she dey, hahahaha… my mind dey sweet me well well, na  like this God want everything to go and I dey happy,

    And e come be now wey she don dey finish school, I happy no be small, I still thank God say I no ask her out that time as e take hold me for body who know wetin for don happen, because this our love na strong something.

    After three days I come drive with her to her papa house, the pastor and his wife dey happy too, dey even come dey talk say na so God ordain two of us, the family accept me and they like me,  Imma mama come gather her chef, people wey dey cook for her, dem  come prepare better food, na so all of us come sit down round the table as if we be one family, come dey eat and dey gist, life don better for me, I no fit shout. Imma papa give us plenty advice, the advice come be like preaching for my ear and the one wey I no fit forget na the last part, the pastor talk say make we hold our body well well, the pastor talkam like this,

    “respect your partner, both presence and absence, and among all this things I have spoken the most important is… avoid premarital sex, God dislike it, you know the bible said in the book of Corinthians that every sin that a man commits is outside the body but the sin of sexual intercourse is a sin against his own body, because… you know that your body is a temple of the Lord, do not defy God’s temple…
    The man sabi talk plenty talk, as him be pastor every talk na bible and preaching, the advice come be like say na church wey dey, na long sermon him preach that day for us, I no go lie the talk tire me but na the truth him talk, me I already know that one, even though my blood they boil for where Imma dey I go just dey patient, I go wait for the right time.

    Later Imma come go back to school to go finish up, our phone call come increase, na every minute we dey talk for phone, Imma always dey respectful me, and na so me dey respect her too,
    After she finish school, she come back house, I dey always carry her out sometime to go flex,
     one day I done already plan wetin go happen that day even God sef don ordain the thing, as we go flex, after the whole grooving, I come carry her enter my office for my shop, to show say I dey romantic na so I come go down for one kneel, I even thank God say I still remember na one kneel I suppose use no be two kneels, because I don almost fall her hand,  I know say na laugh she for laugh me,
    As a correct guy wey I be na so I kneel down for one kneel come ask her the question,  abeg time no dey again, make we do sharp sharp settle down, before person go fall into sin, as I ask  her whether she go fit marry me,  na so Imma just dey scream yes…yes…
    even my shop boys wey dey outside come inside come dey watch us as if na film me dey act, all of  dem just dey  smile as they stand for my office door wey I leave open they watch our drama, as she say yes I come forget say I no get ring to put for her finger,
    Everybody come dey laugh me, I follow dey laugh my self, I forget to buy ring, I forget say them dey use ring propose to a woman,

    as I still dey reason wetin I go do, na so my boys rush go outside go make one fake ring with car wire come give me so that everything go be official, I collect the fake ring come put for Imma finger, she just dey laugh, na later I come drive go one better ring shop come buy original engagement ring for her, as I come back I come commot the fake one wey still dey her finger come carry the original one put, she just dey smile come hug me, she come kiss me small, just small kiss, we no wan trespass.
    The food wey we dey cook don almost ready, we go still chopam any how we want, no need to rush the food for fire, after all na we gettam. Na proverb be this. Make we no rush ourselves, e just remain small everything go set.

    Na so the marriage preparation come start, my mama happy everybody happy as me and Imma dey prepare to marry,

    Then finally, the day wey we don dey wait for come finally reach, my younger brother na him do best man for me, Imma beautiful daughter be the little flower girl, wey just dey spray flower for road, the little girl resemble Imma well well, with her fine smile, na so she just they match in front of her mama,

    As I stand there, close to the pulpit, I see plenty people wey come wedding full ground, I see my mama dey smile, my sister them follow for Imma’s bridesmaid,  all of them just fine, everything just dey beautiful,
     I come see Imma dey come with her papa, as the music they play, slow gospel music, na so she just dey match with her papa, wey hold her for hand as they walk down the aisle, my heart wan boast with joy, na so one small tears just drop for my eye, my best man wey be my younger brother just stretch hand give me handkerchief to clean,
    Imma papa come carry her give me, and after we don exchange our vow, na so the pastor pronouns us husband and wife, and finally I kissed my bride for live no be for dream,
    “I Kusimala Isaac took Immaculate Johnson to be my lawful wedded wife and not even death fit separate us, I go always love her with my life.So my people na reception we don enter so, and the asoebi colour na blue with yellow gele, but the asoebi no dey compulsory come as you are, party jelllof rice dey plenty, food full ground and na serve yourself, you go chop belleful,

    My name na Kusimala Isaac and Is good make person dey do good, abeg  make we dey always do good so that our tomorrow go better,
    And no forget say “One good turn deserve another”, na so oyibo talkam.

    Na for here I go draw the curtain for this my story,

    Abeg call me Kusi the man wey get faith.

    Na the *END* be this.

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