Story: The Last Blood

Written by Bright Daniel

    Episode 1

    Eastwood is a movie academy that has several talented students who are still learning on how to act. It is a three storey building -the first floor is for beginners known as grade1 students while the second floor for grade2 and the third for grade3 which is the final grade. After the final grade, a student automatically becomes an actor or actress. There is a high rate of competition in the school especially in the final grade because every student wants to be the best among the rest. Behind the building are two other buildings -one is a female hostel while another for male.
    However, Stanley stood by the window of his room from the male hostel looking through it to see the beauty of the environment. There were flowers at the both side of the entrance to the hostels, basketball court and the school compound at large. Suddenly, he saw a Range Rover car driving to the female hostel until it pulled to a stop. A young man on a driver uniform came down, turned round and opened the back door of the car. At the very sight of Stanley, a young beautiful girl came out. She wore a black plain trouser and a white handless top. On her feet were cover shoes with high heels too. She was a bit fair in complexion.
    “Wow, is she a new student or a boss?” Stanley soliloquised.
    The young lady began to walk into the female hostel dragging her box on the floor while the driver took off immediately until both became invisible to the eyes of Stanley. Therefore he turned to see his roommate, Danny, staring at him. Both were on boxers alone.
    “Do you know how long I have been standing here staring at you? What really took the real part of you?” Danny quickly moved to the window, looked through it but didn’t see anybody.
    “I guess we have a new student and I can’t wait to meet her” Stanley began to dress up.
    “A new student? Where is she?”
    “She just entered into the girls’ hostel”
    “You should know why you are here” Danny also began to dress up. “We are in grade3, so we shouldn’t entertain any form of distraction or.. ”
    “Are you saying that meeting a girl is a distraction?” Stanley interrupted him.
    “Meeting a girl is an understatement. Girls alone are distractions!!” he explained with all enthusiasm while Stanley smiled as he continued, “How sure are you that this new girl is in grade3 because I won’t allow you stip so low dating a grade1 or 2 student all in the name of love”
    “I never told you I love her”
    “But you always love any girl you met. So is better you don’t meet her”
    Hearing that, Stanley laughed out hard and went out, yet, Danny never stopped talking. Mehn, he talks a lot.
    Just at the entrance of girls hostel, the young girl met a warden who behaved in a familiar manner. She rushed her and said, “Welcome Rita Hocain, we have been expecting you” she wanted to take her box from her but she hesitated.
    “How do you know my full name?” Rita, the young girl asked.
    “Sorry for my manners. I’m a friend of your mother. She told me you were coming, so.. ”
    “I get it” she interrupted harshly looking around the vicinity. She could see girls moving up and down the staircase while others were on their way out for lectures. Sooner did she feel a paper in her hand then looked down to see the warden putting it there.
    “53, is your room number” she said.
    Rita walked straight to her room using the paper in her hand. Before she climbed upstairs, she turned to see the warden staring at her pitifully. “What!!” she shrieked coz she understood the reason why she was staring at her in that manner since she was a friend of her mother.
    For all her life, Rita had not come in contact with a male gender. She had always been restricted from having anything to do with them right from childhood. Therefore both her primary, secondary and part of her tertiary level of education revolved around same sex. She was banned from having an emotional afair with men. It was more like a curse in her diabolical and magical family. That explains why the warden stared at her in that manner. Rita hated herself for that. If actually she wanted to turn into a lesbian, it would have been so easy for her coz she had seen and met a lot of them. But that wasn’t her destiny. She was destined to be with a man which is absolutely impossible in the family of Hocain otherwise a dark power will take over her and she will have the man killed unknowingly and at the same time put her own life at risk. Such incident happened twice in her final year in secondary school where she killed two men who tried to have an emotional intimacy with her. She had never forgiven herself for what she did. She shed tears any day she remembers it.
    Nevertheless, she opened room 53 without knocking to see two girls practising lesbianism. She wasn’t surprise, rather the girls were the one who jumped up covering themselves. Rita looked at the paper in her hand then moved to her corner and dropped her box without saying anything or even looking at the frightened lesbians which one of them left the room instantly coz she wasn’t a legal occupant. The other one looked at her and said, “I guess you are a new student but that doesn’t warrant you to come into a room without knocking”
    “Why should I knock when I know the room is mine too?” Rita asked bringing out clothes from her box.
    “Are you insane!”
    “I’m not, but trust me, if I am, you’ll be dead by now” she suspended what she was doing and looked at the young lesbian. “Listen, I have seen and met a lot of people like you, so there is nothing there to hide from me”
    The young girl became speechless. She really wanted to know the person speaking to her in such a manner then forcefully dragged the paper which was given to Rita by the warden. She saw her details there then became surprise.
    “You are Rita Hocain? As in you are from the family of Hocain?”
    “Yes” Rita replied.
    “Oh my God!”
    The young girl kept mute as she gently dropped back the paper then began to dress up. Fear grip her because she knew the family to be magically powerful. When Rita noticed it, she exhaled with a smile and walked to her.
    “Please, don’t hurt me!” the girl cried.
    “Calm down, I know what you are thinking and I’m not gonna hurt you” Rita smiled the more to calm her down. “May I know your name?”
    “I’m Julie”
    “Nice to meet you, Julie” she returned to her corner, yet, Julie couldn’t be herself until she left the room.
    Rita became emotional afterwards. Her life wasn’t just complete without a man like every other normal girl. She wanted to live a free life where she does what she feels like doing, but reverse was the case; people get scared of her when they discover her identity, they think she’s a freak and the worst part of it is that she can’t fall in love or tell a man how she feels.
    Dramatically, Rita slowly moved to the window, looked down from it to see Stanley and Danny walking to lecture. To her surprise, Stanley remotely stopped, turned and looked straight to the window as if there was an invisible connection between both of them. Seeing that, Rita moved away from there instantly with increase in heartbeat, even a nearby person could hear her breathing. She slowly sat on the floor and began to shed tears.
    Up on the third floor of Eastwood, all the students settled down in the classroom with Mr Ruben standing on a stage. He was an old man with gray hair, flat stomach and black skin. The tranquility of the classroom made his voice sweet and audible. Stanley’s eyes occasionally went to the door hoping that the very young beautiful girl he saw comes in, thus, making him pay less attention to the lecture. Danny noticed it even Mr Ruben who said, “Stanley, if you don’t pay attention, you’ll tell me of you left your butt behind in the hostel”
    Hearing that, all the students wired their attention to him until Danny spoke up.
    “Yes sir, he did not only leave his butt behind, he also left his senses there in the hostel”
    The students giggled.
    “Please, can somebody help him get his butt and senses back?” Mr Ruben requested then left the stage. He wanted to use that as a movie scene. Therefore, he said, “Stanley, over to the stage. Tercy, go help him get his butt and senses back”
    Stanley reluctantly walked up to the stage while Tercy briskly met him. She was a slim beautiful girl wearing a jean trouser and colourful top. She has a charming open-teeth and footsteps.
    “Ready? Action!!” Mr Ruben shouted.
    “Oh my love” Tercy began by touching Stanley romantically. “Your butt and senses cannot be in the hostel while I’m here for you. If you want, I can lend you my sense even my butt. Please, come back to your senses” she kissed him. Just then, Rita spotted them from the door. Though nobody saw her.
    “My senses and butt are with me baby” Stanley said. “Just that… ” he added with a pause then looked at the door to see Rita staring at him.
    “Just what?” Tercy asked following the direction of his eyes. All the class also turned to the same direction before Rita slowly began walk in.
    “Cut!!” Mr Ruben shouted. “You all are bunch of butts” he walked back to the stage also staring at Rita strangely…

    Episode 2

    Rita started freaking out due to the way everybody stared at her all because she was a green horn in the classroom. She wore a jean trouser with two books held very closely to her waist in a way it covered the zip of the trouser. On her feet were flat shoes while short-sleeve top became a cover-up from her shoulder down to the abdomen. Already, Stanley and Tercy had gone back to their seats and Danny couldn’t wait to start talking. Therefore he tapped Stanley and said with a low voice, “Is she the new girl you saw through the window?”
    “Yeah” he replied absentmindedly.
    “Mhen, she’s hot!” Danny raised his head to take a very good look at her again.
    On the other hand, Julie could be seen whispering to the next girl beside her. No doubt to Rita that she was talking about her. Nevertheless, she found the nearest vacant seat to sit, but before she did, Mr Ruben called up her.
    “Young girl, I guess you are the butt and senses of that young man” he pointed at Stanley.
    “I don’t understand sir” Rita said calmly glancing at Stanley whom she found looking at her as if they had known each other before. Due to she barely associate with men, she became cuddly uncomfortable.
    “Never mind” Mr Ruben replied looking at the whole class. “We have a new student. Of course I know before now because her details has been sent to my system, but I’ll allow her to introduce herself” he signalled her to come up to the stage which she did boldly.
    “Humm.. I’m Rita Hocain by name..”
    Hearing that, students began to murmur which interrupted her. Some people like Stanley didn’t understand why, while some like Danny tried to explain why.
    “What’s happening?”
    “Are you the only one that doesn’t know about the Hocain family?”
    “What about them?”
    Before Danny could answer, Rita’s voice over shadowed the murmuring. So all be became quiet listening to her again.
    “I know what you guys are soliloquising about, but I assure you, I may be of Hocain but different. We only have to relate peaceful and friendly and there will be no cause for alarm. Thank you” she went straight to her seat. Some students liked her already but Tercy didn’t just like her if not for any reason, but for taking Stanley’s attention earlier which indicated that she had an atom of love for him. Stanley was too blind to see it.
    “Alright, you’ve heard what she said” Mr Ruben concluded.
    The class ended dramatically for the day but no one met Rita privately except that she participated on several scenes that was practiced or acted in the classroom. Stanely met her sitting alone then gradually dragged a seat closer to her and sat down. Already, Danny had explained to him about how magical, diabolical and spiritually powerful her family is. Rita glanced at him but didn’t say a word.
    “Hi, I’m Stanley”
    “Hi” she replied without looking at him.
    “I… I have been.. you know, watching you from behind. Is something bothering you?”
    “But I can see it in your eyes. Is written all over you”
    Rita took a close look at him, she stood up instantly to leave the place but Stanley stood up too in a way he prevented her from going, yet, she turned to another direction to leave. When he wanted to hold her back, his hand couldn’t reach her even though she was close to him. Therefore he withdrew his hand amazingly.
    “What was that?”
    “That’s why you shouldn’t touch me or come close to me” She replied then finally left.
    Stanley couldn’t believe his experience. He stood there dumbfounded still staring at his hand. He thought it was one of her powers she exhibited without knowing it’s the handwork of her parents; They banned the body of their daughter in a way no man with emotional intentions can get hold of her. Already, with what just happened, Rita understood his intentions, that’s why she had to leave.
    Stanley walked out of the classroom surprisingly to see a male student shaking her by the hand. He looked at his own hand then looked at the male student’s to know if he had a different hand. Just as he wallowed in the state of querulous qualm, Rita turned to him and smiled before leaving.
    “This is insane!” he rushed out.
    The weather had become a bit dark. Students had returned to their hostels. Stanley was still in the state of dynamic confusion inside his room with Danny who sat on the bed watching how restless his roommate was.
    “You should have seen this” Stanley began. “I tried to touch her but couldn’t feel her body in my hand! Whileas others were touching and shaking her!”
    “I have told you, that girl’s family is spiritually powerful. Who knows if she’s not a ghost? Is high time you let her be and run from her before is too late”
    “No, I must find out the reason for this”
    “Are you crazy?!” Danny’s voice became high. “You should know that you are dealing with devil. These people don’t know God, they are not Christians, they are dibolical and hazardous!”
    Stanley ignored him and looked through the window again to see Rita sitting at the basketball court alone. The more he looks at her the more he feels a strong connection with her. Danny also drew closer to see her.
    “No, there is something about her” Stanley left the window to the door.
    “Where do you think you are going to?” Danny asked him.
    “To meet her”
    “Don’t go out there, Stanley. I don’t think is a good idea”
    The two boys stared at each other silently. Stanley hesitated then clutched the doorknob and went out.
    As Danny watched what would happen through the window, so as Tercy watched as Stanley met Rita at the basketball court. Also, Mrs Kate, the female warden watched them too.
    Stanley finally met her but couldn’t believe she was shedding tears. He sat beside her again and said, “Now the evidence is clear”
    “What evidence?” Rita dried her tears immediately.
    “Why are you shedding tears”
    “And why are you showing much concern about that?”
    Stanley remained quiet without knowing what to tell her as the answer to the question. Just then, Rita stood up to walk away again.
    “Hey, you don’t just walk away like that!” Stanley also stood up to hold her back but couldn’t reach or feel her hand. “You need to explain this to me! Why me?! Why can’t I get to hold you like every other students!”
    Rita hastened her steps in tears, she began to run when she couldn’t bear to hear his voice and remembering the consequences of what would happen if she allows his intentions to be fulfilled. Tercy became not only surprise but also jealous after seeing what happened. Therefore she angrily left the window..

    Episode 3

    Rita ran into her hostel with tears in her eyes. She locked the door and sat behind it with hands on her forehead. Her roommate, Julie, who sat half naked on the bed cutting her fingernails never talked to her but occasionally glanced at her. Not that she hated her but was just taking precautions due to the type of family she came out from. Few minutes later, she felt pity for her then stood up. She wore only a white pant and a pare of bra looking charming. Softly did she drag her up from the floor then led her to the bed in a way they sat on its edge.
    “I don’t know why you are crying, what I do know is that it’s not a good idea to sit on the floor while crying” she said then stood up to her own bed as Rita began to dry her tears. She wanted to resume cutting her fingernails but asked in a concern charisma, “Do you want to talk about it? I mean why are you crying?”
    Rita ignored the question as she stood up to the window just to see Stanley still standing at the basketball court. Julie also saw him then proceed with the inquisition, “Is he the reason why you are crying?”
    “No, why should he be?” Rita retired to her bed.
    “Maybe because he said or did something bad to you. You know men are good at that. They are annoying, selfish especially in bed, unsatisfactory, sarcastic and less romantic”
    “No, you are only saying that because you are a lesbian. So many men aren’t like that”
    “So why are you crying?” Julie began to cut her fingernails again.
    “I guess he is in love with me” Rita replied.
    “Who?” Julie asked surprisingly. “You mean Stanley? and how is that a reason why you are crying?”
    “You don’t get it, Julie” Rita stood up. “He can’t love me otherwise he dies. I was born with a curse that any man who loves me would also be killed by me. My parents has tried to break the curse but ended up losing me on the quest” she faced her roommate with much enthusiasm. “Julie, I wonna be normal like every other girls. I wonna know how it feels to be with a man, I wonna get married!” she broke down in tears again going back to her bed.
    “This is serious” Julie met her in a close romantic way. She held her across the shoulder admiring her b-----s through the lose top she wore. She placed the other hand on her cheek like a mother trying to cuddle a broken hearted child. “You don’t need a man my dear, and you shouldn’t cry because of a man. A woman can give all that you need; be it love, care, name it.. ” she brought her face closer to kiss her as she cares her cheek romantically but Rita disengaged from her immediately.
    “You are hopeless” she stood up. “I’m not a lesbian, Julie, and I don’t want to be one. My destiny is with a man not a woman!” she shrieked going back to the window. “And that man is Stanley, I can feel it” she concluded with a very low voice.
    On the other hand, Stanley hopelessly went back to his hostel then was unable to sleep that night. He kept contemplating on what he has done to Rita or what connection both of them had for not being able to touch her just like other students. As he wallowed in a deep thought, Danny was busy snoring in his sleep. Suddenly, a knock came from the door. He first glanced at his wristwatch before standing to open the door. The time was 12: 05a.m in the night. “Who could this be?” he thought behind the door before asking aloud, “Who’s that?”
    “Warden” a female voice replied.
    Stanley opened the door to see Mrs Kate standing like an escaped goat. She quickly entered into the room then locked the door by herself. Stanley couldn’t ask or tell what was happening. At first, a female warden shouldn’t be in the male hostel, but here, Mrs Kate was not only in the male hostel but inside the room of a male student. Before he knew it, she closed the window curtains and sat on the edge of his bed like a woman who wants the perfom a blow job on a man.
    “Mrs Kate, I don’t understand. What’s going on?” Stanley asked with his hands spread in the air.
    “Get seated” she tapped a place beside her on the bed. The expression of seriousness lingered on her face which got Stanley not only worried but also curious. As he fearfully wanted to sit beside her, Danny woke up to see them in a juxtapose position. He rubbed his eyes to be sure of whom he saw with his roommate.
    “Mrs Kate!” he exclaimed.
    “Ssshhh” she silent him with a finger across her lips then turned to Stanley. “You are digging your grave young man”
    Hearing that, the two boys looked at each other then averted their eyes back to the woman who continued whole heartedly. “Rita is cursed, no man can love her. From the incident that happened earlier it seems like you have feelings for her. That’s the reason why you can’t get to touch or hold her because she’s banned by her parents”
    “Is that it?” Stanley began. “Because I have feelings for her, I can’t get to hold her, is that it?”
    “No, you don’t get, pip squick! You gonna die! And the painful part is that she’ll be the one to kill you. She gonna be possessed with a dark power then kill you unknowingly”
    Stanley thought for a while, “So that’s the reason why she’s always moody, cries and avoid my presence?” he murmured then look at Mrs Kate. “Can’t the curse be broken?”
    “Only your head can break it! Idiot!” Danny interfered disdainfully while the poor woman stood up briskly.
    “I have told you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you” she concluded and went out.
    Days turned to weeks and Stanley never went close to Rita again but they had been exchanging eye contact feeling the connection more and more. Stanley had always wanted to approach her but Danny prevented him each time he tried to.
    Both were on their way to lecture when Tercy came around with a smiling face. She wore a jean skirt over a pare of black leggings, and a white sleeveless top.
    “Hi guys” she said.
    “Hi, pretty girl. You look charming” Danny complimented.
    “Hi, Tercy” Stanley smiled at her.
    She returned the smile then went closer to him, stretched on her toes and whispered into his ear. Stanley stood still watching how she ran away. He couldn’t help it but smiled happily.
    “What did she say, guy?” Danny became curious.
    “You don’t wonna hear it, trust me” Stanley ran after her.
    “Hey, wait for me!” Danny took on his heels too.
    The three students could be seen running through the staircase and dodging from other students who were too lazy to walk until they finally rushed into the classroom were lecture was already going on. Three of them stood still at the door breathing hastily. Rita turned to see her eyes clashing with Stanley’s, so she averted them instantly. Mr Ruben looked at them just like every other student in the classroom.
    “Can any of you explain why you ran to this place like mad dogs?”
    “Sir, I don’t know. I saw Stanley running so I followed him” Danny clarified himself.
    “Okay, Stanley, tell us why you started running before your friend stupidly joined you for a reason he doesn’t know?”
    “Sir, I ran off because of what Tercy whispered to me” he answered.
    “Fine, Tercy, what did you whisper to this young man that he stupidly ran after you just like his stupid friend?”
    Tercy became quiet for a while before speaking up. All the students had already paid much attention to hear from her especially Rita who had noticed that she had an eye on Stanley.
    “Sir,” she began. “I told him that if he can get to the classroom before me, I’ll kiss him. But it was a joke”
    Hearing that, students giggled.
    “Okay, the joke gonna be a movie scene now” Mr Ruben left the stage. “Stanley and Tercy, up to the stage. Rita, join them. Assuming Stanley made it to the classroom before Tercy and expected her to kiss him, I want you, Rita, who is a secret admirer to prevent that from happening” he instructed.
    The three students stood on the stage waiting for a command to start. Already other students like Julie and Danny knew that the scene might cause a very big problem because the two girls were truly in love with the boy. Nevertheless, all watched on how it gonna happen.
    “Ready? Action!!” Mr Ruben exclaimed Prostrating his hand forward.
    Stanley made the first move to Tercy, “Hey, I made it to the classroom before you”
    “Okay? now what?” Tercy asked spreading her hands.
    “You have to fulfil your promise by kissing me”
    “Oh, Mr man, you of all people should know that I was only joking”
    “Spare me that, woman. You should also know that an unfufil promise is a sin against God. So fulfil your promise”
    “Fine” Tercy approached to kiss him but Rita appeared on the scene dramatically. “What’s going on here?” she stood before both of them with a surprise look at Stanley. “I can’t believe you wanted her to kiss you without minding how I’m gonna feel about that. Please, let’s get out of here” she added.
    Everybody expected her to take Stanley by the hand or waist but she never did because she knew what would happen. Seeing that, Mr Ruben shouted, “Freez!” All stood still then he said, “Rita, take an action. Take your lover boy by the hand or waist then leave the stage. Tercy, we wanna see your reaction. Action!!”
    Stanley and Rita kept staring at each other as everybody expected Rita to do as their lecturer said. Only Danny, Stanley and Rita herself knew what would happen if she carry out the instruction. Nevertheless, she slowly stretched her hand feeling her heartbeat and staring into his eyes until tears began to drop from her eyes. Stanley himself could feel the connection, so the rate of his heartbeat also changed. Tercy and other students even Mr Ruben noticed that the thing had gone out of acting to something else but all kept quiet to witness the outcome. To their surprise, Rita tried to hold his hand but couldn’t get hold of them. Also, Stanley made further move to touch her cheeks romantically but couldn’t hold them too. Just then, Rita ran out.
    “Rita!!” Stanley ran after her.
    The whole class, even Mr Ruben became amaze while Tercy drowned in the pool of jealousy. All rushed out to further witness on what would happen next. Only the lecturer stood by the window also watching the two lovers. He decided to let them be not because he loved what happened but because in grade3 students are allowed to express themselves. They believe that everything is acting.
    However, Rita Kept running as Stanley ran after her. Just before she ran into the hostel, she heard him saying, “You don’t need to explain to me anymore coz I know why all this is happening”
    Hearing that, she stopped without looking back while he continued, “Yes, I admit the fact that I love you. It’s a feeling I can’t stop having and a dream I don’t wish to wake up from. I know the consequences is death but I’m ready to die loving you if only I can touch your beautiful skin. I love you, Rita Hocain and nothing gonna stop me from doing that!”
    Rita gradually turned with tears in her eyes. She could see almost all the students in the school both outside and at the window staring at them. From what Stanley said, she realized she can break the banned by her parents, (not the curse). Therefore she raised her hands up, brought them down and rubbed them together until a powerful force hit her down.
    “Rita!” Stanley rushed her to see her eyes close, but she gradually opened them with a smile.
    “Now, you can touch me, Stanley” she said.
    He slowly touched her hand feeling the wormness and solftness until he pulled her up.
    “Who told you about me?” she asked.
    “Mrs Kate did” he replied touching her cheek.
    “I love you too Stanley?” she said forgetting her worries then both began to kiss each other passionately. Just then, thunder stroke and a heavy rain began to pour down, yet, they never stopped kissing.
    Seeing that, Tercy ran into the hostel heartbroken…

    Episode 4

    The rain freely poured on the students who were watching the drama until they began to depart one by one. The droplets of the rain could be seen on the faces of Rita and Stanley after they had quit the kiss. Just then, Rita realized the consequences of what would happen if they should continue emotionally, so she began to withdraw back from him but he never left her hand.
    “Please, don’t go any further from me” he told her.
    “No, I have to, Stanley. I don’t want anything to happen to you” she replied.
    Both became quiet for a while still with their hands clutched together. Suddenly, the rain stopped. Stanley looked up in the sky, looked behind to see Mr Ruben’s car and said to Rita, “Come on, follow me! ” he began to drag her.
    “Hey, where are you taking me to?” she asked aloud without getting a reply as both ran to the car. To her surprise, Stanley opened the drive’s door, entered, pulled out two red and black wires under the steering wheel then joined them together. Immediately, the car kicked off. Rita couldn’t believe it neither did she know what was happening until Stanley shouted at her saying, “Enter!!”
    She quickly hopped in and they drove out from the school compound before securities got to notice what happened. Seeing all that, Mr Ruben entered into his office, sat down, and picked up a ringing telephone that was on the table.
    “Yes? speak?”
    “Sir, we’re sorry. We couldn’t get to hold the two students but we wonna involved the police” a security agent said on the telephone.
    “No, let them be. They gonna come back”
    “Okay, sir” the line went off.
    Mr Ruben didn’t know why he was so free with Stanley and Rita after they caused a scene in the school, drove out with his car and put the school day activity in jeopardy. “God!”he exclaimed.
    Stanley pulled the car to a stop at the entrance of an old building. Beside them were tall dry trees and shrubs looking reddish in colour. Rita looked at him inside the car.
    “Where are we?”
    “We’re at home?”
    “Whose home?”
    “My home” Stanley stepped out while she also did reluctantly looking at the bushy environment. No other house could be found there except the one standing few meters from them.
    “We gonna leave the car here, grandma doesn’t like the sound of cars” he added walking with her.
    “You live with your grandma?” Rita asked.
    “No, but I visit her often. Be careful, she may be blind but very wise and sensitive. Sometimes I wonder if she just pretends to be blind due to how observant she is” he looked at her then both giggled at the statement.
    Rita grabbed his arm with two hands in a way she rested her head there as the locomotion continued. “So, why did you bring me here?” she asked.
    “I promised my granny that she would be the first person to see my girlfriend before my parents”
    “Really?” Rita looked up at him with a face filled with joy. “Mhen, I can’t wait to see her” she giggled alongside with him.
    They finally entered into the house to find it more attractive than the exterior. It was totally empty. Only a white piano-stand could be seen at a corner and an old woman playing melody with it. That was the grandmother. She wore a white robe with black eyeglasses backing the two lovers who believed that she had not noticed their presence. Therefore, Stanley began tiptoe in order to scare her but before he could to her, she stopped playing the piano and said, “No need of doing that coz I have seen you already”
    Stanley gave up then looked at Rita who smiled at him. He turned to the grandmother. “Granny, how did you see me?”
    She left the piano-stand walking straight to him without any form of support like a stick, if not as an old woman, as a blind woman, but she wasn’t with such thing to tell you the level of familiarity she has gotten with the environment. “I don’t need eyes to see you, Stanley. There are other organs for sight such as the heart. I see with my heart, young man” she replied hogging him in a way she placed her ear on his chest.
    “I’m happy to see you, granny”
    “I’m happy to see you too my child” she disengaged from him then looked straight at Rita. “Who is she?” she asked boldly.
    “Who is who?” Stanley wanted to whined her the more with a smiling face.
    “Stop messing around with me, Stanley. Of course I know you can with a woman”
    “I heard it from your heartbeat”
    Already, Rita had fallen in love with the wise old blind woman. She couldn’t help it but to keep smiling all these while the conversation went on. With the joy in her, she briskly walked to her then embrace her.
    “Whoa, she’s even more friendly than I thought” the woman reciprocated the hug.
    “Granny, she’s Rita Hocain, my girlfriend. I came to fulfil my promise” Stanley introduce.
    “Hocain?” she repeated strangely.
    “Yes, Hocain” Stanley waited to see her reactions but didn’t see anything. After a series of tranquility, the woman said to Rita, “Welcome dear, join me in the dinning table” she led the way while the two lovers followed her..
    At the residence of Mr Hocain, the building was also located at a lonely forest with one way entrance that has a hallow gate. Dead grasses could be seen from the entrance to the doorstep, even on top of the roof. Singing birds could also be heard from the lonely forest. Inside the house, Mr Hocain vibrated in anger with his wife, Lena. Both stood in the living room arguing while the television was broadcasting. They had felt the power Rita used to break the banned which was the reason of their anger and vibration.
    “Your daughter wants to commit another murder!” he began glaring at his wife. “She has succeeded in breaking the banned we used as a way to keep her away from affection and love by any man”
    “Then we must do something!” the wife said in a woozy manner. “What are we gonna do now?” she added.
    Before any further reply, they heard the sound of a ringing telephone which was just beside the wife, so she picked it instantly. After communicating with the caller, she gazed at the husband.
    “What? who called?”
    “The call is from Eastwood. They said Rita isn’t in school”
    “Where the heck could she be?” the husband asked.
    The dinning went very well at the residence of Stanley’s grandmother. Stanley took Rita to his room where he was staying when living with the grandmother. Both entered inside to see a bed and some toys that made up a typical teenage room.
    “This was my room” he made her sit on the edge of the bed. “I’m surprise granny still has it maintained” he also sat beside her.
    “Stanley, I’m scared” Rita said.
    “For what? Because you gonna turn dark and kill me all because I love you?”
    “I have fifteen days to disconnect any feelings that we both share otherwise I’ll turn dark and.. and.. ” she paused looking into his eyes.
    “Even if it means to die, I’m ready coz I can’t stop loving you, Rita. I feel as if we’ve known each other before now. Please, I don’t wonna miss your presence”
    “I feel the same too”
    They gazed at each other romantically then gradually kissed. It became so intense that they began to off each other’s cloths. Rita could be seen on only a bra and pant as Stanley carried her to the inner part of the bed, kissed and romanced her until he succeeded in putting off both the bra and pant. One could see her b----t standing erect and the n-----s longing for a suck. Sooner did he start sucking them and at the same time found his d--k into her v----a.
    “Aaahh” she moaned in pleasure with increase in heartbeat. She engulfed him with her hands bouncing inline with the movement of the bed..
    The romantic sex ended pleasurably after which they laid on the bed with their body covered.
    “Why were you cursed?” Stanley broke the silence.
    “According to my parents, it had been from the onset. My ancestors experienced the said thing. Nobody has the true information about the source” she replied.
    “Can’t it be broken?”
    They remained silent again before Rita spoke up, “My parents must have noticed that I have broken the banned. Please, let’s go back to school” she stood up naked dressing up.
    When they got ready to leave, Stanley searched for his grandma but couldn’t find her anymore. That was strange. He shouted her name around the compound but all to no avail. Without wasting time, the two lovers drove out.
    “I wonder where she is” Stanley said inside the car.
    “Maybe she has gone to visit the neighbors” Rita smiled.
    “My grandma has no neighbors and she hate associating with people”
    “That’s strange” Rita thought critically then waved it off.
    They drove straight to Eastwood but to their greatest surprise, Mr Hocain had arrived there already and Stanley parked the car before his. When Rita saw him, fear grip her.
    “What?” Stanley asked her.
    “That is my father”
    “Really?” Stanley looked at him again to see that he wasn’t happy.
    Already, students had started watching them while Mr Ruben was on his way to the place because he knew something terrible might happen. Sooner did Stanley see Mr Hocain angrily approaching to the car.
    “You need to run away” Rita told him.
    “To where?” before he concluded, the four doors of the car opened magically controlled by Mr Hocain invisibly. Immediately Stanley came out, he stretched his hand and he landed on the floor struggling with an unseen hand which wanted to strangle him to death.
    Seeing that, Rita rushed out. “Let him go, father!” she shouted but a slap from him sent her to the ground too. Meanwhile, Stanley had started giving up the ghost in him. Blood could be seen running from his nose and mouth . Rita stood up with anger then envoked a power which did not only released Stanley but catapulted the father to his car in a way he hit his waist hardly on it then the car alarm activated. Just then, Mr Ruben arrived.
    “Stop this nonsense! This is not a magical school but a movie academy!” he said breathing hastily.
    “But I guess they are acting movie which someone’s life wiill be taken at the end because he’s so blinded by love and can’t reason with his senses” Danny’s voice came from behind.
    “What does that mean?” Mr Ruben turned to him…

    Episode 5

    Danny ignored Mr Ruben’s inquisition then rushed to help his friend up from the ground which Rita was already doing, but when he got there, he pushed her away saying, “Get away from him!”
    Rita nearly fell down if not that she withstood the pushing force. She looked at her father whom Mr Ruben tried to calm down. She felt remusful about her action which could be termed ‘disrespect’. Though she had no choice but to save Stanley’s life from the father’s magically power. She briskly walked to him like a child who was caught stealing a meat from a cooking pot.
    “I want that boy, whosoever he is to stay away from my daughter!” Mr Hocain broke in anger. “I don’t want him anywhere with her or this school gonna close down! I have been warned by the government that if she should commit another murder, I and my family gonna face the full wrath of law. So, Mr lecturer.. ”
    “It’s Mr Ruben” he interrupted.
    “I don’t care! All I want you and the school management to do is to make sure this boy is never seen with my daughter again!”
    “I’m sorry, father” Rita interfered twisting her fingers but he never replied her. He angrily went back into his car then drove off. Before the gateman could open the gate, he saw it opening by itself-that was Mr Hocain magically controlling it from the car. Seeing that, the poor gateman ran for his dear life.
    Mr Ruben didn’t understand what Hocain tried to substantiate, so he looked at Rita and Stanley who have regained himself standing beside Danny. “Both of you, to my office now!” he commanded.
    Security agents that arrived to the scene had to hold the two students as all headed to the office. After series of explanation, Mr Ruben understood what Mr Hocain substantiated, therefore, he looked at the two students again who sat opposite him, “Rita,” he called. “if any person should see you with Stanley again, you’ll be expelled from this school. Have I made myself clear?”
    Rita glanced at Stanley, bent her head down before nodding it in agreement.
    “Speak! Have I made myself clear!?” he repeated hitting his hand on the table.
    Rita raised her head up with tears rolling from her eyes. “Yes sir, I’ve heard you. Never will anybody see me with him again” she responded with a quivering lips .
    For the past three days, no one ever saw the both students together again in school. They should have understood that they were destined to be together and can’t stay any further apart from each other regardless the curse or any consequences it would bring. Danny was yet to understand that when he woke up at night to see Stanley not only standing by the window but shedding tears too.
    The tears of a grown man has a strong and remarkable reason which must be out of control. It is far more than the tears of the gods.
    Danny gently touched him. “You amaze me bro. There are several girls here in school and in the whole world at large, but here you are shedding tears for only one who is not even a Christian. Tercy loves you, why are you so blind to see that”
    “To hell with any love from any other girl!” Stanly shrieked as he turned from the window. “You don’t get It, Danny. I can’t stay a moment without Rita. Is like I have known her for years, like my soul is attached to hers, like there is a force that pushes me to her every minutes of the day”
    “That must be an evil force, yes, you must stay away from her. She’s evil!”
    “Then let me be part of the evil because I love her and there is nothing, I repeat, nothing, absolutely nothing or anybody, not even her parents can do about that” he concluded and went back to the window. Only then did Danny understand the level of the situation. He had no other option than to support him. Therefore, he said, “We need to break that curse because I won’t let you die for love”
    Stanley turned again. “Do you have any suggestions on how to break it?”
    “Nope” he replied as an afterthought.
    10:30pm at Hocain’s residence, darkness was the nature of the atmosphere, thus, making the environment dark as well. One can see a ray of light through the windows of the house. Suddenly, a strange wind began to blow which attracted Mr and Mrs Hocain to the window to know the cause of it because as spiritual powerful beings, they felt that another powerful being is approaching the house. Just as they believed, they saw a strange person covered with black robe from head to toes coming from the gate. They also saw a lamp on the person’s hand but couldn’t see the face.
    “Who could that be?” Mrs Lena asked the husband.
    “Let’s wait and see” he replied.
    The strange person finally appraoched the door of the house, hung the lamp on the wall and knocked at the door. Mr Hocain opened it while the wife stood behind him looking at the guest.
    “I believe I am at the Hocains'” the person said.
    “Yes? Who are you?” Mr Hocain asked then the person uncovered her head. It was Stanley’s grandmother!
    “I am Latisha, the grandmother of the one whom your daughter fell in love with” She replied then went inside even before she was permitted. It was no big deal for the Hocains, so they stood before the old woman looking at her black eyeglasses and wondering how she could see with it in the dark too not knowing she was blind.
    “So what brought you, Latisha?”
    “My grandson brought your daughter to me for an introduction as his girlfriend. Since then, I went out in search for his destiny with the girl he loves”
    “And what’s your result?” Mrs Lena asked.
    “I know, you Hocains has some powers but what I don’t understand is why your daughter is destined to be with my grandson”
    “Destiny? My daughter is destined to be with your grandson? Is that the result of your research?” Mr Hocain asked trying to get angry.
    “In as much as both are destined, Stanley gonna die in the process because the time has come when both can’t stay away from each other due to the force of destiny that is driving them together” Latisha stepped forward looking at their eyes even though she can’t see. “You know of what I speak, don’t you?” she asked calmly.
    “Yes, we know and nothing can be done about it. So tell your grandson to stay away from my daughter otherwise he dies”
    Latisha laughed in a factitious expression. “You don’t understand the meaning and the power of destiny, do you? Now listen and listen very good, I don’t care how you gonna do it but you must break the curse because I won’t watch my boy die like a stabbed chicken by your daughter. I have seen it all” she proceeded to the door, took her lamp and went home.
    There was nothing that could be done but to allow destiny to take its way, the Hocains knew that.
    The next night at Eastwood, students had gone to bed living the environment lonely and quiet. A gentle breeze took over the atmosphere as the moonlight shone brightly for unseen angels. Rita woke up missing Stanley. For the past four days she had not talked to him or touched him. She wished to be with him at the moment, so she walked to the window and surprisingly saw him sitting at the basketball court. “Stanley?” she called happily with a smile and rushed out immediately without Julie’s knowledge.
    Stanley also wished to see her. Surprisingly, when he raised his head up, he saw her running to him, so he stood up and ran to her until both met and kissed each other passionately. The sound of their breath could be heard by anyone around.
    “I miss you” Rita said smiling then gave him another quick kiss.
    “I miss you more” he replied caressing her cheek. “I can’t spend another moment without you” he looked around then lowered his voice. “I have an idea, let’s run away”
    “To where?” she stared into his eyes.
    “Anywhere that we can be forever together”
    Rita shook her head negatively. “Stanley, in as much as I so desire to be with you, I don’t want anything to happen to you. I have eleven days left to turn dark and.. and.. kill you”
    “Nothing gonna happen to me or you. I want you to have faith in God!”
    “Stanley, it doesn’t work like that. My ancestors passed through the same thing” she began to shed tears while Stanlely held her hands.
    “You have to believe in God!”
    “There is no God, Stanley” she turned to go away but to see Tercy recording their conversation with a video camera. Stanley became surprise when he saw her. None of them said anything until she left.
    The next morning, Tercy reported to Mr Ruben with the video as an evidence which led to the expulsion of Rita Hocain from Eastwood Academy. Stanley did not know about it until he saw Rita coming out from the hostel with her luggage. He met her immediately to know what was happening.
    “Why are you leaving, Rita?”
    She kept quiet dragging the box as she walked slowly. Many students watched her from the windows.
    “Talk to me, what’s going on?” Stanley was still curious and inquisitive.
    “She has been expelled!” Mrs Kate said from behind.
    Before Stanly knew it, security men restricted him from following Rita when he tried to do so. He disengaged from them, ran into his hostel and began to park her belongings. Danny came in with a sad look because the news had gone viral.
    “What are you doing bro?”
    “I’m leaving the school” he replied without looking at him.
    “I have been expelled”
    Danny became confused. “I thought Rita is the only one expelled”
    “I never told you the school expelled me, I expelled myself” Stanley concluded…

    Episode 6

    Expulsion by oneself is unheard of. That did not only drive Danny crazy when he heard it from his friend but also rendered him speechless. Already, Stanley had gathered his luggage and left the room scattered just like a teenage room.
    “This is crazy” Danny ran after him and met him at the staircase. “Bro, you can’t leave! This is your final grade in school!”
    Stanley said nothing until both came out from the hostel. “Bye Danny” he said moving forward while Danny stood at a spot with hands on the waist looking at him until he left the school compound. How can a man abandon his academic life because of a girl? He couldn’t believe it. Before he came out from that thought, Tercy arrived like a spy standing beside him. She wore a bomshort over a pinky top.
    “Where is he going?”
    “He’s leaving”
    “Because Rita has left too”
    “I guess I shouldn’t have done it”
    “Done what?” Danny looked at her.
    “I was the one who reported both of them to Mr Ruben”
    “What!” he shrieked surprisingly.
    “I’m sorry, I never knew it is this serious to the extent Stanley would leave school because of her. I mean, I love him too, right? I couldn’t just stand both of them while I die in silence” Tercy explained sincerely.
    “Well, you’ve ruined their lives. Thanks to you” Danny walked out from her. Truly, she was sorry for her actions, jealousy took the best part of her. But the deed had been done.
    Rita arrived home with her bag. She had a sad expression on her face which suddenly began to generate tears from her eyes. Already, Eastwood had called to tell the parents about her expulsion. Therefore the mother stood at the door waiting for her daughter. She understood the emotional torture the young girl was passing through that’s why she waited for her wearing a red loose gown. When Rita approached closer, she embraced her in tears too.
    “Mother, does it mean I won’t have a normal relationship like normal human beings? Isn’t it better I die?”
    “No, my child,” the mother began to cares her cheek as the tears rolled from both eyes. “Dying is not an option. Come inside”
    They embraced each other again before entering inside to meet Mr Hocain himself. He faced the wall with two hands behind him in a way he backed both the wife and the daughter. The sitting room suddenly turned dark and candle light appeared on the walls. Thunder stroke the roof of the building, Rita fell down on the floor and became unconscious before the father turned.
    “What have you done to her?” the wife asked him.
    “I did what should be done. Take her to her room. Never will any man come close to her again” he replied.
    “You banned her again?”
    “Yes, even this house. I don’t want to see Latisha here too” he concluded then looked through the window while the wife carried Rita into her room.
    On the other hand, Stanley arrived home just to meet her parents eating lunch in the dinning room where classic and breakable plates could be seen on the table. They were surprise to see him entering the house with his full luggage. Mrs Jessica, the mothe,r looked at the husband, Mr Winston, in a way that shows: ARE YOU SEEING THIS?
    Before Stanley made it to his room, the father stood up with the wife. He had an eyeglasses on his eyes and dressed in a brown suit. The wife was on a milky gown.
    “Stanley, are you on holiday?” the father asked.
    “No, dad” he replied without even a gesture at them as he struggled with his luggage at the door of his room.
    “Then why are you back, son?”
    “I have been expelled”
    “Expelled?” Mrs Jessica amazingly looked at the husband again then turned to her son. “Who expelled you and why? We have not received such information from the school”
    “I never said the school expelled me, mum. I expelled myself by myself” he finally dragged the luggage inside and locked the door before his parents approached.
    “Have you heard of that? How can someone expel himself from a school?”
    “Stanley, open this door!” the father banged on the door.
    How would they had known that their only son was swimming in the pools of love? Instantly, Mr Winston called Eastwood Academy to know what was going on. They narrated the story to him in a nutshell then he hung up the call.
    For five good days, Stanley neither came out from his room nor ate something. That got the parents worried then they summoned Latisha, the grandmother. All stood in the sitting room gazing at one another. Only Latisha appeared different: she was always on a robe. This time around she had a staff in her hand. Already, they have told her about Stanley refusal to eat or come out from the room.
    “I guess the Hocains has charmed my son” Mrs Jessica added.
    “Nobody charmed him” Latisha began. “The young boy is in love. He’s only trying to be with the one he loves. He came to my house with his girlfriend after which I made a research and found out she’s the woman meant for him. Nothing nobody can do about that”
    “Then why can’t he be allowed to be with the girl?” Mrs Jessica asked.
    “Because the girl is cursed and must not be with a man otherwise she’ll turn dark and kill him”
    “Oh my God!” she rushed to Stanley’s door and began to bang on it for him to open.
    “Allow me” Latisha approached with her staff, hit
    it on the doorknob and it opened. To their greatest surprise, Stanley was nowhere to be found, so all gaze at one another again.
    Meanwhile, Rita had also been inside her room walking tro and fro in a bumshort. She was at the peak of committing another murder if care is not taken. She remembered the ones she killed on her final year in secondary school then began to shed tears. That was a memory she’ll never forget, so she began to scatter the room breaking mirrors and appliances until she got satisfied and laid on the floor crying .
    Suddenly, Stanley appeared from the hallow gate through which one can enter into the house of the Hocain. He started runing but since the house had been banned by Mr Hocain, he never reached the doorstep of the building. Though he could see it as he ran but never reached there. Suddenly, a strong wind activated a tornado which struck him down, engulfed his throat to strangle him. “Rita!!” he exclaimed in a high voice.
    Hearing that, Rita stood up from the floor coz the voice sounded familiar. “Stanley?” she called gently.
    “Rita!!” the voice came again.
    “Stanley!” she rushed out downstairs, opened the door to see him struggling for his life then rubbed her two palms together. When she opened them, the tornado disappeared, thus, setting him free. That did not only break the banned to the house but also to her body. “Stanley!” she began to run to him.
    “Rita!” he also stood up running to her until they met and hugged each other.
    “Sorry, my father banned the house that’s why you.. ”
    “Forget it, I’m happy that I’m with you now” he interrupted trying to kiss her but Mr Hocain and wife appeared at the doorstep thereby causing another wind and darkness of the sky.
    “Don’t you dare get your filthy lips on my daughter’s otherwise face your death sooner than you expect it” Mr Hocain barked angrily then the lovers turned to them.
    “You will do no such thing to my grandson!” Latisha’s voice came from the gate then the lovers also turned to see her standing with Mr and Mrs Winston, Stanley’s parents.
    “Granny?” Stanley murmured.
    Silence took over the arena as the two families glared at each other with their children in between them. The wind stopped and the sky brightened again. Weathered leaves continued falling from trees as Latisha unabashedly walked to the Hocains with Mr and Mrs Winston without saying anything to the two lovers who looked at each other romantically.
    “Have you seen how they are looking at each other? So the earlier we look for a solution, the better for us” Latisha broke the silence before they all went inside the house except the two lovers.
    Inside the house, no one agreed to sit down. The two families folded their hands looking at one another. Stanley’s parents could see strange images on the walls and other magical symbols. That alone convinced them the type of family they have come in contact with.
    “Alright, I have had enough of this tranquility” Mr Winston broke the silence. “Obviously, our children are inseparable due to some destiny, curse or whatsoever! All I need now is a solution coz my son is losing his mind over this young girl , and I can’t watch him die by the same girl”
    “There is nothing that can be done about it” Mrs Lena said.
    “Are you saying the curse cannot be broken?” Mrs Jessica asked.
    “Yes, it has been in existence right from time. The last time we tried to break it using any magical book, we would have ended up losing her life” Mr Hocain explained.
    “So, there is nothing that can be done, right?” Mr Winston turned angrily .
    “The only way is to separate them before the next six days”
    Silence took over again in the very sanctum. All expected Latisha to say something but she never did.
    “I have a suggestion” Mrs Lena said. “What if we erase the memory of the boy so that he won’t know who Rita is or have any feelings for her again?”
    The suggestion sounded interesting in the ears of all, so they walked to the door, opened it to call on the two lovers but there were nowhere to be found again..

    Episode 7

    Mrs Jessica and Lena had to go outside totally to see if their children would be found but the result proved negative. Just as they were returning to others at the door, Latisha said, “Can I have a word with you Mr Hocain?” she moved inside. The black eyeglasses never departed from her eyes and the Hocains never knew she was blind. Others also drew closer to know what the old woman had to say.
    “Mr and Mrs Hocain” she began. “Explain to me why both of you were able to get married. Or wasn’t the curse applicable to you too?”
    That was a very interesting topic which attracted the attention of all in the room.
    “I can explain” Mr Hocain began. “Right from the time of my ancestors, it only attack the female children. That’s why I was able to get married out of love”
    “That’s to say your wife doesn’t have powers like you do”
    “Exactly, I am the only descendant of Hocain” He clarified.
    “So, how are we gonna erase Stanley’s memories without him knowing?” Mrs Lena changed the topic.
    “I guess Rita will do it herself. I will make sure of that. No one should tell him about this” the husband replied while others agreed except Latisha who walked out without a word.
    Stanley and Rita rested at the base of a tall tree inside the woods (forest) in a way she laid her head on his thighs looking into his eyes. Trees of different species could be seen dropping weathered leaves. Many fresh canopy leaves partially prevented the ray of sunlight to the ground but one could be seen shining directly to the two lovers. Though the intensity of the light sometimes reduced due to shaky leaves that covers the source of the radiation.
    “I can’t believe you left school because of me” Rita said. “Don’t you think people might say I charmed you?” she added.
    “What people say doesn’t matter. What matters is that I love you” he replied sliding her hair sideways.
    “You are so amazing”
    “You are much more amazing” they smiled at each other while Stanley lowered his head and gave her a quick kiss, thus generating silence. They heard nothing but the sound of wind. Stanley placed a hand on her stomach then rubbed it gently. She placed her own hand on the hand in a way their fingers crossed in between each one. She kissed and placed them on her chest.
    “I have six days left to turn dark”
    “I don’t care”
    “Stanley, I don’t want anything to happen to you. I will rather kill myself than to watch you die” she paused and took a deep breath. “If I turn dark and have you killed, I’ll kill myself afterward. Do you want me to die?”
    “No, nothing gonna happen to you” he replied.
    “We need to depart from each other”
    “But it’s so difficult!” he looked up in the sky blinking his eyes . “You don’t get it, I can’t stay away from you more than I am now”
    Rita gently brought down his head, placed his hand on her b----t then kissed him. She knew it was difficult, she knew it was impossible, but she made up her mind never to see him again after that day. Though she never told him.
    A day passed, Mr and Mrs Winston opened Stanley’s door to see him drawing Rita’s image as he laid face down on the bed wearing a short and a singlet. The room was small but filled with lovely and classic stuffes like a Golden boot which he won from high school days. It was a moment he will never forget coz it made his parents proud. He was very skillful in football game which won him the golden boot. He was not only loved by students but tutors too. He wanted to be an actor, that was why he didn’t pursue the dream of becoming a footballer rather enrolled in a movie academy.
    Nevertheless, he looked up to see his parents staring at him then concentrated on the drawing.
    “Son, who’s that you’re drawing?” the mother asked.
    “It’s Rita, mum. Isn’t she beautiful?” he smiled showing her the image vividly while the father exhaled heavily, shook his head and went out. Mrs Jessica, having the motherly love in her totally entered inside, closed the door and sat down opposite the bed.
    “She’s very beautiful, son” she smiled back.
    Stanley sat up in a way he faced his mother. “I love her so much mum” he began with dropping tears. “What I don’t understand is why we can’t be together. She mean the whole world to me, I mean.. ” he sniffed in then raised his head up. “I mean, why must I die in the quest of loving her. It’s so painful, mum. Please, help us in any way you can and break the curse. Please, I beg you, mum”
    The mother didn’t know when tears fell off from her eyes. She could feel the gravity of the emotional situation and understood very well how much the son loves Rita. What could she do? Nothing, therefore, she hugged him tightly rubbing her hand on his back. That was the only thing she could do at the moment. As time went on, she began to have a change of mind of not erasing her son’s memory because that’s the worst thing that can ever happen to anybody in that situation seeing how in love he was. Sonner did the husband also understand, yet, they couldn’t do anything.
    Meanwhile, Rita had been told to erase the memory of the one she loves in order to save him. She concord with the idea not because her parents wanted to but because she wanted Stanley to live.
    Just a day before she would turn dark, she took Stanley back to the woods playing loves happily with him as if it would forever remain like that. She suddenly held his two hands looking into his eyes.
    “Why are you staring at me like that?” Stanley asked smiling.
    “Nothing, I just wonna ask you few questions” she factitiously smiled back.
    “Okay, shoot it?”
    She drew closer to him in a way her body touched his. “When is your birthday?”
    “17th December”
    “And what would you wish for when blowing off your candle-light?”
    He smiled. “I have always wanted a falling snow with melody music when I’m with the girl I love”
    Rita kissed him. “I love you, Stanley, and let your wish be granted” she soliloquised with closed eyes. Instantly, snow began to fall alongside with melody music from nowhere.
    He became surprised feeling the moment like no other. “What would I have done without you” he embraced her.
    Magically, Rita used that opportunity to erase part of his memory that has to do with her.
    Stanley woke up the next day feeling a slight headache. He looked at himself on the mirror, dressed up then went out to the dinning room where his parents waited for him. He greeted them and opened a big refrigerator to pick up some juice.
    “I guess you are ready to go back to school, son” the father said.
    “Sure, I don’t even know why I came back at the first place” he replied taking a seat beside the mother.
    The parents looked at each other then kept quiet. The mother wanted to become emotional feeling the pains of forgetting everything about someone you love unconditionally. When Stanley noticed it, he asked, “What? Why are you both mute ?”
    “Nothing, we’re just happy you came back to see us?” the father replied.
    “That’s no big deal” he smiled at them. “I’m happy to see you guys too” he added and bit a slice of bread. “I’ll see grandma on my way back to school”
    “Good idea” the mother concluded.
    At the resident of Latisha, Rita could be seen coming out of it wearing a jean trouser and a black voluminous jacket. She had gone to tell Latisha about how she had planned to travel out of the state. As she walked through the lonely road leading to the exit, he sighted Stanley coming. He wore a shortleeves shirt which he tucked in-in a plain trouser. On his face was a pere of transparent eyeglasses that reflected any ray of sunlight. They drew closer.
    “Hi” Stanley said looking at her and at the same time passing without any interest on her.
    “Hi” she replied walking without looking back too, but when Stanley entered into the house, she looked back with tears in her eyes. That was the last time she would set her eyes on him coz she was traveling out of the state.
    Stanley met the grandmother on the dinning table then greeted her happily.
    “How are you feeling my boy?” she asked handling a cup of tea to him.
    “I’m fine, granny, and I don’t wonna drink your tea”
    “And you think I gonna beg you? In your dreams” she said jokingly and they laughed before tranquility took over. Latisha read his mind at that moment, she noticed that he must have seen Rita on his way coming and would ask about her, so she got ready for the question.
    “Granny,” Stanley began. “I saw a girl coming out from here. Who’s she?”
    “Oh, she’s just a girl that came to tell me she’s travelling” Latisha replied then drank her tea.
    “Okay, and I have come to tell you too that I’m going back to school” he stood up and pegged her. “Bye granny!” he walked out.
    “Bye my son” she replied sadly and silently.
    Danny was the first to see Stanley coming through the gate of Eastwood, so he ran to him immediately looking excited. “I’m so happy to see you bro!”
    “Me too, dude” they shook hands.
    “So, what about Rita?”
    “Who is Rita? Is like you’ve smoked weed this morning, right?” he ignored him walking towards the male hostel while Danny became dumbfounded staring at him.
    Tercy also met Stanley on the way and said, “Stanley, please, can I talk to you?”
    “Sure, how are you, Tercy?” he smiled.
    “Fine, I just want you to forgive me”
    “About what?”
    “About reporting you and Rita”
    “Rita again? Who’s she?” he smiled. “What’s wrong with you and Danny?” he left her dumbfounded too….

    Episode 8

    Just as Tercy remained dumbfounded, Danny approached with the expression of confusion too. Other students walked around the vicinity with or without partners. Some grade2 students could be seen acting at a corner with their lecturer standing aside to monitor them. However, Danny had not said anything to Tercy as he kept looking at the direction Stanley followed.
    “Is your friend okay?” Tercy broke the silence looking at the same direction.
    “I have no idea. He seems to forget everything about Rita” he replied.
    “Or is like they have broken up and doesn’t want to talk about her again”
    “Stanley I know cannot break up with Rita”
    As they contemplated, Mr Ruben hurried to them wearing a plain trouser and a long sleeve shirt. He had been informed about Stanley’s memory lost by both parents. The two students were surprise to see him standing behind them with his hands inside the pockets. He looked at them suspiciously without saying a word.
    “Sir, are we in any trouble?” Danny asked him.
    “You kids amaze me sometimes” he began “I wonder the kind of love that can make one volunteer to die if his memory is not wiped out. Before, it was Stanley and Rita and now is Danny and Tercy”
    The two students became more confused because their lecturer wasn’t only trying to tell them indirectly about Stanley’s strange attitude but also referring them as lovers. That was the least thing in Tercy’s mind but Danny, if not always, had sometime wished to date her.
    “Sir, we don’t get it” Tercy spoke out.
    “Stanley’s memory about his love life is erased just to save his life” he brought out his hands from the pockets and took two steps forward. “Now, what I’m trying to substantiate is that both of you should also be careful before any of you get his or her memory completely wiped out too. Gush!! Kids of nowadays” he briskly walked out.
    “But sir, we aren’t in love!” Tercy exclaimed to his hearing.
    “I don’t see it in his eyes!” he replied from a distant.
    Tercy turned to see Danny already looking at her in the way Mr Ruben described. It was written all over him even his breathing rate testified for that which brought quietness between them. Many things went through their minds at the same time but none was ready to utter it out.
    “Mr Ruben is joking, right?” Tercy broke the silence with a smile.
    “Hum.. I think I need to see Stanley” Danny replied contrarily.
    They remaind mute again without proceeding or departing to their various hostels. Obviously, they were pinned by the unsatisfactory information she needed to hear from him. Suddenly, they departed but Tercy called him, “Danny!”
    He turned. “Yes?”
    “Can you take me to Rita’s house tomorrow coz I wonna apologize to her”
    “No problem” They smiled and finally departed.
    Stanley looked happy inside his hostel to the extent he was singing while arranging his clothes in the wardrobe. Danny sat down on the bed staring at him pitifully because he knew that wipping away Rita’s memories from his mind was the worst thing that has happened to him. He shook his head negatively in pity. When Stanley turned to see him, he said, “You look sad, bro”
    “No, I don’t” Danny tried to brighten up. “I’m just happy to see you”
    “Me too”
    They became quiet while Stanley resumed arranging his clothes.
    “I wonna tell you something” Danny began. “I’m in love with Tercy, though I have not told her”
    “Wow, that’s a good news! Danny of all people is in love” Stanley giggled.
    “What about you? Isn’t there a girl you are madly in love with?”
    “No, I just meet them and.. and.. go away. You once told me that I love every girl I meet but that’s not true”
    “Like how many girls have you met?” Danny was still inquisitive to know if actually what Mr Ruben said is true.
    Stanley mentioned several girls even Tercy but never mentioned Rita. He looked straight to Danny and said, “But I don’t love any of them”
    “Who then do you love?”
    “Nobody, I’m just social to girls, that’s all?” He concluded while Danny smiled factitiously with a sad heart.
    The next day at the residence of the Hocains, there was a car parked outside with the booth open. One can see different luggage in it as Rita stood beside it with hands folded. She wore a jacket over a short skirt. On her feet were high heels shoes with its lace tied randomly on her legs in a zigzag form. Suddenly, her parents came out, the father locked the booth while the mother met her. They wanted to travel as planned.
    “Are you okay, Rita?” she asked her.
    “I’m fine, mother” she replied wanting to enter into the car but the presence of Danny and Tercy prevented her. She came out to see them hurrying to meet her. The parents wondered who they were when they finally approached closer.
    ‘Danny?” Rita called walking very close to them. She looked at Tercy surprisingly. “I hope there is no problem. Is Stanley okay?”
    “There is no problem” Danny replied.
    “I just came to apologize for reporting you and Stanley to Mr Ruben” Tercy said twisting her fingers.
    “Is that why you came all the way from Eastwood?” she smiled then looked back to her parents. “They are my friends, father!” she said and turned again while the father nodded his head. “Apology accepted. Now, both of you need to go back to school”
    “Hum.. It seems you are travelling. We heard about what happened. We’re so sorry” Danny said.
    “That’s the only way to save Stanley’s life” she became sad . “Bye” she walked back to the car.
    After the two students left, the Hocains also drove out of town.
    Things began to change gradually in the life of Stanley. He started developing a new love life without knowing that he had one before. Everything about Rita totally wiped out from his memory, but Rita kept him in her heart and tried as much as possible never to have any feelings for another man except Stanley.
    Over three weeks, the name ‘Rita’ was forgotten in Eastwood Academy. In the evening under a tree
    where metal seats could be found, Danny sat there with Tercy watching students playing basketball in the court. Stanley was among the players, and they could see how girls cheer him up especially the one called Joyce. She had a dark complexion wearing a short red skirt and a top like bra; only her b-----s were covered while her stomach opened. In her hands was Stanley’s shirt. She was a new student. At the end of the match, Stanley walked to her then she hugged him and handed the shirt to him.
    “It seems like Stanley and Joyce are getting along” Tercy told Danny.
    “Yeah, is still painful he has forgotten about Rita totally” he replied.
    “Is not his fault. They erased his memory”
    They looked at each other before Danny said, “I don’t wish to have my memory erased about you because you mean everything to me. I love you, Tercy”
    She smiled. “You’re joking, right?”
    Danny didn’t respond to that, rather kissed her with passion and all seriousness. He stared into her eyes and said again , “It’s not a joke, I love you”
    At that moment, Tercy made the next move for a kiss then both kissed happily to the extent they had to giggle as the kiss went on.
    Latisha summoned the Hocain’s family back to town, in her house. It was a sudden and a strange invitation that worth honoring. They both stood in the empty living room staring at her to let the cat
    out of the bad. She was on a red robe with a metal in her hand. Mr and Mrs Hocain watched as she closed the windows and doors before returning to them.
    “So why did you call us and why closing the windows?” Mr Hocain asked.
    “I guess I have something that can lead us to the breaking of the curse” she replied.
    “What? How?” Mrs Lena queried enthusiastically moving closer to her.
    “With this we can see the past, probably how the curse was laid and how it can be broken” Latisha handed the metal to Mr Hocain. “For almost a month now, I have been looking for a way to see that the curse is broken and restore my grandson’s happiness, so I found that in my secret house. It was given to me by my late parents before I got blind. Open it and tell me what you see” she added.
    “You’re blind?” the couple became surprised and looked at each other because all this while Latisha never behaved like a blind woman.
    Nevertheless, Mr Hocain opened the metal to see a round micro mirror where he saw his image alone, but sooner did the image disappear and a burning house appeared. He could see people running helter skelter until a pregnant woman stood before the burning house shouting, “I curse you Hocain; no man shall love any female child from your descendant otherwise killed by her. I curse you with the blood of Jelikin, my unborn child!” she died instantly after giving birth to the child. Image of several female children of the linage of Hocain that died without getting married began to appear one by one. Some committed suicide.
    Mr Hocain closed the metal breathing hastily. “How can we break the curse?”
    “What did you see or hear?” Latisha asked him after which he told her. “Only the descendant of that child can break the curse” she added.
    “Then how can we get any of his descendant?” Mrs Lena interfered.
    “Do you know the name of the child?”
    “She called him Jelikin” Mr Hocain replied.
    Hearing it, Latisha became surprise. “Jelikin?” she repeated thoughtfully. “That’s the name of my great great great grandfather”
    “Really? then you must be one of his descendant. Please, break the curse” the couple pleaded.
    “Now I see why my boy is destined to be with your daughter. Follow me” Latisha walked into another room where she lifted the curse from the family of Hocain. That rendered them powerless and It affected Rita in another town where she ate quietly in the dinning room. She fell down on the floor then became unconscious for a while without knowing the reason. The parents came back to see her lying on the bed inside her room. She looked weak and different.
    “How are you dear?” the mother entered with the father.
    “I feel so weak as if something has gone out of my body. I fell down earlier today while eating” she sat up.
    “That’s because the curse has been broken, and that has made us lose our magical powers” the father said with a smile.
    “You’re kidding, right?”
    “Nope, he just said the truth” Latisha’s voice came from the door which she opened simultaneously. Rita looked at the direction to see not only her but Mr and Mrs Winston too. All were glowing with smiles on their faces. They told her the story on how the curse was broken. Immediately, Rita regained strength from nowhere. “Stanley” was the first thing that came out from her mouth. She jumped up from the bed. “Mother, I need to go back to Eastwood. I need to go back to Stanley!” she shouted happily.
    The Hocains went back to their initial house and Rita enrolled back to Eastwood Academy. She sighted Stanley with Joyce sitting in the basketball court and feeding each other with fruit juice. She dropped her luggage, ran to them without minding who Joyce was. She squat before him happily and said, “Stanley, guess what, the curse is broken! We can stay not only together but forever together”
    Stanley looked at her strangely then turned to Joyce. He didn’t know what to say, even though Joyce expected him to say something.
    “Who is she?” he asked her.
    “I should be asking you who she is” she disdained him.
    “I don’t know her!”
    “Listen,” Rita held one of his hands .”I’m Rita Hocain, remember me now?”
    Stanley stood up angrily. “I don’t know you girl, and you are embarrassing me before my girlfriend. How can you just come into the school newly and start saying rubbish to someone you don’t know, Gush!” he stretched his hand for Joyce. “Baby, let’s go” they walked out from her.
    Rita became not only mad but heartbroken too. Therefore wished she had her magical power back. Stanley’s words to her dropped tears from her eyes as she watched them going out…

    Episode 9

    Mr Ruben had been informed that everything is back to normal except that Stanley’s memories about Rita is dead and gone. Therefore, the quest for everyone in Eastwood Movie Academy was to make sure he regain his memory without his knowledge.
    At night, just before Danny slept, he saw Stanley standing by the window side. He knew he was troubled then called on him.
    “Stanley, what is it?”
    “Guy, something is wrong” he turned. “How can someone that called her name Rita come telling me to remember her. She embarrassed me in front of Joyce”
    “Are you saying you don’t know who Rita is?” Danny pushed further hopping he remembers something about her. “A month ago, when you came back from home, who was the first person I asked you about? Isn’t it Rita? Stanley, you were madly in love with this girl to the extent you were ready to die for her. The first place you saw her was through this window when she came in newly. Think Stanley. You kissed her in front of the whole students in this school and ran away with her using Mr Ruben’s car ”
    Stanley stood still gazing at the ceiling with his hands on the waist as if to remember someone. He walked back to the window, looked through it and turned. “Guy, I can’t remember anything. You must be telling me about your dream” he collapsed on the bed then covered himself with a blanket. “Good night, Danny”
    “Good night, Stanley” he also laid down hopelessly.
    The next day inside the classroom, Mr Ruben called on Stanley and said, “You remember when you ran into the classroom with your friends Tercy and Danny?”
    “Yes, sir” he smiled.
    “Good, why?”
    “Actually because Tercy whispered to me that if I make it to the classroom before her, she’ll kiss me”
    “Very good, and we acted a scene that day. Can you remember?”
    “Absolutely sir”
    “Another good, how many students acted the scene?”
    “Hum..” Stanley began to feel embarrassed. “Why are you asking me all this coz it seems you are testing my retentive memory? Okay, fine, we were three in number; I, Tercy and.. and.. ” he placed a hand on his forehead head as if he was in pains while the whole class became quiet hoping he remembers Rita as the next person. Already, Rita sat quietly with her hands folded watching the whole thing too. “Sir, I can’t remember the person but I know it was girl” Stanley concluded.
    “It was Rita Hocain” Mr Ruben said pointing at her while Stanley looked at her steadily. “You need to remember her. Something remarkable happened that day; you kissed her in front of the whole school and ran away with her using my precious car!”
    The class became as quiet as a grave yard as Rita and Stanley stared at each other. Suddenly, he sparked angrily, “Now I’m fed up with everybody trying to make me know who I don’t know. For goodness sake, I don’t know this girl!” he picked his books and walked out of the classroom angrily, but Rita ran after him.
    “Stanley! Stanley!!” she met him at the exit of the three storey building with tears in her eyes. “Stanley, listen to me and look me, you once told me you can’t go further away from me. You introduced me to your grandmother, Latisha, and we.. we.. ” she looked around and lowered her voice. “..and we made love”
    “Jeeezzz!” he exclaimed. “That’s a serious accusation, you know”
    “I’m not accusing you!”
    Stanley ignored her walking away. He became frustrated winking his eyes to prevent tears that engulfed in them.
    “Stanley! Alright, let’s just be normal friends” Rita wanted to meet him again but he shouted at her.
    “Don’t you dare follow me again!”
    She startled hearing the harsh voice and the expression of anger on his face. She couldn’t believe Stanley would raise his voice at her which got her completely broken, then broke down in tears.
    Stanley went home with that frustration. The mother was the only one at home. She became surprised when she saw him entering the house
    “Son, what’s the matter?”
    Stanley sat on a cushion without replying her, but she persuaded after sitting very close to him.
    “Why are you back from school?”
    “Mum, everybody behaves strangely to me. They claim I know a girl named Rita who just came into the school not a week ago. It’s very frustrating” he finally replied.
    Mrs Jessica went into her room then came back with the image of Rita, the one he drew. She gave it to him and said, “Do you remember drawing that?”
    “No, mum” he looked at the image vividly.
    “You drew that, son. You asked me if she’s beautiful then answered yes. You lamented on why you can’t be allowed to stay with her. You begged me to break the curse coz she mean the whole world to you. You even expelled yourself from school all because she was expelled too. You need to remember that, son”
    Before the mother could finish, he began to shed tears looking at the image. He just couldn’t remember anything. He placed the image on the centre table and walked into his room.
    School vacated, yet, Stanley never remembered a thing about Rita. Already she had given up coz she couldn’t keep trying to wake a sleeping dog especially when the dog lies with a b---h; Joyce was always seen with Stanley which made it more difficult for Rita to go close to him sometimes.
    A day came when Stanley wanted to celebrate his birthday. That was at his place where everybody gathered except the Hocains’ family. Joyce was there as his girlfriend, while Danny and Tercy made sure everything was in order. Other friends were there too. Inside Stanley’s room, Danny watched him dressed up in something nice before turning from a standing mirror.
    “How do I look?”
    “You look perfectly okay, dude” Danny replied with a smile but suddenly frowned. “Rita is not here why?”
    “Coz I barely know her. Though I invited her but she never said a word to me. Maybe because Joyce was with me then” he replied going back to the mirror.
    “Do you really love this Joyce?” Danny asked again.
    He suspended what he was doing and sadly sat down on the bed. “Dude, to be sincere, I don’t love her and at the same time can’t bring myself to Rita. She’s like a total stranger to me” he replied.
    They finally went out to the sitting room where everybody shouted, “Happy birthday!!” There was a cake set at the center of the room.
    However, Rita laid hopelessly on her bed with her body covered when the mother entered. She saw her daughter not only sad but in tears.
    “Rita, you should have attended his birthday party”
    “No, mother, I can’t go there. I can’t stand to see Stanley with Joyce there. It gonna break my heart”
    “Then stop this tears. You can’t continue like this. You need to move on. They are other men who are willing to stay with you” she concluded then kissed her forehead.
    Everyone cheered up in the residence of Mr Winston until the blowing off of candles light. Stanley stood beside Joyce when he was asked to make a wish and blow off the light. They all waited looking at him as he blew them off with smiles on his face then a thunderous clap circulated the building. Luckily, snow began to fall at that moment, he saw it through the window then walked there slowly staring at it as people celebrated by cutting and eating the cake . The falling snow reminded him everything about Rita, so he began shed tears. He could remember how they spent a lovely time in the woods, how she magically made snow to fall for him. When he gradually turned from the window, everyone kept quiet staring at him.
    “What’s it, Stanley?” Joyce approached.
    “Stanley, are you okay?” the father queried.
    He took few steps forward and said, “Mum, dad, where is she?”
    “Where is who, son?” the mother asked.
    “Rita Hocain, the girl I love. I can remember everything. You guys finally separated us, why?”
    Nobody said a word but to stared at him until he ran out from the house running straight to the Hocains’. He forcefully pushed the hallow gate opened and began to shout her name, “Rita! Rita!! Rita!!!”
    Hearing his voice, Rita sat up from the bed swiftly. “Stanley?” she flung the blanket that covered her up. She was on bumshort and a red top without bra which made her n-----s visible. She briskly walked to the window to see him hurrying to the door with full strength. “Stanley!!” she ran downstairs, opened the door then kept running to him.
    “Rita!!” Stanley also took on his heels until both hugged each other in a way Rita’s legs left the ground. He pulled her down caressing her cheek. “I’m sorry to treat you like a stranger, I’m sorry to..”
    “Ssshh” Rita interrupted him by placing a finger across his lips. “It wasn’t your fault. So can you remember me now?”
    “The snow” he looked up.
    Both smiled, he placed his hand across her waist while she placed hers round his neck.
    “I’m happy to have you back” Rita said then began to kiss him which he reciprocated feeling the snow pouring down on them. Mr and Mrs Hocain smiled from the door where they witnessed everything. That was not only the happiest moment for the two lovers but for the both families too.

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