Story: Let's Play Cupid


    Adam was four years old when he found his
    mother sitting by the corner of the bed crying,
    his father and her had, had another fight; they
    always fought.
    Sometimes he would hear a thud then his
    father’s voice would roar vibrating though the
    walls ,
    “See what you made me do. You deserved it you
    wrench” then the walls would shake again and
    then it would become still. His father had left the
    house to return many nights after, drunk.
    With a black eye and a slight cut to her lips she
    would pull him to her and cry in his hair.
    “I hate papa!” hw would say with his tiny voice
    “ I hate him, when I am old enough I would beat
    him just the way he beats you mama” his tears
    would flow freely
    “No my baby. Don’t hate your father. He loves
    you Adam, he loves me” she would tell him
    wiping her tears and his, but he would reply her
    shaking his head with conviction
    “ You don’t hurt who you love mama. Like one
    time when I hurt my finger on purpose because I
    was angry. Teacher told me that if I love myself
    I won’t hurt myself. Or one time..I pushed Carol
    off her seat because she was making fun of me,
    she had told me we hurt those we don’t love and
    I felt bad so I told her I was sorry. But papa
    didn’t tell you sorry. Papa doesn’t love you.
    Papa doesn’t love me else papa would talk to
    me and carry me like other fathers. But papa
    beats me and chases me out of his study. He
    tells me I am not his son. He..hates me and I
    hate him and when I am big enough I would take
    you far away from here and he would never
    make you cry anymore.” He nods, but she would
    shake her head.
    ‘’No Adam,you are his son. You are Adams
    Pope, son of Gerald Pope. Your father is
    just..sad because of what I did, my mistake but
    he loves you Adam, he does” she would tell him
    pulling him into a hug.
    But he didn’t believe her because how else
    could she explain the nights he had crawled to
    their room and heard his father asking her why
    she never aborted him, or when he had told her
    that some days when he comes home and sees
    him suckling at her b-----s he wanted to fling
    him away from her b---m and throw him out to
    die in the cold. Or how could she explain how
    many times his father had called him a b-----d,
    and one without a father. Or the times he
    pointedly told him that he wasn’t his son, .
    No, nothing his mother said would make him
    believe otherwise. His father hated him, he knew
    that growing up but what he never understood
    was why. And why that hate stems from the fact
    that he was his wife’s son and something that
    had happened years ago. It went on like that for
    a while. And then it stopped. it stopped because
    a new family member joined the tiny circle they
    called home.
    A group of his parents friends had introduced
    them into counseling. Gerald Pope was a proud
    man, who hated to be told his wrongs and one
    who turned his anger on weaker persons, his
    wife and his son..or his b-----d; Adam.
    Whenever he had gone out to look for work and
    he had come home unsuccessful he would lash
    out, he would tell her things she had done while
    he was away suffering and making ends meet.
    He would curse the day he met her and when
    him, Adam came.. he would lash him with his
    belt and lock him outside. It was a constant that
    even Adam had gotten used to it. Until the day
    people from their church had paid a courtesy
    visit and found him locked outside and his
    mother crying inside and his father getting
    comfortable with his fists.
    She didn’t want to leave him, she loved him. He
    heard his mother tell them so many times.
    Gerald, He had promised never to resort to
    violence ever again and indeed wanted help to
    fix up his family, when Gerald was asked why he
    did what he did, he would look at him, Adam,
    anger in his eyes and then he would look at his
    mother with further disdain, but instead of saying
    what was on his mind he would look away
    “Even I don’t know why. There are some demons
    a man exhibits that he cannot explain” he came
    to know years later the reason why his father
    hated him, but it still didn’t justify why he hated
    him and that was the reason why his own hate
    for the man grew proportional to his.
    With counseling, Gerald had stopped using his
    fist But in truth, Gerald’s mouth and words
    became as knives tearing down one’s heart-ed
    walls into tiny little pieces. In front of people he
    was the loving husband and doting father but at
    home he was cold. That was okay, as long as
    he stopped hitting his mother Adam was fine
    with it. After all their feeling of hate towards each
    other was mutual
    Gerald and his mother had gone for the couple’s
    retreat, leaving him at home with his nana,
    A month later they returned, and there was a
    spark to his mother’s eyes and a sudden gait to
    his father’s… oh sorry Gerald’s steps.
    They kissed, they danced, they held hands and
    they laughed. But whenever he walked into the
    room Gerald’s mood would sour.
    For a moment he hoped he had changed, he
    hoped that his father would want to hold him
    and even call him “Son’’ but that was a far away
    dream, it was like he was chasing ghosts,
    ghosts that didn’t exists. But that was okay too.
    The light in his mother’s eyes was what made
    his heart swell in love for her, if by any chance
    she was happy again and if Gerald was the
    reason of her present happiness, then he would
    tolerate his presence. But other than that.. they
    could go on having their own space and hatred.
    At ten, Adam he had come a long way from that
    little boy who used to cry in the corner waiting
    for his father to love him. He was a lot older,
    stronger and wiser even for a ten year old, and
    just like his father he was stubborn, proud and
    tough, and bending wasn’t a rule. Showing
    weakness was for fools.
    He soon realized the reason for their sudden
    spark and chance at love and happiness again,
    he was having a sibling. But to him he prayed
    he was having a little brother. Someone to teach
    and hold by his hands. Someone who would
    smile up at him and call him “Brother! someone
    he could wholeheartedly love. He broke into a
    huge smile hugging her
    “ A Brother? I am having a little Brother mama?’’
    he hugged her tight
    “A sister or a brother Adam” she laughs kissing
    his forehead.
    “ No it’s a brother. I want a brother, gimme a
    brother” he told her
    “of course baby, God willing, you would get a
    brother big and strong and handsome just like
    you” she told him laughing.
    “No son of mine would look and be like him
    Thelma, girl or boy they would be nothing like
    him and I forbide him to come near them” he
    breaks them apart
    “you can’t stop me from playing with my
    brother?” Adam faces his father, his nose flaring
    and his chest rising
    His father ..or no Gerald walks towards him,
    anger in his eyes flashing, his mother pushes
    him behind her and lays a hand on Geralds’s
    chest “Please, no Gerald please” she pleaded
    “ if you don’t want me to run him through the
    wall Thelma, if you want him to remain here,
    keep him away from my child” he had said too
    silently and walked away.
    “no one would keep me away from my baby
    brother mama, not father. No one” he had told
    her crying
    “He won’t baby, he won’t” she had held him to
    herself, he felt her body shake once and then
    twice and then it didn’t stop, he held her tighter,
    he wished he could stop her tears or her
    hurting, if only he knew why his father hated him
    so much.
    Damien, bright eyes, a happy and chubby baby..
    his laughter was a delight for sore eyes. He
    remembered that night his mother’s screams
    had pierced his dreams, he had woken up to find
    her in the pool of her own blood. Gerald was out
    of town, one of his many trips had paid off. He
    had gotten his dream job and working on being
    one of the best scientist at his field.
    Adam scared, had rushed to a neighbors, it was
    raining, it was cold but he had ran to the nearest
    clinic when no one was at home. Dragging one
    of the nurses along he had screamed
    “my baby brother is coming.. help my mother
    please, help her” he had cried and together he
    and the lady had made a run back to his house,
    hearing his mother’s screams as they ran
    through the door.
    It was that moment he had felt so scared, seeing
    her blood, hearing the pain in her voice, seeing
    the woman’s face a mask of one who knew what
    she was doing as she held his mother down and
    told her to push
    “come here boy, hold her hands boy and talk to
    her..tell her to push” the woman had told him
    Coming closer he had held his sweaty mother’s
    hands, clasping it together he had cried with her
    and told her to push, cleaning her forehead with
    his shirt he had sweated with her, and as her
    hands squeezed him he bite his lips in pain, as
    her fingers dug into his palm he swallowed the
    pain and held her tighter
    “Push mama, push my brother out, push mama”
    he told her “I am here mama, I am here. Push
    mama, push my baby brother out” he begged
    It must have taken hours or so, he didn’t know.
    Then he heard that cry, and then he heard that
    laughter from his mother he had grown to love.
    After his mother had breastfed the child she had
    called him
    ‘’come here Adams, your baby brother
    “ she said to him
    He was bursting in love for the little bundle of
    joy his mother was carrying as the nurse wiped
    the blood from between her legs..
    “I told you mama, I told you I wanted a brother”
    he said, touching his tiny hands, and just on
    impulse, the little child held his tiny finger in his
    own tiny hands.
    “yes Adams” she laughs
    But you see, while mother held him in her hands
    and rocked him to sleep, the little baby held his
    finger tight, Adam felt as though his heart would
    explode in his chest. He was bursting of love for
    this little one. And he knew nothing on the face
    of the earth could separate him from his brother,
    not even his father Gerald. And nothing did.
    As they began to grow in years, their love for
    each other grew. Adam felt God smile down on
    him, his father didn’t love him but he had a
    brother who did, and he doted on him. No matter
    how many times Gerald tried to separate them it
    Because of Damien he had to send Adam to
    school. Because of Damien he had to let Adam
    eat on the table with them
    But as Damien grew and became a copy of his
    father, the more his father loved him and the
    more Gerald knew he was right all along. Adam
    was not his son and nothing on the face of the
    earth and beyond would make him love him.
    But you see, that was okay. His mother loved
    him, Damien loved him and he loved them right
    back. To him there were the only family he had
    and those were the only two people he lived for.
    Older now, Damien was a straight A student,
    following his father’s footsteps in the sciences. A
    wealthy man now, Gerald could afford so many
    luxuries, a fancy house and estates, cars and
    money to spend. Flying all over the place and
    owing his own company.
    His heart had space for only his son Damien
    “You are my lucky charm son’’ he would tell
    him. He gave him all that he wanted and didn’t
    want, he threw parties for him whenever he got
    home with a good grade and when he made first
    class and came out as one of the best young
    graduates of medicine… he was ready to give
    him half of all that he owned
    “Father, there are two of us, my brother and I, we
    would share it equally” Damien would say
    “He is no son of mine” Gerald replies
    He knew whatever his father said always hurt
    Damien and he would want to fight him on it.
    “Don’t bother D, Gerald doesn’t acknowledge me
    as his blood. I know my place in this house”
    Adam tells him
    “Don’t be like that brother, you know father
    wouldn’t ever mean that”
    “His eyes tells a lot of story Damien”
    “At least you are not as stupid as I have always
    thought!” Gerald retorts
    “Father please, you cant always treat him as
    though he is trash. He is your son. You take
    care of me and you don’t take care of him, you
    give me expensive things and you don’t bother
    with him, you send me abroad and you delegate
    him to the background. He as much as me is
    your son and I wish you could tell me the reason
    why you keep treating him like this but you
    don’t, even mother doesn’t want to talk about it
    and I hate it”
    “ you would not talk to me like that Damien” his
    father thunders
    ‘’ I am sorry father but this thing between you
    two has gone on for too long, when would it
    end? How do you think I feel to have all the love
    and attention of the most prestigious scientist Mr
    Gerald Pope and yet, my brother suffers”
    “ he doesn’t suffer. He eats and sleeps in this
    huge house and does whatever he wants”
    “ he leaves like a prisoner in his father’s house.
    Like a slave, “
    “ no he doesn’t. what do you want from me give him money? I give him money”
    “ money you throw at his feet to pick it, money
    you would give beggers”
    “ I sent him to school and what does he do. At
    least he should have proved to me for once he
    is not daft and stupid and that he is not a ..
    bast..” he trails off when Damien stares at him ,
    he sighs “he should have proven to me that he
    deserves my help, my attention. I sent him to
    one of the best high schools because you forced
    my hand Damien, I made sure he got into
    Harvard because you wouldn’t talk to me for a
    month because I sent you to one of the best
    Medical schools in the country. But what does
    he do, he comes back aftand says he wants to
    be a writer..a bloody writer??’’
    “because that’s what he wants to do”
    “then he is a fool and I won’t waste money on
    “but he became a lawyer for you papa”
    “a certificate he threw inside a drawer as soon
    as he graduated” his father retorts “Enough
    Damien, Enough. You are my son, my only son
    and you I love, Adam..that boy means nothing to
    me and that’s final”
    With that he had walked away leaving the sad
    Damien alone with the hard faced Adam staring
    after him.
    “don’t take it to heart brother, father loves you,
    he just doesn’t know that yet” he said grabbing
    his head and placing his own forehead to Adams
    “it doesn’t hurt me, not anymore. My heart is
    made of stone, thick as congealed larva made of
    melted gold” he tries to laugh
    “ least I love you and mama loves you. “
    “ yeah,.. well that’s enough” Adams says as
    they hug each other.
    He had known right from then on that there was
    never hope for him and his father, Gerald. But at
    least nothing could separate him from the love of
    his mother, who seemed to go weak by the day
    spending more and more time in her room.. or
    the love of his little brother Damien. Not his
    father’s hatred for him. Nothing on the face of
    the earth could steal this small joy he had, in his
    But he was wrong.
    For that cold night in August was the last he
    saw Damien smile. And it was all his fault. His
    mother never recovered from the shock..his
    father Gerald never forgave him and he hated
    himself and never forgave himself too.. and the
    hate his father had for him intensified.
    But it was a night he would never forget and he
    wished he could go back in time and change
    it..maybe then, things would have been different.
    He shouldn’t have listened to Damien that day,
    he shouldn’t have !!


    Adam remembered that day as clear as crystal,
    Damien had called home to tell them about the
    job he had just gotten. After he graduated as
    best of his class he had gone for Horsemanship
    for a year, done with that he had gone on to be
    an intern for the same hospital. Knowing his
    internship was coming to an end he had
    complained to Adam about being sad that he
    may leave there soon. But he liked the place and
    not even his father’s wealth could get him a
    spot, it was based on good merit, skills and
    practical accession. They were the best and they
    took human lives seriously so they wouldn’t
    want a doctor who didn’t know jack about telling
    a stomach ache from a person suffering from
    appendix or worse case scenario a swelling
    tumor and etcetera.
    They were about 100 of them fighting for a 20
    person’s spot and he didn’t know if he would
    pass the exam and practicals, he felt other
    interns there were better than him, he felt he
    couldn’t make it.
    “Hey D, you do know that you are the smartest
    kid I know ” Adam told him over the phone
    “ Yeah, you are just saying that to make me feel
    better” His voice was sad despite that he tried to
    “No son for real. You are. I mean besides that
    old bat of your father, you are the smartest. “
    Damien chuckles “You do know he is like your
    father too right?”
    Adam scoffs “Nah, But what I am trying to say is can do anything you put your mind to.
    I mean did you see your S.A.Ts before you left
    high school, and they literally gave you an award
    for the best graduating student in Med school.
    And you did pretty cool at the houseman-ship
    and that’s what got you an internship into this
    great Hospital. So why do you doubt yourself
    “ I don’t its just that…’’ he sighs “ its just that..I
    mean have you seen the interns here? They are
    like the fxxking geniuses of the entire planet bro.
    I mean even the girls here are so smart and so
    hot at the same time I feel I would literally burn
    if I touch’em. Adam, its messed up. I am going
    to flunk and get sent home, and worse I come
    back and settle as a local doctor in one small
    town. This place..this is like heaven mehn, the
    doctors are like gods here. This is where I gat to
    be and if I a’int here I am a failure’’
    “No you are not. Well at least if you don’t make
    it we both can sit around here all day, read my
    stories to mum and gossip about that old bat
    and have a few dreams and fart in a box and
    give Mr Peppe down the street to sniff since he
    likes sniffing shits and dogs a-s” Adam is
    smiling as Damien roars in laughter
    “oh dear lord he still does that?’’
    Adam could imagine Damien running a hand
    through his hair and pinching his nose, smiling
    from ear to ear.
    “Hmmmhum!! He still does”
    “That would be fun, and then maybe we can go
    on vacations and have lots of girls on a boat
    cruise and go to the ends of the worlds right?”
    “ Exactly!!!’’ Adams replies, then he added “but
    we both know you are going to be a resident
    doctor in that hospital. You are going to fxxking
    soar, they would even beg you to sign that job
    on, I mean you are going to be amazingly great,
    trust me baby bro, don’t doubt you. I am waiting
    for that call that is going to blow my mind and
    make me feel like a proud father to a kid who
    was a rascal and followed me around like my
    shadow and loved me too much for his own
    good” Adam smiles
    Adams thought back to how little Damien used
    to be and how he never wanted to go anywhere
    without him, even when their father..erm..Gerald
    took him out, if Adam wasn’t with him he would
    ball his lungs out and bellow loudly. Sometimes
    the look on Gerald’s face gave Adam the laughs,
    he was helpless, Gerald was, he did everything
    Damien wanted.
    If he got something for Damien he had to get
    something for Adam, it might be of lesser quality
    or even very little but he had to do it anyways.
    Sometimes Adam wonders if Damien’s tantrums
    was on purpose to make sure Adam was at least
    part of his life and Gerald’s, but he was still a
    child then, of course he wouldn’t have thought of
    things like that. But as he grew up..his tactics
    didn’t change but intensified. He wasn’t going to
    go to school unless Adam was sent to school,
    he wouldn’t own a car unless Adam was at least
    given something to drive, he would take the pent
    house unless Adam agreed to come back home
    when he decided he had had enough of his
    father’s hatred for him and wanted to leave, and
    he threatened to run away unless Adam forgives
    his father for punching him in the face and had
    him arrested for coming back home late one day
    and with a girl.
    Adams smiles shaking his head, there was so
    many reasons why he loved his brother, but one
    of them was the selfless love he had for others,
    placing them above himself.
    “ Adams..hello, err bucket-head. Are you there?
    Wait don’t tell me are you with a girl, is she
    naked.. are you talking to me while a girl is
    waiting for you to kiss her legs and make her
    sing 7 different languages huh?’’
    Adam laughs shaking his head , leave it to
    Damien to be..well.. Damien, “ I was just
    thinking about how leach -y you were as a boy”
    “I was, you seemed a better buddy than dad. I
    mean, I couldn’t very well tell him about the first
    time I had s3x you know, or about pissing on
    myself the very first day I got knocked out from
    that coke I sniffed and dancing naked on a lawn
    and had those old cougers having a swell time,
    he would have killed me, being just 15 at the
    time, good thing I had you to cover for me and
    take care of me, even taking the blame”
    “That’s what brothers do” Adam touches his jaw
    “ I know. I love you man , you know that right ?’’
    he could tell Damien was smiling as he told him
    “ I love you too son, no homo. I mean I love
    girls too” Adam replies
    ‘’ D--k!!’’ Damien chuckles through the phone
    “ hey, I am expecting that great news soon
    Damien , you know that right?”
    “ yes father, “
    Adam laughs. It was a good laugh.
    For most of the day he avoided his father. Going
    into his mother’s room he had spent the day
    with her, she was barely able to move around on
    her own, he helped her around the house, did
    what she asked and needed.
    Since he had refused to practice law he spent
    his days in his study writing, just writing. Writing
    gave him peace, it was an escape from the
    sadness he felt whenever he looked at his father,
    it enabled him dream of what is and what could
    be. In his little world of magic where his words
    weave up all that he never had, conjuring a
    loving father in his mind and making him love
    him, a healthy mother who never grows sick or
    stays in her room all day with a constant
    sadness and tiredness around her eyes when
    she sees her husband and first son always
    fighting and a brother..Damien, just the way he
    is, for there is nothing he would change about
    Just like every other day, he had avoided Gerald
    and spent time with his mother, talking to her
    about Damien and how proud she would be of
    him when he gets his job.

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    Soft Work
    Soft Work

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    It was about 8pm when the butler answered the
    door, Damien had walked in sullen and sad, his
    bag in his hands
    “Damien, you are here..why? why didn’t you tell
    me you were coming into town, I would have
    booked your flight and picked you at the airport”
    Gerald got up from his chair and rushed to hug
    his son at the door, dismissing his butler.
    Damien silently comes into the house shaking
    his head, Adams had just come out from his
    mothers room
    “ D..whats wrong, are you okay??”
    “ You are not needed here boy, go from here”
    Gerald spoke without looking at him
    “I am allowed to speak to my brother ..”
    “He is not your brother ..
    “ You keep saying that and I am still waiting
    when you come up with genius idea to give me
    prove of that, because as long as I can
    remember, mother gave birth to him, right in
    front of me when you were away chasing your
    dreams, but if you say you are not my
    father..that feeling I can share because a father
    would never treat his son the way you treat me”
    “Why don’t you just leave my house. I won’t
    have you talk to me like this boy” Gerald
    “oh I will, I am only here because of mother and
    “Which are my responsibility but you are not,
    never have been. I don’t know why I listened to
    her.. you are nothing to me, not my son, not my
    blood and the sooner you believe that the better.
    You should be grateful that I give you a roof
    over your head and cloths on your back and
    pocket money so you don’t go out and beg and
    disgrace my name”
    “ You mean sleeping out in the cottage where
    you used to keep the servants? Or those second
    hand cloths you buy off ebay and you mean
    putting me to work at some book store or the
    corner of brooke street because I refuse to
    practice law after going to Harvard law school
    because you thought you were doing me a
    favour? because you aren’t. I didn’t want to be a
    lawyer, I wanted to write. I write and I am a
    good writer and one day even my name would
    be on books just like yours because it would be
    out of my hard work and hands not because of
    your supposed pity because I don’t need it dad
    or should I call you Gerald since you like to
    throw the ‘I AM NOT YOUR FATHER” card.
    Good.. I don’t consider you as one so can we go
    past that already so we can find something else
    to throw at each other instead because that has
    gone stale I don’t think it hits a chord old man”
    Gerald raises his hand and Damien gets up
    immediately “ Father please..don’t. please “
    Gerald takes a minute to cool down because his
    nose was flaring as his chest was rising fast, too
    “One day, Damien won’t be here to save you and
    your mother won’t be string enough to support
    you, that day would come and I would make
    sure you eat the dirt and wallow in self pity
    because you would amount to nothing, just
    because you are nobody. Nobody boy”
    “Let that day come least I would eat that dirt
    in peace and contentment, much less I can say
    for you, your arrogance and bitterness would be
    your fall Gerald, for I too consider you as
    nothing, soon, you won’t have to worry about
    “ I never did” his gerald’s eyes flashed
    “That makes two of us” Adam hisses
    “Look this is all shades of wrong, I come home
    after months of being away from my family and I
    thought of the brightest idea to feign sadness so
    you both would be worried and falling over
    yourselves to cheer me up as I tell you I didn’t
    get the residency. But in actual fact I did and I
    was going to explode with joy at the last minute
    and see your reactions..that would have been
    the height of my glorious day but as usual you
    both ruin it with your bantering always fighting
    and thinking of yourselves!!’’
    “wait! what! you did?” Adam forgetting quickly
    turns to his brother, not able to stop the smile
    spreading across his face, Damien nods with
    “oh my wonderfu,l wonderful boy, a medical
    doctor, a residency at the most prestigious
    hospital..oh I knew it, you are my son my brains
    my blood. Come here son give your father a
    hug, I am so proud of you, I must tell your
    mother nudging Adams away he grabs his
    Damien, kissing his face and huging him again
    and again
    “he, hey dad am not a kid anymore, a
    handshake would have been enough” Damien is
    “Nonsense, you are my boy!!’ he hugs him again
    before letting him go. “we must celebrate, what
    do you want son, another car, a better house,
    more money. Hell I would buy you a country if
    you need it’’ a happy father chuckles
    “no I don’t want anything dad..”
    “Nonsense! calling my accountant to get you that
    new Ferrari, the one with the gold plate with your
    name on it, your are a resident doctor son, a fine
    one at that, I am your father so I would do what
    the hell I want to gift my son..oh come drink
    with me lets celebrate” his father is making a
    call and then he goes to the bar to pour a drink,
    Damien shakes his head and stares at his
    “what? You want a kiss too?” Adams is smiling,
    love fills him for this boy
    “Maybe” Damien winks smiling broadly “come
    here big bro, I know you cant resist me”
    laughing they both hug each other
    “I told you so..didn’t I? you are going to be the
    best doctor in the planet brother” Adam ruffles
    his head after placing a kiss to his forehead
    “ yeah I know, thank you for believing in me”
    “ you are my light you know, in this world of
    darkness and the big bad wolf there pouring you
    a drink, you and mother”
    “am sorry about father..I wish I knew how to
    make all this hate he feels for you go away and
    you for him”
    “hey it doesn’t matter. I am made of stone”
    “ Just so you know, it would be okay and I want
    to read one of your published books one day if
    you decide to publish them, they are amazing,
    you better sign me a copy specially and send it
    to me. And promise me you would come visit as
    soon as I leave give me a week to settle and you
    would come, I have to show everyone my
    handsome super amazing big brother, promise
    “Yes captain. I promise. Go, your father wants to
    celebrate with you”
    “ Nah, later. I need to go kiss my sweet beautiful
    mother and tell her and then you and I are going
    to go out and celebrate, just us both. Some
    friends would be meeting us up there, at the
    club. Its going to be fun. Gimme a minute and
    don’t even dare say no”
    “Damien..we can celebrate another day..stay
    with your father, I don’t want him to cry wolf
    “No” he looks to his father “dad, we going out to
    celebrate, don’t wait up, going to meet mum..”
    his father’s protest didn’t deter Damien too.
    Maybe he should have stood his ground, maybe
    if he had none of this would have happened.
    Out in town they drank, they danced, they drank
    and danced again. Damien was happy, he was
    very happy. Even though he didn’t have dreams
    of his own coming true, he was happy that his
    brother was living his own dream.
    Four hours of celebration was all it took for his
    world to come crumbling down. It was already
    past midnight and they were going home, and
    he was driving, he shouldn’t have been but he
    thought he wasn’t stoned and drunk enough..he
    felt fine, he took his eyes off the road for a
    second laughing at what Damien had said and
    how he stood up screaming his lungs out
    enjoying the midnight air through the open roof..
    ‘’Get down D..STOP IT!” he said. he shouldn’t
    have looked away. He didn’t see the truck come
    out of nowhere, swerving and hitting them off the
    road, and off the cliff falling down.
    When he woke up, Damien wasn’t breathing.


    Their last conversations played over again in his
    “You know brother, I think father loves you but
    he doesn’t know how to tell you because he had
    been pretty fxxked up to you all this years and
    right now his heart has been built to not give
    “well..who cares”
    “I do Adams I do, I pray every day that one day I
    would come home and see you both laughing
    and hugging each other and that mother would
    be healthy and strong again and we would be
    that happy family I know you want. I think
    something is wrong with that I am a
    certified resident doctor, I would fix him’’
    Damien laughs taking a gulp of his 6th bottle for
    the night
    “Yeah, while you are at it, fix his brains too, he
    needs a reset, like a computer booth” Adams
    laughs keeping his eyes on the road “ you know,
    you have had enough to drink D, I don’t want
    him to say I took you to get you drunk”
    “ its my happy day I can do what the
    hell I want…I am so happy’’ he screams, Adam
    “besides you took more than 5 bottles, and you
    snorted that coke “
    “because you forced me, making me feel guilty
    for not indulging you and your friends, crazy by
    the way’’
    Damien snorted “Lydia had a fine a-s, whoof!
    she was grinding into me all night.. I swear I
    wanted to finish the party back at home but I
    was so high we did it in the bathroom” he said
    laughing, Adam shakes his head
    ‘’I hope you used protection?”
    “ I may be high but not stupid besides, when
    last did you have some?’’
    “Too long. But I don’t concern myself with girls.
    I have more important things to think of like,
    what to do with my life aside writing”
    Damien drowns his drink, lighting a cigarette, he
    inhales “You are going to be a renowned
    novelist and get a writers grant and be the netk
    J.k Rowlings or some bad a-s author, and then
    you are going to be sought all over the world
    making movies and maybe own your own writing
    firm and movie studio and when you come home
    you are going to have this hot banging wife you
    would sink yourself into and live happily ever
    after. Just don’t wait to fall in love though, I hate
    seeing you alone..” Damien sniffs
    “I am not alone, I have you and mother, “
    “Always and forever?” Damien turns to him
    “Always and forever” Adams ruffles his brothers
    “ And I know even if you don’t admit it to me…
    you love pa.,,and because I know one day all
    this is going to be history I am going to make
    sure even if I grow old and grey, I’ll make sure
    you both feel that love a father and son ought to
    feel, I would make sure of that. Believe that
    “oh don’t dream. There is nothing between me
    and that man”
    “well we shall see about that I would remind you
    of this day when you both are hugging and
    crying and holding each other and asking for
    forgiveness’’ I would remind you.’ ‘
    Adams shook his head, “Yeah, thats like till hell
    freezes over or I see an angel with white
    glorious wings”
    “hmm till then. In the main time I am so fxxking
    high I swear I can fly…wait..I can fly!!” he opens
    the roof of the car, stands on the chair,
    spreading his hands wide and throwing his head
    back he screams “I believe I can flyyyyyy!!!” he
    keeps bellowing going off key with R-kelly’s hit
    song, Adams is laughing and shaking his head,
    the car climbs over a stone he didn’t see and
    that caused Damien to stagger a bit..he wasn’t
    holding on to anything, and they were nearing
    the bend and so he reaches out for his brother,
    tugging at his jeans
    “Hey D..STOP IT!! Get inside..Damien get in and
    sit..C’mon mehn”
    “No!! I am flying baby whooohooo!!’’ he
    screams. Adam was trying to focus on the dark
    road and trying to pull his brother in, he leaned
    in towards him with one hand while the other
    one was on the steer wheel
    ‘’hey D..Stop it get in.. Damien don’t be a d--k
    get in”
    “ I love you Adams, I love you mother..I love
    DOCTOR..WHHOOOOHOOO!!!’’ he screams
    closing his eyes and leaning all the way back..
    “D--N IT DAMIEN GET INTO TH-” and so he
    looks away from the road just briefly to drag his
    brother to sit. He shouldn’t have, a truck
    swerved in from the bend without horning, and it
    was dark and the streets lights were dim…
    He turned back too late, he tried to hold the
    brakes too late, it hits them from the left pushing
    them off the road and over the cliff.
    He literally saw Damien flying off the car and he
    reached out to catch him but he was too far, his
    seat belt was holding him down. The car
    plunged downwards rolling and hitting rocks a
    couple of times. He remembered emptying his
    insides as the car kept rolling and he became
    dizzy, his head hitting the chair before he finally
    passed out calling ‘’DAMIEN!!’’
    When he opened his eyes, bolts of pain shorts
    through his ribs and arms, his head was
    bleeding and the car bag was suffocating him.
    He could hear voices overhead and see the
    dancing lights of the siren from the mirror of the
    car.. but he couldn’t hear his brother’s voice..
    Then he knew why.. Damien was a few feet from
    where the car landed, his skull was broken with
    his brains all spluttered all over the rock he
    landed on.. his eyes where closed and he had
    the smile he had on his face just before they
    began to fall.
    They said he screamed like a mad man when
    they came down for him, they said he wouldn’t
    let go of his brother when he got to him, they
    said he cried for days unending not leaving his
    graveside, they said he tried to take his life
    that’s why he was restrained for weeks.
    What ever they said didn’t prepare him for the
    torment he felt day and night seeing his brother
    with a broken skull and a smile on his face. He
    wondered if he knew, He wondered if he suffered
    or died as soon as he hit hard rock, he would
    have felt better to know if he didn’t suffer.
    Nothing prepared him for the guilt and the anger
    he felt and the agony he was going through, for
    because of him his brother who had a promising
    future died.
    Gerald had become a mad man on hearing the
    news, he had carried a gun to end his life, but
    the police had restrained him telling him it was
    an accident. But he wouldn’t have blamed him,
    not even when he had called him a “Murderer!!!!
    Murderer!! You killed him because you knew he
    was the only important person in my life, my boy
    my boy you killed him” Gerald had broken down
    and cried over his son’s body.,and when he had
    looked back up all the hatred and anger he felt
    towards him intensified. Adam could literally see
    it take form
    “I am sorry I am sorry I didn’t see the truck I
    didn’t..i didn’t” Adam fell to his knees and cried.
    Gerald couldn’t arrest him because he couldn’t
    prove it in court that he had killed his brother,
    oh he tried, but the truck driver came forward,
    he had bad brakes and his tyres had punctured
    due to the spikes he ran over. He served a
    couple of months in prison for negligence and
    then he was freed.
    It was an accident.

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    Soft Work
    Soft Work

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    Gerald never forgive him and he never forgive
    himself. He never could bear the hurt in his
    mother’s eyes when she screamed into his
    shoulders and cried for her boy. And then she
    gets a stroke, which paralyzed her .
    His father wanted him out. Ordered him out but
    he couldn’t leave his mother, she was alone. His
    father drank more, cursed more, going back to
    the way he was and worse before Damien
    arrived. His mother’s grief was silent but yet
    loud. He couldn’t take her away because his
    father wouldn’t let him, and he couldn’t leave
    her alone even though his father wanted to kill
    him .
    So he fought him.
    Their hate for each other was unparalleled,
    Gerald took one look at him and went into a fit of
    rage and a slew of curses flew from his tongue.
    He only tolerated him because his sick wife, his
    mother didn’t want anyone else to take care of
    her and wanted her only son to be by her side.
    Adam stayed just because of his mother, he
    knew if there was any chance of him and his
    father ever having a cordial relationship, it went
    away the day Damien died.
    Its being 5 years but the scar was an open
    wound that refused to heal, constantly widening
    like an open sea drowning him in.
    Going ahead to become a self acclaimed novelist
    and written a book or two, his sadness made
    him a lonely man, even his books and writing
    didn’t give him peace and whenever he shuts his
    eyes he saw Damien smiling at him and
    screaming “ I am flying brother”
    “I wish, I had flown with you or better still I wish
    you were here and I would gladly have taken
    your place” Adam stood at his grave, placing a
    flower there he sighed “I miss you brother so
    much, mother too. Even the old bat does too. I
    am so sorry”’ he cried.
    Its being five long years and nothing had
    changed. Nothing .
    His father still hated him worse than he had ever
    done, and he shared the same sentiments, he
    wanted to go far away.. but he couldn’t. His
    mother was the only family he had left and she
    was sick and needed care.
    The doctors had told them to take her to the
    elder-lies home but she had refused, he too
    didn’t want her to go away from him. Gerald
    spent less and less time at home and wouldn’t
    have cared either way but he didn’t push when
    she said she didn’t want to go to any hospital or
    any old people’s home and if she had to die she
    would die in her house.
    The only other solution was to get a stay-in
    nurse to look after her. In the space of 6 months
    12 nurses had come and left in a few days or
    Either they couldn’t cope with the demands of
    his mother or they couldn’t stand the heat of
    him and his father’s quarrels which could
    literally burn anyone that tried to come between
    them. He didn’t blame them.. he too sometimes
    had to go away for days to cool off, hoping by
    the time he was back his father had gone for one
    of his many trips.
    He was sure the hospital were tired of sending
    them new nurses every now and then.
    The money his father was paying to them was
    fat, but sometimes peace of mind and a sane
    environment was better than a few thousands in
    one’s pocket. No wonder they all left the minute
    Gerald or him transferred their aggression on
    And he hoped that the nurses too would take a
    hint and stay out of their business and face their
    job, he wanted someone to take care of his
    mother not play advocate for him and his father.
    he knew his mother tried to make them do it,
    tried to make them get him and his father to
    come talk to her together but it always ends up
    backfiring or getting any of the nurses .
    Adam sighed as he stared at his brother’s grave
    “I wish you were here brother.. I didn’t get to tell
    you I love you that day, I hope you know I do”
    The only light in his little darkness was his
    mother and he was not going to let it go out, if it
    did he would die..literally a thousand more
    deaths than the one he did when Damien did.
    Marybeth drops down from the cab that took her
    to her new residence of work. She whistled
    seeing the huge mansion facing her.. “D--n!! I
    guess this people must be totally loaded” she
    says to herself
    It took a while before securities let her in after
    going through credentials and needed info
    “crap I am just a nurse and you are searching
    me and asking me so many questions as though
    I am a sister to Bin Laden” she snaps
    “sorry ma”am, just needed precaution” the
    security tells her
    “well I would understand if whoever owns this
    place was a mayor or something. I mean come
    on that’s my lipstick and don’t touch my
    panties” she slaps his hands away from
    touching her underwear as she grabs her red
    lipstick from him “really?” she looks at him
    “sorry ma’am, go right ahead”
    “thank you”!! she replies walking in
    “I hope she doesn’t run away like the others,
    that house is a war zone when the boss and his
    son are around. Hate to be in her shoes..” she
    overhears him talking to his buddy. She didn’t
    stand to listen to his reply.
    The butler ushers her in and shows her into her
    room, then he takes her to go see the lady of the
    house, as she realized she is called
    “So, who is the boss of this sweet place?” she
    tries to make small talk with the butler who
    didn’t look as though he knew how to smile, he
    was cold just like the house. Despite how
    beautiful it was, it still lacked that warmth of a
    “MR Pope is the master of the house ma’am and
    he has a son, Mr Adams, it would be best you
    stay clear from both of them if you want to work
    here. That advice is free.” he says
    “Really?” she scoffs “why is that..are they like
    the zombies, pray tell ?”
    “Your humor is not welcomed here ma’am’’ he
    frowns, knocking twice before opening a door, to
    reveal a woman, who looked small and frail on
    the bed, staring into nothing but dancing candles
    on the wall
    “Miss Stowe, this is Mrs Thelma Pope, the lady
    of the house and she is the one to which you are
    to render your services to as an in-nurse. All
    you need to know about her health I believe you
    would have been briefed at the hospital and if
    you require any information please go through
    her charts by her foot head. Anything else,
    please do let me know. I must warn you…
    patience is a necessity but she is quite a lovely
    woman when she is herself” and with that he
    Marybeth walks to her, she didn’t move nor
    acknowledge as though she realized someone
    had walked into the room, she sits down beside
    her and carefully takes her hands and holds it
    “Hello Thelma, is it okay if I call you Thelma? My
    name is Marybeth Stowe, your new nurse, but
    you can call me Marybeth?” she said, rubbing
    her palm
    Slowly thelma’s eyes shifts away from the wall
    and focuses on her
    “Yes ..that’s it. Hello ?”” Marybeth says
    “Who are you?”
    “ I am here to take care of you Mrs Pope, is that
    “ It doesn’t matter.. you would soon leave just
    like the others. You know, he doesn’t come to
    visit me or check on me.. and the other one, his
    eyes are so sad, so sad when he reads to
    “ Who is he Thelma “?
    “Gerald.. he is away again isn’t he? And
    Adam..Adam is so quiet so sad.. Damien, oh my
    sweet boy..” she said
    The boss and the Son ok, but who was Damien?
    the butler didn’t mention any Damien. Was this
    woman crazy? Marybeth wondered, they told her
    she was coming to help a woman who had
    stroke and had been bed ridden for years, they
    didn’t tell her she was coming to play shrink to
    a woman who has gone COO-COO!!’
    Then she heard their voices, bitter and angry and
    glass shattering.
    “what the hell?” she mutters
    “Again..they are at it again.” the woman sobs
    “make them stop please, Damien doesn’t like
    them fighting”
    What the hell did she just walk into?
    “I am sorry, if your family are having issues I
    best stay out of it. That’s not why I am here’’
    “please..” she sobs
    Sighing Marybeth stepped out . She shouldn’t
    have. She shouldn’t have listened
    “Who the hell are you?” The younger man
    thunders her way when she came into view,
    She looks up to see the coldest pairs of eyes
    she had ever seen
    “Stowe, Marybeth stowe. The Nurse’’
    “Get out from my sight, even your presence
    makes me feel sick” it was the older man who
    Her mother used to say her stubbornness and
    sharp mouth would put her in trouble one day,
    she just never knew when.
    “I would appreciate it if you don’t talk to me that
    way Mr” she says
    “And please you both should keep your voices
    down because Mrs Thelma needs peace not two
    grown men bailing at each other’’
    And with that she turned and left the men staring
    at her shocked.


    Adam is surprisingly taken aback by the
    reproach of the supposed nurse, but it seems
    his father..or rather Gerald , seems to be more
    “Who the hell does she think she is to talk to me
    like that?” Gerald shouts
    Adam turns to his father , “Oh! Now you want to
    have a cat fight with a woman nice
    Gerald” he hisses
    Focusing back on him Gerald snarls “Soon your
    presence here would be nothing but dust, your
    mother is the only one stopping me from using a
    crowbar on you..b-----d” Gerald comes closer
    “You know we don’t have to keep doing this
    because I am quite tired of this back and forth. I
    would take her with me if you are tired of seeing
    her face. Like when last did you go in and sit
    and talk to her like the loving husband you claim
    to be. When last did you hold her hands and let
    her feel your presence? Instead you are busy not
    caring, which is what you are good at..why are
    you even here? Why did you come back eh..I
    thought you would be away for another 6
    months atleast” Adam retorts
    “She is my wife and you would not take her
    away from me nor from my house and my
    relationship with my wife is my
    business and you have no right to tell me when I
    come and go in my very own home boy!”
    “Don’t do that..don’t call me boy. I am not that
    weak little boy you think you knew, I have a
    name and I would appreciate if you call me that.
    I am a man Gerald and I am not scared of you,
    never have and never will” Adam replies
    “I would call you whatever the hell I want boy!
    Oh you are still the little boy who is seeking to
    be loved but there is no love here for you..not in
    this house. A man? I made you what little you
    are, it’s my money that gave you cloths on your
    back and shoes on your feet. I made you BOY!!
    And I can break you, you spawn from the bin. took my precious little boy away from
    me and you are standing here with no shame or
    remorse…why don’t you just go away and
    die..why do you keep tormenting me with your
    presence, you can never take his place..because
    Damien is irreplaceable. You killed him and I
    swear to God that you suffer immensely, leave
    my house ..leave my wife and go into oblivion.
    You are not needed here. Your presence reeks of
    death, you mean nothing to me ..NOTHING !”
    That struck a chord, the strings of his heart
    pulled, he blinked once and then again
    “That was a bloody accident, when would you let
    that go? You are wrong are wrong. I
    loved him as much as you did if not more. You
    have no right to make me feel this way
    “Then leave. LEAVE!!!’’ Gerald thunders, his
    anger visible
    “We don’t have to see and speak to each other, I
    don’t live in your house Gerald, I stay in the
    cottage ..I only come into the house to see
    mother and not even your anger and outburst
    can keep me away, I have the right to see my
    mother and besides you are never around for
    her. I would not deprive her of love and comfort
    just because you are too bitter to come down
    from your arrogant and high horse and see, there
    is a sick woman in there whom you promised
    forever, in sickness and in health, it doesn’t look
    as if you are keeping up your end of the bargain.
    But you would be laughable to think I would not
    live up to one as her son” Adam’s voice
    matches his, they are both staring angrily at
    “Get out from my face boy” his father threatens
    “Gladly” and with that Adam walks off down the
    hall and out the door, he would come see his
    mother later at night when his father was asleep.
    “Damnit!!’ he swore ,
    He was tired, tired of it all.
    The pain was too much to bear, the fights were
    He needed a drink..something strong to forget
    about the nightmares when he closes his eyes.


    Marybeth had managed to bath and clean Thelma
    up, and feed her food that the chef had brought
    up, it took awhile because she was refusing to
    eat, but she treated her as she would treat a
    child..with patience.
    Done with that she gave her, her drugs and then
    realizing that the noise coming from the outer
    room wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, she
    puts on the TV to distract the woman from
    constantly turning her eyes to the door. Was it
    from fear or from…anxiety. She couldn’t tell
    “There there Thelma, there there’’ she holds her
    hands and sooths her, rubbing her hands to
    calm her down
    “What do you want..tell me Thelma, you want to
    watch something, a series maybe..or listen to
    music, some old Ballard? I am sure you would
    love it. Or should I tell you a story? Oh a would love that won’t you?” Thelma’s
    eyes leaves the door and focuses on Marytbeth’s
    face and then she nods,
    “A story would be nice, he reads me one every
    night..” she says. She had the sweetest voice for
    an elderly woman, Marybeth was slightly jealous,
    when she smiled, it captures her beautiful face
    ridden with wrinkles and lines and bags under
    her eyes. Thelma Pope was a beautiful woman
    when she was younger and had the lights in her
    eyes, Marybeth concluded, she wondered what
    would have taken it out.
    “oh really..which of them? The one who looked
    as though he was going to shout my head off
    my shoulders or the one who looked even
    Thelma laughs, that silent chuckle “I like you..”
    she tells Marybeth. For a moment there Thelma
    focuses her eyes right on Marybeth’s, as if she
    was just seeing her for the first time, and then
    that focus was gone
    “So I should tell you a story..what would it be?”
    Marybeth scratches her head, she knew
    children’s stories but she couldn’t tell her those,
    she was sick not a child. Looking around the
    room she saw books laying on the floor,
    “Fallen Embers…erm Unloved… Hope..” why did
    these books all sound sad to her, wasn’t there
    anything cheerful, seeing another she grabs it ,
    “ is one, reaching for stars, why don’t I
    read this to you Thelma yes?” she sits
    comfortably on the chair and flips the book open
    ‘’Yes..I like stars” Thelma says
    “As do I” then she began to read


    Gerald storms into the room, startling his wife
    and the woman beside her, with a stride he
    closes the distance between him and the woman
    coming face to face with her, dropping the book
    Marybeth stares up at him to meet his cold eyes
    “ I need you out of here by tomorrow” he says,
    he was not a simple man and what he hated the
    most was to be disrespected by anyone much
    less someone who worked directly or indirectly
    for him, and he won’t have Adams make
    mockery of his authority, but because of his wife
    he had to tolerate it, however he won’t have a
    nurse disrespect him not when he can do
    something about it.
    “Do you mind to tell me why..Sir Gerald is it?”
    she answers him calmly, risking a look at
    Thelma who wasn’t doing fantastic at the
    moment, visible tears glistens her eyes
    “You are disrespectful and I won’t have that in
    my house and won’t have that close to my wife”
    he thunders
    “Very well sire, but if you are very concerned
    about your wife who is obviously scared of your
    tantrum by the way, you would have gone to her
    first..instead you come to me directly to show
    your displeasure, which is a given. But I do
    believe I was employed to take care of your wife
    and which means I am meant to put her and her
    health first but you and ..I believe your son—
    “He is no son of mine” he cuts her abruptly
    taking another step closer, he said it with so
    much anger she thought his veins were going to
    pop out and a vein might cut, deciding to leave
    the “why isn’t he your son, because the butler
    rightly told me he was your son so why isn’t he
    your son” question at the tips of her tongue for
    another day.
    Yes her mother knew her well, her tongue was
    hot and her mouth was sharp. But today she
    would be the obedient daughter, she manages a
    “Right..You and that man seemed to be making
    my patient here very uncomfortable and that is
    not good for a woman in her state’’
    “You would not tell me how to take care of my
    wife and about her health, I very well know–”
    “No? I am sorry sir but do you know the
    symptoms of paralysis?’’ she cuts him “let me
    tell you; your wife will have changes in mood,
    personality or behavior, clumsiness, confusion or
    loss of consciousness for even a brief moment,
    oh and there is difficulty with memory and
    sometimes evident loss of one, then thinking,
    talking and comprehension might be a problem
    and sometimes you have to talk to her as you
    would a child, with patience. And writing and
    reading is another matter. what about know what drooling is right?
    Literally she would have spittle coming out of
    her mouth and may or may not need beeps, like
    the ones you wear babies when you are feeding
    them, and what about numbness, constipation,
    diarrhea, oh there is fever, hearing loss, problem
    with her vision, nausea with or without vomiting,
    pain, rash, severe headache, breathing problems,
    change in mental status..which means at most
    times she may or may not be coherent or as
    someone who isn’t at touch with this world, you
    know delirium, lethargy, hallucinations and
    delusions, and oh not forgetting—
    “Enough. ENOUGH!!!’’ he thunders, his frown
    deepening but his eyes wavered a bit resting on
    his wife and back at her
    Good, maybe he wasn’t ever told the sufferings
    of his wife. What sort of man who didn’t care to
    “Sir, you may want me out by tomorrow and I
    would leave. But for someone who claims to
    care about his wife don’t you think you need to
    put aside your anger towards me for bruising
    your ego and put your wife first, because she
    needs care and attention and I don’t see how
    your bickering with your so—
    He gave her that cold look again.
    “I mean that man would help her. She needs
    peace, love,support and care. I am a nurse sir,
    and I have worked with so many patients, and I
    was told in the hospital that there were a
    number of nurses who came and didn’t stay and
    I don’t know what the reason is and neither do I
    care. I was sent here to do a job and I intend to
    do my job ,and I am sorry I won’t let anyone
    jeopardize my work and the life of my patient sir,
    even if he is my boss and the one footing my
    payment bills and if sir you have a problem with
    that I would call the hospital and tell them to get
    me another job and I would be out of here by
    morning, but if anything does happen to your
    wife due to lack of proper would be on
    you and your over-sized ego..SIR!!’’ she said
    with all calmness. She was intent to drive home
    a point. She didn’t blink not when his cold eyes
    turned to ice or was it lasers and looked as
    though he could fire her up if he could. Or
    maybe he would just slap her and kick her out
    She hopes he doesn’t. the silence was
    deafening..and without saying another word he
    turns and began walking away but he stops at
    the door
    “I don’t like you..Nurse. Today you stay, and do
    your job. The next time you as much as
    disrespect me or talk to me that way again..I
    don’t care if you are helping my wife, I would
    have you out of here falling on your a-s you
    would regret stepping into my house and I would
    make sure you don’t have another nurse
    working permit for a long time’’ and with that he
    slams the door shut, Marybeth blinks.
    Rude!! And he still didn’t even go to his wife..
    “Thelma, its okay it’s okay. The big bad wolf has
    gone to his cave. You are safe” she says going
    to Thelma whose silent tears had soaked her
    face, she takes a towel and wipes her eyes,
    holding her hands she calms her down cooing
    her softly
    “He is angry, he always gets angry..and it hurts
    it hurts” Thelma shakes her head from side to
    “Sssshh it’s okay Thelma, it’s okay. Nurse
    Marybeth is here and I promise I would give him
    hell” Marybeth says smiling
    “y-you will?” she sniffs , Marybeth smiles
    ‘’Oh yeah.!!.”
    Thelma chuckles.
    That’s it Thelma, that’s it. Smile..laugh. Laughter
    is a good medicine. You seem to not have had
    that in your life for a long time.
    She keeps talking to her and then slowly Thelma

    drifts off to sleep, Marybeth stays with her
    intending to leave when she is sure she doesn’t
    wake up or is in need of anything in the night.
    She makes herself comfortable in the chair and
    continues reading the book to pass time.


    Adam walked into the house by midnight, it was
    cold, dark and safe for the light leading into the
    hall way.
    “Do you need me to get you anything sir?” The
    butler opens the door for him wearing a robe,
    Adam shakes his head
    “Go to sleep Richard, I just want to see my
    mother” Adam says tapping him by his
    shoulders and leaves him by the door.
    He opens the door to find the room dark safe for
    a bedside lamb showing a dim light, he goes to
    her bed and sits down, staring down at her, a
    sad smile on his face
    “Hello mother, I am sorry I didn’t come to see
    you earlier before you slept and didn’t read you
    to sleep. I miss you mum, I miss your smiles
    and laugher, I miss when you were strong and
    healthy. I miss when we were happy, you, me,
    Damien” he blinks away threatening tears
    “I know its my fault, I know its my fault. I took
    away your son, I was driving that car mom and I
    wish I was the one who died. This pain…this
    pain is my hell and it’s a well deserved hell. I
    am sorry mother.. I wish I could make all your
    hurts go away and pain too..I wish I could” he
    cries into her hair , holding her hands he
    doesn’t let go..


    Marybeth finds him there in the morning, his
    hands tightly gripping Thelma’s and dried tears
    on his face. She stares down at him wondering
    why a grown a-s man like him would have to
    cry. Maybe because his mother was in this state.
    Thelma was fast asleep but she figured she must
    have woken up in the middle of the night and
    finding him there beside her she placed her
    hands on his head and went back to sleep, a
    simple but motherly loving gesture.
    He seemed peaceful as he slept, part of his hair
    covered his eyes, without thinking she brushes it
    away carefully to find really long lashes. Last
    night the man who stared at her with equally
    cold eyes like Sir Gerald’s didn’t look so mean
    Bending low she continues to stare down at him
    , sadly he was a handsome man, a cold-eyed-
    handsome man, she chuckles, how she hated
    those types.
    What would happen if she flicked his nose and
    wakes him up. He was in the way of her job at
    the moment and she had to wake Thelma up to
    bath and clean her, give her drugs, massage her
    a bit, feed her and make sure she is as
    comfortable as a queen and this cry baby was
    pressing her with his big head..okay with his
    handsome big head.. that hair though..running-
    hands-through-it-worthy, she smiles.
    Raising her hand up, still close to him she
    makes her fingers into a rock star sign showing
    a hole on the side, ready to flick his nose awake
    and move out of the way before he sees her..
    A second before she releases her finger to his
    nose, his eyes suddenly flew open, to stare face
    to face with Marybeth who is a few air spaces
    from his face. With shock she yelps backing
    away and almost falling backwards, he reaches
    out standing and grabs her pulling her back with
    force preventing her from falling over the stool
    and hitting her head.
    That movement propels her forward and lands
    on his chest, face to face with him.
    “Oops!! Wow such reflexes there Mr—
    “Are you mad?” he thunders , up close his eyes
    were a dull beautiful grey,
    ‘’Wait what..what did I do?”
    ‘’Next time be conscious of what’s behind you,
    for a nurse you are quite clumsy” he spat
    “Look here—
    He pushes her away from him and walks out
    leaving her staring at him, she scoffs frowning
    ‘’Are all the men in this house arrogant jerks??’’
    she wonders

    Thelma stirs..
    “who is there?” she opens her eyes.
    “Its Nurse Marybeth Thelma, do you remember
    me?” she goes to her


     ‘’Goodmorning Mr Adam’’ Richard says to him
    as Adam comes into the kitchen, showered.
    “Morning Richard, and how many times have I
    told you to quit putting the Mr when you call me,
    I am old enough to be your son Richard”
    ‘’Your family is paying the bills Sir, “
    ‘’It doesn’t matter none Richard”
    Richard nods, Adam has always been humble
    and selfless, but it won’t mean he should listen
    to him.
    “Goodmorning Sir, would you have breakfast
    now?” Meredith, the chef comes into the kitchen
    carrying fresh baked bread, stuffed cooked
    chicken and baked beans
    “Sure, it depends. Is the old Bat around? I don’t
    want to have to puke all over his face when he
    starts with his baseless talks’’ Adam takes a
    seat, thanking Richard with a nod when he
    hands him a mug of coffee
    Meredith and Richard smiled, being in the family
    for a couple of years they too had had their own
    fair share of the constant banter between father
    and son, not knowing the bone of contention
    between them other than they shared a level of
    hatred towards each other and as the years went
    by, the intense it got. They had long concluded
    that it was more than just father and son
    squabbles, this hatred ran deep and the one
    thing they could come up with as the cause of
    their hatred towards each other was the fact that
    in August, 5 years ago , The Popes had lost their
    son, and Adam was driving. It was an accident,
    police closed the case. It made Mrs Pope sicker
    unpon hearing the news, she got paralyzed from
    the shock and trauma, bed ridden for that long,
    sometimes coherent and other times not. And
    Gerald, he was a different matter, he called his
    son a Murderer amongst other things and
    another was a B-----d, and they too never
    understood why. They tried as much as possible
    to stay out of their fights, those who came
    between them lived to regret it. Like they say, if
    you can’t stand the heat, don’t stand close to
    the fire
    “He hasn’t come down yet Sir” Meredith sets to
    setting the table for him
    “Oh, nice. At least I would have peace for
    another hour or so, see mother and go back to
    the cottage before he comes down crying wolf”
    Adam says delving into the plate of food before
    ‘’You shouldn’t talk about your father that way”
    Marybeth says coming into the kitchen, she
    notices his shoulder tense
    Oh crap Marybeth, don’t you just don’t shut up!!
    She chides herself
    “I see you just like to butt in during discussions
    ‘’Its Marybeth Sto–
    “I really don’t care Miss Stowe!!’’
    Oh so he did rememeber her last name. Nice
    retentive memory for a rude man
    ‘’I wasn’t butting in, I came into the kitchen to
    have breakfast, I was told I would be fed while I
    am working here and I happened to overhear
    you calling your father a Wolf, that isn’t a nice
    thing to say you know… I mean he is your father
    is it not and—
    “Do you say everything you think , I mean do
    you actually just shut up and see that not
    everyone is interested in what’s coming out of
    your mouth Miss Stowe” Adam sounded
    So despite having to deal with his annoying
    father he now has to deal with a nurse who is
    despicably annoying and good at butting in when
    she isn’t needed. What? He won’t be surprised if
    she and Gerald were related. Speaking of
    surprises, He was surprised that she was still
    here. Gerald never allows strangers or workers
    raise their voice at him and she had definitely
    touched a chord when she told both of them to
    shut up, literally last night. He figured by now
    she would have been kicked out and another
    replacement on their way. It was always usually
    the case.
    ‘’That was really quite rude, I was just saying
    “Again don’t think. Stop talking please. I am
    trying to enjoy a little peace and silence.” Adam
    cuts her, she was ready to reply with a hot
    retorts on her lips, but her eyes catches
    movement, it’s the Butler shaking his head and
    mouthing “Don’t!!’’
    What, were everyone meant to be quiet and act
    stupid and submissive in this house because
    they work here. Can’t someone tell them they
    are wrong when they are.
    Oh Mr, I am not one of your usual nurses nor
    intend to be a gullible stupid worker under your
    roof, you spew bullshit to my face and if it hurts
    my feelings, I would spit fire. She says to herself
    But today, she would live to fight another day.
    She was hungry and she hadn’t had a decent
    meal for hours
    There is a brief silence as the Meredith places a
    plate of food infront of Marybeth and gives her a
    smile, Marybeth manages a ‘thank you’.
    Putting food into her mouth, she moans “Oh my
    God this is pure heaven ma’am” she says
    Meredith laughs ‘’Please call me Meredith,
    Marybeth is it?’’
    Marybeth nods “ Yes. Marybeth Stowe in the
    flesh, only child of my parents, God bless their
    poor souls”
    ‘’Oh dear, how sad. I am so sorry” Meredith
    places a hand over Marybeth’s
    Marybeth smiles at her ‘’Thank you, it’s been a
    couple of years now so it’s okay.”
    “How did they die?” Richard sits beside her,
    Meredith takes the other chair and Adam was
    wondering at what point did it become a pity
    party, his food suddenly becomes stale in his
    mouth. What was she, some ‘’Child seeking
    attention? It was making his tummy turn
    “Mum died of cancer and dad, his dear old heart
    couldn’t handle the void and he went soon after
    her. You see, they gave birth to me at a very old
    age so, by 18 years old I was on my own, doing
    two to three jobs trying to make ends meet,
    surviving to go through school and I was lucky I
    finished, got into nursing school. But I have
    been on my own though, then when I got the
    call to come to the Pope’s residence for an in-
    nurse services I took it because it’s a case I am
    quite familiar with, 4 years and counting in
    Adam rolls his eyes, why was he still sitting here
    and listening to her boring story
    “Aww you are a fighter Marybeth. Not many girls
    are like you, an orphan and still fighting and
    pushing. It’s commendable” Meredith smiles
    “My daughter should be your age, she is
    studying Tech and Mech out in the county”
    ‘’Oh Really, how nice. I am sure she would be
    Adam clears his throat, “When you all are done
    with your pity party can you send something for
    mother to eat?’’
    “she has already had breakfast” Marybeth talks
    between mouthfuls
    “I wasn’t talking to you”
    ‘’Well I was just trying to answer your question’’
    “Well.. you shouldn’t speak when not spoken to”
    he attacks her
    “And you shouldn’t talk down at someone just
    because you live in a big house and you think
    you are lord”
    “Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me
    that way?” he frowns turning to her, Meredith
    and Richard exchange glances
    “Oh jezz, is that what the trump card the men in
    this house use ‘who the hell do I think I am blab
    la bla’? I am no one obviously but I would not
    be talked down , shouted on neither would I be
    bullied into submission just because you live in
    a fancy house and your father is master”
    ‘’Don’t call him my father” he leans into her,
    anger flashes in his eyes
    “Well seems both of you are good at denying
    obviously. And I am curious as to why is that”
    she replies
    He stares at her with hard eyes “That’s none of
    your business”
    ‘’Ofcourse it’s not. But if you don’t want it to be
    anybody’s business, then you both had better
    stop waving it for the whole world to see, I mean
    he didn’t waste time to say it last night and
    neither are you right now!!’’
    ‘’if you know what is good for you, you would do
    what you are here for and which is to take care
    of my mother and then you stay out of my face”
    with that he gets up and leaves, his muscles
    Arrogant and Rude!! She concluds
    “Phew!! How do you guys manage with two hot
    blooded men in this house. No wonder Mrs
    Thelma gets panicky, all through last night with
    their voices raised she was having those scared
    looks and her face was a mask of everything
    inbetween and it just screamed wrong. If I were
    her, I would definitely run out of my mind too”
    she shakes her head
    “should I give you an advice? I think you are a
    nice girl but it would be better for you to not
    provoke the Mr’s of the house. Adam may not
    be as hot temptered like his father but when he
    gets angry it matches Geralds, and Gerald is
    worse. So just take care of the Mrs and stay off
    their business, I would hate to see you out on
    the streets before you can blink and they would
    take it up with the hospital not to give you
    another recommendation letter, trust me I know.”
    “What?’’ Marybeth could not believe her ears


    A furious Gerald slams the door to Damien’s
    room shut, causing a frame hanging beside the
    wardrobe to drop, shattering. He goes to the
    table ignoring the frame and leans on it, his
    veins popping out and his anger evident in his
    red eyes, his chest heaving madly.
    ‘’B-----d!!! He wants to take everything about
    you away from me Damien, even your little
    memory he wants to soil it with his presence.
    He took you from me my son, if only you had
    listened to me from day one you would have
    been here with me, enjoying all of this with me,
    maybe he would have been the one at the
    bottom of the cliff dead instead of you. If only
    your mother hadn’t done what she did that boy
    wouldn’t have come into our lives..and when he
    did come, she refused to kill him in her womb,
    she refused and let that evil boy be born,
    causing a rift between us. So many times I
    wanted to ignore her pleas and beat him to his
    death, or kick him out in the cold so he freezes
    to death. So many times I wanted to get rid of
    him, signing the adoption forms so he would be
    taken away from us but your mother..your
    mother refused letting him stay, fighting for him
    to stay..
    He sniffs “ How could I allow him..that boy be a
    part of me, how? All he has brought is nothing
    but bad luck, bad omen and pains to this family.
    If your mother had listened to me my sweet
    Damien, you would have been here. And you
    would have been, happy, a doctor, now all this is
    just an empty room, void of your laughter and
    warmth. You were my light and now that you are
    gone all I feel is pain and darkness and anger
    and hatred for that boy that took you away from
    me. I am so sorry I couldn’t make him pay..but
    that thing he so desires, he would never have it.
    I promise you Damien. I hate him so much
    sometimes I want to d--n the consequences
    and run him over. At least with him dead I
    would have peace. But Thelma won’t let me. She
    judges me you know with her eyes, watching me
    as I fight with him, and she blames me. But she
    is wrong, she is at fault. She is. She —“
    He sniffs into his hands “I can never forgive her
    and I can never stop hating that boy. Especially
    for taking away my only joy, my little miracle in
    this pain. I would never forgive him. Now, I have
    nothing but a dark hole in my heart and not a
    space for love, even for your mother. Maybe I
    am just counting the days before she goes, for I
    will give her that tiny respect because she gave
    me you, but when she is gone, then I would do
    what I want to that boy. No one would stop me
    and he won’t use the court as reason. Never
    “Sir?” Meredith knocks on the door “You have a
    Gerald cleans his eyes and then opens the door,”
    I would take it in my study, tell Richard to let the
    cleaners come in here to clean out the mess and
    then lock it up. I don’t want anyone in here and
    if I see anyone besides me or the helps, you
    can kiss your job goodbye” and with that he
    grabs the phone she must have picked up when
    it rang bringing it to him
    ‘’Yes Mr Senator, how are you?’’ she hears him
    in his study a few feet away from Damien’s
    room. Looking at the broken frames she goes to
    get the broom to clean it up, no need to worry
    some maid.
    Who did he think he was to save her and then
    make her feel like s--t. Did she ask him? Did
    she beg him? She was going to handle the
    When? Her mind pricks her
    It doesn’t matter, she was at the verge of
    handling it, about that moment when he told her
    to get out of his house she was going to call his
    bluff to his face
    Okay maybe she didn’t have it covered but it
    didn’t mean he had to step in and then make her
    feel like a fool, she didn’t ask for his help, such
    an arrogant big head, who does he think he is
    Adam Pope!!! Her other-self says
    Thank you, you are really quite helpful now get
    lost, she rolls her eyes
    Your mother was right, your mouth would get
    you into trouble one day, now it looks as though
    your legs have too.
    Oh shut up!!!
    “Why are you talking to yourself?”’ Richard
    appears behind her, her room door was open,
    she was packing her things
    “I wasn’t” she says, the raised eyebrow he gave
    her made her give a silly smile in return shaking
    her head
    “Habit. Don’t you have those little voices in your
    head that keeps chiding you back and forth?”
    He shakes his head
    You are officially crazy Marybeth, even he thinks
    so too
    “You are doing it again” he tells her, worry
    crossing his forehead
    “Argh don’t mind me. Lead the way” she tells
    him “So where is Mr Gerald, I feel I should
    apologize to him for..the room. And by the way,
    what’s the big deal with the room, why was he
    so upset, why were both of them at each other’s
    throat because of a room, are they that
    possessive? Which of them is a doctor, I wonder
    with their stony hearts they can care for another
    I mean—
    “Miss Stowe, I am afraid the rest of your days
    here won’t be a pleasant one. In one day you
    have managed to infuriate the men of the house
    twice, and I don’t think the third strike you would
    be lucky. Stop being curious, you do know that’s
    what killed the cat?”
    “But I am no cat!!’’ she frowns
    “Exactly! you should be more sensible. Stay out
    of the Pope’s business and you would be fine. I
    would take you to the cottage, Mr Gerald doesn’t
    want you in this side of the house, he has only
    allowed your access into the house to be
    restricted to the kitchen and Mrs Thelma’s
    “Argh if not for he simple fact that I need the
    money I would have told them to shove it into
    their a-s and leave right now. What did he think,
    coming to my rescue and talking to me like that”
    Richard laughs “Oh dear Miss Stowe you are
    quite the stubborn character, I would miss you
    when you leave”
    “Sometimes, I have been called worse’’ she
    “You got under their skin, but don’t get
    comfortable. You are like weed, you would be
    mowed out without anyone batting an eye” And
    with that he leads her out of the house, down
    the garden , off the left side of the pool until they
    got to the cottage, then he knocks, smiling at her
    he walks away leaving her standing at the door.
    Damnit!!!! Adam swore again when he saw who
    was standing at the door. Why in the Lord’s
    name did he say what he said in there.
    He didn’t say it to save her and keep her job, he
    did it because his mother needed a nurse who
    would stay and care for her not random faces
    who came and left
    Okay he did it because she seem to be someone
    other than him his father wasn’t happy about
    being around , and that made him want to defile
    his orders even more. At least the girl on her
    own was a walking time bomb, with a mouth
    that was loose, and the way she never backs
    down for a fight was admirable, even the way
    she attacked him in the kitchen and was going
    to attack his father even when his claws and
    fangs were all out, the scene almost made him
    laugh until his father thought he sent her.
    He would never send a cat to a lion fight.
    He is staring at her from the door, she couldn’t
    see him but he could see her fully.
    Yes!! Let her sweat it out a bit.
    He leaves the door and goes into his room, pops
    on the chair and then puts on the Tv, turning to
    Netflix to watch anything that looked important,
    when he was done then he would go and let her
    She looked like trouble, maybe the sun out there
    would cool her hot-hotheadedness.

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    Soft Work
    Soft Work

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    He had fallen asleep only to be woken up by a
    glass of cold water to his face, shaking the water
    out of his eyes in shock he is startled, abruptly
    sitting up, wiping his eyes he sees her standing
    over him, anger flashes in her eyes
    It was no longer midday, it was dark outside.
    He slept off and left her outside.
    But what the hell? She came in to his house and
    dared to bath him with cold water from… he
    looks at his see- through fridge.
    He stands up, his jaw flexing as he moves
    closer to her,
    Marybeth swallows as she moves backwards.
    Okay this wasn’t a very good idea when she
    thought about it.
    When Richard had left her, she had been
    standing there for hours, sitting on the pavement
    after knocking on the door and no answer. Going
    back in to the house to check on Thelma and
    care for her, she couldn’t stay there more than
    necessary, going to the kitchen to eat she had
    left there almost immediately because she was
    asked to leave so that Mr Gerald doesn’t come
    down roaring and take out his anger on her and
    on others, she had come back to the cottage and
    kept knocking. It was late now and still the fool
    who she knew was around because Richard had
    told her he was, and the security said he hadn’t
    left the compound didn’t open up for her.
    Which meant he was in there and ignoring her.
    And Richard had stopped her from going in
    without being invited. Something about Adam’s
    temper. Well she had a temper too.
    Tired of sitting on the pavement, sweaty, hot and
    fatigued and her soft butts hurting she had
    thought to kick in the door, but her legs were
    made for tans not for kicking down doors, then
    she had thought of screaming out his name and
    then again, they would throw her out for
    disturbing the peace, then she thought of just
    inviting herself in.
    And when she sees him, give him a piece of her
    mind. If he didn’t want her in his cottage then
    why did he open his mouth to challenge his
    father only to ignore her.
    Reaching for the door she had realized it was
    open all along,
    What the hell!!!
    She grabbed her bag and stormed inside
    searching for the jerk. It was a small but cosy
    house, there were three doors and then a living
    room, one of the other doors was slightly open
    and she could see the tv on and his head
    “oh hhhhhhh!!!’ she closed her fist boiling in
    anger as she rolled up her sleeves, he was
    going to have it now then she would take her
    bags and leave
    She went into room and stood in front of him,
    and guess what
    The a-----e was sleeping. He was sleeping.
    ‘’ohhhhhhhhh OH NOH!!!’’ she looked around
    her, use a pillow? No, won’t give the desired
    effect she needed. Use the baseball bat? Too
    painful. Water..ah water. She sighted a bottle of
    water on the table. Too warm.
    She looks to the see- through fridge.
    “I would just pour this very cold water on his
    face and when he gets up I am going to tell him
    how annoying he is, and tell him to shove his
    money up his rectum and I am out of this house,
    all of them here are crazy,. Crazy!!’’
    But now, with the way he was staring at her,
    maybe her idea wasn’t exactly one of the best
    YOU THINK?!!! Her inner-self says , YOU ARE SO
    Marybeth swallows again and begins to move
    “Do you have a death wish, are you mad!!!?’’ he
    is hovering over now, she seemed dwarfed when
    he rises to his full height
    “I—I—you left me standing out there and…
    “And what, you come into my house, take water
    from my fridge and you tip it’s cold contents on
    my face, are you a new definition of stupid or
    you are a new stupid stupid people aspire to be
    Her back is to the wall now and he is close to
    her, she swallows and blinks a couple of times.
    Don’t show fear, don’t show weakness. Be
    confident. She clears her throat.
    “I wont have you insult me Mr Adam, you
    categorically stated that I can continue to do my
    job by staying in the cottage with you and you
    would take care of my necessary fees after
    making Mr Gerald kicked me out of his house—
    “I did or your clumsy stupid curious self made
    that happen. “
    ‘’ wasn’t on purpose”
    ‘’And you doing this to me is on purpose right?”
    He is close to her face, she swallows
    “Do you know how long I was there for, I am
    tired, I need a bath and I need to rest because
    taking care of your mother is tasking and I come
    back to be outside for hours and I find you
    asleep. Mr Adam-
    “Oh you want to bath don’t you?”
    She frowns “well ..yes but it was wrong for you
    to hear the knocks and leave me outside in the
    sun, and my tush hurts from the hard earth and
    my feet is swollen from wearing this shoes all
    day and “’
    “Oh don’t worry nurse I can fix that” he has a
    fixed smile on his face walking away from her
    “ wait what do you want to do?”
    He ignores her and goes to his fridge, bringing
    out his bucket of ice and disappears from the
    That’s it? That’s it!!
    He was gone.
    Phew!! She had thought he was going to scream
    her head out. Too much macho, no action
    Piece of cake!!! She knows how to handle men
    like him. She was a woman who knows how to—
    she screams as he grabs her flinging her over
    his shoulders and entering one of the rooms, her
    kicking and bellowing only rewarded her a slap
    to her tush
    “Be quiet!!’ he orders
    “PUT ME DOWN NOW MR ADAM” She struggles
    Ignoring her for another few seconds she can
    see he had entered into another room
    “what are you doing, where are you taking me to,
    PUT ME DOWN NOWWW!!!!!’’ she struggles
    “As you wish!!” he dumps her into a bathtub
    filled with ice and cold water, fully clothly with
    her shoes, jewels and her purse
    “Oh MY GOD!!!!’ she exclaims trying to get out of
    the cold water but he pushes her down with
    both hands ,staring down at her
    “How is that for a bath for the scorching burn on
    your skin?”
    she screams struggling out of the tub but he
    pushes her down, she is beginning to shiver
    from cold and her teeths making shattering
    “Women!! Never understand them. One minute
    they scream put me down and the next they
    scream get me out of here. Decide already!!!’’ he
    isn’t smiling
    “You are a horrible person Mr Adams!!’’ she
    sobs “ its freezing let me out”
    “I know, have you met my father, he calls me
    worse” before he straightens up he says to her
    “Don’t you ever do that again because next time
    I won’t be nice. Your room would be the next
    available room, you stay out of my way and I
    stay out of yours. Your paycheck would be given
    to Richard at the end of every month. Do your
    job and stay out of my face Miss Stowe” and
    with that he leaves her walking away, she jumps
    out of the tub grabbing a towel she saw hanging
    and wraps herself to stop from shaking
    “D--k!!!!!” she mutters staring at his retreating
    “I heard that” he says over his shoulders
    She swallows again, praying he doesn’t turn and
    come back. He doesn’t. and she didn’t see him
    for the rest of the night.
    She goes into the room after wiping herself dry,
    changes her cloths and falls asleep.
    She leaves the cottage by 6am to go check on
    “How was your night Marybeth, I hope Adam
    was a good host?” Meredith hands her Thelma’s
    “The devil, he is the devil” she says walking
    Meredith and Richard exchanges curious glances
    and suddenly they laugh shaking their head
    “I have a feeling things are going to get
    interesting from now on” she looks to Richard
    who nods
    “I believe so too. Let’s just hope it’s good and
    not bad” he says to her.
    “ are you?” Marybeth sits beside
    her, holding her hand
    “Damien, is that you honey?” Thelma looks at
    her but through her
    Who in God’s name was Damien? Marybeth is


    Marybeth is studying Thelma closely,
    “I am not Damien Thelma, it’s me, Marybeth
    Stowe, your new nurse, I was with you remember me?” Marybeth holds
    her hands and rubs it, causing her to turn and
    focus her gaze on her. It usually works, once
    they stare at you and you keep reminding them
    of the present, they bolt out from that delirious
    state they sometimes go into
    “Nonsense Damien, when did you get here,
    where is your Gerald and Adam? I heard excited
    voices” Thelma says playing with her hands
    “Thelma …look at me, its Marybeth. Who is
    “You know Adam was here the other day, telling
    me how scared you were about not making it
    into the hospital as a Resident doctor and he
    told you, you are amazing and they had to see it,
    was he right, did you make it, is that why you
    are home..tell me Damien you are keeping me in
    suspense, what’s that smile for?”
    Marybeth grabs her hands and continues to rub
    and talk to her
    “Thelma, Thelma what’s your name, ?”
    “oh my sweet boy” Thelma removes her hands
    and touches Marybeth’s face “ I knew it!! I knew
    it…I knew you were going to make it. Adam
    believed in you. I did, I am proud of you. Oh
    Gerald would be so happy”
    “Thelma, tell me who is Gerald and Adams,
    what’s your name, look at me..tell me” Marybeth
    removes her hands from her face and holds it
    between hers
    But Thelma takes her hands away “Don’t ask me
    those questions Damien, don’t. I- I cant answer
    you. I wish I could but I can’t.. one day Gerald
    and would all stop and go away. Don’t
    ask me to tell you, it was so long ago. Please
    Damien, I can’t. promise me..promise me you
    would make them realize that they are family,
    promise me Damien…” she holds Marybeth’s
    “Promise me”
    Marybeth swallows “ Yes..i promise”
    Thelma smiles, nodding her head,
    “Good good.. don’t stay out late, Adam should
    bring you home before midnight, you know how
    Gerald is when you stay out late. Congrats my
    boy, you make an old woman pride..”
    She touches Marybeth’s face and pulled her
    head down, placing a kiss to her forehead “ see
    you tomorrow” and when she lets go, she drifted
    to sleep
    Marybeth is staring at her .
    What in God’s name just happened and who is
    Damien. And where is Damien? But he must be
    someone close and dear to her heart for her to
    hallucinate about him. A resident doctor?
    Oh wait, that room she entered yesterday, was
    that his room. So there is a third man in this
    house, why haven’t she seen him or was he out
    of town
    Thelma snoozes peacefully but Marybeth could
    notice the way her pupils moved while her eyes
    where closed. She was restless
    She was right, before long Thelma is crying in
    her sleep.
    “Oh why did you leave me ..why???’’ she cried,
    most parts of her body was affected by the
    paralysis, but she could move her head and
    hands and upper body, however the rest were
    numb and she had been like that for years.
    “Sssssshhhh!!!! Thelma, I am here , don’t cry”
    Thelma holds her hands
    “Please don’t !!’ she begged
    It takes a while before Thelma goes back to
    sleep and it is midday already.
    Curious and hungry she found her way to the
    Kitchen where she finds Meredith taking out
    something from the oven, Chicken pie, it smelt
    delicious, Marybeth’s tummy growled.
    “Oh, you must be very hungry, how come you
    didn’t come down for breakfast?’’
    “Yes I am. Well I had an interestingly disturbed
    morning with Mrs Thelma and I couldn’t leave
    her side.”
    “Oh!!!?’’ Meredith mutters
    “Can I ask you something Meredith?”’ Marybeth
    leans towards her
    “Er okay, go ahead”
    Marybeth pinches the bridge of her nose, “Who
    is Damien?”
    The door leading to the kitchen suddenly shut
    startling them,
    “Sir Gerald, you are here? I was bringing your
    food upstairs..” Meredith trails off, Marybeth
    slowly drops her fork.
    “The big bad wolf is behind me isn’t he?’’ she
    asks Meredith who looks at her with fear on her
    face and wondering if she was mad,
    Right!! My mouth again,
    Marybeth manages a small smile and turns
    around to meet daggers for eyes “Goodmorning
    Mr Ger—”
    “Did I not tell you I don’t want you in my
    house?’’ he thunders taking a step closer
    ignoring Meredith
    Marybeth swallows, the food had to be eaten
    wasn’t it.
    “Indeed Sir, and I believe you and your so- erm
    I mean Mr Adam ..” She had to correct herself
    seeing the way the red flashed in his eyes,
    “Came to a consentual mutual ground. I am not
    staying in your house, I only go up to Mrs
    Thelma’s room, and then the kitchen to get her
    food and mine of course because I can’t very
    well starve, I need food to work. Don’t you need
    food as well, I am sure Meredith prepared
    something delicious for—”
    His hands hits the table hard , “your wellbeing is
    of no concern to me Miss Stowe. I don’t want
    you in my house means I don’t. so I would
    advice you to leave now. “
    “But Mrs Thelma needs —”
    “She is my wife and I would take care of her
    needs, I have already called the hospital for
    replacement and she is on her way”
    Marybeth’s mouth dropped open
    “But Mr Gerald I know I over stepped my
    boundaries when I walked into a room which you
    obviously valued more than the life of your wife
    who is as sick as can be, but you had no right
    to call the hospital to ask for a replacement
    without talking to me first, and I give my consent
    or if I had erred in my duties as a nurse towards
    your wife, which I haven’t because I have sent
    my report to them this morning. So please pray
    tell me what did you tell them was my offens ?’’
    she stands up folding her hands
    “Marybeth..dont. “ Meredith cautions her,
    Marybeth isn’t listening, she is pissed.
    Who the hell did he think he was to play with
    her life that way. Does he know jack about her
    life, know how hard she had worked to get to
    where she was, how long that road was and
    painful, and if he complained to the management
    about her it causes a dent to her records and a
    red tape line to her working permit which means
    it would be difficult to get another job as a nurse
    and she might go back to shelving papers in the
    hospital,10 departments under.
    Did he know how hard it was to climb, to go
    through school after her parents died, perching
    at a friend’s, working different jobs 2 times a
    week to get by and thankful to God she passed
    her exams and got into the hospital as a nurse
    and for freaking 5 years she had been amazing
    at it and getting good recommendations to other
    homes to work. she had told herself this would
    be the last in-home nursing job she was going
    to do because the pay was higher, she was
    going to do it for a couple of months or a year
    and when her job is done or her patient is well,
    with the money saved up, she was going to
    move outer state, for greener pastures and
    maybe do her masters in business admin or
    something or maybe join up her doctor friends in
    their own hospital and maybe she might be a
    step higher than a nurse by studying more, and
    who knows. She might be a resident doctor in a
    great hospital and have her name at the door
    “DR MARYBETH STOWE’’ and a paid house and a
    car, and maybe a cute guy to go home to.
    Does he know that he just threatened all of that
    by that call, did he know he might have ruined
    her career by this singular egocentric act just
    because what..she walked into a room. Does he
    know that the management at the hospital takes
    complains seriously, and if the clients complain
    about a nurse, and the client says things that
    insinuates that the nurse stole, misbehaved with
    the client, is a danger to the client and his family
    or knows jack of what her job is supposed to
    mean, it would literally be over for her. They
    won’t send her anywhere else to work, she
    would be delegated to the background or worse,
    given a severance package and sent away.
    “Pray tell me Sir what was my offence, what did
    you tell them I did wrong?” she is angry
    “You would not talk to me that way young
    woman, get your things and get out of my
    house, Adam can’t save you, and you may not
    have a job to go back to by the end of the day. I
    am Gerald Pope and people fear me”
    She scoffs “People who obviously don’t know
    their right because you flash money in their
    faces. But I do know mine and you are sacking
    me from my job inappropriately and going over
    my head to what? instigate I did something
    wrong to have a replacement. Do you have any
    idea what your actions would cost me MR
    Meredith looks at Gerald’s face and knows he
    would explode soon, she quickly leaves, only
    one person can help this matter before Marybeth
    finds herself on the floor. It wouldn’t be the first
    time Gerald had unleashed his anger, .
    It had cost him a few changes to settle out of
    the court with the nurse when she sued him, but
    that was a few years ago.
    If Marybeth doesn’t shut her mouth, she might
    find it kissing the floor too and she may not be
    too lucky to get a settlement, Gerald would make
    sure of it.
    As she left she heard Gerald thundering..
    “I don’t care if it costs you a night or many
    nights on the streets, just Get out!! GET OUT!!!’’
    he bellowed,
    Grabbing her by her arms and drags her out, he
    buzzes something on the wall as securities are
    seen crossing the lawn and coming towards the
    “Let go of me Mr Gerald’’ she struggles away
    He pushes her to the floor, she stumbles
    towards the door as the securities enter into the
    house, Richard, the butler hearing the
    commotion runs out.
    “Take her and throw her out! There is a new
    nurse coming in from the hospital let her in
    when she does and show her to Richard, he
    would know what to do”
    He turns to Richard “I would give you sets of
    rules and regulations to handle the nurses since
    you don’t know your job in putting them in their
    place, else you would be the next one out of my
    house, I don’t care if you have been here for
    Richard nods
    “And Meredith, where is Meredith!!! Since you all
    like to leave your jobs and fraternize with others
    ..MEREDITH!!!’’ he bellows
    MY HOUSE. NOW!!!!!”’
    The two security guards, the ones she had met
    when she came, each holds her by her hands
    and pulls her up nodding at Gerald,
    “yes sir!!!’’
    “LET GO OFF ME!!!!’’ anger flashed in her eyes “ I
    swear I know teakwando!!.. I would take you
    down, “ she struggles
    The guys laugh shaking their heads , “Stop it
    miss, its better you go nicely, I don’t want to
    have to use force on a pretty lady” one of them
    whispers into her ears
    “I said let go off me!!!’’
    “LET GO OFF HER!!!’’
    The house suddenly grows silent.
    “I SAID, LET GO OFF HER!!’’ Adam says coming
    down the stairs, he had been with his mother
    when Meredith had come in to call him about
    what’s happening.
    He wasn’t surprised, it won’t be the first time
    his father was throwing out a nurse who stands
    up to him, but this would be the first time for
    him not to get what he wanted.
    He didn’t care s--t for the nurse. But if she
    could rile up his father so much that he had to
    go over her head to call the hospital to get a
    replacement then she was getting under his
    skin, and Gerald hates people getting under his
    skin. Since he couldn’t weed Adam out, whoever
    comes into the crossfire gets the booth in a very
    unpleasant way.
    But..Marybeth was more than a weed, she was
    like a flower with thorns, wooden spikes and
    maybe a frank krueger to his father’s nightmare
    on elm’s street.
    She was a good asset to make his father burst
    into flames.
    Okay he was being too dramatic but, she makes
    his father’s face turn red and he’ll boil up like a
    fat cow in anger. And he was the only other
    person to make his father feel that way and to
    find someone do that in less than 3 days with no
    effort was too good an opportunity to let slip
    So..why should he let his father have his way.
    Why not…fight him on this.
    So he had searched for the hospital’s number,
    called the management and cancelled it, citing
    “ His father was drunk and made prank calls. Old
    man’s syndrome”
    and he and the person he spoke to had laughed
    about it. He told them that he would be
    managing everything that had to do with Miss
    Stowe so whatever issues he had with her would
    be reported by him not his father and that they
    should refer to him and only him and no one
    else and his father’s calls should be ignored…
    “Sometimes, he gets angry and wants to fire the
    whole staffing team”
    He laughed over the phone. They understood,
    they would make the necessary arrangements
    and thanked him for clarifying.
    he comes down slowing to meet them dragging
    her up,
    “But Sir Adam,Mr Gerald told us to— ‘ ‘ He trails
    off as Adam comes faces to face with them,
    standing on his full height,
    “if you let me repeat myself wouldn’t
    like your face, you too George. So what would it
    be boys!!!’’
    “I Gave them an order boy!!! Your business with
    her is no longer holding and I did not sign any
    agreement with you. So get out of their way
    Adam or I will make you”
    “And I am giving them another order, she is my
    property Dad. And I won’t have them disrespect
    what is under my management because of your
    oversized ego.” he says over his shoulders
    “And you can make me if you want but you
    know…it’s going to be a hard one, I wonder can
    you keep up”
    He turns to face his father, then he turns back
    to the securities and takes another step closer
    They let go off her and step away
    “I’ll have your jobs!!!’’ Gerald thunders
    “Oh don’t be dramatic Gerald, you won’t fire
    them.” Adam
    “I want her out, you can’t do anything to stop
    this, she is been dropped from the hospital,
    someone else is coming here. Either way she is
    “Actually, about your little stunt, am afraid no
    one is coming. I think I must have let it slip you
    didn’t take your drugs and you are a raving mad
    man and they shouldn’t take you seriously, you
    know writers do have a way with words and
    have special powers of persuasions. So Father
    she isn’t leaving and again, you don’t need to
    worry about her, she is here to do her job as a
    nurse, so get off your pride and let the girl be”
    “You did what?”
    “Oh you heard me Geral-”
    Gerald had taken long strides towards Adam and
    then his fist makes contact with Adam’s lips, he
    grabs him by his shirt, everyone gasps,
    Marybeth shrieks… Adam’s lips was bleeding,
    but he was laughing, as Gerald holds his shirt,
    he clasps his hands over his, and drags Gerald’s
    hands away and pushes him hard, he tumbles
    backward, he goes to him, his fist folded, as he
    grabs Gerald by his collar, their eyes meet..
    Cold eyes against cold eyes, anger increasing,
    chest rising, but Gerald’s eyes wavered a bit,
    shock. Adam had never attacked him before
    “Are you mad boy, let go off me”
    He wanted to hit Gerald, he wanted to hit him
    back so hard.
    Adam! ..
    It was as though someone called his name, a
    soft voice quelling his temper. It sounded as
    though Damien was calling him to order, or was
    it his conscience. Damien wouldn’t want this,
    neither would his mother.
    “Hit me again old man, it would be your last” he
    hisses into Gerald’s face, then he lets go of him ,
    turns and walks towards Marybeth
    “And she is staying. Get that into your head’
    then he grabs her and walks away
    “Get out!!! GET OUT EVERYONE GET OUT!!!’’ he
    screamed, the place cleared in a second, he
    flings a chair into one of the glass doors
    “Let me go”!! Marybeth struggles
    He flings her to his chair back in the cottage
    STUPID GIRL!!!!’’ he screamed at her
    She was going to scream back.
    Shut up Marybeth, you messed up. Her mind
    She gets up walking to him, an element of
    surprise on his face as she reaches out and
    touches his face.
    “You are bleeding”


    Gerald’s anger can’t be quelled.
    Adam had grabbed him, Adam had wanted to
    punch him, hit him back.
    That scared little boy who used to cry at the
    corner and beg when beaten, that little boy who
    slept outside his study on the floor and he would
    have to slap him awake and tell him to get out.
    That little boy who he hated with all that he
    knew, wasn’t scared anymore. He was
    threatening him in his own house, going against
    his orders and challenging him. That little boy
    who scampered away when he bellowed, that
    little boy who wouldn’t dare come meet him to
    tell him about father’s duties from school, that
    little boy he wished had died in his mother’s
    womb or out in cold when he was born.
    That boy he had tried to get rid of who had
    refused to leave because Thelma hadn’t wanted
    him to, had the audacity to challenge him, Gerald
    He grabs a bottle of wine, opens it and pours a
    good amount into his glass and made his way
    upstairs, heading to Thelma’s room
    That little boy who made his blood boil when he
    was young was still making him burn as he is
    older. But he was still a boy to him, a b-----d, a
    child he would never accept as his own
    His own, his only son was dead, killed by the
    boy Thelma called her son, killed by the boy
    Damien called his brother
    But he knew who Adam was, Adam was never
    his blood, never his family and would never be
    his son
    His son was dead and all because of that boy
    He gulps another quantity of liquid. As he enters
    the darkly lit room, Thelma was sleeping, he
    goes to the chair and sits down. His face shows
    anger, pain.
    “It was your fault Thelma. You let him kill my
    boy. You let that boy kill my son Damien. Its
    your fault, if you had killed him when he was
    just a feotus or let the adoption agency take
    him, or let him die when I locked him out in the
    cold. But no.. you cried and called me a
    monster. You fought me, you called him your
    angel, that boy you claim is my son isn’t no
    angel but the devil. How does he repay you for
    protecting him and me for pitying to let him live
    under my roof? He took our joy Thelma, he took
    him, five years must have passed but the pain is
    as real as the heart beating within my chest!!!
    And how do you receive it, you fall sick, you
    remain here and keep torturing me.. but I won’t
    let it get to me Thelma, you put me in a tight
    spot. I can’t force him out of your life , because
    he is not in mine. I can’t get him away from my
    presence because we are connected to you.” He
    “Sometimes I pray you die, because you are a
    reminder of what you did so long ago, and he is
    a product of that, but you..your sins are catching
    up with you.” He sniffs
    “I loved you so much once Thelma, and when
    Adam came I hated you too. And then Damien
    gave us another chance at love, and Adam took
    him from me, from us. Look at you Thelma, why
    do you still hold on to a boy that has brought us
    nothing but pain, misfortune, death, separation. I
    can’t take it anymore Thelma, if you want to die,
    die already so I can be left alone with my
    demons. At least he would go and disappear
    into oblivion. I couldn’t make him pay for
    Damien’s death but I won’t allow him peace; he
    won’t go near Damien’s room or things, he
    doesn’t talk about Damien and he is restricted
    to just you. I wish I can get an order that
    restricts him from you but I can’ didn’t fly in
    I may not love you as I once did Thelma
    because all the love I had died the day Damien
    died, all I have is just a sense of duty towards
    you because you gave me my tiny taste of
    heaven, my little boy angel Damien, and for that
    I would be grateful. So my sense of duty is to at
    least make sure you are taken care off, and it
    takes all the energy within me not to go against
    your wishes of allowing Adam access to you.
    I have done that. But Thelma I don’t want him
    here. I can’t see him here, be happy going on
    with his life and not hate him, I can’t see him
    happy and not see Damien. It so hard and
    painful Thelma, and it’s all your fault..
    Maybe if I had been at home often it wouldn’t
    have happened, if I hadn’t taken that job, that
    night, you wouldn’t have done what you did…it’s
    your fault, because it didn’t matter. You betrayed
    me, you hurt me..and you had him…and I hate
    you for that. I hate him more for it, because he
    reminds me daily of your mistake, of your act
    and my absence…
    Adam would never be mine. Never!!!
    My hate for him keeps me awake, when I see
    him I want to break everything, I want to run him
    through, I want to end him knowing what he is
    and from where he is….it’s your fault Thelma, all
    your fault..” he finishes his glass of wine
    “And I hate that I can’t do what I want to him.
    He attacked me today Thelma, undermining my
    orders. What next? he takes my house, kicks
    me out too huh?Answer m!!!” he goes to her
    and shouts over her head, she stirs
    He turns in anger and throws the glass, it
    shatters once it hits the wall..
    “Damien, is that you honey?’’ Thelma speaks in
    her sleep, his heart closes, he storms away
    He can’t be there.
    He goes into Damien’s room and doesn’t come
    out till the end of the day.
    “What are you doing?” Adam frowns. He moves
    his face, she reaches out and grabs it
    “You are bleeding” she repeats, he hits her
    hands away, and touches his lips
    “Hardly touched anything” he licks his lips, the
    taste of his blood made him frown, she gets up
    and moves around his house
    “Do you have a first aid box?”
    “For real, you think it burst some delicate lip
    “You are the one bleeding not me, so I would
    say yes. You shouldn’t kiss your father’s lips,
    it’s not a toy”
    She sees what she is looking for in a cupboard,
    she comes back to him, he was seated on the
    He scoffs again “Well he shouldn’t let mine kiss
    his, he wouldn’t be standing”
    “Would you… have hit your father?” she is in
    front of him now, he doesn’t answer but asks
    “You didn’t answer my question, are you some
    sort of dimwitted girl who has no brains
    messing with someone twice her size and a
    thirst for blood. Didn’t your encounter with him
    yesterday teach you anything like’stay the hell
    away from Gerald, hell the Pope’s in general and
    their business other than what you are paid to
    do. Does that ring a bell?”
    “I know I can be stubborn and a handful”
    She soaks cotton wool in antiseptic spirit, and
    looks at him
    “Ok, a bucket head too”
    He laughs, he didn’t intend to but he did. He
    “I think much more than a bucket head . You
    are a fool Marybeth Stowe, a stubborn stupid
    fool who doesn’t know when to keep her mouth
    shut and stay away from people’s OWWWWW!!!””
    She had dapped the wool to his lips twice, very
    fast, she knew it was going to sting. At least it
    would shut him up
    “What the hell is the matter with you” he shifts
    his head away, touching his lips
    “And you talk too much, plus it would stop the
    bleeding. I have to touch it again so bring your
    face here” she orders
    “You obviously like to be in charge, like to be a
    controlling little wrench. Have anyone told you..
    you have a sharp mouth that needs to be taped
    shut?” he winces in pain when she grabs his
    face and dapes again three times, not letting go
    of his face until the bleeding stops
    “Yep, my mother, my colleagues and oh…you!!!”
    He smiles
    “Why are you smiling, do I have horns on my
    He shakes his head, she was standing between
    his legs as he sat on the table, while she
    worked on his lips,
    “You seem to be invading my space, if I didn’t
    know better I would say you are trying to seduce
    She frowns, then she looks down to see how
    close she is to him, she jumps backwards, he
    manages a rueful smile, as he folds his hands.
    “Really, what stupid thought came to you that
    made you rile him up that way, I won’t be
    around to save you a third time, “
    “I didn’t ask you to save me”
    “Yeah, so you say. Then why don’t you just go
    in there, take your things and leave.”
    Phew!! She sighs
    “that’s what I thought!!!’’
    “look, he was out of line and –”
    “And you think you weren’t.. what is wrong with
    you really? He is Gerald Pope, he gat money he
    can do what he wants, what’s so hard to stay
    out of his way. I am not asking you to but .. I
    am curious. Really!!!”
    She frowns at him , “So this excites you?”
    “Nope. Well…I am the only other one that gets
    him like this and to see another one do this to
    him in what a few hours I am beginning to feel
    jealous, you are stealing my thunder, “
    She is shaking her head “Why does he hate you,
    why do you guys fight?”
    His countenance changes “that’s none of your
    business “
    “okay. Maybe you can tell me who Damien is,
    because Mrs Thelma kept calling his name, was
    that his room I entered, where is he? Is he out
    of town..why is that name called with sadness
    and with.. ..who is Damien?”
    He hits his hand hard on the table, she jumps.
    Like father, like son. Both need to register for
    some anger management classes. Marybeth
    “I said it’s none of your business Miss Stowe”
    his anger flashed
    She nods, another time maybe.
    It seems like a touchy subject , her interests was
    piqued.Whatever it was, was causing a rift in this
    family. What’s her business anyways, their
    family their business. If only she could leave it
    at that.
    Of course Marybeth, can you leave it at that??
    Her mind nudges her
    She was curious the Cat, she just hopes she
    doesn’t get killed.
    Oh don’t be too dramatic Marybeth, her minds
    kicks her ,
    “What ..are you crazy too, talking to yourself?”
    She blinks, ignoring “Did you really call the
    He didn’t say anything,
    Silence meant acceptance right.
    “thank you” she managed
    “I didn’t do it for you, just do your job Marybeth,
    butt out from everything else.” he walks away
    She collapses on the chair
    She should listen to him. She really should
    For the next couple of weeks, it was quiet.
    She had woken up the next day to find the
    cottage empty, Richard had told her Adam had
    gone out of town for a few days, and Mr Gerald
    had gone for a trip for a conference, he would
    be gone for a month.
    Thelma hadn’t called out “Damien”, neither did
    she relapse going into her delirious state. She
    was just another normal patient suffering from
    The staffs went about their duties, Meredith and
    Richard trying to stay clear of her.
    When she isn’t attending to Thelma and eating,
    she is sitting in her room and reading to her, or
    watching tv.
    At night she is in the cottage, its quiet. Too
    She had gone round the house, Adam was a
    typical bachelor, the place was a mess.
    She had cleaned it up. changing the sheets and
    curtains, washing them, opening the windows to
    allow the air in, bringing out the throw pillows
    from the bags she has placed them on the chair,
    she bought flowers and put them in a vase,
    trying to give a feminine touch to the place.
    You know this isn’t your house Marybeth, her
    mind says
    So what? I would be here for a couple of
    months and I won’t live in a place as though I
    am a bat living in a cave. It’s a mess! I wonder
    how his girlfriend stays here. its stuffy,
    toothbrush in the sink, shirts on the ground,
    boxers too, a dirty pile of cloths. He lives like a
    shaolin monk. No sir, I won’t stay here like this.
    Good thing he isn’t home. I cleaned and
    washed, he should thank me.
    She told herself.
    Is that your excuse? Her mind asks her
    What do you mean?
    Or It’s an apportunity to touch his things
    Oh get out of my mind. Marybeth orders
    Sorry I can’t! but if you did die, maybe I will
    She ignores the voice in her head and continues
    to clean.. she goes into his room, and continues
    Then she finds something in his drawer, it’s a
    picture of a young man, infact when she opened
    it wider, there were more pictures of him.
    She gathers them to the Adam’s bed, she was
    going to go through them..later.
    She goes to shower, she puts on her nightie and
    goes back to his room.
    she saw Adam or who she thinks is Adam with
    a much younger boy, they were always holding
    hands or arms over their shoulders smiling into
    the camera, there was a picture of his
    graduations, from kindagarden to grade school,
    high school and then college.
    there was one him and Adam had a baseball cap
    on, and he had the one she had seen in that
    room with the initial “D’
    “Damien? Maybe he is Damien..” she says
    There were so many pictures and she went
    through each of them, happy moments, sports,
    party hangouts, friends, and a beautiful woman
    beside them..those eyes
    “Thelma!” Marybeth says, she was right, Thelma
    was a beauty for sour eyes
    “What happened to you Thelma, what
    And then she notices Adam; he was happy.
    those cold eyes she had become used to seeing
    wasn’t even there, his eyes was soft and warm,
    drawing her in, she rubs the picture
    “You seemed happy too, all of you were. So
    what happened ??”
    She didn’t see Gerald in any of the pictures and
    she wondered why
    “Damien must be Thelma’s son, but where is
    he?and No one wants to talk about it” she says
    to herself, she gathers the pictures back and
    closes the drawer
    It’s late at night,
    Sighing she goes back to his bed and sits down,
    wondering about the younger boy with such
    happy smile
    “What happened to you Damien..? what’s your
    story. What’s the story behind the cold eyes of
    Gerald’s, why the hate..why the rift’’ she
    wonders deep in thoughts
    She lays on the bed and she falls asleep
    Tired, sleepy.. Adam enters the compound past
    1 am at night, going into his cottage he didn’t
    bother putting on the light as he walked into his
    room, he drops his bag, stripping to his
    underwear he yawns and climbs on his bed and
    goes to sleep
    Sometime during the night he turns in his sleep,
    the cold breeze seeping from outside caused
    goosebumps to rise over his skin, turning again
    not opening his eyes, still deep in sleep he turns
    Then he turns again, finding warmth, drapping
    his arms over it he pulls it to himself, holding it
    tight as warmth from ‘the warmth” began to
    warm his body, relaxing he continues to sleep
    Sometime during the night, due to the silk of her
    nightie and how it barely covered her body, she
    felt cold, but she was tired and sleepy and kept
    telling herself she was going to get up and go to
    her room or look for a duvet to cover herself
    since it was already too late and she was too
    tired to walk, she knew she left the windows
    open, she heard when the rains began beating
    against the window panes and she told herself
    she was going to get up to close it..
    But she never did.
    She knew she was cold, she had began to
    shiver, but she was tired and enjoying the deep
    She turns facing the otherside and continues to
    sleep, her nighie..too light, too small, cold
    sweeps over her.
    Later on, still deep in sleep she felt something
    warm over her arm, and then like a cloth it
    covered her.
    Pulling her into warmth
    She falls back into a peaceful sleep, snuggling
    even closer to the warmth
    She was dreaming, dreaming of her prince
    He was holding her, touching her, trailing hands
    all over her, she was smiling, her eyes was
    It spiked desire in her .
    she moaned..
    Adam was frowning, something was wrong, it
    didn’t feel like his body, why couldn’t he feel
    anything as he ran his hands over his chest,
    going down his stomach, legs..why couldn’t he
    feel his boy down there but something else.
    It was warm..between its legs.
    Then it moaned, as the legs opened up..and his
    hands touched there, in between.
    It moaned again, Adam’s eyes shoots open
    “holy Jesus!!!’’ Adam exclaims
    Marybeth’s eyes flew open.
    She wasn’t dreaming. Someone was touching
    her..was touching her there!!
    Someone was in the room
    She began to scream..


    Marybeth screamed her lungs out.
    There was someone in the room with her, and he
    was touching her, there, between her legs, were
    her core was warm, sending shivers down her
    He was trying
    So she screamed and screamed.
    It was dark. And she could only make out his
    features and the way he closed his ears as her
    screams pierced the night.
    She closed her eyes and screamed.
    Either the perv would run out and get caught, or
    better still the securities would hear her scream
    and come rushing in
    So she screamed louder
    As soon as Adam realized where his hands were
    and that, indeed it wasn’t his masculine body he
    touched but that of a woman’s and that his
    hands were up, between her thighs, touching
    were it matters the most. He froze..
    ”Fxxk!!!’ he mutters and then whoever it was on
    his bed turned, and then when she opened her
    mouth, his ear drums felt like it would explode,
    his hands automatically covers his ears..but the
    screams became louder and louder
    Then it clicked.
    How could he forget there was a stranger in his
    house, that horrible loud mouthed nurse who he
    had fought his father over when he threatened to
    throw her out and he had offered her coverage to
    stay in his cottage.
    But what the hell was she doing in his room, on
    his bed, late at night..
    Her screams were getting louder.
    He grabs her and shakes her…
    “Stop screaming Marybeth its me..its
    She didn’t stop, she began to flap her hands in
    front of her continuously to ward off the stranger,
    still screaming
    He had to shut her up before she wakes up the
    compound, and when that alarm goes off, the
    entire security would be breaking his door down
    He shakes her again, but it was no use. He
    places his hands over her mouth but she slaps it
    away screaming.
    “Damnit!!!! Stop it’s me…ARRRRRRRHHHHH!!!!”
    What the hell was wrong with her, can’t she
    open her eyes, stop screaming and see who is
    here and that the person hadn’t tried to do
    anything to her instead of just screaming and
    screaming and flapping her hands in front of her
    like a jelly fish.
    Shaking her wasn’t stopping her screams.
    Then he does the only other thing he thinks
    would shut her up. he grabs her and pulls her
    towards him, wrapping his arms tight around her
    pinning her hands by her side with one hand,
    and grabs her head from behind towards his
    face, he crushes her lips with his.
    It worked like magic.
    At first she struggled to be let go and still tried
    to scream but it came out muffled against his
    mouth, but he doesn’t remove his lips from
    hers.. then her eyes flew open again, close
    enough to make out who it was now..he was
    staring at her as she was staring at him..
    Recognition sets in, her struggling stops, no
    more muffled screams, and his mouth was
    moving against hers. She didn’t move, she
    didn’t kiss him back, but her body relaxed, and
    he relaxed his strong grip around her too. He
    drops his hands from her body, but he didn’t
    remove his lips from hers. But he didn’t kiss her
    anymore. They just stared at each other with lips
    shyly attached to each other.
    He should move away, but their bodies still
    touched, they were kneeling on the bed, still
    staring at each other and his hands loosely
    touching her, while her b---m kissed his bared
    He suddenly felt his heart racing..
    “Why did you kiss me?”” she breathed against
    his lips
    “You wouldn’t stop screaming” he breathed back
    “You were touching there and I
    thought..” his eyes followed her movement
    “I was asleep, I didn’t realize until you
    moaned….” He trailed off taking his eyes back to
    her face, suddenly their eyes had gotten adjusted
    to the darkness. It wasn’t so dark anymore.
    As they talked their lips brushed against each
    other, her breathing caused her semi covered
    b---m to continually brush against his bare
    chest. And his hands was at the end of what she
    was wearing, which was a few inches away from
    her butt cheeks. He swallowed. He felt stirrings..
    He looks at her “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to.. I
    have never taken advantage of any woman, I
    won’t start with you. ”
    She didn’t know why she hadn’t pulled back,
    she should.
    But she also was tempted to place her hands on
    his chest, just to feel it nothing more.
    “I know” she says against his lips
    “Do you, really, do you think you know what’s
    going through my mind now?” he squeezes his
    hands into a fist, so he isn’t tempted to trail his
    fingers close to her thighs and go back up where
    they were earlier on
    “What’s on your mind then” she whispers, her
    heart had begun to race too
    To kiss you right now. He thought. I mean, what
    else, a semi naked woman was on his bed, he
    had touched her warmth without even knowing
    and he had forced a kiss on her to stop her from
    screaming, now that it was all settled and she
    had realized he wasn’t a stranger trying to do
    whatever she must have thought. He was back
    to being a man, with a hot nurse practically
    naked in front of him and the only thing standing
    in his way was this…oh yeah, it felt like silk
    ..nightie between him and that soft body.
    Yes, he noticed that too.
    But no, he wouldn’t do that, he wasn’t like that.
    He never touched a girl unless she wanted to be
    touched, desired it. This was just a
    compromising situation. Unplanned , and he
    wasn’t going to be that stupid guy to take
    advantage of it. For all he knew she must have
    planned it.
    “what’s on my mind is..what the hell were you
    doing in my room Marybeth??”
    His countenance had changed, she blinked, then
    moved back
    Was it just her or she felt a tiny thread of ozzing
    sexuality, and it was gone. POOF!!! Just like that.
    Okay, she didn’t like the guy, actually she hated
    his arrogant a-s. Forget the fact that he was
    cute, but an arrogant cute a-s he was.
    And why the hell was he here?
    Erm Marybeth!!! It’s his house, and you are in
    his room. Her mind kicks her
    Still, why didn’t he call to say he was coming
    and why did he climb the bed and proceed to
    touch me and then had the audacity to kiss me…
    Erm..again, he doesn’t need permission to come
    home and you are in his room, on his bed and
    you were snuggling to warmth what did you
    expect. And you were screaming louder than a
    dying cat, he had to shut you up. Wait, did you
    like the kiss? Marybeth frowns
    “You are doing that thing again talking to
    yourself. I asked a direct question. What the hell
    were you doing in my room and on my bed. You
    have your corner so what the hell Marybeth?”
    “I fell asleep…look I would leave. I am sorry”
    “Yes you should!!!” he replies stiffly
    Marybeth scoffs “Jerk!!” as she climbed off the
    bed and stormed out
    He falls back on his bed, and rolled on his
    tummy, “Down boy” He warned, another minute
    of staring at her and having her close to him, he
    wouldn’t have been thinking straight.
    Marybeth throws herself on her bed, angry
    She couldn’t tell why she was upset, she rolled
    on her side hugging herself, covering a duvet.
    Was she angry he kissed her or angry that he
    didn’t kiss her again, it seemed that he wanted
    to until he suddenly had the devil-may-care-
    attitude mask drawn
    What do you care, you hate his guts don’t you?
    Her mind pricks her again


    A black car drives into the compound.
    “Sir are back early?” A surprised
    Meredith says
    “Yes. “ Gerald nods “Meredith?”
    “Yes sir..”
    “I would be hosting a party this evening for a
    few guests, the mayor and some of his friends
    would be here as well. It’s my company’s 10th
    year anniversary too and you are to take care of
    everything with the planner who would get in
    touch with you momentarily. Let me know what
    you would need. I want it to be perfection, from
    the food to everything in between. Richard would
    handle the guest list and tell him to make sure
    to seal off the areas of this house that shouldn’t
    be accessed. That includes my wife’s room and
    Damien’s. I don’t want people snooping around
    and asking too many questions they have no
    business asking. Call my accountant when you
    have the list of what you need, I need this place
    to look pristine and I don’t want anything to go
    wrong. “
    “But sir, that’s in a few hours..and”
    “That’s a problem?”
    “I can’t..”
    “if you need more chefs , get them, you need to
    buy a new chandelier, do so. You need a
    clone..get it. Are you daft!! Am I to tell you what
    to do?? I am having a party and it should kick
    off by 6pm latest Meredith so get to planning.
    Tell Richard and the rest of the staffs to come
    see me Now …stop standing there and move!!’’
    “Oka..okay sir right away”.
    In less than a few minutes, a group of ten men
    and women gathered, he dishes out instructions
    then dismisses them,
    “Richard wait..” Gerald calls out
    “yes sir”
    “You are the Butler aren’t you?”
    “Er yes sir” Richard is wondering whether it is a
    trick question.
    “Which means aside overseeing the activities of
    this house, your major duty is to Man the doors,
    the goings and comings right?’’
    “Yes sir” Richard frowns,
    “Good. This is an-invite-only party Richard, so
    that means who ever isn’t invited shouldn’t be
    let in “
    “Of course sir, it’s my duty” Richard smiles
    “That means, whoever isn’t invited shouldn’t be
    seen within this house, I don’t care who. If you
    have any issues with that, there would be extra
    securities in the premises especially because of
    the mayor and his friends, so if you feel the
    securities you know would be too scared to take
    an order you can approach the others, they are
    brutal and not friendly and I am sure they would
    treat the intruder deserving. Is that clear?”
    “I know you are not entirely stupid. You talk to
    him so I guess you best make it clear, I would
    not tolerate his nuisance behavior in front of my
    guest and I would not bat an eyelid if they think
    him a threat. Is that clear?”
    “Yes sir”
    “Good” Gerald says going upstairs
    Richard, understanding perfectly what he meant
    releases his breath. Adam wouldn’t want to be
    around Gerald anyways, talk less of being around
    when he had guests.
    The only time Adam ever comes into the house
    is when he is out of town, but whenever he was
    around, he hardly ever misses coming to sit and
    be with his mother. It had been something he
    had done for years, more even after Damien.
    And Adam had made it clear until he allows him
    take his mother away from here, he won’t stop,
    but as long as she was in this house, no one,
    would stop him from coming to see her
    whenever he wanted.
    So what if Adam wanted to, was he now
    expected to report him to those guards without a
    heart so they can brutally harass him just
    “Oh dear Lord, please intervene..this..this isn’t
    how a home is meant to be. “
    “RICHARD!!!!!!’’ Gerald thunders
    Richard runs upstairs, fear gripping him
    “Where is Thelma, where is she.. where is my
    wife. Did he take her away did let him”
    Gerald grabs Richard by his collar and raises his
    on the wall
    “No sir..she is..’’
    “He took her..I will kill him, I will kill you first””
    “Sir..” Richard chokes holding onto Gerald’s
    hands, Meredith and some of the staffs hearing
    his shouts rushes up stairs
    “Call the police, call the securities, find them!!”
    Gerald hisses
    “No sir..” Richard shakes his head “ Garden,
    Gar-d-e.eeen sir” He breathed
    “What did you say?”
    “she –is—in—the—garden, sir “ he coughs out
    breathlessly, pleading with his eyes for Gerald to
    drop him, he does so roughly, Richard holds on
    to his neck, Gerald looks up, the staffs back
    “What do you mean she is in the garden, she
    never leaves her room, who dared to take her
    out to the garden, WHO!!!”
    Meredith shakes her head and hands indicating
    she had no idea, some staffs looked shocked
    too, Gerald looks down at Richard who is
    struggling for breath
    “Who Richard, was it him? ANSWER ME
    Richard sighing, shakes his head as he slowly
    rises up “ No sir.. I am sorry, I really am.. i_”
    Gerald brushes past him, his anger felt on his
    face as he breathed.
    The nurse Marybeth was obviously sent to make
    him boil, and today he would show her why
    people feared him and why you should never put
    your hands into a hot of boiling water
    *******PRESENTLY *****
    Thelma was wailing now, her hand over her ears,
    eyes tearing up and a front and back movement..
    An obvious behavior of fear, pain, panic all
    summed into one, like a frantic child.
    Marybeth looks at her as Gerald grabs her and
    shakes her again
    “ANSWER ME!!!”
    Forgetting the pain in her hands and the anger in
    his voice and an obvious death glare in his eyes,
    she looks directly in his eyes
    “if a man who claims to have love for his wife
    and can see her right now in that state and isn’t
    scared what his behavior is causing her, I would
    say without fear that he is a heartless man who
    doesn’t deserve love from his wife nor one from
    his son’’ she spat to his face
    “How dare you, you don’t know anything about
    me” he grabs her tighter, his nails digging into
    her skin, she winces in pain
    Thelma getting worse at the moment
    “I don’t need to know about you to know your
    heart is made of stone, no your heart is black,
    darker than the shadows and coal put together.
    That woman right now who you are ignoring is in
    pain, she is suffering, and she is sick and she
    could die too, sooner or later and you are here
    fighting me, a mere nurse because I am trying to
    give her the little comfort she needs. What sort
    of man are you..?’’
    “The man that would put you in your place” he
    raises his hands and slaps her across her face,
    she falls to the ground , he is standing over her,
    his hands folded into a fist
    Marybeth holds her face shocked.
    Oh he went too far now, he did. If he thought
    this was going to scare her, it wouldn’t,. she had
    had a rough journey after her parents died. So
    she knew pain, she understood it. Life had
    decked her blows too and she had fallen hard on
    the ground. The reason she was a stronger
    person today was because she choose to get
    back up, and she knew that remaining on her
    feet got her to where she was, a better version
    of her.
    And if Mr-thinks-he-is-all-bad-wolf and no one
    can stand up to him because he flaunts a few
    bills here and there, he was wrong.
    “is that what happened Mr Gerald? “
    Marybeth says from the ground
    “Is that? You used to hit your wife too didn’t
    you. Did it make you feel superior to her, did it
    make you feel good? What did she do huh?
    Because for you to hit me, it’s nothing new, your
    fist have been used to it for a while.. it would
    explain why she is always scared when you are
    raising your voice”
     “SHUT UP!!!’’ Gerald says over her, he bends
     “You don’t know what you are saying..”
    “No..then what happened that night years ago
    when you walked in on your wife.. why don’t you
    tell me, was that when it started, this feats of
    rage, is that why you are like this to her huh, is
    that why your heart is hardened to her
    cries..look at her screaming frantically and you
    don’t care…tell me what happened that night, is
    that why she is like this eh..tell me..”
    Gerald freezes, his eyes darts to Thelma and
    back to Marybeth
    “What did she tell you,?’’ he grabs her hands
    “You know what she told me Gerald.. You –“
    she trails off as he lets go off her and goes to
    “You wrench, you told her? did you tell her it
    was your fault, did you tell her huh” he grabs
    her by her hands and shoook her, Marybeth
    jumps up from the ground and runs to him,
    “Let Go of her Gerald, let go!!’’ she tries to pull
    him away from her
    Thelma is shaking her head and crying “ I am
    sorry I am sorry Gerald, forgive me…you
    you..Adam is”
    “Don’t call his name, don’t say it don’t!!’’ he
    shakes his head
    “Let her go!!!!’’ Marybeth manages to pull his off,
    she gathers Thelma into her hands as the
    woman crumpled in her arms
    “Its your fault and I would never forgive you.
    You caused this, you brought that thing here,
    and it took away my joy…I would never love it.
    Never!!!” he screams at her, his eyes turning red,
    Thelma is wailing hysterically, Marybeth can’t
    calm her down ,
    “Get out Gerald, just leave if not I swear I would
    file a complaint and tell them that you are
    emotionally abusing your wife and further
    causing her trauma and yes you may have
    power and money but I believe it would take just
    one judge to sympathize with Thelma and it
    would fly.. I promise you”
    Gerald stares at her “ You wouldn’t dare!!’’
    “No, but I would try!!’’
    “No sir I won’t!! And I would report this detail for
    detail, you hit me, there are witnesses, your
    staffs. You manhandled your wife, witnesses too.
    You can’t bribe everyone. And I would like to
    know how long you have been abusing your wife
    physically because aside every other thing I
    have noticed, is fear for you. And that which
    happened years ago’’
    “You want to challenge me ?’’
    ‘No. I just want to know what the hell is going
    on, and I want to do my job and I won’t stand
    another harassment to my person nor to my
    patient. And I would find out what ever it is “
    “You have no right. No right to my family
    business !!’’ he points to her,
    Thelma wailing goes a pitch higher
    ‘’I know I don’t, but you have no right to treat
    your wife the way you do. She is my patient and
    I would do whatever that is within my power to
    keep her safe or I would make sure she is taken
    from you. I think that would hold in court”
    Marybeth’s nose flares
    Gerald walks towards her angrily but stops a few
    breath spaces away from them.., then he turns
    and walks away angrily as they staffs move
    “Thelma, sshhhh it’s okay, He is gone,” she
    holds her face, rocking her to keep her calm but
    it doesn’t help
    “I need a sedative, please someone check the
    room, get my nurse supply bag. HURRY!!”
    If she doesn’t calm her now she might get
    worse. “Hurry!!!” she screamed as someone ran
    into the house
    They come out to say they didn’t find it
    “S--t!! The cottage, Adam’s cottage !!’’
    Meredith runs down, Adam wasn’t home
    She searches both room, finds it, and rushes
    back to the garden, out of breath. Marybeth
    empties the bag, see’s what she is looking for .
    “Hold her down please Richard, you too don’t
    stand there “ Marybeth gets the syringe, draws
    on the liquid and taps it
    “Hold her still, yes , okay Ssshhh Thelma, its
    okay” Marybeth coos
    “Help me carry her back to her room” she says
    to one of the men staffs
    “Adam?’’ Richard asks Meredith who shakes her
    “Good thing he isn’t around, this would have
    turned out ugly” He continues to Meredith.
    Marybeth intends to be with her for the rest of
    the day. At least for now, Gerald would respect
    She wondered where Adam went to, if he was
    around…he would have made sure his father
    never treated his mother this way.
    She wonders why Gerald hates Adam so much
    and what happened that night. If Gerald hadn’t
    come, maybe Thelma would have told her.
    Whatever it was, it was bad, it had to do with
    Marybeth comes downstairs to meet well
    dressed guests in tux and gowns, the house
    beautifully arranged, music playing and delicious
    aroma of food congesting the air, security men in
    suits and ear pieces standing at the corner close
    to a prominent figure.
    It was 8pm, Thelma was still asleep and didn’t
    look like she would be waking any time soon.
    she was tired and wanted to go have a good
    bath and sleep, and maybe rub some soothing
    balm to her face, not intending to lay eyes on
    Gerald she had waited till now to come
    Frowning she make her way down. No one told
    her about a party, she would have stayed back
    up till it was over. Intent on sneaking her way
    out, she silently walks through the crowd of
    people excusing herself
    “And who is this pretty young lady?’’
    A grey haired man with rimmed glasses says
    when Marybeth mistakenly bumps into him as
    she tried not to hit a waitress
    “Sorry sir, excuse me I am sorry” she began
    “ Gerald, who is she?”
    Gerald turns from talking to some people, seeing
    her he frowns, the cold eyes made her literally
    feel someone poured her iced water. Well, she
    didn’t like him too so…
    “No one sir” Marybeth replies, excusing herself
    “Nonsense, Gerald have her join us”
    “Mayor, she is nobody, just a worker here”
    Marybeth had a hot retort on her tongue, she felt
    a mental tap
    Girl, look around you, don’t embarrass us further
    She sighs
    “Too pretty for a mere worker, have her wear
    something nice and join us for this evening, I
    insist’’ The mayor says, Gerald jaw flexes. The
    Mayor helped financed a project he worked on,
    he couldn’t refuse even if he wanted to
    “Tasha, have her wear one of your designed
    collections you brought in this evening to
    showcase as part of entertainment,” Gerald
    beckons to a lady who nods, beckoning to
    “No sir, I rather not..” Marybeth insists
    “Come darlyne, what would you rather do
    tonight, work in the kitchen? have a good
    evening with me and my friends” The mayor
    laughs tapping her hands, some others join in
    “Fine.!!’ She smiles ‘’if you insist “
    “oh I do”
    Gerald isn’t happy about it, as she walks past
    him he says
    “You keep irritating me every single time, don’t
    get comfortable, “
    “I don’t intend to Mr Gerald” she frowns walking
    away with the lady.
    Adam gets home
    “What’s going on here Tom?’’
    “Mr Gerald is hosting The mayor and something
    about his 10th Anniversary.”
    “Right,” disinterested, he goes to the cottage.
    It was 9pm, he would go see his mom and
    Someone stops him at the entrance
    “Invite sir?’’
    “excuse me?” Adam frowns
    “I said, your invite or you leave “
    “Do you have any idea who I am?” Adam says to
    the guy in suit, Richard comes to the door
    “I don’t know and I don’t care, Invite!. Who let
    this person through the gates?” the guy speaks
    into his coms
    “Are you kidding me. I don’t need permission’’
    Adam tells him, looking at Richard “Tell him to
    move or I would make him “
    “Sir Adam..I..Mr Gerald..I am sorry” Richard
    trails off
    Understanding sets in, Adam chuckles silently,
    So the big Bad wolf thinks he can stop him by
    putting this buffon-looking-dude at the door.
    Three others appeared behind him, Adam was
    wondering how fast he could take them..
    “sir..we would escort you out” one places a hand
    on his shoulders
    “take your hands off or you would lose them”
    Adam replies
    A commotion is heard, then Adam strolls inside,
    Gerald turns finding him standing there, two of
    the guards staggers in behind him, a third
    slowing dragging himself behind
    “what in the world..” Gerald Began
    “I think you should have better dogs outside
    don’t you think so Gerald “ Adam says, another
    guard touches him
    He looks over his shoulders , “You should see
    the first guy who did that”
    His guest were watching, wondering what was
    going on, the Mayor is standing beside him, he
    nods for them to take him out
    The Mayor speaks, “You look familiar, have we
    met before?”
    Adam frowns “ No Sir”
    “Strange, where you by chance in the Cadiman’s
    book fair christening?”
    Adam nods “Indeed I was”
    “HA!! I never forget a face, you are one of the
    Authors. My daughter is a bookie, I believed you
    must have signed yours to her, 18 years old, red
    hair. Talks a lot!!’’
    Adam smiles remembering the chatterbox
    “Aha that’s the one. By the way, good book,
    good read. Come, join me”, he takes Adam by
    the hand and walks in, the guards move away
    Gerald is boiling .

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    lol. Gerald will feel like killing the mayor for inviting his enemies

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    Gerald no die

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    This is awesome…….
    Is as if the mayor has come to ruin Mr Gerald’s day

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    Gerald is gonna die

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    Soft Work
    Soft Work

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    He didn’t want to be here, amongst this guest of
    people who didn’t know about him, and he also
    didn’t want to be in the same room with the man
    standing not so far from him who literally hated
    him just because his name was Adam and His
    mother had insisted that his birth name to carry
    Pope because his father was Gerald Pope.
    He could literally feel the hot steam of boiling
    anger oozing from Gerald as he watched him and
    the Mayor talking , and he couldn’t do anything
    about it, unless he wanted to offend the Mayor.
    And from everything he had gathered with the
    short conversation with the Mayor, he is a major
    financer to Gerald’s recent scientific project
    overseas, something that brought in so much
    more. Guess Gerald didn’t want to piss him off,
    that’s why he was standing there like a good
    That’s it, stand there for once and say nothing.
    Adam smiled
    “…so Hilarious, Maggie, that child would be the
    death of me one day, I tell her mother” The
    Mayor is saying, everyone graces it with a laugh,
    Adam joins in even though not getting the joke.
    He figured no one did too, but because Money
    talks, bullshit works.
    He smiles at the Mayor as he made another
    halfbaked joke. He should go see his mother, he
    wanted to read to her before she slept, he hadn’t
    spent time with her for a few days and he didn’t
    like it.
    “if you would excuse me sir I would take my
    leave “ Adam says
    “Nonsense. By the way young man, I didn’t ask
    how you got an invite into the party, my guards
    didn’t seem to like the way you easily beat them
    to a pulp, what are you, a writer and a black
    belter?” the Mayor chuckles, so did the others
    Did they like laugh when he did? So would they
    take a s--t if he did too? The way money
    controlled people, he never understood it.
    “ well, I enjoy some fitness every now and then,
    and I don’t need an invite sir to be here” Adam
    “How so..even I had to be invited” the laughs
    “ No I meant…”
    “Mayor, shall we discuss another project I am
    working on , and then we cut that massive cake
    being rolled into the room about now, and …”
    “In a minute Gerald, this young man has pigued
    my interest, what is your name?” the Mayor held
    his finger up to quiet Gerald
    “He is no one of importance …” Gerald cuts in
    Adam chuckles..
    Yeah, Gerald always made him feel irrelevant. He
    had gotten used to it.
    He stopped caring when he was 10 years old
    when his father told his school never to call him
    for anything “father days” and that they should
    change his name from Adam Pope to Adam
    whatever they wanted. Then he went and tore
    his birth certificat , everything that implied Adam
    was a pope.
    Of course, his mother had to go to court to
    swear an affidavit for a name stick, after they
    have had two straight days fight.
    Gerald publicly acknowledged Adam as “not his
    son”, and that one knew who Adam
    was to him, well except his mother, Damien and
    the helps in the house who had stayed with
    them for years or who were around during their
    fights. Outside the four walls of their home…
    Adam Pope was another dude who shared the
    same surname with a certain Pope and nothing
    And he had stopped feeling pained about it, or
    even cared. He still didn’t. but it still sort of hurt
    when he does this..make-him-feel-like-s--t in
    front of his hurts like hell.
    “I was asking the young man Gerald..”
    the Mayor replies, he turns to Adam “ Your
    Adam manages a smile “No one sir.”
    “Oh, see what you have done Gerald. Tell me
    son, I promise I won’t squeal” everyone laughs,
    Gerald’s eyes were cold, like he was daring him
    to say it, and then he would take the pleasure to
    trash him down just the way he did, always did.
    “Adam, Adam Thelma Cruz” He replied, Geralds
    eyes is filled with shock and then back to cold
    “Cruz? From the Gibson Cruz family?”
    “Yes sir. “
    “You are the grandson of Gibson, he had only
    one daughter Thelma, married to ..” He glances
    at Gerald and then back “Are you Gerald’s son, I
    thought his only son died” The Mayor is
    “No, I am not Gerald’s Son, I am just Thelma’s
    Son, and Yes my brother is late” Adam stares
    coldly at Gerald.
    Happy now father, hope you feel good, I helped
    you tell them how I am nothing to you and not
    related to you either. Oh, you are welcome.
    He needed to get out of here, else he could
    punch someone in his anger rising.
    People are murmuring, Gerald isn’t pleased.
    That’s why he didn’t want that b-----d here.
    Over the years he had hosted parties, either the
    fool hadn’t been around or choose to come in
    when they had left. They avoided each other like
    He never told anyone, about Adam. Everyone
    knew he had only one son Damien who died,
    Adam had meant nothing to him from the
    beginning , and he still does till now. If he had
    been stupid to tell the mayor he was his son, he
    was going to wash him down to nothing right
    here, he won’t associate this boy to his person.
    “Gerald, you never told me about this Adam,
    your wife’s son. I assume before you married
    Gerald nods , “it never came up”
    Mayor smiles, sadly “well, I must say he has
    that same fire in your eyes when you first walked
    into my office those years ago, that confident and
    fearless spirit, and he has that stubborn chin
    too” they laugh, the Pope men don’t
    “But he is a talented young man, Maggie made
    me read one of his works, there wasn’t a full
    name but an ‘A’ for authors name, good stuff.
    Have him come by my office, I may have
    something he might love. Have you thought of
    having your own publishing house and firm, a
    lot of people would learn from you. I wanted to
    be a writer once, I dropped the dream in grad
    school” he says turning to Gerald and Adam
    “He may not be your Son Gerald, but, if he is
    your wife’s, then you should love him as one,
    life is too short, you never know who might help
    us feel the void of loved ones gone too soon,
    trust me I know.” He says
    Gerald stiffens. Never!!
    Adam shakes his head.. that would be till hell
    freezes over
    Then the Mayor looks up, his eyes sparkles “Ah,
    you look magnificient, see why roses shouldn’t
    be hidden”
    He says beckoning to someone as the room
    parted for her to come closer to him “Simply
    magnificent !!!’’
    Gerald eyes moves a bit, then goes back cold,
    Adam turns and looks, then his heart literally
    Was that ..was that the nurse..
    He blinks a couple of times..
    “You didn’t tell me your name beautiful?’ the
    Mayor give her his hands and then she takes it
    as they walk into the crowd
    “Marybeth Stowe” she says, risking a glance at
    the Pope men, one was frowning painfully, the
    Wait..the other was looking at her with shock
    and then something else entirely..
    She felt hot suddenly, it suddenly felt like the
    way he looked at her that night on his bed, when
    they stared at each other and she felt he wanted
    to kiss her again.
    Stop it Marybeth, don’t think such things.
    “Beautiful, dance with me. You just made this
    evening lovelier” he whispers into her ears
    “Adam, stay and enjoy the party, and Gerald stop
    looking like’s your 10th Anniversary,
    grab a lady and dance.” he
    says as he guided her to the floor and they
    begin to dance.
    Gerald instead decides to have a brief talk with
    investors who got his attention immediately, he
    throws Adam a wicked glance that read “You are
    not needed here, just get out”
    Adam grabs a drink from the passing waiter,
    raises it to him and then winks “Oh, I aint going
    no where..for now. Infact I am going to enjoy
    this party” he drinks it, Gerrald scrowls and
    turns away
    Adam stands by the corner watching the dance
    floor, his eyes never leaving the all-of-a-sudden
    breathtaking beautiful woman wearing a low cut
    dress showing all her contours and curves in the
    right places
    Where the hell did she get that dress.
    No, more importantly, where the hell did she
    hide that body.
    D--n !!
    Her slit at the front left leg going all the way just
    below delicate area was making his heart
    palpate..she had beautiful long legs, and her
    b---m rightly perked
    Stop it Adam, you are checking out the nurse.
    He chides himself
    But he couldn’t help it, he suddenly remembers
    that night, her lips was soft, her body was softer,
    her warmth down there was..
    His frontal shorts felt uncomfortable. He finishes
    his drinks.
    This wasn’t the first time he had seen a beautiful
    woman, he had seen them plenty, even had his
    own share of them. But there was something
    about Nurse Marybeth.. was it her annoying
    attitude of butting in into things that didn’t
    concern her, entering into trouble with his father,
    or the fact that she was stubborn and that she
    had a sharp mouth.. that mouth coated with red
    lipstick he would love to trail his tongue over
    Stop it Adam. He sighs.
    People clap, their dance had ended, They were
    coming towards him, he frowns
    “Attention please, Ceo Gerald Pope would like to
    say a few words” someone says and then spot
    light is on Gerald.
    Marybeth is standing beside him with the Mayor
    who keeps saying stuffs to her and she smiles.
    What the hell was this old man saying to her to
    have her giggling, was she into old men.
    He knew it, her type liked the affluence and
    wealth. He suddenly became pissed.
    Admit it Adam, you are jealous .
    Shut up!!
    Gerald was talking, people were clapping,
    cheering, whistling, clicking of glasses, some
    project was announced, congratulations feel the
    air, cake is cut, more applauses.. the Mayor
    moves to the stand as he is called, Adam is now
    standing next to her.
    Gosh she smelt so good. He should tell her she
    looked pretty atleast
    “So whose dress did you steal, you clean up nice
    for an annoying nurse.?”
    Marybeth scoffs, “I didn’t steal, I was given and
    the Mayor …why am I explaining to you. And do
    you have to make a ruckus for an entrance,
    everyone is talking about the dude who beat up
    the security guards”
    “This fine sexy body of mine needed some work
    out to keep fit, and they didn’t ask nicely who I
    “Right, the ‘Do you know who I am “ card” “
    “You learn quickly !!”
    She rolls her eyes, she was tired. She had
    indulged the Mayor, she wanted to go and lie on
    her soft bed and sleep.
    But she did look nice, everyone was
    complementing her. She couldn’t believe her
    eyes when she was shown the mirror, she felt
    like a sexy goddess off a vogue magazine.
    And this moron couldn’t say she looked nice.
    she didn’t care though
    Yes you do Marybeth, because he and his father
    didn’t , but you seem to care that he didn’t.
    Shut up
    “what did I say?” Adam frowns
    The Mayor was back, he sweeps her again to the
    dance floor, Adam doesn’t take his eyes off her,
    he was tempted to go take her away from the
    mayor, instead, he leaves the party and goes
    When Marybeth is released, she looks around
    not seeing him again.
    Adam frowns when he finds his mother, she is
    sedated and has an Iv attached to her arm.
    “What the hell happened” he sits down on her
    bed, “Mum, mum” he calls her, she doesn’t
    move, fear grips him, what happened to his
    mother to have her looking like this, did she
    become worse, how come no one told him..
    “Mother, I am sorry, I didn’t know, I wasn’t
    here..oh God if anything happens to you I would
    die” he places kisses to her face an forehead
    and her hands.
    Getting up, he opens the door, finding a servant
    passing, he calls her inside
    “Why is my mother like that? What happened,
    did she get worse?”
    Silence ,
    “is she worse ?” fear soakes his voice as his
    throat closes
    She shakes her head, “Sir, she is okay now, just
    a scare”
    “What kind of scare?”
    The fear in her eyes had him on alert
    “What happened to my mother, are you going to
    tell me or I would force it out of you” His voice
    “Sir please..Mr Gerald would fire me, sir please I
    have a family …I don’t want to lose my job” she
    So Gerald did this..
    “He wouldn’t do anything to you, I promise, I
    just want to know what happened. He won’t hurt
    you, he wouldn’t know who told me.” He
    pleaded. She began to spill, before she was
    done, he was making his way downstairs, his
    hairs standing , his fist folded.
    He won’t hit him back if he had hit him, but
    when it came to his mother, he had a blinding
    rage to hurt who hurt her in anyway, today,
    Gerald would see why he shouldn’t be stepping
    on a sleeping dog for years
    Walking through guest, Adam made his way to
    Gerald, he intends to make sure his father bears
    a tiny burnt of his anger..
    Marybeth turns right on time, her eyes following
    him as he made his way down, it was his eyes
    that freezed her to her toes, then she looks back
    upstairs as the servant appeared behind him, fear
    on her face.
    She wasn’t the only one who saw him, Richard
    and Meredith did too.
    “Oh Lord, Adam knows..Richard stop him, he is
    going to..
    Richard already made his way to him, Adam
    pushes him aside,
    Oh this wasn’t good,..
    She didn’t like Gerald, infact what he did today
    she was infuriated but this was neither the time
    nor the place to spread their dirty linings infront
    guest, who knows if the media team were around
    looking for gossip.
    Think Marybeth…
    She saw his fist folding, a death glare in his
    eyes.. and then the unsuspecting Gerald turning
    right then
    She ran, coming face to face with Adam, as he
    grabs one of his Gerald’s hands, she holds his
    fist mid air, brings it down and laughing
    “Adam, shall we dance ..” she says as the guest
    are curious about the sudden commotion
    Gerald looks down to notice Adam had grabbed
    him, painfully digging his nails into him and then
    he looks up, “Let go off me boy” he says
    through gritted teeth
    “Did you put her in that state she is in huh,
    answer me” Adam says,
    Marybeth won’t let go off his fisted arm, holding
    it tigher “Let go Marybeth, “
    “Stop it you both, acting like children” she
    whispers, then says loudly “come on Adam, one
    dance please ‘‘ for people to hear
    “ don’t make a scene here. It wasn’t intentional
    okay, Gerald..didn’t mean to. Was my fault..he
    was angry and your mother just couldn’t handle
    his baby tantrums and she went into a state, she
    is fine. So please Adam..not here” she lowers
    her voice “Adam!! “ she removes his hands from
    his father who is sneering at him too.
    “Don’t feel like dancing. If I stay here another
    minute I would break his face” with that he turns
    and walks away, Marybeth follows him out
    ‘’what was that about Gerald” The Mayor turns
    coming to him
    “Nothing Mayor,. Carry on everyone”
    The party continuous..
    “Argh!!” Adam punches the wall as soon as he
    enters “He makes me soo angry..DAMNIT!!!”
    She leaves him to get ice, comes back, “Adam…
    “its your fault Marybeth, if you just left things the
    way they are..she wouldn’t be in that state right just ..
    “I am sorry. She seemed happy being out and it
    is good for her” she says
    He walks away from her, she follows him
    “Don’t follow me Marybeth, I am so mad right
    now I’ll..”
    “Do what, hit me?’’
    He is resting on the table, his fist is hurting, he
    rubs it
    She takes his hands and places the ice in a bag
    to it “This would help”
    He is staring at her, his anger slowly ebbing
    away, something else takes its place, and he
    “De-ja vu” he shakes his head
    “What De-ja vu?’’
    “Same position a couple of nights ago, me on
    the table, you between my legs..are you trying to
    seduce me Nurse?”
    She looks at the position she is in now, a
    flashback occurs, indeed it was a De-ja vu. She
    “Honestly I am not, and even though, you not
    my type”
    “oh! What’s your type?’’
    “Not you!!”
    “How so, how do you know that?”
    She shrugs and made to move away, he holds
    her waist and brings her closer..”Running?’’
    She scoffs “why? Am not even attracted to you
    Adam so..No!!”
    “Oh! You are not?”
    She shakes her head..he holds her closer,
    She is breathless now.. “Yes”
    “even now?’’ their faces are a few breath spaces
    She swallows “Yes!!”
    “Now?’’ he could feel her beating heart
    Silence ..
    then she bites her lips
    He swore


     “Don’t do that..” his hands were holding her
    waist, she standing between his legs, her body
    so close to him he could feel her rising and
    lowering b---m as he held her tight to him
    “Don’t do what?’’ she breaths against him
    He shakes his head..”Nothing” and lets go off
    her, if he doesn’t, God know she won’t be able
    to stop himself, she looking so..beautiful, and he
    just wanted to kiss her.
    “Right” she says stepping away,
    Why was being so close to him making her legs
    weak, her heart beating faster and slower at the
    same time, making her warm, really warm.
    You like him Marybeth, you want him Marybeth
    Mayrbeth and Adam sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-
    N-G. Her mind sang.
    Shut up! Not true
    Then why do you look like you can tear his
    cloths off right now .
    Shut up.
    “What did I say?’’ Adam frowns, folding his arms
    “You don’t need to say anything, being the way
    you are, strong-faced and arrogant is enough”
    Adam smiles, “At least I am true to myself,
    unlike a goody-two-shoes nurse who apparently
    likes older guys with money, I see the way you
    danced with the Mayor, so when are you guys
    gonna complete the act, would he buy you a
    yacht, I see the way he was whispering into your
    ears and how he held you as you both
    danced..older married guys with money rocks
    your boat?”
    Aghast that he would dare insinuate something
    like that about her, without thinking, she raises
    her hands and slaps him square across his face
    Adam blinks, and then looks at her, fire in his
    “How dare you, do men like you think all girls
    are gold-diggers? I may not have ever had it all
    or born with a silver spoon like the one you have
    had in your mouth all your life but I have never
    forgotten where I came from and I have never
    and will never do things against the way I was
    brought up and even if I like older men its none
    of your business, but to say it’s because he is
    rich that I do is absurd and uncalled for and to
    say I would go after a married man that’s saying
    I want to break a home and I won’t stand and
    take that Mr Adam Pope, if you don’t respect
    and Value family, which is pretty obvious with
    you and your father, well I do, and your
    statement is disrespectful and derogatory to my
    person and the loving memory of my parents”
    she spat to his face, her eyes fierce, Adam
    touches his face and takes a step towards her,
    she backs away till she was back to the wall
    “You have no idea about my life Marybeth,
    “And you have no right to insinuate trash about
    Anger meets Anger
    “You have a stubborn and sharp mouth
    Marybeth..” he says
    “And you are Arrogant and proud, very
    distasteful qualities in a man”
    “Good thing you aren’t attracted to me”
    “Yes good thing” she replies
    He is staring at her, his anger gone..
    “Yes..unfortunately, that’s not the case with
    “What is?’’
    He raises his hands to her face, she turns away,
    scared he was going to hit her, instead he turns
    her to face him,
    “I wasn’t going to hit you Marybeth, you are
    annoying but I won’t hit you.. I never treat a
    lady to such barbaric act”
    “So how would you treat a lady then?”
    He touches her face “I thought you said you
    aren’t attracted to me Marybeth..’’
    “I am not Adam’’
    “Then why are you breathing hard?”
    She licks her lower lips.. “Anger causes that too
    “Anything else?’’
    She frowns “Anything else what?”
    “Causes you to breath like that too? “ his finger
    tentatively brushes against her lips. She sulks in
    her breath again
    He really wants to kiss her, but he wonders if he
    should. He knows he shouldn’t but..d--n he
    just wants to.
    Marybeth, is trying not to think. She is growing
    warm, her anger left her like minutes ago, and he
    is back to being close to her, touching her face,
    touching her lips..
    She bites it ..
    Was it wrong to want to be kissed. Would she be
    crazy to want Adam to kiss her right now..
    She doesn’t like him. No she doesn’t, but the
    way he is looking at her right now, her knees are
    shaking and she isn’t so sure anymore..
    She bites her lips again
    Then He moans
    “Please don’t do that again..’’ he pleads, that
    was one of his turn-ons, ..watching a girl bite
    her lower lip
    Unknown to him, that was Marybeth’s default
    habits when she was nervous, a state
    of pleasure
    “Do..what?” she says, wondering how long she
    was going to stay in control..she wants to run
    her hands through his hair, she bites her lips
    Screw it.
    He leans in and kisses her, a light brush. And
    pulls away..staring at her, she was looking at
    him, then he leans in and kisses her yet
    again..and again..and again
    When a tiny moan escapes from her lips, it was
    his weakness, he urges her mouth open and
    kisses her hard, she responds and before long
    they are savoring each other’s lips, holding her
    closer, kissing each other…not stopping, only to
    come up for air.
    Leaving the wall, he kisses her to the bed, and
    sinks to it, their hands groping, touching, feeling
    caressing and before long, they were fiddling
    with buttons, and soon cloths begin to fly to the
    floor and they were left with nothing but
    underwear’ he lays her back on the
    bed..kissing her and running his hand over her
    body, his lips replacing where his hands has
    “Adam…” she whispers against his lips
    “Yes..should I stop?” he says looking at her, he
    would if she tells him to.
    She shakes her head. She wants him, later she
    would think..for now, she was just going to
    enjoy the moment..
    “No..don’t stop” she kisses him,
    “I won’t” he kisses her,
    Naked, they savor each other’s bodies, the heat
    between rising, he kisses her lips, then her neck,
    kneading her b---m he goes to her flat tummy,
    parting her thighs he buries his heads there and
    kisses those warm lips where her core resided,
    causing her to moan out holding tight to the
    sheets..and he doesn’t stop till she shatters,
    crying out her o----m..
    Going back to her lips her kisses her till she
    climbs down from her seventh heaven, wrapping
    her legs around him he stares into her eyes…
    “You are beautiful Marybeth” he tells her, as she
    holds on to him, running her hands through his
    hair and digging her nails into his back, slowly
    he sinks into her as she aches up towards him,
    moaning into his mouth..
    Groaning, Adam dances with her, meeting twist
    for twist, rhythm for rhythm, caress for caress,
    pleasure for pleasure, as he felt her go again,
    when her core walls tightens around him, he
    takes her over the top and off the cliff as she
    holds him tight, crying out.
    Satiated, she goes on top.
    “Your turn” she kisses him as she straddles him,
    placing one of his hands at her twin towers and
    the other her soft cheeks behind, she rode him
    slowly and then increased her pace when his
    breathing changed,..passion over board, he
    grabs her and brings her down, kissing her as
    he neared his c----x..feeling her quake..together
    they fell, breathless against each other..they kiss
    until their eyelids become heavy. They stay
    glued till morning .
    She just had Sex with Adam. No scratch that..
    she just made love to Adam last night and it was
    freaking AMAZING!!

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    Soft Work
    Soft Work

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    Oh Marybeth what have you done.
    Quick, she should leave before it becomes
    awkward. Slowly she tries to get off the bed
    “Where do you think you are sneaking off to
    Marybeth, or should I say..Nurse Marybeth, I
    wonder is this how you treat your patients?” his
    eyes are open staring at her
    “You aren’t my patient, your mother is”
    “Still” he says rolling on top of her, kissing her
    “Get up” she laughs “I have to go check on your
    mother, stop it Adam’’ she laughs as he kisses
    her neck making her squirm
    “Why, you didn’t seem to mind last night” he
    touches her thighs, she hits his hands way.
    She shouldn’t have slept with him, what was she
    thinking. He was just going to see her like some
    random girl now and after today it would be back
    to been an arrogant d--k and she an annoying
    nurse and when her duties are finished here, she
    leaves and he forgets about her.
    Never get involved. Don’t be
    attached..emotionally. Dammit Marybeth, she
    chides herself
    “I need to shower, and get to work” she fights
    him off and runs out of the room, he laughs. A
    good laugh
    Dammit Adam what have you done. Last night
    was unplanned but if he had to be honest, he
    didn’t regret it. Not at all.
    Did he like her? He didn’t know.
    Maybe. Was she annoying. Hell yeah. Was she
    trouble. Most Definitely..
    Does he still want to kiss her again and again
    after last night.YES!!
    You like her Adam, ADMIT IT
    He sighs getting up, not wanting to think. He
    would think later. For now, he would just enjoy
    the moment..maybe he would see how it goes.
    He hasn’t felt suddenly connected to a woman
    like this for a long time. He had had plenty..but
    No one gets him as easily irritated and full of
    desire all at once..
    Marybeth was a total package of annoying, pissy,
    fierce, fact all things that would want
    you to throw her over your shoulders and spank
    And then she was beautiful, sexy, confident,
    brave..too brave..and a sharp mouth.. and he
    seemed drawn to her, or was it seeing her in
    that red dress yesterday that had his heart
    beating fast?
    Last night was…AMAZING!
    She intrigues him..he smiles.
    He strolls to her room, hearing the shower on he
    goes to the bathroom, slides the door open, she
    was backing him, he holds her from behind as
    she lets out a scream, he laughs
    “Its me princess..relax”
    She hits him with the sponge,
    “ scared me” she says, the close body
    contact of a naked Adam was something else as
    he rubs himself against her..
    “Sorry, let me help you with that” he says taking
    the sponge away,
    Sighing she hands it to him, feeling tingling as
    he began to sponge her, when he gets to her
    thighs, they were breathing hard and before
    long..the sponge hits the floor and her back is to
    the wall as he lifts her, straddling her legs
    around him as he thrusts deep inside her again
    and again until they climaxed.
    “Good morning Meredith, Richard”
    Marybeth breezes past them as Meredith hands
    her Thelma’s food, telling her that her food is in
    the microwave, Marybeth nods a thank you with
    a smile on her face and leaves. Meredith has a
    curious look
    “Sounds chirpy this morning”
    Richard shrugs.
    An hour later Adam is seen coming into the
    house and heading to the kitchen, Richard sees
    him too late to hide
    “Oh, Sir Adam is going to be cross with me
    about yesterday, stopping him at the door, and at
    the party” he says to Meredith who turns as
    soon as Adam walks in,
    ‘’Just apologize, it wasn’t your fault, Mr Gerald
    is the boss, you did what you were told, Sir
    Adam might be cross but he isn’t that mean like
    Mr Gerald” she whispers to him, Richard nods
    “Good morning Sir Adam, I made your favorite”
    she says setting the table for him, Richard drops
    a cup of coffee on the table before him
    “About yesterday Sir… I am trully So-“
    “Don’t worry about it Richard. Thank you
    Meredith. I am expecting a package, did it
    Richard quickly hands it to him, it was his book,
    a finished one with cover, he tears it off and
    looks at it, smiling “Thank you’’, placing it
    beside him he continues to eat, Meredith and
    Richard exchanges look.
    This was unlike Adam, he may forgive but after
    he shouts your head off when you step on his
    toes..but he wasn’t showing anger, instead he
    was..smiling. Adam rarely smiles, not when he
    was in the compound..Never!!
    Something had changed about him.
    “Why are you both staring at me?” he doesn’t
    look up
    “Erm nothing..” they replied, still staring.
    “Then don’t, at least go on and eat. Before I
    wonder if I have grown horns for head” he
    smiles into his coffee
    There, he was smiling again
    Adam was trying to eat, but his thoughts keeps
    going back to Marybeth in his bed last night and
    then the shower this morning and then back to
    the small palour ..on the table..they must have
    done it like..what how many times just today and
    whenever he keeps thinking about those things
    she says, a language he couldn’t understand
    when he is really deep inside her and how her
    eyes fall into her head and the sounds she
    makes,..he smiles.
    D--n!!! Just a night and he misses her in his
    arms already. Was that even normal.
    It wasn’t just the sex. It was great. He can’t get
    enough, but it’s the after glow..its the way she
    smiles into his mouth when he kisses her, or
    holds him tight, it’s the way she looks…
    its..about HER, MARYBETH!
    He smiles
    “You have been smiling sir..” Meredith says,
    Richard nods
    Adam frowns, “Water please”
    Marybeth enters with a tray, seeing him, saying
    nothing she drops the tray
    “Thelma is full and happy. Watching tv now. “
    “Lovely,” Meredith replies
    Adam is busying eating or trying to eat,
    Marybeth takes a cup of coffee and trying not to
    look at him, she is talking to Richard and
    Meredith as she takes a seat next to Adam, his
    left hand is on the table, she places hers there
    as she drops the mug
    Adam reaches out for his mug, and brushes her
    hand with his on purpose, lingering.. they snake
    their pinky fingers together briefly and then lets
    go.. thinking it wasn’t seen..
    Meredith and Richard sees though, Marybeth is
    talking still..
    “Oh let me go back, need to access the progress
    of my patient, spoke to the doctor today, there is
    a new method they want me to try on the
    Madame..see you guys later” She gets up,
    reaches across Adam to get a slice of bread
    “Oh sorry” she says as her b---m brushes his
    shoulders and hands, she moves away.. Adam
    “Oh no problem’’ he says, his hands snakes to
    her legs and squeezes her bum, a gesture only
    him sees and she feels, Marybeth gasps, then
    covers it with a cough, she smiles to Meredith
    and Richard “Oh this cough” she coughs again
    and leaves.
    Adam gets up.. “Need to see my mother before I
    hit the road” then he follows behind Marybeth
    Meredith and Richard share a smile
    “Do you think Adam’s sudden change is because
    of a certain Nurse Richard’’
    Richard laughs “Indeed. I think she is a good
    medicine for his broken heart”
    “And maybe the spice the family needs. Thelma
    looks brighter, Adam is smiling to himself..and
    who knows, Gerald might stop being grumpy”
    “oh if only that can happen, Christmas would
    come early”
    They laugh going about their duties
    Adam is watching her from the door way, he has
    been standing there for over forty minutes
    watching the way she was with his mother.
    Thelma sometimes just stares into space, talk to
    herself or listen to him read and remembers
    things as they shouldn’t, but he has never given
    up on her, being bed ridden and the trauma of
    losing Damien and her distant husband did
    things to her, that broke his heart. But,
    surprisingly, she seemed better since Marybeth
    came. She couldn’t work or move her lower
    body except her upper body and sometimes..her
    memory loss sometimes makes him hurt, but
    slowly she focuses back on him and calls his
    name as sweetly as she she did
    now..seeing him standing there
    “Adam , why are you there, come in. I never see
    you in the mornings..come, have you met my
    friend, Marybeth, she says she is a nurse…come
    say hello”
    Marybeth turns , wondering how long he has
    been there. Adam comes and sits beside her,
    taking his mother’s hands..
    “Yes mother, I have. She is a pain” Marybeth
    nudges him
    “Oh don’t trouble her Adam, she is a sweet girl.
    I think” Thelma says
    Adam turns to Maryebth “ Yes, she is”
    Thelma smiles “Hmmm.. “ turning away “ I
    wanted to be a nurse..I was fifteen then, but
    papa Gibson couldn’t send me to school then.
    And then I met Gerald, your father.. and you
    came along Adam, my little diamond” she turns
    back to him
    Adam kisses her hands..
    Marybeth made to leave, they were sharing a
    mother and son moment, she shouldn’t be here.
    Until Thelma stares blankly, Marybeth freezes
    “Damien, he was my star too..happy baby. And
    Gerald ..Gerald and I had another chance.. he
    was so angry..he didn’t want you. But I did it for help him but… I didn’t know, I didn’t
    know it would come to that. And he forced me,
    he threatened me..he said Gerald won’t make
    it..and I had no choice, he was my husband and
    I loved him..I had to save him. But he didn’t
    stop..he doesn’t stop. And Gerald ..”
    “Mother, what are you talking about?” Adam
    holds her hands..trying to understand what she
    is saying,
    “Gerald..hates you because..” she began
    “Because…you..remind him” tears fill her eyes,
    her lips shake “because you remind him”


     “Mother, remind him of what?” what is she trying
    to say? Was she going to tell him the reason for
    this hatred, something that he had wondered for
    He turns her face to focus on him “Mum..tell
    me,..what do I remind Gerald of, please tell me
    for once mama “ he says
    Thelma focuses her eyes on Adam, tears filling
    her eyes “You look so much like Damien, I see
    him in your eyes, I see his smile, even your
    laughter… I wonder..does he get cold where he
    is, does the sun burn him, the bed of the
    earth..does it bleed his skin, does he..does
    he..who is there, Damien, is that you
    honey..come sit with me and your
    brother..Adam, don’t tease him..” she says
    turning away to face the wall, playing with the
    inside of her palms
    “ boy, my sweet boy..he left me, he
    is cold down there Adam, did you cover him boy, my sweet boy” her tears drop, Adam
    wipes her eyes, going closer he takes her head
    to his b---m, holding her there, as his own
    emotion takes over..
    “I am sorry mama, I am so sorry mama..I am
    sorry, forgive me..forgive me” he cries silently
    into her hair
    Marybeth quietly leaves .
    Not understanding what she just witnessed.
    What did Adam remind Gerald of that made him
    hate his son so much. What did Thelma do, what
    made Gerald angry. What happened years ago.
    And why was Adam apologizing to her, what did
    he do, what is he sorry for? So many questions
    running through her head. But one was evidently
    Part of Thelma’s sickness was attributed to that
    trauma… And then there was “Damien”
    It was clear Adam isn’t the only child of the
    Pope’s, Damien was the second child..
    “Was he cold, does the sun burn him down
    there, the bed of the earth..” she repeats shaking
    her head, hugging herself, she felt cold really
    She must have fallen asleep.
    She wakes up, heading back into the room to
    find Thelma asleep.., and Adam, still there, his
    head under her hand, a book beside his leg.
    Running her hand through his hair carefully she
    smiles, remembering how she wanted to do that
    the first day she saw how beautiful his hair
    looked, ..he doesn’t wake up.
    Checking on Thelma, she was okay. She made to
    leave them for awhile not wanting to wake them,
    but something catches her eyes, the book on the
    floor had a picture of a smiling face she had
    seen not so long ago. Bending low she picks it
    up, ..
    That smile, that face..
    Turning the book over, the title read “THE GOOD
    SON” , piqued, she takes the book, and leaves.
    It was a story of a boy, who began being a man
    from ten, and a father who was long gone, and a
    mother who he saw as his everything.
    And then an angel, comes, clothed in beauty,
    love, another chance and then something
    happens, he brought the family together even for
    a little while..
    It told the story of the little boy who always
    wanted to feel loved, who wanted to give out all
    that he had just to be held by the one who he
    could not wholeheartedly call “FATHER’’ and he
    gets another chance to be someone to someone
    else… “A BROTHER” and he poured his love, into
    that little heart and swayed in the brightest of his
    The book felt like the raw emotion of the writer,
    every pain, every disappointment, every tear,
    every brokenness, the happiness, the joy, the
    love..every emotion was vividly put down,
    Marybeth didn’t realize when a tear drops,
    wiping it she continues to read..
    Sometimes she laughed, sometimes she cried,
    and other times she couldn’t bear the pain the
    writer felt.. she continued reading
    And then his little world of happiness day he pushed the Angel off the
    cliff, not because it brought his mother
    happiness, or because it brought his father back
    to them, but because he didn’t see, the small
    boy was blind, the world was like a darkness and
    the angel was like a bright light for him, in the
    chaos in which he lived and it gave him
    hope..but that wasn’t why he pushed him off the
    The Angel had wanted to fly, to soar..and
    he didn’t see, the little boy didn’t see..and while
    he flapped his hands, both of them went off the
    cliff..the angel falls, his wings shatters, and
    dissolves into the earth..the little boy could do
    nothing..for he was broken already..
    And his mother..dies slowly, his father…never
    returned and he, never remained the same again.
    But the Angel was the only good thing he had,
    the only sparkle to his already hardened
    heart..he was THE GOOD SON, who left too
    soon. The ANGEL he wished he could bring back
    and take his place, maybe his mother and his
    long lost father would have found that love that
    was lost..
    Marybeth wipes her eyes..
    “Dedicated to Damien” she reads the cover.
    Why did it feel as though she just read about
    Adam’s pain and happiness, as if she felt and
    smiled with Damien, heard his voice, saw his
    dreams and laughed in his happiness, saw him
    through his eyes..and felt the pain he felt
    when..he shattered..
    This book… shows her everything Adam was, his
    suffering and desires and dreams..but one stood
    out, the absence of a father but the emotion that
    couldn’t be missed, was the undying love for
    this “Damien’’ and his mother, and one he had
    tried to mask so much but couldn’t, the one he
    longs to give to his father..the man long gone
    She wipes her eyes, and turning with a smile
    “Hey, Thelma awake?”
    He shakes his head, seating opposite her,
    noticing the book..
    “Marybeth…” he frowns
    She follows his glance “ I am sorry…I just…Oh
    Adam, I don’t know how to describe this book…,
    you should publish it, its sad and revealing and
    beautiful and..sad,”
    He shakes his head “I don’t want anyone to read
    it..these are my thoughts I just didn’t want to
    loose them, this is the only memory I have of..of
    him” he puts his heads in his hands..
    “Damien..your brother, tell me about him, “
    “That’s all about there, every laughter,
    every word..this is my memory of him, mama’s
    memory of him, even Gerald’s..when he talks
    about him when he thinks I am not listening or
    looking..I put it all down…I don’t want to forget
    him and… Mama, when she gets better I want
    her not to forget him too..and I know Gerald
    loves him..and I loved him too… I can’t forget
    him I don’t want to and.” he cries into his
    hands “it was my fault, I killed him I killed him’’
    he broke down, his mother crying in there had
    brought the memories rushing down again “I
    was driving that night, he was so happy, mama
    was, even grumpy Gerald, he didn’t love me, he
    didn’t want me as his son I knew that, I
    accepted that a long time ago but Damien
    brought back the light to her eyes, he brought
    Gerald back to her..he was my joy, my little
    brother..he was the Angel to this family, I didn’t
    have it all but with Damien I felt I could rule the
    world with him and mama at my side and I
    didn’t care if Gerald didn’t love me, Damien’s
    love was enough, mama’s love was enough but
    I killed him, we went off the cliff and I was
    driving and he died. I killed my baby brother and
    I can never forgive myself” he cries “And Gerald
    hates me more for that and I made my mother
    sicker, how do I live with myself’’
    “Oh dear lord Adam” she stands up and gathers
    him to herself.. rocking him
    Men don’t cry, she was told. So if they did, it
    was something that hurt them deeply
    “It wasn’t your fault Adam, I am sure it wasn’t’’
    “It was, maybe I wanted to kill him, maybe I was
    jealous that Gerald loved him and not me, maybe
    I was angry he was the reason for the happiness
    in this dead family..maybe just maybe I couldn’t
    stand him..and I wanted to kill him..and end it
    all. Make him feel the pain he put me through
    for years and I drove off the cliff and killed him-“
    She grabs his face “Ssssh stop it don’t say that didn’t kill your brother loved
    him, this ..this “ she waves the book before him
    “ is proof”
    “Just words any writer would have made up…
    you don’t understand Marybeth “
    She shakes her head “ this is proof, your heart
    is proof, your pain is proof, the love for your
    mother is proof and even for your father”
    He scoffs “He is not my father and I don’t love
    “That’s a lie Adam, you don’t know it but you
    do, those words you try to hide behind, the hurt
    in your eyes when you both fight, the pain in
    your words in that book, it’s evident..Adam, and
    maybe you and your father just need to talk it
    out and open up to each other”
    “No” he pushes her away, standing up and
    cleaning his eyes
    “Adam you are hurting, your father may be
    hurting too. And you both are just hard and
    arrogant and can’t put this past you. You lost a
    brother and he lost a son, for the sake of your
    mother you both need to work it out, maybe
    your mother may be bedridden but she needs
    her heart to be healed too, she lost her son, and
    may have lost her husband too, does she have
    to lose another son. Think about her too”
    “I think about my mother ‘’ he snaps
    “Don’t assume because you read my book you
    know me or because you take care of my mother
    you are an expert at family values or because we
    slept together you think you understand what’s
    going on in this family, let’s not forget your
    place here, you are nothing but a nurse, a night
    in my bed gives you no right over my life or my
    family, so if you want sex let it be sex..nurse ”
    The slap stings his face, she blinks, hurt.
    “You will not talk to me like that like I am some
    cheap s--t.” taking a step back “Thank you for
    making me know my place here ..Sir” with that
    she turns and walks away
    He doesn’t stop her, he never would have
    allowed a girl hit him twice like that, he saw the
    slap coming, he didn’t duck. He was hurting and
    he just wanted to lash out. It was stupid to say
    what he did, he regretted it as soon as he said it
    but it was too late, he saw the hurt in her eyes,
    so he welcomed the slap.
    He was sorry he hurt her, but right now he was
    in pain…. he just wanted her to stop talking and
    wanted to be left alone.
    He goes back to the cottage, not seeing her
    He doesn’t go search for her..
    Marybeth avoids him for the next couple of days,
    Gerald had been away after the party, so she
    slept in Thelma’s room with her, making
    arrangements to look for a place near the
    compound to stay in.
    She didn’t want to see Adam, nor talk to him
    ever again.
    Whatever is going on in their family was none of
    her business. She was just going to do her
    Her savings was nearing what she hoped for,
    she made contact with the hospital seeking a
    possible transfer, out of state.
    They said they would get back to her once they
    find a replacement for the Pope’s residence. She
    thanks them and waits.
    They put a call across to Adam unknown to her,
    since he is handling her management at the
    “What do you mean she asked for a
    replacement?” he bellows into the phone
    “That’s what she asked sir, we just wanted you
    to confirm it so we can begin the process” they
    They haven’t spoken, and barely saw for two
    weeks, he knew she was mad and he was never
    one to do anything in situations like this, he felt
    it was better to let things go.
    But he didn’t want her to leave. Not yet
    anyways. His mother had warmed up to her
    She was like a peace to this chaos he called
    home, he needs to shove his pride away and
    talk to her
    “I don’t confirm, disregard her request, we are
    very pleased with her work. We are in fact
    extending it for another 6 months”
    “What do you mean my requests can’t be
    granted?” she frowns into the phone
    “Mr Adam, which is handling your management
    demanded it, and you have an extension. Good
    work nurse, seems you are doing a good work,
    Mrs Thelma’s report is improving.” Marybeth
    replies a stiff “thank you” and cuts the call.
    So he wants to keep her here right?
    Fine..doesn’t mean she has to like it .
    She ignores him for another week, sneaking
    back into the cottage to shower and change
    cloths, leaving before he wakes up.
    Gerald comes home, he had a sudden attack in
    the office, the doctor prescribed rest, no long
    travels, no flights, but home rest. He was asked
    to take a week off work.
    Since he couldn’t travel or was allowed to, he
    comes back home, not happy about it.
    He busied himself in his study handling
    businesses via face time and working budgets
    and projects over the phone.
    When he isn’t working he is in Damien’s room,
    just sitting there and staring into the blank wall.
    Some days he passes by Thelma’s room, at
    night, hearing Adam reading to her… sometimes
    he wants to go drag him by his hair and throw
    him out..he controls himself and leaves, going
    to drink instead and breaking anything breakable
    in his anger..
    He would never accept Adam, never love him,
    Adam took his boy.
    Then some days, he found Nurse Marybeth,
    taking care of her, he saw Thelma smile one of
    those days..and he remembered that that was
    one of the reasons he feel in love with her in the
    first place, her smile, her contagious laughter,
    her encouraging words and the love she had in
    her heart.
    She was a rose.. a beautiful rose, until it grew a
    thorn..when Adam came. Sighing he walks
    Ever since Damien died, nothing mattered to him
    anymore..not even her.
    And since working was the only thing that kept
    him busy, he worked and worked some more,
    getting richer, but nothing, money can’t cover
    the void in his heart. That pain. Nothing
    And Adam would never take the place of his one
    and only son, Damien. Never!.
    “Miss, Mr Gerald wouldn’t want her outside in
    the garden ..” the male servant says
    “I know, we aren’t going to the garden, we are
    just going to be in the palour, she needs a little
    sunlight, I have had the curtains drawn open, the
    sun would get to her..’’
    He nods as he lifts Thelma up, and begins to
    walk out the room, Marybeth wheeled the chair
    behind him, they pause at the top of the
    staircase as Mr Gerald comes out from his
    study, his eyes hot..
    “Take her back in” he orders
    “okay” the servant says
    “Mr Gerald, just out to the palour please, she
    needs air, she feels suffocated in there”
    “oh Gerald, I just want to go down and play with
    my boys” Thelma chirps happily..
    Adam is coming out of the kitchen, he doesn’t
    say anything ..
    “She goes back in” he orders taking a step
    towards the servant, who nods
    “Wait please,” she stops the servant, she steps
    away from the chair, the servant places Thelma
    in her wheelchair and wheels her back into the
    “I promise only five minutes sir, the doctor says
    there is a new medical drug that can help with
    paralysis and he would bring the dozes for
    Thelma, but she needs other things like therapy
    and exercises, sunlight, see people, not staying
    stuck in the room all day”
    “Look Nurse, like you said the doctor not you, so
    don’t bring her out again”
    “Why not, if it helps mother why not, she has
    been there for years, this couple of weeks she
    looked better because Marybeth seems to be
    doing something right” Adam says
    Gerald laughs “ Marybeth right, so you sleeping
    with her already?”
    Marybeth gasps ,
    “What I do with myself is none of your business
    “Its not! but Thelma is my wife, “
    “she is my mother”
    They began to shout at each other again, in
    anger Gerald flings the mug he was holding and
    takes the steps two at a time, down to Adam,
    their shouts causes the staffs to come out
    “Stop it ..please” Marybeth begs
    “You are nothing to me…you murderer..” Gerald
    “As you are.. I didn’t, it was an accident. I loved
    ‘’Don’t you dare call his name AGAIN” Gerald
    punches Adam, Marybeth screams
    “I am tired of you hitting me” Adam grabs his
    father and hits him back.
    They try to separate them
    No one pays attention to Thelma..
    Until they all hear a thud.. and glass shattering
    Marybeth screams loud..
    Thelma had fallen down the stairs, hitting the
    floor, her wheelchair hitting the center table and
    shatters it
    Her eyes are closed.. she isn’t moving.
    There is blood
    ‘’THELMA!!’’ Gerald staggers
    ‘’OH MY GOD!!’’ Marybeth rushes to her
    ‘’CALL 911! MOTHER NO NO PLEASE’’ Adam
    cries cradling her to himself


    They are seating in the emergency unit for
    families, Adam has his face in his hands,
    Meredith is sitting at the corner and Richard is
    standing there, watching the theater door.
    Gerald is quiet..staring into nothingness.
    Marybeth, is with the other nurses running in
    and out..
    Its been a couple of hours, not a word.
    “If she dies, you die too” Adam says to the man
    across from him, there were two policemen
    standing on either side of them
    As soon as they brought Thelma in and rushed
    her into one of the rooms, Adam had grabbed
    his father shaking him, telling him it was his
    fault his mother fell down the stairs, if he wasn’t
    being the way he was, they would have noticed
    her trying to wheel herself downstairs and would
    have stopped her, she fell..hitting her head and
    blood splattered everywhere, if she died he was
    going to d--n it all to hell and become the
    murderer Gerald had always accused him off.
    Gerald hits him off, grabs Adam in turn and
    blames it on him, that if he had left or died
    along time ago, his wife Thelma wouldn’t have
    been sick , his son would have been alive and
    he wouldn’t have been fighting with him at the
    foot of the stairs while Thelma rolled down to her
    fall. If Thelma died , it was his fault, he killed
    everyone he touches, Adam was a death to them
    all..he should have died that day instead of
    Damien. No, he should have died right in
    Thelma’s womb.
    It had to take the security personnel of the
    hospital to keep them apart, and threatens them
    to a prison cell for disrupting the peace of the
    hospital to keep them calm.
    Adam was scared, scared to hear bad news.
    Gerald had maybe wished over time that he was
    left alone with his misery..but at this moment,
    seeing the floor, bleeding, not knowing if
    she was dead or not..or if she would survive,
    fear grips him..
    Fear he didn’t know he would feel if she dies..
    The doctor comes out, followed by Marybeth,
    they rush to him
    “I am sorry, she is in a coma. She lost a lot of
    blood as she hit the ground with her head,
    internal bleeding which caused a swelling. We
    tried everything we could, she went into a coma
    and the swelling is increasing at the moment.
    We can opt for surgery-“
    “Then do it…I don’t care about the cost” Gerald
    cuts in
    “The surgery is just a 20/100 chance, she might
    die.” The Doctor says
    “And with the coma?” Adam asks, expectant for
    some good news.
    “She has a few hours at the most, or maybe
    days. If the swelling and the bleeding doesn’t
    stop..she will die.”
    Adam felt his throat closing “Do something
    “We are, but right now…its already too delicate,
    she was a sick woman, she had paralysis and
    even if..this fall was huge, she might become a
    vegetable even if she makes it.. she would be
    brain dead.”
    ‘’Oh my God” Meredith gasps
    “So what do we “ Gerald’s voice
    “Make her little time as comfortable as possible.
    I suggest you say your finale goodbyes, she can
    hear would bring her peace in her last
    moments. I am sorry” he says “You can see her
    now, just family please” he nods to Marybeth
    “OH MY GOD” Gerald staggers, Richard comes to
    “You did this , you took my son and now my
    wife’’ he grabs Adam, slowly Adam begins to
    accept that it’s his fault…
    “I killed them both… i killed them both” he says
    Marybeth grabs Gerald and shakes him “Look
    around you.. look around you. You are in the
    hospital, your wife is dying, she is dying and she
    is the only connection to your late son, the
    mother of your sons’’
    “Damien is my only son, Adam isn’t my so—“
    “I DON’T CARE I DON’T!!! Thelma is fighting for
    her life in there, and she is dying. She has given
    you the best of her youthful years, doesn’t
    matter what you think but you owe it to her as
    her husband and the father of her sons to be
    there with her, not fighting with Adam about
    whose fault it is. You both thought about
    yourself and ignored that woman for years, you
    both put her in that state both. Your son
    died, Damien was her son too.. Damien was his
    brother too”
    Marybeth points to Adam
    “..And you both held onto that pain as though
    he only was connected to you both. That woman
    is dying, right this minute she might breath her
    last and still you just fight… you both are
    shameless and you don’t deserve a woman like
    that..she cries every night calling out for
    Damien, she calls your name Gerald, talking
    about how you brought her flowers and talk
    about your mother, how you both used to
    dance..was happy.. how in love you both were
    and you Adam..’’ she turns to Adam
    “You keep talking about your pain.. what about
    his pain, your father’s, what about Thelma’s
    pain. You claim to love Damien the most you
    refuse to see that they loved him the most too.
    It’s not all about you… it’s not. Why didn’t you
    ever talk to him , tell him your pains and listen
    to his.. why didn’t you. Instead you both fought
    and fought and hated each other, “ she turned
    back to Gerald
    “I don’t know whatever caused that hatred and
    quite frankly I don’t care. I don’t, but all I care
    about is that woman lying in there in coma who
    may die any minute now or fighting to stay alive
    to see her family come back together. Every
    single time she became lucid and focused on
    me.. she always talks about you both.. praying
    for the day you consider each other as family
    but ever since I walked into your house all I see
    is brokenness, hatred and the constant fights,
    throwing away something people on the streets
    are begging to have. I lost my parents, there is
    never a day that goes by I don’t pray for them
    to come back..and here, you lost a son, a
    brother but you still have yourselves ..your
    mother and all you do is fight to kill it.. you both
    are disgraceful and I am glad that Thelma isn’t
    awake to see how you both are.” she cleans her
    eyes , but tears keep falling, Meredith and
    Richard are staring at her shocked, the
    emergency unit is quiet. Adam and Gerald are
    shocked speechless as Marybeth screams out at
    the top of her voices to them,
    “I don’t’ care how you do it, I don’t, but if you
    can’t give her a little peace even in her end..just
    leave and let her die in peace. But if you both
    are going to go into that room , for pete’s sake
    give her what she wants the most in the world,
    her family. The love that she had lacked from her
    family for years, close the void you both created
    and show her the reason why she fell in love
    with you in the first Gerald and why she loved
    you enough as her son Adam, and help her
    remember her lost son too, Damien..and maybe
    that her heart won’t feel lonely anymore. You
    wrote a book Adam about everything hoping she
    might get to read it when she is well..well guess
    what, she may never read why don’t you
    go in there and pour out those emotion to her
    hearing, pages of that book might stay forever
    but Thelma, Thelma might not live another you both have better decide what you
    want..or we would have the security escort you
    out, because a life is at stake and there are more
    important things in life other than your over
    sized egos..My GOD!!!”

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    tell them Marybeth. what they only know is about themselves and not the dying woman

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    Tell these fools what they need to hear! Next plz!

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    Me no knw wah to say oooh…….
    Jst seated to see wah happens next

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    Let them knw jare Marybeth

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    Pls tell them o @marybeth cos it looks like there brains are rotten

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    Soft Work
    Soft Work

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    She walks away leaving them standing there..
    She is beside Thelma’s bed, the monitor
    beeping.. she had come to love this little framed
    woman ..and she wished she had met her
    earlier, maybe she would have brought a bit of
    sunshine into her life, just maybe.
    It saddens her that this was happening and she
    felt it was partly her fault, if she hadn’t come,
    maybe Thelma would have been back in her
    room, alone,
    She cleans her eyes as the door creeps open,
    Adam walks in, followed by Gerald, she made to
    leave , Gerald stops her, she looks up
    “stay , please” he says, “You seem to be more
    of a family to her in this short period of time
    than us”
    She nods moving back
    “What do we do”? Adam says going to Thelma.
    Taking one hand in his
    “Talk to her” Marybeth says
    “About what, ?”
    Gerald nods going to the other side..
    Him and Adam don’t talk to each other, they
    don’t even look at each other as both hold her
    hands on either side.
    But at least they were in the same room with
    each other and not fighting.
    That was a good progress
    Adam talks to her about everything, he talks to
    her about Damien, Marybeth notices Gerald
    tense, but he doesn’t say anything.
    He talks about his writing, about securing a job
    contract with the Mayor, about quitting drinking
    and smoking since the accident, about a
    possible tour and even dreams of owning a
    publishing and book firm, travelling the world
    and taking her with him. He talks, he laughs, he
    cries..he lets it all out. He tells her about his
    book..everything in it.
    He never once mentions Gerald when he spoke
    about family
    Gerald felt the strings to his heart pull, it felt
    He never cared for this boy, never did and he
    never felt bad for it.
    But right now, this was like seeing
    his wife in this near death state and realizing he
    was going to truly lose her and have Marybeth
    talk some sense into him, he had realized
    They both loved Thelma, they both loved
    Damien…and their mutual hate for each other
    only further drove the family apart.. and brought
    nothing but grief, pain , misery..and more
    And as much as he felt pain for losing his son
    Damien, he never realized that Adam felt such
    pain for losing his brother too and that this also
    caused Thelma’s sickness .
    It was both their fault Thelma was in this state..
    but it was his that caused it from the beginning.
    He didn’t want her to die. He was angry and
    bitter for so long he forgot to be forgiving.
    Forgot to accept his own part in it. Forgot to
    truly blame himself for his lapses and poured it
    all on Thelma and Adam, and because of his
    anger ..their anger…they would lose Thelma too.
    This realization hits him so hard he didn’t
    realize when the tears start to fall and his heart
    began to close.. choking him he cries out.
    “I am sorry..Thelma” he bursts out, rubbing her
    hands’ ‘’ I am so sorry” he says “Don’t leave
    me too, I promise I would make it better I
    promise…I will do anything Thelma, forgive
    me..stay please” he cries
    Shock causes Adam and Marybeth to turn and
    look at him..
    Gerald breaks he begins to recount the
    past, the reason..where it all began and why
    “It was after a few months we got married. The
    Gibson Cruz family wasn’t wealthy until much
    later, but then, I was a struggling young man
    who had come for Thelma’s hand.
    Going against her family, Thelma and I married
    and eloped. Reconciliation happened later but for
    5 years, I and Thelma lived on little. As a
    scientist looking for his niche, I couldn’t get a
    good job and decided to work part time as a
    clerk, an errand and a service provider as an
    handyman, a mechanic and a deliveryman on
    certain days, this I did for a year as we go by.
    But life wasn’t easy.
    Thelma loved to bake so she baked and worked
    in the library on weekends, babysits for nursing
    mothers too, and sold her flowers at the market.
    The money coming in wasn’t enough to cover
    our daily living, our house or her little garden
    where she groomed her flowers. Her parents
    would only help if she divorced me and returned
    home, but for love Thelma refused and they
    sever all ties with her.
    We loved each other, but love wasn’t enough.
    Soon the fights began, when the lights went off,
    when the food wasn’t enough, when our rent
    bills were behind, when we couldn’t afford
    anything to go by, a decent three square meals,
    expenses, etc love wasn’t enough. And thus we
    had to work more.
    Until Mr Jackson Onel offered me a job at the
    Mine, a pay higher than what I had in my last
    two jobs.
    So I happily accepted, it would make us
    comfortable but kept me out two weeks away
    from home and Thelma .
    I should have asked why Jackson wanted to help
    me… Why Jackson suddenly paid me any mind.
    Jackson helped people because it helped
    While Thelma supplied bread and flowers to their
    office, he had gone from asking her which she
    refused reminding him that she was married, to
    pestering her and to eventually sexually
    harassing her.
    Thelma , not knowing how to tell me had
    stopped going to his office, and just like David in
    the bible, seeing another’s man wife and wanting
    her for himself, Jackson had reached out to me,
    playing it on coincidence about a job opening in
    his construction site in one of the Mines he was
    handling, and me seeing a good job opportunity
    had taken it without question, despite Thelma’s
    protest. Fighting with her and saying she didn’t
    want my progress and if she liked us to remain
    poor and unable to take care of ourselves, but I
    didn’t know all this at the time.
    So I left. Jackson extended his visits and
    harassment to our home and threatened her
    saying he would have me arrested if she
    reported him.
    And so one day, Thelma gets a call from me,
    one of the construction sites had blown up,
    someone forgot to turn off the underground pipe
    and lit a cigar.
    I and some friends were smoking the night
    before, I left them and went to bed, by morning,
    we were told there was a fire, hard months work
    gone up in smoke
    They were calling for our heads but I, I wasn’t
    there. I didn’t smoke with them but I knew no
    one left a cigar burning, but someone had died
    in the explosion and they found my lighter
    amongst the ruins.
    I was being charged for manslaughter and
    destruction of the construction Mine site. I had
    sent her to plead my case to the boss, Jackson
    Onel, and nothing she said to dissuade me from
    sending her worked. I felt she didn’t care
    Jackson was expecting her, and he offered her a
    way out for me, to be his mistress, no one
    would know, and I would be set free immediately
    and charges dropped.
    Thelma had refused at first, but by the fortnight
    the police came for me, threws me into the cell,
    tortured me to confess to a crime I didn’t
    “He would die in there, the family wants blood,
    his case would never get to court..he would die
    in there and no one would hear …unless you give
    me what I want Thelma” Jackson said to her
    Thelma sort other means to help me, but no one
    wanted to hear my case or take it up
    “He killed a man’’ they said “he had a family”
    “He didn’ him” she begged
    “His carelessness did. We can’t help you” they
    A month in the cell, starved, beaten..broken,
    Thelma couldn’t bear it anymore
    “I will get you out Gerald, I can’t leave you like
    this” she told me one day
    “Nothing can be done Thelma, I will die here” I
    tell her, barely able to stand, nor talk
    “I will..even if it means to dine with the devil”
    “what do you mean ..Thelma, Thelma” but she
    was gone.
    I was released two days later, given my job back
    with a higher pay and the case was dropped like
    nothing had happened.
    “I noticed Thelma grew quiet, sadder..distant, no
    matter how many times I asked what was wrong
    she told me nothing. Whenever the guys from
    work came around she hid herself.. whenever
    Jackson made a courtesy visit…she.. gets angry,
    irritated. I didn’t know why.
    “A month later I was sent out of state for work,
    but I finished early and came back home to
    surprise Thelma..we haven’t been spending time
    together and I wanted to treat her nice, but I got
    home and found him, Jackson on her..and my
    wife, my Thelma..was crying as he sweated on
    her but she didn’t push him away..she
    didn’t..with a blinding rage I lurch for him, not
    stopping until I felt his skull crack and Thelma
    pulling me away.. he barely survived, he pushed
    her causing her to hit her head as he runs,
    scared I rush her to the hospital..” Gerald sniffs
    Adam is speechless
    Gerald continuous “ I was going to kill him, I
    wanted to. So I went in search for him but he
    told me, he was my wife’s lover, I should be
    thankful to her for saving my head. Blinded by
    rage I came back, hoping she tells me it was a
    lie but instead she breaks down to confess,
    telling me how he had threatened her, forced
    her, how she wanted to save me.
    And then the Doctor tells me she was pregnant.
    But I am Sterile.


    “What..what do you mean you are Sterile Gerald”
    Adam chokes out the words, Marybeth can’t
    believe what she is hearing
    “Yes.. I didn’t know at the time. After the
    incident I wanted to forget, it like a bad dream,
    like it never happen. To hear her tell me all she
    had to endure for me… instead of thanking her I
    lashed at her, blamed her for my misfortune, told
    her she seduced him, hated her for saving me,
    giving her body to save me. No matter how
    many times she cried for forgiveness or begged I
    didn’t listen. I began to drink, quit my job, spent
    time outside and I couldn’t wait for her to give
    birth to my son so I could take him and leave…I
    thought you were mine Adam..I did. I couldn’t
    touch her anymore, couldn’t stand her and I
    resorted to hit her whenever she came close..I
    just didn’t know how to handle it all.. then the
    accident , I was drunk and drove that night, and
    woke up to find her, a girl not more than 15
    years old in the car, I was arrested that night.
    She was raped and was dumped in the car I had
    passed out in. so they had to do a check up on
    her, and they thought because I was found with
    her, I was the one.. so they tested my..sperm
    and ran tests on me..and that’s when the doctor
    gives me the news, I was free to didn’t
    The police wanted to know why.., and he told
    them it was not my sperm he found in her body,
    I was sterile. And I have been sterile and would
    never be able to get a woman pregnant.”
    Adam shakes his head “I don’t understand what
    you are saying..does that mean ..that I am not
    your son truly?’’
    Gerald nods his head ..
    Adam’s throat closed , Gerald wasn’t lying.. he
    truly was a b-----d ..A Jackson Onel B-----d,
    then..that meant…
    Gerald was talking , tears following
    …”I went home, and falling to my knees I cried ,
    wishing that just maybe God would be merciful,
    but aside making me go through this..this pain,
    he had to make me impotent..I was useless as a
    man, but I would be dead to have another’s man
    child as mine.. a man like Jackson Onel. But
    Thelma did’t see reason with me, she..she didn’t
    want to get rid of it when I told her I couldn’t
    have children and the only way I could forgive
    her ..was if she aborted you, because she being
    pregnant reminded me of things I wanted to
    forget and being pregnant was a constant shame
    and disgrace and worthlessness in my face so I
    wanted her to get rid of you but she didn’t..she
    refused, saying she couldn’t kill a child and I
    felt, maybe she loved him, maybe she enjoyed
    those times with him so…my hate and anger
    grew..but nothing I did to her made her do it
    and when you were born, I wanted to rip you off
    her b----t and feed you to the dogs, I left you
    out in the cold and locked her inside but she
    broke the glass and covered you up..I didn’t
    want you, never wanted to accept a seed that
    wasn’t mine and the pain of realizing that I could
    never father a child was too much..anytime you
    looked at me and called me father I wanted to rip
    your tongue out, I wanted you to die..I would
    have killed you myself since I couldn’t kill the
    man who fathered you, but nature was kind to
    him, he met his end a month later but that
    wasn’t enough for me..not until you left too.”
    Gerald cries..
    “I know …I know I was wrong but…I could never
    love you.. accept you. You were never mine, you
    reminded me so much of my inability of not
    being a man..and your mother bared the burnt of
    it all.. but she loved you, she loved you even
    more than me and I hated it so I lashed out
    some more …I did. “
    Adam closes his eyes..”You were never my
    father, you always told me that”
    Gerald shakes his head “I wasn’t but, you were
    innocent of it all but I didn’t care I didn’t. I hated
    you…with a passion…Thelma, started falling sick,
    depressed, pained, the agony and misery took a
    toil on her health but I didn’t care…I stayed
    away from her because of you..because of the
    stigma and what you reminded me off..’’
    “then..that means Damien, Damien isn’t yours
    too” Adam looks at him
    Gerald laughs in his tears “Damien, Damien was
    my miracle baby, my flesh, my light all” he cries
    “How, are impotent you said, how?”
    “it was that couple’s retreat, you remember, we
    went away for a month. By then, Thelma had
    reconciled with her family and they had helped
    us to move outer state and her mother had
    come, she stayed with you while we left, the
    church had come and interceded when they
    found us, fighting. They were counseling,
    doctors appointments, everything …the world
    was advancing, technology was a miracle .
    therapy, drugs, treatments..Artificial
    insemination..after three weeks of trying, Thelma
    was pregnant with my own own child.
    I never thought I would ever hold my own child
    in my arms and love him until I found out that I
    was going to be a father, and I had only one
    chance of that happening…Damien was my
    miracle baby..he was my sweet boy” he
    breaks down remembering him..
    “I was happy, I forgot all about it all, we had a
    second chance at happiness, at love, at a
    family..a child I could call my own…DAMIEN
    POPE, my son” he touches himself as tears
    continuous to fall
    Marybeth can’t hold her tears.., Adam is shaking
    with emotion
    “And when he died I blamed you for it because
    you were the reason for my pain from the
    beginning and I felt you were sent from hell to
    continue..what was I supposed to do, to feel.
    The only chance I had of being a father gone, all
    in one son, my doctor..died in your
    company while you were driving. I know Thelma
    was truamatized and it caused her to become
    paralyzed due to the shock but I didn’t care as
    much for her as I suffered in my pain and seeing
    you alive and well and going about your life was
    like a twisted knife in me…hating you was real
    enough, despising you even more was easy…and
    now I know, now I know I shouldn’t have and I
    am sorry, so wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t
    your fault when I was arrested, wasn’t your fault
    when your mother thought it was her right to
    save me even, even if she was selling her body
    and I hated her for it but in actual fact I
    shouldn’t have and I am sorry Thelma …for
    holding it against you for so long and not loving
    you or thanking you enough for your sacrifices…
    for giving me Damien..for your youthful years
    and …for having a son like Adam who loves
    you.. I am sorry forgive me Thelma, forgive
    me..just don’t leave me too, I ..I cant be alone,
    it would shatter me “ he held onto Thelma’s
    hands and cries
    Adam is speechless “I am so sorry….I am so
    sorry for taking Damien away Gerald…”
    “’it wasn’t your fault, I know that now..I was too
    blinded by rage and anger to see, for everything,
    for you, for Thelma and if I had loved her enough
    she wouldn’t have been here..I did this …I did
    this, I destroyed my home, her life..I did this” he

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    so happy you are now back to your senses Gerald.
    just hope that Thelma will not die


    … Adam gets up, walking to the otherside of the
    bed, for the first time, he understood Gerald’s
    pain, his anger, his hatred..his reason and his
    mother’s silence
    She never wanted him to know about this.. she
    didn’t want him to find out that his real father
    was a Mine Construction Manager who
    practically forced her, or to let him see himself
    as a b-----d. She had given him all the love and
    happiness she could, she had also given him
    He reaches out and touches Gerald’s shoulders
    “Forgive me Adam” Gerald says, calling his name
    differently..softer.. for the first time in years,
    “Forgive me, I know I am not your father but if
    you would forgive me, I would love to be one to
    you now. I hope you give me a chance to be…
    Adam breaks down, grabbing Gerald and pulls
    him up, Gerald is crying “it was my fault, all of it.
    And I want to make it up to you. I lost my son, I
    may lose my wife tonight, and I don’t want to
    lose another family just because of something
    that happened years ago..I am tired. I am done…
    I need you to forgive me Adam, forgive me
    son..please..lets start all over” Gerald says
    Adam is crying “Forgive me Father, forgive me “
    they hug, crying
    Adam felt like his heart would burst, for years he
    had waited and longed for Gerald to call him son,
    to hug him like this and it doesn’t matter
    what the truth is, it doesn’t, all that matters is
    that here and now, the only man he knows as
    Father has hugged him and called him Son ..that
    was all that he needed…he hugs him tighter as
    Gerald is crying and asking him to forgive him,
    both of them are…
    Marybeth is laughing and crying..
    The monitor beeps…beeps again and then a flat
    straight line is shown..
    The doctor and some nurses rush in,
    “What’s happening. What’s
    Adam reaches for his mother but the Doctor is
    telling them to take them out
    “THELMA!!!’’ Gerald is screaming, the male
    nurses pull them out, they see as they use the
    Defibrillator to charge her up, her chest going
    high and low as they charge her up again, the
    door closes in their faces
    The straight line on the monitor screams
    louder..and then it stops
    “Stop nurse…call it. Call it” the doctor tells
    Marybeth who can’t stop charging Thelma’s
    “No, she can’t die, she can’t die..not yet please
    “ she pumps her again
    “Nurse Stowe..she is gone” The doctor says..he
    touches her arms, but she hits him off, tears
    blurring her vision, shaking her head she
    charges her again and drops it on her chest,
    Thelma’s chest rises and drops
    “No Thelma…no please..she can’t die..not now…
    Gerald and Adam..she has to see them..see
    them “ she orders them to increase the voltage,
    no one moves, she screams “Increase it NOW!!!”
    “she is gone Marybeth..nothing can be done”
    Shaking her head and crying
    “INCREASE IT, “ the doctor nods,
    “Charge!!wake up please wake up” she pumps
    her again.
    “Call it Nurse. Stop it, Call it” the doctor stops
    her .
    “Time of death,11:08” she chokes out the words,
    crying she runs out of the room
    Never get attached, she was told, she should
    have listened
    Adam saw her coming out, towards them,
    crying, understanding immediately he falls to his
    knees and wails like a wounded animal, Gerald
    grabs him and they cry together in each other’s
    Richard holds onto Meredith, emotion raw..pain
    and agony…
    Marybeth goes to them, on her knees she
    gathers them into her arms and rocked
    they cried..
    Right before the white cloth went over Thelma’s
    head, no one sees the shadow of a young man,
    sitting by the side of the bed..touching her
    hands, tears in his eyes
    “hello mother, I know you miss me, and I miss
    you too. Hell I miss all of you.. you really need
    to see what’s going on out there..they need
    you..more than I do now. Don’t hurry up, I can
    wait for a bit longer, Adam and papa…they..they”
    he cleans his eyes…”I love you mum..and tell
    Adam I told him I was going to remind him of
    this day..when him and Pa would be crying into
    each other’s arms and saying I am sorry to each
    other’’ he laughs “he didn’t believe me. Tell
    him…it came to past and he lied, he said he
    didn’t love Pa but mama, did you see..they love
    each other…everything would be okay now. Tell
    them I love grumpy papa and my
    amazing brother, tell him I saw the book..I read
    it, that picture of me was good, I always look
    good” he laughs cleaning his eyes “tell Adam I
    am proud of him, tell papa…he is the best in the
    world and tell Adam…I like Marybeth..she is the
    Angel in your lives now… they have to let me go,
    its time mama, you all have to let me go..but
    don’t hurry up mama…I love you” he says ,
    The monitor beeps once, twice..three times…and
    then it continuous as the nurse drops the cloth
    in shock and runs to call the doctor…
    They rush into the room,
    “I can’t believe it..its not possible” The doctor
    exclaims, laughing “She ..she is aliVe, I can feel
    a pulse, oh my God” he is in shock
    A nurse runs out to them
    “Come quick..come!!!’’
    Gerald, Adam..Marybeth and the rest run into the
    Laughter in their eyes as tears glistens, throwing
    themselves over her hands they cried in
    happiness, reaching out Gerald pulls Marybeth
    closer, hugging her “Thank you..thank you..” he
    says, turning back to
    Thelma, Adam hugs his father, placing kisses on
    Thelma’s face
    Whatever just happened they couldn’t explain
    but his mother was alive and that was all that
    Three months later, Thelma is out of the
    hospital, back home..better.
    But things were different, and for once after a
    long time…it became a home..not just a cold
    house that Marybeth had walked into.
    The Doctor had told them about a new drug that
    helped with patients suffering from Paralysis and
    that soon it would be approved to be used on
    patients after the test.
    It was a 40/60 chance but …there was no harm
    in trying, if it did, Thelma might regain use of her
    lower body, and constant therapy, drugs and
    treatments would cause her to heal permanently
    from other traumas associated with depression
    and memory loss .
    “I dreamt of Damien” Thelma says one day as
    Gerald and Adam strolled with her in the garden,
    she told them her dream, it gets them teary
    “He says he loves us, and that we should let him
    go. He says, I should tell you Adam that he told
    you so..and that Gerald, you are the best father
    in the world..”dont hurry up mama..I love you’’ I
    felt him as though he was real, but it was a
    dream.. I love you too Son’’ she whispers
    “As do I”
    “As do I” the Pope men say, holding hands
    “Adam..he likes Marybeth, I like her too” Thelma
    Adam turns, she is standing afar off,
    Gerald chuckles “Me too. She is a pain but, It’s
    safe to say she would give me grey hairs before
    I get grand-kids”
    “Father” Adam laughs
    “Oh I want them too, we need little Popes
    running around”
    “Hey, we aren’t even dating yet” Adam smiles,
    liking their train of thoughts, he didn’t mind it at
    “Well life is too short son, go get your girl”
    Gerald nudges him, ” and if it’s not too much
    trouble, I need a grandson first.And then two
    pretty girls” he smiles
    “Aye Capt” Adam nods to his father and kisses
    his mother ” I just have to convince her. You
    know she has a sharp mouth and quick reflexes”
    “You are man enough Son ”
    “Thank you Papa”
    Going to Marybeth
    “So I wanna ask you a question”
    “Which is?”
    “Why you standing there like a central
    monument?” he frowns, Marybeth had a sharp
    retort in her mouth but as she saw him laughing
    she hits him
    “Ha ha ha, very funny” she turns away, Adam
    had to be Adam, was that how he tells her
    goodbye, she was leaving , bags packed
    “Don’t go Marybeth’’ he says, she turns
    “Why, my job is done here. Thelma is fine,
    grumpy-wolfy Gerald is ..kinda, nice and sweet.
    Creepy” they laugh” and you aren’t broody and
    sad, your family is back together, Cupid did a
    good job here..Nurse leaves”
    “Mother needs you”
    “She has Gerald now, she has you”
    “Gerald needs you”
    “He has you and no he doesn’t”
    “Well..I need you Marybeth ..please don’t go,
    stay, with us, with me..’’
    “Why… that’s not enough reason. I am no longer
    needed here” she says, but Adam closes the
    distance , pulling her to him
    “You are, in my life, your scent is already in my
    head, you are already in my heart and I can’t live
    without you Marybeth …I love you”
    “I love you..marry me, I want to spend my life
    with you, have children with you…marry me
    Marybeth, “
    “You are …”
    “What? Cute, handsome, sexy, hot..I know”
    “Insufferable “ she says
    “Is that a yes ?” he pulls her closer
    “It’s a I-would-think-about it” She replies
    “SHE SAID YES!!!!” Adam screams, cheers are
    “What I didn’t “ she says hitting him, but he
    sweeps her off her feet spinning her
    “But you yes yes yes” he drops her
    down “I love you Marybeth “
    “I love you too Adam’’ she smiles kissing him
    deeply, and Gerald and Thelma close in, Meredith
    carrying the wine and Richard the glasses
    “A toast, to family, to love and to new
    beginnings” Gerald says bending to kiss Thelma,
    and hugs his son Adam
    “To love, to us” Adam and Marybeth
    Everyone hugs, everyone is happy…
    A shadow of a man is smiling from afar, that
    same smile. “Goodbye” he says, then he turns
    away and fades into Nothingness
    “Life is too short so love, no regrets, forgive,
    live, be happy, pray, soar. REPEAT”

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