Story: Little Pleasures Under the Sheets

    Episode 1

    Patricia, Felicia and Anne have been friends for years before they got married. Though married life was hectic and tough for them, these three friends still tried to spend time together once in a while to catch up on what was happening in their respective lives and to keep their friendship alive and intact. Today they were meeting at the Hair Saloon they all favored.
    Patricia: ‘My own husband na so if him come house after close of work, naso him go eat finish, baff, go sleep. Until I wake am up make him perform some action. Me, I no dey let am rest when konji catch me ooo!’
    Felicia: ‘Your own better, my own too dey worry me! Every time babe you too hot, let’s get down to business’ Felicia said ignoring the fact that her phone had been ringing for quite some time.
    Patricia: ‘Why you no wan pick your call na?’
    Felicia: ‘No mind my husband oooo. I sure say he wan ask wetin dey house to chop when he reach house’
    Patricia: ‘Pick your call then, answer am na.’
    Felicia: ‘Babe, if I pick my call, he will tell me to send the children to his sister’s place that he wants to have me and the house all alone.’
    Patricia: Laugh ‘No be people like us dey look for men like your own?’
    Felicia: ‘Him own too much, I don tire jare.’
    Patricia: Looking at the time, said ‘Where is Anne, isn’t she supposed to be here by now?’
    Felicia: ‘She should, maybe traffic is holding her down.’
    Patricia: ‘I hope so, she sent me a text few minutes ago saying she will soon be with us, abi she don change her mind?’ As she was busy talking about Anne, Anne walked in hurriedly ‘Anne, talk about the devil’.
    Anne: ‘Amebo, what are you guys talking about me for?’
    Felicia: ‘We were talking about you not been here and wondering if you had changed your mind about coming.’
    Anne: ‘How can I change my mind when it is not as if we see every day? Just four times in a month and you think I will skip it?’ She asked as she sat down.
    Patricia: ‘Maybe your husband is keeping you busy na’ She laughed.
    Anne: ‘Which kind husband?!’
    Patricia: ‘How is he, how is our latest chief in town?’
    Anne: ‘My husband is fine ooo. How is yours?’
    Patricia: ‘We are okay, we are managing…..’
    Felicia: ‘Managing ke?’
    Patricia: ‘Yes na, we dey manage. You know say money no dey again.’
    Felicia: Laughing, she said ‘You dey manage and the Brazilian hair you are fixing is costing
    N150,000. Is that one managing?’ She asked making Anne and the hairdresser laugh.
    Patricia: ‘So because I am managing, I should look unkempt and not look good for my husband abi?!’
    Felicia: ‘You can still look good without spending such an amount of money.’
    Patricia: ‘Not for my husband oh! I must spend this money to look good for him.’
    Anne: ‘I seem to notice that you have been glowing lately Patricia, what is the secret?’
    Patricia: ‘My husband is treating me fine.’
    Felicia: ‘Is that the secret?’
    Patricia: ‘Yes na, what are you expecting to hear?’
    Felicia: ‘How your husband has been treating you? We need to know.’
    Patricia: ‘Babe, this is the best moment of my marriage and I will do anything to keep it that way!’ She said smiling.
    Felicia: ‘Tell us na or you no wan tell us the secret?’
    Patricia: ‘Telling you the secret is not the problem, the problem is are you willing and ready to do it?’ She whispered conspiratorially.
    Felicia: ‘Hope say no be ritual oo?.’
    Patricia: ‘If na ritual, you think say I go dey talk about am for Saloon?’
    Felicia: ‘Oya what is it?!’ Turning to Anne, she said ‘Anne, are you here with us, this one you have been quiet, is everything alright? She said to her friend who was busy telling the hair dresser how she wants her hair and the style she needed with the weavon she just bought.
    Anne: ‘I am here with you guys, hope we are not meeting in a saloon next week?’
    Patricia: ‘No we aren’t. We will meet in a restaurant or fast food. Any place but not here.’
    Felicia: ‘Did you hear what Patricia said, Anne? Won’t you want to know the secret of her sweet marriage?’
    Anne: ‘What is the secret Patricia?’
    Chidi: ‘No club today, Kingsley?’
    Kingsley: ‘No, no club today. I want to take time off from club today’ He said to his friend who came visiting him.
    Chidi: ‘Why? What happened?’
    Kingsley: ‘Nothing, I want to rest from it abeg. I want to start planning my life.’
    Chidi: ‘You want to start planning your life, I don’t get.’
    Kingsley: ‘I want to settle down soon.’
    Chidi: ‘Wow! Kingsley, you want to settle down? Unbelievable!’
    Kingsley: ‘What is unbelievable about that?’
    Chidi: ‘I never thought you will ever want to settle down.’
    Kingsley: ‘Why do you say so?’
    Chidi: ‘All the girls you have been dating, you never mentioned settling down with any. What makes you even say you want to settle down now?’
    Kingsley: ‘ Probably because I may have found the one.’
    Chidi: ‘You mean you have found a woman?’
    Kingsley: ‘Yes!’
    Chidi: ‘Wow! And you didn’t tell me, who is she?’
    Kingsley: ‘Kristine.’
    Chidi: ‘Who is Kristine?’
    Kingsley: ‘The girl I met at the club two weeks ago.’
    Chidi: ‘Don’t tell me Kristine, the club girl is the person you want to settle down with.’
    Kingsley: ‘I think she is the one for me…..’
    Chidi: ‘Why do you think Kristine is the woman for you?’
    Kingsley: ‘She is beautiful, attractive and down to earth. Just because she clubs doesn’t give you any right to judge her!’
    Chidi: ‘I am not judging her, it’s just that there are some weird things about her that seems strange.’
    Kingsley: ‘Why, what is the strange thing about her?’
    Chidi: ‘There was a time I learnt she can’t keep a man.’
    Kingsley: ‘What do you mean she can’t keep a man?!’
    Chidi: ‘I don’t really know but rumor has it that any man she dates leaves her or ends the relationship.’
    Kingsley: ‘Why?’
    Chidi: ‘I no know abeg, if you ask me, na who I go ask?!’
    _Am i the only one wondering what Patricia’s secret is? Find out in Episode 2!_

    Episode 2

    Kingsley: ‘ What do you mean?’
    Chidi: ‘I don’t know Kingsley, the stories are sketchy. But I do know that her relationship with men don’t last.’
    Kingsley: ‘Well, I am hoping for her to be my girlfriend and then we can carry it from there.’
    Chidi: ‘I thought you said you wanted to get married?’
    Kingsley: ‘I want to, but we have to be friends first before anything. If we are good, we will settle down soonest.’
    Chidi: ‘Okay but please take your time out to know more about her.’
    Kingsley: ‘I will. I actually asked her out few days ago.’
    Chidi: ‘What did she say?’
    Kingsley: ‘She said I should give her time to think about it.’
    Chidi: ‘Don’t you think it is weird for her not to be in a relationship, like a serious relationship?’
    Kingsley: ‘No! Why should it be weird?’
    Chidi: ‘Because she is one of the most beautiful girls that I have laid my eyes on, yet she isn’t serious with anyone, why?’
    Kingsley: ‘Maybe she hasn’t found her man, yet’
    Chidi: ‘And you believe you are the one?’
    Kingsley: Laughing ‘Why not? I am rich, handsome and single. What more will a girl want from a man that I can’t give?’
    Chidi: ‘Just be careful sha, I don talk my own…’
    Kingsley: ‘Thanks and I will.’
    Patricia: ‘If I tell you the secret, will you be able to do it?’
    Anne: ‘As long as it won’t harm our relationship with our spouses, why not?’
    Patricia: ‘Well, I am still not convinced because you will have to be bold and tell him what you want…’
    Felicia: ‘Patricia, do you want us to spend our whole day begging you to tell us this secret of yours? Time is going and we cannot spend the whole day talking about just one thing. Tell us already.’
    Patricia: ‘My dear….’ She said to Felicia, ‘… blame me. I don’t want a situation whereby it will seem as if I am the one influencing you to do something you won’t want to do. I don’t want to be seen as the bad egg here.’
    Anne: ‘Why would you ever think that?’
    Patricia: ‘Because it is about getting to the promised land!’
    Felicia: ‘Promised land ke?’
    Patricia: ‘Yes, Promised land.’ She said looking at Anne.
    Anne: ‘What is it? I do not think there is anything that I haven’t tried in my marriage. Maybe I have heard of it but the method you apply yours is different.’
    Patricia: ‘Hmm, it is not just that ooo. If you want to make yourself and husband happy, you can achieve it if only you’re willing to.’
    Anne: ‘It’s something we know already, abi?’
    Patricia: ‘It’s something a lot of people know already, even children know of it.’
    Felicia: ‘So what is making it so special?’
    Patricia: ‘Simple, a lot of us do not apply it in our marriages.’
    Anne: ‘So what is it?’
    Patricia: ‘Okay, let me ask first, how often do you have sex with your husband?’
    Anne: ‘Once in a week, depending.’
    Patricia: ‘Once in a week? Your sex life is poor oh! That means four times in a month and forty eight times in a year.’
    Felicia: ‘Hey Patricia! Must you do the math for her?’
    Anne: Ignoring Felicia’s statement replied, ‘We are all usually busy’.
    Patricia: ‘When you have just a child in boarding school? If you had 3 kids like mine, what will happen?’
    Anne: ‘I guess we won’t even have time for sex then!’ She said bluntly.
    Patricia: ‘Are you serious?’
    Anne: ‘I am. I am busy 24/7. My husband is also always busy. He travels a lot and doesn’t spend time at home.’
    Patricia : ‘Tell me one thing, Anne.’
    Anne: ‘What?’
    Patricia: ‘Do you work under anybody?’
    Anne: ‘No, I have my own company and I’m self employed.’
    Patricia: ‘You have your own company and when was the last time you took a vacation?’
    Anne: ‘That was before I had my son oh’
    Patricia: ‘Girl, I think you and your husband need to plan a vacation together so that you both can spice up your sex life and bond more.’
    Anne: ‘I hear!’
    Patricia: ‘You nko Felicia, how is your sex life?’ She asked, addressing Felicia.
    Felicia: ‘It’s just there and believe me when I say our sex life is boring. My husband is only interested in putting it in always and before you know it, he cums, depositing his seed inside of me! After that, he sleeps off and snores the life out of me.’
    Patricia: ‘How long do you have sex?’
    Felicia: ‘Three to four times in a week. Most times I usually tell him I am too tired from the day’s work because of stress.’
    Patricia: ‘Tired of having sex with your husband?’
    Felicia: ‘No, tired of being unsatisfied with my sex life. I don’t enjoy sex one bit. It is because it’s our duty that’s why I indulge in it. If not, me I no do again!’
    Patricia: ‘What if I tell you that there is a way to change that?’
    Felicia: ‘Change what? Our sex life? I doubt it.’
    Patricia: ‘What if I say it is possible?’
    Felicia: ‘I said it isn’t because there is no way it can happen. My husband does not care if I am satisfied in bed or not, all he cares about is himself and himself alone.’
    Patricia: ‘What if I say you can change that, you can also be sexually satisfied?’
    Anne: ‘How can that be possible?’
    Patricia: ‘Why can’t it be possible? If they can reach their peak when having sex with us their wives, why can’t we have our own orgasm?’
    Felicia: ‘So what is it?’
    Patricia: ‘First things first, you will have to do it else you won’t ever reach your climax in this life.’ She warned them.
    Anne: ‘What do you mean?’
    Patricia: ‘It depends sha, if you have a stubborn husband like me then you have work to do.’
    Felicia: ‘Say it already.’
    Patricia: ‘Okay, fine. Do you give your husbands’ blow jobs?’

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    Episode 3

    Felicia: ‘Of course na, who in this age and time doesn’t do that?’
    Patricia: ‘What about you Anne?’
    Anne: ‘Patricia don’t ask me these kind of questions abeg, is this not 21 st Century we are in?’ She asked smiling.
    Patricia: ‘I need to ask oh because I no fit do anything wey go make me sin na.’
    Anne: ‘There is no sin in having sex with my husband, is there? Or is it wrong to give him blow job?’
    Patricia: ‘No there isn’t but sometimes I look at you like someone that can’t indulge in giving her husband the kind of sex he desires.’
    Anne: ‘Then you are wrong! Haven’t you heard not to judge a book by its cover?’
    Felicia: ‘Na the blow job dey make you glow like this?’ The inquisitive Felicia asked.
    Patricia: ‘Why you dey rush me na? Make I take time hit the nail on the head, biko!’
    Felicia: ‘Do na, you dey waste time joor.”
    Patricia: laughs. ‘As if you go fit do wetin I wan tell you?’
    Anne: ‘What is it?’
    Patricia: ‘How often do you give your husband blow job?’
    Felicia: ‘You mean…..’
    Patricia: Interrupting ‘I mean perfectly what you understand’.
    Felicia: ‘Almost anytime we have sex because he likes when my mouth goes up and down on him, you know na.’ She winked at Patricia.
    Patricia: ‘You nko Anne?’
    Anne: ‘Once in a while, not always.’
    Patricia: ‘Why?’
    Anne: ‘Because anytime I give him head, I am left unsatisfied much more than when his dick is doing the work. He comes quicker when I give him head. So to delay his coming quick, I refuse to give him head most of the time.’
    Patricia: ‘And how does he feel about that?’
    Anne: ‘Of course he won’t be happy but he has no choice.’
    Felicia: ‘Is that what you will say? What if he starts going all out to get it from an outsider?’
    Anne: ‘He won’t, I trust my husband!’
    Patricia: ‘Babe, you have to give it to him when and where he asks for it!’
    Anne: ‘No I can’t, I can’t do that.’
    Patricia: ‘Why if I may ask?’
    Anne: ‘I give him head only when I feel like it not when he wants it else he will want it everyday.’
    Patricia: ‘And what is wrong with him wanting it every day? What is wrong with him running to you after work to come and be with you?’
    Anne: ‘Ha! A lot oh, a lot.’
    Patricia: ‘Do you mind explaining?’
    Anne: ‘ Actually, there is nothing wrong with me being intimate with my husband everyday but how can I continue to be intimate with him when he always pulls out when I am sort of getting to my peak?’
    Patricia: ‘Are you saying that you have never had an orgasm?’ She asked, shocked.
    Anne: ‘I have never even reached to that place where people scream and I quote “Oh my god, I am Cuming, am Cuming, am Cumming”.’
    Patricia: Laughs ‘How? Why?’
    Anne: ‘My dear, I don’t even know myself.’
    Patricia: ‘Does that mean you have never really enjoyed sex?’
    Anne: ‘I haven’t, just doing it as an obligation.’
    Patricia: ‘What about you Felicia?’
    Felicia: ‘Well, mine is sort of different for I give it to him always.’
    Patricia: ‘How does he feel about it?’
    Felicia: ‘He likes it a lot; I must give him head before anything else.’
    Patricia: ‘Wow! That is nice. I can just imagine you getting down on him.’
    Anne: ‘You guys are lucky if you are satisfied with just giving him head.’
    Patricia: ‘Are you satisfied with giving your husband head?’ She asked Felicia.
    Felicia: ‘I guess I am, it’s what he wants and likes.’
    Patricia: ‘Aside from giving your husband head and all that, what else do you do?’ She asked Felicia.
    Felicia: ‘Nothing else or is there another new one?’
    Patricia: ‘What do you get in return?’
    Felicia: ‘Nothing oooo, just ‘thank you for the amazing sex’ and he sleeps off.’
    Patricia: ‘Is that all?’
    Felicia: ‘Yes that is all.’
    Anne: ‘What else is there we don’t know Patricia?’
    Patricia: ‘What if it gets to be the other way around?’ She said looking at her two friends
    Kristine: ‘Hope I am not disturbing you for being here?’
    Kingsley: ‘No you aren’t, I wanted to even call you before you called telling me you would like to pay me a visit.’
    Kristine: ‘Sorry for the impromptu visit.’
    Kinsley: ‘Nah! You are welcome to my house, anytime and anyway.’
    Kristine: ‘Thanks.’
    After he showed her his apartment and made her feel comfortable, he asked her the one question he has been meaning to ask.
    Kingsley: ‘Ermm, it’s been weeks and you haven’t told me what your reply is concerning what I asked, how far?’
    Kristine: ‘What did you ask me?’
    Kingsley: ‘If we can be an item, don’t you remember?’
    Kristine: ‘Oh! I do and that is the reason I am here.’
    Kingsley: ‘So what is the answer? I hope it is not a No?’
    Kristine: ‘I’m afraid it might be.’
    Kingsley: ‘No please, I won’t accept it! I can’t believe you came all the way down here to tell me No.’
    Kristine: ‘Yes I did!’
    Kingsley: ‘Why if I may ask?’
    Kristine: ‘I don’t think you can handle me.’
    _Ghen ghen! Kristine oh! Tune in for the next Episode._

    Episode 4

    Kingsley: ‘What do you mean?’
    Kristine: ‘You see, I have been in a lot of relationship and they all ended the same way.’
    Kingsley: ‘Please Kristine, give me a chance.’ He pleaded earnestly.
    Kristine: ‘It’s not that I don’t want to, believe me, but I don’t think you can handle me.’
    Kingsley: ‘Handle you in what aspect?’
    Kristine: ‘I don’t know, I am just not sure you can handle my kind of person.’
    Kingsley: ‘In what aspect?’ He questioned, now suspicious.
    Kristine: ‘Arrmm…how ……okay…..good are you when it comes to bed…’
    Kingsley: He laughed ‘Very good! Is that the part you think I can’t handle?’
    Kristine: ‘How good are you?’
    Kingsley: ‘Very good, and believe me, I love sex a lot.’
    Kristine: ‘You sure?’
    Kingsley: ‘Very sure.’
    Kristine: ‘I don’t think you can handle me’ She said again.
    Kingsley: ‘Sexually?’
    Kristine: ‘Yes, in that part. That is why most of my relationships don’t last.’
    Kingsley: ‘I broke up with my last girlfriend because she wasn’t satisfying me and her libido was too low.’
    Kristine: ‘Really?’
    Kingsley: ‘Yep’ He said smiling.
    Kristine: ‘Wow!’
    Kingsley: ‘Yes, does that mean we are cool?’
    Kristine: ‘You’re sure you can handle me?’ She asked again, unconvinced.
    Kingsley: ‘Seriously, I am not sure myself that you can handle me.’
    Kristine: ‘Why?’
    Kingsley: ‘I have a very high libido and you might not be able to keep up!’
    Kristine: ‘If you say so but I think you are underestimating me.’
    Kinsley: ‘Give me a chance and I promise you won’t regret it.’
    Kristine: ‘Still give me sometime then.’
    Kingsley: ‘Okay.’
    Felicia: ‘What do you mean by that?’
    Patricia: ‘In all these talks we have been having, none of you have actually said anything about your husband giving you blowjobs….’
    Felicia: ‘My husband doesn’t give me head often; once in a while and I used to love it.’
    Anne: ‘I don’t think my husband will ever do that.’
    Patricia: ‘Why is that?’
    Anne: ‘Cause in the early years of our marriage when I gave him head and I asked him to do the same, he rejected it and told me never to say that to him again!’
    Patricia: ‘Wow! And?’
    Anne: ‘And what?’
    Patricia: ‘After that, what happened?’
    Anne: ‘I never mentioned it to him again.’
    Patricia: ‘Even till this now?’
    Anne: ‘…Yes’
    Patricia: ‘And you give him sex?’
    Anne: ‘Of course I do, he is my husband, you don’t expect me not to have sex with my husband.’
    Patricia: ‘Hmmm……Felicia’s own is even better.’
    Felicia: ‘My once in a while head is better?’
    Patricia: ‘Your once in a while is better than not having any since you got married.’
    Anne: ‘So what is it you wanted to say?’
    Patricia: ‘How to make him give youa blowjob and make you enjoy your sex life.’
    Anne: ‘Hmmm…… I don’t think that will work for me ooo, my husband is too stubborn.’
    Patricia: ‘You can still make him bend.’
    Anne: ‘How?’
    Patricia: ‘Deny him sex. Until he gets down on you.’
    Felicia: ‘Deny him sex and he will go to another woman!’
    Patricia: ‘You think he will, Anne?’
    Anne: ‘I don’t think he will but I don’t think it will work.’
    Patricia: ‘Why will you say so if you don’t try?’
    Anne: ‘Hmmm…… this is a big one.’
    Felicia: ‘What about me, how do I make him give me head more often?’
    Patricia: ‘Do the same thing, deny him sex, give him head and tell him to reciprocate the love whenever you do it.’
    Felicia: ‘Hmmm…..’
    Patricia: ‘For years, you have been giving and they have been taking. It is time to balance the equation. How do you keep giving your men head without receiving anything at the end?’ She asked Anne.
    Felicia: ‘Don’t you think that is too much?’
    Patricia: ‘No it isn’t, except if you think it is to you but the way I see it, it isn’t.’
    Anne: ‘I don’t think it will go well if I do it oh!’
    Patricia: ‘Don’t you want to have an orgasm? Do you know what it feels like to have an orgasm?’
    Anne: ‘I don’t and I will really love to experience it.’
    Patricia: ‘Then go out of your way and have it done.’
    Felicia: ‘Is that the secret you have been hiding?’
    Patricia: ‘Yes oooo. You see, ever since my husband and I discussed about our sex life, I told him to also give me regular blowjobs, it should be a two way thing and not one way thing if he really wants us to enjoy our sex life and he was okay with it.’
    Felicia: ‘Just like that?!’
    Patricia : ‘Yes just like that, we talked about it and he agreed.’
    Anne: ‘And he has been giving it to you ever since?’
    Patricia: ‘What do you think?’ She asked smiling ‘Are you guys willing and ready to enjoy your sex life?’
    Anne: ‘I am!’
    Patricia: ‘Then you have to do it.’
    Felicia: ‘I guess there is no harm trying.’
    Anne: ‘I think I am going to try it.’
    Patricia: ‘Don’t try it, do it’ She commanded.
    Anne: ‘I will do it.’ She said firmly.
    Patricia: ‘That is more like it.’ She nodded her head.
    _These ladies are determined now, catch them in the next episode!_

    Episode 5

    After having a nice time out with her friends and receiving all the lectures on how to go about her plans from Patricia, she went straight to a boutique and bought herself lingerie, one she intended to use in getting the attention of her husband.
    Anne: ‘Hi honey…’ She called out when her husband walked into the bedroom he shared with his wife, tired.
    Louis: ‘Hi sweetheart………’ He answered mouth agape, he was shocked at what was greeting him.
    Anne: ‘How was work today’ She said as she drew closer to plant a kiss on his shocked lips as she cat walked towards him with her breast in full display for what she wore exposed not just her nipples but everything.
    Louis: ‘Tiring and stressful, what is the occasion today?’
    Anne: ‘What do you mean?’
    Louis: ‘This one you are dressed this way, in a seductive way, what is the occasion?’
    Anne: ‘Nothing much, I just thought it was time we spiced up our sex life.’
    Louis: ‘Our sex life?’
    Anne: ‘Yes’ She said as she kissed him again ‘’When was the last time we had sex?’ She asked as she unbuttoned his shirt and made to suck his nipple.
    Louis: ‘Ah! Ah!’ He moaned for that was his soft spot ‘Ah! Babe…….. I love…….what you are doing please…..don’t stop…. continue!
    Anne: Dragged him to the bathroom, put on the shower and got down on him ‘I want to make you forget all your pain and feel the glory of what we are about to have’ She said as she sucked him hard with her tongue while the shower was still on.
    Louis: ‘Oh! My God……. My…….Anne, what are you doing?’
    Anne: ‘Giving my husband a treat.’
    Louis: ‘I thought…. Ah!’ He moaned softly as his wife continued, getting him to his peak.
    Anne: Sucked him with her tongue and used her left hand to caress his scrotum.
    Louis: Thrusting harder into her mouth and using his hands to guide her in and out ‘Oh Yea! Give it to me baby!’ He was moaning ‘I love you, I love you so very much, I will do whatever you ask me to do just name it’ He promised her as he was thrusting in and out of her mouth.
    Anne: ‘You sure baby?!’ She asked when she removed her mouth and used her hands instead for she saw that he was at his peak ‘You will do whatever I want you to do?’
    Louis: ‘Anything, just name it!’ He begged as he pushed his dick into her mouth again roughly.
    Anne: Kissed him up and down, moisten her lips and pressed them against his skin back and forth and finally, she traced down the side of his penis with her tongue and sucked roughly.
    Louis: “Oh my god, yea baby, yea… I am …….Oh! Oh! Oh!’ He screamed out.
    Anne: Quickly withdrew her mouth from his dick and watched his semen fall on her breast for she has never for one day thought of allowing his sperm down her throat. After she was sure that he has finished disposing all that was inside of him, she pulled of her lingerie, went to the shower and soaked herself in it to wash up herself.
    Louis: ‘That was the best head you have ever given me since we got married! Wow!”
    Anne: ‘Really? Does that mean I haven’t been at my best lately?’
    Louis: ‘Maybe but this is the kind of head I want to be receiving from you from now on’ He said as he dried himself up with a towel.’
    They had dinner together and retired to bed.
    Louis: ‘So what happened today?’
    Anne: ‘What do you mean what happened?’ She asked as she cuddled him.
    Louis: ‘There is something different about you today.’
    Anne: ‘Really? I just want us to do something different or don’t you like what happened today?’
    Louis: ‘Oh! Very much, I do.’
    Anne: ‘You sure?’
    Louis: ‘Of course I am sure. I love the way you dressed up seductively and the way you grabbed me. It was the best ever! I can’t remember the last time we had such in the shower.’
    Anne: ‘ You loved it?’ She asked smiling.
    Louis: ‘100%’
    Anne: ‘Alright, you know, I could be doing that for the rest of our lives, I want to change our sex life.’
    Louis: ‘To what?’ He asked, very interested.
    Anne: ‘Everything! I want us to explore other areas and stuff like that.’
    Louis: ‘Really?’ He was curious.
    Anne: ‘Yes.’
    Louis: ‘Hmmm……’ He looked at her in awe.
    Anne: ‘What’s hmmm?’
    Louis: ‘I could have you here and now again because I haven’t gotten over what happened, I want you to give me another head just like the one you gave me in the bathroom.’
    Anne: ‘Wow!’
    Louis: ‘Yes’ He said and placed her hands on his dick ‘My Johnny is already up and wanting more’.
    Anne: ‘I can feel it….’ She rocked his dick ‘Poor boy but you will have to wait a little while for it is time I have mine!’
    Louis: ‘What do you mean wait and what do you mean it is time you have yours?’ He asked as he pulled his singlet off his body and made to get on top of her.
    Anne: ‘Wait Louis!’ She pushed him away frowning ‘It is time you reciprocate the love I have shown you!’
    Louis: ‘What do you mean reciprocate?’ He felt his hardened member shrink.
    Anne: ‘Each time I am about to cum and get into heaven, that is when you finish off which doesn’t go down well with me anymore.’
    Louis: ‘Hold on, wait a minute, what are you really saying?’
    Anne: ‘For years now we have been married, I have never really been satisfied with the way you bring me half way when it concerns sex…..’
    Louis: ‘You mean I haven’t been satisfying you?’ He sounded hurt.
    Anne: ‘No Louis, you haven’t! Sex with you hasn’t been very interesting.
    Louis: ‘Is that the reason why you don’t like having sex, why you always complain of headache when I come close to you?’
    Anne: ‘Yes, It is part of it and I want that to change from now on. I can’t keep giving without receiving. It is time to reciprocate the love and good gestures I have shown you over the years.’
    Louis: ‘What do you mean now?’ He growled.
    Anne: ‘It is time to show your wife how much you love her.’
    …………………………………………………………… ……………………..
    Kingsley: ‘This one you came to my house today, hope you are doing okay?’ He asked Kristine as he opened the door to her.
    Kristine: ‘Of course, I am okay. I just came to see how you were doing….’
    Kingsley: ‘Good to know. It’s been three weeks already and you haven’t said anything as to where we are headed.’
    Kristine: ‘Actually, that is the reason I am here.’
    Kingsley: ‘Wow! I am sure you are not going to turn me down.’
    Kristine: With all seriousness she said ‘Please for whatever reason, do not turn me down or you will break my heart’.
    Kingsley: ‘What makes you think I will do so?’
    Kristine: ‘Because I know guys like you and what they end up doing.’
    Kingsley: ‘Listen Kristine, just because you have seen some guys be bad doesn’t mean we are all bad.’
    Kristine: ‘Can I count on you?’
    Kingsley: ‘I promise not to break your heart.’
    Kristine: ‘Promise?’
    Kingsley: ‘I already promised and I mean it.’
    Kristine: ‘Okay, let’s go to the bedroom….’ She said to him and he led the way.
    _Will Kingsley be able to handle Kristine? Find out in Episode 6_

    Episode 6

    Few days later, when Chidi came to pay a visit to Kingsley, they wound up talking about Kristine.
    Chidi: ‘So, how is Kristine?’
    Kingsley: ‘Oh, she is fine.’
    Chidi: ‘How are things between you two?’
    Kingsley: ‘Things are going on fine at the moment.’
    Chidi: ‘Are you in love with her?’
    Kingsley: ‘She is a nice person to be with. I do like her but we are new into the relationship and so we are taking it slow….you get?’
    Chidi: ‘ That’s good to know.’
    Kingsley: ‘But there is something weird about Kristine….’ He told his friend, seemingly baffled.
    Chidi: ‘What is it?’ He wanted to know what it was.
    Kingsley: ‘Omo! That girl is a sex freak, she loves sex like there is no tomorrow.’
    Chidi: ‘You also like sex so both of you are compatible in that aspect.’
    Kingsley: ‘Yeah and I am loving it.’
    Chidi: ‘You look like it, is that what is weird about her?’
    Kingsley: ‘That babe is my type of girl. Do you know that the last time she came to my apartment, we had 3 rounds?’
    Chidi: 3 rounds?! Of what?! In the space of how many hours?!
    Kingsley: ‘In the space of 40 minutes there about oh!’
    Chidi: ‘Wow! Should I be happy for you?’
    Kingsley: ‘Please be, because I am happy for myself!’ He laughed.
    Chidi: ‘I hope it lasts?’
    Kingsley: ‘It will, trust me it will.’
    Things hadn’t gone so well between Anne and her husband. Ever since the episode in the bathroom, Louis had refused to reciprocate Anne’s gesture although he wanted more action from Anne. She got fed up and reminded him of her own demands.
    Louis: ‘What do you mean it is time to show you how much I love you?’
    Anne: ‘It is time to reciprocate the love I have shown you over the years!’
    Louis: ‘How? I make you comfortable, I get you things and I love you as my wife. How do you want me to show you my love again?’
    Anne: ‘How else can a man show his wife some love?’
    Louis: ‘I don’t know, maybe you tell me.’
    Anne: ‘Okay, by getting down on me!’ She blurted out.
    Louis: ‘What? Hahahhahaha.. Wait first, what do you mean by getting down on me?’
    Anne: ‘You will give me a blowjob too!’
    Anne: ‘I want you to get down on me and suck me the way I sucked you too in the bathroom the other day!’
    Louis: ‘Excuse me’ He screamed ‘Jesus Christ! Sweetheart, what did you just say?’
    Anne: ‘What you just heard Louis!’
    Louis: ‘I can’t believe this, is this what you go out to learn, is this what your friends gist and talk about?’
    Anne: ‘This is not about my friends but about us. I want you to get down on me too. I have been married to you for years yet I have never for once had an orgasm.’
    Louis: ’And you think by getting down on you, you will have an orgasm?’
    Anne: ‘Well, since I haven’t gotten it the normal way, just maybe that way is the way then!’
    Louis: “You can’t be serious. Don’t you know your lack of orgasms point at bigger problems?”
    Anne: ‘Oh, i am sweetheart, I am very serious. And we won’t know if I have bigger problems till you try, will we?”
    Louis: ‘God forbid! I can never do that.’
    Anne: ‘You can never get down on your own wife?’
    Louis: ‘Yes, I can never get down on you or anybody.’
    Anne: ‘Why?! I am your wife for God’s sake!’
    Louis: ‘Yes I know but you don’t really expect me to put my mouth down there, do you?’
    Anne: ‘Really? But I put mine on yours?”
    Louis: ‘That’s different.’
    Anne: ‘What is different about it?!’
    Louis: “I am a man and you are a woman!’
    Anne: “And so?”
    Louis: “It is not good for a man to put his mouth there, understand me, please!”
    Anne: “Hahahahahaaa…..and it is good for a woman to put her mouth on your dick abi?’
    Louis: “Yes! For God’s sake, I am a titled man; I pray to God with this mouth that you want me to put down there.”
    Anne: “And I use my mouth to pray to the devil, abi?”
    Louis: “I can’t and will never put my mouth there!”
    Anne: “So because you are titled and you use your mouth to pray to God, it means you can never give me a blowjob like other men do for their wives?”
    Louis: “I can’t put my head round that idea please; I don’t even know what made you say all these things. Let us just continue with the way we use to do it and forget about me giving you head.”
    Anne: “Okay, fine… will you also forget about me giving you head?”
    Louis: “What do you mean?”
    Anne: “Since you can’t give me head, I will never give you a blow job ever again!”
    Louis: ‘Are you for real?”
    Anne: “Yes I am for real because I can’t also use my mouth that I used to sing praise and worship in church to suck dick. I can’t also use my mouth that I used to teach children in Sunday school to suck dick.”
    Louis: “You can’t do that!”
    Anne: “Oh I can. No head for me, no nothing for you!”
    Louis: “All these because I said I won’t give you head?”
    Anne: “Yes it is oooo..”
    Louis: “Anne, don’t start what you can’t finish.”
    Anne: “I should be saying that to you.”
    Louis: “C’mon, please try and understand me na! It’s weird getting down there and that is the place all sort of things comes out from!”
    Anne: “Seriously Louis! Did you just say that to me?”
    Louis: “Isn’t that the truth?”
    Anne: “The truth that I gave birth to your son through it or that I menstruate through it?”
    Louis: “All of it!”
    Anne: “Hahaahahahaha. Really? But i can put my mouth where you pass out urine always abi?”
    Louis: “Mine is different.”
    Anne : “Okay then, we will see!”
    Men, would you be comfortable ‘going down’ on your woman? Why? Why not?
    _Women, would you  let  your Husband ‘go down’ on you?_

    Episode 7

    Anne: “What is different about it? Because I am a woman and you are a man?”
    Louis: “I can’t put my mouth there where all sorts of things come out!” He said wrinkling his face.
    Anne: “Hahahahaha. I don’t want to batter words with you this night Louis. No wahala. I give up!”
    Louis: ‘I am sorry!” He said as he came close to her for he wanted the action to continue and getting her upset won’t make her succumb to his will “You know that I love you, right?”
    Anne: ‘Of course I know you love me in your own special way…..”
    Louis: ‘Why don’t I show you some love then?” He said as he tried to kiss her but she pushed him away roughly and he fell off the bed “What was that for?” He asked as he stood up from the floor.
    Anne: “I should be asking you that question.”
    Louis: “I am trying to love you.”
    Anne: “By getting me in the mood for sex?”
    Louis: “Is anything wrong with that?”
    Anne: “Yes oooo, there is a whole lot wrong with what you were trying to do.”
    Louis: “And what is that?”
    Anne: “Since you can’t give me head, there is no more sex between us.”
    Louis: ‘What? What for?”
    Anne: “I have said my own. There is no point beating about the bush. No head, no sex. Period.”
    Louis: ‘I am your husband, woman! And you should do your duty as a wife!’ He commanded.
    Anne: “And I am your wife Louis, Titled man and whatsoever your excuse is, shouldn’t be.”
    Louis: “This will not go a good way ooo if you continue like this.”
    Anne: “I have said my own, until you are willing to go down on me, My Jerusalem is locked!’
    Louis: “Suit yourself!” He said angrily and went to bed.
    One week later, the women met again at a spa to have their time to themselves.
    Patricia: “How far na, my progress report on what you both said you will do?” She asked after they had settled in and made themselves comfortable.
    Felicia: “Babe, I made my own oooo. Anytime we want to get down, we give each other better blowjobs and our sex life has improved a great deal. My husband comes home and first thing is head and the rest is history!”
    Patricia: “Hahahahaha. I told you didn’t i? What about you Anne?”
    Anne: ‘Hmmm…abeg make una no ask me that question oooo because each time I think of it, I dey vex.”
    Patricia : “Why? Wetin happen?”
    Anne: “He bluntly refused to give in to my demands oooo.”
    Felicia: “Isn’t he your husband, why is he refusing?”
    Anne: “Errm he said he can’t do it, that the mouth he used to pray to God cannot be used to give me head especially when a lot of things come out from down there!”
    Felicia: “Things like what?”
    Anne: “Our son, my monthly flow, you know.”
    Patricia: “I can’t believe your husband said that oooo.”
    Anne: “He did oooo. He said he can never do it.”
    Felicia: “And what have you been doing since then?”
    Anne: “Dressing naked every day to show him what he is missing. Anytime he comes close to me I ask him if he is ready and he still says he can’t do it.”
    Patricia: “And?”
    Anne: “What do you mean and?”
    Felicia: “And what happens if he tells you he can’t do it?”
    Anne: “I can’t do it too; it is as simple as that.”
    Patricia: “Hahahahahaaa!”
    Felicia: “You mean if he wants sex you don’t give it to him.”
    Anne: “Yes!”
    Felicia: “Don’t you think you are being unfair?”
    Patricia: “Life isn’t fair, Felicia and if her husband was fair, wouldn’t he reciprocate?”
    Felicia: “I know but don’t you think that is going extreme?”
    Anne: “Yes I know but it has to happen.”
    Felicia: “What if he goes outside?”
    Anne: “To have sex?”
    Felicia: “Yes, he may go out and cheat on you.”
    Anne: “A titled man can’t go outside to have sex since he can’t give his woman head and even if he does that, I know what to do.”
    Felicia: “What will you do?”
    Anne: “It hasn’t come to that na. My husband can’t cheat on me.”
    Felicia: “Okay ooo but please be careful.”
    Patricia: “For how long will this go on?”
    Anne: “I don’t know, the ball is in his court.”
    Patricia: ‘”Babe, I like your way’ She said smiling.
    Kingsley: “What are you doing in my office Kristine? I thought I told you I will be very busy today?” He asked as soon as she entered his office.
    Kristine: “Yes I know, I had to come check up on you because I missed you.”
    Kingsley: ‘Okay, make yourself comfortable’ He said as he pointed a seat to her.
    Kristine: ‘I didn’t just come here to make myself uncomfortable; I came here to get down to business…..” She whispered as she started to unbutton her dress.
    Kingsley: “What are you doing?”
    Kristine: “Unbuttoning my blouse because I want us to get into action” She said and continued.
    Kinsley: “Hold on, hold on!” He stopped her, looking around him and whispered in her ears “…..This is an office and I am busy at the moment.”
    Kristine: “This is your office and you are the boss. Let us fuck a little….”
    Kingsley: “But I was in your apartment yesterday and we had sex for like five to six times, I thought that was enough for a whole week.” Kristine: “The sex was good and I enjoyed it but that was yesterday and this is today!” She said and kissed him on his lips.
    Kinsley: “Wait! Wait!” He said as he held her at an arm’s length “We can’t do this, at least not here!”
    Kristine: “But I want you right now and I want you to take me right here!” She whined, looking at him lustfully.
    Kinsley: “Pull yourself together! I will meet you at home. In your apartment after close of work.”
    Kristine : Kissed him again and directed his hands to her clitoris for him to work on it ‘Yes baby’ she said as he began to fumble with it.
    Kinsgley: “Oh Kristine, look what you are making me do!” He said as Kristine unbuttoned his shirt and sucked on his left nipples.
    Kristine: “Yes K. I want your dick right inside me this moment for I can’t wait any longer” She said as Kingsley laid her on the office table and fucked her right there and then.
    _Kristine oh!! This babe sef! Watch out for her in Episode 8, you don’t wanna miss it!_

    Episode 8

    Kingsley: Few minutes later, after catching his breath and taking a cup of water he said ‘Wow! That sex was amazing’.
    Kristine: ‘You liked it?” She said still fondling her exposed breast.
    Kingsley: “I love it!”
    Kristine: “Then let’s have one more round!” She said as she drew close to him.
    Kingsley: “One more what?” He shouted.
    Kristine: “One more round na!” She whined
    Kingsley: “Wait first!” He got up to get dressed “This is an Office and not a brothel Kristine!”
    Kristine: “I know!”
    Kingsley: “You know and you still want to have more sex in my office? What if someone just walked in on us?”
    Kristine : “Relax, your blood too dey hot joor. Isn’t the door locked?”
    Kingsley: “I am at work ooo. I can’t indulge and we just had sex which I am okay with for now.”
    Kristine: “But I am not and I still need you to fuck me.”
    Kingsley: “I can’t!” He blurted out “Is sex food?”
    Kristine: “What are you my man for if not to quench my desire?”
    Kingsley: “Your libido is too high please. Put yourself together and stop with the sex every time we see. We don’t talk about anything other than sex! Sex! Sex!”
    Kristine: “Are you getting tired of it already?”
    Kingsley: “What if I am?”
    Kristine: “I thought you said you are man enough, that you can handle me?”
    Kingsley: “It is true I am man enough and can handle you but there are other important things we need to do and talk about.”
    Kristine: “I am a nymphomaniac and I indulge in sex whenever and wherever regardless of who or what is around.”
    Kingsley: “I can see it, you don’t have to tell me because I sensed it the first time we had sex.”
    Kristine: “Good. Can we get down to it now?”
    Kingsley: “No we can’t. I will meet you at home to give you all the sex you desire. Just hold yourself a little while please.”
    Kristine: “Alright then, I will just go and do myself till when you are ready.”
    Kingsley: “Do yourself? As how?”
    Kristine: “Yes na. Do you want me to go to the club and find any available dick?”
    Kingsley: The thought of someone else having sex with Kristine, his girlfriend was unacceptable to her but he was beginning to die in silence for he didn’t know how he was going to put up with her crazy desire for sex “No Need for that, let’s go home!” He told her.
    Kristine: ‘That’s why I love you, you give it to me whichever way and whenever. By the way…’ She said as she got dressed ‘……I am moving in with you by next week.’
    Kingsley: “What?”
    Kristine: “I am moving in with you. I guess it’s time I move in with you so we can get to know ourselves better.”
    Kingsley: “But what about your apartment?”
    Kristine: “My rent already expired. I figured there is no point renewing it when I can just move in with you and we become an official couple.”
    Kingsley: “I don’t think that is a good idea, how much is your rent?”
    Kristine: “300,000 naira per annum.”
    Kingsley: “What if I give you the money for your rent?”
    Kristine: “I don’t want to renew my rent? Why should I renew it when I can just move in with you?”
    Kingsley: “Why do you want to move in with me?”
    Kristine: “Beca…..use like you suggested, we need to get to know each other better all around”
    She said smiling.
    Kingsley: “Damn, i don enter am!” He thought to himself.
    Anne: “No work today sweetheart?” She asked for she was wondering why it took him so long for him to go have his bath that morning.
    Louis: “No, no work. I am actually on leave for one month.”
    Anne: “Wow! One month? Why didn’t you tell me earlier so we can make plans on going on a vacation?”
    Louis: “I never thought you would want to go on a vacation with me, I thought you’d be busy with work?”
    Anne: “I can tell my sales girls to handle the business while we go on a vacation. When last have we really been on a vacation as a couple?”
    Louis: “I can’t remember, you tell me.”
    Anne: “Erm…….before the birth of our son who is now in boarding school.”
    Louis: “Well, we can still work on that if you are interested.”
    Anne: “Is that a question?! I am interested joor!”
    Louis: “Good. Where do you want us to travel to, we can make the arrangements and in one week we will go anywhere you want.”
    Anne: “Errmm…….”She thought for a few minutes ‘… about Dubai?”
    Louis: “Dubai? You want us to go to Dubai?”
    Anne: “Yes. It is a nice place and it will be good for us to get away from Naija for a few weeks.”
    Louis: “Okay! Dubai it is.”
    Anne: “Really?” She said excitedly “We will go to Dubai! Yes!”
    Louis: “Anything for my wife as long as it will make you happy.”
    Anne: “Thanks darling, let me call Ogu Agency to make the booking for us and tell me how much it will cost. But how long do you think we should stay?”
    Louis: “How long do you want us to stay?”
    Anne: “2 weeks, I want us to stay two weeks.”
    Loius: “2 weeks it is.”
    Anne: “Thanks darling, I am very happy!”
    Louis: As she was about to go make the call for the booking to be made, he called her back ‘Ermm Sweetheart’ He called out, smiling ‘Where are you going?”
    Anne: She looked back,“To go make the call for our travel arrangement.”
    Louis: “Okay but before that, I need us to discuss some other arrangement.”
    Anne : “What kind of arrangement that can’t wait?” She asked, impatiently.
    Louis: Ignored her statement and continued with a smile on his face “What do we do if we get to Dubai?”
    Anne: “What do people do when they go on vacation?”
    Louis: “I don’t know, you tell me.”
    _Kristine told Kingsley he couldn’t handle her before. Was she not telling the truth? Tune in for the next episode tomorrow!_

    Episode 9

    Anne: “They go sight -seeing, explore the environment, go shopping and the rest.”
    Louis: “What is the rest?”
    Anne: “Have fun!”
    Louis: “What do you mean by fun?”
    Anne: “Fun na! The kind of fun you understand…..”
    Louis: “No, I don’t understand what you mean by fun.”
    Anne: “Go on dates and anything.”
    Louis: “Anything?”
    Anne: “Yes anything, why?”
    Louis: “Nah, I was wondering if the fun means sex too?” He smirked.
    Anne: “Not unless you are willing to put down your ego and give me what I want.”
    Louis: “You’re serious about that?!”
    Anne: “Of course I am serious!”
    Louis: “Hmmm… are you really serious?”
    Anne: “Louis Eh! I said I am serious na. If you don’t go down on me, no sex or anything. Not even kissing sef!”
    Louis: “Then why are we going on a vacation if I can’t have all the fun I want?”
    Anne: Understanding what he is trying to do said “Please don’t do that!”
    Louis: “Don’t do what?”
    Anne: “What I think you are about to do…..”
    Louis: “You know already, if we can’t have all the fun, I am afraid that we won’t be going to Dubai. I can’t afford to spend my money all the way there and not have my way!”
    Anne: “Please Louis, let’s go there as a couple and have fun.”
    Louis: “With the exception of having fun with my wife, no way.”
    Anne: “Don’t do this…..”
    Louis: “I won’t if you will allow me go where I want to go!”
    Anne: “No way!”
    Louis: “Fine! Same here!”
    Anne: “Louis, we haven’t been on a vacation in years, this is the only opportunity we have to spend any time together.”
    Louis: “If you really want us to spend time out together as a couple then you should allow me and do your wifely duty!”
    Anne: “Are you trying to pay me back for not allowing you have sex with me?”
    Louis: “Its been several weeks since I last touched my wife, do you know how much i want to be with you?! Do you?! And i can’t because you won’t allow me unless I do that thing to you which is impossible and since it’s like that, no problem….” He shrugs “I agree and you must agree with my terms too.
    Anne: “Louis please” She pleaded.
    Louis: “The ball is in your court Anne!” He said, then smiled and walked away.
    The following day, while Anne was getting prepared to go to work, Louis came to her to inquire if she had made up her mind.
    Louis: “How about what we talked about yesterday, sweetheart?”
    Anne: “I have accepted.” She told him nonchalantly.
    Louis: “Accepted as in?”
    Anne: “Accepted what you said….”
    Louis: “You mean we can now have sex?” He asked as he grabbed her from behind.
    Anne: Pushing him away, she gave him a dirty look, “Go away jor! I have accepted that I won’t go to Dubai with my husband since that’s what he wants!”
    Louis: “You can’t be serious, if this is a joke stop it!”
    Anne: “Does it look to you like I am joking Louis? I accept your conditions and nothing else!”
    Louis: “You mean you don’t want to go to Dubai and have fun with your husband?”
    Anne: “I would give anything to go to Dubai with you but not this and since you have refused to yield to my demand, I also won’t force you to do what you don’t want to do! She informed him and went to work.
    Chidi: “Ah Kingsley, this one wey you come my house today, wetin happen?”
    Kingsley: “Abeg, I wan crash here today, I no fit go my house…….”
    Chidi: “Wetin happen? Come, wait oh! E be like say you dey slim down! Wetin dey do you?!
    Kingsley: “Nothing oooo……. just work and stress.”
    Chidi: “Which kind stress dey make you slim like this abi you no dey eat well?”
    Kingsley: “My man, you no go understand!
    Chidi: “Understand wetin? Talk to me.”
    Kingsley: “That babe wan kill me. Everytime and every minute na sex. We don’t even do anything other than sex! Sex! Sex! I don tire!!
    Chidi: “I thought you were enjoying it?”
    Kingsley: “Mehn! I am tired and it is no more funny. I can’t do it anymore.”
    Chidi: “You can’t have sex again?”
    Kingsley: “Guy, I need a break abeg! Is sex food?”
    Chidi: “You? Kingsley?” He laughed out loud “Is that why you came to my apartment to crash?”
    Kingsley: “Mehn! i wan rest. Going there will be another marathon of sex and I can’t deal with it.” He sighed.
    Chidi: “Is this how you will keep running from your own house?”
    Kingsley: “For now, yes until I finally know what to do with her.”
    Chidi: “But isn’t she your kind of person?”
    Kingsley: “I thought she was, I thought I could handle her but Mehn that girl strong pass me, I can’t handle her abeg.”
    Chidi: “Hahaahahaahhaaa, now you have met someone who is more than you!”
    Kingsley: “Na now I know say I don jam somebody wey pass me.”
    Chidi: “Hahahaha . Sorry, take it easy.”
    Kingsley: “She is wow! She can have sex anywhere and anytime. In the car, garage, office, anywhere! I swear!”
    Chidi: “And now you are tired of it all?”
    Kingsley: “Yes I am. I mean, in the beginning it was fun but now, it is no longer funny.”
    Chidi: “Which means you can’t marry her?”
    Kingsley: “Marry Gini? A sex maniac? No way!”
    Chidi: “But she is beautiful, intelligent and a good person.”
    Kingsley: “Yes she is but she is way more than me abeg! And I haven’t even been able to get to know her better; all we do is have sex!”
    Chidi: “Then you should let her know as soon as possible.”
    Kingsley: “How can I when I promised her I won’t break her heart?”
    Chidi: “She isn’t the first person you have broken a promise to. She won’t be the last! Save yourself while you can!”
    _Kingsley has finally entered gobe! Tune in to find out how he gets out of it!_

    Episode 10

    Louis left the house angry and went to visit a friend of his who just came back from the states few days ago.
    Louis: “Hello my friend Bryan, how are you doing? The states treated you well oh!” He told his friend.
    Bryan: “Thanks! I am doing okay and how is the family?” He asked as he ushered Louis to his newly furnished apartment.
    Louis: “They are doing wonderfully well; your new home isn’t bad…”
    Bryan: “Thanks Man, it’s not been easy trying to complete it but I give God all the praise. How about Anne, your wife?”
    Louis: “She is fine and doing okay for herself.” He sighed.
    Bryan: “That’s good to hear because I wouldn’t want to hear that both of you are having problems in your marriage….”
    Louis: “No, we aren’t having any problems except some minor issues once in a while.”
    Bryan: “I am glad to hear that because marriage isn’t an easy journey to undertake.”
    Louis: “Yea, you are right. But lately, I think we have been having a lot of argument. Women can be tiresome”
    Bryan: “On what? Hope nothing serious, my man?”
    Louis: “Somewhat….” He shrugged “…..She prefers not to go to Dubai with me.”
    Bryan: “Because of an argument?”
    Louis: “Yes!”
    Bryan: “What is it about?”
    Louis: “She sort of wants…. Me….. to get down….. on her.
    Bryan: “I don’t understand, what do you mean?” He asked, confused.
    Louis: “My wife wants me to give her cunninglingus, I mean put my mouth down there and suck her.”
    Bryan: He laughingly asks “Ehn, what’s the big deal about that?”
    Louis: Looking shocked “What do you mean what is wrong with that Bryan?”
    Bryan: “Relax man, no need shouting. What is wrong with giving your wife head? That’s what you’re referring to, right?”
    Louis: “Why won’t you have the guts to ask me such a question when you aren’t married yourself?” He asked, sneering.
    Bryan: Laughs. ‘So you mean because I am not married, I do not know what it means to get down on a woman or give her pleasure?”
    Louis: “Do you know?”
    Bryan: “Sure. I love getting down on my woman!”
    Louis: Visibly surprised “You give your woman head?”
    Bryan: ‘”Sure, why not?”
    Louis: “Isn’t that disgusting?”
    Bryan: “What is disgusting about making my woman reach her peak by giving her head?”
    Louis: “How do you feel comfortable putting your mouth down there, doesn’t it irritate you and doesn’t it make you want to throw up? How do you feel using the same mouth to pray to God? How do you feel……?”
    Bryan: “Louis!” He interrupted “What is wrong with you? For God’s sake she is your wife and as a married couple, you should spice up your sex life man! Are you trying to tell me that you have never given her cunninglingus ever since you married her?”
    Louis: ‘Never!” He said boldly.
    Bryan: “And does she doesn’t do same to you?”
    Louis: “You mean give me head?”
    Bryan: “Yeah!”
    Louis: “Of course she does.”
    Bryan: “And how does she feel about it?”
    Louis: “She has never complained.”
    Bryan: “And you can’t reciprocate?”
    Louis: “I can never do that, I am an African and it is wrong for me to use the same mouth I use in praying to God to do that thing. Do you know that I am a titled man in my village?” He asked boldly.
    Bryan: “So fuck what?”
    Louis: “What do you mean by that?”
    Bryan: “So because you are a titled man, you can’t satisfy your wife in bed?”
    Louis: “I satisfy her the way and manner I know.” He grumbled.
    Bryan: “By just inserting your dick in and out of her without minding if that is what she truly wants? I bet you, your wife hardly has orgasms….”
    Louis: “Does she need to? I am the man and the pleasure should be for me and not her.”
    Bryan: “No Louis, you are wrong. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both the man and the woman. Gone are the days when the woman is always at the receiving end, gone are the days where we men think that sex is only for the pleasure of the man and not the woman. There is nothing and absolutely nothing wrong with giving your wife head because you are husband and wife. The same mouth you are talking about is also the same mouth she uses on you and after that, she also uses it to pray to God Almighty and He hears her!”
    Louis: “I can’t give her head, I prefer our sex life the way it was before!”
    Bryan: “Why don’t you give it a try and see how it goes?”
    Louis: “Give what a try?”
    Bryan: “Make your woman reach orgasm for once and see how it goes from there.”
    Louis: “I can’t do that!” He shook his head vehemently.
    Bryan: “There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving your wife head. Research has shown that women prefer been sucked than having sex! Don’t be selfish!”
    Louis: “This world is turning to something else, this world is changing too fast!”
    Bryan: “Yes this world is changing; people are becoming more open to new life and ideas. If your wife wants to change her strategy of having sex with you, give it to her. The world is changing, remember? And we have to follow suit.”
    Louis: “I can’t bring myself to do that.”
    Bryan: “Then don’t be surprised if another man does it for you secretly!”
    Louis: “I know and trust my wife; she can never cheat on me.”
    Bryan: “I am not saying she is ever going to cheat on you, what I am saying is what if she is not really happy with her sex life with you? Do you think she won’t be tempted to find other alternatives outside?”
    Louis: “She will never do that!” He insisted.
    Bryan: “Research has also shown that women crave satisfaction. If is not given inside their own home, they will get it outside. The world is changing, remember?”
    Louis: “Yes the world is changing but not my wife.”
    Bryan: “Okay Man, before you go, I will download an application for you on your phone where you will learn the significance of giving your woman cunninglingus and also how to go about it without feeling weird about it.”
    Kristine: “What took you so long? I have been waiting for you for close to two hours.”
    Kingsley: “I am sorry Kristine, I had an impromptu meeting.”
    Kristine: “It’s okay, hope your day went well?”
    Kingsley: “Yes it did. Is dinner ready yet? I am hungry.”
    Kristine: “Yes it is but before that, pull your shirt off and let’s get down to business!” She said as she reached for him.
    _Poor Anne! Poor Kingsley! Find out more tomorrow in Episode 11!_

    Episode 11

    Kinglsey: “What? Not now Kristine, I am hungry and I need food, real food!”
    Kristine: “Of course, I will give you real food and that is myself!” She said as she came to him and planted a kiss on his lips “I will quench your hunger for food with this body of mine”
    Kingsley: Pushing her away, “Stop this Kristine, I want real food!”
    Kristine: “What food is important than having this kind of food?”She asked, showing him her exposed breast and winking at him.
    Kingsley: “Kristine, I want to eat good meal and not sex, please, I beg you….”
    Kristine: “After we make love, sweetheart….”
    Kingsley: “Kristine!!” He shouted “What is wrong with you? You don’t think about any other thing asides sex in the morning, sex in the afternoon and sex in the night. Is sex food?”
    Kristine: “Don’t shout at me Kingsley, don’t you dare shout at me!” She shouted back, fixing her bra. “Who do you think you are to shout at me?!”
    Kingsley: “I will shout at you the way and manner I like because you have nothing to deliver. All you know how to do is have sex anywhere and anytime!! Aren’t you tired? Don’t you ever get tired?!”
    Kristine: “So because I am in your house and having sex with you, you think I don’t have work abi?”
    Kingsley: “Do you have work? A job? Do you? I don’t remember seeing you leaving this house to work or even recall you mentioning a job ever since you packed your belongings to my house!!”
    Kristine: “Hold it there Kingsley!! Don’t insult me again I take God beg you. Na because I want make we screw na him make you dey halla like this?!!”
    Kingsley: “Why I no go halla? Why? I tell you say I wan eat, you say make we sex first. Why I no go halla? I don tire for this sex thing abeg oooo. I don tire!!”
    Kristine: “You told me you loved it! You said you like me the way I am this morning!!”
    Kingsley: “Of course I like you because you are down to earth but this sex thing is eating me way up. Can’t you see that I am no longer looking healthy?”
    Kristine: She sneered “So it’s because of sex? You want to blame me, right?!”
    Kingsley: “Yes it is! We had sex the whole of last night that I barely had enough sleep, this morning before I could go to work, we had three rounds of sex and now, you want to take away the little strength I have left?!”
    Kristine: “Okay, let me get your food then after you have finished eating then we can…”
    Kingsley: “No sex this night…” He interrupted ‘No sex at all!”
    Kristine: “Why not?”
    Kingsley: “Kristine, no sex this night please. I am exhausted and I need to rest.”
    Kristine: “Fine, I will manage!” She said and went to the kitchen to get his food.
    It had been over a month since Louis last had sex with his wife and the long stretch was putting him on the edge. He went to his wife who was on the bed lying down seductively in order to entice him.
    Louis: “Sweetheart….” He said as he laid down beside her “…I like the scent of your perfume, it smells good.”
    Anne: Knowing what was going through his mind, said “Thank you”
    Louis: ‘Ermm……..” He moved closer still ‘I love the way you look these days, you look like I could eat you raw!”
    Anne: “Can you?”
    Louis: “You mean can I eat you raw?”
    Anne: “Yes.”
    Louis: “Of course I can.”
    Anne: “Then go on.”
    Louis: Excited that she agreed so easily, quickly pulled off his trouser and spread her legs. “Wow, thank you!”
    Anne: Stopping him as he was about to pull off her panties “Are you really ready to eat me raw?”
    Louis: “Of course I am!”
    Anne: “That means you are ready to get down on me?” She couldn’t hide her surprised excitement.
    Louis: “Noo now! I mean I’m ready to have sex with you.”
    Anne: “I thought you said you want to eat me raw?” She asked, frowning.
    Louis: “Yes and it means enjoying you because I am hungry for you!”
    Anne: “Well then Louis, if what you mean is getting me laid, I am not ready  for that!”
    Louis: “What did you think I meant?”
    Anne: “I thought you meant you want to eat my…vagina…. You know, give me a blowjob!”
    Louis: “Are we still on that topic?”
    Anne: “Yes oooo and there is no sex or love making until you succumb to my request!”
    Louis: “Woman, I am your husband and you are pushing me to the wall!”
    Anne : “Then do the little task you have been asked to do!”
    Louis: “Little task? What is so little about me getting down on you?”
    Anne: “Louis, I am not ready to argue, if you are not going to do it, then go to bed.” She stretched and turned away from him.
    Louis: Looking at his hardened member, “But…….I need you, I need to feel your warmth and touch. I need to be inside of you!”
    Anne: “And I also crave for my husband to use his mouth to bring me sexual pleasure!” She said smiling. “But he won’t, so we both lose!”
    Louis: “Is this what you have been going outside to learn? Who is even putting you up to this?!”
    Anne: “When you are ready Louis, let me know!” She said and moved farther from him on the bed.
    Louis: “You’re pushing me to go outside oooo. I don’t want to do it but you are really pushing me to the wall!” He grumbled, pained.
    Anne: “There is nothing wrong if you should go outside but once I find out, I am opting for a divorce and I am going with our son!”
    Louis: “Has it come to that?”
    Anne: “Didn’t you say you will cheat on me?”
    Louis: “Hmmm . How many wives stop their husbands from making love to them?!”
    Anne: “And how many husbands do not do what their wives asks? How many can’t even give their wives pleasure?”
    Louis: “Anne! Anne!”
    Anne: “That’s my name.”
    Louis: “You are going to continue starving me abi?”
    Anne: “If you are ready to take your wife to high heavens then Jerusalem will be forever open to you, anytime, anyway.”
    Louis: Seeing that she was bent on having her way moved close to her and whispered “I will make you cum if only I can just put it in just once!”
    Anne: Laughed “I wish I can just change my mind…”She said facing him and caressing his face “……but you see, if it’s not your mouth first, then it is nothing!”
    Louis: “Hmmm.” He sighed as he turned to the other side of the bed and went to sleep feeling horny.
    _Will Louis give in to Anne? Find out as the story progresses!! Tune in for episode 12_

    Episode 12

    After Kingsley had his dinner, he went straight to bed for he had been under stress at work and needed time alone to rest his head and be up and doing the following day, Kristine also joined him in bed and wanted to put him in the mood for sex.
    Kingsley: “Kristine, not tonight please, I am too tired.”
    Kristine: “Then do nothing and let me do all the work.”
    Kingsley: “No Kristine, my body needs rest and not sex.”
    Kristine: “How about me? I need to make love to you this moment. I thought you said you wanted food, now that you have finished eating and rested a little bit, let us move into action…..”
    Kingsley: “Not tonight, please try and understand.”
    Kristine : “Understand the fact that we won’t have sex this night? No I won’t understand because I am horny and already wet down there.”
    Kingsley: “See, I am sorry; I can’t be of help to you!”
    Kristine: “No wahala then!” Striping naked, she marched angrily to the wardrobe in the room and brought out her vibrator. She sat on a chair right in front of Kingsley, opened her legs and inserted the vibrator into her vagina moaning a soft sound.
    Kingsley: “Seriously Kristine!!”
    Kristine: “You like what you see Kingsley?” She moaned as she kept using the vibrator to give herself pleasure, using the other hand to caress her clitoris “You like what you see Kingsley?”
    Kingsley: Surprised at how his body could give way to the pleasure Kristine was having right in front of him, stood up from the bed and went to her.
    Kristine: “I knew you would come to me…” She said still pleasuring herself “Fuck me Kingsley and fuck me like it’s the last time!”
    Kingsley: Removed the vibrator from her, carried her to the bed and fucked her like his life depended on it. Few minutes later, after the rough sex, he dozed off.
    The following day, Kingsley woke up tired and hungry, he checked the time and it was a few minutes past nine in the morning, he quickly went to the bathroom, had a quick bath and was getting dressed when Kristine walked in on him smiling.
    Kristine: “Good Morning Kingsley, how was your night? Hope you slept well?”
    Kingsley: “Why didn’t you wake me up? I am very late for work.”
    Kristine: “Relax Kingsley, what is the need rushing to work when you are your own boss?”
    Kingsley: “It is important I be there. Just because I have a company of my own doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be at work on time! And by the way, what job exactly will you be doing?”
    Kristine: “Job ke? Me I am not interested in any job for now.”
    Kingsley: “Why is that? I could help you look for job with one or two of my two contacts if you want and the pay will be worth it.”
    Anne was having a girls time out with her friends..
    Patricia: “Babe, how far? Oga don succumb?”
    Anne: “I dey jare, how una family dey na?”
    Felicia: “We dey Kampe. Any gist?”
    Anne: “Amebo!” She said laughing “I know say you go don dey wait make this day reach so that you go hear the latest development.”
    Felicia: “Before Nko?!” She said and hissed.
    Patricia: “How far, I ask weda oga don succumb to your will?”
    Anne: “Only succumb? I pray ooo. As e dey now ehn, I don lock up big time!”
    Felicia: “You mean he is still standing on his words?”
    Anne: “My dear, standing is an understatement. He is holding firm to his words oooo. Me sef I don tire!”
    Patricia: “You wan give up?”
    Anne: “Give up ke? Not me and not in my dictionary. Since that is the way he wants it, I am everly ready. His selfishness astounds me! And I refuse to be the mumu anymore!”
    Felicia: “But don’t you think you may be going about it the wrong way?”
    Anne: “What other way do you have in mind?”
    Patricia: “Do you seduce him and dress attractive for him, maybe he will soften a little bit.”
    Anne: “I don’t only act and dress seductively, I make sure that I go to bed naked all night. I prepare his meal naked, dress up and do everything naked in the house still yet, nothing.”
    Patricia: “But has he made any advances?”
    Anne: “Severally, he wants it but doesn’t want to get down on me first and I will not accept that!”
    Felicia: “What if he decides to go get it elsewhere?”
    Anne: “Then he should be ready for a divorce!”
    Felicia: “Are you willing to lose your marriage because of that?!”
    Anne: “I have never, not once in my life had an orgasm. If the man I am married to cannot make a sacrifice I have made several times for him, then I am willing to damn the consequences. You want me to die in this life without experiencing what women of my age are experiencing anyhow? In any case, who says I can’t go outside first?!”
    Felicia: “Even at that, to some people, marriage isn’t all about sex.”
    Anne: “To me, it isn’t  either. Its about mutual love, and a willingness to compromise especially on things that matter to your partner. If I don’t get it, how else do you want me to remain happy? Is it by me fulfilling the wifey duties when he can’t do the same?!”
    Patricia: “Not to worry or stress yourself over it, he will soon give way.”
    Anne: “I pray oooo!”She said as she brought out a small package from her bag.
    Patricia : “What is that?”
    Anne: “This……” She said showing them the package she is holding “….is called female special care.”
    Patricia: “For what na?”
    Anne: “It’s a special deodorant cleansing intimate gel for women.”
    Patricia: “Hmmm…another one again? Let me see.” She said as she collected it from her to take a look.
    Felicia: “What does it do?”
    Anne: “It is for washing down there so that it will always smell nice. It is also good for…… you know what I mean.”
    Felicia: “All this stuff, didn’t they say water is 100%?”
    Anne: “Yes water is 100% okay but this particular one will make you smell fresh and nice.”
    Felicia: “For how long have you been using it?”
    Felicia: “For close to 2years now….”
    Patricia: “So you bought another one?”
    Anne: “Yes oooo because I am having the feeling that oga will bury his head down there soon and it won’t be a day thing, it will be an everyday thing…” She said giggling.
    Patricia: “Hahahahaha…Bad pikin!”
    Anne: “When Oga is ready, I am ready too!” She said but never told her friends about the Dubai trip she would never have.
    _Hmm, water don pass garri oh! Tune in for Episode 13 later today!_

    Episode 13

    Kristine: “I am not interested in a job, Kingsley! I sort of like my life the way it is.”
    Kingsley: “You like your life the way it is? Don’t you want to make your own money?”
    Kristine: “Not interested in working for anyone as it stands now.” She shook her head vehemently.
    Kingsley: “Why is that?”
    Kristine: “I always get sacked for flimsy reasons! Coming to work late or leaving early! Other times, my bosses will sack me after getting a piece of me saying that they cannot continue with me.”
    Kingsley: “Is this the kind of life you want to continue living?” He asked, disappointed in her.
    Kristine: “Is there anything wrong with my life?”
    Kingsley: “Of course there are a whole lot of things wrong with it. Do you like the way you are living off me?”
    Kristine: “Am I becoming a burden to you?”
    Kingsley: “I am not saying you are but don’t you think there is more to life than this sex thing you are always craving for? And if you had a job, you wouldn’t have the energy for sex all the time!”
    Kristine: “Is it because I am here for you that’s why you want to start your early morning sermon?”
    Kingsley: “I am not in the mood for that and don’t even think I will waste one minute of my time on that. I am sick and tired of this every minute sex thing abeg, get a life!!”
    Kristine : “You mean you are getting tired of me?”
    Kingsley: “Who wouldn’t? You’re a nice person but you don’t have a lot to offer” He told her, shaking his head. “I honestly don’t think I am the man for you.”
    Kristine: “Don’t please! Remember your promise.” She begged him.
    Kingsley: “What promise?”
    Kristine: “You said you would never break my heart. Hope that is not what you are trying to do because if it is, I am going nowhere. I am not leaving you for anyone or anything in the world.”
    Kingsley: “To be sincere, in the beginning I thought I could cope with you and your demands for intimacy. But your sex problems aren’t the only issue! You lack ambition too! You came to live here with the intention for us to get to know each other better but I still don’t know you at all.”
    Kristine: “What are you now saying?”
    Kingsley: “I am saying that I think you should seek help because this is way more than I or any man can handle.”
    Kristine: “…..But you said you could! You said you loved me for me and nothing else!!” She screamed at him.
    Kingsley: “I did and I am sorry.”
    Kristine: “Well, in any case, if you are saying that you want us to break up, no way. I am going nowhere!”
    Kingsley: “Kristine please, maybe there is someone out there for you and maybe….”
    Kristine: “Eh eh!eh eh! Hold it there Kingsley. I didn’t come to you in the first place, you came to me and now that you have seen me finish, you think you can just use me like that and dump me, it will not happen. You and I are in this together and that is final!!” She sat down and crossed her arms across her bosom.
    Kingsley: “Alright then.” He said and left for work.
    After close of work, he went to the supermarket, bought a few things he needed and went straight to Chidi’s Apartment with the goods he bought from the supermarket.
    Chidi: “Ah Kingsley, which one is all these load you are carrying into my house for?”
    Kingsley: “Mehn Chidi. I am not sure I would want to be going back to my house anytime soon oh!”
    Chidi: “And why is that?”
    Kingsley: “Kristine ooo. She has decided that on no account will she be letting go of me.”
    Chidi: “I don’t understand. Did you say you want her to let go of you?”
    Kingsley: “I told her we had to end things. That there was probably a guy out there for her but she said I should not go there and she won’t be leaving me anytime soon.”
    Chidi: “Is that why you brought all these things to my house?”
    Kingsley: “Yes oooo. I will be crashing here with you for some time, I only brought things that I will be needing pending when I get another apartment.”
    Chidi: “Wait a minute! Are you saying you are already looking for an apartment when you have one already?”
    Kingsley: “To be on the safe side, that’s why. I will leave Kristine to stay there till the rent expires while I look for another because as you see me so eh, I am not going back to that house if she remains there!”
    Chidi: “Does she know that you won’t be coming back?”
    Kingsley: “No she doesn’t, by the time she stays a little bit longer and doesn’t see me, then she will know that I have left and not coming back.”
    Chidi: “What about your things in that apartment?”
    Kingsley: “I will go when I know she won’t be there to get them but that will be when I get a new apartment first.”
    Chidi: “What if she comes looking for you in your place of work?”
    Kingsley: “I guess I will have to be upfront and tell her my mind.”
    Chidi: “Okay but don’t you think giving up your apartment because of her is bizarre?”
    Kinglsey: “Oga, you don’t know that girl! If I try to make her leave, she will just keep seducing me till I die! As long as she still remains in my apartment, I am not going back.”
    Chidi: “Why don’t you just tell her to pack her bags and leave?”
    Kingsley: “How many times will I tell you that she bluntly told me she isn’t going anywhere?”
    Chidi: “Use force on her.”
    Kingsley: “I can afford a new apartment; there won’t be any need for that. I need peace of mind and the opportunity to regain lost strength!”
    Chidi: “When is your rent expiring?”
    Kinglsey: “Eight months from now.”
    Chidi: Whistling, “And she will remain there till that time?”
    Kingsley: “If she wants to!”
    Chidi: “Finally you accepted defeat! You’re no match for her! Unbelievable!”
    Louis: “Hi Honey!” He called out as he walked into their apartment.
    Anne: “Hello Sweetheart, what’s happening that you’re all smiles?”
    Louis: “Guess  what?”
    Anne: “What?” She asked, hugging him “I can’t guess anything right now.”
    Louis: “Just try and guess.”
    Anne: “Louis, I can’t guess anything; tell me what it is already!” She said looking straight into his eyes.
    Louis: “Okay, I booked a 2 weeks ticket for us to Dubai! We will go and do whatever you want us to do.”
    Anne: “Wow! Really?!” She screamed, excited. “Hey, I thought you were supposed to resume for work?”
    Louis: “Yes I am but I sort of took permission that I will be indisposed for two more weeks.”
    Anne: “Are you sure you really want to go to Dubai with me?”
    Louis: “Yes, because it is what my wife wants.”
    Anne: “What happened? Why the change of heart?”
    Louis: “I always want to see you happy and if going to Dubai is what you want, then I am ready to have the vacation with you.”
    Anne: Smiling excitedly, “Thanks Honey, let me get our stuff ready. When are we leaving?”
    Louis: “Tomorrow Evening.”
    Hmmmm! Watch out for the Episode 14!

    Episode 14

    Kristine: “Why haven’t you been to your house for two weeks and why have you decided not to return my calls?” She asked Kingsley immediately his secretary ushered her into his office.
    Kingsley: “I didn’t feel there was any need to…” He shrugged.
    Kristine: “There was no need for you to come to your own house? What kind of excuse is that?!”
    Kingsley: “That’s my excuse.” He said nonchalantly.
    Kristine: “You’re running away from your own home because of me, abi?”
    Kingsley: “It’s nothing like that, it’s just….”
    Kristine: “Just what?!” She interrupted.
    Kingsley: “Hmmm Kristine, this is my office and there are things we are not supposed to discuss here….”
    Kristine: “Really? If you really wanted us to talk, you would have come home at least and tell me what the problem was!”
    Kingsley: “There was no need for that because I know your kind of person; you just won’t understand what I want to say.”
    Kristine: “Try me!” She challenged him.
    Kingsley: Looking at her said “Not here, please.”
    Kristine: “Since the mountain refused to come to Mohamed, Mohamed has come to the mountain and I am not leaving here until you tell me what I need to know!”
    Kingsley: “You really want to do this right now?”
    Kristine: “Yes!”He said boldly.
    Kingsley: “Alright then.” He stood up from where he was sitting and sat close to her “I want us to end this relationship.”
    Kristine: “You want us to end?”
    Kingsley: “Yes!”
    Kristine: “Why?”
    Kingsley: “Because I want more and because there is more to life than what you can offer.”
    Kristine: “I can offer you more, I can change.”
    Kingsley: “No Kristine, you are a nice person and a loving person to be with but I want more than just sex which is the only thing I know you can offer me and that is not what I want in a woman or life partner.”
    Kristine: “What do you want?”
    Kingsley: “I want a strong, independent woman, a woman who has goals and vision. To be sincere, you are not that kind of woman!”
    Kristine: “I could change, I could try!” She pleaded, tears in her eyes.
    Kingsley: “No you can’t because you haven’t even admitted you have a problem! You’re just not tat kind of woman.” He sighed.
    Kristine: “Then what kind of woman am i?”
    Kingsley: “I don’t think I am the right person to tell you that.”
    Kristine: “I need to know, Kingsley and you have known me for quite sometime, we have dated and lived together for over a month so you are the best person who can tell me what I really need to know. I am tired of jumping from one man to the other!” She groaned “I need a stable relationship and it seems I won’t be getting that for a long time.”
    Kingsley: “You want the honest truth?”
    Kristine: “Yes Kingsley, go ahead. I have heard worse.”
    Kingsley: “Okay then. You are good and beautiful, any man would give anything to have a girl like you but when it comes to having a serious relationship, it is a different ball game altogether. You are homely and nice, a good attribute but you are also a sex maniac and that is what I cannot stand or want in a woman.”
    Kristine: “But every man wants sex?”
    Kingsley: Yes most men want sex but it is for a moment, a pleasure that doesn’t last a life time. After the sex, what next?”
    Kristine: “I don’t know.”
    Kingsley: “And that’s the problem. You don’t know! You don’t have anything else to offer a man!” He calmed himself down “You need to go for counseling and probably, therapy to help you. You need to define what you really want, what kind of life do I really want to live and until you do, you will keep sleeping with every man that comes to you!”
    Kristine: “Hmmm… all these because I love sex?”
    Kingsley: “All these because you need to love and protect yourself so that no man will take advantage of who and what you are and make you what you don’t want to be. If you want a stable relationship then I guess you should be ready to change a lot of things about your life.”
    Kristine: “Hmmm.” She nodded.
    Kingsley: “A friend once told me that sometimes in life, circumstances will test you. It is up to you to make a wise choice.”
    Kristine: “What does that mean?”
    Kingsley: “Just think about all I have said.”
    Anne: “Thank you so much Louis.” She hugged her husband.
    Louis: “Sweetheart, you have been thanking me since we got here, I have heard and you are welcome” He told her for the umpteenth time as they walked back into their hotel room for they had been out for sightseeing.
    Anne: “No, it is not enough. I need to keep thanking you because this is just the perfect vacation I needed.”
    Louis: “Are you happy now?”
    Anne: “Happy ke? I am more than happy as it stands now!” She said giggling.
    Louis: “Good because that is all I need.”
    Anne: “Our next vacation will be me, you and our son.”
    Louis: “Our next vacation?”
    Anne: “Yes oooo. Our next vacation!”
    Louis: “In that case, our next vacation will be during the Christmas period since that is the only holiday we get to spend as a family.”
    Anne: “Really?!” She screamed “You mean you, me and our son will be spending the Christmas in Dubai?”
    Louis: “Yes or would you rather prefer the U.S?”
    Anne: “U.S. Ke? Nooooo. I prefer Dubai or anywhere else way more than the U.S.”
    Louis: “Then Dubai or anywhere you and Jerry pick it is during the Christmas period.”
    Anne: ‘Thank you!” She said as she hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
    Louis: He grinned and asked,  “I thought you were going to give me a kiss on my lips?”
    Anne: “Don’t spoil the fun Louis, please don’t.”
    Louis: “I am not, I was just asking” He said looking into her eyes.
    Anne: “Thank you for everything, for being the best husband.”
    Louis: “Even when I don’t want to get down on you?”
    Anne: Looking at him said “You are still the best husband!” She said smiling.
    Louis: “Alright then, but I want to be more than the best to my wife…” he told her as he lifted her.
    Anne: “What are you doing?”
    Louis: “What I should have done long ago without waiting for my wife to ask!” He said as he led her to the bathroom for them to have their bath.o get lucky
    _Anne is about to get lucky but i feel bad for Kristine!_

    Episode 15 (Final)

    Anne: “What are you doing?” She asked as he laid her on the bed and was about to get down on her after they finished having their bath.
    Louis: “What do you mean what am I doing? I am trying to show you the good time you wanted!” He grinned.
    Anne: “It’s okay if you don’t want to do it.” She told him, suddenly nervous and shy.
    Louis: “Don’t worry yourself; this is what I want to do.”
    Anne: “Are you sure?” She asked looking at him lustfully.
    Louis: “Yes I am!” He said as he buried his head between her thighs. Few seconds later Anne grabbed Louis by his head.
    Anne : “Agggggh! Ahhhhhhh!” She moaned.
    Louis: Using his tongue on her clitoris softly, he moved up and down to her labia Majora while Anne was lost in ecstasy.
    Anne: “Aggggh! Oh my god! Louis! You are killing me!” She screamed, unable to hold herself from calling out his name.
    Louis: Sensing that she was almost getting there, sucked on her clitoris, wet his fingers with his saliva and fingered her.
    Anne: “Oh Louis! Yea Louis! Go in harder!!” She screamed louder.
    Louis: “Not yet babe, I haven’t finished working on you with my mouth yet…..” He told her, looking at her beautiful face.
    Louis: “Hold on a little, Sweetheart..” He answered her, smiling “I haven’t finished with my tongue on you.”
    Anne: “Louis Please, you are killing me, Ahhhhhh!” She said as he dipped his head between her thighs again. “Agggh Louis! I am cumin……”
    Louis: Before he could withdraw his mouth and use his dick, Anne was already having her first orgasm.
    Anne: “Agggggh! Lord….Jesus!” She screamed while she squirmed on the bed as waves of pleasure hit her.
    Louis: Looking at her, all smiles asked a few minutes later “How do you like our little adventure?”
    Anne: “Thank you!” She said with tears in her eyes.
    Louis: “C’mon Anne, don’t start. I don’t want to see any tears in your eyes or I won’t do it again!” He told her, laughing.
    Anne: “I am sorry……” She gulped as she wiped her tears away. Sitting up on the bed, naked, “ This is the best, most unselfish thing you have ever done for me!”
    Louis: “Because I just made you cum?”
    Anne: Laughing, she told him, “The bonding, the love and you putting away your reluctance for the act, you did it for me! I love you!”
    Louis: “I love you too, and I’m glad I did it.”
    Anne: “Why is that?” She asked him.
    Louis: “Because this is the first time you have ever called my name and this is the first time you had an orgasm. I saw it with my own eyes and it was amazing watching you…”
    Anne: “Hmmm… by the way, what changed your mind? I thought you said you will never indulge in it….”
    Louis: “Well, I realized that this is my wife we are talking about here, the mother of my child. If you do same to me, why shouldn’t I reciprocate? And I was scared if I didn’t do it, someone will eventually offer. You’re very beautiful, you know?”
    Anne: “Wow! I never thought it will be this day. Thank you” She told him shyly.
    Louis: “Really?”
    Anne: “Yes. I knew you will give in but I never thought it will be here in Dubai. What an amazing vacation I have had.”
    Louis: “I guess this is one of many vacations where I would get to show you how to get to the moon and back!”
    Anne: “Really? I guess it’s time for us to go to bed.”
    Louis: “Not so fast woman!” He said as he got close to her “We are just getting started!”
    Anne: “Of course we are because its time I teach you what I have learnt.”
    Louis: “What have you learnt?”
    Anne: ‘”Be patient my husband, be patient!” She said as she kissed him passionately and pushed him flat on the bed.
    Few Days Later.
    Kristine: “Here, I brought you the keys to your apartment, I have moved out so you need not to worry about me from now on.”
    Kingsley: “I am sorry it came to this Kristine.” He told her, sadly.
    Kristine: “You don’t have to worry; I knew sooner or later you will break up with me.”
    Kingsley: “Please hold no grudges against me.”
    Kristine: “I don’t, believe me. You are one of the few people who told me what I needed to know to my face and I appreciate it even though it was a bitter pill to swallow at that moment.”
    Kingsley: “Alright. So what is your next plan now?”
    Kristine: “I am moving over to the states.”
    Kingsley: “The states? As in the US? Why the states?”
    Kristine: “Because my parents  and siblings are there, its time I join them.”
    Kingsley: “Really? I didn’t know your people were there. You never really spoke of your family.”
    Kristine : “Because I felt there was no point and no need. But now, it’s time I move on with my life.”
    Kingsley: “When are you leaving?”
    Kristine: “Tomorrow.”
    Kingsley: “Wow!”
    Kristine: “Yea!” She said smiling.
    Kingsley: “When you get there, what will you do?”
    Kristine: “I haven’t figured it out yet but I will go for counseling and therapy, look for a job and maybe one day settle down to the man of my dreams.”
    Kingsley: “That’s good. I hope things work out well for you.”
    Kristine: “I hope so too and I will really miss you. Thanks for being there for me.”
    Kingsley: “You are welcome Kristine.”
    Kristine: “Hope you don’t mind if we still keep in touch?”
    Kingsley: “Mind? No way! Infact, I would love for us to keep in touch! If you ever need me, I will be there for you.”
    Kristine: “Thank you. You don’t know what this means to me. You are one of those few I would love to keep as a friend forever.”
    Kingsley: “No problem then, I will keep in touch.” He told her and hugged her “Good bye Kristine”
    Kristine: “Good bye K.”

    The end!!!
    Awww! Any lessons learnt?

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