Story: The Markings Of a Love Triangle

    Chapter 1

    Josh is my name, man with swag all day and every day.  I’m smooth with the ladies, they call me their prince charming or Mr Lover boy. I love women, tall or short, light or dark. My love for them is something I can’t explain but I wouldn’t call myself a player. Women, my oh my...  women are gorgeous and dangerous human beings. Women are the reason I’m about to share my story.I was born from a family of five with brilliant and intelligent siblings but I on the other hand wasn’t so smart in class.  All my siblings went to the university to further their studies but I remained in the hood chilling, flexing and playing around with the ladies.  My father always told me to stop playing around and go to the university but I refused.On my 25th birthday, dad bought me a beautiful expensive camera. My camera was in a box for about two months because I didn’t know how to take good quality pictures with it.  I remember it was one fateful evening when I was invited to a friend’s wedding so I carried my camera.  when I got there, I met professional photographers and one of them introduced himself as Boyd and told me he was willing to teach me how to become a professional photographer but I had to pay him k3000 ($300). I hustled here and there and finally raised the money, I paid and I started learning how to become a professional photographer. A few months later I became very good but had no connections to earn a lot of money after photo-shoots. Boyd introduced me to Cindy the CEO of NEXT magazine. Cindy offered me a job as assistant photographer at their office. I really enjoyed my job because I was sent to big functions to capture the moments and my salary was huge too.Cindy was a married woman with no kids and so attractive. It was so hard to concentrate at work because she was very sexy. She was a true definition of an African Queen. One Friday morning after our board meeting Cindy said” Josh please stay behind after the meeting, I want an update on the photo shoot with the Finance Minister”. I sat and waited for everyone else to leave the office then Cindy said “you are a very attractive young man. The reason I employed you isn’t because of your working skills but because you are handsome. Working with you is very difficult. Even when I’m drinking my cold water, immediately you pass by my office that water turns to tea because I feel hot. What I’m trying to say is like you. “    My heart was under my feet, I was happy because I actually liked this lady too but I had to pretend and act professional so I turned her down.

    Chapter 2

    The more I ignored Cindy the more she fell for me. I was working late one Friday and at about 20hrs Cindy walked in my office dressed seductively with a bottle of glenfiddich in her hands. She asked me to join her and because she was dressed so seductive, I couldn’t think straight. We had a couple of shots of glen and got so drunk (I guess you know what happened next, one thing led to another.) Cindy drove us to her house, her husband was out of the country for business. All I remember is we went to her matrimonial bedroom and the next morning we woke up naked. Cindy felt a little bit embarrassed about our love making but as for me I was cool with it. A month later Cindy called me to her office and said “Josh I haven’t been feeling well for the past two weeks so I visited my doctor who ran a few tests, I’m pregnant Josh and its definitely not my husband’s because he hasn’t been around for four months. Congratulations, you are going to be a father”. I just stood up, walked to the water dispenser and poured myself some water. The office felt hot, I was sweating like no man’s business. I sat down and asked her the way forward and she said “we are keeping the baby. I know I’m married but what’s marriage without kids. I’ve been married for close to 5 yrs now. My husband keeps travelling in and out of the country. I’m not getting any younger, I’m 32 yrs old for crying out loud. I know my husband will be upset but I’m keeping this baby.” I was only 26 and the thought of impregnating a married woman was quite embarrassing so I told Cindy she just had to terminate the pregnancy but she refused. I became a laughing stalk at work because my workmates knew I had an affair with our CEO.
    Cindy was 7 months pregnant when her husband came back to Zambia. To my surprise the man wasn’t so upset with the wife but he fired me. Life became hard and I couldn’t afford to pay my house rent so I moved to my older sister’s house in Makeni. My sister found a small job for me at her shop of which my salary was so small but it was better than nothing. Cindy delivered and she called me to go see our son, I was scared but she assured me that her husband was not around. I went to Cindy’s house, we talked and I saw my son. Cindy told me “ I know you can’t come back to the office because my husband will kill you, I know life is hard for you right now and it’s all my fault but I promise to get you a well-paying job if you promise never to come to my house to claim your son.” I told her yes then she told me she got a job for me at the State House as one of the professional photographers there. I was so excited and I agreed to work for the president.

    Chapter 3

    That night I couldn’t even sleep. I was so anxious and happy to be working for the president. Monday came and I had to report for work, I made sure I looked so smart and clean. I had no car so going for work was a big struggle but since I was going to the State House, I booked a taxi. My first assignment was to take photos at the first lady’s birthday dinner. The first lady came down the stairs with a very long sexy green dress, her beauty and curvy body was all I could see. Indeed she was beautiful.  After the party the first lady decided to have a conversation with me. We laughed a little as I was taking pictures of her. She told me to accompany her to her husband’s office, when we got there she told the president that I couldn’t go home because it was late and I wasn’t driving. She insisted I spent a night at the state house. I was given a very luxurious room and some clothes to wear.Just as I was about to sleep, a fair tall lady walked in my room and introduced herself as Mandy the  first lady’s young sister. Mandy and I became very good friends, we would hang together and we had good times together. After working at the state house for close to 6 months, I was promoted. I was given a big office and a car. I was so happy that day so I went out and had a few drinks with friends, while out I met Mandy chilling with her friends so I told them to join us. Mandy got so drunk so I drove her to my place for her to sober up. The next morning I prepared some breakfast for us and at the table she said “Josh am I that ugly? We have been friends for almost a year now and I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out but you never do. Getting drunk last night was intentional because I knew you would bring me to your house but you never touched me.” I just told her I thought she was cool with us being friends but she said no.I hadn’t seen my son in over a year so I tried calling Cindy who was hesitant to allow me see my son but she finally brought him to my house. Cindy and I talked and she told me she got divorced. I felt bad for her because I knew she loved her husband so much. I asked her why she didn’t try to work things out but she said “my husband was not only doing business abroad but he got married and he has twins with his new wife. He asked for a divorce and left me with no property because I had an affair with you. To be honest life for me and Josh junior has been difficult since I got divorced. The day you called me I was actually happy because I knew you were going to help us somehow. “I promised to help her and my son so I went to see my people to ask for some advice on what to do but I was forced to marry Cindy, I refused because I had fallen out of love with her but my father said “ I was not there when you were lying in that bed impregnating each other. You impregnated another man’s wife Josh and she got divorced in the process. I always told you to change your ways with women but you never listened to me. Now you are going to marry a woman who is 5 years older than you. Clap for yourself for you are the heavy weight champion. Besides its better for Josh junior to grow up in your house. So from now on you and Cindy are a married couple. Congratulations to the newest couple in town.”

    Chapter 4

    Cindy and I got married but I wasn’t a happy man because I never loved her. Meanwhile Mandy and I continued getting closer and we developed feelings for each other and eventually became a couple. I never told Mandy I was married because I truly loved Mandy and I was scared that she would dump me. 3 months later, my boys and I were having some drinks so I went home drunk.  That night when I got home, Cindy looked so attractive in my eyes. She looked like a goddess. Cindy and I made passionate love, it was a romantic night but in the morning when I sobered up all those feelings had gone.
    Exactly a month later, Cindy was pregnant. And this time around I couldn’t even tell her to abort because she was my wife. I really didn’t want Cindy to keep the pregnancy but I had no choice but to accept.It was Valentine’s Day, Mandy invited me over to her house.  We had a great night and made love. I spent a night at Mandy’s house and Cindy kept on calling my phone till I decided to switch it off. In the morning I decided to take a bath and while I was bathing, Mandy switched on my phone and found messages and missed calls from Cindy. She continued going through my phone and saw pictures of Cindy and Josh junior. When I finished bathing I noticed Mandy wasn’t in a good mood. I tried talking to her but she just gave me a serious face. I said bye to her and left.  Mandy decided to call my wife without even informing me, so when I got home Cindy was very upset plus she was 9 months pregnant and very hormonal. I asked her what the problem was then she said “where did you sleep last night? Don’t tell me you were working because I called your office and the secretary said you left the office early. Anyway some girl called me this morning, she says she is your girlfriend. So Josh you now have girlfriends huh? I’m not enough for you?” I just lied to her saying Mandy was my bitter ex-girlfriend.A few days later Cindy delivered a baby girl and we named her Natsai. I was a good father but absolutely not a good husband. Cindy tried to please me but I told her I no longer loved her. I told her we had to get a divorce but promised to take care of her and the kids but she refused. 
    Mandy and I travelled to siavonga for fun and while there she said “babe I’m two months pregnant. My father says you need to come see him. He also said you will have to marry me because no other man will marry me.” I told her marrying her will be quite difficult. Mandy stopped talking to me for a whole month. One Saturday she came with her uncles to my house. Her uncles insulted me and shouted at me for not being man enough. They told me to marry Mandy but as usual I refused. Cindy heard some loud noises outside so she came outside. I felt embarrassed and didn’t know what to say then Mandy said “Josh who’s this? This better be your maid, what is a woman dong in your house this early morning?” even before I could open my mouth, Josh junior came shouting “daddy daddy, Natsai has woken up. Mummy who are these people, they look upset.” Mandy started crying on top of her voice like someone had just died then she left with her uncles. The whole day Cindy didn’t ask about the scenario that happened in the morning, she was just a good wife. She cleaned the house, she baked and cooked for me and the kids. At 22hrs as I was about to sleep, Cindy comes in my room looking upset and said “ bwana please explain what the hell was going on in the morning? Is that your girlfriend? She looked surprised to see me, you didn’t tell her you were a married man with 2 kids?”

    Chapter 5

    I just ignored Cindy and slept. In the morning I went to see Mandy to explain to her my situation. I even told her I was forced to marry Cindy, I told her I loved her and not my wife.
    Things were back to normal for me and my Mandy, we were a happy couple.  Mandy was 6 months pregnant and I was so happy and proud. One day Mandy came to my office and said “where is our relationship going? Are we going to get married or what? I know you love me but why are you still with that woman you call your wife. Your wife is 35 and you are just 30. You need a young woman like me. When are you divorcing that old woman?” I told her it wasn’t an easy thing to do, then she started shouting at me and it was quite embarrassing. That evening I just went straight to the bar to drink some beer so that I drown my sorrows. I got home past midnight and went straight to Cindy’s bedroom, she was just from taking a shower so she was just in a towel. I couldn’t control myself so Cindy and I had sex. The next day Cindy and I were quite romantic, we acted like a happy married couple, we even went to church as a family and after church we went to the park to have some fun. Mandy kept calling but I ignored her calls. Two months later, Cindy was pregnant again but this time around I was happy. Mandy was in labor so her best friend called me, I went to the hospital till she delivered, Mandy delivered a baby boy and I named him Stanley.
    Baby Stanley was just 3 months when Mandy’s father suggested that I marry Mandy. I told Mandy I wasn’t going to divorce my wife and I wasn’t going to marry her. I told her to forget me but I was going to be there for baby Stanley but she said “you are joking. You want to leave me after giving you 3 yrs of my life. You wasted my time Josh, besides who can marry me now, I already have a son for you. Ok marry me as your second wife. This embarrassment is too much for me. What will I tell my friends and my relatives? “I just walked out and went home to my wife and kids.I decided to visit my father for some advice then he said “Josh… you and your women stories. Josh you have no ears or what because you never listen. So what happens to your son born outside wedlock? Is your wife going to allow you to take a second wife? I know you love this Mandy girl but Cindy has 2 kids and expecting the 3rd child soon. Mandy just has one kid and is still young so she can easily find someone else so I think you need to let Mandy go.” I was so broken because even if I started developing feeling for Cindy, I still loved Mandy more. I decided to talk to Cindy about me marrying a second wife then she said “hell no. you think I will allow you marry someone else, you must be joking. You have no shame to even ask such a stupid question.” Even though she answered me that way, I knew I wasn’t going to stop seeing Mandy. Cindy delivered our 3rd child, a baby girl. Mandy kept on pressurizing me to marry her and that stressed me out. Cindy became a more nagging wife and Mandy on the other hand became a baby mama straight from hell. These two women kept on fighting each other, embarrassing each other even in public.
    We had an end of year party at the office, I took neither Cindy nor Mandy because I felt out of love with both of them. Suddenly one beautiful curvy woman caught my attention, so I went to join her on her table. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Zola.  After the party Zola and I exchanged numbers. We would communicate once in a while on whatsapp.

    Chapter 6

    Zola and I became good friends but we were not a couple.  On my wife’s 37th birthday, I decided to take her out for a nice romantic dinner. When we got to the restaurant we met Zola who said “hey Josh, long time. Is this your big  sister that you always talk about?” I felt embarrassed because my wife started looking so old, she was five years older than me but she began looking like she was 12 years older than me. Cindy got offended by Zola’s comment so she left the restaurant, after she left I told Zola that Cindy was my wife. The whole drive home Cindy didn’t say a word but when we got home she shouted at me “Josh you have started having girlfriends again. Will you ever change? Soon I’ll hear that she is also pregnant, ba brother you already have 4 kids you don’t need a 5th child. Already I don’t have strength to fight Mandy now you want to bring another lady into the equation?” I just went to the sitting room and watched some soccer. The next day I left for work, when I came back Cindy and the kids were not home. I searched the house and their things were gone too. I went to my bedroom and found a note from Cindy saying “I can’t do this anymore Josh. I want a divorce. I know you were forced to marry me and you never loved me so I’m letting you go so that you have your freedom. We can visit a lawyer to legalise our divorce. I’m tired of the fighting and no romance from you.  You can be visiting your kids but we are not coming back home.” I felt broken because I started having feelings for Cindy. I tried pleading with her but she refused. During our divorce process she was so good and calm not knowing what the near future had to offer.  Cindy lied to her lawyer and the judge making me look like a very bad man. I tried explaining to them my situation but no one listened to me. The judge gave Cindy my house and all the property in the house, my 3 cars and with all my money in my account. Cindy thought she had won a jackpot lottery but what she didn’t know was apart from my job I was also a business man and I had other several accounts so I was able to buy another house and property.  Apart from getting my property, the court said I had to pay Cindy child support worth k6000 per month. I didn’t refuse so I started giving Cindy money every month. Mandy heard that I got divorced and tried being nice to me hoping I would marry her. At this point I didn’t even want any relationship. 3 months later I was summoned to court, Cindy demanded she wanted k10,000 per month stating that the kids started school and they needed more money. Likewise the judge granted her that wish. I had no say so I just paid Cindy that amount every month for the next 3 months.  One day at the office, my sister paid me a visit. What she told me shocked me. She said “Josh you were duped. Have you talked to your ex-wife? Do you even know where she is? Josh, Cindy duped you. She sold all that property the court gave her. And that child support raise wasn’t even for the kids’ school. Cindy is in Australia with your children. I hear they are never coming back to Zambia. You will never see your children again. Im so sorry about this. Maybe you can marry Mandy now.” My heart and brain couldn’t manage hearing such bad news so I fainted.

    Chapter 7

    I woke up in the hospital. My family was there to comfort me but my father depressed me more, he said “ ba Josh didn’t I tell you about these women you like. So if I had not introduced you to business you would have been broke, I always told you to take it easy. All we know is Cindy is in Australia we don’t even know where exactly she is. For now forget about her and focus on the child you have with Mandy, maybe marry her since there is an open vacancy for a wife.” I was depressed for months, I couldn’t believe Cindy would do that to me. My family kept pressuring me to marry Mandy but I wasn’t ready for any relationship talk less of marriage. Due to pressure from my family and Mandy’s I decided to marry her to please them. I wasn’t a happy man. Mandy and I lived like roommates instead of husband and wife. Mandy kept pressuring me to have a second child but I refused. A year later I received a call from a lady called Bella, she said she wanted to meet me in private. She said she was Mandy’s friend. I left my office and went to meet Bella who said “ im your wife’s friend.  Mandy and I have been friends for over 10 years. I was shocked to hear you guys got married. Are you sure baby Stanley is yours? It’s not jealousy or what but after hearing what you went through with your ex-wife, I don’t want you to go through that depression again. The thing is that the period you and Mandy started dating, she was seeing a guy called David who lives in Atlanta now and that guy also pays child support. I won’t say the child isn’t yours but he looks more like David. It shocked me to hear you guys are married, hope Mandy isn’t planning something but to be honest with you she is still seeing David so be careful with her.” My life was crushing right in my eyes. The past two years I knew Stanley was my son and hearing such news was so depressing. I went home but I didn’t ask Mandy anything I just monitored her movements. A few weeks later Zola called me to have some drinks with her. I won’t lie, Zola and I had fun. She invited me over to her house but I refused. I got home drunk so I had courage to ask Mandy what was going on, I asked who Stanley’s father was. She claimed I was his father. The next morning she told me “you were quite drunk last night, you were acting funny. Even saying Stanley isn’t your son. Why would you say that?” I just looked at her and left the table.3 months later, David was in Zambia and all of a sudden Mandy started working late. She had so many excuses for coming home late. One Friday, Mandy called me saying she had a workshop and she would be home very late. That same night my friends invited me for some drinks saying their friend from Atlanta wanted to chill with them so I decided to join them. Little did I know their friend was David, who kept on saying his girlfriend would join us soon and behold Mandy walked in the room.  David said “ guys meet my woman Mandy, I actually came to make things official with her, she accepted my proposal so we are starting to do some paper work then travel back to Atlanta with our son.” Everyone at the table was quiet because everyone knew Mandy was my wife. Mandy just looked at me and excused herself. I followed her outside and she said “Josh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for all this to happen. I only married you because David said he wasn’t ready for any serious relationship. The period I got pregnant I was with you and him so I didn’t know who impregnated me between the two of you, you were more mature and ready to settle down that’s why I told you I was pregnant but when Stanley was born he looked exactly like David. So David and I started seeing each other and we love each other. Hope you will forgive me for this mess. I’m really sorry.”

    Chapter 8

    I stayed single for a year, I heard Mandy relocated to Atlanta. I was hurt but I had to move on. I began to think maybe one of the girls in my past had cursed me so I started going to church and I asked God to forgive me. I became a born again Christian. Zola and I attended the same church so we started becoming very close and started dating. This time around I wanted to take things slow and Zola understood me. We dated for two years and on her birthday I decide to propose and she accepted. For once my father was happy for me.
    One afternoon Zola told me “ Josh it’s been five years without you seeing your kids, can’t we try to find them. Talk to Cindy’s relatives maybe one of them knows where exactly Cindy is. “I told her Cindy’s relatives hated me and were not willing to help me. Zola and I started planning our wedding, our wedding was a success and we were happily married. I had never been so happy with a woman.  We finally had sex after waiting for two years. Zola became pregnant and the scan said she was having twins. I was very happy and couldn’t wait to be a father. One hot afternoon I decided to go to Levy junction and I bumped into Mandy. I greeted her and left. Little did I know that she never deleted my number so she called me and said “ I miss you. I know I messed up but David and I are divorced. He kept cheating on me. Can’t you and I work things out?  I miss you Josh.” I didn’t know what to tell her so i cut the line. But she never gave up, she kept calling and the 5th time she called Zola answered the phone and said “please leave my husband alone. Stop calling this number. You had your chance and you ruined it. Just stop calling my husband. He isn’t interested in you.” Then Mandy said” so Josh is married now, wow.  I never knew he was married. Anyway I’ll stop calling when he tells me to stop calling him.” Zola cut the line and looked at me very pissed. I assured her I wasn’t seeing Mandy. I explained to her how I bumped into Mandy at the mall. Mandy kept calling me for the next two weeks so I decided to change my number. Zola gave birth two baby girls. We were very happy including my father. On my birthday Zola said she had a big surprise for me, she invited my whole family and asked us to close our eyes, when we opened our eyes we saw Cindy and the kids. I was happy to see my kids and I cried because I couldn’t believe it. I kissed Zola and thanked her. It was best birthday gift I received. Cindy said she wanted to talk to me outside, when we were outside she said “I’m sorry I left without saying bye. But you hurt my feelings so I wanted to hurt your feelings too but it looks like you have already moved on. You even have a family now. So me and the kids don’t matter to you now? And you married the same girl who insulted me on my birthday saying I’m your older sister. You couldn’t pick another girl? Anyway I’ll be in Zambia for some months so you need to continue paying the child support.” I looked at her and asked her what she will gain in being very wicked. I told her I was only going to pay child support if the kids start coming to Zambia for holidays. Then she said yes. I was happy my kids were in Zambia but their mother started calling me at awkward hours even at 01hrs.

    Chapter 9 (Final)

    One evening, I received a call from Cindy. She said Josh junior was very sick and I had to go see him. I went to Cindy’s house but she lied to me, Josh junior wasn’t even sick. She started seducing me so that we make love but I had so much respect for my wife so I pushed Cindy and left her house. Immediately I got home, I told Zola what had transpired at Cindy’s house then she said “no wonder she isn’t going back to Australia. Your sister told me Cindy has come back to Zambia for good. She is just lying to herself if she thinks I can leave this house for her.” A couple of weeks later, I had a meeting with my boss who introduced Mandy as my new assistant. I was upset because I knew she just wanted to be close to me.  Mandy and I worked in the same office for two weeks without talking to each other. One Friday Mandy dressed so seductive and hoped I would get tempted but I had so much respect for my wife so I couldn’t fall for Mandy’s tricks. A couple of months later, Cindy was still in zambia and demanding for more money from me so Zola advised me to sue for full custody of our children. We went to court but I wasn’t granted full custody. One Friday evening, we had a come together party at work. Mandy was being too friendly with me then I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Little did I know that Mandy put some drugs in my drink, after taking my drink, I started feeling dizzy, I don’t remember what happened but I woke up in Mandy’s house completely naked. I asked her what happened but she just laughed at me. I left her house and went home feeling embarrassed, when I got home Zola was upset because I slept out. Exactly a month later Mandy claimed to be pregnant. I tried explaining to Zola what actually transpired but she didn’t believe me. She moved out of the house with my daughters. I pleaded with her for three months before she came home. Just when I thought things were back to normal, Mandy’s people came to my house saying I impregnated her. I told them I would take care of the child but I wouldn’t marry her, they insisted I take her as my second wife but I refused. Cindy started disturbing me as well stating that she missed me and wanted me back but I turned her down. I really loved Zola and I couldn’t afford to disappoint her.With continuous pressure from Cindy and Mandy, I started losing weight. I visited my father and he said “I think you need to relocate to another town or country otherwise these women won’t stop bothering you. Eventually you might end up getting tempted and destroy your marriage with your own hands.” The next day I went to our head office to ask for a transfer but I was told to wait for a few months. I kept calm and waited. I was transferred to Angola but before I left I made sure Cindy and the kids were comfortable. I even left some money for Mandy’s antenatal.Two weeks later, my wife and kids joined me in Angola. Cindy was so bitter because she thought she had a chance with me but I made it clear to her that I loved my wife and whenever she wanted something for the kids she had to ask my wife or the kids could call me directly.
    Five months later, Mandy delivered so I had to travel to Zambia to see my son, when I saw the baby I noticed he was too light but since it was cold season I thought that’s why my son was too light but a month later he was still too light. My son’s complexion made me start doubting if he was really mine. I sent a picture of my son to Zola who advised me to request for a DNA test. I requested for a DNA test but Mandy refused. I travelled back to Angola and kept sending child support to Mandy but a few months later my sister called me saying “eh…. I’m still in shock. I don’t know what I just saw. Mwana kuno nimu coloured. I was visiting a friend in Roma so I decided to pass through Mandy’s house, you know she never allows us to see your son but when I got there I found a coloured child. Mandy just kept quiet.” After my sister cut the line I told my wife but she insisted we see for ourselves. We travelled to Zambia and for sure I had a coloured son. I was a very dark man and Mandy wasn’t light so I knew the child wasn’t mine. I forgave Mandy but I cut all ties with her. I talked to Cindy, I told her she had to respect the fact that I was a married man and I set boundaries for her.
    I assured my wife that I was going to be faithful to her and to honour our wedding vows.

    If I had lived a better life in the past, I wasn’t going to have such problems in my life but I learnt my lesson. I thank God Cindy understands that I love Zola. There is no more drama between us. And as for Mandy I don’t know where she is but I hope she changes for the best.
    The end.

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