Story: Married Single

    Episode 1

    Walking to the alter and looking into the eyes of the person before you. Their smile makes you feel you are the best person in the world. Like you are the most beautiful of all.
    You smile as you take the vow.. ” I Do!” You say it without hesitation. Everyone present cheer loudly, others look at you with envy and definitely some with excitment.
    Memories of my wedding day rushed through my head as I stared in the sky. Looking at nothing in particular. I sighed and grabbed the glass of lemonade on the small table besides me.
    I was laying on a plastic stretcher alongside the pool. Taking a bitter reflection of my now crashed life.
    There was nothing in my heart that gave me pride of what was now surrounding me. Just 5 years ago I thought I was the happiest woman alive. I was one of those people who had boasted of finding the right man, with a well paying Job. His generosity was beyond what I had imagine. He could spoil me with everything I needed as a woman.
    Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a guy? Anyway I did, or at least I thought I did until when reality caught up with me.
    Overtime I realised marriage wasn’t as I had anticipated. It was not all roses and kisses. Those moments when you start looking at your partner as though they are nothing but a person you lay with in bed. You ask yourself how on earth you chose them. Forgetting the first touch you had, the passion, the wonder in their smile and anything else that made sense now turn into the most irritating things in your partner’s life.
    Am Stella, a secretary at a large firm in town.
    I grew up on the copperbelt. Were I did my secondary school at Luanshya Girls Secondary as well as trained as a secretary at a small private school I wasn’t so proud to mention.
    Since my parents couldn’t afford to pay for the reasonable courses, I had settled for a secretaliate course which I completed within 2 years.
    Lucky for me My connected boyfriend, now husband Chris Sichone hooked me up to a big firm dealing with supplying of large machines and equipments to other firms.
    Soon after our marriage, Chris and I had settled in Lusaka were he found me a job.
    Chris was a business man he bought and supplied vehicle spare parts and cars from outside the country.
    I was over heels for him within the 6 months that we dated. He was charming, jovial and so lovely he made my knees go weak every time he kissed me. His help in terms of finances to my family really won me over. I knew I found him and my parents loved him to the core.
    If not for my uncle who insisted on charging more money for my pride price, my parents could have given me off to him free of charge.
    I had scolded them for telling me they would only charge him a small fee since the guy was already being helpful.
    “You don’t have to show your desperation for marrying me off. I can stand head high. Am still young and beautiful” I blushed standing up and turning around for my mother who smiled.
    “I know my dear. You are the Apple of my eye!” She chuckled bouncing her shoulder with pride.
    To cut the story short, things went on well and Chris and I married barely 6 months after our courtship.
    I discovered later on that Chris wasn’t the person I thought he was. To start with, he was a womanizer and drinking was his second talent.
    Overtime I thought he was going to change but I was so wrong. My husband practically forgot being a husband to me and all he did was shower me with money.
    Things got worse when I could give him a child. He practically ignored my existence. Coming home late hours am sometimes sleeping out.
    One day I just decided I was tired of waiting for him to grow up like people used to tell me he would. I was tired of sleeping in bed alone and longing for my husband to touch me.
    Bravely I had waited for him to return from his outings and made him sit down in our bed.
    ” Chris” I started calmly.
    ” I have seen how much you love your women out there and are always out either on a business trip, with your friends or girlfriends drinking. Today I want you to know that am tired of all this. I will not cry for you anymore.”
    ” Okey, am listening ” he said surely untouched by my complaints.
    He had made it clear that I was somehow to blame for his behaviour. He told me I was so nagging and I didn’t give him the respect he derseved as a man.
    ” i am setting you free Chris. I want you to continue exploring and doing whatever it is you have been doing over the years. I won’t give a damn how you will Live your life from now on. Provided you let me live mine too”
    I watched his facial expression to see if there was any pain or remorse in his eyes. But all I could see was clear unconcern. It was like my words didn’t even get to his ears.
    ” whatever!” He answered rudely
    ” What? Just That? Thats all you are going to say you son of a bi…” I couldn’t finish my sentence and I saw him stand up shooting me with his now red eyes. ” you are a mad woman, stop bothering me already and do whatever the hell you please. And dont you dare insult my mother. I swear on her grave I will make sure you eat back your words” he snared and walked out on me leaving me with my mouth open.
    I slowly walked to the wardrobe, Opened the first drawer and removed my wedding ring placing it carefully like it would break.
    ” well Stella, you are now a single woman. You are free and this marks the beginning of your free life” I sighed and took out a bottle of beer Chris had left, drinking it’s content like I was a professional. No one would tell it was the first beer I was taking my entire life.
    Here I am now a year later.. on a Saturday afternoon. The October heat scorching my skin I was now contemplating going back in the swimming pool.
    ” Hey beautiful!” I heard a man’s voice calling me out. I turned my head towards the man and he smiled showing off his white moustache.
    Quickly I checked out his skin tone. Realising it was so smooth and mild. I smiled back.
    ” now this is a man worthy my smile ” i thought to myself and stood up leaving the towel which was wrapped around my waist deliberately on the pool chair I had lay on.
    I saw him lick his lips and biting it lustfully.
    My eyes went direct at his wrist watch, a genuine Gold Rolex watch..
    ” hey handsome” I smiled widely. ” so are you married,” I asked making his face turn downwards instantly.
    ” Don’t worry you can ignore that question. I was just pulling your leg” I let a small laugh. His face had already given him away. Especially that he tried to hide his finger where the wedding ring was. He was my exact target.
    Am sure now people are wondering what the hell a married woman is doing flirting with a man in her swim suit.
    Well, lets just say I found myself a better way of relieving my frustrations. I wasn’t going to sit and make myself miserable just because my marriage was failing.
    My mission was simple. I planned to teach some married men some good lessons such that when I was done. Those who were sensible enough would never look at another woman besides their wife.
    ” So are we swimming or you are going to keep staring at me ?” I finally asked the man before me.
    He shrugged. ” I thought you would never invite me ”
    ” come in Mr, I flashed him a smile and went diving into the pool. It was quite a private place and so wasn’t so clouded. Just tge way i liked it.
    I had gone there as was my new trend of going to places were some well established people were found. I knew one uncontented b****** would approach me.
    I made sure I used up all the money I got from the men I met to take care of myself. My skin was so smooth I had no problems walking around in my bikin. My hair was always on point, not to talk of my dress code.
    After Swiming with the man who I now came to know as James Kaluwe, a bank manager at Barclays bank. I let him hold me around.
    When I was satisfied he had his between thigh friend pointed out, I walked out of the pool and threw the towel on my shoulder heading to the rooms to change into my clothes.
    I just finished dressing when he emerged, his desire for me writen all over his face.
    I was sure he thought he was going to feed his down friend but I decline his demands and instead left my card.
    ” another time handsome, I got to go now” I sighed looking at my phone. ” something came up so I got to go” I added kissing his cheek and leaving him standing like a log.
    Getting home, i found Chris seated in the living room his phone in his hands. I called out a greeting and went in the bathroom.
    I had to make sure he saw me walk in and then go to the bathroom so that he would start imagining what was causing me to take a bath after being out for hours.
    I sat in my towel at the couch opposite him eating the cornflakes I just made for myself.
    ” So how was your day Chris?” I smiled looking at him.
    He lifted his eyes from the phone and shook his head. ” like you care you hypocrite!” He snapped angrily.
    I let a laugh and lifted my hands in surrender. ” My bad, I should have read that my dear Hubby isn’t in the mood today” I said calmly and went back to crunching my cornflakes.
    Enjoying the crunchness and the cold milk I had added to them.
    I saw Chris steal some glances at me as I smiled and made some small giggling noise while I chatted on my phone.
    After some minutes I heard him cursing but I was not paying attention to him. He stood up and walked out after grabbing the keys from the table.
    The door out slammed loudly making me startle a little.
    I shook my head proudly. Chris was getting exactly were I wanted him to be and I was enjoying myself to the maximum.
    I put down my phone and started searching through the channels for something to watch. Came across a movie called ” diary of a mad black woman ” I had watched it several times but I wanted to watch it again. The part were the wife mistreated the husband after he was involved in some shoot out was my favourite. I just loved the desperate look of the man especially when she eat in front of him.
    I sighed and placed my legs on top of the couch ready to relax myself.

    Episode 2

    I sat on our bed and watched as Chris dressed up. It was a Friday and so I knew I wouldn’t see him that night.
    I stood up and sat in front of the mirrow putting my make up kit on the table, getting to it as I hummed to a song.
    ” so where are you going this time of the day?” I heard him ask. For a minute I ignored him until I felt his hand touching my shoulders roughly. ” hey am talking to you Stella” he scolded loudly.
    ” touch me that rough again I swear am gonna sue you for battery.” I snarled angrily. ” the last time I checked you and I do what we please in this house so there is no need for you to start questioning me like that. It’s Friday Chris, or have you forgotten?” I sighed patting my face with powder.
    ” i am a man Stella, don’t you dare compare yourself to me. Your are a damn woman” he crawled angrily.
    I kept quite. I wasn’t going to let him spoil my night. I had a date with James and I wasn’t going to spoil it with getting upset.
    James had given me a call the following day after our meeting at the pool. I definitely knew he would call. His lustful look was so evident the time I was leaving him. Since then I had met him for more than a couple of days.
    I took one last look at my eye brows, satisfied I looked Good, I stood up and pulled down my short skirt and placed the heels on my feet.
    All the time Chris had sat down watching me.
    ” if you are tired of this marriage, you go ahead and devorce me” I smiled and before I walked away he held my hand and pulled me towards him.
    ” if that’s your wish so that you can go out with your silly boyfriends then you are wrong Stella. Am never going to give you that pleasure.” He snapped
    I smiled and sighed calmly. ” Good, suit yourself, everything you decide works for me” I shrugged.
    ” let go of my hand Chris am going to be late. And I bet you should be going too. Patty must be waiting ” I mentioned the name of the girl who used to call me and insult me. Telling me that I sucked in bed no wonder my husband left me or her. I saw Chris’s face frown and he let me go.
    As I drove my small car a Toyota IST which I got from my savings since I never used my salary for either food( Chris catered for that) nor clothes and other items which I had other guys take care of.
    My mind wild back to how it all started.
    Chris had gone out on his usual outings. Like a good wife I was then I sat in the living room waiting for him to return home. I kept on glancing at the watch as time clocked from minute, to hours and i noticed it was past 03 am. I tried his line but it was off.
    Getting worried sick I paced around the house.
    ” oh God we have been married for only a year, please don’t let anything bad happen to my dear husband” I said a prayer.
    I was starting to loose hope and thinking of going to report to the police just in case Chris was involved in some kind of accident or maybe robbed.
    The sound of the hard knock on the door startled me and I ran to the door my heart racing.
    Opening the door, I found Chris so drunk holding some bottles of beer in his hands. He couldn’t walk properly.
    I helped in inside and he smiled holding on to me. ” Stella honey, you still awake” he murmered as he struggled to keep his eyes
    Open. I wondered how he drove back home.
    ” Chris what is the meaning of this?” I asked when he was sober. ” You have started coming home late, no in the morning what is going on?” I asked calmly.
    ” every sane man needs some time out, you don’t have to go all fusy with all this. Just get used to the idea that I will not stay in doors like a slave dog. Am a man and I find pleasure in having some time out with friends. You know, catching up and sharing ideas” he added.
    I tried to reason with him to at least to be becoming back early. ” it is not only good for a married man Chris but also dangerous. You have no idea how sick worried I was yesterday just to have you coming back at 05 in th morning.”
    From that day things had changed, he never reasoned with me on anything concerning his social life. I started washing off ladies powders and lipsticks from his shirts. He would receive mid night calls and texts from different women.
    I had tried to complain to some of his aunties and they all encouraged me to say he would change. I had to make him grow, but I started lossing patience over time.
    He was taking my trying to help him do the right thing as nagging.
    My best friend Susan encouraged me to be committed to God. We went for church prayers, entered into prayer and fasting but it was like the more I tried to make him and pray for his change, the more he went further away from me.
    The fact that I wasn’t giving him a child made every thing worse as my husband told me point blank he had nothing to stay home for. All his friends had kids and blamed me for being barren.
    I was lost in thoughts thinking about my life when I spotted Jame’ s range rover. He had parked outside Villa Excetive lodge.
    I sighed and took a quick look at my face before I moved out of my car.
    As I passed the reception I spotted him seated in the corner with a glass of wine in front of him.
    ” HI!” He called me out standing and pulling the chair for me to sit in.
    ” sorry am late” I faked a smile. I wasn’t so much in the mood that night but I had to get myself going.
    ” it’s fine dear I understand obviously ladies take longer to finish Preparing themselves.” He chuckled.
    ” so, James tell me something about your wife” I cut in after some minutes of talking about nothing in particular.
    He sat up looking at me. I don’t get you Stella, even last time we talked about my family. Why do you insist on knowing about my family? He asked placing down his glass of wine.
    ” well I want to understand why a man of your status, with 3 beautiful children and a wife is out here at this time of the day with me” I calmly explained seeing his face drop down the table.
    ” what kind of woman do you have for a wife James. Please if you care about me let’s chat a little more about this” I smiled rubbing his hand with mine gently as I kept my eyes at him.
    He seemed uncomfortable but after a few minutes he sat back and relaxed.
    ” My wife,” he started
    ” she’s so nice, we have been married for over 15 years and she has never burdened me with anything. She manages out money well, she goes an extra mile for my family members to educate them and help them here and there. Our children are well mannered I bet it’s all her doing.”
    I watched in silence as James talked about how wonderful his wife was. Tears running down my face as I saw his face brighten up. It was like he didn’t even realise it till then what he was losing.
    He finished talking and I saw him frown sadly. ” she’s an Angel but all I have done is eye other women. I don’t know what is wrong with me Stella.” He whispered desperately looking at me his eyes with sincerity.
    I wiped the tear from my eyes. Took a deep breath and looked back at him. ” tell me one more thing James. If you found your wife with another man somewhere. Let’s say taking some drinks like we are doing. How can you feel? And what can you do?” I paused deliberately waiting for him to digest my question.
    ” I..i..i am ..i don’t know how I would react but I surely will be disappointed and maybe devorce her.”
    ” good” I sat back looking at him.
    He then looked sharply at me realising my point. ” who are you?” He made some wrinkles on in his face as he stared at me.
    I smiled slightly “Let’s just say am a married-single woman who got tired of living the kind of life that you are subjecting your wife to.”
    ” imagine I was your wife and you another man. Holding and touching you like this,” I bent forward my hand going down his thighs.
    ” imagine James, I was your wife and I am rubbing another man so gently as his face turned with desire to lay with me, Imagine your wife laying down the bed as another man pushes himself slowly and gently inside her making her cry some soft moans of pleasure. Imagine her shouting another man’s name as she closes her eyes. Appreciating another man’s body, comparing it to yours and thinking the guy before her is just what she needs and not you, imagine……….”
    I couldn’t finish my sentence and James stood up abruptly pushing the table.
    ” stop it damn it! Who sent you to me? Huh? tell me, did my wife send you to seduce me and later on tell me all this staff. I swear if I find out she planned all this I will make you both pay!” He snapped his face full of fury.
    I stood up slowly facing him.
    ” you are one damn stupid and selfish man James, you have denied your family some time and your wife sits there waiting for you to return home and yet you spend all your money on women you don’t even know. You are an idiot James. I don’t care how educated you think you are but this your behaviour makes you a fool instead of a man.” I said my heart out despising his stupid look.
    ” If you are man enough James, go back home to your wife, apologise for what you have done. Try to make up for the lost time. I can assure you no woman is different. We are all the same and am pretty sure the way you lust for me that’s how another man out there lusts for your wife.
    And if you don’t change and man up am pretty sure she will seek for what you cannot give her” I added and grabbed my handbag leaving Jame standing like a monument his mouth open.
    I bet he had not seen that coming. I had met up with him several times before getting to know him better and letting him shower me with his money and all my demands. Every time he would ask for sex I would give an excuse and postponed the act to another day.
    That night I had assured him of a great time and I was so sure he was ready for me.
    Seeing him all fumed and shocked made me feel so damn good I almost jumped with pleasure.
    I unlocked my car and then decided to just give him one more detail. So I walked back in the lodge and found him now seated his hands holding his head as he looked down the floor.
    ” by the way, I used up about K15 000 of your money for nothing. I wouldn’t give you my body cause you are a damn selfish b******.
    Your wife could have given you what you wanted from me for free!” I added patting his back.
    ” Thank you for everything James. And all the best in your marriage” I added and walked out my head held high.
    Sitting in my car I held the steering and sobbed silently. The pain of my own failed marriage striking at me harshly.
    I was still trying to get hold of myself when my phone rung. Checking the caller ID, I shook my head.
    The only married man that I couldn’t deal with was calling me. My ex boyfriend. For him everything was so complicated I didn’t even know how I was going to work things out.
    ” Mike!” I responded composing myself.
    ” yes love, I missed you and am outside your house. I need to speak to you and if you don’t come out soon enough I will call your stupid husband and tell him am here for you” he threatened and I could hear his voice so calm. He was probably smiling knowing I would ran to him.
    I knew what I was doing but the last thing i wanted was to have some family drama with Chris. I was sure if he knew of any man with me he would tell the entire family and hold meetings to shame me. That was the last thing I needed so I was trying by all means to play it cool.
    ” you are insane you idiot, how dare you. Am not home right now” I responded
    ” yeah I love you too you know, that’s why am giving you 10 minutes to get your beautiful self back here” he shouted and cut the line. .
    ” what a b******!” I cursed putting the key in the ignition. I had to see him before it was too late.

    Episode 3

    As I drove back home my heart was racing, Mike just had that effect on me. My greatest fear was not his threats but the fact that I couldn’t trust myself around him. Mike was my first love. We met way back when I was in secondary school. Mike was two years ahead of me.
    We had a relationship that I would call ‘ crazy love’ when ever he knocked off from his school he would pass through Luanshya girls to pick me up then we would walk home together. Whenever they were some functions at any of our schools Mike would pay for both of us to go. We were neighbours and our families so close.
    My parents knew him too but we played as ordinary friends whenever we were around them. I recall how, whenever I went to his house his mother would shout
    ” Mike come and see your sister has come” and my parents would do the same whenever he came home.
    We would always make funny of it after wards laughing at how they made us sister and brother. .” One day these guys will be shocked when they know what we do away from their presence ” Mike would laugh.
    ” mnmmm am sure my mom knows Mike, she asked me about us and I have been trying to tell her the same lie that we are just friends and you help me with school work.” I would tell him.
    ” well, it’s even Better they know right?” He would smile holding me. ” after all when we are both out of school and we do some courses you and me are going to get married” he said proudly.
    As time went by we were inseparable and I had deeply fallen for Mike. I didn’t even know I would end up married to another man.
    I was lost in thoughts when my phone vibrated bringing me to the moment.
    ” am on my way Mike” I responded without looking at the caller ID.
    ” I dont have the whole day babe” he answered
    ” where are you now?”
    “Am just passing Mashlands will be using the hybrid route to come to PHI.” I explained looking ahead as a vehicle overtook me.
    ” now will you let me drive in peace?” I shouted
    ” forget about coming here. Just get to Hybrid and you will find me parked by the station.” He responded.
    I sighed as I cut the line. ” he’s crazy he will put me in trouble” I shook my head.
    I found Mike parked and he directed me to follow his car leading me to Gonde lodge in Chelstone.
    ” come on give me some love babe, I missed you so much.” He hugged me after we parked.
    ” stop holding me like that Mike, people might see us am a married woman now” I complained
    He let a small laugh. ” you call that a joke of a man as your husband.? You have no idea what kind of people that your stupid man hungs out with. He’s a jerk I wonder how you have managed to live with him for 5 years Babe.”
    ” stop talking about my husband Mike. I don’t like this you know that. Just tell me why you brought me here already” I struggled to push him away as my body desired to move closer to him.
    ” as long as i live you will always be mine Stella. Remember you promised me forever. I have not managed to love anyone else but you. I will not give up on you cause as far as am concerned you and me belong together Stella. Am the only man that makes you feel like a queen that you are. Come on babe don’t pretend you can’t feel me right now” he chuckled pulling me back to his chest.
    ” stop ! Mike please, you are a married man too. You got married and now have a family with your wife and two kids. Just let go of the past and be happy with what you have.” I spoke up my voice almost in a whisper as all this while he kept his gaze at me. His big lips partly patted reminding me of the times I would kiss them.
    ” mnmmm you are wasting your time if you think am going to buy that bulls***. The only reason I married that woman is because she got pregnant for me and you know why I slept with her in the first place ” he leaned forward placing his mouth on my ear. I moved back landing my back in his car.
    ” stop Mike please ” I murmered
    ” I will remind you Stella. It’s because the time I got back home to get to marry the only girl I loved. I found that she betrayed me and was marrying another man. You betrayed me Stella, you couldn’t wait for only 2 years I was away making our future.”
    ” I have already told you Mike. I didn’t know what to make of your silence. You never communicated. How the hell did you think I would feel and think of you.” I tried to defend myself.
    ” you should have trusted my word dammit! ” he shouted hitting the car angrily and making me jump a bit in fear.
    ” I made a promise to you and I kept it. What did you do? You ran into the hands of that clown. He doesnt even love you the way I do. ” he added his eyes displaying sadness.
    I tried to talk him out of wanting to have me in a relationship with him.
    ” we cannot change things Mike, it’s over you have to move on” I cried looking at him.
    ” please go back to your wife and be happy. I don’t want us to keep fighting over this. What’s done is done. please” I begged
    Instead of answering me, he excused himself and walked away heading to the reception.
    I stood akimbo not knowing what he was planning now. Mike was so stubborn. Since he discovered were I was staying he made it his mission to follow me. He had even taken his time to follow my husband around getting to know the kind of person he was. After making his discoveries, Chris’ s behaviour did not help things. His obsession with me grew even stronger, he was determined to have me to himself.
    I had tried to escape him and give him a million reasons why I wouldn’t see him but I bet my biggest mistake was to give him my line. He would text me at whatever time he wanted. I had to keep on deleting his love messages.
    ” okey let’s go!” Mike walked towards me holding some key in his hands.
    ” where are we going Mike?” I asked looking at him.
    ” come on babe you are not expecting us to stay out here right,” he said pulling my hand and walking to the rooms.
    I walked behind him with every step I took feeling my self being drawn to my sin. I knew getting to some room with Mike was the biggest mistake but i let my body direct my steps.
    Mike started unlocking the door and I kept my eyes on his moustache, the small scratch i remember he got from a soccer match in high school was so visible it made me smile in my mind. I moved my eyes up his cheekbone analysing his dark skin. Up to the eyes which looked so intense I feared looking in them was going to make me want to rush for him and kiss him passionately.
    ” are you coming in or you will stand out there looking like a lost person?” He spoke up making me look away sharply.
    ” of course” I cleared my throat.
    ” 5 minutes Mike say whatever you want to say and let me go home it’s getting late now and my husba…..”
    Without letting me say my words out, Mike pushed me to the wall holding me tightly.
    ” let that b****** get the taste of his own medicine. Today you are with me and am not letting you go until am satisfied I have had enough of you.” He shrugged showing me the key and placing it in the back of his pocket.
    ” Mike ” i tried to say but he closed in reaching his thick lips to my mouth making it so difficult to breath.
    My mind kept on Warning me it was wrong to be with another man when I was married to another. It scolded me and told me to leave immediately and save myself from sin, but my body had a different point of view.
    ” Mike stop! Please! ” I whispered when he let my lips go and started kissing my neck.
    ” we cannot do this please!” I closed my eyes.
    he lifted my head and looked at my eyes.
    ” I can’t because I know you want me as much as I want you. Stop fighting it Stella. You know you feel for me and am the man for you, I have always been and now am back. You are mine Stella and I will always love you” he whispered as he worked his hands around my whole body taking his time as he went in my hidden parts making me moan in pleasure.
    I don’t even remember how he got me from the wall to bed. The only thing I recall is feeling him inside me making me scream in pleasure as I held him closer to me.
    He smiled all along taking his time and making some eye contact with me. Calling me all the sweet names he used to call me and driving me crazy as the pleasure increased.
    I was lost in the arms of the man who wasn’t my husband and even the voice that had been whispering telling me to stop had ceased.
    It was quite and all I could think of was the deep passion and intensity of what Mike was driving me through.
    After what seemed like hours, we both fall back sighing and panting.
    ” tell me that husband of yours makes you feel like that?” Mike giggled looking at me.
    I couldn’t answer him because I knew he would read through my lies. ” this can never happen again Mike” I struggled to talk.
    He lay back smiling. ” you are mine babe and no one will take away what belongs to me. He has to kill me first” he said seriously and I felt my heart pump faster.
    Now that I had opened myself to sin I knew the devil would use it as a way to push me further from God.
    After being with Mike for 2 more hours I managed to beg him to go back home. I looked at my phone and it was almost mid night.
    ” oh my God, what If Chris is already home? Is he going to know I was with another man? What if he saw me drive in the lodge and saw Mike and I stand close to each other and later on enter the room?” Are some of the questions I kept asking myself as i drove closer to PHI where home was.
    I stopped by the gate and sighed going to open it praying that Chris wasn’t home yet. ” Thank God!” I looked up as I pushed the gate open and found Chris’s car wasn’t inside.
    I quickly went inside and took a bath. Replaying the moments with Mike recalling every feel of pleasure I had.
    ” oh my God what have I done? Am so in trouble” I thought to myself and went to bed wanting to be asleep the time Chris would get back. Hoping and praying he would be drunk so that he wouldn’t notice my guilty face.
    I heard the gate opening and I shut my eyes to make me look like I was fast asleep.

    Episode 4

    I woke up that morning at 07 am. I had fallen asleep after I pretended to be sleeping. I heard Chris walk in the house and he didn’t come to bed.
    It was a great relief for me cause I couldn’t have taken it having him so close. I started wondering how Chris felt. If I had cheated on him with another man once and all the guilty was piled up in my heart, how about him who did it everyday? I asked myself.
    Instead of waking up to pray that morning as I always did, my conscience couldn’t allow me. I felt I had betrayed God and kneeling to pray would just make me more of a hypocrite than I already was.
    I grabbed the bible and placed it right back shaking my head. I walked to the sitting room and found it empty, “where the hell did this man sleep then?” I whispered.
    ” of course” I sighed as I walked to the other bedroom. I pushed the door open and when I saw the two people curled up in the bed, my heart stopped for a bit.
    ” what the hell” I shouted standing in the door way.
    I saw Chris move slightly,he opened his eyes and looked at me. ” please can you stop yelling? Your voice is too annoying. I don’t want you to disturb my beautiful woman here. She gave me the best night ever and she deserves a better rest” he whispered looking at me.
    The thought of answering back came rushing in my mind but I pushed it back. I closed the door silently obeying Chris’s request to not wake his precious woman.
    I felt betrayed, I felt useless and walked to the kitchen. Turning on the electric kettle as the urge to go and spill the whole lot of its hot content on the people in another room tempted me.
    I lifted it when it stopped boiling and walked
    Towards the room they were in. Pushing it slightly and staring at them. Chris was now on top of her kissing her as she moaned and held him close.
    On second thoughts I sighed and closed back the door. I wasn’t going to give them the pleasure of enjoying the fact that I was being affected by them.
    So I instead went in the bathroom, took a long bath as i kept on hearing them moaning and laughing. ” enjoy it you b******, I had my own share last night and I can have it any time I want” i spat angrily.
    After dressing up in a simple boot cut Jean and a sleevless top I went to prepare some food for myself and the love birds. I wasn’t sure what was really going on in my mind right that moment. Someone would say I was being crazy letting my own husband in my matrimonial home with another woman.
    Well, I guess I got tired of wishing him to change for the better. After all it doesn’t matter where he was doing it from he had been cheating on me for a number of years we have been together, so why give a damn now. After all , whatever I was to do, scream, insult them or whatever, he would simply find another woman elsewhere.
    I hummed to a song as I set the table.
    Preparing Chris ‘s favourite English breakfast. I checked to make sure all was set and slowly walked to the spare bedroom.
    I knocked softly and Chris’ voice shouted back” what is it woman? Can’t you leave us in peace already?” He asked
    ” am sorry honey, just that I thought you people can come and have some breakfast. I have finishing setting the table”.
    I waited for them to appear. After I heard them argue about whether the food was poisoned or not I heard their foot steps walk towards the dinning table.
    ” please take heart, I cannot kill my own husband with poison” i said looking at a short lady, light skinned and long brown hair. She was pretty but she didn’t make me envy her. Somehow I felt I was better than her.
    ” for better for worse right honey?” I teased looking at Chris who’s eyes kept on the table where food was.
    ” welcome to our home my dear” I smiled at the lady and she looked at Chris then back at me.
    I was sure she was wondering what kind of a woman would be so calm when her husband had brought in another woman in their home.
    ” Thank you” she murmured shly.
    ” please feel at home. You have no idea how pleased I am to have seen you here. You know my husband and I have not been together for a long time and I was beginning to get worried that maybe something was wrong with him. Now that I heard him moaning and enjoying with you am so relieved” I added with a chuckle as Chris chocked himself with a cup of coffee to his mouth.
    He looked at me sharply, his face getting so upset. He was almost saying something but I excused myself after grabbing a piece of sausage and my cup.
    ” please excuse me, I have to go. There’s someone i have to see this morning. Have a good day people” I smiled and walked to the kitchen.
    It was silent for a while, then I heard spoons clicking and I smiled to myself ” remember no one beats my cooking you b******, you can not resist my food” I spat and went to the bedroom, grabbing my hand bag and car keys before heading out.
    I drove around aimlessly, my mind was so loud I didn’t know how to put my thoughts together. In my heart the guilty I also cheated on Chris was so deep I didn’t know how to even get upset with him now that him and me were the same.
    I called my friend Linda,
    ” boi where are you? Can i see you now?” I asked her when she picked the call.
    ” yeah sure come home boi, my mother was even asking about you. She will be happy to see you” she added happily.
    ” alright will be there in less than 10 minutes boi” I cut the line and drove to Kaunda square where my friend Linda stayed with her mother.
    Her father died when she was still young and she was raised by her Aunty in Luasnshya were we meet years back .
    After she found a Job here in Lusaka she had moved in with her mom in their family house. Linda was a very prayerful woman, she’s the one who encouraged me not to give up on my marriage and leave it all to God.
    I however had not told her about my latest mission of playing a saviour for the married men. I definitely knew she was not going to support it.
    ” oh boi, am so sorry you are going through all that” she sighed when I finished explaining to him about what was happening home .
    ” oh my God how can Chris bring another woman in your matrimonial home?” She shook her head.
    ” I have no idea my friend, but am not going to wait up and watch him destroy my life. He’s gone way to far and this time am not going to be a stupid wife I have been. Am standing my ground and he will know better than mess with a woman.” I snapped wiping the tear that was threatening to spill over.
    ” oh no Stella I don’t like the way you are taking this whole thing. What do you mean you are standing your ground? Just remember vengency belongs to God boi just let God take care of all this” she held my hand.
    I smiled sadly. ” I slept with Mike yesterday”
    I told her without warning and Linda stood up shocked.
    ” No! You didn’t! ” she shouted
    ” yeah I did. I couldn’t control it boi and I so much enjoyed it. What do you expect? My husband does not touch me. He has not looked at me as a woman in I don’t know how many months. I fall yes, and i was guilty. But you know what? ” I let a small laugh, ” now I don’t feel a thing. In fact I want to go and have it with him again.” I told her while her mouth kept open.
    I was sure she was binding the demon that had gotten in me.
    ” Jesus! Stella. Do you even hear yourself. ? You know how crazy that your ex boyfriend is. Don’t tell me you are going to tolerate him. This is not right and you know that.” She scolded me.
    I looked at her and listened as she went on quoting scriptures and telling me to confess my sins and flee from temptations.
    ” Don’t give the devil a way, that’s exactly what he’s trying to do . Please I beg you in the name of God, don’t give in to the desires of your fresh” she held my hands.
    At the moment I couldn’t even get to listen to her. I just nodded my head to make her stop talking.
    She prepared lunch and we eat together as she told me about the pastor that had proposed to marry her.
    ” Well, some of us are trying to escape marriage, others are desiring to go in. Life is funny huh!” I laughed.
    I couldn’t get back home that afternoon. I decided to take a turn and go to East park mall. I needed to avoid going home. Not knowing if I would stand Chris and another woman in my house any longer. After going round doing some window shopping I bought myself a cup of ice cream and sat outside hungry lion as I browsed through my phone.
    Then it clicked, I had met a man a week before. A married man. I had to respond to his many missed calls over the days.
    ” helo!” I heard his voice on the other end.
    ” hey, sorry I had misplaced my phone in the house and I just found it this morning. I have just seen a lot of texts and missed calls.” I lied shifting in my sit like he could see through me.
    ” am so happy you called I couldn’t stop thinking about you gorgeous. So when can we meet?” He asked excitedly.
    ” find me at East Park” I informed him and cut the line closing it back.
    ” well now am officially a ” married and at the same time Single woman. Since married men need to be given the taste of their own medicine, then I will definitely give them the honour.” I smiled putting down the ice cream cup.

    Episode 5

    A single look at a medium sized man standing before me made me want to change my mind. The man was not so good looking and his statue did not even motivate me at all.
    I faked a smile trying so hard not to display my unpleasant thoughts, less he noticed I didn’t like him.
    The first time I saw him when he asked for my lin, he was seated in a very nice car and his face looked so handsome. I would agree that seeing him standing there a shoulder shorter than me made me want to change my mind and pretend I didn’t invite him over.
    ” you are the one? Blue blouse?” He grinned looking at me.
    ” oh God so I already gave away my description, you are so dumb Stella you could have gone to him so that you could change your mind after seeing him” I heard my inside shout at me.
    ” Yeah, it’s me! ” I smiled widely.
    ” wow, I must agree the picture I had of you from two weeks ago is far much underrated. You are a beautiful woman miss” he added.
    I almost burst out laughing when he referred to me as Miss, but I wasn’t going to spoil his joy by telling him I was a married woman.
    Well, his looks were not as big as his heart. At the end of our chatting and having some dinner together I came to learn that Lucas was a very generous man. He spoiled me with a lot of nice foods and to add to my surprise on the first date I got myself a new IPhone from MTN shop. ” how nice” I thought to myself as he walked me to my small car.
    ” so Lucas, tell me about your family” I asked trying to get my game going.
    ” what would you love to know my dear?” He asked casually.
    ” Well, your wife for example, your kids if any. Basically I want to know your life as a husband” I shrugged as we walked around.
    ” mnmmm, I see” he sighed.
    ” what makes you think am married anyway?” He asked with a soft laugh.
    I turned to look at him and he looked up at me twisting his eyes to make me go ahead with my question.
    I could agree he made me so uncomfortable. I liked it when men went on telling me about their wives and how nice they were, staff like that made me have a strong standing to defend them and bring the man back to their senses.
    Well, What I had not so much considered was the fact that, there were some men who had crazy wives who probably pushed them away to look for other women.
    In all my games I had hoped not to bump in such cause I knew they would be hard to get off my back.
    As though to add injury to my expected disappointment, Lucas sighed calmly and held my hand.
    ” am not married anymore” he started making my heart skip a little bit.
    ” what? How, but I thought the ring…..” I couldn’t get to the end of the sentence and he went on..
    ” yeah I know right? I have not removed the ring from my finger since my wife died in a tragic accident 3 years ago. Its just me with no kids”
    At that I almost took off running. The thought of being a mate to a widower made me so scared. He was probably looking for someone to reunite with and I felt sad i had a rather different mission at hand.
    ” are you okey, Stella?” He asked me bringing me back to my senses.
    ” Yeah, am just. Am so sorry for your loss Lucas. I didn’t think that maybe,”
    ” I was a widower, I know am sorry I should have said something before” he smiled genuinely.
    ” Yeah, it could have made things easier for me” I told him as a matter of fact.
    ” what? , you don’t like the idea of seeing a widowed man?” He asked, again his questions getting to me.
    ” let’s just say, am fond of bumping into married men, am surprised someone single has approached me” I lied smiling like an idiot I was feeling.
    ” Well, I really like you and I hope to see you soon, again. Can I drive you to your place so that I get to see where you live?” He looked at me.
    ” what the hell!” I screamed in my mind. The guy had some pushy altitude and I wasn’t liking the idea.
    ” I would love to but am sorry, I came driving my small jeep there” I said pointing at my small car.
    ” oh sad for me this talk and company will end here” he smiled as he walked me to the car.
    ” but am sure I will get to know were you stay soon right?” He sighed as he held the door for me to get in my car.
    ” yeah, sure. I mean why not?” I swallowed hard.
    ” by the way, you need a better car swity this one doesn’t suit a queen like you” he blushed leaning by the window.
    I just let a laugh and waved him good bye.
    ” oh my God, this is trouble ” i whisperd as i joined the main road.
    I felt it at that moment that Lucas was the posessive and showing off kind of a guy. He was the sort of man that would want the whole world know he was with you and you were his woman.
    “Guess what they say about short guys being so posessive was true after all” I shook my head looking at the car mirrow and taking a look at my worried eyes.
    Thankfully when I got home, Chris and his new catch were gone.
    I walked into the house and almost screamed in anger. ” who the hell do these two children of the devil think I Am?” I shouted at no one in particular when I saw how messed up the house was. .
    It was like the stupid fools had some sort of a party with empty bottles of beer, opened packets of some different snacks all over the living room.
    The table were I had served them breakfast was all messy. The fools didn’t even remove the plates after eating my well prepared breakfast.
    ” okey, this is really getting out of hand Chris, I swear to God I will surely make you pay for this humiliation ” I spoke aloud as I started picking up the mess.
    ” oh no they didn’t!” I shouted lifting the now broken glass jar. It was a present from my grand mother and I knew she had to spend the last of the coin she had saved up to get me a gift for my wedding.
    ” oh my beautiful jar!” I cried sitting down and holding the pieces in my hands.
    My anger now expelling. I need something to cool me down I thought to myself and walked to the fridge.
    I grabbed the wine bottle and started gulping the contents without stopping as the scotch from the wine burnt my gullet.
    ” son of a bi*tch!” I screamed angrily and smashed down the empty bottle adding to the mess which I ended up cleaning after wards.
    By the time I finished putting my house in order I felt so tired.
    I had to Scrab the tiles, dry clean the couches and remove all the sticky things from the table and lifted the plastic full of things placing It outside the gate for the Garbage collectors to pick it up the following day.
    I went to bed at exactly 21 hours wanting to sleep over my anger and recall the meeting I had with Lucas.
    Then a call came through. Slowly I stepped out of the bed, hating the fact that I had forgotten my phone in the living room.
    ” hello! I answered after seeing Mikes line.
    ” hey babe, so how was your day? He greeted cheerfully.
    ” it was tiring Mike and I really have to sleep now” I tried to cut him. But he didn’t give me the plassure.
    ” I miss you and I want to go on another episode like yesterday. I can’t keep myself away from you after that reunion” he laughed teasingly..
    ” stop now Mike, I told you that was a mistake and it can’t happen again.” I whispered back trying to sound like I was asleep.
    ” I can’t and you know that, so what do you say about meeting me at the same place tonight huh? It’s a Saturday babe and guess what? I just saw your stupid husband sitting in a bar with a short hot chick. They look happy together ” he added so calm I was sure he wanted me to get his point.
    ” am sorry but am not going to come Mike. Am tired and I need to rest tomorrow is Sunday I want to go and attend the morning service” I told him.
    ” Well, too late babe. Am already outside your gate and since its it’s not electrified am sure i can get myself in there” Mike giggled and cut the line.
    ” how stupid” I thought to myself, thinking Mike was just playing with me. ” how can a grown up man , married for that matter think of climbing a wall fence to see a woman? ” I whispered shaking my head as I took myself back to bed. .
    I was just finishing turning off my phone, when I heard the door open.
    I had started leaving my door open when ever Chris was out , not wanting to wake up and open for him whenever he would decide to come. Since he had the keys to the gate. I cared cares less about the back door.
    ” no it can’t be” I whispered thinking of the possibility that Mike had entered the house through the wall fence.
    I was almost walking to the back door and I saw him standing by the door way to my bedroom.
    ” Mike, what the hell, what do you think you are doing getting into the house like that.? This is my matrimonial home and I won’t have you snopping around like a thief” I shouted at him.
    ” please leave before I call the police on you” I threatened. But my threat had no effect as Mike pulled me in his bulged arms and started kissing me.
    ” you won’t dare! He moaned as he pulled me out of the bedroom to the bathroom.
    ” Mike” I shivered with pleasure as he rubbed himself on my pants. I even regretted sleeping without clothes, well did I?
    The answer is probably disappointing as I started enjoying his touching and rubbing.
    Within minutes we stood by the running shower as we tangled in each others arms.
    The coldness of the water making everything so romantic, it was evidently a hot night, so the water made us not to be sweating all over.
    Mike with his tricks drove me so wild and by the time he was done I was so powerless. All I needed was a good nite sleep.
    Slowly he lifted me to my bedroom and placed me slowly on the bed.
    ” this is what you derseve my babe, a man that makes you feel like a queen” he whispers kissing me on the forehead.
    “Mike go now please” was all I managed to say. He was making me want to pulll him back in bed and I knew that wasn’t so much of a good idea. He had already made me fall in sin twice and now things were even worse I acted exactly like my husband.
    Now we were 100% the same. Two people in marriage but acting like stupid 16 year olds without Shame and decency.

    Episode 6

    Watching Alice dancing and shouting at the centre of the stage was so stress relieving, she was helping me keep sane with whatever was going on in my life at that moment.
    My own wife had turned out to be this stranger woman I couldn’t understand. I loved her that I could not debate about. But a year after we got married something that turned me into an animal just happened…
    Flash back….
    I had gone to do some business in Luanshya 5l years back. My friend told me there a few shops with vehicle spare parts and I could make some good money out there.
    I reluctantly decided to give it a shot and left my Lusaka shop to my cousin who run things for me whilst I had gone.
    After some a couple of months, I realised I was actually getting a good number of customers and so I decided to expand the business. My intention was to let it get established and then send my cousin in Luanshya while I went back to Lusaka cause I had lots of customers I wanted to continue dealing with personally, plus it was easy to make connections for my transportation.
    It was within the period that I met my wife, Stella. The first time I saw her pass by the auto shop, my heart had told me she was the one. I watched her for some days and asked some worker at my shop about her. He told me she was a good girl from a good home but warned me she was in love with another guy.
    ” what do you mean another guy?” I had asked him.
    ” well they have been together for some years now and they are inseparable. A lot of guys have tried but that girl is so much into this her guy she won’t burge” he added firmly.
    ” forget her and just find another girl. Everyone in this town knows her boyfriend Mike and he’s one hell of a crazy fella you wouldn’t want him on your back boss” the guy warned me straight up.
    I however played damb and went on to Persue her. She hesitated a little while but i played my cards perfectly especially when she told me the Mike guy had left for some course and he hadn’t contacted her for over 2 years.
    ” Well, am a man Stella and am so sure if I loved you and went away, I wouldn’t forget communicating with you. Just move on already and accept my proposal” I tried to convince her and with time I saw her giving in.
    To add to my lucky, her parents liked me so much. Every time I went to see her I would drop some groceries for them and give them some money.
    I saw how they practically worshiped me and I knew the Jack pot was mine. I quickly asked Stella to marry and Well, we got married in a powerful wedding 6 months later.
    I asked my friends around to help her get a job she so much wanted though I would have preferred her being home. I had enough of money to take care of us and I had no issues with her being just a house wife. She however insisted so I let her start working. .I didn’t however pay attention to her money. Infact I had no idea how much her salary was.
    Everything was going on well until one day as I was driving back from my shop, someone flashed some lights to stop me.
    I tried to make a face out of the person who had stopped me from the side mirrow but I couldn’t. I shrugged and stopped at the lay by.
    ” helo” he tall and dark guy opened his Audie and walked towards me.
    ” hello” I responded getting out too.
    ” am Mike” he smiled but I didn’t like his altitude. He seemed bossy and he was seemingly enjoying the fact that he looked all muscles and built up. Unlike me with a small pot berry, I could see from his small muscle t-shirt he had on that the guy was doing some work outs and had his perfect 6 pack.
    ” Chris here” I extended my hand.
    ” am sorry I made you pull over he said glancing over my Mark 2 behind me.
    ” okey so can you tell me what this is all about?” I asked him getting irritated with his altitude.
    ” Well, yeah I almost forgot. My bad man” he smiled widely exposing his nicely piled front teeth.
    ” so I wanted to find out are you the one who married Stella?” He asked and I looked at him my eyes wide open.
    ” now what does he want with my wife?” I asked myself staring at him.
    ” I’m am yeah. Why do you ask?” I stammered seriously hating the way the guy was intimidating me with his looks.
    ” oh I see. I thought I had a wrong guy” he chuckled looking up and down my jeans and loose T-shirt..
    ” what do you want? ” i tried to sound all manly.
    ” yeah, that’s a good question. Well, I wanted you and me to meet eye to eye. You see, we have something in common and that’s we both love the same woman” he let a small smile that showed trouble.
    ” what do you mean?, I seriously don’t have time for your games. So if you will excuse me I have a wife to run to.” I told him off and turned back to my car.
    ” too bad man, the story doesn’t end there. I just want to warn you that you should look out because that woman you stole and married had an owner and that’s me!” He shouted raising his muscle hands up.
    ” I don’t care who you think you are you jerk! I am the one married to Stella and I won’t let you intimidate me. Don’t even dare come near her or else you won’t like me” I snapped angrily.
    He clapped his hands teasingly. ” just when I was beginning to think am dealing with a woman, so you can try to man up after all” he laughed following me to the car as I sat in the driver’s seat.
    ” I am the only man for her man, pray and enjoy her while it lasts, cause when I come back I can assure you she won’t resist me one bit. She loves me and I know she will fall for me all over again. So be warned Chris, watch out!” He shouted pointing his two fingers from the face at me.
    I wanted to bark out and tell the guy off or better still come out of the car and face him man to man in a serious kick fight, but his looks warned me otherwise so I reluctantly placed the key in the ignition like a coward.
    I reached home and didn’t get to tell Stella how I was intimidated by her ex. I was so embarrassed and I tried to blush it off.
    But then the rest of the days I kept on thinking and remembering Mike’s threats.
    ” what happens if that jerk shows up and for sure my wife fall’s for her?” I asked myself so many times.
    When I asked Stella about her ex, the expression on her face as she described their relationship made things worse. I know she didn’t realise how much hurt I felt after she practically finished me off telling me how he broke her virginity, how much they were a couple so famous in Luanshya and many other things she said about him of which my calculations to compare myself to him made me remain in negatives.
    I was so disturbed for weeks and started staying away from home. The thought of my wife with Mike killing me inside.
    My friend’ s warned me and told me how women never forgot their first love especially that he was the one that broke her virginity.
    I started finding solace, in drinking heavily and followed my friends acts of having some side chicks.
    With each passing day, Stella and I got further apart and I could see how much she was hurting.
    But each time i tried to get close to her the words of Mike struck my conscience and I felt betrayed, even though I doubted Stella had anything to do with her ex.
    2 years later I met up with Mike again and this time he had followed me in a bar were I and other mates were drinking.
    By that time Stella had told me she was going to live her life and that I should continue with my own drinking and girlfriends.
    My conclusion immediately was that she had hooked up with Mike, ” why else would she say that? ” I told myself.
    I didn’t want to divorce her cause I somehow wanted to prove to Mike I was capable of keeping my wife. Even when deep down my heart I knew that was just a thought to comfort myself.
    Mike walked to my table and pulled himself a chair sitting right next to me. ” I told you to take care and watch out but you gave a deaf ear. Now to show you that I was serious here just listen to this ” he said placing his phone to my ear.
    “Why are you here Mike. The last time you called I told you to stop coming to my house. What if my husband comes and sees me sitting in your car” I heard Stella’s voice.
    ” come on, you know you love me and not him babe come on just give me a kiss I missed you” came Mike’s voice on the recording.
    It was quite after a bit of some arguments and I heard small groaning, implying two people kissing passionately.
    ” stop Mike please we can’t do this” Stella cried trying to catch her breath and I couldn’t hear anymore.
    I shoved off his hand. ” you jerk how dare you touch my wife? ” I shouted angrily and standing up pushing him back.
    He laughed out embarrassing me. ” you are not even man enough for her. Just let her go and I will have my woman back” he yelled and everyone’s attention shifted to us.
    ” I swear you going to pay for messing with my life” I cursed him and like always he didn’t seem moved at all.
    He told me how i was a failure of a husband who spent his time out drinking and with women leaving a woman like Stella all alone and vulnerable. He clearly told me how he was to make sure she was his again and made it a mission to get what belongs to him.
    So here I was wasted with another woman in a bar. Not wanting to even imagine how Stella was probably in the arms of Mike.
    I had invited over my Friend with his girl at my house just to make sure we messed up the place.
    ” lets see if she will play a cool wife after she cleans this mess” I had thought to myself. I had made a deliberate move going with a woman at home to get her all pissed and probably act but like she had decided over the period, she played so cool and even served us breakfast.
    ” Chris man, what’s up? You have been so quite for some time what’s up man?”
    My friend asked
    “Am fine I guess am just tired” I chucked not wanting to tell my friend what was really going on. How embarrassing for a man to concede defeat from another man who was threatening to take his wife while he watches like an idiot.
    The only thing I vowed not to do was give Stella the pleasure of a divorce. ” Let me see how long she will do her tricks with her jerk boyfriend” I thought to myself and walked to the dance floor to join my new girl who was dancing and moving her body seductively.

    Episode 7

    A week later, I sat in the house watching some movies, I didn’t feel like going out that Friday even when Lucas was insisting I go out with him. Part of me wanted to tell him the truth that I was married, but the actions of Chris over the week really got me so pissed I couldn’t see him face to face.
    I avoided him by all means. It seemed it was his mission to purnish me and my efforts trying to ignore him were beginning to fail.
    Lucas kept on calling and texting over the week. He even invited me over to his house during the week but I gave him an excuse I was busy.
    They say tolerating a man’s calls and messages sends a message that you are intrested in him. Well, I could bet that’s the picture Lucas had of me.
    I had however, the issue of crazy Mike on my hands and he was making things so difficult for me. I knew the behaviour of Mike coming onto me was really going to be my down fall. But how was I to escape him now that I had opened myself to him?
    I tried to ignore him and for some reason he seemed to be aware of what Chris was doing and that didnt really help.
    I recall the conversation I had with him on the phone and he clearly told me,
    ” I know that your husband is a failure who hides his inferiority in sleeping around and drinking, you should really consider leaving this man babe before he gets you sick. What even makes you stick to him after all he’s done to you?” Mike asked me.
    I sighed wiping the tear forming in my eyes. That was a good question that I had not sat to think over and answer . It was evident our marriage ended some time back, why on earth were we even together? ” I questioned myself.
    I recall how our marriage councillors had told us to endure each other’s mistakes and learn to find a way of solving issues together. I had tried to dialogue with Chris before all this started but like always he was closed up. He would never open a discussion unless I did of which he still showed little interest in contributing.
    At first I thought that was his character but then I realised a lot of things needed to be talked about and it didn’t matter if someone was a quite person. I was his wife and seriously I thought him opening up to me was a good sign.
    Now that I was completly shut off, I had no way of trying to resolve our problems.
    I remember asking Chris that the two of us saw some marriage councillor at church to help us and his answer was,
    ” we are grown ups and we don’t need anyone to tell us how to run our lives, besides why wash our dirty laundry in public?” He scolded and that’s how the issue was closed.
    I was deep in thoughts when my phone rung, ” Lucas!” I responded after seeing his call.
    ” hey I have been trying to get hold of your line for some time now. Did you turn it off?” He asked his soft voice evident.
    I couldn’t tell him I switched off to avoid my trouble ex boyfriend who kept calling. So I lied again. Which had become a trend. The issue with sin is that with each passing one is born another. The moment you let in one way to sin it opens wide other doors and by the time you realise it you would be deep in the pit of sins.
    ” yeah I was charging it” I responded shifting uncomfortably in the sofa as I felt the inner voice warning me against my way.
    ” i have set a special dinner for you at my house Stella and I would really love you to come over. ” Lucas told me.
    ” please don’t say No, honour me with this visit and I will forever be grateful” he pleaded I could almost see his sad face.
    ” okey Lucas I will come over but I really don’t have money for fuel so I will have to ask my friend for something before I come over” i explained making a face. wash
    ” well, if you insist on seeing me you will have to spend ” I thought to myself as I looked out the window just in case my husband was somewhere near the house.
    ” oh Stella please I told you you are a queen and you don’t derserve such kind of preasure, It’s unnecessary. Do you have an account with FNB I can do a wire transfer right now then you withdraw to get yourself some fuel” I heard him say and I made an inaudible shout lifting my hands up. ” yes!”
    ” of course but I don’t like the issue of you spending on me. I mean you have got me this expensive phone already.. ” I made a weak complaint playing with my hair extensions as I talked.
    ” stop talking lady and text me the account number. And start preparing yourself I will text you the address ” he responded .
    ” okey then am on it and thanks for the fuel I added before cutting the line.
    I had just place my phone down then it beeped. Opening the text from FNB I almost shouted my surprise. ” this guy is crazy and loaded too, how can he just send me K5000 just for fuel?” I held my mouth.
    ” okey Mr Lucas, let’s see how long you can play this game ” I whispered as I went to get myself washed up for the dinner.
    An hour later I was in front of a wide wall fence in Foxdale. I looked around just to make sure I got the right address. ” if this is were this guy lives, then am not surprised he sent me a 5000. I could see the big house from inside and the neatness of the outside was evidence enough I was dealing with a loaded guy.
    To answer my question, the gate in front of me opened on its on and I heard Lucas’ voice from the gate phone system besides the gate ” you can drive in swity” and it cut.
    ” okey,” i whispered to myself as I drove my inferior car inside. Just the pavers design made me want to lift my car less I spoil it with the dust from the tires.
    Lucas walked outside and extended his hands to welcome me as I locked the car.
    ” you are welcome to my humble home!” He said cheerfully and I almost burst out laughing at how he was teasing me.
    ” thank you” is all I managed to say as I got to his arms and he kissed my cheek. I deliberately put on some pumps not wanting to look taller than him like last time. And I was glad to notice he actually wasn’t shorter than me. Now we were of equal height.
    After taking me around the mansion, Lucas explained how he had done some major investments in the different companies and run a company of his own. He told me he was into some business of buying and selling companies to different share holders.
    I realised from his talks that he was actually a very humble man. He tried to explain things in the simplest way possible and didn’t give me a funny face when I showed ignorance of some things.
    He practically fed me as he tried to teach me how to use a folk and knife. Well, I guess I thought I knew until he explained the correct way of holding them.
    He told me he had his servant make some special meal for our dinner and I would agree it really stood out.
    “So tell me more about yourself” he started as we sat in a living room that had wide glass walls showing off the view of the pool side at the back of the house.
    He had decided to lay down and lean his head on my laps. I felt uncomfortable having him that close but I stoped myself from pushing him away. He looked so much comfortable and at peace I felt bad I was to lie to him.
    ” what would you like to know” I asked trying to avoid putting my hands on him.
    He smiled lifting his eyes at my face. ” everything” he responded shrugging.
    ” Well,” I started telling him the truth about my family and where I grew up. Telling him what I did for work and other truthful details.
    I had to swallow hard to finish up about my marital status but thankfully his phone rung before I got to it.
    ” excuse me , I have to take this it’s from one of the proprietors of the companies. Make yourself comfortable and I will be back shortly” he added as he walked to the other room.
    I stood up and watched the cool pool outside my thoughts wild back to my own husband.
    ” where did we go wrong Chris?” I asked myself.
    I recalled how he used to love me. He would come back from work with a bunch of flowers. ” I got this for my sweet wife!” He would say kissing my lips.
    ” Thank you honey, you are so sweet” I would smile and hug him close.
    Everyday before going for work he would make love to me and whenever we got the chance. He would tell me how much he loved me and was willing to spend his entire life by my side.
    ” Chris” I called him one day.
    ” yes honey, what is it?” he asked looking up at me.
    ” am worried we I have not conceived since we got married and it’s over a year now. Maybe we should go to the hospital and do some tests ” I complained and he sat up holding my hands.
    ” Why are you trying to rush God honey. It’s only been a year for crying out loud. Let’s enjoy ouselves before we have some company in this house. Or am I complaining?” He asked honestly.
    I had felt relieved and I kissed him smiling at how wonderful he was.
    Now he was always scolding me telling me how I couldn’t even bare him a child. The thoughts of his anger came to my mind and I felt a strip of hot tears falling my face.
    ” if only you loved me more and was there for me my husband I would be here admiring another man’ s house” I thought as the tears now dropped to my blouse.
    ” sorry I took long in there” I heard Lucas talk as he walk towards me and i quickly wiped the tears.
    ” are you okey?” He asked when he saw my face look.
    ” yeah am fine Lucas thank you. It’s just that I need to get going now. It’s almost passed 20 30 I have something from work I should hand in tomorrow” I explained standing up.
    ” oh do you really have to go so soon?” He complained holding my hand.
    ” yeah am sorry. Will make it up to you next time thank you for the dinner and everything. I really enjoyed myself” I told him honestly.
    ” please feel free to come over here any time. This house is open to you” he told me as he walked me to the car outside.
    ” sure thanks again” I gave him a quick hug and got into my car.
    He stood their watching me drive out his honesty smile not fading.
    My heart felt the sharp pain of betraying an honesty man.
    ” God don’t let the demon in me destroy that innocent soul,” I whispered as I joined the road.
    I parked outside My house as my thoughts troubled me. I lay back my head closing my eyes. Not wanting to get inside my lonely house when I heard a hoot outside.
    I had thought it was Chris, and so I walked to go and open the gate just to see Mike’s car parked outside.
    ” where the hell are you coming from this time of the night?” He shouted getting out and walking towards me angrily.
    ” what the hell, since when do I tell you about my movements Mike. The last time I checked you are a married man and I wonder what the hell you are doing out here” I shouted back getting pissed.
    ” don’t give me that buls***! I refused to share you with that damn husband of yours and I won’t stand you sleeping around with other men!” He screamed back making me step back a bit.
    I couldn’t find some word’s to answer him so I stared at him surprised at his outburst.
    ” where did you go dammit! I have been waiting for you here and you didn’t even answer my calls.” He went on bursting out at me.
    ” you know what? I really don’t have time for this your tantrums and I don’t care who the hell gave you the guts to think you can come at my house and talk to me like that. Am not listening to this anymore” I lashed out at him and stepped in to close back the gate.
    He pushed it open and held my hand tightly.” Don’t you dare!” I warned sternly looking at his face.
    He noticed I was upset and he released my hand slowly. ” am am so sorry babe, I didnt mean to talk to you like that it’s just that…”
    ” leave my house Mike!” I cut him
    ” I said leave now ! ” I screamed out and he withdrew stepping back.
    ” babe listen am sorry!” He called out as I closed the gate and walked to the house.
    ” you have crossed the line you b******” I murmered to myself as I got to the door.

    Episode 8

    I kicked around some small stones outside her gate angrily. “How dare she walks out on me like that?” I scoffed
    Stella had always been mine and call me posessive or whatever but for me she was mine. I didn’t even care she was married. The inferior kind of a person her husband was didn’t even scare me. It was bad enough that she betrayed our love and married the next guy that went her way forgetting our promises.
    I heard the news and the time I was getting back home I was told she was married.
    ” please mom, just give me her address I need to go and see her and at least, congratulate her” I had deceived her mother.
    She gave me the address and it took me some months before I finally decided to start seeing her. I first stalked her and later on her husband. Spying his moves. When I discovered he was a wasted guy who placed beer before his wife and had some weakness with women, I knew I could capitalise on it and create a way to my woman.
    I was so hurt when I got back home to be with her such that I ended up sleeping with the next girl I had proposed. To add to my burden, she had gotten pregnant barely 4 months of being with her. My family as usual with their Christian values talked me into marrying her. Saying it was the best thing for my unborn baby.
    I had thought maybe trying to get with my now wife would get me to forget Stella but i just couldn’t.
    My wife was the I dont care kind of person and over time I realised she was too much of a ‘yes boss,’ and ‘whatever’ kind of wife and for me that didn’t work out well.
    I liked my woman to have some intelligence. Being able to give me ideas and challenge me whenever necessary. Not someone I would push around like a sack and she would simply obey.
    I recall how my friends would say that was a good wife cause She doesnt give pressure, but I found her boring. Even in terms of bed matters. she was seemingly not so much active and always did the same thing over and over. I tried to make her do something new and exciting but her rigidity just wasn’t helping matters.
    When I first spotted Stella at her house I couldn’t help admire her.
    Memories of the two of us together clicking in my mind and making me so much drawn to her .
    Now here I was upset she kicked me out. I didn’t care if she was at her husbands house when I needed her I had to find her and make her mine.
    I paced around trying to talk myself into jumping over the wall fence again but the thought of her being pissed about me made me change my mind. I had to give her some time to cool it off.
    But I still wanted her to stop her moving up and down. I was beginning to feel she was fond of seeing other men and I vowed to find out. I wasn’t going to accept having other men take her away from me again. I already had an issue of getting rid of her husband.
    Driving back home, I planned of how I should follow her around and see what she was hiding from me. I quickly text her to tell her how much I was sorry for yelling at her and how I wished I was with her.
    I placed my phone back in the front pocket of my shirt as I allowed the cool air from the window touch my face.
    ” hey guys!” I called out to my wife and two kids when I got home. They sat watching some cartoon and I walked passed them straight to my bedroom. Just to see my wife come in the moment I sat down the bed.
    She came over and sat near me leaning her head on my shoulder.
    ” I have something to ask you my husband” she started in a low tone.
    ” what about?” I asked rather not int rested in talking to her. I had to sleep over the disappointment of not seeing my Stella.
    ” who is Stella?” She asked me unexpectedly and for a second I thought of shouting out
    ” the woman I love!” But I withheld the thought and instead looked at her.
    ” which Stella?” I asked calmly.
    ” a woman just called me to say her name is Stella and she told me to learn to control and satisfy you so that you don’t run after her ” my wife went on explaining and all this while, my heart raced like I was jogging.
    ” how dare She!” I thought to myself.
    ” so someone you don’t even know calls you to tell you that nonsense and here you are telling me about it? Can’t you use your head for a moment?” I turned at her angrily.
    ” it could be anyone trying to get us to fight. Or do you think if i had some other woman I would be as stupid as to give them your line?” I asked seriously
    ” am sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that she sounded serious and I thought maybe she was the person you had told me you went to see the other day” she responded
    I looked at her and almost burst out laughing.
    How naive, I had told her I went to see my friend and when she asked who, I told her a good friend from Luanshya. She had insisted on the sex of this friend and I honestly told her a woman of which she just nodded and went on her business.
    ” listen here, that person who called you just wanted to play games with you. Now please get me my food am tired I got to sleep” I told her.
    I shook my head as I watched her go to fetch my food.
    ” Stella you are crazy, what the hell where you thinking calling my wife ?” I called her later on.
    ” Well, I want to just help her keep her man in one place. It seems she doesn’t know how to keep her husband’s pants down” she ranted out without hesitation.
    ” don’t you dare do that again Stella” I warned her and I heard her laughing.
    ” what’s funny?” I questioned
    ” so you think my marriage is a play ground, while you want to save yours huh?” She scoffed
    ” well I got news for you Mike. Stay away from me or I will come over to your place and tell your wife and kids how you jump over some wall fence to have sex with me” she let a laugh.
    I was quiet for some minutes trying to get her on a good side. ” whatever you do Stella i still love you and none of that will change that ” i responded trying to sound sweet.
    I heard her frown on the other end and I smiled.
    ” just make sure you prepare yourself for me cause am coming to see you tommorow ” I added and I couldn’t finish my sentence before she cut the line.
    I sat down and thought about it. Stella was acting weird. She usually was soft with me and I knew just a bit of some sweet words I got her attention. I couldnt help feel something was up with her, besides her husband issues. And I made a promise to myself that I would find out what it was.
    I had not seen her for almost two weeks as she practically ignored my calls. I went to her place but it was either she wasn’t home yet or she was in the company of her friend.
    I parked my car waiting to see her drive out, then I saw her. She surprsily didn’t drive out like I expected intstead she walked out some two blocks away from her house dressed in a long stripped dress which shaped her so well.
    She held her phone in her hands as she looked up the road like she was expecting someone.
    As I watched I saw a posh looking vehicle stop where she was and a man came round to open the door for her.
    She smiled, as she went in and I watched as the car passed were I was hiding. ” okey, so this is the reason she has been acting up on me” i whispered to myself as I got the car engine starting.
    I wasn’t going to let another man get in my way. I looked ahead and saw the car head towards pick and pay them passed to the road going down Mtendere market.
    ” today you will see that am one crazy man and can really get mad when tempered with” I murmered as I drove in their direction.

    Episode 9

    ” Good morning honey” I woke up and decided to cheerfully greet my husband one morning.
    I had hoped to take a step towards trying to make us work. My friend had taken me to a pastor for some prayers, of course I didn’t plan for it but there was no way of escaping Linda when she was on to you with her church issues.
    I had practically become so weak spiritually I couldn’t even go to church. All I felt was the guilty of my sins and it drew me further away.
    Linda played me some recording of Joyce Mayer’s video were she was talking about taking an action when one is guilty of sin and not just feeling guilty.
    ” feeling guilty does not solve the problem but taking a step and be determined to change your ways will help you overcome your sins” I heard the recording. But like they say it’s easier said than done. I didn’t feel any better and somehow my inner self was still tied.
    The pastor prayed and counselled me even without me revealing the actual details of my sins. He advised that I tried to talk to my husband normally and behaved like a normal wife as that would probably make him reconsider his actions.
    So here I was trying to make things better after trying to welcome him home and preparing his favorite meal of which he ate without saying a thing. I woke up in good spirits greeting my husband. Hoping he would respond likewise but to my shock Chris sat up gave me a sharp disgusting look and moved out of the bed.
    ” Chris, I just said good morning to you. Can’t you just answer me? Am a human being you know, I have feelings and whatever you have been doing is hurting me” I complained following him to the bathroom.
    ” Please when you are done nagging close the door behind you I need to wash up am getting late for my trip!” He responded spitting out the form from his mouth as he brushed his teeth like that spit was meant for me.
    I stood there looking at him, feeling completely ignored and unwanted.
    He finished preparing himself and without looking at me he announced.” Am going to Dubai to collect my items they are arriving tomorrow “with that, he walked out carrying his bag.
    Instead of crying myself out I took my phone and called the person that I was finding comfort in, Lucas.
    He immediately picked the call. “Hey you have no idea how excited I am that you have called me!” He said cheerfully making me smile.
    ” Yeah I figured you are the one always calling so I thought of making a difference “I answered back.
    After a long discussion, Lucas, told me he wanted to pick me up for some surprise. I was a bit hesitant given the mood I was in. But as always I decided to let him come over.
    I decided to dress simply, a long dress, some slippers and made sure my makeup was well neat simply done. Lucas was evidently a good person so I decide to give him what he deserved, a good day.
    Walking outside, I saw Mike’s car parked a few yards from my house. I had known he had been spying on me and to make sure he doesn’t do his crazy thing of climbing over the wall fence I had made Linda go home with me at several occasions and sometimes I decided to stay late at work or visit some relatives within Lusaka.
    Seeing Mike ducking to hide from me made me almost laugh. I pretended to have not seen him and when Lucas stopped to pick me up I had deliberately asked him to use the Mtendere route.
    ” Lucas, do you mind going through the small road through the market I need to give someone some money I got something yesterday,” I told Lucas as he drove us.
    He looked at me and smiled as was his nature. “Whatever you say sweaty, just direct me”
    I made him go inside the market and take some two more turns until I was sure we had lost Mike.
    I made a false call, trying to create some impression I was talking to the person I wanted to see. “am coming to your place now can you come out?” I spoke to no one in particular.
    ” Okey then I will bring the money tomorrow then” I went on.
    Lucas looked at me “what now?”
    ” Oh am sorry I acted before thinking, I could have called her before coming. She’s not home” I faked a smile.
    ” Okey no problem we can simply drive back” he chuckled.
    “Thank God for this gentle soul” I whispered in my mind.
    Lucas drove us back to the main road and he didn’t allow me to ask questions of where we were going. I sat silently letting him take me where ever he wanted.
    We came to halt in front of a house in Chalala.
    ” Come on Stella I want you to meet my mother!” He announced as he opened the door for me.
    ” What?” I popped my eyes open shocked.
    ” No I can’t! “I almost shouted loudly.
    The thought of him introducing me to his mother weakening me. I was a married person for heaven’s sake. How was I going to dodge the one now? Oh God !” I screamed in my mind, forgetting how I had put God aside and now that trouble had come my way, I was remembering calling out God’s name.
    ” Stella no need to get all worked out. You will love the old woman, she’s looking forward to seeing you” Lucas said excitedly.
    I had no way out as we were already at the house. “calm down Stella” I told myself as he held my hand and led me to the front of the house.
    ” oh my God they are here!” A slim girl shouted excited as we emerged from the door.
    I couldn’t hold myself, my heart was racing. In all honesty I had not seen that one coming. I thought the surprise was probably another dinner or something else. But taking me to his mother really got me. My stomach was completely scattered as I could feel it move about like someone was shaking it.
    Lucas pressed my hand as though to assure me he was there for me.
    An elderly women walked towards us and wore a wide smile,” you are welcome home my daughter” she said pulling me in a hug.
    ” my son has been singing about you and we all couldn’t wait to see you. He was right, you are so beautiful” she let a laugh.
    ” Thank you mom” is all I managed to say trying to smile at her.
    She held me and led me to a sit. “Feel free my dear, am not one of those traditional mother in-laws. In fact I would rather you are close to me in that I will feel okey knowing you will take good care of my son for me” she told me.
    Lucas kept on smiling as his mother and I talked. He nodded his head at me like to tell me “l told you she will like you” but my inside was screaming at me.
    Lucas’ mother took me around the house making Lucas stay back when he wanted to go with us.
    ” My daughter am glad you are in my son’s life. I was worried the death of his first wife left him broken. Now that I know he has fallen in love again, am well pleased and at ease. He needs you so much and am sure you will make him happy” she held my shoulders as she spoke and I felt a grip on my throat. I needed to cry. Wishing I was as honesty as the people that embraced me so much and saw the good in me that I myself didn’t see.
    ” Yes ma,” I smiled looking ahead to hide the tears in my eyes.
    I let her tell me all about her late husband and how she was not able to conceive after she gave birth to Lucas, how she had to raise her sister’s and brother’s children instead.
    ” I wish to have grandchildren from my own son you know, I really pray for God to bless you two so that you can fulfil my last wish” she went on speaking slowly and calmly, making me want to get swallowed by the ground to avoid what I was causing innocent people. The thought of how they will be disappointed when the truth was known pricking my conscience.
    ” So what do you think? “Lucas asked
    ” About? “I asked upset minded
    ” Stella you seem tense. Do you feel okey? Am sorry if I disappointed you with my surprise. Am sorry” he held my hand with one hand as the other held on to the steering.
    ” No no it’s not that. I was surprised yes and believe me I am so humbled you have shown such confidence in me and took me to see your mother. She’s a great person and so welcoming I felt at home” I smiled definitely.
    I let him drop me by the same spot he picked me not wanting him to see where I actually stayed and like always he didn’t ask a lot of questions.
    He smiled and perked my forehead before leaving.
    I walked inside the house and threw myself on bed. “Oh Jesus! Save my poor soul!” I shouted spreading my hands and legs on the bed and taking in deep breaths.

    Episode 10

    There was no turning back for me. Being with her was all I have been looking forward to. I had not felt so much in love before. Even the love I had for my first wife was not as compared to what I was feeling right at that moment.
    I had fallen in love with Stella and I was ready to give her all the love I was feeling without any reservations.
    My mother was happy to hear my words and she encouraged me to settle down with her. She had told me how nice and a humble person Stella was. to
    ” however, my son, that lady kind of uneasy and rather sad. It’s like she holds a lot inside her that is hurting her so much. Try to uncover that before you decide to make her your wife ” my mother had mentioned.
    I would agree with her on that. I didn’t want to push her so much. They say Patience pays but I had to show her how serious I was by letting her meet my mother. For me my heart had chosen and there was no going back.
    I intended to make her mine whenever she would give me the chance without force or deception.
    I sat outside the pool taking in the view of my beautiful but lonely home. Thinking about how I was going to be happy when she finally joined me, then I heard some hooting outside the gate.
    ” Mwale!” I called out to the security guard, ” can you check and ask who is outside” I shouted and took the glass of lemonade sipping it and sighing reluctantly.
    ” Boss, there is a man outside, he said he wants to see you ” Mwale informed me squatting besides me.
    ” didn’t he say his name?” I asked trying to figure out who would come to my house at that hour. I didn’t have any appointments as far as I could remember.
    ” okey tell the man to come in” I shrugged
    I watched as Mwale walked away and kept my eyes his direction to see who it was that had come.
    I saw a tall dark guy with a stern face walk towards me and I sat up ready to welcome him.
    ” Helo, good afternoon, I greeted the man extending my hand as i stood shorter than him.
    ” Hey!” He sighed looking down at me a sense of sarcasm in his voice I felt my heart skip. “Whatever that man is here for will have some bad news to it” I thought to myself.
    ” please take a sit” I indicated, showing him the chair besides me.
    He looked around the pool and the house after sitting and back at me. ” am Mike” he let a small smile.
    ” nice to meet you Mike, what brings you to my home?” I asked not giving him the pleasure of knowing my name yet. I thought if he had come to my house then he should know who I was already. Plus i didn’t like the trouble look on his face. One thing I never liked was to be intimated by a fellow man especially in my own house.
    ” I came here because of Stella.” He started and I gazed at him without a word. From his look I thought he was expecting me to be surprised or scared, I couldnt clearly tell but I stayed calm and looked at him to go on.
    ” you know Stella and I come a long way, she was my first love and I hers. Oh the story goes deeper I can’t afford to mention the details. ” I kept quite again. I was not one to act on impulse. In fact I had a trend to never say anything if I wasn’t sure of what I was talking about. So I watched him in silence.
    ” okey” I nodded my head casually.
    ” am here to tell you to stop parading yourself around her because she belongs to me and I will not let another man take her away again. ” he went on now seemingly getting upset.
    I was silent trying to understand him. As far as I knew Stella was old enough to know what she wanted. So I wondered why a guy like him would go so low trying to scare every other man in stella’s life. The ‘again’ in his sentence was a clear indication that Stella had left him once for someone else and I clearly understood he was here to bossy me and scare me away from her.
    I cleared my throat and calmly spoke up.
    ” oh I see, so you are her ex boyfriend ” I sighed.
    ” I don’t like the word ex because she will always be mine ” he responded loudly.
    ” Good, I sat back. I heard you” I said looking at him.
    ” What? That’s all you are going to say you stupid fool after what I told you. Am warning you to stay away from Stella or else…”
    ” you know What? I stood up, if its in your nature to scare people because of whatever reason you think of yourself, then am sorry to disappoint you because this is neither the place or person for your kind. Stella is old enough to make her choices. And I can’t blame her for not wanting to to be with you. You carry yourself like a street fighter. Don’t think you can threaten any person you meet.” I paused seriously looking at him as he stood up as well.
    ” if you are done with your threats , now leave my house and next time you decide to bully someone, take your time to analyse your target. I will not accept this kind of street manners in my home” I added and sat back.
    ” you damn fool, just because you have money you think you can just get what you want? I will teach you a lesson and by the time am done with you you will know better than to mess with me. And next time you meet Stella ask her why she is leaving her husband to seek comfort from you, lets see if you will be as calm as you are right now!” He shouted angrily.
    ” you know your way out or if you are lost ask the guard to show you the way . Show your face here again and you will be sorry” I told him off and lay back taking the news paper besides me.
    I moved my head away as I saw him walking and cursing. The security guard walking behind him.
    ” what kind of man is this fool?” I asked myself .
    ” well I have to sort this out before it’s too late. I thought it was obvious the man lied about Stella being married to push me away. I vowed not to give him that satisfaction.
    ” hey Swity, can you come home please I need to see you it’s urgent” I called Stella a few minutes later.
    ” but I was there yesterday Lucas, you miss me already?” She asked
    ” I know, but if it weren’t important I couldn’t have asked especially that it’s a working day. Will you come after work?” I asked her again.
    ” okey, I will see you then let me see if I can knock off early. You sound worried ” she sighed.
    ” Thank you” I responded and cut the line.
    An hour later, I sat in front of the TV in the TV room when I heard the gate open and a car drive in. I needed not to check who it was, obviously it was her.
    ” Hey!” She called out giving me a hug and placing her hand bag on the couch.
    ” how was your day?” I asked her.
    ” it was good, a bit tiring, there was this long meeting were I had to be present taking minutes” she sighed looking tired.
    I noticed she looked rather bothered I was sure she was wondering what was going on.
    ” how is your husband?” I asked unexpectedly and watched as she started figiting.
    She was silent for some minutes and i knew there was some truth in what Mike had told me.
    The fear of finding out the truth hitting me badly as I felt my heart beat increasing. I was honestly not ready to be heart broken. I started figuring out the way to take her words the moment she confirmed to that fact.
    ” how can you play with my feelings Stella. These past weeks I was here thinking you probably have some other issues to sort out, the least i expected is that you would lie to me about your marriage.
    Do you have any idea what sort of plans I had for You?” I spoke out trying to sound as calm as possible. I was actually heating up inside and if I was a loud person I could have been shouting my voice out. Her facial expression and guilty just confirmed my suspicions.
    She stood up and started crying. Am sorry Lucas, I knew this day would come but I thought I will have to tell you myself, i couldn’t find the courage to do so and I grew fond of you. ”
    ” will you answer my question Stella. Tell me that man who came here claiming to be your boyfriend or whatever, did not lie about You?” I questioned her looking away. My heart was not taking it anymore.
    ” Mike! ” she sighed sitting back down.
    I watched her as she cried softly and passionately. She was deeply sad I could see it. She sobbed and I felt so bad for her. Whatever it was going on in the person before me was hurting her so much.
    I recalled how my mother always told me never to judge people for anything so I went closer to her.
    “Let it out” i whispered embracing her.
    “I have all the time to hear your side of the story and I want you to cry your pain out if that is what it takes” I squized her gently and she now was sobbing loudly the tears falling freely from her face.
    Trying to add some more to the pain she was going through wasn’t going to help matters. All I had to do as much as I was hurting is to stand for her at that moment and make her feel she could trust me.

    Episode 11

    ” I wish I had a better way of explaining things to you Lucas, believe me or not, the past weeks that I have known You, I have felt myself feeling sane” I spoke up after calming down.
    Lucas watched me cry and he made me lean on him as I poured out all the pain, the shame, the sadness that I was feeling in my heart. I had not had the time to cry for some time. Pushing down everything that was happening deep in my conscience. But now I let it out in tears and I felt relieved at the end of it all.
    ” feeling okey?” Lucas asked handing me his hank.
    ” yeah thank You, I have not cried like that and I guess all the inside came out.” I chuckled looking at him.
    He nodeed his head slowly. ” that’s Good, it’s good to cry sometimes.” He smiled and sat back leaving my side.
    ” am sorry to tell you this now, but that crazy guy you saw is indeed my ex boyfriend and his very possessive. He has been following me around for some time now.
    I left him years ago and married my husband” I added and paused to look at Lucas who kept his stare in one place without moving. I felt a grip of pain in my hurt.
    When I realised he wasn’t going to say anything, I went On.. ” I am married to Chris my husband of 5years and we have not been really husband and wife for a long time since he decided to stay away from me and spend most of his time out with either his friends or girlfriends…..” I went on explaining almost all the things that I had to go through with Chris crying through it all.
    I had not thought I would be that open, I told Lucas all the details that I had never even told anyone before.
    ” so when all that happened you decided to sleep with your ex?” Lucas asked shocking me. ” how did he know that part before I told him” I asked myself looking at him.
    Like to answer my question he sighed..
    ” only a man that you have given yourself to even when you were not together will show off a woman like that. That man thinks he has his way with you and he’s very possessive. He can do anything to destroy your marriage so that he has you to himself.” Lucas explained
    I just nodded my head feeling so much ashamed. The weight of the Shame increasing now that someone had pointed out the truth to my face.
    ” I have made a lot of mistakes in my life Lucas, and getting to make love with Mike even after I married someone else is the greatest of all. But what can i do now? I feel so guilty I can’t even go to church. The truth is I thought I still loved Mike but now am sure I just was clouded by my pain and he somehow took advantage of my weakest moments.
    You have no idea how pathetic my husband looks at me. It’s like am just this thing that he doesn’t know and he doesn’t seem to care about how I feel whatever made him that way only God knows. I have tried in my own way to make things right between us but he won’t just change.”
    I let it out before Lucas.
    He was quite for some time and then he answered, ” do you love him? ” he asked
    I had no idea who he was referring to. But I had to assume he meant my husband.
    ” to be honesty Lucas I don’t know anymore. We are like two opposites and I don’t even know, May be he’s hurt me so much I can’t really tell whether I still love him or not.” I responded wiping the tears from my eyes.
    ” listen Stella. I really wish you had decided to tell me the truth the first time I met you. Honestly I don’t know how to make of all this that happened between us. I don’t even want to know right now, because honestly I fall in love with you Stella and wanted you to be mine. If I had known all this I wouldn’t have made you go to my mother, now I understand why you were unease. You have not only hurt my heart Stella, but my dignity as a man and now the trust of my mother.” He said almost in a whisper with a sad tone it made me shed tears.
    I didn’t know the man I was playing games with before will affect my feelings so much. I felt the urge to kneel before him and comfort him. But I couldn’t get myself to move.
    ” I don’t have anything else to say to you Stella. If I was dealing with a person who is just in a relationship, I could have said well, lets forget everything in the past and start afresh. But no I cant because you are another man’s woman Stella. I can’t do anything about that no matter what you are going through. That is your battle to fight and honestly I don’t want to put myself in between your marriage. ”
    His words echoed in my mind and I knew at that time what I was feeling for Lucas was more than what i had anticipated. It didn’t matter he was not tall, like i had thought before. The man before me was evidently a good man and I happened to be the one to hurt his feelings.
    ” Lucas am truly sorry I didn’t say any thing, thats why.. ”
    ” you couldn’t make love to me” he completed my sentence. ” I get it all now, but don’t worry. Go on and live your life Stella I just hope you will be happy and I will try and forget you. It’s not going to be easy but what am I to Do?” He sighed sadly.
    I sat down besides him and held his hand crying like a child. I pleaded with him to forgive me and all he said was that he was not going to hold on to another man’s wife.
    After some time I decided to leave and unlike always, he didn’t bother to see me out his house.
    He sat down and just nodded his head as I said my good byes.
    With my shame I lifted myself and went to my car driving out. ” this is your wage Stella for all you have done to people and yourself.!” I shouted at myself loudly as I increased the volume of the radio in the car. .
    In all my life I had not felt so much hurt, i didn’t know what to make of everything. It was like the shield that was covering me was thrown away and now I was just nothing.
    I drove home at a slow speed.
    Walking inside I found Chris seated by the couch drinking his beer like always. I wanted to by pass him but then I turned back.
    ” so why didn’t you tell me you are coming back home today?” I asked him throwing my bag down.
    ” why So? So that you can maximise the time with your boyfriend?” Chris asked sarcastically.
    I almost screamed my Anger out but I went and knelt close to him.
    ” I beg you in the name of God, can you today tell me what it is I did to make you so mad at me Chris, am your wife the person you took the vows to live with for better for worse. Tell me were I went wrong Chris?” I cried before him like an idiot.
    He started laughing looking at me like I was this mad person.
    I ignored him and instead held his shirt ” you are not moving from this place until you tell me why you have decided to make my life a living hell Chris. What did i do you b******?. Tell me why you had to push me to such limits” I screamed out.
    ” you know What, I will not buy those crocodile tears. You stopped being my wife the time that jerk decided to threaten me and tell me he will have you back and now you are sleeping with him” Chris spat his words with so much contempt.
    ” What?” I raised my blows at him not believing his first words.
    ” what do you mean he threatened You?” I asked now getting angry and wiping the tears from my face.
    ” that’s what you want to hear right? That I was a coward who got scared of another man who threatened to get my wife. He damn told me in my face you will run to him the moment he came to you….. ” I let Chris finish his explanation. I don’t know what hurt me the most, whether the pain of not having a man who could stand for me as his wife or being made a fool by two men I had loved in my entire life.
    I sat down tears dropping from my eyes. “All this time I was being tortured it was because of Mike?” I thought to myself ” it was because my husband was so scared he decided to sartifice me to another person because his ego was so low.
    I think I had too much things running my mind and i couldn’t stay put. I needed to do something about my anger and anguish so I grabbed my bag and without warning I ran outside and got into my car. I sped off driving out the yard and the next thing I felt was a loud bang on the side of my car and I went dark.
    I was just going to see her that evening wanting to scold her for going out with the guy i had confronted earlier on.
    I was so pissed with the way the guy had talked so calmly and made me look like an idiot. I wasn’t going to let him get away with that.
    I was a few yards away from Stella’ s house when I saw her car drive out at a great speed. I was still wondering what was going on when I saw her drive her car right into another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. ” no Stella!” I shouted as I saw her car move away from the road and landed into the wall fence with a bang.
    ” no, oh my God ! what is going on now?” I drove to the point of the accident.
    I ran to her car and found her trying to move a little and she was hurt. With the help of some other people who came to the scene we managed to pull her out and she collapsed in my arms.
    ” what happened and why are you holding my wife?” I heard Chris’ voice asking as he came running .
    ” don’t you dare raise your voice at me like that. Am trying to save her life and if I find out you have something to do with this you will have me to deal with you useless man!” I stared at him .
    ” stop talking nonsense you two and take this woman to the hospital.” An elderly man spoke up. ” luckily the other car is bigger and the impact of the accident isn’t bad.” He added
    I stood up and lifted Stella to my car speeding of to the hospital I didn’t even mind Chris who shouted for me to let him take her to the hospital, I saw his car follow mine and I just drove on to Mwanawasa hospital.

    Episode 12

    I woke up hours later just to find myself in the hospital bed. My friend Linda and her mother were standing besides me.
    ” she’s awake now!” Linda exclaimed excited.
    ” oh God I thank you” she sighed touching my hand.
    “Boi how are you feeling now,” she asked me smiling her honest smile.
    ” my head is pounding heavily I feel like something knocked me out” I whispered feeling my mouth dry.
    “Because something did knock your head. Do You remember that you were in an accident?” She asked me handing me a cup of water.
    I tried to sit up but felt dizzy..
    ” here, I will help you up” linda’s mother held my back and helped me lift my back as Linda held the water to my mouth.
    I remembered the last thing before I woke up. I had was running outside and started driving. I recalled the bang I heard to my car.
    ” oh my God! What happened to my car? And the vehicle I ran into? Did I kill someone?” I asked all the questions in one sequence.
    ” relax yourself Stella” the male doctor who just walked in spoke up wearing a smile. ” you need not to panic as that won’t be good for you. You had a hard knock on your head so you will experience a lot of headache. You also have a few minor injuries but you should be okey in no time ” she held my hand assuredly.
    After checking on me she gave me some strong pain killers and walked out.
    ” are you not asking about your husband?” Linda started sitting next to me.
    ” Linda I don’t want that man anywhere near me right now. If any thing am moving out of his house from here. I won’t take this anymore.” I cried
    Linda’ s mother talked to me telling me how men sometimes did things like children and that they needed a woman to stand for them.
    ” he’s your husband my child and I may not know the details of what transpired between the two of you but you have to start settling your issues and try make your marriage work. A woman is a pillar of a home mama.
    Ask God to help you through and am sure there’s nothing impossible with him. You have to learn to stand in the gap for him and pray that God himself may change him. It’s no one’s job to change another, so take it to God who created him and let God himself change him. The problem with you women of nowadays, you lucky the spirit of perseverance. You easily give up and throw away your marriage at the first sight of problems.
    Learn to be strong and fight for what God has given you.” She went on telling me as she sat in the chair.
    I let the tears fall freely to my side as she talked. There was a lot of truth in her words but I didn’t know if I was ready to face another moment with Chris.
    I made her a promise to try some more after she insisted. And she and Linda walked out after seeing Chris walk to the ward.
    He moved close to me and I kept staring at him without saying a word.
    ” how are you feeling?” He asked finally.
    ” I will survive Chris and I promise you that, God has given me a second chance at life and this time am going to try live it right” I told him with a weak smile.
    ” well, that’s good. ” he sighed and sat back silently.
    ” where is my car now?” I asked trying to make some conversation. It was evident Chris wasn’t going to say anything unless I started.
    ” it’s at the police station and the guy is claiming money for repairing his vehicle since you were at fault.” Chris mentioned straight up.
    ” oh Yeah, of course he does” I sighed now trying to think of the trouble I was in.
    After some few minutes Chris said his good bye and walked away without asking any thing more about my health. I felt the urge to tell him never to come over again as his presence wasn’t helping with my head, but the advice of Linda’s mother clicked and I decided to follow through her advice.
    I was just finishing the the conversation with my mother who was asking about my health on phone and I stopping her from coming over telling her I was fine. I couldnt have my mother come over to see how broken my marriage was. I had actually not told her her much about my issues with Chris. I knew she trusted him so much and somehow would blame me for the mess.
    Keeping her from coming was my greatest wish and I was glad when she even said she didn’t have enough money.
    ” don’t bother to ask for debts mom, am going back home today. The Doctor said am okey it was just a minor injury” I had told her until I finally managed to convince her.
    I just placed the phone down when I saw Mike walk towards me, Looking calm.
    I let him sit silently and he came over kissing my forehead.
    ” I was so scared I was going to lose you out there. Don’t you ever scare me like that again babe. I cant stand seeing you hurt” he whispered holding my hand.
    I almost lashed out my anger at him recalling what he had done. But the pain in my head was so much I had to keep it down.
    ” you know what, I appreciate your coming here and Chris told me you drove me here after the accident last night. But I don’t want to see you near me or my house again. I want you gone for ever Mike and this time around I mean it.” I told Mike as he looked at me without blinking.
    ” did you hear a thing of what I said,” I asked him when he kept quite.
    ” yeah I did Babe..”
    ” stop calling me that Mike. Go back to your wife and leave me alone already!” I let a small weak shout.
    ” I cant” he answered blantly.
    ” I cant because I love you and I can’t stand seeing you with another man.” He said looking straight into my eyes. ” you are mine Stella. Remember you promised me forever”
    ” Please Mike. That was years back and both of us were still so young and naive. There’s more to life than those childhold fantasies. You are also married for crying out loud and don’t even lie you don’t love your wife. You shouldn’t have married her just because of your child. Lots of people have kids together but not married. On top of that you have another baby with her. You have started a family Mike and i think I am trying to work on mine, you should work on yours too”
    He was quite for a while and when he opened his mouth to speak, he was almost crying.
    ” I like my wife so much cause she takes care of us, but I can’t seem to fall in love with her. You dont have to push me away Babe because I know your husband doesnt even love you. I felt the way you made love to me and I know you still feel the same. Please Stella dont leave me again, I won’t be able to survive it”
    I looked at him for a couple of minutes., Lucas was right, Mike was so possessive, he had his wife and kids but he was not willing to let go of me. I knew my mind was made up and I wasn’t going to please his ego and tell him I loved him. In fact I realised it wasn’t even love I felt ok for him in the first place when I cheated on my husband, I was just desperate and now I had to put my senses in order.
    ” am telling you for the last time Mike, stay away from my marriage and my life. I know what you did with Chris and even though he acted cowardly, it’s your fault that am being subjected to the torture I have been going through.
    So if you claim you love me you have to let me go, cause that’s what love does. If you won’t stop bothering me I will sue you for marriage interference and i will personally call your parents to tell them what you have been doing” I warned him and leaned back.
    “Stella” he called out almost speaking but I cut him..
    ” you have overstayed your visit Mike, please leave me alone now. I need to rest. My head is killing me and your presence is not helping” I calmly told him.
    With a bit of struggle he stood up and bent down to kiss my lips but I swayed my head away. And raised my hand to push him away.
    ” I will always love you” he whispered and walked out without looking back.
    I sighed and closed my eyes hoping the night mare with him would be over.
    The following day I was discharged and was given some bed rest. I had talked with the owner of the car I bashed into and we made arrangements for me to see my insurance company to compasate us both for the damage.
    I had not heard from Lucas after a week and I didn’t want to bother him. I kept quite even when I felt the urge to go and see how he was doing.
    I was seated eating my meal one day, when Chris walked in. He sat across me. Since I went back from the hospital he had at least started greeting me but things remained the same between us. No touching, no staying in one room together and his late night outings went on.
    With the encouragement of my friend I decided to start going to church again and after several sessions of personal confessions I felt the guilty lessen.
    ” what is it Chris?” I asked him when he sat down opposite me looking like he was lost in thoughts.
    He cleared his throat and spoke up.
    ” Mwenya just called me she gave birth to a son” he announced his eyes on the floor.
    I had lots of questions for him like, who the hell was Mwenya? What if she had a baby? What was that to do with us? But I didn’t dare ask them.
    ” okey” I said instead trying to push down the anger and tears threatening to spill.
    ” the baby is mine and now her parents wants me to take responsibility.” He went on.
    I sat up feeling my knees go weak. Here I was trying to make my marriage work and praying my nights off for things to become better just to be given news my husband had fathered a child with another woman.
    ” tell me what you are going to do Chris, I heard you. Whoever that Mwenya is” I tried to say and he answered..
    ” she’s the lady I came with the other day” he said in a horse voice I felt like stricking him with the spoon in my hands.
    I swallowed hard, ” Okey, So what now?” I asked him
    He looked at me then back down. “I will Bring them over so that i try to settle things with her parents before she can go back.”
    I couldn’t sit back anymore, I lifted myself up and raised the plate I was holding full of rice and soup throwing it all in his face and walked away without a word.
    I locked myself in the bedroom and looked up the heavens.
    ” I have tried my best God, you know I have. I can not take this anymore. Am sorry I am not strong enough. But no, I won’t sit and wait for another woman to take over my life in the name of perseverance. He’s your creation God and so he’s all yours to deal with. Am leaving this house right this minute” I cried out and went on packing my bags.

    Episode 13

    ” welcome back home ” my wife greeted me cheerfully. I had been going home early some weeks after Stella warned me to stay away.
    However i was not to give up easily so I planned on letting the dust cool off a bit. Shes not going to resist me once I show up again, she’s just hurting probably with learning the truth,” I thought to myself.
    ” Bashi Junior, I was just greeting you” I heard my wife speak up bringing me back to the present.
    ” am fine dear thanx” I tried to smile.
    She came and sat besides me and I knew she was seeking attention as always.
    ” I just sent that money to your mother she said.
    ” thank you, Thats good. I almost forgot she wanted money. Have you gotten your salary already?” I asked her my eyes on the TV.
    ” yes I told you yesterday and even explained how the money was to be used. You telling me you have forgotten?” She asked sounding disappointed
    I shook my head recalling the conversation we had. ” oh yeah I know it just slipped my mind” I smiled
    ” you know your mother was just saying how happy she was and told me that she is still waiting for a third baby. Imagine she was telling me that our son has grown and that she can’t wait for our next child probably a girl this time” she said excited.
    I didn’t want to ruin her excitement so I let her talk on and laugh as I just nodded and giggled upset mindedly. If only she knew how I wasn’t interested in whatever she was saying, she could have spared me the trouble and noise.
    I was saved by the ringing of my phone.
    ” excuse me” i said standing up as I saw my friend from Luanshya’ s number.
    ” Helo what a surprise to be called by you my friend it’s been long I answered standing outside the house.
    After chatting for a little bit he asked me a question that made my heart skip.
    ” by the way what happened to Stella? I saw her at her parent’s house the past week and you know how people gossip here. They are saying she left her husband. Is it true?” He asked.
    ” what? You say a week ago?” I asked to make sure my calculations were correct. That was about a week after she was discharged from the hospital.
    ” yeah man, she’s been here ”
    I hang up the call after a few minutes and stood there. I felt my mouth curve into a smile.
    ” now this sounds more like it” I thought smiling.
    ” I warned you Chris, a day would come when she was going to be mine for good and now that you are out of my way. Am going to make things right by making sure she falls for me again.” I nodded my head happily.
    I took the phone and tried her line, all I needed to hear was she was okey and then I would take the next steps, but I couldn’t get through to her.
    Without thinking through it I walked back inside and announced. ” pack a few clothes for me am going to Luanshya tomorrow! ”
    ” Oh, how? I thought you said you have a busy schedule at work this week and today is just Tuesday, why the rush to go there?” My wife asked following me to bedroom.
    ” well, it’s because something important happened and I need to go there tomorrow. Do You you have any problem with that?” I asked sarcastically to get her off my back.
    ” no I don’t am sorry if I bothered you I just thought..”
    ” stop making assumptions woman and start packing my bag already. Am leaving early in the morning and I will be back” I sighed putting the small bag on the bed for her to put in the clothes.
    I watched her silently pack a few of my clothes and a pair of shoes. My mind was already imgaining being with Stella and I couldn’t hold my joy.
    Early the following morning I made a call and made up a lie of my late uncle being very sick in Luanshya and the boss gave me a go ahead.
    ” am coming for you babe, just give me a few hours ” I smiled to myself as I drove to the filing station to refuel before starting off.
    Within 5 hours I drove through Luanshya and headed direct home.
    I just greeted my parents a bit and excused myself. I had to see her.
    She was outside her mother’s hanging some clothes on the line putting on a chitenge and looking so good in it I wondered how a sensible man could leave such a woman. ” Chris you are a damn fool” I whispered to myself as I walked to her yard.
    ” Mike!, what are you doing here?” She asked upon seeing me. .
    ” how are you Stella?” I smiled instead.
    ” am okey thank you and I asked you a question” she asked as she went on her business of rinsing and hanging some clothes.
    ” well you are forgetting my home is here too. I came to see my parents just like you I guess. So mom just told me you are here so you know, I thought I might say hi to you” I smiled pulling a stool and sitting on it.
    ” what a coincidence right, you happen to be visiting your parents now that am here. Your mother told me you have not been here for years.” She said accusingly.
    I pushed her comment off and started talking about our child hood. Trying to make her realise we had come from afar. She only nodded and seemed less intrested in the conversation.
    ” so is it true what I heard?” I finally went to the point.
    ” what did you hear?” She asked without looking at me.
    ” that you left your husband and took all your things?” I went on and saw her sigh sadly.
    ” I see, that is it, that’s why you came here to confirm that your plan worked right? You are so pathetic Mike and honestly I can’t stand your possessiveness. It’s way too crazy and right now I don’t want any drama in my life I came here to have a fresh mind before i finally go back for work and believe me the last thing on my list is not making some reconnection with my past. It’s over now and I want to be alone. ” she voiced out seriously making me feel so bad I wasn’t having the same impact on her.
    It was like I was talking to a different person and I felt a bit bad with the possibility of me contributing to her being that way.
    ” Stella listen, that man was going to fail you at one point or another because that’s who he is. He’s a failure of a man and he didn’t even derseve you. Just forget about him and move on” i spoke up trying to make an eye contact with her but she kept her eyes on the clothes she was washing.
    She went on telling me how she didn’t need me or any other man right at the moment. She threw it in my face I was married and I needed to go back to my family. At that moment the thoughts of my wife even irritated me cause She she was the one I was now blaming. If only she didn’t get pregnant I would have been free to be with my Stella.
    ” Mike you have come too?” Her mother asked me walking back from the market I could see the basket she was carrying in her hands.
    ” yes mom, I just came in and thought of coming to see you people. Surprised to see Stella here too” i pretended.
    ” that’s nice of you my son, so tell me how your wife and kids are? ” she smiled and I saw Stella look at me and quickly looked back at her clothes like telling me ” that’s a good reminder “.
    As we engaged in greetings with her mother, Stella lifted the dishes and headed back inside without saying another word to me.
    I waited trying to tell stories with her mother to buy myself time that I may see her but she didn’t come out.
    I couldn’t ask to see her freely like before now that everyone knew I was a married man.
    With a frustrated heart, I walked away and told her mother to say my good byes on my behalf. Planning on going back the following day and probably finding a better way of convincing her to get back with me.
    I wasn’t even sure of the details of what happened to her marriage but I was determined to take her back. If it meant leaving my wife for her, I was ready to do so. She was free now and she was going to be mine again the way it should have always been, I thought to myself.
    The following day I was occupied by the people that had come to greet me. My friends and some of the family members.
    I kept looking at time wanting to ran to the next yard to go and try talking to Stella..
    By the time everyone left it was past 14 hours and I went there playing a good neighbour.
    I was greeted by her father who too made me sit and chat with him for some minutes.
    ” so dad, where is Stella? I saw he yesterday. When I came to greet mom” I asked her father.
    ” oh my son, your sister is going through a rough time and I don’t know how to help her. She left her husband and told us all the hell that man made her go through. She sued him for a divorce. She told me yesterday she will have to go and prepare herself cause the court hearing is next week Monday.” He explained
    ” oh so you saying she left already?” I asked him panicking.
    ” yes my son, she left this morning with the 09 Hours Wada Chovu bus” he smiled.
    I couldn’t contain my anger as I walked back to my parent’s house. If not for the fact that I already told them I was to stay another day, I could have started off right that minute but I knew I had to wait till the following day.

    Episode 14

    ” Mother, I told you about Mike already. He’s just my childhood friend and there’s nothing going on. I already have issues of my own with my husband. The least I want is some drama with Mike” I defended myself after my mother asked about Mike.
    ” nmmmm I hope so cause that look I saw in that man’ s eyes smelled trouble and if in any way he contributed to the problems you and your husband are going through then it’s very unfortunate” she shrugged cooking Nshima.
    ” Mother forget it now. I told you am starting over. I came here to seek a way of finding myself and the past week I have felt better. I promise you mother, am not going to cry nor be the woman that will disappoint myself from now onwards. Am going to live a single and free life. I think after everything that has happened it’s all that I need” i nodded my head handing her the plate to put the lumps of Nshima on.
    She encouraged me to be strong, telling me most women go through a lot in their marriages and she wished I had to endure more than I did.
    However, the fact of Chris bringing another woman with a child in my home made even her so upset she gave up her initial ideas of me getting back with my husband.
    ” am even going back tommorow mother.. like i told you earlier. Linda managed to find me a two roomed, self contained house in Chilenge, she said it’s inside the wall fence and the landlord stays within in the big house. I think that can do for a while you know” I sighed as we set the table.
    My mother, father and I talked about my issues that evening after supper and they both told me I had to remain strong and focused.
    Early the following morning I prepared myself and got on the morning bus back to Lusaka.
    I had not thought of Mike all this time. I felt proud of myself . Taking Mike out of my mind was one best feeling and now I felt I was being detached from my past. A good way to start over.
    Straight from the station, Linda booked a cab and we went to my now new home. After greeting the land lady, a vibrant and jovial woman in her early 40s I moved my small laguage into the house.
    ” Boi, thank you so much for helping me with this. Am really glad and grateful.” I smiled as we sat on the bags.
    ” you are welcome boi, you are more than a friend to me and now that you are going through a rough patch in life, you need me the most” she held my shoulders leaning her head on me.
    ” I know but, you know what ? I have a great feeling about all this. I can assure you my mourning times are over as I will try to live an optimistic life. It’s just me and my God now” I raised my hand and Linda laughed.
    ” well, what about me?” She made a face and I hugged her back.
    ” you my good friend is always at heart” I shouted making us both laugh.
    ” now lets get me some things for the house.” I announced standing up.
    “You seriously telling me you have the money to get yourself all the items you need in one day?” She asked surprised.
    ” well, let’s just say I made myself quite some money in the period I told you I was trying to change the world by crooking men” I told her as she made a surprise face.
    ” come on let’s go it’s past 15 already if we delay I won’t have a bed to sleep on tonight” I led her outside.
    We went to carnival and I managed to get myself a bed, a shoe rack, a simple wardrobe. We later moved to Game stores within Manda Hill where I got a small stove, some plates and pots and some groceries for a start.
    I didn’t want to take anything from Chris’ s house so I made sure I only left with my clothings. For me it was going to be a clean start.
    We booked an open van to take the items from Game stores home to await Carnival deliver the ones I bought there.
    By the time it was night, I had my small home set. Linda stayed with me for the night during which I filled her in on Lucas and the other things I had done before.
    As always she encouraged me with the word of God and helped me pray for a better start over.
    The court session was to start on a Monday and I now had two days to it. I took a bath that morning and planned on going to the saloon.
    One of the things I thought I had to maintain in my single life was my looks. Even if i had no intention of hooking up with anyone any time soon, I had decided to look my best and enjoy my life.
    ” oh my God I cannot wait for that woman to finally be divorced so that i can claim my right place in that house” I heard Mwelwa’s voice behind me.
    Two women had just walked into the saloon and I immediately recognised her voice.
    I didn’t turn my head to look at them as the hair dresser plaited my hair. I decided to keep quite and listen to what the lady had to say.
    ” am happy for you mwandi, some women kuwayawayafye!” The friend responded and they both laughed.
    ” yeah since she couldn’t bare him kids i knew I could use that to my advantage. Giving birth to my baby brought me some lucky you know. Now am the woman of the house and I won’t sit back to let her come back. Let her go wherever she wants but not near my Chris” she said proudly I even felt like laughing.
    ” your Chris indeed” I thought to myself.
    Surprised how God can ease the pain of everything when you surrender and give it all to him. If it was any other time I could have felt bad and probably wanting to answer back and tell her a piece of my mind. But now I wouldn’t dare. I felt at peace despite everything.
    In fact I felt pity for both of them. They really derseved each other and I could hear the rest of the discussion. From it I was able to ascertain there was some questions about who the real father to that child was. But it wasn’t in my place to worry.
    After I was done I slowly stood up head held high as other ladies complemented my looks. I smiled and said thank you.
    I saw Mwenya look up at me and her face dropped when she realised who I was.
    Without a word to her I walked out feeling eyes on me.
    I was just turning to the bus station in Kulima Tower from East park were i had gone to the saloon, when I saw Lucas walking towards his car.
    One instinct told me to go ahead and greet him but I changed my mind.
    I wanted to stay away from anything that would make me act in a way I wouldn’t want to at the moment. Besides I wanted to give Lucas the space that he derseved. I had not bothered to call him for over the period I last told him everything and his silence to me meant he had moved on.
    ” Stella!” I heard a familiar voice as I walked dodging Chris.
    Turning to the direction of the voice, I almost melted. The last person I had expected to see, Lucas’ mother.
    She greated me cheerfully telling me she was with Lucas who brought her to get some things in town.
    ” it’s been a while my dear. I was just asking Lucas about you and he told me you are okey. Come on let’s go and see him he parked this way” she pulled my hand before I could say a thing. I wondered if Lucas had told her about us. Her innocence proved otherwise.
    I so much wanted to tell her I couldnt see her son but there was no escape now as we came in full view of Lucas who looked at me with surprise.
    ” Hey!” I composed myself greeting him
    Instead of answering he moved towards me and pulled me in a tight hug. ” Hey! What a surprise ” he sighed hugging me.
    ” yeah it is right? I bumped into mom and..”
    ” she was heading to the station I just told her you brought me here” his mother cut me short.
    ” you two do your catch up let me get some food from hungry lion am starving ” she smiled putting the plastics which she had in her hands in the back of the car.
    ” sure mom” I smiled at her and watched her go to Hungry lion.
    ” so” Lucas shrugged looking at me.
    ” yeah” I sighed not knowing what to tell him. He looked good in his slippers and dark cargo pants going with a pure white v neck t-shirt.
    ” how are you ?” He asked leaning on the car.
    I looked at him and realised I had actually missed him. But I wasn’t going to say it anyway so I told him I was okey.
    ” I missed you even though i know I shouldn’t ” he started..
    ” am sorry I…”
    ” it’s Okey, I understand.” He talked in.
    ” how is your husband?” He asked calmly
    ” honestly I dont know. I have not heard from him in almost 3 weeks now. But am sure he’s okey, I could have heard if anything bad had happened to him you know” I chuckled looking down.
    ” what’s that? You mean you two are not staying together?” He asked
    ” Lucas, am sorry but I have to go now. I need to see some one before I go home.” I excused myself feeling the tears in my eyes. I feared I would cry before him. Lucas had a way of bringing out the weak part in me and I knew staying their would make me start telling him all my problems of which I had not planned on doing.
    ” stella!” He stopped me holding my hand.
    ” Please, please, don’t shut me out. Talk to me” he whispered his voice as calm and pure as ever.
    “What’s going on with you? You have lost weight and you don’t look okey even if you pretending otherwise. Talk to me am your friend remember?” He looked at me.
    ” am sorry Lucas, I have to go now. I can’t do this right now,” I said tears now falling.
    ” you are crying” he whispered sadly.
    ” am sorry” i sniffed and walked away quickly avoiding to stand any more minute before him.
    Without looking back I matched quickly to the bus station and direct to the busses going to Chilenge.
    I sat in the back seat sighing and wiping my face. ” oh my God, I cant cry right now. I am being strong for myself and crying is not good for me” I told myself inside.
    The sadness and concern I saw in Lucas’ eyes made me so sad I couldn’t get his image out of my mind.
    As I sat in my house all i could think of was him and I hated he had affected me that way. I spent the next two days locked up inside playing some gospel tracks and listening to some gospel TV programmes.
    ” So how are you feeling now?” Linda asked holding my hand. As we stood near the court awaiting the time to be called.
    ” I don’t know Boi. I think I need all this to be over already. I just hope the courts will summarise everything today cause am not ready to come back here again. I need to start concetrating on other things and not Chris anymore” I responded.
    We saw Chris and his new wife to be carrying their new born baby walking towards the court room..
    ” he’s so shameless to even think of bringing another woman here” Linda scoffed angrily. ” I honestly feel like going to slap some sense into that head of his” she added.
    “Come on Linda let them be and lets get walking we are set in a few minutes” I told her and we went inside.
    I saw Chris looking back at us and then forward as the Judge walked in.
    ” let this be over soon my God” I whispered a prayer and sat up.

    Episode 15

    We all stood when the Judge walked in and I felt my heart beating faster. I had never been to court before and all along I had been just thinking of making everything pass, I had not thought of that moment.
    They called out my name first as I was the one that sued. Linda squized my hand to assure me and show her support as I walked to the box.
    ” so Mrs Stella Sichone can you explain to the court why you have filed for a divorce of your husband Chris Sichone.” The presiding officer spoke up. For a moment I shivered and I couldn’t find my voice. .” Can you please speak up” I heard his voice again.
    I took in deep breaths and went on explaining all my reasons to the point. I stated the fact of Chris not meeting with me as his wife , telling the courts the number of months that had happened, I mentioned how I was treated by him and all the necessary details.
    I even added the fact that Chris had brought in another woman in our matrimonial home once and that now he brought her back claiming she had given birth to his child. As I spoke up the people in the court murmered before they were stopped and told to keep silent.
    I didn’t even realise that as I narrated my story that i was crying, my face was wet and I could see Chris figit in his seat.
    ” thank you, you can now sit” the presiding officer told me and they called Chris to go forward too.
    He was asked if what I had said was true and he agreed.
    ” are the aligations made by your wife true? Mr Sichone?, yes or No?” The Judge asked Chris
    He was quite for a while and turned his head to look at me. I kept my eyes up front hating the fact that he had to bring me that far. Recalling the promises he had made and failed to fulfil over the years.
    Every bit of love that I had felt for him was all gone at that point. I just saw him like any other man on the street. A stranger that I couldn’t recognise.
    ” can you answer the question ” they asked him again.
    ” Yes your honour, they are true” he swallowed hard.
    They asked him a few questions and at last he asked if he too wanted a divorce and the idiot refused.
    I sat up my anger raising. “What? Why would he say that nonsense here?” I whispered to Linda. ” he’s totally lost his mind if he thinks am going to stay with him again” I spat angrily.
    ” can you tell the court why you feel you still want your wife when you have brought in another woman in your house Mr Sichone?” The Judge asked him his deep voice clear.
    ” well, your honour it’s because she wants to go back with her ex boyfriend who confronted me and told me if I left her, he was going to make her his” he spoke shamelessly I felt like grabbing his throat.
    Yet again people murmered, this time even the Judge let a small laugh and shook his head.
    ” sir, I don’t understand what kind of man you are. You denied your wife her rights in your home, impregnated another woman and brought her in your matrimonial home, yet the only reason you feel you should not divorce is because you are scared another man will get her?” The Judge chuckled.
    Chris went quite realising how stupid he looked. Everyone was now whispering to each other and others shook their heads in disbelief.
    We where told to wait for judgement later that afternoon and we went outside to wait.
    ” you will never be free. if you think am going to sign those papers to make you run into that jerk’ s arms then you are mistaken.” Chris shouted at me as we sat outside the court premises.
    ” if you are going mad, and your demons are tormenting You, can you please spare my friend, let her be free and stop talking nonsense” Linda stood up to him.
    ” who do you think you are Chris, God?” She scoffed angrily.
    ” boi please reserve your energy for something sensible this man is wasting his time here. He better start going to his wife there. She seems lonely ” I added pulling Linda back.
    Chris looked at both of us like he was going to swallow us alive. But I didn’t give him the pleasure of saying anything more.
    ” see you for judgement in 2 hours time Chris” I told him as we walked passed him.
    I heard him spat something but I didn’t bother myself to hear it.
    We went into town and got ourselves lunch.
    Two hours later we went back and the Judge told us there was no reason for us to be together as it was evident my husband had not committed himself to our marriage and failed in his duties as a man. The issue of being with another woman with a child too worked against him so immediately we were asked to sign the papers of divorce.
    The Judge told Chris to give me half of the Assets we had in the house. But I told him I didn’t want anything. All I needed was being free from him and so my wish was granted.
    We took a bus to my house and that day I felt a sense of relief and peace. It was like I had been carrying a large thing on my shoulders and it was suddenly removed I felt free.
    A week later, I went back for work just to find a dismissal later, which stated that my services where no longer required.
    ” all this is Chris’ doing” I cried. It was obvious he wanted to leave me stranded without a job. Owing to the fact that he found the job for me, I concluded he simply asked my employer to fire me.
    Linda adviced me to sue the company for unfair dismissal, but I declined. I wasn’t going back to some court sessions again.
    ” let them just give me what I worked for and I will find another Job my friend” I told Linda.
    ” you told me Lucas deals with a lot of companies and has one of his own. Why can’t you ask him to help you find another job as a secretary at some company” Linda reminded me.
    I was not willing to do so but a after some weeks of looking and nothing came up I felt I had to swallow my ego and asked for the much needed help.
    So I called Lucas who answered immediately my phone rung. I asked to see him and like I had expected he called me to his house.
    ” can we meet at some central place say a restraunt ” I suggested but he refused.
    ” am unwell Stella I can’t drive out so if there’s anything you have to come home” he responded firmly.
    So now I had no option but to find a taxi to take me. Since I bashed the car into another vehicle I had not started driving it yet. The insurance compensation was not out and I had used up all the money I had to buy things for my new home.
    I found Lucas sitting in the living room were we sat the first time I went to see him with a glass of lemonade which I figured he loved so much on the small table besides him.
    ” you are welcome ” he smiled after we were done greeting each other. I realised he wasn’t even sick.
    ” thank you. Am sorry I have bothered you but I need to ask you for a favour” i talked back feeling uncomfortable.
    ” go on” he nodded
    ” Lucas I need a Job. I don’t know if you can help me hook up with some companies I need a Job as a secretary” I finally told him.
    He frowned looking at me..” tell me what happened to You?” He asked instead coming and sitting opposite me.
    ” tell me that whole story you know am good at listening. Besides this is only 16 hours. We have lots of time on our hands to talk” he shrugged.
    I couldn’t stay quite anymore. I went on explaining the details of my marriage and the divorce. How Chris got me fired and that I was without a Job for over 2 months .
    ” so after all this time, you decided to call me just now when things got worse” I heard Lucas sighing sadly.
    ” oh Stella, you didn’t have to wait after going through so much to give me a call. You have no idea how much I waited for you to come.” He told me.
    I couldn’t get myself to look straight at him his calmness and softness of voice making me so ucomfortable.
    ” Come here” he raised his voice a bit indicating for me to sit closer to him.
    I looked at him and he smiled.
    ” are you scared of me Now?” He asked with a smile.
    ” no am not but…..” I couldn’t finish my sentence……..

    Episode 16

    She was struggling to stay calm. I could see her being so uncomfortable and I couldn’t let her far away. I needed her close to me and watching her opposite me made me want her close.
    ” come here ” I raised my voice and she slowly stood and sat besides me.
    Without warning I kissed her lips. I felt her stiffen a bit, I took it slow allowing her to get accustomed to the kiss. Whatever gave me the confidence that she was to accept me,
    I let her lips go and she looked straight at me.
    ” Lucas, am not ….”
    ” what?” I whispered
    ” I don’t think am the right person for you. I came in your life with lies, I don’t think you deserve me. Just look at me. I was divorced barely 3 months ago and….”
    ” I love you” I cut in making her sit up.
    ” oh my God Lucas, No you don’t, I mean you shouldn’t….” I stammered.
    ” Stella if one man was a fool who mistreated you and made you feel less of yourself then that should not make you think every man is the same.” I told her honestly.
    All I could see in her was a woman who had undergone some rough path in life and needed me. I could see her inner sadness.
    Without another word I pulled her up. She sighed pushing her hair extension backwards.
    ” come with me” i whispered leading her to my bedroom.
    She kept on looking around the place as I led the way .
    ” are you Okey?” I asked her as we stood in my room facing the wide bed that I had spent my lonely nights in.
    ” yeah am okey” she nodded and I smiled at her. Her looks making me smile as she looked like a teenage smiling and sighing her uneasiness.
    ” Lucas, I think I need to leave now it’s getting dark outside and you know I, I dont have a car, the , the landlord closses the gate at 20 hours” she stammered
    ” you acting like a child you know that?” I laughed still holding her hands.
    I stood in front of her and held her waist so close.
    ” I want you here with me, you are spending a night in my house today” i informed her.
    I couldn’t even ask, I was feeling myself so bossy I knew I had to slow down.
    I recalled the last week’s she stayed away from me and how I had to nurse the hurt i was feeling.
    My mother kept on asking about her and I couldn’t just tell her the truth. I had to tell her We had a fight and we were going to work things out.
    ” my son, a woman is not difficult to win over. Just make her feel special. A woman is taken by the little gestures of love. You don’t have to buy her a whole lot or fly yourself up. The simplest and most stupid things that a man does to show her how she means to him wins over a woman’s heart.” She had told me.
    I felt my heart at peace. It didn’t matter she had lied to me. All I wanted right that moment is to make her realise how special she was.
    Slowly I held her chin up making her eyes meet mine.
    ” can you please spend tonight with me? I have been looking forward to the day I will hold you this close in my arms.” I smiled rubbing my lips on hers.
    I felt her relax as she smiled. Even if i couldnt see the smile cause my eyes were closed.
    She held my neck and the touch of her hands on my skin made my heart skip a bit.
    ” am scared Lucas, maybe I don’t know how to go about all this now. Am scared I might end up falling in love with you and then later on be made to go through what just did with my previous marriage. I don’t think I am that strong to endure any more heart breaks” she whispered tears falling from her now closed eyes.
    ” am so scared. Please don’t make me fall for you and break my heart again. If you May, just let me go before it’s too late” she sighed sadly.
    I moved her to the bed and made her sit down.
    ” don’t be scared swity, I know what I feel and I wouldn’t want to see you hurt. I cant hurt you deliberately you should know that. Please don’t let the mistakes of one man, make us all pay.
    Give us both a chance of being happy. You deserve to be loved and I dont know what your ex husband was thinking to let you go because for me I want to hold you like this forever” I said holding her close as I wrapped my hand around her shoulders.
    ” tell me Lucas, why do you think you love me?” She asked sounding so nervous.
    ” I don’t have a way of saying it. All I know is that the first day I saw you my heart leaped with joy and i knew you were the one. People can fall in love more than once you know? And I bet I never saw this coming when I lost my late wife. It’s even more deep and intense now” I giggled.
    She looked at me and for the first time since she had walked in she smiled widely I knew she was going to be mine.
    I moved her back making her lay on the bed facing up. As I went on top of her. She kept her eyes on me.
    Kissing her tenderly and slowly making sure she felt every bit of the passion I was feeling for her.
    She raised her hands to hold me but I shook my head. ” nope, don’t move” i smiled shaking my head.
    Slowly working my hands around her body as she closed her eyes and let me move about.
    Thanks to the blouse she had on with buttons I easily removed it revealing a black silk bra that complemented her skin tone.
    I heard soft deep breaths as I went on caressing her nipples, her soft moans making me harder down my pants I thought I was going to burst.
    I worked my way on her body making sure every touch went deeper to make her go crazy.
    ” stop punishing me now Lucas please. I cant can’t take this anymore” she whispered her eyes so weak she looked like she was going to fall asleep.
    I smiled as I continued touching her now complete naked body. Making sure she desired me more than ever.
    Instead of obeying my order to stay put, I felt her hand go down my pants and I let a small scream. I had not felt that in a long time and she just did the right thing.
    Whatever she was doing with her waist as i joined myself with her, was driving me crazy. I had been with other women before but never with one with such moves I felt I was drowning in a pool of pleasure.
    The connection between us grew emmersley with each move and thrust.
    For a period longer than I had anticipated we made love and by the time we both came , i was almost screaming my lungs out. came
    ” what was that?” I asked honestly having no words to say.
    Maybe it was because I had fallen in love with her so much than I had thought or she was just good making my body happy.
    She smiled, her eyes still clossed. ” I have no idea I have not felt that deep and intense connection with anyone before my body feels different” she spoke softly.
    She was right. It was like we both were doing it for the first time and I was surprised just the sight of her eyes made my man stand up again.
    Without warning, I sat up making her sit on me as we went for another round facing each other. This time I didn’t want her to close her eyes and neither did i because I wanted to see it all, the passion, the desire, the desperation and everything else that i could read from her eyes.
    ” I love You So much was all I kept on saying until I finally screamed out. I was almost sure if there was anyone near the next room, they heard me. She let a small laugh and lay on my chest.
    In all honesty, I wanted her to tell me she loved me with her own voice but i didn’t want to rush her. What I just experienced with her was enough to know how she felt.
    I watched her as she lay sleeping and breathing softly.
    I lifted the telephone and called the kitchen.
    ” can you bring us something to eat after an hour” I informed my worker and lay besides her.
    I had woken up later the following morning after a turn of several mind blowing rounds with Stella. I felt my legs weak as I tried to stand.
    Standing in front of the mirrow , I smiled at myself. ” mom was right” I whispered to myself ” I feel special ” I nodded my head and changed into my jogging kit.
    It was my daily trend and I felt i needed it more now that had a woman by my side. I looked at my sport watch and it showed 15 minutes past 06 am. I was late by almost an hour but I still had to ran even if it was just for a kilometre.
    As I ran back to the house I saw a car parked in front of the gate and I shook my head not believing what I was seeing.
    ” seriously?” I whispered as I trotted to the gate.
    ” I want her out of your house right this minute you son of a b*tch!” Mike shouted above his voice.
    ” oh no you didn’t” I scoffed stopping right in front of him.
    ” what are you doing at my house this time of the day and I thought I told you never to come back here.
    Before I knew it, I felt the pain of his punch rush through my face. Holding on to the spot, I looked at him with anger.
    ” where is She? She’s is mine you fool and I want her out of your pathetic bed right now.
    ” oh no he didn’t just hit me” I thought to myself as I folded my blow to hit him back. I wasn’t going to be intimated just because the guy was taller than me.
    Without second thoughts I hit him in his chin and he staggered back holding the gate.
    Before he came to me the two guards ran out and held him immediately and started beating him up.
    I pulled one of the guards back, I just wanted to get over the anger that I was feeling in me. I never easily got angrily but Mike had crossed the line and now he awakened the teenage karate trainings I did years back.
    Seeing I could handle him, the guards stood back and watched as I went on punching and kicking Mike.
    I saw some blood come out of his nose but my anger wasn’t quenched yet. I needed to go for more.
    ” Lucas! Stop that now! You are not like him!” I heard Stella call out to my name.
    She ran and stood in between us and Mike took advantage raising a blow at me but it landed into Stella.
    I held her close as she fall towards the ground.
    The guards now alert went on and held Mike who kept on shouting and talking like a lunatic.
    ” Stella are you Okey?” I asked holding her in my arms. She wore my gown around her.
    ” am fine” she sighed trying to sit up. I lifted her up and led her inside the gate. Thankfully the area was still quite and there were barely any people passing around to watch the show.
    ” am sorry you had to see that ” I held her
    ” he just came on to me and hit me before I could say anything” I told her and she sharply walked back furious.
    ” he’s got to hear from me that jerk! What the hell is wrong with him?” She shouted as she ran out..
    ” come back don’t go near that lunatic !” I shouted running to follow her outside.

    Episode 17

    I had not been lucky finding her when I returned to Lusaka from Luanshya. I knew she had moved but I couldn’t find her. Trying to call her, I failed to go through and I knew she had blocked my line. I was even thinking of getting another number to use but then I recalled the court session that her father told me about.
    So I went there and watched from Afar. I heard the court proceedings from outside not wanting her to see me.
    When the judgement was past I really was glad that Chris was out of her life. Now all I needed was to follow her and see where she stayed. Unfortunately again, she had gone to her friends house before going to her new place and I got tired of waiting so I had left.
    Over the period I tried to stalk her friend? I knew she would one day go to her and just then I would know where she was. Unfortunately I only had weekends and after work hours to do that so it took time to yield results. .
    Weeks later, I saw her leave her friends house and got a cab. I followed her and to my shock she had been dropped in front of the man I had confronted before who I came to learn was a loaded business man and company owner. I tried to wait up outside in the hope that I would follow her to her place but night came and she was no where to be seen.
    I got so angry with the thoughts of her being in the hands of another man.
    ” how could you betray me babe when you and I love each other.?” I whispered to myself as I drove home furious. I made a mental note to see her early the following morning.
    My wife coming on to me didn’t make any sense as I completely ignored her, this time I didn’t even bother to give an excuse. I just completely shut her off and I felt her sigh sadly as she slept besides me.
    My mind was busy fighting the images of my Stella with another man. I couldn’t understand why she would run into another man’s arms when she knew I was waiting for her and that I would never stop loving her.
    The following morning I woke up and took a quick bath before driving to the man’ s house. My intention was to see then walk or drive out expecting Stella to go for work it being a Friday. I waited for almost 30 minutes then I saw him, he came trotting back.
    ” oh so you f*ck my woman and you go out jogging like you so much of a man!” I whispered to myself getting out of the car.
    ” where is She?” I asked angrily as I watched his sweaty face.
    He responded telling me off but this time I didn’t let his calmness get to me so I lost it punching him in his face.
    He staggered a bit and then he stood his ground ready to fight me. Well I didn’t see it coming, the guy was good with his punch. I would actually admit that his punches were stronger than he looked.
    The guy had some karate moves and he did well pounding on my face as I tried to keep up the fight.
    After a few minutes Stella came out shouting and came in the way of my punch. I felt bad I hit her and before I could get to her the guards held me firmly i couldnt get off their grip. I watched and shouted as the man I figured was called Lucas as Stella had called him, holding her in his arms I felt so pissed.
    The guards now had me pinned as one of them called the police.
    ” you damn idiot!” I heard Stella shouting and when I turned to look at her she looked so upset.
    ” you know what Mike you have really crossed the line this time. If you think you are man enough then am sorry, the truth is you are just a scared dog, who goes about intimidating people hiding his true fears. How dare you follow me around shamelessly.” She scoffed looking at me like I disgusted her.
    ” am sorry babe I didn’t mean to hit you” I tried to say still strained.
    ” you hit Me? Do you think that’s the only wrong you have done you lunatic. Leave my life already you shameless man. Haven’t caused me enough pain already!” She shouted crying as Lucas tried to hold her close.
    ” no Lucas, this man is way too much. He has contributed a great deal to my failed marriage and as if that’s not enough he keeps following me around. What did I ever do to you for you to hurt me so much? I hate you Mike. With the same passion that I had loved you when we were young now I loath you and you disgust me. The mare sight of you makes me so pissed I wish I never met You!” She screamed in my face and I felt her words prick deep in my heart.
    I thought she was just upset but when she shook her head her eyes on me, I knew she was being serious. She had this look that scared me and my efforts to try talk her out of her anger failed as she landed two hot slaps on my face.
    I got so angry I managed to escape the guards and without thinking, my arms grabbed her neck.
    I was about to lift her up she had made me so mad. Making me feel so less of myself, but Lucas pushed me off her and pushed her behind him as he stood facing me.
    Before I could react and start another fight with him, a police car hooted and stopped right before us.
    Two officers came straight to me and the guards pointed at me saying I was the one who was an intruder and came to cause problems at the house.
    Instantly I felt the hand cuffs on my hands. “I will make sure you have a good number of days inside the police custody you jerk so that you learn to find your place in life” Lucas spoke angrily this time.
    The police asked them to follow to the police and give their statements and Stella asked for an injunction to prevent me from going anywhere near her. Which was granted successfully after she had laid her case.
    I felt so disappointed. The fact that hurt me the most was seeing her choosing another man over me once again and it hurt so bad I felt like crying even as they led me to the cells.
    In the afternoon, I was called that someone was out to visit me and I had hopped Stella had changed her mind and was now willing to forgive me and bail me out. Much to my disapointment, I saw my wife carrying our 2 years old son.
    ” what are you doing here?” I asked surprised she was there. I had not called her and I wondered how she knew I was there.
    Instead of answering me, she moved closer to me and I felt a slap land on me.
    The next one and another one followed after that and she screamed in my face.” You ungrateful man, you have the audacity to ask me that nonsense when all you have done is cause me pain. To add to the insults I hear you are in police cells because you went to disturbe someone over a woman”
    ” am i not woman enough for you?” My wife shouted tears falling her eyes.
    I tried to make her understand but she seemed so upset I had never seen her that way.
    ” you know what? This is Over, you never even had the guts to marry me in church or Sign any documents so just consider this marriage over and am taking everything together with my children back to my parent’ s house. Let’s see how you will manage your life with a chain of loans on your payslips” she went on making everyone around look at me with disgusting looks.
    She walked away telling the officers to lock me for ever If they so wished and i knew things were now bad.
    Now I was at the mercy of Stella and Lucas who had me locked up and with no hope of being bailed out. ” the price am paying for loving you Stella” I thought to myself as I was squized between some lot other guys in the cell.
    Two days in custody made me develop so much hatred towards Stella. I had hoped she would come back to bail me out but nothing.
    My mind wild back to the first time we both made each other promises.
    I just completed school and she was still going doing her grade 11. I planned on an outing with her after doing some work for my father who paid me some money which I had used to buy some food for our picnic.
    She wore a short blue dress with a small lace on the front and some slippers. I smiled seeing her as she came out of her house. Her smile was breath taking.
    ” ready?” I asked her holding her hand. We booked a taxi which dropped us in the middle of some small bushes. She kept on looking around and I made her a promise to protect her.
    ” it’s a picnic babe and this is a perfect place for you and me to have our own moment ” I smiled as I made her sit on the Chitenge material that I asked her to come with.
    We sat and eat the food that I had bought and later on talked about so many things.
    We both were still virgins and right after we agreed to make love.
    The experience was not so much exciting for both of us but I assured her we were going to get better.
    ” promise you will always love me no matter what” I had whispered as we stood holding each other by the tree trank.
    ” I love you Mike and I don’t think I will ever feel like this for any other person. I promise to be here always and to love you forever” she smiled and I kissed her.
    The connection between us grew stronger and the other times we met it got better. I always used protection with her not wanting to ruin our plans by making her pregnant before she completed her secondary school. The idea was for both of use to complete our school and found some good jobs for our better future.
    I wiped my eyes at the memories I just had realising I was still confined to a cell.
    ” I loved you with everything I had and you broke our promise. Now you will not live to enjoy being with another man as long as I am still alive.” I whispered to myself.
    ” enjoy it while it lasts Lucas, Cause when am out of here. You will have a better use of the word Lunatic like you have called me several times” I scoffed.
    Like to answer my prayer, I heard the officer call out my name and told me someone had bailed me out.
    I wondered who the saviour was and I was amazed to find Chris, standing outside waiting for me to sign the bail.
    ” what the hell? ” I asked looking at him.
    ” you are supposed to say thank you” I saw him smile as he signed the papers.
    Okey that came as a surprise and I couldn’t wait to hear to what I owed that favour from the man who had been my greatest enemy.

    Episode 18

    ” you can’t keep like this Stella, I told you already all this is going to be over soon.” Lucas comforted me as we both sat on my bed.
    He had become a regular visitor to my house after the incidence with Mike.
    Now that I was sure Chris and Mike had teamed up to make my life mesirable by threatening Lucas and sending me some text messages using some enormous numbers.
    I started working a week after Mike was placed in police custody and immediately he came out he sent videos of me and him together the time we were at the lodge to threaten to publish them on social media if i didn’t stop seeing Lucas.
    He told me through the messages that he was going to tell people the reason my marriage ended was because I was sleeping around.
    At first I thought Mike was bragging. I was so sure he never got any video of us but when he sent me a clip I was powerless. My face was so clear in the video every single person I knew would recognise me if it went on social media. Not to talk of my reputation and that of my family.
    The worse of it all was that he sent some photos of the recordings to my current employer telling them how i was a cheap women who was there to degrade the organisation with my prostitution.
    I was fired from the Job that Lucas recommended me to barely a week after starting.
    Now I was stuck back home if not for Lucas standing by my side I could have had nothing to eat or use in my home.
    I looked at him still looking calm and composed I wondered how he managed that. He smiled at me and held my face to look at him.
    ” am going to find Mike and I swear I will take all the recordings he has of you. It all will be over soon” he assured me.
    ” I don’t really know Lucas. How do i stay calm knowing Mike is out there planing God knows what against me. ? He threatened to kill you and make it look like I did it if I don’t stop seeing you. Honestly Lucas we need to consider stopping our relationship. For starters am not ready to loose you and you don’t derseve all this. You are a good man Lucas and I won’t forgive myself if anything happens to you. Please listen to me and leave me already ” I begged him squizing his hands.
    He instead kissed me on my lips and whispered,
    “What kind of man will I be if I can abandon the woman I love just because some jealousy lunatic is threatening me.?” He shrugged.
    Mike had been on my tail for weeks. Asking me to leave Lucas or he will never let me get a job. He warned every time i did get one he would send the videos and pictures of my nudeness and tell them I was just a prostitute who would ruin their business.
    I spent most of my days locked up. If not for Lucas and Linda I wouldn’t have survived the torture. I couldn’t tell my family just yet. I had no way of explaining myself to my parents.
    I recall how I had met Chris one day. He was with his Mwenya and the baby three of them walked margestically with Chris carrying the baby.
    I had pretended not to have seen them but Chris came over to me and held my hand.
    ” hello ex wife, I hear you found yourself a new sponsor. I should have known you were just a slut who uses men for money. It has not even been a year since we divorced and you are already sleeping around?” He scoffed and laughed.
    ” leave me alone Chris, I don’t care what you think about me. If you don’t know am so free and happy right now” I told him off and he let a louder laugh.
    ” yeah happy indeed. You cant even keep jobs and i hear you have been having some ex boyfriend drama.” He clapped his hands teasingly as Mwenya joined the laughter.
    I felt so embarrassed and humiliated as he went on saying how I was a disgrace and that he left me because I was barren. For fear of crying in front of them I had walked away my head down as those who were near by the area and heard the talk looked at me.
    Running home I cried myself to sleep. Wondering if God had let me out to the punishment for my sins.
    ” I swear am trying to do the right things Linda. I trully am and every time I try harder it’s like I get more hurt. What did I ever do to Them to treat me like this?” I cried to my friend who held me in an embrace to comfort me.
    ” I don’t understand my friend. Lucas made it clear he never wanted you by acting the way he did and he’s with another woman. That Mike is also is a married man. What do they want with You?” She asked worried.
    ” I really wish I knew my friend. If I didn’t know that Chris and Mike hated each other i could have thought they have ganged up to destroy me” I told Linda shaking my head.
    ” hey did you get a word of what I said?” Lucas asked bringing me back to the moment.
    ” am sorry. I zoomed out again right?” I sighed.
    ” i don’t want to see you like this Stella. Your happiness is what matters to me right now and am going to make sure I get to the bottom of all this. No more public humiliation or threats about anything. This is what we are going to do. ” Lucas made me lay in his chest as he spoke.
    ” neither of them knows my mother. So let’s pretend we are no longer together and see how we can solve all this especially retrieving the recordings. ”
    ” what do you mean they don’t know your mother? what’s the plan Lucas?” I asked sitting up.
    ” calm down. All am saying is we have to take you to the place were Mike will not see you an stalk you. Its dangerious for you to stay alone here and Since you told me he sent someone here with a message it’s clear he wants you to know he knows where you live and he can even walk in himself despite having a straining order to stay away from you”
    I looked at Lucas as he explained the scenario. He was practically asking me to go and hide at his mother’s place and him and me will be meeting there until he figured a way to get the recordings.
    I didn’t like the idea of hiding especially at his mother’s as that would require telling her everything.
    Going home wasn’t an option as my parents were struggling as it was already. I needed to stay in Lusaka and find a job to help them out. It wa was hard to get a job in Luanshya.
    After a long discussion I told Lucas I would think about it.
    ” be safe” Lucas kissed me as he left the house.
    I stood by the door my eyes crossed trying to cool off my head from everything.
    ” Lucas, did you forget something?” I asked when i heard the knock on the door and went on opening it.
    Standing before me was Mike dressed in black and standing his hands in his pockets, wearing a smile on his face.
    I felt my heart race as he slowly move in making me stagger and move backwards. He looked like a different person. One that I didn’t know, the look on his dark face smelled so much danger I felt my knees shiver.
    ” are you scared of me now babe?” He grinned closing the door behind him as he kept advancing on me.
    ” stay away from me you jerk you were given a straining order. I swear I will call the police on you you b******!” I shouted angrily and he quickly came forward holding my mouth.
    ” you shout out like that again and I swear you will regret it” he warned holding my mouth tightly as I nodded in fear.
    ” good” he smiled letting my mouth free. He walked around my small house taking in everything around as I watched him in silence. I wondered how on earth I didn’t see that in him before. Clearly Mike’s obsession with me had turned him into this person I was so scared of I felt my insides moving.
    He came and sat next to me and I moved away swiftly. He let a laugh and pulled me back.
    ” sit down here dammit!” He shouted. ” you used to love me and felt good being close to me. What the hell happened to you Stella?” He glared at me.
    ” please Mike just leave my house and go to your wife” I pleaded tears in my eyes.
    He leaned forward and licked my tears with his tongue. ” mmmmmmm sweet as always babe” he smiled.
    ” but I don’t have a wife to go to. You know, I heard you went and told her I was in custody because of you and now she and my kids left me.”
    I turned my head to look at him. I had told his wife so that maybe he would change but now I was sure I added to his anger as he looked pissed talking about his family.
    ” yeah actually !” He laughed ” I have no one else to go to now because you chased my family away. I know that woman is so stupid and naive, but believe me I know why I kept her close. She made things easier for me by providing for me and the family. So yes, I never loved her but I needed her.” He winced his eye.
    ” now that you chased her and you are trying to ran away from me, I bet you can imagine my anger right now” He whispered getting close to me his warm mouth in my neck making me want to throw up.
    One wouldn’t know a day would come when I would look at Mike that way. He disgusted me so much I couldn’t stand him.
    I was shaking with fear and I felt him laugh in my neck.
    I stood up and before i could move further he stood up slapping me hard in the face.
    ” I said stay close to me dammit!” He shouted angrily.
    I let a scream as i felt my side go hot from his slap. He held my mouth and pushed me to the bed with full force I felt my back ache.
    Pleading and crying for him to let me go didnt work.
    Instead Mike teared my clothes apart telling me he was going to have me one way or the other. I tried to push him away but his hold on my mouth and body didnt help me at all.
    He pulled down his pants and with so much force started panatrating me. He shoved himself in me with so much power I felt like my inside would be smashed.
    I tried to shake him off as I cried miserably but he could t stop. For what seemed like forever, Mike satisfied himself and stood up leaving me curled as I cried my whole body paining.
    ” you are mine Stella. Am gonna have you one way or the other. You promised me forever and Forever I will give you. Dare report to the police and I will do the worst. You know am not bragging” he whispered into my ears as I cried.
    I heard the door open and close as he left my house. ” oh my God, what is all this now?” I cried pulling myself to get my phone and probably call Lucas to help me but I found Mike had taken my phone.
    ” oh my God!” I cried standing and looking outside but there was no one. The main house was quite and I couldn’t get myself to go and disturb them. It was already past 22 hours.
    I locked the door my fingers trembling and curled myself to sleep hoping I would wake up from the night mare I just went through..

    Episode 19

    The whole night I twisted and turned in my bed. My body felt so tired and sore but my mind stayed active , I couldn’t even dozzy off.
    My greatest worry was what Mike was going to do with my phone. ” That lunatic is not up to any good” I thought to myself as I pushed myself to the bathroom.
    I took time trying to scrub off the dirty I was feeling on my body. The scent of Mike was so loud in my nose I couldn’t stand it. I wished l had done more of washing myself the previous night.
    After almost an hour of taking a bath, I walked to my bed and screamed loudly when I found someone standing in my room.
    ” Oh no! Swity am sorry I scared you. I didn’t mean to ” Lucas came closer to hold my hand but I moved back quickly in fear.
    ” Stella are you okey?” Lucas asked drawing near to me.
    My face was covered in fear I couldn’t contain my body’ s shaking.
    ” What happened to you Swity please talk to me” he whispered trying to hold me and I stopped withdrawing as my mind realised I was safe.
    Unconsciously l felt unsafe. The impact of Mike’s rape left me broken inside.
    I started crying as Lucas pulled me into a hug.
    ” shshshsshsh! It’s me swity please calm down. You are safe now tell me what happened to you here when I was gone . I left you okey” he said in a low tone.
    ‘ He came here and raped me Lucas, he raped me and l can’t stop thinking about the pain he has caused me” l cried holding on to him.
    ” Oh God! This cannot be happening now, what is that idiot up to?” Lucas shouted angrily his facial expression changing from concern to anger.
    He walked around the room shaking his head.
    ” I saw your text that we meet somewhere at 8 hours but then I decided we come talk here cause I wanted you to avoid going to such a place you told me. That’s why am here earlier” Lucas told me sitting back down.
    ” No” I shook my head , oh my God Lucas it’s not me who sent the text” I held my head in confusion.
    ” Yes swity I have it here, you text me about an hour ago and….”
    ” No it’s not me Lucas, Mike got my phone last night after raping me that’s why I couldn’t even call you. ” I cried desperately trying to think of what Mike wanted to do with Lucas at whatever place he was to meet him.
    ” This is getting out of hand Stella. We have to put a stop to this nonsense and now!” He spoke loudly as he grabbed his phone.
    ” Well, since he wants to play some games with me, let it begin !” Lucas sighed dialling some number.
    ” Hello, meet me up at my home now, that program has started ” I heard him speak on the phone.
    I asked him what he meant by that and he told me he had hired two men to guard me and try to find Mike so that they could retrieve the recording. He stated that going to the police would take a long time and that we had no idea what Mike was up to.
    I agreed with him and I quickly started dressing up. Before l finished Lucas came closer but I flinched again not wanting him to touch me.
    ” Am sorry, I still feel agitated, a man touching me is not feeling okey..”
    ” lt’s okey I understand, l just wanted to assure you that things will be okey” he smiled confidently making me feel safe.
    I wore a black jeans and some body top, adding pamps on my feet as Lucas went on to make some more calls I could hear him talking. For a moment I felt bad I wasn’t allowing him close to me. I couldn’t control my inner fear and now I understood how some women felt after being raped.
    We drove to Lucas’ house and found two huge men sitted inside.
    They both greeted us standing up but I couldn’t get to shake their hands as I flinched back a little when one of them tried to come close.
    I saw him look at me and then Lucas, He cleared his throat and sat back down.
    ” Am sorry, he told me about last night, it’s important that me and my colleague here know the whole truth so that we are effective” he smiled baldly.
    ” He’s right swity don’t worry you are safe now. These guys will protect you and you are not going back to your house. Change of plans you will be safer here than anywhere else” Lucas told me looking at me seriously.
    I just nodded my head. Hating the fact that I was going to live in hiding because of a man’ s obsession.
    They went on discussing the plan of what they were going to do to catch Mike at the point he told Lucas. And they left after 30 minutes.
    I walked around the place when they were gone trying to calm myself down.
    I called Linda to tell her what was going on using Lucas’ landline.
    ” Oh dear God, what kind of demons are using that man to do such kind of things?” Linda wondered sadly.
    ” He’s gone mad it’s evident and now I don’t have any idea what am going to do boi. Am scared right now I don’t even know what is going on with Lucas, it’s been over an hour since he went out to try catch Mike” I told her tears in my eyes.
    ” Don’t worry my dear, trust God for he’s seeing you through right now. Just pray even more for now is the darkest hour and the enemy has raised against you. But when you place your trust in God soon it will day break and you will live in peace again ” Linda encouraged me.
    We went on talking and she even prayed for me on the phone. After which I really felt relaxed and as I hang up I heard the gate opening and a car driving in, l knew it was them.
    I ran to the door to see what was going on and I saw Lucas come out of the vehicle and one of the guys was with him. I wondered were the other one was..
    ” So?” I asked getting close to Lucas, ” did you find him? Have you got the recordings?” I asked one question after the other.
    ” Come here” Lucas sighed leading me inside as he held my hand and at least I didn’t wince like before. I could bet the prayers l just had with Linda really got me better.
    Lucas looked at my face to see I was okey with him touching me and I nodded my head to assure him.
    ” Listen, Mike had turned out to be sharper than we thought. It seems he is working with someone else and he saw the guys before they could hide. So I waited for him to appear at the spot but he didn’t come. Only to send me this” Lucas added showing me a text.
    ” You are so foolish if you think I will easily fall into your trap you stupid fool” it read
    ” What now?” I asked looking at Lucas.
    ” He’s not going to get away with this don’t worry. I went through the police and reported him still stalking you and about the rape. They wanted to come hear from you but I told them it wasn’t neceasary. Thankfully the officer in charge of the case is a friend so he got my word for it. They are also going to take the issue seriously. Trust me he will be caught soon and be made to pay for what he’s doing” Lucas explained
    I kept quite trying to find a way of understanding the situation. That day Lucas and I stayed inside whilst the two guys he hired together with the guards stayed outside guarding us .
    Lucas and I were saved some lunch later on and we ate in silence as we each remained in our own thoughts.
    I wondered what my life would have been if I had decided to wait for Mike.
    Maybe I could have been happy, or maybe he could have kept me like his prisoner since his jealousy was so extreme even the time we were dating. I was still young and for me back then, it was love that was working and I couldn’t see the danger of his altitude and jealousy..
    Inwardly I thanked God I had chosen another man even when things didn’t work out too. But it somehow saved me from being imprisoned for life in Mike’s home.
    The mare thoughts of his face the previous night made my hands shiver.
    I knew Mike wasn’t so much crazy as to come near the house that night so I walked outside the yard to have some time to think through things. The chill of the cold night touching my skin. I stood by the pool area and could see the bodygaurd’s standing by the gate and one kept his eyes on me.
    I knew I was safe and I walked around the water sinking my eyes in the blue water as my thoughts wild through my head.
    After half an hour I turned to look at the gate where the guard was and I saw the gate open. I looked closer to understand what was going on and I noticed it was all quite. No movements and no bodyguard.
    I quickly walked there and found the two security guards laying down.
    ” Oh my God, what happened here!” I shouted touching them, they both were still alive, it was like someone just knocked them out.
    ” Lucas!” I ran back inside after noticing the two body guards had disappeared.
    ” Lucas! I screamed out runing around the house. I had left him in his study and he wasn’t there.
    ” He walked outside with the two body guards” the maid informed me when I bumped into her as I ran from his bedroom.
    ” What do you mean outside. I was just standing there! ” I shouted now panicking.
    His car was still parked outside and I ran to it.
    ” Please God let him be okey I prayed as I drove out the gate to the police.
    The officers took my statement as I panted telling them what happened.
    ” Don’t worry mam, we will find him. Just stay calm and don’t do anything. Let us handle this” the police officer told me.
    I couldn’t calm down , l watched as they gave each other some information and two officers got into the police car driving away.
    I was told to go back to Lucas’ s house and report anything happening there and I was told I was to be accompanied by one of the police officers.
    My heart raced all through the way I couldn’t even drive. The officer took over and drove us.
    Getting to Lucas’ house we found the guards were up and they had no idea what had happened to them.
    One of them said he just felt a hit on his head and he blacked out. Now we were suspecting the bodyguards. But l didn’t understand. I had thought they came to protect us, whatever happened they sure were involved with Mike and just the thoughts of what they were to do with Lucas threatened me. ..
    I was trying to move as I felt my whole body feeling numb it was like I was tied up after being drugged. Opening my eyes I surely found myself tied to a chair the two I had hired as my body guards staring at me.
    ” Sorry man, someone offered something more for this job and we couldn’t resist It.” One of them talked close to my head and I shook my head disappointed.
    ” You b******s, you should have asked for more money and I could have given you. How can you betray me like that. I trusted you. Where is Stella? ” I asked looking around as my heart panicked.
    ” She’s probably crying herself to sleep in your house. ” l heard another man’s voice answer and I turned to look at who it was.
    I remembered seeing his face somewhere but l couldn’t remember who he was.
    ” And who are You?” I asked him hating his funny laugh as he approached me.
    ” Let’s just say am the man you took a wife from. Mike told me she was going out with you before I even divorced her meaning the two of you have been betraying me for a long time.
    You are lucky am not a killer, you could have died a long time ago. But now you are at my mercy.” He let a small laugh as he sat on the bed in front of me.
    We were in a room like one in a lodge of some kind I couldn’t surely tell.
    “You are sick in the head you know that? You failed to keep your wife and was a coward. Pushing her away , now you feel good acting like a criminal. Well, it’s sad because that doesn’t even make you a man if you ask me.” I scoffed looking straight at him.
    He stood up and landed a slap in my face.
    ” Say anything of that sort again and am sure I will not hesitate to have these your body guards take care of you.” He gnawed angrily.
    I was not feeling scared of them at all. The only fear I had was what was happening to Stella With everything I had in me I wanted her to be safe.
    I tried to move but my body was tied. I was still struggling with myself when Mike came in.
    ” Well, the hero is here!” He shouted standing in front of me. ” this is what happens when you try to play hero. Stella is just a slut that derseves to be punished. But you are making everything difficult by trying to get in our way. ” Mike sighed
    ” He will pay for sleeping with my wife” Chris answered looking at me.
    I couldn’t help but laugh at them both. They were acting so stupid I couldn’t understand what kind of nonsense was going through their heads.
    ” What is funny rich guy?” Mike snapped angrily. ” does this look like a joke to You?” He asked
    ” lt actually is, because you two are seriously playing like idiots who have watched too much cartoon. You think you will get away with all this? You are mistaken if you think this act of madness will let you escape the purnishemnt that is coming your way” I told them seriously.
    They both looked at each other and like idiots they started debating on the plan they had which was evidently clear not in one accord as they kept on arguing with each other.
    After some few minutes of whispers and talking they walked outside and I was left with one of the guards standing by the door.
    ” Listen, I understand you just want to make money. I have more to offer than those two fools. Come on help me here and I will give you whatever you want. I need to get out of here and make sure Stella is okey. Please I will pay you handsomely” I pleaded with the man who kept quite looking at me.
    ” How much are they paying You?” I asked when I saw his face soften.
    ” They contacted us through our boss the one who recommended us to you and offered K 6 000 if we worked with them.
    I smiled at him shaking my head. ” I can give you alone 3 times what they offered if you help me” I whispered and sat back when Mike and Chris walked back and the other man following behind.
    ” Don’t worry, we just want to make sure Stella feels the pain of betraying us both and when we are done punishing her we will let you go.” Chris spoke up.
    ” I loved her but she betrayed me with you and this man here. Funny am working with him huh?” He shook his head.
    I kept my eyes on his stupid face and couldn’t stop wondering what Stella had seen in him. Her and him where far incomparable. She was a beautiful woman with a strong sense of life and calliber. Surely he didn’t derseve her. Now I understood why she had to go through what she did with him. He was a just joke of a man. I vowed to make them both pay when I was out of the place of which I intended to leave as soon as they left as I could see the guy l made an offer to, looking at me with an assurance look.

    Episode 20

    I sat down watching the baby now learning to sit as the mother watched Telemundo. She was evidently the most annoying person I couldn’t even get the remote control to watch my team play soccer.
    Most of the times I would come home I would find her watching her telenovelas and she never moved an inch to welcome me nor prepare my food.
    I honestly was missing the meals Stella always prepared for me. Her cooking was exceptional I used to enjoy myself. Even though we fought she never stopped cooking and leaving food for me. No matter what time I went back home.
    Now I hardly had a meal prepared by Mwenya. She had even hired a maid even when she just sat home doing nothing. Stella always cleaned the house before going for work and I never saw any bunch of unironed clothes or even dirty ones in the washing basket as she always made sure the house was neat and sparkling clean.
    The thoughts of her made me miss her I was regretting my actions. Now that I had lost the court case which I had so wished would fail and her refused a divorce I thought I had to find a way of making her come back to me. I thought i wasn’t going to make myself desperate by begging her to come back..
    My sister who came home after Stella left made me to get thinking about the baby Mwenya was saying was mine.
    ” open your eyes Chris that child does not look anything like you and neither does he look like the mother. So you will raise another man’ s child if you are not careful. ” she had warned me and I somehow knew it made sense even if I couldn’t accept it to her face that there was some truth in what she was saying.
    She was one of the people in my family that had condemned me for leaving Stella. Everyone said I had lost my mind and now that I started comparing her to Mwenya I started realising they all had a point.
    Now I had to find a way to push Stella back to myself and when I did, I planned on chasing Mwenya to whoever was the real father to her child.
    An opportunity came when I was told by my friend at the police about what was happening with Stella and Mike. He told me he worked from a different station but he had witnessed the scene when Stella reported and asked for restraining order for Mike at the station.
    After two days of thinking through it I knew i had to play both Mike and Stella to get her back begging for my help and then I would take adavantage of her.
    I bailed out Mike who clearly was shocked and he pushed me when we were far from the police station..” what the hell do you think you are planning you idiot for you to bail me out. Tell me what this is all about!” He grabbed my neck in the car.
    ” relax man, we are both looking for the same thing here and I came in peace to help you ”
    ” I didn’t ask for your help you idiot and I don’t know what you are talking about.” He snapped.
    ” I know you now hate Stella too. She promised to love you but she left you for me and now she s with another man even after you pushed me to divorce her so that you get her to yourself ” I made my point to him and he sighed letting my shirt go.
    ” am listening” he responded now paying attention to me. .” Good!” I smiled.
    Lets grab some beers and plan this together. I smiled driving the car to the nearest bar.
    We sat and planed on luring Stella away from Lucas. When Mike told me he recorded their love making I suggested he got her out of employement with that.
    ” oh great idea,” Mike exclaimed as I finished telling him what we were to do. ” surely I never saw that kind of person in you” he teased as he drunk the beer in his hands.
    So we planned on our moves.
    I however didn’t like the idea of him going to sleep with Stella as he assured me he would let me do the same. ” she is for both of us for now and I can assure you the torture of being raped by two men consecutively will drive her crazy she will be so broken” Mike suggested but didn’t like the idea.
    My own intention was for her to feel desperate so that she could ran back to me. I planned on remaining in the shadows and would only appear when necessary to look like a hero before her and save her so that she would fall for me.
    So when we paid off the guards a thousand more than they were offered to protect Stella we worn them over.
    Seeing Lucas made me want to take out my anger on him. He was good looking and from the house I saw he surely was loaded.
    The mare fact of him taking my woman made me sick as i knew he seemed to have more to offer her than I had.
    Even if i wasn’t going to kill him, I had thought about it, but then I needed to be out of Prison if I had to win over Stella.
    ” so now, we go as per plan. Since there’s a cop at that mansion we can stall for today and come back tomoro morning. Am sure he won’t stay there for long” i heard mike’s voice speak as we drove back.
    We had left Lucas tied to a chair and the plan was to capture Stella of which I suggested Mike did it so that later on I went to save her ( of course that wasn’t known by Mike).
    ” yeah you are right. We meet tomorrow morning so that we excute our plan nicely” I sighed looking ahead as I drove.
    I was to drop Mike, I wondered why the b****** wasn’t using his car anymore.
    He smiled I could see his white teeth in the dim light from the dash board as I drove us.
    ” you have no idea how I will play you on this one you b****** . You will pay for breaking my marriage!” I thought to myself.
    Seeing Chris making some big contributions to purnish Stella was making me feel so good. The idiot was releasing all the money and bringing out ideas. .He had no idea I planned on killing him and Lucas making it seem Stella killed them both so that i saw her pay for her betrayal with her life.
    I was feeling a hatred for her as much as I had felt love.
    Maybe I had just suppressed the feelings i had for her with hate. She made me loose everything.
    My family hated me after my wife told them everything and every time my father called me he would remind me of what a failure I was.
    The debt I had failed to pay back with one of the finance companies cost me my car and now I had to walk around.
    I lied to Chris I would contribute my part when the deal was off and asked him to pay the guys to kidnap Lucas instead.
    I had no problem with him living and taking the fall for the crimes we were both doing.
    Him would be an easy target as they would label him as jealousy husband who killed his ex wife’s lover.and Stella was to be charged for killing her ex husband too and him pay for killing her lover.
    ” a perfect plot!” I smiled to myself as Chris drove me back to my empty home.
    That was the only thing I had remaining to my name. I was just hoping I could use the money I would swindle from Lucas, to pay for the loan so that the bank wouldn’t get my house too.
    ” so see you tomoro” Chris spoke up as he drove to the front of my house. ” yeah my man, see you tomorrow for sure!” I sighed patting his shoulder.
    ” that was a good move today am sure that b****** will regret ever sleeping with your wife. Stella has it coming too” i added as I stepped out of his car.
    I went to sit on the small mattress which was the only thing I had left in the house. My wife had taken everything away leaving two pots, a two plates stove and a small mattress with a thin blanket for me.
    I walked around holding the castle beer in my hands as I thought about what I had gone through since I started my persuit for Stella.
    ” all I wanted was for you to love me Stella and you pay me with so much pain” I whispered to myself. ” I swear on my kids I will make you pay for this humiliation and I will find a way of getting my family back.” I snapped kicking the wall.
    I wanted to finish it all and get over what I was feeling inside my heart, the pain of being rejected by the only person you have ever loved.
    I drunk up some more bottles and by the time I was done with 2 six packs i felt drunk and I went on cursing and shouting out my anger.
    It felt better to throw the empty bottles on the wall as each throw felt like i was hitting someone I hated.
    I grabbed my phone and called the guard we left with Lucas.
    ” Mike everything is okey. The guy is dozing his head off in his seat” the guy informed me and I smiled.
    ” Good, keep the good work and you will get the balance tommorow! ” I shouted back cheerfully before hanging up.
    ” you will taste your death soon enough Lucas but you will leave a share of your riches to me!” I shrugged as I lay on the mattress.
    The sound of a loud bang on the door woke me up. I struggled to open my eyes as I felt my head cracking, ” the effect of the beer I had drunk” , i thought to myself.
    I was still trying to compose myself when the loud bang came again making me sit up instantly.
    ” oh idiot did we say you come this early? ” I clicked my tongue as I looked at the watch in my hand and saw it was just 30 minutes after 04 am .
    I rubbed my eyes and started unlocking the door sighing and shaking my head.
    I was almost shouting at Chris who was standing at the door when my mouth went soundless….
    ” what the hell!” I muttered.

    Episode 21

    I had to make it to the house as quickly as I could to check on her. The thoughts of her being in danger clouding my mind, I couldn’t stay calm.
    ” thanks man for this, just help me to find a away out of here as fast as possible so that I can go back home” I told the guard who had released me.
    ” make sure you keep the end of your deal. I need to get out of this town before my friend does something bad to me. The effect of the drug he inhaled will be for just an hour and I hope by then things would have worked out for you” the guard responded as he led the way out of a lodge.
    I was right to feel I was in a room at a lodge before. We stood by the main road, I didn’t bother to ask which area we were in, I could tell when we stood by road side that we were in one of the compounds, Chawama to be precise.
    After a few minutes I stopped a taxi, and the guard hopped in too. In my mind I thought of handing him over to the police but then I felt pity for him. Karma will catch up with him and I was to keep my words.
    ” I cannot go to your place for i heard there’s a cop there. Now tell me how I would get my money” he asked as the vehicle moved heading to town.
    ” you tell me, cause I don’t have the money with me here and I don’t keep such sums of money in the house” I responded looking ahead my heart not at easy.
    After a few minutes of discussing it, we agreed I send him the money and told him I would not report him to the police . Instead of following me he asked to be left in town and I asked the taxi driver to drive quickly to my residence.
    Without waiting for someone to answer the gate I banged it continuously until one of the security guards, followed by a police officer came to open. ” sir! You are Okey!” The gaurd shouted happily upon seeing me.
    ” where is She?” I responded instead as my eyes went ahead to look for Stella in the house.
    My heart leaped with joy as I saw her running towards me.
    ” oh my God thank you!” She cried hugging me.
    ” I was going crazy thinking Mike had done the worst to you Lucas, are you Okey?” She looked at me.
    ” am fine Swity. Thank God those idiots didn’t touch you. I swear they could have seen the worst of me I embraced her planting a kiss on her lips.
    The police officer cleared his throat behind us.
    ” you will continue the reunion later just tell me what happened I need to give a report. We have to apprehend the guys involved before it’s too late ” he spoke up .
    ” yeah of course officer ” I sighed leading the way inside as Stella held on to my hand.
    I told them about Mike and Chris and Stella stood up furious.” No way, I never knew those two were working together. What is wrong with them?” She shook her head confused.
    “Don’t worry yourself now Swity, all this is over now and they will be arrested this very night.” I comforted her.
    Later the other officers came by and they told Stella to lead the way to her old house so that they catch Chris.
    We found the house quite the time we drove by his gate. It was almost 04 am as it took time for me to escape and go through the whole process of reporting them.
    The police officers banged the gate several times and a woman came to open. I looked at Stella to see if she recognised her but she shook her head.
    ” I don’t know her ” she responded
    We stood back as the police walked in after talking to the woman who told them she was a maid.
    A few minutes later Chris walked out in hand cuffs as the police officers tagged behind him.
    ” you are a fool Chris!” Stella shouted rushing to hit him in the face. ” you will pay you b****** for ruining my life. I gave you my whole life and did the best for you. What did you do? Threw it all away. Now that i left you in peace you won’t allow me to live my own life in peace. What did I ever do to you Chris for you to reach that extent of teaming up against me?” She cried standing in front of him.
    He looked at her and then at me. ” you derseve it for being a slut” he spat angrily
    ” you think you will be happy living with this clown here, you are mistaken …” He shouted on and the cops pushed him into the vehicle.
    ” move it now !” They pushed him and he staggered forward.
    ” you will lead us to your friend !” They told him as one of the officers beat him in the back.
    ” come let’s go” I held Stella as we walked back to my vehicle.
    Finding Mike’s place was not so difficult as we had been there before. Stella and I had gone to tell his wife the last time he was put in custody so we gladly gave directions to the cops.
    After knocking for almost three times, Mike stood before us with his face clearly displaying he had been drinking.
    Just the sight of him was so frustrating if not for the Police I could have had my way hitting his face off.
    ” what the hell! ” he shouted upon seeing us all standing outside with his counterpart in front.
    Without warning he closed back the door anId ran back inside. ” get him now!” The officers told each other as they kicked the door open.
    I couldn’t wait anymore as I ran inside going after Mike too.
    I saw him ran through the back door and I followed him behind increasing my speed seeing him ran to the road.
    We ran after him and the guy went on running away as we all persued him. We went round the houses and I would admit he made us ran around. The guy was good at running.
    ” go back sir We will try look for him he can’t be far ” one of the officers told me after we couldn’t see Mike anywhere.
    I ran back now realising we left Stella with Chris alone.
    ” where is He?’ Stella asked as I joined them.
    The hand cuffed Chris smiled, ” oh poor Stella your eternal boyfriend will make you pay too” he laughed teasingly.
    ” shut up !” I shouted raising my hand to hit him.
    ” just let this fool be Lucas, he doesn’t deserve your energy. The law will surely deal with him and we will then see how he will laugh about all this” Stella held me.
    The cops came back shaking their heads. “We lost him, but surely we will soon have him” they told us.
    ” I hope so” i sighed.
    ” otherwise that man is crazy and is capable of doing anything now. ”
    ” just be careful you two. We will take this one to the cells and continue looking for Mike. Stay home and the officer will come over and guard you today until he’s found and aprehended” the cop informed us.
    They dragged Chris back to their vehicle and I drove us back home.
    Stella was quite all the way i could see she had lots on her mind. She looked so sad I wished i had a better way of comforting her.
    I tried to talk to her about something else but she evidently wasn’t participating as she normally would.
    ” I never wanted this for you Lucas, I swear if I knew this would happen I could have stayed away from you for good” she cried that night as we sat together.
    ” it’s not your fault that all this is happening to you Stella. Don’t push this so much on yourself” I held her close
    ” those two are just crazy and am sure Mike will be caught soon. You don’t have to worry cause you are safe here” I tried to smile assuring her.
    She asked to sleep alone and I understood her. I had to give her time to heal. The impact of what was happening surely left her broken.
    Stella. …
    I couldnt sleep as i couldnt help thinking about what Mike was planning. After time of twisting and turning in bed I had to follow up my initial idea.
    I walked out to the living room to find a telephone. Thinking if had to take care of Mike myself before it was too late I was going to save Lucas a great deal. He had done a lot for me and I wasn’t going to let him get in harm’s way anymore.
    I thought of all the places he could have run to but I couldn’t figure out where. So I decided to call him.
    His line rung for some time without response. I redialled the number and before I gave up I heard him answer.
    ” Helo who is this?” His deep voice came through making my heart race.
    ” Mike it’s me” I started calmly. . It was quite for some time and I thought he hung up.
    ” am so sorry for what happened between us Mike. I have just realised I love you and I need you right now” I went on trying to make him stay on the line.
    He had no idea I wanted to have him trapped and I knew that trying to convince him about my feelings for him will get him into the trap.
    ” so you think am an idiot right?” He snapped. ” you are trying to buls*** me so that the cops can catch me. You are mistaken if you think I will fall into your trap Stella!” He shouted angrily.
    ” I am not laying Mike. Yes am at Lucas’ place but he doesn’t even know am talking to you. I just wanted to let you that i have realised my mistakes and I love you. Please lets ran away from all this together” I sighed sadly trying to get him to accept.
    He frowned and after some few minutes of convincing him he agreed to meet with me that evening.
    ” if you betray me again and even think of coming with the police or that Lucas here then I will have to kill you myself without hesitation.” He shouted back.
    ” I love you” I responded instead making a face as the words come out of my mouth.
    I wasn’t going to let Lucas get in any way of trouble and since I had started it all I thought I could finish it.
    I tiptoed to the living room and seeing the police officer standing outside.
    I went over and whispered something to him and he nodded his head.
    ” open the door for her!” He told the guard who looked at me and then back at the officer.
    ” I will be okey, i smiled at him. Just don’t tell Lucas anything until I return I told him and walked outside the gate.
    Thank God for the money I had got from the house I got myself a cab.
    Earlier before Lucas escaped, the police officer and I planned on me luring Mike so that they would catch him. But after Lucas told us the story of Chris and Mike, we had left it to them to catch them. Now that Mike was on the run. The plan had to continue.
    I touched my bra and felt the recording the police gave me earlier and it was intact.
    I couldn’t risk carrying any phones as Mike would suspect me so I just trusted on God to help me succeed.
    The taxi dropped me at Gonde lodge and straight away I walked to the room we meet with Mike before. Like i had guesssed. He wasn’t there. I sat down in the bed nervously as I waited. The watch on the wall was showing 15 minutes past 20 hours.
    ” oh God let this be over soon” I prayed silently as I continued looking at the door.
    After an hour or so I head the door click and Mike stood tall by the door his accusing eyes on me. ” I told you am alone Mike. ” I swallowed hard scared of his look.
    ” if you have decided to ran away with me, why then do you look so scared of me?” He asked still standing by the door.
    ” am not scared Mike because I know you love me” I whispered and stood walking towards him.
    He grabbed my neck and pushed me to the wall.” You want to trap me you ungrateful woman!” He shouted chocking me.
    ” you are hurting me Mike” I gasped as his hands squized me.
    ” I told you all this is unecessarry I just realised that I have been wasting my time on all this and I made up my mind I want to be with you” i cried.
    ” you are lying!” He spat ” you and that rich idiot came with the cops on me and you stand here lying to me?”
    ” am not lying Mike please let go. I wanted to to tell you earlier but you made things difficult when you kidnapped Lucas and the police came. I realised when you came to my house that I still love you and am done fighting it. I love you babe” I sighed holding his face.
    I saw him soften slowly and he breathed heavily.
    He looked into my eyes and i surely felt the urge to spit into them but managed to control it.
    ” I missed you so much babe. I told you we belong together.” He smiled kissing me.
    ” please God let the police come soon before I lose it here!” I prayed inside my heart as he kissed me all over my face and neck.

    Episode 22

    I stood up after sitting on my bed for a long time. I couldn’t get myself to sleep. I turned off the TV and walked out to the kitchen. I wanted to get myself some drinking water. Opening the refrigerator, I grabbed a bottle of water and walked towards the pool as I drunk.
    I looked around to see the police officer but he was not around.
    ” Mwale!” I called the security guard. ” yes boss!” He responded trotting towards me.
    ” Where is the policeman? Isn’t he supposed to be out here?” I asked him
    I saw him look down. ” Mwale! What is your problem? Didn’t you get my question?” I asked now guessing something wasn’t right.
    ” Am sorry boss but the madam asked us not tell you anything until she returned. She went out and the officer also went out after she left. He told us he’s going to get another officer from the station. It’s like they made some arrangements with the madam ” Mwale explained
    ” Oh no! So you are telling me Stella is not in the house?” I scoffed handing him the bottle of water and rushed back inside the house to get the car keys.
    ” Where on earth have you sent Stella?” I shouted in the phone as I drove out.
    ” She suggested you are not told so that you are not put in harm’s way” the police officer responded.
    ” Are you serious right now?” I shook my head angrily as I increased the speed heading to the police station.
    ” Am a man and can defend myself. How dare you allow her to go to that man you know so well how crazy he is. I swear to God if this plan of yours does not work and anything happens to her, I will report you to your superiors ” I scolded.
    ” How far are you from the meeting place?” I asked him before hanging up.
    He told me they were almost getting to Gonde lodge as the plan was not to be seen near there.
    I accelerated the car engine my mind and heart racing. I couldn’t believe the police acted so irresponsible as to send a woman to that criminal. I knew Stella was thinking about protecting me but I knew it in me I was the one to protect her.
    All the way I hoped and whispered for her to be okey. I couldn’t imagine the worst had happened to her.
    By the time I got to the place, two officer dressed in casual clothes were just getting out of their vehicle and heading to the reception.
    I didn’t want to waste time with procedure so I ran to the rooms without even thinking through the fact that I had no idea which room they where in.
    I passed two doors and then on the third one l heard someone screaming. ” Please stop this now you are going to kill me!” Came Stella’ s voice and I instantly turned and kicked the door open.
    She was laying on the floor and Mike without his clothes on was trying to push himself in her.
    He had her dress tone apart and her face was swollen obviously he had been beating her.
    ” What the hell! ” I shouted and went to grab him, pulling him off her as the police officers ran in.
    I felt my hot temper raising and started hitting Mike in his face continuously as the cop tried to pull me back.” You will pay for this you jerk!” I landed some punches on him as he fall to the wall.
    ” We will take care of him now ” one of the cops pupled me trying to make me stop beating him but I was so pissed I couldn’t be contained.
    I punched him harder as he went staggering to the bed. ” You are too much you idiot and now face me like a man!” I shouted angrily..
    The officers pulled me back as Mike’ s nose bleed .
    ” Calm down now sir and let us do our job” they held me down.
    I turned breathing heavily realising I had not checked Stella. She lay on the floor shaking and crying her dress torn apart.
    ” You should not have come here alone Stella!” I whispered pulling her up into an embrace.
    ” I couldn’t let him destroy your life. I wanted to put an end to all this but when he figured I was wired, he started beating me and wanted to rape me again” she cried still holding me.
    Some people and workers of the lodge came to watch from the passage as the cops pushed the now hand cuffed Mike to the door.
    ” Your time is up you Lunatic! ” they shoved him forward his face bleeding I felt good I had to be the one to help finish him off.
    I held Stella close and led her to the car as the spectators looked on. She was crying and her body shaking.
    ” You are safe now and you did well? You are so brave” the officer told her as I lay her in the car.
    She nodded her head her face teary before I closed the door and stood to talk with the police officer. ” Make sure he gets what he derseves !” I told him
    ” Sure he will. Thankfully it was all recorded we have enough evidence to hand him to the courts for his judgement. Am sure both him and her ex husband will get the purnishment derseving for what they have done to this poor woman ” he responded.
    ” I will see to it that that happens ” I answered and walked round to the driver’s seat.
    Back at home I held Stella to the house and helped her into a bath tab filled with warm water. She was still crying.
    ” You had a very bad day Swity but believe me it’s all over now” I whispered pouring some water on her back as she sank in the tab.
    ” Thank you for saving my life more than once Lucas. I don’t know what I could have done if you were not here ” she whispered sadly.
    ” Maybe God prepared that we meet during such circumstances so that we both can pull through this together” l smiled
    ” I dont know if I will ever be the same after all this Lucas. I honestly don’t think I can trust myself to love anyone else. Maybe it’s best we part ways here I feel so broken I feel I will end up hurting you” she looked at me seriously.
    ” Right now is not the time to talk about such. You are upset and I understand your pain. But it will pass and I believe you will learn to live through all this and have a normal life again” I tried to comfort her.
    She kept on shaking her head tears in her eyes. I told myself I wasn’t going to let her go through it alone. I was already involved and the time to even think of leaving her had passed.
    ” Come on, finish cleaning up and I will ask the maid to bring you a cup of coffee to calm you down” I told her leaving the bathroom.
    I went out my bedroom and asked the maid to bring some coffee.
    After some minutes of pacing around the study I walked back to the bedroom and found her standing in front of the mirrow a white towel wrapped around her body.
    ” You are still as beautiful as I could remember” I whispered holding her from the back facing our images on the mirrow.
    ” I feel something else, it’s like am seeing another person in that mirrow and my heart is hurting” she whispered sadly.
    ” Look,” I turned her to me. ” Don’t let what those two idiots did define you, you are a very beautiful and good woman. You have just been unfortunate meeting those two in your life and I promise you from now on your life will change. Trust me there’s is more to live for than crying over what those made you go through” I assured her as she looked her tired eyes into mine.
    She smiled weakly and placed her head on my shoulder. ” Thank you!” She sighed and I held on to her. The soft breath from her chest meeting with my own heart beat and making me feel at home.
    ” Come on, you have to drink some coffee” I held to the side table and handed her a cup the maid had brought.
    She sighed and sat on the bed sipping on the coffee. ” Too much sugar ” she looked at me.
    I giggled shaking my head. ” my bad, I should have asked you before I made it”
    ” I can make another one instead ” I offered standing to grab the cup from her.
    ” Nope, this will do for today” she smiled
    ” Are you sure ? ” I asked concerned. ” lt’s okey really and thank again” she shrugged.
    ” Stop thanking me already , we are in this together I already told you” l sighed leaning my hand on her soft skin on the thigh left below the towel.
    She drunk in silence and when she finished I helped place the cup down and pulled her up to the bed.
    We lay close to each other and I held her waist as our eyes met. ” Am glad I met you even if I lied to you” she whispered.
    ” I am too. Who could have known right?” I let a laugh playing with her scattered hair.
    ” I hope Mike and Chris get their punishment and are not released soon. I can’t stand them” she shook her head.
    ” Who would? ” I laughed
    ” don’t worry though, If have to follow it up to make sure they get their derseving punishment then I surely will” I nodded my head still looking at her.
    She was quite for some time and she opened her mouth to say something then suddenly closed it back.
    “Say it out” I encouraged her rubbing her shoulder.
    ” Mike was telling me am a cursed person and that I destroy men’ s lives. No wonder I will always be unhappy” she cried
    ” What if he’s right?” She asked looking at me as her eyes shed tears. ” what if am indeed a curse? Just look at both of them how did all this happen?” She asked sitting up.
    ” Please you don’t have to believe his words. There is nothing wrong with you. They are the ones with a problem and you just happened to be part of their God forsaken lives” I assured her but she kept on shaking her head.
    ” Am scared Lucas, I might end up ruining your life too and then I won’t be able to live with myself if that happened. I think it’s best I go back to my parents and never come back here” she went on crying bittery.
    ” Stella you are a child of God and God forbid that . you think of your self in those lines. You have to calm down now and be optimistic. We both have had our lessons out of all this and am sure soon enough we will understand why this happened ” I explained holding her hands.
    She looked at me and sighed before laying back on the pillow.
    In silence I held her and watched her as she fall asleep.
    The following week, Mike and Chris were taken to court and Mike was given 6 years for his acts and Chris was given 3 years for acting jointly with him.
    Stella seemed at easy and she was slowly beginning to live normally. I had stayed by her side and didn’t allow her to go back to her parents who were now aware of her situation.
    They asked her to go back home but I pleaded for them to let her stay with me. ” l just hope you know what you are doing, our dota has has been through too much and we don’t want to hear her having some other issues going on there. Even if we are poor we have enough to offer her and we are ready to take care of her” her father had told me the time I went with her to explain things.
    I had promised to help her through so I brought her back home with me.
    A month later, we sat by the pool area, talking and laughing. She wore a see through blouse that showed off her skin and some leggings.
    I couldn’t stop admiring her as I sat opposite her. I had realised she was a very funny person to be with and had displayed very good senses in her line of thoughts.
    I was busy talking , I don’t remember what about , when she suddenly stood up running to the grass and started vomiting.
    ” Are you okey? ” I walked to her and held her shoulder as she breathed heavily.
    ” I have been feeling nauseous for some days now and this is the 4th time this is happening” she whispered.
    After she cleaned up she sat down her hands holding her head. ” What is it ?” I asked sitting next to her.
    ” Lucas if this is what I think then I don’t know , my life is over” she sighed
    ” What is it? Don’t scare m?” I asked panicking.
    ” I could be pregnant ” she told me seriously.
    ” But… How?” I stammered
    ” Yeah you and me have not been together since the last time Mike raped me, if its true then am carrying that lunatic’s child” she cried.
    I stood up shocked . ” Oh my God!” I sighed not knowing what to say.
    It was worse enough I had to put up with the madness of Mike now I had to sacrifice to raise his child.
    ” I can’t be with you Lucas, this is a sign. …then”
    ” Stop!” I shouted ” we dont know for sure. The best is you get tasted first and…”
    ” What happens if it’s true?” She cut me short and I stared at her speechless.
    I had honestly not thought of that before and it was hard to process everything in that moment.

    Episode 23

    Stella. …
    I kept my eyes on the ceiling as I lay back in the bed. I could feel Lucas’ eyes on me as he stood close to the closet. We just came back from the hospital and the Doctor just confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant.
    I was supposed to be glad that I was not barren after all. I knew some people had even formulated stories that I was barren no wonder my husband divorced me.
    I even heard how Mwenya had stayed on at Chris’ house claiming everything now belonged to her and her child as she had the rights because of the baby. Even though the family members from Chris were accusing her of planting the child on their son.
    One of the aunties I once met during the trial told me Chris could not father a child. He had a problem with his genitals when he was a child but they never told him before, hoping he would get better.
    Now that I knew I was not barren after all, how was I to celebrate and at the same time cry with the fact that the child in my womb was a product of a rape from a man I now dispised.
    Imagining how happy Mike could be if he knew it made me feel even worse. For sure he would do all he could to purnish me by getting the child or worse still using it to get to me again.
    I still felt him having 6 years wasn’t enough as he would be out and I had no idea how I was going to deal with him if at all he tried to come back.
    Tears fell freely from my eyes making the pillow case wet.
    ” let’s get married” i heard Lucas speak up looking at me.
    ” What ? Are you being serious right now,” I asked sitting up and looking at him.
    ” yes why not? Let’s get married and no one will ever know the child is Mike’s ” he shrugged coming towards me.
    ” that’s a very serious joke and honestly am not in the mood” I spat standing up and walking away from him.
    ” why? Don’t you want to be with me,” he asked disappointed
    ” Lucas please. Hear yourself out. I got divorced barely 3months past and been going through issues, now am pregnant for another man. You think this is the right time to ask me for marriage ?” I questioned him looking away.
    ” yes!” He answered blantly.
    I looked at him not believing him. He was serious and I couldn’t help wonder what was going on in his mind.
    ” I can’t, sorry ” I too responded without hesitation.
    ” yes you can. If you care for me even a little bit you are going to marry me because I love you. I want us both to stand together and raise that child. Letting you live with it alone will not make things easy for both of us. It’s better we never tell anyone about the father of this child and I will take him or her as my own ” he explained calmly and seriously.
    ” am not going to subject you to any of that. Am sorry Lucas, I have already made you sacrifice a lot for me. The money, the torture, right now I am staying in your house I can’t even give myself to you because of what I have been through. No, I won’t do this to you any more. This is over and am gong back to my parents. I will find a way of raising the baby because i cant abort an innocent child either” I clearly explained making my points and he kept on looking at me as though I was crazy.
    Without stopping I went on pulling out the few clothes that I had and packed them in the bag. Lucas sat back looking at me without saying anything.
    I needed to get out of there as the look on his face was making me want to cry. I grabbed my hand bag and put in the small items and later on pulled on some sandals on my feet standing up.
    ” am sorry we have to end this way. Trust me I had really hoped this worked out and I hoped for a new start with you but all this child thing has just changed everything. I can’t be with you Lucas. You are a good man and am sure one day you will find a woman that derseves all this your goodness.” I held his hand.
    ” don’t go please” he begged holding my hand but I slid it back and pulled my bag as I walked to the door.
    ” am so sorry this has to happen. ” I told him and held the handle to open the door.
    ” wait!” He shouted and ran to me crossing over the wide room and closing the gap between us.
    ” What?” I asked looking at him standing next to me.
    He said nothing, instead he removed the bag that was in between us and pulled me towards him. I was almost speaking but he closed my mouth with his, kissing me deeply.
    I tried to resist him but i couldnt. I felt myself drawn to him and he held me so close.
    He went on kissing and pushing me backwards until my back touched the table with a base of flowers in the corner.
    He pulled me up making me sit on it as he roughed pulled out my body top without stopping the contact with my mouth.
    I kissed him back and as he grabbed my back and pulled me closer to him standing between my legs I felt his man standing upright.
    ” Lucas!” I sighed breathlessly as he kissed my neck and every part of my face making small tickles that sent pleasure in my body.
    He didn’t bother to answer me. His eyes full of passion and desire it seemed he was going crazy.
    I gasped as I felt his hand push aside my underwear and he pushed himself through me gently making my body shake with pleasure.
    He breathed heavily as he went on kissing me and connecting himself with me with thrusts so warm and gentle I wondered what was wrong with me for wanting to leave all that behind.
    As the rhythm of the passion and pleasure increased making as both pant and breath like we were just from running several kilometres on a hot summer day, I made a loud scream of pleasure and vibrated right in his arms. He followed suit and we were motionless for minutes with him leaning on me still inside as I placed my back on the flower base closing my eyes and striking his back on top of his shirt.
    ” tell me you will never threaten to leave me again.” He spoke up not getting himself away.
    ” But Lucas, I.. ….”
    ” promise you will stay please. I love you, is it not enough?” He asked rubbing his head on my chest as I slowly and steadily wagged my leg as the warmth of his body kept on soothing my inside.
    ” with you this close to me, I can’t think properly ” I giggled honestly kissing his frontal lobe.
    ” if it means me not getting out of you to make you say it then am ready to stay in here” he whispered pushing himself in and out again making me close back my eyes feeling turned on again.
    I lifted his head and looked at his face.
    The well trimmed moustache round his face curving into a genuine smile.
    ” I don’t want to make some mistake that will make us both miserable in the future” I told him honestly.
    ” you won’t, i know what I feel and I am the one asking you. You are not forcing me to do anything here. ” he shrugged putting his hands on my two items on my chest slowly and gently twisting the pointed top skin as he spoke.
    ” but not marriage for now” I shook my head trying to concentrate on the conversation.
    ” as long as you are with me I don’t care about signing papers and taking some vows.” He smiled widely.
    ” so it’s a deal, we tell everyone this baby here” he put one hand on my stomac, ” is mine and the two of us will raise him or her together .” He added
    I nodded my head smiling. I looked up the ceiling taking in the light shining from the chandeliers wondering if it was the moment God was shining his blessings upon me and bestowing the joy and happiness in my heart.
    I felt him getting hard again and I looked down at his head which was moving about as his mouth grabbed my nipples.
    Hours later we drove out , he told me we had been closed in for a long time and needed some fresh air.
    I knew he loved seeing me in long shaping dresses so I put on a Gray one with gladiator sandals on my feet matching the black small bag I carried in my hand.
    He without hesitation held my waist as we moved along the corridors of levy park mall.
    I could see his pride as he walked head high I wondered how he could be so proud of a woman like me.
    ” Stella!” I heard someone call out just to see James waving at me to stop as he walked quickly towards us.
    ” hey!” I greeted surprised to see him.
    ” long time, I have been looking forward to meeting you again” he smiled widely.
    My heart skipped a bit recalling how I had left James after using his 15 thousand and telling him to get back to his wife. bag
    ” oh yeah” i sighed hoping the guy had not come with his own drama.
    “Swity this is an old Friend James ” I smiled looking at Lucas who was still holding me.
    ” nice to meet you” he extended his hand to James who smiled and shook it back.
    ” the pleasure is mine” he smiled.
    ” your husband? ” he asked looking at me.
    ” yes actually,” i nodded my head carefully as I looked at Lucas for approval.
    ” wonderful! Am happy for you dear. I just wanted to appreciate you for what you did for me last year. My home is now in order I guess I needed a push to realise what I was doing ” James chuckled making me sigh in relief.
    Here I was worrying some more drama was coming. .” Oh that’s wonderful!” I exclaimed,
    ” am glad you are okey and I wish you all the best” i smiled at him.
    ” yeah sure you are a good person. My wife has just gone inside there they are buying some clothings. I thought of saying hi to you” he shrugged and I smiled at him.
    ” I appreciate it so much. Please have a good day” i smiled shaking his hand.
    ” what was that?, Lucas asked as we walked away.
    ” oh my, let’s call it a good past” i winced at him and he shrugged smiling.
    ” a good past it is” he laughed tickling me.
    ” stop we are in public ” I let a laugh and he pulled me closer.
    ” exactly the point” he laughed making me step forward away from him as I laughed.
    I felt good and honestly at peace as he drove us back home after having our dinner out.
    ” I hope tommorow will be as good as today” I smiled and spoke in my heart as we drove into the yard.

    Episode 24

    8 months later..
    I took a walk out the yard my hand on my now large berry. Everyday I saw my Tammy grow bigger and Lucas stayed closer to me than ever.
    Sometimes I couldn’t help thinking of the possibility of the child being Mike’s. Everytime I felt the child kick I swear it didn’t feel like it was his.
    The gentleness of the child in me really didn’t feel like it came from him. Lucas always reminded me that there was a 50 50 chance of the baby being his. But my mind kept on telling me otherwise.
    My parents had scolded me for getting pregnant for a man who was not my husband but my mother’s voice of joy was evident as she spoke to me..
    She called me alone telling me how relieved she was that I was not barren as people had been saying it. ” take care of that man and child my daughter. It might be your chance to live a happy life that you have been longing for all the days of your life” she told me with a soft laugh.
    I felt a smile on my face as the baby kicked. ” feeling tired too?” I whispered rubbing my berry as I turned heading back home.
    I was getting to to the gate when I felt the contractions. Standing up straight I pushed myself inside walking slowly and steadily .
    An hour later I started feeling the contractions coming on again and this time getting closer to each other.
    ” oh baby you have to wait for you father” I sighed holding my back with one hand another on in the kitchen cabinet.
    The maid walked to me concerned.” You should really consider going to the hospital now, it’s your first child and it’s good you go early ” she held my hand.
    ” I want him to be there” I chuckled rubbing my berry. ” he told me he’s coming back today and I got to hold on a bit” I told her.
    She looked at me and shook her head.” You and the boss are really in love I envy you” she smiled.
    I walked back to the room looked through the small bag I had placed the baby’s clothes and smiled to myself. Lucas and I had been arguing about the sex of the baby and I was for a boy whilst he insisted on me going to have a girl. We didn’t bother having a scan to see the sex as we both agreed to see who wins the bet.
    ” Swity are okey,” Lucas asked when I answered his call.
    ” I got to go to the hospital Lucas I have been trying to hold on but the baby can’t wait anymore. ” I scoffed walking around the room as I talked.
    ” oh my God am an hour away from home. I will be there to take you soon okey?” He responded.
    ” I can’t wait for that long. I will have to get to the hospital. ” i winced painfully as the contractions came stronger again.
    ” the company driver is closer so am calling him to drive you to the hospital and will meet you there soon okey. Am almost getting into Lusaka ” he shouted back.
    An hour later I was admitted in the high cost merternity ward in UTH when Lucas came running.
    ” am so sorry love, I was caught up in traffic when coming in from coperbelt.” He panted holding my hand as i tried to stay calm..
    ” stop talking! I screamed at him and he smiled gently clearly understanding my pain.
    ” am here now” he sighed rubbing my head.
    ” I held on to his hand as the pain got worse and he squized my hand gently. ” you are going to be okey Swity” he whispered.
    ” leave now you cannot be here ” I shouted when the baby was almost coming out I could feel it.
    He sighed and shook his head. ” am not leaving you like this am going to be here” he answered calmly.
    ” I don’t want you to see me open up so that you loose your appetite for me you silly!” I screamed making the mid wife laugh.
    He smiled at me and slowly walked out I could see his worried face as he closed the door.
    An hour later I succesfully gave birth and the mid wife announced.. ” congratulations you have a baby girl ” she smiled handing the tiny being to me to hold her.
    The first sight of her made my heart leap with joy. ” she looks like him!” I smiled tears in my eyes.
    The nurse quickly cleaned me up and dressed her before calling in Lucas who came on running almost immediately.
    ” oh my God she’s so beautiful” he whispered touching her tiny hands.
    ” she’s your baby Lucas ” i smiled at him and he looked up at my face surprised.
    ” of course she s mine” he shrugged excitedly.
    ” I mean it” I repeated seeing he didnt get my point.
    ” what? ” he asked looking at the baby.
    ” you mean?…”
    ” yes! I laughed teary. Just look at her. You don’t need a DNA test to know that’s your face there! ” I said happily and I saw him open his mouth amazed.
    I slowly handed him the baby and he struggled to hold her. .” Hey baby! Am your father!” He smiled walking around as i smiled at them looking so perfect all the pain I was feeling was gone.
    I shed some tears of joy realising I actually gave birth to Lucas’ child.
    A month later we were both playing with the baby in her cort when the security guard came to tell us someone was outside the gate.
    ” who could it me?” I asked Lucas who kept his face on the baby
    ” I have no idea, let them come in” he told the guard without looking away from the baby we had named ‘ Lucy’ after Lucas’ mother.
    I was puzzled minutes later to see Mike’s parents walk into the house both of them looking around as they were led to were we sat.
    ” what are they doing Here?” I whispered looking at them making Lucas look the same direction too.
    ” What? You know them?” He asked me.
    ” yes swity! They are my parent’s neighbours, Mike’s parents ” I sighed standing up puzzled.
    ” aunty, uncle! ” I sighed standing to welcome them. ” what a surprise !” I smiled indicating to for them to sit down on the couch.
    Lucas too stood up carrying the baby in his hands and greeted them both.
    I looked at them and they kept on staring at the baby in his hands.
    I cleared my throat as I smiled looking at them
    ” hope all is well, I had no idea you would show up here all the way from Luanshya ” I spoke up not liking the suspense around. Lucas looked as calm as ever and played with Lucy’s hands.
    ” am sure you must be wondering why we are here” Mike’s father spoke up.
    ” yes so much in fact. The last time we had contact with your son things didn’t go well ” Lucas responded this time but his voice was stern and steady.
    They both looked at him and back at me.
    ” we went to see our son yesterday at the prison and he told us something that drew our attention” Mike’s mother spoke this time.
    ” what did he say?” I asked hating her cutting the story instead of going to the point.
    She cleared her throat and sighed before mentioning it.
    ” he said you were carrying his child and now we can see you even gave birth ” she went on looking at me.
    I was almost bursting out laughing at their stupidity. I wondered how they could even listen to their lunatic son for such a story.
    I stood up and looked at them for a minute before I shouted.
    ” i have known you my whole life and if not for the respect that I give to you like I do my parents, I swear to God I could have pulled you both out of this house. Is this some kind of a joke?” I asked with a slight laugh.
    ” no actually it’s not. Someone told Mike you were pregnant and counting the months according to him, you were with him before he went to prison. He claims the child is his and we believe him” his father spoke up serious and I lost it.
    ” get out! ” I shouted angrily
    ” i said out of my house” I raised my voice.
    Lucas put the baby back in the cort and came holding me.
    ” calm down Swity, don’t stress over this let me handle it” he rubbed my back.
    I breathed heavily as i refused to sit down. I felt the anger of whatever Mike made me go through rushing out my veins the two of them seemed like Mike himself before me.
    ” now, am sorry, my swity here is just upset this was unexpected ” Lucas leaned forward as he faced them both.
    ” am sure you are here because you believed your son. But one thing is for sure your son is in no condition to say or do the right things lately.”
    ” so you are saying our son is mad ? Do you know how much he has lost and is suffering because of this woman here!” His mother answered sarcastically.
    ” no, your son is getting what he derseves mam am sorry but a sane man can’t do what he did and you know that. Coming to the issue of that child laying there” Lucas paused looking at Lucy now in my arms and back at them.
    ” go and tell him that the child is not his. She s my baby and he knows I was with Stella way before he raped her. There is no need for all this drama. Everything is straight forward and stop wasting your money and time coming here ” he told them seriously and calmly.
    They went on arguing that a man knows when he had has gotten a woman pregnant and so their son was sure the child was his. They said whoever told them about the baby didn’t lie and the time matched.
    I sat down next to Lucas looking at them.
    ” did Mike tell you that he raped me? ” I asked straight up.
    ” what kind of a man does that to a person and you support that he’s not sick in the head” I snapped.
    ” it doesnt matter how the child was conceived . What matters is a child was born and it’s his blood.” His mother answered casually I felt like slapping her in the face.
    ” it’s not his child mam that baby doesn’t even look anything like him. Go tell him to rest easy and forget about my woman and my baby. This is my family here and am not going to tolerate any more drama.” Lucas told them off.
    ” now if you could please leave my house and never think of returning here.” He sighed steadily as he called the guard to show them the way out.
    ” this is not over! Our own son is suffering and the only crime he committed was falling in love with you” his mother shouted as she followed her husband outside.
    I shook my head not believing them as Lucas hugged us together with the baby.
    ” can you believe that nonsense? ” I asked sighing angrily.
    ” calm down Swity, no one will ever get close to you and our baby I swear I will protect you both with my life. He kissed my forehead.
    I knew he meant it and I was so proud of him. He was my dream man and I knew I was blessed to have him on my side.

    Episode 25 [Final]

    He stared at me like I was a piece of s***, the disgust so evident I felt like turning around and heading back home to my woman and kid.
    ” so what were the results?” Mike finally asked looking straight at me. I sighed calmly taking my time as I enjoyed the feeling I had inside. If only he knew how happy and excited I was feeling, he could have had second thoughts trying to intimidate me.
    Mike through his parents had kept on insisting the baby was his and after some weeks of trying to convince Stella who had clearly made her stand.
    ” Swity, I don’t care what Mike or anyone thinks, Lucy is your child and am not going to prove anything by subjecting my baby to any DNA testing. Let them go to hell for all I care” she snapped and looked away avoiding my pleading gaze.
    ” listen Swity, I know the child is ours and even if it were otherwise, I couldn’t have allowed them to take her away. He raped you and am sure the law could have supported us on keeping the child. So don’t worry yourself so much. Let’s just do this and prove them wrong so that they can rest easy” I convinced her..
    She still didn’t look happy about it but eventually she gave in.
    Mike’s father went to get strands of hair from Mike and we took Lucy’s hair in their presence taking it to the Doctor for testing.
    The weeks that we waited for the DNA to come out were seemingly not exciting as Stella’s mood wasn’t so good.
    I could see her cling to the baby like she was scared someone would take her away. I had to keep on assuring her. ” my worry is not that she s his child Lucas, I don’t like the intimidation that these people are making me go through its like re-living the pain that I have so much wanted to forget” she cried.
    I held her and told her things will be okey soon until the day the results came out.
    Now here I was facing Mike to give him the news which his father had got already. The moment the Doctor told us the baby was mine, I saw a sad look on his father’s face and I wondered why he so much wanted the baby to be his son’s when Mike had kids with another woman already.
    I believed the news my lawyer friend told me that they wanted to make money out of me for trying to adopt a child which wasn’t mine without legal permission.
    I cleared my throat my eyes on Mike who was practically hissing in anger. ” you will stay here and pay for your crimes, and when you finally come out, I should warn you before hand to stay away from my family. From today onwards forget about my woman Stella, forget about my baby cause this here” I said lifting the DNA results, ” is evident that you have nothing to tie you to Stella. The baby is mine. In case am not being clear” I paused unfolding the paper and placing it in front of him on the table separating us.
    ” Lucy is not your child. The DNA which I personally had to spend money on because you and your dramatic family had no coin to carry out one, shows that you are far from being her father. ” I announced and pushed the paper towards him which he stared at without touching it.
    ” you b******!” He screamed climbing the table to come chock me but I dodged his hand and the warder ran to push him back.
    ” you will pay for stealing my woman and for this humiliation ” he shouted angrily.
    ” the last time I checked, you are the one paying for your madness and if you are not careful, I have enough money to make you stay here longer than 6 years.” I threatened him and I saw his face grow red in Anger.
    ” have a good sentence and see you never!” I stood before him and threw the test results on him.
    ” am done here officer!” I raised my hand and the warder opened the door to let me out.
    I looked back as they locked back the door and saw Mike tearing the piece of paper like a mad person shouting some things out.
    Shaking my head I squized the keys in my hands and walked out.
    He stood outside by the pool after driving in I wondered what was now bothering him. My heart raced a bit as I walked to him handing the baby to be bathed by the maid.
    ” Lucas,!” I called him in a low tone like i was scared to face him.” What if the test was showing he wasn’t the father?” I asked myself with each step i took towards him.
    He turned his face towards me and opened his arms for me to hug him as he smiled widely making me sigh in relief.
    ” so?” I asked as he rubbed my back not breaking the embrace.
    ” I told you this is over. Am just from the prison to inform your ex boyfriend that he should never come near my family again. Lucy is my own blood and no one will ever cross me or say anything otherwise” he smiled gently stroking my hair.
    I stepped back looking at him. ” it’s finally over!” I exclaimed happily.
    ” yes it is!” He nodded his head placing my head in his palms.
    I sighed as i went back burrying my head in his chest.
    ” thank God! I just hope this will make him stay away from us for good. ” I whispered.
    Lucas assured me he would. Telling me by the time he walked out of Prison Mike surely would have thought through his mistakes if he was a normal man.
    ” I talked to his father at lengthy and he seemed to understand my concern of his son. He told me he would try talk to him and see how he would help him. ” Since Mike has kids already, he has no option but to try change and raise the kids as he should. ” Lucas explained Mike’s father’s words.
    ” it even seems the family sat together and the wife has agreed to take him back when he will be finally released” Lucas added as he held me to sit down with him.
    ” that’s good news, at least things sound promising” I responded
    26 months later….
    Chris was realesed from Prison as his sentence had come to an end.
    His sister who had not stopped contacting me told me so and unfortunately told me Chris was no longer the same.
    I asked what was wrong with him and she told me he was very sick and wanted to see me.
    ” go and see him” Lucas, told me after I was done explaining what Chri’s sister told me.
    ” but swity, for what? That man has ….”
    ” I know, he hurt you a lot” Lucas cut me,
    ” just go and hear what he has to say he won’t bite you or something. Fulfil a dying man’s wish” he had teased kissing my forehead as he lifted his brief case to go for work.
    Just let them wash the car for you since you complained it’s dirty and you can see him later in the day” he added and walked out leaving me staring at him.
    I took my time preparing not really intrested in seeing Chris. Until after 14 hours, I decided to finally go to UTH and pay him a visit.
    I walked into the hospital with his sister who had waited for me by the entrance.
    I would admit seeing Chris so weak and pale made me feel pity for him. He smiled a faint smile when I sat next to his bed.
    ” you came!” He whispered weakly his mouth dry.
    ” yes, how are you Chris?” I asked him trying to smile at his sad face.
    ” am dying Stella” he sighed sitting up revealing his very weak and now small body I swallowed hard to avoid crying.
    ” you are going to be okey Chris,” I tried to comfort him but he shook his head.
    I asked what was wrong with him and he narrated the story of how Mwenya had taken away all his things and ruined his business over the years he was in Prison. He told me she hired someone from inside the Prison to be feeding him small portions of some deadly drugs so that he would die.
    Asked how he knew about all that, he went on to explain how the same prison warder was charged with another case where he was accused and found guilty of poisoning the Prisoners on request from people outside.
    During his trial he even revealed the drugs he was adding to Chris’ food and revealed that Mwenya paid him to do that.
    I couldn’t help but shed tears. ” how can someone be so cruel?” I whispered tears in my face as I looked at Chris now crying too.
    ” I regret what I did to you, you loved me genuinely and did all you could to make me a better man but I failed you” he cried.
    ” I wish I could turn back the hands of time to make things right but I guess its too late now. The effect of the drug is so emmerse it has destroy my liver and kidneys, its just a matter of time and am gone. So I wanted to see you and apologise trully for all the pain I have ever caused you” Chris held my hand and talked sincerely.
    I stood up and held him tight in a hug as he cried in my chest. ” am so sorry Stella forgive me!”
    ” its okey Chris. It’s all in the past and I don’t hold anything against you. You are right we can’t change the hands of time but we both learnt our lessons. God willing you will survive this and am sure you will become a better man” I comforted him with a smile.
    I sat besides him for another 30 minutes as we talked about a lot other things.
    I told him about Lucas and he smiled.
    ” that idiot won after all” he teased with a laugh.
    ” yeah” I laughed shaking my head.
    ” Go and marry him. He’s the one for you. Some of us were just for a passing period and now I believe God was preparing you to be happy with him” he smiled looking at me.
    ” thank you for your kind words Chris and I wish you well too. I hope the police will find Mwenya and make her pay for what she did to you” i added as i stood to go.
    ” It doesn’t matter anymore. I lost everything already and now I await my day” he said calmly and sadly.
    I walked away feeling my heart heavy with pity. I had not anticipated feeling that sad about seeing Chris suffering. Even when all the time I had talked about him paying, now I wished I didn’t say the words.
    ” oh God” I sighed as I opened the door to the Toyota NAVARA that Lucas got for me. ” please heal him if you would” I prayed sighing and wiping my eyes.
    Lucas and I planned our wedding after I finally agreed to marry him. His mother who had practiaclly moved in with us after Lucy was born, helped me to organise what she called a wedding of the year.
    My friend Linda as always supported me and Made a lot of things easy for me. She was too married to her pastor lover.
    A month later, I walked to the aisle with my father holding my hand, our daughter Lucy sprinkling fresh petals on the red carpet displayed down our feet.
    The bells rang as everyone in the church stood up and turned their heads to the door. My UK imported wedding dress with a long tail trailing behind me as I slowly walked forward.
    The look on Lucas’ stunning face as he stood facing us in a blue well fitting tuxedo making him look like a billionaire from one of the magazines and making me feel so proud.
    He smiled revealing his white teeth as my father handed me to him.
    In all honesty, I had not seen that day coming. I had fallen in love with Lucas i felt like my whole life depended on him. He was my heaven sent and through out the vows i made them with a pure and sincere heart.
    He kept on smiling and whispering ‘ I love you’ every time he got a chance and I felt it.
    He found me and I was going to have a happy life besides him that I was sure of.
    We left for our honey moon abroad the following morning , leaving Lucy with her grand mother.
    ” I love you ” he kissed me after some turns of making love.
    “I love you too father of two” i smiled making him sit up surprised.
    ” yes” I nodded my head.
    ” what! Oh my God he shouted standing and lifting me up . ” since when?” He asked after kissing my face.
    ” 2 months ” I whispered making him jump in excitement.
    He couldn’t stop talking about how happy he was and I got tired of hearing his plans for our family.
    ” am proud of you” he sighed honestly as he rubbed my back and so was I.. …
    ……..The end……….

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