Story: The Minister's Son and I

    Episode 1

    The restaurant was obviously busy that evening, it was on a valentine evening and almost everyone walked in as a dual, a couple to be precise. It was a day that was special to many but same as other days to me. Love was just a hypocritical thing to be cerebrated, you only say you love someone when attracted to something they posses. You only need to announce the millions under your possession and all girls will swear upon their b—–s that they love you. That explains to you why richest but ugly men marries the cutest ladies whereas handsome poor men die single or ends up marrying leftovers of the tycoons, jilted used exhausted ladies. I never believed in love, not even when in London for my studies, I stuck to sports and novels. I walked into the manager’s office to inform him about the minister’s conference which was to be held in our restaurant in two weeks time, I had just received the news from Dad via phone call.I hated it when every worker around saluted me with respect and honour, I was just a minister’s son not the minister himself, I didn’t deserve all the honour. At the Manager’s office door I collided with a girl , she was carrying her suitcase so she stumbled and almost fell down. She turned to me sharply and I saw there was tears on her cheeks, her eyes were red. “Have you no eyes young man?!” She yelled.“Am sorry, it was an accident…” I tried to explain. It was clear that she never knew whom I was. She cursed as she collected her suitcase and headed downstairs, by then everyone around had stopped to witness, others with their mouths agape. Two securities rushed to arrest her as I got into the manager’s office to inquire in whom the girl was.“Good evening sir, welcome.” The fat man greeted with respect.“Thank you, tell me about the lady who has just left your office with a suitcase.” There was confusion on his face.“She was just our customer sir, she wanted a room for her night on credit, her master has just thrown her out of the house.”“She was a house girl?”“Yes sir.” He answered.“Did you give her the room?”“No sir, you know we don’t operate on credit, its your father’s rule number one sir.”There was a knock at the door and one guard stepped in.“Sorry for interruption sir, we have arrested the girl that has just insulted you, we are about to take her to the police station. Thank you sir.” He headed to the door.“Bring her upstairs and into this office.” I ordered.“Right away sir.” He opened the door and I could hear his boots down the stairs.I could see confusion on the manager’s face but he had no courage to ask me a single question. He was approximately my Dad’s age, I found her working in the restaurant when I was born, by then he was not as old as he seemed to be.“Am sorry sir, I never knew it was you, please forgive me.” She wept. There was something in her voice that seemed unique, something attractive, something charming.“Stand up, what’s your name?” She had been kneeling on the floor.“Thank you sir, am Serena Wairimu.”I ordered the two guards who had brought her to get out, only the Manager and I were left to listen to her.U can say hi to Abdul on 0247993262 to be added to Story Brooke “You had tears when we met at t door, why were you crying?” She touched her eyes as though to confirm whether there were more tears.“I don’t know where to sleep sir, its already late and master threw me out of the house.” She had flesh tears forming.“But why would he do that?” I was eager, why would a man send a girl out of the house at night? In such a dangerous city!“His wife is not around, he wanted to sleep with me and I refused.” I should have guessed it. She was weeping uncontrollably as she explained that her home was in Embu where she had lived with her mother who was a local brewer , her mother had been arrested and she had no option than to drop out of school to follow her friends in the city seeking for a well known job, house helping . The Mananger hesitated when I ordered him to giver her one of the VIP rooms in sixth floor, he had no option than to obey. I ordered a guard to carry her suit case to her room. I never knew why I did all that, one thing I was sure was that I was not in love. I didn’t know how sure I was but my valentine had just began.I knocked the door number 768 VIP and she opened, my wrist watch read 22.45 pm .“Sir?” There was shock and confusion on her face.“Am David not sir” I smiled to ease her tension . every part of her body was visible through her red pyjama, indeed it was on a Valentine night.

    Episode 2

    “Welcome sir.” She stood from her seat.“David” I corrected her ones more.“Am sorry sir, welcome sir David.” I couldn’t help laughing. The more I tried to correct her the more she seemed embarrassed. I saw her glance at the clock on the wall, she was no doubt wondering what I had come for at that time of the night. My stare on her well exposed body might have gave her an idea. The wrong idea for that matter, I was there to see how I could help her, I wasn’t there for her pants.I sat on one of the simple chairs some metres away from where she sat.“Am sorry I forgot your name.” I said to break the silence. She seemed so uncomfortable, very embarrassed, maybe due to the fact that the biggest part of her body was exposed. I could tell that her bra was of, I wasn’t sure about her pants. All I knew was that she was ready to sleep.“Am Serena sir.” She said humbly.“Yeah, that’s it, so, tell me Serena, what’s your plans?”“Sorry?”“What do you plan to do tomorrow? Go back to Embu?” She was still staring to the ground in embarrassment. Girls are funny sometimes.“I would like to go back but I have to find a new job in order to clear my debt in your restaurant and as well get some money to get a lawyer for my mother.” I saw tears forming in her eyes, her voice was getting thick with emotions. It was a sad voice that penetrated somewhere in my heart. Deep within me I made a vow to do anything to help her. I had never felt for anyone the way I way I was feeling for her. Its like some connections were growing between us. I still never wanted to think it in a direction of love. For how long can a man escape from the jaws of love?At the back of my mind I knew there was Ndegwa’s daughter, Ndegwa was the minister for transport and communication, he was the closest friend to my Dad who was the minister for internal security. My Dad had already made it known to me that I was supposed to marry Hon. Ndegwa’s daughter to strengthen their friendship. Besides of them being close friends, Dad and Ndegwa were business partners.Ndegwa’s daughter was famously known, her name was joy. She was doing her masters degree in law in the united states. It was already seven years since I met her in their home in Karen where her Dad had arranged a big party for her birthday. By then both of us were shy, we had nothing to talk about. If it wasn’t my Dad’s demand, I wouldn’t have accompanied him.Back to my Serena.“Don’t mind about the bill, I will take care of that.” I saw her face brighten.“Thanks a lot sir! I never knew such good people would exist in the city.” Her words made me laugh.“They do, now I have to take my leave, don’t leave before you see me tomorrow.” I stood to leave.“Thanks a lot sir. I will see you sir.” She stood to open the door for me, exposing more than I had already seen. It seemed to me my valentine was well spent.“Enjoy your night.” I said as I stepped outside.“You too sir, thank you.” I don’t know whether she closed the door or she spent with it open because I could still feel her eyes on my back as I walked along the pavement.I had very little sleep that night, her image was all over my mind. I couldn’t even concentrate in my favourite series, Merlin. It was not until dawn that I got some sleep and dreamt with her.At exactly 8.15 a.m I was in my favourite car outside the restaurant, I had sent my driver Ken to get her. In ten minutes time Serena and Ken arrived.“Put her bag at the back seat.” I ordered or rather requested as I got out of the car.“Good morning Serena.” She looked so confused, I had not told her anything.“Good morning to you sir.”“Get into the car, I want to take you home.” I opened the door for her.“Am sorry sir, I can’t, please give me my bag.” She said with a serious tone.“Why?”“I must find a job and get money for my mother’s lawyer.” She complained taking her bag from Ken.“That’s why we are going home, I will take Care of that, I am a professional lawyer.” I saw her face brighten with shock.“Sir I can’t take all that favour from you,thankyou for the offer, its so big for me, goodbye.” Her voice was sad again.“You want your mother to lot in jail? Do you have an idea of what she must be passing through?” I was getting even with her stubbornness .“OK then, let’s go.” I smiled at her words, I don’t know why I smiled but all in all, I smiled.“Ken?”“Yes sir.”“Today your services won’t be needed, please rest.”“But sir…..”“Tell Dad I went to see a friend in Umoja.” I started the car with Serena beside me.

    Episode 3

    At around 11pm we arrived at Wang’uru cells where Serena’s mother was being detained, she had never been taken to court.” I though you said she is in jail.” I turned to Serena whose face was already showing her curiosity in meeting her mother.“Yes, she is jailed here, they never even took her to court.” She said sadly.“These are police cells, they are breaking the law by detaining her without trial. Its unjust and against the constitution.” It was very annoying to see how poor people were mistreated. Rich people especially politicians murdered and went free, on the the other hand a poor man would die in prison for being suspected of killing a rich man’s dog. I refused to let wealth harden my heart against the poor. The government official failed to discover that their salary was from the lower class and middle class taxations. A roadside banana seller would spend months in jail for not paying tax as the MP months in jail for not paying tax as the MPs passed bills for their salaries not to be taxed. That was the nation, the country we lived in. The poor people were slaves in their own nation.I stepped out of the car and opened the door for Serena, she still seemed afraid of all that I did for her.“Thank you sir.” She almost bowed, I didn’t like it.“For heavenly sake drop that term ‘sir’ it stops my digestion. Please.” I tried to sound more serious.“Sorry sir, no, am sorry, I will try my best sir.” She held her mouth. There was no point on warning her, it seemed it was part of her breath.On the reception there were two police, both ladies. None of them raised her face even after greeting them, police are very arrogant. They never hesitate in being used by rich people to harass their fellow poor people. Its worse when a police is a lady. Very arrogant.“My name is David and my wife here Serena.” One of the ladies raised her face but her colleagues seemed busy on her phone. I felt agitated. I knew my introduction had shocked Serena, there was no time to consider that.“Go ahead.” The Lady said rudely as she opened the OB book.“We are here to see lady Mary Wangechi, the information am getting is that you arrested and have detained her for two months now, without trial.” Both ladies were now staring at me. They smiled at each other and giggled, it was obviously an insult.“Thanks for the long story but point of correction, its two and a half months now, not just two.”  One of them shouted as her friend continued laughing.” For your information, you won’t see her today. Please get lost!” She ordered raising her lace. I felt like laughing,Serena was obviously holding her breath.“I need to see the police inspector. Please show me his office.” My request was met by an irritating laughter.I had no choice than to find a solution, I never wanted to reveal myself so fast. The gateman was to be my solution. He hesitated but on giving him a thousand shillings note, he gave me the direction and the number of the inspector’s office. Serena walked beside me.I knocked the office and the harsh voice welcomed us in. A tall black man man sat on a swinging chair. He raised his face and I saw shock on it.“David?.” Had he recognized me?I did not answer, he grabbed one of the newspapers on the table. My arrival from London was part of the headlines, I was known nationally due to Dad’s fame in politics.He looked at the picture then at me, again and again until he was contempted that it was me.“Sir? What an honourable visit? Please sit down.” He stood up, removing her cap.“Thank you sir. We don’t have much time, am here to see my mother in law. Mary Wangechi. She was arrested two months ago, she is being detained here with no trial. I want to act as her lawyer.” I said, I gues I was harsh.” No need sir, we will release her at ones, I never knew you were related.” He pleaded.“Related or not, justice is a right to every citizen. I must see every unjust action against her punished.”The man pleaded more when I informed him the misconduct of his police at the OB.He made two calls, one ordering Serena’s mother to be set free. The other call ordering the two rude ladies to report to his office.The ladies arrived first.It was clear that they were shocked to find us in the Inspector’s office.

    Episode 4

    .It was one week since i played a key role in the release of Serena’s mother. I was still confused on what to do, there was no doubt I loved Serena. The problem was on how to let her know, how do I tell her? Where do I start? She would obviously be my first girl to approach for a relationship. What if she says no to me? The shame will obviously be big for me to bear. I wondered whether she had admired me, did I even catch her stealing a glance on me? Hell no, Serena didn’t like me, or else she had a lover? This village girls are strange, some loose their virginities as early as ten years. Would I ask her first if she is a virgin? She will obviously feel shy and think me foolish.’ That was what was going on in my mind as I drove towards Embu.I knew Serena and her mother respected and honoured me, they even feared me but I needed more, I needed Serena in my arms. My heart yearned for her, I always dreamt of her. She never left my mind, had she bewitched me?At exactly 1100 hours I made a u-turn in their compound. I have been there twice and now thrice, in both of my trips there I hadn’t the courage to tell her how I felt.Was she so thick to discover that I was in love? I wouldn’t have minded if she said “I accept you David.” Even before waiting for me to propose, I swear to God she would have saved me great.Serena’s mother came to welcome me. It was obvious that Serena was not around. I prayed silently that she had gone to the shop so as to return shortly.“You are welcomed my son.”“Thank you Mom, is Serena not around?” Was there any need to pretend that I wasn’t curious. She smiled at my question.“Sit down first my son.”“Not before I know where Serena is mom.” I meant my words.“OK then. I will let you know.” She called her youngest son the brother to Serena, about twelve years of age, he was in the neighbour’s house.“His name is Daniel, he was in school when you visited us but I have told him about you my son.” She introduced him. As expected he was as brown as Serena with an innocent look like his sister. He wore a dirty torn trouser which was hard to describe its colour, his shirt was more of a vest than a shirt. I had seen boys of his age dressed in more pathetic clothes than his in the village during my two visits. A big percentage of them never went to school, he was just among the few lucky ones.“Hello Daniel.”I gave him my hand but he hesitated.“Greet him, wacha woga Dan.” His mother instructed smiling shyly. The boy gave a brief handshake but I didn’t miss to notice the hardness of his palm.“Vaa nguo zako za shule umpeleke kwa Serena.” The mother instructed.“Why all that mother? Let’s go the way he is, Dan, ingia kwa gari twende.” I said politely.“No son, he is so dusty to get into your car, let him change.”She pleaded.I insisted of going with him the way he was, it was obvious that the only clean or extra clothes he had was his school uniform.My curiosity was on where my Serena was.As soon as Daniel got into my car, I started it and drove according to the directions he gave.In fifteen minutes time, we got into a dusty shorping centre which seemed busy. Few words passed between Daniel and I, he seemed so afraid to talk. He only said “this way, no and yes.”I parked the car outside a certain shop as he instructed and got out, I opened for him.“She is in this shop.” He pointed.“She works here?”Before he could answer, there was Serena at the door. “Sir? David?” She shouted.“Yes Serena. Am back again.” I said walking ahead as she came so we met at the centre.I felt like hugging and giving him a prolonged kiss, only to remember I had never kissed.“Please come inside, karibu sana.” She said humbly.“Thank you, you never told you work here.” I complained as I followed her inside. She laughed.“I have been here for two days now, today is my third day sir.”“Call me sir again and I will leave at ones.” I joked, I hated the term when she used it.“Am sorry, I respect you, I bought this shop with the money you gave me. I owe it to you.” That surprised me. I was proud of her, she was proving to be very wise. She would have spent it to buy clothes and other funny things, she chose wisely.I was about to congratulate her when I saw something that startled me, I felt as though my heart had stopped when I saw a guy of my age in the shop arranging the stock. There was no doubt, I was right.“You are married?” I couldn’t hide my disappointment.

    Episode 5

    “David…..She seemed embarrassed, maybe I would have been more paient.“David, meet my cousin James.” I was embarrassed, I guess I looked stupid but at least my mind and heart were satisfied.“Hello James.” We shook hands though he seemed so afraid too.“Jamoh, meet David, the minister’s son, I told you about him.” I liked every time she mentioned my name. They offered me a simple chair and a bottle of soda which I took with some cakes. I was obviously feeling hungry so I didn’t hesitate. James was a social guy and I came to like him, we conversed for more than two hours in the shop. Serena was sometimes with us but was much engaged with the customers. There was no doubt that the shop had already started doing well.The only thing I missed was to be left with Serena, James never discovered that so he kept narrating more and more stories. He told me how he had dropped out of school due to lack of school fees after his father’s death. I promised him a job in one of our businesses in the city.“I will be so happy sir, have never been there.” He confessed happily. I wondered whether he would help me to convince Serena.At around 1400hours I was ready to leave, I was already annoyed with James, I even doubted if he was Serena’s cousin. It seemed to me that he remained in the shop to prevent me from achieving my main goal. How could I approach her with him around?“Serena, I want to leave.” I said standing from the chair.“How fast? We enjoy your presence and company here. Stay a little longer please.” Her offer gave me some hope, did she like me? Maybe she even loves me. I smiled at the thought, she was looking at me so she laughed at my smile, I feared she might have read my mind.“Yes, i mean i do,,i,,,,i will come again, no doubts.” I was totally confused, my mind was forcing me to say ‘I love you too, i will marry you.’ She must have been shocked by my sudden state of confusion. “Where is Daniel?” I tried to change the topic and appear calm.“Let me fetch him for you sir.” James offered rushing outside. The moment i had wished and prayed for, Serena and I were alone ones more, i vowed never to let that golden opportunity go. The problem was where to start.She must have sensed it coming , I saw it from the way she turned out busy, arranging and rearranging everything, she avoided my eyes.“Serena?” I guess my voice was thick with emotions. It was time.She turned to look at me, she seemed so weak to answer me.I moved closer to where she was standing. She looked so scared when I held her two arms so that we faced each other.Our eyes met and made vows before our mouths did. I could hear my heart and her’s exchanging beats.Slowly our arms opened for each other and we embraced. I squeezed her t–s against my chest and wished to remain that way forever.“I love you Serena, it have taken me days to say it but I desperately love you.” I said passionately.She suddenly pushed me away violently, as though she had remembered something. I felt so disappointed , had I said something wrong?“Serena please!”“I can’t.” She shouted, tears forming in her eyes.I felt embarrassed to discover that Daniel and James had seen the whole drama, they were seated at the back of the shop.“OK, please don’t cry.”I whispered.“I must leave now.” I felt so annoyed, so disappointed, there was no doubt that she hated me.“Daniel? Escort me to the car.” The boy stood up and followed me out, I had already said goodbye to James and requested him to take care of Serena who was still sobbing.“Take this and buy some new clothes and shoes.” I gave him four thousand shillings. I knew it was too much for a young boy.“Thank you very much sir!” He was very excited.“Give this card your sister, tell her to call me anytime.”“Okay sir, I will.”“Goodbye Daniel.”“See you sir, thanks, please come again.” I forced a smile as I nodded my head to indicate a ‘yes’. I doubted if I was ever to step in that place again.I opened the front door of my car and set my right foot inside.“David?” I turned sharply to see Serena standing at the door of the shop.I looked straight in her eyes, she smiled and ran forward as I ran.

    Episode 6

    “David, I love you more than you can imagine.” She hugged and kissed my lips. I felt as though the whole world was my stone to step. I needed no more words from her, she was all I needed.I removed my golden ring, of course blaming myself for not carrying a ring for my new found queen. I was not sure on which knee to kneel so I foolishly knelt both. It was an opportunity I couldn’t afford to delay leave alone loosing. I looked straight in her eyes as I raised her left hand, holding her second from last finger.“Serena my love, will you …”“The answer is yes David, it suits me my love.” I saw tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes. She took me up from the ground after placing the engagement ring around her finger, I took her into my arms, her tear drops fell on my chest.It was a day that completely turned my life, it was a new beginning, a new struggle and a new story. From then I decided to change the title of my autobiography from the ‘minister’s son’ to the ‘hidden secrets’.Back into the ‘minister’s son. Serena and i exchanged more and more promises, than heavens she had stopped fearing me. She confessed her sudden feelings for me the first day we collided in the restaurant.“You felt for me yet you yelled at me?” I teased.“I didn’t recognize my feeling for you as love by then.” She smiled. “But now you do?”“Yes my king.” She hugged me ones more before leading me back into the shop. I never felt like leaving for the city, unless she was to leave with me. I made a phone call to the restaurant Mananger informing him that I was to be late and that he was to take the money into the bank.No sooner had i hanged the call than my mother called.“Hello mom?”“Yes Dave, where are you? Your Dad is so upset about you.”“But ma’..”“No son, just come now, you never even carried your male servant leave alone your driver, what’s wrong with you?” I knew she was upset. Dad must have quarreled everyone at home including her.“Sorry Mom, i went to see my friend just near Embu, i …”“Embu? Are you out of your mind young boy…”“Am not a boy mother, am on my way, am sorry.” I hanged the line and turned off my phone. For the first time I was a rebel to my mother, it was obviously embarrassing as Serena and her relatives that is James and Daniel seemed to have heard part of it.I had to make arrangements for Serena’s coming into the city.At around 1700hours i left for the city feeling excited but empty, i felt as though I had left my heart with Serena. On my journey all was about Serena, i even turned of the music so as to think about her well. Sometimes i would turn and see her sited beside me in the car, then she would disappear. My journey to the city seemed so short, there were so many love songs closing my mind. I wondered the type of gift Iwould buy for her in our next meeting. I now knew why there was a valentines day, love was not a lie. So many fake loves existed but true love was real and true. Had I not met her on a Valentine’s evening?I drove into our compound through our main gate at exactly 1920 hours. All the cars were already in the parking, i didn’t wait for my driver to park it, i made a u- turn and parked it.I saw my male servant Brian coming from my house. He looked excited on seeing me.“Welcome sir.”“Thanks Brian, how was the day.”“Fine, thank you sir.” I detected an something unusual in his look. Its like he tried to hide something, or else he had something to say and didn’t know how to say it.“I will take my birth first. Take this.” I gave him my coat.“OK sir, I prepared the bath tab sir.”I had a feeling of going to see my mother first but i decided to take a cold bath first, so i followed Brian into my house.Brian was not as social as he was in other days, maybe Dad had threatened to dismiss him for not knowing where I was. Was it his fault? I pitied the poor Brian, i would give him some cash, it would make him happy again.I entered the main door and sensed some strong strange perfumes. I was about to ask Brian where he got the idea of spraying the house with such a choking perfume when someone appeared from the living room.“Hello David.” She was a fairy tall brown lady, fairy slim, she wore a white short and a red top. Her long blown hair lay on her back. I knew whom she was. I had seen her some years back but I remembered her.“Joyce?”“David?”She was minister Ndegwa’s daughter.

    Episode 7

    “Surprised to see me, David?” Joyce smiled.“Not really but yes, well, let me come.” I faked a smile and left the house. I felt like getting into the car and driving, driving, yes, driving up to the end of the world. Why was fate so unfair? I had a good day where my dream wife accepted to marry me, here now my shortlived joy was over.I wondered why Dad would do that, bringing a girl into my house without my consent , i had only one decision, to move away from the cursed home. I would use the little cash i had to settle somewhere else, i would soon marry Serena. I wanted to spend my night in the restaurant and start my exile on the following day, before I got into my car, a thought struck my mind, my dad would stop at nothing in reaching me. He would do anything to achieve his wish. Running away from the trouble is only giving it time to grow bigger. The best solution is to face and fight it before it grows.I stormed into the living room where Dad and Mom were relaxing, non of them seemed excited to see me as usual. There was some tension in the atmosphere.“Hello Mom, hello Dad.” I greeted as i sat in their opposite direction.“Where have you been without a driver, guard or your servant?” My mother was concerned.Dad was stating on the telly, i knew he was furious.“I had gone to see a friend ma’ didn’t need company.” I saw Dad place his furious glare on me.“Have you gone mad? Can you explain to us where you got the permission to go ordering police to release criminals out of their custodies, in my name?!” His eyes were red. He seemed more old in his new look. His face was pale, blood vessels were clear on his forehead.“Am lost Dad.”“David, why are you disgracing me? In Wang’uru police station, what did you do?” I almost fainted, who could have told him about it? The police inspector?“That you even have a mother in law of a criminal? At my back?!” He added, knocking the TV remote against the table.“She was innocent Dad, she needed justice. Am sorry that i didn’t inform you, am ….”“Shut up! Idiot! What do you know about justice?” He seemed so mad at me, thank God I was meters away from him. I would storm out in case he decides to threaten me.“Not much but I know injustice when I see it Dad, i have masters in law. I did what…”“Shame on you!” He never gave me time to complete my statements. I felt my anger grow from inside. ‘untill when will I worship and fear his wrath?’ It was time. Time to break the bondage. Time to rebel, with fear, i would never fight for our marriage with Serena.“I heard you have gone chasing village girls, having my name tainted…” He started calmly.“I chased no village girl!” I was upset, if he was referring to my Serena then, that was a sin, a crime.“David!”“Yes Ma’”“Respect your Dad.” justice?” He seemed so mad at me, thank God I was meters away from him. I would storm out in case he decides to threaten me.“Not much but I know injustice when I see it Dad, i have masters in law. I did what…”“Shame on you!” He never gave me time to complete my statements. I felt my anger grow from inside. ‘untill when will I worship and fear his wrath?’ It was time. Time to break the bondage. Time to rebel, with fear, i would never fight for our marriage with Serena.“I heard you have gone chasing village girls, having my name tainted…” He started calmly.“I chased no village girl!” I was upset, if he was referring to my Serena then, that was a sin, a crime.“David!”“Yes Ma’”“Respect your Dad.” Am sorry.” It wasn’t like me to be rude to my parents, moreso the fierce Dad.“Well, seems you have grown big, big enough to shout at me David.” He said after a long silence.” Am sorry Dad.”“Joyce, the ministers Ndegwa’s daughter came to visit us today and she is ready for your marriage, she is in your house. Joyce and you have a lot to talk on where and how you want your wedding to be.” He smiled, he was confident that his news to me would make me happy.I looked at my mother who smiled shyly and the two laughed.It was time to show my stand, time to reveal what i would die for.“Am sorry Dad, i appreciate your concern but the issue of my marriage is personal to me.”“What??” They asked simultaneously.“Yes Dad, i have found a wife, her name is Serena, i love her, no wall will ever contain my love for her, I will marry Serena.” I saw my Dad stand on his feet breathing hard out of furry . My mother’s face was on her laps.“Listen to me you stupid son!” His voice vibrated with anger .”I don’t care the kind of spells those witches have casted on you, or the kind of love portions the have placed on you, but you must marry Joy, period!” He sat back on his sofa.“Dad I love Serena, i don’t love Joy, how do i leave the girl i love….”“Stupid son! What do you know about love?” I felt agitated by his words.“Enough to know i love Serena, Serena is my wife!” I stood up and headed for the door.“Son! Come back here!” My mother commanded. She was following me outside. “David? Are you mad?” We were already out of the house. She had been the closest person to me, i saw her as my strength, my mother was always understanding. I decided to stop and listen to her.“Son? Come on, i am your mother, listen to me.” She urged.“But you guys don’t want to listen to me.”” Not that way son, you know I love you my son.”“If you love me talk to Dad.”“I will son. But do me a favour as I convince your Dad about you marrying the village girl..”“Not village girl, Serena!”“Sorry son, do this for me and I will stand by you in that, so long as you convince me that Serena loves you as you claim to love her.” She promised, thus giving me some hope. “Which favour mother?” I would do anything to have her support .“Don’t show any sign of rejection to Joy, be nice to her tonight, talk to her nicely, make her happy and tomorrow I will make arrangements for her to leave. She had just come for a one day visit.” It was a difficult task. Being nice, spending the night, maybe even spending my bed with her, maybe even……devil take it!I remembered Serena, her smile, kiss and hug. If that sacrifice would make our marriage happen then i was for it.My mother informed me that food would be served in my dining room by 2030hours. I was not to join them for super, Brian and Rozina(my mother’s personal maid) would make the arrangements.One thing was still not clear to me, yet I couldn’t ask my mother. “Did being nice to her mean even having s-x? ” I had never had any, I wouldn’t have my first with other girl than Serena. How sure that was the night would tell.At exactly 2330 hours, i left the bathroom with a towel around my waist. I got into my dressing room, dressed into maroon pyjamas and headed to my bedroom. It wasn’t locked, i saw Brian walk downstairs. There was no doubt he had been making my bed.“Goodnight sir.” He shouted on discovering that I was looking at him.“You too Brian.”I pushed the door into my bedroom.There she was again! Joyce, on her red pair pants and black pair of bra. She was laying flat on my bed, staring at the ceiling, her t–s pointing sharply to the ceiling. We had talked a lot in the dining room, I had no choice than to…

    Episode 8

    I stayed indoor all through the weekend revising all we had learnt for that week. I kept getting nervous as the new week drew closer. maybe because it was the week I would start the tutorial with Sharon. I had tried to assure myself that all would be fine, but it didn’t do much because I kept getting nervous. how will I sit alone with her in a room and she wouldn’t notice I’m a shy guy. I pray I don’t embarrass myself when I’m with her. The new week came and I got prepared for my first lecture for that week. I took the campus shuttle that would take me directly to the building I was having my lecture. I didn’t realize I was in the same bus with my course mate, Sylvia, until she spoke to a lady beside her. I made sure she didn’t notice I was in the same bus with her. I quickly brought out money from my wallet and paid for the both of us without letting her know. I told the driver not to collect money from her when she tries to pay. I believed it was the right thing for me to do. when we got to our destination, she tried to pay but the driver told her that someone had already paid for her. she asked who was the person and the driver pointed at me. that was when she realized I was in the same bus with her. she approached me and glared at me. the smile I was trying to  keep on my face disappeared immediately. I was thinking she was coming to thank me, but the glare she just shot me made me nervous. she brought out some money from her purse and force it into my hand. “next time don’t try to pay for me without my notice. I didn’t ask for your help” she said to me in a note of warning. She shot me one last glance and walked out on me. I stood at that particular spot like a statue, staring at the direction she took. I tried to remember if I had said or done anything wrong to her before for her to direct such anger to me, but I couldn’t seem to remember anything. this was too much for me to bear. I have never been this embarrassed all my life. I wished I never paid for her. I wished I had known this would happen, I would have avoided it. my leg suddenly became too heavy for me to lift. I managed to plod ahead to where my first lecture was holding. All through the lecture, I didn’t concentrate. I kept trying to figure out what I could have done to that lady that made her behave that way towards me. could it be that someone might have said something bad about me to her. all my effort to figure out what I could have done was fruitless, because I couldn’t seem to remember anything. I stole glances at her from time to time to see if she was looking at my direction, but all her attention seemed to be focused on what the lecturer in class was saying. After lecture, I went to the school restaurant to have lunch. just when I was at the counter placing my order, Kate walked into the restaurant with two of her friends. I believed they had come there to have lunch also. I tried as much as possible to hide behind the guy standing at the counter with me, but my effort was fruitless because she saw me immediately she entered the restaurant. she walked towards me with her friends right beside her. “hi” I said immediately they got to me. “wow Christian! we meet again” she said “yeah” I responded. “you came here to have lunch right” she said “not really. I’m not having my lunch here. I’m buying in a take away pack” I responded. I initially wanted to have my lunch in the restaurant, but seeing Kate and her friends made me changed my mind, knowing fully well that I would have to be on the same table me them. That would be deadly for me. I might just collapse unknowingly. “okay, but you are paying for my lunch.” Kate said “no problem, you can order for anything you want” I responded “are you not buying for us also?” one of her friend asked. “you can order for anything you want also” i said to her “thanks” the lady responded “you are welcome” I said I waited for them to order for whatever they wanted so that I could foot the bill. Just when I was about paying for their meal, the other lady beside Kate distracted me. “sorry, I hope you don’t mind paying for the one I’m taking away” she said My mood suddenly changed when she made that statement. I tried not to show the look of disappointment on my face. so if I pay for your meal here, I would still pay for the one you will take away. am I your father? That was what I wanted to say but dare not say it. “you can have anything you want” I said against my decision. I watched with teary eyes as they all place their order. the amount of food they ordered made me wonder if they wanted to feed their families with it. it was certain that I would trek back home, because I was sure there won’t be any money left with me when they are done with their order.I had no option than to use the guest’s room for my night.“Goodnight Joyce, i will be in the guest room.” I tried to sound more polite than I sounded. Joy well built beautiful girl, her charming eyes would have tempted any man. Her body had a good shape, the only thing that stood between Joy and I was my passionate love for Serena.On wishing her goodnight, she seemed startled, maybe even shocked or maybe disappointed.“Why not spend here? Coz of my presence?” She sounded offended.“No no no, no please Joyce, I just thought you would like it that way.” I didn’t want to cause any tension, or even break my deal with mom.“You are my husband to be David, how can i mind sleeping beside you?” She stood from the bed. I was confused, totally confused. She came to me, i wanted to move away but my legs couldn’t move, it seemed to me that I was in a dream. A dream where you would dream of a lion coming to kill you but your legs fails to move, your voice fails to shout for help, you wake up panting like an antelope. I waited for her to approach so I could wake up panting but I couldn’t, she held my two hands and stared into my eyes.“Am all yours David, destroy me if you wish.” She made her t–s touch my chest on their n —–s. Her mouth came so close to mine, her strong perfumes penetrated through my nose. I remembered my kiss with Serena, it was so sweet to be mixed. Our lips were almost in touch when i pushed her away. I was back into my senses, my mother had put me in a terrible trap, making love to Joyce meant marrying her. How would I convince the world that i never wanted to marry her yet I slept with her? What if she gets my child?“I think you need pyjamas, I will get them for you” I pecked her on her left cheek, rubbed it slightly, winked at her and headed for the door.“But David….”“I will be right back my dear.” I opened the door and was grand to be out of that room.I took more than twenty minutes in my dressing room, I was trying to figure out on what to do.There was a knock at the door and I knew i was finished. I was sure she had followed me in my dressing room after being impatient. Who showed her my dressing room, I wondered why she couldn’t see I had no interest in her.“Sir?” I recognized the voice, it was Brian, my servant. I sighed with relieve.I got a plan!“Yes Brian, come in.” He pushed the door and entered.“Sir? Its late, you should be asleep.” He was concerned.“Yes Brian, I want you to do everything I will tell you to.”“OK sir, you know I will always obey you.” He said seeming curious.In ten minutes time, Brian carried me into my room where Joyce was half asleep. I didn’t mind Brian seeing her in her pants and bra. She was shocked to see me being placed on bed.She even forgot she was half naked and jumped from the bed.“Jesus! What happened? What happened to him?” She shook Brian by his shoulder for an answer.

    Episode 9

    I left the restaurant with just hundred naira. what those ladies did to me showed that they have no conscience. They didn’t consider the fact that I’m a student. I still thanked God that the hundred naira left with me would be enough for me to take a bus back home. After lecture for that day, Sharon reminded me of our tutorial and I assured her that it would hold. she said she would be coming to my place by 6pm. I left the school immediately to prepare myself before she comes. I made sure that everything in my room were well arranged. I placed the two plastic chairs in a spot where it would be comfortable for her, because I don’t think having it close to my bed would be comfortable for her. Just exactly 5:45pm, my phone started ringing. I picked the call when I realized Sharon was the caller. “hello Sharon” i said “hi Christian. I’m on my way now” “okay, I’m waiting” I responded “I will be there in ten minutes” she said “okay” i responded I ended the call and took a deep breath. I assured myself that all would be well. I had prepared for this already so I had nothing to be scared of. 15minutes later, I heard a knock on my door and I knew she was the one. ‘Christian you can do this’. I said to myself as I walked to the door. I open the door and froze at the beauty before me. I stared at her open-mouthed. I knew Sharon is a pretty lady, but didn’t know she is as gorgeous as the lady standing at my door. it was as if she came to intimidate me with her beauty. “will you let me in or keep staring at me” she said when I didn’t say a word after opening the door. “sorry” i said and quickly gave way for her to enter. I locked the door immediately she entered. I could see her admiring the beauty of my room. “wow! you have a nice place” she said “thanks” I responded “please have a seat” I said pointing at the plastic chair in my room. She ignored the chair I was pointing at and went to sit on my bed. I stood at a spot, wondering if I was supposed to sit beside her on my bed or just sit on the plastic chair instead. “won’t you come and sit down let’s start the tutorial” she said when I wouldn’t move from the spot I was standing. “oh sorry” i said and immediately went to sit on the bed. I made sure there was a reasonable distance between us. she brought out her notebook from her handbag and move closer to me. Her closeness made me uncomfortable. I suddenly became nervous. this was what I was trying to avoid. I wouldn’t be able to tutor her if I’m nervous. she flipped through her notebook and showed me a particular topic. “I want us to start from here. this particular topic had been giving me headache.” Her face was very close to mine as she speaks. i tried not to look at her. I wasn’t even looking at what she was showing me. I just fixed my gaze on the two plastic chairs in my room. she noticed I wasn’t looking at what she was showing me. “Christian, are you paying attention to what I’m saying” she asked “yes” I said, directing my gaze to the notebook she was holding. “so where should we start from?” I asked she showed me the topic she wanted me to teach her. “okay you want to learn how to use implicit differentiation to find the marginal rate of technical substitution” I said “yes, but that’s not all. you still have a lot to teach me, but let’s start from there” “okay, where is your pen?” I asked she gave me her pen and move even closer to me, making her head to rest on my shoulder. My room suddenly became too hot for me to stay. A hot sweat rolled from my forehead down to my neck. my heart was pounding faster. “can we start” she asked “okay” I responded “marginal rate of technical substitution is also known as slope of an isoquant” I paused “okay” I continued “An isoquant depicts the different combination of input K and L that can be used to produce a specific level of quantity Q” I paused again “okay” I continued “one of such…….” “Christian!” she cut it “why do you keep saying okay, okay, okay. I already know all what you are trying to explain. I want you to move to the calculation part. that’s where I’m having problem” “you see Sharon”I said calmly “I haven’t been myself since I returned from school today. I have been having terrible headache” “why didn’t you tell me all this while?” she asked she placed her hand on my forehead. “have you taking drugs?” she asked “yes” I responded “you should have told me so that I wouldn’t have come. your health is important and you need to take good care of yourself. maybe I will leave and come back tomorrow” she said I heaved a sigh of relief when she said that. “okay. I’m really sorry” I apologized “you don’t have to apologize. your health comes first” “thanks for your understanding” I said “okay see you tomorrow” she said “see you too” I responded she stood up, carry her bag and left.“Am sorry Madam, he fell on the stairs as he came down to the dressing room.” He said sadly.“And you didn’t take him to hospital?” She sounded furious.“We are just from the Family nurse’ room. She has bandaged his dislocated leg and arm, amesema hana ubaya.” He explained, I smiled under the blanked he had covered me with.“Are you sure he is okay?”“Yes madam, he has been injected with strong painkillers.” He added.” OK then, i will take care of him.” She said sadly.“Am sorry madam, the nurse has suggested that it would be better for him to spend alone, to avoid being touched on his painful hand and leg.” Brian was a real genius, I had not told him about that.“But he is unwell, he shouldn’t be alone.” She complained.“No worry madam, am his servant, its my duty to sit here until morning, if anything I will let you know. Can I take you in the guest room if you don’t mind madam?” He was a genius!“Its ok Brian, thanks for being so nice to us all.” She uncovered my face and pecked my lips.“Good night David, am sorry.” She said covering me back.She obviously got into her clothes and followed Brian outside. The mission was accomplished. Brian informed him that for unknown reasons I never wanted my parents to know about my accident. She had no option than to swallow it all.At around noon the following day we escorted Joyce, my mother sat with the driver as Joy and I occupied the back seats. According to her, my dislocated joints had gone back to their normal form.We had no much to talk about, my mother had every story for almost every part of the city.“You see that place? A thief was burnt to ashes two year ago,,,,you see that building, it belonged to my childhood friend who sold it….” Those stories were nice, they kept off the silence in the car.We drove her to parklands where their home was, she wanted us to enter into her home but I declined it and I was gland my mother declined it too.“An inlaws home is so sacred to be stepped anytime any day, we shall plan and come, just greet everyone for us my daughter.” My mother was wise too, does it mean she would keep her words and support me?After saying goodbye to Joyce who made sure she hugged and kissed slightly on my lips, we drove towards Karen where our restaurant was.“How was everything my son?”“Just fine mother, you almost put me in trouble.” I complained.I explained to her how I had to fake an accident, she really laughed at the idea .“That must have been a great drama, you mean Brian is that sharp?” She was still laughing.At around 1345 hours, we parked our car, the three of us got into the restaurant , that included my driver.I noticed some commotions at the counter that captured my attention. There was the manager’s voice on top.“Yeah, take her away, its an order from the minister.” I was startled to see two guards pulling Serena out. Anger and vengeance struck me.“I want to see David please,,,” she was crying. Before I knew it…

    Episode 10

    I carried Serena like a small child to my bedroom. The bed appeared more cosy than before. I placed her slowly as though it was hurting. By then my joy stick was meters ahead of me. My many years sexual desire roasted my every part. I felt like a bull that had not seen water for a month and now had seen a pool of cold and clean water, the desire for the bull to gulp the water at ones was my desire for Serena.I bent and kissed her lips, she crossed her hands around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss. I now knew how seventh heaven felt like. I started my hands slowly from her cheeks to her neck and camped on her hard t–s. She breath more hard and fast, at same time deepening the kisses, she made it so fast that if we had a commentator, he would have termed it violent love making.Her hands moved from my neck to my waist, she squeezed my waist me against her’s . By then my hands were struggling to unlock her interlocked legs with my right hand. My pants were already getting wet. I got hold of her pants and she raised her body so that I pushed them down. My hand felt no penetration, she was a virgin, my Serena was a virgin. Two virgins making love, the bed can tell the rest. The walls too must have been disturbed by her screams, the bedsheets can still complain of the blood they had to swallow.On the following morning I woke up to find out that not Serena neither I was covered, we had slept late and uncovered. I looked at my Serena beside me, how I wished I would wake up with her beside me in the remaining days of my life. She was still asleep, she looked so comfortable in her sleep, so innocent, she had not hesitated giving me her dignity, I wondered whether I had done the right thing. What if Dad stood his ground to object our marriage with Serena? Would he disown me? Would I choose to remain with Serena instead of my Dad? I looked at her closed eyes, was she not 100% confident of my love? I would never leave her, deep within me I swore never to break her heart. The clock read 0900 hours in the morning, ‘should I wake her up?’ I thought it was not wise and headed for my morning month laterI had just arrived from Tasia to see my friend Judas, he had just arrived from Italy where he was pursuing his masters degree in Political science, he was my best and only friend I fully trusted. I had told him everything and had advised me to stick in marrying Serena. He advised me to follow my heart.On arriving home in that evening, Brian informed me that Dad wanted to see me immediately. I headed into his house, he was in his study room perusing a Daily newspaper.“Good evening Dad.” I greeted.“Evening to you my son, how was your day?” He was still looking on the newspaper.“It was fine Dad, am just from seeing my friend Judas.” I said sitting on a sofa opposite his.“Oh! Judas is back from Italy?!” He sounded excited, he loved him, in fact he had geared his scholarship in Italy, Dad had made connections so that Judas was among the government sponsored students for the masters degrees abroad, all because he was my friend. Judas had gotten his degree from Maseno university which was one of the best local universities offering Political Science course. “Yes Dad, he will be coming to visit us tomorrow.” I informed.“That’s kind of him.” He said shortly leaning on his sofa. He then cleared his throat.“David.” He started.”five weeks have gone since we informed you about your marriage with Joyce Ndegwa.” He stopped to survey my face. I didn’t day a word. He proceeded.”As a concerned Dad, I have paid two million shillings to Ndegwa and his wife as dowry for your marriage with Joyce, I will still pay another lot after the marriage which will take place on next week but one.” I looked at him and then around the room, I didn’t see any metallic rod to hit his thick head with. How could he arrange my wedding without my knowledge? With a girl I didn’t even love?“But Dad I think you are forgetting something.” I tried to control my anger.“What my son? I must also inform you that I have made connections with the president, immediately after your wedding, you will be appointed as the new Kenyan’ ambassador in Britain, the company in Britain will now be for you and Joyce your wife, I will give it to you.” He smiled. He must have thought that his promises would sweep me off my stand. He was wrong.“Excuse me Dad.” My phone was ringing, it was Serena. I walked out of the room.“Hello my love?”“Yes hunnie, are you alright?” I asked.“Of course not completely alright without seeing my husband around.” She teased.“I will come over before it is dark, in one hours time I will be there .” I promised.“Don’t fail, I have something to tell you.”“OK sweetheart, bye.”I told my Dad to leave me think about it , I was to meet him after super. “Ok son, though you have no choice. Take care.” He left the room in a hurry, obviously avoiding any argument.I reached Umoja at exactly 1920 hours, Brian was with me.Umoja was where I had bought a plot for Serena and her mother. Her mother operated a wholesale shop as Serena operated an m-pesa shop at Dynamo area. It was easier for me to visit her at least four times per week.I was curious to whatever she wanted to inform me. Serena and her mother welcomed us warmly.“Meet Brian, my servant boy.” I introduced Brian, they were happy to meet him.I had come to like him very much. I had nothing to hide from him, he was wise and very sharp.We spent around an hour in the house enjoying some nice kienyeji food and conversing. After the food, Brian followed Serena’s mother carrying the dishes, it was obviously a way of giving Serena and I time to talk.“I missed you so much.” Serena confessed looking into my eyes, her old habit of driving me emotional.“Me too sweetheart, that’s why am here.” I held her cheeks and kissed her.“David?” She sounded sober from any emotion. It wasn’t like her.“Yes my love.” I felt afraid of what I knew not.“I am…..” She stared on the table.“You are? Speak  up hunnie.”“I am pregnant.

    Episode 11

    We reached home at around ten, my Dad was still expecting to meet me. He wanted my word. My mother joined us in the living room as well. For a longtime he had not asked me anything about Serena, I had no doubt that she was confused, she was not sure whether to support me. I felt as though she had betrayed me for not letting me know even when dowry was being paid. Maybe she was sure I wouldn’t have done anything.“I waited for you David, have you taken your super?” That was my Dad.“Yeah, at the restaurant.” I lied.“You have to make it a routine to be enjoying super with us, am not even sure on how those foods are prepared there. ” He complained looking at mom who nodded with agreement.“OK Dad.” I wanted us to go straight to the point. “Joyce has promised to come next weekend so that you can get more used to each other before the wedding day.” I hated his voice as he said it, why Joyce all the time?“Well, its unfortunate that you have continuously planned things for me at my back Dad, even my own private issues, am disappointed in you.” I tried to maintain and contain my growing anger.“Disappointed or not, you are my son and I know what is best for you, take it or leave it but you must do what I say.” He roared.“Whatever you say is no longer important Dad…”“David!” My mother tried to cut me short.“Listen mom, listen and listen good, Serena is my wife, she is already pregnant for me,,”“David! Have you…” My mother’s hands were on her head.“Its a lie! Enough of this bullshit! Nonsense! Pregnant or not, your wife is Joyce.” He hit the table with his right hand and rose up to leave. Two steps then he turned, his eyes were red.“Over my dead body, you will never marry that dirty thing! That witch!”He roared.My mother was weeping uncontrollably, I had to try and comfort her. He obviously blamed me for impregnating Serena yet I knew there was a problem in marrying her. According to her nothing could be done to stop Dad from forcing my marriage with Joyce. I left the house very disappointed and confused. Ten days before the wedding, an already fixed wedding, a wedding that was to be broadcasted live on TV stations, a wedding which the president and his deputy would attend. So many dignitaries were invited according to my mother. Everything was set.I have never forgotten that night, the night that I spent sited on my bed, thinking and weeping. I couldn’t imagine marrying Joyce and leaving Serena who my heart had fallen for, I was desperately in love with her. What would she feel seeing our wedding on television? I feared she might commit suicide.I had a plan of escaping to another country with Serena but Dad had already suspected it. I was denied all my car keys and my accounts were blocked. I had no single coin or either a single car to use. If I wanted to go out, my Dad had to be consulted first to instruct a driver to take me, many were the times he said I should stay at home to keep Joyce company. The whole of that week I didn’t see my love Serena. I had to lie to her that my Dad sent me to Mombasa to check on one of his company.Days went so fast yet I had no plan, my mother now supported my marriage with Joyce, according to her, there was no way out. She said that by insisting on marrying Serena, I was risking her life. She said my Dad was dangerous and had to get whatever he wanted.Days came and went, eventually the day arrived, I was desperate, complete helpless. I rarely or drank anything. My mother was equally sad but she was convinced that we had no choice.On the wedding day eve, Brian gave me a plan. I went to see Dad in his study room. He was happy to see me, we had never talked from the evening we argued, two weeks ago.“Yes Son, sit down.”“Am sorry for everything Dad, I have seen my mistakes.” I saw his face brighten.“Go ahead son.”“Serena is not my type, I accept to marry Joyce.” I saw my Dad rise up and embrace me happily. I had never seen him so happy. I wondered why my marriage with Joyce would make him that happy. She even called my mom to join us in cerebrating.“You are the son I always had David! Congrats my son!” Dad was out of words. My mom seemed out of doubts but I convinced her too, she believed that I had changed my mind.I requested him to unlock my accounts.“You know Dad, I need to buy an  expensive present for Joyce my wife!” I smiled broadly and they laughed.“In that case, I will transfer five one million in your account right away, buy a car for her if you want, I know your account if full .” I smiled, at least things were moving well.Brian and the maids were bush preparing what was to be won.By 2100 hour I had transfered 3.5 million into Brian’s account. I had withdrawn eight me happily. I had never seen him so happy. I wondered why my marriage with Joyce would make him that happy. She even called my mom to join us in cerebrating.“You are the son I always had David! Congrats my son!” Dad was out of words. My mom seemed out of doubts but I convinced her too, she believed that I had changed my mind.I requested him to unlock my accounts.“You know Dad, I need to buy an expensive present for Joyce my wife!” I smiled broadly and they laughed.“In that case, I will transfer five one million in your account right away, buy a car for her if you want, I know your account if full .” I smiled, at least things were moving well.Brian and the maids were bush preparing what was to be won.By 2100 hour I had transfered 3.5 million into Brian’s account. I had withdrawn eight “Hello?” The number was strange.“David!” A tough voice called my name.“Yes? Who is this?”“Don’t worry, my message is simple, go to the wedding and wed with Joyce smoothly failure to which Serena dies, her mother is already dead. Your plans are known!” I heard Serena screaming for help. I fell back on my dressing table.

    Episode 12

    The line went dead. It was beyond doubts that my love Serena was in trouble, her mother was dead, according to the caller. I couldn’t fail to connect Dad with all that, he had already left the house with his body guard. I knew he had hired goons to kidnap Serena , but why murder the innocent woman? Serena’s mother didn’t deserve to die. I felt like taking my pistol, finding Dad and shooting him to death. Our traditions would call it uncouth, maybe even a taboo or abomination. My eyes were full of tears, there was no doubts that I had caused Serena mother’s death. I shouldn’t have persisted in marrying her, maybe my mother was right, Dad was a monster, he wouldn’t hesitate in having Serena killed. I couldn’t imagine that, I wouldn’t hesitate killing him either.Brian found me in the dressing room and I told him everything, i feared for his job and life too, if Dad would know that he had supported me in the plan, his life would be in danger, Dad was a monster, I had no doubt. There were rumours that he used his position as the minister of internal security to import and traffic drugs, in partnership with Ndegwa who was the minister for transport and communication. He was my Dad and I loved him, i had taken all the rumours as mere allegations by his political opponents, but then he had so much wealth for a minister. He was still my Dad and I didn’t like the allegations anyway, imagining them being true was a sin too. But I knew he was a tough man, popular in and outside the country.Brian advised me against risking Serena’s life, Judas advised me the same, according to them, I had no choice than to do the wedding with Joyce.“David you have to be wise, can’t you see your persistence has already claimed an innocent life? Do you want Serena to die too? If you love her, do it for her, wed with Joyce and save the poor girl’s life.” Judas advised.“Really? Will she ever listen to me? What will happen to her and the unborn?” I was desperate, I needed an advise, an appropriate one.“Look David, Serena may never forgive you for keeping the information from her, besides, she will be so bitter discovering that you have caused the death of her mother.” Judas was annoying but his words were true. Causing Serena’s death wouldn’t be the sign of love. I had no choice. Involving the police would have been a better solution, but then, my Dad was the boss of all the police in the country. They would take his command and kill Serena than save her.“But who  told Dad about my plan? It was only between the three of us.” I asked suspiciously. I trusted both of them, I couldn’t imagine any of them.“Who else if not your illiterate servant.” Judas suggested.“You mean Brian?”“Of course, this cheap guys can sell your neck for just a few coins.” He said confidently.“Well, according to me, Brian might not be learned and wealthy as well but he will never ever betray me?” I was so confident. I had known him for long, he was like a brother I never had, he would do anything for me, just to see me happy. He was always a loyal servant.“So its me? Or who else then? We were three of us!” He seemed agitated.“Come on bro! Of all the people, you would be the last to suspect, stop being funny you dummy.” I parted his shoulder as I teased him, he smiled.There was not much to record in the wedding, much happened but I was so stressed up to recognize them. Ministers and their assistants gave speeches and their gifts. His Excellency the president gave us a new limousine and a cheque of six million, his deputy gave us a new BMW and a cheque of two million shillings. The others gave envelops full of cheques and cash as well. The wedding was broadcasted by four of the most popular TV stations, Dad had paid for that. I didn’t enjoy even a single moment, all I wanted is for the cursed event to be over, I would rush to see Serena. I knew she was in real mess and trouble.My inability to control my tears as I placed a ring around Joy’s finger was the headline in the newspapers the following morning, the rumour writers so known as journalists wrote that, I was so happy such that I couldn’t control my tears. I hated the irony.The honeymoon was planned to take place in Britain but I declined it, I objected it by claiming that I was unwell.“In that case Serena dies.” That was a text that came immediately ten minutes after I objected the journey to Britain.I had no option again, I had to do everything to save Serena, provided I wont make love to Joyce.A whole week in Britain was like a whole week in hell to me. Judas and Brian were among the people who had accompanied me. Trying to twist Joyce so that we couldn’t make love wasn’t easy. With Judas and Brian, we still made a plan. On the third night of the honeymoon , all of us got drunk, including her, in fact I made sure she was totally drunk. I had promised to make love to her that night, that was after threatening to call home and report that I was avoiding her.I carried her into the bedroom, she was talking uncontrollably out of drunkardness. She was still calling my name, I gave her the kisses she demanded. She held my waste and rolled her tongue in my mouth, it tasted alcoholic. I caressed her t–s and kissed her neck, her waist was broader than that of Serena, I thought Serena’s was the best. She got hold of my belt and made it loose, by then her eyes was closed and her hands felt week. She was still determined to push my trouser downward, she didn’t manage but her hand penetrated under my pants and she was holding it! There was no doubt I had erected. She rubbed around it and I knew trouble was knocking. That wasn’t our plan with Judas and Brian. I was confused whether to do it or arouse her completely, undress her and then call Judas who had agreed to break her virginity. My hand stopped when I remembered Serena who was obviously mourning her mother’s death.On stopping, Joyce opened her eyes and pulled me closer .‘Is she really drunk?’ I feared that someone had told her our plan, maybe she wasn’t that drunk. The way her hand worked under my pants, she knew what she was after.“Am all yours David, break me tonight.” Her voice was more steady and sober this time.I was scared, I knew I had messed up already. Tears started making their way when she held my hand and pushed it under her skirt and pants. She pushed down my trouser successfully and my pants followed. By then both of us were wet, both of us were in need. Yes we were. I accept, I needed s-x, but, s-x with her? I wasn’t sure yet, but why then did I push her pants down? I was almost getting into it when the lights went off…

    Episode 13

    I pretended as though heading for the switch which was near the door, I was sweating as I opened the door and got out as Judas entered. We had used the same perfume that day, my prayer was that Joyce was completely drank. I still questioned our plan, what if it demands me to remain with Joyce? I would be living with a girl that Judas had slept with and broke her virginity, I still doubted if she was a virgin. But then I had nothing to worry about, by the following weekend, Serena and I would be out of the country. I would then write a letter to Joy, informing her the whole truth, if at all she kills herself well and good, Dad was to blame for everything. I had still failed to catch Serena via the phone, but my mother confirmed to me that she wasn’t in trouble, but something had happened , she had already shifted from Umoja to the village where she had come from. I pleaded with my mother to do me a favour, I wanted her to assist in burying Serena’s mother. I wanted her to be present but then, I never knew how dangerous that was. On seeing my mother, Serena had rushed to her with a machete, she believed that we had sent goons to kill her mother, she confessed that I had played with her minds and according to her, I wanted her dead after using her body. The guards had to fire their guns to scare away the angry villagers, they believed that my mom and the two guards had gone to kill Serena, the same way they killed her mother. My mother explained all this via phone call, I was so distressed, I wondered whether Serena would ever trust me again, will she ever believe that I loved and wanted to be with her forever?The game of getting drunk and Judas making love with Joyce having impersonated me went on to the last day, it was very successful, Judas seemed to be the biggest beneficiary, it was his honeymoon not mine, I had lots of stress to enjoy any moment. His disappointment was that Joy wasn’t a virgin as she had lied to me.“The path was wide enough for a train.” He joked, He was a nice friend, very naughty but I liked him.On returning into the country, my first trip to plan was to Serena’s home. My mother tried to caution me but I was so determined to listen. I promised her that I wouldn’t go but I had to, I knew Serena would listen to me, she loved me, it was in her eyes each time I looked into them. I took Brian with me, with him, mother will believe that I wasn’t going far.It was on Tuesday, at around 0900hours when Brian we drove along the supper highway towards Thika, by then few words had passed between Brian and I, my mind was so worked up, I was trying to figure out my best explanation to Serena, I knew she had seen the news about my wedding with Joyce, it was all over inthe newspapers.It would be difficult but if she loved me then she would believe, that’s what I thought.“Sir?”“Yes Brian?”“What if the villagers threaten to attack us? Shouldn’t we have gone with a guard or two ?” Brian sounded scared.“Come on Brian, I don’t need guards to go and convince my wife, in fact, with a guard, we will be suspected to have come with bad motives.” He nodded to my words but I saw that he wasn’t convinced.Brian was a good driver too, I had taught him on how to drive. I liked his ability to understand things fast. He therefore used to assist me in driving whenever we traveled together.At around noon, we made a u-turn and parked just outside their main house, the place seemed so quiet and gloomy. It was three days since Serena’s mother was buried, I had carried a bunch of flowers to lay on her grave.There was no sign of anyone though the door was open. I requested Brian to be left into the car as I got out with my flowers.On just getting out, I saw the grave just some yards behind the kitchen. I decided to go and show my last respect to my mother in-law . The cross was white and contained her three names. By the time I arrived there tears were all over my face, I knew I had caused her death, I shouldn’t have fallen in love with her daughter. I couldn’t help weeping as I bent down to place the flowers on her grave.“Mother, please forgive me, I loved your daughter and I will die for her, if my death will pave way for our marriage and justice then, I will prefer to die. Rest in peace my mother in law .” I had merely completed saying those words when something heavy landed behind my neck. I fell on top of the grave and felt so dizzy and weak to stand. I struggled to open my eyes but I saw just darkness. I could hear voices from a distance, my nostrils would smell petrol, it was now all over my body. They wanted to burn me alive. Somebody dragged me away from the grave, this time I managed to open my eyes, I couldn’t see clearly but I couldn’t fail to recognize Serena who was holdings match box, ready to strike and burn me alive, behind her was a multitude armed with machetes and other weapons. I opened my mouth to call her name but I was struck again, this time on my head. Blood sprinkled ahead of me and ….Will David die in the hands of Serena? For justice and love? What a pity!

    Episode 14

    Its true that death doesn’t come when you terribly need it, had I anything to live for? How would I live without Serena? My rejection by Serena was more painful than the fire that would have burnt me to death.Brian sat beside on my hospital bed, he smiled broadly to see me open my eyes. There was a lot of pain at the back of my heard, every part of my body seemed so heavy to raise.“How do you feel sir?” Brian was concerned.“What happened Brian? Where on earth are we?” I knew we were in a hospital, but then in  which hospital?“We are in Aga-Khan hospital, you were attacked sir, by the villagers.”“Wait,,,,so,,,,who saved me?” I was curious, I remember feeling petrol all over my body, I remember seeing Serena ready to strike a match box to roast me. I felt some tears, the only girl I loved was ready to kill me.“I saved you sir.” Brian said proudly.“You saved me?” I was was shocked, a servant boy? The young Brian saved me from the midst of angry villagers? Armed villagers? I was sure he had called the police, but how soon? I would be dead by the time they would be arriving.“I had to use your gun sir, i fired it to scare away the crowd and drag you into the car with one hand as I held the gun with the other, we escaped narrowly..”“Wait,,,,but I left my pistol in the house, you have a gun?”“I knew it was important so I carried it for you, for emergency in case it…”“You took my gun and carried it,,,,then you,,,,Brian,,,you,,,,a boy,,saved me using it?” It was interesting, I still felt like an idiot.“Yes sir, I saved my master.” He smiled.“Does anyone know about this? Me being attacked and you saving me?” I was curious.“Yes.” He answered shortly, increasing my curiosity, incase my Dad came to know of that then Serena would die the same evening, some villagers would be killed too. I still never wanted to loose Serena, not through her death. As a matter of fact she had tried to kill me out of anger and desperation. It is painful when the person you love hates you to a position of trying to kill you, using her own hands, not even hiring an assassin. If not Brian I would be dead, dead by her own hands.“Serena and the villagers know about it, you and I too.” He explained .“Nobody else? You didn’t call home?”“I didn’t, I feared for my job, your Dad would even have me arrested for allowing you to travel such a dangerous journey, my biggest fear was for Serena’s life .” Brian was so wise, he was a wonderful young man. I admired his wisdom, sometimes I wondered what he would be if he had gotten a chance to study.I thanked him and insisted that no one should know about it, but, obviously, Judas was to know.The first step was to leave the hospital by 1900hours which was against the doctor’s will. I never wanted to raise any alarm at home. I was glad to hear from Brian that no journalist had arrived by the time we drove away from the village.There was no doubts that my Mother or Joyce had tried to reach me via my phone which was off. Brian had heard it ring when I was still unconscious and had switched it off.The doctor handed a receipt to me after transacting the money into his mobile phone. He had written three types of medicines for me to collect at the pharmacy.“Thank you doctor.” I thanked.“Welcome sir.” I was shocked to hear him call me sir. My bigger shock was to get out of his office and see Brian in handcuffs, Four police were surrounding him. I was confused, I had to save him before they took him away.“Leave him!” They all turned to me and by the time I discovered it, I was in handcuffs.“David Kamau, we have an order of arresting you , for allegedly being involved in the death of an old woman by the name Janet. You have an option to remain guilty…” I couldn’t believe it.At the same time, I was shocked to see Dad come out of the reception office. I was sure he would order them to release me at ones. He was their boss, I saw them bow to him.He looked at me angrily.“I warned you idiot, now face the music!.” He roared .“But Dad…” I started. “Boys?!”“Yes sir!” The police saluted. “Take them away!”

    Episode 15

    I had never imagined being in police cells, not through my Dad, not when he was the boss to all the police. My mother had tried to plead to him but he was determined to have me suffer for what he knew very well was a false allegation. My love for Serena and her mother was too much, I wouldn’t hurted any of them, leave alone killing Serena’s mother. I wondered whether Serena really loved me, if she did, she would have come to see me in the police custody. According to Judas, Serena was busy getting a case against me file in court. I thought it was the high time I gave Judas’ advice a second thought, his advice was that I should forget Serena and marry Joy, he said that  it was clear that Serena didn’t love me.“If she could try to kill you, what more prove do you need for you to discover that she doesn’t love you?” Judas had a point, according to him, Serena had only accepted my hand in marriage due to my family status, she wasn’t different from any other girl, she was only lucky and a better actress than the rest.On the other side, Brian, who spent days and nights in the police cells, regardless of my pleading to them for his release, he advised me positively. He felt that Serena was mislead by someone, according to Brian, there was a misunderstanding.“Serena loves you sir, I saw it in her eyes even when she held the matchbox, tears were all over her face, she had no courage to do it, just give her time Sir.” Brian advised. “Time? I give her time to file a case against me or to realize that am innocent? If she loved me, she should have not believed the allegations, where is she now?” I felt so bitter with Serena, deep within me , I knew it would be difficult to forget her, but then there wasn’t an option.On that evening, Joyce visited me in the cells, she was accompanied by Angela who was her newly employed maid. Joy had made it a routine to visit me every day, now that Serena wasn’t there for me, Joy’s visits comforted me. I was still wondering whether we had made the right thing, having Judas make love to the girl I was legally married to. At the back of my mind, I doubted the wisdom of our action. It was Judas’ suggestion, he had of course benefitted.“How have you been hunnie?” She pecked me, we were in the waiting room.“Just fine, not bathing for two days, sleeping on floor with no blanket, a very nice life, don’t you think so?” She got my joke and smiled.“I still can’t get it, why and how could your Dad allow this to happen? I have tried to plead with him, all he says is that you don’t respect him, tell me exactly what happened.”It was interesting that none of us had told Joyce the truth, she believed that I had a fight in the village where I had gone to see a friend and I was arrested. She thought it a mere mistake to have a minister’s son to spend even a minute in police cells.“Don’t worry my dear, I must pay for my sins.” I wondered whether I should tell her the whole truth, what would she do to discover that she had been married to me by force? That I was forced? That I didn’t at even a single time made love to her but Judas, a single mother’s boy, a peasant intellectual did? I thought it was so weighty for her to bear. I pitied the innocent Joy, she wasn’t to blame, my Dad and her Dad were to blame. They had known that I loved Serena, yet they were so selfish to let me have my way.A force deep within me pushed my words into the mouth, I opened my mouth to tell her the truth.“Joyce..” I started.“David, I know you are hungry sweetheart, let me serve you.” She reached for the bag.“No please, Brian and I will eat later.”“Okey my husband” She stopped to look at my face. Her eyes were bright, she stared into my eyes as though reading my mind. She moved closer along the bench. She placed her left hand around my neck and kissed me lightly. I saw Angela get out of the room shyly. Joyce stared ones more in my eyes, her face was not happy, there was something behind the look. I tried to guess it in my mind but I couldn’t.“David, do you still love me?” I felt like laughing, was that what made her look so pregnant? What if I told her that in my entire life I had only loved one girl, Serena, the girl who was breaking my heart.“Why do you ask?”“Because I need to know, need for an assurance maybe.” She kissed me ones more, as though putting an answer into my mouth.“Well, tell me about mother, she isn’t coming today?”“Comeon David!” She sounded offended, she knew my plan of diverting from question.“OK, the answer is yes.” She hold me tightly, studied my face as though to confirm whether I meant my words.“David, I have a news for you.” She looked over her shoulders as though confirming that we were alone in the room. By then , my heart was making prolonged pauses, I was afraid, afraid of the unknown.“Go on dear.” I feared for the worst.“Its three weeks now since we made our first love” she paused to study my face, I had no strength to say a word. She proceeded, I hated the long she took to say it, my body was shaking. “Are you alright?”“Will you say whatever you have to say and be gone?” I was agitated by her suspense.“I am pregnant David, I carry your child.” She said it at last. I stood up slowly , looked at her and headed for the door.“David..”“See you later Joyce.” I stormed out and the cop at the door took me back into the cell. I had no one to discuss the issue with , other than Brian who shared a cell with me, my servant boy, now my cell mate. Brian was as confused as I was. I remembered advising Judas to use protection on her, he obviously violated my advice. Within the next ten minutes, a cop came to call me again.“David, you have a visitor.” I knew it was Joyce who wanted to see me again, to bother me ones more.“I don’t want any visitor please.” I answered with finality. The cop moved away.Soon my mother was at the door to our cell.“Mother? It was you?”“Yes son, you don’t need a visitor?” We hugged.“My mother isn’t a visitor, I never knew it was you mom.”My mother seemed happy that day, not like on the other days when she looked so sad to see her only son in the cells. Was it because Dad had travelled to Australia on that day? I wondered whether she had a plan to get me out of the cells in his absence. But something dawned to me, Joyce might have told her about her pregnancy, that was the cause of her joy. I was disappointed.“My son, somebody told Serena that you had a plan of killing her and her mother, you saw them as a stumbling block between your marriage and Ndegwa’s daughter.” She informed after a short conversation outside the cells, two cops were closely behind me.“Who told you all these? Who told her? Who lied to her?” I couldn’t figure out, my Dad? But how and where?“You want to know him?” She smiled.“Yes mother.” I was curious.“Come.” She led me towards the waiting room.She stood aside and let me face the door.“Push it and get in.” She instructed, I obeyed.I pushed the door and…I couldn’t believe whom I saw. “Serena my love?” I moved and she rushed to meet me.“David my love!” We embraced, I felt her tears at the back of my shoulder…

    Episode 16

    “Stop crying my love, I understood, besides, it’s a good thing to die in the hands of the person you love.” I tried to comfort her, I knew Serena loved me, Judas was wrong. I now believed in the young Brian, I shouldn’t have judged her so soon.“Every time I remember that day I cry, how could I threaten to kill my own husband? Forgive me David.” She said between sobs.“You did it out of desperation, Serena?” She wiped her tears to look at me.“Yes my love.” Her voice was weak with emotions. She looked so innocent on her face, she was an Angel, ones more deep within me I swore never to let her go, I would die for our love.“Forgive me, I should have told you everything , I never wanted to marry Joyce, they forced me.” I felt so sad, so agitated about it.“Its ok my love, your mother explained everything to me, I cried a lot, my love?” She looked into my eyes.“Yes sweetheart.”“Am the one to be forgiven, I will never allow anyone to separate us.” That is when Serena revealed my betrayer, it was hard to believe but I trusted her. Judas, my best friend had visited Serena a couple of days before the wedding, I had already lied to Serena that I was in Mombasa and he knew it too, I hid nothing from him.“I decided to come alone today.” Judas had told Serena.“Yeah, David told me he was sent to Mombasa on Monday urgently.” Serena explained. Her words were met by Judas’ laughter. “Why do you laugh?” She was curious.“Because you have been fooled.” Judas confessed between traces of laughter.“Fooled? Can’t get it Judas, what do you…”“David is in Kenya, right in this city, preparing for his wedding.”“Wedding? What do you mean?”“David and Joyce Ndegwa , the minister’s daughter will be having their wedding next week.” Serena was so shocked, she told me that her heart made one prolonged pause, her breath deserted her, she thought she would die.“You mean David? My fiancee?” By then she was in tears.” The fact is that David and you is like day and night, he is so rich, so prestigious to marry a peasant like you.” Judas had convinced Serena on how I couldn’t marry her, he despised the idea. He lied to Serena that I had deceived her,just to use her. He also told her that I had a plan of killing her to eradicate any interference to my wedding with Joyce. Serena was so hurted, she felt so desperate, she had decided to keep everything from her mother, she vowed to forget all about me. The killing of her mother on my wedding day proved Judas right, she then trusted his words. Even the day Brian and I visited her home, Judas called her and told her to be careful. Her story was so unbelievable, what exactly was Judas after? He was my best friend. I had always trusted him.“If it were not your mother, I wouldn’t have known the truth David.” She concluded sadly. Tears were forming again in her eyes. I felt for her, my mind was on Judas, I would make him pay for everything.Serena had come to get me out, by 1700hours we were getting into the restaurant. Brian and Serena were already good friends. Serena loved Brian, she liked him rather, loving might make jealous. My mother was a hero to me, she was an Angel in my life, how had she done it? Getting Serena back into my life was a gift that I swore to pay for one day. How I wish she is still alive to read my story.Brian accompanied us upstairs as my mother was left talking to the Mananger.I badly needed a shower, I as well needed to change my clothes.I opened a room for Brian as Serena and I got into our favourite one, our world of love.“I badly need a shower hunnie.” I said unbuttoning my shirt.“Will shower with you, you mind?”“It suits me best, let’s pray we don’t spend our night there.” I joked.“If the shower becomes so sweet then I won’t mind a night or two there, provided my husband is beside me in it.” She kissed me and unbuttoned the remaining buttons of my shirt.” Let’s undress the king first.” She joked.“And the queen follows! Long live the queen!”“Long live the king!” She responded pulling my trouser to the floor.She looked at my erection and smiled shyly. I had tried to hide it but my joystick proved naughty, misbehaving, waking up when it ought to be asleep. I smiled back.“Shower first!” I yelled removing her red top and the trouser followed. We were in our pants as we embrace ones more.She held around my neck and kissed me , a passionate kiss that made my blood run hot. I discovered how much I need something, yes, I needed it. I held her pant but before I pulled it down, there came a loud knock from the door. I tried to ignore it but it persisted. I had no otherwise than to wrap a towel around my waist and head to the door.“Am coming, who is it? Brian? What the hell do you…” I pulled the door open and Joyce Ndegwa stormed in…

    Episode 17

    “Joyce? What are you doing here?”“Where is that moron?!” She barked. There was no doubt that someone had told her Serena was with me.“Come on Joyce! Who do you mean?” I asked standing on her way towards the bed room. I was still confused on what to do. My fear and confusion increased when I saw her remove a pistol from her small handbag. She pointed at me.“F–k off from my way or I will fire some bullets into your head!” She threatened sending a bullet to the ceiling. I knew what she meant, to find Serena and kill her at ones. She had to kill me first, I would never loose Serena again.“What do you want Joyce? Please drop the gun.” I begged but my words hit on deaf ears.“You leave me on a cold bed to move in with an illiterate harlot?! Today she must die!” She fired another bullet thus shaking every part of me.“Don’t beg her David.” Serena was behind me, she had left the changing room where she was listening from.”Let her kill both of us, even in death we will still be together.” I saw her bit her lower lip, she now pointed the gun at Serena. All of us froze on our grounds. I gained some courage and made a step backward so that I was now standing beside my Serena. I put my right hand around her shoulder and she leaned her head on me.“Listen to me Joy, I love and loved Serena, my Dad and your Dad forced me to marry you. Go ahead and kill us, we love each other.” I was emotional. I didn’t fear to die with Serena in my hands, she was all I needed in the world. “You idiot! Am your real wife! Your legal wife!” She barked.“Serena is my wife, she carries my kid in her womb! Just udersta…”“I carry your kid! David! Why do this to me?! Why destroy my happiness..” She was weeping bitterly and I thought it was the best time for me to get to her and get the gun. I made a step forward.“Give me the gun please, we need to..”“Stop! Harlot!” I saw her tighten her lips, place her finger on the trigger and pull it. I have never been able to understand how I did it but before I knew it, I had jumped and pushed Serena on the floor. The bullet was directed towards her chest, I had saved her but thats how I got the scar I have at the back of my shoulder. The bullet caught me but I saved my Serena. The blood was spilling on the floor. I felt a lot of pain, Serena was furious as she stood from the floor to face Joyce who had a gun pointed at her. I tried to stop Serena, I tried to beg Joy not to kill her but none of them seemed interested in what I was saying, each of them was carried away by her furry. Letting Serena die was the last thing I would do, I struggled to get up but before I managed, I saw Joyce pull the trigger ones more.“Please don’t! Don’t kill her!” I begged, there was a loud bang and Joyce was on the floor. Brian was standing behind her.“Brian?”“Sir! Are you alright?” He was concerned as he headed towards me. He gave me his hand and I managed to stand up. Serena was still freezing on her ground, she was obviously tensed after missing her death so narrowly. The fact was that though Joyce had not shot her, there was a gunshot.Brian had hit Joyce from behind just before she released the bullet, she was still lying on the floor, her body wasn’t moving too. I was alarmed when I discovered a stream of blood flowing from where she was lying. I requested Brian to turn her so that she faced the ceiling. We were all shocked to discover that the blood was coming from her belly. She had fallen on the gun which had released a bullet in her belly,just near her cord. I saw Brian shake with fear. Each one of us had every reason to tense. She was a minister’s daughter. Before we could think of a plan, around six guards and two cops stepped in. There was no doubt that we were in a real mess.The guards helped in dressing my wound so that the bleeding would be minimal as the restaurant Secretary was busy wrapping a white clothe around Joyce’ belly. Joyce was either dead or unconscious. I feared for the worst.The ambulance took around ten minutes and by 1800hours, we were in MAMA LUCY hospital. Serena and Brian had accompanied us, more policemen had already arrived inthe restaurant by the time we left for the hospital. I was taken to ward 12A as Joyce was taken to theatre direct , she needed an urgent surgery. Beside me on the hospital bed sat Serena and Brian.“Brian.” I started.“Yes sir.”“Thanks for your courage, you have been my loyal friend, my loyal servant.”“Its my pleasure to serve you sir, you have been so good to me and my family, I will live to serve you.” He was emotional.“You won’t serve me anymore Brian.”“Sir?” I saw her face turn pale and sad.“You must take Serena out of this city.”“My love..” That was Serena.“The police will soon be looking for both of you, my Dad might also have you killed. I don’t want to loose any of you.”“Sir? What about you? Where do we go?”“Dad can’t have me killed, I will face the prison if I have to. You have to go now.”“No my love, we will leave with you.” Serena was weeping.“I have to remain here so that no one will come searching for us, I must fight for what the three of us believe in.”“But sir…”“Meanwhile I will transfer three million into Brian’s account, it will help both of you, when all is well, I will trace you guys. Now go.” I insisted knowing that the police would come and arrest them anytime .It was difficult for me to part with Serena, both of us shed tears. Parting with my loyal servant and friend was not simple too.“Brian, I trust you so much, you are like a brother I never had. God be with you, I love you Brian.” I felt like weeping.“Sir..” I saw tears run down his cheeks.”you are my best friend sir I will miss to serve you, may God bless you and protect you.” He said between sobs.“Take care of my wife and our unborn, Brian.”“I will sir.”“Serena?” She was still weeping beside me. She looked at me, her eyes were red. I felt as though I would never see her again.”When you give birth to our kid, name her Victorious Love whether a boy or a girl. Always know I love you, we will be together soon.” I kissed her wet lips. I used my finger tips to wipe her tears.“I love you David, please don’t forget us.” She broke into fresh sobs.“I won’t my love, please take her with you, Brian, before the police comes.” I watched them get out of the room, I doubted if I was to see them again.

    Episode 18

    Brian and Serena had just left when two armed policemen stepped in. I prayed that they had not seen the two leave.The two wore hard faces as they approached my bed.“David Mutua.” I didn’t respond, just looked at their faces.“We have a warrant to arrest you and so called Serena for allegedly trying to kill Joyce Ndegwa.” The second police explained or rather informed.“As you can see, I am under medication, I would advise you to wait until I get over my ail.” I was a lawyer and I knew I wasn’t supposed to be arrested in such a condition.“It is an order David.”“There is no a bigger order than that in the constitution. I will have my lawyer file a case against you for harassing me on a hospital bed, now get lost.” I laid my head on the pillow to get some sleep. They were murmuring among themselves.“David? You are ordered to give us direction on how to Find Serena.” One of them spoke after sometime.“Who is Serena? You mean Serena Williams? The tennis girl? The star?” One of them clicked his mouth and opened the door to leave.“Guard that idiot, hatatusubua juu babake ni minister, he is just lucky, angenitabua.” He left. He had of course gone to try and trace Serena, none of them mentioned Brian. I opened my eyes to see the confused cop who was standing about three metres away from my bed. I pitied him, was he a dad to some kids? A son to a certain poor woman? Had he grew from a troubled background? Maybe, maybe not, but then all he knew was to follow orders. Now that I was a minister’s son he was helpless, he couldn’t arrest me. What if he found Serena, the ugly man would knock her down and pull her by her skirt, obviously exposing her forbidden fruits in public. I wondered if I would ever forgive such an action, no, not against my Serena. I wondered what would happen to the poor little Brian, the cop would just cork his gun and shoot him, Brian would scream in pain, women would run away with their skirts on their heads, their hands on their b—–s, mourning the death of one of their son. Men would read the newspapers the following morning over their strong tea, headlines one criminal shot to dead after a long struggle with the police was Brian a criminal? Nobody would wish to find out whether he was really a criminal, his life would end there. At least he would make history in his family, at long last his name was in the newspaper, though as a dead Criminal! That’s the nation we lived in, a politician would appear in headlines for having a running stomach or a diarrhoea due to over eating, no journalist would bother to inform of a starving family in his or her neighborhood. A rotten nation. My wish and hope was to be the champion of change. I wanted the gap between us and the poor eradicated.“Afande, habari yako?” I greeted him, he seemed surprised.“Fine sir.” I noticed the term sir.“What is your name?”“Mohammed Juma.” He sounded so soft, would he sound the same if his fellow cop was there?“Why do you want to arrest us?”“Sir, its an order, your Dad was consulted, he gave our seniors the directions, he wants Serena arrested.” He explained.He now looked and spoke so innocently.“Do you think I would harm my own wife? And shoot myself?”“No sir, it it…… mmm….no sir but but….its just an order sir.” He looked completely confused. I asked him about the status of his family, he was a firstborn of eleven siblings, his Dad had died in the post election violence, Juma was the hope of his family, to feed his six young brothers and five sisters, not forgetting his sickly old mother. He was among the kind of people I was fighting for, yet he was guarding me like a criminal just in the name of an order, just to retain his job. The rich used the poor to destroy their fellow poor folks.“Come near the bed, I want to give you a story.” He hesitated but he still came and sat beside me. I narrated to him how I met Serena and everything that had happened to us, by the end of it, he looked more relaxed.“Am so sorry sir. You are a hero…” Mohammed said in disbelief.“Don’t be sorry, join me in fighting for your rights, your little ones needs a good nation to grow in.”“That’s true sir, I all do anything for you. I will join you!” There was no weakness in his voice, he meant his words.“Thanks, now, how much does the government pay you?”“Around thirty five sir.”“Thousands?”“Yes sir.” His salary was not even close to my Dads sitting allowance in his meetings per day.“I will pay you double of that every month.” I saw his face brighten with disbelief.“Sir…”“You won’t resign, you will remain as a cop.” I gave him instructions, the first step was to trace Serena and Brian and hid them, he would work closely with the other police in finding her so that he would mislead them. Mohammed was also supposed to link Serena and I in case I was imprisoned.I had just competed giving him the instructions when my phone rang, I checked to find that it was Serena.“Hello hunnie…”“David….” She cried painfully. I was startled .“My my my love? Hello! Serena?”“Daviiiiii….

    Episode 19

    It was one week gone since the incident, according to my mother, Serena was in a critical moment in Kenyatta hospital. It was difficult for me to get the whole thing out of my mind, Brian had not deserved to die. Somebody had deliberately run them over with a car. Immediately after they left me in MAMA Lucy hospital, the two had hired a taxi but before they closed the Ruiru bypass, a truck was chasing after them and eventually running them off. The taxi driver died instantly, Brian died in Kenyatta hospital the following day, now one week was over and Serena was still unconscious. Nobody was around to visit her for she was the key suspect of Joyce Ndegwa’s attack. Every second on the clock added distress in me, there was no doubt that I had indirectly caused Brian’s death, the boy that could have done anything to save my life, the boy who had done anything to see me smile, he had not deserved such a desperate end. I mourned and cried for his life every day and night on my hospital bed. Joyce was already recovering though she had lost her pregnancy which belonged to Judas, that was not my concern whatsoever, my mind was occupied by Brian’s death and Serena’s condition.On that afternoon, I was taken to court for I had already recovered at least halfway. According to my Dad’s instructions, I was to object the accusations of causing a fight between Serena and Joyce, my mother ‘s lawyer madam Achieng had advised me to say that Serena had invaded Joyce and I in the house and shot the two of us. I didn’t oppose Achieng, I just nodded in agreement.The courtroom was into its capacity, journalists flocked and filled every remaining space. It was a story that had made headlines the whole of that week. My mother and Dad sat onthe front benches of the courtroom. The cops must have felt shy to guard me as a suspect in presence of my Dad who was their boss.Achieng winked at me as the Judge opened his file.“David Kamau Mutua.” The judge called lowering his oversize pair of spects to look at me.“Yes your honour.”“Explain to this court what happened into your house on date twentieth July this year.” He removed his spects and placed them on his file.“Thank your honour, on that fateful evening I had a fight with Joyce Ndegwa who is allegedly called my wife.” I saw my Mom stand up and my Dad flown. Achieng tried to gesticulate something to me, there was murmuring in the courtroom.“Silence!” The judge roared.“Proceed.” I saw him write something.“As we fought we happened to shoot each other..”“Objection your honour!” Achieng shouted.“Silence!” The Judge ordered.“Your honour, Joyce and I were the only people inthe room, my begone servant boy and Serena are just but victims of injustice, if there is a price to pay for harming Joyce Ndegwa, I will be ready to pay it. Thank you your honour.” By then he was busy writing. I saw my mother wipe her tears, Rozina escorted her outside. Dad was staring on the floor.“Your honour.” Achieng started. “I beg this court to understand the condition of my client, he has just lost his servant boy whom he loved dearly, his lovely wife Joyce is in a bad condition in the hospital, my client is in distress and due to desperation his mind is no doubt not sobre for…”“Objection your honour! I condemn an insult to my condition, I am perfectly alright my lord. Thank you.” I bowed.“As I was saying my lord, I think this case should be adjourned until my client gets back into his rightful condition, he loves his wife Joyce and he was shot protecting her.”I was hurted by her words, everyone at home knew I loved Serena not Joyce, she was busy lying to the public and the court.“Enough of these insult my lord, my interest is the truth, I regret my fight with Joyce who had suspected that I had another woman outside our marriage, your honour, my family wants to use the poor girl to get me free but I won’t allow that, justice must be done. Please judge me on the basis of attempted murder or domestic violence, am at your mercy my lord.” I saw Dad stand and leave the courtroom looking so furious. I knew he was up to something, I remembered Serena in the hospital. I sensed trouble. My mother had not come back into the courtroom.“Do you have any plea to make David?” The judge, who appeared confused inquired.“Yes your honour, the so called Serena should be freed from any accusation and be given security for the time being, I fear her life is in danger. That’s all your honour.”He cleared his throat.“This court finds Serena innocent of all the accusations, if her family wishes to file any case against her accusers, they have the space. Meanwhile, this court finds David Kamau Mutua guilty for causing violence and deliberately assaulting his wife Joyce Ndegwa, I therefore rule that…

    Episode 20

    Seven years in jail was my sentence. I wasn’t afraid, infact the judge was fair. I had just gotten out of a life prison into a legal prison. Growing up in my Dad’s compound was more of a prison than a home, I had no freedom to make even my most basic decision. My mother and I had to follow my Dad’s orders, no matter how weird they seemed to be, I had violated his decision of my marriage with Joyce Ndegwa and that’s why I was now in prison. That was why Brian was dead, that was why Serena’s mother was dead.Prison was not a good or comfortable place to be, I had to live a totally different life. Nobody would call me sir anymore, in fact I had to bend so low. On the first day I had to empty the buckets of urine and sticky faeces of my cellmates, I was new and therefore I had to follow their orders. None of them knew whom I was, I even feared that they would be more bully to me if they discovered that I was the Minister’s son. They spoke everything bad about the government. I remember one day in the field as we were busy transferring heavy metallic doors from the senior warden blocks. The doors were so heavy but each had to carry his. A boy of Brian’s height and size was ahead of me when a cellmate beside me pushed him and the poor boy went down with his door landing on him. I had to throw mine aside to help him up, the heavy door was squarely on him. I didn’t know why a prisoner would wish to kill his fellow prisoner.“Don’t help him you idiot!!” The tall black guy lowered at me. By then the prisoners had already gathered around, some shouting and cursing. The boy was struggling but the door was so heavy on him. I had no option than to pull it away so that he was now free to get up. I only turned on time to see another door flying towards me, it was targeting my head. The same guy had thrown it to me, I had violated his order by helping the boy. I bent over and the metal landed heavily behind me. He used his boot to kick my chest and I lost my ground. Anger came over me, for sometime I hadn’t gotten into a fight. He still made steps towards me but I hastily pulled his right leg and he lost his ground too. By then the other prisoners were shouting and crapping. We stood simultaneously, I saw his fist on the air and I blocked it simply, he raised his right foot but before he knew it I had made a perfect sweep on his left foot. By then there were thunderous applauses and shouts. He still got up but I didn’t give him time to make his mind, I sent him back to the ground with a simple dropkick, I knew he couldn’t fight more, my boot was full of his blood. I had learnt various fighting skills in London where I was a member to Karate and Kickboxing clubs. I saw everyone stand aside for me as I carried my door towards the offices.On that evening my mother visited me, she was accompanied by Rozina. “My son, you have to get out of this place…”“Tell me about Serena, mom.”“She is recovering though her waist is still in a critical situation, she may never walk again.” I was glad to learn that my Serena was no longer unconscious. I wished to see and share with her, I wished to kiss and hug her, I wanted to cry with her, to cry and mourn for Brian’s death. I wondered if it was not the right moment for me to use my Dad’s influence in the government and get out of prison.“David, we have to have you set free, this can only be through having Serena accused, Joyce is ready to file a case against Serena as the one who attacked her.” I wondered whether it was my mother who was talking. Had she not promised to support my relationship with Serena?“Please get out mom, leave me alone! How can you, my own mother betray me? You know I love Serena!”“But I can’t have my son die in prison because of love!”“You have no choice mom, please go home and forget me, I will remain here for Serena to be free.” I stood up and left the waiting room, my mother was trying to call me but I had no more patience, I vowed never to see any of them anymore, I would turn down all their visits.Ndegwa himself had visited me, requesting me to change my mind and have Serena carry the cross.“You are my son in law and I can’t have you lot in prison, your Dad and I are senior government officers. Its ironic.” Ndegwa had remarked.“Sorry sir, I won’t have Serena accused for me to be free. I am sorry for the trouble I caused to your daughter.” I had stood up and eft the room. If I knew whatever was ahead of me was heavy for me to bear, I would have considered being free.One morning that was two days gone after my disagreement with my mother , I requested the daily newspaper from our cell warden, he had already become my friend, he knew whom I was and therefore was soft on me.I took the newspaper, obviously expecting my name on the headlines. My shock came when I saw Serena’s picture on the cover page.The bold reading on top read.

    Episode 21

    When I came to, I was in the prison’s hospital bed. My mother and Rozina sat beside me. It took me sometime to remember anything. I remembered borrowing a newspaper from Warden Damian, I remembered seeing Serena’s photo on the cover page, tears flow on my cheeks when I recalled what I read before I fainted.“Stop crying my son, please come down David.”“Tell me it’s not true mother, tell me my Serena is alive,,,,” I couldn’t help it, I felt so desperate, I needed to die and follow my Serena and Brian, why would I live? Did I have anything or anyone to live for? I had my mind made up, I must be buried together with Serena, she had gone with my heart, I had no life to live, I had lived for her and now fate had taken her away from me. If at all there was next life, Serena and I would love and live, the world was too small to contain our love, it was too ignorant to understand our affection, it was too blind to see how much we loved and fitted for each other.“David, gone or not gone, you will not have to ruin yourself in agony.” I hated her un-understanding voice, had she ever been in love?“Listen to me mother, from now henceforth, you and Dad don’t have a child!”“What?! What has come over you son?”“I will never want to see any of you near me again. You failed me as parents and now I have lost the joy of my life!” I mourned between bitter sobs. Serena had been recovering, how could she just die? How could my own Serena leave me? She had refused to die in the accident because she never wanted to leave me. Something dawned to me, somebody killed Serena on her hospital bed. Before my suicide, one person was to die, my Dad, the minister was responsible for Serena’s death. I would shoot him and shoot myself before being arrested.“My son.” My mother’s voice was sad and gloomy. I didn’t even look at her.“You are my joy and happiness, in the whole of my life I have wished you joy and prosperity, you have been my comfort from when I lost your..I mean please try to comfort yourself.” I was so desperate to discover that in her statement , she had skipped and avoided something, who did she loose? My who? She obviously failed to say it that she had lost my Dad when I was young, how I wish she had said it and make things easier for me. Mutua had never treated me as his own son, his decisions about me were based on his own interest.“Mom, am sorry but you will have to loose me. I have always been a good son to you, I understand that you have no choice than to support Dad but I won’t join you in it.” I stood to leave the hospital bed. “No son! Am your mother, I will…”“Its rather too late for you!” I headed to the door ignoring my mother who was trying to block my way.The nurse tried to call me back but I ignored her, the cops took me back to the cells. Tears were still flowing down my cheeks, my heart was in a great pain and I felt I would die anytime. Loosing Serena meant loosing my life. I couldn’t help crying even in the cells. My cellmates had no idea on why I was in tears, none of them knew whom I was.“Captain you have to be strong me’en.” Mushtafa encouraged, they had nicknamed me Captain after beating the guy who had always bullied them in the fields, he was so muscular and violent and everyone had feared him. On Fridays we used to eat a piece of meat in the evening, the violent guy used to order ten guys to give their pieces of meats to him on every Friday, he mostly targeted the new prisoners , his biggest mistake was to slap me on face after picking my piece of meat which I was ready to let go. He was taken to hospital on that evening as I was taken to the displinerly committee. From then, everyone called me Captain David.Mushtafa was a kind guy, so nice to be in prison. His home was in Somalia, he had just been caught in Kenya unlawfully and suspected to be an Alshabab member. He had just escaped from Somalia after loosing his both parents on an Alshabaab attack. He wished to live in Kenya and away from his own land but he was arrested and imprisoned for twenty five years, it was obviously my Dad’s order to have any non citizen from Somalia arrested. What if Mushtafa knew it? That I was the minister’s son?On that day I made two calls through the warden’s phone. I was glad to reach Maccain who was a fellow lawyer, we had studied together in London. He promised to visit me in prison the following day. I wanted to appeal on my case, now that Serena and Brian were no more, I had no one to protect by being in prison, I needed to be out to revenge for them.Deep within me I still didn’t feel it that Serena was dead, I felt her breath in the air, I felt her heartbeat in my mind, I saw her smile at the back of my mind but her death was the talk of the media.On that particular night I didn’t sleep, I stared to the darkness listening to my slow heartbeats. My mind was on Serena whose burial was now being planed. At around dawn I leaned onthe wall and sleep took me away. I was walking in the streets , very lonely and suddenly I sported a familiar figure walking across the streets holding a kid who walked alongside her. I hurried and caught up with them. The figure was familiar, she turned to look at me.“Serena?”“David!”“My love Serenaaa!” I woke up calling her name.I was so disappointed to wake up from the dream, it was already 0900hours and it was time to take our strong tea.The warden came for me even before I wiped my face. He told me that I had an important guest in the waiting room. I wasn’t excited to see my mother and Rozina again, but I was glad to meet Mohammed the cop who had vowed to work with me for justice. He had accompanied Rozina and my mother.“Good morning sir.” He greeted me, was I still sir?“Morning to you Juma.Its long since we met.” I shook his hand. “Sorry sir, I should have come to see you but…..”“Its okay Juma.”“David, take this phone and talk to your friend.” My mother requested. I didn’t take it.“Please do, its important, that’s why we came.”“Take it sir.” Rozina begged, I turned to Juma who nodded in agreement. I hesitantly took it.I placed it on my left ear, they were all stating at me.“Hello..”“David my love?”“Serena! Serena!”“David its….

    Episode 22

    “You are alive my love? ”Yes hunnie, alive and kicking.” She giggled. I was more than excited, I prayed that it won’t be a dream, it would be so terrible for me.The truth was that my Serena was alive, I was very eager to know where she was and what made everyone including the media believe that she was dead. My mother decided to explain everything. My Dad had paid the cops who were guarding Serena in the hospital, I had obviously requested the judge to make sure that Serena had security in her ward that is in Kenyatta hospital. I wasn’t aware that one of the cops assigned the duty to guard her was Juma, the cop that had vowed to work with me. My Dad was not aware of it when he approached Juma and his colleague, offering them half a million each and promotions if they helped him to have Serena killed. Such a huge offer couldn’t be ignored, Juma was aware that in case he turned the offer down, his partner would do it and get the double pay. Juma was interested in saving Serena’s life as per our agreement, he arranged with one of the nurses whom she termed as a good Samaritan and they shifted Serena on the same night that she was supposed to be injected with a poisonous syringe. In the same hospital, a young girl of almost Serena’s age had died the same day as she was delivering a child, the kid survived but the girl died. The nurse therefore decided to replace Serena with the corpse of the poor girl. Unaware of it, Juma’s partner came with the poisonous Syringe and injected the dead girl believing that it was Serena. Juma took some snaps as the body was being carried away to the mortuary and sent them to my Dad who paid them instantly. Later on that day, every media reported about Serena’s death which to them was mysterious because she had been recovering, according to the doctors, she was out of danger but ‘maybe her wounded spinal cord had blocked or collapsed, postmortem would play its part.’ By then Serena was on a hospital bed in Mombasa. I was so moved by the story, I hadn’t imagined such a great job from Juma. I couldn’t help shedding tears of joy. I vowed never to to loose Serena, I wanted to be out of prison to protect her, I wanted to marry her right away, I wanted her to bear me my first child. She had miscarriaged after the accident but I knew we would make another child.I requested my mother to send a million shillings to the Juma’s account but he objected.“Sir, I must say that I would be doing myself a great injustice by continuously making money from your struggle for a better nation, you struggle for us to live well, we should support you with no pay, I won’t take any cent from you anymore, besides am now being promoted and my salary would double my previous one.” I was moved by Juma’s words, there was no doubt that he was as wise as my late servant boy Brian. I didn’t oppose him but I thanked him for his loyalty.“Thanks a lot Juma, thanks mom and Rozina.”“Welcome my son, remember that the girl that died had a newborn, what do we do?”“Oh that! If no one takes the child then will definitely be my kid, my child with Serena, what’s it gender?”“A girl.” Mom replied. I wished it was a boy child but all in all I would be excited to adopt her as my own, she came when we needed help, her existence saved Serena’s life. I proposed her name to be Victory Njeri, Njeri was my mother’s second name.According to Juma, it was not wise to make regular calls to Serena, somebody might track the line and trace her. The best thing was for me to try and get out of jail so that we can try and file cases to all those who were involved in trying to kill Serena. On that evening, Juma introduced to me Detective Mwangi who would be investigating cause of the accident in which Brian and the driver died. I was determined to have Dad face the law for I believed that he was involved in all that had happened.On the same evening I met with Maccain, my fellow lawyer whom I had requested to meet. Previously I had wanted him to file an appeal for my case in which Serena would be accused as the one who shot Joyce and I, now that I knew she was alive, I wanted him to advice me on what to do.“Am sorry for everything David, I will try to help you, meanwhile we have to give your late Serena a good send off.” He as well believed that Serena was dead. Her burial was to be in two days time, sometimes I got sad about it only to realize that it was a fake burial, they were to burry the wrong person. I wondered if my mother and Juma hadn’t played a trick on me, how comes no one had discovered that the corpse didn’t have Serena’s appearance? I had no choice than to remain in faith, I had hopes, big hopes.“Yes, she must be buried like a queen, she was a queen to me. I have to revenge for her death, legal revenge.”“First of all, let’s approach Joyce and convince to have you released.” That was a good idea, the best at that time, Joyce  was now at home and almost fully recovered. I wondered if she would have me released.“Knowing that Serena is dead, Joyce will have you released so as to have a family with you.” He adviced, I saw some lights and I smiled at the idea.I had not given Maccain my feedback when the door was pushed open, I raised my face to see Joyce Ndegwa and behind him Judas followed.

    Episode 23

    “Hello David.” Joyce greeted we didn’t hug as used to do before, a cold handshake was enough. Judas shook my hand as well.“So at long last am remembered?” I teased. Judas smiled but Joyce didn’t. “I don’t think anybody would forget you David, my dream was to come and get you out of here not to see you as a prisoner, you deserve better.” Joyce remarked, she was bitter as she said it.Judas shook his head in agreement with her words. I knew there was something behind them coming to get me out.“David you have been a loyal friend to me since childhood…”“But you betrayed me Judas, you weren’t loyal to me!” I felt so agitated, my few weeks in prison had no doubt changed me.“David, I only wanted the best for you, I knew you would never be happy with Serena…”“And you were to be happy with her? You tried to seduce her Judas! My own fiancee, yet you call yourself my friend? Give me a break!”Judas was a real idiot, Serena had told me everything, Judas had promised to marry her regardless of her condition before she had an accident and a miscarriage. How could he promise to marry a lady who was pregnant with my child?“David am so sorry about that but it was your Dad’s plan.. ” He said apologetically.“My Dad’s plan?”“He paid me to do it, I did it believing it was a way of helping you.”“My Dad paid you?!”“Yes.”“And like an idiot, you betrayed me because of money?!”Our argument was so frictional and Joyce had to intervene. I hated Judas for that, though I promised to forgive him, I doubted if I would ever trust him again. How I wished Brian was still alive and get to know our betrayer. He would have said..”Sir! I told you sir, I warned you against trusting Judas..” Poor Brian, was he seeing everything from the world of dead? How I wished he lived to fight the battle of injustice with me.“David.” Joyce broke the silence.“Yes Joyce.”“Its not my joy to see my husband in prison, now that the enemy to our marriage is gone, you have to get out of prison and build our family with me.” She stared at my face to notice any reaction, I kept calm.“What do you say?” She inquired.“Nothing.” I answered shortly, I still wasn’t sure on what to do and how to do it.“You don’t want to be free?” Joyce sounded annoyed, annoyed because I had not appreciated her offer of getting me out.“Well, how do you plan to get me out?” I was curious.“I only need to stand infront of the court and confess that Serena, the village girl shot me, it wasn’t you.” She explained. I cleared my throat, struggling to remain calm.“In that case, I prefer dying in this prison. If we must use her for me to be free, am sorry , am ok here.” I headed for the door.“No David!” Joyce was in front of me with tears.“David! What is wrong with you? You are my husband! You know I love you, why are you so difficult to understand?” She was crying. I pitied her, would she cry the whole of her life? I saw Judas and Maccain get out of the room.Joyce was crying uncontrollably.“Sorry Joyce.” I held her into my arms.”if you love me Joyce…”“You know I love you David, I would do anything for you, am sorry I lost our child but we…” She said between sobs, she sounded so desperate.“Alright alright. Take it easy, prove this by telling the court the truth, that you fell on your own gun and shot me accidentally.” I requested.“But I will be jailed David!”“Nobody will jail you because I won’t file any case against my wife.” She was moved by my words, she looked up into my eyes.“Sure? You mean your words?” Her voice was so weak with emotions.“I mean my words.” I lied looking aside and avoiding her sharp eyes. She wiped her tears.“David I love you so much, do you love me?” She shook my body.“But I said it earlier.” I forced a smile.“I want to hear it a million and one times.” She demanded.I decided to give her a kiss than lie to her. Somebody pushed the door before I did it. If I was with Serena I would have gotten annoyed but now I saw it as an advantage. “Your time is over David!” A cop from the door called. I knew I had taken more than the usual time that day.Our agreement with Joyce was to have my case appealed after Serena’s burial. She wanted it to be done the following day but I requested her to let us send Serena off first. She even volunteered to help in planning for her burial. She was obviously happy to have ‘me back’. All I wanted was to have the whole case cleared and she would never see me again.During the burial, in the village where I had almost met my death. The compound was full of people, the media was there too. I was escorted by two armed cops into the burial, ‘Serena’s buria’. Most of the attention was on me as I approached the tent. My mother had promised to attend, I expected to meet Judas and Joyce as well. I was about to get into the tent, when Daniel, Serena’s young brother pulled me by my shirt.“Hello Daniel .” I was excited to see him. I loved him.“Sir David,that coffin there doesn’t contain my sister’s body, that is not my sister.”He cried loudly attracting some attention. I was confused! She had seen the corpse already. Joyce and Judas stood behind me…

    Episode 24

    I was totally confused, if Judas and Joyce weren’t with us, it would have been my ripe opportunity to tell Daniel that his sister was alive.“Daniel please, lets go this way Daniel.” I led him behind the houses, I never expected Joyce and Judas to follow us there. I promised them that we would be sited together ones I was through with comforting Daniel.I made him sit on the green grass as I sat next to him. We clearly heard the proceedings of the funeral via the public address.“Daniel, I loved and I still love your sister so much, she is all that made and makes my heart joyous.” I might have been emotional, my heart was warm towards Daniel, he had some qualities of my Serena. His look gave me hope, I felt that I wasn’t so far from Serena.“But sir, you should have protected her, now we can’t even trace her body for burial! Is that love?” He sobbed.“Come down brother, Serena is as precious to me as she is to you.”“She is gone sir! Gone and forgotten! You have already a new lover, do you expect me to get a new sister? Huh?!” He sounded bitter and desperate, having lost his mother and now allegedly loosing his sister Serena.“Daniel? Do you trust me?”I asked raising his chin with my right hand to look on his troubled face.“Not at all sir, not with my sister’s body missing!” He protested.“Do you know why her body misses? Because your sister is so much alive.” I saw him stare at me, as if he had seen me for the first time.“Yes, its a long story, some people wanted her dead and so we had to take her to a hiding place and fake her death. We have to burry that body in order to rescue your sister’s life.” I saw his face brighten but there was confusion written on it.“Sir? Did you say My sister is alive?”“Yes Daniel.”“I want to talk to her, call her right now!” He ordered with joy written all over his face. I explained everything to him even why I wasn’t supposed to call her regularly but I promised to let him talk to her after the burial.My joy to see Daniel happy was short lived as I saw the widow behind us open, someone had heard everything I had told Daniel, he or she had entered into the house behind us and neared the window, there was no doubt that it was no longer a secret.I didn’t find Joyce among the congregation, Judas informed me that Joyce had a call from home and that she had to rush.“You should have taken her.” I recommended.“I wanted to remain and stand by you, I know its not simple with you buddy.” He said passionately.“Sure, I really loved Serena, I appreciate your concern bro.” I thanked,still wondering whom our eavesdropper was.Daniel didn’t show any sign of sadness anymore, he had believed my words. The ceremony had many speakers from the village, all praising Serena’s personality and I was so proud of her, I wished my parents were there to listen to the qualities of my wife Serena. I couldn’t understand why my mother had failed to attend, it would be a better place for us to meet and plan.Later on that evening, I was escorted back into the prison after saying goodbye to Daniel and Judas. So many journalists had seeked to know why I didn’t look sad yet I had claimed to love her, I just ignored them with a smile. A smile that was at the headlines of almost all the newspapers.Two days later.Joyce, Judas and I met in the court as agreed, the fact was that since the burial, Joyce had not visited me in prison, he used to send Judas.I was glad that she had kept her promise of getting me out of prison. She had promised to confess that she fell on her own corked pistol as she tried to shoot Serena and I . I still didn’t like her cold look in the courtroom. The judge opened her file. I saw my mother’s face brighten.“David Kamau Mutua.” She lowered her spects to look at me, I wondered why they all did that.“Yes your honour.” I responded innocently.“This court requires you to produce Serena who is believed to be dead but she is alive. You are accused of faking her death and kidnapping her to hide some truth.” I was about to protest when I saw Daniel enter the courtroom and stand beside Joyce Ndegwa. There was no doubt, I was in trouble.

    Episode 25

    “Your honour, I beg to object, as per my knowledge Serena is dead and buried, I have been in prison for a month now, how did I do all that?” I  saw the judge note something on her file. A tall black guy with a suit who was obviously the prosecutor cleared his throat.“Your honour, I beg to ask some questions to the accused and then to our first witness.” The judge nodded her head to give him a go ahead sign.“David Kamau Mutua, did you attend Serena’s burial?” The prosecutor asked.“I obviously did.” I answered shortly.“Did you had a talk with any of the Serena’s family member?”“I don’t remember holding any conversation, after all I was guarded by two police officers.”The prosecutor thanked me and now turned to the Judge.“Your honour, my other questions goes to our first witness. One of our policemen who guarded him in the burial.” The judge noted something down then raised her face.“Francis Njoroge, swear before this honourable court that the information you are about to give is nothing but the truth.” I saw the cop hold a Bible and swear. The guy had no choice than to speak the truth, he said that I left the tent and took Daniel at the backyards where we seemed to have a conversation for long. The judge seemed so busy writing, my hope was now on Daniel, if only he was wise, he would deny everything, he would say that he never saw me in the burial, the court would have no choice than to believe him.The judge was still writing when I saw Joyce coming to my direction. She came close to my ear and whispered.“David, you are finished, you have only one option, confess that Serena tried to kill us, give her to the police and I will stop Daniel from witnessing against you.” She parted my shoulder as though she was comforting me and left to the benches. I felt so agitated, there was no doubt that Joyce was behind everything. My mother was wiping her tears. The prosecutor, as if he knew what Joyce had told me.“Your honour, I open this chance for the accused to deny or object the charges or even give us more details about it.” He bowed to the court and sat back on his bench.“Your honour.” I cleared my throat. “I know nothing about these accusations, if at all this court finds it just to judge me let it be done, the truth will come to be known one day. I am done your honour.” I must have been emotional. Joyce had no choice than to have Daniel confess against me. Daniel answered all the questions as expected, Joyce had obviously corrupted his mind.He told the court that I confirmed to him that his sister was alive, I even offered to let him talk to her via phone.“Your honour, its clear that my accusers have corrupted and mislead my brother Daniel to confess against me. Its so unfair for them to accuse me of kidnapping my own girlfriend and faking her death when I still have great pains for loosing her.” I mourned but the judge seemed so busy operating something on her desk. I knew I had lost the case but all was not lost, I would never give out Serena. I would rather die in prison than get her accused.It was now time for the judgement, I knew I would have more than ten years added on top of my seven years jailterm, that would make up to about twenty years in prison.The judge opened her file and switched on her microphone.“First of all I want to inform this court that in this courtroom we have fixed some microchip devices, whatever whispered on those benches where the accused, accusers and the witnesses are is audible to the judge.” She stopped to stare at the direction where Joyce, Judas and Daniel were sited, she then stared at me.“During the proceedings of this case, Joyce the accuser, shifted to the accused benches and whispered something to the accused, David, please inform this court what Joyce told you, the information might change the direction of the judgement.” At last there was hope, I felt like laughing loudly and mocking Joyce for her inconsiderate action.“Thank you your honour, Its true that Joyce came and whispered something to me, she gave me an option to lie to this court that Serena tried to kill us and also to give out Serena, by doing so I would be free because she will stop Daniel from witnessing.” I saw Joyce face turn pale as my mother’s face Brighten.“In that case, this is my judgement, this court apologizes to David on behalf of the prosecution and closes this case. We therefore find Joyce Ndegwa guilty for trying to blackmail and accuse falsely, the court have started to doubt the on whether David really shot Joyce, the court therefore requests David Kamau to file a case against Joyce for accusing and blackmailing, on the case of assaulting and shooting Joyce, fresh investigations will be done with David filing an appeal for his case.” I saw my mother stand and jump with happiness as Joyce collapsed on the benches.

    Episode 26

    “I won’t file a case against Joyce, mother.” I informed.“But she has caused you all this trouble my son.” There was no doubt that my mother supported the issue of me accusing Joyce for accusing me falsely. The judge had promised to return in the afternoon and give the judgement if I would file a case against her, that meant both of us would be in prison.According to me, Joyce was just a victim of injustice and parental dictatorship like me, having her arrested wouldn’t help much.“I beg you to spare her David, she is just a girl, she did it out of bitterness.” Judas advised. My mother had no option than to agree with us, the best thing was for us to get involved in filing an appeal so as to get me out of prison the following week. I was glad that the judge was already suspicious with the case.On that afternoon my mother escorted me to the cells, Joyce and Judas had already gone home. I felt that my mother had something to tell me. She looked so restless, her face did not give me the confidence it had always given me. She had tried to smile but behind the smile I saw pain, there was a cloud of tears in her eyes. I knew there was something troubling her, all I wanted was to know what it was, I would do anything to restore her sweet smile.Just near the door to my cell, my mother held me by my left shoulder. Her hand was trembling. “Are you alright ma’?”“Yes son, you will have to forgive me David.” I saw tears forming in her eyes, she looked so weak. To me, my mother was like a stable mountain, I had always seen strength and stability in her, what would make her so weak? Was my Dad harassing her to that extent, then I had no choice than to break from the prison and teach him a lesson, I would make him taste the new David, he would know the kind of son the prison had made me.“Forgive you? I don’t understand mother.”“It wasn’t my fault David, it wasn’t my fault.” She was now sobbing, my mother was sobbing.“Mom, please you have to be strong, whatever it is, just feel free, I love you so much.” I used my thumb to wipe her tears.“My son, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart,am proud of you, you stand for the truth. You have always been my strength and my hope. Always remember my love.” She said emotionally.“But mother,why speak like this? Why mom?” The atmosphere around us seemed so sad and agonic. I feared, I was afraid, afraid of the unknown. Whatever she seemed ready to tell me seemed so heavy for me to bear, I was already tensed.“My son, will you forgive me?”“Yes mother, whatever it is, I promise.” My voice trembled with fear.“It wasn’t my fault but I had to keep the secret for the sake of your life.” She paused to wipe her tears.“David?”“Mother?” My voice was weak.“Mutua is not your Dad…”“What?!”“Your Dad was murdered, its the ripe time to revenge for his death.” She was no longer weeping, her voice came out so strong and bitter. I was so confused to speak, I was not the minister’s son? Who killed my Dad? Why had my mother kept everything from me?“Who killed my Dad?” I managed to ask.

    Episode 27

    “Rozina? What’s wrong Rozina?” I was so uneasy. I felt as though I couldn’t stand for one more second. My body was so weak to stand firm, it was difficult to take more breaths.“Sir….we…..we..”“Rozina please! Speak up dear.” I was already shaking her by her shoulders.“You are hurting me sir.” She cried.“Am sorry Rozina.” I apologized letting her go. “Please sit down.” I pushed the simple chair for her and she sank on it. I picked mine and sat opposite to her, not even minding that our knees were interlocking. All I needed was to know what had brought her.Her sadness caused lots of anxiety in me, I feared for the worst, my prayer was one, for her to inform me that my mother was safe. I longed to see my mother even for a second and tell her how much I loved her, I would crack a little joke and snap her while smiling, I would forever put her picture as my phone’s profile picture. I would do anything that I have failed to do for her, anything to make her happy. I wondered why I had never thought of taking my mother for a lunch or a lovely dinner, I would have made her feel important and young. My Dad was so much occupied with ‘building the nation’ and taking university girls for meals to think of my mother. I wondered if such girls knew what kind of damange they were causing to our family, did they know the kind of loneliness it caused my mother for them to enjoy their hypocritical company with my so called Dad, the minister? Why was it so difficult for them to wait upon their young men Than to date such an old man? They obviously had no reason to care, all they needed was money to survive.“Tell me Rozina, how is my mother?” I saw her raise her face and break into fresh sobs. I had no more patience , I needed to know the truth.“Listen to me Rozina! I need to know about my mother! If you can’t then leave!” I yelled, by then my body was shaking with fury or maybe fear, fear for the unknown.“Am sorry sir….its…its why am here, for three days now she can’t be traced.” She cried. By the time she completed i could hardly breath, I tried to stand but I fell back to my seat. In front of me I saw darkness, I saw no hope. “My mother?” I managed to ask with a weak voice which I guess was trembling.“Yes sir, on the evening you were in court she never returned home. The minister said that you should not be informed because you may get alarmed and break from the prison yet maybe she was safe.” She explained sadly and wiping her tears.“And why have you disobeyed him?”“Because I feel that Madam is not safe, she might be in danger.” She said seriously.“Tell me Rozina, please tell me, have you found any suspicious thing? Please?” I begged wiping my tears.“Sir?”“Tell me Rozina. Please.”She looked around the room fearfully as though confirming that no one was around apart from the two of us.“I found her phone under the Minister’s pillow as I made his bed, the screen was broken , it had some traces of blood.” She whispered. How I wished it was just another terrible dream , my Dad would dearly pay for everything, she had better be alive.“Are you serious it was her phone?” How I wished she wasn’t sure, but then she had been her personal maid for more than ten years since she was about fifteen years old.“I have been the one charging her phones, I know the kind of phone she had gone out with on that day.” She confessed.“Do you think my mother could be dead?” I couldn’t help it as I broke into tears, it was so difficult for me to take, I couldn’t hold my tears anymore. Some occurrences knows no man, if at all Dad had succeeded in eliminating my lovely mother, then he had destroyed me, he had outdid me.But then, how could I believe that such a strong lady would get uprooted? One thing I was sure about was that my mother couldn’t just die and live me alone , I refused to believe that she could be dead. All I needed was to be out of jail even for a minute, my Dad would have no choice than to produce my mother, I would make him aware of the fact that I already knew that he was not my real Dad.“You must know what to do sir, she might be in danger.” Rozina advised.”And you must be strong if at all we want to save madam.” Rozina had a point, strength was no longer a choice but a key requirement in saving my mother if at all she lived. I believed she was alive.“Did the Minister discover that you saw the mobile phone?” I tried to be strong.“No, I found it this morning after he left.” She said.“OK, you returned it to its position?”“Yes sir, I did.” “That’s good, I will have to get out of here, I want to send you to my friend Maccain, take this number and call him when you get out of here.”“Yes sir.”“Tell him to search for me a certain tablet that will make me unconscious for some hours, am forgetting the tablet’s name, he knows it.”“But sir…”“Then make sure you sneak into my house without Joyce’ knowledge and pick my gun with Anjela’s help. At exactly 1900 hours, place the gun under my white BMW.” I whispered , she was so stranded to speak, she just shook her head .“When Maccains gets the tablet, fix it in a cake and bring it to me in the afternoon.”“Ok sir.” She trembled.“No failing please, its about my mother’s life.” I urged. “I will do anything to save her life sir.” She said serious, there was firmness and strength in her voice, strength that gave me hope.

    Episode 28

    On that afternoon, I was glad to meet Rozina in the waiting room. She told me that everything was set. She also informed me that Joyce had relocated to their home, she no longer lived in my house.I received the two cakes and a bottle of lemon juice in a black paper bag, there was little time left, I said goodbye to her and returned to my cell.“Be careful Sir.” She had warned.“Thanks Rozina, take care of yourself.” I shook her hand and left. Into my cell, the clock read 1400hours, I needed to start my mission right away. As I unwrapped one of the cakes, I remembered one thing, Rozina’s life could be in danger. In my parents bungalow, there was CCTV cameras in almost every room, there was no doubt that the Minister would see that Rozina had seen and even touched my mother’s phone which would be used as an evidence against him. I regretted for having not thought about it before she left, it would have been wise not to let her return into that house. Now her life was in danger, Dad wouldn’t mind putting a bullet into her skull, to him, a mere servant was not worth to be termed as a threat. I had to act swiftly, I wouldn’t allow him to kill somebody else.I didn’t bother informing my cellmates about my plans. I made a big gulp of the lemon Juice and accompanied it with one tablet, two more gulps then I gave my cellmates the rest to share, I always shared with them. I left them scrambling for the cakes as I headed to the corner where I sat leaning on the wall. Mushtafa joined me shortly.“You don’t seem well captain.”“Am just fine Sheriff.” We used to call him Sheriff.“You seem stressed today, please tell me, a problem shared….”“Its not yet solved.” I concluded for him.“No Captain ,its halfway solved.” He corrected.“That’s an old saying, when a saying becomes so old, it could become a lie, tell me Sherry, would you kill your Dad?”“Captain! How I wish he was alive, you know how it hurted to see him die? How can I even imagine of killing him?” He sounded so sad.“If he threatens to kill the people you love, if he threatens to kill your mother maybe.” “I would think of other things to do to protect them but, killing my Dad, hell no!” He swore.“Sherry, one day you will know whom I am and what I am fighting for, for now just call the warden and tell him that am dying.” I show his face turn pale and surprised.“Dying? What do you mean?”“I will be back before the third day.”“Are you Jesus? Are you sober Captain…” I didn’t here his other words, I was in a new world, a world in which you hear and feel nothing.The room was not new to me, the young nurse knew whom I was, we were already friends. I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me, she was obviously glad to see me regain my conscious.“How do you feel David?” She place her hand on my neck, maybe to feel my temperature.“Not fine, am not sure, what happened to me?”“You collapsed, are you stressed about something? That might have been the cause.” She sat on the bed.“Am not stressed.” I said shortly.“You can count on me David, share it with me.” She held my hand warmly.“I have nothing to share.” I was getting agitated. Why was she so stubborn?Eventually the door was pushed open, a cop appeared at the door. I knew what it meant, I lied back on the bed.“How is he? We need to take him back into the cells.” The cop spoke.The nurse, her name was Mercy, she glanced at me and I winked at her.” I need to treat him for some more hours, he isn’t fine.” She answered him.“Alright, call the office when you are through with him.” He instructed before he left.“Say thanks .” she teased.“For what?”“Ok, let me call him back.”“Go ahead please.” I dared her.“You are thick headed David.”Mercy was young girl who seemed so social, I needed to use her to get out of prison.“Your head is thicker than mine Mercy, do you have a boyfriend?” She had not expected such a question, she looked away in shyness.“Its complicated. Why do you ask?” Did she think that I wanted to be her boyfriend? She obviously knew that I had a marriage ceremony with a minister’s daughter. “Maybe I am attracted to you Mercy.”“The minister’s son is a joker.” She smiled.“I am serious, you are likeable  and lovable Mercy.” I confessed.“You are flattering me, are you serious David?” She wore an innocent face.“Yes, you will know the truth soon.” I pulled her on my bed.“Let me lock the door David.”“I will lock it, don’t bother.” I looked at the clock, it read 1645hours. There was no time to waste.I laid her on the bed and started my hands on her, she had nice young body but my mind was far from that. She placed her hands around my neck and kissed me.“Making love with the minister’s son, what a day!” She remarked trying to push my trouser down word. I pulled out her top so that only her red bra was left on her blown body , her trouser was already on the floor body , her trouser was already on the floor. I began by tying up her hands on the bed.“What are you doing sweetheart?” She wasn’t suspicious, if at all she was, she didn’t sound so.“The Minister’s son makes love in a special way. Please close your eyes.” I reached for her pants and pulled them to the floor. I had an instinct to make love on her but then there was no time for that , besides, my Serena could never be betrayed.I frisked her trouser and eventually a bunch of keys, there was no doubt that my mission was halfway successful.

    Episode 29

    By the time I got into our compound, it was around 1830hours. I knew I had no much time, if at all I meant to save Rozina’s life and to find my mother, I had to be swift. The gateman had shown some shock on seeing me, he had not expected me.“Good evening sir, welcome back.” He saluted, his name was Joe Ngigi.“Hello Joe, is the minister around?”“You mean your Dad?”“We don’t have any other minister around, do we?” I was loosing my patience with Joe.Its a weakness to almost every African, they will have to repeat your words before answering your question, no matter how direct your question seems to be.You meet an African lady in a public spot.“My name is Kim, what’s your name?” You are so expectant, eagerly waiting for an answer so that you can ask your next question, she answers; “Oh! My name?” Had you not been so clear in your question? To survive in Africa patience is a basic key, Joe was no exception. “He is in sir.” He answered.“When did he come back?” I was curious.“At around five this evening sir, is there any problem?” He sounded alarmed.I ignored his question.“If anyone asks you if you have seen me say you haven’t, OK?” I ordered.“But sir…”“No buts!” I yelled, I needed to be tough.“OK sir.”“Secondly, nobody should get into this compound from now till further notice.” His face portrayed more confusion, he had no option than to take my orders.I hurried towards the parking where I had no trouble in locating my gun where Rozina had placed it. I didn’t stop to think or consider the intensity or consequences of what I intended to do. I had to do all I could to protect whatever gave meaning to my life, if it would meaning killing Dad to have Serena and my mother back, I was ready to do it.I walked straight into the rich bungalow, it looked lonely and deserted, I didn’t sense my mother’s presence. The welcoming warmth was no longer there, the atmosphere was cold and sad, I had no doubt that my mother was in danger.There was no light in the living roomdownstairs , I didn’t hesitate going upstairs but before I took to the stairs, Angela appeared from the kitchen.“Sir?” She was obviously shocked.“Angela, good evening.”“Good evening sir, glad to see  you back, welcome.” She had a lovely innocent smile.“Thank you Angela, have you seen Rozina?” I was getting worried, Rozina was incharge of everything, she has always been there to see who gets in and out of the house, she used to monitor the other maids as they did their duties. Her main duty was to be my mother’s personal maid.“Your Dad called him upstairs and…” I didn’t wait for the rest, I ran upstairs feeling my gun which was held tightly against my waist by my belt.The silence upstairs was suspicious, if two people were in the upstairs, then some movements or some activities would be evident. There was light in my Dad’s study room. I hurried and pushed the door but nobody was inside. The room looked so disorganized, books and old newspapers were all over the floor, it wasn’t the room I was used to.I checked into all the other rooms, including washing rooms but there was no sign of Dad or Rozina, there was only one room left, my parents bedroom. I didn’t mind the uncouthness of getting into it, I had no choice. I tiptoed towards the door and placed my left ear on the lock of the door. At first I didn’t hear any movement but with time, I could hear some faint voices inside the room. I wondered what would happen if I broke in to find my both parents on bed, it would be a taboo. Now that I couldn’t hear anything apart from the faint voices which I wasn’t sure of what they were saying, or even to whom they belonged, I decided to be less hostile. I wanted to knock and be opened for, incase Mom was still not around, I wound then point my gun to him until he would tell me where she was.I was almost placing my knuckles on the door and make a polite knock when I heard a sharp scream from inside, it was a lady’s scream.My one shoot kick flang the unlocked door open. There he was, with his pair of pants and the naked Rozina on the carpet, her chest was bleeding, on his right hand, he held his pistol. How I prayed that Rozina be alive. I reached for my gun before.

    Episode 30

    “Drop your gun Dad!” I ordered pointing my gun on him. He glared at me angrily.“You son of a b—h! Your dare point at me? Your Dad?”“You are the b—h, I am not your son! Now drop the gun before I release a bullet through your skull!” I fired a bullet to the ceiling and I saw him shiver. Before he knew it I had already kicked the gun out of his hand, Dad was a heavy man and it wouldn’t be simple to take him to the ground. My interest was to rescue Rozina’s life and to know where my mother was. Regardless of him not being my real Dad, I still had no courage to land my hands on him, he had brought me up, he hadeducated and provided for me. Dad had failed in one thing, my freedom, he had denied me my precious freedom. He still wanted to control my life even at my age of 26years, that was unbearable.“Why all these my son?”“Your son? Me? Look at me sir.” I raised his face from his chin using my gun. I looked onto his face.“Look at me, am I your son? Am I?” I guess I was becoming weak with emotions, staring in his wet eyes was not simple, the same red eyes that had always scared hell out of me with commands. The eyes looked weak and in despair, the old man was now scared.“David, I can explain please.” He pleaded.“Tell me everything, where is my mother? Where did you take her? Answer me!” My body was shaking with fury, a force inside me assured me that I was doing the right thing. “Your mother deserted us David, can’t you see am dying of missing her?” He wiped his crocodile tears.“An old man is now crying? You remember what you did to me when I fell from a pawpaw tree in the orchard? You beat me for crying, you said men don’t cry, yet how old was I? Sixty years like you? No , thank you! I was only ten, you slapped my poor mom for complaining, in my sight Dad, how do you think I felt? Had I my strength I would have killed you, that pain eats me up to date. Now, produce her!” I pushed him to the corner with my gun squarely on his chest.“My son, I will tell you the truth, please keep your gun off me.” He pleaded.“I will count up to ten and then shoot you to death and I will return to prison if you don’t cooperate!” I ordered and started to count.“Will you forgive me David? If I tell you the truth?” His voice shook with fear and sadness. He looked more old and exhausted, he now had developed indefinate wrinkles on his face.“If there will be an forgivable sin, if its about my mother then I promise you a painful death.” I grinded my teeth with bitterness and fury.“Am sure your mother is safe David but…” Before he completed, the door flung open.I swiftly turned to see Judas pointing his short gun at me.“Drop your gun David! I will shoot you if you don’t!” To my disbelief, Judas ordered.“Judas? Why do you betray me always?” My voice was in disapointment.Dad grabbed my gun swiftly and used his right hand to punch on my face. I still had no strength and courage to fight him, I still saw him as my Dad.I lost my ground and consciousness when something heavy landed on the back of my head.When I came to, my body was completely wet, someone had been pouring cold water on me. My hands and legs were tied, Dad sat on a simple chair infront of me, he held his gun.“David, it was simple to kill you when you were unconscious, but I want you to know the truth before you die.” I saw Judas get into the room.“Judas is my son, I killed your Dad and mother, the same way I will kill you tonight…

    Episode 31

    .“Go ahead and kill me, kill me!” My body was shaking, if my mother was dead then why would I be alive? She was the only one who knew where Serena was, I had nothing and no one to live for.I felt the unfairness of life, I had always been a good friend to Judas, I had helped me in so many areas, due to his greed for money, he stood to betray me, he was courageous enough to point a gun at me. The guy that we have been friends for so long, we had shared our youth secrets and fears. Had Judas forgot all that? Or was he the Minister’s son as my Dad had said? After all had he not be so concerned with his life? Maybe he was his son, but then, what happened to my Dad? How had he died?“You will die soon David. But I will give you a short story before I kill you.” He paused to make a prolonged laughter which only portrayed his wickedness.“Twenty four years a go, I worked as your Dad’s lawyer. Your Dad was a multimillionaire, he dealt with businesses both local and in abroad. He was a professional doctor but he had quited his job in order to control his own businesses. Mrs Ndegwa (Joyce Mother) was his personal secretary, Ndegwa, the minister, was your father’s driver. One day your Dad went to Germany for a week to check on his firm. Your mother was still young and pretty, she happened to be late in her office and she wanted my help, she was my boss so I picked her and drove her home where she invited me for super. By then your were less than a year old, you had a sister who was four years old. On that night, your mother and I spent together. I respected your Dad and I loved him as my boss, he was respected and admired by many.Eventually, your Dad returned from abroad and a month  later your mother discovered that she was pregnant, she carried my kid. I advised her to abort because I too had a wife and children. She tried to abort but she had complications, your Dad had to know about her attempt to abort. Your mother loved your Dad so she confessed everything thus endangering my life. On that evening I heard banging of my gate and I came out to find your Dad in my compound, he was fuming with fury, he had a sword on his hand. My watchman tried to stop him but he struck him with the sword, your Dad was a strong man and I couldn’t take him. I ran into the house and my wife handed me what I had gone for, a pistol, the same pistol am holding right now. By then your Dad was already in my house, I had no choice than to shoot him, I had no intention to kill him but on receiving a shoulder bullet, he slided and fell from the upstairs and broke his neck…..”Before he completed his unbelievable story, the door flung open, five police officers pointed their guns at me simultaneously…

    Episode 32

    “Arrest the minister first! He is a murderer!” I shouted as they approached me. None of them seemed to listen to me, all they wanted is to have me back in prison. I looked at Rozina’s bleeding body lying on the floor, the cops were so inhuman to see that she needed help. The Minister’s story on how he killed my parents echoed in my mind, yet here I was, maybe with my last opportunity to revenge for my parents deaths. Going back to prison might mark the end of my mission, he was an influential man, having me killed in prison would take him little time.I wanted to shoot him on head, I would then spend my life in prison, maybe the judge would sentence me to death, but then, I would die a better man. I held my gun tightly against Dad, I reached for the trigger. Five guns were already pointed at me, the cops threatened to shoot me, I was not afraid of that, all I wanted is the Minister to meet his maker.“I will shoot you if you don’t drop that gun!” One of the cops, who appeared to be in charge threatened.“I want to die, this idiot killed my Dad and my mother, I must kill him now!”“David?” I turned to see Rozina struggling to stand, she had regained her consciousness. I was glad to see her alive.“Rozina? Are you alright?”“Please drop the gun, I don’t want you to die David, you can only fight the injustice when alive. Your death will mean the end of all we have struggled for. Don’t give up sir.” She spoke passionately. Her words reminded me of my mother’s words, I looked at her ring on my little finger, her words were so clear in my mind, I had to keep fighting, I had no option than to surrender myself to the cops, I would then proceed with an appeal case in which I would explain everything to the court. My biggest problem was that I had no evidence or witness apart from Rozina whose life was obviously in danger. The minister would not hesitate eliminating her in my absence.“Thanks Rozina, I promise never to give up on this battle, even if I die, my bones and spirit will still fight for justice.” I helped her up by her waist, she must have been in great pains, there was blood on her thighs too, she was already raped, the cops were so blind to that.“If you have to take me away, Rozina must accompany me into the clinic hospitals.” I said firmly, it was the only way to protect her. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ill so I would be taken direct behind bars, she couldn’t be safe in the clinics alone. I pointed my gun against my shoulder and released a bullet,it was painful but I had to do it. “Why this David?” Rozina cried, everyone appeared shocked.“You and I are now wounded, that means we will be in the clinics soon, I propose that we be allocated the same room in the wards.” I explained as I dropped my gun. As if they had really looked toward to that, the coward cops rained their kicks and lances on me, I wondered of their beating was really necessary, had I not surrendered myself?They beat me into a point I couldn’t support myself again, I needed to be carried into their jeep. I passed out on our way to the cells, I had requested them to take Rozina with me, I wasn’t sure if they had.I opened my eyes and closed them again, whoever I saw needed a good explanation from me, I owe her my apologies, her face was not a happy one.“David? I know you can hear me.” She called.“I can’t please, am still unconscious. Why don’t we talk some other time, I will explain.”“You are an idiot David.”“There is some truth in that, an idiot who tricked you, that makes you a bigger idiot my lady.” I joked.“You must explain to me why you did it..”“Or else what? Swallow me alive?”“See what am holding?”“Yes, a syringe, I like injections, that’s why I came, will you mind using the syringe at my behinds? Its sweet there.”“The Syringe contains some poison, I want you to die for fooling me.” She threatened.“Oh! Good news after so much bad, at least I will have some pleasure meeting my dead Dad and mother, I will ask them how they were killed and whether my sister was still alive, I will haunt their murderers as a spirit, but trust me Mercy, I won’t haunt you. I like you.” I smiled at her, a smile full of pain and vengeance.“What do you mean David? The minister? Your Dad is dead?” She looked so shocked.“Yes and no, or maybe no and yes. Let’s say its an imagination.”“David? Tell me everything, please don’t hide anything from me, I will go to my grave with it.” She promised.“I don’t believe that, I hate promises, I only loved them when I was a kid. I will only tell you my story if you vow to help me Mercy, I need help.”“Anything for you David, I swear…”“Stop swearing, my digestion hates that.”“Am sorry David.”“I need to be sorry to you myself.” I decided to narrate my whole story the nurse (Mercy) who just held her breath. “Are you sure that story its true, I mean how can men be so inhuman?” She wiped her tears. “Am so sorry David, I will stand by you.” She pecked and wiped it on my cheek.“Did they bring Rozina here?” I asked her.“They did but am sorry David.” She said sadly.“Sorry? What do you mean?”“Rozina

    Episode 33

    “Rozina has been taken to Kenyatta hospital for further treatment.” She informed sadly, from my sad story, she knew what that meant.“That’s too dangerous! We can’t loose Rozina, she is all I have to witness on my appeal and to confess against the minister.” I was already on my legs, if anything, I needed to protect Rozina, failure the truth may never be proved.“The minister insisted on it, he ordered for her to be transfered to the referral hospital, by then you were unconscious.” She was as tensed as I was, I saw some hope in her concern.“You have to help me Mercy, please, in any way you can.” I pleaded holding her both hands.“I will help you David, just tell me how, I will do anything to ensure the evil man gets punished by the law.”“Thank you my lady, I will be forever indebted to you. Now, I need you to get me out of this place.” I suggested.“You want to escape again?” There was shock on her face.“Not that I want, its the only d–n solution we have, you and I are aware of how important Rozina is.” I tried to convince. She stared on the floor for a couple of minute which to me seemed a century.“We are running out of time, tell me no and I will have to tie you up again, you liked, didn’t you?”“No dummy, now, I have a plan.”“Bring it forth my lady.” I was curious.“Tough things requires tough guys.”“Like you and I? Give me a break.” I joked.“Will you…?” She sounded agitated.“Sorry dear, go ahead, my digestion system is on fire.”“I have a cousin who is equal to the task, he is an assassin though I hate to say so, am sure you know him.” She paused to study my face.“I know no such a person, do we need such a person really?”“His name is Joe Ngigi, he is the toughest man I have ever known.”“Wait, you said Joe who?”“Ngigi, your very own gatekeeper, the minister employed him as a gatekeeper for a reason, he gives him a job to kill everyone that threatens his political ambition.” She explained, it was hard to believe her but I had to.“Then that means he is loyal to the minister, how do we win him to work for us?”“He is my cousin, we have been brought up together like a brother and sister, Joe loves me, he will do anything for me.” She assured me.“Even betraying his own boss? Which means loosing his job?”“Yes, if I offer him a better job and salary, though he doesn’t have to leave his job.”“Its risky to let him proceed working there, but its equally important as we may need to know the minister’s evil plans.” I suggested. “Oh yeah, infact he might be the one to given the contract of killing Rozina.” She smiled at our new line of success, there was no doubt that we had some hope.“Do you think he might have been used to kill my mother, Brian and Serena’s mother?” I asked sadly. She stared at me with a new panic, she seemed so afraid.“I promise not to harm him, if anything, he was just a servant of a murderer. Now, stop wearing that cowardice look, I can’t stand it.” I tried to cheer her up but I was still not sure about it, what if I found out that Joe Ngigi had killed my very precious people in my life? Would I just forgive him and let him go, just because he did it as a job? He might as well pay it with his head off his neck, that would mean betraying Mercy who had not reconsidered her decision of telling me everything, it seemed she was so given to helping me to reason. “Promise me you won’t harm or hurt my cousin Joe.” She pleaded with an appealing look into my eyes.“Come on Mercy, you have my words, now please, let’s discuss it on how to get Joe, we need him to steal Rozina from Kenyatta hospital.” I suggested.“Where do we take her? She is badly wounded.”“To your house, you can be treating her there, can’t you?”“But….”“You promised to help, no buts my dear.” I said with an easy finality.“Alright although that’s too much.” She complained.“Nothing is too much to sacrifice for justice and freedom.”“OK, should I make a phone call to him right now, he will be here in thirty minutes time.” She said.“What’s the time?”“Its six in the morning, he reports to the job at eight o’clock to take over from the night guards, right?” She was right.

    At exactly 0705hours, the door was pushed open and Joe got in, Mercy stood to welcome him. He had not yet noticed me.“Hello dear.” He greeted as they hugged.“Hello Joe, you took so long, if I was being attacked I would be dead by now.” She joked.“I was so sleepy and tired, I had a tiresome mission last night.” He confessed.“Mission? What mission?” She asked as I held my breath.“The usual Missions, Minister’s missions.” He said causing a cold shiever in my blood.“You killed Rozina? Cousin! You killed Rozina?” She cried. “How did you know.

    Episode 34

    “Tell me Joe! Where is Rozina?” I was already on his collar.“Sir? Am…am…sir..” He stammered.“Have you killed her?! Talk to me!” I shook him vigourosly.“David! You are hurting him!” Mercy pleaded.“I will kill him right now! Unless he confesses!” I threatened.“But you promised!”“Not all promises can be kept, some are beyond agreements!” I held him by his neck.“I will call the police guarding this door and you will be arrested.” I threatened ones more. “But David! David you promised.” Mercy was weeping, she was guilty of betraying her own cousin.“There is only one way to save your skin, confess to me, be ready to work with me even if it means confessing against the minister, I promise that you will be safe and free. I fight for justice and equality which you stand to be a beneficiary, for how long will a rich man use you to do evils he fears to do with his own hands? Just for a few coins?” I guess I was emotional .“David, as much as I want to help you, its not simple.” He confessed.“Go on, all I need is the truth, you have already killed Rozina, haven’t you?”“Rozina is alive, I kidnapped her yesterday as your Dad instructed me.” I was relieved by his words.“Thank the gods, where is she?” I was curious. “Under my custody, I won’t harm her if we agree that I will be safe from the cops.”I promised him, he had my words, all I needed was for him to work with Mercy, Rozina and I to see the Minister suffer for his crimes.Joe promised to lie to Dad that Rozina was already dead from her worsened wounds. Mercy would take care of her until when she would be strong enough to stand before the judge and confess against the Minister.Two weeks later, the minister’s lawyer, the minister himself, Mercy, Maccain, Joe and I met in the court. The courtroom was into its capacity, the journalists were everywhere. The case was to be broadcasted live on various media houses. I was sure of victory over the minister, he had no option than to confess and be judged. My heart was still in pain, the pain of loosing my mother, deep within me , I felt that my mother was still alive. I prayed that one day, my mother , Serena and i be reunited again, that’s alone would restore my joy. The three of us would discuss the wisdom of my dead servant and friend Brian, we all loved him, the four of us had something in common.Eventually, the judge entered and all of us stood on our feetsAs the rest sat, I made my way to the defendant bench.“You have to be strong David.” Mercy had advised, she had turned to be a very important person in my life, she was a source of motivation and consolation.“Thanks dear, thank you for everything.” I had pecked her and left.Now in the courtroom, I looked at her and she winked at me, we smiled at each other.Eventually, the judge opened her file.“David Kamau Mutua, you are now popular to this court.” She paused to look around.“Today you have been accused of escaping from the prison, attempting to rape our nurse madam Mercy Maina, threatening to kill his Excellency the minister who happens to be your Dad and shooting his maid Rozina who died days later.” He paused and lowered his spects.I had not expected such grave accusations, I smiled as Maccain stood from his sit holding Rozina by her right hand.“Your honour, I object to all the accusations and allegations against my client, first of all, let me enjoy the pleasure of introducing Rozina Njabi, the minister’s maid who is said to be dead by the hands of my client.” I saw the minister’s face turn pale and in shock, it was clear he hadn’t seen her….

    Episode 35

    “This court should be aware that my client have continuously been intimidate and its time for the truth to be revealed.” Maccain paused as the judge continued writing something on her file.“Your honour, please allow me to ask few questions to the nurse whom my client is accused to have raped.”“I object against any intimidation, may this take precautions of having the evidences being interfered with. Your honour….” Achieng’ defended.“Silence in court!” The judge ordered.“Proceed.” The judge nodded at Maccain to proceed. I sensed victory.“Thank you my lord, now I would like to interview Lady Mercy.” I saw Mercy move to the bench and being sworn that she was bound to speak nothing but the truth. “Kindly, tell this court your full names.”Maccain requested.“Thank you, your honour, my names are Mercy Wambui Maina.”“What is your occupation madam Mercy?”“I work in the prison clinics as the chief nurse.”“Thank you, now tell us what happened on 12th this month this year, where were you?”“Your honour, on that particular date I was in the clinics as usual.”“At around three in the evening, did you encounter my client in ward nine? What happened?”“Yes, he was brought when he was unconscious, I treated him as it has always been my duty. When he gained back his consciousness, I discovered that his state of mind was not sane, as a proffesional nurse I knew he was suffering from temporal insanity caused by stress but before I could inject him for some rest as I seek for a solution, he grabbed and tied me on the bed.”“What then?”“He made away with the keys.” She concluded.“Objection your honour! The lady was completely naked when she was found!” Achieng protested.“Your honour, I protest against any intimidation and insult to my personality, I have never been raped in the whole of my life, am saying nothing but the truth.” Mercy protested.“Then explain to the court why on earth you were naked and why you had semens on your lower parts of the belly….” That was Achieng.“Your honour, I won’t stand here and watch this honourable court see my client being intimidated. Mercy puts it clear, she wasn’t raped.” Maccain put across.“I had no semen on any parr of my body neither was I naked. I would like to file a case against that insult to my reputation.” Mercy was turning more strong and interesting, I was liking every word she spoke.“Your honour…” Achieng tried to chip in but the judge cut her short.“The story about the nurse being raped has turned out to be a mere allegation and this court has wipes it out unless the defendant side seek to file a case against the complainant side. This court would also like to listen to Rozina’s story from her own mouth.” The judge opened a new page on his file and I saw the minister wipe his face with a handkerchief, he must have been sweating.“Thanks your honour…” Maccain started.“Your honour, our main witness on that case is yet to arrive, we pray that this court bear with us and the case be adjourned up to the afternoon hours.” Achieng pleaded.“In that case, this court has been adjourned and resumes at two in the afternoon.” The judge stood and left. I didn’t bother minding on why the minister’s team wanted the case adjourned, there was no doubt they wanted to buy more time.I was still under my initial sentence in jail and therefore I was not free like the rest of my team. We all moved into the waiting room each with bright smiles for our promising victory.On my side, deep within me there was sorrow, all was not well, I needed my family, I missed my family. What I was passing through was not all I wished for, I missed my mother, I missed those days when we all cared for eachother , when I hugged the minister who by then I reffered to as my Dad and kissed my mom for a goodnight, those days were long gone but hard to forget. Nowwe were great enemies, enemies who would kill each other.“Joe?”“Yes sir.”“Will you confess against the minister?”“Yes I will.” He smiled and I smiled back.Somebody knocked the door, it was Achieng, the Minister’s lawyer.She told me that the Minister had a message for me, she switched on a certain video on her phone. There she was , my own mother , wrapped around on her mouth. There were tears on her eyes.

    Episode 36

    “This is my mother! Where is she? Tell me now!” I held her by her neck, there was no doubt that my mother could be alive but in trouble, I would do anything to save her. “You are hurting me David!” She screamed causing some alarm, one of the cops standing few yards from the door approached us.“What is it? Young lady?” He was addressing Achieng whom I had let her neck go.“It’s nothing, thank you.” She said with finality as she straightened her collar.“But you shouted, was he harassing you?” He nagged.“The lady said it’s nothing! Don’t you have ears? ” I interrupted rudely. The cop just glared at me and moved away. To survive in prison you needed to act tough, everyone would take advantage of you on your slightest softness.“I wish I said the truth .” Achieng said with a low tone.“What truth?” “That you strangled my neck.” She complained.“I will not only strangle you but also kill you, a painful death is all you deserve, how can you? Achieng? Try to stop justice?” I argued.“You know it’s my job to defend the minister, David.”“By accusing me falsely? You pretended to be a family friend, how then do you side with one of us to intimidate and ruin all of us? Achieng?” I complained.“David, you won’t understand, now please, I have a message for you…”“You aren’t waiting for a bell to ring , are you?”“What bell?” She asked.“A bell to let you deliver your message, wil you deliver it and evaporate from my sight? You must be the devil’s wife if at all he has one!” I insulted. “Whatever that means, now, You must not say anything against the minister in the court, that’s the message.” She said seriously.“Are you insane? We are here to accuse each other, are we not?”“Yes or no but my message was clear to you, nothing against your Dad, in short , Rozina should not confess.” She warned .“What if she does?”“Then your mother dies.” She threatened.“What? Who?! My mother again? What has she to do with all these?” I was so furious but a bit glad that my mother was alive.“Your Dad knows it, he sent to deliver all I have told you, he alone knows where your mom is, her life depends on your decision David.” She convinced.“But, Achieng’, why do you do this to me? Why value money than the truth? Why value money than human life?” I asked sadly.“Your mother is a good lady David, she has always been good to me, I accepted to come and warn you so as to have her life spared.” She said softly.“I don’t trust you at all Achieng!” I protested.“No one does, in fact , I don’t trust myself too. But, I advise you to dismiss everything if you love your mother.” She advised.“What do you mean?” I was confused.“Right now, your Dad and the judge are having a breakfast together in her office, you still expect her to give you justice and jail her boss the minister?Are you even aware that Mercy the nurse has officially been dismissed from her duties as the clinic nurse and her certificates cancelled for not complying with the minister to have you jailed?” She explained, confusing me even more.“What?”“Fighting with a man in power can never be in a court of law, you know our institutions well David, corruption, why not to choose rescuing your mother by letting everything go? Just finish your jail term and spare your mom’s life.” She advised.Achieng confirmed to me that that the Minister’s would have my mother killed if at all I tried to have anything confessed against him.Having my mother live meant everything to me, it would have cost me anything, even if it meant loosing the case which I eventually lost and the minister went free.I still hoped for one day in which my mother and I would reunite and gang up against the minister in a just court of law.””Two weeks gone since my lost case, I still had not seen mother even after stopping Rozina and Joe from confessing against the minister. I had gone back to my prison life, I always thought about my mother, I knew she was alive somewhere.On that day, I was informed that I had a visitor. I was escorted to the waiting room where I pushed the door open. Joyce Ndegwa stood up and opened her arms for me, I went ahead and hugged her, it was months since I saw her.” I am sorry for everything David, at least I know the truth, count me on your side! Our father’s betrayed us!” She cried.“Joyce?” I called in curiosity.“Yes bro!” Joyce Ndegwa replied.“Bro??”…

    Episode 37

    “What do you mean by that?” I wasn’t curious, I was sure she was joking.“You are a brother to me David, your Dad was my biological Dad.” She said sadly. That was too much for a joke, had she come to mock me? There was no doubt that her dad was Minister Ndegwa, the minister for transport and communication.“Joyce! Do you have anything sensible to share with me apart from your childish tales and jokes?” I was already furious with her, I wanted her to leave and never visit me again. Maybe she had gotten a lover and now wanted me to play the part of ‘brother in Christ.’ If only she knew how her engagement would amuse me then she would be long married by then.“David, calm down, we need to talk and take a revenge against our father’s murderer.” Her words startled me. How did she even know that my Dad was killed?“Who told you? I think my Dad is alive, the minister, Mutua and yours minister Ndegwa, go home and rest Joyce.” “My mother was your late Father’s secretary, when he died in the hands of Mutua, she was already pregnant with his child, two months later after his death, I was born. Later, my mother, who had been his secretary for long and his secret lover, got married to Ndegwa who had been our Dad’s personal driver.” She explained thus increasing my shock, it would take me centuries to believe that Joyce and I were a brother and a sister. But then, i had witnessed how difficult it had been for me to try and love Joyce as a lover, I had tried to figure it out making love to her but all I saw was darkness. I had liked her but I felt nothing for her. My question was, if at all Joyce was my sister, why on earth was our parents so commited in wanting us to marry? There was no doubt that there were so many secrets in my life, no wonder I had to write my autobiography and name the book “the hidden secrets.”“Who told you all these?” I enquired. How I wished it was a dream.“My mother did, she narrated everything to me.” She confessed.“when?”“In the afternoon when I vowed to do something and revenge against you for rejecting me and disgracing me. She warned me that I shouldn’t and when I dug deep, she narrated to me the whole story. My mother and your mother, as much as they never wanted us to marry each other for it was uncouth, your Dad and my Dad forced them to support the marriage.” She explained sadly.I was totally confused, I didn’t know how to take the news, should I take Joyce as the only family member left to me now? According to her, everything was ruined because on top of being married, we had lots of love. It was an abomination for a sister and a brother to make love on each other.“I wept the whole of last night David, there is no doubt we are living on a curse, all they wanted was to ruin and destroy our lives.” She said breaking into tears. I had no idea on how to handle her, I still saw her as a bad person who had brought nothing but sufferings into my life.I hesitantly took her into my arms and she held me tight as she flooded my chest with her tears. I wondered how she would react to discover that Judas had made love to her and not me. Judas, a guy from a poor background had almost fathered her first child had she not miscarriaged. I cleared my throat.“Joyce? I want to tell you something.” I started as she raised her forehead from my chest to place her wet eyes on me.“Go on dear.” Her voice was weak.“I don’t know how you will take it, am sorry about it, am truly sorry.” I looked into her curious eyes.“David! Tell me everything dear, am desperate!”“I have never slept with you, Judas did.

    Episode 38

    “You have to stop crying Joyce, is it not good that I didn’t sleep with you? How would it be to discover that I made love to my own sister? You must understand me my dear.” I tried to calm her down.“You never knew that I was your sister, you did it out of hate David! You hated me! You still do!” She cried.“How would I be so foolish to hate my kid sister? Its not that i hated you, I only felt it that it was wrong to make love to you, I couldn’t do it Joy, my conscious couldn’t allow me.” I pleaded.“Do you love me?” She asked weakly.“More than you can comprehend, you are the only family am left with Joyce.”“I have always loved you David, I always saw future and hope in you brother David.” She confessed. “Any girl would have loved to be with you.” She confessed ones more.“And any man would have loved to be with my lovely sister.” Joyce was beautiful, it wasn’t a mere praise, I was proud to be her brother.“Now you must get me out of this d–n prison Joyce.”“In the shortest time David, am still unable to call you , bro David.” She joked and laughed.“With time you will learn to do it, meanwhile, you have a responsibility to take care of me as my sister, putting me in prison isn’t part of it, is it dear?”“No David, in fact I will live to regret it.” She confessed.“You have only one option sister, join hands with Maccain and get me out of prison.” I advised.“I will do all it takes, should I rush and bring you some food?” She asked.“That would be time wasting , my mother is still alive and I need to find her.”After few minutes more, Joyce left to search for Maccain, in two days time she would demand my release, I wanted everything to remain a secret so we never involved the minister in it. Now that Joyce had been used to file the case against me, she was the only one the court required in the appeal.I really longed to be out, I would do all I could to have my mother and Serena back, I still felt that Joe knew a thing or two about them.After two days , Joyce , Maccain and I met in the courtroom. The proceeding was short and brief. There were few people in the room, there wasn’t a single Journalist.“David Kamau Mutua, according to the information in this file, information given by Joyce Ndegwa, you are innocent. She says that she fell on her own gun after shooting you on your shoulder.” She, the Judge, stopped to look at me.“Yes my lord. She was mislead.”“Do you wish to file any case against her or anyone?” The judge opened her file.“Yes your honour.”“Go ahead, who do you want to accuse?” She asked.“My Dad, the minister for the internal security.” The judge tried to hide her shock but it was clear, the prosecutor seemed so afraid too.“What did he do? ”“Am accusing him of murder, murdering my real Dad and kidnapping my own mother so as to hide the evidence. It have been a secret but its now revealed that Mutua,the minister is not my real Dad.” The judge seemed so afraid to ask a question.“Do you have an evidence to all these allegations? Do you know the consequences of these kind of allegations?” The prosecutor sounded so serious.“Of course I do, I have eye witnesses, all I need is a little more time my lord, a week will be enough your honour.”The judge looked at the prosecutor before opening her file and she wrote something.“On Monday next week, your case will be listened to, this court demands full evidence of your allegations, failure to which you will not like my ruling against you.” She sounded gravely serious.“Thanks your honour.” I thanked though I didn’t know why I did, did I thank her for threatening me?“Now, this court finds you, David Kamau innocent and officially releases you.”

    Episode 39

    “My name is David, am looking for lady Mercy, the nurse in charge.” I said politely to a lady who was sited in her office.“My name is Monica.” She started. “Mercy is no longer with us, I replaced her.” She explain causing my worry.“You mean she nolonger works here? What happened her?” I was curious but as though she didn’t discover it, she took her time before answering me. “She was sacked for going against the seniors, you know it’s unforgivable crime in our country.” She said firmly.“How did she?” I wanted to know.“She protected a rapist, a prisoner raped her but she was influenced to protect him, something that the seniors disapproved.” Monica was sounding interesting, it seemed she hadn’t recognized me.“That’s strange! How could she do that? Protect a rapist? Cruel of her! Who was he?” I asked.“I hear that he was the minister’s son, she feared that she might get herself in trouble if she got him jailed.” She whispered after looking through the door to make sure nobody was around.I enjoyed the moment, rumour mongers sometimes can be funny, they will mislead you at anytime you depend on them as a source of your information. They hear something but whisper quite a different rumour.“Where is the minister’s son now?” I asked in a whisper as well.“In prison, he is serving a life sentence for raping his wife and trying to kill her, are you not from this country? Everyone knows these things.” She said, she seemed so proud to have been the first one to inform me about it.“Raping his wife, did you say?” I was offended by her words. How could it be that now the public took me for a rapist? Or was she the only one with the same information?“Yeah, he raped his wife.”“I don’t think that is true, how can a man rape his own wife?” I tried to hide my offended moods.“You don’t know him, do you? People are different.” She said.“His name is David, right?” I asked. “Yes, that’s what i hear.”“David was forced to part with his lovely fiancee so as he can marry Minister Ndegwa’s daughter. He was unable to leave her and that created the animosity between him and his Dad, Minister Mutua. One day the two girls collided in a hotel and the minister’s girl produced a pistol. By the end of the conflict, David and the Minister’s daughter were badly wounded. That is the real story.” I concluded. She seemed so keen.“How did you know all that?” She sounded amazed.“I worked as David’s driver.” I lied.“Waoh! Am humbled to meet you, please sit down and tell me more.” She offered smiling broadly.“Thank you, I must take my leave now.” I didn’t smile back. I hated her clear hypocrisy, she had kept me standing but now she was offering me a seat just because she believed I was David’s driver, what if she knew I was the David himself?“No please, just sit down, I will order a cup of tea or coffee if you don’t mind.” She offered.“Some other time my lady, for now I must get going, I have a message, an urgent one for Mercy.” I excused myself as I moved towards the door.“Who is she to you? Sorry to ask.” I turned to her sharply and she smiled.“A good loyal friend, the one that will always be genuine to someone.” I explained knowing that she would hate it, her face frowned.“Give me a break, do you even know her well?” She sounded disappointed.” Yeah, I know her more than I know you Monica, trust me.” I laughed to ease the tension.“You love her?” She asked but before I could answer her, the door was pushed open after a brief knob. Talk of the devil and there the devil appears! Mercy stepped in and the two of us were shocked and excited to see each other. She rushed towards me and we embraced.“Hello My lady!” I greeted her.“Hello David, are you unwell again? How did they send you without an escort today?” She looked askance.“It’s a long story dear, am a free man now.” I announced, I had not expected her to look so happy. On her side, Monica seemed so confused.“The minister’s son is free now?!” Mercy asked in disbelief.“Wait wait wait,,,,can someone tell me,,,,,,what is going on here? Mercy, who is he?” She sounded anxious.“You don’t know him? Is that why you keep him standing yet there are seats in the room?” Mercy asked harshly, her voice still carried the joy with itself.“He refused to sit down, he told me he was the minister’s son driver.” She confessed.Mercy made a prolonged laughter thus causing more confusion in Monica.“His name, did he tell you his name?” Mercy asked.“His name is…..”Monica paused and stood on her feet. She placed her both hands on her head as though about to scream.” David! Are you the minister’s son?” Monica asked in disbelief.

    Episode 40

    Mercy and I left the office after a little more chat with Monica who had lots of apologies to make. We went straight into her car and I was more than willing to drive, it was long since I sat behind the sterling.As I started off the engine, I remembered someone, Brian. He had always sat beside me during my both official and secret journeys, the young boy had known me better than anyone else, I had entrusted him with all my secrets. Brian would have never failed me, I would live to regret his death. He was so young, so immature to die, he had been so precious to me. Brian had not worked for money, he whole heartedly worked to sew me comfortable. There was a bond between us, he was like a little brother to me.“Why are you crying?” Mercy startled me from my memories.“Crying?” I tried to cheer up.“Yeah, you have tears on your…”“Well, its just a tiny fly that have entered my eye but…”“But you have tears on your both eyes David.” She said smiling though she sounded concerned. I had no otherwise than to tell her the truth, I had only Joyce and her to talk to, my mother was in unknown place. I needed to be listened to, I needed to be comforted.“I told you about Brian, I still blame myself for his death, I shouldn’t have involved him, he was too young for…..” I must have been emotionally sad, a condition which makes a man look like an idiot, a fool.“David! Do you want us to revenge for Brian’s death or not?” She asked almost harshly.“I want!”“Good, if you want it and you still want to find your mother and Serena, if you want justice for your family, then, you have to be strong, be a man.” I found wisdom in her words, I liked her personality, she would have sat there trying to mourn with me but she was different, she was an iron lady. Strong, intelligent and focused, those are the three dangerous qualities that a Lady can posses. A lady that you can’t fool and you can’t scare with a slap is dangerous to live with.We arrived at her apartment in forty minutes time, Rozina, who now lived with her, had gone out with Mercy’s younger sister.Mercy was an organized lady, her house was well fitted, everything in it appeared rich, considering her age and her former job, she was doing just perfectly. She was no doubt living slightly above her class, or maybe, I underestimated her.“You must be more than a nurse Mercy, this place is awesome.” I remarked.“Say that again and I will still tell you, am jobless as we speak, not even a nurse.” She joked as though she didn’t mind. I knew it would take me almost a lifetime to understand the kind of a person she was. A lady who appeared so simple, open, careless but in real sense very organized, lovely and focused. I wondered if I would have married her if we had met before I met Serena. She was ever happy, always cracking a new joke, I always enjoyed her company. But then, there was only one Lady meant to marry me, Serena, thinking about another lady would be a betrayal itself.Mercy directed me into the shower after which we had some drinks as we chatted on our way forward.Later in that evening we drove to City View restaurant where we had to meet. Joyce, Rozina,Maccain and Joe were to be part of the meeting. We needed to discuss our way forward, my main aim being to find my mother. According to Rozina, my mother was the only one who knew where Serena was, after leaving the hospital, she had taken her to unknown place, fearing for her life.Joyce and Maccain joined us fifteen minutes after our arrival, we had found Joe already settled with some bottles of whisky.I ordered some drinks for all of us after the introductions, I was glad to introduce Mercy to them, I knew they would like her character.“Sir.” Joe began.“I propose that I may be addressed as David, my digestive system has a problem with the title ‘sir’.” They all laughed but I was serious.“OK David.”“You can call the minister sir but not me, you are my brothers and sisters.”“He is nolonger a minister though.” Maccain put in.“What do you mean?” I was curious.“You haven’t got the evening news?”“No Maccain, tell us, what happened to Minister Mutua?” Joe asked for the benefit of all of us, none seemed to have heard about it.“The minister has….

    Episode 41

    “The minister was forced to resign this evening, this was after the vote of no confidence was passed against him by the members of parliament.” Maccain explained, it was the best news I had received on that day.“What a news! That’s gorgeous!” I remarked clapping my hands and thus attracting the nearby waitress.“May I help you?” She inquired.She seemed so ready to serve us, it was her job of course.Everyone on the table turned their looks on me expectantly.We had enough drinks on our table, I couldn’t order for more.“Which beer do you take?” I asked her.“Tusker, sir.”“Three bottles on my bill, I mean five.” The news of the minister loosing his post had caused more than joy to me, for the first time I felt that the world was moving towards my fate. For the first time I was cerebrating ‘my father’s’ failure and loss.“Why would they do that to him? ” Mercy asked.“The case we filed against him is grave, he can’t be a minister for security yet he is accused of murder. If at all he wins the case, he might take back his post as the minister.” Maccain explained.“Now that he isn’t a minister, he is less powerful, it’s our advantage.” Joe put in.“Yes and no, he might be less careless and more dangerous now that he has no office to protect.” I argued. I knew him, he was the worst man the world had ever produced, his office as a minister had always been his concern, he did everything with care not to loose it.Somewhere away from David.She felt so weak to move, every part of her ached. She prayed that she would see David , her only son ones more. She would beg for his forgiveness, she saw Mark’s image all over in the darkness. Mark was her late husband, David’s father. She knew that she had caused his death, now her death was near. For three days now she had not taken anything, not even a drop of water.She remembered how she had said goodbye to David, its like she knew the Minister’s plan of having her kidnapped and killed, she regretted having not kissed her son David goodbye. She prayed that one day the court may release him to fight for justice, she had confidence in her son, David was extraordinary, in him there were powers, powers that no was would contain, as his mother, she knew how truth it was. David would never rest before achieving his goal, she was happy to die in such a great hope. She wished to have lived long to see her own son bring justice and redeem millions of lives, she knew it was too late for her. The sound of an opening door confirmed her fear, she knew whom it was.Man Kennedy appeared with his bright touch, from the day she was kidnapped, she had been under his custody. Though she believed that the minister had a hand in it, she had not met him. The huge man (Man Kennedy) had not bothered to explain why he kidnapped her or what he needed from her.He unwrapped her mouth and produced his gun at the same time.“What do you want with me?” David’s mother asked in a weak voice, a voice of a starving lady.“I want to kill you, it’s my job.” He cocked his gun.“Why should you kill me? Am just like your mother…”“I never got to know my mother or Dad, she left me by the roadside to die, since then I have known nothing but trouble, I wouldn’t hesitate killing her.” He roared.“If she wanted you to die, she would have killed you herself .” She argued. “Bullshit! I have a mission to kill you, are you not the minister’s wife?”“I am.”“Good, he wants you dead, he would have been here to kill you himself but he is mourning…”“Mourning?! My son is dead?!!! Uuuuuuui!” He gave her a heavy blow which took her sometime to regain her breath. She was breeding through her nose and mouth.“Make more noise and I will make your death slow and painful, you should be greatful that I chose to shoot you , its a fair death, no much pain.” He smiled mischievously.He produced a roll of tobacco and handed it to her.“Lit it for me, I have good news for you before you die, its about your son David.” She had no option, she really needed the news. “Good. Now, the first one, David was set free from prison, second, the minister, your husband lost his job and a murder case awaits him next week and that’s why you must die, you are an eye witness. The minister fears you might be found and give a testimony against him.” He raised his gun to shoot her.She was happy to hear that her son was free. She now felt free to die.“Look into my eyes.” She said emotionally.”One day, my son will kill you for this, he will revenge for my death, he is stronger than any born son of a woman. Shoot me.” She knelt down so that the gun pointed her chest.Man Kennedy let out a loud laughter that left the ironsheets vibrating.“Your son dies tonight, Joe Ngigi, your gateman will kill him tonight in a restaurant where they have a meeting. He pretends to be on his side, they trust him.” He laughed ones more as he reached for the trigger. She closed her eyes as tears flown down her cheeks, she waited for her death. There came a loud gunshot, she knew she was dead, she wondered why it took her so long to die. She opened her eyes to see Man Kennedy on the floor, two figures approached her, one was a man and another one was a lady.“Maddam? Are you alright? Its me, Mohammed, you are safe.” She couldn’t believe it.“Mom, its me…” She said bending to support her. “Its me, Serena.”

    Episode 42

    “Serena?” She asked in disbelief.“Its me madam, thank God Mohammed traced you. Please, how is David? Where is my love David?” Serena was curious but before she got her answer, David’s mother passed out. She was not only tired , hungry and thirsty but she also suffered from body pains, she had been tortured and beaten by her kidnappers.When David’s mother gained her conscious, she was in a hospital bed, Serena sat beside her.“Where am I?” She asked. “You are in hospital madam, you collapsed after we saved you from the hands of your kidnapper.” Serena explained patiently.“In what part of Nairobi are we?” She asked ones more.“Nairobi? You don’t remember anything?” Serena was concerned.“Tell me please, my son needs my help, I must see him!” She insisted.“We are in Mombasa, after ….”“Mombasa? Oh no! I must get back to Nairobi.” She demanded trying to get off her bed, the pains on her back stopped her, she had no choice than to sleep back.“The don’t requires you to have more rest as he treats you. Nairobi is also too dangerous for both of us.” Serena explained, she pitied her, she knew she was a good lady, rich but humble. Serena was glad to have saved her life, it was like a payback since David’s mother had saved hers too. “I want to see my son!” She cried helplessly after discovering she was too weak to leave her bed.“I also want to meet David, that’s all I dream of, that’s all my heart desires, even it means giving out my life for the same, but remember what you told me? David would love to see me alive not dead, you told me to be patient, I hearkened to that, you have to be patient too madam, David loves you, he will die of stress if he learns your death.” Serena convinced. She had no choice than to take her words, as a mother of fact, the city was a dangerous place for both of them. They needed to take more cover as they tactically planed on how to help David.David’s mother looked at the clock on the wall, it read 0900hours in the morning, she remembered something. Tears started forming in her eyes, she was in great terror.“Are alright madam?” Serena was concerned.“No, my son, my son was supposed to die last night…” She let her tears flow freely.“What? But….but…” Serena couldn’t find her words.“A dangerous assassin was hired to kill him, his name is Joe, David believes him to be on his side, I was told that they were to have a meeting last night where Joe would kill him.” She broke into fresh tears.Serena was moved by the news but she believed in David, she had lived to trust his strength. She felt it that David was alive, she now believed in David. His mother had explained everything to her concerning David’s life, she now believed him as a supernatural being.“David is alive.” Serena said shortly as she wiped away her tears.“How do you know?”“Because I feel it, If he was dead, I would feel it, maybe I would be dead too.” Serena explained, her eyes lit with hope. David’s mother saw new future and hope in those eyes of Serena.David was not used to much drinking but on that night, he took more than enough. It was difficult to maintain his balance.His friends were no exemption ,
    Mercy ,Maccain and Rozina were more than drunk. On the other side, Joyce and Joe Ngigi had taken little beer and therefore they were still sober.Joe was sure of his victory, killing David and Rozina would be an easy task. He thanked his gods for the promising victory, he foresaw his wage after the task, he would be billionaire.Joe knew that his cousin Mercy would blame him assassinating David, he believed that a few millions to Mercy would make her heart soften towards him, he knew ladies loves money.It was few minutes to midnight, Joe’s phone rang and he moved out to pick it.He stood at the parking zone and picked the phone, he was sure no one was around to eavesdrop.“Hello sir.”“Have you done it?” There came the minister’s voice.“Almost sir, they are totally drunk, I will drive the two home and finish them on the way.” He said proudly, he had never failed in his mission. He was sorry to had disappointed the minister when he failed to kill Rozina. The minister had threatened to kill his cousin Mercy if he failed to kill Rozina and David. Of all the people, he wouldn’t loose his precious cousin.
    Everyone agreed that Joe should drive David and Rozina home. He appeared less drunk and strong compared to the rest. As he sat on the driver’s seat, he felt for his gun beneath his belt. David was already snoring at the back seats , Rozina sat beside him.Joe smiled and he started the engine…

    Episode 43

    Before Joe took off, Joyce approached. She wanted him to open the door for her. Though he didn’t like it, as he had no room for more delay, he had no option than to open for her. His prayers was that , whatever she wanted , she would be gone in one minute time. He feared that David might sober up before his mission was over.“Madam, you need something from any of us?”“No and yes, Maccain and I will travel together with you.” She said, she was already squeezing herself inside, beside Joe.“The space ain’t enough for us all madam, why don’t you…” Joe complained, trying to hide his disappointment.“There is more than enough room for us all, Maccain is already comfortable with David and Rozina in the back seats.” Joyce said with finality.“What about my cousin Mercy, where is Mercy?” He sounded alarmed.“She is in good hands, drive now, its an order.” Joyce ordered.“Are you threatening me? I won’t drive until I see my cousin.” He barked.“Then she will die, you will have to follow our instructions if you want to save her life.”Joe pulled out his gun and pointed it to Joyce who just smiled, she wasn’t moved.“I will shoot you right now if you don’t tell me where Mercy is!” He threatened.“Look behind.” She giggled. Joe turned to see three guns pointed at him. David, Maccain and Rozina had guns pointed at him.He couldn’t believe his eyes, were they not supposed to be drunk?“But you were drunk and asleep!” He said desperately.“Now we are awake and sober, hand over your gun to Joyce, now!” David ordered.Joe had no option, though he hesitated, he feared for his life, of all the things, he would never risk his cousin’s life too.“Good, now, let’s drive to the by pass.” David ordered.“And my cousin? What are we going to do there? At the bypass?” He sounded weak, beaten and alarmed.“Your cousin is there, we need to rescue her. Secondly, at the bypass is where you were to meet the minister after assassinating me.” David’s words made Joe run out of words, he couldn’t figure out how he had come to know all about it. It was true, he was to meet the minister and receive his cheque at the bypass after  assassinating David.“But sir,,,,,” He stammered.“No more words from you, drive! Now!” Joyce threatened to shoot him.“The court of law will determine your fate but if you misbehave, we will have you dead. A traitor is not worth living.” Joyce said harshly. Joe had no otherwise, a great assassin like him was now being ordered by a lady, he smiled at what he thought as his foolishness. If he would get a single chance, he swore upon his soul that he would kill all of them, even Joyce the minister’s daughter, had he not killed more prominent people? Ndegwa himself had given him a job to kill his political opponent.In thirty minutes time, they arrived at the bypass, he was eager to see his cousin Mercy.“Where is my cousin? You said he was here!” Joe barked.Before David answered him, Joe’s phone rang, he checked it, it was Minister Mutua. He hesitated to pick it.“Pick the phone and tell him you have killed us already. Everybody, get out of the car!” David ordered as he threatened to shoot him.“Your cousin will die within one minute if you don’t pick the call and say as I told you to!” He threatened. Joyce, Rozina and Maccain were already out of the car.Joe picked the call.“Yes sir, they are dead……yes… At the bypass…” David grabbed the phone and turned it off. He ordered Joe to get out and follow others into a saloon car that was parked some yards ahead.He hesitated but he had to, he feared for Mercy’s life.“Your cousin is at home, no one touched her.” David informed him as they approached the saloon car.“What? You mean…”“I mean, Mercy will drive us home, she is in that saloon car.” Joe couldn’t believe his ears and eyes as he saw Mercy get out of the car and hug all of them, had she double-crossed him? He would blame her for that, he felt that he hated her.Before he thought of what to do, there was a loud explosion that sent everyone on the ground. They looked back to see the car they had come with in flames. Joe could not understand but the rest did.“You see? The minister wanted you dead too…” David told Joe.“It was a set up?!”

    Episode 44

    “Yes Joe, I overheard it from my Dad as he was talking to minister Mutua about it, it seems he nolonger trust you and so he wanted you dead after the mission.” Joyce explained.Joe seemed so shocked to believe it but he had no choice. We had no time to waste standing there since the explosion was already attracting security officers. Cops are known for always arresting someone around a crime area even it the crime was committed days ago, furthermore, being an eye witness to a crime is a crime by itself, you become the first suspect. A cop will arrest you to cover for his job, he or she has to arrest someone to begin their prolonged investigations.“You better get into the car , all of you, before the cops gets us here.” I advised or rather ordered. Having ‘Dad’ trying to kill me was not to be taken simply, if Joyce had not been so sharp, I would be dead. Her mother was worth my gratitude, she had overheard everything as the two minister’s planed to have us killed. She told Joyce everything, being my sister, Joyce had not hesitated in trying to save me.Joyce had told me everything and we faked our drinks to fool Joe who had obviously seen his mission almost succeeding. Joyce had visited the restaurant during the day and had soft drinks transfered into beer bottles. It was a nice game for us all as we pretended to be so drunk, I wondered if i couldn’t make a good acter. Maybe I would write my life story and make sure it was acted, I would then play part in it. But then, acting my life story wouldn’t be nice, I would have my son act it then, by then I would be an old man, but wait, would I imagine my own son in such kind of a life? Maybe I would have just anybody act it, anyone not my own son and not me. I wondered if anyone would love to be Judas or Joe Ngigi, it would be hard to find such characters. These all passed through my mind as we drove towards the city, everyone seemed so preoccupied with their thoughts to speak, it was already 0300 dawn and everyone seemed sleepy, Maccain was behind the sterling, he seemed more active. The following morning we all woke up to find what we expected, all the newspaper had the news that there was a car explosion at the bypass and it was feared that the former Minister’s gateman had died in the explosion, according to media, the minister needed more security for it seemed that his life was in danger too. Later that day, the minister was seen speaking to the press, he looked so scared for his own life, in fact he almost shed tears as he mourned ‘Joe’s’ death. He really was a good acter too, Joe watched everything silently.At the afternoon news, the Minister also sent a message to the media houses, he feared that his son, David was also in the car. According to him, I was with Joe the previous night and we were seen getting in to that car. At that point, the minister could not hold his tears.“Though their bodies haven’t been traced, we fear that they perished in the flames…” The minister was taken away by his guards as he wiped his tears, ‘he was overcame by grief.’ Inside him, I knew he was really enjoying his victory.The news about my death spread like fire on dry grass, mourning was to start immediately after my remains were traced.On that evening, I called one of my friends working in a media house. At first, he doubted my voice, he was sure I was dead, in fact he cut the line so fast. I had to call him with a different line and convince him that it was me.I begged him not to say anything to anyone, as the nation mourned my death, I wanted to appear on the TV station that evening and fight it out with the minister, the public must know the truth….

    Episode 45

    Of all the people, the news about David’s death seemed to hurt them most, madam Njeri (David’s mother ) and Serena were two people that David held a special places in their hearts, none of them was herself from the time the news was broadcaster. None of them saw any reason to continue living, each had a secret plan to commit suicide. Serena blamed herself for all that had happened, she knew that if she had not met David on that valentine evening, he would have married Joyce as it had been the Minister’s demand. She wondered why the gods had not played their roles, they should have influenced her to turn down his proposal. But, one thing she was sure, a strong bond had already connected them even before he proposed, in fact, if it wasn’t considered uncouth, she would have proposed to him herself, that is if he had delayed an hour longer.Serena believed in David, in him she had seen her strength and a great future. He was handsome and wealthy, a man that every girl would fall for , his character made him unique. David’s association and love was for the ordinary, the poor and the weak. There was no doubt that the minister was not his biological dad, he was completely different. Without him, Serena saw no hope to live. She planed to take some poison as she went to bed, she pitied madam Njeri, the poor lady seemed to have no more tears left. She had fainted twice during the day, she had taken nothing not even a drop of water. She stared on the television like a ghost, she really wished that it was a dream that her only son was dead. It was at this time that she remembered her daughter, she had no idea of what had happened to her since Mutua took her from her life. She had always suspected that she was long dead. Njeri wanted to die, she would commit suicide and die in knowledge that she had left none of her child in the unfair world, she wished and prayed that she would meet her family in the next world. She vowed to haunt Mutua as a spirit, she would make sure she ruins his life.Njeri had a plan of hanging herself in her bedroom and Serena had no idea of it, Serena had a plan of taking poison in her bedroom and madam Njeri had no clue of it. Maybe it would be a great surprise incase the two died and met in the next world.The two were living in a rented apartment in which, only Mohammed the cop was their frequent visitor.The country was in a grave silence, everyone seemed to had a reason to mourn. Even those who had not seen David, they had at least heard about him. Some knew him a rebel from a loyal family, others knew him as a champion of change, a humble young man with a great dream of bringing justice for the weak. David himself was touched by the intensity in which his death ought to have touched the country.The media house was less busy when he entered, accompanied by his friends. Joyce, Maccain, Joe, Rozina and Mercy had gone with him. Edward was his journalist friend, he welcomed them warmly ,he had already set a place for each. He was now ready to switch on the camera.On the other side, Mutua had every reason to cerebrate, his friends sat around metallic tables occupied by rich drinks. Infront of them there was a huge screen but none seemed interested in following whatever was going on in the telly.All of them were the minister’s closest friends and business partners , he had arranged the party to cerebrate his victory. All of them knew the kind of victory he was cerebrating.“Minister?” One of them called in shock as he glued his eyes on the screen.“Yes Julius.”“Is that not David on the television?” The minister turned sharply.“David is dead, how can he….” His words failed him as he went down on the floor.

    Episode 46

    Serena saw it first, she was so shocked to speak. She was sure that the media had maybe decided to play one video of which maybe David was captured. Playing it for the memory of her David was a nice thing, she was proud of him even at his ‘death.’ She was glad that regardless of his young age, he had left unforgettable legacy.Serena thought of calling madam Njeri from her bedroom to come and witness her son’s video being played on telly for his memory. But then she had a second thought, it would only add grief on her. After all , maybe she had already been used to seeing her son on telly. Whatever Serena didn’t realize was that David was live on air, he was very much alive.David sat opposite his friend Edward who was their interviewer. No sooner had the cameras been switched on than the room went flooding with journalists from different media houses. All of them wanted to capture him live.“David Kamau Mutua, those are your full names my friend?” Edward enquired for the benefit of the viewers.“Its my name.” David said shortly.“The whole country believes that you are dead, what do you think about that?” Edward asked.David cleared his throat and wore his usual smile.“It’s not a big deal to me, the country we live in is full of bigger lies, lies out of selfishness. Its now up to the world to know that I am alive.” David concluded.“Does your dad the minister know that you are alive?”“My Dad died ages ago, the minister believes that am dead.” David answered.“The minister is not your dad?” One of the journalists put across with surprise.“I said he is not.”“Tell us, what happened to your dad? Who is the minister to you?” Another journalist asked.“The matter is already in court, I don’t wish to speak about it. My message to my country men is that, I am alive. We will fight for truth and justice until its achieved.” He concluded emotionally, his voice carried with it some irresistible power, power that had always made him obeyed and respected regardless of his humility and his medium body.“David, the journalists had always seeked to interview you but you always turned them down, why?”“Nice question, I never work with people who only think of making money and building up their names.” He answered boldly.“The press you mean?”“The whole lot is corrupt, its an enemy to justice and equality, why do you think you guys ran here to capture me with your cameras? To air the truth? No, bless my soul! All want to earn an extra coin..” There was lots of murmuring in the room as the journalists protested against his statement.“That’s an insult David…” A male journalist shouted. “Let it be, in our nation, truth sounds worse than an insult. Were you not the same guys who broadcasted about my death? Did any of you take time to try to investigate before airing it? If at all we need equality and change in our nation we need a stable and independent press as well.” David put in. Everyone saw sense in his words, there was no doubt that he meant to bring change in the nation. One of the journalists wanted to know why and how the minister wanted them dead. He gave chance to Joe Ngigi and Joyce Ndegwa to explain everything, the story was no doubt a shock to everyone but before they completed their interview there were sirens of police cars outsides and in few seconds there was no journalist left in the room apart from Edward.Elsewhere, Serena was jumping and clapping her hands with joy, she had listened to everything and there was no doubt that he was alive. What Serena didn’t know was that she was about to loose David’s mother who was already tying a knot to hung herself. She chose a painful death to be as a punishment for her sins, she blamed herself for death of her husband, her daughter and son David. The immediate death of her son sorrowed her most.Madam Njeri didn’t bother to leave a will or an explanation of why she chose death. One thing she was sure of was that justice was a dream that will never come true, not without her son to champion it. She shed more tears on David’s photo that she was holding, she stepped on the chair and placed her neck right inside the knot. She closed her eyes before thrashing the chair away…

    Episode 47

    Arresting David was a big mistake the government had made, the public had already known the truth. Maccaon, Joyce, Mercy, Joe, Journalist Edward and Rozina were arrested alongside David. He felt sorry for them, they didn’t deserve to be arrested, but for some reasons, he thought it was better to have everyone in prison, they will all be safe unlike when one would have left outside. What David didn’t know was that they were detained in an underground cell and nobody ever came from that cell alive. The secret cell was meant to silence those who seemed so superior for the ordinary law, David had proved to be one of them. He had more than enough information, enough to have even Mr president wet his pants. Almost every big fish had a reason to panic over David’s case. The president had not only taken one of David’s real father firm, but he had also wiped away the investigation against his death. By then, he was a senior judge. He later sold the wealthy firm andused the money to campaign for the presidency, that’s how he made it, for fifteen years now, he had been the president.“Where are we? Does anyone have a clue?” Joe broke the silence, the cop guarding them eyed him coldly. Joe had less fear for cops, had he not used those guns they carry and even better ones for ages? He considered cops as cowards, why do they have to handcuff you yet they have a gun? They obviously fear for their lives, fear, everyone has his or her own fear.“I don’t know but am sure we are not in the city,” David answered.“Why should they arrest us? Do they even have any charge against us?” Joyce complained.“They wish to hide the truth, we have to try and stick together, otherwise we might lose each other,” David advised and they all nodded their heads in agreements. “I have heard stories about an underground cell, a cell where no one returns, no one even knows where it is.” Maccain explained capturing the attention of everyone including the cop.“You fear that its where we are being taken?” Mercy panicked.“Its possible but am not sure, its the worst place they can take us,” Maccain said sadly.“Enough of your talking! Silence!” The cop ordered.“You can’t limit our talking Mr police, suit yourself,” Joe answered carelessly. The cop was agitated as he his head twice with the back of his gun. Joe couldn’t take the pain for long, h used his legs expertly and swiped him to the floor of the car. The gun fell off and before the cop found his ground, Joe was already on him, Joe was a strong and heavy man. He placed his cuffed hands on his neck so that he chocked and struggled to breathe. He tried to kick his legs against the car to seek for some help from the front seats where two more cops were but David came up and pinned his legs painfully, it was hard for him to move any part of his body. He collapsed due to pain and lack of enough air to breath. Everyone became busy searching his pockets, they wanted keys to unlock the handcuffs.“David , I still think it’s risky to try and escape, we are not criminals, are we?” Joyce argued.“The underground cell, if at all we end up there no one will ever find us, we will all be killed.” Maccain explained.“We must break this door and try to run though our hands will still be tied,” David said.“If only I can find a small wire.” Joe put in.“Here, I found it in the cop’s pocket,” Maccain said handing it over to him. “A metallic wire? Oh…yes…this will work..” Joe said happily as he received it. His happiness made everyone expectant. No one guessed what he wanted to do but they knew he was up to a good thing. Less than a minute later, Joe’s hands were free, no handcuffs!“How did you….”“Bring your hands I set you free.” He said proudly. He did it expertly, everyone was glad to have their hands free. Joe was proud to have played a key role in their escape. He collected a single key which he guessed it was used to lock and unlock the door of the car. Joe successfully opened the door but he was shocked to see two more police cars behind them, the cars were meant to escort them.“Outside clear?”“Not clear, lots of cops behind,” Joe informed. “Where are we?” David asked.“I have no idea, it’s a strange place.”“What do we do?” Joyce asked.“We have to jump out of the car, it’s at a moderate speed.” Joe suggested.“Then what?” Mercy asked suspiciously.“Then save our own skins, we better do it now.” Joe was impatient, he seemed to enjoy every moment of it.“You said there are cops behind, how do we..”“We will have to risk.” Joe was already prepared to open and jump.“That’s dangerous, let’s do this, stop the car first and attract their attention,” David suggested.“How do we stop the car?”“This way.” David used his hand to knock the side of the car noisily. The driver stopped it immediately and moved towards the back door.“They are coming,” Joe whispered.“Everyone take sit back on your hands and pretend to be handcuffed,” David ordered as he took the gun and put it behind himself. The cop opened the door using his own key, the other police jeeps had stopped too.“Who raised the alarm?” The cop asked sporting with his bright touch.“As you can see, your friend is having his loyal nap and so were we, why don’t you evaporate?” David answered rudely.“Are you sure he is asleep?” The other cop had already arrived.“Ben likes sleeping, very lazy.” The cop put in.“Not when among criminals, I must confirm, I don’t trust them.” The cop made a mistake of stepping inside the car, David was already on his neck as he held a dagger against his neck, he had collected the dagger from the first cop’s pocket.“Drop your gun or I finish him off!” David threatened, Joe had already taken the gun and was pointing it to the cop. He had no otherwise than to drop his gun, the other cops had already sensed an alarm.One of them shouted. “Any problem there?”“Tell them everything is alright! Now!” David ordered.“Everything is fine sir, thank you!” He answered.“Good, now, get inside and tell us where are we?”“A kilometer away from the cell.” The cop answered.“The underground cell?”“Yes, it’s too late for you to escape” The cop smiled.“There is never ‘too late’ you idiot!” Joe punched him using his right hand. “There is only one gate for entrance and exit, we have already entered the gate.” The cop said proudly. “The gate is highly guarded by few men from the finest squards.His words were discouraging before any of them would say a word, there came a m—d bang and Joe went on the floor. He was bleeding at the centers of his chest, he groaned with pain. The next bang sent Rozina on the floor.“Noooooooooo! Everybody out and run!” David ordered but it was rather too late, more than ten cops were surrounding the jeep, thy were set with their guns. Joe breathe his last as the unconscious cop recovered from his unconsciousness. David knew that their end had come.“Shoot! Em’!!” A voice commanded.

    Episode 48

    “Take them to the cell first!” Another voice ordered. Joyce and David were still considered as the ministers children, no police would shoot them without direct orders from the ministers. They had no otherwise, trying to escape from amidst of armed and foolish cops would be a suicide mission . They silently decided to take chances by going to a place from which no one returned, even for a descent burial. There was doubt that Joe was dead, Rozina was badly wounded and was desperately bleeding, no police cared about that. The death of Joe had left her cousin’s mouth dry. Mercy was a strong lady, however much she tried to stay unmoved, her sorrow was a nine months pregnancy.David’s worry still remained, he knew that he needed evidence to have the minister jailed. The evidence was with just two people, Rozina and Joe. Now Joe was dead and Rozina seemed next. Without enough evidence, he could be accused of anything, the government would take an advantage of that and have him arrested. He needed a clear and strong evidence.Eventually, they arrived and were pushed in different dark cells. Cells in which no one could tell a day and a night, everything was dark.In the main office, there came a call from the president.“Hello Sir.”“Have you killed them?”“No sir, two are dead but we will silence the rest before dawn.” The police said proudly.“Good, now, don’t kill any of them until further notice, demonstrations have broken all over the country yet its at night, we fear that the nation will be in chaos tomorrow.” The president said sadly.“What do they want?”“They want David and his friends to be released, the journalists are the leaders of the demos, you still have one of them?”“Yes, his name is Edward.”“Good, don’t do anything stupid, keep them alive until you get an order from me.”“Thank you sir.”The line went dead.As the president had predicted, the two days that followed, the nation was in real chaos. Some parts of the city were reduced into ashes, police tried to open fire but no one was cowered , the public was determined to have David and his friends released. People were arrested and others shot dead but the demonstrations increased day by day. No public servant reported to work, everyone went into a sudden strike, doctors, teachers, nurses and all the civil servants, only the cops and the government agencies were willing to work, but how would they access their places of work when every part of the nation was in chaos? There was no doubt that the demos were getting out of hands, the president had to do something.On the third evening, he got a report that most of the countries had recalled their citizens back into their countries. Most of the western countries had vowed to withdraw their aids and business interactions if there won’t be a satisfactory solution in the country.The public wanted the minister arrested as well, that was one of the most difficult demand the president wished to give in to.“Sir, why don’t you release him and let’s silent him in a different way?” The police commission asked. “I fear its too late for that, my government stands accused in case anything happens to him, we must release them and file a case against him right away.” The president vowed.“David has witnesses to have all of us arrested Sir.” The commissioner informed.“His two key witnesses are dead, your boys shot them. He has no more witnesses, his mother is long dead, she was a big threat as an eye witness.” The president was happy again, convincing the public that David had lied wouldn’t be simple but without the witnesses, David would loose the case. He would be charged with causing unrest to the whole country and properties destructions, the president vowed that he would not come out of prison alive, he had caused enough trouble.The minister , who was already out of hospital agreed to be put into police custody to have the demos stopped, the public cerebrated David’s release. Leaders of NGOs and human right commissions together with the journalist organizations wanted the minister to be charged with murder, the president himself stood accused with inability to control his juniors, the international community wanted him to step aside for more investigations.A day later, from the day David was released, he was taken to court. A week was over and remember he was supposed to table full evidences against Mutua the former minister. He feared of loosing the case now that his two main witnesses were dead, he had tried to talk to Joyce’s mother to be the witness as she had been his Dad’s secretary but she had refused. The public had confidence in him, David feared, he didn’t want to fail the people, they had their hopes in him. The international communities looked up to him to bring justice and democracy.“Be strong David, this is our last chance. I love you David.” Mercy said with sad emotions , she kissed him, not passionately.Joyce held David by his shoulder. Her hands were shaking with emotions, she feared for her brother David.“You are all I have David, we must win this case, please don’t go behind bars and leave me alone.” She wiped her tears.Maccain came forth and held his hand.“David, its time, time for justice, let’s go inside, the case is about to start.”

    Episode 49

    The courtroom was too small to contain all the people that had come to listen to the ruling, the judge might have felt proud to rule in the presence of more than a thousand people, there were others crowding outside wishing to break in and see the proceeding themselves. The GSU had to take control and ensure order outside, no member of the public was to be harassed, they would be addressed in a polite manner, for the first in the history of the nation, cops looked calm as they requested members of the public to remain calm and orderly. Its not like they had an otherwise since the international community was really paying attention to whatever was happening that day, the proceedings were to be aired by both international and national media channels, the world’s attention was on the case. For the first time I felt like a hero, I felt my own success, though I was not close to making the truth known, for o had little evidence, having the world sense and sport the injustice in my nation was a great step, all I needed was to confirm my allegations by tabling enough evidence.Everyone took their position as we waited for the judge to enter the courtroom. I was used to standing on the defendant side, it was funny that I was the key complainant yet I had to stand as the defendant because the former minister, Mutua had filed a case against me for accusing him falsely and ruining his reputation. The government also accused me of causing property damage and three days unrest all over the country. Those were just some of the accusations that my lawyer was aware of.Eventually, the judge got in and everyone stood up, there were so many dignitaries from inside and outside the country. Ministers and other government agencies had assembled there in solidarity with their crooked friend. Their presence reminded me of one day, the day my wedding with Joyce Ndegwa took place. On that day they had come to cerebrate but now they seemed so sad though confident of victory.Some of them eyed me coldly as others didn’t even bother placing their eyes on me.“David Kamau Mutua, you have greatly been accused. I have two options for you, option one, I read all the charges as you listen then you defend yourself, option two, I read a charge at a time as you defend yourself, which do you choose?” The judge lowered her spects as usual.“Thank you my lord, I pick the first option your honour.” I answered.“David, you stand accused of misleading the public and causing unrest that left properties destroyed and four lives lost. You are also accused of tainting and destroying honourable Mutua’s reputation through fake and vague information, this court bears in mind that you deny Honourable Mutua being your biological dad. Do you deny any of the charges?” The judge asked as she reached for a glass of water.“Thank you your honour, I will begin by protesting against the grave accusations by the government. The truth can’t be covered forever, I only stand guilty for uncovering the truth. Your honour, the minister had planned my death and I only to discover his mind before he achieved it, if at all hr had nothing to hide or to cover, or if at all I was his his son, how on earth and why could he plan my death? Paying someone to kill me?” I paused and looked around the silent and tensed courtroom. Everyone seemed to attentive and afraid of whatever only the devil and his wife Catherine knew.“Objection you honour!” Achieng, the minister’s lawyer objected.“Your honour, let him convince this court that Mutua planed his death and how he came to know of it.” Achieng’ dared me. “Well, your honour, the former minister’s gateman the late Joe Ngigi  was to assassinate Rozina and I, somebody overheard it and informed me. Through his lovely cousin, Mercy, we convinced him to desert the minister’s mission and work with us to ensure that the truth is revealed.” I explained.“Who is the person that overheard the minister?” The Judge was interested.“Her name is Joyce Ndegwa.”“Don’t bring her into this you idiot!” Minister Ndegwa roared.“Silence in court!” I saw the judge write something down. Joyce was then sworn as a witness and she was ready to speak.“My name is Joyce Ndegwa, the minister Ndegwa’s daughter, but I want justice and that’s why today I stand to witness against my own Dad.” She paused to look at me and I winked for approval. She smiled briefly. “I always loved and admired my Dad but my attitude towards him took a different direction when I discovered that he had forced my marriage with David for his own benefit and that he had teamed with Minister Mutua to have David jailed for crimes he had not commuted. Your honour, on that particular day I stormed into his living room and found him on phone, he didn’t notice me and so he proceeded. I heard everything as he spoke to someone about an assassination. In his conversation he mentioned David , Rozina and Joe. I knew what he meant..” She explained, it was obviously a lie, her mother had overheard it, she didn’t want to endanger her life.“And how on earth did you know that it was the minister Mutua on phone?” Achieng protested.“I had always access to my father’s phone and so I had no trouble in getting it and checking out who had called.” Joyce explained wisely.“There is no conviction in your words, you are only played to tell lies and….” Achieng accused.“Objection your honour!” I objected.“Objection sustained!” The judge announced.“Your honour, David is the rightful son of minister Mutua, every father has a right to reprimand and guide his own son. It was therefore unfair for David to subject his old dad into great stress by denying him as his dad. Your honour, according to me, this case is a family matter and should be left to the family to solve it.” Achieng remarked.“Objection your honour , I condemn the lawyer from trying to influence this court, I have lost my mother and my love Serena, where was the d–n family when I lost them? Where was the family when Mutua killed my dad and took over our family? What family do I have?!” I was loosing my grip, I was getting furious, my body was trembling with fury, fury that I couldn’t control.“Order!” The judge called.“Objection your honour!”“This court demands a full evidence of whatever has been said.”“Your honour, its months now since my mother went missing, she might be dead by now and I suspect minister Mutua had a hand in it, my mother had promised to tell me an old secret about Mutua killing my Dad and marrying her by false, on the same day she disappeared..” I tried to explain.“How long was your mother married by force? More than twenty years? By force? How possible is that?” Achieng’ despised.“That’s what she told me! It was the truth, I grew up with them and she was more of a slave than a wife of the house!” I protested.“Order! This hearing will be adjourned until 2pm, I require cool tempers when we return. I also require an eye witness to the killing of David’s father as he claims, otherwise, lack of enough evidence may place heavy judgement on his shoulders. Arise!” The judge stood and left as noise broke into the courtroom, everyone felt that the case was tough for me, there was no doubt I was almost loosing the case. There was only one eye witness left, Joyce mother, my late dad’s secretary. She had vowed not to say anything about it in court.We had trouble in assembling outside as there was a great multitude. I wrote texts to Joyce, Maccain , Mercy and Edward to meet me at the parking. Every journist wanted to capture and had a word with me but I felt so worn out to speak. I hurried past them and the big crowd that was crapping and singing my name. I don’t know how it happened, it seemed a dream to me when I turned to see a woman that really valued and and still value in my life getting out of a nearby car. No matter the ages, how could I fail to recognize her? My own mother? I couldn’t help it, she ran and I ran and we embraced on the air.“Mother! Mom! Mother!”“Son! David! My son!” She cried. “I never thought I would ever see you again.” She cried.Tears of joy couldn’t let me speak.“David my love!” A voice called behind me, I turned swiftly to get another handsome shock that nearly sent me on the ground.“Serena!…”

    Episode 50

    Some things are hard to believe, believing that Serena and I were back together was more than a dream itself, meeting my lovely mother ones more healed all my wounds. All I needed was to get done with the case and marry Serena. So much happened during that break before our afternoon proceeding in the courtroom. More and more tears were shed, tears of joy and pain, joy of our reunion, pain of regrets and that of the unknown. I didn’t let anyone to see my mother and Serena, I sent them into the car and instructed Juma to make sure that he led them into the witness chambers when need be. My mother was obviously more than willing to witness and confess the whole truth against the minister and the president himself. I tried to caution her on dragging the president into the case but she was determined, she said it was time for revenge, time to liberate the nation. Leaving the president untouched, we would have done nothing, he would still be capable of cancelling any sentence against the minister. I didn’t question my mother’s knowledge, I never felt like leaving her side for a second either. She didn’t look rich and honourable as she had always appeared before, there was no doubt she had passed through real challenges. As for Serena, her beauty was still intact, her smile was still the most charming, though she had cut short her hair, her beauty was unmatched.Serena was so emotional to explain anything, among the three of us , she shed most tears.“Its OK my love, we are back together, aren’t we?” I was almost moved to tears ones more.“So many people dead David, dead, dead because of us David…my mother ..” She broke into fresh tears.We all walked towards the courtroom, Joyce was beside me. Mercy and Maccain were behind us, Edward was swallowed by the huge crowds. None of them had seen my mother or Serena, they feared for our defeat. The crowd still heaved and shouted my name ceremoniously.“David, we must try and try, even if we will loose, let’s not loose so simple.” Joyce said emotionally.“There isn’t room for loosing my dear, we have to win.” I smiled at her beaten face.“The judge asked for an eye witness, we ain’t got any. David, we are in trouble.” She said sadly.“I appreciate your help sister, you are a real friend and I will always love you.” I promised.“Thank you David, if they will behead you, then they have to cut my head first.” I looked at her face, she meant her words. Mercywore the same gloomy and beaten face, I loved the two ladies, two champions of truth.“Its 215pm, I hereby order for the latter case proceedings” The judge announced. She opened her file and read.“Earlier today, the defendant side accused the minister of various murders and the court had some interests in that. The court therefore demanded for a full evidence or evidences to show that the minister killed the accused’s Dad, married his mother by force and as well tried to kill the defendant through the late Joe Ngigi. The court advises the defendant side to produce competent evidences, an eye witness for that matter.” She placed her pen on the file and closed it as though she had already ruled. The courtroom was dead silent, the atmosphere was so tensed. Fear roomed the court, everyone apart from me saw me loosing. I looked at Joyce, she was wiping her tears, mercy was no better, Maccain looked so thoughtful.“Your honour” Achieng’ started. “It is now clear that the accused had been misguided against his own parents, it’s hard to believe, its gravely sad for me to inform this court that David, the accused sent for his goons to kill his own mother.” Lots of noise broke into the room, the new line of the case seemed to shake the judge herself.“Objection your honour!” Maccain barked.“We have a witness your honour, a friend to David, he have been his friend since childhood.” Achieng’ put in, I couldn’t guess whom it was but then , had I not only one childhood friend?I gestured to Maccain , requesting him to remain silent.Judas moved forward, he avoided to look at me, I wasn’t shocked to see him try to betray me again, but I was hurt.“Who is David to you?” Achieng’ interviewed him as the judge wrote down.“David have been my friend since childhood, we used to share our secrets until sometimes back.” Judas answered.“What happened to your friendship with him?”“I discovered that he was being  mislead by some guys claiming to be his friend, I tried to warn him but he broke our friendship.” Judas said sadly .“Tell the court, how was he being mislead?”“He was told that minister and his wife were not his real parents, that they had killed his parents to take over their wealth. From then David wanted his dad and mom dead.” He said sadly, I smiled at his lies.“Did he tell you so?”“Yes, he even wanted to hire me for the same but I refused , I told his Dad about it, it was too late, he had already sent Joe and his two friends to kill his mother.”“That’s too sad, your honour, I am done.” Achieng’ said proudly.“Your honour, may I have the pleasure of interrogating the witness?” I asked and the permission was granted.“Judas, my old friend!” I called.“Yes David.”“Did I tell you that I was up to kill my parents?”“Yes you did, at the midview hotel.” He answered expertly.“So my mother was killed by my hired goons?”“Yes, they even sent the photos of her corpse so as you could pay them, you shown me the heartbreaking pictures, you have no heart David!” He cursed .“What if I tell this court that you have been paid to witness falsely against me?”“You would be lying.”“What if y mother is still alive?”You Can Say Hi To Abdul On 0247993262 to be added for more lovely stories“Your mother is dead, you killed her!” Judas said painfully.“I pity you Judas, why didn’t you join us in fighting the truth and justice? Why? Because of money?”“Objection your honour!” Achieng objected.“Sustained!” The judge announced.“Sustain as much as you want your honour! I don’t care, the law! What is the law to the rich? What is the judiciary to the poor? Have you not been sitting on the same seat as a judge yet with so many injustices? Your honour, why sit there just to weed for the injustice when expected to end it?! How much money have you received to blackmail my case? ” I had already lost control of myself. My voice roared in and out of the courtroom, the minister and his lot were sure of the win.“Objection and order! You stand accused of misconduct and insulting the judiciary, you will remain in custody with the disciplinary committee until we decide your fate! I rule!” Before she stood from her seat, five Europeans with black suits walked in behind a black and a bit elderly man. They marched in front, the elderly man took a seat beside the judge as the four whites took positions beside him, none of us was aware of what was happening. The elderly man switched on the microphone ahead of him.“Few of you know me, majority of you don’t. I am the international criminal court prosecutor , I am here to arrest some prominent persons. Outside this court we have special trained security agencies from Netherlands and USA , all of you are ordered to remain calm and in your positions, four people must be arrested immediately and face the ICC for violation of fundermental human rights and having been involved in cold blood murders and rule of law violation.” I couldn’t understand him but I saw some hope if at all he was the ICC prosecutor.“I want to present David’s mother to this court, she came seeking for our help in the ICC and we have been following this case closely.” I couldn’t hide my smile as I saw my mother being led forward by a white lady who was obviously guarding her. There was no doubt that we were about to win the case, I wondered why my mother had not told me about it in the parking.She smiled at me broadly, I ran forward and embraced her, Joyce, Mercy and Serena joined us, they were all in tears. Loud applause filled the courtroom, Maccain came forward and we embraced. Everyone watched all of us in admiration, we took our time to embrace infront of the courtroom, camera flashes collided on our bodies.The cerebration died suddenly when a loud sound of a gun came from the front benches of the listeners. Screams filled the air!“He is dead!” I heard the voice, the minister was no more, who shot him?

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