Story: My Dirty Secret with My Attractive Landlord’s Daughter

    Episode 1

    I live in a compound of 5 tenants minus the landlord and his family. My landlady is not an easy going woman, a voluptious average bodied woman with a nice set of racks. She has 1 boy and 3 girls. All are grown. This woman seem to be the heart of our problem in the compound. Her husband is a cool man who overlooks simple things but this woman will fight for everything to make sure everyone understands that it is her compound. Everything…..water, parking space, light bill, etc. I never really found myself in such a situation with her cos I always tried to keep to myself. And she’s got pretty daughters that benefitted generously of her body type but I do not talk to them other than the regular greetings. Though I know that they like greeting me afterall i’m a young guy living in their compound but I seem not to want to be chatty with them. I like two of the daughters especially the eldest who’s a couple of years older than I am, then the last daughter as well. I know they like me too cos I’ve seen their glances and the way they linger around when they greet me or come to my house for something, hoping we might strike a conversation. One day, I parked my car in the landlady’s parking spot and travelled cos it came up suddenly. I was away for 5 days before I went back home. I just got back that afternoon and met an empty and quiet compound. I put on the tv, took off my clothes and was about to hit the shower when a knock on the door redirected my route. I opened it and saw the least person I expected to see…… (you guessed right), my landlady. She wore a blue blouse and a wrapper around her waist. Surprised, I greeted her and she greeted me back and asked simply “why did you park your car in my space when you knew you were travelling?” I told her that I was sorry and that the journey came up abruptly, and that I was in such a rush to even think. I could see that she was furious and I added more soothingly that I’ld move it right away. She seemed satisfied with my apology and smiled, then asked me how my trip was and she hope I brought something back. I told her that the trip was fine and that I did (even though I didn’t have anyone in mind when I bought the fruits and other stuff i came back with). I invited her in and headed straight to the kitchen while she waited in the sitting room. I had just come back with some of the items in my hand when she smiled and said “you boys and bad bad films. See the kain film you dey watch”. I turned and stared at the tv, they were showing an erotic scene explicitly. I smiled and apologized, then walked towards the tv to turn it off when she said “are you a kid? you can watch anything you want”. I obliged her and replied “yes. but I no wan make logoligi hold me later”. She laughed and asked me how it could be when I have a lot of girlfriends. Then went on “e be like say you sabi, i dey hear them dey shout sometimes”. I couldn’t believe what is happening. I couldn’t believe that I am having this conversation with this woman. She’s hitting on me right??

    Episode 2

    As the thoughts crossed my mind, I felt my junior stir and woke up from his slumber as if he was commanded “Arise little one”. Mind you he’s not little in any way. She noticed it and smiled, then said “I knew from the way you dey bang those girls, you carry big prick”. Bearing the encouragement no more, Junior arose in his might and in anger so that all who saw him might tremble in fear. I simply stood there contemplating on what to do when my landlady sighed, looked at me and sat down on my couch. ‘This is it’ I thought to myself. Then amazing myself, with my dck pointing forward like a compass,…….no, more like a general leading his army to war, my feet moved of it’s own accord until I am standing in front of my landlady looking a bit smug and dumb(you can imagine the combination naa). With her eyes fixed hungrily on the bulge, she simply put her hand on my waist and tugged at my towel, it came off freely and behold how my dck sprang out. If it were the olympic dck long jump, it’ld have made an ace. Anyway, it was there in front of her and she stared at it in disbelief, but with so much greed in her eyes that i thought she’ld chew it off with one bite. I prayed in my mind at that moment that she doesn’t know what a hot dog looks like before she mistook junior as one. Then she grabbed it in her hands and rubbed it, then she squeezed it a bit harder and the dck thickened. She kept rubbing it without putting it in her mouth, then I figured maybe she’s not a dck sucker. I took her hand away and turned slowly and walked towards the room, stopping at the door to look back at her and smile. She got up suddenly and followed me, when she opened the curtain, i was nowhere. She was about looking around when I grabbed her breasts from behind, squeezed it hard and pushed her on the bed. As she fell, I reached for her wrapper and pulled it off. I was dumbfounded. She’s got big round buttocks. I was in no way patient and i reached for her, threw open her legs and sent a finger on a quest to locate the clit. The thumb did while the others slid into her wharf. How slimmy and wet she was. I rubbed on her pssy some more and she moaned softly, with the other free hand I found her breasts and squeezed hard. It’s swollen already, i caressed the nipple and it hardened. I took one in my mouth and stroked the other nipple gently and she jerked her hips in response. She moaned her pleasure. By now, she was very wet and my dck is hard and throbbing. I pulled my hand away and slid in my thick throbbing dck. We both felt the sweet sensation as my dck filled her pssy. I looked at her and couldn’t believe it….Jeez! I’m banging my landlady. (She looked pretty getting banged. Maybe she is pretty. Maybe her attitude made me see her as an ugly wicked woman). I went at it, first taking her slow. Then slowly increasing y pace, I went hard, banging her like a minx, pounding her hard like fufu. She threw her legs apart and I went deeper. As I hit her like jackpot, her wetness made slurping sounds pleasurable to the ears. Her pssy is so sweet and juicy. I put my lip on the unsucked breast and sucked away….what a merriment. Her blouse seemed to always come down to interrupt me so i took a moment to take it off. Now as i gaze down, i’m being gazed up at by a pair of beautiful racks. She has such an incredible body. I thrust harder and faster and she held me with strong arms….oh! and is she strong? I was not deterred, I kept on thrusting deeper and harder while she made her ‘uuugh’s and aaaargh’s’. She reached her hand down my back and grabbed my buttocks and squeezed them. My dck hardened and she must have felt it cos she suddenly widened her eyes and looked at me while her mouth opened but no words came out. I increased my pace, watching her breasts bounce on her chest in responce to my movements, then she wrapped her legs around my waist. I banged her harder and as i slammed into her, her breasts heaved east to west, sometimes to north and south. Then it occured to me that her pretty buttocks is not being appreciated. I pulled off, she tried to pull me back on but i declined. She moaned her displeasure, I turned her over. She complied and knelt, i dug in from behind. Her pssy embraced my dck in a welcoming gesture. I immediately started thrusting hard. she moved her waist back to meet my thrusts, i felt challenged so i applied more energy to the waist, bent my knee and started thrusting deeper and higher.

    Episode 3

    After all the needed action with her, I laid on top of her for a while and she still held me. Only then did i realise that the power was out and everywhere was hot and we were both sweating. I got off her and she just looked at me… smiles, no joking words, nothing except a look of satisfaction on her face. She slowly got up and cleaned her body with my towel, found her blouse, put it on and tied her wrapper as well. Then went into the sitting room, took the items i gave to her and left, not saying a word. I stood there naked, watching her leave, satisfied and confused. The next couple of days was awkward for me. I would leave in the morning and come back in the evening when it was dark (talk about a hen being pursued by the round). The way she left that day kept me watchful. One evening i was coming in when i met her at the gate leaving, she smiled and greeted me very well, i was relieved. As we were chatting, making little jokes, she put an arm on my hand in a familiar way. Out of nowhere her last daughter (who happens to be one of those that i like) surfaced. We each took a step apart and ended our conversation abruptly and headed on our seperate ways. She greeted me as i walked past her as i answered her with a smile. That has never happened cos i always greet them with little or no expression, but never with a smile. She seemed to almost pause but continued on her way. Maybe she saw us i thought, maybe she knows what’s going on. Guilt washed it’s way down my body as i went into my house. I didn’t see her again until a couple of days later, on a saturday afternoon when i was driving out and she was leaving the compound as well. As the security man was opening the gate, she walked past me. I drove out and stopped beside her, asked her which way she was going and it happened that i could drop her off along the way so i invited her to join me. She did and we drove in silence. I turned on the radio and was laying my ‘don’t play your rock and roll to me’ by smokie, listening to it when she interrupted me. She asked luntly, “why do you not like talking to people?”. It took me unawares that she’ld care to know but i replied and told her that i do talk to people ofcourse, but i just mind those i talk to. And she asked “like me?”. I didn’t know what to say and i said the what seemed like the smartest thing that came to my mind “it’s not the way you see it”. Not knowing what else to say i added “i’m talking to you now”. She smiled. After a while, she said “my mum seems to like you. She keeps saying that you’re the best tenant that she has”. She said that without taking her eyes off me. Without looking at her, i know she was looking at me so i concentrated on my driving. After a while i glanced her way and our eyes met and i hurriedly looked away, that seemed to satisfy her. Now i know that she knows that something is up between her mum and i, maybe she knows not what it is but she definitely knows that something is up. I tried to change the subject by complaining about the traffic building up, she obliged the conversation and we started chatting about other things. Soon i found myself really having a good conversation with her. She’s smart and has a nice laugh. She humours my jokes and suddenly i was attracted to her. Soon i got to where i’ld drop her off and i stopped, she got out, thanked me and bid me farewell with a “see you later”. As i pulled out of the curb, i thought “you bet”. Two days passed without us seeing each other. On the third day, I came home early and met her at the gate seeing off a friend of hers. We greeted and i went in, few minutes later someone knocked on my door

    Episode 4

    It was the Landlord’s daughter. I invited her inand we sat and chatted like we’ve been doing that all along and after a long while, she left. The next day was a Friday, came home around 8 pm after hanging out with a couple of friends, went in and was glad the power was on. I was playing some cool music when someone knocked, Behold it was my Landlord’s daughter. I invited her in and in my spirited mood, bowed and invited her to dance with me. She laughed surprised and obliged me. We swayed slowly and the moment just seemed right, and i knew she was feeling it too cos she couldn’t look me in the eye anymore. I held her gaze and kissed her and was struck when she kissed me back passionately. We soon found ourselves lying on the long couch, in an embrace, kissing, touching, hands roaming all over each other. Then her sister called out for her and we both jumped, she got up, straightened herself and left. The following day, Evening, they all went to their church’s fellowship. I was at home when someone knocked, behold it was my Angelic Landlord’s daughter. And i let her in. She’d left the church arena unnoticed and had come back to me. Unbelievably. Once she stepped in and i closed the door, as i turned to meet her, she jumped on me with a kiss. I took her straight to the bedroom and undressed her as fast as my hand could go. And man, am i ready to bang or am i? I wanted to pull off her panties but she stopped me, smiled and did it herself. I couldn’t understand that but what the hell. She lay down, looking prettier than she did (now i’m wondering if women look prettier Unclad or is it just me). I put my head in between her thighs and went down on her doing my usual thing like it’s an icecream contest. I started by licking her bigger clit lips (i think it’s called labia majora if you ask me the botanical name) seemed to like it, i licked on softly and sometimes kiss it. She kept liking it and moaning, i took a lip in my mouth and suckled it and she threw her head up and down, left and right. I did it to both sides and would often blow air softly on her clit, it was an endless torture. Then i went for the clit, played with it with my tongue, took it in my mouth and suckled it while my hands squeezed her breasts and stroked her Tips, taking a break often to roam my hands over her neck down to her navel and back to the Bosom. Then i dug in into my special areas… she held my head down with her hand, moaning softly “oh my! yes! yes! yes! suck m Encouraged, I took my time. I wanted her to desire my dck before i give it to her. She pushed me up, turned our position and mounted me. She tightened her muscle as she slid my dck into her pssy, and BEHOLD my brothers and sisters reading this , Believe i was floating in the clouds as her thighs enveloped me. She was so wet yet so tight. She kept clenching the pssy muscles around my dck while she rotates her hips, i held and squeezed her buttocks. She maintained a slow pace which was killing me but i let her do her thing, she was so sweet. She’ld often reach down to kiss me and then throw her head back and laugh and suddenly moan. I was not only being ridden but was also being entertained. She started bouncing up and down my dck so i grabbed her breasts and stroked her Tips, put it in my mouth and sucked it hard. The pleasure made her bang me faster, but she’ld suddenly go slow. It occured to me that she was reciprocating the same treatment which i’d given her earlier. I let her do her thing. She began going slow, very slow indeed, she was giving me the joy ride of my life. I started pounding away, while she moaned and moaned. She suddenly pushed me off, turned over and gave me the doggy, her buttocks looked good all popped up. I slid in slowly and let her play with the tip a little. She’ld move her waist but allow me deep enough to the shaft. After a while, she turned, held my neck and started riding. Suddenly, we heard knock at the door, my heart jumped outta me.. i quickly reached from my….

    Episode 5

    It was my glass cup that broke dropped. ThankGod it was not someone knocking. She was so feisty in her own style and she’d often laugh and call my name in a whisper(ha..ha..ha Slevin) and suddenly ride me fast with a long hymn of “uuuuugh…… uuuuuuugh…..yeah…..Bleep”. I was becoming afraid, praying she doesn’t do some abracadabra stuff. I lifted her up and stood with her thinking to myself ‘if this was a buggy ride, i’d better hold the reins’. Hanging her body in mid air, i started slamming her butts hard from underneath, in an upward direction her until i heard the words she screamed out “i’ve not done this style beforeeeeeeeee”. It came out like a plea, like she was complaining about her sweet excitement. She was getting heavier and my thrusts slower, so I lay her on her side and entered from behind her, we were lying side by side and she started moving her waist back to meet mine. It was a nice and beautiful position. Until she whispered “i’m coming”. Her words seemed to stimulate my own hormones and i felt myself about to come too. In a couple of seconds, she moved her buttocks back to meet me with such force and i retaliated with the same equal force and then she cried out “oh my God” and as i thrusted away, i jerked and felt myself come too. We lay down there for a while and since her family was not back, we got out strength back and was on round two when we heard their car drive in. She quickly dressed up and waited for them all to go onto the house, then stayed in my house a couple of minutes more before she went out the gate and back in, heading straight for their house. I watched her from my window as she reached their burglary  proof, knocked and her sister came out and opened it for her. Then i stared at my junior and warned him “don’t put me in trouble oo”. Then having had a beautiful evening, watched a movie and slept innocently. How was i to know what was in store waiting for me the next day… This went on for weeks. I now intentionally tried to avoid her mum but on a few occassions when i didn’t go to work, she’ld ambush me and i’ld Fork her. Her daughter knew her mum was a bit promiscous but she didn’t know what was actually going on between us so she kept Bleeping me as well. I was having the best time of my life. None of my side chicks visited me again cos i was having frequent S£x whenever i needed it….infact, the S£x seemed to need me cos i’m more often the one who gets invited. And so it went on and on. I had a co-tenant who’s married and has two kids, drives a cab and claims also that he’s a pastor. His wife on the other hand is pretty……. aaaaaaaannnnd bootylicious. I mean like the picture above. We (i mean fellow guys and men in the compound) always find ourselves staring at her backside in the Morning when she’s wearing only a wrapper and getting her kids ready for school. You need to see how her buttocks bounces when she walks. She sells food, you know the mobile restaurant kinda stuff. It happened that their refridgerator got spoilt and she started using mine to preserve her fish/meat which she’ll use to cook the next day. After her husband and kids have left, she’ld come to retrieve it and start her cooking.

    Episode 6

    Since my job doesn’t require early depature, i’malways at home when she comes for the fish. Then i noticed that the way she chats with me started changing in a pleasant way. She’ld always smile and dim her eyes, often times she’d laugh and put her hands on my hand or chest. I intentionally ignored the thoughts going on in my head…..not another married woman living in my compound. One morning, she knocked and greeted me “good morning big bros”. I replied and went to get her fish, she went with me to the kitchen (which is normal). I retrieved it, gave it to her and was chatting with her when she started her ordeal again. I was instantly aroused and i turned around so she wouldn’t see the growing bulge in my groin since i was only putting on a boxer short. She didn’t seem to want to leave and i didn’t seem to have the will to end the conversation. It suddenly occurred to me that i might be the only man in the compound (other than her husband) who’ll get to bang her if i should. The thought of beating other guys to it made me smile satisfactorily. I didn’t know that while engrossed in my thoughts, i had turned to face her with the smile on my face. I suddenly realised that she’s no longer talking and was looking into my eyes with a smile on her face. She must have seen my arousal or maybe not. As i kept smiling, i headed for the door and she spoke, freezing my steps. I turned and stared at her while the words “you think say i no know say you dey bang madam and Joy” rang in my head over and over again. I didn’t know what to say so i stood there, wondering what to say or do Then she told me not to fear cos nothing dey happen. She went on and told me how she was at home and overheard our sexcapade noises, and how she envies them cos she knows that they must be getting it good. And how her husband neglects her after banging those ashawo outside before he gets home. From her facial expression, she seemed hurt talking about it and i was touched when i saw that. I felt sorry for her and went closer to cheer her up. She brought her lace down, i put a hand on her shoulder and was consoling her when she just grabbed my dck which has been erect all this while (obviously it disagree to feel sorry for her).

    Episode 7

    I was a bit surprised at her boldness but I didn’t make any move to stop her. That was a sign that i was glad she did. She stroked it and then knelt and freed it from my boxer’s entrapment. She made an “oh!” and i guessed she must be satisfied with what she saw. She put my “Strong JT” in her mouth and rolled her tongue over the tip.Mehn…..she’s got the digs. Abi no be so fans? With that first impressive touch, i started wondering if her husband is crazy. she started kissing it as if her life depends on it. I reached a hand down and fondled her breasts. She was so good to it that she almost made me Pour and i’ve never Pour before while being sucked. I stood her and took off her wrapper, her Bosom were nice but not as nice as her hips. I turned her around and stepped back a bit, staring at the most beautiful Unclad round buttocks my eyes have ever seen. She smiled and put her hands akimbo and shook her buttocks. She must have seen the hunger in my eyes cos she asked “you like am abi?”. I didn’t need to reply her cos i rushed over, bent her over and gently slid in my “Mr JT”. It was tighter than i had expected from a mother of two. As the cap of my joystick slid inside her Kittykat, she gasped in pleasure and gently moved her Buttocks back to swallow me whole (Just by writing this story makes me want to bang her again). She was wet but not too wet. Just wet in the right way to enable my joystick slide in well enough to also feel her vaginal walls massage it all the way. She made my landlady and her daughter seem like amateurs. She started grinding her Buttocks against my waist slowly, then moved it up and down in the same slow movement. As i stared at her buttock’s movement, the only thing that came to my mind was t-pain’s voice singing “up, down, up, down, up, down” from the chorus of “all i do is win’. she’ld make the sound “shhhhhh……aaaarrrgh” very softly that they were barely audible. I moved my waist and began thrusting slowly. She made the slow pace seem like the best pace for banging in doggy style. I moved her closer to the wall and made her stand up, she bent a little to give me good access from behind. She stood on her toes to enable her bounce and meet my thrusts. I seem to be hitting her spot real good. The kitchen wall seemed to be helping me out with her breasts as she rubbed them against it. I pulled her away from the wall, held the two cute breasts in both hands and squeezed them as i banged her. Her body was soft, and the way her buttocks lapped against my groin was threatening a quick Pour. I stopped thrusting and rotated my hips, she loved it and encouraged me with a smile. I was making single deep thrusts when suddenly……….a voice called out her name. What the bang? The voice sounds familiar… hmmm

    Episode 8

    Her husband it was. The way i disengaged and dived into my sitting room seemed like i was auditioning in a police training exercise. She answered him and quickly tied her wrapper, opened the kitchen exit door and went out to meet him. I pulled up my boxer and was waiting to hear any sign or noise that might indicate her husband knew what was going on when she re-entered.Luckily, he had come back to retrieve something he had forgotten and was in a haste to go and pick up a client. She smiled and walked back to me, took off her wrapper and bent her Buttocks, twerking. Her bold move must have impressed me more than it did earlier cos “my homie” got so hard that i wondered if it’s still a part of my body. I took her to the sitting room, sat her on a single couch, made her lie back a little, held her legs up high and was rubbing her between her thighs when she started saying “bros your prick big. Kai! bang me weeeeeellll. Please No go bang madam and Joy again. I go dey bang you well brooooos. I like you. I like the way you dey bang me. I like your big prick……”. I looked down on her with appreciation but her eyes were still closed. I got up, wore my boxer and sat down. After a while, she got up, smiled at me and tied her wrapper, took her fish and said “see you later bros”. I decided it was about time that i saved myself from her so i told her that it was a mistake and that it wouldn’t happen again. She looked at me disappointedly and asked “but you go dey bang madam and Joy? Them sabi bang pass me?” She sighed and left, and i didn’t bang her again until……… One fateful day, couple of months later, Joy has gone back to school, her mum seems to have notice that i was avoiding her and she seemed to respect my choices (i later learnt she’s got someone else), my seductive tenant didn’t need my refridgerator assistance again cos theirs has been fixed. While all these has been going on, i had become friends with Joy’s elder sister called Sisi. Sisi is a witty girl, she takes no nonsense from anyone but she is respectful. She has a beautiful body like her sister but she’s slimmer than them all. She also likes to keep to herself mostly but in Joys absence (since we’re already friends), she seemed to enjoy my company. I decided that i would have nothing to do with her cos i’m not on a revenge quest regarding her family. She’s through with school and is looking for a job. So most evening when i’m back from work, she’ld come over to browse with my laptop. She has a smart phone as i once pointed out to her but cos of MB issues, she sometimes needs my assistance. One saturday morning, i was still in my bed having an erotic chat (with photos) with her sister, Joy when she knocked on my door. I dropped my phone on the bed and went to get the door. I let her in and knew as usual the she needed to make use of the laptop so i simply told her that it was in the room, she smiled and went to get it while i went into the kitchen to get some juice. I went back to the bedroom and as soon as i stepped in, she hurriedly dropped my phone. I offered her some juice but she declined. I picked up my phone and looked at it and it happened that the last picture message that i sent was that of my dck, long and erect dck. I shouted “chei! see fck up”. She burst into laughter and asked ….

    Episode 9

    She burst into laughter and asked ….“na new thing?” I told her that seeing mine is a new thing. Then she said “Joy dey try oo. na this big thing you cari dey bang am?”. I replied “see as you dey talk like innocenta. you fit dey swallow one wey big pass my own sef”. She replied that she hasn’t. We were teasing each other when PHCN blessed us so i left her in the bedroom, went into the sitting room and turned on the news channel. When she was done, she left and we didn’t speak of what she saw again.Time passed. Days turned to weeks. On one unforgettable Saturday, around 4 pm, it started raining heavily. I was at home when she knocked on my door, i let her in. She was drenched all over, she complained that her younger brother had left with the keys to the house. I welcomed her, gave her a towel (cos i had no wrapper) to change into, made a hot tea for her and we sat in the sitting room chatting. Luckily, PHCN brought the light and i turned on the television but because of the cloudy weather, no signal connection was found. So i turned on my DVD forgetting that Zane’s S£x chronicles had been playing and it’s on auto-play. Immediately the movie started, i felt like disappearing. Out of guilt, i started explaining to her that it’s a series movie about a group of friends…..blah….blah…..blah. Then told her that i could change it if she wants me to. She looked at me and with a little laughter, said “i’m not 12 years old you know”. I said okay and we watched it. We were on an interesting part of the second Episode when the S£x action was about to kick off then the nonsense PHCN took their light…..well with what happened later, they’re definitely not a nonsense PHCN. lol (please don’t laugh oo). The house was quiet for few seconds. Should i make a move or not? My heart skipped and almost let out of my spirit. I said to myself what if i make the first move and she gives me the dirtiest slap instead?

    Episode 10

    I turned off everything, it was a bit dark but so i opened my curtains. We talked about the movie and if they actually had real S£x…..and so on. Our chat digressed to personal Sekxual experiences, who was our first, who was our best, our craziest spontaneous S£x, and so on. I do not know what it is with cold weathers and S£x because with that discussion going on, i knew that i definitely had to bang her. So i hanged the topic and boldly asked her if she’ld slap me if i kissed her. She looked at me and smiled, then replied “maybe”.I got up and went to her, sat down beside her and hesitated a little when she looked me straight in the eye. I decided that if she did slap me and fell my hand, e no go be the first time. So i kissed her and the way she kissed me back settled my doubts. I pulled her towel down a bit and fondled her breasts. She kissed me some more. I took my hand all the way down but she stopped me when i got to her belly and held my hand steady. I moved my head from her lips to her breasts and she sighed softly as i took a Tip in between my teeth and nibbled softly. Then i sucked it like a breastfeeding baby, she put her hands around me and unintentionally freed my imprisoned hand. I immediately moved the hand further down and shifted her pant to one side, then fingered her wet cookies and caressed her clit. She closed her legs and imprisoned the hand there…well it’s safer there shaa. I dug two fingers in and fingered her a little but she suddenly pushed me away. Surprised, confused but undeterred, i came at her again and grapped her breasts with a little force and sucked it fiercely. It seemed to weaken her early resolve and she welcomed the act, rewarding it by totally removing her towel. Now she’s stark Unclad. I took off my shirt, shorts and boxers. She grabbed my dck on her hand and the sound “ooww” escaped her lips softly. Final Part I made to slide it inside her but she redirected it, bent her head and sucked my dck. She didn’t just suck it, she licked it with her tongue. Teasing the cap round, then put a spit shine on it and gave my shaft a handjob while the cap belonged in her mouth. She had such experience, she’d perfected the art. I lost count of time. I came to myself a bit and pulled her off, sat her down and made to penetrate her but she refused saying “you’re banging my sister. you can’t bang me too”. Shooo.. see me see trouble. Is that an excuse? I hope my labour will not be in vain ( i said to myself)

    Episode 11

    I couldn’t stop now, tried talking some sense into her but she refused. Suggested we have an oral S£x. I’ve had enough, pushed her back on the couch and held her hand while the other immediately assisted the dck inside her pssy. It happened so fast that i couldn’t believe how i could move her pant aside and my dck sensed the entrance of her hole without seeking. I slid in nicely by going fully length.She still tried resisting me but i started slamming away. With each thrust, her will to resist faded away. It seemed like i was pounding it out of her…..which i think i was. I banged her and after a while, her hands were now caressing my back while her legs locked on mine. She moved her waist upwards to enable my thrusts go in deeper. I started a marathon bang on her, non stop, no pause, just pound in an unstoppable rythmn. Soon, i felt my whole body feeling lighter as the sweet sensation of ejaculation travels up to my brain. I thrust deeper and she grabbed me tighter and muffled her scream by putting her mouth on my shoulder. She bit me a little (still bear a disappearing mark of it), then with my head exploding with pleasure, i came inside her. I lost my senses as if i spilled them inside her Kittykat. We lay together on the couch, holding each other, catching our breath. By now, the rain had slowed down to a drizzle. After a while, she gently pushed me off her body and said to me “don’t try that again”. I said okay and put on my clothes while she put on the towel round her body. We sat in silence and after a while, she broke the silence “your joystick feels nice shaa. It’s soft but it’s…’s okay”. I laughed and thanked her. I Complimented her that her pssy was wet and warm and gives a tingling sensation. It made her smile and we looked at each other in an unspoken understanding way and chuckled. I went to my refridgerator, brought out a chocolate flavoured vodka. We drank it and after a while, her brother came back and she left. I didn’t bang her again but we became closer and talked about anything in a friendly way. Her mum never bothered me again. I’m still getting advances from my neighbour’s wife. And as for Joy, we seem to be comfortable in ur unserious relationship but we know we’ll keep on banging until we tire of each other. Having had this and mine experience in this compound, it’s about time i moved on before it catches on with me. In barely three months time, I’ll be moving out.
    The End.

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