Story: My Ex-Boyfriend's Friend


    “Slay!” she called out to me.
    There was only one person who could shout such unthinkable nonsense in a crowded place and it
    was no one other than Angel.
    “Where are you going?” she asked as we now stood toe to toe.
    “Am going to get talk time, need to get a social bundle..” I answered.
    “Don't tell me you still want to chat with that foreigner?” with an irritated look, she asked.
    “Don't say that, Mwango is a good guy.”
    “They are all good guys when they want to open your legs dah.” she snapped.
    Angel and I use to be at the same college, it was only a year ago when I moved to Chilenge that I
    found she was my neighbor. Since then our friendship has been on its prime.
    She recently had a cute bouncing baby boy and am the proud god-mother.
    Angel's boyfriend is a businessman and a part time model, the two met when Angel was modeling
    at a certain fashion show in Kabwe and that's how history was made. I have never liked the baby
    daddy, maybe it's because his too bossy.
    “I see you talking from experience.” I laughed as she gave me a cold stare.
    Well, I never liked her man, she never liked my good friend Mwango.
    I had known Mwango for almost 2 years, maybe am exaggerating but one thing was I knew him
    before I knew my boyfriend.
    I had never met Mwango, even though he claimed he was from within Lusaka, he never spoke
    much about it because he was now overseas studying something to do with making movies.
    I really never paid attention, I mean, the dude is just handsome beyond thought.
    Everything about me and him synced, From music to Movies, I loved cooking, so did he.
    Angel on the other hand kept pushing me around and awakened me to reality, at least that's what
    she claimed. She was a replica of my grandmother lol.
    “These Facebook guys are fake. They look all genuine but the truth is, they are just ghetto guys
    trying to get some.” she would say every time she saw me focused on my phone.
    “Why does it always have to be about sex with you? Not every guy is like that you know?” I
    “His a guy, that's proof enough for me. Stay away from these Facebook guys.” she said as she
    would wave her finger at me dramatically.
    By the way, my name is Kutemwa. I won't describe myself, my lecturer always spoke against
    description. But I can give you a tip to guess, I get 300 likes within half an hour on Facebook for
    my pictures upload, I have guys flocking on my posts like ants.
    Apart from that I work as secretary at OWI Campany in New Kasama, am crazy about Fashion
    and I love a good life.
    From meeting at Spar, Angel and I decided to take a few pictures before heading back home.
    We use to stay in separate apartments but as our friendship become wack, we decided to just stay
    “Captain Z was asking if you home, he wanted to come through after work.” she said as she
    directed me to strick a pose that was weird.
    “Oh, so now he even asks if am around before he comes through?” I giggled.
    “Imagine, it seems you really turned him off that day.” Angel said with an evil grin.
    Angels boyfriend, the baby daddy or Captain Z as we called him once came drunk at our place
    and started insulting.
    I was so annoyed that evening, without giving it a second thought I got a dish of water and poured
    He knew that I had never liked him, but when your best friend is madly in love there is nothing you
    can do to make her change her mind.
    “I have no problem when it comes to him seeing the baby, but he shouldn't be acting like he owns
    you. And that drinking business awe. That's what I hate.” I said.
    “What will you do if we get married?” Angel asked with a broad smile.
    ‘Why are skinny girls so naive?’ I thought to myself.
    “Don't even think it. At least am in love with a human. While you my friend spend all your time day
    dreaming about some guy from Facebook.” Angel commanded.
    Angel was always hush, she never liked the idea of me flirting around on social media while i had
    a boyfriend.
    ‘Ooops!’ I almost forgot about him, his name is Kalaba.
    “I hope Kalaba finds out” she added.
    “Behave, Kalaba is not finding out anything.” I objected.
    “His a good man, the guy is ready to settle and yet you just want these Photoshopped guys...” she
    said as we now stood beside the car.
    “When did you become so sarcastic?” I asked her.
    “The day I met you.” Angel responded with a bust of laughter.
    Kalaba was an opportunistic man, that's one thing I came to notice since I started dating him. Just
    when Alex (my ex) and I hit rock bottom and I then strongly made up my mind not to date, boom.
    A chubby guy with a sexy accent stood next to me in Shoprite. He was of medium height, and
    innocently handsome.
    “Excuse me!” He said in the most polite manner.
    I could hear ‘Chris Brown's With You' playing in my head as I stared at him. It was just one of
    those crush moments at the mall.
    At least that's what I thought until he drove by as I was waiting for a taxi outside.
    Having guys hit on me was something I got use too, but their was just something about him that up
    to the day we broke up I don't understand.
    He offered me a lift and I gladly accepted. Within 5 minutes I noticed from his identity card that he
    worked for OpenTV.
    One chat lead to a conversation and that's how it all started.
    I never spoke about Mwango to Kalaba because he happened to be this sensitive guy. More of
    possessive I may add.

    CHAPTER 2.

    One chat lead to a conversation and that's how it all started.
    I never spoke about Mwango to Kalaba because he happened to be this sensitive guy. More of
    possessive I may add.
    “Is Kalaba coming through today?”
    “I don't think so, he has a Talk Show and I don't like the tension. At times he makes me feel like I
    have to compete with his work.” I said as I sighed heavily.
    “Don't do that, am sure his just trying to work his way up the business ladder.” my cute friend
    defended him.
    “I don't have a problem with him working and all, I just feel like work makes up his entire life and I
    feel like more an option to him. Someone he only sees in his free time.”
    “Guys will always be like that, Look at Captain Z, it has now reached to a point where he was
    telling me that I should stop modeling. Imagine.... Ati ‘I make a lot of money, I can take care of you
    and the baby’ when he can't even find time to see his own child. mxxxm.” She said with a furious
    I knew Angel was madly in love with her man, but the guy wasn't worth it.
    Am not saying I needed him to be perfect, in fact, he acted too perfect at times and that was
    something that got me worried. The only time he would make a mistake was when he was drunk.
    “Bro you very evil, how can you be dating and you don't want to show me your girlfriend?” Major
    asked me.
    Major had left Zambia for Canada a few years ago to study Cinematography and Film making.
    The bond between us was like Hydrogen and Oxygen, it couldn't be split easily. Every evening
    Major would call me (Kalaba) for a WhatsApp video chat and we would share stories after story.
    Mostly about relationships and finally business and life as a whole.
    “I don't trust you, you can Facebook my girl and sweep her off her feet. Heheh.”
    I laughed.
    “Hows the girl you told me about last time?” I asked Major.
    “Iwe Kalaba, Which one?” Major asked.
    Major was a hopeless romantic, he was never good with relationships but man, he could give the
    most sound advice about women.
    And he had the cutest of female friends.
    I always thought we had to get this guy to a Doctor and have his privates checked.
    “Jessica? Amanda? 3?” I threw random names at him.
    “You mean Ka 3 years?” Major asked with a laugh.
    Just like me, Major had the same habit of not revealing a girl's name until he was certain she was
    worth it, it was for that reason we came up with nick names; 3years, simply because he had
    known the girl for 2 years and a couple of months. One would think they knew each other
    personally the way my buddy spoke of this lady but that wasn't the case.
    Major become friends With 3Years on the 8th of January, and every year from then they
    celebrated by having a video chat that lasted for hours. There were only 2 solid months left to
    clock 3years. I knew all this because he bragged about her more than his girlfriend.
    I had no idea who 3Years was apart from all the things Major had told me about her and Major had
    no idea who my girlfriend was apart from the little pieces of information that I had given him. I
    mean, they were a lot.
    Miss HaveItAll was the name of one of the ladies I was seeing, let me just say, she was the main
    “I was talking to a certain girl at work, She asked me an odd question.”
    “Odd! What haven't you heard before? Girls open up to you like you Google or something. Huh.” I
    nagged as he walked around his room packing his clothes in order.
    “You know? I think it's because of that why am single... Girls think I cheat a lot.” Major added.
    “Which girl wouldn't think that? I have known you for 17 years and I still find it had to believe when
    you say you single.” I smiled.
    “Anyway Mr smart pants, the girl was asking what she could do because there is a certain guy
    who treats her very well while the boyfriend is something like you hehehe.” he laughed.
    “Ata! Don't say that. Anyway, I think she shouldn't rush into dumping the boyfriend. The guy might
    be a king now and once she leaves her boyfriend, the guy turns into the beast of her worst
    nightmares.” I answered.
    “Kalaba! what you are saying is that she should keep tolerating the dude? I think she's already
    cheating on her man if that's the case. That's what I told her.”
    “mmmh what makes you say that?” I asked thoughtfully.
    “For me cheating isn't just Kissing or going out with someone else. That's what most people think.
    Cheating can be emotionally and physically at best.” Major responded.
    “You sound like you have been reading books written by that KCK dude again.” I shook my head.
    “Don't say that, the dude is a Zambian legend. I just think cheating starts emotionally. Once your
    emotions shift their focus from one person to another... We then see cheating manifest physically.”
    Major said.
    “I see, let me ask you this. What do you make of a girl that chats more with her friend than her
    “What kinda friend are we talking about?” He asked ignorantly.
    “A male friend dummy... These self proclaimed male-advice-friend-givers.”
    “Pass me the tomatoes.”
    It was now nearing 18hrs and Kalaba had not shown up.
    This wasn't the first time he had kept Kutemwa waiting.
    “I think am not ready for a relationship. I should take a break.” I smiled.
    “You now over thinking, am sure his still at work.” Angel responded to comfort me.
    “That's not the thing. Kalaba has been talking about marriage a lot, and I don't think am ready to
    make that step.”
    “Why?” Angel paused.
    “I don't want my marriage to be like this relationship, I don't. Love is about sacrifice and if your
    partner can't make any then you doomed. I hate being an option in a man's life.”
    “And she says I talk like her grandmother, have you heard yourself?” Angel spoke in a whisper.
    “You preaching to the right congregation sister. Hehehe. That's what Captain Z does as well, he
    doesn't give me time... Unless always questioning me... Whose that guy that called you love on
    Facebook.” She said with her voice raised higher than when she mumbled to herself.
    The two were perfect when it came to couples, Kalaba wasn't keen about posting photos of him
    and Kutemwa on social media unlike Angel and her boyfriend.
    “Do you remember that guy who use to follow Mutinta up and down the time we where in college?”
    Angel asked me.
    She had just come from the bedroom, the baby was now peacefully sleeping.
    “Mutinta was for drama, she had a lot of guys flocking around.” I responded.
    Mutinta was one of our friends back in college, today she's a mother of two children from different
    fathers. No one knows how she slipped down the pipe line.
    “You saying you don't remember Victor?” Angel asked.
    “Oh! How can I forget him, the dude was blinded by love.” I laughed.
    “Who ever said, ‘love is blind’ really knew these things. What has he done?”
    “I have just remembered how he was treated by Mutinta, I mean, the guy was down to earth. Even
    after knowing how stupid Mutinta was, he still wanted to be with her.” She sighed.
    “I guess it's just life. After all he was doing Mutinta still went on to date some strange guys
    hehehe.” I laughed.
    “The thing was, She said she wasn't ready to date ka and asked Victor for some time. Then boom,
    and the dirt was gone.” Angel added.
    But it's just something we have to learn to deal with, Life can be hash to certain people. Mostly
    when it to relationships.
    “Last I heard of the guy was that he Married some southern chick.” I said as I laughed to Angels
    boom phrase.
    “Yah, ba Victor is happening. His looking good. I wonder how Mutinta feels when she sees him
    posting photos of the wife and all.” she said sadly.
    “I don't think Captain Z and I have a future together.” Angel said with a calm tone to her voice
    “What makes you think like that?”
    “His only with me because of the baby, if not for him am sure he would have been long gone by
    now.” she responded.
    “I think you just tired.”
    “Am not tired. I have been thinking about it for months now. I notice how he behaves even though
    he tries to keep the ‘good guy’ act intact” she said.
    Angel had always been a strong minded person and by this I mean, she didn't believe in having a
    man to be successful.
    With her level of education and a steady income, she believed she could take care of her child as
    a single mother.
    “Am sure you guys talk about marriage... Right?” I said with a warm smile.
    “We don't, all he ever talks about is his dreams and making his parents proud. I feel like his family
    still doesn't want me and he has just failed to say it to my face.” she laughed.
    I didn't find is amusing nor funny.
    Even though her words did make a good joke, Angel was in conflict with her baby daddy's parents.
    Captain Z's parents thought of Angel as slut, even though they now came from time to time to see
    the baby; there was a time when they denied the same baby.
    “My son can never impregnated a lady like you! You just want to bring down our families name.”
    Angel would mimic her in-law every time she told me the story of what happened when she was
    taken to Captain Z's house for damage charges.
    Angel took a deep breath and said, “I don't think love is for me, Moreover, I don't want to be with a
    man who doesn't love me and only wants to get some...”
    “Point taken there. I feel things between me and Kalaba are moving pretty smooth. But...” I
    “But what?” She flashed in.
    “I just don't know, I don't feel that burning desire I once felt when I met him. His a good guy and
    all... But I just don't know... There is something fishy about him.” I said as I held my cheeks as if
    they where about to fall.
    “Don't tell me you are still not over that girl who posted photos of herself with him?”
    “How can I get over that, Is taking a photo with your own boyfriend to much to ask? I mean, he
    takes pictures with many girls except me. I know he has cheated and all. The thing is I just want to
    feel official.” I nagged.
    I was a celebrity in my own way, my Facebook inbox was filled with guys asking me if am married
    or seeing someone and how come I never spoke about him.
    “My man is my man, I don't have to prove to you that I got one.” I posted once.
    But that's not the kind of life I wanted, guys where ready to date me and but I had to much class to
    be having blind dates and spending my weekends with random guys.
    “If his hiding something, am sure it's just a matter of time before he messes up again.” Angel said
    as she tapped me on the back.
    Major was star struck, he had been asked a question that he had spent months thinking about
    “Provided I know the guy, I don't think I would be offended. What if the other guy is just a good
    friend and he happens to be free mostly?” Major answered.
    He still wasn't 100% sure of the answer he gave, “Never trust a friend zoned guy.” He remarked as
    though talking to himself.
    His whole face on the camera.
    “I figured you would say something like that. For me am not for such an idea and I would be
    comfortable if she cut all communication with her buddy friends.”
    “The thing is... It's just that Miss HaveItAll is ever on her phone talking too some guy...” I said
    “Don't be insecure mudala, it's probably just a friend from back in the day and all. Don't tell me you
    think she's cheating. How do you even know it's a guy?” Major asked with much attention now.
    “It has to be a guy, why would she be giggling from time to time. This has been going on like
    “Let's say she's talking to a guy, that means you need to step up your game or the guy is more
    interesting than you. Relationships are about bonding.” he added.
    “You can't trust anyone these days man, just the other week some audio about a guy who was
    sleeping with an engaged lady went viral... That's not child play.” I smiled.
    “You mean the Dominic guy? That's exactly what am telling you. Never give a lady a reason to feel
    lonely or be treated better by another guy. Am just saying, you can end up a Dominic victim.

    CHAPTER 3.

    I spent most of the evening video chatting with Major, he kept asking me silly relationship
    problems that he had been handling and also about his new project for his final exam.
    He had only a few months left and Major would be coming back to the mother land.
    “What's with you and your bad language?” he asked.
    “Sorry about that. I have just remembered that I need to meet up with Miss HaveItAll and am like
    an hour late.” I said as I got up from the floor where I had sat. “Later bro, will App you once am
    “Being late for your girl is never a good thing. Don't say I didn't tell you...” He said before hanging
    I knew Kutemwa was already pissed and that's why she wasn't Calling to ask if I was going to
    manage to pass through her apartment.
    “I don't think Kalaba will be coming...” I said as I noticed how Angel kept staring at the clock.
    “I know it's not my place but I just think this thing of him being late needs to stop, this is the third
    time in a week.” she said.
    “His just busy with work, you know how tight his programs can be at times...” I responded
    “I don't care if he's the president's brother. He needs to understand his in a relationship. For me
    Captain even knows, once his late it means am not seeing him anymore.”
    “Dont you think... Like you are too hard on him?” I questioned her.
    “Hard on him? Listen Kutemwa, a guy needs to know at an early stage your do's and don'ts. Give
    him room for anything and he will turn the relationship into an Xbox.” She said thoughtfully.
    I knew Angel was right but it wasn't in me to order around a guy, well, I was a sucker for love,
    Angel had reached an extent where she didn't even think she needed a man in her life.
    I couldn't compete with that, I needed a man in my life, one who would be man enough to take
    care of my fragile heart.
    My hopes were high, the thought of having a ring on my finger and posting in on Facebook for the
    world to see was something that made me blush for hours.
    “All I need is Jesus...” Angel would say.
    I got my phone and gave Kalaba a beep. Within seconds he called back.
    “Hey love, am almost at your place.” He said sounding apologetic.
    “What where you doing? You know we had a date and you are an hour late again...”
    “I know hun, I just had a few things I had to do... I will make it up too you...” He said.
    Angel was busy on her phone as I spoke to Kalaba, but immediately I hanged up, she said, “I
    guess his going to make it up again huh?”
    “Don't do that.” I responded.
    “Am not doing anything. It's you whose doing something to your self. First you love some stranger
    from Facebook, secondly your boyfriend is a handsome player.”
    “What makes you think his cheating?”
    “I don't know, I just have a feeling... And I said player not how you have put it.” and with that said
    she went to check on the baby.
    ‘What kind of man doesn't want to be seen in public with his lady?’ I questioned myself.
    Kalaba never liked to visit me during the day. It wasn't always like this though, things changed
    when we bumped into his female work mates as he called them.
    After almost giving up and feeling hopeless, there was a knock at the door.
    Both Angel and I knew it had to be Kalaba, I got my handbag and waved at my dearest friend as I
    closed the door.
    “Hi Bae,” Kalaba said with a grin on the corner of his mouth. “Am really sorry am late.” he added.
    Angels words kept haunting me as I sat in the car on our way to shoprite. “These guys with slim
    fits are big headed. I just don't have a liking for them.” her words echoed.
    “Are you still mad?” Kalaba asked.
    He had observed that I had not said anything to him ever since we had entered his car.
    “Just keep your eyes on the road. I don't feel like talking to you.” I responded.
    Immediately I noticed how his face become pale, I felt bad for him. ‘Am I being to hard on him?’ I
    questioned myself.
    “You know what? Let's go at Debonairs, I think pizza will just do for now. You have made me loose
    my mojo.” I said calmly with folded hands.
    These were mixed feelings, I couldn't understand why Kalaba was the way he was, one minute his
    this charming gentleman, all romantic and funny... Just what every lady wants and the next he was
    the cousin of a devil.
    I hated that.
    “You can get the table, I will make the order...” He gave a warm smile as he rubbed my shoulder.
    Rubbing my shoulder meant, ’We are in public now, act like everything is okay.’
    He had suddenly adapted to the environment and was putting up the ‘All things are well’ kind of
    look as he walked to the counter. I could see how the ladies where looking at him as he walked,
    others spoke in whispers and giggled afterwards.
    This use to irritate me when I just started dating Kalaba but with time, I accepted that their was
    nothing I could do. He was a public figure to others after all.
    For 20 good minutes we sat at Debonairs talking and eventually I was laughing at his silly jokes.
    There was no way I could stay upset at him for ever, Kalaba was a charmer and I was the
    charmed, the victim of his personality.
    “I promised Angel I would get her pizza, let me just make an order.” I said as I stood up and as I
    tried to give him a peck of the lips, he moved his mouth the other way which made me land my lips
    on his cheeks.
    He smiled, “gotch you!”
    I smiled back even though I felt a sharp sting to the heart.
    I wanted an English tagged relationship, I wanted the finer of all things and I wasn't just getting it.
    “1 medium sized pizza please, extra cheese.” I said to a young guy who came to get my order. I
    noticed how he looked at me, he couldn't even think properly as he walked away.
    I smiled.
    Having beauty was something, but having beauty and class was everything. I turned to face where
    Kalaba was, he was seated comfortably as he sipped on his drink, suddenly a young colored lady
    walked up to the table.
    I couldn't get what they were saying but from the look of things, the two clicked.
    I noticed how Kalaba would carelessly stare at her belly button because the same girl wore a black
    crop top with white dotes. From bottom to head he scanned her, his face was of a hungry lion who
    had seen an Antelope.
    “Excuse me, can you kindly bring the pizza to that table once it's ready? Thank you very much.”
    When the lady noticed me coming she backed off a few steps and extended her hand...
    “Hi,” She said in a small voice.
    “Ichibeleshi! Mxxm” I responded ignoring her hand.
    She waved at Kalaba and went back to where she was seated.
    “Have you ordered?” Kalaba asked.
    “Don't even go there, so you couldn't see that she was flirting with you?” I asked him.
    “Bae you need to hold that temper of yours, Angie is just a fun that's all.” He said smilingly.
    “I see, so she even told your her name. You so sickening at times Kalaba. En I don't care if she's a
    fun or fan, try to respect my presence at least.”
    “But bae..”
    “But nothing, try to interact with your funs when you are alone since you don't introduce some of
    us.” wickedly.
    “You seriously over reacting now, am telling you the truth. After all, It's not like I followed her...” He
    spoke defensively.
    My mood had been disturbed once again, without wasting time I demanded that to be taken home.
    “What are we going to do at Choppies now? Thought you want to go home”
    “I have just remembered that I need to get some papers from a friend. Remember the boutique
    ideas I told you about...” I responded.
    “Boutique! Since when have you been planning on opening one? How come you never told me?”
    He asked, the tone of his voice was now deeper than before.
    “I told you about it Kalaba, I remember clearly I did...” I answered him, I tried thinking it through but
    even I couldn't remember the day on which I told him about my plans to open a boutique.
    ‘Damn!’ I exclaimed.
    I had not told Kalaba, instead i told Mwango.
    “I guess you have remembered that it's not me you told, maybe you told your Facebook
    boyfriends...” he said trying to sound sarcastic.
    “Don’t even go there... You know what, let's just forget this topic okay.” I told him furiously.
    I knew the tables would turn on me, so I had to cut the conversation short.
    “What are you doing there? Let's go together I want you to meet my friend.” I said as I held his
    “Come on Kalaba, it's not like we taking time and all.” I attempted to beg him.
    He didn't seem interested, this wasn't the first time he had refused to meet my friends.
    I felt like a fool begging him considering I was already mad at him; so, I decided to go without him,
    after some good 10 minutes with my friend, I had to start walking from role to role just to find
    I knew he was at the cosmetics section, that's the only place he could be. Probably busy debating
    with himself, which products are better... Nivea, Vaseline or Dove.
    I couldn't believe what I was seeing, was being emotionally tortured part of the benefits of dating a
    popular person?
    I stood at the corner as I watched a lady throw herself on Kalaba, she was all over the guy and he
    did nothing to draw boundaries.
    It seemed like they knew each other, I concluded that once I noticed how she giggled and almost
    kissed him as she spoke to him.
    This was enough, I wasn't going to play the background and be treated like a side chick, I walked
    up to him.
    I had thought of leaving him there but my phone was in his car so I couldn't just leave it with him.
    “Kalaba!” I shouted his name.
    I was never the type to shout, but this was just too much. Am a woman with feelings but it was like
    he couldn't even think of that.
    “Give me the keys, I want to get my phone.” I said.
    “Kutemwa it's not what you think...” he responded. The shameless lady still had one hand on his
    shoulder as he spoke.
    “Don’t even go their because if you knew what am thinking you wouldn't even be standing there in
    the first place.” I answered him.
    He got the keys from his pocket and handed them to me, I knew this was him avoiding a scandal.
    “Popular presenter and radio personality Kalaba TK labeled a player” such was the thing he
    Having such headings on social media would destroy him. His reputation would would crumble.
    For that reason he avoided public arguments at all costs.
    “I didn't know you had company, am going to leave you two alone. Call me.” The lady said as she
    walked away.

    CHAPTER 4.

    I stood there in shock, within a second I replayed the last words she said, 'Call me'
    The nerve this guy had, without giving it a thought I slapped Kalaba and walked out on him.
    I felt broken, wounded, I had been hurt before but this wasn't what I expected from him. At that
    moment I felt fragmented, what Kalaba had done was just to much for me to bare.
    ‘Wolves in sheep's clothing.’ I repeatedly said as I walked to the car. My eyes were now like the
    Victoria falls, I couldn't hold the pain...
    “I hate you! I hate you!” were the words I screamed out loud to just subdue the hurt and frustration.
    Kalaba came storming from behind, “Kutemwa wait...”
    “What am I waiting for Kalaba? Another hurt break? Another embarrassment? Tell me...” I
    I was now standing at the door of his car. Forcefully trying to open it, all I wanted was to just get
    “Guys like you are the reason women are killing...” I added as I entered the car. I was having a
    heartache, despite my successful career, love was the only topic I always sucked at.
    “Don't say such boo...” He said calmly.
    “I will say what ever I want, don't you even boo me okay. Am done with your stupidity. Am not
    going to let you mess me up, I know my worth. Damn!” I said, I couldn't help it.
    He was still at the door trying to act sorry, “What do you want? Take me the hell out of here!” I
    I knew he would avoid unnecessary attention from people who were walking by, now that they
    stood wondering what was going on.
    “Is everything okay Sir?” A security officer asked him as he walked close to the car.
    “Everything is okay.” He gave a fake smile.
    The thought of ‘what more if I had slept with him’ kept popping up in my head. “Men.” I sighed.
    After chilling for a few seconds outside, Kalaba finally entered the car.
    “Please take me home.” I said with my feet on the seat. Tears were falling like rain. In that moment
    I didn't know who I was anymore.
    “Kutemwa am sorry...” She's just an old friend who was excited to see me.
    “You don't need to explain anything Kalaba. I have nowhere to take you, all you do is just distort
    my worth and make me feel vulnerable. I can't be with someone like that anymore. I can't!” I
    I was silent as he nagged and begged me to understand him, “The life of a celebrity is not easy.”
    he said finally.
    “You need to cut me some slack here... You being unrealistic and unreasonable.” I could tell that
    he was finally losing it. The desire for him to just shout was taking its apex.
    “Well, if that's the case then find someone among your long lost friends, am sure there has to be
    one who's realistic and reasonable enough for you. I can't believe I tolerated such stupidity for a
    year. I thought you would change... I really thought you would. Mxxm.” “Keep those hands to
    yourself.” I snapped as he tried to touch me.
    “Boom!” was the sound that came out as I slammed the door to Kalaba's car.
    “Don’t you dare show your face here...” I said with my finger raised as I pointed at him.
    “Ati ba journalist, journalist my foot!” I said as I spat on the ground, this was accompanied by me
    walking unfashionably to the apartment.
    Just as I made a turn, I found Angel seated at the corridor with Captain.
    It was the Romeo and Juliet kinda of scene, they were locked in each others arms with Angels
    head easily resting on Captain's chest.
    “Is everything okay?” she quickly asked after noticing my walk.
    “Everything is okay, am just pissed.” I responded, I had no intention of saying hi to her baby daddy
    and that she knew very well.
    Since I wasn't in the best of moods I avoided even looking at him just to subdue the amount of hurt
    that flew through my veins.
    “I know that you pissed... I get it. But please don't start shouting, the baby is sleeping.” Angel
    spoke expeditiously.
    I took a deep breath and nodded my head in agreement to her request. Captain just sat there
    looking at me without any words.
    Suddenly Kalaba appeared.
    “Thought I told you to not show your cheating face here!” I exclaimed as I grinded my teeth.
    This was something I usually did when someone had offended me or in a case where I found
    something offensive.
    “Kutemwa let's just talk about this...” Kalaba said calmly.
    “What is there to talk about Kalaba? I just left you for one minute... Just a minute and you couldn't
    control your lust. Gash you so disgusting!”
    “It wasn't one minute...” He objected.
    “Weather it was a minute or an hour I don't get care, the fact is your sorry butt cheated.” I
    answered him. For some strange reason all my feelings for him had just dried and I didn't care or
    think twice when speaking to him.
    Captain then stood up from the floor and walked up to Kalaba, they were not friends but had
    crossed paths countless times during there visit's to our apartment.
    “Man, just go home. You can trying talking to her tomorrow...” He said to Kalaba.
    “Bruh, am not going anywhere until I talk to my girl.” Kalaba answered in protest.
    “Which your girl? Ata!”
    “You see... She's now being disrespectful. Babe you telling me ati ata? Me?” He said repeatedly
    as he pointed at himself.
    “Am not your girlfriend Kalaba, Am sick and tired of dating a professional cheat. I can't, I have
    washed my hands. You want me to get sick? Nakukanila!” i said.
    “Kutemwa just stop responding, Captain will talk to him.” Angel said as she held my hand.
    Angel could tell that I was going to explode at Kalaba which I had already started doing. For that
    reason she held me tightly and walked me to the apartment.
    “I know, I know...” I responded.
    “When I said you have to put a man in his place this isn't what I meant.” she said in a whisper as
    we walked to our room.
    5 minutes later there was a knock at the door, “He has gone.”
    That was all I heard.
    I sat down on the carpet as tears rolled down my cheeks, I tried my best to keep silent which only
    made things worse as I sobbed uncontrollably.
    “I will just see you tomorrow... My friend needs me right now.” I heard Angel say to him man.
    Captain Z was on the other side of the door as they spoke.
    “Yeah. Sure, no problem.” Captain responded.
    With just a tip on the lip, she closed the door.
    “What happened!”
    It wasn't a question, from my point of view Angel was demanding that I explain to her what
    transpired between me and my Journalist boyfriend.
    “I don't want to talk about it...” I answered.
    “Look at you? Now all the make up is out and you look like a zombie.” She exclaimed as she sat
    down on the floor.
    “Okay... That's funny.” i giggled.
    “Mwandi I don't know what men want. 'I want an educated lady, I want a village wife...' what do
    they think we are? Lab projects?”
    I wiped my face as I finished speaking.
    “I've been asking myself the same question. You see why I tell you that Captain and I are not
    going anywhere? You see?” Angel spoke regretfully.
    “But that lock and key I found you guys in doesn't really portray ‘we not going anywhere’ hehehe.”
    I laughed.
    “Just a minute.” and with those words she stoop up and went to the kitchen.
    “Hey Kutemwa! I thought we talk over some chocolate ice cream.” She said as she stood at the
    door that led to the kitchen.
    ‘A friend in need, is a Friend indeed’ i thought to myself with a beam.
    Suddenly in unison, we both started singing the same song.
    “Am only one... Call away...
    Superman gat nothing on me...
    I'll be there to save the day”
    I was glad Angel was there to help me out, from tears to laughing. In a blink of an eye my mood
    had been uplifted.
    We sat down, Angel was the first to tell her story, she always liked to lead. She explained to me
    the discussion that she had with Captain as they were outside watching the stars.
    However, I didn't see any stars outside, my friend was in her own world.
    “Just hold it there, you trying to say Captain wants you to move in with him? En what did you say?”
    I shockingly asked.
    “I turned down the offer, if he wants me to stay with him then he should take the right procedure. I
    don't want to be his bed mate.” Angel responded, “You have some chocolate on your nose...” she
    “You do have a sound point. I don't like baby daddy a bit but don't do anything to chase him away.”
    I smiled.
    “Enough of me. Tell me what happend with you and Kalaba.” she said excitedly.
    “You know how secretive the dude is, We went to Debonairs, the one next to Shoprite.” And
    before I could continue she made me pause.
    “Don't tell me you forgot my complementary pizza.”
    “Left it in his car. Guess I was so upset that food wasn't just on ma mind. Anyway, we got our
    order, and after we where done I insisted that we pass through Choppies because I had to get
    something from Melinda.” i sighed.
    “Don't tell me he knows her?” She quickly jumped in.
    “Heheh, that's not it. You know how Kalaba always avoids me introducing him to my friends... So I
    left him wondering around the shop.” I grinned.
    “Okay, now where does the argument come in?” She asked as she tried to figure out what went
    “Imagine... When I came back found some lady throwing herself all over him and he was just there
    acting all dumb.”
    “What!” Angel exclaimed.
    “He was just smiling. I was so pissed I wanted to bring back World war 1 to make matters worse, I
    got to where they stood and Mr Journalist was just looking at me. I mean, he didn't even have the
    decency to introduce me.” I spoke full of hurt.
    “I thought Captain was a monster, at least he always introduces me... Your title when in public
    matters my dear.” Angel said.
    “I know, that's why I got mad. And the same girl goes like... I didn't know you had company. Oops.
    and just like that she walked away, very cheeky she was, I mean, she even told him to call her.” I
    said with my mouth full of chocolate cream.
    Kalaba was a gentleman, and a player at best. It was just then as I sat down that I integrated all
    the do's and don'ts he often threw at me.
    He kept calling me as me and Angel were seated on the floor but I decided it was best to not
    answer him.

    CHAPTER 5.

    “Listen man, Kutemwa has gone inside. Don't try and make a scene. Just let her cool off...”
    Captain insisted.
    “Man you don't know how Kutemwa is, I just have to talk to her.” I responded.
    “While I can't let you do that...” Captain objected.
    “What! Don't tell me you taking the girl's side!” With a bit of shock in my tone as I spoke.
    “The only side am taking is for my son who happens to be sleeping. I can't let you go in there to
    start up a scandal.”
    Captain had a good point, not that I was afraid of waking up the baby but simply because I would
    be disturbing the entire house hold. If I could call it that.
    I furiously turned as I walked back to my car.
    “Don't worry bruh, am sure you two will work out your difference.” Captain Z said as he walked me
    to the car.
    Was she doing this to get back at me for being late? Or was she now speaking her mind. This time
    around I had truly messed up, but still, there was no way for me to know that Suzzy was going to
    be there, at Choppies.
    “Damn it! Damn you Suzzy with those big sexy eyes of yours.” I shouted as I drove.
    As if the whole world was against me, I tuned in to Open-FM and gash, an old joint of mine was
    With the addition of my confused emotions I broke into unison with the radio...
    “Girl am so sick of love songs...
    So tired of love...
    Am so done with wishing...
    You were still here...”
    With my small calm voice I opened up my lungs and sang along.
    Life wasn't easy, I had promised myself things would be different when I met Kutemwa, but eish,
    it's been a tough one, girls just happened to show up every time I was with her.
    I couldn't believe I was so stupid to let fame get to my head.
    ‘she thinks self control comes like teeth in the mouth. Am human as well.’ I spoke to myself.
    It was as if I was partially going crazy, I couldn't wait to get home and call up Major, I was sure he
    would know how to help me out.
    I had not taken Kutemwa to bed, I wasn't going to let all my effort go to waste my letting her walk
    out of my life like that.
    “I just have to get her!” I bounced on the cars seat as I spoke out loud.
    I always knew love wasn't for me, but sex was the game.
    Major was always against it and spoke passionately about how the tables of life would turn on me
    one day but nah, I couldn't help, I just couldn't.
    The world was at its pick, beautiful girls where everywhere now, how then could I stick to one lady
    when I could have more?
    Besides, I had the money to manage them all.
    However, there had always been something different about Kutemwa, she just provoked the man
    in me.
    Unlike the other girls who seemed to care of who I was in society, She was the only one who
    never got moved by what I had achieved.
    I thought I pass through Uncle T for a cup before heading home.
    I got two cups on the go. The place was parked as usual, beautiful young ladies had showed up
    from all walks of life, I mean the Komboni was being represented.
    Many guys would come here to just look for a one night stand.
    And for others, it was love at first cup.
    I got home just in time, with one cup on the left, I readily walked to my flat.
    MAJOR: “You look terrible, have you been drinking?”
    KALABA: “Not at all, I just passed pali Uncle T.”
    MAJOR: “What's happening to you? I know you a ladies man but when did you start taking
    KALABA: “It's not alcohol, it's a cup. A perfect work of art.”
    Unlike me, Major was observant, I had even forgotten why I called him in the first place.
    I couldn't believe he called me a ladies man, I wanted to punch him. But that was the cup talking
    and not me.
    MAJOR: “What happened?”
    KALABA: “Do you remember that Suzzy chick I told you about?”
    MAJOR: “How can I forget, when you couldn't go a second without talking about her butt.”
    KALABA: “Man she looking good, I think she has to be related with Iris.”
    MAJOR: “That's what you said even last time, but you need to get your life together man. You a
    public figure, start acting like one.”
    KALABA: “You judging me...”
    MAJOR: “Am not judging you, am telling you what your home boys fail to tell you. What will you
    gain by dating every beautiful girl you see?”
    Major always knew how to mess up a night, it's was as if Kutemwa and Major were class mates
    because they always said similar things. Always.
    KALABA: “I hope you not quoting that -KCK hand book of yours. Guys who talk like that don't just
    have game, I can date 5 girls simultaneously. Anyway enough of this. I have a 911.”
    MAJOR: “What happened this time around?”
    KALABA: I was with Miss HaveItAll at Choppies, she left me for a few seconds. I decided to check
    some perfumes and wala! Suzzy was right there in front of me. She looked damn sexy, she was
    killing it my brother.
    I mean, once she saw me she jumped on me and mwah!”
    MAJOR: “You mean she kissed you?”
    KALABA: “Yes she kissed me. Do you know how hard it is to just get a kiss Miss HaveItAll? It's
    like applying for a Loan.”
    MAJOR: “That still doesn't give you the right to kiss her back! How did I even become friends with
    you? Walilubana iwe!”
    My video call with Major never lasted, he was working on something and he demanded that we
    pick up the chat the following day.
    This meant it was just me and my cup from uncle T.
    I hadn't spoken to Kalaba since the day he dropped me off at home, from time to time he would
    call and text telling me about how much he missed my company and how he could manage living
    without me.
    I wanted to give him a second chance but Angel was against it, according to her, there was more
    to Kalaba than what had just happened.
    She was certain he was a player, just those good ones.
    “I thought you guy was different but nah, I mean, you guys hardly spend time together. When he
    visits he wants to be at a hidden place. Those are signs of a player . Am just saying.” She would
    say cheerfully.
    I ended up even searching Google for tips and signs of knowing if a guy is cheating, and yes, I
    found the answers.
    “Kutemwa hurry up...” Angel called to me in excitement.
    She noticed I had been acting low ever since things between me and Kalaba were on hold. The
    battle within myself was about what step I needed to take next, and that was the difficult part.
    As the good friend Angel was, she called my grandparents and told them we would be stopping by
    on Saturday.
    “You know I don't want to go there, so I don't even have to rush.” I responded sadly.
    Angel thought it would be a good idea to visit my grand parents house, I knew she just liked being
    around them. Who wouldn't? They where the coolest lecturer's”
    But again, I didn't want to be lectured about love. About how it's ‘The sweetest thing’ that can
    happen to a person. Coming from my grand parents, it was really inspiring and intimidating
    because they had spent 80 years together.
    I wanted something like that, but again I didn't want to feel like I was failing at love. Being around
    granny was just the perfect stimuli.
    “Next time we are going to your grand parents house...” I said as I stood at the door.
    Angel had outsmarted me by taking the baby to Captain's parents on Friday, they really wanted to
    be with him, so she took him there. They really adored the little angel as if they are not the ones
    who denied the whole issue when they were told of the pregnancy.
    “You know we can't go to my grandparents house, you are allergic to darkness. But hey! It would
    be a good way to deal with your fears.” she said mischievously.
    “I heart you...” I responded.
    “I heart you as well.” she laughed.
    On our way, Angel started telling me about a friend of hers from work who had given his girlfriend
    a sum of K10000 for upkeep.
    “What do you think of such a guy?” she asked excitedly.
    “I love class and all, but I think the guy over did himself. Maybe he thinks that way she won't cheat
    on him.” I laughed as I scrolled my news feed on Facebook.
    “Money doesn't keep a lady,” she quickly responded.

    CHAPTER 6.

    On our way, Angel started telling me about a friend of hers from work who had given his girlfriend
    a sum of K10000 for upkeep.
    “What do you think of such a guy?” she asked excitedly.
    “I love class and all, but I think the guy over did himself. Maybe he thinks that way she won't cheat
    on him.” I laughed as I scrolled my news feed on Facebook.
    “Money doesn't keep a lady,” she quickly responded.”
    “It doesn't, but it can surely enslave a lady. On the other hand, Let's face the facts... How many
    guys did you date in college who would give you money yet you still dumped them?” I asked her.
    “Am not answering that. Besides it wasn't K10000. But on a serious note I get your point. His
    relationship is being based on money... It's like his using money to keep her on lock down. But
    again, I find it funny that the girl couldn't even pump some sense into the guy.” she responded.
    “For me I would rather date someone I can build, i wouldn't want to be a home wrecker. As a
    girlfriend I think you need to have enough wisdom to advise your man.”
    “Thats true. By the time the dude realises how wrong he was, ninshi nabamuma Ka eat and run.”
    She said. This statement was accompanied by laughter from both of us.
    It wasn't until long, we had just a few more minutes until we arrived at my grandparents house.
    Angel had spent the rest of the drive listening to my complaints on how relationships were
    stressful and made one to be downhearted.
    “For someone who was just from giving sound advice on the K10000 story, You really just have a
    wrong view of relationships, that's why you will find it hard dating. Am telling you.”
    “Nah, It's just that Mwango is taken. Me and the dude click, we understand each other like a
    perfect recipe.” I said.
    “Please don't start with that Facebook guy again. You of all people need to know that there is real
    life after Facebook. Real!” she lashed at me. In every word that Angel spoke emphasis could be
    “I think you need to fight for what you have and not fantasize. Age doesn't run backwards you
    know?” she added cocksure.
    I couldn't help it but frown, Angel was now acting like my parents and grandparents.
    I wouldn't help but wonder what happened to the strong and independent personality I knew of
    “Age is just a number, I shouldn't marry because am getting old. That's the mistake many of these
    young ladies are making. Instead of working hard for themselves and being established, all they
    seem to look forward to is marriage, and then when in marriage the guy starts cheating and acting
    up, she then is forced to stay in such a marriage set up because she has no where to go. People
    are suffering in these marriages.” I said full of passion.
    “Miss therapist, is that what your clients tell you?” she asked and gave a devilish smile.
    “Its not just my clients Angel, I see these things. Isn't it just last week you where talking about not
    seeing a future with Captain?” I asked her.
    “I did, but the dude is changing. I don't know how but his stepping up his game. I might reconsider
    what I said after all.” with a confused look on her face as she spoke those words.
    “Am not saying marriage is a waste of time, I look forward to it, but when that day comes I want it
    to be for a special feeling called love and not age.” I shook my head as I spoke.
    “You make a good therapist though, with a bit of lectures you will be polished and ready for work.”
    She added.
    I loved the whole idea of being a therapist but gash, that was just something I enjoyed doing on
    social media.
    Moreover, I loved my job and I was passionate about it, considering that I was working for one of
    the biggest Fashion and Publishing houses in Lusaka. OWI was family, it was a company of luxury
    and class.
    Being a secretary there was a dream come alive.
    We arrived at my grandparents house, they stayed in MeanWood, grandpa was a retired
    Accountant who had ventured into business and owned a number of companies, Granny
    happened to be the manage of all these businesses.
    They had made a strong team together, I could tell where my own father got his ambitious and
    perfectionist attitude from.
    “Kutemwa!” My grand mother called out as she saw us.
    Angel rushed to meet my granny, Angel and her were buddies.
    She quickly whispered something into granny's ear as I approached.
    “Hello Granny...” I said as I hugged her.
    “Angel was right, you look a mess.” she said as she looked at me, “Come here and give granny a
    hug...” she said with her arms wide open.
    “What you girls need is a time out. Let's go...” Granny said as she led the way.
    “I hope we going to the kitchen” Angel said to me.
    Angel was something else once we met my granny. Not even once did she ever support me, it's
    like she became a whole different person. She kept tell on me.
    “You need to let go of silly relationship and focus more on things that are productive. Most of these
    guys just have sex on their mind, that's all they think about. Be careful...” Granny said as we
    entered the house randomly.
    We both kept silent for a second as we looked at each other, then Angel spoke.
    “Thats exactly what I told her...” Angel added confidentiality.
    I gave her a strong stare, this meant war once we got back home.
    “Granny the house looks beautiful, I love what you have done with the colors.” Angel said as she
    walked around the living room.
    Standing there reminded me of the times we had to bath first before coming inside to watch TV.
    “Granny where did you get these curtains?” I asked her.
    “I bought them online, Amazon.” She responded as her voice faded.
    “Amazon!” Angel exclaimed. “How did she know about that? I mean, I haven't even used eBay
    “You girls think we old folks are dull, nope this lady.” Granny said as she came through with a
    plate filled with cookies.
    “Have something to eat, we have alot to day today.” She said as she sat down.
    In the middle of our small talks, granny picked up a book from under the table as she walked to
    her book shelf.
    “What book is that?” Both Angel and I asked.
    “This one?” She asked with a smile, “It's 'The Midnight Scream' I thought you two would have
    already read it by now.” she added.
    “The midnight scream! Is it horror?” Angel asked smilingly.
    “Not really, but it's based on a horrifying incident that happened in Tanzania.” She responded as
    she now sat down.
    “It's a good read, the fact that it's written by a Zambian makes it even more adventurous.”
    After sharing surprised looks, I just had to ask, “Which Zambian writer is that?”
    “Her name is Mbulu Mundia, try googling her.” By the time Google was being named by granny
    Angel was already handing me her phone.
    “We have some work suits in the spare bedroom, you two ladies will be helping me with my
    gardening today.” Granny said as she immediately pointed at the story room.
    “Gardening!, This isn't what I had in mind.” Angel exclaimed. I couldn't help but laugh at her.
    “Its not funny Kutemwa, I thought we would be learning some secret recipes...”
    “This is granny for you, now you get why I didn't want to come right?” I smiled.
    Both of us changed into work suits and followed Granny to her small garden, we were planting
    beans. I knew it was going to be a long day, but Angel saw my Granny as an icon.
    It was more of a class room setup and Angel was that bright kid that annoyingly kept asking
    question after question.
    “You ladies need to understand something, Just because he gives you what you want doesn't
    qualify him to be the one, notice how he sacrifices for you... If a man can sacrifice for you then he
    truly cherishes you.” She said calmly.
    “But Granny, how can you know that his sacrificing And not just giving you?” I asked.
    “We give out of what we have and we sacrifice from what is left. Let's say I have 5 Mangoes, if I
    give you 2, that's called giving. But if I have 1 Mango and then I give it to you, it means I have
    sacrificed because I have nothing left for myself.” she said thoughtfully.
    It was like she was trying to make sense out of what she had spoken.
    “Now! you ladies of today, you want a man who has everything. Whose more like an ATM, you just
    say what you want and he sends. What makes you so sure he can't do that for another lady? True
    love demands sacrifice, always remember that.” “A good lady can point at her boyfriend and
    proudly say we have come a long way because you can see something you contributed in his life.”
    Granny added.
    “Then relationships are just complicated Granny, I don't think I would wish such a thing on a
    friend.” Angel commented.
    “Relationships are lectures, you need to understand that neither you nor your partner are perfect,
    give each other time to grow and that only happens when you face obstacles together as a couple.
    In short, attend the lectures together.”
    “Granny that's kind of hard, this is the 21st century.” I protested.
    “Its because of that line of thought why you young ladies keep changing boyfriends like
    underwear. Have you changed the methods of mathematics since you learned them?” She asked.
    Angel was taken, she was snapping her fingers as she threw two bean seeds into the soil.
    Granny was such a direct person, that was her way of giving advice.
    “We still use the same rules and methods.” Angel responded with excitement.
    “Exactly, the game has changed that's true. But the rules of the game are still the same. There is
    nothing wrong with having an old school relationship.” Granny smiled.
    It was a long day, very productive and educative.
    I could see the look in Angels eyes, she wished she could have been taking notes, she just
    couldn't get over some of the phrases that Granny had said.
    “You Grandparents are cool, I think I will give Captain a chance, I mean, the guy has been putting
    in alot of effort lately.” She said as we drove home.

    CHAPTER 7.

    “You Grandparents are cool, I think I will give Captain a chance, I mean, the guy has been putting
    in alot of effort lately.” She said as we drove home.
    “Thats good. However, I don't feel like am going anywhere with Kalaba. I will just end this so called
    relationship. I can't let my energy drain over a person whose selfish and can't appreciate a single
    thing.” I hissed as I spoke.
    “Elo ninshi you even washed for that Night.” Angel added with a laugh.
    We both broke out in laughter, It was a beautiful weekend and as if that wasn't enough, DJ
    KBrown lightened up the mood more on Open-FM.
    “This is my Jam...!” Shouted Angel, “Turn it up.”
    I couldn't help but turn the volume up, this was one of those songs she would play repeatedly
    when cleaning the house, Chris Brown Ft Keri Hilson - Super
    Angel kept doing some funny dances from where she was seated, and as if we had both agreed
    on one with... We hopelessly opened our mouths and sang in unison...
    “My only weakness is you...
    Only reason is you...
    Every minute with you, I feel like I can do...
    “Super H-u-m-a-n.....!” Angel rhythmically sang with her chin held high as the song ended.
    People said we looked like sisters, I mean we practically looked alike.
    There were times when we could go to a club and we would give each other fake names and
    pretended to be twins.
    But gone are those days, life had now kept us busy.
    Despite the flows in our relationships, our careers where on there greatest pick, in two months
    time Angel and I would be launching a book shop that would shake things.
    “Switch off the lights when done.” Angel said as she retired to bed.
    For me, another day had just began, Mwango had asked me if we could chat, My experience with
    Kalaba had made me avoid Mwango at all costs, I didn't want to judge all men based on one.
    But I didn't want to fall for someone who would leave me stranded again.
    MWANGO: “Hello beautiful?”
    KUTEMWA: “Hey handsome, how have you been?”
    MWANGO: “I've been great. Since you have been silent, only my Exam project has been keeping
    me busy.”
    KUTEMWA: “Life has just been hectic lately, work and then relationship issues that keep me
    drained. But trust me, my silent hasn't been intentional.”
    Mwango was always encouraging and uplifting, he loved to know that I was doing the best I could
    with my life.
    MWANGO: “You just need to be strong. Life can be bumpy at times but things eventually work
    KUTEMWA: “That's true, by the way what project did you decide to work on for your Exam?”
    MWANGO: “Just something simple, it's about a man who kept writing letters and put them in
    bottles, once he had done that everyday on a Saturday he would throw a bottle in the river. With
    hope that his son who had drowned in the same river 5 years ago would read them.”
    KUTEMWA: “Seems like it will be a touching story. Is it based on true events?”
    MWANGO: “Not at all, it's just fiction. Am trying to deal with how hurtful and traumatizing it can be
    to lose a loved one.”
    KUTEMWA: “Wow, am sure it will be a mover. How's your girl?”
    MWANGO: “Thought you said you have stopped asking about her.”
    KUTEMWA: “I know. But again I can't act as if she doesn't exist when am fully aware of her. Lol.”
    My conversation with Mwango went on until Midnight.
    I had to go to bed, I enjoyed his company and the fact that he made me feel wanted and
    cherished, “God I need a man like this” I sighed as I looked at his photo.
    I stood outside the mall as I waited for Kalaba, granny had asked me to give him a chance, a
    chance to hear what he had to say for himself.
    If he still held his job and popularity higher than the relationship we had, then I had to move on and
    never look back regardless of how painful it would be.
    Granny said,“Love can be found even in the darkest of places once we open our hearts.” and that
    was just what I was trying to do.
    I walked inside the mall, it was already past 18hrs and people where in a rush to get to there
    respective destinations after a long day at work.
    Like them, I was also from work... The last client I met asked if we could discuss our business over
    a cup of hot Coco, since the weather was in sync with his request; I accepted with no fail.
    I loved to hustle, but I never wanted the hustle to enslave me, I knocked of at 16hrs from OWI and
    for 2hours I would meet clients who had interest in what Angel and I were working on.
    It was during my last meeting when Kalaba called asking if we could meet at downtown, I arrived
    early and sat at the ponds, despite the place being dime, it looked lovely, the stores that
    surrounded the place were all closed.
    As I sat waiting for him, I could clearly recall the first time Kalaba and I came to this place. We
    wanted to get a few things in Spar, from there that's how he decided that we rest by seating at the
    I remember how we took a few photos and kept laughing, that was the Kalaba I knew, the one I
    had fallen fall once he offered me a lift a couple of months ago.
    But now he was this secretive guy, avoided taking photos and never wanted people to see him
    with me. He made me believe things that never made sense, things that never added up even a
    I can't blame myself, love just shuts down ones mental process and in the end you find yourself
    doing weird things.
    After waiting for what seemed to be 30 minutes, Kalaba finally walked up to me.
    “Kutemwa...h-e-y” He said.
    “Hi Kalaba, what took you so long?” I immediately asked. I wasn't going to give him chance to act
    all innocent and polite on me.
    “I was dropping off some papers, I had to wait for the manager before leaving them. You know
    how sensitive my work files are...” He said soundly.
    I gave him the ‘That's non of my business kind of look’ I couldn't believe he wanted to start
    boasting about how important his work was.
    That was another thing I disliked about him, he was that type of a guy who would make sure you
    feel less worthy and important than him.
    For some weird reason, what he did was more important than what others did.
    “Anyway, you are now here. What did you want us to talk about?” I asked him.
    “Kutemwa, can't you let me even catch my breath sure...” He said with a pleading face.
    “Listen Kalaba, I don't have time to waste, if you called me hear for no particular reason then it's
    better I go!” I exclaimed with a sharp tone that accompanied my voice.
    He just looked at me and sighed.
    “Kutemwa I love you, I really do... I don't know how I keep messing up. This can only be the devil
    trying to separate us.” He said.
    “I can swear baby, I stopped playing around with girls. Now it just happens that every time am with
    you; temptations just rain on me.” He added.
    “If that's the case then lighting can as well strick you.” I responded.
    “I know with everything that has been happening you won't believe me.” before he could finish
    what he was saying I cut him short.
    “If you know it's had for me to believe you then why are you here? Why did you even call me? Do
    you know how it feels to give your life to someone and they just end up toying with it?”
    “I know...” He responded with nervously.
    “I don't think you know Kalaba, if you did you wouldn't have been doing all that you do.”
    Just as I was talking his phone rang, since we were both seated, it was easy for me to look at his
    When both of us looked at the phone, I broke out in laughter. “Changed man my foot.”
    Immediately after the phone call a message popped out.
    ANGIE: Hey love am waiting for you, what should I cook?
    “Are you still insisting that I hear you out?” I asked him. For some reason I was happy that
    happened.” I asked him.
    “Angie... A-n-gie! Wait, isn't she that colored chick we found at Debonairs? I can clearly remember
    you saying she was just a fun. Your funs now even cook for you right?” I shook my head.
    “I don't know, but you clearly need help.” I said as I stoop up.
    Kalaba knew better, for that reason he just let me walk away.
    My phone rang and it was Angel, she always called at the most unthinkable moments.

    CHAPTER 8.

    Kalaba knew better, for that reason he just let me walk away.
    My phone rang and it was Angel, she always called at the most unthinkable moments.
    ANGEL: “Slay where are you?”
    KUTEMWA: Am going to get on a bus right now.”
    ANGEL: “A bus? What happened to your car?”
    KUTEMWA: “I left it at work, didn't feel like driving.”
    ANGEL: “You the only one who can do such a thing. Wonder why am even surprised. Captain is
    on his way here, can he give you a lift?”
    KUTEMWA: “No way! You know I wouldn't accept that.”
    ANGEL: “His my man, and you are my best friend. I can't be taking sides, I need you both... So I
    need you to try... Just try to get to know him. Do it for me please.”
    KUTEMWA: “I hate that you my friend. Mxxxm. But what are sisters for? I will try not to shout at
    him. Tell him to call me.”
    Before I knew it Captain had arrived at Iringa mall,I didn't know how to act but I had made
    promised to Angel, and I was going to do just that.
    “From a distance he waved at me, I waved back to indicate I had seen him.”
    “Hey Kutemwa...” He said warmly.
    “Captain!” I called out as I followed him.
    One of us had to start the conversation and I knew for certain it wasn't going to be me.
    In the car there was silence, the only thing that echoed was the music playing on power FM.
    Captain was cool, from time to time he would tap his hand on his thigh in rythem to the music.
    “Just because you have given me a lift home doesn't change anything.” I said
    “I know.” he responded mindlessly.
    I couldn't believe he was actually tripping on me.
    Then he coughed and spoke, “I respect you as I respect Angel, but I won't let you feed her
    unhealthy thoughts of how our relationship should be run.” “I made a mistake, I have apologized
    and grown through it, but if that's the only thing you see once I come to visit Angel then...” He
    suddenly paused.
    “Then what?” I enquired of him.
    “Then you will make our relationship hard, you as her best friend, you got more influence over her
    than I do. Now if you hate me, do you think it will be easy for her to love me freely?” He asked.
    Captain had a valid point, his angle of thought was something I had never taken into consideration
    until then.
    “You have a point, I will take it easy with you... But if you ever hurt her, then you will be sorry.” I
    loved the intimidation I had built around Captain, regardless of how I treated him... He still
    considered me as part of his life with Angel.
    I watched as Kutemwa walked out on me, so many thoughts rushed in my head yet not even one
    made sense.
    ‘Should I follow her? What can I say to her? ’
    I had never felt so wrong, so disgusting as I stood at the ponds.
    As I stood there Major hit me up with a text on WhatsApp, I had explained everything that
    happened and how I was caught at crossroads. Major laughed it out and suggest I ask Kutemwa
    to meet me so that we talk. .
    MAJOR: “Hiw did it go?”
    KALABA: “I messed up, I don't know how but I did.”
    MAJOR: “Hope you didn't say something stupid? Cause you can be a pain at times.”
    KALABA: “Not at all, everything was looking up... At least that's what I was thinking. Then from
    nowhere Angie called.”
    MAJOR: “ Whose Angie?”
    KALABA: “Some Ka fly babe, she gave me her line at debonairs.”
    MAJOR: “Bro like seriously?. Why can't you stick to one girl like everyone else?”
    KALABA: “I've been asking myself the same question. It's not like I don't try.”
    MAJOR: “It's not about trying. Even in high school you were like this. You deserve what you got.”
    My chat with Major never lasted, it turned out that he also got upset with what I had done, this
    wasn't his first time, because then I would be a liar, Major was very serious when it came to
    For him, dating was a path to marriage and everything that happened from the first day of a
    relationship counted. On the other hand, I wasn't like him, I easily got bored once a relationship
    got to serious, I liked to play tag with me being the one doing the chasing.
    I had lost Kutemwa, the only thing I had were ladies who wanted to be with be because of what I
    On my way home I decided to have a few drinks, the coolness and good test of a hunters was
    enough to get me in tune.
    “I've been calling you line, were the heck have you been?” She shouted immediately I walked in.
    “Don't dare question me, what are you even doing here? Why haven't you gone?” I asked her.
    My hands where carelessly swinging as I walked to take a seat, from the left to the right I walked
    as I tried to walk.
    “Let me help you...”
    “Don't! Don't you touch me. I can do this on my own.” I responded.
    Angie backed off as she steadily watched me struggle.
    Before I knew it, all I heard was a loud bang and bit by bit my site began to fade until it was all
    “His going to be okay, he just had alot to drink.”
    “You need to come to the reception and sign some papers.”
    I could hear people talking from afar, yet for some reason I couldn't move my body, I was like a
    mountain that had been strategically fixed.
    “Are you the spouse?” a voice of a lady asked. Even though I couldn't see her, I knew it had to be
    a Nurse. ‘My fall couldn't have been this bad, Angie was busy signing every thing that came her
    way, she was like that child with a colouring book.’
    “He just needs to be here for some days, he will be out of hospital in no time.
    ‘I knew it.’ I said to myself.
    Angie cam to the bed side and carefully stroked my hair as she wept a bit.
    “I don't know know why am even weeping for you.” She said with a laugh.
    “I just hope you get better, I didn't know who to call when you fell and passed out. I tried your
    phone but there was a password, who uses passwords when when a phone has fingerprint
    identification?” she added.
    I was thankful, but no matter how much I tried to shout or speak, it all amounted to nothing.
    Angie left, and after 5 hours I was back to my original self.
    “Careful, you don't need to move...” She said.
    She was of medium height, brown in complexion with long hair that fell flawlessly on her back.
    “How are you feeling?” She asked as she opened my eye lids and stared into my eyes.
    “I feel okay, just a bit weak and dizzy.” I responded.
    “Who are you?” I finally asked after throwing everlasting stares at her body, she seemed to be of
    high heft, and determined at what she was doing.
    “Am Doctor Mwansa.” She answered without even looking at me.
    As she continued to exam me I wondered if she knew who I was, the temptation to ask her was
    there but it just never seemed to be the right thing to do.
    “You can be discharged after an hour, have a good day Sir.” She said as she modelled her way to
    the next bed.
    I got my phone and found a number of messages, including one from my boss.
    When I opened one of the messages from my work mates, it had a Facebook direct link. I couldn't
    help but wonder if there was something I had missed when I had blacked out, the satisfaction of
    my curiosity came just after I clicked on the link.
    It was a post on a Facebook page known as “NATU CHILANDEPO (LET'S TALK ABOUT IT)” The
    heading of the post read;
    With the shock of my life, I automatically start to read the article. The writer withheld Angie's name
    but went on to say, “Kalaba arrived drunk at his apartment, after shouting and exchanging words
    with ‘One of his many baby dolls’ He suddenly stopped talking and fell to the floor’
    “This is rubbish.” I exclaimed.
    “Nurse! Nurse! Get me out of these things I want to leave immediately.” I spoke loudly.
    The one thing that I had feared had fallen, my name going viral on social media for something not
    “The doctor said she has to check on you before you leave... Sir! Sir!” The nurse called out to me
    as I rushed out of the ward. In my arm to hide from the Nurses I opened a door without reading
    what was written on it and carefully closed it.
    “Sorry but I didn't say come in...” A ladies voice spoke out. Before I could turn to face her I easily
    recognised her voice.
    “What!” She exclaimed as I faced her.
    “Have you just run away?” She asked. There was demand and order in the tone of her voice as
    she spoke.
    “Am sorry Doctor, but I really have to go. It's an emergency.” I quickly responded.
    “I guess this means you have seen the posts on social media. Anyway, you seem to be fine, just
    make sure you check out before leaving the building.” She said calmly as she sat down.
    “Thanks alot, I promise i will be back..

    CHAPTER 9.

    Captain had hit the nail on the head, his words kept me bothered as I thought them over, the depth
    of his words made me even forget that I had met Kalaba that later that day.
    Angel had gone out with his man immediately we reached. She seemed happy and content with
    Kalaba while for me, I was back to plot one. I had to keep looking good with the hope of one day
    being found.
    So I decided to be the best godmother to a beautiful baby and focused on growing my boutique.
    The next morning I received a text from work, it was from Chanda. Chanda was one of my
    favourite designers at the company.
    For some strange reason he always asked me to try on his latest styles, regardless of me not
    being a model.
    “Angel am off now!” I shouted as I closed the door.
    Angel was a stayed-home-mom and did her work from their, We tried to get a babysitter but
    Captain wasn't for the idea and so did I.
    Since I had left my car at work the previous day, I had called Chanda and asked if he could give
    me a ride and yeah! The dude was on time.
    “Did you check out the link I sent you?” He asked on our way to work.
    It was then that I realized that I had totally forgotten about it. Without responding to his question, I
    opened up my messages and quickly pressed the link.
    second this I noticed after seeing a picture of Kalaba with a girl I had never seen before.
    I read through the article and by the time I finished I was in shock.
    The question of whether I was the cause of his drunkenness kept knocking in my head.
    “The writers of that article are evil, the way they have dragged his name into the mud, eish.”
    Chanda commented.
    “Maybe they are just saying the truth, because their evidence is something you can't easily
    dispute.” I responded.
    My heart ached as I felt sorry for Kalaba, I couldn't believe the thing he feared the most had easily
    caught up with him.
    “I've been waiting for an answer...” Chanda broke my silence.
    He had asked me on a number of dates which I either turned down or put up an excuse for.
    “I thought you over that by now.” I laughed as I answered him.
    “A thirsty man only stops drinking water when he has had enough. I haven't had enough yet.” He
    His sense of humour and warm personality made him a man to die for. If anyone had the right to
    be a play boy, it would have been him and not Kalaba.
    But mother nature always did things in an unthinkable manner, the ones who looked like saints
    where the ones who were gifted at cheating.
    “Don't look at me like that, I promise I won't kidnap you.” He smiled.
    “I wouldn't mind being kidnapped, that way I can be wearing about certain things.”
    He kept quite for a moment, “ Is that a yes?”
    “Yes. That means we can go out, let's make it lunch.” I excitedly suggested.
    “Thats okay with me.”
    Chanda wasn't anything like Mwango, but at least he was close enough.
    I wasn't desperate for a relationship, but I didn't see why any reason to stop meeting and knowing
    other people.
    By the the time I decided to check my WhatsApp, it was already nearing lunch time.
    Since we were near the end of the year, work became hectic as many people came through.
    MWANGO: “HI,”
    KUTEMWA: “Am really sorry. I couldn't manage being on line yesterday. And guess what?”
    MWANGO: “Am not guessing anything, you of all people should know am not good at that.”
    KUTEMWA: “I know and that's exactly why am asking you to guess.”
    MWANGO: “I give up... Lol.”
    KUTEMWA: “How can you give up when you haven't even tried, ok. The thing is I broke up with
    my boyfriend.”
    MWANGO: “You kidding right? I mean, it's every girls dream to date a celebrity. That's one thing
    am sure of.”
    KUTEMWA: “Am not every girl, am sure you have figured that out by now.”
    MWANGO: “I think I have, ain't you suppose to be working?”
    KUTEMWA: “I am. Now it's lunch time, am waiting for Chanda.”
    MWANGO: “Chanda! The designer guy you once told me about?”
    KUTEMWA: “Yes the same one. His taking me out for lunch.”
    MWANGO: “mmmmh ok.”
    KUTEMWA: “What's that suppose to mean? Don't tell me you think am rebounding on him or
    something like that...”
    MWANGO: “I didn't say anything, you the one hi has said that and I hope that's not the case.”
    KUTEMWA: “Some one is acting jealous lol.”
    MWANGO: “Am not jealous, am just concerned. There is a difference...”
    “Hey you ready?” Chanda's voice sounded from above.
    “Oh! Yeah am ready.” I responded, there was a lip, my heart pumped faster. It was hysterical.
    “By the way I love you outfit.” He complimented as we walked down the hall.
    “Am sorry Doctor, but I really have to go. It's an emergency.” I quickly responded.
    “I guess this means you have seen the posts on social media. Anyway, you seem to be fine, just
    make sure you check out before leaving the building.” She said calmly as she sat down.
    “Thanks alot, I promise I will be back.”
    The longs 30minutes of my life had just fallen on me.
    I had spent 30 minutes in my bosses office, I was almost lay off but I was given a chance to make
    “You need to get your act together, I don't care if what social media is saying is true. I've had my
    eye on you, If you continue on this path you will lose it all.” He said as he tapped his fingers in the
    His black Jack was worn perfectly and matched with his intimidating look. My boss had worked
    everywhere, he was a legend in the industry. From ZNBC to Muvi TV, the level of respect he
    attained from his fellow workers gave him every right to shout at me.
    “Don't mess up your life mwaiche, you are too young. I will give you a week off, get you self
    together. Get out my office now before I do eka John Cena on you.” He said as he pointed to the
    On the taxi, that was all I could think about... His words echoed strongly.
    I arrived home and threw myself on the bed, it only occurred to me then that I had a lot of girls
    saved on my phone but I couldn't even call one.
    Immediately my phone rang, it was Major.
    “Put the phone properly, I want to see your disappointing face.” He said as he shook his head.
    “Don't tell me you called just to make fun of me.” I responded.
    “Not really, I wanted to tell you that, ‘i told you’ but am sure you have already concluded that. He
    do you let some girl you don't know into your house? What where you thinking.” He asked.
    “Everything was okay, I just had a lot to drink.”
    “A lot to drink? It just takes a small crack to bring down a talk building.” Major responded.
    “You not being fair, I was in hospital bruh. Don't that even bother you?”
    “Actually it doesn't, there are people looking up to you and what are you doing? Busy changing
    girls.” He added.
    All I did was keep quite as he spoke his mind, Major was the younger version of a parent. And
    finally he concluded after receiving a visitor in his room.
    I thought of calling Kutemwa even though I knew that wasn't the best of ideas. After some mental
    debating, I finally got my phone and called her.
    I called 5 times and on each account it just cut, I went on WhatsApp and found that she had
    blocked me.
    That explained why I couldn't get through to her.
    I didn't know who I was anymore, filled with frustration I didn't know how to respond to the
    Facebook posts and comments.

    CHAPTER 10.

    I didn't know who I was anymore, filled with frustration I didn't know how to respond to the
    Facebook posts and comments.
    -3 WEEKS LATERDays gave no chance to any man, I had stayed at my house for 2 weeks straight, it was only in the
    third week that I would go out and also take walks.
    Major kept me company, from time to time he would send me photos of the short movie he was
    creating for his exam. And like always, he would encourage me to let the past be.
    “You can't lock yourself up forever, how will you make a difference that way? You need to face
    reality head on.” He would say.
    “Thats easy said than done, the whole Zambia has lost trust in me.” that's the thing that bothered
    me, and that's how I would answer every time.
    Like a joke, Major would come closer to the camera and in a calm whisper... He would say, “If life
    gives you lemons, make some lemonade out of it. Learn to make the problem work for you.” He
    would say cocksure.
    I wished I had the type of confidence he had, but nope, fear had found its way.
    My boss commanded that I go to the hospital, maybe I would be given some mood stabilizers,
    after a strong battle within myself... Trying had to respond to what will people think?
    Won't it go viral again? The fact that am now doomed and depressed.
    “Excuse me nurse, am asking for Doctor Mwanza's office.” I asked. She wasn't polite enough and
    gave no proper help.
    I decided to walk back to the reception as I could not recall the location of her office.
    “Hey! How are you” I said downheartedly.
    “Hello sir, how may I help you?” She asked as she gave her glasses a push and finally looked at
    “Am kindly asking for help, where can I find Dr Mwanza's office?”
    “Huh; which Dr Mwanza?” She asked.
    “What do you mean by which Dr Mwanza?” I questioned her.
    “Sir you need to calm down. I want you to help me serve you better.” She answered.
    “I am calm, am looking for the female Dr Mwanza.” I responded.
    The lady seemed to not even care as I asked her, without looking at me, she typed a few things on
    her laptop, looked at me and did the same thing again.
    “Do you have an appointment?” She then asked me.
    I knew were she was going with that question, and I knew very well that I had to lie for me to just
    go through.
    “Yes I do, can you just give me the damn directions please!”
    “Is everything okay here?” A voice of another lady asked.
    Before I could attempt to answer her I turned to see who it was. It was Dr Mwanza.
    “He was asking for directions to your office, he says he has an appointment with you.” The old lady
    said. She was a pain in the butt, serious face and good at what she did.
    “It's okay, his a patient of mine.” She said as she signed into a big blue book.
    “Follow me.”
    I didn't need to be told twice, with her white white lab coat she walked her way down the corridor
    with me trailing behind her.
    “I don't like what you doing...” Angel said as I walked in.
    Since the previous day, this was my return home.
    “Am okay, don't worry.” I said as I threw myself on the chair.
    “How dare you tell me not to worry! Have you heard yourself? Sisters don't do that. I don't like this
    path you taking.” Angel said with her voice raised.
    Even though I never gave her a glance, I could tell she was pissed and was about to make hell
    rain on me.
    “Let me bath and will talk about it...” with that said I stood up, barely walking I managed to drag
    myself to my room.
    It was only 12hrs and I was drunk.
    After having my bath, I desired to take a nap, but again I knew that would have only made things
    worse between me and Angel. She never liked to be ignored, trust me, I learnt it the hard way from
    For that reason I walked into the living room and sat on the floor with her. I wasn't a baby, but I
    surely knew how to behave as one.
    With my heard on her laps, I said, “I don't know how to say this. But the truth is am really hurting.
    At times I try not to think about what Kalaba did but I can't help myself.”
    “There is nothing wrong to have loved and lost, because from that you have come out with a
    memorable experience, something you can share with other ladies to make them strong.” She
    smiled as she spoke, “Besides you said it yourself that many of these ladies are suffering in their
    “I heart you. You always make things seem so simple. I feel like I have failed myself though.” I said
    “I won't dispute with that, you failed the moment you started associating yourself with Chanda...”
    Before she could continue I objected which lead to her shushing me.
    “I understand his a great fashion designer, but the guy is no good. All he does is just have you try
    on his cloths for free and take photos”
    “Aaah Angel!” I exclaimed.
    “Am just saying the truth, even in all of Kalaba's foolishness he never allowed you to sleepover at
    someone else's house. Because of Chanda you now take alcohol... I don't like such a life
    mwanda.” Angel said seriously.
    “You making it sound like we never use to drink and club.” I responded.
    “We use to do that, but what did we gain from it? If alcohol is going to make you miserable then
    you have no right taking it.”
    “When did you start sounding like Granny?” I asked Angel.
    After giving me a heart felt lecture, both Angel and I got glued to the television as we watched
    ‘Justic League’. I made up my mind that I would tell Chanda to stay away from me, he had
    promised to connect me to big names which hadn't happened in the last 3 weeks I had been
    around him.
    “Kalaba's mother wants to see me,” Angel said out of the blues.
    “Why does she want to see you? It's not like she hasn't seen you before.” I said.
    “Am not sure, but it's Captain who told me so. I don't want to come between Captain and his
    family. Moreover I never ask their son for money, he just brings on his own.” Angel sighed.
    “At least you even let then take the baby. God knows, if it was me... I wouldn't dare. I wouldn't
    even think of leaving him with them.”
    My reaction as I spoke sent Angel into another one of her laughing zones. I mean, she easily
    laughed and got cracked up.
    “By the way how is Mwango?” She asked as she tried to control herself.
    “I don't know, we hardly communicate these days. Things have just changed between us...
    Personally I feel there is some sort of emotional-gap between the two of us.”
    “You mean, you guys don't click anymore...?” she asked.
    “Don't put it that way, it doesn't sound nice. But I guess yeah. You can can say that.” I responded
    “What can a brother do, your display photo is filled with you and”
    “That's not funny Angel. Not funny!”
    “Nothing is ever funny with you Kutemwa.”
    Dr Mwanza was in her own world. Once we reached her office she offered me a seat.
    “So, what do you have to tell me such that you even had to lie.” She said as she sat down.
    “I don't know, I feel like something bad is about to happen, I feel myself becoming antisocial and
    over thinking stuff.” I answered.
    “Kalaba, have you heard of ’Withdraw symptoms’ before?” She asked me.
    “Not really, but I think I can make out the meaning.”
    “Withdraw symptoms come when a person abstains from that thing that gives them excitement
    and in other instances pleasure.” She said.
    He voice was a melody, from word to word she would pause to smile. I noticed this was just her
    being herself.
    “But I don't remember stopping anything.” I said.
    “Anything is a vast word Mr Kalaba.” She responded.
    “Please, you can just call me Kalaba.”
    “Okay Mr Ka... My bad, okay Kalaba.” She smiled, “The thing is, people isolate themselves when
    they lose something that made sense to them...”
    “Are you a Psychologist? Because you sounding like one.”
    “You didn't come here to ask me what profession am in, I can write down a prescription for you...”
    before she could finish I humbly cut her short.
    “Am sorry, I didn't mean to sound offensive.”
    “You didn't, I just hate unnecessary questions from my patients.”
    My conversation with Dr Mwanza lasted another 20 minutes, she asked me question after
    question and finally grabbed a piece of paper.
    “I will write you something, if you don't feel better after a week you can come and one of the
    doctors will check on you.” She said.
    With two long strokes from her pen, she zigzaged her way to the bottom of the piece of paper.
    “Here, you can get this at the Pharmacy, go down the hall, keep you left, you will find a burner with
    further directions. Thank you.” She said as she handed me the paper. I had nothing to say but
    thank you as I left her office, I had never thought I would see a day when a lady would treat me
    with such an attitude, cold and vivid as the night.
    It was as though I was invincible to her.

    CHAPTER 11.

    “Here, you can get this at the Pharmacy, go down the hall, keep you left, you will find a burner with
    further directions. Thank you.” She said as she handed me the paper. I had nothing to say but
    thank you as I left her office, I had never thought I would see a day when a lady would treat me
    with such an attitude, cold and vivid as the night.
    It was as though I was invincible to her.
    “How did it go at the hospital? Did you manage to sneak your way in?” Major asked, he had a bow
    in his hands which had milk filled to the brim.
    “It was horrible.” I responded as I carefully fixed my phone on the dresser.
    “Brah your room is a mess, You a celeb not someone junky. What happened at the hospital
    anyway...” Major asked.
    “I don't want to talk about it, you said you had something to tell me, what is it?” I asked him full of
    hope and expectation.
    “Why do you look happy all of a sudden?”
    “Can you just tell me already! Am tired of waiting.” I responded.
    It took another 20 minutes of him talking before he finally got to the point.
    “Do you remember Mirriam?” He asked me.
    “Which Mirriam!” I asked.
    I put my clothes on the bed and walked to the dresser, “Which one?”
    “My cousin dummy, the one that when to India to do Medicine.” He answered.
    “India? Wasn't it China?”
    “Thats not the point, anyway the same one. She's back in Zambia.” He added.
    Major always complained, he never liked the idea of being related to Mirriam.
    As I looked at my phone during our video chat, I could clearly remember how it all went down.
    Major never knew Mirriam simply because he was never familiar with his relatives from the father's
    During his regular visits to Kabwe, that's where he met Mirriam, a slim tall girl with a small face.
    She was talkative, at least that's how I remember him describing her 7years ago.
    To cut the story short, Major and Mirriam went on a few dates, then one faithful day he had
    planned to propose as they sat at the golf club, Mirriam happened to be going though Major's
    phone when she asked;
    “How do you know Bana Mpundu?”
    “Why do you ask? Anything wrong?” He responded without giving it much thought.
    “She happens to be my Aunty...” Mirriam responded.
    That's how all walls came down crumbling. I had never met her myself, but Major showed me a
    few pictures back then.
    “Thats awesome, I don't think I can remember how she looks.” I added as I continued packing my
    “Me too, I hear she's working in some private hospital. Anyway yeah!” Major said.
    “I don't like these young doctors and nurses, they think they have made it in life. The arrogance
    levels are so high. I said as I shook my hear.
    “You just have issues bro, am telling you.” Major said as he threw himself on the chair.
    “I don't have issues, I just happen to analyse things a lot. Maybe that my problem.” He said
    For the first time Angel had shown interest in Mwango, She kept asking question after question.
    “What's going on!” I finally snapped.
    “Nothing.” She quickly responded with a giggle.
    “You have never questioned me about Mwango and suddenly you seen to be so interested in
    knowing about him.” I said heedfully.
    “As the saying goes ‘If you can't beat them, join them’ and I have decided to do just that. I want to
    be supportive.” Angel smiled.
    “I don't think there is anything to be supportive off, I mean, Mwango seems happy with his
    “If he didn't like you am sure he wouldn't be talking to you, the way you guys chat eish.” she
    “What if he only chats with me because his bored?” I turned and looked at her as I asked.
    “So he has been bored for 2 years is that what you are trying to say?” She asked smartly.
    During our small talks, Chanda texted me and asked if it was possible for me to meet him. I
    thought it was a bad idea but after asking Angel about it she advised me to go ahead and just
    meet him.
    I wonder who said love was easy, let's be real. Love is as complicated as the word complicated
    Later that day, Angel and I spent most of the time in the kitchen experimenting on something she
    had found on Facebook. I had a few things that interested me other than the usual and for my
    friend, it was the kitchen.
    She was like the Queen of England once she entered that small room. Dare to leave dirty dishes
    in the kitchen? That meant serious war.
    “I think you can go and prepare yourself. I will finish up in here.” She said as she removed a pan of
    scorns from the oven.
    I didn't need to be told twice, the kitchen wasn't my place. Granny would always shout at me.
    “What kind of wife are you going to be?” She would ask.
    “Being in the kitchen doesn't make me a wife granny, besides we are going to have a maid.” I
    would say confidently.
    It wasn't like I couldn't cook, I just never found it electrifying.
    After what seemed like 30 minutes I was ready to go, Chanda arrived in good time. I never found
    comparing guys amusing but again, it was something that even Angel noticed.
    “Do you know that Chanda arrives 10 minutes earlier every day?” She said as she watched me do
    my final touches.
    “How do I look?” I asked her.
    “Like the side chick to the president.” She laughed.
    “What kind of compliment is that?” I asked her.
    “You look sexy, decent, classy and fashionably beautiful.” She sighed as she finished her
    charming words.
    “You forgot the single part.” I added as I walked out.
    Like always, Chanda would open the door for me and pass a compliment. He had a great eye for
    “What's that?” He asked me as he entered the car.
    “Whats what?” I asked as I looked at him.
    “You nose, the tip looks shiny, kind of gold-ish.” He said with his gaze fixed on my face.
    “All, it's just make up. You really have a good eye. Your lady is usually lucky.” I said with a smile.
    “What makes you say my lady is lucky?”
    “Am sure you worship her with complimentary words every second you are with her.”
    Chanda never said anything after that. I was aware of a fashion show that was being held at GGreens Lodge. Even without him saying anything since I got into the car, I could tell that's where
    we were heading.
    “I think today is my last day escorting you to your meetings, this arrangement benefits you more
    than it does me. I can't continue walking around in circles Chanda.” I said as I looked at him.
    “Am mentoring you, you need to learn to follow before you can lead.” He responded.
    “I know how to follow, it's like you are taking advantage of what I can do in the name of you
    mentoring me about the fashion industry. You a great designer and I respect that. But I don't feel
    like am gaining anything from this.” I answered.
    I could tell that he was offended. But he maintained his cool and never spoke a word.
    “I don't mentor females, I took you in because I feel something for you. I enjoy being around you.”
    She spoke out.
    “I know you like me, but like I told you then... I don't have feelings for you. I see you just like a
    brother and that's all.” I calmly said.
    “As a friend is that so? Do you think if I wanted a friend I could be taking you out in all those
    luxurious places we went to?”
    “Taking me! We went there for business. In fact you are the one who went for business. Now you
    want to pin that on me?” I said.
    Chanda hadn't said it, but he had already implied that I was a gold digger.
    “You need to come back to your senses right now and be a good girl. Don't be so bitchy and
    ungrateful.” He said as his breathing patterns drastically changed.
    I knew he was very upset now, I had read something about people who portray abnormal
    behaviour when once they got upset.
    “Don't make me do something we will both regret Kutemwa!”
    Before I could tell what was happening, Chanda started speeding incessantly and driving on the
    wrong side of the road from time to time.
    “This isn't funny!”
    “It's not made to be funny. Tell me that you are my girlfriend now... Or else!”
    “Over my date body, what's wrong with you. Chanda slow down!” I shouted.
    “Stop this car!”
    No matter how much I screamed, the car was speeding like no man's business. It was then that i
    got the sit belt and locked it into place.
    “Chanda stop it.” I yelled.
    “I can't, it's not stopping.” He responded.
    Before I could even think, the sound of the wheels drifting could be heard, Chanda tried his best to
    control the car but some how it had a mind of it's own; The car went straight into a street light
    which was forced to bend.
    Leen road was put on hold as people rushed to the scene. I couldn't hear anything other than a
    sharp sound that rang in my eyes. I couldn't feel my body, neither could I see Chanda. Without
    knowing it, I had already lost consciousness and blacked out.
    “Move! Move!”
    “Sir she's awake.”
    “Give her another one.”
    I woke feeling feeling like I had been falling, my heard pained and I couldn't move both my hands
    and legs because they had been strapped.
    As I rolled my eyes I could tell I was at a hospital, the endless white colour and posters that were
    on the wall where hard to miss.
    “Can you hear me?” A man asked as he flashed a small touch on my face.
    I wanted to answer him, but I couldn't make up the question he had asked me.
    I could remember waking up twice and again falling asleep just a few seconds after hearing a lady
    shout something.
    “Let her rest a bit, I will be back and please have Dr Mwanza look at her. I would love to hear what
    she has to say.” The man in a lab coat said as he walked out.
    “Excuse me sir, What about the other one?” The nurse asked.
    “His fighting for his life: Everyone is doing the best they can.” He said and walked out.

    CHAPTER 12.

    Almost an hour passed as I lay on the bed, tears found their way on my cheeks as I reflected on
    how everything happened. In my little moment of sorrow a lady walked in with a nurse behind her.
    “Hello, how are you?” She said.
    “Am okay I guess.” I responded.
    “My name is Dr Mwanza, but you can call me Mirriam.” She smiled.
    “Am Kutwemwa.”
    I thought it wasn't professional to call her by her name and not title, however, I still went on to
    address her as Mirriam.
    “What's your relationship with the man you were with?” She asked me.
    “His just a friend and work mate.” I responded, the nurse was busy untying me.
    “Do you have any knowledge of his abuse of allied substances?”
    “Sorry, but what are allied substances?” I asked.
    She seemed determined and sure of what she was doing as she questioned me. I knew there are
    people called psychologist but I had never been confronted by one is real life.
    “Let me put it this way, Your friend has been abusing drugs.” She said after noticing how blank I
    “What! Chanda on drugs? There has to be something wrong.” I exclaimed.
    The Doctor was calm, she then smiled and inquired where we where going in the first place.
    Some how I felt like there was something she knew that I wasn't aware off. Nevertheless, I went
    on and explained everything to her.
    I mean, she was a lady. It was more like gossiping and as she sat there listening attentively.
    “The reason I have asked isn't so that I can invade your private life Kutemwa. Some tests were ran
    and Chanda was found to have a high content of Sildenafil (Viagra) and also cocaine was among
    the things found in his system.” She said.
    I had come across a lot of people while working for OWI but this lady was exceptional.
    “Are you trying to imply what am thinking?” I asked her.
    “Maybe, Maybe not. You know Chanda better than I do, but one thing is certain, he had plans for
    the night.”
    With that said, she did a few examinations on me and stood for some minutes without saying
    “Excuse me, how is Chanda's condition?” I asked.
    “He will be okay, how ever, his in a critical condition unlike you who had your seat belt in place. He
    actually flew from his seat and met the front glass. That's all I can tell you for now.” She said.
    “Have you tried calling his parents? Relatives or something?” I asked, a swift breeze of sadness
    had blown across my face as I felt sorry for Chanda.
    “Yes we did, you actually have a visitor yourself.” The nurse said as she followed Dr Mwanza on
    their way out.
    “I think am just going to do away with ladies.” I said to Major.
    I had finished packing my bags and just sat on the bed as we continued our gossip.
    “That's not a bad idea, provided you don't become gay.” He laughed.
    “I can't do such. I heard that Mwandu is now a she.” I added.
    “Mwandu! That guy who was always around girls in high school?” Major asked surprisingly.
    “Yes, that same one. He got his privates changed. He now just looks like a girl until you see him
    up close.” I laughed.
    Major had a disgusting look on his face, he wasn't only shocked but couldn't even comprehend
    what I had said.
    “Why do you seem so shocked and all? As for me I saw it coming. The stigma the dude use to go
    through during high school was real.” I said.
    “I understand the hardship, but what he has done is just wrong. I wonder what the parents said
    about it.” Major said thoughtfully.
    “Have just received a message from my friend.” Major suddenly lightened up then went peal again.
    “Whats wrong?”
    “She says she was in an accident, let me just call her. I will hit you up soon.”
    I couldn't wait for a month to get back to the hospital, I desperately needed a way to go back. For
    some reason I enjoyed listening to Dr Mwanza speak her mind, there was only a week left and I
    would be back on TV. Even though it felt exciting, I still felt like people looked down on me, I didn't
    feel like the person they expected me to be and it was for that reason I became disturbed.
    My boss was helpful though even if he wanted to give me the boot.
    He would say something and a week late Major would say the same thing, maybe not the exact
    words but the same content.
    “Never give up because people demand that off you. Life is about you and not them. So this thing
    of you locking up yourself will just break you down.” He said in one of our daily meetings.
    KUTEMWA: “Am feeling much better, at least I can even type.”
    MWANGO: “But what happened? Was the driver drunk?”
    KUTEMWA: “Not at all, the Dr just said he has a mental problem. He couldn't say what it was and
    also that he was high on other drugs. Lol.”
    MWANGO: “I don't understand why people want to be high every hour of everyday. But his okay?”
    KUTEMWA: “His in a coma, they say his going to be okay despite having multiple injuries and a
    cut on the head.”
    MWANGO: “It's good you are well, I got worried.”
    KUTEMWA: “Worried? What! You thought maybe I have been disfigured or something?”
    MWANGO: “I didn't say that, but I did think of it. Besides it's not like I crushed on your face lol.”
    I couldn't believe what I was reading, Mwango had never admitted liking me. It was one of those
    topics he would brush away easily.
    ‘Was he saying it cause he felt sorry or maybe he was being true?” I thought to myself.
    “Someone is smiling. Share the news.” Mum said with her eyebrows raised.
    “It's nothing, just chatting with a friend.” I quickly responded.
    “Which one? Mwango?” She asked immediately.
    The shock on my face when I heard her say his name. I had told mum about Mwango and asked
    for advise from her on what she thought about dating a person from social media.
    She was quite open minded about the whole topic, but that was almost a year ago and she could
    still remember Mwango.
    “Yes mum, am chatting with mwango.“ I blushed as I responded. “Have you mentioned this to
    dad?” I added.
    “Not directly, but I did ask him what he thought about meeting a a life partner from social media.”
    She answered.
    “What did he say?”
    “He said, ‘Online dating is just an advanced stage of blind dating.’ that's all. You know how direct
    your father can be when answering questions.” She smiled.
    Mum was the first one to arrive followed by Angel.
    “Granny will be coming later on, she had a meeting with the board today.” Mum said.
    “That's good, Am certain she will be coming with fruits.”
    “That's just Granny for you, I want to go and see Angels baby. Will be right back.” Mum said as
    she rushed outside.
    Angel was practically adopted by my family. Immediately mum closed the door Angel walked in.
    She cleared her throat and then smiled.
    “Have you called Kalaba?”
    “Why would I even do that?” I asked.
    “I don't know, but this was serious. You could have lost your life. And am sure he would have
    attended the funeral.” She said jokingly.
    “I have no plans of attending my Ex-boyfriends funeral no matter how strong our relationship was.”
    I said as I shook my head.
    “That's just evil. If one of my ex had to pass away, I would attend the funeral.” Angel said.
    I couldn't believe we were seriously talking about attending our ex's funerals of all things, but that
    was how conversations between me and her started. It was always in the most unusual way.
    “Should I tell him?” She asked me.
    “No. I think Kalaba is going through a lot right now. His trying to find himself. I don't want to start
    creating false hopes for him. I know how guys are...” I said warmly.
    “Mmmh someone cares.”
    “What you mean... Am not heartless, I may not attend his funeral but God knows I would love to
    see him successful.” I winked.
    “Since when did you start talking like Granny? I thought I was the expert at that?” Angel said with a
    weird face.

    CHAPTER 13.

    “Should I tell him?” She asked me.
    “No. I think Kalaba is going through a lot right now. His trying to find himself. I don't want to start
    creating false hopes for him. I know how guys are...” I said warmly.
    “Mmmh someone cares.”
    “What you mean... Am not heartless, I may not attend his funeral but God knows I would love to
    see him successful.” I winked.
    “Since when did you start talking like Granny? I thought I was the expert at that?” Angel said with a
    weird face.
    Just then, Dr Mwanza walked on.
    “Hi ladies...” She smiled.
    “How are you feeling?”
    “I feel great, am even able to move my legs now. Though they hurt a little.” I laughed.
    “You will be back to normal in a few days.” She said warmly.
    Angel looked at me and gave me a wink, basically she was asking who the lady walking around in
    the room was.
    “My bad, D_o_c,” I paused. “Mirriam, this is Angel my best friend and roommate.” i said.
    Mirriam was now signing on a paper, she didn't have her coat on. I guessed that was why Angel
    almost freaked out.
    “Oh, you a Doctor, that's nice.”
    “Hey Angel... Nice meeting you.” Mirriam responded sounding professional at best.
    “We launching a book club, it's just for ladies as of now.” Angel rushed in. She was good at what
    she did, and just like that business had began.
    “Book club? That sounds like fun. Put me up, at least I can meet new people.” She added.
    It didn't take us long to know that Mirriam was actually new around the area.
    “Am looking for an apartment, something near the hospital or not too far.” she said.
    “I haven't heard anything but am sure we can let you know if anything, we have a friend who
    specialises in such. As in looking for houses.” Angel laughed.
    “Okay, let's exchange lines...”
    I noticed that Mirriam had switched from the serious professional lady to a calm, smiley kind of a
    person as we spoke.
    “When am I likely to get discharged?” I asked her.
    “Most likely after two days. Thanks a lot, I I'll be on my way now.” She said.
    Both Angel and I watched as she walked out of the room.
    “What do you think?” Angel asked.
    “What do I think about what?”
    “Stop being dumb you know what I mean.” She snapped.
    “I think she can make a good friend, a productive member to the group.” I answered as I thought it
    For some strange reason we evaluated every person that we allowed in our circle and would
    agree between each other if that person was worth our friendship. It was just something we
    happened to accidentally have in common.
    “Let me check on mum and the baby, I think Granny has to be here any second from now.” Angel
    said as she gave me a kiss on the forehead. “Get well boi, we have history to make next
    When she opened the door I could hear my grandmother's voice as she explained to something to
    “Where were you when your friend was tagging some drug addict?” She asked Angel, my room
    was quite big and her voice freely echoed.
    I couldn't get Angels response because the door shut.
    After half an hour of waiting for Granny she finally entered, in her hands was a light-wooden
    basket with fruits and of cause, chocolate.
    Granny could easily turn an adult into a baby with her treats.
    “Are you okay?” She asked as she looked at me.
    Her Granddaughter was laying comfortably on the bed as if she was bed ridden.
    “Am okay Granny,” I responded as she came close up to give me a hug.
    “What where you thinking?” She asked.
    “It not like it seems.”
    “What do you mean it's not like it seems? You could have gotten killed or broken your legs. Just
    because I said you need to be free spirited doesn't mean you start riding in some strange guys
    car. Where is your car even?” She paused with a question.
    Granny was the type who could beat you up for anything, but those were the old days. Thank God.
    “My car is at home, Chanda isn't a stranger Granny.”
    “I spoke to the Doctor, that boy had his machine gun locked and loaded. Do you think he was
    going to shoot at birds?” She asked.
    “Granny!” I exclaimed.
    “What? Am talking to a grown up lady ain't I? Be careful of these boys. They don't know what they
    want.” She added.
    My eyes were wide open as she spoke.
    “But Granny, Chanda is just a friend. We where going to attend a fashion show. It's not like this
    happened by will.” I said.
    She looked at me and then spoke, “You have a lot to do in life, don't just mingle with anyone
    anyhow. That will cost you a lot. By the way, I got your favourites.” She said as she handed me the
    I managed to clean up the house, opened the window to allow fresh air even though evening was
    upon me.
    Once i was done, I went to check if Major was online.
    KALABA: “You've spoken to your girlfriend?”
    MAJOR: “She's not my girlfriend, at least not yet. But I don't think she likes me in that way.”
    KALABA: “What makes you think that way, you guys have been buddies for what? 2 years now.”
    MAJOR: “Exactly my point. In those two years she has kept her cool, I mean I have seen green
    lights at times but I don't see anything happening.”
    KALABA: “If that bothers you, It's not like she's the only lady in the mother land. You can still find
    MAJOR: “It's not something that is easy. Relationships are the hardest things to build. I wonder
    how come a lot of people don't even pay much attention when it comes to these things.”
    KALABA: “I don't get what you trying to say.”
    MAJOR: “While, notice how much attention and research we do when buying gadgets. If that was
    the same effort we could invest in finding a partner... Trust me, things would be so much better.”
    KALABA: “Okay, let's change topic. You now sounding like my boss. But on a serious note, you
    have to step up your game if you want to date her. Because from what I've heard, she seems to
    be a lioness and you ain't roaring enough.”
    Unlike the few passed weeks, I felt much better, worthy of doing something significant. My boss
    was right, even though I never liked to admit it.
    Major told me that his exam project was finally done, this meant he would be back in Zambia
    sooner than I anticipated.
    I hadn't told him that I had plans on going back to the hospital, not that I was sick, but to just have
    a look at Dr Mwanza. Somehow Ifelt like there was need for me to change, but becoming a monk
    wasn't in my plans.
    Major kept saying I needed to start going to church, but nah, I wouldn't want some photos of me
    going viral again just because I decided to attend a church service.
    ‘This even reminded me of Kutemwa, she was a dictator in her own way.’ I smiled as I thought to
    MAJOR: “What are you cooking for supper?”
    KALABA: “When I said we change topic I didn't mean we start talking about food. You know I have
    never been the cooking type. That's why I need to get married.”
    MAJOR: “You still on that? There is more to a wife than her cooking and Washing your clothes.
    Trust me Kalaba, your marriage will melt like ice cream on the sun if you marry for such a reason.”
    KALABA: “What have they been teaching you in Canada kanshi?”
    The nurse was kind enough to allow Mum, Angel and Granny inside at the same time. Dad was in
    Eastern Africa for a conference, and Grandpa was in South Africa for a business trip, both of
    Mum's parents were late.
    “I'm just from meeting Chanda's parents. They say they will check on you tomorrow.” Mum said.
    “Did they confirm what the Doctors have been saying about him being on drugs.” I asked.
    “Yes! Chanda has been on...”
    “On what?” I pressed in.
    “He has a mental problem and other temper issues. His parents didn't seem sure whether he had
    taken his medicine or not.” She said.
    Fear got a hold of me, I couldn't believe I had been entertaining a mad person for a month.
    “It's okay baby, everything is going to be fine.” Mum said as he noticed my reaction.
    “What if he raped me or something worse!”
    “It's okay Kutemwa, don't think about that. The most important thing is that you okay.” Angel
    jumped in.

    CHAPTER 14.

    “What if he raped me or something worse!”
    “It's okay Kutemwa, don't think about that. The most important thing is that you okay.” Angel
    jumped in.
    Regardless of what everyone was saying, my mind couldn't help but wonder around. I took myself
    before the accident and imagined how it could have been.
    Maybe he would have taken me to G-Greens, a few hot shots to lighten up the mood and them like
    a hungry lion he would patiently wait for the perfect moment.
    ‘Maybe Chanda has two personalities, the mad one and the normal’ I thought to myself. However,
    I couldn't wait to be online so that Mwango and I could chat. He always knew how to lighten up my
    I thought of how it would be, us meeting for the first time.
    Since Mum and Granny had taken the baby, it was only me and Angel in the ward room now. She
    was busy on her phone, from time to time she would tap me.
    “Check this meme...” She would said with her cheecks puffed.
    She was literally laughing as she waited for me to catch the gist of the meme.
    “I don't get it.” I responded as I read the meme for the third time.
    “How can you get it when you thinking about something else.” She responded.
    “Am not thinking about anything.” I quickly answered.
    “I know you too well so don't lie. Isn't Mwango on line yet?” She asked.
    “Not yet, he will be online anytime now.” I smiled.
    She laughed and stuck her tongue out as she continued with her Facebook moments.
    KALABA: “What have they been teaching you in Canada kanshi?”
    MAJOR: “Nothing really, I've just taken interest to learn about marriage. I mean, this is the perfect
    age to start thinking about marriage after all.”
    KALABA: “Am not getting married anytime soon, maybe 5 years from now.”
    MAJOR: “Wont you be in your mid thirties by then?”
    KALABA: “Yes I will be. A man determines when to marry, girls are the ones who are crazy about
    marriage and all. It's like marriage is the ultimate resolution for them.”
    MAJOR: “I think your view on marriage is as bad as your view on relationships and when it comes
    to ladies, Most have grown up in areas where marriage is everything. More of an escape root from
    poverty. But again it's not all of them, trust me.”
    KALABA: “ Am sure it's everyone, date a girl for a week and she already talking about marriage.”
    I knew Major was busy laughing because he sent three lines with laughing emoji's.
    MAJOR: “You need serious teachings, personaly I find ladies who idolise marriage as a turn off. I
    mean, why can't she work hard and develop herself? Instead most ladies are busy trying to attract
    a man to marry them.”
    KALABA: “But on a serious not am not getting married anytime soon. I need to enjoy money in ma
    single life before am locked down.”
    I never understood the things I spoke about with Major, the guy just provoked sensitive issues in
    the most unusual way.
    We didn't chat much that evening, Major said he had to check on his Facebook friend. I didn't
    understand why he couldn't just text with me and her at the same time. He was strangely
    determined to step things up.
    MWANGO: “Hey dear...”
    KUTEMWA: “Hey Mwango. I've been waiting for you. Almost slept.”
    MWANGO: “That doesn't seem like a fair thing to do. Am sorry I took long. Hope you forgive me.”
    KUTEMWA: “Nah! I need to think about it.”
    MWANGO: “What's there to think about sure? I was chatting with my friend. I couldn't just bell on
    KUTEMWA: “Someone once told me that I have to command what I expect and am doing just
    I smiled as I wrote it, that was one of the things that Mwango kept telling me about when I just
    knew him.
    MWANGO: “I can't believe you using my words against me.”
    KUTEMWA: “That means that I really pay attention when we text chat or have video calls. Lol.”
    MWANGO: “Who are you with? Are your parents still there?”
    KUTEMWA: “Mum and Granny have gone, am with Angel who seems commited to her phone. By
    the way, Mum still remembers you.”
    MWANGO: “How is that even possible? Were you talking about me?”
    KUTEMWA: “Not really, but the whole thing happened in the afternoon when we were chatting.”
    MWANGO: “I also wanted to tell you something, if my project goes through this weekend then I
    might be coming that side next week.”
    KUTEMWA: “You leaving your Canadian girlfriend?”
    MWANGO: “Did you have to bring that up? What if I told you we broke up?”
    KUTEMWA: “I don't think I can believe that, a man will say anything just to get what he wants.”
    MWANGO: “Ouch!, are you seriously comparing me to other guys? I guess I would had just kept
    shut about it after all”
    KUTEMWA: “So what happened anyway?”
    I could tell that Mwango was upset, he once told me that he hates someone who compares him to
    their previous boyfriends as that does not build anything, instead it breaks. I was just being
    cautious though, when you get disappointed by someone you end up doubting even those who are
    true. That was what started to happen.
    MWANGO: “What's the point of me telling you? It's not like you will believe me after all.”
    KUTEMWA: “Come on, am sorry. It's just that I feel like we play with each others feelings at times.
    Personally that sucks and I hate it.”
    MWANGO: “I see. She's actually the one who ended things. She's a hopeless romantic who can't
    manage being in a long distance relationship. She thought it was best to end the relationship as a
    method of preventing us from cheating on each other.”
    KUTEMWA: “What kind of a lady in her normal sense would do such a thing?”
    MWANGO: “Hehehe, one who respects the truth and reality more than fantasy.”
    KUTEMWA: “So what did you do when she said that? Don't tell me you just went along with it.”
    MWANGO: “I was actually relieved. I didn't know how I was going to break up with her, promising
    fake love and marriage to someone is something I consider sinful. No wonder I never left any
    girlfriend in Zambia.”
    “Angel come and see...” I said with a smile.
    Angel jumped on the bed, “I think we should share a bed.” She said as she got the phone from my
    “I don't believe this... Am sure his just bluffing. I've seen how senseless Zambian guys become
    once they meet these foreign yellow bones.” She said hashly.
    “That's a rude thing to say.”
    “Am saying the truth. I can bet you this, all those guys who were against that Coach Divines post
    on Facebook about having to marry from outside Zambia are hypocrites, The only reason they did
    that was to get a few ladies attention and adds.” She added.
    I had my eyes fixed on her as she spoke, there was no room for me to argue at all, since I never
    read the same post after all, well, except for comments.
    “The guy is tryna tell you his single and free to mingle. So what's your move?” She asked.
    “I don't know. I guess I will just let things flow and happen for themselves.” I answered.
    “That's good as well. I mean, you know everything about the guy. All that's left is a couple of dates.
    After that the magic will happen on it's own.” she smiled.
    “Have you been watching Sofia?”
    “Cartoons have no age, Don't judge me.” Angel quickly responded.
    I could easily walk on my own now despite the pain. Both Mum and Granny wanted me to go and
    stay at the farm. But that wasn't in my plan, there was only a week to go and we would be officially
    launching our Book club and that was the same time in which Mwango was to land in the country.
    I was determined to get better. Stars are meant to shine after all.
    “Is Angel already here?” I asked.
    “She's outside with Captain. So what have you decided on? Are we going together?” She asked
    I stood near the window as I watched how beautiful the view looked.
    “Excuse me Doctor,” I called out to him as he was about to go out.
    “I would like to talk to Dr Mwanza, is she around?” I asked. Ever since the day I woke up in the
    hospital, she had never come back.
    “Yes she is around. Though busy, she happens to be giving a presentation in the conference
    room.” He answered in his most polite manner.
    “Thank you.”
    Among the visitors I had, Mango wasn't someone I expected, but I was glad he showed up to visit.
    Like Angel, he also thought it would have been good for me to tell Kalaba about my accident which
    I still strongly opposed.
    “Bro, the show was amazing. I didn't expect it to be that good.” I said as I sat in my car.
    “What! You thought they were going to booo at you? People change, it's just haters who refuse to
    move on.” Major said as he smiled.
    “Iwe move your phone properly, what's that on the table?” I asked him.
    “That's an abstract painting I did for my first exam.” He answered.
    “Since when did making movies involve drawing pictures?”
    “It's making movies to you guys, but it's art for us... And for that reason we are encouraged to be
    creative.” He said, sounding as though he had just given an answer to a billion dollar question.
    The painting looked so much familiar to me, the only reason was that it looked fuzzy and hard to
    make out what it really was.
    I mean, it was like that picture of a one person that changes the more you look closer at it.
    “And it just had to be butterflies? You don't even like butterflies bro. Those Canadian girls have
    washed your heard, brainwashed.” I laughed.
    “Guess where am heading...” I asked Major.
    “With that smile? I don't even have a clue.” He said.
    “Am going to the hospital. Hope I bump into that Doctor.”
    “Kalaba! That won't end well for you. I think the best you can do is stalk her on Facebook and not
    at her work place. If you really serious about taking her out then don't become a weirdo. Girls just
    don't like that.” Major said.
    He was now busy hanging the painting on the wall. “I got an A + for this!” He shouted.

    CHAPTER 15.

    “Guess where am heading...” I asked Major.
    “With that smile? I don't even have a clue.” He said.
    “Am going to the hospital. Hope I bump into that Doctor.”
    “Kalaba! That won't end well for you. I think the best you can do is stalk her on Facebook and not
    at her work place. If you really serious about taking her out then don't become a weirdo. Girls just
    don't like that.” Major said.
    He was now busy hanging the painting on the wall. “I got an A + for this!” He shouted.
    “As if you ever got a D - in your life, will have to catch up later I have a call.” I said as I quickly
    hang up.
    It was Zee, anyway that's what I saved Captain.
    I couldn't believe he was calling me because as far as I could remember he had never called me
    before, it's not like I had also called him before.
    The kind of friendship between me and him was all centered around the ladies, since it's because
    of them that we even met in the first place.
    I never liked the idea of being friends with your girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend. If such makes
    sense anyway.
    For me it was more of a chain to the leg, once you mess up, the other guy gets in trouble and
    that's why I avoided Captain.
    KALABA: “Captain, you good man?”
    CAPTAIN: “Am great thanks, have you spoken to Kutemwa lately?”
    KALABA: “No I haven't, she blocked. What's up? Is she suppose to call me?”
    CAPTAIN: “Not really, I thought you knew...”
    KALABA: “Knew what? Is she getting married or something?”
    CAPTAIN: “It's more worse than that, she was actually in an accident.”
    KALABA: “Accident! When? Where? Is she okay?”
    CAPTAIN: “Hold your horses, she fine. It's just the drive whose in bad shape. Otherwise
    Before he could finish talking the line cut. I tried to call back but his line was off, probably a low
    battery kinda of thing. I tried to call Kutemwa but I couldn't go through, ‘some ladies have hearts of
    stone.’ I said to myself as I drove off.
    Without a clue which hospital she Kutemwa would have been admitted at, I didn't bother to start
    searching, hence, I continued on my way to the hospital.
    The thought of what excuse to give once I ran into Dr Mwanza was something I couldn't make up.
    “What do you want? I thought I told you your check up was after two weeks!” I laughed as I
    imagined her saying something as hash as that.
    Among the visitors I had, Captain wasn't someone I expected, but I was glad he showed up to
    visit. Like Angel, he also thought it would have been good for me to tell Kalaba about my accident
    which I still strongly opposed.
    “We are ready.” Angel said as she walked in.
    “Take good care of her, you know how naughty she can be at time.” Mum said as she gave me a
    We waved them bye and went out to look for Dr Mwanza's office.
    For the first time, walking was stressful. ”A wheel chair wouldn't be bad.” I said as we stood in the
    “You wouldn't look good, with the way you eat, it would surely mess you up.“ Angel responded.
    “Try her line again, maybe she will pick up.” I told Angel.
    Captain had volunteered to take the bags to the car while Angel and I went off to look for the
    ANGEL: “Hey Mirriam, This is Angel. Where are you?”
    MIRRIAM: “Hey Angel, am heading to my office from the conference room. Where are you guys?”
    ANGEL: “We are on the third floor, corridor. I think we lost.”
    MIRRIAM: “Oh, what you have to do is get on an elevator to the next floor, and look for room D10.
    That's my office.”
    “She says Next floor, D8.” Angel said.
    “I don't get it, these modern hospitals are so confusing. It's like seating for a maths exam.” I
    responded furiously.
    After what seemed like forever to me and just a minute to Angel, we finally found D8.
    “Hello!” She called out to us as she came through. Elegance was an understatement for how she
    looked, “Am sorry I couldn't pick up your call. My phone was on silent and phones are not allowed
    unless you are ready to pay a K100.” She smiled.
    “Please come in.” She said as she swiped a key card.
    “We not even taking long, my boyfriend is waiting for us outside.” Angel said as we entered the
    “I just thought we say hi, I've been discharged. Thought it wouldn't be a good thing to just
    disappear.” I smiled as I spoke.
    “That's really thought of you, am sorry I couldn't come through after that day. Preparations for the
    presentation got me busy.“ She said warmly.
    “It's okay, Well, Angel and I would like to invite you for a ladies day out this weekend, that's if you
    don't have plans yet.” I said.
    “That would be lovely, I would lie if I say I have something planned out...”
    “That's just great. Then will be waiting for you. One of us will send you the directions.”
    “Sure, did they tell you that Chanda has woken up? Though he hasn't said anything yet?” She
    “Yes we were told.” Angel and I answered in unison.
    “Are you sisters?” Mirriam asked.
    “Yes we are!” We again answered in unison.
    “We are sisters but not biologically related.” Angel added.
    We spent about 20 minutes chatting and laughing in Mirriam's office. It was then that her phone
    rang, it was more like a beep really. She turned to me and whispered that we had to go, it was
    Captain who had just beeped us.
    Mirriam was glad that we went to see her, she escorted us to the escalator, at the door we stood
    and picked up another topic.
    “Mirriam what do you make of a lady that gives a man money?” Angel paused.
    “I see no problem in that, if he can't manage and you as the girlfriend can manage... Then you
    must help him.” Mirriam answered.
    “Exactly my point. But why do leaders feel like they are entitled to a man's income once they start
    dating him?” I said.
    “Such a mindset as a lady is just wrong. Personally I get talk time for my boyfriend, even if he
    hasn't asked me. I just feel guilty always being the one asking for ABC.” Angel said as we all
    The three of us had alot in common despite our difference in careers. Mirriam easily fit in, we said
    our byes as we entered the elevator.
    I arrived at the hospital feeling nerves, regardless of having driven for 20minutes from work to
    where I was, I hadn't yet thought of what to say to Dr Mwanza once I met her.
    I did try to rehearse a couple of lines but they didn't just make sense.
    After parking my car, I decided to look around the car park for Kutemwa's car but there was no
    sign of it anywhere.
    Once I entered, the thought of checking in at the reception didn't even cross my mind. I was aware
    of what that lady could do, so instead of using the stair like last time when I had to trail behind Dr
    Mwanza, I decided to use the elevator. It's not like I was suddenly going to gain, I always thought
    health personnels who promoted physical working out exaggerated things.
    I stood at the two elevator doors waiting for the one that was going up. Within a minute of waiting
    one opened up, there was an elderly couple and a man my age.
    “TiKe (TK), You gad man? I watched tha show it lit. Like big time. Great come back. Just awesome
    works bra” He said immediately I entered.
    “Thank you man. Really appreciate the love” I responded.
    I didn't know what to say, for some strange reason getting applause and good words from people
    didn't move me like before.
    The man was very excited and kept asking me funny questions, it was hard wasn't had to ignore
    him but his accent just made it hard. It wasn't until long that I had reached the third floor.
    It was that kind of thing were you are not expecting to see someone and behold, like the tree of
    Lebanon she stood firm and tall.

    CHAPTER 16.

    The man was very excited and kept asking me funny questions, it was not hard to ignore him but
    his accent just made it impossible. It wasn't until long that I had reached the third floor.
    It was that kind of thing were you are not expecting to see someone and behold, like the tree of
    Lebanon she stood firm and tall.
    “Kalaba!” What are you doing here?
    Dr Mwanza asked as she allowed the nurse she stood with to walk into her office.
    “I... I was just...”
    “You were just what? Is anything wrong or something?” She asked me.
    “I’m just from work, I thought I say hi. Since the hospital in on my way home.“ I responded. My
    shaving legs couldn't hold me anymore. I had no idea what she would say.
    “Come in.” She said after giving it a thought.
    “You need to understand that this is a place of work and you just can't show up when ever you feel
    like doing so...” She said as she took of her jacket.
    “Am sorry about that, I just wanted to see you.”
    “That's exactly my point, you a patient and am your doctor. Get that into your head.”
    Major was right, Dr Mwanza was furious and kept talking about how unethical it was. I wanted to
    walk out shamelessly but for some reason I stayed and absorbed every word she said.
    After she cooked off, I saw it as a chance to speak.
    “Was hoping I can take you out for lunch?” I said in a low voice.
    “Didn't you just hear what I was saying?”
    “I have heard every word. But you look like you could use a break.” I said.
    Dr Mwanza continued packing papers and ignored me, it was like I wasn't even there at all.
    “I need to be back in 30 minutes. She said as she looked up at me.”
    “I promise to bring you back before 20 minutes.” I quickly responded as I jumped in the chair. She
    just shook her head and smiled.
    I thought it would rough taking her for lunch, but again she never spoke much but was very
    “What made you think I would accept?” Dr Mwanza asked as we walked to were I had parked the
    “I had no idea you would accept, I was just taking the risk.” I smiled.
    “Well, you lucky am starving, if not for that I wouldn't have come along. But on a serious not you
    need to stop coming to my work place.” She said.
    The amount of respect she spoke just confused me, how could she be so beautiful and have so
    much respect?.
    “I can't wait to get home.” I said to Angel as we were on our way home.
    “Thats the lazy in you speaking. I rebuke it.” She shouted.
    Captain couldn't help himself but laugh, he had offered to take me home with his car. I didn't like
    the idea but again, he was really trying to just be part of the family and I had to give him a chance.
    “I think I say Kalaba's car at the hospital the time we were driving in.” I said.
    “I thought am the only one who saw it.“ Captain responded.
    “Did you call him?” Angel asked Captain.
    “I called him but I never told him which hospital you were at. I promise, my phone went off before I
    could say a word.”
    “It's okay. It really doesn't matter.” I spoke up to break the tension that Angel was creating.
    I knew how Kalaba was, he was certainly going to find himself at my place one way or another.
    “Do you think Mirriam will come through.” Angel askede.
    “Am sure she will. I could tell she enjoyed our company.” I responded as I sent Mwango.
    “Is'nt he sleeping right now?” Angel asked me with her cheeks blown.
    “The person you are texting. I know you texting Mwango.” She laughed.
    “Captain, better hold that girl. She's being nosy.” I laughed.
    Mwango was kind enough to take us for ice cream, both Angel and I didn't want Nshima. He
    insisted that we eat something solid but nope, our minds were made up and ice cream was the
    only thing we wanted.
    “I don't understand you ladies. When a guy is around you eat as if you from the royal family and
    then when it's girls only you eat like you are Zambian guys.” He said.
    “It's normal, I don't think it's wise for a man to see you eating like you on the Mwine Nshima
    challenge. Guys don't like that.” I said.
    “True, the guy will be afraid to take you out if you eat a lot.” Angel added as she gave me a high
    “So you ladies even know?” Captain exclaimed.
    “Every girl knows, it's in the girl code rules.” Angel laughed.
    “But I have seen a thing where a guy is more shy compared to the girlfriend.” I said.
    “That's just not right. How can you as a guy lead if you busy acting like Cinderella?” Captain said
    as he slowly shook his head.
    “But I think every relationship is different, you surely don't expect every couple to be the same. I
    can assure you one thing, it's better if the guy is not talkative and the girl is talkative.” Angel said
    as she looked at me and pointed at Captain.
    “I don't agree with that.” Captain protested.
    “If you don't agree then what is your view?” I asked him.
    “Most relationships lack friendship, I mean, these relationships are like a military camps.” He said.
    This make Angel and I laugh, maybe because we both knew someone who could fit in Captain's
    words. She was a friend back in college, all the boyfriend did was call her out and command her
    around. Things like, “I don't want you to be talking to that one and that one,” The girl had no
    freedom and couldn't even stand for up for herself. It was that serious.
    “Iwe why you still laughing? You have remembered her also?” Angel asked as she continued
    “Many people don't know how to be friends with there partners, such that when his/her is nice you
    know they want to ask for something. That's how wasted things are.” He added.
    Even though Angel and I were busy laughing, Captain was truly correct in every angle, His point
    would still shake walls if compared to how my relationship with Kalaba was.
    It was always about what he wanted and that was that, I couldn't say no, I still stayed because the
    thought of dating a celebrity had brainwashed me. Our relationship was so centered on Hollywood
    that we never spoke about dreams, ambitions and all that.
    God knows Kalaba never asked me about how I wanted life to be in the future.
    But what's a girl to do when the girl she's with is a big shot.
    Captain never stayed, he just dropped us off and left as he had other commitments. Since both
    Angel and I didn't want to cook, we dag into our bows of ice cream as Angel began to update me
    concerning the preparations of the book club.
    “According to the letters we received, we have about 50 registered members.”
    “The numbers look good.” I responded with a smile.
    With the history of our poor Zambian culture, having 50 registered members for the club was a
    really great start.
    “We sent emails asking them what they would love to see happen once the club was opened, the
    feedback was really impressive. We nailed 90% feedback from all who received the email, which
    shows a lot of people want to be part of the club.” Angel said as she flipped a few papers, She was
    the business binded one and I was the idealist. Together we turned stones into pure gold.
    “The lady from your shop brought the envelope.”
    “How are the figures looking?” I nervously asked as I covered my face.
    “The numbers are great, considering you just opened. All that is left is to have the shop signed
    with google.” Angel smiled as she looked at her tablet.
    Granny would always say, “Make the most out of yourself ladies, be a helper to your man and not
    a trap to bring him down.”
    She would say things like, “In marriage you are a helper, in football that makes you a substitute.
    Don't be a wife whose just a fun or spectator for you man. A helper is meant to help, now how will
    you do that if you don't have substance.”
    Angel was always a great student, she liked asking Granny about Marriage and how to be a lady
    that's productive.
    It's because of such advice that we sat on the carpet throwing business ideas at each other. Angel
    was even planning on quoting her day job, her boss had to beg and even increase the salary to
    just make sure her plan doesn't go through. Granny had a powerful force on us, she mentored us
    in everything and when I say everything I mean everything.
    “We need to venture into catering.” She said as calmly with a smile.
    “Not right now. Let my leg get better then we can talk about that.” I rushed in.
    “I have no problem, but you seriously need to start holding small business meetings. Am sure
    people can pay to come and learn.” Angel smiled.
    We both laughed about it, but that's how we worked things out.
    “I want to be a billionaire...
    So freaking bad....
    Buy all of the things I never had...”
    Angel sang as she walked to her favourite place in the house, the kitchen.
    I tried not to think of Chanda, I knew he was recovering and doing much better and that was all.
    The truth was I was scared, I felt like I willingly walked into a trap without realising it.
    “Let's go to Hungry Lion,” Dr Mwanza said as we were now on the high way.
    “I don't know any hungry lion shop this side.” I responded.
    I didn't want to act like I know it, so I decided to just try my best to answer truthfully.
    “It's okay I will give you directions. Am actually very familiar with this place.” She responded.
    “So, Doctor...”
    “Please don't call me Doctor. I don't like to be addressed like that when am not at the hospital.”
    She said with ease.
    “Mind if I ask why?”
    “Am still young. I don't want my whole life to revolve around my career.” She laughed.
    I blushed, I couldn't help but melt by how cute she looked when she smiled.
    “You can park there she pointed as we entered the small mall. I haven't been there before, the
    place was green and well presented.
    “This place is nice...” I said as we got out of the car.
    “I like such places, they help relax and think. The malls in Lusaka are something else.” She said
    as she lead the way.
    I never understood what she spent by saying, ‘the malls in Lusaka.’ Because as far as I knew
    Lusaka was one of the places with a lot of malls in Zambia, maybe she studied abroad. Since that
    was the new trend in Zambia.
    It's like everyone doubted the lectures and what they taught.
    From the look of things, she was a regular customer because the ladies at the counter extended
    their greetings with smiles. I made the order and went to wait. She said it will be brought at the
    That was a treat I had never gotten regardless of being a public figure.
    “You a regular here?” I asked her.
    “Yes, am mostly here if am not at work.” She said with a smile.
    I couldn't figure out how one would love Hungry Lion so much to even make camp for it.
    “So what do you do?”
    “Am usually writing stuff and editing other people's work. I find it easy to think and gain
    inspiration.” she smiled.

    CHAPTER 17.

    I couldn't figure out how one would love Hungry Lion so much to even make camp for it.
    “So what do you do?”
    “Am usually writing stuff and editing other people's work. I find it easy to think and gain
    inspiration.” she smiled.
    I smiled back, it didn't take me any calculations to know that the Doctor and I were living in two
    different worlds. I mean, all I ever wanted was to even sleep at the studio, love my work, I enjoyed
    it to the fullest while for her, it was a complicated case.
    “Enough about me, what do you do when you not at the studio.” She asked me.
    “Am not really sure.” I answered.
    “How can you not be sure, there has to be something that interests you at least.” She said, her
    face more curious and concerned.
    “I've never really thought of such, You actually the second person to ask me such a question.” I
    said as I remembered Kutemwa.
    “You a boring person.” Kutemwa said the second day we met and she paused that same question
    to me.
    “I don't know, I guess my whole life revolves around my career.” I answered Dr Mwanza.
    “I see, so what will you be doing once you get old? And decide to stop work?”
    “I don't think of such, am sure by the time that happens I would have thought of something.” I
    answered her.
    She smiled and shook her heard, which actually meant she had not approved my of words.
    “Basically you not living, You existing.” She commented in a low voice.
    That's when a lady that works there came through with our order. I was starving, but I had to act
    cool about it.
    “What do you mean am just existing.” I asked her.
    “You don't have anything to look up to, your life is all about work. Imagine if you where to get
    married, your wife would have to compete with your work.” She said as she opened the plastic.
    I tried not to think of Chanda, I knew he was recovering and doing much better and that was all.
    The truth was I was scared, I felt like I willingly walked into a trap without realising it.
    As I sat there thinking my phone rang, It was Mwango. A smile widened as I couldn't wait to tell
    him of how my businesses where doing.
    KUYLTEMWA: “Hello!”
    MWANGO: “Hey, how are you doing. Wanted to check if you home...”
    KUTEMWA: “Got home some 30 minutes ago, Captain dropped us off.”
    MWANGO: “Oh, that's good. Angel's boyfriend right?”
    KUTEMWA: “Yes. You sound strange is everything okay?”
    MWANGO: “Other than me falling in love with you, everything is not okay.”
    I always got worried once Mwango said he wasn't okay, that usually lead to him going into clubs to
    drink. Stopping alcohol was one of his resolutions until he got mad and upset about something.
    Regardless of how hurt he would be, he always called to notify me that he would be out drinking.
    KUTEMWA: “You know you can talk to me, what's wrong?”
    MWANGO: “Nothing is wrong, just something great has happened. Guess what?”
    Mwango was lively, he always made sure to involve me in a chat. He never liked to make me feel
    left out. And gash this guy liked making me guess things.
    KUTEMWA: “Am not guessing anything. Just tell me what it is.”
    MWANGO: “Just give it a try, please...”
    KUTEMWA: “You want to get me ice cream?”
    MWANGO: “huh! What a guess. Am coming this week. My project has been accepted!!!”
    I was excited for him, my excitement was so intense that I shouted and Angel came storming in.
    “Whats going on! Why you shouting?” She asked.
    “It's Mwango his coming this week...”
    “Aint you still on the phone?” She asked me as she looked at me.
    “oops! My bad. You there?” I asked Mwango.
    “Am still here, just listening to you...”
    “I also have something to tell you,” I said as I tried to calm down.
    “Am listening.” He said as she cleared his throat.
    “We've managed to have 50 people registered for the book club.” I said.
    “What! 50 as in 5 and O? You girls are kicking but. Am proud of you.” He said warmly.
    “If you girls ever decide to open one for guys, sign me up.” He said.
    Mwango was the full package, he had almost everything that a lady would look for in a man.
    Charming, courageous, motivating, and caring not forgetting very fashionable.
    Mwango had to start preparing for Zambia so we didn't talk much, I felt so calm and peaceful as I
    sat on the floor waiting for Angel to finish doing her magic in the Kitchen. Mum and Granny
    promised to bring Little Andrew home late in the evening.
    “So when are you going to meet Captain's parents.” I asked Angel as she served the table.
    “Am not sure, am waiting for them to call and let me know. You know how they act, as if they are
    the royal family hehehe.” She laughed.
    “I still don't get it, His father seems okay with you guys being together now Mama Kankasa eh!
    The way she treats Captain as if his a boy and all. That's just not good.” I said.
    “I guess parents will always be parents, the only problem is when they now want to start telling you
    how to keep the child. I remember how my cousin was treated and all, plus for her she had nothing
    other than living off the little that she was given by the family.” Angel said.
    “But I think everything will just been okay, I have a good feeling about this trust.” I responded.
    “You always have a good feeling, when didn't you have a good feeling.” She laughed.
    “Mwango is coming, it has gotten me thinking, what if he won't like me when he sees me?”
    “That kinda talk if because of the accident I hope, because if it's not, then I need to call Mirriam so
    she can do a diagnosis on you.” Angel laughed.
    “I want you to know that am not supporting this, but again I don't want you to not give it a try. It's
    better to try than give up.” she added.
    Angel was like a big sister, always making sure that I don't get consumed with work and business.
    She believed in living a life filled with memories and not living by chance.
    That was something Granny would say time and again.
    We never spoke much as we ate, I was forced to be in an odd position.
    I wanted to ask Dr Mwanza her name but I couldn't, I just found it weird, we were there having
    lunch and all I knew was that she was a Doctor who loved writing.
    “Where did you do your medicine from, Apex or Ridgeway?” I asked her.
    “Non of the two, Dad refused. He said there wasn't much substance because all that was taught
    was just a recitation of what was written in books. So I applied in a few countries and was picked
    in India.” She said.
    “Your dad seems to be a strict man.” I said as I took a sip.
    “Am sure you would find him offensive. He asks a lot of questions and can be very judgemental.”
    She laughed.
    I couldn't get what was funny about what she had said. But I kept my cool as if I had everything
    under control.
    “What about you? How are your parents like?” She asked me.
    “Well, I was raised by a Single mother, I never knew my dad... One day he just packed his clothes
    and left. Never came back.” I said.
    “Thats savage, did something happen to him or what?” she asked.
    “Nothing happened to him, I here his in Luapula. I guess he got tired of mum, or maybe it's
    because of me. I don't know. I don't like thinking about it.” I responded.
    “Am really sorry, didn't mean to agitate you.” She said sounding apologetic.
    “It's okay, it's just that I never talk about it. I've trained myself to just burry that part of my life you
    know?” I said.
    “What of your education?”
    “I did my journalism at Evelyn Hone College, In my second year I auditioned for a certain show
    and I was picked. That's how Kalaba TK was born.” I smiled accompanied by a laugh.
    I could clearly see that she wasn't interested or concerned whether I was famous or not.
    “Interesting.” Was all she said.
    “I remember watching one of your shows some time back, you good. Don't just let it get to your
    head.” She said warmly.
    I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
    “Sorry but are you trying to say that fame has gotten to me?” I asked her.
    “That's just what I have noticed. Fame comes and goes, before you know it only a few people will
    remember that even such a person walked the earth. All am trying to say is... Find something to
    live for.” She smiled.
    “Am sorry but that's non of your business!” I said.
    I wanted to shout at her, but again I had to act cool. She noticed my reaction but just kept quiet,
    once we where done eating... I drove her back to the hospital and left.
    She did apologize, but I didn't give a damn, I felt like someone had pricked my heart with a knife.
    I drove home feeling like a bag of sand. I was so pissed that such that I didn't want to spend
    another minute with her. How could she say fame had gotten to my head?
    I arrived at home and threw myself on the bed. Something about what she said just got to me so
    I immediately texted Major, he was that buddy I didn't mind complaining too the whole day. He
    was good at listening and laughing as well. Immediately he responded that he would text me later
    as he was busy.
    I now got mad at him, ‘How could he put a girl he had never seen before me?’ I thought to myself.
    “Hey man, how did it go at the hospital?” Major asked with a smile.
    “Fairl good.” I responded, “What were you doing?”
    “I was cleaning my fridge, need to sell it before leaving. I sent you an email, you didn't see it?” He
    “What you mean I didn't see it? You know very well I hardly check my email.”
    “My project has been accepted, so I might be home this weekend. Hopefully.” He said with a
    “At least you looking forward to something, I just got pinched in the brain.” I coughed.
    “What you mean?”
    “I managed to see the Doctor, can you imagine she accepted to have lunch with me?” I smiled a
    “Woow! I guess she really felt sorry for you, I mean, with a degree to her name she accepted you
    taking her for lunch. Isn't that an ethical though?” He said thoughtfully.
    “Shut up brainy. So she led me to this nice place. It's a small mall but man it's the reflection of
    paradise.” I said.
    “I didn't know you paid attention to such things, wow.” Major commented.
    “The thing is we went to her favourite joint, she asked me a couple of questions about myself. She
    was just intrusive, just like Miss HaveItAll use to do.” I said.
    “By the way you talking it seems like she really asked you serious questions after all. What made
    you upset though?” Major asked.
    “She was like I have let fame get to my head. Can you imagine? How do you seriously say such a
    thing...” I exclaimed.
    “It's not like she was lying. She was actually just saying the truth you know.”
    “You supporting her?” I asked him.
    “Am not, but I think you just feel invaded. Since all those girls you heat on didn't care to ask about
    your life. Did you get her number?” He asked me.
    It was then that I remembered, I was so pissed that I even forgot to ask for her line and all.
    “Her Facebook user name? Tell me you at least asked for that?” Major said in a pleading manner.
    “I didn't ask her. Maybe she's not on Facebook.” I said to defend myself.
    The first rule of the game was “Ask for her name and then her number” it hadn't changed.
    Yet I didn't even know her first name.

    CHAPTER 18.

    “Her Facebook user name? Tell me you at least asked for that?” Major said in a pleading manner.
    “I didn't ask her. Maybe she's not on Facebook.” I said to defend myself.
    The first rule of the game was “Ask for her name and then her number” it hadn't changed. Yet I
    didn't even know her first name.
    "Don't try and act smart on me Kalaba, cause you ain't. How can you live with yourself?” Major
    I had made up my mind not to see her again but that was just the fear inside of me deciding. Major
    managed to convince me to see her again.
    “I will be buying you lunch every Saturday for one month, just try and make things work.” He had
    said earlier.
    I tried to make him understand something, ‘Just because she pisses you off doesn't make her the
    one.’ But nope, my friend had a good feeling about Doctor Mwanza and he was going to make
    sure I go back to see her. Let's face it, who would deny free lunch every weekend?
    I woke up excited on a weekend, Major was in his final preparations and I couldn't wait to see him.
    On my way to work I decided to visit Kutemwa and see how she was doing after the accident she
    had gone through. It wasn't a certain thing, but I took the risk of being insulted and called a good
    for nothing man who just enjoyed lazing around.
    My new job schedule was flexible, since I had been striped off from presenting on other shows, I
    had time to do other things.
    “Is anyone around?” I called out as I knocked on Kutemwa's door.
    After knocking for almost 10 minutes, a lady from another apartment came out.
    “Ah, it's that boy from the internet. How are you?” She said with a smile.
    Her smile meant she was joking and for that, I was never offended.
    “Hi mah, I was looking for Kutemwa but it seems no one is around.” I said.
    “Have you tried calling her?” She asked me.
    “Not at all, I just wanted to surprise her.” I responded.
    “And you just surprised yourself. Come back in the evening am sure they will be here.” She said
    as she walked back into her apartment.
    The lady left me with no words to say, it was like she just never liked me.
    “Yeah!!” The ladies screamed as we all sat down.
    Mirriam and Angel had just come back from troubling the Chef.
    “His going to bring us something special.” Mirriam said as she sat down. If not for her complexion,
    one would think we were triplets.
    “How do you know the Chef?” Angel asked.
    “I don't.” She laughed.
    “Wait a second. You mean you went to place a personal order when you don't even know him?
    Girl you gat confidence.” I said.
    “I get that a lot. But I saw him wink at me the time we were entering the restaurant, since the man
    wanted to flirt, I thought it wouldn't be a bad thing to make an order.” She said as she took a sip of
    Angel thought it was a good idea for us to eat out, so that's how we all went for a drive to a small
    restaurant in woodlands, of course I wasn't the one driving.
    It had been almost a week since I got out of hospital but the thought of a car just spooked me. Talk
    about me driving, now that just creped and robbed me of my confidence. I was scared of driving.
    It didn't take much to easily notice that Mirriam was a flirt, a professional if such a thing existed.
    “So, are you seeing someone?” Angel asked Mirriam.
    “At the moment nah, I still have many doctors to deal with at the hospital. They keep following me
    and writing me funny notes of how they can pimp my life.” She said filled with disgust.
    “It's the thing for your profession, You inter marry. It's rare for a person in that seat to marry
    someone who does something else.” I added.
    “Exactly my point.” She exclaimed, “I don't want to leave a predictive life or a life that makes me to
    follow a certain way of living.”
    As she was talking, Angel looked at me and smiled as she could easily relate to what Mirriam was
    “I just think we as ladies have limited our lives a lot. We live to please. We hardly think of anything
    else other than marriage.” Mirriam added.
    “You preaching to the right congregation my sister.” Angel said as she snapped her fingers.
    “What about you?”
    “Am in a relationship and my friend here, well, it's kind of complicated for her.” Angel answered.
    “Angel!” I called out.
    “Am just saying the truth.” She responded with a smile.
    “There is nothing complicated. I just happen to like a guy I met on Facebook, that's all.”
    “Oh! That sounds interesting. I tried internet dating once but it didn't go well.” She said.
    “Am I the only one who hasn't done this? I think of internet dating as just a game. It's just flirting
    and creating a relationship based on fantasy.” Angel said as she shook her head.
    “You can that, but just wait until you meet a dude that is down to earth and gives you attention like
    oxygen." Mirriam said as we all laughed.
    In the middle of our chat, the waitress was kind enough to bring our order.
    The food was amazing, I still found it had to believe the Chef had winked at Mirriam until the plates
    rolled in.
    Mirriam was handed a note which she showed us, it was the Chef's number and a small heart at
    the corner of the card.
    “I bet he has a wife and kids, but he just can't control himself. That's why I've given up dating, one
    thing I know; there is always some girl more beautiful and sexy than you... Which means no matter
    what, he will still try to cheat.” Mirriam said with a hash face.
    “You don't believe in relationships?” I asked curiously.
    “I guess I have just given up on love that's all. My experience hasn't been pleasant.” She calmly.
    “What happened?” Angel asked.
    “It's okay if you don't want to talk about it.” I quickly rushed in.
    Mirriam smiled before she could say a word, it was when she started explaining what happened to
    her that all the dots connected.
    “I dated this guy, he was from Copperbelt, A student at one of the college's here in Lusaka. I
    helped him with everything... I mean, I could give him money for food, clothes. I would lie to my
    parents so that I could be given money.” She said in the most awkward way possible, then she
    “He finished and got his diploma, the guy immediately found a job. It was then that things began to
    change. He was very busy all of the sudden and started giving excuses every time I wanted to see
    him .” She sighed.
    “I know that feeling, when you have poured everything into a guy and then he just transforms into
    a monster.” I said, Mirriam's story had kept me glued.
    It was that kind of story that was so hard to believe because what the guy did was just inhuman.
    “So one day I decided to go at his place, I never told him that I was on my way. I just wanted to
    surprise him that's all. I got to his place, only to hear loud music playing in his room. I knocked
    once, twice until I couldn't take it anymore. I opened the door and just walked right in and found
    them butt naked on the table.” She said with a devilish smile.
    “What!” Angel and I exclaimed.
    “You mean they were naked? And having sex on the table?” I questioned with a mix of thrill and
    “What table are we talking about here?” Angel laughed.
    With Angel's question, both Mirriam and I started laughing. Like I said, she was telling us a true
    story that was just hard to believe.
    “What did you do... As in, after you found them making out on the table?” I giggled.
    “I went straight to the stereo and reduced the volume. Beat the crap out of him and the same girl
    he was with. I went psycho on him. From that day on wards I don't think I can trust a man.” Mirriam
    smiled as she finished talking.
    “I don't think I can do what you did, like seriously, I can't even imagine such a thing happening to
    me because the way I would be broken... Mah.” Angel said with her mouth open.
    Guys have played with my feelings before, but that was just something else.
    “I don't even know what I can do. So you don't date?” I asked her.
    “I can't let such a bad thing affect my entire life, I will be frank with you guys, it has robbed me of
    certain things such that even if I was to date someone. It would be a zombie relationship. And this
    is what you are seeing today. Marriages that held by the last thread, broken people who date
    because they don't want to be anomalies of this world.”
    Mirriam further explained to us that she had tried dating after that but things didn't just look up for
    her, she admitted being a flirt though according to her, “I only do it if I like the guy that's all.”
    We spent more hours than planned at the restaurant, we spoke about almost every topic from
    Marriage goals to Business. One thing that made Mirriam easily fit in among us was how open
    minded she was.
    Once we were done, Mirriam had to leave because she was meeting someone.
    “Do you think she was making that story up?” I asked Angel as she drove home.
    “Nah! Why make up such to impress your friends. I've heard more weird things and I wouldn't be
    surprised her man did that. My cousin told me of how she was chained up in bed when having sex
    by the husband.” Angel said.
    “What, Oh no! Now that's some fifty shades kinda stuff. I don't know what people think. Gash!” I
    spoke out in disgust.
    “People go through stuff Kutemwa. Am just saying, some of these guys are sadists in disguise.”
    Angel laughed.
    My mind had its own agenda, I began to wonder what kind of a man Chanda was. For some
    reason, I was afraid of guys, the horrors of life had strongly spooked me.
    “Hows your leg?” Angel asked me.
    “I think I took more shoots than I needed, can't feel anything.” I responded.
    The moment we reached home, our neighbor walked up to us and explained in full detail (To our
    surprise) regarding a man that had come to look for me. Angel was busy laughing.
    “Ama tukutuku; your ex really knows how to be noticed."
    “Shut up Angel.”
    “Am surprised it took him 3 days to come and see you.” She commented as we walked inside the
    “He has to be dating.” I said.
    “What makes you think Kalaba is dating?” Angel questioned me.
    I smiled as Dr Mwanza walked in. I kept blinking in the most unusual way as she walked to my
    seat. She wasn't dressed up for work, she was dressed up to kill.
    She wore a tight dress that hard an African feel to it, I had never been good with fashion. But man,
    the Doctor was turning heads. I stood up, gave her a hug and pulled out a chair for her.
    “I thought you were not going to make it.” I said as she sat down.
    “Am really sorry, was out with the girls.” She smiled as she said that.
    “Before anything, I would like to know your name.” I demanded.
    “You at least have my line,” she said as she licked her lips. “But since am in a good mood I will tell
    you, you can call me Mirriam."
    “A beautiful name for a gorgeous lady.” I commended.
    “I guess that's what you tell all your ladies huh?” She remarked.
    It was more of a statement than question.
    Since my last outing with Mirriam, Major encouraged me to avoid getting into a stand off with her
    because she always got the best of me.
    Unlike the other time, she was more attentive and asked a lot of questions, that's the only part that
    wasn't different.
    “Why do you ask a lot of questions?”
    “I need to know the person am spending my time with, just in case.” She answered with a smile.
    “What you mean just in case?” I asked full of curiosity.

    CHAPTER 19.

    “Why do you ask a lot of questions?”
    “I need to know the person am spending my time with, just in case.” She answered with a smile.
    “What you mean just in case?” I asked full of curiosity.
    Mirriam looked at me and smiled. “Just in case you do something funny, I need to tell the police
    everything I know about you."
    Her weird sense of humour wasn't one of the kind. We ordered something to eat, she said she had
    something with her friends and could just take some salads.
    Even though I was hungry, I had to eat like a King, having in mind that Mirriam was very
    observant. And yes I mean it, she was very observant.
    “Why is red your favourite colour?” She asked me.
    Our eyes were locked, one wrong move could change the out come of everything and there was
    only two ways around this. I could become the best friend or the boyfriend.
    “I don't remember saying red was my favourite colour.” I objected.
    “Most of your clothes have red in them, I've seen your shows before and it's the same thing.” She
    answered confidently.
    “Am sure it's just an error. Red isn't my favourite colour at all,” I smiled. It was a good feeling
    having Mirriam miss something.
    Even though I wasn't good with identifying personalities, It wasn't hard for me to know that Mirriam
    was a bit competitive. She never liked to lose, even with the most simple things.
    “So what's your favourite colour then?” She asked me.
    “I don't have a favourite colour. I just dress according to how I feel on a particular day. That's all.” I
    “And it just happens to be red right?” She asked with a funny facial expression.
    I use to have one rule among others when it came to girls, Never ask her relationship status. Just
    present your case and see how lucky you get. And that was exactly what I had in mind as we sat
    at the table.
    “Ama tukutuku; your ex really knows how to be noticed."
    “Shut up Angel.”
    “Am surprised it took him 3 days to come and see you.” She commented as we walked inside the
    “He has to be dating.” I said.
    “What makes you think Kalaba is dating?” Angel questioned me.
    “I know him, He may be late when it comes to showing up but 3 days just doesn't sound like him. If
    his not dating then his lowering someone into his trap.” I laughed.
    “I heard his back to work, though he was let down on a couple of shows.” Angel commented.
    “That's good. At least he has learnt something. Life is like that unfaithful partner, it has a mind of
    it's own. Am happy he wasn't fired though, Because the dude would have taken his life.” I smiled.
    “Is Captain coming through?”
    “Am not sure, he said he has bought something for the baby. He my come through. Why, you miss
    him?” Angel laughed.
    “Those are men, ready to walk through the lonely road alone just to prove his love and affection.” I
    said with a smile.
    “Since when did you like Captain?”
    “I have never hated him, I hated his family and how they use to treat you.” I responded
    I didn't just see any sense as a parent going to the extent of choosing a partner for your
    son/daughter. If he/she is so educated, then why didn't they manage to pick someone while they
    were studying.
    Angel knew how strongly I stood against arranged marriages.
    “Have I told you about the time they had found a girl for him?” Angel asked me.
    “Yes you did. Isn't it that girl who was the daughter to the mother's friend?”
    “Sharp, then you remember her." We both laughed.
    “You never even told me how it went that day.” I said with a clumsy face. Angel was invited by
    Captain's mother for lunch, dinner. Well, am not sure which is which because she went before
    lunch and came back late.
    “It went well, Actually is was great compared to other times on which we have met. Can you
    believe she apologized?”
    “Captain's mum apologized?” I asked full of unbelief.
    “Yeah! She asked if we could start over and this time as one family.” Angel said seeming
    “That's really good. At least they now acknowledged they were wrong. Raising a child in a split is
    one of the hardest things ever. I've seen how my Aunty suffers in Woodlands. I wouldn't wish it for
    anyone.” I said with a low smile.
    “That's true, but again there is a big problem. Many ladies are not ready for marriage, these days
    marriage is all about ‘am getting old’ or ‘all my friends are married’ that's just so wrong. That's why
    the rate at which divorces are happening is so high.” She said calmly.
    Angel was passionate about single mothers. She strongly believed a lady doesn't need a man to
    be successful and happy. Having a man as a lady should just be a bonus.
    “Most of these men are married not because they wanted too, they were just forced by the mistake
    they made.” She would say.
    “Captain is lucky to have you and am also lucky to have you as my friend.” I said with a blush.
    “What makes you say that?”
    “You have everything a man would ever want. You the Esther of this age my friend. If everyone
    would think like you, a lot of single mothers wouldn't be slaves to some guy's pay cheque.” I said
    “Enough about me, Tell me about Mwango, When is he landing in the country?” Angel said as she
    threw herself on the chair.
    “Am not talking about that.”
    “You just have too, if his going to be calling himself yours... Then I have to certify him.” She
    “Am not even sure if he will want to date me once we meet.” I sighed.
    “His a man, only that his very objective for a Zambian dude. He seems to know what he wants. I
    would advice you not to go in deep. You know." She said smartly.
    “Since when did you become a love Doctor?”
    “Since the bin-ginning beginning..” She said with a blast of laughter.
    "Major... Major! Major! Give me a hug man.” I called out as I finally set my eyes on a friend I hadn't
    physically seen in years.
    “TK my brother, A brother from another mother! Cheeh!” He shouted as he saw me.
    It was that magical scene that words wouldn't fully describe, His parents were there, I mean the
    whole family was there.
    It was greetings and photos, Looking at my friend, I thought of him as the prodigal son who had
    “Wow! Things have really changed since the last time I was here.” He exclaimed as we walked to
    the car.
    “You haven't seen anything yet, Lusaka has changed a lot these few years. But man you looking
    good, Look at those chubby cheeks.” I said.
    “Hahaha, you crazy. Whose the chubby one between the two of us.” He continued to laugh.
    “Am being for real man, what perfume is that? Ken's?”
    “What! No way, that stuff is expensive even in Canada. The Ken's perfume is exaggerated, it's not
    like a lady will fall in love with you by sniffing you.” He exclaimed as we both lost ourselves in
    It was that bond that people wouldn't understand, Me and Major could not look at something and
    just start laughing.
    His parents had prepared a welcome party at their place, The energy was hectic, even though we
    could text and Video chat. There was just something different when we finally met. There was so
    much I wanted to tell him.
    I didn't even know where to start from.
    “Have you called her yet?” I asked him.
    “I called but she hasn't been picking up. She doesn't easily respond to strange numbers, I have
    sent her a message on App though.” Major smiled as he sat in awe.
    “You have invited her for the party?”
    “No way, I can't do that. I mean we haven't met or spoken. I just can't invite her to a family party.
    What will I tell dad?” He said as he nodded his head.
    “Okay, but have you told her about it?” I asked.
    “Yes I have, she actually refused. Said I would be putting her in an awkward position.”
    “Seems the lady has brains huh?” I said surprisingly.
    “What makes you say that?” He asked me.
    “Well, Zambian ladies are crazy about marriage. Being invited for a family meeting, who would say
    “She would. Besides your ex seems to be another person who can say no.” Major laughed.
    “You not going to do that, how has my ex found herself in this story?” I asked him.
    “Let me tell you something Kalaba, of all the ladies you have dated, Mis HaveItAll was the only
    wife material. The rest of the girls you have claimed to date were just lessons.” Major said with a
    smile on his face.
    “I never claimed nothing. Besides, you never even got to see her picture, yet the way you support
    her is just unbelievable.” I said with a low face.
    “If you could ever find your way into her life again, Do what ever you must to stay. Am telling you
    the truth.” He smiled.
    “Are you suggesting that I go back to my ex?”
    “I haven't said that,” He laughed as he got his phone and started typing without even looking at the
    I couldn't believe he was saying that, if only he knew how much Kutemwa hated me. Maybe then
    he wouldn't be passing funny statements like that. Even though I hadn't asked Major about his
    cousin, I couldn't wait to finally meet her.
    The lady that stole Mwango's heart, she's the reason I named him Major.
    “I think may cousin will be there.” He said as if it was no big deal.
    On the way home he told me about Canada and a lot of other unnecessary things, he knew what I
    wanted to hear and he kept pretending. All I wanted was to know about his now ex girlfriend from
    How was it like dating a white girl? That was the only question I was looking forward to be
    “Mwango asked if I could attend a party at his parents place.” I laughed as I told Angel.
    “Never even think of going there...” She said.
    “Am not desperate to meet my in-laws, besides it wouldn't just make sense. Meeting for the first
    time at his parents place would just send a wrong message.” I said with a grin.
    “That's true, parents are over protective these days once there children are educated. It's like
    what happened with Captains family, they thought I just wanted money from him.” She laughed.
    “Have you talked about when you going to meet?” Angel asked me.
    “Nope, he needs to spend time with his family. I don't want to give him unnecessary pressure. His
    the man after all, when he feels the need for us to meet. We will meet.” I responded.
    I was happy and excited, I couldn't wait to finally meet Mwango. At the same time I didn't want to
    make him feel like I was so much into him. Least he gets the wrong impression.
    I couldn't even remember the last time I felt nervous about meeting a man.
    MIRRIAM: “Hi Kutemwa,”
    KUTEMWA: “Hey Mim. How are you doing...”
    MIRRIAM: “So you guys have seriously started calling me Mim? Am going to press charges on
    Angel hehe. Am actually at the hospital.”
    KUTEMWA: “Ain't you suppose to be off today? What you doing at work?”
    MIRRIAM: “Was called in for an emergency only to find something worse.”
    KUTEMWA: “Worse?”
    MIRRIAM: “It's your friend Chanda, he has passed on.”
    KUTEMWA: “What! That can't be true, his being doing well these passed days. How can he die?
    What happened Mirriam?”
    The shock of my life, just when I thought my day was flowlessly going well bad news had to push
    it's way through.
    KUTEMWA: “I don't get it, what happened?”
    MIRRIAM: “Am not suppose to tell you this, but you my friend. Chanda died because he lost a lot
    of blood by the time the Nurses found him. The report I read stated that he began to prick the
    veins on his wrist.”
    KUTEMWA: “Why ?? Was he hallucinating or something?”

    CHAPTER 20 (Final)

    The shock of my life, just when I thought my day was flowlessly going well bad news had to push
    it's way through.
    KUTEMWA: “I don't get it, what happened?”
    MIRRIAM: “Am not suppose to tell you this, but you my friend. Chanda died because he lost a lot
    of blood by the time the Nurses found him. The report I read stated that he began to prick the
    veins on his wrist.”
    KUTEMWA: “Why ?? Was he hallucinating or something?”
    “Am sorry Katemwa, will have to talk later.” Mirriam said as she hung up the phone.
    “What's wrong mama? Why are you crying.” Angel asked as she noticed how traumatized I looked
    as I sat hopelessly with tears rolling down my cheeks.
    “It's Chanda.”
    “What has Chanda done this time?” She asked. The tone on Angels voice gave off how upset she
    was becoming as I continued to moan silently.
    “Mirriam has just called that Chanda has passed away.” I said as I began to cry.
    Hey may have planned bad for me, but my wish wasn't to see him dead.
    He was a designer with great influence on the Zambian Market. My tears were not just for me, but
    I sobbed about the future of fashion in Zambian.
    “Hows that possible? He was just okay the other day, the Doctor confirmed he was doing well.”
    She said with shock and hurt.
    “Mirriam said the report stated that he died due to hypotension. One of his wrist viens was cut and
    he bleed to death. I don't get it, why would he do that? Why would he give up on life?” I moaned.
    How was it like dating a white girl? That was the only question I was looking forward to be
    “Are you seriously going to make me wait? You can tell me about your achievements later. All I
    want to know write now is how you managed to date a white lady?”
    “Seriously Kalaba? Mwati have you heard anything I have been saying?” He asked me, one of his
    eyebrows slightly raised.
    “Other than your Cousin being here, I don't think I can clearly remember everything.” I laughed.
    I liked getting on Mwangozl's nerves, it was always fun. It brought out the relationship councilor in
    “You can't build a Love with lust. That's one thing you need to understand before you even get into
    a relationship.” He said with a wicked smile.
    “I know that. But you don't expect me to date an ugly girl in the name of love, Don't tell me you
    didn't check the white girl out before you asked her out.” I laughed.
    Major looked at me and smiled, He had a valid point and mine was valid as well. Major's mother
    was kind enough to drag me along as she introduced Mwango to most of the people who had
    attended the party.
    It was more of, “This is my son, the one who was overseas” kind of thing.
    “Hey Major, where is that cousin of yours?”
    “She's not coming, there was an emergency at her work place and she was really needed.” He
    said in the most calm manner.
    “What! I really wanted to see her. How can an emergency come at a time like this?” I answered.
    “Don't worry, am sure you will meet her at my unveiling video party.” He said confidently.
    From the look in his eyes he was very sure she would be attending.
    “You can come with the Doctor, am sure she would find it amusing.”
    “Why can I do that? No way. I wouldn't want you to start shining and acting all charming.” I
    exclaimed as I shook my head to disagree with what Major had just told me.
    “Learn to be open minded. You don't impress a girl by taking her out to expensive places. That just
    shows how well you mismanage your finances.” He said as though he was talking to himself.
    “That only applies to women in Canada. This is Zambia bro, the real Africa. Ladies don't care
    about love or romance, all they want to see is how fat your pocket is. Trust me.” I said as I took a
    sip of my cold beer.
    “That happens because you vibe a lady with such a mentality. Ladies are just looking for a man
    who knows what he wants in life other than sex." He laughed.
    Major always knew how to let the dog out of the cage.
    I was anxious and nervous at the same time, I couldn't imagine I was finally going to meet
    Mwango after 2years of just being Facebook friends.
    He was done with his Cinematography program in Canada and was finally planning to settle. We
    arranged how we would meet, and he choose South Gate Mall because it's the one place he was
    certain he wouldn't get lost.
    I arrived with great anticipation, I had my black and white canvas, a high west skinny that fitted
    perfectly and brought out my future, I didn't want to over do it, so I just wore a jean top. Thank God
    I wasn't limping any more.
    It had been months since I hooked up with a guy, That's all because of a player called Kalaba,
    nevertheless, that was all behind me. Mwango was a good friend, but deep down I knew that there
    could be more between the two of us.
    MWANGO: “I've reached South Gate Mall, you will find me at KFC.”
    KUTEMWA: “Okay, am almost there... Where will I find you?”
    MWANGO: “Don't worry, when you enter KFC... The guy who will just stand that's me.”
    KUTEMWA: “What if two guys happen to stand at the same time?”
    MWANGO: “That can't happen. But if that was to happen, just look for the handsome one then
    that's me.”
    With his charm I was left laughing as I hang up.
    Like always Kulima Tower was busy, people walking in every direction, busses packed on every
    little piece of space available. I picked up my speed, I didn't want to have a bad impression on our
    first day of meeting.
    Finally I was at the Mall, I walked swiftly past people who stood waiting for other people, this was
    like the 'Meet Up Point' for Facebook lovers.
    I stood for a second to take a breath, then slowly I walked into KFC, the lady at the counter gave
    me a smile as I walked my way to the tables. I hated the idea of looking lost, however, before I
    could even think; from the corner table stood a tall, fair in complexion guy.
    This wasn't love at first site, in my own words, it was confusion at first site.
    Angel would usually ask me how I would act on the first day, she knew I fancied Mwango, and
    finally setting my eyes on him just got be petrified.
    I watched as he gave me another wave.
    I smiled and walked towards him. He pulled up a chair, after that he gave me a warm hug, it must
    have lasted for a minute or so.
    “Kutemwa...” He exclaimed as he held my hand tightly, “You look exactly like your photos.” He
    I gave out another smile, “Thanks, and you look like you...” I said nervously.
    “Please, take a seat.” He said warmly with a smile. Before I could think, his hand was escorting my
    'If he places his hand on your back or somewhere near you butt, it means his claiming you.' Those
    where the words Angel told a few days ago.
    ”What would you like to take?” He quickly asked.
    It had been a while since I was showered with such attention.
    “I think I will take what you will be taking.” I smiled. I knew he was going to order chips and
    Chicken, he told me it was his favourite once.
    Afternoon went into evening as Mwango and I sat at KFC laughing and flirting with each other. The
    feeling was mutual and his jokes were on point.
    “I forgot to say sorry, I heard about the passing on of Chanda, I had no idea he was a big deal.”
    Mwango said with now a bow of ice cream.
    “What you mean?”
    “I was watching TV and I kept seeing condolences messages and all.” He said surprisingly.
    “Oh! He was a great man in the Zambian fashion business. To bad he had to take his own life.” I
    “Yeah, but I guess everything happens for a reason at the end of the day. I personally can't judge
    him. Maybe he had his own reasons."
    We spent the rest of the evening talking about business and how I had almost completely
    recovered from the accident that I was involved in with Chanda.
    As we spoke, all I did was look for clues that Angel has laid down for me on how to know if a guy
    was a player.
    “If his too perfect on the first date then his a player!” She said with a spoonful of peanut butter.
    “What's that? Not all guys are dumn dumns you know?” I objected.
    “Am telling you the truth. A real man doesn't aim to impress you, he may pass a few flirty words
    here and there just to lighten up things and also to make his intentions known. But if he doesn't
    make a mistake even once, then his probably done such a lot of times.” She said.
    “What have you been doing on that tablet of yours? Reading the black book?”
    “Not that am boasting, I've read that book before. You a secretary, am sure you can tell when a
    guy uses a pick up line on you.” She said with a smile.
    “Of course I know. I wasn't born in the 80s you know.” I answered trying to sound sassy and bitchy
    at the same time.
    “You see, if you think am bluffing. Just notice how he acts or talks.”
    Angel was a virus that has corrupted my memory, without even realising... I was already observing
    Mwango and he happened to be just the opposite of what Angel had said.
    In him I saw a Friend, A boyfriend and a husband. I don't really know how and why my mind
    moved that fast but yes, I had already thought of how a future with him would be.
    He gave a smile as he stopped laughing, “You more beautiful in person.”
    “You just saying that to make me feel good.” I laughed.
    “It might be true that I just want you to feel good, and it's also true that what am saying still
    remains true.”
    “What do you mean? Are you trying to confuse me? Because if that's your aim Mr then you just
    failed.” I laughed. For some strange reason I kept laughing, the joy and kind of happiness I felt
    was something I hadn't experienced in a long time.
    "En I have just remembered, Am having a small party at home next week. Will watch a movie, by
    yours! And then just get to interact.” He said calmly. The way he said it, as though it
    wasn't a big deal.
    “I can't, meeting your friends and all...” Before I could say much he cut me short.
    “It's a small gathering nothing fancy, you don't have to worry about anything. Am going to be there
    for you.” He said with a wink.
    “I don't think I can be bullied.”
    “Every Superwoman needs a superman, am just completing the equation.”
    “Every Superwoman needs a superman, am just completing the equation.”
    “You sound so confident it scares me.” I blushed, his words just made me feel dizzy. How could a
    man be so at ease on a date? I thought as I looked at him.
    Mwango suggest we take a walk in town when we were done at KFC.
    “These streets use to be a mess in my time, tables everywhere you could hardly see the why
    Lusaka was a Capital city.” He said in his low manly voice.
    It was that kind of voice that put a spell on you, just listening to him seriously turned me on.
    “What has been your most fearful moments in the two years we have known each other?” I asked
    “Let's see, I think it has too be when I woke up in the middle of the night, then went to browse
    through your photos on Facebook. Found a certain picture with 500 likes and about 200 comments
    and my jaw just dropped.” He laughed.
    “Why would your jaw drop?” I asked with a giggle.
    “I know people who get 50 likes and have stopped responding to messages. I seriously never
    thought we could be this close.”
    “No matter the number of likes or how sexy and hot our photos look, at the end of the day we all
    humans with emotions.” I added.
    Mwango held my hand firmly, and as if talking to himself... He said, “I don't want to let go.”
    “Don't worry, am also not going to let you go.”
    “I will see you soon,” He said as he kissed my forehead.
    Mwango had left me with no words but a fairytale. I didn't think I would get over what Kalaba did to
    me, but finally, meeting Mwango changed everything.
    “What happened to you?”
    Angel immediately asked as I closed the door behind me.
    “Did he walk you to the door?” She asked me as I stood and stared at the closed door.
    “If this isn't love, then tell me... What is this?” I asked as I turned to face Angel.
    “What did that man do to you? You look like you've hard a serious orgasm.”
    “Angel! Come on that's just way out of line. I just enjoyed my time with Mwango, I think I can testify
    that no matter what, love is real.” I said as I walked to the kitchen.
    “These boys might break us to the bone, but u can tell you something... They can never destroy
    nor damage us.” We both laughed in unison.
    “What brings you to my work place?” I asked Major as he stood with a bright smile in his face. “I
    didn't know Colgate was doing auditions.” I added.
    “Very funny. I will ignore the joke though. I want you to help me get stuff for the party.” He
    responded warmly as usual.
    “You still haven't told me what's with the smile.” I said in a more intrusive manner.
    “I met her yesterday, we had a snack, then took a walk and then dinner and then spoke for
    another 2 hours. It was just crazy.” He said sounding hyper.
    “That sounds like a fairytale, not that I want to bust your bubble.”
    “Exactly my point Kalaba, She made me feel appreciated. For the first time a lady looked at me
    without the thought of how much my net worth is. It's crazy?” He said joyfully.
    “So you think you in love?” I asked him with a shock on my face.
    “Guilty as charged.” He responded as we walked to his car.
    “Have anybody told you that your confidence levels are annoying?” I asked him.
    “Yes, she even said it again yesterday. Love is blind, love us intoxicating, love is senseless. It
    can't be explained.” Major smiled.
    I didn't know what to do, I was stuck between two worlds. My best friend had just mate his
    Facebook girlfriend and he was already in love.
    I mean, I never believed in love at first site. How in the world was I supposed to believe that He we
    now in love.
    “I think you should take it easy. I know you going to say you have known her for 2 years, but ladies
    can pretend. You might be taking into a trap.” I said with all good intentions at heart.
    “So what do you think I should do?” Mwango asked me.
    “Invite her for the Movie, try and see how she will act in front of other people, I mean. This is love,
    every stone must be turned. Am just saying.” I cleared my throat.
    “I've already done than. Add can you stop interchanging my name's, Major... Mwango... Major...
    Mwango. Just pick one and stick to it.” He lashed out on me.
    “What's the difference their? They both your names after all. But don't worry, am going to keep
    Major. It brings back a lot of memories.” I laughed.
    The week had been busy for me as I tried my best in helping Major prepare for his first movie
    We moved from shop to shop and invited as much people as we could, well, we only invited
    people we were close with and a few Zambian movie directors. Major insisted we keep it simple.
    KALABA: “Hello, how are you doing?”
    MIRRIAM: “You don't have to call me ten times in a day..”
    KALABA: “I know, it's just that I wanted to ask how your schedule is for Saturday. Would like us to
    go somewhere.”
    MIRRIAM: “Am sorry I can't, I have somewhere I need to be...”
    KALABA: “OH!”
    MIRRIAM: “I know I have been very busy lately and it has began to send a bad impression. But
    believe me, am not trying to avoid you, it's just that I have to attend to personal issues.”
    KALABA: “Don't worry, I understand. But once you free... Just know that you owe me a lunch.”
    I laughed as I hang up the call, I felt empty but then I realized I was getting to much involved in
    something that wasn't even there. I mean, we were just friends, barely friends and yet I was acting
    all jealous.
    “Is everything okay?” Major asked as he looked at my discouraged face.
    “Love is crazy, trust me.” I said lowly.
    “You can say that again. It's something that just messes you up.” He added as he gave me a tap
    on the back.
    Major was smart enough to conclude I had been let down, even though he didn't ask, he made
    sure to not let it get to my heard .
    “When we done with this, I need a raise!” I said with a smile.
    “But Kalaba, it's not like your been paid in the first place.” He objected.
    “Then I need to be out on pay roll.” I laughed.
    “Kutemwa! Is Mirriam coming or we have to start without her?” Angel asked as she sat on the
    “She said she would be here, let's wait for 10 minutes and if she's not here will call her.”
    We had been waiting for Mirriam for an hour and half and she was no where to be seen.
    “I don't think she's going to make it, Mirriam has never been this late, in fact she's the one whose
    always early.” I said as I now joined Angel on the carpet with a bow of ice cream.
    “I think your phone is ringing.” Angel said with a frown.
    KUTEMWA: “Hey sister, where are you?”
    MIRRIAM: “I won't be able to make it. Am doing some decorations, hence, been held you that's
    why I haven't been able to respond to your calls.”
    KUTEMWA: “So we have to eat without you? And I want you to escort my somewhere Angel has
    MIRRIAM: “No problem. Huh, provided it's not this weekend.”
    KUTEMWA: “What! Don't to me you busy on Saturday... This is just hearr breaking, I can't believe
    I have to be alone.”
    MIRRIAM: “I think you will be just fine, and I need an update on that guy of yours when we meet.”
    My chat in the phone with Mirriam didn't last long, I couldn't believe I had to attend Mwango's
    show alone. I needed some back up, girl power.
    “She's not going to make it huh?”
    “She's not, she is already booked for the weekend as well. Which means I have to be surrounded
    by strangers.” I said in disgust.
    “It's not going to be that bad. Am sure you will enjoy.” Angel smiled, always trying to be positive
    “We need to start preparing... And you need to start driving your car.” She added as we both sat.
    “Listen to me sir, I brought my suit on time and this is now 18hrs. If I don't get my suit tonight you
    will be sorry!” I sighed and threw myself on the chair.
    “Don't get yourself stressed girl, everything will be fine. Since I can't manage to take you to the
    party, I have asked Captain to drop you there for me.” Angel said as she walked around the
    “Captain! Why did it have to be him? I can book a taxi you know?” I frowned.
    ‘“Captain insisted. Besides it's been a minute since you two spoke.” She laughed.
    “We are about to make history. Look at this place.” I said as both Major and I stood behind the
    We hand arranged everything and all that was left were decorations and a serious nap.
    “She could have brought the decorations now. I hate the idea of leaving you alone with her.” I said
    as we were heading to the car.
    Major was waiting for his cousin so that they could finish up.
    Time moves when you having fun, With my eyes barely open I took myself to the shower, and just
    stood as the water poured on me. Yes, I was that tired.
    “'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love...
    Not knowing what it was...
    I will not give you up this time...
    But darling, just kiss me slow...
    Your heart is all I own...
    And in your eyes you're holding mine”
    I slowly sang as I came out of the shower, for some strange reason I was excited and I didn't know
    Without wasting time I prepared myself, A grey slim fit suit. Practically I looked English, it was
    going to be an evening worth dying for.
    KALABA: “What you doing man? Am already done.”
    MAJOR: “ Is that Ed Sheeran playing in the background?”
    KALABA: “I didn't call you so that you start Shazaming me. Are you dressed already?”
    MAJOR: “Am dressed up already. I thought you hate the guy...”
    KALABA: “Shut up Major.”
    Without hearing what he wanted to say next I cut the line. I was the Master of ceremony, so I just
    hard to be on point.
    “How do I look Angel?”
    “mmmh, like a billionaire.” She answered with a smile.
    “Com on. Be serious, how do I look?” I asked her again.
    “You look gorgeous, sexy and dashing. Very fashionable I may add.” She smiled.
    “I feel like it's too much, I don't want to send the wrong message you know.” I laughed.
    “I need you to get one thing straight, you can never lose something you never had. I know you
    madly love the dude, but don't do anything stupid. Like your granny would put it ‘Think outside
    your emotions and then add some wisdom to the thought’ it's as complicated as that.” Angel
    “You and granny will drive me insane one day.” I laughed as I got my handbag. Captain was
    already outside waiting for us.
    “You haven't even told me where you two are going after you drop me off.”
    “I will tell you about it when you come back home.”
    Without giving it much thought we had arrived at the venue, the place was packed with people
    lined up trying to get in. I didn't never imagined it to be a big event and I could perfectly recall what
    he said, ‘It's just a few people, relatives mostly.’ as I gazed outside.
    “You never mentioned your boyfriend is a big short.” Captain said with a shock on his face.
    “His not my boyfriend!”
    “Theoretically speaking he will eventually be your boyfriend.” Angel added.
    “Okay, you two are not going to do that to me. Am already nervous as it is.” I said with shivers
    going down my spine.
    I got my phone and sent him a text that I was outside. And before I knew it, there was a knock on
    the window.
    “Hello!” He said with a broad smile that just made the handsome in him manifest.
    “Hey Mwango.” I responded.
    Captain and Angel where busy looking at him, each one stealing a gaze as if they had it all
    planned out.
    “These are my friends, my roommate Angel and his boyfriend Captain.” I said to break the
    awkward moment that was present.
    “Oh, Nice to finally meet you guys. I have heard a lot about you.” Mwango said.
    “Heard a lot? Even about me?” Captain asked surprisingly.
    “I would like to chat some more guy but unfortunately am needed Inside. My lady, may I have the
    pleasure of walking you to your seat?” He asked as he faced me.
    Everyone in the car was silent, then finally I stepped out.
    We walked passed the guards, I mean, I was VIP. Mwango took me to where he was seated and
    asked me to wait a bit for him. The big screen had a watch timer, that was counting down to how
    many minutes were left before the movie could begin.
    “We about to start, You can go and do your thing Mr MC.” Mwango said as he gave me a tap.
    “Hope you got your speech ready.” I said as I pulled myself together.
    I walked on stage and the crowd went wild. People where shouting and screaming.
    “I would like to welcome you all to ST Premier of one of the greatest movies ever made. What
    started as just a school project has now become a dream and reality for many. I would like to
    welcome my best friend and partner, ladies and gentlemen give it up for Mwango C. Mulenga.” It
    was a a moment to watch as everyone stood up to welcome Mwango.
    “Do your thing brother...” I said as I handed him the mic.
    “Wow! I don't know what to say, Without wasting much of your time I would like to say thank you to
    everyone for making it. From the response we have, am sure we need a bigger place next time.”
    Mwango laughed.
    He was a natural as he spoke, everyone loved him, I mean, just from the prologue he gave
    concerning the movie we were about to see,it was no secret that he had already made a mark on
    the Zambian movie industry.
    Once the movie began, I was the last one to go and take a seat, Without even noticing who was in
    front of me as I walked.
    “Excuse me, You on my seat.” I said as a beautiful lady in a red dress turned to face me.
    “Am sorry but this section is for VIP.” She said as she looked at me. Her eyes met mine and words
    were not found.
    “You!” We both said in unison.
    “What are you doing here?” I said in a whisper.
    “I should be asking you the same question, wait, are you the one who introduced my cousin?”
    Mirriam asked me with a cold stare.
    “What! Did you just say your cousin?” I asked her.
    “Don't play dumn with me Kalaba. Of course you heard me right.”
    “Wait a minute, so you the cousin of his who was abroad for medical stuff? OMG!” I didn't know
    what to say. I didn't know how to react. I wish the was an emoji for the way I felt right there and
    How was Major going to take it once I told him the doctor I had been seeing was his cousin. And
    not just his cousin, the same cousin he dated without knowing they were related.
    “How long have you known my cousin?” Mirriam asked me.
    “I don't know, my entire life I guess. We where together in high school and friends before we even
    become class mates.” I said calmly.
    “Have you told Mwango about me?” She asked me.
    “Yes I have. And I told him you couldn't make it because you were attending a meeting.”
    “This is the same meeting I was talking about. Wait; this was the gathering you wanted to invite
    me too? Oh snap!”
    “His gonna kill me.” I shook my head.
    I walked out on Mirriam and continued to go to my seat. I was lost in thought, the moment had
    began to crumble on and melt on me.
    “Where have you been?” Major asked me.
    “I've been meeting my destiny. The moment I tried to face Mwango then behold! Kutemwa!” I
    immediately called out to a lady that was seated next to Mwango.
    “You know her?” Mwango asked me in a faint voice.
    “Yes I do, that's Miss HaveItAll!” I responded.
    “Sush! Keep your voice down. Will talk after this is done.” Mwango said. He was as confused as I
    I kept silent and tried to follow the movie but eish, it wasn't easy. I mean, I couldn't help but
    wonder, Mess Kutemwa the internet girl Mwango had told me about.
    I needed an explanation for what was going on, but again, how was I going to tell Major that I was
    seeing his cousin. My mind was stuck, I didn't know what was happening.
    Once the movie was over Mwango asked that we gather in the dinning hall, it was just Kutemwa,
    Mirriam and Mwango and myself. I was the first one to arrive as I waited for everyone.
    “Don't tell me you the one who has called for a meeting? I don't want any trouble okay.” Mirriam
    said as she walked around the room.
    “I didn't say anything. Do you know how confusing it is to meet your crush and ex-girlfrirnd at a
    gathering you wouldn't even dare to imagine them to be found at?”
    “What you mean your Ex, you mean she's here? What did you do this time around Kalaba? Did
    you insult an old person?” Mirriam asked.
    “What? Definitely not.” I responded mightly.
    During our small argument Mwango walked in. He stood and looked at both Mirriam and I. Before
    he could say anything Kutemwa walked in, she was as beautiful as the first day I saw her.
    “Kutemwa!” Mirriam exclaimed immediately.
    “Mirriam? What are you doing...” Before she could finish her sentence her eye fought mine.
    “What the heck is going on here? What is Kalaba doing here?” She asked with her voice raised.
    “Wait a minute, how do you know Kalaba?” Mwango asked Kutemwa.
    “Major that's not the point here.” I said in a hurry.
    “Major? What? Wait, are you saying that friend of yours whom you spoke highly of is Mwango?”
    Kutemwa asked with an evil gaze in her eyes that sparkled.
    “Major is Mwango and Mwango is Major.” I said sharply.
    “You still haven't answered my question.” Mwango said as he looked at Kutemwa.
    “Kutemwa what's going on here? How do you know Kalaba?” Mirriam also asked.
    “I know him because his my ex-boyfriend.” She answered.
    “What! Iwe Kalaba how do you know Mirriam?” Major asked immediately before he could
    “Mirriam is the doctor I have been telling you about all this while.” I answered feeling ashamed.
    “So that means you are the guy Mirriam has been talking about?” Kutemwa said.
    “I can't take this anymore, am out of here.” Major said and stormed out of the room.
    I was lost and confused, all we ever did was use code names and this was the end result. We
    were all playing a game that we had no idea was on.
    I rushed outside and went after Mwango.
    Both Mwango and Kalaba had gone out of the room, I never felt like I was cheating. But somehow
    I felt like I was played.
    “I don't know what has just happened.” Mirriam said as she came to where I stood.
    “Well, What has happened is that have been seeing my Ex-boyfriends best friend.” I responded
    with a sigh.
    Mirriam decided that we go home and just talk from there. I thought she was right. My heart was
    hearting, I didn't want to think of what would happen next.

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