Story: My Experience With A Virgin Hunter

    Episode 1

    My first love was my mother and my second love was my smart phone. Mum bought me my mobile phone (first phone i ever used) during my birthday, last three years. I practically went everywhere with my smart phone. I slept with it lying on my chest most nights, i went for dates with it and i even usually go to the toilet with it. Infact, there was a time it had mistakenly dropped inside our water closet while i was holding it and “doing business”. That was the day i thought it would die, but luckily for me, after i picked it out of the closet, removed the battery immediately, sun-ed it and hid it under the bag of rice in our store, i fixed back the battery and pushed the power button and Viola! It worked!
    It had been a very loyal and faithful lover, up till last 2 weeks when it decided to jilt me. I felt so depressed and heart broken but when my mum asked me to go to the market to check for the price of a moderate phone she could afford, I was so happy. I quickly wore my “skin tight” trouser and a blouse to match, did light makeup, carried my handbag and left for the phone market, ecstatic.
    When i got to the market, i was very disappointed. They said the price of dollar had increased and hence price of phones had also increased. All the phones i had in mind were all above my 100k mark and i was expecting mum to give me 70k while i added the last 30k i had to my name. I was about leaving one of the phone shop outlets i had been haggling prices, to head back home and think of a way to get additional money, when he met me.
    “Good afternoon missus” He said with a lovely smile.
    I looked back and our eyes met. He was dark skinned, averagely tall and had a slightly concealed yoruba mark on his left cheek. Even with his polished English, you wouldn’t need an “expo” to tell he was yoruba. I have a couple of yoruba friends but there was just something different about him that made him seem distinct from my male yoruba friends. I still haven’t been able to place that “something”. Ordinarilly, i usually snob stranger’s that try to talk to me on the road. This is lagos, computer village at that. No one trusts anyone, especially during this festive period when horrid tales abound.
    “Good afternoon sir” i replied politely, returning his smile.
    I quickly sized him up. He should be wearing close to 400k on him. His shoes and suit were Italian. His wrist watch, although slightly concealed, was an expensive piece of rolex and he wore a perfume that smelled expensive. He was dangling his car key with his left small finger.
    “I was just stepping out, and i was wondering if you might be going my direction. I could drop you off with ease” he began, still smilling.

    Episode 2

    He didn’t look like a rapist i thought, but then, people don’t go about with “rapist” written on their forehead. I could save myself some cash from transportation, especially now that i needed cash to make up money for my phone. I needed any kobo i could save. I am dead without a phone, i could be dead if i followed this stranger, “all die na die” i concluded, silly.
    ” I’m going to Okota…” i finally said
    ” Very good ” he said, cutting me short.
    “I’m going towards mile 2. I could drop you off at Cele-express” he continued.
    ” I wouldn’t want to stress you sir, besides, I’m a bit of a bore” i said, trying to form “not interested”.
    “Don’t worry, that’s the reason we have mp3’s in a car” he insisted.
    “Ok..” i said, giving up quickly.
    “Lest i forget, your the most curvlicious beautiful girl I’ve seen in this market” he said, smilling again, looking at me and trying to weigh the effect of what he just said to me.
    “Thanks” i replied with a straight face.
    He said he was the owner of one of the biggest phone shops in ikeja, the popular computer village. Although I would like to keep the name of his outlet anonymous because it has no relevance to this story, i can say the name starts with an “S” and i will call this man Mr K.
    Mr K led me where he parked his car, in front of the phone outlet. I suspected he would be someone important to the outlet otherwise, they wouldn’t have allowed him park right in front of the shop. He paid no regard to the security man that was saluting him many times, trying to catch his attention. His car was a range rover sport. The interior was soft white leather and very neat. It smelled of Vanilla too.
    “What did you come to do here?” Mr K asked as he waited for the car engine to run properly after having started it.
    I told him about my phone and how i was dissapointed to find out that the prices of phones had increased above my budget. I tried not to sound desperate so he wouldn’t think i was expecting something.
    ” I will give you an I-phone 7″ he blurted out like it was nothing, his hands, on the steering as he drove.
    Well, i wasn’t the kind of girl that believed a girl deserved an expensive gift simply because she was curvy, fair or beautiful. I believed in hardwork. A girl has to earn whatever she gets from anyone, even family, let alone a stranger. Before my mum bought me my first ever phone, which was a techno F7 (May it’s soul rest in piece), i had to sit my a-s off a chair, helping her mark all her students answer scripts. She taught English in a community secondary school close to our house. My mum always told i and my elder sister that when a girl has beauty without brains, her private part suffers the most, so she always encouraged us to deserve any gift we were given by hardwork.
    “What will i have to do for you to deserve such an expensive gift?” I asked, half expecting him to say I’ll have to visit him at home.
    “Nothing!” he said, taking his eyes off the road and looking at my laps as tho he could see them fresh, through the skin tight trouser i wore. I let him feed his eyes for a while then i politely placed my handbag on my legs.
    “Hmmmm….” i blurted out.
    ” I am a major distributor of Porsche phones, I-phones, Samsung’s, HTC’s, name them… and sometimes, these companies give us free samples of their phones to put on display for intending customers. I could give you any of those units and surely, it won’t affect my business” Mr K said proudly.
    “Don’t you have closer relatives that would deserve such a gift, better than a total stranger?” i asked.
    I could sense he picked offence from my question, but he pretended to be a gentleman.
    “How do you mean?” He asked back rhetorically with a half frown.
    “It’s not every good Samaritan that helps a stranger, expects something back in return” he said putting up a fake smile.
    “Well sir, i would really really love to own an i-phone 7, but i would also want to deserve it” i said truthfully.
    “Ok…” he said
    ” I have an idea….” he continued.

    Episode 3

    “Jesu!” He screamed in a timid yoruba accent. My heart skipped a beat. A child whoose mother was on the other side of the pedestrian had abruptly crossed the road. He hit on the break pedal and swerved the steering to the left, dodging the crossing child by some inches. It was a close shove.
    “Alakoba wo le-leyi? Eh?” he asked me, not minding if i understood the language.
    I was stupefied to even respond. He managed to control the car back to the main road without stopping and we continued our journey. I looked behind me and i was glad the little child was safe. She was in the embrace of her mother crying, while her mother was showing us her five fingers, probably cursing.
    Mr K looked through the side mirror.
    “Don’t worry, the child is safe” he said trying to get back his composure.
    We drove silently for about five minutes then he started again
    “I will give you an I-phone 7 and all you’ll need to do is put up adverts for my shop through all your social media accounts. I’m sure you have a lot of followers. Pretty ladies always do” he said.
    “Just that?” i asked, not believing him
    “Yes. Just that. We won’t need to sign an MOU” he said smilling.
    This man that has been smilling like a Jackal and wants to give me an I-phone 7 for absolutely nothing must definately have something else up his sleeves. An agreement is an agreement. If he comes up with some other funny attitudes, i will simply just refuse, Afterall, we agreed before he gave me the phone. All i need do is keep to my end of our agreement.
    “Ok, so far i have a feeling i worked for it” i said
    I didn’t come to Ikeja today dreaming of even a low budget I-phone brand talkless of an I-phone 7, but here i am, faced with the possibly of getting an I-phone 7. Isn’t that a miracle? I tried hard to hide my excitement.
    ” How do i contact you?” he asked. I just looked through the window and realized we were already close to Cele bustop. I would soon be alighting.
    “Ehm… I…. I…. don’t know. I can’t give you my mum’s number” i stammered.
    “Ok… Tommorow morning, Just come by the shop were we met today and ask of Mr K” he said as he parked under the cele bridge for me to alight. I opened the car door stylishly and came down.
    “I’ll be expecting you tommorow morning” he said.
    “Alright sir, i will be there” i replied.
    Ofcourse i would there. Who wouldn’t want an I-phone 7? Certainly not me.
    Throughout that evening, i kept thinking of an I-phone 7. What if he just wanted to play me? What if he never intends to give me any phone? Well, i won’t find out if i don’t go.
    That night, i had a very bad dream. I was watching a video clip on an I-phone 7. On the clip, i saw myself Unclad and lying on the bed with a masked man humping me. I must have been sedated because i was not moving my body while the man was at it. I woke up in the dead of the night deciding not to go and see Mr K. When day light came, i changed my mind again. How could i miss this opportunity of getting the most expensive phone in town because of a mere dream? Never! I got up, showered, wore a pink short gown with brown gladiator sandals and made up to kill. I knew how to prepare for a mission like this. When he sees me like this, he won’t hesitate to give me the phone. With the confidence of a peacock, i left home for Ikeja.
    Instead of taking the normal danfo bus, i took a taxi that charged me high because the driver switched on the vehicles A.C at my request. This was so as not to looked ruffled before i got to Mr. K’s office. I wanted to look my best. This man could be a married man, i hadn’t even thought of that before. It was too late to dwell on that now, besides i hadn’t noticed any ring on him and i wasn’t “interested”.
    ” Good afternoon” i greeted the lady i saw on a Samsung stand when i got to “S”
    “Please I’m here to see Mr. K” I requested politely.

    Episode 4

    “Please I’m here to see Mr. K” I requested politely.
    The lady pointed to an office Accross a narrow passage that had a transparent glass door. I walked to the door and knocked lightly. I could see Mr K through the transparent door. His office was quite small, or so i thought. Maybe it was because there were so many papers that looked liked invoices littered over the big table or the plenty cartons that was piled up on all corners of the office. He waved for me to come in and i pushed the door and let myself in.
    “Good morning sir”. I greeted him
    “Ah… My pretty. I thought you’ll stand me up” he said. He beamed a smile at me and i smilled back.
    ” You look smashing” he said as his eyes scanned my whole body. Who smashing epp? Abeg gimme phone make i commot. I said in my mind.
    “Thank you sir” I said smilling.
    He stood up and pulled up the chair opposite him
    “Pls sit” he said, pointing to the chair.
    There was an apple laptop open on his table with a black I-phone 7 lying on his table. Is this the I-phone 7 that he plans to give me? I thought in my head.
    “What can i offer you?” he asked
    “Nothing” i said quickly, remembering the dream i had the previous night. If that dream were real, then i was definately sedated. I would avoid eating or drinking anything here.
    “No…. No…. I have to get you something. You can’t just come to my office and refuse to take anything”.
    He stood up before i could say anything else and made for the door. I had decided as i waited for him to come back that i wasn’t going to eat whatever he brought back. I would insist.
    I looked at his table and picked up one of the littered papers on the table. It was an invoice for the sale of a Samsung galaxy s7 edge. My eyes caught the I-phone 7 on the table again. I looked back at the door, there was no one in sight so i picked up the phone and pressed the home button. It was unlocked. A WhatsApp message popped in from “virgin hunters”. It was obvious that this was his personal phone and not the one he intended to give me. I wanted to drop the phone then another message came in from “virgin hunters” again. I looked, it was 4 unread messages from the same WhatsApp contact. It was a group Chat.
    The name sounded weird. What kind of people would name a chat group “Virgin hunters”? I thought.
    Curiously, i clicked on the group chat. What i saw shocked me beyond measures…….. TBC.

    Episode 5

    The phone was shaking in my hand as i scrolled, partly for fear of being caught searching his phone and partly for what i was reading as i scrolled. How can men organize themselves in a group just for this? What do they hope to achieve? Bragging rights?
    I heard footsteps coming and i quickly dropped the phone on the spot i had picked it from.
    ” I’m sorry i took long, i had to attend to an issue before coming back” Mr K said as he pushed the glass door and walked in with a non transparent ceramic cup and a bottle of cold non alcoholic wine in his hand.
    ” it’s okay sir, i was meaning to tell you there wouldn’t be any need….” i said but he cut me short.
    ” I insist, you are my guest for today”.
    It would be useless arguing with Mr K, the ceramic cup he brought for me to drink in wasn’t transparent so he wouldn’t know that i didn’t take the drink until after I must have probably left. All i need do is pretend to take a sip as we converse. He quickly opened the wine and poured some in the cup and handed it to me.
    “Thank you” i said. I held the cup in my hands for a while then dropped it on the table.
    I tried as much as possible to forget the conversation i saw on his phone from the group chat where he was one of the moderators. The more I tried to forget, the clearer the chats came to my head.
    “Are you Ok?” Mr. K asked me concerned.
    “Not really. I just remembered i didn’t drop the house keys for my twin sister. I had forgotten she’ll come home before my mum did” I said, not understanding what i was even lieing about. I don’t have a twin sister, only an elder sister, besides, my elder sister doesn’t stay in our house because she’s married, and i left my mum home before coming here. Now i will have to keep up with this lie.
    “You have a twin?” he asked, surprised.
    “Yes, and we are very identical” i said looking at him and trying to read his thoughts. He must be thinking the possibility of him dis-virgining two identical twin sisters. I wonder how he guessed that i was a V. Could it be smelt? Because from the chats, he described how we met and how he could smell it fresh from me. Now that’s not even the shocker.

    Episode 6

    I thought, if i can play this guy to think he has a very good chance with i and my imaginary twin sister, then my chances of owning an I-phone 7 would be greater. Do i need to see him again after i get the phone? Never. I’ll need to have to cover my tracks so he won’t be able to find me after i get the phone, if i will get the phone. This i know was a dangerous game an amateur like me shouldn’t be involved in, but like the assassins say, every pro was once an amateur.
    “You should have brought her along” Mr K said.
    “I’m sure she’ll want to come with me next time. I told her you were going to give me an I-phone, she said it’s a lie. We even made a bet about me coming back home with a phone today” i said, hoping he’ll buy my lie.
    ” Really?” he asked rhetorically.
    poo! Did i sound too desperate? Has he been able to read through me and discover i have been lieing? I thought. I was now very uncomfortable. Well, i guess i just have carry my bag and leave before something bad happens now.
    ” I hope you share your winnings on the bet with me” he said smilling as he opened a cupboard under his table and brought out a black phone. It was an I-phone 7!
    He handed the beautiful gadget over to me. As i brought forward my hand to collect it, he held my hands still for a while, then released my hand with the phone in it. This was the first body contact i was having with Mr K and the feel of the smooth texture of the I-phone 7 in contrast to the coarse and rough surface of Mr K’s palm was the only thing that made that experience bearable. I was lucky not to have jumped out of my skin in excitement as i looked at the phone. It was as neat as new but had an inscription on it ” This unit is not for sale, Test purposes alone”. That wouldn’t be a problem, i can easily find a casing that can hide that inscription. My only problem right now was to leave this office…. TBC

    Episode 7

    Mr K picked up his I-phone 7 from the table and started touching the screen. He had a slight frown on his face as he pressed. Has he noticed that i tampered with his WhatsApp message? I threw my face away and pretended i was looking at the phone he just gave me. I hadn’t even switched it on yet, hadn’t been able to figure which was the power button.
    There was a soft knock on the transparent door. I looked back towards the door, It was the lady i had met on my way to Mr K’s office, the lady that stood on the Samsung stand. She just stood at the door without looking into the office or attempting to enter.
    ” Pls excuse me for some minutes, this must be important” Mr K said, looking at me for approval.
    “No problem, take your time” I said.
    I felt relieved. I have the opportunity to peruse my new phone or even pick up Mr K’s phone again and continue reading the chats that shocked me earlier. I was still getting over my feeling of consternation and there was nothing else i would see in his phone that would put me in the same state of shock i was initially.
    Mr K smiled and stood up from the chair. He was a bulk of a man. Initially, I would pitch him as averagely built, but today, under this brown suit, he looked bigger than he was yesterday. His frame was Machismally poised and he moved like a bouncer. I was beginning to fear this dude. How would I fare if he planned to rape me? It would be like a bull on a sheep. I have to figure a way to run away before he starts implementing whatever he planned because after reading the previous chats on his phone, i already knew he had a plan.
    Mr K opened the door and left with the sales rep. I was alone again in the office with his I-phone on the table and and mine secured in my hands. Was he going to let me go home with this phone?
    The phone on the table vibrated again. Another message from “Virgin hunters”, I thought. The temptation to pick up the phone from the table and check his chats was stronger than the attraction of being in a magnetic field of unlike poles. I had the I-phone 7 he gave me in my hand, that was supposed to be my mission. I should be thinking of a way to escape this office and not the thoughts of spying on Mr K’s chat again. My curiosity overwhelmed me, I picked up Mr K’s phone again from the table and pressed the home button. WhatsApp Icon wasn’t difficult to locate, i pressed it, the first chat on the list of current chats was the group chat that caught my attention earlier. I entered and i wished i hadn’t.
    ” hahahaha….” someone whoose name was saved as Ochu wrote……………..

    Episode 8

    ” hahahaha….” someone whoose name was saved as Ochu wrote
    “She was just so dumb. Guys, this was the most difficult V I’ve ever encountered. It was like forcing sugar cane through a pin hole. I bruised after i finally entered and i was confused whoose blood stained the sheets, hers or mine. LoL. ”
    “hahahahaha….” another person wrote. This one’s name wasn’t saved, just numbers appeared.
    ” You have been officially promoted to Major, this should be your eighth count this month, K is still boss at seventeen and when he succeeds with his latest project, it will be a record” anonymous wrote.
    “Correction! I just realized she’s a twin! I haven’t met her other twin yet so i don’t know if that one is a V, but now, the mission is to de-V the twins” Mr k wrote.
    I suspect he must have sent this when he picked up the phone, after i must have told him about my imaginary twin sister.
    Someone else sent plenty “shock” faced smiley.
    ” Marshal! We are loyal sir!” another wrote
    I scrolled up a bit, the chats where just too long. I wouldn’t have the time to read all these chats in the situation i was. An evil thought creeped into my head. I pressed the chat settings, export chats with attatchements, email, i typed in my email address and pressed send. It took what seemed like eternity before i saw a notification that the chats had been successfully e-mailed to my e-mail address. There was no need checking the chats further, i can comfortably sit down at home with my new I-phone 7 and read the chats i had forwarded to my E-mail.
    I checked the group info, they were about ten members on the group and their dp’s all looked like wealthy men. I started looking through the dp’s to see if i would recognize any face. I was so engrossed in this that i had forgotten to beware of being caught.
    “Hello!” a voice said from behind me. I jumped up in shock, Mr K’s phone flew off from my hand and landed safely on the table. I almost died of shock..

    Episode 9

    I can’t remember being more shocked in my life like i was when i heard the voice behind me. My brain was in disarray and i couldn’t think correctly. It took me seconds to realize that the voice i heard was actually feminine. I looked behind me, it was the lady from the Samsung stand who had called out Mr K earlier. She touched my shoulder lightly and i quivered. I can’t begin to describe my relief when i discovered it was the sales rep lady, but to put it mildly, it felt like having a chilled soft drink in hell.
    “The manager said i should call you” She said, giving me a suspicious stare.
    “Ok…. Jus…. Just give me a second” I said standing up and pretending to straighten my hair. I didn’t need to straighten my hair, it wasn’t ruffled. I was just buying time to get back my composure.
    When the lady took her glance away from me, I pushed Mr K’s I-phone that was lying awkwardly on the table back to its original spot, picked up my handbag and stood up, ready to follow her.
    Just before i left Mr K’s office with the sales rep, i noticed something that looked like the kind of camera usually installed in banks hanging over the door. poo! How did i miss this? Was this camera recording me all the while i was going through Mr K’s phone? Was that why he sent the sales rep to call me out? From the angle the camera was installed, i was sure it might have captured me picking up Mr K’s phone and browsing through it, but it wouldn’t be able to zoom in clearly to what i was actually doing on the phone. I could say that i noticed the similarities between the phone he gave me and his own phone, so i curiously wanted to know if they were actually the same. This was the best lie i could think of, I hope he buys it.
    The sales girl led me through the outlet amidst so many customers. Some, i was sure just came to check prices like i did on the first day when i met Mr K. We got out of the shop. Mr K stood outside there, close to his car with another small nokia phone which he held close to his ears. He seemed to be on a call. When we got close, he took the phone off his ear for a second.
    “Please help me with my phone on my table” he told the sales rep.

    Episode 10{Finale}

    “Please help me with my phone on my table” he told the sales rep.
    “Ok sir” she responded swiftly and walked in a slow run, back into the shop to fetch his phone.
    “Sorry dear, just a minute” he said to me as he put back the phone to his ears. I nodded sheepishly.
    “I am with you now, you can continue” he said, to whoever was on the other end of the phone.
    What was Mr K up to, asking me to come out to where he parked his car? Where did he intend to take me to? Probably to de-V me? I wouldn’t want to find out. That wouldn’t work. I looked at the beautiful black I-phone 7 that i held. Was this worth the risk? If Mr K asks me to enter his car, i would politely decline and if he insists, i will simply give him back his phone and walk away. I finally located the power button of the I-phone 7 and switched it on, at least if i was going to return this phone back, i should be able to say i owned and operated an I-phone 7, even if it was for a few minutes. while it booted, i waited for Mr K to be done with his call.
    Just as Mr K. was done with his call, the sales girl that had gone to fetch his phone arrived.
    “Here it is sir” she said as she handed him the phone while bending down politely like the yoruba’s do.
    “Thank you” he replied her and collected his phone.
    “My dear, let’s go” he said to me as if we had discussed going anywhere before.
    “Go where?” I asked trying to hide my annoyance.
    “I didn’t prepare to go anywhere else when i came, i only planned to come and see you in your office like we discussed yesterday” i continued, not allowing him to answer.
    I could see the big dissapointment on his face but i didn’t care. Nothing in this world will make me enter this car today, not even this I-phone 7 or a future I-phone 10 for that matter.
    ” I have to go back home now sir, i told you earlier that i forgot to drop the key for my sister. She could be back now and wouldn’t be able to contact me since i have no phone before the one you gave me” I said, trying to break the silence that had ensued from my refusal to enter the car.
    “I actually wanted us to drive to my friends place, the I-phone 7 i gave you is actually a test version and it is locked. Although it switches on, you won’t be able to use it with any carrier. He’ll need to unlock it for you before you can use it” he said.
    This was a smart lie but i smelled a rat, a rat bigger than the terror rat that usually scared me under our stair case. I wouldn’t need to start arguing with Mr K. He was obviously clear, it’s either i go with him in his car to wherever he wanted to take me to and hang on to the I-phone 7, or i give him back the phone and go my way. I could read it from his eyes.
    This was a very easy decision. It was simpler than eating Ice cream. Not after what i had seen on his phone.
    “No problem sir. Here, take the phone, you can give it to him to unlock as I’m already running out of time to avoid keeping my twin sister stranded. I’ll come back tommorow to pick up the phone. I guess, my sister has finally won our little bet” I said trying to fake a smile while handing him back the I-phone 7.
    In my heart, i silently prayed that he refused to collect back the phone but my prayers where not answered this time. Mr K collected the phone.
    “Don’t worry dear, just keep the bet up till tommorow. Increase your stake up, ten folds, we’ll share your winnings” he said.
    “Alright sir” I said, very disappointed.
    So this was it? The end of my quest for an I-phone 7. I already knew i was not going to come back here again to see Mr K. Not after i knew he was an “admiral” in the “Virgin hunters” squad. I wouldn’t want to be his prey, not for an I-phone 7 or any other thing. I can’t imagine what he would have done to me. Probably one of the things he wrote on the chat that he did to some of his preys. From the little i know about hunting, one day, the Hunter will become the hunted.
    “Should i drop you off?” he asked ingenuinely
    “No sir…” I replied sharply.
    “I’ll just find my way”
    “What time would you come tommorow? I have to be sure, so i can call my friend who will unlock the phone to be sure he’s around.” he asked.
    So he intends that if i come tommorow, we’ll still go through this same process? He is a joker.
    “Ehm…. Same time i came today, if that will be ok by you” i said thoughtfully.
    “Okay. Good.” Mr K said.
    Mr K put his hands inside his suit pocket and drew out some wads of new one thousand naira notes. I think he had expertedly counted them before he pulled the notes out because they were exactly ten pieces. He handed the money to me.
    “Take this for your transport going back home now and coming tommorow” he said.
    “Thanks” i said collecting the money quickly before he had the opportunity to change his mind.
    At least this one covers the T.fare i had spent coming in an air-conditioned taxi, with a lot of extra change remaining.
    “We’ll see tommorow” I said as i crossed the road, heading towards the park.
    I could feel his stare on my behind as i walked and i mischeviously looked back and gave him a smirk. Now, this is the a-s you’ll never get for an I-phone 7 i meant to say from the smirk on my face. Today, You are a very lucky daughter of a Dam Mr K’s smile told me.
    Although the I-phone 7 would have been a very pleasant new year gift to me, I don’t think it would have been worth the risk. Some things are meant to be bought with money like I-phones and its like, other things aren’t meant to be bought like sex, and especially when it’ll be your first. ….. I’m scrolling down this moment with the “London used” Samsung galaxy note 4 i bought just two days ago, reading through the email i had sent my self with Mr K’s phone, of his “Virgin Hunters” chat group, and i am still grateful for the decision i took not to go with him in his car. I will leave reader-imagined, what would have happened to me if i had chosen to enter his car that day.
    Perhaps, i might feel the urge to take my revenge on Mr K. someday and post the contents of the chat for making me loose the opportunity of owning an I-phone 7, after raising my hopes, Perhaps, I’ll just keep it, to remind me how careful i need to be of some beasts that hide under the skin of humans!!!

    The End

    ..Thanks for following….God bless us all

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