Story: My Friend, Her Boyfriend and I

My Friend, Her Boyfriend and I

    Part 1

    Damn not again! Why couldn’t I simply one day, experience all I had read about in novels and what my friends kept talking about? Another one has come and gone and I had to fake it again! It was frustrating.
    ‘Are you okay baby?’ Niyi asked me.
    ‘I’m fine’, I said with a fake smile.
    Oh sorry! You were probably wondering what I was talking about. Right? Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Joke, I’m twenty-five years old and my current boyfriend’s name is Niyi. We’ve been dating for roughly seven months and in all that time I’ve never climaxxed when we have S£x, or let the truth be told, in my five years of having Sekxual intercourse; I’ve never climaxxed! I used to think just being wet was orgas,m but I soon realized it was more than that.
    Oh… oh, you were probably feeling sorry for me, I know; I feel sorry for myself everyday too, because of this ever present depriving experience. Sometimes, I feel like something was wrong with me but I knew nothing was wrong with me. There was this sensation deep down at the apex of my thighs…, that I knew was there, just that NO ONE had reached it yet!
    ‘Babe you are the best, seriously your body is so soft I can be inside you forever!’ Niyi said to me.
    I thought in my heart, “GOD forbid bad thing” but I said instead,
    ‘Thanks baby… And yes you are the best too’. He kissed me and rolled off me and went for the bathroom to clean up.
    I stood up and started putting myself together. I picked up the condom wrapper we had used, threw it in the bin and straightened up my bed. Niyi came out of the shower and held me from behind. I turned around in his arms, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him gently on his lips before going full french on him. Kissing him was a pleasure. Unlike many guys who just open their mouth and try to swallow yours, he knew the kissing art. He broke the kiss after a while and said,
    ‘Jokes baby, I have got to be in Ghana tomorrow evening, I’ll be back in two weeks. Would you like to join me? He asked.
    I didn’t even think about it, I declined immediately.
    ‘Oh baby I wish I could but I can’t be gone for two weeks right now. I’ve got some pressing stuff to attend which can’t wait, but I would be there in spirit with you baby, you know?’ I said and kissed him all over again.
    ‘You just don’t like going anywhere with me, I want to show you the world baby, why are you hiding? Please let me’, he sulked.
    I thought in my heart, what was the point of going around the world with him when I couldn’t even feel like a woman? But I said,
    ‘That’s not it babe, it is work but come December I’ll take leave from work and we can go anywhere you want, ok boo?’ He drew me into his arms and kissed my forehead before saying,
    ‘Yes babes, that would be nice and I’ll hold you to it ooo! You berra no fvck up come December or else…, I’ll kidnap you!’
    ‘Yes boss’, I saluted, we both laughed and hugged.
    He dropped his arms from around me and went for his briefcase, brought out two bundle of 500 naira notes and gave it to me,
    ‘Take this babe, I hope it will take you through two weeks?’ He asked.
    ‘You will spoil me rotten, of course it’s more than enough, thanks baby’ , I said with a genuine smile and hugged him even tighter.
    How I wished he could make me this happy on bed too… Hmmm that would be really nice. I took his briefcase in my right hand and held his right hand in my left hand and led him out to his car. He opened the car door with the remote, I dropped the briefcase in the back seat and came to the driver’s side where he sat behind the wheel. I bent low and poked my face in the car through the window.
    ‘Babes, please take care of yourself for me ooo, and don’t do what I won’t do. I love you and I’m gonna miss you dearly’, he said.
    I smiled and replied, ‘Same here baby boo, will miss you too, I’ll be a good girl, I promise!’
    I wished it was the truth. I won’t miss him very much especially not on bed but I did not know at that time I would break my promise of being a good girl.
    ‘You better be a good boy too’, I warned.
    ‘I will darling. What should I bring for you from Ghana?’ He asked.
    ‘Anything you think your baby deserves’, I replied. We kissed. He started the engine and drove off waving and blowing me kisses, I reciprocated and waved till his car disappeared.
    I went back into the house, straight to my bathroom to clean up then I took the money from the bed and headed for the living room while counting the money even though I knew how much was in it. I sat down and turned on the television. I tuned the remote on every channel, I couldn’t find any programme that caught my interest. I dropped the money on the stood beside me and I drifted into thoughts, I remember why I dated Niyi in the first place.
    I had just got out of a relationship. I broke up with Kayode myself because I wasn’t enjoying myself in the relationship. Apart from the fact that he couldn’t make me reach climaxx, he was too protective and possessive. He wouldn’t allow me have any fun or me-time or hang out with my friends. It was either I was with him or alone in my room or in class. I only wear dresses he approved of. If I made my hair and he does not like it, I would have to loose it regardless of the time and money spent on it. To make matters worst, he’s always broke. He couldn’t afford me and he couldn’t take me to the promised land on bed. So I broke up with him. I decided to indulge in everything Kayode denied me of. I went to club, I went to movies with my friends, I did lots of things but on this day which was a Thursday, I chose to go to the swimming pool with my friend Joke. We left for the pool around eleven in the morning and we got there around twelve o’clock. We changed into our swimsuits, we did little exercise and took our shower before heading for the pool. There were three men and a lady in the pool already. I saw the lifeguard, Ben, sitting idle on a chair. Two guys sat by the pool drinking beer and discussing God knows what. All eyes turned to us as we approached the pool. I actually heard, ‘Wow, check that figure’. Someone somewhere said, ‘Eegbe’. My friend and I pretended not to hear them, we went into the pool.
    We swam together for a while, then we competed with each other. We foole around in the pool then we got tired. We watched other swimmers and made fun of the ones who couldn’t swim. Some other swimmers had joined us. I suggested we go out of the water and have a drink. We sat on the table next to the guys that were drinking when we arrived, they were still at their drink and talk, we could hear everything they were saying. We ordered our drinks and we launched into a discussion of our own. I did not mean to listen into their conversation but I couldn’t help it. One was talking about the way he handled the last girl he had S£x with. How the girl came every thirty minutes.
    The other guy was hailing his friend and singing his praises. Inwardly I wished to be that girl. So, could you imagine how lucky I felt when they both approached our table and the S£x superhero turned his attention towards me? I learnt his name was Niyi and his friend’s name was Seun. We became friends and he asked me out one week after. I played hard to get for two weeks then said yes. Another week went by and we had S£x. It was a great disappointment and it has been so so far. Sometimes I feel like that discussion was staged for me to hear and sometimes I feel there was something wrong with me. Maybe he could make girls come truly, I’m just the one that could never come.
    I also remembered the time I tried to tell Niyi that I don’t come when we make love, oh boy! It was a bad day!

    Part 2

    I also remembered the time I tried to tell Niyi that I don’t come when we make love, oh boy! It was a bad day!
    ‘What are you trying to say, that I’m not good in bed, what do you mean? If you are not coming it means you don’t love me or something must be wrong with you because none of my previous lovers has ever complained!’ He argued bitterly.
    ‘Is my d1ck not big enough or I don’t spend enough time on you?’ He quarried.
    Truth be told, his d1ck was long and large enough and he does spend quality time on me banging away but how do I explain to him that it was not about how big the p3nis or how much time you spent on your girl? How could I even explain it when I was not sure what was wrong with me! So I changed tactics and lied about what I had meant,
    ‘Baby, take it easy, I didn’t mean it that way… I meant to say I didn’t come from the S£x we just had, I just want you to fvck me again!’
    I cringed within as I lied to him and myself and also pity myself for the assault that would follow. He smiled and said,
    ‘Ok baby, you know I love your down below.’ He pushed me on the bed and I faked orgas,m two minutes into the intercourse so he could leave me alone.
    “Joke, Joke, Joke, what are you thinking about that you didn’t hear me entered?!’
    That was my best friend and flatmate, Tola talking. She must have entered while I was deep in thoughts. She didn’t need to knock because she has a key to the house. Maybe I would have heard her if she had knocked. I looked up to my friend as she dropped into the nearest chair. she kicked off her shoe and tucked it under her on the chair.
    ‘How far babes, sowapa?’ I asked her.
    ‘I’m fine, you are not looking good, kilode, what were you thinking about self?’ She asked me.
    ‘Niyi just left’, I informed her.
    ‘I see, another come-less session abi? Pele ore mi’, she said raising an eyebrow.
    You see, I’ve kept no secret from my friend, she knew everything about me and my relationships. However, she never fails to point my mistake out anytime my boyfriend visited.
    ‘Since you no gree tell the guy say he no dey satify you, I don tell you taytay say make you leave this guy, there are plenty capable guys out there who can give it to you well, well and make you come pieces’. She declared.
    I eyed her from my seat.
    ‘Babe yi jara e jor!’ She poured out.
    ‘Tola, I really like Niyi, besides, he’s rich and he really cares for me and if you are counting, he’s my eighth boyfriend and none of them could make me come yet, its me not them jare.’ I declared.
    ‘Hmmm you are right sha’, she said sympathetically and drifted off into her own thoughts. After some time she looked at me, obviously done with her thinking.
    ‘Joke, do you trust me?’ My friend asked.
    ‘Yes ke, but not with money oo’, I replied snatching the money I dropped on the stood earlier. We both laughed.
    ‘O serious rara, be serious jor. Do you trust me?’ She asked again.
    ‘Yes’ I said sounding more serious.
    ‘I trust and love you too. Darling please let me help you’. She stated.
    I really didn’t know what she was talking about. How could she help me out of this situation. Then it hit me! What? Oh my God!! How could I not have noticed my best friend was bisexual all these years I’ve known her? I was sure she saw right through my mind because she burst into laughter, clapping her hands and wiping tears from her eyes.
    ‘Come on Joke, don’t tell me you are thinking I’m Bi? You are a clown, Olorun ngbo! Though it wont be a bad idea to have your big Bosom in my mouth but no, that’s not how I want to help you’. I relaxed.
    Thank GOD… I thought to myself and breathed a sign of relief physically.
    ‘So how can you help me? I asked. She looked at me in the eye for ten seconds, staring and not blinking, then said,
    ‘Let kunle fvck you’.
    My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets and my mouth dropped to my jaw!
    ‘Which kunle are we talking about? You don’t mean your boyfriend kunle or is there any other kunle I don’t know about somewhere?’
    I asked confused. Kunle was Tola’s boyfriend, though she claimed not to love the guy but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that they were S£x partners.
    ‘Calm down babe, just hear me out first.’
    I actually couldn’t think of what she could say to convince me but I said, ‘Ok’.
    ‘You see, I’ve not told you this before, but I had the same problem as yourself until I met kunle. Mhen that guy knows the anatomy of the woman body like the back of his hand! Please let him fvck you. If he sleeps with you and you still don’t climaxx, then we’ll know something is truly wrong with you and we can seek medical help’, she pleaded.
    I was just staring at her, I didn’t know what to say aside the fact that she was saying something that was totally not possible, I never knew my friend had a secret I didn’t know about. I mean, she had the same problem I was having and I didn’t know about it.
    ‘Come on say something sweets’, she said.
    I tried to say something but the words wouldn’t just form in my mind. All I could think about was the fact that no matter how close you and your best friend was, there would still be secret. It is very true that the heart of a woman is an ocean of secrets.
    ‘Babe, I’m sorry I kept this from you, it was an harmless secret, ok? So forgive me and let us address the issue at hand, ok?’ She pleaded.
    I swallowed my saliva and licked my lips because my lips and throat were dry, finally I said,
    ‘But kunle is your boyfriend, how can I have S£x with your man and how are you going to convince or should I say confuse kunleto agree to this crazy idea of yours, if assuming I say yes?’ I asked?
    ‘Fiyen le fun emi, I’ll deal with kunle, sebi he is my boyfriend, moreover you don see guy wey reject toto before? You just agree to it first’, she pressed on.
    ‘Don’t you love him, I mean he’s your boyfriend? Isn’t he? for God sake Tola! Are you high? I asked, trying desperately to understand my best friend.
    ‘Boyfriend my foot! I don’t love him, I’m just keeping him for the good love making. Besides the dude has two other girls I know of so what’s the big deal and you self know say I wan break up with am sef, but that’s not the reason I’m asking you to sleep with him. I am asking you this because he is a doctor and he was the one that solved my problem. So let him help my friend out before I dispose of him.’ She tried to convince me but she could see I was still unmoved.
    ‘You know I’ll do anything for you now’, she cajoled.
    ‘Hmmm’, I sighed.
    I thought about it, though what she was proposing was crazy but damn, I have to come soon before I erupt. I need to experience an orgas,m. I can’t continue like this.
    ‘Oh ok’, I whispered.
    She jumped up from her seat and came to hug me tight and said,
    ‘You aren’t going to regret this, I promise sweets’, ‘I hope so’, I replied.

    Part 3

    It has been a week since Tola and I had that discussion and little had happened before today. My day went by as usual. I was partially excited and waiting for this day but on the other hand, I’ve been scared and confused. To make matters worst, Niyi calls me like six times in a day, telling me how much he missed and loved me. We even had phone intimacy twice. I avoided Tola as often as possible hoping she would let go of this crazy idea but I ran out of luck yesterday when she caught up with me. She knocked on my door.
    ‘Open door madam, enough of this hide and seek, we’ve got to talk’, she said and I pretended not to hear her. She banged on my door harder.
    ‘Come on Joke, I know you are in there and I also know you are not sleeping and even if you were sleeping, I’m sure you are awake now, so open up.’
    From within I squeezed my face, I knew I had no choice. I went to the door and unlocked the door. She came in. I sat down on my bed and she did the same. We were both quiet for a while then she spoke.
    ‘Joke, I know you are the conservative type but there’s no joy in what you are having. You need to discover yourself. If I knew any other way around it I will suggest it, but this is the only way I know’ she shrugged and spread her hands in front of her helplessly.
    ‘Hmmmm, maybe I should go and see a doctor first, you know, maybe there is a drug I can use’. I said.
    ‘Funny you, don’t be naive dear, beside, Kunle is a doctor so we are still on the right track’, she said. We were quiet again then I asked her,
    ‘Have you told Kunle about this?’ She nodded.
    ‘So what did he say?’ I asked eagerly.
    ‘Well, you don’t need to hear the gory details but he has agreed to see you tomorrow. He will be coming here tomorrow’s evening by six. So get ready’. My heart ran a hundred meters race in my ribs as if it would outrun my brain. Tomorrow was less than ten hours away.
    ‘Is what I’m about to do right? Can I live with my friend and myself afterwards? What if Tola and I have a misunderstanding in the future? What if my boyfriend Niyi hears about my little escapade? What if kunle couldn’t deliver as promised by Tola? Oh boy, that would be a disaster! On the other hand, if I go through with this act maybe I will find release from this Sekxual frustration I have always been in, then I can be sure nothing is wrong with me and I can also find myself and discover my body sexually. I sighed, so many ‘what ifs’ and regrets before the actual act was committed .
    Those were my thoughts after my dear friend Tola has convinced me to have one night stand with her soon to be ex boyfriend Kunle and today was the D-day! It was a Friday and the time was five p.m and Kunle was due to be here by six p.m. Tola has been out since morning but promised to be back by four thirty p.m but it was five p.m and I was beginning to get nervous. “Maybe she’s having second thoughts or she changed her mind”, I said aloud to myself then I heard the sound of a car driving into the compound. I ran to the window, my heart beating faster than the normal rate and looked out, it was my friend driving in indeed. My heart did a somersault as I watched her get out of her car.
    I went back to my seat and try to pretend I was cool, three minutes later my friend entered.
    ‘What’s up girl? Sorry I’m late the traffic na die. Hope you are set for your Sekxual breakthrough?’ she asked.
    I was relieved that she hasn’t changed her mind and I was also worried that she still wanted to go through with her insane idea.
    ‘I’m as ready as I could be’, I told her. ‘Don’t worry, Dr. kunle will soon be here to help you out of your misery’, she said winking at me.
    Tola has so much faith in Kunle, maybe it was the fact that he is a doctor or was it the fact that he trills her on bed.
    ’Girlfriend let’s go get you ready for our guest’, she said Firmly.
    ‘Ready ke, how again?’ I asked’
    ‘Common Joke, go baf jor, put on a sinful dress and little make up, no pants oo’, replied Joke.
    ’Is all that necessary, maybe we should just….’ Tola cut me off immediately.
    ‘Don’t even voice out what you are about to say! Not after all the hard work I’ve put into convincing you and kunle to agree to this, you can’t change your mind now, too late chick, abeg go get ready, the guy will be here in less than an hour’ Tola lectured me!
    ’Yes madam!’ I marched off to my room.
    I was adding gloss to my lips when I heard the doorbell rang. My heart flustered and my courage left me. I ran to my bed and pulled the duvet over my head. Ten minutes later the door to my room opened gently and I heard steps coming towards me. ‘Oh meen, here comes kunle, what am I going to do’. I felt the duvet coming off me. I cracked open my right eye and I saw my dear friend looking at me with a gentle and understanding smile. She sat at my bed foot and said,
    ‘Adejoke, I know what you are about to do is very unlike you and I can understand how hard this is for you kunle being my boyfriend, but I want you to know that I’m doing this from the bottom of my heart because you’re my best friend and I want you to fell like a real woman, but if you want to pull out now, I’ll understand..’ Tola said.
    Tears sprang to my eyes as I realize my friend truly cares for me.
    ‘No sweetheart, I’m not backing down now. Thanks for loving me so, let’s go see to the doc.’ I said.
    We hugged each other hard and we walked out of my room holding each other’s hands.

    Part 4

    Kunle sat down on the couch, his right leg crossed over his left leg and his hands were on his laps. He stood up when he saw us and smiled at both of us. ’Hi kunle’, I whispered.
    ‘Hello Joke, how are you?’, he asked.
    ‘I’m ok. You?’
    ‘I’m ok too. Are you as nervous as I’m?’ he asked, I smiled.
    ‘Yes maybe more’ I replied. Tola broke our conversation with,
    ‘That’s enough both of you. kunle here says he has something to ask you before …….’, She winked at me not finishing her sentence,
    ’Ok’, I said.
    So kunle began his eyes opening lecture.
    ‘Joke, I’ll like to ask you some questions and I will like you to be free with me and tell me the truth and facts’,
    ‘No problem’ I said.
    ‘Were you circumcised?’ He asked,
    ‘Yes I was’ I answered,
    ‘Hmmm, I thought as much. Then he launched into a detail explanation about orgas,m.
    ‘You see, it’s hard for a circumcised woman to reach orgas,m because the clitz, which is the powerhouse of every woman, had been cut off. Some girls are lucky, part of their clitz were cut off, but some that are not so lucky get everything cut off. In that case, it will be very hard for them to reach climaxx unless they find a lover who’s extremely patient, caring, loving and knowledgeable about the anatomy of the female body. He said.
    ‘Is that the only thing that makes a woman not to reach orgas,m?’ Tola asked Kunle.
    ‘No it’s not. Feelings too. When a woman does not have feelings for the man she’s in bed with, she may not climaxx. Also when your lover does not know your body, the things you like and don’t. For instance, most guys like to bite the nippl3s, but most girls don’t like it, so if your lover is doing the things you don’t like then it kills off your sensation. Some girls are also just frigid, there’s nothing you do to them that can make them climaxx, it’s a psychology problem and she needs counseling. Money too is part of the problem. When a woman is thinking about money, don’t ask her for S£x unless you want to give her that money! When your mind is somewhere else while having S£x, it would be difficult for any man to make you come. Surroundings too does matters. Do you like where you are? Is the environment conducive for you? Are you comfortable? All these little things combine together to make or mar a climax. However, I think your case is a severe case of circumcision Joke and I know a few tricks to help you out of it, if you still want to.’
    I signed deeply and rested my head against the back of the sofa looking up. ’Joke, this is your last chance to get out!’ [/i]I thought to myself and I said to kunle and Tola,
    ‘I want to..’ I saw Kunle and Tola breathed in relief. We all kept quiet for thirty seconds and then Tola broke the silence,
    ‘Ok guys, I’ve got to go somewhere. I don’t think I’ll be back tonight’, she picked up her bag and came over to hug me and she said into my ears,
    ’Be naughty and have fun darling’, we both giggled. She went over to kunle and hugged him too, I could imagine what she must have said into his ears because kunle said,
    ‘I’ll do my best’, and winked at me. I shivered. Tola left us and vanished.
    ‘So, what can I offer you’ I asked kunle.
    ‘I will like whiskey and I will suggest you have some yourself’, he replied.
    ‘Is that your recommendation doctor?’ I teased.
    ‘Yes, dear patient’ I smiled and left for our small bar.
    I could feel the tension leaving my body because kunle was actually easy to talk with. I poured some whiskey for him and some for myself too, I gave him his and went to the fridge and brought out a pack of ice, I dropped it on the table. I took four cubes for my drink, kunle took four for his too. I sat down opposite him staring into my drinks but I could feel his eyes burn into me.
    [i]’Oh my, what am I suppose to do, should I say something, oh damn, where are all my flirting skills, my courageous act, my daring and adventurous heart, why hath thou forsake me now?’
    Those were my thoughts when I heard my name,
    ‘Joke, the time to change your mind is past if that’s what you are thinking about. Drink up, we’ve got some findings to do. Where would you like to start?’ kunle said smiling and looking serious at the same time.
    I wanted to say something but my mouth was dry so I drank my whiskey gulping half of the content in my cup,
    ‘So is there any part of pre-intimacy you enjoy?’ he enquired
    ‘Yes actually. I like my ear, throat, lips and blreast being licked and sucked’, I said finding some of my lost courage.
    ‘Ok, good. Have you ever been sucked down there?’ He asked point towards my v@gin@.
    ‘Yes but I don’t like it’, I declared’.
    ‘Why, If I may ask?’
    ‘Well, I just don’t like it because it doesn’t make me feel anything, sometimes I do feel this unexplainable sensation then it drops and makes me feel frustrated, so that’s the reason I don’t like it?’ I explained.
    ‘Alright, seems your boyfriends have not been doing a good job. I’ve all my facts now, let’s get to the business of the day’, kunle said as he drew me up from the sofa. I swallowed the rest of my drink not taking my eyes off him. I dropped my cup on the table and watch as he advanced on my lips with a calculated slowness…

    Part 5

    …I dropped my cup on the table and watched as he advanced on my lips with a calculated slowness. Oh oh, I thought you were supposed to close your eyes when kissing, but I couldn’t close mine. I had my eyes locked on his and his on mine. I watched as he licked and suckled on my lips. Oh my, this guy can surely kiss unlike some guys who just stick their tongue in your mouth kunle was gentle on my lips, he treated it like a strawberry, using his lips, teeth and tongue. I was just standing there looking at him and savoring the kiss he was giving me, to my horror Kunle stopped kissing me!
    ‘Wh-why did you stop?’I stammered.
    ‘I need you to work with me here Joke. You are just staring at me, you have to put your heart, body and soul in it. Don’t be shy, do all the things you wish to do. Don’t feel guilty either, this is an experiment, no love lost. Unleash your lust on me, ok?’ I looked him straight in the eyes and said,
    ‘Ok, let get on with it.’
    Without waiting for a reply, I wove my arms around his neck, drew his head down and slanted my lips on his. He wanted to put his tongue in my mouth, I closed my teeth. This was my race now and I would set it at my pace. I took his lips in my mouth and licked it, tracing it with my tongue then I took his bottom lip in my mouth and sucked it for like ten seconds, then I bit his lips with my teeth gently then I took his lips in my mouth and sucked, licked and bit! Kunle moaned. He put his right hand on my neck and drew my head closer. He placed his left hand on my waist drawing me closer still, he pressed his tongue against my teeth seeking permission to go into my mouth, I allowed him. His hands slipped from my waist and moved to my butt.ocks, he rubbed and squeezed gently, I sighed into his mouth. He stopped kissing me and went for my ears, moving from left to right.
    ‘Amm, ishsssh, aarhoossh’, I moaned. While he was still sucking my ears, I felt his right hand slipped on my left blreast
    ‘Arrsshhs, oooh’, I murmured.
    “Oh gosh, what’s this guy doing to me, he’s touching at all the right places on my body”, I thought.
    His mouth left my ears and moved to my neck not taking his right hand which was doing wonderful things to my blreast, I felt the zipper of my dress gave way and he stopped for a second to take off my dress. I grabbed the helm of his shirt and took it off him. He was not a six pack guy but he was in a good shape.
    ‘Wow, Joke you have a good figure, I like your blreast and I love your lingerie’, he said.
    I was grateful that Tola forced me to dress up, also I felt shy for a second because it was odd hearing a comment about my underwear from my friend’s boyfriend lips.
    ‘Thanks, you are not bad yourself’, I replied.
    While holding my gaze with his, his right hand went for my left blreast. He took it out of the cup and he did the same to the right blreast, he dropped his gaze to my blreast, his breath caught in his throat and he said in a harsh voice,
    ’Isshh, nice jugs, it’s sure bigger than what I see from afar’, without waiting for a response, he took my right blreast in his mouth and his forefinger and thumb circled my left nippl3.
    ‘Arrwwoo, arhii, ohwhohg’, I moaned out louder while his mouth and hands do wonders to my blreast. He took his mouth from my right blreast and lavished his mouth and tongue on my left blreast.
    “Oh my, this is so wonderful and I can feel hot liquid flow to my loins”. The still functioning part of my brain acknowledged. He left my blreasts and his mouth and hands explore other parts of my body downwards. He kissed and licked every part of my body that his hands had touched. He knelt down in front of me, I didn’t know when my pant came off me but I felt his hands on my nak3d bum. He wandered to my thighs, he grabbed my butt.ocks cheeks and rubbed them.
    ’Assrhhs’, I moaned. I felt his mouth on my thighs and suddenly his face was in my v@gin@! He looked up at me and said,
    ‘Hmmm, a clean pu5sie we have here. Grab something before it’s too late.’
    I didn’t understand what he meant until I felt his my mouth on my very short almost not existing clitz
    ‘Aarrrhhhhh’, I screamed. I tried to hold on to something as my limps failed me but all I could grab was air! I fell on the sofa and spread my legs wider giving him more asses. I threw my head back, my eyes shut and my hands went for his head and I wasn’t in control of my mouth again.
    “Unlike all other guys I’ve had sucked me, this was different, kunle knows his onions from his beans, he didn’t stuck his tongue in my pu5sie or suckle on my pu5sie, he just lick, suck and bite gently on my clitz”.
    His hands came up to sweet torture my nippl3s. I raised my waist to meet his head and drew his head closer to my clitz as heat built up in my middle part. kunle raised up his head to take in air, my head shot up and I screamed at him...

    Part 6

    ‘No please don’t stop’, almost crying.
    ‘Relax babe, we’ll get there, you don’t want me suffocating under you, do you?’ he said, smiled and went back to my waiting and wanting pu5sie. He licked my clitz, rolling his tongue on it, shaking his head from right to left on it and going up and doing with his tongue. He suckled on my clitz taking it between his lips. Meanwhile his hands never left my blreast.
    ‘Yes, please, arrhh, yeeeee, yeaaa, yes, please don’t stop, arr’, I screamed on. Suddenly, I felt liquid fire running from my feet to my v@gin@. I tried to push him off me, he took his hands away from my blreast and wove it around my thighs grounding me to the sofa.
    ‘Arrppp, yehheie’. I continued blabbing while I shaking my waist violently still trying to make him stop because I didn’t know what was happening to me and I didn’t know how much longer I could endure the sensation. It was sweet and painful at the same time, I took my blreast into my hands, squeezed them and I pushed my waist into his face. Then it came to me. all the muscle in my body pulled together at the apex of my thighs and liquid fire shot through every blood vessel in my body. All hairs on my body stood up, stars exploded in my head. Kunle held on to my thighs and his head never left my clitz, tears poured from my eyes as I was shaking.
    ‘Arrrrhhh, ooooohhh, iiishshhhh, eeeeeeeoooooo, arhinhrirbn, hhhhmmmmm, aowaowasnh’, I screamed like never before and I was sure my voice could be heard in the next compound, this went on for two minutes I think.
    It was a different thing when I read about it and when I watched it in movies. But it was an entirely different feeling when I was experiencing it. It was like I was loosing my mind. It was like loosing a vital part of me and gaining a bigger vital part too. It was like flying, it was like drowning, I was on fire in an ocean of passion. I actually saw stars, I reached for it and this time I caught it! In that wonderful space of climaxx, I danced the fire dance, I swayed to the wind. I flew around myself in that wanton space. Then I began to fall gently back to earth from cloud nine. I landed gently on my sofa, Dr. Kunle was right there to welcome me. I sighed deeply, tears rolling down my eyes. I couldn’t hold it. The feeling was awesome.
    For the first time in my life I felt completed, I felt fulfilled, I felt like a real woman. Kunle was sitting beside me on the sofa by now, I opened my eyes slowly, my vision was blurred, but it cleared up in six seconds, kunle was staring at me a very big smile on his face.
    ‘Welcome back to plant earth, how was cloud nine?’ He asked. My shyness came back and I threw my arm over my face grinning from ear to ear.
    ‘Come on, don’t give me that after all the hard work I just put into your climaxx’, kunle coaxed me. I tried to talk but I couldn’t find my voice, I swallowed my saliva and said in a tiny voice,
    ‘That was beautiful, I don’t know what to say, it was out of this world, thank you very much kunle’,
    ‘Don’t thank me yet, it’s my turn now’. Without much ado, kunle tore open a condom, put it on his erected p3nis and entered me with his more than average d1ck. I swear, the guy was multitasked, hw was kissing and touching me everywhere while his d1ck work wonders in me. I wove my legs around his waist and raised my hips to meet his, I met him stroke for stroke, while my hands taunted his nippl3s,
    ‘Arhs babe, you are so sweet’, kunle said his voice tainted with passion.
    This gave me more courage and I rolled over him not disengaging from our position, I planted my legs at either side of his thighs and started going up and down on him, not on my knees but on my toes. Kunle’s hand flew to my clitz and he was rubbing it as I rode him. I went wild and faster, Kunle said in very hoaxed voice,
    ‘SLOW. DOWN. OR. I. WILL. COME. SOON’, each word was perforated with throaty groans. I really tried to go slow, but I couldn’t, that liquid fire was coming again,
    ‘Faster kunle, please don’t stop’, I pleaded. Kunle increased the pressure on my clitz as I went up and down faster on him, he groaned,
    ‘I’M COMING’ I screamed and he answered me with,
    ‘COME WITH ME BABE’, two seconds after I exploded. Kunle maneuvered my back to the rug, threw my legs over his shoulders and thrust harder and faster into me, he went for like two minutes and screamed,
    ’Arrsh, I’m coming’, with that he stumbled on me and convulsed too.u can send hi to Lordsamuel on 0543589658 to be added to adults chat room to enjoy more stories.I kissed his neck and soothed his back rubbing up and down with my hands. I could now say “I AM SATISFIED!!!” Kunle raised his head up and asked.
    ‘How’s my patient doing, have I been able to cure her of her ailment?’
    ‘I’m fine doc. You have definitely healed me, thank you doctor, but I’ve a question’ I told him. He stood up and took off his condom and sat down,
    ‘I’m all ears’ he said.
    ‘How do I reach climax with my boyfriend?’ I asked.
    ‘Well basically just tell him to touch and lick you where your turn ons’ are now that you know them and you can always come on your own, masturbation is not only for men you know? You can also rub you clitz anytime you feel like. It may take time for you to climax now, but as time goes on, your body will adjust to your new sexuality and it will be easier for you to come, just remember to always give your clitz the attention anytime you make love’, he explained.
    ‘Ok doctor, I won’t forget all you taught me’, I assured him.
    ‘Also remember, guys are not wizards, you need to help them to help you. Don’t just lie down and scream like you are enjoying what they are doing to you when you don’t feel anything. Explain to him subtly because of his ego, we guys like to think we are the best. If he still won’t listen to you or if he is angry when you tel, him, then he doesn’t love you or care enough. Dump him’, Kunle lectured.
    ‘Thank you kunle, I’m really grateful’, I thanked kunle.
    ‘Very funny of you Joke, the pleasure is all mine but I’ve to go now, I’m on night duty and it’s ten thirty P.M already, can I have a quick shower in Tola’s bathroom?’
    ‘Sure, of course, I’ll be in my room, holla at me when you’re do’ I said.
    I picked up my discarded clothes and went to my room, I wanted to shower but I decided it should wait till I saw kunle off, I put on a bum-short and tank top, laid on my bed while I waited for kunle’s knock, I didn’t know when I slept off. When I woke up, it was past three A.M, a note was beside my bed and it read thus,
    “Adejoke, you look so beautiful and peaceful while you slept and I didn’t have the heart to wake you up. I hope to relive this experience again one of these days if you don’t mind, I still have a lot of things to show you… Be good and I hope you find happiness, take care… Dr. Kunle.
    I smiled and tore off the paper. So this was how satisfied women felt? Now that I knew, Niyi and I sure needed to talk!

    Part 7

    My left blreast was in my left hand, I taunted my nippl3 with my fingers. My head was tilted back beyond my pillow, my throat exposed to the ceiling. My eyes rolled up in fantasy, my mouth was slightly opened, my tongue was at the tip of my lips with my teeth resting lightly on my tongue. The expression on my face was that of a lady about to climax. My right hand, which has now became the most favorite part of my body, was doing some serious rubbing to my clitz. I licked my lips as my fingers touched my center of gravity just at the top right point of my clitz,
    ‘Iissshh’ I hissed.
    The sole of my feet dipped deeply into my mattress, my toes dangled in the air as hot fire ran through my feet to my groins. I drew my legs closer to my thighs and I opened my thighs wider. My fingers went crazy at the most sensitive spot of my clitz,
    ‘Ooiissshhh,’ I was about to climax when my door flew open…
    ‘Girlfriend guess…’ Tola froze at my door.
    She stood there, taking in the situation before her, first with shock and then came into my room with a knowing smile on her face. She leaned against the door .I tried so hard to stop but I couldn’t control the sensation running through me, I kept on rubbing. Tola stood at my door biting her lips and touching her blreast softly as she watched me climaxed. That kind of turned me on some more [does that make me a lesbian or bisexual?].
    ‘Aaarhhkjjefkj, aoooyyy, iisshhh,’ I came.
    After a minute or two I heard my friend’s voice.
    ‘Hellooooo? Welcome back to the land of the living. It’s a good thing you are not a squirter, I would have been re-baptized you know.’ She said jumping on my bed.
    I stood up slowly trying to balance my feet whilst trying to pretend I was angry.
    ‘Were you not taught how to knock when the door is closed,’ I asked eyeing her.
    ‘Abeg abeg no gimme that one, we dey knock for this house before? You dey pretend to be angry because I caught you in the act abi, kojora won,’ she replied, grinning like a winner. I ignored her
    ‘Just tell me this, how many time do you reach orgas,m in a day since your breakthrough?’ She asked.
    “God! Can’t she jus give up on me?” I wished in my thoughts.
    ‘Tell me na, I used to come like ten times in a days when I first had mine!’ She declared smiling wildly at me.
    It was so hard to be angry at my friend when she was smiling like that, I switched into my naughty character and grinned wildly back at her. I jumped beside her on my bed. I swung my two hands in the air like I was saying “hallelujah”.
    ‘Three to four times in a day.’ I laughed and hugged my friend she hugged me back. I drew back a bit and said into her face.
    ‘Oh sweets, this is so delicious! I can’t believe this what I’ve been missing for five years! Thank you darling. I owe you big time.’ I released my friend from my death hug, she inhaled air and said,
    ‘I sure won’t forget and ama collect big big’. After the dust has settled on my climaxed I asked her.
    ‘So what in heavens name made you barged into my room like that,’ I asked while walking into the bathroom to clean up, my friend stood and followed me to the bathroom and giggled, jumping lightly.
    ‘Ok, guess who’s here’.
    My heart skipped a beat. Could it be kunle because I haven’t seen him since our Sekxual adventure; he has been calling and I’ve been ignoring. I thought that chapter between him, my friend and I was a closed one, I was so wrong. Or could it be Niyi? I panicked. What if he had somehow found out about my escapades?
    ‘Tola spare me abeg, my brain is foggy at the moment,’ I said and she rolled her eyes at me
    ‘Of course I know your brain is still foggy from the climax I just witnessed but still you’re not a good spot when it comes to the guessing game, Anyways do you remember the guy I told you about.’ I rolled my eyes at her.
    ‘We talk about men everyday. So who are you talking about?’ She hissed at me before answering me.
    ‘The one I dumped kunle for!’
    ‘The offshore engineer?’ I asked
    ‘Yes you’re totally right, Emeka is here! So get dressed, he’s taking us shopping!’ she said clapping. I got under the shower and she backed away from the bathroom but kept talking about the guy.
    ‘Omo no dull me oo, this guy is loaded, make we shop him money today oo, cos if he go offshore now we no go see am for another three months.’ She concluded.
    ‘I sha don’t understand why you want to date a guy you will only see once in three months,’ I complained.
    ‘Girlfriend, isn’t that the point? I need my creative freedom and I think you should date one of his friends too’’ she said winking at me.
    ‘Wait oo, just because I’ve had a fling doesn’t mean I’m out of love with my Niyi, capech?’
    ‘Yes madam, but do you know what Niyi is doing in Ghana? Are you even sure you are the only one he’s dating here and are you sure you are number one self?’ Truly, what she was saying made sense but I shunned her. I finished bathing and came out of the bathroom, she said
    ‘Now get dress and lets go shopping, let me go and get dressed too,’ and left my room.
    I walked into the sitting room fifteen minutes after Tola had left my room and I must confess the guy was ‘fyynee”, amen somebody? I slipped on my sophisticated, flirting character.
    ‘Hello, welcome to our home, my name is Adejoke and I guarantee you I’m sweeter than your girl here but I can settle for a 3some if you can handle us’ I said all this with my left hip pushed up and out, showing my curves, my left hand akimbo and my right hand on my blreast. I chewed softly on my bottom lip while giving him, “the eye”. The poor guy looked so confused as he stared at me and then looked at Tola. We both burst into laughter. I sat down adjacent him and Tola introduced us to each other.
    ‘Emeka, meet my best friend, a disillusioned actress Adejoke, Joke this is Emeka’. The guy breathed in relief.
    ‘Pleased to finally meet our offshore man, heard a lot of good things about you and I hope you live up to the billing.’ I extended my right hand to his smiling. He took it with,
    ‘The pleasure is all mine, though you had me scared for a minute there. If you girls are ready, shall we go spend some money?’
    ‘Sure.’ We answered in unison!
    He took us to Ikeja, we browsed along the streets. We entered a few of them and shopped here and there. We bought clothes and shoes and jewelry. We ate at a Chinese restaurant, then we went to a bar. We drank and danced. Tola would not leave me alone, she wanted to hook me up with one of Emeka’s friend called Godwin. He works offshore too with Emeka. I succumbed to their pressure. Emeka called him and I spoke with me. He promised to collect my pin from Emeka. He asked for my number, I told him I would give it to him when he pinged me. I wanted to leave around four P.M. in a taxi but Tola disagreed. She said Emeka would take us home. When Emeka stood up to ease himself, Tola said,
    ‘You don’t need to leave us alone. When we drop you at home I will be following him home, but I won’t sleep at his place oo. I should be back around eleven in the night.’ She said,
    ‘I see.’

    Part 8

    Emeka returned and we stopped gossiping. After some while we left the bar and headed home.
    ‘…We had so much fun Emeka, thanks for all the lovely things you bought us and it was nice meeting you’ I said as I got out of Emeka’s car.
    ‘The pleasure is all mine. I hope to see you soon, and don’t forget my friend oo, I will give him your bb-pin. Accept him, you hear? He said.
    Tola joined me outside the car some seconds after. She gave me her shopping bags to drop for her in her room.
    ‘Babe love, I don dey waka oo. I’ll see you later tonight, wait up for me if you wan gist.’ said Tola winking at me.
    ‘Ok, don’t be a good girl. Show him the true you oo, shogbo?’
    ‘Yes ma.’ We pecked each other. She entered the car and they drove off, I entered our apartment.
    I noticed a strange car was parked inside my compound. I walked to my flat, thinking to myself my neighbor had stepped up his game, nice one. I walked into the living room and immediately noticed a familiar scent but I couldn’t place it. I opened my room door, and froze dead at the door. I dropped everything I was carrying. My room was like a page from a love magazine, there were roses on the carpet, scented candle light danced in the air and its fragrance was nice; crowning it off, Niyi sat Unclad on my bed except for a very tight white pant which outlined every single detail of his ‘middle belt’. He had a bottle of champagne sat in a bucket of ice on the side table, with my favorite seedless red grapes too and a small red box I couldn’t place.
    Damn! This was bloody romantic, I was so wet and turned on from just looking at my boyfriend!
    ‘Welcome home sugerpie, I miss you,’ Niyi said smiling and beckoning me with his middle finger. Oh gosh this is so hot! My heart did a somersault, I was joyous but it was just for some seconds. My heart skipped as my conscience reminded me of what I did in his absence and to my horror and amazement Niyi said.
    ‘You don’t look too happy seeing me, have you been up to something I should know about?’ My heart raced blood through every vein in my body; this was the moment of truth or should lie? What I’m I to do? I started debating with myself.
    “What is the worst thing that can happen if I tell him self” I asked myself.
    “He will break up with you”, I answered myself.
    “Arh, that’s not the worst oo, if he beats you nko?”
    “He dares not, ontop wetin? After all I won’t be in this position if he had done is job well” I was debating with myself when his voice brought be back.
    ‘Joke? Is there something I should know? Are you pregnant?’ He asked me calmly.
    ‘No, I’m not pregnant,’ I replied.
    ‘Then come here, everything will be fine, daddy is here to take care of you.’ I went into his arms and he we hugged and kissed. He withdrawn from me and said,
    ‘Your heart is not here. I can feel it. Now tell me what’s bugging you.’ I moved out from the circle of his arms and went as far away as my room would allow.
    ‘Niyi I’m going to say something that would break your heart, and when I’m done with my little speech; you may want to be out of this relationship, but just know I truly cherish you and I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please don’t interrupt me while I’m talking’. Niyi’s face went forlorn, looking hurt without hearing what I was about to tell him, so I decided to tell him the abbreviated truth
    ‘For five years I’ve been having S£x, I’ve never reached orgas,m with any of my lovers,’ his face shot up and glared at me, silently asking me if he was amongst.
    ‘Including you baby. The problem is with me because I was circumcised. I met a doctor while you were away who said he could cure me of my situation but had to show me. It was a tough decision for me but I agreed to have S£x with him.’ Niyi rose up slowly from the bed and started pacing. He looked deadly and I was scared. I continued in a shaky voice.
    ‘He enlightened me on my situation and we had S£x. To my surprise, I climaxed. I wish you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I was just trying to find myself sexually. I’ll understand if you don’t want to continue with this relationship’.
    I finished with tears in my eyes, looking down truly ashamed of myself. Niyi was quiet for five minutes or there about, I couldn’t look him in the face. I summoned courage and glanced up. He stood with his back to me. I walked slowly to him and touched me lightly on his shoulder, I said,
    ‘Baby.’ He spoke in whispers but I heard him clearly.
    ‘Don’t touch me.’ I dropped my hand like I just touched fire. He turned towards me sharply, I didn’t have any time to run or react. He grabbed my arms and shook me violently.
    ‘Why?! Why?!’ He screamed at me.
    ‘I’m sor…’
    ‘Paarrhh!’ His palm landed on my face. He slapped me. I fell down to my kneels and sobbed silently?
    ‘Traitor, betrayal, ashewo! I trusted you! I gave you all you asked for! I left for two weeks and you started sleeping around! Thar!’
    He went to the door and took my shopping bags. He poured the contents on the floor. He spat on me.
    ‘See you life! so its because of clothes and jewelry that makes you follow men about! I’m sure it’s the fool that just dropped you! Are these what I can’t provide for you? you disgust me!’ He shouted at me.
    I cowed on the floor fearing another slap of kick. He dressed up rapidly and he didn’t stop abusing me. I sat down on the floor dejected. I didn’t regret what I did with Kunle but I regretted telling Niyi the truth. My tears has stopped running, but I was still sobbing. He carried his briefcase and said to me,
    ‘I am so disappointed in you. If you are going to say the truth say the truth. You have been sleeping around for a long time and your conscience is not at rest because I’m too good to you. You didn’t have to cover it up with you not climaxing story, I’ve never heard of that. Goodbye and don’t ever cross my path again.’
    He walked out of my room, he hit my legs with the door as he opened it and the sound of the slam when he closed it could wake the dead. I grabbed my leg as fresh tears poured down my face. I was about to stand up when my door yanked open. Niyi stormed into my room and went straight to my bedside table, where the champagne, grapes and the red box were. He took the red box and came to stand in front of me. He opened the red box and it sparkled into my face. I was staring at a ring.
    ‘You asked me to bring you what you are worth to me from Ghana, I saw this beautiful ring and thought you should be my wife. Can you believe that? Thank God I didn’t make that mistake.’ He hissed at me. I looked up at him. There were tears in his eyes. I felt sorry for both of us.
    He slammed the box closed and walked out of my room again. This time quietly. I dropped my head on my bed and hot tears ran down cheeks. It was in this position my friend Tola met me when she returned. (To be continued).

    Part 9

    You asked me to bring you what you are worth to me from Ghana, I saw this beautiful ring and thought you should be my wife. Can you believe that? Thank God I didn’t make that mistake.’
    He hissed at me. I looked up at him. There were tears in his eyes. I felt sorry for both of us. He slammed the box closed and walked out of my room again. This time quietly. I dropped my head on my bed and hot tears ran down cheeks. It was in this position my friend Tola would find me when she returned.
    I was very thirsty, very thirsty. The water people kept offering me was salty, I couldn’t drink them. Then my friend Tola appeared and gave me a cup of fresh water, I drank it happily. Suddenly the cup fell from my hand and the water in it poured on the floor and became a muddy pond. I was drowning in a muddy water, I was screaming for help no one was there. I was crying and praying for help and my boyfriend Niyi appeared. I stretched my hand towards him but he wouldn’t help me. I was begging and crying, he wouldn’t help me still. Then I began to sink. I couldn’t fight the mud anymore, I had lost my strength. Suddenly I felt someone pulling me up, trying to safe me. I couldn’t see the person’s face but I started kicking and swimming with my rescuer. We got to the pond edge and the person drew me out. I couldn’t see because mud was in my face. I started crying and my vision cleared, it was Tola.
    ‘Wake up! Joke wake, stop crying and kicking! Wake up. It’s a nightmare baby, wake up please.’
    Those were the words that brought me back. I opened my eyes gently, I was still scared of the mud I was battling with in my bad dream. Joke was kneeling down beside me and she had tears in her eyes. I was crying too. At first nothing made sense to me, then I looked down and saw the flowers and memories came rushing back. Oh my Niyi, he was gone! I started crying again.
    ‘Joke please don’t cry, please. What’s wrong, kilode? Who hurt you? Soro now!’ She queried me. I just kept crying. She begged me to stop crying and tell her what the problem was. I tried but the tears wouldn’t stop flowing and the sobs wouldn’t allow me to talk. She sat down beside me, she drew me into her arms and rocked me gently. I felt comforted. After a while I stopped crying. She stood up and brought me paracetamol and water. I took it, drank it and thanked her.
    ‘So, what’s up? I’ve never seen you like this, kilonsele?’ She asked again. Hot tears sprang to my eyes as I was about to tell her but I was determined not to cry again. I told her what happened. I relived the scenes as I told her. When I got to the part where I told Niyi what I did, she sprang up.
    ‘You did what? Oh my God! Joke! Are you that naive? Ibo loti gbori pe won njewo iru e? I can’t believe this! So what did he now do?’ She asked. Frankly, thinking back, why the heck did I confess? After all the thing no dey read meter!
    ‘He slapped me.’ I said calmly.
    ‘Oh my God!’ She exclaimed and rubbed her cheeks as if she could feel the slap.
    ‘But that’s not the worst thing that happened and that’s not the reason I’m crying.’ I explained.
    ‘The idiot broke up with you abi?’ She said pouting and folded her hand on her chest.
    ‘Yeah, he did but it’s worst than that.’ I replied.
    ‘He slapped you and broke up with you, what else could be worst than that? Oh, he called you names?’ She asked.
    ‘Yes he called me nasty names but that’s not the reason for my tears either.’ I said.
    ‘Hmmm,’ she humphed. She sat down in front of me, she held my two hands. It was like she knew I needed her emotional support.
    ‘Are you pregnant for him?’ She asked and a bitter smile crossed my lips. Why do people believed pregnancy was the worst thing that could happen to a single lady?
    ‘No dear, he came with a ring, he wanted me to be is wife.’ I said gently and the tears I’ve been holding back rolled down my face. She opened her mouth like she wanted to sing, he eyes was almost out of their sockets. Then she blinked and closed her mouth, she drew me into her arms again and hugged me and started crying too. She sobbed her regrets on my shoulder.
    ‘What have I done? It’s all my fault! I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry.’ She kept on crying and saying. We rocked each other.
    ‘It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s well. I will be fine.’ I kept assuring her and myself. I felt cramps on my leg and disentangled myself from her. She stood up to. She turned mother hen on me.
    ‘Are you ok? Does yours cheeks still hurt? Should I get you ice? Anything you want baby…’ She cajoled. I smiled and replied,
    Yes, I want your head!’ First she thought I was serious and she looked scared, then she saw me smiled and she smiled too. She said,
    ‘Baby I’m sorry this happened to you but don’t worry, everything will be alright. Shogbo? And I will always be here for you.’
    ‘Thank you dear and stop worrying yourself, I’m very brave. It will hurt a while and then it will stop and stop blaming yourself! You didn’t force me and Kunle didn’t Molest me, I can carry my cross.’ I assured her.
    ‘Do you have any sleeping tablet?’ I asked.
    ‘I think so, let me go check my room.’ She said and left my room. I went into the bathroom, took a quick shower and lay down on my bed nak3d. Soon Tola returned with two tablets and and a cup of pineapple juice, my favorite.
    ‘Soti jeun sha?’ She asked me as she gave me the drugs and juice.
    ‘Ounje ke? Ebi o pami jor.’ I said and drank my juice, then took my drugs. She excused herself and promised to check on me before she goes to bed.

    Part 10

    I laid on my bed and glared at the ceilings. One thing my mother hated so much and thought us all to hate was “blame”. When you make a mistake, my mother believed you should take responsibilities of your actions, not blame others or blame yourself for that matter and most importantly, don’t let anybody blame you. She would say, “oti shele oti shele noni yen, solution ni koje kawa”. So I wasn’t blaming myself or Tola either. I evaluated my life, I reflected on what I have done and I came to these conclusions. I did not regret sleeping with Kunle, he showed me myself, I enjoyed myself and discovered myself. I really didn’t love Niyi, so that he left me wasn’t the big deal but under the condition that we parted. I really don’t like hurting people. If the truth should be told, I never knew Niyi loved me, at least not as much as he wanting me to be his wife. When I thought of the ring again, my heart broke again. But what I regretted most was telling the truth! I mean, what was I thinking of? That he will just pardon me and forgive me and say, “go and sin no more?” I was a big fool. I smacked myself on the head for being such an idiot. I looked at my bedside table, the champagne must have lost its coolness. I moved to the bottle, I opened it.
    ‘Puhar!’ It popped.
    ‘Adejoke! You sour mess this one up, you know?’ I said loudly to myself. I took the bottle to my mouth and started drinking. Gradually I became drunk. The last thing I remembered was texting, “I’m sorry” to Niyi.
    I stirred in my bed, I opened my eyes gently, I tried to stand up but my head was heavy and aching. The event of the day before came to me in flashes, I covered my eyes with my hand and groaned,
    ‘Gggrggghmmm.’ Heartbreak and hangover was really a bad combination. I tried to get up again but this time gently and gradually. My head was pounding like hell, it was as if ten people were drumming on my head. I struggled to the bathroom, I sat down on the floor, I opened the water faucet on my head, the water rushed down to me, I embraced it. I was there for over five minutes, when I got up, I felt better. I wrapped my head in a towel and put on a short gown. I walked into the kitchen and fresh smell of coffee greeted me. It was pleasant to the nose, I badly needed a cup of it. Tola was at the stove preparing something, she turned to me as I walked into the kitchen.
    ‘Morning sweetheart. Sosun dada?’ She greeted me with a patronizing smile.
    ‘Morning ma. Can I have some coffee?’ I asked touching my aching head. I noticed none of us put “good” into our morning.
    ‘Well you can have some coffee but after you’ve drank a cup of water and this aspirin. With all the alcohol you consumed last night, I’m sure your head must be aching.’ I didn’t bother to argue, I took the water and the drugs, then she gave me a cup of coffee. We sipped our coffee in silence for a while the Tola said,
    ‘Hnmn, Joke, do you really hate me?’ I stared at her. Why would she ask me such question? Maybe she thought I blame her for what happened?
    ‘I don’t hate you Tola, and I don’t blame you, I take full responsibility for my action ok? Please let’s stop talking about what happened, it’s depressing enough without us talking about it.’ She came over to where I sat and hugged me,
    ‘You said you hate me when you were drunk last night when I entered your room… I was scared,’ she told me.
    ‘Oh dear, I’m so sorry, it was the alcohol talking, I love you, ok?’ I hugged her back. She went over to the stove and opened the pot. Rich smell of porridge, which was my best food filled the air, my stomach rumbled. It was obvious I would get spoilt for the next one week at least, I planed to enjoy it. We ate and discussed other issues, avoiding my break up like a diseases.
    The days went by slowly, but I filled it with lots of work. It was a miserable week for me. It didn’t occur to me that Niyi dominated my life. I felt so empty. I couldn’t ping him, I couldn’t call. My hand was itching. I would have started calling him then I would loose confidence and cut the call, on three occasions I hid my number and called him. He picked and said “hello” but I didn’t talk. It felt good and sad to hear his voice. I longed for his arms around me, for his sweet words to soothe me. For his wonderful kisses. I wanted to share my new found sexuality with him, but I could not. He was gone. Though I filled my days with work, I was moody at work, I was short tempered which was unlike me, I had zero tolerance for any mistake made by anyone around me. Everyone knew something was wrong with me, I only cheer up at home for Tola’s sake so that she wouldn’t feel bad. She tried to draw me into life again, trying to take me out and all do all those women stuff I should to do when I break up with my boyfriends, but I wouldn’t get drawn. I didn’t have the, strength, energy and interest.
    I even lost my just found Sekxual experience. I was not Hot, and when I get Hot I don’t have the energy to rub myself. I relied heavily on drugs and alcohol to sleep. I really don’t know why I missed him that much, I thought I didn’t love him but with the rate of which I was missing him, I was confused but I convinced myself that I was missing from habits. Days turned into weeks gradually and I began to regain myself. I would smile at little things. I don’t get jealous or angry when I see lovers on the street anymore. I decided to move on. I spoilt myself a bit. Went to a body shop and had a full body massage from a Sekxy guy. I hand manicure and pedicure. I did my facials. I went shopping. In short I became “chicky” again, the only thing missing was my S£x drive. To complete my healing process, I decided to spend the weekend with my mum. I called her Thursday evening and told her I was coming over. She was delighted and promised to make my best soup, okro.

    Part 11

    I was lying on the couch watching MTV BASE when Tola walked in.
    ‘Iya how far, ore mi mehn, traffic Eko yi ti poju’ she said as she dropped into the nearest sofa.
    ‘I dey, welcome, you look tired.’ I observed.
    ‘My dear, I’m not only tired, I’m so hungry! Food dey house abeg?’ She asked already heading for the kitchen.
    ‘Pele, noddles wa ni kitchen.’ I informed her. She went to the kitchen and brought out food. She finished eating and went into her room to freshen up. After a while she joined me and we watched TV together, commenting on songs as the were being played.
    ‘Baby, since you are out of you mourning period, would you like to join me and Emeka tomorrow? We are going clubbing.’ She stated.
    Ever since my break up with Niyi, Tola has been scared away from introducing me to men and trying to hook me up but I guess she was back on my neck now. I would really like to go but I already promised mum I was coming.
    ‘I can’t come dear, I wish I could but I already promised mum I will spend the weekend with her. Lets plan an outing against next weekend.’ I told her. She pouted at me before saying,
    ‘Are you sure you are going to mummy’s side and you are not just “boboing” me?’ I blinked my eyes at her and told her I was saying the truth. After some minutes of watching TV, we said our good nights.
    It was four P.M and I was rushing to get home and avoid the traffic so I could pack some clothes and make it to my mum’s house on time. I was saying my goodbyes to my co-workers when my phone rang, I searched my bag for it for like six seconds before I came up with it. I checked the caller ID, it was my mum. I smiled before picking it, she must be so eager to see me. I was certain she wanted to know when I would be coming over.
    ‘Hello mummy,’ I said into the phone.
    ‘Hello my dear, wo oko mi, I’ve forgotten today is cross over night at the camp, I’m on my way there right now. Se waa ma lole toba dola maa de?’ It was like I was served a big blow! I felt so disappointed that I wouldn’t be seeing my mum after all my anticipation.
    ‘Ok mum, maa ri yin Lola. E gbadura fun mi oo,’ I requested.
    ‘Moti gbo oko, odabo,’ she said.
    ‘Odabo ma,’ I replied and cut off the call.
    I dialed my friend’s number to see if I could still meet up with clubbing but her number wasn’t going through. I really didn’t feel like being alone tonight, I’ve done enough of staying alone. I pinged her but it didn’t deliver. Damn! Let me rush home and see if I could still catch up with her. I rushed to the bus stop and hailed a taxi. The traffic was building and I was happy I left the office earlier, Friday traffic could be worst at times. We got into hold ups’ here and there but I got home at exactly six-thirty P.M. I saw Emeka’s car in the compound and I was relieved I caught up with them. The music coming from our apartment was so loud as I walked towards my apartment door, I turned the knob but the door was locked. I wanted to knock but I doubted I would be heard over the noise. I inserted my key into the keyhole and opened the door.
    The noise was deafening and the light was off and the room was poorly lighted by the TV screen light. I wanted to off the music and put on the light when a movement flashed across my sight. I dropped my bag softly on the couch and tiptoed towards Tola’s room. The door was slightly opened. I peeped into the room and waited for my eyes to adjust to the dimness. Her hands grabbed the headboard, her head dropped on the pillow, her buttocks was raised up and Emeka’s head was under her, in short, she was sitting on his face, her vag!na was in his face, his hands held her buttocks up. He was sucking her! Oh my gosh, I just walked on my friend having S£x and I would definitely watch!

    Part 12

    The noise was deafening and the light was off. The room was poorly lit by the TV screen. I wanted to off the music and put on the lights when a movement flashed across my sight. I dropped my bag softly on the couch and tiptoed towards Tola’s room. The door was slightly ajar. I peeped into the room and waited for my eyes to adjust to the dimness. Her hands grabbed the headboard, her head dropped on the pillow, her buttocks was raised up and Emeka’s head was under her, in short, she was sitting on his face, her vag!na was in his face, his hands held her buttocks up. He was sucking her! Oh my gosh, I just walked in on my friend having S£x and I would definitely watch!
    It was like I was in a por,n movie. Though it was Tola who was being made love to, I felt every bit of the heat. I took of my shoes silently making sure I made no sound. I sat on the floor and watched the million dollar show. I do not know about other girls, but I have always wanted to know how my friend act in bed. The movie in front of me told me everything I needed to know. Emeka held Tola’s buttocks and ate her pussie passionately. I have known guys who likes to eat and lick the vag!ina. I have also known those that ate it out of obligation to me, but I had never known one who eat it passionately until now. Emeka was eating Tola as if his life depended on it. He smooched and caressed her buttocks as he was eating. Emeka’s leg was on the floor, his ankle was bent against the bed board, so that made his upper body be at the centre bed, he had occupied the bed from the bed foot. I meant to say he had cover the lower half of the bed. Tola’s body covered the rest of the upper bed. Her knees were parted astride Emeka’s head, that is, Emeka’s head was between her laps as she knelt down. Her vag!na was directly at Emeka’s mouth. Her chest was flat on the bed and this position afforded her the opportunity of a wider spread for Emeka’s head. I heard my friend blabbed away as her man sucked her.
    ‘Aaarrrhhh, oh baby, you are the best, eat it baby, it’s yours, asssuheh, yeeeeaahhh, ooh, arsshh,’ Tola moaned and the only response I heard from Emeka was his tongue, lips and teeth battling with her vag!na.
    ‘Pphttww, pphttww, hmmmmm, puuurree, mmttwwuu,’ that was the sound of his mouth against her honeypot.
    Fire spread through me, I was so hot I could not breath. I sat down on the floor. I raised up my skirt and took off my panties. I loosed the buttons of my shirt and brought out my br3ast out of my bra without unhooking the catch behind. My br3ast loomed above the bra cups. My large nippl3s was hard. I parted my legs and touched my vag!na. I was oozing fluid. Could I be blamed? I carried out all this action without taking my eyes off them. Emeka’s d1ck was standing at attention. It was not too big or large but it was enough for any pussie, I was so sure of that. His pen!s jerked and nodded, my mouth watered, I wanted to grab it and give it a good mouth job. It was as as if Tola was reading my mind because she turned around and told Emeka to shift to the upper side of the bed. Emeka obliged and occupied the whole bed, then Tola changed her position and faced Emeka’s d1ck. They were now in the ’69’ S£x position. I could not see what he was doing to her pussie but I could see very clearly what she was doing to his d1ck.
    She took tantalizing little lave of the cap of his d1ck like a child carefully licking her ice cream and protecting it from falling off its cone. She teased the cap with her tongue, rolling and spreading her tongue across and against his d1ck cap. I licked my lips and wished for a d1ck to lick too. She took the whole of the cap into her mouth and started sucking as you would do to a lollipop then she suckled on it as you would do when sucking fan yogurt. My nippl3s ached, I desperately wanted a mouth on it but I made do with my hands. I touched my fingers to the slippery wetness between my thighs and rubbed it on my nippl3s, I started playing with them. I rubbed, rolled, pitched and pressed my nippl3s. I wanted to moan but I could not, I just swallowed my moan and listened to my friend and her boyfriend moaned instead.
    My eyes remained glued to the moving picture in front of me. My clitz was tingling badly. I removed one hand from my br3ast and took it to my pussie. I inserted two fingers into my pussie and started fingering myself. I did not know when my eyes closed but when I opened them Tola had stopped sucking Emeka and was now riding him. I could not see either of their faces but their moaning was more than enough for me. With my own moans going on in my brain, I could not really say who moaned what but I could hear,
    ‘Arhowsh, eesshh, uucchh, ouchh, hmmmm, yeeah, ggrhhea, weeeaeuyy.’
    The breathing was heaving, mine and theirs. The Sekxual tension in and out of the bedroom could light the whole of lagos if converted to electricity. I removed my hands out of my pussie and started rubbing my clitz. I wish there was something to fill my hole but I had to choose one, either the hole or the clitz, I chose the clitz. I rubbed my clitz as fast as I could and squeezed my br3ast with my free hand.
    I had not rub for a minute when I felt the now familiar but still tantalizing sensation started flowing towards my clitz from every part of my body. It was like a magnet surrounded by metal. It pulled everything towards it. As I rubbed I neared the edge, I wanted to moan but I could not! Oh gosh, this was silent torture, if I thought not climaxing was painful, I was wrong, because climaxing and not being able to moan or scream it out was more painful. But I had no choice unless I wanted to give myself away and let them know I was watching.
    My eyes was closed again and I forced it open. They had changed position and were in the “doggy” position.u can send hi to Lordsamuel on 0543589658 to be added to adults chat room to enjoy more stories.They kept making sensual noises, I imagined they would be heard in the second flat if not for the loud music. I closed my eyes and focused on my own impending orgas,m. Within two minutes of rubbing I came. It was so powerful that I was jerking violently on the floor where I laid. I did not have the energy to stand up or continue watching them but I knew I had to stand up but I just could not find the strength in me until I heard Tola screamed,
    ‘I’m coming baby, aaooooshsh, aarrhhhh.’

    Part 13

    I quietly stood up on my shaking legs and carried my bag and shoes to my room. I dropped my bag and shoes on the floor and I locked the door behind me. I did not have the strength to clean up or do anything else. I laid across my bed and slept off. A persistent knock on my door woke me up. I woke up lazily like someone who had been drugged. The first thing I noticed was that the loud music was gone, the house was quiet. I checked my wristwatch, twenty-three minutes after ten.
    ‘Joke open the door, I know you are inside,’ Tola said from outside.
    I adjusted my clothes and opened the door. She entered my room with her hand behind her back. She glanced at me trying to hide a smile. For a minute I thought she had saw me but I was sure she had not, so I kept my cool.
    ‘Sorry I was sleeping,’ I tried to explain why I had not come to the door earlier. She nodded her head but did not say any thing. When she opened her mouth, what came out of it shocked me.
    ‘So, why didn’t you join us?’ My mouth dropped to my jaw, she had indeed saw me! If she had saw me that means Emeka to might have seen me. I dropped my head in my hands and groaned.
    ‘Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh.’ I glanced up at her and she was grinning really wide. She was not angry. I rested my hands on the bed behind me and glanced up at my friend.
    ‘You saw me,’ I stated. She grinned wider and shook her head. My eyes popped up! Oh my God, if she had not seen me then it was Emeka who had saw me. I became really embarrassed. How was I ever going to face Emeka again. She was really laughing at me now and I did not like it one bit.
    ‘Ko funny jor, how am I going to face Emeka again? He saw me spying on you guys while having S£x!’ I said wishing she would stop laughing at me. She jumped on me felling both of us on the bed. She said,
    ‘No Emeka didn’t see you either, I found this!’ She threw my panties on my face as she said this. Oh my goodness. Silly, silly me! I forget to take my pants from the floor of the sitting room. I was not caught red handed but I left an evidence. I felt like a burglar without a glove.
    ‘Don’t look so embarrassed jor, it’s no big deal, I found the pants and Emeka had no idea you were back! As a matter of fact, I would have put on a better show if I had known you would be watching!’ She said winking. I believed her, she was the naughtiest girl I knew.
    ‘How was it? Was I good? Did you enjoy it? Did you come?’ She rushed me with questions. I tried to rise up and push her off me but she would not bulge.
    ‘You aren’t going anywhere until you answer me oo, you owe me that after seeing my movie!’ She said and I knew better than to argue. I told her what she wanted to know.
    ‘You got me wet and coming, is that not enough to tell you you are good? But girl, I didn’t know someone can eat the pussie like his best food and that guy na machine oo, I met you guys there and left you there. You self get stamina oo!’ I hailed my friend and she beamed. I remember they were supposed to go to club and asked her about it.
    ‘No clubbing again?’ I asked.
    ‘Tiwon ba somi maa ja, we still they go oo, he went to pick Godwin since I saw your message and told him you would be available. He thought it is an opportunity for Godwin to meet you. You no kuku gree add the guy for BB. They will be back by eleven thirty, to pick us.’ She explained. I glanced at my wristwatch and it was eleven P.M. already.
    ‘It’s eleven already, I need to shower and get dressed. Oya, vamusĂȘ.’
    I pursued her out of my room. As I showered I laughed at myself for getting caught, I was just relieved it was Tola that found the panties. I put on a red bondage short gown. It was not too short, it scaled my knee cap. The front was fully covered, it was a high cut but the back was something else entirely. It was cut so low. I packed my hair up in a ponytail. I matched it with two silver stud earrings, a silver wristwatch and two rings on my right fingers. I picked a black five inches cover shoe and a black purse to go with it. I put on a very light makeup highlighting just my eyes and lips. I was applying powder to my face when Tola called on me to hurry up.
    ‘They are waiting outside oo Joke let’s go abeg.’
    She called to me from the living room. I slipped my feet into my shoes, splashed some perfume on, admired myself in the mirror and walked out to meet Tola. We admired and complimented each other before stepping out to meet the boys. Emeka was sitting behind the wheel and Godwin was sitting beside him. The both got out of the car when they saw us approached. The admiration was clear like Crystal on their faces. Tola moved to Emeka’s side and hugged him. I stood awkwardly beside Godwin, I wanted to asses him but I did not want to be caught staring, there would be plenty of time for that later. Emeka introduced us to each other.
    ‘Joke, this is my friend Godwin you have been avoiding since oo. Godwin, this is our beautiful Joke we’ve been talking about.’ Emeka said. Godwin and I stared at each other for some seconds. He was good looking in a rugged way. He has the street swag aura about him. He was a bit fair in completion. He has a round mouth with a pink lips. His face was clean shaved. He offered me his hands and I took it in a warm handshake. His hold was firm but his hand was soft.
    ‘Nice to finally meet you. I must confess that pictures do lie, you are far pretty than what I saw and was told.’ He said as we shook hands. I bestowed on him a big smile and said,
    ‘Thanks Godwin...

    Part 14

    They opened the car doors for us and we stepped in. We drove off to the club. The club was colorful and crowded as usual. Half nak3d girls walked and danced around the club. S£x workers were outside hawking their wares. Yahoo boys filled everywhere showing their cash and trying to impress the girls. Some broke boys danced like it would impress the girls and some big boys sat around tables in dark corners with beautiful girls drinking. The boys were definitely familiar with this club because the bouncer greeted them by name. We went over to the VIP section, ordered our drinks and the rest of the night was fun all the way. We danced, we drank, we flirted. Our legs became wary around three A.M. because of the heels we had on, to remove it would be unladylike so we begged to be taken home. The boys did not want to leave but then, they were not the ones wearing the high heels. Tola said she wanted to ease herself before we left the club. She said I should escort her to the toilet, with the way she said it, I knew she wanted to gossip or tell me something. She truly wanted to ease herself and I found myself pressed too when we got into the restroom. After doing our ‘girly’ things we started our talk.
    ‘So where shall we go?’ Tola asked me. I looked at her like she was stupid before answering her.
    ‘What do you mean by that? Home of course!’ I replied.
    ‘I would love to go home too but you are forgetting we live in a two bedroom apartment, where will Godwin sleep?’ She asked.
    I pondered on it for some seconds and told her what I felt should happen.
    ‘They can drop us home and go to their houses now.’ I reasoned. She smiled and countered what I said.
    ‘No ma, that can’t work. I want to sleep in my man’s arms tonight, and it won’t be nice if we asked Godwin to sleep on our couch,’ she stated. I eyed here suspiciously. Was she setting me up because it was not beyond her.
    ‘What are you now saying? He can’t sleep in my room either.’ I said pouting.
    ‘I know that ma, this is our best option. Let us all go over to Emeka’s house. There are many bedrooms there and we can all be comfortable and safe.’ She said smiling sheepishly at me as if she had just just solved the world’s hardest quiz.
    ‘Are you setting me up?’ I blunted out. She shrugged at me and hissed.
    ‘How can you say that? Don’t you trust me? Yes I want you to get along with Godwin and I want you to be happy but no, not by setting you up. We are not prost!tutes and I didn’t expect you to be all over Godwin. Give me some credit here, ok?’ She said and I could see she was really hurt.
    ‘Oya sorry, you know you are very naughty now, but I trust you, shogbo?’ I apologized hugging her.
    ‘Ok you are pardoned but know I can never betray you sha.’ She said.
    ‘Thanks, but wait oo, we don’t have change of clothes with us, and you know I don’t like wearing dirty clothes.’ I reminded her.
    ‘Ma worry, if worst come to worst they will shop for clothes for us tomorrow morning. As for tonight, I have some nighties there you can wear. Lobatan.’
    She said smiling. We joined the boys and and we drove to Emeka’s house. I could not help but think Tola was setting me up but I had no fact to prove it and I really do trust her. The house was situated in Magodo and it was a big house indeed. The interior decoration was rich. It was crude oil money all the way. Tola showed me to one of the bedrooms, I said my goodnights to all of them. Tola brought me a night gown, soap, towel, duvet, new tooth brush and a scarf for my hair. I thanked her as we said our good nights again. I was tired but alerted.
    After going through my night ritual of bathing and brushing, I got into bed. I tossed and turned about the bed, but sleep was not forthcoming. It has been a bad habit from childhood, I can not sleep well when I sleep outside my home. I wished for a novel to read, there was none. I decided to watch TV, because it can actually put me to sleep. I got lost twice before I finally found the living room. I put on the TV and the DSTV decoder. I tuned the channel to MNET and reduced the volume to the very minimum so I would not disturb everyone sleeping. I did not know when I dozed off but I heard an unfamiliar voice call my name from far away. He was kneeling on the floor beside the couch I slept on. His left hand was on my hair, patting my hair. I opened my eyes, it was Godwin.
    ‘Hi.’ He said with a pleasant smile.
    ‘Hi.’ I replied standing up from where I laid…

    Part 15

    After going through my night ritual of bathing and brushing, I got into bed. I tossed and turned about the bed, but sleep was not forthcoming. It has been a bad habit from childhood, I can not sleep well when I sleep outside my home. I wished for a novel to read, there was none. I decided to watch TV, because it can actually put me to sleep. I got lost twice before I finally found the living room. I put on the TV and the DSTV decoder. I tuned the channel to MNET and reduced the volume to the very minimum so I would not disturb everyone sleeping. I did not know when I dozed off but I heard an unfamiliar voice call my name from far away. He was kneeling on the floor beside the couch I slept on. His left hand was on my hair, patting my hair. I opened my eyes, it was Godwin.
    ‘Hi.’ He said with a pleasant smile.
    ‘Hi.’ I replied standing up from where I laid.
    I stretched my tired bones, my neck was stiffed from cramping my head in the tiny space of the couch. I looked at the wall clock, the was four thirty A.M. I have not slept for more than fifteen minutes. The movie I was watching was still running. I sat down and drew nearer to the edge of the chair. Godwin stood up from where stooped to sit down beside me on the three sitter. He sat at the other edge of the sofa, keeping his distance. I liked that. We watched the movie for a while. I started to doze off again.
    ‘Joke? Joke!’ He softly but firmly called my name.
    ‘Hmmm, I wasn’t sleeping.’ I said and he laughed. Well, I was dozing not sleeping.
    ‘Why don’t you go off to bed?’ He suggested.
    ‘The problem is I can’t sleep in a strange house or bed, if I do, I must be very tired or drunk. I’ll have to spend three days here before I can sleep soundly. But the TV can help me rest sha. So why are you up too?’ I asked shifting the topic to him. He smiled before answering.
    ‘Well, I’m much like you. I don’t sleep soundly in a strange bed unless I’ve enough alcohol in my system, which I don’t have right now. Thanks to you for chasing us out of the club.’ He said jokingly. We both laughed. I sat upright facing him, my back to the sofa handle. I stretched my feet in front of me, it stopped at his thighs. He was staring at me.
    ‘Hellooo? You are staring at me. What are you staring at, what are you thinking?’ I asked. I know they must have discussed me many times and I wanted to know what he has heard about me.
    ‘If I tell you what I’m staring at or thinking right now, you may break my head! I would rather keep quiet and keep staring.’ He said and I became heated down bellow. He was surely thinking about me nak3d in his hands and it was not really a bad idea. I have had time to check him out at the club. He was good looking, fresh flesh, muscled arms, broad chest and long fingers. I like men with long fingers. We were looking at each other, each with his or her own unholy thoughts.
    ‘Ok, I don’t want to go to jail for manslaughter, so don’t tell me, but at least tell me what you’ve heard about me. I’ll like to know. The truth ooo.’ I asked hoping he would tell me somethings.
    ‘Hhhmm, alright, only if you promise to tell me what you have also heard about me.’ He bargained. Well, I have not really heard much about him, so it was safe to bargain with him.
    ‘Ok, deal.’ I said flashing him a Sekxy smile. He shook his head and smiled back.
    ‘Well, I heard you are beautiful and Sekxy. Gentle and reserved. I heard you like to swim and cook. I also heard you just broke up with boyfriend.’
    His last sentence brought sharp pains and anger to my heart. Pain for my lost boyfriend, it has been over seven weeks that it happened and I do not know why it still hurt anytime I was being reminded of him. Anger for my broadcaster friend who could not keep shut. Should she have told Emeka or even Godwin for that matter that I broke up with my boyfriend? Did she tell them I slept with her boyfriend too, I was pissed. I hid my anger and disappointment behind a smile and continued talking with Godwin.
    ‘I see you’ve indeed heard a lot. Do you also know why I broke up with my boyfriend?’ I asked keeping my face smiling, there was no sign of my inward battle of anger.
    ‘Well, yes.’ He said and my heart raced then sank. How could she have done this to me? I thought I could trust her. I felt like covering my face with my hands. His next sentence made me want to run and empty my bowel in the toilet. He said,
    ‘I don’t want you to feel like your friend gave you away or betrayed you. I wanted to know more about you. I begged Emeka to ask her. She told Emeka and Emeka told me. Please know that I don’t blame you for the decision you took.’ My skin heated from shame and anger. I felt like crying. She had betrayed me. How could she have done this to me? So much for friendship. My head was tilted forward and my jaw was touching my chest, in tiny voice I asked,
    ‘So what exactly have you heard? I may want to add to or remove from it.’
    ‘Well, she said you sent the guy packing because he was cheating on you and…’ My....

    Part 16

    ‘Well, she said you sent the guy packing because he was cheating on you and…’ My heard shot up as I heard this, I listened as he continued.
    ‘…and you caught with another girl after he had proposed to you. When you tried to make him see he was hurting you, he slapped you and you gave him his ring back even though you loved him very much. That’s the gist I heard.’
    He narrated with sad eyes. I could not help it, I had to laugh. I laughed so hard that I fell off the chair onto the floor. I clenched my stomach as I laughed. Tola can not kill me, I swear. To think I thought she had betrayed me, see how she changed the characters. Godwin was staring and smiling, his expression; confused. I tried to comport myself and stop laughing, it was not easy but I stopped enough to ask him.
    ‘Was that what you heard seriously?’ I asked still grinning widely. He still looked confused when he answered me.
    ‘Yes,’ he said uncertain of his response.
    ‘Why are you laughing now, have I said something funny?’ He asked still confused. I wanted to tell him the truth but I remember my friend’s lecture that you should not tell any guy the truth about your past. They are too narrow minded, they will still use it against you in the nearest future, though some guys are open minded but most of them are very narrow minded. He was still looking at me expecting me to give him an explanation. I had to lie.
    ‘Sorry my dear, it’s just funny that she told you guys everything and more. And the way you said it was funny too.’
    I was not laughing anymore but was still grinning. I could see in his eyes that he was still confused. I know my excuse was lame and that he did not believe me, but he was gentlemanly enough not to pursue the topic. He joined me on the floor and sat beside me, real close to me. Our arms were touching and if I move backward a bit, his arm would be brushing my br3ast and not my arm. Alarming, I did not mind! It was just that my flesh was just ready for a man’s touch after two months of no contact. The movie I was supposed to be watching came to an end Godwin asked for permission to change the channel to TRACE, I gave it. TRACE was dishing out cool alternative music, and I loved it, I never really understood “Hiphop”.
    ‘I’m a kind of old school guy, I like my music soft. What kind of music do you like?’ It seemed this guy and I have the same taste in music. More things in common.
    ‘Well, same here, I like my music soft, sensual and meaningful. R n B things, and alternative music.’ I replied.
    ‘That’s nice,’ as he said this ‘Nine million bicycles in Beijing’ by Katie Melua popped up as the next music to be played, I said,
    ‘The music coming up is one of my best song. The lyrics touched my heart the first time I listened to it and I’ve loved it since then.’ I said with a faraway look. Just then, the music came up and he drew me up and said,
    ‘Dance with me baby…’ Now, to dance to soft or alternative music is not easy. I moved into his arms, my two hands on his two shoulders, my br3ast touching his body lightly. His arms encircled my waist. Our gaze locked as the music started, we stared into each other eyes, heart and soul as we swayed to the rhythm and let the lyrics carry us above the earth. You know that place, that oblivion where only soul music could take you to.
    “There are nine million bicycles in Beijing, that’s a fact, it’s a thing that we can’t deny, like the fact I will love you till I die. We are twelve billion light years from the end, that’s a guess, no one can ever say if it’s true, but I know that I will always be with you. I am warm by the fire of your love everyday, so don’t call me a lair, just believe everything that I say. There are six billion people in the world, more or less, and it makes me feel quite small, that you are the one I love most of all…”
    We swayed to Katie Melua sensational voice. The words touched my heart, it made me wanna fall in love. Godwin kept staring at me as if he could see into my very heart. I could not take it again, I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my my hands around him pressing my bosom against him. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply his scent. He smelled neat. He drew me closer into his arms and rested his head on my head. His hands caressed my back as we swayed to music after music, soon it was not the music that we danced to anymore, it was our own rhythm that we danced to. The sound being our breaths, the rhythm our heartbeats. His breath tickled my ear and neck, I cuddled closer to him. I shifted my head farther to his shoulder so that my neck could be more exposed. He kissed me lightly on my neck. My breath caught in my throat. That was all the permission he needed. He worshipped my neck, kissed it and sucked it. I was on fire. I turned the other side of my neck so he could worship it too. He did lavishly. I was grateful for his strong arms around me, I would have fell because my legs had tuned to jelly. He cupped my face in his hands and searched my eyes before he rested his lips on mine. The kiss was incendiary, deliberately so. I felt myself go up in flames. Heat poured through my veins, rushed beneath my skin, pooled in my loins, then ignited me. I could feel the fire burn in him too. He was the same, as unprotected as I was as we plunged into the fire of our mutual need.

    Part 17

    Our lips merged, mouths melded, tongues tangled, I clung to him, he wrapped himself around me. Mutually in our thoughts we agreed it was time to sit down, without disentangling from our kiss, he backed away to the sofa, he sat down and took me with me. I sat on his laps, with each thigh around him still engrossed in our kiss. I wrapped my hands around his head, stroking from head to back, arms and chest. With great effort I broke the kiss to kiss around his face and ear. He took the opportunity to kiss my neck again, which he seemed to like very much. His mouth traced my collar bone, sending shivers through my bone. He moved back to my waiting mouth. Never in my life had I been contented with a kiss. This kiss was comforting, it was not of love or S£x, it was of two people who needed each other. Two people who were drawing strength and pleasure from each other. Also, I have never seen a more disciplined kisser. He did not let his hands venture to my br3ast or buttocks, it was just my head, neck, arms and back, the farthest he went was my collar bone. I could not say how long the kiss went for but I was for a while. I could not say who broke the kiss, but we stopped kissing. Still sitting on his laps, and trying desperately to avoid his bulged manhood that was pushing against my stomach. I rested my head on his chest, breathing heavily. He wrapped his arms around me, sighing deeply into my hair. I touched my lips, it was swollen. I did not mind. He tried to say something but his voice had hanged, he cleared his voice and tried again.
    ‘I’ve wanted to kiss you since you walked out of your apartment last night. Gosh, you have the most beautiful neck I’ve ever seen. With your hair in a pony tail, it showed all the fine lines of your wonderful neck.’ I giggled against his chest. Never had I heard that the neck was a turn on for some men. He was describing my neck like a pot of gold.
    ‘What’s funny now? Why you dey laugh na?’ He queried. I arose from his chest to take a look at him.
    ‘Na you dey make me laugh now. As I carry back and front reach so, na my neck you see abi?’ I said in mock anger. He bent forward to drop a kiss on my lips.
    ‘No be my fault, different strokes for different folks, and I like your back and front very much too! Do you know how hard I had to restrain myself from trespassing?’ He asked with a raised eyebrow.
    This man was funny, easy to talk with and a delight to kiss. Not a bad combination at all. As if we planed it, we yawned at the same time. The club and alcohol was beginning to tell on our body. I checked the wall clock, the time was past five. My body ached, my legs was trembling from the sitting position I was. I was well worn and I was sure I would sleep now no matter how strange the bed was, but the truth was, I did not want to sleep alone. I wanted another warm body beside me. He cleared his throat bringing me back to the present and away from my thoughts.
    ‘I should go and sleep now. I’m very tired…’ I said somehow hoping he would invite himself to my bed.
    ‘Since I’ve had a doze of your mouth and neck, I think I would sleep too. Thanks for the kiss, you made my night.’ He said and we both stood up at the same time. Would he not invite me to his bed? If he would not, then I have to do something. I thought about faking a scare like saying I could not sleep alone. I thought about faking a nightmare to get him into my bed, they all seemed childish. I have to do something, that I was sure of.
    ‘I would be across the room if you need me, see you lerra today.’ He said drawing me into a hug. He hugged me, kissed my cheeks and neck and turned back to walk away. I watched him walk to his door, waiting for the right moment to strike. When he touched the knob to open the door, I called,
    ‘Godwin. Wait.’ He halted.

    Part 18

    Would he not invite me to his bed? If he would not, then I have to do something. I thought about faking a scare like saying I could not sleep alone. I also thought about faking a nightmare to get him into my bed, but they all seemed childish. I have to do something, that I was sure of.
    ‘I would be across the room if you need me, see you lerra today.’ He said pulling me into a hug. He hugged me, kissed my cheeks and neck and turned back to walk away. I watched him walk to his door, waiting for the right moment to strike. When he touched the knob to open the door, I called out softly.
    ‘Godwin. Wait.’ He halted, looked back at me with a straight smile on his face. My confidence left me a bit. He said,
    ‘Yes sweets.’ I opened my mouth and nothing came out. I licked my dry lips and swallowed my saliva and still, no sound will come from my dry mouth. He came back to my side, held my hands and looked me straight in the eyes and said.
    ‘Sit down joke.’ I did though I would prefer to go into the bedroom.
    ‘My dear, when my friend met your friend, they wanted to have a fling and they thought I should have one with you too. But getting to know your friend, I’ve noticed that beneath her naughtiness and ruggedness, she is a nice person who wants to be loved but scared is of loosing her heart to the wrong person. You see, I studied Psychology as my first degree, and I can read people. Now to you.’ He said. He held my second hand, smiled at me and continued.
    ‘You my dear, you are a serious lover. One look at you and I knew you were hurting. Look, there’s nothing I want more than to be between your legs but I can’t offer you what you want. Right now you may just want the S£x, but later, you will want the heart and I can’t give it.’ He said.
    I removed my hands from his hands and dropped my elbows on my thighs. I linked my hands together, interlocking my fingers and dropped my head into it. Hot tears of embarrassment brushed my eyelids but I was determined not to cry. I blinked them away. He rested his hands lightly on my shoulders, I shifted away from him a bit, he removed his hands.
    ‘Joke, please don’t do this. I hate what I’m doing myself. If only you know how much I want to be buried in you but I can’t because it just wouldn’t be right. Forget the fact that I don’t want to hurt you, the fact remains you are still in love with your boyfriend.’ I straighten up slowly and looked into his eyes. What gave him the idea that I still love or ever loved Niyi. It was as if he read through my heart.
    ‘My dear, I know you are still in love with him. I had you in my arms for over fifteen minutes, you were willing to kiss me, have S£x with me but you weren’t willing to let go. I didn’t touch your br3ast or butt because you have this protective aura about you. You are just looking for a bounce back S£x and physical contact to convince yourself that you are over him and to assure yourself that you are still desirable but it won’t help you. You will hate yourself and hate me after the S£x. Am I making sense?’ He asked. I wanted to say no but I knew in my heart that he was somehow right.
    ‘What makes you think I loved or I’m still in love with my ex?’ I asked. He smiled before answering me.
    ‘Ok, I’m going to ask you some questions, please give me honest answers ooo.’ He employed.
    ‘Ok.’ I said.
    ‘How many times do you think of him in a day?’ He asked me gently.
    ‘Well, when we first parted, I used to think of him all day, but now, once or twice in a day,’ I replied shrugging.
    ‘When you hear his name being called or when you think about him, how do you feel?’ He asked.
    ‘Hmmmm, I feel sad, pained and deprived,’ I replied.
    ‘Are you saying it still hurts you when you are being reminded of him?’ He questioned.
    ‘Yes,’ I answered.
    ‘Now close your eyes,’ I did, ‘and imagine your ex proposing to another girl right now.’ He said and my eyes flew apart, my lips were shaking, slightly and my heart was racing and hurting.
    ‘Tell me Joke, how does that make you feel?’ He asked softly.
    ‘Sad, very sad.’ I whispered staring into space.
    ‘I don’t think you need me to tell you that you still have strong feelings for your ex.’ He said
    ‘Let me tell you as it is. Sometimes people we love do some terrible things to us, and vise-visa but that doesn’t mean they don’t love us or we don’t love them. It’s just human nature to hurt each other. If it still hurts then you still care. Try and make up with him Joke. This heartbreak is helping no one as I’m sure he would be missing you somewhere now.’ He educated me but how was I supposed to tell him I was at fault? How could I ever reveal to him that I was the cheater? Would Niyi actually forgive me? I really didn’t think so.
    ‘Hmhmhmhm, what if I was the one at fault? What if I was the one that cheated, will he forgive me? Would you forgive me if you were the one?’ I asked Godwin hoping he wouldn’t read between the lines. If he read between the lines, he didn’t give himself away.
    ‘Well, you know males are violently jealous, it may take time for him to forgive you, but if he truly loves you and he hasn’t found another love, he would. My suggestion to you is to give it a try. You see, in relationships, when there’s a problem, one party leaves hastily and regrets it lerra. Pride, ego, fear and shame stops us from apologizing and mending things. So my dear Joke, reach out to your love once more, have courage.’ He said smiling. I find his words of encouragement soul pleasing. I smiled up at him and said.
    ‘Thanks Godwin. I will like to be alone and think things over.’ I said rising up and walking to my room, as I was about to enter my room he said,
    ‘Remember Joke, don’t give up and have faith.’

    Part 19

    As I lay in my bed, I sorted out my emotions. I never knew I loved Niyi until Godwin asked me those questions. Just because I was measuring love by climax, I failed to realize and recognize the most important thing in my life! I fell in love and couldn’t recognize it! Hot tears rain down my checks, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. I stuffed my head into the pillow and screamed into it. I punched the bed, slapped it, bit into it with my teeth. I roared, I groaned. After thirty minutes of anguish, I calmed down. Even though I didn’t expect Niyi to forgive me just like that, I still had to try. I unlocked my phone and typed a text straight from my heart, and I hoped he would see it like that. I said a little silent prayer but I said it with faith.
    “Olaniyimi, I’m sorry, I’m very sorry. I know have hurt you baby, but then I was ignorant of my feelings for you. I never knew I loved you and that your departure would hurt me this much. My life is now nothing, it’s empty without you. Please baby, find a place to forgive me in your heart, and I promise to forever love and cherish you. Never again will I betray you or hurt you intentionally. Thanks, please reply.”
    ‘God have mercy.’ I prayed silently and sent the text. I laid down on the bed, drew the duvet over me and waited patiently for a reply. I willed my phone to blip the message tone. It would not. I checked my phone every 10 seconds. Nothing still. I waited and waited until sleep stole my sight.
    Someone was rocking me gently, trying to draw me into the real world from my dreamland. I wished the person would go away and let me be, but the person was persistent.
    ‘Joke wake up now, do you want to sleep for a whole day? It’s 4 o’clock jor. Shaani lole ni?(won’t we go home)’ I struggled to open my eyes, it was a serious battle of wit but after five trials, I succeeded.
    ‘Your eyes don open? Why you come dey sleep like person wey them fvck till day break.’ She said and I eyed her maliciously before retorting in a coarse voice.
    ‘In case you don forget, I danced till small our this morning and I didn’t sleep until around 6a.m cos I was with Godwin.’ I regretted mentioning Godwin the moment it left my mouth.
    ‘You swine! You were wit Godwin? Arhrhha Joke! You have spoil finish!’ She teased me.
    ‘It’s not what you think oo. We were just talking in the sitting room. You know I can’t sleep well outside now.’ I said. I purposely didn’t tell her the kiss and the talk. She would want to hear the full details.
    ‘Hmmm, ok oo. Emeka and Godwin got called to office this morning. We said we can take his car home, he will come collect it latter. Godwin said I should give you this note, and Emeka said I should give you 10k. Oya go bath make we dey waka.’ She said giving me the money and note.
    ‘Thanks.’ I said and went into the bathroom. I knew she wanted me to read the note before her but I wouldn’t. I did ablution because I was still going to put on a dirty dress. When I was done with dressing, I read Godwin’s note, it read.
    ‘My dear Joke, don’t forget to do your best to get your man back. You deserve to be happy. Be good.’
    I smiled at the note. I checked my phone, the was no text message from Niyi. I sighed and left my assigned room. When we got to the car, Tola threw the car keys at me saying,
    ‘Madam, na you go drive, my legs were busy throughout the night.’ I caught the key in time.

    Part 20

    We got home around 6p.m. I went straight to the bathroom and then to my waiting bed nak3d. I slept off in seconds. A consistence offensive loud knock disturbed my sleep. Who could that be? I just couldn’t fathom any reason for anybody to be knocking at our apartment door. I checked the time, 9:27pm. I quickly dressed up and got out of my room. I bumped into Tola on my way. We made faces at each other.
    ‘Who the heck could that me?’ She asked me acting scared. I humphed at her.
    ‘How am I supposed to know? Abi we owe landlord ni?’ I asked trying to cast my mind on the rent.
    ‘No oo, we no owe am oo. Sha go and open the door.’ She replied.
    ‘Why me?’ I asked pouting.
    ‘Cos you are older than me?’ She retorted.
    ‘Na now you…’ The pounding was coming in quick succession now.
    ‘Who is it?’ I asked feebly.
    There was silent but the knock was persistence. I told Tola to call our neighbor’s number. We made the cross sign on our body, Tola went to hide and I opened the door, my mouth dropped to my jaw. I blinked at him, closed and opened my eyes, he was still there. It was Niyi, a very drunk Niyi. He had lost weight, his eyes looked hallow in its sockets, he had grown a bear, he looked rough. He had a bottle of McDowell’s under his armpit and he smelled terrible of alcohol and sweat.
    ‘Who is it,’ Tola asked from her hiding. I didn’t answer her, I just kept staring at Niyi. She came to the door and saw who it was.
    ‘Oh my goodness!’ She exclaimed. Niyi eyed both of us and said,
    ‘What are you looking at out?’ I drooled.
    He staggered forward loosing his steps. I caught him before he hit the door frame. I dragged him in and we both tumbled on the couch. He went on mumbling rubbish about girls being the same and how heart broken he was. I touched his neck to check his temperature, he flinched and yelled at me.
    ‘Dont touch me! You ruined my life.’ Sharp pain pieced my heart as he stared at me, then his eyes closed and he was snoring softly. Tola and I breathed in relief. We watched him for some minutes before we began to whisper to each other.
    ‘What the hell is he doing here?’ Tola asked me.
    ‘How am I supposed to know?’ I said.
    ‘Kila ma se?’ Tola asked.
    I walked gingerly to his side, touched him light to see if he was truly asleep. He was. I took the bottle from him and set it on the floor. I motioned to Tola to come help me carry him. She shook her head. I glared at her, she threw her hands up in frustration and came beside me. Together we took Niyi to my room. She said,
    ‘Goodbye and good luck.’ And left my room.
    I undressed Niyi to his boxers. I filled a bowl with water and soaked a towel in it. I moped him with the wet towel and covered him up with the towel. I went to the kitchen and fetched a bottle of water and a sachet of paracetamol. I placed him beside him by the table. I took a pillow and went to sleep on the couch. Before sleep claimed me, I prayed to God.
    ‘God, please have mercy.’

    Part 21

    I undressed Niyi to his boxers. I filled a bowl with water and soaked a towel in it. I moped him with the wet towel and covered him up with the towel. I went to the kitchen and fetched a bottle of water and a sachet of paracetamol. I placed him beside him by the table. I took a pillow and went to sleep on the couch. Before sleep claimed me, I prayed to God.
    ‘God, please have mercy.’
    The sofa was uncomfortable to sleep in so I woke up also every hour. I checked on Niyi every time I woke up. I readjusted his head on the pillow and the duvet around him. I checked his temperature and I was glad that his fever has gone, he was snoring softly. When it was finally 5a.m I couldn’t go back to sleep. I tiptoed to my room fearing not to wake him up. I was still sleeping soundly. He was lying on his stomach and the duvet was almost off him, I didn’t bother to readjust it again. I quietly rampaged into my wardrobe and came up with some of his clothes he had left behind, thank goodness I still have them. I laid a clean boxers, singlet, jeans and polo on the bed. I dropped a new toothbrush on it. I tiptoed into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face and retraced my steps out of my room, closing the door softly behind me.
    For a full minutes, I sat down for a full minute thinking of the next line of action before Niyi wakes up. From generation to generation, mothers have past it down to their children that ‘a full stomach is the way to a man’s heart,’ it was time to find out. I knew prawn rice and dodo was Niyi’s best food, and luckily for me I have the ingredient in my freezer except prawn but I had shrimps which was a good substitute and an aphrodisiac, I wanted him Hot! I stood up with a new determination to win my man back and marched to the kitchen. I got all the ingredient I needed, which were, shrimps, chicken wings, cow flesh (ponmo), cow leg(bokoto), green and white onions, smoked fish, carrots, plantain, pepper, rice, seasoning, locust beans, salt, palm oil, vegetable oil, out of the freezer and cupboards. I got down to cooking. First I blended my red pepper, tomato and onions together in the electric blende because of the unreliable power supply. I plugged in the electric kettle to make hot water.
    I rinsed the chicken wings and cow leg(bokoto), three times, put it into a pot, and added water, salt, seasoning and onions. It was ready for the stove. I washed, peeled and diced my carrots, ponmo and green onions. Then I peeled the scales off my shrimps. I watched it, put it into a pot, added a bit of salt and small water, I covered it and put it on the gas cooker to boil. The smoked fishes were next to be cleaned. I removed the bones, the big and small bones and cut them into small pieces. I poured the hot water on them and covered it up. I dropped the boiled shrimps from the gas cooker and replaced it with a big pot filled with water. I washed my rice and put added it to the pot on the stove to per-boil. I sliced in some onions and splashed in little vegetable oil. I sliced my white onions and plantain and watched my locust beans while waiting for the rice to per-boil. I lit the second compartment of the gas cooker and put another pot on it. I left it to heat for 20seconds and added a good measure of vegetable oil. I added some onions, I turned the onions around in the pot so that it wouldn’t burn, after 10seconds, I added the pepper.
    ‘Sshhhrrrcchh,’ it purred as the hot oil met the cold pepper. I added my washed locust beans and stirred it. I covered it up. I was sneezing profusely. I sieved the ponmo, smoked fish, chicken wings and bokoto of its water and added it into the mixture in the pot. I divided the shrimps into two and poured half into the pot too, I added two cubes of seasoning. I stirred together and tasted to know the quantity of salt to add to my stew. I added some salt and tasted again.

    Part 22

    Perfecto!’ I said to myself. I covered it up and reduced the fire to the most minimum. I mopped my face, I was sweating. I opened the pot with the rice in it, tasted it, it has soften to the texture I wanted. I poured it into the sieve. I rinsed the same pot on put it back on the stove. I poured some water into into, just a little, like 35cl then I added little salt and vegetable oil. I spread my rice into it bit by bit. At every layer I spread some shrimps, carrots, green and white onions till the whole pot was covered. I did this because I didn’t want to stir the rice, if I stir, it would burn. I covered it up. I opened the stew, it was cooked, I dropped it on the kitchen table. I wiped my face of sweat again. I brought out the frying pan from the cabinet, washed it and put it on the stove.
    ‘Ppsshh ppsshh.’ That was the sound of the fire licking the water. When the pot was dry I poured in some palm oil (Niyi does not like his plantain fried with vegetable oil.) When it was heated I put the sliced plantain into it, some hot oil splashed out and some landed on my arm hand a feet. I cried out.
    ‘Sorry oo,’ I heard behind me. I looked at Tola who was leaning against the kitchen door frame.
    ‘Ose, igbawo loji?'(when did you wake up?) I asked as I turned the plantain to its other half to fry.
    ‘The question is not when I woke up, it is what woke me!’ She moved over to the pot and opened the pots.
    ‘Areeeeyy! Are we expecting the president? You have outdone yourself I swear!’ She said.
    ‘I’m cooking for my man and you aren’t eating until he wakes up!’ I threatened her as I put the second batch of plantain in the drying pan and switched of the fire under the rice.
    ‘No do that one oo. When did you wake up self?’ She meant to ask how long I have been cooking.
    ‘Since five, ki lago so bayi?'(What time is it?) I asked.
    ‘It’s almost 7,’ she replied. I’ve been cooking for almost two hours. I have put my heart and soul into it. I just prayed and wished my effort would not go in vain. Everything was ready. I brought out three food warmers and poured my rice, stew and fried plantain into the warmers respectively. Tola offered to wash the pots and I was grateful because my legs were tired.
    ‘Please, can you help me make oat?’ I asked Tola. She looked at me like I was crazy.
    ‘Kilo tun fefi shee?'(what do you want use it for) she asked.
    ‘Oat is good for hangover, it settles the stomach and makes someone hungry. He will need it.’ I explained to her.
    ‘Ok then.’ She said. I went into her room and showered. I put on one of her tank-top and bumshort. She came in as I was combing my hair. She eyed me smiling.
    ‘You look good sis. Planning on seducing someone?’ She asked.
    ‘No ma’am, where’s your make up bag?’ I asked and she handed it to me.
    ‘Do me a favor Tola. Don’t come into the pallor until I call you ok?’
    ‘Arh! if hungry come catch me nko?’ She asked. I looked at the clock on the wall. 7:45am.

    Part 23

    ‘If by 9am I no call you, you fit show.’ I told her. I did a very light make up on my face. I admired myself in the mirror and walked into the living room. I sat on the couch that faced my room. I turned on the TV and pretend to watch it, but I was actually watching my door. I heard some movement in my room, my heart started racing and skipping. I wanted to go into my room, at least peep in from the key whole, but I didn’t. Partly because I was scared and partly because I knew he needed his privacy. The time crawled by as I waited for him to come out. 20 minutes later, my door opened quietly. I had planned to pretend to be engrossed with the TV but I couldn’t take my eyes off the door way. He came out slowly. He was wearing the clothe I left for him. That made me happy a bit. Just seeing him standing in my apartment filled my heart with hope. Oh how much I’ve missed him. Our gaze locked for a few seconds before he dropped his. I could feel he was a bit embarrassed to be in my house, so I spoke the first word.
    ‘Hi,’ I said softly but firmly. I was a bit surprised that my my voice was firm because I was shaking within.
    ‘Hi,’ he replied. He walked gently to the sofa, one hand was on his head, holding it as if it would fall off.
    ‘Did you take the drugs I left for you,’ I asked. He rested his elbows on his thighs and dropped his head into his hands. He moaned in pains softly. My heart went to him, I wanted to go to him and wrap my hands around his head and kiss his pains away, but I restrained myself.
    ‘ I did but I vomited it, I don’t think anything can stay in my tommy right now.’ He said obviously reacting to his hangover.
    ‘Just rest your back and head against the sofa,’ he did. ‘Take shallow long breath till I get back, ok?’ I said heading for the kitchen. I poured the oat into a bowl, I added some sugar and a lot of milk. I put it on a tray, drop a spoon on a clean napkin, added a bottle of water and cup to it and headed back for the sitting room. I met him in the position I left him. I dropped the tray on a nearby stool and called him to eat. He said,
    ‘My head is aching seriously, I don’t think I can move it without it falling.’ I smiled to myself.
    ‘Ok, don’t move it, I will be right back.’ I went into my bedroom and came back with two pillows. I supported his back with one and his head on the second one. I sat on the sofa handle and put the tray on my laps. I dipped the spoon into the oat and started feeding him. He was reluctant ant first but after three spoons he relaxed. Tears grazed my eyes, but I refused to cry. I was ready to battle my way back into his heart, I was ready to cajole, to bribe, even to beg, but not with tears. I shook the tears away and fed my man. Ours eyes locked. I tried to read his expression but I couldn’t, I wore my heart in my eyes. I let my emotion showed on my face. The oat finished and I used the napkin to clean the corner of his mouth.
    ‘Thank you Joke.’ He said.
    ‘You are welcome. How do you feel now?’ I asked. He moved his head from right to left then nodded up and down.
    ‘Wow, I feel better. Did you put anything in the oat?’ He asked.
    ‘At all. Cereals and milk is just good for hangover, do you want some water.’ I asked him, he said no. I dropped the tray in the kitchen and rushed back to the living room. I went back to my previous seat and pretended to watch TV. I wished and prayed he would say something, my prayers was answered after 4 minutes.
    ‘Hhmmgbmn, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t know what got into me. Did I hurt you?’ He asked. I smiled at him.
    ‘It’s ok. And no you didn’t hurt me.’ I reassured him.
    ‘Was Tola there last night, I think I saw her or was I hallucinating?’ He asked taking off the pillow he had behind his bed. I sensed it would embarrass him if he knew she was there. I was torn between telling the truth and protecting him. When I remembered it was the truth that landed me here in the first place, I lied.

    Part 24

    ‘No she wasn’t, she came home very late yesterday.’ I saw him breathe in relief and I was happy I lied. Something I read in a book popped up in my head. “In a relationship, men lie to cheat, women lie to protect.” That phrase just made sense to me. Since the line of communication was opened, I took my chances.
    ‘Niyi,’ I called. He looked at me and I held his gaze.
    ‘I’m very sorry, I’m so sorry.’ I said dropping my gaze and head. After some seconds, he said,
    ‘I know you are sorry, I accept your apology and sorry too.’ It was as if I was dreaming. I looked at his face and I couldn’t detect any prank! He has really forgiven me! I felt like jumping, crying, laughing, I also felt like hugging and kissing him but I kept my seat, however, my face was in shock.
    ‘Don’t look so shock, you see, life has taught me a few things since we parted. When you….’ He was saying when Tola’s door opened! I felt like strangling her. What a timing! Smiled at me and looked up. I followed her line of sight, it was the clock. It was 9:13a.m. I rolled my eyes at her, all these happened in three seconds. Niyi quickly adjust himself and took out the other pillow behind him. I was scared a bit that Tola would give me away but she acted all surprised to see Niyi.
    ‘Hi, Niyi, long time. How are you!’ She asked and it occurred to me that she has been eavesdropping on us. Arh Tola!
    ‘Hello Tola. O tie bere mi.'(you didn’t ask of me). Niyi queried Tola.
    ‘Ma binu, I’ve not been around for 2month, just got back a few days, when I asked of you, she said you are in Ghana on business.’ She lied conveniently. I didn’t know if I should hate or love her. Niyi searched my face, I smiled and tried to convince Niyi with my expression. He bought the story because he said,
    ‘Yea, work tied me down in Ghana.’ The chatted for some seconds while I watched both of them act, especially Tola. Gosh, that girl is a born actress. After some time she said,
    ‘Something smells delicious here and it’s making me very hungry!’ She declared. I took my inspiration from her and introduced my speciality of the day. I said it looking at Niyi. I wanted to see the effect it would have on him.
    ‘Well, I cooked prawn rice, plantain and stew.’ Niyi’s eyes almost fell out of there sockets, then he smiled and the smile turned into a grin. Out stomach growled at the same time and we laughed. Tola spoke next.
    ‘But wait oo Joke, when I got home last night, there was no food in that kitchen, I know because I was very hungry and everything was raw, which means you just cooked it this morning. What time did you start cooking?’ She asked. I smiled to myself. She purposely asked that question to show Niyi I did it for him. I was grateful for the question because Niyi was now giving me all his attention. He wanted to know too. I gave the answer that was true to my heart.
    ‘It’s been long I saw my man, and now that he’s here, I wanted to feed him his best food.’ Niyi and I stared at each other, communicating with our heart.
    ‘Ok then, I’m hungry, lets eat.’ Tola said and went to the kitchen, I waited behind.
    ‘How do you feel now, can you eat something?’ I asked Niyi.
    ‘As a matter of fact, I’m very hungry, and even if I wasn’t hungry, I can’t pass over what you have cooked.’ I smiled at him and headed for the kitchen, he drew my hand as I passed him. He drew me down with my hand and dropped a kiss on my lips, a simple kiss but one filled with promises and love.
    ‘Thank you,’ he said and tears rolled down my cheeks. I went into the kitchen before he saw it.

    Part 25

    ‘It’s been long I saw my man, and now that he’s here, I wanted to feed him his best food.’ Niyi and I stared at each other, communicating with our heart.
    ‘Ok then, I’m hungry, lets eat.’ Tola said and went to the kitchen, I waited behind.
    ‘How do you feel now, can you eat something?’ I asked Niyi.
    ‘As a matter of fact, I’m very hungry, and even if I wasn’t hungry, I can’t pass over what you have prepared.’ I smiled at him and headed for the kitchen, he drew my hand as I passed him. He drew me down with my hand and dropped a kiss on my lips, a simple kiss but one filled with promises and love.
    ‘Thank you,’ he said and tears rolled down my cheeks. I went into the kitchen before he saw it. Tola was at my heels, she grabbed me into her arms the moment we entered the kitchen. I hugged her back because I needed the physical comfort and assurance that I wasn’t dreaming.
    ‘Oh baby, I’m so happy for you! I was eavesdropping the whole time, in case I needed to save you from a slap but I thank God for his change of heart instead!’ She said and we both laughed.
    ‘Abeg, enough of this gossip jor, let me feed him before he changes his mind.’ I said as I served the food in plates.
    Tola took mine and hers out, I carried Niyi’s plate to him myself. We ate amidst small talks but great silent communications went between Niyi and I. Oh how I had missed him. His smile, the way he licks his lips when eating, his large appetite, his appraise for my food and pure admiration for me! Soon he finished the portion on his plates and asked for more, Tola also asked for more. I served them again. My own plate was still full. I was too happy to eat. We finished our food and Tola helped me clear the table.
    ‘Tola?’ I called as we cleaned the plates.
    ‘Hhnn,’ she answered.
    ‘When are you going out?’ I asked her. She dropped what she was doing and looked at me in disbelief.
    ‘Where I tell you say I dey go? Wait oo, I hope say you no dey try pursue me, cos e no go work oo. I no fit miss this show of a life time. Dynamite self no fit comot me for this house.’ She threatened. I crossed my arms under my br3ast and stared at her. Force would not make her bulge, I have to thread softly. I put on a super smile and moved to her. I draped my arms around her neck.
    ‘Tola, I know you are concerned for my safety but I do not think he will hurt me. Also, you know he thinks you don’t know about what’s going on?’ She nodded and I continued with my cajoling.
    ‘So he will be reluctant to talk in your presence, and I really need him to talk.’ She rolled her eyes upwards, digesting and thinking about what I have said. I didn’t give her time to think too far.
    ‘How about I make you a promise? I will tell you everything that transpired between us when you get back tomorrow.’ She turned sharply to face me.
    ‘Tomorrow ke?’ She asked squeezing her face. I knew that was coming. I was prepared.
    ‘My love, you know we have to give him space and time to talk. What if you come back when he wants to talk and he stops talking? It could be dangerous oo. But if we finished sorting things out before dark, I will call you back.’ I delivered my lines and hoped she swallowed it with the hook.
    ‘Ok ok ok! I know you are stringing me along but I will go for you oo, but, you must tell me everything tomorrow or else!’ She said pulling her ears.
    ‘Yes ma.’ I said dutifully. When the kitchen was tidy we went into the sitting room. We met Niyi watching football on SUPERSPORT3. Tola excused herself and went into her room. Ten minutes later she came out and we said our goodbyes. The air between Niyi and I was filled with tension of who would speak first. I was missing Tola’s presence after all. When I couldn’t take it anymore I spoke but surprisingly he spoke at that exact time too.
    ‘Niyi…’ I said.
    ‘Joke…’ He said at the same time. We both smiled and I quickly said,
    ‘You first.’ He pated the sofa beside him, indicating for me to come sit next to him. I went happily. We faced each other on the sofa.

    Part 26

    ‘If I say you didn’t hurt me, then I would be lying. When I left that night, I almost died from alcohol. ‘ He said and my heart sank, I wanted to hug him but I maintained my composure and allowed him to continue.
    ‘The week that followed was sad and painful. I shut everybody out and I was mean, very mean to girls. I started sleeping around. But by the third week, I met this church going girl who preached to me to stop being nasty and mean to girls. I started dating her. She was against S£x before marriage.’ He burst into laughter as he said it. I didn’t know why he laughed but I smiled along.
    ‘You see, I was very happy I found a saint, I thought it was a consolation for what you had done to me. To cut the long story short, an area younger brother told me the girl was a slu,t. She sleeps around. She has slept with most men on our street and the most choking part was that she had slept with most of my friends.’ It was as if I was watching a movie. So all this had happened in the short span of there months. I didn’t say anything still so he continued.
    ‘So I invited five of my friends out yesterday. After we have downed two bottles of McDowell’s and we were on our third bottle and everyone was tipsy, I passed her picture around and asked my friends what they think about her because I wanted to date her. The guys disagreed and started giving me stories. Four of them have slept with her, and they all know someone she had slept with. I felt like a fool.’ He narrated and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I held his hands.
    ‘Shina threatened to tell you since he didn’t know we broke up. I didn’t tell anyone we broke up. They sha discouraged me from dating her. I told them I won’t. We all left after the third bottle. I was very sad. I had time to think about you and I. I know I truly loved you and I missed you terribly. When I woke up this morning and saw your text, my heart leaped. I was so happy but I was still skeptical. So I called this girl to come over. I asked her for S£x again and she opened the Bible. I was so disgusted with her. I confronted her with the facts yet she denied it and blamed everything on the devil who wanted to break us up. I told her to leave my house and never come back if she valued her life.’ He said solemnly, I could see his muscle tensed and I could feel the pains he had gone through. A single tear ran down my left cheek. He cleaned it with his left thumb before continuing.
    ‘Don’t cry baby. Anyway, I went to the bar and started drinking. That was when my thinking was clear. You did something while I was in Ghana which I had no means of knowing yet, you told me. It takes guts and braveness to do that. I took my car keys and drove out of the bar, that was the last thing I rememberer.’ He said looking into my eyes. We searched each others face and we both saw what we wanted to see.
    ‘I’m sorry baby, I’m so so sorry.’ I apologized and meant it.
    ‘I’m sorry too, for being selfish and…’ I stopped him with a finger against his lips.
    ‘Don’t baby, don’t say that. I’m the selfish and self centered one, I sho…’ He cut me off mid-sentence.
    ‘Ssshhhhh, it’s ok love, no more apologizing.’ He stopped me and drew me into his arms in a fierce hug. Soon our lips found each other. We drank in each others lips. We poured our hearts into it, saying all we couldn’t say with the kiss. After some minutes we stopped kissing and remained contented in each others embrace. We broke it off eventually and started catching up on what we had missed in each other’s life. Around 3pm I fed him with egusi soup and poundo yam. At 4:30pm, he said he wanted to go home but promised to be back in an hour. I was reluctant and scared to let him leave, but he assured me he would be back. With a hug and kiss he left. The pain I felt when he left was physical. I felt like I was loosing him again.

    Part 27

    I kept watch of the door. I walked out to the street countless times. I jumped to the window at every horn that honked. The time was crawling because every time I checked was a minute past the last time I check.ed I wished for Tola’s presence but was scared to call her. She may rush home and spoil things. For the sake of my sanity, I cleaned the house. I started from my room and worked my way to the rest of the house. My thoughts were so negative. “What if he didn’t come back? What if he changed his mind? What if he came to take revenge? What if it was a setup?” I shook off this thoughts while I took my shower. I heard the knock as I was about to put on a short gown over my Sekxy matching Victoria Secrets pant and bra. I wore it hastily and rush to the door. There stood my Prince Charming. A wide grin of relieve grew across my face.
    ‘Hey baby, I told you I will be back.’ He said as he entered.
    ‘I know.’ I lied. If only he knew what I have been through since he left some hours ago. His backpack which housed his laptop and toiletries was with him. I knew he was sleeping over immediately. I was delighted. I took his backpack and carried it to my room, he followed me. I dropped the bag back on the bedside table. I turned around to face him. He sat down on my bed and pulled me down to sit too. He said,
    ‘I’m going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer me truthfully.’
    ‘Ok,’ I whispered. I was scared.
    ‘Do you love this guy or does he mean anything to you?’ He asked.
    ‘No I don’t love him, it was just an experimental S£x,’ I replied sincerely.
    ‘Have you seen him after that day,p?’ He wanted to know.
    ‘No.’ I answered sincerely.
    ‘Have you had S£x with anyone since we broke up?’ He asked. Thank God Godwin stopped us yesterday oo.
    ‘No.’ I answered but sincerely I wouldn’t have told the truth if such had happened!
    ‘Do you still love me?’ He asked.
    ‘Yes baby, I love you dearly. You are my life.’ I told him dramatically.
    ‘Will you show me how to please you in bed?’ A big grin spread across my face, of course I would teach him!
    ‘Yes if you want.’ I told him.
    ‘Hell yes! I want, no, sorry, I need to know!’ He said stressing ‘need’. He held my hands and said,
    ‘And lastly, look me in the eyes I tell me you will never ever again cheat on me, ever again.’ I raised my face, my eyes met his and said truthfully from the bottom of my heart.
    ‘As long as we’re together, I will never cheat on you again, that I promise.’ He stood up pulling me along with him. He took me in his arms,
    ‘I was very hurt baby but I forgave you totally yesterday. I can only imagine how frustrating not climaxing was for you. I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to my woman’s needs. I love you Joke.’ He said into my ears. Tears ran down the sides of my face, my heart filled with joy and gratitude.

    Part 28

    I’m so sorry baby, I love you too.’ He kissed my neck and whispered into my ear
    ‘Show me how to please you honey, command me and I’ll obey’. That was all the green light I needed. I released myself from his arms and faced him.
    ‘Take off my dress.’ He did, his eyes admiring every bit of my body.
    ‘Now my pants,’ he did.
    ‘My bra now,’ he did. I like this game! I commas, he obeys.
    ‘Now kiss me all over my face, my earlobe especially baby.’ I said softly licking my lips. Niyi did as he was told and if I must confess he was getting me there. He is a good student.
    ‘Hmmmnn, ishhhmayee baby, yes right there, please hold on to my br3ast, play with my nippl3s.’ Niyi left my ears and started sucking my br3ast, licking and biting softly on my nippl3s while caressing them in his hands.
    ‘Yes babe, that’s it, yea, isshhgfj.’ He was touching me and I was enjoying every bit of it. It seemed like we were making love for the first time, he paid detailed attention to all the parts of my body, you know, all the small parts, like kissing my inner arm, the base of my palm and the rest. He gave me new found sensations. He moved down to my stomach, going downwards kissing my pu5sy gently and sweetly.
    ‘Tell me where to go baby, tell me how to make you come?’ He asked.
    ‘Ok honey, just my clitz, give due attention to it, the top right corner of my clit, that’s my center of gravity and whatever you do, don’t let your hand stray too far from my br3ast’ I lectured pointing at the parts I mentioned.
    ‘Yes boss, may I begin your ladyship?’
    ‘Yes my lord,’ I said lying down and praying to God the man I love would take me there, little did I know an angel was passing. Niyi took a pillow, used it to raise my bottom up, he drew me to the edge of the bed as he knelt, wove his left hand around my left leg and took his right hand to my br3ast. He lowered his head
    ‘Iisherhshsh’, I inhaled air through my teeth. I took my bottom lip into my mouth and began to chew. I closed my eye as Niyi’s mouth closed on my clitz.
    ‘Yes babe, right there, arshh, yeaaassjehf, wehhfmfk!’ I moaned as Niyi chewed me lightly.
    ‘Hhhmmm, yes babe, aaooooshsh.’ I raised my legs up and placed it on his back pushing his face deep into my very hot honeypot. Niyi raised his head up and asked,
    ‘How am I doing your majesty?’ I raised myself up resting on my elbows, I looked at him with fire in my eyes and screamed.
    ‘Fine! Now shut the fvck up and go back to doing justice to that pu5sy. Don’t you dare raise your head up until I say so!’ He didn’t bother replying and did as he was instructed.
    Niyi attacked my clitz and br3ast with renewed vigor and passion, making me scream and cried tears of limitless joy. I kept moaning and screaming my brains off as Niyi closed in on my center of gravity.

    Part 29

    ‘Sh1t, yea that’s it, awwooo, I’m coming, babe please don’t stop,don’t, yeaaa, arshsh, I’m coming, I’m coming!’ I screamed raising my hips to meet his mouth and squeezing my br3ast like there was no tomorrow. I blabbed on till I came in his mouth. I laid there as Niyi licked me dry, jerking gently as he soothed my thigh and stomach with his hands. He kissed me from my thighs upwards till he reached my lips, we kissed for a while before he said,
    ‘Wow baby, I can’t believe I’ve been so selfish, it was so pretty, so powerful when you came and you taste so good.’ He beamed.
    ‘Thank you baby, this has made up for the past seven months! Wheeeew!’ I beamed too. I looked at him and said,
    ‘It’s my turn to make you come, are you ready?’
    ‘Take me there baby.’ He said. I climbed over him, kissing and licking his face; his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, his nose, his ears then his mouth.
    ‘I like that baby’ Niyi murmured. I moved on to his chest while tease kissing all over his chest till I clamped my lips on his right nippl3.
    ‘Asrrh,’ he moaned and it pleased me to know I was doing that to him. I drew his taunt nippl3 into my mouth, suckled hard on them. U can send hi to Lordsamuel on 0543589658 to be added to adults chat room to enjoy more stories.I bit him gently and licked it; I moved on to the other nippl3 and gave it its due share. Then I started licking downwards, stopping at his abdomen to give it a good lick, my hands roaming over his chest.
    ‘Baby, aaooo,’ he moaned.
    He pushed my head downwards towards his d1ck gently, I raised my head and said,
    ‘Patience darling, patience.’ I moved downward still, kissing his left thigh to his ankle and from his right ankle to his thigh, tease kissing him around his groin area without touching his p3nis or ball5.
    ‘Come on baby, please stop teasing,’ he begged as I swallowed his d1ck in one motion, shedding my teeth with the inside of my mouth. I went up and down on him, he held my head, pushing his hips up to meet my mouth. After a while I went for his ball5, took it into my mouth and gave it some tongue massage as my hands honored his d1ck. Niyi was groaning, panting and moaning. I took his d1ck into my mouth again this time concentrating on his cap. Niyi shot up from the bed into a sitting position forcing my head off him, confused, I asked,
    ‘Why baby?’ he said,
    ‘As much as I’ll like to come in your mouth, I missed that sweet, tight, juicy pu5sy of yours too much baby.’ I smiled. I tried to climb him, but he maneuvered me into a doggy position but I went all cat on him. I took a pillow, knelt on it, which raised my butt and leveled my chest on the bed. I held my neck with both hands.
    Niyi eased into me gently. There was no hindrance on the way, I was well lubricated.

    Part 30

    Hmmmm’ we both moaned. He went from gentle to hard and fast, I removed my right hand from my head and set it to work under me. I felt that tingling sweet sensation spread through me.
    ‘Yes baby I like this, touch yourself for me honey.’ We fvcked for five or more minutes before I felt it coming.
    ‘I’m coming baby, please come with me!’ I screamed and increased the pressure on my clitz as Niyi bumped into me faster.
    ‘Come for me now!’ He commanded and I obeyed him as we came together.
    ‘Arsgntjikfrkju, ooaooeiwwek!’ I really couldn’t say who said what at that point. I was lounging in his arms when He said.
    ‘Baby, that was wonderful. I felt like it was the first time we made love. This is so right and I know where I want you for the rest of my life.’ He kissed my forehead, stood up and went for his bag pack.
    He brought a small red box out of his bag and set it on my laps. I knew what was inside before I opened it, I have seen the box before, still I opened it and looked at Niyi with tears in my eyes. In it sat a silver ring with a classic cut. At the top sat a design of love, it has a “N” crossed with a “J” in the love circle. It was the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I took it out of the box, and examined it. “U & I 4eva” was written in it
    ‘Honey, when I passed in front of a jeweler shop in Ghana and saw his displays of rings, I just knew you had to be my wife. I had him make this for you. Do you like it?’ He asked. I nodded my head continuously unable to talk. He drew me up from the bed, I stood beside him nak3d. He kissed me gently on my lips, then my forehead and two cheeks. He collected the ring from me and bent on one knee in front of me. He kissed my abdomen and pu5sy, then asked me the question I’ve wanted to hear all the while.

    Part 31 (Final)

    ‘Adejoke, will you make an honest man of me? I want to be your protector, provider, your lover and brother. The father of your children. Let me be you friend, comforter and confidant. I want to be the only man that eats and fvck you. Will you marry me?’ I blinked severally, my heart racing but filled with love,
    ‘Yes baby, I’ll marry you! I will be your faithful wife, I will be your guardian and helper. Your lover and sister. The mother of your children. Your friend and companion, your call girl and wife.’ I extended my fingers to him and he slipped the ring on my finger and and I joined him on the floor. I ran my lips all over his face. We both laughed into each others mouth. Before you could say Jack Robinson, we were making hot love on the floor.
    I was so happy, I’ve got the man I love, his heart, his money, his ring and climax! Special thanks to Tola my best friend, kunle her boyfriend and most especially Godwin, my angel for giving me the courage to go after my love.

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