Story: My Ghost Boyfriend


    (the beginning)
    BY LAH PLAYFUL KISS *Stacey's Pov*
    It was Saturday evening, I sat down alone in my room staring at my dad's picture with tears in my ears, me my mom and my two little twin brothers who are just nine just came back from my dad's funeral, he died in a car accident, some part of my thick blond hair was glued to my face due to my tears,
    "I can't believe you left me, Jack ,jace  and mom Alone" I said to the picture even though it's worthless talking to it my dad can't come out, my dad was fun loving kind and sweet he's the best dad ever..
    I heard my mom arguing with someone downstairs and I cleaned my tears, who dares bother my mom when we're going going through all this trauma with my dad's funeral.. Immediately I opened my door my one of my little brother (Jace) popped in and said
    "Stacey, it's that mean old man that who owns this house, he's yelling at mom"
    "don't worry I'll go check it out" I said and hurried downstairs, and then came face to face with my mom and Tomas our landlord.. I know he's asking for his stupid rent money..
    "can't you see we just came back from a funeral " I yanked interrupting my mom
    "I don't care, tomorrow's final you're leaving this house " Tomas yelled and walked away and my mom sighed..
    "I can't believe I'll start looking for houses this evening, " my mom said worriedly and I got closer to her and said "it's okay mom we're both in this together"
    "it's okay sweetie but you and your brother should get some rest you've had enough for today, " she said, mothers!! They're just too over protective..
    "please mom " I begged but she shook her head negatively and walked to her room, i decided to make dinner but didn't have an appetite and my two little brothers are asleep and later, I went to bed, how is life going to turn out for a seventeen years old girl when she wakes up tomorrow and gets thrown out of her house..
      The Next morning, I heard my mom's voice in my ear, "honey wake up its the next day" I shrugged and wake up immediately..
    "go take your bath and brush your teeth we're moving " my mom said playfully and spanked my ass laughing, I was kind of surprised is this my sad and depressed mom yesterday, this playful and happy woman!? I ask my self as I took a shower and brushed my teeth,.. I put on something simple and head downstairs and was surprised some of our stuffs were gone..
    "When did.. How did all this happened " I asked my mom
    "yesterday I stayed up late, and searched for houses in the internet and found one, in lexy estate" my mom said and sipped her coffee..
    "what? Houses in that estate are like a billion dollar, how did you get to rent one " my Tone comes out very high and pitchy..
    "I'm surprised as you are honey, it's very cheap it's times threw lower than this " she said gesturing her hand in the air.. And I gasped
    "and it comes furnished too" she said and I smiled..
    "so.. Are you going to stand there or join your brothers in the car, I'm just so glad I'm getting away from Tomas and his outrageous behaviour" my mom said and we laughed lightly before joining my brothers in the car..

    My headphone was place on my Ear,as I listened to the song "hello" by Adele" .. We're moving to a new house, a new environment am I going to make new friends here, I asked my self. Cause I'm actually a loner I stay alone and away from troubles, I don't like making new friends cause they're always had to trust..  The drive to our new house was a two hours drive, every house in these estate seems the same and beautiful it was all painted with the colour, white and sky blue, but when we got to our house I was surprised it was the same duplex as others but was painted with white and dark blue.. Huh?
     The men who drove us there took our stuff in and my mom tipped them.. The man who seems like the owner of the house approached us and my mom gave him a friendly smile..
    "welcome Mrs Turner, I hope you enjoy your stay in lexy and in one of our finest duplex " he Said his English very thick..
    "yes thank you I appreciate" my mom said
    ,he handed my mom the receipt and we All walked in happily,
    "okay sweeties, go pick your rooms and let's that arranging" my mom said and we all ran up the stairs and wow the house looks so amazing, I found a room it's wide but looks kind of that, so I skipped it and went to the next room, as I opened the door, I smiled it was like it was calling me.. Yes This is it, I said to my self, jack and Jace found their room also and we all head back down stairs..
    And wow to rearrange stuff in a new house is not as easy as it sounds  we all worked out butt off putting everything in order,and my room was almost ready but I was damn tired..
    My mom made late night dinner and we all ate happily, she told us we'll finish tomorrow, and we all went to bed, during nighttime I kept hearing noise like someone walking around the hallway and that someone was wearing boots thick ones because the sound was heavy, and disturbing, I didn't dare to check it out. So I just forget about it and slept till the next day..
     I woke up the next morning and went to the bathroom, I met my mom brushing her teeth and I joined her, I wanted to tell her about nighttime but I just let it slide I don't want to freak her out because of my psychotic-ness.. Maybe it was just my imagination. Since I'm just observing adaptation,
    After breakfast we started to work again and finally we were done, my mom told me to take the trash bags out and throw them in the trash can behind the building and I grabbed the trash bags and walked out, I got behind our building and spotted the trash can, I threw the trash bags inside and closed it and I was ready to go inside when I spotted a boy about my age, i guess, seated on our short fence, he was staring at me.. And I was surprised maybe it's our neighbour
    "hey.. Who are you" I said looking at him, he has clear eyes and blond hair matching his golden eyes his skin ,smooth and his lips.. Outrageously pink..
    He jumped down from the fence and moved closer to me, he waves his hand in the air and I smiled awkwardly and asked
    "what are you doing" ..
    "you can see me" he said
    "dude you're freaking me out " I said and walked away..
    L. P. K
    By lah'playful•kiss


    BY KELLY O. JOEL **Stacey's Pov continues**
    I walked inside feeling a little paranoid, who's that guy anyway, and why was he acting so weird.. I thought and shook him off my head immediately,
     I got inside and my mom was making a phone call, while my brothers were playing on the couch with their action figures toys..
    "mom.. Who was that" I asked as she was done making her phone call..
    "oh that was the principal of Lexy high school" my mom said, Great she didn't even give me at least one day to breath and I'm in my final year in high school and starting a new school is gonna be tough with all those rich kids acting all cranky and proud ugh.
    "you're going to start tomorrow" my mom tells me and I nod and sipped from her coffee she kept beside her without saying a word.
    "I'll go rest I'm so tired" I said and she smiled "go do so honey you've tried " she said and I nodded and walked upstairs to my room.. I slammed the door behind me and sighed, I sat gently on my bed and stared around my room, I started to think about school, and everything I brought out my diary and started to write what had recently happened, but I later dropped it on my drawer, cause it's kind of childish now for.. Some how.. I heard something hit my window And I flinched, I turned and walked to my window and I looked down and I saw that guy I met downstairs..
    He waved at me Smiling, it's like he threw a Rock at my window
    "who are you and what do you want" I half yell, and tuck my hair behind my ear, his eyes glowed and his smiled grow more..
    "when you're ready to talk, you'll do so " I yanked and closed the window, shutting it hard.. Some guys can be so stupid, I mean if he has a crush on me he should just speak up.. Ugh.. I laid back on my bed till I fell asleep.
    I woke up late in the evening and cleaned my eyes, I moved my hair back and and turned to my right, the direction of my closet only to find that boy again, standing and staring at me..
    "ahhhahahhhh.. What do you want" I screamed
    "and how did you get in here " I added and his smiled turned to a frown..
    "I don't care just leave the way you came here" I yanked and got up from my bed and moved towards the door.. "leave" I yelled and he backed away..
    I opened the door and closed it, I sighed, heavily he better not be there when I come back.  Ugh some neighbours can be pretty annoying..

    "honey you missed dinner yours is in the kitchen" my mom said as I got downstairs..  "thanks mom" I said and hurried to the kitchen, I grabbed my meal and ate till I was satisfied... I didn't want to go back upstairs because of that weird boy there.. How did he even get in ,did mom let him in?..
     I went to join my mom on the couch watching TV but was thinking about something else
    "hey mom what are u watching" I asked and she came back to her senses..
    "I just found out about something and it's kind of awkward" my mom said and I gave her a what-is-it look..
    "actually you were right the houses here are like a billion dollars except ours, and it's kind of freaking creepy " my mom yanked and I laughed
    "who knows maybe God is just doing one of his favours" I said and my mom nodded
    "but mom do I really have to go to Lexy high school" I said, for starters I'm starting to feel less happy she more nervous..
    "hey, you live in the estate, you go the estate school " my mom said and I sighed
    "how can you even afford the fees" I said and she laughed
    "I just got a job down the estate at a bakery shop and trust Me they pay like gold, good thing my mom thought me how to bake" my mom Said and I gasped
    "how did you get everything done so fast " I half yelled, In a surprised tone..
    "I have my ways " my mom Says and I smile, she is one instant mom..
    "well I'll head to my room" I said crankyly
    "don't fall asleep your uniform will be here soon" my mom said
    "I just woke up I can't fall asleep again " I said and hurried up the stairs
    As I got to my door I crossed my finger and closed my eyes and prayed not to see the cute boy..
    "what are you doing" Jace my little said
    "um.. Nothing, " I said and laughed nervously
    "oh.. Kay" he said suspiciously and started to walk away, Jace is always the curious one, his just like my mom,
    "um Jason, " I called and he turned
    "did you see any boy here by any chance, kinda taller Than me, blond hair blue shirt and black pants" I asked
    "nope, why?" Jace said
    "nothing, never mind " I said and he shrugged and walked away, I turned my door knob and opened my door and closed it.. Oh geez there he was seating at the edge of my bed looking sad,

    "seriously dude,who are you and why are you on my bed, and where did you come from, and why the hell are you bothering me" I said and he stood up and said lowly
    "I'm sorry" ..
    "you should be now leave, " I yelled angrily..
    "please look I mean no harm to you" he said his voice very thick and soft,.
    "how did you even get in here" I yanked..
    "can you be less angry please I just want to talk to you" he said and licked his bottom lips
    "no just get out or I'm calling the cops " I said and grabbed my phone from my drawer.. "look please just listen " he said and grabbed my arm and his hand was so cold too cold I flinched and so did he, he immediately removed his hand and gasped
    "I just touched you" he gasped
    "I know and I'm going to call the cops and it's final or leave now "I shout does this guy understand English at all.
    "I just touched you, do you know what this means to me " he said smiling, his teeth white and charming I guess, but he's seriously getting on my nerves.
    I opened the door and said "out" he looked at me and we made a really freaking eye contact and I could swear that I saw gold sparkle in his eyes..
     He walked out of the door and I slammed it, I was about calling the cops even though he's gone he might still Come back.. Then my mom called me.. Maybe she has run into the weird boy..
    I ran downstairs and met my mom collecting my school uniform from a middle aged man
    "honey your uniform's here" my mom said smiling,
    "did you by any chance run into a boy here " I asked
    "no, why" she asked and I was shocked I could swear I saw him walk down here.. What Is happening here
    "ma'am please could you get me my money lemme get out of here" the man said and my mom nodded and walked away, I looked at the man and he was looking at everywhere weirdly, he seemed scared and wants to leave in a hurry, what's up with that??
    L. P. K
    By kelly o. Joel


    BY RUTHIE LEE **Staceys Pov continues** 
    My mother came back with the man's money and he dashed away like someome was chasing him, some people can be so dramatic, 
    "honey I want you to try out your school uniform I want to see it on you ," my mom said 
    "no, mom I'm going to put it on tomorrow when I'm going to school" I yanked 
    "but I won't be around to see you" my mom said "where are you going" I asked 
    "I'm starting my new job tomorrow remember" my mom yanked 
    "but.. Huh? So I'm stuck home with Jack and Jace, I'm gonna baby sit them??" I yelled 
    "and yes they're your brothers don't talk about them like they're strange troublers"my mom tells me 
    "who cares, jack is kind of okay, but Jace that kid second name is trouble mom, trouble " I seethe 
    "oh so it's easy when I baby sit them" my mom fanned at me 
    "they're your kids" I replied hastly 
    "and you're my daughter and their sister, so boom" my mom said and I narrowed my eyes and took my uniform from her.. 
    "I've bought your books and and bag, " my mom tells me as I began to walk away and when I say nothing she yelled "you're welcome"..
    I placed my school uniform on my bed, it was a yellow short sleeved shirt and a red flay skirt with a red tie .. And it comes with a yellow long socks with two red stripes at the top of it seriously this school is going to be crazy,.. 
    I started to think about the boy, who is he, why was he here how did he even get here, maybe I should have listened to him when he offered for me to listen.. 
    I folded my school uniform and kept it on top of my hamper, and bounced back on my bed, my heart starts to beat when I think of my new school tomorrow.. 
    That night, I couldn't sleep I kept turning and tossing on my bed thinking about my new school.. Oh lord.. But finally I was able to sleep 
    The next day I woke up feeling nervous but strong, "you can do this Stacey" I tell my self and hurried to the bathroom, I quickly brushed my teeth and took my bath, I wore my school uniform and wow I couldn't believe it, it looks perfect on me but the skirt is way too short, it barely coverd half of my thigh. I curled my blonde thick hair before putting on my long socks that stopped exactly above my knees, whao ..
    I arranged my hard covered books in my bag and hurried out I didn't have to bother about Jace and Jack cause their elementary school is just outside the estate and not too far, I saw a note on the kitchen counter my mom left near my perfectly wrapped sandwich and two dollars beside it 
    I held the note in my hand and read it. 
    **sweetie I wish I can see you in your uniform, but I just wanna let you know to microwave those left over sandwiches after school and make sure you catch the bus love, mom* I dropped the note Back on the counter and fixed my sandwich in my backpack and then ran outside.. I looked side ways but there was no bus, so I started walking on my own I just started going straight I didn't even know the way to my own school thanks to mom, I was already, five blocks away from our house when I heard the school bus moving behind me, I turned back and stopped, the driver noticed me and stopped and I got in, good thing I'm wearing school uniform unless I would have walked to school, I tucked my hair behind my ear, cause of the sudden breeze and I got in the bus, and the door went shut, I looked around but all the seats were occupied with students with the same uniform as mine, I swallowed hard cause the unfamiliar faces gave me cramps in my legs and this stupid long socks has start to itch, I noticed an empty seat at the back of the bus and started to walk my way there I noticed three guys staring at me and when I passed then I gasped because one of them spanked my butt .. I became furious all of a sudden and turned to them. "who did that" I yelled I didn't know where that bold spirit came out of me but I like it and want it to stay, I looked at the three of them giving them a canine glare, 
    "it was me, what are you going to do about that blue eyes" one with a football jersey jacket said referring to me I got furious and slapped him.. And every one in the bus gasped.. The boy stood up angrily ready to hit me when another boy held his hand in the air and pushed him back making him fall on top of his friends 
    "seriously Dewey, you were going to hit a girl.. A newbie for that matter, you're just getting dumber everyday" the boy who defended me said and then turned to me, he smiled at me weirdly and gestured his hand forward and I moved forward to the back seat of the bus with all eyes on me, the defender boy sat beside me and brought his hand forward for me to shake and I did, "I'm Phillip" he said 
    "Stacey" I said and he nodded.. 
    We both didn't say another word until we came down from the bus, "so you're new here right" he said and I nodded 
    "I love what you did back there, Dewey is a naughty jerk, " he said and I smiled 
    "you don't talk much, do you? " he said and I nodded "can you show me the principal's office" I said and he nodded, instead of showing me he took me there, and I did whatever I had to do and the principal he was very nice.. And the school was damn big
    I got applied in the class art and was surprised Phillip was in the same class with me, he introduces me to his friends Sanjay and Daniel, who were also friends with two girls Sophie and Tarama and they were all nice to me, especially Tarama and Phillip, during lunch time I sat with them at the same table and they made me laugh..
    "so you just came to this estate new right" Tarama Said 
    "yeah" I replied and bite on my lunch.. 
    "well welcome to Lexy estate, what's your house address anyway, maybe I can come visit sometime" Sophie Said
    "house L201" I said and they all kept quiet and stared to stare at each other strangely.. 
    "what's wrong " I asked 
    "that house have been h...
    "shut up tara" Daniel said huskily to Tarama and she eyes him and stopped talking, 
    "must you talk everything even rumours" Phillip added
    "what rumours" I asked and they all looked at each other and Phillip began.. 
    "well according to my mom, some elder's and the school teachers, said that in house L201 in Lexy estate is..haunted By ghost.. " 
    "ghosts? " I scoffed and he nodded 
    "well I don't believe it and ghost don't exists" I defended
    "that's what I'm telling them, " Phillip yanked and rolled his eyes
    "but five years ago a family of three rented the house and started to witness some tsunami crises, they always hear the cry of a little child and the angry footstep of an old man" Daniel added
    "and also the song of their eighteen years old boy named jer.. 
    "look guys I think think you're all making stuff up, and it's not helping trust me " I said cutting Sophie off, and they all nodded 
    School that day was, lemme say cool, but the ghost stuff, seriously how can people come up with all this horrible rumors.. 
    I went home and microwaved the sandwiches at mom wrote and Jackson and Jason were home in time to eat it while it's hot.. 
    I told them to shower and put their uniforms in the laundry basket before heading upstairs to change and shower, as I walked in, I dropped my bag on my bed and start to unbutton my shirt when a knock came in, maybe it's Jace or Jack.. 
    "come in" I yelled and the door opened and when I turned I saw the blonde hair guy.. What! 
    "why are you here again" I asked getting really paranoid 
    "I'm sorry Stacey, for bothering you but I want to tell you something just hear me out"
    He pleaded
    "how did you even know my name" I ask him
    "you told me the day we met and it's on your backpack I'm Jeremy by name, " he said and smiled and for the first time I noticed his one sided dimple.. 
    I didn't say anything I just stood still staring at him.. 
    "where do you even live" I ask him
    "here " he replied 
    "who are you talking to, Stacey " Jace said walking inside his little eyebrow all arched up. 
    "him" I said and glanced at Jeremy who was licking his bottom lip 
    "who?" Jace said confusingly 
    "him.. Jeremy!!! are you blind" I tell my nine year old brother and he said "huh?" 
    His twin Jack walked inside my room and said "who's this" and pointed to Jeremy 
    "I dunno him but he's name Jeremy" I tell Jace packing my hair up.. 
    "okay Jeremy I'm Jack " Jackson said waving to him
    "who's Jeremy and who are you guys talking to " Jace said still confused 
    "are you playing jokes with me Jace, " I yanked 
    "no am serious I don't know or see who you guys are talking to" Jace yelled in a serious tone.. And then I kind of believe him but how 
    "well I'm afraid he doesn't have the ability to do so" Jeremy said softly and me and Jack looked at him.. 
    "huh!? " Jack said 
    "ability?? what fucking ability" I yelled feeling a little scared.. 
    "to see ghosts like me" Jeremy said and I gasped, they were right they were All right.. Ghosts do exists and it happens to be a cute one.. 
    "you're a ghost" Jack said gently and slowly passed out.. 
    "Jack!! " I yelled.. 


    (hmm Jeremy)
    RUTHIE LEE **Stacey's Pov continues. **
    I quickly knelt beside jack and tried to wake him up, but Jeremy told me to move over that he can help but I just screamed at him 
    "you're the one who caused this so stand back"
    Jace face holds unexplainable expression, Jeremy sighed and said "he's not dead you know "
    "I know that " I yanked not knowing what to-do 
    Jeremy went to the other side and touched Jack in his arm and he woke up, breathing, "he was just schocked" Jeremy said and stood up
    Are you okay Jack " I asked and he looked at Jeremy and nodded, I want to thank him for waking Jack up but hell no he started it in the first place.. 
    "look Stacey, you guys can't tell anyone about me" Jeremy pleaded but I didn't answer I just help Jack up and told him and his other twin to go to their room and Jack glanced at Jeremy before going out and I closed the door behind them.. 
    And turned to Jeremy crossing my hands over my chest, he was staring at him licking his lips, a usual bad habit from him I notice which I despise.. 
    "can you leave I want to change my clothes " I said
    "if I do, do you promise to hear me out after then " he said and I've got no choice I just need to hear him out for him to just leave me the Fuck alone. "fine" o poured and he suddenly disappeared like boof, I almost peed on my body cause that scared me to death.. I quickly removed my school uniform and head to the shower , after my bath I quickly changed into something, I quickly grabbed my hair brush and was ready to brush my hair when I turned and saw Jeremy by the door, I flinched and sighed. "how long have you been there" I asked angrily, did he see me change, did he see me naked!??!!
    "I just came here " he said and I breathed a sigh of relief.. 
    "okay can I tell you now, I'm just so glad you can See Me " he said and I rolled my eyes "well I wish I can't see you" I scored 
    "no don't say that, if anyone have the ability to see ghosts that means theyre gifted" he said and started to walk closer to me, his boots sounding like the one I heard, when I had my first night here.. 
    I sat down on my bed, because I'm a little scared and afraid to touch him.. "just tell me what you keep bothering me about" I yanked
    "oh yeah, I don't know if you would have heard rumours about me " he said looking at me with his golden brown eyes and I tried not to make eye contact with him.. "I've a lot of things about you, people said a family of three rented this house and witness some tsunami crises, they say they always hear the sound of an angry old man stomping his feet, and the cry of a child" I tell him and he gasped 
    "that's a lie, actually the real story is, I've been a ghost for the past ten years of my life, I didn't know how it happened cause I didn't die with my family" he said 
    "huh?!!" I say not understanding what he's saying 
    "my family died ten years ago, in a car accident, while coming back from my elder sister's prom, I didn't go with them and nothing happened to me I was still human and at home that night when I got a call and was told that my family was found dead, I decided to go see for my self, this very room you chose was mine too, as I came out of the door I saw my girlfriend Natalie, she told me to come with her to go somewhere or whatever that she needs to tell me something but I declined and said I need to see my family first,and that's all I remembered I woke up the next morning and I'm a ghost, " he said and sighed, I started to calculate everything in my head but I'm not that kind of a smart girl.. I am but this way to big for my head I'm not a detective.. 
    "and sorry but how can I help you with any of this" I said 
    "since you can see me, i need you to help me talk to Natalie" he said 
    "why" I asked 
    "cause Natalie is the last person I saw before giving up my ghost" he said and I sighed 
    "I don't even know her" I yanked 
    "I'll help you get to know her " he said and grinned 
    "look, you put yourself in this mess you help your self don't get me involved okay" I tell him and he frowned.. 
    "now leave my room" I say
    "please Stacey, and remember it's my room too" he said and I sighed "how old are you" I ask and his expression changed 
    "I'm eighteen" he said 
    "no not your real age your ghost age" I tell him 
    "I stopped aging since when I'm a ghost but I'll be twenty eight" he says
    "well a twenty two years old, can figure this out himself Now leave my life and family " I yelled at him
    "fine.. I'll leave but don't blame me for anything, because you'll start facing one of those tsunami crises take it from me Jeremy hart" he said angrily and disappeared

    He's going to make me suffer who the Fuck does he think he is.. I wish I can't see ghost.. I sat still on my bed not saying anything this is way too much.. Way too much.. 
    That night I couldn't sleep I kept thinking about his last word, oh lord please Save me from this crazy cute boy.. 
    The next morning I woke up as early for ready for school and head to school I didn't catch the bus and I didn't know why because I know I woke up early, finally I got to school she to class and the first people I saw was Phillip and Tamara, before Dewey that animal who spanked my butt yesterday,he gave me a glare and walked up to me.. 
    "you I haven't forget what you did to my fave yesterday" Dewey threatened and when I look behind him I saw Jeremy beside Phillip.. 
    Phillip walked towards me and said "Dewey don't try anything stupid" I looked back at Jeremy and he smiled at me, what is he doing here and why is he smiling my gaze went back to Dewey and Phillip who were about to fight without me.. 
    Suddenly I couldn't find Jeremy and I started to feel awkward like something was pressing my body hard,.. I started to feel tight and I wasn't in control of my self anymore all I could see was my self In a very dark space, I looked at everywhere and there was no way out. 
    But suddenly I got control of my body back, I could see Philip tarama and Dewey looking at me surprisingly. I looked behind them and Jeremy was staring at me smiling.. 
    "what happened " I asked 
    "didn't you just kissed Dewey, you're saying what happened " tarama said.. 


    (let the story begins)
    *Stacey's pov*
    I'm.. " I didn't know what to say or do, how can Jeremy do this.. He's way out of his league, 
    Dewey, Phillip and Tamara just stared at me strangely, I didn't know what to do or how to escape this.. 
    "why did you kiss me you freak" Dewey barked, while I eyed him 
    "I did not" I defended, knowing too well that it's too good to be true 
    "huh? " Phillip said 
    "but we just saw you kissed him" Tara said 
    "I gotta go" I said and started to walk away, away from there, anywhere but there Jeremy just made me look like a fool in front of my new friends... That dude is so gonna get it.. 
    I walked quickly and angrily down the hall way, no class has started yet so I just want to be Alone for the main time.. As I hurried down the stairs i tripped and was about to fall but some dude caught me by my waist and I stood my ground I turned swiftly to see my saviour and it was a guy, a very dreamy guy, thick eyebrows, girly lashes baby lips and pinned and pointed nose.. Ohh my catch.. 
    "oh.. Hey.. Um.. Thanks " I said and tucked my hair behind my ear shyly. 
    "no problem be careful next time..are you new here? " he asked
    "yeah" I replied 
    "no wonder your face looks strange, I know every single soul in this school and also every nook and cranny, I'm Robby by the way" he Said "Stacey " I tell him and he smiled 
    "well see you around, I'm in class Diamond,you?" 
    "sapphire" I say and he nodded and walked away, charming.. 
    When I turned to my side I found Jeremy, 
    "what do you want" I say through my teeth so no one would think I'm crazy talking to my self 
    "did you enjoy my little show I did back there " he said "you possessed me you dork how dare you, " I said still with my teeth clenched 
    "okay look I'm sorry just please help me " he said 
    "look for another Stacey To Help you cause this one won't be helping any jeremy" I said she angrily and walked away I heard him murmurs something to himself but didn't hear any details.. 
    I went back to class and met Tara talking to Sophie and ugh she was talking about me kissing Dewey, immediately I approached them she stopped talking, 
    "why'd you stop talking ,it's not like I'm gonna bite you or something " I said and and sat on my seat
    "I'm sorry Stacey but that was one wiz-Bang thing to do, I had to tell Sophie " Tamara said and I sighed 
    "I just didn't know what came over me to kiss that big bag of fool" I yanked and laid my head on the desk.. Jeremy is.. Such a nuisance ugh I hate him so much I just feel like digging my fingers into his face and bringing his brains out.. 
    Morning classes were as boring as my old school and yesterday but still manageable, they ranged the bell for lunch time and me Sophie and Tamara head out to the cafeteria like three besties who have known each other like since forever,
    The three of us, got seated at a table In the wide and classy cafeteria after ordering our perspective food.. 
    "hey guys " I hear Phillip voice behind us, Sophie and Tamara replied him but I didn't look back and he was with Daniel I know he would have told Daniel about the kiss, some people just can't keep their mouths shut.. 
    "hi Stacey" Daniel said and sat beside me. Great. while Phillip sat opposite me , for starters I think my loneliness is the best thing ever. 
    "so Stacey, would you tell me why you did that to Dewey this morning" Phillip said
    "what? " Daniel asks and I realised Phillip has not tell him, yet, good of him 
    "and I rather not " I said and Phillip nodded and replied "and o won't force you" I let out a forceful thank you smile at him and faced my food.. Suddenly I started hearing murmurs really loud murmurings in the cafeteria and everyone pointing to our table I thought they all found out that I (Jeremy) kissed Dewey but i was wrong they were all pointing at the door and murmuring when I turned to look it was Robby, why are they all interested in him
    'because he's cute duh! ' my subconscious hits, she's such a blabber beak
    "oh my goodness Tara I can't believe it, is it just me or is senior Robby getting cuter everyday" Sophie said 
    "no Sophie it's not just you he is getting cuter everyday awwwn " Tamara said and rested her hard on Sophie's shoulder admiring Robby.. What??!! And so is every other girl in this food room 
    "ah geez and here goes all our girls" Daniel said and took Sip from my can soda 
    "hey that's mine " I said and snatched it from his hand 
    "sorry but good thing you're not like them" Daniel said and flashed me a smile
    "yeah good thing" Phillip repeated and I smiled, I'm supposed to be going cuckoo for Robby too like every other normal girls are but I'm not normal I can see ghosts and it's not normal ... So not normal, whyyyy???.. 
    Jeremy appeared beside sophie and Tamara and I flinched, 
    "are you okay " Daniel ask
    "yeah I'm fine " I said and gave Jeremy a glare.. "good" Daniel smiles
    "so are you ready to help me" Jeremy seethe 
    "just leave me alone" I said 
    "who me? " Daniel ask surprisingly
    "no Danny, not you.. I'm just rehearsing for.. Something" I lied stupidly.. 
    "oh kay" Daniel said huskily, Robby walked in closer and girls kept on admiring him ..
    "tell me now or I'll do something you'll regret.. " Jeremy said playfully and smiled showing off his dimple... Ugh that dimple is starting to give me heart ache.. 
    I mouthed "no way" for Jeremy and he laughed.. And disappeard.. 
    'his laugh is kinda cute " my stupid blabber beak subconscious tells me.. Robby walked pass us and notice me and then wave at me, i raised my hand and wave back shyly and every eyes were on me.. 
    " too blue eye" Daniel said, 
    "Blondie. I thought you weren't like other girls " Phillip said.. Blondie blue eyes, hello these guys should call me by my name 
    "I bumped into him at the stairs but trust me I don't have a crush on him or something" I say.. And Sophie and Tamara gave me a 'really'..look.
    . And I nodded.. 
    Suddenly I'm in that dark place again.. Oh no Jeremy possessed me again that micro organism possessed me... Uh-huh.. Oh no what is he up to now, what am I going to do, I tried to find my way out but I can't move, 
    I can see light again, I'm back at my own body again, thank God, but wait.. I'm standing up everyone's staring at me with their mouth open and Robby's smiling, and so Is Jeremy standing beside Robby but his was a devilish grin.. 
    "whoa" Daniel said. 
    "are you..serious.. Like really serious Stacey " Sophie said, what happened now, what did I (Jeremy) said that all the cafeteria had to pause and look at me.. I didn't know what to do so I just closed my parted lips and ran out of the cafeteria.. 
    "what do you want now I don't know what you said back there, but the humiliation is too much so Just leave me alone " I said to Jeremy.. 
    "you know what I want Stacey please, aren't you happy am adding magic word " he said, all this dark space and humiliation is too much I just have to agree 
    "fine I'll help you" I said 
    "oh thank you, so much, thank you" he said happily 
    "what did you say back there " I said 
    His expression changed and he smiled nervously 
    "Jeremy!.. I called angrily 
    "I'm sorry but I said actually yelled, Robby I love you and would love to have sex With you" Jeremy tells me slowly and lowly.. 


    (the date)
    BY RUTHIE LËË **Stacey's Pov continues**
    "are you crazy how could you make me say that" I yanked at Jeremy 
    "I'm sorry okay, that was before I thought you wouldn't help me " he blurted 
    "you're such an asshole a big one" I clerked and rolled my eyes 
    "I'm going to fix it okay" Jeremy said 
    "and how " I said 
    "I'll convince all the students that...
    "I don't care about what the other students think of me any girl could have said that, but what would Robby think of me, like I'm a slut or something" I yelled but not too loudly 
    "I'm so sorry Stacey I'll try my best to fix it" he said with a frown and it got me more angrier 
    "no.. Don't help me, you were only going to try your best, but I'm doing my best just stay away from me till the end of school" I said and walked back in the cafeteria, as I entered all eyes were on me but who cares as long as Robby doesn't stare at me too.. 
    But oh no. I was wrong he's totally looking at me, but why is he smiling, oh goodness.. And why does he looks cute while smiling and why am I worried about that now.. 
    I hurried to my 'friends'i guess, and continued my food without letting out a word or saying anything to anyone.. 
    "okay if you're going to go with that, " Tara said and faced her food, 
    After eating we all started to head back to class and Daniel awkwardly puts his hands around my shoulder and I just let him be.. On our way, Robby approached us, "hey" he said, and Sophie and Tamara started squeaking and smiling.. 
    "hi Robby" they both said in unison and laughed.. 
    "um.. Stacey, right.. "he said and I nodded 
    "can I talk to you like privately.. " he said, oh no it's happening my social life is over oh-vee-ee-arrr- over.. 
    "s... Sure.. " I said and removed Daniel's hand from my shoulder and Robby smiled, Sophie and Tamara gave me a look I couldn't read, I just followed Robby to quiet shady place.. 
    "so... " I said but my voice comes out very. Low.. Very very low.. 
    "so about what you said today in the cafeteria " Robby said, ah geez here we go again.. 
    "yeah about that, I.. I didn't know what came over me " I said and swallowed hard "I really didn't mean any of that" I added 
    "I'm ..i'm...not. mad at you or something, " he said 
    "I know" I said 
    "but you're acting.. Oh never mind, so are you free tonight" he asked 
    OMG it's happening my social life is not over yet yippee 
    "yes I'm free like a tree" I said, oh goodness why did I just say that dumb joke, he's not even laughing 
    'but he's smiling, focus Stacey a cute boy is talking to you' my subconscious says and for once I listened to her.. 
    "okay good, would you um like to go on a date with me tonight?" he said
    "yes.. Of course" I said and smiled 
    "thanks,ill see at Lexy wind mill at eight " he said and I nodded 
    "but Robb just so you know I really didn't mean that sex thing I said " I seethe 
    "yeah I know some girls just talk things they don't want to when they're with me " he says proudly, talk about bragging.. 
    "hmm-mhh" I nodded and walked away and so did her
    I got to class and sat down quietly, "so, what did he say" Tamara said
    "nothing, actually something but let's not talk about it now " I yanked 
    "you're lucky you know you're new and already hooking up with senior Robby" Sophie Said and Tara nodded.. 
    "but we're all seniors why are you guys calling him senior" I asked 
    "we just like being respectful to Robby " Tara said 
    "could you girls just stop talking about Robby " Phillip finches 
    "what are you jealous, " Tara said and she Sophie laughed and I joined them 
    "of course I'm jealous, I'm more handsome than that dude" Phillip scorned 
    "yeah you wish" Sophie said and we burst into laughters.. 
    School was over and I went home, on my way home Jeremy appeared beside me down the lonely road.. 
    "what do you want" I tell him
    "nothing, nothing at all I'm just so glad you finally have to help me" he said from grinning 
    "look JR do you really think that once you've solve all this mysteries about your ghostly stuff And all that you're going to be human again " I asked 
    "I'm hundred percent giving you a yes, cause don't you get it, why would I have been wondering in that house for years, wouldn't I have joined my family wherever they are, what I think is. I don't think my time of death is close I think something's getting more Fishy every day. And i have fifty fifty percent chance of believing that Natalie would know something" he says and yeah he does have a point.. 
    "okay have you seen Natalie since then or now" I asked 
    "nah.. Still looking for her" he said 
    "well till then don't bother me okay" .. I said 
    "why, won't I bother you, you're the only one who can See Me and the only one who I can talk too, so I can't leave you alone " he said and I rolled my eyes, 
    "heard you're going on a date with Robby, hmm guess my possessing really paid off" he smirked 
    "you possessing me doesn't have anything to do with Robby asking me out" I seethe 
    "yeah, right " he said sarcastically 
    I went home feeling a bit tired but still happy, maybe I am lucky, Robby asked me out.. After eating dinner I went back to my room while Jack and Jace stayed downstairs playing.. 
    I opened my closet and stared at my clothes, which cloth should I wear on our date. ..goodness I'm so excited about this date,.. I've never been on a date before. I picked out a blue moon dress and lay it on my bed "perfect" I squeak 
    I picked out one of my favourite black sandals and glanced at my table clock and it's only 5:30pm and I still have like four or three hours to go.. I'm seriously freaking out cause Robby's so hot.. Oh I can't believe I just said that.. 
    "Jesus Christ" I flinched as Jeremy appeared in front of me 
    "take it easy girl, I don't bite" Jeremy said 
    "can you walk and not poof like a normal person" I yanked 
    "I'm not a normal person" he said and smirked 
    "whatever I need to rest to get ready for this date" I tell him
    "really? About this date I have a really bad idea about this" Jeremy said, I moved my hair back dramatically and said "excuse me"
    "I'm just saying Robby looks kind of.. I dunno.. Crude.. " he snitched 
    "look Jeremy you better not sabotage my date or I'm going to kill you" I tell him through my teeth.. 
    "oh.. I'm not sabotaging your date I think Robby is, do you even know maybe he'll show up, what if he ditches yo why don't you just stay home with me Robby might.
    "just shut up Jeremy, shut up okay, Robby and I are going on a date tonight and no ghost, witch, magician or sorcerer is going to stop us " I half yelled 
    "o. Kay" he said 
    "and just leave you make me mad" I say and he disappeared.. Good.. I quickly set my timer and took a nap.. 
    At exactly 7:55pm my alarm went on and I woke up I quickly head to the shower and took a bath, I Ran back to my room and changed into my date dress I curled my hair again even though it's super curly, I need to look good for Robby, I looked my self in the mirror and my subconscious tells me 
    'gurrrrl.. You're good to go' smiled at my self grabbed my purse and head downstairs 
    "Jack, Jace!!! " I call and they both came stumbling down the stairs 
    "why are you all dressed up" Jace said 
    "shut up, if mom comes home before me tell her I went.. on.. A date.. Okay!! " I tell them and they twitched those identical eyes of theirs.. 
    "okay" Jack said 
    "but who's the lucky boy" Jace ask and laughed and Jack joined him, I groaned and walked out 
    "lock the door" I yell at I got outside.. 
    I got to the place Robby said we should meet and there was no sign of him.. Oh god what if Jeremy was right, what if Robby ditched me, oh no.. 
    I started to panic spacing back and forth but then I saw him coming, he looked cool as always nice and Robby-lish he smiled at me but his smile felt different but different in a good way, his smile seem very beautiful. 
    I smiled back and he walked closer to me.. "wow you look amazing" he complimented 
    "thanks" I said and and smiled, 
    He took me to a fabulous restaurant and the food to their was totes deli (delicious)
    I could say The date went perfectly well if only Jeremy could appear so I can rub it in his too cute, face.. Okay for starters he kind of looks too cute for eighteen or.. Twenty eight.. I guess.. 
    Robby started to walk me back home.. But stopped at a place, with a tall street light.. 
    "so I've gotta go now, did you have fun" He said 
    "so much" I replied and he smiled 
    "that's what I wanted to hear, " he said, and started to lick his lips, his bottom lip!! The way Jeremy does which I hate like so much.. Oh my ghost.. Let it not be what I'm thinking.. 
    "Jeremy" I called.. And he grinned nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.. It's him.. I can't believe he screwed this up for me too, he actually possessed Robby, what the hell.. 
    "I knew it, I knew you'd do everything in your power to spoil my date with Robby cause you're just too jealous" I yelled angrily my voice sounding very high since everywhere was dark and quiet.. 
    "alright, you caught me but let me explain" he said 
    "dont explain anything to me " I yelled, angrily, no wonder his smiles looked different and cute ugh.. 
    "you're just overreacting Stacey allow me to explain" he pleaded
    "no Jeremy, I hate you ugh just get out of my life and just know my deal about helping you is off.. " I said and started to walk away, 
    Robby or Jeremy whatever I can call him ran towards me and pulled me back.. And yelled 
    "could you just lemme talk, Robby wasn't going to come so I posssesed him and came instead so he won't hurt your feelings, I over heard him saying you're to cheesy and gullible to his friends "..
    Oh no I just heard the breaking of my heart


    BY RUTHIE LEE **stacey's pov**
    Is Jeremy really telling the truth, was Robby going to ditch me..
    "look I'm sorry..i eavesdropped on you and Robby conversation earlier and when he asked you on a date I couldn't understand cause guys like him are hard to trust, so after escorting you back home from school, I followed him and he and his friends were going home and he was telling them how easy you were to deceive and how stupid you sounded like in the cafeteria, ..and I know it's also kind of my fault and I'm so very sorry Stacey" he said, I wanted to slap him so hard, not Jeremy but Robby but if I slap Robby's face I'm also slapping Jeremy..
    "it's okay, I was the one who fell for his dumb plans, I'm going home" I said and began to walk away, while Jeremy (Robby) just stood there and looked at me go
    I got inside our house and met my mom sleeping on the couch peacefully, I moved closer to her and covered her blanket properly before turning of the TV, I glanced at the time and it was eleven o'clock on the dot.. I sighed and started to walk upstairs to my room
    I'm a stupid girl, a very big one..
    I got to my room and unzipped my dress before grabbing my towel from my hamper and tying it above my chest, I packed my hair in ponytail and folded it in a bun before heading to the shower to take a cold bath..
    As the cold water dripped down my body, I closed my eyes and saw that bloody fool, that jerk.. Robby.. I opened my eyes and turned off the water before grabbing my towel and headed back to my room..
    I changed back into my pajamas and grabbed my pen and diary, no matter how I think how stupid and childish Diaries are they let you express your inner mind, I started to write about what had just happened and I couldn't believe I wrote six pages of why I hate Robby, I quickly closed my diary immediately Jeremy appeared and I placed it in my drawer,..
    Thank goodness he appeared as the Jeremy I know not that big bad of fudge,..
    "so I dropped him off at his house and came back home" Jeremy said quietly,
    "okay, thanks anyway" I tell him
    "so are you still..
    "yes I'm still helping you find out why you became a ghost" I help him complete his sentence and he smiled, I think my only problem in this life is to listen.. I just need to stay cool and listen before making a move, and now that I have I've learned that Jeremy is the nicest guy i've ever known. Well Phillip too, so Jeremy is the nicest and only ghost I've ever known..
    "thanks, " Jeremy tells me
    "you're welcome.. And also I'd like to go to sleep now cause, it's past my bedtime" I said and laid on my bed covering my self with my purple blanket..
    "okay, then good night" Jeremy says and I guess he'll be smiling now Even without looking about him I know he is,, he's a smile addict... I stare at my ceiling before asking..
    "do ghosts sleeps?"
    "oh no no, no we can't sleep and we don't sleep,we are ghost what do you expect us, to sleep for " He replied and laughed
    "so you guys just stay awake like every single day, whoa that would be tiring and boring.. " I seethe and smiled, "do ghost breathe" I ask, maybe I am asking a lot questions but I have to know..
    "nope we don't breathe, " he tells me
    "good night" I said before sleep took over my entire body..
    My annoying alarm screamed, she is a total nuisance
    I woke up and turned and Jeremy was still standing where he stood last night staring at me,.. What the..
    "good morning" he said and I rolled my eyes and got up from the bed and got prepared for school, after a bowl of cereal with Jack and Jace, I left for school and thank goodness I caught the school bus today,..
    I got to school and head straight to class, I met Philip and Daniel..
    "hey pretty lady good morning to you" Daniel said
    "and to you too " I replied and waved to Philip who waved back.. Daniel looked at Philip awkwardly and smiled before heading close to me.. He smiled vividly and said
    "Stacey dear, I want you to do something for me please" he Said
    "what? " I asked
    "I just joined the drama club, and I'm playing Romeo for the school play and I have a problem with one of the scenes " Daniel pouts
    "well maybe I can help what scene? " I ask
    "kissing scene" Daniel said
    "kissing scene!?? "I repeated and he nodded
    "well I'm sorry I don't kiss" I said
    "what? " daniel said sadly while Phillip laughed
    "you could tell Tara or Sophie to help you" I said and he pouted more which made me giggle a little
    "but they aren't here yet"
    "well look no further cause they're here " I said and Sophie and Tamara walked up to us..
    "oh.. Forget it" Daniel said and walked away, during lunch time I didn't go to the cafeteria cause I had to write some things down so they all left without me,
    I noticed someone walking up to me and the few girls inside the class were murmuring, when I looked up I saw Robby, ugh.. He was smiling, who the hell is he smiling at, I hope it's not me..
    "hey Stacey" he said as he got up to me,let me just make this a little Corky here..
    "hi there Robb " I said with the most fakest smile I can force,
    "so.. Look sorry Stacey, I didn't mean to ditch you on our date last night" Robby said, he Thought he ditched me, oh this is good
    "no you don't have to apologize it's okay, I forgive you okay" I said sweetly, wow I should really join the school play, cause I'm a great actress
    "okay thanks" he said and leaned closer to me, is he trying to kiss me.. Oh no..
    I quickly shifted my pen and it fell to the floor and I quickly bent my head to pick it dodging the kiss.
    Seriously Robby is such an ass hole...
    I got up instantly and I could see his embarrassed face..
    "um..can you come with me I've gotta show you something " Robby said
    I don't want to go but..
    "okay " I said and he smiled, he took me out and behind the school still smiling, where is he taking me too.. He took me to the school store behind one of the buildings and said "here we are" ,he opened the store and we both walked in and he closed the door behind us
    "so what Is it you want to show me " I ask..
    "yeah about that" he said and started to move closer to me smiling deviously "what" I asked
    "the thing you said you said yesterday in the cafeteria about the 'S' word I'm about to make it come true" he said, wait what..
    "I.. What are you talking about" I shrieked.
    Just then two other boys came out of no where and bolted the door.. What is happening
    Robby smiled and touched my waist but I yanked his hand off, I tried to run but the two boys blocked.. Me
    "let me make this easy and clear, take off your uniform" Robby said, oh my God is he about to.. I can't believe this..
    "look Robby just leave me alone" I said sacredly moving back, I can't believe this.. ..
    "no can't do" he said and moved closer to me and held my waist firmly, "let go of me" I yelled and tried to remove his hand but he held them tight.. The two boys behind me held my hands, I tried to struggle but I couldn't they were stronger, and slowly Robby started to unbutton my shirt.. Oh no... No..


    **Stacey's pov continues.. **
    "let go of me you perverts" I screamed, and struggled to free my self but their grip were too strong, I closed my eyes tightly fighting my tears, no this can't be happening.. Robby.. Why.. I opened my eyes and cried even more as he reached for my skirt and and touched my thighs, I angrily spat on his face and kicked him in his *area*... He shrieked and moved back, "you bitch" he said angrily and came closer to me he held my face in his palms and gave me when of his devilish smile, his reached lips reached for mine he forcefully kissed me but I bit him, he quickly backed away and there was blood in his goddamned lips.. Yeah I did that..
    He came closer to me and gave me a slap, a hot sounding slap, I didn't feel any pain, the only I'm going to feel is when he's done with me, I really hope not, I cried more loudly as he began to carry my skirt up..
    But then I'm in the dark room again, Jeremy, Jeremy's here oh thank goodness, what is he doing now.. I cried silently as I waited patiently,.. Robby is so going to get it ..
    I came back to my body again and my knuckles hurt like real bad, I didn't see Robby or the two dorks that held me all I saw was Jeremy standing opposite me smiling with the store door opened..
    "what happened" I asked
    "lemme just say, you beat them up" Jeremy smiled
    "you possessed me and beat them up?" I asked
    "yeah, aren't you happy" he asked
    "I am, thank you so much Jeremy you just always know when to show up" I said and cleaned my tears, and he smiled
    "Robby will be, scared of you for the rest of his jerky life,.. And hmm your um.. Uniform.. Your.. Um.. " Jeremy said and coughed pointing at my chest and looking away.
    I glanced down at my chest and my uniform button shirt was wide open and my singlet became visible also making my visible cleavage also.. Yikes..
    I quickly buttoned my shirt, and tucked my hair behind my hair and sighed I cleaned my face with my hanky I found in my breast-pocket, "thank you once again J.R" I tell him
    "don't mention, " he whines
    "how do you know I was here" I ask him
    "I've been um.. Kind of like stalking you" he said and grins awkwardly.. And I rolled my eyes playfully.. "so what are you my guardian angel or something" I scoffed and he laughed..
    "if you put it that way" I say
    "so I'll be going to class now, " I alarm him
    "oh and make sure you warn your friends about Robby those poor girls deserves better" he said and I nodded and sighed, feeling heavy and sad
    As I was about to walk out, he stopped me and said "remember Stacey just Be careful the ones that make you smile are the same ones that can shatter your heart" I
    Nodded and he vanished and I walked back to class..
    As I entered inside the class, i heard a girl say, 'she's the one Robby came here for she's not even that pretty' jealous freaks, I ignored her and walked to my seat I can't believe all this girls are falling for that pervert who just tried to rape me.. Thinking about it made my eyes water, the way I screamed and the way he touched me rushed in my head and i couldn't control the tears, I walked up to my seat, and Daniel, Phillip, Sophie and Tara were already back from the cafeteria, I just sat down on my seat quietly..
    "OMG Stacey are you okay" Daniel said, and they all gathered me..
    "I'm fine.. I'm just.. " I cleaned my tears and sniffed..
    "no. No you're not fine, that's not the voice I know you have and the tears explained already that you ain't fine, so Just tell us Stace.. " Tara pleaded they all nodded..
    "it's Robby, he came here minutes ago " I say
    "oh that jerk" Daniel breathed..
    "I heard he came into our class, so he came to meet you what did he do" Sophie asks
    "did he reject your proposal or something" Phillip asked
    "no.. God.. No. I.. He took me to the school.. The school store and tried.. To... He tried to abuse me, he tried to rape me" I cried even more..
    "oh my goodness, are you sure it's Robby" Tamara asks
    "of course it's him am not a five years old ,he also had two guys who held me so he can have his way with me but thankfully I escaped" my voice cracks and I sniffed twice,
    "I've know robby was a pevert, I can't believe all those poor girls are falling for him. " Daniel said with his teeth gritted together.
    "Stacey am so sorry" Sophie said and hugged me..
    "it's okay should we not talk about it now or ever" I say and they all nodded "well I know what will cheer you up Stace" Daniel chipped in..
    "huh" I said
    "I signed you up for the school play Romeo and Juliet" Daniel said happily..
    "why, I didn't ask and I'm not even sure I know how to act" I yanked
    "well I'm sorry but Mrs ginger said I should look for a girl who's playing Juliet or else the play will be canceled and I decided what about you cause you have confidence, beauty, ego,power ,courage,.
    "it's okay.. Okay, I'll do the play I'll be your Juliet" I tell him, he just cut his whiny stuff about me, I'm not confidence I'm just a pile of unconfidence.. But I'm also a great actor..
    "okay thanks and also audition starts after break which is exactly 30minutes from now " he tells me and I nodded
    "and Tessa be careful okay, you know the saying just Be careful the ones that make you smile are the same ones that can shatter your heart" Phillip said And I remembered Jeremy, he said it too, he's such a smart ass
    "yeah I know thanks, and you guys make me smile too" I said smiling,
    "no, we're not that people lemme just say we're the one's who's there for you when those people shatter your heart. " Tamara said and I smiled and nodded "well too bad no freak show will break my heart" I tell them and they all laughed
    "that's the bell, Stacey, let's go" Daniel tells me and I nodded and followed him out, to the auditorium ..
    I did the audition and Mrs Ginger was surprised she said I was the best she'd ever seen and Gave me the role of Juliet,and she said we'll practice everyday till the day of the show which is on Saturday next week Saturday.. and I was happy, I also thanked Daniel as we head back to class, we talked about something's.. And then I bumped into a girl with brownish blond hair, she took a good look at me I wanted to apologize but my subconscious told me not to and I didn't
    "she's sorry" Daniel said scarily
    "huh!" I ask..
    "I'm Gwen and this are my two friends barb and Nancy, " she said friendly and her grey eyes glimmer
    Daniel looks surprised and I wondered why
    "well I'm stacey and this is my friend Daniel" I say and she nodded and said "well see you around"..and then walked away, Daniel stood still not moving his lips parted open, "come-on Danny let's go" I yanked his arm and he flinched
    "well what dragon flew up your butt just now" I said and laughed "sorry I thought I was dreaming, that girl who just came here was gwen,, Gwen Sawyer, the most popular and let's say beautiful girl in school who's just ,so mean, egocentric and egoistical" Daniel said
    "English please." I said
    "sorry she's just so full of herself and looks Down on others, she hates everyone especially newbies, like you but I'm surprised she's friendly at you what's up with that" he said
    "come-on let's just go to class" I said I dragged him on his arm and we head to class, ..he told them about our encounter with Gwen and they were all surprised, what's up with that..
    I head home that day, I ate, took a shower and changed into my casual wear, before Jeremy appeared like seriously he knows the right time to appear..
    "so heard you're the new Juliet" he said
    "and what's it to you" I replied
    "nothing! But just know you'll be kissing daniel" he said and arched an eyebrow
    "I know, or.. Are you jealous or something like that " I said and he began to laugh nervously
    What's up with that.


    *Stacey's Pov continues*
    "jealous! wish" Jeremy scoffed and I rolled my eyes, "whatever but anyway for the second time thank you for saving me from that pervert, today" I said and he smiled and nod..
    "wait, you said you always follow me around right? " I ask him and he nodded
    "don't tell me you even follow me when I take my bath" I yanked
    "okay fine I won't tell you" he added sarcastically
    I gasped and said "oh my goodness you do stalk me to while I have my bath"
    I stood up with my eyes all wide open..
    "hold it right there blondie, I was just joking, I can't stalk you to your bath that would make me no difference from Robby, and besides what do I need to see that I haven't seen before" he yanked and my gasped became louder,.. "are you kidding me" I yelled and he Burst into laughter that a tear came out of his golden eyes.. "what's so funny" I ask a bit angrily..
    "I was just joking okay, " he said and licked his bottom lips
    "can you not do that in front of me" I tell him and place my hands on my hips.
    "do what" he asked and licked it again.. Gosh..
    "that.. That thing you just did ugh" I yanked
    "I'm sorry I don't understand" he said and licked it is he playing jokes with me or what..
    "stop licking your lips" I yanked
    "how the hell am I licking my lips Stacey, show me" he said and licked it with a smirk..
    "like this" I said and licked it the way he did, and he stopped and laughed..
    "what's funny you freak" I yell
    "you just licked your lips, see you get to do it with no one yelling at you to stop, so you can do it but I can't " he said and took a step closer to me..
    "I didn't lick it On purpose you made me do it, I didn't want to do it but I had to show you, so now stop doing it I hate it" I yelled and looked away his eyes Is scary to look at.. 'just say it's charming to look at' my subconscious hits and I ignored her and looked away,
    "you can't tell me what to stop, and what to not stop, you're not my mom nor my girlfriend or my sister" he said and I rolled my eyes cause his cold mouth breeze Is all over my face,
    I moved back, and laid back on my bed "why are you staring at me like that " I asked.. "was I staring at you" he asked back. And I growled "you're so annoying" he laughed and picked up my pillow I threw at him.. "you dropped this" he said and covers my face with it ,his hand touched my forehead and it felt so cold "get out I want to sleep" I said tiredly but he just smiled and backed away and before I knew it I fell asleep..
    I woke up at exactly eight thirty on the dot and cleaned my face with my hands , I turned to the direction of my wardrobe and Jeremy was still standing there he smiled at me but I rolled my eyes
    "don't you get tired of just standing there and watching me" I ask and he shook his head negatively.. "suit yourself" I said and got up from the bed and head downstairs and Jeremy trailed behind me, I got to the living room and my mom was making an ice-cream sundae for my cranky brother's I guess..
    "oh honey you're awake" she said and I nod
    "I thought you'd say they'll never eat ice-cream again because of last time" I yanked
    "you know honey sometimes it's hard to keep up with their troubles could you help me give this to them on the couch, " she said and I rolled my eyes and took the two glass bowl with ice-cream In them to the couch. "lemme help you with one" Jeremy said
    "you must be crazy" I whisper to him and he smiled, I got to the couch and gave each of my brothers one and Jack told me a thank you but Jace didn't.. And I didn't care..
    "Jeremy!" Jack called, oh I forgot Jack sees ghost like me too
    "huh so you mean the ghost boy is back" Jace whispered to Jack and he nodded
    Jeremy waved to Jack and Jack Gave him a friendly smile..
    "Jeremy can you hear me, if you can I want to let you know that you're stupid" Jace said and burst into laughter.. And I growled and Gave him a knock on his forehead,
    "dont listen to him Jeremy you're the coolest person I've ever known" Jack said and I rolled my eyes..
    "who's this Jeremy if I may ask" my mom chipped in and walked over to the couch and sat down next to Jack..
    "he's this ghos...
    I quickly use my hand to cover Jace's mouth, and I laughed nervously and said "he's um.. Well mom you see he's, how can I put this,.. Jeremy is a guy in my class who's dad.. Is um a magician and he is too trust me mom kids love Jeremy" my mom nodded buying my lie.. What a relief..
    "oww.. " I flinched and removed my hand from Jace's mouth because he bit me,
    "no mom Jeremy's a ghost he lives in this house I can't see him but they can" Jace said immediately
    "huh" my mom said sounding confused that's why I love Jack he's trust worthy and gentle,.. Unlike Jace.. With his bad attitude and brown hair.. Looking all gloomy and secretive..
    "what Jace meant to say was that, Jeremy next magic trick is Jeremy the ghost and only few people will be able to see it" I lied.. Again and my mom bought it..
    "no mom Stacey's a liar, Jeremy is a real ghost Jackson help me out here" Jace yelp and Jack and I made eye contact and his blue eyes showed me fear, but I gave him a look that said just-lie..
    He swallowed hard and scratch his blond hair..
    "I'm sleepy mom I'm going upstairs" he said and my mom kissed him on the forehead and he glanced at me before going back up.. "I'm sleepy too" I said
    "but you just woke up" my mom said and.. Whoa she caught me.
    "well guess what mom I just got the lead role of Juliet in school in our play Romeo and Juliet " I changed the subject
    "Oh that novel is fabulous it's my favourite, Shakespeare Is pretty good back in my days..
    Oh no my mom is about to tell me about her days as a child, this is not good, I'm not from the olden days so I don't need to know about it..
    "you know what mom i just remembered that I have a math assignment to do" I lied and hurried upstairs. .. I jumped in my bed immediately and breathed a sigh of relief...
    Jeremy appeared and smiled at me
    "what now " I said
    "Nothing" he smiled and for the first time I noticed his eyelashes were longer, way longer than mine.. Is he even a girl or a boy! Ugh.. I use my pillow to cover my face and when I removed it his face was infront of me
    "are you okay" he asked
    "get away " I said and took one pillow and threw at him but it passes through him
    "you're just lucky you're a ghost" I say and sighed.
    ..that night I slept peacefully and the next day I successfully caught the bus, with Jeremy beside me, I saw Daniel and Phillip and I sat inbetween them and Jeremy gave me a look that says really-inbetween-boys.. I gave him α tongue out αnd Daniel looked at me surprisingly..
    "who who are you..
    "I'm just tasting the air, " I lied and he nodded strangely still surprised by my act.. Jeremy shook his head negatively and laughed and i smiled cause he looked cute..
    We all head to class that morning, and went for art, yeah I'm really bad at drawing, but good thing Daniel helped me.. I noticed something about both Daniel and Phillip towards me.. Huh? .. .that morning well let's say Daniel is still his sweet friendly and fun self while Phillip, Phillip seemed more gentle, and nice way too nice and he kept staring at me at every move I make.. Strange..
    After art class we all came back to our normal class
    "drawing is hard guys, " Sophie said
    "yeah I'm with you " Tamara said
    "me three" I chipped in and we all laughed..
    "you girls are just being stupid and lazy" Daniel said and Tara rolled her eyes
    "Fuck you daniel" Tara said and raised her middle finger at him..
    "I think I'm with him" Jeremy whispered in my ear, his breath cold as ice.. "get out you from my ear you freak" I said loudly and they all looked at weirdly
    I laughed nervously not knowing what to say and Jeremy laughed at me for some minutes..
    "ticktock blue eyes let's go for practice" Daniel says and I nod and stand up, we both head to the auditorium with Jeremy beside me..
    "my name's Stacey you know" I tell Daniel
    "I know, have you seen those eyes of yours they're so blue and lovely so blue eyes it is" he said and I blushed
    "thanks" I said softly..
    He held my hand and clutched our fingers together, as we walk slowly, Jeremy sighed and shook his head negatively and I gave him a look that said "jealous-much" he smiled and shook his head negatively.. Meaning no.. But I doubted it..
    "oh geez she's coming" Daniel said and tried to remove her clutched hands, I looked upward and saw Gwen walking up To us with a smile, "Is she the reason you're Trying to unclutch our hands" I said and held him tight.. He looked down at me but I smiled, "she's not going to bite" I said
    "she doesn't bite but kills " Daniel said, closely to my ear, Jeremy was looking at Gwen awkwardly as she walked towards us, what's up with that..
    "hey Stacey it's so nice to meet you again. " she said as she got to us. And she looked down at our clutched hands.. Then back at us..
    "who's this" she said and gestured her hand towards Jeremy.. Oh my goodness, can she see Jeremy..

    EPISODE 10

    BY RUTHIE LEE **Stacey's pov continues**
    Oh no this is bad, how can Gwen see Jeremy, this is so bad..
    "I'm sophie" I heard Sophie's voice behind us and when I turned it was Sophie she was behind Jeremy I breathed a sigh of relief, thank goodness.. I realised gwen wasn't referring to Jeremy but Sophie.. "Stace, you dropped your phone back In the class" Sophie said and handed it to me she glanced at Gwen scarily before walking back..
    "so where are you going" Gwen ask me
    "to the auditorium, I I'm the lead role in the school play" I tell her and she nodded her hair bounced with the nod her glossy, thick and straight brownish blond hair and somehow I wished mine could be like hers..
    "so.. I like you, and trust me I don't like people that easily I'm having a sleepover at my house this Saturday you're invited" she said her voice thick, scary and bossy, her lip gloss matches her outlined eyes.
    "I'll think about it" I said
    "no you don't need to think about it, it's tomorrow which is Saturday you should be happy I invited you over" she said and I flinched, her voice gives someone heart ache..
    "okay then I'm coming, can I invite any of my friends" I tell her
    "no fucking way, tell me your house address and I'll come pick you up at seven on the dot" she tells me
    "I live at house L201, " I say
    "good" she replied and smiled, "see you around Stacey" her voice is calm but spooky that it sends chills to my body she pecked me smiled and walked away, okay that was weird, I cleaned my cheek and Daniel sighed
    "please don't tell me you're going to that sleepover tomorrow " Daniel tells me
    "no you have to go " Jeremy chips in
    "huh!"I said to Jeremy but without looking at him.. "I feel like Gwen can lead us to something " Jeremy said
    "Gwen is a bottom beater and I don't trust her, she might get you into trouble or worse make you the trouble" Daniel says
    "look, I'm going" I tell Daniel am doing this for the sake of Jeremy.. I've already promised to help and also because I'm a little scared ,of gwen.. Hmm..
    "but why, seriously Stacey I'm worried about you, I care for you, you know" he said and I sighed
    "come-on Danny it's just a sleepover what can go wrong and trust me on this one let's just go rehearse our play and forget about this or just stop worrying, " I said and dragged his hand forward so we can walk fast
    The rehearsal was okay but didn't know where Jeremy went to. She is , I had fun and also made new friends who welcomed me, heartly, also I made friends with this girl Yvonne who seems pretty cool at everything..
    When we get back to class Daniel was quiet, and Sophie, Tamara and Phillip were suspicious..
    I walked over to Daniel and whisper to him in his ear
    «I know you're worried about me but trust me I'll be fine and lemme tell you a secret, I have a guardian angel» I said and he smiled while Phillip and Tamara just stared at me (us) weirdly, but I didn't care..
    "so guys I just got invited to Gwen's sleepover " I break the news and the three of them gasped
    "wait you mean Gwen Sawyer " tamara asked
    "yeah" I replied
    "are you crazy, that girl is a witch," Tara added
    "I told her that" Daniel added
    "guys just relax okay" I say and flipped My hair backwards.."well I hope you come back alive" Phillip said she I rolled my eyes..
    School closed pretty early beacuse it was Friday and I walked home simultaneously until Jeremy appeared by my side with a boo..
    "yeah, so are we going to that sleepover or not" he tells me
    "we are" I groaned and he smiled "thanks Stacey you're the best" he says and I try my best not to smile but I couldn't help it..
    "and thank you also for being my guardian angel" I tell him and laughed a little
    "yeah I deserve a hug or a kiss or something like that " he said and smiled
    "yeah not happening" I said and began to walk faster..
    "oh.. We'll see about that" I hear Jeremy say behind me but I ignored him anyway,
    We we're both finally home, but I went upstairs and took a shower and change.. I came back downstairs and met Jack and Jeremy talking while Jace was busy staring at Jack like he wanted to pop his out and look for that Jeremy, immediately they saw me they both shut up,
    "so jack, have you guys eaten" I ask
    "nope" he replied with his cute big blue eyes staring at me
    "well what do you guys want to eat" I ask
    "icecream" they both said and I rolled my eyes.
    "real food" I yanked
    "I dunno" Jack said
    "we have Tuna noodle casserole " I said And they both nodded..
    We started to eat silently with Jeremy sitting beside me. "aren't you eating" I ask and immediately Jace looked at me
    "no.. Are you kidding me that food is going to pass through me" he said and I laughed out a "sorry"
    "you know am starting to think you guys are making this Jeremy of a ghost guy up, because Jackson and I are twins, mom said the only difference is the color of our eyes and hair, but we're identical how come I don't get to see Jeremy you guys are liars " he said and faced his food I glanced at Jeremy and he smiled at me and say "Can Jason read" ..i nodded and he vanished.. He came back with a piece of pen and paper.. "tell him to look over here" Jeremy tells Jackson and Jackson calls Jason, "look Jeremy's about to show you that he's real" Jace looked up and saw that the pen is moving on its own on the paper..
    "it's moving" he screamed
    "I know right" I added sarcastically and his eyes grew wider looking at his brown eyes for a second made me remember my dad..
    Jeremy handed Jace the paper, but Jace saw only the paper, but no Jeremy he took the paper and swallowed his saliva before collecting it.. And he read it.
    "I'm.. I'm real" he dropped the paper and say "I'm full" and then he ran upstairs Jeremy Jack and I immediately busted into laughter..
    During nighttime I laid on my bed thinking about Gwen and her spooky voice but I didn't want that to get in my head so I stopped thinking about it, I wondered where Jeremy might be before I fell asleep.
    I woke up by a light touch on my body, when I got seated it was jack..
    "Jackson, what are you doing up so late" I asked and carried him up so he can sit on my bed
    "I can't sleep " he said
    "awwwn come here " I said and hugged him "can you read this for me so I can fall asleep" he said and handed me a fairytale book he held and I took it and cleaned my eyes, ..
    I snuggled him up in my body close to mine and opened the book to page one.. I love Jack so I'm not saying I hate Jace but Jack's my favorite he's my photocopy, blond hair blue eyes, pointed nose, and loving and caring attitude so I'll do anything for him.. Assuming this is Jace waking me up In the middle of the night, I could have spanked his butt..
    Getting to chapter three Jack starts to doze off and I close the book and lay him down beside me let him just sleep here for tonight..
    "goodnight stacey" he said his tiny voice filled my room
    "nighty night Jacky, " I say playfully and give him a small kiss on the lips before turning the light off and going to sleep..
    The next morning I woke up late cause it was Saturday, immediately I woke up, jack did..
    "what am I doing here " he said lowly and rubbed his eyes
    "you came here last night and told me to read you a story don't you remember " I tell him and he gasped.."I'm not supposed to tell you Stacey but it was Jeremy " he said and blinked rapidly
    "what? " I cried out.. "he begged me to let him use.. me to um " Jack scratched his hair and suddenly Jeremy appeared
    "I told you I'll get my hugs and kisses "
    "Jeremy!!!.." I screamed..

    EPISODE 11

    (The sleepover)
    BY RUTHIE LEE **Stacey's pov continues**
    "you're such a.. " I kept my negative words to my self because jack is sitting beside me.. Jeremy is such ..ugh I don't even know what to call him.. He should be glad he's a ghost
    "Jackson can you excuse us for like an hour, or go and brush your teeth, " I say and he nodded and walked out.. Jeremy was busy laughing, "you know you're easily tricked" he tells me and I roll my eyes.. "well just know I didn't kiss you but jack" I said and stood up from my bed..
    "whatever all I know is you kissed me" he yanked and smile, I sighed and walked over to my hamper and grabbed my towel.. "just get lost " I say and walked to the bathroom..
    I took my brush and added some toothpaste and immediately Jeremy appeared beside me. "get lost" I tell him
    "no until you admit I tricked you and you kiss me" he said
    I looked at my self in the mirror but Jeremy wasn't beside me and when I turned he was there,
    "you know for twenty eight years old man you come up with the dumbest thing ever" I say
    "you know am eighteen so don't make this weird and admit it" he said
    "not happening old man" I tease and started to brush my teeth, "well I'm not leaving this bathroom until you admit it" he said "not a problem with me" I say,..
    After brushing my teeth, I roll my hair into a bun and said to Jeremy "get out I wanna have my bath" ..
    "I thought you said it's not a problem" he teases and smiled
    "oh.. Really, so you want to watch me take my bath right" I said
    "I told you I'm not going anyway until you admit it Juliet.. and yes I will stay here and watch you have your bath" he smirked, he's just being dramatic
    "okay suit your self " I said and touched the hem of my shirt pretending that I want to pull it over my head .."stop" he alarmed and I turned "I thought you said you wanted to watch" I said
    "I was just joking okay, geez Stacey " he said and disappear I couldn't help it but laugh. I took my bath then changed and head downstairs for breakfast, my mom was making it, she goes to work late on a Saturday ..
    After eating a buttered toast bread with tea I thanked my mom and told her about the sleepover..
    " a sleep over, honey am not sure about that" she tells me
    "come-on mom" I whined and pouted.. "are you the only going?" she asked
    "no.. I'm going with my other friends at school" I lied well at least I'm going with Jeremy..
    "okay honey be careful" my mom said and grabbed her purse, "be careful" she tells me again and I nodded and forced a smile, she left for work and I breathed a sigh of relief..
    I went back to my room and saw Jeremy sitting on my bed, "get your ghostly butt off my bed" I said as I got inside.
    "do you know you have a problem" Jeremy said and stand up, I rolled my eyes and walked up to my bed to sit down..
    "you're just like my mom always blabbering about this and that you're like a complaint freak" he said and I shot him a glare..
    "like they say you can't be pretty outside and still be pretty inside you're inside is the opposite of your outside " is Jeremy indirectly telling me I'm pretty? 'of course he is you moron' my subconscious tells me and I rolled my eyes..
    "well too bad your inside and outside is the same they're both. Un-pretty! " I yanked at him even a two years old could guess I was lying,
    Jeremy licked his lips and narrowed his eyes, I sighed and laid my head on my pillow okay today is so boring, too boring, I hate it like so much,.. I suddenly flinched cause something cold touched me, Jeremy..
    When I opened my eyes it was him. "did you feel that, " he ask me
    "yeah I did you're too cold " I say
    "yeah that's how could your heart is " he teases and smiled making his dimple appear.. "just get outta my life you're making today alot boring" I said and used my pillow to cover my face..
    I later fell asleep peacefully
    And woke up In the evening at exactly ,I looked at the time 7:30pm wow I did I sleep so long, I turned but didn't see Jeremy, OMG the sleepover I almost forgot about that and Gwen said she'll pick me up at exactly Seven and now it's seven thirty, I quickly ran downstairs and Gwen was seated on the couch with Jeremy staring at her.. Awkwardly, she was drinking a cup of coffee my mom also was back home early
    "oh honey thank goodness you're awake" my mom said and Gwen turned and seeing me she smiled,
    "your friend have been here for like thirty minutes go get ready" my mom tells me and I nodded and glanced at Gwen who kept smiling at me..
    I quickly head upstairs and folded my pajamas and blankets before heading downstairs..
    "I'm good to go" I say and Gwen stood up "thank you Mrs Turner" Gwen said her lips red from her lipstick, her eyes shining grey under our shinny white light..
    "I'm in my car outside" she say and walked away, her voice is so calm and gentle but yet so thick and scary..
    "ohh that girl gives me cramps, honey be careful tonight" my mom said and Gives me a kiss on my forehead I nodded and when I turned I couldn't find Jeremy where I saw him.. I shrugged and walked out .. I saw a black BMW car outside our gate, wow Gwen's parent might be selling gold
    "hop in" she tells me and I did..
    "wait are we the only one who's going to be at your sleepover like just the two of us" I asked
    "maybe" she said and started the car and drove to her house,..
    Her house was the same as other houses In the estate but the inside was wow.
    I saw two of her friends barb and Nancy, both of them blond hair, like mine, welcome to the sleepover Stacey " nancy said and I flashed her a smile.. We head to Gwen's room and it was also wow,
    "okay girls our sleepover starts now everyone change into your pyjama and now" Gwen said and Nancy and barb smiled happy, I did as she said and changed into pajamas and so did the other girls and so did Gwen, her pajama's shirt was amazing and so was the pant, I could wear it to a party instead of using it to sleep..
    "so our first activity is watching a scary movie" Gwen announces, seriously this sleepover is going to be the boriest one ever I haven't been to a sleepover before but I've heard about it and this one is not like the one I have heard..
    I sat on the floor quietly while Barb Nancy and Gwen sat on her bed,..
    "girls go and make the popcorn while me and Gwen waits" Gwen said and barb and Nancy hurried out slamming the door,
    "don't sit there stace, come sit here" she said and tapped the bed I stood up slowly and as I was about to sit down two children rushed in.. A boy and a girl
    "aunt Gwen I'm hungry" the boy said
    "do I look like your mom, " Gwen said rudely
    "no but mom's busy" the girl said
    "seriously, Natalie's crazy just get out whatever she's busy with must end don't disturb me okay or else you don't want me to get my special gift from grandma" Gwen threatened and the Two children hurried out and suddenly Jeremy appeared.. Finally
    "Stacey, I found her, Natalie, turns out she's Gwen older sister no wonder they look so alike, so buy me time I'll see what I can do and if I need your help I'll let you know" he said and vanished.. I didn't even get a chance to say anything well good thing I didn't don't want Gwen to think I'm crazy or something..
    I sat down on her bed beside her and she smiled and faced me..
    "you know you're one pretty girl" she tells me
    "thanks.." I said not looking at her, cause I'm now scared of her like crazy cause of the way she threatened those kids and the way her voice sounds..
    "and guess what I like pretty girls who are pretty like me to" she said and moved back a tiny strand of hair that fell on my face.. "okay" I said and looked at her but quickly look away cause she looks too scary... But pretty..
    "so that means I like you too" she said okay what is she trying to say now cause I'm getting like so fucking bored ..
    She moved closer to me, and what now?.. She touched my cheek and brought my face closer to hers before I could realise what she was trying to do.. She kissed me.. What the hell?

    EPISODE 12

    (feeling ghosty)
    BY RUTHIE LEE **Stacey's pov**
    I quickly backed away from Gwen what the hell, why did she kissed me.. Is she..
    "what's wrong" she asked
    "why.. wh..y did you kiss me" I said as I moved my hair back..
    "what.. Is it a crime, are you going to call the cops on me, I told you I like you and what? Oh my goodness she's gay, she's a lesbian..
    "I.. I.. I don't work that way" I tell her,
    "well I do.. " she said and moved closer to me but I moved back a little.. "look Stacey, I invited you to my sleepover because I wanted to and I like you and I'll do whatever I want and you don't know me but just know I get whatever i want" she said her voice thick and scary like always but very calm and low.. also
    I swallowed my saliva and said
    "well.. I.. I have to go to the bathroom" I lied ..
    "well it's over there just open that door there" she said and pointed and I nodded.. She smiled but even now her smile looks scary,as I stood up she stopped me and stood up too
    "don't keep me waiting Turner" she calls me by surname, okay this girl is crazy, she is freakingly crazy.. Why did I say yes to this invitation in this first place, for the first time in eight days I needed Jeremy like so bad..
    I nodded I couldn't even find my voice cause all this took me by surprise.. "good" she remarked and places a light kiss on my lips.. Eww..
    I hurried to the bathroom and locked the door, I cleaned my lips, feeling irritated I haven't even kissed a boy I like yet, than my fellow girl that is so not good.. I turned on the sink, and as the water rushed out I took a little and splashed on my face I must be dreaming..
    Immediately I turned off the water Jeremy appeared, I didn't see him in the mirror but when I turned I saw him.. I got close to him to close
    "Jeremy you have to help" I whispered
    "everything seems fine here" he said
    "no Gwen's a freakish lesbian, she kissed me" I whispered
    "wow.. She did, I haven't even gotten a chance to do that " Jeremy said playfully
    "don't start with me J.r I know what I'm talking about" I said threateningly
    "okay.. What can I do" he asked
    "I dunno save me from this place" I whisper..
    "look I need time, I want Natalie alone but her two kids are just pestering around, and if you know how bad I want to talk to her you'll get back in there and stick to what Gwen does" Jeremy said
    "are you crazy, are you even sure she can see you maybe you need me" I say, I need a way to escape this Gwen of a girl..
    "no she can See Me" Jeremy said
    "just get me outta here " I command
    "I can't, look I'll be back just try to avoid any kisses" he said, smiled and disappear, he must be kidding me..
    I opened the door a little and peeped through the tiny space and thank goodness her friends are back, I walked back inside and closed the door,
    "finally you're back" Gwen's voice filled the whole room I nodded and we made eye contact and she smiled. Oh kill me.
    I sat on the floor with barb and Nancy, with a big bowl of popcorn in front of them..
    "so we're watching Twilight Saga right" barb asked
    "yeah" Gwen said and moved her hair back..
    "come sit with me Stacey " Gwen said, oh no, not again
    "no thanks I'm comfortable in the floor here" I lied , this girl is totes crazy,
    "no you're not, now do as I say or you don't want to make me angry" Gwen said and barb and Nancy gave me a look that said "please-go" I swallowed hard and shook my head negatively..
    Gwen scoffed and laughed "are you trying to put up with me Stacey Turner" how did she even get to know my surname I don't remember telling her that and the way she's pronouncing it is giving me creeps..
    "please just do as she says" barb who was close to me whispered in my ear, and I wondered if they know about her being homosexual, of course they would they are her best friends
    I sighed and sat down on the bed but at the edge ..
    "aww Edward Cullen Is so cute" Nancy said while Gwen and barh rolled their eyes, I glanced at Gwen but she was focused on the movie.. Thank goodness, the movie was interesting but I couldn't believe I actually miss Jeremy and his funny behaviour and words..dang it..
    As the movie went playing, Nancy fell asleep and barb was dozing and so was i my eye lids were getting weaker and heavier I glanced at her wall clock and it's already 10:05pm ..
    Gwen came down from the bed and switch off the TV, she brought out blankets and pillows and laid them on the floor, barb laid on one while she woke Nancy up and Nancy laid on the other one,
    "you.. you are sleeping on the bed. With me " she said and grins.. Fuck u.. I wanted to tell her but I just shut up because I was very sleepy, i nodded in agreement and laid my head on one of the pillow laying properly, I closed my eyes finally I can sleep
    But I felt someone's hand on my waist.. I opened my eyes and it was Gwen.. What kind of sorcery is this.. Why me!
    'would you complain if it was Jeremy' my blabber beak subconscious tells me and I ignored her.. I tried to remove her hand but she held my waist tighter and said "don't push it " in my ear she gosh her voice sends chills to my body... I let her be but I couldn't sleep, I was worried about Jeremy and my self I can't believe I'm worried about Jeremy, I could hear as Gwen's breathing got heavier she's asleep, thank goodness.. I gently remove her hand from my waist, and go down from the bed, I opened her room door and walked out, where is Jeremy! I ask my self, I started hearing someone groaning from the one room, and it sounded like Jeremy's voice, I moved closer to the door and peeped and I saw Jeremy standing still beside the wall he was trying to move but he couldn't he was also groaning in pain, what's up with that..
    I opened the door more wider and walked in the room was scary as hell, there was no couch, no-nothing only just a small statue of an old woman lying in the middle of the room and a burning paper, beside it.. I think..
    "oh thank goodness you're here Stacey" Jeremy said, his body was starting to become translucent
    "what's happening to you Jeremy" I asked
    "Natalie, she.. Just help me out " he said his voice sounding very far,
    "how what do I do" I asked
    "quick help me turn off that burning paper" he said, thank goodness I was wearing slippers, i quickly stepped on it before and turned off.. Jeremy quickly fell to the ground and sighed heavily..
    I walked up to him and helped him up... And helped him up He looked so weak and tired
    "Are you okay" I asked
    "no" he replied
    "what happened anyway" I asked.
    "Natalie.. She can see me , I tried to talk to her, she pretended like she wanted to listen to me but led me to this room, and then trapped me that burning paper was loaded with some kind of voodoo shits, I don't understand but it got me I couldn't move and I was starting to become weak and transparent also. She told me to go to hell and then she walked out" Jeremy Explained
    "I don't understand is Natalie a witch or something " I asked
    "I don't know but I'll keep trying to get to the bottom of all this, I want to be human again " he said
    "well you have to go Home cause you're not safe here" I tell him
    "I know, but I'm afraid I can't disappear I'm too weak to do so, I'll have to walk home" he said and for the first time I had sympathy for Jeremy , "OK but I'm coming with you " I say
    "no you have to stay here or else gwen will be suspicious" he said
    "no buts Stacey just do this for my sake okay" he said and arched his eyebrows ..and I sighed "okay" I agreed and he smiled and walked away from me passing through the door..
    I went back sadly to Gwen's room and laid back on the bed finally falling asleep, the next morning I was the first to wake up and Gwen's hand was on my boobs eww.. I removed it and packed my stuff, they all woke up after me and we all head home finally..
    As I got to my room I met Jeremy on my bed.. "Jr " I call him and he turned and smiled
    "are you okay" I asked
    "I've never been better " he said and stood up his voice sounded normal his eyes shining golden as normal and he looked okay..
    "well thank goodness " I said and dropped my stuff,he approched me and said "thanks for saving me once again looks like I'm not the only one who has a guardian angel " he said
    "quit whining it was nothing" I said, I could feel the swelling of my head..
    "it was something how can I repay you lemme think.. " he said and I smiled and rolled my eyes and was surprised Jeremy kissed me I reciprocated happily, his lips felt cold but OMG I'm kissing Jeremy, I quickly pulled over and said "I'm.. I have to go..
    I have no where to go..
    I quickly ran downstairs but bumped into jack.. "sorry Jack" I tell him but he just nodded and walked upstairs he was still sleepy
    I met my mom coming out from the kitchen, "good morning mom" I greeted her, but she didn't reply or glance at me..
    "mom! " I call
    But she didn't reply, she started walking towards me and then passed through me,, oh my goodness, my mom just passed through me.. What.. What happened to me.. I'm.. I'm. A ghost..

    EPISODE 13

    how did it happen, how did I become a ghost, my mom just passed through me, I began to panic this is not.. No no not good at all.. I need to go to my room and find Jeremy now I thought and immediately I appeared in my room, how did that happen
    "whoa how did you do that" Jeremy said sounding very surprised.
    "I don't know, I don't know at all!!" I yelled.
    "well.. " Jeremy said looking very surprised
    "look J.r I think I have a problem, " I said
    "I just passed through my mom she couldnt See Me and now I appeared here with just thinking of it" I said and started to panic I tried to breathe but I couldn't but it wasn't a problem but still I can't breathe and I'm a freaking ghost..
    "you don't think you're a.
    "yes Jeremy I'm a ghost am a Ghost like you " I said and started to cry, I just can't believe this, I can't die now I haven't even lived yet I'm still a seventeen years old teenage girl ..
    "wait.. Wait.. Hold on there's no need for you to cry just tell me when did all this start" he said and held my shoulders and his hands didn't feel cold like before
    "I.. I dunno, before going home from Gwen's house they all saw me.. So.. I.. Think it was after you kissed me" I said and sniffed the air cleaning my tears
    "so you think, my kiss changed you into a ghost" he asked and I nodded
    "yeah I don't think that's possible " he whined and licks his lips..
    "are you kidding me Jeremy I know what am talking about " I yanked and he sighed and said
    "okay what do you want me to do about it" is he seriously asking me that.
    "kiss me again" I said and stared into his eyes
    "I'm sorry what now " he said and leaned his ear closer to my face, "you heard me freak" I said and pushed his head away,
    "okay I'm sorry I was just joking" he said
    "you joke with everything" I tell him and rolled my eyes
    "but I'm not just sure about this" he says
    "well I do" I said and immediately my mom opened my door, and walked in
    "Stacey! " she called and looked around, "I'm right here mom" I say, but who am I kidding she can't See Me , my mom shrugged and walked out closing the door, I gave Jeremy a look
    "well let's give it a try" Jeremy said and stood properly in front of me..
    "I sighed and moved my hair back" okay, I closed my eyes and opened them and Jeremy was smiling..
    "why are you smiling" I yanked
    "nothing can you just quit being whiny and let me kiss you " he said, he seriously seems to take everything as a joke I raised my middle finger at him And he laughed
    "don't think I'm doing this because i---
    Before I could finish my sentence he kissed me, and yeah it was kind of.. Sweet.. *smiles*
    I backed away from him and he just couldn't stop smiling, I'm getting really tired of seeing that one sided dimple, ugh.
    "do you think it worked" I asked
    "go find out yourself" he said and I nodded I hurried downstairs and called mom..
    "yes.. Where have you been I was starting to think you were still at your friend's place" my mom said, oh my goodness it worked thank God.. Finally.. I smiled and said "no I wasn't"
    "well since today's Sunday I'm taking Jack and Jace to the movies, wanna come with us " my mom asked
    "um.. No I'll just stay home " I replied
    "okay" she said and walked away, I ran back upstairs and to my room
    "it worked I can't believe it worked Jeremy" I said
    "wow.. This is getting more complicated than I thought, " Jeremy said smiling "I wish I could see someone who'd kiss me so I'll turn human" he added and gave me a look
    "don't worry, I have s feeling we'll still get to the bottom of all this, to be sincere I want you to be human too" I tell him and he smiled and spread his hands to hug me but I backed away,
    "don't, do you want me to turn into a snake now" I said and he burst into laughter and his sweet voice filled the whole room.. I smiled and said "well I'm going take my bath now "
    "why are you telling me do you want me to come with you" he said and arched an eyebrow
    "eww gross Jeremy you're a ..ugh just shut up" I yanked
    "I wasn't even talking" he said but I rolled my eyes and grabbed my towel before heading out and slamming the door.. I could hear his laughter from aside, it made me smile 'why are you smiling, do you like Jeremy' my subconscious tells me but I rolled my eyes at her but put a real thought to that question, "do I like Jeremy,no way he's a psychopath and a creep freak . I said to my self and walked into the bathroom, I took my bath and head back to my room with my towel tied around my chest, as I walked in my room Jeremy wasn't there I breathed a sigh of relief and got dressed, I put on a blue skinny jeans, and was about to put on my shirt when Jeremy appeard I quickly use my shirt to cover my body cause I'm in my bra only thank goodness I've put on some jeans .. Jeremy stood still looking at me this dude is crazy
    "leave you freak!!" I yell and his eyes travels to my chest and I yell "get out! " "oh sorry" he said and disappeared I quickly put on my shirt and breathed a sigh of relief, so much for being a ghost..
    I walked to my mirror sat down opposite it and started to straight my hair, instead of curling it I want to try something new..
    My door clicked open and Jeremy walked inside I rolled my eyes and turned back to my mirror...
    "sorry about earlier" he said
    "don't remind me" I remarked angrily while he started laughing
    I turned angrily and said "you're crazy, what's so funny that you have to laugh"
    "okay okay I'm sorry Mrs Stacey" he said..
    "honey, we're off now to the movies take care of the house!! " my mom yelled from outside
    "okay" I yelled back.
    I was done straightening my hair, so, i kept the device I used in my drawer and stood up
    "how do I look" I asked Jeremy, gosh I can't believe I just asked him that..
    "you look, beautiful as always Stacey,but there's one thing missing" He said and I rolled my eyes, "just shut up" I say and he smiled..
    "you know Stace, for a seventeen years old teenage girl, yours are still pretty small" he said
    "what are you talking about what's still pretty small," I asked and he smiled grew more wider and his eyes travels to my chest.. Again
    "Jeremy you're crazy " I yelled and he burst into laughter, I walked out of my room and hear downstairs

    EPISODE 14

    Immediately I got to the living room I heard a knock, who could that be, I thought as I walked towards the door, when I opened it I was surprised to see Phillip, Daniel, Sophie and Tamara..
    "hey stace" Phillip said
    "hi.. What are you guys doing here" I said rubbed the back of my neck..
    "we're here to see you to spend the Sunday with you " Tamara said and I nodded
    "well come in" I tell them
    "hope they're no ghosts around here like the stories we're hearing" Sophie said and laughed a little
    "come-on I've been living here for two weeks or so and I haven't witnessed any ghost" I lied, but it's kind of true I see Jeremy as human
    They all walked in and sat down on the couch, "so what do you guys, cause we have drinks and nothing else" I said and they all laughed..
    "actually I think I'm okay " Phillip say
    "me too" Sophie remarked
    Ditto" Tamara added
    "well I think am a bit thirsty, I'll have one drink please" Daniel said she Sophie hit him playfully
    "so How was Gwen's sleepover" Daniel asked, dang it. Why does he have to ask
    " was okay.. I guess" I lied
    "hmm I can tell you're lying by the sound of your shaky voice" Tamara said, shit. She caught me
    "am not" I defended,
    I sighed and turned to my side to see Jeremy beside me, he smiled at me but I looked away, I don't want any of them to be suspicious.
    "look, Stacey, you can tell us anything we're your friends" Sophie said, the way she pounced the 'friends' gave my heart a warm feeling, I can't believe I Stacey Turner actually made friends, I nodded and forced out a smile I can't really tell them, Gwen kissed me two times and touched my boob's it's embarrassing and gross
    "why are you all so afraid of Gwen" I asked
    "like I've told you she kills" Daniel said
    "I don't get you, kills? how? " I said and sat down.. "according to the stories have heard..
    "you've heard stories but we've kind of witnessed it" Phillip interrupts Sophie
    "Duh, just because I'm also new doesn't mean I can't tell the story" Sophie said and rolled her eyes
    "gwen is a very dangerous person, she had killed like eight students in that school " Daniel said
    "actually it's ten" Phillip tells Daniel and he nodded in agreement
    "so these students, why did she kill them " I asked very curiously
    "she, doesn't kill guys but girls, only there's one of our friend Angie who started hanging out with her and her troops and two weeks later they had an argument, and then two days after Angie was no more we didn't see her in school again or hear from her" Phillip explains and sighed
    "and you guys were sure she was dead" I asked
    "of course, we attended her funeral, weeks after her funeral Sophie started our school" Phillip said
    "I missed Angie, she was just like you Stacey blond hair but blue-grey eyes, and wow I didn't notice your hair looks straight and different it's nice " Daniel tells me and I smiled but was worried
    "so you've gotta stay away from her " Daniel tells me and my heart started to beat..
    "do you guys know any reason why she killed those girls" I asked
    "um.. A guy named Steve actually got to hear about their conversation one time with another girl , he said he heard them arguing about sex or something" Tamara said scrunching her nose..
    "and the weirdest part is, she only hang out and kills girls with blond hair" Sophie said and they all nodded I glanced at Jeremy and he was staring at me I swallowed hard and turned my gaze back to my friends.. I guess..
    "so take it from me Stace just stay away from Gwen, she's a murderer" Phillip said calmly and I could feel my eyes getting hot..
    "guys could this be.. I'm kind of thinking maybe Gwen is homosexual " Daniel said
    "of course she is " Tamara and Phillip said at the same time..
    Okay okay Stacey don't cry, Gwen is not going to kill you, I tell my self but I couldn't control my self, all this is freaking me out I'm going crazy, why me..
    "Stacey are you okay" Phillip asked me, I touched my face and it was wet with tears, I nodded but who am I kidding..
    "no I'm not " I cried, my voice very shaky
    "tell what's wrong" Daniel said and I cleaned my tears but another set of tears fell Down my cheek, I sniffed and said with my shaky voice
    "actually, yesterday at Gwen's sleepover, Gwen.. She.. she kissed me,... twice" they all gasped with their eyes all open wide looking at me..
    "she what!!" Daniel yanked standing up while my tears kept gushing out of my eyes like waterfalls..
    "she really is a fucking lesbian" Phillip said angrily..
    Tamara suddenly received a text message from her mom
    "it's my mom, guys I've gotta go" Tara said
    "looks like I'll be heading home too" Daniel said
    They all stood up and approached me, "just avoid Gwen at all cost Stace, " Phillip said and I nod
    "don't worry we've got your back bestie " Tamara said and I smiled, at least I have friends who cares about me,
    I escorted them all to the door, "okay see u in school tomorrow " Stacey said and I nod
    "don't forget we'll always be here for here and deal with that witch or whatever she is" Tara said and I smiled at her brave tone, Phillip waved and smiled and his blue eyes sparked and I smiled back.
    "okay, then take care" Daniel said and hugged me, I hugged him back and when we disengaged he pecked me.. I hit him playfully on his stomach and he smiled and winked at me.. I waved to them goodbye and they all walked away, good thing they came here and told me about Gwen I know that now I'll have to stay away from her at all cost.. I tucked my hair behind my ear and went to my room,
    I met Jeremy pacing out beside my bed, he gave me a sympathetic look when I walk inside,
    "what" I asked
    "look I'm sorry I didn't offer to help when you told me to help you get away from Gwen the other day, I didn't know you were this hurt the way you cried downstairs made me feel bad, I only cared about seeing Natalie, I'm sorry" he said..
    "it's okay I mean it's in the past now right? " I say and he smiled, I walked over to my bed and sat down, I glanced at the time it's already 1:30pm I haven't even eaten and I'm nor hungry this story about Gwen is really giving me creeps.. That I loose my breath every second..
    "are you sure you're okay " Jeremy asked me
    "I don't know" I tell him but couldn't hold back the tears that kept falling, I'm just so scared I haven't been scared like this since when I was born..
    "it's okay Stacey remember your friends said they're here for you and I'm also here for you" he said and moved closer to me and cleaned my tears, goodness his hands are too cold..
    I ate my breakfast in the afternoon, and my mom and my brothers came back from the movies around five in the evening my mom made dinner but I couldn't eat, she kept asking if everything was okay that I can talk to her if anything's wrong but I just told her I'm fine.. But hell no I'm not fine..
    That night after taking a shower and changing into my pajamas, I snuggled up in my bed and folded my blanket around my body like a five years old child who needs her Mom, beside her to fall asleep..
    All of a sudden Jeremy appeared, and I quickly sit up straight,
    "haven't you sleep yet" he said playfully but I didn't smile ..
    "can you stay with me tonight" I said and bit my bottom lip
    "I always stay with you every night remember I'm your guardian angel" he said and smiled, his smiles always get me..
    "are you still scared " he asked
    "yeah" I replied and nodded
    "I've told you a billion times its okay, just go to sleep okay" he said and I nodded "but can you stay right here beside me" I said and he nodded and appeared beside me sitting on the bed..
    I sighed when I close my eyes i had a glimpse of Gwen and her mischievous grin.. I quickly opened my eyes and sighed
    "do you have feelings for Daniel " Jeremy asked
    "no" I say
    "really? " he asked and I nodded
    "I can tell you're lying " he said and I rolled my eyes,
    "I have to tell you something Stacey " Jeremy said and sighed
    "which is? " I asked...wondering what he's about to tell me..

    EPISODE 15

    (be with me or die)
    BY RUTHIE LEE **Stacey's Pov continues**
    "um.  I think I like you" Jeremy tells me, he thinks..
    "you think" I repeat my mind
    "I don't really think I do, but don't get me wrong I don't like you, the way you understand but I like you, I don't know if you get me.. " he explains panicking a little
    "I get it, you like me but only as a friend just like the way I like Daniel " I say and he nods
    "but I have a feeling, Phillip likes you" he said and grins
    "Phillip? He barely talks to me or look at me" I say and rolled my eyes
    "you never know take it from a twenty eight years old man" he says
    "oh you're finally agreeing that you're twenty eight ,but you're not you're still eighteen you douche bag " I say sarcastically
    "oh so you're finally agreeing that I'm eighteen" he replied sarcastically and I rolled my eyes and smiled
    "goodnight" I said
    "good morning " he tells me
    "freak" I muttered and slowly close my eyes, before falling asleep..
    The next morning I prepared for school and hurried To catch the bus and thankfully I did, I was surprised I got to school very early, no wonder the school bus wasn't very few. I got to class and sat down alone feeling bored, Phillip and his troops aren't here yet, my friends actually and Jeremy isn't here with me, bummer.. I laid my head on my desk there was only few people In the class like three or four.  Very few, I felt something cold on my shoulder, Jeremy, I turned and he sat on a chair beside me, "good morning" he said
    But I didn't give him a reply,
    "what's wrong " he asked
    "nothing" I said
    "but you didn't reply me" he said
    "I know I'm just glad you're here" I said and suddenly regretted
    "you're glad that am here" jeremy said and smiled, oh dang it. Why the hell did I say that he's going to tease the life out of me,
    "I didn't mean to say that okay Just shut up" I replied, feeling shy and uncomfortable..
    But his smile just grew wider "why we're you glad I'm here, do you like me or something " he said and moved his face closer to mine but not too close, "you're crazy, " I say
    "no you're the crazy one" he tells me "just admit you like me Stacey, why keep it to your self " he added
    "you're the most annoying person I've ever met" I said and huffed

    "who are you talking to" I heard Tamara's voice behind me.. Oh geez , this is not good
    "um.. Nobody" I lied, she's definitely not buying that
    "you're lying to me Stacey I was standing here the whole time I don't know who you're talking to but you clearly said you're glad he or she is here and that he's annoying and he should shut up" Tamara explained and I swallowed my saliva I scratched my un-itchy hair and grinned widely and weirdly, how can I create a lie, ever since I've met Jeremy all I do is lie.. Seriously this dude's second name should be 'Bad influence' 
    "I... I...
    I wanted to say something when Daniel,phillip and Sophie walked up to us,
    Tamara moved closer to me and whispered in my ear, "I don't want to drag attention and all but you'll definitely tell me all this later " I nodded not sure of my self and she sat down quietly maybe I can trust Tamara and tell her, she may be good with secrets who knows ,
    "so Stacey how you doing " Phillip said as he sat down and dropped his bag,
    "I'm fine " I say and glanced at Jeremy and he gave me a look and said "I told you Phillip likes you " I wanted to reply him but I also don't to be a weirdo and Tamara is already suspicious.. Jeremy left and we did morning class, before they rang the bell for lunch time.. Thank goodness, Jeremy appeared and for some reason I wasn't glad to see him.
     We all head out to the cafeteria together, laughing and talking, just to get to the other side of the building wasn't so bad until, Gwen started walking towards us with barb on her right and Nancy on her Left her hair looks glossier than ever.. Oh geez, my heart has started to beat again.. "remember it's okay" Jeremy and Phillip whispered to me the same time but it was awkward because it was only Jeremy's voice that soothe me down..

    "hi.. There" Gwen said to all of us
    "what do you want" Sophie said
    "shut up greeny, I didn't talk to you" Gwen said calmly, she tucked some strands of hair beside her ears and looked at me..
    "Stacey, can we talk, Alone" Gwen said ...
    "I don't think we have anything to talk about " I yelp without looking at her,
    "oh really?" she says
    "yes " Phillip says before I can reply her..
    "well we'll see about that, you just wait and see, I don't get disappointments but you just Gave me one, so you just wait and see"  she said threateningly and Walked away, okay I think I'm about to pass out now, cause that girl is giving me creeps
    "don't listen to her Stacey we've got your back " Phillip tells me and I nodded, so good to have friends who cares for you,

    We got to the cafeteria and ordered our food and sat down on our favourite table and for the reason I think it is Tamara sat beside me.. And I bacame scared again, Jeremy was also beside me I wanted to turn right at him and talk to him so. Bad about how I feel about Gwen, so he can calm me down but I can't, this time it won't be Tamara who's going to be the suspicious one but all of them
    "Gwen's a stupid freak" Jeremy tells me
    "I know" I say and gasped
    "you know what" Daniel ask me
    "I know,what? What are you guys talking about " I say
    "you just said, I know, who were you talking to" Sophie said
    "yes, Stacey tell us who were you talking to" Tamara added and dipped her chip in her little plate of guacamole,
    "I... I.. Have to go to the bathroom" I said and stood up and quickly walked away and to the bathroom, okay I didn't need to go to the bathroom but I had to escape from them, they're all on me.. Suddenly Jeremy appeared beside me..
    "thank goodness you're here, they're all on me they're all gonna think am crazy talking to my self when am actually talking to you" o say and gesture my hands towards him..
    "then just tell them" Jeremy remarked
    "I....thought it was a secret, " I yanked
    "I never said it was a secret" Jeremy said
    "but do you think they'll believe me " I asked
    "I dunno, " he said I sighed heavily and turned but was shocked to see Tamara, she's spying on me, but she was looking at me weirdly with her hand folded across her chest..
    "so are you going to lie to me again cause I caught you again, who are you talking to Stacey, you're actually freaking me out, tell me what's going on I'm your friend I deserve to know " she said and I sighed heavily.. If she wants to know then I'll let her know.
    "it's my friend, Jeremy " I tell her
    "are we friends " Jeremy said playfully and I glared at him..
    "well why can't I see this Jeremy your friend" she soked.
    "because.. Because he's a ghost" I tell her and she smiled...
    "and you want Me to believe you" she added, And I started to get angry,
    "look Stacey you're better than this do you really, ---
    "that's the point and the reason I didn't want to tell you guys you'll all think that I'm crazy, like you just did, you know friends really believe each other, are we really friends If we were you wouldn't be doubting me now " I yell..
    "look I'm sorry okay, but I just believe all those Are myt.... so it's true, ghosts do live in your house the story is actually true but.. I.. Don't believe this, I thought it was all make believe but it's all true" Tamara said with a surprised face,
    "actually I wouldn't say ghosts, cause there's only one ghost and he's a boy and I can see him" I tell her..
    She moved closer to me and said
    "can you like prove it to show me If he's here like right now " she said and folded her lips together..
    Thank goodness she has believed me..
    I dipped my hands in my breast-pocket and brought out my handkerchief, "hold this" I tell Jeremy and he did..
    "w..wwoww.. It's floating  your, your handkerchief, it's floating " she said happily and I smiled , Jeremy handed my hanky back to me and i mouted thank you to him..
    "so sorry I doubted you " Tamara said she hugged me..
    "I think that hug is mine" I hear Gwen's creepy voice behind us..
    By Ruthie Lee

    EPISODE 16

    BY RUTHIE LEE **Stacey's Pov continues**
    I quickly disengage my hug with Tamara and turned, Gwen and her two stupid friends were standing beside her, .. Tamara looked uncomfortable and sacred but she stood her ground.. Jeremy came closer to me and said "don't worry remember I'm always with you" I breathed a sigh of relief, wait why am I scared of this bitch in front of me, she's the same fucking age as I am, other girls maybe scared of her, she may kill and all but I don't give a damn, I'm not scared of her, not anymore..
    "what do you want" I tell her..
    "you, straight answer, you've been avoiding me aren't you, Mrs Turner" she said her voice dim and calm
    "yes I have " I tell her and tucked my hair behind my ear, "well too bad, hope your friend here have told you about me" she said and smiled devilishly referring to Tamara.
    "look, Gwen I've heard all the shits you've done but guess what, I don't care" I said boldly
    "wow I love your ego" Jeremy tells me but I didn't reply,
     Gwen started to move closer to me and Jeremy wanted to do something but I stopped him , Gwen finally got closer to me and glanced at Tamara behind me before staring back at me..

    "you still don't know me or get me Stacey  , but bet me I can be very scary" she said almost in a whisper, her smile looked evil and unfriendly that I wanted to smack her head so badly ...
    "I ain't scared of you gwen" I tell her
    "oh really well let's just wait and see then, just disobey me once and you'll feel my wrath" she said
    "what gives, you're a freaking, fucking lesbian aren't you ashamed of yourself " I tell her feeling the anger burn in me
    "stop talking or you're going to get it" she threatened..
    "do all you have to do cause I don't care do you hear me I don't fucking care "I stood my ground, wow I love the fire burning in me..
    "you just got your self in a really big trouble young lady" she said and started to walk away, I breathe in and closed my eyes, come-on Stacey you're not scared of her, I tell my self
    "come-on Stacey you're not scared of her" Jeremy says and I opened my eyes and turned to Jeremy
    "I know "  I tell him and he smiled
    "wow you've got gills girl, I haven't seen any girl stand up to her like that, but To be sincere I'm kind of scared her words were kind of Trespassing, " Tamara said and I sighed and said,
    "let's head back the others might be worried. " Tamara nodded and we head back to the cafeteria with Jeremy beside me and Tara promised not to tell anyone about Jeremy and I thanked her, I think I just found my self a trusty friend,well am still not sure about..
    "wow what were you guys doing in that toilet you guys have been there for like hours now " Sophie said as we sat down
    "I kinda bumped into Gwen" I say
    "what did she say , did she harm, you , touch you or did she.
    "it's okay, Phillip it was nothing" I said and he nodded and I faced my food..
    "Stacey guess what" Daniel said
    "what" I asked
    "just guess " he said and smiled
    "give me a hint" I said
    "we're doing the kissing scene today in Romeo and Juliet rehearsal " he says
    "well that was more than a hint but good call" I tell him and took a sip from my soda
    "why would you ever want to kiss Daniel" Sophie said sarcastically biting hard on her sandwich, what's up with that
    "it's just a play and it's not like we'll Be kissing for real" I say
    "of course we are, we will be kissing for real" Daniel backfired
    "see" Sophie scoffed angrily
    "why are you being all angry, do you like Daniel or something" Tamara interrupted and Sophie nearly choked on her sandwich
    "what??!! Eww no fucking way" Sophie says and Tamara gave her a look while Sophie gave Tara a glare..
    "well it's just a kiss" I say
    "if there's not any feelings attached to it" Phillip added and I nod
    "just a kiss" Jeremy scoffed but I ignored him
    "maybe by just a kiss you guys might end up ripping off each other's clothes and then who knows what will come next, sex I guess " Jeremy added and I gasped and spit back my soda
    "you're crazy Jeremy" I say, not knowing I said it out Loud.. Oops.
    "Jeremy??!!" Phillip Sophie and Daniel said in unison.. Oops
    "um ..did I say Jeremy, I mean sandwich" I lied.. Again.. Seriously..
    "no we clearly heard you say Jeremy, you said you're crazy Jeremy" Sophie said
    "sometimes you don't think before you talk and dint blame me for this" Jeremy said but I just ignored his words...... Suddenly we heard the bell
    "that's the bell Daniel we have to go" I say and breathed
    "saved by the bell" Tamara whispered in my ear and I smiled and Daniel stood up and we head to the auditorium, I cant keep up with these lies anymore.. I'm fucking tired.. ..
     We did the rehearsal and I kissed Daniel, and I didn't know he was so happy about it, I wasn't even happy and Jeremy kept smiling at me through the whole rehearsal, distracting me with his cute smiles and dimple, ugh..
     After the rehearsal we went back to class, but during art class I took excuse to go to the bathroom and went out I wasn't really going to the bathroom or toilet I was just uncomfortable and anxious, Gwen's word started to trigger in my body and I couldn't control my fear and it took me over..
    "why are you outside " Jeremy appeared and tells me
    "just get lost" I tell him
    "I know you're still scared about Gwen but that girl is mental you have to stand your ground and fight for your self don't be a chicken okay" Jeremy tells me and I suddenly became angry for some reason I don't know
    "don't you dare call me a chicken and I'm not scared of her, I can fight for my self and trust me I don't need you and I never did you are the one who put me in all this shits, I was leaving my life normally until I met you" I half yell
    "so you're telling me that I was the one who messed up your life" Jeremy said angrily
    "of course you did, you're just a ghostly freak looking for someone's life to mess up so you can mend yours" I yell..
    "maybe I underestimated you Stacey, maybe you're not the girl I think you are," he said angrily  and sadly
    "well get lost ghost boy" I said angrily
    "I will and bet me you won't see me anymore, I'll look for another helper " he said and disappear
    "I dont need you" I muttered under my breath and walked away
    Finally school was over and I carried my backpack and head out without telling anybody good bye, I was kind of sad Jeremy's gone but who cares.
    I was  nearly to the gate when someone from behind covered my nose with a handkerchief and I suddenly passed out.
    I woke up and saw my self tied in a wooden chair, I looked around and realised I was in a wooden dark room, but not too dark..
    "well well well what do we have here" I hear Gwen's evil voice behind me.. Oh no..
    By Ruthie Lee

    EPISODE 17

    (I need you)
    BY RUTHIE LEE **stacey's Pov continues**
    I turned around and Gwen was staring me with her stupid grey and evil eyes, "seriously, you again" I grunt tiredly
    "yes it's me again" Gwen replied and walked in front of me
    "what do you want" I yanked and struggled to free my self from the tight rope around me , you've got to be kidding me..
    "stop asking me that and you know what I want, and don't fight it that rope's ten times stronger than your arm. Gwen said angrily
    "I don't know what you want Gwen just let me go" I yell, I'm seriously tired of all this, why did we get to move here anyway, I hate this place and this freaking foolish girl..
    "stop lying to me Blondie, you know, I seriously have feelings for you , you're pretty and you know that, I told you I liked you but what did you just do, you just ignored me, and avoided me but do you know what happens to girls who starts to avoid me when I tell them I like them.. I'm sure you do, I hurt them and you know what I mean by hurt?.. I mean death" she said, seriously does she mean it. her words irritate me.
    I didn't reply her I just turned my face away and started to think of Jeremy, I don't really think he'll come and save me cause I don't actually need him I was being a real jerk to him I just took my anger out on him and I feel so bad about it I actually miss him,he's just the best guy ever I have to admit
    "are you even listening to me " gwen yelled snapping me out of my thoughts about Jeremy, I didn't reply I just stared at her and she grunts..
     She moved closer to me and touched my face, trying to bring her face closer to me again, she's trying to kiss you, my subconscious tells me and I mushed my lips together.. Gwen stopped, bat her eyelashes and smiled "oh you poor thing I wasn't going to kiss you, yet.. " she said and smiled removing her hands from my face,
    "okay look Stacy let's make a deal" she said and I gaze at her ..
    "have sex with me and I'll let you go" Gwen said, and I almost choked because that word disgusted me that I started to cough..
    "easy dear, I know it's hard to decide but you have to" she said smiling devilishly
    "you're an asshole you bitch " I manage to say
    "I know right a lot of people call me that, so am used to it now, so is it a sex or a no" she said picking at her fingers
    "over my dead body " I said and she burst into laughter ,
    Why is she laughing, this girl is a lunatic,
    "you know Stacey I just can't let you go like that I'll have to get what I want before exiling you" she said and smiled,
    "Nancy, barbie get in here " Gwen ordered and barb and Nancy came in I can't believe they're helping this wench. Gwen stared at me strangely,smiled and said
    "girls strip her naked and fast as possible "..
    What? I closed my eyes, tightly, no not again, Robby once did it and now she wants to do it.. No God please not again.. Oh good Jeremy.. Jeremy.. I seriously need him..
    **JEREMY'S POV**
    I appeared home and sat on Stacey's bed, Stacey is really pissing me off, I can't believe she accused me of ruining her fucking life, she didn't even appreciate it that I claimed to be her damn Gaurdian, I'm not a nice guy but I had to be nice just for her to help me and another reason I don't know and don't wish to know...
    I sighed and moved my hair back with my hands, Stacey might be an annoying jerk sometimes by cussing annoying words as me but I just let it slide, I mean I like her, she's nice, pretty sensitive and smart, I can't believe I'm thinking about that right now, she totally pissed me off today and told me to get lost that she doesn't need me, she may not need me but I know I do need her I'm not giving up on her cause I don't know if I might get lucky again and see someone who might help me netherless See Me.. I sighed and licked my lips, all this sucks, and Gwen or whomever she thinks she is, she is totally going to get it from me , I just couldn't wait for Stacey to come home so I can apologize to her even though she's the wrong one, she's my only hope I have of becoming human again, I'm tired of all this shits tired of not getting to eat breathe and sleep, it doesn't affect me in anyways but I have to be human again, I'm damn desperate so no matter how many times Stacey get wrong I'll always apologize so I can fix it..

    It was fifteen damn minutes past three and Stacey wasn't back from school I know school closes like three o'clock but she's suppose to be back like three minutes ago.. But the hell isn't she back yet.. I controlled My patient and waited.. And later it was three thirty, shit.
    Looks like I'm going back to that school.. As I was about to go (to disappear) I heard Stacie's voice calling me, she was in trouble I felt it..
     And boom I appeared in her class but it was empty, I had a feeling it had to be Gwen that girl have been on Stacey for too long ,
    I head behind the school I didn't know why i was going there but it was like I was being drawn or called my someone or something, finally I got to a wooden place that looks somewhat like a cabin and I could here Stacey's voice from inside she was yelling "let go of me " I quickly appeared in and found out she was shirtless, oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm seeing her in just her skirt and bra again.. This is so raw, is Gwen trying to rape her or what.. This bitch is crazy, a crazy little lesbian,if she wants to have sex,she should do it with her two foolish friends but not with my Stacey, I moved behind Stacey and untied the rope her friend who witnessed an the rope untied itself gasped..
    Stacey realising that she was free quickly turned and saw me she wanted to smile but she didn't..
    "how did you... Gwen tried to say but Stacey grabs her uniform shirt on the floor and immediately put it on
    "Gwen the rope untied itself " one of her friend with big green eyes said who's name's seems to be Nancy
    "what? " Gwen yelled confusingly
    I quickly  posses her other friend barb and Stacey saw me do it .. I (barb) walked up to Gwen and held her in her neck
    "b. Bar.. Barb you" Gwen said trying to breathe..
    "stay away from Stacey and I mean it and for your information I'm not barb and trust me I can be very scary" I said and let go of her neck
    "barb what has gotten into you" she yelled
    "I'm warning you barb stay away from Stacey " I yelled and she flinched I got out of barb's body and she fell but immediately got up
    "what happened" barb said
    "you just, don't remember what you just did" Gwen yelled at barb and she looked confused.. Thought so..

    "are you okay" I tell Stacey and she nodded, she was sweating Real bad and some part of her hair was glued to her face and it made her look pretty.. I think..  she also looked tired and scared ..
    I found a dusty old chalk behind Stacey, time to make things more scarier..
    I took the little chalk and started to write on the wooden wall,
    "Gwen look that thing is writing itself " Nancy exclaimed and Gwen flinched maybe seeing the chalk writing itself but I wrote..
    After that Stacey and I walked out, "hold my hands" I tell her and she sighed and did and I made the both of us disappeared and appeared in her room..
    She looked surprised but sad and then started to cry,
    "Jeremy I'm so sorry once again I didn't know what got in to me.. I did really need you.. I just
    "it's okay " I tell her and smiled
     She immediately hugged me and cried even more..
    By Ruthie Lee

    EPISODE 18

    (take me home)
    BY RUTHIE LEE **Jeremy's pov continues**
    Stacey immediately pulled back from the hug maybe realising how cold I am and that's another reason I want to be human Again, so I can hug people without them flinching because of my coldness.
     "I have to go and shower " Stacey said and walked out of her room, seeing her sad makes me a little sad, what if she's right, what If am the one making all this happen to her , what if am bad luck, what a coincidence, I wish we'll just get to the bottom of this and I'll go for good..
    She must definitely know something she was absolutely the person I saw the day before I became a ghost and she trapped me in that goddamned room, I sighed and disappeard
     I appeared in front of Gwen's house which is also Natalie's..
    I walk inside and saw Gwen on the couch with her hands on her face, she was crying, I think and still with her school uniform on.. , I walked passed her and head to Natalie's room.. I peeped and saw her making a phone call with her two children beside her, after she was done she dropped the phone and I walked in, actually appeared in,.. She sighted me and gasped but then turn to her two kids..
    "Dustin, Kali, go out and play " she ordered and her two children walked out and she closed the door,
    "what do you want" she yelled at me
    "look Natalie am not here for trouble, please" I said staring at her I couldn't believe she was my Natalie.. She's all grown up and looked so matured,.
    "yeah right, I see you escaped my ghost trap right" she yanked and arched an eyebrow
    "look Natalie I don't get why you're so angry at me" I said and she huffed and rolled her eyes..
    "are you lying, or are you just trying to piss me off" she yanked
    "what! I'm not lying I swear I don't get why you're so angry at me" I say and she narrowed her eyes
    "don't you remember what happened, Saturday night ten years ago,  November eleven " She said and I shook my head negatively
    "you must be kidding me" she seethed and started to pace out in front of her chair it was like she was trying to control her anger and she did and sat down..
    "Ten fucking years ago, you remembered I came to your house Saturday night right, " she paused and I nodded
    "I told you to come with me but you insisted on going to see your family who had an accident but let me tell you what you don't know, your family isn't dead, they're all alive living happily but they don't know you exist, I faked that phone call I paid a man to call you and give you that shocking news because I knew as the day grew by your love for me began to fade you didn't love me, and that day I had to have my revenge cause I knew any day from that day you we're going to break up with me cause you were already loosing interest in me and am not that kind of girl who sits and wait for their stupid boyfriend to dump them so they can cry their eyes out , and guys don't dump me I dump them so  after the fake phone call you left and I got to do the voodoo stuff I wanted to do I took one-of your cloth and do I had to do and boom you became a ghost your body became trapped, your family your friends, everyone around you didn't know who you were again, you never existed to them, there was no Jeremy hart " she said and smiled and I felt like ripping her hair off from her head..

    "so.. So.. Wait let me get this straight, so you made me ghost just because you thought I was going to break up with you" I half yell trying to control my anger
    "of course that was what you wanted to do, you didn't want to hang out with me anymore you didn't even reply my text messages that was exactly a sign that you loved me no more" she yelled
    "that was because I hang out with Jasper and Clark and you know how they are, " I yell back and she flinched
    "oh my god" she said and sighed
    "so you weren't going to break up with me " she asked
    "of course not, why do you always have to assume everything wrong and your way Natalie, why! " I yell trying to hold back the fucking tears trying to crawl down my eyes
     "I.. I didn't know that am sorry" she said and sniffed
    "well now you know, I've been  stucked like this for ten good years without knowing what to do or who to blame only to find out that I was cursed by my girlfriend don't you have a heart Natalie and what are you " I asked with my voice breaking
    She had already started to weep realising her dump and stupid mistakes

    "I come from a long line of witches but I am not a witch I just practice black magic " she said and I shook my head negatively
    "I'm sorry " she tells me

    " sorry can't fix my state Natalie how can you be so clueless " I yell
    "I'm sorry I just
    "is there a way to fix this " I ask cutting her off
    "yes" she replied
    "how" I asked

    "there's a casket buried under your house at the back of the building inside that casket is your body and a red crystal placed around your neck someone needs to remove that crystal around your neck and you'll be free" she said, sounds easy.. I think
    "good I'll do it my self " i tell her
    "no you can't you'll be gone for good " she yanked
    "then you should do it" I suggested
    "I can't either I was the one who did it and I'm cursed anyway " she said sadly
    "cursed?!"  I asked
    "yes, years ago my grandmother got her self In a pretty bad situation and was cursed my mom tried to help her out but they both ended up dying, and my dad left , cause he was freaking scares leaving me alone with Gwen my baby sister, the curse got down to us, I've been married twice but none of my husband survived but thank goodness my children did, survive that's my curse anyone I get married to dies.
    And Gwen she's a lesbian , Gwen was a sweet little teenager who's friendly, fun forgiving and always smiling but the curse started at exactly the day after her sixteenth birthday she just changed from nice to deadly and started practicing lesbianism , she thought she was born a lesbian but she wasn't I can't tell her that she's cursed or else she'll freak out , .. That's it I can't help you with what you want " she explained and sniffed the air..
    "then who can" I ask
    "you need someone who can see you trust you and love you" she said
    Where the hell am I going to find someone who can see..
    But does she even trust me or worse Even loves me.. ??
    By Ruthie Lee two episodes to go..

    EPISODE 19

    (dreams come true)
    **Jeremy's pov continues**
    "well Natalie I hope that one day your curse gets broken, and I have to go now" I said
    "also remember this you must remove the necklace at exactly twelve o'clock in the midnight" Natalie warned
    "yeah sure " I said and,
    disappeared and appeared back at Stacey's room.. She was sitting down quietly on the edge of her bed writing in her  what seems to be her diary her face looks pale and sad, immediately she noticed me she closed her book and gave me a smile,
    "where were you" she asked
    "I went to see Natalie" I tel her and she gasped
    "Natalie!! That girl will kill you," she said standing up and I smiled, she cares about me.. Good start.. "actually she's sorry for what she did " I said
    "huh" she asks confusingly
    "you might wanna sit down for this story Blondie" I said and she laughed and sat down while I sat next to her on her bed..

    I told her the story and she breathed a "wow"
    "well thank goodness you're finally going to be human again, and also now I feel all bad for Gwen it's not her fault at all, "she said staring at the floor and I nod, she glanced at me and her blue eyes sparkled
    "so will you help me. With you know the um body and the crystal" I say
    "sure" she nods  wow that was a piece of cake she agreed so fast
    "we remove the body as exactly 12pm right " she said
    "actually it's the crystal not the body" I say and she smiles and nod
    "and is it fine by you if we do it tonight " I ask and she nods
    "you know we should get prepared now and start digging out that casket" she tells me and I nodded and stood up "sure"i reply
    We went to the store room to get two shovels , I looked at the time it was 4:30pm and I told her we should get started , I strangely found the place where I was buried and picked up my shovel so Stacey and I can start digging, but when I pushed the head of the shovel into the ground or didn't pack any sands, I tried again and it didn't work Stacey intended that we should exchange and we did but still the same problem
    "maybe you should just sit and let me do it" Stacey tells me
    "no way you can't dig it all by your self " I protested
    "and you cant dig it at all" she tells me and I sighed, she smiled at me and got to work
    If only she knew how much I wanted to tell her thank you, I sat down on the ground and stared at her work the sun was shining directly at her face and I couldn't keep my eye away from it..

    "honey what are you doing" I heard Stacie's mom voice, oh no, I glanced at Stacey and she didn't have a panicked look on her face at all
    "actually mom i want to um plant here for our biology project " she lied and her mom nodded and said
    "well then I'll call your brothers to give you a hand "
    "oh yes thanks mom, I don't know when I'll be done actually " she said and her mom walked away,
     Few minutes later Jack came down..
    "jack.. Why are you alone where's Jace " Stacey asked
    "Jace is Upstairs he doesn't want to help so he lied to mom he has a tummy ache " Jack explained and Stacey sighed
    "well just grab that shovel and help me dig this thing out and be careful" Stacey said and he nodded and waved at me before helping his sister I wish I can..
    Three hours passed with Stacey and Jack still digging hard and Jack look tired, Stacey told him to go inside and it was starting to become dark.. Immediately jack entered inside Stacey shovel hit something hard..
    "I found it" she said excitedly and dropped the shovel,
    "you know I can't lift this thing up my self" she said and I nodded in agreements
    "then don't, just clear the sands on top of it and open it" I say and she nodded, she got close to the casket she did as I said and opened it, she looks tired and some strands of her hair was glued to her face due to sweats I really do owe her..
     When she opened it I looked inside and saw my self lying cold my lips dry and my eyes shady I just hope this works,
    "aww you look so cute " Stacey said staring at my body
    "cut it off" I tell her and she smiled
    "so what now " she asked
    "we just have to wait till twelve pm tonight " I replied
    "okay, it's eight thirty I'll just run inside and eat dinner while you stay here I'll be back" she said and hurried inside.
    Few minutes later she came out again and it was already 9:45pm we  both sat still waiting for time to move quickly, I owe Stacey so much.. She's done enough already,
    Finally it was 12:59pm
    "get ready Stacey " I tell her she seemed tired and sleepy but suddenly Stood up
    "it's time " I tell her and she nods and stood up, she moved closer to my body and breathe in before reaching for the crystal in my neck, immediately she touched it she grunt and gasped..
    "what's wrong " I ask her
    "I'm stuck " she grunt
    "what? " I tried to help her but I couldn't touch her what's wrong
    Pain.. Pain..
    All I could feel is pain all over my body I couldn't move  , I was stuck and Jeremy couldn't do anything,  I was loosing my breath
    "Jeremy help " I yanked and tried to get free
    "I can't I.. I don't know why" he replied feeling confused, I started to feel weak and still I couldn't move, you can do this Stacey you cab do it, I tell my self,
    Just pull out this damn necklace " I tell my self and I endured the pain and tried all my best and I pulled it out and then the pain stopped but Jeremy screamed in pain.. And suddenly I passed out..
    I woke up the next morning feeling lively, I looked at my body my pajamas was on me.. How come? My bed sheets and blankets were different, I got down from my bed, Jeremy, was the first person I remembered I remembered what happened last night but didn't know what happened after that, did Jeremy come back to life.. I have to go check it out..
     I hurried down the stairs with, I heard the sweet smell of brownies coming from the kitchen, I also stopped on my tracks as I heard the familiar voice and sound coming from the living room.
     When I got closer I was shocked, Brown hair, brown eyes..
    "dad! " I called
    "oh honey you're awake" my dad Said and smiled
    I gasped and ran to hug him..
    "okay.. but honey I have to go to work " my dad says and places a kiss on my forehead , what's happening, my dad walked out and I left my mouth open where's Jeremy, I ask no-one in particular..
    "honey you're getting late for school" my mom yelled and I replied
    "Jackson " I called Jack and he walked up to me
    "have you by any chance see Jeremy " I asked
    "Jeremy! Who's Jeremy " he asked and bite on the Popsicle he's eating
    He's kidding right
    "Jeremy you saw him yesterday " I tell him
    "I don't know what you're talking about Stacey, and don't you remember dad took Jace and I to a movie theatre yesterday while you were with your friend Sarah " he said and looked serious.. Is this a dream or what, dad's here but Jeremy's not..
    What the hell happened
    By Ruthie Lee last episode loading..

    EPISODE 20 (Final)


    I got ready for school that morning still feeling a bit confused about the whole situation, I mean where the hell did my dead father come from, not that I'm not happy to see him but it's kind of awkward.. And where's Jeremy and why can't jack remember him and who's Sarah.. Jack talked about..
    Jack, Jace and I had omelette for breakfast before heading to school luckily I caught the bus and the driver's changed I know the driver asked Mr Marty a slim tall guy with a mustache but now he's just some random guy who I don't know, I got in the bus and I found my way to the back seat as always and start to think about all this, but my very question is, where is Jeremy!!.. And how did my dad come back to life there must be an explanation for all this because clearly I'm not dreaming,
    Finally the bus stopped in front of the school gate and everyone hurried out good thing our school hasn't change a bit.. But I hope my friends remember me..
    I got to class and met Tamara, Sophie and a girl I don't know talking.. To them
    "hey guys" I waved to them, actually Sophie and Tamara
    "Stacey hey, hi" the girl who I clearly do not know say to me but I just smiled at her not. Wanting to be rude
    "hey Stacey have you done your biology project " Sophie asked me
    "biology project!?? What project " I asked
    "the one mr Sam said we should plant " Tamara replied, okay all this shits is getting seriously confusing ..
    "I.. I don't rememb..when? " I asked again
    "we already did it yesterday at your house the two of us remember "the strange girl said And I turned to her..
    "who.. Who are you" I asked feeling confused and she laughed
    "you're kidding, or do you have amnesia it's Me Sarah, your best friend, " she said and my mouth dropped open, Sarah? She's definitely the girl jack was talking about, okay I think I'm about to pass out,
    "oh yeah right i was just pulling your legs" I lied and she laughed
    "you're crazy" she said and smiled showing a set of complete white teeth..
    "so where's Phillip and daniel" I ask
    "they're not here yet " Sophie replied and I nodded and breathed a sigh of relief at least they haven't change,
    I moved closer to Tara and said
    "Tara, do you remember what I told you last time about Jeremy" I ask her quietly
    "huh.. No who's Jeremy, you don't tell me things, you tell Sarah cause you hang out with her like all the times " she said and my brain scattered completely,
    It's like I'm having some sort of episodes, or am I dreaming, "okay what about Gwen " I ask
    "Gwen, you mean Gwen Sawyer " Tamara asked and I nodded
    "she's still her self, nice friendly and she and Robby just started dating" she said and my eyes widen,
    "oh. ..okay" I said and immediately Daniel and Phillip walked in, good thing they didn't change a bit..
    **fast forward**
    School closed that day with me feeling dull and super confused about this whole thing, I got home and saw my mom on the couch watching TV..
    "hey hon welcome home" she said and pushed her blond hair backwards
    "you didn't go to work today? " I ask
    "work? I don't work " she said
    "yeah I knew that I was joking " I said and hurried upstairs, this is damn crazy..
    I changed into my casual wears after taking a shower and I strangely found my diary under my pillow when I always keep it in my drawer..
    I took it and opened it and started to read it..
    ×dear diary today was fun, Sarah and Gwen had a sleepover here at my house and it was spectacular and Gwen finally confessed Her love for Robby classic Gwen×
    ×dear diary, I think that guy next door Noah, totally has a crush on me, he's always staring at me and also Sarah and I went to the park and bumped into dad and he took us out best night ever!!!×
    ×dear diary Sarah is like the best friend ever, she took the blame for what I did today in art class by spilling paint on Mrs Avila's dress×
    ×dear diary, today was great, Gwen got the lead role as Juliet in our school play Romeo and Juliet and Sarah and I are totally happy for her *
    Oh goodness all this is freaking me out, Sarah is really my best friend, but how come
    "honey someone's looking for you" my mom yelled from downstairs
    "coming!! " I yell back and closed my diary before heading down and to the door, my eyes brightened when I saw Jeremy standing by the door..
    "Jeremy!!" I call and hugged him tight, and for the first time he felt warm not cold when I release him my mom gave me a look that said "is he your boyfriend " ...
    "let's go to my room" I said and dragged him by the arm.. And we both head to my room,
    Getting there I locked the door behind us..
    "Wow I can't believe this " I said and he smiled
    "me too " he said
    "you're human again" I remarked happily
    "yes I am" he replied happily to
    "that means it worked but I don't understand, I woke up this morning and my dad's back, I have a new best friend, Gwen's not a lesbian anymore she's nice and dating Robby and my brothers and Tamara don't remember you at all what's up with that" I yanked
    "you too. I woke up today I was in my bed, and I have a new best friend known as Billy and I have a little sister who's five, I remembered having only one sister who's older than me Petra.. And my dad is fucking wealthy " he exclaimed while I sighed
    "wat do u think happened " I ask
    "I don't know but I think I like it" he replied
    "me too now that my dad's back, I don't want him to go again" I said and he smiled
    "then let's just stick to our whole new world " he said and we both laughed ..
    .WRITER'S POV. (R.L)
    When Stacey removed the crystal necklace from Jeremy's body everything changed from bad to-good , it was like the universe changed, Natalie's family curse was broken because she did good thing she helped a thing her mom and her grandmother couldn't do and that made the curse broken and the incident that made her second husband to die didn't happen, according to the beginning of the story, Stacey's dad died in a car accident and that was also the same day Natalie's husband die, but due to the broken curse, the big truck which lost its brake and hit Natalie's husband and also Stacey's dad, didn't lost it brake and everything went smoothly with Mr Turner returning back from work safely, and few days later repacking to the estate and which was not hunted by ghost like the rumours because Jeremy became human and his family didn't know he left they kept living their lives normally, no one remembered the real world that seized to exist except for Natalie, Stacey and Jeremy, since the curse was broken Gwen Stacy and Sarah are always hanging out together and she was a lesbian no more.. Everything went smoothly and it seemed like nothing weird ever happen, but Stacey,jeremy and Natalie had no memory of the current changes but the bad past but still moved on with it..
    ** Stacey's pov continues **
    "honey just put it on " my mom tells bringing a necklace up to my face,
    "no it's okay I'm fine this way " I tell her and she pouted
    "fine!" I said angrily and collected the necklace and put it on, it's my prom night last day of high school before graduation..
    And my mom is acting so weirdly emotional
    Just then my dad barge in my room with camera in his hand
    "smile for the camera sweetie " my dad said and I rolled my eyes and said
    "you guys are overreacting, it's just a prom it's not like I'm going to die "
    "come-on just do it for dad" my dad said and I smiled forcefully and my dad smiled happily, which made me smile happily..
    "bye dad" I said and hurried downstairs in my heels, I got outside and met Jeremy waiting for me in front of his car, he was wearing a tuxedo and his hair moved
    "you're late" he said and opened the cat door for me
    "shut the Fuck up" I tell him and entered the car and he laughed and entered the car too, he turned to me and smiled
    "you look beautiful " he tells me
    "thank you, " I say and we stare at each other and I coughed and said
    "so are You going to keep staring at me or drive" I said and he shook his head negatively and laughed,
    He drove me to prom and was officially my date, to prom..
    Getting down he took my hands and glanced at the dark sky with beautiful stars then turned to me,
    I met Sarah by the gate and she hugged me
    "whoa who is this" she said staring at Jeremy
    "actually this is Jeremy he's my.. "
    "boyfriend " Jeremy interrupted
    "don't listen to him.. Jeremy's just a friend " I said and she smiled but Jeremy "okay let's go inside its started" she tells me and she, Jeremy and I entered and found everywhere crowded and music busting everyone's ear drum.. I introduced Jeremy to everyone and they came along really well..
    "oh stace I love this song care to dance " Jeremy tells me
    "sure" I said and dropped my cup of punch
    We both got to the dance floor with the slow sweet music feeling our body, I placed my hands on his shoulder and he placed his hands on my waist..
    And we danced slowly to the music, and Stare at each other smiling, "you know I can't believe I was a ghost " he said
    "me neither its like any of that never happened " I said and he smiled and moved his head close to mine to kiss me but I stopped
    "are you trying to kiss me" I asked
    "y... Yeah" he replied and I smiled
    "okay go on " I said
    "you're crazy Stacey " he said
    "and you're still a freak Jeremy " I say and he smiled and slowly we both kissed...
    THE END..!!

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