Story: My Life as a Secondary School Teacher Season 2

    Episode 1

    A Year Later.
    Sunday, September 2015.
    I was happy when I was called for interview at kings international
    schools a year ago.. but it doesn’t turned out well..unfortunate
    for me..I wasn’t qualifications were out of
    standard..I wasn’t that serious in my polytechnic days..I had no
    choice than to goto the village school I was employed to with
    the help of a family friend…
    My trip to enugu wasn’t that long and was very boring except for
    one drunk decayed teethed hausa man that was making fuss
    with a pretty lady..”Walai my thing biggi o,, if I cas u madam I
    go pieces you like trailer” the hausa man said murdering
    english..”Go and pieces your mother” the lady fired back which
    made everybody bursted to laughter..I hopped on a bike with
    my heavy luggage to the self contained house I have already
    secured the other time I came to the village..
    Its very true village girls were more beautiful than city
    girls..chaii..their back na gobe,,their front na wahala..
    I later made my way inside my paintless medium
    plasma hung on the wall and the home theatres were properly
    arranged..the room was paintless as I have described but was
    well cemented contaning bathroom and a kitchen..
    I dashed outside with the bucket I pulled out from the
    bathroom..I fetched enough water from the tap few steps away
    from the house..I relaxed on my medium bed after freshen up..I
    was thinking how my life will be in the foriegn village when my
    samsung s5 began ringing..the caller was my mum..
    Me: hi mum..
    Mum: my are you doing?
    Me: am fine mum..
    Mum: I have been trying your number but was not available..
    Me: network here is bad..
    She began all this mummy’s advices though she kept repeating
    “becareful of those village girls”..ofcourse they are very
    My alarm woke me as I laid on my bed far asleep “na me go
    break you last last”I cursed in my mind..its morning already..I
    didn’t even have a good sleep..those mosquitoes nearly killed
    I later claded in a white gucci top and a blue jean on a normal
    sneakers..I checked my handsome 22yrs old face in my small
    mirror,,my pink lips I could pass for jidenna’s showed vividly,,I
    smiled to the mirror to see my dimple revealing itself(you think
    am lieing?,check my pic na) though my body was like that of
    I later got to the school(a government school to be precise)
    after 12minutes of trekking..ofcourse the seniors were using
    their power on those pitiful juniors..they pick dirts,cuts
    uncuttables.they all started staring at me as I applied enough
    swaggz heading to the principal’s office..the school compound
    was really big and very neat..
    “Kpo kpo” I knocked..”Come in” a gruffed igbo accent voice
    sounded from the office..I entered to see the big belly baird
    headed man arranging some files..he stood and we shook
    hands..”Welcome sir” he intoned which left some suprises look
    on my face..
    Ontop that my very low gp..see how this man still dey respect
    me..I wonder what his own gp will be..that was even if he
    completed his school..coz the big big grammar he was
    dropping nearly killed me accompanied with his foul mouth
    odour..we chatted for few minutes and he later showed me my
    I sat on the chair in my neatly swept and arranged office dawn
    with different thoughts..soft knocks later landed on my door
    waking me up..”Come in” I said pretending to be reading….
    A very beautiful choc skinned lady of about 26 walked in..she
    was wearing a short tight mini skirt revealing her sexy choco
    leg..she had this big round bumz and a very big bossom..the
    chairman inside my boxers responded to my thoughts
    Lady: hi..I am amara..*offerred her hand*
    Me: jason..*we shook hands*
    Lady: I heard from the principal we had a new teacher,,so I
    decided to check on you..
    She was fluent and not seems to be local..though I can’t keep
    my eyes off her bigboobs which am sure she caught me staring
    at..we later exchanged contact and she left shaking her bumz
    left to right that I can swear she was doing it intentionally..
    I was later called up by an ss3 heart beats heavily as I
    approached the class..I later entered the class of about 45
    students and started the lesson after introducing myself as their
    new math teacher..I can’t believe the girls were ss3
    students..ofcourse the matured face..too big boobs and bumz
    can’t make me believe..
    I had an eye contact with one particular girl through out my
    lesson..she was very beautiful that I won’t doubt it if she said
    she was an angel..very light in complexion..was blessed with
    big gobe and wahala and also was she the best in the class..
    “Hello” I heard a sweet feminine thin voice on my way back to
    my office..I turned back..and lo and behold it was the girl..
    Girl: hi sir..
    Me: Hi *i replied quickly*
    Girl: I really need your help sir..
    Me: *smiled* may I help you?
    Girl: am preparing for my jamb and am very poor in
    mathematics and physics..please sir I’ll like it if I can be having
    extra lessons with you..
    Me: oh,,no have to give me your number so I’ll
    call you when am free..
    Girl: I hav..e no sir..*she stammered*
    What?..even a month old child is using phone this century…
    Me: okay you can come to my place when you are free..
    Girl: I’ll talk to my father..oh,,give me your address..
    I quickly started describing my house for her which she even
    helped me complete the discription..
    Girl: thank you the way..I am sharon….
    She smiled and turned back with her bumz swaying left and
    right..choi..the school should be named gobe and wahala

    Episode 2

    I collapsed on my bed on getting home..I was really tired as I’ve
    worked my a-s off..I drifted to deep slumber immediately and I
    later woke up..I checked my time to see 6:20pm..chaii..I slept
    so long..I dashed outside to fetch water from the tap..a small
    boy I didn’t even recognised who described himself as my
    student helped me in fetching while I thank so
    mesef dey feel boss…
    My 25k salary also waiting for me at the end of the month as if
    the respect alone is not okay for me..I’ll regret more if I didn’t
    come to this village..I later freshen up and picked up my phone
    to chat but was surprise to see 9missed calls from an unsaved
    number..I dialed the number wondering who it was..”Hi
    handsome” a familiar feminine voice sounded from the phone
    jolting me off my thoughts..
    Me: hello..please who is this?
    Person: you can’t even recognise my voice..anyway its amara..
    Me: oh aunty so sorry..
    Amara: leave me oo..
    Me: am sorry na..
    Amara: hmm..okay honey..I waited for you like decades to call
    but you did not..nawa for you oo..
    Me: oh,,am out of airtime *i lied*
    Amara: okay oo..I just wanted to hear your voice before
    Me: my voice too sweet ni abi weytin?
    Amara: naughty boy..see you tomorrow..
    Me: goodnight..
    Amara: bye *kiss sound*
    I was left in the jungle of different thought as I laid on my bed..I
    later drifted to sleep and woke up very early the next day
    hungrily..I cooked myself breakfast and later have my
    bath..25minutes later met me on the lonely road to the school..
    After many hours of working,break time bell later
    sounded..knocks landed on my office door 5minutes
    later..”Come in” I said..sharon walked inside with a black nylon
    and sat opposite me..
    Sharon: hope am not disturbing?
    Me: *smiled* its have you talked to your parent?
    Sharon: yes..but my dad insisted he have to see you before he
    will grant me the permission but I don’t think you’ll agree..
    Me: no problem..let’s go after today’s lesson..
    Sharon: *smiling* thank you very much sir..
    We chatted till break over bell was rang..that’s where I got to
    know her father was one of the village chiefs..I can see the
    sadness on her face when she heard the break over bell..she
    sadly stood up and left not after leaving the black nylon on my
    The nylon was full of apples and oranges..chaii..see enjoyment
    for village oo..I took out of those red apples and I quickly
    devoured them hungrily..
    Amara later entered in a nysc uniform..that’s when its dawn on
    me she was serving in the village..
    Amara: jay jay..
    Me: wow,,you are looking very good..
    Amara: *blushed* thanks..
    She later sat and we started gisting..though her big boobs was
    all I was staring d--k already turned rock as the picture
    of me sucking them crepted into my brain..
    Amara: you want to jump in my boobs??..
    Chaii..she caught me..I faced away shyly with a look of
    embarrassment..we chatted more and she later left..I took my
    time to arranged the books in the book shelf inside my office
    after the day lesson..
    I later went outside to see sharon waiting for me..she walked
    towards where I was standing when she saw me full of
    smiles..chaii this girl with her too beautiful smiles..5minutes
    later met us on our way to sharon’s house gisting..she really had
    2 masters and 5 phd’s in talking…
    We later got to her house after 15minutes of walking….I can see
    three figures sitting at the front of the half clayed half cemented
    house..a big bellyman in his early fifties rested his big body half
    naked on a kutchin chair with his radio in his hands..
    A too chubby woman seems to be sharon mother and a girl who
    almost looks like sharon sat few steps away from the
    man..sharon greeted the man who was her dad and introduced
    me as the teacher she was talking about..she introduced me to
    her niece,the lady I mistook for her mother and the other girl
    cynthia that happens to be her elder sister..
    Cynthia really looks like sharon though sharon was more
    beautiful and cynthia was blessed with more bigger bumz and
    boobs..”Nwa,bring this youngman something to sit on” the man
    said referring to cynthia…
    She rushed inside and later came back with a small box which I
    quickly collected from her and thank her..I sat with sharon’s dad
    and we began talking though I caught cynthia many times
    stealing glances at me..
    The man thanked me very much for willing to help his daughter
    and granted the permission to be coming to my place..”I’ll trust
    you with my girl” he lastly said..chaii..sharon was an extremely
    pretty girl and so tempting that I sometimes have hard-on when
    together….”May GOD help me ” I prayed in my mind..

    Episode 3

    Sharon surprised me with an early visit on saturday..she did all
    my laundry and tidied my room..ah don dey like this girl..we
    later settled in my room sitting on my bed comfortably..
    Me: thank you very much sharon..
    She blushed and faced down shyly..I wasted no time to quickly
    bring out my math textbooks..the lesson was a hectic one..she
    was extremely poor in mathematics..after 2hrs of non-stop
    teaching..I collapsed on my bed hungrily while sharon just
    bursted to laughter..
    Sharon walked to my kitchen surprising me and cooked me
    rice..her sweet stew aroma nearly gave me catarrh..after we
    both ate..she cleared the dishes and washed getting
    to like this girl o..she later came back and sat with me on the
    Me: shall we continue now..
    Sharon: no,,its okay for today..
    She suddenly held my left hand caressing my palm which sent
    shock of life to my body and the “chairman” underneath nodded
    to my reaction..its been long a female held me like this,not after
    my break up with my female soldier sugar mummy which earned
    me beatings of life..
    Sharon: I want to know more about you..
    I told her everything share-able about me..though she was
    surpise at my young age and was still happy at thesame
    time..she also told me about her..that’s where I got to know she
    was 19 and her mother died when she was young..
    Sharon: dad told me I resembled my mum so would
    have been better if I knew my mum..I really missed her..
    She began shedding tears leaving me no choice than to hug
    her..that’s when my chest and her big bossom came in d--k was already racing fast and the furious
    underneath..”She is my student for christsake” I thought to
    myself trying to eradicate the stupid thoughts that have taken
    control of my mind..
    We chatted crazily till evening..I alarmed her of the time which
    was 5:16pm..she doesn’t want to leave but I insisted she leave..
    Me: your father would be waiting for you and if you don’t leave
    now,,he might think elseway and may not even allow you to
    come here again..
    She shrugged in resignation then stood up sadly..”I just don’t
    want to leave you yet” she suprised me with her outburst while I
    hugged her..”Its okay” I said calmly and we later disengaged..
    I decided to accompany her but she objected claiming she don’t
    want to disturb me..she suprised me with a peck on my cheek
    then ran outside leaving me in the realm of different thoughts..
    I laid on my bed in the night playing games when a whatsapp
    message entered my phone,,I exited the game and launch
    whatsapp to see”hi sweetheart” from amara..following
    conversations ensued:
    Me: sister amara..
    Amara: call me amara are you today?
    Me: am very fine are your beautiful twins?*i teased*
    Amara: naughty boy..they are waiting for you to suck them up…
    Chaii..seems the night will be hotter than I ever thought..we sex
    chatted till I realise I have cumed to boxers..she told me she
    will be coming to my place the nextday and I was so happy
    more than ever..I later slept off with my hard on though was so
    The rays of light that entered my room through windows came in
    contact with my closed eyes..I can hear c---s crowing and the
    coldness was something else..”Today will be a very nice day” I
    murmured to myself..
    I quickly have my bath and dressed in an italian suite with a
    coporate shoe..I put on my rolex wristwatch ready for
    church..ofcourse I was not a church(y) boy,I just don’t know
    why I decided to go..maybe it was because of my extreme
    I located the nearest church and enter sitting at the very last
    seat..a very faired skin and extremely big bumz lady with
    medium firm boobs that was singing was whom I was staring
    at..she was not so beautiful but her voice was wonderful..
    The pastor later stepped forward asking if there is someone that
    can play piano,,I don’t know the actual force that pushed me
    outside..ofcourse I played very well that the pastor later called
    me out persuading me to join them and I told him I’ll be thinking
    about it..
    I stepped outside after the service and was heading to my place
    when I heard “hi”..lo and behold it was the singer lady..
    Singer: brother jay..
    I was wondering how she knew my name when I later
    remembered I said my name in the church when I was ask to
    introduce myself
    Me: sister…(She cut in)
    Singer: am oluchi..
    Me: sister oluchi,,angel that sings..
    Oluchi: *blushed*..please I don’t know if we could be rehearsing
    Me: that’s okay..but where?
    Oluchi: am I not allowed in your place?
    Me: *smiled*..let me give you the addr..(She cut in)
    Oluchi: don’t bother,,I know your place…
    We later exchanged contacts and she walked away though all
    my attention was on her big bumz..chaii…”Like say ah go die for
    this village” I thought to myself grinning hard..

    Episode 4

    I dashed inside on getting home and quickly uncladed the heavy
    load I put on..I went outside to fetch water from the tap thinking
    I would see that boy that helped me the other day
    again..unfortunate for me,,I saw no one that resemble him
    except those chubby and fat cheek woman..
    I laid on my bed watching film after freshen up,thanks to
    nepa..soft knocks suddenly landed on my door..I smiled
    knowing fully well it was amara..I sagged my knicker,ginger my
    swagger then opened the door..I stood transfixed on thesame
    spot as I stared agape at sharon…chaii..this girl wan spoil my
    Sharon: can I enter?
    Me: oh,,am sorry..*i ushered her in*
    We sat very close together on the bed..she brought an apple
    from her handbag and handed over to me..chaii…na the reason I
    like the girl..chaii…mak apple no kill me for this
    village…”Thanks” I muttered smiling then devoured it..I would
    have hungrily ate it..but because I didn’t want to show her my
    other side(lol)..
    Me: *breaking the silence* shall we start?
    Sharon: what?
    Me: the lesson..
    Sharon: leave that o..I was coming back from the market so I
    just branched here…
    Me: what do I deserved to be visited by an angel..
    She smiled and puched my chest..ofcourse it hurts but I
    endured the pain without her knowing..I suddenly felt a warm
    hand caressing my left palm which I later realise it was
    sharon’s..she collected my phone viewing my pictures..
    Sharon: is this your girlfriend?
    She showed me my picture with chinyere,,I and chinyere were
    bestfriends since my polytechnic days..
    Me: just a friend..
    Sharon: really? tell me about your girlfriend..
    Me: she is just somebody that didn’t exist in my life..
    I can see her face lighten up when I said this..and the joy in her
    eyes seems to multiplied in extreme..
    Sharon: I can’t believe a very handsome guy like you doesn’t
    have any girlfriend..*smiling*
    We were still chatting when I suddenly felt a hand rubbing my
    chest region..this girl na temptation oo..the real jay has already
    turned to something else underneath as it kept hunting for
    I stylishly removed her hand from my chest as my conscience
    kept blocking me from doing anything with her..the next thing I
    felt was a kiss on my lip..her lip was so sweet that I kept
    wondering if yale rented it in making lollipop sweet..I hurriedly
    kissed back while my un-patient hand quickly raced to her full
    and firm boobs caressing them gently..
    Her hand found it way to my hard rock rod rubbing it through my no time we were both lying on the bed while I
    was half naked..I didn’t know what or who removed my singlet
    for me..
    My hand changed it location and went under the short gown she
    was wearing rubbing her already wet k---y while she let out
    some moans..I was really loving every part of the sweet girl
    when knocks I could categorized as “fun spoiler knocks” landed
    on my door..
    “Who the hell is that sef” I cursed in my mind then quickly wore
    my singlet though my angry rod still never calm..I walked to the
    door and opened it to see the surprise of my life..”Hi”she
    greeted with her angelic voice..
    Me: hello..
    Cynthia: sharon you should come out here..papa is asking for
    Sharon rushed out..cynthia shot her angry look while she faced did she know sharon is here sef..chaii….her
    extremely big bumz showed vividly in the tight medium skirt she
    was wearing while her boobs stood attention in the pink top she rod nodded in agreement struggled to be release out
    of the dark dungeon..
    She winked at me before they both left leaving me in the jungle
    of different thoughts and surprises…what did she mean?…I shut
    my door closed then sat on my bed watching phone
    ringtone suddenly came to my hearing..the number was
    unsaved..I quickly picked it..
    Person: brother jay jay..
    The voice belong to no other person than sister oluchi..I sabi her
    sweet thin voice die..
    Me: sister oluchi..
    Oluchi: I thought you won’t recognise my voice..
    Me: how can I forget that your sweet voice?
    Oluchi: *laughs* how are you now feeling?
    Me: feeling good..thanks for those nice views..that your big
    bumz sha..*i teased thinking I would receive insults in return*
    Oluchi: *laughs* ofcourse I can see how hard your rod was
    when we were talking at the back of the church.. the hell did she know..ofcourse my rod nearly tore
    my boxers that time we were chatting..its only stupid if she
    doesn’t notice..
    Oluchi: anyway,,when are we meeting for the rehearsal..
    Me: friday will be good..3pm..
    Oluchi: prepared oo..
    Me: prepared for wh…(She hung up)
    Heavy knocks suddenly rained on my door..”it shouldn’t be that
    extremely dark skinned and ugly chubby lady” I prayed in my
    mind..I quickly opened the door to see her showing her black
    teeth..”I was only me dey village?”..she comes to my
    place everytime to watch film when there is light..she even
    came with her brothers and sisters now..
    Chaii..I shook my head then excused them for fresh air..nepa
    later took off there light..I was extremely happy..they all
    marched outside like u.s army and I entered my room to only
    rain curses on their head….chaii

    Episode 5

    I laid on my bed at the night after I have re-tidied my room
    playing games on my phone when a call landed on my phone…
    the caller was amara..I picked it at the third ring frowning like
    she saw me…
    Amara: hi so sorry for sister visited
    me..that’s why I couldn’t make it..I promise I’ll make it up you..
    We chatted more and she later hang up with a kiss…I woke the
    next day,,yawned countless time without number,,I later check
    time on my phone to see late..I hurriedly
    stormed in the bathroom and have a quick bath..I dressed in a
    white shirt over a black trouser..I wore my rolex wristwatch and
    my guissepe shoe..
    I was in my office after the long boring assembly when soft
    knocks landed on my door..”Come in” I said..amara walked in
    with a beautiful smile claded in a very short skirt showing her
    massive bumz and a white top..
    She locked my door from behind and walked to me licking her
    lips..I knew the show was about starting..she wasted no time
    and sat on my lap with a seductive smile..
    Amara: I dreamed of you the whole night..I can’t just wait to
    feel you inside me
    Our head collided and we started kissing..she was so fast that I
    can’t catch up..she placed my right hand on her lap while my left
    hand was doing some jobs on her full and firm rod
    already at it peak of angriness as it was fighting for freedom
    We quickly uncladed ourselves..after few minutes of
    suckings..she pull out a condom from her handbag..I hurriedly
    wore it and was about entering her when my rod busted the
    poor thing and we both stared in awe..
    Amara: that is the only one I have with me..
    Me: what are we going to do now..
    Amara: just enter me now..I want it raw *she moaned*
    I wasted no time and quickly slip my rod in her already wet k---
    y and she let out moans..I increased my pace and later
    decreased it when her moans was getting louder..we went three
    rounds and I later cumed inside her though not intentionally..
    “You are so sweet” she said while dressing while I just
    smiled..she started describing how much she loved me leaving
    surprises on my face..ofcourse I felt nothing for the girl..just
    pure lust..she later left leaving me in the realm of thoughts..
    After the day lesson,,I dashed out of the school compound
    heading sharon’s house to check on her as she was not in
    school..I met cynthia alone at the front of the house sitting on a
    small box dealing with some baskets..
    Me: hi ma..
    Cynthia: am still a lady oo..why is our great teacher here??
    Our great teacher??..what does she mean??
    Me: *smiling* am here to check on sharon,,she is not in school
    Her mood changed a bit though her sweet smile was still there..
    Cynthia: I hope there is nothing between you and my sister?
    Me: I d..ont understand *i stammered*
    Cynthia: I trust can go..I’ll tell her you came by..
    Me: okay..thank you..
    I quickly freshen up on getting home..I claded in a simple cloth
    and hop on a bike to the bank to withdraw the 20k my uncle
    sent me earlier..the bank was very far from my place that the
    okada man collected 500naira..
    I branched market to get some stuffs on my way back..I bought
    many lemon drinks which was my favourite..I saw a black
    polythene bag perfectly placed at the front of my door on getting
    to my place..I was a little scared..hope is not a bomb..
    I carefully opened the polythene bag to see apples and
    oranges..I knew instantly that was sharon’s handiwork..make
    apple tree no grow for my head..
    I collapsed on my bed immediately I entered my room and slept
    off..I woke up a bit late the nextday..I stretched my body then
    went to the bathroom..I dressed up after the long bathing then
    rushed out..
    I was sitting in my very hot office wiping my sweat everyminute
    at break time when knocks landed on my door..sharon later
    walked in with her beautiful smile brain was really out of
    reach as I stared at her extreme beauty..
    Sharon: hope am not disturbing?*she satdown*
    Me: not atall..why are you not in school yesterday?
    Sharon: I was not feeling okay..
    Me: how are you now?
    Sharon: I’ll be better,,I shouldn’t have come to school but I
    missed you so much..*faced down shyly*
    I was ofcourse surprise hearing this,,my heart started beating
    loud and fast staring at the beauty before me..I later thanked
    her for the fruit which she said she sent cynthia..cynthia??
    After the day lesson,,I dashed out of the school compound to
    see sharon waiting for me under the orange tree outside the
    school..she smiled and ran towards me..I don’t know why
    seeing this girl makes me happy..
    She grabbed my arm childishly while walking..we were still
    chatting when a shiny black rangerover 2014 packed beside
    us..I was so surprise coz I have never seen such car in the
    A youngman of about 26,,dark skinned,,not really handsome but
    smells of money stepped out of the car..sharon quickly released
    my arm staring at me with the look of dissapointment..
    Guy: long time sharon..
    She forced out a smile and walked to him..they said somethings
    to each other and he later opened the door for her..she
    sluggishly entered..the guy also entered not after flashing me
    his white teeth..
    I can swear sharon was staring at me as she notice the suprise
    and anger plus confusion plastered on my face..”Grrrr” he
    ignited the car and they zoomed off leaving me in the jungle of
    different thoughts as I stood on thesame spot like a statue
    wondering who the guy was..chaii

    Episode 6

    I was sitting on my neatly spread bed on friday afternoon waiting
    for oluchi as she have already informed me upon her arrival..I
    was engrossed in the contra game I was playing on my psp
    when soft knocks landed on my door..I opened the door and
    oluchi was standing full of smiles..she claded in a short tight
    jean revealing her massive figure 8 and a red designed top
    holding a small note..
    I ushered her in,locked my door then sat beside her on the bed..
    Oluchi: nice place..
    Me: hmmm..what shall I offer you?
    Oluchi: water will be better *smiling*
    I poured her water in a glass cup then sat beside her..
    Me: shall we start now?
    Oluchi: ofcourse..
    I brought out my small yamaha piano..she later started singing
    while I was playing along..her voice was really wonderful like
    that of beyonce..we were so close that her big boobs kept
    attacking my left arm which was giving me hard on..
    She suddenly placed her hand on my lap caressing my lap gently
    while I jerked..I ignored her though the chairman underneath
    already turned to rock threatening to break..she began rubbing
    my chest through the singlet I was wearing complicating the
    issue more..
    My mind was far away from the piano I was playing and she
    noticed this as she smiled seductively..our lip suddenly met
    placing the piano aside,,I don’t know who kissed first but I had
    this feeling it was I,,I started squeezing her boobs roughly while
    she moaned in no time,,our clothes were gone..I
    pushed her on the bed sucking her big boobs from left to right…
    Oluchi: brother jay,take it easy o..*she chuckled*
    “No be you turn me on?” I almost said..I entered her with full
    force..she moaned out loud as I pounced on her like an hungry
    lion..we went two rounds and we both laid on the bed
    exhausted..she suddenly started stroking my rod and the thing
    stood attention again..we went another two rounds of hot
    bleeping and she went to the bathroom to clean herself while I
    collapsed on my bed exhausted..
    We started chatting after we were both dressed..that’s when I
    know she was 24..studying nursing at university of nsukka and
    was in 300lv..I later saw her off then returned to my place
    feeling like a boss..
    I laid on my bed at night and thought of the super rich guy and
    sharon made it way to my thought..since the last two days I saw
    her and the guy took off I haven’t set my eyes on the girl..”has
    he used her for money ritual?” I asked,,it can’t phone suddenly started ringing jolting me off my
    thoughts..the caller was chinyere..
    Me: chinye baby*i said jokingly*
    Chinyere: your voice still cool as usual,,how are your village
    girls..I hope they haven’t killed you with hmm..*she clears
    I bursted to loud laughter..
    Chinyere: I have really missed you..always dreamed I s----d
    that your big rod..
    Although she was my best friend but that doesn’t stop us from
    f-----g sometimes..I later realise I have feelings for her but was
    scared to tell her as I don’t want to lose her friendship..
    Me: miss you too..
    Chinyere: am getting married next month jason..
    Me: what??..
    Chinyere: I want to clear my mind before the wedding..I love you
    jason and I have been loving you since that first day I set my
    eyes on you and I waited all my life just to hear you say you love
    me but you never did..*with calm tone*
    Me: am sorry chinye..I also loved you but was scared you might
    not feel thesame..
    Chinyere: jason,,its not too late..we can still be together.,
    Me: its too late chy..can’t let you stop the wedding because of
    Chinyere: *sighed* okay..atleast my mind is free now..
    We talked about many things and she later hang up..I can still
    remember how we met..I bumped into her the day I was
    searching for my department building which she showed me..I
    met her in the school restaurant the following week then cleared
    her bills..that was where our friendship began..she helped me
    most of the times in exam hall as she was the best in my
    I later drifted to deep slumber only to be woken up by knocks on
    the door..chaii..its morning already..I quickly checked the time
    on my phone to see 10:36am..choi..”mtn night plan no go kill
    me” I murmured as I struggled to stand and put on my knicker
    to cover my early morning hard on..
    That must be sharon,,I rushed to the door and quickly opened it
    to see the surprise of my life..I stood on thesame spot staring
    agape at the figure standing before me..cynthia??..what is she
    doing here??..choi

    Episode 7

    Me: w..hat are yo..u doing here? *i stammered*
    Cynthia: *smiling* is that a good morning?..don’t tell me you are
    just waking up?
    I scratched my head and she bursted to laughter,,I can tell she
    was staring at my 2packs chest the whole time..she claded in a
    very short and tight skirt the one we could categorized as
    “village bum short” revealing her toyin aimaku round big bumz
    (no be me talk am o) and a pink tank top on her over-packaged
    large boobs..choi..the chairman underneath already wrestling
    with my boxers and I stylishly covered it as it was more than
    She smells like a sweet rose as she walked inside to my surprise
    even though I didn’t ushered her in..I closed my door staring at
    her bumz that was swaying left and right..see temptation o..she
    later sat on my bed while I just stood in awe as silence occupied
    the whole room(still covering my rod though)..I don’t dare sit
    beside the temptation..
    Me: *clears throat* sharon??
    Cynthia: papa sent her on an errand..
    What is she doing here then?..just to torment my life I
    guessed..what to do now??..judging on the chairman that never
    rest but doing it best in wrestling my boxers and I fear might
    finally tore the boxers,,its a matter of time before I do what I
    wasn’t planning to do..
    Me: so what are you doing here??
    She stood up and cartwalked to where I was standing like a
    pillar and planted a kiss of life on my lip “I am here to claim
    what’s mine” she said with a wink..oh,,it was all in my
    thought,,choi..”Hmmm” she finally said jolting me off my
    Cynthia: I have failed my waec twice.. I don’t want to fail this
    year and I hope you will be able to help me..please don’t tell me
    you won’t..
    Me: hmmm..*for my mind-“so na olodo you be”*
    Cynthia: ..and let’s start with biology,,that’s my main problem..
    I haven’t even agreed to her proposal..I scoffed then wore my
    black top,,pull out my biology textbook then sat on the bed with
    a little gap between us..she smiled with her over-painted red
    lips and shifted closer hitting my holy arm with her biggest
    boobs while my rod was dancing to the beat underneath..
    My whole body was trembling and my heart kept pounding
    loud..see temptation oo..we started the lesson though I barely
    concentrated as my eyes kept on visiting her fair and fresh
    lap..chaii,,my rod already spiting fire underneath..
    Cynthia: why are you been so hard on yourself jason?? *smiling*
    Me: what did you m…ean? *i stammered*
    Before I could process what was happening,,a lip has already
    been locked with mine..I couldn’t resist as I kissed it
    passionately..cynthia was a master kisser..french kiss,,dutch
    kiss,,9ja kiss..she knew them all..
    My hand already found it way to her full and firm big boobs
    caressing them gently…she withdrew her lip staring into my eyes
    as silence occupied the whole room..she was like that for few
    seconds before breaking the silence..
    Cynthia: I don’t know how you do in love with you jason..
    What?..she doesn’t wait for my reply as she pull my head close
    to her’s and we engaged in another passionate kiss..she began
    rubbing my robotic rod through my knicker while my hand was
    dancing all over her bossoms..
    I suddenly withdrew my lip then stood up..I don’t know the
    actual force that triggered the move..but thanks to the force,,I
    would have bleeped the girl..
    Me: am sorry I can’t do know this is will
    sharon feel when she finds out??
    I can see the suprise mixed with dissapointment visible on her
    face as she drew back in shock..
    Cynthia: you think of me as a s--t?..jason am in love with you
    and God knows its the truth *about to cry*
    See wahala oo..I was just staring agape as the girl stood
    up..”Am sorry” she let out with a shaky voice and bursted to
    tears..I felt bad and started regretting..I quickly held her hand
    as she was about leaving…
    Me: am sorry cynthia..that was not what I mean??…how can I
    dare think of a beautiful girl like you a s--t?..
    I can see her smiling as she wiped off her tears..
    Cynthia: so what do you think of me?? *still smiling*
    See gobe oo..”I..I.I” I was stammering when she shut me up
    placing a finger on my lip..
    Cynthia: sshh..that could wait till later..right now,I need you
    inside me..
    She grabbed hold of my rod that have recently ressurected while
    we were kissing..I lost it,,I placed my hand on her bossoms
    squeezing them roughly..I don’t know how I’v come to reject
    this girl in the first place…
    We later landed on the bed naked…I forced my metal rod in her
    so tight k---y while she let out moans…we went three rounds
    then laid side by side on the bed both exhausted..
    Cynthia: this will be the second time I’ll be doing this..
    She said clutching her hand with mine..she expected me to
    believe that,,despite the kind of styles she used on me..for my
    mind “ah no be mumu na”..
    Cynthia: I lost my virginity to my boyfriend that ended up dating
    my bestfriend when I was in secondary school..
    We were still chatting nakedly laid side by side on the bed when
    knocks landed on my could only be one
    person..sharon??..chaii..ah don die..

    Episode 8

    I hurriedly stood up and quickly wore my knicker while cynthia
    laid on the bed covering herself with a blanket to my
    surprise,,chaii,this girl don finally kobalise(implicate) me..the
    knocks came again and this time increased the flame of
    thoughts that was burning inside hand was shaking as I
    was holding the door knob while I felt my heart pounding very
    I finally opened the door and the set of rainbow coloured teeth
    flashed to my eyes..the fat cheek has became fatter due to
    something stuff in was onyinye my neigbour that came to
    return my was obvious she saw cynthia as she
    winked at me..I quickly closed my door,,cynthia was now fully
    dressed as she sat on the bed full of smiles while I sat with her..
    Me: *breaking the silence* so what shall I offer you??
    Cynthia: *smiled* anything…
    Me: I hope angel takes lemon drink??
    She bursted to laughter then slapped my arm playfully while I
    just smiled and later poured her the lemon drink in a glass
    cup..she suddenly collected my phone and flashed her
    phone..”My sweetheart” she murmured as she was saving my
    Cynthia: that’s my number,,save it *giving me my phone*
    We started chatting,,that’s when I know she is 21..I taught her
    some things in biology and she later left when her father called
    her..I crashed on my bed immediately I entered my room after I
    have accompanied her with different thoughts..
    The strange odour from my armpit made me realise I haven’t
    taken my bath,,with flash speed,I have fetched water and I
    quickly entered the bathroom,,after many minutes of bathing,,I
    finally stepped in my room..
    My phone constant led blinking made me unlock it to see
    15missed calls..what??..all from cynthia..cheii..I hissed then
    ignored it,,I was about locking my phone when her call came in
    again,,weytin dey do this girl sef..I hissed loudly then picked it..
    Me: hi angel…(No be me dey hiss now?)
    Cynthia: its unfair jason..its really unfair..I knew you delibrately
    ignored my calls..I knew you were planning on dumping me
    after what we did..but believe me you had a wrong….*sniffing like she has been crying*
    Chaii,,weytin I don cause oo..for a moment I regretted being too
    handsome..”What have I put myself into now and its you idiot” I
    cursed in my mind referring to my rod that stood
    attention,,judging how hard it was,,can be used as
    sword,,samurai sword to be precise..chaii..
    Me: (cut in….) Its not what you thinking cynthy..I was in the
    bathroom,,that’s why I couldn’t answer know I can’t snub
    an angel’s call..God will be even more angrier with so
    I knew she will be blushing as silence took over the phone for
    few seconds before I heard her said “really?” Amidst
    chuckles..but we are not dating are we?..chaii..I said some
    sweet words to her and later hang up..
    She didn’t failed to send many messages at night,,some were
    how she loved me and cannever do without me and how she
    can’t wait to feel me inside her again,,she even revealed she fell
    for me the firstday she saw me at her house..then it dawned on
    me am in serious trouble,,it would have been better if psquare
    featured me in their “danger” song..
    I was in my office on monday when mrs vivian walked in with her
    too fat body..mrs vivian have been acting wierd since the day I
    was employed to the school,,she will delibrately touch her flat
    boobs,winked and licked her big black lip whenever she was
    talking to me..
    Even though my rod is shameless,,it still have taste..I always
    reciprocated her winks with cold stares even though she hasn’t
    given up yet..
    Mrs vivian: mr handsome jay..
    Me: goodmorning ma..
    She later gave me some files to sign and I quickly did..she then
    walked out not after winking which I just ignored..knocks later
    landed on my door and I frowned thinking it was mrs vivian
    again,,but she will never knock now..”Come in” I said..sharon
    walked inside with the smile I think I am never gonna get tired brain suddenly stopped working staring at the epitome of
    beauty before me..
    Sharon: goodmorning sir..
    Me: *i stammered trying to take my eyes off*..
    Sharon: *sat* something wrong?
    Me: oh,, who was that guy that you followed the
    other day..
    Sharon: *smiling* prince marcus?
    Prince?..chaii..that’s why he is got so much money..
    Me: *with my eyes opened wide* a prince?..but..wh..ats your
    relationship with him??..
    It was like I asked a question I shouldn’t have asked as she
    faced down and I can see tears trickled down her
    Me: wha..ats happening??,,its okay if you don’t want to tell me..
    Sharon: *wiped her tears* no I want to tell father was a
    low ranked chief,,it was great for him when prince marcus
    showed interest in me,,he saw it as an opportunity to climb to a
    higher position neglecting my own feelings..I have to marry him
    after finishing secondary school,,he travelled to canada before
    but he is back now..I don’t love him jason..I really don’t..*tears
    like river flowing down her cheek*
    That was the first time she will be calling me with my name and
    yes its sounds cool like she was the one that gave me the
    Sharon: I mean uncle jason *she quickly apologised*
    Me: its nothing *i smiled*
    Tears filled her eyes as she narrated her story..I held her hand
    calming her down..I can hear my heart beating like a talking
    drum with different sounds..we were both staring at each other
    with a little gap between our face..was just about colliding when
    someone pushed the door open..

    Episode 9

    We quickly adjusted but it was too late,,naughty smirk clearly
    shown on val’s face made it obvious he caught us..val was a
    also teacher,taller than me and dark skinned,,though not so
    handsome..”Uhn uhn” he clears throat..”Time for the meeting
    bro” he said then left not after winking at me..I followed him few
    minutes while sharon went to her class..
    I was on my way home after the day lesson when thesame
    rangerover passed by me heading to the school,,he had an evil
    smile plastered to his face when our eyes met due to the already
    rolled down car window..”what’s with that marcus guy sef” I
    said angrily..I clenched my teeth then increased my pace..
    I was reading for the nextday in my room after I have freshen up
    when soft knocks landed on my door which got me confused,,I
    checked my time to see 4:15pm..I was expecting nobody
    I sluggishly opened the door and cynthia rushed inside and
    dumped her whole body on me kissing my neck took
    me more than samson’s strenght to get her off myself..
    Me: what are you doing cynthia? *almost said angrily*
    Her face fell as she drew back in shock hearing my angry tone
    for the first time..I watched as tears trickled down her face
    while I bit my lower lip now regretting my action..
    Cynthia: I really missed you jason..I knew you think of me as a sorry but I thought we are no longer stranger..I’ll take
    my leave now *bursted to tears*
    It breaks my heart to see someone especially a girl crying
    because of me..what if she tell sharon what we did?..this girl is
    dangerous..she was about walking out of opened door when I
    held her back then closed the door while she was still crying..
    Me: am sorry cynthy..I wanted to ask why you are here coz am
    really surprised to see you..I fell off a bike yesterday when I was
    coming when you jumped on me you mistakenly hit
    the wounded area..*i lied*
    Her eyes widen when she heard my superstory and she drew
    Cynthia: a..m sorry..oh my God,,I really don’t know..*with a
    worried face*
    I was happy she bought my lies..choi..don’t know where the
    inspiration came sef..
    Me:*smiling* its nothing,,just know a man in his right mind can’t
    think of an angel like you a s--t..
    She made to check the wounded area but I assured her am fine
    that it was just an internal injury..she suddenly drew more closer
    with an inch between our face..”oh God I know I can’t overcome
    this temptation but please forgive me” I thought to myself as I
    sheepishly stared at her..
    “Oh boy release me na,you no sabi say person dey
    hungry,,mcheew” my rod sent the message to my brain..
    Cynthia: but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves.. does
    it? Am so h---y sweetheart *with seductive smile*
    She whispered the “am so h---y sweetheart” to my ear throwing
    my brain in the pit of flames,,more powerful than hell flames..I
    tried to say something but nothing came out of my mouth..
    In no time our lip were locked and my hand raced to her big
    boobs squeezing them like there is no tomorrow..she suddenly
    withdrew her lip staring at me..
    Cynthia: I love you jason..would have been better if you could
    hear how my heart is beating for you..I don’t know how I’ll live if
    you leave me..don’t you felt anything for me?..
    Me: I wouldn’t have been doing this if I felt nothing for you..
    Choi..where did that came from..don’t blame must have
    been my rod that replied..
    Cynthia: really? *smiling*
    She doesn’t wait for me to reply as she pressed her lip to mine
    again and we started kissing again while my hand quickly got
    back to its previous job..we later landed on the bed naked still short,,we went 4rounds before collapsing on the bed
    We later went to the bathroom together where we had another
    round of hot bleeping..she later went home and laid on my bed
    with my conscience flogging me..I knew am in deep s--t..s--t
    would be understatement,,am in do I tell the girl I
    felt nothing for her..chaii..
    I was still in my thought when my phone ringtone jolted me was amara..oh amara..I quickly picked it..
    Me: hello angel..
    Amara: long time jay,,I’v been extremely busy,,that’s why I
    wasn’t in school regularly,,an..d jason am returning to my city
    tomorrow *said sadly*
    Me: I’ll miss you dear *for my mind,weytin concern me,go and
    die na*
    Amara: I’ll miss you too sweetheart..I’ll be coming over to your
    office very much prepared *with low tone*
    Chaii..we chatted more and she later hung up..seems tomorrow
    will be hotter than phone suddenly made a beep sound
    and I quickly unlocked it to see I have an unread message..I
    clicked on message icon to see..”Am missing you honey”..from
    cynthia..I needed no seer to tell me am in trouble..see
    wahala..what am I going to do now..chaii..

    Episode 10

    I woke up early nextday,,I quickly took my bath then dashed out
    after eating get more harder as mid term test
    is getting nearer..amara came into my office at the break time
    and we had 3rounds of hot bleeping before we said last
    goodbyes and she left sadly..
    I didn’t see sharon throughout the day lesson..I evacuated the
    school compound after the day lesson to see sharon waiting for
    me under the orange tree..she sluggishly walked up to me with
    a frowned face..
    Me: what’s up..what’s wrong with you?
    Sharon: I shouldn’t have trusted you..*she said sadly as tears
    formed in her eyes*
    Her response got me more than confused..
    Me: what di…d you m..ean *i stammered*
    Sharon: I was about knocking your door at the break time when
    I heard moans and the corper lady(amara) later walked out of
    your the rumour about you two dating was true..
    I was short of words as I stared at the girl agape..I tried to talk
    but nothing came out of my she caught me..”What’s
    her problem sef” I nearly said…I finally speaks..
    Me: *fake-smiling*not what you thinking sharon..she came to
    seduce me but I was able to resist her *i lied*
    Her face lighten up when she heard this..and the sad look
    gradually vanished from her face..
    Sharon: really? wonder she came out with a sad face..I
    really don’t like the lady,,there was a rumour she was having
    secret affair with the physics teacher.. Val don dey knack the girl akpako..choi..val the bad
    Sharon: I hate her from the beginning and I don’t know
    why..maybe because she is too cold or because she is trying to
    share you with me..*smiling*
    Me: *smiled* I’ll pretend I don’t hear the marcus guy not
    coming today??
    Sharon: I do..n’t know but………….
    “Voom”,,black mercedes benz 2014 suddenly packed beside us
    cutting her short..the young guy alighted with his american
    swagg and nollywood devil frown clearly visible on his face..that
    was when I realise I and sharon were holding hands since..I
    quickly and stylishly removed my hand..”Let’s go my love” he
    said smiling..part of me was angry but I still kept calm..
    Sharon: I told you not to come pick me again and as you can
    see am with someone,,I have legs for christ sake..
    Marcus: are you telling me to leave because of this thing? *he
    barked pointing at me*
    I was burning in rage but still kept my cool..
    Sharon: oh please,as you can see.. he is a human like you please just leave..*she fired back leaving surprises on
    my face*
    I can see how surprised he was as he stood staring in
    disblief..His car back doors suddenly opened and two huge guy
    just like brock lesnar in suite alighted..I was so scared that I
    nearly jumped out of my skin staring at the beasts before
    me..chaii..”Did you need our help sir” one of them said grinning
    Marcus: no leave her,,I can’t force her *referring to the
    guy*..have it in mind you are still mine sharon *said with a smile
    referring to sharon who stared angrily*
    “Let’s go guys” he said referring to the lesnar’s brothers and he
    entered the car not after shooting me a murderous look then
    drove off..”Am s..orry” sharon stammered facing down..”Its
    nothing” I replied..we said nothing to each other till we both
    I jumped on my bed on getting home and the previous event
    kept replaying on my head..”What is even the marcus guy
    problem” I cursed angrily biting my lower lip..I was still roaming
    about in jungle of thought when my phone began ringing..the
    caller was oluchi..oh oluchi..
    Me: hi..
    Oluchi: hi handsome..I just want to let you know I’ll be coming
    to your place tomorrow..
    Me: thursday?
    Oluchi: I won’t be chanced to come on friday..coz I’ll be going
    back to school..and you know I’ll buy things..
    Me: oh,see you tomorrow then..*about hanging up*
    Oluchi: hmmm..what will you buy for your baby?
    What?..”Water,,garri and groundnut,fool” I almost said…
    Me: don’t worry,,we will talk tomorrow..*for my mind-“like I be
    your papa”
    “Oh ,,she said her dad is dead” I quickly corrected myself in my
    Oluchi: okay thank you sweetheart,,bye *hang up*
    I was sitting on my neatly spread perfumed bed the nextday
    playing games on my phone thanks to the public holiday,,I was
    still engrossed in the game I was playing when soft knocks
    landed on my door..I knew instantly it was oluchi..I checked my
    time to see 11:56am..I dashed to my door then opened it to see
    oluchi standing with a smile,,I was busy staring at her biggest
    bum in the tight blue jean she was wearing..
    Oluchi: *smiling*will you stop staring mr man and let me
    enter..*licking her lip*
    Me: oh,,*i scratched my head and ushered her in*
    I quickly hugged oluchi who was backing me immediately I
    closed the door kissing her ear lobe down to her neck while she
    let out soft moans turning me on..I should say turning me on on
    on..coz I was already turned “on on”..I felt my rod wrestling my
    boxers underneath and I fear the thing might break..
    My left hand found it way to her boobs caressing them gently
    while she was rubbing my already turned rock was like it
    was made of metal/steel as it was about tearing my
    boxers,,while the poor thing was screaming for help..
    She was now left with only bra while my knicker and singlet
    were nowhere to be found leaving me with only boxers..we later
    landed on the bed and was still romancing with my hand zipping
    down her jean..the door suddenly pushed opened..”What” the
    person screamed..
    I only wished floor swallowed me as I stared at cynthia who was
    burning in rage standing at the door while oluchi was also
    shivering in fear…chaii,,ah don die!!..

    Episode 11

    “Oluchi,,jason” she screamed making me confused as I stared at
    her like a lost they knew each other..chaii..
    Cynthia: so you are stabbing me at the back *broke down in
    Cynthia suddenly dashed inside and headed the kitchen..she
    came back with my sharpest knife and chased oluchi out half
    naked with the will to stab heart was pounding hard as I
    was pacing my room awaiting my judgement..”I wouldn’t have
    wake up if I knew I’ll die today” I thought to myself.
    Cynthia ran back inside with the knife still in her hand and tears
    like river flowing in her eyes while I was staring agape with emp
    shock allover me..
    Me: n…ot wha..t you
    I was still stammering when she landed me two hot
    brain suddenly left it place..I was seeing stars,,my head was
    burning and my vision became blurry..another slap landed on my
    cheek sending my brain back to it position..I staggered
    backward holding my cheek..she suddenly held my still stiffy rod
    as I was still wearing boxers threatening to cut it off..chaii..
    Cynthia: this was what is making you able to cheat on me..and
    with my bestfriend..let’s see if you will be able to cheat again
    after I’ve cut it…
    So oluchi was her friend..choi
    Me: a..m sorry *i stammered*
    The knife she was holding fell from her hand and danced on the
    floor for a while..I was relieved..she looked into my eyes in
    tears and I quickly kissed her..we landed on the bed still kissing
    while I have already removed my boxers and her gown is gone
    leaving her stark naked..I slipped my metal/steel in her k---y
    and f----d her with full force..
    I laid on the bed exhausted while she went to the bathroom..she
    later stepped out and dressed..
    Cynthia: I’ll be going now..*she said not looking at my
    I jumped up and held her back..
    Me: am sorry na sweetheart..*i said jokingly*
    She stared into my eyes,sighed and planted a kiss of life on my
    lip resurrecting my rod..I hurriedly kissed back,,we were still
    kissing when she let out moans and grabbed my erected
    steel,,rubbing it gently..she quickly stripped herself naked and
    we went another round..
    Cynthia: you know I can’t do without you,,I love you
    jason..*rubbing my chest*
    My conscience immediately blocked me from lieing I also loved
    her,,I pulled her head closer as we were lying side by side on the
    bed and kissed her forehead..she later dressed and left claiming
    she was on her way to market and just branched..
    I heaved a long sigh as I was lying on my bed after I’ve freshen
    up thinking about the deep s--t am sure she will kill
    me if I tell her I didn’t love her..what do I do now!!..chaii..
    I laid on my bed at night still on cynthia phone
    suddenly began ringing jolting me off,,the caller’s number was
    unsaved,,I hissed then threw my phone on the bed..the number
    call again,,I still ignored it..might be that witch cynthia..once
    again,,the number called again..”Mak this person no dey disturb
    person na” I said angrily..I finally picked it at third ring..
    Me: hello..*angrily*
    Caller: don’t want to pick my call before?
    I recognised the sweet voice to be sharon’s immediately..
    Me: sha..ron?..*i stammered*
    Caller: just got a new are even the first am calling
    with it..
    Me: oh,,so where did you get my number?
    Sharon: from uncle val..
    Val?..did she visit val or what?..wait,,am I jealous..she later told
    me she met him in the market which relieved my mind..she
    narrated how cynthia has been blocking her to come to my
    place..cynthia again?..chaii..we talked for almost 30minutes
    before she hung up..
    Cynthia sent many messages which I surely failed to no
    time I drifted to deep slumber and was woken up by my phone
    ringtone(story for the gods)..Young John beat to dey loud..i
    hissed with my eyes opening gradually,,I checked the caller and
    was surprised to see it was Sharon..why is she calling at this
    time na (1:20am)..
    Me: hi sharon
    Sharon: hello sir,,I must have woken you up..
    You no checked your time before..”mcheew” hissed in my
    Me: it’s okay (though it’s not)..cant sleep?
    Sharon: and you c…aused it *she stammered*
    Me: *shocked*
    Sharon: Jason am in…..*call ended*
    I tried her number but was switched off..chaii..i was in jungle of
    different thoughts when I later fell asleep…..”grrrr” my alarm
    rang out loud..i quickly stopped the stupid alarm and managed
    to stand up..i headed bathroom and later stepped in my room
    after cold bathing..
    I set off to school some minutes later after breakfast..i was
    sitting in my office reading a novel when someone barged in..i
    was surprise to see Sharon..she closed my door angrily and
    walked closer with a frown..whats happening..
    Sharon: *clapped* Mr smart..
    Me: did *i stammered
    Sharon: I snuck to my sister room when my phone died to call
    you back..i read all your conversations on whatsapp and the
    sweet messages the idiot sent you..i can’t believe you two were
    dating…anyway am here to give you the last warning,,stay away
    from my sister..
    She hissed and stormed out while I just stared agape with the
    loads of saliva dropping from my mouth..oh God what to-do

    Episode 12

    I laid on my bed at night thinking about the whole issue..i needed
    no seer to tell me am in deep s--t..i stared at my phone for few
    seconds and later unlocked it and locked it again.. Yes I was
    really out of my mind..i was still in jungle of thoughts till I drifted
    to phone suddenly started ringing which made
    me jumped up from the bed like something is chasing me.. Chaii
    it’s morning already..
    Who the hell is calling me early in the morning?.. I angrily picked
    up my phone and checked the caller to see Cynthia..”mcheew” I
    hissed heavily and sluggishly pressed the answer key..
    Me: hi cynthy
    Cynthia: oh my God am so sorry to wake you..i missed you so
    much and can’t just wait to see you.. Be expecting me today
    love..*hang up*
    I quickly tidied my room after yawning countless time without
    number..i dashed to the bathroom some minutes later and later
    stepped to my room after long cold bathing..i was later dressed
    in a simple cloth sitting on my bed waiting for cynthia..soft
    knocks landed on my door an hour later.. I managed to stand
    then head to the door…
    i finally opened the door to see Cynthia smiling closed in a busy
    hugged pink tank top on a body fitted Jean exposing all her
    assets..the girl ehn!!..she ran and dumped her whole body on me
    while I staggered backward a little bit but later regained my
    Cynthia: I really missed you honey..
    Me: I missed y..ou t..oo *i stammered*
    Cynthia: really? *chuckled* I need you inside me right now
    sweetheart *she moaned to my ear*
    She didn’t even wait for my reply as she quickly grabbed my
    stiffed rod through my arsenal short knicker moaning in ecstasy
    as our mouth collided..the atmosphere was so intense as we
    locked our lip both breathing hard..”leave my sister alone” Sharon
    voice started ringing in my head..oh God not now..i tried to
    ignore but my effort was in vain as it kept ringing like Catholic
    bell in my head..
    I suddenly pushed Cynthia away breathing heavily while she
    stared in awe or I should say in confusion..
    Cynthia: honey what is wrong with y….*she tried to touch me
    while I stepped backward staring at the floor*
    Me: there is something I want to tell you Cynthia..
    Cynthia: what is that sweetheart?
    Me: I think we should stop this..
    Cynthia: w..hat? *she stammered*
    Me: you heard me right didn’t you?.. Let’s stop this *almost
    Cynthia: are you joking or what..stop the joke are not
    even making sense at all..
    Me: am sorry I can’t do this anymore Cynthy..
    Cynthia: *tears trickling down her face* what have I done to
    deserve this Jason…
    She busted to tears while I started regretting my action..
    Cynthia: look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love Jason..
    I was just staring agape at the poor girl with my conscience
    flogging me hard while she was searching my face for the
    Cynthia: I love you Jason..
    Me: am sorry am in love else..*i stammered*
    I don’t know how I was able to spit it out..but it’s the truth I am
    in love with Sharon..cynthia drew back in shock and I can see
    the surprise mixed with extreme anger showed on her face..
    Cynthia: and that happens to be Sharon?
    I was so shocked with her did she find out..i nodded
    yes and she suddenly busted to loud laughter leaving surprises
    on my face.. before I could think of any other thing two clean
    slaps landed on my face..this one is not at all brain
    formatted immediately and I was seeing stars..she was about
    giving me the third one but I was fast to caught her hand in the
    mid air..she angrily removed her hand from my grasped..
    Cynthia: I’ll make you regret ever playing with my feelings..
    She snapped at me and quickly stormed pass me but stopped at
    the exit..
    Cynthia: remember..if its not me..then it won’t be anyone.. I’ll do
    anything to make you mine Jason..
    She shouted the “anything” again then stormed out while the fear
    in me graduated to the next level..i collapsed on my bed thinking
    about the whole issue,,mostly Cynthia threat.. Chaii..the rest of
    the day was so bad for me while sunday was quite uneventful,,
    no call or message from the girls for the day..i got to school
    early on Monday..i was in my office shaking for the bloody cold
    weather when a knock landed on my door..i can hear my heart
    beating as I stammered “come in”
    Sister joy the new employed teacher entered with a book in her was a very fair lady of about 26 with tools like figure8
    and cossy’s like boob’ eyes was dancing allover her boob’s
    when she clears throat which made me quickly took my eyes off..
    Joy: what is that you are staring at? *rolling her eyes*
    Me: I was just hmm..i was..i..
    I was still stammering when she cuts in..
    Joy: we haven’t really properly talked..why do you ignore me
    most of the times..
    Me: did I?..oh.. Am sorry..
    Joy: you don’t have can I have your number so we could
    atleast talk sometimes
    Me: oh.. *i quickly gave her my number*
    Joy: see you around handsome..
    She turned back and cart walked outside my office..chaii..see
    temptation..val came to my office few minutes later and we
    chatted for almost an hour before he went to his office..i was on
    my way home after the day lesson..”hey” I heard joy voice called
    from behind,, I turned back to see her smiling
    We started walking home gisting and laughing alongside..we
    were still chatting when the same shining black Range Rover
    slowly passed by us..mark is the driver and of course Sharon was
    in the car with sad look all over her face while I just ignored her..
    I quickly un-clad on getting home and dashed into the bathroom..
    I later stepped into my room to see my phone constantly
    blinking..i unlocked to see I have an unread message..i clicked
    on the message app icon to see
    “I shouldn’t have trusted you..oh,,I wish I never met you” from

    Episode 13

    I read the message countless time without number trying to
    figure out what she meant by the strange message..i was still
    lying on my bed at night still thinking about the issue when joy
    call came in..
    Me: hi ma’am
    Joy: Jay sound somehow are you okay?
    Me: *clears throat* oh am fine..
    Joy: are you sure?
    Weytin con be her business sef..”mcheeeew” I hissed in my
    Me: of course..
    Joy: just wanted to say hi,,goodnight see you tomorrow *hung
    I hissed and threw the phone on the bed..i later slept off
    unkownly though found myself on the floor when I wake up the b my fault..e no easy na,,go ask psquare jarwe..i
    scratched my head and later entered the bathroom after fetching
    water from the tap..i dashed to school immediately after bathing
    as am so late..
    I was sitting in my office after the assembly with my whole body
    shaking of hunger..oh I remember I didn’t have lunch and dinner
    yesterday..d--n me,,I was only thinking of Sharon’s
    stomach kept screaming for food while my shaky mode was still
    active..a very soft knocks landed on my door..
    Me: c..ome In *i stammered*
    Joy stepped inside in her heel shoe wearing too much make up
    claded in a short mini skirt and a white flowerly designed
    top..she was holding a small polythene bag cartwalking towards
    me while I just stared in my usual state..
    Joy: hi handsome
    Me: morning Joy..*faked smile*
    She placed the poly-bag on my table with a smile and pull out a
    small plate from the eyes grew wide and I can feel
    butterfly flying in my stomach..chaii..My eyes grew wider when I
    found out it was fried rice and chicken..i devoured the food
    hungrily in less than 5minutes ignoring joy presence..”thanks” I
    muttered slowly..she pecked my cheek surprising me..she then
    packed the plate then walked out with her sweet smile..val
    entered few minutes later..
    Me: val the bad man
    Val: jayjay..this one our newly employed teacher Don dey cook
    for you I hope say no be weytin I dey think..
    Me: *laughed* stupid guy
    We chatted for almost an hour before he vacated my office to
    his..I dashed out of the school after long boring lesson trying as
    much as possible to avoid Sharon and joy..i was on my way
    home when I heard a car packed behind me..i turned back to see
    a blue 2015 Mercedes well packed..for some minutes I was
    amazed the type of car existed in the village..chaii..mesef must
    rich,,if na money ritual or cha-che stuff I no care..
    I was about continuing when I heard a voice “hi youngman” the
    sweetest femine voice called from behind after a closing sound
    of car door came to my hearing..i slowly turn back to meet this
    girl I could placed under “lost angel” category and of about
    24..she was wearing a black shiny skimpy gown, white in
    complexion,killer front and back and above all extremely
    pretty..she owned the car?..chaii..
    Me: Hi
    Girl: Jenny..*smiling*
    *cant believe her name is still angelic* I murmured
    Me: can I help you?
    Jenny: Actually,i was told a government school is this area but it
    seems I have already lost my way coz I found none..
    Me: it’s just down there*pointing at the direction*..but hope there
    is no problem coz I work there..
    Jenny: wow..thats great.. am searching for someone..did you
    know a girl named William Sharon?
    Hearing Sharon name made my heart skipped a beat..
    Me: ye..s I do..but the lesson already ended for today..hope there
    is no problem..
    Jenny: oh,,not at all..thank you young man..i mean
    Me: it’s nothing madam Jenny..
    I turned back and was about leaving when she called me
    back..”aren’t you going home? ” she asked while I nodded yes..
    Jenny: I should return the favour,,shouldn’t I?? *said rolling her
    I would have declined but the sun is extremely hot..chaii.. I no
    wan die young na.. “thanks ma” I found myself saying and walked
    to her car..”sheke ” I opened the car door and sat in the air
    conditioned car..few seconds later..we zoomed off..
    But there is still an un-answered question..why is the rich girl
    looking for Sharon..anyway,we gon find out in the next episode

    Episode 14

    We were both silent as she drives really slowly that I thought we
    are not reaching my house in the next ten or more years..”hun
    hun” she clears throat breaking the silence..
    Jenny: you two must be close,,I mean you and Sharon coz you
    kept repeating “hope there is no problem”..dont worry I won’t kill
    her..i just wanted to see how pretty the girl my fiancee is
    cheating on me with..
    Me: your fian..cee? *i stammered*
    Jenny: yes..*she smiled*
    I was really confused,,her fiancee is cheating on her with
    someone else and she was smiling..wasnt she supposed to be
    Me: who is this your fiancee??
    She eyed me suspiciously for few seconds then she busted to
    Jenny: that’s not for you to know
    We later got to my place which I was describing for her while
    sitting in the car..
    Me: thank you ma..*i was about alighting*
    Jenny: oh,,collect..*handed me her business card*..and make
    sure you call me,, I’ll be expecting your call..
    Why can’t she collect my number then..those rich girls sef..I
    collected the card then alighted..she later zoomed off not after
    we waved at each other..i was lying on my bed after I’ve changed
    to a simple cloth playing games on my phone when soft knocks
    landed on my door..i stood up sluggishly then went to the door..i
    opened the door to see the surprise of my life..”s..har..on” I
    stammered while she let out her beautiful smile sending my
    brains outta my head as I stood transfixed on same point staring
    at her..
    Sharon: *clears throat sending back to life* can I enter? *still
    Me: oh *moved out of the way scratching my head*
    She sat on my bed while I closed the door still staring at the girl
    who was claded in a blue designed top over a blue jean making it
    a color combo..i guess she must be travelling to the blue
    moon,,that blue moon stuff doesn’t make sense, yes I know…I
    have really lost mind,,as in like a kid that lost money,,well,, that
    doesn’t make sense either..she was still as pretty as always while
    my eyes kept noticing her neatly beautifully parked hair..”is this
    girl really a human being..human can’t be this pretty” I said to
    myself in my mind..
    Sharon: long time Mr handsome*jolting me off my thoughts*
    Me: oh,, I hope you are not here for the season 2??
    Sharon: I don’t..und..erstand u *confused face*
    Me: I mean you are here to give me another warning and another
    round of insults??*facing another direction*
    Sharon: *busted to laughter* I have really mis..ed yo..ur
    so sorry for that day..i was very angry that you betrayed my trust
    by dating my sister but I think I have changed my mind.. I’ll fight
    for what’s mine and not run from it..i knew you first,i saw you
    first Jason *stood up* and since then you have captured my
    heart..the truth is am in lov..e with yo..u *she stammered*
    I was left stunned as I just watched the girl who was staring at
    me with flames of love burning in her folded hand
    already separated..i seems not to respire anymore..jesus Christ I
    think I feel thesame..”so mighty Jason can fall in love..well she is
    not an human being afterall”(in my mind)
    Sharon: don’t tell me you don’t feel the same coz I don’t know
    what will happen to me….
    Me: actually,,the truth not really in love with you..
    I can see how her face fell and I can see tears trickled down her
    cheek as she faced me with shock and surprise clearly visible on
    her face..
    Me: I think am crazily in with you *stammered the “love”*
    She stared into my eyes for few seconds before busted into
    tears,,before I could think or process anything,, I could felt her
    whole body dumped on me..chaii..i hugged her tight not ready to
    let go as she wept on my shoulder happily..”it’s okay baby” I
    murmured patting her back..We later sat on my bed both staring
    each other as silence occupied the whole room..
    Sharon:*clears throat* so when it is you started loving me *rolling
    her eyes*
    Me: *busted to laughter* I don’t know..its just that I found out
    recently you are the source of my joy..*smiling*
    She was beaming with smile with happiness dancing around her
    face..she suddenly shifted to me pressing her Heavenly boobs to
    my holy arm..holy?..just joking na..she held my left hand
    caressing it..she looked into my eyes for few seconds then
    muttered “only if he knows how much I love him” and before I
    could do anything..our lip met and we started kissing..her lip was
    d--n sweet like mama nkechi soup that I kept devouring it..its not
    my fault na please don’t start pointing finger at somebody oo..
    My too sharp left hand transport slowly to her matter
    how much I controlled won’t listen..well I can’t blame it but
    have my steel rod to blame as it was the one that was controlling
    all my body..i tried so harder to control my steel rod and opt out
    of the long kiss as I see the girl as pure being..sorry I mean
    angel..but my rod won’t listen..
    “baba hw far na,leave person jor” my rod sent the message to my no time her hand was in charge of the shameless rod
    rubbing it gently while my left hand was still doing it job..we were
    later unclad though still kissing..she suddenly started moaning
    loudly and later withdrew her lip..”please do it” she moaned to
    my ear..
    My brain was formatted immediately as I slip my rod in her too
    tight k---y then started fighting war in her shaolin temple..i was
    scared and surprise at the same time to see blood on my still
    stiff steel after pulling the stupid thing out..
    Me: you should have let me know you a virgin I wouldnt have
    done sorry baby..
    Sharon: it’s okay love..i was planning to give it to you anyway..
    We later dressed up after bathing together..what are you peeps
    thinking..nothing happened between us na,,your mind is dirty..she
    washed my blood stained bed sheet and we talked for almost
    2hrs..telling everything about each other..she later went home
    while I was still blaming myself for disflowering the girl..made
    me remember how I disflowered adanna my neighbour whose
    father is a police..ladies and gentlemen I nearly go to jail..adanna
    face made me remember Jenny as they both look alike..
    I dashed to my hanged cloth then pull out her business card out
    of my shirt pocket..i copied her number on my phone then saved
    it as Jenny..i then dialled it..She picked after third ring..
    Me: hi it’s jason
    Jenny: oh Jason..i was expecting your call since..i even thought
    you lost my card or something..i am busy now so can you come
    to my hotel tomorrow?..dont tell me no.. I’ll send the address
    now..bye handsome *hang up*

    Episode 15

    I woke up a little late the nextday which was Saturday..i
    sluggishly get off bed..i washed my dirtied clothes,,tidied my
    room then cooked was rice and stew and ofcourse I
    didn’t enjoy the food coz I over-salted the where are
    you..i later have my bath then dressed in my white designed shirt
    on a blue jean wearing my fake Gucci shoe..i checked the time on
    my phone to see 10:26am..i exited my house and in no time
    stopped a bike..i quickly described the hotel for him while he
    asked for 500naira..
    Me: bros I didn’t said I was going to heaven..royal House Hotel…
    Okada man: See how you dey form like say you no get money..i
    hear say na rich peoples dey stay for the hotel..
    Me: how that one take concern person ah dey go find
    Okada man: *hissed* anyway 200naira last last..
    I shook my head then hopped on..after 15minutes we finally
    reach the destination..i was amazed to see the the very big hotel
    for the first time..i paid the okada man and I was directed inside
    by a security man..i was about dialing Jenny’s number when her
    call came in…
    Jenny: hello handsome..where are you??
    Me: am now in the hotel..
    Jenny: really?.. Come to room 4..
    Me: okay ma..
    I stepped inside the hotel and went straight to a lady sitting on a
    chair with a block separating us..
    Lady: what can I do for you sir??
    Me: am here to see someone and she said her room is no4..
    She wasted no time as she picked the phone to call..”there is a
    man asking to see you,, his name is…okay ma..”..i later headed
    the room as described by the lady..i was shocked to see a man
    and a lady in black suite standing outside the door both staring at
    me somehow..”what are you doing here” the man snarled..
    Me: am here to see Miss Jenny but I think I came to a wrong
    I was about going when the lady called me back “wait..are you
    jason”..”” I stammered..”madam told us to let you in”..they
    opened the door and I quickly entered the palace-like room..i
    was amazed coz I don’t know the type of hotel even exist in the
    village..i saw an iPhone 6 on the bed seems to belong to
    Jenny..chaii..dis girl get money no wonder she still have
    bodyguard..but where is she?..”hello” I said calmly forming
    Jenny: oh Jason,,am in the bathroom…
    I don’t know why I didn’t hear the splashing of water
    before..maybe the iPhone I was admiring has blocked some parts
    of my brain..”Jason?” I heard Jenny voice..”yes ma” I replied..”oh
    I thought you are gone,, am coming out now” she said..
    I was still relaxed on the bed reading the novel I brought with
    me..quote me right,,not that I always carry novel around to form now..the sound of the steps I heard made me look
    up locking my eyes with Jenny who was smiling tieing a Tom n
    Jerry towel and water dripping down her extremely fresh
    body..”oh boy” my rod sent d message to my brain..”shut up joor,
    oponu” I replied it in my was like she juju-ed my eyes as
    I can’t keep my eyes off..i know the grammar is not correct..who
    correct grammar epp, am a Yoruba guy na..
    Jenny: are you going to stop staring at my body or not..
    “never will I stop” be me talk am eyes was in charge
    now..i tried to control it but it won’t listen,omaale…*chaii*,in
    patience Jonathan back to life..
    Me: oh, am so sorry ma..*i quickly stared elsewhere*..
    She smiled and sat with me on the bed,,I mean very
    close..”release me, am ready for World War 2″ my rod sent the
    message to my brain again..
    Me: should I step outside for you to dress?
    Jenny: *bursted to laughter* don’t how pretty is this
    Sharon…prettier than me?
    Me: I c..ant say ma
    Jenny: shh..stop using ma for me making feel like an
    old granny…i am Jenny..jenny..say that..
    “j..enny” I stammered as her hand already found it way to my
    lap..fada lawd take my soul..”you know what,, I like you” she said
    in low voice as our head is moving closer and our lip about
    colliding..the ruffles behind the door made us stop..”open the d--
    n door” I can hear a familiar voice shouted outside the door..the
    door suddenly opened and I was more than surprise to see the
    Marcus guy stormed inside with flames of anger burning all over
    Marcus: what the hell are you doing to my fiancee,,you fool *he
    Jenny: your fiancee??..that was a contract,dont you forget
    Marc..and of course am happy to tell you it’s over..
    He rushed to where I was sitting and give me a Anthony Joshua’s
    punch which made me fly from the bed to the floor holding my
    blood filled mouth..before he could proceed,,Jenny stood and
    retaliated with a two clean slaps..
    Marcus: did you just slapped me for this fool? *he shouted*
    Jenny: and I’ll slap you again if you touch him..sarah,micheal
    (bodyguards)..take this idiot out..
    Marcus eyed me very murderously and stormed out even before
    the bodyguards could touch him..”are you okay” Jenny
    asked..okay 4 where..”I’ll be fine but is the guy fighting wrestling
    or what? ” I said which made her laugh..we later settled on the
    bed while she kept touching my cheek every avoid
    another error due to parallax(phycist should understand)..i bade
    her farewell and i can see the sadness on her face though I
    didn’t care..
    I exited the hotel and hopped on a bike..i later got to my place..i
    sat on my bed immediately I entered can’t stop thinking about
    what happened phone suddenly started
    ringing..”unsaved number”..i hissed then ignored it..the call came
    in again..oh it might be Jenny..i quickly picked it..
    Me: hello..
    Person: Mr handsome..
    I recognised the voice as Cynthia’s immediately..
    Me: Cynthia?..
    Cynthia: so you still remember my voice?
    Me: it is not funny is it? why did you call me again?
    Cynthia: calm down Mr man..i have a good news for you..
    My heart skipped a beat hearing the “goodnews”..i knew it should
    be the irony..chaii..
    Sowie for updating late..

    Episode 16

    Me: g..ood *i stammered*
    Cynthia: of course,,I went to doctor yesterday after some weird
    symptoms..i really thought it was a malaria until the result of the
    test says..jason are you there?
    Me: for Christ sake am hearing you madam..
    Cynthia: says am pregnant..we both know you are
    responsible so sorry for all I’ve done Jason..we can
    start all over again..we have to take care of our baby..
    Me: what can you be so sure I am responsible for
    the pregnancy a s--t like you is carrying *almost shouted*
    Cynthia: *bursted to laughter* you need explanation,,then I’ll give
    you..the truth is I was still seeing my period the last time we had
    sex..i was trying to tell you,,but you were blinded by lust,,we will
    be hitched immediately if my dad knows,,its in our tradition not
    to give birth before traditional marriage or the father will die..and
    you know..i won’t want you to die..i can’t believe you are finally
    mine *chuckled*..we will only have 4 kids oo..two boys, two
    girls..i should give you some times to prepare..till you
    sweetheart *hung up*
    I just stood on the same spot not able to remove my phone from
    my ear,,I was sweating really hard..surely I must be dreaming,,I
    slapped my face so I could wake up,,then I realise its really
    happening,,my life is now like one corner dance,,very doomed…i later slept off in my
    complicated situation ignoring Jenny’s messages and calls..
    I woke up a little bit late the nxtday…i can feel pain allover my
    neck..d--n!!.. I had no good sleep..i kept dreaming I married
    Cynthia..chesus..God forbid..i quickly searched for my Yoruba
    Bible then muttered some prayers of not letting the dream come
    true..i later got to school after eating breakfast..i was marking
    tests in my office when I heard break time bell..chaii
    0/30…”Olodo oshi” I said to myself..i smiled as I was marking
    Sharon script..she was supposed to score 29..well I gave her
    30/ you have anything to say concerning that?..soft knocks
    later landed on my door and Sharon entered smiling…
    Me: what is the queen doing in my office?
    Sharon: *smiled* to see her king…i have missed you so
    much..*sat down*
    Me: same what’s up?
    Sharon: I heard Marcus had a fiancee..but unfortunately she have
    already broke up with him…
    Me: r…eally? *i stammered*
    Sharon: yeah..i heard she is the governor’s daughter..
    What?.. Jenny is a governor’s daughter..i better run for my dear
    life..break over bell was later rang..
    Sharon: I’ll be going now..
    Me: sure you are free..
    Sharon: don’t you know what to do? *she closed her eyes*
    I smiled and pecked her lip and she later left..i got home after
    the day lesson to see my door unlocked..chesus..but I locked my sure I locked it..or I didn’t locked it..i was still lost in
    thinking when I smelled an was jollofrice..i had catarrh
    immediately..the aroma was from my inside my house..there is
    only one..oh Jesus..its Cynthia..she still have the spare key..i
    rushed inside to heard her singing in the kitchen..the first song
    that came into my mind was Davido fia song..i don’t mean she
    should die oo..
    Me: cynthia*i shouted*
    Cynthia: oh, he is back..*she stepped in my room*
    Me: what are you doing here? *now sweating*
    Cynthia: what am I doing?..ofcourse to cook for my sweetheart..
    Me: thank you but I don’t need your food ma..can you leave
    Cynthia: *smiled* this is not how to treat a wife to know..
    I just stared angrily at the I wish I have gun that time..i
    would,,, I would..i was just joking there is nothing I’ll do..
    Cynthia: say hi to your handsome father *speaking to her
    “talk and I’ll stab you” I said in my mind referring to the baby who
    doesn’t even know anything..ladies and gentlemen.. As a result
    of not able to do anything.. I have to leave her.. She served the
    food after she was done cooking.. I couldn’t even detect the
    taste as am so angry.. I was glad when her father called her and
    she left.. I picked up my phone immediately then called val.. He is
    my problem solver…he picked at second ring..
    Val: Jay you dey na..
    Me: guy am not okay at all..
    Val: you Don dey another problem *he laughed*
    I narrated everything..
    Val: hmm..i have something that I’ll give just have to put
    it in a drink for her to drink..the pregnancy will be erased..
    Me: chesus.. val..what if something happens to her.. I don’t want
    problem oo..
    Val: don’t worry..i have tried it several times and it works..
    Me: chaii..val the bad guy..
    He later hung up after gisting for few minutes..i placed my phone
    my bed very relax..”at last I’ll be free from the witch” I said to my
    self with a smirk…

    Episode 17

    I laid on my bed on Saturday morning whistling to the cold
    weather and smiling all by myself..yes,, I’ll be carrying out my
    plan today as I have already collected the small powdery
    substance from val the previous day..he is truly a friend…i
    remember calling Cynthia the previous night..following
    conversations ensued..
    Cynthia: hi love.. This one that you call..hope am safe..
    Me: *angry but quickly controlled my anger*..i was just missing
    you hon
    Cynthia: am I really speaking with Jason..the Jason I knew can
    never miss me..
    Me: you are so wrong baby..i realise lately am in love with
    you..yes we can start all over again baby..
    Cynthia: really? *she shouted*
    “is that him? ” I heard a thick voice which I recognised as her
    father’s immediately..”yes dad” she replied..”tell him I want to
    see him as soon as possible so we could talk about the
    traditional wedding”…” dad” she stammered..chaii..see me
    see wahala..
    Cynthia: you heard that right?
    Me: sure,,it’s nothing.. I’ll visit him very soon..*smiled to myself*
    Cynthia: Eeerm..should I come and spend night with
    know,,so you won’t be lonely..
    “God forbid” I almost said..spend night for where..
    Me: friend is will be spending the night here..he was
    chased out by landlord..
    Cynthia: oh,, that’s cruel..
    Me: yes it is..eerrm..can you come over tomorrow then
    “and get your f-----g pregnancy aborted” I didn’t say that though…
    Cynthia: I’ll be busy tomorrow but dont worry.. I’ll try and make
    time for you.. I’ll call you when am coming..
    Me: okay..thank you baby..*kisses the phone and hung up*
    I smiled to myself as I scrolled to the next page of the story book
    I was reading,,so Mesef get sense like this..all thanks to
    phone started ringing about 2hrs later..the number was an
    unsaved number..that must be Cynthia..i quickly answered the
    call after clearing throat several times…”hello fool” a very thick
    voice said..
    Me: who am I speaking with?
    Person: you don’t need to know fool..So you really wanna die
    ugh?? took Sharon from me and now you wanna steal my
    Jennifer..get the hell away from her while am asking nicely..
    Trust not so cool..this is your last warning…*hung up*
    I dropped my phone with different thoughts running through my
    mind..did Marcus just called me?..i remembered his big
    bodyguards..chesus am dead..few seconds later,,my phone
    started ringing again..i slowly checked the caller to see Jenny..I
    stared at my phone screen for few seconds before picking..
    Me: hi jenny
    Jenny: oh my God Jason..did you know how worried I am..why
    are you snubbing my calls..i didn’t even had a good sleep coz I
    thought something bad happened to you..
    Me: am sorry Jenny but..
    Jenny: I know marc would have threatened have nothing
    to worry about Jason..its so boring here..can you come over?
    And you know I hate NO.. Be expecting you *hung up*
    Marcus warning kept ringing in my head..chaii..the dude seems
    dangerous..i don’t wanna die young…my phone suddenly beeped
    of new inbox…”am on my way love” from Cynthia..i smiled to
    myself as I tidied my room..15minutes later..knocks landed on
    the door waking me up from my nap..”come in” I said…cynthia
    entered with her sexy smile and clad in a pink-blue gown..she is
    beautiful to be sincere..i stood up then hugged her..”welcome” I
    said calmly…we disengaged then sat together on the bed..
    Me: so what shall I offer you?
    Cynthia: *smiled* am not a stranger please..i can serve myself
    Me: I know..i don’t want you to be stressing yourself..okay?..
    Cynthia: *smiled* I can’t really believe we are back together…
    anyway..give me anything..
    I stood up then head to the fridge..i pulled out a 5alive drink..i
    headed kitchen for the glass cup..i looked everywhere to be sure
    am safe then brought out the white powdery thing from my
    pocket which I quickly spilled some in a glass cup..having same
    colour same with glass,,no human being will notice..i stepped in
    the room then pour the 5alive in thesame glass cup with the
    substance inside for her to drink..she carried the cup which
    headed her mouth..she was about drinking when knocks landed
    on my door..chesus Christ..who is that..
    I quickly stood then rushed to the door..i opened the door to see
    onyinye again..the amount of facial powder she used nearly
    made me blind..she showed her brown teeth then returned my
    charger..i quickly closed the door but before I could say
    anything..i saw nothing in the glass cup again..
    Me: are you okay?
    Cynthia: am okay..its just that I am feeling dizzy all of a sudden..
    I smiled in my mind..the dude is working..”yeeh” she shouted..
    Me: whats happ…ening *i stammered*
    Cynthia: am in my stomach..the p..ain is too much
    I was just running here and there..what to do now..i shouldn’t
    have done this…she suddenly lifted the glass cup staring at it..
    Cynthia: *tears trickled down her face* Jason you…..*now staring at me*..
    Me: ee..errm..err *stammering*
    Cynthia: talk you fool*she shouted*..w..hat h..ave I done to
    dese..rve it a to be in *gasping for breath*…in…
    l..o..*she collapsed on the floor*
    I stared at her while I was breathing very hard and if only my
    sweat could be will rain for two weeks non this is the end of me…what to do now?…

    Episode 18

    I quickly carried Cynthia with the help of my no time
    we got to the nearest clinic…cynthia was immediately moved to
    a ward…the neighbours left leaving me with my problem..i didn’t
    even care as I was pacing round biting my finger….”where is my
    daughter?” I heard a thick familiar voice sounded from my back..i
    turned back to see Cynthia’s dad with Sharon running after him… dead..
    Her dad: what have you done to my daughter you fool..*gave me
    two slaps*
    I staggered backward holding my cheek..
    Her dad: I trusted you and allowed my daughters near you..i
    don’t know you are this useless.. I’ll make sure you rot in jail..
    My eyes grew wide,wider and widest hearing the word “jail”..i can
    see disappointment clearly shown on Sharon’s face..
    Sharon: I trust him dad..its just that…(her father cut in)
    Her dad: shut up you..i am warning you to stop defending this
    useless fool…
    I just kept quiet staring like a lost sheep then I decided to
    speak..had I known I should have kept quiet…
    Me: b..ut si..r.. I mean ma..i mean…
    “she is awake” I was still stammering when I heard the doctor
    said..i was extremely happy as we all ran inside..cynthia sat on
    the patient bed resting her back on the wall with tears in her
    eyes..oh Jesus..i shouldn’t have done this..”oh dear God, save
    your son” I said in my mind…
    Her dad: my princess,,what has he done to you.. What has the
    fool done to you *he shouted*
    Cynthia was staring at me murderously with tears rolling down
    her eyes while Sharon was looking at us both seems to be
    suspecting something..
    Her dad: talk to m…(Cynthia cut in)
    Cynthia: you should be thanking him dad..i fell and hit my head
    to the should have moved me to better hospital..i hate
    this hospital..*smiling referring to me*
    I just stared agape can’t even think of what to say..i tried to
    speak but nothing came out of my mouth..
    Her dad: r..eally? *he stammered*
    Cynthia: yes father *tears trickled down her face*
    Her dad: am so sorry youngman..i acted without hearing
    explanations from so sorry…
    Me: no n..eed to *i stammered*
    His phone began ringing..”I’ll pick this call, I’ll be right back
    sweety” he kissed Cynthia in the forehead and went out…
    Cynthia: Sharon can you please give us some minutes??
    Sharon: oh, okay..
    She went out eyeing me..weytin na..oga gerrout joor..
    Cynthia: j..ason why did you do this to me? this my reward for
    loving you than myself? can’t do this to can’t Jason
    *crying heavily*
    Me: a..m so sorry so sorry..yes i was out of my
    Cynthia: you might be thinking I saved you from my dad
    right?,,I saved you to revenge.. I’ll make you pay Jason…more
    than you can ever imagine
    Me: w..hat di…d y..ou…….(I interrupted)
    “hello” I turned to see the doctor walking towards us..
    Doctor: young man..can I ask who are you to her?
    Me: am…a..m her friend sir…
    I stared at the floor..trying as much as possible not to look at
    Cynthia..i am really bad am I not?..yes I am….chaii
    Doctor: I don’t know the reason you chose to kill yourself by
    aborting the pregnancy someone else is searching
    for..unfortunately it will be hard for you conceive again
    madam..your womb was greatly affected…youngman..we should
    meet in my office..ill give you the lists of the drugs to buy…
    All the time,,Cynthia was weeping profusely..oh God what have I
    Doctor: you should stop crying sure we will figure
    out a should rest..lets go young man..*he went out*
    “am so sorry” I was trying to touch her when she slapped my
    hand..”sorry?..dont be..i want to be alone please” she fired
    back..i slowly walked to the door,,I was about opening the
    door..”j..ason” she called…
    Cynthia: remember,if it’s not me,,it will be no one can
    now get out before I do something I wasn’t planning to do…
    I quickly ran out..who wants to die..sharon ran to me immediately
    she saw me heading to the doctors office…”so what’s up, what
    you two talking about for over 30min” she asked with curiosity
    on her face…
    Me: oh,,errm..she was apologizing…
    Sharon: oh,,really?..and nothing else?
    Me: sure
    Weytin dey do this one sef..i knew she doesn’t believe me but
    who cares..i left her then went to the doctor office..
    i slammed my door on entering my room on getting home..i fell
    on my knee regretting all my actions..val was supposed to be
    killed over this..he dragged me into this mess..or I should say I
    dragged my self inside the mess… phone suddenly
    started ringing..i pull it out of my pocket..the caller was Jenny…i
    hissed then picked it…
    Me: hi
    Jenny: Jason..whats wrong with your voice..
    Me: nothing to worry about…
    Jenny: can you come now,,I have something to show you…
    Me: cant you just tell me?..its late already and moreover am
    Jenny: no, no, no*acting like a kid*..please now..
    Me: okay I’ll be there soon..but you will just show me whatever
    you wanted to show so I’ll leave know how far my
    place to your hotel is…
    Jenny: okay..okay..thanks sweety
    Sweety??..i checked my time to see 6:46pm…i dashed outside
    and quickly stopped a bike..i don’t even negotiate as I hopped
    on..on getting to the hotel..i headed her room immediately but to
    my surprise,,the guards are not there today..i quickly
    knocked..”come in” Jenny said from inside..i entered trying to
    look normal…she was sitting on her bed wearing her nightie..yes
    her boobs were praying to God in the cell they were..d--n me,,
    even in this my situation?..
    Jenny: welcome Jason
    Me: so what you wanna show me?
    Jenny: haba..sit down now..
    I sat quietly..she later brought a wine with a glass cup..she
    poured me the wine which I wasted no time to drink..”so I
    wanted to tell you this” she said shifting closer while I also
    shifted away…before I knew what was going on…she removed
    her nightie leaving her stark naked..chaii..her Fwesh body nearly
    blinded me..she walked closer to the sheep looking me and
    locked her lip with mine..i quickly withdrew my lip then stand up..
    Me: am so sorry..i can’t do this..
    Jenny: yes..i know you will say that..and am prepared.. *stood
    I suddenly started feeling eyes were force closing no
    matter how hard I tried to keep them open..chesus Christ..i have
    been drugged..before I could utter anything everything suddenly
    went blank..

    Episode 19

    The rays of light that pierced through the window suddenly met
    with my gradually opened eyes..i completely opened my eyes
    rubbing it a while..i was trying to remove the blanket I was
    covered with when a hand found it way to my chest rubbing it
    slowly and gently..i quickly turned to see Jenny,,I didn’t even
    noticed her before..and I am naked,, I mean we are naked.. Son
    of Mary what have I done,, a governor’s daughter.. Am really
    dead this time.. She smiled at my terrified state..
    Me: w..hat happen…ed? *i stammered*
    Jenny: what does it look like?…
    Me: y..ou m..ean…..
    She placed her finger on my lip and later replaced it with a kiss
    which I quickly stopped before it will lead to anything..
    Me: no no,,,how can you drug me?..jenny why?..have it in mind
    our friendship ends here and right now..
    I stood up angrily and took my unjustly thrown away boxers on
    the floor.. I took my clothes then began dressing.. Oh the time is
    9:49am..i have to go see Cynthia in the hospital..
    Jenny: did you think I also wanted to do that?.. I love you Jason,,
    and I think that started the day I set my eyes on you,, you are
    messing with my brain,, I can’t even think of anything else,, you
    are always on my mind,, I know you didnt feel left me
    no choice Jason.. A..m so sorry *she said as she sat on the bed
    covering herself with the blanket*
    Me: you think doing this will make me love you.. Am in love with
    another person Jenny for Christ sake..
    Jenny: and the person is Sharon?
    I was amazed hearing this.. How the f--k did she know..
    Jenny: yes don’t be surprised,,I know everything about you..but
    Jason…(I cut in)
    Me: am going somewhere important right now,, I think I have to
    take my leave and it’s forever…
    Jenny: you mean you wanna walk out on me..
    Me: yes,, can’t I??
    Jenny: am sure you know who I am right?.. And you know what
    am capable of right?..
    Is she threatening me now?.. I paused angrily for a moment
    thinking of what to say,, I was about talking when I felt someone
    hugged me from the back.. Lo and behold it was naked
    Jenny…”don’t do this to me jason” she sobbed on my shoulder..
    All my anger suddenly vanished..i was about talking when
    someone suddenly opened the door.. Yes.. It was Marcus..the
    rose flower he was holding fell from his hand as he stared with
    most murderous look.. Jenny hugged me more tighter placing her
    head on my shoulder as I tried to gain freedom.. Marcus angrily
    kicked the flower and walked away with a clenched fist..we later
    settled on her bed as she was now fully dressed..
    Me: what will happen to me now? *stared at her with sorrow
    Jenny: *bursted to laughter* so you are this scared.. I promise
    nothing will happen to you hon…
    Me: what really happened between you and him?
    Jenny: *took a long breathe* the truth is my parent think I was in dad and the king were childhood friends which leads
    to my friendship with Marcus until my dad told me I’ll be
    marrying him.. Marcus said he also did not love me so he
    initiated the plan contract fiancee and I agreed,,he changed
    suddenly,the Marcus that doesn’t care before started caring,,and
    I concluded he has fallen for me.. I wasn’t happy coz I felt
    nothing,, when I heard from his friend about Sharon, I had to
    come this village,, I need something to convince my dad he is
    not the one for me..
    Me: but I am?
    She shifted more closer to me “you don’t get it” she whispered
    to my hear.. I was about talking when she stopped me with a
    kiss.. I couldn’t resist and yes I lost it.. Oh God,not again..our
    vigorous romance later led to what I was preventing and sure we
    went three rounds before collapsing beside each other on the
    bed..i have to lie so I could leave quickly..though she wasnt
    happy and I care not..
    I directed the bikeman straight to Cynthia hospital not bother
    going to my place but unfortunately I was told Cynthia left few
    hours ago..i have no choice than to go to her house..i saw Sharon
    outside pacing around..she ran to me immediately she saw me..
    Me: hi sharon
    Sharon: I have been trying your number..
    I checked my phone to see 17missed calls..chaiii.. 12 from
    Sharon and the rest.. Oh the rest from Jenny..mcheew…
    Me: oh am sorry…something wrong?
    Sharon: I wanted to ask if Cynthia was in your house..after we
    came back from the hospital today.. She sent me to buy her food
    but when I return she was not in the house again..i have tried her
    number countless time but she wasn’t picking…i really don’t
    know what’s wrong with Cynthia..i think she is changed so
    much..i think there is something you two are hiding..
    Me: *i stammered*
    Sharon: I cannot keep trusting you.. You are hiding too much..
    She was just about leaving when I grabbed her hand..
    Me: are you sure you want to hear this?
    Sharon: ofcourse
    I took a long breathe,clears throat then explained everything that
    happens between I and Cynthia..she was just staring at me as
    tears dropped from her eyes while she covered her mouth..
    Sharon: I didn’t even know you are this ruined my
    sisters life and how can you be here..this is where it all ends..i
    don’t ever want to see you again..
    “sharon” I called trying to re-grabbed the hand she angrily
    removed but received a slap in return and she angrily walked
    away…i stood on same spot as I felt tears in my eyes..jesus..why
    did I even come to this village..chaii..
    Later in the night,,I finally got to my house after leaving val’s.. I
    thought val would have any solution to my problem but I was
    wrong..i was surprised to see a black Camry packed at the front
    of my house…i can hear some voices from inside my
    place..jesus..i quickly hide behind a small fence beside my
    house.. Three masked men later came outside, scanned
    everywhere then entered the car and later zoomed off..jesus,”i
    must not sleep in this house today”..i said to myself shaking from
    the fear that was already in charge of my body..i came out of my
    hiding and was trying to dial val number when Jenny call landed
    on my phone..i wasted no time to pick it…
    Me: hi jenny..
    “hello Mr jason” a thick voice sounded from the other
    side..”hello,who are you” I asked..
    Person: I think you should be running over here now coz I just
    shot your lover..
    Me: what.. Wh…*hung up*
    I quickly stopped a bike,,,I told the bikeman to run in highest
    speed and I was glad he listen to me..on getting to the hotel,,the
    lady behind the block asked no question again as she just winked
    at me and nodded to me to go ahead..i later knocked on Jenny’s
    door and I later entered when I heard no response..i was
    extremely scared to see Jenny on the floor lying in pool of blood
    and a gun was with a silencer was placed beside her..”jenny” I
    shouted at the topmost of my voice..i shook her and was about
    shouting for help when the door was pushed open.. Yes I knew
    who it was and who they are…chaii…am so dead…

    Episode 20(Final)

    The door opened and there were jenny bodyguards standing with
    the expression that I couldn’t express.. In no time he ran to me
    with super speed and gave me a flying punch while the female
    guard knelt beside Jenny calling her name while shaking her…
    “what have you done to her you filthy son of a b---h” the male
    bodyguard shouted.. “stop the s--t right now, she is still
    breathing” the female yelled back..
    In no time we’ve rushed Jenny to the best hospital in the village..
    About an hour after the doctor have sent us out and I haven’t
    seen the male guard and the female was staring at me somehow
    clearly with the look “run away and die, trust me I mean it”
    heart was racing fast and I regretted ever knowing Jenny.. No
    doubt I have been punished for what I did to Cynthia..
    I suddenly heard people running helter and skelter..i turned back
    to see the surprise of my life.. Yes it was the governor’s wife,the
    deputy,the male guard been cuffed by the soldiers who were now
    looking at me.. Jesus Christ,, I should even write my will now..
    This is my end.. “sorry future children,your father won’t make it” I
    said in my mind.. “where is he?” one of the soldier shouted at the
    male guard who was now crying..”there he is” he said pointing at
    me.. What?.. I wanted to run but my leg was glued to the
    Soldier man: him? *pointed at me*
    Me: sir?..i mean yes.. Sir?
    He quickly dashed me two hot slaps and my brain was out of
    reach.. Chaii
    Soldier: you will regret ever been born.. Take this fool away *he
    I was dragged outside with different kind of slaps and series of
    punches, Mike Tyson punch, Mayweather,anthony Joshua,, don’t
    know how they learn all those punches.. One even gave me
    Goldberg SmackDown finisher before I was bundled into the car
    while I can see people outside with their hands on their
    head..chaii.. Na so my life go end last last.. The almighty Jason
    now became tombolo that soldiers were bundling like aba
    A week that I spent at the soldiers barrack was worse than hell,, I
    wasn’t allowed to see day light,, I got beaten everyday, Hunger
    was another thing entirely,, I still can remember how a female
    soldier inserted a needle in my rod for 2mins and how I shouted
    in pain,, I was later handed over to police.. Yes it’s another hell
    am in.. Sleeping at night became difficult,, those mosquitoes
    ehn!!.. They nearly removed one of my teeth.. Chaii..i can still
    remember the day Sharon came to visit me with a food..
    Following conversations ensued:
    Sharon: tell me Jason,, what’s between you and the governor’s
    daughter *crying*
    Me: forgive me Sharon.. All I ever said to you was all lies except
    that I you.. You should forget about me and move on
    Sharon.. Am not the right guy for you *tears fell from my eyes*
    Sharon: *cleaned her tears* yes,, you are not the right guy for me
    but heart want what it wants.. I cant do without you Jason..
    Never.. I know you will get through this,, the real murderer will be
    captured,, I believe you..
    Me: murderer?.. Is Jenny dead? *with shaky voice*
    Sharon: I really don’t know but I heard she has been moved to
    India for better treatment..
    Me: okay,, but.. (interrupted)
    Guard: Mr man your time is over joor..
    I heaved a sigh then stood up with tears in my eyes not ready to
    leave crying Sharon.. “I love you jason” she said waving at me…..
    I sat on the bare floor in my cell reminiscing about everything..
    Val visit me almost everyday,, yes he is really a true friend…i was
    moved to court a week after.. ✴✴✳✳.my lawyer really tried
    but suddenly the opposition lawyer called out a witness..i was
    more than surprised to see Cynthia with her usual devilish
    smile..she was later handed Bible ofcourse to swear and the
    interrogation began..
    Lawyer: who are you to this young man madam?
    Cynthia: am his girlfriend..
    Lawyer: can you tell us what you know madam?
    Cynthia: *started crying* I told him but he won’t listen..he said he
    was going to kill the governor’s daughter..
    People: aaaahhhh
    Lawyer: did he made mention any reason?
    Cynthia: *still crying* not any..
    Lawyer: why don’t you tell the police before he carried out the
    Cynthia: he threatened to kill me and my family if I ever tell
    People: aaaaah
    Tears fell from my eyes staring at Cynthia who was fake-crying,,I
    can see Sharon crying heavily and Marcus with his Eureka grin..
    Cheesuus.. So this is how it will all end..
    Lawyer: *smiled* I will like to ask him the question which he
    denied in the first place.. Young man.. Are you now guilty or not?
    Me: ye..s.. Am gui..lty *i stammered while my lawyer covered his
    Judge: I will like to postpone this case till next month..
    Another one month in the cell was like serving second term in
    the hell.. They should just kill me.. The day I have been waiting
    for arrived so quickly..after hearing from both lawyers.. The judge
    decided to spit the judgement..yes let it all end.. “Oh lord forgive
    me for I have sinned against you” I prayed in my mind..
    Judge: this is my a…(interrupted)
    “excuse me, but I think you are about punishing an innocent
    man” a familiar voice said from the back.. I quickly turned back
    to see the surprise of my life.. Jenny entered the court room with
    bandage over her head.. I can see fear on both Cynthia and
    Marcus face.. “enter” Jenny said and her guards dragged one
    huge man been beaten inside..
    Jenny: this is the real shooter and Jason is innocent coz he is my
    Looks were all diverted to me.. Chaii.. Am dating a governor’s
    daughter,, I bad oo.. I can see angry look mixed with fear on
    Marcus face.. The huge man was forced to spit the truth and he
    revealed it was Marcus that sent him though not to kill
    was to scare her and stopped her from seeing me again but he
    have no choice when Jenny began dragging the gun with him and
    went to the extent of removing his mask and that was why he
    shot her…
    He was immediately arrested with Marcus and judge completed
    his judgement which ofcourse he set me I’ll
    make it out.. Jenny ran and hugged me immediately while I can
    see how jealous Sharon was.. I quickly disengaged and went
    home with Sharon.. Yes I don’t want trouble again..
    A week later.. Although Marcus was arrested but how can a
    prince go-to prison in Nigeria,,well I heard he ran to Canada..I
    was packing my stuffs in my travelling bag on the faithful day
    which was Saturday when knocks landed on the door..”come in”
    I said and Sharon walked in with her usual beautiful smile though
    holding a nylon..we later sat on my bed close to each other..
    Sharon: so you are going back to your city now..
    Me: yes ofcourse and I won’t be coming back..
    Sharon: what? You are joking right?.. Anyway Cynthia sends her
    regard and told me to apologize in her stead..she said she is
    sorry and she gave me this to give you.. *she handed me the
    nylon full of apples*
    Chaii.. God bless Cynthia..i removed two from the apples and
    gave Sharon one.. We were still eating when I knelt down before
    her.. The apple she was eating fell.. She knows what I was about
    doing,, yes I wanted to propose..
    Me: Miss Sharon william(interrupted)
    Sharon: wait Jason,, I think something is wrong my
    stomach..*holding her stomach*
    It was when she said this that I realise I was also experiencing
    same pain.. Cheesus..whats in the apple.. “I think..we h..ave been
    po..isoned” Sharon stammered before falling on the bed.. I
    wanted to shout for help but I just can’t till I also fell on the floor
    and everything went blank…
    I began hearing a machine beeping from afar and suddenly the
    beeping is getting clearer and louder till I opened my eyes.. I
    could make out val and Jenny from my blurry vision till it became
    Jenny: Jason are you okay?
    Me: yes am okay.. What happened?
    Val: I entered your house to see you lying on the floor helplessly..
    Me: oh,, where is Sharon?..
    Jenny faced down immediately..
    Val: guy I think you will have to act like a man.. Sharon is gone..
    My brain formatted immediately..jesus why is this happening to
    me.. “am sorry sweetie” Jenny said then hugged me while I cried
    my heart out..val said Cynthia poisoned herself and the apple
    though she doesn’t mean to poison Sharon,, only me.. So I
    caused her death,,I gave her the f-----g apple..d--n.. So I’ll live to
    regret all I have done.. Sharon father later entered and properly
    apologized to me,, am glad Cynthia made it.. Atleast we will both
    be regretting..
    I got married to Jenny a year after,,there is no need to say I
    became a billionaire though the help of Jenny’s father and a year after we had a bouncing baby girl.. Guess her name..
    Of course she is. I won’t tell you. Find out yourself..

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