Story: My Life as a Secondary school Teacher season 1

by abayomi oluwafaith

    Episode 1

    Monday, January 2014.
    “Gbrrrr” my alarm rang out loud..I was so angry that I quickly
    stopped it and continue my sleep..I was still sleeping happily and
    still enjoying it when I realise am going for an interview at 8am at
    one secondary school not far from my house…I quickly jumped
    up and unlocked my infinix hotnote to see 7:30am..whaat!!..I ran
    to the bathroom with usain bolt speed..after bathing that seems
    to last for decades..I dashed outside and quickly dressed in a
    nice suite and coporate shoe,,I sprayed perfume all over my body
    even my head as I hate my body odour…my phone began
    ringing..its my mum..
    Mum: goodmorning my son..
    Me: goodmorning ma
    Mum: how you doing?
    Me: am really fine ma
    Mum: just wanted to hear voice..
    Me: alright,,I’ll call you later late for an interview..
    *i quickly hang up coz my mum be talkative*
    Time is now 7:52am..chaii..I ran out of my self contained house
    and locked the door..I was crossing the road when I saw a
    yoruba okada man running towards me with great speed..thank
    God am so fast,,I quickly crossed while people shouted “yeeeeh”
    thinking I would be hit..well,,the guy cursed me really hard..coz I
    can hear “iya e,,oti yawere etc”..I just ignored him and continue
    I am jason,,21years old with wizkhalifa’s body,,am a little fair in
    complexion with my killer dimples..I graduated recently from a
    polytechnic,,I was called for interview at the first school I wrote
    an application letter to..I am the only son of my mum who is so
    fair in complexion and my dad that is dark in complexion..I have
    a little sister,,abigeal,,18yr old..she looks exactly like mum
    though been spoilt..I sponsored myself in school coz my parent
    are farmers though they helped me a lot especially in terms of
    Story continues……
    On getting to my destination,,I can see some student kneeling at
    the front gate..I guess they are late comers..I re-dressed my
    cloth and re-wore my hand bag..I tried to ginger some swaggers
    then walked to the gate like a londoner..I can see those students
    kneeling staring at me and some were even laughing..”why are
    those things laughing” I thought to myself..”Don’t worry let me be
    your teacher finish,,ah go beat that stupidity out of una” I
    a car (camry 2016) suddenly packed just right at my
    front,,stepping out of the car is a young girl of about 18yrs with
    an extremely big backyard and can’t even describe how big her
    boobs was…she angrily slammed the door closed walking away
    while I can hear the driver calling her name (lizzy)..those spoilt
    brat..don’t worry na me go teach you lesson..I was so suprised
    when she was allowed inside without any fight or
    argument..chaii..I finally made it to the gate and I can see a boy
    and a girl standing there..
    Me: hi
    Boy: hello *rudely*
    Me: am here to see the principal..
    Firstboy: you?
    The girl slapped her hand..
    Girl: you can go in sir..
    Spoilt kids are full of this place..chaii..but this girl seems to have
    respect..she is really pretty that I stared for some seconds…
    Me: can you please take me to his office??
    Boy: hissed..
    Girl: alright sir,,no problem..
    She took me to the principal office…she was eating so she asked
    me to sit..plasma is even in her office,,what a school..I sat for
    almost 20minutes before the stupid woman/lady finish her food…
    Principal: how are you gentleman..
    Me: am fine ma..
    Principal: you are jason right?
    Me: yes ma..
    Principal: congratulations,,you have been employed here..
    Me: what about the interview?
    Principal: no need,,your cv shown it all..
    Me: when will I start?
    Principal: you are starting now..
    What??..I have not even prepared..she later took me to ss3 and
    promised to show me my office after the lecture..I can’t deny
    how my heart was pounding hard..we made our way inside and
    she introduced me as their biology teacher..I can see that girl
    that shown me principal office and that boy that answered me
    rudely..they are having my period first so I decided to show them
    my skill..
    Me: hello students..
    All: hello sir..
    I taught them reproductive organ and I delibrately asked that
    rude boy a very tough question which he surely failed to answer,,I
    smiled in my mind..I was about answering when that spoilt girl
    from before raised her hand,,I was so suprise as she got it
    correctly without any she a genius??..I later left
    the class after they all clapped for me…I started feeling myself..I
    suddenly heard “sir” someone called..what now..I turned back to
    see that girl that shown me principal’s office..
    Girl: sir,,you forgot your phone..
    She handed me my phone while I thank her..she walked to me
    and placed her mouth at the entrance of my ear..”Your zip is
    loose”..whaaaat??..I quickly zipped did she know sef..
    Girl: my name is dupe by the way..
    *she winked at me then walked away*

    Episode 2

    I went back to the principal’s office and she was reading a novel
    this time..I used the opportunity to view her..she is a lady of
    about 27..with big backyard and medium boobs..she is fair in
    complexion and a little taller than me..
    Principal: what are you staring at? *joking tone*
    Me: nothing ma..
    Principal: nothing?,,I caught you staring at my boobs twice..
    What?..she really caught me..
    Me: I was j..ust staring at the design of the cloth..
    Principal: you mean louis vutton?
    Me: yes ma..
    Principal: pardon me,,I was thinking you have another
    motive,,make sure you are careful around here,coz I can’t trust
    handsome guy like you..have in mind you will be sacked
    immediately if you are caught with an unlawful act..
    Me: alright ma..
    *She finally stood*
    Principal: I am anna
    She stretched her hand for a shake and I quickly accepted it..she
    showed me my office and then left for her’s..the office is air
    conditioned and well painted..the book shelf is filled with biology
    books and the office is smelling nice..I sat on my chair to relax..a
    knock on my table woke me up…so I have already slept off..d--n
    that mtn night plan..I opened my eyes to see a very beautiful
    chocolate skinned girl with the biggest boobs and a-s I have ever thing rise immediately..
    Girl: sorry for disturbing..
    Me: its nothing madam..
    Girl: I am not madam,,am still a lady..*jokingly*
    Me: pardon me..
    Girl: *smiled* am the school secretary and am here to ask some
    things about you..
    She asked for my name and other things,,she then recorded my
    name in a book(school staff book SSB)..
    Girl: am bisi by the way..nice to meet you sir
    She then walked out shaking her a-s left and right..oh my
    God,,temptation dey here..Lord help me o..not upto 30minutes
    that bisi left..another person entered and I was suprised to see
    its that spoilt girl from before(lizzy)..
    Lizzy: hope am not disturbing?
    Me: *smiled* you are why are you here?
    Lizzy: there are some things I didn’t understand *she sat
    opposite me*
    I was just staring at the beautiful innocent looking girl..she shown
    me those things in her textbooks and I explained them to her..
    Lizzy: thank are really a genius and not as cold as our
    former biology teacher..I am didn’t even ask my name..
    Me: I know your name before..
    Lizzy: really?
    Me: sure..
    Lizzy: can I have your number,,I might need your help anytime..
    I gave her my number and she left for her class..after the
    lesson..I left my office after locking it..principal offered to give
    me ride but I turned her down coz I feel like just trekking..I exited
    the school gate to see dupe waiting under the mango tree
    outside the school..she ran to me immediately she sees me..
    Dupe: what took you so long?
    Me: you mean what?
    Dupe: I’v been waiting for you to come out since..
    Me: oh,am sorry..I had to complete the book am reading..
    Dupe: hmm,,mr genius..
    I sighted lizzy’s car coming our way..she was sitting at the
    backseat..I waved at her as her car passes beside us but she
    frowned and failed to wave back instead stared at me somehow
    bad..weytin do the girl..dupe bursted to laughter and I was
    Dupe: you shouldn’t meddle with the girl..
    Me: why?
    Dupe: she is a psycho and too proud,,many hates her and
    besides she is the school founder’s daughter..
    What??..that one she dey look at me like person wey weed dey
    high,,no b say she wan tell her father mak he sack me..chaii..ah
    don die..I and dupe were both suprised when we realise when
    were living at the same area..she later went her house and I went
    to mine…on getting home,,I took my key where I used to hide
    it,,under my room door..I unlocked it and went straight inside..I
    quickly uncladed my clothes then went into the bathroom and
    freshen up..stepping back into my room,,I noticed my phone
    blinking,,unlocking it,,I saw 3missed calls all from one unknown
    number,,I quickly called the number back..the person picked it
    Person: hello mr.jason
    Me: hello..I missed your calls..
    Person: its bisi..
    Me: oh sister bisi,,how are you?
    Bisi: am good o,,that’s my number..make sure you save it..
    Me: no problem..
    We talked about other things and she later ended the call
    claiming she wanted to cook coz she is hungry..I retired to bed
    then drifted to wonderland..I later woke up and checked my time
    to see 7:55pm..chaii..I slept so long..I saw three unread
    messages on whatsapp..I clicked the whatsapp icon to see it was
    from an unsaved contacts..the messages are:
    “Can I trust you?”
    “What are you doing with dupe” from lizzy
    Lizzy?..but what did she mean?..mtcheew..another message
    entered,,it was from another unsaved number..”Mr handsome”
    from dupe..what? am I going to reply both girls now..

    Episode 3

    I later decided to reply dupe,,following conversations ensued:
    Me: miss pretty
    Dupe: really? really pretty?
    *be asking me!!*
    Me: sure you are..
    Dupe: I hope your girlfriend is not there looking at our chats..
    Me: girlfriend?..I have none..
    Dupe: what?..liar..handsome guy like you without girlfriend,,you
    expect me to believe that?
    Me: that’s the truth..its upto believe or not..
    Dupe: am glad you have none..
    Me: glad?..why?
    Dupe: am just glad..
    Me: anyway I want to sleep..
    Dupe: so early?..hope am not the cause?
    Me: not atall..I don’t want to be sleeping at school tomorrow and
    besides,,I want to settle my brain..
    Dupe: hmm,,okay..I’ll miss you..goodnight *kiss smiley*
    What did she mean?..miss who?..I hissed then lock my phone..I
    was about sleeping when my phone began ringing..the caller was
    lizzy..I quickly picked it..
    Lizzy: hello mr jason..
    Me: hi lizzy..
    Lizzy: did I wake you?
    Me: kind of..
    Lizzy: you slept so early?,,lazy guy..
    Me: am tired that’s why..
    Lizzy: when you are walking dupe home,you didn’t are
    now tired,,what are you doing with that s--t sef??
    Me: we are living same area..that’s why you saw us together..
    Lizzy: oh,but becareful of the girl..and am sorry for how I acted..I
    thought there is something between you two..
    Me: its nothing..
    Lizzy: I told my father about you and he said you should come
    see him tomorrow..
    Me: really?..hope am safe?
    Lizzy: you know who my father is?
    Me: no I don’t..*i lied*
    Lizzy: you will know tomorrow
    We talked more for 30minutes before I hung up telling her I want
    to sleep..I later woke up in the morning and my body aching..I
    have a rough night as I kept thinking about lizzy’s issue..I stood
    up and quickly have my bath..I claded in a blue jean and a white
    versace top with puma shoe..I styled my hair and evacuated my
    house..I can’t trek today..I stopped a bike and hop on it..we on
    our way when I saw dupe..I decided to help her..I stopped the
    okada man and called dupe..she greeted me smiling
    histerically..I was about sitting first when she held me back..
    Dupe: let me sit first o..I can’t sit at the back,,am afraid of falling
    Me: okay..
    She sat first and I sat at her back..her big backyard was really
    giving me hard on..its obvious she felt it as she was just smiling…
    later in the school..through out my period,dupe was just winking
    at me..and no doubt,lizzy caught us numerous time…bisi came to
    my office and we chatted for almost two hours..she even
    promised to come my house on saturday..chaii..after the day
    lesson..I went home immediately avoiding dupe..I got home and
    slept off immediately..I was woken by my phone ringtone..who is
    it now..I picked the call not checking the caller..
    Me: hello
    Caller: dad is waiting for you..
    I quickly checked the caller to see its lizzy..
    Me: oh,,I’ll be right there..*about to hang up*
    Lizzy: wait..
    Me: what?
    Lizzy: why dupe of all people
    Me: you mean?
    Lizzy: I caught you two winking at each expect me to
    believe there is nothing between you?
    What’s her business now..mtcheeew..I cooked up some lies and
    just drop them in her ears..she later ended the call..I went into
    the bathroom and freshen up..I stepped back into my room tieing
    my phone restless and constant blinking made me
    unlock it to see I have a message from lizzy and two missed
    calls from dupe..I decided to read lizzy message first..and it was:
    “I can’t wait to see you”
    I hissed and angrily dropped my phone on my bed..weytin dey do
    the girl sef..soft knocks suddenly landed on my door..I thought it
    was val,my neigbour,,he is here to borrow my charger again..I
    took my charger and head to door..I opened the door to see the
    suprise of my life..dupe was standing at my door wearing a
    sleeveless top with a very tight jean that reveals her massive
    bum..its bigger than what I saw in the school uniform..she is
    looking really gorgeous holding a notebook and a pen..
    Dupe: can I enter?
    Me: oh I am sorry..*i created enough space for her to enter*
    She later sat on my bed and I close the joystick have
    already turned rock that it was showing in the towel..I stylishly
    covered it but no doubt she already caught me..
    Me: are you doing here? *i stammered*
    Dupe: you mean in my teacher’s house? here to learn
    Me: what should I offer you?
    Dupe: water will be better..
    I poured her water in a glass cup and sat beside her on the phone then started ringing..its none other person than
    lizzy..I quickly locked my phone to prevent dupe from seeing the
    caller..what will I do now..which kind gobe be dis..chaii..

    Episode 4

    Dupe: why don’t you pick the call?
    Me: its my useless what’s it you don’t understand?
    She showed me the topic and I was explaining the topic to her
    though I wasn’t concentrating as I kept glancing at her shown
    fresh boobs..this girl is joystick already turned
    rock..I suddenly felt a hand rubbing my lap..oh God..I can’t do
    this..I stylishly removed her hand and continued..
    Dupe: I understand all this..
    Me: oh,,what is it you don’t understand?
    Dupe: you..I don’t understand you..why playing hard to get..its no
    big deal *staring at me in a lustful way*
    Me: wh….a (cut in)
    *she placed her finger on my lip*..our lip met immediately while
    grabbing hold of my joystick..I was turned on immediately..I have
    been turned on already..let me say turned on on…I dug my hand
    in her top,,d--n she was wearing no bra..I began squeezing her
    boobs while she was moaning really loudly..she began saying
    different things like “yes” “that’s why I love you” “please don’t
    stop”..this girl must be a real pornstar..I helped her pull her jean
    down,,oh boy she was wearing no pant..I fingered her for some
    minutes before placing my d--k at the entrance of her hole..I was
    about entering when my phone started was lizzy..this
    girl dey madt?..I picked it..
    Me: hello
    Lizzy: where are you?
    Me: on my way..can’t you resend the location of your house?
    Lizzy: okay..I have a suprise for you..
    Me: what is that?
    Lizzy: I’ll tell you when you get here…bye for now *blow kisses*
    I wonder what suprise she was talking about..
    Dupe: you should come and complete what you started o..
    What I started or what you started..thank God lizzy saved me..I
    would have bleeped the girl..
    Me: am so sorry dupe,,my sister called me now that my mum
    collapse and has been rushed to hospital..*dressing*
    Dupe: what? have to be hurry then..*also dressing*
    We finally exited my house..I gave her 200naira for her T.fare but
    she rejected it..saying her house is not too far from here..she told
    me my neigbour showed her my house..and that’s val…she later
    left and I checked my time to see 5:25pm..chaii..I quickly
    stopped a bike..I describe the house for the okada man and he
    looked at me from head to toe before charging me..I hop on it
    not saying anything..on getting to the extremely big duplex
    house..I paid the okada man and he drove off..I knocked the
    gate and the gatekeeper later opened the door..
    Entering the house,,I was amazed of what I saw..the compound
    was very big with expensive cars..I just stared agape until
    gatekeeper tapped me..he led the way to the sitting room and
    went back to his post..I entered the sitting room to see Mr
    lincoln(lizzy’s dad) sitting with lizzy and a lady of about 23-25 of
    age..lizzy ran and hugged me..while the lady and mr lincoln was
    just smiling..
    Lizzy: what took you so long?
    Me: its traffic *i lied*
    Lizzy: dad,mum this is my teacher..and that’s my parent
    *referring to me*
    So this lady is her mum..but how come she looks younger to
    me..well that’s not my concern.. hello youngman..
    Me: hi sir..*now seated* my daughter told me many incredible things about
    you,,she even added you a genius..she said she wanted to be
    having extra lesson with you..
    I looked at lizzy who was sitting beside me at the edge of the
    couch..she quickly pinch my hand and started winking at
    me..whaat?..which kind extra lesson..person no go rest..body no
    be firewood now..
    Me: no problem sir.. you will be doing the lesson here,,hope its okay with
    Me: its okay sir..
    I can see how lizzy was laughing histerically..I am always happy
    when I see her laugh like this..wait..hope am not in love with this
    girl.. when are you starting?
    Me: nextweek monday..
    Lizzy: that’s too is thursday.. let’s do it like are starting on monday..4pm
    to 6pm..and 10am to 12pm on saturday..
    Me: no problem sir..
    I chatted with the family for almost 2hrs that I didn’t know time
    has gone..I later checked my time to see 7:02pm..”Haa” I almost
    screamed..I quickly bade them farewell but insisted his
    driver will drive me home..and am happy hearing that..he called a
    name jackson and a young guy entered the sitting room..that
    must be his driver..we later exited the sitting room..lizzy who was
    holding my hand stylishly gave me a box..and whispered to my
    hear that “that’s suprise am talking about”..I smiled then entered
    the car with jackson..I waved at her and she waved back..we
    then evacuated the house..
    I kept thinking about everything we talked about..but I noticed
    lizzy mother said nothing throughout..she was just staring at me
    somehow..she must hate me..I was still thinking about this when
    we heard sound of gun from the direction we are
    heading..chaii..arm robbber..I don die..

    Episode 5

    We stopped and hide inside the bush before a siena car sped
    away..we quickly enter the car and zoomed off..I don’t want to
    die young..the driver later dropped me at the front of my house
    and he sped off..I rushed into my house and started praising
    God..if to say those armed robber saw phone
    ringtone jolted me was lizzy..I quickly picked it..
    Lizzy: hello..thanks for the day..I heard from my dad’s driver you
    return safely..
    Me: thanks for the gift..
    Lizzy: have you open the box?
    Me: about to..
    We chatted for more 2mins before she hung up..I uncladed my
    clothes then opened the box to see a golden wristwatch..worth
    almost 20k…chaaii..where she get money?…I placed the watch
    back into the box and put the box beside me on bed..this is the
    most expensive special thing I have ever have..
    I later fell asleep as am so tired..I was still sleeping when my
    phone began ringing..who is this in the middle of the night..I
    should’ve switched off my phone sef..I checked the caller to see
    lizzy..lizzy again?..mtcheew..I picked it at the third ring..
    Lizzy: hello
    Me: hi liz
    Lizzy: I must’ve woke you..
    Didn’t you check your 1:21am…
    Me: its no big deal *although it is*
    Lizzy: I just can’t sleep..
    Me: why,,thinking of something or somebody? *i tease*
    Lizzy: the thought of him prevent me from sleeping..I don’t know
    why I kept thinking of him like this..I’v never felt like this
    before..and its killing me..
    Weytin con be my concern wake person up bcs of
    this rubbish talk..
    Lizzy: not going to say anything?
    Me: there is nothing to say..
    Lizzy: you don’t even bother asking the person am thinking
    about..the person is….
    My phone suddenly died..chaii..which kind phone be this,,I felt
    like smashing it..I was really enjoying the talk..I slept off after
    30minutes of thinking who it might be that lizzy is loving..well its
    not really my conzine(concern)..I woke up in the morning feeling
    pain all over my neck..I later have my bath and dressed up using
    my new wristwatch..I dashed out of my house and went straight
    to school..thank God I didn’t see dupe this time..later in the
    school..I was in my office playing games on my phone after
    charging it when a knock landed on my door..
    Me: come in..
    I was so suprise to see bisi walking in majestically smiling..this
    girl is so perfect..her curves are enough killing..she later sat
    down after giving her the permission to..
    Me: so what’s angel bisi doing in my office..
    Bisi: funny human o..I tried your number yesterday at
    5:56pm..but you ignored my call and failed to call back..
    Me: I didn’t see your call..and besides I was charging my phone
    that time you called *i lied*
    I saw her calls but didn’t pick it coz I was in lizzy’s house..and I
    forgot to call her back..
    Bisi: I thought you deliberately ignored it..*she said with her eyes
    She suddenly stood and sat on my lap with her biggest
    joystick rise immediately..she stylishly grabbed my hands and
    placed them on her soft boobs..I was turned on..
    Me: you think its right for us to do that here? *i stammered*
    Bisi: forget that..I can’t get my eyes of you jason since the day I
    saw you..
    She began kissing me..I can’t catch up as she was very
    no time..we’ve stripped ourselves naked..I began sucking her
    boobs and she was moaning softly..I started fingering her..don’t
    blame me..I love to finger..”Please f--k me jason” she said head began spinning hearing this..I later changed
    the style to doggy and I entered with full force..her k---y too tight
    as I forced my big joystick inside..I began f-----g her while she
    was softly moaning..we were still doing this till we heard the
    door opening..chaii..I didn’t locked the door..
    “What’s this” we looked at the direction of the door to see miss
    anna..the principal staring us with flames of anger burning inside
    Miss anna: jason..bisi..what the hell is this?..*she shouted and
    stormed out slamming the door close*
    Bisi hissed and turned to me..
    Bisi: let’s so turned on..
    Me: am sorry I can’t you can see I’v lost my job
    Bisi: between me and your job,,which will you choose?
    What?..when I no mad..why will I choose be money?…
    Me: my job everytime..
    *paah* she landed a hot slap on my cheek..
    Bisi: what did you take me for..a random prostitute girl?..I
    thought you are really stupid for trusting you..
    She dressed up and angrily walked am dead..bisi angrily
    walked out not after slapping me..and principal caught
    village witch finally got me..what will I do now..chaii

    Episode 6

    I quickly dressed up and dashed out of my office heading
    principal’s office..I stormed inside not bother knocking to see her
    sitting angrily..
    Principal: you think you will just go scot free? writing your
    sack letter..
    Me: am so sorry ma..this will never repeat itself ma..*i prostrated
    sweating profusely*
    Principal: I trusted you,,I thought to you a good so
    wrong..I know handsome guy like you doesn’t deserve been
    Me: am really sorry won’t repeat itself again ma..if am
    sacked life is ruined..please ma..
    Principal: you don’t want your life ruined?
    Me: yes ma..
    Principal: will you do anything I ask of you?
    Me: anything ma..
    Principal: are you sure?
    Me: am very sure ma..
    She dug her hand in her jacket pocket and handed me an
    appointment card..
    Principal: meet me there tomorrow at 10am..don’t keep me
    waiting if you love yourself..
    What?? hotel?..what are we going to do there..I hope its not
    what am thinking..
    Me: o…o..kay m…ma *i stammered*
    Principal: now get out of my office..*she shouted*
    I vacated her office then went to mine only thinking about my
    life..I don’t want to be really dead..I was still in
    this pool of thoughts when soft knocks landed on my
    door..”Come in” I said..lizzy entered with smiles on her face..her
    beautiful face formatted my brain instantly..I can see she was
    holding something in a nylon bag..she later sat opposite me..
    Lizzy: you hate me..didn’t you?
    Me: what did you mean?
    Lizzy: you cut my call at midnight..
    Me: *smiling* my phone died..
    Lizzy: oh,I thought you cut my it true you will be sacked?
    Me: what?..why will I be sacked..
    Lizzy: there is a rumour you will be sacked soon..
    Me: why will I be sacked when I did nothing *thank God she
    didn’t know what I did*
    Lizzy: what a relief..its break must be hungry so I
    brought you this..
    She dug her hand in the black nylon and pull out an hollandia
    youghurt..chaii..this girl sabi die..we chat till they rang “break
    over” bell and she went to her class..I can’t just stop thinking
    about the girl..after the day lesson..I quickly dashed out of the
    school to prevent either miss anna or bisi from seeing me..I was
    still walking home when I heard “mr handsome” I looked back to
    see dupe smiling..we began walking home and chating
    Dupe: wow,,I really love your wristwatch..where did you get it?
    Me: *smiling* someone special gave it to me..
    Dupe: you mean am not special to you? *acting childishly*
    Me: not what you are are also special *i said to
    make her stop*
    We later went our ways..I finally got home and crashed on my
    bed thinking about my life..what if I am sacked..I would starve to
    death,,I won’t see any job as good as this..above all I won’t get
    to see lizzy’s beautiful face anymore..this was all I am thinking
    when a call landed on my phone..its an unsaved number..
    Me: hello
    Caller: hi jason..
    *i quickly recognised the voice as miss anna’s..what did she want
    again now*
    Caller: you know who is this?
    Me: I don’t *i pretended*
    Caller: okay its anna..
    Me: oh,miss so sorry..
    Miss anna: its nothing..this is my sure to save it..hope
    you didn’t forget about tomorrow..
    Me: I did not ma..
    Miss anna: that’s my boy..I’ll give a call tomorrow *hang up*
    Which problem be dis now..person no go rest..I was suprised
    when another landed on my phone..the caller was bisi..”Why is
    the b---h calling” I said hissing..I picked it..
    Me: what again?
    Bisi: are you still angry with me love??
    Who is her say she dey crase..
    Bisi: I can’t stop thinking about you..I can’t do without you all am thinking about..I think I love you..I know you
    feels thesame,,you just scared to say angry you chose
    work over so sorry..
    What??…dis girl dey madt?? who?..chaii..
    Me: wh….(She interrupted)
    Bisi: *shhh*…be expecting me tomorrow..*hung up*
    I dropped my phone on the bed drown in the ocean of thought…
    the girl surely want me to lose my job..

    Episode 7

    I woke up early the nextday..I managed to stand and head to the
    bathroom…I brushed my teeth before cooking breakfast..after
    eating breakfast,,I washed my dirtied cloth and dashed into the
    bathroom..after bathing..I stepped into my room and checked the
    time to see 9:46am..chaii..I quickly dressed up then ran
    outside..I stopped a cab and describe the hotel for him..I entered
    and we zoomed off..on getting there,,I went straight inside and
    dialed miss anna’s number..she picked it immediately..
    Me: am here ma
    Miss anna: come to room 9
    I hung up and went straight to room 9 as described..I knocked
    then later entered when she told me to come in..miss anna was
    sitting on the bed sipping a lemon juice..she was wearing only
    bra and a very skimpy and tight joystick already turned
    rock..I sat with her on the bed..
    Miss anna: you mind soft and energy drink?
    Me: am okay ma..
    She dropped the glass cup on the table and shifted more closer
    to me that I can clearly see her boobs..I felt like touching and
    squeezing them..
    Miss anna: you like what you see?
    I was just staring agape and she suddenly began loosing my belt..
    Me: but…..
    Miss anna: don’t say a thing..I can’t stop myself from thinking
    about you..I can’t let that b---h bisi steal you from me..*still
    loosing my belt*
    She grabbed my joystick after she successfully loose my belt..
    Miss anna: I didn’t know your d--k will be this wonder bisi
    go for it..
    She removed her bra along with her skirt,,chaii..she no wear
    pant..I have already stripped myself naked as I have been turned
    on..I started caresing and squeezing her boobs while she was
    sucking me..she later moved her head closer to mine and our
    head collided..we started kissing while I was playing with her
    bigboobs along the line..”F--k me jason” she moaned..we were
    still doing this and that when my phone started ringing..the caller
    was bisi..I picked it..
    Bisi: am on my so hungry..make sure to cook
    something..and prepare yourself..*hang up*
    *i started pretending to make anna release me*
    Me: hello
    Me: on my way right now..*pretended to hang up*
    Miss anna: let’s continue honey..
    Me: am sorry ma..another thing came father collapsed
    while working in the farm and has been rushed to hospital..
    Miss anna: what? *almost shouted*…we should go together..
    This girl too get problem..
    Me: no need don’t have to worry..see you another time
    I gave her no chance to reply as I dashed outside after
    dressing..on getting home..I enter my room and quickly tidy my
    room and spray perfume everywhere..after 10mins..soft knocks
    landed on my door..I know its bisi..I opened the door to see bisi
    smiling at me wearing a very short pink gown,,I allowed her
    inside..I hugged her from the body is still on..
    Bisi: won’t you let me eat first?
    Oh,,I have already cooked indomie for her..
    Me: I have missed you *i found myself saying*
    I started caresing her boobs from the back while she let out
    moans..she later faced me then look into my eyes..our face met
    and we kissed for almost 2mins before we landed on the bed
    nakedly..I entered her with full force..I bleeped her really hard
    and later c-m inside after 3rd round..we went another two rounds
    when she claims she is not satisfied and we laid beside each
    other exhausted..
    Bisi: you are the second person I’ll ever have sex with..
    *she expect me to believe that?*..
    Me: you mean?
    Bisi: there was this guy who is my classmate when I was ss3..he
    is brilliant,handsome and kindhearted that I fell for him
    unknownly..we later started dating and we love each other,,I
    decided to give him my virginity..we had sex on my birthday,,and
    that is my first time..the guy went abroad after we graduated..I
    cried for days coz I can’t do without him..we called each other
    for sometimes but he suddenly stopped calling oneday and
    doesn’t pick my calls again either..I felt betrayed and cried for
    days..I vowed to never love again but after meeting you..I think
    the love I have for you is in-comparable with what I felt for him
    back then..are you sure you won’t betray me? Coz I might die if
    you leave me…
    Me: I wouldn’t be doing this with you if I didn’t love you..
    The truth is..I felt nothing for her and am scared to tell the
    truth..I hope I don’t regret this oneday..we later bath together
    stepped back into my room to dress..she later ate the indomie I
    cooked her after dressing..we tell each other more about
    ourselves..that’s when I know she is the school founder heart started beating fast after hearing that..what will I
    do when lizzy finds out..chaii..this is a big mistake..

    Episode 8

    Later in the night..I laid on my bed playing games on my phone,,I
    wasn’t really concentrating as what bisi said kept replaying in my
    head..what if bisi tells her..I was still on this when miss anna call
    came in..
    Me: hello ma
    Miss anna: you should stop using ma for is your father?
    Me: what father?..oh he is now okay…
    Miss anna: can we meet tomorrow?
    Me: I’ll be staying with my father in the hospital *i lied*
    Miss anna: alright,,you should come to my office on monday
    then..can’t wait to feel you inside me..
    Me: but..where is your husband?
    Miss anna: *sighed* he is out there fighting for our nation..its
    been a year since I set my eyes on him..
    Me: you mean?
    Miss anna: don’t have no problem..
    Me: expecting me on monday..make sure to not wear
    pant *i tease*
    Miss anna: *laugh* I’ve heard you..naughty guy..see you on
    monday then *hung up*
    Lizzy call enter immediately miss anna hung up..
    Me: hi liz
    Lizzy: I thought you won’t pick my call..I called you in the
    morning but fail to pick my call..
    Chaii..I remember seeing her calls when I was bleeping bisi..I
    forgot to call her back..
    Me: am sorry..I was about calling back when my phone died..
    Lizzy: I am not myself since morning..
    Me: what happened?
    Lizzy: didn’t you caused it? always like that if I haven’t heard
    your voice..
    Me: *smiled* am sorry..
    Lizzy: apology missing you *with calm voice*
    Me: same here..*i found myself saying*
    I think I have fallen for the girl..I can’t deny am also missing
    her..we chatted like lover for almost 30minutes before she
    wished me goodnight and hang up..I dropped my phone on the
    bed thinking about the girl..I was still doing this when I drifted to
    wonderland..the nextday was sunday..chaii..I really hate
    sunday..bisi came after the service and we went many rounds of
    hotsex though she won’t stop describing how much she loves
    me till she left..
    Later on monday..I woke up very tired..I later went to bathroom
    and have my bath..I dressed up after bathing then went to
    school..later in the break time..I collapsed on my chair as am
    working like a devil since morning..soft knock landed on my
    door..”Come in” I said..I was suprised when a little girl enter..
    Girl: principal said to come to her office..*she left*
    I hope am safe..I dashed outside my office..I knocked her door
    on getting to her office..
    Miss anna: come in..
    I entered with a smile on my face..
    Miss anna: you sure know how to keep someone waiting..
    Me: am sorry ann..
    She stood from her seat removing her cloth one after the
    other..she locked the door from behind and stared into my eyes
    for 30sec..
    Miss anna: I don’t why..but I just can’t stop myself from loving
    I was just staring at her and in no time our lips met..we started
    kissing roughly till she made me sit on the visitor’s chair..she
    brought out my hard rock joystick after loosing my belt..she s----
    d and caressed it and later sat on me placing my joystick in her
    hole..she rode me like a horse and she collapse on me after
    5rounds..I later went to my office after dressing up..another
    knocks landed on my door..who is it again now…”Come in” I
    said..dupe entered with a very sad face and later sat opposite
    Me: what happened?..
    Dupe: we are leaving the area tomorrow and am changing
    school..I can’t see you again..*she bursted to tears*
    Am left with no other choice than to stood and hug her..though
    am so glad..we later disengaged..
    Dupe: this is all I could give you before going..
    She grabbed my joystick kissing me be say dis girls
    wan kill person..I gather myself and pull out staring inside her
    eyes after remembering how principal caught me that day..
    Me: its not right to be doing this here..
    Dupe: you clearly know better than anyone that we won’t be able
    to do this again if we didn’t now..
    Its really the truth..we continued our romancing..we were doing
    3rd round when knocks landed on my so
    dead..thank God I locked my door..we quickly dressed..”Open the
    door jason” bisi’s voice..chaii..I later opened the door for her and
    she entered staring at us suspiciously..dupe greeted her and
    dashed outside..
    Me: welcome *fake smiling*
    Bisi: what’s this smell..what has happened here..don’t tell me you
    and dupe…
    Me: what did you mean I am having sex with that little you did not even trust me *said angrily*
    I sat down angrily ignoring her presence..
    Bisi: that’s not what I mean my really sorry..
    Me: sorry for yourself *still pretending to be angry*
    Bisi: I don’t know what will happen to me if you keep showing
    me that so sorry love..*she pecked my lip while I let out
    a smile*
    Thank God say inspiration come that time..she for don catch
    me..she later left and after the day lesson,,I went home straght
    away..I laid on my bed after freshen up chatting with my
    friends..I was still chatting when message from lizzy entered my says:
    “Don’t be late..I can’t wait to see you honey” from lizzy..
    I smiled to myself and stood up preparing to go her house..

    Episode 9

    I sprayed perfume allover my body then dashed outside..on
    getting to the big house..I knocked the gate and I was allowed in
    without questioning as the gatekeeper already knew me..I
    stylishly gave him 5hundred naira while he kept hailing me..I later
    entered the sitting room to see lizzy sitting on the couch with her
    eyes glued to her phone screen..she ran and hugged me
    immediately she sees me..we later disengaged..
    Lizzy: I’v been waiting for so long
    Me: am sorry..
    Lizzy: apology accepted *she held my hand*
    We were still standing holding hands when we saw lizzy’s mum
    walking towards our direction..she froze when she saw us and I
    quickly removed my hand from lizzy’s thinking that was the
    reason she froze..she later smiled..
    Lizzy’s mum: how are you my dear..
    Me: am fine ma..
    Lizzy’s mum: you are here for the lesson right?
    Me: yes ma..
    Lizzy’s mum: can I see you privately?
    Me: you mean I??
    Lizzy’s mum: yes..
    Chaii..ah don die..she caught us holding hands..she go fire me for
    sure..we went to a corner beside the kitchen..
    Me: why did you called me here ma?
    She removed the wig and glasses she wore..whaat? Ada?
    come I didn’t recognise her..I can’t just belief my eyes..ada was
    once my girlfriend back in the days when I was still in
    polytechnic..we broke up when I found out she was dating
    another guy and really loves money..but what is the b---h doing
    Me: a…a..da?..
    Ada: you seems to recognise me now..we don’t have much time
    to me there tomorrow *gave me an appointment card*
    Me: okay..*still staring at her agape*
    She’s become more beautiful and more fatter that I didn’t
    recognise ada is lizzy’s mother..chaii..I went back to
    meet lizzy and we went to her room..her room was great and
    really smelling nice..I sat on the bed still thinking about ada..I
    should have known when she was staring at me somehow..
    Lizzy: what’s wrong? *tapped me*
    Me: oh,nothing..
    Lizzy: I’ve been talking since morning but you failed to reply..what
    is it you are thinking about..wait..what did my mum and you
    talked about?
    Me: she said not to think of harming you *i lied*
    Lizzy: I really love her..she is been there for me after my mum
    Me: you mean she is not your mum?
    Lizzy: how can someone young like that be my mum..she is my
    step mother..
    Seems gold digger ada has turned to caring mother..but I still
    don’t trust the girl..well,,people can change..
    Me: let’s start..
    Lizzy: what?
    Me: the lesson ofcourse..
    We later started the lesson..I wasn’t really concentrating as I kept
    glancing at her beautful face and my heart kept beating while she
    was staring at me..
    Me: why are you staring like that?
    Lizzy: *smiling* I have something I want to show you..
    She stood and walked to her ward-drobe..I was suprise when
    she brought packs of pants and bra’s..she started removing her
    clothes while I was staring agape..the removal took less minutes
    as she was initially wearing a short joystick rise staring
    at her fresh body..she was wearing white bra and pant..
    Lizzy: *still smiling* I want you to choose the best colour for me..
    She stripped herself naked while my joystick was about tearing
    my boxers..she started changing the pants and suddenly she
    head towards me while my heart was beating like a drum..she
    later sat on my lap rubbing my chest..
    Lizzy: I don’t know how I fell for you jason..*she called me my
    name*..since that day I set my eyes on you..I can’t breathe
    properly or eat properly..I was always thinking about you and I
    vow to make you mine no matter what..
    Me: wh…a..t..*she interrupted*
    Lizzy: shhh..don’t talk..
    Our head collided and we started kissing…I quickly stripped
    myself naked while I can see the suprise clearly shown on her
    face as she stared at my big hard rock stick..I later started
    rubbing her so tight k---y while she was moaning so loud..”Do it
    now” she said..I inserted my joystick in her k---y and started
    f-----g her..I later removed my stick to see blood on it..then I
    realise she was a virgin..d--n..after the hot sex..we later satdown
    now dressed both staring at each other silently..
    Me: am sorry *i later broke the silence*
    Lizzy: its not your fault..I vowed to give my first love my
    virginity..besides if giving you my virginity will make you love
    me..then I’ll gladly give you..I love you jason..
    I can’t deny I have also fallen for the girl as my heart began
    beating like say panel beater dey panel beat..I just don’t what to
    say as I kept staring at her..she later held my hand and our head
    collided once again..the kiss was so passionate that I did not
    want it to stop again..we later disengaged and we went outside
    holding hands..we lose our hands when we saw ada..I bade her
    farewell but she answered somehow..weytin be my own
    concern..lizzy is all I was thinking about..
    on getting home..I unlocked my door then went straight inside..I
    decided to freshen up before cooking..I later stepped into my
    room after showering to see my phone blinking..I unlocked it to
    see a message from an unsaved says:
    “You think I didn’t know what you are doing with lizzy,,meet me
    at the hotel tomorrow if you love youself” from ada..
    Chaii..ah don did she know sef..d--n

    Episode 10

    Later in the night..
    I was just thinking about ada’s issue..she musnt tell
    about this or am finished..I was still lost in paradise of thoughts
    when my phone ringtone jolted me off..its my mum..I quickly
    picked it..
    Me: hi mum
    Mum: how are you doing my dear?
    Me: am fine ma
    Mum: I have a terrible dream about shouldn’t interfere
    in any one’s business..and be very careful..
    Me: noted ma..
    We talked for almost 10minutes before she hung up..lizzy call
    enter immediately she hung up..I quickly picked it..
    Lizzy: hi love
    Me: can’t sleep?
    Lizzy: just missing you..
    Me: *smiling* same here honey..
    We chatted till I told her I am sleepy..after hanging up..I laid on
    my bed and gradually drifted to wonderland..I later woke up in
    the morning and checked the time to see 9:32am..though saw
    five missed calls,,all from bisi..I hissed..I am not going to school
    coz of ada..I’ll have to lie am sick..I dialled miss anna’s number
    and she picked it immediately..
    Miss anna: where are you jason?
    Me: I won’t be coming today ma..
    Miss anna: why?
    Me: I have an headache..I think I over-stressed myself..
    Miss anna: you have to rest then..make sure you go to hospital..
    Me: alright ma..*hung up*
    I later dressed and went outside..I stopped a cab and entered
    after describing the hotel I was going for the driver..on getting to
    the very big hotel..I entered then gave ada a call..she picked it
    after second ring..
    Me: am here..
    Ada: come to room 1
    I went to room 1 as decribed by the receptionist..on getting
    there,,I decided to not knock and just entered..but I was suprise
    when I saw ada tieing a white towel which reveals her massive
    boobs and a-s..she sat on the bed smiling at me..I later sat
    beside her on the bed while my joystick already turned rock..
    Ada: you really love see you come here this early..
    I was just fake smiling when I felt a hand on my lap..
    Ada: there is only one way to save yourself..
    Me: that? *stammered*
    Ada: I want you to bleep me very hard..its been 3months now
    that I haven’t sex..the man just married me and never greased
    my hole..
    She began rubbing my stick through the jean placing my hands on
    her boobs..I was turned on..I began squeezing her boobs roughly
    while she was moaning loudly..I later slip my big stick in her tight
    hole while she moans letting out different tones..we went
    6rounds and collapsed on each other exhausted..
    Ada: I have missed your big stick..why don’t we continue our
    relationship jason *placing her hand on my chest*
    Me: *stylishly removed the hand* are married now..and to
    my boss..
    Ada: its not a big deal..I still love you you can see,,this
    hotel is made me the ceo after our wedding..I can
    also make you my PA and later make you the ceo after
    wedding..I don’t want to lose you again jason..
    Me: am sorry ada..I can’t do this..*now dressing*
    Ada: are you rejecting me now? sure you won’t regret it?..
    Is she threatening me now….I was just staring at her agape while
    she walked towards where I was standing and held my hand..
    Ada: see,,you can’t talk..I know you still love me..
    Me: *removed my hand* in love with someone
    sor..ry ada..*i stammered*
    Ada: really?..and am sure that person is lizzy?
    I just stared at her as “yes” clearly shown on my did
    she know..
    Ada: I can tell she is the the girl I never saw with a guy
    allow you to bleep her..she must also loves you..but have it in
    mind you will be in trouble if you were found doing anything funny
    with the girl again..she is my daughter and I can’t allow a stupid
    guy like you near her again.. come this girl was created to be my problem..I was
    just staring at her with flames of anger burning inside me..
    Ada: did you still want to go againt me?
    Lizzy is my life..I can’t do without her..and going against ada
    means I would never see her again..I was still trapped in my
    thoughts when my phone began ringing..its bisi..I then picked it..
    Bisi: I heard from principal you are sick..have you taken drug?
    Me: yes..
    Bisi: I just don’t know what am doing anymore..I can’t wait to
    see even on my way to your house right now..
    Chaii..sick person in an hotel?..I bade ada farewell not giving her
    any reply then dashed outside..

    Episode 11

    On getting home..I dashed inside my house,changed to simple
    cloth and quickly slept on my bed like am really sick..I was still
    pretending when bisi suddenly barged inside..she closed the door
    and rushed to me..
    Bisi: honey how are you doing?
    Me: I’ll be fine
    She quickly pulled out an hollandia youghurt from her
    bag..woah..after gulping it down..I thank her then sat on the bed
    while she sat with me holding my hand..
    Bisi: honey are you really okay now?
    Me: am fine now that I have seen you..
    She smiled and began squeezing my hand..then I realise how
    short the gown she was wearing was as it reveals her fresh lap
    which did nothing but turned me on eventually..I started kissing
    her while rubbing her boobs..she dug her hand in my knicker
    stroking my hard rock this girl is h---y before..we later
    stripped ourselves naked and I slipped my rod in her holes..we
    went many rounds and I cumed inside her for the first time and
    then collapsed beside each other..
    Bisi: don’t know you can be this strong even when you are sick..
    Who tell you say am sick..I just smiled..later in the evening..I was
    waiting for bisi to go but doesn’t look like she is ready I
    decided to ask her..
    Me: you are not going?
    Bisi: are you sending me have someone else you are
    waiting for don’t you?
    Me: its not what you thinking about..I just asked out of curiosity..
    Bisi: okay,am sleeping here with my honey..
    Am so happy hearing this..the night will be so hot..chaii..later in
    the night..we both freshen up and laid beside each other on my
    bed to sleep..
    Bisi: I wish we could be together like this in the future..
    What?..Kolewerk..I really have no feelings for her..just don’t know
    how to tell her..we had two hot rounds of sex before sleeping..I
    later opened my eyes to see its morning already..I checked
    everywhere but can’t find bisi,,maybe she have gone without
    telling me..I switched on my phone to see miss anna’s message
    “Let’s meet at our usual spot today”
    I later bath and set off to meet anna..on getting to the hotel,,I
    went straight to the usual room and I opened the door to see
    anna naked..she rushed to where I was standing and started
    kissing me..
    Anna: I just can’t wait to feel your big rod inside me jason..
    In no time,we are on the bed both naked..I began f-----g her hard
    while she was moaning softly giving me more energy..the door
    suddenly pushed open..I angrily looked at the direction to see the
    suprise of my life..three soldiers with a man that seems to be
    there commander staring at me murderously..what the f--k are
    they doing here..
    Anna: h..oney *referring to the commander* so her husband is a soldier..
    Her husband: shut only out for two years and you are like
    this..and you I’ll make sure to teach you a great lesson today
    *referring to me*
    They were rushing towards me when I woke up breathing
    heavily..”Thank God its a dream” I murmured..bisi was still
    sleeping like a new born baby..I muttered some prayer and later
    slept off..I woke in the morning(saturday) hearing splashing of
    water in the bathroom..I managed to stand up..
    Me: bisi..
    Bisi: honey you are awake? still sleeping..will I be calling your name from
    Me: sure..
    Bisi: am coming..I’ll join you asap..
    No join me and die for bathroom now..I hissed silently..I am so
    hungry..I wore my knicker and a black top then went outside to
    get indomie..after 5minutes..I later entered my room to see bisi
    staring at my phone screen and tears rolling down her eyes..she
    faced me staring muderously..
    Bisi: is this how you want to repay me *tears trickled down her
    Me: I don’t..und..*she interrupted*
    Bisi: come on shut up..
    She threw my phone to me and I catched it..I was so suprised to
    see lizzy’s message..says:
    “I’v been trying to reach you honey,but your number is not
    available,you clearly knows I can’t do without you,,I heard you
    are sick and am scared something might have happened to
    you,,you didn’t pick my call that’s why am sending you this
    message,,love you” from lizzy..
    I just stared agape that saliva almost fell from my mouth..the
    flame of anger was burning in bisi’s eyes as she stared at me
    angrily..d--n..before I could say anything..two hottest slaps
    landed on my cheek and I felt my brain disconnected..
    Bisi: I trusted you,,I loved you with all I have..and you dare
    stabbed me at the back by dating my uncle’s daughter..
    Me: baby…
    *she made to slap me again and I held her hand*
    Me: the truth is I don’t love you bisi..*i forced out breathing
    She stared into my eyes with loads of tears dropping from her
    eyes..she suddenly bursted to laughter while I stared at her
    Bisi: you think you will go scot free?..I’ll make you regret ever
    doing this to me..
    She angrily removed her hand from my grasp then stormed

    Episode 11

    On getting home..I dashed inside my house,changed to simple
    cloth and quickly slept on my bed like am really sick..I was still
    pretending when bisi suddenly barged inside..she closed the door
    and rushed to me..
    Bisi: honey how are you doing?
    Me: I’ll be fine
    She quickly pulled out an hollandia youghurt from her
    bag..woah..after gulping it down..I thank her then sat on the bed
    while she sat with me holding my hand..
    Bisi: honey are you really okay now?
    Me: am fine now that I have seen you..
    She smiled and began squeezing my hand..then I realise how
    short the gown she was wearing was as it reveals her fresh lap
    which did nothing but turned me on eventually..I started kissing
    her while rubbing her boobs..she dug her hand in my knicker
    stroking my hard rock this girl is h---y before..we later
    stripped ourselves naked and I slipped my rod in her holes..we
    went many rounds and I cumed inside her for the first time and
    then collapsed beside each other..
    Bisi: don’t know you can be this strong even when you are sick..
    Who tell you say am sick..I just smiled..later in the evening..I was
    waiting for bisi to go but doesn’t look like she is ready I
    decided to ask her..
    Me: you are not going?
    Bisi: are you sending me have someone else you are
    waiting for don’t you?
    Me: its not what you thinking about..I just asked out of curiosity..
    Bisi: okay,am sleeping here with my honey..
    Am so happy hearing this..the night will be so hot..chaii..later in
    the night..we both freshen up and laid beside each other on my
    bed to sleep..
    Bisi: I wish we could be together like this in the future..
    What?..Kolewerk..I really have no feelings for her..just don’t know
    how to tell her..we had two hot rounds of sex before sleeping..I
    later opened my eyes to see its morning already..I checked
    everywhere but can’t find bisi,,maybe she have gone without
    telling me..I switched on my phone to see miss anna’s message
    “Let’s meet at our usual spot today”
    I later bath and set off to meet anna..on getting to the hotel,,I
    went straight to the usual room and I opened the door to see
    anna naked..she rushed to where I was standing and started
    kissing me..
    Anna: I just can’t wait to feel your big rod inside me jason..
    In no time,we are on the bed both naked..I began f-----g her hard
    while she was moaning softly giving me more energy..the door
    suddenly pushed open..I angrily looked at the direction to see the
    suprise of my life..three soldiers with a man that seems to be
    there commander staring at me murderously..what the f--k are
    they doing here..
    Anna: h..oney *referring to the commander* so her husband is a soldier..
    Her husband: shut only out for two years and you are like
    this..and you I’ll make sure to teach you a great lesson today
    *referring to me*
    They were rushing towards me when I woke up breathing
    heavily..”Thank God its a dream” I murmured..bisi was still
    sleeping like a new born baby..I muttered some prayer and later
    slept off..I woke in the morning(saturday) hearing splashing of
    water in the bathroom..I managed to stand up..
    Me: bisi..
    Bisi: honey you are awake? still sleeping..will I be calling your name from
    Me: sure..
    Bisi: am coming..I’ll join you asap..
    No join me and die for bathroom now..I hissed silently..I am so
    hungry..I wore my knicker and a black top then went outside to
    get indomie..after 5minutes..I later entered my room to see bisi
    staring at my phone screen and tears rolling down her eyes..she
    faced me staring muderously..
    Bisi: is this how you want to repay me *tears trickled down her
    Me: I don’t..und..*she interrupted*
    Bisi: come on shut up..
    She threw my phone to me and I catched it..I was so suprised to
    see lizzy’s message..says:
    “I’v been trying to reach you honey,but your number is not
    available,you clearly knows I can’t do without you,,I heard you
    are sick and am scared something might have happened to
    you,,you didn’t pick my call that’s why am sending you this
    message,,love you” from lizzy..
    I just stared agape that saliva almost fell from my mouth..the
    flame of anger was burning in bisi’s eyes as she stared at me
    angrily..d--n..before I could say anything..two hottest slaps
    landed on my cheek and I felt my brain disconnected..
    Bisi: I trusted you,,I loved you with all I have..and you dare
    stabbed me at the back by dating my uncle’s daughter..
    Me: baby…
    *she made to slap me again and I held her hand*
    Me: the truth is I don’t love you bisi..*i forced out breathing
    She stared into my eyes with loads of tears dropping from her
    eyes..she suddenly bursted to laughter while I stared at her
    Bisi: you think you will go scot free?..I’ll make you regret ever
    doing this to me..
    She angrily removed her hand from my grasp then stormed

    Episode 12

    I stood on same spot rubbing my already hot and red
    cheek..what have I done?..I’ll be surely sacked now..I was still
    lost in the jungle of thoughts when my phone ringtone jolted me
    off..the caller was lizzy..I cleared my throat twice then picked the
    Me: hi liz
    Lizzy: its really unfair o..why are you doing me like this..I can’t
    sleep all night as I kept thinking about you..I sent you a message
    and you still failed to reply..
    Me: am so sorry love..just wake up now..
    Lizzy: I thought you are with another girl..that’s why you failed to
    pick my call..
    Me: that’s impossible…you are the love of my life,the apple of my
    eyes..the one I can never cheat will you now
    forgive me?
    Lizzy: *smiling*hmm..I forgive you but don’t do that again..I don’t
    wanna die of heart attack..
    Me: I won’t..I promise
    I have finally fallen in love with lizzy..I prayed bisi don’t tell her
    Lizzy: my father wants to see shouldn’t be late
    Me: okay..I’ll be there asap..
    After two hours..I vacated my house and stopped a cab..I
    entered and we zoomed off..on getting to lizzy’s house..I entered
    and head to the sitting room..I later entered the sitting room to
    see mr lincoln sitting on the big couch wearing his big agbada
    with ada and lizzy beside him..I can see the joy clearly shown on
    lizzy’s face as she smiled and winked at me.. how are you son..
    Me: am fine sir..*sat down* *smiled* after testing you with my wife..then I realise
    you can be fully trusted..I knew you and ada was once a
    lover..that’s why I initiated the plan..calling you to an
    hotel,,offering you to be her p.a was all part of the plan..but passed..
    What?..why will he test me?..chaii..I stared at her(ada) so
    confused while she smiled.. I am travelling to canada on business trip..I was
    thinking you should move here..I have already talked to the have been made the director of the school..
    I can’t keep the joy in me as I smiled histerically staring at mr
    lincoln not believing my ears..chaii..I finally made it..
    Me: thank you sir *i prostrated* *smiling* its nothing..feel free to move in anytime..
    After 30minutes of talking..we all followed to
    airport..we waited till we saw him flew away..I alighted on our
    way back then went home happily..I entered my house then
    jumped on my bed..I quickly called mum and told her
    everything..she was also so happy..I was still thinking how my life
    in house will be when a call landed on my phone..the
    caller was hello son
    Me: hi sir.. I want a favour from you jason..
    Me: anything sir.. take care of lizzy for me..make sure nothing bad
    happen to her..
    Me: I will do my best sir.. thank you son..*hang up*
    Anna call entered immediately after hung up..
    Anna: hello sir
    Me: hi ann
    Anna: congratulations sir on your promotion..
    Me: thank you ann..
    Anna: I just called to greet you sir,,you will be introduced to
    everybody on monday..tell me if you need anything from me
    sir..even if you need the thing under my pant..*said with low
    Me: *smiled* that will never happen between us again ann..thank
    you for calling..*hung up*
    I hissed then laid on my bed to sleep..Later in the evening..I
    packed my luggages then called jackson to come pick me
    now his boss..jackson later sounded the car horn to know he is
    outside and I evacuated the house after calling my landlord..I
    entered the car and we zoomed off immediately..time to begin a
    new life

    Episode 13

    On getting to the big duplex house after spending about
    45minutes on road..jackson horned and the gatekeeper opened
    the door..he hailed me while jackson drove inside..we later
    alighted..jackson made to collect my travelling bag from me but I
    objected forming good guy..
    I later made my way inside to see lizzy sitting on the couch with
    her eyes glued to the very big plasma tv..she dropped the remote
    control and walked to me when she saw me..we hugged and I
    kissed her cheek..she insisted I should kiss her lip and I did
    so..she collected the bag from me and led the way to my
    room..we climbed the stairs and later entered the big
    room..chaii..I even have plasma in my level don
    change be that..
    Lizzy: you should rest..*she walked out*
    I changed to simple cloth then jumped on my big soft bed and
    immediately drifted to sleep..I later woke up very hungry..I
    checked my time to see 7:32pm..chaii..I went downstairs to see
    lizzy pressing her phone and smiling that she doesn’t notice my
    presence..I felt jealous..was she chatting with another guy?..I
    decided to sit beside her and I can see how shock she was..she
    later smiled when she realise it was me..
    Lizzy: you are are you feeling..did you dream about
    Me: hell no..
    Lizzy: *frown* you dream about another girl? *sounding childish*
    Me: *smiled* I was just joking..
    Lizzy: you mean you dream about me?..
    Me: sure *lied*
    Lizzy: *smiled* I love you..
    Me: I love you too honey..
    In no time..our lip met and we started hand gradually
    made it way to her boobs and I began caressing it while she was
    also rubbing my d--k through the knicker..I made my way to her
    k---y and began rubbing it while she was moaning softly..I quickly
    pull down my knicker and brought out my already hard big rod..I
    placed it at the entrance of her k---y and was about to enter
    when we heard knocks on the door..who the hell is that
    now..”Am home guys,open the door” ada’s voice..we quickly
    dressed up and lizzy ran to the door..she opened it and quickly
    hugged ada..
    Lizzy: welcome mum.. *they disengaged*
    She suddenly stared at us suspiciously..I quickly greeted her to
    avoid more suspicion
    Me: welcome ma..
    Ada: oh,jason..have you rest?
    Me: sure ma..
    Ada: have this..
    I was so suprise it was brand new lenovo laptop..chaii..ah don
    dey like this girl..I gladly collected it and thank her while she just
    smiled and walked away with lizzy as she helped her carry her
    bag..I ran to my room happily and quickly plugged my new laptop
    charger to the socket..I inserted the charger into the laptop
    charging port and switched it on..I waited till it booted and was
    moving my hand towards the mouse when soft knocks made it
    way to my room door..I dashed to the door and opened it to see
    lizzy staring at me somehow while I also stared back..
    Lizzy: can I enter?
    Me: oh,am sorry..*i ushered her inside*
    She sat on my bed while I sat with her..
    Me: what’s with your mood?
    Lizzy: is something between you and aunty ada?
    Me: *shocked*..nothing..
    Lizzy: looks like you still love each other,,coz she have never did
    this to anyone..even my dad..
    Me: there is nothing between us lizzy for God sake..
    Lizzy: are you sure?
    Me: trust me..*i held her hand*..
    She left for her room after chatting for almost an hour..I later
    downloaded some videos on my laptop and began watching phone suddenly beeped of incoming message..I
    unlocked my phone and the message was:
    “Meet me in my room now” from ada..
    I reluctantly stood up as am enjoying my vidoes then went to her
    room..I knocked her door and she told me to come in..I entered
    to see her sitting at the front of the big mirror in her room..she
    asked me to help her massage her shoulder..I later started
    massaging it and she suddenly let out a strange
    moan..what??..she grabbed my hand and moved it to her boobs..
    Ada: I don’t know why,,but you always turn me on jason..
    She finally stood up and untie the towel she was wearing..d--
    n..see fwesh body..our head collided and we started
    kissing..”What if am caught by lizzy” I thought to myself..I gather
    all my strenght then pull myself back..
    Me: its not right for us to be doing this..let’s stop this now and
    Ada: what did you mean?..I made lincoln trust you because I
    don’t want to lose you..we both know you failed the test..I’ll
    allow you to rest tonight..come meet me here tommorrow night..
    Chaii..wahala dey oo

    Episode 14

    The next day was sunday..the day service went well..later in the
    night..I laid on my bed playing games when my phone began
    ringing..I checked the caller to see the shock of my life..the
    caller was bisi..I pray she don’t end my stay here..I clears throat
    two times then picked it..
    Bisi: hello mr director..
    Me: hello baby
    Bisi: baby?..what’s lizzy then,,your child? should never call
    me that again..what am I even saying..this is will be our last
    Me: am so sorry bisi..please understand me..
    Bisi: you are my greatest regret matter how hard I
    tried..I seem not able to forget about you..I was so stupid that I
    called to hear your voice for the last time..leave that house
    now..before I’ll make you..*she hung up*
    What?..ah don can I leave when I have finally made it..I
    stood up and head downstairs to drink a chilled lemon drink..I
    finally climbed down the stairs to see only ada sitting on the
    couch watching film..I sat beside her..
    Me: where is lizzy?
    *she looked at me somehow*
    Ada: why is it you only think about lizzy..well..she’s gone to
    airport to pick her twin sister up..
    What?..lizzy have a twin sister?
    Me: sister?..she have a sister?
    Ada: she didn’t tell you?..oh you might be sleeping that time..
    I thank her and wanted to stand up to grab my chilled lemon
    when she held me back..she brought my face to her’s and we
    started kissing..I was about pulling back when she held my d--
    k..she finally knows my weak point..I can’t resist again..I placed
    my hand on her big boobs caressing them while she was
    moaning softly..knocks suddenly landed on the door..
    we quickly dressed up and ada went to open the door for
    lizzy..lizzy walked in with a pure white skinned girl,,same age and
    stature with lizzy..she was wearing a short gown which reveals
    her fresh lap..she is extremely beautiful with big boobs but
    medium a-s..I was suprise when she walked directly towards
    me..I smiled and stretched my hand for handshake..but I was
    suprise when she landed a hot slap on my cheek and angrily went
    upstairs..what??..what did she mean..ada watched covering her
    mouth with her palm..
    Lizzy: rebecca *she shouted and ran after her*
    I stood on thesame spot for awhile rubbing my red cheek..I later
    went to my room wondering why the girl I have never met
    slapped me..soft knocks later landed on my door..I stood up and
    finally opened it to see lizzy staring at me with a sorry face..
    Lizzy: can we talk in my room please?
    I bother not to ask her any question and just followed her to her
    room..its obvious she wanted to apologise..what’s the point of
    doing it in her room..we later enter her room and we sat together
    on her bed..
    Lizzy: am so sorry for how my sister acted..she didn’t even tell
    me why she did that..she must have lost her mind..
    Me: its nothing..
    Lizzy: you must be shocked seeing I have a twin sister..we were
    separated at the age of 4 when our parent divorced..mum and
    becca went abroad and I chose to stay with dad..becca stays
    with mum’s sister and comes home once in a while after mum’s
    death..I really missed mum..*tears trickled down her face*
    Me: am sorry..*i hugged her*
    We later disengaged and she stood up and head to her
    wardrobe..she finally opened her wardrobe then brought out
    some big files..she then sat again..
    Lizzy: I want to trust you jason..
    Me: what did you me…a.n *i stammered*
    She handed me the documents and I collected it..
    Lizzy: that’s the documents of all my father’s properties..he told
    me to keep it very safe but I think will be more safer in your
    Me: okay..goodnight..
    I was about standing up when she held me back..
    Lizzy: are you still angry?
    Me: am not *fake smiled*
    She started rubbing my lap and I know where she was heading..I
    was really not in mood..she didn’t even care about my mood as
    she placed my hand on her boobs,,trying all possible ways to get
    me aroused..”I need you badly inside me jason” she said placing
    her mouth at the entrance of my ear..
    Me: am sorry honey but am not in mood right now..
    I can see the suprise mixed with sadness clearly shown on her
    face..but I just ignored her and stormed out with the documents
    she gave only wondering why rebecca slapped me..

    Episode 15

    I woke up in the morning(monday) and managed to stand up..I
    checked my time to see 8:35am and three missed calls from
    anna..I went to the bathroom and quickly have my bath..I claded
    in a blue jean and a white top then dashed downstairs..I saw no
    one downstairs so I rushed outside and quickly called
    jackson..we entered the car and later zoomed off..on getting to
    the school..we alighted and I went straight to anna’s office..I
    entered not bother knocking to see anna making up..she quickly
    dropped the make up kit when she saw me..
    Anna: welcome sir..
    Me: how are you?
    Anna: am fine sir..
    Me: where is bisi?
    Anna: bisi? *stared somehow*..oh,she dropped her resignation
    letter this morning..
    Me: she resigned?
    Anna: yes,,is something wrong?
    Me: n..o..*i stammered*
    I quickly hide the fear in me from anna and we later went
    out..she introduced me to all the students as there new director
    though I can see the suprise shown on there face,,some were
    even gossiping while I just smiled..after the introduction,,we
    enter the car and jackson started the phone suddenly
    started ringing..the caller was ada…why will she call..I quickly
    picked it..
    Ada: jason am in trouble *crying*
    Me: what?
    Ada: a man came to log in my hotel last night,,it was his dead
    body we saw this morning..*crying heavily*
    Me: calm down ada..where are you right now?
    Ada: in the police station..*still crying*
    Me: stop crying okay,,I’ll be there as soon as possible..send me
    the location..
    Ada: okay..
    She sent the location and I told jackson what was happening..we
    later zoomed off heading to the police station..we entered
    immediately on getting there..I was directed to the dpo office..I
    rushed inside to see ada sitting before a young man of about
    29,,dark skinned though very tall with big and dark eyebrow..ada
    stood and hugged me still crying..I calmed her down and sat..
    Dpo: I am david..
    Me: I am jason..
    David: I brother told me about you..
    Me: your brother?
    David: mr lincoln is my blood brother..
    What?..there are many things I didn’t even know about this family
    David: the dead body was examined..and it was revealed the
    man was poisoned..seems there are people wanting the fall of
    my brother because all the staff has been thoroughly interrogated
    and no one seems to know anything about the case..the hotel
    should have been closed by now but due to my help its still
    active..but we have to find the culprit and the evidence soon..
    I thank david and we exchange contact..I and ada later exited
    the police station,,I watched her as she enter her car..though she
    wanted me to follow her but I assured her everything will be
    okay..she later zoomed off and I called jackson..we also entered
    then head home while I was thinking who it might be..a call then
    landed on my phone and it was david..
    Me: hello sir..
    David: just call me david..
    Me: okay,,whatsup..any news?
    David: I don’t want to say this in ada’s presence..if these people
    are after the fall of my brother then you must be really
    careful..these people are dangerous..
    Me: thank you david..
    David: what are friends for..feel free to call me anytime..
    Me: okay *hang up*
    I updated jackson and we tried to think of who it might be but we
    can’t think of anybody..on getting home..I alighted then went
    straight inside..I entered to see becca sitting on the couch
    pressing her phone..this is the opportunity to ask why I deserved
    that hot slap..I clears throat then sat beside her though she
    ignored me..
    Becca: mr bleeper..*finally speaks*
    Hearing this sent shock and fear to my body..what?..
    Me: did you m..ean? *i stammered*
    Becca: I was about knocking the door yesterday when I heard
    moans which I surely recognised as ada’s..thank God lizzy and
    jackson were arguing on who carries my luggage..I quickly
    knocked to prevent her from knowing,,coz I know the girl might
    die of heart attack..I was not so suprised when I saw its you and
    her alone in the sitting tell me you didn’t deserve the
    slap?*she shouted angrily*
    What? she caught us..chaii..
    Me: am so sorry
    Becca: sorry?
    *she stood to leave when I held her back,,she angrily removed
    her hand from my grasp*
    Becca: I came here all the way from england because of you to
    see you like this..*tears fell from her eyes*
    Me: what di..d y..o.u..m.ean *i stammered*
    Becca: the truth is,,I am not angry because of lizzy,,I am angry
    because I was might be thinking I am stupid right..I
    fell in love with you seeing your pictures lizzy sent me..I viewed
    them everyday and night that I wanted to see you so
    badly..jason,,I love you..
    She brought my head to hers and we started kissing..she was
    rubbing my chest while I was squeezing her very soft boobs..I
    gathered my strenght then pull out..
    Me: am sorry..we shouldn’t be doing this and besides am in love
    with your sister..I can’t do this..
    I gave her no chance to reply and ran upstairs..I entered my
    room then heaved a sigh..I changed to simple cloth then jumped
    on my bed..I launch my laptop browser wanting to check the
    latest news to see the shock of my life..there is latest and
    trending news about the man that died in mr lincoln’s hotel and
    the suspect is me..what?..I dialed david number but not
    reacheable..I ran downstairs and told becca I’ll be right back..I
    stormed out then entered the car not bother calling jackson..I
    finally exited the house..
    a silver camry followed me as soon as I took off..before I could
    think of anything,,I was overtook and connered..two mens
    alighted and they both aimed at me..before I could do anything..I
    felt two bullets entered my body and everything went blank

    Episode 16

    I gradually began opening my blurry vision later
    became clearer and I found myself on the hospital bed and lizzy
    sitting beside me crying profusely..she shouted immeditely she
    saw my eyes opened and hugged me..that’s when I
    know,jackson and ada was also there in the hospital..we later
    disengaged..I then managed to sit smiling supporting my back
    with a pillow..
    Lizzy: what really happened?
    Me: its a long story..
    Ada: welcome back jason *she gave a slight hug*
    Jackson: welcome back boss..*i shook him*
    Lizzy: you are out for 4days..I thought you are can I
    live without you..
    Me: I cannever leave me..
    We kissed till the doctor walked inside..he smiled when he saw
    Doctor: I can’t believe this..this is really a miracle..
    He later tested me and confirmed I am now okay and will be
    discharged later walked out and ada went out
    with him to settle the bills..jackson gave me my phone and I told
    him to go prepare the car as the time already gone
    (5:42pm)..lizzy also followed jackson to prepare food for me as
    am gravely hungry..I was wondering who it was that want me
    dead..david call later landed on my phone and I quickly picked
    David: jason,,is it really are alive?..thank goodness
    Me: guy na my mama prayer wey dey work ontop my head oo..
    David: am really so happy..but who is it you think might want
    you dead?
    Me: I can’t think of anyone..but it seems its those that poisoned
    that man..
    David: that’s why I told you to becareful..I know they will be
    after you..
    Me: I see one news wey dem talk say na me be the suspect..
    David: na only rumour,no mind those petty weytin
    dem no see dem dey post..guy I go call you later..
    Me: ok bro..
    Now I finally have friend..I locked my phone then laid on my
    bed..later in the night..the nurses came to check on me though I
    can hear them saying its a miracle I survived and am
    handsome,,blah,blah..they later left and suddenly I began
    hearing sound of shoe heading towards me..I was scared,though
    I still hope its lizzy coz am so hungry..the person opened the
    door..and because the room is dark as those nurses already
    turned the light off..I began tracing my phone with my finger in
    fear and suddenly the light was turned on..I was more than
    suprise to see becca..she was wearing a very short skirt holding
    a black nylon..
    Me: you scared me..
    Becca: I did that on is your body? *she sat beside
    Me: I would have ran away if my body is okay..
    She bursted to laughter while I managed to sit resting my back
    on the pillow with her help..
    Becca: you have become more handsome..
    Me: what?..then I think I need two more bullets..
    *She laughed again*
    Becca: you are so funny..
    She dug her hands in the polythene-bag and brought out my
    favourites..joll-of-rice and chicken plus lemon
    stomach vibrated immediately that I can’t stop licking my lips..
    Becca: I know you must be hungry..
    Me: but how did you know my favourite?
    Becca: lizzy told me..I told you I know everything about you
    even the size of your..*she pointed at my stick*
    What?..the size of my stick?..chaii..I made to eat myself when
    she insisted she will be the one to feed me..I agreed after much
    arguement,,she started feeding but I was really not enjoying
    it..coz am so hungry..the door later opened and I was shocked
    to see lizzy though was suprise as rebecca just continued
    feeding me even when she saw her twin sister..lizzy then walked
    towards us also holding a nylon which I surely know food was
    Lizzy: what ar..e you doing here becca? *she stammered*
    Becca: am doing this in your stead..I think you must be tired
    after crying for 4days and not even sleep or eat..
    Lizzy: am not tired,,thank you..
    Becca: oh,am sorry if this anger you..I just thought I should
    She stood up and lizzy satdown
    Becca: I’ll be on my way now..see you tomorrow jason *she
    winked at me then walked outside*
    Lizzy: is there something between you and becca?
    Me: hell no..
    She fed me her food while we kissed several times..we chatted
    till am feeling sleepy..I called jackson to come pick her up
    though she insisted she will sleep with me in the hospital but I
    refused..jackson later arrived..our lip met again and this time
    the kiss lasted longer than before..we later broke off and she
    left though I still can see in her eyes she don’t want to leave and
    I also did not want her to leave,,but I have no choice..
    Jackson helped me switched the light off before they went out
    and I immediately drifted to deep slumber..I suddenly began
    hearing sound of shoe heading towards me again in a very swift
    motion,,its getting closer..though still closed my eyes but I was
    so scared..its getting really louder until it finally
    heart beating was louder and faster and I was not breathing
    properly..I suddenly felt a hand strangling my neck,,I shouted
    “help” with all my strenght and nurses rushed inside..they
    quickly turned on the light but I was suprise to see there is no
    one except the nurses..what?

    Episode 17

    The nurses quickly ran to me to check me up..I told them what’s
    going on with me but they seems not to believe as they said I
    was hallucinating and that was the side effect of the injection I
    received..I later kept muted so they won’t think I’m mad..they
    gave me another sleep pills and I quickly swallowed them while
    they turned off the light and went outside..I later woke up in the
    morning feeling pain all over my body,,I seems to have a very
    rough sleep coz I was scared I’ll be murdered..I was still
    yawning when mr lincoln call landed on my phone..I quickly
    picked it.. hello son,,how are you feeling right now?
    Me: am good sir.. I heard about it all and am deeply sorry..
    Me: its nothing sir.. I’ll make sure to return home as soon as
    possible..but son.. becareful..
    Me: okay sir *hung up*
    Jackson later arrived and we went home..on getting home..we
    alighted..jackson helped me in walking coz I am not fully
    healed,,I no be superman now..we later entered the sitting room
    to see lizzy pacing round the sitting room probably waiting for
    us..jackson went back outside and I went upstairs with lizzy..we
    sat beside each other holding hands..
    Lizzy: uncle david told me everything..what are we going to do
    now..coz it doesn’t seems they will stop..
    Me: don’t worry honey..everything will soon be okay..*i fake
    Am also scared and worried coz I don’t wanna die young..I
    haven’t even phone suddenly began ringing and I
    checked the caller to see the caller identity was hidden..I
    hesitated first before picking it,,my heart can’t stop pounding
    heavily as I gradually stick my phone to my hear..
    Me: he..llo *i stammered*
    Caller: bravo!!!…so you survived..*a thick male voice*
    Me: w..ho ar..e yo..u *i stammered again*
    Caller: don’t be scared youngman..calm yourself..I just called to
    warn you..leave the family now and forever if you value your
    Me: *i summoned courage* who are you to tell me to leave?
    Caller: *laughs* you are really stupid,,think about this because I
    won’t warn you again..take care youngman..*hang up*
    My breathing wasn’t normal again while I was sweating
    Lizzy: what’s happening?
    Me: *fake smiled* its nothing..
    Lizzy: talk to me honey,,what’s going on?
    Me: I think the person called wrong number *i lied*
    To prevent her from asking more questions,,I quickly kissed her
    hand and began telling her how much I loved her..she smiled
    and our lip later met..we kissed for some minutes but nothing
    happened between us ..she later left me to rest while I laid on
    my bed after freshen up and I kept thinking about the caller’s
    warning..what if he really kills me..chaii..”I can’t risk my life” I
    thought to myself..I decided to call david but he doesn’t pick my
    calls..I was still on this when I slept off..
    Two days later(monday)..I was still in the house though now
    okay..nothing bad also happened so I think those guys have
    already stopped,,my friendship with david became smoother
    that we tell everything about eachother,I and becca are now
    friends..she was really interesting..
    I gradually opened eyes and yawned twice before standing its morning already..I checked my time to see
    9:10am..what?..I slept so long?..I later head downstairs coz
    am hungry like a devil..I climbed down the stairs to see becca
    sitting on the couch watching cartoon..
    Becca: was your night?
    Me: cool..lizzy?
    Becca: oh,she went to supermarket awhile ago with jackson..
    Me: okay *sat beside her*
    Then I realise she was wearing a sleeveless underwear-like top
    that reveals her massive white boobs..I can’t just stop staring
    and sure she caught me as she smiled and shifted more closer
    to me..
    Becca: did you like what you just see?
    I just stared at her not saying anything..before I know it..her
    hand already found it way to my joystick and she was gently
    caressing it..its been long since I’v bleeped so I was turned on
    immediately like parsun generator..I placed my hand on her God
    gifted boobs,squeezing them like there is no tomorrow while
    kissing alongside..she have already removed her cloth while I
    have almost removed mine..suddenly my phone began ringing..I
    angrily picked it on the glass table to see the caller was
    jackson..I picked it..
    Me: hey jack..
    Person: are you the phone owner’s boss?
    Me: sure..wh..y? *i stammered*
    Person: he was shot by armed robbers and now in our hospital..
    Me: yeeeh*i shouted*..what about the girl who was with him?
    Person: I am sorry but there is no girl with him..
    I was sweating profusely while my whole body trembled in
    fear..its obviously not armed robbers..Its those guys again..I
    pray nothing bad happened to lizzy..

    Episode 18

    I wasted no time to explain all that’s going on to becca..we both
    dashed to the hospital as it was the hospital I was recently
    discharged from..we entered the hospital with fear clearly
    shown on my face,,we asked for jackson’s ward and we are
    allowed to enter..he laid on the bed covered with plasters even
    on head while the doctor stood beside him,,he quickly
    recognised me when he saw me,,I wonder how many bullets he
    Me: how is he?
    Doctor: he is still breathing though haven’t open his eyes..we
    removed 3 bullets from his arm,2 from his chest and 1 from his
    Chaii..I don’t know when tears started falling from my eyes..
    Becca: will h..e m..ade it? *she stammered*
    Doctor: its a good thing he’s still breathing..but I can’t assure
    you he will be okay..
    I can’t lose jackson..”I am the cause of all this” I cursed in my
    mind..I quickly pull out my phone from my pocket then dialed
    david’s number..he quickly picked it like he was expecting my
    call before..
    David: hey dude..
    Me: dave am in trouble
    David: what’s going on with you?..why are you in trouble?
    Me: they have her..they li..zzy *i stammered*
    David: what? did it happened?
    *i explained to him including how jackson was brutally shooted*
    David: calm down,,it will be okay..I’ll call you later *hung up*
    We later left the hospital,,I entered the house with my already
    red and swollen eyes..I can feel my body was not mine again
    like am carrying the body of a troll and its feels heavy that I
    even managed to walk while becca also followed like a
    zombie..I crashed myself on the couch lost in the paradise of
    thoughts..becca then sat beside me holding my hands..
    Me: I shouldn’t have entered this house,,all this won’t be
    Becca: jason its not your fault,,stop blaming yourself..
    Me: what am I going to do now when your dad finds out?..
    Becca: no one will tell dad and am sure uncle david will get lizzy
    out soon..everything will be okay here for you..
    I looked into her gaze for the first time then collapsed my head
    on her shoulder crying phone suddenly rang..I
    wiped off my tears thinking it was david..but I was suprise and
    scared at thesame time when I see the caller’s identity was
    hidden..I took my phone with my shaky hand..I picked the call
    then changed it to loud speaker
    Me: he…llo
    Caller: hello must know right now we have your
    *i and becca both looked at each other suprisingly*
    Me: what did you want sir?
    Caller: *laughed* are you not the one shouting on me last
    time?..why don’t you shout now? have a sore throat?
    Me: *heaved a sigh* am sorry sir..please what did you want?..
    Caller: its simple..
    Me: what’s that?
    Caller: all lincoln’s properties document..
    Me: what?
    Caller: you can’t do it?,,should I just put a bullet in your lover’s
    “Don’t give him” I heard lizzy’s voice..”Shut up” the man
    shouted at her..
    Caller: I’ll give you a call after 5days..your lover will be with us
    till then..*hung up*
    Me: hello..hello..hello sir *i shouted*
    I angrily threw my phone on the table when I realise he have
    already hang up..what do I do now..this is so terrible..I quickly
    picked up my phone and call david..I explained everything to
    him,,he later ended the call with “I’ll call you later” again..I later
    retired to my room and immediately crashed on my bed lost in
    the jungle of thoughts…my phone later started ringing..once
    again I thought it was david but it was he been
    told?..I am surely dead how are you my son..
    Me: am ..fine sir *trying to be normal* what’s wrong with you voice? everything okay?
    Me: everything?..yes sir..everything is okay sir.. alright,,I just called to tell you I’ll return 3days time..
    Me: what?..*nearly shouted* is something wrong?
    Me: I was just suprise sir.. okay..bye for now..wait..lizzy number was not
    reachable..what’s wrong?
    Me: she is..I mean she is..sleeping..she said she have
    headache.. oh,make sure she took her drug..
    Me: that’s no problem sir.. are sure everything is okay?
    Me: sure sir.. okay son..bye for now..*hung up*
    I was breathing heavily holding my phone phone
    suddenly beeped of incoming message..I unlocked my phone
    then clicked on message icon with my heart beating
    unpatiently..the message was:
    “Let’s talk” from ada..I hissed angrily then went to her room..I
    don’t bother knocking and just entered to see her sitting on her
    bed fully dressed in a brown shiny gown and her pink lip stick is
    well seen..I sat beside her..
    Me: why are you back early? *pretending am okay*
    Ada: I heard it all from david..I came to check if you are
    okay..why don’t we just handed them the document?
    Me: what?..I can’ not the owner of the documents..besides
    I don’t know where it is *i lied*
    Ada: you are so close with lizzy,,how can you not know where
    the document is?..
    Me: I really don’t know,,you called me here to tell me all this
    trash? *almost shouted*
    Ada: no jason..calm down..I came here to tell you we have
    another problem..
    Me: *my heart pounds* *i stammered*
    Ada: am pregnant…
    Me: why is that my concern?
    Ada: I mean for pregnant for you jason..

    Episode 19

    I stared at her agape while she also stared doubt,,mr
    lincoln will chase me out if he finds out..
    Me: are you sure its not for mr lincoln?
    Ada: why are you acting childishly..the man just married me for
    nothing,,he have never bleep me..
    Me: but how can you be so sure am responsible? *let out with
    scared tone*
    Ada: you are the only one I have ever sex with after my marriage
    with lincoln..
    My eyes grew bigger,,my head was ringing really in
    trouble..she made to hold my hand when I moved my hand
    Me: am sorry..I can’t just accept the pregnancy without any
    proof or evidence*said coldly*
    I turned back and was walking to the door..
    Ada: you want proof..take one more step and I’ll show you the
    evidence by telling lincoln you forcefully raped me which results
    to this pregnancy..
    My leg stuck to the ground..I tried to move it but I can’t..I know
    am finished the moment I take another step..I turned back to
    face her..tears already filled her eyes..
    Me: what did you suggest we do? *i asked calmly*
    Ada: now you are talking..let’s give these people those
    documents and in-return ask them to pay us a life-changing
    cash..we will then fly off to germany after..
    Me: what? can I do this?..
    Ada: I know the document is with you..
    Me: yes..but…(She cut in)
    Ada: hand it over jason..that’s the only way we can save
    I was lost in the paradice of thoughts..truly that’s the only way
    to save my a-s..the thought of lizzy weakened me and at
    thesame time made me react angrily to ada’s suggestion..
    Me: how can you think like this? *almost shouted*
    Ada: its the only way jason..
    Me: I’ll rather rot in jail than doing this sorry am not
    into this your stupid and cruel idea..
    I stormed out not giving her anychance to talk..yes I was so
    angry that I was having headache..I stormed into my room and
    jumped on my bed..I unlocked my phone and began viewing
    lizzy’s pictures..I really missed her..later in the night..I was still
    in my usual thoughts when soft knocks landed on my door..I
    thought it was ada so I angrily walked to door but opened it to
    see becca smiling at me in her pyjamas..she was holding a
    champagne bottle with a glass cup..I was staring at her with
    suprise shown on my face..
    Becca: can I enter?
    Me: *smiled* come in *i let her in*
    She sat on my bed and I sat with her..the great perfume
    fragrance she wear has already filled my room..
    Becca: you must be thinking of lizzy aren’t you?
    Me: *smiled* I missed her..
    Becca: drink some champagne..
    She poured me some champagne in a glass cup and I quickly
    gulped it down..yes..this is what I need to forget
    head is full and might even explode if I kept thinking..
    Me: thanks becca..
    We talked while I drink alongside..I noticed she wasn’t drinking..
    Me: you should drink some too..
    Becca: I don’t drink champagne,,it makes my tommy hot..
    I just smiled and continue drinking..I wish its all ends here,,I
    wish I couldn’t remember anything again..the glass cup
    suddenly fell from my hand and it shaltered to eyes
    began force-closing till I finally slept eyes opened to
    meet the rays of light that entered my room through the
    window,,everything that happened yesterday night kept replaying
    in my head..
    I hit my head trying to remember everything..I knew am missing
    something..I checked my time to see 10:21am..chaii..I dashed
    downstairs hungrily to see becca sitting watching her cartoon
    Becca: morning handsome..
    Me: thanks for yesterday night..
    She smiled while I just patted her shoulder and was about
    leaving when someone pushed the door opened..I looked at the
    direction so scared to see two red eyes giant policemen..what
    are they here for?..
    Policeman 1: are you mr jason? *smirked*
    Me: yes..*stammered*
    Policeman 2: *staring murderously* youngman you are under
    arrest for murder and for conspiring to take
    down….*rolled the handcuff*

    Episode 20

    I was immediately cuffed..becca made to argue with them when
    I stopped her..I was pushed outside like a real criminal..we later
    made our way to their van while becca was crying following like
    a zombie and I can see the gatekeeper putting his hands on his
    head staring at us..we entered the van and zoomed off..we were
    sitting opposite each other..the smirk on the first policeman
    never dissapear while the second one murderous look increased
    20times..after 40minutes on the road..I was suprised when they
    began removing there uniform..the tattoos on there arm showed
    vividly as it was thesame..a skull head..
    Me: are yo..u a polic..emen? *i stammered*
    They both bursted to laughter and pull out a white big sack
    under the seat..I began trembling in fear as they reveal two
    corpse which were real policemen in the sack..
    Me: help *i shouted*
    They quickly covered my nose with a white handkerchief and I
    gradually lose my breath till everything went blank..I woke up
    breathing heavily after loads of water found its way to my
    body..I was already tied to a chair in a very dark
    blurry vision became clearer and a deep voice which I
    recognised as lizzy’s kidnapper sounded from the dark..
    Kidnapper: welcome to hell are putting your life
    on the line to save that crazy family..
    Me: they are not crazy,,you are the crazy one…*i blurted out*
    Kidnapper: *laughs histerically* where are the documents?
    I was just staring at his dark figure already wet my pant..He lit a
    torch to my face and I did nothing but close my eyes in fear..his
    voice is not as deep as the voice that speaks to me on phone…
    he switched off the light and he slowly lit his cigarrette with his no time the smells of the cigarrette has already filled
    the room which made me cough heavily..
    Me: I don’t know where it is *i replied still coughing*
    Kidnapper: I won’t ask again..where are the documents?
    Me: I told you I don’t know where it is? *replied with scared
    Kidnapper: *laughs* I’ll be here again tomorrow..tomorrow will
    be the last day you’ll live anyway..
    I heard him opening the door and later closed it..the rest of the
    day seems to be like a year to me..I fell asleep hungrily..I can’t
    believe I still slept off in my situation..the sound of the door
    woke me up..I guess its another day..I hear “tick” and the light
    came on..there I have a clear view of the kidnapper..he is very
    giant and tall,,skinned head with tattoo all over his body as he
    was wearing sleeveless top and a crazy jean..
    Me: who are you?
    Kidnapper: the one who will kill you soon..*smirked*
    A thunder struck in my heart..will I really die..oh my
    mum..abigeal..I don’t know when tears began falling from my
    Kidnapper: so jason..where are the documents?
    Me: I d..on’t know *i stammered*
    He angrily pull out his pistol from his back pocket..he cocked it
    and aim it at me..
    Kidnapper: tell me where it is and I’ll spare you..
    I just kept muted staring at him with loads of sweat dripping
    down my neck..he was about pulling the trigger when my phone
    began ringing in my back pocket..the guy brought it out and
    immediately smiled staring at the caller..
    Kidnapper: its lincoln..tell him you’ve betrayed him and have ran
    away..if you say anything else..I’ll *gestures to kill me by
    swiping his hand round his neck*
    He picked the call then put it on loudspeaker..
    Lincoln: you this ingrate you are planning to take me
    down…where is my daughter?..where is lizzy..*he shouted*
    Me: I didn’t ki..dnap her sir *i cried*
    The man pointed the gun at my head staring murderously..
    Me: am sorry I betrayed you sir..
    Lincoln: where are you hiding b-----d?
    Me: I…*the man cut the call*
    Kidnapper: perfect..*he laughs histerically* beginning to
    like you..
    His phone suddenly rang out loud and he picked it immediately..
    Kidnapper: can come in..
    About 12minutes later..the door opened..staring agape at the
    person that entered with a devilish smile sent electric shock
    round my body and I was paralysed not able to move any of the
    parts of my body….
    David: hello jason

    Episode 21

    I stared agape as david walked towards me with the devilish
    smiled I ever seen..
    Me: wha..t are you doing here *i stammered*
    David: am here to get what’s mine..
    Me: I d..ont understand*stammered again*
    David: shut the hell one ever understand me..tell me that
    again and I’ll blow your head off..
    Tears trickled down my cheek and I felt so betrayed..I shouldn’t
    have believe this guy from the start..
    David: I heard you are still playing hard to get..
    He walked more closer to me while his italian black shoe
    sounded one after the other..
    Me: why are you doing this?
    David: *smiled* I told get what’s mine..
    Me: how do you mean?..I possess none of your things..
    David: I heard from my brothers lawyer he is planning to will his
    properties..our parent’s properties for you and his
    daughters..he will die soon..and after I get the documents..all
    the properties will be mine and mine alone..*bursted to crazy
    Me: what have you done to him?
    David: just a little thing that will be killing him slowly..
    Me: how sure are you that you will get the documents?
    He angrily punched my face and my nose started bleeding..I
    wish I could retaliate but I couldn’t..the fear in me have turned
    to pure anger..I can’t control my anger as I angrily spit on his
    face..he laughed,,stepped back and cleaned his face..
    David: Scapel,teach him some manner *referring to the giant
    guy I thought he was the kidnapper*
    Scapel slowly walked to me showing murderous look..can’t
    describe how horrible and scary he was..the scars I bet he had
    gotten from gunshots showed vividly on his my
    suprise..he removed his sleeveless top..omo see no
    time..he turned my body to punching bag..he beated me till I
    think I stopped breathing..I woke up after another loads of
    water landed on my body..david was still standing at my front
    rolling his shirt sleeves..
    David: so tell me youngman..where are the documents? *lit his
    Me: I do..nt kn..ow *i forced out with blood coming out from
    every angle of my mouth*
    David: you must be putting lizzy’s life on the line..
    I quickly raised my head hearing the name..
    Me: where is she?
    David: why do I have to answer you..well..she is safe for
    now..but if you are like this..I can’t guarantee her safety
    anymore..*blew his cigarrette smoke to my face while I coughed
    Me: don’t dare touch even her hair or I’ll kill you..
    David: *bursted to laughter* let’s see how you’ll do that..I can
    see you no longer care for the girl..scapel..tell them to finish her
    of..(I interrupted)
    Me: wait..*i shouted*
    Scapel who was about dialling a number locked his phone and
    put back in his pocket..
    Me: I’ll tell you where the document is..but in-return you have to
    release lizzy..
    David: I give you my word..
    Me: its in my….its under my bed..*i forced out with tears in my
    David smiles then brought his phone from his pocket..he dialed
    a number..
    David: he said the documents are under his bed..*with low
    I wonder who he was calling..but am sure its someone that’s
    living with us in the house..who could that it becca? Or
    ada? really confuse right this guy have been
    planning this all long..
    Me: I have given you what you release lizzy
    what you want me *i stammered,.thought I don’t really
    mean this*
    David: sure I’ll release her..but only her body..
    Me: what did you mean?
    David smiled and gave scapel a go ahead gesture..scapel
    brought out his phone then dialed a number..I was really scared
    wanting to know what he was really trying to do..
    Scapel: finish her..
    Me: what? promised to release her..
    David: but I didn’t promised to release her alive..
    Me: please..I beg of you *crying profusely*
    David: too late man..
    He stretched his hand out towards scapel and scapel gave him
    his pistol with smirk..he wasted no time and shot my other arm
    and I screamed in greatest pain..tears were not even coming
    out my face again as I have already shed all my
    loosing too much blood already..
    David: this is for taking so long to tell me where the documents
    He aimed the gun at my chest again..and I was just smiling fully
    prepared to die..oh my mum..and she warned me not to
    concern myself in anyone’s business..
    David: let’s end things here..
    He gently rubbed the trigger and was about pulling it when
    knocks landed on the door..he handed the gun to scapel while I
    breathed deeply as he heads to the door..

    Episode 22(Final)

    Continues from the last scene of the previous episode..
    I did nothing but stared agape at the figure standing at the door
    as loads of saliva mixed with blood fell from mouth..I just can’t
    believe my eyes,,I wish I was not tied,,I would have rubbed my
    eyes countless time without number..I wish this was a dream,,I
    would have quickly woke up..I watched with more surprise on
    my face as ada handed david the documents after they both
    Me: also?
    Ada: don’t be surprise jason..the reason I married lincoln is
    because of this..a very young girl like me marrying that old
    man..isn’t that stupid?..after we graduated,,my parent died in a
    car accident and I was left alone in this cruel world..after I was
    raped by some gangs at the cool spot I was working for..I
    decided to commit suicide but david saved me..he told me
    about how his brother took over all his parent properties and I
    volunteered to help him get them back..I hope you don’t resent
    me..coz you are also one of people that almost made me
    commit broke up with me with a false
    didn’t even know how many years I suffered for
    heartbreak..*tears trickled down her eyes*
    Me: I should have known when you kept telling me to handover
    the documents..go on..kill me..what are you waiting for?*i
    David: *laughs* take it easy gave no reason to
    let you live..
    He nodded to scapel who concentrated more on the pistol he
    was dusting with a white handkerchief..he later whistle to him to
    let him know..he put on his usual smirk face then aimed the gun
    at me..he targeted my heart and later changed the target to my
    rod spot..he smiled when he saw my eyes grew bigger and
    targeted my head..
    Ada: stop..we might still need him *said calmly*
    David: *thought for awhile* I don’t think so..get rid of
    him..seeing his face gives me goosebumps..
    What’s that am hearing?..scapel also put down his gun..I think
    he was also hearing thesame sound I was was police
    siren sound..the sound gradually gets louder and david who was
    frowning at scapel started runnning helter and skelter..
    Scapel: boss..its the police..what do we do?
    David: shut up and let me did the..y know our hide
    He faced ada who was shaking as she kept looking at the
    floor..she noticed david was coming for her and she made to
    run outside when david held her back and pushed her to the
    David: you dare betray me?
    Ada: I can’t let you kill innocents,david..your revenge is going
    too far..
    David: who are you to talk to me like this?..I saved your life and
    all you do is stabbed me at the back..
    He angrily pulled out a small knife from his pocket and stabbed
    ada as much as he could..I watched as ada slide down from the
    wall to the floor..david tasted her blood like a vampire and was
    heading towards me with mean face when scapel grabbed him..
    Scapel: boss..we have to escape now..
    David: no..not until I kill him *he shouted*
    He angrily snatched the pistol from scapel and a gunshot was
    finally heard..I opened my eyes to see david on the floor in the
    pool of his blood while scapel knelt raising his hand..the police
    stormed inside and in no time they rushed ada outside..I was
    quickly untied and was helped up by two a result
    of loosing toomuch blood,,I fainted immediately..
    A computer was beeping from afar,,the sound was getting
    louder and clearer and suddenly I opened my eyes to see myself
    on the hospital bed with the person I never belief to be alive
    beside me..
    Me: lizzy? You are alive?
    Lizzy: yes,,aunt ada saved sorry you had to go through
    all that because of my family..
    I touched her cheek to be more sure then quickly hugged her..
    Me: am so glad you are alive..
    Lizzy: me too..I can’t live without you..
    Someone clears throat,,then I realise,,becca,,jackson
    and bisi was there looking at the drama we are acting since..I
    felt a little embarrased then let out a smile but kind of scared to
    see bisi..but seeing her laughing reduced my fear and
    Me: where is a..da?
    I watched as they all kept muted..I knew something terrible has
    happened to her..or the worst..lizzy later revealed to me she
    didn’t make it and I was so sad but what to goes on..
    Two months later..I and lizzy went to a beach..I am now a
    millonaire and lizzy is my wife to be..we sat down beside each
    other laughing and gisting..
    Lizzy: close your eyes..
    I did so without wasting time..her lip met with mine and we were
    still kissing when rain started falling..I was enjoying the kiss
    when a slap landed on my cheek..what?..I opened my eyes to
    find myself on our bed(I and younger brother ben)..the slap was
    from ben when he was sleep-walking..
    I can’t described how disgusting it was to see me kissing ben’s
    butt and the rain I thought was falling in my dream was ben’s cloth already be his fault now..if no be me wey
    don dey house dey search for job for two years..I can’t believe I
    was felt so lizzy,ada,becca etc no
    real..I tried to sleep countless time to continue the dream..but
    sleep no come..chaii..its morning already..
    my phone suddenly beeped..I began searching for it till I realise
    I was sleeping on it..I unlocked it to see I have two unreaded
    message..I hissed then clicked on message icon to see one
    from mtn and the other..oh the other from Kings International
    School which was one of the best school in nigeria..I quickly
    checked the message and it says:
    “Congratulations,,you have been employed,report back on
    monday for more informations”..
    Woah..finally..I began wondering how my life as a teacher will
    be in that great school that I ignored ben who was farting
    jacking his butt around on the bed like a troll.
    The End

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