Story: My Lover, My Wife

    Episode 1

    Emeka and Lucy just got wedded. The ceremony was the talk of the whole village, everyone came from far and within was in attendance, most of them came because they knew about the fairytale adventure of the pair. They grew together in a small village in Oba, in Anambra state. They love story started from when they were kids, they were born on the same night, and in the same hospital. Ever since, nothing seems to separate the both of them. Six years in primary school, six years in secondary school, four years in the university, nothing. The news of there relationship was on the lips of every teenager. Truly, everyone was practically jealous of the two. Nobody bothered to come in-between them because they felt it would be a waste of time. Thier parents tried to make them keep distances between each other, yet it failed. So they kept quiet. On the eve of the wedding, both parents blessed their children and wished them well. Emeka was an owner of a big cooperation, and Lucy was famous business woman. No wonder the wedding attracted the best personalities from far and near.

    The honeymoon was superb. Emeka tried to make sure she got the best out of the romance. He took her to expensive places, places she hasn't thought of going before. "I thank God for my kind of husband" She muttered to herself. They spent a full month in the romantic adventure.  The sex was great too. After the honeymoon, there was  a big difference in Lucy's body, her cheeks and body fattened. Her waist was broader, and friends became jealous of her. Everyone prayed   a relationship like Lucy and Emeka.

    Lucy got pregnant, gave birth to a son, four years later, she took in again and this time, it was a girlThere is no greater feeling having someone you love, loving you even greater measure. Fast forward to five years later, Lucy was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer. This discovery she found out herself.

    Episode 2

    The test results came as a blow to Lucy, her marriage in few years old, the last thing she could think of is to break this kind of news. "How will her husband react to it?" She thought. Not all men would stand lightly to such an information. The for better, for worse vows made on the altars, are just formalities to some men. She called her friend, Chioma, to confine in her. Chioma was the business friend she met few years back at Aba, when she was on a business trip and ever since then, both of them has been inseparable. When Chioma heard it, she tried to convince her to tell her husband. But it fell on deaf pleas. "His not in the position to know this now" Lucy replied Chioma. "I just fear, how he would react to it. Allow me tell him during my own time" she continued. "For Christ sake, look at what you are saying" Chioma said back at her. "What happened to the for better for worse vows?" She asked her. "Chioma, just do this for me, I told you because I want the burden to be lesser on me, but please don't tell my husband, until I am sure am not scared of the future." Lucy pleaded with her. Just then, Emeka walked in. The both greeted him, and all went into the dinner table.

    Days turned into weeks, Lucy was quieter, she bought and took her medications, but from the knowledge of her husband. She tried to pretend all was well. Emeka knew something was wrong, he tried to convince his wife to tell him what was going on, but she refused insisting everything was fine. "Baby, you wake up late recently, your not strong enough to prepare meals again, you don't go out, and I have seen you vomit most times" Emeka said, opening up to all he saw in the house. "Why can't you tell me what is going on?" He asked her. "Honey, you don't need to investigate me like this, am very much okay." She replied him. "Let me cook your food for you" she continued.

    A lot of things changed in the marriage, Lucy was battling with her illness, it took her time off the marriage. Balancing the kids, her husband,and her self, was such a great deal. Chioma kept on coming to remind her how important it was for her to let her husband know, but she refused insisting that it wasn't the right time for him to know, and how scared she was if the husband got to know about it. "Men are so unpredictable" she kept on telling her.

    "Good morning sir"  Joy greeted Emeka. "Ah joy, how are you doing?" He asked her. "Am fine" She replied him. They both exchanged pleasantries and went to there offices.

    Emeka came home that day to meet Lucy in bed.  He needed a welcome hug and kiss like she always has done, but he got none today. He was about to change his clothes until he got a call, a friend of his, invited him over for a drink, he picked up his car key again and drove off. There he met joy again. She was with a few colleagues, and surprisingly, none of them were married.

    Episode 3

    The night was getting exciting for Emeka, he was look happy to be away from his seemingly boring marriage. Loud music blared from the speakers, he never knew most of the songs that was played but he was already enjoying the beats. He moved his legs rhythmically. "How are you feeling tonight" a voice asked him. He turned to look back. It was joy. "Am fine joy" he replied, trying to act cool. "Surprisingly, I can't believe you wore this weird dressing to this kind of place" she said. Emeka looked at himself. He was not good in choosing clothes. His wife did that for him. But for sometime, she also failed in that aspect. Lucy was beginning to act strange. The reasons on why he was in love with her, she was trying to throw it away. "Are you with me?" Joy asked him. Emeka`s  heart returned to himself. "Yea" he replied casually. "Just a little headache and I guess it is from the amount of time I give to my job. "That is why you need this" Joy continued. Emeka raised his face down a little to gap some air, his eyes went straight to the legs of Joy. Her fair rounded legs caught his fancy. Her sitting position did not help him. She crossed her legs and the full pound of the flesh can be seen very clearly. He tried to suspend his attention from her, but the scenario was magnetic. "Hey, let's go and have some drink" Joy said, forcing his attention off. "Bills on me" She continued. "How can a secretary pay bills for her superior?" Emeka asked trying to reaffirm his masculinity. "Don't worry, nobody will get to know about this" she assured him.

    It was past 2am, the lounge was high with cigarette smoking and stenchy smells of alcohol. Music was still on, and most of the people were dancing. The first bottle of alcohol was already drowning him. His eyes were shaky and he seems not to have full control of his outer self. He looked at his watch, it was few minutes passed two. He brought out his phone and did not see any missed call from his wife. He wondered why his wife could not call him to find out where he was. He wasnt the late night guy, and this was the first time in many years to display such character. "Is she in love with another person?" He thought. "What if someone else is doing what he could not do for her" the thoughts kept telling him. As much as he could think of, he has done what a husband could do to her. "Why is Lucy doing like this?" He kept on thinking.

    Lucy woke up and midnight, to see blood stains on the bed. She realized that it came from her nose. Quickly she rushed into her wardrobe and grabbed her drugs, where she hid them. With a full flip of water, she took it in. Then she realized her husband was not at home. "This is unlike him" she thought. She picked up her phone and tried to call him. Her airtime was exhausted. She earlier used it to convince a costumer on phone to come the next day to patronize her goods. She was helpless. Her last resort was prayers. "God please guide my husband" She knelt down to say. Tears was running down from her eyes, she felt everything was not fine and okay. She looked around and saw his work materials and briefcase. She prayed he should be fine wherever he his.

    Four bottles down, and the room spinning round his head, Emeka was lifted up and brought to a room with just a bed.  He felt someone unknotting his shirt. It was joy, she was stark naked.

    Episode 4

    Emeka looked around the little room joy took him into, the brain was processing images and scenarios he saw, but the body felt weak and disabled. In seconds, his shirt was unbuttoned.  Joy silently and slowly took of her clothes. He could see the wonderful design of her naked body. This was the first time he saw a woman naked, apart from his wife. He thought he would get guilty, but the conscience of guilt was nowhere to be found. "She is beautiful" he murmured to himself. If anyone would have told him, he would cheat on his wife in such a manner, he would never believe. Everything was quick and fast. He knew his wife trusted him but her recent attitude to him and the family has given him multiple reasons to start doubting her. It was hours past midnight, and yet no call from her to determine how he is. "What kind of a wife does that?" He thought to himself.  Joy kissed him, this time passionately. Her hands moving every inch of his body, with a flip, she loosened his belt and his trousers went loose. "This is a genius" he said to himself. He hasn't gotten this kind of romantic gesture from his wife. Joy was the real deal. He just lay on the bed doing nothing.

    It was almost 4am, Lucy lay on the bed awake. She had a nightmare. She could not comprehend what it means, because the dream wasn't too clear to her. All she knew was that someone was in a coffin, and everyone around seemed to be in tears. Immediately she woke up, she went down on her knees in prayers. She cried to God to save her husband for the night and bring him safely the next morning. She wished she had enough airtime to call him, but what kind of husband that can't call the wife to tell her of any development?

    Joy held Emeka close to her, the naked bodies riding on each other. Joy seemed to be experienced in such sexual orientations, and she used all her tactics on him. Her moans was soft and beautiful in his ears.  It sounded like a mobile device's message tone. She was wet like an ocean, and her body was soft as hot bread. This time, Emeka was on top, moving in, and moving out. The loud noise of the bed could be heard. The sex was great. They spent the right of the night, sleeping in each other's arms.

    It was dawn, the sun was up. Joy and Emeka woke up to go back to there destinations. It wasn't a friendly welcome when he got home. "Baby, what happened last night? Why can't you call to tell me about your plans last night?" Lucy asked him, demanding for an answer. "I don't have to tell you everything" he replied her. "You keep things from me, I keep things from you too" he continued.  "And what does that suppose to me" Lucy asked him, this time, with a voice decoying anger. "I meant, leave me alone" Emeka replied, raising his voice too. "You don't have to talk to me like that when I ask you a question" Lucy said to him, this time going close to him. Wish a quick flash, Emeka gave her a slap.

    Episode 5

    Everything happened like a scene in an Indian movie. Ever since the dou got married, there was never a time, Emeka raised his finger against her, even in there dating years. She sat down to cry. Emeka looked at her again. The pouring tears moved him. "But I am a man and deserved be respected" he thought. He picked up his briefcase and went inside the bedroom.

    The whole day was terrible for the both of them.  Lucy gave  the kids breakfast and had her and went to work. it was a trauma for her. That wasn't a good day for Emeka too.  He was absent minded most times at work, mind lots of wrong spellings in the paperwork, he needed someone to comfort him, his wife now judging him a monster and an abuser, the urge to talk to somebody was there. Just in, Joy walked in. He acted so cool. "Take a seat" he remembered himself saying. "How are you doing sir?" She asked him. "Am quite fine" he replied. "What about you?" He sent the question back. "Well, last night was the best for me" She answered him. "Spending the night with the man I love" she continued. Emeka thought hard. He was a married man and and definitely what he was doing was purely adultery.  But he has no choice. His wife is isolating him and allowing chances for him to get comfort somewhere else. "I am human too, I also need care" he said to himself.

    The love life between Emeka and Lucy was moving up intensively. They were seen together at clubs, supermarkets, and eateries. Lucy was left in a blackout. They only talked when it was time to call him out for dinner. The kids seems to never understand what was going on, because Lucy made sure they never knew about the whole scenario. Emeka beat her up multiple times, mostly on nights, he came back drunk. But Lucy still stayed and prayed. She wondered what could have happened if she let out the whole details of her illness to him. She was right. Men could change, men could be beasts. Her assumptions her husband was right after all. She was glad that she made the right call not to tell him anything. "But what could have turned a loving man she knew for decades turn out to be a monstrous creature" She thought.

    Joy walked into Emeka's office wearing a seducing appeal, enough to reveal the beautiful features she had. Emeka was tempted at the first sight of it, and he grabbed her in seconds. She held her waist and went for her lips, he aimed it so carefully and kissed her passionately. "Is this what you are doing" a voice said from behind.  It was Chioma. "Gosh, I can't believe all men are stupid, so what Chioma was thinking was true?" She continued.

    Episode 6

    Emeka quickly got off from Joy, flecks of results in orgasm messed the table. He wondered how Chioma got into his office. The mighty hand of lust overpowered him, to he forgot to bolt the office behind him. Chioma was amazed. The fears of her friend was looking true to her. He has known Emeka to be a nice guy, and would never believe a scenario like this could happen. Now, she can't watch a marriage her friend fought for long to sustain go up in crumbs. She rushed at Joy. With a swipe of her hand, she gave her a slap. Joy retaliated. They fought and drew the hairs of each other. Emeka tried to calm the both of them, but it was like a bigger power possessed the both girls. Finally, with the help of other staff members who heard the noises and came in rescue, they are both separated. "You are so shameless" Chioma screamed at Emeka. "You are a monstrous beast without human sympathy" she continued. "I cannot believe you could go so low to this level, sleeping with a cheaper slut of your secretary" she screamed again, this time, it was louder. "Who is this poor dressed relationship beggar" Joy replied, trying to defend the earlier statement made by Chioma. "If you don't keep quiet, I will put you where beggars belonged" she continued, this time trying to threaten her. The noise in the building rose up again, the girls shouting and calling each other names. Emeka was confused. He prayed all this will be over soon, he thought of a way to end everything right there, because of his growing reputation, but it was crystal clear that there was nothing he can do. The sharp mouths of this staffs will take the news around, and trust them, within, days, it will trend.

    "Chioma, why did you really come to my office" Emeka asked her. This time, Joy has gone back to her desk, and it was just the both of them in the office room. "I came to talk to you about your wife" she replied. "But you have shown me, that she was right all along" She continued. "Just go ahead, what is wrong?" He asked her. "Are you trying to tell me, you haven't noticed any changes in her?" Chioma asked him this time. "Yea, I did, and that is why you witnessed this" he replied confidently. An excuse was brewing up. "Why didn't you find out" Chioma asked again. "How many times have I tried to find out and she said no" Emeka replied again. Chioma broke into tears. She told him how Lucy had a brain cancer, how she smuggled drugs into the house to take them because she was scared on how he would react if he found out. Emeka was dumbfounded. He wondered why he wife could not trust him on this. They have known each other for most of there lives, and he still wondered why this would be a reason she would doubt him. He picked up his car keys, and drove home to meet her.

    Emeka arrived home to meet a quiet environment, it was unusual for such an atmosphere in his compound at that time of the day. He looked at his watch, it was well past three. His kids should be home, but nobody came out to welcome him home. He entered the parlour to be welcomed by a foul smell, he saw a trail of blood, he followed it and it led him to the toilet. He opened the door to find Lucy lying dead, in a pool of blood.

    Episode 7 (Final)

    Emeka lifted the dead body of his wife, tears running freely down his large cheeks. He was absolutely confused, and wondered how he could live together with a woman for years, and unable to detect what was wrong with her. He has lost his wife to an illness he knows nothing about, and he was angry to himself that he was unable to give Lucy the chance to express herself. He took the corpse to the mortuary.

    The whole burden or taking care of the two children rested on the shoulders of Emeka alone, as months went by, he realised that the "mother figure" was missing in the home. The kids felt open and lonely most times, and the nature of his job kept him far away from them. He thought of whom can fill the job of a mother to them, and his mind went to Joy. After the death of Lucy, he hasn't spoken much to her, and never called her on phone. Maybe it was out of anger that she was a distraction to him then, but now Lucy is gone, there is nothing harmful going back to her, after all, he once loved her.

    Emeka drove into the house of Joy, he has been there a couple of times, so he could locate the way into her apartment. He knocked for a some minutes, before someone opened the door. It was a man. "Who are you?" He asked. "I am looking for someone, who lives her" he replied. "Who is that?" Another voice shouted from inside, and then pulled the door over. The second man was holding a bag, and Emeka saw blood on his shoes. The man sighting that Emeka noticed the blood, pulled at a Gun, and asked him to go inside. The both men, were kidnappers who tracked down Joy from the office. She was dating one of them, and wanted to play smart by absconding with the money, they got in a "operation" they killed her in her room, and was about to go when Emeka met them. They knelt him down on the bare floor, and with a just a bullet, the body of Emeka was lying lifelessly. The both bodies were found by the police days later, and that was how everything ended.

     *THE END*

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