Story: My Misery

    Episode 1

    My name is Farida. I am 22 yrs of age. All my life I have never had a boyfriend…and I never intended to. “At least not for now,” that’s what I said to myself few years back. And because of this I have turned down countless guys.I have a female friend by name Amina. We are very close friends and although she is kind of the direct opposite of me yet we manage to get along fine.
    According to Amina, Keeping male friends is her hobby. Amina and I learned tailoring in the same place. Thats where we first met. After our freedom we both gathered money and rented a shop and there we became our own boss.
    It all started on my way to shop One morning. This guy suddenly walked up to me.”Excuse me!” he said. I turned without uttering a word. I was prepared for him should he be One of those guys who come for the usual:
    THE WAY U WALK ATTRACTS ME, I NEVER BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT UNTIL I MET YOU, And all those Bagdadash! But to my utter dismay, he didn’t say any of such.
    ”Pls do me this favour,” he started.”my trouser got turned by the side the moment I alighted from the bus..” he continued.”I just want to walk by your side so u cover up for me so that too many eyes don’t get to see it. Plz,” he added and paused. I thought it was funny and I laughed.
    He later joined me after much effort to sound serious. Lol… I didn’t say no. I walked by his side and covered up for him. Kind of funny and crazy though.
    We were silent for a while as we walked. I wanted to tell him to follow me to my shop so I could patch his trouser for him but I didn’t want him to think I was already liking him so I dropped the idea.I didn’t quite feel comfortable walking with him. For all I knew, it might be one of guys’ new prank to get a lady fall for them. I was waiting for him to say some nasty words so I could put him away instantly. But he didn’t. He respected him self. And all the while he kept thanking me until we departed.
    Never met a guy like that before. I tried to convince my self that I don’t like him. I tried in vain.
    When he thanked me and bidded me Goodbye, I didn’t respond. I was furious. I wondered what kind of a guy was that. He didn’t even bother to ask for my number.
    ”Well, even if he had asked I wouldn’t have given him anyway,” I assured myself.’ But he should have at least asked,’ I said to myself. I wish he did. I really wished.

    Episode 2

    WHEN I got to the shop, Amina was there already.
    She had swept and tidied up the shop.
    “Farida you’re 20 minutes late so therefore you are fired!” she said, jokingly. And we both laughed. “wah really happend?” now she was frank.
    “I met a guy this morning” I told her straight.
    Amina had always long to see the day I would have a boyfriend.
    So I told her evrything, including falling for the guy.
    “Did you u guys exchange contacts?” were Amina’s first words.
    “Nope!” I said, sadly.
    Amina laughed.
    “But I wouldn’t have given it even if he had asked,”
    I quickly added.
    Amina stared at me for a while- that kind of friends look. She knew I didn’t mean that.
    I didn’t concentrate much on work that day. It was worse the next day. And the next next day…in that order.
    There was One day I almost stupidly turned a lady’s skirt into a trouser ‘cos I was just imagining the guy’s trouser.
    To be honest,
    Efforts to take ma mind off him were abortive.
    Amina once said to me that the day I would fall in love, its going to be worse. I Remember telling her that Love is just a word used by people who want to depend on others.
    I guess I was wrong.
    After work that day, I got home and met a very shocking sight. Our house was flat on the ground.
    Virtually all our properties were destroyed.
    It’s a tragedy I never thought would befall My family.
    My dad called a close friend of his, Mr. John, and told him our predicament. My dad quickly chattered a taxi. We packed our vital properties and left for mr. John’s house.
    I was swept off my feet to find out that mr. John’s son is the very guy I met one morning on my way to the shop, whose trouser was torn at the side.
    That very guy whom I wished silently in my heart that he asked for my mobile number. Yeah!
    He is my dad’s friend’s son. He is mr. John’s son.
    I never anticipated.

    Episode 3

    I was so sure my dad could not solve the puzzle behind his friend’s son starring at me for several seconds. His name is Davidson. His dad, Mr. John was my dad’s primary school mate way back-Very good friends.
    Mr. John’s wife is late. But he’s married again. Did you just ask why I havn’t mentioned my mom so far? Well, she’s late. She passed away when I was two. According to my dad, she only just stopped breast feeding me before the cold hand of death snatched her away. My dad vowed never to get married again.. According to him, he wanna pay mom that last respect.
    Mr. Johnson’s house is a three bedroom flat. But the third room is kind of on its own. It has its own door from outside. One room for his son, Davidson, the master bedroom for him and his wife. Now he’s giving the third one to my dad. It was pretty cool except that we had to share same bathroom and toilet.
    His wife travelled so its’s been him and Davidson all alone in the big house. I got a broom, did a little clean up, laid down on the bed after stressed day, gave out a warm smile and allowed my mind think freely of Davidson.
    For some reason I was happy our house collapsed ‘cos it’s the reason I was able to meet Davidson again. But little did I know that this is where my Misery all Began!

    Episode 4

    I didn’t go to the shop the following day. I was fatigued by the tidying up and the depressed mind of our collapsed buillding. I wondered how many months its going to take dad to raise the building again.
    Davidson’s dad wouldn’t let my dad go rent a house. He said he doesn’t want my dad to be far away from him again. He is so nice. Or atleast so we thought. Lemme give you a picture of Davidson. He is 23. A year older than me. Quite fair in complexion. Fairly tall. What he doesn’t has in facial looks, he got it in his well built body. He took after his dad.
    He’s in his 200 level, studying computer science in the University. His school is on holiday. How did I get to know all these? He actually told me.
    We talked alot on this day that I didn’t go to shop. We talked like we would never meet again. But we kept our feelings to ourselves.
    I went to shop the next morning. Before I left, I did smth quite crazy. I peeped his room cos he went out to buy some stuff. I noticed he was composing a letter! I was eagerly expecting a proposal that day.
    When I returned that evening and went to say hi to him, he grabbed my hand and said,
    “Farida, I am in love with you.” so cool, he didn’t use the letter. I remember Amina telling me I should never say yes to a guy that very day he proposes.
    With that though in my mind, I wanted to withdraw my hand from his. I wanted to just walk away to my room. I wanted to push him away and pretend I don’t love him. But I didn’t. I couldn’t rather. Instead I buried my head in his arms and let him know I have falling for him right from day One, the day I first met him.
    So for the first time in my life I was in a relationship. I wish I could see the future, so I could tell that I was making the worst decision of my life.

    Episode 5

    One week after staying in Mr. John’s house, my dad started raising our building again. He started sooner than anticipated ‘cos I wanted to be close to Davidson for long.
    Because of the construction of our building my dad wouldn’t want to buy a T.V set so I could keep bordom away. And I am the type that loves watching movies. One fateful day I didn’t go to shop just so I could watch movie with my love, Davidson.
    Sadly, it was me who selected the movie we were going to watch. He had bulks of movies in his drawer. I selected a movie titled FIFTY SHADES OF GREY cos I thought movies with long titles are usually very interesting. The movie started quite fine before it went dirty. Did you just ask,
    ‘What do you mean by it went Dirty?’ Well, I have never seen any movie as dirty as Fifty Shades Of Grey. There was a scene where the guy tied the lady’s hands to the upper part of the bed. He did same to her legs after taking off her clothes. Then he started licking her sensitive areas. I was embarrased. I got the remote and fast forwarded that part. But the next seen was worse than dirty. I quickly removed the disc and broke it.
    “My step mom owns that disc,” Davidson said. “She would be mad if she can’t find it when she returns!” he added.
    “I am sorry. I thought u own it,” I managed to say. But I wasn’t really sorry. I was furious rather, because the movie currupted my mind. It was just like porn. Something I have always avoided. It made me started thinking this kind of thought:
    “what if Davidson requested for s#x?” I also thought that kind of thought, “Would I be able to say No?” In life One should really be careful of the pictures one takes into his mind cos it will take a lifetime to get them out. I now developed this crazy habit of picturing people naked. Like when I just see you, I tend to kind of imagine you naked. I started feeling so s#xually excited. That image of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY refused to clear off my memory.
    I even started masturbating. This was unlike me. I knew. But it was already a Habit. *sobing*

    Episode 6

    One Sweet-smelling Monday morning, Davidson did something very stupid. My dad leaves for work as early as 06:00am. I usually leave for shop by 08:00am. Davidson’s dad on the other hand works in a different local government area so he’s only around on week ends, Friday evening, Saturday and on Sunday he would return by the evening. So on this sweet-smelling Monday morning I went to take a shower.
     When I returned to the room after shower, I never knew Davidson was hiding behind the curtain. He saw my nakedness. It was when I finished dressing up and was about to lock the door with a padlock that he screamed my name.
    He actually screamed my name otherwise he would have been there till I returned from work cos he can’t go out through the window. Naturally I got irritated. But it only lasted some seconds.
    “I am sorry,” he apologised. “Do what ever you want to me,” he added. I couldn’t figure out anything. I search through my inner mind. The sheet I could come up with was tell him to remove his clothes so I could take my revenge by starring at his….at his….his…. Oh Gush!
     “Alright,” he simply said and took off his clothes.
    I starred at him. I gave my eyes the pleasure it has longed for. My hands were begging me to give them a feel of his Organ and I almost did.. Almost. I was so out of my mind that instance. I was already feeling s#xually excited again. Then I heard him say,
     “that’s enough… Except if…” “Except if I will also take off my clothes right?” I completed the sentence he started. He responded with a nod.

    Episode 7

    What I was doing was wrong. I knew. But you know the saying, ‘we are all prisoners of our own Passion.’ So I took off my clothes ‘cos I wanted to stare at Davidson much longer. I locked the door with the bolt before doing that. Davidson drew closer to me. We were both as Adam and Eve. His Organ was hard. He tried to put it in me. I held him back.
     “Do you want to get me pregnant?” I told him.
    “I would be careful not to release inside you,” he promised. I was so Obssessed. I didn’t want to masturbate that day again. Plus I was eager to have a taste of the pleasure of s#x. I was s#x freaked. I still managed to decline telling him that unless we get married. I remember his crazy reply. He said,
    “But we are still going to get married afterall…whats the use starving ourselves!” On hearing that I succumbed.
    He placed his right hand on my left boob and I felt his thing inside of me. At first it was painful, a kind of pleasure mixed with pain….. then it was normal. Oh gush, don’t wanna refresh my memory. Then all of a sudden he was riding so fast. he paused. I didn’t understand what that means.
    “I’m sorry,” were his words.
     “Why, for what?” I remember asking him.
    “I released in you…. I… I” he stammered. I suddenly became worried. I was already imagining how shameful it was going to be moving around the house with a big tommy outside wedlock. Davidson was just smiling. A kind of irritating smile. But the funny thing is that we still continued. Since he had already released in me, we just continued until I cum.

    Episode 8

    For the second time in my life I felt so inferior. The first time was when I masturbated. We wore our clothes. I recorded the date. I said to ma self that I was going to visit a doctor after about three weeks for a test to know if a foetus is growing inside my womb so I could quickly remove it.
    Oh gush, One sin leads to another. It would be so shameful for my dad to find out that I got pregnant outside wedlock. I went to shop late that day.
    “There must always be a reason……….. So what’s the reason for coming late today?” Amina asked.
    For the first time in ma life I had to lie to ma Best female friend, Amina. I couldn’t tell her I had s#x. When did I get into a relationship that I have started having s#x?
    Davidson went back to school that weekend. His dad also went back to his place of work as usual Or so we thought. He came back to the house the next morning claiming that he forgot some office files. My dad had gone to work already that morning. I was preparing to go to the shop.
    Davidson’s dad has this bad habit of opening the gate or even doors with his foot. He would just it open. So when heard the sound like the gate was kicked open, I knew it was him. I greeted him when he bumped in.
    “Oh how are you my dear?” he responded in the usual manner. “I never knew I would meet anyone at home,” he added. I simply smiled. “In that case come assist me find this file so it doesn’t take much of my time.”
     I didn’t hesitate. I followed him with One mind. I didn’t see what was coming. But Oh men, I wonder why S#x always go on in their mind whenever they are alone in a room with a lady.
    When I bent down and was searching for the file in a drawer which he showed me, I felt a hand on my b0*bs. I turned slowly, hoping that I would wake up from the slumber before I finish turning my head. But it was happening for real. Davidson’s father actually touched my b0*bs.
    “I have missed my wife so much. I use to do that to her whenever she is around,” he said without even showing any remorse for his action. I made to leave the room but then he grabbed me. He pressed my hand to the bed. He overpowered me. I screamed in vain.
    I used to say it’s not possible for a lady to be raped. Until it almost happened to me.
    “Don’t tell me you’ve not been wishing for this moment,” he said, smiling satisfactorily to himself.
     Probably I would not have been able to defended myself if there was no tumbler at the edge of the bed. When he let go of my hand and tried to take of my pant, I smashed the tumbler on his face.

    Episode 9

    Just within the twinkle of an eye, the lady you use to know, who was single and not searching, who was hardworking, who was innocent, a virgin, is no more. Just within the twinkle of an eye.
    I have been staying with Amina ever since the incidence between Davidson’s dad and me. I kept it all to my self. I simply told my dad I was going to be staying with Amina but would be visiting time to time until our building is complete.
    Davidson’s dad on the other hand kept pleading with me not to tell anyone saying that he didn’t know what came over him. I was certain I couldn’t keep it a secret for ever. Or at least not from my dear friend Amina. I have told no One yet, Well, except for you reading it right now. I needed to put my life on the right track again.
    Davidson and I have been keeping in touch. I still love him. It’s getting to a month. I havn’t gone to no hospital. I have done no check up.
     I woke up One morning and started feeling my b0*bs getting fuller and heavier. I started urinating more often than usual and I started getting fatigued easily. The signs were clear to me. It was hard to accept.
    Davidson said he was coming back during the weekend so he could get some stuffs and also to say hi to his step mom. She was back to the house. I got to meet with her once but we didn’t get along so well. (As in Our spirit no blend).
     “I would go see Davidson when he returns during the weekend and tell him I am pregnant and see his reaction,” I though to myself. I was also thinking, my dad may not be that mad afterall if Davidson showed some seriousness. At least it was better than committing abortion. Then probably I could just keep the secret between Davidson’s dad and me just to maintain a peaceful atmosphere between our families.
     Life could be better again. Perhaps the sadness that has been in my heart for over three weeks now could varnish. These were the thoughts that ran through my poor mind. But I was wrong. Oh Life: One minute everything would seem as if it’s going to be better and another minute the situation goes worse. That’s where I found myself.

    Episode 10 (Final)

    Davidson arrived home at about 12:00pm, Friday. When he called me on phone I promised to see him On Saturday morning before leaving for work. Amina was also eager to see this guy that won my heart. She’s never seen him before. But somehow I couldn’t wait till the next day before going to see him. I was impatient. Or rather, I was really in love.
    By 04:00pm, I told Amina to close the shop so we could go see Davidson.
     “I can’t close the shop this early because of your guy,” she said, jokingly… and we both laughed, hysterically.
     We closed the shop and proceeded to Davidson’s house. It was kind of a surprise visit cos Davidson wasn’t expecting me. when we got to the house and entered the compound, I told Amina to follow me let’s tip-toe to his Room. Good enough there was music playing gently in the parlour that made it impossible to Suspect footsteps.
    We tip-toed to Davidson’s Room and I met the most shocking scene of my life. His step mom, naked. Her hands tied to his ceiling fan. Davidson was actually practising One of the styles of the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie with his step mom. I remember he said she owned the movie.
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    I blinked my eyes randomly, hoping that the person I saw wasn’t Davidson. But he was. With a loud scream I ran out of his room, out of the parlour, out of the compound, out of the house. OUT OF MY MIND. Amina followed suit.
    Davidson didn’t come after us. I guess it’s because he was naked. I kept running until I was ran down by a bike. I actually did saw the Bike coming but didn’t realise it was so close. I was so out of my mind. I tried not to believe that it was the guy I hoped to get married to that was doing the Fifty Shades Of Grey with His step mom, His father’s wife, my beloved boyfriend whom I was eager to introduce to Amina. She saw it with her own eyes…. She saw it. I just wonder who else he can’t sleep with if he could sleep with his father’s wife.
    The bike damaged my legs. It climbed on my legs after knocking me down. Chances that I would ever walk again is very meager.
    As you are Reading this story right now, I am still in hospital Bed. I havn’t set my eyes On Davidson so far. I am not much surprised. I know I should have waited until I was out of this situation before sending my story to you. But I don’t know if I would ever get out of this situation. And soon my stomach would start protruding.
     I am just so going mad right now. This is MY Misery. And I have come to realise that in life, ‘shits’ happen when you trust the wrong person. Your advise would help me alot. I am So Downcasted Right Now.
    …….THE END……

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