Story: My Step Brother Season 1

    Episode 1

    My mum: Lola, guess what?
    Me: what is it mum? You know I’m not good at guessing (so anxious)
    My mum: well, Demola my fiancee just proposed to me,I’m getting married (with excitement, showing m the engagement ring)
    Me: wow! Congrats mum, I’m happy for you…..(Hugged her with happiness)
    Well,its all started there… My name is Omolola but you can call me Lola for short,I’m 18 years old,I finished my ssce last year and I’ve wrote jamb like twice but no luck. My mum is 37 years old,she had me when she was just 18 years old,she works with an
    insurance company.My Dad is late,I never even got to meet him before he died. I heard he had an accident or something.Anyway,Demola is my mum’s boyfriend whom she’s been dating for 3 years now.Demol is
    also a single dad, he has a son named Daniel.Daniel is 21 years old, a student,a very flirty and handsome boy.
    Daniel is friendly, he takes me like a sister, in short we are close, very close but something happened between us that almost ruined our parent’s relationship and our
    family as a whole. This is how it all started….
    Eventually my mum and Demola got married, everybody was so happy, we moved into a new house, I now have someone to call dad, I have a brother too even tho he is .We moved into a very big house, a five bedroom duplex in Lagos. I have my own room,
    Daniel has his own room of course, what do you expect? We started living together as family,after the
    wedding our parent didn’t go for their honeymoon cos of the nature of their job, so they postponed it to when
    they would have enough time. I enjoyed the company of Daniel and his father, we were so close. I have a
    boyfriend, yes I have a boyfriend, infact I’m not a virgin,so don’t be surprised. I lost my virginity at the age of 16 to a youth corper way back in secondary school,whom I dated for few months before he left me to hishometown.Daniel on the other hand is a flirt, he’s cute as in very cute, he has numerous girlfriend, he fucks them anyhow, he brings in different girls to the house,
    his room is full of condoms infact he’s a pervert, those silly girls flirts with him alot, they throw themselves to him so cheap.
    One day I was at home alone, my mum got back from the office early that day. I was surprised…
    Me: hahaha, mummy what happened? You came home
    so early today.
    My mum: Abi jare, I’ve been given one week leave to go
    for my honeymoon, finally.
    Me: (surprised) honeymoon ke, what do you mean?
    My mum: Me and your stepfather wanted to surprise
    you guys.
    Me: how?
    My mum: We are going on honeymoon tomorrow We
    are travelling to South Africa for our honeymoon, and
    its gonna last for one week.
    Me: Haba mummy, this is not a surprise now. I don’t
    like it this way cos its too sudden.
    My mum: Sweetheart, I’m sorry it has to be like this…
    After this honeymoon we are planning on a family
    vacation to Dubai.
    Me: okay ooo. I’m happy for you, but you should have
    informed me earlier, I would have gone to grandma’s
    My mum: Noooo! You should stay at home with your
    step brother now, since he’s around, you wont be the only one.
    Me: okay sha.
    Well, I wasn’t happy at first but later I realised it is for my own advantage ooo.This is an opportunity for me
    to invite my new boyfriend over, my boyfriend Festus is a student of Unilag,we started dating just 2 months and we’ve never had an opportunity to have sex…
    Later that night, I quickly called my boyfriend, Festus if he would be able to come over to my place, I teased
    him about us making love finally. He agreed to come spend the whole week with me since my mum and her husband would be away for one week, Festus has been disturbing me for sex all these while but I’ve not been able to give it to him cos I’m a “get inside” child.
    Knock on my door…
    Me: who is that?
    Daniel: Na me your elder brother
    Me: come inside now, ode..
    Daniel: is it me you are calling ode?
    Me: Whatever! Duh! So what do you want?
    Daniel: (he smiled and hit me on my ass) You don’t have respect again abi
    Me: hahaha! Daniel what is the meaning of that rubbish
    now? Why would you hit me on my ass? For what? (Annoyed)
    Daniel: hmmmm… Oya Pele, I’m sorry
    Me: how can you help you sir?
    Daniel: (he sat on my bed) ehen… I came to inform you about something.You know my dad and your mum are travelling. Please sister, I know you have big mouth. I
    came to tell you that I’m bring one of my girlfriend to the house for the whole week. Please,I beg you..
    Me: Yes oooo! Thank God we are on the same term..(Excited)
    Daniel: what do you mean by that?
    Me: I’m also bringing my boyfriend ni
    Daniel: Jesus Christ! You this small girl have a boyfriend? ( surprised)
    Me: hahaha! Do I look like a virgin to you?
    Daniel: Omolola!!!! May God have mercy on you
    Me: and on you too… See, I love dick too,if not that you’re my brother we would have even bleeped each
    other sef (jokingly said that)

    Episode 2

    Daniel: hmmmm! Children of these days are so spoilt…
    Wait sef, did you say you wish to Bleep me
    ? Are you
    serious about that?
    Me: huh! Go away joor, I was only joking with you. How
    can I Bleep you na?
    Daniel: anything can happen Na, since we are no
    related (looking at me with flirty eyes)
    Me: You are crazy…. Leave my room joor.
    He left my room that night, we both agreed to keep our
    secrets, but that night I discovered Daniel was hard
    when I told him we can have sex together, I was only
    joking with him anyway but I didn’t take it serious but
    it seems he took it serious.
    The following day, my mum and her husband finally left
    the house. They travelled for their honeymoon. I started
    trying my boyfriend’s phone number but it wasn’t
    reachable, I was expecting him that day but it wasn’t
    reachable not until later in the day. I talked to hi and
    he promised to come the next day that he can’t make it
    that day anymore. I felt bad cos I was already Hot, I
    already made proper planning but he said he was
    gonna come the next day sha. Daniel’s girlfriend too
    also promised to come the next day. I slept alon in the
    house that day, Daniel went clubbing cos it was on
    The next finally came, I was so anxious about Festus
    arrival, I was already anticipating. Daniel wasn’t back, I
    was the only one at home. I took my bath, cooked
    Festus’ favourite food, already put on make up, was
    wearing my sexy nightgown, a very sexy and skimpy
    night gown, I was wearing no underwear. Still expecting
    my baby to come….. Around 2pm, the door bell rang, I
    rushed down stairs, adjusting my gown and acting
    sexy. I opened the door and it was the silly Daniel.

    Me: mtcheeeew (I hissed) its even you.. (Disappointed)
    Daniel: Wow! Is this you or am I dreaming?
    I walked away from him trying to cover my body,
    especially my cleavages…
    Me: what are you even looking for sef? I sat on the
    Daniel: oh! So you thought its your boyfriend abi
    Me: are you mocking me now?
    Daniel: Pele dear! But seriously girl you are hot and
    sexy, how I wish..
    Me: in your wildest dream.. (Annoyed)
    Daniel: anyway my girlfriend is coming today, she’s
    even on her way sef.. He brought out some herbal
    drugs from his cross bag..
    Me: what is this?
    Daniel: this is what they call amokole (sex enhancer)…
    Me: so what is this one for now?
    Daniel: marathon sex of course…. I wanna Bleep
    jumoke (his new girlfriend) all night, non stop se like
    the way they do it in blue film.
    Me: nawa oooo. So where did you get this one from
    Daniel: from Northerner ni, my customer. This is what I
    use if I want Bleep those girls.
    Me: hmmmm..
    He brought out the substance with a bottled seven up
    drink, he mixed it together and he drank it.
    Daniel: my girlfriend will soon be here, in the nex 2 hrs,
    she’s on her way now… This drug will make me Bleep
    her for 5 hours or more
    I was interested in the drug but I couldn’t say anything.
    I would love to have marathon sex with Festus too. I’ve
    been dying of sex starvation.. Daniel left the sitting
    room, he said he wanna go shower, he left. But the
    drugs was still on the table, I quickly took one out of
    the drugs and quickly used it with the seven up drink.
    Hoping that Festus will be around before 4pm, I went to
    room, I was imagining how the sex is going to be like. I
    also want our sex to be like the way they do it in blue
    film too, non stop sex things..
    4pm already and Festus is not here, I was so disturbed
    and annoyed, I was already going crazy, I was already
    Hot, very Hot, I’ve never been Hot like this in my entire
    life. I needed sex so badly, I’m already regretting that I
    used the silly drug. I tried calling Festus but he’s not
    reachable, he’s number is not available. Do you know
    the feeling of being disappointed after so Much
    preparation, I’m sure you know the feeling of being
    disappointed especially when it comes to sex, when
    you’ve already planned to have sex but it didn’t
    happen. The konji that was battling with me that day
    was terrible. It 5pm already, I heard the door bell, come
    and see the way I rushed out of my room, immediately I
    came out of my room, Daniel also rushed out of his
    room too, we jammed each other, we ran down stair
    hoping it was my boyfriend, and Daniel too was hoping
    it was his girlfriend. Daniel opened the door and i was
    the Driver, I was so pissed off, I just walked. The silly
    man came to drop the car keys.

    Episode 3

    I sat on the chair in the sitting room, Daniel was still
    attending to the driver, I discovered Daniel was wearing
    his boxers, which I never noticed, then all of sudden
    Daniel and the Driver started laughing and I was
    wondering what was amusing them.
    Driver: Well done ooooo, aunty Omolola. I don dey go,
    see you tomorrow (smiling as he was leaving)
    I began to wonder what was amusing the driver, did
    Daniel tell him something about me cos I know he has
    a bad mouth. The driver left..
    Me: what is making the both of you laugh like that? I
    know you have said something silly about me abi
    Daniel: (he smiled) can’t you see what is going on?
    I didn’t understand what he was saying, he picked up
    his phone and started calling his girlfriend but sh
    wasn’t picking his calls, I didn’t even pay attention not
    until I saw something that really got my attention I
    saw something stretching inside Daniel’s boxers, he
    was already hard, very hard, he was just going
    lamenting, I realized that should be the reason the
    driver was laughing, probably the driver thought we
    were doing something cos me sef I was wearing a sexy
    nightgown, Daniel wearing only boxers with his dick
    hard and me wearing a skimpy nightgown who wouldn’t
    think something was going on. I just couldn’t take my
    eyes off his dick, believe me, Daniel is really huge very
    huge I must confess. I was using style to check his
    dick out as he was lamenting and cussing his girlfriend
    for disappointing him, I started checking Daniel out
    from head to toe, he has six pack too, Daniel is
    handsome than my boyfriend anyway. Daniel finally sat
    down, I was still checking him out..
    Daniel: can you believe the silly girl switched off her
    phone sha.
    I didn’t even say anything, I was pretending to be
    minding my own business, he furiously dropped his
    phone on the floor, he sat comfortably on the couch. I
    was still checking him out, I was already imagining me
    riding his rooster, Daniel was still upset, I can’t help
    but to keep accessing  out. How wish.
    Daniel: what are you looking at?
    Me: Huh! (I came back to my senses)
    Daniel: are you checking my dick out? Do you love it?
    Me: what do you mean? (I hissed)
    Daniel: tell me you don’t want it
    Me: are you flirting with me?
    Seriously speaking I wanted it but I wasn’t sure i i
    should do it, I shouldn’t have taken the drug, I was so
    Hot, really Hot, even if I see the gateman at this point I
    would allow him Bleep me. Daniel kept on flirting with
    Daniel: I tot you once said you would love to have sex
    with me
    Me: that was just a joke, please stop it I don’t like
    what you’re doing right now.
    Daniel: I’m sure we are both Hot, cos I saw you taking
    one of my drug, did you think I didn’t see you?
    Me: What drug? I didn’t take any drug ooo
    He moved closer to me, my heart started beating fast,
    what is happening here? I don’t want this to happen
    but I want it.
    Daniel: Omolola let’s do it now, your boyfriend is not
    here, my girl is not here too.

    He started touching my cheek..
    Me: stop it Daniel, you are my brother please stop
    Daniel: but we are not related
    Daniel became so close this time, he started touching
    my lips, he was looking at me with a very flirty eyes,
    seducing me.
    Daniel: you’re not a small girl now ( he began to peck
    Me: stop it, stop, stop, stop
    He was kissing my lips already, I kept telling him to
    stop but he didn’t listen, he grabbed my boobs and
    brought it out from my gown, he began to suck i
    Me: Daniel stop it, stop, stop it please (moaning)
    I was really moaning so hard, he was really sucking my
    Tips, then he put his fingers in Kitty-Cat and started
    manipulation me, he was kissing while manipulation
    me, I was really moaning so hard but I kept saying
    “Daniel please stop it”, he removed my nightgown, he
    crossed his legs on me, facing me, and kissing me so
    hard, squeezing my boobs, he removed his boxer gosh,
    Daniel’s dick is extremely long and large and curve too.
    He started sucking my Kitty-Cat, this time, Daniel
    asked if i love it, I couldn’t help but to say “I love it”.
    He held his dick and inserted it into my Kitty-Cat, I
    couldn’t help but to scream.
    Daniel: sorry, wow your Kitty-Cat is tight
    He began to Bleep me slowly, I was really moaning so
    sweet, he was doing it so slow, I was really enjoying.
    Then he became fast this time, I was loving it, then he
    stopped, I changed my position for another style, doggy
    style, bleeping me really hard from behind, I kept on
    saying “Daniel please stop”, I was moaning so hard, we
    changed to another style again, he sat on the couch,
    sat on his dick and riding him, ride the rooster, I was
    just going up and down, I was feeling his dick allover
    my Kitty-Cat, he was squeezing my boobs so hard my
    legs were already shaking, but I was really riding his
    rooster. He was just saying “I love you, I don’t need
    jumoke anymore”, then I faced him this time, still riding
    his rooster, kissing him. Moaning so passionately, he
    lifted me up this time, bleeping me so hard, whil
    standing up facing him, doing the scissors style, my
    Kitty-Cat making a silly sound each time the dick
    enters it. “Let’s go to my room” he said while bleeping
    me, he kept on bleeping me still carrying me, he kept on
    bleeping me as we were climbing the stairs, you known
    that kind of sex? Daniel must have really watched too
    many porn.
    We got to his room, still kissing and bleeping me, I
    wanted more, he laid me on his bed and began t Bleep
    me again, moaning seriously, he was sucking my Tips,
    we started going tip by tip on his bed, going left and
    right, still bleeping me Kitty-Cat, i began to squirt my
    legs were already shaking, he bleeped me so hot till he
    cums. We bleeped for more than 2hrs I guess, we
    started panting, I was really weak, sweating so hard, till
    we slept off.
    I woke up in the midnight, I found myself Unclad, Daniel
    too was Unclad but asleep, I felt so bad, what have I
    done? I couldn’t cry cos what I did was so wrong I
    touched my Kitty-Cat I discovered it was seriously
    bleeped by Daniel, I looked at Daniel dick, thinking I
    took this thing in my Kitty-Cat, I looked at my Kitty-
    Cat again feeling so ashamed, shaking my head. Daniel
    was just snoring like a fool on the bed, I got so angry
    and upset, I angrily spanked him.
    Me: wake up, wake up… Daniel wake up
    Misbehaving on bed, the snoring became annoying,
    tapped him harder again
    Me: Daniel please wake up, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel
    Daniel: (he yawned) what is it? Mehn I’m weak
    Me: what happened between us?
    Daniel: what did you mean? What kind of question is
    Me: So we had sex? (Sad)
    Daniel: of course, is not that I raped you, you agreed, I
    didn’t force you.
    Me: why would you have sex with me? This is wrong,
    you’re my brother for Christ sake
    Daniel: Stop it, you’re not a small girl, at least when I
    was doing it, you were not complaining, you were
    enjoying it and moreover we are not related in any way.
    So what’s the big deal, I enjoyed the sex and I’m sure
    you enjoyed it too.
    To Be Continued

    Episode 4

    Me: Its unfair ooo, so you took the
    advantage of me because I’m a small girl abi.
    Daniel: ( moved closer to me) what is wrong wit you?
    Didn’t you enjoyed it? You wanted my dick
    don’t deny
    He tried to kiss me again, I got annoyed and pushed
    him away..
    Me: Stop it please, don’t you ever try that with me ever
    in your life. Don’t come near me ever in your life, you’re
    such a bad person. Stay away from me.
    Daniel: whatever abeg. ( he hissed)
    I got up from his bed using his bed sheet to cover my
    body and left his room with anger and disappointment.
    I got to my room, feeling so bad, I made mistake,
    Daniel wasn’t even bothered about it. I went to
    bathroom straight, I freshened up, washed my damaged
    Kitty-Cat very well, cos I told my bf its been long had
    sex, so he’s expecting my Kitty-Cat to be tight but
    Daniel has really expanded it. After freshen up, I picked
    up my phone to send my boyfriend a very annoying
    text message for disappointing me, he was the one
    that caused everything that happened between me and
    . I checked my phone, I saw 8 missed
    calls from my boyfriend, I saw his text message. In his
    text message, he said he came to my place and he
    knocked on our door, nobody opened the door, he called
    me and I didn’t pick up, he said he’s around in his
    cousin’s place that lives down the street, he will be
    coming over in the morning. Can you imagine, it means
    me and Daniel were bleeping when he was knocking on
    our door or probably I slept off after the sex, gosh, I
    should have waited a little bit longer, I should have
    more patience. Why me, I’m so foolish right now….
    My boyfriend eventually came the next day, I wasn’t
    feeling too happy to see him anyway but I just have to
    fake it. He asked me why i didn’t pick up my phone
    yesterday, I sha lied to him, he said he came to my
    place yesterday, I gave him silly excuses.
    Me: When I waited and waited for you nko,I was
    expecting you so early you came late that was the
    reason why I didn’t pick your calls. I also went to my
    friend’s place when I didn’t see you.
    Festus: aww! I’m sorry sweetheart, it wasn’t my fault, I
    was delayed in school. Please forgive me (he kissed
    I asked him what he wanted to eat, I cooked for him,
    he was in the living room watching dstv. I brought the
    food to him, all this time I didn’t see Daniel com
    downstairs, I’ve not not even set my eyes on him that
    Festus: what about your brother? Daniel!
    Me: I don’t even know for him
    Festus: is he not at home?
    Me: Please leave me alone, I don’t know (I got pissed
    with the questions)
    Festus: are you guys not in talking terms? Cos it seems
    something is going on between you two.
    Me: hahaha! What do you mean by that? See he should
    be somewhere, I don’t know his whereabout.
    We changed the conversation, then a knock on our
    door, who can that be? Daniel quickly rushed out of his
    room, wearing his boxer, shirtless and putting on gold
    neck chain. Wow! I was kinda attracted to him, he
    came downstairs, I couldn’t even look at his eyes cos i
    was ashamed. He saw my boyfriend he greeted him, he
    opened the door and it was his girlfriend, I greeted her,
    she was just there nothing special about the girl I’m
    even prettier than her sef. Daniel came close to greet
    my boyfriend formally this time. Daniel didn’t even look
    at my face at all, he doesn’t care.
    Daniel: Hey what’s up guy, you must be Festus right?
    Festus: Yeah! And you must be Daniel. I didn’t know
    you’re around, I asked your sister if you were at home
    she was just being nutty
    Daniel: Haa! Don’t mind her, I was in my room sleeping,
    I was very weak, I did a very stressful and hard job
    yesterday that actually made me weak, it wasn’t easy
    yesterday. The work was not easy but it was sweet.
    Huh! I had guilty conscience, what does he mean by
    that, is he mad? Hehehehe, so he is referring to what
    happened yesterday as a job well done or what does he
    mean by that.
    Festus: I actually came here yesterday nobody was at
    home, I knocked countless times, I would have helped
    you out.
    Daniel: (laughing) Really, you came yesterday? I was at
    home, Probably that should be when I was so busy
    doing the job.
    Festus: Hahaha! What kind of job can that be?
    Daniel: Omolola knows about it ( Daniel looked at me
    and winked at me and smiled) ask her.
    Festus: interesting… Nice meeting you bro
    Daniel: Same here sir..
    He introduced his girlfriend and they both went t their
    Later in the night, my boyfriend demanded for sex, we
    kissed, romanced, I sucked his dick, his dick is of
    average, Daniel’s dick is way bigger and heavier. He
    began to Bleep my Kitty-Cat, I wasn’t really enjoying it
    but it sweet tho, he didn’t do style with me, it was just
    mummy and daddy style, during the sex what I was just
    thinking about is me and Daniel’s sex. Festus was
    really bleeping me with his dick, he was good, he
    sucked my Kitty-Cat again, began to Bleep me another
    round, he was pounding me so fast, I was moaning
    really sweet, he bleeped me till he cum and removed
    the condom filled with sperm. After the sex Festus just
    slept off immediately, breathing heavily, he kissed me
    and said goodnight. I woke up around 2pm, I was
    thirsty, I was putting on only my nightgown, I went to
    the kitchen to get a chilled water to drink. I got t the
    kitchen, I put on the light, the next thing I saw was a
    Unclad man in the kitchen, drinking a cup of milk, I was
    scared, the Unclad man was  Daniel.
    Me: oh my God! You scared me, what are you doing
    Daniel: what does it look like?
    Me: Jesus Christ, you’re even Unclad, I can’t watch this
    ( I tried to hide my face)
    Daniel: (laughs and start talking in a very flirty
    tone)well this is not your first time of seeing, At Least
    you’ve seen it before and you’ve also felt it too, very
    well if I’m correct, you’ve enjoyed the whole thin
    Me: please stop all this rubbish, okay, I’m not here to
    hear all this riddles, please, I’m here to get a glass of
    water, so please and please mind your business. told
    you not to talk to me again, stay away from me.
    Daniel: okay! Could you please turn off the light..
    Me: for what?
    Daniel: as you can see I’m Unclad, so put it off ma..
    Me: no, I can’t do that, I will put off the light after I
    drink the water.
    He smiled at me, I opened the refrigerator brought out
    table water, I will be needing a glass cup but the cups
    are behind Daniel, exactly the corner Daniel is. I was
    confused on what to do and I don’t like dipping table
    water in my mouth, its not lady like. I stood there for
    some minutes, I didn’t want him to notice I’ll be
    needing a glass cup to drink the water. He just stood
    there drinking his glass cup of milk.
    Me: erm, erm could you please help get a glass behind
    He looked me with a surprised face, he looked behind
    him and looked at me again
    Daniel: you mean me?
    Me: yes its you
    Daniel: what happened to your leg? Come and pick it
    He moved away from that corner, I went to pick the cup
    myself, filled my cup with water and drank it, all of
    sudden the light went off and the kitchen door was
    Me: why did you off the light? You even closed the
    door, what is the meaning of this?
    Daniel moving close to me, I was moving backwards.
    Me: Daniel, please stop all these rubbish, I don’t like it
    He kept on moving closer to me, I was moving
    backwards till reached the kitchen cabinet side, I
    couldn’t move again.
    Me: Daniel what is all these now? I don’t like it oooo, I
    will scream ooo
    Daniel: I want to Bleep you, I want you
    Me: Bleep who? You must be drunk, you’re really
    sick…. Didn’t you just finish bleeping your girlfriend, did
    you think I didn’t hear all the noise, hehehehe, you
    came to drink a cup milk just to boost your wasted
    sperm, yet you’re here asking for another sex from your
    sister. You’re seriously cursed, please stray away from
    He became soooo close to me this time..
    Me: oooh God, what is all this now? Do you want me to
    scream? You know my boyfriend is around
    I looked at his dick, his dick was already erected like
    pinocio’s nose, very strong and long, I was attracted to
    it tho, I was attracted to Daniel’s body anyway, le me
    not lie.
    Daniel: did your boyfriend bleeped you the way I did?
    Say the truth
    He tried kissing me, touching my waist.
    Me: its none of your business kk, don’t touch me ( I
    tried to pish him away)
    Then he tried to touch my boobs this time..
    Daniel: (speaking with seductive tone) God! I love your
    I was already feeling the heat within but I just have
    overcome this temptation, I have to but it wasn’t easy
    cos Daniel is a pro when it comes to seduction. He
    began to peck me, he began to bite my ear so
    passionately, I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn't’ take
    it anymore, I swear it wasn’t my fault, till he kissed me...💋

    Episode 5

    Daniel: (breathing heavily) wow, wow, oh my God
    Me: what did we just do? Not again (feeling bad) I told
    you not to touch me, I told you to stay away.
    I got up from the cabinet, quickly adjust me nightgown
    and I gave Daniel a dirty slap on his face.
    Me: don’t you ever try this rubbish with me again in
    your entire life, stay away from me.
    He was surprised, he couldn’t say anything. I got angry
    and walked out of the kitchen. Feeling used and sad
    again. I got to my room, I couldn’t believe what just
    happened between me and Daniel again, I was s mad
    at myself. I laid on the bed, I tried to sleep but I
    couldn’t sleep, festus was already asleep. I just
    couldn’t sleep, till festus placed his hand on me and
    woke up.
    Festus: (yawning) where did you go? I’ve been looking
    for you.
    Me: oh! I went to get a glass of water, I was thirsty.
    Festus: I actually came to look for you downstair when
    I didn’t see you in the bathroom.
    Me: eyah! I was in the kitchen
    Festus: awww! And I wanted to check the kitchen, i just
    changed my mind.
    Me: really? Hahaha, you should have come and check
    me now, assuming you came to check me there all
    these wouldn’t have happened. (Oh my God, slip of
    Festus: what do you mean by that? What happened?
    Me: don’t mind me jare, nothing happened, but you
    should have in the first place.
    Festus: I’m sorry dear, I would have, we would have
    had sex in the kitchen you know. I was really Hot when
    I was looking for you.
    Festus began to kiss me, he wanted sex too, he began
    to squeeze my boobs.
    Me: haa! Festus please not now, I’m weak, let’s do it
    later in the day not now. Please I beg you.
    Festus: hahaha! Why now? Are now avoiding me
    please let us have sex, please.
    He began to kiss me and smooch me harder.
    Me: Festus stop (pushed him away), later in the day
    Festus: okay ooo, good night. Later in the day ooo.
    I was so disturbed, till we slept off…. Come to think of
    it, did you guys notice Festus is always coming late,
    this the second time, he would have rescued me from
    Daniel’s seduction. Gosh!
    Festus: Wakey, wakey, good morning dear, I made you
    hot tea.
    Meyawning) ooooooooooh! Don’t wake me up Moor
    (cuddles the pillow)I’m tired, I’m weak.
    Festus: what did you do that you’re tired? Or is it
    because of last night?
    Me: (scared) last night? What do you mean? ( m
    conscience already prickling me)
    Festus: Yes now! The hot sex you know
    My heart started beating so fast…..
    Festus: I’m sure you enjoyed my dick
    I was relieved, you know how it is to have guilty
    Me: (sigh) oh, okay…. You’re not serious (smiles)
    Festus: oya stand up take your hot tea, I made it
    specially for you
    Me: Awww! I love you so much, thanks love (ros up,
    kissed him and began sip my hot tea)
    Festus: less I forget, what happened to your kitchen, it
    is very rough, I had to clean it.
    Me: erm, erm, probably….. Daniel or his girlfriend sha,
    you know those people are rough (smiling).
    Later in the day, I was home alone with my boo, Daniel
    and his girlfriend went to the cinema I guess, cos when
    they were going they were just arguing on the movie
    they were gonna see. They didn’t even bother to tell us
    where they were going, like I care. The most annoying
    part is how the girlfriend be forming “drunk in love”
    with Daniel, behaving all loved up with Daniel. silly girl,
    how I wish you know what went down under you nose.
    Anyway I was at home with my boyfriend in the
    evening, Daniel and his girlfriend came back, looking so
    happy, they greeted, they actually bought some goodies
    for us oooo.
    Festus: hey! Welcome back guys
    Gosh! I don’t know what is wrong with this Festus,
    he’s always too forward.

    how I wish we went together. I told Daniel to invite you
    guys but he said you guys had plans.
    She came closer to me, hugged me and brought out the
    goodies they got for us.
    Me: eyah! Thank you so much…. Yes we had plans
    jare, we would definitely hangout one of these days.
    Festus and Daniel began to argue on football, yo know
    guys conversation. Me and Jumoke on the other hand
    were discussing share, we both cooked dinner that day.
    It was fun being with her but I still this guilty
    conscience. Through out that day me and Daniel didn’t
    make an eye contact, we didn’t even talk to each other.
    We all went to bed that night, me and my boyfriend had
    sex, my boyfriend actually surprised me this time, he
    really fuckkked me so good this time but it wasn’ as
    good as Daniel. The one thing my boyfriend is so good
    at is sucking of Kitty-Cat, men, he’s really good a the,
    he would suck me to the extent that I would see myself
    in paradise. Festus bleeped me in the bedroom, i was
    so sweet, the bathroom sex was off the hook, he kept
    on banging me from behind, I was just moaning so
    hard, Festus too is trying I just don’t know why
    Daniel’s diick taste so different like honey. Makes me
    want to have more…
    The bathroom sex was awesome, Festus fuc!ked me me
    one in the bathroom, you know that kind of sex when
    the shower is running and your being banged from
    behind so fast. Gosh! Believe me it is so good when
    you’re home alone, you will be free to try new things.
    After the bathroom sex, we moved to the bedroom, we
    did different styles, sucking my Tips, sucking his dick,
    playing and sucking his scrotum, sitting on his dick,
    panting up and down, tilting left and right, moaning,
    squeezing my boobs, the passionate kiss, the sucking of
    my ears, the back flip, the squirting and the
    Approaching (sigh). We finished having sex, Festus
    dozed off, a text message on my phone. Who could that
    be at this middle of the night. I opened it and th text
    message read thus “is he as good as me? You know
    I’m better”. Guess who sent the message, I’m sure you
    no it is Daniel of course. I quickly deleted the
    message, smh and went to sleep.
    The following day was normal, me and my boyfriend
    also went ton the cinema, it was fun hanging out with
    Festus, I was already falling so much in love with him.
    We enjoyed ourselves, came back home, Daniel and his
    girlfriend wasn’t at home. Me and my boo had our
    dinner, went straight to bed. No sex this time okay,
    before you start to call me a slut or ashewo please. It
    was a sex free day okay! Daniel and his girlfriend came
    back so late, we were already sleeping, then I got
    another text message on my phone, its from Daniel,
    begging me to come meet him in the guest room
    saying he missed me and he wants me so badly. Can
    you imagine how silly some boys can be, he has a
    girlfriend with him in his room, on his bed, yet he’s
    requesting for my own Kitty-Cat, his step sister for that
    matter. I replied with “no and he should go to hell”.
    After some minutes, He started calling my number, I
    had to switch off my phone, cos if I pick that call I
    might fall for it, I switched off the phone and slept off.
    I woke up very early that morning, wanted to do some
    laundry, my cloths and my boyfriend’s cloths wer
    dirty. So, I went to the laundry room, carrying laundry
    basket. We use washing machine in our house, got to
    the laundry room, switched on the machine trying to
    sort the dirty cloths, while doing I had earpiece in my
    ear listening to my iPod, then all of a sudden someone
    hugged me from behind. So scared..
    Me: Who is ……. (Frightened)
    It was Daniel, I pushed him away…
    Me: what is the meaning of all these, I’ve told you to
    stay away from me for crying out loud. Stop this!
    Daniel: What is wrong with you? I want you Lola,
    can’t stop thinking about you, I’m obsessed with you
    Daniel was wearing his boxers this time, with his gold
    necklace on his neck. Gosh! So sexy….
    Me: Stop all these, it is wrong, let’s stop it
    Daniel: I tried but I can’t okay, if it is just this once, I
    won’t disturb you again. I can’t stop thinking about
    your body.
    He began to seduce me, his dick was already hard as
    usual, he became so close this time, I’ve lost control of
    myself, he kissed me.
    Daniel: just this last time, I won’t disturb you again, I
    promise, please.
    Me: oh God! Why do you keep doing this to me? Is it
    because you know I’m weak.
    He drew me closer and began to kiss me so deeply, he
    pulled of my nightgown, I pulled off his boxer, we began
    to play with our private part, kissing so passionately.

    Episode 6

    Daniel: I love you, I love you so much…
    Then he lifted me on the washing machine and inserted
    his dick
    Me: Yikes!!! (Moan)
    He gave me this killer, flirty smile and he began to
    Bleep me so slow and I couldn’t help than to ask for
    more by saying “yes”, bleeping me steadily, so steadily
    till someone opened the door and caught us.
    Festus: WTF! Oh my God, Jesus Christ
    Festus caught us red handed, I felt like waking up from
    a dream, cos it was like a dream. Festus closed the
    door and walked away in disappointment. I pushed
    Daniel away.
    Me: Oh my God, what have I done (crying), Daniel look
    at what you’ve caused, I told you to leave me alone.
    Picked up my nightgown trying to Daniel was just
    looking, he wasn’t remorse at all….
    Me: look at what you have done.
    Trying to run after Festus, all of a sudden Daniel held
    my hand.
    Daniel: Where are you? What is so special about him?
    Let him go, I’m here for you.
    I was surprised Daniel could say such, he wasn’t
    bothered at all, he was proud of it. I pushed him away.
    Me: God! You are a devil, get your filthy hands of me.
    I walked out on him, ran after Festus to beg him but he
    didn’t listen, he automatically broke up with me and
    said he doesn’t want to have anything with me again.
    Festus didn’t even spend the night in that house, he
    packed his things and left, I begged him but he didn’t
    listen, I cried so bitterly ton the extent that Daniel’s
    girlfriend come to meet me and asked me what
    happened, I couldn’t say it. Daniel didn’t even come out
    through out, he locked himself in his room, he was not
    sad, he cared less, he was happy, thinking he ha me
    to himself.
    I quickly went to my room, packed little of my things, I
    couldn’t stay in that house anymore, going to my
    grandmother’s place. While packing my bags Daniel
    walked in.
    Daniel: Where are you going? Look I’m sorry, I’m really
    sorry, I didn’t want this to happen.
    I didn’t even say a word, I was silent, packing my
    Daniel: Omolola please say something. Where are you
    going? I love you, I’m here for you, please don’t go.
    He tried coming close to me, touching me, I got so
    furious and gave him a dirty slap.
    Daniel: Fine! Go if you want to go, its your problem (he
    hissed and walked out of my room)
    I finished packing my things, closed the door, going
    downstairs, Jumoke rushed to meet me.
    Jumoke: Where are you going? What is going on You
    people are just putting me in darkness. Omolola please
    Me: your boyfriend caused everything. Daniel is the
    devil, please leave me alone. Let me go.
    She couldn’t stop me, I got downstairs opened the door
    and Daniel called my name from the staircase.
    Daniel: Omolola please don’t go, I’m sorry
    I looked at him with so much hate, walked out and
    closed the door
    After several days, I think 3 weeks and some days, I
    didn’t go home, my mum and her husband were back
    from the honeymoon vacation over 3 weeks now, but I
    didn’t go and check on them. Lied to them I was
    helping my grandmother, my mum kept on calling and
    calling asking questions on why I left the house, why i
    refused to come home. At some point she got angry,
    mainly because she came home after her vacation and I
    don’t want to come check on her even though she got
    me some nice things. Daniel also called, sent several
    text messages apologizing countless times. So I finally
    made up my mind to go home and do away with
    shame. I got home, the first person I saw was Daniel, I
    couldn’t look at his face, it was crazy feeling.
    Daniel: What’s up?
    Me: fine
    Daniel: Finally, you’re back. I’m really sorry for……
    (My mum walks in)
    My mum: My baby (I quickly rushed ton her and gave
    her the best hug)
    Me: Mummy (kissed her)I miss you mum, so much.
    Me and my mum went straight up to her room fo her
    to show me what she bought for me. Me and my mum
    started discussing, giving me details, showing m
    pictures, she bought nice things for me. The she
    My mum: Ehn! Ehn! What happened between you and
    your brother Daniel?
    Me: Nothing happened oooo, I’ve already told yo
    nothing happened..
    My mum: Then why did you leave the house? I asked
    him why you left him alone, he couldn’t give me
    reasonable answer, so I was suspecting something
    happened. Or did you guys quarreled?
    Me: Nope! Nothing happened mum, I just missed
    grandma and home was kinda boring that’s why.
    My mum: are you sure?
    Me: yes mum
    My mum: I trust you……. Ahem! Don’t tell anyone what
    I’m about to tell you now, did you know that your
    brother had gonorrhea?
    Me: you mean Daniel?
    My mum: Yes! His dad is really mad at him
    Me: Jesus Christ.
    My mum: That boy is really spoilt, very spoilt and he
    flirts a lot, I don’t like that. Thank God I don’t have a
    child like that. My baby is still a virgin and doesn't’ flirt.
    Me: (swallowed spit) of course mum, I’m still a virgin
    (faked smile)
    My mum: I trust my girl (she gave a high five) I missed
    you so much.

    We talked and talked and talked. My step father came
    back, he joined the conversation. Daniel was in his
    room, I guess he was disappointed, gonorrhea?
    Seriously fear catch me, i just hope I’m not infected like
    I was in my room, a knock on my door…
    Me: who is that?
    Daniel: its me….
    Me: what do you want? Can’t you see it is late…
    Daniel: Please let me come in, I just want to apologize
    Me: Okay, come in and please be fast about it
    Daniel: Thank you
    He began to apologize, blah, blah, blah, he broke up
    with his girlfriend Jumoke, he is this, he is that. He
    kept talking, this time he was fully dressed, no boxers
    or necklace. Sincerely speaking Daniel is cut and hard
    to resist, lol.
    Me: Wait a minute! Is it true you had gonorrhea?
    Daniel: oh that! You heard about it?
    Me: my mum told me, what do you expect? You
    stylishly had sex with me, you know.
    Daniel: stylishly?
    Me: See whatever, I had sex with you and I’m not safe
    of course
    Daniel: (laughs) Are you scared? Don’t be scared okay,
    it was one of my new girlfriend Angela that infected me.
    Me: God have mercy on you. Within three weeks you
    already changed girlfriend. You better be careful.
    Daniel: It wasn’t even only Angela in had sex wit
    there is this new girl in our street, and you know don’t
    like condoms, I’m not a fan of it…… (I cut him off
    Me: Time up (feeling irritated already with his
    sexcapades), thank you sir, come and go now.
    Daniel: I’m sorry once again and I kinda missed you
    how I wish I can turn back the hands of time.
    Me: Okay sir! Goodnight I want to sleep
    Daniel: I know you missed me. (Laughing) Goodnight
    Me: What did you just say?
    Daniel: Nothing! Goodnight (he walked out)
    Me: Mtcheew (I hissed)
    Few weeks later, I was in the midst of my friends and
    my mum called me.
    Me: Hello mum
    My mum: Omo! Guess what?
    Me: What is it mum? (Anxious)
    My mum: I’m pregnant (so happy)
    Me: oh my God! Congratulations mum, I’m so happy for
    I was really excited, so excited, I’m gonna have a
    sibling, I wanted it so badly. The excitement was too
    much, I was in the midst of my friends jubilating, I
    don’t know what came over me, suddenly I collapsed, I
    was rushed to the hospital. They did various test on
    me, my mum, my step father and step brother were all
    in the hospital with me. I don’t know what happened,
    all I know was that I’ve been kinda weak lately. They
    carried various test and thank God I was not infected
    with any disease, cos I was really scared of gonorrhea
    and moreover I saw my period last month now. I
    wouldn’t want to disappoint my mum. Still on the
    hospital bed talking to Daniel.
    Me: Thank God its not gonorrhea or HIV cos the only
    person I can contact that from is you.
    Daniel: God forbid, what do you mean? Festus nko?
    Me: Festus wore condom okay, I still remember you
    never wore any.
    Daniel: Wait! Did you take any anti pregnancy pill after
    our sex, I mean drugs that can stop you from being
    Me: No! What is that? I don’t know anything about
    that, I’m still a novice in this and moreover sef I saw
    my period last month.
    Daniel: Hope you’re not pregnant?
    Me: I’m not ooooo, I still saw my period okay…
    Suddenly my mum and step father just walked in……
    My mum: Haaaa! Omolola I’m really disappointed in
    you (crying)
    I was scared, what is going on? I thought they said I
    don’t have any disease.
    Me: Mummy what happened?
    My mum: shut up you slut, who impregnated you
    Ghen Ghen! I am dead, Daniel didn’t wear condom all
    through but o saw my period last month, although it
    wasn’t normal. I started having series of flashback,
    Festus wore condom through out our sex. I quickly
    looked at Daniel’s face, he looked at my face, starring
    at each other. I am dead, Daniel is the father, my mum
    is gonna kill me. My mum is pregnant, I am also
    pregnant. Father impregnated mother, son impregnated
    daughter. What am I going to do? Please help me!!

    Episode 7

    At The Hospital

    ….What should I do? I’m pregnant for my
    step brother, isn’t this ridiculous?How will I tell my
    parent? God help me I’m confused.
    My mum: Who impregnated you Omolola?
    (Crying) I couldn’t say a
    word, still on the sick bed, I was just crying, I looked at
    Daniel’s face, he looked at me winking at me not to
    say anything.
    My mum: I thought you’re a virgin…
    Haaaa! You have  disappointed me. She tried to descend. on me on the sick bed, my stepfather quickly grabbed
    her. I was nervous, I kept on weeping.
    Me: Mummy I’m
    sorry My stepfather took my mum out of the ward,
    leaving me and Daniel alone. Daniel went on his knees
    and was begging.Daniel: Please Omolola, I beg you in
    the name of God,please don’t tell them I’m the one,
    please I beg you, please (touching me and crying I
    couldn’t say a word, I was dumbfounded.Daniel kept on
    begging me not tell anyone about us, he was on his
    knees begging, his father walks in, he quickly got up
    and wipe away his tears, pretending as if nothing
    My step dad: Your mum is really mad at you,
    I’ve tried to calm her down.

    Stop crying okay,
    everything will be fine.Using his handkerchief to wipe
    away my tears, petting me..
    My Step dad: Stop crying dear.He looks at Daniel’s face with surprise, cos Daniel
    was crying uncontrollable.My step dad: Why are you
    Daniel: Me? Am I crying?….. I’m not Crying
    My Step dad: Are you alright? I can see tear falling from
    your eyes and you’re telling me you’re not crying.Daniel
    touched his eyes and felt the tears dropping from his
    eyes, he was shivering, panicking.
    Daniel: Oh! I guess I
    was sympathizing with Omolola
    My step dad: Sympathizing?
    Daniel: I mean……. I’m emotionally
    attached to this situation
    My step dad: Emotionally
    attached to what? (Hissed)….. Whatever, go and check
    on my wife in the car I’ll join you guys soon.Daniel:
    Okay sir!While Daniel was leaving, he was just staring at
    me with this pitiful look, he got to the door, whispering
    to me not to tell anyone, begging me, his dad didn’t see
    him cos Daniel was behind him, I was the only one
    seeing Daniel….

    The next day my mum didn’tcome to visit me in the
    hospital, it was only stepfather and Daniel that visited
    me. I was supposed to be discharged that day but my
    stepfather told me my mother insisted I should stay in
    the hospital for a while before coming home. I knew my
    mum was really angry with me, it was so obvious cos
    she doesn’t leave my side.Daniel on the other side
    continued begging, pleading that I shouldn’t tell anyone
    about our sexcapades. Some of my friends also visited
    me in the hospital.The following day, very early in the
    morning my mum entered my ward with a frowned face.
    Me: Good morning mum She didn’t respond..
    Me: I’m sorry mummy, please forgive me (crying)
    My mum: There is no need for that, the doctor is getting ready to
    get rid of that bastard in you.
    Me: Abortion?…… Mummy
    I’m scared
    My Mum: You better be because you brought
    this upon yourself…. Wait, do you think I will allow you
    keep that thing in you? There is no way, over my dead
    body. I’m pregnant, my daughter too is pregnant, God
    forbid. You are getting rid of that pregnancy……. Ehn! I
    don’t want history to repeat itself.
    Me: Please mum.
    My mum: Shut up before I descend on you…..After getting
    rid of that, you will now tell me the bastard that
    impregnated you.Haaa! Omolola, how could you do this
    to me? To cut the long story short, the abortion was
    done, it was safely done. I got rid of the pregnancy and
    I was discharged immediately.Getting home in the
    afternoon, met my stepfather and Daniel at home my
    stepfather was unaware of my mother’s whereabout.
    He questioned my mum on where she went very early in
    the morning, my mum never informed anyone she was
    visiting me in the hospital.Well, my step dad was
    unaware of the abortion, so he got angry when he
    found out my mum forced me to abort the pregnancy
    without his consent. They had heated argument that
    day, the whole house was boiling, both of them
    shouting at each other. I was scared, I was really
    scared. Daniel took me to the room to rest, I laid on the
    bed cos I was dizzy, still have this sharp pains from the
    abortion.Daniel was about to start begging again….
    Me: Please, leave my room…. Enough with the begging, the
    pregnancy has been terminated, so stop begging me
    Daniel: I know, but…
    .Me: Shut up and get out of
    my room, get out, get out…
    Daniel: I’m sorry, I swear
    Me: Sorry to yourself.
    Daniel shamefully walks out of my room...

    Episode 8

    While sleeping in the night, a knock on my door…
    Me: Who is that?It was my stepfather, he wanted to check
    on me, he came in sat beside me on the bed.
    My step father: How are you?
    Me: I’m fine sir, I’m so sorry
    for what I’ve caused in the family, I don’t mean to……
    My stepfather: Shhhhhh! (Placed his finger on m lips),
    you don’t need to say anything dear, everything will be
    alright okay.
    My stepfather was flirting with me, he
    began to touch my cheeks, touching my hair.
    Me: What are you doing sir?
    My stepfather: You know what I
    want, I’ve always wanted you for myself. I love you
    Me: Please stop it, what about my mum If
    she found out
    My stepfather: You know she can’t find
    out, forget about your mother
    Me: I’m scared He began
    to kiss me…
    My stepfather: Don’t be scared, Okay He
    continued kissing me, it was becoming so intense, I
    wasn’t really comfortable but i always had crush on
    my stepfather. The kissing was becoming something
    else, he began to squeeze my boo°bs, I was moaning
    already, he dipped his fingers in my blouse to reach for
    my boo°bs, he began to squeeze it harder,missing me,
    pulled off my blouse and was suc*king my nippl£es,
    squeezing my boo°bs and sucking the nipples
    simultaneously, it was fantastic, he pulled off my sk!rt
    and underwear and began to finger me with his big
    fingers, using his thumb finger to finger me harder, I
    was already squirting, squirting, he continued kissing
    me, pulled off his sh!rt and trouser, brought out his
    heavy cock, Gosh that was the biggest cock ever, as in
    the biggest and oldest cock, I grabbed his cock and
    began to suck it, I was sucking it so hard, giving him
    the best blowjob while he was squeezing and playing
    with my boobs and nipples, he was moaning so sweet,
    gosh my stepfather is really hot, my mum is really
    enjoying.I’m so in love with his hairy chest, damn My
    stepfather sucked my pus$sy, he was eating it s
    sweet, licking it with his tongue, then he began to rim
    it with his d!ck,inserting his dick slowly into my puss$y
    , inserting it slowly.
    Me: Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes…He finally
    penetrated me fully, pushing it deep down…
    Me: Oh my
    God! He began to pound me, banging me, going up and
    down, doing it fast, doing it like a pro.
    Me: Please sir
    (moaning) He Was banging me so good, kissing me,
    banging me, squeezing my bo°obs, banging me really
    hard, banging me, pounding, moaning so hard,
    breathing heavily…
    My stepfather: I love you Omolola he
    lifted my legs up and was hitting it so hard, so so
    damn hard, squirting already, my legs shaking, banging
    My stepfather: Ah! Yes…. Yes, keep pouring baby
    Banging me, doing it so good…All of a sudden the door
    was opened, it was my mum that opened the door, she
    caught us.My mum: Jesu Kristi (Jesus Christ)

    Episode 9

    Oh my God…… I woke up, it was just a dream, it was
    just a dream, no sex between me and my stepfather, i
    was really scared thank God it was only a dream.Then a
    knock on my door, who could that be?
    Me: Who i that?
    It was my stepfather, what the hell? I was scared i
    hope this dream is not about to come to pass, i quickly
    got up from the bed, i was panicking.

    My Stepfather:Omolola are you there?
    Me: Me? Oh yes i am here, i’m
    here, i’m here……. I’m…. Coming I was nervous, hope
    this dream wont come to pass, i swallowed spit and
    Me: The door is opened sir, you can come in.I
    didn’t sleep on the bed anymore, i had to sit on the
    chair in my room, he entered.
    My stepfather: How are
    Me: I’m fine sir
    My stepfather: I came to check on
    you, i was really angry your mother forced you for
    abortion. I’m really sorry dear.He moved closer to me….
    My heart started beating faster, i quickly stood up,
    pretended as if i was having pains in my stomach.
    Me: Thank you sir…… Ouch!
    My stepfather: What is that?……
    Hope you’ve taken your drugs
    Me: Yes sir, i just need to
    My stepfather: That’s true, i should allow you rest okay,He moved closer to me this time….
    My stepfather:Come, let me assist you to bed He touched my waist,
    fear catch me, i was really nervous, to cut the long story short, he helped me to the bed, pecked me and bid me goodnight.Nothing actually happened, it was only a
    dream, just a dream.Few days later, i was strong
    enough, my mother began to pressurize me in the
    house, she was giving me hard time, so many times
    she would attack me for no reasons, she was always
    complaining about everything i do, either good or bad.
    She would call me silly names, she was so demanding
    for the person responsible for my pregnancy.She threatened to make my life miserable if i don’t bring the
    person that impregnated me. She even threatened to send me out of the house.I cry almost everyday, i didn’t know what to do, Daniel on the hand was always
    begging me not tell anyone he impregnated me.I was so confused and frustrated, i didn’t know what to
    do.Then Daniel came up with a very silly idea.
    Daniel: Omolola, why don’t we rent a guy who wil pretend to be responsible for the pregnancy, i will pay the
    Me: Rent a guy?…… What is that? Even if i want to rent a guy who will i rent? I don’t have male friends
    except Festus, my ex boyfriend and we broke up
    Daniel: Don’t you think he’s the best person for
    this job?
    Me: Who?
    Daniel: Festus of course!Can you imagine! Anyway we
    contacted Festus, he totally declined, he was still mad
    at me, he even insulted me and Daniel.We begged and begged him,persuaded him, convinced him and also
    promised him 30k if he can just show up at our place
    and pretend to be responsible for my pregnancy.It was
    really hard to convince him, i tried to win him back but
    he was just proving stubborn, he was even dating
    someone else, he was dating one ugly girl like that.
    Rubbish!Anyway, Festus eventually agreed to do the job
    after rigorous begging from me and Daniel. So one day,
    i brought Festus home to show my parent, that he was
    the one that impregnated me.What happened that day
    wasn't what we bargained for, my mum began to slap
    Festus, insulting him and his family.I was scared,
    Daniel was also scared, my mum slapped Festus again.
    Festus was already angry, he was pissed, he was about
    to spill the truth.

    Festus: I’m not responsible now,
    why……I quickly pinched him, he looked at my face with this anger, i began to beg him with my pitiful face, he
    looked at Daniel, cos Daniel was sitting at the Dinning
    table, Daniel was also begging him too.I thought it was
    going to end there, not until i heard a knock on the door,
    it was the policemen, what is happening?
    My mum: Officer, thank you very much, that's the bastard, please
    lock him up What? We never expected this Festus was
    arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, I began to beg
    my mum and my stepfather, begging them not to arrest
    Me: Please, Please don’t arrest him (crying)My
    mum gave me a dirty slap…. Festus was taken away,
    he was really angry, he didn’t say a word. I never
    believe he won’t reveal the secret.Festus really helped
    that day, he concealed our secret. I continued begging
    my parents to release Festus, a day after he was
    released thank God! I began to call Festus to apologise,
    Daniel also called to apologise.Festus demanded to see
    me few days later, I visited him…Me: Festus, I’m sorry
    for what happened the other time, I never expected
    such will happen that day. Please I’m really
    Festus: How many times do you wanna apologise?
    He moved closer to me touching my cheek.
    Festus: I’ve
    forgiven you already sweetheart
    Me: Hold on! Festus are
    you flirting with me?
    Festus: I’m not only flirting with you, I
    want to bang you, I miss you He continued harassing
    me s*xually…
    Me: Festus stop that, I don’t like it, we
    shouldn’t be doing this again.
    Festus: Really? We will do
    this again and again and again
    Me: What do you mean
    by that? I’m not a slut, moreover you now have a girlfriend$
    Festus: You can be my slut for all I care
    Me:Are you alright?
    Festus: Let me F*ck you okay, except
    you want me to go to your folks and tell them about everything, I have everything on tape ooo
    Me: Are you blackmailing me?

    Episode 10

    Festus: Don’t dare me, I’ve got all the phone
    conversation recorded. You think say I go come leave you like that with all the suffer wey I suffer for una hands.No way, I will continue to blackmail you with hot s*x,you know what I mean (Winks at me)He began to touch my bo°obs, trying to kiss me.I was nervous, what
    have I gotten myself into? This is all Daniel’s fault, I
    never wanted to involve Festus in this, I’m dead.
    Me: Festus this is unfair, you know it is unfair He began to kiss me, pulling off my clothes.
    Me: Festus please now, I beg you in the name
    of God.
    Festus: (Laughing) In the name of God? Where was God when you were doing it with you stepbrother?
    Chai!Look at your b°oobs, damn I miss them.He
    continued squeezing my b**bs, kissing me, brought out his d!ck, wore a condomand began to bang me so hard,
    he was really going deeper, my pus$sy was just making sounds, he was squeezing my b°oobs, spanking my as$ during the dogggystyle, he banged me so good, he
    was really hitting it hard.Festus ended up having s*x
    with me after threatening to expose us, I had no choice than to do it. He even demanded to see me another day.
    Few months later, I gained admission into the
    university, still continued having s*x with Festus
    anytime he demands to see me, I just have to go I was enjoying the s*x tho, I just had to if that’s what is going to shut his mouth up.
    Festus will bang me in different styles, 2 rounds, 3 rounds, he was really having good s*x with me.I can’t complain, I caused it,
    at least it is still better than having s*x with Daniel.
    I never told Daniel about it, I didn’t tell him what was going on between me and Festus.So one day, It was late in the night, I was really thirsty, I needed to drink a cup of water, I woke up in the middle of the night, I was practically n@ked this time, I got to the kitchen, switched on the light, I found a n@ked man in the
    kitchen.It was Daniel, I was scared, I quickly use my
    hands to cover my private part.Me: Oh my God! Not again…
    Me: Oh my God! Not again…
    Daniel: (Laughing) Yes again! What are you covering? I’ve seen it already and I’ve felt it countless times, so I wonder why the cover
    up.He was drinking a cup of milk as usual, I didn’t move to close to him, I loosened up, reached for the refrigerator.
    Me: Yes now, you’ve seen it and almost
    ruined it
    Daniel: Haba! Don’t pretend as if you never
    enjoyed it, we both enjoyed it and you know it.
    Me: Whatever! I brought out a big bottle of water from the
    refrigerator, yet again, Daniel was leaning beside the
    glass cups.
    Me: Can you please pass me a glass cup?
    Daniel: You mean me?
    Me: Stop all these flirting, I don’t like it, stop it. If you can’t help me I’ll help myself
    (hissed)I walked to him to get a glass cup, I picked up
    the cup, Daniel grabbed me, drew me closer to
    him.There was this reaction, wow! We both stared at
    each other, temptation, its not easy to overcome
    Daniel’s seduction, gosh, I was attracted already
    Daniel: Don’t you miss me? I know you miss me !!!I couldn’t say a word, sincerely speaking I really do miss him.
    Me: Daniel stop, we can’t do this again, please stop it.
    Daniel: I will use condoms this time, I swear I’ll be very careful… Believe
    me Omolola, believe me…He planted a deep kiss on my
    lips, he was already hard, we continued kissing, I just came back to my senses pushed him away and gave
    him a dirty slap.
    Me: Daniel for crying out loud, please
    stop this, stop, stop hahaha, stop.
    Daniel: Okay! I’m sorry… Is just that I promise to use condoms this time.I
    moved away from him poured the water in a glass cup
    Me: Daniel, goodnight.That was how I overcame
    Daniel, it wasn’t easy to do, it just wasn’t easy at all. I
    hope I won’t have s*x with this boy again.The next
    day,  I got a text message from Daniel,
    apologising for his misconduct. He begged me later on,when he saw me also, we buried the whole issue and
    moved on.Festus on the other hand was not really
    disturbing anymore, guess he got tired of my pus$sy, I
    was free from s*x for some period and I was free from
    boys.I concentrated on my studies of course, I became
    an uptight girl, some guys wanted to date me in my
    class but I refused to anyone cos I wasn’t ready, the worst was about to happen.

    Episode 11

    The whole family was back to normal, everything became peaceful and loving as it used to be in the family before,There was love and understanding once again.
    My mother was really heavy,she’s due in few weeks,I’m so happy about that, I’m gonna have sibling.I was
    happy with myself but I was struggling with Festus, he began to blackmail again. I don’t have choice than to have s*x with him once in a while cos I wouldn’t want him to expose our secret and I don’t want him to ruin the happiness reigning in our family.The family was
    already at peace so I was scared of him destroying our healed family. It was crazy cos Festus made me do
    some crazy styles during s*x, I shouldn’t lie, I did
    enjoyed the s*x, so its not big deal to keep havin s£x with him, he’s my ex and I need to shut him up. My mother was to give in about 3 or 4 weeks and she’s to deliver her child out of the country, USA precisely.Every preparation has been made for my mother to leave the
    country, I was really happy. It was only her that would be leaving the country, my stepfather is to stay behind to look after the family and his business.My stepfather was to join her after she has  given birth. I didn’t talk about Daniel anymore, I almost forgot, anyway Daniel’s
    lifestyle didn’t change at all, he became worse this time.Daniel became a full time cassanova, he changes girl like a wrapper, he hardly sleeps at home. The only good thing about him is that he doesn’t bring those girls home anymore, he visits every hotels in town.I suspected he was even doing prostitute too, less I forget, he doesn’t flirt with me anymore tho but he
    likes to trespass…. sometimes he would spank my as$, touch my waist, which I don’t like.Daniel? Smh!
    Finally, my mother has travelled out of the country, the whole house was boring, I don’t leave in the hostel, I go to school from home so I was bored. Daniel hardly stays at home, while my step father comes back late from work. So I was so bored.So one faithful day, I was
    the only one at home that night, Daniel didn’t come
    home, my stepfather also didn’t come home. As usual,I
    was thirsty in the night, I needed to drink a cup of
    water, got up from bed, yawning, I was practically
    n@ked, so n@ked.So I went downstairs to the kitchen
    actually, getting to the kitchen, I discovered
    the kitchen’s light was on, I was surprised, so Daniel
    eventually came.
    Me: Daniel hope you’re not n@ked this
    time. I entered the kitchen and I met a fully n@ked man in the kitchen.
    Me: Oh my God! It was my stepfather, I
    quickly used my hands to cover my private parts.
    Me:I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t see anything sir
    My stepfather: (Laughing) You’ve seen it already, you better come and
    take what you want to take. He walked passed me without saying anything, I quickly moved away.
    Me: I’m sorry sir.Damn! That was so close, I’m really stupid.Only God will deliver me from this habit, you know I lived with my mother all my life so I’m used to going n@ked growing up while living with her..Honestly speaking, my stepfather is damn hot, as in very hot,
    he’s got a very very huge cock, that’s the biggest I’ve
    seen in my entire life, it was even bigger than that one in my dream, wow!
    The following day, I saw my stepfather and
    apologised to him for what happened last night, he wasn’t angry at all, just laughed over it

    Few days later, I was getting ready for school, very early in the morning…In the sitting room after breakfast, my stepfather walks into the sitting room holding his
    suitcase preparing to go to his office.
    Me: Good morning sir!
    My stepfather: Good morning dear
    Me: Your breakfast is on the dinning table.
    My stepfather: Did you cook? (Surprised)
    Me: Yes now! I cooked rice and
    My stepfather: Wow! That’s nice, too bad I won’t
    be able to eat, I’m late already.
    Me: So you don’t want to taste my food because its not my mum that cooked
    it. You think I can’t cook right?
    My stepfather: I never said that ooo, ah Omolola. Seriously I’m late, will eat one of your delicacy when I get back from work, I promise.
    Me: Okay sir!
    My stepfather: Ahem! Did Daniel sleep in this house last night?
    Me: Daniel? The last time I saw him was 48hrs ago.
    My stepfather: This boy will never change He brought out his phone, dialling Daniel’s number with annoyance while i picked
    my bag.
    My stepfather: Hello Daniel…. (On the phone)He
    was on the phone with Daniel as he walking out of the house, I quickly rushed after him so that he could drop me at the bus stop.
    In the car with my stepfather, he was
    My stepfather: I want to ask you a question.
    Me:No problem sir
    My stepfather: There is this friend of
    mine, he stays in Lagos, do you know that, he’s
    cheating on his wife.
    Me: That’s bad
    My stepfather: Not only that he’s cheating on his wife, he’s actually having
    s*x with his wife’s daughter, his stepfather.
    Me: What? Oh my God, that’s bizzare
    My stepfather: Exactly my thought! Now me and my other friends got angry and have rebuked him and we also warned him to desist
    from the evil act. He’s response was that the girl is not his daughter so he can have his way with her and he’s doing it secretly. Can you imagine.
    Me: Nawa ooo.
    My stepfather: Now my question is; do you think it bad, I mean him having s*x with his stepdaughter?
    Me: It is totally bad, it is wrong a taboo for that matter.
    My stepfather: But they are not related now, so what’s the
    big deal?
    Me: I know they are not related but it still
    sound somehow, you know. Well, probably they are
    having fun sha, we human beings are not perfect
    My stepfather: Having fun?
    Me: Yes! I guess
    My stepfather: What if such happens to you would you do about it?
    Me: (Laughing) It depends ooo, if I’m getting enough cash
    from him, I don’t mind sleeping with my stepfather…
    Just kidding!
    My stepfather: So you can have s*x with
    Me: Ha! Noooo, you’re no longer my stepfather,
    you’renow my father, so I can never do such wit you.
    My stepfather: But I’m not your biological father
    Me: (laughing) Very funny, God forbid, me and my father
    My stepfather: I’m not your father girl…. What if I want it between us?
    Me: You’re only kidding me, you
    know its not possible.
    My stepfather: Really?…. Just kidding anyway
    Me: Of course I know you’re only
    teasing me I got to the bus stop and alight, he gave me
    some cash.. He left, while I was going, something came into my mind, I hope its not what I’m thinking.
    Ever since that day, my stepfather has been so nice to me, he began to eat my food, he even praised me for good cooking.One Sunday afternoon his friends came over,
    like 6 of them, Daniel was also at home that day. The whole house was fun, they were just chatting, drinking,eating food they got from a fast food restaurant. But one thing I noticed is that, while I greeted them there
    was this kind of attitude, each time I walked passed them they always have this kind of silence. It was so obvious they were talking about me or probably they’ve talked about me before that day, cos I don’t understand.There his handsome friend that was just
    flirting with him stylishly, they are not really old like that, they should be in their late 30s or early 40s.
    Only God knows what they discussed about me, men
    and gossips,silly gossips. So one day, I went to Festus’ place to have s*x as usual. Sweet se..x, just to save my as$s, who doesn’t love s*x?Immediately I got home, I received a text message from stepfather, he told me to cook food for him and that he was in a
    meeting, that he would soon come home, but the funniest part was he added “I love you baby”. was
    kinda confused, I probably thought he’s forgotten I’m
    his step daughter not his wife, so maybe he mad a mistake.I was really weak that day to cook, cos after
    lectures, I went straight to Festus’ place to have 2
    crazy rounds of sex. I eventually cooked for him, was tired, I set the dinning table for him to eat when he comes back.I ate my food and went to bed immediately cos I was so exhausted.While sleeping in the night,I discovered there was a hand touching my private p@rt,touching me seriously, I quickly woke up, oh my God! It
    was only dream. What kind of silly dreams am I having these day? I went downstairs to drink water,
    I was thirsty, I love drinking water every night but this time I was fully covered up at least,wearing my nightgown. No n@kedness or whatsoever, I went downstairs, got to the kitchen, it was dark, I didn’t
    switch on the light.I opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of water, I brought the bottle water the next thing discovered someone hugged me from behind

    Episode 12

    Me: Oh my God, who is that?
    The person held me really tight… “Its me” the person
    said, it was my stepfather..
    Me: What are you doing sir?
    I quickly pull his hands off my waist, I reached the
    switch and switched on the light, my stepfather was
    putting on skimpy boxer, his Joystick hard already.
    My stepfather: Are you scared?
    Me: Yes sir, I’m scared… I don’t understand your
    ways sir
    My stepfather: You should understand by now, you
    know what I want from you..
    Moving closer to me, I was seriously nervous…
    Me: I don’t understand you sir
    My stepfather: You do stop pretending, you’re not a
    baby, you already said it yourself.
    Me: I didn’t say anything ooo
    He moved closer, I walked out the kitchen to avoid
    him, he was still coming after me.
    My stepfather: You did, remember you said you can
    have s*x with your stepfather.
    Me: Nooooo! I was only joking, I was just playing
    I was moving backward, he was coming after me
    My stepfather: I’m going to take care of you, I
    promise, I will give you everything you want.
    Me: Noo sir, what about my mum?
    My stepfather: Forget about your mother, she can’t
    know about this, she would never.
    I pinched myself to wake up but this time, it wasn’t
    a dream oo, I thought it was a dream but this
    happening for real.
    Me: No sir!
    I kept moving backward until I slipped my leg an
    fell on the floor, my stepfather jumped on me.
    Me: Please sir! I will scream ooo, I’m going to
    scream, leave me alone.
    My stepfather: What is wrong with you? From the
    moments I saw you Unclad, I just can’t stop
    thinking about you, I just wanna..
    He grabbed my Bosom, brought it out and began to
    suck my Tips, sucking it real hard. I should have
    tried harder I swear, I just don’t know why I could
    be so cheap like that, gosh, the way he was sucking
    my Tips, it was so sweet.
    Me: Please sir, stop it (moaning)
    He kept on sucking my Tips, then he began to kiss
    me, kissing me smooching me on the floor, he pulled
    off his boxer to his shoulder, reached for his
    Joystick, lifted up my gown finger my Kittycat,
    kissing me, squeezing my Bosom with one hand,
    fingering me with the other hand, held his Joystick
    positioning it into my pus*y… I quickly put my hand
    to stop him from penetrating me..
    Me: Don’t do it, please..
    My stepfather: Please, I will be gentle..
    Kissing me, struggling with me…
    Me: No sir, please now..
    He took my hand away, held his Joystick and slide
    it in so sharp. I screamed, it was like fire, like the
    are nailing my head. His d*ck is damn big, the
    biggest ever.
    My stepfather: Sorry! (Moaning)
    He began to pound me really hard, giving it to m so
    sweet and slow.
    Me: What are you doing to me? (Moaning)
    He was moaning really hard, hitting me so damn
    hard, hitting me really hard, I was moaning so
    sweet, he began to go fast on me. He lifted my legs
    Me: No no no!
    Banging me so damn hard, going up and down,
    sweating, kissing me, kissing me really hard, I
    couldn’t look at his face, I was just moaning,
    moaning, he was about to Pour, he quickly slide his
    d*ck out and Pour on my lap.
    My Stepfather: Ah! Yes, yes..
    I was panting, both of us breathing heavily, sweating
    like a christmas goat.
    Me: What did we just do?
    I began to cry…
    My stepfather: Stop crying, I promise to take care of
    you I swear, just be mine, don’t cry Omolola.
    He tried touching me, I pushed him, got up and
    rushed to my room crying bitterly. Oh my God, what have I
    done? My stepfather? All in the sitting room, I’ve
    betrayed my mother, I’m such a shameless girl, I’m
    so disappointed at myself, God why me? I cried so
    bitterly went to the bathroom to wash myself
    especially my private part, crying till I slept off..

    Episode 13

    The next day it was on Saturday, a knock on my
    Me: Who is that?
    My stepfather: Its me
    Me: Please go away, I don’t want to see you.
    My stepfather: Stop acting like a baby, open the
    door okay
    Me: So that you can come and Molest to me again
    My stepbrother: Stop that, your brother is back,
    mind what you say. Please open this door..
    Me: Leave me alone! Leave me, you and your son
    should leave me alone.
    My stepfather: Fine!
    He walks away… After few hours, a knock on my
    door again..
    Me: Leave me alone, leave me alone, what do yo
    want from me?
    Daniel: Are you alright?
    Me: Daniel?
    Daniel: Yes, I’m the one…
    I opened the door and allowed him come in
    Daniel: Who are you fighting with?… You look dull
    what happened to you?
    Me: Nothing, I’m just weak
    Daniel: Weak?… Anyway, would you come with me
    to a friend’s beach party? Its tomorrow
    Me: What friend?… See I’m not interested
    Daniel: You’re going, whether you like it or not, we
    are going, be ready by 2 pm tomorrow.
    Me: I’m not sure, you better don’t put your mind to
    Daniel: Okay then, we shall see…
    Walking out of my room…
    Daniel: Mehn! I’m hungry, please come and cook
    now, I went to the kitchen no cooked food except
    frozen ones, abeg come and cook something please.
    Me: Go away!
    Daniel: Please now
    Me: Okay I’m coming
    He walked out of my room… I cooked lunch and
    dinner that day, couldn’t look at my stepfather’s
    face, we barely say a word to each other, I was
    really angry at him. Daniel didn’t even notice
    anything, while 3 of us eating at the dinning table
    my stepfather was just staring at me, flirting with
    me. I was so uncomfortable, so terrible. I was still
    surprised I had s*x with this man, my mother’s
    husband. Damn! I’m too loose..
    That was how we continued having s*x ooo, this
    man kept on banging me, buying me gifts, giving me
    huge sum of money. He would leave his room
    every night to come have s*x with me, he would
    come back so early for office to come have s*x with
    me, he was so obsessed with my pu*sy. He was
    really good at it, he’s so charming and seductive
    like his son. Like father like son, there was on time
    Daniel almost caught us. It happened on the dinning
    table after taking our dinner… My stepfather was
    kissing me really good. he lifted me on the dinning
    table, pulling off his shirt…
    My stepfather: Let’s do it here, I’ve locked the door
    Me: Don’t you think what we are doing his wrong?
    My stepfather: Its not wrong dear, I’m not your
    father, I can even make you my wife.
    Me: Stop saying that, you keep saying such and I
    don’t like it. Let’s stop all these, what my mum?
    You know she would soon give birth I’m scared.
    Kissing me, smooching me…
    Me: Stop it Demola, Demola.
    My stepfather: Okay, Okay, Okay… I promise to stop
    the moment you mum comes back to Nigeria, I
    Me: Nooooo! Demola let this be the last time,
    please. Demola please. (Playing with his tie)
    My stepfather: Okay, this is the last time.
    He continued kissing me, squeezing my Bosom,
    loosening his belt, pulling off his trouser, pulled his
    boxers brought out his heavy erected Joystick,
    reached for my underwear in my mini skirt, removed
    my gstring, and inserted his di*k in my Buttocks and
    began to bang me on the dinning table, giving it to
    me so hard, kissing me,
    Me: Ha yes, Demola, yes
    Moaning so hard, he was so fast
    My stepfather: I love you baby, yes…
    Doing it faster, I mistakenly used my hand fall a
    glass cup and it broke.
    My stepfather: Yes!
    ko, ko, ko, a knock on the door… ” Why did they
    locked this door?”....

    Episode 14

    Daniel: Is anybody in this house?… Who locked this
    Daniel kept banging the door, we quickly separate
    trying to wear our clothes, panicking, rushing…
    Me: Oh my God
    My stepfather: Shhh! (Whispering) Hurry up, hurry
    Daniel: Omolola! Omolola! Where is this girl?
    Daniel kept on banging the door while both of us
    was still struggling with ourselves
    My stepfather: Answer him, Answer him
    I nodded…
    Me: Yes! I’m coming
    My stepfather: Look at your G-string on the floor
    I quickly picked my G- string, hid it somewhere,
    Daniel kept on shouting my name
    My stepfather: Oya go and open the door
    Me: Your lips, lipstick… Red
    My stepfather: (touched his lip) oh my God… Wait,
    wait let me go upstairs, when he asks of me tell
    him I’ve slept.
    He quickly rushed to me trying to kiss me, forcing
    himself on me
    Me: Demola Stop, stop
    He eventually kissed and rushed upstairs to his
    room, I quickly adjusted, still panicking tho, I
    opened the door, Daniel entered.
    Daniel: What took you so long?
    Me: (Yawning) I was sleeping now, I didn’t know
    you would be coming home today.
    Daniel: Sleeping at this time? Anyway, where is my
    Me: He should be asleep, I guess.
    Daniel was already going upstairs, while I kept
    yawning as if I was sleeping, Daniel stopped
    Daniel: Why is this place stuffy? Is like.. Someone
    banged someone, this place is smelling.
    Me: Smelling? Someone banged someone? I don’t
    get you
    Fear don dey catch me small, small…. He was about
    going then he stopped again
    Daniel: I thought you said you were sleeping,
    looking at dirty plates on the dinning table and who
    broke the glass cup?
    Me: Glass cup? (Shivering)
    Daniel: Can’t you see it?…. Omolola hope you
    Me: Didn’t what? Please stop that rubbish, maybe
    its rat that fall the glass cup or something
    Daniel: Rat? In this house? So I guess it is that
    same rat that scattered the dinning table like this?
    It is well, goodnight.
    Daniel eventually went to his room, I was so
    nervous, that was so damn close. That boy can be
    so annoying, Daniel is so wise and curney. I cleaned
    the dinning table and went straight to my room,
    Immediately I got to my room, I received a text
    message from my stepfather, the text message
    goes thus “that wasn’t our last time baby, you
    know I didn’t Pour we would do it again or shoul I
    come in the midnight?”
    I was just laughing, Demola is a stupid and
    shameless man. I quickly replied him and told him
    not to come in the midnight cos of Daniel. Few
    minutes later, he called me and was begging me
    that he want to come have s*x with me in the
    midnight, the most annoying and funniest part is
    that he kept saying “you know I didn’t Pour now”
    Very funny, he was acting so foolish, begging me
    behaving like an agbaya (old fool). I hanged the call
    after warning him not to come, he kept on calling
    and calling, I had to switch off my phone. I was
    just laughing about everything that happened that
    day, very awkward....

    Episode 15

    Ever since the day Daniel almost caught us, I’ve
    noticed he was always coming home everyday, he
    sleeps at home regularly, so it was so hard for my
    stepfather to have s*x with me. My stepfather was
    complaining bitterly, he even suggested we visit
    hotel, I declined cos I was scared, what if someone
    caught us entering the hotel together? So I told him It
    wasn’t possible, he became frustrated one day that
    he grabbed me from behind in the kitchen while I
    was cooking…
    My stepfather: Let’s do it here, I’ll be very fast.
    Me: What?…. No, no, no, Daniel is at home now
    Forcing himself on me, kissing my neck, squeezing
    my Bosom, holding me so tight
    My stepfather: Daniel can’t catch us, he’s upstairs
    playing a video game, so he can’t catch us. I’ll be
    very fast, quickie
    Me: Ooooooooh! No, no, no not here
    He quickly unzipped his short trouser, brought out
    his erected Joystick, lifted up my mini skirt, pulling
    off my G-string
    Me: Ha! Stop now, Demola
    Kissing me from behind, he used his two hands to
    open my Buttocks wide and inserted his Joystick
    into my Kittycat from behind.
    My stepfather: Yes! (Moans)
    Me: Ha! (Moans)
    He brought out his Joystick and inserted it again,
    as he was about to start banging, we heard a
    sound of a door being closed.

    Daniel: Omolola, what are you cooking now?
    It was Daniel coming downstairs from his room, we
    adjusted ourselves, wore my G-string, he was
    adjusting his erected Joystick in his trouser, he
    quickly went to the refrigerator as Daniel entered
    the kitchen
    Daniel: Girl, what have you been cooking? I’m
    freaking hungry
    He moved closer to his dad and hugged him from
    Daniel: What’s up nigga?…. Dad what’s up with
    what I told you?
    My stepfather brought out a fruit juice from the
    refrigerator while I was busy cooking
    My stepfather: I told you I don’t have that kind of
    money at home, it would be later
    Daniel: Later? Give me your ATM to go withdraw
    My stepfather: I’ll rather give the armed robbers my
    Pouring the fruit juice in a glass cup
    Daniel: You don’t trust…. Wait Dad, what’s up with
    the boner alert? Moreover you’re wet, are you
    missing your wife?
    Oh my God, I was nervous, I quickly cleaned my
    hands and rushed out of the kitchen. Like father, like son, useless people.
    My stepfather kept on disturbing me, this time
    Daniel was at home for a whole week, this man
    would not let me rest, he was just harassing me,
    this man was careless and loose, not until Daniel
    eventually caught us having s*x in my room in the
    Me: Yes, Yes, Yes (Moaning)
    Pounding me, banging me, kissing me, squeezing
    me, sucking my Tips, banging me, banging me then
    suddenly the door was opened and the light
    switched on.
    Daniel: Yeeees! I knew it, I knew it (laughing
    hysterically) I finally caught you two, good!
    Daniel was laughing, mocking us, he switched off
    the light and went out of my room. That was how
    Daniel caught us red handed, I’ve always had the
    feeling that Daniel was suspecting us. I couldn’t
    sleep that night, I was so sad, crying, I never
    wanted to have s*x with this man again, why me
    I’m so useless, the whole house was so silent, the
    following day I couldn’t come out of my room, I
    locked myself in my room. My stepfather receive a
    call from US that mum has given birth, instead of
    us rejoicing, we are not, we are all still in shock.
    My mum called me also from the US, I just had t
    pretend to be happy. My stepfather kept on calling
    me, I didn’t pick his calls, he kept sending text
    messages, apologising and asking for mercy. I
    couldn’t go to school, I was in my room for 3 days.
    I woke up early morning prepared to go to school I
    reached downstairs, I saw my stepfather and Daniel
    on the dinning table eating.
    Me: Good morning!
    Daniel: Wow! So you finally came out
    My stepfather: Daniel stop that
    Daniel: stop what?
    My stepfather: Be polite
    Daniel: Be polite?…. Sleeping with your own
    stepdaughter? You expect me to be polite?
    I was about to open the door and go to school.
    Daniel: B***h, you better come back here so that we
    can settle this matter, cos your mum is so gonna hear
    about this.
    Me: Did you just call me B***h? Daniel have you
    Daniel: What?
    Me: So you’ve forgotten you impregnated me, so
    you’ve forgotten you paid Festus to pretend as the
    one who impregnated me. So you’ve forgotten how
    you banged me in this sitting room or in the kitchen,
    in the laundry room right? Have you forgotten?
    Daniel became sober and ashamed looking at his
    Me: I still remember how you were begging,
    weeping, I shouldn’t tell your Dad and my mum
    My stepfather: Is this for real? Am I dreaming
    Me: No you’re not Demola, this is real
    My stepfather: Demola? I’m your stepfather, I
    deserve some respect
    Me: Respect? (Laughing and walking towards
    them) Did you say respect? So you actually think
    you deserve a respect from me, have you forgotten
    all the paparazzi we had in this house? Do you
    want me to start announcing it in your son’s
    My stepfather: Stop it, stop it… Can we all bury this
    whole thing and pretend as if nothing happened for
    the sake of my wife and the new born baby.
    Me: Fine! Like father, like son, shameless
    Daniel: What about you?
    My stepfather: Shut up, Daniel…. I’m so
    disappointed in you, how could you be having s*
    with your step sister?
    Daniel: Dad, she’s you stepdaughter also
    They kept arguing, I was just laughing till I left the
    house and went straight to Festus’ place who have
    been demanding for s*x.

    Episode 16

    I went to Festus’ place instead of school, I had S£x
    with him as usual, like I said earlier, I don’t have
    choice. I need to shut him up, my stepfather and
    stepbrother won’t dare to tell my mum cos they
    both have fault, so the only person I’m worried
    about is  Festus revealing the secret, cos if Festus
    reveal the secret, Daniel will also want to reveal the
    affair between me and his father, so I just have to
    be wise. I wouldn’t want to give my mum heart
    I was spending most time in my friend’s place, I
    come home late after that terrible incident. Did you
    know that my stepfather kept on sending silly
    messages to me, telling me he misses me, telling me we
    shouldn’t bother about Daniel since he’s also got
    dirty secret. The foolish wouldn’t let me rest, Daniel
    too was also sending me text messages that we
    should continue from where we stopped or else
    he’s gonna tell my mother and he doesn’t care
    what will happen. Can you imagine, Demola, Daniel
    and Festus all hanging on my neck. This is so
    serious than I expected, I caused this myself.
    Few days later, my stepfather travelled out of the
    country. I was once again home alone with Daniel
    this time, come and see the way Daniel was
    frustrating me in that house, so frustrating. Daniel
    was practically Unclad forcing and struggling wit
    me in my room.
    Daniel: Omolola, what is wrong with you? Didn’t
    you miss me? I will use condoms this time I swear.
    Me: Leave me alone, I’m not doing, condom or no
    Daniel: I’ve been begging you all these while to
    have S£x with me, you ended up screwing my
    father and me I’ve been begging you. Is he better
    than me?
    Me: Don’t even go there
    Daniel: So he’s better than me abi?
    Struggling with me, forcing himself on me..
    Me: Daniel, leave me alone
    Daniel: Okay do you want me to tell your mum
    about you and my dad?
    Me: Go ahead, suit yourself, you also have yours
    Daniel: Sure, but you know she won’t take mine
    personally like my father’s own. Her daughter
    sleeping with her husband? Think twice girl, mine is
    just little.
    I was moved with those words, that’s actually true
    you know. Which is worse? Me and my stepbrother
    or me and my stepfather? I think the later one is
    more dangerous.
    Daniel: Do you want me to tell her?… Omolola
    please now, even if it is for once, abeg. Do you
    want me to go on my knees?
    I was confused seriously, so gullible…
    He moved closer, and began to kiss me, that was
    Me: Daniel why are you doing this to me?
    We began to kiss hard, pulling off my night gown
    he grabbed my Bosom and began to suck my Tips,
    dipped his finger in my Kittycat and began to finger
    me really hard, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom, he
    did it again, he began to eat my Kittycat, sucking it
    so mildly, damn! Moaning, moaning, moaning
    Me: Where is your condom?
    Daniel: We don’t need condom, I promise I won’t
    Pour, I will withdraw.
    I pushed him away…

    Me: No way…
    Daniel: Okay, Okay, its in my trouser
    He quickly got up so fast, picked his trouser on the
    floor and brought out pack of condoms from the
    Wore the condom, laid on me and began to pound
    me, banging me, hitting me so damn hard. Different
    styles, he lifted me up positioned me on the tip of
    the bed, we were doing it tip by tip of the bed. He
    turned over, I sat on him and began to ride him so
    sweet, slowly and faster, squeezing my boos while
    riding him, doing so so smooth. He turned me over
    again and began to go so fast this time, doing so
    fast, pounding me so damn fast.
    Me: Daniel, Daniel (Panting, moaning)
    I was squirting already, squirting, he slide his
    Joystick, I kept on squirting, he inserted it again
    and began to pound me so damn again, squirting
    Me: Daniel, Stop please, when are you going to
    Pour (panting)
    Pounding me so hard, banging me
    Daniel: No no no, I’m about to Pour
    Kissing me, squeezing me, banging me, turned me
    backward and was doing it from behind, banging
    me so damn crazy.
    Me: Daniel are you on drugs? (Panting)
    He kept on banging, doing the scissors style,
    banging for straight 1 hour till he finally Pour. Oh
    My God!
    Both of us breathing heavily, panting, so weak.
    Daniel: Does my father does it like this (breathing
    Me: Maybe (breathing heavily)…
    Daniel: I miss you
    Me: I miss you too
    He began to kiss me till we slept off.
    I kept on having S£x with Daniel in that house, I
    was having S£x with Festus too. I became tired of
    Festus but he was becoming so dangerous and
    scary with his threats, I wanted to inform Daniel
    but, I just had to keep silent cos I would look like
    cheap Lovepeddler, sleeping with different people.

    Episode 17

    My stepfather and mum finally returned home, the whole house was peaceful. Joyous, so peaceful. met my younger brother, little baby. His name is Tokunbo. Anyway, me and mum gist as usual, while me and mum were both chatting in the sitting room, Daniel was winking at me, my stepfather was also winking at me flirting with me. Sometimes my stepfather and Daniel’s face will jammed staring at each other with anger. So funny… My stepfather was disturbing me seriously, he kept on disturbing me, he began to question me if I was having S£x with Daniel, warning me to stay off Daniel. He was being jealous, Daniel too was also telling me to stay away from his father, so stupid of them, all because of my Kittycat. So one day, I was home alone with Daniel that day, I purposely didn’t go to school cos ever since my mum came back its been so hard to have S£x with Daniel and my stepfather, so my mum went for antenatal, I was busy making love with Daniel, having hot S£x with Daniel. To my surprise, I heard a knock on the door, I wasn’t expecting my mum to be back that early. Daniel quickly jumped up, wore his clothes and hid in the bathroom. I quickly wore my clothes and went to open the door downstairs. I opened the door it was my stepfather.
    Me: What are you doing here?
    My stepfather: Are you the only one at home?
    Me: Yes!
    My stepfather: Thank God, I quickly rushed from the office, this is the only opportunity we have, my body is full, I’m so horny, I need you baby.
    He began to kiss me, forcing himself on me, squeezing my Bosom. Closed the door, he carrie me to my room. On the bed, pulling his office clothes, kissing me, smooching me, began to bang me, banging me, pounding me, doing it so fast, banging me, hitting me really hard. Moaning then a knock on the door. Ko, ko, ko “Omolola this is unfair ooo”. Oh my God, I’ve totally forgot Daniel was in my bathroom. My stepfather got scared and quickly got up and wore his clothes
    My stepfather: Who is that? (Tightening his belt)
    Daniel: Dad It is me
    My stepfather: Daniel? What are you doing there?
    He went straight to the bathroom and opened the door and brought him out.
    My stepfather: I’m so disappointed in you, so so disappointed.
    Daniel: I’m also disappointed in you
    My stepfather: Will you shut up? Omolola I told you stay away from this boy.
    My phone began to ring, a call from Festus, he’s been calling me since but I didn’t pick his calls. Festus was also demanding for S£x, I was so horny that day and I needed Joystick but things got awkward with Daniel and his father meeting in my room at the same time.
    I quickly wore my clothes to go get a Joystick somewhere else, I wore my clothes to go meet Festus since its impossible to have S£x with both father and son together.
    My stepfather: Omolola, where are you going?
    Me: I don’t have time for you guys, I’m going somewhere else.
    My stepfather: No baby, we haven’t finish now.
    Daniel: Omolola you know we’ve already planned this thing, we planned it first
    My stepfather: Will you shut up?
    I wore my clothes, picked my cross bag, opened the door..
    Me: See you guys later
    Daniel and Stepfather: Omolola please now.
    That was how I left them and went straight to Festus’ place to satisfy myself. It was funky!
    To Be Continued

    Episode 18

    The Whole Affair Became Boring For me at the end Of the day, I wasn’t feeling them anymore and it was becoming too risky to the extent that Daniel was always fighting with his father over me, they were always having heated arguments over little things. My mother was beginning to suspect my stepfather was cheating on him, everything became worse and upside down. Daniel, my stepfather and Festus kept on disturbing me, I’m not a dog now. Am I a dog? I decided to stay away from the three of them, Daniel was threatening me, Festus was also threatening me while my stepfather was frustrating me. I lost concentration, I began to regret why I got myself into this mess, I was so nervous. To the extent that Festus even came to our house to reveal the secret just because I refused to give him S£x, I was so scared that day when I saw him. I had to beg him and went to his place the second day to have S£x with him.
    My mother noticed my attitude, she noticed I wasn’t happy, she began to ask questions. I begged my stepbrother and stepfather to let’s stop the whole affair, they wouldn’t listen. I stayed away from them and that was it, I stayed away from them for some weeks, I didn’t see my period again. I became pregnant again, who is the father? I don’t know, is it my stepfather? Or Daniel or maybe Festus? They both had S£x with me with condoms and flesh.
    I informed my stepfather about it and he gave me money to go abort it cos I wouldn’t let my mum hear about this, not again, she would skin me alive. She’s a nursing mother also, I wouldn’t want to jeopardise anything, I just had to go for the abortion cos of my mother and I need to keep our secret. I’ve had abortion before so it wasn’t scary anymore. Sincerely speaking, I shouldn’t have gone for the abortion, “what we don’t want the elders to hear,its the elders that will eventually settle it”. The abortion turned out worse and I was bleeding heavily, the abortion was badly done by an unqualified nurse introduced to me by my friend. My mother finally heard about my pregnancy, she was totally disappointed.
    My mum: Omolola, I’m totally disappointed in you.
    She was so sad, she was feeling like a bad mother. I cried bitterly…

    Episode 19 (Final)

    My mum: Who impregnated you again? Ha, you this girl, you’ve totally ruined your life, you’ve damaged your womb.
    Me: My womb
    Both of us crying bitterly, my stepfather and stepbrother couldn’t come visit me in the hospital, they were just sending text messages not to tell my mum
    My mum: You can’t have a child again, your womb has been destroyed. Why did you do this to me? Why? Why Omolola?
    Me: Mummy I’m sorry
    My mum: You’re sorry? Ha! The person that impregnated you will die in prison, I would make the person’s life miserable.
    Me: I’m dead, my womb (crying bitterly, touching my stomach)
    My mum: Who impregnated you? (Shouting)
    Me: Mummy I can’t say it… (Crying)
    My mum: Talk before I descend on you, Is it Festus?
    Me: Haaaaa! (Shaking my head, nodding my head)
    My mum: Are you mad?
    Me: He’s one of them ooo
    My mum: What do you mean?
    Me: Mummy they are three oooo, mummy I’m sorry
    My mum: Jesus christ! Omolola has turn to a full time Lovepeddler… Who are they?
    Me: Festus, Daniel and Demola
    My mum: Who is Daniel and Demola?
    Me: At home
    My mum: Which home? Are you alright
    Me: It is the same Daniel and Demola yourrrrr….
    My mum: Oh my God! Your step…. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, this is hard for me to believe.
    Me: I’m sorry mum.
    My mum sat on the floor in the hospital, weeping so hard. That was how my mum found out about the whole issue, I told her everything, she arrested Festus and locked him for Molest, filed for divorce, taking total custody of Tokunbo and the house, sent me to my father’s family to go and leave with them. That was how I lost the love and trust of my mother out of stupidity.

    End of Season 1

    One word for Omolola _______
    One word for Damola _________
    One word for Daniel _________
    Hope you enjoyed it.... Thanks for reading

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