Story: My StepBrother Season 2

    Episode 1

    I was on the bed sleeping with my skimpy nightgown When I noticed someone tapped me, yawning,
     i woke up. Guess who i saw? It was my stepbrother, Daniel… I was scared and surprised to see him…
    Me: Daniel…… What are you doing here? How did you get here?
    In a flirty tone Daniel replied…
    Daniel: Shhhhhhh! Don’t make noise…
    Daniel move closer to me on the bed and began to touch me, seducing me…
    Me: Am i dreaming? What are you doing? How did you get here?
    Daniel: Don’t make noise dear, i miss you, don’t you me?
    Trying to kiss me..
    Me: What is wrong with you?
    Daniel: We are meant to be together, i can’t do without you
    Daniel began to say some sweet words, i was already fallen for it.
    Me: No Daniel, No, No, this is wrong we are family, lets stop this, we shouldn’t get us into trouble again.
    Daniel: Lets run away and get married..
    Me: Runaway?
    Daniel: Yes!!!
    He planted a deep kiss on my wet lips, we lip locked, kissing really hard..
    Me: Daniel, please stop…. (moaning)
    He began to kiss my ears, my cheeks, my nose, my neck till he reach out for my Bosom, sucking my Tips, biting them really smooth, he dipped on of his fingers into my Kittycat, i couldn’t help but to moan really hard.
    Me: Daniel, i miss you…
    Daniel: I miss you too
    Breathing heavily, Kissing him really hard as he was fingering my Kittycat, he pulled off my nightgown, as i unbutton his shirt. He reached for his trouser, struggling with his belt, he finally unleashed his meaty Joystick…
    Daniel: Suck me..
    I gladly did as he commanded, i gave him mouth action, as he was moaning and playing wit my Tips, squeezing my Bosom really hard…
    He pushed me on the laid me flat, lifting my legs, he inserted his Joystick as he was about to bang me, then i heard a knock on the door, it was a woman, knocking…
    Woman: Omolola, open the door
    We didn’t even care if someone was knocking, Daniel continued banging me, hitting me so dam hard, pouding me, so hard my legs were up, as he was facing me, kissing me and banging. The woman still continued banging the door…
    Woman: Omolola Open this door, what are you doing?
    I began to moan louder, the banging became so intense, this woman continued banging the door and Daniel was banging me, banging, banging, banging, banging, banging.
    unexpectedly someone tapped me, and called my name ‘Omolola! Omolola!! Omolola!!! I woke up. Scared….
    Me: No Daniel, stopppppppppp
    Oh my God it was only a dream.
    ‘Are you having a nightmare?’ a woman asked, i opened my eyes clearly it my Uncle’s wife, Aunty Sarah.
    Aunty Sarah: Nightmare?
    Breathing heavily, as i nodded…
    Aunty Sarah: Is it the same Daniel?
    I nodded…
    She sighed, and was petting me…
    Aunty Sarah: Sorry dear… Your phone has been ringing for over 30 mins, i was scared, i had to come and check on you, hoping you didn’t commit suicide out of frustration and depression.
    She finally left my room and told me to come join her in the kitchen. She left, i picked my phone to check who has been calling, i saw 53 missed calls and 4 text messages, lo and behold, the caller was Demola; my stepfather. I just hissed, switched off my phone and put on a decent cloth To go join Aunty Sarah in the Kitchen And cook together…..

    (Narrating) Well, i’m sure you still remember me, that girl that was having S£x with her step brother and stepfather. Its me again, i’m still Omolola, the black sheep of my family, i guess. I know you are in haste to judge me, who are you to judge me? I’m not perfect, we all are not perfect, i made a terrible mistake and i regret doing such, its not my fault, i think it is devil’s handwork, yes it is the devil’s handwork, isn’t tha what we say when we make a terrible mistakes. I’v learnt my lesson and i’m on the right path to heal myself and make amends.
    Still in the kitchen with Aunty Sarah, cooking and gisting…..
    (Narrating) Anyway, its been 5 months since the whole incident happened and i’ve moved on to another chapter of my life. Yes, who is Aunty Sarah? Well, she’s my uncle’s wife, my father’s twin brother. I’ve been living with them ever since that wahala, they reside in Akure, Ondo state, i’m presently residing in Akure. My mum had abandoned me here and travelled out of the country, my mum doesn’t love me anymore, she doesn’t even call me, she abandoned me, her precious daughter because i made a simple mistake… hard mistake? Whatever! Sigh! Are you guys not surprised i’m living with my father’s family? I never believed i have a family from my father side, i thought they are all dead, i was surprised when my mum brought me to Akure to meet my paternal grandmother, i was totally shocked, to see them, my mum hid this secret from me for 20 years. My father’s family was so happy to see me, cos i looked like the lost but found child to them, i was highly welcomed and praised, said i looked like my father. My father actually died in a plane crash with his new wife he abandoned my mum for, my mum was actually pregnant, when he abandoned her, i was also told he and his family denied the pregnancy. Unfortunately for my father, he didn’t have any other child before his death. I guess that was the reason why my mum didn’t tell me about him and his family, she was bittered. Fortunately for my father’s family, my mum didn’t abort the pregnancy, so they see me as hope for their deceased son (my father). I was highly welcomed, they asked for forgiveness from mum. See, let me not bore you with my dysfunctional family’s history.
    So that was how i started living with my father’s family….
    A man walks into the kitchen, ‘what is cooking?’ he said…
    Oh, that is my uncle, my father’s twin brother, his name is uncle Kenny.
    Me: Welcome sir…
    Uncle kenny: Hi dear, how was your day?
    Me: Fine sir
    He walks towards his wife and planted a deep kiss on her lips.
    Aunty Sarah: Stop that darling….. Welcome
    Uncle Kenny: What is cooking? I’m deeply hungry…
    Aunty Sarah: Food would be ready soon, just go freshen up…
    And he walks out of the kitchen…

    Episode 2

    Like i said earlier on, that’s my uncle, he’s rich, handsome, in his 40s i guess, he’s an IT expert/politician, my family are even popular in Akure. Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sarah are married with 2 kids, they are all nice to me, they’ve been nice to me actually. But its not enough cos deep down inside me, i am not happy at all.
    On the dinning table eating with Uncle Kenny an his wife, just the three of us…
    I miss my mother, my maternal grand mother also rejected me. I feel bad, really bad. I stopped schooling, planning on obtaining jamb form so that i can start all over again, in private institution, courtesy of Uncle Kenny and his wife. didn’t even talk about my step brother and step father anymore, well, the two perverts has been disturbing me ever since i left, they call me almost everyday. My stepfather begging me to come back to Lagos, that he misses me, same a my stupid step brother Daniel. Mad people, can you imagine, they are not even remorseful over what happened. My step father want me to take my mother’s position since they have divorced. Honestly, men are dogs, all men are dogs actually.
    A cute, hot, Sexy teenage boy walks in…. ‘Hi Mum, Hi Dad…. Hey Omolola’ he said….
    Well, well, well, that’s Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sarah’s first child and only son.
    We greeted him as he joined us on the dining table to have dinner…
    His name is Desmond, he’s 19 years old, i’m older with one year and some months, he looks older than his age, he has the same stature with Daniel Desmond is extremely Sexy and handsome with chiseled six pack, damn! Lord help me! He’s a 300L student of Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo state. I told you they have two kids right? Their second child is a girl, she’s still in secondary school, boarding school precisely.
    Living with them is boring, cos i’m lonely, i missed my mum. I missed her so much, i know i have hurt her but i’m still her daughter she shouldn’t just abandon me just like that. Akure is boring, i’m always home alone, husband and wife would have gone to office while Desmond has gone to school, staying home alone brings back dirty memories and dirty thoughts. Being home was one of the worst thing, especially a depressed someone like me, being home alone is good for now at least my step brother is not her to seduce me or have S£x with me. Seriously, i kinda missed S£x, i missed how Daniel used to give it to me…. Oh my God, let me not lie, i’m S£x starved, i’m caged in this house, i don’t know if i should get a new boyfriend or something. I just don’t know what’s happening to me lately, my Sexual urge has been so increasing, the desire to have S£x again is killing me but who? Who is going to have S£x with me? No one, i shouldn’t be talking about S£x you know, i guess it because of loneliness.
    I normally do visit my grandmother, once in while when ever i’m extremely bored. Cos its always in the evening that they all come back home, sometimes i cook dinner for them should incase Aunty Sarah comes back late or tired to cook.
    The whole thing was turning out to be peaceful as i was learning and adapting, letting go of my past, but the only thing i was fighting it was my libido. I now derive pleasure in masturbation to ease myself of the Sexual desire. I’m really finding it hard to control, i guess my past experience has affected me. I just pray i don’t end up having S£x with my Uncle, God forbid, jus kidding, such can never happen but a similar thing did happened to me under the same roof. That was the beginning of destruction, total destruction. Just keep following me for my terrible ordeal with him…. I regretted ever falling into such temptation, i don’t know what is wrong with me, it seems i was cursed, i was deeply cursed, maybe dog took away or is it that ate my placenta when i was a baby.
    Honestly i really Fucked up, i just messed up in a big way.

    Episode 3

    I was On the couch in the sitting room, a Sexy dude
    banging me really hard, pounding me so damn
    hard, we were both Unclad as he was hitting
    me hard. I was moaning really hard, kissing me,
    pounding me, i began to Pour, screaming, he
    kept on banging me, squeezing my Bosom as he lift me up and bend me over and began to
    pound me from behind. ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ moaning
    really loud, squirting, moaning, legs are
    shaking, i couldn’t take it anymore, the banging
    continued, he was pounding me so fast, doing
    it really fast. All of a sudden, someone
    mentioned my name and tapped me…. I woke
    up, Jeez!!! It was a dream, why would anyone
    wake me up, when i was enjoying myself in the
    dreamland. It was Desmond that woke me up,
    he came home early from school, they have
    started exams… I was wet, i quickly adjusted
    myself, tried to conceal it.
    Me: Desmond….
    Desmond: You left the doors open, go inside
    and sleep now
    Me: Oh, i slept off… You’re back early today
    Desmond: Exams….
    Me: Oh that’s you started today right?
    Desmond: Yup…. And don’t ask me how was it cos it was tedious, the silly lecturer asked us what he didn’t teach us. Can you imagine, i
    didn’t have choice than to carry expo ooo, like
    my course mates too
    Me: What? Malpractice? That’s bad, you should
    have read harder now. Its so wrong
    Desmond: I wasn’t the only one ooo, almost
    everyone carried expo, those questions were
    too hard, just too hard…. The most annoying
    part was that, each questions carries 4 more
    questions, 1A, 1B, 1C…. So frustrating…
    Me: (laughing) Eyah…. I feel your pain, is the ma a professor?
    Desmond: What do you expect?…. See, i am going to my room to study, i’ve got 2 papers
    tomorrow. I don’t want tomorrow to be like
    today’s own. Thank God, you want to go to a
    private University.
    As he was going to his room…
    Me: Won’t you eat something?
    Desmond: Later…
    He went to his room… I quickly checked my
    under, i was wet, ewww. Wait a minute, the
    dude i was having S£x with in my dream is
    actually my cousin, Desmond. I’m so crazy
    right, but like seriously i enjoyed that dream of
    mine. I quickly rushed to my room to clean my wet Kittycat.

    Episode 4

    Desmond was always coming back home early, sometimes he won’t go to school, his friends would come over, we got closer a little bit, i wasn’t that bored anymore. I even followed him to school sometimes, i met his ex girlfriend, he’s currently not dating. I asked him why he broke up with his ex girlfriend cos she’s so pretty, he told me she refused to have S£x with him. And he got tired, cos he needed S£x, he even told me him and his friends do visit cheap prostitutes to catch fun. I think Desmond has this low self esteem, kinda cos why would a handsome guy like him visit prostitutes. Although he said he has side chicks sha, but i’ve never seen a girl visit him, it was always his male friends. We talked alot, he told me so many crazy things, how he was disvirgined by their former housemaid who was older than him, he said they were having S£x for close to three years before they were caught and she was sent away. We laughed about it…. The closeness was getting too much, to the extent that we would be chatting while he’s semi Unclad, putting briefs. Damn, Desmond reminds me of Daniel, but Desmond is the upgraded version of Daniel. Desmond is super Sexy and hot, sometimes i just mistakenly stare at his dangling Joystick concealed his boxers or briefs, believe me, Desmond is highly loaded, he’s bigger than Daniel sef, he’s really huge under. Make me to wonder if he is truly 19 years old, why would a 19 years old have that kind of a Joystick? Just too big for his age abeg and it is enticing, i must confess, its just that we are cousins so its a no, no, no.
    Did i say, No, No, No? I should i have said Yes, Yes, Yes instead, unexpectedly you know.
    Sigh! Na so the wahala start ooooo. I just didn’t know what came over me, i didn’t want to do it at all but Desmond is a devil. Honestly, Desmond is even worse than Daniel. Na so i see am ooo, Desmond began to mis behave, as in really misbehave. He’s a pervert, a douche bag. Desmond made passes at me, can you imagine… I actually thought it was mistake but it wasn’t ooo, this was how it all started.
    In the sitting room Desmond was playing video game, whil i was reading a novel in my room. Nobody was at home, his mum and dad has gone to office. Desmond was on break, school break i meant. On a normal day Desmond hardly stay at home, he’s always visiting his friends, or his friends coming over. Like i said earlier, we became close tho, we became really close as cousins, that’s all. So on this faithful day, it was in the afternoon, Desmond didn’t go out, he started playing video game very early in the morning, he was just on boxers, i even served him his breakfast, as in i practically took the food to him while he was playing, although h begged me to do so. I didn’t mention, he’s lazy? Well, he’s so lazy, i do all house chores, cleaning, sweeping, washing, cooking, its not like they turned me into housemaid, but as a lady its a training for me. So that day, in the afternoon precisely, while he was playing game in the sitting and me in my room reading novel, PHCN seized the electricity, all of a sudden he screamed….
    Desmond: NEPA!!!
    He can be childish honestly, very immature, very irritating…
    Me: This boy is an idiot
    I hissed and continued reading my novel…. All of a sudden, he started screaming my name from the sitting room.
    Desmond: Omolola, Omolola….
    He continued screaming….
    Desmond: Omolola come oooo, come oooo.
    I didn’t want to pay him attention cos he totally snubbed me that day all because of videogame, i tried to start a conversation with him while he was playing, he didn’t respond, he didn’t even pay attention to me. That was the reason why i decided to force myself to read novel in my room which i hardly read since he was totally concentrated on his game and i was bored.
    Desmond: Omolola please come ooo.
    He continued screaming… So i finally went to the sitting room, holding my novel.
    Me: Why are you shouting me name like that? When will you grow up?
    Desmond: (laying on the couch) I’m bored now, Nepa has taken the light.
    Me: So? What do you want me to do? Shebi there is game on your phone or better still chat with your friends on your phone now.
    Desmond: No joor… Lets talk jare
    Me: You and who? So you it is now you have time, because Nepa took the light now, you have time for me. You snubbed me, it is my turn.
    Desmond: I’m sorry (acting childish)
    Me: See, i don’t have time…
    As i turned around to go back, he quickly got up and grabbed the novel from my hand.
    Me: Desmond what is wrong with you? Give it to me back, i’m not in the mood.
    Desmond: Oya come and get it then (He said it i akure accent)
    Me: Stop all these….
    I moved closer to him trying to drag the novel from him, struggling with him…
    Me: Give me my novel
    All of a sudden we both fell on the floor, as in i was on top of him, the whole house became silent, we began to stare at each other, both of us were dumbfounded, could you believe that Desmond began to lean his head forward trying t lip lock with me, he tried to kiss me, it wasn’t easy to resist the temptation but i overcame it.
    Me: What are you trying to do?
    I quickly stood up, he held my waist…
    Me: Stop it…
    I got up…
    Me: Desmond what was that? You were trying to kiss me or what?
    Desmond: Sort of…. No biggie
    Me: Really? Please give me my novel and let me go back to my room
    The stupid boy dipped the novel inside his boxer while still laying on the floor…
    Desmond: Oya come and take it here (pointing his fingers to his Joystick)
    Me: Eeeeew! You’re so disgusting…
    Desmond: Stop acting as if this is your first time.
    Me: What do you mean by that? Daniel i don’t like all these…. Ohhh, Desmond i mean (Slip of tongue)
    Desmond: At least you had with him, he’s your step brother remember…
    He got up, smiling…. I was really with his utterances.
    Me: So you want to use that against me or what
    I walked away from him cos i discovered he was having erection.
    Desmond: But there is no big deal in cousins having S£x, we are not related, moreover we are distance cousins.
    I was surprised he could say such, so annoying.
    Me: Distance cousins?
    I walked far away from him, to go sit on the couch
    Desmond: Sort of… At least we just found out we are cousins. See, i don’t find anything bad in us copulating.
    Me: Jesus christ… You are a devil
    Desmond: Devil? See, my friend Dapo, i’m sure you know him, he’s having S£x with his cousin, and they didn’t die, so many of them like that, nothing special, we are not of the same father and mother. Having S£x together will make us bond more sef…
    Me: Desmond are you on drugs? What are you saying? Please don’t make me report you to your parent.
    Desmond: What is wrong with you? Stop acting holier than thou. Didn’t you Fuck your stepbrother and step father? If you can do that, why can’t you have S£x with your cousin.
    I was so angry…
    Me: I can see you’ve gone mad…
    Walking away from the sitting room, heading for my room.
    Desmond: Come and take your novel o
    Me: God forbid…. (tapping my fingers)
    Went straight to my room, locked the door, i locked the door, scared of him coming to my room to Molest me. I got to my room and my body began to shiver, i was shivering, sweating, shaking. I don’t know why, i was shocked such is about to repeat itself again.
    The following day i picked some of my things and went to my paternal grandmother’s place. I had informed my uncle his wife before leaving, i decided to leave that house in other to abstain from committing another atrocity. Having S£x with my cousin is even worse, the worst ever. I am fragile, i know myself, i can fall for this, so it better i just stay the hell away from that house for some weeks. That was what i did, i went to my grandmother’s place, just to ease myself the tension. Honestly it didn’t help the matter, cos i keep thinking about what happened between me and him and or what he said, i was having this terrible flashback of him saying we are distance cousins so we can have S£x, its just keep haunting me, ‘there is no big deal’…. That was even small, Desmond didn’t let me rest, he called several times but i didn’t pick his calls, the he began to send bizzare text messages, he was sending love messages, Sexual contents, he said he’s obsessed with me, he’s fallen in love with. Justifying himself, convincing me that we can have S£x as cousins and secret lovers. I had already planned to stay with my grandmother’s place for few days, i decide to stay with her over 2 weeks, not until i was told Sharon was back from school, that was when i went back home. Sharon is their last child and only daughter, she’s just 14 years in SS 1. I went back home because of Sharon and the fact that, it won’t be just me and Desmond will be at home and moreover they would soon resume back to campus.
    I moved back home…. I miss my mum, she doesn’t even call me anymore, the only thing she does was to send money to me and talk to my Uncle and that is even once in a while. I miss her she has abandoned me. Anyway, Sharon was back home, me and her are so closed, she’s so naughty, we sleep together sef, ever since she came back from school she has been sleeping in my room instead of her room. That girl likes me so much and i love her too. Desmond on the other was finding it difficult to approach me, but he kept on sending useless text messages, i delete them immediately cos his sister usually play with my phone. Desmond hardly stay at home cos there was no freedom for him, i even kept malice with him.
    You see in this life, what will be will be, no matte what you do. My mistake was i didn’t report him to his parent, i should have done that, assuming i’ve done it, it wouldn’t have happened. It happened and it was unbelievable.

    Episode 5

    On this day, i was home alone, uncle and his wife has gone their place of work as usual, Desmond has gone to school cos they’ve resumed, while Sharon visited grandma cos she was eager to see her and grandma wanted to give her somethings. I was alone in that big house, all alone in the sitting room, watching DSTV, then i heard a knock, who could that be? It was early, it was around 11 am sef, and Sharon was suppose to come back the next day or so. I reached for the door, i opened the door, guess who i saw?
    Me: Desmond? What are you doing home this early?
    I moved away from him as we both enter and locked the door, i noticed he locked the door, as in really locked the door.
    Desmond: I couldn’t concentrate in school, so i decided to come home.
    Me: What were you thinking about that you couldn’t concentrate?
    Desmond: You!!!
    Me: Huh! (laughing) What do you mean?
    Desmond: Don’t you just get it
    Moving closer to me, i moved away, avoiding him.
    Me: Please don’t come close or else, i’ll scream.
    Desmond: Scream if you want, i don’t care… Omolola, i love you and want you.
    Desmond was sweating profusely, i was nervous, it was so obvious he was really horny, konji na bastard.
    Me: Desmond, don’t come closer to me, i’ll scream. Do you want to Molest me? I’m your cousin for crying out loud… This is devil, it is wrong.
    Desmond: Okay, lets do it just once…. Please, i beg you.
    Desmond knelt down…
    Me: Are you mad?
    He stood up…. Honestly, i wanted the S£x also but he’s my cousin, how i wish we are not related. Desmond is just too hot to say ‘No’ too.
    Desmond: Please Omolola, it will be a secret..
    Moving closer to me, i dunno what came over me, it seems i’m cursed or something. I couldn’t believe i fell for that bullsh*t, he was coming close and i couldn’t run to my room and shut the door or even scream out loud for help. Damn, his eyes were so convincing, he reminds of Daniel, he’s just the carbon copy of Daniel, but the better version…
    Me: Desmond, don’t come closer
    That was what i was saying till he got so close to me, trying to kiss me.
    Me: Don’t make me scream, don’t come close.
    Desmond: If you don’t want, i won’t force you….
    Me: I don’t, this is wrong, it is….
    Desmond: I know you want it, we both want it, just once.
    That was it, this boy kissed me and my whole body began to boil, boil as in Sexual urge was uncontrollable. I missed S£x and its not my fault, maybe i can have S£x with Desmond since we are not really close cousin from childhood, i just knew him as my cousin not too long. I didn’t really see anything wrong tho, cos if we had found out we were cousins since we were young, i guess there would be bond and such wouldn’t happen, maybe, that’s my own theory trying to justify myself.
    He pushed me to the wall, We continued kissing, the rush was just too much, the kissing was breathtaking, we were doing it without any decency, we were rushing ourselves, it was so obvious we were S£x starved. He began to unbutton his shirt with speed, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom, he pulled of my gown, grabbed my Bosom and was sucking my voluptuous Bosom. I was putting on no underwear except gown, he knelt down, lifted my left leg on his shoulder and began to eat my Kittycat, it was so damn sweet, he sure knows how to do it.
    I put my hand on his head…
    Me: Desmond stop this (moaning)
    He got up pull of his belt and trouser, and brought his already wet Joystick out? his Joystick was meaty and bigger than Daniel’s own.
    Desmond, is just 19 years, how come he has that kind of a Joystick. Although, he looks older. He held my hand and put it on his Joystick..
    Desmond: Do you like it? (Kissing me)
    Me: No (Moaning)
    He giggled..
    Desmond: Liar…
    He lifted my two legs on his hand and inserted his Joystick straight into my Kittycat, as he began to pound me standing behind the wall, it was intense, he kept on going on and on and on, kissing me, i was just moaning so loud and crazy…
    Me: Desmond stop, you’re my cousin… (moaning
    Jerking me really hard, sweating, jerking me, pounding me, i was enjoying it honestly, fantastic then suddenly, i told him to stop….
    Me: Desmond, stop, stop, stop. Tapping him
    He didn’t want to stop, he continued pounding…
    Desmond: Why? I will soon Pour (moaning, sucking his lips)
    Me: No, No, stop….
    I screamed… He quickly stopped, dropped my legs, but his Joystick didn’t slip out of my Kittyca cos its too big.
    Desmond: What is it?
    Me: I’m not comfortable here, my back… Its not conducive.
    We went straight to his room and we continued the S£x romp, pounding me on his bed, pounding me really slow this time as he finally Pour. Breathing heavily and sweating profusely…
    Me: Oh my God, what did we just do?
    I noticed i didn’t show any remorse for doing such, wow!
    Desmond: Omg, i didn’t use condom, i poured inside you.
    He was nervous…
    Desmond: Hope you will use drug
    Me: Drug?
    How i wish he knew…
    Me: Please, let this be the first and last time we would try this.
    Desmond: I swear, i promise….
    I quickly got up…
    Me: where is my gown?
    Desmond: Sitting room.
    I headed for the door, leaving his room, reached for the door handle…
    Desmond: Omolola….
    Me: What (sulking)
    Desmond: I’m sorry
    I hissed i walked out of his room.
    How i wish that was the last time, it wasn’t… We continued doing it anytime we have little privacy, we do quickie most times cos we wouldn’t want little Sharon or anyone to catch us. I remember the one we had at the backyard in the evening, that was so fast and sharp. Desmond is not all tha good on bed, he doesn’t really last long like Daniel. Desmond is a pervert, he was disturbing me for S£x and me sef a dog, i give it to him anytime he ask for it. We were playing a dangerous play, i didn’t show any sign of remorse. Sometimes i do ask for the S£x, Desmond lost concentration in school.
    The most enjoyable part was when Sharon went back to hostel. Gosh, that house turned to a SinCity

    Episode 6

    Desmond would always come back early from school, sometimes he won’t even go to school, he even missed school test because of S£x. I was enjoying it as well, honestly, S£x does not even know if someone is your cousin or not. S£x belongs to everybody and belong to nobody…
    I remember vividly the day we had the 3 rounds of S£x, that day he had test in school, he missed the test, his friends were calling but he switched off his line. We had 3 rounds of S£x, doing it exactly its being done in pornography, it was like a movie. We had the whole house to ourselves, from the bathroom S£x, to the kitchen S£x and the master bedroom, using his parent’s room to have, we actually had S£x on his parents’ matrimonial bed. We were doing it tip by tip, i enjoyed the kitchen preferably, it was intense, hitting me hard on the cabinet, pouring honey on my abdomen, licking my abdomen down to my Kittycat. Pounding me, i was the one that though him some styles tho… Honestly i was ruining Desmond’s life, he was missing tests in school, i became worried. I advised him but he wouldn’t listen, he was just to obsessed with me, he was addicted to it already. His 2 best friends noticed his incessant absence in school and they visited him, told him and advised him, they even told him exam time table is out. I noticed they were staring at me, i suspected Desmond has told them about us. When his friends left, i confronted him and he confessed he told his friends about us, he even it was his friends that advised him to try me out, that they knew from the beginning. Instead of Desmond to go for revision and other tests for him to meet up, but he didn’t.
    So one evening, i began to hear Aunt Sarah shouting, i didn’t no what was happening, i tried to found out, could you believe that she was querying Desmond over his incessant absent in school. I overheard her saying his friends told her all about how he was skipping school. I was scared, i was totally nervous, i hope his friends didn’t tell her about us. Thank God she didn’t mention my name.
    Instead of Desmond to make amends he was heading for destruction, his actions put us in deep sh*t. He was going to school once in a while, he even fought with his friends, warned them to stay away from him, he stopped talking to his friend, he never knew what he was doing could implicate us. Not until when they started their exams in school… I don’t give him S£x like before anymore cos he was skipping school which i don’t like. I denied him S£x for 2 weeks, it was like hell for him, he wasn’t concentrating in school and he stopped befriending his friends that could assist him This very day, he was having first paper, exam period oo. Desmond didn’t go to school oo, he was asking pleading for S£x, Desmond was really horny that day, he was disturbing me, in my room.
    Me: Desmond, stop it, you have 10pm paper today, please go to school, when you come back from school, we will do it.
    Desmond: No, no, please now, i’m starved, i need S£x. I will die
    He was forcing himself on me….
    Me: Stop, what about your exam?
    Desmond: I can carry the course, i will rewrite the course next section as carry over. Please….
    I was dumb, i allowed him, i tried my best to warn him but he wouldn’t listen. He began to pound me hard, rimming my Kittycat with his Joystick, pounding me, banging me really hard, kissing me, sucking my Tips till he finally Pour.
    The next thing i heard was…
    Desmond: I want second round, lets go to my room
    Me: What? No, no, no…
    I checked the time…
    Me: There is still time, this is just 9:13 am, you have exam today

    Desmond: No jare, i told you i will retake it next session. I didn’t even read for the exam sef, what did i want to go and write?
    Me: Desmond, go to school…
    Held my face, kissing me…
    Desmond: See, lets do the ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ style in my room. I’ve got the equipment.
    My head swell up straight, i was so interested, unfortunately the unexpected happened while doing the fifty shades of grey, cos it turned to to be ‘Fifty Shades Of Disgrace’ for me.
    While in his room doing the Fifty shades of gray style, if you don’t know the meaning of Fifty shades of grey style, it can also be referred to as S&M. Desmond tied my hands up to an iron, covered my eyes with a clothes, whipping me, it was exciting, i didn’t see what he was doing, whipping my Buttocks, my Bosom, sucking my Bosom and Kittycat, then he began to bang me from behind while my hands were tied up, and eyes covered, he was banging me really hard, doing it so fast, suddenly someone opened the door and the i heard ‘Jesus Christ’….
    I was nervous, i knew someone has caught us, but i don’t who the person is cos my eyes were covered…
    Me: Daniel who is that? (Struggling) Who is that Remove this thing from my eyes now…
    He removed it and what i saw was disheartening, i saw Aunt Sarah collapsed on the floor, she caught us red handed…
    Desmond rushed to his mum…
    Desmond: Mummy, wake up, mummy i’m sorry…
    i was Shivering and struggling to untie myself
    Me: Desmond, untie my now, untie me, untie me
    I was really struggling to untie myself, i just don’ that power that took hold of me, i forcefully untie myself. I rushed to my room, while Desmond was still reviving his mum, i packed some of my things and ran away from that house. I was so disturbed, i couldn’t cry, i was really mad, i was nervous, i’m a disgrace, i’m a big shame, i didn’t know where to go to, i can’t go to my grandmother’s place, where will i go? I’m so ashamed of myself, i’m a total failure. What was she doing at home? How did she find us, maybe it was Desmond’s friends that informed her about us cos he missed his exam. I was so ashamed of myself, i began to cry on the street, i didn’t know where to go. I hope, aunt Sarah didn’t die, i’ve lost another family who took me as theirs with my wayward life. My phone began to ring, i checked the caller, it was my stepfather, i didn’t want to pick it, the kept on calling, i picked it.
    Me: Hello, I’m coming to Lagos (on the phone)
    I hung the call….. That is my last option, where else can i go? Since my step father still cares about me, i guess that is my last bus stop. I was really confused, i can’t just go back to that house, i can’t, it better i go back to Lagos. I made up my mind to go back to Lagos, i reached for a nearby ATM and withdrew some money. Thank God for savings, assuming i didn’t save i would have been totally stranded. I went straight to car park and took the next available bus down to Lagos.
    In the bus to Lagos, i was totally in deep thought that was how i lost another caring family out my wayward life, what if my mother heard about this how would she react? She can never forgive me again, i am totally rejected by everybody, except for my stepfather and step brother, that’s why i decided to run to them. Is it really my fault? Desmond should be blamed for all these, i didn’t want this to happen. I’m so stupid right now, can someone wake me up, am i dreaming, how i wish this was a dream.

    Episode 7

    I got to Lagos….. Sigh! I was at Oshodi precisely, it was in the evening already, i picked my phone from my pocket and switched it on, immediately i switched on, a call came through, i checked the caller, it was my Uncle, i was scared, i put the phone on silent, i couldn’t pick it, i can’t pick ooo what will i say? I just can’t, he kept on calling, then he stopped calling. As i was about to call my stepfather to come pick me at Oshodi, my phone began to ring again, this time it was my paternal grandmother, i can’t pick it, i just can’t. really messed up, i’m so ashamed of myself. I called my stepfather to come pick me, while i wait for him. I should have gone to my maternal grandmother’s place but what will i tell happened to me in Akure? Its better i go to my stepfather since i’ve become a rejected stone to my family. Its not really my fault, maybe i was cursed, you know. Its the devil at work.
    My stepfather came to pick and took me to their new residence cos they no longer stay at our former house. I just couldn’t talk to him, he was asking what happened, i just couldn’t say it, i was even ashamed to see him. I couldn’t look at him in the eyes, he is still handsome tho.
    We got to the new house, he took me to his room, told me to take a shower, while he went to the kitchen to cook. He was nice, but why would he bring me to his room? I’m sure there is visitor’s room, i hope this man is not looking for something else.
    He called me to join him on the dinning table, i joined at the table, eating, i still couldn’t look at him in his face.
    Stepfather: What really happened? You’ve been giving me silent treatment.
    Me: Nothing…
    I was so sad and unhappy…
    Stepfather: You can talk to me, what happened? I’m not your mother now, you’re my sweetheart you know.
    Like seriously, sweetheart? I looked at him with straight face.
    Stepfather: Omolola talk now, what happened?
    Before you know it, he started touching my shoulder and my hand from where he was sitting I tried to adjust just to get his filthy hands off me
    Me: I said nothing happened. As a matter of fact, i’m full, i need to sleep.
    I stood up, he quickly held my hand so tight.
    Stepfather: What have you done in Akure? Hope its not what i’m thinking?
    Me: What?
    Trying let go of him…
    Stepfather: You’ve done it again, i know….. Just tell me, we can find solution to this.
    I just don’t know what came over me, i broke down in tears. So i have become a thing of shame like this, that my step father even suspected my wayward life. I cried profusely, as he stood up to hug me.
    Stepfather: Its alright, everything will be fine...

    Episode 8

    Me: What? Am i dreaming? Please somebody wake me up.
    Stepfather: I’m real, i love you Omolola, i love you more than your worthless mother. Erase your mother from you life, she doesn’t love you, she wouldn’t have abandoned you to unknown people.
    This man was really getting into my head, honestly, don’t you think he’s right? Why would my mother abandon me, she truly does not love me. She has cut me off, i guess the best thing for me is to also cut her off from my life. But is it appropriate to have S£x with him, her ex husband?
    Stepfather: Omolola, if you give me the chance, i promise to make you happy. I would give you everything you want, i would make sure you go back to school, i’ll get you anything you want, jus be mine.
    He moved closer to me and planted a deep kiss on my lips, that was it, the kissing continued..
    Stepfather: Say yes…
    Me: I don’t know
    Kissing me, it was becoming intense, moaning, he dipped his fingers in my shirt and was squeezing my Bosom, he began to play with my Tips with fingers as he was kissing me, kissing me, he pulled off my shirt and was sucking my Tips, squeezing it so hard, sucking it, moaning, moaning, reached for my panties, dipped his fingers in my Kittycat and began to finger me, damn, my step father is crazy.
    Me: Awww, Demola stop…
    Moaning really sweet, he pulled off my panties, and went down with his tongue out, reached for my Kittycat and was eating it so raw, he was eating me really raw, i couldn’t help but to moan so hard, as he was eating he was also fingering simultaneously, damn it, this the best way to relief the tension. He got up, standing on the bed with his erected Joystick, move closer to me, his Joystick pointing to me, as i grabbed his Joystick and began to suck him, he was standing on the bed, i was sitting on the bed while i was blowjobbing him. As i was sucking him, he held my head with his hand and was moaning so loud
    Stepfather: i wanna fu*k you…
    He removed, bent low, sucking my Tips, reached for my abdomen sucking it, wow, my stepfather is not up to 50 years but he doesn’t look forties, he’ good at it. He began to bang me so hard, moaning, doing the scissors style, i was just screaming as he was banging me, squeezing my Bosom, banging me, he lifted me and continued banging so hard, pounding me, pushed me on the bed, hitting me hard, i began to Pour, squirting s hard, he continued banging me, pounding, hitting me, he wasn’t slow at all, no mercy at all… He kept on saying..
    Stepfather: I miss you
    Banging me, banging me, he went so deep as he was about to Pour…
    Me: Haaaaa! Please Pour
    Going deep, doing it so deep as he finally Pour inside me. Breathing heavily, Demola is the best ever… You can never compare Demola to Desmond, my stepfather has it all. Wait a minute was i suppose to have S£x despite what happened in Akure?

    I woke up very early in the morning, i was very thirsty, i need to drink water cos i was weak and dehydrated. I woke my stepfather up, i told him i was thirsty, so he directed me to the kitchen. I went to the kitchen, which was downstairs, so good i found the kitchen as directed, but i discovered the kitchen light was on, i entered the kitchen opened the freezer and took a bottle of chilled water, i didn’t even use cup, i opened the seal and was drinking it drinking directly from the bottle, as i was about to return the water into freezer, someone walked into the kitchen unexpectedly, i frightened
    Me: Oh my God
    I was scared, its not my stepfather, it was someone else. Who? I don’t even know who the person is, its a girl sef. Don’t go there cos its not even Daniel, its a girl, a pretty girl but i don’t know who she is.
    Girl: Oh sorry…
    I smiled, she walked in to the kitchen while i walked out of the kitchen, went straight to the room. Honestly, who the hell is that? She doesn’t look like housemaid, she looks too beautiful, moreover she was wearing an expensive weave. Could that be Daniel’s girlfriend? I doubt it, Daniel can’t forget me in a hurry to get a girlfriend. Who is she?
    I got to the room, my stepfather snoring like an idiot. So annoying, i joined him on bed and slept off. Few hours later, we were both awake. Getting ready for office…
    Me: Who is the girl i saw in the kitchen this morning?
    Stepfather: Girl? What girl?
    Me: Is she not living here? Cos i saw a girl in the kitchen and it looks like she’s living here or familiar with this place.
    Stepfather: Oh okay, probably Mariam.
    Me: Who is Mariam?
    Stepfather: Daniel’s new girlfriend, she do sleep over once in a while. It means Daniel, slept home last night.
    Me: Daniel’s girlfriend?… Wow
    Daniel has a girlfriend? Can you imagine, its not even up to a year that i left, he already has a girlfriend. That boy is still a pervert, so he has forgotten about me just like that, he didn’t even miss me or wait for me. Wait for me? Am i alright? What is wrong with me? Daniel ruined my life, Omolola remember, Bytch!!!. I was lost in thought..
    Stepfather: Omolola, Omolola, Omolola
    He tapped me, i came back to my senses…
    Me: Yes, yes, yes.
    Stepfather: What is wrong with you?
    Me: Me? Nothing (chuckles), nothing…
    Stepfather: Okay….. Will you go and shower now (pointing to the bathroom)
    Me: Shower? Why?
    Stepfather: I’m to drop you at the boutique, so that you do some shopping.
    Me: Oh, yes… I forgot, i totally forgot.
    I stood up went to the bathroom to have my bath. Having my bath, someone knocked on the door, not the bathroom door ooo, i mean the room door. It was Daniel, i heard his voice, he entered. I quickly turned off the shower. So that i can eavesdrop. I could hear their conversation while in the bathroom.
    Daniel: Morning Dad
    Stepfather: Morning…. When did you enter this house?
    Daniel: You were asleep now…
    Stepfather: I told you no late night movement.
    Daniel: I swear it was traffic…. Hmmmm
    Stepfather: What is with the hmmmm?
    Daniel: I know already
    Stepfather: Know what?
    Daniel: Mariam saw her, you brought a girl home last night.
    Stepfather: Oh, that?
    Daniel: Who is she? Has she gone?
    Stepfather: She’s in the bathroom and you know her very well.
    I turned on the shower, finished cleaning , didn’t listen to their conversation anymore, i opened the bathroom door entered room, the first person i saw was Daniel.
    Daniel: Omolola?
    Surprised and shocked to see me.

    Episode 9

    So i went for the shopping that day, i got all the things i want, my stepfather was so sweet. I’m falling for him already, i think i should just marry him so that i can continue my education and live a better life. Since my mum and everyone has rejected me, i have to stay with someone that is ready to  take me as i am and that is my stepfather, Demola. After the crazy, cab dropped me home, i got home, oh, Daniel and his ugly girlfriend were still around. I met them in the sitting room seeing a movie, greeted them as i went straight to the room. I hate that girl, she has mouth odour sef, Mariam, what kind of name. I was so disturbed when i saw the both of them cuddled up in the sitting room, rubbish. Stupid children. Already in my room, testing the clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories i bought. Then i heard a knock on the door.
    Me: Who is that?
    It was Daniel, he entered…
    Me: Hi
    Daniel: Hi? What are you doing here? What is going on?
    Me: Didn’t you get the memo?
    Daniel: Memo? What is happening? What is going on between you and my dad?
    Me: Do you need an interpreter to explain better? Isn’t it obvious?
    Daniel: What happened to you in Akure?
    Me: None of your business
    Daniel: Why haven’t you been picking my calls all these while.
    Me: I saw your missed calls
    He was moving closer to me….
    Daniel: You and my Dad
    Me: Please, you coming closer which is highly unacceptable cos i’m about to be your step mum
    Daniel burst into laughter…
    Me: What’s funny?
    Daniel: Did you hear yourself?
    Me: Please go and meet your razz girlfriend
    Daniel: Razz girlfriend?…. Wait, are you jealous?
    Me: Huh! Jealous of what?…. Please Daniel, excuse me, as you can see i’m busy, kindly excuse me.
    Daniel was trying to get closer… I quickly moved away, jumped on the bed.
    Me: What is all these?
    Daniel: Did you miss me?
    Me: What? No, no, God forbid, i rebuke it in Jesu name. Miss you? Daniel, go away abeg.
    Daniel has started again with his seduction ooo. Those eyes, i had this rush all over me.
    Daniel: You don’t miss me?
    Me: No, never.
    Daniel: Neither do i
    What? He didn’t miss me? Gosh, this boy is mad
    Me: Okay fine, can you leave now?
    Daniel: Alright, talk to you later
    Me: Whatever
    He walked out of the room, haaaa, what a sigh of  relief. Honestly, if Daniel came more closer, the unexpected would happened. I still find it hard to resist this boy, what is wrong with me. I just have to fight it, i have to overcome Daniel asap. I pray I survive all these in this house cos Daniel will surely come back again.

    Episode 10

    That was how i began to live happily with my stepfather, as his new wife to be. Yeah, i’m my mother’s successor, i’m beginning to hate my mother sef, i hate her like seriously for abandoning me. Even if she want to punish me, she went too far. Anyway, my step  father was helping me to get back to school so that i could continu from where i stopped, like a returning student. Instead of obtaining jamb again. Fortunately, he helped on that, i returned to school, making it look like i defied a section. I was suppose to be in 300l but i had to continue from 200l. Going back to school was the best thing for me, i got my life, even tho deep, deep and deep inside me, still not completely happy. It still hard for me to believe i can’t give birth anymore, seriously. Well, that’s another topic for another day, my stepfather took care of me, he was so sweet. Daniel on the other hand was jealous, he hardly talk to me, we don’t even see each other not to talk of talking.
    After sometime, i was receiving series of text messages from Daniel, saying i wasn’t ashamed of sleeping with my stepfather, politely insulting me. I didn’t pay attention to it, i ignored it. I enjoyed my stepfather sexually, financially and care wise. He was obsessed with me, he loved me i guess. Chai, this man can fu*ck, he’s just too good. He was really serious about the wife thing. The only thing that disgust most in that house is the presence of Mariam, i just hate the Bytch, i don’t like her. Whenever she’s around she’s lazy and dirty. I don’t even talk with her…
    Damn, i remember one sunny afternoon, i was in school, i received a whatsapp message from him that, he’s horny, he wants S£x. He still behaves like a kid he doesn’t even know he’s old. I replied him that i was in class, he said he would come and pick me in school. I told him to wait till we reach home but he insisted, lo and behold, he came to pick me cos his office is not far from my school. While in his car driving, Demola unzipped his trouser and brought out his wet and erected Joystick…
    Me: What are you doing?
    Stepfather: Suck me (horny tone)
    Me: What? No, anybody can see us.
    Stepfather: Okay Wannk me…
    I grabbed his Joystick and was wanking him, playing with his Joystick till we got home. We got  home, in the sitting room, we began to kiss really hard, squeezing my Bosom, pulling off our clothes, kissing, kissing, all of a sudden we heard ” Can you please use your room”, we quickly separated. It was Daniel, we didn’t even know he was at home.
    Me: Oh my God
    I was a little bit ashamed, Daniel reached for the door and went out. Immediately, Daniel left, we continued, kissing, smooching, brought my Bosom out and was sucking it.
    Stepfather: Where should we use?
    Me: How about the kitchen?
    Stepfather: Oh my God, i love that…
    We continued kissing, smooching, as we dragged as ourselves to the kitchen and we had one of best time on the kitchen cabinet, except for my Pour which messed up the floor. It was fantastic, my stepfather would give it to me really hard, from behind, lifting my legs up, sitting on his Joystick jerking him. Sigh! It was a crazy experience, believe me, and don’t you even judge me okay, who doesn’t like good thing *winks*

    Episode 11

    So one day in the evening, i was in the room, i received a call from my Uncle, i didn’t pick it, i couldn’t pick. Why are they still calling me? He continued calling, i didn’t pick it. Then he sent a text message, begging me to come back home, begging me to tell them where i am and that they are not angry with me. I felt bad, i couldn’t believe it, should i go back to Akure and apologize since they want me back, he even claimed my paternal grandmother has been ill because of me. I felt bad, i dunno if i should go. Later in the day, i informed my stepfather about it.
    In the room…
    Stepfather: Don’t mind them, don’t even dare to go back, they are only deceiving you. What do you want to go and do in Akure sef? They don’t have anything good to offer you, didn’t they abandon you?
    Me: They didn’t actually, it was me that didn’t pick their calls.
    Stepfather: Why can’t they go to the TV station to announce you’re missing or police station? Is it now they remember you?
    Me: What about my grandmother? She is ill, she want to see me.
    Stepfather: Your grandmother? When did you know herself that she is ill because of you? You just met her not
    too long like that, so why the sudden affection?
    Me: She’s my grandmother
    Stepfather: But she rejected you and your mother when you were still in the belly remember? She never liked you, she’s only using you as substitute because her wicked son, who is you dad died mysteriously.
    Me: But….
    Stepfather: Honestly, i don’t know why you want to go back to them, those wicked people people that rejected you and your mother, that they denied you and mother. Have you forgotten? Moreover, so you want to abandon me and go back to them, you didn’t even think about me…
    Me: No, you’re getting it wrong
    Stepfather: Wrong? Go if you wanna go
    He hissed and walked out of the room angrily.
    Me: Demola, Demola….
    Oh my God, what am i gonna do? What should i do? Should i go back to Akure? But wait a minute, my stepfather is actually right, those my father’s people don’t really worth it like that, they truly denied us.
    Oh my God, my baby is angry, Demola is angry, i need to apologize. I’m not going to Akure anymore, i will stay here with my boo, Akure is even boring sef, no social life, Desmond? How do i look at his face? I quickly ran after my baby to apologize to him.
    On the dining table…
    Me: sweetheart, i’m sorry…
    Demola was giving me silent treatment, angry…
    Me: I’m sorry now….
    I sat on his laps, kissing him…
    Me: I’m sorry love…
    He smiled and kissed me back…
    Stepfather: Are you still leaving?
    Me: No, i wanna marry you…
    We continued kissing, kissing, kissing, i stopped
    Me: Baby, we need housemaid.
    Stepfather: Huh?
    Me: Yes now, the whole house is dirty, i can’t be doing all these house chores by myself and you know your son is lazy.
    Stepfather: Okay we would talk about that later, but can we continue from where we stopped?
    Me: Yes
    We continued kissing, kissing, and kissing..

    Episode 12

    I was madly in love with my stepfather, i didn’t even care if he was my mother’s ex husband. I was ready to marry him, i was ready to die in his house sef. He also love me too, he’s very sweet and caring. I was happy with him, i was happy he was in my life, is just that i was sad because Daniel was involved. I think i still have this attraction to him, anytime i see him i just feel so uncomfortable. I avoided him a lot, i just don’t want to get attached to him, i don’t want to have anything to do with him again. I hate that his girlfriend, i will keep repeating it, i hate her so much, i’ve told my baby (stepfather) that i don’t want the girl to come to our house again but he disagreed with me. I tried my best to stop her from coming to our house, i just hate her naturally, especially when she’s seen cuddling with Daniel, it gives me heart attack. Please is this a sign of jealousy? Am i jealous or what? I still remember one day that i passed my boundary, i was so stupid that day. It was during the period my stepfather travelled to Abuja for business, i was home alone with my step brother as usual, even tho we hardly see, i don’t even give him audience at all. It was in the afternoon, was in the kitchen cooking, Daniel was in his room, then i heard a knock on door, i rushed to the door to check who was knocking. I opened the door, Well, it was the Sluut that was knocking….
    Mariam: Good afternoon
    Me: Yes
    I was so irritated when i saw her, i couldn’t help but to distastefully look her
    Mariam: Please i’m here to see Daniel
    Me: Daniel is not at home, he’s gone out
    Mariam: I just called him now, he said he’s at home.
    I raised my voice….
    Me: Daniel is not at home abi, come back later okay.
    Mariam: He said he’s at home, i just called him.
    I hissed and shut the door, went straight to the kitchen. Few minutes later, while i was in the kitchen, Daniel rushed downstairs to come open the door for her… I eavesdropped to their conversation while they were going to his room, the Bytch was complaining.
    Mariam: What is wrong with her? She said you’re not at home.
    Daniel: She said so?
    Mariam: Yes now, see i don’t like this embarrassment, it seems i won’t be coming here again because of her.
    Daniel: Its okay, don’t mind her, maybe she’s high on weed.
    High on weed? Me? Stupid people, they went to their room and locked the door. I wasn’t comfortable at all, what are they doing in the room that they had to lock the door? Why would they lock the door? I just wasn’t comfortable at all, i was so restless, arrrrrgh God, not until i began to hear moaning sound from his room, they were having S£x can you imagine. I was actually eavesdropping from his door room, Daniel was really banging her so hard, the stupid girl was really moaning so loud and i was totally jealous, how i wish i was the one Daniel was banging like that. It really pained me, i couldn’t bear it, listening to them moaning gave me heart attack, it really pained me, they had S£x for long, Daniel didn’t Pour on time cos i spent more than 16 minutes at his door room eavesdropping and he was still banng. Gosh i wish i was the one honestly, i couldn’t bear it anymore, i just had to go back to my room and sob about it. So sad and jealous, i want Daniel, he’s good, i miss him, i really do but i can’t, no i can’t, can i?

    Episode 13

    Later in the evening, i heard them coming out of the room, he was seeing his girlfriend off. I quickly rushed downstairs when the girl had gone pretending to be watching TV, Daniel entered the house and saw me in the sitting room. He smiled…
    Daniel: Omolola…. Why did you do that?
    Me: Do what?
    Daniel: What has the girl done to you? Why do you hate her? She’s my fiance you know..
    Fiance? Eeew, rubbish…
    Me: What are you talking about? I don’t get you.
    Daniel: You’re jealous?
    Me: Huh! Of what?
    Daniel: Nevermind….
    As he was about going back to his room, climbing the stairs, i said….
    Me: Is she better than me?
    Daniel stopped, he looked at me, he didn’t reply.
    Me: Is she better than me?
    Daniel was coming back, coming closer to me, coming closer, held my hands, oh my God we are about to have S£x.
    Daniel: She’s 100% better than you
    What? Did he just say that to me?
    He walked out of me and went straight to his room. Can you believe that, did he just say that she’s better than me? Oh my God, she’s better than me? Like seriously? How can he say that to me, that’s so rude of him, i was so ashamed of myself when he said that, and i thought we are about to have S£x, he denied me instead. Is the girl that good? She doesn’t sound like someone good with the way she was moaning, i don’t moan like someone who want to die like her, the way she was moaning is like she was about to die.
    It was painful, he said such to me… I shamelessly dragged myself to the room, as i was about entering my room, i heard my name, ‘Omolola’, it was Daniel…. The next thing i heard was…
    Daniel: I miss you
    Come and see how fast both of us jammed ourselves with deep kiss, we began to kiss like there is no tomorrow, damn i missed him.
    Me: I missed you too
    We continued, kissing, smooching really hard, pulling off our clothes, kissing so deeply, he pushed me to indoor balcony, resting on the handle, straighten my Buttocks up, and began to bang me from behind as he squeezing my Bosom, kissing me, banging me, moaning really hard, riding me really hard.
    Me: Daniel i miss you
    Daniel: I miss you too
    Banging me, pounding me, hitting me really hard.
    Me: Haaa, Yes… Is she better than me?
    Daniel: No one is better than you
    Moaning, pulled me up and was banging me really damn hard, he banged me from behind all through, till he finally Pour. Both of us breathing heavily, panting…
    Me: What did we just do? Oh my God
    Daniel: I miss you
    I just don’t know what came over me, i gave him a dirty slap.
    Daniel: What was that for?
    Me: Don’t you ever try this with me again
    I quickly picked my clothes…. Daniel was surprised
    Daniel: Omolola, are you serious?
    I picked my clothes, hissed went straight to my room and shut the door. Oh my God, what have i done? What is wrong with me? Omolola you’re cursed, father and son? I couldn’t sleep that night…

    Episode 14

    Few days after our last encounter, i stopped talking to Daniel, not even a greeting. I was so ashamed of myself, i betrayed my baby. I avoided him, he tried talking to me, i just had to ignore him, snubbed him. Tried to stay far away from him at some point he got pissed as well, he was always hissing anytime he sees me, to make the whole thing more frustrating, he was bringing his girlfriend to the house everyday, what is the meaning of that? Is he trying to spite me with that? Honestly, i just couldn’t deal, anytime i see that girl in our house, i was always mad. What is she doing here? I hate that girl, i just hate her, i hate her so much, so so much. The most annoying part was anytime they are indoor, they do have S£x, especially the loud moaning sound, it kills me, it really kills and weakens me. I was s jealous of what was happening between them, i dunno, i just want to be the only one Daniel will be making love to, just me alone, no one else. I want Daniel to myself, i want him for me alone but its not possible, so many circumstances surrounding us. I vowed never to have S£x with Daniel again cos its wrong, having S£x with father and son, i would any day prefer Daniel to my Step father but my step father has the ingredients that i need. He wanna marry him and so shall it be, i just have to stop doing Daniel, stay far away from him.
    I tried everything to stay away from him but it seems Daniel wants me again, yes he wants me again after all his shakara (pride). I remember when my stepfather came back from Abuja, i was so happy he was around, that would serve as a protection against Daniel. The night my stepfather came back, we had heated S£x all night, it was crazy, i so love my old man, he does it like pro, he’s so good at rimming damn. I admire his heavy Joystick, well structured and fat anytime, his Joystick penetrate my Kittycat, i scream for heaven or should i say i see myself in heaven. His Pour is out of this world. Sigh!!! So one night, i’m sure you all know i have this habit of drinking water in the midnight, i do get thirsty in the night, most especially after S£x. So i went to the kitchen, downstairs to get water, after taking my water, someone switched off the light cos i switched it on. Who could that be? Who else? I knew he was the one..
    Me: What is the meaning of this?
    Daniel closed the kitchen door…
    Me: What is wrong with you? I’m sure you know your father is around.
    Daniel was shirtless, putting on just boxers with his obvious dangling erected Joystick.
    Daniel: Omolola i want you.
    Me: You want who? See you need to start respecting me, i’m about to be your step mother.
    Daniel: You can also be my S£x mate
    Me: What? Please leave the way and let me pass
    Dragging the door with him…
    Me: Let me pass now, i don’t like all these
    Daniel: I’ll be fast with it, i promise
    Can you believe that the idiot put his hand on my Bosom.
    Daniel: I want this (seductive tone)
    Me: Get your filthy hands off me
    Daniel: What is wrong with you now?
    Me: Let me go, i will scream ooo
    Daniel: I dare you, i could just tell my Dad about what happened the other day.
    Me: Oh really? Is that a threat or what?
    Daniel: Common, i’m obsessed with you, i just want S£x, that’s all
    Me: And i say i don’t want, let me pass…
    Dragging with him, all of sudden he brought out his bulging erected Joystick…
    Me: Oh my God, what is the meaning of this?
    Feeling so irritated as i moved away from him.
    Daniel: I wanna fu*ck you right here, right now
    Me: No way, until you get rid of that Bytch of yours that’s when you can have me. I can’t share you with anyone
    Daniel moving closer…
    Daniel: Are you for real, but i’m sharing you with my father
    Me: I’m the lady here, i don’t want to see her here again, if you want S£x with me.
    Daniel: Okay fine, i’ll get rid of her
    He planted a deep kiss on my lips, we began to kiss, smooch, squeezing, i was playing with his Joystick, he lifted me up on the kitchen cabinet, separated my legs, as he was positioning his Joystick to penetrate me, we heard footsteps, oh my God that should be my stepfather. We quickly separated, i began to hear my name ‘Omolola’, ‘Omolola where are you?’ my stepfather was looking for me, me and Daniel were both scared
    Me: Oh my God, i’m dead, i told you i don’t want to do
    Daniel: Damn it
    Me: Just find somewhere to hid
    My stepfather called me again, ‘Omolola’, i replied
    Me: Sweetheart, i’m in the kitchen
    I quickly told Daniel to hid inside the kitchen cabinet, he hid himself, i closed it, quickly open the refrigerator and brought out bottle of water, pretending be the drinking water, as my stepfather opened the door.
    Me: Sweetheart, you’re not sleeping
    He moved closer and was kissing….
    Stepfather: I want more
    Me: More what?
    My stepfather: Lets do it here
    Me: What? No, no, no
    Before i know it, the old man lifted me on the kitchen cabinet, Daniel was hiding, spread my legs, brought out his massive Joystick and was banging me, in the kitchen, exactly the same way Daniel wants it, Like father like son. Funniest part is that were doing it on top of Daniel. Lord have mercy!!!
    Few hours later, already in our room, in the morning, stepfather taking his bath, i received a text message from Daniel, it goes thus ‘That ma man chanced me Abi, i swear to God, i will kill that man for cheating me, it really pained me gan. You shouldn’t have had S£x on my head now, that man must die ooo’…. I just couldn’t stop laughing, silently laughing…

    Episode 15

    The following day, Daniel annoyed me by bringing his girlfriend to the house, she even slept over, can you imagine, so this boy was only fooling me or what? He brought that Bytch to this house again, i was so furious, he betrayed me. I was just panting up and down in the room, my stepfather walked into the room. I rushed to him
    Me: Sweetheart
    He looked surprise
    Stepfather: Are you okay?
    Me: Are we gonna let that girl sleep in this house?
    Stepfather: Which girl?
    Me: Daniel’s
    Stepfather: You mean Mariam?
    Me: Yes, its wrong, how can she just come here anytime she wants and sleep over. That’s totally uncalled for, they don’t Even regard you at all.
    He Chuckled…
    Stepfather: Let them be, they are just having fun
    He kissed me and went out…
    Me: Having fun?
    This man is just an idiot, what can i do to get this Sluut out of here. What can i do? I was so restless, so annoyed, i couldn’t even sleep that night cos i knew they would have S£x. I quickly picked up my phone and sent a text message, reminding him our agreement. I waited for his reply, he didn’t reply, he didn’t reply me ooo, what  are they doing? Are they having S£x or what? I sent the text message again, he didn’t reply. I was so hopeless, i had to sleep off.
    In the morning, i received a text message from him, he replied the 2 text messages i sent to him i check the messages and the reply was just ‘Ok’, the two messages he replied it were just ‘Ok’. Like seriously, Daniel is a betrayer and he’s definitely going to regret it, i swear, he would regret it.
    Few hours later, while in the kitchen cooking, there was a knock on the door, it was the gate man, he came to inform me, someone is looking for me. I was surprised, who could that be, i was nervous, hope its not my mother. I went outside to check the person, it was a lady looking so rough, a young lady, should be older than me. I greeted her
    Me: You said you were looking for me
    Lady: Good afternoon ma… My name is Alero ma, please ma i’m looking for job, if you need housemaid, i can do it. I’m very hardworking ma, please ma.
    Me: Oh okay, too bad Oga is not at home but we need housemaid too. Today is Saturday, he’s gone to a party, why don’t you come tomorrow afternoon, he would be at home, i would tell him about you.
    Alero knelt down and began to cry…
    Alero: Please ma, help me… My mother is dying in the village, i need money to buy drugs and take care of her, please help me with this job me, i won’t disappoint you.
    Me: No, no, please stand up… Don’t worry you wil get the job, just come tomorrow, don’t worry, you will get it. I promise. Stand up okay
    She stood up….
    Alero: Than you ma
    Me: No problem, do you have T-fare?
    She nodded her head negatively…
    Me: Okay wait, let me get you something.
    I quickly went inside to get some money, i gave her money while she left. I really pitied her, what a world. Fine girl like that

    Episode 16

    Although, i’ve been complaining that i need a maid in the house, thank God he brought this one to us. Making it easy for me, i told my stepfather about it and he kicked against, he wasn’t in support of it, i begged him but was just so adamant that he doesn’t want maid in his house. I begged him seriously, he didn’t listen oo, i decided to keep malice with him, i even insulted him.
    Me: Since you people want to turn me to slave in this house i’ll just pack my things and go back to Akure
    Stepfather: Are you crazy?
    We had heated argument over this issue, to the extent that i was already packing my things, to God be the glory, i won the battle cos he accepted.
    The following day, Alero came, i introduced her  to him as the new maid, while doing that, the pervert walked in.
    Daniel: Good afternoon Dad.
    Stepfather: Daniel, you’ve started again.
    Walked passed without a greeting, went to meet his Dad.
    Daniel: Sorry i didn’t come home last night, i should have informed you.
    I just hissed, talking to the girl…
    Me: So welcome to our house, i hope you will be a good a girl. Let me show you your room
    Daniel: And what is going on here? Who is she?
    Me: Are you asking me or your father?
    Stepfather: Omolola…
    Me: What? Didn’t you see he didn’t greet me when he entered. Well, this is Alero, our new housemaid.
    Daniel looked surprised…
    Daniel: Housemaid?
    Me: Yes, housemaid. Alero that’s oga’s son, his name is Daniel, call him Daniel not uncle Daniel, just Daniel, he’s very rude and a pervert too, don’ stay close to him
    Daniel: Dad, did you hear that
    Stepfather: Omolola, stop that and show the girl her room
    Me: Okay dear
    I took the girl to her room…
    Daniel: This girl is just a bit*ch
    Stepfather: What did you say?
    Daniel: Nothing, i didn’t say anything. Nothing…
    Yea, i finally have a housemaid in the house. Les i forgot, that same night, i received an international call, i picked it the call, it was my mother, when i heard her voice, i quickly cut it off. I was scared of talking to her, i can’t, i just cant.
    She continued calling me, i quickly went downstairs to meet my stepfather with my phone ringing. I was panicking
    Me: Demola, my mum is calling
    Stepfather: Your mum? What does she want?
    Me: I don’t know ooo, i’m scared
    Stepfather: Scared of what? Give me the phone let me talk to her.
    Me: Talk to her?
    Stepfather: Yes
    He grabbed the phone from my hand, picked the call and began to say..
    Stepfather: Hello, this is Demola, your ex husband. Don’t you ever call my wife Omolola again, we are getting married soon, she has disowned you. Where is my son? You ran away with my son, where is my son? You will be hunt down, you will give me my son back.
    He switched off the phone… I was surprised he would say such
    Me: Why would you say such?
    Stepfather: Cos I love you
    Me: You love me?
    Stepfather: Yes i do and nobody will take you away from me, not even your mother, until she return my son.
    I was shocked, he got up picked his car keys
    Me: Where are you going at this time?
    He didn’t reply me as he left and shut the door. What is happening?

    Episode 17

    Few weeks later, everything went back to normal, even though i was still surprised my stepfather could say such to my mother. I was confused, is he using me against my mother or using me as bait? Are they playing games with me cos i just don’t get it. Only time will tell, my stepfather although didn’t talk about it either, he pretended as if nothing happened, and he was still having S£x with me as usual, but he seems honest cos he’s so caring and all that. Maybe i shouldn’t think about it anymore, i’m sure he loves me, i’m sure he does.
    Alero the new housemaid is living with us already she was handy, cool girl, i do give her things, buy her things and all that. Daniel on the other hand was still keeping malice with me, should i say i’m the one keeping malice with him, we stopped talking and he wouldn’t stop bringing that Sluut to the house to spite me, i just had to ignore him he doesn’t worth it, i need to cut ties with him. He’s a fool, a big fool and a moron. Honestly, i don’t really know why i’m keeping malice with him, i guess i’m jealous and moreover he betrayed me, he was suppose to break up with the girl at least not to bring her to the house. The problem is he wouldn’t stop bringing her to the house, the one that pained me pass, God, i couldn’t sleep for days, Daniel hurt me so bad. I never believed he would do that….. I was in the sitting room with my stepfather watching a movie and the next i heard was a noise coming from upstairs, the noise was just too much.
    Me: What is going on? I hope he’s not beating his girlfriend
    Stepfather: This doesn’t sound like they are fighting. Maybe they won lottery
    All of a sudden Mariam ran downstairs screaming what is wrong with the fool? She was indeed happy, why the noise?
    Mariam: Yes, oh my God.
    Stepfather: What happened, what is the excitement all about?
    Mariam: He proposed, Daniel proposed…
    Pro what? She showed us her engagement ring, flaunting it, Daniel was also coming downstairs, all smile.
    Stepfather: Wow, congratulations, finally?
    Daniel proposed to the bit*ch? I was so hurt, it was like they poured hot water on my body, i didn’t interfere, i couldn’t say anything than to pretend to be watching the movie. My stepfather got up and hugged her, rubbish, how old are they that they are getting engaged.
    Stepfather: Omolola, won’t you congratulate them?
    Me: Huh! What? Oh okay, congrats, i hope it leads to marriage ooo.
    They were surprised i said such, I stood up wore my slippers and went straight to the room cos i just can’t deal.
    Few hours later in the room with my stepfather.
    Me: Were you suppose to congratulate them or scold them. How old are they?
    Stepfather: Let them be, its love
    Me: Love indeed, Daniel is just a fresh graduate, he hasn’t even gone for Nysc and he’s planning on marriage already. Is just farce, they can’t marry, God doesn’t support such. They are just playing, it can never lead to marriage….
    I noticed my stepfather wasn’t replying…
    Me: You’re not even saying anything
    I looked at him and he was already snoring, can you imagine. He’s slept off, so he didn’t even fin them repulsive. How can Daniel be engaged just like that, does that mean i have to let him go, arrrgh, this thing pain me oo. How i just wish i was the one he’s engaged to, gosh, i want Daniel to fuuck me, i miss him. God, why? I was so restless, i couldn’t sleep. I just have to find a wa to tear them apart. I would make sure i put asunder, if i can’t have Daniel, nobody will. I swear, i will ruin their relationship.
    In the kitchen cooking indomie, i was so damn hungry, i couldn’t even concentrate in school cos i was really famished.
    Me: Alero, Alero, Alero…… Where is this girl? She should come help Me garnish this pepper. Alero, Alero.
    The next i heard, ‘I sent her on an errand’, it was Daniel, he was shirtless, putting on just his trouser.
    Me: You have no right to send her anywhere, she works for me.
    Daniel: Really?
    He moves closer, acting weird, weird i mean, seductively. What is going on?
    Me: Errrm! What is going on here?
    Daniel moving closer…
    Me: Please, if this is another Adult movie tricks o yours, its never going to work.
    Daniel: When are we going to stop these malice?
    So flirty…
    Me: What Malice? Abeg, Abeg, let me pass…
    I tried to move away from him, he blocked me.
    Me: What is the meaning of all these, please sto it okay. Alero is around.
    Daniel: She won’t be coming anytime soon
    Me: Stop flirting with me
    Daniel: I miss you
    Me: Really? Please, tell that to your girlfriend, well at least, you’re now engaged. Just let me pass
    Daniel was becoming too close for comfort…
    Me: Will you stop all these before somebody find us
    Daniel: Do you want me to break up with Mariam?
    Me: What? What do you mean?
    I was kinda happy when i heard that
    Daniel: Yes, if you want me, i would
    Me: Are you serious?
    Daniel: Yes
    For real? He’s gonna break up with her?
    Me: Okay (shy)
    He began to touch my Bosom, he unbuttoned m shirt, kissing me, kissing, kissing.
    Me: Wait, wait…. What about Alero?
    Daniel: Long thing
    We continued kissing, smooching, unzipping my trouser, pulling off my trouser, he unzipped his trouser and brought out his erected Joystick turned me over on the cabinet and began to ban me, so hard, pounding me from behind, hitting me so hard, kissing me.
    Me: What about Alero? (Moaning)
    Daniel: I’ll be fast (Moaning)
    Banging me so damn fast, he was really fast, moaning loud, moaning, moaning, banging, banging.
    Daniel: Yes, baby
    ‘Uncle Daniel, i didn’t find the thing you sent at the supermarket’, that was the next thing i heard oh my God, Alero caught us red handed. We quickly separated as she left…
    Me: Daniel i told you, i told you
    Daniel: What?
    Me: What? Seriously?
    He adjusted his trouser, hissed and walked out of the kitchen. I was shocked, he wasn’t scared or bothered the girl caught us. What is going on? After All, i will be the one to suffer for it, if Demola finds out, Daniel has nothing to worry about. I just have to beg Alero not to say anything. I’m so scared right now, should i send Alero away before Demola comes back? I’m dead.

    Episode 18

    In my room…
    Me: Alero, Alero
    She answered, knock on my door…
    Me: Come inside.
    Alero: You called me ma…
    Me: Fine girl, Alero, Alero. What are you doing now?
    Alero: I’m washing oga’s clothes
    Me: Oh kk…. Do you like these clothes on the bed? They are for you, do you want them?
    Alero: Yes ma
    Me: Oya pack them, and those shoes too.
    Alero: Haaa, thank you ma.
    She was excited, packing them…
    Me: Alero baby, let me give you money to go make your hair.
    I dipped my hands into my pocket and gave her money.
    Alero: Thank you ma
    Showing curtsy…
    Me: Its alright…. But don’t tell anyone about what you saw ooo, if you keep your mouth shut, i will give you more of this and i promise to give money to treat your mum as well.
    She was happy and promised not to tell anyone about it, what a relief. She’s a cheap girl, so easy to buy, money can do it. I just have to be careful next time.
    After some days, Daniel didn’t even bother to ask how i dealt with the whole issue, instead, he didn’t come home for days. I tried calling him but he wouldn’t pick my calls, sent him text messages, no reply as well. So one faithful evening, he finally came home, he didn’t come alone, he came with his jobless girlfriend. I was surprised, but Daniel said he was gonna break with the girl, so he was deceiving me, he was fooling me just to get between my legs. I was so furious, i felt so used and betrayed. I just couldn't’ hold it. They were in their room, so i went to his room, knocked on the door, it was Mariam that opened the door.
    Mariam: Hi
    Me: Please, where is Daniel.
    Mariam: Daniel, the thot is looking for you
    She, closed the door… Did she just call me a thot what is the meaning of that? I quickly brought out my phone, googled the meaning of thot, it means ‘The hoe over there’, she just called me a hoe, i was angry. Daniel opened the door…
    Daniel: What’s up?
    Me: Can i see you?
    Daniel: Why? Now?
    Me: Yes, now, in my room.
    Daniel: Hahaha, what happened?
    We eventually went to my room…
    Me: First of all, you girlfriend just called me a hoe, no biggie and the most important, was this our agreement?
    Daniel: What agreement?
    Me: You were gonna break up with her, remember
    Daniel: And you believed that?
    Daniel laughing hysterically…
    Me: What’s funny?
    Daniel: So you expect me to break up with my girlfriend because of you? I mean because of you Omolola?
    Me: What do you mean? So you were deceiving me?
    Daniel: Well, of course, i just wanted to fuuck you, nothing more. So you are special that i would break up with my….. Wait, wait, wait are you for real? God, you’re so foolish girl, so cheap and loose. Gullible, i just hope my father is not really thinking of marrying you.
    Me: Daniel?
    I was shocked to hear that from him… He stood up and continued laughing, laughing, laughing as he reached for the door and said….
    Daniel: Don’t you think you’re a thot? My girlfriend is right, you’re a hoe and she knows that.
    He walked out of the room, shut the door, laughing hysterically. I was so weak, so very weak, tears from my eyes. I couldn’t stop crying, was ashamed of myself. Am i really that loose? Daniel said all that to me? I swear to almighty God, Daniel would pay for this, he would surely regret, i promise he’s so gonna regret. Crying, so i’m now a thot… Men are so wicked, i hate men.
    A week later, i began to plot how to take a revenge, Daniel has to pay for this, i feel used. So used, i just have to punish him but i just don’t know how to do it. What can i do to get back at this boy? Time will tell… Well, my stepfather on the other hand, surprised me, it was a good news actually, i wasn’t expecting it so fast like that, i was so fast. He’s actually serious on getting married with me.
    On the dinning table, eating dinner….
    Stepfather: Omolola guess what?
    Me: What? What happened?
    Stepfather: Well, i guess its high time you become a Mrs.
    Me: What do you mean?
    Stepfather: Well, i made an arrangement, i think our court wedding is next week.
    Me: Are you serious?
    I screamed, i was so excited, i hugged him so passionately and sat on his laps..
    Me: Next week? And you’re just telling me
    Stepfather: I wasn’t suppose to tell you now, i planned on telling you a day before the wedding, wanted to surprise you. But i just could’t hold it anymore, i had to spill it now.
    i kissed him so deep…
    Me: Awww…. Oh my God, i’m so excited…. Thanks dear, i love you too.
    We continued kissing, Alero walks in…
    Me: Alero, we are getting married next week, our court wedding is next wedding.
    Alero: Congratulations ma…
    Daniel also came from no where…
    Daniel: What is happening here’
    I looked at him with a straight face…
    Me: Well, me and your father are getting married next week.
    Daniel: What? Dad is this true?
    Stepfather: Our court wedding is next week
    Daniel: Next week? Is this a joke?
    Stepfather: Its a surprise
    Daniel: Indeed, wow….
    I looked at him, looking at each other with, mocking him, while tongued out. He got pissed and left.
    Me: I love you baby….
    Me and Demole continued kissing……

    Episode 19

    Few hours later, Demola came back to the room with smile. I was nervous, i was expecting him to shout at me or something but he didn’t. He was just mute as he went back to his laptop.
    Me: So you’re not going to say anything abi?
    Stepfather: Investigation.
    I hissed and left the room, went straight to Alero’s room.
    Me: Alero, what did you hear? What were they saying?
    Alero: I didn’t really hear much but Uncle Daniel was only kicking against your wedding. He said oga should not marry you that you are bad news.
    Me: Are you mad? Must you say that?
    Alero: I’m sorry ma
    Me: That was how you were saying me and Daniel was kissing. Idiot..
    Alero: Sorry ma
    Me: Sorry to yourself….. What did Oga now say?
    Alero: Oga now say, he knows what he’s doing but he didn’t agree with him.
    Me: He didn’t agree with him?
    Alero: Yes ma.
    Wow, what is happening? What is going on?
    now, i’m confused. So Daniel is trying to put asunder in our relationship. This boy will surely fail, i will make sure to kick him out of that house. I swear with my life, he would regret it, so he thinks he can use me and ruin my life like before he want to throw away my joy. He want to make my life miserable after having S£x with me, he want to take away the only happiness i have. He would pay for it…
    Few days later, the wedding day is coming closer but whom do i bring to the wedding? None of m family will be there?
    In the room….
    Me: Baby, i’m kinda scared.
    Stepfather: Scared of what?
    Me: You know, the circumstances surrounding this wedding. None of my family will be available for the wedding, it doesn’t make sense.
    Stepfather: Do you have family? (laughing)
    Me: It is not funny
    Stepfather: Answer my question, do you have family?
    Me: Of course i do
    Stepfather: Where are they?
    Me: Akure now
    My stepfather continued laughing….
    Me: What is so funny?
    My stepfather: But you’ve been avoiding their calls, moreover, when did you even meet them, not up to one year that you met them. Look, is just me, you and two other people that would accompany us to the registry.
    Me: Just four of  us?
    Stepfather: If it possible, it can be just 2 of us. If Daniel is available, he would accompany. Oh, yes we could take Alero along. See, Omolola, honestly, i see you as an orphan.
    Me: Its not funny, you’re so annoying……. What if my mother shows up at the wedding.
    Stepfather: That would be the best thing ever, it means my plan works out perfectly well.
    Me: What plan? What is going on?
    Stepfather: Sweetheart.
    He kissed me…
    Stepfather: The good news is that we are getting married. Can i sleep now?
    Me: No, you can’t, i’m confused, i’m angry
    He began to look me with flirty eyes…
    Me: What is that?
    Stepfather: I want S£x
    Touching my Bosom…
    Me: Get your hands off me
    Pushed his hands away, hissed, got up from the bed.
    Stepfather: What happened? Where are you going?
    I didn’t reply him, i just walked out of the room, went to the sitting room. I was so annoyed, i’m really confused, are these people playing games with me? What is happening? While sitting on the couch, a knock on the door, it was late already. Who could that be? I opened the door, it was Daniel, little bit drunk, stinks of alcohol.
    Me: Do you know the time?
    Daniel: So? This is my father’s house, go to your own father’s house. Homeless Sluut
    Me: What did you just call me now?
    Daniel: I promise you, you will never marry my father, not when i’m alive, its either one of us die than to see your get married.
    Me: It is you that will die like your mother
    Daniel: What did you say?
    Me: Yes, she died like a chicken, you will also die like one.
    All of sudden Daniel gave me a dirty slap…
    Me: Oh my God…
    Immediately, i tore my nightgown brought my Bosom out, scratched my face and my neck to bring out blood. I tore his shirt too
    Daniel: What is this?
    I began scream and cry….
    Me: Help me, help me, help me, he want to Molest me, help me, somebody help me.
    Demola and Alero rushed out to the sitting room.
    Stepfather: What is going on here?
    I was crying so loud….
    Me: He tried to Molest me again
    Daniel: What?
    Me: When he came inside, he asked me if you were at home and i told him you were asleep, all of a sudden he pounced me and tried to Molest me. I don’t deserve all these.
    Stepfather: Daniel is this true?
    Daniel: Its a lie, she’s lying
    Me: Look at my face, see blood on my neck, i told you but you never believed.
    Daniel: Haaa, Omolola
    Me: He’s drunk
    All of sudden, my stepfather moved closer to Demola and gave him a fist on his face.
    Daniel: Dad its a lie, don’t you believe me, she lying.
    Stepfather: Leave this house this moment, i don’ want to see you in this house anymore.
    Daniel: Believe me, i swear she’s lying, she framed me, i’m your son.
    Stepfather: You stink of Alcohol Daniel, just leave before i totally loose my temper.
    Me: Baby leave him alone.. Oh my God, i’m in pains. Ooouch (touching my body)
    Daniel cried, yes he cried, yes, yes, yes… He reached for the door
    Daniel: I swear you’re gonna regret this Dad, i swear.
    Yes, i won the battle, Yes, yes, yes…
    Me: My Bosom are aching me, he really squeeze my Bosom Demola. (Crying)
    He helped me the room, told Alero to get first aid treatment from its box. That was girl power you see, being feminist and taking over. Yes!!!

    Episode 20

    Fast forward, a day to the wedding, everyone was in the mood, just couldn’t wait to get the whole thing done, wow, i’m getting married soon. Finally, the day is almost here. It was a joyous mood that day not until the bloody son of a gun showed up in the house, totally drunk.
    It was late in the evening, my stepfather came home late that day so i quickly warmed his dinner while he was in the room, i was in the kitchen with Alero warming and serving the food, then we heard a knock on the door, who could that be at this time of the day?
    Me: Who is that at this time?…. Alero go and check who is at the door
    Alero: Yes ma
    Alero quickly went to check who was at the door, within few seconds she came back looking scared.
    Alero: Madam na Uncle Daniel
    Me: Who?
    Alero: It is Uncle Daniel that is knocking, e be like say he’s drunk
    I was surprised, what could he be doing here? We don’t want him in this house anymore. I told her not to open the door for him cos he’s not  allowed. But Daniel kept on banging the door, he just couldn’t stop banging the door. I had to go meet him cos i wouldn’t want his father to come and start fighting with him and tomorrow is my wedding and i want peace, just peace. I opened the door, lo and behold, Daniel was indeed drunk, he was totally drunk, he was smelling of alcohol, he was misbehaving, so drunk.
    Daniel: Open the door for me, this is my father’s house.
    I had to cover my nose cos the odour from him was so bad.
    Daniel: You this Sluut, so you think you can marry my father abi. Over my dead body
    Me: What do you want? You’re not allowed here
    Daniel: In my father’s house? Ashawo, this my father house. So you don’t want me to enter my father’s house?
    Before you know it Daniel began to vomit, oh my God. What is this?

    Episode 21

    I just can’t  ignore or abandon him, i just have to help me, not me tho, i instructed Alero to help him to his room and clean the mess, he can sleep for the night. So disgusting, he kept saying rubbish as he was being held upstairs to his room, so irritating, the whole house was smelling My stepfather didn’t know what was going on cos he was asleep already, i took his food to his room. I woke him up to have his food, he woke up, eating his food on the bed.
    Me: That your son is a pain in the neck
    Stepfather: Why did you say so?
    Me: He’s back, he’s in his room
    Stepfather: Daniel is in this house?
    He was upset…
    Me: He was so drunk sef, he vomited in the sitting room, the whole house is smelling.
    Stepfather put his food away…
    Stepfather: Daniel?
    Immediately, he got up, angry….
    Me: What do you want to do?
    Stepfather: I’m sending him out this house, instead him to come back and apologize, instead he came back drunk and foolish. He’s living this house to night
    I quickly rushed to him…
    Me: No, no, no, its late already… Just let him sleep over for the night, he should be asleep by now. What if you send him out this night and something bad happen to him and you know he’s drunk.
    Stepfather: I don’t care
    Me: You should care ooo, tomorrow is our wedding i don’t want any wahala ooo. Let there be peace for now, please i beg you. Just let him sleep over for this night, please dear… Please
    I kissed him… And he agreed, he ate his food, even though he was still upset. Few hours later, we were asleep already, in the midnight, i noticed Demola woke up, stood up from the bed.
    Me: Where are you going? (Yawning)
    Stepfather: I’m thirsty, you gave me food you didn’t give me water. Have you forgotten..
    Me: Oh my God, i’m sorry, that stupid girl didn’t bring your water. That girl is so dull. Let me go and get you water to drink.
    Stepfather: Don’t worry, i’ll get it myself…
    Me: Okay dear
    He left….. After several minutes, he didn’t return, what is holding him? I became worried, he should be back by now. Oh, probably he want to have S£x with me in the kitchen, Demola purposely stayed long cos he knows i will come looking for him, he want to make love to me in the kitchen, he likes doing it in the kitchen. I quickly got up, pull off my pant to make it easier. I got to the kitchen, the light was off…
    Me: Baby, what are you still doing? I know your plan, you purposely did this right.
    I switched on the light, oh my God, i saw Demola i mean my stepfather, on the floor, stabbed to death. I screamed!!!
    To be continued***
    Guess....*** who killed him***???

    Episode 22

    Demola is dead, am i dreaming? This is not a dream, Demola, my stepfather is really dead. My life totally ruined, when i saw him stabbed to death on the floor, didn’t know what to do than to just  scream.
    Very early in the morning, the Police filled our compound, ambulance van was also in the compound, the house was filled with lot of people, sympathizers, neighbours, i was still in shock. Who could have done this? Who killed him, i just pray this doesn’t implicate me. The police did their work trying to interrogate me.
    Policeman 1: How did you say it happened?
    Me: (Crying) I met him on the floor…. Oh my God is this happening for real? Today is our wedding
    Burst into tears…
    Policeman 2: Calm down madam
    Me: He woke up in the middle of the night and said he was thirsty, after so many minutes, he didn’t return back to the room, so i decided to go check on what was keeping him, i got to the kitchen and i found him like that.
    Policeman 1: Did you say today is your wedding?
    Me: Yes, our court wedding is today…. It is today ooo
    The policemen looked surprised, looked at each other, probably they thought i should be his daughter. They continued their interrogation, they asked Alero and gateman questions also, they asked how many of us was in the house. I told them 5 of us, including Daniel. Daniel? where is Daniel?
    Policeman 2: Who is Daniel?
    Daniel: What is going on here?
    Talk of the devil, Daniel came downstairs looking so weak, he was surprised the whole house was filled with lot of people, especially the policemen.
    Me: That is Daniel
    I pointed to him….
    Daniel: What is happening, what are the policemen doing here?
    Alero burst into tears…
    Alero: Oga don die
    Daniel: Which oga?
    Gateman: Your father
    Daniel: My father? Is this a joke?
    Daniel was already panicking, he didn’t believe it, not until Demola’s dead body, covered with cloth was being rolled out from the kitchen. He quickly rushed to them…
    Daniel: Wait, Wait, Wait
    He uncovered the face and saw his father, truly dead. He was so frightened, he began to shiver, he was pulled back.
    Daniel: Who, who, who, who, whoooo killed my father my father?
    Policeman 2: You must be Daniel?
    Daniel: What happened to my father?
    Alero: He was stabbed to death
    Tears rolling from Daniel’s eyes….
    Daniel: Who did this?
    He looked at me, he pointed his fingers at me… I was nervous..
    Daniel: It is you, Omolola you have killed my father.
    Me: Me? No, i saw him dead on the floor
    He was moving closer, as he was about to descend on me, the policemen came to my rescue. Daniel went crazy, crying profusely, shouting. Claiming i killed his father, that’s a lie, i didn’t. Honestly, i was nervous, i was the one that saw him, Alero and the gateman found me with his dead body. I’m dead, i’m the first suspect, i hope i survive this, this is worst situation in my life, i will go to jail?
    Demola’s body was taken away, the whole house was on fire. Daniel continued making allegations, insisting i should be arrested and charged for murder. I wasn’t surprised with such allegation, it is expected and i hope i survive this The police continued their investigation, i was really nervous, this is a big trouble for me, who will help me out on this? No family to call, my family in Ondo, even if i call them, what do i tell them? How do i tell them? I don’t have my mother’s number anymore, even if i have it, what will I  tell her? But the question now is, who killed Demola?
    Few days, we were all invited for more interrogation at the police station. We were all questioned, the whole thing was becoming unbearable for me cos Demola’s family got involved, Daniel poisoned their mind as they all accused me of killing Demola. It was just too much for me to bear, they were all attacking me, i cried profusely, they were bent on charging me for murder of Demola. Daniel was the ring leader, he was so against me, he was ready to see me ruined. I pleaded, they never listened, i was held in the police station for days, Alero, the gateman and Daniel also were held in the police station. I was thoroughly interrogated, i was beaten by these wicked policemen to confess on something i know nothing about, i was severely tortured.
    ‘Confess, confess, did you kill him? Why did you kill him?’ these were the policemen words, but what do they want me to say? I don’t have anything than to confess, my confession is, i didn’t kill him, i didn’t kill Demola. Nigerian police have got no chill pills at all, is that how they treat criminals? I was tortured honestly.

    Episode 23

    The gateman, Alero was also questioned and probably tortured, i don’t know about Daniel, but it seems i’m deep trouble cos it all falls to me, just me, does it mean i will be charged with murder, does it mean i will be jailed? Even though there is no evidence, i’m still the first suspect, the number one suspect. Who will i call to defend me in this? Nobody to call for help, i’v made a terrible mistake, i should have gone back to Akure, i should have gone back to face the shame, instead of this mess. This is beyond me, this is the worst ever, so i will eventually be jailed for a crime i know nothing about.
    2 days later, i was being interrogated again in the dark room, the truth was revealed, so i won’t be going to jail after all. Do you know who killed Demola? The police told me, i was told Alero confessed, yes she confessed, she did, she know who killed Demola, she saw the killer, she did, i was told how it all happened, Daniel killed his father, Daniel is the killer. Alero told the police that she saw Daniel coming out from the kitchen in the midnight but she didn’t see how he stabbed him that he only saw him coming out of the kitchen. How come? Is this true, can this be true, she saw him coming out of the kitchen? What was she doing in the midnight that she saw him, still don’t understand. Daniel killed his father? The police man asked…
    Policeman: Did Daniel had any quarrel or misunderstanding with his father?
    I remembered, that is true, yes….
    Me: Yes, officer, yes, they had misunderstanding, yes, yes.
    Policeman: Are you sure?
    Me: Yes!!! It was that night he tried to Molest me him and his father had a conflict, he was also sent away by his father. I remembered he threatened, he said am gonna regret it.
    Policeman: Are you sure of what you’re saying?
    Me: Yes, yes, yes, me and Daniel are not in good terms, we are sworn enemies, he doesn’t want me to marry his father, he threatened me so many times….. Or, was is it me Daniel wanted to kill? That he mistakenly killed his father?
    I am confused as you are, i’m sure you’re also confused. What really happened? What happened?
    Few days later, after autopsy was done, the knife used to stab Demola had Daniel’s fingerprint and they also found Daniel’s cloth covered with blood in his room. This is unbelievable, why would Daniel kill his father? What got into him? But Daniel was insisting he knows nothing about it, he claimed he knows nothing about it, it all falls back to Daniel now. Daniel still denying he didn’t do it, that it was a lie, its too late cos the evidence has shown he is the murderer. My step brother is a murderer?

    Episode 24 (Final)

    One afternoon After weeks of been in the cell, i was summoned that my lawyer has come to  bail me out. Lawyer? I don’t have a lawyer. Who could that be? I didn’t inform anyone about my arrest. was surprised, i saw the lawyer but i don’t know the lawyer, i’ve never seen him in my entire life. How come he’s come to bail me out. I was eventually released to the lawyer, leaving the police station with Lawyer, outside of the police i saw my mother. I was shocked, she leaned on a black jeep. I was so nervous and ashamed of myself.
    We moved closer to her…
    My mum: Thank you so much lawyer, i really do appreciate it.
    Lawyer: You’re welcome ma, just make sure she’ available anytime the police needs her attention. Please ma…
    My mum: I wil definitely do, thank you so much… I will get in touch.
    Lawyer: Alright ma.
    The lawyer left….
    My mum: Get into the car
    She said without looking at my face… I was nervous, i quickly entered. The driver drove out , while driving, i noticed we were four in the car. The driver driving, a lady in the front seat, i didn’t see her face while me and mum was at the back seat. I couldn’t look at my mum’s face, the atmosphere was so silent, nobody was talking.
    Me: Mummy i’m sorry, please forgive me…
    She didn’t reply, she didn’t even look at my face, i was crying, begging her. After getting to a certain junction, the car stopped, she brought out a brown envelope filled with money.
    My mum: Bisi, thank you so much for a job well done, here is you balance.
    Oh my God, the lady in the front seat was actually Alero, my housemaid. Bisi?
    Me: Alero?
    Alero/Bisi: Hello, Omolola.
    She collected the envelope from my mum.
    Alero/Bisi: It was so nice working with you ma, thank so much. And i hope it is complete?
    She opened the envelope and checked the money… What is going on ?
    My mum: Of course, but please just make sure you leave the country as soon possible. Leave the country…
    Alero/Bisi: No problem, thanks so much…
    She opened the door, got down…
    My mum: I will get in touch
    They bid farewell as the driver drove off, i was dumbfounded… But wait a minute, is that not Alero? When did Alero become Bisi? I asked my mum..
    Me: Mummy what is going on?
    She smiled…
    My mum: Do the calculation…
    Calculation? What is the meaning of that? I’m confused, wait, wait, wait, oh my God, oh my Go Oh my God, it was a setup, Alero was all setup, oh my God, Daniel is innocent, he was framed, he’s innocent, my mother planned it all, my mother and Alero killed Demola and framed Daniel who was drunk that night….
    My mum: We are living the country soon, but first  i will make sure that boy rots in jail.
    OH MY GOD!!!


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