Story: My Wedding Night

    Story Narrated by Precious, written & produced by Frizizzy Good day friends, my name is Precious, and what i give you guys is the story of my life. A story of pain, love and sadness. A story of lost hope, betrayal and death. A true life event that turned my life upside down. Where do i start?. I guess i have to start from the major episode, the night that changed my whole life.

    Episodes 1 and 2

    I write with Tears ____ The dim light of the room was enough to highlight Damian’s body lying under the covers of our bed. His long frame was silhouetted delicately as the sheet and blanket draped over his naked body. Every muscle of his slender frame was showing through the somewhat thin fabric he placed over himself. The contoured mound of his manhood, prominently showing, was highly erotic and stimulating. My p.u.ssy began to water slowly as I stood in the doorway staring at my new husband. I leaned against the molding of our room door and felt one of my firm little breasts with my hand. My nipple instantly hardened as i felt the heat flow into my stiff nipple. My pussy was slick with my internal naturalness. I felt the warm trickle of my inner desire flow out and coat my now engorging inner lips. My outer folds of personal smoothness also began to warm gently. As I stared at my husband lying there on the bed, my feelings roared all over my body. It was our first night as husband and wife. Oh how happy and fulfilled i was that fateful evening. We really had lots of terrible challenges which we overcame to get married. I closed my eyes as my head played back the events which led to our marriage. I soon felt a hand on my shoulder and another between my legs. I felt warm breath on the back of my neck and the touch of hot soft lips upon my skin at the same time. Damian had joined me. I did not open my eyes. I let my husband feel me. I felt my husband’s hot body tenderly touch mine. His damp skin tenderly brushing mine sent desire rushing through me. He slowly pressed his erection against my body and I felt it throb as blood rushed through it. Slowly he planted tender kisses to the back of my neck. His warm lips felt good on my skin and the tingles from his loving touch made me shiver in delight. I tilted my head to the side slightly and he moved lower with his lips. His hand suddenly covered my tenderness. The jolt of his hand on my place of sensualness made me moan with euphoric pleasure. Slowly, he ran a finger through my hot wet divide. My hot core flowed onto his finger as he moved it up and down, letting it sink into my soft pink fold. I felt my vertical line fold over his finger, contouring to the shape of his digit sliding easily through my sexual lips. I felt my clit come to life. He gently ran his fingertip over my hard sensitive knob of pleasure. I shivered and moaned loudly. Expertly his other hand covered one of my small breasts which he squeezed hard. My nipple, as hard as it already was, filled with more blood and felt as if it was going to actually pop off my body. The intense feeling made my body quiver. Suddenly and with a swift move, he swung me around making me whimper in pleasure. His handsome face was smooth and his eyes deep. I touched his cheek softly and ran my fingertip over his lips. He gave me a very caring look; the look I fell in love with the moment we met. Wrapping his arms around my delicate warm body, he brought his lips to mine, kissing me tenderly and long. I felt my breath leave my lungs like it always did. Damian knew just how to leave me breathless. To be continued. *continues* My body pressed softly upon Damian we kissed. His long hard erection pressed upon my smooth mound. My firm meager frontal mounds pressed into his warm chest. My hard ni.pples touched his as our bodies collected each other’s sensual heat. He ran his hands over the soft roundness of my as.s and I felt my feet leaving the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist and and rested my head in the crook of his neck and shoulder, letting him carry me to our bed. As he laid me down on the satin sheets, my fingers trailed a path down his broad chest. He straddled my top half with his arms as he looked into my eyes. My hair splayed along the pillow and I smiled at him as I spread my legs to accept him once again. My body shivered from the jolt of him piercing my kit.ty. The feel of his erect hard round head poking through my membrane filled me with a lovingly intense pressure that showed me what he felt for me. In return, my body passionately gripped him as he slowly filled me. I let out a whimper as his body connected to mine, I scraped my nails on his back in a soft touch as the feeling of him touching my skin sent tingles through me. He groaned as I did that and began rocking on my body slowly as he always did. I felt every ridge of his long erection in my sensitive supple walls as he slid in and out. The warmth of his manhood inside me made me glad he was my man and I was his woman. I scraped my fingernails long and slow and harder along his back as he continued the slow rhythmic movement into me. My breathing quickened as he pulsed inside my I felt each beat of his heart in his hard cock buried deep inside me. It was not only the rhythm of love that pounded there, but also the passion he felt for me. I became wetter and wetter as my love for him coated his hardness. This was what making love truly felt like. Even through my sensual moans, the slick slurping sounds came from me as he slipped in and out and resonated off the walls in our room. The sound of our lovemaking was beautiful. The slapping of our bodies together with every insertion he made into me reverberated in my ears and made me bite my lips. The plunging tones from wet friction as his rock hard cock filled me made my body writhe with pleasure under him. He was the only guy that made me feel fulfilled. I gripped the sheets into my fists as I felt myself getting ready to cum. His movements even began to slow as I felt him getting close. My c.lit pounded against him each time he sank deeper into me. I began to breathe deeper and quicker as my climax sprang forth. He was almost at a snail’s pace as he began to let his cream fill his manhood in my womanhood. I felt him get even harder as he entered the point of no return. He moaned as he poured into me. We cummed in unison again and I loved how we almost always did that. It was such a passionate euphoric feeling. My body began to relax in sexual gratification under him as he waited to get himself as he always did after he had expelled himself. The feeling of his cock going from hard to soft inside me felt so wonderful. And when he slid it out! The slide of his softness on my wet sensitive walls was so tantalizing. It was a feeling that I could never describe. I intertwined my hand into his, held it and closed my eyes while his heartbeat pounded a rhythm against my body. Falling asleep, i prayed for our love to forever be strong, but unfortunately i woke up the following morning to see a knife buried in his chest. Our bed sheet soaked with blood.

    Episode 3

    I couldn’t believe my eyes, i couldn’t believe it was all real. I held him and looked around. “no this can’t be happening” i breathed, trying hard to control myself. But it was all real, Damian was cold and still. He was dead for real. “nooo” i sobbed quietly, wondering what to do, wondering the next step to take. There was any doubt, i was about experiencing a very terrible twist in my life. Damian was definitely murdered by someone who was so desperate to destroy my happiness. I sat down on the floor while my mind flashed back to how i met my husband. After Nysc, early the previous year. I came to Abuja to live with my elder brother who was a doctor in one of the city hospitals. He had no problem getting me a good job in a very popular construction company inside the city. Seriously i counted myself as a very lucky girl because i was the first to get a job among all my classmates and friends. I started work in Damian’s office as a secretary and that was when my life took a dramatic turn. Damian who was my boss, a white and an American citizen quickly took interest in me. He was so sweet and caring but equally a womanizer. Everyone warned me to be careful. My colleagues advised me to be professional when dealing with him and never give in to his demands, which i obeyed. But surprisingly he continued disturbing me, even after turning him down so many times. The more i turned him away, the more bolder he got. This continued until i finally gave in to him. We had a very sweet relationship that soon became the talk of the town. As our relationship progressed, i starting getting threats from his old girlfriends both in Nigeria and abroad, but it never stopped me from giving up on him. Three months into the relationship, he proposed to me and met my people, drawing another shock from everyone, especially the white community. Our marriage was quickly fixed and i insisted for it to be done in Nigeria because of my family and friends which he accepted without hesitation. Damian’s mother, family members and friends arrived the country two days to our wedding. I had a very long talk with his mum and cousins who all tried to be nice to me even though the resentment on their faces were noticeable. The church wedding and reception went very well. Damian really spared no cost in organising the whole show. We planned travelling to Dubai the next day for our honeymoon, which made us spend our first night as husband and wife in his big house where almost all his family members and friends slept. Anyone of them could have crept into the room as we slept and struck him, but there wasn’t any doubt i would be the major suspect…. “Oh no” i wailed with a loud voice, drawing the attention of everyone in the house. Within minutes, almost every member of the white community was in Damian’s house. It was as if they were all waiting for such news…. I couldn’t believe i was married only for one night….

    Episode 4

    As we got up to leave, i passionately pleaded to the detective to help me out. “seriously i have no hand in my husband’s death. You have to help me. You have to do something” I pleaded desperately. “as long as you are innocent, you have no problem with me. I’m a good cop. I promise to get to the bottom of this case” The middle aged officer promised while my brother smiled with relief. “now you are talking officer. Don’t let them intimidate or stop you from doing the right thing” he advised as they shook hands. On our way out of the force headquarters, my brother held me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear. “you have to be strong my dear. Everything happens for a purpose. Please you have to be strong when facing our parents , they are very devastated” he begged quietly while more tears fell from my eyes. I really didn’t know how to face my old parents, especially mum who braved her sickness to witness my wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, we first headed to Damian’s house after leaving the police headquarters in order to pick up my things, but on getting to the house, we were stopped by four policemen who told us that they had orders not to allow anyone pick up even a pin from the house. “madam this place is now a crime scene. You can come back tomorrow to pick your things. As for now we have orders not to allow anybody pick up anything from the house” one of the officers said, leaving me speechless. “i think it’s a good development. A piece of evidence might still by lying around who knows. The police are really correct with this decision” My brother’s lawyer said in agreement. And so we had no choice than to turn back and head to my brother’s house where every member of my family was waiting for me. It really was such a painful scene as every one of them cried on sighting me, especially my poor mother who sobbed uncontrollably. “this marriage was just a huge mistake. oh no” she cried painfully. However another big development occurred at exactly 5pm when detective Jeremiah showed up once again with a team of policemen and a white man who looked like a lawyer to arrest me. “i’m sorry, the order came from the I.G’s office. It has nothing to do with me” he said as a handcuff was thrown round my wrists, putting my entire family into another wave of shock. My brother as usual tried to defend me by creating a scene but had to shut up when the white lawyer threatened to arrest him as an accomplice in the murder charge I was facing. “don’t worry, I will protect you” the detective whispered to my ear as he led me away. This time, there wasn’t anything to save me from cooling off in a police cell.

    Episode 5

    On getting to the police headquarters, i was taken to the detective’s office where i stayed and nervously waited for him while he entered another office with the white lawyer. He came in about fifteen minutes later, smiling calmly. “i’m really sorry things got so bad as to bring you back here. Your husband’s family are trying everything possible to make you pay, but don’t worry, investigation has commenced. I’m already working on a theory. You should also know that i have seized the travelling passports of every one of them that spent the night in that house. You shouldn’t worry about anything, the culprit will be caught. I equally had a good cell prepared for you” he said seriously, while tears dropped from my eyes. I couldn’t imagine myself spending the night in a police cell no matter how comfortable it was made to look. “one more thing. I need to hear the whole truth from you since you want me by your side. That’s all i ask” the officer added curiously, drawing out another shock from me. “what do you mean by the whole truth?” i gasped, while he smiled. “you see, that’s one problem with Nigerian women. You all like keepings secrets even in a terrible condition. You have a cop trying to help you, the least you can do is to come out clean with him. I spoke with some of your colleagues today and their answers were quite shocking. Most of them said that your relationship and marriage to late Damian wasn’t ordinary. So you got to tell me things i need to know since you want me by your side” he pushed on while i swallowed hard and fought with myself. The officer wanted me to open up something well buried in my heart, a secret i told no one. “How do i go about it?” i wondered. “i know you didn’t commit the murder but you have to help me unravel many things. What made Damian marry you so quickly, you guys had just a short Romance and Mr Damian i was told messed up a lot of ladies in the company before getting to you. Something made him marry you??, don’t tell me it was love, i have reason to believe something else was involved, even after the threats and reports you got, never for a moment did you guys quarrel. Please don’t use the love bullshit on me. I need the truth?” he pushed on seriously. There wasn’t any doubt the officer did a good background check on me but digging deep into my relationship with Damian was only going to deteriorate matters for me. Some things are better left buried and unsaid but looking at his eyes, i saw curiousity and eagerness to know all about the hidden truth..

    Episode 6

    “seriously i don’t think things that happened when we were dating has anything to do with his death, believe me” i said slowly. The officer simply folded his hands and breathed deeply. “nothing is hidden under the sun for long. Sooner or later i still will find out, so i believe it’s in your best interest to tell me all i need to know” he pushed with a smile. I battled with myself one more time before making up my mind to open up. “Damian was stealing from the company. He was doing it with a colleague in the records department. I found out about the whole deal three weeks into our relationship but couldn’t do anything apart from confront him. He ended up convincing me to keep quiet, equally promising to marry and take me to his home country. His plan was to get me established over there. I was a woman in love with a whole lot to gain. Of course i kept quiet and helped him steal more. He kept his word and married me, only to die before fulfilling the last part of his promise. Now what has that got with his death??” i poured out with tears. “and the colleague in question, do you think he has a hand in his death?” he asked curiously. “of course not, they had seperate accounts and divided proceeds evenly. No he is much more valuable alive than dead to the man” i answered seriously. “well in a murder case we don’t rule out any possibility until the crime is solved. I admire your honesty. You bravely confessed being an accomplice to another crime. I appreciate and will keep my promise by watching your back. It should interest you to know that your husband might have been murdered in his garden, we saw some drops of blood down there, which now gives us two crime scenes” he said while i gasped with shock. “yea Damian loved smoking and probably went to the garden to heat off while i slept, but how the hell did he get back to the bed, if he was killed in there?” i asked with disbelief. “it’s time to go to your cell my dear. I’ll permit you to keep your phone. Just pray something new never comes out to incriminate you further, as for now the lastest discovery works on your side” he added with a cold smile, got up and led me to a quiet cell where I had the most ferrying night ever. I kept seeing my dead husband all through that night. Oh it was one nasty experience. Dear friends, I spent the second night after my wedding in a police cell. What can be more horrible than such fate??

    Episode 7

    By 8am the next day, my brother showed up with my old father and detective Jeremiah. They all look very serious and tired. My heart bled as i saw tears form in my old man’s eyes. “my darling you shouldn’t be here” he breathed painfully. I forced out a smile to assure him that i was alright. “don’t worry sir, we are coming close to solving this case. I’m working round the clock to make sure i solve the puzzles in the case. In no time your daughter will be out of here” the detective said to him. “Officer please tell us what you have gotten so far. Tell us how far you have gotten” my brother asked anxiously. “you know it isn’t in our conduct to be revealing our investigations to people but nevertheless i will tell you guys how far i have gotten” he answered, while my brother nodded desperately. “i worked on this case all through the night and i came to a conclusion that two people were involved in the murder. Moreover one of the security men in the house admitted seeing a white lady head to the garden at the exact time the crime might have been committed” he revealed while i jumped up hopefully. “you should arrest the lady right away, isn’t the testimony enough to vindicate me?” i asked breathlessly. The detective shook his head and looked down. “i’m sorry but it isn’t enough. The security man admitted seeing a woman head to the garden. He never said he saw her kill your husband, moreover the knife cut in your husband’s chest was strong and deep. I doubt if any lady can strike so hard. A lady equally can’t be able to drag your husband’s body from the garden to his bedroom unless of course she was assisted. The fracture on his noise equally brought up another fact that the murderer might have sneaked from behind, strongly cut off his breathe by covering his nose and mouth with one hand while burying the knife in his chest. Something a woman will find very hard to do. Anyway we are still running DNA tests which will help us put more things together” he concluded, while i sighed with desperation. “c’mon can’t you just drill the woman that was spotted at the scene instead of wasting the time we don’t have. Who is the woman, who is she?” i asked curiously. The officer shrugged. “the security man unfortunately couldn’t identify her. According to him all the white women in the house that night looked the same to him” he answered, shook hands with my brother and left. My father came forward and stared at me for some seconds, tears blinding his vision. “i’m going to the village today. I’m going to visit the only living soothsayer in our clan. He can reveal the murderer for us” he informed me slowly. I couldn’t believe my ears. “dad noooo, you can’t do that. You can’t abandon your Christian believe for my sake. You are a strong catholic dad. It hasn’t gotten to that” i pleaded. “i can’t sit, watch and do nothing. Your mother barely managed to survive the night. I must do something, i’m still the head and protector of my family” he said strongly. I bit my lips and looked at my brother for support, but all he did was just shrug. It was obvious they had all agreed on it before visiting me.

    Episode 8

    “You have to hold on tight dear, we are getting you out in no time. The detective promised to give you special treatment. So just hold on for a little longer” my brother begged before leaving with my dad. However my day never had a dull moment because soon after they left, two of my colleagues came to see me as if they cared. I already knew they simply came to confirm things with their eyes, but that’s one of the things in life we have no control over. No matter what we do, we must have haters, we must have people who pretend to care and we also must have people whose only motive is to bring you down. Later in the afternoon, my friend Nancy also came to see me. It really was painful receiving such visits in a police cell. Yea you guys should just for a moment reflect how it feels to be receiving your friends and colleagues, days after your wedding in a police cell. Horrible isn’t it??. Nancy shed real tears on seeing me, her face coloured deeply. The shock in her very apparent. “I heard Rumours, I never believed till this very moment” she said quietly. I swallowed hard and nodded. Nancy was my old time pal. We attended the same university, stayed in the same hostel and did our Nysc the same time, though in different states. Her parents were a bit wealthy and lived in the capital city. She returned to live with them after Nysc while i came over to live with my brother. However i was fortunate to get a good job while she managed a little teaching job in her neighbourhood. We still remained very close even after we disagreed over Damian. She was of the opinion that i was being overly ambitious, insisting that i was throwing away my life for money. I guess she was right?, but she merely objected to my relationship with Damian simply because i dropped my young boyfriend whom she much preferred, in order to move on with Damian. Yea Justice was the boy’s name, we were age mates and equally served {NYSC} the same time. He was a good kid but c’mon i couldn’t waste my future by waiting for him. He was even yet to get a job till the very moment i landed in the police cell. Justice had a lot to do before thinking of settling down and i couldn’t take the risk of waiting for him. At least i was good enough to keep him till we rounded up with Nysc unlike some of my course mates who dumped their boyfriends to get married in final year. “Damian brought only trouble just like i feared. My God this is a terrible Nightmare” Nancy sobbed. I simply stared at her, not knowing what to say. But just that exact second, detective Jeremiah showed up with a dark smile. “you may not like the news i bear” he announced and came forward while i almost fainted with fear…. I couldn’t bear taking another bad news.

    Episode 9

    “officer i’m all ears, tell me the news you bear” i asked with fear. The detective threw a swift look at Nancy who shifted uneasily. “well i don’t think now it’s a good time. It’s something private” he replied, forcing me to smile quickly. “Nancy is like a sister to me. She knows almost everything about me. You can say anything in her presence” i urged him nervously. “Esther Hardey” he instantly called out, searching my face for any reaction. But the name he mentioned only drew me into another pit of confusion. The name sounded so strange and unfamiliar. “i don’t understand, i haven’t heard such name anywhere” i breathed with confusion. “that’s the name of your husband’s fiancee. A white lady he was supposed to Marry. The lady he left to marry you in order to fulfill the promise he made to you” he explained. A cold shiver instantly ran down my spine. “so are you insinuating that Damian married me just to fulfill a promise?” i asked sadly, “well I never knew he was engaged to any woman, seriously i thought all the ladies he played were just flings” I murmured. “that’s not the problem” he continued, breathing deeply. “the lady in question is currently in Nigeria and was among the people that came into the country with your husband’s family and equally was present at the house when the crime was committed” he explained, while i stared at him with a little hope. “that isn’t bad news, is it?. The lady definitely killed him. She had the motive and opportunity. Unbelievable” i poured out desperately but the detective simply shrugged. “yes she has the motive and opportunity, but we can’t just arrest her without strong reason. All i can do is to invite her for a little questioning and equally pray she doesn’t lawyer up” he answered, breaking my worn out spirit. “however we are still matching the DNA stuff we got from the scene and your husband’s body. I believe something positive will come out of it, but my only problem is that my superiors are putting much weight and interest in this case. They are pushing for closure and speedy trial which really will put you up as the scapegoat, if you are to be dragged to court without me finishing my investigations. You really need to pray my dear. You know how bad our Judicial system can be, moreover the Americans wants you to hang” he concluded, while my heart froze. I instantly fell, collapsing on the floor within seconds…. I fainted.

    Episode 10

    I soon regained myself to see two female police officers and Nancy by my side. Detective Jeremiah stood a distance away, watching me with great interest. “hope you have eaten today?” one of the female officers asked me. “yea” i nodded, breathing heavily. “you have to get a grip of yourself if you ever want to win this case. You got to be strong. Esther Hardey will be here in few minutes for questioning” the Detective said to me. “please i want to be present when she’s being questioned. I want to see her face” i begged weakly. “no i can’t do that, i have already broken a lot of protocols for you” he answered quickly. “I beg of you. Remember we are talking about my husband’s murder. Help a widow” i pushed passionately. He breathed deeply and shrugged. “i hope i don’t get fired for all i’m doing for you. Well you have to freshen up first, secondly you must promise not to say a word to the lady when you meet her” he said seriously. “oh yes, i promise not to say a word” i answered, while he smiled and left. “the detective is a wonderful man. He will help you out” the second female cop said to me, nodding with a smile. _______ After freshening up in one of the bathrooms, i was led to the detective’s office, where i sat and waited for the so called Esther Hardey to show up. She showed up precisely ten minutes later with the same annoying white lawyer who threatened my brother. They all stared at me with surprise as they walked into the detective’s office. “what is this murderer doing here?” the lawyer asked with anger. Detective Jeremiah smiled and shook his head. “As a lawyer, you should know that no suspect is guilty until a court of law gives verdict. She’s a suspect just like the lady that brought you along” he answered the Lawyer who bit his lips angrily. “i’m taking none of this shit any longer. If you can’t do your job, better resign. My clients are tired of being detained in this country for no justifiable reason. They all want to go home and i give you two days to make it happen, else the fury of the American government will be on the whole Nigerian police force. You can’t just keep everyone hostage” he threatened. “oh i see you are representing all the Americans involved in this case, but i feel that will change soon” the detective added quietly. “what if i tell you, i have enough evidence to throw one of your clients in the cell right now?” he pushed on. “Esther Hardey, she was at the house when the crime was committed. She was Damian’s fiancee, am i wrong?” he asked the lawyer who kept quiet. “Esther had the motive and mindset to commit such murder and according to test results we have so far, she was physically present in one of the crime scenes which invariably places her in a bad position. I pin the murder charge on her. Phewwww case closed. I get promoted” The detective concluded with a smile, while the lawyer instantly grew tense and stared at Esther with a coloured face. Of course the detective had nothing strong to pin down the lady, but as a good officer he pulled a fast one on the white lawyer who for the first time looked beaten. It was time to prove how good a lawyer he was…. I prayed silently. I prayed for the detective’s stunt to work. “your client should use this opportunity to come out clean or Damian’s mother won’t like what i plan telling her” the detective pushed on, while Esther coloured up. It was obvious she was hiding something “oh Lord, make her to confess”

    Episode 11

    Esther tried opening her mouth to say something, but the lawyer quickly held her hand, stopping her. “don’t say anything. The officer is bluffing. He’s trying to make you say something that could incriminate you” he said to her before facing detective Jeremiah. “if you really have the evidence to arrest my client, then go ahead, arrest her. But if you don’t, then shut the fuck up and do your goddamn work. Mind you, time is running out and you have only two days. The next time you will see me will be in court” he threatened, shocking the detective with his words. Of course not only the detective was shocked, I equally was very shocked because Esther was probably seconds away from confessing or making an unguided comment before the lawyer recovered himself and stopped her. “two days officer. You have just two days, else i will tear you apart in court” the lawyer threatened and dragged Esther out of the office. “we were just close to making a breakthrough damn” the detective hissed with despair after they left. “so what next?” i asked with fear. He breathed deeply, opened the case file on his table, went through it and shook his head. “things are slowly adding up in your favour but we don’t have time on our side. We surely need a miracle” he replied, looked up at me and smiled to make me feel relaxed but i surely wasn’t. “remember we talked about the possibility of your husband going out to the garden the night he was killed to either smoke or see someone?” he said while i nodded. “according to the report in this file, there wasn’t any cigarette stick, ashes nor even anything similar found at the garden which then leaves us with one theory. He went out there to see someone, probably Esther, before a stronger person grabbed him from behind and stabbed him” he concluded. “how then do we find the mystery man that struck the fatal blow which killed my husband?” i asked desperately. The detective shrugged. “that’s what i’m saying, we need more time, as it stands, Esther alone probably holds all the answers but we can’t touch her” he replied with resignation. Tears instantly dropped from my eyes. The police had every reason to detain Esther but couldn’t because she was a foreigner. Instead i was the person being detained without due process. How bad can things get??

    Episode 12

    “I know you are helping me officer but you got to do more, you have to try every necessary means to free me. Please i beg of you” i cried, kneeling before Detective Jeremiah who quickly looked away with embarrassment” “please madam stand up, don’t kneel for me, i’m not God” he begged but i still knelt, shedding more tears. A junior officer came into the detective’s office that moment bearing a file. “here are the rest of the results sir” he said to the detective who quickly snatched the file from him while i looked on hopefully. “you can leave now” he dismissed the officer before going through the file. “nothing new jeez, this case is really something else” he said to himself as he went through the file while i swallowed hard, confused on what next to do. “does it mean i’m going to hang for a crime i didn’t commit?. Can’t you run more tests” i asked curiously. “my dear our police department is one of the best in Africa. I have conducted all the necessary tests including fingerprint and DNA matching. The people that killed your husband had it well planned out and left no trace of anything. The only clear prints found on your husband’s body belongs to you, the rest are blurred. The murder weapon had only your mother in law’s prints on it. So you see there is nothing we can use from the test results, we have nothing. The person that killed your husband probably wore gloves, only if we can get those gloves” he concluded, while i cried out with the last strength in me. “hey shut up, you are in the police station, don’t you know?” the detective frowned and stood up. “please shoot me, shoot me, shoot me” i begged with tears, forcing him to look away once again. “seriously madam, this is slowly slipping from me. I have only two options left, which are pretty hard” he said and swallowed hard while i stared at him hopefully, wiping my tears. “Number one. I play the good cop bad cop tactics on Esther, by secretly getting another audience with her. This time with another officer. We will then present some selling lies and my colleague will ask for money to keep us quiet. Most whites think we are all corrupt. So i feel she will buy my offer, and through that opportunity, i can get her to talk. The only bad side of it, is that if it goes bad, i can be fired from the force. The second option is presenting my facts to your mother inlaw, get her to reveal more details about her white guests to me. I’ll then do what we call profiling, which will enable me get the man who killed your husband. Esther is no fool, she had no time to hire a local hitman. She probably brought the killer along as her brother, cousin or friend. The only bad side of this plan is that it may take more than two days to accomplish which then leaves us with one option which you must do yourself to avoid trial. If i fail to meet up with the deadline” he concluded seriously. “so what’s the option?” i asked. “oh it’s very dangerous. A very dangerous option” he murmured.

    Episode 13

    “I can do anything to free myself. Please just speak up” I pleaded. The detective shook his head, bit his lips and stared at me. “hmmmm, if i’m unable to make any breakthrough within two days, you will have to harm yourself in a way that it will be impossible to put you up for trial. That’s the only way out” he said cautiously. “wait a minute, I don’t understand. You mean i should harm myself?, in what way officer?” i asked with disbelief. He drew closer to me and squatted by my side. “that’s the only way to escape trial for some days. I can smuggle in some pills that will knock you out. So instead of finding yourself in the courtroom, you will find yourself in the hospital. However it can be added to your charges but i believe your lawyer won’t have a hard time winning over the charge. But you also have to swear to keep your mouth shut if it comes to that. You know i can equally end up in prison over it” he said seriously, while i nodded. I couldn’t even find the voice to talk. The plan was just so terrible to hear. Of course it was nothing but a sucidal plan. I knew the health implications of such deed, but it was a better option than prison. Seriously the detective was going out of line just to save a clueless lady like me. It wasn’t as if we paid him to help me. He simply was doing it for free. As if he knew what was going through my mind. He reached out and held my hands. “when i joined the force newly. A young male student was picked up by our patrol team some miles away from a Robbery scene. We all knew the boy was innocent but still held him just to prove a point that we were working. Unknown to us, the boy was asthmatic and as soon as he was thrown into the cell, his health condition go very bad and before we could run around. He died. Since that moment, i decided to help the innocent. But you see, in police work it’s not always easy to be on the right path because we all obey orders and answer to our superiors whether we like it or not” He said softly. “you are a bright young woman but i’m afraid, if i fail to get good results. You will have to take your destiny in your hands. You will have to harm yourself. That’s the only thing that can buy us more time. Yes you will try committing suicide but I’ll be right on time to save your life. Anyway let’s pray it doesn’t come to that” he concluded and stood up while my head swelled with thoughts. “God please don’t allow things to get that bad. Don’t allow me to try out suicide as an option” i prayed softly. It was such a difficult moment and decision to take. However i still had two days which was enough time for a miracle to happen.

    Episode 14

    Later in the evening my brother came visiting with a flask filled with food, but food really wasn’t what i needed that moment. “i’m sorry for coming late, i really was held up with work. Dad is now safely home. I spoke with him few minutes ago” he said pleasantly while i ate slowly. “so what’s up, any breaking news?” he asked when i was done eating. I forced out a smile, thanked him for the food before telling him all that happened earlier in the day. He listened eagerly, frowning when i got to the suicide part of the plan. “no no no i don’t support that. What’s the detective thinking by suggesting such nonsense. No that’s bad” he said seriously, but before i could answer, detective Jeremiah showed up that moment with a heavy frown on his face. “i’m afraid i brought more bad news” he said as he stopped before us. “the Americans are now pushing for the case to be moved to their country” he calmly announced. My brother and I gasped with shock. “i got a call few minutes ago to prepare and document every thing i have on the case. We don’t even have the two days anymore” he explained seriously. “but that’s impossible!. The murder was committed in Nigerian soil. The trial should be here” my brother protested seriously. “I think you should take that up with the federal government if you have the right connections. I really had the feeling such a thing could happen but kept it to myself. Our leaders hardly deny the American government anything and this case is nothing different. Seriously many things has been happening which are swept under the carpet without the public knowing” he summarized with resignation. “but i can go to court. I can stop them legally?” my brother asked seriously. The detective breathed deeply and shrugged. “well if you can get the court to sit before your sister is moved out of the country. Then yes you can. But she’s married to an American citizen which somehow makes her an American as well, moreover i learnt her dead husband already procured all necessary travelling papers for her before his death, which makes everything a lot easier for the Americans” he answered. “damn” my brother cursed. “but we still have till morning to come up with something new” he added while i cleared my throat and spoke out for the first time. “i think i have a plan” i suddenly announced, surprising my brother and the detective with the cold smile which appeared on my face with the revelation. Of course i had a new plan in my mind. A plan which was nothing close to the suicide attempt the detective proposed earlier in the day. So what kind of new plan came to my mind that crucial moment?? Hmmmm.

    Episode 15

    “so tell us what you have in mind?” the detective asked curiously. “well before i say anything, I’ll like to know if the so called Esther that got me into this mess is still staying at my husband’s house?” i asked while the detective nodded. “yes she is at the house. She chose staying their with your mother in law and four other people while the rest moved to a hotel but my department is still in possession of all their passports. So what has that got to do with your plan?” he answered and asked seriously. “a lot officer. It has a lot to do with my plans” i answered calmly. “yes go on” my brother urged desperately. “i can sneak into the compound, sneak up on Esther and make her confess. I know the house very well and i very much know the weak spots i can use in gaining access to any room i so desire” i poured out breathlessly. My brother scoffed while the detective laughed. “you must be kidding, how on earth can you get her to confess?” my brother asked with disbelief “have you forgotten that i’m a woman. I know how to get a fellow woman to talk. Moreover Esther won’t find it hard opening up her mouth, since to her, i’m good as dead and it equally would be her word against mine. But if i can record everything with my phone without her knowledge won’t the case be solved?. Please just allow me to have access to the house, i’m very sure i can do it” i pleaded desperately. The detective scratched his head and breathed deeply. “have you forgotten that you are supposed to be in police cell?. How do i explain your disappearance?. No no no, even though your plan sounds tempting, i can’t allow it. I can’t put my ass on the line in such way” he said slowly, while i grabbed him strongly. “this is the only chance i got, please help me. If things go bad you can say i escaped from jail. You can fabricate anything and put on me. Please i beg of you” i begged passionately. He breathed deeply and nodded. “fine i’m in but if things go bad, you are on your own” he accepted, drawing great smile from me with his words. I hugged him with gratitude. “just pray it doesn’t go bad. This is the only shot you got to redeem yourself. Don’t waste it” he advised while i nodded. It all appeared too easy to say but deep down i knew it was a very difficult task with high risk of failing. However I was very determined to carry it out. After all i had nothing to lose trying.

    Episode 16

    “so when do you plan heading to the house?” the detective asked seconds later. “it should be tonight, by 10pm. The neighbourhood will be dark and lonely by that time” i answered quickly. “that’s okay but without a good recorder and hand gloves, i doubt if your mission will be successful. I can get them for you. Thank me later” he offered with a smile. “oh thanks very much. You are indeed an angel” i thanked him. “i think we are forgetting something. We are yet to come up with a plan on how to get her out of this place without your colleagues noticing” my brother queried suspiciously. “leave that to me. I’ll get your sister out myself, but you will be right outside the premises to pick her up. You will be the person to drive her to the house” the detective said while my brother nodded in agreement. “now get ready, in thirty minutes we should be out of here” he added. “but it’s still 6:30pm i thought she’s breaking into the house by 10pm?” my brother asked with surprise. “yea she is, but i can’t be able to get her out of this place by that time. I can only get her out in thirty minutes while you then take her to your house or anywhere till showtime” he answered. I breathed deeply. I really was nervous. _____ By 7:15pm that fateful evening, the detective took me out of my cell and helped me out of the compound by hiding me in his car. We had no problem leaving the police premises. It really was the most easiest part of the plan. In a couple of minutes we arrived at the agreed rendezvous where my brother was already waiting. As i made to alight from the detective’s car, he held me back and stared at me with a worried look. “please be careful. Here is the recorder i promised. It’s very small, uses micro card and has high recording capability. It’s already charged” he said with care, as he gave me the recorder with little lecture on how to use it. “here are the gloves as well. You need no lecture on how to use them” he joked. “please don’t disappoint me” he begged. I nodded, gave him a reassuring smile and alighted from his car. The detective was just a perfect gentleman. “so what now?” my brother asked as i joined him in his car. “let’s go home first. I want to see mum” i answered quietly. He gave me a long look, licked his lips and drove me home without another word. ______ 10pm arrived much faster than i expected. I soon found myself at the back of my husband’s house with my heart pounding furiously while my eyes examined the fence as i prepared to scale it. Yea i was born and raised in the village among boys. I knew how to climb perfectly well. My only fear was on how to achieve my mission without being detected.

    Episode 17

    I surveyed the area for the last time, reached inside my black jacket and touched the pistol my brother gave me minutes earlier. “it has only one bullet. You are not going in there to shoot anybody but i’m giving it to you because no knows what might happen when you get there” he said as he gave me the little weapon, equally giving me a quick lesson on how to use it. With one quick breathe, i scaled the fence, wounding as barbed wires tore my trouser. But the injury was nothing compared to the wound in my heart. I pushed on, very determined to finish the task ahead. In no time i was at the backyard. I quickly headed straight to the garden and stopped for a minute to take a look at the crime scene where the detective believed my husband was murdered. Tears instantly fell from my eyes. “Damian i believe you are watching. I know you are right here. I know a murdered spirit is always at the spot where his life was taken away. Yes i believe in it. I believe in superstition. I can’t do this without you. Please help me” i cried quietly, picked up myself and walked into the building with determination. All the security lights were glaring as i made my way into the big house. But instead of being caught with the help of the lights, i was guided to the guest rooms by the same wonderful lights. However it really wasn’t easy knowing the particular room to check. I had to start from the first room downstairs, but luckily the first three rooms were locked, leaving me with no choice than to move over to the fourth room. I slowly opened the door but the room was very dark inside. I couldn’t see anything. I drew back to the corridor, closed the door and checked my recorder which was in good working condition. I smiled with satisfaction, safely tucked it back into the breast pocket of my jacket, pulled out a small touch light from my trouser and slowly walked into the room, flashing my torch light. “who the heck is that?” a lady suddenly screamed from the bed, switching on the electric table lamp by her side, and revealing her face in the process. She was no other person than Esther Hardey. The lady i came looking for. I breathed deeply, drew back, locked the door and switched on the main lights of the room which equally revealed my face to the frightened lady. “oh shi.t, you?? You got to be kidding me” she instantly smiled on seeing my face, equally regaining all her composure as if she was sure i wouldn’t do anything to her. I quickly pulled out my gun from the jacket while she scoffed on seeing it. “oh please” she hissed, sat up on her bed, grabbed a stick of cigarette and lighted it. “what the hell do you want?” she asked coldly.

    Episode 18

    “You have to tell me how you did it or i swear, i will blow off your head right now. I didn’t come all the way here to laugh with you” i threatened seriously. Esther breathed deeply, stared at me for some seconds before shrugging. “fine, sit down you will have your story” she said cautiously. “don’t worry about me, just talk” i pushed on harshly. “but why the fuck do you want to know how your husband died?. Anyway here is your story. You are still going down no matter what” she said with a smile, reached for the bottle of strong wine by her side, poured out a shot and gulped it all down. “you Africans are very dumb. You are nothing but an opportunist. You deserve whatever that is coming to you” she breathed fiercely. “do you know that I’ve been with Damian since my childhood. We were together all through high school and college. We were together till a silly friend of his dragged him to Africa. Everything changed from that moment, but i still waited and hoped. Then what?” she stopped, shook her head, sucked on her cigarette and blew out thick clouds of smoke, equally studying me cautiously. “i heard that a fucking black like you has gotten him completely off the hook. It was unbelievable. I couldn’t take it. I swore to ruin everything” she poured out while my hand trembled. “I made plans with my cousin who agreed with me in everything. We all joined Damian’s mother and her train. Together we came to Nigeria” she stopped and blew out more smoke from her mouth. “do you smoke?” she asked quietly. “no just continue with the story?” i urged. “we arrived Nigeria and i still tried my best to stop him from marrying you but no he wouldn’t listen. So after the wedding when everyone was carried away with excitement. I discreetly told him to meet me at the garden by 12am. It was a long wait, but he finally showed up and i got him distracted while my cousin slit him up. It was a clean revenge, but the whole plan changed when we got to the room and saw you deeply asleep. Instead of killing you, we decided to pin the crime on you by getting your prints on the murder weapon. Unfortunately your mother inlaw spoiled everything the next morning by pulling out the knife from her dead son’s body. Anyway you are still damned. I heard the case is being moved over to my country” she concluded with a laugh while a cold shiver ran down my spine. That exact moment, somebody pushed on the door leading to the room which i earlier locked, drawing my attention and equally making me take my eyes off Esther. With that split opportunity, she pounced on me like a tiger, knocked me down and opened the room door. A white muscular guy walked in and grinned at me. “oh what do we have here?” he asked with a cold smile. I instantly knew he was the murderer. The idiot that murdered my husband.

    Episode 19

    I picked up my gun and nervously pointed it at the huge white guy who simply scoffed, drew forward and grabbed the gun, slapping me at the same time and sending me down with a ferocious kick on my left leg. “bitch” he cursed coldly, while Esther placed a hand on his shoulder and laughed. “i heard noises from my room. I couldn’t imagine who you were talking with by this hour, so i decided to check up on you” he explained while she nodded. “yea i knew you would come. That was why i slightly raised up my voice when talking to the idiot” she replied and spit on me. I stared at them like a caged animal, clueless on what next to do. The tape however was still in my jacket recording everything that was happening, but it equally added to the tension in me. I was scared they were going to search me and discover it. “so what’s she doing here?” he asked Esther who shrugged and eyed me. “the bitch broke out of detention to query me on how her silly husband died” she answered. “now what do we do with her, should we wake everyone in the house and tell them of her presence?” she asked the guy. “we have to tie her up first before thinking of what to do next. Hold the gun, let me go get a rope” he answered and passed the gun to her. “don’t try anything funny if you still value what’s left of your life” he threatened and headed to the door while i shook with fear. Fortunately as he opened the door to leave the room, a big stick landed on his head, sending him back to the room with a powerful force while he screamed out in pain. I couldn’t believe my eyes as i saw my brother walk into the room like a super hero. I was over joyed and stunned. But my joy was short lived because Esther instantly drew back with fear, aimed and fired the only bullet in the gun at my brother. “nooooooo” i screamed and leaped at her like a hyena…. Of course the whole plan looked ruined that fateful moment.

    Episode 20

    I pushed Esther to her bed, grabbed the gun and rushed to my brother who luckily was still standing. “are you hurt?” i asked nervously. “thank God she missed, let’s get out of here” he answered and held my hand, but instantly, Esther grabbed me from behind and dragged me back to the bed, delivering few punches on my face. My brother tried separating us but the muscular white guy closed in on him, throwing out a punch which my brother dodged. In no time, the room turned into a battle field. My brother and i desperately struggled to wade them off and run away, while Esther and her guy did everything possible to hold us back. It really was a violent confrontation. In no time we were all bleeding. However the earlier gunshot and noise we made as we fought soon attracted everyone in the house. In a matter of minutes the room was filled with surprised white folks, the two Nigerian gate men and two other black male servants. We were instantly separated and surrounded while Esther smiled with a triumphant look in her eyes. “they came to murder us in our sleep. Can you imagine?. She even brought a gun” She complained breathlessly, while every other person in the room gasped with shock. Damian’s mother came forward and looked into my eyes. “how did you get out of jail?, why did you kill my son, why are you here?, and what did we do to you?” she asked coldly. Tears fell from my eyes, I breathed deeply and controlled myself. I had to act cool. It was the first time i was being given a listening ear. “I never killed Damian, I never killed your son. I doubt if any black woman will kill a man who has good intentions for her. I came here looking for answers. I had to brave all odds to be here. The police believes Esther killed my husband. I had no choice than to try get a confession out of her” i poured out. “don’t tell me you are listening to that bitch?” Esther suddenly shouted. I turned, looked at her and smiled. “oh no they won’t listen to me, but will listen to this” i smiled, pulled out the small recorder which surprising was still recording, stopped it and turned on the tape. The whole room went dead as everyone listened.

    Episode 21

    The tape wasn’t as audible and clear as i hoped it would be, nevertheless it was loud enough for everyone in the room to listen easily. My heart pounded with excitement as everyone listened to Esther’s confession which really was accurate and up to point. Such a perfect confession it was… Seriously Esther underestimated me by not thinking that i could come up with such invention. Yea just like most of the white folks in the room, she thought we blacks were foolish and incapable of thinking straight. I never knew what gave them such mentality, however i must confess, none of them uttered such word to my face but their behaviour clearly showed the resentment. The first rule of every fight is never to underestimate your enemy but Esther clearly abused that rule and sold out herself in a way i never imagined. Seriously i never expected her to give such detailed confession to me. It was simply amazing and unbelievable. Her behaviour was a very stupid one but to be sincere nobody would have expected a woman in my condition to come up with such an awesome plan. She never had any reason to believe that i could come up with something very unique. In her mind i was a very bitter woman who might equally be mentally unstable due to the trauma i was passing over my husband’s death. As the tape played, she slowly coloured up while atmosphere in the room grew tense and grim. I forced out a smile, nodding as the message delivered across to everyone in the room. On getting to part where the fight broke out. I switched off the tape and breathed deeply. “That’s what i came to get. That’s my defence. I’m no murderer. You all heard the confession” i breathed with satisfaction. My brother came forward and took the recorder from me while the muscular guy who fought us minutes earlier, rushed to my gun which was lying on Esther’s bed, but before he could get to it, almost all the guys in the room, rushed and held him down. Esther slowly sat on the floor and cried. “This is a set up. Nooo” she cried. Damian’s mother drew forward, hugged me and cried. “you just changed my believe towards Nigerians. You went all the way to the end of the road to prove your innocence. You did what only few women will be brave to do. While i harboured my son’s killer, you took every risk to find the truth” she cried bitterly. “mum please stop. I’m just satisfied that your eyes has opened” i breathed. It was such an emotional scene. Oh how i wish you guys were there to witness it all. So what happened after??… Hmmmmmmm –

    Episode 22

    “you guys should please call the police” Damian’s mother cried on my shoulder while one of the guys in the room left instantly to do her bidding. I also threw a look at my brother who quickly brought out his phone and called detective Jeremiah. “the police will soon be here, please stop crying. You got to consider your eyes” i begged solemnly. “let’s go to my room dear, we have a lot to talk” she said softly, pulled away from me, grabbed my hand and led me to her room while my brother stayed behind {with the other men in the room} to keep an eye on Esther and her so called cousin who hid his face with shame. On getting to the old lady’s room, she prepared two cups of hot tea, offered one to me and drank the second one. “i’m so deeply ashamed of myself. I’m so sorry for everything. Seriously i have known Esther for such a long time. I never believed she was capable of committing murder in a foreign soil” she apologized softly with tears in her eyes. “i have nothing against your behaviour towards me. Most women would do the same. So please stop troubling yourself” i begged. “we are heading back to the states in two days. Hope you are coming with us?” she asked. I breathed deeply and looked down. Seriously i wasn’t expecting such question because all my focus was on exonerating myself to avoid standing trial in America but things now has changed. I had every reason to go with them, if not for anything else but to participate in my husband’s burial. But i just felt indecisive when she popped up the question. I couldn’t utter a word. “you have to testify against Esther and her accomplice. They will stand trial in my country, moreover you also have a big role to play in my son’s burial” she pushed softly. “i know mum, but i do have some unfinished things i have to take care of in Nigeria. I also can’t stand the courtroom. I know how the justice system in your country works. Esther’s defence lawyer will try to tear me apart. I really can’t stand any of it, not after all i have passed through already. My heart is very broken. I need time and space to heal. I believe the tape will be enough to convict her” i answered softly, tears filling my eyes. “what are you saying?. You mean you are not travelling with us?” the old woman asked curiously. I dropped the tea cup i was holding, drew close and stared at her. “i just need only three weeks to recover and tidy up myself. I will come over in the fourth week. Please” i begged. She breathed deeply and swallowed hard. “it’s okay, i understand your position. I will keep the burial things on hold till you join us. But Esther’s trial will commence immediately we arrive the states” she said softly. I unsuccessfully tried to fight back the tears building up in my eyes. Detective Jeremiah walked into the room that very moment with a smile on his face. “the suspects are now in my custody but i’m afraid i also have to take Mrs Damian with me. You know she’s supposed to be in jail” he addressed the old lady who quickly sprang up to my defence.

    Episode 23

    she’s not going anywhere with you. Moreover how the hell did she get out from your custody in the first place?. I don’t care how you do the paperwork. She’s not stepping her foot in any police premises again” my mother in law protested while the detective laughed and winked at me. “please you have to report to my office very early tomorrow. Hope you understand” he said to me, bowed to the old lady and headed out of the room. My brother however left with him while i spent the night with Damian’s mother and we really spent the whole night discussing and consoling each other like two old sisters…. ______ I returned to my brother’s house by 7am the next day, Spent some happy moments with my sick mother before freshening up for the busy day ahead. I equally called my old father on phone and broke the good news to him. Finally four days later, i travelled to the village with my mother and devoted three weeks of my time caring for her. I equally used the opportunity to make peace with God and seek his forgiveness. Slowly the fourth week approached, bringing more bright moments into my life. I was now a changed person. A strong Christian and a cheerful giver. But the most surprising moment of it all was when Damian’s mother surprised me with a visit early Tuesday morning of the fourth week. I never knew she was in Nigeria nor had any idea she was coming to my village. She came with my brother who smiled as he noticed the surprised look on my face. “we came to get you young lady” the old woman said as she hugged me. Three days later i found myself in America. Hmmm the reception they all gave me over there was quite stunning and three days after, more good news graced me. I did a pregnancy test which confirmed i was pregnant. But it never really was all fun to me over there because I had to perform the last burial rites for my husband and equally testify on Esther’s trial, something i sincerly wanted to avoid but had to do in the end. Esther got twenty five years sentence with her accomplice at the end of the day. As at the time of writing this story, I’m still in the states with Damian’s mother. Yea i’m happy but not entirely happy because no matter what, I’m still a widow. As for detective Jeremiah, I promised to handle the education of his first child, equally promising to take the boy along to the states the next time i travel home. The detective was like an angel to me and without him, I won’t be writing this story.
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