Story: My Whatsapp Adventure

    Episode 1

    Ada.Oh famous don’t stop,, suck me hard,, please don’t stop am cuming,
    Famous.I want to hear you say you love me,
    Ada,yeah yeah yeah,, I love u baby you are the best man in the world,
    Ooooooh!!! Yeeeessss!!!
    She came and she released all over my face,

    Before I forget, my name is Tony, 24years old,, from anambra state,
    Abeg forget the local government joor,, i was disvirgind at the age of 17, at st Charles the great secondary school ikotun Lagos,,
    all my life as a kid i have dream of becoming a catholic priest to live the way of God and be holy,
    Sorry i forgot to tell you that i am the last born in the family of 6, 2boys 4girls, am not the overall last born oo, i am just the last born in boys,, but last born is last born Shaw, i am tall , handsome and have a nice body that all the ladies like,, i am chocolate and has a pointer eyes, that can intimidate any girl dat looks at me,, that’s just the gift of God oo,

    Ok lets go back to were i stopped,like i said before i have dreamed of becoming a catholic priest when i was a kid,, my families are anglican,in our family, only my uncle and his families are Catholics, on December 2015 i followed them to the church and i felt in love with the church, from that day i began to have some hatred for anglican church that i always follow my uncle to catholic every Sunday, but my parents was not happy with me for that,, and they never show it out,,
    One day my dad got angry, and asked me not to go to that church again,,but i refused nd he beat me merciless that night,
    The next day i packed my things and moved on to my uncle house

    Episode 2

    it wasn’t easy for me,, but with the help of God and my uncle i made it,,
    i started attending catholic church all alone, after some months as a catholic,i got baptised and i joind the alter servers , still as an alter server , i also attends catcism to recieve holy communion, and to be confirmed as a full catholic member,,

    To cut the story short i made it,, after my confirmation, i started serving mass, it was like a dream to my family,,
    after my primary education i puchased a seminary school form, which my uncle helped me with the payment and promised to train me even if it was for him putting his last kobo, after the exam at st Paul’s seminary ukpor,, i got admitted, i was committed to my studies and the rules of the school, my dad never believe i would make it, after my jss1 class, everybody was surprised with my result,, my dad was never happy with me,, after my holidays i moved back to school,, things was normal and moving good,, after my jss3 weac , my dad never agree for me to continue, he never let me go back to school,, my uncle begged him, my parish priest and some C.W.O MEMBERs, but he never changed his division,, and his reason was,,

    after so many cry that seem to be nightmares, I changed and follows my father division,
    but still a good boy

    Episode 3

    my uncle with anger took me with him to lagos to continue my education,,
    After one week at mr Willie omiyi street, aguda surulere lagos state, i got admitted to st Charles the great secondary school,
    St Charles is a school of both males and females,, and also a boarding school, the school has a very big compound with many building,
    we have girl and boys quarters, boy don’t cross girls quarter, with or without any reason,
    That’s just the rule of the school,,
    Not quit long time in the school, i meet new friends because i am soo intelligent,,don’t doubt me,, my intelligence comes from st pauls seminary ,, most of my friends are all females from my class,,because in the school females Leeds the classes,
    I started competing with them, and one thing about me is that i don’t loose to anybody,,
    My questions are clean and full of intelligence,, teachers begins to like me,, in class i use to stay on my own cus am so quite,,

    One day i was on my desk busy reading one of my novels, titled
    By dharens John,
    Though the writer wasn’t so popular, that novel was the only one he published, before joining his ancestors,, but i soo much love that novel,, that novel was given to me by one of my best friend at st Paul’s,, his name is i.k, i love him soo much , he dnt joke with reading and learning, he is even the one that thought me mathematics,, and he made sure i am an expert in it,
    That was those days Shaa,

    So i was busy reading my novel when i felt a soft hand on my shoulder, i turned and so a beauty stand at my back, wow, she was what beauty is, tall, has straight face like that of Rihanna,her curve like that of nicki minaj, though I wasn’t moved by her beauty oo, cus in me am still a semilerian lol,,
    I was still looking at her when she suddenly said,

    Hi mu name is Amina
    Me. Am Tony
    Amina.why are U so quit unlike other guys here,
    Me. But am not here to make noise,
    Amina. Wow sounds cool, what’s the name of that your novel,
    me. *turned the back for her to see the name,
    amina. Seems to be very intresting becuase you are always busy with it,while other are outside playing,
    Me. Maybe,
    Amina. Please Tony can I have one novel from you because am done with all I have,,
    Me. Ok, but U have to keep it cleans because I don’t like my books getting dirty,
    Amina. Sure,
    I handed her one of my best novel titled ,, WOMENS OF OWU,

    Episode 4

    She collected the novel and left with no
    Sign of appreciation, not even
    *thank you* seems rude,,
    As she moves from my desk to hers,
    I saw her backyard dangling and struggling
    As if it wants to fail off,
    But i sharperly kept off,, cus
    I always keep off when ever I see devil zone
    *maka ndum*,,
    As I was about fixing my eyes back to my novel
    I saw one of room mate chuks, rushing to my desk with a questionable look
    All over his face,

    Oh sorry I forgot to tell you,
    I had two amazing roommates,
    We are 3 in a room, yes 3 in a room but not on same bed
    We have our separate bed one by one,
    Both we do share one wardrobe,
    Chuks,daniel and me,
    Chuks, was another igbo guy in that school and also my roommate,
    He is from enugu state, tall, fair in complexion,
    Has pointed nose and gap teeth, when we talk about handsome guys, chuks is one of them,
    And he is intelligent
    I heard his family is rich, cus all his clothes and shoe, are very expensive,
    One thing about him is that he plays alot,
    Even during lectures, he never pay attention, but one thing that make me love him is that he never forget to read him books,
    From 12am to 4am every night,
    And he never gave up his third position in the class,
    One thing that baffles me is despite his family wealth, he chop igbo language like that of ijebu garri
    And he kept on telling me he has never spend up to one week in igbo land
    *how possible*??

    Dan, is a yoruba guy, has average height, round face and chubby nose,
    He is very cool to be with, he never keeps something in mind for somebody,
    He is always straight forward, and he forgives easily,
    Dan is that kind of person that can give out his only shoe and walk bore feted,
    He is not that intelligent and he is willing to learn,
    He is in good terms with everybody,,

    Ok let’s continue joor,,
    I pretended as if I didn’t saw him as he approaches
    he called me
    And I raised my eyes to meet his,
    Chuks. Wetin that wench find come near you?
    Me. Who??
    Chuks. The fool that’s just left?
    Me. You don’t call your fellow human being that kind of name,
    Beside she came for a novel,
    Chuk. What!!! Do you still remember we still have books libery in this school??
    Me. Yes, but to everybody are allowed to enter the libery,
    Chuks. Guy that girl has the right to enter there any day anytime, and take any book she want,
    Cus she is one of the top student of this school and also the number one in this class,, do you mean, number one in this class??
    Chuks. She has won the first position in this class from jss1 to this sss1,
    And because of that, she’s always full of her self and always feels as if she is the first daughter of the president
    Me. Hmmmm,but being the leader of this class, is just the fruit of her labour,
    If you work hard you can be ahead of her,
    Chuks. Tony forget that, you are the first person she has ever been nice to and asked something from, am surprise, or has she change during the holiday??
    Me. Na you sabi that one,
    Chuks. Abeg let’s go outside and buy snacks, its break time jari,
    As I got up from my seat, I look to the direction of daniel and saw Him waving at us to wait for him,

    Episode 5

    We bought some snacks and headed to the
    Football pitch to watch students on training,
    On getting to the pitch, all student are already seated
    In many groups, chatting,
    Both male and females, seniors and juniors,,
    I saw amina with about 5 girls together chatting and laughing,
    Then I begin to wonder why chuks said she never talks to anybody,
    Ok maybe I don’t really understand what’s he mean,
    I kept it to my self and don’t bother asking him,
    We were about seating down, when I saw someone waving at me,
    It was amina, I didn’t wave back,
    I kept long face and change my face direction,
    The football training was very intresting, that I felt like playing,

    Oh I forget to tell you, that I play football very well,
    in my primary school, my school don’t play match, if am not in the no.9 position,
    I mean striking, I play very well and no match that I don’t score,
    Back then am the captain, even in my village game, am the captain,
    I remember my mum once bought me a football boot and things he said that day,
    Nna you will go to obodo oyibo and play football, so we can watch you on t.v,
    Everyone will know you are my son,
    My mum loves football soo much, and she is manchester united fan,
    She never misses to watch christiano ronado and whayne rooney, every saturday,
    And she believes I will one day be like ronado and rooney, and play for man united,
    Anyway that was back then shaa,
    Even in the seminary school, I still obtain my title of captinship, I lead st. Paul junior football team for complete 2yrs,
    One thing that amazes everybody in the school is that I never forget to register goal in every match, even if its one goal,,
    Thought I use to strike for seniors also when ever they have match,
    When ever am with ball, everybody must shout my name in joy,,
    Until I passes the ball,

    When the break was over,
    We all headed to our numerious class,
    I was finally back on my desk, when the economics teacher entered,
    He taught us for 45 minutes, at the end he asked questions,
    He asked 6, questions, I answered four and amina answered two,

    He asked my name and I answered,
    He asked were am from,
    I answered,
    Teacher. which school am from,I answered, pauls seminary school ukpor you are an ex semilerian?
    Me. Yes sir,
    Teacher. No wonder you seems very intelligent,
    And when didn’t you finish as a priest?
    Me. Long story sir,
    Teacher,don’t forget to visit my office anytime you have chance, for the story,

    The entire class was surprised and has quetionable look all over there faces,, when the teacher left the class
    I felt shy in the school for the first time
    Cus the all eyes were on me,
    I tried to concentrate with my book,
    After school, gently went to the economics teacher office,
    When I knock and entered, he was in his office with young lady of about 25yrs old, very beautiful and has a huge boobs, and nice back,
    She is slim and tall, chocolate in colour,
    She is the literature teacher, miss adebanjo,
    When she saw me,
    She was so suprise when she asked,
    Miss adebanjo.Is this not the new intelligent boy??
    Eco teacher. Oh you have even notice that?
    Miss adebanjo, yes oo, I wonder if amina will take the leed this time around,
    They were still chating about me,
    When I interrupted with a greeting,
    Same to you dear,
    They answered in unison
    Eco teacher. Do yo also know he is an ex-semilerian??
    Miss ade. Are you serious? No wonder, those seminarians are always intelligent, gentle neat and don’t talk much
    so dear, what’s your name?
    Me.anthony ma,
    Miss ade. So tony why did you end up in st charles,
    Eco teacher, that’s why I invited him here,
    Relax let him tell us the story
    Miss ade. Oh so nice,
    I told them all the story without sparing any one,
    It took me 15minutes to finish the story,
    After they had pity on me,
    I saw miss ade face booming with pity,
    Miss ade.why don’t you continue here and surprise your parents
    At last,atleast they wount come to find out and it will be a great secret between you and your uncle,
    Eco teacher. But it will be going against his own father orders,
    Me, no ma, seminary school is not like other schools, once you are an ex, you can’t enter any other seminary school again,
    Miss ade. Oh sorry,
    Eco teacher. Madam ade please can you follow tony to his louge,cus its late for a student to be seen walking outside,
    Miss ade. Sure tony let’s go,

    We went out together, heading straight to the males quarters,
    We were walking hand to hand, without talking to each other,
    Then she finally broke the silent throwing me a story,
    Miss ade. How old are you?
    Me.Am 16 years old ma
    Miss ade, but you seems 20, with your height,
    Me, no ma am just 16,
    Miss ade, wow that’s nice,but if anybody sees me and you now, they will think am your junior sister,
    Me, lol,
    Miss ade, yes nah, and you are also handsome,
    Me. Thanks ma,
    I look from a far and saw someone that look like amina, but the person was trying to hide from us, and I didn’t see the person again,
    As we reach our louge, she turned and said,
    Miss ade, tony make sure you visit my office tomorrow after studies,
    Me. Ok ma,
    Miss ade. Promise?
    Me. Yes ma,
    Miss ade. Ok you can go in now while I wait here to make sure you got In safely
    Me. Ok ma,

    I got in, and meet my room mates, busy resting on their beds,
    Chuks. Guy were have you been??
    Me. I went to see the economics teacher,
    Dan, tony why did you tell us that you was a semilerians, do you know how disapointed I was, when u said that in the class today??
    Chuks. Don’t mind him, he is now keeping secrets,
    Me. Guys am totally sorry,but none of you has ever asked me about my formal school nah,
    Dan. Na true sha, but how is seminary school life to you??
    Me.guy you guys are in real heaven here,
    Cus most of the things you guys do here, we don’t do it in seminary school,
    Chuks. What do you mean by that,
    Me, do you know that only one noise from you in the class while the lecture was going on, can make you kneel down in the harsh sun
    For complete 3hours, and after that you will receive about 40 strokes of cane at your back,
    Dan. Jesus,
    Chuks. That can never happen,
    I will just run down to my papa house,
    Dan.*turns to chuks* mr noise ur back go finish nah before you will finish your jss1, then before you go move jss2 them go change back for you,
    We all laughs in unison,
    Chuks, oye ara,
    Dan. Tony please what’s the meaning of that?
    Me. He said that you said the truth,,
    We all laughs in unison,
    Immidiatly, the bell ranged for dinner and we all headed to the dinner hall,

    Episode 6

    We were all seated in the dinner hall, which is booming with diffrent kind of noise, me and my roommates were seated in one table, cus its a table for 4 and needed one more person to complete, but it seems no one want to seat with us, we were busy discussing and debating on the kind of food the might serve us tonight, when suddenly form master came and commanded the noise to disapear, and everywere was once cool, then he brought out a piece of peper and started calling some student names,
    I was so suprise when I heard my name, and I stepped out to were he directed us to stand,I was still standing and wondering what we must have done,when I heard him call out, AMINA OLADIPUPO, I saw her stepping out and was coming to my direction, I look as she, smiles at me, and I kept face as if we had a fight, not that I developed hatret for her, bcus of what chuks said about her, but bcus I don’t want to be insulted,or be seen as a simple guy,form master finished, and he announced to the students *we are serving beans for dinner tonight, and this are peoples that don’t eat beans, so we will be serving them another meal tonight,while you guys eat beans and plantain** he directed us to the other side of the hall,
    I know you will be wondering how they got to know that we don’t eat beans,, when you register for the school, you will list out the kind of food you eat and the kind you don’t , so I guest its from the registration form,

    I was heading for the nearest seat and amina was following me bumper to bumper, we reach to were we found another table sets, and this time its a table for 2, I seated and she seated facing me,
    Amina. Hi tony,
    Me. Hi how are you,
    Amina, fine, am done with your novel, but I will return it tommorrow for another one,
    Me. Ok, no problem, and also bring some of your own so I can read,
    Amina. But you will not like the kind of novel I have,
    Me. Why??
    Amina.They are +18 and so corupt, an ex semilerian like you will not like them, though I like reading them,
    Me. And how old are you,
    Me. Why do you like such books,
    she was about answering when one of the cook brought two plate of well ganished noodle to our front,
    And immiediatly, she left we started eating,
    Amina. I was waving at you today at the field, but you didn’t respond, why,
    Me. I didn’t know it was me you was waving at, you know there is too many students there,
    Amina. And after school today I waited to give you back your novel, at the road leading to your louge,but I didn’t see you, atlast I saw you with miss adebanjo, walking to boys louge,
    Me. Oh am sorry, I went to answer the eco teacher,
    Amina. Ok you went to tell him the story,
    Amina. I know you will also tell me mine,
    me. Maybe but not now,
    Amina. Ok,
    We ate and we disapeared to our various rooms, to rest, and play room games,
    I meet my room mate, immidiatly I open the door,
    Chuks. Guy wetin una chop,
    Me. Indomie,
    Dan and chuks. Wow
    Chuks, I am going to change my profile next year, I must remove that beans, am begining to hate it,,
    Dan. Too I hate that beans that always look like rock,, how I wish its agonyi beans,
    Me. But beans is a good food, even 70% better than noodle,
    Chuks. And why are you not eating it, onye nkuzi,
    Me. Lol, its from my childhood,
    Chuks. Mine wile be from my teenhood,
    We all laughs,

    Episode 7

    Next day was saturday and no school, I woke up around 4am am, and was unable to sleep again, I always wake up every night around 4 am to pray and after my prayers I can’t sleep again, that the only thing that took over me, since the day I entered seminary school, cus in seminary school we always wake up around 4 every morning for prayers, so I never left that in st pauls, so after my prayers that morning, I was on my bed, rooling from this end to the other end,then i remembered miss ade has invited me the previous to visit to her office today, they I begin to wonder what she invited me for, many thing were running on my mind, till I hear the school bell that comfirmed its sharp 6am, I got up immidiatly and pick my brush and headed to the bathroom to refresh, I was still brushing when chuks entered,
    Chuks. Guy I had a bad dream,
    Me. Goodmorning, dream about what?
    Chuks. About you,
    Me. Meee?? Wetin happen?
    Chuks. Do you know miss ade?
    Me. The literature teacher?
    Chuks.yea, are you guys any close?
    Me.noo, why??
    Chuks. I saw you and her in my dream,
    Me, doing what??
    Chuks. Kissing and romancing, and I was trying to tell you to let go of her, but you seem far, then I saw one student burst a bottle on your head and you fainted,
    I was shocked and fear emaged me, my mind started racing fast, when I once again remebered that she invited me to her office today, then suddenly I found my voice to speak,
    Me. I reject it, its never going to be me in jesus name,and who was the student that smashed my head,??
    Chuks. I didn’t get to see her face very well, but she has the body shape of one of our class mate,
    Me. Who??
    Chuks. Amina the rude girl,
    Now I was even more shocked than before,We finished and headed out to the assemble ground for morning prayers, after the prayers, the form master took over,
    Form master. Good morning students,
    All students. Good morning sir,
    Form master. Today we don’t have many activities, this morning we are going to clean up our enviropment, after that, you all will take your breakfast,and after that you will be free to play, sleep, or read your books,it depends on you,
    And am also delight to inform you that our football team, will be having their first leg match with THE MACORNS ACADEMY IKOTUN , here in our pitch today, for the. Governors cup qualifier, which will soon Commence, and our team will have their training this morning so they wount be among the students cleaning the compound,,the teams needs more players because our great player left after their senior waec, so if you are among the new students and you know you can play very well, please come up here,
    I saw many students going up to were the form master was, andi followed up, I saw as amina was looking at me suprisenly, but and kept on moving,, after that the form master started again,
    You all can now go and engage your self with work,, remember if the security sees you playing by this our you will be punished, please work hard to keep our school clean, and also your rooms,
    All students. Yes sir!!!
    Form master, you can now go and get to work,
    Then he turned to us and ushered us to follow him, we followed his to the pitch, then he handed us over to the football couch, whom ordered us to run around the field, to taste our strenght..

    Episode 8

    We ran around the field for like 20 min, before he blow the whistle for us to stop,
    Then he took us to the middle of the field for personal trainings, though about 5 new players has quitted while running, and the strong head ones like us still remains,, after some stretching he picks up to speak to us,
    Couch. Goodmorning great players,
    All players. Goodmorning couchee,
    Couch. We are going to do a little training this morning, which will help me to pick out some of you, whom will participate on the evening match against marcons academy, this evening, please the new players step aside, we moved out, he counted us, we were 8 in numbers, he asked to pick the red jessy at his left side, then he called out two players and one goal keeper from the old players to join us, which they did, the he choosed the old players and asked them to pick the blue jessy at his right side,
    Then he told them to play there normal positions, he then turn to us and said,
    You all are welcome to our great team, we will be looking up to you today, then he brought out a big black bag containing football boot and asked us to fix on our sizes, which we did peacefully, he then continue,
    Look at the number on your jessey and occupy it, i looked at mine, it was number 7, then i moved to the right side of the pitch, ready to play,,
    The old players passed the balls showing their skills on us, then they played a short, but my number 4 stopped it and passes to my number 2, who passes to another player, i moved immediately to were i could get the ball, they passed to me, i drilled their number 2, took him to race on the line, then i stopped with my ball, he ranned passed me, then i passed to one of my player who kicked it back to me, then i crossed to my number 9, who wanted to kick it to d net,
    But missed, then the couch called me out and asked my name, which i told him, he asked me to switched positions with the number 9, which i did ,
    Wow, the boy was very good. In the number 7 position, he dribbles, and never miss to pass or cross, very well, i saw the ball went to him, he dribbled two peoples at once, pass to me at number 9, i collected, moved a little bit, and fires a shot, which entered the net,, and all our player, celebrated the goal joyfully, i scored another goal before the end of the training, which made it 2-1 wins,
    Couch. Wow, you guys are the best, i can see we have many stars here, and with the. Way u guys played today, i think we are going to win champions league, you all can now go back to your various rooms and rest, and don’t forget to report here immediately 3p.m, thanks for your hard work,
    All players. Thanks couchee,,

    As we were heading inside, many player were being nice and friendly to me, asking my name and complimenting me on the training performance, I went inside,my two room mates were not in, I took my bath, went strieght to the dinner hall to request my breakfast, I saw many players eating, I joined, and after eating I went back inside and relax on my bed and slept off, I woke up around 1, and saw my two roommate playing whot card, I slugishly asked,
    Me, were una get the whot from??,
    Dan, I got it from those guys on d room next door,
    Me ok,
    Chuks, how was una training?
    Me. Fine,
    Chuks, is there anything in this world that you don’t know how to do,
    Me. Lol, abeg free me,
    I got up, went to bathroom, wash my face and went to wardrobe, wore my cloth and was heading out of the room to miss ade office,

    Episode 9

    I got to miss ade office but she wasn’t in, I turned and headed back to louge, I was still on my way when I saw amina, seating alone on a school bench busy reading one novel, I saw her first and noticed she was busy with the novel on her hand,then avoided her, i was trying to walk pass her, thinking she didn’t see me, when I suddenly hear her voice speaks,
    Amina. Tony were you trying to avoid me??
    Me. No dear I saw you are busy, with you novel so I avoided disturbing you,
    Amina. Tony don’t lie to me, you have been avoiding me for so long, and it always seems if am forcing my self on you just to talk to you,
    Me. noo don’t think that dear, just understand,
    Amina. Understand what, understand that you snubbs me everywere, understand that you ignore my presence or understand that you always hate seeing me, who do you even think you are,? The most handsome boy here or the most intelligent boy, or do you think you are the only guy that has gone to the seminary school?? Please take your novel and go to hell,,
    My mouth was agap for 2minutes, before I noticed that she is no longer there with me, I picked up my novel and headed back to my room with much anger buzzing me,

    After heard some students shouting and making noise , I woked up noticing that I have been sleeping after my encounter with amina, I checked the time it was 7mins pass 4, *jesus* I shouted, I wore my red track with my man united jersey and ran off to the field, on getting to the field, I saw that all the students were all gathered around the 4corners of the pitch, I saw our team on one side, 14player kitted on the school home match jersey, then I saw my couch looking at me with one angry eyes, I went to were he was standing and greeted him,
    Me. goodevening sir
    Couch. What is good about this evening, look at the time you are appearing here, a player what are you doing inside, do you take your self for ronaldo or drogba, I don’t do with unserious players like you, I do things with time, please go and seat down let me not get more angry for you,
    After the couch left, my day became worst, then I remembered all amina told me and all the couch just said and I felt like crying, I find a seat and seat with other students to watch the match, me match started at 4.30 pm, in the pitch our vistors Dominated the ball position, beating our players, dribbling and passing to each other, after 15mins our students became disapointed cus our players in the pitch are not doing any good, they sored at the 30 mins winning us 1.0 and everybody became more frustrated, at the end of first half, the score was 2.0. We lost all hopes, after the rest all players went back to resume the second half,
    Then they started after 5mins our couch made the first change, I put the guy that played 7 for me on the training in the morning, he entered and started at the 10 position, he was so strong that he arrenge the midfield, now the game position became 50/50, our visitors changed 2players at once, our couch called me and asked me to to kit, I did and did a little jugging then I got change with our no.9. I got to 9 and he switch the guy on 10 to 7 and we started, I moved from 9 to 11 cus 9 was dry, I got their and hustle for ball, and went I finally got the ball, I dribbled the guy next to me, take the ball on a litle race and fired a short which entered the net,on R2 style, I was soo happy that I run to the end of the pitch to celebrat, after the celebration, I went back to my 9 and started working hard to draw the game, we started playing them, my midfield not strong like rock, we pass and play and our students shouting with happiness, I got the ball again, move with it, and dribbled one guy, and fired another shot, but the goal keeper got it, and all our students shouted in excitment, the pass out the ball and we collected it, the they passed to my number7 he collected. Ball crossed it immiediatly with no delay, and I knodded to the net and it was a goal, now the score was 2.2 and its almost 6pm, time its not on our side, they passed and within some time they started playing us,my 9 became dry again, I went off 9 to hustle for ball, their striker flings a shot which got hitted at the bar, and bounced back, all student shouted, one of my play kicked the ball out and It landed on my leg, I took it on a counter attack, dribbled passed the last man and was already on the 18yard box,

    Episode 10

    and i was knocked down by their deffender and was injured terribly, i started shouting, i tried standing up but could’nt stand, the pain was unbearable, my couch and some teachers came to the pitch to find out how the situation was, miss ade called and wispered to me *tony you are the best*
    referee: i can see he can no longer play on, and you have no more changes, but dont worry the remaining time is not much,
    he turned and called the attention of the defender that knocked me down and awarded a red cad to him, and also awarded a penalty kick,
    while i was being carried out of the pitch,
    all the students of st charles were celebrating me, once i felt like the world best player, but still my pain ruined all happiness,
    miss ade never left my side for once, even when i was recieving treatment in the school clinic,
    she always consoles me,

    the clinic asks i take a room, but miss ade declined, saying that she will personally take good care of me by her self, that i will spend the night in her room, i heard this but i was unable to decline it, because the drogs i took is already having effect on me and i was already feeling sleepy, so no strenght to decline it,
    next morning i woked up in the care of miss ade,
    it was around 4.30 am,
    she was taking her bath wen i woked up,

    Episode 11

    I woked up around 4am at miss ade room,on her bed, she was in the bathroom cus i can hear the sound of water running from the tap, i used my eyes and searched around the room, it was a well furnitured room, with a rug that seems very expensive, and a very big plasma tv hanged on the wall,with a black DSTV decoder under beautiful glass table, at the dead the bed I saw three Samsung galaxy phones, all bumming with green light at the head, I was still looking around when she entered, and I sharperly pretended as if I was still sleeping, she came in and went to the side of the wardrobe, to dress up, I opened my eyes and she was on a white towel, she pull down the towel, and was totally unclad infront of me,
    Wow, her body was so beautiful without a cloth, her bums were so big, I looked at her punani , it was so shaved and looks neat, I almost shouted immediately my eyes touch her b##bs, ? wow they stand attention like the American armies receiving others from the captain, is ripe like that of a kerosene mango, and looks like God saved some water in it while creating it, cus I was shaking and dance like pure water, immediately junior famous spranged up, with a high speed, almost bust my boxers into two sides , she turned and looked around my direction, and I sharperly closed my eyes, to avoid her noticing that I have been looking at her,
    But she spoke to me,
    Miss ade. I know you have been awake, why not stand up and help me apply some cream on my back, and also taste if you can walk now, so you can go and take your bath,
    But I did as if I didn’t hear her and still pretending to be sleeping, she came near to me, tapped my face and say, get up tony I know you have been awake cus no body in seminary school sleeps by this time, and beside I know you have been exploring my body,
    But I still pretended to be sleeping,
    Then she said again, if u don’t get up now I will pull of your boxer, , but I never cared, still pretending, then she touched my boxer and was trying to pull it down, then I turned and greeted her,
    Me. Good morning ma,
    Miss ade, I know you have been awake, goodmorning how are you,
    Me. Fine ma, how did I get here,
    Miss ade. Is that supposed to be an appreciation for letting you spend the night here, bcus I know your roommate will play with your leg,
    Anyway get up lets see if you can walk now,

    I looked up to her and she is still tying her white towel, I tried standing up, but was having difficulties then she held me to help me get on my feet , then I stood up and was happy to notice that almost all my pains are gone, and I also see some smiles on her face when I was gently walking around the room,
    Miss ade, you are almost ok now, today is Sunday, can you manage to got to church,
    Me. But am not with any of my cloths here,
    Miss ade. Oh!!! Yeah that’s true, so what are we going to do now,
    Me. I will stay here till day fully break so i can go back to my lounge, you can go to church,
    Miss ade. Don’t worry am no longer going i will stay here with u to make sure you don’t get bored, please can you help me apply some creams on my back??

    Episode 12

    I took the cream and started applying them gently on her back,
    Then she let out a gentle moan, fear engraved me immediately I saw her bitting her lips and my heart started racing faster than usien bolt,(she Una hear say dat guy broked a new record for Olympic, anyway wetin hard to break a record?? No be to go carry am were Dem keep am throw am for ground e go break, any other way?? Abeg make we free that guy side abeg,,)
    I tried withdrawing my hands from her back but she got them and said,
    Miss Ade. you know you have not finish applying that cream, no cream at my shoulder side, and also my waist side, please take more cream and continue,

    I continued as instructed by my teacher, I was still applying the cream when her towel fell off from her body and she was totally unclad again in front of me, another fear jammed me I quickly turned my face from her direction, but she called back my attention, asking me to continue from were , I picked up her towel and tried giving her back, but she insisted I help her tie it to her waist, I declined but she insisted I help her or let her remain unclad, I was still insisting she cover her body and held my neck and planted a hot kiss on my lips, I quickly withdrew my lips from hers and she then pushed her rudely to the bed,,
    Me. Please ma I don’t like what you are doing, please I would love to leave now to my lounge, so I can take my bath,
    Miss Ade, took her towel and cover her self, then found her voice to speak, no don’t go yet CUs its not yet , time to be seeing students walking around, and beside if anyone sees u walking like this out of my house they might think something else happened, and beside u cannot walk strongly now,
    Then immediately a knock came from the door, then miss Ade quickly change to her nightie, and asked me to act as if I have been sleeping, I got her immediately and and jump straight to the bed ,
    The knock sounded again this time in a with her name,
    It was a voice of a young girl then she sluggishly answered as if she has been sleeping since night,
    I stood up and went to the door side and opened it,

    Episode 13

    I opened the door and it to my fullest surprise it was some one I never expected in my to see that early morning, someone I never expected to see at miss ade place that early morning, (AMINA)
    Me.hi good morning
    Amina. Tony am so happy to see u in this mood this morning, I went to the school clinic but they said miss ade took you to her home,
    I can see some signs of happiness in her face,
    Miss ade came out standing my my side, she asked her to come in,
    Amina. Good morning ma
    Miss ade. Good morning dear,this is the first time you are coming to my house, since you come to this school, hope all is well,
    Amina. yes ma all is well, I heard Tony was here that’s why I came to know how he is doing,and as I can see , you really took good care of him,
    Miss ade. Yea am also happy he is now doing great, and also happy one of his friends visited to see him,
    Amina. Yea
    Miss ade. You must have had a great relationship with to to even visiting this early,
    Amina. No ma we are not that close , but I was worried about him from the field seeing him being injured,
    Miss ade.thanks very much,
    Amina.(gets up) ma I will be going now because am on my way to church,
    Miss ade, ok no problem dear, take care,
    She waves at me while leaving,

    2minuts later…
    Miss ade. Tony get ready soon you will go and take your bath, I put water on fire for you,
    Me. Ok
    Went went to the bathroom, she left me there with the water to take my bath, and close the door, i tried taking my bath but my leg wouldn’t let me, i cant bend down to curl water with hand, when ever I try my leg will pain me hardly,
    I stayed there for more than 10 minutes doing nothing, only thinking of how it would be possible for me to take my bath soon I heard the voice on miss ade,
    Miss ade. Tony what is keeping you?? Are you done? Or are you sleeping there?
    Me. Ma I can’t help it,I cannot bath my self,
    Miss ade. Why what happened??
    Me. my leg won’t let me,
    Miss ade, how?? Can I come in,
    Me. Yes you can,
    She came in and saw me sitting on the water baff, then she said I should remove my cloth again so she can help me take my bath, but I declined, then she insisted and I also still declined, this went on and on for like 5minutes,
    Me. Ok ma lets forget about taking my bath, whenever I went back to my lounge I will take my bath by my self and beside I have no other cloth here that I will change to after taking my bath,
    Miss ade. And I still insist you take you bath here before going back to lounge,
    Then immediately she pull of her gown and let it fall to the ground,and once again she was full unclad in front of me, then she said ok, take off you cloth now so two of us can take our bath together, then I gave up and pull of my cloth, she came closer and my heart started racing more faster than olejukokoro keke, she touched me then I started feeling like my heart is falling off, she noticed it cus she asked me if am ok, she started bAffing me then she touched my johnthomas and it started to rise like a starlight fear catch me again, the she stopped and started rub on it gently, I wanted to ask her to stop but I can’t because I was enjoying it, I started screaming then she started doing it more faster asking me I I have done it before, then I replied no, the she said she will teach me that I should not worry that I should just relax and enjoy it, then she carry my JohnThomas and put it inside her mouth,

    Episode 14

    She brought out her three phone and asked me to choose on,
    As a smart guy I took this smallest one, and she was so surprise I did so,, apart from being. Smart, I love that phone, despite it is small, it is sharp and and was my favorite color, (white) very portable and its is the phone miss ade always holds in her hand every time, she smiled and took the remaining two back, she then asked me the reason behind me taking the smallest one, then I replied, it’s because I love the small one, then she smiled again,
    Miss ade. ok then you have to keep it here till tomorrow then you come and take it so I can buy you a new sim card tomorrow and insert it and also wipe out all my belongings in it,
    Me .ok ma, thank you very much,
    Miss ade. Tony I know you are a sharp guy and you will keep it safe so it won’t implicate you, don’t always play with it, anyway I haven’t seen you playing before, it now belongs to you, and am never taking it back, make sure it remain your and not of the principal ok,
    Me.ok ma
    Miss ade. And two don’t let this cell phone draw you back from your studies, always focus unlike before, make your ambitions real, catch your goals, I can see your bright future don’t let it down, i love You today because i see who you really are and what you are up to, don’t drop them on the way, as Long as you stay in this school you will never lack anything,
    Me. Thanks ma,
    At, first church service dismissed, almost all the students of st Charles came to visit me at miss ade house, first was my football couch and some of my team mate, they are so happy to see me smiling, the couch was so proud of me, telling me how good i was this and that, that he will have to train me personal, all the boys laughed then I asked them about the final score of the match, then the couch answered,
    Chinedu here score the penalty kick you brought for us and we won by 3goal to 2, then I became more happier than ever, one because we won our first match of the governor cup qualifier and two because I have found another Igbo guy in st Charles,
    Chinedu is the captain of the team and he is in ss3, he is the guy that played no.4 for us that day, and he is very good in football, he has skills and much power for the game,
    After chatting and exchange names they left, then another group came in, and so they troops in and out of miss ade room in groups, I even became tired of reciving visitors just to know how I was, both peoples I know and ones I don’t, male and female, the most surprising part Is that they all calls my name, but I dont really know them, finally it’s my guys, my room mate and my friend, they came and Chuks hails me, calling me Baba, and all of them hand shaking me one by one,
    Chuks. Tony that guy nearly kill you , if you see how he bulldozer you as if you are his enemy,
    (Everybody laughs)
    First guy. Is he not his enemy,
    Chuks. Chai I nearly beat that guy when the match finish but principal no let me,
    (Everybody laugh,)
    Second guy. Taaaa Chuks see you that was in the midst of girls playing dey beat person,
    Chuks. Taaaaaaaa who told you me that was with the principal praying for our team,
    All laughs,
    The gist went on and on till miss ade finished cooking and came back to the room,
    They all stand and greet her, then she join us,
    At around 9.30, miss ade,both with my guys helped me back to lounge,
    She left but promised to come and see me in the evening time,

    Episode 15

    After all our friends has gone to their various lounges, we became our 3 super roommates again, me, Chuks and Dan,in our room,
    Dan has been quiet through out today, even when we were at miss ade place, he was quite, he never says anything even on our way home, he never talk or laugh to what peoples says, and it was unlike him, this is getting me so worried, wondering if he is having a problem,,
    Me. Danero what is the problem?
    Dan. me?? How,
    Me, apart from saying sorry to me at miss ade place, you have been mute as if you lost your voice, I have never seen you like this before, its so unlike you,
    Chuks. Me I wonder, he has been playing and laughing in the church when mass was going on ooo, even on our way to miss ade place, he lead the noise with oluwole, speaking Yoruba, me I been wan ask am now oo, Dan abeg why the sudden change of mood,
    Dan. nothing dey do me ooo, I no get any problem, but Tony I no happy seeing you at ma ade place, I think say you for dey school clinic, and too I don dey have dream of you and miss ade having an affair, and that got me shocked hearing that you are at her place, but its nothing sha, I was only wondering what she must have taught this your innocent head, this one night that you spent with her,
    But that woman is good and cool sha,cus I haven’t seen her messing around with all this male teachers in this school, unlike other female teachers of this school, so after my much wondering and thinking, I concluded that she must have had an innocent

    Episode 16

    We looked at the door together, then the knock came again,
    Chuks, who??
    Amina. It’s me Amina,
    We looked at each other with a surprising look,
    Then Dan got up from and opened the door , she came in, and greeted we all, Chuks didn’t answer her, he boned his face and left the room, then Dan went to his bed side wore his cloth and also left the room, I was so surprise of their action but Amina seems not to care, she came to my bed and sat down,
    Amina. How are you doing now,?
    Me. Fine
    Amina. Thank god, Tony am sorry for the last time, I don’t know what came over me, I was only angry which from my room, for what my roommates did to me, so I came out their to quench the anger but I ended up throwing them to you please forgive me.
    Me. It’s nothing, I didn’t even take it to heart, I dropped them their,
    Amina, thanks so much Tony,
    You have a great talent, you made the whole school happy yesterday, you are so great in the field wow I am so proud of you,
    Me. Thanks dear
    Amina. can you walk very well now??
    Me. No not that fine,
    Amina. Now come lets try,
    Me. Lol, but the room is so tight to taste my walking ability,
    Amina. No we are going for a walk,
    Me. Noo am not that strong oo,
    Amina. that why you need to walk to be strong so you can come to class tomorrow,
    I got up wore my white short and my blue cardigal, then we set out,
    We walk from my room to the field side, we reach to the field she insisted we stop and we take a rest on the bench, we sat down and she started .
    Amina. Look at were you dribbled the first player, and there you fired your first shot,
    She pointed everywhere for me and even where I WA knocked down, after spending sometimes in the field, we set to the school canteen side, when we reach the canteen,
    There were many student there, they seems so happy to see me, I really had fun, Amina bought gala and rubber coke, we sat down with other student, discussing, she opened one gala and give me then opened her own , we started eating, she will sometime want to feed me with her own coke but I will decline, many students were playing and there are much people so the place was very noisy , one female ss3 student came to our chair, she is so beautiful, fair in complexion, her style of hair cut made her more beautiful, she has a medium size b–bs, and a nice curve, waist size like that of Nicki Minaj, what I like most on her body was that tempting pink lips, between her and Amina I don’t even know who is more beauty, but she has more packages than Amina, and seating down,
    Amina. Good afternoon senior ivie,
    Ivie. How are you Amina,
    Amina. fine,
    Ivie. Is he not the player that got injured in the field yesterday,?
    Amina. He is.
    Ivie. (turned to me,) how are you now dear,?
    Me. Fine and better,
    Ivie. You really made us proud yesterday, what is your name?
    Me. Tony
    Ivie. From were?
    Me. Anambra state,
    Ivie. No wonder Igbo guys they can be so talented,
    Me. thanks,
    Ivie. Ok am ivie from Edo state,,
    Me. Nice meeting you,
    Ivie, I guest you both are in the same class?
    Amina. Yea,
    Ivie. Are you dating??

    Episode 17

    We looked at each other, Amina wanted to answer her but I firstly answered no, cus I know she might say yes, immediately ovie friends called for her and she left, telling me that we will see another time, I looked back at Amina, I was shock to see that her face bleeping with anger , but I sharperly looked away pretending not to notice her, , we stayed there for more than 10 minutes not talking to each other, then she finally broke the silent,
    Amina. I think its time we head back so you can rest your leg, ,
    Me. Yea I have been thinking of that too,
    Amina. So finish your coke, so we can go,
    Me. Until you finish your,
    She smiled a little and started drinking her coke, me too as a sharp guy, I started mine too,
    Amina. Why did you say no to her,
    Me. (Surprise) but that is the truth,
    Amina. You should have said yes to her, so we can see reaction,
    Me. Reaction about what,?
    Amina. I think she likes you, ?
    Amina. Am a woman I see the signs of like in her eyes, when she said that she will see you again,
    Me. But there is nothing wrong in liking someone, and beside she seems friendly,
    Amina. (face turned red) pls its time we start going you can hold your as am holding mine,
    We set out back home, she was silent through out the journey, I wonder what she was thinking, or what her mind was telling her, we got home, I opened the door with my own key, and we both enter, Chuks and Dan are not yet back, I sat on my be, and she announced to me that she will soon be going back to her lounge to refresh up and read her books,,
    Me. Thanks very much,
    She came close to me, kissed my lips and said, Tony you are the best, my mouth was agap, as she runs out of the room, with surprise, i cleaned my virgin mouth, and headed to the bathroom to take my bath, after that, i relaxed on my bed, then my mind went back to what has really happened recently,
    First my good performance in the pitch, how i was knocked down, what miss ade told me in the pitch, how miss ade insisted in taking me to her home from the hospital, all that happened in miss ade house, how i lost my virginity to miss ade, how the students and my friend visited me at miss ade place, how i wanted to leak the secret to my roommates, how Amina came in, how happy Amina was seating beside me in the canteen and in the pitch, how ivie shattered her happiness, and now how i just lost my virgin lips to Amina,
    I was still deep in thought when the door opened, it was Chuks,
    Chuks. Guy how far? I see you and your girlfriend parading around the school,
    Me. Girlfriend?
    Chuks. yes nah, is she not?
    Me. please she is not oo, she is just a friend,and you know
    Chuks. You take her for that, but i don’t think she do, anyway were did you guys went to,
    Me. On a walk, and were did you see us,
    Chuks. At the canteen,
    Me. Really?? We stayed long there, why didn’t you come around,
    Chuks, who are you asking??,
    Me. you nah
    Chuks. why should i come around,
    Me. Because you saw me,
    Chuks. Are you jesus??
    Me. Am the son
    Chuks. Lol abeg were is Dan,
    Me. He left immediately you did,
    Chuks. See you and that your Amina, i don dey look Una with one kind bad eye,
    Me. How??
    Chuks.The way you guys were doing in the canteen today, i even saw her trying to feed you gala, and you were doing shakara, no worry make i dey look Una,
    Me. Abeg go bath,
    He left and went o the bath room, while i switched to my novel titled, (ways of a hero) by stella McCartney,
    And i started reading, Dan entered and also went to the bathroom,
    They both came out wore their cloths, came to my bed and asked
    Tony what is the secret???

    Episode 18

    Fear engraved me, cus I have lost the courage to tell them that kind of thing, but I gathered some more to speak,
    Me. You guy promised to keep the secret for me,
    Chuks. since nah,
    Me. Ok nah, I want to start using a cell phone in this room, and I want it to be among us, any of you can also use it, am call anybody he wants,
    After I finished saying it, they both looked at me in a surprising way and started laughing as if they won a lottery to America, I was full of surprises and they kept laughing and throwing them selves around on the floor,
    I felt anger, that I stood up and wanted to walk out of the door but Chuks called me back, still laughing, he stood up went to his bag, deep his hand and to my surprise he brought out a beautiful white Android phone, Dan rushed to the door and locked it,
    Chuks. See Tony I have been using a cell phone in this school from my jss2 class till now and nobody knows, me and Dan has been keeping it for that long, so why won’t we keep yours,
    Me. Jesus so you guy have been keeping this for me for this long? And you will call me your roommate,
    Dan. No Tony the day we concluded to tell you, was the day we heard in school that from the seminary and you know peoples from the seminary are sons of God, they always keep the rules, and says whatever bad they see, so that’s why we kept it from you please forgive us,
    Me. Am not forgiving any of your unless you buy me, malam suya,
    Malam is the school gateman but sells suya infront of the school,
    Chuks. Ok we promise, how are you going to buy the phone in question??
    Dan. Yes I been dey wonder ooo,
    Me. Miss ade promised to give one of hers tomorrow,
    They both shouted heeey!!!!!!
    Dan. I talk am, see na love be that, I talk am say she go spoil you,
    Chuks. Tony remember my dream ooo, e go so come to life,
    Me. Abeg make Una no dey think negative, she just want to give me, with a shareful heart is their anything wrong with it,
    Dan. Many things is wrong with it, before some in this life will agree to give you a cell phone, there is many things behind it,
    Me.Something like what??
    Dan. You go soon know,

    Dan went and brought a card from his bag, then we started playing it, we played like an hour, before we go exhausted,
    Chuks went to his bed and brought out his phone and started pressing it, it was around 6pm we heard a knock on our door, Chuks quickly hide his phone, and rushed back to his bed, Dan answer the door and it was miss ade,
    She exchanged greetings with Dan and Chuks, she came to my bed and Sat down,
    Me. Good evening ma,
    Miss ade. how are you,
    Me. Getting better ma,
    Miss ade. I came with your drugs ? so you can take them,
    Then I remembered that they even gave me some drugs ? from the clinic which I forgot at miss ade place, I didn’t even remember at to take them since morning, ok maybe because my body doesn’t need drug ?
    Miss ade. Have you taken anything??
    Me. Yes ma I took coke and gala,
    Miss ade. Who bought for you???
    Me. A friend,
    Miss ade. Your friends are really taking good care of you,
    She selected the drugs ? and I took them,, Dan and Chuks have been mute all this while,
    Miss ade. Dan and Chuks how are you guys doing,??
    Both. Fine ma,
    Miss ade. Hope you guys are taking good care of him,
    Both. Yes ma,
    Miss ade. Thank to you very much, I will reward you guy handsomely ,
    Both. Thank you ma,
    she left after, after staying sometime, I escorted her, but she kept saying, go back your legs are not yet strong,,
    Miss ade. Have you informed your friends about the phone??

    Episode 19

    Me. Yes ma i have,,
    Miss ade. Did they agree to keep it a secret?
    Me. Yes ma,
    Miss ade. Wow what a wonderful room mates you have, Hope they won’t fail you one day,
    Me. No ma I trust them,
    Miss ade. Anyway they looks cool to me,now come and go back and remember to come to my office after school tomorrow,,for the phone, and also don’t forget to always take your drugs,
    Me. Thank you ma,

    I went home that evening to meet my two funny roommate looking at me in amazing way,
    Dan, hmmm tony, hmmm tony,
    Me. What again now,
    Dan. You and miss ade, imaging someone who is not related to you in anyway promising to reward us, handsomely for taking care of you, hmmmm tony,
    Chuks. Oboy I see better love for that woman eyes for you, its was burning in her eyes like the eclipse, I don’t think this una relationship is ordinary, but all the same congrate,
    Me. Congrate for what?
    Chuks. For having a very beautiful, intelligent and charming young lady like miss ade to care for you, am happy for you,
    Dan. I like that woman shaaa,
    Me , na una sabi,

    Soon it ranged for dinner, we went to the hall and after dinner, they all went for prep,
    Though I didn’t go that night because I was feeling cold, I went straight to my our room and slept off, next morning was monday I woke so early to prepare for lectures, dan and chuks were still sleeping, I knelt down and pray, immediately I ended my morning rosary, the school bell roared, which signaled to be,
    Dan. Ooooooh why must it have to be now,
    Chuks. Don’t mind them, they will not let person sleep,
    Me. Wake up, this dumb heads, its 5am,
    Dan. Oh I know you must be awake already,
    Did she came last night??
    Me. Who, ?
    Dan. Amina.
    Me. No why do you ask?
    Dan. When we all entered the prep hall last night, she was so angry that you didn’t come with us, and was asking of you, when I told her you were feeling cold, she stumps out of the hall with speed and angry face, leaving her friends behind,
    I even thought she was coming here to see you,
    Me, but you know its impossible for her to be here, because the security wont let her,
    Dan. That means you don’t know the kind of power that girl has, she can disappeared to be here,
    We both laughed aloud for long,
    Chuks. Oh you guys are even worst than the bell, as he gets up and headed for the bathroom,

    We prepared and went to class,
    immediately I entered amina came to me,
    Amina. Tony how are you,
    Me. Fine and you,
    Amina. Not fine, I heard you were not feeling fine last night,
    Me. Yea but is that why you said you are not fine?
    Amina. Yes because I never rest thinking of what must have happened to you again, and how are you now??
    Me. Fine ma, thanks soo much and please be fine now,
    As we were still discussing, miss sandra teacher entered, and amina went back to her seat,
    Miss sandra, is our biology teacher, she is about 25-27 year old, slim fit like that of figure 8, has nice curve and waist and like that of nicki minaj, fair in complexion and very beautiful lady, she has a gap teeth and a very nice blue eyes, and her pink lips always make me wanna stair, all the boys in our class loves her and always stays quiet on the class whenever she Is teaching, maybe because of her beauty, she is a Calabar woman according to the students, she taught us biology that morning for like 30 minutes and gave us class text, after the text we all passed out books to miss sandra whom marked them immediately after the correction, with the help of some student,
    Miss sandra.stood up while holding my test book, Who is this onyejena anthony??
    Me. Yes ma. I stood up,
    she looked at me for a while and continued,
    Miss sandra. You must be new to this school, me. yes ma,
    Miss sandra. Are you note the guy that was injured on the pitch on saturday,?
    Me. I am ma,
    Miss sandra, wow you are great I must confess, you are a very good footballer, you saved us and got injured for us, the school is proud of you,
    Me. Thank you ma,
    Miss sandra. Were are you from tony?
    Me. Anambra state ma.
    Miss sandra, no wonder, only igbo guys can be this talented,
    me. Thank you ma,
    Miss sandra, class do you all know why I called him up,??
    All students. Nooooooo
    Miss sandra. He is the only student that scored 10/10 on this text,while amina scored 9 and also followed by chuks, whom scored 8, wow am so happy for this guy here,
    1) He is the guy that made us happy in the pitch last saturday and also helped us to defeat our opponent,
    And 2) because this class has finally found someone who can challenge and defeat amina, and from today tony here is going to me my personal assistant in this class, because he is very handsome and intelligent,
    All the students. Yes ma.
    Wow I started feeling shy, cus all the female students eyes were fixed on me, maybe to find the handsomeness miss sandra was talking about,

    Miss sandra. Tony you will help me carry this books to my office when you are done hiding your face,
    Me. Yes ma,
    I arranged all my books back to my locker and locked it,
    Amina. Ain’t you taking those books to miss sandra office, mr handsome?
    Me. Oh am about,
    Amina, see tony you managed to beat me today on the text, but I promise you next time will be hot,
    I smiled and took the books and headed out to miss sandra office,
    I was still on my way when I heard my name, tony, I turned back to see miss ade coming behind me,

    Episode 20

    Me. Good morning ma,

    Miss ade. good morning tony how are you?

    Me. fine ma,

    Miss ade. How was your night,

    Me. Fine ma,

    Miss ade. And your leg, does it still hurt?

    Me. No ma its totally fine now,

    Miss ade. Hope you took those drugs I gave you?

    Me. Yes ma,

    Miss ade. Where are you going to this morning with those books?

    Me. Miss sandra asked me to bring them to her office just now,

    Miss ade. (Silent for some time, perhaps thinking) am actually heading to miss sandra’s office, just give me those books, I will deliver them to her, and rush back to your class, because you must be missing a lesson now,

    Me. Thank you ma,

    I handed the books to her, and headed back as instructed, I got to the class and the maths teacher is already busy with his boring lecture, I excused my self and went in to seat down, one hour of his lecture, which seems unending, he finally ended,
    With a home work which is to be submitted tomorrow,
    After 10 minutes of his departure, the break bell sanded, making almost all the whole students shouts in joy,
    Chuks came to my desk, and asked if am free to catch some snack at the canteen,
    One thing I like about chuks is that when ever we all go together to the canteen to buy foods, he always pays with his money and never complains,no matter any amounts, oh maybe its because his family was rich,

    I quickly arranged my books, then we signaled dan to come on,
    We went to the canteen, then chuks requested snacks and soft drink for both of us,
    Within 2minutes, we were served, and I was about devouring my food when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder,
    I turned to look and to my surprise it was senior ivie,
    We all shared greetings, you know normal secondary school greeting nah, (good day senior,) after the greets she asked dan to shift so she can seat close to me,
    She sats down,

    Ivie, am sorry dear what’s that your name again,

    Me. Anthony,

    Ivie. Tony do you mind if I share your food with you,

    Me, with all pleasure senior,

    She cuts some snacks from my plate and feed her self, while I concentrated on feeding my self too,

    Ivie, how are you now?

    Me, fine senior,

    ivie, hope your leg doesn’t hurt much,

    Me. No,

    Ivie. Sounds good, were is that your girlfriend I saw you with yesterday, why is she not here with you?

    She took the remaining snack and sip from my coke, then she called the canteen woman and requested for another round of snack and soft drink,

    Me. She is not my girlfriend, she is just a friend and a class mate,

    Ivie, and why do you move around with her, instead of your girlfriend, don’t you think your girl will be hurt?

    Me. Maybe because I don’t have any,

    Ivie. Wow(silent for sometimes,) an ss1 guy without a girlfriend?
    Ok maybe I will become your girl, with a jokey voice,

    I kept mute, and cuts snack for my stomach,

    Ivie. Just joking tho,
    Oh here she comes,

    Then I look back and saw amina coming with an unhappy face,
    When she got to were I was, she greeted senior ivie dan and chuks, and didn’t even look at me, senior ivie stood up almost immediately, and excused her self,leaving the remaining foods with me, while amina got seated and requested for her own food,
    I saw senior ivie join her friend on the next table, and them all looks at our direction, with their actions I know they are gossiping me,
    Then chuks and dan stood up left for me and amina, amina never talks or look at at, through out the time she was eating, then after eating she stood up and left, I was surprised at her action, I thought perhaps someone got her angry, or perhaps she was not in good mood, I was still in thought when chuks and dan returned smiling,
    Chuks called the canteen woman to pay her,
    Chuks. How much is our bill ma(bringing out his wallet)

    Canteen woman. Don’t worry, someone already paid for you guys,

    Dan. Another drama,

    Chuks. Who ma,

    Canteen woman, I don’t know her name,

    I looked at senior ivie side, but she has already left with her friends,
    Must it be that amina also paid for us while paying for hers (just thinking to my self)

    Chuks. Could this be,

    Dan. Maybe someone that watched this funny drama that happened here today payed for us, in appreciation for the good drama,

    They both burst out laughing while I stump out in anger,

    Episode 21

    I didn’t talk to amina or asked what her problem was, through out our stay in class,
    School dismissed at 5.30 pm as usual, I was still going to the lounge with my dan and chuks, when I suddenly remembered that miss ade asked me to see her in her office at break time, I nearly shouted, but with my brain because I doesn’t want to notify my friend about it, I kept it to my self to avoid suspicions, immediately we got to the room I quickly change my uniform, and clad on my red trackers and my red man united jersey, went off to miss ade house to apologize and to take my phone to be, I got their at 6pm, knocked on her door, she asked who, and I answered tony, within 30 seconds she opened the door and asked me to enter quickly, I was shocked with what I saw, she was putting on only a red pant and a red bra,, I stair at her huge and managed to look away,
    She asked me to seat down which I did,

    Miss ade. Tony why didn’t you come to the office today,

    Me. Sorry ma, I forgot,

    Miss ade,And I guest that’s why you are here right,?

    Me. Yes ma, I came to apologize for failing you,

    Miss ade. I waited for you, anyway apology accepted,

    Me. Thanks ma,

    She stood up, went inside her room, it took her 2minutes to call me from the room, asking me to come inside the room, when I went inside she was seating on the bed, with my phone to be on her hand,

    Miss ade, come and seat beside me tony, let me teach you about this phone,

    I did, then she started teaching me how to enter the menu of the phone, how to answer a call, how to call somebody, how to add a number to the contacts list, this time I was feeling uncomfortable, because her left b----t were resting on my shoulder,,then entered the video part and was showing me all the videos inside, and how to play, forward, rewind, and stop them, then she opened whatsapp and it me more than 5minutes to understand what it , then she taught me how to chat on it, and said that she will not me calling me, that when ever I came back from school I should check them, to see if she left any massage for me, and I will reply from It, she added her number and we started chatting right there,

    Her first chat came in,

    hi tony, then I replied ma, then the second chat came in, you will pay me with a kiss for teaching you all this, I read it and was silent, she saw my mood and asked me what the matter was, and before I could say a word, she has already started kissing me as if her life depend on it, I liked it and I started kissing back, I was really enjoying it, then she took my hands and placed it on her, then I started squeezing it, then she started moaning gently, her hand located my junior and she started rubbing it, before I know a bit of it, my junior has already stand to attention, I was really loving it, she pulled down my trackers and started rubbing my junior with no mercy, wow, that was great, she took my junior and put it in her mouth, then she started giving me a b.j, the sensation was too much, I can’t help it but moan very hard, within 5mins I started felling my akamu build, I think she noticed it and left it, then she pulled off her pant and bra, climb the bed and asked me to come on, she asked me lie down which I did, then she lie ontop of me and asked me to take my junior and put it inside her p—y, wow, it felt very hot, then she started moving up and down, we were really mourning hard, I was enjoying it, she started moving faster and the sensation was getting more interesting,

    She was ontop of me for like 10mins and then she came down, and asked me to climb ontop of her like she did, then I did and she use her hand take my junior and directed it to her p—y then I started moving up and down, I wad doing it and she was moaning as if she was crying, I wanted to stop, then she asked me not to stop, that I was doing it good, and that she will soon c-m, I didn’t understand what’s she meant by that, but I started moving in and out more faster, then i started feeling my akamu build again, it gave me more encourage to kept on moving, soon she started moaning as if her body wanted to tear apart, then she started saying many thing, oh baby you are the best, you are great, don’t stop baby, you are my husband, please do more, more more, more, more, aaaaahhhhhhh, then we both came together, I came inside her and was exhausted,

    Miss ade. Oh baby you are the best, I enjoyed you, hope you enjoyed it ,

    Me. Yes ma,

    Episode 22

    I check the time, it was 6.48 pm, running out of time, I quickly stoop up, wore my cloth and she gave me the phone and I took it and ran off to avoid missing dinner call, I got home, opened the door

    Chuks. Oga were have you been, since 5.30 till now,

    Dan. I don’t really know you like this ooo, you have totally changed, do you know how worried we are?

    Me. Am sorry guys I just accomplished a little mission,

    Chuks. What mission that you cannot even tell us before going??

    Dan. Mission and accomplishment, lol,

    Me. Ok guys like I said before am sorry, (I turned back and locked the door,) when we came back, I remember that miss ade asked me to see her at her office today, which I failed, that’s why I went to her house to apologize and also bring the package,

    Chuks. Is that why u didn’t notify us before going? Don’t you know that we always gat you back? If we know were you went to,? Don’t do this again, this school is full of securities, when ever you want to fail a rule, tell us so we can watch your back,

    Dan.and why do you have to take all this times?anyway were is the package??

    I showed them the phone, they were so happy for me,

    Chuks. Wow tony a samsung phone? Wow this is beautiful, am happy for you, did she install a whatsapp massenger for you??

    Me. Yes she did,

    Chuks. Ok let me add my self, he insert his mobile number and saved It, then he minimized it and opened my whatsapp and chatted him self, then went to his back and brought out his phone,

    Me. Wow oga you already know how to do all this,?

    Chuks. Do you know amina also uses phone?
    Her named all our student he knows uses phone in our school, including senior ivie, I was surprised and he even told me, he has almost all of them on his what’s app, and he also told me that his quarrel with amina even started from their whatsapp chat, and not that he hates her naturally, he showed me all of them on his whatsapp contact list, and all their pictures, I was getting interested on this whatsapp of a thing, then he showed me a group that they use to chat together, and said he knows all of them from the group, then he opened the group and typed to the group,( hey st charles, we have a new member from my lodge,) from the chat everybody in the group was like guest who it was, some were asking if it was dan and other were asking if it was me, I was surprise many of our students both seniors and juniors already knows my name, chuks letter added my cell number and asked them to add me up to the group, we were still on the whatsapp issue when the bell for dinner sounded, then we quickly off mobiles and headed out for dinner,

    We got to the hall before amina and her room mates, we got seated and were discussing,
    Everywhere was covered with noise from the pupils, soon I saw amina coming with her friend, she walked pass us and they occupied the next empty seats, I saw dan and chuks looking at me on smiley way,

    Chuks. (On a low tune, ) tony do u know she was online when I added your number to the group and she even guest its you, hope you saw it,

    Me. Hmmmmmm,,,

    After the dinner, we all headed to the prep hall for prep, were chuks got lost and I was teaching dan the rules of mathematics, amina and her friends were seating next to me, she was reading and never cared to look at me,

    One junior came to me and notified me that a senior student wanted to see me, I excused dan and followed the junior student, we got to were the senior was staying, it was senior ivie, seating at the back of the prep hall all alone, she told the junior student to leave which she did,

    Ivie. Hi, tony do you have a cell phone?????

    Episode 23

    First I was shocked at the question, I kept mute for like 50seconds, I was thinking maybe senior ivie was working for the school, if I tell her she will tell the principal, or maybe she was, or maybe she saw chuks post on the group and decided to find out her self if its real, or maybe she just want my number, I was still thinking when I remember what miss ade told me,,( tony apart from me and your fellow room mates, don’t let anyone else know about this phone not even your best friend, because peoples are very wicked, your best friend can betray you tomorrow, when ever they see your making it in life than them, so be careful,) immediately I got my self back, I answered ,

    Me. No how can I be defiring the school law,

    Ivie. Are you sure? You know am your friend, tell me the truth,

    Me. Am saying the truth,

    Ivie. Ok I believe you,

    I left her to meet dan because the prep time is already over and students have started trooping in, we searched for chuks, and we found him with some group of boy discussing, when went in, dan rushed his bed, while me and chuks went back to our whatsapp chat,

    Me. Guy senior ivie called me out tonight during the prep time,

    Chuks. What for,

    Me. She was asking if I had a cell phone,

    Chuks. Hmmmmm, and what did you tell her,

    Me. No ofcus,

    Chuks, noo,?? you don’t have to fear her, I told she also has a cell phone so she wont expose us, if she do, she exposes her self, and probably she will chat you tonight,, what are you going to tell her,

    As we were talking chats notifications kept beeping my phone,

    Me. Chat me?

    Chuks, yes nah, you are a new face of that group almost all the member will chat you to know you well and maybe she will be among,

    I looked at my phone and saw 18 whatsapp notifications, I started chatting them back as instructed my chuks, introducing my self and making new friends, when I got to my sweet heart, (hope you already know who am talking about) (miss ade,) I had 5 massages from her,

    Miss ade. Hi baby,
    hope you got home safely,
    hope you remembered all that I have told you play your game safe,
    today was the best day of my life all thanks to you,
    you are really hot as a learner you really made my day,,

    Me. Good evening ma.

    Then I had another new notification, which reads

    New chat. Hi dumb head,

    Me. Helo,

    New chat. tony So its you, you think we will not know right,

    Me. Please who are you?

    New chat. Forget about who I am, anyway am so happy to have you here, at least I will be able to communicate my baby boy,

    Me. Am not you baby boy,

    miss ade chats…

    Miss ade. Good evening tony how are you?

    Me. Fine ma,

    Miss ade. How was the prep?

    Me. Fine ma,

    Miss ade. I can see you are really enjoying your new phone,

    Me. Yes ma, thanks so much ma,

    New chats….

    New chat. But tony how did you even have a cell phone, because I know you didn’t come to this school with it, so how manage,

    Me. I will tell you if you tell me who you are,

    New chat. Tony you are always sharp, she as you sharperly turned this to bisness, anyway if you want to see me, come outside the your door, am. There now waiting to see you,

    I turned to see chuks already sleeping on her bed, I gently kept my phone went to the door and gently opened it, but no one was there, I stepped out and searched but no one, so I gently locked the door and went in, to avoid security matter,

    Miss ade, hey tony are you sleeping already?

    Me. No ma.

    Miss ade, tony you really made my day today with that hot fun, thanks,

    Me. Ma I also enjoyed it,

    Miss ade. Really?? You are welcome to have me anytime.

    I didn’t reply that, because i. Don’t know what else to say,

    New chat…

    New chat. I know perhaps you are already out searching for me, I thought you are even more sharp to notice that no student is allowed out by now, and me standing by your door with my cell phone,?? Haahahaahha tony you got it wrong this time,,

    Me. Please who are you,

    New chat. Don’t worry you have been playing with me for long, and this time around its my turn, when am done with you will respect me. And know that I am a genus,

    With anger I switched my phone off and went to bed, thinking who this might be,,??

    Who could this be????

    Episode 24

    Its saturday morning, and everything is still going on smoothly, but amina is still not talking to me, and I haven’t had a chat from her or senior ivie, perhaps, then never believed its me, and my unknown chatter, kept on playing with me, he/she makes sure to keep the chat so updated to avoid getting me to stop chatting, I have bleeped miss ade twice this week and I am beginning to see what I am to loose if am truly a priest,

    We had our football training on wednesday morning after the training the couch informed us that we will be having our second leg match on saturday which is today, which is against brain academy grammar school ikoyi lagos,

    I woke up very early,my room mates were still sleeping, I prayed for the god I believe has left my side a long time ago, prepared and went to the pitch to have some exercise on my own because I needed to keep fit for today’s match, I jogged around the field and did some little personal training, the couch came around 6.Am, and found only me in the field jogging, he was so happy, and promised to train me more, it was around 6.30 player started coming in, I guest after morning assemble,, they jog while the couch left me to rest, after they are done jogging, we did a little training and the went to our various rooms,
    To get ready for the journey at,,

    Chuks. Tony when did you left here for the pitch that you didn’t attend the assemble,

    Me. 5.00 am,

    Chuks. And were did you go first before the pitch?

    Me. No were I went straight to the pitch,

    Chuks. You were there all alone?? How possible??

    Me. I just need to be alone to have my personal training to keep up fit,

    Chuks. Personal training ko, keep feet ni,

    Dan,, eeen tony how is today’s match going to be, can I go with you guys,

    Me. You can if the bus enters you, because apart from the players more 50 students will follow us to be fans as instructed by the principal,

    Dan. Ok I will try, but I know you are not going to break you leg today,

    Chuks. Perhaps head this time,,

    They both laughs while I left them to freshen up,, after my bath I relaxed to rest a bit,, I woked up around 1.21pm by chuks, hey man player are already going in to the bus, I quickly got up, wore my red trackers like that of snoop dog with my red man united red man united jersey packed my kits to my little bag and rushed out heading to were the couch said the bus will be,

    I got there around 1.44 pm, there is much players already,(always late) I went inside the bus, greeted all the players, both the ones I have been chatting with on whatsapp, I found an empty seat around my number 7, the igbo guy, then we got to discussion, (oh I forgot to tell you, we both have been chatting on whatsapp from the first day) we talked about how the ball is going to be, and if we will be able to conquer this time around, how we are going to catch new friend at brains academy, and have new whatsapp numbers, I was so happy this guy is very friendly,

    The bus kicked of at 2.14 pm, we were going with 2buses, one carrying the players some teacher, and some senior students, which includes, miss ade, miss sandra and amina, both at the front, and the other bus at the back carrying other students,, it was a noisy journey because the players never stopped singing and dancing,

    We got there at exactly 3.45 p.m, there student were already were already Everywhere, with their day wear, walking around and also staring at us, the bus packed and we all got down,, oh they have very pretty girls, and their day wear makes it more visible,

    We got down and was welcomed by the teachers, they showed us their pitch, we saw their players getting ready for the match, with there couch, we sat down and the cough told us to start kiting, amina eyes were fixed on me, after kiting we did a little jogging, then the couch shared the jerseys to our 1st eleven players, I got my number 9jersey to start the game,

    Which I quickly wore, getting ready to conquer brains academy,,

    Episode 25

    After putting on my number 9 jersey, i decided to use my eyes and find amina, I was beaten by surprises to see chuks and dan, they both smiled at me, chuks used his hand to do the sign of love to me, I smiled back still looking at them, when the whistle sound from the pitch got me back fully, the ref used if to notify the two schools that its almost the time to draw the battle line, then my heart started pounding fast, I thinks its because of the match,

    Couch. Good day players,

    Players. Good day couch,,

    Couch. I have tried my best on your guys, like I said in the morning, this title can belong to us if we work hard, we have talented players in our team to conquer any other school,
    today, he continued, is our second leg, group stage match on the governors cup, as you all know we won our first match if we win this one, it will be possible that we will be out of this group stage with flying colours, you all will go in there and make use proud again, like I said in the morning, no limit to what you can achieve, this time I am not going in there to tell you what to play, play what you know will make us proud, play with each other, believe in each other, and you will excel,
    Tony you starts 7 again today, while emeka starts 9, I hope you all has gotten your positions??

    Players, yes couch!

    Couch. Good,hold your hands,
    this is our game, we are taking over,,

    Players.(In a high voice) We the great st charles is up here to take over, taking over, taking over taking over,( as we breaks off our hands)

    Couch.Now go in and behave your selves,
    Good luck

    We started going in one by one, on a straight line, I looked at our fans side, and I saw miss ade looking at me, and when she saw I was looking at her, she smiled at me, and I smiled back,

    After hand shake with brains players, we took off to our side to pray,
    The game kicked of at 4.15 on a dot, we started playing, we player them but their defenders were so strong like that of, (when you miss the ball, don’t miss the leg) when I found out the pattern of their game, I became more careful to avoid another injury, I passes the ball out when ever I got to me, to avoid story that touches the heart,

    After the first 45 minutes, the score line was brains 0. St charles 0, it was an amazing game, but I never got the chance to display my skills, because I don’t want another injury,

    Couch. Well done guys, you are doing it great, I see we are lacking from the number 2 because they enters us from there, but I will fix the error, you guys played very well, tunde I love your the way you took over the midfield, and fayo you and your fellow defender made me happy, keep on the good work, and tony well done, you will now switch positions with emeka, and I expect a goal from you, the rest of you did very well, just relax and take some refreshment, while I build up my formations,

    Our student came to have hand shake with use, and it became so rowdy, miss ade, came to me and asked if am having any difficulties, which I replied no, she promised to buy me what ever I wants if I will score a goal today, I smiled and nodded in agreement, I raised up my face to see amina looking at me and miss ade,

    We went back to the field to finish what we have already started, the 1st 15minutes was great, we still maintain the ball possession, I got hold of the ball in front on two defenders, dribbled the first defender, then fires a shot that got the bar shaking, all our student shouted in joy, one of their player, got the ball and passed to the guy I think was their key player, they calls him lampard, he took the ball and made a move to our side, and was dribbling our defenders one after the other, he was about firing the sure am sure must be a goal when senior fayo dispossessed his plans, and got him down, he was given a yellow card and was also awarded a free kick, their number 7 played the ball with a nice curving, but our number 1 was able to get a hold of it, and fires in immediately,

    I was left with one defender, I was running hand to hand with him, towards the ball, but he was faster than me to get the ball, but instead of shooting it out, he tries to dribble me, which I collected it from him, then he failed down, I didn’t even look at him, I took my ball and was heading to the goal keeper, with almost all their defenders trying to stop me, the pressure was very high, but I never gave up, I got to the keeper, he was also with pressure, because all the students were shouting, I was just nearer then I pulled my right leg up like I wanted to shoot the ball, then tried to i dribble him with the left leg,

    Episode 26

    I dribbled him, and fired a shot to the net, and the whole peoples shouted in joy
    then I took off to celebrate my goal, I was running toward our students to celebrate with my two friends, senior fayo was the one that is suppose to grab me, but I didn’t let him, I ran passed him hoping to hug my two friends when emeka played a nice dive on me and go me down at the middle of the field,
    In a second the whole of our players were ontop of me celebrating the goal,,

    The celebration lasted for more than 3 minutes before it got faded away, but not on our students outsider, they were still celebrating it, making more noise than the school we came to visit,
    We got back to the center field to continue, but immediately brains players kicked off, sounded the final whistle, then the celebrations came back fully, all our students ran to the field, everybody was jumping on me, much hug that I even got tired of hugging girls, my two friend were so proud of me, the guarded me like ronaldo off the field, I was so happy, miss ade never left my side through out this celebrations, she was smiling all along all the teacher present gave me there hugs one by one, I hand shake with my fellow player and students, it was an unforgettable memory,

    All this while I didn’t see amina around, we got to were the bus was packed, as we all entered the bus because it was getting late to delay more, I got to my seat, but someone has already seated there, I looked up to see the person, it was amina, I didn’t even talk to her, I got down, and asked permission from the couch to follow the other bus,
    Why? He asked, I wanted to seat beside my friends, I said, ok go on, he said, I went to the bus, it was already full but I attached my self somewhere, then the bus set off following the first bus carrying the players,,, I was so happy, thing about how happy I have made friend,

    On the way we lost track of the first bus, because our own bus was caught on hold up, when we got to the school at around 6.45pm, all the students were standing outside welcoming the first bus, the principal, the teacher, the whole students, were there, when our bus arrived, and pulled off, the whole students ran toward us in joy, because they must have heard that we won the match,

    The students in the bus started to get down one by one, when it got to my turn, I came down and the whole student rushed me, then the celebrations begun again, after the much hugs and handshakes, we got to where the principal were waiting with the teachers, he hugged me and so do the teacher, then I went to were my fellow players were seating down, as I also sat down, then the principal calmed the whole students down as he begins,,,…. You all has made us proud once again, we are proud to have you all in this school, after your first match with macorns, I was convince that we are up for this trophy, and today you guy has proved it to me that you are capable,this calls for celebrations,, let the canteen team bring us here, the whole soft drinks and snacks for the whole student, and if its not enough, let them other outside, we are going to celebrate from now till, here we all will take our dinner before going for prep,then he turned to the players,, I am so so happy with your performance today, and I promised to reward you guys handsomely,
    The goal scorer,the whole players,and the couch, you all worked very hard to make the school proud,and this time the whole school will work hard to make you all happy, go back to your various lodges to refresh up and come back here for the celebrations to begin,,

    I got up to meet chuks and dan, as we headed back for our room,

    Chuks, wow tony, you made us all proud today,

    Dan. You know I taught you would miss that goal oo,

    Chuks, me too, I taught he will even fall down self, or shoot the ball to the goalkeeper,

    Me, I nearly fall down oo because of the pressure,

    Dan. You could have see the way amina celebrated that goal, she was so over joyed, she was shouting all through the game, calling your name when ever the ball was passed to you, she never seats,,

    Me. How did you know all this,?

    Dan. You know she was seating besides me, and chuks,

    Chuks. Tony that girl really loves you oo,

    Me. Abeg forget her, let me go in jari,

    I was about going in when I heard my name, TONY….

    Episode 27

    I turned to see senior ivie following me,,
    When she got close, dan and chuks greeted her, good evening senior, they said, good evening dear, you guys can go back now and have your fun, I want to talk to him, she said as they both turned back,

    Me. good evening senior,

    Ivie. Tony how are you, why are you walking like that, do you have any injury??

    Me. No just tired, that’s why,

    Ivie, ok, you know I wasn’t at brains academy today, but I prayed you never get another injury today,,

    Me. Hahahahhahaha I don’t get injuries everyday, I said as we got inside our room together,

    Ivie. Hope you did not stress your self much, on the match,?

    Me. No

    Ivie. ok You know its a big offence to see a girl in boys quarters not to talk of entering a room, I guest I should be going, before the securities comes around,

    Me. Ok, thanks,

    Ivie. What will you be doing in here now, hope you will take long to come out,

    Me. I want to refresh up, and change to something good, then I will come out,,

    Ivie. In that case, let me wait for you since you wont be staying long,

    I wanted to turn her down, but she didn’t insisted, so I let her,,,

    I went to the bathroom and was taking my bath when I remember that I didn’t even select the cloths that am suppose to wear and also take them with me to the bathroom, because I have a female visitor, I can’t change were she was, after taking my bath, I cleaned up my body still thinking of what else to do, when I decide to tie a towel, to the room then pick my cloths and return to the bathroom to change,, so I tied my white towel, went to the room, and was selecting my cloths,

    Ivie, maybe I can massage your body so u can feel better,

    Me. No senior am ok,

    Ivie. You don’t seem, you are too weak for my liking,

    Me. You its normal, players are always weak after match or training,

    She stood up, came closer and said in low voice,

    Ivie, tony I still insist you come and lie down while I massage your body,( as she drags me to the bed side,)

    I lied down with my belly on the bed and my face facing the bed, then she climbed on me, and I laughed,
    You see I know you will like it, she said as she started massaging my shoulder, after sometimes on the shoulder, she came over to the waist, and was gently shifting my towel, my eye turned red, as I know what am faced with, and I started breathing so fast, are you ok, she asked, yes I answered,
    Then she continued, but she kept of from my waist side, stand up, she ordered, and I did,
    She came close and planted a nice kiss on my lips, I wanted to reject it and slap her, but her lips are so sweet to reject, then I started kissing back, we kissed on as we roll on the be, my hand traveled from her back to unzip her bra as she pull of her shirt still kissing, her nice portable stairing at me, asking me to kiss them, I got a hold of one and she left out a soft moan, I started feeding my self with the order, she grab my johnthamos, and was scrubbing it, she was just a professional, and I was feeling it high, then our lips found each other again as we locked up on a french kiss, but my hands never left her, and this time she was moaning on my mouth as I was doing my great job on her,

    Then she pulled off her skirt as I remove my trauser letting out my johnthamos, whom has been looking for a way out, she hold it and was scrubbing it ask I helped her pull her pant, oh she was so wet, I slipped a finger in her k---y, she is not even a virgin, she moaned as I led her on my bed and was about penetrating her when a knock came to the door,,

    Episode 28

    I was about penetrating her when a knock came to the door, koi koi koi,

    I was shocked and so do ivie,my johnthamos soften immediately, and was cold as if it never stood up before, then my brain started coming back, I saw my self on top of senior ivie, it was as if I was on juju, I asked my self, what am I doing here, how did I got here, I looked her face to confirm if this is real, koi koi koi, the knock came again, i think its security, oh we are so dead today, she said, I quickly got up from her, take my towel to cover my self while she quickly dressed u, the knock came again and I answered,

    Me. Who is that,

    The person did not reply, that even added more fear to my body, I went to the door and opened it, oh it was, daniel,
    He came in,I formed my face and pretended to be innocent, I look at senior ivie, wow this girl is even more sharper than I am, she was already on our student reading stool, pretending to be reading one novel that was on the table,

    Dan. Guy what have you been doing nah,
    All players are already out their, anyway miss ade asked me to call you,

    Me. Ok let me quickly dress up, I will join you guys their,

    Then he left, I quickly got to my wardrobe, clad on my black plain trouser and my white sergrato slim fit shirt, senior ivie joined me, pretending innocent as we walks out of the room mute, just looking at each other, and making the other not to notice, you know that kind of look,( if you look at me, I will look away, then leter look back to see if see if she is still looking at me) we were like this till we got to the entertainment hall,, she quickly gave me a gap, walking on her own for people not to notice she was with me,,

    Wow the hall was decorated, it was really a party not a celebrations, students Everywhere, I managed to find were the players and couch were, wow it seems as if we have won the governors cup already,

    The principal, took the bell and calm the crowd again as he begin, I hope today you all know we are celebrating our first away win match, on the ongoing governors cup, I told you all, that we are going to celebrate, but I letter turned it to a party, because I remembered I also celebrated my 50th birthday this week, so you all will drink and eat from now till 10pm, because there will no longer be any prep tonight, you will start with snacks, while the kitchen team prepare your dinner, which you all will also take here tonight, so go on and enjoy your selves, he concluded

    All students, happy birthday sir,

    We ate and drink till we all got exhausted, then we started chatting among us, because their was no music to dance to, I stood up from my seat and walked out to have a fresh air, and to also stretch my self, I walked to the field side, the school wall and pole light kept me going as if it was morning, I got to a seat, and I got seated, then I got thinking about the match, the celebrations, which really got me smiling, then I remembered that apart from seeing amina took my seat in the bus at brains academy I haven’t seen her again,I thought about what chuks and dan said about her today,then i just manage to flush that off my brain while I relaxed my self on the seat,
    Wow it was so cool out there and silent, the breeze never seized coming, then I heard a slight voice, I looked around to see if anyone was coming but didn’t see anyone, I got relaxed again and the voice came again, this time very clearly, its as if they were two and was talking to each other, but I only hear one voice talking what I don’t understand, as I move closer toward the direction, It was very clearly and the voice sounds like that of miss ade, I got to peep the person from a far, low and behold it was miss ade, and she haven’t even seen me yet,, I hid my self to hear her, she was answering a phone call, she was talking to someone on phone that seems like her father, because I heard her said dad am fine, and I will be coming back soon to see you, then she asked to speak to her sister, within a short time she started talking again,

    Miss ade. Hi shade how are you, how is school, ? When did you return? I was calling your number but it was switched off, daddy will give you some money tomorrow, please I don’t want you to send it, I want you to bring it to me, so I can get to see my only younger sister again, you know exams are around the corner and we teachers don’t have time to move around, while coming please branch to any market around and buy me original male football jersey , it must be man united jersey, buy 3, red, white and black, I want to give it to one of my student, and come early so I can ask the securities to grant you pass ok,
    She cuts off,

    She finished answering the call and she walked passed were I am, not knowing I was there,…
    I was happy miss ade wanted to buy me a new jersey,

    Episode 29

    She walked pass and headed to the hall, while I went to were I was seating before and relaxed again, I was their thinking about my life, I was lost in thought when a touch on my shoulder brought me back, first I thought it was miss ade, I looked up to my surprise it was amina, I just looked at her, frown my face and look away,

    Amina. Tony I came to asked you why did you really hate me??

    Me.( Silent for some times thinking about what to say,) I don’t hate you,

    Amina. Then why have you been ignoring me.?

    Me. Me?? You are the one that is not talking to me,

    Amina. why did you do what you did today, do you know you really embarrassed me??

    Me. What did I do?

    Amina. Because of me you left that bus for the other, just because you don’t want me near you,, is that how you really hate me??

    Me. I don’t hate you,, just that you automatically stopped talking to me, then I think you needed to be on your own, and that’s why I gave you the chance, I searched my self to find the reason behind your sudden change but I don’t see were I really got wrong,, even if I did something wrong, can’t you correct me, instead of keeping malice with me, what are friends for,??

    Amina.(Kneeling down) am sorry tony forgive me, I don’t really know what came over me, but since that day from canteen I have be regrating my action,, I don’t really know what is wrong with me, whenever I saw you with another girl, I always feel bad in my heart, that’s why, please forgive me,,

    Me.( Silent for sometimes,, ) so because you saw me eating with senior ivie, you just got angry and stopped talking to your friend,

    Amina. Tony I don’t really know what got over me,, but since that day u never talked to me, I completely lost my happiness please tony, forgive and be my friend again,,

    Me. (Walked to her and hold her hand,) get up dear I have long forgiven you,, you know you are my good friend,,

    She got up, hugged me an sat down with me, as we told each other stories, she also complemented me on the nice performance today, and promised to follow to every away match we had to play,
    We stayed there, till she started feeling sleepy, she laid her head on my should and started sleeping, not quite long the bell sounded notifying us that the party is over,, I woke her up as we headed to our various rooms,,

    Next day was sunday, I woke up very early to prepare for 6am mass, chuks was already in the bathroom taking his bath, while dan was still sleeping, I said a little prayer as I tapped dan to get up and prepare for mass, after preparations we headed for the mass,
    I we got so early, so we found a good seat to relax, the mass started at 6am sharp, the mass was so boring that even chuks was even sleeping, during offering I saw amina on the line going for offering, I was so surprise why she change church because I know she always attend (RCCG) anyway I ignored that and went to offer my little money,,

    After mass we went outside, me and chuks were already out waiting for dan because we lost him because of the much crowd,, then I saw amina and her friend walking toward us,,

    Chuks. Guy this amina don change church oo,,

    Me. Hmmmmmmm,

    Chuks. See she dey come here ooo, for you, me I go shift for una, make I go find dan first,

    Amina. Good morning tony,

    Me, hey dear same to you, how are you,,

    Amina. Amina fine oo,,

    Me. This one you attended our church today?? You don dey like am?

    Amina. Am following my heart, and from today am a catholic, nothing can change that,,

    Me.. Your heart,,

    Amina. Forget that we will be leaving now, bye,

    Me. Ok see you next time, bye,

    She left, dan and chuks came to were I was, then we also headed for our home,

    Episode 30

    On monday we didn’t go to classes because it was a public holiday, we were not allowed to go to our various homes because its a two days holiday, monday and tuesday,, so its just our play days in st charles, the couch has already put it that we train morning and evening for this two days while others will go as usual,, so that monday I woke up very early, went to the field for training, after training I went home, took my bath and join my two king kongs to play whot cards,, after which I letter slept off,,

    I woke up at around 2pm, my two friends are not in the room, I went to the bathroom to wash my face, there I remembered that I haven’t checked my whatsapp chat since last night,, after keeping my face clean I wiped it with my cloth, went to my bag and applied a little powder, then switched my phone to chat with my friends,,
    I have many new chatters, so I open one who said hi, I replied with helo, he seems to be online, one thing about peoples that use whatsapp in school is that we don’t put our own pictures on the profile pics, because the school staffs and securities always caught students with phones every day, so that if they catch any student and open his or her whatsapp , they will be unable to identify all those students on the list, chuks told me that, and I concur,,, so I checked the person profile pics, but he/she is just using the picture of 2pac with gun on street,,how are you tony, he chatted, am fine, who am I chatting with, I replied, its emeka, form ss2,,

    Me. Number 7

    Emy, lol yea,,

    Me. Emy how far nah,

    Emy. Today’s training dull me oo,

    Me. Na so e suppose be nah,

    Emy. Couch told me today to work on my strength, and I have been planning to obey him, and he also told me you could help me, that I should talk to you,,

    Me. Where are you now?? Let’s talk face to face,

    Emy. Am in the room, ok come to our room nah,,

    Me. Am on my way ok,

    Emy. Ok thanks,,

    I went to my wardrobe, wear my short red man united jersey, and my red purple square polo, then dashed out to senior emy’s lodge, their lodge is close to girls hostel, on getting there, i located their room and knocked, who is that?, a hard voice asked, fear first catch me oo,, the voice rock I swear, I managed to answer, its me, then They opened the door,

    Me. Good afternoon senior,, am here to see senior emy,

    Senior. Wow tony the super hero, come inside, and feel free, emy is in the bathroom, he will soon be here,,

    I looked at his hand, he was holding a blackberry phone, then many things started running in my mind,this guy is not being careful with this phone of a thing in this school,because not using phone in st charles is one of the biggest rule in st charles and the penalty is very huge,, (expel from the school) what if he got caught with this phone, what if its a security man that knocked, then his voice brought me back,,

    Senior. Tony I heard you also breaks the school law as well,,

    Me. How senior, I heard you also use cell phone in this school,,

    Me. Noo,

    Senior.( Laughs for sometimes,) but I was here when emy was chatting you nah, so u can’t lie to me, just look at mine here am also a member so don’t fear, nothing is going to happen,, are you here with your phone??

    Me. Nooo, I left it at home,

    Senior. (Laugh for sometimes,)why nah, guest you are afraid right?

    Me. Yea,

    Senior. ok. I will collect your number from emy so we can chat more and I will connect you with many girls around the world so that your chatting will be more fun ok,

    Me. Ok,
    Emy. Hy tony my man sorry I delayed you, just need to take my bath that’s why,

    Senior. Emy abeg una go try go out because that my girl go soon come, I wan yansh her today,

    Emy. Ok, tony were can we go,?

    Me. I was about saying to the pitch when a knock came to the door and senior opened it, there came in a girl,

    When I saw her face, I almost shouted

    Guest who???

    Episode 31 (Final)

    I was shocked that I almost shouted, so senior ivie dey hammer almost all the students, so this senior ivie don strong like this, I guest she was also shocked when she saw me, because her voice was shaking when she answered my greeting, I quickly maintained and pretended as if nothing has happened between us,,

    Emy. Tony I asked you, were do you think we should go,?

    Me. Oh let go to the pitch side

    Emy. Yea I think the atmosphere there would be better,

    We left while senior and ivie were on his bed talking something I couldn’t hear,, we got to the pitch and sat down while I told him all the secret to a player strength that I know,, and always promised to always call him whenever am going for personal trainings,, after staying long we retired for our homes,,

    In the night miss ade called me to know why I haven’t been showing up since saturday, and she asked to see me at her house tomorrow afternoon,, tuesday morning I went for training and when I came back, I refresh up and slept off till 1pm, i got up and prepared and went off to miss ade’s house, on my way I meet with miss sandra,

    Me. Good afternoon ma.

    Miss sandra. Same to you tony, how have you been,

    Me. Fine ma.

    Miss sandra. I have been looking for you in and out of this school since sunday, last saturday u made us proud again and I even bought a gift for you on sunday, but I couldn’t see you,,

    Me. Oh thank you ma, I was around just that I was tired to come out apart from prep time and food times,, am sorry ma,

    Miss sandra. You don’t have to be sorry dear,, that reminds me, last time I asked you to bring some books to my office, but u didn’t and adewumi has to bring it her self,,

    Me. I tried to bring it ma,, but the maths teacher entered the class immediately you left ma,, so the literature teacher offered to help me ma,, forgive me..

    Miss sandra. Its ok, were are you heading to now,,

    Me. Am just going to meet with my friends at the play ground,,

    Miss sandra.. Ok, like I said before I bought a gift for you,, so do branch to my house while coming back,,

    Me. Ok ma,,(who know what she want from me,, do she also want to turn me to her sexton?))

    I left her and headed to miss ade place, I knocked at her door, she opened the door and let me in,,

    Miss ade. Wow tony I have been waiting for,, see how handsome you look this afternoon

    Me. Thank you ma,,

    Miss ade. Did you see my massage on your whatsapp??

    Me. No ma.

    Miss ade, you know I promised to give you what ever you asked for if you could score a goal on the game against the Brains last week?, of which you did,,

    Me. Yes ma,

    Miss ade. Ok let me tell you what I wrote on your whatsapp,, I said that my kid sister would be coming to see me today, that I would like you to meet with her,, she is also intelligent like you,

    Me. Ok ma, is she here yet?

    Miss ade. yes, she is in the room,,
    now tell me what do you request from me, for scoring that good goal that made us happy,,

    Me. A cold bottle of sprite ma.( Being a sharp guy, I intentionally choosed that, because I don’t want to ask much, and also I know what is already waiting for me, so I comported my self and acted like a fool, you know say igbo no dey carry last,,)

    Miss ade. Really?? Just a sprite,, ok I will get it for you, but I will have to go to the canteen,, SHADE, (she called out for her sister)

    Shade. Yes anti (as she came,s out from the room,)

    Miss ade. This is tony, my favorite student and a good friend, and tony this is shade my only sister, you guy should chat and know each other while I get something outside,,

    Wow, shade is simply the most beautiful girl I have ever set my eyes on in this world, she is so beautiful even without make up, her eyes were killing, she is black, infact her own black is beautiful, she has a very nice b–bs and a big and portable waist that suits that her killing shape,, she has that shape of a figure 8, she is tall and with a straight. Legs,, and most especially her pink lips that kept calling me for a kiss, she is about the age of 17, I got intimidated by her beauty that I even lost my voice to speak,

    Shade. Hi dear my sister has told me much about you,
    To be continued in season 2

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