Story: Not Her Reflection


    Tears ran down my cheek as the event of what happened yesterday kept flashing back to my memory. I couldn't believe I was raped, my virginity? I have succeeded in keeping my virginity for the past 25years.

    I am Olanrewaju Ifeoluwa the first child of Mr and Mrs Olarenwaju. I lost my mother at the age of 16 and we are left with our dad and my two other siblings.

    Things have not been going well since the death of my mum. She died of Tuberculosis (TB), so people do run away from I and my siblings because the TB story do scare them.

    My dad remarried two months after my mum's death, leaving the myself and my siblings hopeless.

    My sibling's responsibilities were on me so much that I had to drop out of school. I was in SSS 3 and I had to do some menial jobs like working in a soap factory at Fatai Atere road, Lagos; cleaning the floor in PZ cusson company also, just for the survival of I and my siblings.

    My immediate younger sister was 13years while our younger brother born was 8years old. My sister Tofunmi had to drop out of school, she worked as a sales girl in a boutique because we didn't want our junior brother to suffer. We wanted him to further his education and he was so young.

    After my dad remarried, his wife treated us like we were slaves, I had to save some money to rent a small room at Mushin Olosha for the three of us to manage.

    On the long run, Edwin who is a cultist kept on disturbing me to be his girlfriend but I declined his request because I didn't want to have anything to do with a cultist, but I didn't know that I was getting into trouble.

    On my way back from work around 10pm, I got lost in thought.
    -O lord, I feel lost, I feel dejected WHY ME? as I want to write down my story, I feel there is no hope, I need help, I need someone by my side, I need peace, is it a crime not to have a mother? Why did all my relatives, friends most especially my dad forget I and my siblings?- I knew life was unfair. My questions were rhetorical. I had no one to provide me with answers.

    Wanting to write this incident makes me feel broken, I feel shattered, my sister Tofunmi who is now 22 kept on saying " Ife, please forget about this, let's go to the Hospital so that you can have a checkup, you know we still have to move on, this is not the end".

    On the other side, Shina who is now 17years old looked at me with tears, he kept on talking about revenge.
    "Shut up, Shina, don't even go near Edwin, don't try to move near him or any of his gang, don't you know he's a cultist?".

    Tofunmi scolded him while I just stared at my wet diary.
    I hadn't written anything, my hands couldn't move, and appetite was lost. Edwin had spoilt my life.

    " Sister Ife, please let us go to the hospital." Tofunmi broke the silence in the room.
    "For what?" I replied angrily.
    "We are not sure if all these guys have any disease, ehn, please I don't want you to have any disease." Tofunmi said crying.

    "Sister Mi" as Shina will always call me. "it is true! let's do what sis Tofunmi said o."

    I agreed even though I wasn't in my right sense. I don't want any complications in my body again. I have to make sure that I'm clean.

    I closed my diary and dropped it under the pillow


    Suspense filled my heart as I awaited my result. The lab attendant gave me my result and told me that I am infected with gonorrhea and if I delay in treating it, I would have complications in my body system,most especially my womb.

    I nearly fainted "Arrgh, Emi Olanrewaju Ifeoluwa, GONORRHEA!!! This is not possible, Tofunmi, is it really true?"

    "We have to report to the police about this rape incident o, sister Mi,please let's go to the police station". Shina said angrily while the lab attendant was looking at us pitifully. Tofunmi was filled with tears and I was lost In thought.

    Having completed his secondary education, I and Tofunmi were looking for more money to further his education, he got admitted to the University of Ibadan to study Sociology, and I don't have money for any treatment now. What kind of calamity is this? Who did I offend? Why me? I am 25years old and I am old enough to get married anytime soon but who would want to marry a gonorrhea infected lady, the lab attendant broke the silence and said, "Miss Ife, I advise you to treat yourself as soon as possible and after that report to the police before it is too late and you'll have to pay #35,000 for treatment".

    "Ahh!Aunty, but this is a general hospital, ehn! Please can you help us". Tofunmi knelt down begging.

    "I can't do anything, the power is not in my hands but I can help you with the money, she went to her bag and brought out some money and counted it, she stretched her hand to Tofunmi, take this #15,000 that's all I can afford to help you out,I am sorry that I can't do more than" said the nurse

    Before she completed the sentence. Tofunmi hugged her,
    "Thanks,aunty, God will bless you and your children",we thanked her and prayed for her.
    " No problem, we thank God, but just make sure you have the remaining balance before next week so that you will take care of yourself on time "she warned us.

    I was so happy,we thanked her once again, so we left.
    Sister Ife, you know I collected my salary yesterday and I wanted to take the money to the bank on Monday, it's #25,000 we have the money already then". Tofunmi said.

    I was jumping,praising God, people who were passing by looked at me,I was so happy not knowing that another great disaster was about to happen to us, WHY ME?

    When we got home, we saw that our house has been burnt down,our neighbours were looking worried,some were crying, we saw the police car they were investigating our house. One of my neighbours came to meet us " Thank God, you were not at home o, some touts rather cultists came to our house and ransacked everywhere in the house,after taking all the valuable things in the house,they were with dangerous weapons, they shot Daddy Lola(one of our neighbours too)because he was trying to stop them from burning the house, I don't even know where I'll go,my properties, I don't have anything again".she said throwing her hands on her head, I didn't know what happened after that all what I know was that I felt weak and everywhere became dark suddenly.

    I found myself in the hospital, when I tried to turn, my brother stood immediately
    "Sister Mi,how are you?

    Nurse ! Nurse!! She is awake". Shina called the Nurse, then a lady came in checked the drip, my temperature and some other things, after she left the first thing I asked was" where is Tofunmi?what am I doing here?"

    "Sister Mi, you need to rest now, I can't tell you anything now but you've been lying down here for 5days" Shina replied.

    What? 5days? What happened to me? I tried to remember what happened to me, then I felt a sharp pain on my head, I screamed, I couldn't hear anything again,the pain was so sharp that I felt like my head was about to explode.

    Then I saw a Doctor, he came in and injected me, then everything went blank once again.

    When I woke up, I found myself in a different room from the previous one and still saw Shina by my side, he was lost in thought.

    "Shina, where is Tofunmi?".
    He started crying,"sister mi, you need to relax and calm down, thank God you're fine now".

    I started thinking, hope it's not that Tofunmi is dead or don't let me think otherwise. Then I remembered the incident that happened before I fainted, Oh No, so we don't have anywhere to stay, ahh! Tofunmi's money, hope she's not shocked about the incident?

    " Shina, please tell me,where is Tofunmi? Answer me right now".I shouted at him. Before he could say anything, the doctor entered and told Shina that he needs to get money for the gonorrhea because it was spreading fast.

    "As for your other sister", the doctor explained as I heard that, I quickly looked up then Shina spoke immediately.

    " Oh Doctor, thanks for everything, let's go outside to talk about it" then the Doctor turned to my side and noticed that I was awake, God, this man is handsome, he should be in his early thirties, his smile is captivating, how I wish....

    "Can you hear me?"I heard the doctor say.

    Oh....I.....I was short of words.


    I said my name is "Daniel and I am your Doctor, How are you feeling?" he replied
    Wow, I blushed, he is asking me how I felt? And introducing himself to me seems special like he was trying to woo me.

    "I'm Ife and I feel much better now" I smiled.

    Okay, "we give thanks to God and please you need to relax and don't think too much then" he turned to Shina, "has she eaten?" He asked
    "No, she hasn't, I'll go and get what she'll eat".Shina answered.

    "Where did Shina get the money from", I thought.
    "Okay, you need to be fast about it" Doc Daniel replied.

    Then they both went outside to discuss. "What is wrong with Tofunmi and how will I get the remaining #20,000 for my treatment", I pondered.

    Shina came in with the food.
    "Ahan, Shina where did you get the money from and what about the #15,000 that aunty gave us, hope it is safe" I asked him.

    Siiiisssstttteeeerrr mmmiiiii(he emphasized) the money is safe and it is bro. Daniel that gave me money to buy food". He smiled.
    "Wow, that Doctor must be nice", I said blushing. Oh my God, am I supposed to be falling in love at this time but this is the first time in my life I'll ever look at a guy like that, he must be my perfect man, his name makes me blush.

    O my Daniel, I hope he's single. My brother noticed the way I blushed.

    " Humm, I think someone is in love already ".
    " just shut up"I replied sheepishly.
    "Sister Mi, we need to talk about how we will get the remaining money to pay our bill". He sighed...

    " The money I and Tofunmi saved for your school is #100,000 thought its #70k you need but you'll need to take somethings to school and I don't want you to touch that money, you need to go to school, you need to be educated, you have to be better than us" I held his hands tightly. God knows I love Shina so much, I don't use him to play,if you try rubbish with him,you're looking for trouble.

    He started crying
    "Shina, stop being too emotional, you're growing to be a man". I hugged him
    Sister Mi, he was sobbing, please let's use that money for your treatment, then we can look for money later.
    I pondered about what he said then I finally decided to use the money for my treatment.

    Thank God, I took my ATM card along that day otherwise I would have gone to the bank and made use of my withdrawal slip. I gave him the ATM card to withdraw #20,000, I told him to be very careful. I was still afraid that Edwin is still out there watching us and our Nigerian police won't get all these cultists, they're very dangerous, instead I'll just endanger my life. So I leave everything to God.

    Shina came back to the hospital looking so exhausted.
    " Shina, tell me where Tofunmi is"
    "Well, now that you've recovered, sis Tofunmi too was admitted to the hospital and she's under special care, she has stroke, she has been there for one week now". He looked bitter.

    " what are the doctors saying"
    "Ermm, sister Mi, let me go and pay this money so that you'll be treated on time". He ran out of the room.

    Two hours later, Doctor Daniel, some other nurses & some interns attended to me & prescribed some drugs for me to use. I thanked home and you know what? I was so excited, Doc Daniel asked for my phone number. This is fate, we're meant to be.

    I collected the drugs that were prescribed to me in the hospital's pharmacy and I went to my sisters room. Tears filled my eyes as I saw different drips connected to my sister's body, we were not allowed to enter the room, so we stood at the window side. Tofunmi, you need to fight this.

    " Sister Mi, you didn't even bother to ask where we were going to stay or have you forgotten that our house has been burnt down".Shina asked
    "It's true tho, where are we going to". I asked

    " Bro Daniel's apartment ".
    Oh my God, I said it, this Daniel is my man.
    " He's very nice, God will bless him". I prayed.

    When we got out of the hospital building, I saw Doctor Daniel waiting for us beside a Range rover. Gosh, this guy must be rich. The car was tinted, all black. Omo, come and feel the AC, the fragrance too, na another thing. Strawberry fragrance?
    No orange, no peach, I can't even get the fragrance.

    Even the sound system,the beat was cool, it made me feel like I'm in another world entirely. His car was neat, you needed to see the way I was admiring the car like a villager.

    Before I knew it, Shina tapped my shoulders & whispered
    "Don't tell me that you're falling in love with this guys".
    I punched him and said don't let him hear you, are you okay? Then he gigled.

    I was kinda embarrassed. Which kind brother be this one self.
    The journey was so long, I thought this guy was living in Mushin, so he's living in Festac.

    God has answered my prayer.I wasn't my holy self again, that means there's been this gold digger inside of me for a very long time. I need to control myself otherwise I'll just end up being cheap.

    When we got to his house, he showed us where I and my siblings would stay. The room was very big like extra large,it's only in movies I see rooms like this, Now, I am seeing it in reality. The room was kinda dark, but a faint blue bulb was turned on giving it some little visuals.

    The bed also was very soft, it looked like a family bed, the room was well air-conditioned, no more handfan. My brother too was admiring the room.

    " Sister Tofunmi will like this". Shina said with a teary eyes. I hugged him and assured him that she would be fine.

    Episode 5

    Oh Edwin, Edwin made my life so miserable after that incident. He threatened me and wanted to force me to be his girlfriend, he accused me of stealing his money.

    On my way back from work around 10pm, I noticed that I was been followed  and in Mushin, area boys are always there but that very day nobody was along the road, I was scared because this was strange, I tried running  but three other guys appeared in my front and the two guys at my back were laughing at me
    "See this girl, where you wan go, abi something dey worry you". One of them said in pidgin

    " Please, what have I done? I don't have money, please have mercy on me". I begged thinking they were just hoodlums.

    They were just laughing, until two other guys came to join us, "Thank God, I've seen someone that will save me" I thought not knowing that it was Edwin and his friend Biggy.

    "Ife!, Ife!!, Ife!!! think say you fit scam me, I go treat your fuck up". Edwin said angrily.

    " Edwin please I'm sorry "I tried begging.

    The two guys at my back pushed me to the ground and they started whipping me with a strong wire, I screamed, " Help,Help, someone please help me, Edwin I'm sorry "I cried out but Edwin was adjusting his shorts. I tried fighting back but it wasn't working, they tore my silk cloth while I was struggling and screaming.

    " Do you think you'll find help? "Pulo", he pointed at one light guy, after I and Biggy don finish, make u and the boys arrange yourself". Edwin said

    Oh my God, arrange? seven guys? About to rape me? Oh no? My dignity, my virginity, will I lost it this way? I've always been dreaming of Mr. Right, I closed my legs so tight with all my energy, the the guy called " Pulo"punched my mouth with His fist while another one slapped me, Edwin brought out a sharp object and stabbed my laps, it was a deep cut, I have a scar there right now on my left lap.

    "Open your legs" Edwin shouted.

    I was loosing so much blood, I felt weak, then Edwin forced his way through me, it hurts so much, No!!! I was raped on the road filled with mud, after Edwin was through, I couldn't even feel my leg again, all of a sudden, Biggy pounced on me, forced me to kiss him, fondled with  my private parts, writing down this incident makes me want to kill myself, it was like a nightmare, after Biggy was through, Pulo and the other four guys raped me. All what I could remember was seeing their disgusting smile.

    I found myself in my room, I was happy, "wow, thank God it was a dream" I thought, not till I felt a sharp pain on my leg. So I was truly raped.

    I closed my diary for another day and cried out till  I slept off.


    Sister Ife is not back from work, it's late and unusual, I hope she's fine". I was worried
    "I don't feel good too,  something must be wrong". Shina said
    It was around 12am in the midnight, I was even thinking maybe it was traffic or she was delayed at work but it's weird, I was tensed.

    " Shina, let's go outside and loom for her".I told Shina and I quickly wore my slippers.

    We don't know where to look for her. But it's strange, area boys do sleep around here but nobody was there, or have they kidnapped my sister?
    My torchlight reflected on a body lying along the road, I was scared, "what's that? Is it an animal?". I asked
    While Shina examined the body with my torchlight, then he started weeping.

    " Ahh, it's sister mi o, what has happened". I also examined the body and started laughing, I didn't even know when or how I started laughing
    I hissed "I don't know why I'll be dreaming, it's time to wake up, " no o" Shina, Ife is at work, let's go home".I was still shocked.

    "Sister Tofunmi, I'm sure that this is sister Mi". Shina replied
    The body was half naked, wait, why am I deceiving myself, it is Ife

    " Is she still breathing" I yelled at Shina"what are you still waiting for? Lift her up,  be fast". I didn't know when I hit Shina. Well we succeeded in giving her first aid treatment.
    Was Ife raped? By who? But why my sister?

    What happened from here?
    Wait for it....

    Episode 4

    Oh God, it is now two months after the incident at Mushin, Tofunmi is still on the sick bed. The doctors kept assuring us that she'll be fine.

    Shina is to resume school next week and his school fees  is #70,000 for one session and he will need to take some other things to the campus and we can't disturb Daniel, he has tried so much.

    Well, I got another job, I'm working In Macs Supermarket, cashier at least it is better than the previous work, and I got a new diary.

    I'll write all my pains, how Edwin ruined my life and how I want my future to look like, I want people to know my name, I, Olanrewaju Ifeoluwa will never give up, I'll prosper and my story must be heard, people must hear my story, how I suffered, life's not fair, I know I'll make it.

    On a Monday morning, two days before Shina's resumption, Daniel called me and told me that Tofunmi was awake. My heart leapt for joy. I told my boss and she was also happy for me. I called Shina to leave wherever he was and come to meet me at my work. We went to Mushin and when we got to the hospital, my sister was in another room where she was eating fried yam and egg, gisting with Daniel.

    For the first time in my life, I was jealous but I didn't let it disturb me because I love my sister too, I hugged and pecked her forehead. Immediately she held I and Shina tight, it was like as if we've left each other for years.

    "Oh Tofunmi",
    " Ife, Shina", Tofunmi was speechless and I was also speechless. There's nothing like family, we cried like babies.

    Well, you might not understand how it feels not to see your close sister, lover, friend for a long time(well it might just be two months but it was like forever)

    "My baby, how are you feeling?" I broke the silence
    "I am fine, I'm so happy to see both of you, we've a lot to gist about o" Tofunmi said.
    "No problem, we've a lot of gist for you, dont worry you won't get bored" Shina said.

    We left the hospital together but Daniel didn't follow us because he was on night shift. We boarded a bus from Mushin to Oshodi, as we got down from the bus, I saw Edwin coming towards us, I was scared, then he started laughing so hard. Shina stood by my side and held my hand so tight.

    Edwin said " you think you can run away from me forever? Wait, what are you even keeping sef? You are no longer a virgin, so what's keeping you from being my girlfriend or do you want me to teach you another lesson?"

    "You bastard!!!!! Get out of our way" Shina replied him
    "Hmm, your younger brother thinks he can protect you, well I dont have time for a small thing like him, but Ife Mi, I love you so much & I dont know why you dont want to be mine, I'll protect you and as for accommodation, I have a big flat for you and your siblings". Edwin said seductively.

    " We don't need your help, thanks for destroying our lives, we're not interested ".Shina said while trying to slap him but Tofunmi held his hand before I could.

    " Dont let me deal with you, Shina, otherwise you won't think of living again ".Edwin threatened and walked away.

    " Shina! Shina!! Never in your life talk back again when Edwin is around, Are you okay??? what's wrong with you" I shouted at him.

    "Sister mi, I can't just watch him talk to you like that, I won't keep quiet just because he is(....before he could finish his sentence, Tofunmi slapped him. "Just shut up, and let's go home" Tofunmi screamed.

    When we got to Daniel's apartment, I tried to take Edwin's threat off my mind, "I knew Shina was in deep trouble, he was to leave Lagos and go to school, but my problem is what if Edwin tracks him, what if he has other cultists as friends in UI" (this thoughts kept going through my mind). "What am I thinking? Edwin might just look over it because he knows Shina is a small boy, but Edwin doesn't forgive easily,

    I need to protect my brother, I need to talk to Daniel when he comes back from work tomorrow morning".

    " Shina, what have you gotten yourself into? Dont you know Edwin is a cultist? dont you know how deadly they are? I asked.

    "Sister Mi, Who the fuvk does he think he is? What can he do? The worst thing he can do is to beat me up and I am not scared of anybody" Shina boasted...

    I was speechless even Tofunmi was speechless, but what can I do?

    ****Hours later****

    I brought out my new diary, then I began to write out all my pains and sorrows.

    "Dear diary, I feel useless, what have I done? Why did God create her? Why am I human? Why am I going through pains? Or is she badluck? Who did my mother offend? I managed to cope with life after my mom's death but Edwin suddenly came from nowhere and destroyed my life, he changed my life, my destiny, and he made me lose hope, Oh gosh, I feel like killing myself, in fact I want to kill myself, what's the essence of living? When every single day of my life is pain. I remember how I met Edwin, Oh no! I curse that day, that was the day devil started to control my life.

    When I first met Edwin, he was such a nice person and we became friends, he was the one that got an apartment for I and my siblings at Mushin Olosha, he assisted us in paying the house rent, I liked him at first, i thought he was a good person  not knowing he was the opposite. The day I found out Edwin was a cultist was the day I went to visit him at home, we talked for some time then later he went to have his bath
    My eyes were wandering round the house, then I saw a novel close to the bed and I caught interest in it and when I tried  picking it, I saw something very shocking.

    Guess what?? A gun, then Edwin came in and saw me then I quickly stood up, "what were u doing and what did you see?" He asked
    I couldn't say a word.

    Then he slapped me, he tried raping me but I hit him with the malt bottle he bought for me on his head, then I managed to escape.

    And what next?

    Episode 6

    ...on the long run, Daniel came back from work around 7am and called myself and Tofunmi privately.

    "There's something I've been wanting to tell you, Ife, but now that your sister is healthy I can say it now. You know in this world, nothing comes free.

    I work for my money and you need to assist me in making money because I've tried for you and your brother". Daniel said

    " Nothing comes free? Did Daniel just say all these?"I thought

    "No problem, we'll help you with anything, but how can we be of help?" Tofunmi asked
    Daniel smiled, "Ife, Tofunmi, the reason why I decided to help both of you was because you've got the perfect shape, I'm sure you do see some ladies that do come to visit me?"

    " Daniel, you haven't said what you want us to do for you ".I replied

    " Ehn, yeah, you'll have different appointments with rich people, foreigners". He answered
    "Appointment? What kind of appointment? You know that we're not well educated, so I can't speak English fluently". Tofunmi said

    "Tofunmi should stop being foolish, does she not understand what this man want?"I thought

    " Well, what I mean is that you'll have to please them by selling your body, you'll really earn money out of it". Daniel smiled

    "So what  you are saying is that, we'll sell our body and give you the money". I said angrily

    Tofunmi went out of his room, while I followed her.

    " Ife, what are we going to do? where are we going to stay? I can't work as a prostitute". Tofunmi said

    I ignored her and went to bed while Shina kept on asking what happened but we didn't tell him anything.

    Shina was to go to school the next day and we haven't bought any foodstuffs for him, I thought of my dad.

    Maybe I should try begging my dad for money, I've no choice, I thought.

    When it was around 11am in the morning, I called Tofunmi and Shina, I told them to get ready to go to our daddy's house.

    "No, I'm not following you, I don't want any stress, I just left the hospital". Tofunmi said

    " I'm not going too, I don't want any embarrassment ".Shina said.

    " Please, let us try, Shina needs to take some things along with him tomorrow" I begged them

    "Okay, let us go". Tofunmi said

    When we got to our Dad's apartment, we saw our stepsister and her brother playing in the compound, when they saw us, they hissed at us and ran inside and my stepsister should be around 11years old, her mother must have told her bad things about us, and her brother should be around 9.

    Before I could knock the door, my stepmother came outside and started cursing us "what are you doing here?

    Tuberculosis children, Awon Oloriburuku, Get out of my husband's house or I will let my dog chase you out".

    " Ma, please we want to see our daddy". I begged my stepmother with tears.

    As I was trying to beg her again, My dad came outside
    "Yes, what's the problem? How can I help you?" My dad asked

    Blood of Jesus, My dad? Well just for Shina.

    "Daddy.." I tried explaining. He slapped me, Tofunmi and Shina were shocked.

    "I don't recognize three of you as my children, the day you left this house was the day I disowned three of you, don't ever come to this house or I'll deal with you". Mr. Olanrewaju said.

    Mr. Olanrewaju and his wife both went inside the house while his children were mocking us.

    " My daddy said that you should leave, what do you want or do you want to beat me?" My stepsister eyed us
    Tofunmi slapped her,"You little brat". My stepsister started crying.

    "Mommy, daddy, help me o, they want to kill me" while her junior brother ran inside to call their mother. Then we left the compound immediately...

    "Sister Ife, did I not warn you about us going to their house? Now, look at how they embarrassed us". Tofunmi said 

    " Tofunmi, Shina, both of you should go back to Daniel's house, I'll meet you there". I said.

    "Where are you going?" Tofunmi asked

    "Just go, wait till I come back" I answered.

    "Okay, just be careful". Tofunmi said
    Afterwards, I boarded a bike to Edwin's apartment.

    Guess what next?

    Episode 7

    When I got to Edwin's apartment, his neighbour told me that he hasn't been around since last week but I saw him yesterday, what is happening?

    Well the reason why I wanted to see Edwin was to accept his request as his girlfriend, I'd rather be a cultist's girlfriend than being a prostitute.

    As I was trekking to Mushin bus stop. I noticed that a young man was trying to get my attention.

    Not again, I'm not going to let any man destroy my life again, but he caught up with me even as I tried to avoid him.

    "Hello miss" he greeted me, he should be in his late twenties

    "Yes, what do you want?" I asked

    "My name is Biyi and I want us to be friends, please can you give me your phone number?". He asked.

    " I don't give strangers my number".I answered

    "Please, but this is not
     my first time seeing you, my mom's store is around here, so I do come here once in a while, please I won't disturb you". He begged

    Afterwards, I gave him my number.

    When I got to Oshodi market, I bought some foodstuffs and provisions for my brother.

    Daniel wasn't back from work, so we arranged Shina's load into a big bag(Ghana must go)

    The next day, Tofunmi and I followed Shina to the park.

     I wasn't feeling good, I was afraid, well maybe it is normal, I'll miss him but this feeling, I was scared.

    Shina hugged us, then we bade him goodbye.

    My phone rang, it was an unknown number
    I picked the call.

    " Hello, it is Biyi". The caller said

    "Biyi?from where? I replied even though I know the person

    " we met yesterday at Mushin"he replied

    "Oh, okay" I answered

    "Please, can we meet today? I want to talk to you about some thing". He replied

    " can't you say it now?"I asked

    "No, not something u can discuss on phone". He replied

    " so, where do you want us to meet?" I asked.

    After I ended the call, Tofunmi who had been listening, looked at me and started asking me questions

    "Who is he?" She asked

    "Amebo, we met yesterday and he said he wants to see me today" I answered

    "So, are you going?" She asked

    "Yes, he sounded serious" I answered

    "Please let me follow you, I can't stay in that house alone". Tofunmi begged

    " but where are you going to meet him "Tofunmi asked

    " Ikeja mall" I answered

    "But you have to change your cloth, let's go home first" Tofunmi said

    "For what? You're not serious" I laughed

    We didn't go back home to change, how I wish  changed my cloth but no transport fare

    When we got to the mall, I saw Biyi sitting in a Restaurant with a man and a lady

    "Good afternoon" I greeted the three of them

    "Thanks for coming"Biyi smiled

    I introduced my sister to him while they shook hands

    " Ife, the reason why I called you was because we need a female model in our company and I want you to be our model".Biyi said

    "What's the name of the company" I asked

    "The Marlton" he answered

    Marlton? That company is big and popular.I thought

    "Are you interested??" He asked

    "Yes, I'm interested" I replied him

    Then Biyi told the Lady to bring some papers for me to sign, I signed all the papers and I was told to come to the company the following Monday.

    I was happy, a model?to a very big company??

    I told my sister everything, she was also happy for me.

    I went to The Marlton the following week, and Biyi(the company's manager) gave me a bunch of key, I was confused.

    "Didn't you read the contents in the paper you were given to sign last week?" He asked

    Oh, I didn't read it.

    "Well, your official car is outside and if you need a driver, tell me and your house is at lekki" Biyi smiled

    😲I must be dreaming.

    "Sir, I've a house and a car or what did you say?" I asked

    "Yes, and I'd prefer you to call me Biyi" he said

    "Okay sir,..Biyi" I replied

    He called someone to drive me to my new house.

    Oh God, this house is big, bigger than Daniel's house, I'm still confused o,I don't want to wake up from my dream.

    What next?

    Episode 8

    Don't give up on yourself because God is planing something big for you, all problems are solvable and no problem is big in the sight of the Almighty, always try and work hard, don't wait or depend on anybody to help you, help yourself ,start something new".

    My house is ten times bigger than Daniel's house, it looks like a mansion, and my Benz, white Benz, really portable.

     I can't wait to call Tofunmi and Shina.
    I tried calling Shina but it wasn't reachable, so I called Tofunmi.

    " Wow!!! Are you serious??? Should I start packing our load? Tofunmi asked

    "Yes o, pack it, will be at Daniel's place soon". I replied

    My Driver (Saheed) drove me to Festac, when we got to Daniel's house, Daniel was in his sitting room, when he saw me

    " when are you leaving my house? If you're not interested with what I want you to do, you can't stay here".Daniel shouted at me

    "We are leaving now" I answered

    "Tofunmi, hurry up" I called Tofunmi, then she brought out our luggage.

    "Let me search your load, I hope you didn't take any of my properties" Daniel tried to harass us

    When Saheed (my driver) saw what Daniel was trying to do, he came to meet us.

    "Madam, is there any problem?" Saheed asked

    "No problem" I replied
    "Wwhhha" Daniel stammered

    Saheed collected our bags and put it in the car boot.

    Daniel was speechless,he was looking at my new car, but he couldn't say anything.

    (There's always a reward for the good and the wicked)

    When we got to my house, Shina called me back.

    " hello, baby boy" I said

    "Hello ma, sorry this is no Shina, Shina is in the hospital right now, he was shot by an unknown person this morning". The person said

    My phone dropped from my hand, shot?

    " Edwin!!!!!!"I screamed

    "What's wrong? What happened? Tofunmi asked

    " Shina was shot this morning, he's in the hospital " I answered

    "Shina? Let's go to Ibadan, what are we waiting for?" Tofunmi said crying

    When we got to the hospital at Ibadan, we met the doctor in charge

    "Hi, I'm Dotun, are you the sister of Olanrewaju Shina?" Doc Dotun asked

    "Yes, we're his sisters" I answered

    "Okay, I'm sorry that we were not able to save Shina". The doctor said

    " ahhh! So you mean my brother is dead" Tofunmi shouted

    "I'm sorry for your loss" the doctor said and walked away

    "Ife, we would have not allowed Shina to go to the university, now they killed Shina, my only brother". Tofunmi was shouting

    " Tofunmi, calm down".I tried calming her down.

     I was also angry,but I've to be strong.

    "Ife, if I don't get Shina's killer, I'll kill myself, that person won't go scot free". Tofunmi cried out

    I know that it is Edwin that killed Shina but I need evidence.

    Biyi came to meet us at Ibadan, I told him about Edwin, told him how he raped me and threatened my brother. He felt sorry for me.

    " I won't let Police handle this case alone other forces must be involved "Biyi said

    Biyi called some people and told them to find Shina's killer.

    As Biyi said, other armed forces were involved.

     officers were in University of Ibadan investigating the crime scene.

    Shina roommates, friends were questioned.

    One of his roommate told us that Shina was threatened by one cultist called Sanko.

    Sanko was also questioned but he didn't open up, he was tortured till he spoke up.

    Sanko spoke up" it wasn't me that killed Shina, I was only told to threaten him ".

    " by who" one of the officers asked

    "His name is Brut, you can't find him". Sanko answered

    " then how can we find him?"one of the officer asked

    "Please, have mercy on me, my life will be in danger if I tell you this" sanko cried out

    One of the soldiers slapped him

    "Okay, I'll take you there" Sanko cried

    They didn't get this Brut guy, I learnt that he was their leader, but they arrested other cultists.

    It's one month after the death of my brother and we're still looking for Edwin and Brut, their pictures were posted everywhere in Africa.

     They must have left Nigeria to another country but they're still in Africa and they can't leave, because they are the most wanted criminals and Biyi said he will offer anyone that finds them 20million naira.

    Guess what next?

    Episode 9

    *losing someone dear to you doesn't mean it is the end of the world instead make it your beginning*

    "Tofunmi, you must eat today" I said.

    "Sister Ife, till they find Shina's killer, I won't leave this room". Tofunmi replied

    " Do you think that I don't know how to cry? Or do you think I'm happy as Shina is dead? Shina is also my brother, it's really hurting me but what can I do?Shina is dead but we're still alive and we've to be stronger because of this, do you know that some people are waiting for our downfall?but we've to prove them wrong, you being like this cannot bring Shina back to life, Tofunmi, we've to further our education". I said

    "I don't want to go to school again" Tofunmi cried out

    "Tofunmi, because Shina died in school doesn't mean you'll also die in school"I replied her

    " But I'm 22years old, and I'll have to write Jamb next year, Ahh! My mates are planning to graduate this year ".Tofunmi said

    " Babe, when you get there, people that are even older than you are there". I replied her

    "Sister Ife, ahh!!okay I'll go and I will like to study Law". Tofunmi said while I hugged her

    " So Sister Ife, what do you want to study?"Tofunmi asked

    "I'll go to the polytechnic because of my job and I want to study Economics"I answered

    " that's cool"Tofunmi said

    Tofunmi took her bath and ate her food.
    That same day, in the afternoon, Biyi called me and told me that

    a guy called him and said that he knows the killer of Shina and he knows where the killer is hiding.

    " where's the person staying?" I asked

    "He didn't say it, but don't worry, we're going to arrange a place for us to meet, just stay calm and don't bother yourself" Biyi said

    "Thank you so much, God bless you" I prayed for him

    *most of your enemies are the people that you don't expect* *so  don't judge anyone*

    The witness was Biggy (Edwin's friend), the second guy that raped me, he begged me and explained that he was drunk and was just following Edwin's order.

    What can I do? It's all in the past now.

    (Biggy's side of the story) *now Biggy*
    My name is Bashorun Bode, people know me as Biggy, life has never treated me well and I promise not to treat life well also.

    I met Edwin at Mushin market, we were both lost and confused, we had no hope, all what we wanted was help but nobody was ready to treat us well, I and Edwin became best friends, we did things together.
    I treated Edwin like my twin brother, I didn't know that Edwin was a cultist not until one night he got me drunk and he knows that I can do anything bad if I'm drunk so he used me,
    All what I can remember is that Edwin was talking about Ife, a lady he happens to have a crush on. He said Ife doesn't want to date him and she wants to play him that we must teach her a lesson, Ife, I know that you cant forgive me but I'm sorry, I wasn't in my right sense, I didn't know what happened that night but it was Edwin that reminded me everything, I was angry at him, we fought and he wanted to force me to be a cultist but I had to run to Ibadan.

    On getting to Ibadan, one of my friend who is a neighbour to Edwin, his name is Yomi, he told me that he overheard Edwin's discussion on phone.

    Yomi told me that Edwin was planning something terrible against Ife and her siblings when they were in the hospital, but it didn't  work out so he's using a Doctor in that hospital but he doesn't know the Doctor's name. Now the task I am left with is to protect Ife and her siblings but I failed in protecting Shina.

    One of my guys who usually help me to spy on Edwin and the Olanrewajus told me that Shina was on his way to Ibadan and he was been followed by three boys (Brut, Sanko, Dere)

    I knew something was up for Brut to be following Shina, Edwin must have sent Brut and his guys.

    Oh Shina, I would have protected you

    What next?

    Episode 10a

    We're alive for a reason, nobody's a failure,we all have special talents,don't underestimate anyone, you've to achieve something on earth, let's reframe our future. Together we will keep going into the future

    *Ife's side of the story*

    "Biggy,why didn't you inform me about Shina being followed? So was it Edwin that killed my brother?" I asked

    "Yes,it was Edwin and one of my guys found out that Brut is at Cotonou" Biggy said

    Biggy gave us more useful information while Biyi and the other officers set their plans.

    I can't wait to see the downfall of my brother's murderer and the guy who raped me.

    "Biyi, I want to follow you to Cotonou" I said

    "you can't follow us, you've to take care of your sister, we'll get Brut". Biyi said

    When I got home, Tofunmi had been waiting for me.

    " who was the witness?who is the killer? Have you arrested the killer?"Tofunmi asked with tears in her eyes.

    "Tofunmi, please calm down, the witness was Biggy"

    "What? That bastard? Where is he? Did you let him go scot free? He must pay for what he did to you". Tofunmi shouted

    " Tofunmi, calm down" I tried talking to her

    "No, Ife, you can't tell me to calm down, you're too soft, I'm going back to that station, they must arrest him, if you've forgiven him, I, Olanrewaju Tofunmi won't forgive him, he must pay" she said trying to leave the house.

    "Tofunmi, wait" I shouted at her

    "Sister Ife" she started crying.

    "Tofunmi, he knows where Brut is staying, he didn't rape me on purpose, Tofunmi, all what we need to do now is to pray for Biyi and the officers, Tofunmi, please calm down, if we get Brut, then it'll be easy for us to get Edwin" I hugged her

    "Ife, I don't even know what to do, how I wish Shina was here, now that we don't have any house problem or food or money, Shina, I miss you so much" She cried.

    I also cried with her, I miss my brother, I can't forget his voice "Sister Mi" I can't forget his touch, how he usually thinks that he could protect me, Oh Shina, I don't have a mother and a brother, all what I have now is my sister and my wealth.

    It's two weeks now and yet to hear from Biyi and co.

    What's happening?

    I received a call from an unknown number. Guess who it was????

    "Biyi,how are you? What took you so long?" I asked

    "Calm down, good news, Brut and Edwin are in the cell and Edwin wants you to be there, he wants you to hear his confession"

    *Edwin's side of the story*

    I'm left with nothing so I dont care what will happen next

    I lost.

    But I love this lady, I tried to show her my love, I didn't know that I was brutal. Ife, please forgive me, how will I face her?

    Ife walked in, she was looking so pretty, what an ebony, she looked depress, well I've done stupid things.

    Ife slapped me "Edwin, don't have look at me with that your disgusting face, I hate you so much".

    I couldn't say anything but what can I do? I deserve it.

    Well, confession time, who knows if this will be my last time to confess on earth?

    " Ife, first of all, I am sorry for everything I've done to you, I know it can't change anything, but please forgive me". I said with tears in my eyes

    "Forgive? After killing my brother?" Tofunmi(her younger sister shouted)

    "Killed? What? There must be a mistake here, I've never killed any man before". I was confused

    Everybody looked at me, yeah, I threatened Shina, I beat him up but I never killed him

    So who was the killer?

    Episode 10b (Final)

    Edwin's side of the story

    "So what are you saying? You were not the one that killed Shina" One of the officers asked

    "I didn't kill him, Ife, I wanted you to be my girlfriend but I've never thought of killing anyone, the Doctor you were squatting with, wanted me to kill you, and he tried giving me some money  but I didn't accept it" I said

    "Then why did you try to run?" A man called Biyi asked.

    "Who's  is he? Ife's boyfriend? When I get out of here I'll deal with him" I thought

    "Answer him" A soldier slapped me

    "I I I  I" I stammered

    I was beaten, hot iron was placed on my lap.

    "I wasn't the one, I am not a murderer". I screamed

    The man that was in front of me was so tough, he was a soldier, he spat on me and used a table knife to slice my smallest finger.

    " I am innocent, I am not a killer"I screamed

    The man placed the iron inside a fire and  placed it on my private part.

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!!¡!I screamed

    "Yes,I killed that bastard, I killed him and I am prepared to kill any other person, yes, I wanted to kill Tofunmi at first but she was lucky, I told Doctor Daniel to kill her but fortunately it was a different Doctor that treated her when she was in the hospital, I wanted Ife and her siblings to suffer, I told Daniel to accommodate them and I wanted them to be prostitutes so that I can deal with them, but Shina was like a barrier, he insulted me". I poured out

    Did I just confess? Damn it

    " So you and Brut killed Shina".Sergeant Bello said

    "No, I didn't know when Edwin shot Shina" Brut betrayed me

    "So, Edwin, You said Daniel tried to kill me, like Daniel was also an accomplice". Tofunmi said looking confuse.

    I couldn't even say anything, it seems like I lost. Game over


    *Tofunmi's side of the story*

    Daniel? But I didn't offend Daniel, why did he try to kill me?

    " Ife! Sister Ife!!! "I called my sister..

    "Tofunmi, I am not in the mood to talk till I set my eyes on that Daniel" Ife said

    She must be really hurt, she was crushing on Daniel, I was also crushing on him but not up to hers, she thought Daniel was her world. Well, let's wait and hear what Daniel will say. This world is scary.

    Some weeks before
    Now Ife

    Do you still want to know the unknown caller?


    Hmmm, here was our conversation

    "Hello dear" the unknown caller greeted

    "Hi, who am I talking to?" I said.

    "It's your daddy" the person said

    "Oh, good afternoon sir" I said

    "How are your younger ones?" He asked

    "Oh! Now you care, do you really want to know how they are?" I asked

    "Ife, calm down, I am sorry for how I mistreated you, please forgive me, I am still your blood father no matter what" Mr. Olanrewaju said

    "Where do you stay? I want to visit you" Mr olanrewaju asked

    I gave him my home address and he was at my gate in less than a hour

    When he got to my sitting room, he was admiring my room

    "You're really my daughter,I'm proud to be your father, I saw your pictures on different magazines" Mr Olanrewaju smiled

    "Okay, so what do you want?" I asked

    "Where's Tofunmi and Shina?" He asked

    I stood up and faced him

    "Oh, your son Shina is dead". I said

    " What? Oh no, I I "He stammered

    " Now that you've heard, please leave my house". I said

    "Ife, please forgive me, please, what killed him?"

    "I'm not ready to say anything now just leave". I said

    He left.

    Mr.Olanrewaju called me days after to give him some money, he was sacked at work and he had to sell his house to pay debts and my step siblings dropped out of school, his wife came over to kneel down and beg me. Well, I am not that wicked, I gave them #100k and I cut all ties with them.

    Daniel was brought to the station for questioning

    " Ife, are you telling me that you can't recognize my face right before we met at the hospital again?"Daniel asked

    "Who are you?" I asked

    "My name is Olanrewaju Wale, I'm surprised that you couldn't recognize me". Wale who was Daniel said

    Oh no!! Wale is my cousin, My father brother's son, we hadn't heard from him after his mother's accident

    "My mother died because of you, well I suceedeed in killing your mother, but the hatred I have for you and your siblings is much". Wale said

    " Wale, what are you talking about?" I asked

    "Wait, I am lost here, who's he to us?" Tofunmi asked

    You can't know him.

    "Tell her everything, how you and your badluck mother destroyed my family" Wale said while the officers dragged him outside.

    I was shocked, so Daniel is actually Wale, oh no.

    "Are you okay?" Biyi asked

    "Ife, you're not explaining anything, who's he?" Tofunmi asked

    "He's our cousin, when I was 6years old, I accidentally had their house on fire because I was playing with the gas in the kitchen, his mother and father were in the house, his mother tried to save me, well, she saved me but couldn't save herself, she suffocated and died in the fire while I ran outside, Wale was 13years old, since then he got missing and it seems that he was the Doctor in charge of mom's treatment so he killed her and covered it  up that it was Tuberculosis, I didn't mean to kill his parents". I explained

    "He must be stupid, I I dont even know what to say, so why did he hate mom". Tofunmi asked

    " Mom tried covering up for me, she didn't want people to talk bad about me" I cried

    "Calm down, you were a child then, you didn't kill them" Biyi said

    In the court

    Edwin was sentenced to death by hanging after 15years imprisonment of hard labour
    Daniel was sentenced to life imprisonment
    Brut was sentenced fr 10years
    Biggy was sentenced for 5years because he raped me and the other guys.

    Lol..I'm not through

    Biyi proposed to me, our engagement and wedding was a big one.
    I went to The polytechnic, Ibadan and Burtwood University, USA
    I have two masters now and I'm a popular model
    I'm also an ambassador
    I have three children
    Two boys and a girl

    Now I am Adebowale Ifeoluwa(née Olanrewaju)

    Tofunmi studied law in UK
    She has two masters too
    She's a lawyer
    She married a professor
    She has two children
    A boy and a girl

    The End

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