Story: The Only Child

    Chapter 1

    I fell pregnant for our garden boy Kelvin when I was in grade 11. As an only child, I was the apple of my parent’s eyes! I was the center of their attention and they provided anything that I needed and asked for! So when I fell pregnant I broke their hearts to a point of no return! They couldn't understand why I put them to such shame...
          I remember when I was younger; I would persuade my parents to have another baby just like everybody else in my class. Then one evening, my mum explained why I was an only child: She told me it took 8 years for them to have me and after I was born something went wrong and she was operated on! Unfortunately, she was told she couldn't have any more kids! According to her, they named me Hannah because of the struggles she went through to have me, just like Hannah in the bible. However, she told me I was their blessing and they were so happy to have me!
         I was brought up in a morally upright way despite being the only child. My father would sit me down and tell me realities of life; he would tell me the importance of respect and being well behaved ! He told me to be aware that , life was like seasons which changed every now and then. When I started my periods I told my father about it first and I saw nothing wrong with it, as I was so close to him!
          Trouble in paradise started when we relocated from Mufulira to Kitwe because my father got a better job. The company my father worked for gave us a five bedroomed house in Riverside, which I thought was way too big just for the three of us. So that's how two of my cousins came to live with us .My cousins and I got along very well as one happy family and in no time ,I felt like they were the siblings I had longed for   my entire life.
           My parents employed a maid Aunt Violet and a handsome  garden boy by the name of Kelvin. Kelvin was my cousin's friend and as an orphan, he had it rough, so that's how my cousin talked to my father on his behalf so that he could help him with any simple Job available. My father told my cousin that we needed a garden boy and if he was interested he could start immediately. He was overwhelmed upon hearing this and that's how he started working for us. Kelvin had just completed Grade 12 so he wanted to raise some money to go to college. He was a very obedient young man and we all grew to love him dearly ! My parents asked Kelvin to move into the servant's quarters since it was vacant and he accepted without hesitations ! Every Saturday evening we would all have a bible study and it was really refreshing. Everybody at church respected my parents for the good discipline they instilled in us!
         I considered Kelvin as my brother and would go to his quarter frequently so that he could help me with some difficulties I had especially in math’s .Slowly we started falling for each other, one thing led to another and we started having sex.Sometimes we would have it in Kelvin's quarter and sometimes we would go and book a lodge somewhere else, just for the fear of being caught! Our secret relationship went unnoticed for a year until I got pregnant !
         I knew I was headed for disaster and would be discovered real quickly because I started getting sick and was very nauseous just in the first month of my pregnancy. When I told Kelvin about it, he was really scared and told me that he had betrayed my parent's trust , so the best was to quit his job ! I encouraged him to not but he seemed so adamant about it and his mind was already made up. Then I told him I would go for an abortion since it was  only two months old, when he heard this he begged me not to, he said it was too risky and it wasn't 100% safe. ‘What if something went wrong in the process’ ‘As an only child it would break my parents to pieces. He said!

    Chapter 2

    That same evening, Kelvin gathered some courage and came to our house to talk to my father about his plans of quitting his job! My father refused and told him he wasn't yet ready to stand on his own.Anyways that's how he told my father the truth. My mum was devastated and in shock, she beat the hell out of kelvin and I like crazy! Then dad came to our rescue and that's how she stopped. She said she didn't want Kelvin near our family; she just wanted him to vanish from our lives forever! However, my father refused and said that Kelvin was bold enough to tell them the truth about being responsible for my pregnancy hence if it were other young men his age; they would have just run away without a trace! My father went on to say that Kelvin had the right to know his child and was now part of our family. Nevertheless, marriage seemed far-fetched between Kelvin and I because we both needed to go to school/college respectively, so as to better our lives.
         I became a laughing stalk and that I sank so low for being impregnated by a garden boy, however, I didn't take offense because it was the truth! My parents would drag me to church every Sunday with my big belly so that other young girls could learn from my mistake .I gave birth to a baby boy on the 16th of October, by then Kelvin was doing his accountancy course. Three months later, which was in January the following year, I repeated grade 11 and I really hard it rough in school because my classmates used to make fun of me .I, however, completed 12, though my grades were average. My parents were not happy about it I guess they expected me to end up at the university like them! I opted to take up a two-year teaching programme and in no time, I had completed (by then Kelvin was already working) .Upon completion, my father made some connections for him and that's how he got a very good well-paying job.
          After all those years Kelvin and I were still madly in love with each other. We would have sex though it was protected, so as not to make another mistake of falling pregnant. We later on married and had a lovely wedding which was attended by many people! I remember that day vividly and two of our favorite songs we danced to were: Afunika' s song ''Teti Fye Nkulaba ''( my dedication to Husband ) and R. Kelly’s song "When a woman loves''.(which was a dedication from my husband ) .Tables immediately turned from the ''I sank so low to being a lucky woman''. My parents had a soft spot for Kelvin and as for our wedding gift; we were given one of the three bedroomed flats that they had built within the compound after they had bought the house we were living in.
           Two years into our beautiful marriage, my husband came home and asked if I knew someone, who would be willing to start working as a secretary as they urgently needed one. Then I told him that actually he did well by asking me because my friend Sandra had just finished her secretarial course hence was looking for employment. Sandra was married but they struggled a bit to make ends Meet .I immediately contacted Sandra and she thanked me for thinking about her first ,I told her that's what friends were for. When she finally started work the week that followed, she called me once more to say how grateful she was!
            Six months down the line I started noticing some change in my husband. He came home on time as always but he stopped touching me and if I asked him what the problem was he simply said he was tired. One day ,I even made an effort to go to his work place so that I could talk to Sandra and ask her if she knew any lady my husband was flirting with;, but she assured me there was none and that I didn't need to worry at all, he was just a workaholic. She told me she would have already informed me if there was anything unusual anyway, I believed her and that's how I left. A month later, my husband started sleeping in the spare bedroom .When I asked him why he moved out of our bedroom, he told me bluntly that there was a very horrible smell in there and he suggested I join him in the spare bedroom instead ! But after 2 days he again moved out and started sleeping on the couch .I told my mum about it and she just said we needed to pray over it, before the devil ended up destroying my home. We prayed and fasted for one good month but to no avail. Nevertheless, it seemed like the problem was becoming even worse. One Thursday afternoon, I knocked off early from work because I had a terrible headache. When aunt Violet saw me, she came asking what the matter was and I explained everything to her...Then she said ‘‘Hannah, I think there's someone who is trying so hard to break your home. If you are interested I can take you to a certain prophet by the name of Jeremiah, the man really works’ told her I was really scared with such things concerning witchdoctors then she said ''Him'' he wasn't a witchdoctor but a man of God who used the bible's to Solve people problems...I become interested and immediately we called Baba Jeremiah to make an appointment!

    Chapter 3

    The appointment with Baba Jeremiah was scheduled for Saturday after sunset. He asked us, to take 2 liters of pure Water which we could buy or draw from a borehole and some salt (not smoothly crashed...iya mabwe)..
        Came Saturday, Aunt Violet and I drove Kwa Mulenga where Baba lived! He welcomed us to his house and made us feel comfortable, and then he prayed. He didn't have any beads whatsoever but just wore a white duster coat on top of his clothes and a cross around his neck. After he finished praying, he gave me a bible and asked me to open at any chapter, which would give him a clue to my problem! Holding the bible I was shaking with fear, anyway, that’s how I opened and it gave me Psalms 41:9..which reads: ”Even my closest friend whom I trusted, the one who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me"...I understood the scripture but I couldn't figure out which of my friends could have betrayed me... again Baba closed the bible and asked me to open again, it then gave me Mathew 26:21 ..Which talks about Judas betraying Jesus? Anyway, that’s how Baba explained that Sandra was the cause of all my misfortunes I was currently facing and that she was envious of my marriage despite being married herself. He Said she had cast a spell on my husband and if I wasn't careful it would ruin my home!Baba said even the two miscarriages I suffered earlier on when she started working in my husband company was caused by her !I was lost for words because everything seemed to make sense. Aunt Violet then said , she knew she could be a problem just judging by her name "Sandra" like the song by Sakala brothers’ lol .
        I further asked about the smell in our bedroom, which my husband used to talk about and he said that during one of Sandra's visits to my place she got my red underwear and took it to a famous witchdoctor from Mununga

     was at that time making headlines in Kitwe. The smell was not in the bedroom but it was on my body!
           Baba then took the water and put in a little salt before he prayed for it! He told me not to confront either Sandra or my husband. He told me to bath and drink for a week, just by adding a few drops into my drinking and bathing water respectively. He didn't ask for any money but it was up to me to give him something after it had worked...
          The following day, I explained everything that transpired to Mum and she was really upset with me. She warned that I shouldn't ever go there again if I did she would have no choice but to fire Aunt Violet her maid for misleading me .( Remember My husband and I lived in our parent's compounds )..
           Well, After 10 days things got back to normal and all the smells vanished .I behaved as Baba asked me to, then one day Sandra called to ask if she could come over to my place and I told her I was going into town. She insisted on seeing me and said my husband told her the good news about my pregnancy and she was kind of disappointed that I kept it away from her! I played along and told her that I was going to tell her when the right time came. After all, I wasn't sure if I would give birth as I continually suffered miscarriages all the time! When I got into town she again rang asking which side of town I was and I lied that I was in Shoprite not knowing that she was also there. We bumped into to each other and I greeted each other ,I couldn't pretend anymore,so I prevented her from hugging me because I was really scared of her. She invited me to go to her cousin's kitchen party the following weekend but I refused and told her I was occupied! That's how we parted ways, on our way home my husband asked why I was so cold towards Sandra and I simply answered she was a serpent !
             In secrecy, Aunt Violet and I went to Baba Jeremiah's place to thank him and tell him things were back to normal.Baba Jeremiah was a man of few words, hence, he just encouraged me to pray always! I gave him some money and some few foodstuffs we had bought for him and left! In my seventh month of pregnancy, I miscarried ! I mourned for close to two months and I couldn't just understand what was going on anymore! Aunt Violet insisted we go back to Baba but I refused because I felt it didn't solve my problems..

    Story unfolds!!!!

    Chapter 4 (Final)

    You know when the heart is troubled; one definitely needs solutions to solve their problems! I finally made up my mind and asked Aunt Violet to escort me to Baba Jeremiah. Baba Jeremiah told me that Sandra was as dangerous as the venom from a cobra and wouldn't stop at anything until she accomplished her mission. He, however, encouraged me to continue praying and that one day God will liberate me! When I went back home, I didn't know how I was going to carry on and I just felt useless! I could feel Kelvin slipping away from my hands just like that...It really hurt me .My mind was filled with so many memories! Looking back from where we had started, what we have been through together and how I was called a fool in love..I was suddenly filled with anger. It couldn't just be! What crime did I commit for helping a friend in need and a married one for that matter? I wasn't going to let someone else to start reaping where they did not sow; I needed to fight for my love, come what May! I heed the advice of Baba Jeremiah of fighting Sandra through prayer, but it seemed a tough battle. The more I prayed the more the situation got worse but, I did not relent! In the few months that followed, my husband's behavior was just fluctuating and that became the norm in our home... Anyway, I started living day by day and putting everything in God's hands!
         One fateful Wednesday afternoon, my colleagues and I decided to spoil ourselves with lunch at one of the most expensive restaurants. We were the five of us and all ladies! After we ordered the food, we decided to go and sit in the corner, where we thought, there was more privacy and a bit spacious! After we sat, one of my colleagues looked at me while pointing to her left that'' Mrs. Chomba, isn’t that your husband over there?'' I turned and indeed it was Kelvin with Sandra having lunch, they sat so close  just the way a couple does! I stood up and went to their table and said ''hello'' Sandra started shaking and said a lot of things like she was planning on calling me so that I could join them and so forth... Then I told them I had to go back to my colleagues table, then that's when my husband took me aside and started accusing me of stalking him !I didn't say a word and  left the restaurant and went back to work: My colleagues opted for takeaway! When I got home kelvin was already there and had explained staff to my father .Dad loved Kelvin like his own son, so most of the things he said, to dad was the gospel truth! That evening My parents called for a short meeting, they started asking me what had happened and when I started explaining Kelvin kept interrupting.. my dad got upset and told Kelvin to give me a chance to explain my part .When I was done kelvin refused that   all I said were lies while, shouting on top of his voice. So everybody was surprised at his reaction. That’s how he even walked out; my father shook his head and said something was terribly wrong! Anyway from that day forward things become even worse, I became a doormat to Kelvin but I kept praying about it .
           Three months later, My husband told me he was going to work outside town for a week ( Solwezi to be precise) .I just said ok,then he said he was only going with male colleagues and I shouldn't worry about anything .I just told him I wasn't worried . On Sunday afternoon, one of his male colleagues ‘Peter’ came to pick him up and that are how they left .I was somehow relieved and thought maybe he was going just with the guys. Two days after they had left which was a Tuesday I received a call from Peter, telling me that Kelvin was involved in an accident and had been rushed to Hospital in Chingola. He then told me they were actually heading there in 20 minutes and if I didn't mind I could go with them! I agreed and that's how they picked me up from work .I had so many questions, finally gathered the courage and asked Peter what he was still doing in Kitwe when he was supposed to have travelled to Solwezi with Kelvin? He didn't even give me a clear explanation but just said he had a change of mind. In no time, we were at the hospital in Chingola and there was Kelvin no scratch whatsoever! When he saw me he started crying and begging for my forgiveness, anyway that's how Peter suggested we go and see the others too... Apparently there was only Sandra, she was badly injured, she lost her right eye and her left leg was badly damaged .Hence, that’s when I came to understand why my husband was asking for forgiveness. Upon seeing me, Sandra cried and said she was sorry, she cursed herself that, the deadly consequences of her actions were catching up with her. I immediately called Sandra's husband who managed to come after an hour. My husband was declared fit and that's how we went back home. My parents were very disappointed with Kelvin's behavior. I was deeply hurt too and had to think things through, so we separated though my parents and Kelvin were not for the idea.
         Five months down the line my parents started getting worried that I might end up opting for divorce,so they had a lengthy talk with me . They told me it was high time I reconciled with my husband because he had asked for my forgiveness and had truly shown he was sorry! They told me that the devil has power - He succeeded into turning the  perfect humans  Adam and Eve  into disobeying God,now what about us imperfect human beings ?They even gave me some bible verses just to help me succumb '' I told them Rome was not built in a day '' I needed time to heal and take the pain off my chest '' How could I forgive when I was still hurting I asked them? I told them forgiving someone is not an easy thing to do hence it is easier said than done...
             Anyway, a month after I had  the discussions with my parents ,my husband and I reconciled .I currently have 3 kids (but I plan to have 2 or 3 more kids so that my network as an only child can grow *Joking*) . Kelvin and I get along very well,hence all I can say for 'NOW* is so far so good ! My dad and Kelvin are also best of friends ,which is very good ! As for Sandra , her husband divorced her and married another woman.However,she now lives in Mporokoso with her parents !
    The end !

    Lessons :

    - What God has put together let no man put asunder !
    - Let's learn to be content with what we have ( Like Sandra she ended up losing everything )
    - Everything that we do has repercussions .We can not always escape the consequences of our actions without them coming back to us!
    - Always sleep with one eye open,when it comes to 'some' friends because ''Not all friends are good friends'' ..
    - If two people are meant for each other ,it doesn't mean they have to be together right now ,but they will eventually, sometime in life !
    - Sometimes painful things teach us lessons ,that we didn't think we needed to know.
    - The devil is trying very hard to destroy families , so let's stay united in prayers !
    The End

    Thanks for taking time, to read my story!

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