Story: Pant Down

    Episode 1

    It was a hot Sunday afternoon.  I was in my cubicle enjoying some countryside music when I heard the emergency bell at the barracks. I jumped out- of my bed to dress up as the bells says. We attended the parade and the base information was that there is an ongoing conflict at Bimbilla, a town in the Northern region so our service and presence as special forces in the Ghana Armed force will be needed.

    This was just a week after returning from Somalia as United Nations Soldiers on peace keeping. We have fifteen minutes to dress up for deployment. I dressed up quickly just when I was about to step out Vanessa came around. She is a colleague soldier.

    One hot beautiful girl, I proposed to her some three months ago but she turned down my request saying I have more ladies on my line she can't trust me with her fragile heart.

    "Hey Soldier!, why have you not been calling me lately" She said
    "Eerm nothing" I replied.
    "Nothing?, oh so if I should have given in this was how you gonna treat me huh? Anyway do you know I'm going with you on this mission?" She said. I was a bit surprise to hear that from her
    "But you are not part of the special forces but a different unit so what are you going to do there?" I asked. She got a bit closer and said

    "Well there are casualties in the ongoing conflict people will need medical attention so General has decided to add us nurses to the team to take control of the injured, I'm told because of the conflicts nurses and medical staff have fled the Bimbilla town for their safety" she said. I blew out air
    "Oh that's cool,...." I replied.  She then placed her gun on my shoulder,

    "Take my weapon. I want to have something from you and give me yours. After this mission you can have me all to yourself. I know that's all you want. Fuck the hell out of me till I cry and beg for mercy and squirt" She said smiling.

    I was surprise but I never said a word. I smiled, shook and looked up into the skies like I wanted to say something to God. I gave her my gun and took hers. We went to our aerodrome to board the helicopter to Bimbilla We got to Bimbilla finally, truly the place was on fire. I could see some few houses burnt into ashes. The whole conflict we are told is a chieftaincy dispute. It has been a generational issue. Past and current government have tried solving it once and for all but anytime things seems like the whole conflict is about to get solved something will happen to escalate it again.

    As soldiers we are to be peacemakers and ensure lives and properties are protected. The town was as quiet as a cemetery. We went to our designated camp to mount our tent. We were deployed to varies point in the join to protect those around. The next day the President of the Republic and other dignitaries came around to start with mediation. They met the overlord and other leaders of the land to help settle their differences. They signed a peace treaty to smoke the peace pipe finally. After the meeting, it became necessary for us to leave the town as the armed forces for the police to maintain internal peace. I was in my tent when Vanessa came around.

    "We are going home finally right?" She said
    "Yeah, I'm happy the leaders are now seeing the essence of peace. They will have to do away with this whole trivial fights that retards development in here" I said
    "Good boy come here, what is it that you said to me 3 months ago?, eat me? Here I am, eat me then"

    She said and turn to sit on my laps on my bed. I tossed her like a coin and quickly went to zip the entrance of my tent. Before I return she was taking off her uniform. I got closer to kiss her on the neck. I heard her panting soo loud. She went down on her knees to open my flap, without hesitation she took out my dick and straight into her mouth she suck the hell out of it. We had great time romancing, she excessively became wet that she begged me to fuck her finally. I gave it to her soo hard, soo hard that she could not just stop moaning with my name. We reach an equilibrium.

    "I didn't know that you are this big, haven't met this kind of cassava before" a tired looking Vanessa said with her head on my chest. I just gave out a faint smile. I wasn't sure if what I am feeling for her is true love or just infatuation.

    I stood up to get some water for us to drink, then I heard a loud explosive sound. I opened the tent to have a look at what was happening outside. From the direction of where the palace of the overlord of Bimbilla is all I saw was smoke engulfing the place.

    "There is a problem" I said quickly to Vanessa. She jumped out of the bed to dress up quickly. We heard the emergency call system asking all soldiers to come out of their tent. When we went we were told some bad people have set the palace ablaze and the king has been shot dead as well. They dispatch us to man hunt the perpetrators

    Episode 2

    We did our best but our best was just not enough. We were sent back to Accra and they brought in other men. The conflict escalated because of the gruesome murder of the king. I was in my room one hot after when our general sent for me. I quickly rushed to his office to find out the reason behind the urgent call.  When I got to his office he was looking soo serious and furious. I saluted.

    "You called for me Sir"
    "Why did you kill the king?" The general said
    "Excuse me Sir, I don't understand sir" I replied
    "I said why did you kill the overlord of Bimbilla? " He asked back screaming.
    "I still don't understand, I know the king was killed in fact we tried our best to find the killers but then it became necessary for us to leave for another team to take over that's all I can say and remember sir" I said
    "Bullocks!, here is the autopsy report forwarded to my desk indicating that the bullet that shot the king actually came from your riffle, I mean your weapon I demand answers now or you face the martial court" The general said placing a file before me furiously. I was shocked to the bone when I glanced through the document.

    "Sir I swear I know nothing about this, what happened was that before we were deployed I exchanged my weapon with Vanessa. In fact the day the news broke that someone has shot the king we were together. I don't know how it all happened Sir" I said with almost tears

    "You what?, You gave your gun to someone else like seriously?, this is unprofessional. Crap, totally crap. You don't do that as a soldier. Now this is the problem you have caused the Ghana army because of your stupidness. It is a very big issue on our hand. Your silly mistake is dragging the credibility of the military into something else" The military general said
    "I didn't do it sir...." I said
    "Well investigation is still on going but before then. This is your letter. You are on indefinite suspension until investigations are done. You are a good soldier Micheal but you messed up. This is the best I could do for you. They had wanted to put you behind bars or hand you over to the police as we investigate but you have been useful to this unit ever since you joined 3 years ago" He said. I couldn't believe my ears.

    "Sir.... sir you can't do this to me I am innocent" I said.
    "I'm sorry Mike you will have to leave my office" the general said. I took the letter and left in tears. I went to Vanessa's flat to check her out but she was no where to be found. I tried all her lines but they were off.

    Joining the military was my childhood ultimate wish. I missed out joining the forces after secondary school but had the opportunity to do that after my first degree. It was just 3 years after I joined the Ghana Armed forces and I am finding myself in this trouble.

    I packed my few belongings at the barracks and left to my private rented apartment. I was a confused man because when I look back at the responsibilities at home I am to take care of and losing my job at this crucial point I can only pray for that miracle to happen so the whole truth about the murder of the king will come out. Telling my parent in the village that I have been suspended from the military was not an option here. That will make matters worse because I am the only bread winner of the family.

    I drunk my heart out the whole of the week. Sometimes my mind tells me to end it all by committing suicide but then again dying will never solve the problems either. The only option is to use my first degree in Computer science engineering to get a job as soon as possible.

    I distributed my CV and letters to some selected companies hoping for a call up for an interview but non came. When I realized I was waiting in vain I thought of using the little money I was able to save to start a small business. The idea was to get a container for mobile money and sales of airtime behind the toll booth in my area. I was expecting that some of the main media houses will publish my dismissal from the military since it is a sensitive matter. But for four weeks I didn't hear any reportage on that.

    Jogging is part of me and I do that almost every weekend. Climbing the hills and running to burn some fat and keep my muscles in shape. One Saturday morning while returning from my usual jogging I found myself right in front of the hottest waakye joint in my hood.

    A lady was there with a taxi about to take out the waakye from the taxi to the shop. From a distance I saw how difficult it was for the taxi driver whom I suspect to be in his 50s to help the lady move out the heavy pan of waakye. I rushed there with my sweating body. I was just in my singlet and a track suit down.

    I lifted the whole pan to the shelve where it is supposed to be placed. I saw how surprise the young beautiful lady was. Her eyes stuck on my body

    "Thank you soo much dear, you came right on time" She said I smiled
    "You are welcome" I started walking back to the direction I came from.
    "Eerm excuse me please, do you care for some waakye? I'm giving it to you for free just to show appreciation for the help you just gave us" she said

    Episode 3

    "Oh no, that won't be necessary" I smiled and said
    "Come on, gentlemen don't reject offers especially when those offers are coming from women" She said.

    I got back smiling. Within 4 minutes she was done serving me with waakye in a "take away" pack. I took the pack and said "Thank You God bless you" with a smile.
    "You are welcome" she replied with a smile too.
    "Eerm well I am Michael yeah Michael" I said to her.
    "Oh nice I am Katherine" she said.
    "Nice meeting you Kathy" I said with a smile
    "Nice meeting you to Mike" she replied

    I left to the house, after bathing I ate the delicious waakye and took a long sleep. I went to make enquires about how much it will cost to buy a container. I did the payment and started making provision for my new business. On my way back home I met a colleague soldier, he was my senior actually. He was soo happy to see me.

    "Mike, oh my God where have you being hiding?" He asked
    "Hahaha Ofori I'm good soldier, I have just been on a low key" I replied
    "Hahaha, Nice I heard about your resignation from the military. I was told you said you want to continue with your education and concentrate on something else. Mike you are a good soldier. You shouldn't have left but then I trust you will Excel in your new field and adventure just like you did in your unit" Ofori said.

    "Resignation?" I said to myself "eerm Oh yeah, thanks very much too brother. It is well once a soldier, always a soldier" I said to him.
    "Hahaha copy that spartan" he replied

    When I got home I couldn't stop thinking, because deep within me I knew I didn't resign but then I was sacked. So who told him I resigned? All too soon the container for my mobile money and airtime selling trade was ready. I made one young girl who just completed to come work with me. She was supposed to be in the shop for the sales and transaction. I taught her all she needed to know.

    I was writing letters around for a possible employment. But occasionally, since where the container was is closer to the main road and the toll booth, I do take some of the recharge cards to sell just  to kill boredom.

    One hot afternoon I was by the room side as usual when the little girl who take charge of my shop came calling. She is called Abena. I rushed to check why she came calling. According to her a lady brought GH2,000 to deposit but she told her she can only deposit GH1000 per the rules of the telecoms but then she should leave all the 2000 she will send the GH1000 and will send the other thousand in the next 24hrs but she didn't understand.

    Her problem was that she can't trust her (Abena) with the money. I asked where the lady is and she pointed at her going. I run after her, I got to her and tap her on the shoulder. She was no other person than Katherine the waakye seller.

    "Mike!, what are you doing here?" She said looking surprise but happy.
    "I work here, the shop you left a while ago is mine" I said panting.
    "Oh really?" She asked
    "Yes, the small girl was right, trust us with your money. We shall send the rest in 24hrs. If you go to other places they will tell you the same thing" I said. The look on her face was an indication that she is convinced to some extent. She followed me back to the shop.

    I took the phone and transferred the first GH1000. She made a call to confirm if the receiver had received the money and the person confirmed yes. She told the person the rest will come the next day. I thank her for her cooperation and understanding. When she was about to leave, I asked for her contact. She was reluctant.

    "Yes I know you have a boyfriend. You are beautiful that I am aware but I'm not taking your contact to propose" I said.
    "Hahaha crazy!, why are you putting words into my mouth? I didn't say anything. I just don't give out my line but with you I have no choice so I will give it out" she said smiling.
    "Good girl, can I have it now?" I asked
    "Sure, 0544241843 call or whatsapp" she said.

    I nodded and she left with a smile. I couldn't take off my eye from her big round ass as she walks away. I smiled to myself and licked my lips. After work that evening I called her thrice but she didn't pick any of the calls. I sent her a text on  whatsapp but never had a reply as well. I said my prayers for the night and slept. Deep in my sleep I heard my phone vibrating. I woke up. When I checked the time it was quarter after twelve a.m.

    I checked out whom the caller was and it was no other person than Katherine.

    Episode 4

    With a choky voice I said "Hello"
    "Hello sorry to interrupt your sleep, this is Katherine please whom am I speaking with?" She asked
    "Eerm this is Mike, Michael the guy you met earlier today at the mobile money shop. I was calling to check up on you then so you can equally get my contact" I said
    "Oh Michael! Sorry I was busy in the kitchen cooking. I just finished with what I was doing" she said

    "Okay that's nice, guess we will have to speak tomorrow then because it's late" I said
    "We are already in tomorrow" She said laughing
    "Hahaha okay madam, then later in the day, good morning and sound sleep"
    "Haha good morning" she said and dropped the line

    I was at the shop in the morning the next day as usual when a little girl brought a pack of Waakye. She said sister Katherine said she should bring it to me. I thanked the little girl and called back Katherine and she confirmed that yes she gave the Waakye to the little girl. I thank her for her generosity and promised to call her when she close.

    I called her in the afternoon and she told me she was in the house. I was beginning to like her but was cautious so I don't end up driving her away instead. I like women and have seen a lot in the past, but her beauty and sense of humor is one thing I find intriguing about her.

    I asked when will it be cool to meet her and she told me she is only free on weekends, that is Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Even with the weekends it is conditional. We schedule to meet on Saturday at the beach. She came looking classy and tasty.

    I was mesmerized with the size of her Ass, whole body shape and boobs, I knew they were round and big but what I am seeing now is far beyond my expectation because for the first time I am seeing her in shorts and sneakers. Soo much hair was on her legs and wrist. With her white teeth and sparkling blue eye my heart beat anytime she smile and look at me. She caught me looking at her chocolate skin hairy thigh.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?” She said sipping her Coke with the straw
    "Eerm nothing much, I wasn't looking at what you think I am looking at" I said smiling
    "Hahaha, so now tell me why did you want to see me, I am here now tell me what you want to say" she said
    "Nothing really, I just want us to be good friends" I said
    "Mmm is that all you want?" She asked back looking straight into my eye
    "Yes, that's all I want" I lied

    "Hahaha, men! Well what do I also need to know about you?" She asked
    "Hmmm, I am a graduate, I was once a military officer. I resigned to start my own business and pursue my dreams. That's all I can say about myself for now. Whatever you need to know will come as we move along" I said

    She quickly looked at my muscle and laughed.
    "What about you, is the waakye joint for you?" I asked
    "Haha why do you ask?" She asked back.
    "Typical Ghanaian huh! Answering questions with questions. I least expect you to answer what I asked you first before asking yours" I said
    "Hahaha oh my God Mike, you are soo funny. Well that's Ghana people for you. No the joint is for my mum. I am just helping her to sell" she said
    "Woow, with how beautiful and endowed you are few will expect that every morning you will be by the roadside selling waakye. Come to think of it could it be a selling strategy you and you mum developed? Because you are beautiful people will buy your food soo quick especially guys. Some will come purposely to have a glimpse of you but will cover it up by buying waakye" I said

    "Hahahaha look at you, I just love to sell. It is why I didn't bother to continue my education after secondary school. I went to learn how to make pastries and do decoration. I do get offers almost every weekend for weddings, parties and funeral for pastries and catering in general" she said
    "Wooow business minded, you must be rich" I said jokingly "Hahaha, not yet but I will be" she replied laughing.

    We had a good time at the beach together. When it was getting late, we took a taxi back home. I made the driver dropped her first before sending me to my house. From that day we became good friends. I call her almost every day. A week later, I fell sick. I went to the hospital and I was told it was malaria.

    I was given medication. I told her I was not feeling well. She came to my house for the first time that evening with chicken light soup. I tried to eat little, my temperature was high and I was feeling cold as well. As difficult as it was I tried taking my bath. After I took my drugs and went to lie down on my bed. She came to sit by me. I didn't know how and when I slept.

    I woke up around 3am the next day only to find Katherine sleeping by me.

    Episode 5

    I quickly tried recollecting all that happened last night to be sure I never did anything nasty to her though I am a certified pervert. The pain and feverishness I was feeling the previous day is gone and I could sense myself getting better. I tapped Katherine on the shoulder slowly. She woke up and yawned

    "Oh Mike, you are awake. Good morning how are you feeling now?" She said trying to clear her eyes
    "Good morning I'm fine, I didn't know when I slept and I didn't know you slept by me yesterday. Sorry" I said
    "Come on, how you were yesterday I didn't want to leave you alone. I was scared the situation will get worse so I had to spend the night here to make sure you are fully okay. Glad you are getting better now" She said.

    She jumped out of bed to visit my washroom. I saw her in one of my polo shirt. Which was over size on her. She came back with a towel wiping her face. At this point my eyes were glued to her pointed large freely moving boobs in the shirt. She caught me watching. She just smile and shake her head.

    "Would you want to bath cold or warm water?" She asked
    “I’m feeling hot a bit I will have to take a cold bath. To reduce my temperature" I replied.
    "Good boy, I request you will have to bath now" She said pointing at the way to the bathroom. I stood up and saluted and we all laughed together.

    I couldn't move away. I was just looking into her eye as she stood in front of me. We started getting closer, our lips got closer and we found ourselves kissing. It was getting sweet and aggressive. Just when I was about to make an attempted to raise up the shirt she was wearing, she paused and pulled back.

    "Stop it Mike Go and take your bath now" she said with an unsmiling face I was a bit embarrassed.

    I walked slowly into the bathroom. I spent time in there because it was only when I got inside I realized the water from the tap was colder than I anticipated. I had no option than to bath since I made that choice myself. Surprisingly, before I came out she was having a toasted bread with egg and a hot chocolate on a tray right on my bed waiting. I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back

    "Now eat this and take your morning drugs" She said
    "Thank you, but what about you?" I asked

    She pointed to where my dressing mirror was an empty cup was lying on the small table
    "I took mine when you were bathing. So take yours I'm full" she said. She left me in the room to also take her bath.

    Few minutes on she came out with my towel wrapped around her. It was a single room self-contain with a kitchen and a hall, I stood up heading to the hall so she can dress up. I got to the hall then I on my TV set in there. I heard her calling me to come over to the bedroom. I rushed in quickly to check why she was calling me. When I opened the door, she hid at the other side where I push the door too. I got inside without seeing her, I tried checking the bathroom if she is in there. I heard a slight bang. I turned out to see she has locked the door.

    "We stopped midway through before I asked you to have your bath, come here eat me" She said and dropped off the towel leaving her nude completely.

    It was stunning how her body looks like, I desired for it but at one end I keep thinking if what is happening to me is real or some movie. I have broken many hearts in the past and I have slept with more ladies than my age number but with this particular girl even though she is just a waakye seller her charisma, appearance and whole look is quite intimidating. She is quite heavy but when my libido was high I didn't know how I was able to lift her.

    She clinched her arms around my neck locking my thighs with her feet. A perfect position, real wet, hot kiss begun. She was panting soo loud, I knew she was enjoying the whole escapade. We kissed for a long time, I threw her onto my high density bed and she bounced like a baseball. She bit slowly her lips and used her other hands to clear off her hair which was blocking her view of seeing me properly. She teased me with her fingers asking me to come over.

    I quickly removed my legs from the boxer shorts leaving my thick long hard erected dick to do magic in episode 6

    Episode 6

    I jumped on her like she was a prey. She resurrected the beast in me. It's been 3 months since I last had sex and that is the longest sex break I have ever gone since I had my first sex. Before I was kicked out of the military there was no single day a new lady does not visit me in the barracks.

    I saw from her eye she was ready for my cock. I lay flat on the bed with my back. I didn't tell her anything but she knew exactly what I was up to. She jumped on me with her pussy directly on my face as she also faces my waist position of my body. She didn't hesitate to grab the erected dick straight into her mouth. I tickle her clitoris with my tongue and she vibrated like a gear lever.

    She suck the hell out of me and I licked the fuck out of her. I gave it to her soo hard afterwards, soo hard that she begged with my name to take it easy on her. We had a great time. We fucked ourselves 3 times before I heard my phone ringing loud. It was Abena the little girl who takes care of my new shop. She told me there is shortage of some recharge cards so I will have to come as soon as possible to get her new ones from the regional offices of the telecom.

    My principle in life is one, don't ever miss a chance of fucking a lady if she brings herself else you will live to regret that day.

    "I have to go" I said
    "Yeah me too, my mum called me severally" she replied

    We left together and she went home as I went to check on my shop. After getting the recharge cards I thought of selling few behind the toll booth to kill boredom. I was there when I saw a brand new unlicensed Toyota land cruiser v8 getting off the lane to park few steps away from where I was standing.

    I realized it was a lady driving, I saw her searching through the car. I thought she wanted to buy airtime. I went to the car and knock slightly at the window which actually drew her attention. She rolled down the window

    "Good afternoon madam, airtime, will you buy?"
    She smiled and said "No"
    "Eerm sorry, you look a bit confused, is everything alright madam?" I asked
    "Yes, Yes, just a little problem. I went to a friend but I left my purse at her shop and u know I will have to pay the toll to cross or I will have to get back and looking at this huge traffic I don't think I can go back" she said. I smiled put my hands in my pocket and gave her 2cedis. This could pay the toll for you.

    "Wooow thank you dear, you came right on point" she said. Just when she was about to ask my name I heard someone calling "airtime seller!!".

    I left her to attend to the one calling. She also left by the time I was done selling. I got home tired, I bought some food from the street and didn't waste time to eat. While watching evening news Kathy called to check on me. She told me how she missed me and wish to be around me all day. I told her we can schedule a meeting again during the weekend. Right after dropping her call Abena the little girl at my shop also called. This is the first time she is calling this late

    "Hello Abena, hope you doing well?" I asked
    "Yes Bra Mike, I was calling to say hi" She replied.
    "That's nice of you, but it's late you know" I replied with a smile.
    "Yes please, it is because I couldn't sleep. Next two weeks is my birthday. I told my mum that I will invite you home and she said you should come for my 18th birthday. Please don't say No" She pleaded.

    "Hahaha Abena is that why you calling?" I asked.
    "Yes bra Mike, I need you to be around because it's going to be a blast" she said.
    "Okay, I will come and my regards to your mum as well" I said.
    "Thanks so much bra Michael. I'm happy and can sleep now" she said.
    "Haha okay, good night" I said
     "Good night bra mike" she replied.

    That weekend, I went out with Katherine to one of the hottest hotel in the locality. We went to swim at their pool. We had great fun. While in the pool with her I realized a particular lady was watching me too often. I became suspicious and started looking at her too. She was in a hot bikini with a classical sun glass relaxing with a glass of wine and a spliff of cigarettes. Fair colored, sexy and hot. Funny enough anytime we both look at ourselves she will smile at me. I came out of the pool to get some more drinks from the bar for myself and Kathy. When I was getting back the lady met me on my way.

    "Hi you look like someone I know, I'm just not too sure. Have we met before?" She asked.
    "I'm not sure please, you equally look familiar" I replied.
    "Oh I remember, you were the guy who gave me the money to pay for the toll somewhere beginning of the week right?" She asked.
    "Oh that, sorry I left because someone else wanted to buy airtime" I replied.

    "No problem dear, I felt bad that you didn't wait for me to say thank you before going. What a small world, glad to meet you finally. By the way my name is Vera" She said stretching her hand for a handshake
    "I am Michael, friends call me Mike" I replied and stretched to shake her as well.
    "Nice meeting you Mike" she said while firmly looking at my muscle and wet pant which had drawn the size and length of my dick

    "Nice meeting you too mistress" I replied
    "Please I know you are with your girlfriend, but do see me before you leave. So we can stay in touch after this place" she said.
    "I will do just that" I said.

    I left to where Kathy was and even before dropping the cocktail I went in for at the bar the first thing she asked was
    "Who is that lady you were speaking to?"

    Episode 7

    "Oh that lady, it's a long story you know, here is your drink" I replied
    "Thank you, but that is still not an answer to what I asked you. Who is she Mike?" Kathy said.
    "Hahaha, okay I met her somewhere last week at the toll booth. She was not having any coin on her so I had to help her pay her toll. I met her here and she was just taking a moment to say thank you once again" I said.

    "No string attach?" She asked.
    "Yeah sure no rope attached haha" I replied
    "Good boy come over here, kiss me" She said.
    "What? We are outside" I replied.
    "I know right, that's why I need you to kiss me and it should be now" She said with a commanding look. I looked around shook my head and got closer to her and kissed her. When it was time to go I went to Vera to take her contact.

    "Mike do well to call me, you have a kind heart and I want to help you okay" she said
    "I will do just that mistress" I replied.
    "Nice, for the start take this envelope okay, and get something for yourself and lover girl" She said.

    The look on the face of Katherine when Vera said this was not a happy one, but I ignored her mood to take the envelope. We left and Katherine never said a word to me till we got to my place.

    "Kathy are you okay?" I asked. She never gave a reply, she moved straight to sit on my bed.
    "Katherine I was asking you something, why this moody face? What's wrong" I asked again.
    "Nothing" she replied sharply
    "I don't know why you behaving this way, but if it's about that lady trust me she's nothing. I took what she gave me because you told me last time "gentlemen don't reject offers especially from women" I said

    "Oh I see so because of that you have to flirt right? Mike please I love you and I don't want you to break my heart like my ex did. I just have some weird feeling about that lady. I wish you can avoid her completely" she said looking sober and worried.

    I stood up, held her closer to me on the bed and said "it's you I want to be with. Nobody is taking me away. You are beautiful and enough for me okay" I said robbing my hands at her back. She raised her head and to look at me, I smiled and she smiled back. I kissed her and we did it again. She spent the night with me.

    The next morning at shop I thought of calling Vera at least. I had to call for three continuous time before she picked.

    "Hello, this is Michael" I said
    "Awww Mike, sorry I was expecting your call yesterday. I hardly pick strange numbers that's why I delayed picking. How are you boo?" She asked.
    "I’m fine, how are you too?" I asked back with a smile.
    "I'm good you know, just lonely. I hope your jealous girlfriend is not with you. I saw how jealous she was yesterday" She said.
    "Hahaha, well I called to thank you for what you gave me yesterday. I'm really grateful" I said.

    "Come on that was just a token from me, when can you come to my house? My house address is on the card I gave you. I need to see you" she asked.
    "Eerm, weekend, yeah I will do my best to come over at weekend" I responded. After the call I saw Abena looking at me

    "Abena is everything okay?" I asked
    "Not really, I called you last night you didn't pick" She said.
    "Yes I was busy I guess" I replied
    "With Sister Katherine right?" She replied not looking too happy.
    "Hahaha, why did you have to conclude that early? Yes she is the one" I said.
    "I know Bra Mike, you are handsome, ladies like you. Some do come here for me to give them your contact but I don't because I want to protect you and I like you too" She said looking shy.

    "Hahaha, great that's nice of you and I like you too okay. You have been great ever since we started working together" I responded.
    "Awww Bra Mike, please I hope you won't miss my birthday party, because I want to see you there" she said.

    "Yes I won't miss it, I will come little girl" I said.
    "Come on Bra Mike, I don't like it when you call me a little girl. I will be 19 very soon. I am a big girl now you know" she said.
    "Hahaha, oh I see. Okay big girl. You have a boyfriend I'm sure?" I asked.
    "Yes I used to, but I had to leave him because of you" she said.
    "Because of me? How and why?"
    "Because I feel like you won't like the idea of me dating him so I quit" she said.

    "Well that's cool, you will be going back to school this September. Your mum told me you had some awesome grades in your WASSCE. I think you should concentrate on that. With this I support you" I replied

     She smiled an indication that she was happy with my response. All too soon it was weekend and it was time to honor my promise of visiting Vera in her said house. I called and told her I will be coming. Truly when I got to the estate I knew this is a different settings. I have heard of the estate but this is my first time going there. I got to her door. I pressed the bell and a well-built guy like myself came out asking whom I'm looking for.

    "I'm looking for your madam" I said. He looked at me in a funny manner. From my head to toe and said
    "My madam is not around. Get off my sight" he said.

    Episode 8

    "Oh but I just called her and she asked me to come" I replied
    "I said she is not around, get out" he said back.
    "I'm not one of the soft guys you bully. Do I look like a soft person?"

    As we continue to exchange words at the gate, I heard Vera's voice upstairs "Bruce what is going on at the gate?" She asked
    "Madam, some low class fellow came asking for you and I asked him to back off because you were not around" Bruce said
    "Well thanks, allow him in. He is my visitor" Vera said.

    Bruce allowed me inside finally and truly it was a master piece of architectural design. The house was a classical and state of the art one. She was having a big expensively decorated pool inside with close to 20 varieties of different expensive car models. Aside that I saw about 5 wild looking foreign breed dogs inside the house. I took a slow walk to the main door leading to the mansion.

    It was an automated door, I heard a sound saying "Fully scan, no threat detected" before the locker opened. I entered and the interior was super.

    "Awww Mike, sorry for the little interruption at my gate, welcome dear" Vera said.
    "I understand madam, he was only doing his job. Nice house full of expensive cars your husband must be rich" I said
    "Hahaha have a seat, what is this whole perception in the world? Can't hard working ladies like myself acquire properties without been tagged with this whole husband thing? Well there is nothing like a husband. Whatever you see in here is for me and me alone. I work soo hard. What do I offer you?" She said with a smile.

    "Anything nice will do" I replied. Even in the living room I couldn't stop looking around as hard as I try. She went to her kitchen to bring some drinks.
    "I know you will love this" she said with a smile.I saw her coming with Baileys and some ice cubes in a small bowl.

    She poured the drink in my glass which was already containing ice cubes and poured same for herself. She took her lighter and lighted her cigarette.

    "Do you care for a stick of cigar?" She said.
    "Nope, I don't smoke please" I said.
    "Oh pastor, sorry so tell me how come a handsome good looking man like you sells credit at the roadside. You should be doing some decent job than this. You are too handsome for that job" she said as she blew out some smoke from her mouth and nostril.

    "Yeah, you are right. I was a former military officer. I had some little problem in there so had to resign" I said as I sip the drink.
    "That's nice all happen for reasons sometimes we don't know" she said
    "Yes I understand perfectly. That's why I'm building my life all over again with the small business you saw me doing. I don't really sell, my shop is some few meters away from where you saw me so I kill boredom by helping the little girl in my shop by trying to sell some more cards by the road" I said.

    "That's fine, but I want to help you, if only you are ready. You deserve to live a better life" she said. I turned to look at her well,
    "Please are you sure you want to help me?" I asked.
    "Trust me I want to, I live alone in this whole big house. You can even move in here with me if you wish. Give me a chance let me change your life" she said.

    “Thanks soo much madam, God bless you" I said.
    "Stop calling me madam, you know my name I am Vera thanks" she said.
    "Sorry Miss Vera" I replied and she smiled
    "Good boy, let me show you around"

    I stood from my seat and followed her. It was a big mansion with many rooms and even other rooms underground. We went out first to the main yard to the pool then to the cars.

    "These cars you see are mine, this is not my only house. I have 5 of similar houses filled with cars. You will have access to them the moment you decide to move in here with me" she said. It took us close to 15 minutes to explore the whole house.

    I thought we were done exploring but she said no, time to go upstairs. We used the elevator to upstairs. She held my hand straight to her bed room. Everything in there was well arranged and expensive. Though I am a pervert I was equally scared and uncomfortable going to her bedroom.

    "This is where we are ending the small tour, my bedroom. I sleep alone on this big bed because the lunatics I met in the past took me for granted" she said.
    "Nice room, nice everything. God has blessed you" I replied.

    She pushed me slightly and I fell directly on her bed. My heart at this point was beating soo fast. She grabbed a remote pressed it then her bedroom home theater started playing "Beg you a fuck" from Vybz Cartel.

    She took a slow step to me on her big kingsize bed. At this point I don't know whether to stop her or to keep quiet. She was really fair, with an awesome body shape. She took off her hands in the blouse she was wearing and it fell directly to the floor. All I could see at this point is her medium size, fair, firm looking erected boobs

    Episode 9

    I closed my eyes trying soo hard so she stops what she was doing.

    "Are you really a coward?" She said with a smile. I didn't reply because deep within I know I am not, I am only scared about the fact that she could be someone's wife and the fact that I don't want to hurt Katherine. Considering her age I don't know what business she does that she can get soo much money to build such a house and buy the cars in it. She climbed and sat on my abdomen, bent down to rub my face with her firm boobs. She whispered

    “Don’t you like all this? It’s all yours now have them. Touch them"

    She went for my hands and placed one on the boobs and the other one on her fair smooth thigh. I was forced to open my eye because of how warm the boobs felt in my Palm. I could not take off my hands from where she placed them. It was as if I was electrocuted. She kissed me on the lips gently for the first time, she did for the second time and then the third time resurrected the beast in me. I held her neck and kiss her back.

    The kiss gathered momentum, she didn't waste time to open my belt. I didn't know when I took off my legs from my footwear and even the jeans trousers I was wearing. She took a step to a mini fridge behind her bed to take out a bottle of wine and some ice cubes and chocolate pebble.

    "I'm about to give you a whole new experience watch me" she said with a teasing laughter.

    She asked me to lay back on the bed. She poured small amount of the wine on my chest between my nipples and suck it tenderly. I felt the anointing, then she removed some of the ice cubes and pebbles and spread them on my chest all the way to my balls. She took time to eat them on me. She suck really good that I couldn't hear myself moaning but I was in actual sense moaning.

    When she got to the dick and balls I realized what I have met in the past is nothing as compared to what I am experiencing now. She suck them really good. I penetrated her eventually and she kept begging me to strike it harder and harder. She loved the thing, even after the fifth round she was still asking for more. I told her I have to go. I went for my phone only to see 10 missed calls from Katherine.

    "I'm dead" I said to myself

    I took a cold bath in her room, I had wasted more time at her place than I thought I was going to. I will have to find a perfect lie to tell Katherine.

    "Mike, can't you spend the night in this big house?" She asked.
    "I have to go please, we can make it some other time" I said.
    "For a very long time, I'm feeling like a real woman. You really gave it to me well that I wish to have more. Will I see you tomorrow? We have things to talk about" she said.
    "I can't promise, eerm my girlfriend, I'm sure she is looking for me. I will have to attend to her" I said.
    "Oh that girl, I understand. I don't wish to snatch you from her completely. I can share you with her. I want to change your life Michael. Share my wealth with you. All I want is to have a piece of you, Eerm a minute" she said.

    She went to a small glass made table at the other end of her bed which was full of car keys. She picked one, I thought she was going to drop me.

    "Take this, take this car home and come back tomorrow let talk okay" she said.
    "No I can't take it, this is your Car and not mine" I complained.
    "Yes my car and I am telling you to take it home. Come on we shouldn't be talking over this" she said and threw the key at me. I held it in the air.

    When we got out I realized the key she gave me is actually a key to brand new 2017 Bently Mulsanne. I never dreamt of ever sitting in such a car not to even talk of driving one.

    "What, this is too expensive for me to take home and bring back even though I'm not keeping it" I said.
    "Haha I know right, I bought it just last week. The only time it was driven was when it was moved from the port to this place, take good care of it and let me see you tomorrow. Your girlfriend is waiting, go home lover boy" she said with a smile and a wink.

    I sat in the car as hard as it was for me to leave with it I drove out. We have cars and we have cars but what I am driving now is a real car I said to myself. I drove straight to my house. Parked the car on the main street under the street light and took a walk to my room. I was shocked to see Katherine right in front of my door when I got there. I knew I have committed a big sin.

    "Have you been here for long?" I asked with a soft voice. She didn't say a word. I got closer to touch her

    "Please don't touch me" she said with a sharp angry voice. I opened the door and she followed me in with a basket which I believe was containing food.
    "I am sorry, I was out there struggling to get a befitting job Kathy. I saw your missed calls and I was thinking of getting home to call you. I'm sorry okay" I said.

    I got closer to her this time she didn't say a word, I gave her a hug.

    "I brought you food, look at the time now almost 10pm. I was here as early as 6pm. Mike you are changing and I don't want to lose you. Look at me am I not good enough for you?" She asked.

    I remembered what happened exactly in the house of Vera. I knew I had messed up but I had to lie.

    "Trust me bae, you are perfect for me and I understand whatever your reactions are. I love you. Whatever I am doing now is because I want to give you the best" I said.
    "I don't know much about cars but the car I saw you coming out of must be a multi-million cedi car, whose car is it Mike?" She asked looking straight into my eyes and expecting an answer in episode 10

    Episode 10

    "Oh that car, it's for Vera, yeah the lady we met at the pool. She is trying to help me secure a job. I took her to Takoradi this morning but since she's not returning I had to bring back the car because I told her I didn't tell you I will be going to Takoradi" I lied.

    "Hmmm Mike so you went to Takoradi without telling me? What if something happened to you?" She asked back.
    "That's why I said I am sorry, it was an emergency something..... It won't happen again I promise" I said.
    "Hmmmn Well your food is cold, let me microwave it for you to eat, You know it's late but you must eat something" she said.

    I was satisfied because I ate before coming but not eating at all will give room for further suspicion so I gave her the go ahead to warm the food. After eating we had our bath together and went to bed. At dawn the next day she woke me up

    "Mike, there is something I want to tell you" she said.
    "Can't you wait till day break?" I asked
    "It's important that's why" she said.
    "What is it about?" I asked.
    "It's my mum she wants to meet you. She wants you to come at least so she knows the person I do spend my night with sometimes Please" she said.
    "Hmmmm, I love you but...." I said
    "She's not asking you to bring drinks as my bride price. She just want to see you please and I told her you will come today" she said.

    "Kathy, this is really difficult I can't go to your mum when I am not ready to" I said.
    "Yes I know, things will be fine just see her for me please. So she won't have to question me anytime I am coming here" she pleaded.
    "Well, we shall go there this morning because I have other rounds to do today too. Will that be fine?" I asked.
    "Yes that's fine. Thanks soo much baby I love you" she said.
    "I love you more" I replied

    We found ourselves kissing and I gave her the early morning one "fast and furious".

    Around 9am, we went to her house. That's my presence there for the first time ever since I met her. I had the opportunity to meet her mother.

    "Gentleman my daughter has said a lot about you to me" Kathy's mum said.
    "Yes mum, she's a loving lady I wish to marry her in no time" I said.
    "Good please, they were twins her other half died and she's my only child now. Her father is also dead so she's my all please and please do take care of her for me.

    I am begging you with God. You are a nice guy and I believe your character will be same" the mother said.
    "Haha, soo sad to hear all these but trust me Kathy is fine and safe with me I promise you" I replied.

    I told Kathy it was time to go. I left from their place with the car to Vera's house. She gave me a welcoming smile an indication that she was happy to see me. I moved to say good morning but she opted for a hug instead. She was just in a short skirt.

    "So tell me was she angry when you got home?" She asked.
    "Eerm yes, she was but I cooled her down" I said.
    "Your dick is really sweet. I had a good sleep last night. That's why she is all jealous about you getting close to other women" she said.

    I never said a word. She asked me to take her upstairs and I did. She dressed up and we got out. She pointed at another expensive car Rolls Royce phantom. She asked me to drive and we went out. We first stopped at a restaurant after eating she asked me to drive to a known estate in the city. Finally we got to a house in the estate.

    We got inside, it was equally a fully furnished 5 bedroom mansion with a pool, garden and a beautiful interior decor. I thought she was just showing me around perhaps allowing me to get familiar with her said property. We went round the round and she dropped the bombshell finally

    "Eerm Mike, I brought you here because I don't like where you're staying. In fact giving you my car and you parking it on the street is just not safe. This is one of my many houses but today it is yours. You will have to move in as soon as possible then I shall get you some amount to start a business of your own. I like you and just as one good turn deserve another I promise to change you into the man you always wish to become" she said handing me a bunch of keys.

    I couldn't hide my joy and amusement. I tried going down on my knees to thank her but she asked me to stop. We drove back to her place with soo much joy in me. Her source of money is never my problem now. I was just thinking of how generous she is. We made love at her place before I left to my place. I went to my shop the following morning. It's been close to a week I went there and Abena was soo happy to see me.

    "Bra Mike, I miss you" Abena said.
    "Miss you too, I'm just trying something new that's why, how is the shop and what's up with you?” I asked
    "Errm everything is fine, but today is my birthday, hope you have not forgotten soo soon" she said.

    "Oopps oh my bad, happy birthday too you cutie" I said.
    "Thanks soo much Bra Mike, can I get a hug from you for the first time at least" she requested.

    It was an open place with people passing by to attend to their business and work. I looked around and looked back at her. She knew how difficult doing that will be but she still insisted for the hug.

    Episode 11

    I gave her the hug and she won't just let me go. She was soo happy to get that at last. I took out my phone to call Katherine to meet me at home right away when she is done selling her waakye. I promised Abena that I will come to her party in the evening. I left to my old house to take a little rest. Katherine came after selling.

    "You wanted to see me baby, you miss me huh?" She said with a smile.
    "Yeah, come over here" I held her hand and pulled her to myself on the bed. She plant one deep soft kiss on my lips
    "Kathy, we are leaving this place, we won't be staying here any longer" I said.

    "How, your rent has expired? I can get you some money to do the payment you know" she said looking sober.
    "Haha, thanks but I mean we are leaving to a better place" I said.

    She was still confused, I put on my clothes and took her to the car and we left to the estate. She couldn't believe what was happening around her.

    "I'm soo happy, boo. But come to think of it how did you afford this place" She asked.
    "Oh Vera, yeah Vera she helped me get a job and they gave me this as an incentive" I lied.

    She was not too happy hearing Vera's name in this whole good news but she kept calm. I told her I will move in completely by tomorrow. In the evening I went to the birthday party of Abena. She was really happy to see me. It was in their house and her parents were soo glad I made it to the party. After the little party the after party was scheduled to happen at a spot in their area. Abena insisted that I come along with her.

    I went there, because she is a teenager most of her friends around for the little fun they wanted to have were teenagers. They danced to every tune from the DJ. I was just in my seat with a bottle of ruut extra beer watching the young men and women have mad fun.

    "Bra Mike, you don't dance?" Abena came to me full of sweat asking.
    "Haha I'm a king, Kings don't dance in public" I joked.
    "Hahaha you are funny bra Mike, thanks making it through. I'm happy you came. I will miss you when I start school" she said
    "Yeah, me too kid" I replied.
    "Uuh I said I'm no longer a kid, come on how many times must I say this Bra Mike" she said.
    "Hahaha I see you as my younger sister, don't be offended" I said.
    "Do you know I have a crush on you?" She asked looking at me in the eye

    I laughed, just when I was about to respond, I had a call from Katherine. I went out to pick. I told her I'm at the birthday party of Abena, for that she was never angry because she does not see Abena as threat unlike Vera. I told her I will call her when I get home. After the party I escorted Abena home.

    I saw from her eye she wanted us to continue with what she said earlier but I was just avoiding that. The next day I went in for a truck to pack all stuff at my place to the new apartment. I was really feeling comfortable. Vera asked me to come over to her house. We later went to Takoradi to check on a project she was doing there. It is a Mall the first of it kind in the region. We returned to Accra same day.

    Right after returning I went to Katherine's house to pick her to my new home. I told her this is where we will be. She spent the night with me. At dawn because she was going to sell I had to drop her off as early as possible.

    On my way back home while driving around 5am I saw something that was quite unpleasant.

    But be calm for episode 12
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    Episode 13

    I quickly looked at the screen in the hall to monitor who is at the gate. It was Abena.

    I gave her direction to my new place last night. She has fixed some new hair and looking more matured than I ever anticipated.

    I pressed on the automated gate to open and she walks in in an elegant manner.

    I left Eunice inside to meet her at the hall.

    I asked her to sit and she did just that. I went to the fridge to get her some drink.

    Eunice came out of the room in just her towel. Abena was surprise seeing her
    “You didn’t tell me someone else will be coming here. Then I have to leave and come some other time” she said.

    “Oh, Noo I will explain to you later. How’s mum and dad?” I asked.

    “They are fine, having some headache as a result of last night fun” she said.

    “Hahaha that was some 48hrs fun right? Anyways, this is where I live now” I said. 

    “It’s really a beautiful place, you are rich ooo. Don’t you have anything in the kitchen. Let me cook for you before I go” she said.

    “Hahaha, I’m not rich yet. Sure get to the kitchen. There are food stuff in there and tell me what you can prepare” I said.

    She stood up smiling shaking her medium size ass as she walks to the kitchen.

    I turned to Eunice” Go and put on your clothes please when you are done come and let’s talk” I said to her.

    Few minutes on Eunice came back to me in the hall

    “Eerm Eunice, your story is quite an interesting one. So whom do you live with apart from your guy?” I asked.

    “Nobody Sir, nobody. I live with him and don’t know where I will be going from this place” she said.

    “Hmmmm, I can’t keep you long in this house though it’s a big house because of some other issues. 

    My fiancee comes around every time and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with her presence. So I will rent a hotel for you for a week and use that week to search for a decent accommodation for you. I will do the payment and everything so you move in” I said.

    She was happy but sad, she tried going down on her knee to say thanks but I stopped her.

    “Bra Mike” Abena called out loudly 

    “This girl will kill me” I said with a smile and stood to her in the kitchen 

    “Bra Mike, I’m preparing you jollof. How do you want your pepper?” She asked.

    “Not too hot, must be a normal taste” I replied.

    “Okay bra mike, that lady is she your new girlfriend? ” she asked.

    “Oh noo, I’m only helping her. She’s having a problem. You can see from her face she has been crying I met her boyfriend beating her on the street. I had to bring her here to shelter her for a while” I replied.

    “Oh woow okay, I will finish the cooking very soon okay” She said.
    I went back to the sitting room to be with Eunice. Within an hour Abena was done with her jollof. She came to serve the food at the dinning table and the three of us eat. She is a good cook even at her young age.

    “Do you like it?” Abena asked.

    “Haha yeah, it’s nice keep it up kid” I said. 

    “Today too kid? Like seriously Bra Mike?” She said with an upset face.

    “Hahaha just pulling your legs” I said.
    “Hahaha I won’t mind you, I want to clean up the kitchen” She said.

    So Abena left to the kitchen leaving me and Eunice at the table 

    “Interesting chap, is she your girlfriend? ” Eunice asked.

    “Oh no, she works for me. She’s like a younger sister. She will be going to school so I brought her here to know my house first before she leaves for school” I replied

    “I completed a private nursing school two years ago, because of the love of my guy I stayed home at the expense of my national service. I didn’t do it because he promised me he was working on a link for me to go to Dubai to work there as a nurse. Today I’m home without a clearance form. 

    I can’t work In any government hospital unless I go back to do my service or even private hospitals they will ask for my national service certificate” She said.

    “Woow hell of a story, but then don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s still not late to correct  the wrong and make it better, we shall be going to the hotel any moment from now” I said.

    “Thanks soo Much Micheal, you are an angel. Your woman is a lucky person to have such a kind hearted perfect gentleman” Eunice replied.
    I smiled and tapped her on the shoulder before standing up from the table.

    I went back to the hall to relax.

    Abena came asking me for things she will need to bath” bra Mike I feel sticky, I want to wash down a bit” she said.

    “Go to the room on your left,  all things meant for you to have a good bath is in there. The bathroom is inside”  I replied.

    Few minutes on I heard Abena calling me from the room to come.

    I rushed in there 

    “Bra Mike which of the towels should I use?” She asked.

    “Oh hoo Must you ask me for that, use any please” I replied.

    Right after replying the towel she had wrapped herself with came down. 

    I stood watching and she wasn’t in a haste either to pick it up to cover her naked body. She was looking at me straight In the eye.

    She held her two boobs and massage them softly all by herself then put one of her fingers in her lips to lick it trying soo hard to seduce me.

    She took a step closer to me and I move closer to her as well.

    We got closer, she held my waist and I went down on my knee…….

    *To be Continued.*
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    Episode 12

    A guy was beating a lady that early morning. I slowed down with my speed, for once I wanted to stop but then I thought the whole thing could be a set up to rob persons who may come in as helpers.

    I kept watching until the guy gave the lady a heavy slap on the face that made her fall straight on the main road. To my shock the few people around stood watching and most are women as well.

    I stopped the car quickly. I rushed out to the lady on the ground. I felt her pulse to be sure she was alive first. She was breathing and crying in a voice that seems lost. I saw the guy heading to where he came out from. I held him in the shoulder

    "gentleman, no matter the offense of a lady hitting her the manner you just did was really wrong. She could have lost her life or get injured in the process" I said.
    "Moral police, arrest me and who are you by the way? This is my house get the hell out before I deal with you same way I just did to her" he replied arrogantly.

    "Really, are you talking to me? Do you know the person I am?" I asked.
    "Who cares about who you are or who you are not, go and suck your mother" he said.

    I lost it at this point, I pulled him to me and gave him a slap that landed him on the grounded too. He cried out loudly for help. I beat the hell out of him like he did to the lady. He was on the ground and couldn't stand up. I went to the lady who was having bruises on her body to carry her to my car.

    I was confused where to take her to. I don't know whether to take her to my house, a police station, a pharmacy for some drugs. I made her sit at the back. She was still crying. I drove her to my new home. I sent her inside and directed her to one of the guest rooms in the apartment and asked her to take a warm bath first.

    I rushed to the kitchen to prepare her some hot beverage. By the time I finished she was also done bathing. I took the prepared breakfast to the room she was in. She was really beautiful. She could not look at me in the face. She was just in a white towel.

    “Lady, how are you feeling now and what is your name?" I asked. She tried speaking but tears started flowing again. I got closer to her to cuddle her. When she was done crying enough I asked her to tell me why the guy was beating her.

    "My name is Eunice and I am from Kumasi but has been living in Accra for years now" she said.
    "Great what did you do to the lunatic that made him beat you?" I asked.
    "He is my boyfriend, and.... “she said with teary eyes.
    "And what?" I asked quickly.

    "He is a game boy, he used me for most of his things. Things became hard but I stayed with him. At a point he needed some new format soo badly from a rich game boy here in Accra. He set me up to get the format from the guy. He told the guy I am his sister. So I slept with the guy for him to help him. Something I never supported but he was crying and begging me always because he needed that badly, if he get that format he will get a huge control. I gave in at last and the guy slept with me. He helped him and within 4 weeks my guy had a big control. 2 billion old cedis" she said.

    "Woow, you did this for a guy and he is now beating you like some goat?" I said furiously.
    "It is because I love him and I still do." She said with tears
    "So after the 2billion old cedis what next?" I asked.

    "He started going after girls, the least thing I do he will remind me how I sleep around with other guys. Something he made me do for him. When he bought his car, things changed completely, the Honda Accord you saw parked in front of the house. I went to my mother's funeral in Kumasi. It was the one week celebration he told me I should go and he will go to the main funeral with me. I came back and realized another girl was in his room, I wanted to get in to sleep because I was tired that dawn but he told me I will have to wait. I was forcing my way through and he started beating me" she narrated.

    "Is that the first time?" I asked.
    "No, not at all he beat me with the least provocation and comes to apologies later always" she replied.

    Right after this reply I heard the loud sound from the doorbell at the main gate

    Whoever it is will be known in episode 13
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    Episode 14

    We drove to Togo for the mission. We went to book a hotel.
    “Mike are you sure you can do this, you know the risk involve. I don’t want any harm to befall you” a worried looking Vera asked 
    “Relax, I will do my best” I said 

    At 10pm Togo time I left Vera in the hotel and I went to the coast. I took the speed boat which was also having the jetski. In my tight swim wear I start sailing on the sea. 

    I moved for like 20 miles then I took out the map. From a distance I spotted the ship coming.

    With waterproof bag I left the speed boat and jumped into the sea and started swimming towards the ship. I had to swim for close to 20 minutes to get to the ship on the sea which was fast approaching Togo port. I managed to go inside at last.

    I tiptoe to the very container Vera described to me. It was containing two cars. I tried to get in and truly the parcel of cocaine was in there. I took the parcels and put them in the waterproof bag.

    The ship was having security but not as tight as I anticipated.
    But when I was coming out if the container I met one of the securities moving around.

    He shouted “Hey” before he could get closer I jumped from the high height straight into the sea. He spoke in a foreign language and sounded the emergency alarm in the  ship. I heard guns been fired at all directions. I continued swimming till I get to the boat.

    I got in and speed off. about 20 miles I stopped, took out the jetski from the boat and set the boat on fire on the sea.

    I moved on with the jetski. I got left the jetski also on the sea and swim back to the shore.
    I changed into a new clothes and by 1am Togo time I was in the hotel.

    I went straight to the room Vera was at and placed the bag before her 
    “There you have it, problem solved” I said 

    “Wooow,  Mike you really did this. How did you do it?” She said as she open the bag to inspect the package.

    “We have little time, we must leave now” I said
    We packed the few things we brought and left the hotel immediately. We got back to our car at the border and didn’t waste time we fled away back to Ghana.
    We got to Accra around 6am. 

    I was soo tired and exhausted I had a warm bath in the house of Vera and slept.

    I woke up feeling refreshed, when I got downstairs Vera had prepared food for me. She invited me to join her at the table.

    “Micheal I’m soo grateful for the help. You saved my ass and forever will be glad” She said 
    “You are welcome, I told I will do it. I hope there is no more risk coming” I said
    I had a call from Eunice, I told her I will see her later.

    I went home right after eating.
    To stop Katherine from suspecting or talking I called her to come.
    She came right away .

    “Baby you are back” She asked 
    “Yes I told you I will be back soon” I replied 
    “So how was the trip?” She asked

    “Very stressful thank God I can have some rest now, I miss you” I replied 
    “Awww miss you too, my mum says hi” She said 

    “Oh talking about your mum, I’m planning of going to do your knocking and taking your list for the bride price.

    So please when you go home tell mum to see your uncles and prepare your list. I will come for it so u prepare for the real marriage” I said 

    “What, is this one of your jokes?” She asked with a smile 

    “Hell no, I want to be with you for life and even after death. You are the best to happen to me” I said 
    “Awww, I love you sweetness” she said with a kiss on my lips.

    I went back to the hotel where Eunice was to inform her that I have gotten a place for her finally and thus she will very moving there the next day.

    From there I went to see the parent of Abena. Very unusual Abena didn’t give me her infectious smile.
    “Micheal welcome” Abena’s mum said with a smile 

    “Thanks mum, I miss my little girl so had to pass by. I haven’t been going to the shop lately and considering the fact that she’s left with two weeks to go to school I have to come and see her before anything else” I said

    “Hmmm your little girl these days don’t speak with anyone. She don’t smile and she looks angry all the time. I hope now that you are here you will find out what is wrong with her” She said.

    I called Abena to follow me me to my car.

    “I am the cause our unhappiness right?” I asked 
    “I don’t want to talk about it” She replied 

    “I couldn’t have fucked you there because that lady was around, I love you and want to protect you. We will still have another opportunity for that I promise” I said

    This brought some smile back to her face.
    With her smiling face I held her hand back to her mother.

    *To be Continued.*
    9/26/18, 08:48 - +233 24 462 0852: Pants down Ep 15

    Yes mum I believe she is fine now, we had to do some chit chat  like that” I said
    “She always want to be pampered” Abena’s mum said.
    With this the three of us broke out of laughter

    “Eerm mum actually the reason for me coming here is that eerh, Abena has been useful to me and in actual sense she has been a good serving girl. Going to school I want to officially hand over the mobile money shop to the family.

    I won’t be running it any longer. But then I will give Abena a start up capital so you look for a trusted person to be in the shop while she is in school.

    So from Today Abena will be the owner of that shop and I will give you 20,000 cedis to invest in the business. I want her future to be secured even before she graduates” I said.

    The mum couldn’t believe what I said “Micheal, are you serious?” She asked with a happy but surprise tone.
    “Yes, I’m serious mum trust me” I replied.

    “God bless you my son” She tried going down to thank me but I had to stop her.

    I looked at Abena and we smiled at each other. She stood to come and sit on my laps.

    “The father is out when he is back I will tell him exactly what you came to say” the mum said.
    “That’s cool, here you go take this envelope it contains the 20,000 cedis attached to it is 5000 cedis for Abena. That I’m sure can handle her admission fee and all other payment she is required to do before she report to the university” I said.

    “God bless you Micheal” the mum said affectionately.
    “Amen mum” I replied with a smile.

    I left their place on my way to see Eunice again Vera called me.

    “Hi Mike, I will want you to come over. I gave something for you” she said sounding excited on the phone.
    “Okay, will be with you right away” I replied

    I went straight to Vera without going to see Eunice.

    When I got in there she asked me to come upstairs and I went.

    “Mike, it’s been a while you really bang me” She said.
    “Uh, guess we are all busy lately” I replied with a smile.

    “Busy you say, I’m sure your waakye seller is taking all your energy” She said.
    “Can we leave her out of this please?” I said.

    “Okay lover boy, so what are you saying are you eating me right away?” She asked.
    I looked back to be sure the door was locked.

    “You really want to see the beast in me yet again huh?” I asked.
    “Uhuh, I want to moan with your name this hot afternoon” she said.

    I held her and kissing began. We had series of sex.

    After the sexual escaped she stood up, lighted a cigarette and walked naked to her wardrobe. She came with a bag and threw the bag at me on the bed.

    “What’s up, what is the bag for? ” I asked.

    “Open it” she said with a smile as she blow out smoke from her nostril.

    I opened the bag and what a shocking moment. The bag was full of dollars.

    “What, what is this for?, your business?” I asked.

    “No for you, that’s 2 million US dollars and it’s for you” She replied.

    “2 million dollars? That’s a huge sum of money” I said looking surprise.

    “Yeah, I know right. What you did for me was worth more than this” She replied and sat back on the bed naked.

    “No, you don’t have to pay me. I did it for you because you have been helpful. I can’t take this” I said.
    She held my head and looked straight into my eye and said ” Listen Micheal, this money is for you and more will come. I told you I want to help you so give me the chance please” She said.

    “But you give me 10,000 cedis every week. Apart from that you allow me to drive any of your cars and you gave me one of your house. They are enough for whatever I have done for you” I said.

    “Mike listen, you are a man I can’t be giving you money all the time. That’s why I’m giving you this money so you start something for yourself. I love you Mike, I truly do” She replied.

    I tried responding but she kissed me and I could not speak further words. We had sex again.
    I went home to relax. The next day I called Eunice to move from the hotel to my place.

    She came looking pretty cool.

    “I didn’t hear of you again, you told me you were coming to the hotel yesterday but didn’t show up” Eunice  said.

    “Yes I did but something came up and I needed to handle, sorry. Your room is ready from here we shall be going there” I said.

    “Thanks soo much Bra Mike” She said with a smile.

    “Anyways, you can’t be home doing anything for that matter I’m thinking of opening a filling station and a mart plus a boutique.  You will manage the mart and the hotel that is of you agree to work for me but then if you have your own plans you want to execute that’s no problem. I will allow you do so” I said to her.

    She was soo surprise about what I said.

    “Oh my God, you are an angel on earth. How can I thank you?” She said and stood from her seat to come and sit by me.

    Katherine came in and met us in the sitting room.

    I stood up to give her a kiss before taking her hand bag

    “Bae, this is Eunice the lady I told you about who got molested by one fool. I finally want to help her so she works for us” I said to Katherine.

    “Oh, that’s nice, Nice meeting you Eunice. And welcome too I’m Katherine” Kathy replied.

    “Thanks madam, I’m Eunice like you rightly said. I can’t thank Bra Mike enough. Kindly thank him for me. He is a blessing and may God bless you two” Eunice said.

    “Don’t worry, what are humans for if we cannot help each in times of difficulties, Hun I will be upstairs. I’m tired I need some rest” Katherine said with a smile.

    “Okay, I will have to take Eunice to her apartment the one I told you about so will have to do that and get back to you” I replied.

    “Okay Love, then drive safe. Eunice see you around some other time” Katherine said and climb upstairs to my bedroom.

    *To be Continued.*

    Episode 16

    I sent Eunice to the new apartment I had rented for her. It was a two bedroom apartment. She was soo happy and kept on thanking me for everything.
    The place was already furnished with everything to give a comfortable life in there.
    I told her I will see her the next day but then she should call me anytime she want something.
    I gave her 1000 cedis for upkeep and left back to my place.
    When I got home Katherine was preparing supper.
    While eating I told her one great news
    “I understand your passion for cooking and selling. I want to establish a restaurant for you. No more selling just the Waakye at the roadside but then I want to make it a big place.
    I have gone for a story building not too far from where you sells for renovation works to begin there. I shall do the payment tomorrow and hopefully by 3 months the place will be ready for you and in your name” I said.
    She couldn’t believe what I just told her
    “Mike are you serious?” She asked in amazement.
    “Yes I’m fucking serious, I love you and want to secure our future” I said
    Tears of joy started flowing down her cheek.
    “I love you soo much Micheal, I love you with my all” She said.
    “Love you too baby, anyways did you tell your mother what I told you to tell her?” I asked.
    “Yes please and she said she will put it before my uncles. Possibly in a week or two the list should be ready baby” She said with a smile.
    I heard my phone ringing, I checked it out and it was Vera calling.
    “Hey lover boy, I’m sure your waakye seller is with you. Can I see you this evening?” She asked.
    “Eerm….. I will try” I replied.
    “Okay, 7pm at my place” she said and dropped the call.“Fuck” I exclaimed.
    “What is it baby?” My Boss she want me to meet some investors coming down this evening from Dubai . I lied.
    “Who Vera?” Kathy asked.
    “Yeah” I replied in affirmative
    “Can’t that be tomorrow? ” she asked back.
    “No, they are touching down this evening” I lied again.
    I saw the change of mood, she was not happy I was going to leave her in the house all alone that evening.
    By 7pm I was with Vera. She told me her friend is having a birthday party so she will want to go with me.
    We left her place to the party.
    It was a party for big men and women. Most of the known rich men and women in the country were at the party.
    There were more than enough to drink and chew. We had great fun.
    When it was time to go home I realized Vera was drunk. I took her by the hand and we got to the car park.
    She held my neck and started kissing me
    “Stop it this is public” I said.
    “Hahaha who fucking cares about public?” She asked.
    “We can do that when we get home Vera” I said
    “Yes we will but right now I’m damn horny. I want you to Fuck me” She said with a naughty face.
    “What?, are you kidding me not here” I said
    “I said Fuck me, in the car. Nobody will see us and even if anybody sees us that’s his or her fucking business and not us. This place is protected and all those around are people of high standard and not gossips.You either fuck me now or forget doing that forever and that will be the end of knowing you” she threatened.
    I was confused at this point, I got closer we kissed again and we entered the car and I fucked her.
    I drove her to her house and I left to my place because I didn’t tell Katherine I will be staying over.
    To my surprise when I got home around 2am, Katherine was up in the room crying.
    I rushed to her quickly “Don’t touch me Micheal, just don’t touch me” She said with tears.
    “What’s wrong with you why could you be crying this late?” I asked.
    “You really want to know?, so the investors were those you were fucking in the car park?
    Micheal don’t I give you more than enough sex?
    What is it you want I don’t give? And the fuck is you lied to me, you lied to me that you were meeting investors from Dubai when you were going for a party and fucking yourself in the public.
    Are you insane Mike?
    You are such a disgrace” she lamented with tears
    At this point there was no point lying.
    I went down on my knees to apologies but she pushed me away.She went in for her hand bang packed few of her things she could lay hands on and left that late.
    I tried stopping her but she won’t listen.
    In the morning I called her for countless time but she did not pick any of my calls.
    I went to her house to ask the mum about her and the mother asked back if she was not at my place because she told her she was coming to my place.
    I told the mother the truth and apologized. She got pissed but I told her it was a mistake and I’m ready to correct that and not let it happen again.
    I called before the mother but she still didn’t pick and she wasn’t home either.
    I left as a confused man. It was at this point I felt her relevance in my life. I started missing her badly.
    I cried my heart out and there was no minute I didn’t try calling her line.
    For a whole week she didn’t go home.When I asked the mum her where about she told me she’s fine but then she said she want to be alone so she is with a friend.
    I begged the mother to show me the particular friend and her location but she said no, it was a promise she made to Kathy not to show me where she is now.
    I left to my place, I got drunk.
    Katherine then went to Vera’s house.
    After knocking soo hard the security got furious and had wanted to beat her but Vera came out and asked the security to allow her in.
    “Hey lady why are you banging my door like that?. Do you know how much that gate cost?” Vera asked.
    “I don’t fucking care how much it cost, but for your own good leave Micheal alone.
    He is for me and me alone and I’m not sharing him with a thing like you” Kathy said furiously.
    “Hahaha oh waakye seller, Micheal, he is for you? A low class miserable, wretched, poor girl like you? Who even gave you that power to walk into my house, i mean my multi million house to speak that rubbish to me? Vera asked.
    “You think money is everything huh, if it’s about sleeping with men like you does, I can do that for money and build same house and buy same cars. But leave Micheal alone” Kathy said with a loud angry tone
    With this Vera slapped Katherine.
    *To be Continued..*

    Episode 17

    “You slapped me?” Katherine asked.
    “Yes and if you don’t get your stinking self out of my house I will slap you again and unleash my dogs on you moron!” Vera replied.
    Katherine had wanted to slap her too but before she could raise her hand, Bruce Vera’s well built bodyguard held her hand from her back and lifted her and the threw her out of the house.
    “I don’t want to see that fool anywhere close to this house again is that clear Razak?” Vera said to the gateman.
    “Yes mam!” Razak responded
    I was home when Vera came to narrate to me what transpired between her and Katherine earlier. I apologized to Vera to take it easy and leave all to me to solve the issue.
    “You know what Micheal, if not you I would have dealt with that silly brat. Talk to her to stay off my track or I will crash her into pieces” She said furiously.
    “Calm down Vera, the whole issue is she found out that I made love to you at the party in the car I don’t know how. She left and for days now I haven’t seen her or heard of her. I am surprise she actually came to your house. Please let it go.
    Leave everything to me, I know what I will do please” I pleaded.
    I cooled down Vera and she decided to let everything go for me to handle Katherine.I was home one hot afternoon when I heard the sound of my door bell. I went out to check whom the person was. For once I thought it was Katherine. To my surprise it was Eunice.
    I haven’t seen her in a week. I do see her missed calls but because of the issue I was having with Katherine I was just not in the right state of mind to speak to her or any other person.
    I signaled the gateman to allow her in.
    She came in looking classical good.
    “Hi Mike, you have been avoiding my calls are you okay?” Eunice asked.
    “Hmm yeah, I’m fine just some little domestic problems but I’m cool” I said
    “Domestic issues?, between you and Katherine huh? Tell me what is it?” She asked
    “Eerm Nothing I can’t handle, I’m fine. What’s up with you?” I asked.
    “That is not an answer to what i asked, Well I’m good, just missed you you know” she said with a smile.
    “Great, nice to hear” I replied with a smile
    “Have you eaten?” She asked.
    “No but I’m not hungry” I replied.
    “No, you must eat something. I don’t know what the problem is because you dont want me to know, but food is a necessity. You must eat regardless of what you are facing” She said.
    “Don’t worry I’m good” I replied.
    Without wasting time she stood up to enter the kitchen to prepare something.I went upstairs to have a little sleep.
    Two hours later Eunice came knocking at my door. I woke up from my sleep to open the door.
    “Hi Mike, food is ready kindly come downstairs to eat something for me please” she said.
    “Okay, thanks I will be with you soon” I replied.
    I went in to wash my face with water and back to the hall.
    She cooked plantain with beans stew one of my favorite. She did it the way I always want it to be and It was delicious.
    “So tell me is it about Katherine leaving?” Eunice asked.
    I just looked at her without saying a word.
    “Trust me I am here for you you know, whatever the Issue is just tell me” she said again.
    “You have no idea” I replied.
    “Then make me understand because I don’t see how and why you should be this disturbed. Come on man up and happy yourself at least” she said.
    “I have heard you, I will be upstairs if anything call me” I replied.
    I stood up to go back to my room.
    I checked my time and it was half past three o’clock. I took my fone to call Katherine but this time I was told switched off.
    I jumped off to bed to have some more sleep because I was stressed and I could feel my head aching.
    I slept again and woke up around 7pm.
    I went to the bathroom to take my bath.
    Then to my bed again.
    On the bed I heard my door been opened slowly. I had not locked it.
    Here comes Eunice, in her night gown and a tray which contains hot chocolate drink a toasted bread and egg.“Hi you are awake?” She asked
    “Yeah, a while ago” I replied
    “Okay, we ate as early as 3pm. I had to prepare this tea for you for the long night” she said
    “Thanks, and eerm with what I told you, work had begun on the site so let see a period of six month hopefully they should be done with everything” I said.
    “Thanks soo much Micheal, God bless you” she said.
    She sat on the bed and went for a pillow.
    After taking the tea we had a long chat about her and myself and all we needed to talk about.
    I didn’t know when I slept. At dawn I was awaken by some hands on me.
    I realized she didn’t leave my room the night before.
    I felt her hands around my dick. I quickly took off her hands
    “Stop it Eunice, stop it” I said.
    “Come on Mike, am I not a woman enough to warm your bed?” she said.
    “That’s never the issue, just stop it” I said
    She tried her possibly best to seduce me so we fuck ourselves but I didn’t give in.
    When it was 6am she went downstairs.She came to call me not looking soo happy that she’s done preparing my breakfast and thus she will want to leave to her place.
    I knew she is feeling bad because I didn’t give in to have sex with her.
    She was about leaving but I held her hands and looked deep into her eyes
    “I want to go now” she said softly.
    “I know you want to stay instead, this is your house so don’t be under pressure to leave when you come around. About last night…” I said.
    “Dont let us talk about last night, Sorry I was just carried away with emotions. I was falling for you but…..” she said with a sober face and voice.
    “Yes I understand but then when I first saw you, I wanted you to remember me always and forever and this is how I want you to remember me not for sexual reasons but for the sake of genuine love and affection. Come over here” I said and pulled her to my chest and gave her a warm hug.
    She held me tightly like she never wanted me to go.
    *To be Continued*

    Episode 18

    We cuddled, I was trying soo hard to control my self but I lost it. We kept looking at ourselves and our heads started getting closer for a kiss.
    Just when I was about to kiss her my fone rang. I took it out quickly to pick the call I thought it was Katherine because the number calling was never stored on my fone.
    But she was not the one.
    “Hello this is Micheal who am I speaking with?” I asked
    “Hello, Hello this is Bruce Boss. Bruce Madam Vera’s guard boss” He replied
    “Oh Bruce, what’s the problem why are you panting soo loud?” I asked
    “Boss, madam, I mean my madam she wanted to commit suicide. I saw her trying to hang herself. I had to rescue her but she has locked herself inside now and I don’t know what she will do next” he said
    “What suicide for what?, see please keep an eye on her I will be right there soon” I said
    Eunice was was a bit confused when I said suicide.
    “Eunice I have to go please, my boss is trying to kill herself. I have to to be there before she try something silly” I said to Eunice
    From her eye she wasn’t happy but I told her we can do that some other time and left to Vera’s house.
    I didn’t waste time downstairs I went straight to her room upstairs. Fortunately her door was never locked.
    I entered and she sitting on the floor with a bottle of black label, a pack of cigarettes and a white substance was around her nostril which I believe was cocaine. She was soo intoxicated that she didn’t realize when I entered
    I went to hold her “Hey, hey look at me do you want to kill yourself for real?” I asked
    “Oh, Micheal leave me alone. I want to die and leave this unfair world full of bad people. I can’t live knowing soo well I have disappointed my late dad” She said with tears
    “Goodness, Disappointed you late dad? Anyway we shall talk about that later but then you need some cold bath, come here get up” I said and lifted her to the washroom.
    I took off her clothes and gave her a warm bath she was soo weak to even stand on her feet.
    I cleaned her body and brought her back to her room. I went downstairs and her maid had prepared variety of foods she’s yet to eat. I asked if there is some soup she said yes there is.
    I took some soup upstairs to and forced Vera to drink it.
    I made a sugar concentrated water for her to drink. She vomited for sometime in the washroom. When she was calm I wiped her body and brought her back to her bed.
    She slept and I couldn’t leave so I spent the night in on her room.
    She woke up the next morning better than before. She was soo embarrassed knowing soo well what she did the previous day
    “I….., I am sorry Mike” She said
    “How many times will you say sorry?. You drink alcohol, you smoke cigarette and sniff cocaine too?” I asked furiously
    “Hmmm That’s why I’m saying I’m sorry. You can judge me if you want to but I am sorry. I was just sad and disappointed in myself” she said
    “It’s okay now tell me what the problem was or is?” I asked
    “Never mind it’s okay” She replied
    “I do, in fact I mind. You either tell me what the problem was that made you to attempt suicide and got soo intoxicated or I walk out and you won’t see me again” I threatened
    “Okay fine, fine” She responded
    “Yeah I’m all ears tell me what I need to know”
    “Hmmm yesterday was exactly a year ago I lost my dad soo painfully. He was killed by this current government” she said
    “What!, killed by the government? How do you mean?, you mean National freedom party killed your dad?” I asked
    “Yeah, my dad was a known member and financier of the out gone government Liberation Movement party. And he was a diamond miner at Akwatia. In fact his company is the biggest local diamond mining company. When this governed took over because he supported the previous government they targeted his business, wealth and life” She said with tears
    “And then what happened, how did he get killed then?” I curiously asked
    “They shot him, yeah they shot him dead. The whole issue was that the government accused him to be an illegal miner when he was having all document from authorized bodies to mine at his site from the previous government. On a fateful Friday morning, soldiers and police invaded his site. An operation masterminded by leaders of this government.
    He was with his diamonds then because on Monday he was going to travel to dubai to trade the diamonds. They shot him and took away the diamond which worth 560 million dollars” she said
    “What?, 560 what? How and to where?” I asked furiously in a shocked voice
    “Yeah 560 million dollars .He was taken to the hospital and he told me all this. I swore with an Oracle to get back the diamond and sell it for charity. I swore that if after a year and half I don’t get the diamond I should die. Micheal one year is gone and I don’t know how I can get that and I don’t want to die too” she said with tear
    “Calm down, we could get a lawyer or something to pursue this case. I think we can win” I suggested
    “Not with this government. I tried that bit the case was thrown out on the note that it lacks merit. They accused my father to be a criminal, drug dealer and one without documents to mine.
    But I know where the diamonds are kept and the government is planning to share it among top officials and sell some to fund their campaign in the next elections” she said
    “You seriously know where it is?” I asked
    “Yes I do, the diamonds are kept in the safer of Bank of Ghana national headquarters” she said
    “That’s a no go area you know” I said
    “Yes you are right but You are my only hope, Micheal unless you want me to die. If I don’t get it I will kill myself. I’m just a failure who couldn’t fulfill the promise I made to my dad” She said with tears
    “No you won’t die to every problem there is a solution” I said
    She went for her laptop and on it.
    She showed me a picture of a lady who I suspect to be in her early 40s.
    “Who is she?” I asked
    “The governor of bank of Ghana” she replied
    ” I see how does she come in here?” I asked
    “The safer the diamonds are kept are encrypted with her finger prints. If we can get her finger prints we can get back that fortune. 560 million dollars is not a small money” she said
    “How can we do that, this is a lady who will have security all the time” I said
    “Trap her Micheal, trap her with your good looks. She is not married and because of her wealth men are afraid to approach her. She divorced 5 years ago and she has a daughter who is in the United States” She said
    “Woow, so how do you know all this?” I asked
    “I find out because, I was a step closer to getting back those diamonds” She replied
    “So how do we get in touch with the said lady?” I asked
    “She has a favorite pub she hangs out with her colleagues and some known politicians every weekend. It is an expensive place and you can’t go in without invitation but getting in is not a problem.
    I can work that out and you will do the rest. Lure her and let get her finger prints and we shall be smiling in money” She said
    “Vera, this is an extremely dangerous mission, you want us to embark on. Give me a day or two and let me think about it” I replied
    *To be Continued.*

    Episode 19

    It was difficult to decide but after days of contemplating I gave in. 560 million dollars is not a chicken change.
    I went to Vera to inform her I am ready she should bring it on.
    She gave me all information I have to know about the lady
    “Now, we have this hand gloves that if u wear and shake anyone automatically you get the person’s fingerprint on it.
    However you need a card to open the automated door of the bank of Ghana. The only person with the card is the governor” Vera said
    On the next Friday I put on the best suit and went to the pub with Vera where I was told the lady do hang out.
    We had to wait for a while before she finally showed up with her security and friends.
    She was with a friend, I saw them entered the VVIP lunge of the pub.
    I followed them with my glass of champagne. Right after sitting I tried getting to her but her body guards stopped me. I struggled with them.
    “It’s okay let him come” The governor said.
    I got closer and said “Woow, finally there is an opportunity to meet my admirer finally” I said with a smile.
    “Pardon me?” she asked in a cheeky manner.
    “Oh I mean, I do see you on TV and do listen to you on radio. Meeting you for the first time I think I deserve to pay you a homage as you are a goddess.
    Too beautiful i must say. I don’t have an adjective to describe you because I am not a grammarian” I said.
    This forced her to burst into laughter.
    “I think you are an interesting guy, sit down” she said.
    I went to sit on her right hand side since her friend was already sitting on her left side.
    We had a long enjoyable chat mostly about me because there is more about her to know.
    It was time for her to leave at last.
    “Thank you soo much for the opportunity, not everyone get the chance to get closer to you this much. I am privileged and honored” I said.
    “You are welcome Micheal” she replied with a smile.
    “Oh my bad, for close to two hours sitting with you I didn’t remember to ask of your name, please your lady ship what’s your name?” I asked.
    “Haha I am Joan, you said you know much about me through the media you should know my name then” she said.
    “Pardon me, I got carried away by your beauty Madam Joan” I said.
    “I gotto go, nice meeting you” she said
    I stretched my hands which was having the gloves and shook her. She gave me her complimentary card to call her so we find some time to meet because I’m too funny to be with.
    We waited for Monday to come, we did our best to make a fake version of the card used in opening the Bank of Ghana inner door. I studied Joan to know that she leaves the office usually at 6pm.
    That Monday I was around. The moment I saw her coming out of the building I entered the yard.
    Security had wanted to stop me because it was beyond 4pm but she noticed me and asked them to allow me in.
    “Hello madam, I was around to check something. I saw from a distance you were coming out so had to rush to say hi” I said with a smile.
    “That’s nice of you Micheal, I will check my schedule to see if we can hang out this weekend” she replied.
    “That will be another opportunity your highness” I said bowing.
    “Hahaha, please I’m having a migraine. Don’t let me over laugh” she replied.
    “Can I help you with your bag to your car?” I asked.
    “Eerm okay” she replied and gave me her hand bag.
    I took it and we walked to her car.
    I spotted the right card and dropped in the fake one we made and took out the original she was having in her bag.
    I told her I will see her on weekend.
    She drove out and I left to Vera’s house
    “Here you go, the card” I said to Vera
    “Oh my God, Mike. You are such a bad ass come over here” She happily said and kissed me.
    “I told you to trust me” I replied.
    “We have scanned the finner prints, when you get in you just have to place it on the machine and it will open then we can be smiling to forever richness” She said with a smile.
    The operation was planned to happen that evening.
    I drove home to get my old military uniform and dressed like a soldier.
    There was another solider on duty and a police officer too all protecting the place with 3 private security guards.
    I walked to the soldier to give him a handshake.
    “New guy, welcome to the base of mosquitoes, it’s a stressful duty but this ataya keep us going” He said pointing to a tea that Muslim usually boil to drink.
    “Hahaha copy that, please I need to get high. Is there a hidden place I can light my ganja?” I asked.
    “Hahaha bad lord go to the back of the building soldier and blaze to glorify Selasi” he said.
    I left them to the back and with a spare key I managed to enter the building.
    I used the card to open the exact safe where the diamond is kept and truly it was there in a bag. I took it out and walked to a counter.
    I gathered some documents and paper around and set them on fire in the building.
    The alarm system starting ringing an indication to show that there is an outbreak of fire in the building.
    *To be Continued.*

    Episode 20

    The fire service was called to come and put off the fire that evening. While they were trying to break into the building i walk pass them majestically with the bag of diamond to our car parked at the far end of the road.
    Bruce was waiting, the moment I sat down he drove off with top speed.
    We got to Vera’s place. She couldn’t believe I succeeded in bringing her the diamond. I gave her the bag.
    That night was a party night. I saw her move to one of the rooms she has converted into a store room to keep the diamonds there in same bag it was kept at the bank.
    That night we really fucked ourselves and had great fun all in her room.
    For once I was not missing Katherine and felt that she can finally go because it’s been 3 weeks of not hearing from her or knowing her where about.
    Day break and we continued the fun.
    In the evening Vera prepared supper. For the first time Bruce was part of us eating together. I felt that it was all part of the celebration. We cracked all jokes, laughed like we have absolutely no problem disturbing us in this world.
    To our surprise 24 hours after the fire outbreak at the nation’s bank, no report on any diamond or money missing. All the media talked about was how timely fire service was to quench the fire.
    Vera stood from her chair to kiss me and went to sit back
    “So tell me how much out of the 560 million dollars should I give you because you did all this job by yourself” she said.
    “Non, I have more than enough from you. I did it for you and because I never wanted you dead. However whatever you think of deserve is highly welcome” I replied with a smile.
    “Awww, nice of you” she said with a smile. She went to the fridge in the kitchen to bring a new wine.
    “This is specially for you customized and you should drink it alone for your bravery. You can check the bottle” she said and helped me open the wine
    I smiled and said “Thank you, I check the bottle and it was with my name bottle written on it”
    I poured a glass and sip some. “It taste good” I said.
    “Good huh?, yeah you will feel better after drinking, Now tell me do you know Miriam?” She asked
    The question nearly chocked me. I coughed, drunk some more water and the wine again to clear my throat
    ” Pardon me, Miriam who?” I asked
    “Miriam Adjei I mean Micheal” She replied.
    I had wanted to lie and pretend but memories kept coming and I felt like telling Vera all she deserved to know.
    “She, she was my ex and she is late” I replied with uneasiness.
    “Oh reallt? You will join her today Micheal” She said with a change in her mood and tone.
    I looked at her in a surprise and shocking manner and said “Join her like how?”
    “Join her by dying” Vera replied
    With this response I had no choice than to laugh because I thought it was her usual silly jokes. “Hahaha, you love jokes” I replied.
    “You shall know soon” She said and looked at Bruce and gave him a wink.
    Bruce took a pistol instantly and pointed it at me.
    I checked the wall clock out of fears and it was 7:30pm
    “Bruce, are you losing your mind, how can you point a gun at me is this some joke or what?” I asked.
    “I told you, you are gonna die today, I hate you with passion Micheal. Yes I hate you, what happened between you and Miriam some 4 years ago. You say it to live or you keep mute to die” Vera said with an angry voice
    I started sweating I knew from this point she wasn’t joking.
    Tears were in my eye because it is something I never wanted to talk about.
    “Miriam, Miriam was my girlfriend, she got pregnant just two month after I graduated from the University. There were stories that she was seeing another guy.
    So I said the pregnancy was not mine, she insisted I am the one who got her pregnant and if I want we can go and do paternity test, but I declined the request saying I won’t take it.
    I had a friend who gave me this medicine that if I rub it on my dick and fuck Miriam the pregnancy will be terminated. I did that and we had sex because I made her believe I will accept it. When she got home she started bleeding and died when she was taken to the hospital.
    Nobody knew I did that to her till date” I said with tears.
    Vera started crying “You met my younger sister Miriam, she was a virgin after you both graduated.
    I was in the States then. You slept with her got her pregnant and claimed it was not you. You same beast lured her, fucked her with some drug and she bleed to death. When my mum got to the hospital and was told her favorite daughter was dead she collapsed and died.
    My father committed suicide two days after because he could not take the pain of losing a daughter and a wife within 24 hours and you are here spitting bullshit about been sorry?.
    Do you know the pain you caused me having to bury 3 important people in my life in just one day?” She asked with tears.
    “I am sorry Vera, I am sorry. I didn’t know she was your sister. I was just scared then to take responsibility and some friends influenced me that they do see Miriam with one guy more often. I thought she was seeing that guy too” I said with trembling voice and tears.
    “Cut this whole crap because it wont save you.
    You know what, I hate you with passion and had waited soo long for this day to come so I can pay you back.
    I wanted you dead but I realized you were equally an asset I could use to aquire whatever I want to aquire. I’m fucking now rich with the diamonds you brought and you will die here. I will bury you here and nobody will ever see you again.
    And I mean nobody, my mum, my innocent sister and loving dad all had to die because of you. Your food and wine was poisoned and you will die in the next 20 minutes. I hate you Micheal, I hate you soo much” She said furiously
    This got me scared more, I tried vomiting but Bruce with the gun in hand insisted that I stop that or he will blow out my brain with the gun.
    Vera clapped her hand and from nowhere Vanessa an old colleague in the military whom I got fired because I gave out my gun to her and took hers that led to the killing of the Bimbilla overlord came out smiling.
    She was followed by General Amartey, my unit commander in the army who told me I have been fired little over a year ago.
    I was shocked to the bone that they were all part of the cartel that has trapped me into this situation. I started crying soo loud and begging for mercy.
    I felt my temperature going high and my stomach started bubbling. I knew my end was truly here.
    “Vanessa, General so you were all part of this plot against me?” I said in tears
    “Shut the fuck up Micheal, shut the fuck up and die slowly and painfully like you made three family members died painfully. I know I won’t make it to heaven but if you go to hell tell the devil that if he doesn’t understand why we are sending you this early to hell he should come and kiss my ass” Vanessa said with a teasing laughter.
    *To be Continued.*

    Episode 21 [Final]

    “Yes you will die” General Amartey said
    Unexpectedly a feminine voice shouted “No!, He will live” before they could all turn to the entrance to the hall to see who spoke a gun was fired at Bruce the only person at that point with a pistol. He fell and died instantly with blood oozing from his mouth.
    They were taken by surprise. Ten police officers been led by Katherine had invaded the house.
    “What the fuck are you doing in my house you bitch?” Vera asked furiously.
    The poison has started working I couldn’t stand on my feet I fell with foam running out of my mouth as I struggle on the floor battling my life holding my neck.
    “Georgina!” Katherine called out
    “Yes Mam!” She responded
    “inject the gentleman and you Kojo help Georgina so you can force him to drink this medicine. This medicine it will help neutralize whatever poison is in his system” Katherine said to two of the police personnel.
    Vanessa, Vera and General Amartey froze to their bone, they were completely taken by surprise.
    “Arrest them!” Katherine commanded
    The 8 remaining personnel didn’t hesitate they handcuff Vera, Vanessa and General Amartey.
    “What the fuck is going on?” Vera cried out
    “Shut the fuck up bitch, you are under arrest for murder, blackmail, money laundering, trade of illicit drugs. You are to remain silent bitch or whatever you say here will be use against you at the court of law” Katherine furiously said to Vera.
    “Take them Away” She commanded.
    The personnel started moving them away as they struggle in their handcuff.
    “No, no, no, wait bring me that one” Katherine said pointing at Vera.
    The officers pulled back Vera in her handcuff to Katherine.
    “I told you I will be back and you didn’t believe me. You will die in jail and vultures will feed on your carcass bitch” Katherine said with a teasing laughter.
    “Fuck you!, I demand to speak to my lawyers now!” Vera said struggling in the hands of two of the police officers.
    “Hahaha, no lawyer can save you. You have been on our wanted list for a very long time and today is your end, you two go upstairs and search her room and bring whatever extra evidence you will find now” Katherine commanded two of the officers.
    They saluted her and went upstairs.
    They came with some parcel of cocaine from Vera’s room.
    An ambulance came and they put Micheal in it. He had vomited most of the things he ate. He was still breathing.
    Katherine got close to Vera and slapped her twice.
    “That was the slap you gave me weeks ago, take her away” she commanded.
    As they were taking Vera away, Katherine shouted “Hey!”. Vera turned back to watch her “Fuck You” Katherine said. They sent them to the police van outside and the three were taken to the regional police command.
    It was revealed that Katherine was a detective with the Ghana Police. She was never a waakye seller.
    All those moment was because she was conducting an investigation about some drug lords in the country.
    I was saved, I woke up in my hospital bed with handcuff on my hand. I cried, I wish I could be given another chance to correct all the mistakes I made in the past.
    A police officer was by my side. Katherine came and said to him “Leave”.
    The police officer left leaving me and Katherine alone in there.
    I cried and beg her to have mercy on me I don’t want to go to jail.
    “You don’t want to go to jail Micheal but you did most of the things that stupid Vera is alleged to have done. I did my best to make you understand that girl is a dangerous girl but you didn’t listen. You could have died if myself and my team had failed to show up at that point. God!” Vera said she took out her handkerchief and spit in it and sent it back to her bag.
    She looked at me in the hospital bed and tears started flowing in her eye.
    I cried to, she left without saying a word.
    I spent a whole week in the police hospital.
    Katherine came to tell me, you will be discharged today.
    I was soo embarrassed and disappointed in myself.
    I went to the house and cried. The next day, I went to her house to meet her mother.
    “I’m here to see Katherine mum” I said.
    “Michael There is something I need to tell you, Katherine is never my daughter. She only asked me to act in the capacity of her mother and I did just that.
    Seriously ever since you said she left you i haven’t seen her either” the woman said. I was shocked at what the woman said.
    I left to my house in pain, I was in a dilemma whether I will be prosecuted or not.
    I heard my door bell ringing. I rushed to open it and it was Katherine.
    I welcome her in.
    I went down on my knees to beg but she asked me to sit.
    “Micheal sit down” she commanded
    I sat hurriedly,” Now tell me everything I need to know and the things you did for Vera” she said.
    I told her everything and the last deal we did. I told her about the diamond which came as a surprise to her.
    She asked me to follow her. We sat in her car and drove to Vera’s house which has been locked and marked out of bounds. I don’t know for whatever reasons she was having the keys.
    We went inside and I showed her the room Vera had kept the bag of diamonds.
    We went and truly it was there.
    “How come i didn’t hear of this?” Katherine asked.
    I stretched my two hands indicating that she could handcuff me too.
    “I have been a mess to myself, family and you. You can take me to jail now” I said with tears.
    Tears started dropping off her cheek too” No, you wont go to jail I promise. I can’t watch my first baby’s father go to jail” she said with tears.
    We hugged ourselves and moved back to my house with the 560 million dollars diamond fortune.
    4 weeks on Vera, Vanessa and General Amartey were sentenced to death.
    There was still no issue about any missing diamond from the central bank.
    “What do we suggest, we do with this diamond?” I asked Katherine one early morning in bed.
    “Build a future with it for ourselves and unborn generation, this diamonds you see here were stolen ones by this government from Chinese nationals and because of that they can’t make noise of it because the international community are watching.
    They took the diamonds and deported the Chinese nationals that they were illegal miners and immigrant. When the case got to the international court, the government vehemently denied to have in possession any diamond from the Chinese who were miners at Akwatia” Katherine said.
    I gave a deep breath, got closer to here and hugged and kissed her passionately. We made love.
    After I asked, “So tell me where do you want us to start our global holiday?”
    “Paris, yes Paris that will be a cool place for the start” she smiled and said.
    “And your job?” I asked rubbing my hands in her hair.
    “I have been asked to go on leave for enough rest, because I used close to 3 years to get to the button of this case. Vera is a known drug dealer and her accomplice are from Mexico” she said.
    We made all arrangement to start our global tour, on the day we were going to the airport. I had soo many envelopes packed with money, whichever person I see with disability on the street of Accra I gave him or her the envelope which was containing at least amount of 5000 cedis.
    “Life and it chances may be controversial, dreadful, evil and tough sometimes. Keeping the diamonds I know for sure is illegal. But whom do we blame?, as to whether that will amount to a different trouble all together,
    all I care about now is to spend some good time with Katherine and my baby in her womb. I shall leave that to the future to decide but for now 560 million dollars is what we worth. We fuckingly rich” I said to myself while driving to Kotoka international airport
    If you are reading this story and you have not receive your envelop from me and my lovely fiancee Katherine, keep calm I shall get to your end because sharing they say is caring!

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