Story: Phobia Of Love


    It was an evergreen day in one of the best Federal Universities in Nigeria when the freshers were having fun on the day of their matriculation ceremony. As they were singing and dancing,Denilson (A guy of average tall-height,dark in complexion who happened to be a son of a business tycoon and that gives him a pride) with his second friend Ramena (who is the only son of a civil servant) sighted Justice their friend at the corner of the hall alone with himself reading a novel written by WOLE SOYINKA.

    “Jussy are you not dancing?”they both asked after half-dragging him to the dance floor.

    “Guys leave me i don’t feel like””he replied. ”Book wormer,you still dey read on the matric day,nawa for you oo””they said that and jokingly,they left. When Justice cannot withstand the GBEDU coming from the speaker,he decided to have a short dance with a lady. While thinking about this,he saw Elizabeth,a young lady of average height,fair in complexion,very beautiful and possibly could be called a gem stone. Initially he felt like going but he knew that when it comes to “toasting matters” he and his two friends are nothing but a NOVICE **Justice go and meet her** his second mind told him.

    ”He–ll—oo dear, i’m justice by name.will you like to have a dance with me””He asked in a stammering manner “

    ”No thank you”

    Elizabeth replied in a frown way as she walked out of him **what kind of human is this**he thought as he watched her walking out of his presence.


    On Monday morning when the student were waiting for the lecturer Denilson,Ramena and Justice were found chatting together.

    “”Guys you won’t believe what happened to me on the matric day when you said i should try to have a dance with a damsel””Justice called on to his friends.

    “”Let hear you out bro””Den and Ram both asked him eagerly.

    ”There was this girl who………””{before justice could finished talking the lady entered}

    ”Yes here she comes,that’s her””Justice said in conclusion.

    “”See fine girl,OH MY GOSH!!! ,omo this babe na queen oo”Den who has been carried away by Elizabeth b**bs said in anticipation.

    “”Guy you better no cross your bound cos that babe go tell you the story of how your papa and mama born you””Ram said in a submissive manner.

    “”Watch me as i get her,””Den whispered.

    “”And let see if you are brave enough””Justice said in enthusiastic manner.

    After the day lecture, as the lady was about stepping out of the class. Den intentionally bumped into her “”Oh i’m sorry babe, permit my manners””Den said in a meek manner.

    “”No problem””Elizabeth said as she made attempt to go.

    “”Ehm –my na–me is Denilson, the only son of chief Stober” he said that with pride.

    “”Why the prolonged introduction””Elizabeth said angrily

    “”Ehm ..i’m sorry but seeing you like this,i felt you resemble my mum’s sister, i want to tell you that i love…


    Ehm,i’m sorry but seeing you like this,i felt you resemble mum’s sister,and i want to tell you that i love …your style and mode of dressing” Den added.
    “Is that all you want to say?” Elizabeth questioned.
    “No,not really and moreover you have’nt tell me your name and i have told you mine” he said that at his “fake-hearted” manner
    “Ok i’m Elizabeth but my friends call me lizzy” she said that in her lady-like mode of speaking {And as at this time Elizabeth knows that she had been wasting much time with Den on standing so she’s been eager to end the “No- Sense” story she’s having with him because she knows where denilson will end up his “‘beating round the bush”‘ discussion}
    “Hmmm Elizabeth,wh ao! That a nice name indeed and i love that,so where are you and your friends heading to in this scorching sun and don’t you mind if i keep your company”Den said this out of fear
    “I think those questions are none of your “bizz” coz it is a story for the gods”Elizabeth said that as she walk out of the class as she leaves denilson on standing at the entrance of the class.
    *Oh my goodness,see the way this girl behaved at me as if she is tonto dikeh*denilson thought ” well den it seems you too have spoken too much”” he said that to himself As he was returning back to the class,Ramena and Justice were laughing on seeing him coming with sadness mixed with anger on his face.
    “Ehn ehn what funny”Denilson asked the two of them angrily
    “Nothing Den we just felt that babe narrated the story wella about your destiny”Ramena said that as he laughed again.
    “And who among you has the “effrontery” to withstand her authority not to talk of her dating you”Den said that in a triumph manner.
    “Well bro you right,but as for me i have a crush on her but i cant go because i maintain my “unstained integrity”Justice said that in a submissive manner.
    “Justice, don’t say that” ramena said “afterall we all love this lady but due to our phobia we kept mute and moreover this atmosphere is not conducive for this kind of discussion when we get to the hostel,we will sort things out”he added.

    ************************** {At night,in their room,denilson and ramena were found arguing over elizabeth matter}
    “NO NO NO i won’t accept that,she’s mine Ramena yelled at Denilson
    “It’s mine and i will not share my baby with anyone coz i happened to be the first person to talk to her*Denilson yelled in return
    “Ssskkkkrrriissshhh,it okay guys,let settle this amicably,lets leave this babe alone”Justice said that as he tried to come in between them.
    “Jussy what you said does not concerns me” Denilson said that angrily
     “And as for you (he faces ramena) i will show you that Elizabeth will be mine not yours!! he said that and storms out of the room
    “And i will let you know that you will be here when she will be mine at last”Ramena yelled back at Denilson as he watches him going out (Justice faces ramena)
    ” Guy it ok now we’re more than friends
    “No problem Justice i will let Denilson know that THE BATTLE LINE HAS BEEN DRAWN.


    The battle line has just been drawn……. *
    *After the argument that happened between Ramena and Denilson,both of them have been trying hard to get the good side of Lizzy
    On monday afternoon, After the lecture class,Ramena and Justice were found sitting under the big tree located on the main campus waiting for Denilson. Suddenly Justice broke the silence “Ehm Ram please you and Den should stop keeping grudges with each other,just forget about everything he has…(before he finished talking,Denilson arrived) thank GOD you were here at the right time. Den you guys should leave lizzy to choose who she want when it is time and moreover you know initially, i love this lady since our Matric ceremony Bush since you guys were fighting i had to keep it off my heart when i saw that you two were wanting her desperately”Justice said in conclusion
    “Thanks a lot Jussy,i know you have always be our guardian although we are mates”Denilson jokingly said
    “Yea you right Den,let forget and move on with our studies”Ramena added.
    “And who knows if i may be the one to marry her sef?Justice said it jokingly
    “In your dreams”Ramena added and the three of them busted into laughter.
    “Ehn buh guys didn’t you notice that it been up to a week we have seen Lizzy on campus”Justice said in anticipation.
    “Yea seems you right,honestly i did not take notice of her absence”Denilson said
    “What can we do now”Ramena said
    “Chai see f–k boys,you never take notice of your bae and you sitting down here”Justice said to Ramena and Denilson.
    From another corner was a friend of Elizabeth passing by. “One of you should go and ask her about lizzy absence”Justice said to them

    “No not even this time*Den and Ram both replied
    “Then i will go”jussy said *
    *Justice went close to meet lizzy’s friend called Cryla*
    “Hello damsel”he greeted her
    “How may i help you”cryla asked *
    Chai see how she replied me,she is just like her friend,no wonder she is a DWARF**Justice thought “Yea i need your help,it been a long time i saw your friend on campus so i want to ask about her whereabout”justice asked “
    ”Well she was rushed to the hospital for a sickness which was not known to us,not even me either””Cryla said “
    ”Oh my GOD,i dont even know,so how will she prepare for the upcoming exam”jussy asked pathetically
    “I dont know”cryla said as she walked out on jussy *
    Jussy came to meet his friend and explained all to them**
    “Ah we feel so sorry about that”Ram said
    “That means she will automatically fail this course coz the so-called lecturer is a no- nonsense man”Den added
    “I promise you that by GOD’s grace elizabeth will not fail this course”Jussy said bravely
    “Then we will see the good samaritan who will come down to help her write it if them no go EXPEL am away from campus”Den and Ram said jokingly..


    Then we will see the good samaritan who will come down to help her write it if them no go expel am away from the campus”Denilson and Ramena said jokingly as the three of them both stood up heading towards their hostel while their chatting goes on *
    *At night,around 11pm,Ramena and Denilson was found to be asleep giving rhymes of rapping from the mode of snoring but Justice was found sitting on his bed thinking because he was unable to sleep “
    ”Will i watch the love of my life spending an extra one year in this school,Absolutely No!!””he thoughtfully said as he was rolling from one side of the bed to another “i love her,i should help her,but won’t it be at my own risk of being rusticated from the school”Jussy said it loud and clear as he tried to close his eyes if sleep will come
    Early in the morning,Justice got dressed up,he did not have any lectures on that day,so he called his friends together so that they can both go and check on Elizabeth at the hospital.
    “Guys,let go and check on Elizabeth at the school clinic to know how well her health has improved. “Jussy said while he was busy adjusting his shirt but the response he got from Denilson and Ramena shocked him
    “Jussy, it seems like you are putting your life at risk by going to the clinic”Denilson said  while pinging on his iPhone
    “what do you mean by that den”Jussy fearfully ask.
    “Yea jussy,you know that den is right,don’t you know that the nature of her sickness is HIV/ AIDS”Ramena said frowning in addition
    “Oh my Goodness,you must be kidding”Justice said that while his shirt began to loose with sweat all over his body
    “It’s true man”Ramena replied
    “How did you guys know and why didn’t you tell me earlier?”He said with tears almost dropping from his eyes.
    “It was one of her closest friends that told us when we went to ask her before you asked her previously in the afternoon”Den said as he and Ramena went out. “
    ”But how can s–uch beau–tiful lady got HIV/ AIDS or can it be true”he said and burst into tears not knowing what to do whether to go to the hospital or to remain at home, But can Ramena and Denilson be lying to me*He thought about this for a while and keeps asking rhetorical questions to himself “
    ”And i love her whole heartedly””he said with tears in his eyes like a lad. {Couple of hours later,he summoned up the courage to check on her} “Whatever it may takes i must see her”He said as he was heading to the hospital. When he got to the reception,he met the nurse at the desk.
    “Morning”he greeted.
    “Morning Sir”the nurse replied
    “Please i wanna see lizzy, one of your patient here”he said..
    “Sir we’ve got no patient bearing lizzy”the nurse replied. “
    ”Oh i”m sorry,permit my manners i mean Elizabeth”he said in correction “Oh you mean eliza”
    “Okae,buh i’n sorry you can’t see her now because the Doctor gave an order that nobody should be allowed to see her because her condition seems critical so she needs to rest please””the nurse replied.
    “Oh you mean she’s truly having H……”he said in a stammering way.
    “Never mind,thank you” he said as he hurriedly go out of the hospital thinking as he was going back to the hostel *
    On his way to the hostel,he was thinking “Can a beautiful lady get HIV/AIDS,or does it mean she is an harlot??””NOOOOOO he shouted On getting home,he did not even bother to knock,he just open the door and he couldn’t believe what he saw.–he met Ramena,Denilson and Cryla and Ella which are Elizabeth’s friend on the same bed HALF-NAKED…..


    “Oh my goodness,Dee-nn Ra–me..”He couldn’t say a word.. “S–t!!! why didn’t you lock the door”Denilson asked Ramena who was really sweating
    On seeing this,Justice hurriedly went out of the room before they could apologize or give it a second thought. What is my eyes seeing Jussy**he thought for a while, How far has Denilson and Ramena gone with elizabeth’s  friends that will lead to the extent that they were having s*x with them,or maybe they want to use and dump the three of them, he kept thinking until he was tapped by one of his hostel mate Parcy
    “Jusssy jussy,the Wole Soyinka of our whole faculty,how far now” he extend a hand shake to Justice which he declined. “Ahah why now,any problem”Parcy asked again with a maximum attention.
    “Nothing brother,My mind is just in a mixture of surprise and wonder”
    “About what,Oh is it about what you saw in your room”
    “What do you think i saw”Justice asked
    “Seeing Your friends f**king your crush’s friends??”Parcy asked in assurance.
    “Oh you don’t mean it”Justice’s eyes opened widely in surprise.
    “I do brother,do you think this is the first time they will be having that,Absolutely NO!!!…”Parcy said focusing on the bill board at the hostel entrance.
    “Like seriously”Justice asked still surprised
    “But why didn’t you tell me in the first place”Justice said in confrontation.
    “Initially i could have said that but i see you as a guy that is softhearted, it will break you and may make you not to focus on the forth coming second semester exam”Parcy narrated.”And perhaps you know how influential Den and Ram’s parent are so i don’t want to get myself implicated”he continued…
    “Thank you Parcy i appreciate”Jussy said.
    “We thank GOD” Parcy said.
    The following day,Justice went to meet Elizabeth’s friends Ella and Cryla but unfortunately he met only Cryla at home.
    “Who’s that?”Cryla asked
    “It’s me Justice”He said in reply.
    “Oh!!Jussy jussy how you??””she asked
    “I’m fine”
    “Please come in”Cryla asked *chai see this lady,see as she do like as if no be she i caught with my friends f**king each other**Jussy thought and said”No Cryla,never mind”
    “Ahah why now?”Cryla asked
    “Nothing i just come to collect Elizabeth’s ID card”he explained
    “For what?”Cryla asked
    “Nothing,just hand it over to me
    “Ok i’m coming. A minute please” Cryla said As soon as she handed the ID card over to Justice,he dashed out of her presence and headed over to the exam hall
    It was the D-day when the exam is to commence so the student were seated waiting for the paper, As soon as the invigilator entered,he distributed the paper to all,but unknowingly to him Justice has collected double sheets. The Exam last for two hours from 9:45am to 11:45am. Within a twinkle of an eye Justice hurriedly finish his paper (you know now as an EFIKO)After that he quickly brought out Elizabeth own and started solving,as he was about finishing the paper,he noticed the invigilator coming nearer..(My God,don’t let my Good heart KOBA mi ooo. He prayed silently).
    Invigilator:-who owns this paper
    Justice:-it’s me Sir
    Invigilator:-Are you sure??
    Justice:-Yes sir Invigilator:-Where is your ID card
    Justice:-i left it at home Sir
    Invigilator:-If that be it i will go and check the register now,and if i find out that you are lying,that means i will make sure i’m part of those who will sign your rustication letter from the school {Ahah mogbe!!! Justice said}.But before the invigilator could come back Parcy has rescued him by collecting the sheet and submitting it skillfully. *ah thank GOD he said
    After the exam he went to check on Elizabeth and he found that same nurse on duty.
    “Hello Ma”he greeted..
    “Good Afternoon”The nurse replied
    “Please i was the guy who came here last time to check on a patient called Lizzy,,,sorry Elizabeth
    “Oh you mean that young,slim,fair and tall lady” ***wetin dey do this nurse,why all this unnecessary attitutes****he thought for a while and finally said “Yes Ma”
    “Ahah sorry sir you can’t see her,coz the doctor has said that………”(before the nurse could finish talking,he understand the nurse intention,so he quickly brought out #1000 note and handed it over to the nurse)
    “Take this ma”Justice gave it to her
    “Oh!!Now you can see her” the nurse said happily **Chai see woman oo because of money she quickly said “now i can see her ,Chau this BUHARI time no good oo”He thought When he got inside the ward,he saw Elizabeth on the sick bay and he burst into tears and said
    “Lizzy the gem stone,get well soon” On saying this he went out heading to his hostel to meet his friends,while going he started thinking * Can it be true that lizzy is having HIV/AIDS with the way things ar going,No it can’t be,or is it true that my Den and Ram are not in the PHOBIA OF LOVE again because they’ve got money…….. He kept on thinking until he got to hostel
    After 3 hours,Elizabeth woke up and saw a tear drop on her cheek,this made her confused so she asked the nurse in charge of her treatment
    “Hello ma,did any of my friends come here apart from my family?”Elizabeth asked
    “Ohr No,none of your friends came here,but it was a guy who kept coming on and on”the nurse replied.
    “did you by any chance asked of his name”Elizabeth asked
    “No please, he did not reveal his identity”the nurse replied”
    “Ok now that i’m healthy, when will i be discharged?”lizzy asked
    “Tomorrow”The nurse replied
    “Ok thank you ma”She said in conclusion
    After 3weeks,the result came out and the student were rushing to check their point,but to Elizabeth greatest surprise her GP was 4.7, so she kept wondering, who could it be, she thought or is it ….


    Who could it be, she thought, or is it the tall guy i met on the day of our matriculation ceremony, she kept wondering but from her face, even a *lad* can tell that she is extremely happy because she was the third person leading in his department after Justice-5.0 followed by Ramena-4.8 .  even if she herself sat for the exam she cannot have up to that GP as 4.7 **Although she is brilliant but not up to that level
    When she got to the hostel, she express her happiness to Cryla who was washing the plates they used to eat and Ella who was busy posting her sexy pictures on instagram,
    “Girls,you wont believe,i had 4.7 as my Grade Point(GP)”she said happily
    “Really that means you’re lucky damsel”Cryal cuts in..
    “It should be so,cos the guy that did for you loves you”Ellas said jokingly as she took another selfie
    “Buh wait ooo,who is this guy that went to such an extent because of me without thinking that they might send him out of the school or perhaps *rusticate* him either
    ”Elizabeth asked wonderingly , At this time,Cryla and Ella knew if they say the truth that it was Justice’s doing,they may end up being exposed because they remembered the day he (justice) caught them *red-handed* so Ella lied**
    “The guy is denilson,that son of a rich man,you should know him on this campus”Cryla said as she was walking inside with the plates while Elizabeth and Ella followed her inside
    “You mean that rude guy that came up to me at the entrance of the lecture room on a day like this that called himself Lion’s Den or what”Elizabeth said as she frown her face in disgust manner
    “Shut up girl,he is Denilson not Lion’s Den”Cryla corrected her sharply
    “He loves you and cares for you babe”Ella said in addition
    “Love me my foot!!!! why are the two of you talking like this,seems he has bribed you abi??”Elizabeth said in a rejectable manner while their discussion was going on, Ella’s phone rang and she went out to receive the call after taking permission from them**
    “No not at all he did not bribe us,we just felt that if such guy like Den could risk such a great task for you then that means he loves you niyen”Cryla said
    “Cryla,seems you intoxicated with his money abi,if you wish to date him then GO ON,it a free world”Elizabeth said as she bend down to the other side of the bed to sleep. when,Ella finish receiving her call,all Elizabeth and Cryla could hear her saying was that
    “ok you are free to come she is at home”******
    “Ehn ehn,back to the matter,you see lizzy this guy is cute and ready to spend on you *lavishly* “Ella said as she bounces on the reading table..
    “Girls abeg lemme rest,i’m on medications so please leave me to take a nap”Elizabeth said as she wore a frown face against them
    “But,lizzy what we’re trying to say is that…. {before Ella could finish talking,they heard a knock at the door}
    “Who is that”she questioned pretending not to know who is at the door knocking Voice from outside:-it’s me,the son of the business tycoon,Denilson Crylla and Ella:-Come in boy, On hearing this elizabeth sprang up from her sleeping position and looked straight into Ella’s face angrily
    “So this is the person that called you earlier and you said i’m at home so he should come abi?”Elizabeth said angrily as she saw Denilson coming in
    “Calm down Lizzy,he mean no harm”Cryla said
    “Yes,honestly i mean no harm”Denilson said in a pastor-like manner “Even if you are coming with ammunition you cannot harm me, What are you doing here in the first place?”she questioned
    “So you won’t offer me a seat”Den said as he tried to act like a gentle boy
    “Ok sit down if you like”Elizabeth said as she faces the window phase
    “Well,well i came to ask about your health status since you came back from the hospital”Denilson said as he sat on the only plastic chair the girls got in the room
    “Thanks alot,so you can go now”Elizabeth said in snappy way
    “Not at all,you did not even thank me about your result”He said as he signaled to Cryla and Ella to leave the room for the two of them
    “Guys,we will be back in a jiffy”enjoy yourselves, Omo this babes understand body languages oo,thank God,if i f**k lizzy today i go f**k them tomorrow Denilson thought
    “About my result”Elizabeth asked

    “Oh yea,i did it for you because i love you well”Denilson lied.
    “Oh,you love me but i dont love you, because i can’t date a rude and arrogant *dude*”Elizabeth said insultingly
    “And perhaps you were not the one that returned back my ID card, because Parcy gave it back to me
    “Buh i want to lavish you with money”Denilson boasted
    “To Hell with you and you money”Eliazbeth shouted. You want to have s*x with me like you did to my friends abi?”Elizabeth said as her voice became louder
    “What do you mean”Denilsin asked as he was so shocked, Has justice revealed everything to herhe thought
    “Well that questions is a *story for the gods* so please the door is open”Elizabeth yelled
    “You mean i should walk out”Denilson said shamefully
    “Den get out” Elizabeth said as she banged the door at Denilson.. while going back to the hostel, He kept thinking, how does Elizabeth knew what happened among Me, Ramena, Cryla and Ella,did Justice tell her,or Parcy,buh Parcy did not see us on that day, He continue thinking until he went to the hostel, On getting there,Ramena and Justice went out to Read **********¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆¶¶∆ ******** **
    it is high time the student vacate from the school for their Second Semester holiday,Justice,Ramena and Denilson were packing their luggages when Justice phone rang, Behold it was a strange number**
    The Caller:-Hello, is that Justice?
    Justice:-Yes, please who am i speaking with
    The Caller:-it is Elizabeth
    Justice heart pumped faster on hearing the name***



    ***Justice heart pumped faster on hearing the name***
    Justice:-which elizabeth??{He said as his voice began to shake}
    The Caller:-So you can’t recollect my voice abi?
    Justice:-Not at all {he said pretending as if he did not know who it was}
    The Caller:-You don’t know Elizabeth,the lady you met on the day of our matriculation ceremony..
    Justice:-**Now pretending to have re-collect**Oh you mean that lady that shunned me off refusing to dance with me when i asked her… He said that jokingly and they both laughed
    Elizabeth:-you’re a naughty boy so you don’t forget things easily
    Justice:-how could i?? **they laughed**
    Elizabeth:-i know you’ll be wondering about how i got your mobile number abi??
    Justice:-is it not that naughty boy Parcy that gave it to you
    Elizabeth:-**Laughs**how do you know
    Justice:-like you always say *It is a Story for the gods They both laugh again*
    Elizabeth:-You know,on that day,i was feeling unhappy that’s why i acted that way
    Justice:-Well no problem,i understand,people are meant to have problem and we are meant to overcome it..
    Elizabeth:-you right,why i called you is that i wanna ask you out,you know hanging around the campus together,how about that?? On hearing this, his heart sank into his shoes, immediately he faces Denilson and Ramena who were busy packing the rest of their luggage*
    Justice:- **Chai See this babe no go kill me,hang around ke, by this time, i’m sorry dear,i wont be able to come!!
    Elizabeth:-{Surprised} why now,for the first time
    Justice:-it’s not like that,you know we’re vacating from hostel today after the papers for holiday
    Elizabeth:-i know now,ok no prob,since you turned down my offer
    Justice:-turn down ke?? I dare not do that to a gem.. Miotobe They both laughed again***
    Elizabeth:-for the first time,i never knew you are funny like this…..
    Justice:-Well that’s none of your *bizz* she laughs again*
    Elizabeth:-i know you’re mimicking me right
    Justice:- if you say so,when we resumed i will come to your hostel
    Elizabeth:-i will be waiting,you know i’ve not seen you and you are this funny
    Justice:-They call it comedy i call it *nature*
    Elizabeth:-Hmmmmm.Bye for now {Hangs Up}
    What is she up to by *hanging around* well i pray she is having what i’m also having in mind, He thought

    After about 10mins of their conversation, he hurriedly packed his luggage knowing that Denilson and Ramena were already waiting for him**
    “Jussy who is that lucky babe that called you cos the voice is a feminine one”Ramena asked eagerly
    “Don’t worry,she is a friend of mine”Justice replied as he continue packing his loads.
    “Jussy!Jussy!!,tell us is it lizzy?”Den cuts in jokingly “Na you sabi,after all you’ve said she’s got HIV/AIDS then why are you asking if it’s her again”Jussy said frowning
    “Well,it ok guy,don’t let us delay ourselves with this lizzy of a thing”Ramena intruded
    “Point of Correction,she’s not lizzy of a thing she is Elizabeth”Justice cuts in..
    “Whatever,lizzy…elizabeth…what’s the difference,abeg make we go to the park before we run out of time”Ramena jokingly said
    The three of them left the campus around 1pm in the afternoon,Denilson’s father sent his driver to pick him from the motor park and as well as Ramena’s father, Chai,that’s the life of a boy that emerges from a poor background,one just need to survive lonely,that why they call it *The Survival of Fittest, Justice thought as he boarded a cab going down to his town, He was almost getting home when Denilson and Ramena sent a message to him telling him about their safe arrival
    “Guy i don get to my papa house”Ramena texted
    “Home things on point”Denilson texted also Justice got home around 7:45pm in the evening,he met his mum who was plucking scent leaf {popularly called *Efinrin* by some yoruba state} Everyone is happy to see him back home as if he’s a Professor that travel abroad for 6 years and is now coming home for the first time “Oko mi {My husband},how are you”his mother greeted him after reciting his family’s lineage {Known as *Oriki*}
    “I’m fine Ma”He replied after prostrating
    “How are your friends”
    “They are fine Ma”He said as he was helping his mama in plucking the leaf
    At night around 9pm After eating the *Pounded yam and Efo riro* {Vegetable} being prepared by his mother,he decided to go to bed,after all i have nothing to do again”He said
    As he was about sleeping,his phone beeped twice indicating he has a message and behold they are from the same number that called him in the afternoon “Elizabeth” But what he saw in the message made his heart pumped faster…
    “Hello Jussy,i know you have a safe journey and i know you will be surprise that i texted you coz here i’m having the feeling……. He quickly close i **Mogbe!!! Egbami what is this girl up to…..Feelings Bawo…



    **Mogbe!!!Egbami what is this girl up to… Feelings Bawo..As he {Justice} opened it again,he continue reading…. “I’m having the feeling of thanking you to the extent you went through just because you did not want me to spend an extra one year on campus,indeed i’m grateful,but i want to ask you a question…..till you will be back..Bye.
    At first,Justice heart was cooled,but he was a bit worried, What question does she want to ask me,i hope she is having what i’m also having in mind,He thought and smiled,
    But one thing came as a surprise to Justice– Throughout the three month of his stay at home, he and Elizabeth have been chatting on phone to the extent that within a day Elizabeth can call him up to five times asking him numerous things, sometimes she would just call him and say nothing,sometimes saying “Justice teach me this,Teach me that” not until one day that he said “Lizzy i can’t teach you on phone,when we get back to school”

    Finally,the school has resumed! back to the first semester of 200 level and by now Justice had been leading his department by a GP of 5.0 and his contenders were following him by GP of 4.7.
    In their hostel,Denilson,Ramena and Justice were found laying helplessly on their bed,floor and reading table respectively after cleaning and putting things in place since it been long they did use the place.
    “Guys,omo this 200 level no go easy”Denilson said in an unbelieving manner as he roll from one side of the bed to the other
    “Why are you talking like this”Ramena replied as he was lying on the floor like a helpless ram ready to be slaughtered for *Ileya festival.
    “Dont you know that this 200 level no be like the 100 level wey u go still see the things wey you dey do for secondary school and moreover the course outline is totally different “Denilson replied
    “Guys! guys!! Don’t you know that if you believe in *GOD* and you study hard definitely you will pass exceedingly”Justice replied in an elderly way
    “Abeg jare who no know say you be *EFIKO*,wetin you no go read”Ramena said frowning as he cuts in….
    No no it’s not like that,don’t you know that…….<just before he could finish talking,his phone rang>
    “Guys,excuse me,one minute please”he said as he walked out to receive his call leaving Ramena and Den with their discussion about entertainment lifestyle. On checking his phone,he found out that it was Elizabeth {his dream girl} calling…(he picks up) {Phone Conversation}
    Justice:-Hello pretty
    Elizabeth:-Don’t greet me jhur {she said that in her childish manner}
    Justice:-Ahah what have i done? (He asked pretending not to know what she is about saying
    Elizabeth:-you promised to come and check on me in the hostel as soon as you arrive back on campus but you did not….
    Justice:- Oh Oh (Pretending as if he has forgotten)
    Elizabeth:-Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten ooo
    Justice:-i’m sorry,i will come don’t worry
    Elizabeth:- *i will come,dont worry* that your anthem always,anyway,it either you come today or never {she said pretending to be angry}
    Justice:-today!!(he said as his eyes opened widely)
    Justice:-ok dear,i will try after my class for today
    Elizabeth:-you must come oo!!!
    Justice:- yes ma
    Elizabeth:-**she blushed** ok,buh when will you come
    Justice:-that’s none of your *bizz*
    Elizabeth:-***Laughs** you’ve started again,one cannot call you without laughing at all
    Justice:-They call it comedy….
    Elizabeth:-i call it nature ***They both laugh together******
    Elizabeth:-infact you should be a comedian
    Justice:- if you say so.. I *concur* with you in a *konkobility* way
    Elizabeth:-**laughs again**ok sha,will be expecting you,
    Justice:-Bye for now (hangs up)
    When He finished receiving his call,he went back to the room only for him to meet Ramena on floor manipulating his phone
    “Ehm my ram,where is your Den”Justice said jokingly
    “How many times have i told that my name is not ram, my name is Ramena”Ramena said frowning, Justice laughed **”
    see you ram…ramena what’s the difference…abeg where is Den
    “He went just now”Ramena said as he was adjusting his position on the bed
    “Ok no p,let go to class abi you no go go out today”justice said.
    “See i’m not feeling like going today jare”Ramena said lazily
    “Chai see f–k boys,you and too lazy”Justice said as he rushes out in order not to be late for lecture
    “Na you too be f–k dude”Ramena replied jokingly *Bobo yii sha,he cannot afford to miss a day class shey afishe ni*” Ramena thought as he watches Justice who is hurriedly heading for class
    Over a month now Elizabeth and Justice have become best of friends,.sometimes on whatsapp she would send a voice notes to him saying “Miss you bestie” ***seems this baby loves me,and i love her too but how do i tell her when Denilson and Ramena were also there**these were the thought going through justice’s mind not until this time when Justice was going to class and he decided to log in on his whatsapp only for him to see that his picture is being used as dp by someone and guess who it was..Honestly you guessed is Elizabeth
    “Pretty,you used my picture as your dp”Justice texted her
    “Yes,is that not good”Elizabeth texted
    “No it’s good,i’m just surprised”Justice replied “Moreover you need not to ask cos you know it’s none of your *bizz*”Elizabeth replied as she send an emoji to Justice
    “Ok no p,where you now cos i’m in class”Elizabeth texted
    “Yea i’m on my way to class”Justice replied
    “So what have you got for your lady?” Elizabeth asked **Lady ke** Justice thought **He send a diamond emoji to her*** “
    ”Oh,thank you very much”Lizzy texted
    “So what have you also got for me?”Justice asked in return But to Justice greatest surprise, what she sent to him made him amazed only for him to see the emoji of kiss and love on his android screen **Mogbe,Oriyami eleko,what does this mean, ahah if i miss her would it not be like as if i lost my gem, will i tell her that she is a gem to me,jussy you need to do something.** Justice thought as he stepped into the class….


    After the day class,Justice headed for Elizabeth’s hostel , Today na today,i must let this girl know how much i love her, He thought on his way to the fearful land of the ladies hostel
    “who is that?”Cryla and Ella who were both playing ludo game answered from inside
    “It’s I,Jussy” he replied from outside On hearing this name both of them began to shake,they both rush to meet him at the entrance
    “Hi jussy how you”Cryla said
    “ am fine”Justice replied frowning on seeing that Elizabeth is not at home
    “Jussy,we know we have wronged you,please forgive us”Cryla and Ella both knelt down
     “Ladies,get up please you did not offend me”he said pretending not to be angry
     “We do,we were the one who told Denilson and Ramena to lie to you that Elizabeth has gotten HIV/AIDS so that you wont be able to ask her out in order not to expose our plans”They both confessed
    “Whaaat….you mean you guys lied to me that lizzy’s sick”Justice said angrily as his eyes opened widely
    “Yea,please,forgive us,we never knew you could love our friend like this”they said soberly
    “All of you are nothing but rotten eggs”Justice said as he walk out on them angrily and leaving them on standing
    As he was going home,he began to think in many directions,…so elizabeth hasn’t got HIV..thank GOD i did not loose hope in the first place, he thought as he headed back to Parcy’s hostel
    hello he knocked ” who is that”Parcy asked
    “Abeg open the door jare,it’s Jussy”.
     ” how far now”parcy extends handshake which he rejected , What happen now?”Parcy asked
    “My friend,please help me out,i want to tell lizzy how i felt for her buh i’m…..i’m”he began stammering
    ‘Calm down,i understand how you feel jussy,you just need to tell her all your mind set and perhaps she too will understand”parcy advised
    “Ehn ehn…b..u..t”he want to say a word
    “Sshshhh”parcy cut in”My guy follow your heart and tell her what you feel
    “You mean i should call her on phone?”justice asked
    “No,go and meet her,cos if you are keeping late,you might end up seeing the love if your life hooking up with Denilson or Ramena
     “God Forbid”Jussy said showing the sign as he stand up to go. Throughout the night Justice could not sleep cos he was just having many thought in his mind like, what if i tell her and i got a slap,what if she says she has got a boyfriend

    Finally he picked up his phone that same night around 2am and call Elizabeth and to his greatest surprise she picked it as if she has been expecting his call (Phone Conversation)
    Elizabeth:-hello jussy
    Justice:-Hello dear,ain’t you sleeping?
    Elizabeth:-i am,it was ya call that woke me up,hope no problem
     Justice:-well i’m sorry,i called you to tell you that i want to see you tomorrow ,please
    Elizabeth:-**laughs**is that what you can’t wait to tell me when it’s day break
    Justice:-i’m sorry i am just sorry
    Elizabeth:-it ok no prob.
    (hangs up)..
    Throughout the night and till day break,Justice was unable to sleep “i hope she accept me,i hope she happened to be mine,aahah what can i do,how do i go about it,how do i let her know my heartily love towards her Justice said….as he continue thinking The following morning,he woke up to dress in his most handsome manner in anticipation to meet his crush… So he headed to class to have the lecture before heading to Elizabeth hostel
    To be continue...



    So he {Justice} headed to class to have the lecture before going to Elizabeth hostel..
    “Hello my people”the lecturer jokingly greeted as he entered the class
    “Hiiii”the whole class responded
     “Yea today our new topic is Circulatory system and the function of the heart”He said as he was moving majestically to and fro the hall with his shining shoe producing the beat of *ko ko ko* sound like the one of *Phleez* My producer
     “Hmmmm”the class responded
     “But before then,if i may ask you all,how many times does the heart beats in a minutes”the lecturer asked in anticipation to see who will get it right.. Suddenly,Justice raised up his hand and everybody looked at him including Elizabeth May Lord help me in getting this question so i can show lizzy that his man is a GENIUS!!! He thought as he stood up to answer the question
    “Yes,you do you know it”the lecturer asked him thinking he does not know it
     “Ehmm sir Due to the experiment carried out by the ancient scientist and which i studied,it was concluded that the heart beat 72 times per minute and 33 beats pumps blood round the body”he said waiting for the lecturer’s reply
    “Whhaaooo!!! Wonderful, please give him a thunder of applause”the lecturer shouted in surprise And all the students clapped for over one minute in the hall ”
     *Bravo* you got it right,” the lecturer shouted
    ” thank you sir”Justice said as he sat down after making a bow to the whole student for appreciating him
    Hmmm, Cutie Jussy the Wole Soyinka of our time,Everybody loves him, Elizabeth thinks as he watch him sit down
    “Now tell me,how did you get to know that cos i dont believe that anybody can know it”the lecturer asked him
    “I know it because i fall in love with a lady”Justice said as she winked one eye at Elizabeth “
    ”Hmmmmmm”the whole class shouted on hearing this
    “And who is that lucky lady that have you?”the lecturer asked jokingly He kept quiet on hearing this….not knowing what to say
    “Well i hope the lady is brilliant as you”the lecturer said as he walked back to the projector
     “Her name is ELIZABETH”Justice shouted at his highest voice, That’s her,  pointing to her direction at where she was sitting, She opened her mouth in surprise and then blushed a little
    Everybody looked at her and smiled But the lecturer laughed and continued…..
    After the lecture,Justice was looking for Elizabeth but she’s has rushed out of the class
    “Parcy,did you ever notice lizzy’s movement”Justice asked as he was breathing heavily
     “Yea,that’s her” parcy replied pointing to her as she was about boarding the bike going to her hostel.
    “Lizzy!!Lizzy!!Lizzy!!”he shouted as he tried to catch up with her but the bike man has taken-off.
    Later in the day,he got to his room and called Elizabeth but she’s not picking up, why has she been doing this to me,hope i have not pushed her to the wall by shouting out her name in the hall, Justice began thinking as Denilson and Ramena walked in..
    “Hello loverboy,is that how to woo a lady”Denilson asked mockingly while Ramena joined him also
     “Please Den and Ram stop this don’t let me be angry with you guys after all the lies you planned with those stupid and good for nothing harlot that call themselves Cryla and Ella”He angrily said

    “Oooh Mabinu we are sorry,we never knew you could know”Denilson and Ramena apologize
    “I dont have your time now”he said as he dashes out of the room heading to Elizabeth hostel
    Hello here “
    ”Who is that”Elizabeth answered from inside
    “It’s me Jussy”Justice answered.
    **Elizabeth opened the door in a half-way ,  Jeezz see a damsel,she is becoming beautiful everyday, Justice thought as he was carried away seeing Elizabeth in her short homie dress
     “How are you”He asked
    “I’m fine”Elizabeth answered frowning
    “Lizzy why you frowning at me,won’t you usher me in “Jussy asked as he faces her
    “Why will i jussy?why will i?!!after exposing your fake love at me in the hall in front of everybody She yelled at Justice
    “Me!!! Fake love ke!!!”Justice asked in Surprise
    “See lizzy,let me tell you,from the first day i met you at the matriculation ceremony,i have fallen in love with you,i have gotten the feeling towards you,i love you,i care for you,”he continue talking “but the greatest problem i have is *PHOBIA OF LOVE* ,but when i get the chance to say it in the class i had to say it cos i am not ashamed to tell the world how much you meant to me.
    “Really?”Elizabeth became sorry on hearing that
    “Yes,but if you insist on not letting me in,No prob”Jussy said as he was making attempt to go But suddenly he heard…
    “Jussy!!Jussy”Elizabeth called. Before he could turned back Elizabeth jumped at him and gave him a tight hug and they both wept together
    “I love you too Justice”she said as she kissed Justice deeply. Suddenly they heard clapping from the end and guess who it was,.it was
    Ramena,Denilson,Cryla and Ella who were clapping like as if they joined them together. *What GOD has joined together,Let No man put assunder* they all shouted. “I Love you too”Justice replied.

    THE END…

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