Story: Pia

    Episode 1

    As I entered the kitchen that morning, dirty dishes greeted me, the kitchen was so messed up, the rooms where not exceptional, I feel so tired and hungry, how do I even start, I still have lots of laundry to do,
    I opened the pot that has the remaining food, coconut rice that my Aunty's children took to school, I smiled because there was enough food in it For me, I can't Wait to eat  it. I Will ask my Aunty first and I know she won't say no,
    I feel so hungry and tired to do anything today,
    Is not like I'm complaining over the work, I do it all the time, is never a problem but I feel weak today, so weak, if I can at least have something to eat I will be energized for the day,
    I didn't eat before going to bed which contributed to me not having a good sleep, and when I closed my eyes all I can dream off is food, I ate good food in the dream compared to what I eat in real life, and that only happens whenever I sleep on an empty stomach,
    They say eating in dream is bad but how can I stop dreaming about food when I sometimes go to bed in an empty stomach,
     Aunty Koh takes pleasure in starving me whenever I offended her, ever since her husband told her to stop hitting me all the time she found another means of punishing me, which is by not allowing me to eat anything, she will rather give her dog food and let me watch rather than give me,  I wish she can stop starving me, she can hit me all she wants, I'm use to her beating but I hate it when I have so many things to do in an empty stomach,
    I'm related to her husband and not her and before I came to live in the city with them, they promised  to take care of me and also send me to school but I have live with them for seven years and I'm still counting, every year all I get is empty promises of starting school soon but never did, I'm not really bothered as far as I can read and write, which I learnt from the children's book and June has being teaching me more without her mum knowing,
    I hate it when I'm starved it makes me remember what I'm trying to forget,
    whenever I go to sleep and lay at my corner, the only thing I can imagine is fine food, I just imagine what it will feel like for a table to be set before me, a table filled and decorated with different types of food, and I will be given the privilege to eat what ever I want to eat and drink whatever I so desired,
    It can only be in my dream that will never happen right where I am..

    Aunty Koh have three kids, and I'm older than her first child with a year, Lano is very rude and she can't a pick pin, she and her brother Midi, are birds of same feather, they..


    " yes ma..I'm coming...

    I ran up to Aunty Koh who sat in the living room with her phone in hand,

    "Pia...are you done with the kitchen..have you finish washing those dishes..

    " no ma...I'm still on it...

    "Hurry are taking so much time in that kitchen... There's plenty of things to do around...

    " yes ma..let me go back to it..please ma can I eat the remaining left over food in the pot when I'm through with the dishes...

    "You are such a lazy girl... You have not finished up with your chores and you are thinking of food... The food in the pot is meant for Lani and Midi's lunch...  They maybe hungry when they returns from school, is only June that likes cereals, Lano and Midi loves the coconut rice, they will eat the food so don't touch it, I suggest you put the food in the microwave, a grain of Rice shouldn't miss from it...look for something else to eat.. anything even if is paper, because I'm not cooking until evening... Sort yourself out Pia...I'm not your mother..don't give me headache... I have important things to think of so you are less of my problems... Just hurry up with the house chores so that I can send you to the market...

    I returned back to the kitchen and started washing the dishes, when I was done I decided to put the food in the microwave as I was instructed but as I opened the put the smell of the food got to my nose and down to my stomach, I just couldn't resist it,
    Lano and Midi ate breakfast and also took lunch to school, how can Aunty Koh say that I shouldn't touch it when she knows I haven't eaten anything, she punished me last night by starving me because I mistakenly stepped on her daughters toy and it broke,
    June is six years and she is the last among her three children, she is the only kind one among the others probably because I baby sit her, Aunty Koh is always leaving her in my Care so she grew under my watch and I thought her kindness
    As I looked at the food in the pot my stomach made another hungry sound, so I decided to take one spoon from it, if I take one it will not be noticeable, so I took one spoon, I was eager yo take another spoon and another follows until the food was almost gone before I realized the danger I was getting in to, I was so hungry that I didn't care about the trouble in it for me, I finished the food anyway,
    I'm in serious trouble I already know that, my Aunty may even starve me for two days if she finds out that I ate all the food meant for her children.
    But I'm not scared, since I have food in my stomach now, I worry less about any consequence awaiting me
    She has done worst things to me in the past and I survived it so I can survive whatever my punishment Will be.
    My happiness is that I have eaten, so I'm energized to do all the house chores and I'm not scared of anything
    Food is in my stomach now I can think straight as I await my punishment.

    Episode 2

    I Went about my chores like nothing happened, at least if going to die today I should die with food in my stomach,
    The children came back from school and I quickly wash off their uniform and dirty socks, even if the uniforms is not dry they have other ironed one to wear,
    I was still on it when June came outside to inform me that her mum was calling me, my heart skipped twice, is probably because of the food she was calling, but I decided to ask June Anyway

    " you have an idea why mummy is calling me...

    " no...I don't.. Are you in any trouble...

    "Not really... Just that I ate up all the food meant for Lano and Midi...I was instructed to keep it but I disobeyed...and ate it up...because I was hungry...

    " ooh...I'm sorry...and Mummy is going to be mad at you... don't worry I will say that I ate it...I will tell her I ate all the food so that she will not hurt you...

    "No...don't do that because she will not believe you and you will be lying, they knows that you don't like coconut rice you prefer white rice and stew or Noddles , so nobody will believe you June...but not to worry I will be fine, I'm always fine...

    " I won't let her beat you warned her not to hit you again after he saw marks all over your if he beats you I will tell dad..don't be scared..

    "Hahaha..I'm not scared June... I will be fine.. Come let's go but don't say anything if we get there..

    When we got to the living room, Aunty Koh was watching a movie with her daughter Lano and her only son Midi, there eyes were glued on the TV series showing, she spoke up to me without looking at me,

    " Pia..go and microwave the food i asked you to keep for Lano and Midi, warn it up and bring it to Lano, make Noddles with egg for Midi and June, go quickly so that you can go to the are wasting too much time on those chores...hurry up I want to cook dinner before my husband comes back from work..

    I stood, i was just about to tell her that I ate the food so that she can come and kill me when June spoke out..

    "Mummy I ate all the food...I finished the coconut rice that Pia kept for Lano and Midi, I was hungry when I returned from school so let Lano and Midi eat Noddles more rice left...

    They all turned to look at her as June wore a mean face so that she will appear convincing, but she was looking all funny with the way she said it, Lano he elder sister spoke first

    " stop lying don't even know how to lie very well...and you don't even like coconut rice, pia has eaten the food and asked you to lie on her behalf...Pia is now teaching you how to lie...mummy has warned you of your closeness with her you won't are a small girl but see the way you are lying like an adult..

    "Lano...leave me alone... Pia is not teaching me anything bad...Lano the rice you are asking for I know you won't eat it, you just want mummy to beat Pia, the rice you took to school you didn't eat it all, I saw you giving it to dog when you came back, and I know that is same thing you will do if  you are giving the food, you will still give it to the dogs and tell Pia to make Noddles for you, you will be sending her to do many things after mummy has sent her, as if Pia is a machine...

    " will you shut up June..who thought you how to talk back at your sister...who is teaching you all this bad character..ooh I know is you are learning bad behaviour from her to your room quickly...

    After June left, Aunty Koh faced me, while Lano was giving me a disgusting look, which I pretended as if I didn't see he,
    "Pia what happened to the food I ordered you to keep. ..

    " I'm sorry ma...I ate it...I was very hungry so..

    "Shut that your stinking mouth...bastard...If you are hungry how's that my I look like your harlot mother... Let that food purge you, nonsense, For disobeying my orders you will not taste anything in this house today and tomorrow... I will keep starving you if that's what you you, if not that my husband has asked me not to hit you again I would have love to decorate your body with more marks... And you are even trying to initiate my daughter June into your coven...witch, any day I catch you teaching her nonsense I will kill you and if I kill you nobody will ask of you because you are a nobody, do I still need to remind you that you are just a useless bastard like your mother who got pregnant for an unknown man and she gave birth to you and dump you with your grandmother, she move ahead with her life because you are a bad omen, she later got married to another man who doesn't want to have anything to do with were stuck with your grandmother who can not properly take care if herself, but she try to do for you what your mother can't do, when we came for you because I needed help with the house chores you were just nine years, your grandmother wanted us to send you to school and take good care of you as if you matter at all, well we told her what she wanted to hear, hahahaha assuring her that you will go to the same school with my kids and we will take care of you very well and she was happy because that is what she wanted to hear us say, you are sixteen now and you think we Will care for you forever, I took care of you to the best of my ability, I feed you, house you and cloth you, you should be very grateful because if is some house they would have send you into the street, but I dash you my cloths and undies, and even asked you to hold the undies with needle and thread so that it won't be falling from your tiny waist, i also asked Lano to give you some of the cloth and pants she is not using again and she did, do you think is everybody that has such opportunity,  if you dare disobey me next time I will so kill you and dump your dead body to my dogs and nobody will ever ask me, your grandmother is dead already and your so called mother has a new family to care for, so you have become her past, you are not even a real relation to my husband, you are only from the same kindred with him, you are not a blood relation in anyway, so you see you are a nobody, do and start searching for jobs  so that you Will start contributing your own quarter to this house, we have really tried for you, Lano is getting into university next year, so you too should start contributing money for the House upkeep, if you like when you go out their to search for job, get pregnant and end up like your mother but it won't be in this house, you can raise another bastard like your self in the slump I don't care and will never Care how you live your life outside here Pia, I don't, my main concern is don't initial my children into your coven...especially June, I'm ready to bury you alive if you do rubbish around any of my children, don't try me I'm warning you...get out if my sight fool...

    As i turned to leave I heard Lano talking while others laugh

    "Mummy... she smells like dirty pig...stop her from cooking anything before she contaminate our food...

    They all laughed as Midi spoke while still laughing

    " no..not just dirty pig... Pea...I mean Pia or whatever smells like rotten eggs...hahahaha...

    I quietly walked away, immediately I got out of their sight I released all the tears I have being holding back, I allowed the tears to flow freely without trying to stop it
    Aunty Koh practically gave me my life history again in just a second, she always remind me of who i am and she's right I'm a nobody, nobody Will question her if she kills me, even if anybody dare ask she Will shut the person up with money, she and her husband are well to do and money rules in the part where I came from
    I got ready for the market and later left, I wasn't giving transport fare so I doubled up my step so that I can return on time, I don't want  to be reminded again of who I am
    As I walked, the ground was weat  because it was raining season, suddenly a car came and splashed me mud water all over me, I stood their as my frustration increased, I try not to say an insulting word to the driver as I try to clean the mud from my body,
    I don't really matter to any one, I'm a nobody so anybody can get away with anything they do to me, nobody will question them..
    I was still in my thought as I wipe the mud off me when I saw the car reversing back to where I stood

    "Hey...young girl...I'm so sorry... I didn't notice there was a pothole filled with mud in time, by the time I did it was already late.. So sorry... Please where are you going...come in let me drop you...

    I looked at him he was young but has  lot of bears, what of if he is a kidnapper or arm robber, not like it even matter, I don't Care anyway and I'm not scared, I have seeing so much trouble that nothing scares me any more, if he is a kidnapper I'm ready to be kidnapped far away from Aunty Koh,
    I just quietly entered the car and he zoomed off.

    Episode 3

    "Where should I drop you..?

    " the market...

    "You are going to the market...with leg...that's a long distance from where I picked you...can this your slender body bear the long walk...why didn't you take a bus..

    " I...i..wanted to exercise myself...I think I'm adding too much weight..

    "Hahahaha...very funny... That's an obvious just lied...weight like this...I suggest you start adding more flesh to your look so thin...hmmm...I saw you talking to yourself... Where you cursing me for splashing mud on you...I'm really sorry for the mud all over you... It wasn't if you said any ill word to me for the mistake... Please unsay it...take back your word... So it won't have any negative effect on me...words are powerful...

    I started laughing uncontrollable he was just looking at me, me that was talking to myself while cleaning the mud, how can he even think that a mare word will affect him, especially word from somebody like me, a nobody, words has no weight, I thought he was learned not to believe in superstition, I wasn't so learned but I think I know better than him when it comes to this... Is only God...if there's one anyway...that has the ability to say a word and it will stand firm...

    " is not funny...I mean what I just said...words are powerful...and it shouldn't be used anyhow...but I understand your plight...and I know I wronged you...but it wasn't deliberate that was why I said you should take back all you angrily said within yourself against me...

    "I didn't say anything bad after the incident...actually i was just talking to myself...I just said is because I'm a nobody that was why bad things keep happening to me ...but I don't believe that words has any effect... Because alot has being said to me and I also said things to myself out of anger but non of those things is a fake believe that was why I laughed because I expected more from somebody like you...

    " we are humans with different opinion about life, so I won't counter your belief, but this is the way I was brought up, just have it at the back of your mind that words are powerful, whenever anybody says something negative about you...reject it quickly in your mind and start speaking positive words to your self... I'm not a preacher....I'm Jerry and I'm an engineer... what's your name and what do you do?

    " name is Pia..I'm an...a...a..student...who is also searching for a that..i my family..

    " are very young... I guess you are not up to twenty years suppose to be in school not searching for job...anyway I don't have any job for you but I may know some one who needs help with his new depends on the kind of job you are looking for...

    "Any kind of work... I'm ready to do it...please tell the person that you have somebody.. Please... I really need it..

    We are already in the market, he parked somewhere as we speak, Jerry looked at me awkwardly as I desperately  pleaded for the job, he said he will call the man to let him know first, he brought out his phone and call, he put the call on speaker  and I heard the man telling him to bring me the following week because he was not around, I was happy at least I have hope,
    Jerry ask for the number to reach me I told him I don't have a phone but I will wait for him at a particular place where he will be able to pick me up next week,
    We agreed on the time and place to meet.

    Before I go down he gave me money to take transport when I'm going back home, he said he doesn't want me to trek because I look too thin and with the way I look a common breeze may blow me off the road,  
    I smile and collected the money which was more than enough for me to buy food in the market and still transport home
    After purchasing everything I was sent to buy, I bought some food and ate, since Aunty Koh said I won't taste anything today and tomorrow let me stuff up myself and pretend as if I'm serving my punishment.
    I later went home and she cooked without giving me as usual not like I was expecting food, I have eaten well from the money Jerry gave me and I still have some change from the remaining money for tomorrow's food, I'm not bothered.

    The following week, i told Aunty Koh that I was going to search for  job, she told me to finish all my chores of which I woke up early to do everything so that I won't have anything to delay me, when I told her that I'm done with all the chores, she gave me a very disgusting look before going to check by herself, when she saw that everything was neatly put in place she decided to create another work for me to do just to delay me,

    I agreed with Jerry that I will be at the spot by 10am where he will pick me up, and he said it was okay by him but is almost 10am and I'm still at home,
     Aunty Koh said i should start ironing all the cloths that Lano and Midi wears to stay at home, she saw my eagerness to leave and knew that the place I plan to go was important to me so she decided to give me work so that I Will be stuck in the house,
    I started ironing all the cloth, and folding them up, I kept looking at the time as my heat continue to beat at every passing minute, is already pass ten and I know Jerry will be at the spot by now, I checked the remaining cloths and it was still much, I felt like crying, when will I be able to finish all this cloths today,
    I was still thinking of the whole thing when Aunty Koh came to the ironing table and check all the cloths I have ironed down,
    I almost cry out as I watch her rumpled all the cloths, she scattered the ironed and fold cloths, before throwing them at me, asking me if that's the way to iron cloths, she said I should start all over again because I did not iron the cloths properly,

    She left and I watch her drove out from the gate, I checked the time it was almost 10:30am, Jerry must have waited for me and left, he has probably thought I wasn't serious, but something in me wish to run out of the House to go and check if Jerry was still at our agreed spot waiting,

    I just put off the iron, and ran off with my slippers in hand, I ran as fast as my tiny legs can Carry,
    I was breathless when I got to the spot and I saw Jerry's car, he was trying to drive off, I guess he has being waiting for sometime and got tired of waiting, I started waving at him to stop and he later noticed me and stopped,  I ran up to him still breathless
    In all of this the unironed cloths never left my mind, who knows what my punishment will be today
    But I don't care anymore it was time to start living for myself and making some money so that I can feed myself and also get a Small house to live in
    I will leave Aunty Koh someday, leaving all her trouble behind. I know it will happen...
    let me start saying some positive things now about myself as Jerry taught me...
     Who knows he maybe right about positive and negative words.

    Episode 4

    "You were Lucky to have meet up...I was already leaving... Being waiting for you over twenty five minutes...we agreed on a time Pia...what kept you so late...

    "I'm sorry sir...I was so busy with chores...sorry..

    " don't call me sir...always call me jerry, you need to try and be keeping to time because the person we are going to meet is a no nonsense man, his younger brother lives with him and they are both difficult to please but if you really needed the job you have to keep to time and do your work you said you need the money to support your family so the ball is in your Court....Pia

    When we finally got there, it was a fine new house, upstairs and the compound was big, a young guy who was on black and white, ushered us to the well decorated sitting room, he said we should feel comfortable while he inform his boss of our arrival, Jerry Sat down and I stood, he asked me to sit so I just sat with my hands clutched together in front of me,
    After sometime a tall huge looking man came from the stairs, Jerry stood up and greeted him, I stand because I wasn't comfortable at first  sitting on such a lovely big chairs, back at home I'm not allowed to sit on the sitting room so I felt uncomfortable sitting down now, the man asked me to sit, i looked at Jerry and he nodded for me to sit so I sat back but I wasn't relaxed

    The man called his butler, who's name was Ben to get us drink, he asked me what I wanted but I told him I don't want anything, Jerry spoke up for me and said I will take malt while he will take fruit beer, and it was served chilled to us, I just held the can malt in my hand without bothering to open it while Jerry sip his drink, the man looked at me from head to toe, he told Jerry that I was too young for the job, he said I look under age, too slim and malnourish, Jerry told him that I can do the job, he told him not to conclude yet because of my appearance until he gives me a trial first, I prayed silently to a God I didn't really believe in, I just needed some sort of miracle at that moment, he looked at me again before asking me how old I was,  I have to lie or I will never get the job

    "I'm twenty years sir, this is my real stature, is a family thing, we are not fat people in my family,

    He asked me if I can cook, and I answered affirmatively, he asked me other things I can do and I started listing before he stopped me, he said he will give me a try first which will determined if he will give me the job or not, he asked me to come the following day, around 8am and start,

    As he was still talking, a young boy came down from upstairs, car key in hand, I assume he was the Man's younger brother that Jerry spoke off, they both look alike, he told his brother that he was going out, he glanced towards me before heading out,

    Me and Jerry later left, my malt was still in my hand because I didn't drink it neither did I drop it, I was quiet as I began to think how I Will be able to leave the house early and resume by 8am, Aunty Koh will not allow me, Jerry noticed my countenance and asked what the problem is, I told him the impossibility of me resuming at the agreed time, he told me not to worry he will drop me off on his way to work, Jerry doesn't understand my plight yet, is not about dropping me off is about Aunty Koh, but I can't tell him that now, but I thanked him for his kindness, he dropped me off far from my bustop and said he was going to some where, he gave me money to continue my journey home, before I go down he asked me a question

    "Do you pray.. you believe in God...

    " I don't know how to pray...I don't even know if God truly exist...because if he does why do he allow bad things to happen to good people...?

    "Hmmm.. I can't answer your question... Just take everything that ever brothers you to God...he always have answers to all question... Do me a favour, pray to night and commit your new job to God...tell him how you feel..i

    " Jerry...I'm sorry... I stopped praying long time ago, when I got tired of talking to a God who never cares about really sad but is the truth...I have forgotten how to pray...

    "Then just go home... I will pray for you Pia, you will always be in my prayers. I don't know what troubles you but I know you will find peace in him...I will see you tomorrow Pia...

    " thank you Jerry, I may not come out at the exact time but please do not leave, just wait and I will come running like I did today...

    Jerry nodded before driving off, as he drove out if sight I opened the malt that was still in my hand and gulp down everything at a go, I belched twice before walking away,

    My aunty may want to starve me again today so I used part of the money Jerry gave me to buy food, I ate very well before leaving,
     I noticed one woman was looking at me, she was also buying food, but I didn't pay her attention,

    As I got close to the house my heart beat increase,
    It was already evening and night has come to settle, I knew my aunty Will kill me today,
    But as I opened the gate her car was not in the garage, which means she was not back yet,
     I quickly walked through the backyard to my corner where I sleep, I change up immediately and wanted to go and continue the ironing before she comes back, I heard her car horn,
     she was already driving in and her husband was driving behind her, I ran to the ironing table and to My surprise, the cloths were not there, Lano and Midi were busy with their favorite television series,
    as I was still wondering who packed up the cloth June came out from her room smiling,

    "Don't worry mummy Will not hurt you today, I ironed and took the cloths to where they suppose to be, the ones I couldn't iron I fold it up like that, I always watch you doing the ironing sometime so I learnt how to it, I knew you were suppose to iron them so I closed the parlour curtain so that Lano and Midi will not know I was the one doing the ironing, when they were hungry and started shouting your name I made cereals for them as they sat there watching television, they thought you where the one that made the cereals and gave me to serve them, and i also collected their plates and wash when they were done... I also...

    Before she could speak further I gently drew her into a hug with tears in my eyes, I can't thank her enough.

    Maybe truly there was a God watching over me
    Jerry might be right.
    Tonight I Will go on my knees and thank him for using Jerry and June to favour me today.

    Episode 5

    As aunty Koh came in and saw that all the ironing, plates and rooms where all done, all thanks to June, so Aunty Koh thought I didn't go out I was at home through out doing the chores,
    so as she sat in the living room she told me to get plates to the dining, she stopped at the eatery with her husband on their way back and bought food for her kids, she said she doesn't have strength to cook that evening and bought food instead, so they all ate the food she brought back
    I heard her husband ask her as they all sat eating at the dining

    "Do Pia has anything to eat in the kitchen...

    " I don't know...honey allow me to enjoy my food in peace...why are you asking me if she has something to eat as if I'm her mother...or is she a baby... Can't she sort herself out...

    I wasn't bothered because i have already eaten, and i didn't want aunty Koh husband who I use to call uncle until Aunty Koh warns me not to call him uncle again because he wasn't related to me, so if I want to address him direct I call him "sir" instead, I didn't want him to have any issue with his wife because of me, or Aunty Koh will transfer the anger on my body, if her husband shout at her for any reason or at the kids, I will be the one to suffer for it at the end, then she will beat me until my whole body is inflicted with wounds before she stops,
    after she had serious issue with her husband, it was her husband's two colleagues that visited the house and saw me with the body injuries, I guess they mentioned it to Aunty koh's husband who decided to stop his wife's barbaric act on me, which wasn't totally stopped, she still Carry out her wicked act in different ways, which I even prefer the beaten to some of the punishment she gives me, the highest beaten I presently received from her now is to slap me or hit my head to the wall, my other punishment is starvation,
    Her husband is not always around, and him being at home or out makes no much difference to me because he sees his wife doing some certain things but never stops her, he just ignore and sometime supports his wife if she accuses me wrongly, they both have something in common, which is seeing me as a nobody.

    June cries sometimes when she watch me being beaten or ill treated, she sometimes hides her food just to give me to eat, after she was caught giving me some of her remaining food, aunty Koh makes sure she eats her food in her presence, she also punished me that day for collecting food from June, and I told June not to risk giving me anything or I will be the one to suffer for it,
    Instead, anytime I'm asked to go and feed the dogs with any left over or prepare Noddles for the dogs I will hide and eat out of it
    Like today after they finished feasting and ask me to pack the remaining one to the dogs, I wasn't hungry because I have already eaten before coming home so I just picked some chicken laps that wasn't well touch, I hide and eat it, and gave the dog the rest,

    Aunty Koh told me that she was leaving early tomorrow morning and she want me to make sure that the cars are cleaned up,
    Her husband told her to allow the gateman to wash the car but she refuse and insisted I wash the car  by myself,

    Washing Aunty Koh and her husband's car wasn't a big deal, is something I'm use to doing and I have to do it tonight again

    I washed the two cars, I even put hand inside the cars tyres just to make sure there was no sign of dirt's or sand in them,
    It was very late when I finished washing the two cars, everybody has gone to bed by then,
    when I came inside and check the time it was almost 2am, I change up My wet cloth and went to sleep, because I always wake by 4am everyday,
    I was happy she was going out early, that will enable me to meet up with my job appointment,
    As my body touched the mat, where I do sleep, I quickly doze off and I totally forgot to thank God like I have wanted to do earlier, I was too tired,

     i was awaken by a bucket of ice water, Aunty Koh poured water all over me and my bag of cloths, which also has the cloth I plan to wear out today

    "This is 5: 12am and you are still there sleeping like frog, you are very Lucky is cold water I poured you... any day I Wake you up again it Will be with a well boiled water, i will pour you hot water and watch your skin peel off, stupid people that don't know how lazy you are will think I'm wicked not knowing they can not even live with you for day, they will even skin you alive if they know how annoying just seeing you is,  foolish girl, hope you washed the car well, because if I see any dirt's on it you will be in big trouble, I will so give you the beaten of your life and I will make sure you don't step out of this house for any job search just like yesterday, shapeless amoeba, anybody that sees you now will think we are not feeding you well, even the dogs look more fresh than you, God will surely punish you for being an ungrateful fool...

    Aunty Koh did not event know that I went out yesterday, and June was my miracle little friend, the only thing paining me now is that all my cloths are wet, I manage to squeezed water out of some and spread them outside with the hope it Will dry before 8am

    I went about my morning chores horribly, Aunty Koh later left with her husband and kids, it was already 8:26am, I'm not allowed to use the iron on my cloths but as they Left I quickly try to dry my cloths with the hot iron,
    but  as it was taking time I wore it like that and locked up everywhere before running out with my slippers in hand, I ran with speed until I got to the spot and Jerry was waiting,
    As I entered the car, the first thing he noticed was my wet cloth and he asked me what happen to my cloth
     I try to fabricate a lie which did not settle well,  he didn't say anything again he just drove me to a boutique and got me two different cloths and sandals, he asked me to go inside there and change up of which I did quickly, when he saw me in the new dress he smile and we continue our journey to the house,

    We got there 9:28am and Jerry began to apologise to my boss on my behalf, he told the man  that he was the one that delayed me because his car broke down on our way down which was actually a lie,
     and the man told him that he doesn't like excuses, he said today should be the last time I will come in very late,
    but he commended my dressing and said I looked smarter than yesterday, I thanked him,
     he said they eat breakfast by 9am everyday and they were waiting for me to come and he didn't bother sending his butler to make any for them,

    Jerry later left, he was already running late because of me and said he will check me on his way back from work,

     I was shown the big kitchen, I flew into action as i wore the kitchen apron and head covering just as Ben the Butler showed me
     I made breakfast for them,
    And the man looked impressed after eaten,
    although he didn't commend me but from his expression it was obvious he likes the food but his younger brother just ate silently, his face expressionless,

    I clean up the house and tidy every where up, I made lunch in the afternoon for them and it was tasty and the man was also impress,
     he asked me to make sure I eat anything I want to eat, I thanked him,
    I ate my fill in the kitchen, and also served Ben and the two security guard,

     I  was satisfied before leaving that day, the man said I should try and keep to time he doesn't like skipping breakfast, and I try to assure him I won't resume late next time even though It sound like a fake promise in my own ears, but I'm ready to try all my possible best

    Jerry came to pick me in the evening and we left, my wet cloth and another fine dress that Jerry bought for me was all packed up in a nylon bag, I held it in my laps as Jerry drove while asking me how my day went, I was glad to tell him everything bit by bit, he seems happy, he also gave me money to take transport the following day because he has appointment by 7am which he doesn't want to miss but if he close on time he Will come and pick me up, he begged me not to go late so that my boss will not be mad at me, he even asked me to wear the second dress tomorrow and the sandals he also bought for me so that I Will appear smart, I thanked him and he just smile as he drove on

    My first day at work was great, I find it easy doing everything there because I do more than double of the work at home.

    Jerry is a kind soul, sometime I wonder why he is so kind to a common stranger like me, no one has really shown me so much kindness, going extra miles for me, except him and little June,
     and he has never told me anything about himself except that he is an engineer, and neither have I told him mine but yet he  just take delight in helping me, maybe he is an Angel

     whoever he is I'm forever grateful to him.

    Episode 6

    I was praying within as I got close to the house, I was hoping that nobody should be home, I started wondering why so much fear has come to settle in me, why I'm always scared of the house, I wish I can live a normal life without fear, I wish I can be free from aunty Koh's verbal and mental abuse, free from all the trouble of this life, from so much hatred, so much sadness and so much abuse, I wish for freedom, a life without worries and pain,
    I still wonder why God watch Aunty Koh get away with everything she's doing to me, why haven't God strike her down yet,

     sometimes I still wonder if God is really there, why do evil people exist,
    No matter how strong I try to be there's some days strength fails me and I break down, I wonder what it feels like to be loved and cared for

    Aunty Koh was already home with her family, I wish she will just allow me do my chores in peace, I don't want this everyday trouble for me, I'm so tired of everything,
    But even with all my wish and silent prayer there was trouble awaiting me,

    I was first welcomed with a slap and a hard push to the wall, then she ripped off my cloth, she tore the cloth on my body and I was almost naked, as I clunked the remaining pieces to cover my chest,  as she hit me, asking me where I was coming from, where I got money to buy the fine cloth and sandals, she accused me of stealing her money and mentioned to me that one of the women that she buys eggs from saw me at a restaurant the other day eating,
    as she mentioned that a woman saw me eating I quickly remembered the woman that was looking at me as I eat at a restaurant but I didn't pay her attention,
    As my Aunty beat me asking me to give her all her money that I have stolen, that I used to buy cloth and food I try telling her I have never stolen from her but she hit me the more, her husband came out shouting and asking me why I stole,

    "Pia you are the one making your Aunty to beat you all the time, I have tried to stop her from beating you and giving you all this body mark but you are not just helping yourself, you are still causing more trouble for yourself, we are really trying to make you turn out better unlike your mother but it seems your mind is made up on being a useless girl, I fight my wife most time because of you but I can see you are all she's being complaining off, you don't want to be useful,  we have patently tried for you Pia, now the next thing you learnt is to be stealing from us, going out to buy food, if not for the woman that saw you we wouldn't have known, why will you be buying food outside, are you not eating... Are we not feeding you well..sometimes when your aunty refuses to give you food is just to discipline you for misbehaving, which is normal, why will you go against her rules by stealing money to buy food, without serving your punishment fully, do you understand what that means, it means being disrespectful, it means stubbornness, you are indirectly telling her that she can go to hell with her food after all you can feed yourself...yes that's what you are saying in your mind Pia, you even have gut to buy new cloth and sandals, so the  cloths my wife and daughter gives you are not good again for you, you are beginning to show how ungrateful you are and never appreciate the effort we put in making you better, no one is sending you to the street to hawk, no one is bothering you for anything in this house, or is there? Haven't we being good to you, do you know how many people are looking for this opportunity, to live in good house and to be cared for, I'm sick and tired of all this problem you are cursing in my home Pia...

    "Honey, she's leaving my house...I don't want her again...I have really tried for her but she's an ungrateful bastard who want to destroy my home, My living God has started exposing her,  before she bewitch my children for me... Honey...this evil girl is not useful to me...please let her go...she's a thief, liar and a witch, I'm tired of seeing her ugly face here, we will get another maid, a maid that will serve us well because Lano is going to university next year and we need somebody to do the chores...

    I was already bleeding from the  wound she inflicted on me, aunty Koh husband askd me to kneel down and beg his wife so that she will allow me to stay, and with my cloth torn, with pain and tears in my eyes I knelt down, because I don't have anywhere to go or who to turn to, I pleaded for their forgiveness even though I know I did nothing wrong,
    they later walk away from me leaving me on my knees, I later handed all the money that I got from Jerry to aunty Koh who insisted I give her every Penny with me or she Will kick me out of the house if she finds money with me, she doesn't care where the money comes from, I gave her the money and watch her pieces the sandals and new cloth that Jerry got for me,
    when she asked where the cloths and cash came from,
    i told her that i have never stolen money from her, I told her the truth about how i got the money and cloths, she started accusing me of having a boyfriend and said I wanted to end up like my harlot mother, she warned me never to step out except to an errand,

     I went to my corner and cry my eyes out,

    The following day I wasn't given food, June later sneak out some of her snacks to me and I ate,
     the second day auntys Koh's husband was out as usual
     she said my punishment will end by 5pm that's the time I will also eat, I was already weak from chores and having little to eat,

    my patients ran out, around 1pm when I couldn't bear it I went to the pot of food and took food, I know I will be caught but I needed to eat because I was already feeling dizzy, it was Midi, Aunty Koh's son that caught me and told his Mummy who rushed to the kitchen, and poured the food on my head she attacked me and hit me with anything she lays her hands on,

    I was already feeling sick from the previous beaten and no one bothers if I die or live, I had to attack her back with every strength left in me and surprisingly strength I don't know where it came from descended on me as I fought back like a fieced lion, I picked up a wooden spoon and hit her right in her arm, she was shocked and try hitting me with what she has I held on to it as we struggle,
     Aunty Koh was taller and very big in seize but I attacked with the strength of ten people, I pushed her and she fell, the glass plates in the kitchen went down with her, everything shattered on her body, I saw her bleeding from a cut she sustained, I had my own share of the beating and got wounded but my anger was far bigger than my fear, Aunty Koh was looking at me like a beast,
    I left her there as she tries to get up again to deal with me, I felt like taking one of those kitchen knives she used in slashing my face to kill her right where I pushed her,
     I wish I can put the knife to her stomach and dig it into her intestine and watch her wrath in pain and die, I wish for many things right now but all I did was to quietly walk out,
    she shouted for Lano and Midi to block me from walking out of the door, but I pushed both of them to the floor and gave them one flexible blow each as they cry in terror,
    I saw June in tears as she watch the drama,

    Immediately I stepped outside June ran after asking me to take her with me to wherever I'm going, i was able to convince her to go back,  she squeeze something into my palm, I didn't bother opening it as I ran out

    The Truth is I don't even know where  I'm going to, but I was determined to get out of this hell called house

    I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but I have being pushed to the wall for too long, i dont want to die yet,

    Enough of Aunty Koh battering me
    It was time to live for tomorrow
    So I left.

    Episode 7

    PIA, Episode 7.
    I walked until I was so tired, I didn't even know where I was going, I was moving as if I have a place in mind, evening came then night settled and I was still going,
    I climbed a pedestrian bridge and climbed down again, I was tired from a long walk and needed a place to sleep, I don't have appetite for food neither do i even have anything to eat, all that I cared about was a place to lay my head,
    I looked under the bridge if there was a place for me but I wasn't comfortable with the kind of men smoking around there, I try to hang around to see if they will leave so that I can go and check for a place to sleep but it was as if they also sleeps under the bridge too,
    I became scared as I saw retarded looking woman, she was mentally ill, she came to pitch her own tent too under the bridge,
    later another mentally ill man came and went to his sleeping space,
    I hide and watch as the smoking men also spread a cartons under the bridge and lay down to sleep, the sound of speeding cars, the mad man singing so loudly from his space, the mad woman talking to herself and laughing out loud, everywhere was so noisy, after five minutes two of the smoking men who already fell asleep started a snoring competition, they were three but the two men's snore was echoing like a trumpet sound, everybody around here were really crazy maybe I'm also going crazy,
    I quietly walked to a space far from the crazy people, with the help of the road light I was able to clear some dirts,
    I wish I will become invisible tonight just to feel safe, I was scared but I have no regret leaving Aunty Koh's house, she would have kill me anyway and nobody will question her,
    I will rather end up in the street than to be under Aunty Koh's roof, is a very deadly place for some one like me to live in, I don't want to die yet, I still want to experience what real happiness feels like,
    I was able to get empty cartons and spread on the floor to sleep,
    I was too scared I couldn't even close my eyes,
    and when I finally fell asleep I was awoken by somebody touching me, and as I open my eyes it was the mad man, smiling and exposing his brown teeth,
    it was not day break yet, darkness has not cleared off,
    I was shock and wondered how the mad man got to know that i was laying down there, I tried to move back and look for any stick to scare him but he look like he was about to devour me, he was looking like he has seeing a treasure as he stretch his hands beckoning me
    "my love..come...come to your husband.. Come and do your wife duty to pumpkin...your husband need you..Come and touch me...don't be scared my pumpkin...come..
    He kept saying that while still showcasing his brown ugly looking teeth, he looks so disgusting with the way he says that while holding his manhood and licking his lips..
    I was scared but I have to be brave, if I don't do something quick he may pounce on me,
    as he got closer and grabbed me I screamed so loud while trying to get away with the little strength left in me,
    I kept screaming so loud which woke the smokers up, they ran down to where I was struggling with the crazy man, one of the men gave him a hard blow which sent him to the ground, he swore and cursed under his breath before leaving as the men pushed him away,
    After the mad man left the men started talking within themselves, they were three men, two wanted to have their way with me, they asked me what I will offer them for saving me from the mad man,
    they wanted to have turns with me,
    When I thought I have overcome a problem another one will surface,
    the heart of men are filled with so much wickedness, I know I can't escape from them, I was frail, thin and weak to fight, my head aches, I have pains all over me from the beaten I got from aunty Koh, I just stood there daring the worst to happen,
    but the other man who punched the mad man tried in defending me he gave me a sign to run, and he stood in front of the other two men as they argue on who to go first with me, the good man created enough space for me to run away and I did,
    They two bad men try to run after me but a fight erupt between them and the good plumpy guy, I ran as my leg could carry me until I was far away from them, I kept moving until the day light settled in,
    where I'm going or what to eat I don't know, my head ache heavily, I felt tired and dizzy, my happiness was that I wasn't rape by those crazy people, thank God somebody stood up for me,
    I wish I can see Jerry right now, i wish I have money to transport myself to my work place, I will kneel down and beg the older man to allow me to work, If he refuse to take me back I will beg him to give me Jerry's number, if I get the number i will call Jerry, he may be able to help me but the problem now how do I even get money for transport,
    I saw a place to sit and i sat and held my head, a sachet water seller passed by and I pleaded for one water and I was later given, I drank deeply and poured the remaining on my aching head and washed my face, and the water helped a great deal, I was never allowed to make hair in Aunty Koh's house, so I was always on low cut which was okay by me, I easily pour water on my head after Aunty Koh's usual beating, and it always suit me better,
    snacks seller passed and i begged for some but i was ignored, I begged some passerby for some small amount of money but no one pays me any attention,
    i was still thinking of what to do while sitting down there, I unknowingly put my hand in my long gown left pocket which was half torn and I felt something inside the pocket
    I quickly pulled my hand out with whatever it was and it happens to be the small pouch that June gave me which I never bother to open,
    I put it into my pocket after she gave it to me and totally forgot about it
    I gently opened it to check what exactly was inside the pouch, and to my greatest surprise there was a paper something was written on it and then there was small amount of money which I guess was her snacks money she saved up and put in there, I opened the pieces of paper and read it gently
    that was what June wrote on the small piece of paper.
    I felt like crying but held back my tears as I saw a drawing which June drew with a pencil, a bigger girl holding a smaller girl which I assume was me and she,
    I allowed a tear to drop, I felt like really crying out loud but cry will not help my present situation,
    the money in the pouch was enough to transport me down to the place I intended to go,
    So I stood up but I felt dizzy as darkness clouded my vision, I quickly sat back, and allow the dizziness to settle, I saw people Hawking fruits and malt drink, I bought something just to eat, so that I can be energize to continue my journey,
    After eating something I went to the park where I entered bus which will convey me down
    I still have headache but it has stopped a little, I was happy to have gotten the miracle money from June's pouch, which will help me greatly,
    June is my little angel,
    I felt safe knowing well that somebody is actually praying for me.
    Even if God doesn't listen to my own plead for mercy I know he will listen to little June, a kind little girl.

    Episode 8

    When I finally got to the big house, two securities where on duty, one of the security boy, who was younger didn't want to allow me in maybe because of the way I was looking unkempt , the other man told him to allow me in but he insisted on sending me away, and was acting as if I I came to beg for money,
     he looked at me as if I was disgusting him, and pushed me off as I held the gate, the older man scolded him for being so harsh on me but he didn't pay him any attention, he just wanted to make sure I leave,
    As the whole thing was going on I saw my boss younger brother driving him, he just looked at me and didn't give me a second look as he ignored my existent,
     it was normal and i was use to being treated as trash and nobody,
    as they opened the gate wide for him to drive in, the older man asked me to come inside maybe my boss brother may help me but he wasn't looking like someone who wanted to help me, he has always given me a cold look, and I know he doesn't like me or he doesn't care like unlike his elder brother,
    The older man who was nice to me, who's name was Puff, went to meet my boss brother as he stepped down from his car,

     he said something to him and he glance towards me before walking away, Puff came back and ask me to wait because Richie, my boss brother want to go and inform his elder brother first, the young rude security boy does not even want to see me anywhere in the compound Even after Puff told him that the boss has not being informed of my presence and the boss will have the final say not them,

    "let the boss decide if he still wants her or not"

    As they argued I just kept mute and pray silently to the God Jerry and June believed in, I just pray that if God really care about me he should help me to find favour before my boss,
    Even my own prayer sounded funny in my ears, because all I did was to stutter, I didn't even know what exactly i was even saying I just hope that God understands my deepest sadness

    A mare look from my boss and I will be put off, I looked crazy with my appearance, I looked very dirty and sad,

    After sometime Ben the butler came out, he smiled on seeing me, he was the only person that seem cool seeing me, he told me he thought I wasn't going to come back again, he boldly said he was happy to see me and I really felt relieved, Ben told me that the boss asked me to come in he has being hoping I will come back, so I quickly followed him

    The boss was seating at the living room with his brother who never bother to glance up at me, his eyes was glued to his phone

    Immediately my boss saw me he frown, and gave a sign of relieved, he looked at me for sometime before asking me what happened to me, he said Jerry has being looking for me,
     I tried to explain myself but I didn't even know how to start, tears filled my eyes and as I wanted to held it back it gave way and poured down from my face,

    I bent my head and my boss asked me not to explain again until I'm calm, he asked Ben to take me to the staff quarters where I can have my bath, he said I should take my time he will be available when I'm ready to talk,

    I followed Ben and was shown where to refresh, there was everything in the staff quarters except female cloth, it seems that Ben read my thought and told me he Will arrange what I will wear, and by the time I'm done bathing I saw a short flower gown with leggings lying on the well dressed bed, and there was a White flat Snickers beside the bed, I took time to cream myself and apply hair cream, everything I needed was in the room,  I combed my hair properly before wearing the fine dress and the white flat snickers which was bigger than my leg,  I took tissue paper and stuff in the shoe, i put enough tissue paper in the shoe so that it can fit in well for me, after trying shoes on again, it was a bit loose but I can manage to walk in it, it was 7:41pm as I checked the wall clock,

    Everything looked as if they are mistaken me for an important person by getting me a very fine cloth and shoe, and also allowing me to take a good bath, which enables me to scrubbed my body very well and I felt clean enough,  I dried myself  with the towel i saw there, i also brushed my mouth,

    it was like a movie to me, i don't know how the cloth was quickly arrange and also the shoe but I was so grateful for everything and I felt so thankful and decided to kneel down and thank God for helping me to find favour before my boss,

     as I knelt down beside the bed after saying few words I dozed off, I slept off while still on my knees

    When I woke up it was the following morning and I wasn't knelling again I was laying on the well dressed bed, I was covered up with a duvet, my shoe was on the floor, I was still on my fine dress,

     I became scared as I looked round the room, I try to recollect where I was, and when reality settles in, I ran to the bathroom, before rushing out, I totally forgot that I was barefooted

    I have overslept, I was suppose to go to the boss yesterday after he showed me kindness but I wanted to thank God first but end up sleeping off, and someone lay  me on the bed and covered me up, because i know i wouldn't have dare lay down on such a well dressed fine bed, i would rather sleep on the ground,

     who could have done such a kind deed to someone like me,  I don't deserve such act of kindness, I hope my boss will not be angry with me, he has not even told me  if I'm staying or not and I'm already sleeping on the bed, when he didn't give me permission to,

    who knows what will happen to me, he may even send me back into the Street,

     "God please I need your help again, save me this time and I will really kneel down to thank you, I will prostrate and roll in the dust if that will be pleasing to you, please save me Lord"

    I silently prayed, When I got into the main building my boss was already dressed for the day he was going out, and on seeing me in the new dress and barefooted he smile and ask me to go and wear slippers instead of being on barefooted,  he said he knows that the shoe is probably not my size,
     he said on his way back he will get me new things, he asked for my shoe size and I  told him,
     he said I should not bother about working today, I should go and take enough rest, and eat anything available, that Ben will make food today and I will start up tomorrow

    I was shock as I hear him speak to me in that kind manner,
     is he really talking to me r somebody else, I wasn't expecting such kindness, being treated as if I really matter, he spoke to me as if I'm worth something, I stood there as he walked up to me stood in front of me, i bent my head and he asked me to look up at him  and I did, as I looked closely at him, he will be almost same age with Aunty Koh's husband or even less, I wonder where his Wife and children are, maybe they are outside the country or in different city, or probably he doesn't have one, he built a very big house and   he is yet to bring in his family to live with him which is non of my business if he has a family or not, my wish is that he doesn't get angry with me and send me away, he  looked at me deeply before saying

    "Pia, you are safe now, jerry has being stopping by everyday asking of you since the last time you were last seeing here, he was so worried about you and said you are probably in danger, he was able to get the address where you live and went there yesterday only to be told you stole, and almost killed your madam and her kids before running away with a huge amount of money, jerry felt something was wrong and didn't believe their story, a little girl met him by the gate as he was about to leave and she said her name was June, she briefed Jerry all you went through and she stopped talking immediately she saw her elder sister coming and shouting at her, she ran back to the house, and Jerry has being looking for you since yesterday, I quick called him when you came in yesterday that you are here and he came last night, Ben took him to the staff quarters where you are, when he came back he said you were already asleep and he was really happy and relief before leaving, he was happy that you are safe and sound, we all are happy, ...I don't want to know what happened to you any more but just know that nobody will hurt you as far as you are under my roof, you will always be safe here, so feel free and relax because I'm not angry or worried I'm happy to see you again, I don't know why but I'm happy that you came back here, I'm going out and Will see you when I return, go back and rest everything Will be alright"

    It sound so unbelievable, could this actually be real, oh my God, so it was Jerry that put me on the bed and covered me up with a duvet,
     I know I haven't really being praying or even believing but whoever that has being praying for me is doing a great job at it,
    Jerry and June are obviously God sent to me, and i Will forever be indebted to them.

    Episode 9

    I couldn't go back to bed even after the man instructed me to go and relax, my heart was filled with joy and sleeping again was not in the line for me,
    I went to the kitchen to assist Ben, he was happy to have me around and I was also happy, I asked him to leave the cooking I Will do it but he said no and when I insisted he later left to do other things,
    I was looking forward to seeing Jerry, I kept checking the time to know when he will arrive, my boss came back with bags of cloth and shoes, and handed it over to me, I try to kneel down and thank him, I wanted to show how grateful I was, nobody has ever gone shopping for me since I was born, the first person that ever  bought something nice for me was Jerry which Aunty Koh pieces on my body,  
    I have never own anything nice before,
     but my boss really surprised me by going to shop for me by himself when he could as well send one of his house or office staffs or even send me, I felt important, I felt I was somebody, it was an extra ordinary feeling which I can't just explain, when I knelt down to thank him, he asked me to stand and gently told me never to kneel before him again because he is just an ordinary being like myself, he said he will give me money and his driver will take me to get other things that he couldn't get for me, like the undies, pants, bra and some sanitary pad,

    It was mind blowing, just imagine myself in one of his cars, and his driver driving me to a shop almost takes my breath away,
     I can't remember owing a new pants except what aunty Koh and her daughter gives me, most of them are mostly worn out especially Aunty Koh's own, even though her pants are over size for me she will ask me to mend it with needle and thread until it becomes my size, and I will gladly do that, and I'm always happy and grateful when I'm given anything, I will always go to her, kneel down to thank her because that's what she requires of me, when I started my monthly flow some years back and I told her she scolded me for telling her because she's not my mother, she said I was disgusting her the more by telling her such thing,
    so I was suppose to sort myself out and I started with the tissue papers but she bans me from touching her tissue, she said I was wasting her husband's money, after being ban from tissues I went to my corner and pieces most of my cotton cloths, and I started using it, Aunty koh never asked me what I use, but she always check her tissue papers to make sure I don't touch them,
    I watch her buy sanitary pad for Lano her daughter and I stole one piece from her one day and she didn't notice, the following  month I stole two pieces of it and she found out and told her mum and it landed me in a serious beating, I'm not the bosty type, so i don't wear bra,
    maybe because the one i got from Lano who felt she's doing me a favour by given me her old stuffs was bad, Lano was bosty  like her mum, one of the bra Lano gave me, the iron pin from it almost injured me, and no matter how I sew it up or amend it, the iron will still pull out, I have to dump it and start wearing big cloths instead where my small breast won't be easily noticed,  
    well I was always getting into trouble in that house, nothing I do is ever good, I was always a nobody, an ugly bastard who will eventually end up like her mother, this was always there believe which I sometime agrees with them, on being a nobody but I wanted to make sure I don't end up like the picture they created of me
    just sitting down and holding the money that my boss gave me to go shop for undies and other things made me to flash back
    It brought sad tears to my eyes and I quickly clean it up,
    is a terrible world we live in but not everybody in it are bad,

    I was still looking out for Jerry and who ended up not coming and even the following day he didn't show up,
    My boss told me to let him know any day I'm ready to go with the driver to buy my stuff so that he can release him for me,
     I almost ask my boss about Jerry after one week,
    I was so worried about him, I haven't seeing him since I started staying with my boss, what could be the problem, I hope I didn't offend him
    One evening after making dinner and cleaning up the whole place i started praying for jerry to show up, I was still hoping and praying that Jerry will come but he ended up not coming again

    The following day was weekend making it two weeks, I have already made up my mind to ask my boss, after making breakfast that morning I was trying to rehearse the way I will ask my boss about Jerry so that he won't be offended or even collect Jerry's number so that i can call him with Ben or puff the kind security guard's phone,
    just when I muster courage to go meet my boss I saw a car driving into the compound, and he was the one, it was Jerry, my joy was full and I screamed before running out, my boss was just laughing at me
    I couldn't contend myself on seeing him, I ran outside and threw myself into his arm, he held me so tight, I Almost thought I will disappear inside his body,
    And when he released me I was in tears while he was smiling, he wiped the tears with the back of his hand,

    "I'm glad to see you Pia, hope those are tears of joy, it better be because nobody will bother you ever again, you are safe now,  you look good by the way, I trust Mr Ken, your boss, he is taking good care of you...

    " I thought i will never see you again, I have being worried sick, I'm so happy to see you Jerry... Where have you being...oh Jerry... Thank you...thank you so much for all your kindness God will definitely reward you, I owe you greatly...

    " owe me nothing Pia, I'm so happy to know you are fine, God always have a way of caring for his people, he answered my prayer over you, our path crossed for such a time as this, that you may come to know him and understand God loves you just as you are, I was suppose to travel but postponed it because of you, I felt in my spirit something was wrong, and I started digging, well all glory to God for leading you out of what could have destroy or harm you, i came immediately Mr Ken called me that you are here, I went to your quarter and saw you on your kneel... sleeping, it was a sight to behold, I gently lay you on the bed before covering you up  and leaving you to sleep in peace, I felt happy and my mind was at rest, so knowing  you are in safe hands, I have nothing to worry about again, I just went home and thank God and i traveled the following morning for work and came back yesterday...

    he held my hand as we walked in to the house, he greeted my boss who was smiling and gave him a handshake, and he ask him if he was able to finish the job he traveled for and he replied affirmatively, Jerry also greeted Richie, my boss younger brother who glanced towards me before replying,

    After the whole pleasantries I couldn't wait to take him outside and have a long gist with him,
     I remembered the money my boss gave me for my extra shopping was still with me, maybe I could ask Jerry to take me instead of his driver, it only depends if Jerry is free for a ride,
    After I was done with the little chores, I whispered to Jerry if we can go for a ride and he said he will love to,
    So I quickly took permission from my boss who said it was fine, and told me not to stay late outside,  I assured him I won't, Richie my boss brother said he was going for shopping tomorrow I should Wait till then so that he can take me but I just thanked him for his surprisingly kindness, and told him I will go with him next time, I'm going with Jerry today.

    I will rather go with Jerry than with Richie, who recently looks at me in a way I don't understand

    I rushed to my quarter and got dressed, before leaving with Jerry, he was the first to speak

    "You are adding up, looking more fresh and beautiful compare to the last time I saw you, and you also look relaxed and happy...I can't stop saying that,

    " thanks to you Jerry, you are God sent to me...I can't stop saying that too

    We both laughed at same time as he drove me down

    "So where I'm I taking princes pia to...

    I laughed even more with the way he attached princess to my name,

    " we are going for shopping, my boss gave me enough money to go and buy what I will need.....even after he got me lots of stuffs, so I just want to go and buy some personal things,

    "Wow...I will select good "personal things" for you, don't worry, I'm always here for you, I'm glad to be your boy, your driver, your hand bag...and your friend...hope you will buy some personal thing for me too...

    I laughed even more just hearing him say all that, and he said it in a funny way, he also laughed, I felt so free with him, he was my second best friend after June, I'm so happy to be sitting beside him,

    " I feel so happy watching you laugh, I know sadness is the thing if the past now, joy has come to stay in your life Pia...

    And with his word I said a very loud Amen, still with a smile and I know even God heard it.

    Episode 10

    After our first outing Jerry comes around most weekend,
    my boss brother, Richie had started acting nice unlike before, but I'm not always comfortable with the way he still looks at me, sometime he will intentionally brush his arm on me and act like it was a mistake, I found out it was not a mistake when he did it the third time, there was a day he even brushed his hand towards my  breast, he will sometime stare at me as if there was a sign Post on my forehead,
    it was a sexual advances to my litle inderstsnding, which i wasn't comfortable with, it send cold chill down my spin, I hate it when he is doing that,

    Richie works in his elder brother's company, if he is coming back from work sometimes he will buy me cold Stone ice cream and shawama, sometimes even pizza, and will want us to eat together, the first time I rejected his presents, he was angry and said he doesn't like his gifts to be thrown back to his face,
     so what I do is I collect them and thank him, I will tell him I'm not hungry now but I will eat them later, so later I will take them to puff at the gate, Puff has children so he will take it to his family whenever he is going home, I give some to Ben, I don't feel comfortable with Richie at all, sometime I think I'm overacting or too suspicious of him,

    One weekend Jerry came again and we took another ride out, I wanted to tell Jerry about Richie but I quickly waved it off

    "I guess Mr Ken told you I met your little friend,  June... the day I went looking for you..she is such a smart kid unlike her other siblings, she said If I happen to find you i should let you know that she will be praying for you, and you can  also check her up in school during her break period which happens to be 12noon, she knew God was with you and nothing will happen to you,  she says her break period  last for 30minute, well.... she is wiser than her age...any day you are free we can sneak down to her school and take a peep at her... I guess she will love that...but Pia...why didn't you speak to anyone about all you were going through... Why didn't you talk to me or somebody else about your aunty and her family...what if she disfigured you or something worst happened...

    " there's nobody to talk to...nobody...I don't have anybody..and I couldn't just start telling you about myself,  you took my trouble upon yourself to help me get a job, I can't add more to you made me to understand that some disappointment is a blessing in disguise, the day you splashed mud on me... at first it was normal for me to get the worst thing out of life and you surprised me by reversing back to apologise and you later started telling me the power of told me to always speak positively to myself and no matter what people may say about me, I can tear down and also build with my word, I didn't believe you then I just saw you as one of those motivational speakers..but I do said you will be praying for me even when I didn't really believe there's a God somewhere who loves me just as I am...thank you for allowing God to lead you into my life, and for helping me to believe.. I will never forget the first day we met, So how do you come to know my boss...

    "I use to work for him, when he was building his company, he is into oil and gas, he contacted me and I did a good work for him and we built a good relationship from there, he also contacted me when he was building his house, we have being cordial friends, I visit him sometime and one day he talked about getting somebody who will be assisting Ben in the house, because Ben can't do everything, cook, wash, clean and still put other things in place, I told him then I don't have anybody but you suddenly showed up and I quickly contacted him, he trust me and I trust him too, he is a good man being under his roof is a very good thing because I know you are safe...Mr ken has a good heart and he is very humble..

    What of you trust him too, Do my boss has a family...where is he from...what of Richie his he the only brother he has...tell me more about my boss...

    " hmmmm I can't tell you more than what I know, if you have any question go and meet him...he has a kind heart he Will answer you, ask him anything and he will tell you what you need yo know, he is transparent to those who are close to him, he can also be tough if you disobey his orders...

    I always enjoy talking with Jerry, I feel at peace when ever he is around,
    Jerry later traveled again and this time he stayed more than a month,

    The young security guard at the gate has being avoiding me, probably he is thinking of the way he acted towards me the first day I came down looking like a crazy being, if he has succeeded in chasing me away I would have ended up in the street,

     who knows what would have happened to me by now but God used Puff to save me from him, I have tried to be nice to him just to make him understand that a person is a person no matter how unkempt he or she maybe, but he still avoids me, he is absolutely not my problem, I know he will come around when he is ready,

      is been over a year now I have being here and I'm growing in height and wisdom, God has being so good to me, my boss as being paying me and I'm saving for  the raining day, I may have opportunity to go to school again, so I'm saving up, and he sometime gives me money for my upkeep aside the normal money he pays me on monthly basis, he promise to put me in school by next year, he even registered me in a learning center, so that I can be academically sound before entering university,

       he told me to come to him anytime I have any issue, I shouldn't be scared,
    so today I saw him sitting down alone thinking about something, I wanted to go and talk with him but I guess today is not a good time for that, I don't want to disturb him,

    I went back to my room because it was night already, after thirty minutes I hard a tap on my door,
    As I open the door it was Richie, he stepped pass me and sat on the bed, so I asked him

    "Do you need anything sir...

    " you...I need you...don't you like me...don't you want me like i want you..... no tell me and I will understand, I also wanted  to Jerry your boyfriend..or are you afraid of cheating on know I like you very much Pia, well I don't really fancy you before, you were not my type of girl, you were too thin and not good to look at until you started adding more curves, do you see how beautiful you are now, my big bro is pouring too much money on you, pia my  brother and Jerry doesn't really have to know if you agree to date will be a secret between both of us, and I will make sure you have the best of life, I will do for you more than what my brother or anybody has ever done for you... I promise you pia...please...

    "Please you need to leave sir...I can't date you... Please leave or I will shout...

    He smile before moving close to where I was standing and lowered his mouth to mine, I turned my face, and he held me and drew me close to himself,
     I struggled under his arm, then he started touching me inappropriately I needed to do something quick,
     so I started screaming, he tried to hush me to keep quiet, I kept screaming, he tried to cover my mouth but I bite his hand hard and screamed even louder,

     as he was about rushing out of my room my boss with the security was at my door,

     I was happy watching him try to hide his face on seeing my boss...

    Episode 11

    "Pia, did he hurt you... Talk to me... did Richie hurt you..

    "No sir...he only tried t....

    " Richie.. I warned you.... didn't I...I warned you twice over this girl... I have caught you looking at her severally...and I called you and warned you to stay off, carry your passion outside my house...I told you not to go close, she is under my roof, under me and suppose to feel safe in this house...what is wrong with you... Have you gone nut...what are you doing in her room uninvited...if your bladder is hot why not go to some brothel out there and ease it off, by the way I thought you have a girlfriend...your girlfriend Sonia will be so disappointed if she knows the kind of man you are... See Richie I have sacrifice much for you as a brother...and also tolerated so much shit just because we are blood and our late parents left you in my care but there's a limit i can take from a grown ass man like you... if you ever go against my rules again in this house I will  willingly kick you out...or even lock you up and forget you ever should know what I'm capable off... Do not dare me Richie...Pia any day he tries anything funny around you don't hesitate to let me know...I'm glad that you shouted...don't be scared no one will hurt you here... I promise you that...just keep being a good are safe under my feel safe...Richie will not trouble you again...

    After the incident Richie started avoiding me, he doesn't mop at me like he use to do, he stopped the constant looks, he was scared of his elder brother, he even comes home with his girlfriend sometimes, Sonia, who felt I was a threat to her boyfriend, she was acting up in the beginning which never stops me from being nice to her, she later put off her attitude and started being more friendly with me, Sonia was a beautiful young girl and loved Richie, any time she spends a weekend in the house she will always want to help out, she was the only girl Richie brings to the house, and I know his elder brother will not tolerate him bringing in numerous girls to his house,

     my boss was very discipline, but no woman visits him, and I haven't met his family yet, I once ask Ben the Butler, who has being with him far before me, I asked him about my boss family, if he has wife and children and Ben told me when he newly started working for him,

    "Mr Ken use to have a lady who comes around often and on, the lady came from a poor home but Mr Ken polished her up, got a car for her, send her abroad for her master degree program, but on getting out she had a white boyfriend and didn't want to come back again, so Mr Ken later moved on, then after almost two years, he had another lady whom he loved and cared for, he had good intentions for her but the lady got pregnant for another man and planned to rub the pregnancy on Mr Ken, who actually believed that the child was his and was happy, he started planing for happy family but the truth was suddenly revealed when the child's real father surfaced and took his child, after DNA test revealed Mr ken wasn't the biological father, he was broken after that incident and has being on his own ever since, he use to be very harsh after those incident especially to his workers but after sometime he became nice again, he hate it when he is taken for granted, you are very Lucky Pia to work with him, although he can be very difficult to please sometime but he is a good man, this is the little I know about him, I don't know if he has family outside here, maybe a Wife or a child, I just don't know and I haven't seen any before, you are the first female he has employed in years and also be kind to, he avoided female workers in the house maybe because of what happened in the past, he felt like women are not to be trusted, but he has erased that mentality and that was why he allowed you live and work with him, I have being working for him for so many years now, he trust me and I try not to disappoint him, he has being a blessing to me and my family, he is not just nice to you because you are a female, no...not all...he is nice to all his workers, but he hates it when his orders are disobeyed, but I see he is extra nice to you, don't blow it up Pia, just keep being a good girl and Mr Ken will extend his kindness to your family also, just like he did for mine...

    I thanked Ben and went back to my quarters, and that night I prayed for my boss to find real love and happiness again, he is a good man, I don't fully knows his story but I know he has a kind heart which despite he has being taken for granted severally it did not stop him from being good.

    My boss called me one day and said since I will soon be going to the university I have to get some body that will replace me in the house, who is also hardworking like me, if I don't have any then he has to put up an advert online, he need a trust worthy person, the person must know how to cook very well, and she can stay in the staff quarters like me,
    I told him not to put up advert yet let me check if I can get somebody first, I also thanked him again for his kindness, I just can't stop thanking him

    Today he didn't go out he was just passing orders through his phone to his company staff, after which he lay down on a couch while watching the CNN news showing on television, i can see his mind was far but his eyes was on the television, so I mustered courage and went to him to ask if he was okay

    "Sorry to disturb you sir...I just want to ask if you are you need me to do anything for you..or you want to talk about something...I will be glad to listen..I just want to make sure that you are alright..

    " yeah..I'm fine Pia, just want to a take rest today...

    "Okay Sir, I will be in the kitchen in case you need anything...

    " alright...oh wait...come and sit down... Let's talk, I don't know why my mind is playing tricks on me this days, you are growing into the woman i use to know in the past, you reminds me of someone, bringing back old memory, but that's by the way, You have not really told me much about your parents... Or have you told me before and I probably forgot...

    "My parents... are back in my home town..there's nothing much to tell about them sir...

    "I guess speaking about them saddens you, they must have being a terrible parents to have abandoned you...I use to feel terrible sometime when I think of the past, I wish I can right my wrongs, you must have wondered where my family are because you haven't seen any of my family member aside Richie, for over three years you have being here, well I got jilted severally, I lost count though and I felt it was my past sin that is catching up with me, I'm not a terrible person Pia but I did something terrible so many years ago, I was much younger and have youthful blood flowing in my veins then, I'm not telling you this to gain your pity but for you to learn, I was living under my late parents who wanted me to study business Admintration after my secondary, so that I can take over my father's business, I didn't quickly got admission, I waited for almost three years before entering university, I was a bit wayward then, within that three years I was home seeking for admission i was also living life like it never matters, I had a girlfriend back then, my parents doesn't know about, it was kind of a secret relationship because my parents who were trying all their means for me to get into schools mustn't know of my crazy life style, I continued with the girl and just when I finally got my long waited admission she came with the news that she was pregnant, I was angry with her for being so careless and I told her to go and abort it, I threatened her when she refused, and i even denied I was responsible for it, well I went to school and forgot she ever existed, after years of studying and finally graduated, I came home and wanted to know what becomes of her and the Baby, I started asking around and was told the lady gave birth to a girl who she later left with her mother, is being almost twenty years now or more this thing happened, the little girl was with her sick grandmother who was taking care of her, she wa...

    My boss Phone was ringing and he picked and it was a report from the office so I excused him to go make lunch for him because he skipped his breakfast, it was time for his lunch, maybe after eating if he still have time for the story I will be so glad to listen...I was already enjoying the story, although it brings back sad memories for him, pain was written across his face, I guess he never wanted to talk about it but because I looked like somebody from his past he decided to talk about it,  maybe his daughter that the Lady born for him died that's why he could not find her and he feels so sad about it, let me hurry up so that I can hear the rest of the story.

    Episode 12

    My boss didn't eat much, he asked me to make fruit salad of which I quickly did, Richie later came back with Sonia and went straight to his own apartment up stairs,
     i sat on one of the couch as my boss continued the story, but I decided to ask first

    "Is the girl still alive, what happened to her sir..

    " I don't know Pia, I don't even know if she's alive or not, I don't know what she looks like, I searched for her mother and learnt she was already married and moved to another city, she must have felt bad looking at the child, the little girl must have reminded her of how terrible I was and the sadness I brought upon her life, probably that was why she dumped the child with the sick woman, and when I heard where daughter was...Pia felt so awful calling her my daughter, a child I denied and never set my eyes on, I went to my parents and summoned the boldness to tell them what I did years back, I told them about the girl and they felt so sad that I could be so heartless, they wanted me to do the right thing by apologising to the Lady I got pregnant and bring their granddaughter to them, but the lady was already married and have moved on, they desperately wanted to meet their grandchild,  who they were happy she was alive,  that was one of my parents wish I never fulfilled before they both got involve in an accident and died, I and my brother was home and got the news that my dad's car collided with a trailer who had break failure and ran into them, so before they could be rushed to the hospital my dad died and my mum died after few days...
    It was a terrible time, so preparing for the burial of both parents was...was one of the most painful and sad moment of my life Pia, so I didn't continue with the search for my daughter, I just put it on hold to fully recover from my lost, I felt more sad because my parents didn't get to meet her before the accident, she would have being my mum and dad little and only daughter because they never had one,  she would have brought great laughter to their face, my parents were looking forward to meeting their grand child before everything went dark....after the whole trouble was over I went ahead to meet my daughter, on getting there I got another shock that the grandmother died and has being buried but nobody knows exactly where the girl was, sh..

    "Sorry to interrupt, you mean the little girl's grandmother also died, and nobody can tell what becomes of the girl, do you know if your daughter's mother came to pick her...

    "Yeah, the girl's mother does not want to have anything to do with the child, because the child reminds her of me and the way I treated her, I guess though, nobody knows, the grandmother was already dead so whoever she gave the child to or wherever the child maybe nobody knows...well I moved on, trying to make great meaning out of my life Pia, My full name is Kennedy Brown, you must have seen it somewhere or heard of it, my company name is K, Brown. With all that I have acquired in life I still feel empty, no child to bear my name, I..I..try to start a family severally but it seems not to work out, I still think of my lost daughter sometime and also my late parents and it saddens me...I just wish I can change back the hand of time and right my wrongs, I know many years has gone by, if my girl was with me... she would have being be a big girl by now, finished university or probably studying abroad, the first day you came you told me you were 20years then, which means you will be  23 or 24years by now, my daughter will be 20 or 21, you are older than her with two years or so, life thought me a big lesson, I learnt in a hard way...I don't know why I'm telling you so much Pia, but i Feel comfortable talking with you, I just want to share my sad story with someone maybe the burden in my heart may ease off..

    " I'm sorry for your trouble sir, I'm also sorry that I lied about my age, I'm 21years now, I was just about to clock 17years when I came seeking for job and I know you would have written me off, you wouldn't have employed me if you know I was a teenager and so I lied that I was twenty then, but last month I completed 21years, I'm sorry sir...

    "Hmmm, well you were right, I wouldn't have employed you if I know you were just seventeen, although you looked too thin and malnourished then I accepted you mostly because you were coming from Jerry who spoke of your amazing strength, despite how you look, talking about Jerry, he is a very hardworking young man, do you know Richie is older than him yet he act more matured than Richie, Jerry is struggling to make a good name for himself, you Will think he is older because of his bears, Jerry use to work for me, and he was trustworthy, I like him, I want Richie to start planing on settling down with Sonia, he shouldn't wait for me or follow all my foot steps, except he wants all his hair to turn White where he is waiting for me to marry first, funny but true, he is my only family now and I want the Best for him, Richie also knows of my daughter that I never met, in fact in most of the search then I was driving around with him, everyone in my  family were so eager to meet her but life took a different turn for us,

    " do she have a name... I mean your daughter..?

    "I don't even know her name... I never met her, that's why I feel crazy referring to her as my daughter... I'm a terrible father...if only her grand mother was alive things wouldn't have ended up worst for me...or probably I wasn't meant to be in her life because I denied her and rejected her mother... My parents death took big effect on me but I scaled through...

    " I also lost my grandmother at a very tender age, she was the first person that ever loved me, she brought me up, she wasn't sick but she was always coughing, I remember giving her water any time that cough starts, I later went to live with aunty Koh, suddenly... the news of her death came like a blow, I wasn't even allowed to attend her burial, I cried so much when Aunty Koh told me she was dead, after she was gone I had nobody again, I have not visited home for over ten years now, I don't even have any body to visit, I don't even know who my father is, i was referred to as a bastard, i was born out of wedlock...and aunty Koh do say I will end up like my harlot mother, it was a constant reminder from her and I'm glad because I'm working towards proving her wrong, all thanks to you sir, for giving my life a real meaning, although my mother whom i don't even know so well... got married and...

    "Hold on Pia...wait...i want to understand something, you said you lost your grandmother, and that your mother had you out of wedlock and handed you over to your were taking away to live with your aunty Koh, Your mother got married and.... Your grandmother clock twenty one last don't know who your father is...hmmm...oh my Goooood...what is your mother name and where are you really from...can you still remember the  year your grandmother died...

    With the way my boss started sweating all of a sudden, I wanted to get him cold drink from the chiller, and high the air condition but he hushed me to sit put and answer his question, I was laughing in my mind as I answered all he asked me, do my boss think I'm his lost daughter, that's very funny, is not possible, is only a mare coincident that we have similar storyline, but I'm not the lost child of this huge rich kind man, is not possible...except I'm in a dreamland, although deep down I so much wish he is, but is too much of a wish to have a wealthy kind father like my boss and it also sounds crazy in my head

    My boss was acting crazy, as he stare at me deeply, I didn't understand what was goings on, so i stood up to leave, my boss  stood up and started shouting, I was shock, the security rushed down and just at that moment Richie and his girlfriend rushed down, I was scared already because I thought my boss was going crazy and I don't want to loose my job, he started putting at me while shouting "she's the one...oh my God..
    Ooooh...she's the one"
    everyone was confuse, Richie came to hold him, asking him to calm down so that everybody can understand what that is really going on,
    my boss couldn't keep calm, he came to me and I saw tears in his eyes as he held me close to him self, he was sobbing like a Baby, while saying
    " Pia...You are my daughter"
     I didn't know what to say or what to do, I just held him silently, his tall huge body covered mine,  for the first time I felt connected,
     Richie doubted it and said it was not possible, he said he was calling a Doctor for a DNA test, and the doctor came and the test was carried out, and it was confirmed,
    I was Pia Kennedy Brown, or Pia Brown or Pia Ken, i was already going crazy like my boss..I was my boss missing daughter, my boss was actually my father.

    I felt dizzy instantly and staggered, they held me, and gently sat me down on the couch,
    My boss or should i say my D...A....D. It sound some how in my ears, he couldn't get enough of me as if he was seeing me for the first time, he lifted me from the chair to his shoulder like a child,

     I was in a total shock, my boss has being shedding tears while still holding me ,

     everybody even Richie is still  speechless as he widened his eyes looking at me and holdings his head,

    Could this be a dream, i don't know if I will ever get out of this shock, is as if I have being thunderstruck with this realization.

    Episode 13

    I walked round the room, i open the window blind, I looked out and the view was just beautiful, wow, this is my room, a well decorated parlour is attached to the room, i have everythings right here, my fridge is stocked up, my cloths well hanged and arranged in my wardrop, my shoe rack filled with different types of shoes, then there's the handbag section,  it looks like I'm the daughter of a president, looking at my environment, and sincerely I'm still in shock, I'm still pinching myself to make sure this isn't a dream, I still can't believe that my life could take a drastic turn, so sudden, unexpected change, oh my baffles me, I was moved to the main building that same day and when I slept in this lovely room on that first day I thought when I wake up the following morning it will be just a dream, this is the fourth week I have being sleeping and waking up to reality,

    My boss who turn out to be my Dad pulled a party for me, he celebrated my 21st birthday and our reunion over the weekend, he took me to his company and introduced me to all his managers and staffs, he has taken me to different places, I loose count, journalist are still looking for a chance to speak to me, me and my Dad has attended three live interviews, and also appeared on television and magazines, I got tired of the paparazzi following us everywhere and i got tired because I'm not use to this kind of life, my dad needed to do something about it, and he quickly did, I still find it difficult calling him Dad but I know with time I will get use to it, life is very interesting on this side of the rich world,

    Richie has also taking me on a horse ride, on our way home, he parked and held my hand to apologise to me and funny enough he also thank God that I screamed that day, and i thank God more for giving me that ability to stop him from committing such abominable act, it was just God,
     My dad took me to one of his company party, he selected the dress and shoe that I wore to the party, he always opens the car door for me, he treats me like I'm still a Baby girl, like I'm so special, it was just too much so I told him to stop treating me like a baby, and he smiled before saying

     "Pia, I will keep treating you like a baby because I was given another chance to have you back into my life, not everybody gets this kind of second chance and as long as I live you will always be " daddy's baby girl "Pia you will forever be my baby, I don't know if I will ever get enough of you in my life, all I have is yours Pia, my life is complete because you stepped into it, do you really understand how I feel...i wish is possible for you to open my heart right now and see for yourself, my heart is filled with bubbles of joy, have you ever want something so bad and loses hope in getting the thing and then suddenly it appears, like magic, unexpectedly, you are my diamond Pia I will forever cherish you, I would have love so much to watch you grow up, to change your diapers and rock you to sleep, but I missed out of those important part of you growing up, I was foolish and it was a terrible mistake, I regretted denying you at pregnancy and I was dealt with, because when I wanted you, you were nowhere to be found and I just knew my sin caught up with me, probably I would have married your mother and you will have brothers and sister, but life took a hard different turn  for me, I had another chance when I have loosed hope of having you and God brought you home to me, God brought you home to me Pia..I..I can't thank God enough, He led you down to work for me, I was living under same roof with my own daughter all this while without even knowing, who I saw as a girl who has being through so much, I decided to support this helpless girl not knowing she was my daughter, Richie could have had his way with you not knowing you are his niece, oh my God...uuuuh! but God...merciful God who sees my repentant heart and knew that I have silently suffered  so much for my past sin protected you...God is good Pia, It seems like a dream to me, God brought you home to me and whatsoever you open your mouth to ask will be all yours, i know you are still finding it difficult to settle in, i know you still find it difficult to call me Daddy, i understand Pia, I do, I haven't being a good father, you suffered because of me, they maltreated you and called you a bastard because of me,  you were starved and look so thin and malnourished because of me, sorry is not enough for all you went through, I can't imagine somebody born of a woman calling my own daughter a bastard, Koh or whatever her name is.. she was lucky because I wasn't in your life then, she and her whole family should go and thank God, she and her husband would have being cooling off in jail by now if i had known earlier but I have no case against them Pia, because I wasn't a good father either,  she called you a bastard because she thought you don't have anybody, but you do now, you are no more a bastard, you have a father who loves you with his life, and is ready to go extra Mile for you, you have everything at your disposal, my wealth is yours,  I am happy.. So so happy because my hopes has come back to life, I'm sorry if I embarrass you often with my tears...they are tears of joy, do you see the magazine my company made for us, we appear on the cover of Chez international magazine, do you see the way the people's world news carried it, it was also on the recent news headline, when i picked up news paper from my office desk yesterday, our story was on the first page, the first thing I saw was the owner of K Brown international limited reunite with his daughter after 21years, and the news followed suit,  do you know that some people can't still believe this our testimony, is too much of a truth, God still answers prayer Pia, God is good...

    "All the time.

    My Dad was getting my papers ready to go study abroad, he cancelled the plan to continue my education here, I'm leaving the country soon, he wanted me to attend one of the best university abroad, so once everything is ready I will be out, the joy in my heart is overfilled,

    Jerry came back from his journey and came to visit us, as usual I ran to give him a warm hug and to fill him in on my new transformation, but he already knew, he told me he saw me on television while he was away and was surprise too, it baffles him, the news seems to be everywhere now, God used Jerry to lead me to my father, Jerry was so happy and he thanked God for choosing him to be the vessel that  reunite me and my Dad,

    I wanted to go check June today in school so I ask Jerry to go with me, and we drove down, I know June will be bigger now because is almost four years I saw her last, she will also be in a higher class now, so on getting there we waited till break time, and we went to the school security and tendered all our information, when they saw the name I wrote PIA K BROWN, they started whispering within themselves while smiling for me, we waited at the school reception while they went to fetch her, the moment she saw me she ran and threw herself on me, I carried her like a Baby, she was still slim but taller now, she cried like a child in my arms, and I couldn't hold back my own tears on seeing my little friend again, it was because of her I didn't spend another night begging for bread in the street, I was able to locate my Dad, June saved me by giving me her snacks money and with a note to let me know she will be praying for me, she was an angel, she stood by me even in her parents house, I can never repay her and Jerry for their kindness,
    My phone was ringing, so June gently loosened up and sat down, Jerry was also there, she hugged Jerry too, i checked the caller and just as expected it was my Dad

    "Hello Pia, just want to make sure you are safe, is Jerry there with you...

    " yes Dad... I'm fine, meeting with June like I told you before leaving the house...

    "Yeah, I know dear, please be safe and if possible you can invite your little friend over for saturday, we will be going for a horse ride and picnic this Saturday, I know she will love it, except if Koh, her mother will have other plans once she knows where the invitation is coming from,

    " oh Dad, Richie planed to take me to the movies on sat, Sonia will also be coming with us, as for June I Will find away to get her to come with me but if not then I will wait for another time, but we are not horse ridding again this weekend maybe next one Dad...

    "Richie will not allow me to enjoy my pretty daughter again, he is always going ahead of me, hahahaha, I'm joining you guys in this movie, I don't Want to be left out, but only if you approve because you are the boss lady now, Richie can not spend the most wonderful moments with you more than me, I also want to fill your mind with good memories so that you will forget how the past was like, and when you finally leave the country to study you will have a lot of things to remember home, because I will always be home praying for my beautiful daughter..

    " alright Dad... We Will talk more when I get home, June only has thirty minutes break and we have already spent ten out of it, just want to make good use of the 20minutes left before the break will be over, please let's have a comfortable gist when I get home I may even allow you to join us for the movies because I'm the boss lady now...hahahaha, Dad I have to go..

    "Hahahaha.. Alright boss lady, my kind greeting to June, and please be good, I have no worry because Jerry is there with you, I will get your favorite food ready before you get back, then you will rate my cooking skills better than the last time...oh..oh I can't just stop talking, please be safe, bye...

    June smiled again before saying

    " wow Pia, you have totally transformed, If not that they mentioned my visitors  name was Pia K Brown and Jerry Smith, I wouldn't have known it was you, I met Jerry once, I can still recognized him, I also saw you on  TV, entertainment show with your Dad, nobody believed it was you, mum, dad, Lano and Midi did not believe, mum said you were probably dead somewhere and has rot away, because you are a nobody and even if you are alive you are probably pregnant with a bastard child like your mother, or prostituting yourself for bread to feed, nobody believed that you are the missing daughter of the wealthy K Brown, mummy said it was very unfortunate that you are bearing the same first name with K Brown's daughter, but I believed, although you have changed a great lot and unrecognizable but I believed it was you, although it was quiet shocking but it was one if the miracles I prayed for that you will find real happiness, I also prayed that you will come looking for me someday and the day has come, I'm in higher class now, Lano is in the university and Midi joined her last year, Dad is not having money like before, he said once Lano and Midi finishes school they should go and get a job to support the family...pia there's another important thing I have being praying for, I have being praying for Cecelia, mum's new house help, since you left, she has gotten two helps and one ran away the other stole dad's money and mum's jewelries, yes she actually stole it with other things and left, nobody was around when it happened, mummy cried when she saw her empty jewelry box, and swore she will never get another housemaid but after few months she got tired of the chores and got Cecelia, Cecelia is not so strong or young like you, she is really going through alot in mum's hand, she is a poor orphan pia, and she is older too, she has spend two years with us and it has being a terrible experience for her Pia, mummy is using all the old annoyance she stored up for the girl that stole her jewelries and money on innocent Cecelia, mum starves her too, she hardly eat, I have being praying for her so that she will find the courage and run away but she doesn't have anywhere to go, please can you help her Pia please

    God has answered June's prayer because my Dad need a housekeeper, a replacement for me, help has located Cecelia today, please let's go and  rescue her from Aunty Koh.

    Episode 14

    Jerry was busy with work the day I was suppose to go meet with Cecelia, June gave me the necessary information about how to locate her,
    My Dad got a car for me and a well built driver, who looks like a bouncer, my dad thinks i need a body guard, so he got the huge man, who will be driving me for the main time before I leave the country, I told him I don't need a body guard or a driver because two months from now I will be gone, I insisted so he decided to teach me how to drive by himself and Jerry too thought me in his spare time,
    now I know how to drive, ,
    So I drove my car to see Cecelia, it was a two hours drive, i still put the learners sign as daddy insisted,
    i parked at a place waiting for her, June told me that she Will be going to the market today so i waited,
    After sometime I saw slender lady, not more than twenty eight or thirty, she was walking so fast, I guess that was her, she fit into the picture, just the way June described her, so I quickly came down and waited until she got closer

    "Hi...Cecelia.. I'm Pia, I don't need to ask you how you are doing because the answer is obviously written on you, June sent me to you, the girl has being praying for you and God has answered her prayers again, I guess you are going to the market..

    " hmm..yes ma..

    "I'm not ma, don't call me ma call me Pia, and I'm here to help you, I once live with Aunty Koh and her family for almost ten years, it was years of hell for me too, she's not just being wicked to you wickedness lives in her, she's ill tempered I don't know if she will ever gets better

    " I have hard so many things about you Pia, so many bad things from Aunty Koh which I can't really tell you, but June.. Oh June she's just a sweet loving child unlike her siblings, she told me not to believe anything her mother says about you, and she do tell me that she's praying for me but I never takes her serious, what can a prayer of a little girl do,

    "Do not underestimated the power of prayer and positive words, is one of the reasons I'm still breathing, I use to doubt like you  but today I can loud it with a trumpet that God is not dead, he sees and he hears, so are you ready to get the freedom you yawn for, are you ready to be Free from aunty Koh, I got job and accommodation for you, and you will never go hungry again, I don't want to force anything on you Cecelia, you need to make this decision yourself, you need to make a choice,

    " I have always wanted freedom, yes I'm ready even now if is real, I so much want to be free but realize there's no freedom in this world,  life is so difficult, I don't even know how to smile again, I have live with different people and being with different people, and I learnt that people will always treat you like trash when they realize that you are a nobody, i have being so unlucky with everything, with love too, empty promises Pia, some men will promise heaven and earth to you before crossing your leg but once they achieved that they bid you goodbye leaving you shattered, having nobody to call for help in time of need is just another painful part of life to the unfortunate, I was stranded then I heard a woman was looking for maid, and it was Aunty Koh, the first time I met her she seem like a nice person, I was happy, she told me she will be paying me a certain amount, which was little because she will be accommodating and feeding me and I jumped at the offer, even if she doesn't pay me but having food to eat and a place to lay my head would have being OK for me, is being a terrible experience so far Pia, I can't described how terrible it has being, she slaps me and stone me with anything that is at her reach, she threw her high hill shoe on me last week and it landed on my head and I was in pull of my own blood, I could have being gone but where will i go to, nowhere, I loose hope on God, if he ever existed is not for somebody like me, why will a loving God watch bad things happen to good people, the evil people keep prospering and the poor keep being their servants... Is saddening..I have no friend, no parents or even relatives, life is not fair

    "I use to ask God such questions too but that never stop him from being God, God does things according to his own timing not your own, and this is God's time for you to smile again Cecelia, i Will drive you down to the market and you will buy all you were sent to buy and I will give you extra Cash to buy even more things for aunty Koh, that will be your goodbye gift to them,  she always say her maids steals from her so I want us to dry words from her mouth, let's surprise her, by the time she Sees all the whole packs filled with food stuffs and wears she will remain speechless for the rest of her life, after the whole shopping I will drive you back and help you offload everything, then you will carry everything inside, once you are done just come out let's start going, I will be Waiting for you,

    And that's what happened, Cecelia was out after she did as I told her, as she stepped out if the gate I watch her removed her sandals in front of Aunty Koh's gate, she clap the two sandals together like she was dusting it at same time saying something's after she was done she wore her sandals back and came to join me in the car, I quickly asked her the meaning of what she just did and she said she dust off every bad luck from Aunty Koh and family that will follow her, and she prayed that aunty Koh will never find another child born of a woman to use as slave again,
    I just laugh and we drove home, the journey back home took another two hours drive,
    Cecelia quickly settles in, she was going to be living in the staff quarters, my Dad and everybody in the house were cool with Cecelia as she began work,

    Just about six weeks and I Will be leaving, Jerry hasn't being himself of recent, I noticed and asked him if he was alright and he smiled and nodded,

    dad's friend always visit with his son who is two years older than me, the young man who's name was Frank studied abroad and he speaks like the Americans, he was also handsome and Frank father want me to go on a date with Frank before traveling out, he said it in a funny way but I know he meant it, Jerry  who has being acting so cold of recent was also there, Jerry stood up and went outside,
    I know he is worried because I will soon be off and he doesn't know how to tell me his concern about me leaving, I will really miss him too, yes, i will, but is just for few years and I will be back, i will still be visiting home too,
    Frank took a walk with me one day and he held my hand as we walk round the big compound, he told me he's in love with me, I just smile because i don't feel same way,
     I feel so connected with Jerry not Frank, I told Dad to tell his friend that I can not date his son because I'm dating somebody already even though that was a lie, Dad laughed and ask me to be bold enough to tell Frank how how i feel, i shouldn't be scared of anybody, because one day and very soon i will be in charge of his business,
    so one day Jerry visited, he wanted us to spend cool time together before I travel, so I was sitting by the swimming pool gisting with Jerry when Frank drove in and walked up to me, he suddenly bent over and kissed my two cheeks and just when he was coming to my mouth I sat up, Jerry excused us and walked away, I was not happy that Jerry left
    So I used that opportunity to tell Frank that we can't be lovers, I can't love him the way he want and I'm already in a relationship, he was not happy and pleaded but heaven has sealed my word because I wasn't going to change my mind for anything, not so easy, love suppose to be mutual not one sided,
     because his dad is well connected and a friend to my dad and he want to seal their friendship by wanting his son to marry me, Frank is already acting like he owns me, I don't like that, Dad wants me to handle this myself and that's what I'm doing

    Jerry was inside his car when I met him, I apologies for the interruption and he smile and said he just want me to be happy, I don't understand him because I'm Happy,
     he looked at me like he has never did before, I even thought he was going to kiss me, he looked at my eyes and down to my mouth, he then took my hands into his and at that moments I thought he was going to say what I have always wanted him to tell me but he just open his mouth shut it again, then he closed his eyes for few seconds rubbed his hand together, he was uncomfortable, he wants to say something whatever it was he was struggling to say it,
    He later asked me if I will like some sea food and I nodded even though I just want to make him happy, and that is not what he wanted to tell me, so he drove me down to sea food restaurant

    I know Frank will not easily give up, he will keep trying until he wins me over
    And all I wish is for Jerry to tell me whatever that is bothering him before I travel out, Jerry is very outspoken I just wonder why he is finding it difficult of recent to speak  to me,
    I know I love him but I'm waiting for him to tell me how he feels first
    Until then I have to get ready for my journey which is a week from now.

    Episode 15

    As Jerry dropped me at home that day, and just when I was I about to open the door and step down he held my hand and as I tuned he bent over and planted a kissed on my lips, just as I have anticipated, I have always looked forward to this so we locked lips for sometime before loosing up, and he sat back,

    鈥淚 have always wanted to do this Pia, for a very long time now, but I don鈥檛 want to be out of line, I love you Pia, so much, even before you came to know that Mr Ken was your father, I will probably say I just got connected with you right from the first day, but whatever I did for you I did it with a clean mind, I wasn鈥檛 expecting anything back, I was just working according to Gods direction, I saw darkness, so much sadness in your eyes even without knowing your story and I vow to bring light to those eyes again, you were first on my priority list, I was just a young man trying to follow my dreams when I met you years back, and I have being thought the power of outspoken words so I wanted to teach you to speak positively about yourselflways.. no matter what the situation maybe, it was my first word to you when I first met you if you can remember, You were put on my path so that I can guide you through, I was constantly praying for you that God will help you to believe that he loves you first before anybody, it was just a year ago I found out I was always thinking of you, even when I鈥檓 on a journey the only person that occupies my mind was you, I didn鈥檛 even know how to approach you with such because I don鈥檛 want you to read a wrong meaning to it,  I love you Pia, I do but I鈥檓 not forcing you or making you feel you owe me anything, no, you don鈥檛 owe me anything, not even your love, if you love frank I will always be here as your friend, I will never ask you more than what you can give, I watch you and Frank and I think he loves you, his father is also a friend of your dad, your father, Mr Ken will not want you to make any mistake or to be forced to do anything, neither will I,  just follow your heart and allow it to guide you well, I just feelinda� jealous when I see him with you but I try not to be, because you have every right to love anybody you want, i...i just want you to be happy Pia, you have seen too much sadness at your young age, and I鈥檓 happy you are beginning to feel what real happiness is like, I鈥檓 glad when I see you happy, that period I went looking for you after you left June鈥檚 mother鈥檚 house, it was the most sad moment for me, I thought I have loosed you, I thought something bad has happened, I couldn鈥檛 even sleep, I was hearing this still voice asking me to pray for you, I prayed like I have never prayed before, because I know we live in a world filled with evil, many perverts were on the loose and still on the loose, looking for the innocent soul to devour, many evil people are looking for a vulnerable young girl to make their sacrificial lamp, I prayed until my whole body was covered up with sweat, I was so privileged to be used by God to bring you home, and I also thank God for your little friend June,  i have watched you grow to be a strong woman that you are, handling every challenges life threw at you without breaking down, you are my true definition of a strong woman, and I鈥檓 blessed to know you Pia, I became more spiritually strengthened because of you, and I will never stop praying for you even when you travel out, I will always be your true friend like I have always being, I promise you that will really miss you , I will so much miss you while you are gone, but I will carry you in my heart like a treasure, I will always look back and remember the wonderful moments we share together, I feel so happy having you close to me, and I will cherish every moment we have spent together

    I was already in tears as I listen to Jerry speak, I have looked forward to this moment and was almost giving up, I thought it will never come,  I gently went into his arm and he held me very close, while still saying he was going to miss me, I told him I love him, I loved him now and I will always love him, I could have being disabled by aunty Koh, raped by the crazy men under the bridge, ended up as a street beggar without ever knowing who my father was, sometime when I鈥檓 alone in my room all I want to do is to sing out my thanks to God, he saved me from what could have killed me, through the help of a young man named Jerry and a little girl called June, who made me feel I was somebody, they made me feel I was important, I could roll from edge to edge and is not enough to show God my gratitude, I looked deeply into Jerry鈥檚 eyes as they sparkle with tears and I assured him that I will forever love him  and we sealed up our love with another memorable kiss,

    A day to my leaving I was in my room when I heard a knock and I opened the door it was my dad, he smiled as I ushered him in, he sat beside me and he started speaking

    鈥淚 feel like not letting you out of my sight, I wish while you are gone I will press a button and you will appear physically again back home, I wish I can say you shouldn鈥檛 go and look for any good school around the country for you to attend so that I can be seeing you everyday but I just have to hold myself from all that thought, I want you to have a great experience not just to go and study, if it was just to study I will put you in one of the best schools here, I want you to have nothing but the best out of life, while you are there� don鈥檛 just read alone or memorise books from page to page, have some fun too,  go surfing, tour around the country and outside the country, attend dance and music classes, attend live shows, make friends,  experience life in another dimension, be happy, send videos of your activities to me, and help me to smile from here while watching you laugh, you will always be my little girl� always remember that, I will miss you Pia, but there鈥檚 no problem, I may travel down to pay you a visit and check up how you are faring over there, anytime you need me just know i will be on the next available flight coming over, I will always be your super dad, your super man,I know you love Jerry, and he loves you too, he is a good young man, and he will make a great husband someday, while you are out there making friends and enjoying life do not forget there鈥檚 a young man called jerry who will never give up on you, he will be there for you both rain and sun, if you ever have a change of mind while you are there, and you feel you love another or your feeling is divided between jerry or somebody else, please call me before you make any decision, all I want is nothing but the best, and we have avoided talking about another important  thing all this whilend that is your mother, we both hurt you, me and your mother, I know that, I denied you and she abandoned you and nobody has ever hard of her since when she got married and moved out to another city with her spouse, but we can鈥檛 deny the fact that she is your mother and will always be, she bore you with pain and rejection in her heart, putting you behind her must have being a painful decision for her to make, it was either you or her new life which includes a husband who will put roof over her head and food on a plate so she made a choice that will favour her, and I bet you she must have regretted her choices, would you love to see her someday

    鈥渕mmmes dad, I do do wonder what it will feel like to really know what my mother looks like, hmmm cant remember what she looks like, except that you told me she looks like me, I have forgiven her even before now, we all make mistakes, she is not perfect neither am i,  i wish to get a mother鈥檚 hug someday, I know you have being a great dad but i can鈥檛 still deny the fact that� I was born of a woman, and I pray I will meet her someday, I can鈥檛 wait for that day to come, reunite with my mother, thank you dad for everything, is as if I have known you all my life, I will truly miss you and don鈥檛 worry about me having a divided feeling for jerry, that will not happen, I will remain focus, and will always try to be a daughter you will be proud of.

    He gently drew me into a warm hug, while blinking back tears that clouded his eyes, he prayed for me before leaving,

    Richie also came later after my dad left and we talked and he asked me if I will able to fly down for his wedding, he said he doesn鈥檛 want me to miss out or he will come over and get me, we both laughed,  he was planning to marry Sonia soon after he complete his own house, which was almost completed, he has already engaged Sonia, I told him I will not miss his wedding, I will be there live, we gist and crack jokes and laugh some more before he return to his room,

    And Jerry was around the following day, my flight was in the evening so I spent some quality time with Jerry, I got a call from somebody and it was June, she was hiding and calling me with her father鈥檚 phone, to wish me well, I was so happy to hear from her and she thanked me for saving Cecelia, and told me her mother has not being able to get anybody again to come work as maid after Cecelia left, she is still searching but has not being able to get anybody, June said she is very happy as her mother has not being able to get another maid who she will end up turning into slave,  June said she will be praying for me as usual and will call me once she gets her own phone, i thought within me is probably what Cecelia did outside aunty Koh's house the day i saved her that is working against aunty Koh not being able to get another maid, Jerry made me to understand that outspoken words are powerful.
     I promise June not to worry I will always carry her in my heart and will send a smart phone to her once I settles in, she can tell her mother is one of her school aunty鈥檚 in abroad that sent it for her,
     because her mother will never believe anything good will come from me, she still thinks I鈥檓 rotting away in the street begging for bread,  but I will surprise her when the time is right,

     after the call it was time, time to be on my way, I bid all the house workers, Mr Puff, the other security young man who was now my good friend, Cecelia, Ben and every other person around goodbye, I wish June was here too,

    My dad drove me to the airport, Jerry was in the same car, while Richie and Sonia drove their own car to bid me a farewell,
    And after the whole hugging and crying was over at the airport, we said our farewells and they waited until the air  plane that i was in took off.

    who knows when i will see the three important men in my life again, my Dad, Jerry and Richie. I'm looking forward to that day.

    Episode 16

    It took me time to settle in, i called dad to inform him, I also called Jerry and we spent time talking about everything,

     the cold weather was not encouraging at first but I later got use to it, i came down with different types of African wears, I have a lot, I love creativity and dad also bought some for me when he notice my love for it back home, i got lots of people admiring my wears over here, any time i attend class or go anywhere I have people looking at me like I fell from heaven,
    I never missed class, things were going smoothly for me, anything I find difficult I consult the Internet or the library,
    I was able to get a smart phone and send down to June, through Jerry who took it to her school and he called me from there and gave June the phone and June was just screaming with joy, she was very happy and I was glad that I have being able to put a smile on her face, a lot more good thing is coming for her because she deserve it.

    Dad said I shouldn't bury myself in books, he wanted me to have some real fun,
    and I will have lots fun but not now, there's time for everything and I need to concentrate with my studies,
    My school was mixed with different race, there was the Black and also the white,

    I made few close friends, friends like Keisha,  a young Lady from Jamaica and Moore, Moore was my first male White friend California, who started admiring me right from the first day I started class, he was very cute and brilliant too,

    I was having more people coming around, some even wanted my kind of wear, they asked me how much it will cost and I just told them I'm too busy right now to make or design a wear for them,
    It was just a lie, I can't even design anything yet, I don't know how is being done but I just do not want to pull them off, or discourage them because I was already thinking on how to create time to attend a fashion school so that it won't affect my main studies, but I must first have an idea, I have to know the basics of fashion,

    I decided to get a electric sewing machine and all sewing materials, so I bought a manual on how to design, I also search the internet and download lots of video, which was like a guideline for me,
    So I started practicing on my free time,  slow but steady on how to cut and design, it looks like I wasn't getting anywhere at first, it looks like a child's play but I kept on until it was gradually turning out fine, i asked Keisha where i can get material  she told me where to go, so I search with my goggle map on how locate the place, Moore drove me there,
    I was able to get different materials that I needed for my work,
    Richie called and told me Sonia was pregnant and he has postponed the wedding until she gives birth,
    He has also completed his house and was ready to move in any moment,

    Within two years I got use to some people coming around, and those who admire my style of dressing,
    I started having more people coming around and asking me who designed my wears, I told them I designed it myself, and some wanted me to design for them,
    already I was almost perfecting my fashion design,
    some paid me to make something creative for them and just like a joke I started designing simple Africa wear for the few that wanted,
    I was enjoying what I do but still I do not joke with my main studies
    Moore took me out today to surf, Keisha later joined us after checking up her grandmother who was in a nursing home, we went surfing,
    It was a real fun, I made a video and send it to my Dad
    And he called me the following day

    "My precious daughter, my princess, was almost running out of patient of you sending a video where you are having fun...I thought you have forgotten to the normal general saying... All studies and no play makes Pia a dull girl, I have missed you so much my princess, even with the everyday video calls is never enough for me, you told me about becoming a designer in the future, is very okay Pia, but do not allow studies to wear you out, that White guy in the video is he the Moore you told me off..

    " yes Dad, that's Moore and the Lady in the picture is Keisha,  they are my two close friends for now...

    "Hmmm, I see the way he was acting around you and holding you while you surf with you like him

    " is just normal thing Dad, I like him he is so cool to be with..

    "Please do not send the video to Jerry because he may quickly becomes sick if he sees the way Moore is holding you, he may not understand like me...he will be jealous... Please tell that White guy that he should stop over flagging himself around you, I know you likes him and may not be thinking in the same line as he is, but i think that guy is probably falling in love with you, if he hasn't falling already, please be careful Pia, please do not forget what I told you before you traveled, if you ever decided to love another or your feeling is divided between Jerry and another man, please let me know before you make any decision, remember Jerry is holding on for you, and he will really be hurt if you decided to...

    " Dad..Dad I understand, don't conclude yet, i have not forgotten all you told me, and I don't have a divided feeling, Moore is only trying to be a good friend to me, no feelings attached, and Jerry should learn to trust me, I still love Jerry and will always do but Dad you have to know me deeper than what you already knows, yes of a truth I like Moore but I try not to allow my feeling to run wide or out if hand, I'm in control of myself and I promise you once and will promise you I will not disappoint you Dad, stop worrying too much about me...

    "I'm sorry for worrying too much, I trust you my princess and I love you more than my own life, I should allow you breath some air and not bugging you with my philosophy, you have being a good girl, you're well discipline and principled too even before I met you, I know i worry too much when all I suppose to do is to constantly pray for you, you matters more to me than anything in the world, I just want nothing but the best for you, you are not having much fun, it was after two years of being there you finally went surfing, I know you are trying to combine school with becoming a creative designer, I understand the fact that it can be cumbersome, please just try to live everyday at a time, I don't want to discourage you from pursuing your dream neither do I want you to over work yourself remember you are all I have Pia...put God first in all your doings and he Will always direct your path...

    Dad was allowing his fear of Moore to get the best if him, I know Dad likes Jerry and he want us to end up together but I'm not thinking of dating Moore, although he has asked but I told him let's keep being cool friends, dating wasn't in my list because I got somebody,  Jerry calls me both normal and video call,  I Will always love Jerry, and I have always put God first,
    God loved me first even when I couldn't love myself, God took me from sorrow to joy, God is everything in my life and I can't live a day without him,
    I got lot to do on my list, I want to enroll into a real fashion school this coming spring, to perfect my skills and to get a certified certificate as a fashion designer, I aspire to be one of the well sorted African designers, I don't want to totally depend on my father's wealth, I also want to make a name for myself, and on the way to the top, I won't relent.

    Moore invited me to his parents thirty fifth wedding anniversary, he came over to pick me up and he loved my dressing, which I designed by myself, kissing my two cheeks was a normal greeting over here, and that's how Moore greets me every time we meet,
    I like Moore, he is always fun to be with and respects my decisions, this will be the second time I'm meeting his family, Moore father is a pastor in a Baptist church, Moore came from a godly home, and I also attend his father's church with Keisha, some times Moore comes to pick me for church,
    Sometimes he comes over to my side and keep me busy while I work on my sewing, he brings drinks and food and we gist and crack few jokes,
    We Sometime go to the movies together, he is always cool to be with.

    Will I say I'm having a divided feeling between Jerry and Moore, like My dad has feared, well I'm not sure of that, if I ever get to a cross road and It feels like I'm confuse I will call my dad like he has ask of me and let him know,
    Until then let me focus on making a mark with my work.

    Episode 17

    鈥淚 love you Pia, I can鈥檛 just be friends with you... is difficult to be cool friends with the woman my heart beats for, the woman I鈥檓 totally in love with, right from the first day I set my eyes on you, I have tried to be in that friend zone but is not working for me, I think of you all the time, just you Pia,I don鈥檛 just want to be friends with you  i want more than that� please� my family, dad and mum loves you, I have tried to respect all your wishes and to keep my emotion in check, I try not to allow my emotion to run wide but there certain things we can鈥檛 control, I know you got someone, your country man but the person is not here with you like I am alwaysnd is being over three years if not four now andou haven鈥檛 seen him, all through the years I have being the one here with you not him Pia, is being me, even Keisha your friend knows the way I felt about you and she has tried to speak to you for you to reconsider but you just don鈥檛 want to, which make me wonder what could still be making you so faithful to man you have never seeing for years, and you keep ignoring the one that is always alert to every of your needs,  I don鈥檛 want to be self centred but I want you just want you to think of me more than a friende have being friend for too long because you don鈥檛 want more than that�.you always tell me you got somebody back in your country have tried not to bug you or disturb you again but I can鈥檛 help it, having you in my life is all I want Pia, I can鈥檛 hurt you Pia promise, I want you forever in my life, my family are not racist, my dad is a pastor and he is willing and ready to come plead on my behalf because I have told him so much about you, same with my mother, sometimes I just dream of walking down the aisle with you and my dad officiating our wedding in Baptist church, I have so much hope and believe that someday you will have a change of heart and to accept me, but it seems to be taking forever Pia, is so painful when you keep putting me off, I know you love me but you just don鈥檛 want to show it or accept it,  your feeling is divided between the other guy and me, I love you more than anyone could ever do, nobody can love you like I do,  if you ever agree too accept me and my family lets plan for the future togetherlease Pia, I鈥檓 ready to travel back home with you to meet your Dad, even my parents will be willing to do thate are loving peopleou will come to see that for yourselfy mum talks about you always and my siblings loves you tooou already know that right..? Please say somethinghis is crazy鈥檓 goingrazy because of you love you Pia

    I was quiet and couldn鈥檛 just say anything, I don鈥檛 just know what to tell Moore, he has being a great friend, and has patiently be waiting for me to someday accept him, but I can鈥檛 do this, how do my dad knows that this will happen, that I may start having a double feeling, I wonder how my dad foresee this happening when I was thinking is not possible, but I can鈥檛 hurt Jerry, no i can鈥檛.

     I was still thinking about it all when Moore gently moved closer and it was as If i wasn鈥檛 thinking anymore, and we lock lips, yes we kissed like our lives depends on it,  it was as if Moore was releasing all the stored emotion he has kept in for years on me as he kissed me, I tried to pull off but he wasn鈥檛 ready to let go, and when he finally did we were both out of breath, I quickly stood up, this is really crazy, I need to clear my head..i need to be alone, if Moore is there in the same house with me something else might happen, because it was as if I can鈥檛 control my emotions again after the kiss, so I asked him to leave, he pleaded but I insisted and even shouted for him to leave when he was not ready to make any move, he quietly left and I watched him from the window as he went into his car and stayed for a very long time probably waiting for me to change my mind but I was not ready to change my mind, I have to stay strong, if I invite him in again something more than kiss may happen and I may never forgive myself if it happens, so he needs to leave so that I can think straight, as I watch him from the window, he was just sitting in his car for over thirty minutes out side my house, he didn鈥檛 make any attempt to drive, he just sat there, later my phone was ringing and when I checked it was him, I didn鈥檛 pick at first but he continued to call, I later picked the phone,

    鈥淧ia, I鈥檓 sorry just couldn鈥檛 hold myself anymore, I have held it in for too long鈥檓 still outside, I haven鈥檛 left yet, please come outside, we may go to my place or to any where of your choice,  I just can鈥檛 leave like this, or please let me in, I just want to be close to you can鈥檛 control the way I feel about you anymore, I鈥檓 sorry I probably went against your rules, you want me as much as I do, why are you holding back, we are meant to be togetherlease let me in or you come outside please Piaecause I鈥檓 not leaving here until you answer mehy are you afraidhat exactly are you afraid of鈥檓 tired of pretending to be just a friend want you Pia..and I know you want me too

    鈥淢oore go home, let鈥檚 just pretend that the kiss never happened, I can鈥檛 be with you, I can鈥檛 let you in or come out, I鈥檓 also sorry or everything� but you really need to leave, 鈥檓 sorry but I need  time to think straight don鈥檛 want to get your hopes up but we can鈥檛 be togethere can鈥檛 be together Moore..

    I ended the call and didn鈥檛 even answer him when he came out from the car and came knocking at my door again, Moore waited over an hour before driving off, jerry called in the night and the following day but I couldn鈥檛 pick, I needed to speak to my dad and when my dad finally called me the second day, very early in the morning he was sounding excited

    鈥淧rincess Pia, how are you doing this morning, I wanted to be the first to wake you up, and to say good morning or where you awake already, how鈥檚 the weather this morningny plan for today yet..

    鈥淚 don鈥檛 really have much plan today, just want to visit the library, you know I鈥檓 rounding up with my program before this month ends, will soon be entering another section, but that will be by choice, if I still want to continue, so I鈥檓 just doing more research than classes now and also designing more, because I have more free time now unlike beforeut I don鈥檛 feel too well today

    鈥渨hat is wrong dear, is it still the migraine you complained of the last time or flu, I told you Pia, you really need to take rest from over working yourself, maybe you should pulse from the fashion thing for now until you are totally fine, and Jerry also came, he looks sad, he said you have not being picking his call, he thought he did something wrong that is making you to ignore his calls, he is worried,  is it because you are not feeling too well and you don鈥檛 want him to start worrying over your health, I just want to know what he did wrong, you know he loves you and you not picking his call is eating him uphat鈥檚 the problem dearell me did he do or say what you don鈥檛 like and hope is not that white guy that is consuming your timeust tell me what鈥檚 going on

    鈥淛erry didn鈥檛 do anything wrong but I did, I don鈥檛 knowhat鈥檚 wrong with me� is Moore dad, we kissed� three days ago, and more could have happened if not that I asked him to leave, I didn鈥檛 plan for it to happen, but Moore was always with me, we became to attached to each other and I started having a crumbled feeling which I didn鈥檛 want to admit, but I tried to keep it normal but the more I see him everyday the more my closeness grow with him have asked him to stop seeing me for the main time so that I can have time to think straight

    鈥渉mmm already know it will come to that..i told you Pia, that white guy was in love with youust from watching him from the video you usually send to me, he was deeply in love and you can鈥檛 just be friends with some one like that, is just a matter of time and you will also start having feelings too for him, there are things we can鈥檛 control no matter how we try to, you see Moore almost everyday and you do lots of activities with him, is only normal for such to happen, Jerry is far away back here, and you haven鈥檛 seeing him for over three years going to four years, sometime out of sight is also out of mind, but I know you have both tried to be faithful to each other and that鈥檚 genuine love, I鈥檓 glad you stopped Moore from trespassing, don鈥檛 hit yourself too hard, you tried by not allowing your emotions to get out of hand,  you can鈥檛 be just cool friend with somebody who is deeply in love with you� it doesn鈥檛 work that way, is just a matter of time and you will also fall into same line, do you want to come home, Jerry misses you and I know you miss him too, maybe if you see Jerry again you will stop being confuse or worried, and also Richie is getting married to Sonia, I guess he already told you that, there wedding is next month end, I wish you will be here before then, I also got another surprise for you but I don鈥檛 want to talk about it over the phone, I don鈥檛 know how you will feel about that but I can only speak about it when I see you face to face, please try to create time to come home, Jerry really miss you, and is written all over him, and you.. not picking his call again is bad Pia, do you want to kill him, I mean that young man is so heart broken because you have not being taking his call, he loves you and will be very hurt if you start avoiding him just because you kissed another man, I also miss you and want to see my daughter again, I want to hold you again in my arms, is being years dear, we all miss you over here, please round up with your programme and let鈥檚 know if you can pay us all a visit, don鈥檛 worry it will be a surprise for the others, I won鈥檛 let anybody know that you are coming over not even Jerrys that okayou miss Jerry right�?

    鈥測es dads okay..i will like that and yes I miss Jerry will quickly round up with what I have at hand and fly down have also missed homeust don鈥檛 know how to face Jerry after getting involve with Moore, and we actually kissed and I can鈥檛 deny the fact that it feels good wanted more but have to hold myself from doing that

    鈥渢hat鈥檚 good, I鈥檓 glad you held yourself, don鈥檛 worry Jerry鈥檚 kiss taste even better now than the last time, far more better than that white guy who knows nothing much about you, Jerry knows you from grass to grace, he can tell your story better than any man, he has being patient and has not seeing anybody to equal you, I speak so much about him because I spend more time with him this past years you have being away, he has proving to be a best friend you could ever have and my future son in-law, and I know you love him too the only problem now is the distance relationship, and you are a pretty young girl and is okay to be tempted, let鈥檚 just call Moore your man crush and nothing more, you have loved Jerry right from your teenage days and even now,  and you will see him soon and Moore will be forgotten, I will be looking forward to that day you will be coming home, and will be at the airport to pick you up, but don鈥檛 ignore Jerry鈥檚 call again, I love you my daughteremember you matter more to me than everything in this world put together, be happy and live today like it all matters

    So it was a long talk with dad, I laughed at some of his jokes which made me feel better, after the phone call I felt relieved,  and just in few weeks I will be home to dad, Jerry and everyone, I don鈥檛 know what surprise dad said he has for me,
    i still wonder what the surprise could be that he doesn't want to speak over the phone but will say only if he sees me physical,
    well let me go and get ready to journey down for whatever could be waiting for me, i'm keeping my fingers cross.

    Episode 18

    My dad was already waiting at the air port for me, he was laughing so loud on seeing me, I was so happy to see him too, we hugged and cried for some minutes before letting go of each other, I was finally going home after four years of being away, I had lots of luggage, I got gifts For almost everybody, for my dad, Jerry, Richie, Sonia and also their son, who was already a year old, I got things for June, for Ben, Mr Puff and his colleagues and also Cecelia, I even got extra for people who may probably visit from dad's company or anywhere, everyone got their own package,
    Keisha followed me to the shopping mall where I got all the gifts, we took a cab because I have being trying to avoid Moore after our last kiss, I couldn't even tell him I was travelling because I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye without having a mixed feeling,
    He was a great friend, I'm sad we have to part this, although I'm still coming back, I plan to own a fashion house in the future, so I have lots of things that will bring me back,  
    after all my luggage were all loaded into the car, we drove home happily, I did must if the talking as he drove, dad was unusual quiet but he was probably too excited that I'm home because I was.

    We got home and I found out the house has being renovated, repainted to one of my best colours, even the inside was wearing a new look, could this be the surprise Dad said he has for me because even my room and sitting room was wearing a new look, the house staffs were all surprise and happy to see me, likewise me, I was also happy to see them again after four years,
    Cecelia has changed, looking so beautiful, I never knew she has such an hidden beauty, she was glowing, and I also noticed that she was avoiding eye contact with me, even though she seem so happy to see me,
    When she came to serve me and my Dad food at the dining, my dad looked at her in an unusual way, Cecelia didn't look up, even as she dish food into my dad's plate, I watch as my dad deliberately brushed his hand on her and Cecelia started shaking and mistakenly dropped the spoon that was in her hand on the floor, my dad wanted to help her pick it up but she quickly picked it and ran off to the kitchen,
    my dad looked at me but I looked away, I pretend as if I was watching the television,
    could it be what I'm thinking, was that really love i see in my dads eyes when he looked at Cecelia, is my Dad in love with Cecelia, could that even  be possible, anything is possible,  is that also the surprise my Dad said I needed to come home to see,
    I pretend as if I didn't notice anything as I eat in silent, after which I retire to my room, I looked forward to seeing Jerry  tomorrow, I slept off after few minute of laying down, when I woke up the following morning, I was greeted by the sun ray penetrating through the window,
    I was so happy to be home,
     after refreshing, and getting dressed I decided to go down stairs, I was hearing voices so I took a peep first,
    Jerry was there, Richie with Sonia, she was carrying my suppose little cousin, my Dad was there too with few others I didn't recognized, I guess they are dad's friends,  I went back to check my face in the mirror again, I was wearing one of the cloths I sewed and designed in abroad, I know I was okay, I don't like heavy makeup, just my normal light makeup, after I checked for the third time and I felt good with myself I decided to go down, as i was about going out if my room I started hearing a foot sound coming towards my room, my heart started beating as I heard a knock, I opened and it was my dad, he smiled as I held my heart

    "Hope you slept well my princess, you look good in those outfit, you are really beautiful dear,  Jerry is here...down stairs with Richie and Sonia And also your little cousin, my two friends too are here, but non of them knows that you are around, I just ask them to join me for breakfast, I even told Ce..Celia..and others not to let any body know you are around, Jerry asked me if I have spoken to you yesterday or today because he has not being able to reach you I told him that I spoke with you last night, he doesn't even know that my princess is sleeping upstairs, are you ready now to come down let's watch the surprise look that Will be written on their faces if they see you...

    We both laughed as my dad took my hands into his and we walked down,

     Richie was the first to see me and quickly stood and sat back again, he was trying to be sure that I was actually the one, followed by Jerry who widened his eyes and opened his mouth, he screamed in shock, as he stood up, ran to the door and returned back, he was acting crazy, Sonia screamed and rushed to me as we hugged while, my Dad was just laughing at the different reaction from people on seeing me, I went to Richie who was already standing and moving towards me, he hugged me while laughing so hard and telling his elder brother that he really got him with the surprise, Jerry still stood at a distance while staring at me as if he was seeing a ghost, he started moving towards me, and when he got close he looked at me all over just to be sure I'm the one before drawing me into his arm, he screamed and was laughing at same time while holding me, he didn't quickly let go of me,
    It was a sweet moment and a sweet memory to keep,  everyone was talking almost at same time, my Dad laughed as he told them how he wanted to surprise them all and everybody laughed even more, my dad really got them with the surprise package,
    There was the distributing of gifts to everybody, they were all excited,

    Jerry couldn't stop staring at me and when we finally had a moment alone outside, he hugged me all over again, as we talked and laughed, Jerry hasn't changed much, he only trimmed down his full bears which makes him look younger and more handsome than usual, I have truly missed my best friend,
    After the whole day long gist and homecoming party, I went to bed filled with smile, after like thirty minutes somebody knocked and it was my dad, he smiled as usual before coming to sit down,

    "I was already getting scared of loosing my daughter to that White guy, and end up hurting Jerry... Now I'm glad you are home...

    " Dad... You seem to have a problem with Moore, is it because he is white or are acting like a racist dad but I know you are not, Moore is actually a very nice guy...he was my good friend... His father is a pa...

    "Pastor... I already knows that, you told me severally, I don't have any issue with Moore but I didn't just want you to hurt Jerry, he has being there even before me, what would have happened if he wasn't there back then when you needed help, he is one of the reason I have you back in my life, I just don't want to see him hurt, because I know how hurt he will be, I know that feeling because I have being there, I once had a Lady I loved so much, I gave her everything and even more, then I sent her abroad for her master programs which she never returned back to me because she met  a White guy, I was hurt, shattered, it was a trying period, watching the person you love so much  choose another over you... It hurts Pia, that's what I was avoiding for you and Jerry, I never hate Moore I just don't want you to loose focused...I told you Jerry's kiss taste far better than that of Moore, hope you have confirmed it now..hahahaha

    I laughed so hard while shaking my head, my Dad also laughed, I remember Ben telling me about the Ladies that jilted my Dad which made him hardened to everyone, and he later loosened up and became himself again, Moore must have brought back sad memory for dad after he was heart broken, a white guy taking his Woman or his Woman forgetting the Man that was always there for her and chose the white guy over him.

     my Dad continued talking

    "I'm so happy to have you back home pia, I missed you more than I can explain, you know I love you so much right.... nobody and nothing can ever change that fact, I didn't want to tell you this on phone and i wanted to see you face to face and get your opinion on my recent decision, because it really counts and if you say you don't want it then I will  stop because that's how much I love you, I want to marry Cecelia...i love her Pia, I want to get a good decent Woman, she mustn't be well to do, educated or connected, all that matters to be me is the heart, beauty is in vain but a woman that fears God is the key for me, Cecelia got it all, I have studied her this past years and come to know she is a woman to keep, i have already given up on ever getting married then I saw that Cecelia maybe the Woman for me, I don't really need to go far to look for a woman, there was a good cook and a house keeper named Cecelia that my daughter went out of her way to  bring home and she got a heart of gold too, I seek for your permission to marry her please...

    " know you already have my blessings...I'm happy you found love again...but Can I speak to Cecelia and know if she feels the same or not...

    We talked some more before he left,
     the following morning I met Cecelia making breakfast, she quickly greeted me before I can even open my mouth, she bent her Head without looking up at me as she go around with her chores

    " Cecelia... I spoke with my Dad last night and..

    "Pia...I swear to you, I didn't say yes at first when he asked me to... To ma...rry him, I didn't want you to feel bad, because I owe you my life for saving me, giving me a job and a comfortable roof over my head... Marrying your Dad without your approval was asking for too much, you showed me undeserved love pia, I was a nobody and you gave me reason to smile, I told him to ask you first whatever you decided is okay by me...I'm just scared...

    " of what...what exactly are you scared of, is my dad too old for you... Do you truly love him..

    "I'm thirty six years pia, your dad's age is only normal for me.. And yes...
    .I truly love him...not for his money or any selfish interest... Your father is a good Man... And I really love him pia, and our being together is only determined by you, I won't feel bad if you say no to us being together, I have saved up enough money, I can get a place of my own and start a Small business, you have already done so much for me I can't ask for more...

    " you both already got my blessing, go ahead and marry my Dad, it will be my Joy to see both of you happy, you two deserved to be happy...

    Well, they were very happy, i was also happy for them, Cecelia hugged me, she was very grateful, same with dad, so we got wedding to plan. Dad is getting married to Cecelia, Cecelia is going to be my step mum, isn't that interesting.

    My Dad said we Will be going to visit somebody tomorrow in a far distance, just both of us, I asked him who the person is and he said it was the main surprise he told me off,
    The person is also waiting to meet me,

    Hope is not Aunty Koh because that's what my mind is telling me,
    whoever it is I will know by tomorrow.

    Episode 19

    My dad had emergency board meeting that morning in his office, so our outing was postponed to the next day,
    I was spending time with Cecelia who was more free with me than before, we talked and laughed
    I wanted to see June and to give her the things I bought for her,
     she has graduated  from her former school, I don't know if she was home or have started another school
    So I later drove down to her house but I was told they have packed to another  place two years ago, and nobody knows where they moved to
    I stood at the gate for sometime allowing my self to travel down the sad memory lane, the house brought back sad memory but then I smiled because sadnesses has being Left in my past where it belong,
    I closed my eyes and spread my hand wide not minding the attention I was creating from passerby
    God gave me reasons to smile again, I lift my head and laughed like I was crazy, freedom from the wicked oppressors taste so good
    When I opened my eyes I saw people staring at me, I smiled because they will not understand the undiluted joy in my heart,
    I quietly walk back to my car, I will ask and search for June's new location when I'm ready, I really need to see her,

    as I entered my car i met my phone ringing, it was Jerry, he has being calling because I saw several missed calls mostly from him,
    I quickly called him back

    "Hello Pia...are you okay... Where are you..
    I have being trying to reach you since morning no response from you... I'm over at your place, I was told you went out...where are you... Can I come and meet you wherever you are...hello Pia are you there...

    " Jerry, I'm fine... sorry, i didn't notice my phone ringing on time, I forgot to inform you earlier... I wanted to go check up on June, on getting there I was told they moved to another place which I have no idea, I'm coming home now...please wait for me there... I will meet you at home...

    I quickly drove back home and met Jerry at home, he said we should go over to his place, and I didn't really feel like it, he insisted, and said he want me to see his new place,
    I have being to his place only twice, which was briefly, and that has being years back before I even knew my boss was my father, is being long, but he said he has moved from there to his own place, he built the house and didn't want to move into it yet until I visit the place, if I don't like the paint colour or the beds spray and chairs covers he will change it to my choice,
    he said he will love it so much if I come and know his new place, he has being waiting for such a time I will be free so that he can take me down to his own house
    I later agreed and he drove me down in his new car, he changed his car to something far better than the previous car, we drove to his lovely house, it was in an estate not too far from my dad's place, he said he wanted to be close to me, that was why he bought the land there and built on it,
    Looking round the house, it was really lovely, Jerry planted flowers round the compound, their was also carpets grass from the main building to the gate, the house was very lovely, his old car was parked at his garage, but it was repainted, he told me he wanted to give it out, he has already called one man who has no car to come and carry it
     inside was really beautiful, and when he asked me if I like it I just nodded, I lack word to described how lovely it was,
    We went to the kitchen and made food together, came back to the sitting room which was well decorated with art work, we sat down, and after eating we watched some few TV programs,
    He moved close to me and I relaxed on his body while watching the television, then he started speaking

    "Pia...I wish you really know how much I love you, I wish we can be like this forever, me and you, you were gone for four years and it was like hundred, everyday without you in it was a lonely day for me, I missed you so much, but anytime I feel that way all I needed to do was to call you and hear your lovely voice and I Will be alright, I have looked forward to having you in my arms and to have a taste of your lips again, it was as if you were avoiding me even before you returned, I was thinking I did something wrong I even have to speak to Mr Ken, your father but he told me he will speak to you to know what the problem is, even as you return I noticed you are acting cold towards me, so I still want to ask what I did wrong, what is happening to you still love me...did I offend you in anyway, if I ever did I'm sincerely sorry,

    " you did not do anything Jerry, I'm sorry if I have being acting cold, is never deliberate, I really do love you and nothing will change tha...

    My phone was ringing And it was my dad who wanted to know my whereabout, after filling him in, I continued with Jerry.
    He kissed my forehead and just when he was coming for my lips my phone rang again and it was international number, is probably Keisha using another Line to call me, she spoke with me yesterday and said she will call again today, so the call was on loud speaker,

    "This is Pia Brown, who is on the Line please...Keisha?

    " Pia...this is Moore, how're Left without saying good bye... Even if you didn't want to  see me again why not a call or a message, I felt so hurt when Keisha told me you left, I guess you will rather hurt me than your country man, I know you loved me Pia, it was difficult for you to admit, we are both emotionally connected, I found out the day we kissed, does the kiss means nothing to you, the good times we spent together, the happy and fun moment we had, none of that means anything to you Pia, it was  very unfair of you to have left like that, you could have just send a text i would have appreciated it than the silent departure, I felt broken since I learnt from Keisha that you left...why were you running back to your country because you didn't want to admit the feeling, why pretend and deny the fact that you love me...why...are you holding back, is really not right Pia...I know you love your country man, Jerry or whatever his name is... but I loved you more than any man could, is not fair pia..

    I looked at Jerry, he was looking at me, he wasn't smiling, he was probably angry on hearing Moore say all that, who wouldn't any way, but I never intended to get entangled with Moore, it just happened, and if not for my Dad who was guiding me through his words, I would have fallen deeper, I needed to say something convincing and try not to hurt Jerry and Moore further

    "I'm sorry Moore... I just needed to leave, I was done with my programs and my Dad wanted me home, I'm sorry I didn't inform you, it was impromptu, I have always told you I loved somebody back in my country and it was difficult to fully love another, I was committed to him... Moore, I pray you find somebody who will love you and also make you happy, you deserve far better than what I can give, I loved only one at a time, I hate to be confused or have divided feeling, i can't love you the way you want Moore, but somebody Will someday because you are a good guy and you deserve it, be good till we see are free to call and check up, we are still friends as always and we will always be, my greetings to your family Moore, bye...

    After the call Jerry was looking at the television, with his expressionless face, he retuned back his look to me, then I asked

    " are you angry with me Jerry...?

    "No, why should I be, i told you earlier that i love you.. pia, nobody can change that fact, you tried by sticking to me after four years even with all the temptation, I was thousands of miles away, you could have chosen another or better still do More than kissing with Moore, but you didn't,  you told the guy that you didn't want to have a divided love one at a time, and I felt so proud, you never denied me then and even now, not just because I'm here with you.. I know even if I'm not here you will still stick to what you want... I love you Pia, you respected both my absence and presence, I got no worry when it comes to you, I trust you my love, and I love you with my life...and with my own loving kiss.. you will definitely forget what Moore kiss taste like...

    I started laughing at his last sentence, we kissed passionately, like I have never being kissed before, Dad was right, with Jerry's kiss my head was reset in one direction, it sounds funny but is true,
    We drank fully of each other and I was already unbuttoning his shirt when he stiffened and held my hand from going further, he strengthened and sat up before taking my hands into his

    "We can't allow our emotions to take hold of us, we almost did,  Pia, my love for you is patient, kind, mild and very temperate, I respect you and Will not lay with you now because now is inappropriate, we will be running ahead of ourselves, there's time for everything, and when the right time comes we don't need to be  told what to do..

    We watched the television and talked some more before Jerry decided to go and drop me off,

    Who wouldn't love such a Man like Jerry, I see why God uses him to do great things, he is so principled, self control and does not allow negative things to tell him how to live, he lived a very honourable life, one I want to emulate from.

    Dad was home already gisting with Cecelia,  he opened his arm to me immediately I entered the parlour,
    He asked of my day and I told him, and he also told me about his emergency board meeting.

    The next morning we were on our way, me and dad
    I thought of where June and her family could be, I thought of the man God blessed me with, Jerry was Godsgift to me, I feel so blessed having him in my life,
    I know time heals faster, Moore will be fine eventually, he may even fall in love with Keisha who because of her grandmother in the nursing home have not being able to keep a relationship, she was the only one taking care of her, which was kind of time consuming for her but she finds Joy in taking Care of the sick old Woman who brought her up,
    Keisha story is similar to mine, she was abandoned by her mother when she was still little, Keisha's mother died of overdose, it was her grandmother that cared for her,

    I silently prayed that God keep my mother safe and sound wherever she may be, my dad said some day I Will get to meet the Woman that bore me, I so much wish it can be soon, I looked forward to that.

    It was indeed  a long trip, I slept off while my Dad drives on.

    Episode 20

    鈥淧ia, Piay princesake upe are thereake up

    I opened my eyes and saw my dad looking at me and smiling squeezed and stretched my self in different direction, while my dad kept smiling, I slept for almost two hours, I was only awake in the beginning of the journey, I looked around me, there were just building, and a big supermarket, cars where parked according,
    I looked up at my dad who was looking ahead,
    鈥淲here are wehere is this place dad

    鈥淲e will soon find outust don鈥檛 panic鈥檓 here with you want you to meet someoneut first of all� you see that supermarket over there, I need you to go over there and get some cold drink for you are me鈥檓 tastyaybe we will continue our journey after thatia, go get the drink first and I will tell you something, that is if you did not get the hidden message before coming out of the supermarket

    I wasn鈥檛 tasty but I wouldn鈥檛 mind a drink anyway, that means we have not even gotten to the main placehis is really a long journey� I don鈥檛 understand what my dad meant by the 鈥渉idden message� so I stepped down to buy the drinks and just when I was about to enter the supermarket I saw the sign board, it鈥檚 name struck me, I have to stop and stare first before I proceed, I wonder why the name of the supermarket is 鈥淗ELEN PEAR� that Pear is a fruit but it sounds like my name, Helen is my mother鈥檚 first name, the woman that bore me, I don鈥檛 even know what she looks like, the big supermarket looks very new, it was as if it has not being long they opened the place, people were going in and out, it was located in a very busy area, but why is it having my mothers name and then my name spelt like a fruit name,  I looked back to the car my dad was looking at me, he urged me forward with his hand. I went ahead, I wonder why the supermarkets name rings a bell, why am I even surprise, when my mother is not the only one that bears Helen and I鈥檓 not the only Pia in this word.
    I entered the supermarket, a lot of people were picking things from the shelf, I guess they were on discount sales, that鈥檚 why people are flowing in and out, they want to use the discount sales to attract more customer, the place looks so cool, there were surveillance camera inside, I saw the name again at every corner, even printed on the bags  the customers where having, you will identify the staffs by their uniform which also has 鈥樷elen pear supermarket staff� I saw a young girl who was also a staff there, she kind of look familiar, I quickly remember who she may look like, Lano, she looks like Lano, June鈥檚 elder sister, she look bigger and plump, the girl passed smile and greeted me, and I nodded, she even sound like Lano, but I鈥檓 wasn鈥檛 sure she was the one, I couldn鈥檛 see her name tag very well, Lano can not be working in a supermarket, but anything was possible, is probably not her, we have look alike of people everywhere,    I was here to get drinks, not to stare at everyone and to assume things,

    As I was going around looking for the drink section, when one of the staffs came to me, she has a tag under the supermarket logo uniform she wore, which shows that her name is FELICIA, she was black and beautiful, as she smile, she exposed her well set white teeth, I was taller and I know I鈥檓 older too, she looks like she was still in her teens, she鈥檚 probably a teenager.

    鈥淢y name is Felicia, I guess this is your first time here, you kinda look familiar thoughs as if I have seen you or met you before somewhere� anyway, don鈥檛 mind me meet different people everydaye just opened Helen Pear supermarket a year ago, and we are giving gifts to all our first and second time customers, after picking whatever you want, I will take you to my mum, she is sitting over at the cashier side she will hand you your own welcome pack, hope we will see more of youe also have discount for most of our products, and over at the wears sections on bargain sales, we are customer friendly and we have everything in here except human head and partsahahaha

    I smile as Felicia speaks, she was indeed very customer friendly and I guess she like talking, I like her already, and if not that we have to journey down I would have love to be patronising them all the time, i found out that it was her mum that owns the place, which means her mom鈥檚 name is Helen Pear or whatever.  Because I can be very inquisitive I decided to ask Felicia some question which she was ready to answer me more than the question I asked

    鈥淵our mom鈥檚 name is Helen Pear or is just a random name that was picked for the supermarkethy the Pears any of your sibling or your dad bearing Pea  also saw somebody I might know, is there anybody by name Lano working here� sorry for my crazy questions....

    鈥渘o is not a crazy question, yes, Lano is a staff here, my mom employed her last year when she came looking for job, do you know my elder brother likes her, very funny, my brother is home with my dad, they sometime drives down here, Lano came seeking for employment and my mom employed her, and we also needed lot鈥檚 of help here then, even her brother Midi  works here too, he is at the men鈥檚 wear section, but there is no vacancy here again, all vacancies are close for now, until mom decides otherwise,   anyway, my mom name is Helen, I don鈥檛 know how she came about with the Pear thing, my dad name is Anthony, my elder brother鈥檚 name is Bright, funny enough  she only got me and my brother for my dad, but Pear is a fruit and is a good fruit, hahahahao I guess that鈥檚 why she put it there could have reveal more things to you on why I think she might have attached Pear to it but I don鈥檛 want to delay you... you are my friend already like your colour and height too and the way you speak, you have American accentou are beautiful also. You kind of look like my mom when she was young, she use to show us her pictureseriously, if you see her young picture then you maybe mistaken as a relative, I even wish you are my sisterahahaha use to have an elder sister, but I have never met her, but mom revealed it once to us, she hate to talk about it, I guess she hurt that my sister and she felt she will never forgive her, mom will kill me today if she sees me gisting away with somebody I just met when I should be workingut I will just tell her that you are my friendecause you are claim you as oneave you being to America before�?

    鈥渉mmmhank you Felicia like you tooes I have use to school there but want to get drinks for me and my dade鈥檚 waiting outside, we are heading to somewhere, I wouldn鈥檛 want your mom to shout at you for wasting too much time with me can see the whole place is busy, is nice meeting you anywaylease take me to the drink sectiono I can be on my wayy the way, the supermarket is very lovely,

    鈥測eah, sure� thanks, hope to see you soon again, strangers can turn out to be friends, just like what happened to my mum, I will tell you a very short story about us, please listen, I won鈥檛 take your time,   we use to live like church rats, until this my mum鈥檚 old friend found her and decided to give meaning to our lives, dad was hospitalize we have almost given up hope that he will live because there was no money to care for him again, mom was just a tailor and I was assisting her in her tailoring, and the money wasn鈥檛 even enough for feeding, not to talk of hospital bills for dad, which was pilling up, but this good Samaritan just showed up from no where, and change our story, paid up dad鈥檚 accumulated bills, dad had arthritis, multiple joint break down, and he can鈥檛 even walk well again, we couldn鈥檛 even afford a wheel chair for him, or anythingmmm but this man just appeared like an angel, and dad got the best treatment, and he can walk now, not so well though, he leaps while walking, so he supports himself with a walking stick, and he is receiving treatment from the best expert, do you know this angel man got him a car, just in case he wants to go far and he can鈥檛 possibly walk, the angel man opened this place for mum, yes he did, it was a miracle,  he gave my mother money, me and my brother are back to school, I鈥檓 have never being so excited in my life like I am now, I met him severally when he visited us, he is very tall, huge and handsome too, he is very friendly, he once took us all out, dad, mom, me and my brother, we have never experience that kind of turn around before, dad and mom thanks God for him everyday, from my understandinge use to be mom鈥檚 friend even before she got married to my father, and he later hurt mom, I can鈥檛 go into details but he really hurt mom and I guess he was trying to make up for the past but he wasn鈥檛 obligated to do that, he could have given mom money to do better business but he did more than we expected, he is our angel man don鈥檛 even know why I鈥檓 telling you so much but I feel so comfortable talking with you, and I always shed few tears anytime I鈥檓 telling this story, even my parents too, you could imagine the turn around, the miracle, new change of status, my mom now own a supermarket where she employed staffs, look around you, my mother owns it, I can鈥檛 even explain my joy, I feel very comfortable with you, because we are now friendsnd probably because you look so much like mom when she was young, do you know that my mum had a child for that angel man, I was eavesdropping on them, I know I don鈥檛 suppose to eavesdrop on peoples conversation but I couldn鈥檛 help it, when mom was crying in our sitting room that day and dad was trying to console her, the man was telling them about the child, the baby was a girl, I couldn鈥檛 hear everything they were saying though,  I would have love to have an elder sister, I wish is true, I have being trying to get mom and dad to talk about the past maybe they will mention the girl and what happen but I think mom also did something bad to the baby and she sometime cries about it, maybe mom felt her sin are unforgivable and can鈥檛 face the girl, even dad too wish I have more details, but I could have had an elder sister if mom has kept the baby, so it was this man that got mom pregnant thene also....

    鈥淔elicia, Felicia have being looking everywhere for you, so you are at this corneralkative, what are you talking about now, when you should be working, there鈥檚 a lot of things to scan to the system, what are you doing sinceou shouldn鈥檛 be spending so much time talking, there are things to do around hereinish with the customer and go and display those can beans and sweet corn inside carton on the shelfurry up..

    鈥淢om she鈥檚 my friend� her name iss..Melin..I was giving her details of what we have wasn鈥檛 really talking much, and she also look like you when you were younghis is her first time here..i try to make her feel welcomehat is also part of my job mom

    I was frozen as I stand listening to Felicia, I was almost shaking when she mentioned her mom having a child for their angel man, who was a girl, she was talking so much but I was shock at every word from her mouth which makes me wonder within, could it be what I鈥檓 already thinkingh my God, then just as she was still talking her mother came, I was backing the woman, she was standing behind me as she speaks to her daughter, I couldn鈥檛 look back and Felicia who I have not given my name have to lie to the mother to avoid being scolded, I stood there as I hard the woman voice but I refuse to turn, I was shock and just when I wanted to go I saw my dad coming in, I sighted him from the cctv that was above me, I walked like a robot to another section, leaving Felicia and her mother standing, still backing the woman, I was seriously  shaking inside, the woman was coming to say hello to me and to see her daughter friend鈥檚 face but I walked so fast as my leg could carry me, I went from one section to another, I held my mouth, I just hope I鈥檓 not over reacting right now, I waited to see their reaction as my dad approach, if what I鈥檓 thinking is true thenhen, I鈥檓 definitely going to faint, do dad drove all the way down and stopped at this supermarket, asking me to go inside and get a drink first, could it be that my dad wanted me to meet the woman that bears my mom鈥檚 name who is probably my mother and I was fortunate to meet the talkative daughter, who really wanted to be a friend, I guess there was more things I鈥檓 going to find out todayould it be what I鈥檓 thinking alreadyy head is spinning I held the shelf, and i saw a staff coming towards where I was, I looked and it was Lano again, I quickly turned my face, she didn鈥檛 recognized me, which was very good, she stopped to ask me if I needed help, I just shaked my head,

    I heard noise and walked from shelf to shelf, until I was close to where I can see clearly, Felicia ran and hugged my dad, and I saw the woman鈥檚 face was filled with smile, as she talk with my dad, my dad was looking round, guess he was looking for me, so my dad was the angel man, oh my God, which meanshich ,means Felicia鈥檚 mother was my mother....was this the surprise he got for meas it all planed without me knowing, I looked at the woman鈥檚 face again, still shock, she was slender and not too tall, an average height, she wore an embodied material gown,  my dad towered over her, one can tell she was very beautiful when she was young, she was filled with smile as she speaks to my dad who was still looking round, Felicia said something

    鈥渕ommy do you know I was telling that my friendelin think she has gone to the drink section was telling her about our angel man before you came to call me, I did not even know that he was coming over, sir you are truly an angelecause I just spoke of you few seconds ago to my friend� I couldn鈥檛 keep quiet, I just needed to broadcast to everyone that cares to listen that angels do exist, they live and walk among usommy, do you see that my friend Melin don鈥檛 even know where she enteredhe said she was going to somewhere with her dad who was waiting for her outsidehe needed to buy drinksrobably she has left pray she comes back next timehe speaks like Americano� hahahahand she鈥檚 also beautifulhe kind of look like you when you were youngs just that she is taller, do you see her facell those your old picture that you use to show us, she look similar to them,  my friend look like a model think she is a model

    This Felicia talks too much, my dad was smiling, and her mom look at my dad with a sudden sadden face and ask him while my dad was still looking around

    鈥淒id she come with you? she heres she right here�?

    鈥淵eah brought her like I promised sent her to get drinks, I didn鈥檛 even know what I was thinking, I just wanted her to get in first and when she returns back I will be able to tell her while we drove all the way down and who owns the supermarket she got the drink from, so if she want to see you it will be easy, if not then it will be next time, but she has being gone for long and has not return,  i didn鈥檛 thought of how she will take this heavy news, but her name is not Melinaybe your daughter is talking about another person
    鈥淔elicia right�.i came with my daughter don鈥檛 know if you have seen herut she fits your description of your friendid your friend mention her name to yous your friend鈥檚 name really Melinf so then is not my daughtery daughter鈥檚 name is Piahat was your friend putting on..

    鈥淧IAEARIA� that sound alikeello..i didn鈥檛 get to ask her name forgot� my friend wore a flowered trouser with a peplume red top, I just gave her the name Melin because there is an American super model, who models both African and international, we usually watch her on television her name was Melin� I鈥檓 not sure I met your daughter because the person I met earlier was tall, beautiful but not huge like youf she is your daughter then when did you give birth to hers it when you were still very very young� the person I call Melin is not a small girl, she is a big girl

    I don鈥檛 know if I should cry or laugh was actually seeing my mother for the first time in my life, how do I react, scream, jump, cry, run out of here to the car or just laugh out loud, but I don鈥檛 feel like doing anything right now, I just wanted to stare at her, I just wanted to look at the woman that bore me, who I never get to know, my dad was coming towards my direction with Felicia who kept talking and obviously my dad wasn鈥檛 paying attention to her he was looking out at everywhere and everyone,
    as he tried to call my line, I silent it, I guess, Felicia鈥檚 mother went to check the surveillance camera to know exactly where I was

    oh my God, my hands are cold, I have to face reality, I have looked and hope for this day to come, now is finally here, and I鈥檓 scared, I wanted to disappear, I was never prepared for this surprise, seeing my mother for the first time, I never thought it could be soon, the woman that gave me up, and never looked back if I  survived or not, Helen, but even with many reasons to hate her, all I can feel is this inner joy of having a mother, and seeing her for the first time, joy that I have actually found her,

    I understand why the supermarket is HELLEN PEAR, it must her being her idea, she didn鈥檛 want to use my actual name, or probably she didn鈥檛 remember what my actual name was,
    I quietly came out of where I was so I can be easily seen as my dad got close, Helen was also coming, it was time, let鈥檚 do thist time to meet the woman that bore me, I will think of Lano and Midi working here later, it will be easy to locate June now,

    The way God works, unimaginable, is time to meet my mother and to let her know I have long time forgiven her, I hold no grudge against her for abandoning me, and she will always be my mother, and also my talkative sister, Felicia.

    Episode 21

    "I didn't plan for you to find out the way you did, wanted it to be a real surprise, i never knew you will meet Felicia, I'm sorry Pia,

    I looked from my dad to the face of the woman that gave birth to me, she was standing a little distance away from me, wiping tears off her eyes, I was feeling indifferent, Felicia has being dismissed to go and attend to customers but I know she is probably hiding somewhere, watching, listening and gathering things to talk about, I wonder why she talks so much,

    " can we go to somewhere to talk about this, let us go to Helen's house, let's not create a scene here, here is an open place..please... people are watching... Please Can we...

    All I could do was to nod my head, and head outside, while dad and Helen follows behind, I have to turn when I heard Felicia running towards us, she called her mom who didn't pay much attention to her,

    "Mom, please can I come along, is she the elder sister I over heard you talking about with dad one day, I know she's the one, can't you see she share resemblance with you except she is way taller than you, mom I so much wish is really true, I want her to be my big sister, please let me come along...I promise I won't talk much... Please don't leave me behind...I'm also part if the family..

    "Felicia, will you go back and watch things in my absence, what do want to come and do, to talk, I have being warning you on this your too much talk, real girls don't talk much, they comport their selves and only speak when necessary and when they are asked a question, talking out of proportion is not a Lady like...stay back here and work....there are things to keep you busy....

    I have already gotten to the car and couldn't hear them again,
    Helen came and sat at the back while Daddy drives, none of us said a word, it was as if dad knows the rout, he knows the way to their house, as he drives on, he later got to a building with a brown gate and stopped and we all came down,

     Helen was ahead as she entered the gate and we followed behind, I guess this is where they live, Helen went straight to an apartment and knocked a voice answered from inside, and the door was opened in a second,
    a young man in his early twenties whom I guess was Felicia's elder brother, who's name was Bright, and he stays with the father at home sometime if he is not in school, that was what Felicia told me,stood by the door staring at me,

    He looked at me and smiled and i returned back the smile, he greeted my dad very well as if they are best friends, my dad gently tapped his shoulder before going inside,

    Inside the living room a man was sitting on the cushion, watching news on TV, that must be Mr Anthony, Felicia's father, his walking stick was laying beside him,

     on seeing my Dad he struggled to stand up with the walking stick to greet but dad asked him to sit and not stress him self in standing, he looked at me and smiled before greeting, I replied calmly, Helen was standing at one corner looking at me, she is scared and doesn't even know what to say, Bright was also looking like he was seeing a goddess, they offered us a drink but we both said that we are fine, my dad spoke first

    "This is my daughter, Pia K Brown, all through the time I was coming down here she was away like I explained before now, she was schooling abroad, and before she traveled out for study... we both had a long talk, and she told me she will love to meet the woman that conceived and gave birth to her someday...

    I saw Helen from the corner of my eyes as she held her chest with one hand and the others hand on her mouth, I tried not to look at her because she has never stopped looking at me since I came in, I wonder what she is thinking right now on seeing me sitting with my dad in her house after over twenty years, she was probably thinking that I wouldn't be able to forgive her after what she did, my Dad continued speaking

    ....So when she was away I decided to dig and search for Helen, I send my men to all corners of the country with few details of her, I did my own search until she was found, and it was like being in the right place at the right time, I came just in time to be used by God to help Anthony with his health, to help Bright and Felicia to return back to school and to help Helen in becoming an entrepreneur,  a CEO of her own supermarket, I was glad to be used, but all I did was because of my daughter who led me to it, she set the track for me by wanting to see her real mother and I wanted to surprise her, I never told her any if this things I did, I didn't want to distraught her in her studies, so I kept all my meetings with Helen her family a secret, Anthony you and Helen were eager to meet her and I know she was also eager to meet her real mother, I promised that I Will bring her over when she returns from abroad, one other important thing I wanted to add is that we all wronged Pia, I'm not exceptional, in truth I was the cause of the whole mess, I abandoned Helen when she was pregnant of her,  I denied the pregnancy, I started the mess and regretted it for years until destiny found us both, Helen on your own side, you gave birth to her and after weaning her, you left her with your mother and moved on with your life....

    Helen silent cry turned in to a sob, the TV was already off so Anthony's head was bent, while Bright was looking from his mother who was sobbing then to me with my plain face staring at nothing in particular, then back to my Dad the narrator

    "...Anthony you aren't left out in this mess either, when Helen wanted to bring her little girl who was two years already then according to what Helen told me, she wanted to take her along after you got married to her, you refuse and said you don't want another man's child under your roof, you said she was going to be a liability and you just don't want that, so Helen have to abandoned her baby with her mother, and she never looked back again, I know all this things happened in the past and we have learnt from our mistakes, we are better off than we use to be, but our negligence could have caused Pia her life, we wouldn't have come to know this kind soul, my beautiful princess if she had dyed, Helen even after your mother died and she was buried you never bother to ask or look for the child you carried for complete nine months suffered and gave birth to her, i know we all shared in this unfortunate part...

    " I did...I asked of her Ken, but I was told she was living with a rich couple in the big city, with that information I thought...I thought she was living fine..i know I'm a terrible person, then I thought God was punishing me with Anthony's sickness, when he suddenly fell ill and the whole burden was shifted to me, i was almost going crazy until you showed up three years ago, I have no excuse for what I did, I pray and cry everyday for God's forgiveness and a chance to meet my girl again, I constantly prayed for God's protections over her...I know that's not enough, is not an excuse for my terrible act, words without action is useless, everyday I feel that I don't deserve to be forgiven or to get all this turn around in my life right now...I can't just explain how sorry I am...I know sorry can't bring back the lost years or difficulties she passed through, I can do anything to show how sorry I am, I am deeply sorry, I have suffered for the consequences of my actions, I totally regretted it...

    I was looking at her now as she speaks and cry at same time, I felt pity for  her, indeed she must have suffered so much, having to care for her two kids and a sick husband can be cumbersome, I'm glad Dad located them and extended a huge helping hand to them.. Anthony spoke

    "I'm deeply sorry for all we did, I was self centered and asked Helen to leave her baby behind, maybe God kept me alive for a moment like this to see the beautiful face of the rejected child who brought good luck to our home, if not for her Ken Brown Will never have located us in my dying minute... We all regretted our action and I plead with you to find it in your heart to forgive us, please forgive me because I could have taken and cared for you as my own child, I could have being a Father figure to you but I was only thinking about myself, I know your growing up must have being terrible, I'm more glad that God kept you safe... I'm sorry Pia...

    Anthony was still speaking when Helen came and fell before me, I quickly stood as i tried to pull her up, she cried and pleaded,

    " I know I'm not worthy to be called your mother, I don't deserve that title from you,  I'm a terrible person, i allowed anger, bitterness, unforgiveness for Ken to keep us apart, and when I realized how stupid I was, when I realized I abandoned my innocent baby girl because of her father's sin or fear of my husband it was already late, and looked forward to seeing you during your grandmother's burial but you didn't come, you did not show up, and I wept not just because my mother was being laid to the cold earth but also because some part of me was gone with her, I may never get to meet my daughter again, I couldn't even ask my mother where you were taken to, is over twenty five years now and I'm seeing my baby girl again, fully grown into a very beautiful Lady, I can't still believe you came from me because you look perfect, I'm deeply sorry, if not that Ken told me that you were brutally maltreated from the rich family and you even have to run away and God used a little girl named June and a kind hearted young man called Jerry to reunite you and your father, I wondered what would have happened to my girl out in the cold street alone,  I cried, I wish I know that Woman or her husband that almost destroyed you, Ken also told me that her name was Koh, I wish I know who she is, I Would have fought her with my last blood, she doesn't even deserve to own a child, she is a wicked soul, I'm so sorry Pia, I know I'm not different from Koh, I'm equally a terrible person, I feel terrible inside and out, I'm deeply sorry, will you ever forgive me...can you find it in your heart to forgive us for al...

    Before she could complete her word I drew her into a tight warm hug, it was a loving reunion with my mother, we all have cried and suffered too much, is time to laugh, God has wiped our saddened tears and replaced it Joy,

    let the past remain in the past but I still have unfinished business there, I need to pay Aunty Koh a visit, and I feel so happy because Lano and midi works for my mother, it will be easy locating June

    I'm not going home today or tomorrow, Dad can go and come for me later, I want to spend time with my mother,

    I will miss Jerry for the few days that i will be here, he has being calling to check up,

    I know Felicia will never stop talking through out the period I will be here, she has so much energy for words, I'm not much of a talker myself, it Will be fun having a sister who talks like a parrot,

    Mum doesn't know yet that Aunty Koh's children works in her supermarket, she may even sack them if she finds out,

    But she doesn't really have to know now, I wouldn't want Lano and Midi to loose their Job because of their mother's past sin, even though they were both like their mother, but that's in the past,
    but not withstanding I will like to make them know what it feels like to be ill treated, I need to let aunty Koh understand the fact that is a Small world we live in and nobody knows what tomorrow holds for everyone, wickedness is not a good way of life because whatsoever you sow same you or your children Will reap someday,

    My Joy is overfilled because I finally met my mother,
    If my body is filled with mouths is not even enough to thank God.

    Episode 22

    Today I was at my mum's supermarket, Felicia was sticking to my body like super glue, she tells anybody that cares to listen that I am her sister, I'm already use to her too much talk, I saw Midi and Lano, they both came to greet me with other staffs as their madam's first daughter who studied abroad, Felicia made sure she filled them all in very well,

     I wondered why they didn't recognized me, it was same face but restructured, is no more poverty stricken face but chubby beautiful face with height like my father, probably I changed too much for them,
    I left their house when I was just seventeen years, I was looking so thin like broom stick, unkempt and malnourished, even in seventeen I was looking like nine years old, I was older than Lano with a year and Midi with three years, but Lano was looking as if she was my Aunty then, she was bigger and no one will ever believed I was older with a year, but just within three years under my boss care who turned out to be my father, I grew into my real self, I added up so quick, body and height, if I was given opportunity to take picture back in aunty Koh's house and compared it with myself after few years working for Kennedy Brown it will be unbelievable, the wide difference will be huge, but today they are probably thinking I have ended up like my harlot mother and had another bastard child for a hooligan, a street boy like they thought my father was,  but to God be the glory that all the plans of the enemy have being rendered useless,
    My mum was away, so I was the new Madam on ground as everybody reports to me, I have planned with Felicia who was ready to do anything I ask of her, I planned with her to stage a drama for Lano, Felicia was very excited to tag along, Felicia went to the staffs lock room and hide a very expensive perfume in Lano's bag, and after the close of the day i instructed Felicia to go and stand with the two security guard on duty, she should tell them that an expensive perfume was missing and they should search every staff before they cross the gate, so everybody was searched including Midi who was in line with others and when it got to Lano, who never knew the plan on ground, I watched with a smile from the camera as the security searched her bag and saw the perfume, she opened her mouth in shock as she kept saying she doesn't know how the thing got into her hand bag

    I sat at the cashier and watch from the surveillance camera as Felicia accused Lano of stealing, and threatened to tell the mother, Lano and midi was brought to me, I dismissed other staffs to go home, I watch as Lano cried and pleaded that she doesn't know how the thing got in to her bag, even her brother pleaded on her behalf, now it was up to me to determined what will happen, and I started my own drama

    "Why will you take such an expensive Cologne, do you know how much it Worth, this small item you stole can pay your three months salary, I wonder why my mother Will employ people without proper background check, is this your brother... So you planed with him to steal, how long have you both being stealing here, you know how the surveillance camera is stationed here that was why you think you are smart, stealing anything you like, you know that general saying that everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house, today is your doom because I'm more shrewd than my mother, I will dismiss both of you, I will personally sack you and your brother, and employ more better workers, I don't need thieves working for my mother, Helen Pear supermarket just opened not up to two years and we already encountering thieves, no...this is just two bad, I think you need to be locked that you will serve as a warning to others and those who had such evil motives...

    I was already enjoying myself with this drama, sounding so convincing in my ears and to everyone present, Felicia too became scared for them due to the way I was reacting, I needed them all to believe that this was real, I watch as Lano knelt and begged, midi also pleaded, midi pleaded while the sister cried..

    "Please ma, we are begging you in the name of God, please don't sack us, my sister did not steal...I'm not saying you are lying ma, please even if she did I'm on my knee begging you to please forgive us... Don't sack us or call the police, we are graduates and have being looking for better job to assist our parents before this opportunity came and me and my sister applied, the salary here is okay, the work is not too stressful and we don't spend much on transport because our house is not far from here, we moved in to this area few years ago after graduating and we have try to make a liv....

    " hey... Hey I don't need your life details, spare me all that and save it for the police... Take a good look at me, do I look like I care, I don't care Mr man, you and your sister are thieves, I need to see the Woman that gave birth to two of you, let me know if she's a good mother or not...or she was the brain box behind the thief, take me to her, after meeting her, it will determine if I should call the police or not, but just be praying to whatever God you believe in because you will need lots of prayer to be save from this...

    "I did not do it, I didn't know how the perfume got into my bag, I swear to you ma, please ma, I'm on my knees, please tamper justice with mercy...I'm innocent ma, we don't have any bad record in my family, my parents are good people, my mother is a kind woman...she

    " are you sure your mother is a kind woman, well, I will love to find out for myself, take me to your house, quick.

    They were surprise but I was serious, this was my own way of meeting Aunty Koh, Felicia was trying to follow

    " stay back, call Mom to come pick you, or you go home but make sure you don't say anything to anybody, if you do you won't be my sister again, I will just change sister, do you understand me,

    "Yes, I do, I understand you clearly big sis, I won't say pin to anyone, I will just tell Mom you took a walk round the neighborhood,

    I smiled and hugged her before leaving with Lano and midi.
    We walked from street to street they were still begging but I ignored them until we got to their house, it was three apartment in one compound there's was the second,
    When we got in, I looked round the house, it wasn't bad, but one can see that life hasn't being so pleasant as it was before for them, looking at the old worn out chairs, the same old television, old curtains, there was nothing new around the house but it was clean enough, I guess they have adapted to such low life, their mother came out, still big in size, but something has changed about her, I didn't see June as I waited, the woman on seeing her children worried and tearful look became worried, they both started explaining about what happened, Aunty Koh looked at me with worried stricken face,
    I acted unconcerned as I Sat at their worn out chair and crossed my leg in fashion style, even Aunty Koh couldn't recognize me, which was very unfortunate for them, she looked at me with a pleading look and called me "ma" but I corrected her immediately, I switched in to my America accent immediately after she finished speaking,

    "Please ma, they are my children, they are not thieves, I didn't bring them up that way, I'm begging you in the name of God to please have Mercy, their father is out to work, they are just doing this job to support me and their father and to also save for their future since there's no much job in the country, and we are new to this area, we couldn't afford our former place anymore, it was under mortgage, my Hus...

    " enough, I'm not here for those details Madam, that's your personal life and is non of my business, stop calling me ma" I'm not older than you, why will you call a Small girl like me ma, is my height deceiving you, I was told by your children that you are a kind woman... So are you kind Madam...your truthful reply Will determine if I Will take up this your children's stealing case or drop it and let it Madam is up to you now, think well before you answer me, because policemen are Phone call away from here,

    "My daughter, I am a kind loving woman, even in my former house everybody speaks of it, please my daughter I beg of you to drop the case because I know is the Rich and famous that rules the world, we don't have anything or anybody except God, and God knows my daughter is innocent... Your mother is a wealthy woman, by owning such a big supermarket, you can choose to deal with us whichever way you want and nobody will question you but I beg you to have Mercy and please don't sack my children, please...

    "Madam Koh, you are very funny, oh you are surprise that I know your real name, I can dismiss your children and still frustrate their lives and yours too, because the rich rules, my both parents are well to do, I am well to do also, so I rule over you and your children, is unfortunate you don't even know who's standing before you,  where's is June by the way, guess she's your errand girl now, if I ever have a change of heart it will be because of her, you are just realising that is the rich and famous that rules, like you were once ruling, forgetting that the table can turn at any time, and we live in a very Small world, you never know Who you will meet tomorrow, you are never anything close to being kind, madam, prove me wrong by telling me the story of Pia and Cecelia, your once upon a time house girls that you almost destroyed their lives because you had the powers to, so many others you wanted to render useless because the rich and famous rule, you never know the table will still turn, it may not affect you the iron woman, it may be your children, you were storing up curses for your children, and Right now they are at my Mercy, my father is the popular wealthy Kennedy Brown, my harlot mother is the owner of Helen Pear supermarket where Lano and Midi works, yes, I'm the supposed bastard child who Will someday end up like her harlot mother, well reverse is the case here, Aunty Koh, I'm not a bastard or a nobody that you could easily kill and no one will question you because you thought My life and death was in your hand, my name is Pia K Brown, the useless maid Who summoned courage to stand up to you before running out in to the cold lonely Street only to discover who she really was, God led me, he directed my footsteps to meeting with my both parents, do you remember Cecelia another of your maid,  I rescued her from your wicked claws, Cecelia is soon to be Mrs Brown, yes, she's getting married to My father, aunty Koh don't cry because is of no use, I'm not planning to pay you back in your own coins, Even if I ever had such plan but because of June I will forgive and let the past remain where it belong, just to let you know that wickedness is not a good way of life, sometimes what goes around comes around, like a roller coaster, is indeed a Small world aunty Koh, be really kind because tomorrow is Pregnant who knows what it will bear, I need to see June, when she comes back tell her to visit me at Helen Pears tomorrow, Lano and Midi you two can resume work tomorrow, my mom and My Dad doesn't know any thing about this, so don't be scared, is between us, be Free and do your works as you are required, I just want you all to understand that wickedness is not a good way if life...

    Episode 23

    Bright hardly talk unlike his sister, but he is always happy to be around me, after he dropped me and Felicia that day, he asked me to wait behind and after Felicia was in, he engaged me into an intimate conversation about his own life, he told me about how we have not had time to talk because of Felicia and mom who was always around me, he has wished to have a personal conversation with me but the opportunity didn鈥檛 present itself, he talked about finishing school next year, he was going to be a medical doctor, and he asked me what I think of Lano, he told me that Felicia told him about the drama with the perfume, he asked if I don鈥檛 like Lano he may probably have a change of mind of asking her to date him, Lano like him too but he has not said anything to her yet, Bright wanted my judgement as his big sister, he needed my opinion, and I asked him to proceed with his plans, if he really want to date Lano then nothing should stop him,
     Lano has changed, I guess she knows better now than before, and has withdraw from following the mother鈥檚 bad footsteps long time ago, even aunty Koh was a changed person, life was indeed the greatest teacher, after talking with Bright that morning he was very happy as he hugged me like a brother will do to sister,

     My mum got me some cloths and shoes, most wasn鈥檛 my size and have to give it to Felicia to amend to her size, Mum later took me for shopping I was able to get few things for myself, she was so happy taking me round and introducing me to her big friends,, mum can drive, so she drove all through our outing, the security told her about what happened with Lano and the perfume, she wanted the person sacked but I told her it was a misunderstanding, I was playing a pranks on the staffs and hide the perfume on one of the staffs bag, she smiled and dropped the issue, because if my mum finds out that Aunty Koh鈥檚 children are working in her supermarket she will not only sack them she will also frustrate their lives and that of their mother, Aunty Koh, so I have to put off the fire I started so that it will not out burn those I have already forgiven, my mom agrees to whatever I say, she was doing all she can to please me, even after I made her to understand that I hold no unforgiveness or bitterness for her or anyone, whatever happens remains in the past, without she abandoning me at a tender age and Aunty Koh maltreating me, without all the bad things of life happening to me at my early stage of life I wouldn鈥檛 have a story, there鈥檚 no story without my mother or Aunty Koh in it, I鈥檓 glad I can look back and smile because my present and future is assured,  
     I wasn鈥檛 trying to pay anyone back the evil they did to me, no, that wasn鈥檛 my intention, and despite forgiveness doesn鈥檛 come so easily for some, me for a example, forgiving aunty Koh took me a long while to do, it didn鈥檛 come so easy for me, it was difficult at first, but with the help of God, Jerry and remembering my little friend June, I just have to let it go, June paved the way of forgiveness for her mother and siblings, I forgot what pain feels like because God gave me reasons to always smile, I still have scars I sustained from aunty koh, which will always serve as a reminder, but my scars shows that I walked through fire and water before I discovered myself, my scars shows that I really live, hurt, healed and live again  and finally laugh,   I was only trying to teach Aunty koh and her children a lesson, I passed my message to them and I know they got it sound and clear,

    Lano and Midi didn鈥檛 resume work on the second day which I didn鈥檛 bother to know why, I guess they needed time to download and understand all the recent information I left with them, they need time to understand what they are really into, which practically means that they were at my mercy, they need to come to realization that I was actually the real Pia K Brown, the girl they saw on television many years ago but couldn鈥檛 believe she was the one because they thought I was good for nothing, I was a nobody and can鈥檛 amount to anything, if they have known better they would have tried to be nice, because it actually cursed nothing to be kind, God has destined my life in the way it should go, without leaving their house I wouldn鈥檛 have located my path of destiny,

     Lano and Midi resumed work the third day, with their mother, I wondered why Aunty Koh came with them, but I was at the supermarket on time before my mum, who I asked to stay home with my step father while i foresee things on her behalf for the few days I will be around, she gladly agreed, so on seeing Aunty Koh, Lano, Midi, and my Favourite, June, who ran to me before I can even get close and I held her into a tight hug, I was happy to see her, June was gradually growing into a real beautiful African lady, I hugged her while her mother and siblings watched, Aunty koh has this sorry look plastered on her face, I was eager to know why she was around, after the hug with June, I approached them, Aunty Koh knelt down, while Lano joined her, Midi too was pleading, I wondered why they were pleading because i made it clear that Lano and Midi can resume work again, I had nothing against them, she was pleading asking to be forgiving of her past sins, her past sins that I have already burn to ashes, I have even forgotten most of her deed mostly because of her little girl June made it easy for me,

     people were watching as they knelt, crying and pleading, it was very embarrassing, I begged her to get up, and she kept weeping, as tears poured from her eyes, I asked Lano and Midi to go inside and continue with their work, nobody will stop them, of which they thanked me and ran inside, I reassured aunty Koh again that I hold no bitterness again for her, and I believe life the greatest teacher has thought her humility and kindness in a way she never expected, so there鈥檚 nothing else I can say that she doesn鈥檛 know already, i smiled at her and told her all over again that without her I won鈥檛 have an interesting story, she also told me that the husband who is managing one work around also plead to be forgiven and I sent my kind greetings to him, she begged me to take June Along with me, that she isn鈥檛 doing much around the house, she only goes to a tailoring school, three times in a week because she want to become a fashion designer  and there鈥檚 no much money for her to go to school, and I willingly agreed, it will be my pleasure,

    The next day i drove down with my mum鈥檚 car to see Aunty Koh鈥檚 husband, he was sober, but we acted cool like we didn鈥檛 have any bitter pass, after spending few time with them of which I make sure that they were comfortable and happy again, I also gave them money to support their selves, they were very happy, I told them not to be scared for June, they maybe thinking I may probably do to her what aunty Koh, her mother did to me, I assured them my name is Pia not Koh, but such will never happen, June was my angel, my sister from another mother and a good friend I will never allow harm to come to her and theirs enough room in my father鈥檚 house to accommodate as many as possible.

    My dad came for me, he drove down with Jerry, and Cecelia, and I was so happy to see them, Jerry especially, he was telling me how much he missed me, although I was occupied with lots of activities I still missed my best friend, the love of my life,  after spending time with my mum, who came to love Jerry after learning who Jerry was, I told Cecelia about Aunty Koh and her Kids working at Helen Pear, my mum鈥檚 supermarket, one of the biggest supermarket in that area, she was shocked, she couldn鈥檛 still believe until she saw Lano and Midi, they came as I called them, they both greeted Cecelia,  and Cecelia sent her kind greetings to their mother.

    When God elevated you unexpectedly, forgiveness comes natural, you have nothing to hate anymore, and all you can do is to smile, because God has given you a thousand reasons to do so.

    It was a great gathering in my mom鈥檚 house, I introduced June to my dad, my dad was very happy to meet the little girl who gave me her lunch money to escape from her mother and with a note to let me know she was praying for me, the little girl who risk herself for me, lied for me, covered my flows so that I will escape from her mother鈥檚 beating, she will go hungry to see me eat, June was and will always be close to my heart, she is very special to me, and her parents knows that already,  that was why they asked me to take her along, June was very glad to finally be close to me.

    We later drove back home, after promises of coming to visit and hugs from mom, Felicia, Bright, Anthony my step dad, from Lano and Midi, I waved them all good bye and told Felicia she can come visit me, or I will come get her on a good day, she was sad that I was leaving but I promise to come for her or send for her, I hugged my mother who cried as I waved them goodbye.

    my dad drove me, June, Jerry and Cecelia back home, I felt fulfilled, like a burden has been lifted off my shoulder after seeing my mother and Aunty koh again, and paying aunty Koh back in a different unexpected coin, I felt good with myself.

    June told me that her mom sold the smart phone I sent for her when I was studying abroad, because there was nothing in the house then, so somethings in the house were sold,  they sold the two dogs they had, and also the cars, they needed to go far away from their former area after everything came collapsing, June said her mom didn鈥檛 want anybody to know what happened that was why she asked their father to go get house very far away from their former place and from people who knows them before so that they will not become a laughing stock.

    June said she never thought she will see me again, that it was God that sent me at a time when they needed help, because her dad鈥檚 small job was not bringing much to the table again, and her mom is not doing anything, so with the help from Lano and Midi they were able to cope with life, she was so happy as we lay on my bed that night and talk, she said she never thought I will forgive the mom, and she was glad that I did, because the mother would have died of guilt, I was also happy I did, God is always on time, God鈥檚 time is indeed the best, his ways are never the ways of men, his plans and purpose for me was coming to past gradually,

    Richie and Sonia got Married, it was a beautiful wedding, Jerry proposed during the family thanksgiving, and of curse I said yes, he already know what my answer will be, so it wasn鈥檛 really a big surprise, he was the only man I want to spend the rest of my life with, i thank God the day he splashed mud on me, it was a sad day for me back then but today as I looked back all I can say is thank God, he brought such a cute, God fearing, loving, positive thinker and caring man on my way, he was too much of a blessing to me.

    I鈥檓 glad he came into my life when I needed help and a friend, he led me to my father, that is why he will always be my dad鈥檚 best friend, I love him too much already, my life is just empty without Jerry in it,
    Dad wedding with Cecelia was coming next and mine will follow suit, I planned to relocate to America to set up my fashion school, which was my big dream, right now i want to live everyday at a time while other things fall in place as God as destined it all to be.

    Episode 24 (Final)

    I was the Chief bridesmaid for Cecelia, my dad was very happy, he has lost hope of ever getting married after so many unfortunate happenings,
    Cecelia has given up on love, and she was just contented of having a job and a roof over her head, she has never expected the way her life turned out,
    My dad love Cecelia and Cecelia sees my dad as her hero, while I was away they found solace in each others arm and fell in love
    Love could be found even in a strange and unexpected places, sometimes we don't really need to go far, all we need to do is to look closely,
    I watched them say I do to each other in a small gathering of people, they both agreed that they don't need a luxurious wedding and it was strictly by invitation, despite it wasn't a elaborate wedding but it was lovely one and i watched my dad kissed his bride, I was so happy for them, I'm glad to be part of their love stories, my dad found a wife and a friend in Cecelia, Cecelia need not worry about anything because my dad's assurance covers her.
    Love indeed is a beautiful thing when you are with the right person. sometimes it takes years to get the right one, no matter how Long it takes to be with the person our heart feels at peace with it worth the wait. being with a wrong partner kills faster than one can imagine.
    My dad went on a honey Moon with Cecelia, I went ahead planning with Jerry on our own coming big day,
    No day passes I don't think of how to bring my dream to reality, my dream of owning a fashion house, which will be more of African prints, June is a fashion lover like me and she also has idea of sewing, having being practicing after leaving high school, my planned for her is to work with me in the future, she will be my model and also a designer, my Dad already made arrangements for her to travel out for studies just like I did, my Dad knows how much I loved her and how much impact she made in my life, it was his little way of saying thank you to her, the news got to her parents and siblings and they couldn't contend their joy that June was traveling out to study abroad, their Joy knows no bound,  my dad already knows she was aunty Koh's daughter but for the sake of June he let the past remain where it belong,
    My dad said if I can forgive them who's he not to do the same, after all he also played a bad role in the beginning of my life and I still calls him dad, all his happiness was that they didn't disfigure me or destroyed me, it was only their scars that is left on my body which is not life threatening, he thanked God for that,

    I later informed my Mom about aunty Koh and speak to her deeply about love and forgiveness, all hidden secret was  coming to light, I don't want to keep anybody anonymous, my mom will definitely know someday who Aunty koh was, so it was time for everyone know who is who, and anybody without sin should cast the first stone,  my Mom was as much guilty as aunty Koh was and she doesn't have right to point finger at anyone, I came to know my Mom after twenty five years if my life, the only details I have of her is what my grandmother told me, which was her name and how much I looked like her,  that was all, and that's all I carried on me till I met her twenty five years later,

     Everyone played their role perfectly well in my life, even the crazy men I encountered under the bridge and I almost got raped and one was kind enough create way of escape for me, the woman that saw me eating one day after Jerry gave me money and took the news to aunty Koh which landed me into a serious beating and another day of starvation, Mr Puff colleague, the young security man who refused me entrance because I was looking like a street beggar and Mr Puff stood up for me, Ben the Butler who's word still rings in my head on the second time of meeting me after my cold night in the street, "I'm happy to see you Pia" my boss has being looking out For you... " those where his exact words to me and I felt like I was somebody again, my first night of sleeping over and he brought me cloth and shoe, the shoe was over size and i stuck it up with tissue so that it will be my size, it was a sneakers, I disposed my own wretched cloth into the dustbin, I cleaned and washed off anything that will remind me of Aunty Koh, i have said within me I will never forgive but I eventually did because forgiveness does more good to me than to her, that first night at my boss house was too much of a blessing and I wanted to tell God how much grateful I was and i fell asleep while still on my knees, awoken the following morning only to find myself on the bed, well covered up with duvet, Jerry's kindness speaks volume to me then and even now, I have not forgotten how I ran inside from the staff quarters to the main building, and my boss asked me to go back to sleep and promises to get me better wears of which he did, my boss was kind to a stranger not knowing she was his daughter, the way he shouted at Richie his brother who wanted to lay with me not knowing I was his niece and he was my uncle, my boss made me feel protected and cared for, for the very first time in my life I felt like I was visible, I felt like I Worth something, Jerry played the most important role in my life, he was always there for me, he did everything without asking for anything in return, not knowing he was building me up in a positive way, not knowing I was someday going to be his missing ribs, and he will be my husband,
    Thinking and remembering all this made me flash back to the people who acted as a hindrance to my success story and those who were a blessing in disguise, whichever role any one of them played, either good or bad, it was the little or big part they were suppose to feature in, they all played their role perfectly well,
     and as God was leading me home to my father, devil was busy setting obstacles just to make sure I don't get to my destination, I'm glad he didn't succeed, I am exactly where God want me to be, I'm glad I made it, I never hate those who played the negative role in my life, devil was just behind their scripts without them knowing but he is a loser, what the enemy meant for my downfall did not only make me stronger but also turns out to be a multiple blessing for me.

    Writers always say that life is a journey now I understand,  
    my Dad and Cecelia came back from honey Moon with a magnetic Smile and I knew they had a squeal time, it was obvious they had lots of fun. I can't wait to fly out on a yacht with Jerry, go cruising on the Bahamas, lodge in the open night island, have lots of fun,
    Jerry couldn't Wait to fully have me to himself, it has being a long road for us, patiently waiting for the right time which was in a few weeks time.

    Invitations has being sent out, my Mom was mostly around, helping me to put things in order and Cecelia wasn't Left out, Bright was coming with Lano, they were already in a relationship, Lano and Felicia was among bridesmaid, June was my right hand lady, we are sending a bus down to get aunty Koh and husband with Midi and whoever Mom was inviting, Bright Will also drive my step Dad, Anthony down,
    Everybody was busy for my big day, my dad and Richie were not left out, Jerry's people all arrived safely, I met those I haven't met before
    My dad and Mom planned a big wedding for me, it was going to be on televisions magazine and blogs, Ken Brown's daughter, Pia was getting married, it was the news in town, dad's big friends were coming, paparazzi were already on ground capturing anything that they Will turn into an interesting gossip, for people,

    And when the day finally arrives, I was looking like a true princess in my wedding gown, and before dad walked me down he spoke to me with a smiled and a clouded eyes filled with tears,

    "I never know I Will live to see this day Pia, is like a dream come true for me, I don't know that God will be kind enough to let me have my charming daughter back to me and to be privilege in giving her out to a good Man in marriage, my daughter, my true princess, my first fruit, my own flesh and blood, if my Mom and dad, your grandparents were to be alive they would have loved you so much, it was their wish to meet you before their untimely death, I know they are smiling down on us right now, uhhh... I'm speechless, words fails me to express how I truly feel, all I can say is i love you my daughter, without you there's no Kennedy Brown, without you i wouldn't have met Cecelia, and without your approval I wouldn't have gotten married to her, thank you for accepting me as your father and for calling me Daddy even when I don't deserve that title, I promised you  before and promise you again, all I have is yours and no matter how old you are Pia... you Will always be my baby girl...always, I'm glad is Jerry that you Will be spending the rest of your beautiful life with, my mind and soul is at peace, I know marital journey is not all blissful as seen on magazine but yours Will stand out for good and with Jerry beside you it will be worthwhile, you Will always find reasons to smile and the children you will bear with him Will sing your praise, God bless your union and may he Always give two of you reasons to will bear sons and daughters and your children Will be a blessing to you and your husband...

    I was already shedding tears as my dad kissed my forehead, June gently cleaned my eyes so that my tears will not spoil my makeup, she was shedding few tears of her own as she listen to my dad speak to me, she was the only one I allowed to stay behind during the talk with my dad.

    My Dad walked me down and handed me to Jerry,
    And we were pronounced as husband and wife, reception followed, drinking eating dancing, pictures and congratulations.

    Me and Jerry left for our honey Moon, then the news came that Cecelia was expecting and later gave birth to another beautiful  baby girl for my dad, he was so excited as he spoke to me over the phone, Cecelia called and said I have got a baby sister who can't wait to meet me,

     all I could do was to laugh, I was so happy,
    I was later based in American with Jerry, where I finally set up my fashion school, my dream came true, June was with me all through, she was very helpful during my expecting period.
    my Prince charming came a year after my wedding,
    he was so cute like his Father, we both name him after my dad, Kennedy,  Jerry was so happy that he is a father, he was going to be called a Daddy, he cried when he held our little boy for the first time. I was so happy that forgot what labour pain feels like,

    While I nursed my baby, Kennedy, June was foreseeing things in the fashion school on my behalf, June was very royal and was gradually becoming a fashion icon,

    Keisha and Moore do visit us, they were already engaged and was about getting married in Moore father's church, the Baptist church where me and Jerry with June worship,

    I'm so blessed having a man like Jerry, he is selfless, so forgiving, so supportive, so loving and very teachable, I can't ask for more than what God has blessed me with.

    I speak with everyone back home, my Dad, Cecelia, my Mom and step siblings, I also speak Aunty Koh, who sometimes call to check up, she remain grateful to me and my dad, for showing her kindness, having and taking Care of her daughter June, my dad is sponsoring June's education here in America, and she is learning fashion in my school, June is turning out beautiful, she love making statement with her design just like I thought her, business is growing, Jerry is doing well for himself over here and My Prince charming, Kennedy is growing so fast, I'm expecting my princess in four months from now,
     Kennedy who is already a year will have a sister soon.

    My life sound like a fairy tale because it was designed by God.

    I have come to understand that a simple act of kindness can create an endless ripple.
    THE END.

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