Story: Revenge Of A Dead Girl

Revenge Of A Dead Girl


    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses​,
    places, events and incidents are either the products of
    the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
    Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, or
    actual events is purely coincidental.
    It was getting darker and darker as the night sets in,
    people were leaving one by one until I am the only one
    left. I decided to work until morning, since I was left with
    documents to do and cases to solve.
    I walked towards my office after I got myself a cup of
    coffee, my eyes set on the end of the hallway until I
    arrived on the usual door that leads to my office. I slid
    the door open, seeing my name engraved on the wooden
    stand just before the table.
    An exasperated sigh escaped my mouth, realizing that a
    lot of people’s safety depends on me as the chief police
    of the town. I must be attentive and responsible enough
    to be considered as a real one, for everyone’s future.
    Without further ado, I sat down on my somewhat huge
    chair and started flipping through the folders which were
    the previous cases from last year that I haven’t reviewed.
    Analyzing each one of them, I noticed it was just burglary
    and some other minor crimes, which is a good thing
    since there are no murders and such.
    After that thought passed my mind, I eventually found a
    worn out folder placed at the very bottom of all the
    folders. I opened it and saw a picture of a girl which
    seems like in her mid teens attached at the upper left
    corner of the paper and underneath the photo was some
    of her information.
    Name: Park Young Ji
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Case #: 001294-23E-2013
    My eyes were scanning the whole paper, wondering what
    could this girl had done to be in one of the cases, from
    the looks of it, she doesn’t look strong enough to even
    lift a knife or carry a gun. But my questions was
    eventually answered after my eyes landed on the words
    Date of Death: February 13 2013
    Place of Death: School restroom, 4th floor
    Time of death: Body temperature, rigor and liver mortis,
    and stomach contents approximate the time of death
    between 6:30 to 7:30 pm
    Immediate cause of Death: Hypovolemic shock also
    known as hemorrhagic shock, bleeding from serious cuts
    and wound from the wrists and blunt traumatic injury
    Manner of death: Suicide
    I was left puzzled after I read the first page of the folder,
    some part of me is questioning why this case is
    considered as a suicide when its obviously not judging
    from the photos in the crime scene where her body was
    sitting on the toilet, her head hanging low and her eyes
    wide open as if she had a blunt shock. There were a lot
    of cuts and bruises on her body, blood stained her white
    uniform and her hair also soaked in her own blood. There
    were also pictures of her when she was being examined
    in the autopsy room, her body completely beaten to
    pulp… weird.
    This is not a suicide.
    So I decided to call the officer in charge for this case to
    answer a few of my questions through a phone call, I
    probably lost count at how many times I tried to contact
    that officer but it seems the call wasn’t reaching, but
    after a while, he finally answered.
    “Ugh. Hello?” his voice a bit worn out and husky,
    probably just woke up.
    “Officer, it’s me the chief” I answered back, I heard
    tumbling sounds from his line and heard his voice
    “Chief! Good evening sir, what can I do for you?” there
    was a change in his voice from tired and husky to a bit
    “Ah yes, I was wondering if you could answer a few
    questions regarding with this case which involves a high
    school girl who committed suicide just last year.” I said,
    still scanning the folder and reading her autopsy report.
    “Suicide?” He asked in a puzzled voice. “Oh you mean
    that girl found in the restroom?” I heard a sound of
    flipping pages, probably him digging through his previous
    cases he worked on.
    “Yes that girl named Park Young Ji” I replied
    “Ah yes, found her. What is the matter with this case
    sir?” He asked
    “Well, can you state everything you found in the crime
    “Umm sure. Her body was first found by the janitor who
    goes to school at 5am every morning to clean, but he
    reported that there was an odd smell inside the girl’s
    restroom so he looked inside to find a pool of blood at
    this certain cubicle so he immediately called for help.
    After some investigations and interrogations from her
    classmates, we have come to a conclusion that she
    committed suicide.”
    “Yeah I see, but according to her autopsy report, she
    received multiple sharp injuries such as a blow on her
    head, there were several deep cuts on her wrists and
    ankle, darkish bruises on her back and a pulled tooth, it
    was also stated from her laboratory results that she was
    sexually assaulted. Can you explain why this is somehow
    considered as a suicide?” I said a bit mad judging from
    the tone of my voice.

    “Ah yes sir but I can authenticate the circumstances why
    she obtained such injuries.” He added “She pulled her
    own tooth because it got loose when she was punched
    by her own father. He was also responsible for the
    bruises and the sexual assault. And for the wound she
    had on her head, she fell down the stairs that day and the
    students were able to witness that, they said they last
    saw her went inside the restroom that day.”
    After a few seconds of absorbing the pieces of
    information I have gathered, I sighed. That was enough
    to say that it is suicide after all considering her
    circumstance with her father. But I’m still not saying that
    its not murder.
    “Okay thank you very much” I said before ending the
    phone call without even letting him finish his line.
    Closing the folder and putting everything back at the
    drawer “Well, I’m finished here. I should head back
    home” I muttered, standing up and glancing at the wall
    11pm, well considering my daughter I’m guessing she’s
    still awake at this hour. I should ask her about Park
    Young Ji since she goes to the same school as her.
    “Welcome back.” I was greeted by my daughter as she
    heard the front door open without even looking at me,
    who was silently sitting at the living room while reading a
    book. She may look like a 17 year old girl, but her way of
    thinking surpasses mine, you could say that she’s like a
    genius who never speaks much.
    “Is your mother asleep already?” I asked, heading
    towards the kitchen to get myself a cup of water.
    “Yes, about an hour ago.” She answered in a
    monotonous voice, keeping her eyes glued on the book
    she was reading.
    “I see.” I muttered. “Yoo ma, can I ask you a question?”
    I spoke softly, watching her from my peripheral view as I
    sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen.
    “As long as it is not a stupid question.” She replied,
    closing her eyes as if preparing to hear one of those
    worthless questions I often ask her.
    “Well yeah, at work I happen to see a case which involves
    a girl who committed suicide.” I stated, I saw a change
    of expression on her face. Her eyebrows were literally
    knitted to each other and she was gritting her teeth
    probably from anger. “And I was wondering if you know
    her since she’s in the same school as you. What was her
    name again?” I was trying to recall the name of the girl
    but Yoo ma interjected.
    “Park Young Ji” she mumbled, closing her book quite
    loudly and standing up from her seat. “Don’t meddle with
    things you can’t understand.” She looked at me with her
    eyes burning in anger before walking upstairs to her
    room, I heard her slam her door and lock it.
    “Hmm. What’s up with her?” I asked particularly no one
    “Puberty.” I shrugged and walked towards the living
    room, turning the television on to pass some time.
    For some reasons, the show on the television was about
    spirits and ghosts. There was an old woman being
    interviewed in a studio by a man and from the looks of it
    the old woman looks like she knows a lot about spirits.
    “Can you tell us about an old legend about spirits
    ma’am.” The interviewer asked, and the old woman
    chuckled a bit.
    “I’m sure everyone has already heard of this since its
    quite popular.” The old woman smiled, looking directly at
    the camera. “It was a saying from when I was just little
    girl. It is said that if a spirit isn’t fully at peace yet, it will
    return after a year and do the thing it wanted to do.
    Whether if its saying the things they wanted to tell
    someone, or…” the woman continued
    “Avenging their own death.”
    “What do you mean about that ma’am?” the man asked,
    quite puzzled about her statement.
    “Well there are good spirits and evil spirits you see. They
    only become like that if their death was either peaceful or
    not. But if they experienced a horrible death, their main
    purpose in returning is to avenge it.”
    “So you mean, that they’ll return after a year of their
    death to avenge themselves? Are all the dead people
    able to do that?” the interviewer asked again, his face
    delighted for receiving valuable information.
    “Not all, young man. It takes a lot of evil energy for a
    spirit to return, they need to have a lot of willpower and
    hatred to be able to return.”
    “Then its just depends on the spirit if she wanted to
    return or not?”
    “Yes. The more painful it’s death was, the higher the
    possibility that it will return.”
    I turned the television off, yawning as I felt my eyes
    drooping. I have no interest in spirits or whatsoever so I
    should just sleep already.
    I stood up and was headed upstairs but I caught a
    glimpse of the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. The
    month, the day and the year were all written in large
    fonts stating that today is:
    February 12 2014
    “Hmm.” I mumbled, realizing something
    “If that saying is true or whatsoever, then that poor girl’s
    soul will return tomorrow.”


    Yoo ma’s POV
    My mood drastically went down right after my father
    asked me that question, about that girl named Park
    Young Ji…. How could I not know her? She’s quite
    famous, since she became the talk of our school ever
    since her death. Because of her, the girl’s restroom is
    permanently closed and it’s very inconvenient not having
    a restroom for women. Because of her death, the classes
    I’m supposed to attend was cancelled for a month and I
    wasn’t able to study well. It’s all because of her…
    For me, she was an average student, has a talkative
    personality, always causing troubles at school, she even
    tripped and accidentally poured orange juice on the
    principal’s clothes.
    I never paid any close attention to her that day before her
    death, since I believe that she’ll only cause problems for
    me. And that was the most regretful thing I did in my
    entire life, ignoring her when she needed me the most,
    avoiding her when she wanted to talk to me, averting my
    gaze whenever our eyes meet.
    She was my best friend, my sister, my family.
    But I wasn’t a good friend for her, I couldn’t save her.
    It all happened years ago, she was the stupidest in class.
    And I, as the first ranked student is responsible for
    teaching her. At first I was completely against it, since I
    believe it’ll be a waste of time to teach someone who
    refuses to learn. But I realized that she is different from
    the rest, different from the girls in my class who spent
    90% of their time caking their faces with makeup and
    only cares for their appearances. She was like an eye
    sore who stands out, she caught my attention.
    It didn’t take long, we were already close friends. She
    would constantly cling to my arm and spout nonsense
    things that happened in her day, and I would always listen
    to her tormenting loud voice.
    We were happy, not worrying about anything… Not until
    she did something that angered the girls in our class.
    She became their prey, their target and their own
    personal toy.
    “What’s wrong Young Ji? Want some more?”I heard
    sounds of laughter at the back of the school, I looked out
    from the window and saw Young Ji just beneath the
    window, drenched and covered in dirt, and surrounded
    by 5 girls who were holding a lot of other nasty things
    that is probably gonna be poured on her.
    “Don’t get too cocky just because you became Joon’s
    girlfriend. Don’t forget that he’s my property, he belongs
    only to me.” The one at the middle, Fei, said leaning
    towards Young Ji who was on her knees and I can see
    from this distance that she was trembling in fear.
    “How foolish.” I muttered, just watching the show.
    Resting my chin on my hand as I watch them pour those
    filthy liquids on her. Knowing Young Ji I’m pretty sure
    she’s used at being bullied by everyone, and it became
    everyone’s fun time.
    “How about we make a deal, you break up with Joon and
    we’ll stop this.” Fei grinned, watching Young Ji’s pitiful
    Well things have taken an interesting turn, I wonder what
    would Young ji say.
    “NO. Never!” She yelled at their faces, they didn’t pour
    anything on her anymore. Instead, they slapped her and
    pulled her hair.
    “Quite stubborn are we?” Kelly interjected, as she was
    pulling Young Ji’s hair making her scream in pain.
    “Ugh, she should’ve just agreed.” I said, still watching
    them beat Young ji up.
    “Hey how about we make her run around the campus
    naked?” I heard Hye mi suggested, making me stood up
    from my seat and leave the classroom.

    “That right! Let’s take off her clothes.”Jina, another one
    of Fei’s subordinates, said already ripping Young Ji’s
    clothes off.
    “No! Stop it!” Young ji cried out, but it wasn’t enough to
    stop them.
    They only came to a stop when they felt water soaking
    them from the above, they all looked up to see me
    holding a bucket. I put the empty bucket down and lifted
    another one, pouring it on them once again including
    Young Ji.
    “Ah sorry, didn’t see you there.” I said in a mocking tone
    earning growls from them. “What are you guys doing
    there anyway?”
    “My makeup is all ruined, you s--t! Just wait until we
    come up there!” Fei yelled in anger, but I was smiling at
    the sight of her stomping her foot in annoyance.
    “Perfect timing you guys, our teacher here wants more
    people to help in cleaning duties.” I said pretending that
    the teacher is here with me by talking to thin air
    “Teacher, Fei and the others said they’ll help.”
    I was watching them from my peripheral vision, and I can
    clearly see that they don’t want to do anything that is
    related with brooms and mops so they just left Young Ji
    alone and exited the school gates.
    I looked down at Young ji and called her “That’s nice,
    you’re making new friends. You even went the trouble to
    come all the way there to meet them.” I smiled at her.
    “Yoo maaaaa” She cried, snots dripping from her nose.
    “Tsk disgusting. Don’t come up here until you’re fully
    dried.” I glared at her, walking away, grabbing a towel
    from my gym bag and throwing it down at her. “Here, Go
    clean yourself in the restroom you filthy woman.”
    “Thank you Yoo maaa, you’re the best!” She yelled
    running towards the restroom, leaving droplets of those
    nasty liquids behinds.
    “What an airhead.” I whispered rummaging my bag,
    taking out band aids and some extra towels fro her
    before leaving the room. I still have cram school to
    attend to, and I’m already 30 minutes late because of
    Young Ji.
    Seriously, when will she learn. Fei and the others won’t
    stop toying her if she doesn’t break up with Joon. Well, I
    won’t meddle with her love life, it’s her choice if she
    wants to be with that guy.
    My footsteps were echoing in the hallway, enough for it
    to be heard in all of the empty classrooms.
    I happen to pass by one of the classrooms, and saw two
    people still inside.
    “Hmm, I thought everyone went home already.” I
    mumbled, looking through the translucent window that
    made it hard to see who those two person was. But one
    thing is for sure based from their silhouettes, is that they
    were kissing.
    Ugh. Is this what their parents teach them? Showing
    such imprudent act at school is punishable by death, It’s
    a good thing the windows are a bit blurry so I wont have
    to witness such acts.
    I hope Young Ji doesn’t see this disgusting scene, she
    must protect her purity and innocence for her own
    “Joon?” standing at the doorway, Young Ji uttered in
    shock, as she saw her own boyfriend kissing another girl.
    “Ah you saw.” Joon smirked, pushing the girl slightly
    away. The girl was also smiling in delight, buttoning her
    uniform and fixing her hair.
    “I’ll leave you two love birds alone, bye Joon.” She lightly
    kissed his cheeks before walking pass Young Ji with a
    mocking smile.
    “Wha-What…” Young Ji looked down on the floor, her
    tears threatening to fall.
    “Well sorry bout that, she was persistent and I couldn’t
    resist her cuteness.” He replied, far from what Young ji
    had expected him to say
    She was expecting that he would kneel on the floor and
    scream in regret, but he wasn’t. Instead, he was leisurely
    sitting on the desk and has this annoying smile on his
    “Umm. So… You… Never really liked me?” She asked.
    “I would never like an ugly girl like you.” He deadpans,
    chuckling to himself as he watch Young ji trembles.
    “What? You really think someone like me would like you?
    How stupid can you be?”
    “But you… you said you liked me, you said it yourself.”
    She mumbled, clenching her fist in anger.
    “Hah? I would rather date your other friend Yoo ma.
    She’s much attractive than you.” He said lokking at his
    wrist watch ” Well I’m sorry to say but I still have a date
    to attend to.”
    He walked pass Young ji muttering the words:


    I saw Young Ji on my way home from cram school,
    standing at the bridge and staring at a far distance. The
    sound of bustling night traffic was heard and it seems
    like she wasn’t hearing anything as I call her name.
    “Young Ji!” I called for the nth time and she finally
    noticed my presence, looking at me with a grim
    expression on her face.
    “Oh Yoo ma” She said, looking back at the distance
    “What do you mean ‘ Oh Yoo ma’. Is that your way of
    greeting me after I lend you my towel?” I joked, walking
    to her direction and standing beside her. “What
    happened? Did you get scolded by Miss Mina again? I
    told you to always carry your textbook with you, when
    will you ever listen?”
    She didn’t reply to my constant nagging just now, and
    kept silent.
    “Seriously, what’s your problem? Tell me.” I looked at
    her annoyingly, but she still isn’t talking. “You shouldn’t
    keep all your problems to yourself you know, it’s quite
    tiring if you keep it all to yourself. I know very well, that
    you’re a troublemaker but you shouldn’t —”
    “Easy for you to say.” I heard her, for a second, I saw her
    look at me with distaste in her eyes. “You’re not the one
    being bullied and laughed at everyday, no one looks
    down on you, the teachers like you for being an
    honorable student, you have loving parents who never
    even once tried to hurt you. Of course you don’t have any
    problem, you’re the greatest Yooma anyway. And yet you
    have the audacity to tell me about my own problems?
    Screw off!”
    I was shocked by her sudden change in personality, she
    wasn’t herself today. It somehow looks like she’s not the
    Young Ji I know anymore.
    “Fine! If that’s what you want then I’ll leave you alone.
    You can go and cry to your lovable boyfriend and be a
    baby about how everyone hates you.” The harsh words
    slipped out from my mouth, I wasn’t thinking and couldn’t
    even understand myself why I’m saying all these to her.
    “And I’m gonna be honest with you, everyone has been
    bullying you since your seriously annoying. You talk too
    loud, you meddle with someone else’s business, you even
    went out with Fei’s crush of course everyone’s gonna
    hate you. But I didn’t, even though you’re annoying I still
    remained as your friend but now you’re telling me to
    screw off after all we’ve been through? It’s quite valiant
    for you to say that.”
    I began walking, and when I was just in front of her I
    stated “You’re on your own from now on.”
    “Hey, isn’t that Youngji?” Kelly tapped Fei’s shoulder to
    take her attention and pointed at the girl sheepishly
    walking at the sidewalk.
    “Ah, it is her. What is she doing? Should we go get her”
    Jina interjected, seeing Fei smirk she knew that she had
    something in mind.
    “I just had the most brilliant idea.” Fei stood up from her
    seat and left the cafe, her followers trailing behind her.
    “Young Ji!” She called out, Young Ji looked at the one
    who called her and saw Fei. “Perfect timing, do you want
    to come with us? There’s a party being held at Hye Mi’s
    house, I’m sure you’re gonna love it there.
    “I’m sorry, I have to go home—” She was cut off by Jina
    and Kelly grabbing both her arms and pulling her along
    with them until they reached Fei’s car
    “Don’t be like that my dear Young Ji, you should be
    honored that I even invited you to our party that is
    exclusive for people like us.”
    “Umm. Okay… But I have to be at home at 8 so I’ll just
    stop by” She answered quite in a low voice.
    “Yeah yeah sure you can.” Fei smirked, eyeing everybody
    else and giggling at their own plan.
    The car had stopped in front of a huge modern house,
    and one by one they went out of the car. The loud
    booming of the music can be heard even at their distance
    and some cheering reverberated, the servants opened
    the doors for them and in they came.


    The people were so immersed in the loud music that they
    didn’t even took notice of the people who just entered,
    dancing and yelling at the middle, some were even
    making out that made Young Ji a bit uncomfortable.
    “Young Ji, you gotta try this new drink. It’s imported all
    the way from US” Hye mi forced a glass on her hands,
    before walking away and entered the kitchen.
    “But I don’t drink…”
    “C’mon Young Ji, it’s a way to forget all the bad
    memories you had so drink it.” Fei persuaded her, and
    even filled the whole glass some more.
    “Forget?” She mumbled innocently as she stare at the
    glass she was holding
    “Just drink it already!” Fei pushed it up to her mouth and
    Young Ji even willingly drank all of it, making Fei smirk in
    delight as she call a guy at the other side of the table.
    “Make sure she drinks ten of those beers.” She
    whispered to the guy, pulling out money from her bag
    and giving it to him.
    She glanced at Young Ji once last time, seeing that she’s
    already a bit drunk. Then she looked back at the guy she
    just paid loads of money, and said in a flirtatious manner
    “Give her tons of love.”
    Young Ji’s POV
    The rising sun glimmered through the window, veiling the
    room with a golden glow. After a while, I noticed that the
    ceiling was different than the ceiling I always see
    whenever I wake up every morning in my room.
    Realizing that this place wasn’t my bedroom, I
    immediately sat up only to find my clothes scattered
    everywhere, I looked down and saw that I wasn’t wearing
    anything. My body feels awful to the point that I’m gonna
    puke out all the alcohols I drank last night, and there’s an
    odd feeling building up in my stomach like it’s tearing it
    from the inside.
    “Wha-what happened last night?” I said as I grabbed my
    stinging head, standing up and walking to the bathroom
    to let all the unnecessary liquids I consumed last night
    out of my body.
    After vomiting for almost 10 minutes, I washed my face
    before quickly wearing my clothes. I dashed outside to
    see Hye Mi, the owner of the house I’m in, who’s
    currently sitting in her living room while watching a
    morning TV show.
    “Oh? You’re finally awake.” She said eating a toast, not
    even looking at me. “Hurry up and get the hell outta my
    house, you’ve been sleeping for like forever” She pointed
    at the door, her voice filled with annoyance.
    “Umm, I’m sorry I slept in your house.” I bowed at her
    before walking timidly towards the door, as soon as I left
    the house and was now walking at the sidewalk, I tried
    my best to remember what happened last night but to no
    avail, I can’t even remember what I was doing at that
    The next day, as Young ji entered the gates of the school.
    She noticed that everyone was looking and quietly
    laughing at her, some were staring at disgust and some
    were even trying to throw crumpled papers at her.
    “Hey, what are you trying to do?” She stopped and
    looked at the guys who just threw those crumpled papers
    at her.
    “Why don’t you go and take a look at what’s inside the
    paper.” One guy replied before giggling, excited to see
    her reaction.
    Young Ji picked up the crumpled paper and unfolds it,
    she froze in place as she saw a picture of her naked and
    with another guy but the guy’s face was blurred making it
    impossible to figure out who he was.
    Everyone suddenly erupted in laughter as she crumpled
    the paper back, “What bullshit is this? I never did this
    kind of thing!” She yelled, but they weren’t listening, busy
    laughing at how pathetic Young Ji looked right now.


    “Oh there you are my dear Young Ji.” Fei’s voice was
    heard, soon she came out from the crowd together with
    her friends.
    “Fei! What is this? I don’t understand” Young Ji called
    out to her.
    “Oh dear, I don’t understand either. I didn’t know you
    were such a s--t, you already have a boyfriend but you’re
    out there messing with other guys” She clicked her
    tongue, circling around Young ji
    “That wasn’t me! I swear” She tried to defend herself, but
    after looking around she noticed that there were tons of
    pictures of her scattered on the floor and glued on the
    school walls, each picture with different angles
    completely proving that the girl on the picture is really
    “Wha…What? How did..” She was losing her mind,
    placing her hands on her head as she tries to remember
    She recalled that Fei made her drink something, and
    there was a guy who kept talking to her that time and led
    her inside a room. She realized it was Fei who did all
    these things, and looked at her with daggers in her eyes.
    “It’s you!” She charged Fei, but before she could even lay
    a hand on her, she was stopped by the sound of their
    teacher’s voice.
    “What is the meaning of this?” The teacher yelled, the
    students began to leave the scene not wanting to get
    involved with their drama.
    “Miss Ah reum! I’m glad you’re here, Young Ji just tried
    to hurt me” Fei faked a cry, her friends standing behind
    and patting her back.
    Miss Ah reum looked around the hallway and saw those
    pictures, she looked at Young Ji with a deceitful look and
    said “Come to my office right now.” She began walking,
    with Young ji reluctantly trailing behind her.
    Fei smirked, seeing that her plan was going smoothly.
    Young ji saw her mocking smirk and was irritated, leaving
    them behind.
    As soon as they arrived in the teacher’s office, Miss Ah
    reum abruptly sat on her office chair and looked at Young
    Ji who just sat down on one of the chairs in front of her
    long desk.
    “So… Care to explain?” She said, putting her chin on top
    of her clasped hands.
    “I swear, I was framed.” Young ji mumbled, her voice
    filled with anger but doing her best to make it sound
    polite considering that she was talking to a teacher. “Fei
    dragged me to a party and made me drink this weird
    beer, the next thing I know is that I woke up in another
    “I see… Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re framed or not,
    the girl in the picture is still you. This news will reach the
    principal’s ears and will soon call you to his office,
    probably gonna arrange your expulsion.” Ah reum stated,
    picking up a pen and scribbling down on her notes. “For
    now, make your parents come here to school so we can
    have a talk.”
    “But miss Ah reum, I swear it wasn’t my will to do those
    things! It was Fei who made me do it! She already
    planned this thing to happen and even printed a lot of
    pictures and scattered it throughout​ the school!” Young
    Ji slammed the desk, her voice already loud enough to
    be heard even outside the hall.
    “Calm down Young ji.” Ah reum tapped her shoulder, and
    slightly made her sit back. “If you’re worrying about the
    pictures, I already made the janitors in the school to
    make sure that not a single photo is left in the halls. I
    also ordered the student council officers to confiscate
    the photos from Fei’s phone and from other students
    who took a picture.”
    “R-really? Thank you miss Ah reum.” Young ji smiled in
    delight, relieved that she would no longer feel humiliated.
    “I’m not the one you should thank.” Ah reum smiled,
    continuing her statement. “Anyway, the fact that I’m still
    gonna talk to your parents doesn’t change. Make sure
    that they come here as soon as possible so that the
    principal wouldn’t have to be involved in here, you know
    how terrifying he is when angry.”

    “But… but I can’t.” Young Ji stammered, looking down
    and hanging her head low.
    “What do you mean you can’t?” She asked, her eyebrows
    twitching at Young ji.
    “I… don’t have parents.”
    “What? Then your relatives can come here.” She said,
    gesturing her hands.
    “I also don’t have relatives, even if I have they wouldn’t
    care about me.”
    “Then a guardian, you must have a guardian.”
    “There’s none. I basically got abandoned.” Young ji said,
    fumbling her fingers in shame to let someone know that
    she’s living alone.
    “Then how can you live by yourself? Where do you work?
    The tuition fee in this school is not that high but you still
    need to feed yourself. Don’t tell me you work in an illegal
    organization?” Ah reum was panicking to know that one
    of her students is suffering.
    “Miss Ah reum, calm down.” Young ji chuckled at the
    sight of her panicking state. “I work part time in a
    karaoke bar and my boss there is super nice so I usually
    get to eat dinner there and my pay is enough to pay the
    water bill and to afford rice, and I have a friend who is
    really nice who always visits me at home with pizza and
    other stuff so I’m​ not lonely.”
    “Oh my, poor you.” Ah reum was teary eyed and was
    blowing her nose. “Don’t worry my dear Young Ji, from
    now on I’ll visit you too. I won’t let anyone bully you too,
    and screw that principal, I’m not letting you get
    expelled.” She suddenly hugged her, burying Young ji’s
    face on her chest.
    “Umm thanks Miss Ah reum, but I’m fine by myself.”
    Young Ji smiled, trying to escape from her breathtaking
    “Okay okay, just let me know when you’re in trouble, I’ll
    personally head butt those people who tries to hurt you.”
    Ah reum smiled, caressing her face.
    “Then I’m going back to class.” Young ji stood up and
    bowed, turning away and walking towards the door.
    “Let me take you there, I’m sure the other students
    would still make fun of you.” Ah reum was trailing behind
    her, certain to protect Young Ji.
    “No I’m fine miss Ah reum, thank you very much for your
    concern.” Young Ji smiled at her.
    “O-okay, take care.” Ah reum stopped following her and
    went back in her office.
    “Well, I gotta fix this problem before it reaches the
    principal.” She whispered to herself before continuing her
    work as a teacher.
    After another tormenting class for Young Ji, she want
    nothing more but to go home already. Yoo ma wasn’t
    reacting about the pictures that were scattered and
    doesn’t even look at her, she went back to Ah reum’s
    office but saw that she was busy scribbling down on her
    paperworks so she didn’t bother her.
    It felt as if she was left alone in the world, wandering in
    the empty hallway and passing through the classrooms.
    She can still hear everyone’s mocking voice, and their
    silly words about her.
    Time and again, they spout selfish words at her, and she
    acts as if she doesn’t care, but more than anything she
    worries about it the most.
    As she was about to walk down the stairs, she felt a
    strong push behind her, causing her to stumble down the
    stairs and landing on her head. For a split moment, she
    heard something crack, as if her skull just cracked
    “ughhh.” She helplessly wheezed, trying to stand up but
    failed. Her vision was swirling and blurry, her tears
    making it more worse.
    “Umm… Are you okay?” She heard a voice, she raised
    her head to see her classmate, Irene, her hand reaching
    out to her.


    She reluctantly grabbed her hand and Irene helped her
    stand up, putting Young Ji’s arm around her shoulders to
    support her in walking. “You should go to the infirmary
    first, you just hit your head.”
    “T-thank you” She smiled, knowing that there’s still
    someone nice to her. Completely forgetting about Yoo
    ma, since she already left early.
    As soon as they reached the infirmary, Irene gently
    placed Young Ji on one of the beds letting her rest
    before going to the cabinet where the disinfectants were
    “Ah, this should do it.” Irene murmured, grabbing all the
    things she can and putting it next to Young Ji. “Show me
    your head, I’ll fix it.”
    Young Ji scooted a bit and placed her slightly bleeding
    head in front of Irene. “Thank you very much for helping
    me.” She mumbled
    “It’s fine it’s fine.” She replied, gently applying a certain
    liquid on her wound. “It must really hurt, you landed on
    your head.” She commented, putting bandage all over her
    wounds after applying disinfects
    “Ah yeah… it… hurts.” She replied, quietly glancing at
    Irene in a suspicious way. “By the way… How did you
    know that I landed on my head? I’m sure that there’s no
    one at the hallway that time…”
    Irene paused for a second, before smiling thinly. “How
    did I know, you ask?” She stood up, walking back to the
    cabinet to put all the things she used back to where it
    belongs. “Well of course… I’m the one who pushed you.”
    She giggled, looking at Young ji’s shocked expression.
    “Wh…Why?” She asked, looking downwards making her
    tears fall. “You even treated my wound, I thought you
    were nice.”
    “Well I didn’t actually treated it, in fact I made it worse”
    She giggled, showing the bottle she had been using to
    put on Young Ji’s wounds. “It’s Peracetic Acid.” She said
    with a thin smile on her face
    “What?” Young ji removed the bandages and touched her
    wound, feeling her skin become quite irritated and small
    lumps forming.
    Irene laughed at how Young Ji looked, panicking over her
    wound ” Don’t worry, Peracetic Acid is a type of
    disinfectant so at least thank me for killing the
    microorganisms in your wound. But you would
    experience irritation on the skin since it’s a strong
    oxidizing agent.”
    “Why are you doing this?!” She screamed, crying her eyes
    out. Irene looked calm and composed watching her
    “Well… I don’t have any particular reason why I did that.”
    Irene smiled, walking towards the door. “Well maybe
    because… It’s fun to play with you.” She giggled before
    leaving the room, her footsteps echoing until it wasn’t
    heard anymore.
    Young Ji clenched her fist, tired from everything, so sick
    of how everyone treated her. She stood up, and
    immediately walked out of the room. Reaching the
    ground floor, she saw Fei and the others that were about
    to leave the school.
    She mustered up all her strength and yelled “Hey!”
    earning everyone’s attention and looking at her walk to
    their direction.
    “Oh, if it isn’t the greatest s--t of the school, how can we
    help you?” Jina crossed her arms, but Young Ji wasn’t
    listening and kept walking to their direction
    “If you’re just gonna kneel and beg for forgiveness then
    I’ll consider wasting my time on you.” Fei smiled but
    instead of Young ji kneeling down, she suddenly slapped
    Fei’s face causing her to tumble down.
    “Fei!” Kelly helped her up, but Fei pushed her away and
    stood up on her own.
    “This b---h got the guts to slap my pretty face.” She
    angrily said, pulling Young Ji’s hair down.
    She tried to fight back but Hye mi, Jina and Kelly held her
    down to keep her from moving and Fei violently punched
    her stomach and constantly slapping her face.

    “Don’t make that ugly face, you hoe. You’re the one who
    started this.” Hye mi said, tightening her grip on Young
    Ji’s hand so she won’t be able to fight back.
    “Hey, I want to slap her too. Let’s switch” Kelly smirked,
    and Fei agreed letting her do the honor of beating Young
    Ji to a pulp.
    “Stop! Help me!” Young Ji screamed, wriggling around
    to escape but her wound on her head made her unable to
    properly think or move.
    “No ones gonna help you, they don’t care about a s--t,
    and the teachers left early.” Fei boasted, while pulling
    Young Ji’s hair.
    “What an idiot…” Yoo ma mumbled, watching them beat
    Young Ji from the classroom. She was reading a book
    but their loud voices caught her attention. She closed her
    book and stood up, trying to look for a quiet place to
    continue reading.
    “Yoo maaaaa!” She heard Young Ji’s voice, causing her
    to stop and look back outside the window. She saw her
    lying on the ground and her back was being kicked by
    their sharp high heels. She was crying and covered in
    dirt, but they didn’t show any mercy and kept kicking
    her. “Save me.” She cried
    “How adorable, you think Yoo ma’s gonna come and
    save you?” Fei laughed, stopping and fixing her hair. “I’m
    done with you, let’s go and have a facial treatment.” She
    pushed her hair away from her shoulders as she walk
    away, with the girls trailing behind her.
    Young ji sobbed, not moving from her place and kept
    saying Yoo ma’s name
    “Yoo ma…. Yoo maa.” She mumbled, while Yoo ma
    watch her pathetic state right now.
    “How foolish…” She said, closing her eyes before leaving
    the room. Not glancing one last time at her own best
    friend and left.
    Yoo ma’s POV
    The next day, nothing was the same anymore. Police
    cars were parked in front of the school, the teachers
    were horrified by the news, and the students were not
    speaking a word about the girl who just took away her
    Everyone feigned ignorance, acted as if they’re the
    The principal decided to cancel the class for a month as
    to give respect for the dead, but I know it was just his
    act, I know he’s hiding something. I looked around and
    everyone was crying, some looked shocked and
    traumatized. But I know that tomorrow they’ll forget
    about her, they don’t give a single d--n about her.
    They concluded that it was a suicide, that she just simply
    took away her life.
    And as her body was taken away from the police, I know
    something wasn’t right about her corpse.
    I know… that it wasn’t suicide.


    Yoo ma’s POV
    It was that very moment that I regretted everything I have
    done, I lost my one true friend because of my
    childishness. A year already passed but I couldn’t forget
    about her, how she asked for my help, how she cried,
    how she suffered.
    “Yoo ma, wake up. You’re gonna be late for school.” I
    heard my dad’s voice downstairs, snapping me from my
    I stood up from my bed, leaning over my dresser, I
    looked closely at my reflection in the mirror. Seeing that
    my eyes were dead inside, I looked away and began
    preparing for school.
    “Dad, I baked cupcakes for you and your coworkers, its
    in the fridge.” I said as I walk pass them and went
    through the front door.
    “Ah thanks, I’ll make sure to give it to them!” I heard him
    yell from inside, and I continued walking without
    I can see some students that were also on their way to
    school, but I turned around and walked to the other
    direction, plucking a white rose from someone else’s
    garden as I walk pass it and soon reached the cemetery.
    I searched for her, and saw the words Park Young Ji
    engraved on the stone. Placing the white rose on top of
    it, I stood quietly.
    “Sorry.” I mumbled, closing my eyes before walking
    For some unfortunate events, I happen to be in the same
    class with those people who made fun of Young Ji. Fei,
    Irene, Joon and everyone else. It’s like God is trying to
    see what I would do to them, but I am too self centered
    to even waste a breath to speak to those people.
    As I entered the familiar classroom, their chaotic and
    noisy scenario never change. They were all talking to
    their own circle of friends, others were teasing someone
    who happens to be their new target and some were even
    plotting to pour a bucket of water on the teacher today.
    “How foolish…” I said under my breath as I calmly walk
    through them and head for my seat.
    I sat quietly, putting my bag under the desk and pulling
    out the textbook I’ve been reading. Flipping through the
    pages, I tried to block out all the noises they’re making
    and was about to read the paragraphs in the book but
    someone yelled, taking my attention.
    “Oh! That’s right! It’s Young ji’s DeathDay!” Fei reminded
    everyone, clapping her hands as she look around trying
    to see their reactions but everyone looked clueless at her
    “Young Ji?”
    “Who’s that?”
    “Never heard of her.”
    Everyone was showering Fei with questions, they
    seriously forgot about her. I predicted that already, but
    why do I feel like they’re disrespecting her.
    “Gosh! You forgot? She’s the one who miserably took
    away her life in the restroom. How idiotic of her.” She
    answered, giggling and everyone remembered her.
    “Oh yeah! I remember now, she’s one of my ex
    girlfriends” Joon interjected, snapping her fingers at the
    memory he had with Young Ji.
    Seriously, I’m pissed right now. This pathetic people
    should shut their mouth.
    “Can you all please quiet down? I’m trying to read here.”
    I abruptly stood up from my seat and yelled in a
    somewhat harsh tone.
    “Ah, I remembered that you were her bestfriend.” Hye mi
    butted in, staring at me with eyes like she’s evaluating
    my whole appearance. “The bestfriend who didn’t try to
    help her.” She added, even making me angrier.

    “Well aren’t you a shitty little twat trying to provoke me.”
    I crossed my arms, staring at everyone with a death
    glare. “You can all go f--k yourselves and celebrate
    Young Ji’s deathday since you all sons of bitches like
    making fun of people.” They all stepped back at my
    sudden vulgar language, because they know that I am
    always silent and sticks my nose on books.
    “Hey, you curse too much.” Fei tried to maintain her
    composure, acting all high and mighty.
    “B---h you breathe too much, shut the f--k up.” I
    scowled, earning gasps from everyone including Fei.
    “Hey hey stop it everyone, you shouldn’t fight.” Hana, the
    class president stood between us. But Fei and I didn’t
    stop glaring at each other.
    “You guys are fighting over a dead girl, stop it. I think
    she doesn’t like it when we fight even though I don’t
    know her.” Min ho, a transfer student butted in. He
    recently transferred to this class in the middle of the
    term, and is naive about what happened a year ago.
    “Oh let me tell you who she is.” Hye mi claimed, while
    carefully putting mascara on.” She’s that miserable girl
    who kept clinging on to Joon, had a scandal, angered the
    teachers and including the students with her annoying
    personality, and committed suicide in the restroom.
    Pathetic right?” She chuckled, looking at me from the
    corner of her eyes to see my reaction but I just kept
    ignoring her.
    She seemed unsatisfied with my reaction so she said
    more “And also Yoo ma right there just watched her
    suffer without showing any mercy on Young Ji.”
    “I don’t want to hear that from your surgically made
    mouth, you fake hoe.” I retorted, rolling my eyes at her.
    “Your eyelids are fake, your nose is fake, even your
    boobs are fake. Everything about you is fake. That’s
    right, go and cry to your doctor after I rip off your nose.”
    I provoked her, just as planned. I’m gonna show
    everyone here how fake she is.
    “Why you!” She stood up from her seat and was about to
    tackle me but was stopped by a teacher who just harshly
    opened the door, revealing him wheezing and panting,
    from the looks of it, he looked like he just ran a mile.
    “Lee Hye Mi!” He yelled, catching his breath. Hye mi
    turned around and looked at him “Come with me for a
    “What? I don’t date older guys” She said looking at her
    neatly painted nails, suddenly forgetting about her anger
    for me.
    “This is serious! Your parents got into an accident!” His
    sentence made Hye mi stood frozen with eyes wide open,
    the class was in a complete silence. “They’re at the
    hospital now, and… Their condition is not stable. Hurry if
    you still want to see them aliv-” Hye mi pushed him aside
    making him fall on the ground so she can pass through
    the door. The sound of her high heels clanking at the
    hallway was heard from our place, she seemed to be
    hurrying really badly.
    “Young Ji” I heard someone said. “Maybe because of
    young Ji” All eyes were on that guy who just said that
    and they were already sweating and shaking in fear.
    ”Haha. As if she can come back here. She’s already
    dead” someone replied, but they can’t hide the
    nervousness in their voices.
    “A while ago, Hye mi is disrespecting Young Ji’s death.
    Maybe-” He got cut off by the sound of the power
    turning off, all of us looked at the light bulbs that just
    turned off.
    It was suddenly pitch black.
    I looked outside to see dark grey clouds heading towards
    us, covering the setting sun making the whole city more
    darker as it already is. The students started to scream
    and panic, the teachers entered our class and tried to
    calm them down but they won’t listen.
    I wasn’t panicking that much because I know that it won’t
    do anything aside from making the situation worse. So I
    just sat there watching them run around, bumping into
    each other and screaming their lungs out. Seriously, what
    is so scary about a simple blackout and a storm?


    “How foolish…” I mumbled my favorite line, watching
    everyone be an idiot about a simple blackout and a
    As they were running around the classroom and
    panicking, an image caught my eye making me snap out
    of my deep thoughts. With wide eyes and unstable
    breathing, I stare at her figure, sitting on her usual desk,
    she caught me staring at her causing my heart to sank
    deep down. I thought she would be mad at me or worse
    try to harm me, but instead, she showed a thin smile with
    her eyes almost closed. The smile she always show me
    whenever I help her in her problems.
    Why are you smiling at me?
    I did something horrible to you…
    “Young ji” I mumbled, making everyone stop and look at
    me “its… Young ji” I mumbled again, staring at the empty
    space where she was just now.
    She suddenly disappeared like a the wind, as if she was
    carried away. Almost as if, she was only a spirit who had
    return to do what she had to do.
    It started to pour really hard, the pitter patter sound of it
    was deafening to our ears since it was too loud. Strong
    winds even made the windows burst open so we had to
    put some things over it to keep it closed, and the
    swooshing sound it makes kinda made our state worse.
    “Calm down everyone, I think the storm will be over later
    so stay still as we try to contact the polices to make you
    reach your home safe.” Our homeroom teacher said,
    pulling out his phone and dialing the number of the police
    “You mean were staying here until night?!” Fei yelled in
    frustration, I looked at my watch and its currently 6pm. “I
    have an appointment with someone!”
    “It’s for your own safety, I don’t want any of my students
    getting washed off by the flood and ended up floating
    lifeless on rivers.” He answered, quite the plan he has.
    It’s better to stay here than dying outside.
    “That’s a good idea sir” I exclaimed “We should stay,
    considering the circumstance it is better to remain here
    until the authorities arrived to escort us to our homes
    safe and sound.” I looked at everyone and they were
    reluctant to agree.
    “Excuse me?” Fei scoffed as she stood up, crossing her
    arms while sending death glares at me. “If you want to
    stay then stay, I’m not gonna wait my a-s here until this
    school gets washed away.” She was about to walk out of
    the classroom but Hyemi suddenly appeared at the
    doorway, soaked and wet from the rain.
    “What happened? Aren’t you supposed to be on your way
    to the hospital?” Jina asked, staring at Hyemi all soaked
    and filthy.
    “The storm is too strong I can’t even see anything
    outside except for fogs and rain” She muttered and we
    all looked outside to see nothing but darkness. As if the
    windows were covered in black papers, and our only
    source of light is the emergency flashlights and our
    phones, if we’re lucky, a lightning would occur that would
    lighten up the whole room for split seconds.
    “Oh s--t, my phone is almost out of battery.” Joon said
    as he annoyingly threw his phone back in his bag and
    leaned on his chair, putting his hand above his head as a
    “We better save power before it runs out. We don’t know
    how many hours we’ll stay here.” I suggested, and
    everyone nodded their head at me for the first time.
    The storm outside is dreadful. Loud roars of thunder and
    lightning are all you can hear and some of my
    classmate’s mumbles and scared cries.
    It is quite inconvenient, but we have no choice but to wait
    for the storm to end.
    “Umm… I want to go to the restroom.” Irene sheepishly
    said, breaking the silence and raising her arm politely.
    “It’s dangerous to go alone, take Hana with you and keep
    your phones close to you.” I suggested, as Hana willingly
    went to Irene’s direction.
    “Umm, thank you Yooma.” She showed a shy smile at
    me, and went out of the room while clinging unto Hana’s
    After that, the silence enveloped the whole room once
    again. We remained on our seats, not daring to speak
    and hoping for the time the storm stops. We waited and
    waited but it seems like this weather is not gonna listen
    to us, this storm looks like it’ll be here until morning.
    “Hey, what happened to the two who went in the
    restroom? It’s been fifteen minutes already.” Our
    homeroom teacher asked, looking all tensed and
    “Hey, relax Mr Chan. Girls always takes so much time in
    the restroom.” Joon said from his seat at the back row,
    earning nods from the other boys.
    But still, our teacher is not convinced and left the room
    to look for the other two, giving the authority to our PE
    teacher to look over us in the meantime.
    I was about to say something but the two girls suddenly
    entered the classroom, making everyone’s eyes land on
    them with confusion.
    Hana was crying as she grip onto her phone, while Irene
    was patting her back, trying to comfort her.
    “What happened? Are you hurt? Did you see Mr Chan on
    your way here?” The PE teacher drowned them with
    questions as he walked towards them.
    “Her boyfriend called her” Irene remarked, looking all sad
    and empathetic “They broke up.”

    “Okay okay, let’s talk about that tomorrow. For now,
    worry about your safety.” The teacher made the two of
    them go back to their seat while I was observing the two
    of them.
    Hana quietly sat down, still sobbing and wiping her tears.
    And as I glance at Irene, I saw a smirk plastered on her
    face before returning to her usual shy expression.
    “Hmm…” I uttered, gazing at the two of them who was
    just sitting beside each other.
    We waited for another five minutes, only hearing the
    sound of the storm violently trying to make our school
    crumble into pieces.
    “Ugh… Ack…” Hana once again broke the silence around
    us with her unusual gasps as if she was having a hard
    time breathing. “He…Help.. me” She mumbled and I
    immediately rose to my seat and ran to her direction.
    “Are you okay?” I asked, putting my hands over her
    shoulder and lifting her head up so I can take a look at
    her face.
    But I was horrified as I saw her two black eyes, as in
    everything was black. Not a single trace of white left, I
    have never heard of an attack like this that affects the
    color of the eyes.
    “What’s happening?!” The PE teacher, ran over to us but
    before he could even come close, Hana suddenly stood
    up and slapped Irene hard on the face making all of us
    drop our jaw in shock.
    “Umm… isn’t she just having a seizure 10 seconds ago?”
    Kelly interjected, stepping away from her and hiding
    behind Minho’s back.
    “Ack! How dare you!” Irene suddenly yelled, fuming in
    anger as she tried to fight back but Hana swiftly kicked
    her chest, stepping on her stomach to restrain Irene.
    Everyone around them backed away instead of stopping
    them, they even managed to pull out their phones and
    film Irene’s miserable state right now.
    “I’ve always wanted to do that!” Hana yelled in a
    somewhat different and cheerful tone, and this time,
    putting her hands around Irene’s neck and choking her to
    “Stop it! Both of you!” The teacher seperates them using
    both his hands.
    “Hana!” He looked at her, and yelled “You’re the class
    president! What are you trying to do?!”
    “Oh dear, the class president hurting an innocent
    student. This one’s a juicy story.” Joon chuckled,
    everyone agreeing as they continue filming.
    How foolish of them, they have nothing else to do but just
    make fun of others.
    That’s what everyone here do anyway, they want to hear
    and spread nasty rumors to make the person involved,
    suffer. They want to trample and step on them just for
    fun, watching them take their own lives is like their only
    If you step in front and try to protect the people who
    were being bullied you’ll be added on their list and will
    also be bullied and it will never end, its either remain
    being bullied for the rest of your school year or just
    commit suicide. Simple as that.
    Funny that even the teachers encourage bullying because
    they believe that it will serve as a motivation to study
    hard or something, more like a motivation to commit
    That’s why everyone feigned ignorance on how this
    school works, everyone acted like nothing ever
    happened. Like nobody died because of them.
    “If this storm is over, you two are going to have a long
    fine talk with me in the principal’s offi-“The teacher got
    interrupted by a loud thunder which made us all cower
    and cover our ears by it’s loudness.
    “The storm is getting strong!” Joon yelled, looking
    outside the window to see nothing but just black, like
    we’re not looking through a window anymore and just
    staring at a wall painted with black colors.
    “No s--t Sherlock!” Another student managed to yell a
    pun, despite the panicking state of everyone.
    “Stay calm everyone” The teacher tried to calm us again,
    but no one is listening to him speak.
    “Nobody’s gonna listen to an old hag like you!” Fei
    yelled, cowering under her desk.
    “Why you-” The teacher looked pissed but his sentence
    got cut off by a loud lightning that hit perfectly at our
    classroom, causing everyone to ran out the room.
    Pushing each other and even stepping on the one’s who
    tripped and landed on the floor just so they’re not
    They screamed, still making their way out of the doorway
    which is currently crowded.
    They are all panicking that they didn’t notice the
    teacher’s dead body and some other students who were
    unfortunate and got struck by the lightning, making their
    bodies cut into bits. There was a mess of blood and
    entrails on the floor as if someone played with a bucket
    of blood and body parts and scattered it everywhere.
    I just stood there frozen in place, unable to move from
    what I just saw.
    There, at the back of the room. Standing still and
    watching everyone pitifully try to exit the room, Young Ji
    appeared once again. And this time, she looked back at
    me, raising her right hand telling me to reach for it.
    Whenever she’s around, I feel so at ease and calm. At
    this moment, I just want to cling to her and cry my eyes
    out for missing her so much and apologize for everything
    that I have done to her.
    I want to be with her already…
    I slowly walked towards her not even blinking and kept
    my gaze locked on her stunningly beautiful figure, at this
    point I have no idea what I was doing. All I know is that I
    was walking towards my best friend who I longed for so
    My hand were inches apart from hers, I could almost feel
    her warmth passing it to mine. As if a strong force was
    sucking my life away as I got close to her.
    But then…


    Someone pulled me by the wrist, dragging me away from
    the standing figure leaving her outstretched hand
    hanging. I shifted my head to see that Minho was the one
    pulling me.
    “Hey!” I yanked my hand as we managed to exit the
    room and reached the hallway where everyone is at right
    now. “Why did you dragged me here?” I asked, and he
    looked at me with a serious look as if I just asked the
    most stupid question ever.
    “Well it’s common sense to save a person who was about
    to walk into a cliff.” He crossed his arms, eyeing me to
    look back inside the classroom which I did and made my
    jaw drop in the spontaneous change in our classroom.
    Half of the wall is gone, and the strong pitter patter of
    the rain washed the scattered blood on the floor, there
    were desks burning from the lightning just now and is
    still isn’t extinguished even though it’s raining. If Minho
    didn’t pulled me out of there, I would have been dead
    right now for falling off the edge.
    But why did Young Ji held out her hand for me in that
    spot? Was she trying to make me fall off? I knew it…
    She’s mad at me.
    “It’s kinda stupid to stay here with everyone else.” Minho
    suddenly said, again pulling my wrist and walking off
    away from the students who were traumatized by the
    event just now and was cowering on the wet ground.
    “And you’re hurt. We should treat that wound before it
    gets worse.” He mumbled, pointing at my bleeding arm.
    “Ahh. I’m fine.” I mumbled but he wasn’t listening and
    kept walking. Even though I can’t see his face right now, I
    know that he’s worried about me based on his tone of
    speaking… But I shouldn’t trust him.
    I swore to myself not to trust anyone right after Young
    Ji’s death, So I once again pulled my wrist off of his
    grasp making him stop and look back at me. “I think..
    it’s better to stay with everyone else than roam around
    the pitch black hallways.”
    He stared at me dead in the eyes, before agreeing. “Okay
    then, you should stay with everyone.”
    “What about you? Where are you going?” I asked
    “I have some things to do…” He mumbled, sheepishly
    scratching the back of his head. “Well, I’ll see you later.”
    He waved at me before slowly disappearing in the dark
    as he walks away.
    I turned around and began walking towards everyone
    else, my footsteps suddenly slowing down as I noticed
    Hana grabbing a broken piece of the window with the
    shape of a drafting triangle on the ground and walks
    towards Irene.
    Irene, however, was too busy tapping on her phone trying
    to contact her family to pick her up. Before she know it,
    her face was slashed deeply by Hana
    She screamed in pain, dropping her phone and
    stumbling. Everyone also screamed in horror as they ran
    away to different directions, afraid that they might get
    hurt too.
    “What the f--k!? Why’d you stab her?!” A guy in my class
    tried to disarm Hana but failed to since Hana immediately
    stabbed him in the stomach without hesitation. The
    sounds were blocked off from my ears, I wasn’t hearing
    the loud thunders or the pouring of the rain, my
    classmates loud screaming and their footsteps trying to
    get away from Hana. The only sound I can hear is that
    Guy’s constant gasping for air and Irene’s mumbling
    words as she touched her bleeding face.
    “How dare you!!!” Irene managed to yell, her tears mixing
    with her own blood. But Hana remained silent, watching
    Irene helplessly try to cover her face.
    She tried to push Hana away from her, but to no avail,
    she was the one who was pushed and landed on the
    ground soaked in that guy’s blood, splashing it
    everywhere and staining her uniform. Hana placed her
    foot on Irene’s stomach and putting all her weight on it
    so she can’t move around.
    “Why are you… doing this?” She managed to choke out
    the words despite her jaw almost falling off from her
    “Why you ask?” Suddenly, a thin smile crept on her face.
    Her pupils becoming smaller as she raise the shard she
    was holding, preparing to lunge it into Irene’s chest.
    “Because It’s fun to play with you.”
    As those sadistically playful words escaped from her
    mouth, she pushed the shard with full force on to Irene’s
    chest. Crimson colors splashed everywhere, bathing the
    whole place with a rustic smell of fresh blood.
    I wasn’t moving from my place, standing frozen because
    of the scene I just witnessed. I don’t know what I should
    do next, but my legs know what they had to do and
    began running away from them.
    As soon as I reached the end of the hallway and was
    about to climb the stair up to the 3rd floor, I looked back
    at them. Another lightning occurred, veiling the hallway
    with a faint light for a second.
    I saw Hana, positioning the shard in front of her. The
    sharp point was facing her as she hold it with both her
    hands before piercing it deep into her chest.
    After Hana’s body slumped on the floor, joining the other
    two dead bodies on the ground. I knew for sure… I knew
    that this is gonna be a horrible night for me and for
    everyone else.


    Hye mi’s POV
    Having just witnessed a lightning ripping our classroom
    apart and slaughtered a few of my classmates, I am
    100% determined to get the hell out of this place.
    I quickly ran outside plowing through the other students
    blocking my way, I don’t care about them, I just want to
    save myself and leave this place already.
    “Phew!” I panted as I reached the hallway, placing my
    hands over my knees breathing as hard as I can to
    minimize the rush of adrenaline in my veins.
    We are all finally outside, some ran away as far from here
    and some sat down leaning on the wall. Well of course
    except for Yoo ma who was stupidly staring on thin air.
    She just stood there, walking slowly towards the cliff.
    My eyes were glued at her in disbelief, why would she
    walk towards a cliff? Is she crazy? I don’t want to see
    another one die, what is she trying to do now?
    Well, good thing the loser in our class “Min ho” grabbed
    her arm and dragged her outside with us in the hallway. I
    shifted my attention to everyone who is currently crying
    their eyes out. Their crying voice is battling against the
    loud sounds of thunders and lightning that it was
    deafening to my ears.
    So I decided to go to the infirmary so I can rest on one
    of those comfy beds but going there alone isn’t a good
    idea so I dragged a random girl with me, I don’t know her
    name thou, I don’t waste my time remembering some
    useless people but since I don’t want to be alone, I
    brought her with me.
    We are walking in the dark hallway with our arms
    attached to each other, even though I barely talk to her in
    class. If I remember correctly, her name is Lia.
    “Kyaaa!” She squealed, tripping over something and
    falling on to the floor. I heard some splashing sounds as
    she landed, almost as if she fell on a puddle of water.
    “What are you doing?” I crossed my arms as I look at her
    silhouette, helplessly trying to stand up again.
    “I think I just tripped over something gooey.” She
    mumbled, trailing behind me. We were walking through
    the slippery hallway, I felt my shoes suddenly became
    wet since we’ve been walking through this flooded path.
    Did the water pipes broke? Or some idiot just poured
    nasty liquids here for fun.
    My eyes were studying the dark, I must be attentive to
    make it to the clinic without stumbling and tripping over
    some random things on the ground just like Lia.
    “Hurry up, I want to rest already.” I pulled out my phone
    as we continue walking, It’s more convenient if I use my
    phone as a flashlight since it’s completely dark in this
    “We should’ve stayed with them” She stuttered, while I
    was busy tapping on my phone, looking for the flashlight
    As I opened the flashlight, and point it in front of me. I
    can already see the infirmary door, so I don’t need Lia
    with me anymore.
    “We’re here, why don’t you go back and—” My sentence
    got cut off as I aimed the light at her, seeing her uniform
    covered in blood and some gushy bits I stumbled. My
    feet tangling with each other causing me to fall and land
    on the wet floor.
    “Wha… What?” I stuttered, still staring at Lia who
    obviously looked clueless on why I’m being like this.
    “What’s wrong?” She asked, stretching her hand to me to
    help me stand up, but she saw her sleeves soaked in red
    liquid causing her to step back.
    My flashlight still focused on her, my hands trembling
    and losing its strength to even hold my phone. My gaze
    shifted down as I felt my clothes also getting wet, and
    saw a pool of blood splashed everywhere. I didn’t dare
    to even look at the source of these amount of blood,
    even though I already know the logical reason that
    caused this. Either someone just slaughtered a lot of
    people, or someone is just on their period.
    But either way, I don’t want to stay here, standing up and
    running away from that place, leaving Lia on her own.
    I slid the infirmary door with full force, and immediately
    entered. Closing the door behind me as I ran across the
    room heading towards the drawer to look for spare
    clothes. I don’t want to wear this blood soaked uniform
    until, I’m gonna puke if I wear this any longer.
    “Where is it?!” I yelled, literally pulling out all the drawers
    filled with different kind of bottles and throwing it on the
    ground. Crashing sounds reverberated as the medicines
    break and spill odd smelling liquids on the floor.
    But still, I couldn’t find any clothes of the school nurse
    who usually puts it here. I couldn’t stand the smell of
    blood, it’s driving me crazy.
    “Must… find… ugh..” My mind was getting hazy all of a
    sudden, probably from the odd looking medicines I just
    inhaled, and the rustic smell of blood making it worse.
    I heard a thud sound right after I landed on the floor, my
    eyes becoming blurry from my tears but a figure caught
    my eye. She was standing still at the doorway, watching
    me with beaming eyes. Although blurred and indefinite, I
    know for sure that it was someone I knew
    I fluttered my eyes open, seeing myself in a cold, dark
    room. It was damp and clammy and felt very much like a
    cave. I don’t remember being here, for all I know I was
    just in the infirmary.
    I tried to move my arms but I’m completely tied down to
    a chair with thick worn out ropes, whoever tied me here
    sure has a lot of time to waste tying it tightly to the point
    it almost wrecked my bones.
    “Help! Someone untie me!” Wracked in apprehension, I
    tried raising my voice, but barely had one to raise. My
    throat was so dry and itchy, I can almost feel it retracting
    from the burning sensa.
    I looked around but didn’t see anyone else and there was
    no response.
    But when I was about to lose hope in escaping this place,
    I saw a light emanating from outside the room, someone
    is out there holding a flashlight and was heading to this
    direction as the light becomes brighter and brighter.
    Hope rushed through me and I called even more. “Hey!
    I’m over here! Please help me!”
    I can hear the sounds of footsteps becoming more
    clearer and louder, and what’s weird is it was in a normal
    pace. For a normal person, if they hear someone yelling
    for help, the automatic reaction is that they would run to
    the person in need.
    But whoever is out there is just leisurely walking as if
    enjoying the sound of my constant plea. I could even
    hear the person’s sweet laugh resonating outside, it
    already made me know who it was.
    “Surprise!” She smiled as she reached the doorway of
    the room, revealing herself to me.
    “What in the actual f--k?!” I yelled in confusion, watching
    her walk towards me, carrying a metal pipe on her hand
    and a flashlight on the other. “Why are you doing this?!
    Stop it!”
    She chuckled at the sight of my reaction, pulling my hair
    upwards making me squeal in pain. She leaned closer to
    my ear since I can feel her cold breath on my neck and
    whispered the word softly.
    After hearing that word, I started to scream as I felt my
    wrist and thighs beginning to bleed uncontrollably, she
    was cutting it with a sharp weapon I couldn’t determine. I
    was losing so much blood in such a short time and she
    on the other hand was enjoying the sound of my painful
    screams as if it was music to her ears.
    “Hello? Anyone here?” A voice coming from outside the
    room entered my ears as if it was the most beautiful
    sound I have ever heard since she just stopped torturing
    “I’ll be back.” She said gently patting my head, leaving
    me behind in this room that gives off a nasty smell as if
    dead rats were gathered here and left to rot.
    After a while, I heard them talking while I try to break
    free from this chair as I wriggle around. I can feel the
    ropes sinking deeper into my flesh as I force my skin out
    of it, blood and gooey bits began to gush out of my open
    wounds as I do the process.
    “Oh? I just told everyone to remain in their rooms, what
    are you doing here?” Whoever that teacher is, said in a
    nice tone.
    “I went to the restroom.” She answered bluntly, obviously
    bored to talk to a person she has no business with.
    “Oh is that so, well I better go now and don’t wander
    around too long and return back to your classroom.” The
    teacher turned around and started walking “By the way,
    I’m not seeing any other students do you know where
    they all went?”
    “Where are they?” The teacher asked, clueless of what
    has been happening in the school for the past minutes.
    I finally ripped the rope after some bloody way of
    escaping from it and immediately pushed it off me. I
    decided to go out the window instead of the door since
    they’re just outside this classroom I’m in.
    As soon as I opened the window, I heard the teacher
    screamed in pain making me panic and jump out, despite
    the awful weather. I didn’t fall off the building, I just
    stood at the small pathway connected at the outer wall
    and slowly tiptoed my way to the other classroom,
    careful not to fall off and plunge to my death.
    I’m now currently fighting the strong winds and the pain
    I’m feeling right now, I heard the person entering back
    the room and screamed in anger knowing that I escaped
    and ran off.
    As soon as I don’t hear any footsteps anymore, I quickly
    went inside the other classroom and sighed in relief
    before walking out of the room and almost puke to see a
    dreadful sight laying in the middle of the hallway.
    The corpse of the teacher from a while ago was lying in
    an uncomfortable position, it seems like his head was
    decapitated and his bones were broken and sticking to
    different sides, he almost look like a sea urchin with his
    bones everywhere.
    I quickly went to the other way and limped towards the
    stairway to the upper floor. I don’t know where I’m
    going, but I need to find someone to tell them who the
    killer was so they can plan a way to outsmart that culprit,
    I know I’m gonna die for losing so many blood, but I’m
    not letting myself die in vain.
    At least before I die, I want to become useful to other
    people. I should warn them of what to come.
    Finally, after limping for like a minute. I saw everyone
    walking at the hallway. I limped faster and it seems like
    they noticed my presence and ran to my direction.
    “Oh my god! Hye mi!” Fei caught me in her arms before I
    land on the ground. She stroke my head while Jina rip her
    uniform and wrap it around my bleeding wrists and thighs
    to stop the severe bleeding.
    “J-jina… Fei…” I stuttered, but they seem to be panicking
    over my situation that they’re not focusing on my words.
    I grabbed Fei’s collar to grab her attention instead of
    panicking and opened my mouth to speak.
    I wheezed and panted, but the words won’t come out of
    my mouth anymore as soon as I try to form them.
    Something caught itself in my throat making me choke
    on my words, I found myself unable to breathe and
    doubled over in a fit.
    “Stop it Hye mi, don’t waste your remaining energy on
    speaking” Jina cried, I looked at her eyes and it seems
    like they’re convinced that I’ll die here.
    I don’t have enough blood in my body anymore, I’m
    beginning to get weak and numb. I can’t even open my
    eyes anymore so I just remained still, accepting the fact
    that I’m gonna die in less than a second.
    My memories from when I was born up until now, flashes
    in front of me like a photo album. I was beginning to see
    the blinding light in my eyes, and I can feel my body
    become weightless.
    But before I leave these world, I want to leave something
    for my friends that’ll help them escape here. Using my
    last drop of life, I pulled out something from my blood
    stained pocket and gave it to Fei’s hand.
    A textbook…

    CHAPTER 10

    After the lightning struck our room, I immediately went
    far from the scene before any drama occurs again,
    walking without any injuries or whatsoever. “I’m so lucky
    as ever” I thought to myself.
    Walking through the dark hallway, I was thinking of where
    to go and sleep.
    “The infirmary should be fine.” I thought to myself, but I
    had another idea in mind before going there to rest.
    Since the school is pitch black, and the people are
    scared shitless. I bet they’re not watching over the food
    in the cafeteria, since they’re all gathered in classrooms
    to make sure they’re safe.
    Ah, this is like a dream come true. I can eat and take all
    the food I want without even paying.
    Hurriedly, I skipped my way to the cafeteria and
    humming a random song. It was so dark but thanks to
    my healthy eyes, It already adjusted to the dark and I can
    see a bit of the place so I’m sure I’m not gonna trip over
    “Finally here.” I smiled as I enter the cafeteria, the smell
    of fresh food entered my nose as if I can almost taste it.
    I walked towards the the place where they kept all the
    food and opened the container. Seeing the food​
    untouched and still at place, I realized that I’m a genius
    for the first person to think of this plan.
    Normally, if you are trapped in a school with no chance
    of leaving until daylight, then the first thing that comes to
    mind is where to find food, water and shelter.
    After I’m done here, I’ll head back to the infirmary and
    sleep and wait for the storm to calm.
    “Hmm…” I mumbled, thinking of something really
    important. “Should I take the cheese flavored or the
    garlic one?”
    “What a sight.”
    I suddenly​ heard someone coming from the doorway.
    I quickly shifted my head to see who the person was and
    saw that it was my classmate, Lia.
    She was holding her phone that serves as her flashlight
    and was aiming it at me.
    “Uhh yeah, cheese is much tastier.” I laughed in an
    awkward way, timidly putting the cheese flavored in my
    I hope this girl doesn’t tell the teachers that I’m stealing
    food, well one way to stop her from telling is to make her
    steal too.
    “Here, take it.” I stretched my hand to her with a cheese
    flavored biscuit, but she just stared at it.
    “No thanks, I’m not here to eat.” She walked past me
    and went towards the kitchen.
    I quietly followed her while watching her actions. “Then
    what else are you gonna do here? There’s no people so
    we can take as many as we like, I know Its considered as
    stealing but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I
    wasn’t thinking of keeping it all to myself, I was actually
    planning to give it out to everyone, so you don’t need to
    tell this to the teachers.”
    I was talking non stop​ but eventually stopped as I saw
    her pull out a knife from the kitchen drawers in a swift
    motion and carefully looked at it as if thinking if its sharp
    “Err, right. We need a knife in cutting that cake over
    there.” I nervously said, backing away from her.
    She took another smaller knife and placed it inside her
    pocket, she also took a water bottle before walking back
    to my direction, carrying the knife in a way that she’s
    prepared to slice anyone who blocks her way.
    “I don’t care if you take all the food, I’m not telling the
    teachers.” She stated as she walk pass me, I swear I
    almost wet my pants since she looked so badass at the
    “Ugh… Thanks.” I nervously said, my knees trembling in
    “There’s a bigger problem to take care of than you
    stealing food here, so it’s your choice to stay here or go
    hide.” She uttered before exiting through the door.
    Woah was Lia usually that cold? From what I remember
    she was just quiet and never really stands out in class.
    And what bigger problem there is than stealing? But oh
    well, at least I’m not involved in that ‘bigger’ problem
    she’s talking about.
    Gathering all the things I took, I went out of the cafeteria
    and made my way through the darkened halls just to get
    to the infirmary.
    I slid open the door leading to the infirmary and the first
    thing that welcomed me is the awful smells of medicines.
    “What the hell?” I aimed my phone at the source of smell
    and saw all types of different bottles shattered on the
    floor causing the liquids mix and create a foul smell.
    “Ugh, how am I supposed to sleep in this smelly room.” I
    grunted, dropping my shoulders as I sighed.
    I stood at the doorway for a minute, contemplating if I
    should clean up the mess or move to another room.
    “Maybe I’ll just–” My sentence was cut off as I heard a
    sound of something unusual in the hallway. A sound like
    someone just smashed a watermelon with something
    really hard, and a ‘thud’ sound followed after that.
    And I sure know that it’s not a watermelon that was just
    smashed, but a person’s head since a sound of
    whimpering reverberated across the hall.
    My instincts immediately told me to hide in one of the
    closets and so I did, quickly putting the things I was
    carrying on the table and quietly entered the closet.
    After a while, I began to hear footsteps. But not just
    footsteps, a thud too after every other step. These
    weren’t footsteps of a normal person who has a normal
    behavior. They were slow, heavy, and deliberate. As if
    whoever that is, isn’t scared by the fact that the whole
    school is pitch black. I held my breath praying they would
    go away…
    But they did not.
    The noises continue to ascend, as if the person was
    doing something to the person that was lying on the
    floor, and after a moment of silence, the walking
    This time, along with a steady scraping sound, like
    something heavy being dragged across the floor. The
    footsteps made their way through the hall and wandered
    aimlessly through the various rooms. 5
    I thought I can smell something faintly putrid, almost
    making me puke. The constant scrapes also sent cold
    shivers coarsing down my arms and back.
    My worst fears were realized when the steps reached the
    infirmary’s doorway, I peeked my eye through the small
    gap of the closet and saw a silhouette dragging an
    unconscious body, leaving trails of blood behind.
    I prayed with all my might to not make whoever this
    person is, see me, as if I suddenly believed in the
    fictional character named God.
    And eventually, my prayers were answered as the person
    just walked pass through this room, still dragging the
    I sighed in relief, my shoulders dropping and eyes teary
    from that intense moment.
    I can almost feel my heart pounding loudly that I thought
    that it might be heard from across the hallway.
    But my loud, beating heart wasn’t the thing that sounded
    out across the hall, but my phone that was on the table.
    My usual ringtone, played with the most loudest sound.
    Who the hell is calling me at the worst time possible, I
    felt all my hopes and the will to live, shattering and fall
    into pieces as the footsteps outside this room stopped,
    dropped the body that was being dragged and began
    walking back directly towards this room.
    They got closer and closer and finally stopped directly
    infront of the doorway, I wasn’t scared by the fact that
    the person was now meters away from me, but for the
    fact that they were actually the one calling my phone,
    carrying on their bloody hand was their own phone.
    Even though I’m only looking through a small gap of this
    closet, I can still see what’s on that phone the person is
    My sweetest Joon <3
    After an agonizing pause, they continued on over to the
    other side of the room, and out the doorway again.
    What the hell just happened? Did that person didn’t see
    me? Or was just pretending that they didn’t, since my
    hiding spot literally is the most obvious place to search
    for whenever there’s a person hiding.
    The sounds of the rigged footsteps faded away down the
    hall, and I waited for what seems like an eternity. There
    were no more sounds and the whole place was eerily
    ‘Okay, Joon. You got this, you’re a man. Whoever that
    killer js doesn’t stand a chance against you’
    I was trying to build up enough courage to open the door
    and flee, but while doing so, I was bombarded with a
    smell I can only describe as fresh road kill. The closet I
    was in, suddenly became clampy and the smell was
    more awful than the one I smelled from a while ago.
    I began hearing raspy breathing behind me in this dark
    closet and I felt a hot breath against the nape of my
    “Found you.” A menacing voice whispered to my ear,
    following a small chuckle.
    That was enough for me to hurdle myself out from the
    confines of that nightmare space, grabbing my phone and
    dashing outside the room, relying on the light of my
    phone to navigate through the darkness.
    “What the f--k what the f--k what the f--k what the f--k.”
    I repeatedly chanted with a trembling voice as I run
    across the slippery hallway, noticing that there were
    already too many dead bodies scattered everywhere.
    All the while, I heard footsteps chasing behind me
    closing in with terrifying speed.
    As if whoever is chasing me is determined to tackle me
    from behind and sending me down on the concrete floor.
    I turned to my right and climbed the stairs leading to the
    ground floor. I never looked back at least not until I
    bumped into someone, and when I did turn around I saw
    absolutely nothing there. There were no more footsteps
    and nobody was chasing me.
    I sighed in relief, panting and wheezing as I felt my heart
    beating loudly.
    “That… was… close. I’m glad… that person didn’t chase
    me down here. ” I said in between breaths, grabbing the
    person’s shoulder that serves to support my weight as I
    felt my knees trembling.
    “A person chasing you?” A sound of a voice infront of me
    asked, clueless. I lifted my phone up and aimed the light
    at their face to see who it was.
    With my blurry eyes from the tears, I saw facial features
    that seemed familiar and I realized that it was someone I
    “Ah it’s just you.” I mumbled, still panting.
    But this time I managed to lift my lips to form a smile,
    since I’m not alone in this school filled with dead bodies
    anymore. “There was a crazy person, or something, that
    was chasing me and I’m sure it was trying to kill me just
    now. And I’m gonna find out who that was and mess with
    them for making me scared shitless.” I managed to let
    out a small laugh but it soon ended as the person in front
    of me spoke in a soft voice.
    “So you want to find that person?”
    “Yes and if I do, I’m gonna do some awful things to that
    b-----d” I scoffed, standing proudly.
    “You must be lucky…” I looked back at the person and
    saw her somewhat ominous smile. “You’re staring
    directly at that person.”
    After those words, I heard a sound like someone just
    smashed a watermelon with something really hard, and a
    ‘thud’ sound followed after that.
    And I sure know that it’s not a watermelon that was just
    smashed, but my own head. By the hands of this person
    holding a weapon.
    For a moment, I thought I saw her satisfied face. And
    everything soon became black, but my mind was still
    conscious after that strong blow and I managed to hear
    her saying the word.

    CHAPTER 11

    Entering through the school gates with a groan, I lazily
    pushed myself to walk towards another day being
    surrounded by credulous idiots. The darkness in the sky
    is rolling in and rain threatened to fall, February is always
    cold so I never liked it.
    After I entered and reached the corridors of the building,
    I immediately noticed that the credulous idiots I was
    talking about were constantly looking at a piece of
    paper. Looking closely to it, I realized that it was a photo
    but I am not interested in any way to meddle with the
    stupid childplay they’re doing.
    “I knew it. She’s a s--t.” I heard a student saying in
    disgust as I walk pass her, I glanced at her from behind
    my shoulder. Seeing that she’s also carrying and looking
    at the same photo everyone is holding.
    Studying the surroundings, I realized that almost
    everyone was holding that photo and staring at it with
    either disgust or mockery, laughing together with the
    group they’re in.
    “Yooma!” I heard a familiar voice called me, interrupting
    me from observing everyone.
    I looked infront to see a girl walking to my direction.
    “Irene.” I mumbled, as she stopped.
    “Miss Ah reum was looking for you in the student council
    office.” She said with her thin smile, giving off a nice
    But I’m not a fool.
    I know how gross her real personality is, I know she’s
    also bullying Youngji in the shadows. Pretending to be a
    teacher’s pet to gain everyone’s trust.
    I nodded in response, continuing to walk in an impatient
    manner since I want to leave that area festered by idiots.
    “Ah and by the way.” She stopped me, I turned around to
    see her usual smile turn into a mocking smirk. “Have you
    seen those photos? Youngji looked like she had a lot of
    “What are you talking about?” I raised an eyebrow, and
    she chuckled at my reaction begining to walk away.
    “Why don’t you see for yourself.” She mumbled before
    disappearing amidst the crowd.
    Intrigued, I looked to my side to see a guy also holding a
    photo and was holding his phone above it, taking a
    Without warning, I snatched the photo from his hands
    earning a startled noise from him.
    “Hey!” He lifted his pissed off eyes to meet mine, only to
    be taken aback as he saw who I am. “Y-yooma.” He
    said, cowering. His gaze wavering at the thought of the
    most outstanding student in the whole campus is
    standing in front of him.
    “Piss off.” I scoffed, he immediately turned, quickly
    scurrying to create a large distance from me.
    After watching him scamper away, I looked down at the
    photo. Only to find myself shocked by the pervese
    “Youngji?” I stammered, wondering how Youngji ended
    up in a scandal. Who could have done this to her?
    Realizing that the photo in my hands is also in the hands
    of almost everyone in the school made my eyes widen in
    If Youngji sees this she will surely break down, she’s too
    fragile and sensitive. What’s worse is that everyone at
    school saw this picture and is now planning a way to
    make fun of her the moment she walk through the gates.
    “Tsk.” Crumpling the photo in my hand, I hurriedly
    walked towards the destination I am headed to.
    I won’t let this ruin Youngji, she had already experienced
    too much sufferings.
    Sliding the door open of the student council room, I saw
    Miss Ah reum and the other officers already
    commencing a meeting.
    “Ah Yooma, good thing you’re here. We’re just talking
    about the statistics of the upcoming–” I interrupted Ah
    reum’s statement as I slammed my fist on the long table.
    Earning shocked and confused looks from everyone in
    the room. “Right now, there’s a scandalous photo being
    spread around the school.”
    “What?” Ah reum exclaimed, standing up from her seat.
    “What is the students doing?”
    “It’s destroying the sanity of the student involved, and I
    as a member of this council wants each and everyone of
    you to stand up and dispose all of it.” I ordered, putting
    my hands over my waist.
    However, the looks on everyone’s faces looked as if they
    don’t want to do it. They probably have seen the picture
    and seeing that Youngji is the one in it made them
    indolently idle.
    “Yooma, we have a much important matter to speak of
    instead of fixing that mess Youngji made.” One of my
    classmate said, sluggishly sitting on his spot.
    The others seemed to agree as they nod their head
    accordingly, except for Miss Ah reum who was about to
    exit but stopped as she heard the statement just now.
    Observing all their expressions, my eyes turned cold and
    menacing. Staring right into everyone’s eyes that made
    them shiver and feel uncomfortable​.
    “Fine. I’ll do it myself.” I stomped my way back towards
    the door. Sliding it open and glancing back at them with
    cold glares. “But don’t expect me to be participating in
    this student council s--t.”

    Earning shocked and confused looks from everyone in
    the room. “Right now, there’s a scandalous photo being
    spread around the school.”
    “What?” Ah reum exclaimed, standing up from her seat.
    “What is the students doing?”
    “It’s destroying the sanity of the student involved, and I
    as a member of this council wants each and everyone of
    you to stand up and dispose all of it.” I ordered, putting
    my hands over my waist.
    However, the looks on everyone’s faces looked as if they
    don’t want to do it. They probably have seen the picture
    and seeing that Youngji is the one in it made them
    indolently idle.
    “Yooma, we have a much important matter to speak of
    instead of fixing that mess Youngji made.” One of my
    classmate said, sluggishly sitting on his spot.
    The others seemed to agree as they nod their head
    accordingly, except for Miss Ah reum who was about to
    exit but stopped as she heard the statement just now.
    Observing all their expressions, my eyes turned cold and
    menacing. Staring right into everyone’s eyes that made
    them shiver and feel uncomfortable​.
    “Fine. I’ll do it myself.” I stomped my way back towards
    the door. Sliding it open and glancing back at them with
    cold glares. “But don’t expect me to be participating in
    this student council s--t.”
    What I said made them gasp, some even stood up as to
    stop me. Knowing that one of their important​ assets​ is
    about to leave their organization, I have been incharge in
    almost all of the work to make the teachers praise us so
    they need me more than anything in this group.
    “We understand! We’ll help you, just don’t leave us
    hanging here.” The one who was just slugging off a while
    ago, walked behind me as well as all the other members
    of the council.
    “Miss Ah reum, I can already hear Youngji’s voice
    fighting with someone.” I uttered, planting my palm on
    my face. Pondering on how she can cause trouble in less
    than a minute and already causing a ruckus.
    “Yes yes, I’ll stop them.” Miss Ah reum gave me a
    thumbs up, as she scampered faster towards the source
    of the loud voices.
    I abruptly stopped and looked behind me, seeing them
    flinch at my sudden movement made me think as to why
    they’re so scared of me.
    “Photos have been scattered everywhere at the corridors
    of the main entrance. Dispose of them immediately.” I
    ordered half of the people with me and hurriedly
    disappeared to the place I mentioned​.
    I looked back at the number of people left and
    commanded in a firm voice. “There are students who
    took a photo of it in their phones. I want you to collect
    them and delete it.”
    “Understood.” They said in unison before walking away.
    I have done my part of the job, I just hope Youngji won’t
    get bothered by this.
    I couldn’t possibly approach her and talk to her since I
    believe she hates me for yelling at her the other day.
    Although, I’m not in the place to do this since I always
    just watch her getting hurt from afar. But as her friend, I
    would help her from the shadows. I don’t want to see her
    in pain any longer, It hurts to see the only person I can
    consider my friend being stepped on by other people.
    “Yooma! You’re the person I like the most in the whole
    Youngji’s voice kept flashing in my mind as I meandered
    across the hall, passing through people who have a world
    of their own.
    “You’re the bestest best best friend I have, I would never
    leave you alone!”
    It kept coming, the moments I had with her when we
    were still in good terms. Reminiscing about how happy
    we were not too long ago, Her voice as cheerful and
    annoying as ever, always clinging unto my arm, not until
    Fei began to hurt her.
    “Yooma, you’re the best!”
    I know she hated me for yelling and leaving at her that
    time on the bridge, I know she despised me since she
    knows I was always just watching her whenever she’s
    getting beaten up.
    I know all of that…
    But why?
    Why is she trying to kill me?
    “Die.” She uttered, completely bringing me back to the
    present times, the school was dark and festered by dead
    people, giving the whole establishment a putrid smell.
    She wrapped her hands around my neck and began
    tightening her grip, not allowing me to respire.
    “” I wheezed, holding both her wrist and trying
    to push her off me.
    Her surprising agility made me pinned down on the floor,
    sitting on top of me as she push all her weight on my
    neck, speeding up the process of killing me. Both my feet
    wriggling​ and squirming on the floor. Trying my best to
    not die from her hands.
    “Stop.” She mumbled, even tightening her grip on me
    almost snapping my neck in half.
    Even though I was currently fighting for life and death,
    trying to push her off me. I caught a glimpse of her face
    hidden under her long messy hair.
    She was crying, her cold tears falling on my dry cheeks.
    Watching me whimper and gasp for air with eyes filled
    with sympathy and regret. As if she wasn’t entirely happy
    about strangling her former bestfriend to death.
    “Yo-youngji.” I stammered, “Let… let me go!” mustering
    all my remaining strenght and pushing her off me.
    I managed to push her to my side, immediately standing
    up and running away a few meters​ before looking back at
    She wasn’t there anymore…
    She disappeared.
    An empty dimmed hallway was left. Complete silence
    occured, aside from the constant thunders and lightnings
    the sky is making, all I can hear is my unsteady breathing
    and whimpering voice.
    “N-no…” I fell on my knees, holding my head in pain as
    the menacing voices kept haunting me.
    “She hates you.”
    “She’s the same as everyone.”
    “Dispose of her before she kills you.”
    “She never really was your friend.”
    “Make her leave.”
    “No! I can’t!” I screeched, my eyes darting from side to
    side, looking for the source of the voice but there wasn’t
    anyone here with me.
    From the corner of my eyes, I can see shadows following
    me but whenever I turn around they would disappear in
    thin air as if this whole thing made me hallucinating.
    “Leave me alone!” I yelled, standing up and began
    sprinting away from the specific area.
    “Kill her.”
    “Kill her.”
    “She’s not your friend.”
    “They’re all the same.”
    The voices followed me, whispering in my ears almost all
    the time. Telling me what to do and what not to do,
    telling me to kill Youngji.
    But I won’t do that, I won’t bend to their will. I’m not
    gonna become a mere vessel by these voices to do what
    they want, I’m not the type to get controlled by these
    Whatever happens, I am still her friend.
    I am Youngji’s friend.

    CHAPTER 12

    Fei and I were resting in the locker room for girls after a
    horrible experience. We witnessed Irene got killed, we
    saw dead bodies scattered everywhere, we are trapped
    in a pitch black school with a killer roaming around, and
    my best friend Hye Mi just died right before our eyes
    without any explanations why she just died like that.
    Her body was covered in wounds, cuts and rope marks
    on her skin so I’m guessing that she was tied down while
    being tortured. When we saw her, she was limping and
    staggering just to reach us, only to hand over a useless
    But what heartless creature would do that to her? She
    just learned that her parents were at the hospital and in a
    critical state and now she died without even seeing them
    for the last time. It hurts just thinking about her situation,
    but thinking about it carefully, we are also in the same
    situation. A mad murderer killing whoever is unlucky
    enough to get seen. So I made the right choice to follow
    Fei since she knows the greatest place to hide, she
    usually goes here when she skips class and nobody ever
    finds her. I just hope whoever is causing this horrible
    thing doesn’t find us here.
    I was shaking in the corner as I dial my dad’s number,
    hoping that he would pick up and take me home from
    here but he’s not answering his phone. Don’t tell me he
    “Can you not shake like that? You’re making me
    uncomfortbale with your pitiful look.” Fei mumbled while
    pulling a cigarette from her pocket and lighting it with
    her lighter.
    She exhaled the white smokes from her mouth and it
    went to my direction, I coughed out when I inhaled it, not
    completely sure how she can be calm out of all this.
    “What? Don’t act as if you never smoke” She glared at
    me, exhaling another puff of smoke up in the air.
    “This is not the time to smoke!” I yelled at her, a hint of
    panic in my tone as I pace back and forth while clinging
    on to my phone.
    “Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and continued smoking.
    “D--n I lost my phone back in the hallway.”
    “Where’d you lost it?” I asked, looking outside the
    window to see complete darkness.
    “I don’t have any idea, it just slipped off my pocket. . .
    Maybe at the corridor just near the infirmary, I bumped
    into a locker that time.” She answered, still occupied by
    I looked at her with weary eyes before saying “Should we
    be going now?”
    “You’re telling me, that we should go out in the open and
    let ourselves get found and die?” She leaned on the long
    bench and positions herself as if she was getting ready
    to sleep.
    “I’m scared, what if it really was Young ji, taking us out
    one by one? The textbook that Hye Mi gave us… I
    remember it from somewhere but it’s indefinite. Why did
    she used all her strenght just to give us that?” I asked,
    and she replied with just another puff of smoke
    embracing my face.
    “Don’t mention Young Ji’s name again” She said and
    continued to relax, “That textbook that she left is
    probably nothing.”
    “But she used all her remaining strength to show it to
    us… it should mean something right?” I asked but she
    wasn’t listening to me at all. “And why did you left it back
    in that hallway? We should’ve searched what’s inside
    “Will you shut up and let me smoke in peace? God, you’re
    annoying. I should’ve left you there.” She exclaimed,
    throwing the cigarette at me. “If you don’t want me to
    throw you out then shut your mouth.”
    I calmed myself down so I wont annoy Fei, but the past
    images still haunts my mind. Irene, Hye Mi and a few
    other students are now dead and I just can’t keep calm
    after that.
    I was finally feeling calm and relaxed after a few minutes,
    not until we heard someone banging at the door as if
    whoever is outside wants to break the door in half.
    “What the-” Fei said as she stood up and grabbed the
    long metal pipe besides her.
    “W-who’s there?” I stuttered and somehow, the banging
    I slowly walked towards the door, checking if its still
    there by peeking through the keyhole but I saw nothing
    but darkness.
    I walked back at my spot and sat again in the corner,
    hugging myself trying to make myself warm.
    But as soon as I closed my eyes in relief.
    The banging sound continued that made me and Fei jolt
    “Who’s there?!” Fei yelled, standing up from the chair in
    shock while I hid behind her.
    We heard a laugh from the other side of the door,
    making us realize who that was. It was just our
    classmate who likes to fool around.
    “D--n it Minho! Stop scaring us!” I yelled and quickly
    opened the door to let him in
    “You guys must be so scared like hell.” Minho chuckled,
    entering the room and closing the door behind him.
    “F--k you. Why’d you do that?!” Fei yelled in annoyance
    as she throw the cigarette to his direction.
    “Just for fun” He replied, dodging the lit cigarette and
    still chuckling at the sight of us being scared.
    “Anyway, why are you here?” I asked, trying to calm my
    heart which is about to explode from being scared.
    “I was doing something, like messing around the school”
    He replied, sitting down on one of the long bench.
    “Like what?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at him while Fei
    cross her arms.
    “Nevermind, did you guys just saw what happened to
    Irene?” He immediately changed the topic and we
    subconsciously forgot about our question to him and just
    “Yeah, got stabbed by Hana.” I said while Fei continued
    smoking again after picking it up from the ground.
    “Yeah, I saw her body in one of the security cameras.”
    He replied, searching his hand in his pocket.
    “Security camera? Where did you go anyway?” Fei asked,
    releasing white smokes from her mouth.
    “In the security room, just watching everyone run around
    the school. That’s how I knew that you’re here” He
    smiled, which is not normal because who would smile at
    a time like this when everyone is dying.
    “Wait, there’s a security room?!” I yelled, I always ignore
    the cameras stuck on the walls everywhere since I
    thought its just for display.
    “Yeah. And based on my estimation, about half of the
    school’s population is gone…. poof!” He said, as if he
    doesn’t give a d--n on those dead people.
    “What do you mean?” Fei asked, eyeing him gesture his
    hands as he explains.
    “They’re all dead” He deadpan.
    His words made our jaw dropped, we thought that it was
    only Irene, Hye mi and a few other students who died but
    half of us are now dead?
    “How? Who killed them?” I asked, nibbling on my nails
    while pacing back and forth.
    “I still don’t know, the night vision of the camera is kinda
    broken so I cant see much,” He remarked, finally found
    what he’s looking for in his pocket, which is his own
    “But I do saw a shadow, more like a silhouette” He
    added, tapping on his phone and searching it. “And… It’s
    following a certain girl in the hallway, and I think its
    “What? Yooma is being followed by whatever that is?”
    Fei repeated what he just said in disbelief.
    “Then it really is Young ji” I added, earning a glare from
    “Who’s young ji anyway?” He asked puzzling over what I
    just said. He just transfered here so he didn’t got
    updated by the news.
    “Trust me, you don’t wanna know” Fei muttered, and he
    just shrugged and continued on his phone.
    “Okay, back to the shadow” he sat besides me. “I don’t
    know but I think the shadow is trying to kill Yooma.”
    His sudden words left us confused and wondering why
    the hell would Young Ji try to kill Yoo ma.
    “Why would she kill her own best friend?!” Fei said the
    words that I was about to ask.
    “That’s what I’m trying to find out” He remarked.
    “Oh. I remember now, She hates Yooma because she
    was left behind by her. Basically Yooma left her on her
    own when we scattered all her scandal pictures.” Fei
    said, snapping her fingers as she recalled her memory.
    “No, that’s completely wrong in many ways.” I
    interjected Fei’s statement. “Yooma was the one who
    one by one disposed of the scattered pictures and
    threatened the students who has a copy of it to delete
    everything they captured.”
    “What? She did all that? I thought they were in a quarrel
    that time.” Fei mumbled, puffing another puff of smoke.
    “Yeah, and she confronted the students who we’re
    messing with YoungJi that time.” I added but Fei doesn’t
    looked amused.
    “Well yeah she did all that but Young Ji doesn’t know that
    Yooma stood up for her. She died knowing that she was
    betrayed anyway, so that doesn’t matter. If the person
    causing all this killing spree is really YoungJi then she
    has a reasong on why she wanted Yooma dead.” Fei
    stated, staring at the wall as she continues smoking.
    “Wow, that was the smartest​ thing you ever said since I
    got here.” He interrupted, still rummaging for his phone.
    “But I don’t think that’s the reason.” He added.
    “What? What else could be the reason?” Fei replied, while
    I’m just at the background thinking really hard.
    “I don’t know, I’m trying to look for
    Yoo ma in the security cameras but I can’t find her. The
    other cameras are broken which is weird”
    “Someone must have played with the cameras and broke
    it” I added but he shrugged his shoulders.
    “No, I checked the camera at lunchtime to see if its still
    working and its good and fine, but when the storm
    arrived it started to blur and darken” He said, finally
    showing us his phone while my eyes were still glued on to
    “How did you got to use the computers anyway? Theres
    no electricity” Fei stated, raising an eyebrow as she look
    on Min ho’s phone.
    “Power supply” He remarked “Now watch this.” He
    showed us his phone and a video started to play “I
    transferred this footage from the computer so I can show
    it using my phone.”
    We watched it, very carefully. We saw Yoo ma walking in
    the hallway holding a baseball bat, she was rubbing her
    bleeding knee so we’re guessing that she must’ve
    stumbled down and hurt herself.
    She was almost out of sight in the camera since she’s
    walking away, until we can only see her feet.
    But she suddenly stopped halfway for a brief moment,
    taking a step back and then started to run back to the
    direction where she first came from.
    We can’t see her in the camera anymore..
    But an unknown shadow appeared and was caught in the
    camera, moving in an unbelievable speed as it chases
    Yoo ma.
    The shadow then stopped at the middle as it noticed the
    camera attached at the upper corner of the wall.
    We saw its eyes, and it was glaring red as if it knows that
    were watching them through this piece of electronic.
    Suddenly, the camera began to blur and it broke for no
    reason, leaving a blank screen with nothing in it.
    The video ended there, and we were more scared than
    “What the hell was that?!” Fei sat up, taking a step back
    as she ruffle her own hair.
    “Why is that thing trying to kill Yoo ma?” Minho asked,
    putting his phone back in his pocket.
    “Anyway, have you tried and contacted the police?” Fei
    butted in.
    “I already tried multiple times but the line wasn’t
    connecting, the teachers already done that an hour ago
    but no one is still coming. Seems like the storm is
    stopping from them from saving us here.” Minho sighed
    exasperatedly, he opened his eyes as if he remembered
    something and quickly spoke again.
    “Hey, one more thing. From continuously walking pass
    some dead bodies, I can’t help but to notice something
    really weird.” He added, taking our attention. “The other
    students died because of severe bleeding caused by a
    wound at the head” He explained, staring at us. “While all
    of our classmates died because they’re tortured to
    “What kind of torture?” Fei asked as she peek outside
    the door, I don’t know what she’s trying to do but she
    constantly checks the door each minute.
    “I saw them with a lot of bruises and cuts, mostly at their
    wrist and thighs, and lastly… They died because of a
    strong blow at their head. Maybe the weapon used is a
    pipe or something else” He stated making me feel
    nauseous, how can he know that kind of detail? Did he
    even went and examined the body, like yuck?
    Fei’s jaw dropped as she heard his statement, well of
    course since its familiar to our ears.
    “Thats how Young ji died.” I whispered making him look
    at me, confused. “And she got that wound in the head
    from falling off the stairs.”
    “How did you know?” He asked in a firm tone but Fei is
    signalling me from behind him to not tell him about it.
    “Nevermind” I rubbed my neck awkwardly, avoiding eye
    “Okay, as I was saying… I think its not Young Ji” He said
    which made us more shocked.
    “W-what? Impossible. She’ll do anything just to get her
    revenge!” Fei yelled, walking back in front of us.
    “No… think about it” He said “The cameras always break​
    everytime a murder occurrs.”
    “That’s right.” I added, explaining a bit more so Fei
    would understand. “The killer already know where the
    cameras are located and how to break it, if it’s Young Ji
    then she wouldn’t know because the cameras are only
    attached there just last month.” 24
    “So the killer is one of us huh.” Fei crossed her arms.
    “You do know that its not me right?” She laughed
    We just looked at each other’s faces before sighing.
    “I dont know” I muttered. I’ve been with Fei for the past
    few minutes so I’m sure it wasn’t her but Minho? He said
    he was in the security room ever since then, watching
    everyone through the cameras.
    “Isn’t it Hana who just killed Irene?” I asked and he
    shrugged his shoulders while nodding his head in
    “I found her body on my way here, has a big hole on her
    chest, probably got stabbed.” He sure knows what’s the
    causes of death huh. Is he some kind of a CIA agent?
    “What should we do now?” Fei asked, biting on to her
    nails as she sat back on the bench after standing for a
    long time.
    “I don’t know” Min ho replied. “But I do know this.” He
    added “If you still want to survive until tomorrow, never
    trust anyone except yourself”
    I’ll follow his advice to be able to live and see the Sun
    tomorrow. I just hope that it really is Young ji, I don’t
    wanna think that one of us would actually do such a

    CHAPTER 13

    I was wandering around the school, trembling in fear as I
    watch the unmoving bodies on the floor hoping that they
    won’t come alive and drag me down.
    If it wasn’t for that stupid lightning then I wouldn’t be
    separated away from Fei and the others, now I have to
    make my way through here and find them.
    I know it’s stupid to go alone, but I saw it.
    The person behind these murders is targeting groups of
    students instead of students who were alone. Maybe
    because it’s much convenient to kill a lot of people in
    one go.
    “It’s freezing.” I mumbled to myself, looking out of the
    window. The storm was still dreadful, as if it wants this
    whole building shatter and fall to the ground with it’s
    strong wind.
    I tried leaving the school but there was something that is
    keeping me from exiting, as if I was being pulled back in
    by a strong unknown force.
    “I better look for some jackets to protect me from
    freezing to death—” As soon as I was about to finish my
    sentence, I felt myself falling to the ground after a strong
    blow coming from my head.
    “Ugh…” I wheezed some blood out of my mouth, my hand
    desperately trying to reach for the leather shoes lying on
    the ground next to me to protect myself.
    But a pair of black shoes stopped behind that leather
    “You want these?” She asked me, but I wasn’t able to say
    a word due to my throat being dry and burning.
    “Mn… Ack…” I whimpered but no definite words came out
    from my mouth.
    “Here, I’ll help you.” She lifted her other foot and kicked
    the leather shoes, sending it straight to my face.
    The hard surface caused my face to feel burning, even
    though I can’t see my own face. I know that there’s some
    cuts and wounds on it, and a few bruises.
    “Hmm… How about I make you run around the campus
    naked?” She chuckled, although I can’t quite see her
    face, I know that she’s making a satisfied look watching
    me in this pitiful state. “Alright, let’s take your clothes off
    Her voice was excited, one by one taking my clothes off.
    She took off my blazer then my blouse, sliding my skirt
    off and removing my shoes and socks.
    The only thing left I’m wearing is my undergarments.
    “There you go, all set to run.” She easily lifted me up
    from the ground, helping me stand up straightly. “Don’t
    worry, I didn’t hit you that hard so you can be able to run
    “Stop… H-help.” I muttered in a low voice, my feet
    staggering and my vision as blurry as a translucent glass.
    I wasn’t able to identify her face or voice from the blow I
    just received, but one thing I know for sure is that she
    hates me to the point of letting me die painfully.
    “Okay, ready… Set… Go!” She happily cheered but I
    wasn’t running since I can’t see clearly. “You don’t want
    to run?”
    I can see from the corner of my eyes that she was
    preparing to hit me one more time, so I decided to run
    But with a slow pace since my feet kept stepping on
    some corpses.
    “I’ll see you later! I’ll take care of the others while
    waiting for you.” I heard her yell, I don’t know what I’m
    doing anymore.
    It feels like it’s wrong to run, because I know that at the
    end of this, she’s quietly waiting for me. 1
    “Ack!” My foot got caught on one of the dead person’s
    mouth, causing me to stumble and land on another
    “Uuugh” I began crying, rapid tears falling on the head of
    the corpse that is only inches away from my face.
    “Someone… help me”
    I slowly stood up, my knees still trembling from the
    impact of the fall. I felt my foot sting since it was caught
    inside the mouth of one of these dead people.
    After a while, I began to run once more. But this time,
    much slower, as if I was just walking and limping at the
    same time.
    “… Help me.” I said in between sobs, I
    couldn’t take the pain I was feeling. 2
    I know that person will find me and kill me slowly, I know
    that there’s no where out of here, I know everyone is
    gonna face the same fate…
    I know that I’ll die.
    If I’m gonna die, then I might as well experience a death
    that is not by the hands of her.
    I won’t let her kill me as she wish.
    I stopped, turning myself, I walked towards the window
    and with one swift motion, I slid it open causing the
    strong winds to enter the hall. I wasn’t feeling anything
    anymore, my body became numb. I can’t even feel the
    freezing temperature even though I’m only wearing my
    I climbed up the window ledge until both of my feet we’re
    on it, smiling to myself as my whole life flashed before
    my eyes.
    “Kelly!” I heard, I turned my head to see Fei with wide
    eyes as she watch me preparing to jump. “What the hell
    are you trying to do?!” She marched towards me,
    probably gonna stop me from jumping.
    But I won’t let her.
    I want to die on my own.
    “Goodbye.” I smiled, feeling my body in mid air, falling
    nonstop towards the concrete ground.
    In the end, the only thing I saw was a flash. An
    insufferable, burning light, the pain ripping apart my
    body, I felt it tearing out my soul.
    After a while, I was nobody, nothing. The light went out
    and I vanished into an overwhelming darkness.
    I welcomed the end with delight.

    CHAPTER 14

    We stood in an awkward silence after Minho mentioned
    that one of the students may be the killer, I don’t know if
    these two people I’m with is suspecting each other or
    suspecting me since the two of them just kept eyeing
    each other and then turning their gaze to me.
    “What?” I asked, confused on why they’re looking at me
    like they suspect that I’m the killer.
    “No. Nothing.” Fei cleared her throat before sitting back
    on the bench and crossing her arms.
    “We should go to the the security room unseen, it’s much
    safer there and we can monitor everyone’s actions.”
    Minho suggested, as he stood up and preparing himself
    to walk outside by grabbing the door handle.
    “Woah woah wait.” Fei stopped him from completely
    opening the door. “Why are we going there anyway?” She
    asked the question I was about to ask too.
    “Duh, to investigate” He said before opening the door
    and walking outside calmly.
    “What the heck, Minho?” I raised my voice a little bit
    from his stupid idea. “We’re trying to survive here, and
    we can only do that by not being Sherlock Holmes.” I
    pointed out as I watch Fei pull him back in and closed
    the door again.
    “Then stay here if you want, soon enough the killer would
    arrive here since he or she probably checks every room,
    not leaving a single person breathing.” He rolled his eyes
    at us, he does make a point so I guess his idea of going
    to the security room is not that bad but the only problem
    is how are we gonna get there without meeting the killer
    on our way there?
    I was about to ask how but Fei interjected making me
    just shut my mouth and keep that question to myself. I’m
    sure going there with complete silence would do the trick
    of not getting found.
    “Fine.” Fei lifted her arms in mock defeat, she walked
    back towards the door. “Lead the way.” She eyed Minho,
    opening the door for him.
    He smiled at us as if to say finally you’ve come to your
    senses, but I was just starting to get a really bad feeling
    about this.
    In the end, we both followed him since we feared that the
    killer would find us here, he does make a point even if I
    hate to admit it.
    “Keep your mouth shut as much as possible, you don’t
    want to be dead in less than a minute because of your
    loud mouth and we should also split up, walking in
    numbers is a bad idea.” He whispered as we crouch in
    the hallway walking like crabs but I stopped from walking
    and squinted my eyes at him.
    “Split up? The f--k you mean split up? Are we now
    imitating Scooby doo or something?” I whispered and
    both of them looked at me.
    “What do you mean?” Fei asked, pulling me down back
    to crouch on the floor with them.
    “You know what that means right Fei? that means Minho
    is the effing killer trying, to split us up so he could kill us
    one by one”
    I wasn’t thinking straight at this moment, I’ve become
    paranoid from seeing some ugly shits in this school and
    also knowing that one of us is the killer. Who knows if
    this freak Minho is the one behind this, I don’t even
    barely talk to him at class and now he’s acting like were
    close friends by telling us to be safe in the security
    Sounds fishy…
    “Ugh. I think you’re misunderstanding something.” Minho
    sighed “Fine, let’s go together, don’t blame me if we’ve
    been found” He sighed, continuing to walk or like walking
    there like a penguin since we’re crouching.
    We passed by the hallway of the 1st building in the 2nd
    floor not saying a word to each other, we have this
    feeling that if one of us talk or make a sound, the killer
    would pop out and bash our heads off and we don’t want
    that to happen so that’s why.
    While making our way to the said destination, I can’t help
    but not to notice the students at the hallway…
    Which of course is lifelessand was just dumped here at
    the hallway.
    “Did you hear something?” Fei whispered from behind
    me, and I just shrugged.
    “It’s probably the sound of the killer trailing us from
    behind.” I whispered back, still crouching and staring at
    Minho’s back who is currently leading the way.

    “No… It sounds like Kelly’s voice.” She mumbled, I
    glanced behind my shoulder to see that Fei was
    “It must be your imagination.” I whispered continuing to
    study the whole place.
    It seems like whoever is doing this killing spree thingy,
    purposely dumped their bodies here at the hallway so
    that whoever is still alive can see this scene more clearly.
    The hallway practically looks like an art museum with all
    the colors splashed everywhere, but the only difference
    is that the only color used is just glaring red which is their
    own blood. I even nearly choked from the God awful
    smell but good thing I can hold it in.
    Great, my new shoes is already strained with their
    disgusting blood.
    “Eww” I whispered, scrunching my face. “Fei, do you
    have a tissue with you?” I said as I turned around to see
    an empty space behind me.
    She disappeared.
    “Fei?” I called in the dark but there’s no response from
    her. It doesn’t seem like she was left behind or went on
    first so where have she gone to?
    “Whats wrong?” Minho asked, stopping from walking and
    looked at me as he noticed that I wasn’t following him.
    “Fei is gone” I panicked, slightly pulling my hair.
    “Calm down, I’m sure she wont get caught.” He tried to
    calm me, putting his hands over my shoulder but that
    didn’t help at all.
    What if she got caught too? I don’t want to see another
    friend of mine die again. I just can’t bare to watch them
    like that. What should I do?
    “Sorry. I’m gonna look for her so you can go on ahead.” I
    yanked his hands away and ran back at the direction we
    came from. I glanced behind me and saw that he wasnt
    following me and was just standing there.
    I looked back in front and kept dashing from corridor to
    corridor. “FEI! Where are you?!” I called, practically
    yelling and I think my voice can be heard all throughout
    the school which isn’t a good idea so I immediately
    stopped from yelling and covered my mouth for
    mindlessly grabbing everyone’s attention with my loud
    I ran faster, avoiding dead bodies as much as possible
    because theyre all over the place. Like seriously,
    everyone is gathered here to make one big hill of rotting
    I can’t take the smell of the decaying flesh so I stopped
    in front of a window and opened it only to find myself
    facing strong winds from the storm.
    But I still stood next the window, inhaling the storm winds
    as if it was fresh air.
    At least it’s better than the smell of dead bodies, oh god I
    can’t even describe how awful they smell.
    It’s like a dumpster only filled with used gym clothes and
    socks, a pile of dead rats, with a hint of smelly rusting
    metal… okay I’m not even gonna bother. It’s just plain
    After a while of standing next to the open window, the
    smell kinda disappeared and I was about to continue my
    search when I felt a strong push from my back that made
    me fall out of the window.
    Though even in my pain and shockness, I managed to
    grab a pole before I completely fall and plummet to my
    “Oh God oh god oh god” I repeatedly said, staring at the
    long way down underneath me considering that I’m at the
    second floor of the building.
    I looked up to see who just pushed me, only to find
    myself face to face with a person I knew.
    “Its you!” I yelled in anger, as my body kept swaying in
    mid air from how strong the wind is.
    The person was staring at me, smiling like a devil and
    started pulling off my fingers one by one which is my
    only hope of survival since it was holding onto the pole.
    I tried to grab the pole with my other free hand but its
    too late, I was already falling down.
    As I landed on the wet, concrete ground on my back, I
    felt every inch of my body became numb as blood gush
    out of my head.
    I tried to move, but it seems like my bones were
    decapitated from my body. I lifted my head up a little to
    take a look down at my body to make my pain more
    worse as I realised that my lower part was totally twisted
    in an odd way.
    The rain is only making it worse as it soaks my whole
    body, feeling the cold as if I was inside a fridge.
    “Wait for me down there okay? Stay still.” The person
    laughed, looking at me through the window and staring at
    me with satisfaction in their eyes before disappearing.
    I can’t take it anymore, the pain I’m feeling is so painful
    that I think I’m gonna die here.
    I never would’ve thought to know who the killer was… it
    was only the person who I never doubted.

    CHAPTER 15

    “Ack! Help me!” I watch this guy get smashed into pulp
    through this locker I’m in.
    This certain person is killing​ this guy so easily that made
    me question if she’s even normal.
    For the past few minutes, I was hiding in this place.
    Although I have these knives with me and planned to
    eliminate her in the first place, I still can’t fight against
    that person. I saw how much strength she has, it’s
    obviously impossible.
    “Stay down.” The girl who was holding a weapon said,
    stomping on the pitiful person that was caught by her.
    That person wasn’t breathing anymore but she was still
    kicking the body as if she’s not satisfied with just that.
    “Tsk, such a wimp. Dying so easily.” She began circling
    around the dead body. “I heard you were the guy at that
    night in Hye mi’s house… Was it fun?”
    What guy? I asked myself as I carefully scanned the
    guy’s face. Although I wasn’t so sure who that guy is, I
    realized that she was talking about that party where
    Young Ji was raped. And I’m guessing that that guy is the
    one who raped her.
    I remember that I was in that party and saw Young Ji
    drinking a lot of those strong beers. From one glance I
    already knew what Fei and the others were up to… But I
    didn’t stop them in any way.
    “I should’ve killed you in another way.” She sighed in
    dismay. “Well, I’m done with you. Now, who’s next?” She
    asked herself, walking away.
    I remained still in that small space, pondering whether to
    exit and run to another hiding spot or just remain here.
    But staying in the same place isn’t a good idea, I saw
    many people die in horror movies for staying in the same
    place a lot of time.
    I quietly opened the door, timidly crawling my way out of
    “You look stupid.” I heard from my right, from the corner
    of my eyes I saw her standing still and leaning on the
    wall as if she was waiting for me to come out.
    “Tsk!” I immediately forced my way out of the locker and
    pulled out a knife, aiming it at her. “Stay where you are.”
    “Hmm? What are you gonna do? Kill me?” She laughed,
    as if what I’m doing is completely stupid.
    “I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I’m not involved
    with the incident last year. I’m innocent.” I stated, slowly
    backing away, keeping the knife aimed at her.
    “Hmm… I was just thinking whether giving you a painless
    way of dying or torturing you to death” She mumbled,
    walking towards me. “But since you said you were
    innocent, then I’ll just smash your head. How bout that?
    “You monster!” I exclaimed, charging her with the knife
    aimed directly to her heart.
    She smiled and laughed at me as I draw closer to her, I
    smiled as I heard a swoosh sound as if a knife went
    through a flesh limb.
    “What are you smiling about?” She asked, pointing at my
    stomach. I looked down and saw myself already
    bleeding rapidly.
    “Wh-what?” I asked, blood gushing out of my mouth.
    “Don’t ask me, you’re the one who’s holding that knife”
    she smiled thinly, with a satisfying look in her eyes while
    watching me fall on the ground. “I told you I’d let you die
    without pain, but you go and stab yourself.”
    She crouched down and looked at my face carefully,
    “You’re name is Lia right?”
    I didn’t answer, instead, I was stealthily reaching for the
    smaller knife inside my pocket.
    As soon as I felt it in my hands, I swiftly pulled it up to
    stab her but she easily caught my hands.
    “Still resisting huh.” She smiled, tightening her grip in my
    hand until I heard a loud snapping sound.
    “Agh” I winced, feeling my hand fell on the floor as she
    dropped it after breaking it into half.
    “Since I’m such a nice and lovable person, I’ll let you die
    on your own. Since you lost so much blood already, I
    believe you’ll die in about… 3 minutes.” She said after
    mentally computing the amount of time I have left.
    “Well look who’s here.” She smiled, her eyes staring at
    the girl who just opened the window across the hall.
    It was Jina, sticking her head out of the window.
    “I’m done with you, make sure you spend the last 3
    minutes the way you want it.”She looked back at me
    before standing up and walking towards Jina who doesn’t
    have a clue that she’s about to plummet to her death.
    My gaze followed her, watch her push Jina outside the
    window and seeing her smile.
    After a while she walked back to my direction. “I’ll go get
    her and make her regret the day she’s born.” She said
    with a thin smile, walking pass me.
    I can feel my whole body losing it’s function, my eyes
    becoming hazy.
    I heard her footsteps stop for a moment and said in her
    most cheerful voice.
    “You have about 10 seconds left.”

    CHAPTER 16

    As I lay there at the concrete ground, I can sense
    footsteps coming over to my direction. I drifted my head
    to whoever is walking and saw a person walking and
    stopping as soon as they’re in front of me.
    “Good, you’re still alive” I heard a laugh coming from
    My vision was beginning to blur so I wasn’t able to take a
    definite look at her face but I still know who this she is.
    I felt her tugging my feet and lifting it up, the next thing I
    know is that I was being jerked along the ground by my
    legs like a heavy sack of rocks, leaving behind a trail of
    blood coming from my head. I could feel every step the
    person took vibrate across my injured body, but I
    couldn’t do anything to escape, I could no longer move of
    my own accord.
    We finally went inside the school building, leaving behind
    the dreadful storm, but it’s nothing different. I was still
    being dragged, inch by inch, across this filthy floor.
    I can’t move anymore, so I lay there on my back staring
    at the ceiling. The closed lights on the ceiling spinning,
    moving in and out of one another. Alternating between
    hazy and distinct and forming spiral patterns in my
    But then, after for what seems like an hour to me,
    whoever is dragging me eventually stopped, threw me
    down inside a certain room and I rolled hard onto my
    I got a glimpse of the dark room and somehow, I saw
    other people there. Hanging on the wall with their hands
    tied with a rope.
    I didn’t get to scan the place completely as I was pulled
    up swiftly by my hair and placed on a chair harshly as if
    I’m nothing more than a rag doll.
    “Ahh!” I screamed in pain, feeling my completely twisted
    body gets more twisted as I landed on the chair.
    “Shh shh.” The person hushed me as I felt a blindfold
    wrapping around my eyes and ropes being tied down on
    my arm and legs. I totally can’t move anymore.
    “Now then… let’s do this slowly so you can feel every
    pain inching in your body shall we?” I heard a sound of
    something sharp coming from somewhere and the next
    thing I know is that I was being sliced on my legs.
    I don’t have energy left in my body so no scream
    escaped my mouth as the sharp things made its way
    through my flesh.
    I just sat there and accepted my death wholeheartedly, I
    deserve this anyway…
    I have sinned a lot that I can’t even count it in my two
    I don’t want to die yet without saying anything to this
    b-----d so in my one last breath, I mustered up all my
    remaining strength and said the words in a soft voice.
    “F--k you.”
    Before my eyes completely darkened, and I felt my body
    become lighter to the point that I fell that I was floating.
    Well… this is goodbye for me.
    Her POV
    “Awww.” I said in dismay as I felt that my victim isn’t
    breathing anymore “You died so quickly, I’m not even
    finished with you.”
    I stood in front of her, watching her miserable state that I
    can’t help but to smile at this sight. “Well anyway, you fell
    down from the second floor so it’s okay.” I smiled,
    placing the sharp knife I got from Lia on the table
    besides the chair where she’s at and began to untie the
    ropes and blindfold from her.
    “Mmn” I heard from her mouth, I looked closely to her
    face and saw that she was still alive.
    immediately went for the knife besides her, but before I
    could even reach it, she grabbed it before me and jabbed
    my stomach with it.
    “Ouch.” I said in a screechy voice as I step back from
    her, she was still on the chair since she can’t stand or
    walk with that body of hers but she still gripped on the
    knife as if her life depends on it.
    “Ha…haha” She even managed to choke out a laugh as
    she watch me bleed. “If I’m gonna die now… I’ll take you
    with me.” She said pointing the knife at me.
    She looked as if she can easily kill me, what an idiot…
    “Really? You think you can kill me huh…” a laugh escaped
    my lips as I looked down on my wounded stomach. The
    wound is definitely deep and might have injured one of
    my internal organs but I can’t feel any pain or anything at
    “Do you think I look like I’m dying?”
    I asked with a calm smile, and she was scared and
    confused at the same time on why I was still standing
    straight even though I have a non stop bleeding wound
    on my stomach.
    “Wha…what?” Confusion was spinning in her eyes as she
    watch me walk back to her direction. “Ugh.” She groaned
    as I wrapped my hands along her neck, squeezing it
    throughly to the point that blood gushed out of her
    She trembled violently, trying to push my hands away
    from her neck but she’s weak, and I’m far more stronger
    than her.
    After a while, she stopped from moving, her hands falling
    down from my arms and her eyes froze in place while
    staring at me full of hate.
    I let go of her and breathed out, pulling her body off the
    chair and tying her hands with a rope, hanging her
    helpless body on the wall together with everyone else.
    I’m sure all of them are burning in hell right now, since all
    these people are far more worse than me.
    It’s great that I got rid of the other students, if they were
    still alive they’d be here watching this scene and taking a
    video of it, posting it on their social media accounts or
    Anyway, I dont care. Since Jina is already dead, might as
    well go look for the next one.
    But seriously, this girl sure is a pain in the neck, even
    managed to stab me before dying.
    Not that I care, no one can kill me no matter what they
    I’m already dead anyway…

    I am now inside the security room trying to find Yooma
    through all the cameras, I have to warn her about ‘Young
    Ji’ at least.
    While searching, I saw her at one of the cameras which is
    at the 2nd floor of the school. I immediately grabbed the
    broken pipe that I found at the locker room to at least
    defend myself and went outside, carrying my phone with
    I tried to walk quietly as possible but I kept on
    accidentally stepping on the dead bodies making a
    ‘Squish Squish’ sound.
    “Ugh… gotta buy new shoes after this.” I whispered to
    myself as I skipped through bodies from bodies.
    I heard a sound as I felt myself bump into someone, I
    opened my eyes while rubbing my face and saw Fei.
    “Fei, where have you been? Jina went looking for you.” I
    asked, grabbing both her shoulders.
    She doesn’t looked like herself anymore and just kept
    staring blankly at me.
    “Fei? What’s wrong?” I asked, and she suddenly erupted
    into crying.
    “K-kelly… She jumped from the window.” She sobbed,
    covering her face with her palms.
    “H-hey. Stop crying, nothing will be solved if you cry.” I
    awkwardly said, not entirely sure how to comfort a crying
    person who just witnessed so many death.
    I patted her back, refrain​ing myself from speaking since I
    know I wouldn’t help with my rude way of speaking.
    From a far distance, I can hear a sound of footsteps
    walking aimlessly at the dark part of the hallway.
    “Hey, Fei. I know you’re sad and all but we have to go.” I
    stated, gripping on to the metal pipe and trying to drag
    her from that place.
    Fei just sobbed, determined to get left behind since she
    won’t move a muscle from her spot.
    “Fei, let’s go.” I pulled more but she was resisting.
    “No, I don’t want to go anymore. Leave me behind if you
    want.” She yanked my hand, and violently pushed me
    away from her.
    “My God you’re annoying.” I whispered, cursing under my
    breath. “I hate to ruin your mood but apparently the killer
    is like 10 meters away from us and is walking to our
    direction. You can mourn all you want when we get out of
    here but now we have to go. As in now.” I said grabbing
    her hand and pulling her but still wont budge.
    “Alright, you know what. Go ahead and die. Hey killer,
    this girl right here wants to die so you can go ahead and
    kill her while I make a run for it.” I waved at the
    silhouette who was slowly walking towards us.
    “What are you talking about?” I heard a familiar voice as
    the person stepped into the dim light, revealing herself.
    “Oh thank God it’s just Yooma.” I sighed in relief before
    glaring at Fei. “Hey, Are you sure you want to spend the
    entire time crying over there?”
    “What happened to her?” Yooma asked, staring at Fei
    who is currently in a mental breakdown, hugging her
    “She saw Kelly jump down from the window.” I scratched
    my head in annoyance, I feel like I’m babysitting​ at the
    “Then she’s probably gonna kill herself the next 10
    minutes.” Yooma sighed, walking pass us and looking at
    the other end of the hallway.
    “Alright, obviously we all want to die.” She turned to face
    us. “But we all have to get through this.”
    “Uh yeah, tell that to this woman.” I pointed at Fei, still
    sobbing nonstop.
    “Shut her mouth before she grabs any unnecessary
    attention, for all we know someone might jump out and
    kill us.” She proudly said. “We have to get out of this
    “Yeah. Tell that to this woman.” I scoffed, pointing at Fei
    again. She clicked her tongue at Fei’s childish act and
    rubbed her temples, probably much more annoyed than
    This whole talk about Fei almost made me forgot why I
    was trying to look for Yooma in the first place.
    “Hey, Yooma. Young ji is trying to kill you.” I remarked,
    she doesn’t looked surprised at my statement just now.
    “I know, but I don’t know why she’s doing this.” She
    suddenly became teary eyed at the thought of her best
    friend trying to kill her.
    Great, another person crying.
    I’m very awkward when it comes to being faced with
    someone who is crying so I just comforted her by
    rubbing her back in a circular motion.
    “Everyones dead, and its all my fault.” She remarked,
    putting down her weapon on the floor. “I shouldn’t have
    let her die… I should’ve saved her.”
    “What happened to Young ji? How did she die? I heard
    she was your best friend, right?” I showered her with
    different questions and she just nodded in response.
    “I don’t want to talk about it.” She stated, tucking her
    hair behind her ears.
    From this distance, I can smell a sweet scent coming
    from her, specifically a vanilla.
    “You smell like vanilla, what’s your perfume?” I asked.
    Not the type of question someone would ask in a school
    filled with dead people, well at least I changed the topic
    since she’s gonna cry if we continued talking about her
    deceased friend.
    “Oh, I don’t use perfumes, I got this scent because I
    always bake cakes.” She surprisingly replied like it’s
    nothing, sniffing her sleeve.
    “I also baked cupcakes for my dad’s office mates this
    morning” She finally smiled. “I hope I’ll see him
    tomorrow” her smile soon vanished, maybe because he
    already misses her father.
    She opened her mouth to say something but a loud thud
    at the end of the hall startled us, we stepped back far
    from it.
    We both readied ourself to brace for whatever is coming.
    “Get back.” She ordered, pushing me behind her as if I’m
    the damsel in distress and she’s the knight.
    I did what she told me to do and hid behind her, pulling
    Fei with me while gripping tightly on the weapon I have.
    I can sense the footsteps coming towards us in a slow
    pace, along with a scraping sound as if it’s dragging
    “W-who’s there?!” I tried to make my voice firmer but I
    can’t help but to stutter knowing that whoever is walking
    towards us is about to murder everyone here, with each
    footsteps reverberating through the darkened hall.
    “Whatever you do, don’t–” I heard Yoo ma yelped before
    she could even finish her sentence, a loud thud was
    heard after that as if she just fell across the hall.
    “Tsk! Fei help me with this!” I yelled but Fei was already
    running away from here, still sobbing.
    Oh my God what a traitor. I thought to myself as I pulled
    out my phone and aimed it to the person who just hit
    Revealing a girl, wearing the same uniform as us but her
    body is completely pale as if she just came out from a
    fridge, her lips bluish and her wrist covered in wounds.
    She almost looked like she’s suffered a lot of painful
    events that made her look like this.
    She stared at me before looking back at Yooma who was
    wheezing and slowly trying to stand up, then she looked
    back at me with eyed filled with sympathy.
    She uttered under her breath, giving me a small smile.
    My mind was in a whirl of confusion on why this girl– I’m
    guessing this is Young Ji– is telling me to run away.
    I can’t possibly leave Yooma behind but if this ghost is
    telling me to run then I should run, or it’ll get angry for
    not obeying what it said.
    So turning my body away, I began preparing to run.
    But as soon as I take a hopeful step away from that
    ghost, I felt myself falling downwards as my head
    received a strong blow from something hard.
    “He-help me…” I got cut off as I felt another strong
    painful sensation forming on my head.
    I felt my body become numb as I lay on the cold ground
    while blood streaming down my head. I tried to force
    myself to stand up but I was pushed back on the ground
    by a single foot.
    I don’t know if my vision is beginning to blur or swirl
    because it’s dark, all I know is that I’m slowly losing my
    “Well then, let’s end this quickly.”
    I heard her saying a few more words before I felt another
    smashing sound on my head.

    CHAPTER 17

    Ah reum~
    (The teacher from chapter 3)
    We wandered through the decaying building cautiously
    since this whole place is filled with dead bodies. Visually,
    this whole thing just seemed like a set-up for a cursed
    seance or something. It was kind of scary, and I wasn’t
    the only one who thought so…
    “Ms. Ah reum, I’m scared.” Yebin mumbled from
    speaking against her teddy bear she always brings, as
    she tug my sleeve to grab my attention. “I want to see
    mama, I want to go home”
    Yebin, is a pre school student who I take care of and
    tutor. Basically its my fault that a mere child is involved in
    this killing frenzy since I brought her here with me, when
    she’s supposed to be at her home.
    “I know Yebin.” I kneeled down to reach her height “But
    I’m afraid we can’t do that, there’s still a storm.” I tried
    to comfort her but I can sense that she’s about to cry
    “Don’t worry Yebin.” Seol Ri added, one of my students
    who managed to escape from her own classroom where
    a certain person began killing people. “We’ll get home,
    we just need to wait for the cops to arrive.” Even though
    can’t see her face in this dark corridors, I know that
    she’s flashing a smile right now to reassure Yebin.
    We’re lucky that we’re still alive, when we went on the
    teacher’s office to find something useful, all of the
    teachers there are already dead, with a large empty part
    of their head as if someone smashed it with full force to
    end their lives quickly.
    All of the students were also dead, laying in the corridors
    with also large chunky wound on their heads.
    No one made it, except for us. Well, that’s what I think
    since the whole school is eerily quiet with no sign of
    other people.
    As we were walking in the hallway looking for survivors,
    We heard a faint scream of a boy just across the hallway.
    “Someone needs help” Yebin whispered, we quietly
    walked towards the sound of that but Seol ri suddenly
    covered me and Yebin’s mouth before pulling us away
    from the hall and hiding in one of the classroom as we
    heard a sound of dragging.
    We all peeked through the small gap on the door and
    saw a shadow dragging a body of a boy, leaving a lot of
    entrails behind with his blood.
    We couldn’t give out the definite appearance of whoever
    is dragging that boy since its dark, all I know is we have
    to save that kid.
    “Seol ri, take Yebin with you and hide somewhere safe.” I
    said, standing up from our crouched position.
    “What? You shouldn’t follow them, that guy is already
    dead you can’t do anything about it.” Seol ri whispered,
    pulling me back down.
    “But what are we supposed to do? We can’t just let that
    person escape, we might be able to stop all this if we
    catch that person.” I suggested, Yebin was at the
    background watching us argue.
    “Stop what? Everyone is already dead, what’s the point?
    We should focus on what’s important here and that is to
    survive, we should wait for the storm to stop and then we
    could run for it.” She exclaimed, still maintaining her
    quiet voice to avoid attention.
    “Okay… you’re right, we should go now.” As the words
    slipped out of my mouth, the loud thunderstorms and the
    pit-a-pat of the rain on the roof suddenly subsided, as if
    the storm suddenly stopped.
    “Teacher… The storm is gone.” Yebin ran towards the
    windows and stepped on one of the chairs to reach and
    peek outside. She then turned around and faces us,
    showing a bright smile. “We can go home now.”
    “That’s right Yebin, you’ll see your mom and dad now.” I
    walked to her and gently patted her head, but Seol ri
    immediately interjected with my statement.
    “We can’t mindlessly leave this school without a plan, we
    might encounter the killer while we try to head for the
    exit. And even if we managed to leave, there’s no way in
    hell that the killer won’t see us from somewhere through
    the windows and chase us down before we could even
    reach the gates.” She said with her arms crossed,
    destroying our tiny bit of hope.
    “So… what should we do then?” I asked, helping Yebin
    jump off the chair she’s on.
    “Well… I have an idea but it’s too risky, so we have only
    one option and that is to wait furthermore. If we saw the
    killer leave the school, then we should leave also.” She
    stated, putting her hands over her chin as if she’s thinking
    really hard.
    “What? So were supposed to sit our a-s down and wait
    some more? And what if the killer decided to burn this
    building down to erase any evidence and then we’ll also
    get killed in the end.” I argued, obviously not agreeing
    with her plan. “What’s your other idea?”
    “Nevermind, it’s too dangerous.” She shook her head
    and sat down on a desk, continuing to bite her nails in
    “Tell me.” I said firmly, she looked directly at my eyes
    before sighing.
    “My other plan is to directly kill whoever that person is…”
    She continued, her eyes burning of desire to kill.
    Before I could even comment on her statement, the door
    of the room suddenly slammed open and we can hear
    footsteps approaching us. It was pitch dark, but we can
    see two red glowing orbs as if it was their eyes. I
    immediately hid Yebin behind me to protect her and she
    clutched on my sleeve tightly, feeling her shaking body.
    “Oh my… I didn’t thought that there’s still left.”
    That voice…
    Somehow, the voice from this person is familiar. I know
    I’ve heard that before, but the inside of my mind is both
    chaotic and blurry that I can’t even pin point who this
    person is.
    But I do know that whoever it is… it was one of my
    students before.
    Some part of me is telling that she was one of my
    remarkable student, with a responsible personality and I
    remember that she was stuck glued to another student
    who I think is her best friend.
    They were always together no matter where I see them,
    and I didn’t paid any attention to her because she seems
    okay. But who would’ve know that she’s the one behind
    all this murders.
    It was her…
    “Kim Yoo ma”
    I gritted my teeth as I mention her name that made my
    mouth feel disgusted by the sound of her name.
    “As expected from a teacher…” She laughed, While I kept
    my grip tight on Yebin. “How smart, none of the students
    suspect a thing that I’m the killer”
    “Why are you doing this?!” Seolri yelled, almost losing her
    She stared at us with her glowing eyes before saying the
    words in a monotonous voice.
    “What the hell?” I exclaimed, stepping backwards and
    Seol ri followed me, keeping a tight hold on the weapon
    she was holding.
    “Actually, I died a very very long time ago.” She stated,
    which doesn’t make any sense at all. “But I got the
    chance to be alive again. And in exchange, I need
    everyone’s life.”
    “What are you talking about?” I asked, looking at her with
    confused eyes.
    “Hmm… since its not fun if no one knew what the real
    story is…” She continued, somehow even though we can’t
    see her, I feel as if she was doing some weird sorcery
    with her hand
    “Let me show you everything.” She smiled and just like
    that our consciousness disappeared as if our souls were
    pulled out from our body and entered through a black
    warphole I saw in front of us before everything else
    I fluttered my eyes open, to see myself standing in the
    middle of a grassy place, and to my side was the river
    with the setting sun reflecting on it.
    “The riverside?” I asked myself, and later on noticing that
    my body wasn’t the same before I got here.
    It seems fading and I can see through it, almost as if I
    was just a soul wandering aimlessly, or the appearance
    of a ghost to be specific.
    “Ah, I remember. There was a storm, I was inside the
    school… and everyone is… dead.” I whispered, staring at
    the sun. Wondering if all of these is just a dream, and
    wishing hardly to make everything just a dream.
    From the corner of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of a girl
    crossing the bridge. A bouquet of white flowers in her
    hands and was wearing a pissed off expression, as if she
    wasn’t happy about something.
    I was staring at her, studying her every actions from a far
    As I came to realize who the girl was, I mentioned her
    name in attempt to take her attention.
    I lifted my foot to run towards her, but as soon as I took
    a step. A group of large, bulky men blocked her path,
    wearing perverted looks on their faces.
    “Hey there miss, wanna play?” The one guy at the middle
    spoke in a husky voice, but Yooma chose to ignore them
    and continued walking.
    One of the guy looked pissed with her somewhat
    arrogant attitude and grabbed her arm violently, pulling
    her back to their direction that caused the bouquet to fall
    on the ground and got stepped on by them.
    She stared at the flowers that were now ruined, her face
    turning more and more pissed by the sight of that.
    “Don’t touch me with your filthy hands.” She said in a
    dangerously calm tone, intimidating the large men
    around her.
    “Ooh, a tough one aren’t ya?” The guy said and they
    started to grab her feet and arms, lifting her up from the
    “Were gonna have a lot of fun miss Yooma” A guy said
    and started stripping her clothes off, revealing a lot of
    her bare skin.
    “Hey hold on. Fei said to only scare her. What are you
    doing?” One guy tried to pull off the others from Yooma
    but failed to and got pushed on the ground.
    “Fei?” Yoo ma said with both surprised and angered
    eyes, struggling more to escape from their grip. “Let me
    go!” She screamed, hoping for someone to hear her.
    “D--n it! Keep still will you.” A guy yelled, slapping her
    face and causing a cut on it with his nails.
    “Tch.” Yoo ma clicked her tounge, kicking one of the
    men who was grabbing her, specifically where the sun
    never shone before running away.
    The other men followed and chased her, suddenly taking
    out knives and other dangerous weapons.
    “Help! Someone! Help m–” Before she could even finish
    her screaming, a knife was jabbed through her back,
    piercing deeper and deeper to the point that she was
    already bathing in her own blood.
    “Well then, our job here is done.” The guy who just
    stabbed her said in a carefree tone, throwing the knife in
    the river.
    “That’s not what Fei told us to do! Why did you kill her?”
    The one guy who tried to help her spoke out, his knees
    trembling to the sight of a dead person.
    “Keep quiet, you moron. Help me out and dispose of this
    body before anyone finds out.” The guy who just stabbed
    Yooma said, grabbing her feet and preparing to dispose
    of her.
    They began to carry her corpse towards the river and
    threw it there, letting her float around aimlessly.
    “Why in the river? We should just bury her in the ground.”
    Another one suggested, watching Yooma’s body float
    away along with the strong current.
    “Don’t be dumb, she’ll float until she ends up at the most
    isolated place where no one goes. This river is
    connected at the forest so it’s no big deal.” They began
    to walk away, as if that incident never happened.
    “So… She died? And Fei was the one behind it?” I
    mumbled, finally realizing a bit of her reason why she’s
    killing Fei and her friends.
    I felt my body getting s----d by something, the same
    feeling I felt before I got here.
    The scenery started to twirl around and blur, the next
    thing I know is I’m already here in the forest.
    It was already night time, and the tall spiky trees made
    the moonlight unable to shine here at the ground level.
    I shifted my head side to side to see anything helpful
    about why I’m here and I saw a river behind some trees,
    and I followed it hoping to see Yoo ma’s dead body
    stuck somewhere.
    And my assumptions were right, I saw her laying on the
    ground just besides the water. Her body was turning pale
    and purple-ish and I can see her veins appearing all over
    her body as if there wasn’t any blood left in her.
    I walked over to her direction and tried to pull her in a
    stable place but its no use.
    I can’t touch anything. My hands were just passing
    through everything as if to tell me that I can’t do anything
    about the past anymore.
    I’m just here to witness how everything changed Yooma,
    how the world turned their back against her and Youngji.
    What should I do? Is there any way to alter this so the
    future will be different?
    As I was contemplating a plan to change the inevitable
    future, a huge black shadow began to slowly appear in
    front of Yoo ma’s dead body until it became definite for
    me to see.
    It almost looked like a demon, based on the various bible
    I read. With it’s red glowing eyes staring in your soul as if
    your just a mere prey to him.
    The shadow began to speak with a hoarse voice, almost
    shaking the whole ground.
    “You shall be brought to life once more, For it is not time
    for your Death.”
    The shadow seemed like a nightmare. Those red glowing
    eyes and those voluptuous mouth, which it made one
    shudder to see.
    A black hovering shadow escaped from the original
    shadow, entering Yoo ma’s body through her mouth.
    Her whole body returned back to her former skin color,
    and I noticed that it almost looked like her soul was
    brought back.
    She opened her eyes that is glowing red, blinking a few
    times before it slowly turned back to normal.
    She slowly sat up, scanned the whole place before
    noticing the presence of the nightmare in front of her.
    “What’s happening? Why am I alive?” She asked, her
    voice seems joyful knowing that she’s alive again.
    “It is out of the lore and experience of the ancients and
    of all those who are filled with anger and hatred will omit
    the powers of the undead. When they become such,
    there comes with the change the curse of immortality,
    they can not die, but must go on age after age adding
    new victims and multiplying the evils of the world. You
    must present me the lives of the mere humans you hated
    and in exchange for your new life as a demon, go forth
    and take your revenge”
    “Did you say immortal?” Yooma asked, her eyes beaming
    red with excitement.
    “Yes.” It answered back. “The lifespan of a human is too
    short, It is less worth than the dust on the street. If you
    have the courage to break the hourglass of time, which is
    the time given to you, and you dedicate yourself to me, in
    return, I will reward you with great a power. This power
    that will never vanish is immortality.”
    The shadow glowed bright red before it vanished into thin
    leaving behind a newly born demon.

    Ah reum~
    My body shuddered, telling me that I will be sent to
    another scene that happened in Yooma’s life, I ended up
    in a different place with a different atmosphere from
    It was in an abandoned warehouse, and I saw those guys
    who Yoo ma a while ago.
    A total of 12 guys…
    “Fei should not know about this or else we won’t get our
    money” a guy said pacing back and fourth rapidly.
    “Don’t worry, she’ll never know”
    “Hey! Im gonna-” he got interrupted as the huge door
    bursted wide open to see a soaked girl in the rain.
    “Hey there little girl” a guy walked near to that girl “Its
    cold outside, why dont you come in and play for a while”
    the guy touched the girl’s shoulder
    “Why are you so freezing cold? Are you already dead or
    something?” He jokingly said, patting the girl’s shoulder
    but he didn’t hear any response from the girl.
    He took a closer look at the girl’s face and plastered on
    his face was a shocked expression.
    “Aren’t you the girl a while ago?” He stuttered, taking a
    step away. “Yooma?”
    “What are you talking about?” Another guy walked near
    her in a cocky way. “She’s already dea-” He stopped as
    he saw her face.
    The girl looked at them with red glowing eyes and smiled
    before saying.
    “Let’s have fun.”
    My body shivered again signalling me that another scene
    will occur. The place became blurry again and the next
    thing I know is that im inside a house.
    Sitting across me is a guy wearing a uniform for a cop,
    drinking a cup of coffee and a woman cooking in the
    “The storm is getting strong, where did that girl went this
    time?” The woman which I believe is the mother of this
    house said nervously.
    “She’ll be fine” The police officer said “She said she’ll
    just visit her friend’s grave.”
    And as the woman opened her mouth to talk, the door
    suddenly opened and they saw that girl covered in blood.
    “Yoo ma!” Her mother rushed to her carrying a towel
    and started to wipe away the blood releasing an
    unexpected smell.
    “What did you do?!” Her Dad asked, standing up and
    closing the door, making sure no one sees her daughter
    covered in blood.
    “I killed them.” she said bluntly not caring of what their
    reaction is.
    “I need to do something to cover this up.” Her father
    said and I saw a change of reaction in Yooma’s eyes.
    “Does the cops always cover crimes of others?” She
    asked coldly “Did you all said that Young ji’s death is just
    a suicide just to cover somebody else’s crime?!” She
    suddenly got mad, plowing through the furnitured as she
    stormed upstairs to her room and slammed the door
    which created an echo.
    “That girl! At least thank me for not letting you rot in
    jail!” The police yelled angrily, stomping her foot while
    pacing back and forth.
    Her parents started to argue about Yooma’s behaviour.
    So i went into her room, I easily walked through the
    locked door, because I’m not part of this world and can
    pass through anything.
    I saw Yooma talking to herself in front of a mirror, her
    eyes glaring daggers and tears falling.
    “Don’t worry Youngji” She mumbled, gripping in her
    hands a picture of them together, Yoo ma and Young ji.
    Written behind the photograph is
    “Together, Forever”
    “I’ll avenge your death, They will suffer just the way we
    did” she looked at her hands, emitting a vague red light.
    “With this power, I can easily avenge your death.”
    I stared at her, horrified by her every actions. She was
    just a normal student back then, a responsible student
    who aced all the exams and is everyone’s favorite
    But she changed because of how cruel the society

    CHAPTER 18

    Special Chapter.
    “Yooma is a weird one isn’t she?
    “She’s smart but it seems like she’s kinda scary.”
    “I don’t really talk to her much, she’s such a loner.”
    To me, I have always thought that friends were people
    who brought me nothing but lies. I have always just
    ignored them and the awful rumors they spread
    concerning me. They were something that I didn’t need
    anyway. That’s why being friends with someone is utterly
    unnecessary for me.
    In this time and age, school is not entirely about learning.
    It’s now about grouping yourself among the others,
    pretending to be someone else just to fit in, in fear of
    being cast out. And those who were unfortunate enough
    not to get in one of the circles, will be their target.
    Society has changed for the better, they said. But all I
    see through my eyes were pitiful students being
    everyone’s prey. Those who were on top of the society,
    would trample on the backs of the lower ones, to be
    “What the heck? I told you to buy cranberry juice!” Fei,
    one of the people who managed to gather senseless
    students to be her slaves, said in an irritated voice as she
    threw the opened can of milk on a petite girl kneeling on
    the floor. From the looks of it, she’s poor and only has
    one set of uniform but the contents of the can soaked it,
    earning a whimper from her.
    I watched the usual scene right in front of the class.
    Everyone, however, was too occupied in their small
    circles not watching the situation since it has been an
    everyday thing that they grew tired of it. Feigning
    ignorance as they laugh and giggle at themselves. The
    teachers, were not much of a difference. They’d do the
    same and feigned​ ignorance, not wanting to help the
    students in need.
    While I, don’t really care that much about them either.
    They chose their path, it’s their decision to be stepped on
    or be the one stepping on people. My decision is to not
    get involved​ in their drama, since I can’t be with other
    people. I do not give anything to anyone, that’s why I
    dont expect anything in return either. I reject anything
    and everything because getting involved with people is
    the same as creating disadvantages and I refuse to do
    I am much better off alone.
    “Yooma!” An irritating voice echoed from the doorway,
    causing the whole class, including the people at front,
    turn to her direction.
    “How foolish.” I muttered, closing my eyes in intent
    annoyance as I close the textbook I was halfway
    The girl who owns that irritable noise came rushing
    towards my direction, attempting to pounce on me.
    “Stay 2 meters in radius away from me.” I spoke as I put
    a full stop on her before she could reach and tackle me
    using the book I was holding, completely hitting her face.
    After that, the whole class, returned to their own world,
    Fei continuing to pester the girl at front.
    “Yooma, you’re so mean! Is that a way to treat your best
    friend?” I pulled my book away from her face before
    continuing to read.
    She sat down on the seat in front of my desk and faced
    me with her usual annoying grin.
    “Guess what? Joon and I are going on a date!” She
    squealed, holding her reddened cheeks as she squirm
    “Guess what? I do not have the slightest bit of care about
    your statement.” I remarked, flipping the pages to look
    where I stopped.
    She, however, didn’t stop and kept squirming her body in
    “You should care! Because Joon is like the most
    handsome guy in campus!”
    “Which only means that a lot of woman would come
    pulling your hair.” I uttered but she was too busy
    visualizing her fantasies that she took no notice of my
    I glance over at Fei and saw that she was looking at our
    direction with utter jealousy, crossing her arms as she
    whispered next to the girl besides her called Jina. I
    looked back at Youngji sitting in front of me before an
    exasperated sigh escaped my lips.
    “Youngji. You should stay away from Joon. You know
    he’s up to no good.” I advised, and once again, she
    ignores me.
    It wasn’t too long until she became their target, it was
    inevitable anyway since Joon, the most liked guy in the
    whole school, is surprisingly her boyfriend.
    Since the day she mindlessly believed that Joon likes her
    and began dating, almost all the immature women are
    out making fun of her as if it was their daily routine.
    Youngji, however, does not mind as long as Joon is by
    her side. If it wasn’t for the genuine smile she shows
    whenever she’s with him, then I’d already disposed of
    that guy to keep him away from her.
    I was walking through​ a small alley, a plastic bag filled
    with food dangling on my hands as I spotted the familiar
    rundown apartment.
    “Open up.” I lightly knocked a few times at the almost
    broken door before it opened to reveal Youngji in her
    usual clothes. Ragged and old.
    “Yooma! You’re here again!” She squealed, tackling me
    before I could even enter the freezing clamped room.
    “Yes yes, get off me.” I pushed her forehead away and
    began walking towards the living room. I sat down on the
    floor since there’s​no couch or even a chair found, placing
    the plastic bag on the small table at the middle. “I
    brought food–” before I could even finish my sentence,
    she was already rummaging the bag in search for her
    “Cupcakes!” She leaped from the floor and once again
    attempting to tackle me but I stopped her with my raised
    foot, resting on her stomach.
    “I thought I told you to stay 2 meters away from me.” I
    calmly said, pulling out a new textbook I bought and
    began reading.
    She frowned, returning to her spot across the room but
    eventually smiled to herself as she began eating the
    cupcakes I baked.
    From time to time, I kept glancing at her and at the
    rundown room. It wasn’t that messy but from the lack of
    furniture and stuffs, it looked almost like an abandoned
    place. The once peach walls were dark grey and molds
    had already formed, her bed was nothing but a stacked
    carpets in attempt to resemble a decent bed. Aside from
    the small table at the center of the room and her bed at
    the corner, a small drawer was placed just besides the
    bed. I’m already certain that the only clothes she has
    was her school uniform, the uniform from her part time
    job and a few old clothes.
    At the top of the drawer lies a picture frame of a 10 year
    old Youngji and her parents. Her father was tall yet stout,
    wrapping his hand around Youngji’s shoulder, while her
    mother has her hands resting on Youngji’s head.
    All of them had a genuine smile plastered on their face,
    their eyes almost crinkling in delight. It made me
    wonder, why they left their only daughter in famine. Well,
    she did told me that her parents were always fighting day
    and night, she even got involved in their catfights and
    got her arms broken. Then one night, she found herself
    all alone in her house with nothing but a note from her
    parents saying that they’ll go to another country and
    uncertain when they’ll return.
    I glanced back at Youngji, still devouring the food I
    brought while constantly smiling to herself with each bite
    she takes.
    It left me pondering why she’s still smiling after all the
    sufferings she received. She’s basically a mess. At
    school she’s being bullied by almost everyone, after a
    tormenting day she returns to this lonely apartment with
    no one to accompany her, and at night until dawn she has
    to go work in a karaoke bar. And the next day she comes
    to school without any sleep only to be harrased by
    everyone again.
    “Youngji.” I called to her amidst the silence. She glanced
    over to my direction, chocolate icings stuck on her face.
    “What?” She asked, stopping​ her continuous devouring of
    I stared at her pale complexion, it’s obvious that she’ll get
    sick from her current situation. I sighed, closing the
    textbook and placing it on the table.
    “Nothing.” I remarked, earning a puzzled stare from her.
    “Okay then.” She resumed consuming loads of sweets,
    while I kept on staring at her in disbelief.
    How long is she going to put up this act. Pretending as if
    she’s fine even though her whole world had already
    crumbled. Yet she wore a cheerful smile to the world not
    being able to be warmly embraced. I can hear the painful
    cries through her eyes, it echoes through the sky and
    shakes the Earth, yet no one glanced at her with
    sympathy. . .
    Not even me. . . Her own best friend
    Scandalous pictures spread across the whole campus
    like wild fire, earning giggles and smirks from everyone.
    I watched Youngji walking through the crowded hall, her
    head hanging low and her hands trembling in deceit.
    People around her erupted into soft murmurs, a
    disgusted yet satisfied look plastered on their face.
    “How foolish.” I sighed, closing my eye before heading
    towards the student council office. At least I can do
    something for her, even though it was her fault for going
    with Fei knowing that she hates her with great intensity.
    When will she ever learn not to trust people. Always, and
    always smiling to whomever she encounters, even if their
    motives were malicious.
    Striding across the hallway, my ear caught familiar
    voices talking inside an isolated classroom at the very
    end of the hallway before I make a turn to head for the
    library. I stopped in my tracks and stood in front of the
    certain room and listened silently.
    “Youngji is really done for. I bet she’s already expelled
    from this school, and I wouldn’t have to see her ugly face
    anymore.” The one speaking, which I believed is Fei,
    laughed in a mocking tone. Various laughter also
    resonated from inside, making me bite my lip and
    wonder why they’re so happy by Youngji’s crisis.
    “I think she doesn’t even have the guts to show her face
    at school because of those pictures we took.” Kelly
    interjected, earning an annoyed voice from Fei.
    “Excuse me. I’m the one who made sure that her face is
    clearly seen.” She proudly said, giggling afterwards.
    “Hey, without my camera, you wouldn’t capture those
    awesome pictures.” I heard another voice, specifically
    from a man. And as far as I can remember, that irking
    loud voice belongs to Youngji’s boyfriend, Joon.
    Knowing that Youngji’s most loved person in the school
    is actually a part of her downfall was enough for me to
    slam the door open and walk in the room. The room was
    filled with an awful smell that comes from cigarettes, Fei
    was sitting on top of a desk while all her other friends
    were gathering around her, and Joon was leaning on the
    wall next to them.
    “Oh shoot. It’s the president.” Joon mockingly smirked,
    acting happy to see me when in fact he was expecting
    for my reaction to be furious, which it was.
    Fei on the other hand was surprised and was taken
    aback right after seeing me burst through the door.
    “I heard everything you just said.” I said in my most
    dangerously calm tone, standing in front of them. My
    whole body was shaking in anger as I stare at all of their
    faces, almost half of my classmates were here, smoking
    and laughing about Youngji’s scandal.
    “Wha. . . You. . . Ugh. . .” Fei struggled to form a decent
    sentence as I take a step forward to her direction.
    “Wha? You? Ugh?” I repeated what nonsense she just
    whimpered in a more furious tone, glaring daggers at her
    shaking pupils. “What language is that? Could you speak
    in one of the 13 languages I actually understand?”
    “What’s with you? Boasting about your intelligence and
    s--t.” Jina sat up from her seat and stood between me
    and Fei, probably shielding her from me.
    “Well, I know now that all of the people here are behind
    the allegedly scandal of Youngji and is responsible for
    scattering the pictures across campus.” I tried to calm
    myself but my anger still makes my whole arm shake. “It
    made me wonder why there are conveniently placed
    pictures everywhere, turns out I was correct that there
    are more than one person behind this.” I stated, making
    Fei click her tongue in annoyance before avoiding eye
    contact, but Joon was fast enough to speak up to defend
    their innocence.
    “Hah? Where’s your proof that we did all that?”
    I glanced over to his direction and saw that he was
    furrowing his brows, probably because I was slowly
    making my way for getting them expelled from this
    “I already told you. I heard all of it.” I deadpanned, and
    the corner of his lips tugged upwards as if I was
    He crossed his arms and leisurely leaned back on the
    wall. “You think the principal will believe that? Theres 20
    of us here and you’re only one, we can easily brush it off
    by saying that you’re making that up.” Fei regained her
    boastful composure after hearing those words from Joon,
    smirking and raising an eyebrow at me.
    “Yeah, you’re just being a psycho and misheard
    everything.” She added, also crossing her arms.
    The people around her was nodding too, staring at me as
    if waiting for me to speak.
    Great, a group of idiots. I thought to myself before
    talking back. “You think the principal will believe a bunch
    of disgusting good for nothing people? And did you also
    think that me, Kim Yooma, will get easily brushed off?.”
    The irritating smirk Joon and Fei had on quickly
    disappeared right after realizing that the most well
    behaved, intelligent, most trusted student in the school is
    infront of them right after mindlessly blurting out their
    crimes and I coincidentally heard everything.
    Almost all of them stepped back and was exchanging
    glances at each other before looking back at me with a
    guilty look.
    “I’m not involved in this, I was just here to smoke,
    nothing more.” One of our classmates shook his head,
    raising his hands in mock defeat.
    “Y-yeah, I didn’t do anything to Youngji.”
    “It was Fei, not us.”
    “We only did it for the money Fei is giving us.”
    “It was Hyemi who organized that party as well as
    Youngji’s scandal.”
    One by one, they started pointing their hands at each
    other. I just watched them bark at themselves when in
    fact, they’re all in the same boat. Once I put a hole in it,
    all of them will drown.
    “Now then, what shall I do? Should I broadcast it for the
    whole school to know how well you schemed all these? I
    wonder if expulsion is enough for the likes of you.” At
    this point, I was the one smirking from seeing them
    Fei was furiously gritting her teeth, her hands shaking in
    anger and was refraining herself from charging towards
    “You’re a nuisance!” She yelled, planning to scare me
    with her loud and angered voice but is not working since
    I was blankly standing still in front if them. “If you didn’t
    meddle with us then I would’ve already had the whole
    class on the palm of my hands
    Go on, broadcast it! I dare you. But don’t think you would
    get away with it. I’ll make sure your crushed, I will
    destroy your life and I will make sure your oh-so
    intelligence won’t help you in any way you could possibly
    think of. I’ll break your family apart and make sure you’ll
    be the one kneeling on the ground! And of course,
    Youngji will also be there, kneeling besides you in
    After a few seconds, silence outstretched all throughout
    the room. Everyone was sitting in silence and was
    hesitant to break the awkwardness since I was giving off
    a bad vibe while standing still.
    “You. . .” I mumbled, Fei was panting from excessively
    “What? I can’t hear you. Are you scared? Go on and beg,
    say that you’re sorry and you won’t mess with us
    anymore.” She smirked, still panting.
    Without saying a word, I suddenly lifted my hand and
    slammed the hell out of her face, sending her crashing
    towards the groupp of mindless people behind her. The
    strong impact from the crash made her face swollen and
    vibrantly red, another silence stretched between us.
    “I won’t mind becoming a murderer right now.” I glanced
    at her, as well as everyone else in the room. They were
    all shaking in fear and is not brave enough to stand up
    for themselves. “Go ahead and destroy my life. It’s what
    you do anyway, since your life is too boring that you
    meddle with someone else’s.”
    I turned my back at them before walking away, but
    before I could exit the room Fei added a few words to
    her awful blackmail.
    “Don’t forget that money can buy everything.”
    I didn’t put much attention on those words, since I
    believed that everything she says is complete nonsense.
    But later that night, my mom and dad spoke to me,
    telling me that I should be nicer to Fei. That made me
    furious, my parents siding with the evil one and not their
    own daughter. It turns out that my mom works for Fei’s
    father, and if I did anything wrong to her, my mom would
    lose her job and is possible that she won’t get another
    job since Fei will follow us everywhere. My dad was still
    working his way to become a policeman and is still
    unemployed, so right now, my mom is the bread winner,
    making her lose her job will also make me lose the
    privilege to study in a prestigious school.
    So I had no choice. . .
    The day of Youngji’s death, I was there with her. But I
    didn’t have any clue that it would be the last day of me
    being with her.
    I was almost done reading the textbook I got from the
    library, when I heard loud screams and whimpers from
    outside the window. I shifted my gaze outside to see
    Youngji already being beaten up by Fei and her immature
    “I can never leave her for just a minute can I?” I groaned,
    watching teachers from the distance, walking towards the
    school gates since class hours had already ended hours
    They took notice of Youngji being bullied by them, but
    they pretended that they didn’t see anything, continuing
    to talk with their colleagues and left the school.
    My eyes turned menacing, realizing how money can
    change everything in the world, even their own
    “Yooma!” I heard, I glanced back at Youngji. She was
    already alone, Fei walking away with her so called
    “How foolish.” I closed my eyes, leaving the classroom
    with another towel I took out of my bag.
    It has become a habit of mine to bring towels and other
    medical stuffs since she’s always being targeted at.
    As soon as Youngji heard my distinct footsteps, she
    weakly lifted her head from the ground, dirts falling off
    from her hair and cheeks.
    “I told you. . . You never listen.” I knelt down, wrapping
    the towel around her limp body.
    She didn’t retort back, just whimpered on my knees. She
    sobbed and sobbed, feeling an excruciating pain from her
    bruises and possibly from a broken rib.
    “Get up. I’m taking you to the principal’s office. Whether
    you like it or not, I’m not gonna let you get stepped on by
    them anymore.” I harshly said, waiting for her to stand.
    And so, eventually, we reached the familiar huge doors at
    the end of the hallway. The word principal’s office
    engraved majestically besides it.
    I opened it without even knocking, revealing the balding
    principal lazily shaving his unruly beard with a tiny blade.
    He made a startled noise as I shove Youngji inside,
    glancing at me as I closed the door.
    “What can I do for you?” He asked in a stern voice,
    scampering to regain his usual calm composure. Putting
    the razor blade he was using inside the drawer from his
    desk before locking it. He clasped his hands together in
    attempt to look presentable.
    I motioned Youngji to sit down on one of the couches​,
    but the principal noticed how dirty and unruly her uniform
    is, so he stopped her. “Don’t sit on that, it’s new.” He
    frantically gestured his hands, shooing Youngji away.
    She yelped in fear from his sudden annoyed voice before
    standing up. I scrunched my nose, glaring at the principal
    as he look down on the spot where Youngji sat on,
    completely covered in dirt.
    “Tsk, now it’s filthy.” He cursed, looking at his newly
    bought couch in dismay.
    In attempt to do something evil, I raised my foot and
    kicked the couch, completely flipping it around. He
    gasped in horror as he dash towards it, standing it back
    up before turning to glare at me. “If you’re not the pride
    of this school then I’d already expelled you!”
    “I’m not the one you should be expelling.” I crossed my
    arms, pointing at Youngji, bruised and wounded. “Fei and
    everyone did this to her.”
    The principal looked back at her and does not look
    surprised, as if he already knows that Fei has her eyes on
    Youngji. Walking back to her seat and slumping down as
    he studied her pitiful state.
    “You do know that Fei’s father sponsors this school,
    right?” He asked, already pointing out his point that if he
    sues Fei, then he will get not a single penny from her
    “You do you know that this is a crime, right?” I quipped,
    earning a startled look from him. “According to republic
    act number 10627, it is the school’s priority to prevent
    any kind of bullying, what they did to Youngji was too
    He was shocked by my informative statement, gaping at
    the two of us standing in front of him but eventually
    shook his head and laughed. “I almost thought you’re the
    most intelligent student here.” He stopped from laughing
    and stared at me, resting his elbows on his desk.
    “Unfortunately. . . That law is only applied in other
    countries, and not here. In this place, we encourage
    bullying. It serves as a lecture for those who are not
    strong enough to stand up for themselves.”
    “We are here to state the tedious acts from your
    students. You people should educate them about being a
    decent person and not wasting their time on bullying
    others.” I slightly raised my voice, completely far from
    my personality, but I had no choice. This person is
    determined to side with Fei who has loads of wealth.
    “Isn’t Youngji here the one at fault? She mindlessly
    triggered everyone.” He retorted, scoffing at her.
    Youngji was about to cry once more but I patted her
    back, and glared at the bald aging man in front of us.
    “If you’re just gonna point fingers at her and not gonna
    help, then I’ll file a complaint against Fei, you, and to this
    whole school.” I slammed my hands against his desk,
    causing her to lean away from me on his chair.
    “T-then. . . Would you mind if I speak to Youngji alone?”
    He gulped, but I’m not falling for that. I won’t leave
    Youngji alone in here with this awful man.
    “What if I said no? I’m not leaving her here with you.” I
    squinted my eyes at him, almost sending out crackles of
    electricity back at him.
    He was about to say something but my phone rang my
    usual ringtone. I pulled it out from my pocket and saw
    that my mom was calling me.
    “Then I’ll leave you too behind. You better do something
    about this, or else I’ll have you locked up in prison for the
    rest of your life.” I menaced at him one last time before
    walking towards the door. Patting Youngji’s shoulder, she
    gave me a reassuring smile as she nodded her head,
    before I exited the office.
    I left them there, walking across the corridor as I
    answered the call.
    “Mom.” I mumbled, glancing back at the door where I
    came from then back at front.
    “Sweetie, where are you? I got you freshly baked
    croissants! You’re favorite.” She beamed across the line,
    I smiled in delight, I’m sure Youngji would like to eat
    those with me.
    Or better yet, after her talk with the principal and after
    we get those wounds and bruises treated, I’ll take her to
    my house and let her eat all the delicious food mom
    “I’m still at school.” I replied, stopping besides the
    window glass and stared outside. I glanced behind me
    and made sure I’m still near the principal’s office door,
    about 40 meters away from me.
    “I’m at the school gate, I dropped by since I thought that
    you still might be here and turns out I’m right!” She
    cheered, I can hear the sound of the endless flowing of
    water, making me know that she’s besides the river
    infront of the school. “Come and get it here, I still have
    to give some for your dad at his office.”
    I was reluctant, glancing back at the principal’s office
    then back outside the window. I saw my mother standing
    besides the gate, carrying a brown plastic bag where I
    believe the croissants were at.
    “Okay. . . I’ll be there in a minute.” I ended the call,
    before walking away. Quietly observing the silent
    hallways, and wondering how peaceful this place is
    without people in it.
    As soon as I reached the school gates, my mother wasn’t
    there anymore. The certain spot she was standing on is
    nothing more but an empty space.
    “Mom?!” I called, shifting my gaze side to side. After
    continously searching for her, I gave up and pulled out
    my phone, dialling her number as I impatiently tap my
    “Yooma.” She suddenly mentioned my name which is
    very unusual​, she usually calls me sweetie or honey but
    her using my name means that something serious had
    “What happened? You were just here a moment ago.”
    “I’m sorry but. . . Our neighbors called us, there’s a fire
    right in front of our house and. . . I. . . I don’t know what
    to do. . . I immediately called a taxi.” Her voice was
    trembling, and my eyes were wide from shock.
    “Mom! Don’t worry, I’ll be there in a sec!” I raised my
    voice, panic evident from my action.
    Fortunately, there was a taxi passing by and I stopped it
    by raising my arms at it. I entered the car and said our
    address in a frantic manner.
    As much as I want to stay behind and help Youngji solve
    her issue, I can’t possibly leave my mom alone in this
    kind of situation.
    I’m sorry Youngji, I can’t help you right now.
    Distant sounds of chattering and sirens from police cars
    parked outside the school echoed throughout the
    building. Students gathered at the 4th floor, near the
    restroom giving out a putrid smell.
    “I only left my eye on you for a moment. . .” I stood
    steadily, my eyes staring blankly at the girl sitting
    peacefully on the toilet seat. “And you already caused
    another trouble.” I mumbled, tears streaming rapidly
    from my emotionless eyes as I stare at the dead body of
    my best friend.
    Her lips were pale and bluish, her complexity turned
    much paler from the lack of blood that is now scattered
    on the floor around her. I looked at her tearstained face,
    a frozen smile formed and her eyes was closed as if she
    accepted her end with open arms.
    “How. . . How foolish.” I stopped from suppressing my
    tears and let it all out, letting my head hung low amd
    stare at the glaring red floor
    The policeman already dragging me away from the crime
    scene in fear that I might mess with it and ruin valuable
    Before I was completely pulled out of the restroom along
    with the other students with their phones out, I caught a
    gleaming object at the floor next to her.
    It brought back memories​ to my mind. That shining
    object is indeed, without a doubt.
    Is the principal’s razor blade.

    CHAPTER 19

    I have been wandering aimlessly around this world, it
    doesn’t even look like a world to me. This place looked
    like an unfinished painting, the edges melting and falling
    to pieces. The only definite scene is the place where
    Yooma lives at, her house. The only house visible and
    clear since the other buildings in the neighborhood were
    swirly and blurred.
    I know that something seems odd about the house,
    almost telling me to not enter since I may have to
    witness something I cannot erase from my memory. But I
    have to know for myself what had happened to Yooma. I
    already know that she’s dead, but came back as another
    creature. I also do know that she massacred the guys
    working for Fei, and her parents were not happy about it,
    I mean. . . no one would be happy learning that their
    daughter single-handedly killed a group of grown up
    Mustering all my remaining strength, I picked up my pace
    and walked towards the main door. My translucent body
    completely passing through the solid wood and entered,
    revealing her father drinking a cup of coffee at the dining
    table, while Yooma just arrived in the scene from her
    room upstairs.
    “Did you packed your bags yet?” Her father casually
    asked, covering his face with newspapers and began to
    read. “You should be at the airport at 6 in the evening. As
    soon as you got the things you needed at school, be sure
    to contact me to pick you up.”
    Yooma slightly nodded at him, although annoyance was
    written on her face. She went to the kitchen and grabbed
    a glass of water, staring cautiously at his unsuspecting
    “. . .what?” I asked myself in whirl of confusions, not
    knowing that Yooma was supposed to be at the airport
    today, attempting to leave the country is something I
    never heard of from her.
    “The investigations are almost finished, my colleagues
    will eventually know that you’re the one behind all that.”
    His father continued, instantly making me know his
    intentions. He plans to throw Yooma in some country to
    escape the possibility of rotting in jail, and to possibly
    keep his name clear and undamaged from the acts of her
    “Where did mom kept all the plastic bags?” Yooma
    interjected, obviously not listening to her father’s
    instructions. I walked to her direction, behind the counter
    as I watch her fumbling around it in search for the plastic
    Her father grunted and peeked an eye over the
    newspaper he was holding, staring at Yooma. “It’s under
    the kitchen sink.” He resumed in reading.
    Yooma crouched down in front of the two handles of the
    small cabinet door, putting both her hand on it before
    pulling to open it. My feet trembled, almost making me
    fall on the ground but I immediately placed my hands on
    the table to support my weight. My eyes were wide and I
    swear it almost shed a tear, a tear of both agony and
    What lies inside the small cabinet, was a corpse of a
    woman. Forcibly curled to form a ball so it could fit
    inside the small space. Her eyes were opened widely,
    almost as if she died with the emotion of shock. Her skin
    was white, pale and bluish as if all the life in her was
    completely s----d and drained.
    Yooma, however, does not looked surprised nor scared.
    Instead, she slightly pushed the body away to retrieve the
    pile of plastic bags behind it.
    While watching her leisurely rolling the bags thinly, a
    quick flash of memory passed through my eyes,
    completely leading me to another scene. It was night
    time outside, and her father just arrived from work,
    walking through the door. While Yooma was sitting on
    the couch and was reading quietly, silence overwhelmed
    the whole house.
    “Is your mother asleep already?” Her father asked as he
    headed straight to the kitchen and stood beside the
    kitchen counter, where the body was hidden in a brutal
    “Yes about an hour ago. . .” She replied, keeping a hawk
    eye on the man who was just meters away from the dead
    A small smirk tugged on her lips as her unsuspecting
    father walked pass it, not even noticing the putrid smell it
    gives out.
    My head felt painful all of a sudden, slowly sinking all the
    scenarios into my puzzled mind. She killed her mother, or
    worse, consumed her soul. But why didn’t she kill her
    father as well if she’s so worried that he might find the
    The flash of scene suddenly melted away as seconds
    passed, revealing me back to the place I was once,
    behind the counter, Yooma still rolling the plastic bags
    and her father reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee
    besides him.
    Yooma began walking towards the door, grabbing her
    backpack and putting her shoes on. “Dad, I baked
    cupcakes for you and your co-workers.” She said, taking
    a glimpse of him behind her shoulder. Her hand resting
    on the doorknob as she waited for his father’s reply.
    “Ah thanks, I’ll make sure to give it to them.” He replied,
    earning a menacing grin from Yooma but he was too
    occupied in reading that he wasn’t able to witness her
    daughter’s ominous expression from his reply of giving
    the baked delicacies to her office mates.
    She exited the house, and not a moment too soon, I felt a
    shaking sensation and the whole house began melting
    away as well. But I remained the only thing that didn’t
    falter, the next thing I know is that I’m in a wide plain
    field, the floor green from the excessive grasses that
    encompasses the whole place.
    Small and curved stones arranged sporadically in an
    array, made me realize that I was, no doubt, in a
    I darted my eyes from side to side before spotting
    Yooma standing infront of a certain stone that looked like
    it hasn’t been cleaned up for a lot of while with the
    mosses and plants enveloping it.
    I walked to her direction, the blurred scene slowly
    becoming clearer as I neared her location. I stopped as I
    stood behind her, glancing at the stone that bore the
    name of Park Youngji.
    “You don’t have to worry that much, It’ll be over tonight.”
    Yooma spoke as she stare at the engraved name. “I’ll
    avenge your miserable death. . . I’ll make them suffer
    like what they did to you. . .” She stopped for a moment,
    wiping her eyes before it form any tears.
    “At least let me redeem my position as your friend. . .”
    She smiled, lifting the corner of her lips to form a smile.
    “By killing those who resented you. . .”
    Yooma took one long glance at the stone before turning
    away, walking in a slow pace. She went further and
    further until her figure completely melted away as she
    reached the drifting edges of this memory.
    I turned back at the stone where Youngji was buried
    beneath, but was instead faced to faced with a faded,
    almost glowing figure of her standing in front of me.
    My jaw dropped, noticing that she was staring at me and
    is aware of my presence. I am certain that no one in this
    place can see me, but she was directly staring at my
    I looked for a word to say, my mouth trembling and
    instead formed undefined words. But before I could even
    speak of something understandable, Youngji interjected
    with her soft yet mournful voice.
    “Please. . . Stop her.” She begged, a tear rolling in her
    eyes, pleading to me with utmost sincerity.
    She glanced at the sky, noticing that it was slowly melting
    away and disappearinf made her realize that her
    remaining time to speak to me will be over in just a
    The whole place crumbled, I can almost feel a shaking
    motion from the ground but Youngji remained still and
    steady at her spot, half of her body also crumbling and
    melting away with the scene.
    “. . . heart.” She uttered with a concerned look before all
    of her body disappeared, leaving me in a void and dark
    place, only my body is present in here.
    I widened my eyes at the realization that had come upon
    me. Yooma was the one behind everything, she’s the
    reason why there was an unexpected storm causing us to
    be trapped in the school. Why despite the numerous calls
    we made at the police station, no one came to help us.
    Why Youngji appeared, to stop her from her actions.
    Everything made sense now, my mind that was once in a
    whirl of confusion became clear. I finally understood
    what I had to do to escape this nightmare.
    And that is to kill Yooma

    Ah reum~
    I fluttered my eyes open, only to be bombarded with the
    usual ungodly smell. It seems like I woke up in the same
    place where I lost my consciousness, inside the
    darkened classroom.
    I sat up, rubbing my aching head as if I am extremely
    hangover. “Y-yebin? Seol ri?” I called out, shifting my
    head side to side although I couldn’t see anything from
    the lack of light.
    No one answered.
    Seol Ri isn’t here, neither is Yoo Ma.
    I began panicking at the thought of what could have
    happened to them, I stood up and frantically looked for
    the way out of this classroom but my foot was caught by
    something that caused me to crash against the porcelain
    “Ugh…” I whimpered, slowly pulling myself up and rub
    my twisted foot from the impact.
    I heard whimpering sounds from the object I just tripped
    over, instantly making me know who it was.
    “Yebin!” I said, rushing over to her side. My hands
    searched for her small hands through the darkness so I
    can hold it.
    She wasn’t replying, only whimpering sounds were what
    her mouth was producing.
    “Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of here.” I quickly yet gently
    pulled her up, and positioned myself to carry her on my
    When I tried to stand up, my knees trembled. I began
    losing the remaining energy I had left. Since we’ve been
    stuck in this hell hole, we didn’t get a chance to eat or
    drink. My hunger and the desire to drink water is only
    making my condition worse, and for the fact that my foot
    is slightly twisted.
    But throwing all my complaints aside, I must save Yebin
    first before myself.
    She’s too young for this, only 7 years old, only a girl with
    many things to achieve in life. . . compared to me.
    “I’m not letting you die…” I bit my lips, limping towards
    the corridors with her weight slowing me down.
    After a while of nonstop walking in a hallway filled with
    dead people, I couldn’t find Seolri, nor Yooma.
    Everything seemed to be eerily quiet, which only made
    me suspicious on to how the killing spree suddenly
    subsided without a fight.
    I glanced over the window, but there’s nothing to be
    seen. Although the rain had stopped, the sound of the
    howling winds can still be heard.
    How many hours have we been here exactly? And why is
    no one coming to our rescue when the storm already
    stopped. Surely, even though Yooma disposed the cops
    in advance, I’m sure there are still other rescuers.
    If we can just walk out of this building then we’ll be able
    to escape and go to the streets where a lot of people is,
    or anywhere just not in this dreadful place. But I can’t
    leave now, not without Seolri, but Yebin needs medical
    help. Even though I can’t see her full state, I know she’s
    going through a lot of pain.
    The sound of my rumbling stomach echoed throughout
    the silent hallway, snapping me from my deep thoughts.
    I’m hungry and my dry throat yearned for crisp aqua.
    Aside from the constant rumbling of my stomach, my
    eyes were also slowly draping, I can feel it losing it’s
    sight, although there’s not much to see in this dark
    “I must. . . not. . . die.” I uttered in a great need to do
    what Young Ji wants, so that everything would be in
    I walked a bit faster to save time, despite my twisted
    ankle so I could kill Yoo Ma already. But a question, that
    hinders my plan is. . . How? She’s a demon, she is
    cursed to have immortality, and I’m just a mere human.
    My complicated thoughts were only put to a stop when I
    heard Yebin, humming a weird tone in a slow pace.
    “Yebin? Are you awake?” I asked, feeling movements
    from her small body as I kept my gaze locked in front of
    me as to not trip once again.
    Yebin, did not reply, hummed much more louder. I can
    feel her playing with my hair, twirling it with her finger.
    “Yebin, what’s with that song?” I asked again, glancing at
    her from behind my shoulder.
    I can almost make out a glowing red light from her
    direction, when I strained my neck far enough, I realized
    that her eyes were the one emitting that unearthly glow.
    “Byebye.” Yebin smiled, moving in a fast pace and
    sinking her teeth on my shoulder before I could even
    throw her off me.
    “Gaaah!” I screamed, dropping her as I fell on the
    ground, I crawled away from her as fast as I could and
    aiming the light from my flashlight at her direction.
    My eyes, once again, widened in shock. Standing before
    me was a completely different person. Still, she looks
    like Yebin but the gleaming red eyes and hoarse voice
    made me doubt if she’s the real Yebin or not. My blood
    stained her teeth as well as her mouth, flowing off of her
    chin and droplets fell on the floor.
    “Where’s Yebin?! And where’s Seolri?!” I demanded,
    crawling backwards, my left hand applying pressure on
    my bleeding shoulder while the other holds my phone
    “You don’t have to look for Seol Ri. . . she’s already
    dead.” she paused, walking towards my direction. She
    laughed in joy, seeing the scared and shocked look on
    my face. “And since everything is almost over. . .I want
    to play with Yebin, so I took her with me.”
    “Where is she?!” I screamed, trying to stand up while she
    just watched me miserbaly trying to stand on my feet
    with an ominous stare.
    “Well that would ruin the fun wouldn’t it? You have to find
    her before time runs out.” She smirked, closing in to my
    direction. She ran towards me getting ready to bite me
    again with her somewhat sharp teeth stained with my
    She tackled me, sending the both of us crashing on the
    ground. My eyes fell on a corpse besides the corridor,
    specifically about 17 inches away from me. A pool of
    blood bathing the floor, staining my white shirt as well as
    soaking my hair. Despite Yebin’s possessed body pinning
    me to the ground and while I was doing my best to keep
    her sharp teeth away from me using my hands, I caught
    notice of the huge shard stuck on the person’s stomach.
    Struggling to keep myself away from the sharp teeth that
    is bound to pierce through my flesh, I lifted my other
    hand to reach for the shard. When I finally felt it my
    hands around it, I scrunched my nose as I pulled it off the
    dead person’s stomach as it creates a squishing noise,
    probably from their organs.
    Without complaining much further, I swiftly plunged the
    shard deep into Yebin’s back making her scream in
    anger. She was about to hit my face with her hands, but
    the end for her came too early as she slumped down on
    me. Her tiny body resting on mine as blood gushed out of
    the stab wound I caused and dripping unto me.
    I pulled of the shard, and once again made a squishing
    sound, from her back. Letting my hand fall on the blood
    stained ground. The body lying on top of me, suddenly
    became lighter and lighter until I can’t fell any weight on
    me anymore.
    I turned my phone on, the light from it making me see
    that the body had turned into black smoke, hovering
    above me with red glowing eyes before it flew towards
    the dark part of the hallway in a fast pace.
    “Tsk!” I hissed, as I felt my bleeding shoulder sting. I
    kept still and stared above me for a moment, the dim
    light from my phone illuminating the dirty white ceiling.
    My body started shivering as I felt the coldness invade
    my body. I’m getting weaker every time I take a step
    forward. My hunger and thirst making it worse. What
    more, is that my shoulder is still bleedin even after I
    applied pressure on it.
    “Stop her. . .”
    A faint whisper pounded in my head, sending adrenaline
    rush through my veins and making me regain my self
    before the thought of me dying miserably consumes my
    I tried sitting up, but my stinging shoulder hindered me.
    “Ugh. . .” I wheezed, feeling tears falling from my eyes
    and landing on my blood stained skirt. “I. . .I can’t.” I
    whimpered, particularly to no one as my voice echoed
    throughout the ominous corridors. I slowly closed my
    eyes, wheezing and yelping as I felt all the life in my body
    I don’t even know if Yebin is still alive or is already dead
    like everyone here, we are already destined to die
    anyway. . . So what’s the point?
    Dying is the best option.
    “Stand up. . .” I suddenly sensed a presence in front of
    me. Until just a moment ago, this hallway had no signs of
    life in it, but now I could feel someone standing directly
    ahead of me. Standing and looking down at me.
    Opening my eyes slowly, raising my head to look up. I
    saw a white, slender ankle in front of me. Shocked, I
    shot my head up. Standing before me was Youngji.
    “Y. . .Yo. . . Youngji?” I stammered, crawling back as I
    felt a dreadful aura coming from her.
    She didn’t reply nor speak, she just stared at me before
    crouching down.
    “W-what are you doing?” I asked, watching her close her
    eyes before moving towards me until her fading figure
    completely merged together with mine. She just entered
    my body, and for some reasons, I can feel my strenght
    return to me. The agonizing sensation of dying
    disappeared, along with both the pain from my stinging
    shoulder and my hunger.
    “Her heart. . .” I can hear her soft voice speaking in my
    mind, I stood up and grabbed the shard I used to stab
    the fake Yebin a while ago.
    “What about her heart?” I asked, continuing my journey
    inside the pitch black to school.
    “Her weakness. . . Stab her in the heart”

    CHAPTER 20

    I was sprinting to full speed I could get without slipping
    on the red liquid strewned across the floor. All the while,
    I could feel someone or something following me from
    behind, but I dismissed it thinking that I do not have any
    time to deal with them since I am looking for Yebin.
    Yooma did mention that time is running out, so I don’t
    plan to waste any of it.
    Even though I am determined to kill Yooma, I still can’t
    avoid the fact that I am never so scared in my whole life
    with something trailing behind me.
    “Potatoes grow on trees. . .” I tried talking to myself,
    reprimanding myself in an effort to quell the fear that
    was welling up in the pit of my stomach.
    Even though the rain had subsided about an hour ago,
    lightning flashed and thunder resounded with impeccable
    timing. I jumped in spite of myself, striding across the
    hallway after.
    The hall feels longer than it has ever before, I have been
    teaching in this school for 3 years and this is the only
    moment it felt like it was endless. I continued my hurried
    walk down the impossibly long hallway, jumping every
    now and then when a pile of bodies blocked my path.
    But when a thunderclap sounded out, and lightning
    illuminated the place, It was only then that I noticed the
    hall with no ends, I have been running straight, not even
    turning to a corner since no corners were seen.
    I stopped, realizing that I have been mindlessly sprinting
    without having awareness that Yooma has been playing
    with me.
    “My, so after minutes of running you finally decided to
    stop.” I heard her voice from somewhere, I aimed the
    light of my phone from side to side in search for her
    I strained my ears, focusing on the scant few sounds
    around me, but not hearing any more of Yooma’s voice, I
    took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves.
    I began pondering on what to do, the hallway has been
    altered into an endless one. Although the classroom
    doors were still open, I don’t see any reason why I
    should enter one of them. Cursing myself a litte, I
    fumbled slowly across the darkened hall.
    Still at loss, I noticed two red beaming lights from the
    other part of the hallway. Almost as if it were two red
    eyes, and I know I wouldn’t want to see who owns those
    eyes so I stopped from walking.
    Putting my thoughts in order as to why that creature
    appeared, I came to a sudden realization that it was
    moving towards me in an impending amount of speed. I
    was paralyzed with fear, not able to move my feet as the
    creature made a feral noise, that scared the hell out of
    Tepid air whooshed across, that was enough to get me
    into my tracks and began running to the opposite
    direction. The sound of my rapid footsteps almost
    contrasting against the inhuman noise the malevolent
    creature chasing me is making.
    I glanced at it from behind my shoulder, there wasn’t
    much more to it but a black shadowy figureand an
    indistinct flickering silhouette. I looked back in front of
    me, only to be welcomed by another pair of red glowing
    “Tch! Where do I go now?!” I panicked, stopping from
    my tracks and waited for Youngji’s instructions. Glancing
    back and forth from the two creatures closing in on me
    at both directions.
    “Inside. . .” I hear her voice in my mind, it was calm
    despite the fact that two demons were out chasing me. I
    immediately shifted my gaze to my side to see a
    classroom door after she said the word ‘inside’.
    Without questioning her idea, I immediately head to the
    door and tugged it. . . But what made my will to live
    shatter into pieces is that it didn’t slide open as I tug the
    handle. I shook it and pulled in frenzy but it wasn’t
    opening any sooner, I can sense the two shadows from
    each of my direction closing in.
    “A little help here?!” I screamed, still trying to open the
    sliding door with all my might.
    The feral noise the shadows were making was loud,
    meaning that they’re already a meter away from me. I
    looked at them from the corner of my eyes and saw that
    they were gonna slam me on the wall as they lift their
    shadowy hands that appeared out of their smoky body.
    But before they could put an end to my life, the door sllid
    open and my body moved on it’s own out of reflexes and
    leaped inside the room. I bolted up from the ground and
    immediately closed the door, locking it at the process.
    When I was certain that I locked the door, I grabbed the
    desk besides me and hold it against the door, preparing
    myself for the impact that the two shadows might knock
    the door down.
    But seconds eventually became minutes, no banging of
    the door happened. I cautiously lifted my head, and
    blinked a few times through the translucent small window
    on the door and saw no shadows or some sort.
    My hands shook violently, and I can still feel my heart
    pounding hard from almost getting single-handedly killed
    by a demonic shadow, but what made my heart beat
    faster was because of the familiar voice from behind me.
    “Miss Ahreum, what are you doing?”
    I almost stopped from breathing, I must be dreaming
    right now. . . There’s no way. . .
    “Seolri?” I turned around, and my heart almost leaped
    from my heart at the sight of what’s infront of me.
    Seolri was standing in front of me, confusion plastered
    on her face from seeing me violently grab a desk and
    slamming it on the door. Behind her were students who
    were also staring at me with puzzled looks, wondering
    why I was being a crazed woman. I glanced over Seolri’s
    shoulder to catch a glimpse outside the window, seeing
    the sun shining brightly across the overcast sky,
    gleaming through the windows of the class almost made
    me question if I’m on drugs.
    I am certain I was just being chased to death by two
    shadowy demons and barely escaped, how in the
    heaven’s name am I back inside a normal classroom with
    my students acting as if nothing brutally happened to
    “Ah. . .” I stared at Seolri, and she stared back, furrowing
    her eyebrows at me as she crossed her arms. My mouth
    was left hanging for a moment, before I managed to
    create a decent sentence come out of it.
    “What are you doing here.” I asked, She grabbed my
    wrist, grabbing the handle of the door to slid it open but I
    stopped her before she could completely succeed.
    “Stop! They’re still outside!” I exclaimed, pulling her
    back. She stared at me before groaning.
    “What is?” She asked mockingly, ignoring my warning
    and slid the door open, revealing a well lighted hallway.
    Teachers and students were passing by, chatting
    together with their friends.
    “H-huh?” My eyes widened, but before I could even
    complicate my mind from thinking, Seolri pulled me out
    of the classroom and dragging me across the slightly
    crowded hallway while I gape at each and everyone,
    wondering why they’re acting like nothing happened, and
    more importantly why they’re still alive.
    “You’re supposed to tutor Yebin, why did you end up in
    our classroom?” She asked again, but I was too busy
    darting my head from side to side, observing the
    undeniably weird atmosphere the whole place gives off.
    Amidst my confusion, the principal stopped us in our
    tracks, calling my name in a somewhat annoyed tone.
    “Miss Ahreum, I thought I told you to hand in your report
    this morning, why haven’t you passed anything yet?”
    We both looked at him, a cup of coffee on his hands and
    bunch of folders on his other hand, squinting his wrinkly
    eyes at me. He did tell me about the report that I’m
    supposed to pass this morning, but I didn’t even had the
    chance to do it since a mass massacre happened in the
    afternoon. And I’m 100% sure that I saw his dead body in
    his office an hour ago with lots of deep cuts on all four of
    his limbs and was left to bleed until death, so seeing him
    standing before me– well and alive– made my body
    move against it’s will, quietly poking his cheeks to make
    sure that the person infront of me is not a hallucination or
    a lost spirirt.
    He glared at me, unsure and confused why I’m poking
    the school principal’s cheeks with a shocked expression
    plastered on my face.
    I expected for my finger to pass through his cheeks, but I
    can fully touch it. The rough and wrinkly feel from his
    face is evident as I tap my finger on it. But I wasn’t falling
    for this hallucination so I poked harder, digging my
    fingers deeper into his loose cheeks.
    After confusing himself on the reason why I’m acting like
    a cavewoman from the touch of his face, he finally
    grunted, slapping my hand away from him. “I expect to
    see you in my office, Miss Ahreum. Do tell me a
    reasonable explanation why you look like you just had a
    catfight and your uniform all torn and wrinkly.” He looked
    down at my current state so I followed his gaze, seeing
    my uniform almost ripped and showing a bit of my skin
    made my jaw drop. But not because it was wrinkled, but
    because I was just covered and stained with blood a
    while ago, but now the red color is gone.
    “I. . . I’m. . .” I looked for words to say as I study my
    clothes with widened eyes and a dropped jaw, pulling it
    upwards so I can see it clearly. I almost look like a
    person who had never seen a uniform before because of
    how shocked I am while examining my own clothes.
    There was indeed, no sign of any blood.
    “I’m wondering why I even hired you.” The principal
    scoffed at me before going on his way, sipping from the
    cup he was holding. But before he could entirely leave
    my peripheral vision, he made sure to give me one last
    crackling glare.
    Seolri made a funny face at him when he turned his back
    against us, sticking out her tongue and pulling her nose
    upward to look like a pig’s nose. “Fatass. . .” she hissed
    before turning her full attention back at me. “And the
    principal is right, you look like hell.”
    “But I just went through hell. . .” I retorted, staring at my
    clean palms when I’m entirely sure that it was stained
    “What’s wrong with you? You’re acting strange.” She
    furrowed her eyebrows at me. I jolt my head up and
    looked at her, I grabbed both her shoulders and began
    lightly shaking it.
    “Seolri, you don’t remember? We were trapped in here,
    there was a storm and Yooma was trying to kill us.” I
    frantically said, almost tangling my tongue on how fast I
    “Uhh. . .” Seolri stared at me with a squinted eyes,
    confusing herself whether I’m still sane or not. “What are
    you going on about? We’re trapped? Storm? And
    I nodded my head vigorously, still staring directly at her
    eyes and waited for a reply. But what I get as a respond
    is a chuckle from her, pulling my hands off of her
    shoulders before wrapping her arms around me. “Are
    you drunk or what? We’re not trapped, and there’s no
    storm, and Yooma. . .” She stopped as we were in front
    of a classroom, pointing inside. “She’s in there, reading a
    textbook and being a nerd as usual.”
    I widened my eyes as I spotted her figure, quietly sitting
    on her seat while all her other classmates where chatting
    with each other. Fei was there, surrounded by her
    friends. Everyone was there, alive.
    “Is this. . . true?” I gaped, wondering if it’s okay to
    believe that I was just dreaming a while ago and the
    blood stained school doesn’t exist at all.
    “Miss Ahreum!”I heard Yebin’s cheerful voice from
    behind us, I immediately spun around, breaking from
    Seolri’s hands and running to her direction.
    “Yebin!” I almost sobbed from seeing her, I hugged her
    tiny body and embraced it within my arms, causing for
    the stuffed teddy bear she was carrying fall on the
    “Miss Ahreum? You’re late. You’re supposed to tutor
    me.” She pouted, but I didn’t break the hug since I was
    more than happy to see her well and safe. Maybe what I
    witnessed a while ago wasn’t real, maybe it was just a
    horrible dream.
    “Then. . . Let’s go back inside my office, you have alot to
    learn about alphabets, am I right?” I smiled, pulling away
    and standing up to grab her small hands. She crouched
    down to grab her teddy bear before looking back at me.
    “I already memorized the alphabets while you’re away!”
    She beamed, trying her best to match my walking pace
    with her short legs.
    “Oh did you?” I snickered. Seolri followed us and walked
    besides Yebin, grabbing the stuffed toy from her hands
    so she could hold it also, swinging it back and forth.
    “While you were in the infirmary, Yebin went to me and I
    taught her the alphabets.” Seolri boasted proudly as she
    glanced at Yebin with a proud demeanor.
    “I was in the infirmary?” I asked, still staring down at
    Yebin with a gentle smile. Watching her avoid the thin
    black lines on the tiled floor, stepping only at the white
    “You said you had a headache and needed some sleep. .
    . you’re gone for about an hour, and then you suddenly
    entered our classroom and barricade the door.” Seolri
    laughed, pinching Yebin’s soft cheeks earning a groan in
    response from Yebin.
    “I fell asleep?” I asked again, almost making sense that I
    was only dreaming about the school and the horrible
    storm and as well as Yooma killing us one by one.
    “Duh, then explain why you disappeared for an hour while
    I do all the work and teach Yebin.” Seolri rolled her eyes
    at me playfully.
    “I was trying to save the two of you from dying.” I replied
    with a unreadable expression on my face, stopping from
    my tracks as I heard a distant sound of thunder and
    lightning from afar. I glanced outside the window, the
    clear and blue sky suddenly got covered by dark, almost
    black clouds. Rolling in with a speed of light and
    blocking all the sun’s light.
    The two of them also stopped and turned their head
    back at me. “As if we’re gonna die.” Seolri joked, letting
    go of Yebin’s hand and crossed her arms. “Are you on
    drugs or something?”
    “Seolri. . . what time is it?” I asked, my gaze still locked
    on the darkened sky. She gave me a puzzled look before
    looking at her wristwatch then answering my question.
    “It’s 6pm. . . why?” She asked, I glanced back at them.
    Seolri still has a puzzled look on her face while Yebin
    gripped tightly on her stuffed toy from hearing thunders.
    It was the time when. . . everything began.
    “What day is it today?!” I asked again, but this time with
    a panicking voice as I crouched down in front of Yebin,
    brushing her fringe behind her ear.
    “Uhh what’s with you? You’re scaring me.” She stepped
    away, staring at me with confused look.
    Yebin was whimpering from my sudden loud voice, hiding
    her face from me with her stuffed toy.
    “Just answer me!” I yelled at her, abruptly standing up as
    I gripped tightly on Yebin’s hand. Not planning to let go
    of her this time.
    “It’s February 13.”
    Instead of hearing Seolri’s voice answering my question,
    what I heard was a voice I never once dared to even
    listen to. It came from behind us, I slowly and cautiously
    whirled around.
    What stood before us, was a girl with a menacing smile
    creeping on her sadistically playful expression. I opened
    my mouth, as if to speak something, but what came out
    was her name.

    CHAPTER 21

    The well -lit hallway melted away, revealing the once
    again dark and looming corridors, displaying the dead
    bodies on the ground, untouched and still rotting.
    The students, as well as Seolri who were around me
    suddenly turned black with no definite shape and size–
    almost resembling the demonic shadows who were just
    chasing me in the corridor from back then– and was
    blown away as if they were nothing more but just a puff
    of smoke.
    “N-no. . .” I uttered, feeling all the despair and agony
    return from realizing I was back in this pit of hell once
    “Teacher. . .” I heard Yebin’s voice, I looked down on her
    to see her hand getting blown away as tepid air
    whooshed in, her eyes beaming red and all of her figure
    turned black and shadowy before completely
    disappearing from my sight.
    I felt all the blood in my face drain as realization dawned
    on me that I was yet trapped in this place, with Yebin still
    “Oh how I enjoyed watching your hope turn to despair
    real quick from realizing that you’re still stuck here with
    no chance of survival.” I heard Yooma’s threatening
    voice from somewhere afar.
    I turned around immediately, but there was nothing to
    see except darkened halls and nothing else to smell but
    rotting bodies and rusty blood.
    “What do you want from me?! Why are you playing tricks
    and games?! Just end this already!” I screamed, shifting
    from side to side and maniacally gripping on my hair out
    of spite.
    “Oh my? You didn’t know?” Yooma’s face, as well as the
    upper part of her body appeared in front of me. The
    other half of her was nothing but just indefinite black
    I stepped back, positioning my arms to block her away
    but before I could even do that, she disappeared with the
    air again. “What are you talking about?” I hissed, still
    trying to look for her presence in this darkened corridor.
    “You. . . Didn’t try to help Youngji, right?” Her voice
    suddenly turned demonic, as if two or more people were
    speaking inside her voice.
    “I what?! I talked to her!” I retorted with a loud voice,
    earning a malicious laugh from her. Her voice seemed
    moving from this side to there, as if she was hovering
    around me. Then her laugh stopped as her full figure
    appeared just a meter away from me.
    “You watched her suffer.” She replied, putting her palm in
    front of my face before it glowed with a filtered red
    My eyes was bathed with the glaring color and turned
    void, I wasn’t in the corridor once again. But was in my
    office, sitting in front of me was Youngji, as well as my
    past self.
    It was when her scandalous pictures were spread out
    across the campus and I took her in my office to talk.
    But what scared the hell out of me aside from the fact
    that I was back in this time scale, is that both my past
    self and Youngji was twitching in an odd, creepy way.
    Like when a game is glitching and the characters in the
    game were bugged, their head would twitch until it
    reached it their shoulders before returning back to it’s
    normal position with immense speed, as if their head
    wasn’t connected to their body anymore and kept going
    on and on.
    “Don’t worry Youngji, I won’t let them bully you again.”
    My voice sounded out, but with a hoarse voice, far from
    my normal one.
    “I won’t let the principal expel you.” She continued
    speaking, making me realize that it was the same thing I
    said to Youngji when she was still alive. These are the
    words I said to her. . . but failed to do.
    The next thing I know is that I’m inside the infirmary,
    where my past self went a few hours after that talk with
    Youngji. My past self was there lying on a bed, claiming a
    headache when all she really wanted was to sleep. It
    instantly made me know that when Yooma made me
    hallucinate about a normal day not a moment ago, it was
    the day when Youngji was still alive, since I went in the
    infirmary that day too. . . only witnessing how Irene
    poured acid on her wounded head.
    “And I didn’t do anything.” I jumped from shock when my
    past self–still twitching oddly– speak in yet another
    hoarse voice directly at me, interrupting my thoughts.
    The foolish woman I was a year ago, peeked through the
    white curtains as she watched Irene pouring the
    disinfectant at Youngji, not even stopping her despite
    knowing that it’s acid. In fact, she even continued
    sleeping, with not a single care.
    I realized how horrible I was, ignoring Youngji suffer by
    herself when I clearly said that I would help her. I even
    walked pass her when she was getting beaten up by Fei
    and the others that very same day. I remember that time,
    I even saw Yooma in one of the classroom. We made
    eye contact that moment, but I eventually turned away.
    All I did was watch and pretend that I didn’t see anything,
    I pretended that I didn’t see her crying out for help, crying
    out to us. How she screamed in agony as she watch all
    the people she trusted walk pass her when she needed
    them. Nobody even glanced at her with concern nor
    sympathy. I always thought that people who ignored her
    was fools, but I didn’t think I was a fool either.
    That’s right. . . I’m also an idiot for always going on with
    the flow and ignoring my student.
    “You remembered now, alright.” Yooma’s ear piercing
    voice resounded, bringing me back to my horrible reality
    — trapped in a pitch black school — “And then you
    continued with your normal life, as if you erased her
    existence in your head and pretended that you are not at
    Her voice was echoing, and I couldn’t pinpoint her exact
    location since the sound is coming from everywhere.
    “It wasn’t me. . . It was Fei and everyone else.” I
    quipped, spinning my head around back and forth. I
    heard her make a scoffing sound, followed by a faint
    “You talk as if you’re innocent. Sure, Fei had fun while
    doing the bullying with her insignificant acts, but you
    yourself is involved. Even though there’s clearly someone
    who’s suffered so much from the bullying, you just let
    them be even though you had the power to stop them.”
    “How about you?! You could also stop them! But you just
    watched them put Youngji in agony!” I retorted, stating
    out her mistakes which is also a contributing factor why
    Youngji took her life.
    “I did watch, but I received my punishments already, no?”
    Even though I couldn’t figure out where the voice is
    coming from, I know based from the tone of her voice
    that she was smiling.
    “I died. . . I was murdered, that is an equivalent
    punishment for the sins I made.” She chuckled, I can feel
    something wrapping itself on to my feet and then making
    it’s way up to my leg but I was too scared to dwell on it
    or even move. “And I’m only hear to give everyone’s
    punishments, to avenge her simpleminded death.”
    “I’m sorry.” I uttered right after realizing that arguing
    with a demon is considered futile, regret and remorse
    evident in my weak voice.
    “Don’t be. . . I’m the one who should be apologizing.”
    She chuckled as I heard a sharp object piercing through
    flesh skin, I realized that it was a shard from a broken
    window that was stabbed into something fresh. . . and I
    realized that it was my stomach that has been stabbed.
    “Sorry.” I heard her say, pushing the shard deeper until I
    can almost feel it passing through my back. “People like
    you, who gets consumed by the stupid society we have
    now. . . should rot in hell.” Although it was dark, I could
    almost see her satisfied face by watching me plop down
    on the ground like I’m nothing more but a house of
    “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Yebin sees your dead body
    before I take her.” She mumbled before her footsteps
    began echoing and slowly fading away.
    I lay there on the cold ground, my blood gushing out of
    my stomach together with a tear rolling from my tired
    eyes that begged to be closed. “Y. . . Young. . .ji.” I
    called out with a soft voice.
    Surprisingly enough, she heard and appeared in front of
    me. Releasing an unearthly glow as she stood before me,
    staring at my pitiful state. “I’m. . .I’m sorry. I let this. . .
    happen to you.” Flowing out of my mouth was not just
    words filled with misery, but blood, gushing out like a
    “Teacher. . .” She uttered, kneeling down as she
    caressed my tear stained cheeks.
    “I never blamed any of you.”
    What she said with her soothing voice made me erupt in
    more tears, it was enough to make my hands move with
    a bit of strenght and grabbed the object that pierced
    through my body. I wheezed and panted as I pull it out of
    me, ignoring the unbearable pain it gives me. My hands
    started bleeding from gripping on it with all my might as I
    handed it to Youngji.
    “It’s you. . . who should end this.” I managed to make
    smile, reassuring her of my genuine joy. “End this. . . so
    you can be free, so everyone would be free.” The open
    wound on my stomach wheezed more blood out when I
    pulled the shard off of me, I was almost certain that I
    had already lost all of my blood at thisp point. “And
    please. . . please save Yebin.”
    “I will.” She replied, grabbing the sharp object. She
    smiled at me before disappearing, the unearthly glow she
    emits disappeared as well, making the hall once again. .
    . dark.
    I waited. . . and waited. Waiting for my end to welcome
    me, but what seems to be an endless countdown turned
    into a fiery one as I noticed that the school was burning
    with blazing flames. I didn’t react much, I just stared at
    the flames with blank eyes that spread across each
    classrooms and into the hallways, burning each and
    every dead bodies that lies ahead, including me.
    The fire was probably started by Youngji, in attempt to
    give us a proper burial. Seriously, that girl, even after all
    the cruel things we did to her. . . she still treated us the
    with kindness, trying to save us from Yooma.
    Never even thought of getting back at us or taking her
    “How foolish. . .” I uttered the same phrase Yooma is
    fond of saying, finally understanding why she always say
    that to Youngji.
    Because she was too kind that people took advantage of
    her, because after all the bad things that had happened
    to her, she still thinks that there’s always a rainbow after
    a dreadful rain.
    Because she was such a foolish girl.
    “Teacher!” My intolerable thoughts snapped as I heard
    Yebin’s voice from the other side of the hallway. I
    immediately spun my head to the other side to see her
    dashing towards my direction. Luckily enough, the fire
    still hasn’t reach this part of the hallway and from the
    corner where she came from.
    “Ye..bin.” I tried to yell but my decreasing strength
    stopped me from using the remaining from yelling.
    “Teacher!” She plopped down besides me, grabbing my
    hand and trying her best to pull me up from the floor
    bathed with my blood. “Hurry! There’s people outside,
    they’re here to help!”
    “Yebin. . .Let’s play a game.” I tried to smile, a tear
    rolling on my cheeks as I watch her fumble on my hand,
    trying her best to take me away from the burning
    corridor. “Whoever gets outside first. . . will win.”
    At this point, my tears were already flowing nonstop, it
    was painful watching this child try all her best to save
    me– the me who ignored someone else dying — She
    tried pulling and dragging but I didn’t budge.
    I felt a burning sensation from my other half of the body,
    instantly making me know that fire would soon reach the
    two of us. “Hurry Yebin. . . or else you wont get your
    “What prize?” She asked, not entirely bothered by the
    fact that we’re in a burning corridor.
    “A teddy. . . a teddy bear.” I wheezed, but smiled right
    after to not let her worry.
    She smiled, putting the one she was holding under my
    arms. “Then mister fuzzy will be yours now since I’m
    getting a new teddy bear.” She tucked it besides me
    before standing up. “I’ll wait for you outside! Hurry up or
    I’ll definitely take first place!”
    “Run. . . as fast as you can.” I smiled before watching her
    sprint across the hall. I stared at her back, wondering
    what would happen if ever I did make it out alive. The
    first thing I would do is teach her the alphabet, and then
    I’ll watch her grow up into a fine and wonderful woman.
    I want to see her become someone I’m not.
    After turning to a corner which the stairs leading to the
    ground floor was at, she finally disappeared from my
    sight as blazing flames eating everything from my view.
    The windows at the side began to crack and break from
    the excessive heat, big and small shards falling on my
    tear stained face. There were distant sounds of siren and
    police cars just outside the building, but even if I want to
    leave this place, I can’t.
    I looked down on the stuffed toy that she gently tucked
    underneath my arms, also staining it with my blood. It
    was a good thing that I was covered with blood to begin
    with and the floor already bathed with crimson color, or
    else that kid would wonder why I am wheezing and lying
    aimlessly on the floor and would never leave my side. It
    would only cause for her to also die, but I wouldn’t want
    that to happen. . . not in a million years.
    I weakly pushed the toy up so I could get a closer look to
    it. My vision already becoming black, starting from the
    corners then slowly making it’s way to encompass my
    whole eyesight until I can see nothing more but
    darkness. A frozen smile was smirched on my face as
    blazing flamed enveloped my lifeless body, eating
    everything away in the process.
    “Farewell. . . Yebin.”
    “I can see a kid coming out!” A police yelled as they
    scanned the almost run down building, even if the
    firefighters had trouble putting out the scorching flames
    while the aim the overly huge hose at the school.
    One of the police ran to the kid’s direction, while the
    others remained on their positions . He was crouching
    and covering his head with his arms as the heat of the
    fire can be felt even having a distance from it. “Kid, over
    here!” He called, gesturing for her to come to his
    direction which she did shortly after, coughing and
    wheezing from excessively inhaling smokes.
    Instead of crying out for help, she beamed. Cheering as
    she yell to herself “I won! I’m first place!”
    The police officer was confused on to why the girl was
    happy and just assumed that she was because she finally
    got out of the school. “Uhh. . . Hey, let’s go over there.
    It’s dangerous here.”
    “I arrived here first! You see that teacher? Teacher–” She
    turned around willfully, but her smile disappeared right
    after realizing that Ahreum wasn’t there behind her.
    “Teacher? Hey come out already!”
    She completely turned her body around and attempts to
    enter the burning building but got stopped by the police
    office, whisking her up from her feet and carrying her
    back to the vehicles far from the building.
    “We need to leave before explosions occur.” The officer
    explained as she put Yebin down on her feet, another
    person came and wrapped a blanket around her body
    and caressed her unruly hair and blood stained face.
    Right after those words escaped his mouth, a rather loud
    explosion sounded out from the building, simultaneously
    booming one after another.
    “No! Teacher!” Yebin tried to run back but was grabbed
    by the people behind her, struggling to keep her still
    since they fear that she would mindlessly walk back
    inside the school.
    “Kid! Calm down!” They carried her off of her feet and
    placed her inside of one of the ambulances. “We’re
    doing our best to retrieve people who are still inside, so
    be a good girl and stay there.” The officer tried to make
    his voice as calming as ever from seeing Yebin tremble
    violently, grabbing the blanket and pulling it up to cover
    all of her body up to her head.
    She watched the scene unfold before her eyes, still
    clutching on the blanket with shaking hands. The officer
    who was with her, stared her with pity as he noticed her
    physical state. Her face was covered with both blood and
    powdery residue of burnt items, wounds and bruises was
    visible on her arms that clutched the blanket.
    After a few moments, one of the firefighters came out of
    the school entrance, carrying an unconscious girl with a
    long shard stuck on her heart, blood gushing out of her
    chest, flowing and then dripping down from her arms and
    to the ground. Rushing towards the medics before laying
    her down on of the stretchers prepared.
    Yebin’s gaze slowly followed them as they fumble and
    gather around the girl with unusual medical equipment
    and shouting at each other words that Yebin cannot
    Looking back at the school, almost all of the fire was
    extinguished and people began searching the area to
    look for other survivors, but Yebin knew that there’s none
    at all.
    She glanced back at the people who were panicking over
    the girl lying on the stretcher before standing up from her
    seat, the blanket falling off of her as she began walking
    to their direction. Scenarios began flashing in her mind
    with each steps she take closer to them, from the very
    moment the blackout happened to the moment she finally
    escaped the dreadful nightmare. All of the events that
    happened flooded her mind, every people who died in
    front of her, all the blood that shed, and all the cries she
    heard. . . all because of the girl lying infront of her.
    The people who were fussing around Yooma noticed
    Yebin pushing her way through them before arriving just
    in front of her, staring at the shard stuck on her heart.
    “Take this girl back inside the vehicle, she’ll—” The one
    holding the oxygen mask against Yooma’s face jumped
    back, as well as everyone around after witnessing Yebin
    pushing the shard deeper into her chest.
    She screamed in anger, tears flowing endlessly. It wasn’t
    her at all to suddenly stab a person, but what drove her
    to this crazed state was after realization dawned upon
    her that her friends, as well as her beloved teacher is
    already dead.
    It took them a while to pull Yebin away from Yooma,
    struggling to keep her steady but she was being violent
    at the moment, pushing and kicking anyone who grabbed
    her so they had no choice to put her to sleep.
    “Get me a tranquilizer!” The one wearing a white coat
    ordered as the people behind him fuss around in search
    for the certain syringe.
    “But sir. . . There may be side effects if we use it on a
    human.” One of them retorted, watching Yebin get
    harshly pinned down by two men on the concrete
    “Just hand it to me.” He quipped in a groaning voice.
    After getting the thing he needed, he walked towards
    Yebin who was being held. “Keep her steady.” He stated.
    “No! Let me go!” Yebin screamed, squirming around to
    bound from their grips but her tiny figure and excessive
    amount of energy lost, the people pinning her doesn’t
    had any problems in suppressing her.
    The man lightly tapped Yebin’s wrist before injecting the
    sedative in her. The thin needle went through her flesh
    effortlessly, releasing an ample amount of liquid into her
    veins and reaching her nervous system. Slowly making
    her lose consciousness and falling into a rather calming
    “N–no. . . Teacher. . .”She stammered before sleep fully
    consumed her, her stuggling wounded arms fell on the
    They all breathed out as Yebin was finally unconscious so
    they wouldn’t have to deal with a kid throwing a fit, “Put
    her back inside the ambulance and make sure to keep an
    eye on her.” The doctor ordered as the police officers
    carried her tiny body back to where she was at at the
    “Sir, she’s dead.” A voice from behind the doctor
    sounded out before he spun around, seeing Yooma lying
    on the stretcher without any sign of life left in her. He
    walk to her direction and checked her pulse, ignoring
    what his assistant just said about her being dead. He
    didn’t feel any heartbeat at all.
    “Time of death, 11:45pm” He uttered right after glancing
    on his wrist watch. “Then I’ll leave her body to you, I’ll go
    check up on the little girl.” He gestured his hands to his
    assistant standing besides him before spinning around to
    walk, glancing behind him one last time to see Yooma’s
    body being taken away and people began to put her
    inside a black body bag.
    He sighed before arriving at the certain ambulance where
    Yebin was quietly sleeping, a police officer standing on
    guard in front of the door noticed his presence so he
    bowed and left his spot, giving a path for him to enter.
    He opened the door and entered, sitting besides the
    stretcher where Yebin was lying at. The steady and
    rhythmic rise and fall of her chest made the doctor sigh
    in relief, feeling a bit guilty right after he used a
    tranquilizer on her.
    “I’m sorry little one.” He run his fingers through her hair
    that covered her face, but stopped halfway as he noticed
    a black mark on her neck, almost glowing in a red color.
    He paused for moment, before confusing himself whether
    it’s okay to look at it or not. But in the end, he pushed all
    Yebin’s hair behind out of curiosity, revealing an odd
    shaped mark on her neck. He poked the mark with his
    finger only to get it burnt from the excessive amount of
    heat it gives off, making him let out an abrupt short yelp
    but later on regaining his composure.
    He stared cautiously on the weird mark, still cannot
    believe what his eyes was showing him. Slowly, the
    glowing mark disappeared and sunk deeper into Yebin’s
    skin causing him to lean back until he slammed against
    the wall.
    He know for sure that the mark was familiar to him, it
    was a mark very famous from it’s origin. Trembling, he
    stared at Yebin with utter shock, his lips trembling before
    he finally spoke.
    “A. . . A demon.”


    Gentle rain falls from the sky, murmuring softly as it
    touched the ground. It was an early February and the
    early hours of morning, it was the kind of beginning that
    seems utterly unique. Fussing people already crowded
    the sidewalk, headed to wherever they were going. One
    person, heedless of appearance, was just standing at the
    middle, letting the people pass through her while staring
    at the clouded sky with blank and mournful eyes. She
    watched droplets of rain fall on her outstretched palm,
    even soaking the sleeves on her uniform.
    “Yebin!” She felt a hand, tapping her shoulder from
    behind. She spun around to see her classmate, obviously
    in a hurry from the sweats forming on her forehead.
    “Why are you leisurely standing over here? Let’s go,
    we’re gonna be late for class!”
    Yebin didn’t speak knowing that her classmate wouldn’t
    listen to her and just let her grab her wrist, dragging her
    through the crowd. Eventually, they reached the school
    gates. And as always, Yebin felt uncanny from entering
    the building that she once escaped from. The whole
    establishment itself gives her a bad vibe, but as much as
    she want to leave and drop out of the school, she can’t
    because of certain reasons.
    They both reached their classroom, sweaty and a bit
    soaked from the rain. Yebin immediately went to her seat
    from sensing the teacher walking at the far end of the
    corridor, pulling out her notebook and began jotting
    down the homework she was supposed to finish last
    night. She finished all of it in an instance right after the
    door swung open and their teacher began the morning
    classes with an utterly boring manner.
    After what seemed like an eternity, all the classes in the
    morning was finished and Yebin immediately grabbed all
    her stuffs and headed outside the room, walking with a
    strut along the other students who were also headed to
    the cafeteria for lunch. Distinct chattering and laughter
    from the students filled the halls, not the ambiance she
    was very fond of.
    She suddenly felt a stinging sensation coming from her
    neck. Confused, she touched the specific part and felt
    heat coming from it. “Why is it hurting now?” She thought
    to herself as she turned to a corner to avoid the passing
    students, it was only then that she felt the excruciating
    pain more clearly. Her gaze began to waver, and her
    knees almost bend over but she remained standing just
    by leaning on the wall.
    “I’m back. . .”
    She heard an ecstatic yet familiar voice, she immediately
    brought her mental self back to reality and darted her
    eyes from side to side to see who it was, she indeed saw
    a familiar figure of a girl walking before it disappeared
    right after she went to another corner.
    “W-wait!” Yebin called, fastening her pace and attempts
    to catch the girl who was walking leisurely across the
    hallway with her back facing her.
    She felt her neck sting each time she take a step closer
    to the girl, but she dismissed it and kept running. When
    she was about to reach for her wrist, the figure
    disappeared along with the air.
    Her vision suddenly distorted, everything around her
    completely altered. Dead bodies were scattered on the
    ground, and constant screaming echoes from the
    distance. The lights were off so the only source of light
    was from the constant lightning roaring from the sky.
    Her body trembled as she felt a gust of cold wind pass
    across the corridor she was standing at. She almost
    cried loudly but instead, she shook her head to regain her
    composure. When she opened her eyes again, she was
    back inside the normal hallway. The students who were
    walking at the same place as her, gives her constant
    stare and wondering why she stopped in the middle.
    She felt a rush of emotion flood her mind, she doesn’t
    know if she’s relieved that the small hallucination was
    over or horrified because it happened out of the blue, but
    her question was eventually answered after hearing a
    loud roar of thunder and the spontaneous shutting down
    of all the lights in the hallway.
    It indeed answered her question, she was certain, that
    she was scared. . .
    She realized that history is repeating itself.
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