Story: Secret Betrayal

    Episode 1

    I got admission into the University to study pharmacy.
    I had to stay off camp cos I wasn't used to saying with lots of people in the same room...
    Though, the cost of a room off campus is so expensive, I needed someone who I can share with, so we would split the rent.

    I found someone, Bintu.
     Bintu is a very nice girl, same shape as me and same height.
    I found out that we clicked immediately and became so close as months went by.

    Bintu became my very best friend.
    My friends are her friends, my enemies are her enemies.
    She hates seeing me hurt.
    Infact, she was like a sister I never had...

    Months got by, and we had good neighbours who we spend some time with after lectures.
    Some days, we would gist about school, our love lives, family etc
    Everyone showed off their boyfriend's except me.

    Well, I wasn't ready to be in any relationship though. So what's my own na....

    *Oh, did I forget to tell you my name? I'm Fifi.*

    One day, Bintu and I were so bored and we had to stroll somewhere to help our self out of boredom.
    On our way back, a car, stopped beside us and offered us a lift.
    Well, we agreed and entered.

    The guy was so cute! He introduced himself as Aminu.
     Aminu asked for our names, we told him.
    I noticed he was more interested in Bintu than I.

    He asked for Bintu 's number which she gave him and he promised to call her the next day which she was ok with...
    Then he stopped us in front of our lodge and drove off.

    *Oh, did I tell you that people loved /loves Bintu ?*
    Sometimes people just see her and Favour her with either cash or gifts.

    I keep asking what Bintu  did to get this kind of likeness..

    *Sometimes, I withdraw from her. She outshines me when I'm with her. So I try to stay away from her so I would shine too..*

    Did I tell you about her social media handle? On Facebook, Bintu has thousands of followers...
    On twitter, same
    On instagram same too...
    But she is not a celebrity.
    Bintu  is from a poor home. Her dad is a retired civil servant, while her mum is a business woman......

    Hian, i wonder what she posts that's gives her this attention.... I asked myself.
    I had to start sending request to all her friends which she wasn't against.
    Every passing day, her followers increase.

    But yet, I was just there. No one looked my side like they do to hers.

    One good day, I wanted to know how Bintu  met her  boyfriend and know everything about him.
    She says her boyfriend's name is balarabe..

    How did you meet Balarabe? I asked...

    Episode 2

    How did you meet Collins? I asked Vera.
    Vera smiled. She looked at me, and laughed soo hard.
    I was dumbfounded....
    Why are you laughing like a witch na... I asked.

    She said, nothing, that I would be surprised how she met her boyfriend and I'll be more surprised that they haven't seen face to face ...

    Hian!  I exclaimed.

    Which kian relationship be that na? As in you are in a relationship with someone for almost two years and you to haven't met? I asked shocked at what I heard...

    ' baby girl, yes!  I haven't seen Collins. We just chat, do video calls, calls and texts.....
    She replied.
    I met him on Eskimi, when I finished my SSCE.. We both got chatting and along the line we exchanged contacts....
    he couldn't come see me cos I was staying with my parents and I didn't have the right and privilege to travel yet.... So he told me to be patient and get admission first so that he will be free to visit and vice versa...

    Collins calls every minute to hear her voice.
    Her phone is always busy that I always get jealous that no guy calls me on phone to at least ask how I'm doing.

    He says sweet things to her. He sends texts early in the morning and late at night..
    A day without Vera getting Collins calls or text messages was like heaven was against her.

    When she wakes up in the morning, she gets to read lovely messages from Collins. She became so used to him that she couldn't wait to see him.
    Collins runs his father's company according to what Vera said.
    His dad travelled for medical checkup as he was diagnosed with Hypertension some years back. So all the family responsibilities lies on Collins that's why he hasn't come to see his girlfriend.
    He is waiting for the dad to come back to Nigeria then he will be opportune to travel down to Enugu from Lagos to see her.

    Collins takes good care of Vera.
    She doesn't lack anything.. He sends her gifts, recharge cards, money.......

    After some months, Collins decided to come see Vera.
    She was so excited..
    She imagined how she would react when she sees him after all these years of blind dating..
    She couldn't wait to Kiss those lips she sees on his profile pix..
    She verbalized how she imagines how he will cuddle her in his arms and say those sweet words he sends as text messages in the early hours of the day and late at night...

    'that means you will have sex with him on your first night? I asked Vera.

    'As the spirit leads.... She replied with a grin.

    Hmmmm!  I exclaimed! Don't oo! You must not sleep with him na!
    Show him you are well brought up.
    You know all these guys remain sweet until they must have come in between your legs, then you will see how the sweetness will become bitter.
    Babes, shine your eye ooo!
    I warned her pulling my own ears..

    'shebi? She replied.
    I don't want him to see me as cheap.
    I just pray he won't ask for sex...... Cos i don't want to appear cheap to him. Vera said.

    It was already Friday..
    The day has come for Vera to meet her online boyfriend.
    She was nervous.
    She made sure her hair was in order.
    She already has a hotel in mind where Collins would lodge. She didn't plan on staying with him in the hotel.

    Lots of things went through her mind.
    She couldn't control herself.
    She has been visiting the toilet cos of anxiety.

    Then her phone rang, it was Collins....
    He told her he was closeby and that she should get prepared to see him.

    Her heart skipped into her stomach.
    She's the shy type though so I understand her fears.

    When he called that he was in front of her logde, she took me along to come meet her boyfriend....

    Episode 3

    We got close to Collins car, we were smiling.
    Wow, he is even more cute in reality than his pictures!
    His lips are.... OmG... I started falling for Collins in my heart...
    I wished he was mine.

    Vera greeted him and gave him a peck on his cheeks.

    'here's my friend, Fifi, Vera said to Collins holding my hands and thighting them.
    She does that when ever she is shy and talking to someone.

    'Hi Fifi, you have a cute smile..... Collins said to me.

    Wow! I felt butterflies in my tummy when he said that to me.

    'really?  Thanks Collins. I replied smiling sheepishly....
    Vera entered into the car and Collins wanted to take us out. He insisted I join them, which I did without an eye contact with my friend to know if she is against it or not...
    Well, I didn't care. After all he is not yet her husband, i chuckled.

    We went to the movies.... All through our outing, Collins was all over Vera.
    They didn't even care if I was there..
    They kiss passionately in my presence without respect.
    I got so angry with Vera.
    She should have little respect for me na..... I thought.

    Some hours later, it was already getting dark, so I had to leave The two love birds to eat up themselves..... Since they can't wait for when they get to the hotel room..

    Was I being jealous?  Hell no...... I can't be jealous na..... I said to myself..

    'Baby girl, I have to leave now........ Make i allow una enjoy una self wella.... I held Vera's hand smiling....
    Collins, pls take good care of my friend ooo........

    Very wasn't happy that I wanted to leave but she needed the privacy with her guy though....

    I returned to my logde and imagined what will happen at the hotel with those two..
    I got so angry with myself. I looked at the mirror.... I am beautiful na! I said to myself.
    Why can't I get a good looking guy like Collins?
    The ones that see me on the road and start doing all those animal noise all in the need of getting my attention are always keke drivers, taxi drivers, or small boys who don't have respect for their elders.
    See, I dress well, speak well and intelligent too! So what exactly is wrong with me??

    I hated myself and cried myself to sleep......

    The next day, I got a call from Vera.. Her voice was shaky. I became scared.

    'what's the problem baby girl, I asked..

    'I'll gist you when I get back.. Its a long story she replied.

    Ok, just calm down..... See you soon.... I dropped the call.

    I took my bath,had my breakfast, did my laundry, washed Veras cloths too, cleaned our shoes then I decided to go to a close by supermarket and pick some of my toiletries...

    At the door of the supermarket was Desmond carrying stuffs he just bought from the supermarket.
    Well, he didn't recognise me but I did..

    'Hello Desmond, you remember me?? I asked smiling....

    'eehm, I'm so sorry, pls remind me... Desmond said smiling trying to get my face.

    Hmmm, Lemme help you first and drop your groceries in your car then I'll remind you who I am.. I said as I reached out to help with what he was carrying....

    'awww, that's so nice of you, Desmond said.

    We got to the car, he opened the booth of the car and we dropped the stuffs...

    Then I asked him when last he heard from Vera.

    'Ooooooooh he exclaimed.. You are Vera's friend! Remind me your name again.... He said

    'Yes! Fifi! He clapped his hands like he made an effort trying to remember my name..

    'How is school and everything?

    'School is fine, we bless God.

    'and you? I asked.

    'well, we bless God too. Desmond said smiling.
    'you look so radiant, so stunning...... I... I don't know what to say, effused Desmond.....

    ' awww I'm blushing........ Thanks Desmond.

    Suddenly, we heard a Lady calling Desmond from behind.

    'I have to go now, my madam need me....... Desmond said as he left immediately.

    Madam kwa?? I pondered......
    Hian! Let it not be what I'm thinking ooo......

    I entered the supermarket to pick my toiletries.

    Episode 4

    I entered the supermarket...after picking my stuffs, i went to the female attendant and asked her about Desmond.... As they say, curiosity killed the cat...... She told me that Desmond is a graduate but became a driver for a very rich family as there are no job opportunities coming forth yet...

    Hian!  Ok..... I thanked her for the info and left.

    When I got to the lodge, Vera was already back.... Still on her shoes.......
    She lay down and was crying.

    'haaaa, you are back already?I dropped my stuffs and went straight to Veras bed..... How did it go? What happened na? Why are you in this mood?
    I asked....

    Vera sat up, meeting my gaze, she have a deep sigh and wiped her tears....
    'when we got to the hotel, Collins and I kissed so passionately for almost twenty minutes, then he proceeded in making love to me.... Which I declined....

    'ok, so...........? I asked.

    ' I regret why I declined.... Collins Is a very nice guy....
    He Is hurt at my actions.... But I'm just scared!
    Scared of STDs, scared of pregnancy..... Etc....

    I then suggested we go for test first, before we do anything.... Vera said.....

    'Why is he hurt na? Abegi, you did the right thing jare....
    Na wa o for guys..... I said patting her at her shoulder....

    'I'm surprised Collins left without talking to me.... Vera said.
    'early this morning, he just started putting his things in order and dropped some money for me,.....
    I refused collecting the money... I'm not a prostitute, and after all he didn't do anything to me..... Vera continued...

    'as in you left the money there for him? I asked in amazement.

    'Yea, and he collected it..... She said.....
    'then he told me he is leaving, that when I freshen up, I can leave too.... That was all he said to me.... Vera cried..

    'hmmmm, calm down baby girl.... That guy ain't real! He is a fuck boy! Very stupid boy I raged!
    'calm down you hear.....

    But right in my mind, I was so happy..... At least make i rest from all these Collins noise here and there.... Haba.... I giggled.

    'ehe , by the way, guess who I saw at the supermarket today...... I turned to Vera smiling sheepishly...

    'Who? Vera asked quietly.

    'Desmond.. I chuckled....

    'oh really? That's nice... How's he doing na? Can't remember when last I picked his call sef... .. Vera said.... I forgot to tell you sef, he asked me out and gave me time to think about it.... But i told him I have a boyfriend yet he won't give up.
    'really, don't agree ooo.... I replied Vera.

    'Why?  She asked in curiosity.

    'Because he is a driver! Desmond is a driver to a rich family..... Though he is a graduate but Nne,  he doesn't have money na.....
    We need to be upgrading and not denoting ourselves....... I said.....

    I gisted Vera everything, and immediately she deleted Desmond's number from her phone.....

    Vera said Collins hasn't called her to at least tell her he arrived safely and he isn't picking her calls either...
    It broke her down. She wasn't that lively again...
    Is he just wanted to hear Collins voice.

    Then her phone rang...... She rushed to pick without looking at the number......she wished it was Collins maybe he used someone else's line as the number wasn't saved..

    It was Desmond....
    Desmond thanked God that she picked his call today as he has been calling her since morning and she didn't pick..
    Probably that was when she was still in the hotel....

    My friend broke down. She kept dialing Collins number, yet he had refused to pick....

    After some days, I was tempted to steal Collins number from her phone and try my luck.
    I succeeded and at first I lied to him about being an old friend of his..
    I immediately changed my whatsapp profile pix so he won't know I'm the one..

    That was how my story with Collins began..

    Episode 5

    I started chatting with Balarabe... Even though he didn't know I was the one..
    I took it step by step....

    We graduated into calling each other.... I never saved his phone number for fear of getting caught by Bintu....

    Yet, Balarabe haven't yet started calling Bintu no picking her calls.
    She had to move on.
    The heart break was so much on her... It affected her relationship with people  her posts on Facebook etc...
    But how do I care? It's my turn to play my card well....

    Months later, Aminu was still asking about her. She decided to give him a chance., just to use him and pass time... Not that she would be serious with him though.
    She told him about Balarabe and how everything affected her. Aminu promised to be her best friend and someone she can always count on...
    My friend got her groove back gradually..

    Though Aminu wasn't buoyant yet but I swear, he takes care of her....
    But yet my friend still calls Balarabe who still haven't picked her calls..
    Though sometimes she gets ashamed knowing that  she's dating a common driver.....

    At some point, I asked Balarabe if he had a girlfriend, he said yes but that they were not in talking terms, that he wants to teach her a lesson.
    I would talk in phone with Balarabe. I knew I made him happy.

    Bintu noticed my phone have been busy lately.. She wanted to know who my new boyfriend is.... But of course how will I tell her it's Balarabe.... No I can't.
    I had to fake a story of how I met some guy like that....... And she believed me but still wanted my boyfriend to come so she would get to know him too.

    After about some months of chatting with Balarabe ...... He started talking about coming to see me which I objected...

    I instead opted to travel to lagos to see him.. Which he gladly accepted...

    I lied to Bintu  that I was going to see my parents so she won't suspect I was going elsewhere...

    Balarabe  paid for my flight ticket to Lagos and I travelled to lag to see him.

    When I got to lag, he came to pick me up at the airport...
    On seeing me, he thought it was a coincidence..... But i approached him with confidence...

    'Aaahaaa, are you not Fifi?? He asked looking surprised.

    I smiled sheepishly and gave him a hug first..
    He was still confused....

    'what are you doing in lag na, he asked.
    'I came to see you.... I replied.

    'Hahahahah, you must be joking right? He asked. .......

    'so who do you think you came to pick up here?  I ain't joking na..... I said.

    Balarabe reached for his phone inside his pocket and dialled my number, and my phone rang in front of him..
    I showed him and he believed..
    But he was angry I played him...

    He helped with my small box and we headed for the car..

    On our way, he didn't say anything to me. I started apologizing to him.( Add *08143414453* to join Dessy's stories world)
    I told him that if he had known it was me he wouldn't have chatted with me....
    He would have thought I'm on a mission to settle him and Bintu and won't ever reply my chats or calls..

    'so you ain't on a peace mission right? He asked....

    I just smiled and tried to change the topic.

    Episode 6

    After a long drive, I broke the silence with a tenuous giggle that provoked a twisted smile on Balarabe.

    'so how have you been? I asked Balarabe...
    'very well dear.... He replied.

    We talked about so many things and laughed about them....

    'eeehm, i don't have anything at home, so we would just branch in a fast food and get something you could eat.....

    'fastfood?? No no, I react to foods I didn't cook..... I replied..

    'hwuh?  He looked at me....

    'yea yea, that's me.... I hardly eat outside...... I replied

    'wow! Balarabe looked at me amazed still driving....
    'It's no big deal o.... Thats how I live.... I said smiling.

    We got to the house.
    It's such a big house in a wide and spacious compound....
    Balarabe loves Dogs....
    There were about 3 Rottweiler's in the compound...

    'OmG! I hate dogs! I screamed....

    ' hahaha, you have got to like dogs o.... They are man's only friend you know.
    'no no, not these types that look like Lions na.... I said.
    'I'm not coming down from this car until these dogs are chained....

    'Balarabe laughed, came down from the car... The way the dogs rushed to welcome him was amazing. He played a little with the dogs and put them back into their respective cages.....

    I came down from the car...
    His security guy has already taken my things inside the sitting room......

    'wow! You have a very nice place.....I said as I looked round the sitting room in just few seconds.
    I fell in love with his place..... So neat.... OmG...
    Balarabe sitting room has a solid oac bone floor, white walls with white curtains.
    He has photos of the family in a black frame and a white chandelier type of light..
    A large Sofa with a Zebra pattern, and in one corner is a huge plasma TV and in the other corner is a quadrant shaped aquarium...

    'you are welcome to my humble place.... Balarabe said from behind me. He walked past me, and proceeded in showing me the visitors room...

    'me? In the visitors room? I chuckled quietly....
    'well, na small small shaa, i said to myself.

    'wow! Is this where I would stay?  I asked Balarabe who noded his head smiling at me...
    'It's too beautiful, but too big for me.... I said..
    'I don't stay alone oo.... I'm too scared of staying alone.... I hope you ain't planning on keeping me here and going to your room.... I continued.

    'hahaha, Balarabe laughed..... Ofcourse not..... Just freshen up so we could stroll down to the mini market and pick up stuffs you will cook for dinner..

    'ok dear..... Ill be out in a giffy..
    I closed the door and started unpacking my stuffs from my box

    Episode 7

    After unpacking my things I sat on the large bed and took in a deep breath. I was going to take my time and act meticulously, even in my dressing. At this thought I sprang from the bed and went to work. I selected the preferred outfit for this stroll. A pink bum short and a white loose t-shirt that dangled just a little above my waist, and a pink lipstick to compliment it..

    Thank goodness for the mirror at the far end of the room, by the dressing table, it boosted my confidence. I turned my back to the mirror and pushed my buttocks up, I slapped it gently in appreciation... Ooops, killer instincts... Ready for action.

    I hesitated at the door with a hand on the knob before turning it gently. I eased myself into the sitting and found him watching Zee World. He had heard me enter the sitting room so he muttered something and impatiently and grumpily picked up the remote controller and switched off the TV- I still can't fathom where men's detestation for Zee World is rooted.

    "You surprised me," he started saying without looking at me, "you didn't take too much time unlike all the other women I've..."
    At this point he had turned to look at me standing with my t-shirt knotted just above my belly button and the sleeves rolled up a bit. He was gaping in the middle of his sentence, just what I'd hoped for. I giggled and shifted from side to side swaying my firm buttocks as his eyes ravaged me almost palpably.

    "You're staring..." I hated to pull him out of his trance, but that was cool anyway.
    "Oh...Sorry, you're...gorgeous. I really can't find the perfect word."

    "Hey, please stop..." I smiled from cheek to cheek. "Shall we?" I indicated in the direction of the exit door.

    "Yeah, you first." He angled his head in a gentlemanly goad.

    I loved it like this, because I had another chance to show the trunk of my G-wagon. I could feel his eyes drawing patterns on my back as I left the house with him trailing behind obediently..

    The stroll was full of random discussions from a little bit of politics drawn from the state of the nation's economy to trending celebrity gists. We finally got to the supermarket and we walked through the glass doors into the well illuminated state of the art supermarket. The way they greeted him made it obvious he wasn't new to them but what struck me the more was how they looked at me. The sales girls smiled back at me and threw compliments my way. I was wondering when I became such a radiant beauty to be complimented in such manner, or was it because of Balarabe? Maybe they thought I was his girlfriend... Oh that's it. A little glance Balarabe's way caught him grinning at the girls' compliments. Oh dear, it was working. He seemed to like my rapport with the girls as I picked the things for dinner- a pepper soup rice with goat meat would create a romantic atmosphere, I'd thought. I threw in a few jokes and everyone guffawed, Balarabe the biggest culprit.

    The walk back home was a bit briskier as we were feeling famished already. While he carried the larger grocery bag, I had the smaller one. I occasionally and deliberately bumped into his arm so they made contact with my oranges, I would act like I didn't​ know what I was doing, just innocent and free. His jokes cracked me up though.

    As soon as we arrived the house, I took the bags from him and headed straight to the kitchen. Wow! Every woman's dream kitchen. Thank God for a little bit of exposure and the internet, moreso, our so must detested Zee World and Telemundo, they made the kitchen look familiar. I quickly went to the sink to wash the goat meat.

    Balarabe opted to help me which I deceitfully, reluctantly accepted. I just wanted to keep his entire attention on me, focus... Perhaps his intention was to help ready the meal faster but who cares, I wanted him close enough for my script to be complete. So I told him the things he could help me do, careful enough not to make him lose interest. We continued to gist and I realised he lit up and was excited when we talked about business. Hmmm, he'd always been like that... How could I have e forgotten. Business all the way. I discussed business like I was Okonjo Iweala's P.A, what did I know? I learnt a lot from him nevertheless.

    He was explaining the principles of forex trade when my phone rang. It was Bintu. I tried to ignore but he urged me to pick up.

    "It's Bintu. I can't take the call now, at least not now." I paled in a cautious feign of guilt. I noticed Balarabe grimaced and went to fetch something from the fridge.

    He returned with a bottle of juice and drank from the bottle....

    "What's the matter?" I broke the uneasy silence.
    He hesitated and kept drinking from his bottle.
    "Sorry if I somehow came in between..."

    "Hey, it's okay. It wasn't your making."

    I kept silent and watched the boiling pot as if my eyes was the heat that kept it boiling....

    As if my silence urged him on, he seemed to have a burden to continue. He laid the bottle down on the kitchen and leaned on his side. "It's quite disappointing when someone you thought you loved turned out to be something totally different. I'm still surprised you are friends with her. I still can't believe what happened that night."

    My eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. "What..?"

    Episode 8

    I dished and served the rice and goat meat pepper soup on the dining table. He was waiting already, absent mindedly watching the TV. The silence was eery and made the room quite uneasy. But the aroma of the meal left some hope in the air, makes one breathe in and out..

    We talked about Bintu over the meal. He wasn't discreet about what it was Bintu did, but somehow, it was a case of misplaced identity, or split personality. I was wondering what it could be Bintu  had posed to be that she actually wasn't that turned Balarabe  off. I never got to read their chats or pay too much attention to their long conversations, but whatever it was emanated from there.

    But then again, what do I care? Fifi doesn't give a lame shit. I can be anything for Balarabe . I mean anything. What was Bintu thinking? But come to think of it, I knew what ever it was, Bintu was a good girl to the core but one can never tell these days. Fifi, that was all in the past, the task ahead needed all the energy to work it out, not to dwell on the past.
    Balarabe  had moved on and so had Bintu , here I was with the man of my dreams. I assured him I was going to make him forget his past. We locked gazes for a while as he searched my eyes inquisitively.
    "Are you sure about this?" He enquired, seeking assurance.
    I nodded slowly.

    Satisfied, a smile lined his lips and ended in a smirk. Whatever it was he meant by that, I felt I was at the top of my game.

    I cleared the dishes, washed them and retreated to my room to clean up. I felt rejuvenated after the warm shower. I changed into a short silk baby pink tiny strap night gown that was barely long enough to cover my thighs and bum. A glance at the mirror gave me comfort in my exposed protrusion of two pointing towers with the large area of cleavage exposure... Silent night, Holy night- it kept echoing in my head as I stepped into the sitting room. I went to the kitchen and returned to the sitting room with oranges and a pen knife in a tray.

    He was seated on the double couch, so I joined him. He had tuned in to one of the romance series from an alien channel, so I queued in and asked questions to be updated while I peeled the oranges and gave him some. He had bathed also and changed into his pyjamas which was a checkered sleeveless robe with a long V-neck that exposed his chest area. Balarabe was damn sexy, I just wanted to kiss those soft lips.

    We kept making occasional eye contacts while we discussed the soap we were watching together, something people do often that I'm yet to understand why. How we unconsciously shifted until we closed the gap between us only sharing of the oranges could explain. When I had just one left we argued over who would have that one.

    "I've only licked three now but you have licked almost ten, it's not fair," he said pitiably.
    "Haba, how many oranges did I even bring here that I'm licking ten?" I laughed. "You can lie for the whole world..."

    We resorted to sharing the orange, so I halved the orange and gave him one half, but he hesitated and insisted I feed him. I smiled and obliged. If only he knew how excited I was to do that. He was leaning backward towards the arm of the chair with his stretched legs on the table so I had to go all the way leaning over him to feed him the orange. As I made the only possible motion towards his mouth, I could feel the rim of my gown gape to reveal my dangling boobs. I caught him stealing glances and smiling to himself. I suppressed the smile that was forcing it's way through me.

    With a hungry swiftness, he grabbed my buttocks and shoved me into himself. I found myself lying flat against his chest and close enough to feel his breath. He grabbed my head and planted a deep wet kiss on my lips... With those lips I often dreamt about, Balarabe just kissed me...

    Episode 9

    He tasted of the sweet oranges. The kiss was deepened with every motion of our tongues. He pressed me against himself, making my boobs rub against his chest and against my silk gown.

     The feeling was sensational, especially as he rubbed against my firm buttocks since my gown had already slid high up from the ruffling we were engaged in. He moved his legs unto the couch so I was lying symmetrically on top of him.

    The groping and deep kissing continued with him pulling down my straps to gain access to my waiting oranges. I let out a soft moan as his hand made contact with my left boob.

    He squeezed gently and I moaned a little louder. I became aware of his groin area as the bulge propped me up significantly. Balarabe was blessed in that domain. The thought of that thing propping me up like that left me in a slight disarray.

    He brought me back from my brief reverie, even inside a very ecstatic moment, when he kissed my neck and found his way to my bared nipples. He kissed them like they were all that mattered to him. I clung to him, wrapping my arms around his head, lost in the warmth of his mouth over my nipples. I just wanted to die for the first time in my life. My moans accelerated into half screams when he located my pant and began tugging at it. He made it to my drooping wetness. I wanted to explode...

    Hmmmm... I reacted to his torment by locating his erection from under his nightwear. My hand felt like I was handling an electric pole. I couldn't wait to have him inside me. From the way he panted under me, I could tell he felt the same way. Adrenaline was pumping, evident in the throbbing of his warm, veined erection. We were high and uncontrollable at this point. Our wanton desires had a better part of us.

    He quickly turned the table in a swift movement. Before I could say Jack, I was lying with my buttocks propped in front of his throbbing rod. He positioned me well and slowly slid his hardness into me.
    Awww... I hate to remember and reminisce on this feeling of complete fulfilment. He rode me from behind in accelerating speed until we were both yelling in forlorn exctasy. He continued to gratify his horniness while sending me all the way to cloud nine like a rocket on a mission to explode my long time starvation.

    He rode me until we both came. Little did I know the journey just began. He carried me into my room, the guest room, and threw me on the bed. He undressed me until there was no fabric left on me, his eyes lit with desire. He pulled his nightwear and pair of boxers and dangled that fierce and ruthless beast in front of me.

    "What now?" I enquired with a knowing smile.
    He smiled from the corner of his lips and said, "our night just began."

    He joined me on the bed and the red night continued. From giving heads to blow jobs and several rounds of unrestrained sex. I was my malleable personality for Balarabe , assuming ​any shape and position, trying out every style that came to mind. He was well experienced and capable, never tired out one bit. I felt sore in my vagina but never wanted to spoil the night. Not until we slept off in the wee hours of the morning did I get a chance to rest.

    When I woke up in the morning, it was almost twelve o'Clock and Balarabe  was nowhere to be found. I smiled to myself at the thought of the events of the previous night. How else could heaven be defined? I stretched and felt a slight headache from a corner of my head and yearned for water to drink.

    Just a little distance from me, my phone rang. It was a text message alert. I opened to find Bintu  asking me to call her, she sounded urgent.

    Episode 10

    I hadn't picked Bintu's calls and hardly replied her chats so she was worried and simply irritated by my actions. I didn't want to give out my location in anyway whatsoever. I would be leaving Lagos in a bit and back so I had to plan what I'd tell her .Bintu's instincts scared me, perhaps they'd been talking to her to warrant the way she'd been acting.
    My stay with Balarabe  was awesome and a wonderful experience. He fell in love with me after that first night. He explained that my willingness to go all the way with him attracted him to me. We did several silly things like making out in almost every nook and cranny of the house. Quickies became our drinking water. He had a very high libido and would stop at nothing to get his gratification.

    Balarabe  was a naughty fellow, a very naughty one, in a good way though, apparently I might say, at least not until one could feel otherwise. One of the memories I had that has stuck was one created at the cinema where we went to see a movie. In the middle of the movie, he made me stroke him in the dimlit hall till he came. The scent of his ejaculation almost betrayed us if not for the small bottle of fragrance I'd brought with me that saved the day. All the time in the cinema, his hands were on my breasts, caressing and squeezing.

    I was meant to last only three days with Balarabe  but with his persuasion, I lasted one whole week. One week of unholy and erotic escapades. One week of routine rounds of sex and all related with it. The only time I said no to him was when he suggested we do anal. OMG!

    That thing can't make it through my back hole. He grimaced and left angrily but later came to apologize and explained he understood.

    On the day I was supposed to leave, Balarabe  had booked a 17:30 flight for me. I was alone in the house after he left for work. As I was cleaning the house, something struck my mind, it occured to me that in all our adventures around every corner of the house, I had never entered his bedroom. He locked it each time he had to leave the house without me. I was simply curious because I had trusted Balarabe  hundred percent already. I just wanted to see what his room looked like, I wanted to see how I could relate his closet to his personality. All our lovemaking had taken place in my own bedroom- the guest room.

    I tried the knob and to my surprise, it opened. I wanted to shove the door and enter but hesitated. What is it I was wary about? What could it be I was longing to see. Perhaps he was just being meticulous like every other gentleman. What if I displaced​ something and he discovered it and became enraged. What would be my defence? I startled as my phone suddenly rang.
    Balarabe was calling me just to ascertain if his bae was doing good and not feeling bored. I explained I was good and just cleaning the house and preparing the things for my departure. He didn't like to hear that I was leaving. He dropped after blowing me a kiss over the phone.

    Alright, I returned to the house from the love conversation and faced with the door in front of me. Without thinking any further, I shoved the door inside gently until there was enough space for me to slide in.

    The room was dim and warm. I guess the air conditioner hadn't been put to use for a while, perhaps since my arrival. I groped for the switch just above my head and turned on the lights.

    Oh My God!
    The sight that greeted my eyes left me gaping. I stood spellbound for some seconds gazing at the orgy sight of Balarabe's room. My phone startled me with a loud ring and I justled to pick up but not before retreating from the room and shutting the door.
    "Fifi, where are you?" Balarabe's voice twittered from the other end.
    "Uhmmm, I told you before... I'm cleaning." I replied, trying to steady from voice. He just called me a while ago, what else could he want?
    "Yeah, yeah, I know. Ehm, just leave whatever you are doing and go to the supermarket. I need you to pick some things for me from there. You know, some beverages and toiletries."
    "But we just restocked​ all those things recently?"
    "Yes I know. Just do as I say and stop asking questions. Go right away. Just tell any of the sales girls the bill is on me. Go now Fifi, I'll make a call to them right away." He paused and hastily added, "You can pick anything else you might need. Just go."

    The line died with a click. I stood pondering over everything and rushed back to my room leaving the cleaning I was doing. I did as he said and before I returned from the supermarket, he was back and waiting for me. He hugged me and informed me that he had change of plans so had to rebook my flight for a 15:30 trip. I didn't understand the haste in his voice even when in the car on our way to the airport. But in all, I was more concerned about what I saw in Balarabe's room.

    All through my journey back to my base, I only thought of how to get Bintu to tell me exactly why it didn't work out with Balarabe  and her.

    Episode 11

    Did I say Balarabe fell in love with me after that night? Well, we started a serious relationship with every effort to keep Bintu out of it. She never knew it was Balarabe I was dating. I had to show her an imaginary picture, or rather a random picture I took from the internet as my boyfriend and had to follow the guy up on Facebook to keep stealing his pictures and front him as my boo to Bintu.

    When I returned, she was acting strange and became too inquisitive. She had wanted to know everything going on in my life. Whatever talked to her that was her instinct was always going to be dangerous. I kept my cards and played them well. She gradually forgot about Balarabe and was doused in Aminu's love. He had turned out to be a great guy after all, very caring and a perfect gentleman. Each time I felt like to envy her, something at the back of my mind told me I had a greater guy in my Balarabe.

    I'm not totally heartless as many envisage, I always took justification from the fact that I wasn't part of the reason Balarabe left Bintu. I was just the lucky one to have him for myself. Bintu would never have let me have him anyway, so no need telling her about it. My love for Balarabe overshadowed my conscience towards my friend Bintu. But still, I needed her to tell me why it didn't work out between them. Somehow, I was worried. I didn't want to ponder over if I was really towing the right path. But then, the popular phrase, 'much ado about nothing' would just creep into my mind and stay. It didn't work out between them because they were never meant for each other, perhaps it was simply divine. Balarabe was meant for me while Bintu was simply the instrument used to make it happen. I smiled at this revelation.

    Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and we both graduated. Aminu was now engraved in Bintu's heart and sung on her lips everyday. How I wished I could sing Balarabe in this manner also. Well thank goodness we were graduating and soon we'd separate and go our own ways, then I'd be free to visit Balarabe and do as I like with him.

    Few days before we left the school finally, Bintu returned home excited and threw herself on the bed...

    "Babe this one you are jumping about like this, what's up now?"

    "Guess what?" She beamed.

    "You know I'm not good at guesses, just go ahead and tell me." I urged her impatiently.

    "Okay, Aminu just got a new job in Shell Petroleum." She announced in a hushed voice.

    I cupped my mouth with my hand to muffle a scream and we rushed to hug ourselves on impulse. She told me he'd be coming to pick us up for dinner that night.

    Aminu, the graduate driver, now a Shell worker? Soon he'd be driving pick up jeeps like the many other colleagues of his. This was going to be a complete turn around. I didn't know how to feel at all. I even thought I felt nauseous at some point.

    We dressed up and waited for Aminu to arrive for the outing. We had planned to have dinner at a very cozy and expensive restaurant before heading to Silverbird to see a movie together. I was reluctant to go but couldn't find any tangible excuse not to. My stomach churned from displeasure. Not because I didn't like as Aminu got the job but mainly because I had written him off, and advised Bintu against dating him. No one would have wished to be in that situation.


    "Yeah," she continued preening and perfecting her blushes.

    "Something just came to my mind and I felt like asking."

    "What is it baby?" She shot a quick glance at me and continued her art, she was good at it though. "Shoot."

    "What really happened between you and Balarabe that night when he came to visit?"

    She paused and arced her brow thoughtfully, "which Balarabe?"

    Like seriously? What was she feeling like? She had moved on this much...over Balarabe? Her sleepless nights and nightmares? I couldn't hide my astonishment.
    "Like seriously you've forgotten Balarabe? How many Balarabe do you know again that came visiting and had a....'Night' with you?" I emphasised on the 'Night' with an 'okay' gesture high above my head with both hands.

    "Oh that." She paled and withdrew from the mirror to look me in the eyes, squarely. "Babe, don't you think this is the wrongest time to ask me this question?"

    I could see the pain in her reaction. She just feigned to have forgotten, she wasn't totally over him yet.

    "I'm sorry, but like I said, I've been wanting to ask but keep forgetting. I'm really curious."

    "Well I thought I told you that day what happened?"

    "Yeah, but I feel it's way beyond that. Look, that story was too cheap to make me believe it although I did at that time but come to think of it, a friendship and dating that lasted that long online to just snap and end in one brief, holy night that was supposed cement it... Oh baby, that's a cheap pill to sell."

    Bintu heaved a sigh and obviously looked exasperated by my persistence. "So what's the sudden interest in Balarabe after all this time?" She enquired, searching my eyes...

    "I told you, just curiosity. Sorry I brought it up at the... wrongest time like you put it. You know what, just forget it if you don't want to tell me. It's okay."

    "Okay fine, I'll tell you." He sighed and looked downward. "Balarabe is a great guy... was a great guy. You know I loved him so much, yeah so so much, but I discovered a side of him I couldn't put up with. I said some things to him that night that made me feel so bad afterwards. It's the guilt of the things I said that have made me always call his number. But to date him again, never."

    The last sentence left me in shock... NEVER. "What was it you discovered about him?"
    She sighed again and was about to speak when the door bell rang. "He's here. Aminu."

    Oh no! She didn't wait another second before scurrying to the door to let in Aminu. She was all frantic and excited again. I'd never seen my friend in that mood ever. The remaining part of that night was tormentuous for me...

    Episode 12

    How could we have known the night held more surprises? If I had known, I would have avoided the outing. All the same, it was awesome nevertheless​. Aminu had other plans which we never saw coming. Just after the meal, he asked us to come spend some time with him at the roof top of the hotel where we had dinner. He said it was a good sight and was good for relaxation. We used the elevator to the roof top and waited patiently for the sliding doors to divide. It did eventually and exposed us to one of the most aesthetic and heartwarming experiences of my life.
    Rose flowers carpeted a narrow track that bent towards the left with glowing luminous decorations that decorated the flanks of the rose path. We were perplexed and turned Aminu's way who had halved his face with a broad smile.
    "Shall we?" He indicated in the direction forward with a gentlemanly bow. His smile was radiant and brilliant and lined his jaws into a cowboy masculinity. Why were the best things for Bintu alone? I thought and shrugged it off almost immediately.
    We eased ourselves into the space and followed the track lead to where it bent to the left. Ahead of us was a glowing art of flower lights with the shape of a heart. A smoke machine began to smoke and clouded the area where the lights were glowing. Then the fireworks were let out into the air far above us. We read the write up it formed and before I could turn to look at my friend, she had broken down in tears...
    "BINTU 4EVA"
    When she raised her face again, Aminu was kneeling with one knee and a white little box which he held out before her. When he opened it, the little golden ring with a small diamond stone shimmered against the glowing lights before our eyes. I fought and won the urge to stretch out my finger not minding the words that would come with it. Oh Bintu, which God created you?
    "My love," Aminu began to say, "I set all of this up with the first allowances I was paid after training, not because it's what you would want, but because I can't explain how much you mean to me but try to show it anyhow I can. Trust me, you're the reason I got this job. Ever since you came into my life, it's been goodnews in the morning, good luck in the evening. I want nothing else but to spend the rest of my life with the woman that brought light to my life...Bintu, will you marry me?" Bintu was sobbing uncontrollably when he was done. I felt tears trickling down my cheeks and wiped with my thumb to save my make-up.
    "Yes... Yes.. yes baby. I will marry you. I will be that woman by your side through thick and thin." She put out her middle finger and Desmond slid the ring on it. Her eyes gleamed as she admired the precious stone shimmering against the glowing lights. Aminu rose and they locked in a tight embrace to the applause of a small crowd in a shrouded corner of the roof top.
    He had invited a few friends too. We were deceived by the lights as we followed them to the stage oblivious of the quiet audience that observed from the dark corners. I stood smiling amidst the tears that ran down my cheeks, wondering how Bintu was feeling.
    We got around to meeting Aminu's friends and colleagues who had honoured his invitation. When he introduced Dickson to me, he hesitated before disengaging from the handshake we had.
    After the introduction and exchange of pleasantries, Dickson never left me side. We acquainted well and got into deep discussions. He is a doctor and that was what made it easier since I studied pharmacy, we had a lot to talk about. His sense of humour was unique so much that he made me forget the time. He had one of the most perfect dentition I'd ever seen, about 6 feet tall with broad shoulders. Dickson was a perfect gentleman with his plastic eye glasses that gave him the looks of a professor. I didn't want the night to end but it did anyway. We toasted to their success and wished them well.
    Dickson drove me back home as Bintu had to go home with Aminu. For real, all through that night, I cried. I loved what happened at the hotel roof top. I dreamt that night... A very long fairy dream. But then, in the wee hours of the morning, everything changed.
    In my dream, I saw Balarabe sitting with his back to me. I kept on calling him but he didn't answer. When I approached him and tapped his back, he made an abrupt turn and shot me a glare that stood every hair on my body. His jaw bones stood firm and his temple was wrinkled. He looked like a man out for a kill. I jolted and woke up with that. Beads of sweat soaked my body and my bed. I was so petrified...

    Episode 13

    Wedding plans for Bintu and Aminu kicked off and guess who would be the chief bride's maid- your guess is as good as mine. We went shopping and bought all the things for the wedding. Everything was expensive but Aminu didn't budge, he gave us money so liberally I was wondering if it were just the money from Shell he was using for the wedding.
    Then I learnt his community of friends were a group of money reeling lads. One of his bosses had promised to grant him a Class A wedding ceremony, since colleagues from the company were going to be present. That also meant he had to spend without worries as he would certainly make over ten folds of whatever he'd spent.
    I was by Bintu's side all the time until the wedding day. Meanwhile, Balarabe had been on my neck to come visit him again. I told him I had to be around for Bintu's wedding. He had to wait until after the wedding and I'd be all his. He didn't like the idea but seemed to have no other choice.
    On the eve of the wedding, after we had retreated to our hotel rooms- Bintu had insisted we slept in the same room and I liked the idea, since I'd have the chance to find out from her why it didn't work out with Balarabe. The very thing we'd never had the chance to talk about again, one that had left me in trepidation of the future.
    I had barely left the shower when she came in. Bintu looked tired and needed a bath​ and rest. I told her and she admitted and went straight to the shower. I changed into my nightie and started watching the TV. It was a reality show. I was almost engrossed when my phone rang. It was Dickson.
    He was at the bachelor's Eve party and was wondering why I wasn't there. I told him I wanted to rest and prepare for the D-day.
    "So do you mind me coming over to pick you up?" He asked.
    Dickson was just irresistible but I needed time to talk to Bintu. I didn't notice Bintu step out of the bathroom. She grunted to announce her presence. I turned to look at her amidst my indecision and she winked and nodded her head.
    Conspiracy! I made a jeering face at her.
    "Hello! I'm still here." Dickson's voice twittered from the other end.
    "Oh, okay. But I wouldn't want to stay out for long." I replied and heard a muffled "yes" on the other end.
    In a few minutes he had arrived and was poking his head round the door. I had dressed up and went to join him. We went down and into his car then drove off. We drove around town idly, buried in a very deep conversation. When we got to Chisel Park, he parked and asked for a walk. I obliged, after all he was fun to be with.
    He held my hand as we walked through the brilliant park with fountains and flowers and lights everywhere. Music crooned from the speakers hidden at strategic parts of the park. Other couples had either sat of strolled around the park. We found a free casted seat and sat down.
    "Do you like this place?" He asked.
    "Sure," I searched around with a thin smile at the corner of my lips. "It's so romantic I must confess. I hate to be here."
    "You do? I can't believe you just said that." He shot me an incredulous stare. "Who doesn't like romance?"
    "Maybe me." I chuckled. "Well, it would have been perfect if I had come with my boyfriend."
    He smiled and looked away briefly. "Yeah, Bintu told me you have a boyfriend. So where is he?"
    "I don't wanna talk about him," I snapped.
    "So what do you wanna talk about?"
    "Just anything else, maybe you if you don't mind."
    "There's only a little about me that you don't know. I think I've told you all." He folded his arms.
    "Hmmm? Sure? No girlfriend, fiancée, or even a crush?"
    He smiled. "I'm just a young man who's in love with a woman and doesn't know how best to tell her."
    I laughed hard. "Who's this girl? Come on, just go ahead and tell her. Look at you, she might just be waiting for you to open up."
    "You think so?" He asked and I nodded. "Well she told me in the middle of a conversation she is in a relationship and since then..."
    "That's nothing. So long as she ain't married yet, anything can happen. That's women for you, trust me..."
    "Fifi, I'm in love with you." I lost the rest of my words as he cut in and continued. "I don't know how you feel about this but it's the truth."
    I was lost for words and began to pick my fingers. He held my face and stared into my eyes.
    "I... I'm sorry but it's not possible..." I refused to look at him, "I told you I'm in a serious relationship..."
    "Are you now contradicting yourself?"
    I was short for words again, "look Dickson, we're not supposed to be here. Can you take me back to the hotel now? Please..."
    He quickly planted a kiss on my lips and shut me up. I didn't react for a while and he didn't let go either. As I raised my eyes and met his, I didn't know what happened, but I shut my eyes again and kissed him back.

    Episode 14

    Saturday morning and in a matter of hours Bintu would be married to Aminu and her status would change. She was so excited so much that she woke me up as early as 05:00 in the morning. Before 07:00, the makeover crew would arrive for their art so we had to shower and get ready for them. As soon as I left the shower and into the room, Bintu threw a question at me.
    "Dickson told me what happened yesterday. Like seriously what came over you?"
    I sighed and went straight to the dressing mirror without​ saying a word.
    "Fifi I am talking to you?"
    "What was I supposed to do? He kissed me without permission." I retorted.
    "Oh yes, and you slapped him? For God's sake, how does that appeal to you?"
    "I had no choice. For real that was the only thing I could do at that time."
    "For crying out loud, Dickson is a gentleman, one every lady would want to keep." She preached.
    "Oh yeah, I know he's a gentleman that kisses a girl without permission. That sounds cool."
    "Are you kidding me? Like he jumped on you without any green light? I know better than that. Just gimme a break." She waved her hand in the air in a rebuff gesture.
    "Don't be like that Bintu, you know I have a boyfriend and I told him that. He ought to have respected that."
    "Really? You have a boyfriend? I don't seem to know him." Bintu jeered. "By the way, tell me you didn't enjoy the kiss Fifi."
    "What nonsense are you talking about?" I shook my head and muttered a lie, "Stuff was so irritating."
    "Huh? It's okay. You have a boyfriend, one you've been secretive about. Now see better dude, and you slapped him. I only mean well for you my dear."
    "Now see who's talking about secretive. Why have you kept secret the reason for your breakup with Balarabe all this while?" I snapped with rage.
    "Oh I see, seems you still have your mind on that. Come to think of it, why have you refused to get over Balarabe? I was the one that broke up with him and not you."
    "Same way I'm the one dating my boyfriend

    Episode 15

    The bride and chief were set before half past nine o'clock. We waited patiently for the car to arrive that would take us to church, just a fifteen minute drive from the hotel. We hadn't spoken much since the last conversation. I didn't know what to feel towards Vera or what Vera was feeling towards me. I didn't care so much either, I was in the middle of nowhere and Vera was part of the solution even though she had no idea. . Just as we were about to leave after the car had arrived, I asked everyone else to excuse us for a little friendly chat which they obliged. Vera gave me that knowing stare, wondering what else I'd come up with. "Of course you know I didn't buy that sex maniac lunatic thing. I really want to know and feel I have the right to know. So are you now ready to speak?" Vera shook her head in total disbelief. "Not again. I refuse to be drawn into this again. We must leave now." "If you don't tell me right now I'd call Desmond and tell him anything that comes to mind and I swear I'll make it damn bloody." I warned sternly. She retreated from the door and came close to me, close enough I could feel her breath. She wasn't​derided at all as her breath was steady. But then she spoke in a cold, still voice. "So tell me girlfriend, why are you doing this? What is it you have refused to tell me? You were supposed to be my chief bride's maid, but here you are playing the witch of Ooz. What exactly do you want?" "The truth." I replied coldly. She nodded slowly and pulsed her lips. She then opened her purse and took out her phone which she forced into my hand and ordered. "Make the damn call. I saved him as D." I was shocked by her action. With the phone still in my hand, she turned towards the door and slammed it hard behind her. Frozen at that spot, I knew it was game over. She'd never get to talk to me, ever. ********************* The grand piano hummed from a distance as we arrived the decorated premises of the Anglican Church. Beautiful gowns and suits, foreign and local, littered the whole place with everyone feeling important. Desmond's SUV arrived accompanied by some other SUVs that formed a convoy, with both indicator lights of each vehicle blinking. I felt like we were receiving the president. I knew what I was expecting to see but not how classy it would come. The oil men had arrived with oil palms and wheels. The bridal train was a crop of charming beauties, most of which were regular campus girls hired for the day and hoping to make a catch or two from the oil guys. Their long baby pink gowns with slight touches of reddish pink and white showels to cover their shoulders until the reception time. To say these ladies were beautiful was to say the least about them. But then, I had my focus on the gentlemen alighting from the convoy of SUVs. "So you never told me Dickson was the Best Man, how could you?" I leaned forward and whispered into Vera's ear. "I think something went wrong. He wasn't​ supposed to be. You saw Dan, he was supposed to be the Best Man." I swore under my breath and maintained a cordial expression, somewhat deadpan. From then on, the wedding was more of a torment, a day of torture, just emotional dilemma. I felt so ashamed of myself. I had enjoyed the kiss initially and even dreamt about it but now, I hated​Dickson for trying to take the place of my Collins. He was far cuter and better than all the oil boys put together, I mean my Collins. That thought gave me all the strength and energy required to scale this stream full of hungry crocodiles in my own mind. We processed and I found myself sitting side by side with my now arch enemy. He kept making eye contact with me as he never ceased to turn my way. In return, I'd look away to avoid his incessant glances. Immediately after the wedding we headed for the reception. . Thankfully, the wedding was intended not to consume too much time. When it was time to dance, I disappeared through the back as I noticed Dickson was looking for me. How could I have known I'd never escape him? As soon as the reception was over, or rather my part of the bargain, as I wasn't interested​in the post wedding party, I retreated to the hotel room to pick up my belongings and leave. I was really done with putting up with Vera's fortunes. I wanted to be gone from her and far away as much as I could. I picked the things I owned and started to leave. As soon as I stepped into the hallway that led to the elevators, he grunted from behind me and startled me. "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you." He apologised sincerely. "Well, always find a better way to announce your presence." I retorted. "Maybe next time I'd bring along a praise singer... All hail King Dickson." "It's​ not funny," I rebuffed him sternly. "Oh, okay. So why are you leaving so soon. I thought you'd stay back for the party tonight. You don't wanna miss it, do you?"

    Episode 16

    Collins was at the airport on my arrival. The first thing I spotted was his succulent lips. I didn't really know why I felt so enthused about him or this visit in particular, maybe it was just all the events surrounding Vera's engagement and wedding. They were so dramatic like in the movies, so unreal, the sad thing being, they were real.
    Back to his lips, they looked soft and tender like a baby's. I was tripping already and felt a bit lubricious below.
    He took my luggages from me and loaded them in the trunk and returned to give me a tight embrace. Collins held the door for me to enter the car and he zoomed off as soon as he was behind the wheel. The drive to his house was swift and smooth. As soon as we arrived home, he began unloading the luggages while I headed to my room.
    "Hello," he called my attention. "This way please."
    "I..." I started to say but he cut me off.
    "Yeah I know, we're staying in my room this time."
    Collins's room? I tried to speak, but could only gape. No way I was going to stay in Collins's room. But how would he take my objection and rejection? Before I could utter another word, he was on his way to his room while I followed reluctantly, dragging my feet behind him.
    I stood at the entrance of the bedroom not knowing how to enter. The sight of the other day kept flashing through my head. I wanted to retreat to the sitting room when he called me and asked what was keeping me.
    I slowly shoved the door and peered through the gape created. I caught a glimpse of a lemon green duve, rolled halfway over a white floral bedsheet. The pillows were multicoloured, about six of them, arranged on the large family size bed.
    I stepped in, holding the door ajar. The room had become brilliant and cozy. The colours seemed to have been carefully selected to appease and seduce a lady- although in my case, I was already a horny lady waiting to be devoured. The room had changed from what I saw, perhaps I was simply disillusioned. Maybe I had been hallucinating all this while. What the hell was wrong with me? This room looked like heaven, I thought I may never have need for heaven if I'd be made to stay in this room.
    I smiled and studied the room with a slow swipe of the eyes around me.
    "The last time you came, did you at any point come in here?" He threw the question I wasn't expecting and drew a gasp from me.
    "Uhmm... Come in here? How is that possible? It was always locked."
    His unflinching stare never left my eyes as he searched for what I didn't know.
    "Why did you ask? Is there any problem?"
    "No, not at all. You know, you were searching the room like you have been here before."
    I laughed. "You sound like you worked on this room in anticipation of today."
    He smirked and shook his head, "you're a genius. But no, the room has always been like this. Just changed a few things to accomodate your taste."
    "Then I must say you did a good job." I smiled and winked at him.
    He smiled and spread his arms wide, "come here."
    I moved to cover the space between us, wrapped by his hands. He wrestled me to my back on the bed and started kissing me. Certainly, Collins seemed starved, evident in his extreme hardness and desire. The way he kissed me felt like he'd been thirsty and stranded in a desert, and eventually ran into an oasis. My mouth was the source of his life, and my tongue was his straw. He sucked my tongue and made me do same like one blowing a penis. We tongue wrestled while he began undoing my clothing.
    In a matter of few seconds, my bra was exposed and my skin was met with the coldness from the air-conditioner- he had torn my gown impatiently. I arced my back so he could gain easy access to my hook and off he flung my bra across the room. I longed for him inside of me already, I wanted to feel his hardness and ruthlessness against the inner walls of my lubricious pussy.
    I, in turn began to wrestle with his belt. He stood erect and helped me peel his trousers down to his knees, while he freed the Longman from his boxers- it was obviously angry judging by the veins. He helped me peel off my pant and tossed it aside, lifting my gown to reveal his heaven on earth.
    "Oh baby, I can't wait." I cried, watching the throbbing pestle with a cap like a mushroom.
    "Welcome back home my love," was all Collins said before the drill began.
    "Uhhhhh!" The first thrust drew a loud gasp of arrival from me. With my legs, wide apart in the air, Collins began digging like he was certain there was gold down there.
    Each thrust hit the end walls of my pussy and sent me into electrocution. The feeling was sizzling and felt like I would stop living at the next thrust.
    Five minutes later, we were both speaking gibberish and swearing at each other. He quickly withdrew from me and I couldn't believe the Longman hadn't shrunk one bit. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and turned me over. "Show me that arse baby lemme rock your back till you can't sit again."
    I chuckled and pushed my buttocks up an elevated angle. He exclaimed at that sight and found his way back using his hand to guide long man back in. He bent over and grabbed my boobs while digging further inside. I didn't​ know how I just felt but I was out of my body.
    At one point, I begged him to stop or I'd die but again, I thrust my arse backward against his groin area which made him feel I implied he wasn't thrusting hard enough. Collins was a beast, he went for the kill, thrusting faster and harder while I screamed my breath out.
    Soon we both rocked and tensed as he came inside me. I could feel the hot fluid spurting against my walls, wrestling with those coming from me and causing an eruption.
    He collapsed on me and we both lay there with his penis right inside me. It felt good. Our heavy panting could be heard from over fifty meters away.
    "Did you say you have a surprise for me? Could there be anymore surprise?" I managed to ask amidst heavy panting.
    Collins chuckled and kissed my earlobes. "This is just welcome to Lasgidi... Let's go and shower, this journey is still very far."
    And for real, the journey was still far, more so, the story changed steam...

    Episode 17

    Collins set the heater temperature and filled the bath tub while I went unclad to the kitchen to fetch some apples, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, groundnuts and a large bottle of chilled yoghurt. I blended all together and poured the yoghurt into the mixture. I was feeling hungry but couldn't wait until we finished bathing before eating something, I was scared that with the way Collins was going, I might never survive it. Funny right?
    "You missed a call." He informed me from the bathroom door.
    I placed the 'concoction' on the bed and went to seek my phone. "It was actually five missed calls from Vera. Funny enough, she hasn't totally gotten over you."
    "You discuss me with Vera?" He grimaced.
    "Not really. I just wanted to know what she felt about your breakup with her."
    "Did she say anything?"
    "She refused to say. But she is not over it yet. That girl is just something else. Thank God I've moved on. She should just be on her own and enjoy her jankered marriage. Tsk!"
    Collins came out from the bathroom naked and found my concoction on the bed. "What is that?"
    "It's​ what I call concoction. A mixture of apple, cucumber, banana, carrots, groundnuts and yoghurt. It's cool and tastes nice. Look, it's quite thick and pasty and creamy."
    "That's smoothie. Hope that doesn't purge us to death this night?"
    "Oh, call it whatever you like but after taking this, you will thank me later."
    Collins smiled and joined me on the bed. I poured out the content into little bowls and insert a spoon each. He liked it, it's taste was unique with the sour taste and chilled temperature of the yogurt making it spot on. We fed each and ended up playing with the excesses. Soon, we both had our bodies covered in the paste of the smothie.
    Collins carried me into the bathroom and stepped into the lathering tub. He invited me in to sit just in front of him. His tub was large enough for the two bodies to at least move around but not without making contact. We had our legs stretched out against our genitals. I delighted in tossing his pestle with my toes and poking his sack. He smiled, he liked it.
    We bathed without looking away from each other, admiring our bodies in any way we could. When it was time to drain the lathered water so we could rinse, he asked me to unplug the drainage. I did and the water began to drain.
    Just as the tub was draining it's last, I heard the clang of metal against ceramics and groped in the lather to know what it was.
    "What are you looking for?" He asked.
    "I heard something." I said and felt the metal. I withdrew my hand from the lather and blew air on it to clear it for a better vision at a golden ring with a large diamond stone.
    "What is this?" I asked perplexed. My face twitched into horror as many thoughts flashed into my mind in split seconds. Was he seeing someone else? The ring surely belonged to another woman whom he also shared the bath tub with. How could I have been a fool all this time? My face was red with blush. "Who's she?" I asked with a stern quaky voice.
    Collins chuckled and calmly replied, "it's you baby... Will you marry me?"
    My jaw dropped as I tried to understand what he was saying as if he had spoken Latin before.
    "I can't think of anyone else but you baby. I want us live together as husband and wife. Please my queen, marry me. Just say yes."
    I put both hands on my chest and laughed. I handed him the ring and stretched out my left hand and middle finger. "Put the damn ring on my finger silly boy."
    He made a facial expression of mock refute and took the ring from me, we both burst into laughter. He put the ring on me.
    I admired the ring and hugged it tight. I had a better and more expensive ring than Vera. I leaned forward and hugged him with my slimmy lathered body. That wasn't going to pass without electric. I kissed him.
    "Thank you baby. I promise to be your wife and give you my whole body, soul and all. I will be loyal to you forever. We locked gazes for a while before he stretched his hand and put on the shower so it splashed water directly on my face.
    We guffawed and he turned me around so I had my back to him. My massive behind was rubbing against his cockin and that didn't seem funny at all. He washed lather off our bodies and using the hand shower. He showered my boobs and caressed them at the same time. He ran the splashes all over me sensually while nibbling at my earlobes and neck, standing my hair's with the breath of his nostrils.
    "Hmmmm..." I helplessly let out a soft moan.
    Collins lowered the shower to my thighs and crotch, I involuntarily spread my legs and placed them on either sides of the tub squirming and bucking my hips in rhythm to his soft torture.
    "Oh my, babyyyy..." I whispered, wriggling all over him. I whimpered and kept making tiny buzzing sounds, dying slowly.
    "I'm hungry baby, can you now feed me that pussy?" Collins whispered over my neck.
    The sound of his voice behind me sent shivers down me, but the idea of getting a head, melted me. I moved away from him and turned around.
    I knelt with both knees on both of his flanks. Collins slid down a bit so his face came level with my crotch. Oh dear, he breathed on my crotch before splashing on it again.
    "Eat the living dead outta me baby." Before he could say a word, I'd grabbed his head and shoved him into my crotch.
    He kissed below my navel and ran his tongue symmetrically down to the divide of my labia. He used his tongue to slit the curtains of my labia for the inner pinnacle to be revealed. Collins had no respect for holiness at all. That which was hidden in the inner chamber, he exposed with his tongue and flickered it over the erected clit that stood, yearning for attention.
    "Uhhhhh..." I jerked as he made contact. This felt totally different. I almost had a seizure. WTF!
    Collins applied pressure with his tongue and began running it slowly up and down with every wetness he could garner. I looked so apologetic with a sorry face begging for attention.
    He dropped the shower and used both hands to separate the labia to avoid further restriction.
    Ever seen a man diligent in his tasks... Collins was dining with kings already. He planted his lips on my labia and suckled at it with vacuum in his mouth.
    "Yeeee!" I let out a sharp cry but he grabbed my buttocks and pressed my waist against his face. No hope of escape, just death awaiting me. I clung on to him and almost fell off the tub but for his strenght with which he grabbed.
    "Yeeaaah! Uhhhhh! Aaarrrgggg!" I couldn't stop screaming and he did dare to stop. Rather, he began tongue-fucking me. I kept on screaming.
    "I'm coming... I'm coming uhhhhbhh!" I clung to him as I tensed and stopped feeling my limbs. I felt all the juice rush out while he took them all. He slid his two fingers in me like trying to dig up something and feeling the rough mound just under my clitoris. He thrust in and out until I cried and rocked my waist as the entire fluid came rushing for the second time in a row. What was I in for?
    I grabbed his erection and was about to reciprocate when he opted against if and kissed me on the forehead.
    "Join me in bed." He said and grabbed a towel.
    There was something about his countenance I didn't like. But what ever it was, would be sorted out in bed...

    Episode 18

    Even after I'd been engaged, one thing I never stopped doing was to engage in a solo competition with Vera, one she was never aware.
     Since after I left her wedding, I only took her call once and it ended there. But now, I posted series of pictures taken in Collins's luxurious apartment on Facebook, Instagram and all other social media accounts I had. He'd assured me we'd be moving to Lekki after our marriage and each time I visited the Island I'd be fighting an unknown battle with everyone I see there, mindless of if they lived on the Island or not. I just had this idea that I was going to be joining them soon and rehearsed the big girl I'd be acting in Collins's car.
    I stayed a little above one week with Collins with my hole drilled at every chance he got. He'd wake up in the morning and drill a round or two, occasionally run back home and drill another set of rounds with clothes on, then run back home a little earlier than closing time for the same purpose. He also ensured we fed well and even studied sex enhancements foods which he bought and ensured we stocked the house with them.
    During our free days, we played games like Whot, ludo, quizzes, Scrabble and seldom chess. The main game was in what happens to the one who fails, he'd have to obey what ever task imposed by the the other party. I always lost so had a larger part of the penalties.
    Sometimes the punishment would be to give him blow job for a specified duration, lick his asshole or even masturbate with any item he seemed fit while he watched. At times I'd feel uncomfortable about it but wouldn't want to spoil the fun, I'm not a Kill-joy. So in turn, I'd use my own fewer wins to get a head, boob treat with icy yogurt or Irish cream or anything I could get a hold on or even have him lick my ass too. Hmmm, that was sensational though.
    So one of the highlights included one day he'd requested we played a game which involved role play. I didn't understand that but felt he just wanted to remember childhood, playing daddy and mummy, but no. He tied my hands and legs to the bed posts and pinned my head down so I couldn't move them, just squirm and wriggle under him while he did everything thing he could think of to my body. He licked every part of my body from my loved to my neck and my cleavage to my nipples. He sucked my navel before he went to lick and suck everything around my crotch region while I screamed and eventually passed out from extreme pleasure.
    When I woke up, he had made a meal for me to eat and I fed well while he told me I was awesome and his only source of happiness. I smiled weakly.
    "You see, I've come to understand why so many marriages break up and people don't last in marriages," he analysed. "The reason people cheat on their spouses is lack of adventure.
    When you are always adventurous about sex, always willing to explore every available space, you will be faced with many options of styles and sex activities that the missionary will be an act you crave for but don't get a chance to practise."
    While he spoke, i kept wondering what other thing as left to explore or would be left to explore before we got married. I explained that I needed some rest as my whole body was in pain from excess drilling and reminded him that he was massive below.
    He laughed and said, "Baby see, no pain no pleasure. There is no pain with pleasure and vise versa. Pain and pleasure go together to make a perfect and complete sense."
    I didn't understand one thing but he promised to let me be for some days but not without occasional blow jobs and hand jobs or even leg jobs- yes, he taught me that too. How I could him to come with my legs as my hands without inflicting any form of injuries. Collins was something else.
    Eventually, I left his house to go and inform my parents further down south about him and pave way for an introduction. My old friends became old cargo because of the shopping Collins took me prior to my departure. I bought things for everyone at home and my mother danced and praised God for answering our prayers. I stopped sharing public transport with people and took a drop everywhere, assuring​ my siblings that the next time I'd visit, I'd be driving my own car.
    Marriage plans kicked off and Collins found it easy to pay everything he was asked and added extra. I got to meet Collins's friends and funny enough they were not married yet, not any one of them. They nodded in approval when they got to know I was The One.
    The One?
    What did they mean by that? I didn't want to ponder over it and give myself a heart attack.
    After all, every man would have a number of girlfriends but would eventually end up marrying one. Yet my concern was on how they kept staring at me and my buttocks especially, in a very suggestive way. Collins didn't seem to bother but instead kept high shoulders. I decided not to make anything out of all that, not to dwell on that, perhaps everything would change after the knot was tied.
    The traditional marriage was the best my village had ever experienced. The pictures made rounds on all my social media platforms I owned accounts, with altered settings to keep off Vera.
    Why I kept Vera away nevertheless, still remained vague to me. She was happily married, which I never admitted, yet I didn't want her around me. I didn't want her to attend my wedding, neither to realise it was Collins I was getting married to. I knew she would find out soon but what did I care? I was waiting for the impending consequential drama.
    We flew business class to Paris to shop for the wedding and spent the succeeding weekend in Switzerland. He assured me our honeymoon would be in Asia, with Dubai top on the list. I didn't just fall in love with Collins, I drowned in love for him.
    On the eve of my wedding, just as I was about to sleep, my phone started ringing. Collins wouldn't be calling me at this time of the night. Not after he had sneaked to my hotel for some quickie before leaving and calling to inform me he'd arrived his own hotel room. I ignored but the caller kept calling, four more times. I became worried and heaved myself off the bed to the socket and picked up the phone.
    "Mtcheeeeeeew!" I hissed a very long one and put my phone on silent. Vera must have learnt of the wedding and was calling. I had been rehearsing for the drama but didn't include ungodly hours in my practice.
    I dozed off moments later and woke up to a long sermon of how I was a betrayer. She lamented pathetically in her text on how she had loved me so dearly but never understood why I hated her so much. She never thought I'd be going out with Collins even after her instincts had given her reasons to.
    I read her text and deleted it without a tinge of guilt. Just as I was about to leave my hotel room to the waiting car, another text came in and it happened to be part of the first message that was hanging.
    It was Vera telling me if only I had told her, I'd never have made the worst mistake of my life. I thought of calling her back to know what she meant by that before a knock came on my door. I was running out of time...

    Episode 19

    "Will you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, and for better for worse, till death do you part?" They  asked him.
    "Yes balarabe replied​ with a broad smile.
    "Will you take this man," they turned to me and started reciting the creed. "To be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer and for better for worse, till death do you part?"
    I stood meditating on Bintu's text earlier. What if I said no and ran off from the wedding venue? What if I refused to marry Balarabe and flee to safety? Safety from what? What did I know Balarabe did wrong to Bintu? Why was Bintu so pathetic about my union with him? What could it be I was missing? My heartbeat switched rhythm and eventually lost rhythm.
    "Fifi?" Balarabe's voice startled me. I had been engrossed in my meditation I didn't realise everyone was waiting for me. "They were waiting."
    "Oh, okay." I turned to them and smiled sheepishly.
    He frowned and growled under his breath but loud enough for me to hear, "the response is 'yes I do'."
    "Oh, Yes I do. Sorry about that." I turned and smiled apologetically at Balarabe who didn't find it funny at all. He kept a wrinkled temple even through to the reception while I smiled and remained cheerful. I had resolved to put my fears behind me and enjoy my day. It was only meant to come once.
    By dusk, it was all over and we were back in our hotel room. It was over and marriage had begun. The post wedding party, according to my husband was for a caucus. I was wondering what he meant by that but he explained I should wait and see what he meant.
    "But I have friends who'd want to be part of it too?" I fussed
    "Of course you do but how much is your own contribution to everything today? Tell me, what?
    Have you not heard that he who pays the piper dictates the tune? Don't even try bringing anyone or you'd end up embarrassing...

    Episode 20

    Life after the wedding day saga felt so rosy and aroused the concretisation of the saying that it's not about the start but the end. We might not have started well, but I believed we were on course to bliss. Collins became a darling once again.

    He treated me like a king would treat his queen, holding and squeezing my hands occasionally and pecking my forehead as a conclusion to every decision making. He would pat my back with assurance and cupped my face in his hands when he wanted to clarify me.

    Few days after my black eye had disappeared and my red eye also, we set for Dubai. Our trip started on Facebook before we flew on Snapchat and later landed on Instagram. All other of my social media handles had their fair share. This time, my settings were not altered rather I had to tag some people in a bid to ensure the posts never eluded Vera.

    She had become a silent preacher of marriage and good homes with some decent pictures of blissful moments with Desmond. They were expecting a baby even. A cold wordless war was going on between Vera and me, a cyber war. If she was aware of this war was something I never gave a hoot about rather I had solace in the fact that my fan base had increased drastically because of my slay pictures and short videos.

     My several pictures around the fleet of cars that graced Collins' compound, including that of his neighbours helped me a lot. I simply entered the Range Rover Sport and took pictures in the driver's seat, behind the wheel, playing music and turning my head left to right like a standing fan and before a minute, it had hit over a hundred likes and hearts with comments from drooling admirers.

    I began hosting contests and dolled out huge amounts of cash on Facebook and Instagram.

     My road to fame was made easier than so many other's road to their toilets, or so it seemed.

    As soon as we arrived Dubai International Airport, we had a chauffeur driven car waiting to take us to a cabin near the beach.

    Episode 21

    Life after the wedding day saga felt so rosy and aroused the concretisation of the saying that ‘its not about the start but the end. We might not have started well, but I believed we were on course to bliss. Collins became a darling once again. He treated me like a king would treat his queen, holding and squeezing my hands occasionally and pecking my forehead as a conclusion to every decision making. He would pat my back with assurance and cupped my face in his hands when he wanted to clarify me. Few days after my black eye had disappeared and my red eye also, we set for Dubai. Our trip started on Facebook before we flew on Snapchat and later landed on Instagram. All other of my social media handles had their fair share. This time, my settings were not altered rather I had to tag some people in a bid to ensure the posts never eluded Vera. She had become a silent preacher of marriage and good homes with some decent pictures of blissful moments with Desmond. They were expecting a baby even. A cold wordless war was going on between Vera and me, a cyber war. If she was aware of this war was something I never gave a hoot about rather I had solace in the fact that my fan base had increased drastically because of my slay pictures and short videos. My several pictures around the fleet of cars that graced Collins compound, including that of his neighbours helped me a lot. I simply entered the Range Rover Sport and took pictures in the drivers seat, behind the wheel, playing music and turning my head left to right like a standing fan and before a minute, it had hit over a hundred likes and hearts with comments from drooling admirers. I began hosting contests and rolled out huge amounts of cash on Facebook and Instagram. My road to fame was made easier than others road to toilets, or so it seemed. As soon as we arrived Dubai International Airport, we had a chauffeur driven car waiting to take us to a cabin near the beach. The interior was state of the art and luxuriously furnished with furniture sets, chandeliers, a plasma TV and a 70s recorder. From the bedroom upstairs, we had access to a view of the beach with white and black skins bared under the sun. Everything about the cabin felt like I was shooting in a music video. In my minds eyes, I put golden chains on Collins over a big white t-shirt and sagged pair of white jeans trousers and loafers; he looked like Davido. I just needed to dance and twerk and frolic around Collins before a camera, under lights and boom mic, for the feeling to be complete. It felt even cooler​ being made love to by Collins on that large bed. We spent more time idling about, sensualising our bodies. Touching and teasing erogenous parts; his n-----s, ear lobes, back of my neck, my arms and lot of other places. The cuddling was grand. We spent our honeymoon on sightseeing and shopping in several of Dubais malls. The highlight of our stay was a visit to the Seven Star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The sight of gold stung with me as I gawked at the golden walls and decors of the massive hotel that was symbolic of the United Arab Emirates. That day culminated in an intense love making. All these happened and not a thing missed the social media. My fans went with me to Dubai, they knew and could tell my story better than me, especially those prolific and talented writers among them. I was ponderously rummaging the cabinets and dark corners, looking for nothing exactly, just idling away as I waited for Collins to return from a business meeting he had scheduled after luckily running into an old associate of his fathers​. My mind idled on why Vera had never reacted to any of my posts; not even a single shade talk more of a sub. D--n! That girl was saner than I had thought. What ever was wrong with her, I rebuffed the thought with a jeering face. I decided to check our clothings and other stuff in preparation for our departure since we had barely three days left. I was searching the wardrobe when I found a round knob at one end. I didnt understand it but just decided to turn it. I tried turning it clockwise but it didnt move so I tried anti- clockwise and it broke free after the second attempt. After turning the knob, the board behind it loosened and I shoved it inside. I needed a flashlight and quickly recouped one. I flashed it in and found some framed pictures and other photos stacked together. I pulled them out and retreated to the table to study them. The face I saw in the framed photos looked familiar. Yes, my brain quickly called it up. It was the huge dark predator at the post wedding party. It was Shrek, the ghoul Collins had addressed as Buggy. I began to sweat and shake visibly in the air-conditioned room. What was his picture doing here? Perhaps he used this room also or even owned it. I quickly sought to see what the other stacked pictures held. My eyes bulged at the sight of what I had forgotten, what I once thought was hallucination. So it was real? The same things I had seen in Collins room the first time, even a scarier sight. I searched from picture to picture at how women were bondaged and fastened to an apparatus where they were tortured and used for sexual gratification. Conspicuous marks from whip lashes and dripping blood decorated the womens bodies as their faces writhed in pain and tears. What was all this? Curiosity led me to view more and by the time I got to the last photo, I was convinced that the room in the photos was in the cabin I had been sleeping, eating and making love in. I was totally oblivious of the spooky nature of this house, enjoying​ what was supposed to be a nightmare for me. The revelation made me shudder and drop one of the framed photos to shatters on the floor and jolted me from the seat. I wanted to see it all. I knew I had to search the house to find this room. Where else could it be? I had entered all the rooms in the house so no room that size could be anywhere on the surface of the earth, sharing the same building with the one I was in. I was about giving up when I tripped and fell, crashing into a flower pot just under the staircase. I was struggling to stand when I caught a glimpse of a squat door on the floor underneath the staircase. Yes, there was a basement. I struggled to my feet and went to check the door. The metal latch on the door was posing some difficulty but I forced it open anyway and found a wooden staircase that led into a steep darkness. I went back to retrieve my torch and returned to calm my curiosity. I took one step at a time, descending the creaking stairs without​ a rail. I flashed my torchlight but couldnt see much ahead. At the foot of the stairs, I searched and found a light switch. As soon as I switched on the lights, my jaw dropped and my stomach churned. My head swirled around me and my limbs lost their strenght. I slumped and passed out. When I woke up, I was lying on the bed and Collins had almost packed all our bags. I didnt understand what he was up to. In a flash, the pictures of the basement, the sight of bondage apparatuses looking like a serial killers laboratory, the whips and chains and clips and needles, they all came back. With a jerk, I t----t myself up to a sitting position, startling Collins to an abrupt turn. “Youre awake.” He turned and continued packing. “What is this place?” I asked. “What are you talking about?” He has a way of avoiding questions. “You know exactly what Im talking about. What is his picture doing here?” I asked through squinting eyes. “You ask too many questions.” He replied coldly. “And I need answers Collins.” I yelled. “What exactly are you? Who are you? Who did I marry? What else am I going to find out?” He launched at me at lightning speed, pinning me down with a hand cupped over my mouth. “Shut up, this is not Nigeria. Stop shouting or Ill kill you and leave you here to rot.” After he calmed me, he retreated and stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at me. “Were leaving first thing tomorrow morning. I got a call from home that my parents were both involved in an auto crash. They are both unconscious as we speak.” He said calmly and left for the bathroom. I was weakened but never shut a lid until daybreak.

    Episode 22

    The trip back to Nigeria was a silent one. We hardly spoke to each other but for the essentials. I was struggling amidst mixed feelings of what I had encountered and the tragedy that was befalling the family in my Parents in-laws accident. “Yes, Buggy owns that cabin.” Collins said long after we had boarded. “Like I told you before, were family.” I didnt say anything. I adjusted my ear plugs but Collins knew better that Id surely hear him if he talked and continued. “I know you are bothered by the things you saw, you should have steered clear of all obscurities.” He nearly sounded sorry. He shook his head. “You should never have entered that room.” When he realised I was never going to reply him, he gave up and cuddled to sleep. As soon as we arrived Lagos, we went straight to see them at the hospital​. On arrival, my father in-law had passed away and my mother-in-law was dealing with a High Blood Pressure. Two days later, she also joined her husband. Collins cried uncontrollably and lost his manly poise. It took another two weeks to get him to feed well and all that time he was easily irritable. He yelled at me at every little thing and threw tantrums all the time. We buried them and his family didnt have issues with sharing the properties. Collins was left with the company he was managing in addition to so many other landed properties littered around Lagos. On this fateful day, I had just left the internet after realising Desmond had set up a pharmaceutical company for Vera as a welcome for their first child which happened to be a boy also. I didnt like the sound of that. I had left the internet out of frustration, determined to engage Collins as soon as he returned. I was tired of staying at home and playing the role of a s-x toy. Collins returned from work and brushed past me into the bedroom. I joined him there and tried to keep low on conversations. I didnt want to bug him. “How was your day?” I asked him leaning against the wall as he undressed himself. “Im tired of coming home and hearing you recite the same thing everyday.” He mumbled and stopped midway through the sentence. “What did you say?” “Im sure you heard me.” “Well I had thought about it and decided wed be talking about that over dinner. But since you brought it up, I dont have a choice but to talk about it now.” “I see. I will as well one day remind you to breathe. You cant for once be useful to yourself besides flooding the internet with every breath you take as if you can pay for a thing in your life.” “Whats this all about? If somehow you were frustrated at the office, then be a man and let whatever happened in Vegas remain in Vegas. Stop bringing your frustration home.” My tone had increased involuntarily. “Youre shouting at me right? Fine, lets have a chat.” He sat at the edge of the bed. “What can you do?” I cleared my throat and told him I was a graduate and would love to practice. I told him I wanted a pharmaceutical company. After I relayed it all to him, he was smirking with indignation. “Youre such a joke. I was always right that youre good at nothing.” He stood and went into the bathroom. I was left fuming at his reaction and pouring it all on the pillows. I kicked and punched but the fury never left one bit. He left the bathroom tying a towel around his waist. I clenched my fist and bit my lower lip to control my temper. “So what are you saying?” “About what?” He asked expressionlessly. “About the proposal I just made?” I patiently answered. “Now get it into your skull.” He said with furrowed brows and a tightened jaw. “You are nothing but a scumbag. You are a no good daughter of a frugal asslicking gold-digger… Hey, wait before you say anything… You worth nothing more than mere s-x toy, youre only good for s-x and that is why and only why youre still here.” “Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “Did you just say that to me?” “If you want me to write a thesis about it, Ill write a hundred pages. You are just a bag of ill luck. Ever since I met you its been one ill luck or the other. My business has been dwindling and finally its on a steep decline. Then again I lost my parents at the same time. Youre just an omen.” “Excuse me, are you blaming me for your parents demise?” “Who else Fifi? Who else if not you?” He yelled into my face.     â€œDo you know what?” I started to say, “I used to think you were just a beast but youre just a product of frustration.” I was barely done when stars flew from my eyes and the force of his slamming hand on the side of my head sent me crashing into the bedside cabinet. I struggled to find my footing but he was there already to drag me up. He landed another one that sent me crashing into the mirror and shattering it. He was yelling abusive words and curses as he battered me. When I stole a glimpse of his face in the chaos, I could only liken it to a beast, an angry and hungry beast out for a kill. I was not only the prey but the threat, the death was glaring that awaited me. “Ill show you exactly what youre good at.” He raged and locked the door before I could get there. I tried to scream but he grabbed me by the throat and choked me, shoving me hard on the bed. With a brisk movement, he used the bedside table as a ladder to the ceiling and pushed it a bit, that part of the ceiling gave way. I never knew there was such in our room. He pulled out a rolled up twine rope and a whip. “Im going to show you exactly what you are built for and how.” He doesnt look normal. I knew he was coming to tie me up and I tried to wrestle with him but his punches weakened me. He turned me around and tied my hands to the bed posts. For the first time, I understand that our matrimonial bedroom was a BDSM apparatus. Every decor was an instrument for bondage and slavery. I was married to a sadist. He had expertly tied me up to a position where my legs were crisscrossed behind my head and my hands wide apart. My crotch was bared in the open space and my b-----s inbetween my thighs. He played deaf to my soft moans from pain and my pleas never permeated him. Still dry in my p---y, he began to enter me, thrusting rapidly. I cried but he never cared to listen. Each time I put up a struggle, he whipped me with whip and spat on me. He rode me like that, alternating between my p---y and anus. When he withdrew for the third round, he sat the edge of the bed, looking horrific. He tried to speak but hesitated and left with his phone, he returned with water and some apples. “You know what? Yes you were lucky to miss out at the cabin. It was going to be a party before the news about my parents. But its not over yet. All you are good for is to f--k. I met you on this premise, f--k f--k f--k. The first time we met, f--k. You came again, f--k, we chatted, f--k, I proposed to you while f-----g… Its all f--k f--k f--k. So just get it. You are only for f--k. And in the family, we share.” He looked so much like The Joker, whenever he wants to do mischief. We had a knock downstairs and he went to get it. When he returned, I noticed he had company. Following him, were footfalls I thought were too many to count. Buggy and his cohort were in my matrimonial bedroom.

    Episode 23

    Buggy was in company of three other guys.... I couldn't place their faces, if they were present at my post wedding party or not.

    They each gave me a wry smile. I knew my life would be over very soon. Collins should have just killed me and buried me, instead of making me go through the pain of gang rape.

    I knew he called them to have a taste of me. Something Collins told me that after they have all had sex with me in his presence, I would be welcomed into his family.

    "What nonsense family is that, Collins? You all are very sick! Come and untie me from here!" I screamed with the little strength in me.
    Collins didn't care. "Don't make things worse." He said.

    I started crying. "Collins please don't do this to me." I pleaded.
    Collins turned a deaf ear, took a bite of an apple and offered some to his friends'.

    "Oh God, I promise, if this cup should pass me by, I will never ever have anything to do with Collins.... Please Lord, save my life....." I said a silent prayer admist tears..

    As I was lost in thought, I never noticed that Buggy had already undressed and began stroking his disfigured penis with cap like crushed snake head. He was uncircumcised.

    He started approaching me with an apple. He offered me a bite, of which I shook my head and turned it away but that infuriated him, just like Collins.

    He then threw away the Apple in anger and quickly rushed to our wardrobe, brought out a lubricant and poured it all over my body.  He leaned over me and started french kissing me. He spread my legs wide open and ate my pussy like a wild lion hungry for a prey. Yes I was buggy's prey. Each lick felt like I was gnawed by a carnivore. Something that would have been a pleasure was a nightmare to me. Of all people, it was the scary Buggy.
    My  pussy was so sore and painful.. Buggy continued to lick my exposed vulva and anus. He even tongue fucked my anus. He was dirty and horrible and scary like that.

    With the little strength in me, I begged Collins to tell Buggy to let go of me.. I begged him with everything he held dear to him. But he came closer to me and whispered, "You ll just have to grin and bear him fuck you. If only you knew how lovely it is to behold.

    I cried and reminded Collins how happy we were the first time I came here. While I cried and begged Collins, Buggy didn't even care. He was still busy licking my anus like it was best part of a meal. Then he proceeded to licking my body like the dog he was.

    Collins wasn't moved one bit, even when suddenly, Buggy whipped me so hard! I let out a loud cry.. He moaned softly as he grabbed my breast like a hungry infant. Buggy sucked my breast so hard, that I screamed in pain.

    It seemed he derived joy when I screamed, because the way he shook when I screamed like a  convulsing baby....... He was sexually gratified when I screamed. That was his climax, his orgasm, so weird how he did it.

    I was tired of crying and screaming in pains. I was already loosing my last strength when one of the guys brought out a drug already in a syringe from a box.

    With the little strength in me, i pleaded to know what they were about to inject into me. He just whispered that I should Calm down, and the  whole process would be painless.

    I begged for my life like they owned it. Of course they really owned my life...

    After  I was injected with the content in the syringe, I passed out.....


    Few hours later, I woke up and found out that I had been untied and wrapped under a blanket. I tried to get up but I had pains all over my body. I had no friend to call for help. The sound of music blared from the speakers in the sitting room.
    Then I stretched out my hand to unplug my phone from the socket.
    As I unlocked it, I saw fifteen missed calls from my mum and younger sister.
    Then a message popped up. It was from my younger sister, telling me that she would love to visit before going back to school.

    I quickly replied her text, not to come as Collins and I had gone for a business trip.

    I couldn't allow my younger sister visit me in my husband's house.
    Who knows? Collins could rape her in my presence or his cohort could gang rape her and make me watch my own younger sister suffer like me..

    I shook my head and immediately my head ached. It felt like I was hit by a train.

    While I was in the midst of my thoughts, I heard a raucous laughter coming from the sitting room. I recognised it to be Collins and his friends. It was obvious they were still very much around.

    I planned on escaping, otherwise, who knew what they would do to me once they realised I was awake? I gathered the little strength in me, picked my purse that had my ATM cards in them and a little money in case of necessity.

    I tiptoed towards the back door with my slippers held towards my chest, my phone and my purse held tight under my arms as I made my way towards the back door, praying silently a d earnestly not to be caught. I had to help my self even with the soreness of my body and Vagina which had already affected my gate, I didn't care.. All on my mind was to be out of that hell of a house. I looked like a mad woman, my hair was scattered like someone who had just fought. There was no time for makeup as making up never crossed my mind in the first place. How would one running for safety think of makeup? I thought.

    I succeeded in my prison and headed straight to a pharmacy to get some drugs for myself. After getting the medications, I felt dizzy and began staggering out of the pharmacy, mindless of the prying stares from other customers. It was difficult finding my next footing after another. I hadn't had time to take the drugs I bought when I lost my footing and fell with a thud just before the glass doors held ajar by the janitor...

    Episode 24 (Final)

    I heard distant voices in the background and
    someone shutting the door, followed by silence.
    My eyes opened and squinted again from the
    bright lights that hit my retina and gave me a
    tough time recognising that I was in a hospital
    ward. I tried to sit up but my head refused to
    follow my will. It felt like lead against my skull. I
    groaned from pain and bit my lower lip as the
    thoughts of my last few conscious hours flashed
    back. Tears trickled down the sides of my eyes on
    to the bed as I sobbed.
    Thankfully the door opened and a young nurse
    walked in with a broad smile that felt like home.
    The name tag on her uniform read Ruth.
    "How are you feeling?" She asked while placing a
    hand on my forehead.
    "Where am I?" I ignored her question.
    "You don't have to worry about anything
    ma'am." She grinned and felt my pulse. "You're
    at Dr. Sam's hospital. We have been waiting for
    you to resuscitate since a gentleman brought you
    here some few hours ago. He said you slumped at
    a pharmacy nearby. You know... Barkmed's
    Her voice was soothing, I thought. "I need to
    leave here at once."
    She had gone to use the intercom to inform the
    doctor i had regained consciousness. I made to
    stand up and felt the pound on my head intensify.
    That was when I also realised I was on drip,
    hence had my right wrist fastened to the edge of
    the bed.
    "Don't do this to yourself ma'am, at least not
    until the doctor has certified you are okay. We
    need to identify you please." She spoke with such
    calmness that defied my thoughts of a typical
    Nigerian nurse. She didn't appeal to me like those
    that would spank and yell at someone for not
    pushing so hard in the delivery room.
    "Look, I just need to leave as soon as possible." I
    winced. "Lemme just leave here please."
    "Please ma'am, the gentleman who brought you
    here said he's under instructions..."
    "Instructions from who?" I defied my pounding
    head to rant.
    "...From the manager at Barkmed's Place, where
    you lost consciousness."
    I sighed with relief and relaxed​. Ruth seemed
    relaxed as well.
    "Can I have my phone please?"
    "Yeah sure. We would have reached out to
    someone but we've not been able to identify you,
    besides your mobile phone has been locked or we
    would have reached your...husband or anyone
    else." She said as she handed me the phone. I
    wanted to wonder how she knew I was married
    when I remembered I had my rings on.
    I didn't know who to talk to. My family was out
    of it as I didn't want to cause any form of panic.
    I didn't care about my status anymore, I needed
    help and was going to ask for it, even if it meant
    putting it up on social media. I wasn't the first
    after all.
    When I unlocked the phone, I realised I'd had
    twenty seven missed calls, Collins alone ga e me
    twenty. I was sure the others were from his
    friends' numbers.
    "Thank God." Ruth looked at me inquisitively as I
    was glad they hadn't taken any of the calls to
    inform Collins about my location.
    "I'm sorry we missed the calls that came to your
    phone. That's why I was asked to come and get
    the phone.
    "There's no problem at all." If only she knew
    what was on my mind. I called the only person
    that could understand what plight I was suffering
    at the time, the only person I should never have
    called. What face did I have... What guts? But
    that was the Hobson's choice.
    The shock in Vera's voice was almost palpable
    but the love and wanting was perspicuous.
    "Hello love," her soft voice emanated benignly as
    the line clicked open.
    I lost my vocal cord and my senses turned off.
    Only one thing happened. I broke down and
    "Fifi what's the matter with you?" She asked with
    a tone of urgency. I couldn't bear it anymore and
    hanged up.
    Vera called back and at the third ring I picked up
    and continued to sob. With so much persuasion, I
    told Vera where I was and why. I could feel the
    panic in her voice as she told me to hang on, that
    she'd call back.
    I'd hardly taken the phone off my ear when the
    doctor walked in, a smallish elderly man in his
    mid sixties with eye glasses that sat on his nose,
    farther away from his eyes. He had a way of
    looking over the rim of his lenses and wore a
    healing smile. I doubted if people would ever die
    in this hospital. He examined me and began
    asking about my identity but I told him he
    shouldn't worry, that I could take care of myself.
    Vera called back and before the doctor could
    advise against taking the call I was speaking into
    the phone already. Vera told me she had excused
    herself to book the first flight to Lagos the next
    day. I felt the tears begin to pour out again. She
    had just put to bed, she was not supposed to
    travel but she insisted on coming.
    "This is exactly what you should avoid in your
    present condition. You need your loved one
    around you right now... Your blood pressure is on
    the high side." The doctor advised.
    "Doctor, you asked for my loved ones right?" I
    nodded and​ continued. "She'll be here tomorrow."
    Before 9am the next morning, the door to my
    ward opened and Vera poked her head round the
    door with her angelic smile. I didn't know how to
    deal with the guilt that pierced my heart as again
    tears rolled down my cheeks. I sat up and wanted
    to stand but she walked in and called out.
    "Don't worry baby I got you." She had some bags
    with her which she laid down at the foot of the
    bed and came to hug me. We tangled in a tight
    embrace and cried... She had added weight from
    child bearing.
    "I missed you dear..." She kept saying into my
    ears as Ruth watched on from the doorway. She
    had brought her to my ward.
    For the first time in my life, I kept nothing from
    someone in a story about me. I bared it all to her
    and we wept together. I begged her to find a
    place in her heart to forgive me.
    "You're such a joke, I didn't come all this way to
    judge you or pour out my grievances. I came to
    see my beauty again. I came because I would
    never wish anything bad to happen to you."
    Vera's words cut through me. I leaned forward
    and hugged her now chubby self again.
    "How about the baby?" I asked. "You shouldn't
    have left him."
    "He's in safe hands with my mother in-law. I
    called D yesterday and told him about your call
    last night, he just called his mum to come and
    take care of the baby while I come check you
    "Oh my God, you're blessed dear." I said, happy
    for my friend for the very first time.
    "You too baby." She began to unpack the things
    she had bought. "By twelve thirty, I'll call D so
    we have a video chat. He has been asking after
    We did the video chat with Desmond and later, I
    took time to narrate my entire ordeal of a
    marriage to my best friend. When I was done, she
    was crying uncontrollably. She revealed how
    Collins had come with his apparatus that night
    that made her not to settle with him. He'd almost
    raped her that night if not for the hotel
    management. She apologized for not telling me all
    that earlier but swore she would have told me if
    she had known I was seeing Collins.
    She swore to take me with her, that I had no
    business with Lagos anymore. She had a return
    ticket waiting for 17:45. She called to book for me
    My discharge from the hospital was finalised and
    we thanked the manager of Barkmed's Place for
    his hospitality and also the doctor. On our way
    out I asked Vera to hold on a bit as I saw Ruth
    arriving the hospital for her shift. She bared that
    warming smile I thought could resurrect the dead.
    I beckoned on her to come and give me a hug.
    While we hugged, I removed the rings, my
    engagement and wedding rings, and slid them
    into her hand as we disengaged.
    "It costs a fortune. Sell it and do something nice
    with it." It felt better that way.
    "This is your wedding ring ma'am?" She managed
    to say amidst her confusion and surprise.
    "Yes darling, they don't guarantee a great
    marriage, do they?"
    She shook her head slowly and I patted her back
    and joined Vera. I never looked back again.
    The flight back to Port-Harcourt was warm and
    about the coziest and most fulfilling thing that
    ever happened to me.
    On arrival at the airport, Desmond was waiting.
    After we exchanged​ pleasantries, he smiled and
    announced. "Someone is here to say welcome."
    I shot him an inquisitive stare before I spotted
    Dickson walking through the busy ajar glass
    "Did you come with Dickson?" I asked Desmond
    who shared a knowing smile with his wife. "You
    guys are mischievous finally."
    They burst into laughter as Dickson arrived and
    gave me a hug after a brief moment of don't-
    I never returned to my estranged husband at least
    not until the court case for a divorce commenced
    a few months later. Three months into the case,
    he was reported to have committed suicide with a
    suicide note explaining his dwindling life. I quickly
    withdrew my court case and claimed all his
    properties which were left to me as his direct
    beneficiary. I sold off the already waning company
    and other properties which he owned including
    the flat in which we had lived and moved to Port-
    Harcourt to start my pharmaceutical company.
    The money was unbelievably huge, I realised, after
    selling off the properties. Vera suggested we
    rather partnered to knock off other competitors
    and I quickly bought the idea. I invested half of
    the money in Vera's business and we became
    50-50 partners in a global pharmaceutical
    Although there was not an epilogue in the
    beginning of this story, I'd beg to add a
    Here in my study, finalizing the weird experience I
    had in the name of marriage, as a result of my
    greed and hatred for what is good, my husband is
    here and has been, to always pat my back and
    cheer me up- 'us' if you might want to count the
    baby growing inside of me now. He thinks I'm a
    good writer but sometimes also thinks I'm utterly
    awful too, such a split personality. I fondly call
    him Down also or Dick, though it sounds like a
    regular name but I prefer that to Dickson which
    appeals to me more like a "baby dick" as against
    his huge below.
    I'm sure he might want to say a word or two.
    Uhmmm, hi readers. Marriage is meant to be
    uhhhm a beautiful thing. I'm glad I have for
    myself the best woman ever.
    Oh my God, he's shy.... I'm out..

              ***** THE END.*****



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