Story: Seeking Truth

    A story by E.A. Success.
    ABOUT: Princess was found dead in the bushes at the side of a lonely road. Everyone wondered what could have happened. Who killed her and why? Some hidden secrets were revealed in the midst of the investigation causing family bonds and relationships to be broken. Who killed Princess and for what reason? Find out in this intriguing story; SEEKING TRUTH.

    Episode 1

    Princess woke up that morning with a nauseous feeling, she ran into the bathroom and began to empty her dinner from last night. After which she urinated and flushed. She came out of the bathroom and picked up her phone, she went through her call log and saw Jonathan's phone number, Jonathan was her boyfriend. She wanted to call him but she just couldn't. Princess was 23 years old and a student of Uniport. She was in her third year studying Business management. She came from a well to do family and they all lived in Port Harcourt. Her family comprised of her Mum, dad and younger sister; Mirabelle. Mirabelle was 20 and was awaiting admission to enter the university. Princess came home from school to stay for the weekend; that was what she normally did most of the time and her school wasn't really that far of a drive from home. That Sunday afternoon she was to go back to school. She quickly went to prepare for church.
    Princess was ready to go back to school. She held her traveling bag and she was coming down the stairs with her mother and they were discussing.
    Mrs. Omolami: Your dad told me he was going to send some money to you, did he do that?
    Princess: Yes mum, I saw the alert earlier. I called him and thanked him.
    Mrs. Omolami: Alright dear, will you be coming back next weekend?
    Princess: I'll try mum.
    Mrs. Omolami: Ok dear. (Hugged her) When you get there, call me OK?
    Princess: Yes mum.
    Mrs. Omolami: Where's your sister?
    Princess: She went to get some things at the supermarket. She said you sent her.
    Mrs. Omolami: Oh yeah, I did earlier. Too bad she's not around to see you go.
    Princess: Don't worry, we'll talk on phone. I have to start going mum so I can make it on time. I should be there by 4 if I start the journey now.
    Mrs. Omolami: Ok dear, take care and don't forget to call me. (They hugged again).
    Princess: Love you mum.
    Mrs. Omolami: Love you too, let me see you off.
    8: 15pm:
    That evening, Mr. Omolami just came back from his outing. He was called out for a meeting with some important business people earlier that day.  He and Mirabelle entered into the house and he saw his wife pacing from one end of the house to the other worriedly. Mirabelle was holding his briefcase, when he just arrived he honked and Mirabelle ran out to meet him. She also had a worried expression on her face.
    Mr. Omolami: What is going on? Why are you pacing up and down like that?
    Mrs. Omolami: Welcome dear, how was it?
    Mr. Omolami: That doesn't answer my question, even Mirabelle is looking worried and she's not even saying anything.
    Mrs. Omolami: Honey, I don't know but I've been trying to get through to Princess ever since she left but her phone is switched off. Something is not right and I know it.
    Mr. Omolami: Honey please calm down, maybe she has a flat battery.
    Mrs. Omolami: No dear, since when? I've been trying her line since 4, because she told me she might get to school by that time. I called her by then, her phone was switched off, and then I waited and called again, the same thing. I kept on calling and till now nothing.
    Mr. Omolami: Please dear just calm down, don't think too far Ok? I'm sure there's an explanation for this. Tomorrow try her line again I'm sure she'll pickup. She might even be the one to call.
    Mirabelle: Yes mum, please don't worry too much, maybe when she arrived she got so tired so she switched off her phone so as to not be disturbed by calls. You know she does that sometimes.
    Mrs. Omolami: But she's still supposed to call me eh, I don't like the way I feel about this o, something is wrong with my daughter I know it, I feel it.
    Mr. Omolami: There is nothing wrong, stop saying things like that please. Mirabelle go and drop that upstairs and get me my food.
    Mirabelle: Ok dad. (Mirabelle did as she was told and Mr. Omolami tried his best to calm down his wife).

    Episode 2

    The next morning, Mr. Omolami was preparing for work when his wife entered the room with a worried expression.
    Mrs. Omolami: Dear, your breakfast is ready.
    Mr. Omolami: Have you called her yet?
    Mrs. Omolami: Her line is still switched off.
    Mr. Omolami: Don't worry, I'm sure she'll come through.
    Mrs. Omolami: Come through? I haven't talked to my daughter since yesterday and you're telling me she'll come through? No, there's something wrong.
    Mr. Omolami: Just calm down Ok? Let's go downstairs. (He picked up his briefcase and they left the room, they saw Mirabelle arranging the dinner table for breakfast).
    Mirabelle: Good morning Dad.
    Mr. Omolami: Yeah Mirabelle, how are you?
    Mirabelle: I'm fine. Mum, dad; have you spoken with Princess yet? because I haven't and I'm really worried. I just realized I have one of her roommate's number, but I'm scared to call and find out what she might say about Princess's whereabouts.
    Mr. Omolami: I'll call her, give me her number. (Mirabelle brought out her phone and gave her dad the number, he sat down on one of the dinner table chairs and they both stood at his sides. The phone was on loud speaker so they first heard the ringing and after the third ring she picked).
    Voice: Hi, good morning.
    Mr. Omolami: Yes, good morning. Please am I speaking with...? (Looked at Mirabelle).
    Mirabelle: (Whispered) Elizabeth.
    Mr. Omolami: Elizabeth, Princess's roommate.
    Elizabeth: Yes, please who is this? What happened to her? (Mrs. Omolami was already shaking).
    Mr. Omolami: That's why I'm calling. I'm her father, Mr. Omolami and I've been trying to get to her but her line is switched off.
    Elizabeth: Sir, she's not here o, she told me yesterday morning that she would be coming but ever since then I haven't heard from her. I was even trying her line, it was switched off. I even thought she was still at home with you guys.
    Mrs. Omolami: (She screamed out) Heh... My daughter is missing, my daughter is missing o.
    Mirabelle: Please mummy calm down. (She said holding her).
    Mrs. Omolami: Don't tell me to calm down o, don't tell me that.
    Mr. Omolami: Thank you. (He said and ended the call). Honey, please stop shouting. Our daughter is not missing.
    Mrs. Omolami: What are you telling me? didn't you hear what that girl just said?, she said Princess is not in school. If she's not in school and if she's not here, where else could she be?
    Mr. Omolami: Calm down Ok? we'll get to the bottom of this just calm down.
    Mrs. Omolami: I can't calm down o, I can't. My daughter is missing and you're telling me to calm down.
    Mirabelle: Mummy please, we can't just jump into conclusions like that. (She said still holding her mother) Maybe she's at her boyfriend's place.
    Mr. Omolami: I thought she said she was going back to school, so what would she be doing in her boyfriend's house?
    Mirabelle: I don't know, I'm just worried. Let's just call him and find out.
    Mr. Omolami: Let me call him. (He called Jonathan). Hello, Jonathan.
    Jonathan: Hello sir, good morning sir.
    Mr. Omolami: Where are you?
    Jonathan: I'm in the house. Is there any problem sir?
    Mr. Omolami: Is Princess there with you?
    Jonathan: Princess? no but I've been trying to reach her since yesterday evening but her line's switched off.
    Mrs. Omolami: Heh! (She screamed again) Princess o, where are you?
    Jonathan: Sir... Is princess missing?
    Mr. Omolami: We've been trying to reach her too but no way. She was to go back to school yesterday but even her roommate confirmed she's not there.
    Jonathan: Oh my God, where could she be? No...This can't be happening.
    Mr. Omolami: I'll call you later in case we've heard anything.
    Jonathan: Ok sir. (The call ended).
    Mr. Omolami: Please calm down, we'll find her ok? I'll call detective Charles to report.

    Detective Charles came over to the house later that day when he was informed of the situation. Detective Charles was Mr. Omolami’s Detective. Anytime he was needed by Mr. Omolami he was always available. Mr. Omolami, his wife and daughter were all seated in the living room with the detective.
    Detective Charles: Ok so you said she left yesterday in the afternoon.
    Mrs. Omolami: (Crying) Yes Detective.
    Detective Charles: She told you she might get to school by 4 and when you called her by that time her phone was switched off. And ever since you’ve been trying her line but no way.
    Mrs. Omolami: Yes sir.
    Detective Charles: Hmm... So you both were the only ones around when she was about to leave?
    Mrs. Omolami: Yes sir, my husband left for an urgent meeting and my daughter was at the store, getting some groceries.
    Detective Charles: Was Princess ever threatened by anyone?
    Mrs. Omolami: No... At least none that I know of.
    Mirabelle: I don't think that can even happen. Princess was such a nice girl, why would anyone want to hurt her?
    Mr. Omolami: Please Detective Charles, if you can get to the bottom of this I will be so grateful.
    Detective Charles: Don't worry Mr. Omolami, I'll try my possible best to find Princess. You know she's like a daughter to me. So Mrs. Omolami, you said you even called her roommate and boyfriend and they confirmed she wasn't with them?
    Mrs. Omolami: Yes Detective. (She blew her nose into a handkerchief while Mirabelle was consoling her).
    Detective Charles: Apart from those places, where else do you think she could be?
    Mrs. Omolami: I can't think of anywhere else Detective.
    Detective Charles: How was her behavior when she came home? did she act in any way funny?.
    Mrs. Omolami: Well there were most times she would want to stay in her room for a while but apart from that, not really.
    Detective Charles: Alright then, no problem. (He stood up and put his notepad in his back pocket). Thank you very much for your cooperation, I'll make sure my People and I get to the bottom of this. I'll take my leave now.
    Mr. Omolami: Ok let me see you off. (He left with the detective while Mrs. Omolami was being consoled by Mirabelle).

    Episode 3

    Elizabeth came back from lectures and she had a worried expression on her face. The room comprised of 4 individuals as roommates. When Elizabeth entered the room her two other roommates were around, I.J (Ijeoma) and Stella. Stella was dressed up seated in front of the mirror placed on the wall applying makeup while I.J was casual on the bed busy with her phone.
    I.J: Elizabeth, what is it?
    Elizabeth: It's Princess, I don't know but I think something's wrong with her.
    I.J: I thought she was at her parent's.
    Elizabeth: Well her dad called me early this morning asking if she was in school. He said he'd been trying to call her but her line is switched off, same thing with me too. And she told me earlier yesterday that she was coming to school but till today she hasn't come.
    I.J: Jesus Christ.
    Elizabeth: I'm seriously worried o, I hope she's Ok. The way she just went missing, I hope she wasn't kidnapped.
    Stella: Serves her right. I hope she never returns, Mtchewww. (She hissed).
    I.J: Stella, I don't think anyone here called your name so please shut up.
    Stella: Don't you even dare tell me to shut up. How dare you? (She said rising up from her seat).
    I.J: (She arose and stood on the bed) what will you do? gosh Stella; you're such a wicked person. I can't even believe you sometimes, no wonder Dami never liked you. (Stella screamed angrily and was about to attack I.J but Elizabeth stopped her).
    Elizabeth: Please girls that's enough, Stella; why would you say things like that? so you're happy Princess is missing?.
    Stella: Yes I am and I pray she doesn't come back ever.
    I.J: Imagine who's talking. If I tell you the number of people praying for your death in this hostel alone...
    Elizabeth: I.J please, it's Ok. Stella, since when you've been keeping this within you eh? it's not fair. Why can't you just let go.
    I.J: Babe me sef I tire o, this Stella eh, I fear her. It's not even like it was Princess's fault and besides the girl sef don apologize. Do you want her to cut off her neck and give to you before you forgive? who knows if you're even the one behind her sudden disappearance.
    Stella: God will punish you, ashawo.
    I.J: See who's calling who ashawo.
    Elizabeth: Guys please, not now; certainly not now. Now we're supposed to be working things out. I dunno... I'd like to help but how?
    I.J: Babe, let's call the police na.
    Elizabeth: I think her parents already did that. Let's just pray things turn out fine. She's our roommate, she's like a sister to me. If anything happens to her I dunno what I'd do.
    Stella: Mtchewww. (She hissed and walked into the bathroom banging the door).
    I.J: Just leave that one abeg. Don't worry I'm sure they'll find Princess.
    Elizabeth: God please, I pray she's OK.

    2 days later;
    Jonathan was on the phone with his best friend, he was pacing from one end of the house to the other.
    Jonathan: Mehn I dunno, for how many days now we’ve been trying to find Princess but nothing yet... I drove down to her school yesterday and truly she hasn't been there ever since the weekend she went home ...  I've been getting information from her parents, nothing has come up yet and I'm really worried... Mehn don't tell me to calm down, 3 days is not a joke. For 3 days now she's been missing and you expect me to calm down? You don't know how much this girl means to me do you? Sure we had a fight before we stopped talking but that doesn't mean I shouldn't get worried, when I was even trying her line, it was switched off and I thought she was just avoiding me. I didn't even know this was happening, Oh God please, just bring her back and I promise never to fight with her again. I would even accept... (Suddenly another call was coming, he looked at the ID). Kelvin, please I'll call you back, someone’s calling... Ok thanks bro. (He ended the call and picked the incoming call with a tiring look on his face) Hello...Look I'm really busy right now...I'm fine don't worry... Please, please just stop Ok, just stop. Look I'm tired of this, stop disturbing me, my God don't you have a heart?, even in the midst of what's happening you're still doing this?, what kind of a person are you?...Well I don't care about how you feel, you should know better... This should be the last time you'll ever try this rubbish, whether the situation is good or bad... I don't care please, leave me alone. (He ended the call and threw his phone to the couch and went upstairs to take a shower).

    Mrs. Omolami was in the living room with Mirabelle, Mirabelle was trying to get her mother to eat but it was of no use. The woman didn't want to eat.
    Mirabelle: Mummy please, we don't even know the status of Princess's whereabouts yet; she could be alive and you want to kill yourself.
    Mrs. Omolami: I just want my daughter back. (She said, crying).
    Mirabelle: Mum, please eat something, you can't do this to yourself.
    (Mr. Omolami was then coming downstairs while on the phone with the Detective).
    Mr. Omolami: Where? Ok thank you. I'm on my way, we're on our way. (He ran quickly to the living room table to pick up his car keys while Mrs. Omolami and Mirabelle became alert). They've found Princess.
    Mrs. Omolami: Eh? Princess, are you serious? where?.(She said immediately standing up).
    Mirabelle: What are we waiting for? let's go. (They ran out).

    Episode 4

    Mr. Omolami drove down to the place described by the Detective with his wife and daughter. While driving on the lonely road, he saw the Detective squatting while two policemen and two other men were standing at the side of the road, the Detective's car and another car were parked on the road. Mr. Omolami stopped the car and they all got down from the car. The Detective stood up and what they saw broke them. It was Princess, she was flat on the ground, battered, pale, she was dug at the side; like she was daggered continuously, and it was so deep. She looked terrible. Immediately; Mrs. Omolami broke down and began to cry. Mr. Omolami just closed his eyes tight and shook his head. He couldn't even look any longer. Mirabelle just stood at the spot she was with tears in her eyes, she couldn't move. Mrs. Omolami ran to hold her daughter but she was stopped by the Detective.
    Detective Charles: I'm sorry madam; I can't let you touch her.
    Mrs. Omolami: She's my daughter for goodness sake, who did this? Princess no...This can't be. (She said struggling to get through, Mr. Omolami and Mirabelle went to hold her too).
    Mr. Omolami: Dear please, just do as he says.
    Mrs. Omolami: Are you seeing our daughter lying cold on that ground?, Oh God, why?...why ?...( She cried out on the ground while Mirabelle was crying beside her holding her and Mr. Omolami went to his car and rested his head on it).
    Detective Charles: (Walked towards Mr. Omolami) I'm very sorry Mr. Omolami, this is truly unbelievable.
    Mr. Omolami: But who could have done this to her? or was she attacked on the way by robbers?.
    Detective Charles: I doubt that Mr. Omolami. From what I'm seeing here, robbery wasn't the aim, besides her body was dumped here.
    Mr. Omolami: What?
    Detective Charles: Yes, there are no signs of such here, just her body. Besides if it was a robbery attack, they wouldn't have killed her so brutally. They would have just taken everything she had and gone. Her body is the only thing here which means she was dumped here. It's either they kidnapped her and drove down here and killed her here or they dumped her body here.
    Mr. Omolami: My God... Why?
    Detective Charles: This was planned, and I am going to get to the bottom of this. I will find those people or person and make sure they rot in jail.
    Mr. Omolami: Thank you Detective Charles, Make sure they pay. I just wish I could strangle them with my bare hands when I see them.
    Detective Charles: Don't worry Mr. Omolami, I promise you; they will pay for this.
    Mr. Omolami: But how did you know her body was here?
    Detective Charles: Someone called us, he's the one talking to your wife and daughter. (The detective said pointing to the man, he was talking and trying to console Mrs. Omolami). He was traveling somewhere, the other man standing beside him is the  cab driver, he said they stopped so he could urinate and while urinating, he saw a leg, after he finished he entered further into the bush only to realize it was a dead girl. He was so scared he ran out but something told him to call the police and that was what he did. We rushed down here only for me to realize it was Princess.
    Mr. Omolami: Oh my God. (He said with shock on his face).
    Detective Charles:  We are still going to take the man in for questioning, just to be sure he's not part of the whole thing. I'm really sorry Mr. Omolami, please take heart. Let me go and meet your wife. (The detective said and left while Mr. Omolami continued to weep painfully).

    The next day; Jonathan came over to the house. Mirabelle was in the kitchen preparing food for her mother who was in the living room with Mr. Omolami and Jonathan. Mrs. Omolami had been crying ever since she saw Princess's dead. She didn't even sleep at night and she didn't eat. Everyone tried consoling her but no way. Mirabelle had been trying to get her to eat but no way. When Jonathan entered the house, he saw everyone looking all gloomy, Mrs. Omolami was even the worse, and she was weeping and blowing into a handkerchief. He expected it though but something didn't feel right.
    Jonathan: Good day sir.
    Mr. Omolami: Jonathan, how are you? please sit down.
    Jonathan: (Sat down) to be honest sir, I'm devastated. I don't even know what to do anymore. I just want her back and safe.
    Mr. Omolami: Jonathan, Princess is... She's dead. (Immediately Mrs. Omolami's crying increased).
    Jonathan: What?!...
    Mr. Omolami:  Jonathan...
    Jonathan: No...This can't be. She can't be dead... (He said standing up and Mr. Omolami went to hold him).No...(He screamed and broke down. He began crying bent on the ground, Mirabelle came out of the kitchen and had tears in her eyes too, and she rested on the door frame of the kitchen and began to cry).
    Mr. Omolami: Jonathan, put yourself together. (He said standing and looking at Jonathan who was bent on the ground).
    Jonathan: Sir... I loved her so much. We've been through so much together... How can she just die?
    Mr. Omolami: I understand son, but life isn't fair at all.
    Jonathan: Sir...she's pregnant for me.
    Mr. & Mrs. Omolami: What?!... (Mirabelle almost fell off the door frame and Mrs. Omolami stood up).
    Jonathan: (He stood up and began to narrate) that caused us to have a fight. She told me on the phone last week. That period she was still in school. She said she was feeling funny and that she went to do a test. She found out she was pregnant and she didn't know how to tell me. She finally called me and told me about it but we quarreled over the phone. I told her that I wasn't ready to be a father and she didn't want to abort either. She told me we would discuss about it when she got home for the weekend. She came over to my house on Saturday and we still had a fight about it, I told her I didn't want the baby and she left angrily. We never talked again after that and I tried calling her afterwards because I felt bad but she didn't want to pick my calls. The last time I tried calling her phone was switched off but I thought she was just avoiding me, I didn't know all this had happened. (He began crying again) I'm really sorry Sir, please Ma, I'm really sorry. (Mrs. Omolami walked towards Jonathan and began to hold him by the collar of his shirt).
    Mrs. Omolami:  You? You dare put my daughter through so much pain? you never loved my daughter Jonathan... (She said crying, Mirabelle had already run to her to release her from Jonathan and so did Mr.  Omolami) No... Leave me alone. He put Princess through so much pain, you never loved my daughter.
    Jonathan: Ma please, I loved her. I was even willing to accept the baby after. I felt like an idiot after what I said to her. I'm sorry Ma please. (He begged).
    Mirabelle: Mum please, let go... Mum please.
    Mr. Omolami: Honey please, please let him go.
    Mrs. Omolami: How could you tell me that? He impregnated your daughter and rejected her and you're telling me to let him go? now where are they?...where?. They are dead. That child is dead. The poor, innocent child. (Jonathan was crying and begging them).
    Mr. Omolami: Please dear, it's Ok. (She finally released him and Mirabelle took her upstairs).
    Jonathan: Sir... (Jonathan said bowing his head) I'm really sorry... I loved your daughter and you know it. I was very happy when you accepted our relationship, I was very happy of your approval, even though it took you awhile, even though you warned me severally to stay away from her, even when she told me she threatened all of you that she was going to run away with me. She did all that because of me, because she loved me. Sir I valued every single thing. I didn't want to throw it all away, I was so happy when you finally accepted and I promised not to jeopardize everything, every moment I spent with her was special. I didn't know what happened, along the line we lost control and... We ended up in that problem. I was scared sir, of what you'd think or say, of how you'd take it. I didn't know a thing about parenting. And at the time she needed me most I betrayed her. I'm so sorry sir, I'm sorry Princess... Please forgive me. I didn't know that would be our last... (Mr. Omolami then hugged him and Jonathan was shocked) Sir?
    Mr. Omolami: It's Ok Jonathan, I understand and I forgive you (He released him). Everyone makes mistakes and I'm willing to overlook that. It's normal to be scared about such, you would have made a great son in-law cause I saw how much you loved and cared for my daughter. We shouldn't just throw you away because you made a mistake, sure I was angry at first when you started but later I realized everything.
    Jonathan: You know I expected this from your wife. (He said shakily and Mr. Omolami gave a little laugh).
    Mr. Omolami: My wife right now is not in a right state of mind so I don't blame her. I'm broken too but I'm the head of the family, I have to be strong for everyone. Besides when things like this happen, you realize some certain things, you view things differently. (Breathed out loudly) Son, I wish this hadn't happened, but that's how life is, we can't change it. But I promise, those who did this will surely pay for causing such pain in this family.
    Jonathan: She was murdered?
    Mr. Omolami: She was Son, her body was found in some bushes.  The Detective confirmed she was killed and dumped there.
    Jonathan: My God (He said and sat down, head bowed with his hands dug in his hair rubbing profusely). Princess, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. I hurt you and I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you Princess, I love you so much and I forever will love you. No one can take your place. (He said crying and Mr. Omolami patted him on his back).
    Mr. Omolami: It's Ok Son, it's Ok.

    Episode 5

    I.J just came back from lectures and Elizabeth was around and she was  on the phone, immediately I.J entered Elizabeth became shaken and she immediately ended the call.
    Elizabeth: I.J,  Welcome. ( She said trying to be calm).
    I.J: Babe, are you OK?, you seem...shaken by something.
    Elizabeth: I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting  you back so early, you just frightened me that's it.(  she said smiling).
    I.J: ( Looked at her suspiciously) well, our last class didn't hold so I had to come back.( She said still looking at Elizabeth suspiciously). Babe; are you hiding something from me?, who were you on the phone with?, these days I don't understand you o, you've been acting strange. Is it because of Princess?.
    ( Elizabeth was about to say something when a knock came on the door).
    I.J: We're not finished here. ( She said and went to check who was at the door, it was a middle aged man, looked strict and straight. I.J was even frightened when she saw him and she wondered what he wanted) Hi...
    Detective Charles: Hello, I'm detective Charles from the National Anti-crime Commission. ( He said showing her his badge) I'm most confident this is Princess's hostel and room.
    I.J: Yes this is, please come in.
    ( Immediately he entered Elizabeth stood up from the plastic chair she was sitting on and directed him to sit on it, she sat on the bed facing him while I.J stood).
    Elizabeth: Good afternoon...(He nodded).
    I.J:Uhmm, Babe; he came because of Princess.
    Elizabeth: Has she been found?...( she asked wide eyed and immediately).
    Detective Charles: I'll ask the questions around here, who amongst you is Elizabeth?.( He asked with an eyebrow raised and Elizabeth raised up her hand slowly, even I.J was pointing at her. Elizabeth was already shaking and her heart was beating profusely).
    Detective Charles: So you were the one Princess's parents called on Monday morning?.
    Elizabeth: Ye...yes sir. ( She answered nervously).
    Detective Charles: Ok I see... Miss... ( He said referring to I.J).
    I.J: Ijeoma sir.
    Detective Charles: Ok Ijeoma, can you please excuse your friend and I?...this is kind of private, between the both of us.
    ( I.J looked at Elizabeth and Elizabeth began shaking her head from left to right with pleading eyes).
    I.J: Ok sir...( I.J walked towards Elizabeth and spoke to her in a whisper) don't  worry, just do as he says and I'm just right outside Ok?, he can't do anything, you didn't do anything so he won't arrest you . ( While  they talked, detective Charles just smiled).
    Elizabeth: Ok...( She nodded profusely, I.J gave her hand a little squeeze and left).
    Detective Charles: Why are you scared Miss Elizabeth?... I'm not going to hurt you, I only want to ask you a few questions. How many are you in the room?.
    Elizabeth: We're 4; me, Ijeoma, Princess and one other girl, Stella.
    Detective Charles: I believe you are the closest to Princess in this room?.
    Elizabeth: I believe so, we are  close. She's like a sister to me.
    Detective Charles: Princess... Is dead.
    ( Elizabeth just kept on staring at him).
    Elizabeth: Excuse me sir, I'm sure I didn't hear you well, did...did you just said she's...
    Detective Charles: Yes, Princess Omolami, your roommate is dead.( Elizabeth shook her head profusely, tears fell from her eyes).
    Elizabeth:'s not dead, she can't be dead. No...( She kept on saying no until she finally fell to the  ground. The Detective held her but she was struggling out of his grip. She looked at his face with tears flowing, trying to find out from his expression if he was joking but there was no hope. She wept so much).
    Detective Charles: Please Miss Elizabeth, take heart.( Elizabeth picked up a bandana and began to blow her nose into it. He helped her up and sat her down on the bed. She held her head with her two hands still crying). I'm really sorry Miss Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: No...don't tell me that, she was like a sister to me. We would tell each other anything. I loved her so much. What killed her?.
    Detective Charles: She was murdered on her way back to school.
    Elizabeth: Oh my God...( she said with a hand on her chest, fresh tears appeared) who would do this?.
    Detective Charles: That's what we're trying to find out. You were the closest to her, you both shared alot, she told you anything that was wrong with her right?.
    Elizabeth: Yes...most of the time. She was more open to me. ( She said still weeping).
    Detective Charles: Did she tell you anything concerning anyone threatening her? maybe someone didn't like her or anything?.
    Elizabeth: Well...She never told me such. But... Stella...
    Detective Charles: Stella?...That's one of your roommates.
    Elizabeth: Princess and Stella were not really in good terms. It was known by all of us. Stella really showed it.
    Detective Charles: Why?...
    Elizabeth: Well; they were cool, Princess and Stella were good friends, we were all living in peace, we related really well. It all started when Stella was dating this guy and she already had a boyfriend, we all knew her first boyfriend; his name was Dami and the second one's name was Macky. We related with Dami really well. So she was dating both guys. One night  Stella was having sex with  Macky in our room and Princess walked in with Dami. Princess didn't know that Stella was in the room with Macky. She just met Dami on his way to our hostel and from there they just walked in together gisting and laughing as usual. Princess said assuming she knew she would have covered Stella up but she didn't. They came in, saw what was happening and after tearing the whole hostel down with quarrels and insultive words, Dami left. That was what Princess told us.
    Detective Charles: So; Stella also said thesame story?.
    Elizabeth: Yes, but she assumed Princess did it on purpose. Princess even apologized but Stella didn't listen.
    Detective Charles: So this happened a long time ago?.
    Elizabeth : Not too long,  3 weeks ago I think and it has been that way till now, but... I don't actually think Stella could even do something like that. She can't murder, the extent she could only go is maybe to  ruin Princess's relationship with a guy but not murder... But she was really bitter and ... Keeping such in her heart till now...I don't know.
    Detective Charles: Well, she's a suspect. Where's she right now?.
    Elizabeth: She told me that after lectures, she was going to see someone... I don't know.
    Detective Charles: Ok then, so apart from that; any other thing?.
    Elizabeth: Uhmm...not really. I think that's it. ( Detective Charles wrote something below on his notepad and tore it out).
    Detective Charles: Here, In case you have anyother Information, just call me. Even a little info. Can help alot.
    Elizabeth: ( Collected the paper) Ok sir... Thank you.
    Detective Charles: ( Stood up and put the notepad in his back pocket) Thank you very much for your cooperation, I'll take my leave now.( He said shaking her hand and she went to open the door for him. He  saw I.J outside and he nodded her goodbye. I.J entered the room after he left and saw Elizabeth with tears in her eyes).
    I.J: Babe...Watin happen?, come...(She led Elizabeth to the bed) Babe talk to me na, what did he say?.
    Elizabeth: Princess is dead.
    I.J: (Gasped and covered her mouth with her hand) Jesus Christ!... How?...when?.
    Elizabeth: He said she was murdered.
    I.J: Oh my God. Who would do that?... Why?.( She said with tears falling down her eyes, She embraced Elizabeth who was crying herself to death). That person, na God go punish am. In fact he who kills by the sword dies by the sword. That person's death will be a thousand times worse. ( She continued to decree while rocking Elizabeth who held her tight).

    Mrs. Omolami was on the phone with somebody in the room. She was talking in a whisper.
    Mrs. Omolami: Don't you even dare try any rubbish like that, if you do you'll regret it...Well if I go down, you also go down with me. Have you even considered that?... Don't try anything foolish. I'm telling you now. ( Suddenly the door opened and she quickly changed the subject). Yes... Thank you very much I appreciate it.( She said in a sorrowful voice) Bye.
    Mirabelle: ( She sat down on the bed holding a glass of water) Here you go mum.
    Mrs. Omolami: Thank you dear( She collected the glass and drank the water).
    Mirabelle: Mum who were you talking to that's making you seem sad again?.
    Mrs. Omolami: It's a friend of mine, she heard about Princess's death and she called to see how I was faring.
    Mirabelle: They should just stop calling na, you're getting over everything little by little and they're just making things fresh, making you sad.
    Mrs. Omolami: Honey it's Ok, oh Mirabelle, you've really tried. Please you should rest. I think you deserve a break.
    Mirabelle: Mum please, I'm your daughter. I'm not working for you, it's my job to take care of you.
    Mrs. Omolami: Seriously dear, you need rest. I've seen you ever since this whole thing started, you've been moving up and down trying to make sure I'm ok or that your dad's ok too. Dear it's enough, you've tried. I'm strong now, just go and rest please.
    Mirabelle: ( Breathed out) Ok mum; but I will be back. You can't keep me away for ever.( She said walking towards the door).
    Mrs. Omolami: ( Laughed) Ok dear.
    Mirabelle: I love you Mum.
    Mrs. Omolami: I love you too. (Mirabelle left).

    Episode 6

    Jonathan was in the house with his best  friend Kelvin. Jonathan was drinking but Kelvin was trying to stop him.
    Kelvin: Johnathan, you can't do this to yourself. She's gone, there's nothing you can do about it. Life goes on. You can't kill yourself.
    Jonathan: That's the  point, the fact that I can't do anything about it hurts me. I'm a terrible person; I left her heart broken and in pain. Why ?...why?.( He took the bottle of scotch and was about to drink it again but Kelvin was quick to snatch it away). Kelvin, please let me drink...Let me drink away my stupidity. ( He said bowing his head and sobbing).
    Kelvin: Come on bro; you did what any other guy would do immediately he found out about his girlfriend's pregnancy. Don't blame yourself cause you didn't kill her. Besides you did want to accept the baby.
    Jonathan: But where's the baby now?...where?, the baby is gone Kelvin. The baby is gone. What's the point then?, as if what I did wasn't enough, she had to die. I lost everything. I wish I had accepted the baby immediately she told me. Instead I abandoned her in the time she needed me the most. I didn't even get the chance to make things right with her. How can I live with that?...God I feel so terrible. I can't believe I lost my baby. We could have started a family and be happy together.
    Kelvin: Come on bro, it's Ok. Just be strong Ok?, you have to let go.
    Jonathan: It's not that  easy Mehn.
    Kelvin: I know but you have to try . You can't let that haunt you for the rest of your life. Everyone makes mistakes, it's normal, you didn't know this was going to happen. You didn't kill her or your baby, that's just how life wanted it to be. Don't kill yourself bro. ( Jonathan wasn't even listening to Kelvin anymore, he began to have a flashback of when he just met Princess).

    Jonathan met Princess 3 years ago, at that time she was in her first year of school and Jonathan was in his final year. They didn't go to thesame school though, he schooled in a federal university in Cross river state studying Civil Engineering but he was based in Port Harcourt with his mum. His dad died when he was in his second year and ever since then he'd been fending for himself and his mother, although his mum was also working, she was a trader, so technically they were both bringing in money. Besides he didn't want to depend on his mum for everything and  he  was doing Ok. He was home for the Christmas  break and he had alot in mind, things were kind of difficult for him during that period. One day Jonathan was in an eatery with his best friend; Kelvin, two girls entered and One looked older than the other. He had his eyes fixed on the older looking one. Immediately he set his eyes on her, there was  this unexplainable feeling he was having, every sound around him vanished and everyone was invisible, the only person he saw was her. She was so beautiful, her smile was amazing, everything was happening in slow  motion as he saw her smiling and laughing, walking elegantly towards the counter where food was ordered. He studied her features, she was of average height; she had smooth chocolate skin, she was on long, black braids which she left loose to fly . She had a pretty face, she had big brown eyes, a small nose  and full succulent lips. When she smiled; dimples appeared. She was beautifully curved and she looked tender and soft. She wore a yellow off shoulder crop top and faded high waist jeans. While Jonathan was busy  soaking in everything about her, he felt a push and he was brought back to reality.
    Kelvin: Bro, I've been trying to get your attention for the past 10 minutes. You've not even been listening to what I've been saying.
    Jonathan: I'm sorry, I just got...lost.
    Kelvin: I know, I noticed after a while that you were staring at those girls.( The two girls had ordered their food and were walking towards a table).
    Jonathan: No it's just one, the one putting on yellow.
    Kelvin: Oh... So you like her?. Hmmm...she is attractive though.
    Jonathan: Don't even think about it.( He said standing up).
    Kelvin:( Laughing) Think about what bro?... wait, where you dey go?.
    Jonathan: I'm going to meet her.( The girls were taking selfies).
    Kelvin: Are you insane?...If she embarrass you, O boy I go laugh o. ( Jonathan ignored him and went to meet them).
    Jonathan: Hi...( His heart was beating profusely).
    Princess: Hi(  She eyed him suspiciously).
    Mirabelle: Hello ( Smiled at him).
    Jonathan: I'm Jonathan...I ugh saw you walk in and...I dunno, I just decided to come talk to you.( He said looking at Princess)Can I know your names?.
    Princess: I'm Princess. ( He shook her hand).
    Jonathan: No doubt about that, you look like one. ( She smiled ).
    Mirabelle: I'm Mirabelle. ( He shook her hand also).
    Jonathan: Pretty name for a pretty girl
    ( She smiled). I must admit you both are beautiful ladies.
    Princess & Mirabelle: Thank you.
    Jonathan: Do you mind if I join you guys?.
    Mirabelle: Sure no problem, it's my birthday so you're invited.
    Princess: Mirabelle!... ( Princess called).
    Mirabelle: What?.
    Jonathan: Oh I'm sorry, is it a problem?.
    Mirabelle: No it's not,  Please sit. (He sat down and he turned to his friend who was looking at him with surprise on his face, he nodded at him to come).
    Jonathan: I'm sorry, I came with him so...
    Mirabelle: Oh it's no problem, he can come too.
    Jonathan: So you guys are having the celebration here?.
    Mirabelle: Not really, my big sister here  brought me here for a treat  just to wish me happy birthday. ( Kelvin arrived and sat down).
    Kelvin: Hello pretty ladies. I'm Kelvin.
    Mirabelle: Nice to meet you Kelvin, I'm
    Mirabelle and this is my elder  sister; Princess.
    Kelvin: Wow, beautiful names for beautiful girls. ( Kelvin waved at Princess and she waved back).
    Jonathan: Well since I'm here, happy birthday Mirabelle, enjoy your day.
    Kelvin: Oh, it's her birthday?... Happy birthday.
    Mirabelle: Thank you.( She began to blush).
    Jonathan: Why is Princess so...quiet?.
    Kelvin: Shy?.
    Princess: I'm sorry, it's just that... everything's happening so fast, I didn't expect...
    Jonathan: I guess destiny just has a way of bringing two together, don't you think?.
    (  He said staring at Princess, she  stared at him trying to figure out what he meant by that. The next thing they both bursted into laughter, Kelvin and Mirabelle looked at each other wondering what was making those two laugh. They all started getting along and got to know  more about themselves).

    Episode 7

    Jonathan and Princess were becoming close. He had her number so he would call her most nights when she was about to go to bed. They also went out sometimes. He loved her personality; she wasn't only beautiful outside but inside too. She was sweet, funny, smart; very smart,  and caring. Jonathan was impressed by her, he loved everything about her. The more time  he spent with her, the more he fell inlove with her. One day he made his feelings known to her, she admitted she felt the same way and he asked her to be his girlfriend. She wanted to agree but her dad was the problem. She admitted that she  had never brought a man home before,she told him about how her dad was so over protective about them, she told him that if a man must be brought into the house, it should be at her year three atleast. He didn't want anything that would ruin the lives of his female daughters, he loved them so much and she didn't want to date secretly and Jonathan didn't want that either. He decided to go meet her parents to tell them about his intentions towards Princess. Princess was in love with  Jonathan and him wanting to see her parents concerning their relationship really showed how much he loved her. She  thought about it for a while and finally agreed after much begging from Jonathan. She thought her dad might agree. The next day he came over to the house as invited by Princess. She had already informed her parents that someone was coming over. He pressed the door bell and Princess opened the door. She looked really beautiful and there was that killing smile again. He loved her dimples, whenever she smiled he felt like kissing them.
    Jonathan: Hi...
    Princess:Hello stranger,( She teased and they both laughed) please come in.( He entered).
    Jonathan: You look great.
    Princess: You don't look bad yourself.
    Jonathan: Nice house.
    Princess: Thanks.( She said and he followed her to the living room). Please sit down, make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.( She went upstairs, after a while she came downstairs with her parents. Jonathan's heart began to beat as he saw them).
    Jonathan: ( He stood up) Good day Sir, good day Ma. ( Mr. & Mrs. Omolami looked at each other wondering who he was and why Princess brought him over).
    Mr. Omolami: How are you young man?.( He asked shaking Jonathan's hand).
    Jonathan: I'm fine Sir.
    Mr. Omolami: Please sit.( Everyone sat down; Princess sat close to Jonathan).
    Mrs. Omolami: You're welcome.( She said with a smile).
    Jonathan: Thank you Ma.
    Mrs. Omolami: Princess, who's this handsome young man you've brought into our home?. ( Mr. Omolami's face was straight and searching as he looked at Jonathan, Jonathan noticed his stare and was already nervous).
    Princess: Uhmm...Mum, Dad, this is Jonathan.
    Mr. Omolami: Ok... So Mister Jonathan, What brings you here?.
    Jonathan: Uhmm...I met Princess 2 weeks ago, we got talking and we got close. ( Princess's heart was beating). Mr. and Mrs. Omolami; I'm in love with your daughter and I want her to be my girlfriend. I want your blessings and I promise to never hurt her. ( It wasn't easy but he was happy he got it out, Mr.& Mrs. Omolami looked at each other.).
    Mrs. Omolami: ( Turned to Princess who was bowing her head) Princess, is this true?.
    Princess: Yes mum, I love him too and I want to be his girlfriend.
    Mrs. Omolami: Young man, tell me a little  about yourself?. ( Jonathan did so and Mrs. Omolami was touched about the death of his father). I'm sorry about your father.
    Jonathan: Thank you Ma.
    Mrs. Omolami: Darling, you've not said anything.( Mr. Omolami stood up and walked upstairs, everyone  looked as he left. The sound of the bedroom door banging was a clear sign that he was angry).
    Mrs. Omolami: Please excuse me.( Mrs. Omolami went upstairs to meet her husband).
    Jonathan: Your dad's not happy about me dating you.
    Princess: Don't worry...He'll come  around I'm sure.
    Jonathan: So you're not scared of your dad?.
    Princess: What I feel for you Jonathan is greater than any fear there is. I love you alright. ( Jonathan wanted to kiss her but he didn't want to make  matters worse. Besides he'd never kissed her before and he wondered what she tasted like... He shook his head to bring him back to  reality, not a good time to think about kissing).

    As time went on, Princess's and Jonathan's feelings became stronger, Her dad was the main obstacle causing their relationship not to be successful. He complained of how she was just in her first year, and that she was a disgrace bringing a man into his house and so on. He said he didn't want to see Jonathan again. The Christmas break was over and they went back to school, that didn't stop them from being together. They talked alot on the phone, they chatted and video called each other. Even after Jonathan finished school, when he came back; Mr. Omolami still didn't want him around his daughter. Mrs. Omolami tried talking to him but he still didn't agree. Mirabelle tried talking to Princess to leave Jonathan alone for the sake of peace  but she couldn't. She loved him, she couldn't just leave him. Princess threatened to run away with Jonathan and her mother begged her not to. After a while, and much talking and begging from his wife; Mr. Omolami decided to let the lovebirds be. When they were told, they were really happy, Mr. Omolami threatened to haunt Jonathan  like a dog if anything happened to his daughter and Jonathan promised to cherish Princess for the rest of his life. They dated happily and even when he was about to go for his youth service; Princess cried, but he promised to always call. He promised her that no one could take him away from her and that before she knew it, he'd be back for good to stay with her. When he finally came back, things became difficult for him. To get a job wasn't that easy, Princess was  encouraging and sometimes helped him out when he had no cash. He introduced Princess to his mum and his mum loved her. Sometimes they had fights but they settled later, Once when things were really hard he took it out on Princess saying she was still with him because of pity.  He complained that her dad was rich so he provided for her and because of that he didn't perform his responsibilities as a boyfriend. Not just because her dad provided but because he didn't have a job.
    Jonathan: I know you're still with me because you pity me, here I am trying to get a job, to perform my duties to you as a boyfriend. I can't even provide your needs,  Your parents do it all, and every time I think about that I feel ashamed. I'm tired of you always being the one to   give me money. And you don't even ask me for any of that at all, it just feels like I'm worth nothing to you.
    Princess: Come on dear, don't talk like that. I don't pity you, I love you and I know things are hard for you. I can't add more problems by asking you to provide for me, I'd rather be the one to help you out . I've told you, I can help you. I just need to talk to my dad and...
    Jonathan: No...Princess please, I don't want your dad getting a job for me. I've told you before. I don't want it.
    Princess: Why?...why go through all this when there's the easy way?. My dad will clearly understand.
    Jonathan: I want to get a job by myself, atleast I'll earn it and not just because my girlfriend's father got it for me. How would you know how that feels  anyway?, after all you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
    (Princess stared  at Jonathan for a while , what he said really hurt her).
    Princess: Are you seriously doing this again?...Jonathan, I'm not rubbing it in your face that I'm rich or that my father's rich. I just want to help you.( She had tears in her eyes now) I love you that's why you see me behaving the way I am. I can't just sit back and watch you strive and suffer when I know I can do something, so now I'm a bad person for trying to make you happy?, for trying not  to be a burden?, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't care. I'm sorry for trying to help, I won't meddle in your affairs anymore. ( She said and stood up. She was about to leave his house but he held her back).
    Jonathan: I'm sorry, I'm just frustrated Ok?, I'm just tired of collecting from you when I'm supposed to be giving. I want to be the one you depend on for once...I just want you to come to me whenever you're in need. I want to be needed for once. I want to feel like your boyfriend, I want to show you love and it's not just by saying it .
    Princess: And who says you're not showing it?, Jonathan, you care and you're always worried about me, that's enough for me. I don't need your money to feel loved. I have you and you have me. Even if a thousand guys come to me with all the money in the world, I would still choose you, you're the one I want. I want to help you, please let me help you.
    Jonathan: Alright but you promise to meet me if you need anything?,  I want to see you smile knowing it's because of me.
    Princess: My God Jonathan, you always make me smile.( She said smiling) See?...This is because of you. I'm happy knowing I'm with you. God, you're so annoying. ( Jonathan laughed).
    Jonathan: Ok fine, I'm sorry.
    Princess: You accept  to let me help you with a Job?.
    Jonathan: Yes I accept. ( Princess began to jump and Jonathan laughed).
    Princess: I love you.
    Jonathan : I love you too.( He kissed  her, when it was getting intense, Princess broke the kiss).
    Princess: Alright, you said you love me and you want to show it; I want you to show it to me right now.( She whispered to him as she played with his chest hair).
    Jonathan: Are you sure?...are you ready?.
    Princess: Yes Jonathan, I'm  ready or  you're not ready for me yet?.
    Jonathan: No it's just that... I just don't want to hurt you...
    Princess: Shhh...( She placed  a finger on his lips) Are you planning on hurting me?.
    Jonathan: No... It's just that...what if you regret everything later?, you'd feel bad about it after.
    Princess: Jonathan,I want to do this and you want to do this too. I can't regret making love to the man I love. Besides you being my first makes it even more special, I love you. I would give anything to you, even my virginity.
    Jonathan: Oh Princess, you don't know how much you mean to me. You're just...amazing.( He stared at her for a while and then he kissed her again. The  kissing became intense again and they began to take each other's clothes off. He broke the kiss and they were breathless. He stopped to  savor her in her black bra and matching panties).
    Jonathan: Wow Princess... you're just too beautiful. ( He dove right back in to taste her delicious lips once more, he carried her in his arms with her legs wrapped around him and the bedroom was the next destination).

    Episode 8

    Princess spoke to her dad concerning Jonathan's difficulty in getting a job. She begged him and he told her he'd see what he could do about it. She was happy, atleast it was a progress. She told Jonathan about what her dad said and he was happy. After sometime, Mr. Omolami asked Princess to invite Jonathan over, Princess called him and told him and Jonathan didn't even waste a second. Before you could say 'Jack' he was already infront of the Omolami household. He met with Mr. Omolami, he was still scared of the man though, Princess was in the living room also. Mr. Omolami began by  saying  he had talked to a friend of his who was the CEO of a Construction company. He said the man agreed to interview Jonathan to see if he could qualify to work there. He also said he told the man about how Jonathan studied civil engineering and that he came out with a very good degree, the interview was set for monday next week by 8:00am. Jonathan was so happy, he couldn't thank Mr. Omolami enough, he wanted  to kneel down to thank the old man but he stopped him from going further. He looked at Princess with love and gratitude in his eyes,  he loved her so much. Mr. Omolami told Jonathan that he would forward him the address of the company later. Jonathan was so excited and he believed that the interview would go well.

    2 weeks later;
    Jonathan was in his house when a phone call came, he picked the call and it was from the company. He was told that he was accepted into the company and he immediately jumped up and laughed with excitement. He was so happy, he was told of when to start work and he thanked the caller and the call ended. He called Princess immediately, she was in school. She picked and he told her the good news, she was so happy for him and he thanked her telling her of how he was the luckiest man on earth because of her. He really did appreciate her, he told her he would be starting work on monday and she was so happy. After talking to Princess he called his mum and told her, she was so happy for him. Jonathan started work, he was doing good. After a while his level changed, he got a car, he moved into a new and bigger apartment and he was sending money to his mum regularly. He took care of Princess like he always wanted, though there were fights but they still reconciled. But one thing was for sure, he never stopped loving her.

    Kelvin: Jonathan... Jonathan. ( Kelvin called  loudly tapping him)Jonathan...( Jonathan was just looking into space with tears dropping from his eyes, he then came back to reality after a heavy push from his friend).
    Jonathan: What?...( he said cleaning the tears from his eyes and looking at Kelvin who looked at him with pity).
    Kelvin: Jonathan, this isn't you. You're all messed up...Princess wouldn't want to see you like this, trust me. ( Jonathan just stood up and walked away. He was walking up the stairs dizzily. While walking he missed a step).
    Kelvin: Bro...( He called loudly and stood up in an attempt to help Jonathan but Jonathan held up his hand to stop him and  he continued up the stairs ).

    Jonathan opened his eyes, his head was banging and everything was spinning. He could see a  figure sitting on the bed, close to him but what he saw was blurry, after blinking severally his eyes were clear. The person sitting beside him was Mirabelle and he immediately jerked up. Jonathan: What are you doing here? did you get in?.
    Mirabelle: Relax Ok?, I'm not going to hurt you.
    Jonathan: That isn't the  answer to my question.
    Mirabelle: ( Breathed out) Well,the door was unlocked when I came.
    Jonathan: How is that...? ( Stopped to think for a minute) Oh, Kelvin.( He shook his head in frustration) You didn't meet Kelvin when you came in?.( He asked angrily).
    Mirabelle: No one, anyway...I ugh brought you food.
    Jonathan: ( Looked at her with frustration and then looked at the food flask she had pushed towards him). Mirabelle, I've told you countless times to leave me alone. What's wrong with you?.
    Mirabelle: What did I do?, I just thought maybe you haven't eaten. I know this whole  thing is hard  on you, everyone is pretty bummed about it, just look at you Jonathan, I don't like seeing you this way.( She said and placed a hand on his shoulder caressing it).
    Jonathan: Would you get your filthy hand off me?.( He said loudly and jerked her hand off). I dunno why people like you never give up and after everything that has happened, you still come here to flirt with me?. ( He got out of the bed ). When are you going to get it into your thick skull?...I'm not interested in you and even if you think this is the best opportunity for you, you're wrong because this is even going to be the worst.
    Mirabelle: What is your problem Jonathan?.( She said loudly as she got off the bed) You think this is actually easy for me?, no it's not. You think I'm happy about everything?, I'm not. She was close to you just as she was to me. She was your girlfriend and she was my sister, my blood sister. I do have a connection with her so it hurts me too but trust me, she wouldn't be happy seeing you this way. You have to move on.
    Jonathan: And you think I'd suddenly want to move on with you?, Mirabelle I don't like you, leave me alone please.
    Mirabelle: Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life?, wallowing in misery?.
    Jonathan: I think I've had enough of you, leave my house please.
    Mirabelle: Fine I'll leave but please eat. You don't look like you've eaten all day. ( She said and left. After a little while, Jonathan went downstairs, he searched outside to make sure she was really gone then he locked his door).

    Stella was about to go out. She was locking the room door when suddenly a police man and another man arrived.
    Detective Charles: Good day, I'm detective Charles from the National Anti-crime Commission. ( He said showing her his badge) and he's my partner. I believe you're Miss Stella Agede.
    Stella: Yes, how may I help you?.( She asked looking at them inspectingly).
    Detective Charles: You're needed at our quarters for questioning, concerning the death of Miss Princess Omolami.
    Stella: Is this some kind of sick joke?...Are you insinuating that I killed her?.
    Detective Charles: Miss I'd rather you come with us quietly or we'll have to use force.
    Stella: I'm not going anywhere with you people. I didn't do anything. ( She shouted at Detective Charles's face).
    Detective Charles: Miss, I'm going to ask you one more time; come with us to the station or else we'll rough handle you.( People from other rooms were already coming out to see what was going on).
    Stella: And I said I'm not going anywhere, I know my rights. I didn't do anything so I'm not going anywhere.
    ( Detective Charles nodded at the policeman and the policeman grabbed Stella by the wrists forcefully, he pulled her roughly towards the car with her yelling and struggling to get out of his grip, people from their various rooms were murmuring, some even followed towards the direction of the car she was being pulled into and after a while the car drove off).

    Episode 9

    Stella was taken to the police Quarters. She was kept in a  room and she sat across the table in the middle of the room. She was rubbing her two  wrists because they hurt, they hurt because of the way the policeman handled her. Detective Charles entered the room and he walked towards her, he stood beside her.
    Stella: Just look at what your so called partner did to my wrists.( They were red).
    Detective Charles: That's what you get when you prove to be stubborn.( He said and walked towards the other side of the table where another chair was placed, he then sat down opposite Stella). So Miss Stella Agede, what I have here; ( he said looking into a file) is that you're a mass communication student of 300 level, Uniport. You're 22 years old and you're from Edo state.
    Stella: Is that what you brought me here for?.( Detective Charles just looked at her and smiled).
    Detective Charles: Miss Stella, I don't tolerate stubbornness and I don't take nonsense; I brought you  here for questioning because you are a suspect.
    Stella: I didn't kill her...( She said loudly).
    Detective Charles: You don't just expect me to take your word for it.
    Stella: Look Detective Sir, I didn't kill Princess.  When my roommates told me, I was very devastated because she was my roommate too, she was someone close to me.
    Detective Charles: Why were you so aggressive?.
    Stella: Because what you guys did was harassment and against my rights. You can't just come and drag someone to the station.
    Detective Charles: I asked you to come for questioning and you refused. You wanted it the hard way and you got it. ( Stella rolled her eyes at him and he just smiled at her). Ok Miss Stella, you hated  Princess, true?.
    Stella: I was angry with her.
    Stella: For a long period of weeks?.
    Stella: Look Detective sir, I was angry with her, because what she did really hurt me.
    Detective Charles:It hurt you so much to kill her?.
    Stella: I didn't kill her, yes I was angry with her but that doesn't mean I killed her. I can't even do such.
    Detective Charles: Where were you on Sunday; the 21st of April?.
    Stella: I went to church and immediately after church i left for a friend's birthday party.
    Detective Charles: So you weren't in the school  the whole day?.
    Stella: Yes.
    Detective Charles: So suddenly the party just had to hold thesame day Princess died?.
    Stella: So you're saying I'm lying ?.
    Detective Charles: Well what I'm getting from you is not convincing enough.
    Stella: Look, I didn't kill her. That day I was truely at a friend's birthday party.
    Detective Charles: Who?.
    Stella: You don't know her.
    Detective Charles : What is her name?.
    Stella: I can't just give you information about people just like that.
    Detective Charles: Look, I am a detective and my job is to investigate and that can be done when I ascertain facts and information, so it's not a crime for me to go the extra mile to get what I want. ( Stella remained quiet, Detective Charles Breathed out). Well Miss Stella, we'll have to keep you in our custody until this case is solved.( He said and stood up to leave).
    Stella: What?...No please you can't do that.  You can't keep me here, I didn't do anything please.
    Detective Charles: Well Miss Stella you are a suspect and we need to keep you with us.
    Stella: Please Detective, you can't keep me here, I have series of tests next week and I need to study, I can't even miss classes because it's going to affect me, what if after all this you happen to find the murderer, what's going to happen to me?.
    Detective Charles:  I'm sorry Miss Stella but that's how we run things here.
    Stella: Ok fine I'm sorry, I'll answer what ever you want. Her name is Amanda and I can give you her phone number right now so that you'll confirm from her.
    Detective Charles: Time for questioning is over Miss Stella.( He was leaving but Stella held him by the legs).
    Stella: Sir please, I can't afford to miss classes, I have series of tests next week and I can't afford to miss them, sir please you can't do this to me. I swear I didn't kill Princess.
    Detective Charles: Ok I've heard you, please release me.(Stella left his legs and stood  up). Ok Miss Stella, I'm going to release you but you're still a suspect, you're still under our watch so you're not advised to travel anywhere at the moment. Stay around and we'll always be watching you. If you try anything stupid;  we'll jail you.
    Stella: Ok sir, thank you very much.
    Detective Charles: It's not every time this kind of thing gets to happen so you're lucky. Stay here I'll be right back.
    Stella: Ok sir...( He went out of the room and she stood there waiting for him).

    Stella barged into the room and saw Elizabeth who just came back from lectures.
    Stella: You evil bitch, how dare you rat me out to the police?.( She said immediately she entered as she dropped her bag).
    Elizabeth: What do you mean?, when I got in people told me the police came to arrest you , so I wanted to go over there to meet you.
    Stella: Please cut me that crap, I don't care about that. You told the police that I killed Princess?.
    Elizabeth: No I would never do such.
    Stella: But weren't you the one the detective  interviewed when he came?. You told me a detective came and asked you questions once.
    Elizabeth: Look...I didn't tell him you killed Princess, I only said you had a misunderstanding with her and that caused you guys to stop talking.
    Stella: So you told him the story of everything?.
    Elizabeth: He needed to know.
    Stella: And you made me the bad guy?.
    Elizabeth: Stella, you were the one accusing Princess of doing something she didn't do intentionally so I said the story the way it happened.
    Stella: Do you even know what could have happened to me?, I was even to remain in their custody until they find the real murderer but God who knows I never even thought of killing her saved me from that. Why are you even pretending as if you never had a fight with Princess?, always giving that ' She was like a sister to me and we were so close' bullshit.
    Elizabeth: Look Stella, I don't even have time for this Ok?, thank God you're back in one piece.
    Stella: Oh so you were expecting them to beat me black and blue right?... ( Suddenly, I.J entered the room).
    I.J: Oh my God Stella, are you Ok?.( She said dropping her bag and moving towards Stella).
    Stella: I'm fine, I just need to rest right now.
    Elizabeth: Please you need it, perhaps after that you'll reason well.( She said and opened a bottle of water to drink).
    Stella: And what is that supposed to mean?.
    Elizabeth: Like seriously Stella, I don't know why you have just been attacking me ever since you  came back simply because I told the detective the truth about the issue. Say the truth and let the devil be ashamed. Why couldn't you just accept the fact that everything was your fault?, you were the one who cheated on Dami and when he got to find out, you pinned everything on Princess. You made her the center of the Problem when it was all you simply because you got caught.
    I.J: Seriously Elizabeth, that's enough please. ( Stella was already boiling with anger).
    Elizabeth: No it's not enough, she needs to know the truth. Even when the girl apologized for what she didn't do, you still didn't forgive  her. You didn't want to admit that you were guilty for what happened.
    Stella: You're talking about saying the truth right?. The truth will set you free Elizabeth and it will indeed. Fine, I admit; it was my fault and I did pin everything on her because I was guilty. But atleast that was my problem for me to carry, because I suffered the breakup and it didn't have anything to do with Princess's death which I am happy for but atleast I am not the one hooking up with Ijeoma's man.
    ( Elizabeth was shocked and she immediately froze staring at Stella).
    Stella: Oh, you thought no one would find out?.
    I.J: Eh... Please Stella just stop right there, I don't understand.
    Stella: What don't you understand?, is it the part that she's  hooking up with your man or the fact that it has been going on right under your nose?...
    I.J: Would you shut up?... ( She shouted at Stella  and Stella remained quiet). Elizabeth...( Elizabeth already had tears in her eyes, she stared at I.J wishing she could just vanish) What I'm hearing, is it true?... Are you really having anything to do with Anthony?.
    Elizabeth: I. J... I...
    I. J:  Answer me will you?... Pesin go die o.
    ( She shouted with teary eyes).
    Elizabeth: Yes... Yes I am I. J...I am.( Elizabeth said and I. J fell to the floor with her mouth open). I.J I'm sorry.
    I.J: For how...Long?...
    Elizabeth: I.J...I...
    I.J: For how long?...( She shouted).
    Elizabeth: 2 months now. ( I.J choked alittle on her crying and then clenched her thighs to calm herself).
    Stella: Well Elizabeth; I guess the devil is ashamed right?, you are free and free indeed and if you care to know how i got to find out, you were on a phone call with him one night and I heard you, you thought we were all asleep but I wasn't.

    That  night everyone was on  their bed fast asleep or at least thought to be. Elizabeth was sleeping, her phone started vibrating and then she woke up. Elizabeth was a light sleeper and anything could wake her up. She did  normally put her phone on vibration every night because she didn't want any ring to disturb her roommates while asleep. With sleepy eyes she checked the caller and saw that it was Anthony. She was sleeping on the top bunk so she quietly laddered down the bunk and she was a bunkmate to Princess. When she reached the floor, she checked Princess and she was fast asleep, she tiptoed quietly to the bathroom and closed the door. She sat down on the toilet seat to talk to him. She didn't know that Stella was awake watching her every move so immediately she entered the bathroom, Stella got out of bed, she was sleeping on the down bunk and she was a bunkmate to I.J. She went to the door to eavesdrop on Elizabeth's call.
    Elizabeth: Hi Anthony.
    Anthony: What's up baby, how are you doing?.
    Elizabeth: Anthony it's late.
    Anthony: I know, I was just thinking about you Ok?...I miss you.
    Elizabeth: Look Anthony, this isn't right Ok?, we can't go on with  this. I like you alot but...
    Anthony: Like? you love me Ok?, and you know it. What are you scared of?.
    Elizabeth: What if we get caught?.
    Anthony: We won't get caught, baby even if we do get caught; I will stand by you because you're the one I want. I just wish there was a way to let Ijeoma down easy.
    Elizabeth: You mean to end things with I.J once and for all?.
    Anthony: Yeah but she's just expecting so much and now we're at this peak of our relationship, I just wish I met you first.
    ( Stella was shocked listening to the conversation, she couldn't believe her ears).
    Elizabeth: Let's just take things slow Ok?, I'll call you later .
    Anthony: Alright dear, so far as  I heard your voice, I'm alright.
    Elizabeth: ( Giggled alittle) Bye Anthony.
    ( She ended the call and Stella quickly went to her bed and pretended to be asleep).
    Flashback ends.
    Stella: I heard everything Elizabeth but I just couldn't believe it. I wanted to be really sure, so one night you received a call, after which you went out. I followed you and I saw Anthony's car parked somewhere, you entered and you kissed him and after which he drove off.
    Elizabeth: Stella!...How dare you?.
    I.J: Have you slept with him?.
    Stella: 2 months and you expect that not to happen?.
    I.J: I wasn't asking you Stella.
    Stella: Sorry...
    Elizabeth: I.J I'm really sorry...
    I. J: I asked a question bitch and I want an  answer. ( She said and stood up to face Elizabeth).
    Elizabeth: Yes, yes I've been sleeping with him.( She said and began to cry again).
    I.J: Was he the one you were talking to on the phone before the detective came to interview you?.
    Elizabeth: I.J...
    I.J: Don't I.J me you sneaky little bitch, answer the damn question.( She shouted).
    Elizabeth: Yes he was the one...he was the one I.J.( She answered in fear). I. J I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...( Before she could finish I.J gave her an echoing slap which sent her down to the floor).
    I.J : Sorry?...Sorry?, what are you sorry for Elizabeth?. You're only sorry you got caught Elizabeth because you are a dirty, sneaky, inconsiderate, good for nothing slut. I hate you and you will regret this, I promise you Elizabeth; you will regret it.
    ( She said and walked out of the room banging the door hard.  Stella walked towards Elizabeth).
    Stella: What is it Elizabeth?... Cat's got your tongue?, Nothing is hidden under the sun Elizabeth and now the devil is ashamed since the truth is out. Next time you won't have the hots for another girl's man. You act like you're the purest amongst everyone but you're the  worse, in fact you're the devil's incarnate. You backstabbing snake. ( She picked up her bag and left the room while Elizabeth cried out in regret and pain).

    Episode 10

    Mirabelle was in the kitchen preparing lunch. While preparing a meal of White rice and meatloaf, she didn't even realize when tears were falling from her eyes. She stopped whisking the eggs and turned around to rest her bum on the counter. She then continued to shed tears. Mrs. Omolami entered the kitchen and saw Mirabelle crying.
    Mrs. Omolami: Mirabelle honey, why are you crying?. (Mirabelle began trying to wipe away the tears).
    Mirabelle: Hey mum.( She said and gave a smile).
    Mrs. Omolami: Don't even try to pretend, I saw you crying; sweetie what is it?.( She walked towards her daughter and hugged her).
    Mirabelle: Mum...I miss Princess so much. I really miss her. ( She finally let it out, crying and sniffing onto her mother's chest).
    Mrs. Omolami: Awwn sweetie, it's Ok, we all do. ( She said releasing Mirabelle and staring at her face).
    Mirabelle: I was making Meatloaf and I just remembered the time Princess was teaching me how to prepare it. It was so much fun; anytime she thought me how to cook something, if I was doing anything wrong she would spank me with the wooden spoon.( She giggled alittle remembering all of that) We would sometimes play in the kitchen, throwing utensils and food items at each other. There were also sometimes really late at night,  when we were really hungry; even after your warnings of no eating at or after midnight; we would sneak into the kitchen to get what to eat.
    Mrs. Omolami: Oh I see...So that's what you girls were doing ?... You've exposed yourself. ( Mirabelle giggled and Mrs. Omolami followed).
    Mirabelle: Mum, It's not like I don't wanna move on from all of this but when I remember sweet memories like this; I just can't help it.
    Mrs. Omolami: Awwn sweetie, I understand.( She said cleaning the tears left on Mirabelle's face) The memories are always going to  remain, that's what life is all about; creating memories that will last with you forever no matter where you go. What I want from you is that whenever those memories come up, just smile because those memories are  happy memories she left with you before she went away. She would want to see you happy whenever you think of her and that's what I believe and do.
    Mirabelle: Thanks mum, I will do that too.( She said and her mum hugged her once again).
    Mrs. Omolami: Feeling better now?.
    Mirabelle: Yes I am.
    Mrs. Omolami: Good, now hurry up with the food, your dad will be hungry when he gets back, I'm going out.
    Mirabelle: To where?.
    Mrs. Omolami: Since when did you start caring about my movements?. Honey, it's really non of your business Ok?, it's nothing serious.
    Mirabelle: Ok mum...( Mirabelle said trying not to over think it because her mum had been acting strange lately).
    Mrs. Omolami: When your dad comes and he asks of me, just tell him to call me Ok?.
    Mirabelle: Ok mum.( She left the kitchen and Mirabelle looked on, after a little while she continued what she was doing).

    Detective Charles and Mr. Omolami were in Detective Charles's office discussing about how far the investigation had gone.
    Detective Charles: So Mr. Omolami, I was trying to  question the girl and she was proving stubborn and I couldn't even get any good information from her. Even though she was having a problem with Princess, I don't think she's the murderer.
    Mr. Omolami: But for someone to hate another person, it means that someone could kill right?... She could have wanted to revenge my daughter by attacking her somehow.
    Detective Charles: According to her she didn't hate Princess, she was angry with her.
    Mr. Omolami: What's the difference?, someone who's angry with another person  could still kill that person.
    Detective Charles: You see Mr. Omolami, there's something called Criminology, the study of criminal behavior. She could have done anyother thing  but certainly not murder, It all seemed... strange to her. I could see it in her eyes, her eyes gave nothing away.
    Mr. Omolami: I still suggest you guys  keep her close.
    Detective Charles: Don't worry Mr. Omolami, we are.  We still have her at our watch so even if she turns out to be the one at the end, we can still get her.
    Mr. Omolami: Thank you detective.
    Detective Charles: Trust me, we will find the murderer and put him or her behind bars.
    Mr. Omolami: I always trust you detective Charles. ( They shook hands).
    Detective Charles: Ugh... Mr. Omolami, there's something I'd like to ask you.
    Mr. Omolami: Ok detective.
    Detective Charles: It's about  your wife...uhm.
    Mr. Omolami: My wife?... What did she do?, is she next?...
    Detective Charles: No, relax Mr. Omolami. Is your wife sick or does she know  maybe someone who's sick that she visits in a hospital?.
    Mr. Omolami: Well if she is sick, she'd probably tell me. We don't keep things from each other. And I'd also know if there's someone sick who she visits in the hospital. You've happened to see her in a hospital before?.
    Detective Charles: Well Mr. Omolami, I've recently seen her gone there several times alone. It's name; Bryson hospital. I was coming over to your house once and I saw her outside the gate, she didn't use her car instead she entered a taxi. I followed the taxi and I  found myself outside the hospital. She went in and after a long while she was out. You see Mr. Omolami in this case, we need to be careful and we have to get as much information as possible, I am concerned about your family's safety and even at that no one is to be trusted. The way she behaved was suspicious, she acted like she didn't want to be followed by anyone. It's a good thing I was at a distance.
    Mr. Omolami: ( The name of the hospital sounded familiar to him but he couldn't remember why).So you're saying my wife is hiding something?... Or that she could probably be the murderer?.
    Detective Charles: Mr. Omolami, that wasn't the first time. I've followed her severally and I've always ended up at that hospital. Once after she left the hospital, I went in and asked on her file and appointments with the doctor. Even though the nurse told me they didn't  disclose information like that to people, I convinced her and told her that I was a detective working on a case and that I needed to know. She searched and there was nothing on your wife . No file about  her and no written appointments with the doctor. It was really strange knowing that she went there severally . I told the nurse not to mention anything about my visit to anyone  and I left.  Anytime your wife went to that hospital, she used a taxi and I don't think she's doing that just to stay low because of what happened to your daughter.
    Mr. Omolami: Detective Charles; your job is to find whosoever killed my daughter and make him or her pay. It's not to follow my wife around town.
    Detective Charles: Look Mr. Omolami, I understand that I'm trying to solve a case  here, I have to be on my toes. So far as it concerns this case, if I see something suspicious I try to find out what it is especially when it has to do with a member of your family at this particular time. I'm still doing my job and I haven't crossed that. Who knows this could be a link to your daughter's death.
    Mr. Omolami: My wife never told me she would be visiting any hospital. Why would she keep that from me?... Are you actually sure of what you're saying detective?.
    Detective Charles: If I wasn't sure I wouldn't be telling you Mr. Omolami. But I suggest you don't ask her anything about it yet, just hold on until I get someother information about the whole thing.
    Mr. Omolami: ( Breathed out exasperatedly) Alright detective.
    Detective Charles: That will be all Mr. Omolami , for now. ( Mr. Omolami nodded and stood up. He shook detective  Charles's hand and left the office).

    Elizabeth walked over to where Anthony's car was parked. He parked outside the school. She entered inside the car and Anthony studied her expression.
    Elizabeth: Why are you staring at me like that?.
    Anthony: I'm just studying your facial expression. I mean considering the way you sounded over the phone wanting to see me so urgently. What's wrong baby?.
    Elizabeth: ( Breathed out) Anthony... I don't want to do this anymore Ok?. I'm done and I've even been feeling wrong about it from the beginning. Please just leave me alone... ( She was about to leave the car but he pulled her backwards to stop her from leaving).
    Anthony: You can't just end things like that. Is it because Ijeoma found out about us?.
    Elizabeth: Oh so you know?, and yet you tell me not to end what we're doing ?.
    Anthony: Well she came over to my place and was very furious with me, she almost killed me and she ended things with me. But isn't that what we've always wanted?, to get her out of the way so we could finally be together freely?.
    Elizabeth: Are you even listening to yourself Anthony?, what are you saying?. This is not how I wanted things to be. Aren't you even scared of what she might try to do to you?, to me? us?.
    Anthony: How else did you expect this to work out Lizzy?, she'd still be angry no matter how she got to know. I know Ijeoma Ok?, she can't do anything.
    Elizabeth: Have you even wondered how I feel?, You  may be calm with this but I'm not. I don't want to live my life knowing that I betrayed someone by stealing her man. I can't move around with that guilt. After what happened, I can't even sleep peacefully at night, not because I'm scared of what she might do to me but because of the guilt I suddenly realized I feel.
    Anthony: So you just want to throw away everything?, you can't be serious... You wanna tell me you didn't enjoy what we had?, you did'nt enjoy my love?, my money?,  what we shared?...The sex?.( He suddenly made a seductive face).
    Elizabeth: Look I have to go Ok?.( She got out of the car with Anthony calling her name, suddenly two guys disguising their faces  were walking over to the car, one moving towards Elizabeth holding a plastic bottle of one litre filled with a substance and the other moving towards Anthony's side of the car. Elizabeth was scared as she saw them, when he got closer to her she knelt down begging him. Anthony began asking the one getting closer to his side what he wanted and immediately the guy got to him he shot Anthony on the chest twice. Elizabeth had the  substance emptied on her face and body and  she fell to the ground screaming and  rolling uncontrollably as her skin burnt terribly. The guys ran off immediately after their mission).

    Episode 11

    The two guys who attacked Elizabeth and Anthony ran for a while and stopped at an isolated looking area. They took off their masks and one of them made a call.
    Guy: Hello...Yes... It is done...Yes, I don't even think she will be able to see again after this...( He smiled) Ok... We're coming to where you are right now. ( The call ended, he tapped the other guy on the chest and they continued by walking quickly).

    Mr. and Mrs. Omolami got into bed and were about to sleep. Mr. Omolami held Mrs. Omolami in his arms caressing her. He was having series of thoughts, he thought about what the detective told him about his wife. Why would she go to a hospital and not tell him?, what was she going there for?, what was she hiding?, Was she having an incurable disease that she didn't want to tell him about?, who was she going to visit in the hospital if not that?, all those ran through his mind and he really wanted to find out from her. He didn't think his wife would hide anything from him; they vowed that they  would  always tell each other everything and anything  no matter how bad it was, so what was she hiding?.
    Mrs. Omolami: Honey, are you Ok?. ( She asked as she saw her husband looking lost like he was seriously thinking of something).
    Mr. Omolami: ( He turned to her immediately and breathed out). I'm fine sweetheart,  I'm fine. I'm just...thinking of everything that's happening.
    Mrs. Omolami: Don't worry dear, everything will be fine.
    Mr. Omolami: I do believe so, I just wish all this  never happened. ( He breathed out) I love you sweetheart, I don't care whatever happens. I'll always love you because I vowed to love you no matter what... Is there anything you're hiding from me?.
    Mrs. Omolami: ( She suddenly sat up to look at her husband) Dear, why are you asking me that?...I wouldn't hide anything from you.
    Mr. Omolami: Are you sure?, because you can tell me anything at all. We've been married for 26 years and I believe in such a long term of marriage, we shouldn't be keeping things from  each other. You can tell me anything sweetheart, please.
    Mrs. Omolami: Dear, ( She held his face looking into his eyes) I am not keeping anything from you. Even if I am I will tell  you, Ok?.
    Mr. Omolami: ( He became calm but he still had a little worry in his heart) Alright dear. I believe you.( She kissed him on the cheek).
     Mrs. Omolami: But why did you ask?.
     Mr. Omolami: I just wanted to be sure that we hide nothing from each other. We don't need all that now.
     Mrs. Omolami: Alright dear, you don't need to worry about that. Now let's sleep, I feel we'll have a busy day tomorrow. ( She said and he carressed her until she slept off, he also slept after a little while).

    I.J rushed to the hospital, she received a call that her friend; Elizabeth was rushed to the hospital after being attacked by bad guys. She rushed down and when she got into the room Elizabeth was placed, what she saw was very gruesome. A doctor and a nurse were in the room also attending to Elizabeth, her skin looked terribly damaged. Her whole face was terribly burnt down to her shoulders, chest and upper arms. She was unconscious and was put on a drip.
    I.J: Jesus Christ!... What is this?. Is this Elizabeth?. ( She asked looking shocked).
    Doctor : Are you Ijeoma?.
    I.J: Yes Sir.
    Doctor: Ok I was the one who called you. Your friend here was rushed in by some people yesterday afternoon along with a young man who was shot in  the chest.
    I.J: Oh my God.( She exclaimed and held her hand to her mouth).
    Doctor: I don't know if you'd know him, but they were found in the same spot when it happened. They were both attacked by the criminals.
    I.J: I know him, he's my ex boyfriend; his name is Anthony.
    Doctor: ( Breathed out) I'm sorry but...we lost him. We tried everything we could to save him but it was too late, he was suffering from internal bleeding and he also lost alot of blood. We're really  sorry Miss Ijeoma.( I.J fell to the floor with tears flowing).
    I. J: Who did this?...why?.( She asked crying her eyes out).
    Doctor: But I'm happy to tell you that your friend here is  alive and responding to treatment. We're giving her something to relieve the pain but the problem is that she'll be terribly scarred for life.
    I.J: What happened to her?.
    Doctor: They poured concentrated acid on her. ( I. J opened her mouth in shock) Yes the acid was highly concentrated it reacted to her skin immediately it was poured on her. It ate deep into her skin and it's a miracle she's even  alive and responding well to treatment.
    I. J: My God, Elizabeth... Just look at Elizabeth. I can't even look at her. I can't even recognize  her, why do people do things like this?.( She asked still crying). Who could do this?.
    Doctor: The world is really wicked Miss Ijeoma, we can't even predict human actions. But take heart, your friend will be fine. And again we're really sorry about the loss of your ex boyfriend.
    I. J: Thank you doctor.
    Doctor: Please let's go to my office. ( He said and I.J stood up and followed him while the nurse continued to take care of Elizabeth).

    Mrs. Omolami was in the bedroom. She was infront of the mirror putting on some  makeup then her phone began to ring. She looked at the caller ID and gave an exasperated expression. She  breathed out and answered the call.
    Mrs. Omolami: Hello... What do you want?... I've told you that it cannot be possible, don't you get it?.( She stood up and walked to her bed and sat down on it). Do you want to ruin my marriage?... What do you want me to tell him?... I cannot Ok?, just give me a little time to think this through, please... Please Bryson , you can't do this. Now is not even a good time. We're going through alot and you know it. Him finding out about this will totally destroy him...You know what?, I'm coming to the hospital right now to see  you, there's got to be something we can do about this, please...
    Mr. Omolami: Rachael?!...
    ( Mrs. Omolami heard her name from behind her  and immediately her phone fell from her hand and it landed on the floor hard and scattered. She turned her head slowly with fear written all over her. She kept on praying in her heart that he didn't hear her conversation on the  phone from the beginning. His face looked horrified and she stood up immediately).
    Mrs. Omolami: Dear, I can explain...
    Mr. Omolami: Well I can't wait to hear it. What are you hiding from me?!...( He asked aggressively and she stared at him eyes wide and teary).

    Episode 12

    I.J entered the room and saw Stella lying on her bed pressing her phone. I.J didn't look happy and Stella noticed it.
    Stella: Hey...what's up ?.
    I. J: Babe, where you put your phone na?,I've been calling you but you haven't been answering.
    Stella: Well I didn't see your calls, remember I told you my phone's having a problem. ( I. J sighed frustratedly and sat down on the plastic chair).
    I.J: You see Stella, I told you there was something  wrong, because Elizabeth didn't come back yesterday even though you said  she was  probably sleeping outside because of our fight. Even when I tried her line it wasn't going through. She's at the hospital. ( She said and held her head as if to keep it from falling). She was rushed there yesterday with Anthony. They were attacked while together.
    Stella: That  girl never listens. So after everything she still had the guts to go  see him?...
    I. J: That's not even the point right now...Anthony's dead.( She said with tears in her eyes).
    Stella: Oh really?, he wasn't even supposed to die but anyway...( Stella said uninterestedly and attended to her phone again).
    I.J: (  Looked at Stella with a surprised face) Stella?!, you  don't care ?.
    Stella: ( She stood up and walked towards her clothes she just packed from the line not too long ago and began to fold them) Why should I care?, after all; Elizabeth will learn her lesson after this. I'm just feeling bad for Anthony, he was supposed to get shot but he really wasn't supposed to die.( She shook her head in fake pity) I just hope Elizabeth looks worse than I imagined her to be, but I trust that acid to do its job well.
    I.J: ( All the time Stella had been talking, I.J had been staring at her open mouthed with shock) Stella?!...Don't tell me it was...
    Stella: It was all me baby and I'm proud of that. ( She began laughing) I promised myself to make her pay.

    Guy: Hello
    Stella: O boy, Howfar?...( She asked in a low voice  looking around her environment).
    Guy: Yes.
    Stella: Yes what?...
    Guy: It is done.
    Stella: ( A wide smile appeared on her face) Very good, I hope you emptied the whole thing on her?.
    Guy: Yes, I don't even think she will be able to see again after this.
    Stella: I trust you guys na, well done. Now you can have the balance.
    Guy: ( He Smiled)Ok.
    Stella: I know say una don reach the place, una be sharp guys. Just walk alittle, if you see an uncompleted building, just enter. Na where I dey.
    Guy: We're coming to where you are right now.
    Flash back ends.
    I.J: ( She stood up) Stella?!...How could you?.
    Stella: How could I?...That girl got on my last  nerve.
    I.J: God Stella?!, all she did was to tell you the truth about yourself.
    Stella: You don't know what that girl has been doing, she also had a relationship with Dami behind my back and she expected me not to find out. That girl is a sneaky prostitute and she deserved whatever she got. She acted like she was better than everyone else, she corrected everybody and anybody she liked, she thought she was the Queen of the game but she never knew what was coming. I beat her to it.
    I. J: Stella?!, do you even know what you've done?...You've killed someone.
    Stella: Like I said he wasn't supposed to die from the shot. But that's his own problem.
    I. J: But nobody is perfect Stella; afterall you cheated on your boyfriend with Macky.
     Stella: Yes but atleast Macky wasn't any girl's boyfriend. Why are you even complaining I.J?, Elizabeth stole your man. You were very angry with her and promised her she would regret it, and after everything she still went  ahead and met with him. She deserved this I.J, even Anthony; after everything you'd done for him, he chose her over you. Aren't you happy with what happened?, I didn't do this for myself alone, I did this for you also. That bastard should burn in hell.
     I.J: This wasn't what I wanted Stella, you can't do something like this and assume I would want it... Yes I was angry with Stella and Anthony, but that doesn't mean I would want this for them. You can't interfere in my life, what happened between us has nothing to do with you... In fact Stella, you did all this to favour yourself, not me. What you did was evil, you're a dangerous person. I'm calling the police.
    Stella: Don't even dare that I. J...don't do it. ( Stella said angrily).
    I.J: Try and stop me...( I. J was going  towards her bag to collect her phone but Stella ran to her and pushed her to the floor  hard .Stella searched through the bag, picked up I.J's phone and smashed it on the floor).
    Stella: I told you not to do it I.J.
    I.J: You're sick Stella!...( She uttered loudly) You're sick in the head. I'm going to the police. ( I.J stood up and was  running towards the door but Stella jumped on her  attacking  her. They both fell to the floor and began fighting with Stella ontop of I.J, I.J gave Stella a punch  and Stella fell to the floor with a hand covering  her eye, I. J tried to stand up and  she managed to do so, she was  leaping towards the door screaming 'help' in the best way she could ; Stella was already up and she searched the room; she saw a big   mug which belonged to I.J, she picked it up and before I.J could open the door Stella hit it on her head hard and she fell to the floor. Her head was bleeding so much and the mug fell from Stella's hand and broke to pieces on the floor. Her knees became weak and she got down to the floor in a kneeling position with her face filled with horror. She crept towards I.J's  body, she tapped her once, then severally but no response. She called her name but still no response. She raised up I.J's arm and let it go and it fell back to the floor without anyother movement. Stella shook her head uncontrollably pushing herself backwards  until she got to the end of the room. Tears were already falling from her eyes and it all seemed as if the devil controlling her all this while ran away bringing her back to her senses.  She dug her fingers  into her hair rocking herself forward and back thinking of what to do. She got up, went to her wardrobe quickly and packed some clothes; when she was done she went towards the door and opened it, right outside the door was detective Charles and other policemen. She was even more terrified than before.
    Detective Charles: I told you we were watching you Miss Stella.

    Mrs. Omolami was in the living room with Mr. Omolami, She stood crying as Mr. Omolami paced around her.
    Mr. Omolami: Rachael, I ask you again?... What was that call about?!... Who is Bryson?.( He asked as his eyes showed fire).
    Mrs. Omolami: He's... He's...
    Mr. Omolami: Would you answer me right now?!.( He shouted angrily).
    Mrs. Omolami: He's a doctor...( She answered with fear, Mr. Omolami scrutinized her, why a doctor?; he asked himself and what was she hiding with the doctor?, he suddenly remembered the detective talking about the hospital he'd been following his wife to. Bryson hospital?... That so-called doctor was the owner of that hospital.  He'd suddenly remembered;  he'd been to that hospital with his wife a few times  but that was a long time ago, at the early times of their marriage. No wonder the name of the hospital sounded familiar when the detective mentioned it).
    Mr. Omolami: I heard everything you said back there Rachael, what are you doing with that doctor?... Why were you begging him?, What is it that's going to ruin our marriage?.
    Mrs. Omolami: Please dear, don't make me do this...I beg of you.
    Mr. Omolami: I want answers to these questions Rachael and I want them now!...
    Mrs. Omolami: Honey, whatsoever thing I say; I just want you to know that I love you. I have always loved you and I did what I did because of that. ( Her heart was beating more than usual and the tears didn't stop flowing). Princess and Mirabelle...are not your children.
    ( Mr. Omolami just stared at her, he thought he didn't hear her clearly).
    Mr. Omolami: Excuse me?...
    Mrs. Omolami: I'm sorry sweetheart...
    Mr. Omolami: Don't you dare sweetheart me!...What do you mean?, you had those kids for me, you came to me and told me you were pregnant for me,  You came to me twice with that news. Even the doctor confirmed it and congratulated me.
    Mrs. Omolami: It was all a lie, I was never pregnant for  you. Princess and Mirabelle belong to doctor Bryson.( Mr. Omolami was shocked. He never expected something like this, he never ever thought that in all of 26 years of marriage, she'd keep something so deep away from him. Fine it was difficult for them to have kids at the beginning but that doctor said there was nothing wrong with them and that they could have kids. Why would she have kids for that same doctor?).
    Mr. Omolami: Why him?...
    Mrs. Omolami: Because... Because you have  low sperm count. You couldn't father a child.( She answered and fell to the floor and cried her eyes out) I'm sorry.
    Mr. Omolami: ( He looked lost, he didn't even know what to think). How did you do this?. ( He felt his heart breaking ).
    Mrs. Omolami: At the beginning it was difficult for us to have children...
    Mr. Omolami: I know that Rachael!...( He angrily shouted and she became more scared than before).
    Mrs. Omolami: After a while, when we found out about his hospital, we got there and met with doctor Bryson. We did some tests on our fertility and we were told to come back later for the results, on a  day you travelled for a conference; I went to the hospital to check the results because I just couldn't wait for you to come  back. So I thought I could go find out without your knowledge and then we could go again when you were back.

    Episode 13

    Flash back ( 24 years ago);
    Mrs. Omolami: Hi doctor.
    Doctor Bryson: Mrs. Omolami, welcome. How are you?.
    Mrs. Omolami: I'm fine thank you doctor.
    Doctor Bryson: You didn't come with your husband?.
    Mrs. Omolami: He travelled for a conference meeting so he asked me to come alone.
    Doctor Bryson: Ok Mrs. Omolami, you and your husband wanted to know why you couldn't get pregnant; ( He searched through his laptop). Mrs. Omolami, you are Ok,  there seems to be nothing wrong with you.
    Mrs. Omolami: Thank God...
    Doctor Bryson: But  your husband is not.
    Mrs. Omolami: What?, what's wrong with him?.
    Doctor Bryson: He has low sperm count.
    Mrs. Omolami: Oh my God. ( She held her  head, she couldn't even take the news). Are you saying he can't father a child?.
    Doctor Bryson: I'm sorry Mrs. Omolami. That's what we got from the tests.( Mrs. Omolami had some things running through her mind, after a little while she turned to the doctor).
    Mrs. Omolami: Doctor Bryson,  please; I'll be coming back here again with my husband to check the results...Can you please...Change the result of my husband?. I don't want him to see this. It will devastate him.
    Doctor Bryson: But Mrs. Omolami, I can't change it. That is what he was tested to have.
    Mrs. Omolami: Please doctor, there's got to be something you can do, I know you can do something. Don't tell me you haven't done such before. I'll pay anything for this.
    Doctor Bryson: ( He pulled  a little closer resting his elbows on the table) Mrs. Omolami, do you know there are consequences to what you are asking for?.
    Mrs. Omolami: Yes I know; doctor please. I love him so much and if he hears this, it'll hurt him. He's a man and it'll hurt his ego and ruin his  reputaton. Besides we just got married 2 years ago and this is not the kind of news we need to be hearing at this early stage of our marriage. Doctor if you could do something about his result, I would be so grateful.
    Doctor Bryson: ( Breathed out). Ok Mrs. Omolami; I'll see what I can do.
    Mrs. Omolami:  Oh thank you doctor, thank you so much.
    Flash back ends.
    Mrs. Omolami: The doctor agreed to it . The next time we went to check the results together, He said there was nothing wrong with you and I was so happy to see you smile. I began to think of how you could have felt if he had told you that you had low sperm count. After a little  while, I still  hadn't conceived and I saw your worry. When you suggested going to another hospital for tests I began to panic, after thinking of what to do I came up with something.
    Mrs. Omolami: Good afternoon doctor Bryson.( She looked sad).
    Doctor Bryson: Mrs. Omolami; how are you?.
    Mrs. Omolami: I'm not fine doctor. I haven't conceived yet.
    Doctor Bryson: Mrs. Omolami, I told you,  your husband is  not capable of fathering children.
    Mrs. Omolami: Doctor, I'm scared... I can't let him find out about this.
    Doctor Bryson: Mrs. Omolami, I told you there were consequences to what you asked me to do. What do you want to do now?.
    Mrs. Omolami: Doctor Bryson; I know you've done so much for me already but I will be very grateful if you could just help me with this.
    Doctor Bryson: I'm all ears Mrs. Omolami.
    Mrs. Omolami : Doctor... I need you to sleep with me and get me pregnant.
    Doctor Bryson: What?...( He asked as he stood up).
    Mrs. Omolami: Doctor please...
    Doctor Bryson: No, I can't do it Mrs. Omolami... How could you even come up with such a thing?.
    Mrs. Omolami: Please doctor, I beg you. ( She knelt down) I don't want anything to ruin my marriage; Even if there should be a problem; it shouldn't be making babies. Please doctor I'm begging you. You're the only one who can help me.( He turned to her and stared at her for a while).
    Doctor Bryson: ( Breathed out) When do you want this to happen?.
    Mrs. Omolami: ( She couldn't believe her ears) Will you do it?.
    Doctor Bryson: I will, so when do you want this done?.
    Mrs. Omolami: ( She stood up ) If possible today, I  don't want to waste anymore time.
    Doctor Bryson: ( He scrutinized her for a minute) Come with me. ( He collected  her hand and took her to the examining room).
    Flashback ends.
    Mrs. Omolami: We had sex in the examining room. After sometime I began to feel the symptoms of pregnancy. I went for a test and it came out positive, I was carrying Princess then...
    Mr. Omolami: And you did the same thing for Mirabelle?...( He asked looking hurt, Mrs. Omolami couldn't speak, she just nodded with tears  flowing even more). So why do you always go to meet him?...Why the calls?.
    Mrs. Omolami: He lost his wife and son 2 years ago in  a car crash, ever since then he  has  been disturbing me for his daughters. I usually go to see him to talk things over with him; but even at that he still wants his daughters. He has been  threatening me, saying that he would  expose everything if I don't bring them to him. I told him about Princess's death and he told me to bring Mirabelle to him. I'm sorry Sweetheart, I'm really sorry. Everything I did, I did because of you. This could have ruined your reputation, it could have destroyed our marriage.
    Mr. Omolami: You slept with another man Rachael, and you're telling me you love me?.The children that I took care of for so long, that I showed love to; are not mine and you're telling me you love me?, We've been married for 26 years and this is what you kept from me?, Another hurtful  part Rachael is that you could look at me straight in the eyes and lie to me. I didn't ask you to do anything Rachael; We could have worked something out; together, as husband and wife... I want that idiot called Bryson or whatever his name is behind bars...( All the time Mr. Omolami was shouting when talking.  After he finished he began to feel pain in his heart; he placed his hand to his chest where his heart was located, he began to go down to the floor and Mrs. Omolami screamed and rushed to him).
    Mrs. Omolami: Please no...Don't do this to me please, I'm sorry ...( She cried seeing her husband dying gradually, she searched his  pockets with shaking hands and finally found his phone in his trouser pocket; she searched for a doctor's number in his contacts and finally saw one; Doctor Dominic. She put him on call and he picked after the third ring) Hello...Please this is Mr. Omolami's wife, I need you here right now please, my husband is dying...Please hurry...Thank you.( The call ended. She dropped the phone on the middle table and embraced her husband. She then rocked him forward and back caressing his face with tears flowing from her eyes).

    Mr. Omolami was unconscious and was placed on the   bed in his bedroom. An oxygen mask was placed on his face and he was on drip. Doctor Dominic checked his heart beat and rate and after which he  examined his eyes by opening them one after the other. Mrs. Omolami and Mirabelle stood beside him.
    Doctor Dominic: He will be fine. It was a little heart attack and  it wasn't fatal, all he needs right now is plenty of rest.
    Mrs. Omolami: Thank you so much doctor.
    Doctor Dominic: Don't thank me, I'm only doing my job,I have to go now but I'll be back later to check up on him.
    Mrs. Omolami: Alright doctor. ( He packed his equipments and left. Mrs. Omolami sat down on the bed and looked at her husband who was peacefully breathing from the oxygen mask; she couldn't believe she was the one who put him in his present condition. She couldn't stop the tears from falling. Mirabelle walked towards her and embraced her).
    Mirabelle: Don't worry mum, dad will be fine.
    Mrs. Omolami: I hope so Mirabelle, I hope so...

    The next day;
    Detective Charles knocked on the door of the poorly built bungalow. He had come all the way to the poorly developed area to find answers which might close the case. A guy with red eyes who was smoking opened the door, not wide enough for the inside to be seen but atleast he could be seen. He scrutinized detective Charles and took another whip of the cigarette.
    Detective Charles: ( Waved the smoke hovering in the air) I'm detective Charles from the National Anti-crime Commission.( He showed the guy his badge)May I come in for some questioning?.
    Guy: First of all, Who you know for here?; Watin you dey find here?.
    Detective Charles: ( Smiled) Why don't I come in and then we can discuss about it.
    Guy: ( Took another whip of the cigarette). Make I speak the way you go understand; Mr. Detective or whatever you call yourself, we don't need you here. I think you remember the way you came, don't get lost.
    Detective Charles: You don't want to try that with me young man, do as I say.
    Guy: Or else what?...( Detective Charles looked to his right and gave a nod, suddenly 5  armed policemen   ran towards the house. They barged into the house with one roughly handling the guy with the smart mouth. The detective entered the house and saw that the  small looking parlor was empty. Even the other 4 policemen  stood, the detective knew others were around because of the rattling noise he heard from the parlor when he was talking to the smart mouth guy. He saw many bottles of beer, some half drunken and others empty; he knew there were others and they were drinking together. He turned to the direction of the bedroom and instructed the policemen to go inside. They all rushed in and he walked towards the smart mouth guy who was being held strongly by the policeman).
    Detective Charles: I told you not to test me. ( The guy was struggling out of the policeman's grip, suddenly the policemen came out of the room holding 3 other guys who were struggling to be free,  They were hiding inside. Detective Charles examined their faces. He signaled the 4th policeman who wasn't holding anybody to follow him and they went into the room together; they searched the room. Detective Charles looked under the bed and saw handguns; he picked them up and they searched around some more; they  saw other substances like hard drugs and syringes. Inside the wardrobe; under some arranged clothes detective Charles  saw pictures , They were  photographed pictures of Princess. They searched some more and found nothing else that looked suspicious. They left the room and went to the parlor with the items found.
    Detective Charles: Take them away. ( The policemen took them out and into the van ; they drove off).

    Episode 14

    Kelvin was knocking on Jonathan's door. He knocked and called his name severally but no one replied. He tried the door handle and the door opened; feeling a little bit surprised he entered the house and called out Jonathan's name and there still wasn't any reply. He looked upstairs and began to walk up the stairs. He went inside Jonathan's room and what he saw terrified him. He saw his best friend lying on the floor lifelessly with a foamy substance coming out of his mouth. Kelvin ran towards Jonathan holding and shaking him; he slapped his face but no response. Tears began forming in his eyes; he looked around the room for Jonathan's phone and saw it under his pillow; he searched his contacts and saw Mr. Omolami's number and put it on call.
    Kelvin: Hello Sir...
    Mrs. Omolami: Hi...this is Mrs. Omolami; My husband is not feeling too well.
    Kelvin: Good afternoon Ma, this isn't Jonathan; it's his friend; Kelvin.
    Mrs. Omolami: Oh Ok; is there any problem?.
    Kelvin: Ma; Jonathan is lifeless; I dunno what happened... I just came in and I saw him lifeless on the floor.
    Mrs. Omolami: What?!, Is he still alive?...have you checked his pulse?.
    Kelvin: I'm getting nothing Ma.
    Mrs. Omolami: Call a doctor immediately.
    Kelvin: I don't have any doctor's number Ma, neither does he.
    Mrs. Omolami: Ok, I'll call one right away; just stay calm Ok?...( She hung up and after a few minutes she called back). I already called a doctor and he is on his way, he was even with us here earlier. Please stay with Jonathan until he comes. His name is doctor Dominic and I already gave him the address of Jonathan's house.
    Kelvin: Thank you so much Ma.
    Mrs. Omolami: I wish I could come but I need to stay here with my husband. 
    Kelvin: It's Ok Ma; you've already done alot . Thank you so much.
    Mrs. Omolami: Please give me the feedback of everything when the doctor comes to check on him.
    Kelvin: Ok Ma.( The call ended and Kelvin tried as much as possible to calm himself down).

    An ambulance was infront of Jonathan's house; Jonathan's body was covered up and being rolled into the back of the ambulance. Doctor Dominic and Kelvin walked out of the house and Kelvin just had his hands dug into his hair with teary eyes looking at his best friend's body being rolled away.
    Doctor Dominic: I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. It was already too late. ( Kelvin nodded repeatedly trying to stop the tears from falling but he couldn't. He had just lost his best friend and the doctor said he was poisoned. The ambulance had already driven off. Jonathan's phone began ringing in his pocket and he brought it out. It was Mrs. Omolami and he picked the call).
    Kelvin: Good afternoon Ma...( He greeted trying to remove the grief from his voice).
    Mrs. Omolami : How is he?.( Kelvin could hear the tension in her voice).
    Kelvin: He's dead...( He could hear her gasp) The doctor said it was already too late, he had died before the doctor arrived... He'd died even before I arrived.
    Mrs. Omolami: My God...What happened?!.
    Kelvin: He was poisoned...
    Mrs. Omolami: What?!, Poisoned?.
    Kelvin: Yes...
    Mrs. Omolami: How?!, by who?.
    Kelvin: I don't know?.
    Mrs. Omolami: ( Breathed out) Please just take heart Ok; can I come pick you up?.
    Kelvin: The doctor already offered to drop me off. ( He answered still grieving ).
    Mrs. Omolami: You know  what?; just tell him to bring you over; please.
    Kelvin: Ok Ma...( The call ended).
    Doctor Dominic: Are you ready to go?.
    Kelvin: Yes doctor; Please I'd like to go to the Omolami residence.
    Doctor Dominic: Alright; let's go.( They both got into the doctor's car and left).

    Mrs. Omolami and Kelvin were in the living room talking.
    Mrs. Omolami: It's Ok Kelvin; whosoever did this will pay. What is the world turning into?. Why do people kill and feel Ok with it?.
    Jonathan: You needed to see him Mrs. Omolami; He was so pale and lifeless. I couldn't believe that was Jonathan. God it was really terrifying. Who would do this?...( He bowed his head to sob as he remembered seeing Jonathan's body).
    Mrs. Omolami: I seriously wish I could do something about his death; but we're only humans; I still feel this deep pain in my heart whenever I remember my daughter; Princess. Seeing her lifeless and gruesome looking body that day was a really scary experience for me, I couldn't believe it. ( Her eyes became teary) I just wish I could take back the hands of time; not just to save my daughter but also to correct the mistakes I've made in my life. Please Kelvin, take heart.
    Kelvin: ( He smiled a little) How's your husband?.
    Mrs. Omolami: He's getting better , we thank God.( The doorbell went off and  Mrs. Omolami went to see who it was. It was detective Charles accompanied by 3 policemen. She welcomed him and the policemen and when he got to the living room he shook  Kelvin introducing himself. The policemen stood while the rest were seated).
    Detective Charles: How's Mr. Omolami?.
    Mrs. Omolami: He's fine detective; he's resting.
    Detective Charles: That's good to hear. I have good news and bad news.
    Mrs. Omolami: What's the good news?.
    Detective Charles: The murderer has been identified.
    Mrs. Omolami: Thank God...( She knelt down immediately) .God I thank you; there is truely a time for everybody and I wish for him or her to feel the pain I felt when my daughter's life was taken...
    ( Mirabelle came out of her room and was going downstairs; when she got to a point she saw her mum kneeling down and saying things; she spoted the detective, the policemen and Jonathan's friend. Her heart began to beat rapidly and she then quietly went back upstairs so that no one would notice her).
    Detective Charles: It's Ok Mrs. Omolami; I know you are happy about it but you wouldn't be so happy once I tell you who it is.
    Mrs. Omolami: ( She quickly got up and sat down with a curious look on her face, what did he mean by that?; she thought. Even Kelvin was curious to know ).
    Detective Charles: The murderer is...your daughter Mirabelle.
    Mrs. Omolami & Kelvin: What?!...( They both seemed pretty shocked).
    Detective Charles: Yes; she killed Princess.
    Mrs. Omolami: ( She stood up shaking her head profusely; she couldn't even think of her daughter in that way. Mirabelle?... Her sweet little angel?).Detective; is this supposed to be some kind of sick Joke?.
    Detective Charles: I wish it was Mrs. Omolami; I wish it was. No time to talk right now...Where is she?.
    Mrs. Omolami: No...You are not arresting my daughter.  She can't be the  murderer;  there's got to be some kind of mistake.
    Detective Charles: Look Mrs. Omolami; there's no time. I have evidence that she's the one. Her criminal boyfriend confessed everything and I have it recorded here on tape.
    Kelvin: Excuse me detective; I found my best friend; Jonathan; who was a boyfriend to Princess dead when I got to his place; according to the  doctor; he was poisoned. Could it be that she was the one who poisoned him?. It could be that he found something on her, because she went to his place most of the time and he'd complained of her alot.
    Mrs. Omolami: Are you crazy ?!.( Mrs. Omolami quickly uttered loudly to Kelvin) How dare you accuse my daughter of such?.
    Detective Charles: Look Mrs. Omolami; it could be possible, Because your daughter is very dangerous. There's no time; Men; let's go look upstairs.
    Mrs. Omolami: No...stay away from my daughter... ( Mrs. Omolami ran to block them from going up). I'm not ready to loose two daughters in one month. I lost Princess and I'm not ready to loose Mirabelle also.
    Detective Charles: Mrs. Omolami please; I do not want to hurt  you but I have every right to arrest you too as an accomplice.
    Mrs. Omolami: Then take me instead and please leave her alone; please... ( She cried holding her hands up to the detective to handcuff her).
    Kelvin: Please Mrs. Omolami; Let them go get her . I know it hurts but that's the truth and you can't change it. ( She still stood there not wanting to move away; detective Charles nodded to the policemen and two of them went to her and lifted her by the arms out of the way with her struggling to get  freed .  Detective Charles and the third policeman ran upstairs and barged into Mirabelle's room; she was about to jump out the window when they entered).
    Detective Charles:  Hey!...Stop right there.
    (He said pointing a gun at her backing him and she paused ). Go get her...( He whispered to the policeman and when the policeman made to move and was about to hold her, she jumped down the window of the tall building down to the ground. Detective Charles and the policeman ran to the window and looked down and saw her holding her ankle in pain and she was trying to stand up).
    Detective Charles: Go down right now, go after her and inform the others before she escapes...( The policeman ran out and detective Charles followed. They ran down the stairs and detective Charles signaled the policemen to follow him. They all ran out including Mrs. Omolami and Kelvin. When they got out Detective Charles instructed two of the policemen to follow the back towards where Mirabelle was while Detective Charles,Kelvin, Mrs. Omolami and the third policeman continued at front; Mirabelle was leaping towards the gate trying to escape but they all caught up with her, both in front and behind her.
    Detective Charles: ( Holding up his gun towards her) Mirabelle; you are completely surrounded, there's no way for you again, turn yourself in. ( Mirabelle was crying and she looked behind her; two policemen at her back ; the detective, a policeman,  her mum and Kelvin infront of her).
    Mirabelle: Mum...( She called out with teary, pleading eyes).
    Mrs. Omolami: ( Crying) Mirabelle, Please... (She begged and the detective signaled the policemen behind Mirabelle and  they moved quickly towards her and held her from behind. They handcuffed her and they all went into the house).

    Episode 15

    Everyone was in the living room; the 3 policemen standing; two at the sides holding Mirabelle  and one behind, detective Charles also stood and the rest were seated listening to what detective Charles was saying; he was narrating how he got to find out the house of Mirabelle's boyfriend.
    Last night; detective Charles was on his way  home; he was done for the day and he was tired. On the way he was to drive passed the Omolami residence. While getting close to their house he saw someone coming out of their gate putting on a black hoodie. The person had a feminine stature but it was kinda dark and he was at a distance so he couldn't make out who the person was. The person stopped a taxi and entered; the taxi began moving and detective Charles followed; he wanted to know who the person was and where the person was going by that time of the night. Besides he suspected that it could be someone from the Omolami household. He kept a distance as he followed but he made sure not to loose them. After a while of driving he was led to an impoverished; ghetto area. The taxi stopped at a spot and the person got out and began walking further; Detective Charles got out of his car quickly and followed the person. The person was following corners; detective Charles followed the person's every step until the person got to a house, Detective Charles hid somewhere to spy. It was a bungalow; a poorly built bungalow. The person knocked and a guy opened; The person took off the hood and detective Charles saw that the person looked familiar; the person looked like Mirabelle. Immediately the guy  saw who it was he  hugged her roughly and began kissing her; she kissed him back and that was how they kissed their way into the house and closed the door.  After waiting for a while; he decided to leave because he knew what was going on in there and none of them would be coming out anytime soon. But he took it upon himself to come back in the morning to find out things for himself. He suspected that it was going to be a major breakthrough to solve the case at hand.
    Flashback ends.
    Detective Charles: So earlier today I went over there and met with this same guy; he was proving stubborn. We held him down and searched the house and found other of his accomplices. We also found  pictures of Princess in his wardrobe. Now why would that guy have  pictures of Princess with him?...( Mrs. Omolami was shocked, even Kelvin. They couldn't believe everything they were hearing) Well let me answer that. Your daughter here; wanted her sister gone so she met with that guy giving him her sister's pictures so he could identify Princess when going to kidnap her.
    Mrs. Omolami: My God Mirabelle; why?...Why would you do that to Princess?. What did she ever do to you?...
    Mirabelle: Because I hated her Mum...I hated her with my every being. She had everything that I didn't,  she was the perfect daughter; she always made you proud... She always made dad proud. Everywhere we went people acknowledged her; she was like a queen and everyone wanted to worship at her feet. Every guy wanted her; and what about me ?... I was known as; that girl, the girl beside her, her younger sister, the dumb one. I was never recognized; she was smart and beautiful and had everything; but what about me ?...The one who's not smart enough; not as beautiful. I couldn't even pass jamb in one try to get into the university but she , in one try she got in, right in a jiffy she was given admission into school. Even at her death; you still gave her more attention. You talked about her and till now you never stopped crying because of her. I wanted you to love me as much as you did to her; The way dad always talked about Princess to his business partners and friends; I wanted that.
    Mrs. Omolami: So you were jealous of her?. ( Mirabelle didn't reply; she just looked away). Who is that guy?...your so-called criminal boyfriend and how did you meet him?.
    Mirabelle: Atleast he was always there for me. ( Mrs. Omolami walked towards Mirabelle and gave her an echoing slap).
    Mrs. Omolami: You ungrateful child. I was there for you. ( She was shouting now) You are my daughter and I did for you anything a mother would do for her child. I loved you. Everyone's not perfect Mirabelle and even if I did show Princess much attention it was to encourage her; for her to continue the way she was. Fine you were below her in some ways but that doesn't mean I loved you any less; as her younger sister you were supposed to follow her ways not to get jealous and kill her. If you really wanted to make us proud you wouldn't do this. All of this Mirabelle; would not even change the fact that Princess was better  than you as you thought she was. Now look at where it has gotten you to. You think your dad would be proud about this?.( Mirabelle just looked away  crying; nobody even wanted her anymore; she thought).
    Detective Charles:We want to hear from you; how did everything happen?.
    Mirabelle: ( Still crying she narrated) I thought of various ways to get rid of Princess; I wanted her gone because I hated her with somuch passion. I wanted it in a way that I wouldn't be suspected. I planned it for a while, I already met with Daddyboy and told him about everything. I'm  dating him and I met him once when I was sent out on an errand. He's  a criminal and also the leader of a gang. I met him  last year . I didn't want to date him but after a while  I agreed because there were lots I could use him for. I've even been sleeping with him severally.
    Flashback of the first time they had sex together;
    Mirabelle and Daddyboy just finished 2 rounds of sex and they were flat on the bed breathless. Daddyboy got up  and picked up a cigarette and a lighter. He popped the cigarette in his mouth and lit it and began to smoke.  He turned to her and  gave her a satisfactory smile and she  smiled back at him too, she was sitting up   looking at him with the bed sheet covering from her chest.
    Daddyboy: So, you no be Virgin sef?.
    Mirabelle: I never told you I was one did I?...( She asked as she took the cigarette from his mouth and began to smoke it).
    Daddyboy: Ain't daddy going to be a little bit disappointed at daddy's girl?.
    Mirabelle: I'm not daddy's girl, my sister is. Besides; you know you're my daddy. ( She smiled at him seductively) So you thought you were going to be the one to pop the cherry?.
    Daddyboy: ( Smiled) Baby; I love that you're experienced. You're a pro I must admit and I loved how you handled me.
    ( She smiled proudly at him. He took his hands to her laps and was carressing her upwardly  but she stopped him).
    Mirabelle: The problem at hand.
    Daddyboy: We can discuss that after; I want more of you baby...( He went to her and began kissing her neck but she pushed  him away ).
    Mirabelle: I want to discuss now...( She told him authoritatively).
    Daddyboy: (He looked at her;  alittle pissed off). Fine; what is it?.
    Mirabelle: Remember when I told you about a guy named Harry?; of how he duped me of my money?.
    Daddyboy: Yeah; I do. You said you gave him your mum's really expensive wrist watch to repair because you mistakenly broke it. This girl; you careless sha.
    Mirabelle: It was a mistake; anyway, that guy still doesn't want to return the money I gave him for the repairs and the watch too.
    Daddyboy: So Watin you want make I do?.
    Mirabelle: Teach him a lesson... ( She said as she  smoked the cigarette).
    Daddyboy: e  get shop?.
    Mirabelle: Yes but anytime I go there,    he tells his partner to tell me that he's not around; but he doesn't know that I already know his ways. I can't even involve the police  because my mum doesn't know about it and she'll be mad at me.
    Daddyboy: Ok then; no wahala; but we no go fit attack am for him shop o.
    Mirabelle: So how are you going to do it?.
    Daddyboy: We'll just   have to follow him  up.
    Mirabelle: Ok then; anyhow you want to do it just make sure you get back the money. As for  the watch, I can buy another watch that looks like it.
    Daddyboy: You go fit afford am?,  look;  if  he hasn't repaired it, he would repair it infront of us and you'll get the watch  and your money, so you'd be on a safer side and you wouldn't have to loose anything.
    Mirabelle: Good idea. ( She smiled) And what if he has already sold the watch?.
    Daddyboy: Don't worry; he'll bring it back if he has, trust me. We'll teach him a lesson he'll never forget in a hurry. ( Mirabelle smiled because she did trust him to deliver). I'll always make you happy baby.
    Mirabelle: Come here...Let me show you how happy you make me. ( She signaled him to come to her and they had another earth shattering round).
    Flashback ends.
    Mirabelle: Some time later;  I told Daddyboy of how I wanted Princess gone. He was willing to do it for me and we planned how it was going to happen...That sunday she was going back to school was the right day for everything.

    Episode 16 (Final)

    Princess opened her eyes and saw herself tied up in an uncompleted building. She was kidnapped by Daddyboy's gang member that Sunday while on her way to school. While in the cab she didn't know that the cab driver was one of Daddyboy's gang members. When he got to a spot he stopped the car and turned to her at the back.  She was busy with her phone but when she looked up at him to ask him why he stopped, he was pointing a gun at her. She became scared and he asked her for her phone, she gave it to him and he switched it off. She began crying and begging  him not to kill her. He smiled and looked at his gun, he looked back at her as she still trembled with pleading eyes. After looking at her for a little while; taking her by surprise he used the behind of the gun to hit the side of her face hard and she went unconscious. He turned to continue driving to his destination.  Later in the evening, she opened her eyes and saw herself in an uncompleted building; her head was banging and the side of her head was bleeding, her cheek was also bruised because of the hit. She looked around with tears in her eyes; she tried looking behind her and she saw her  hands tied behind a  pillar as she was seated on the ground with her back to it. She was scared; she was crying and she wondered why she was being kidnapped. Suddenly 4 guys and her  sister; Mirabelle walked in. She was shocked to see her sister, was she the mastermind behind her kidnap?; Princess thought).
    Mirabelle: Oh look; sleeping beauty has woken up.  Hello Princess.
    Princess: Mirabelle; what are you doing?.
    Mirabelle: How dare you ask me such a silly question?... I'm making you pay of course.
    Princess: Why?...What did I ever do to you?, how could you?.( Princess was pained in her heart, how could her own blood and beloved sister do such to her?).
    Mirabelle: I'm taking back all the miserable years of my life which you caused Princess.
    Princess: What are you talking about?.
    Mirabelle: ( She smiled and she took a gun from Daddyboy's back pocket. She began walking towards Princess) You were the light of the world; whereas I was the shadow. And do you know what a shadow is?...Darkness; empty darkness that appears when light is involved. I was your shadow and everyone wanted me to be like you. ( She got close to Princess and squatted down to her level) Princess this...Princess that, I was sick of it. Everyone admired you; mum and dad looked upon you. Even when I tried to make my self appealing to  them; to make them proud; they always compared  me to you. Dad talked about you alot to outsiders; mum and dad made sure you had everything you wanted. Mum and dad never forgot your birthday; and me?...( She laughed alittle with anger) 2016; they weren't around for my birthday, 2017; I had to remind them, 2018; this year they fxxking forgot again.( She uttered loudly and then slapped Princess hard on the face forcing her to turn her face away in pain. She cried). I hate you!!.( She screamed at Princess and stood up to calm alittle and after a little time she talked again) You took everything; you made my life miserable.
    Princess: I didn't mean any of that, I wasn't trying to overshadow you. It's  not my fault. ( Princess screamed back at Mirabelle with tears).
    Mirabelle: It's all your fault.
    Princess: Mirabelle please; you can't do this. Even if mum and dad did forget your birthday; I always remembered; I love you Mirabelle and I'll always do. You're my sister.
    Mirabelle: Cut me that crap. I am not your sister, you made a big mistake calling me that; it's not just about the birthdays, you took all the attention; all the love; even Jonathan, you took him, everyone worshipped at your feet, how dare you call me your sister?...( She turned to the guys behind) Andrew, J.J, Bobby. You guys did say she was pretty; don't you guys  wish to have a taste of her?.( Immediately their faces lit up and Princess began struggling at where she was, Mirabelle walked to the guys). Go on; you can have her and make sure you do it rough. ( Daddyboy held Mirabelle to say something  but she pushed his hand away. She knew he was having pity on Princess but she didn't want to hear anything he had to say. She wanted to do things her way and that was making sure Princess went  through so much pain before she finally died. The guys were  untying Princess to put her in a lying position on the ground).
    Princess: Mirabelle, please you can't do this to me... I promise to talk to mum and dad. I promise I would always make sure you're happy just please don't let them do this to me I beg you.( Mirabelle just looked on as the guys laid her down and one got ontop of her. One held her hands and the other held her legs. Her gown was pushed up and the guy on top of her was unbuckling his belt, Princess screamed and struggled but he slapped her. She begged him but he gave her deaf ears.
    Princess: Please I beg you, don't do this.
    J. J: Shhhhhhh... Don't worry baby; you're going to love it. ( She continuesly shook her  head, she wanted to be free but the other guys were holding her down strongly. J.J positioned himself well in-between her and entered her roughly, She screamed out in pain. He continued that way; he didn't even care how she felt, all he knew was that he was enjoying himself. The one holding her hands took one of his hands to her mouth to keep her from screaming and held her down with one hand. She cried in pain; it was just too much. Daddy boy couldn't continue to  watch; not that he didn't do stuff like that; but certainly not to innocent girls, he'd left to go stay outside.  When J.J was done the next took over and it went on like that. They took turns on her until she was completely worn out. They walked away adjusting their belts as Princess just laid down there looking up to the heavens with teary eyes.  She rolled unto her side and held herself in a protective manner crying. They completely tore her to pieces. She could feel herself bleeding. Mirabelle walked towards her and stood infront of her. Princess tried her best to sit up and then she took herself backwards until she reached the wall still holding herself; she had fear written all over her face. She couldn't believe it was Mirabelle doing all of this, thesame Mirabelle that she played with, loved and cared for).
    Mirabelle: See how pathetic you are?...Right now you should wish you weren't born into this world, bitch. ( Mirabelle said and told the guys to tie Princess up again and she walked out).

    Later at night; Mirabelle came in with the guys again; Princess couldn't even close her eyes, ever since then she hadn't closed her eyes to sleep; she was awake till that late night. She tried untying herself earlier but no way; it was difficult and she was tired, hungry and  felt pains all over. Mirabelle walked over to Princess and squatted infront of her; she took her  hand behind and brought out a dagger from her back pocket; she traced it down Princess's face to her body and Princess quivered as the sharp edge went down her skin.
    Princess: Mirabelle; are you really going to kill me?...( She asked scared, Mirabelle stared at Princess for a while; looking into Princess's eyes. Princess thought she might have a change of heart. Princess stared back at Mirabelle, the next thing Princess opened her mouth and blood poured out, she looked at Mirabelle with shock. Mirabelle had already stabbed Princess in the abdomen. Mirabelle didn't stop there;  she stabbed her over and over digging deeper into Princess and blood profusely poured out of Princess's mouth, Mirabelle also had tears in her eyes as she did what she did;  Princess took her last breath and gave up. Mirabelle got up and threw the dagger to the ground, she turned to the guys who looked at her shockingly and with fear. She didn't say a word; she just walked away.
    Flashback ends.
    Everyone looked at Mirabelle shockingly as she narrated how she killed Princess.
    Mrs. Omolami: You evil child.( She said with tears in her eyes); Mirabelle; she was your sister. If that was what worried you; you could have come to us to discuss about it, you didn't have to kill her. She loved you; we all did...
    Mirabelle: I know mum.
    Mrs. Omolami: Then why Mirabelle??.
    Mirabelle: Because I was jealous of her ; I envied her. She was so perfect in everyway and in everything. I couldn't even reach up to your standards as a child of proud parents like she did. Even the guy I fell for wanted her instead of me.
    Mrs. Omolami: Look Mirabelle... I'm so  sorry; I never knew you saw things that way, I never knew that was how you felt. I love you  Mirabelle; you're still my child. Even your father loves you but...what you did broke me; I never thought you could do something like this because I saw you as my little angel, even your dad would be very devastated and disappointed when he gets to know.
    Detective Charles: Mirabelle; did you kill Jonathan?.
    Mirabelle: ( She looked at everyone in the room, she stared at Kelvin who was looking at her intently). Yes I did...( She answered and Mrs. Omolami began crying again, Kelvin stood up with tears wanting to attack her but was held by Detective Charles).
    Kelvin: You monster...You poisoned him, you're so evil. ( He uttered loudly such that he spat so much, Mrs. Omolami even tried holding him down).
    Detective Charles: And why did you do it?.
    Mirabelle: Because he never wanted me.( She said as she cried) When I first saw him; I fell for  him but he was interested in Princess; it killed me when I heard they were dating. When dad didn't accept of their relationship I was happy; I even advised her to stay clear of  him for the sake of peace. Dad later accepted and I was very angry. I visited him most of the time, I tried everything to make him love me; but he kept on pushing me away. Even after she died; he still didn't want me. He told me to my face that I never stood a chance of getting him for myself. He didn't like me, he didn't want me. He sent me away and all that angered me; so I said to myself; if after all this I wasn't going to have him, then nobody would. Yesterday I went over to his place; I brought him food to eat; he said he didn't want me but he still ate my food.( She gave a little laugh of mock) I didn't even enter his house, I just left and I didn't even know he would actually eat it.
    Mrs. Omolami: Mirabelle, was I really the one who gave birth to you?.( She asked with tears).
    Kelvin: And he never would have wanted you anyway even if you were the only one who stepped into the eatery that day. You're such a monster and I pray I never meet any woman  like you all my life, or else I'll be forced to be a killer...a murderer like you are. ( Mirabelle just laughed like someone who was becoming mad; she laughed and was struggling out of the handcuffs. The policemen still held her but this time stronger).
    Detective Charles: Take her away.( The policemen saluted the detective and took her out with her struggling. Mrs. Omolami looked on as her daughter was being taken away; she was so broken and devastated; she hated herself so much. She blamed everything on herself; right now her husband wasn't even well and now this. Her family was falling apart; thesame thing she was avoiding in the past but it  still caught up with her. She knew she was wrong to do what she did years ago but was this really how she was to pay for it?).

    After a little while when Mr. Omolami got well; Mrs. Omolami told him everything that had happened. He couldn't believe it and he was pained. Mr. Omolami had already forgiven his wife but everything that had happened was just too much for him to bear. They usually went to visit Mirabelle in prison. The first time she saw her father when they went for visiting; she knelt down and begged him; crying to him. He was even too pained to look at her . He never imagined Mirabelle to be like that. Even though she was someone else's child; he still loved her and it pained him so much to see her like that.
    Princess's funeral had taken place sometime later, It was a very devastating day for the Omolami's. Seeing your child being buried is not really a thing of joy. Mirabelle was executed as punishment for the crimes she'd committed. As for Doctor Bryson; he'd died of coronary heart disease some time before Princess's funeral.
    *Most states we find ourselves in life are inevitable and are of great concern. Jealousy is a state that cannot be avoided and comes just suddenly, even our God said in his word that he is a jealous God and worshipping other gods come with great consequences( Exodus 20: 1-6). Jealousy and envy leads to alot of destruction and unimaginable misdeeds in our families and societies and must be tackled with. We can only do that by ourselves and for ourselves.* Love is very powerful and most times it comes with powerful consequences like itself. You do not claim to love someone and still lie to the person all in the name of protecting the person's feelings. If you really  love someone; tell him or her the truth about anything before it gets out of hand because when the truth comes out later; it becomes dangerous and trust is lost. Love should be handled with care and is the only thing that conquers all; for love is free, love is truthful, love is fearless, love is ULTIMATE...* We should not tend to show favoritism in our societies and families, equality should be practiced so as to promote love,oneness and freeness. *
    # Food for thought from Success.
    The end.

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