Story: She Defiled Me


    "This school belongs to us and I there is nothing
    anyone can do about it" Dickson said.
    "We determine who stays or leaves in this
    campus" Donald said.
    "Exactly guys, we run and make things happen
    in this school and anyone who refuses to
    cooperate with us will definitely smell hell"
    Derrick said.
    "I heard that there is this new guy in school"
    Dickson disclosed.
    "Meeen that guy is fuckingly full of himself and
    arrogant" Donald said.
    "In this our school?" Derrick doubtfully asked.
    "Don't you know him?" Dickson asked.
    "No ,what is his name?" Derrick curiously asked.
    "I heard his name is Richard Dominic" Dickson
    "Richard Dominic? In what department?"Derrick
    " business admin"Dickson replied.
    "When did he resume?"
    "Few weeks ago" Donald replied.
    "He just came few weeks ago and he is already
    feeling stubborn" Dickson said.
    "We need to pay him a visit. We have to let him
    know that he can't behave the way he likes in
    this campus because there are people who owns
    it" Derrick said.
    "That's for sure" Dickson agreed.
    "And we have to teach him a lesson if he fails to
    comply with us" Donald said.
    Derrick, Dickson and Donald are three tight
    friends. They were popularly known as the D3
    guys in campus. The name D3 was derived
    based on the first letter of there names. They
    were the most dangerous and heartless guys in
    campus. People tremble at the mention of their
    names especially that of Derrick.
    They commit all sorts of atrocities in campus
    and get away with it and not even the school
    authorities would do anything about it.
    They were bad guys in school. They molest
    students and beats anyone who refused to
    subdue to them.
    No student had ever challenged them as the
    whole students were afraid of them.
    For so many years, they had been in that school
    molesting and intimidating students and no
    single person had ever stood up to them.
    Derrick quickly stood up while the other two
    boys followed him.
    "Where can we find him?" Derrick asked.
    "I've seen him severally sitting under that big
    tree behind that house" Donald said pointing at
    a particular direction.
    Sitting on a seat under a very big tree,Richard a
    guy in his twenties bent over his books. He was
    reading his book when three guys walked up to
    He noticed they were looking for him but he
    decided to ignore them.
    "Are you blind?" Dickson asked the guy who was
    obviously trying to avoid them.
    After Dickson had finished talking,they thought
    that the guy sitting in front of them would at
    least raise his head to look at them but he did
    not. Instead he turned to another page of the
    book he was holding and continued reading.
    "Just as expected" Derrick said as he let out a
    wicked smile.
    "Are you deaf?" Donald shouted at the guy but
    still Richard refuse to look at them and that
    annoyed them so much.
    "We are talking to you and you're here reading
    this useless book, are you stupid? Who do you
    think you are?" Derrick angrily asked as he
    knocked of the book from Richard's hands.
    Richard had been cool and gentle since he came
    into that school.
    He never wanted to mingle with anyone and so
    he stays alone all the time.
    He keeps his distance from everyone.
    He never had a single friend and he never cried
    to have. He had been like that all his life. Right
    from when he was 5 years. When he was
    forcefully separated from his mother. He had
    cried nonstop but his father never cared about
    hi emotions as a child.
    His mother was accused of infidelity and that
    led to the divorce of she and her husband.
    After the divorce, Richard's mother became
    emotionally depressed which later resulted into
    a mental illnesses.
    Richard had no siblings, he had been lonely all
    his days and he cursed the day he came into
    this world.
    Due to how his father, Mr Roderigo Dominic
    treated him he ended up despising his father.
    Not only his father but humans!

    EPISODE 2.

    Richard raised his head in order to see the
    person that had the gut to touch his book as he
    tried to control his anger.
    He stood up and angrily glared at the three guys
    especially Derrick.
    "See this guy ooo,e be like say you no dey fear
    face abi?" Dickson asked him.
    "So you're the idiot that came into this school
    and refused to pay homage to us right?" Derrick
    "What gave you the gut to touch my book"
    Richard angrily asked Derrick.
    "If you must know then I will show you" Derrick
    said as he punched Richard on the mouth.
    Richard was so surprised because he did not see
    it coming.
    He quickly felt pain and a liquid by the corner of
    his mouth.
    He touched his mouth, brought down his fingers
    and saw blood.
    He spat out the blood and cleaned his mouth
    with the back of his hand.
    "Let me take that as a slip of hand and I will
    advice you to guard that hand of yours more
    closely to avoid slipping again" Richard warned
    letting out a weak smile.
    "Eric I told you this guy is so full of himself"
    Donald reminded Derrick.
    "This guy no get respect ooo" Dickson wondered.
    By now, students have surrounded the whole
    place trying to know what would happen next.
    They were so surprised to see that someone
    stood up to the D3 guys.
    Derrick could not stand the fact that his ergo is
    been hurt by a guy who just came into their
    He couldn't take it so he aimed a blow at
    Richard saw his movement on time and dodged
    the blow.
    Derrick used his left hand to aim another blow
    but Richard dodged it the second time.
    Out of anger and frustration, Derrick went fully
    to attack Richard but Richard pushed him and
    he staggered backward.
    The people shouted as Derrick almost staggered
    to the ground.
    On hearing the students voice in favor of the
    new guy,Derrick became more angry and
    He raised his leg to hit Richard, Richard caught
    his leg and threw it upward which made Derrick
    to tumble and fall to the ground.
    The shouts from the students now became more
    louder than the previous one.
    It's obvious the students were indirectly mocking
    them,the Superior D3 guys, the guys that were
    always unbeatable while praising the new guy.
    Donald and Dickson thought that Derrick could
    handle Richard that they had to step aside but
    they were wrong.
    The guy in question was already beating their
    mighty Derrick and thereby disgracing them in
    front of all the students who fear them.
    Donald and Dickson both attacked Richard at the
    same time.
    Richard curved his lips in a wicked smile as he
    did not waste time in giving them what they
    Even Derrick stood up and joined his friends but
    Richard constantly sent them crashing on the
    He defeated the three of them as he left them
    with bruises on their faces[dark eyes and a d
    The three guys were lying helplessly on the
    ground as Richard went and picked up his book,
    put it inside his bag and made his move out of
    the crowd.
    The crowd created a path for him as he passed
    through them.
    The fact that he passed beside some people
    scared the living hell out of them.
    How can a human being beat up the D3 guys?
    This new guy must be something else because
    he can't be human,many students thought as
    they admired his strength and courage.
    Richard kept a straight face as he ignored the
    praises the students were singing for him and
    went his way.
    "Oh my God! I can't believe this" Tori,a female
    student said.
    "This guy is so cute" Doris said.
    "Sure he is really handsome and charming" Tori
    "What's his name? I've never seen him before"
    Bella said.
    "I heard that his name is is Richard, he is a new
    student" Tori said.
    "Wow! that's great, the guy is so cool" Bella said.
    "Exactly, did you see how he just handled these
    stupid D3 guys?" Doris asked.
    "Yes and I've been trying to make myself
    believe that this guy is cool but no I don't think
    he is" Tori lamented.
    "Why did you say that?" Bella asked.
    "Now listen, I know that this guy is new in this
    campus. He is gentle, quiet, handsome,
    charming, cute I mean everything a woman
    could need in a man. I like him but you need to
    see how this guy treated me like a leper" Tori
    "Do you just say you like him?" Doris asked.
    "Yes of course who wouldn't like him?" Tori
    asked in return.
    "Then I guess he didn't like you" Bella said.
    "Who told you?" Tori angrily asked her.
    "It's obvious" Bella said.
    "You should stay away from the guy simple"
    Bella said.
    "It seems you want to go for the guy" Tori said.
    "Even if I go for him do I owe you any
    "You girls will never cease to amuse me. You're
    here fighting over a guy who doesn't know that
    we are in existence" Doris said.
    "Don't say 'we' just speak for yourself because
    he knows that I'm existing. I've met him
    severally remember?" Tori said.
    "This is what we call desperation and
    frustration" Bella said referring to Tori.
    "You're the one desperate and frustrated, I
    know you will soon run after him like housefly,
    cheap thing" Tori said.
    "You're a bitch " Bella said.
    "I never knew you girls are this silly,anyway I'm
    going, if you are done quarrelling, you know
    where to find me" Doris said and walked away
    from them.

    EPISODE 3.

    After lecture, Bella saw Richard leaving the class
    and she quickly ran after him.
    She deliberately ran past him in a way that she
    hit Richard by the side trying to paint a picture
    of accident.
    Their shoulders collided with force and thereby
    shattering the books she was carrying.
    "Oh my God! I'm so sorry" Bella said as she
    touched Richard's arm which collided with hers.
    She quickly bent down to pack her books
    expecting Richard to play a gentleman in helping
    her pack the books.
    In her mind what she expected to hear from
    Richard was "oh I'm sorry, can I help you pack
    the books?"
    She was still nursing the idea in her mind when
    she looked up and saw Richard walking out on
    She left the book she was packing and started
    looking at him until she could view his back no
    She became so disappointed that she sadly
    packed her books and left.
    The next day, she wore a short white skirt that
    clung tightly to her buttocks,with a red
    sleeveless top that bared her chest.
    She came very early and hid herself from
    people's sight. A place where she could monitor
    peoples movement into the lecture room.
    She wanted to know when Richard would enter
    into the lecture room.
    She waited for minutes but she didn't see him.
    Soon the lecture room became filled with
    students and still she didn't see Richard.
    What is keeping him? Does he always come late
    to lectures? or is he not going to come today?
    After spending more minutes and didn't sight
    him, she decided to go into the lecture room.
    She got into the lecture room and found out that
    almost all the seats were occupied except one
    particular seat in the middle of the class.
    Though other seats were occupied but there
    were still spaces where someone can fix her or
    But why is no one sitting there? even the seats
    before and after it were both filled with
    students but why hasn't anyone sit there? Bella
    thought as she went and sat on that seat.
    "What are you doing on that seat? If you know
    what is good for you, you better stand from
    there and look for another seat" a voice from
    behind said to her.
    "Why?" Bella asked surprisingly.
    "Don't you know that seat is meant for Richard
    "Richard Dominic?"
    "You mean Richard the new guy?" Bella happily
    "Worry less I know who he is" Bella smilingly
    "You know who he is and you still want to share
    this seat with him?"
    "Do you have any problem with that?"
    "No ooo, sorry ma for disturbing you in the first
    "You better be"
    Soon after she settled down, everywhere
    became so calm.
    Everyone was busy making noise when she
    entered but now everywhere suddenly turned to
    a grave yard-so quiet.
    She became very surprise by the sudden change
    and she started wondering what made the
    students to keep calm.
    She turned her head around to know what
    happened and then she saw Richard
    approaching that seat.
    It all started after the fight he had with the D3
    Ever since then,everyone started keeping their
    distance from him.
    Every student began to fear him.
    A guy that beat up the D3 guys at a time must
    be a dangerous guy.
    When Richard got to that seat (his seat), he
    noticed that someone was sitting there but he
    ignored and kept quiet.
    Bella smiled at the thought of sitting in a seat
    with Richard.
    She tried every possible tactics to draw
    Richard's attention but the guy was so stubborn
    to look at her.
    After some time she stood up and left the seat.
    To leave the seat means that she would pass
    where Richard was sitting.
    When she got there,she deliberately brushed his
    leg with hers"oh I'm sorry "she apologized and
    Soon she returned again and this time, lecture
    has started.
    When she got to the seat, she did not sit in her
    former position rather she sat very closely to
    She sat that close to him so that he could not
    avoid seeing her bared chest whenever he turns
    around since he refused to look at her upon all
    her efforts.
    Richard paid rapt attention to the lecturer and
    refused to look at her.
    She thought of what else to do and then an
    idea came to her head.
    She started adjusting her bra. She dipped her
    right hand inside her bare chested top and
    started touching some joints of the bra.
    Since she was constantly moving her body and
    hand, her elbow touched Richard.
    He never wanted to look at her but he is
    already getting pissed off and uncomfortable by
    what the girl was doing.
    How could she hit me and pretend it was
    unintentional? At this point he was forced to
    look at her.
    What is wrong with this girl?
    Looking at the girl as she was adjusting her bra,
    touching and packing her boobs was so
    To him that was the worst thing he had ever
    seen in his life.
    He realized that looking at her would mean
    giving her the attention and satisfaction she
    He knew she was the girl from the other day
    who accidentally collided with him.
    Today she sat in the same seat with him and
    had deliberately brushed his leg with hers.
    She intentionally went out only to come back
    and sit very close to him.
    And now, she is making all this silly and
    irritating move just to get his attention.
    He smiled as he took his eyes away from her.
    He tore out a piece of paper and wrote:
    'Don't come to school and advertise to people
    that you don't wash your undies. If you want to
    touch or masturbate yourself, you should do
    that at home and not in school. Again, don't
    seat close to me next time because I'm not
    interested in girls ".
    He packed his books,stood up and dropped the
    written note and left.

    EPISODE 4.

    Bella thought that he liked her and wanted to
    drop his contact for her.
    She quickly grabbed the note as soon as he left.
    After going through it she became so ashamed
    of herself and disappointed.
    How could he do such a thing? she thought as
    she regretted ever taking that step.
    Seeing the mean guy leave the class on time
    kept everyone wondering why he left so early.
    Everyone started looking at his seat to know if
    there was anything wrong.
    A girl was seen sitting on his seat. No wonder,
    she might be the reason he left because he
    doesn't like sharing his seat with anybody, the
    students thought.
    The students sitting behind Richard's seat were
    so surprise when Richard came and saw the girl
    and kept quiet. They monitored very closely to
    know what his reactions would be towards her.
    They couldn't believe it when the girl sat very
    close to Richard and started moving her body.
    They knew that something was wrong when
    Richard dropped a note and left.
    They wanted to know what was written in the
    note and just then, Bella picked up the note and
    read it over and over again.
    When they noticed that she was not holding the
    note firmly, they snatched it away from her.
    The first student read the note and gave it to
    another student. That person read it and gave it
    to another person.
    Bella angrily turned to confront them and take
    the note back but the note had already
    circulated the whole class as everyone started
    gossiping, mocking and laughing at her without
    minding the presence of the lecturer who angrily
    left the class.
    This was a disgrace in the highest order. Bella
    could not bear the shame as she stood up and
    ran out of the class.
    That incident became the talk of the year as
    Bella stopped coming to lectures. The shame
    was too much on her that she had to change to
    another school.
    After that incident, all the students especially
    female students had to guard themselves more
    closely in order not to go anywhere near
    Richard, the no nonsense guy to avoid
    "Let's just forget about that guy for now, we
    would soon get back to him" Derrick assured his
    "He thinks he can go scot free after humiliating
    us in public." Donald said.
    "Me I've been running away wherever I saw
    him" Dickson said.
    "You're a coward" Derrick said.
    "This one is not a matter of........" Donald quickly
    stopped as soon as he saw a girl passing "who is
    that girl?"he asked pointing at the girl who
    walked pass them.
    " she came yesterday "Dickson said.
    " you mean she is a new student? "Derrick
    " yes "
    "Imagine, she only came yesterday but she had
    already started forming campus girl" Derrick
    "Look at the way she is walking like peacock
    thinking that only her beauty will keep her in
    this school" Dickson said.
    "My dear she is a JJC(Johnny Just Come). She did
    not know that it's only the fittest and strongest
    that survives in this school and not by looks"
    Donald said.
    "By the time we frustrate her like others, she
    will run out of this school" Derrick said.
    They were still talking when they saw her
    coming back.
    "Let's just wait until she gets here" Derrick said
    to them.
    As soon as the girl got close to them,Donald said
    to her "hey don't you see us?"
    The girl confusingly looked at them and asked
    "are you talking to me?" she asked touching
    "Are you mad?who are you asking that kind of
    question? common will you come here" Dickson
    said to her.
    "Is this how you talk to strangers? It seems you
    don't have manner of approach" she said to
    "What? you said manner of approach when you
    passed here and refused to greet us?" Donald
    "Is it by force to greet? I choose whom to greet
    and whom not to greet understand?" she asked
    "What even gave you the mind to talk back to
    us?Donald asked her.
    " you, what gave you the right to tell me what
    to do or command me?"she shouted back at
    "It seems you don't know where you are. If you
    knew you wouldn't have the gut to stand in
    front of us and say rubbish" Derrick decided to
    "Meaning what? who do you think you are? I'm
    not afraid of you guys, let me tell you, do you
    think I'm one of those girls you can intimidate
    anyhow? You met the wrong person. I have
    equal right with you as a student in this school"
    she said.
    "You will soon run out of this school" Derrick
    "Go ahead and do your worst" she shouted at
    his face.
    The insult was too much on them. This was even
    worst than the one given to them by Richard.
    A girl that just came yesterday was boldly
    standing before them and spitting rubbish into
    their faces.
    Donald was so angry that Derrick was not doing
    something so he quickly aimed to slap the sharp
    mouthed girl but Derrick held him back"let her
    go"Derrick said.
    "Eric allow me to destroy this girl's face maybe
    that's what is making her head to swell" Donald
    said as he struggled to free himself from
    "Destroy whose face? come and try it now,taut!"
    She said as she started walking out on them.
    "Guy why did you stop me from disfiguring this
    stupid girl who just insulted us?" Donald asked
    facing Derrick.
    "With the anger in you, if you bounce on that
    girl, she might die" Derrick said.
    "The power of women lies in their tongue and if
    you follow that tongue you will end up
    committing " Dickson said.
    "Trust me let's plan for her and get back to her.
    Remember I promised her she would run away
    from this school" Derrick said.


    Nicky is a vibrant beautiful young girl who grew
    up to learn that newly admitted students in
    campus were always molested and intimidated
    by the old ones because they knew no one.
    She swore never to give anyone the chance to
    intimidate and molest her.
    She would squarely face each and every one of
    She was so pissed of with the encounter she
    had with those three guys.
    She was still lamenting about the incident when
    she bumped into someone.
    She was not thinking or looking straight as she
    kept lashing out her anger not minding that
    people were around her.
    Her mind came back when she saw her books
    falling to the ground.
    That's when she realized that she had
    unknowingly hit something, someone precisely.
    In fact he is the one that hit her,she thought as
    she quickly turned back to see the person.
    He was a guy, he wore a Red T-shirt and a
    White fitting trouser with a pair of sneakers.
    His hands were inside his pocket as he walked
    ahead not without minding that he ht someone.
    Nicky was so displeased by such arrogant
    attitude and she angrily shouted behind him"hey
    you in red T-shirt, White and sneakers are you
    blind? "
    Richard heard her question but he ignored her
    and continued walking.
    "You are so disgusting, you can't even say sorry"
    she shouted.
    On hearing the word 'SORRY' Richard suddenly
    stopped and turned to her "do you say sorry?
    Sorry for what?" he asked.
    "You should be sorry for scattering my books"
    "You scattered your books yourself so don't put
    blame on others for your mistake. Next time,
    while walking, you talk with your mouth and not
    with your eyes and sense." Richard said and
    turn away from her as a smile curved his lips.
    He was really amused to see a full grown girl
    talking to herself in a crazy manner.
    Nicky could not believe that the guy turned to
    her only to tell her that she was at fault. That
    she was talking with her eyes and sense that
    she did not know when she hit someone.
    She wanted to throw another word at him but
    he had gone far.
    "Gosh!what's all this? I wonder if this school is
    filled with irresponsible guys" she said and left
    after packing her books.
    Two days later, Nicky was studying under a
    mango tree when a rotten mango felled on her.
    She looked up at the tree to know what
    Then she saw one of the guys from the other
    day. It was Donald "why did you throw that on
    my cloth?" Nicky angrily asked him on seeing the
    huge stain on her cloth. She never knew
    someone was there.
    "You have not seen anything yet. By the time we
    finish dealing with you in this school you will
    regret ever coming into this school,bitch!"
    Donald said as he jumped down from the tree
    and went his way.
    Nicky was so speechless to shout at him.
    She was more concerned about her White gown
    which just got messed up with.
    It was deeply stained by the rotten mango that
    she could walk to her lodge with it.
    She quickly stood up from where she was sitting.
    She went and bought a satchet water and with
    her handkerchief she made for an empty hall.
    The stain was at the back of her gown that she
    had to remove it when she got into the hall.
    She pulled off her gown and was only left with
    bra and tight as she lamented nonstop.
    "This guy is really a son of a bitch!I don't know
    him but I knew his face and I must surely find
    him. He is one of those three idiots,bastard like
    him. How can he do this to this cloth? does he
    know how much it cost?I can't even afford it
    and what if the owner ask me to pay for the
    cloth? Hei! what are my even saying? are my
    trying to tell the world that I can't afford this
    cheap cloth? that I'm not even the owner? Let
    me shut my mouth because the wall have ears"
    Richard could not help but smile at the last few
    sentences he heard.
    He was resting and studying at the inner part of
    the hall when he noticed someone's entrance
    into the wall.
    The place was so quiet and he knew that
    whoever that might be saying that did not know
    that there was another room there.
    Perhaps that person is a new student.
    He always stays there during the day and almost
    all the students avoid that hall because of him.
    The hall was even tagged ' Richard's Hall' by the
    The words coming to him was so funny that he
    wanted to see the person who succeeded in
    making him smile genuinely for the first time in
    the past years.
    The speaker's voice made it obvious that she
    was a female but he wanted to see her face.
    He gently stepped out of the inner part of the
    gall and walked into the main hall.
    He quickly stopped as he saw a girl wearing a
    bra and a tight With a cloth on her left hand as
    she used a handkerchief on the right hand to
    wipe away stain from her cloth.
    Even though all her attention were on what she
    was doing, still she never stopped talking!
    To be continued.


    He quickly recognized her as the girl who
    blamed him for her own mistake.
    He recognized her because of her hairstyle and
    some features he couldn't pin point.
    Seeing her almost naked should have forced him
    to leave instantly but watching the girl as she
    talked endlessly to herself amused him.
    He wondered if she ever make use of
    punctuation marks during her speech, she talked
    continuously without stopping.
    Why is this girl always talking to herself? Is she
    insane or what? She talks all the time and
    anywhere that she finds it very difficult to stop
    She must surely be talking while sleeping,
    Richard thought as he starred at her still
    thinking of what could make her this way.
    He thought of the first day he met her, she was
    not happy and again today she not happy.
    What could be her problem? Is she dumped by
    a guy? Richard thought to himself.
    The gentle breeze brought a scent directly into
    her nose.
    She had smelt that scent before, recently,maybe
    once but she couldn't place where she smelt it
    The sudden smell of the scent simply means one
    thing, that she was not alone. That someone was
    there because probably the scent was not from
    her and she is sure of that.
    The scent became so strong and close that she
    had to raise her head to know where it was
    coming from.
    To her greatest surprise she saw a guy who was
    seriously starring at her.
    "Oh my God!" she exclaimed.
    "Why are you here and what are you starring
    at? She shouted at him as she used the cloth on
    her hand to cover herself.
    Richard ignored her and kept looking at her.
    " can't you hear me or are you deaf? "
    Richard could not believe that he allowed
    himself to be questioned by a lunatic girl.
    He ignored her and started walking towards the
    How can he stand and stare at me like that?
    And after satisfying his lustful eyes he want to
    get away with it.
    Hell no! that will never happen, Nicky thought as
    she quickly put on her gown and ran after
    Richard who had succeeded in exiting the Hall.
    "Where do you think you're going?" She asked as
    she came and stood in front of him stopping
    him from moving further not minding the
    presence of students.
    "Do you know you're evil?" She asked pointing a
    finger at him.
    Richard wanted to follow another path but she
    blocked him.
    By now students had started gathering at the
    They could not believe that someone, a girl
    precisely was standing up to Richard to the
    extent of pointing her finger at his face.
    "Answer me you son of a bitch!what where you
    starring at?"
    Richard wanted to take another path and she
    blocked him again.
    "How could you boldly stand there and stare at
    a girl who was almost naked?" She barked.
    "Thank God you said almost naked,you were not
    naked" Richard spoke for the first time.
    "It's the same thing you fool" she said.
    "I was not starring at you I was only listening to
    what you were saying" he explained.
    "You're a bloody liar, a stalker a ......" She
    quickly paused as she recalled something.
    She could now place where she first smelled
    that scent.
    "Wait ooo, are you not the arrogant guy who
    scattered my books the other day and walked
    "Move out of my path now" Richard ordered
    Richard was not the type of person who talks
    He could spend a whole day without talking.
    Many people were surprised to see and hear
    him talk.
    Some people even ran to the scene just to hear
    his voice for a very long time.
    The students were wondering what transpired
    between him and the girl. They also wondered
    why he allowed the girl to insult him the way
    she was doing.
    Maybe the girl is a new students who doesn't
    know Richard if not she would not have the gut
    to stand in front of him let alone point at his
    "Which path ?you really disgust me,you're very
    stupid, useless and...."
    He had been trying to control his anger but the
    little bitch kept daring and tempting him.
    He have had the insults up to his neck that he
    could no longer suppress his anger.
    He angrily grabbed her by the neck.
    Nicky's mouth which seemed not to be at rest
    was forced to shut as she began to choke.
    So this mouth of yours can be shut?, Richard
    Richard was so angry that all the demons in his
    body woke up and he glared at the lunatic girl
    with his red eye.
    Fear gripped Nicky as she started gasping for air.
    "If you ever open this your mouth and say
    rubbish to me or try to stand in my way again I
    promise you I will strangle you here and now"
    he said and released her,then he walked away.

    EPISODE 7.

    Nicky thought that she was already dead and as
    soon as Richard released her, she felled to the
    ground. She thought that people would come to
    her rescue but instead they were telling her
    "you better stay away from that guy"
    She sadly stood up and left.
    She went to a spot and sat down.
    She was so speechless that she did not know
    what to make of what just happened.
    Of course she caught the guy starring at her but
    he denied it saying that he was only listening to
    what she was saying.
    How could he lie like that? Oh God! this school
    is worse than I thought. Troublemakers, liars
    and intruders are everywhere, she thought.
    She was still lamenting when a girl walked up to
    "Hi" the girl said.
    "Hi" Nicky replied.
    "I'm Doris nice to meet you"
    "I'm Nicky nice to meet you too"
    "Can I sit?" Doris asked pointing at a space
    beside Nicky.
    "Sure you can"
    " you're welcome "
    "I suppose you are a new student in this school
    right" Doris asked.
    "Yes how do you know?"
    "The earlier encounter you had with Richard is
    enough to prove that"
    " How?what do you mean by that?"
    "My dear if you knew that guy, you will not even
    have the gut to mention his name let alone
    going close to him.*
    " why?is that why people were telling me to
    stay away from him?"
    "That guy is a man alone. Ever since he came
    into this school he disassociates himself from
    people. He don't like dealing with anyone, he
    doesn't talk to anyone.
    I was even surprise to see him talking to you
    today. Most people who ran to that scene only
    came to see and hear him speak"
    "I don't really understand you, you mean he
    doesn't communicate with people at all?"
    "Yes and if I may ask what brought about the
    misunderstanding between two of you?"
    "There was a stain on my cloth and I went into
    that Hall" Nicky said pointing at a long White
    painted building.
    "Which Hall?"Doris doubtfully asked.
    " that White one over there "Nicky pointed at it
    " what? You mean you went there? To do what?
    "I went there to pull my cloth and remove the
    stain at it's back"
    "Don't you know that that's where Richard
    always stays, I suppose you don't know that"
    "No other person goes there except him"
    "Is he God?"
    "My dear he is not but he is been treated like
    one. Now let me advice you, if you want to have
    peace of mind in this school as well as stay long
    here, there are some people you clearly need to
    stay away from"
    "Who are they?"
    "First of all, you must avoid coming in contact
    with Richard"
    "His name is Richard?"
    "Yes and the next people are the D3 guys. They
    are bent on frustrating students in this campus.
    They are very dangerous but could you believe
    that Richard alone beat up the three of them at
    once. What I'm trying to say is that these four
    guys are dangerous especially Richard"
    "I can't allow myself to be intimidated due to
    fear. Richard intruded my privacy and starred at
    my bare body and you expect me to keep
    "But he said he never starred at your body but
    was listening to you"
    "How could you believe that?"
    "I believed him because he have nothing to do
    with your body. I mean this guy does not like
    girls in particular. Do you know how many girls
    that are dying just to speak with him?just to be
    with him for a second? my dear you're even
    lucky that he spent his time listening to what
    you were saying"
    "I can't believe this"
    "Better believe it because I'm a witness to it.
    There was one of my friend called Bella. She
    wanted to get his attention by seducing him
    inside the class but he ended up disgracing her
    in the public and made it clear to her that he is
    not interested in girls"
    "He is not interested in girls?" Nicky surprisingly
    "Does it mean that he is a Gay?" Nicky asked.

    EPISODE 8.

    "Does it mean that he is a gay?"
    "That's exactly what I've been thinking" Doris
    "So he don't even have a girlfriend?" Nicky
    surprisingly asked.
    "You're still talking about girlfriend. My dear he
    had never been seen looking at any girl let alone
    talking to her"
    "That means he is a gay and I've been wrong
    about him starring at my body" Nicky said.
    "My dear he have nothing to do with your body.
    If he had wanted anything to do with a
    girl,there are many beautiful girls that would be
    fighting over him and you won't even be
    compared to any of them"
    "Okay but where can I find him?"
    "Why?what for"
    "I want to apologize to him"
    "You don't have to do that. Since he had easily
    let you out just mind your business from now
    onwards and avoid coming in contact with him"
    "I have to apologize to him,can't you see that I
    almost tarnished his image?"
    "Well I won't stop you. If you want to find him,
    like I said earlier he always stays at that Hall"
    "Thank you so much for all the information I
    really appreciate it"
    "Good luck"
    "What's that your name again?"
    "Doris it's nice meeting you and I wish we would
    meet next time"
    "Me too"
    "Okay bye"
    The next day, Nicky went to the inner part of
    that Hall and found Richard sleeping.
    She did not know the next she would take as
    she stood still and admired him as he sleeps.
    Richard closed his eyes but he was not sleeping.
    He knew that someone entered where he was
    staying but he decided not to move in order to
    know what that person's reaction would be.
    He could feel the person's eyes on his body but
    he didn't know the person because he was
    closing his eyes.
    He had expected the person to make a
    dangerous move but when nothing of that sort
    happened he decided to open his eyes and find
    out who the person was and what he/she
    To his utmost amazement, he opened his eyes
    and found the lunatic girl starring at him.
    "What the hell are you doing here? the insult
    you gave me yesterday was it not enough? are
    you here to insult me more? and maybe after
    that you will start claiming that I rape you.
    Kindly leave this place right away*Richard said.
    " Please calm, down I'm so sorry for what
    happened yesterday. I'm a new student in this
    school and I never knew you. Please forgive me
    I never knew you have nothing to do with girls
    "she pleaded with a great sign of remorse.
    Richard watched her as she continued talking
    and pleading with him for forgiveness.
    Watching her plead endlessly was so irritating.
    She never gets tired of talking, she would surely
    win in a talking competition, Richard thought.
    He quietly stood up and left her.
    Nicky quickly ran after him but when she got to
    the main Hall, she stopped as she thought of
    what people would say If they see her running
    after him again.
    Nicky entered into the lecture room and made
    for the front seat where she normally stays.
    She was still heading to the front seat when a
    scent crossed her nose. He must be around she
    said to herself as she quickly searched for him.
    She searched and found him. She saw him
    sitting alone in a very long seat.
    So people even avoid sharing a seat with him in
    the class? This is really serious, what kind of
    person is he?is he a beast? Oh God please touch
    him so that he would accept my apology, she
    thought as she went and sat close to him.
    Richard did not look at her but he knew it must
    be the lunatic girl. She is the only one that could
    clearly see him and still come close to him,she is
    so confident! he thought.
    "I promise to leave as soon as you accept my
    apology" she whispered to him.
    "Please forgive me, I will never insult you again
    I swear"she pleaded.
    Though lecture was going on but Nicky kept
    pleading endlessly with Richard. Oh God! This
    girl's mental illnesses could be on a higher level.
    Why is she bent on disturbing his ears?why is
    she even not afraid of him?
    Richard soon got fed up with her disturbance
    which she termed APOLOGY and angrily left.
    Nicky became so sad that he avoided her again.
    " Now I understand what Doris was telling me,
    this guy is a sadist. Simple apology he finds it
    hard to accept,"Nicky murdered to herself.
    Just then, she saw his phone.
    He had forgotten to take it along with him.
    She quickly picked from where it was kept and
    ran after him.
    The students wondered if she was actually in
    her right senses.
    She ran after him calling out his name RICHARD!


    Richard could not believe that someone was
    calling him.
    It has been long that he heard someone call his
    No one ever called his name ever since he came
    into that school.
    He surprisingly turned to see the caller and he
    saw the lunatic girl running after him.
    He should have known it was her from her tiny
    voice, he thought as he stood at a spot.
    "You really walk fast" she said as she caught up
    with him.
    "Why can't you stop disturbing me?"he roared.
    " you forgot this "she said giving him the phone.
    Richard stood there and starred at her hand for
    some minutes before taking it from her.
    " thank you "he murmured under his breath
    and walked away.
    " have you forgiven me?"she shouted behind
    him. Richard ignored her and continued walking.
    "This is the last time I'm going to apologize, I'm
    so sorry for accusing you wrongly" she shouted.
    Hearing her persistent tiny voice behind him
    brought a smile to his face.
    What could be wrong with him? Why is he so
    bitter? Nicky thought as she returned to the
    "I think it's time to go and teach that stupid girl
    a lesson. She thinks she is smart and can insult
    us just like she did." Derrick said.
    "You're right, we have to show her that this
    campus belongs to us" Dickson said.
    "I heard her name is Nicky" Donald said.
    "So because her name is Nicky she now think
    she is Nicki Minaj abi?" Derrick asked.
    "Where can we find her?" Dickson asked
    "This girl always like forming, she always go to
    the library" Donald said.
    "As a world reader or wetin?" Dickson mockingly
    "I even heard she had a problem with Richard"
    Dickson said.
    "That serves her right,she think she can talk
    anyhow. Anyway we will still attack her" Derrick
    "Of course" Donald said.
    "Which time does she visit the library?" Derrick
    "I've severally seen he there during the evening
    time" Donald said.
    "Perfect! That time would be easy and free for
    us to attack her" Derrick said.
    "So are we going the evening?" Dickson asked.
    "Yes, no time to waste" Derrick said.
    When it was few minutes to five in the evening,
    Nicky took her bag and went to the library.
    The D3 guys had been hanging around the
    library to know when their target would arrive.
    Just as the expected, soon they saw her moving
    into the library.
    Their plan was to attack her when she comes
    out, when the day would have gotten darker.
    They took different positions where they sat and
    waited for her.
    After waiting for what seemed like ages and
    they didn't see Nicky,they became worried.
    Derrick checked his time and it was almost 8 at
    the dot.
    What is still keeping her?has she left through
    another path? Is she a witch to know that
    danger awaits her and she tries to avoid it?
    Derrick thought as his anger increased.
    After Nicky arrived at the library, she only
    studied for an hour and before she knew it
    sleep came and took her away.
    She did not even know it was time to go until
    the Liberian came and woke her up."please Miss
    we are about to close for the day "the Liberian
    said to her.
    Nicky sluggishly opened her eyes but quickly
    realized that she had been sleeping in a public
    place and it was already late,she quickly packed
    her things and left the library.
    When she came outside she realized that
    everywhere was quiet and calm.
    Due to the dangerous people in the campus,
    students don't keep late nights.
    Once it's six o'clock in the evening every single
    student would be at his/her lodge.
    She checked her time and it was few minutes
    after eight.
    She assured herself that that nothing would
    happen to her as she started walking her way
    As soon as she made few steps away from the
    library, she felt torch lights on her face, directly
    into her eyes.
    She quickly used her arm to block the light that
    was penetrating her eyes.
    The next thing she heard was male voices.
    " get down on your knees "Donald commanded
    " why?what did I do?"she fearfully asked.
    U said you should kneel down and you are still
    talking. Claiming nonsense right, do you want
    me to break your head? "Derrick shouted at her.
    Looking at their mean faces and the weapons
    they were carrying, she quickly went on her
    " so you think you can insult us and go scot free
    right?Derrick asked.
    "Please I'm sorry I will never insult you again"
    Nicky pleaded as she recognized them as the D3
    "Common will you shut up" Dickson shunned
    "You should have pleaded with us that day but
    you were so arrogant that you continuously
    rained curses on us" Derrick said.
    "Please forgive me I promise to........."
    "Donald tie her up" Derrick ordered.
    Donald got a piece of cloth and tied her mouth
    so that she would not scream. Dickson helped
    him in tying her hands and legs as she struggled
    to fee herself from their grip.
    "You are going to watch yourself die slowly
    today" Derrick assured her"what next? "Donald
    asked Derrick when they finished tying her up.
    " take her into the bush"Derrick said as he
    pointed at a nearby bush.
    Donald and Dickson bent down to carry Nicky
    but a deep masculine voice stopped them.
    "Don't lay a finger on that girl" the voice
    confidently ordered.
    The D3 guys were so surprise to hear that. Who
    is that mortal that have the audacity to
    interrupt their mission?
    Nicky was also surprised and she quickly turned
    to see whom her savior might be.
    Behold, she saw Richard walking towards them.
    Why is he here? Now the four baddest guys are
    complete, she thought.

    EPISODE 10

    Richard had overheard them when they were
    making their plans earlier in the day.
    At first he didn't pick interest in their discussion
    until they mentioned that the girl had problem
    with him.
    They had been discussing about their target but
    he never knew whom it was until they talked
    about the part of a girl encountering him
    (Richard),then he realized they were talking
    about the lunatic girl.
    He marked the time they agreed upon and had
    followed and monitored their movements
    throughout the day.
    He knew the poor lunatic girl would be in
    trouble if the D3 guys unleashes their anger on
    her and he felt the urge to rescue her from the
    hands of those evil guy.
    "Richard what are you doing here? What
    brought you here?" Derrick angrily asked him.
    "I said you should leave her alone" Richard
    shouted at Donald and Dickson ignoring Derrick
    "Who are you to interfere in our business? Who
    are you to interfere in our life?who are you to
    spoil things for us in this campus. Let me tell
    you, the fact that we let you alone ever since
    that incident does not mean that we are afraid
    of you. So why don't you leave us alone and
    focus on your own business?" Derrick barked.
    "That's exactly what I'm doing right now"
    Richard said.
    "How is it your business Richard,tell me how
    does it concern you?"
    "It is my business because she is my
    girlfriend"Richard said.
    What? me? his girlfriend?when?how?I mean
    how can he say such a thing?I mean he is a
    gay,Nicky thought as soon Richard's words
    vibrated inside her ear.
    " your girlfriend? "Derrick doubtfully asked.
    " it sounds so funny, you Richard having a
    girlfriend in this school? When did that happen?
    When did two of you became that close? I mean
    she just a new student and you're already
    fucking her "Derrick said in a mockery tune.
    He wasn't there to waste time or listen to any
    of the D3 guys rubbish so he ignored Derrick
    and walked to Nicky who was sitting on the
    ground with her hands, legs and mouth tied.
    He got to her and knelt down with one of his
    legs and began to untie Nicky.
    The D3 guys including Nicky was so surprise to
    see him doing that.
    After untying her, he pulled her up and made to
    walk away with her but Derrick attacked him.
    Richard was so sharp that he saw his move on
    He quickly turned and grabbed Derrick's hand
    which he wanted to use on him(Richard).
    " don't even provoke me this night because if
    you do I will have the three of you dig up your
    graves by yourselves "Richard said and released
    He took Nicky's hand and they both walked
    When they were out of sight he disengaged his
    hand from hers.
    " I wonder what a human being that calls
    herself a girl could be doing outside at this time
    of the night "Richard said to himself.
    " I went to the library to.... "
    "I never asked you to explain anything to me,I
    don't want any disturbance" Richard cuts in to
    shut her up before she start her lamentation.
    "Alright no problem but I must thank you for
    saving me today, thank you so much" she
    smilingly said to him but he ignored her and
    focused on his path.
    "It's true you saved me but you shouldn't have
    told them that I'm your girlfriend because you
    know it's not true or do you always lie just to
    please people?" She asked him.
    "Wait for a minute, are you thinking about that?
    better come out of it. Do you think I will ever
    date you? You're too ugly for my liking" he said
    to her.
    "I know you will never ever date me because
    you're not interested in girls and I have no
    problem with that but what I'm saying is that
    you shouldn't have lied to them and you
    "Oh God!the most irritating thing about you is
    that you talk too much like a parrot. You always
    talk and the reason why you were not talking
    when I arrived was because your mouth was
    tied. I wonder if this is how all the women
    behave" Richard made a long speech for the
    first time.
    "Since you are not interested in women, you
    wouldn't know how they behave and it's better
    to be a talkative than to be dumb like you"
    Nicky said.
    She quickly stopped as she saw a sad expression
    across his face.
    "I'm sorry if I had provoked you by saying that.
    But Richard why are you always bitter? Why are
    you always sad?were you dumped by your
    Her question and the manner by which she
    asked it amused him that he couldn't help
    "Instead of someone to dump me I rather dump
    that person" Richard replied and he was even
    surprise that he answered her question.
    "Okay since you were not dumped,did you loose
    your gay lover?"she asked with all seriousness.
    Oh my God!what the hell is this lunatic girl
    talking about? Gay lover? Who told her I'm a
    gay? do I look like a gay to her? she is really
    really crazy for saying that,Richard thought.
    " why are you always talking nonsense? You
    always waste your energy in vomiting rubbish
    "he said to her
    " I was only asking a question "
    "Then stop asking keep it to yourself" he said.
    "Okay but I still have something to say"
    "I know you have millions of things to say"
    "Have you forgiven me?" She asked.
    "I thought you said that yesterday would be the
    last time you will plead with me"
    "I changed my mind, in fact I was only joking"
    They were still walking when it started raining.

    EPISODE 11

    Richard increased his movement as to avoid the
    rain while Nicky ran after him.
    "Where do you think you're going?" He asked
    Nicky when he noticed that she was taking the
    same direction as him.
    "I'm following you"
    "Following who?"
    "You of course"
    "To where?"
    "Wherever you're going"
    "Are you insane? do you know where I'm going
    "I'm going to my house if you don't know"
    "No problem, I can still go With you. I guess it's
    more near than mine,mine is still far please"
    "Oh God! I can't believe this, what are you
    coming to do in my house? are you well at all?
    better turn back and take the path to your
    place" he said.
    "Please Richard do you want me to die?just look
    at the rain it's becoming too heavy. It might
    carry me if I continue with it" she said.
    "How does that concern me? If the rain carries
    you then you go with it"he said.
    " please Richard and besides I'm still having this
    feeling that those three guys would be waiting
    for me at my place" she said.
    She really made a good point,what if the evil
    guys make another plan for her tonight?,
    Richard thought.
    "So what are you insinuating?" Richard asked
    "Please allow me to spend the night at you
    place" she pleased.
    "What? What did you just say?do you even know
    what you're saying?"
    "Yes I do"
    "You're very very..."
    "Please I promise not to disturb you. Are you
    avoiding me for a reason? do you have a guy
    waiting for you?" she asked.
    "Why do you ask?"
    "Nothing I just wanted to talk"
    "And this is how you will be talking disturbing
    me up and down unnecessarily if I allow you?"
    "No oo,I will not disturb you I promise"
    "Hold your promise,I will only allow you on one
    condition and......"
    "Which is?"
    "Can't you allow me to finish?"
    "For yourself.I will only allow you on the
    condition that you zip up your mouth"
    "Sure sir, consider it done"she said saluting him.
    Soon Richard got to his lodge, he opened the
    door and they both entered.
    " the kitchen is over there, you can go and
    prepare yourself something to eat,don't brake
    my plates for me "he said pointing at the
    direction of the kitchen.
    " what about you? are not going to eat?"
    "Don't ask me just forget about me" he said and
    It was already late so she decided to prepare a
    simple food. She prepared Noddles and after
    eating she cleared everywhere.
    "Follow me let me show you where you will
    sleep" Richard said to her when he realized that
    she had finished eating.
    He led the way while she followed behind.
    "You can sleep here tonight" he said to her
    when they arrived at a mighty bedroom. He
    wanted her to sleep there so that no harm
    could come to her. It was his bedroom, a well
    furnished one.
    "Here?" She doubtfully asked.
    "Are you deaf?"
    "But is this not your bedroom?"
    "Any problem?"
    "Where will you sleep? or are you going to sleep
    with me?"
    This girl is so crazy I was not mistaken when I
    said she a lunatic!
    "What makes you think I will sleep in the same
    room with you let alone in the same bed?do you
    want me to have a bad nightmare? I can only
    endure seeing this ugly face of yours in real life
    but to see it in my dream? I don't want it,I bind
    and cancel it. You're not even my type, I'm only
    doing this out of pity"
    "I never asked you to sleep with me (how can a
    gay sleep with a girl)I was only concerned"
    "Don't be concerned about me. And again
    before you climb that bed make sure you take a
    shower because I don't like dirty people staying
    around me" he said and left the room.
    "Gosh!!!" She exclaimed throwing one of his
    pillow on the floor "he is too arrogant for my
    liking. Who do he think he is? a President son or
    what? I should have gone to my place instead of
    coming here to be insulted by this punk! But his
    house is really beautiful. I wonder where he got
    the money he used in furnishing it.
    After taking a shower she had wanted to go and
    wish him good night but remembering the
    promise she made not to disturb him she
    decided against it.
    She slept comfortably on his bed and left the
    next day, very early in the morning.
    Richard was so surprised to wake up and found
    out that she had gone without even caring to
    say goodbye or even thank me for
    accommodating her,he thought.
    That same day, on her way to lecture, Nicky
    caught a glimpse of Richard. Yea this must be
    him,she thought as she quickly ran to him.
    People were surprise to see her moving that
    close to Richard.
    " good morning "she greeted as soon as she got
    to him.
    " same to you "Richard replied.
    " how was your night? "She asked him but he
    ignored her.
    " hope you slept well? "She asked again but he
    ignored her.
    " did you later eat anything before sleeping? I
    wanted to check on you last night but......."
    "Check on me for what? Ah are you now flirting
    with me? Richard quickly cuts in knowing that
    she will not stop questioning him.
    " flirt with you? how?"she asked.
    "I have already told you that you're not my
    type. Which part of YOU'RE NOT MY TYPE do
    you don't understand? Oh don't you have a
    mirror? Maybe you I should give by a mirror
    that would constantly remind you of how ugly
    you are" he said.
    "Keep on insulting me,I will just take it as a
    revenge on the insult I gave you the last time
    but the fact that girls are not attracted to you
    does not mean that I'm ugly." She said.
    "I think you need a good mirror because that
    one you're using is fake and it's deceiving you"
    he said as he smiled within himself at his sense
    of humour.
    "You can say whatever you like but all I know is
    that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
    "Not in your own case"
    "I've never seen such and annoying guy like
    you, you're do irritating!" Nicky angrily said and
    walked ahead of him.
    "You're even more irritating" Richard said as he
    finally let out a smile seeing that he had finally
    provoked the lunatic girl. At least she would
    keep her distance from now on.
    His thought was wrong as he got into the class
    and saw her sitting on his seat, exactly at his
    own sitting position.
    Everyone curiously waited to see what his
    reaction would be but he went and sat next to

    EPISODE 12

    Richard's father, Williams Dominic is a very
    wealthy man who owns the highest bag
    producing company in the country.
    He wasn't happy about how things were going
    on between him and his son Richard.
    He had always wanted the best for him.
    He wanted Richard to study abroad but Richard
    turned him down even though he (Richard) so
    much wanted to travel out of the country but
    his pride would not allow him to easily accept
    his father's offer.
    But few weeks back, he had finally accepted his
    father's offer after realizing it was for his own
    He had made that decision before he met the
    lunatic girl.
    Everything required for his travel were now
    done and dusted. He was only waiting for the
    day of his travel.
    He was to travel directly from the school since
    he wouldn't want to meet his father.
    After getting his things ready, someone quickly
    came to his mind-the lunatic girl!
    He had only known her for a week and few days
    but she had altered his personality!
    She was the only friend he made in that school.
    The only person that have the mind to come
    close to him without minding that he was a
    She came and explore the part of him that was
    hidden for long.
    At least he have to inform her of his departure
    but it was then that it occurred to him that he
    did not know her name let alone having her
    How could he be so dumb?staying with someone
    for days but didn't know her name whereas she
    knew his name.
    How could he reach her now? Possibly there is
    no way he could reach her since he didn't even
    know her name,her contact or her address.
    The most complicated part of the situation is
    that there was no time for him to go in search
    of her because that would cause him to miss his
    Nicky went to the class and sat down at her
    usual place while she waited for Richard's
    She waited until the end of the class but she
    didn't see Richard.
    Is he avoiding me?that made him to change his
    seat to avoid been disturbed by my mouth?
    Well, if he is avoiding me I think I should let
    him be,Nicky thought and left.
    The next day she came early and sat at the back
    to know when Richard would arrive.
    She waited until the room got filled up and
    there was still no sign of Richard.
    She thought of visiting him but decided against
    it on the ground that he would accuse her of
    flirting with him and his usual statement YOU'RE
    She came to the class the next day and noticed
    a lot of changes.
    Everywhere was so noisy as students gathered
    at different angles discussing about what was
    best known to them.
    She became more surprised when she saw some
    girls sitting on Richard's seat. It was then that
    she knew that something was amiss.
    "What is going on here?" She finally asked a
    student standing beside her.
    "Haven't you heard?" the student asked.
    "Heard what?"
    "That Richard has left the school"
    "What? Left the school? How?when? I mean are
    you serious about this?" She surprisingly and
    confusingly asked.
    "Are you asking me? He is your friend so you
    should know better I" the student said and
    walked away.
    It's true she was a talkative but on hearing this
    news she became dumb..
    Without a second thought she headed straight to
    his lodge.
    When she got there, she found out that the
    whole place were empty. She couldn't believe
    her eyes, she was there few days ago. How
    could he pack out just like that?what happened?
    Did he leave because I was pestering around
    "People may call you a dangerous guy but I see
    you as a gentle, cool and funny guy.
    It's so sad that you didn't inform me of your
    departure but I will always miss the moments I
    spent with you, they were all fun" Nicky said to
    herself as she walked around the empty house.
    Nicky began to feel insecure and lonely due to
    the fact that Richard had left.
    He had been her savior that night and she owe
    him for that.
    The evil D3 guys clearly stayed away from her
    because of Richard.
    He was the only friend she had since she came
    into that school but now he is gone and there is
    no other person to protect her,she really have
    to be courageous and face anyone that looks for
    her trouble.
    "Sir there is something I would like to tell you"
    Mr Jones a director in Mr William's company
    said to him.
    "Go ahead" Williams Dominic urged him.
    "It's about your son Richard"
    "What happened? What did he do this time
    "He is not properly handling the position he
    occupies in this company"
    'So what did you want me to do?"Mr Williams
    Dominic asked confusingly. Ever since Richard
    came back from the States and joined his
    company,it has been from one complain to
    another. He had been so mean to everyone and
    does anything that would displease his father.
    "Maybe you should just call him and talk to him"
    Mr Jones suggested.
    "Alright I will try and talk to him"Mr Williams
    " Richard what is wrong with you? do you want
    to bring down my company? Mr Williams
    shouted at Richard whom he summoned in his
    "Please don't shout at me because I never
    asked you to offer me a job,you forced me"
    Richard said.
    "Richard you're a fool"
    "And you're a father to a fool"
    "Richard why are you this way? You have been
    like this for the past years, always having issues
    with me"
    "You caused it and don't even try to play
    innocent here" he said as he turned to leave.
    "Come back here Richard"
    "Get me an assistant who would would manage
    that position because I'm not interested or
    better still get someone to replace me" Richard
    said and slammed the door behind him.
    Mr Williams had become so tired of Richard. The
    stupid boy wants to ruin his future but he
    would rather get him a assistant than to give
    him the pleasure he seek by replacing him.
    He was still killing himself with worry when his
    office telephone rang. His secretary was calling

    EPISODE 13

    "Hello" Mr Williams said and listened to the
    other end of the phone.
    "Sir the young lady that came yesterday is here
    to see you" the secretary said from the other
    end of the phone.
    "Let her in" he ordered.
    "So do you think you can do this job ?"Mr
    Williams asked the young lady sitting in front of
    him in his office.
    " yes sir I can "the young lady said.
    " are you sure? "
    "Maybe I should give you more time to think
    about this job"
    "No sir there is nothing to think about again, I
    can do the job"the lady said.
    " I think you are saying because you don't know
    the person who you would be personally
    assisting, you have not seen. I don't think
    anyone can work with him because this person
    I'm talking about is my biological son. He is so
    strict that he associates with no one do I doubt
    if you can do this job "
    "Why is he not associating with people? is a
    beast or a monster?I mean how can a human
    being....." The young lady quickly paused on
    seeing the man's facial expression. He wasn't
    happy about what she just said about his son.
    "Sorry Sir, I don't mean to insult your son
    "No need for long talk, are you doing the job or
    "Since he is a human being and not a
    mons....,sorry, like I said earlier I will do it"
    "Okay come let me take you to his office" Mr
    Williams said and they both left.
    On their way to Richard's office, Mr Williams
    phoned Richard "I'm coming to your office right
    now with the personal assistant you requested
    "Personal what?you don't mean it! that's not
    want I..." Richard was still talking when his
    father cut the phone.
    Richard was so angry, so his father wants to
    torment him?how can he get a personal
    assistant for him?he clearly knew that he don't
    associate with people, what he said earlier
    about an assistant never came from his heart. It
    was a slip of tongue, he only wanted to hurt his
    father by saying that.
    He stood up from his seat and started roaming
    about his office.
    Out of annoyance he faced the wall and used
    his fist against it while backing the door.
    He remained in that position until his father
    came in with the assistant still he didn't want to
    turn around.
    "Here is the personal assistant you had
    requested" Mr Williams said.
    "Both of you should leave my office now"
    Richard roared still having his back on them.
    "Are you talking to me your father?"
    "I said you should leave my love office this
    minute" Richard thundered and that brought
    fear into the young lady.
    A person who treats his father like this, how
    much more would he treat her, a stranger? He
    is a beast and a monster as I have earlier said.
    Well there is still time to back out, the young
    lady thought trying to comfort herself.
    "You can't be serious Richard because I've
    already brought a lady who would be your
    assistant" Mr Williams said.
    A lady?the sound of that word rang in had head
    immediately. How can his father think of
    bringing a Lady to work for him?he must be out
    Of his mind, Richard thought as he quickly
    turned to face them.
    "If the two of you fail to leave my office this
    minute I will...." He suddenly stopped as he saw
    the lady starring intently at him.
    "Richard is this you?" the lady doubtfully asked.
    "You again? Why are you here?" Richard also
    asked with utmost amazement when he
    recognized the young lady as the lunatic girl!
    "Do you know him?" Mr Williams surprisingly
    asked the lady.
    "Yes sir I knew him from school"
    "Well, since you know each other, I think I would
    be leaving the two of you now. He is the person
    you would be assisting" Mr Williams said and left
    the two of them.
    This lunatic girl again? he thought he would
    never see her again even though he always
    remember her as the only friend he have had in
    his entire life. He thought they would never see
    again but she is just there before him,ready to
    be his personal assistant.
    "Why are you this angry?" Nicky asked him.
    "It's none of your business"
    "Then I guess I should offer myself a seat since
    you don't want to" Nicky said as she Sat down
    on one of the seats.
    Richard angrily glared at her.
    "Wow!do you know that you look more
    handsome and cute whenever you are angry,
    with those sexy eyes" Nicky smilingly said
    He wanted to react but his phone started
    After answering the call, he picked his briefcase
    and walked towards the door ignoring Nicky.
    Nicky stood up and followed him.
    "Where do you think you're going?" he asked
    "Following my boss of course"
    "You better leave this place"
    "I'm only doing my job,remember I'm now an
    employee working for you. Your father
    employed me to be your personal assistant and
    I don't see the reason why......."
    "So irritating" Richard said and continued
    walking while she followed him.

    EPISODE 14.

    They both got into Richard's car and Richard
    asked his driver move the car.
    Richard tried to avoid Nicky's talk by throwing
    away his face out of the car through the
    The silence was so boring and Nicky decided to
    start up a conversation.
    "Richard why did you leave the school without
    telling anyone? I searched for you but I couldn't
    find you. I became so worried that I had to go
    to your place. It was when I got there that I
    found out that you were no more staying in
    school. Your house were empty" Nicky continued
    talking without even minding if Richard was
    listening to what she was saying or not.
    How can I work with this lunatic of a girl? I was
    even trying to get over the impact she made on
    me and she just appeared from nowhere. What
    are my going to do? should I send her away?
    At the end of the day, Richard asked his driver
    to drop Nicky at her place and pick her up the
    next day.
    The next day, Richard got to his office and on
    entering inside his office he picked up a card. It
    was and ID card.
    "Nicky? So her name is Nicky Smith? a lunatic
    with such a beautiful name,he thought to
    Not so long after his arrival, Nicky entered.
    She came in and greeted Richard.
    After greeting Richard she started searching for
    something as she scattered everywhere where.
    Richard kept quiet and watched her as she
    scattered everywhere all in the name of
    searching for something.
    The fact that she was talking and lamenting
    while searching amused Richard that he had to
    ignore her for a very long time.
    She continued searching until she became tired
    of searching,it was almost an hour.
    Then she decided to ask Richard.
    " please did you see my ID card? "she asked
    Richard as she used her finger to wipe away the
    sweats on her forehead.
    " you mean this? "Richard asked as he raised
    the ID card he picked earlier.
    " oh my God! that's what I've been looking for
    and you kept quiet all this while "she angrily
    " you never asked me"
    "Oh God do you know you're a..... do you know
    I've spent almost two hours searching for this?"
    "You searched for only an hour so don't
    exaggerate the time"
    "Gosh!so you were even checking the time for
    me? this is pure wickedness"
    "Is this how you suppose to thank me for
    picking and keeping your ID card for you? If I
    knew I would have asked the cleaner to put it
    into the waste bin"
    "Thank your stars you didn't because I would
    have shown you the stuff I'm made of" she
    "Which stuff?" Richard asked trying hard to hold
    back his laughter"I already know the stuff
    you're made of and it's no other thing than
    talking. That's the only thing you know how to
    do best "
    Seeing how hard he was trying to hide his
    laughter, she became amused.
    "Whatever, thank you for picking it but I hope
    you didn't look at the content"
    "Then how did I know it was an ID card? you're
    really crazy" he murmured the last sentence to
    "What did you say?"
    "Alright. What would you like me to get for you,
    coffee? tea?bevera....."
    "None" Richard cut in not wanting to listen to
    her long story.
    "None? Why?don't you know that morning coffee
    or tea is good and healthy for your body? You
    suppose to...."
    "Okay go and get me coffee" he finally gave in
    knowing that she would not let him be until he
    agrees. It was never his intention but the lunatic
    girl would not want to hear of it until he takes
    This lunatic girl will surely be a very big problem
    to him but he wondered why he had suddenly
    lost the willpower to send her away. Maybe it's
    because she is fun to be with and nothing more.
    At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Richard left the
    office and Nicky quickly followed him.
    "Where are we going?" She asked him as she
    walked with him.
    "Okay where are you going?
    "Better. If you must know, I'm going to
    somewhere but I have to branch to my house
    " Nicky entered into Richard's house and almost
    It was an earthly Paradise!does a place like this
    really exist in this world? Nicky thought.
    "Wow!your House is very very beautiful" she
    "Please don't pull down my bhuilding with those
    big eyes of yours"
    "Heish! You can't even say thank you?"
    "Me?thank you?for what? Are you here to make
    me thank you?"

    EPISODE 15

    "Are you here to make me thank you? my friend
    go to that room behind you" he said pointing
    behind her "it's my room so don't dirty it. When
    you get inside the room just turn to your left,
    you will see a drawer. Open it and get me the
    drug there."Richard said to Nicky as he stood up
    and went to the fridge.
    Nicky came with the drug and found out that he
    had gotten a glass of water.
    " you've already gotten a glass of water, that's
    good of you "she said to him.
    "" can you just give me the drug and stop being
    silly? "he said stretching his right palm.
    The drug is in tablet form. It's a stress relieving
    drug. Nicky brought out a tablet and gave it to
    Richard who took it and swallowed it down with
    " give me more two "Richard requested.
    " more what? Do you know what you're saying?
    are sure you're in your right sense?are you
    okay?if I'm right, the instructions at the back of
    this thing "she raised the drug" says that one is
    expected to take one at a time once in a day
    and you want to take three at a time?"
    "Give me that drug" Richard said
    "Richard this is very dangerous to your body and
    "I said give me that drug"
    "Richard this is drug abuse! overdose!you're
    trying to abuse this drug and it's not good. Do
    you want to die? don't tell me this is how
    you've been taking this drug, I mean this is...."
    "Nicky stop it! and shut your mouth before I
    shut it for you" Richard roared. "Nicky?thank
    God you finally called my name. All thanks to
    my ID card if not you wouldn't have known the
    name of your personal assistant. Anyway I'm
    not going to give you this drug because I don't
    want to commit murder so if you still want
    it,you can go and get it by yourself" she said
    and turned to leave.
    Richard quickly stood up and went after her.
    She noticed he was coming after her so she
    increased her steps.
    At the process she missed a step and stumbled.
    Richard was behind her and he saw it coming
    and he quickly ran to her.
    He didn't know what prompted him but he saw
    himself running to her rescue.
    He caught her in time but they both lost balance
    and ended up on the ground.
    Everything happened so fast and before he
    knew it, he was already on top of her as his
    hands were at the back of her head. He used
    his both hands to protect her head from hitting
    the floor.
    He was even surprised at what he just did. For
    Christ sake he almost hurt himself because of
    the lunatic girl.
    He kept wondering what came over him as he
    starred at her still not moving from his falling
    This is really tempting! This guy is very
    handsome. But how did this happen? Why is he
    not getting up? and why is he starring at me like
    that? has he forgotten he is a gay? Nicky
    thought as she starred at him directly in the
    "Please can you get up?you're too heavy" Nicky
    finally said after a short silence.
    Richard was so ashamed of himself. The incident
    was a huge embarrassment to him.
    Not knowing the next thing to do or say,he stood
    up from her and went towards the door.
    "Are you not taking the drug again?" Nicky
    shouted behind him but he ignored her and left.
    Nicky quickly kept the drug and ran after him.
    There was a long silence as the car drove them
    Nicky was also embarrassed by what happened
    earlier that she couldn't think of anything to
    say. She became dumb and blushed whenever
    he turned to look at her side.
    When they got to their destination, Richard
    ordered the driver to stop the car.
    "You have to remain inside the car until I return
    do you hear me?" Richard asked her.
    "Why?" She surprisingly asked.
    "Just do what I ask you to do"
    "I'm your personal assistant and I suppose to go
    wherever you go"
    "Even in the bathroom?"
    "I never said that"
    "But that's what you meant by 'wherever you
    go' look I'm your boss,can't you easily obey me
    without nagging? Better stay in the car until I
    return or I will fire you" he said and left,though
    he don't mean the part of firing her.
    From the window Nicky watched him as he walk
    into a building. She admired him as she
    remembered what happened earlier. She smiled
    on remembering the look of embarrassment on
    his face when she asked him to get up from
    Trying to take away her mind from him, she
    look at the building properly and realized it was
    a psychiatric hospital!
    Why is he here? Is he mentally I'll or what?, she
    thought as her eyes glued to the hospital's sign
    After sometime Richard returned and urged the
    driver to move the car.
    Seeing that Richard was not ready to talk to her
    she decided to make the first move.
    "Are you okay?" She asked him.
    "Are you sick?"
    "Do I look sick to you?"
    "Then what did you go inside a psychiatric
    hospital to do that you don't even want me to
    go with you. Or are you hiding something?"
    "Something like what?"
    "Is your gay lover working there?"
    Oh God! gay lover again? so she has not
    stopped saying rubbish?, he thought.
    "What rubbish are you saying? which gay lover
    are you talking about? what even gave you the
    impression that I'm a gay? do I look like one?"
    "You behave like one"
    "You're not interested in girls"
    "Are my interested in boys? have you seen me
    with any guy before? Where did you even get
    that stupid information from"
    "Back then in school"
    "Back then in school? and you believed it?well
    I'm not wrong when I think you're senseless"
    "No it's me"

    EPISODE 16

    Nicky woke up at the ringing of her phone.
    It was Richard, he had asked her to come to his
    Nicky got herself ready and left to his house.
    She knocked on his door for some minutes and
    after some time the door opened.
    She saw Richard putting on only towel around
    his waist.
    Other parts of his body were bare as water
    dropped from his body.
    It's obvious he came directly from the
    Nicky blushed on seeing him like that and she
    quickly turned her back on him.
    "Good Lord! How could you come to open the
    door for me looking like that? Without putting
    on anything."
    "I'm putting on something"
    "No it's not enough"
    I'm in my house and you don't tell me what I
    should put on and what not to put on. Are you
    coming in or not? "
    Nicky slowly turned to him as she used her
    hands to cover her eyes and went in.
    Richard starred at her as he smiled at her
    childish attitude. This girl is really stupid and
    funny at the same time.
    He closed the door and walked up to Nicky.
    He got to her and removed her hands from her
    "Why are you being silly? Haven't you seen a
    man's bare chest before?" he asked her.
    "Yes I haven't" she said looking away.
    "Honestly I haven't"
    "Are you sure?" he asked as he started coming
    towards her.
    "What is it?" she asked as she moved back but
    Richard continued coming to her.
    "Richard what is it?"
    "Do you still think of me as a gay? Do you still
    have the impression that I'm a gay?" He asked
    as he kept moving towards her.
    "Why do you ask?" she asked as a little fear
    gripped her.
    "I want to prove you wrong"
    "Let me show you"
    "What do you mean?" she asked and before she
    knew it, her back has gotten to the wall. It was
    the end of the road for her.
    Richard smiled on seeing that she could no
    longer move backward.
    He came very close to her in a way that there
    bodies almost touched.
    She quickly closed her eyes as she saw Richard
    bringing down his face to hers.
    What is he trying to do? Is this a dream or
    reality? Did he want to kiss me? she thought.
    When she waited for the kiss and nothing
    happened, she slowly opened her eyes. She
    opened her eyes and realized that Richard was
    He was facing his television, trying to put it on.
    She was speechless and then his voice came to
    her "at least you should have known by now
    that you're not my type. You're too silly and
    childish for my liking. Let me just put your
    ugliness aside" he said.
    She has became so familiar with his
    insults,YOU'RE NOT MY TYPE precisely. At first
    she found it funny and amusing when she
    thought he was a gay. But now that she had
    realized he isn't a gay, his insults made her feel
    Why is she not good for his liking? Is she not a
    "Why did you call me? I thought you asked me
    not to come to work today, that I should rest at
    "Yea I called you for a reason"
    "What reason is that?"
    "You will be following me to a party tonight"
    "A party?"
    "Are you surprised? haven't you gone to a party
    "I have"
    "Thank God you have. So now we would be
    going to the boutique to get some things."
    When they got to the boutique, Richard
    persisted on picking clothes for her saying that
    her taste of cloth were awkward, that he knew
    what would fit her best.
    She relaxed and allowed him take control of
    everything while she watched him play
    responsible gentle man.
    He was to pick her up from her place when the
    time for the party comes.
    Richard drove the car by himself and headed to
    her place which was directed to him by his
    He pulled up when he got to her place. He took
    his phone to inform her that he was waiting for
    her outside the house.
    After some minutes he saw a lady coming out of
    the building but he looked away still expecting
    to see Nicky.
    He never knew she was the lady until she
    approached his car. It was then that it dawned
    on him that the beautiful lady he had just seen
    was Nicky.
    He never knew she was this beautiful but he is
    not going to admit it to her.
    She got into the car and they both drove off.
    Nicky never knew that Richard was popular until
    they got to the party.
    As soon as they both got down from the car, the
    sound of photo shoot filled the air as reporters
    ran to them.
    Richard had became familiar with the reporter's
    annoying questions all the time. That's why he
    doesn't like attending events. He must surely
    encounter them whenever he does.
    Nicky would have fallen a victim but Richard
    made sure that such thing never happened.
    Seeing the surprise expression on her face, he
    gently took her hand into his own "do not talk to
    any of them,just keep walking with me like this"
    he said to her.
    "I believe you're the Nicky who is always spotted
    to Richard. So who are you to him?are you his
    personal assistant or his girlfriend?" a reporter
    asked Nicky.
    Nicky was so surprised that the press knew her
    They were surrounded by reporters and what
    she kept hearing was "you're Nicky right? What
    relationship do you have with Richard Dominic?
    Who are you to him?are you his girlfriend?
    All these questions were coming to her from
    different angles but she ignored all of them just
    as Richard had asked her to.
    People were surprised to see Richard with a girl
    as they all started murmuring.
    Richard and Nicky were both welcomed warmly
    and they sat together.
    Been too close to Richard is now becoming
    uncomfortable for Nicky because she had started
    developing feelings for him.
    The reason why she had been close to him
    before was because she thought he was a gay
    and it was fun been with him but now she had
    started feeling insecure of her feelings for him.
    Though he is arrogant but she is liking him more
    with every single minute that passes by.
    She soon noticed that there was a lady pestering
    around Richard.
    Even though Richard did not want to give her
    In order to avoid the lady Richard became more
    interactive with the Nicky.
    The lady made him so many offers but he
    turned her down.
    The lady later asked him to dance with her
    when the time for dancing comes. But when the
    time came, Richard took Nicky to the dancing
    floor. That was in a bid to avoid the lady.
    He was just acting but Nicky was already falling
    for it.
    She couldn't stand the touch of his arms around
    her waist as their bodies touched. He was her
    boss but she was crushing on him.
    She became uncomfortable that her heart
    started to beat faster.
    What has gotten over her? Why is she having
    this kind of feeling for a guy who don't even like
    her?she thought trying to control her emotions.
    Richard noticed the tenseness of her body and
    held her more firmly.
    She blushed every now and then and refused to
    look at him.
    Richard did not want to see the other Lady
    anywhere around him and so when he spotted
    her starring at him and Nicky, he gently took
    Nicky's face in his palms, lifted it up and kissed
    Nicky was so surprised, she never ever expected
    a kiss from Richard after the other day's
    She was taken unaware that she became too
    weak to oppose him. And besides he
    overpowered her with kisses that she could not
    resist him.
    She just stood still as she allowed him have his

    EPISODE 17

    What has gotten over him? What is he doing in
    public with his personal assistant? Richard
    quickly let go of Nicky as he thought of the
    They would soon take picture of them and
    publish it.
    Seeing how embarrassed Nicky was, he cursed
    what prompted him to do what he just did.
    With what just happened they can't possibly
    continue the party so he took her hand and led
    her out of the party.
    He opened the car for her and she got in.
    Nicky had not pulled herself together concerning
    what just happened as she kept doubting the
    reality of the kiss.
    Richard got into the driver's seat and noticed
    she was still embarrassed. He quickly turned to
    her "see Nicky, I'm very sorry for what just
    happened. I never meant to do that" he
    pleaded with her for the first time.
    "It's okay I understand" she said without
    thinking straight.
    It was a Saturday morning, Richard's phone
    rang, it was doctor Mark calling.
    The doctor asked him to come to the hospital
    Due to the urgency of the situation Richard
    decided not to wait for Nicky to report to work
    so he left.
    "Richard I must say that your mother's condition
    has improved these few days and the credit had
    to be given to the particular lady you sent here"
    the doctor said.
    "The lady I sent here?" Richard surprisingly
    "Which lady?"
    "I thought you know who she is. She comes here
    on behalf of you" the doctor confusingly said.
    "She comes here? On behalf of me?"
    "Yes are you surprised?"
    "Of course I am because I never told anyone
    about my mother and I never sent anyone here"
    "Then that means she tricked us by using your
    name to gain entrance. But anyway she didn't
    mean any harm. She is a good and gentle
    person and to crown it all, she is fun to be with
    and that's the reason why your mother has
    recovered this far."
    Richard did not need someone to tell him that
    the lady was Nicky because she is the only one
    who could do such thing, always daring and
    defiling him!
    "How could she come here without my
    knowledge?" He asked getting angry.
    "Please calm down Richard don't be upset, I
    believe you know who she is. You can settle it
    amicably with her. Just take it easy with her
    even though what she did was wrong. And again
    I'm so sorry for our incompetence, we were also
    at fault, we should have informed you earlier
    than now" the doctor pleaded.
    "It's okay doctor,thank you I will see you later"
    Richard said as he turned to leave.
    "Where are you going to?are you not going to
    see your mother"
    "I will come back in the evening I have to rush
    somewhere now" Richard said trying to sound
    polite as he left the doctor.
    He was so angry about the information he just
    How could she do such a thing? getting herself
    involved with my family member?she has been
    visiting his mother and still playing dumb all this
    while?she had known his mother was mentally
    sick and still pretend she doesn't know anything.
    It pained him so much that he angrily got into
    his car and drove to Nicky's place.
    On hearing the halt of a car, Nicky peeped
    through the window and smiled to herself.
    She was so excited on seeing him. Is he here to
    pick me up?that's so nice of him. But why is she
    recently so excited on seeing him? Of course she
    can't be falling for him, she thought.
    She quickly went to the door without waiting for
    him to knock.
    Richard brought up his hand to hit the door
    before him but the door opened without him
    touching it.
    "Hi" Nicky said looking at him with a smile on
    her face.
    He was trying hard to control his anger as he
    passed by her into the house.
    Nicky quickly got the message that he was
    extremely angry by the look on his face. She
    knew how crazy he can be whenever he gets
    angry so she kept her distance from him. The
    last time she saw him in that mood was years
    back when they were still in school.
    "Richard what is it?" She calmly asked.
    "Don't you ever Richard me again. Apart from
    being a lunatic I never knew you were deceitful,
    a pretender" he shouted at her.
    "What do you mean? What are you talking
    about ?" She confusingly asked.
    "Don't act as if you don't know what you did"
    he roared.
    "What did I do?" She asked spreading her
    "Your pretence will make me to loose my
    temper and if I do, you will regret ever knowing
    me in your entire life. You would regret ever
    having anything to do with me" he thundered.
    "But I can't remember offending you in anyway
    Richard" she said trying to hold back the tears in
    her eyes.
    "Why did you go to that hospital?"
    "Oh is that why you are this angry?"
    I'm not here to entertain your questions just
    answer me this minute, why did you go there?
    The fact that you work with me does not give
    you the right to mingle with my family. You
    went behind and started a research about me
    right? Then you discovered my mother is
    mentally sick and you went there to do what?
    Who asked you to go there? Who told you I
    needed your pity? After your discoveries you
    didn't even want to tell me or ask me about my
    mother instead you kept it to yourself thinking I
    wouldn't find out after using my name ".
    " Richard please you have to listen to me so I..."
    "Listen to you for what? to hear your nonsense
    "Just listen please"
    "You're crazy"
    "Let me explain, please listen to me"
    "Who knows what you went there to do and just
    used my mother as an excuse"
    "Stop it Richard" she shouted as tears started
    flowing down her cheeks.
    "I don't want pity from anyone so clearly stay
    away from my affairs, my mother precisely" he
    warned and left.
    Who is wrong between the two?

    EPISODE 18

    Nicky could not believe the whole drama as she
    sat down on the floor and started shedding
    tears. How could he be this harsh on her when
    she is beginning to like him? Though she had a
    serious misunderstanding with him in the past
    but this particular one pained her so much, but
    After the incident, they started carrying face for
    each other. They stopped talking to each other
    as before, even the nagging and their playful
    fight stopped.
    It was very hard for Nicky who like talking but
    for Richard, he had been familiar with such
    things, it's a normal thing for him but truth be
    told, it wasn't all that easy for him because they
    are always together. He is her boss and she is
    working for him.
    Richard still pondered on what prompted him to
    kiss her on the party that night. He doubted if it
    was the fact that he wanted to avoid that
    After remembering some certain things about
    her, her simple,confident and funny way of life
    and he sometimes felt like apologizing to her for
    been harsh on her. But he wouldn't stoop so
    low to do that,he has never done it in his life
    and he would not do it.
    Richard's driver has returned from dropping off
    at her place when he saw her key in the car,
    she forgot it!
    "Sir I think Nicky forgot her key in the car should
    I return it to her?" the driver asked.
    Richard did not want to hurt his ergo by
    apologizing to Nicky for been harsh on her but
    he had been looking for a way to bring her back
    to her normal self, her funny and talkative
    nature. The nature that had brought the two of
    them this far. The nature she used to defile
    him. That is her true nature and she had
    deviated from that nature due to the incident
    that took place the last time. She no longer talk
    to him as before.
    Now he saw the key as an opportunity to lure
    "No, let me have it. She will come and get it
    herself" he said and took the key from his
    "But that will be a big stress to her" the driver
    said sounding concerned.
    "Don't worry you can go now"
    Richard kept the key on the table in his sitting
    room and went to take his usual long bath.
    Unknown to him, Angel, the lady at the party
    had followed him home.
    She easily got into the his house and made for
    his bedroom.
    She had been there before, when Richard's
    father brought her to meet Richard.
    When she got into his bedroom, she noticed that
    the shower was on. That means Richard is
    taking his bath, she thought as she smiled to
    herself. This is the great opportunity she has
    been looking for. She quickly pulled her cloths
    and got a towel for herself from the guest room.
    Nicky was so angry when she searched and
    searched for her key but couldn't find it.
    That means she had forgotten it in the car
    because she remembered bringing it out of her
    back while in the car.
    The thought of it upset her because she is sure
    the driver must have gone home and that
    means she would have to face Richard her
    enemy. She would need his help.
    She later boarded a taxi after deciding against
    the idea of of braking her door.
    Soon she arrived at Richard's place. She stopped
    at the door and waited for some
    minutes,possibly she was thinking of how to
    approach Richard.
    Finally she knocked on the door and waited to
    see his mean face.
    To his greatest surprise, a lady opened the
    door. She had seen her before. She was the lady
    at the party that night Richard kissed her but
    why is she here? and.. and why is she on towel?
    does it mean she is having an affair with
    Richard? Is she his girlfriend? Nicky sadly
    thought as she starred at the lady who covered
    her nakedness with a very small towel.
    "Who are you? and who are you looking for?"
    Angel asked Nicky even when she knew who
    Nicky was,the girl that goes to places with
    Richard, the girl he kissed at the party. She
    wondered if Richard had any feelings for her.
    "I'm here to see Richard" Nicky said trying to be
    "You want to see Richard for what? why are you
    disturbing him?didn't he tell you that he has a
    fiancée? didn't he tell you we would be getting
    married soon?what did you want from my
    future husband? Oh! I get it, you're now
    following him up and down because he
    mistakenly kissed you the other day? My dear,
    he was only playing with you. We had some
    issues then and he wanted to use you to make
    me jealous but thank God we are back now. We
    have settled our differences. So what did you
    want him to do for you because as I'm speaking
    to you right now, he is in the shower and he
    wouldn't like anyone to disturb him tonight. I
    would have joined him in the shower if not for
    your knock on the door."
    "Please I only came to collect my key which I
    forgot in the car" Nicky managed to say. She was
    beginning to loose her mind. So Richard has a
    "Your key?" Angel asked as she turned and
    looked around the the sitting room and
    fortunately she saw the key on the table, she
    took it and gave it to Nicky.
    Richard came out from the bathroom and
    started hearing a voice. This one she is talking to
    herself has she finally come back to her normal
    self? her talkative nature!
    Yes he was expecting her and he was happy she
    later came.
    He decided to make her uncomfortable by going
    to the sitting room the way he came out of the
    When he got to the sitting room he almost ran
    mad at what he saw. Angel was putting on towel
    and was probably talking to Nicky!

    EPISODE 19

    "Angel what the hell are you doing?" Richard
    shouted from inside.
    Angel quickly turned to him"sweetheart I'm
    trying to send this Nicky of a girl away "Angel
    On hearing the word SWEETHEART ,Nicky did not
    need any other prove to believe the lady. It was
    obvious they are lovers judging by the way they
    were both putting on towel.
    Without any delay, Nicky quickly took the key
    from the lady and ran away.
    " Nicky? "he asked as he started moving towards
    the door.
    He got to the door and saw Nicky running in
    " Nicky! "he shouted her name trying to bring
    her back but she ignored him and ran farther.
    It really hurt him to see her that way. He
    became so angry as as his mind went back to
    Angel. What did the witch say to her? what is
    she even doing in my house?
    It's obvious that Nicky has gone he angrily
    turned to Angel.
    "What did you say to her?" Richard glared at her
    as he tried to put himself under control.
    "Why do you want to know?" Angel asked.
    "If you don't tell me what you say to her right
    now, I swear you will not leave this place alive"
    he roared as he folds his fist.
    "Richard why can't you look at me?are my not a
    woman? Is she better than me? Just take a close
    look at me Richard" she said as she started
    making seductive move towards him and
    touching his bare chest.
    "I'm asking you for the last time what did you
    say to her" he thundered as he pushed her
    away. He pushed her really hard that her towel
    undid while she landed on one of the seats in
    the sitting room. She became so ashamed of
    herself as she tried to pick the towel and cover
    her nakedness.
    It was then that it dawned on Angel that
    Richard cannot be messed with. She became
    afraid on seeing his eyes turn pure red and she
    decided to speak.
    "I..I.. I told her that I'm your fiancée and that
    we would get married soon. That's all" Angel
    fearfully said.
    "Are you mad?" He asked trying to hit her but
    he stopped halfway,he doesn't like beating
    women, he might end up committing murder
    because they are not naturally strong. "You my
    fiancée? Me marry you? you must be the
    highest dreamer of the century. You are really
    crazy than a lunatic. Now get your dirty self out
    of my house before I go against my principle"
    Richard I love you and I believe we can work
    things out "she said as Richard started walking
    out on her. Richard went into his room and
    came out with her cloths. He threw the cloths at
    her saying " if I go in there "pointing at a
    passage that leads to his room" and come and
    still find you here, then I will disgrace you in the
    highest order more than you've just disgraced
    yourself. Mark my word, I mean every single
    thing I says. You're so foolish and pathetic for
    throwing yourself at a man who did not want
    you, rubbish "he said and left to get dressed.
    Angel was so ashamed of herself. It's true that
    her towel had went of when he pushed her but
    what pained her is that he saw her nakedness
    and still resisted her. What kind of guy is he ?
    she sadly got dressed and left disappointedly.
    Richard knew that Nicky must be really sad
    about what Angel told her.
    The way she was running in tears shows that
    she was disappointed and hurt. After dressing
    himself he rushed out of his room.
    He would have fulfilled his words if he had
    found Angel around.
    He quickly got into his car and headed for
    Nicky's place.
    There was a traffic jam at the road and vehicles
    were not moving.
    He was on a high speed but slowed down when
    he got to other vehicles that were lining up.
    Most people decided to trek since waiting for
    traffic instruction inside vehicles might delay
    their time.
    Nicky was one of those that decided to trek.
    Richard was so impatient when he joined the
    queue and he felt like flying with his car.
    As soon as vehicles started moving, he wanted
    to move his car but just then a careless lady
    stepped into the middle of the road. She was
    crossing the road but was not looking. She
    looked so sad and depressed.
    Richard did not need anyone to tell him that the
    Lady was Nicky judging by her appearance, her
    hairstyle and step precisely.
    She crossed the road and went into a nearby
    Why is she entering into a bar instead of
    heading home? Richard thought as he quickly
    pulled up his car by the roadside.
    He went into the bar and spotted her sitting
    He took a seat that was a bit far from her and
    monitored he.
    He watched her as she fought to hold back

    EPISODE 20

    Nicky ordered for alcoholic drinks which was
    supplied to her instantly.
    She was so hurt as the lady's words came
    playing in her head"I'm his fiancée,we would be
    getting married soon,he was only playing with
    you "
    So Richard deliberately kissed me at the party
    just to make his lover jealous? They had
    problem before but now they are back together
    and he even invited her over to his house as
    soon as I left.
    The thought of been used by Richard made her
    to breakdown completely.
    She gulped down her bottle of drinks and
    requested for more bottles.
    She continued drinking until she turned into a
    stupor and started talking to herself.
    The sight of her talking to herself was so
    embarrassing to Richard so he stood up from
    his seat and approached her table.
    He was few steps away from her when he
    started hearing what she was saying.
    With the sound of her voice, one could easily
    notice that she was drunk.
    He decided to stand where he stood as he
    listened to what she was saying.
    "I became close with you thinking that you were
    a gay but when I found out you were not I
    started developing what I couldn't even explain
    for you. You never told me that you had a
    girlfriend. If you had told me maybe I would
    have tried to put my emotions in check. I don't
    blame you at all I blame myself for coming to
    you. I have even started nurturing the idea that
    there was some emotions attached to the kiss at
    the party but I was wrong. You never liked
    me,you only used me. It's true you don't owe
    me or promised anything but I don't know why
    I'm like this. I don't know why it got to me this
    much. Crying for a guy who feel nothing for
    me,who kissed me just to get his lover" Nicky
    lamented and reached for another bottle but
    Richard held her hand and brought it down.
    He was so much touched by her words coupled
    with her tears. He had never seen her cry
    before. She only sheds tears! but this time
    around she let it all out. Lamenting and crying
    at the same time.
    Richard took a seat and sat opposite her.
    "Ah! the constant thought of you has finally
    made me to be hallucinating." Nicky said looking
    at the image before her. To her, she was only
    imagining things but Richard must be at home
    spending his time with his girlfriend. " I thought
    I was only seeing you in my dreams but now I
    see you everywhere, even when you're not with
    me, even if I close my eyes, I will still be seeing
    you and that's a very big problem to me. You're
    really nice but it pained me that you never
    wanted anything to do with me. Always telling
    me that I'm not your type without knowing how
    that statement deeply hurts me. Well, I guess
    you've found whom your type is and I believe
    you're having a good time with her right now.
    Someone whom you played with my emotion
    just to get her attention "
    Richard looked at his time and it was already
    He stood up putting a device inside his pocket
    and left.
    After few minutes he returned and pulled her
    She was so drunk that she couldn't walk so he
    used his body to support her movement. He
    held her while she laid her head against him as
    they walk towards the exit.
    He helped her into the car and drove off to her
    place. He took out her key from her bag and
    opened the door.
    They got into the house and he led her into her
    bedroom. He placed her on her bed while he
    took a seat and sat before her.
    "Nicky, every single thing you said about me is
    wrong. I never hate you. If I hate you I wouldn't
    have allowed you anywhere close to me. Maybe
    I played with your emotions but I never used
    you to make anyone jealous. What happened
    that night was as a result of the outburst of my
    own emotions. It happened because I could no
    longer control my feelings for you. It happened
    because I felt something for you."
    Nicky had been trying to understand where she
    was but she couldn't. She don't even know
    whether she was imagining things or dreaming
    because to her such thing would not be possible
    in real life. The real Richard she knew would
    never say what she just heard.
    "I know all this things are my imaginations
    which would never come true" she said.
    "No Nicky you're not imagining things, I'm real"
    "Are sure are my?"
    "Then I will leave you with a prove" Richard said
    as he went close to her and brought his head
    down to her. Nicky also brought her head closer
    too as soon as she saw Richard's move towards
    Richard started kissing and cuddling her .

    EPISODE 21

    Nicky woke up the next day feeling very weak
    and tired as she felt pain in her head.
    Her mind went back to what she saw at
    Richard's place. How she got into the bar and
    ordered for drinks. That was the least she could
    remember. But how come she ended up in her
    bed?who brought her home? She knew that she
    got drunk and did not remember where she
    kept her key but who opened her door?
    The more she tries to recall what happened the
    previous night the more she gets confused.
    She couldn't remember removing her shoes and
    pulling her top. The person that brought her
    home must have done that and left her with her
    skirt and singlet. Thank God he/did not tamper
    with it but who could that be?Nicky wondered.
    She sluggishly stood up from her bed and went
    and stood in front of her standing mirror.
    He eyes red and swollen as a result of crying the
    previous night.
    Though her eyes were red and swollen, her lips
    were even worst.
    She went more closer to the mirror and
    examined her lips more closely. It was not as it
    is used to be. It was tampered with. Her mind
    quickly went back to that night at the party
    when Richard kissed her. Her lips now were no
    different from her lips that night after the kiss.
    It's now obvious that someone kissed her in the
    night, in her drunken state but who was that?
    She went back to her bed and she found a
    golden wristwatch as she wanted to sit down.
    The golden wristwatch was similar to the one
    Richard normally puts on.
    She picked it up and where "RICHARD DOMINIC"
    was inscribed on it.
    She starred at it for a long time as the events of
    last night came playing in her head.
    She thought that seeing Richard the previous
    night was all imagination but there was a proof,
    his golden wristwatch and the kiss!
    She couldn't bring herself to assimilate that
    truth yet,she wanted to be sure. But how can
    she know the truth?
    Apart from Richard there is someone else who
    could tell her what she wanted.
    She quickly rushed into the bathroom, took her
    bath, got prepared and went to that bar.
    Luckily for her, she found the man who served
    her drinks the previous night.
    "Good morning Sir" she greeted.
    "Good morning what can I do for you?"
    "I came here last night so I....."
    "Okay I think I remembered you, you were the
    girl who got drunk last night"
    "Did I pay the bill?" she asked trying to indirectly
    get information from him.
    "No your boyfriend did"
    "My boyfriend?"
    "Yes he paid the bill and took you home"
    "Please sir can you describe him for me?"
    "What kind of problem is this? Why are you
    interrogating me this early morning? Aren't you
    cleared from what you drank last night? Don't
    you know your boyfriend again? Or do you have
    more than one boyfriend? Who doesn't know
    Richard? Please leave me alone it's too early."
    "Sorry sir I don't mean to disturb you" Nicky
    apologized and left.
    Now she fully know that the Richard she saw last
    night was real and not hallucination!
    She boarded a taxi and headed to his place.
    She wanted to boldly,courageously and
    confidently confront him but her spirit died
    down as soon as she saw him.
    Richard opened the door and starred the living
    hell out of her before leaving the door for her to
    step in.
    Nicky expected to see the lady,Richard's fiancée
    but it seems she was gone and she felt relaxed
    about it.
    "You came very early today is everything
    alright?" Richard asked in pretence.
    "Did you take me home last night?" Nicky
    harshly asked him.
    "I think so"
    "You think so?"
    "Why did you tell the bartender that I'm your
    "You're a girl and you're my friend so
    automatically that makes you my girlfriend"
    Richard stated.
    "We are nothing like friends, I'm only working
    for you, that's all"
    "You are wrong because we are"
    "If I wasn't your friend I wouldn't have helped
    you last night. Paying your bills, taking you
    home, pulling your shoes,cloth and placing you
    on your bed"
    "Why did you do it? Who told you I needed your
    "Of course you needed my help so badly last
    night for if not for my help who knows where
    you would have been by now"
    "That's none of your business, you should be
    more concerned about your lover whom you
    played with my emo...oh my God, Richard did
    you kiss me late night?" she shouted at him.
    "Oh it's already time" Richard said looking at the
    wall clock as he tried to ignore her question.
    "I'm taking to you Richard"
    I think I will give you the reply when we come
    back. For now we have to rush somewhere "
    "Yes, aren't you my personal assistant?"
    "I want to quit"
    "You have to give me notice and a resignation
    letter before doing that"
    "I'm now giving you the notice"
    "What of the resignation letter? and besides you
    didn't give me the notice on time"
    They got into the car and drove off.
    "Where are we going to?" She asked him.
    "At least you should let me know"
    "Not until we get there"
    After driving for what seemed like an hour, they
    arrived at their destination.
    "Why did you bring me here?" Nicky asked when
    she noticed they were at that psychiatric
    "My mother wants to see you"
    "To see me?but you asked me to stop coming
    "Not when I ask you to come with me"
    "Richard you always surprise me,I don't even
    know the kind of person you are. How can
    "Oh God!Nicky you nag a lot. Your nagging alone
    is enough to kill your husband"
    "It's none of your business"
    "I should have fired you before now"
    "Please it's not yet too late,you can do it now"
    "It is too late"
    "See how you've succeeded in making me talk
    too much but anyway we would discuss that
    when we get back.

    EPISODE 22

    Mrs William's condition has gotten worst ever
    since Nicky stopped coming to see her.
    Nicky always discussed and played with her and
    that made her condition to get better but it got
    worst when she stopped seeing her.
    The doctor had advised Richard to bring Nicky
    back if he really want his mother to recover
    When they entered into the room where Mrs
    Williams stays, they saw her placing an object on
    her ear.
    "Nicky when are you coming? I have been
    waiting for you but I didn't see you. Have you
    abandoned me just like my husband? Please I
    want to see you and when coming please come
    along with my son" she said after which she
    brought down the object from her ear.
    Nicky could not behold the sight of the woman
    she had missed crying. She had missed her too
    and it really hurt her to see the woman in that
    She quickly ran to the woman as tears dropped
    from her eyes.
    "Oh my God! Nicky so you received my call and
    finally came?" She asked as she saw Nicky
    running to her.
    "Yes ma,I received your call and came with your
    son" Nicky said as she hugged Mrs Williams.
    Richard was so surprised his mother recognized
    Nicky instantly whereas she finds it hard to
    recognize him that easily.
    He had to explain himself each time he comes
    to visit her.
    Richard sat down and watched them as they
    discussed and played in their usual manner. It
    was all fun watching them and he wondered
    why his mother easily accepted Nicky.
    Maybe it's because she is her fellow lunatic!
    Richard thought.
    "I really feel for her" Nicky said when they got
    back into the car.
    "Anyone who truly knew her story should feel
    for her. The poor woman was accused and
    abandoned" Richard disclosed.
    "Well,It's a long story but let me cut it short"
    Richard said as he started telling Nicky the story
    of his mother.
    Soon they arrived at Richard's place.
    "Richard you said we would discuss the issue of
    firing me as soon we come back"
    "I still remember that but there is a first
    question I have to answer before this one"
    Richard reminded her.
    "Which first question?" She asked confusingly.
    "Have you forgotten so soon? the question you
    asked me before we left in the morning and I
    promised to give you the answer once we are
    "So you're even proud to remind me of that?"
    She said as she understood what he meant.
    "Why won't I be proud? you asked me a
    question and now I want to give you the answer
    and you're...."
    "Alright go ahead and give me your answer
    " before I give you my answer I want to ask you
    this question "
    "What question?"she asked facing him.
    "Nicky why didn't you tell me that you love
    "Pardon?what did you just say?"
    "You heard me right Nicky" what? Me? You know
    what, what I hate about you is that you're
    arrogant Richard. You're so full of yourself.
    Gosh!I can't believe this! what even gave you
    the impression to say that? "
    "You gave me the impression Nicky"
    "Something must be wrong with your head"
    "I'm okay" he said smiling.
    "Then prove it"
    "You want an evidence?"
    Richard brought out the device which he used to
    record every single thing Nicky said at the bar
    the previous night and played it for her.
    Nicky could not believe that she said that much.
    That she publicly poured out her emotions and
    feelings for Richard. That she ended up
    announcing what she hid in her heart for a very
    long time..
    The worst part of it is that Richard heard
    everything she said and had even recorded it.
    The more she listened the more she became
    embarrassed. She became uncomfortable by her
    own words. She was so disappointed that she
    easily gave herself out.
    What ?the recording did not even end at the
    bar? He even recorded what happened at her
    place? This guy is really out of his mind, she
    She endured the whole thing until the record got
    to where she started hearing kissing sounds. It's
    obvious she had permitted and accepted his
    offer so he didn't force her.
    She became more embarrassed as she listened
    to the rubbish she was saying during the kiss.
    She could not believe that those words came
    from her own mouth!

    EPISODE 23

    Nicky could no longer stand all the
    embarrassment. She quickly stood up and ran to
    the door,she wanted to run out but
    unfortunately for her the door was locked.
    Richard had locked it as soon as they got in.
    She helplessly stood there not knowing what
    else to do.
    "Why can't you admit it instead of running
    "Admit what? She asked having her back at him.
    " the fact that you love me "
    "I said those things because I was drunk,I didn't
    mean it"she lied.
    " you were drunk? then why did you get
    yourself drunk? "
    "It's none of your business"
    "You got yourself drunk because you love me
    and you thought that I'm in love with someone
    else, that's the simple truth"
    "You lie"
    "Can you look me in the face and say that
    again?" Richard said as he turned her around to
    face him"now Nicky, look me in the eyes and tell
    me you don't have any feelings for me. Look
    me in the eyes and tell me you didn't love me
    and I will open the door for you to go. Not only
    that,I will also grant your request for resignation
    Nicky became scared and confused at the same
    time. She knew that she love him and would not
    want to loose him but how can she admit that?
    Does he mean what he said? Is it a strategy to
    make her confess her love for him or does he
    truly love her?
    The fact that she talks a lot does not mean that
    she should talk any how in this case. She really
    have to be careful with her choice of word.
    She played with her fingers and bit her lips as
    she thought of what to say.
    Richard watched every of her reaction and he
    noticed she was finding it hard to admit the
    "Ah I can now understand" he said.
    "Understand what?"
    "I can see that you want a kiss"
    "What do you mean?"
    "Your lips are itching you"
    "And so?"
    "If your lips itches you that means you want
    someone to kiss you. Thank God I'm here" he
    said letting out a smile.
    "My lips are not itching me "
    "Then why are you biting it?Nicky why do you
    always lie?why do you like lying? The highest lie
    one could tell in this world is when you lie to
    yourself and I know that's exactly what you're
    doing now.Why can't you be truthful and admit
    the fact that you feel something for me?"
    "Okay fine, yes I'm lying but why won't I tell
    lies Richard? Why won't I hide my feeling from
    you? Oh you want me to sing my love for you so
    that you will mock me and play with me? So
    that you will tell me that I'm not your type?
    Please go to your girlfriend and leave my
    feelings and I,I will get over whatever feelings I
    have for you soon"
    "You're the only girlfriend I have and I know
    that you would never get over the feelings you
    have for me. No woman can do that, not even
    you Nicky" he said as he came more closer to
    "Believe me Richard I will" she said trying to
    step back but he grabbed her.
    "Okay let's see what happens" he said as he
    put his arms around her waist and began to kiss
    At first she struggled to pull herself away from
    him but his arms were so strong around her
    that she couldn't move. Seeing that there is
    nothing she could do to stop him,to free herself
    from his possessive grip, she succumbed. It was
    then that it dawned on her that she could never
    resist Richard. Finally she gave in and
    reciprocated the romantic act.
    "Yes Richard I have feeling for you but you
    already have a girlfriend" she murmured amid
    "She is not my girlfriend I have nothing to do
    with her"
    "But she..."
    "So you even nag while kissing? Please allow me
    to concentrate in what I'm doing" Richard said
    as he extended the kiss to her neck, from her
    neck to her chest!
    Angel was so frustrated that Richard rejected
    her after seeing her nakedness. That he chose
    Nicky over her.
    She contacted some guys who would eliminate
    Richard and Nicky.
    "If could not have him then no other person
    would" Angel said to herself.

    EPISODE 24.

    Nicky arranged a meeting for Richard and his
    father without Richard's knowledge.
    She had gone to Mr Williams and pleaded with
    him to settle the issues he have with his son
    and consider forgiving his wife because she was
    wrongly accused.
    Richard was waiting for Nicky who asked him to
    wait for her at a place but instead of seeing
    Nicky, he saw his father walking up to him.
    He knew it was planned by Nicky, that girl is so
    cunning, he thought.
    "Good day" Richard said to his father with a
    "I'm your father and I think you should honor
    me with that title."
    "Good day dad"
    "Good day son how are you?"
    "As you can see I'm fine"
    "I can see that so why can't we......" the elderly
    man suddenly stopped as he saw about three
    deadly looking guys aiming their gun at Richard.
    It's obvious they were killers who was sent to
    kill his son but Richard was not aware of what
    was happening.
    The guys were all in black. Mr Williams saw one
    of the guys pulling the trigger. He quickly
    pushed Richard away and used his body to
    wage the bullet.
    For real? A gun shot?someone attempted to
    shoot him but his father took the bullet for him?
    but who could want him dead? Who has he
    The killers must still be around to make sure
    they get him because his father was a wrong
    His mind quickly went to Nicky.
    Where the hell is she? I pray she is save
    wherever she is,Richard thought as he brought
    out his phone still at his lying position and
    phoned Nicky.
    "Hello Nicky, where are you?"
    "Are you already missing me?" She said from
    the other side of the phone.
    "I'm serious Nicky where are you?" he
    impatiently asked and listened"okay just stay
    there, don't come out until I ask you to "
    "I will tell you later but just do as I say"
    "Richard I'm not your maid"
    "Don't be silly Nicky just stay where you
    are"Richard said and cut the phone not wanting
    to hear anything she would say again.
    Seeing his father in a pull of blood moved him
    so much.
    He never knew that there is a part of him that
    loves his father despite all the hatred he
    harboured for him since he was a child.
    Or is it because he just risked his life to save
    him? Is it because he was his father? Or is it
    because he is now having feeling like a real
    human being?
    Why did he ask me not to come out? What is
    happening? Is he having a crash with his father?
    If that is the case then I'm going there, Nicky
    thought and headed to where she earlier left
    Richard to meet with his father.
    Richard was still thinking of the next step to
    take with care when he heard Nicky's voice. She
    did not have the slightest idea of what was
    Why is she so stubborn? Richard angrily thought.
    " oh my God what happened to him? "She
    shouted as soon as she saw Mr Williams lying
    unconsciously on the ground.
    " I told you not to come out Nicky!! "Richard
    angrily shouted at her.
    " but why?"she asked confusingly.
    The attackers had seen Nicky when she walked
    up to Richard.
    She was also their target and once they get her
    then they must surely get Richard. They came
    out from their hiding place and they aimed their
    gun at Nicky.
    "Just shut up and go back to wherever you're..."
    Richard suddenly stopped as he saw the guys in
    black walking towards them.
    They were with gun but it's only one of them
    that aimed his gun at Nicky.
    "Shit!" Richard said as he dived Nicky using his
    body to protect her.
    They both crashed on to the the ground as the
    bullets meant for Nicky landed on his back.
    Nicky was lying on the ground while Richard
    covered her with his whole body.
    "Nicky why can't you obey me for once?" he
    asked as he grimaced in pain.
    "Please I'm so sorry Richard" she pleaded
    feeling scared.
    "But I told you not to come out"
    "I thought you might be in danger so I decided
    to come and....."
    "To come and do what? Can you save me?"
    "Oh my God! Richard you're bleeding" she said
    as she saw the blood dropping from Richard's
    "I know" he said trying not to be harsh on her.
    "What are we going to do?" Nicky asked
    "Nothing, I've called the police"
    "No Richard, we have to stop the bleeding"she
    said attempting to sit up.
    "Forget it,just keep lying low,the enemies are
    still around"
    "No Richard you're loosing too much blood and I
    can't watch you bleed to death" she said as she
    slightly moved Richard from her body. She was
    trying to sit up when the enemies came to
    "Jesus Christ! You guys again?" Nicky shouted as
    soon as she saw the guys and recognized them
    as the D3 guys.
    "Yea it's us. Remember we have an unfinished
    business" Derrick said as he kept pointing his
    gun at both of them.
    "You think you can mess with us and go scot
    free never?" Donald said.
    "We are here to deal with you as we promised
    years back" Dickson said.
    "I can see you're in love Richard, to the extent
    of giving up your life for a girl. Your father
    risked his life just to save your life but you
    risked that life just to save a girl. It's a pity!
    Well, we have been searching for you for years
    but we couldn't find you. Thank God someone
    contacted us to kill the both of you giving us
    your full details. Can't you see that what we
    have been looking for came knocking on our
    door step?she even paid us a huge amount of
    money so now tell me why we shouldn't
    accomplish this mission" Derrick said.
    "Please Derrick I'm beginning you, if you must
    shoot anyone here, that person should be me.
    Please spare Nicky she had never attacked you
    guys, I did" Richard pleaded with them.
    "What? Did I just hear you? Did you just pleaded
    with me? The Almighty Richard Dominic?"
    Derrick mocked.
    "Are you sure this guy is Richard" Derrick turned
    and asked his friends.
    "Me I'm even surprised" Donald said.
    "Richard what are you saying? Nicky asked
    Richard and turned to the D3 guys.
    " please don't listen to him,you can go ahead
    and shoot me but please spare him "Nicky
    " Nicky "Richard shouted.
    " yes Richard, please stop talking so that you
    won't loose much blood "

    EPISODE 25 [Final]

    "These two people are really crazy," Derrick said
    while facing his friends. Seeing Richard and
    Nicky arguing on whom to die was really funny
    and the D3 guys started laughing and mocking
    They were still making mockery of them when
    the police closed in on them.
    "Drop your weapons and surrender
    yourselves,do not move. Any dangerous
    movement from you, you're dead" one of the
    policemen said.
    Finally, the D3 guys surrendered and was
    They also disclosed the person who hired them
    and so the police went and got Angel arrested.
    Richard and his father were admitted in the
    same hospital while Nicky visits them.
    The doctor said that Mr Williams would surely
    survive but Richard was unsure of Richard. He
    said Richard has a low chance of surviving
    because the bullet wounded him deeply.
    Nicky kept crying and asking for God's
    intervention upon Richard. She couldn't afford
    to loose him.
    "I'm really becoming scared and if nothing is
    urgently done now, we might end up loosing
    him." the doctor said to Nicky.
    "What do you mean doctor?" Nicky asked as she
    broke down instantly.
    "Richard seriously needs a blood right now
    because he had lost a lot of blood." the doctor
    "Then what are you waiting for to give him the
    blood doctor? Please doctor I don't want
    anything to happen to Richard" Nicky said
    becoming impatient.
    "That's the problem young lady,his blood group
    is O and it's hard to find the blood that would
    match his blood. We have been searching to buy
    but we haven't seen the one that would match
    his blood"
    "No doctor something needs to be done" Nicky
    said crying out loud.
    "But nothing can be done"
    "You don't mean it doctor,please check mine
    doctor,Richard must not die"
    Richard opened his eyes and saw Nicky placing
    her head beside him. She was sleeping. Richard
    sat up from the hospital bed and watched her
    as she sleeps. She looked so tired, weak, worked
    up and disturbed.
    She must have gone through a lot because of
    me,Richard thought.
    He used his hand to stroke her hairs and
    removed the strands of hair on her face.
    Nicky felt someone's fingers on her face and she
    slowly opened her eyes.
    She saw Richard touching her hair.
    She quickly stood up and sat beside him on the
    "Richard you're awake, how are you feeling?"
    Nicky asked feeling excited.
    "I'm okay"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Are you still feeling any pain?" she asked with
    great care.
    "No" he replied observing her more closely.
    "Nicky have you been crying?" he asked touching
    her face.
    "No" she answered pulling away from his
    touch"let me go and get the doctor for you"she
    said trying to stand up. She wanted to avoid his
    pity, she did not want him to know that she had
    been crying and starving herself to death ever
    since he was unconscious.
    "Who told you I want to see the doctor?" he
    asked pulling her back to himself"Nicky you're
    the only doctor I need right now "he said
    putting his arms around her.
    " what are you doing Richard? "
    "What does it seem like I'm doing that no man
    has has ever done?"
    "Richard we are in the hospital for Christ sake
    and besides CCTV are everywhere" Nicky said
    looking around.
    "Even the world press would not stop me this
    time around so just sit where you are" he said
    placing his head on her shoulder.
    Mr Williams and been discharged for a long time
    and he comes to visit his son.
    He also came the day that Richard would be
    He was appreciating the doctor's skills in saving
    his son's life when Richard and Nicky joined
    "Thank God for Nicky here" the doctor said
    gesturing to Nicky who was sitting beside
    Richard "she donated her blood and thank God
    it was a perfect match" the doctor said.
    "Nicky?which Nicky?" Richard doubtfully asked.
    "The one beside you" the doctor said.
    "I'm finished" Richard said.
    Everyone was surprise at him by saying that. He
    should be appreciating Nicky who helped to save
    his life.
    "How?" the doctor surprisingly asked as
    everyone waited to hear his reason.
    "Please doctor does it mean that I will start
    talking and behaving like her?" Richard seriously
    They all started laughing at his childish
    "Richard you've started again. Is like you don't
    know that you've become a talkative long ago?
    when my blood were not running in your vein
    and now that you have my blood in your vein let
    me see how you won't turn into a parrot" Nicky
    said laughing at him.
    "Don't mind her, it doesn't work like that" the
    doctor assured Richard.
    Mr Williams, Richard and Nicky all started out
    for the psychiatric hospital.
    Richard had reconciled with his father.
    When Mrs Williams saw her husband, she
    quickly stood up and started moving towards
    Even though she had not seen him for a long
    time but she still remembered him.
    How could she forget her husband?
    "I should have come before now" Mr Williams
    said as tears flowed from his eyes.
    "Is this really you Williams?" Mrs Williams asked
    as she started recovering herself as tears ran
    down her cheeks.
    "Yes honey I'm so sorry" he said as he hugged
    Richard and Nicky kept their distance as they
    watched them.
    "Instead of watching them why don't we start
    our own?" Richard asked turning Nicky around
    to face him.
    "Start what? don't you know your type?" She
    teased him.
    "Of course you know you're my type"
    "Even if I will have anything to do with you Mr
    arrogant then it will not be here. We would have
    to go home first" she said putting her arms
    around his neck.
    "What if I insist we stay here? he asked as he
    threw his own arms around her and started
    kissing her not minding where they were.
    THE END ! !

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