Story: She is Now a Ghost


    Am a ghost! I know I am. For the past three
    years I have been wondering about from street
    to street without been noticed by any human
    being except ghosts like me. I have no idea of
    why am still in the human world, ghosts were
    suppose to be in heaven after they die not in the
    human world. It was a boring and tiring moments
    for me been living on earth as a ghost. So lonely
    and tiresome.
    I don’t have any memory of how I die or what
    was behind my death because am still young.
    I was walking down the street where people
    were moving about. Some were smiling and
    chatting with their friends, some were waiting by
    the bus stop for the next bus. While some were
    walking up and down the street. It obvious they
    didn’t notice me as some people even went
    through me while walking.
    When I got to the bus stop, among the people
    standing by the road side, I saw a little boy
    staring at me. I stopped staring back at him. The
    boy should be around 11 to 12 years of age. He
    looks so dirty and rough. He can’t possibly see
    me except if he’s a ghost. I wonder if he saw me
    or was just staring at something else.”Can you
    see me?”I asked him. He wasn’t responding all
    he did was kept staring at me. I moved closer to
    him and bent a little to look at him closely”can
    you really see me?”I asked waving my hand
    before his eyes. He blinked and stared off. “Yes I
    did. And so?”he replied.
    He can really see me? Why? Is he a ghost? An
    alien?. What exactly is he?” I thought to myself
    looking at him strangely. “Wow. You saw me.
    You really saw me. Am so happy you saw me.”I
    said smiling and jumping up happily. He looked at
    me and made a dull face”yes I can see you
    because am a ghost also”he said looking at me.
    He started moving leaving me behind.
    I stood there staring at him as he left”what the
    hell was that? I was happy for no reason. He’s a
    ghost too. Am older than you. Don’t be so rude
    to me like that”I said looking at him as he left.
    “Yeah it’s normal for ghosts to see ghosts. But
    why can’t a single human see me? Why? I
    thought some human has the ability to see
    ghosts. Why is it so hard to find one? Where are
    they all hiding?”I said sadly looking around. “Why
    am I still on earth? I should disappear from this
    world if I have nothing to do with this humans. I
    got so lonely and sad everyday. What’s my
    purpose for still staying on this lonely earth?
    Someone should tell me from up there”i yelled
    on top of My voice looking up at the sky.
    Thunder struck from the sky with lightning like
    its going to rain soon. As i heard the sound of
    thunder from the sky, i quickly bent down
    dodging beside a bench. I peeped slowly looking
    up to the sky”wow that really scared me. was i
    too loud? Was he angry at me? You guys have to
    go easy on me. You can’t kill me twice OK?”i
    said looking up. After a while, i stood up from
    where I dodged then continue walking heading to
    an unknown destination.
    John’s POV
    I was taking pictures of a pretty model artist.
    She was so hot and beautiful. I promise myself
    to have her pin after we finish shooting all the
    pictures,Then hook up with her later.
    From my personality and attitudes towards
    ladies, You can call me a player. Am so
    handsome and smart. Ladies of this company
    were dying over me because of my amazing
    good looking face and body. Because of my look
    and appearance, I took the advantage to play
    with ladies all I like. Every girlfriend I have can
    only last for a week or less than that. No matter
    how pretty she is. After playing with them, I
    dumped their a-s off and go for another new hot
    After shooting for 30minutes, I asked for five
    minutes break before we resume back. “Let’s
    take five minutes break”I said leaving the scene
    while handing over the camera to Sam, my
    personal assistant. He viewed through the
    pictures I have taken and smiled at me raising
    his thumb finger at me. That shows a sign of an
    excellent job. Tina brought a bottle of water to
    me with a face towel to dry my sweats. “Here
    sir”she said stretching them to me. I received
    the bottle water and drank from it, leaving the
    remaining on the table by my side. I kept staring
    at Debbie the model I just finished shooting her
    photos. She caught my eyes and was smiling in a
    seductive way. I smiled back winking my eyes at
    her. She smiled more covering her mouth with
    her fingers. “Wow. You fell for me already? I
    think that makes it so easy for me”I thought to
    myself smiling at her.
    After I finished all the photo shoots, the director
    and everyone started to round up everything to
    Tina came to me and started drying my sweats
    with the towel she was holding. “That was a
    perfect job. You’re the best”she said smiling. “Of
    course I am”I said still staring at Debbie. Tina
    traced my gaze and smiled. “You like her
    too?”she asked as she withdrew the towel from
    my face.
    I looked at her not replying. “Go to Sam and help
    him pack up OK”I said smiling while holding her
    shoulders. I left her and moved to where debbie
    was standing. Immediately Debbie saw me, a
    smile formed up on her face. I got to her smiling
    also. “You look most beautiful of all woman
    today.”I said looking at her. “Really? Wow am so
    happy to hear that”she said smiling. I can see
    she’s blushing by now.
    “It’s time to leave”a lady said looking at us from
    afar. “Oh so sad I have to leave now”Debbie said
    looking at me. I dipped my hand into my pocket
    and brought out a pen. I took her hand and wrote
    my phone number on her arm. She smiled looking
    at me shyly. I kissed her soft lovely hand and left
    her to go. “I promise to call you soon”she said
    before leaving to meet others. I was staring at
    her sexy back view as she walks. the fitted gown
    she wore glued to her body showing her amazing
    curve. Her hips swayed to each side as she
    walked. I kept staring at her smiling to myself.
    “Let’s see how long you’ll last.”I said and also
    left the scene.
    When it’s 7:30pm, I prepared to leave the
    company to my house.
    After I finished viewing through some pictures
    and making an adjustment were they went bad, I
    stood up from the seat taking my car key with
    me. I left the office and headed to my car in the
    I was driving on the highway feeling happy about
    today’s work and thinking about my next target
    Debbie. I was smiling happy while driving. I
    noticed my car was acting strange. I decided to
    pull over and check what’s wrong with it. After
    pulling over, I came down from the car to check
    what’s wrong with it. I opened the bonnet
    although I have no idea of what to check or
    where to touch. I shut the it angrily which
    caused a loud sound. “What the f--k is wrong
    with you? Why do you have to do this to me
    now?”I said looking at it. I checked my wrist
    watch and saw the time is almost 8:00pm. It’s
    dark and getting late already. I took my phone
    and dialed Sam’s number to come and pick me
    up from the place I told him the location and
    described the place. Immediately I told him, he
    said he’s on his way. I got a bit relieved and
    started walking from end to end waiting for him
    to arrive.
    Stella’s POV
    I was walking down beside the road roaming
    about as usual. I saw a guy standing by a red
    spot car. He looks amazingly good looking. From
    his facial expression, I can see he’s bothered by
    something. I stared at him for a while admiring
    his handsomeness. “Don’t be a stupid girl. Snap
    out of it. You’re a ghost not a human. He can’t
    even see you.”a voice said in my head. “Yes.
    Who cares if he’s bothered or not? Let me just
    go way and ignore him”I said walking towards
    But he stopped as I got closer. I wanted to go to
    the other side through him, but he moved to the
    sideavoiding me. I stopped and looked up at him.
    “Why? Can you see me?”I asked looking at him.
    But he was not looking at me, he was staring at
    somewhere else. I moved to his front and tried
    to go through him again. He moved to the side
    avoiding me. I did it again and he avoided me
    again. I did it over and over and he also repeated
    the same thing. I looked up at him wondering
    what he’s doing. Does he see me? Why is he
    avoiding me? I thought to myself looking at him.
    I decided to touch his face maybe he can notice
    that too. I raised my hand up slowly looking at
    him. He stood still not looking at me. When I
    almost touch him, he looked down at my face
    angrily”why do you guys like doing this to me?
    can’t you just leave me alone and go your
    way!”he yelled at me in frustration and anger. I
    got so shocked and surprised looking at him. He
    can really see me. He just spoke to me. For the
    past three years, someone just noticed me. “I
    thought to myself as he was staring straight into
    my eyes with his bright charming eyes.


    I kept staring at him not knowing what to say.
    Am happy he can see me but one side of me
    was sad because he’s mad at me. I don’t really
    care about that. All that matters to me was that
    a human just saw me for the past three years. It
    seems so shocking to me. I moved back a bit
    facing him”you saw me? You can really see me.
    Am so happy you do see me. I don’t know what
    to do right now. You’re such a special being. It’s
    good to meet you”I said smiling happily. He
    doesn’t look good staring at me. He places his
    hands by his waist staring at me badly. “And so?
    So if I can see you what does that have to do
    with me? We have no business together so
    disappear from my sight”he said in a little harsh
    voice. I felt so bad by what he just said. He
    moved from my sight walking out on me. I tried
    to touch him although I know that’s not possible
    because I can’t touch human but when I tried it,
    I can really feel his body with my hand. My hand
    touched his arm lightly but he already walked
    pass me. I looked at my hand then looked back
    at him in surprise. I can touch him. I can feel it
    with my hand. Could this be real? I asked myself
    looking at him. I want to try it again maybe it
    was real. So I walked behind him and placed my
    hand on his arm. To my surprise it works. I can
    feel his warm body with my hand. I thought to
    myself smiling. He turned and looked at my hand
    then looked at my face. “Who the hell do you
    think you are to place those dirty hands on
    me?”he said looking annoyed.
    Why is he so angry? I never done anything wrong
    to him. Why is he treating me like a trash?”I
    thought to myself as I withdrew my hand from
    his arm slowly. “Am sorry for that. But why are
    you treating me this way? Did I do anything
    wrong to you?”I asked looking at him. He moved
    closer looking straight into my eyes. “Because I
    don’t want to see you. I want to live a normal
    life. Must I see you ghosts everyday. I mean why
    must you disturb me? why me of all people? I
    don’t want to see you. Get lost!”he said looking
    so annoyed and angry.
    A car horned from the road side which got him
    to looked back at it. A young guy came down
    from the car and started walking towards us. He
    got to us and started looking around in
    confusion. “I thought you were with someone.
    Why were you so loud? And who were you talking
    to?”the guy asked still looking around. “It’s
    nothing. I was talking to someone on phone”he
    replied raising his phone up. “Alright. Let’s leave
    this place it’s late and cold. Am scared a ghost
    might pop out to us”the young guy said rubbing
    his shoulders. He left for the car while the
    handsome guy walked behind him. When he got
    to the car and was about opening the door, he
    looked back at me with an unknown expression
    before opening the door. The car drove down the
    high way. I stared at it till it was out of sight. I
    sighed to myself looking around the dark area.
    “What should I do now? Since he’s the only
    human that can see me, I need to be around him
    maybe he can help me find the cause of my
    death. I really need his help but he’s too hard to
    talk to.”I said looking sad. I looked at the red
    sport car and smiled to myself. “Looks like am
    gonna see him again.”I said smiling. I moved to
    the side of the car and went inside through the
    door. I sat down on the seat comfortably leaning
    my head back with a smile on my face.
    John’s POV.
    Sam was driving the car while I sat quietly not
    saying a word since we left the scene. My mood
    was ruin because of the ghost girl I saw earlier.
    Sam noticed this and asked what went wrong
    with me. “Why are you so Moody and sad? Do
    you have a bad conversation with the person you
    called? It’s rear to see this expression”Sam said.
    “I also don’t know why am like this. I just felt
    bad for no reason.”I replied not looking at him.
    “That’s so strange”he said looking at me. “You’ll
    have to to pick up my car tomorrow morning
    after the repair”I said. “Alright”Sam replied.
    After 10minutes drive, we got to my house. I got
    down from the car and waved him goodbye.
    “Drive carefully and don’t forget to come early
    tomorrow. We’re having another photo shoot by
    8am tomorrow.”I said looking at him from the
    window. “Okay. Goodnight”he said. I left after he
    drove our of my compound. I headed towards the
    gate and unlocked it. I got to the living room and
    went straight to the fridge to drink some water.
    My living room was not that wide. It looks so
    neat and well set. The walls were painted with
    my best colour Pure white. While the couch,
    center table, rugs, cottons and the rest were in
    blue colour.
    I walked to the fridge and took water from it.
    After drinking, I threw the bottle in the waste bin
    beside the fridge and headed straight to my
    I got to my room and laid tiredly on the large
    sofa. My room was a medium size room. It has
    pictures and some stickers on the wall. It really
    looks like an high school student room by looking
    at it. It looks so rough because I was too lazy to
    tidy it up this morning. Clothes and underwear
    were flung at each angle of my room. It looks
    messy and rough.
    My mind flashed back to when I saw the ghost
    girl. The more I look at it, she looks so familiar
    to me. Who’s she? I think I have seen that face
    somewhere before. Where is that?”I thought to
    myself looking so worried and confused.


    The more I tried to remember, the more I got
    more confused about it. “Well I might have seen
    her as a ghost somewhere before. Let’s just
    forget about her and get some sleep”I said
    turning to the other side.
    I was already dozing off when the ringtone of my
    phone pierced so loud into my ear. “Ooh
    seriously who is calling by this time?”I asked
    reaching my hand for it by my side. I brought it
    close to my face and saw an Unknow number. I
    guess it must be Debbie. I answer it and placed
    it to my ear.
    Stella’s POV
    I was walking up and down around the car
    waiting for him to arrive. I waited and waited but
    he didn’t come for his car. After a while, a car
    packed by the road side. I was so happy he
    showed up at last. I waited patiently looking at
    the door expecting him to get down. But to my
    disappointment, it was a man that got down from
    the passenger seat. After he got down, the
    young man I saw yesterday also came down
    from the driver’s seat. I moved to the car and
    stated peeping through the window maybe Mr
    handsome is still inside but no one was their. I
    moved to them looking sad”where’s Mr
    handsome? Uhn. Why is he not coming?”I asked
    looking at both of them.
    “Here is the car”the young guy said to the man.
    The man went to the car and opened the door.
    He started the engine. After a while, he got down
    from the car and faced the young man. “There’s
    nothing wrong with this car. It’s working
    perfectly”the man said looking at him. “Really?
    This is so strange”the young man said
    scratching the back of his head. ” I thought he
    said it was acting bad yesterday”the young man
    said looking confused. “Nothing is wrong with
    it.”the other man said. “OK thanks. Sorry for
    stressing you”the young man said looking at him.
    “Oh am ok. Bye”the man said smiling. He left
    with the other car while the young man was still
    looking at the car. I moved closer to him looking
    sad. “Hey. Where’s Mr handsome? Why’s he not
    here? Please I need to see him”I said looking at
    him. He did notice me so he couldn’t hear any of
    my words. He wanted to go to the driver’s seat
    but I followed him again asking him all sorts of
    questions even though he can’t hear or see me.
    “Please just hear me out this once. I need to see
    Mr handsome.”I said following him. When he was
    about to open the door, I moved closer to his ear
    and blew soft air in his hear. He jacked back
    touching his ear. “What was that? It felt like
    someone just made a cold breath in my ear”he
    said looking around. I was standing before him
    but he can see me. “Here. Am right here. Please
    look at me”I said jumping up and waving my
    hand before him. After he looked around for a
    while, he opened the door and went in. “Ooh.
    Please don’t leave me.”I said looking at him
    through the window as he started the engine. He
    drove the car slowly then moved to the highway.
    “What should I do? I have to see Mr handsome”I
    said feeling impatient. I closed my eyes and
    disappear from where I stood then reappear in
    the car sitting at the back seat. The young man
    was playing a song which was so loud. He was
    driving and singing along with the music. “Oh my
    ear. It’s so loud. Please lower the volume”I said
    blocking my two ears with both hands. But he
    kept moving his head to the beat of the song
    singing excitedly.
    John’s POV
    30 minutes before the photo shoot would start, I
    was in Debbie’s car. Only the two of us. The
    director and others were at the studio doing
    whatever they have to do before we’ll start the
    shoot. She looks more pretty this morning. “You
    look like an angel. So beautiful like a queen”I
    said in a romantic voice. She smiled on hearing
    that. “Thanks for that. You’re also hot. So
    charming and romantic”she said smiling. “Wow.
    It’s first time a lady would tell me this. You’re so
    special from all the woman I know. You’re the
    most pretty girl In the world to me. Am telling
    you the truth right now”I said smiling. She
    laughed a little looking at me. “Am so happy to
    hear that. You’re so cute”she said hitting my
    shoulder lightly. I looked at her face for a while
    smiling at her. “Your eyes looks pretty. Your
    nose looks so perfect. And your lips….”I stopped
    looking down at her glossy pink lips. I used my
    thumb to wipe the corner of her lip”the lips
    gloss is too much. Should I reduce it for you?”I
    asked in a romantic voice. Her cheek turned red
    as she continue smiling. I looked at her eyes
    then looked down at her lips. I smiled to myself
    and leaned closer to kiss her. She was also
    ready for it that she closed her eyes slowly
    expecting the kiss from me. That gave me more
    chance as I leaned more closer to her lips. Our
    lips hardly crushed when the ring tone of my
    phone distracted us from the kiss. I quickly went
    back to my seating position and took my phone. I
    looked at her face”Answer it” she said smiling. It
    was Sam. I think he’s here already. I thought to
    myself as I took the call. “Hello. Am here”Sam
    said. “OK. I’ll join you now”I said to him. I hung
    up the phone and slipped it into my pocket. “I
    think I need to go for now. I’ll call you after the
    shoot. Can you hang out with me tonight?”I
    asked her. “Hmm. Let me check the remaining
    of my schedule for today. I’ll call you when I do
    that.”she replied. “Ok bye”I said smiling. I got
    down from her car and headed to where sam
    packed the car. When I looked at him from afar,
    I can see he was not alone. A girl was standing
    beside him looking around.
    I got to them and saw it was the ghost girl.
    Immediately I saw her, I pretended as if I didn’t
    see her. “Oh you’re here so fast.”I said looking at
    sam. “Yeah. He said nothing is wrong with your
    car so I brought it back”he said looking at
    me.”Really? OK. Thank you”I said. By now, the
    ghost girl was before me “hy. Please I need your
    help. Can you hear me out for once?”she asked
    looking at me. “Let’s go”I said to Sam. Me and
    Sam started heading towards the studio. “Please
    stop ignoring me. Hear me out please. I promise
    not to disturb you”she said following us.
    Stella’s POV
    I was pleading him to give me audience but he
    refused to look at me or do as if he can hear
    me. “Mr handsome can you hear me please?”I
    asked walking behind him.
    After a while, I followed them to a place. The
    place was beautiful. It looks like they were about
    to shoot film or shoot some photos their. People
    were there doing different kind of things. Two
    ladies were putting some makeup on for a lady. I
    guess she’s a model by the way she dressed. I
    moved around the place looking at some things
    and others. As I moved about looking at the
    place, I saw a picture on the wall and stopped.
    The more I look at it,my head started spinning
    like I want to remember something by looking at
    the guy in the picture. I placed my hand on my
    forehead as my head started acting strange. a
    memory flashed into my head.
    “Please spear me I promise not to tell anyone
    about this”a girl’s voice said. “It’s too late dear.
    Maybe that will be your next life. Am sorry OK. I
    love you bye”a guy said. He stabbed the girl with
    the dagger he was holding and I head a great
    plash of water.
    I came back to my senses wondering what just
    happened. The faces were not clear. The
    memory was so blur that I was only hearing
    there voices.
    “What just happened? Whose memory was that?
    Who are they?”I said looking confused. This
    never happened to me for the past three years
    I’ve been wondering about in this world. I felt
    really strange.
    Could that girl crying be me? Was I murdered?
    Who’s the guy that stabbed the girl?”I asked
    myself many questions I was not able to answer.


    I stood there staring at the picture. After a while,
    I remembered I have to be with Mr handsome. I
    looked back and started searching for him looking
    around the place. I saw him standing among
    those people, holding a camera in his hand. I
    walked slowly towards him smiling.
    I stood beside him as he walks around from one
    place to another. “Is this where you work? Wow
    it’s so pretty and cool here.”I said looking
    Few minutes later, the photo shoot started. The
    lady looks so beautiful as she did different poses
    in different fashion of dresses and shoes. I was
    standing beside Mr handsome looking at him as
    he was taking the pictures. By looking at his
    face, I could tell he like her by the way he smiles
    while taking the pictures. “I can see you had a
    crush on her. It’s OK you’re also a man you can
    fall for her. You can’t hide that”i said looking at
    him. He looked at me then concentrated back on
    the camera. Wow. He could hear that of all what
    I’ve been saying to him since. I thought to
    myself folding my arms together.
    “Well. She’s so pretty. Am so jealous of her”I
    said nodding my head.
    “Good thing you’re not blind”he said under his
    breath thinking I won’t hear him.
    After the the photo shoots, he went to sit down
    on a chair. And I followed him standing beside
    the table. A girl brought a bottle water and a
    towel. He received the bottle from her and
    opened the top. “You did a great job.”she said
    smiling. “Oh thanks. You guys should rest also. I
    have to meet someone by 12pm so, I won’t be
    around then. You guys should finish the rest
    OK?”he said standing up from the chair. “Yes
    sir”the lady replied.
    He went to the other young guy and whispered
    something in his ear. He nodded his head in
    agreement saying OK.
    Mr handsome left the studio walking down the
    passage. I followed him gently without his
    knowledge. When he got to the compound,
    before he could get to his car, he pressed a
    remote to unlock it. He opened the door and sat
    down pulling out the seat belt. He stopped and
    was looking around. He peeped through the
    window then looked behind him. I can tell he was
    looking for me. I was at a corner looking at him
    as he does all this. When he couldn’t find me, he
    took a deep breath wiping his face with his palm.
    I smiled to myself looking at him. “Don’t be
    relieved. Am not gone yet”I said smiling. When
    he fasten the seat belt, and was about driving, I
    disappeared from where I was hiding and
    reappeared beside him. He quickly stepped on
    the break looking at me in shock. “Ooh. You
    really scared me”he said looking at me.
    “Were you looking for me? Why? Do you miss
    me?”I askec looking at him. “What? Stop popping
    out like that scaring people around with your
    ugly face OK”he said. “You don’t have to be
    scared. It’s not you first time seeing me. Are you
    really scared of ghosts?”I asked looking at him.
    “What’s she saying? Am not scared of them. I
    just don’t like seeing ugly ghosts popping our of
    nowhere. They’ll look like a demon to me.”he
    said as he drives the car slowly out of the
    compound. “Really? So you’re not scared of
    me?”I asked. “Am not. I can’t be scared of you.
    You don’t even look scary”he replied. “That
    means am not an ugly ghost then? Since you’re
    not scared of me. Am a sexy ghost not an ugly
    one”I said smiling. On hearing that, he started
    laughing out loud. I wonder what he’s laughing
    about. I didn’t say anything funny. “What’s she
    saying?. Sexy ghosts?”he repeated and continue
    laughing. He almost bump into a car but quickly
    turn the staring to avoid it. “You have to be
    careful if you don’t want to end up with other
    ugly ghosts”I said looking at him. “So you mean
    there are sexy ghosts? That’s so funny. I have
    never heard of that before. You’re not even a
    pretty ghost”he said still smiling. I feel good to
    see him smile. He looks so cool and calm.
    John’s POV
    As I was still talking and laughing at what the
    ghost Girl just said, a call came in and I took it.
    My expression changed immediately I saw the
    caller. It was my dad. I first hesitated to pick it
    but I took the call and placed the phone to my
    ear. He said he wants us to meet me at his
    office right now because he wants to have a
    meeting with everyone. I dropped the phone
    beside me after the call. I hate sitting down and
    talking with him. I don’t like him and I don’t feel
    happy anytime we’re together. But since it’s a
    family meeting, I have to show up. I was not the
    his first child. I have step brother and I have
    sisters also. He got married to three wives.
    Nathan was his first son. He’s two years older
    than me. While am three years older than Mary
    his younger sister. And Julie was the youngest
    wife’s daughter. She’s just 16 this year. Nathan’s
    mother was the first wife he married. She made
    life like hell for me and my mother when I was
    still young. She’s so scary and wicked.
    Even when father married the youngest wife, she
    hired gang to beat her up and destroy the
    pregnancy she’s having. She was rescued before
    they could do anything worst to her. Even though
    my dad knows she was the one who did it. He
    never confronted her or make any case on it.
    She’s so scary than demons or ghosts. I blamed
    my mum for getting married to my dad. But what
    can I do about it? It’s done already. Am one of
    Williams family. I don’t like engaging myself with
    family issues or about his companies. I like living
    a simple life and free from their problems. He
    has the biggest company in the state. He has so
    many companies and houses. But I disguise
    myself from Williams family. No one knows am
    Williams in my company. Even when I was still in
    school, no one knows am James Williams son.
    I hid my identity from people. Unlike my other
    brother Nathan. He boast about it and spend
    money like s--t when he was in school. We’re not
    close at all. We hate each other ever since we
    were kids. We never act like real brothers even
    though we still have the same father. Mary was
    the only one who was close to me. She likes me
    and love hanging around me everything in school.
    She once told me she wished we were not
    siblings. She would have love to have me as her
    boyfriend. I took that as a joke the day she said
    Back to my car.
    I frowned my face on hearing he’s having a
    meeting with us. I have to go just to avoid his
    nagging. I made a U turn and went back heading
    to the company.
    When I got there, I packed my car at the garage
    then got down and walked towards the door. I
    entered the big company and make my way
    towards his office. “Why are you not looking
    good? Are you angry at something?”the ghost girl
    asked following me behind. I ignored her heading
    to the elevator. When I got to the elevator, I
    pressed the button and it opened. Who I saw
    there left me with shock and surprise. But I hid it
    not letting it show on my face. He smiled
    nodding his head at me. But I kept on the
    straight face looking at him. “Long time no
    see”he said putting on a fake smile. We both
    were staring at each other awkwardly while I still
    stood at the entrance blocking the elevator from


    “Aren’t you getting in?”he asked looking at me. I
    looked behind me but I can’t find the ghost girl
    again. I wonder if she left already. I looked at
    Nathan and entered the elevator. It closed gently
    until it was locked finally. I think he just arrived
    back from America. I was told he left country
    three years ago”How have you been bro?”he
    asked placing his hand on my shoulder. I looked
    at his hand and removed it from my shoulder
    looking at him. “Why do you care about my well
    being?”I asked looking at him. “Why? Can’t I
    asked my brother how he has being doing?”he
    asked smiling. I laughed a little on hearing him
    say that. I looked at him putting on a straight
    and serious face. “That’s what am saying. Why
    do you care? Stop acting like you do when you
    don’t. I hate seeing you look at me with that
    face. Don’t fake yourself it doesn’t suit you”I said
    looking at him. When it got to our floor, the
    elevator opened and I went out leaving him
    behind. As I was walking down the passage
    heading to the office, the ghost girl appeared
    beside me. “Why is your expression like this? Do
    you fight with someone?”she asked walking
    beside me. “Where did you leave to?”I asked
    looking at her. Were you worried about me?”she
    asked smiling. “Why would i be worried about a
    ghost? I was just asking”I said not looking at
    her. “Hmm hmm just say you do”she said
    At the meeting…
    We were all seating round with a wide table in
    the center. Mrs Olivia(the first wife) was sitting
    beside father. I was opposite to Nathan. Mary
    was sitting beside me while Julie and Roseline
    (the last wife) was sitting beside each other. Mr
    Raymond(his PA) was standing beside him.
    While three other men were also standing by
    each side of the office. I wonder why they are
    here with us. I thought this a family meeting not
    a conference. Why so much people staying here
    with us?”I thought to myself.
    After some minutes of silence, he began with his
    “I welcome you all for leaving what you were
    doing to attend this meeting. It’s good to see
    you all here together in a long time.
    And for the person that’s not here today, may
    her gentle soul rest in peace.”he said looking at
    everyone. The person he was talking about was
    my mother.
    My mother’s death was a mystery to me. She
    was missing for two days and the next we heard
    about her was her corpse was found at a sea
    shore. That day was the most saddest day of my
    life. I cried like I never did. I wonder what got
    her to the sea. Investigations were carried out
    but nothing was found behind her death. I know
    and believed the death was not a natural one. I
    always believe she was murdered. After she was
    buried, I didn’t go home that night. I cried and
    longed for her to come back to me. The world
    seem like it’s coming to an end that day. I slept
    at where she was buried. But when I slept, I
    dreamed she came back to me smiling and
    hugging me in her arms. By the time I woke up, I
    was not able to find her. I stood up and started
    crying calling her name. It was so dark and
    silent. Only the voice of my cries could be heard.
    “Mum don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me
    here. Come back or take me with you”I cried
    walking around the dark burial ground. As I was
    still crying, I noticed someone tapped my
    shoulder from behind. I turned to the person still
    sobbing and my face soaked in tears. “Mummy!”I
    called running into her arms. She strolled my hair
    gently kissing my forehead.”you’re so fearless.
    Crying alone in a graveyard. Your voice was so
    loud I couldn’t rest properly. Don’t cry again am
    here beside you.” She said patting my back. I
    raised my head up looking at her face”I know you
    won’t leave me. You can’t leave me right?”I
    asked sobbing. I brought out the golden medal i
    won in high jump three days ago and showed it
    to her. “Mummy. I won a golden medal again. I
    know you would be happy to see it. You told me
    am the greatest son in the world right?. Lets go
    home now uhm. I promise not to bother you
    anymore. I’ll try my best to be a good son from
    now on. I promise I won’t stay up late at night
    playing video games instead of studying. I will try
    my best to impress you from now on. So,
    Mummy please let’s go home”I said crying. She
    was also crying patting my head. “That’s good of
    you. Now stop crying it will ruin your handsome
    face”she said crying also. “Mummy let’s go
    home. Am scared of this place”I said crying.
    “Am so sorry son. Mummy is so sorry. I promise
    to protect you from any harm. Am so sorry to
    leave you so early”she said crying. She hugged
    me tight sobbing”Mummy why are you sorry? You
    didn’t do anything wrong.”I said. She released
    me still holding my hand. She stepped back a bit
    crying silently. She waved her hand in a sign of
    good bye with tears on her face. “Mummy. Where
    are you leaving to. Please don’t leave me. You
    promised to always stay with me. You told me
    I’m your only hope in this world. Why? Mummy
    please!”I said crying out more louder. She
    disappeared into the thin air without a trace.
    “Mummy! Mummy please dont leave me!”i cried
    more kneeling on the floor. Everything seems like
    a bad dream to me. I wish someone could wake
    me up from the long dream.
    The following morning, dad sent his body guard
    to pick me up from the graveyard because I
    never wanted to leave. I was forced in the car
    and taken to him. He comforted me and promise
    to look after me in place of my mother. But all
    was false. The first wife made life hard for me
    when he noticed the special treatment I was
    receiving from him. She planned different tricks
    until she succeeded in turning his back on me.
    Even since I left the graveyard, I started seeing
    strange things people can’t see. At first I was
    scared and always scream every time they
    appear. But when time goes by, I got used to it.
    Until a day I was able to see my mum. I was so
    happy but it didn’t last for long. She used to visit
    me almost everyday and I was happy I could see
    ghosts at those moments. She told me to forget
    the past and move on with my life. After some
    times, I was not able to see her again but I could
    see other ghosts and evil spirits.
    When dad said that, it reminds me of the painful
    memory. He gave his speeches talking about the
    company and others. “Since Nathan is the first
    son, I assigned to the post of this company
    president”he said looking at everyone. His PA
    handed him a file and he wrote something on it.
    “And john would be the vice president.”on
    hearing that, I almost laughed but I controlled
    myself. So, he believed I could work in his
    company? Never.”I thought to myself looking at
    him badly. He assigned Mary to his other
    company. And promise to do the same for Julie
    when she graduates.
    After the meeting, we all left the office. I
    planned to call father and tell him am not
    interested in what he offered later when I get
    home. As I walked towards the elevator, Nathan
    got to me. He stood before me smiling.
    Stella’s POV.
    I reappeared before Mr handsome and saw a guy
    before him. He was also handsome but his face
    looks scary. “Who’s he?”I asked Mr handsome
    looking at the guy.
    Immediately I said that, he looks at my direction
    with a shock expression on his face.
    “Why? Can he see me?”I thought to myself
    staring at him in surprise. Mr handsome was also
    staring at him.


    He diverted his attention back to Mr handsome
    smiling. “It will be good to see you around. So
    let’s be good to each other from now on OK?”he
    said stretching his hand for a shake. Mr
    handsome was staring at him with bad looks.
    “It’s so painful that won’t be possible because I
    refuse to work here. I have my own job am not
    interested in what he said earlier. So, stop every
    naughty thoughts you have in your head”he said
    looking at him. The guy laughed out looking at
    him. “Why? Are you afraid of anything? Come on
    Bro.”he asked looking at him. He moved closer
    to his ear making a serious face. “I’ll also be
    happy if you do that. Live like this for the rest of
    your life”he said almost in a whisper.
    “What an evil guy.”I said looking at him badly. I
    could see how Mr handsome tightening his fist in
    anger. The bad guy tapped his shoulder lightly
    with a smile on his face”goodbye bro. We’ll meet
    again”he said and left. I moved to mr handsome
    side feeling pity for him. “How could he say that
    to you? He’s really a bad and evil human being.
    Don’t be annoyed by that OK?”I said feeling bad.
    He didn’t say anything to me or did as if he
    heard me. He walked towards the elevator still
    looking angry.
    “He’s not in a good mood again”I said looking
    sad also. I disappeared and followed him.
    John’s POV
    When I got home, I called father and told him am
    not interested in the post he gave me. I told him
    am OK working and living on my own. But he
    refused to agree with that. He nagged and
    shouted on phone. He said i can’t live my life the
    way I want it if I can’t live as his own son. He
    can never let any of his child look like beggar.
    He even threatened to destroy the company am
    working for if I continue acting on my own. I told
    him I don’t care whatever he’ll do I can never
    work in his company. He got more angry and his
    noise became louder on phone. After the call, I
    was so down I don’t know what to do next. He’s
    capable of doing all what he said on phone. I
    don’t want innocent people suffering just
    because of me.
    But I never want to depend on his money or
    engage myself with his companies.
    I sat down on my bed looking annoyed. I threw
    the phone on the bed beside me. Few minutes
    later, as I was about standing up, a call came in
    again. I saw it was roseline, the last wife calling.
    I picked it and places it to my ear. She said dad
    called her and told her everything I said. Since
    she’s the closest to me ever since my mum died.
    So dad told her to talk to me about the matter if
    she doesn’t want to see me regret it later. She
    asked us to meet up at her place which I told
    her it’s OK. She hung up the call after we
    finished the. Conversations.
    I dropped my phone beside me looking more
    angry. “How could he tell her about it so fast? I
    don’t have think it’s a must I work for him. Why
    is he threatening me?”I thought to myself. I
    stood up and picked my car key heading out of
    my room. Immediately I got out, the ghost girl
    appeared beside me. “Where are you heading to?
    Should I follow you?”she asked walking beside
    me. Due to my anger, I was not able to reply or
    look at her. I went straight to my car and
    unlocked it. I sat down and fastened the seat
    belt. She also got in, sitting beside me.
    At Mrs roseline house.
    We sat down opposite to each other in the living
    room. Julie was not back from school yet. Mrs
    roseline sat in way she was crossing her legs
    with a glass of wine in her hand. “Am so happy
    you came. Thanks for the honour and respect
    you showed me”she said placing the glass on
    the table.
    “Why do you reject the offer? You know I always
    support you in everything you do but this time, I
    can’t accept this”she said looking at me. “I
    know. What I want is freedom. I want to be free
    from my father’s shadow. Am happy living alone
    all by myself. Entering the company could take
    away the little happiness I have now. I don’t
    want to end up like my mother. I have to protect
    myself and live freely as she taught me”I said
    looking at her. She laughed heuristically after I
    said this. I wonder why she’s laughing. She
    stopped and looked at me. “My dear you’re
    funny. You’re still behaving childish. That’s not a
    good reason. You have to stop acting weak. I
    expected you to fight for your rights and position
    as the second child of James Williams. I know
    it’s a battlefield that’s why you have to face the
    worst parts of it just to win and get to the top.
    Many challenges will come your way but you
    have to overcome it. Am telling you this just
    because I cherish you like my real son. John it’s
    time to break out of your weak shell. Do you plan
    to live like a beggar for the rest of your life? It’s
    time to wake up from those false dreams. It’s
    time to stand up and fight for yourself.”she said
    looking serious. I was short of words, I don’t
    know what to say anymore. After some minutes,
    I finally replied to what she said. “I understand
    how you feel. And I know what am saying.
    Maybe I’ll think about it and give you feed back
    later”I said looking at her. She smiled nodding
    her head in agreement. “I’ll take my leave then”I
    said standing up. When I turned to leave, I saw
    the ghost girl standing behind me. She heard all
    what we just said. With the looks in her eyes, I
    could see she felt pity for me. “Drive
    carefully”Mrs roseline said. I walked towards the
    door ignoring the ghost girl. When I got to my
    car at the garage, she popped out from nowhere
    and stood beside me. “Am sorry for listening to
    your conversations.”she said. I ignored her not
    saying anything. “But I think what she said is
    truth. By looking at her, I could see she want the
    best for you. You have to follow her words, And
    for the lost of your mother…..”
    “Did I ask of your opinion? Why does it have to
    concern you? Don’t butt into my private life. You
    don’t have the right to pity me OK?”I said looking
    at her.
    “I know you don’t need my opinion but I just feel
    like telling you this. I think you have to follow her
    advises. If you continue acting stubborn, it might
    hurt people close to you. You have to obey what
    your father want if you want to keep everything
    you have”she said with a serious expression.
    “You don’t know anything about this so don’t just
    open your mouth and say whatever you feel like.
    I know what am saying, I know what am
    avoiding. I feel happy living on my own without
    being bothered by anyone. I have to avoid some
    things just to live a longer and happy life.”I said
    to her.
    “Fool! How could you say that? If you keep
    avoiding it, it will hurt you more. you might end
    up regretting your actions later in future. You
    have to face it just to overcome it. Stop being a
    coward. If you continue like this, your mother
    might curse you later in her grave. You’re acting
    childish as she said earlier. Your father want the
    best for you” the ghost girl said looking at me. I
    was so angry to hear her say that. I think she
    went too far with her words. I was staring at her
    badly. “Get lost!”I said looking at her angrily. “I
    know that’s the worst you could say. But it won’t
    change anything at all. I just felt pity for you
    that’s all”she said again sounding more annoying
    to me. My temper was becoming uncontrollable
    by now. “I said get lost. What right do you have
    to pity me? I don’t need that from you OK? You
    look more pitiful than I because you’re nothing
    but a ghost. Go away from me. Why do you
    follow me around saying rubbish with that
    mouth? I don’t want to see you again. So, Stop
    hunting me. Was I the one that killed you?”I
    asked looking at her angrily.
    She stared at me for a while with an unknown
    expression written on her face. “That’s true. You
    were not the one that murdered me. I think you
    could say that because you don’t know how
    valuable it is to be a human. You were seen by
    people you love and they could also see and talk
    to you. You were never as lonely as I am. The
    reason I was following you was because, I
    thought you were the right person to save me
    from my lonely days. I came to you because I
    thought you could help me.
    Do you know how hurt and lonely it is to walk
    alone not being noticed by people for three
    years? You never experienced that because
    you’re still using your chances as a human. Have
    you forgotten you would also end up like me one
    day? You don’t have to judge me badly because
    am a ghost. I was once a human like you. I was
    saying all that to you because I care and I want
    the best for you. But it seems like you’re not ok
    with it.
    It’s OK. I’ll get lost just like you said. I won’t
    bother you anymore from now on. I think I was
    mistaken for me to think you can help me.”she
    said looking sad. I felt really bad after hearing all
    what she said. I now feel like a bad guy by her
    words. I think I went too harsh on her. I felt so
    sorry towards her because I never knew she was
    this miserable than I.
    Before I could say a word, she disappeared into
    the thin air. I started looking around hoping for
    her to come back.


    After I searched and couldn’t find her, I rested
    my head on the body of my car feeling bad and
    worst. My phone was ringing but I was too weak
    to pick it. After it rang for long, it went off then
    rings again after some seconds.
    I brought it out from my pocket wondering who it
    could be. I checked the caller and saw it was
    Jane one of my ex girlfriend. I picked the call
    and placed it to my ear. “Why are you calling? I
    told you not to call again.”I said to her. “So you
    can do this to me after the promises you made?
    I thought you said you love me. Why are you
    pushing me away now?”she asked in a sad voice.
    “So you believe that? I don’t love you again just
    let me be. When I say game over just drop the
    card and get lost. Am tired of you”I said. “You’re
    a bad guy. I thought you really want me but you
    played me and now telling me to get lost. F--k
    you! You won’t get away with that I promise
    you”she yelled angrily on phone. After saying
    that, she hung up the call. I brought down my
    phone slowly. Not too long, another call came in.
    I thought it was Jane again. I already prepared
    myself to block her a-s of my line. But the
    person calling was Betty. She was my girlfriend
    also. We’ve been dating since last week but am
    tired of her already. When we first met was at a
    hotel I went to visit one of my friends. She came
    to me first when I was about leaving. She’s not
    that pretty but I just wish to have a taste of her
    and dump her off later because she was so hot
    that night. After saying sweet words to her, and
    she also fell deep into my romantic sweet trap. I
    succeeded in having one night stand with her
    that same night. We exchanged contacts and I
    promise to call her when I get home. She came
    to my house later again another day and we had
    Since the day I had s-x with her the second time,
    I got tired of her already when I met Jessy at a
    club. Jessy was so pretty and hot. She fell for
    me at first sight and I used the advantage on
    her. We’ve been dating for the past four days
    now. I know I’ll soon dump her too when the
    time comes.
    When I saw it was Betty calling, I first refused to
    pick it but when it rang the second time, I
    decided to take the call.
    Me: what’s up?
    Betty: I don’t know you’re this worst. How could
    you cheat on me? So you were dating my friend
    Gabriella too right. How could you? So you were
    playing me? You’re worst than anything.”she said
    almost crying on phone.
    I never knew she and Gabriella were friends. I
    met that girl two week ago but I dumped her
    already maybe she found out am dating Betty too
    and told her everything. I already blocked her
    contact from my phone so, she won’t be able to
    reach me again except we bump into each other
    on street.
    Me: is there big deal in that?” I said in a mocking
    Betty: you’re an a-----e for saying that. I don’t
    need you again. Get the f--k out of my life. You
    this son of a b---h”she said angrily.
    I smiled to myself as she said that. How does
    she know am tired of her already?.
    Me: wow. That’s so cool babe. I’ve been looking
    for a way to say that instead. Because I can’t
    stand your ugliness anymore. Please can you
    hang it up over there too busy to do that here”I
    said smiling.
    Betty: do you mean that? Am sorry for what I
    said. I was really mad for a minute. Please
    forgive my manner. Please pardon me”she said
    in a pleading voice.
    Me: babe E.N.D means over. Game over”I said
    and hung up the call before any further
    I blocked her from calling me and was about
    putting my phone on the seat. It rang again and
    on the screen was Abigael. I hissed and dropped
    it angrily. “You guys won’t kill me at this point.
    Am tired Please!”I said sounding frustrated.
    I got in the car and drove straight home.
    Stella’s POV
    I sat on top of a fence looking around the
    environment as people walks on the street from
    different angles. I sighed heavily looking sad and
    lonely. “He’s a bad jerk. How could he say that
    to me? He’s too cold and heartless. He’s more
    worst than evil spirits and ghosts.”I said to
    As I was still talking to myself, I noticed some
    ghosts trying to get something from a little boy.
    He was struggling to free himself from them but
    he was too weak and tiny. “What the hell are
    they doing. Are they bullying him?”I said looking
    at the scene. I disappeared from the fence and
    reappeared behind them. I peeped through what
    they were fighting on and I saw it was a left over
    “I got it first. So it’s mine”the little boy said
    struggling himself from them. “Give it to us
    gently or we’ll beat you up”one of the two ghost
    “Like seriously. Are they ganging up on this tiny
    boy?”I said laughing.
    I moved closer to them folding my arms. “Why
    are you guys threatening the boy?”I asked when I
    got to them.
    “It’s none of your business so get lost”the first
    ghost said.
    “I think am hearing too much of that words
    today. Get lost. Get lost. Get lost. Why do you
    guys like saying that. You’re not the only who
    that could say that. Now am telling you guys to
    get lost instead.”I said moving closer to them
    with my two arms folded together. “You’re so
    fearless. How could you face three guys talking
    carelessly like that? Should I teach you a
    lesson?”one of them said looking at me. He
    moved closer and grabbed my hair tightly. “Ouch.
    That’s so painful. Let me go or you’ll regret
    this”I said. But he pulled more harder. I grabbed
    his hand and twisted it backward. The remaining
    two ghosts came to me and I started kicking
    them off with my feet. I threw the guy to the the
    floor and faced others. They stood up again and
    came to me. The first ghost hit my tummy and I
    punched his face in return. The little boy bit one
    of them at the arm which made him flung him at
    a wall far from us. I looked at the boy as he
    struggled to stand up but I felt a punch at my
    back. It moved me forward a bit that I almost
    fell to the ground. I turned to them feeling more
    angry”you guys are dead today”I said taking off
    the hairpin at my hair. I moved closer to them
    and stabbed the first ghost by it’s neck when I
    saw the glowing red sign which means the weak
    point. Once it was stab, they’ll turn into arches
    and vanish into the thin air. Some might have
    the sign at their chest, some by their arms while
    some by their heart. Once I stabbed the ghost
    with the sharp pointed pin, It turns into arches
    immediately I withdrew it. The two other ghosts
    saw this and quickly disappeared into the thin
    air. I inserted the pin back into my hair and went
    to the small boy.
    “Are you OK?”i asked him. He nodded his head
    smiling. “Yes. Because am a ghost”he said
    looking at me. That sounds familiar. I looked at
    him closely and remembered he was the little
    boy I met at the bus stop the other day. “Oh
    you’re the rude little boy”I said pointing at him.
    “Thanks for saving me from them”he said
    He stood up from the ground holding my hand.
    “Now. I think we’re friends”he said smiling.
    “Friends?”I asked looking at him. He nodded his
    head smiling.
    John’s POV
    It’s dark already, I went out to buy some drugs
    from a pharmacy because I had been feeling sick
    since I got back. I bought the drugs and paid for
    it. “Thank you sir”the matron said smiling. I left
    the pharmacy and was leaving for my house. I
    wore a black hoodie cardigan covering my head
    with the Hood because of the cold weather. I
    walked down the silent and lonely street leading
    to my building.
    I started having different bad thoughts. “If an evil
    ghost popped out of nowhere that will be bad for
    me. What if it’s following me already? Am so
    scared like seriously”I thought to myself looking
    around the street like a lost stray cat.
    When I got to a corner, I noticed my shoelace
    was loose and it might fall me to the ground. I
    bent down and tied it properly. After tying it, I
    stood up still looking down at it. I raised my head
    up and saw a scary looking ghost’s face close to
    mine. “Oh my gosh!”I said and fell back to the
    ground in shock. It’s an evil ghost. It looks like it
    will pluck out my liver and eat it up. Because I
    learnt they eat up human livers. I was so scared
    I don’t know what to do next. He started moving
    closer and I was also moving back. “I want your
    liver. You’re so fresh and delicious. It will taste
    so yummy and good”he said laughing. “Go away
    from me. You can’t do that to me. Please go
    away”I said looking at it. It got closer and bent
    beside me smiling. “It has been long I tasted
    one. Am so happy and lucky to found you”he
    said reaching his hand to touch me. I spat on his
    face to stop him. “Stay back!”I yelled at him.
    “Seriously”he said wiping off the spite from his
    face. “You’re so fearless”he said again looking
    angry. He reached his hand for my neck and
    snapped it tightly.
    I struggled to free myself but he was too
    powerful. He took me up with my neck. My leg
    was hanging in the air as I find it really hard to
    breath. I held his hand with both hands looking
    down at him.
    He was smiling happily looking at my chest.
    “I think my time is up on earth. No one could
    save my liver from this evil spirit. So painful this
    how am gonna die. Am sorry to you all. Betty,
    Gabriella, Jane, Lizzy and all the girls I broke
    their hearts. Am really sorry to you guy please
    forgive me so that I can make it to heaven when
    I die. Ghost girl please forgive me too. I think I
    should say this at least before I die”I thought to
    myself as my breath became more header. He
    reached his hand towards my chest to ripe it
    out. I closed my eyes tightly as it got closer.
    Suddenly I heard a sound on stabbing. I thought
    his hand went in my chest already but I felt
    nothing. The next I know was that I fell hard to
    the ground breathing heavily and groaning in
    pain. I looked up but i couldn’t find the evil ghost
    anymore. All I could see was the image of the
    ghost girl holding a sharp long pointed steel in
    her hand. I closed my eyes then opened them
    again. I still saw her standing there staring at
    me. “Is this a dream?”I asked in a weak voice.
    She moved closer and bent her back a little
    looking at my face. “No it’s not”she replied
    looking at me. As she bent her back, a shining
    silver necklace was hanging down from her neck.
    I was surprised to see the necklace on her.
    There’s only one of the necklace in this world
    because I made the design specially for my mum
    on her 30th birthday. How come she’s having the
    necklace with her?”I thought to myself staring at
    the necklace and staring back at her face.


    “Are you OK?”she asked looking at me. I quickly
    stood up from the ground still starring at her
    neck. She looked at my face then looked back at
    the necklace. She wanted to put it back into her
    dress but I stopped her by holding her hand. She
    was staring at me strangely. I never touch her
    before ever since we met. Her skin was so cold
    and soft. I dropped her hand and looked at the
    necklace closely once again. After some seconds
    of staring, she covered it with her hand. she
    doesn’t understand why am staring at it like that.
    “Why? Why are you acting this way? You suppose
    to thank me for saving your liver and your life,
    but all you do Is stare at my necklace?”she
    asked looking at me.
    I held her shoulders looking straight into her
    eyes.”Where did you find that necklace? Please
    tell me why you’re having this necklace?”I asked
    looking impatient. “Calm down. Why are you like
    this?”she asked trying to remove my hands from
    her shoulder. “Please you have to tell me. That
    necklace was the only design I made myself for
    someone special to me as gift. That’s the only
    one design we have. How come you’re having it.
    I mean where did you get it?”I asked looking at
    her. She brought down my hands from her
    shoulders and sighed heavily. “I don’t even know
    why am having this. I just know it’s with me
    since three years now. I thought it might be a
    gift from my parents or boyfriend but I don’t
    remember any of them. I don’t even know how I
    die or what caused my death. For the past three
    years, this necklace has been with me”she said
    looking at me.
    I stared at her for seconds looking more
    She said three years ago, Same year as my
    mum’s death. Could there death be connected?
    Is it possible they both died on the same day and
    location?”I thought to myself staring at her.
    “Do you remember the date of your death? Can
    you tell me the location? And what happened
    that day?”I asked impatiently.
    She sighed looking confused. “How do you
    expect me to tell you that when I don’t even
    know how I die. I told you I don’t have any
    memory of my death or how I live in the human
    world.”she replied looking at me.
    I looked around the dark street and checked my
    wrist watch. The time says quarter after eight.
    “Let’s get out of here first. It’s dangerous for me
    right now”I said.
    I walked down forgetting about the drugs I
    bought. I feel no pain anymore. Everything
    disappeared the first time I saw the evil ghost.
    “Where are we leaving to?”she asked.
    “My house”I replied not looking at her. “Really?
    Why? Do you plan to help me?”she asked
    sounding happy. I didn’t say anything but just
    kept going.
    I sat down on the couch opposite to her. And I
    continued my questions.
    “So you mean you don’t even know the owner of
    the necklace?”I asked. She nodded her head in
    response. “I just know I have it”she replied. “Why
    are you so interested in this necklace?”she asked
    looking at me. “Because the necklace was a gift
    from me to my mum”I replied clearly. “How
    could that be? So you mean this is from your
    mum? But how does it got to me?”she asked
    “Exactly! That’s what am trying to know. Why do
    you have it?”I said looking at her. “I think there’s
    something fishy about this case.”I added.
    “So could it be possible I met your mum before I
    die?”she asked. “So you mean you can’t even
    recall anything about that day?”I asked her.
    “No I don’t…”she stopped for a while thinking
    over it again. “Oh yes. I could only recall a
    memory not too long ago, which is not really
    clear to me.”she said trying to remember. On
    hearing that, I adjusted from my seat moving a
    little closer to her. “Can you tell me about it?
    How does it go?”I asked looking at her. “It was
    not clear but I remembered I heard my voice.
    And the second voice was a guy’s voice. I was
    crying and begging him to spare my life. But he
    said… “”It’s too late dear, maybe in the next life.
    Goodbye I love you””he said that and stabbed me
    with a sharp dagger. After he stabbed me, all I
    could hear was a great splash of water. That’s
    all I could remember”she said looking at me.
    “Murder? That means you were murdered by the
    guy in your memory. A great splash of water you
    said?”I asked. “That part is not clear. Does it
    mean someone fell into a river or what? It looks
    mysterious”I said wondering what happened at
    that part. “Is that all you could remember?”I
    asked her. “Yes. That’s all I could remember”she
    replied staring at me.
    “Something is off. Could the splash be when my
    mum fell or could it be the guy threw her into
    the river from a bridge?. If that’s it, how does
    she have her necklace then? Oh my God this is
    so confusing.” I thought to myself running my
    hand in my hair.


    “So, do you really plan to help me?”I asked
    looking at him. He stood up from the couch
    looking at me. “Yes. I will.”he replied heading
    towards his room. I stood up and followed him
    behind feeling happy. When he was about
    opening the door, he stopped at turned back.
    “Where do you think you’re following me to?”he
    asked still standing by the entrance. “Oops sorry.
    I lost my mind for a while. Are you going to bed
    already?”I asked. He sighed looking at me. “So
    where do you expect me to go? To watch movie?
    Please I need to sleep early because of my work
    tomorrow”he replied trying to go in. I held his
    cloth lightly looking at him. “What’s it again?”he
    asked looking at me. I faced the floor not looking
    at him. “What?”he asked again wondering what I
    want to say. “Can I stay here with you?”I asked
    not raising my head. He was silent for some
    minutes before replying me. “OK fine. You can,
    but on one condition”he replied. On hearing that,
    I raised my head feeling happy”really? Seriously?
    I can stay here?”I asked smiling happily. But
    when I thought of the condition he mentioned, I
    stopped smiling changing my expression. “What’s
    the condition?”I asked looking at him. “You’ll
    know that tomorrow”he replied and went inside
    shutting the door behind him. I walked away
    slowly from his door moving to the living
    room.”what could that be?”I asked feeling
    curious. I started walking around in the living
    room smiling happily.
    Four days later…
    John’s POV
    I dressed in a neat well ironed black suite
    matching with my shining black well polished
    I picked my car key from the stood and walked
    out of my room. I got to the living room but
    couldn’t find the ghost girl. “I wondered where
    she left to this early morning”I said making my
    way out to the compound. I got to the compound
    and went to my car. When I drove out, I saw her
    talking to a little ghost boy.
    Stella’s POV
    I gave the ghost boy some food from Mr
    handsome fridge before he could wake up.
    “Thank you so much”he said smiling as he
    received it from me. “Eat a lot OK? What’s your
    name?”I asked him as he started eating. “I don’t
    know my name. I can’t remember”he said
    rushing the food into his mouth. “You don’t have
    a name?”I asked. “Yes I don’t. I’ll like to
    remember my name at least but I couldn’t”he
    said. “OK. What if I give you a name?”I asked
    smiling. “Really? What’s it?”he asked smiling with
    his mouth full of some food particles. “Hmm.
    Alex”I said smiling. “Wow. I love it. So am Alex
    from now on?”he asked smiling happily. “Yes
    Alex”I replied patting his head lightly.
    I heard a car horning behind us and I quickly
    looked back. It’s Mr handsome. Where is he
    going to by this time? I thought to myself staring
    at his car. I faced Alex smiling. “I have to go
    now OK? I’ll talk to you later.”I said patting his
    back. “Ooh. Really?”he asked making a sad
    expression. “Don’t worry. I promise to bring a lot
    of food for you when I get back OK?”I said
    smiling. “OK. Bye”he said looking at me.
    I left him and walked to Mr handsome car. I
    disappeared into the car sitting beside him.
    I looked at the way he dressed. His dressing
    looks extra ordinary. I wonder if he’s going to his
    work dressing like that. “Why are you dressed
    like this? Are you going for wedding
    registration?”I asked looking at him. “Wedding…
    You’re so dumb. Can’t you tell am going to
    work?”I said dressing my suite well. “Oh work?”I
    repeated nodding my head. “So who do you want
    to propose to at your work place?”I asked again
    looking curious. He covered his face with his
    right palm in frustration. “I don’t know ghosts are
    this senseless”he said almost in a whisper
    thinking I won’t hear him. “What do you say?”I
    asked looking at him. “Never mind”He said. He
    removed his hand from his face and drove slowly
    down the street.
    Few minutes later, we got to a big company. I
    think we’ve been to this place before. He drove
    the car to the garage and got down locking the
    car with a remote. I also got out and stood
    beside him. I looked up at the giant looking
    company. Oh this is his father’s company. Does
    he agree to work here?
    I turned to him looking confused. “Do you finally
    agree to what your father said?”I asked him. “Of
    course. Am also James Williams son. From now
    on, I’ll live as my true identity. I plan to find the
    reason behind my mother’s death and punish
    whosoever was behind it. So, here I comes ANEL
    entertainment”he said smiling. I looked at him
    smiling also.
    John’s POV
    We got to the elevator and I opened it. When I
    got to the eleventh floor, the elevator stopped
    and I walked out heading to my office. “Hey!”I
    heard a voice behind me. I looked back and saw
    Debbie. She was putting on a long pink gown
    matching with her blue hills and fashion blue
    hand bag. She looks pretty as always. As I saw
    her, a smile formed on my face. “Who’s she?”the
    ghost girl asked as she came closer. “Wow. It’s
    good to see you here. Are you here to visit
    someone?”I asked her smiling. “Oh actually I
    have something am doing here on the sixth floor.
    We’re having a fashion modeling program there.
    Am the moderator of the event so, that’s what
    brought me here. What of you? Are you here to
    see someone?”she asked. Just as I was about
    replying her, Stephen walked up to us. He was
    so surprised to see me in the company.
    We both were both staring at each other not
    saying anything or greeting each other.. I smiled
    on seeing the expression on his face.
    I know the battle line is drawn between both of
    us. Because am also ready for every worst part
    of it. I won’t lose to him this time like I did back
    in high school.

    EPISODE 10

    I want to be free from my father’s shadow.
    Am happy living alone all by myself. Entering
    the company could take away the little
    happiness I have now. I don’t want to end
    up like my mother. I have to protect myself
    and live freely as she taught me”I said
    looking at her. She laughed heuristically
    after I said this. I wonder why she’s
    laughing. She stopped and looked at me.
    My dear you’re funny. You’re still behaving
    childish. That’s not a good reason. You have
    to stop acting weak. I expected you to fight
    for your rights and position as the second
    child of James Williams. I know it’s a
    battlefield that’s why you have to face the
    worst parts of it just to win and get to the
    top. Many challenges will come your way but
    you have to overcome it. Am telling you this
    just because I cherish you like my real son.
    John it’s time to break out of your weak
    shell. Do you plan to live like a beggar for the
    rest of your life? It’s time to wake up from
    those false dreams. It’s time to stand up and
    fight for yourself.”she said looking serious. I
    was short of words, I don’t know what to
    say anymore. After some minutes, I finally
    replied to what she said. “I understand how
    you feel. And I know what am saying. Maybe
    I’ll think about it and give you feed back
    later”I said looking at her. She smiled
    nodding her head in agreement. I’ll take my
    leave then”I said standing up. When I turned
    to leave, I saw the ghost girl standing
    behind me. She heard all what we just said.
    With the looks in her eyes, I could see she
    felt pity for me. “Drive carefully”Mrs roseline
    said. I walked towards the door ignoring
    the ghost girl. When I got to my car at the
    garage, she popped out from nowhere and
    stood beside me. “Am sorry for listening to
    your conversations.”she said. I ignored her
    not saying anything. “But I think what she
    said is truth. By looking at her, I could see
    she want the best for you. You have to
    follow her words, And for the lost of your
    Did I ask of your opinion? Why does it have
    to concern you? Don’t butt into my private
    life. You don’t have the right to pity me OK?”I
    said looking at her.
    I know you don’t need my opinion but I
    just feel like telling you this. I think you have
    to follow her advises. If you continue acting
    stubborn, it might hurt people close to you.
    You have to obey what your father want if
    you want to keep everything you have”she
    said with a serious expression. You don’t
    know anything about this so don’t just open
    your mouth and say whatever you feel like. I
    know what am saying, I know what am
    avoiding. I feel happy living on my own
    without being bothered by anyone. I have to
    avoid some things just to live a longer and
    happy life.”I said to her.
    Fool! How could you say that? If you keep
    avoiding it, it will hurt you more. you might
    end up regretting your actions later in
    future. You have to face it just to overcome
    it. Stop being a coward. If you continue like
    this, your mother might curse you later in
    her grave. You’re acting childish as she said
    earlier. Your father want the best for you”
    the ghost girl said looking at me. I was so
    angry to hear her say that. I think she went
    too far with her words. I was staring at her
    badly. “Get lost!”I said looking at her angrily.
    “I know that’s the worst you could say. But
    it won’t change anything at all. I just felt pity
    for you that’s all”she said again sounding
    more annoying to me. My temper was
    becoming uncontrollable by now. I said get
    lost. What right do you have to pity me? I
    don’t need that from you OK? You look more
    pitiful than I because you’re nothing but a
    ghost. Go away from me. Why do you follow
    me around saying rubbish with that mouth?
    I don’t want to see you again. So, Stop
    hunting me. Was I the one that killed you?”I
    asked looking at her angrily.
    She stared at me for a while with an
    unknown expression written on her face.
    That’s true. You were not the one that
    murdered me. I think you could say that
    because you don’t know how valuable it is
    to be a human. You were seen by people
    you love and they could also see and talk to
    you. You were never as lonely as I am. The
    reason I was following you was because, I
    thought you were the right person to save
    me from my lonely days. I came to you
    because I thought you could help me.
    Do you know how hurt and lonely it is to
    walk alone not being noticed by people for
    three years? You never experienced that
    because you’re still using your chances as a
    human. Have you forgotten you would also
    end up like me one day? You don’t have to
    judge me badly because am a ghost. I was
    once a human like you. I was saying all that
    to you because I care and I want the best
    for you. But it seems like you’re not ok with
    It’s OK. I’ll get lost just like you said. I won’t
    bother you anymore from now on. I think I
    was mistaken for me to think you can help
    me.she said looking sad

    EPISODE 11

    John’s POV
    I sat in my office playing game on my phone. A
    lady walks in holding some files in her hand. She
    looks so hot and pretty. The skirt she was
    putting on was so tight and a bit short showing
    her fresh laps. She placed those files on my
    table smiling at me In a seductive manner.
    “Wow. You look more handsome than I heard
    about you.”she said smiling.
    Wow they already talked about me on my first
    day at work. This is so cool and interesting.”I
    thought to myself smiling at her. “I was asked to
    bring this files to you. Anyway my name is
    Cassandra. Am the president’s secretary nice
    meeting you”she said smiling. “Wow what a
    lovely name. Nice meeting you too”I said smiling.
    “I have to go for now. I’ll see you later because I
    have something to say to you”she said.
    “Oh really? Alright am here for you. Cassandra.”I
    said smiling. She turned back and started
    walking towards the door. Her back side was a
    huge one. She has a big Sexy a-s figure. As she
    walks, her butt swayed right and left to every
    step she took. My eyes were fixed on her butt as
    they bounce like she’s tweaking. She opened the
    door and walked out.
    I swallowed hard when she left. Before I know it,
    I was already standing on my feet. I wonder how
    I got up from the seat. I sat back on the chair
    picking my phone from the desk. “Cassandra.
    Wow you hit me at the right point”I said smiling.
    Stella’s POV
    When I balanced on my feet, I was staring at her
    in confusion wondering what just happened. She
    was also staring at me holding the rosary in her
    hand. I now understand what she just did. I leant
    some human have something to protect
    themselves from evil ghosts and evil spirits. I
    think she was reciting that because she saw me.
    She thought am an evil spirit or trying to harm
    her. I was moving closer to her slowly”Jenny. I
    mean no harm OK. Am not an evil person”I said
    looking at her. “Leave me alone!”she screamed
    on top of her voice which attracted the rest
    attention to her. The music was stopped as they
    were all staring at her in confusion. “Jenny
    what’s it?”the choreographer asked looking at
    her. “It’s nothing ma”she replied in a shaky
    voice. “Are you sure?”she asked again to
    confirm. “Yes ma.”she replied.”okay. Lower your
    voice OK”she said and they continue. Jenny
    stood up from where she was sitting and headed
    out. I followed her and found out she was
    heading to the bathroom. When she got there,
    she just went to the tap to wash her face. She
    looked into the mirror and I guess she could see
    me through the mirror because I can’t see
    myself through the mirror I could only see her.
    She turned back facing me. “Jenny I mean no
    harm. I felt bad about how the choreographer
    sent you out back there. I thought you could not
    see me but I was wrong about that. I mean you
    no harm.”I said looking at her. “Is that it?”she
    said looking at me. I was so happy she
    responded. I think I made another human friend
    so quick. “Yes. And am happy you responded. I
    know some pretend they don’t see us when they
    do. Am happy you could respond to me so
    quick”I said smiling. She smiled looking at me.
    “Thanks for your concern. This is not the first
    time of been kicked out of practice. I think this
    is not my path but my mum insisted I must be a
    dancer. She wants me to be a celebrity just like
    Debbie Annie, Suzy Mick and many other
    successful celebrity out there. Isn’t that funny? I
    think she’s too selfish. She only thought of how
    she feel not minding what her daughter might
    feel about it. Although I also love dancing but I
    think I can’t do any better than this. It makes me
    want to give up every time am trying to do better
    but she will never allow that. So funny “she said
    smiling. “Really? That’s so bad. But I think your
    mother want the best for you. You can also be
    better than those celebrities in future just believe
    in yourself. Believe you can do it. Every
    successful human today don’t give up on their
    dreams and ambitions they kept trying and trying
    till they were able to make it to their goals.
    Jenny you can do better. Believe in yourself and
    keep trying.”I said looking at her.
    She nodded her head looking at me. “You’re
    such a wonderful person. Thanks for the
    advise”she said smiling.
    John’s POV
    It’s 6:45pm, I was already preparing to leave the
    office. But I think am missing something when I
    was about leaving. “What could I be missing?
    What’s it?”I started thinking hard to remember.
    “Oh yes. The ghost girl. Where could she be?”I
    said looking around. I stopped for a while feeling
    like a nuisance. “Why am worried about a ghost?
    It’s not like she doesn’t know how to make her
    way home.”I said. I picked my car key from the
    table and left the office heading out of to the
    elevator. I walked slowly hoping she’ll pop out to
    my side as usual but she was not showing up.
    “What could be happening?”I thought to myself
    not feeling comfortable. I got to the elevator and
    waited for it to open. After a while, the elevator
    opened. I looked at the person Inside and saw
    Debbie. I enter and pressed a button to close it.
    “Why are you leaving this late? Does the person
    you’re here to see delayed you?”she asked
    looking at me. “Should I say that?”I asked
    smiling. “Are you going home?”I asked her. “Yes.
    I am.”she replied. “Would you mind if I invite you
    for a drink?”I asked looking at her. “Really? That
    would be great. Am free for now”she replied
    The elevator stopped when it got to the last
    floor. We both walked out heading to the
    Stella’s POV
    By 7:15pm, Jenny and I were walking side by
    side on the street. I said I wish to walk her
    home and she was OK by that. I already told her
    about how I live my life as a ghost. I told her I
    was not able to remember how I died too and
    she also told me about when she started seeing
    ghosts. We’re already close just like Friends. I
    can see she’s a simple minded person. She’s
    free spirited and has a soft mind. She got shy
    when she’s with people but feel free when she’s
    with me. I wonder why she chose to act that
    “So, you mean you were also a dancer when you
    were still alive?”she asked. “Yes. I could
    remember that.”I replied. She stopped all of a
    sudden and started staring at me. “The more I
    look at you. You looks so familiar to me. But I
    can’t remember if I saw your face before. What’s
    your name?”she asked looking at me. “My name
    is Stella”I replied looking at her. “I think am
    wrong. You looks so familiar but I think that
    name doesn’t sound familiar. Maybe I once saw
    you as a ghost”she said thinking about it. She
    continue walking while I also walked beside her.
    “I guess you were a good dancer when you were
    still human”she said smiling. “Who knows.
    Everything is gone now that am a ghost. It’s
    useless”I said.
    “If you were so good, you might be of help to me
    someday.”she said smiling. “Huh. How can that
    be?”I asked looking at her. “I heard some ghosts
    could possess a human body. You’ll just have to
    do that for me during my performance. That’ll be
    so perfect. I mean if I could be seen by people
    dancing amazingly. That’ll make my mum so
    happy. And that would make me happy
    myself”she said smiling. “Is that possible?”I
    asked her. “I don’t know. I was just
    assuming”she said. “I never possess a human
    body before. I think that’s impossible”I said
    looking at her. “It might be and might not. My
    grandma told me it’s possible. But I never
    believe in that.”she said looking at me.
    “Could it be true? If I could possess human body,
    people would be able to see me. I won’t live a
    lonely life anymore. That would be so good. I
    think I might also help her. But I think it’s
    impossible”I thought to myself. “I can do
    anything just to be a good dancer. I want to
    impress my mum on my next performance. She
    always felt disappointed but this time, am trying
    my best to make her happy. Our performance is
    just four days to go. I don’t want to be left out
    this time too.”she said looking sad. I felt pity for
    her but there’s nothing I can do about that.
    Should I try possessing her body?”I thought to
    myself looking at her. But shook my head to
    snap out of it. “Should I try it?”I thought again
    but hesitated. She stopped and faced me
    smiling. “Would you give it a try?”she asked
    facing me. I was so surprised she knows what
    I’ve been thinking about. “Can you read my
    thoughts?”I thought to myself looking at her.
    “Yes I can. I know you wanted to help. I know
    you’re not a bad person, that was why I trust you
    easily at the first place. I can read thoughts so I
    know what you’re thinking.”she replied looking at
    me. My jaw dropped in amazement. “Do you
    really want me to possess you?”I asked her. “You
    can give it a try”she replied standing still. “I
    never done this before but I prayed it worked”I
    said looking at her. I closed my eyes and moved
    closer to her body. What I felt next was so
    shocking to me.

    EPISODE 12

    I looked beside me but couldn’t find her
    anymore. “Jenny!”I called her name but the
    sound coming from me was different. “Am I
    possessing her body right now?”I said touching
    my face. The temperature felt warm just as a
    human body. I placed my hand on my chest to
    feel the heartbeat. To my surprise, it was
    beating. I quickly ran to a car packed by the
    side. I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see
    Jenny’s face in the mirror. “Wow. It works. It
    really works.”I said smiling. A man was passing
    by, I moved to his side smiling”can you see
    me?”I asked him. He looked at me In confusion
    “what’s this crazy girl talking about?”he said and
    went his way.
    I was so happy I could be seen by people but I
    was sad all was fake. Am possessing another
    person body.
    I felt something vibrating inside her pocket. I
    dipped my hand inside and brought out her
    phone. “Sweet mum”it was written on the
    screen. I was staring at it not knowing what to
    do. I was thinking if I could pick it or not. But
    when I thought of how she talked her mum, I
    think she was worried about her. I answered it
    and placed it to my ear. “Jenny. Why are you not
    home yet?”she asked sounding worried. I don’t
    know how to reply her. What, should I say to
    “A…am…on my… W..way home”I said in a
    stammer voice. “OK dear. Don’t be late OK?”she
    said and ended the call. I brought down the
    phone and put it back into her pocket. “How
    should I get out of her?”I thought to myself. I
    tried going out but it doesn’t seem easy to do
    like the first first time. I tried and tried but to no
    avail. “What should I do now? I think your mum
    is worried”I said feeling bad. I unlocked her
    phone to check if I could find her address.
    Luckily for me, I was able to find it on her
    Facebook timeline. I followed the address there
    until I was able to get to her street. I don’t know
    which way to go again so I started walking
    slowly. I accidentally bumped into someone. “Am
    sorry”I said looking at the girl. “Oh Jenny. Where
    are you heading to this late?”she asked looking
    at me. I had no idea of who she is. I think she
    might be one of her friend. I was staring at her
    for a while like a deaf and dumb. “Oh am
    heading home”I replied smiling. “Really? So you
    mean that’s the way home?”she asked looking at
    “Oh it’s not this way”I said looking at her. She
    was staring at me awkwardly. “That’s your
    building over there. Why are you acting
    wield?”she asked looking at me. I started
    laughing on hearing that. “Am I really acting
    wield? I think I drank too much that’s why”I said
    laughing. “Oh it seems so”she said looking at
    me. I quickly walked towards the gate she
    pointed to and opened it. I walked towards the
    building looking around the compound. It looks
    like an average class home. Not too rich and not
    poor. I walked to the door and pressed the bell
    on it. “Welcome home dear”a woman’s voice
    said. She opened the door smiling. She’s so
    pretty just like Jenny. She has a short blond hair
    and was putting on a red fitted gown. I entered
    and she closed the door behind us. I walked
    down the passage while she followed behind, few
    seconds later, I was in the living room. “How was
    practice today?”she asked smiling. “It was good
    ma”I replied looking at her. “Ma?”she repeated
    looking at me. “I mean mum”I corrected myself.
    “OK that’s good. Go and take a warm shower
    before having your dinner. Since you prefer doing
    that”she said. I stood up not knowing which way
    to go. “Where could her room be?”I thought to
    myself looking around. “Let me check something”
    She left the living room heading somewhere. I
    quickly went to one of the room and opened the
    door. I looked inside and saw how it was set.
    One could tell it’s her room. Because it was
    decorated in pink and purple and some celebrity
    poster on the wall. I entered and walked around
    in her room. I think she might caught on later.
    How should I keep this on?
    John’s POV
    I sat in the living room expecting the ghost girl,
    but she was no where to be found. After waiting
    for some minutes, I went to my room to sleep.
    The following day..
    Till I arrived at work, I couldn’t found her
    anywhere near my house. When I got to the
    company, I became more worried about her.
    “Could something bad had happen to her?”I
    thought to myself.
    As I was still thinking about her, a girl came to
    me smiling. She was putting on a black T-shirt
    which has blue stripes on it and a Jean pant
    trouser. She braided her hair into two tying the
    end with colorful bonds. She got to me and was
    smiling. “Good morning Mr handsome”she said
    smiling. “Mr handsome?”I said looking at her.
    That sounds familiar. “Sorry I didn’t show up
    yesterday. Something funny came up”she said.
    “Wait. Don’t tell me you….”I stopped looking at
    her. She moved closer to my ear. “It’s me Stella.
    I possessed this pretty girl’s body”she said in a
    whisper. My eyes went wild on hearing that.
    “How could you? Why?”I asked in surprise. She
    looked around and looked back at me. “I’ll tell
    you about it later. I need to go for practice at
    the sixth floor.”she said and left. “Wow I can’t
    believe she did that. This is driving me crazy”I
    said looking at her.
    Stephen’s POV
    I was staring at john and the girl as they talk.
    The first time I saw her, I was so shocked and
    surprised. She’s so bold as always.
    She could even possess a human body?
    “I can’t believe we could meet again. Long time
    no see Suzy Mick”i thought to myself looking at
    her as she left.

    EPISODE 13

    I turned back to leave, then I saw Debbie
    coming. I quickly put on a smile to hide the
    expression on my face. “Morning”she greeted.
    “Good morning. I expected you to meet with me
    yesterday but you didn’t show up”I said looking
    at her. “Yes. I had an emergency meeting
    yesterday. Sorry for disappointing you.”she said
    not looking good. “Really. I have missed you. It
    has been long we last talk properly ever since I
    left to the state. I want things back in place
    huh”I said looking at her. She nodded her head
    in response. “OK I understand you. You know am
    kind of too busy these days.”she replied. “OK.
    Can you make it tonight?”I asked. “I’ll call you
    when I check my schedule for today. It’s like am
    free tonight”she replied.
    “Alright. I’ll be expecting your call”I said and she
    left. I left the scene heading to my office.
    Stella’s POV
    I entered the practice room and saw the girls
    already hanging around. The choreographer is
    not yet there. Since I don’t know anybody I could
    talk to, I sat alone beside the speaker.
    Some were doing free style some were laughing
    and chatting. I spotted three girls at a corner
    looking at me and gossiping about something.
    When I saw the killer look on their face, I also
    stared back at them badly. “I know you guys are
    the one giving the poor Jenny hard time. They’re
    not even as pretty as her”I thought to myself.
    They started coming towards me. When they got
    to me, they stopped and a weird looking girl
    stepped forward. She was putting on a loose long
    sleeve off shoulder top which was above her
    abdomen and a black bum short matching with
    her black and white Jordan sneakers. Her make
    up made her look like an evil ghost. On seeing
    her weird looking face, I couldn’t help it but
    giggle covering my mouth with my hand. I think
    that made her more annoyed. “Benny or
    whatever your name is called. You better work
    with your brain today. You’re giving others hard
    time OK?”she said folding her arms.
    “Yes that’s true. Her moves were so annoying
    and bad. If you find this hard, why don’t you quit
    already? No one is forcing you here”another girl
    said. “That’s it. It’s not compulsory you must be
    a dancer. Stop suffocating us horrible
    moves”another one said.
    “Oh my God! Is this what Jenny go through
    everyday? How could she take all this insult from
    these mean girls.? Well you guys are always like
    this. You don’t want anyone better than you”I
    thought to myself. I stood up and faced them.
    “You, you and you”I said pointing to them one
    after the other. The remaining girls around us,
    stopped all they were doing and faced me. By
    now all attentions were on me. But why? They
    didn’t do this when the girls were insulting me
    but when I spoke, they all were staring at me. I
    ignored them and continued. “You”I said pointing
    to the weird looking girl. “Did you forget to check
    your mirror before coming to practice? You have
    to take care of your horrible looking face before
    complaining about others mistakes”I said staring
    at her. “You guys should find something better to
    discuss. Stop wasting your time gossiping about
    innocent people. And mind you, it’s Jenny not
    Benny ok”i added looking at the remaining girls.
    They all were surprised by this.
    “Has she lost her mind? What has gotten over
    her? Are you sure she’s Jenny?”I heard some
    girls murmuring. “Wow. You became so bold
    overnight. I can’t believe people could change
    easily. We’ll see the horrible person here after
    the upcoming performance.”she said smiling.
    Just then, a lady came in. She wore a pink
    leggings and a black top which looks like a tube.
    Covering only the chest showing her flat tummy.
    “I’ve seen her before. Oh she’s the pretty model.
    Mr handsome crush”I thought to myself staring
    at her.
    “Girls! Let’s start”she said moving to the front.
    The three girls gave me a bad look before
    leaving. We all formed a three row and four
    column. Making twelve In number.
    “Let’s see what you were taught yesterday”she
    said. “What should I do? I don’t know what they
    were taught yesterday. How should I go about
    it?”I thought to myself feeling unease.
    She played the music and they started. I was
    just following what they were doing but it was
    not matching. The lady walks to me smiling. “Are
    you sure you practiced with them?”she asked
    looking at me. I nodded my head in respond and
    continue. The weird looking girl smiled and
    purposely pushed me with her shoulder. I twisted
    my ankle and fell. “Ouch!” I screamed out holding
    my ankle. As I fell to the ground, everyone
    stopped the dance and were staring at me. The
    lady bent down beside me holding my hand”are
    you OK? You should have be more careful”she
    said looking worried.
    When she said that, a memory flashed to my
    head again.
    We were in practice room dancing to a song,
    suddenly I twisted my ankle and fell to the
    ground. The girl I was sitting with the other day,
    quickly bent down beside me holding my
    hand”stella are you OK? You should have be
    more careful”she said having the same look as
    this present lady only the hair style was
    different. “Stella! Debbie! Are you guys OK?”a
    guy’s voice said from behind.
    “Am OK. I think I overdid it”I said smiling at her.
    “Are you sure it’s fine?”She said and helped me
    up also smiling.
    As she finished the statement, her face was
    clear to me as she was staring at me with those
    same look as then. I was so shocked by the
    memory I just remembered. I was staring at her
    confusingly. “Debbie?”that was all I could
    pronounce out.
    “If she’s really the Debbie in my memory, she
    might know the reason behind my death. Since
    she was my best friend then. She was staring at
    me confusingly

    EPISODE 14

    John’s POV
    I was working on some files in my office.
    Someone knocked on the door and I responded
    the person should come in. I lifted my head to
    see the person, to my surprise it was Cassandra.
    The outfit she put on was so hot on her. A mini
    gown which fitted her body revealing those sexy
    curves. The chest was half covered. Her boobs
    were revealing at the top. Immediately she got
    in, my eyes were glued on her body as she walks
    towards my desk. I promise myself not to be a
    player anymore but seeing her in this tempting
    situation can’t let me stop. I must have her too.
    Even if it’ll last two days, I have to date her.
    She got to my desk and placed the files on it.
    “Good morning sir. How was your night?”she
    greeted as she dropped it. “Oh. It was fine and
    yours?”I replied smiling. “You never ask of what I
    have to tell you.”she said looking at me. “Sorry
    dear. I’ll like to know”I replied smiling. She
    moved closer to where I was sitting and placed
    her hand on my shoulder smiling seductively.
    Stella’s POV
    As I called her name, everyone were silent
    looking at me. “Are you OK?”she asked trying to
    help me up. I manage to stand up myself. “You
    can take 5minutes break for now OK”she said
    looking at me. “OK. Thanks”I said. I left the
    queue and sat somewhere looking at them from
    where I sat. I was staring at Debbie as she
    spoke to them. When they were about starting,
    she looked back at me with an unknown
    expression then concentrated back to the girls.
    After practice, she came to where I was sitting
    and sat beside me. “Is your leg OK?”she asked
    looking at me. “Yes. Thanks for your concern”I
    replied smiling. She sighed and was quiet for a
    “Well, that happens ones in a while.”she said.
    “Dont hurt those pretty legs again. You need to
    be careful OK.”she said smiling. “Oh. Really? Am
    sorry for being rude back there. I mean the way I
    called you”I said. “That’s nothing. You don’t need
    to. But the way you called me reminds me of
    someone”she said smiling. I looked at her face
    and nodded my head. “Is that it? Saying it with
    this look on your face, I could tell that friend is
    far away from you or you guys lost contact”I
    said looking at her. She was silent for some
    seconds before replying me. “She’s dead”she
    said not looking at me. She has this painful
    expression on her face. “Am sorry”I said feeling
    bad. “It’s OK.”she said smiling. “She was my
    best friend when she was alive. Although I never
    believed she’s dead. But all evidence said she’s
    dead. It was so sad and painful”she said looking
    sad. I was so confused by her words. She said
    she can’t believe she’s dead, but why did she say
    that?””I thought to myself staring at her. “Why
    did you say that? Why don’t you believe she’s
    dead?”I asked looking curious. She faced me
    with this pitiful look on her face. “Because her
    body was not found”she said looking at me.
    John’s POV
    Cassandra was beside me. She asked of my
    phone and I started searching for it. It was then I
    remembered I left it in my car. “Am sorry. I need
    to get it from my car”I said. “Why don’t you give
    me yours instead. I’ll save it to my phone later”I
    said bringing out a pen. I stretched it out to her
    but she pushed my hand down gentle. “I want to
    type it on your phone. Go and get it”she said
    “Ok. If you wish to. Let me get it I won’t be
    late”I said and stood up from the seat.
    “I’ll be right back”I said and walked towards the
    Few minutes later, I got my phone and was going
    back to office. I was smiling to myself as I
    walked towards my office. When I got to the
    door, I looked through the window And I noticed
    Cassandra was searching through my drawer.
    She searched the desk and some files on it. The
    look on her face showed she was looking for
    something. When I saw this, my expression
    changed. I wonder what she’s up to. Why’s she
    fumbling through my stuffs?””I thought to myself
    looking annoyed. I opened the door and she
    quickly went back to her standing position acting
    as if nothing just happened. “You’re here”she
    said smiling. I walked to my desk and arranged
    those files to how I kept them. She tried to
    touch me but I stopped her. “Were you able to
    find what you were looking for?”I asked staring at
    her. She was shocked to hear that from me. Her
    expression changed. “What do you mean?”she
    asked having this innocent look. “Who sent
    you?”I asked looking straight into her eyes.
    Stephen’s POV
    When Cassandra told me everything on how john
    caught her, I landed a heavy slap on her face
    which made her staggered back holding the desk
    behind her. “How can you be so careless? Didn’t
    I warned you to be careful”I said looking at her
    angrily. “I won’t forgive you this time. Be
    prepared to see the worst”I said looking at her.
    She looked up at me begging me seriously for
    forgiveness. “Please spare me. I promise to do
    whatever you want. Please just give me one
    more chance. It won’t…..”
    I raised my hand to slap her again but I hanged
    it in the air looking at her. I brought it down
    gently still boiling in anger. “One more chance.
    One more chance. Am tired of that statement.
    Until when will I give you those chances?”I asked
    looking more angry. She went down on her kneel
    with tears on her face. “If I fail this time around.
    You can kill me. I will bet with my life this
    time.”she said looking at me. I smiled nodding
    my head. “Good. If you fail to gain his trust back
    and fulfill your mission, I will rip out your heart
    and throw your dead body in the cold river for
    fishes to feast on”I said looking at her in anger.

    EPISODE 15

    Stella’s POV
    When she said that, I was so confused. “Do you
    mean her body was not found till now. So if
    that’s it, why did you guys concluded she’s dead
    and not missing?”I asked her looking more
    She looked at me smiling.”why are you so
    interested in this. So you mean you never read
    the news about Suzy Mick death?”she asked
    looking at me. “Am sorry for asking too much.
    But I just wish to know that one reason you guys
    don’t believe she’s dead”I said. “Only her bag
    and belongings could be seen by the sea shore.
    Her jacket was found with blood over it. But her
    own body was not found. They searched the sea
    and everywhere but she was not found. So they
    concluded the fishes ate up her body already.
    But I never believed any of it. She’s my close
    friend, she never told me she’s going to the
    place they found all those stuffs. She told me
    she’s meeting with someone. But I just hope he
    isn’t the one behind it. I must find out about
    everything. I must see her body with my eyes
    before I can believe she’s truly dead. I won’t
    forgive him if he really did that to my friend.”she
    said looking hurt and sad. “So sorry for that. But
    you were saying “him” sorry to ask but Do you
    suspect someone?”I asked her. She looked at me
    with a smile”are you interrogating me right now?
    Maybe you should be a prosecutor instead of a
    dancer”she said looking at me. “Sorry for that. I
    just felt bad about the incident. I wish to know
    more of it”I replied. “We’ll talk about that later. I
    need to go for now. Someone is waiting for
    me.”she said standing up from my side. I also
    stood up looking at her”OK. Thanks for today.”I
    said smiling. “You have to threat that leg OK”she
    said smiling. “Yes ma’am”I replied.
    John’s POV
    I sat in my office thinking about the thing
    Cassandra did. “What’s she looking for? Why is
    she messing up with my stuffs?”I asked myself. I
    hated it when someone touch my stuffs without
    my knowledge. I think she has something she’s
    trying to get from my office. But what’s that?.
    The sound of the door made me snapped out of
    my thoughts. I looked at the door and saw Stella.
    She came to my desk and sat on the seat
    opposite to me. “Mr handsome I have something
    to say”she said looking at me. I sighed placing
    my hand on my forehead. “Will you please stop
    calling me that name. My name is john not Mr
    handsome”I corrrcted looking at her. “OK. Mr
    john. I just heard about something. It’s about my
    death”she said. “Really? What’s it about? Who
    did you hear that from?”I asked looking at her.
    “Debbie. Debbie told me about everything”she
    replied. “Debbie?”I asked looking surprised. I
    wonder how Debbie know about her death. “Yes.
    I had a memory of how she and I were close.
    Debbie was my closest friend. I just find that out
    today. She knows everything about me. She told
    me things I never know about my death today.
    She said my body was not found so there’s
    possibility am not dead but that’s so confusing
    to me. I mean am a ghost already”she said.
    “Your body was not found?”I asked again. “Yes.
    And she said something about Suzy Mick. Do you
    know the person named Suzy Mick?”she asked
    looking at me. I wonder why she brought that up.
    “Yes I know about that late celebrity. she died
    three years ago.”I replied looking at her.
    I meet with her once that was when I came to
    the company to meet my mum. I bumped into
    her that day. Even though I was at fault then,
    she apologized to me instead. I was so surprised
    by that. I also apologized to her immediately. It
    was then I developed interest in her. When I
    found out she died, it was so painful to me.
    Many of her fans were really heartbroken. “She’s
    a good and nice person. Her death was so hurtful
    to me”I said to her.
    Then I actually had feelings for her the first time
    I bumped into her. That was love at first sight.
    When we apologized to each other and she left, I
    saw a gold wrist chain on the floor. I think that
    dropped from her. I picked it up and tried to look
    for her but she was gone. On my way to office, I
    saw a poster placed on the wall it was her
    picture. She dressed like a pop star she looks so
    pretty while she smiles in the poster. A name
    was written at the right top corner. ‘Suzy mick’ I
    repeated the name smiling to myself. When I got
    back home, I went through the internet and
    started browsing through her biography and all
    details about her. It was then I know she’s a
    popular celebrity. I kept the wrist chain in a box
    and put it In my drawer wishing I could meet her
    again someday and return that to her. I visited
    my dad’s company times without numbers just
    hoping we could meet again. After three months,
    I heard the popular celebrity is dead. The news
    said she went to beach but was missing for two
    days. They found her belonging by the seashore
    and her body was eaten up by the sea animals.
    It was so painful to me. The second day was
    when my mum’s body was found by the same
    seashore. I had two painful feeling about my
    mum’s death and about her death.
    When Stella mentioned her name now, it reminds
    my of that painful memory. “Why did you ask
    about her?”I asked looking at her. She was not
    saying anything for a while. “Why are you
    silent?”I asked her. “Suzy Mick was Debbie’s
    best friend. If I have those memories am having
    now about Debbie and I, that means am the Suzy
    Mick”she said staring at me. That gave me a
    great shock. I remembered the day I first saw
    her as a ghost. She looks so familiar to me but I
    couldn’t recall her face then. But now that she
    just said this, her image formed in my
    head.”You’re are Suzy Mick!”I said looking at
    her. I couldn’t believe this is happening. She’s
    really the girl I met back then. What a
    coincident”i thought to myself. She was staring
    at me wondering why am acting that way.

    EPISODE 16

    Cassandra managed to stand up. “I need to go
    home”she said not looking at me. I moved closer
    to her and lifted her chin up gently with my
    hand. “Don’t be mad at me. That was a mistake.
    You know I love you huh”I said looking at her.
    She nodded her head and moved her face from
    my hand. “I know. So please can I go and treat
    myself at home? My neck is burning”she said.
    She picked up her hand bag from the ground and
    left before I could say anything. I watched her
    leave until she got into her car and zoomed out.
    I wiped my face down in frustration. “John.
    You’re stepping on my toes. If you’re the one to
    take what are meant for me, I’ll rather clear you
    out of my way finally” I thought to myself.
    John’s POV
    Debbie and I sat opposite to each other at the
    bar. I ordered for some refreshments and BBQ.
    After eating, we talk about lot of things. It was
    then I remembered what Stella told me about her
    so I asked her some questions. “I want to ask If
    you know anyone named Stella.”I said looking at
    her. She was quiet for a while before replying
    me. “Stella? I have lot of friends named Stella so
    I don’t know which one you’re asking of”she
    replied. “Oh really? OK what of Suzy Mick?”I
    asked. She looked at me strangely on hearing
    that. “Why are you asking these questions?”she
    asked looking at me. “Because am her fan. I
    heard you guys were so close when she was
    alive.”I said.
    She sighed”yes we were. Her name is Michael
    Stella and her stage name is Suzy Mick. It’s true
    she’s a close friend of mine. So bad death took
    her away so early.”She said looking sad. “Sorry
    for reminding you of the painful memory. She
    was also my female idol. Apart from that, she’s a
    friend of mine too. Her death was so painful.
    Since you’re her best friend, you might know a
    lot about her”I said. “Yes I do. But why are you
    so interested about her?”she asked looking at
    me. “Like I said earlier, she was my friend also.
    But her death was strange to me. Don’t you want
    to know the reason behind her death?”I asked
    looking at her.
    “Since we’re on the same boat, let’s work
    together and reveal the mystery behind her
    death”I added.
    “Good to hear that. Am doing it already. I know
    the person that kill her but the game is not easy
    to play with that kind of person”she said.
    Stella’s POV
    It’s 7:00pm, Jenny had packed her stuffs and
    ready to go home, we both left the company
    walking beside each other. I already told her
    about everything that happened right from when I
    possessed her body till this present day. She was
    so surprised after I told her everything. “I never
    knew that could be possible. I thought it won’t
    work but it does.”she said looking at me. “Me
    too. After I did it, I tried going out but It does
    not work out. Am so sorry for that”I said. “You
    don’t need to be. You just helped me not offend
    me. I was surprised when those mean girls were
    praising me. I will be happy if that continues”she
    said smiling. “That’s so good but that can’t go
    forever. The best thing is to work for yourself.”I
    said looking at her.
    “Hmm. That’s true but I just want to impress
    everyone with my performance. I want to
    impress my mum especially.”she said.
    “OK. We’ll find a perfect solution to that”I said.
    “Thanks.”she replied looking at me. When we got
    to the compound, I saw the guy from the other
    day. He was heading back to the company.
    When he got to us, he stopped looking at Jenny.
    I think he can’t see me. Jenny’s expression
    changed after he stared at us for a while, he
    said hy. And walked pass us. When he left,
    Jenny turned back still staring at him. I tapped
    her shoulder and she turned back to me. “Why
    are you like this? What’s wrong?”I asked her. She
    took a step forward then started walking slowly
    ahead of me. I walked up to her and we continue
    walking towards the gate. “Why are you acting
    strange? Why that expression all of a
    sudden”That guy…that guy is strange”she said
    looking at me. “Why do you say that?”I asked
    looking confused. “I could see an evil spirit inside
    him. That guy is not an ordinary human being.
    And again his…..his thought said……”she stopped
    when we heard some foot steps behind us. We
    both turned back gently to see the person. To
    my surprise, it was the guy. Jenny moved closer
    to me I could see she’s trembling in fear as he
    got closer.

    EPISODE 17

    He got to us and stopped looking at Jenny. He
    stretched out a hairpin to Jenny. “This dropped
    from you”he said looking at her. Jenny touched
    her hair but couldn’t find it. “Thanks” she said
    and received the pin from him. He nodded his
    head smiling.
    He left us while Jenny still looks uncomfortable
    and scared. When he left, I asked her if what she
    said was true. “Do you mean that guy is an evil
    spirit?”I asked looking surprised. “That means he
    can see me too.”I added looking at her. “Yes he
    does. He definitely saw you”Jenny replied. “I
    knew from the first day I saw him. His looks
    were weird and strange.”I said. “He’s a
    dangerous type. Do you know him specially from
    anywhere?”she asked me. “No. I don’t remember
    seeing him when I was still a human”I replied.
    “His thought interpretes that He’s someone who
    knows you better than anyone. He’s someone
    who knows every secret about your death.”Jenny
    said looking at me. I was so surprised to hear
    that. I never knew of all what she just said. I had
    no idea of who the guy is to me.
    John’s POV
    After Debbie and I talked for long, and the time
    is almost 9pm. We left the bar for my car. After
    dropping her home, I drove back home still
    thinking about what she meant by “”the game is
    not easy to play with that kind of person.””I
    asked her about it but she refuses to reveal the
    person to me.
    When I got home, I packed my car in the
    compound and walked towards the door. I
    opened it and went inside. I saw Stella sitting on
    the chair in the living room. I was surprised she
    has turned back to ghost girl. When I got to her
    she stood up.
    Stella’s POV
    When I saw john, I stood up from the couch
    looking at him. “You’re here already”he said
    looking at me. “Yes. I have something to tell
    you”I said. “What’s that? Am also just coming
    from Debbie”he said. “Jenny told me about your
    brother. The girl can read thoughts. We met him
    today while I was escorting Jenny home. Can
    your brother see ghosts?”I asked looking at him.
    He looks surprised by the question. I guess he
    doesn’t know about that. “What do you mean?
    Because I can see you that doesn’t mean my
    brother and sisters can also see ghosts”he
    replied looking at me strangely. I told him
    everything Jenny told me about Stephen. He
    found it so hard to believe. I wondered why he
    can’t believe me. “That’s unbelievable! Stephen
    can’t be. He might be bad, mean or wicked but
    he can never be that evil.”he said looking at me.
    John’s POV
    When she told me the whole thing Jenny told her
    about Stephen, I found it so hard to believe. It
    was then I remembered what Debbie told me at
    the bar. Could the person be Stephen? If
    Stephen did that to her what’s his purpose and
    what does he gain from hurting an innocent
    person like her.””I thought to myself still staring
    at Stella.
    “We’ll talk tomorrow. Let me gather myself
    together first before I can say anything”I said
    and headed to my room. When I got to my room,
    I sat on the bed thinking about the whole thing
    over and over again. “Stephen was possessed?
    But when? How?”I asked myself lot of questions I
    was not able to give answers to.
    Cassandra’s POV.
    When I was driving home, I got a call from my
    sister saying mum is so sick and requesting to
    see me. I don’t visit home for the past four
    years. Because I was an adopted child, I was
    treated badly by mummy. She always went
    against anything I do in the house. She
    threatened me to the extend that I ran away
    from home. When I ran away from their house, a
    car almost knock me down while I was walking
    around an unknown street. The driver turns out
    to be Stephen. He got down from his car to
    check if I had any injury. He asked where I was
    going to that late at night. I told him I was
    heading to nowhere. He asked me what the
    problem was and I told him everything about how
    my Foster mother treated me. I told him I can’t
    go back to the house because I don’t want to be
    treated bad anymore. It was then he accepted
    me and I started working for him. Till now I never
    visit them or want to know how they’ve been
    living. When their only daughter elle called me,
    she used another line to call me because I’ve
    been rejecting their calls all these years. When
    she told me about her mother’s health and her
    request to see me, I first hesitated but I thought
    I might be a bad person if I didn’t visit them. I
    thought of days she took care of me as her child
    and also thought of elle and fathers good
    treatments towards me. Because of that, I made
    up my mind to visit them.
    I made a U turn and drove to their place. When I
    got there, everywhere has really changed a lot.
    The houses and the environment has changed.
    Maybe because I’ve been there for long. I
    packed my car in front of their building and got
    down locking it with the remote. I walked slowly
    towards the building. When I got to the entrance,
    I took a deep breath before pressing the door
    bell. In few seconds, the door was opened by
    Elle. Immediately she saw me, she hugged me so
    tight with tears on her face. “I’ve missed you.
    Am sorry for everything mother did to you.
    Please forgive us”she said sobbing. I patted her
    back gently and withdrew her from the hug. She
    and father were the only one that took me as
    real family so they never offended me. Her face
    has not changed from how I left her. I smiled
    nodding my head. “Am also sorry for leaving you
    guys like that. I hope you forgive me also.”I said
    looking at her. We both went inside to see
    mother. When we got to her room, she was lying
    on the bed. Tears dropped from her face when
    she sighted me. I stood before her looking at her
    face. “Please forgive me Sandra. Am sorry for
    everything. I called you here just because I want
    to apologise properly. Please forgive me my
    daughter.”she said weeping. I moved closer to
    her bed and hold her hand. “I understand you
    mummy. Am also sorry for leaving you guys. I
    regretted leaving the house because I realized
    everything became more worst for me not
    better”I said looking at her.
    “Elle. Is your dad home yet?”she asked my sister.
    “Let me check him in his room”she said and
    headed out. “Thanks for coming. I had a slight
    fever. I was just discharged from your dad’s
    hospital today. You dad was giving me
    medications at home because I refused to stay
    at the hospital.”she said looking at me. “OK ma.
    How’s your health right now? Hope you’re getting
    better?”I asked. “Yes. Thank God”she replied
    smiling. The door opened and dad came in. I
    stood up and greeted him. “Cassandra! Is that
    really you?”he asked looking at me. “Am so sorry
    sir. Sorry for making you guys worry. I think you
    should understand why I did that”I said. He
    walked up to me and hugged me. “Am the one
    sorry for everything. Please forgive us”he said.
    He released me and looked at mother. “How’s
    your health dear?”he asked looking at her. “Am
    fine since I saw my daughter”she replied smiling.
    “Really? That’s so good”he said smiling. The
    door flung open and we all looked at the door
    wondering what happened.
    “She’s acting strange! Dad you need to check on
    her”elle rushed in screaming. Dad quickly rushed
    out with elle. Mum even tried to stand up but
    dad told her not to worry. I followed them out to
    where they’re going to. He opened a door and I
    followed him in. When we got inside, a lady
    breathing heavily while the bed was shaking
    seriously. She was on the bed with an oxygen
    mask covering her nose and mouth. She was on
    life supporting matching. I wasn’t able to see her
    face clearly so I moved closer as dad attended
    to her. When I got to her, I can now see her face
    clearly. She was the girl that died three years
    ago. “Suzy Mick!”I said looking at her. I covered
    my mouth with both hand staring at her
    confusingly. Stephen told me she was his ex-
    girlfriend when she was alive. He told me how
    and reason he killed her three years ago. I was
    the only one he revealed the whole secret to
    because he trusted me. I was so surprised to see
    her here. Why is she here? What relationship
    does she have with my Foster parents. I kept
    staring at her in shock.

    EPISODE 18

    John’s POV
    I stood up from my bed and moved closer to the
    drawer. I opened it and brought out the wrist
    chain I had three years ago. “I missed you so
    much. Am so sorry for not recognizing earlier.
    Anyway am happy you’re still around me. I
    promise to reveal every single secret behind you
    and my mum’s death. That’s the only thing I can
    do for you now for your soul to rest in perfect
    peace.”I said looking at the wrist chain. I stared
    at it for a while before closing the box and
    keeping it back in my drawer.
    I stood up and headed out of my room to see if
    she’s still in the living room. I feel like seeing her
    face again to compare to how she looks three
    years ago. When I got to the living room, I saw
    her still standing where I left her.
    “Why are you still standing there? I asked her.”
    She turned to me smiling. “Am having some
    sleep”she replied. “Seriously? Do you sleep?”I
    asked looking at her. “I was only kidding. I just
    feel like standing here. I will soon go back to
    Jenny now”she said smiling. That smile reminds
    me of when we first met. She smiled the same
    way while apologizing to me.
    “OK. Why don’t you stay here a little longer”I said
    looking at her. I feel like seeing her for a long
    time before going back to bed. “I have something
    to do with Jenny”she replied. “Oh. OK”I said
    looking at her. “Anyway why are you out of your
    room again? It’s late. Do you wish to see my
    face more before going to bed?”she asked
    jokingly. I was surprised she said that. What? Is
    she reading my mind? I thought to myself. I
    cleared my throat looking at her”what’s on your
    face? I just came to take some water”I said
    heading toward the center table. I heard her
    laughing behind me so I turned to her wondering
    why she laughing. “Is that the way to the fridge?
    That shows you just lied about that because your
    mind was not there”she said looking at me. I felt
    so embarrassed of myself. I quickly turned back
    and went to the fridge. I opened the it dodging
    my face behind the door in embarrassment.
    “She’s so smarter than I think”I said and took a
    bottled water from the freezer. I closed the door
    and twisted the cover of the bottle to open the
    lid. I was about taking the bottle to my mouth
    when I saw something strange. I looked at Stella
    and saw her body was becoming translucent and
    fading off into the air. The bottle dropped from
    my hand and I quickly went to her. “What’s
    happening to you? Why is your body like this?”I
    asked holding her shoulders. I could still feel her
    body but it felt different. “I don’t know. Please
    what’s happening? I think my time is up on earth.
    I don’t want to leave now. I still have a lot to do.
    I can’t leave now”she said crying. I was so sad
    and confused. I thought of how my mum
    vanished from this earth and I never saw her
    again. I got scared the same thing is about to
    happen to Stella. I still have a lot to tell her. I
    still have a lot to do with her. She can’t leave
    now but I can’t do anything about that. I looked
    at her and she’s becoming more translucent.
    “I think it cant be changed. Goodbye john. Thank
    you for everything you’ve done for me. It’s time
    to go now”she said still crying. I hugged her tight
    almost crying. “Am sorry. Am sorry for
    everything right from when we met till now. Am
    sorry for not recognizing you earlier. Please
    forgive me. I can’t let you go this time also
    without saying my heart to you. I think I’ll regret
    that for the rest of my life. Stella. Am using this
    moment to tell you I love you. No one can fill
    your space in my heart. I wish to say this three
    years ago but you were gone. you might be gone
    now but I promise you to reveal the mystery
    behind your death. With that, I can feel at
    peace.”I said. I don’t know when tears rolled
    down my cheek. The hug became lose as her
    body faded more. “Goodbye my first love!”I said
    before her body faded out finally. My arms were
    in the air the same position I hugged her. I
    dropped my hand by my side loosely. “Why do
    you have to go now? Why do I recognize you so
    late? Why do I pushed you away the first time we
    met?”I said and wiped off the tears on my face. I
    regretted so many thing I did wrong to her. I
    leaned my back to the wall slowly feeling hurt
    and sad.
    Cassandra’s POV
    Dad injected a shot in her arm and that calmed
    her. Elle also had this worried look on her face.
    Dad took a deep breath and placed both hands
    on his waist looking at her. “What happened? Dad
    what’s wrong with her?”elle asked looking at her
    dad. He sighed. “She got an arrest. Her condition
    is getting better but I can’t tell when she’ll be
    able to open her eyes.”he said looking at elle.
    She moved closer to her bed and stroked her
    hair gently. “Please you need to get better and
    come back to us your fans huh”she said looking
    at her face. Dad looked at me who was still
    surprised by what I just saw. “She’s my secret
    patient. She had been in coma for the past three
    years. For the past three years her body just
    acted this way today. You must not tell anyone
    about who you saw here. No one must know
    about her.”dad said looking at me. I nodded my
    head in response. I looked at elle and she also
    nodded her head in agreement to what dad said.
    It’s 9pm and I already said my fare well to them.
    I told them I’ll visit them often from now on.
    After I left there house, I was driving back home
    but the thought of that girl kept disturbing me. If
    I should keep this to myself and Stephen later
    find out, my life could be in danger and if I reveal
    it to him, he’ll definitely kill her again before she
    wake up from coma. What should I do? I don’t
    want to betray my parent and I don’t want to
    face Stephen’s rage.
    “Dad, elle. Am sorry to you guys. I have to do
    this just to save my own life”I said and brought
    out my cell phone to call Stephen and tell him
    about the whole drama. I was dialing his number
    but didn’t notice an upcoming truck coming from
    the other side. It was on high speed. I tried
    stepping on the break pedal but it refuses to
    work. The truck got to me and hit my car. My
    car tumbled twice hitting the rocks by the cliff.
    The glasses broke as it landed on the rocks. I
    could not feel my body again as my eyes shut
    slowly. It continues hitting the rocks like that
    before falling down into the deep river.

    EPISODE 19

    I quickly woke up from my sleep-breathing
    heavily. “That was a scary dream,”I said wiping
    some sweats off my face. I looked around but
    found no one in the living room. I took my phone
    to check the time. It’s almost 10pm. I took my
    hand bag from the couch and headed to mum’s
    room. They were all there. I told them am
    leaving for home because I have something to do
    there. I said goodbye to them and promised to
    visit them often from now on. Elle escorted me
    to the gate before going back inside. I got into
    my car and drove down the street. When I got to
    the bridge, I thought of the dream I had. My
    phone rang and I checked the caller. It was
    Stephen. I refused to pick the call so I silent my
    phone. After driving for a while, I saw the same
    truck I saw in my dream coming from the same
    direction. It speed pass my car while I also
    drove normally without any problem. I wondered
    if I had picked Stephen’s call the accident would
    had happen because I would be distracted. I
    sighed and continue driving focusing more
    attention on the road.
    When I got home, Stephen called my line again.
    This time I picked the call to hear what he have
    to say. He asked if I had taken care of my neck
    and I told him I had. I didn’t tell him about what I
    saw. I kept it to myself as father instructed.
    John’s POV
    I woke up very late and the first thing that came
    to my mind was Stella. My body feel so weak
    with her thought on my mind. Good thing it’s
    Saturday I don’t go to work on weekend. I stood
    up from my bed and headed to the living room to
    get some water. When I got there, I looked
    around with the hope I could see her pop out to
    me or see her hanging around somewhere but all
    was hopeless. I moved to the fridge and took
    water from there. I sat on the dinning chair
    feeling weak. It has been long I had this weak
    feeling. That was when my mum died. I looked
    up and saw stella standing before me. She was
    putting on the same outfit she wore three years
    ago. “Dont think too much its bad for your heart.
    You need to eat early for you to be healthy.”she
    said smiling at me. I stood up from the chair
    smiling. “Stella! Is that really you?”I asked looking
    at her. I tried to touch her but she vanished into
    the thin air. My hand froze in the air. I brought it
    down gently looking sad again. I then sat back on
    the chair burying my face in my palms. I felt a
    hand tapping my shoulder lightly. I looked up and
    saw Stella again. “Why are you so deep in
    thought? Are you like this because of me? Do
    you miss me already?”she asked looking at me.
    “I think Am now seeing things now.”I said
    ignoring her. “What?”she said looking at me. She
    moved closer and pinched my cheek. “Ouch!”I
    said touching my cheek. It was then I knew she’s
    for real. “Stella? You’re back! Oh my God I can’t
    believe this”I said looking at her. I drew her
    close to my body and hugged her smiling to
    myself. “You’ve been acting strange since
    yesterday. You’re hugging me again?”she said. I
    quickly withdrew her from my body. “I hugged
    you because I missed you. Don’t count that as
    anything”I said looking at her. She nodded her
    head looking back at me. “Really? And you did
    that yesterday also because you’ll miss me?”she
    asked nodding her head. “Yes. I did”I replied
    looking at her. She folded her arms together
    looking at me. “And if I remember, you said
    something about love and you were regretting
    about lot of things yesterday. Were you really
    referring to me?”she asked looking at me.
    Oh my God! How should I explain myself? I
    thought she would forget about that already””I
    thought to myself staring at her. “Are you sure
    you heard that? I didn’t say anything about those
    you’re talking about. I think you were just hearing
    things since you were in bad condition that
    moment I think that’s why”I replied smiling.
    “Really? Am sure I heard that”she said. “I never
    said that. Anyway good to see you again”I said
    smiling. “Me too. I don’t really know what
    happened yesterday. I never felt like that before
    it was this morning I found myself roaming about
    again so I came to you”she said. “We don’t have
    time right now. I think god gave me the second
    chance to find the truth that was why he sent
    me back.”she said staring at me.
    “Let’s go to Debbie am sure there would be a
    clue from her”I said.
    Stephen’s POV
    I Sat on my bed holding the picture of Stella. On
    the pictures it was written RIP in a red ink. I
    smiled to myself nodding my head in
    satisfaction. “You shouldn’t have seen what you
    saw. I wish I could rewind the time back to the
    past. I would have stopped you from coming. But
    nothing can be done about that. You caused the
    whole drama to yourself.”I said staring at it. I
    opened my drawer and brought out the dagger I
    used on her the day I killed her. I kept the
    dagger for the past three years. “I have to
    destroy your spirit. If I don’t, you might end up
    telling the girl and john about what you saw and I
    might end up killing both of them the way I did to
    you”I said looking at the dagger. I hit the dagger
    on her picture I placed on the shelf. it pierced
    through it and stood straight.
    Stella’s POV
    As john went in to pick his car key, my body
    started acting strange. My head feel like it’s
    spinning. Everything that happened that night of
    the incident three years ago, came back in a
    flash. I remembered everything from beginning to
    the end. I looked around wondering what just
    happened. John came back holding his car key.
    “Let’s go to her now”he said coming towards
    me. “I remember. I remembered everything that
    happen that night.”I said with tears rolling down
    my cheek. His eyes were wide opened on
    hearing that. “Really? What happened? Who did
    it? Why?”he asked looking at me.

    EPISODE 20

    I kept weeping without saying a word. “Why are
    you crying? Is it that bad?”he asked looking at
    me. I cried more looking at him. I tried to speak
    but can’t say anything but cry. He drew me
    closer to his body hugging me. He patted my
    back lightly to comfort me. “It’s OK. Everything
    is OK. If it’s that hard to say now, I’ll listen to it
    later. Sorry for everything that happened to
    you.”he said patting my back.
    Few minutes later, my body became calm and I
    was able to talk. I narrated everything to him.
    Flash back….
    That night, I got a call from Stephen saying we
    should hook up at our usual place. When I got to
    the restaurant he mentioned, I didn’t see him
    there. I called his line, it was switched off. So, I
    left the restaurant and was heading to his house
    to check on him because he told me he’s just
    leaving home when we last spoke on phone. I
    was in my car driving and kept dialing his
    number maybe he would pick up but he wasn’t. I
    dropped my phone and concentrated on the road.
    When I almost got to his house like 5minutes
    drive to go. I got to a bridge and saw his car
    packed at on side of side of the road. Cars are
    not really moving on the road because it’s late.
    so it was silent and that area was dark.
    Immediately I saw his car, I pulled over to one
    side and got down from my car. Because of the
    cold outside, I took my jacket from the second
    seat and put it on. I walked slowly towards his
    car wondering what he’s doing by the road. I
    even thought he had an accident because
    accidents do happen on that bridge frequently. I
    walked towards the car peeping through the
    wind screen. When I got to the car, I saw
    another car before his car. A blue Toyota Camry.
    I peeped through his car and saw him carrying a
    lady out from there. I never saw her before. The
    lady was unconscious. He took her into the
    second car. “Is she dead?”I asked myself
    covering my mouth in shock. When he took her
    to the driver’s seat, he shut the door and looked
    around the area. I quickly dodged my head
    behind the car to avoid him seeing me. “What is
    he trying to do? Who’s the lady? Is she dead?”I
    asked myself looking scared. I heard the sound
    of the car and suddenly, I heard some glass
    scratch. I quickly looked at the direction of the
    car and saw as the car fell from the bridge down
    into the river. I tried to scream but covered my
    mouth in shock. He just committed murder and
    framed the accident. What should I do?. I started
    trembling in fear. I wanted to sneak back to
    where I left my car before he would see me. My
    phone started ringing. I quickly removed it from
    my pocket trying to silent it but my hand was
    trembling seriously. I heard some foot steps
    coming towards where I was hiding. At last I was
    able to silent it. I stood up and tried to leave but
    Stephen popped out to my front. When I saw
    him,my phone dropped from me in shock. My
    body started trembling in fear. He moved closer
    to me while I also moved backward. “What the
    f--k are you doing here? Why are you here?”he
    asked looking at me. His eyeball changed
    immediately. His body started diffusing black
    flames. “Please spare me. I promise I won’t tell
    anyone about it”I pleaded crying seriously. He
    moved closer looking at me while I also moved
    backward. “It’s too late dear. You’re not suppose
    to see this. Am sorry it’s too late”he said looking
    at me. I started running just to get away from
    him. When I got to the end of the bridge, I
    looked back and couldn’t see him again. I
    stopped to catch my breath. I looked up and saw
    his figure before me. I was so shocked to see
    that. “Dear. You can’t run away from me.”he
    said smiling. I blocked my two ears with both
    hands and started screaming for help. “Stop that
    you’re too loud. if you do that till tomorrow
    morning, no one will be able to hear you”he said.
    I started crying and pleading him to spare me.
    “Please I promise no one will know about it.
    Spear me please”I said begging him. He moved
    closer to me I was not able to move any further
    because the I have reached the end of the
    bridge. I looked behind me and saw water. I held
    the iron tightly looking at Stephen who has
    turned to a complete monster. I never knew this
    is the kind of person he is. I now know people
    shouldn’t be judge by their looks.
    “Am sorry dear. It’s too late. I have to do this.
    Goodbye my love”he said and I felt a sharp
    object pierced into my tummy. “Ahhhh!”I
    screamed holding his hand. I looked down at my
    tummy and saw blood dripping down from there.
    He withdrew the dagger from my tummy. I fell
    from the bridge and down into the water. As I
    sank down in the river, my eyes were still opened
    but I can’t breath. The water found it’s way into
    my nostril mouth ears. I tried to swim to the
    surface but my body was too weak to do that.
    What I remembered next was that I opened my
    eyes and saw a girl pressing down my chest. Her
    body was wet and the water in her hair was
    dripping down on my face as she continue
    shouting my name and shaking my body. She
    took off my bloody jacket and threw it down
    beside her. “Please save me!”I said in a low tone
    as my eyes were shutting back slowly. “Are you
    OK? Hang on. I’ll save you. Just some
    minutes”she said reaching for her phone. My
    eyes shut and that’s all I could remember.
    After telling john about this, he was looking at
    me in pity. He didn’t say anything. He got up
    from the couch and took his car key trying to
    head out. I stopped him by holding his hand.
    “Where are you going to?”I asked him. “To
    Stephen. I can’t take all these you just said. He
    must be punished for what he did to you. I
    promise he wouldn’t get away with it”he said
    looking at me. “And what do you plan to do?
    Fight with him, report him to the police? Or what
    do you plan to do to him when you get there?”I
    asked looking at him. “Yes. I would report him to
    the police. He must pay for his offense. He have
    to pay for it”he said trying to leave again. “And
    what will you report to the police? What evidence
    do you have? Do you plan to report that the
    ghost of the late Suzy mick told you about what
    he did? How does that even make sense to
    you?”I said looking at him. He wiped down his
    face in confusion and sat back on the couch.
    “For us to get him, a good evidence must be
    provided to the police. I know a spirit is
    controlling his soul. We need to be careful if you
    also don’t want to end in trouble”I said looking at

    EPISODE 21

    I told him we need to be patient or he’ll do
    something more worst to innocent people. He
    agreed with me but promised to reveal
    everything when he find a good evidence.
    I went to Jenny’s performance because I had
    promised to help her on that day. I stood by the
    entrance looking among the crowd because
    people were too much. I looked around for her
    but couldn’t find her.
    Jenny’s POV
    After waiting some minutes, Stella never showed
    up. I now became scared and nervous. My mum
    was sitting at the first row looking at me. She
    was smiling nodding her head saying it’s OK. We
    were the second to the last group to perform.
    When it got to our turn, we were called out on
    stage. I looked around again and couldn’t find
    her. “Stella where are you?”I thought to myself.
    The sound was turned on and still she didn’t
    show up. We were about performing when she
    showed up from a corner. Immediately I saw her,
    I smiled to myself feeling happy. She walked
    slowly to me smiling. When she got to my front, I
    closed my eyes and that’s all I could remember.
    Stella’s POV
    I moved into her body and possessed her. The
    dance began and we started dancing. As we
    were dancing my memory flashed back to how
    Stephen and I met.
    After my performance, Debbie introduced him to
    me as her friend when she was in school. We
    exchanged greetings and I fell in love with him at
    first sight because then he was so cool and nice.
    He looks harmless by his personality and
    appearance. Later when we met again, we
    exchanged contacts and start getting closer.
    That was how it happens. As I was remembering
    those memories, I was not focusing on the
    dance anymore. I could see people reactions. I
    took a deep breath and tried to meet up with
    others. I was able to do my best but one side of
    me was not happy.
    After we finished the performance, the judges
    have us the second place. The girls were so
    happy but I was not. Jenny’s mum was happy
    also. “Good job dear. You really impressed
    me”She hugged me smiling. “If this could
    continue, I know you would be able to do better
    than this”she said. “Don’t worry. I promise to do
    better from now on.”I said smiling. “Jenny, I
    hope I kept my promise to you now.”I thought to
    John’s POV
    When she told me she’s going to Jenny’s
    performance, after some minutes of staying at
    home, I left to the place to see her performance.
    After the performance, I saw a woman hugging
    her. I think that’s Jenny’s mum. I smiled looking
    at them from where I stood. When she saw me,
    she told the woman something and came
    towards me. I waited for her to get to me while
    she also smiles walking towards me. I looked
    behind her and noticed someone was following
    her. The person put on black outfit all through.
    And had a black faze cap on which was covering
    his face. He walked behind her looking around at
    people. I guess he’s up to something. Stella
    didn’t notice this. She kept smiling looking at me.
    The guy dipped his hand into the inner of his
    jacket and brought out something. I was not able
    to see it clearly because the place was a bit
    dark and crowdy. He moved closer to her and it
    was then I know he’s trying to do something bad.
    I saw a sharp object and when he was about
    hurting her,I shouted her name but it was too
    late”Stella watch out!”I said rushing towards her.
    Because we were a bit far from each other,
    before I could get to him, he had stabbed her
    with the object he was holding. As he tried to
    turn and flee, I got there and held his hand. He
    jacked off his hand from me and disappeared
    into the thin air. But I was able to remove the
    wrist watch he was putting on. People had
    gathered around the scene wondering what just
    happened. Stella went down slowly closing her
    eyes. I quickly moved to her side and she fainted
    in my arms. “Stella wake up please! Stella!”I
    shouted her name shaking her body. I touched
    her side and saw blood on my hand.

    EPISODE 22

    I kept shouting her name as people around us
    also attended to her. I heard a loud scream
    behind me which was Jenny’s mum. She sat
    beside her and started crying calling for help.
    “Jenny! What happened to my daughter? Please
    tell me what just happened to her. She was fine
    a while ago. How come she’s like this!”she said
    crying. I was not able to say anything to her
    because I was also heartbroken. Someone called
    an ambulance and it arrive in no time. Her body
    was taken on a stretcher and was driven towards
    the ambulance. I followed them as the took her
    on the stretcher. Her mum was weeping
    seriously holding the stretcher and following
    them behind. When she was taken in, I looked
    back and saw Stella behind me. I was surprised
    to see her there. She stood still on a spot looking
    at us. I could see tears on her face as she
    stared at Jenny’s body being taken in the
    ambulance. She was not able to move closer or
    say a word. I looked at Jenny who was
    unconscious and looked at her mother who was
    crying seriously because of her daughter state.
    Her mum got into the ambulance as they took
    her in. I also wanted to get in but looked back at
    Stella again. I then quickly got in and the door
    was closed. :
    When we got to the hospital, she was rushed
    into the operation room. Her mum wanted to
    follow them but was stopped by the doctor.
    “She’ll be OK. Please relax”she said looking at
    her. She quickly rushed in with other doctors and
    the door was closed. Her mum sat down on a
    chair for a while then stood up again and started
    moving about restlessly. She sat down again but
    felt uncomfortable. She stood up again looking
    worried and sad. I walked up to where she was
    standing and helped her to the seat. She sat
    down looking at me. “It’s OK ma. I know she’ll be
    fine. Please be calm”I said looking at her.
    “Thank you. But who are you?”she asked. “Am
    one of her friend,”I replied. “Do you think she’ll
    be OK? She’s the only one for me. I can’t let
    anything bad happen to her. What should I do
    now?”she said in sorrow. “It’s OK ma. She’ll be
    fine”I said to comfort her.
    After some minutes, the surgery ended and the
    doctor came out to us. Jenny’s mum quickly
    went to her before she could get to us. I also
    stood up and went to her.
    “How’s my daughter? What happened? Is she
    OK?”she asked looking impatient. “She’s OK.
    Good thing the wound was not that deep. It
    doesn’t affect her internal organ which could
    have make it worst. She’ll be OK soon but needs
    more time to rest for now. I think you guys will
    come back later.”she said. “Thank you so much
    doctor. Thanks for saving my only daughter.
    Thank you so much”she said crying again. The
    doctor left us. “She’s fine. You don’t need to
    bother anymore. She’ll recover soon”I said to
    her. “She wiped off the tears nodding her head.
    “Thank you.”she said.
    I saw Jenny coming our of the surgery room.
    She looks sad as she walks towards us. I guess
    she saw Jenny already. “You can leave now.
    Thanks for your support.”she said looking at me.
    Stella got to us looking sad”Am sorry. Am so
    sorry I did that to your poor Jenny. Please
    forgive me. Am sorry for dragging her into
    this”she said crying. She wanted to touch her
    shoulder but her hand could not touch her. The
    woman moved from her side and walked away
    slowly. I stared at her till she was gone. I looked
    back at Stella who was feeling guilty of the
    accident that happened to Jenny. “It’s OK. It’s
    not your fault. It was my fault for not acting fast.
    I would have stopped this from happening if I
    had gotten to your side earlier than that. Don’t
    blame yourself OK”I said looking at her.
    “Who did it?”she asked looking angry. “Who the
    hell did that to her?”she ask moving her gazes to
    me. “I brought out the wristwatch I took from
    the person and showed it to her. “He did it. We
    must find the owner if this wrist watch. He’s the
    culprit”I said showing her the wristwatch. She
    took it from me and looked at it closely.
    “Stephen!”she said looking at me. She diverted
    her eyes back to the watch looking more angry.
    “That b-----d Stephen did it”she said looking at
    me. I was surprised at how she knows he’s the
    one. It’s true those gaze I saw were familiar to
    that of Stephen but I wanted to confirm before
    jumping into conclusion. But now that she said
    it, am 100percent sure he’s truly the culprit. She
    tightening her fist on the wristwatch looking
    angry. “I promise he won’t get away with it this
    time. I will make sure he regret hurting people
    dear to me. I’ll definitely make him regret
    everything he has done to me.”she said angrily.

    EPISODE 23

    I could see the anger all over her face. I moved
    to her side and placed my hand on her shoulder.
    “It’s OK. I know we’ll get him soon but we need
    to be patient just as you told me. Jenny would
    be OK”I said to comfort her. She faced me
    nodding her head. “I understand but I can’t just
    stay back and watch as he hurt people close to
    me. He might even do more than this next time.
    Please we need to do something before it’s too
    late”she said almost crying.
    Cassandra’s POV
    I was in my room sitting on the bed with my body
    half covered with the blanket. I thought of all
    Stephen had done to me since the day we met
    till this present day. Sometimes when he’s angry,
    he will be out of control and hit me multiple
    times. My body was full of scares I got from
    him. I regretted ever going to him at the first
    place. Staying with my parent and suffering from
    my mean Foster mother would have been even
    better than staying with the evil Stephen. My
    friend Jane was murdered by Stephen because
    she wanted to quit and not work for him again.
    She was killed before my eyes. I was not able to
    defend her or do anything or else, we’ll both die
    together. Since she was gone, I suffered a lot
    from Stephen because when she was here, she
    always defend me and know her way to calm
    him down.
    I have thought of killing him multiple times or
    stabbing him to death when he’s asleep but I will
    end up dying at the end if I do so.
    I continue living in Stephen’s hell all this while.
    The only thing he does in return for me was
    providing all my needs. Expensive House, big
    cars and many good things in life. And he also
    promised to find my family for me in return.
    I just came back from my parents now. I asked
    everything about Suzy Mick from elle and she
    told me how she got there. And the day she took
    her to his father in pool of blood. The way she
    was talking about her, my Heart melted and I
    pitied her. I don’t think I can go against what my
    parents want. Since they are protecting her from
    harm, I have to do that also.
    But what of Stephen?
    Stephen’s POV
    When I left the scene, I quickly went home and
    changed into my normal dress. I noticed my
    wristwatch was gone. I then remembered when
    john held my hand and I jacked my hand off. it
    was then he removed it. “Oh gosh! How can this
    happen?”I said hitting my fist to the wall. I heard
    someone pressing on the bell outside and I
    walked to the door slowly. I looked at the cctv
    screen by the door and saw it was Cassandra. I
    opened the door and she came in. We both
    walked back to the living room while I was still
    not feeling good. I sat down on the couch while
    she stood in front of me. “You called for me”she
    said not looking at me. “Yes I did. But let me
    leave that aside first. I was just coming from
    Jenny’s performance. I stabbed her because that
    girl was possessing her body. When I was about
    leaving the scene, john interfered trying to hold
    me. I was able to get away from his grip but my
    wristwatch was gone”he said looking at me.
    “What an evil creature! So you’re now hurting
    innocent people again?”I thought to myself
    angrily but didn’t show it in my expression. “So
    what do I need to do?”I asked him. “Get the
    wristwatch back before dawn. You must get it
    from him at all cost. Your failure will mean
    punishment”he said looking at me. By now, I got
    more angry but was not able to say anything
    than “OK. I will”I said. “Good! You can leave
    now. I’ll tell you the other one later”he said
    smiling. I walked slowly towards the door. When I
    got outside, I saw Mathew, one of his guy
    messenger heading in. He bowed his head to me
    before walking pass me. I turned back still
    looking at him. I wondered why he’s here out of
    the blue. He had not been around all these days
    I wonder what he had been doing for Stephen. I
    must find that out today. I thought to myself and
    dipped my hand into my bag. I brought out a
    small chip(a bug which records every sound
    when planted on someone or in a room) I looked
    at it smiling. When he was about going in, I
    called his name. “Mathew!”
    He stopped and looked back. “Yes ma’am”he
    replied looking at me. “Wow! I’ve seen you for
    long now. Hope everything is OK?”I asked smiling
    as I walked to him. “Yes ma’am. Thanks for your
    concern”he said smiling. I stretched my hand for
    a shake and he took it. I patted his back gently
    and used the chance to hide the small chip by
    his collar. “Take care OK”I said smiling. I
    released his hand and he left. I watched him till
    he got in and locked the door. I went into my car
    and brought out a device. I plugged it and
    plugged my iPod to it. I then put it on in a way it
    was covering my ears. I waited for there
    Stephen’s POV.
    After Cassandra left, Mathew came in. He
    walked up to me and we greeted each other. “So
    how far have you gone with what I sent you?”I
    asked him. He was silent for a while before
    replying me. “Am done with it but….”he stopped
    looking at me. “But what? Let me know
    everything about it”I said. He brought down the
    bag pack he was carrying and brought out some
    files and pictures. He dropped them on the table
    before me. I took them one after the other
    looking at them carefully. “Why’s Cassandra with
    them? Why are they all together?. I asked you to
    find Cassandra’s biological parents. What does
    this pictures mean?”I asked looking at him.
    “That’s it. Cassandra was 15 when she got
    missing at a park. Her parents look for her but
    she was not found. She was taken in by doctor
    Josh who also don’t know about her but took her
    in as his daughter. I really don’t know how she
    got to them but I know they were the one taking
    care of her till she later left them because of
    some issues. I heard she had a brain trauma.
    Some of her memories are gone. But She would
    recover them back some day.”he said looking at
    “I understand. So you mean these people in the
    picture are her family?”I asked looking at him.
    “Yes. She’s Suzy Mick’s sister. This are their
    parent with them. They are truly siblings. So
    what should we do about this?”he asked looking
    at me. I was dumbfounded for a while. “What do
    you think we should do. There’s nothing to be
    done than to bury this down. She must not find
    out about this.”I said.
    “You know she’ll be happy to see her real parent.
    That’s what she wanted most from you. That’s
    what kept her here around you. She’ll feel bad if
    you were not able to do that for her”Mathew said
    looking at me. “I know. It’s not right to tell her
    she and Suzy mick are siblings! Just assume you
    were in her shoe. How will you feel when you
    know am the murderer of your late sister?”I
    asked looking at him. He took a heavy sighed not
    replying me. “You must not bring anything up
    about her family from now on. If anyone know
    about this apart from me and you, then you’re
    gone also”I said looking at him.
    Sandra’s POV
    When I heard all these, my heart was hurt and
    heavy. I didn’t notice when tears started
    streaming down my face. I removed the iPod
    from my ear slowly feeling hurt and betrayed.

    EPISODE 24

    “You evil beast! I promise you’ll die by my hands
    on day. I will kill you myself.”I said crying out.
    After some minutes, my body was a little calm
    and I had stopped crying.
    “I promise to destroy all what you’ve worked for.
    I will show you what am capable of doing. Now, I
    don’t care if my life would be at risk. I’ll make
    you go on your kneel to those family you’ve
    offended or kill their child before you see your
    own grave.”I said looking angry.
    John’s POV
    I and Stella went back to the hospital to visit
    Jenny. When we got to her Ward, her mum was
    already there taking care of her. “Good evening
    ma”I greeted her. “Oh good evening My son.
    Thanks for the other time.”she said smiling.
    “How’s she?”I asked looking at Jenny. She turned
    her face to me smiling. She was not really
    looking at me I looked beside me and it was then
    I knew she was looking at Stella. Stella walked
    slowly to her bed and sat down beside her.
    Although Jenny’s mum could not see her. She
    thought Jenny was looking at me.
    “Am sorry for making this happen”Stella said
    holding her hand. She nodded her head in
    response. “Am happy you were not that badly
    hurt by him. I promise to fight for everyone. He
    would soon be brought down by me. Please you
    need to get well soon OK”she said. Jenny smiled
    nodding her head again.
    Her mum was staring at her wondering what she
    was doing and who she was smiling at.
    “Jenny is anything wrong again?”she asked her.
    “Oh. Jenny are you now feeling OK? I had been
    so worried about you since yesterday. Hope
    everything is fine now?”I said cutting in to stop
    her mum from asking any further question. She
    smiled nodding her head. “Thank you sir. Am
    feeling better”she replied looking at me.
    “Why are you calling your friend sir? Are you not
    friends?”her mum asked looking confused.
    “My friend?”Jenny asked looking confused.
    “He’s the vice president of A.N.E.L
    entertainment company”she corrected her mum.
    Her mum looked at me then gasped in
    amazement covering her mouth with both hands.
    “Really? Am so sorry sir. I didn’t know that’s who
    you are. Please forgive my manner”she said
    looking at me. “No ma. It’s OK, you don’t need to
    be. Am OK with how you talk to me”I said
    smiling. “So you came to visit my daughter
    personally after her performance yesterday? Wow
    I can’t believe this. Thanks for everything sir. Am
    so happy for your concern”she said smiling. “Yes
    ma’am.”I said bowing a little.
    After we left her Ward, I got to the compound
    and was about opening my car. I saw Cassandra
    standing at the other side beside my car. I was
    surprised to see her here at the hospital. I think
    Stephen sent her here again. She didn’t notice I
    was there so I wanted to ignore her and go our
    way. I thought what if she’s up to something?. I
    locked the door slamming it. The sound made
    her looked at my direction. Stella was not aware
    of this. She was at the back of the seat
    expecting me to drive. But when I slammed the
    door shut, she also got out of the car wondering
    what happened. She appeared to my side and
    asked why we’re not going again. “Why? Did you
    forget something?”she asked looking at me.
    Cassandra’s POV
    After waiting in the hospital compound for a
    while, I heard a loud sound beside me and I saw
    it was john. I walked slowly towards him still
    feeling strange of what I was about to do. When
    I got to him, I greeted him but he was not
    replying me. “I have something to tell you”I said
    looking at him. “What is it? What are you guys
    planning this time around? Does he tell you to
    come and kill her finally?”he asked looking angry.
    I was so surprised he knew Stephen was the one
    behind it all. But why is he not reacting to it? So
    he also knew Stephen was trying to hurt Stella
    too? does that mean he was aware that Stephen
    framed his mother’s death?”I thought to myself
    looking at him. “Why? I think am not wrong? You
    actually came because of that?”he asked looking
    into my eyes. “A…am not here because of that. I
    have something to tell you”I said looking at him.
    “Your tricks won’t work on me anymore. I know if
    you open that mouth, all that will come out of
    there are nothing but lies. I don’t need to stand
    here with you wasting my time and energy.
    Please excuse me!”he said and turned to go.
    “You’re still behaving childish. Aren’t you? I think
    you don’t wish to know who was behind your
    mother’s death?”I said looking at his back as he
    was leaving. He stopped on hearing that. He then
    turned slowly to me like I just controlled him with
    a remote. He was staring at me straight in the
    eyes looking shocked and surprised.

    EPISODE 25

    “What do you mean by that?”he asked looking at
    me. “I mean, you don’t care to know the reason
    behind you mum’s death. Do you think it’s
    natural. If you want want to know from me then
    listen and if you choose not to, then go your
    way. Am only doing this because of my sister. I
    want to pay back for what I had done to her. If
    you chose not to believe me you can do it your
    own way”i said looking at him. I turned to leave
    but he stopped me. “Give me a good reason for
    me to believe you’re not deceiving us”he said.
    “Because am Michael Cassandra. You’re not the
    only one he hurt, am also a victim”I said looking
    at him.
    Stella’s POV
    When she said she’s micheal Cassandra, I was
    so surprised. I had been wondering where I know
    the face because when I first set my eyes on
    her, I had this strange feeling.
    I remembered when we were still together. How
    we played, laugh and go to school together.
    Then I remembered the day we were looking for
    her at a park we went. We were shouting her
    name especially me. I had started crying while
    mum held my hand and we continue looking for
    “Cassandra!”the name came out of my mouth
    while john looked back at me with an unknown
    He was not able to ask me anything because he
    thought he would look crazy to Cassandra who
    will think he’s talking to himself.
    Two days later……
    Jenny had recovered but the wound was not fully
    healed yet. She was discharged from the
    hospital and was taken home by her mother.
    John and I also went home after Jenny’s mum
    thanked him so much for his support.
    We left the hospital and went home.
    Cassandra had promised to work with us just to
    bring Stephen down. I told john about my
    memory and the fact that Cassandra is my
    sister. She knows about me but was not able to
    see me.
    “Now we know that you mean no harm, we can
    trust you and depend on one another”john said
    looking at her. “Yes”she replied. “So you mean
    you know who was behind my mum’s death? Can
    you tell me. now, I can believe everything you
    say”john said.
    She was silent for a while staring at john. “Who’s
    it? Let me know now”he said looking impatient.
    Just as Cassandra was about to talk, her phone
    rang and she took it. “Hello?”
    “Alright”that was all her respond to the caller.
    She took her bag and stood up. “Sorry that
    would be another day. Because it’s a long story.
    Stephen just called for me. I need to go now”she
    said looking at john.
    Stephen’s POV
    When Cassandra got to me, she was not looking
    that good. I suspect something is wrong. “Why is
    your mood like this?”I asked her. “It’s nothing. I
    just feel a bit sick”she replied. “Will you go to
    the hospital? Is it much?”I asked. “Why did you
    call me here?”she asked looking at me.
    I noticed she had been acting strange and quiet
    these days. I wondered why she’s like that. “Yes
    I called for you. Sorry to tell you this, I had
    searched for your family which you asked me to
    do for you. But it’s so sad and heartbroken I
    found out they had all died in a motor accident.
    Only you survived the accident. So sorry to break
    down the sad news to you”I said looking at her. I
    brought out some pictures and documents I
    asked Mathew to get and showed it to her. It
    was another family picture who all died three
    years ago In a serious motor accident. When I
    gave it to her, she nodded her head positively
    without saying a word or two. She gave them
    back to me staring at me strangely. “That’s so
    bad”she said looking at me.
    “Is that all you could say?”I asked her. She didn’t
    react to it or start crying or do as if it hurts her.
    “That’s so painful but what can I do? They’re
    gone. So sad”she said covering her face with
    both hands.
    I took a deep breath and my body was relieved.
    Cassandra’s POV
    I covered my face because I can’t stand to see
    the sight of that beast Stephen anymore. I cried
    a little at least for the family that lost their lives.
    And for him not to suspect me.
    I left his place and was heading back. I thought
    of going to Stella at my Foster family’s place.
    Just to check on her health. And to visit them
    because it had been long. I got into my car and
    headed there.
    Stephen’s POV
    After she left, I thought of what she had been up
    to these days because she was acting strange.
    “Is she keeping anything from me?”I asked
    myself. I took my car key and also headed out to
    find out about what she’s up to. I saw her car as
    she zoomed out of the compound. I also got into
    my car and followed her but let the distance
    between us be a little far so that she won’t
    notice am following her. She turned to the left at
    a junction. “Where on earth is this girl going to?”I
    asked myself and also turned left.

    EPISODE 26

    Cassandra’s POV
    As I was driving down towards the place, my
    phone rang and I took it. “Hello Sandra”john said
    on phone. “Hello. Is anything the problem?”I
    asked. “Please come back to my place. I just
    have one thing to ask you. I can’t say it on
    phone. I need to ask from you right now. Please
    we need to see”he said sounding desperate. “I’ll
    come back to you later when am back. I need to
    get to somewhere right now. I can’t see you until
    am back. I’ll be back by 5:pm, you just have to
    wait till then”I said. “I can’t just keep this in mind
    till then. We need to see face to face on this
    issue. Can’t you even do that for me?”he asked.
    “Am so sorry. The place am heading to is so
    important. Please pardon me”I replied and hung
    I have not let them know about Stella. I still kept
    that a secret because of her safety. I continue
    driving but thought of what he want to ask me,
    to make him this serious about it. I thought for a
    while wondering whats going on with him. “Oh
    God! I already told them am on my way. Should I
    go back again?”I said feeling bad. I got to a
    junction and made a Uturn back heading to his
    Stephen’s POV
    When she got to a junction and made a Uturn
    heading back home, I thought of what she was
    doing. “Why is this girl driving like this? Is she
    just driving and turning for fun? Was it because
    of the news I broke to her?”I thought to myself.
    My phone rang and I took it. They called because
    of an urgent meeting. I told them am on my way
    and quickly turned the opposite way she took
    and headed to the meeting I was called for.
    John’s POV
    I and Stella were in the living room. When Sandra
    told me she’s not coming, I kept pondering over
    the matter. Few minutes later, she had arrived.
    She walked towards us and I quickly met at
    before she could get to us. “What’s so serious
    you want to ask that makes you call me back
    here?”she asked looking at me.
    “Please you need to tell me the truth. We can’t
    keep things for each other anymore right?” I
    asked looking at her. “Yes. I know that”she
    replied looking at me. “Was Stephen the one
    behind my mum’s death?”I asked her straight.
    She was silent for a while and that got me
    feeling more impatient. “Answer me!”I shouted
    holding her shoulders.
    “Stephen was not the one that really killed your
    mum”she replied looking at me. “Then who? Who
    did it?”I asked waiting for her to talk.
    Debbie’s POV
    Today is my friend memorial day. I dressed in
    black outfit and was holding some flowers in my
    hand. I looked at her grave and saw many kind
    of flowers. Seems like her family just left. I
    dropped mine on her grave also and did the
    normal ritual while kneeling on the ground. I
    stood up still looking down at her grave. “We
    promised to fight for each other. We promised to
    to die for each other right?. And now I promise
    to punish all who are behind your death and
    bring them all to shame”I said looking at the
    After I left her graveyard, I headed to Stephen’s
    house because he told me he’s home a while
    ago. And I also have a lot to ask him. And the
    reason why he didn’t attend Stella’s memorial
    when I got to his place, I packed my car at the
    garage and walked towards his building. I got to
    the door and unlocked it because I know his
    password. When I got in, I didn’t meet anyone
    inside. So I guess he would be inside his room. I
    tried opening his door but it was locked with
    password. I guess he’s not home. I thought to
    myself and was about leaving. When i got to the
    living room, I stopped and wondered why he even
    locked his room with password. Definitely there’s
    something suspicious in his room. I went to the
    window to check the environment. When I saw
    no one was there, I went back to his door. I tried
    the pin he used for his main door but it was not
    working. So I tried another one still the same. I
    thought of what he would have used. Then I
    used Stella’s birth date. It unlocked and I was
    surprised he used her birthday for his password. I
    opened the door slowly and walked in. I looked
    around his room in amazement. This would be
    my first time of entering his room. His room
    looks strange. I saw some pictures on the wall.
    Some were cross in a red ink. I moved closer to
    it. And saw Stella’s picture.

    EPISODE 27

    I move closer to it and saw Stella's picture.
    “My love Stella. Died on 18-5-2015.”this was
    written in red ink at the bottom of the picture. I
    ignored that and started checking everywhere
    maybe I would find any other suspicious stuff. I
    opened his drawer and checked but can’t find
    anything. I opened the second one and found
    something mysterious. Something wrapped in a
    black napkin. I loosed the napkin and brought out
    what was inside. “What in the world is this?”I
    said trembling in fear. It was a sharp pointed
    dagger and the picture of Stella destroyed with a
    shark object. I saw a small book under where I
    took the napkin and brought it out. I opened it
    and started reading. It looks Like a diary.
    “I killed Elizabeth because she knows my true
    identity. I don’t mean to but she vowed to reveal
    it to the world.”the first page was written like
    that with the picture of a pretty girl. “Stephen
    killed someone?”I said covering my mouth in
    shock. I opened the second page then the third
    page. I then thought If what am guessing about
    him killing Stella was right, I would see her here
    also. I started opening the cover from page to
    page until I got to Stella’s part. My heart was
    beating very fast as if it would jump out of my
    chest. I can’t believe he really killed his ex-
    grlfriend Stella. When I read the whole content of
    it, tears were streaming down my cheek while my
    body was trembling in fear. I brought out my
    phone and snapped it all. Then forward them to
    john. I packed everything and put them back in
    his drawer. Just as I stood up still shaking in
    fear, I heard the sound of the buttons as if
    someone is unlocking the door. My eyes were
    widely opened as I heard the voice if Stephen. I
    stood still trembling in fear.

    EPISODE 28

    I quickly took my hand bag and walked to the
    door. When I got to the door, I opened it gently
    but couldn’t find anyone at the door. I heard him
    talking to someone on phone in the living room. I
    tiptoed and got out of his room closing the door
    gently. I walked towards the visitor toilet to hide
    there till he’ll be out again or go to his room. I
    don’t want him to know I came to his house.
    That might put me in trouble also. I stood in the
    visitor toilet trembling and weeping. I thought of
    what I read In the book and that bring more tears
    to my face. “Stephen why? Why did you guys do
    that?”I asked crying while covering my mouth
    with both hand to stop me from crying out.
    John’s POV
    When I asked Cassandra who killed my mum, she
    was staring at me not replying. “Your silence is
    killing me. Please just tell me already”I said
    looking at her. “Your mum was murdered
    by….”she stopped and a message notification
    came into my phone. I saw Debbie’s number and
    quickly unlocked my phone. I saw the pictures
    she sent and started reading the content out.
    “April 18 2015, I killed Stella because she saw
    what she was not suppose to see. I didn’t kill
    jane(John’s mother) but her death was a mistake
    from my mother. My mum called Jane for a visit
    at her place just because she told her she have
    something to say to her. But that’s not the truth
    she called her for a reason. She threatened her
    to reject father’s offer of wanting him to live
    with her. John’s mum was favored a lot by
    father and this got my mum jealous. Because of
    that, my mum’s hatred for her grew stronger.
    When she told her to reject the offer, Jane
    refused to hear her. Arguments arises between
    both of them.

    EPISODE 29

    Arguments arises between both of them. My
    mum slapped her and hit her multiple times. She
    defended herself also by retaliating the slap back
    to my mum. In anger, my mum hit and pushed
    her. This made her hit her head at the pillar
    behind her and passed away immediately. My
    mum started trembling in fear and called me
    when she saw blood. She told me everything that
    happened between them and I told her not to
    worry about it. When I got there, I calmed her
    down. When I checked and found out Jane had
    stopped breathing, I took her to my car and told
    my mum not to mention this to anyone. When I
    drove her to a bridge, I asked my mum to bring
    her car just to make the accident real. When she
    brought it, she took a taxi and went back home. I
    placed her body on the driver seat. Just as I was
    about to start the engine, she opened her eyes
    looking at me. If I had taken her to the hospital,
    she would have survived but will report
    everything to the police and would put my mum
    and I in big trouble. “You guys can’t do this to
    me”she said in a weak voice. I ignored her and
    started the engine then removed the stone I
    placed on the break pedal. The car moved by
    itself and hit the bridge then down into the river.
    I closed my eyes as this happened. I paced at
    the spot the car hit for a while then I looked
    behind me and noticed someone was hiding
    behind my car. I opened the door quietly and
    brought out a sharp dagger with the aim of
    killing whosoever saw me. When I got there, I
    saw it was Stella. I was so surprised she was the
    one who saw all what I just did. It was so painful
    it was her and not another person. I never mean
    to hurt the girl I love but I can’t let her go.
    Because of my future and for my mum’s safety.
    Stella tried to run away from me but I caught
    her. She pleaded me to spare her but it was too
    late. I stabbed her with the dagger and threw her
    into the river also…..
    That was how Stella and Jane died the same
    John’s POV
    When I finished reading this, my phone dropped
    from me in shock. I bent down on my kneel
    covering my face while tears dropped from my
    eyes. “How could you guys do this to my poor
    mother? Why? How could you?”I said crying.
    Cassandra and Stella came beside me and were
    comforting me. “Take heart dear. It’s so painful
    but you have to take heart”Sandra said patting
    my back.
    I stood up on my feet and faced Cassandra. “I
    can’t take this anymore. That beast don’t worth
    living on earth and breathing the same air with
    we humans. I will destroy him myself today”I
    said and headed out. Stella and Cassandra kept
    calling my name but the anger and revenge in
    me does not make me answer or go back to

    EPISODE 30

    Stephen’s POV
    When I finished receiving the call, I walked
    towards my room. I sat on the sofa looking
    around. I looked at some things in my room and
    noticed they were not as I left them. I stood up
    and started putting them back in place. I got to
    my drawer and saw it was not locked properly as
    I left it this morning. I checked the stuffs I put
    there and found out they’ve been touched by
    someone. “Who the hell tampered with my
    stuffs?”I asked in anger. Due to my anger, my
    body had started diffusing black flames and my
    finger nails had pointed sharp. I was so angry
    that if I should see the person right now, I would
    kill him/her whosoever it might be. I closed the
    drawer and went to the door. I sniffed the handle
    of the door to perceive the smell. I noticed the
    person just left my room not long. “That mean
    he/she is still inside my building”I thought to
    myself and opened the door.
    Debbie’s POV.
    When I peeped through the door and saw he
    went into his room, I tiptoed and walked out of
    the visitor toilet. When I got to the living room, I
    heard his footsteps and I quickly hid behind the
    cotton. He walked around the living room looking
    at every angle. I was so surprised to see him In
    that state. He’s of no different from a beast. His
    fingers were pointed and his body were releasing
    thick black flames. His eyeballs were black. He
    looks just like a monster. This got me more
    scared. “God please save me from Stephen. God
    please protect me. Guide me till I leave his
    house. Don’t let me die here by his hand”I
    prayed to God silently. He went back towards his
    room. And I found my way out of his house. I
    went into my car and drove out of his
    compound. Just like 3minutes drive, I saw John’s
    car coming. I called him but he was not picking
    up. I blocked him with my car and he stepped on
    the break. I quickly get out of my car and went
    to his car. He also opened the door and came
    out looking at me. “What you sent to me,was
    that true? Could that be real?”he asked looking at
    me.” And if it’s real, Where are you going to in
    this state? I didn’t send that to you so that you
    can fight him. He’s not someone you can handle.
    This is not the next step. Let’s get out of here
    now. I know by now, he would be looking for the
    person that broke into his room which was me.
    Let’s just go back. We’ll talk better then”I said
    looking at him. He hit the body of his car looking
    hurt and angry. I went into my car and drove off.
    While he also turned and followed behind me.
    Stephen’s POV
    After I searched everywhere and could not find
    anyone, I then started laughing to myself.
    “Hahahahahaaa”I laughed for so long. “Do you
    think you can get away from me? I’ll get you
    soon”I said and headed to the cctv screen. I
    backward it to when the person first got in. To
    my surprise, it was Debbie. I watched how she
    got into my room and how she was checking all
    the stuffs one after the other. When she took the
    black napkin and saw who was I the picture, I
    stopped watching and headed out of the room.
    “How dare you mess with me?”I said looking
    angry. I went to my room and opened my drawer.
    I brought out the dagger smiling to myself.
    John’s POV
    Debbie told me all what she saw in his room. I
    was so angry that I wish I had a gun and shoot
    him dead immediately but Debbie told me to
    calm down. Cassandra told us Stephen just
    called her and told her everything on how
    someone broke into her room. “I will advise you
    to be careful. You’ll be his next target now
    because he knows you were the one”Sandra said
    looking at Debbie. We were all shocked while
    Debbie was trembling in fear. “What do we do?
    Let’s report him to the police.”Debbie said. “You
    guys cant report Stephen to the police, it would
    just make everything worst for you guys. Stephen
    must be killed for his evil deeds to end. If you
    report him, he’ll find his way out of there
    because he had so much connections. You guys
    can’t understand what am saying. Stephen have
    to die! For him to die, the evil spirit must be cast
    out.”Cassandra said looking at us.
    “What should I do? I can’t go home right now. My
    life is at stake”Debbie said looking scared. “Can
    you stay with me at my place?”Cassandra asked
    her. “Yes I think that idea would be good. You
    have to stay with her for the main time.”I said
    agreeing to what she said. “On thanks”Debbie
    replied. “But I need to get something from my
    house first”she said. “What is it? Get whatever
    you want to get before it’s late”Sandra said
    looking at her. I looked at Stella and nodded my
    Cassandra’s POV
    Just to keep her safe, I followed her to her
    house to get whatever she wants to get before
    leaving for my place. When we got to her
    building, she unlocked her door and went in while
    I followed behind her.
    Debbie’s POV
    Now, I know the reason the old woman gave me
    the black sachet.
    I got into my building and went towards my
    room. While Sandra waited in the living room
    watching the entrance and the compound. When
    I got to my door, I opened it and went in. I found
    out someone had gotten into my room because
    my stuffs were thrown to the floor and
    everywhere looked messed up. “What happened
    here?”I asked looking around. I think Stephen just
    left my house when he couldn’t find me. I quickly
    took my box and pack few clothes then take the
    black sachet I got from the old woman. I met her
    by the road side begging for food. I gave her
    money and some snack I bought from a store.
    She thanked me and when I was about driving
    on, she stopped me by hitting my car. She gave
    me a sachet. I asked what it was for and she
    smiled telling me I would need it later. She said
    it’s for destroying evil spirits and ghosts no
    matter how strong they are. Then, I wondered
    what I will have to do with evil spirit or ghost. I
    received it and dropped it in my bag thanking
    Now I know what she meant be that. I took the
    powder and dropped it in my box with the hope
    of giving it to john when we get back together. I
    closed my box and was dragging it along with
    me. When I got to the door and was about
    opening it, I heard some footsteps behind me. I
    stopped and swallowed hard shaking in fear. I
    turned back slowly to see if someone was behind
    me. When I looked behind me, I could not see
    anyone. I faced front slowly and to my greatest
    shock, I saw Stephen standing before me. The
    shock almost made me faint at the sight of him.
    He smiled looking at me. “Go away from me
    now!”I yelled at him. I took the black sachet
    from my box. My body was trembling seriously
    and the sachet fell down from me. He smiled
    looking at me. I tried to scream but he grabbed
    my neck and squeezed it.
    Sandra’s POV
    I waited for long but could not see Debbie.
    Suddenly, I heard a loud voice from where she
    said to be her room. I quickly rushed towards
    there but was not able to find her room on time.
    Finally I opened a door and what I saw shocked
    me. I found Debbie in her own pool of blood. Her
    face was destroyed with sharp finger marks. Her
    body was badly injured with sharp paw marks.
    Her blood streamed down like water. When I saw
    this, I couldn’t hold in the fear a
    ny longer so I
    fainted out of shock.

    EPISODE 31

    John’s POV
    When Stella and I waited for Debbie and Sandra
    for so long, I took my phone and dialed Debbie’s
    number but she was not picking up. It rang for
    so long but no one pick it. “What’s happening?
    Why Is she not picking up?”Stella asked looking
    at me. “I don’t know. Let me get there now”I
    replied and took my car key from the couch
    heading out. She followed me and we both went
    to Debbie’s apartment. When I got there, I saw
    the door opened. I got to the living room and
    found Sandra’s phone on the center table. The
    house was so quiet that I wondered what really
    happened. I walked slowly towards her room.
    When I got there, I was so shocked by what I
    saw. When Stella also got there and looked
    inside, she opened her mouth in shock. “Debbie!
    Sandra! What really happened here?”she asked
    crying. She rushed to both of them calling there
    names. I was just staring at them. I don’t know
    what next to do. It felt like a bad dream to me.
    Stella was weeping while calling there names.
    “Stephen did it again?”I said in a low tone looking
    at both of them.
    Few minutes later, the ambulance came to take
    them after I reported the incident. Debbie was
    badly injured with her body full of blood. “Had I
    know, I won’t let her come for what she wants to
    take. I wonder what made her risked her life for
    it like this”I thought to myself regretting. As they
    took them into the ambulance, Stella was still
    crying. I followed them to the hospital in the
    ambulance. Just as they were giving them first
    aids, Cassandra opened her eyes and stood up.
    “Debbie! Where’s Debbie”that was her first
    statement. “Calm down. She’s in a critical state
    right now.” One of the nurse said holding her.
    When we got there, Debbie was taken into the
    operation room. While, Cassandra, Stella and I
    waited behind. I was so sad and was moving
    about looking worried.
    Stella’s POV
    It was bad and heartbroken to see Debbie in that
    state. I knew Stephen was the one behind it.
    When the operation took so long, I got tired of
    waiting and headed there. “I have to see her
    now. I want to know what’s really happening”I
    said looking at john. “But you can’t. It would
    make you cry more”he said looking at me.
    Sandra was staring at his mouth while looking by
    each side looking for me. “I won’t. My mind is
    not at peace. Let me just go”I said and
    disappeared. When I got to the operation room, I
    saw as the doctors were trying their best on her.
    I moved closer and looked at her face weeping. I
    bit my finger shaking my head at her sight.
    The doctors were trying their best to save her
    life but it was all useless.
    When the machine drops to 00,they all gave up. I
    started crying more. “What happened to her? Is
    she dead? Why are you guys not doing
    anything?”I asked them even though they can’t
    hear my voice. I stood beside her crying
    seriously. “Debbie you can’t die also. Please
    wake up. Am sorry for everything. You’re like this
    because of me. Please wake up Debbie!”I
    screamed her name. I felt a light tap behind me
    and I looked back. To my surprise I saw Debbie.
    “It’s not your fault. It’s my fate to die today. I
    don’t regret anything because I know everything
    would be over soon. Stop weeping.”she said
    looking at me. “No! You can’t see me because
    you’re not dead yet. You have to stay alive to
    see Stephen doom. Don’t die now. Please do
    that for me as your best friend. Go back to life
    you’re not suppose to be here with me please!!!”I
    said crying. She nodded her head and walked
    towards the bed her soul was lying. She slept on
    it and her spirit disappeared. “Her heart Is
    beating again”a doctor said and they all continue
    the operation. I took a deep breath nodding my
    head positively. “Yes. That’s how it should be.
    You have to go back”I said looking at her.
    John’s POV
    We waited almost 2hours and the operation was
    still going on. I wonder what’s really happening.
    After some minutes, the operation was over and
    the doctor came out. I quickly rushed to him
    “how was it? What will happen to her?”I asked
    him. “Her condition is very critical. She’s
    between life and death. we tried our best but no
    other option than to fly her out of this country
    for better treatment. Her rate of survival is so
    thin. We have to do that quickly or we’ll lose
    her.”the doctor said looking at me. “OK. That
    would be done soon. But please she must not
    die”I said looking at him.
    Cassandra’s POV
    My phone rang and I picked it. I saw Stephen’s
    number and I quickly picked it. “Hello”I said.
    “Meet me at my place right now!”he said in a
    loud voice. He hung up the phone after her said
    “I will be back. Stephen just called”I said looking
    at john. He nodded his head in response and I
    left the hospital. When I got to his house, he
    opened the door and I walked in. “Why did
    you….”I’ve not finish the statement before he
    landed a thunderous slap on my face. “Why are
    with Debbie today? I wanted to kill you back
    there but I thought of one thing. You’re an
    orphan! With that, I hesitated”he said looking at
    me. I went on my kneels and started apologizing.
    “Am so sorry. Debbie and I went to her house
    because I want to get something from her.
    Please believe me. I’ll never do anything that’ll
    hurt you”I said with my face down. He moved
    closer to me while I already closed my eyes for
    him to do the worst. He patted my head gently”I
    know you can’t do anything to Hurt me. I trust
    you ok. Please let my trust in you be there”he
    said looking at me. I took a breath of relieve
    when I heard that.
    John’s POV
    Stella came out and was standing beside me.
    “Debbie is going to be OK right?”she asked. “Yes.
    She’ll definitely be alright”i replied looking at her.
    “Why does Stephen keep hurting people around
    me. This is too much for me to bare. What
    should we do?”she asked looking at me. “That
    guy is so evil. I regretted ever being his blood. I
    can’t take this pain any longer”I said looking at
    Stella. I left her side and went out of the
    hospital. She followed me behind wondering
    what am up to. Because I left my car at Debbie’s
    house, I took a taxi and headed to Stephen’s
    When I got there, I paid the taxi man and headed
    towards his building.
    I pressed on the bell and the door was opened
    by Stephen. The look on his face was like, why-
    e? “Hy Bro. Why are you here? I was so surprise
    to see you here for the first time”he said looking
    at me. “Why did you do that to her?”I asked,
    looking at me. “What are you talking about?”he
    asked acting innocent. “Stop putting on a show.
    Why did you do that to the innocent Debbie?”I
    repeated looking at her. “Why did you think it’s
    me? Do you have any evidence for that?”he
    asked smiling.
    The smile makes me more irritated and angry. I
    could Not hold in my anger any longer that I
    punched his face and that left a cut at the
    corner of his lips.

    EPISODE 32

    He looked at me and wiped the blood off from
    the corner of his lips with his finger. “You’re
    sure a funny type. How can you come to my
    house and pick up a fight with me for no
    reason?”he asked looking at me. “You’re a beast!
    You don’t worth living on earth. All your evil
    deeds will be revealed soon. I’ll make sure of
    that.”I said looking at him. “Really? Wow, you’re
    so amusing.”he said looking at me. He moved
    closer to my ear smiling. “Go ahead and do that.
    Let’s see what you’ve got. When you have the
    evidence, come back to me”he said. I tighten my
    fist getting more angry. He looked at me smiling.
    “You this monster! I’ll make sure I be the one to
    rip out your black evil heart. I’ll get revenge for
    what you and your witch mother did to my
    mum.”I said looking at him.
    I got out of his house and headed home still
    Debbie’s parent were informed about their
    daughter’s condition. After they took Debbie out
    of the country, the police began investigation on
    the incident. Evidence was not found because
    am sure Stephen would have took care of it.
    They continue the investigation on the case but
    the culprit was not found.
    Sandra’s POV
    I was sitting opposite to stephen in the office.
    He brought out a black sachet from his drawer
    and showed it to me. “This dropped from Debbie.
    She tried to use this on me when I was with her.
    This is for destroying evil spirits and ghosts. I
    wonder where she got it from.”he said looking at
    it. “Really? You mean this can destroy evil
    spirits?”I asked in surprise. I now know why
    Debbie was so desperate to get this from her
    house. She planned to use it on Stephen?”I
    thought to myself staring at it. “But so bad this
    can’t work on me like that. Am so powerful than
    this. It can work only if one thing is added to
    it”he said looking at me. “I wonder what that
    could be but I don’t want to ask him too much of
    questions not to looks suspicious. “That only one
    thing that could be added to this to make it work
    one me is….. I can’t tell you about that. It’s a
    secret within me.”he said looking at me.
    He never tell me about it and I didn’t ask him.
    John’s POV
    After I closed from work, I went home. When I
    got home and entered my room, I saw Stella
    moving about. I was so scared when I first saw
    her. I thought it was an evil ghost.”What are you
    doing here?”I asked her. “I just got In. I feel like
    seeing your room when you were absent. I didn’t
    know you’ll come back early”she replied looking
    at me. I moved to the shelf where she was
    standing and quickly picked the wrist chain up. I
    forgot to put it back into the drawer this
    morning. She looked at me smiling. “Don’t worry
    I saw it already.”she said smiling. “Really?”i
    asked and then closed the box and dropped it in
    my drawer closing it back.
    She turned to me making a serious face. “But..
    That looks familiar.”she said. “Have we met
    before?”she asked staring at me.
    I was so confused of answer I suppose to say to
    the question. “Do you remember anything?”I
    asked her. “I have a feeling like we’ve met
    before”she said looking confused.
    “I don’t think so”I said and took off my suit. I
    heard out while she followed me. When I got to
    the living room, I heard someone pressing on the
    bell and I went to check who’s at the door.
    Cassandra’s POV
    After we closed from work, I visited john and
    Stella. I think it’s time to let them know Stella is
    not dead yet but in coma.
    When I got to John’s house, I explained all what
    Stephen told me. “So you mean only one thing
    could be added to the black powder to make it
    work? But what is it?”he asked looking at me.
    “Yes. But I have no idea what it could be”I said.
    “We’ll find that out. We must find it out”he said
    looking at me. “And I have something to tell you
    guys.”I said looking at john and looking beside
    him not knowing where Stella could be. “What’s
    that?”he asked looking at me.

    EPISODE 33

    He looks so much interested in what I want to
    say to him. “What’s that? Do still have any secret
    we don’t know about?”he asked looking at me.
    “Yes I do. And the secret is..”I stopped on seeing
    the reaction on his face. “Continue”he said
    looking at me. “The truth is, Stella is not dead
    yet but In coma”I finally said. His eyes went wild
    on hearing that. He has this confusing look on
    his face. He was silent for a while staring at me.
    John’s POV
    When she said that, my heart beats so hard and I
    found it hard to believe. Stella was also surprised
    to hear that. She was also staring at Cassandra
    but can’t ask her anything about it because she
    can’t see or hear her. So, she faced me directly.
    “What’s the meaning of what she’s saying? Could
    that be truth? Am I not dead? Then why am I
    invisible to humans? What does she really
    mean?”she asked me questions continuously but
    I could not find any answer to that because I
    was more confused.
    “How? I mean have you seen her? Where’s she?”I
    asked looking at her. “My Foster parents home.
    They took her in the day of the accident because
    luckily for her, their daughter who happened to
    be one of her fan, found her and took her home
    that day. Since then, Stella had been in coma up
    till now am talking to you guys. She still have a
    chance to live, if the treatment make a quick
    recovery on her.”she said staring at me. “Really?
    I could still live as a human? Could this be
    real?”Stella said sounding unbelievable. I looked
    at her and smiled. “That’s a good news. That
    means you still have hope of returning being a
    human one day”I said looking at her.
    Cassandra took us to where Stella was. When
    we got to their house, I greeted the woman and
    a girl. I guess she was the one who saved Stella.
    Cassandra called the woman privately to talk to
    her. After few minutes, they’re back to the living
    room. “Am so happy for this. We have been
    taking care of this girl for the past three years.
    Even though my husband doesn’t know her
    parents, he continue putting all his effort to her
    recovery. I also support her treatment due to my
    daughter’s love for her. Since she was stabbed
    the day she was brought her, i thing someone
    tried to kill her. Good thing she was found on
    time or else she would have died.”the woman
    said facing me. I looked at Stella beside me and
    nodded my head to her saying it’s OK. She felt
    bad remembering the whole incident again.
    I was taken to the room she was put in. I moved
    closer to bed and looked at her closely. Her face
    looks the same. It never change. Stella also
    moved closer but was a bit far from where I was
    standing. The looks on her face tells that she’s
    hurt. She feel sad looking at her body. “Lets go
    back”I said to stop her from looking.
    After john went to the room to check on her, I
    sat down in the couch with mum the living room.
    Jenny’s POV
    Stephen got into the room Stella was kept
    without anyone’s knowledge. He moved closer to
    her bed and removed a sharp knife from his
    coat. He raised it up to stab stella but Cassandra
    stopped her. She got into a real fight with
    Stephen stopping him from using the object on
    her. Stephen turned into a scary beast and
    overpowered Cassandra. He used the object on
    Cassandra instead. While Cassandra was battling
    with the spot she was stabbed, she still tried her
    best to stop Stephen. She brought out a black
    sachet from pocket and opened it with her teeth.
    She blew it on Stephen but it doesn’t work on
    him. Rather it makes him more powerful. The
    black powder stained her hand already. It mixed
    with the blood on her hands. While Stephen tried
    to attack her again, she pushed him away with
    her bloody hand. Stephen staggered back and
    the spot Sandra touched started burning. She
    looked at her hand In surprise and approached
    him. When she got to him, she touched his body
    with both hands and Stephen started burning.
    She did it continuously hitting him angrily with
    her hand. Stephen became more powerless.
    Finally, a black evil spirit came out of him and
    turns into arches before it disappeared into the
    thin air. After that, Cassandra fell to the ground
    and died while Stephen also fell to the ground
    and died also.
    I opened my eyes sweating and breathing
    heavily. It was all a dream?

    EPISODE 34

    “What do we do now? No one must hurt or die
    again”john said feeling bad. “I also don’t know
    what to do.”I replied looking at him. “Jenny told
    me her grandma can help on that. Should we
    give it a try?”I asked looking at him
    The following day…
    Cassandra’s POV
    When I got to work, I went to Stephen’s office to
    check on him. Because that’s how I do everyday
    I got to work.
    I entered and looked around. I found no one in
    his office. I think he went somewhere. I know
    he’s at work because his office was not locked. I
    entered and went to his table. I remembered he
    brought out the black sachet from one of the
    drawer. I looked through the window to check if
    anyone is coming. When I saw no one was
    coming, I opened the drawer and started looking
    for the sachet. I searched everywhere In the
    drawer but was not able to find it. I closed them
    back and positioned everything the way they
    were kept. I stood up looking around. “Where
    could he have kept it? Why can’t I find it?”I
    asked myself looking at every angle. I looked at
    the waste bin by the door and my mind told me
    maybe he disposed it there. I walked there and
    opened the cover. I fumble with the peppers and
    other stuffs there. I haven’t search for long
    before I found it. I picked it and stood up holding
    it. “Yes! I got it”I said smiling. I placed back the
    trashes and covered the waste bin. I kept the
    sachet In my pocket and adjusted my dress
    As I was about to leave, the door opened and
    Stephen walks in. My heart almost jump out at
    the sight of him. He was staring at me
    awkwardly and that made me more scared and
    restless. “Good morning”I said smiling with one
    mind. “How was your night?”he replied and
    walked towards his desk. He sat down on the
    chair looking at me. “I called your line yesterday
    night but you were not picking. Why?”he said
    looking at me.
    “Oh. I was at home. Maybe I was fast asleep
    then”I said in a firm voice. “You were asleep?”he
    asked looking at me. “Yes. Why did you call?”I
    asked. “I just wanted to ask if you arrived home
    safely”he said looking at me. “Yes. Thanks”I
    replied smiling.
    Stephen’s POV
    I think she’s keeping something from me. How
    can she lie about her where about yesterday?”I
    thought to myself staring at her. Well I already
    implanted a bug in her favorite hand bag.
    Anything that happens, I would be able to know
    “You can leave for now. I don’t have anything to
    say to you now. Maybe later in the day”I said
    looking at her. “Alright sir”she said and left my
    Three days gone. She didn’t go to that place. On
    the night of the fourth day, she headed there
    again. I also followed her. When she got there,
    she entered the building again. I packed my car
    to the side of the road. And connected the
    device. I inserted my Bluetooth to my ear to
    listening to whatever they were saying.
    Sandra’s POV
    When I got to Elle’s parent home, I greeted
    “Welcome dear. How’s work?”dad asked smiling. I
    went to sit down on the couch beside mum.
    “Your mum was here today. She came to check
    on Stella. She just left not too long.”mum said
    smiling. “Really? I also called her this afternoon.
    I’ll give her a visit tomorrow.
    You wonder how I met my mum? Actually dad
    tried her best to find my biological parents when
    I told them Stella was my blood sister. Few
    weeks ago, he was able to find my mum. He told
    me our mum traveled out of the country a year
    after the news said Stella died. It was a painful
    experience for her. She was left with no one
    because father also died few days after he heard
    about Stella’s death. Mum found it hard to live
    on but was forced to accept that as fate. When
    she came back from traveling, doctor Josh was
    able to find her quickly because he told me my
    mum came for check up at his hospital. He
    found out she was his old friend in high school.
    They exchanged greetings and were so excited
    they met again. So, doctor asked her about her
    family. It was then she told her the story on how
    she lost me and how Stella died. Mr Josh said he
    was so surprised after she said all that. He also
    told her everything on how he found me and how
    he saved stella. He said my mum was overjoyed
    that day. She wanted to compensate her with a
    lot of money but Mr Josh rejected it saying it’s
    fate. He then brought my mum home that day.
    She saw where Stella was kept for treatment.
    That was why daddy called me to come home
    that day saying he have good news for me. When
    I got home, and he explained everything to me,
    my mum and I hugged each other crying. She
    cried so much that I consoled her. I told her
    nothing would happen to us again since we all
    met each other again. Even If Stella was still in
    coma, I know she’ll wake up one day.
    Back to present.
    “Oh I really missed. I’ll meet her tomorrow then”I
    said looking at dad. “How’s Stella’s health?”I
    asked dad. “She’s getting better than expected. I
    guaranty that she’ll wake up in no less than a
    week of two.”he replied. “Am so happy on how
    things changes now. My mum is back and my
    sister will wake up soon. I hope nothing bad
    happen to any of us again. And everybody”I said
    looking at dad. “Amen!”they chorused smiling.
    Stephens POV
    When I heard all the conversation, I found it so
    hard to believe that Stella was not dead. How? I
    mean I stabbed her back then. And the dagger
    was not ordinary. She was suppose to be as
    good as dead. What went wrong that day? She
    must not wake up or my mum will be in trouble. I
    have to stop every chance of that.”I thought to

    EPISODE 35

    John’s POV
    The following day, Jenny, Stella and I went to
    Jenny’s grandma’s place. It was a bit far from
    us. Not different from a hometown because
    everywhere still looks old unlike city. Jenny was
    directing me while I was driving. When we got
    there, I packed my car in front of their gate and
    we got down. “Is it this building?”I asked Jenny.
    “Yes. She lives here.”she replied nodding her
    head. The house still looks neat unlike some we
    saw while coming. It’s just a mini flat but looks
    old fashioned. Jenny moved closer to the gate
    and knocked on it. In Few seconds, a lady came
    to open it. “Good morning Jenny”she greeted
    smiling. “Good morning.”she returned the
    greeting while we walks in. “Grandma went to
    get something she’ll be back shortly”the lady
    said looking at Jenny. “Why can’t you get it for
    her instead of stressing her?”she asked. “She
    insisted on getting it herself. You know how she
    act stubborn”the lady said with a little frown.
    “Alright we’ll wait for her”Jenny said. “Let’s go
    in”she said facing us. She lead us in while we
    followed her behind. I was looking around the
    compound as we walked towards the door. When
    we got to the door, Jenny opened it and we got
    in. The house looks better that I think. It was
    well finished and neat unlike it’s outside. We got
    to the living room and she told us to have our
    seat. We sat down on the couch while the other
    lady left us. In few seconds, she came back with
    juice and two glass cups in a tray. She placed it
    on the table and was about opening it. “Don’t
    bother. I’ll do it myself”Jenny said. “Alright.”she
    said and left us.
    Cassandra’s POV
    I visited my mum’s place as promised. When I
    got there, she was so happy to see me. “I went
    to Joshua’s place yesterday expecting you to be
    there”she said looking at me. “Yes I was told you
    came. I was busy at work by those time. That
    was why I came to visit you specially today.”I
    said smiling. “How’s everything? How are you
    doing at your work place?”she asked staring at
    me. “Am doing good.”I replied. “It was so boring
    living alone all this while. But now am happy that
    am not alone anymore.”she said looking at me.
    “I’ll soon move…”I stopped for a while when I saw
    something by my handbag. I removed it and was
    staring at it. I know Stephen planted this on me.
    “Oh my God! Am finished. He already heard so
    many things. What should I do?”I thought to
    myself looking at it. “What’s the problem? What’s
    that?”mum asked looking at my hand. I placed
    my finger to my lips giving her sign to be quiet
    for a while. I took my phone and texted her. “It’s
    a bug. Someone is monitoring me”I sent it to
    her. “Really? Who’s it?”she texted back.
    “I need to leave for now. I’ll visit you later”I
    texted and picked up my bag. I waved at her and
    left the living room heading out for my car. When
    I got to the compound and was about opening
    my car door, Stephen’s call came in.
    John’s POV
    We waited more than 30mins before Jenny’s
    grandma arrives home. I greeted her and Jenny
    did the same. Stella didn’t bother to greet
    because she can’t see her anyway.
    She looks beside me as if she saw her. “You
    were not thought how to greet?”she asked
    looking beside me. I first thought she was
    referring to me but I found out it was Stella.
    “Good evening ma. I don’t know you could see
    me also”Stella said looking at her in surprise.
    “Why can’t I? Are you saying my sights are
    bad?”she asked looking at her. “Am sorry
    ma”Stella apologized again. “It OK. But learn to
    greet people”she said. By looking at her, she
    looks like a strict person. I guess she’ll be so
    wicked for real. By judging by her behavior, she
    must be a mean grandma”i thought to myself
    looking At her. She raised her eyebrows looking
    at me. Jenny also looked at my direction smiling.
    “Don’t judge people by their behaviors. Not
    everyone with bad behavior and attitudes are
    wicked OK?”she said looking at me badly. I was
    so surprised she knew what I was thinking. I
    tried so hard not to think she’s a witch or she
    might know that too. I focused my mind on
    another thing and try hard not to think about
    anything. “So, why are you guys here?”she
    asked. Jenny explained everything to her about
    Stephen and his evil deeds. She requested a way
    to get ride of Stephen without sacrificing any
    After Jenny told her this, she was silent for a
    while staring at us. “Who told you guys a life
    would be sacrificed?”she asked looking at us. “I
    told them. I dreamt about it a couple of
    days”Jenny said. ” It’s so simple. If you must
    get ride of the evil spirit inside him, he will die
    as well.”she said. “Yes. Who care?”Stella said
    looking at her. “OK. If you guys want to get ride
    of him, his true love blood would be mixed to the
    black power. Which is the girl you saw in your
    dream. She won’t die. If her blood is mixed with
    it, then that would get ride of him. His true love
    But the spirit in me right now is telling me the
    girl is near to her grave because the evil spirit is
    after her. If you guys fail to do this tomorrow or
    earlier, two person will die soon. I don’t really
    see the second person but he/she is among us
    here right now”she said looking at us one after
    the other. My heart was beating so fast on
    hearing that. “Not again! No one must die again
    before his evil deed would be revealed.”I thought
    to myself feeling restless.

    EPISODE 36

    When I got to him, I pushed him away from
    Stella and he staggered back to the wall. “You
    can’t do anything to my sister. You can’t!”I
    screamed looking at him.
    John’s POV
    When I saw the situation Cassandra was, I have
    to stop everything at once. So, I brought out the
    black powder and the blood in the syringe. I was
    about opening the sachet when I noticed Stella
    was acting strange. Her body was fading off and
    she was becoming translucent as the other time.
    “Why are you like this again? You can’t do this
    now”I said holding her arms. “I also don’t know
    what’s happening to me.”she said looking at me.
    “Hold on. You can’t go anywhere now. Everything
    would be over soon. Please hang on”I said. Her
    body became so translucent that I could see the
    other side through her. She was also crying
    confused at what’s about to happen. I heard a
    loud noise from Sandra’s direction and I quickly
    turned back. Stephen pushed her to some tools
    and stuffs beside her. She fell to the ground
    groaning in pain. Mr and Mrs Josh became more
    scared of the situation. “What’s happening here?
    How does he get in? Who’s he?”he asked looking
    confused. I turned back to look at Stella but she
    was gone. “No! You can’t do that. What will
    happen to her? Is she gone for good? She can’t
    die. Please you need to come back”I said crying.
    Jenny was also crying while Mr Josh and his
    family found it weird because they can’t see who
    am talking to. Stephen tried to get closer to
    Stella’s bed but I stopped him by pushing him
    away. When I pushed him, the syringe dropped to
    the ground and he stepped on it. He looked at
    me and started laughing. He moved closer to me
    and grabbed me by the neck. I tried to free
    myself but his power became more stronger.
    Sandra’s POV
    When I saw how Stephen tried to hurt john, I
    managed to stand up. I found out Stephen had
    stepped on the syringe and the blood has been
    spilled on the floor. “Let him go now you evil
    monster!”I screamed at him. “Will you shut your
    mouth? I thought you were different but you
    betrayed me. I’ll tell you nobody betrayed me
    and go Scott free”he said applying more pressure
    to the way he grabbed John’s neck. He dropped
    john and he landed on the floor. He was in pain
    and not able to stand up. Stephen faced me and
    moved closer when he was about to get to me, I
    heard the sound of hitting. Jenny hit his head
    with a whine bottle. He didn’t move but stopped
    for a while and turned back slowly to look at
    Jenny. “You can’t hurt anyone again. You have
    to stop here. Everyone saw you’re the culprit
    now so stop everything and surrender yourself to
    the police”Jenny said panting heavily. “Who the
    hell are you? How dare you?”he said in a loud
    voice and hit Jenny with his hand. She flew and
    landed to the hard wall. She then fell to the
    ground groaning in pain. I picked the black
    powder from the floor and opened it. He then
    turned back to me smiling. “You actually thought
    you guys can destroy me with that? Why can’t
    you believe what I told you? It can’t work on
    me.”he said laughing. I quickly moved to the
    desk behind me and too a sharp long tool there.
    I then stabbed my hand with it. “Then I’ll do it
    like this. This would work on you”I said and pour
    the sachet in my palm then dropped my blood to
    it. I threw everything at him in anger. He started
    screaming as his body was burning up in flames.
    The evil spirit left his body then vanished into
    the thin air. He looked at me and fell to the
    ground slowly looking weak. I quickly went to
    others and helped them up. “He’s gone. We did
    it. He’s gone for good”I said helping them up.
    Few minutes later, the two police men came in
    while Mr Josh followed them behind. “Here he is.
    He broke into my house”he said pointing at the
    weak Stephen. The police took him away to their
    “Where’s Stella? Where’s she?”john said looking
    We all heard a soft coughing from her bed and
    everyone looked at her direction. Dr Josh quickly
    rushed to her bed and checked her up. “She’s
    conscious! She’s back to life”he shouted looking
    at us. We all rushed there and her eyes opened.
    She stared at us one after the other without
    moving her body or saying anything.

    EPISODE 37 (Final)

    Mr Josh moved closer to her smiling. “If you can
    hear me nod your head”he said looking at her.
    She nodded her head gently looking at him. “Can
    you see me? Can you see everyone?”I asked
    looking at her. She nodded her head softly. Mr
    Josh took his Thesloscope and put it in his ear
    then placed it on her chest to feel her heartbeat.
    He removed it and dropped it beside him. The
    oxygen mask was still on Stella.
    John’s POV
    I was staring at her wondering if she could
    remember me because the Stella I once know
    was a ghost and now she’s gone. Could the real
    Stella possibly remember me?. I thought to
    myself looking at her. “You guys will have to
    come back in the evening or later. I don’t think
    she can talk now”Dr Josh said looking at us. “Oh
    so bad”Sandra said looking at her. Stella moved
    her hand to her mouth and removed the oxygen
    mask slowly.”Ca–s-s
    san–dra?”She said in a low and weak tone. We
    all looked at her in surprise. We were all
    surprised she spoke. Sandra moved to her and
    took her hand. “Thank you for waking up. Thank
    you so much”she said kissing her hand and
    smiling. Elle quickly rushed to her bed smiling.
    “Sis, what of me? Can you recognise me?”she
    asked looking at her. She nodded her head
    smiling. “Thank you so much”she said looking at
    “Wow, this is so wonderful!”Dr Josh said staring
    at her. She looked at Jenny then looked back at
    me with and unknown expression written all over
    her face. Cassandra noticed this and smiled. “Do
    you remember john?”she asked her. She looked
    at me for long before smiling and nodding her
    head. That put a smile on my face also because
    I don’t expect her to remember me. “And what
    of her?”she asked pointing at Jenny. She nodded
    her head smiling again. Jenny also smiled looking
    at her.
    Stephen’s POV
    When I was taken to the police station, my mum
    and sister heard about it in no time. So she tried
    to cover it up by bribing the police for my
    freedom. But this time, the police never listen to
    her. I was accused of attempting murderer.
    Sandra’s POV
    After everything was solved, my mum was called
    for and she quickly rushed there in no time. She
    was so happy and overjoyed. She treated Stella
    as a new born baby for that moment.
    Three days later, Stella was using a wheel chair
    because she can’t walk properly. After a week,
    she was able to work properly. The following
    week, she began to go out but used to cover her
    face in case someone might see her. Few days
    later, the reporter found out about her and our
    area was full of reporters and newscasters. She
    later disclosed the secret behind her death to
    them and it was published out. Dr Josh was
    compensated urgly by her company for the good
    work. Stella’s fans were so happy about the good
    news and elle was popular among her friends in
    school for the closeness between her and Stella.
    Stephen’s POV
    The case was taken to court after they found out
    I was the one that murdered Stella and John’s
    mother. My mum tried to stop it from happening
    by taken the blame before the court that she did
    it. She was the one that killed John’s mother so
    I should be release. She started confessing all
    what happened that day before the court. I was
    given death penalty for hurting Stella, and for
    killing John’s mother and to crown it all for
    making Debbie be in that condition and for the
    countless life I have wasted. My mum can’t bare
    the pain so she fainted. I also cried and started
    regretting my actions. Dad was in the court
    listening to all this. His heart was broken
    because he never knew we did that to his
    favourite wife.
    When they were about taking me out, I felt a
    sharp pain in my heart. My body was aching
    seriously. It was then I remembered if the evil
    spirit leave my body, I would die. I finally
    collapsed on the floor and my eyes were shut.
    John’s POV
    After two weeks, I was able to meet Stella
    because she was too busy throughout these
    days because of the reporters and the incident
    that happened three years ago. We made an
    appointment to meet at a restaurant. When we
    met, I was so happy to finally see her. She was
    so different from the ghost Stella I know. She
    looks amazingly beautiful. When we met, we
    greeted each other and I ordered for the most
    expensive meal on the menu.
    After dinner, I asked her if we could go for a
    walk before departing. She agreed with me and
    we left the restaurant.
    We were walking down beside each other. I have
    something I have been trying to ask her since
    and I think now us the chance. I cleared my
    throat looking at her. “Can I ask you something?”I
    asked looking at her. “Yes you can”she replied.
    “How were you able to recognise me? Do you
    remember been a ghost?”I asked looking at her.
    She smiled looking at me. “Do ghost esist?”she
    asked. I was so surprised by the question. If she
    didn’t remember, how can she know me and
    Jenny?” I thought to myself. “How do you
    remember us then”I asked her looking curious.
    “While I was sleeping, I had a wonderful dream
    about you guys been my saviour. I met you guys
    in my dream”she replied smiling. “Really? Wow
    that’s not a dream though”I said looking at her.
    “Thank you for your effort in my dream. I can’t
    thank you enough”she said looking at me. I
    stopped and faced her. I dipped my hand in my
    pocket and brought out the wrist chain. “I think
    it’s time to return this to it’s rightful owner”I said
    looking at her. I took her hand and wore it
    around her wrist. “Oh. You have this.”she said
    looking at me. “You’re the guy”she said smiling. I
    was confused by her action. “You mean?”I asked
    her. She smiled and hugged me tight. “Thanks
    for returning this. So much happy to meet you
    again”she said still hugging me. I was confused
    for a while. She quickly released me and looked
    at my face. “Am sorry for that. Good to meet you
    again.”she said smiling. I don’t believe she could
    remember that day also. I smiled looking at her
    while she also smiled looking happy. We continue
    walking down the street. I used the chance to
    hold her hand. She noticed this and smiled
    looking at me.
    THE END…

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