Story: Single Lovers



    Waking up each morning heading to work has become a daily routine am no longer that girl that depends on money from home now I work in a respectable company.
    My name is iremide but I prefer been called Ire, am just 22 years of age and live with my friends oyindamola and titilayo
    The three of us has been friends right from secondary school and we attended the same university stayed in the same hostel for years now we are out of school we all employed earning cool cash but we don't have a guy in our world
    I dated lot of guys from yemi to Charles lots of them but they are all after my body same with my friends
    Well that all you can know about us for now

    Me- hey babe
    Oyin - madam which time you come back
    Me- not long sha watin you cook because I dey yinsh like mad
    Oyin- look at you myself just come back not long and am tired to cook
    Me- what of titi
    Oyin- aunty you don high you see titi car outside
    Me- forget that one have you seen our new neighbor
    Oyin- you mean that guy that just moved to the next flat
    Me- yeah and you won't believe it he talked to me today he requested for my number
    Oyin- so you gave him
    Just then titi ran inside and went straight to her room
    I and oyin rushed over to her room
    Oyin - babe kilosele (what happen) 
    Me- stop crying now talk to us dear
    Titi- sobing, it John
    She burst into crying again
    We tried to console her
    But she did not stop crying
    Later she explained to us that John broke up with her. John is already married with kids without my friend knowing yet he pretend he loves her. Now his family are  asking him to join them abroad that was why he broke up with titi



    Oyin- well babe I think what you need right now is a drink I mean correct one
    Me- how about we go clubbing
    Oyin - nice idea oya oya madam change up make we go shayo joor
    Titi- no no am not going out
    Me- you Wan chop Cain abi abeg dress up joor make we go
    Titi- ok fine
    We all head out to the club and after series of drinking and dancing we head home
    Next morning been a Saturday we all wake up late
    I was sitting down on oyins car when our new neighbor showed up
    Eddie- hey ire how you doing this beautiful morning
    Me- cool and you
    Eddie- same sorry I did not call you as promised I was busy yesterday and when I got back in your car is not here guess you stayed out late
    Me- not really sha but need to shake body small so I went out with my girlfriends
    Eddie- wow well are you free today
    Me- yeah anything up
    Eddie- yeah can we just hang out maybe just eat out
    Me- what the occasion
    Eddie- do we need an occasion before a angel like you is been treated out
    Me- me keh angel
    Eddie- don't you know that you are an angel you are beautiful hardworking and a active with good minded lady
    Me - blushing*, hmmmm well it OK I will call you when am ready
    Eddie- ok bye
    Me- bye

    Immediately he left oyin came out giggling at me
    Me- hey hey madam amebo watin you dey do there
    Oyin - love in the ear
    Me- ahggvgg oyin your mind ehhn
    Oyin - did you ask you guys to meet
    Me- yes and why you wan know
    Oyin- if you dey go sha carry condom ohhhh make you no go carry belle come here
    I hit her at her back then she ran off while I followed her
    Me- come here before I break your head see me see this girl ohhhhh I go catch you inside
    I want inside then lock the door from inside
    Oyin - ire ire come open door joor oya now abeg come open door
    I opened the door for her
    Me- you don see titi this morning
    Oyin - no she still dey sleep
    Me- by this time titi of all people
    I checked her room then meet her sitting down on her bed holding a picture of her and John
    Me- sure you still hurt
    Titi- sure you know how much it hurts just when I am beginning to love again he left me I love him ire I love him
    She started crying again
    Me- babe hear me I don't think crying is the solution to this ohhh the solution is for you to move on with life forget the past enjoy life dont worry the right man will come at the right time
    Just then oyin came in carrying a tray filled with drinks and chin - chin
    Oyin- girls here is something to eat titi miiiii
    She dropped the tray then hug titi before sitting down beside us
    Titi- thank girls
    Me- you welcome and girls I dey comot ohhh when it 2
    Oyin- who you epp

    Watch out for the next episode of



    Later that day
    Me- hello
    Eddie- hi beautiful one
    Me- hmmmm
    Eddie- so have you plan
    Me- yes let meet at papa toms lounge
    Eddie- time
    Me- two sharp
    Eddie- ok ma
    Me- yes sir see you

    After I finished preparing for my date with Eddie I decided to inform my friends am leaving and my expected time of return

    Oyin- this one you wear all this show daddy clothes no be say you wan go bang this poor guy
    Me- chai child of the world
    Oyin hit my ass playfully
    Me- you smoke weed niii
    Titi- babe dey go joor no mind this amebo sha no allow that guy spoil your honey pot
    Me- see you self abeg abeg I dey go
    I left them and head outside
    Before I get to the point Eddie was already there so I just joined him
    Eddie- wow wow my lord you look stunning
    Me- thank you
    Eddie- thank for what you can even charge me to court for an understatement your beauty cannot be compared to anything on earth
    Me- won't you even offer me sit at all
    Eddie- ohhh my lady am sorry
    After I sit down
    Me- so why do you want to see me
    Eddie- at least order for something first
    Me- ok
    Eddie- waiter
    The waiter rushes over
    Waiter - ma sir how may I help you what do you need
    Me- just malt and sausage roll
    Waiter - ok
    The waiter brought the order
    Me- so Eddie you have not tell me why you want to see me
    Eddie- actually the thing is I have a huge crush on you
    Me- what
    Eddie- yes I fell for you the moment I saw you ever since i met you I feel am complete a missing rib is been restored I never knew it you ire
    Me- Hmmmmm
    Eddie hold my hands trying to look straight in my eyes when I looked at his eyes they looked too cool to be true I feel he is trying to deceive me
    Eddie- will you be my lover
    That question caught me
    Me- no yes no emmmm I think I need to go
    Eddie- why are you not comfortable here
    Me- no it not that let talk some other time waiter come and give me our Bill
    Eddie really surprised me
    The waiter came brought the bill I pay and we both left the lounge

    In my car
    Wait ohhh is this guy mad or what we both went out but he could not even pay for our orders not that am angry about the bill but it not usual now a lady paying the bills of her date with a guy. It look odd now
    Me- titi where you dey
    Oyin- hey my baby is back come gist us
    Me- abeg leave me joor the guy na idiot
    Just then titi came out of her room with a guy
    She gave him some money and he left
    Me- who be dat
    Titi- na all those service boys joor I needed someone to service my honeypot
    Me- chai bad girl
    Oyin - oya gist us joor

    Me- the guy na idiot joor imagine me paying for our bills
    Titi- what daaa fuck is he mad
    Oyin- hmmmm the guy na idiot joor wo wo wo I wan chop jare
    Me- unna never cook
    Titi - na madam go answer that one
    Me- I dey come I wan go change my clothes

    Question of the day
    Girls can you pay for your date with a guy just asking you out
    Comment your answer and reasons



    Oyin- girls make wey shayo now I wan high big time
    Me- chai oyin before you drink small now you go don start to dey misbehave
    Titi - see person wey dey talk
    Oyin- ok make we go buy stuffs
    We all walked to a bar in our street to purchase something's
    **you no now science student
    Me- babes I need person to service me big time
    Oyin- no be only you ohhh
    Service girl- this is it
    Titi- na how much be our bill
    Girl- 14k
    Oyin pay her then we all left the shop
    Me- hello Thomas baby you dey free today yes ok you and your friend no worry joor I no your prise

    When we got home we mix the drinks together.
    Knock knock
    Oyin - who is that
    Voice - Thompson
    Me- come in come in jare
    He joined us in our party including his friend
    Titi- babe I wan reach island joor I wan go see angelica I no sure if I go come house ohhh
    Me- OK now babe take care

    I sat right on Thompson legs  we were busy smooching each other
    Oyin and the other guy already left for her room but before they left oyin was almost naked.
    This guy knows my weak point my ears the moment you kiss my ears my whole body will stand up for Nigeria
    ***like who Nigeria epp
    After the whole sex scene we paid the both of them and they left
    ** that the day we do if we need servicing we call the sugarboys for their service and pay them

    The next day was really boring after church all we went home watch movies bla bla bla
    The next day after work I was driving home so I decided to buy petrol
    Me- 4k
    A young handsome guy alighted from a car and approached me
    Guy- hi sweety
    Me- hi how can I help you
    Guy - am seyi just really want to know you
    Me- am ire
    Seyi - wow you look beautiful
    Me- thanks
    Seyi - if you won't mind can I have  your number so we can hook up some other time
    Me- sure no problem
    I gave him my digits and he left while I also drive out of the filling station
    When I got home I noticed none of my friends car is here so that means they are not back
    After I freshen up I prepared food for the three of us eat my share then drop the remaining share
    After my meal I retired to my room
    Oyin and titi arrived we all gist about the day seyi called me. He is trying to go on a date with me which I gave him a yes nod
    Later that night
    Oyin- girls yawa dey ohhh
    Me- what
    Oyin - did you know this guy I told you about asking me out months ago dami
    Titi - yes yes what happen to him
    Me- he is back on you
    Oyin- yes ohhh infact he is really disturbing me he wants to meet up with me tomorrow but am busy like hell
    Me- I met a guy today his name is seyi he is cute sha
    Titi- chai see pikin
    Me- abeg joor   later girls I want to sleep got a busy day ahead of tomorrow ehhh babe that my boss that is disturbing me tried to rape today in his office thanks to habeeb he saved me from him
    Titi- wow but shey the man is mad nii
    Me- hm
    Oyin- I thought that habeeb is eyeing you nii
    Me- yes I like him but for now I just don't want to give him a chance
    Titi- madam why
    Me- you know we work at the same place so if we actually get married one of us will have to resign so that alone is a big reason

    Oyin- hmmmm oh dip oh dip
    Me- later

    I left for my room got on my bed just then the memories of habeeb start flashing through my head. Habeeb will always come to my office talk to me take risks other guys can't take he is cute just too handsome with a pink lips I am dying to kiss
    Still flying in my thoughts brother sleep take me to the dreamland

    Question - guys and girls can lose your professional career because of your spouse
    Comment your answers

    For all of you ehhhh you can't give me my meat abi am now hungry through out yesterday thinking you are bringing your meat
    Unna weldone

    Just bring my meat ohhh



    Oyin- ire ire come and eat ohhh
    Me- am coming

    After the meal we were all inside playing ludo when someone came knocking
    Me- who is that
    Voice- dre
    Oyin- come in babe
    Dre is oyin sugar boo all she collect from him is money and the guy really loves her.
    Titi- - dre what up now
    Dre- am good girls sweety let hangout
    Oyin- hmmm where should we go
    Dre- anywhere you like
    Oyin- let go to a nice eatery
    Dre- ok let go girls see you later
    Oyin- later babes

    The next day which was on Sunday we all prepared for church and left in oyins car
    After the church service we chat with few friends before heading home
    Later on sunday evening
    Dre come over and took us all out. We went to a club house
    After about 1hour of drinking and dancing this young cute guy came over to where I was sitting
    Guy - hi beautiful
    Me- hi
    Guy- am habeeb
    Me- ire
    Guy- wow irenitemi right (irenitemi means goodness is mine in English)
    Me- no iremide (my goodness has come in Yoruba)
    Habeeb- ok I was sitting down over there with my guys when I saw you and I was like wow where was this angel ever since
    Me- hmmm so how can I help you
    Titi- sorry to disturb you guys ire it late we are leaving
    Me- ehmmm
    Habeeb- habeeb
    Me- yeah habeeb am sorry I need to leave
    Habeeb- it ok won't you mind giving me your digits
    Me- ok 08080567552
    Habeeb- ok take care

    We all left the club

    The next few days was really boring so I won't bother you with the gist
    The following weekend
    i was sitting down inside my room watching a movie from my laptop just then habeeb call comes in
    Me- hello
    Habeeb- hello ire how you doing
    Me- am good you nko
    Habeeb- same sweety I want to ask if you are free today
    Me- why anything up
    Habeeb- actually I want to have a private talk with you that why I mean one on one
    Me- ok where are you right now
    Habeeb- am home
    Me- how about you meet me at teez park
    Habeeb- ok time
    Me- now in the next 30min I will be there
    Habeeb- ok take care dear
    Me- ok
    I dressed up and drive straight to the park
    I saw him inside the garage guess he was also waiting for me
    Me- habeeb
    Habeeb- hi dear you look too beautiful
    Me- thank you but you not bad either
    Habeeb- ok let find somewhere to sit and talk
    We found a cool and quiet spot inside the park
    Habeeb- actually the main reason I called you here is because ever since I met you I swear you have been in my heart I fell for you at first sight
    I was about replying him when a lady approached me landing two hot slaps I mean hot slaps



    Me- what are you
    Lady- ohhhh am so sorry ma it was a mistake I thought he is my bf but am mistaken
    I accepted her apologies and then she left
    Habeeb- am sorry for that mix up
    Me- it ok and why you saying sorry
    Habeeb- felt I caused it
    Me- it ok it not your fault so why do you want to talk
    Habeeb- ehmmm actually ire the reason I called you here is because I want to tell you something that really special from my heart
    Me- OK
    Habeeb- I will want the both of us to know each other better I know you understand what am trying to say we should be closer more than just friends
    Me- like we should be dating
    Habeeb- yes

    Truly I love this guy but I need to let him struggle small for that love so he won't think am one cheap girl
    Me- habeeb am sorry but it can't work out
    Habeeb- why now please dear I truly love you
    Me- habeeb like seriously you are handsome cute nice and hardworking you are comfortable but I can't be your lover
    Habeeb- why you doing this now
    I stood up
    Me- am leaving now habeeb see you later
    Habeeb- did I say something wrong
    Me- no but I need to leave
    Habeeb- how about I drop you off
    Me- I came here in my car
    He followed me to the car park and then I drove off straight home

    Oyin- hmmmm madam habeeb how is your date with him
    Me- as expected now he asked me out and
    Titi- you accepted him right
    Me- no now if I say yes he will think am one cheap babe so I need to give him a hard time but all the same I will give him a yes
    Oyin- ok let me check what am cooking.
    Me- I want to go and change

    Habeeb POV

    I just sat down at a joint drinking thinking about ire. I have never seen a lady like her beautiful and hardworking I will do whatever it takes to win her love.
    Phone ringing
    I checked the caller it someone I don't know so I got no choice but pick up the call
    Me- hello
    Caller- sorry is this habeeb
    Me- yeah please who am I talking to
    Caller- am titi
    Me- titi from where
    Titi - am ire friend can we meet right now there is something you need to know
    Me- ok where are you
    Titi - am home you where are you
    Me- at a bar can you meet me here
    Titi - sure in the next 30 minutes I will be there
    Me- ok don't be late

    Talk about ire and wait ohhhh how did she get my number well
    Just then someone tapped me from behind
    Titi - habeeb right
    Me- yeah and you must be titi
    Titi- yes
    Me- you can sit. Waiter
    The waiter came took our orders left and return with our order
    Me- so titi you said I need to know something about ire
    Titi- yes ehmmm habeeb the reason why am telling you this is because hmmm am scared of saying this

    Habeeb- you free say it Titi- ire is HIV positive I
    you are habeeb will you believe her and is she
    saying the truth
    Watch out for the next episode
    of single lovers



    Habeeb- you must be kidding me
    Titi- it the truth
    Habeeb- how am I going to believe you
    Titi brought out a file from her bag and hand it over to me
    After going through the file it the HIV test conducted on ire and she is positive
    Me- you mean
    Titi- yes
    Me- but why are you telling me this
    Titi- because I have feelings for you
    Me- me titi please can we talk some other time
    Titi- why
    Me- I need to be alone for the main time
    Titi - ok baby boy
    Me- yeah
    She left me still sitting there

    God how can this be possible ire is HIV positive no wonder she told me no hmmm wonder shall never end but I love this lady my heart can't bear it.

    Ire POV

    I am in my room just then oyin came she and titi
    Me- titi which time you come
    Titi- just now you need to see this
    Me- what that
    She brought her phone then showed me pictures of habeeb crying
    Me- is this for real
    Titi- you need to be there I swear ehhhhn that guy is madly in love with you
    Oyin- babe don't waste this guy just like that ohhh
    Me- waste keh but I still needs to be careful with him I can't just say yes now
    Titi- ahhh ire what else do you want
    Me- he should come here and talk to me

    Just then my phone started ringing. I checked the called  it Habeeb
    Me- girls it Habeeb
    Titi- pick it up

    Me- hello
    Habeeb- ire can we meet
    Me- hmmmm no
    Habeeb- why no
    Me- am tired and I can't go out today
    Habeeb- so it true abi you are HIV positive right
    Me- how did you know about that
    Habeeb- who cares
    Then he hanged up the call

    Oyin- don't worry joor
    Titi- it the shock working am sure he will still come back
    Me- hmmmm abeg I want to eat
    Oyin- let go and cook now

    We all prepared our dinner eat and sleep

    The next few weeks Habeeb did not call or text me
    I still love him but I just can't give into him because I need to be sure he is not just kidding me

    Habeeb POV

    The past few weeks have been the toughest of my life
    I am already in love with this girl how can I just let go of him like that
    Tony- hey bro whatz up
    Me- scope man how far now
    Tony- baba am good bro why the long face
    Me- bro it long story
    Tony - what happen
    I explain everything to him

    Tony- hmmmm but since that time have you talked to her
    Me- I asked her then she confirmed it
    Tony- try to visit her even if it true talk to her you can be her friend just don't let her down
    Me- but this girl is
    Tony- I understand you now but you still need to this bro
    Me- ok man
    Tony- is that why you are thinking let go drink small joor
    Me- let me get my car keys



    Gateman - madam ire there is someone looking for you he said his name is habeeb
    Me- let him in

    Habeeb walked in
    Me- are you here to embarrass me in my house
    Habeeb- am sorry for the other day i just got too surprised that why
    Me- ok so are you here to ask one of my friends out
    Habeeb- aghhh aghh ire actually am here because i dont believe what i heard i know something is wrong so please let me know the truth i love you ire
    Me- the truth about what
    Habeeb- are you really HIV positive
    Me- yes habeeb
    Habeeb- ire look no matter what you still mean so much to me i love you
    Me- ok you can go

    He looked surprised with my statement but he still make way to the door

    Me- habeeb
    Habeeb turned looking at me with tears in his eyes
    I could not hold it anymore i just rushed to him hug him and kissed him
    After about 5 minutes of kissing
    Habeeb- what that for
    Me- i love you am sorry but am not HIV positive
    Habeeb- are you serious
    Me- yes baby
    He kissed me again this time it was really passionate tears keep flowing down but we keep on kissing
    After the kiss

    Habeeb- thank you
    Me - for what
    Habeeb- for loving me
    Me- ok and thank you
    Habeeb- hmmmm
    Me- for coming back for me
    Habeeb- ok so how you doing
    Me- happy
    Habeeb- same let go out to eat party celebrate
    Me- ok but i go out with my friends
    Habeeb- ok dear

    Me- titi oyin titi
    Titi- coming
    They both came out surprised
    You know why
    I was sitting with habeeb and my head was on his laps

    Titi - babe and habeeb whatz up
    Habeeb- am good
    Oyin- tell me am not dreaming
    Me- shine your eye wella it real

    Sorry for the short story
    Too tired to type

    EPISODE 10


    Titi- hmm so babe why did you call us
    Me- habeeb is planning on taking me out so i want you two should go with us
    Oyin- am in let me go and change
    Titi- am sorry i cant
    Titi walked away immediately after she said that sentence
    Habeeb- what wrong with her
    Me- don't know please dear am coming

    Titi- come in
    Me - titi what happen
    Titi- nothing jare what did i say happen
    Oyin walked in

    Me- oyin what wrong with titi
    Oyin- hmm hmm titi why now abeg dress up
    Me- titi
    Titi- am not going is it by force
    Titi yelled at me. That is the first time i will see her behave that way. Did i offend her
    I walked out of her room

    Habeeb- love where are they
    Me- are you sure there is nothing between you and titi
    Habeeb- no i met her just once
    Me- ok but am sorry let postpone the date
    Habeeb- ok
    Me- so should i prepare food for you
    Habeeb- am full
    Me- when did you eat
    Habeeb- still eating
    Me - aghh
    Habeeb- you fill up my stomach than a pot of food your love is enough for me

    Me- you this boy ehhh
    Habeeb- can you cook what i want nii
    Me- ok my king what should i prepare
    Habeeb- pounded yam
    Me- hmmm pounded yam
    Just then titi walked pass us without saying
    anything then leaves the house
    What wrong with her
    Am sorry for the delay it due to busy schedule at
    school sorry if i kept you all waiting this is the
    last time i promise

    EPISODE 11


    Me - habeeb please excuse me oyin
    Oyin - ire come

    I moved over to her room
    Oyin- are you sure there is nothing between habeeb and titi ehnnn
    Me- am thinking that way too
    Oyin- ok dont worry i know what to do
    I left her
    Habeeb- love i think i should be leaving
    Me- aghh why
    Habeeb- nothing just got something to do
    Me- hmmm ok let me see you off

    Month fly by habeeb and i have been in this relationship titi is acting normal everything is going on fine then one friday evening
    Titi- girls let go clubbing tonight
    Me- yeah long time we did that
    After dressing up we took some pictures then drive off in my car
    We got to our favorite club
    We pick a space sat down order for drinks
    I stood up first walked to the dance space then i started dancing
    About two other guys come closer they were dancing with me
    It got to a point i could not cope again because the guys are trying to touch my goodies #habeeb property

    Ten minutes after i sat down i started feeling dizzy before i knew it i slept off

    I woke up the next morning met myself in my bed. I brush my teeth then head to the parlor
    Titi - babe good morning
    Me- morning
    Oyin- you ehhh
    Me- abeg what cooking
    Titi- na habeeb
    Me- shut up you
    I left them in the parlor and head outside

    Later that day
    Phone ringing
    I checked the caller it my boo
    Me- lover
    Habeeb- my world how was your night
    Me- am fine ohhhhhh and yours
    Habeeb- same are you going out today
    Me- no why love
    Habeeb - i want us to meet at my beach house
    Me- ok when
    Habeeb - when you ready
    I quickly dress up
    At the beach house i met habeeb outside the house
    Me- my king
    Habeeb hugged me then we kissed for like forever before he let go of me
    Me- so why do you want to see me
    Habeeb; let go inside

    We were in the parlor watching a movie then suddenly the television went off. It on back by itself but this time showing a different content.
    My sun as never shine as hot as this
    My star has never been as beautiful as this
    My world has never been complete but you made it complete
    Even if the world try to break us apart i will never leave you
    Then another page show
    Barakat iremide balogun
    Habeeb olorunsogo

    I sat down there watching the television like someone glued to it
    Habeeb stood up brought out a ring
    Me- ye
    Habeeb- shhhhh dont say a word if you want yes come to the room if no
    He left the sitting area
    I followed him
    When i opened the door what i saw surprised me
    The whole room was filled with our pictures and flowers arranged on the floor and bed
    I stepped inside
    Then habeeb come closer to me
    I wanted to say something then habeeb block my mouth with a kiss
    We kept on kissing kissing
    He was touching my ass but gently
    He placed me on the bed looking at my eye
    Habeeb- I
    He kissed my forehead
    Habeeb- love
    He kissed my nose tip
    Habeeb- you
    Then he kissed my mouth
    We kept on kissing and he was touching my b**bs fondling them
    He took of my top and bra.

    EPISODE 12


    After three hot rounds of sex
    Habeeb- thank you
    Me- for what
    Habeeb- for making me the happiest man alive
    Me- thank you
    Habeeb- hmm
    Me - for becoming my life partner
    I checked the time
    Past 10pm
    Me - ughhhh habeeb it late i need to go home now
    Habeeb- no now it too late let pass the night here then tomorrow morning we go home
    Me- ok let me prepare something for dinner then
    Habeeb- seeing you is enough for me
    Me- you have start again
    Habeeb - aghbh you are not going anywhere today self
    Me- ehhh ok wait and see
    I tickled him then he let go of me
    Me- elaaaa (brought out my tongue
    Habeeb- you ehhhh
    I dashed off to the kitchen
    After putting the stuffs on fire i turned back to see habeeb
    Me- Jesus
    Habeeb- 1-1
    Me- ehhhh ok so what is daddy doing here
    Habeeb- keep my baby company
    I moved closer to him
    Habeeb- what are we eating
    Me - i saw some macaroni in the drawer so am preparing some
    Habeeb- ok
    Bla bla bla
    Dont let me disturb you with the remaining gist
    Next morning habeeb drove me home
    Oyin- ire you fuck up ohhh
    Me- aghhhh you did not even greet me first
    Oyin- abegiiiii where have you been since last night
    Me- surprise guess what
    Titi- what
    Me- (i showed then my fingers) habeeb proposed
    Oyin- it a lie
    Me- true
    Titi- this calls for celebration
    Me- you can say that again so tonight we are partying here in our home
    Oyin- whooo yeahhhhh

    The next morning after arranging the whole mess that happened last night (party) a text message came in from habeeb that we need to talk immediately
    I called him back
    Me- honey
    Habeeb- where are you
    Me - home
    Habeeb- am coming he hanged the call.
    After about thirty minutes habeeb arrived
    I ran to hug him but he pushed me off
    Me - what wrong
    He threw his phone at me
    I checked it what i saw surprise me
    Habeeb- now explain that
    Me - i don't know anything about this
    Habeeb- ughhb you dont you failed me i loved you wholeheartedly but look at what you did well it over between us
    I tried to hold him but he pushed me off

    EPISODE 13


    I was surprised where on earth did that stupid thing happen
    Ever since i started dating habeeb i have never have sex with another guy
    Oyin came in and saw me crying
    Oyin- babe what wrong
    Me- i dont know habeeb came here showed me a video of me and two other guys seems we just had sex and am sleeping then
    Oyin- are you serious
    Me- he broke up with me he left me but i swear i dont know anything about what he is saying
    Oyin- it ok babe stop crying
    Me- habeeb please please dont do this to me please please
    Oyin comforted me till i slept off

    Habeeb POV

    How on earth can she do this to me ehnnn i trusted her loved her i just cant believe this
    I took my phone checked the video she was sleeping then this might be a trap ohhhh
    No she did this to me she cheated on me
    My mind was in great trouble as i am in pain saddness right there
    But i need to know more on this
    I picked up my phone dialed titi number
    Me- hello titi
    Titi- husband to be how far
    Me- good titi please where can we meet
    Titi- why anything wrong
    Habeeb- it something about me and ire so please can we talk
    Titi- yeah sure meet me at mama cass in one hours time

    Ire POV

    I am still surprised about all this things ohhhh i dont even know the guy am with then self
    But wait the pictures looks like it was from yesterday i was putting on the same cloth and i fell asleep on a sofa which looks like the one in the video i need to get to the end of this matter. I know what to do
    I picked my car keys and drive to the club i went to last night

    Habeeb POV

    Me- titi please check this out
    She looked at the pictures closely
    Titi- this are from yesterday
    Me- yesterday
    Titi- yes in this picture ire is putting on the same cloth she wore last night to club
    Me- club like she was out clubbing last night
    Titi- yes we were celebrating your proposal to her
    Me- so what happen last night
    Titi- from this picture ire is drunk and asleep she already fell asleep before i did so am sure this picture is a plot to seprate you two
    Me- what
    Titi - yes ire will never do this nonsense with you

    Ire POV

    Me- please i want to see the manager
    Bar man- am coming
    Minutes later the manager came out
    Me- good afternoon
    Manager- yes ma how can I help you
    Me- actually i will like to check the CCTV footage of last night
    Manager - ok but hope all is well
    Me- yes

    I have the access to do that because my brother owns the club

    When we got to the security room the footage was played
    After watching for about 2hours i saw something that surprised me
    A lady taking pictures of me and the same guy in the picture habeeb showed me

    Who is this lady and what are her intentions

    EPISODE 14 [Final]


    Ire POV

    Me- who the heck is this please security can you zoom the image of that lady closely
    When he zoom the image closely you wont believe who i saw

    Habeeb POV

    titi - habeeb right now the ball is in your court so how you play it is in your hand
    Habeeb- hmmmmm am sure this is a trap but what i dont know is who plotted the trap and i must find out by all means
    Titi- ok but please dont you dare brake my friends heart ohhhh or else ehnnn
    She said that holding her ears

    Just then my phone started ringing
    I checked the caller it ire
    At first i did not want to pick the call because i dont know what to say to her right now but if i dont pick it now she might hurt herself
    Me - hello
    Ire- habeeb please where are you
    Me- at palm groove
    Ire- can you please come over to vibes club
    Me- why anything wrong
    Ire- no i have to show you something
    Me- ok wait for me am on my way
    After the call
    Me- titi i need to go see ire she is at the vibes club
    Titi- vibes let me follow you there
    I payed for our orders then zooooooooom we drive off

    Ire POV

    I cant believe this my best friend can do this to me we have been friends now it not ten years ohhhhh yet she could do this to me

    Habeeb and titi walked in
    Titi ran to hug me
    Titi- babe are you alright what are you doing at the club by this time of the day
    Me- i came to check the CCTV footage of that night we went clubbing last
    Habeeb- so any news on who did it
    I broke into tears i can't say this but but
    Me- titi no no no you wont believe this unless you watch it

    We walked to the camera hall
    The video was replayed

    Titi- what oyin did this
    Habeeb- this is surprising
    Me- habeeb am sorry
    Habeeb- love this mean nothing am the one that should have said sorry i made cry please forgive me
    I hold his hands
    Me- you did what you are suppposed to do dear
    He kissed me
    Titi- hey hey no come blind my eyes for here
    Me- leave me joor
    Habeeb- girls let go and meet oyin she has lots of explanation to do
    We drive straight home
    We met oyin watching a movie
    Titi- thank God we meet you here you no do well
    Me- oyin you of all people why did you want this to happen did i offend you niiii
    Oyin- do what
    Habeeb- stop acting like you dont know what she is talking about the pictures you send using another number
    Oyin- how did you find out i did it
    Me- ask me that one more time you betrayal
    Oyin- to be sincere i did that because i have a crush on him but am sorry ire you know i love you please bestie forgive me
    Me- oyin no no you no do well at all
    Titi come closer hold my shoulders
    Titi- ire let bury the issue and move on
    Habeeb- ok love please forgive her
    I hugged her and we ended the issue 
    Thank you for your time and support all tru the story

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