Story: Sins Of My Parents


    Rachael looks at her phone once again. It was the hundredth time she was checking time. she glanced at the empty pillow next to her. “Where are you this time of the night Joe? ” she whispered in the silence of the dark room. Her husband had not returned since he told her he was going to visit some friends. That was around 16 hours and now it was 01 am her husband was no where to be seen.
    She recalled the moments they spent together before they married, he was so loving and caring. He was always taking her out for dinner, some movies as well as taking walks around the township. she knew from the way he respected her and talked to her on phone most of the time that he was going to love her and be there for her always.
    But now here she was a year in her marriage and he had started coming late home. she shed a tear, ” It’s not fair Joe that you treat me this way.”
    She slowly sat up from the bed careful not to hurt her baby in her womb, she was heavily pregnant with only weeks towards her due date. She went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, poured some cold water in a glass cup and walked to the living room with one hand holding her belly.
    As she sat down she felt her baby kick and she let a smile. “what is it my Angel?” she whispered, “did I woke you too? Am sorry my baby. I know you can feel my sadness. I wish your father was always here for us, but he has chosen another kind of life that leaves the two of us out of his life.” she wipped a tear forming in her eyes when she heard the door open.
    Looking at the wall click, it was almost 03 am. her husband walked in with a bottle of beer. He looked at Rachael sitted on the dinning chair and shouted, “what are you doing up this time woman?, you don’t know where the bedroom is?” She looked at him and shook her head.” so you come this time and instead of asking how I am or your child, all you do is talk nonsense? I can’t understand you anymore Joe. what has gotten over you these past months?” she scolded him as he threw himself on the couch.. ” please spare me this morning with your nagging am so tired I want to sleep.” closing his eyes he instantly fall asleep.
    Rachael looked at him, his shirt was stained with lipstick. even his right chick had a mark of red lipstick. she felt a grip of pain in her chest and swallowed hard, with the energy she had remaining in her, she lifted herself to bed and lay down to sleep. “help me sleep God” she prayed silently as she wished she would just drown in sleep and feel the inner peace that she had not felt in a long time.
    She was almost failing asleep when the loud ringing phone from the living room brought her eyes wide open again. she ignored it two more times and when it rang the 4th time she walked to the living room and found her husband still snoring. she grabbed the phone from his shirt pocket and looked at the still ringing phone. ” helo !” she answered after sliding it open. It was quite for some seconds. “helo who is this?” She asked.
    ” helo ” a feminine voice answered. “I want to talk to Joe” she responded.
    ” oh sorry he’s sleeping ” Rachael told the caller. “but I can deliver the message when he wakes up. what should I tell him? ”
    The voice on the other side sighed before adding, ” oh just tell him I had a Great time last night and that I love him so much. I cannot wait for tomoro. ”
    ” what?” Rachael asked her heart racing. “who are you? ”
    The lady on the other side let a laugh and shouted.” am supposed to ask you that, are you his Secretary? ”
    Now Rachael was slowly pulling the chair and sitting down.she could not talk or say any more. she cut the line and silently walked back to the bed room after composing her self.
    she knew her husband was cheating but for the other woman to mock her, it was too much to handle.
    She felt a sharp pain in her stomac and later on her water broke. ” oh my God not now please” she cried. her Labour had started even when she still had some time before her due date.
    struggling , she walked back to wake her husband but all to no avail. he just turned looked at her and fall back asleep. she screamed to wake him so that he could help her go to the hospital but all efforts failed..
    Struggling, she called her friend who lived two blocks away from her house. “please Monica come and drive me to the hospital. I can’t drive and my husband is fast asleep he cannot woke up cause he is drunk”. She begged crying as she hekd her belly in pain.
    “Take it easy Rachael” her friend told her. “am coming there ASAP”
    “thank you Monica” she whispered ” God will bless you”
    She slowly packed her bag with baby things and Walked out. Her friend drove in 5 minutes later and she went to lay in the back seat as they drove to Livingstone General hospital.
    After hours of Labour, she successfully gave birth to a baby boy at exactly 10 30 in the morning. she looked at him and smilled, ” thank you Jesus” she said holding him close to herself.
    Monica who had stayed with her all this time had called Joe letting him know his wife was in Labour, but he didn’t show up..
    She looked at Rachael who’s eyes were fixed on her baby and felt pity for her. her friend had changed a lot since she got married. she was always cheerful and in high spirits, but now she was all quite and thoughtful. Though she never said much about her marriage, Monica knew her friend was going through a rough time..
    ” Hey Rachael how are you feeling now?” she asked moving closer to the bed. Rachael smilled.. “I feel better though the doctor insists I stay here for a while so they observe me, they say I have lost a lot of blood.
    “you going to be fine” Monica assured her, “the baby looks healthy we thank God..”
    “Did you call your husband again?” Monica asked Rachael.. “no Monica.. what for ? If he is not here by now it means he is not interested. let him be, my friend he will come when he feels like it. I don’t want to spoil this moment with thoughts of Joe so please if we can stop talking about him” she said holding her wrapped baby closer..
    ” sure ” Monica nodded.” what ever you say, let me just get you something to eat before I go home. I need to check on the kids.”
    “thank you so much” Rachael smiled. “what could I have done without you? ” .
    ” Don’t mention it ” Monica rubbed her hand. ” we are like sisters, we have been together since high school remember?”
    ” Yeah ” she let a smile, ” thank you anyways” she added
    She sat upright in the hospital bed as she lay the baby down, recalling how she met her husband..


    She was heading home from a church service, singing some praise songs. Rachael was feeling the peace and joy that came with worshiping and praising God at the prayer meeting.
    Just as she was about to turn and join the small road leading to her sisters Flats who she had gone to visit, she noticed a man standing by the side of the path. He was busy talking on his phone.
    Rachael excused herself as she made an angle to avoid bumping into the man. he stopped her and greeted her. “am fine thank you” Rachael answered cheerfully. The man extended his hand. “am Joe” he said.
    ” oh Rachael” she responded shaking his hand. “sorry to bother you but my friend directed me to these flats but I cnt seem to locate the exact flat.”
    Racheal had explained the place Joe asked about.
    The following day she met him again coming from the neighbour flat. They greeted each other and that was the begining of their friendship. They exchanged numbers and communicated frequently when she had gone to work as a marketing manager of ZSIC insurance company in the copperbelt.
    After some time, Joe insisted she got a transfer back to livingstone where he was managing his father’s company. Their love grew stronger and a year later they married with a powerful wedding ceremony.
    All this time Joe had pretended he had stopped drinking and was a loving and caring man to Rachael. In her heart she was convinced he loved her and would always be there for her.
    Until one day, 6 months down their marriage he came back home late and drunk, hes altitude towards his wife changed, he would scold her, come back home with his clothes stained either with women powder or lipstick. Each coming day he turned from bad to worse….
    she got pregnant and hoped things might change a little, but no he didn’t bend not even after knowing his wife was going to give him a son. All he did is leave Rachael money as if that was all she needed.
    Back to the present….
    Rachael looked at her son who had waken up and his tiny fingers struggled to push the showel covering him. she sighed and wipped a tear droping from her eyes and lifted him up. she put him close and breastfed him. it was now passed 14 hours and her husband had not shown up at the hospital..
    At home Joe had received a call from Monica around 7 hours that morning and he prepared himself ready to go and see her. he loved his wife but for some reason he had fallen in the trap of Jessy. A woman he recently employed at his company. her beauty and charm had caught his attention, he found it boring being with Racheal eapecially after a night he had spent with Jessy at a hotel were they had a company conference with other business men and women.
    The problem with Jessy was she was too demanding and had succesfully managed to force Joe neglect his marriage.
    As he drove to the hospital He received a call from Jessy who had demanded he wanted to see her that morning.
    ” what is it Jessy?” he had asked her upon reaching at her apartment, of course the one he had bought for her.
    “I missed you she said lurring him to join her in bed.” Instead of turning her down and head to the hospital to see his wife Joe decided to stay on and spend the whole morning at Jessy’s.
    He looked at his watch, it was 15 hours.” I have to get going” he told Jessy who was still in her small night silk dress.
    she poured herself some wine as she folded her legs on the chair by the bar, ” and why is that?” she said sternly looking at Joe.
    ” um uh i have to see my wife at the hospital. I was told she was in Labour and I have to check on her and see how it is going.”he explained almost begging.
    “Oh so am just to be used uh?” Jessy snapped standing up to face him.
    ” how many times have you promised me your time and commitment.? Now here you are talking about your stupid pregnant wife.” she added angrily.
    Joe sat down to reason with her. Telling her how much he loved her and promised to make up time for them, by the time he left her place heading to the hospital it was already 17 hours. he rushed to the ward as directed by the nurse he met up from the reception.
    He was told his wife was discharged an hour before he went there. he felt panick and guilty he had done that to her family. He couldn’t even be there to receive his baby boy . slowly he made his way to the Jaguar car he had packed outside. he grabbed his fon and dialed Racheal’s line as he joined the main road driving with one hand, The phone rang for the fifth time without her picking, as he drove on he planned the story he would give his wife as an excuse for not being their when she needed him the most. He somehow felt bad he had not lived up to his promises, feeling the urge to change especially for their child..
    As the wall fence to his house emmerged, he drove right to the gate, the gate man opened the gate at his first hoot. “how are you boss ?” the gate man greeted him.
    ” am fine” he answered not really paying any attention to him..
    “where is my wife ?” Joe asked as he locked the car. ” oh boss am sorry but your wife just left, she came back in a taxi some 40 minutes ago and entered the house with a baby. she later on came out with a big suit case and went out .”
    ” what? ” Joe screamed, “what do you mean she left? how could she just leave without saying anything?”
    “And boss”, the gate man added ” there’s more to that”. Joe gazed at him still trying to digest the fact of his wife leaving with bags . “what now?” he snapped.
    “boss she left the baby” he added in a low voice.
    Instead of answering him Joe ran to the house and banged the door open. in his bedroom he found the baby sleeping peacefully and a note besides him.
    By the time you read this. I would have gone, i cannot take it any more. i married you and trusted you because I loved you with all my heart, but you have sudenly turned Into this person I cannot cope with nor understand. I can’t do this anymore. am going to start over. but I cannot do it with this child. I leave him in your care. You will take care of him as he deserves and I hope for his sake you will change for the better. I love him very much, but I can’t live with a part of you. I want a complete start over and I hope to find happiness and peace once again.
    Good bye.. Rachael..
    Joe folded the note as his hands shook, drops of sweat fall off his forehead. “oh my God Rachael how could you?” He sat down holding his child and cried. ” what have I done?” he whispered to himself.


    Joe walked around the house.He had no idea what to do with his baby wailing.. he tried lifting him and calming him down but all to no avail.. he slowly lifted the baby and a letter addressed to Nathan fall off, Nathan was the name he and his wife Rachael had planned to name their child when they were told they were having a baby boy months before. He couldn’t pay attention to the letter because Nathan was still crying. He placed the note in the chest drawer. Just then his phone rang. he checked the caller it was Jessy .
    sliding the phone with one hand and held it by the neck as he tried to calm the baby..
    ” helo ” he responded
    “what’s happening?” Jessy shouted on the other side. “what’s with the baby crying? Can’t you give it back to the mother? ”
    “Oh Jessy ” Joe sighed..” you have no idea what is wife left leaving this new baby with me and now I have no idea what to do with it. He won’t stop crying.” he explained..
    Jessy let a laugh,” you are joking right?” She asked, “am serious Babe I really don’t know what to do”
    After the conversation, that was the last Joe had heard from Jessy. She ignored his calls later on. She even chased him out of the flat , the next time he went to see her.
    “Am not going to be part of your baby drama ” she had told him.
    he struggled and managed to buy the baby milk and hired a nanny to help take care of Nathan. his mother was ill at that time so she could not help him care for the child..
    As months passed by Joe had put himself together and decided to be there for his child. Even when he drunk beer, it was at home. he was there when Nathan started crawing, when he took his first steps until the time he was 3 years old.
    Joe’s effort to find Rachael and ask her to come back home failed, he tried to contact her relatives but it seemed no one really knew where she had gone. day and night Joe wished he had acted differently and had put his mind to his marriage. The only comfort he remained with was the smile of his fast growing son. Nathan was growing with so much energy and full of healthy. Joe’s parents and friends adviced him to marry again. but he told them he wasn’t ready yet..
    Mean while months after Rachael left her son and husband. she refused all her mother’s advice to go back and mend her home.” it’s God who changes pipo my dota” her mother had told her.” if you trully loved your husband and child,you could have looked past your hurt and trusted God to help you. running away isn’t a solution her mother councilled her”. but all to no avail.
    She never went back to her home and with time she was almost forgetting her husband. Especially after she left the country and went to work in south Africa with an NGO she was now working for.. even though Rachael created this cloud to cover her past and live normally like a single woman, deep down her heart she missed and longed to be with her husband and child. however she was determined to forge ahead and not to look back wards..
    She was lost in thoughts and didn’t realise her boss was standing in front of her well curved wooden office table talking to her.. “am sorry Sir” she apologised when he screamed her name. “Rachael!” He called her.. “did you even get a word of what I said?” He asked with a look of concern.
    Mr Thabo was Racheal’s boss. he was a slim and tall guy with the skin that had a smooth brown tone like that of honey .He had set his eyes on Rachael since the first time she joined the company from Zambia and he knew from what her papers said that she was single. he couldn’t stop wondering how a beautiful lady was still single at 30. She was good looking and intelligent too. he had invited her a couple of times for dinner but she seemed not so interested in him..
    Thabo was not however willing to give up. He vowed to crack the wall that Rachael had built around her and win her heart.
    so here he was looking at her silently lost in thoughts. he had called her twice but she didn’t move an inch..
    “Oh am so Sorry Thabo ” she stood up.” I was just”
    ” yeah I noticed ” Thabo cut her sentence.
    “I was asking if you are knocking off any time soon. am heading out and I can drop you off if you don’t mind, I mean since your car is still at the garage” he added
    Rachael smiled at him. ” thank you, you are so kind.” Thabo moved closer to her and held her hand. “you know I like you am just waiting for the time you will give me a chance and let me in your heart.”
    Racheal sighed.. “am sorry Thabo I don’t think am ready for any man right now she told him. we can just be friends nothing more.”
    Thabo felt a grip of disapointment but decided to play it cool. “sure he said letting her hand free. let me know when you are done I will be in my office” he told her as he walked out of her office.
    Rachael watched him disappear in the passage. She shook her head and sighed.. recalling the great times with Joe. she felt pain in her heart and as the tears started forming she quickly placed a small piece of tissue under her eyes and wipped the tears before they could fall. “am done crying for you Joe” she whispered to herself,adding a little makeup on her face she stood up head high and walked with confidence to Thabo’s office with a grey handbag which matched her grey skirt hanging on her left hand..
    “Am ready!” she announced as she opened Thabo’s office.
    ” okay” he responded picking up the car keys and briefcase. “let’s go then”
    Upon reaching her home Rachael had invited Thabo in. “what can i offer you she asked as she motioned him to sit on her cream white couch.” Thabo took in the clean and nicely arranged room, he turned on the flat screen TV mounted on the wall as he waited for her.. She had disappeared to another room.
    Rachael came back with a glass of water as he had requested and handed it to him. she sat down opposit where he sat and they chatted.
    All the time as Thabo talked and explained about his life, Rachael nodded and smiled. She had said nothing about her past life all she had talked about was her work life in Zambia and also her family. Thabo had no idea that the woman before him had abandoned her marriage and a new born baby..
    What had started as a mare friendship.. had developed into intimate relationship over the months.. Thabo proposed to Rachael and they married a year later.
    Rachael didn’t expect much from Thabo.. infact she accepted to marry him just to somehow get rid of all the pain she still hard from her previous marriage. however, Thabo was not as she thought he would turn out to be. He was a wonderful and caring husband, he didn’t change as Rachael anticipated he would.. he genuinely loved her and was patient even when his wife showed little interest in their marriage..
    Years passed and somehow Rachael slowly started falling in love with Thabo. . She woke up one night and found him praying..
    “Lord please let my wife open up and love me. I dont know what has caused this wall around her but I trust you can brake it and give her back her peace and freedom”
    Rachael watched him as he prayed. she felt guilty. All she had done is give the man who genuinely loved her a hard time. From that day she decided to forget about Joe and live happily with the man before her..
    She knelt close to him and he looked at her when he opened his eyes. ” I love you” she had whispered ” and am sorry I have not been a good wife to you. I promise to be a wife you deserve.”
    Thabo hugged his wife with joy that was the begining of their happy marriage.


    Back in Zambia Joe’s parents insisted that he took another wife. “It has been three years my son, you cannot wait for a woman who abandoned you and her son. it’s time you moved on and found a woman. you need her to help you raise Nathan. ” his father explained.
    “I don’t know dad Joe told him.. I have tried to look around but I cannot seem to find the right person. I will marry again when time comes” he had told his parents.
    One day he decided to go back to Jessy, he tried getting serious and take their relationship to another level but unfortunately she was not as interested as he thought she would be. She was still making demands of money and things but when he proposed marriage to her, Jessy declined..
    “Am sorry Joe ” she told him..
    ” I can’t marry you.” Joe who had planned a romantic dinner at a hotel with a live band playing some music. looked at her shocked. His knees still on the floor as he extended a gold ring to her. He was shocked she declined. “but I thought you loved me ” Joe complained, lifting himself from the floor and trying so hard to compose himself and conceal the shame from those watching. others with eyes wide open whilst other murmered. Joe couldn’t discern whether the murmuring was for pity or disappointment.
    “I can’t” Jessy told him in his face. “you Joe cheated on your wife with me and now what guarantee do I have that you will not do the same to me? ” She asked pausing as she finished her sentence, as though to give Joe a chance to explain himself or something. when she noticed his face bowed down, she continued .. “besides am engaged to another man, at least I love him and I know he loves me back genuinely. am sorry Joe” she added, “you are handsome and so giving and I appreciate it. but I cannot be your wife.”
    Joe looked at her face she was serious.
    ” but Jessy” he asked almost in a whisper. “I thought you loved me, you even made me neglect my marriage and contributed to my wife leaving me. how can you tell me you don’t want to marry me now?”
    Jessy shook her head.. ” am sorry” she said again. “just find another woman” she said before standing up and grabbing her hand bag. Joe Watched her as she walked away pulling down her mini skirt which had moved up slightly, her high heels making some soft noise as she walked passed the reception and out the glass door..
    That night Joe didn’t even go home early, instead he went to the nearest bar and drunk his mind off, he shed a tear as he remembered his beautiful wife Rachael. The hurt he felt in his heart made him to drink even harder, fortunate enough, his friend who had gone to the same place that night grabbed him to the car park and drove him home.
    I have lost it all he cried in his drunken state. I had a woman who loved me genuinely but now am even being rejected by a woman I have spent so much money and the valuable time i could have put into marriage. ” oh Joe what can i tell you?” his friend told him as he helped him in bed. ” just sleep and tomoro is another day. sit down and find a way of raising your son properly.”
    “Oh my son Joe murmered his eyes closed. He’s the only blessing I reaped from my marriage with Rachael. I wasted the rest of the blessings God had given me.” He cried.
    His friend patted his back and walked out leaving him murmuring and groaning to himself…
    2 years later, Joe had managed to remarry, unfortunately to a person he didn’t love. he was just hooked to her by his mother, after she saw how her son had started running up and down drinking and sleeping with different women. she assured him Nancy was a good woman and a Christian too. Joe agreed just to ease his parent’s minds, but deep down he was Still lost and couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for.
    Being a christaian and praying woman, Nancy , over the years successfully brought Joe back to his sanity and he started committing himself to work in his father’s company as he did before. he was still drinking though better than before.
    All this time Nathan his son had grown and was doing so great at school. his step mother was so good to him and raised him as her own. infact Joe never told Nathan that Nancy wasn’t his biological mother, all Nathan knew was that he was the only child of Joe and Nancy since Nancy could not have children of her own. all efforts to bore a child failed and this somehow made Joe dislike her even more.. though he never said it he never developed any special feelings for Nancy.
    10 years later , Nathan had turned 17 years old and was admitted in the university to study medicine. Efforts by his father Joe to make him do some business courses so that he could run the business after him failed..
    since his grand father had passed on the whole company now belonged to Joe and he had expanded it over the years ..
    Unfortunately Nancy didnt live to see Nathan who she had encouraged and motivated to follow his heart and become a doctor. She would always tell him. “My son, the passion you have to save people’s lives is the way to go. God has blessed you with a heart to help others” she would say. “so use it and let God work through you”
    So even when Nathan graduated from the school of medicine he dedicated his certificates to his late mother Nancy.He had mourned his beloved mom for years. he loved his father of course, but Nathan felt so much connected to Nancy. she was always there for him and inspired him in a good and christian way. Nathan grew up respecting women and living an honesty and decent life. even though he never had the guts to confront his father about his life of drinking and having other women besides his mother, Nathan hated the fact of his father betraying his mother Nancy and when Nancy died, Nathan had blamed his father..
    “You didn’t love her enough and you were always running up and down with women ” he accused him.. ” no wonder my mother had developed BP and died ”
    Joe felt ashamed but couldn’t bring himself to tell Nathan Nancy wasn’t his mother and that his biological mother was the only woman he had loved sincerly.
    The gap between them grew as years went by, such that Nathan decided to move out of his father’s house immediately he completed his course, leaving Joe all alone and back to his heavy drinking way of life.
    despite the fact that his businesses was progressing, Joe’s life remained stagnant. He had lost all connections to his personal life and each day that passed. He felt his inner sadiness grow, the more he drunk, the more he got even lost and the more he pushed his son away..


    For Racheal the past 23 years in her marriage she and Thabo were doing fine. She had bore two children A girl and a boy. Racheal’s sin of abandoning her son still haunted her. somehow the son she had had at least eased her pain, though he was the exact copy of Thabo.
    After 5 years of their marriage, unfortunately for both Thabo and Rachael the NGO they worked for had closed and they both were left Jobless. this promtpted then to relocate to Zambia as efforts to find jobs in South Africa proved futile..
    Thabo decided to start business and so he opened Some boutique shops in Lusaka city where he and his family had now settled. Unfortunately Racheal remained Jobless and become a house wife. they struggled to make ends meet, luckily the managed to educate their Children.
    “Mom” the first born girl child called Racheal one day. “what is it sweety?” Rachael answered as she did her laundry in the back yard. they had bought a house in PHI when they came from South. “what is it?” she asked again when her dota pulled stool and sat close to her.
    “Mom I want to apply in the private hospitals and see if i can work as nurse there since I completed my course. dad told me i can apply instead of waiting for government deployment”. Racheal sighed, ” am so proud of you sweety . I wish you all the best. Am certain you will do well as a physiotherapist. You truly have gifted hands” sha added. ” just look at how you manage to massage me to sleep every time am stressed.” her dota smiled. “Thank you mother.. I just hope to find something soon enough I can’t even wait to become independent” she laughed..
    “look at you ” Racheal scolded her ” you are just 23 and all you talk about is being independent.”
    ” well mom am turning 24 next month remember ” she chuckled…
    ” oh dear” Racheal sighed ” it feels like yersterday when I first held you in my arms. you should have seen your father’s face. he was almost bursting with joy .”
    Racheal stopped smiling and her face frowned as she remembered her son. she wondered how he looked like. “he must be a man now” she thought.. “oh God let him be happy and live a better life different from his father.”
    “Mom!” Her daughter called her bringing her back to the moment. “what is it ? You have sudenly gone quite. Do You feel okey?”
    Racheal smiled as she looked at her daughter ” am fine sweety. just go inside now and prepare lunch your father and brother must be coming for lunch any time soon.” She responded instead.
    ” sure mom” she answered.
    Racheal sighed and wipped the tear that dropped from her eye and continued washing the clothes.
    later on when her husband and son where back , the whole family sat at the dinning table having lunch.
    Thabo spoke up.. “honey” he called his wife. “that friend of mine I told you is working in Livingstone just called me. I had asked him to help our girl find a job there and he just confirmed there is a Chinese hospital that is looking for a physiotherapist. so my dear” he added looking at his dota. “prepare yourself next week you are going to work in Livingstone.”
    they all thanked God and as they ate.. their dota talked about her new job and how she would work hard to impress the chineese..
    Nora who had been working at a chinesse hospital for 5 months now.
    one day she was called to the office of the head doctor.. ” you called for me Doctor”, she asked as she sat in the chair in front of his boss.
    “yes,” Doctor Ali answered..” we have a patient who needs your services. he was involved in an accident., it happened as he was driving home drunk a week ago and now he is paralysed from waist down. I diagnosed him and I feel with lots of therapy he might walk again.”
    Nora nodded all way through as she listened to his boss. he handed her the file. she looked at the the patient’s name..
    Joseph Miyoba. flipping through the pages as she read the records of his illnes. Nora walked to the ward to meet her new patient..
    She looked at him, a handsome man probably in his Late 40s . She smiled at him as she walked closer and greeted him.. “how are you feeling Sir?” she asked him.
    Joe turned to look at her ” am not well nurse” he said sadly.” I was told I might never walk again.”
    Nora smiled, ” don’t loose hope yet Mr Miyoba. if you are strong enough am sure God will help you walk again.
    He nodded his head not really agreeing with her..
    She moved to his legs and touched them, pricking his feet with a sharp needle as she observed his facial expression.. “can you feel this?” she asked him
    ” no ” he said shaking his head. “well I will be here to help you through this sir. though it means someone has to be bringing you here everyday for therapy until you feel better.”
    Joe shook his head. “I stay alone at the moment my son moved out of the house.. that means I have to find someone to help me.” “sure” Nora agreed. ” if anything I would recommend a close relative to stay with you so they help you move around the house for the time being.”
    After a long talk Joe was convinced he needed someone by his side. he tried to talk to his son to come back and stay with him..
    “I will see if i can get some days off dad.” Nathan told his father. ” I cannot promise more. just hire a nurse to stay with you ” he suggested on phone..
    Nathan had visted his father 4 times after the accident but he was clearly not willing to move in with his father.
    The idea of hiring a live in nurse made sense and Joe requested for Nora from the hospital. even when he was highly charged Joe gladly accepted the price. he liked the way Nora encouraged and helped him the past week she was attending to him..
    Nora reluctantly agreed, but she had no other option since the hospital required her to take on the job. she was told she would have her free times as well during the weekend to go out and do her own things..
    “Go and work” her parents told her on phone when she called them to complain about her job. “it’s just the same. only that you will have to stay with the patient for a while. he needs your help” Thabo added. “thank you mom and Dad” Nora told her parents as she hang up.
    ” I have to get a few things from my home” she had told Joe when the time to move came.
    “The driver will drive us both to your house you get your things and then we head home.” he told her..
    “Thank you young lady” Joe shook her hand. “you are welcome” Nora smiled,as she pushed his wheelchair down the corridor of the hospital to the parking lot…..


    When they got to Joe’s house, Nora helped him to his room. “Use the room opposite the living room second door on your left” Joe directed her.
    ” the first one is for my son”
    ” you have a son?” Nora asked Smiling.
    ” Yeah” Joe responded, “he’s a Doctor, am sure you will meet him any time soon”
    ” and what about your wife?” Nora asked as she rubbed some cream on his legs.
    Joe was silent for a while and then he spoke up.” my wife died 7 years ago.
    ” Oh sorry” Nora told him..
    “it’s okey” he responded with an expressionless face.
    Nora finished massaging his legs and gave him his medication.
    ” let me ask the maid to prepare you something to eat ” she told him before leaving the room…
    She removed her things and placed them neatly in the wardrobe. she removed her shoes and put on flat slippers. Nora looked around the room, she could tell from the quality of the furniture of the house and neat display of things that Joe,though she addressed him as Mr Miyoba was wealthy. thoughts of him willed her mind and somehow she could sense the man had some sadiness in his heart . the only time she saw him smile genuinely was when she had agreed to come take care of him.. she couldn’t help wonder what had transpired between Joe and his son. “if this man has such a beautiful house with servants and all. why not live together with his only son?”
    Shrugging, she decided to let go of such thoughts. “am here to work and whatever is going on with this man is his business.” she sighed as she lay down enjoying the comfort of the bed. she dialled some number and smilled when the other person picked..
    ” yes mom, I called to tell you I have moved in with the patient I told you about..”
    “oh that’s good Nora, Racheal responded from the other end, how is it going so far..?”
    ” It’s good mom. I just finished unpacking my things in the room I was given.”
    “Thank God sweety. just take care of yourself for us okey? ”
    “Yes mom dear” Nora told her..
    Someone knocked softly on the door as she was still talking.
    ” mom I will talk to you later. I have to go. give my love to dad and brother.”
    “sure sweety” Racheal answered cutting the call..
    “Madam !” the maid told Nora as she opened the door.
    ” please call me Nora ” she corrected her.
    “okay ” the maid smiled, “I came to ask if i can take the food for the boss to him now.” She asked her.
    ” let me handle it” Nora said walking her to the kitchen..
    She walked in Joe’s room holding a tray of food. Joe had closed his eyes but was not sleeping. he opened his eyes when Nora walked in.” hey,!” she called him ” time for eating”
    he smiled.. “am not hungry but not to waste your effort I will eat something..”
    Nora got the small glass table and placed it on the bed and helped Joe to sit upright.
    ” am going out in case you need anything you just call my name” she said standing to walk out.
    ” no no Nora please sit, just get yourself a plate of food and join me here.” Nora almost said no but when Joe insisted she grabbed her food and sat on the couch as they both eat..
    “So tell me” Joe cleared his throat, “are you from around here? I mean Livingstone.”
    ” um no. ” she told him. “am from Lusaka that’s where my parents are i just came here 5 months ago for work.”
    ” oh how nice,” Joe exclaimed.. “so how is Livingstone so far? ”
    “Mmmm it’s okey ” she said nodding her head. “I think I like a few nice places here and it’s quite as compared to Lusaka.”
    Joe smiled..” so you have always wanted to be a nurse? ”
    Nora nodded. “yeah it is my dream come ture I love what I do ” she added..
    “I noticed that ” the smiling Joe suported.
    “you have something in common with my son Nathan he too has always wanted to help people in the hospital. despite me trying to persuade him to do some business courses and take over the company from me. my late wife always supported him. am sure she could have been proud of him” he told her
    After they finished eating,the maid collected the plates. Joe’s phone rang and Nora excused herself. “I will be in my room” she told him and Joe nodded as he picked the call..
    “Yes Nathan. ”
    “hey dad how are you feeling? ” Nathan asked him.
    ” much better sonny but I still can’t feel anything from my legs. I did as you suggested, the nurse moved in today”
    ” oh great ” Nathan sighed. ” at least you have someone to help you.”
    ” sure ” Joe said.
    “Well dad I think will come stay with you for some days, till next week. Unfortunately I won’t be of any help.” Nathan told his father.
    ” Your presence means a lot Sonny ” Joe told his son. ” I will appreciate it.”
    ” Yeah sure” he responded hanging up.
    Later that evening Nathan walked in the house. he walked direct to the father’s room and talked to him for a while.
    “So what did the doctor say dad ? ” he asked sitting besides him. he noticed Joe had lost some weight over the weeks. his heart reached out to him. he wished his father had chosen a better path of life. His drinking habits had landed him in that bed .
    ” oh sonny they are not even very certain I will walk again. I don’t know” he said tears forming in his eyes. ” I just feel bad my life hasn’t been on the right track for some time now. maybe God is purnishing me now for my sins.”
    Nathan looked at him and felt bad. ” please dad don’t talk like that am sure you walk again. I just hope you won’t go back to drinking beer again. It’s high time you let that kind of life in the past.
    Joe sighed..” I know Nathan.. I promise to change. I need to work hard and put the company in the right track that’s your inheritance and I want to leave it standing before I die” . Nathan smiled weakly.
    “you don’t have to worry about me father. you gave me education and for me that’s enough. you don’t have to kill yourself with work for me.” Nathan smiled.
    “you are my only son Nathan the reminder of my love.” Nathan looked at his father, he wondered what he meant as far as he was concerned, his father didn’t love his mother (Nancy ) but he kept it to himself..
    “get some rest dad” Nathan told him. “Let me see your nurse and find out one or two things about your condition” he said standing up
    “she is in the room next to yours” Joe told him.
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    Nora lay on the bed with her front down, as she watched her favorite serie. she heard a soft knock on the door and answered, “come in!” without looking at the door her eyes still fixed on the TV, thinking it was one of the maids.
    She turned to look at who had entered and she was stattled to see a tall guy with a smooth brown skin standing by the door his clean white teeth exposed as he smiled at her,” did i scare you?” Nathan asked her with a chuckle.
    “um am sorry I didn’t expect to see you. I thought it was one of the house workers.” She responded.
    ” I see” Nathan responded. “I just came in, am Nathan he introduced himself.”
    Ofcourse Nora could see the resemblance with Joe. “you must be Mr Miyoba’s son”
    she smiled holding and shaking his hand.
    Dr Miyoba ” she added. “am Nora am sure your father has told you about my coming here.” She smiled.
    “Yes he has, ” Nathan told her. “but please call me Nathan, no need for the titles.
    “sure” Nora nodded..
    “Um if you don’t mind I would like to hear more about my dad’s condition?” he asked her after some seconds of silence.
    Nora got the file and explained the details to Nathan. he nodded as he looked through the file in his hands.
    “so what are the chances of him walking again?” He asked when she was done explaining..
    ” well.. we leave it to God but he has a 50 50 chance. I will have to take him back to the hospital for check ups every after 4 weeks. we are doing all we can to help your father Doctor,” she told him..
    ” Nathan” , he corrected her again.
    “oh yeah sorry” she said.
    “am glad you are here Nora, really i was worried about my father but having you around is surely good for him. just let me know if anything comes up okay..?” Nathan sighed.
    ” Sure I will Nathan” she said feeling a bit uncomfortable addressing him by his first name.
    ” let me not interupt you any further” Nathan told Nora. “I need to freshen up, am sure will chat some more am here for a week or so.”
    ” have a good night” Nora smilled.
    Nathan walked out, he couldn’t help admire how beautiful Nora was, her soft jean and floral top she wore fitted her so well revealing her perfect shape. her light skin tone and round face were unresistable. But he had to put his head in order. she was here for work and not amuse him. besides she would soon leave and go back to wherever she came from.
    He removed his clothes and walked to the gym in the room across the living room for some work outs in his shorts before going to take a bath..
    As Nora walked to the kitchen to grab a cup of water 20 minute later she head some noise from the other room. she walked in and found Nathan facing the window working out headsets plugged in his ears. she watched him for a couple of minutes and silently closed the door not to disturb him.walking to Joe’s room she saw him reading a book.
    “I thought you are sleeping” she told him as she went to him..
    “oh I couldn’t sleep so I decided to buy some time from this book here.” Joe asnwered.
    “I see “she said. “I just came to check on you and see if you needed anything.”
    “am okey” Joe told her, “you can rest ease. By the the way have you met my son?” Joe asked before she left the room.
    ” I have sir, he looks like a good person and looks a lot like you too.”
    Joe let a laugh. “right, but am sure he’s more handsome than I am right?” He teased..
    “you are handsome too” Nora smiled ..” good nite.” Nora added as she closed the door..
    Nathan had finished working out and he walked out meeting Nora by the passage with sweat all over his body.” am sorry he apolgised, I didn’t know you are out here. I mean I could have covered up a bit” he said waving his hand across his body.
    Nora smiled.. “it’s okey, it’s good to take some day’s stress off.”
    “yeah” Nathan nodded as he walked passed her to his room…
    Back in Lusaka… Thabo walked in his bedroom, he smiled at his wife as she lay under the beddings reading a Bible.
    ” hey honey!” he called Racheal. “still awake. ”
    “of course, How do I sleep when you were still out in the other room watching soccer..? ” she giggled.
    “You know it was my favorite team playing.” he said while undressing and joined his wife..
    “So have you talked to Nora..? ” He asked facing her.
    ” yeah” she called this afternoon that she has moved in with the patient.”
    “I see” said Thabo ” I hope she will be fine, it’s just that I still look at her as our little girl.”
    ” don’t worry” Racheal sighed, “she’s a strong girl and she’s gonna be okay am sure.”
    Thabo was quite for a while. his mind went back to the time at the hospital when Racheal was due to give birth. he had waited for a long time outside the Labour ward for his wife to give birth.The Doctor came out and told him she was having some complications. he however assured him he would do all he could to save both the baby and mother’s life.
    Before he could think further , Racheal patted his cheek, “hey honey, what is it now?”
    “Oh am sorry my mind went visit ing the past.”
    ” what about ? ” Racheal asked curiously. “forget it Honey, now is time for you and me to enjoy our time.” he said pulling his wife and kissing her tenderly.
    Racheal woke up with a start the following morning. she had a bad dream of her baby boy Nathan drowning. she had dreamed screaming for help as the boy struggled to swim in the pool. she then saw a man ran past her and dived in the water bringing the boy out. he lay him down and squizwd his chest as water sprout out of his mouth and he coughed. “thank you so much for saving my son’s life” Racheal told the man tears in her face. The man turned to smile at her and Racheal was shocked .
    ” Joe ! ” She shouted surprised. ” what are you doing here?” she asked standing up. he didn’t say anything. He just held and caresed her hand and walked away without saying a word and then she woke up..
    Racheal cleared the sweat that had formed on her face as she sat up in the bed.
    ” What is Wrong ?” Thabo asked her concerned. ” I just had a strange dream honey and am”
    ” well forget it” she stopped.
    “i think its just a dream, let me prepare your breakfast” she said kissing him on the lips.
    Thabo looked at her and wondered what kind of dream got his wife so sad. Even if she told him it was nothing her facial expression said it all.
    He sighed as he stood and flipped through some business acounts records. it seemed like a tough month but he still hard some money to get him some more orders. He had to travel to South Africa by the end of the week. he wished things where a bit different and that he would find a stable job and make this business part time. thankfully, he had two other shops in his country which were doing better than the one in Zambia. but he had to help fulfil his wife’s wish of staying in Zambia close to her relatives. He knew she loved her country. The the issues of Xenophobia in his country made her feel safer here. so he just had to agree to move to zambia with her…
    He walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower before taking his breakfast as he explained to Racheal his plans of going for orders back in South Africa


    Joe was still struggling, his legs still numb in the 4 weeks that passed. He however felt good because of the presence of his son and the care from Nora. Even at his age Joe couldn’t help but notice the gentle spirit and her beauty. slowly he started developing feelings for her and he realised he felt this inner peace whenever she was around him. He had not felt that for a woman in a long time..
    He looked at her as she massaged his legs with gentleness and passion. he could not feel his legs yet but his heart could feel her hands on him. He was lost in thoughts as he analysed the figure and parts of Nora that he didn’t notice his son who had come and was watching him from the door..
    Over the period Nathan had noticed his father was developing some unfamiliar attachment to Nora. he swallowed hard as he felt a sting of jealousy in his throat. He was sure he too had strong feelings for Nora. She was what every sane man would desire, but he took his time.
    Recalling the day he had taken her for shopping one weekend, they had driven in silence for minutes before he spoke up..
    “Nora , I remember you told me about your father being from South Africa. when did you move here? ”
    “Well” Nora responded “we came back about 4 years ago my mother is Zambian so she insisted we moved here.”
    Nathan looked at her as she talked about her mother. He couldn’t help feel a bit of jealousy. He still missed his late mother and from the description of the mother Nora was giving. he could tell she was a good woman..
    “I admire you” he told her honestly. “sometimes I wish my mom was still alive. there are things that I wish i would ask her.”
    Nora let a laugh. “Mmmmm Doctor what else do you want to know? you are 27 am sure you have had some necessary lessons of life already. ”
    ” Oh no” Nathan looked at her as he looked away from the road the car moving at a moderate speed.
    “I would want to know for instance about women.”
    “What?” Nora laughed her voice reaching to the heart of Nathan. he held on to the voice like the sweet music he could live listening to his entire life. everything about her amused him..
    He smiled before answering.. “how to know and read a woman’s thoughts” he explained.
    Nora looked at him. ” and who told you you should read a woman’s mind?” She asked stil giggling.
    “well I would want to know for instance what Nora thinks about me” he quickly mentioned not knowing how she would take that from him.
    Suprisingly she smiled her eyes looking ahead.
    ” why won’t Nathan just ask me then?” She said in a low tone.
    He was quite for seconds dhouting “yes!” In his mind, he couldn’t help feel great she had noticed him.
    “mmmn let me see he sighed, Tell me now how you feel about me: he said seriously.
    Afraid of where the coversation was going, Nora just said,” not today my dear. I have only known you for 4 weeks and I cannot easily determine the exact you” she smiled.
    ” by the way” , Nora contunued “what happened to ‘only staying for a week or so’..”
    she asked him mimicking his exact words.
    Nathan chuckled as he drove the vehicle to a parking lot at a shopping mall.
    “I love being around you” he said looking straight at her face, though he couldn’t see her eyes direct since she had dropped them slightly.
    “Shall we? ” Nora interrupted avoiding his gaze as much as possible.
    Now here he stood by the door and looked at his father drolling over the woman he had feelings for. he knew his father had a weakness for women and that somehow if it wasn’t for his paralysed legs he could have gone for Nora alreday.
    Clearing his throat bringing Nora who was busy doing her job to his attention and his father looked at him..
    “hey!” he called out.
    ” hey Son” The father answered.
    “didn’t see you coming” Joe told him.
    ” yeah I noticed” Nathan answered plainly.
    “so are you ready for the visit to the hospital? I want to drive you there.”
    “I am.” Joe responded looking at Nora who had stood aside watching father and son talk.
    ” Am ready too” she confirmed.
    “Okay then let me get the car keys” Nathan told them as he left the room.
    Nora got the wheel chair and helped Joe on it as she sat him down. he held her shoulders his eyes set on hers.
    ” thank you” he said with a sincere voice. Nora smiled at him. ” don’t mention it sir remember am just doing my Job.”
    ” I know ” he added Still holding her not letting her stand straight.Herubbed her shoulder gently.” You are my light Nora” he whispered.
    “I don’t know how I could have survived without you, your presence here gives me hope. I know you do all you could to help me heal and feel good about myself.”
    Nora looked at Joe and her eyes met his, “you are welcome Sir ” she told him as he smiled his eyes brightening
    “call me Joe please” he told her.
    Nathan walked in at that point and Joe quickly dropped his hand.
    ” well I gues it’s time” he announced.
    “yeah!” Nora answered feeling uncomfortable.
    Later that evening Nora sat in her room after pushing Joe on his wheel chair from the TV room to his room. she switched the bulb off after saying her good night to him. she sat on her bed in her room holding a pillow and was feeling bad about the tension that had clouded the TV room. That night instead of talking and laughing as Nathan always did he was quite. She wondered what was wrong with him,all the way to and from the review at the hospital Nathan was dead silent.
    She and Joe where the only ones talking and Nathan only nodded or answered a question with one word. He eat dinner in silence and when they got to watch TV he was sternly looking at the TV but one could tell his mind was somewhere else.
    Joe had asked if everything was okay with him and he just answered..” am fine dad” and went to his room..
    After thinking through it, Nora decided to approach Nathan the following day and find out what was wrong with him .
    In the morning as she went to check on Joe, he told her Nathan had gone out and would only be back after some a days. he said he had some urgent matter to attend to Joe explained to her..
    ” oh I see,” Nora responded.
    “By the way I want to go out this weekend I have to go and see my parents in Lusaka. I have not seen them since I came here.” She explained calmly.
    Joe felt bad she was leaving but he knew she was right, she had barely gone out since she came.
    “It’s okey” he finally told her.” I wil miss you Nora” he went on. ” I mean who will be checking on me and taking care of me?”
    “am sure Dr Nathan will help” she smiled..” I will be back before you know it.”
    In Lusaka Racheal and her husband were happy their dota was home. They spent time chatting and catching up. she was told her brother was in the campus studying. “I was offered a job here by a certain company” Her father told her.
    ” I was almost getting fade up with staying in the shop the whole day.” Thabo added
    “am happy for you guys” Nora told her parents.” and mom?” she asked Racheal.
    “does it mean you will be the one taking over the businesses here?”
    ” Am sure: Racheal agreed. “am also bored here at home.”
    Later that evening Racheal walked in Nora’s bedroom.. “Nora !” she called her, ” I have noticed you don’t look so happy.. is there a problem?”
    Nora shook her head “it’s nothing mom am okey.”
    “no way.” Racheal demanded. “tell me now am your mother, who knows I might help you.”
    Nora cleared her throat. “You won’t back down will you? ” she laughed
    “No” . Racheal answered seriously.
    “okay mom.” She sighed.. “the thing is am confused. There are two men, one is older and the younger one they are father and son.” She paused.
    ” yes go ahead ” Racheal encouraged . “mom i dont know what to do, i mean this man is handsome and he’s been so sweet to me and the emotions in his eyes just draw me closer to him, on the other hand, his son is handsome too with a very attractive character. his charm is unresistable and he seems interested in me but he’s not really said anything. I dont know mom. it seems I have feelings for both father and son. what am I going to do..? I cannot cause any trouble for both of them. I care so much for them but i feel am betraying them.”
    Racheal was quite for some time and shook her head, ” Nora I know you have grown and are independent, but am your mother and above everything your hapiness comes first. you have to chose wisely. It’s not every man that turns out to be what they display, be careful in your choices. if you had to sit down and think through this, your heart can never lie. it will guide you, don’t think with your head when it involves love.
    And the other thing” she continued.
    ” take your time to know the man before you open your heart to him. you cannot afford leaving a life of regrets, trust me its not a good thing, the pain and hurt of regreting will haunt you for life. have it in mind that if you are not careful you will end up destroying that family. I don’t know them but coming between them isn’t a wise thing to do. decide fast before you all get hurt.
    Be wise Nora, be wise” Racheal concluded and she walked out closing the door as Nora watched her in silence.


    On Monday before going back Nora sat down with her parents and said her goodbyes. Walking her to Thabo’s car outside, Racheal hugged her dota and whispered that she thinks over what they had discussed. “I will mom, i promise ” Nora told her mother.
    As Thabo drove her to the station he told his dota about his new job details and how her grand parents were doing back in South Africa.
    ” they asked about you” he told her.
    “well I miss them too Nora” sighed “especially grand mother, you know what dad?” Nora frowned, “sometimes I used to feel my grand father hated me. it seemed to me he loved my brother more than me. I don’t understand dad. why was he so mean to me?”
    Thabo was quite for some time and smiled, ” no my dear, my father has always been tough with women. even your grand mother knows that.” He laughed assuring her.
    ” mmmn” Nora murmered, ” I don’t know dad. I don’t just look at it that way”
    “. Any way so tell me more about your patient.” Thabo changed the subject.
    “What can i say ?” Nora smiled thinking of Joe and Nathan. ” he’s getting there it’s only that it will take a bit of time for him to recover completely. but he’s doing ok.”
    “Good!: Thabo answered ” am sure you are having some good experience there.” “yeah sure dad” she smiled..
    Over the weekend she had had a serious time to reflect on the emotions she had towards Nathan and Joe. she was able to conclude what she felt for Joe was more of pity and concern. But she still wasn’t sure about Nathan. She had no clear idea whether he liked her as much as she did or he was just being nice to her.
    anyway, she had concluded to stick her mind to her work, see if she could help Joe start practicing walking as the Doctors had recommended. God willing , she would be out of that house and the dilema she was caught up in.
    She boarded a bus and arrived in Livingstone slightly past 19 hours. Just as she thought of getting a taxi to the Miyoba’s residence, her phone rung. she looked at the caller ID, it was Joe. she had called him to let him know she was on her way some hours before. “he probably wants to find out how far I am” Nora thought.
    “Helo !” she answered putting her hand bag on her shoulders.
    “Hey Nora” Joe responded in a low tone. “Are you Still on the way?” He asked
    ” I just got off the bus” Nora informed him. “am heading to the taxi rank right now.”
    “NO!” Joe told her “I asked Nathan to pick you up from Town he should be near the station, just give him a call he will come get you.”
    ” um, sure Sir ” she responded.
    Nora cut the line and realised she didn’t have Nathan’s number. she felt bad she had to call Joe and ask for his son’s number when she had stayed with them for weeks. As the debate in her head went on, hether to get on a cab instead or call to ask for Nathan’s number, she felt someone tap her shoulder, turning ,there stood Nathan wearing his dark blue Cago pants and a white body top. His feet in black sandles making him look like some actor from the American movies she had watched.
    “Hey! ” He smiled “welcome back” he sighed looking at her.
    “Oh” Nora sighed in relief “thank you I was almost calling you am just from talking to your father.”
    ” I see” Nathan said sheepishly. ” and how did you plan on calling when you have never bothered to ask for my line..? ”
    Nora felt a bit guity, “am sorry I just….”
    ” anyway never mind” Nathan cut her, “am sure it’s not so necessary after all.”
    Nora felt a bit disappointed with his statement but concealed it, “well shall we go then?” She asked.
    “Sure” he said, ” is that all your laguage?” Nathan asked pointing at Nora’s bag.
    ” yeah” She answered.
    “Okay then.”
    The whole time they drove to the house, The car was quite. The only sound covering their quitness was the slow tracks playing on the car radio. Finally, Nathan broke the silence, “so how are your parents?”
    ” They are all good” she told him. ” infact they sent their greetings.”
    ” mmmn am sure the greetings are for dad.” he said, avoiding looking at her.
    Nora looked at his side of the face. she shook her head, “it seems you have a problem with me Nathan, care to explain why you are talking to me like that?” She asked sounding offended.
    “And what makes you think that? ” Nathan answered as he drove in the yard.
    “forget it.” Nora responded opening the door before the car could completely stop, grabbing her bag she walked in the house and dropped her bag on the bed. she walked to the kitchen and got herself a glass of water as she greeted the maid. “Where is Mr Miyoba?” she asked when she was done drinking water and rinsed the cup from the sink.
    ” he’s in the study” the maid told her. “today he spent the whole day there.”
    “Okey let me check on him then.”
    Nora knocked on the door softly ignoring Nathan who just entered the house. he paused to look at her but said nothing and went passed her to his room..
    “Come in!” Joe answered..
    “How is my patient doing?” Nora greeted in a high tone .
    “same as you left me” he said smiling “still grued to the wheel chair.”
    Nora smiled “its just a matter of time.. remember what the doctor said, the spine is responding well and with much exercise which we are begining tomoro you will be able to run.” she said standing on the opposite of the table between them. she looked at Joe’s hands, he held a picture, though she couldnt see who was on it.
    ” Your wife?” She asked pointing at his hands. Joe opened the chest drawer and placed it back and pushed his wheel chair towards Nora.
    “yeah.. my first wife” he told her..
    “Oh I didn’t know, you had a woman before Nathan’s mother?” She asked surprised .
    ” yes my dear” Joe who was looking very low and some what sad told her indicating for her to sit on the chair.
    “i dont know why am telling you this Nora. I bet I just feel sad today” He begun.
    Nora looked at him and listened attentively..
    “I was was maried to a beautiful and tender woman. She loved me with all she had and trusted me, but I failed her. I abandoned her and treated her like nothing.” Joe let a sad laugh. “I wasn’t even there when she gave birth to our son. I was just stupid and now I live each day regreting throwing away what really mattered in my life. now here I am lonely and sad in a wheel chair. my wife left me with a New born baby Nathan” he paused..
    “I married Nancy the woman Nathan still thinks was his bilogical mother. I never loved her and somehow My son figured that and now he hates me and blames me for her death.”
    “Am sorry that happened to you Sir,” “um Joe” she corrected, when Joe gave her a reminding look of not addressing him as Sir
    “but am sure your son might understand if you told him the truth. he deserves that don’t you think?” She asked him looking at his down cast face and his tearly eyes meeting hers.
    Joe shook his head ” he can’t find out yet the burden will be too much for him to bear, besides am afraid he will hate me for pushing his biological mother away. Trust me Nora. I know my son, he’s not as strong as he seems on the out side.. he has a delicate heart like his mother. Please promise you wont say a word of this to him. I will handle it myself when the time is right. ”
    “It’s okay” Nora assured him touching him on the knee. ” my mouth is sealed” . she stood up and walked to the door, before pausing “.am sure Nathan is old enough to handle situations sir, maybe you should trust him more.”
    Joe nodded..” thank you Nora, I mean for listening to the rantings of an old man.”
    She smiled before opening the door and going out.
    Joe moved back behind the table and looked at Racheal’s photo once again and replaced it back, sad memories tormenting his mind.

    EPISODE 10

    Nora walked to her room ignoring the sounds of Nathan’s work outs in the gym. she went to the shower and stood in the middle of the falling water, enjoying the feel of the warm water flowing down on her body making her feel relaxed. The journey had got her feeling exhausted. she recalled the sarcasm in Nathan’s voice.
    Nora then remembered her mother’s words of not coming between father and son. From what Joe had opened up to her she could feel that they needed each other so much.
    “no” she told herself. It was better to ignore all the feelings she had for the good of everyone. she somehow understood Nathan could have noticed his father was getting close to her and was jealousy.” Oh no!” she whispered to herself, “I cannot let this get out of hand”
    She had not realised she had been standing under the shower for almost 40 minutes. she grabbed her towel and put on a small flared dress on her body. she knew what she had to do. She had to put a stop to the drama before it all got out of hand.
    She first went to grab a meal from the kitchen, that night they didn’t sit at the dinning table as they always did. she was told Joe had gone to his room and asked not to be disturbed, “thats alright ” Nora told the maid
    “what about Nathan has he eaten? ”
    The maid shook her head “no he hasn’t,
    I think he’s not doing well Nora” she added. “I know him very well I started working here the time he was still a baby. I helped raise him ” she explain her face displaying concern.
    Nora had no idea the old woman she had been seen working around with the other younger woman had been working for the Miyoba for years and that she was the other person who knew some the truths of the house. Nora looked at her surprised, “so you have been here that long?” she asked her
    ” you even know Nathan’s biological mother?” yeah but not in person,” the maid smiled realising Nora somehow knew the truth. “I was hired when Nathan was still a little baby. I raised him before his step mom came by. oh she was an angel” the maid smiled sadily .she raised and loved Nathan from the time he was 2 years and some months until he was a man.”
    She sat down and frowned, “poor Nathan he was so devasted it took time for him to recover when she passed on” she shook her head as Nora held a plate she was eating from.
    ” you must care so much for him I can see that” she told the maid.
    ” I do mam, I just wish both of them would live happily. Nathan is a good child his mother has no idea what she threw away.”
    “yeah !” Nora smiled. “Let me see him before I go to sleep” she told her.
    ” that’s good” the maid smiled, ” it seems he likes you a lot”
    Nora looked at her, she said nothing and headed towards Nathan’s room.
    She knocked on his bedroom door and waited. Nathan opened the door and stood holding it then he asked her, “Yes”
    Nora looked at him and shook her head. “won’t I come in?” she inquired holding her hands.
    Nathan wore a small short and nothing upwards. he seemed not to mind that his half nakedness was causing Nora some discomfort..
    Well come in then he said indicating her to go in. Nora went in and leaned on the table filled with books. Nathan cleared his throat. “mmmmmhm ?” he said looking at Nora who was by all means trying to avoid direct contact with Nathan, he’s muscline shape made her feel so uncomfortable. She however had to complete her mission, so she spoke up..
    “Um listen Nathan, i noticed you are kind of upset with me for some reason. I just came to ask you to explain why and to say that if there’s something I have done wrong then all i can ask for is your forgiveness. am here to work and if we gonna live under one roof we need peace, especially for the sake of your sick dad. remember we cannot manage getting him stressed as that could slow down his recovery.” She struggled to explain.
    All this while, Nathan watched her quitely. Instead he went and sat down on his bed.
    “mmmn I see, not to worry Nora ” he finally spoke up “am not mad at you or anything….”
    ” Yes you are ” she interrupted, “please let’s drop all this act already.”
    “Oh the act uh?” he said in a stern voice.
    ” you know what? I will tell you ” Nathan stood up sounding upset, “you think am happy seeing you and dad flirting all over my face? Do you have any idea how much it hurts seeing you ignore me like am a piece of s***? ”
    “Nathan!” Nora almost talked
    ” let me finish Nora ” he raised his hands. “yes am mad, am mad because every time i see you my heart stops beating. your smile gets to me and I can’t control myself. Nora why do you hate me so much that you choose that.. that.. old man.. I mean my father over me?” He muttered. “Do you have any idea what kind of man he is? You think he’s an Angel because his tied to his chair? You are so comfortable being around a man old enough to be your father but you won’t even look at me.”
    “Stop it Nathan! ” Nora almost screamed. “please stop all this nonsense now. I care for your father because I want him to walk again. It’s what I was employed to do here remember that? Don’t insult me I won’t take any more of this from you. if you won’t make peace with me I will leave this place tomoro. I don’t want to come between you and your father.” she snapped.
    “I will recommend another nurse for your father” she added upset and tears running down her face. she wiped the tears walked out and left him standing.
    Nathan watched her leave and felt bad he had pushed it too far, he sat on the bed holding his head. oh God !” he frowned rubbing his forehead.
    “Nora wait!” he called her following her to her room. she closed the door before he got to her. without knocking Nathan walked in and closed the door behind him.
    “Nora am sorry ” he apologised watching her as she sniffed and wiped tears from her face.
    ” just leave me alone already Nathan please.” she told him pulling up the bedding to prepare to sleep.
    “No I won’t leave until you hear me out, you can’t leave Nora” .
    “Oh why not uh? Am just a nurse and anyone can replace me. So am out of here tomoro.”she responded pushing the covers on the bed aside.
    Don’t you do that Nora please ” Nathan begged, “my father needs you ” he said moving closer to where she stood holding her pillow, ” and I need you here too, don’t you see? I like you a lot Nora and it hurts when you are away. please don’t go.”
    Nora shook her head but before she could say a word, he held her hand.
    ” please forgive me” he said in a very low tone.
    “But Nathan.. I um , I can’t Nathan, I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to hurt anyone here. you have to understand.”
    Instead of responding, Nathan reached out and kissed her, she resisted and walked away, “stop doing this to me Nathan please” she told him trying to avoid his gaze by all means. But he held her to the wall, “tell Me the truth now do you have any feelings for me? ”
    “Oh no we are not going that path Nathan drop this now ” she whispered, his face close to her face.
    Nathan leaned forward and pressed his body on Nora’s, “please she whispered again.”
    Nathan held her chin and raised her head,
    “look at me Nora, you do feel something for me, just tell me already.”
    “I can’t” she told him but her expression told him something else. He held her head by the neck and kissed her again. She felt his soft wet lips on hers and all the will to resist him was gone. She let him kiss her and closed her eyes.
    Nathan withdrew.. “Nora won’t you kiss me back?” He asked almost begging.
    “Oh God.. Nathan don’t make things more complicated I beg you.”
    ” I won’t let you go no matter what, this is where I want to be, don’t you see? Am Dying for your love.” he slowly and gently kissed her and he smiled as she kissed him back. Her hands wrapped around his back. Nathan held her tight as he enjoyed the pleasure of her sweet lips and the feel of her hands on him.
    He slowly withdrew after a very long passionate kiss. Nora looked at him, he smiled, “you are so sweet my Angel, please don’t go okey?” Nora nodded her head without saying a word. He walked to the door and she held it to close after he was gone, before leaving he kissed her lips again, “I love you Nora” he told her and walked away.
    Nora closed the door and hugged herself re-living the moment as she walked to the bed.

    EPISODE 11

    Early the following morning Nathan went for his usual work out. After taking a shower, he walked to his father’s room to check on him and found it empty. “dad?” He called out thinking He might be in the bath tab.
    ” where could he be?” He thought to himself..
    Walking out he saw the maid heading to the bedrooms. ” grany!” he stopped her as he always called her ” have you seen dad? I didn’t find him in his room.”
    ” Yes, he is outside Nora has started helping him exercise walking.”
    ” oh I see, ” he aswered, “let me see how he’s doing then.”
    As he walked dressed in his jeans and a loose t-shirt, he thought of Nora, he had a difficult time the previous night to sleep. he could not get over the feel of kissing her and her soft breath, she was perfect. The intensity of the kiss he had with her gave him an assurance she had strong feelings for him.” I have found her ” he whispered in his head ” the woman of my youth.”
    He stood outside and watched Nora trying to get Joe to step. “Try one more time” she encouraged.
    “I can’t do this Nora” his father complained sadily .
    “oh please let’s try one more time” she begged him, ” you need to stay focused and positive.”
    Joe sighed and tried to move his legs again. Nathan felt a bit of jealousy as he watched Nora and his father with her hands on his back. but he quickly blushed it off and walked towards them.
    “Well dad, that is good. keep up like that and you will be on your feet in a week !” he shouted as his father turned to look at his direction..
    ” mmmn you two can make a good team” his dad teased. Nathan looked at Nora, “good morning ” he smiled.
    “morning ” she answered avoiding his eyes.
    ” so how is it going here?” he asked..
    “well we trying to get me walk” Joe told him.
    he patted his back .” .you will be okay dad, you have the best Physiotherapist here.” Nathan added his eyes on Nora who smiled shly. he let go of his father’s back and held Nora’s finger and withdrew quickly before his father could see him.
    “Well let me leave you two continue with your work here. I wanna pick up something from Town. see you later” he told them and walked to his car in the garage.
    After another session of exercising later that afternoon, she helped him back inside and gave him his super and medicine. As he sat to eat he called her.
    ” Nora come sit here.”
    ” Whats up ?” She asked with a smile.
    “oh well I just wanted to say that am sorry last night i was a bit off. I said lots of things I shouldn’t have. I mean you are not here to listen to my problems.”
    Nora smiled ” don’t worry about it Joe. I understand, it’s okey you can trust me. I mean I have been here for a while now and I feel like you people are family. so believe me it wasn’t a bother. I actually feel honoured you trust me enough.”
    ‘Thank you ” Nora Joe told her.
    “You welcome ” she responded.
    ” well let me get to my room then call for me if you need me.
    “yeah sure” he nodded his head
    She went in and grabbed the remote control to turn on the TV not noticing Nathan standing behind her. he cleared his throat and she turned stattled. Nathan smiled.
    “Am sorry I sacred you. I just got this for you” he said extending his hand from his back with a bunch of fresh flowers..
    “Oh Nathan, what? You should.”
    she could not finish her sentence and he went to hold her hand. “I just wanted to say thank you and am sorry for last night.” he smiled..
    “Thank you Nathan and I forgive you.” she told him getting the bouquet.
    ” you shouldn’t have gone through all this trouble for me Nathan. It wasn’t so necessary.”
    “Yes it was for me Nora. last night was the best night i have ever had in a long time. I mean I have not felt that happy since mom was, you know….” he didn’t complete his setence and Nora Added.
    ” I know and it’s okey.”
    Nora sat on her bed, “I have to watch my favorite serie now she told him.”
    “you mind I sit and watch with you?” he asked already sitting next to her . she looked at him and smiled, cyou are unbelievable Nathan.”
    He removed his sneakers and climbed up the bed leaning on the wall and placing a pillow on his head. “if you ask me, it’s more comfortable here” he giggled.
    “Mmmn I will pass Nora shrugged.
    “Okay Nora listen to me now.” Nathan crawed to the side sat and touched the top of her leggings on the thigh. “I don’t know how to put this but I want you in my life. please don’t shut me off now. Just tell me what it is You feel for me and if you don’t want me then I will let you be I promise.”
    Nora turned to look at him, his eyes displayed pure honesty and emotions.” I can’t deny it I feel attracted to you, but come on we can’t do this now.”
    ” why not?” He asked looking at her, “is it dad? ”
    “Please Nathan don’t start with that again.”
    “no no don’t get me wrong Nora” he interrupted.
    ” I just meant to say, that maybe you afraid of what he might say or something” .
    “Yeah something like that” She agreed.
    ” we will work something out. if you want we won’t tell him we are together at least not now” he added his hands on her.
    “Now come here” he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the wall. he hugged her from the back and she leaned her head on him as they watched the movie.
    “I always dreamt of holding you like this” he whispered in her ears. “It feels like home.”
    “Yeah” Nora smiled her eyes still on the TV..
    They had some small talk about different things and hours later they both fall asleep still in their clothings.

    EPISODE 12

    Later in the night, Nathan woke up and noticed he had fallen asleep Nora wrapped in his hands. he thought of going to his bed, so he placed her head on the pillow, stood to go, switched off the lights and TV but then changed his mind.He slowly went back in and held her again.” I won’t leave you” he whispered placing her head on his chest. she mourned a bit and then fall back asleep instantly.
    Nathan let a smile the feel of her heart beating felt so good, he closed his eyes and was gone too.
    The following morning they both over slept. Joe from the other room noticed that it was past the time Nora usually went to say her good morning but he was surprised the old maid is the one taking his breakfast. ” Nora is still asleep?” he asked her after she came to collect back the plates. “I think so Sir I have not seen her” the maid explained.
    “oh I see” he nodded, ” it’s unusual of her ” he said looking at the watch. it was 30 minutes past 08 hours, ” let me find out may be she isn’t well” Joe told her pushing his wheel chair towards Nora’s room.
    He knocked once and entered when there was no response, ” oh!” he sighed in his mind. seeing his Son and Nora cuddled and fast asleep in the clothes they wore the previous day. he paused for a while feeling rather jealousy, but then thought over it. She was perfect for Nathan and not him he comforted himself. “am old and have had my chances at life so I would rather see my son happy.” he smiled them in that position reminded him of the love of his life Racheal. he wheeled back and closed back the door quitely careful not to make a sound. As he pushed himself to the study he found the maid and she asked, “is she okey?”
    ” Yes” Joe answered with a smile, “am sure shes perfect” he said pushing to his study room.
    Nora woke up almost immediately Joe went out and she realised Nathan was still besides her. she smilled as she looked at his sleepy face. Shaking him a bit she woke him up, “hey!” Nathan opened his sleepy eyes, “is it morning already?”
    ” Oh yeah, silly it is past 8 and I have not checked on your father yet. am sure he will start looking for me. Come on now leave before anyone sees us.”
    ” Oh no please ” Nathan yowned. “one more hour please.”
    Nora chuckled
    “Mmm look at you? just get to your room already spoiled boy” .
    Nathan smiled and turned her to him ” I had the most beautiful night of my life. should I come back tonight? Please.”
    ” no” Nora smiled “don’t you even think about it. Remember what we discussed last night.”
    ” yea yea.” he shrugged we are still hiding like 15 year olds he said making a sad face. he raised his head and kissed her. ” See you outside” he said before leaving the room.
    “Morning dad !” he greeted his father as he opened the door to the study.
    ” morning son” Joe responded looking at the bright face of his son. “you slept well? ” He asked him.
    “yeah ” Nathan smiled. “I had the best night of my life.”
    ” uh I see the beaming of your eyes Nathan. I sure can tell you are in good spirits this morning” . Joe added pretending he didn’t see anything.
    “oh dad you are funny” he laughed, ” let me go see my gym will see you later”
    ” sure son” Joe nodded, “you arent working this weekend?” He asked before Nathan closed the door
    ” no I think I will stay home this weekend. unless there will be an emergence at the hospital” he explained..
    ” great then, Son go on. ”
    When Nora was done taking a bath. she too went to greet him.” I think it’s time for your exercise Joe ” she told him.
    “Sorry I woke up late today.”
    Joe smiled widely ” you are not the only one who over slept my dear. Nathan just went out too.”
    “Really ?” Nora answered shly . I gues we were both so tired.” she added with a grin. Joe pushed his chair towards where she sat, ” Nora dear, You are a beautiful, kind and honesty woman. I want you to be happy okey? ”
    Nora looked at him and she couldn’t understand what he was driving at, “well thank you Joe ” she smiled.
    “yeah !” Joe patted her hand, “now let’s go you do your thing on these dead legs of mine. I want to be able to walk on your wedding day” he teased.
    Nora opened her mouth to say something but she quickly closed it.
    “mmm you are acting funny today if you ask me ” she told him as she moved him outside.
    Joe laughed ” am in good spirits today dear. what can I tell you.”
    “By the way” Joe informed her, ” next week Monday the driver will come pick me up I need to check on some things from the company office. I have been working remotely but now I need to go sort a few things”
    “. that’s okay ” Nora told him.
    ” by the way do you know the weekend after next week will be my birthday?”
    ” No ” Joe responded. “wow! so how old will you be turning my dear”
    .” 24..? she told him.
    “Mmmn I see, I married Joe’s mom when she was 24 and she was as beautiful as you are now.” Joe smiled
    “i see ” Nora answered, “am sure shes still beautiful. so tell me ” she continued helping him up, “do you know where she is now?”
    Joe sighed “no i don’t, the last time i met one of her cousins, all she told me was that Racheal was in South Africa and probably married to another man.”
    Nora smiled, “wow Racheal that’s my mom’s name she told him.”
    “What? You don’t say?” Joe exclaimed.
    ” what a coincidence.”
    “yeah” Nora smiled, “but not to worry she can’t be close to be your Racheal. from the way you talk about her am sure shes a lot more beautiful and probably older.” She said laughing..
    “Well ” Joe giggled, trying to push his leg forward holding his hand on Nora’s shoulder, “you are beautiful and am sure your mom is too.”
    Nora laughed ” oh unfortunately people say I don’t look like her. maybe am more of dad ” she added
    “come on,” Joe told her, ” you must have taken something from her as well.”
    “oh yeah , my fingers probably” she teased. Joe shook his head, “There you said it” They both laughed.
    In Lusaka, Racheal and her husband sat in their living room talking.” honey its Nora’s birthday after next week. i want to pay her a suprise visit on her birthday. what do you think? ”
    she asked her husband, ” it’s a good idea honey” Thabo answered. “I think we should both go since it’s a weekend.”
    ” that’s great honey” Racheal shouted excited.
    “Am sure she would love that. Besides we can use a week’s vacation before I start work. ”
    “sure” Racheal smiled happily.
    The following week went by fast and Nora and Nathan where getting closer by the day..
    She told him about her birthday and he was excited in his heart he planned to do something special for her.
    She walked to his door one afternoon, “come in ” Nathan answered, seeing her by the door he went and pulled her in.
    ” am glad you are finally done with your work with dad. I was dying of holding you he said kissing her. ”
    “I can tell by the way your hands are all over me” she laughed kissing him back.
    ” can you blame me, when am hooked by a woman like yourself?” He asked teasingly as he rubbed his nose on hers.
    ” Well , Mr lover boy, I came to tell you am going out this afternoon. I need to go check on my small house and do some cleaning and dusting I might end up having no place to go to after am done here.” She shrugged.
    “am going with you ” Nathan told her.
    “I don’t think it’s a good idea Nathan.” Nora told him still holding him by the waist.
    “why not?” Nathan winced, “I can’t stand spending this whole weekend without you babe. allow me to come with you. ”
    “If it will put your mind at easy, then you should go alone from here then I will follow you later. don’t worry about dad. I will have something to tell him.”
    “Oh…I don’t know Nathan am not so comfortable, your father might suspect something.” she complained letting go his waist.
    ” I am almost certain dad knows babe, hes just waiting for us to tell him. so don’t worry if he hasn’t said anything it means he is not mad at us.”
    “Alright then you will find me” she told him at last, ” thank you babe ” Nathan kissed her forehead.
    ” I promise to pay attention and watch you clean’ he teased as she walked out.
    ” she shook her head, what a lazy Doctor.” she smiled heading to say bye to Joe who was watching soccer in the TV room.
    “Go on my dear” Joe told her.
    ” I will continue doing the exercises. I have started taking some steps, thanks to you.”
    ” you should” Nora encouraged use the cruches as much as posible posible avoid the wheel chair.”
    “sure” Joe nodded.

    EPISODE 13

    Nora was taken to her flat by Joe’s driver. she got a wrapper from her bag put it on and started dusting. It was a one bedroom self contained flat with a small kitchen attached to the sitting room.
    she removed her shoes and pulled a pair of soft slippers from the shoe rack.
    Humming to the gospel collection playing on her small home theater, she started working.
    She had finished cleaning the bedroom leaving the tiles sparkling clean, just when she moved to start cleaning the sitting room her phone rang, ” dad!” she whispered before answering..
    “Helo dad! what’s up!” She answered with a jovial voice.
    ” yes sweety i missed you, how is it going that side? ” He asked.
    “am doing okay dad, My patient has started taking steps, in fact he’s now begining to use cluches .”
    “oh sweety that’s good news am proud of you.” Thabo exclaimed
    Nora chated for some more minutes as she sat on the only couch in the room. she heard a soft knock and she walked to the door still listening to her dad explain something about his business.
    Opening the door, Nathan walked in with a packet, she smiled at him. He stepped in and she closed the door murmuring in agreement to what her father was saying.
    Nathan stood behind her and wrapped his hands around her, he placed his face in her neck making her wince.
    ” stop!” she whispered, he shook his head smilling and biting her ear.
    “Dad,” Nora called out,” let me get back to you” she told him still trying to escape his tickles.
    ” Okay Nora take care and regards from your mother.” Hwe father hang up.
    She gently slapped his head, ” you are naughty Nathan. I was talking to dad.”
    ” I couldn’t wait ” he responded turning her to face him.” I missed you.”
    ” Really ?” Nora asked smiling, “but it’s only been 2 hours since I last saw you.”
    ” that’s a long time babe.” Nathan answered. “I was practically flying when coming here.”
    “mmmn, so tell me what did you tell your father?” She asked holding him.
    He let a laugh ” don’t worry Joe knows am working tonight.”
    Nora opened her eyes wide open.
    ” hmmmmmhm since when do you lie like that?” She teased playing with a label on his t-shirt. Instead he bend little and reached for her lips.
    ” since I fall in love with Nora.” she smiled between the kiss.
    Withdrawing , she dropped her hands from the chest she had placed them.
    I have to finish cleaning this room.
    “oh no” Nathan complained, “I was enjoying myself” he sat on the couch lifting his legs.
    “give me the remote then I watch BBC news. I won’t partake in your working” he laughed looking at her.
    Shaking her head Nora got a broom and long mop and continued cleaning the floor.He watched her as they talked.
    “tell me, how is your family? Any news from my in-laws?” he asked her with a chuckle.
    “They are fine, my mom is officially a business woman am happy for her she was bored at home. now she will be spending time at the boutique.”
    ” great!” Nathan answered.
    She finished cleaning all the rooms and dusted the Windows. Nathan set up the lunch he came with on the plates and saved it on the table.
    ” you are a life saviour” she told him as she joined him on the couch.
    After eating Nathan lifted the plates and went to wash them. “I will help you with these he told her.”
    “mmm look at you ” she laughed “just because there are only two plates uh?”
    ” Definately ” Nathan responded laughing
    Nora walked to the bedroom, “let me take a quick shower then, am all sweaty.
    ” of course” Nathan agreed ” just hurry”
    He placed the plates in the small cabinet and went to lay down on Nora’s bed.
    he got her phone and watched some pictures of her family. he smiled when he slid to a photo where Nora was seated smiling with her mother. he looked at the photo long enough. something in him connected to the woman in the pic. he looked at another photo where there was Nora, both her parents and young brother, he felt a sting of sadiness, wishing he had his own family like that.
    He was lost in his own thoughts and didn’t realise Nora had come out and was dressed in a soft short going slightly above her knees and a small t-shirt.
    ” wow!” he shouted, ” you look amazing babe.”
    “mmmn thank you” she said joining him on the bed.
    ” I feel a bit tired” she told him looking at her phone in his hands, “that’s my family” she told him pointing at the photo.
    “we took that photo at a family dinner last year, it was my mom’s birthday”
    “Wow! i admire this” he said honestly.
    “you know, sometimes I wish i had a family like yours, my life doesn’t feel right you know. Like i have been living a lie or some artificial life.”
    Nora felt pity for him, recalling what Joe told her about his first wife. he would be surely devasted if he were to know the truth, She thought. however she kept her promise to Joe and said nothing.
    “Come here” she said putting the phone on the table, “don’t worry other people have no parents nor the kind of life you have. so just be grateful for that and I may not know much about you and your father but i know for sure that he loves you. he is proud of who you are as a person and as a son”
    Nathan held her face, “thanks babe, it means lots coming from you. so now,” he cleared his throat ” you smell great” he whispered drawing her to himself.
    Nora smiled and reached for his lips, he mourned with pleasure as the intensity of the kiss grew, in minutes they both were lost in the passions and connection of their bodies. unlike all the kisses they had before, they both knew they had gone deeper than usual that day but none of them was withdrawing..
    Without hesitation Nathan pulled Nora’s top from her head and pulled out the bra as he moved on top of her. he pulled his own t-shirt off without letting go of her mouth. The feel of her pointed and hard nipples drove him wild and he held her closer to his chest mourning with pleasure as his pistol hardened.
    Nora pushed him back a little, “Wait Nathan” she whispered catching her breath, “I have never done this before” she told him her eyes fixed at his.
    “Really?” Nathan asked her and she nodded in agreement.
    “You want me to stop then?” He asked her still on top of her.
    “I just wanted you to know” she responded.
    ” I love you and it’s hard to resist what am feeling now.”
    Nathan smiled ” thank you and I love you Nora. I want to do this but I need you to be sure. remember your first time has to be special..with a special someone” he whispered..
    She sighed, “you are that special someone Nathan” she told him running her hands on his hairly chest. He smiled and sat up pulling her short down.
    she too helped him out of his pants and they lay down skin to skin exploring each other as the passion increased immensely between them. “I love you ” he whispered in her ears during the act, enjoying her tightness and warmth of her inside his hands exploring all her curves.
    Panting, they both lay on their backs minutes later.
    “wow! am speechless” Nathan confessed. “you are amazing my babe” he said while looking at her face.
    she smiled, “you are the best too” she responded, “though i have no idea about any other man and I wouldn’t wish to.” she added rubbing his chick.
    he smiled cheerfully, “you are priceless Nora and I will never let you go. no matter what. This is the begining of my happy life I can feel it” he added sincerely.

    EPISODE 14

    Nora and Nathan spent the whole Saturday together. He called his father to let him know he wasn’t going back home, saying he had work to do in the night.” See you tomoro son” Joe told him on the phone.
    He later on took Nora out for dinner at an excutive lodge and they had a great time talking and laughing..
    Nora sat quitely and looked at Nathan. He was what she had always dreamt of she had no slight regret of lossing her virginity to him. she was 100 % sure he loved her. looking at him from head to toe as he spoke on the phone, giving some patient instructions, she smiled slightly, he was not just a good medical doctor but a great man with an open heart towards her. she couldn’t wait to tell her mother about him, so she grabbed her phone and text her
    ” hey mom, thank you for your advice. I made a choice, I am with the son right now and I am happy….good nite .”
    She put back her phone as Nathan hung up his call.
    ” Did I bore you with that long call? ” He asked rubing her hand.
    “yes” she teased, “I was almost going back home. what’s the point of being on a date with someone who works all the time? ”
    “Come on babe I am sorry I didn’t ask for the call, someone needed my help.”
    she smiled again. “mmmn I need compesation” she giggled
    he stood and lifted her up. “You know i can’t fail to do that,” he said kissing her.
    “what about that? ” He asked after a few minutes.
    “mmmmmmmh, almost there” she let a laugh.
    ” I see you want to get me all pointed in my pants here huh ?”
    ” It wouldn’t be so bad since am here ” she teased and they both started laughing.
    A week later.. Joe had started taking small walks around the house with the help of crutches . he was actually excited about it.The atmosphere of the house was good as everyone seemed happy. Even the relationship between Joe and Nathan had greatly improved. Nathan would even ask his father about the company and how things where going..
    One day Joe called Nora to his room, ” am glad you came here my dear” he told her, “you have some good magic which has brought sanity and peace to my home. my son is getting closer to me and he’s always in a good and jovial mood. what ever you have given him please don’t stop.” He smiled.
    Nora looked at him and smiled too. “what do you mean Joe? Nathan and myself are just friends ” she explained shly.
    “drop the act Nora ” Joe told her.
    “I know you and my son are together it’s evident the way you two look at each other and I see you both sneaking in each other’s rooms” he added.
    “What?” Nora asked embarrassed.
    “um am sorry sir ” she murmered ” I didn’t know you..”
    “Oh forget it Nora I understand.” He shrugged
    “so you mean you are not upset with us? I mean me and your son being together”
    she asked him worried of what he would say..
    “On the contrary” Joe answered.. “am thrilled. you two are good together and am happy my son is happy and he found a good woman. every parent wishes for that am not so much cursed after all ” he added.
    Nora thanked him “thank you so much” she sighed.. “you have no idea what a budden it was hiding this from you.”
    Joe let a laugh “you are free my dear, go on and enjoy the love of your youth. It’s not everyone who is as lucky as you are. other people never get to enjoy the pleasure of falling in love.”
    Nora stood up and bend giving Joe a hug. “Thank you so much , I mean it ” she said her eyes feeling up.
    Just then Nathan walked in.
    ” hey son !” Joe called his son
    “we were just talking about you” he informed him
    “. What’s going on?” he asked looking at Nora and back at his father.
    “He knows” Nora spoke up.
    “what? ” Nathan asked surprised.
    ” yeah ! Nathan he knows about us” she told him again..
    “Dad!” Nathan looked at his father, ” since when? ”
    Joe smiled, “it doesn’t matter Son what matters is I see you two are happy and I am proud of you both. so go ahead and live your lives and stop kissing in shadows like ghosts” he teased them.
    ” oh dad, what a relief ” Nathan told his father holding Nora by the shoulders.
    Joe smiled “just be careful and don’t hurt each other okey? ”
    Nathan looked at Nora..” don’t worry dad that is not happening any time soon.” he said kissing her hand. “she means the world to me dad I wouldn’t hurt her deliberately.”
    Joe smiled “that’s good, go now I need to take a nap” he told them and watched them walk away hand in hand. he shook his head,”oh how wonderful!” he whispered.
    On a Friday.. a day before it was her birthday Nora was seated outside helping Joe with organising some files. ” Hey Nora please get me a blue diarly from my study I need to take note of this information.” He asked her.
    ” Sure” Nora told him standing up and going to through back door.
    That morning Nathan had told her he was to go organise something for her birthday. Though he didnt mention what he was up to. “It’s a suprise” he told her.
    unknown to her Nathan had called her mom. He got a number from her phone.
    he was trying to find out what Nora really loved.
    “am her boyfriend” he introduced himself.
    “oh yeah she told me about you I can’t wait to meet you.” Racheal answered excited.
    ” same here mam ” he told her.
    “Oh listen I and Nora’s dad plan to pay Nora a surprise visit tomoro so maybe we should combine the surprise. ”
    “yeah great idea!” Nathan exclaimed, “let me text you my home address then” he told Racheal.
    “yes plaese thanx” Racheal told him as they hang up.
    Nora entered the study and didnt see the blue diary Joe sent her to get. so she went and opened the chest drawer to look for it. when she lifted it, it slid from her hands and fall down, a folded later in an envelope dropping to the floor. As she tried to pick it up, her heart raced as she looked at the photo on the floor. ” mom ?” She whispered.
    Picking it up she held it with her shaky hand. A younger Racheal probably as old as she was that time. Nora sat down not knowing what to think, all emotions filled her heart.
    She slowly placed it down and looked at the letter still on the floor.. then she saw it written in her own mother’s hand writting.. For Nathan.
    “What is all this my God?” she was now sweating as she opened the letter and read through..
    Dear Nathan,
    Am sorry son.. by the time you read this maybe you would be a man or maybe old enough to read.
    I write to you with deep sorrow and pain in my heart. am sorry I wasn’t around to see you grow but am sure you will grow up a strong and good man.
    I couldn’t bare the pain of living with your father any longer. my son.. I hope you learn to forgive me one day. I know it’s not right but understand that i needed to start over.
    I know your father will love you as much as i do and maybe you will help him grow up.
    Sorry Nathaniel my son, I love you with all my heart please forgive me..
    your mother Racheal,
    with love
    Nora fall down to the floor her heart falling her. She could not breath properly.” oh my God!” she cried
    ” am in love with my own brother? I. ..i.. slept with my own brother.” she cried almost loudly, “no way please God this can’t be ” she whispered all her strength drained.
    she quickly ran to her room and packed her bag. she didn’t know what to do but all she knew was that she was supposed to go away from that house. grabbing her phone she looked around the room and a flash of Nathan and herself together came to her mind, That morning
    He stood near the wardrobe and she walked to him. “where have you been honey i missed you”she told him.
    ” I was doing some morning workouts babe and am here for you now all the energy pilled up, ” he said embracing her..
    “I love you Nathan” she whispered as he reached for her mouth.
    “say that again” he whispered
    ” I love you Dr Miyoba ” she told him and the two of the were tangled.
    Nora wiped her tears, “oh no he cannot be my brother, no please God let this be a dream please ” she cried sitting down.
    she checked her phone contacts and dialled the number for the taxi driver who used to pick her up especially when she worked late night’s at the hospital
    “come over now please ” she told him giving him directions.
    ” you will find me by the road side” she added..
    Outside Joe noticed Nora had taken time. maybe she hasn’t seen the diarly he thought. he grabed his crutches and walked to the entrance, reaching the study he found the room empty. He called out her name and there was no response.
    “where is she? ” He asked himself going behind the desk.
    He saw the diarly on top and a folded letter for Nathan from Racheal besides it..
    His heart skipped a bit, ” she has seen this ” he thought , calling the maid to find Nora.
    she came back a couple of minutes later.. “she’s gone” the maid announced.
    ” I dont think she is in this house.”
    ” what? ” Joe shouted..
    ” sir the outside workers said they saw her get in a cab carrying her bag few minutes ago. I have checked her room all her things are gone. she left this for you” the maid added, handing him a folded note.

    EPISODE 15

    Joe unfolded the note..
    “Am so heartbroken and most of all disappointed with you and your first wife Rachael who turns out to be my mother. I know the whole truth now after seeing her photo and because of your sins, me and Nathan are the ones paying. You two have made us commit the unthinkable and most forbidden sin one would commit to his or her own family. How dare you? You have killed me. I don’t know how to live this life anymore. thanks to you and mom my life is over. Hope you tell your son the truth..
    Nora.. ”
    Joe’s face was wet with tears as he finished reading. ” It can’t be, oh my God what have we done?” He opened the next drawer and got some pills to calm him down. His Blood pressure was rising and he felt the numbness in his legs returning. he got his phone and dialed Nora’s line but it went unanswered, he tried several times but nothing.
    ” What do I do?” Joe struggled putting down his crutches and sitting in the chair panicking. his shirt was wet with sweat in minutes. ” Racheal, oh my God Racheal what have we done to our son and your dota. ” he covered his face crying and weeping like a woman. he felt the weight of all he’s ever done wrong push in on him. He felt like the past had come to hunt him and had no idea how to escape the dungeon he was tied in.
    He called Nathan “son Where are you?” he asked immediately he picked it.
    “oh dad it’s a surprise for Nora. am waiting for someone in town and will be back soon.”
    “please Nathan come back here now! ” He told him almost screaming.
    “but Dad what’s wrong you sound awkward. is everything alright? Tell me what’s wrong are scaring me..” Nathan told him sounding really worried..
    ” listen to me son just leave whatever you are doing and come back immediately. it’s about Nora.”
    “What? What happened to Nora dad please tell me already.”
    ” just come back please I beg you” Joe told his son tears and sweat running down his face..
    “ok dad am coming now.”
    He cut the line and as he speed off joining the main road he dialled Racheal’s line.
    ” am sorry mam something came up and I had to rush home. please just come to the address I text you directly. i will meet you there.”
    “okay that’s ok my dear” Racheal answered in a calm voice..
    Nathan accelerated immediately he cut the call..
    Driving through the gate he banged the door and ran to the house.
    ” dad ! ” He called out, “where are you? Nora! ” He called again not knowing whether to check on his father first or Nora’s room.
    he decided to ran to Nora’s room first and when he peeped saw there was no one, he dashed back to the father’s room.
    “he’s in the study” the maid told him before he could open his father’s bedroom.
    He took some quick steps and opened the door and saw his father sitted silently and he was alone.
    ” dad what’s going on?” He asked moving slowly to him. ” where is Nora? ”
    Joe wiped his face ” come here Nathan” he said indicating him to sit down.
    Nathan reluctantly sat looking unease.
    “Am here father please talk to me you look bad. what is it? please tell me my Nora is fine ” he said desperate..
    “She’s gone Nathan I have no idea where. she left close to an an hour ago.”
    ” what was that? ” Nathan asked his facial expression changing from curiosity to devastation.
    ” no she can’t leave me just like that.what happened? What did you do dad! ” he screamed standing up.
    ” calm down Nathan let me explain.” Joe tried to speak
    ” oh dad I swear to God if you hurt her I will not forgive you”
    Joe shook his head, “sit down Nathan please I have to tell you something ” he begged in a low tone. not knowing where to begin from. The look on his son’s face was the same he had when Nancy died and it scared him. He knew what was coming will destroy his son’s life and he was not sure how he was to survive his own son rejecting and leaving him all alone again.
    “Nathan Am sorry, trully sorry for what am about to tell you.” Joe told his son who was just looking at him waiting for him to spit it out already.
    Joe got a letter Racheal wrote to him and handed it.
    ” what’s this?” Nathan asked surprised seeing his name written on the letter with an unfamiliar hand writting.
    ” read it son” Joe whispered, ” that letter changes everything.”
    Nathan read the letter and repeated trying to make sense out of it ” dad who wrote this, my mother? Racheal? What’s this ? please say something ”
    Joe sighed..” son listen to me, I didn’t plan or intend for any of this to happen and am sorry. That letter was written by your biological mother.Nancy your mom as you know, wasn’t your biological mother.” Joe went on explaining all the details about Racheal and how she left him as a baby.
    Nathan shook his head. “so my mother left me? And you were the cause dad? What kind of pipo gave birth to me?” he frowned.
    “As though having a drunk and womanizing father is not enough, my own mother dumped me like I was nothing.” he cried unable to control his anger. he felt his heart break and everything seemed like a dream.” No wonder” , he went on, “you treated my mother like she was nothing …”
    “Son please forgive me” Joe cried “am so sorry you have to go through this. the worst part is now you cannot be with Nora.”
    “now what dad? you are now going to take away the only person who keeps me going in this crazy life You brought me up? ” Nathan screamed at his father
    “you know what dad? To hell with your bulls***, am out of here and am getting my woman too. ” he said walking to the door.
    “I don’t care about you or that woman you call my mother. In fact if she’s alive tell her she’s not my mother. I burried my mother and it’s all your fault. ” he snapped.
    “Stop Nathan!” Joe shouted. ” I said you can’t be with Nora and am serious. just listen to me.”
    Nathan let a weak laugh tears still filled his eyes. ” why?” He asked looking at his father.
    “Because Racheal is the mother to Nora and Nora found out the truth now she’s gone. I have no idea where to.” Joe told him extending the photo of Racheal to him.
    Nathan remembered the pics in Nora’s phone and indeed it was the same woman. “she’s Nora ‘s mother Nathan and your mother too.” Joe said almost whispering
    “Oh God! ” Nathan cried, ” no please tell me this isn’t true, please dad she can’t be my sister. oh my God what have I done to deserve this purnishment ?” he cried sliding on the wall all the way till he sat on the floor..
    “oh Please it can’t be. dad you have killed me ” he looked at his father his face full of tears and the most devasted look Joe had ever seen. he held his chair squeezing it tight, his son was suffering and it was all his fault.
    “Forgive me son” he begged “please am so sorry I didnt mean to put you through so much agony. believe me am sorry.”
    “Believe you dad? Believe you, how could you do this to me? how could you.. I …I ..can’t do this right now” he stammered standing up and heading out.
    “come back Nathan!” Joe called him, but he went straight and locked himself in his bedroom.
    he sat down leaning on the bed and cried bittery ” no my God this is not happening.” he hit his head “come on wake up Nathan. it’s all a bad dream ” he told himself.
    After crying for some time he got his phone and dialled Nora’s line. the first went unanswered and he redialed it , it almost cutting before he heard a very low voice of Nora on the other side.
    ” babe, where are you ? Please come back here. where are you i come pick you up, tell me please.”
    ” am sorry Nathan but I can’t am going far away from here. have you talked to your father? ” She asked him.
    “Yeah I have but babe, this cant be true. You know i love you there must be a mistake somewhere. please come we talk about this I need you Nora please come back my love.”
    “Stop calling me that ” Nora cried “we are siblings don’t you understand ? it’s an abomination. what we have done is not only immoral it’s a curse. please forget you ever knew me Nathan I won’t come back.”
    “No no. .listen Nora you can’t do this to us please. come on we love each other. it doesnt matter what anyone thinks just listen to me.” Nathan pleaded
    “Oh Nathan stop it now, just listen to your self. what you are asking is impossible. forget it” she said cutting the line.
    “oh Please dont cut.. ” Nathan cried, he tried to call back but Nora switched off her phone.
    “please please Nora don’t leave me now please….!” He screamed crying.

    EPISODE 16

    Rachael and Thabo had just arrived in Livingstone. It was getting dark, “where do we go ?” Thabo asked his wife.
    “Do you think it’s okey for us to go and spend time where Nora is working? I am not sure about this honey” Thabo told his wife.
    “Maybe we should lodge somewhere here in town and just go there tomorrow morning, since her boyfriend isn’t here to pick us up.”
    “okay honey” Rachael responded; ” let me just call Nora’s boyfriend I tell him we won’t go there. Tomorrow would be a good time to go since it’s the actual birthday for our dota..”
    Nathan sat quitely with a broken heart in his bed. he took his phone and watched the photos they took from the falls. she was smiling with her hands lifted up..
    He passed his finger on the screen touching her face. for some reason he didn’t want to believe that Nora was his sister coz being with her just felt right.
    It wasn’t the love or connection of blood he felt for her his heart had an extraordinary love and deep connection.
    ” this is beyond any sibling love” Nathan thought.
    ” I have to find her.” closing the phone, he quickly grabbed his car keys and went out..
    Joe was still in the study. He had not moved from the chair he sat in. everything was wrong and he could not think beyond his pain. he sat akimbo his eyes fixed on Racheal’s photo.. ” We have destroyed our children’s lives my lovely Racheal. I only wish we had time to work on our marriage.” he whispered to himself.
    he was startled by the screeching car tires outside, he moved to the window and opened the curtain. Nathan’s car went out at a great speed leaving marks of the tires on the concret outside. Joe shook his head, “I hope he will be fine” he said to himself..
    Nathan’s mind was focused on thinking of places Nora could have gone to. his phone rang and he answered so fast thinking it could be Nora.
    “helo!” he answered using the car speaker.
    “helo!” Racheal responded ” it’s me my dear I wanted to let you know that we have arrived but we won’t come to your place. since we can’t call Nora we thought of informing you that we will come tomoro.”
    Nathan listened quitely, he felt the urge to shout and scream at the voice on the phone but he decided to play calm.
    ” okay that’s okey mam” he said.
    ” you will find us, am sure Nora will be glad to see you.” He sighed.
    Nora sat on the seat close to the window the bleeze of the night hitting her face making her long natural hair raise up covering part of her face. she looked at her wrist watch. The bus to Kazungula she had boarded would start off any minute, it was 20 hours exactly.
    she got her phone which she had put on flight mode, switched the mode off and immediately some texts started coming. she opened the first one, it was Nathan..
    “Tell me where you are I come we talk please.”
    The second one was from Joe,
    “Am so sorry Nora please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you and Nathan. Find it in your heart to forgive me. I beg you.. ”
    She sighed tears forming again in her eyes. she couldn’t even think of talking to her mother. She was deep in thoughts when her phone rang, a strange number. she picked it..
    “Helo, this is Doctor Ragid. I need to see you now the hospital needs you.”
    Nora sat up in her seat. ” but Doctor I can’t am not home right now.” She responded
    “Listen Nora there is an emergency meeting with the board and it can’t wait. you have to attend without fail. am sending a driver to Mr Miyoba’s residence now prepare yourself.” Nora was quite for a while.
    “okey” Nora responded, ” am in town now at the station. Let him come over here.” she had no gut to face Nathan and she knew staying meant he would find her. But her job was important too. May be the best is to shift and find another house to rent she thought to herself.
    Quickly before the bus could start off she carried her bag and rushed out. the driver looked at her and told her to seat back coz they would start off that minute. “no i have to go She told him. there’s an emmergency at work.”
    Nathan sighed.. “thank you For this Doctor. i owe you one.”
    ” no problem ” Ragid told him.
    ” I hope you will sort things out with your girlfriend.”
    “yeah man, thanx again ” Nathan shook his hand. he had called his friend from the hospital Nora worked from. They met up and he asked him to help find where Nora was.
    he knew she wouldn’t pick his calls so the only way was to use work.
    He drove to the station to go and get her. Though he knew she wouldn’t be happy knowing he used her work place to find her, but it was a risk he was willing to take if he had to see her.
    As he drove through the entrance of the station his eyes searched around and he finally saw her standing near a shelter her bag placed on the wodden long stool next to her. He packed the car a few steps away and walked to her, with each step his heart raced. just hours ago the woman standing ahead of him was his sweet lover, the woman he loved with all his passion and now he had to look at her as a sister “how awkward is that! ‘ he thought to himself.
    ‘Hey !” he called out as he stood behind her. Nora turned to look at him and she was puzzled.. “you? What are you doing here Nathan? ” She asked looking around trying to see if the driver doctor Ragid said was going to pick her was any where near.
    “No one is coming ” Nora he told her without answering her original question.
    “I am the one who asked Doctor Ragid to call you. there’s no meeting ” he explained.
    “oh no don’t tell me you did this!.” Nora shouted.
    “what do you want from me Nathan? I thought I was clear when I said I want nothing to do with you. please leave me alone I don’t want to see you.”
    “No Nora we need to talk.” he pleaded extending his hands to hold hers but she quickly withdrew.
    “What about Nathan?” She asked seriously .
    “Come with me please not here. you can go after we are done I just want to have this last chance to talk to you please.”
    Nora looked at him, the Bright light from the pole shinning in her face making it difficulty for her to directly look at his face. she knew he wasn’t going to leave her alone until she did what he asked of her..
    She followed him to the car silently as he carried her bag. They drove silently. she noticed he headed to her flat but still stayed quite. The tension between them was growing each minute that passed. He parked his car in the parking slot and walked to the other side and opened the door for her.
    silently they walked to the flat, she took the keys from her hand bag and opened the door, turning the light on she went and sat on the couch.. “so what is this about now?” she asked him.
    Nathan didn’t sit down instead he stood by the wall looking at her.
    The pain he saw in her eyes made him want to hold her and tell her it will be okay. All he wanted was to place her head on his chest and help her feel comforted but how was he going to ignore the fact of the only person he had ever now being his sister. he fought every instinct to be close to her.
    “Nora am sorry we have to go through this I really am and i don’t even know how am going to live my life from now on.” He started.
    “It’s not your fault Nathan we are just victims of our parent’s decisions.” she said crying.” I dont know how to live through this honestly, I wish i could just die Nathan. I dont know how you have managed to stay sane the past hours but am not strong enough. ”
    Nathan looked at her cry his own face in tears . he couldn’t bare seeing her that hurt. He rashed to her and hugged her tightly as he lifted her from the couch. she cried loudly..
    ” shshshshs.. it’s okey,” Nathan comforted her. Trying to control his own tears.
    After minutes of crying in his arms, Nora calm down. He moved back a bit and looked her, her face so close to him.
    ” we gonna be okey.” he whispered not even sure of his own words.

    EPISODE 17

    Nora withdrew and sat back down, feeling a bit guity she was in that position with a man she had to consider as her brother.. “thank you Nathan” she told him
    ” I just lost it there.”
    Nathan smiled..” I would give anything to take away your pain Nora,you know that I still love you and I don’t care whether you are my sister or not. It’s not our fault our parents made stupid decisions.”
    Nora looked at him, her eyes a bit swollen, she had cried most of that day” you can’t say you don’t care Nathan am your sister and we can’t do anything about it. We came from the same womb remember that. Whatever we felt for each other is in the past so let’s forget all this and live our lives.”
    “We felt? ” Nathan rephrased her sentence narrowing his eyes making a wrinkle on his forehead, “so you mean you don’t feel anything for me now? Just this morning you told me you loved me, now you say it like it’s all gone. please Nora come on.”
    “What do you expect me to say? For God’s sake Nathan, you need to understand that we… ” she said pointing at him and herself.. ” we are done and whatever happened should be forgotten. please don’t make this harder than it is already” she told him tears rolling down her chick again.
    “Oh yeah!” Nathan responded sounding rather upset ” unlike you I won’t just forget you in a day or even month. I won’t deny that despite knowing you are my sister I still love you and am yearning to hold you and kiss you right now” he said kneeling before her.
    “Stop talking like that !” She shouted.. “please will you stop this now” she screamed raising her hand ” and it’s better you start going right this minute we cannot be here. ” she said standing and heading to the door to open for him to leave.
    Nathan quickly followed her before she reached the door and pulled her back by the hand. ” No!” He said sternly..” am not going anywhere, you know why? ”
    Nora looked at him without a word but the look obviously asking..”what?”
    ” Because ì need you by my side” he added..
    Before Nora could say another word, Nathan held her waist and started kissing her. she tried to escape the grip but he held on, slowly kissing her lips until she kissed him back. Ignoring all her instincts to stop him.
    he mourned in pleasure as he kissed her passionately, making her body weak with every touch. He lifted her to the bed and worked his hands on her body leaving her so vulnerable.
    “please stop Nathan” she whispered the sound of desparation and desire in her voice.. ” stop..” she murmered as he pressed back his lips in hers and his eyes fixed on her sad and longing eyes.
    Nathan shook his head.. ” I cnt control it Nora” he whispered ” I just can’t,” Nora shook her head getting her hands to push him from being on top of her, but he went on touching her most sensitive parts making her slowly withdraw and closing her eyes. .
    They both where lost in the passion and for a moment one wouldn’t tell those two just learnt the terrible news of being related. Their natural connection and intense of passion said otherwise, they both felt belonging and only God could separate them from each others arms. They rolled and mourned tied and connected to each other as they went through the climax of their intense passions, until they were done.
    After laying there still tied together, Nora withdrew and sat up “What have we done Nathan? Oh no we can’t, my God. What is wrong with us? This is crazy ” she said holding her face.
    Nathan sighed. ” Nora, that is what we are meant to be and I don’t know but am not letting you go that easily you are mine ” he said touching her face.
    ” if you love me Nathan you have to leave me. just leave and never come back here please.” She cried
    Looking at her Nathan understood her but he couldn’t just get himself to leave her side. so instead he went on to tell her her parents where In Livingstone and that they were lodging somewhere. ” so tomoro morning they both intend to come surprise you.” he revealed the surprise..
    “oh yeah” Nora answered with a despising expression, ” my mother has already surprised me. I don’t think I want to see her yet.”
    “You have to,” Nathan told her. so after talking and discussing the matter at length. They decided to face their parents the following morning.. Nora gave a slim blanket to Nathan after he insisted staying that night. “go and sleep on the couch.” she told him..
    it however, took Nathan all his strength just to walk away from her. He lay down on the couch painfully. it actually hurt him more knowing she was close by but far away..
    The following morning Racheal and her husband drove to Joe’s house. she couldn’t tell it was her first husband’s house They where going to. Joe had moved from their first home. so she was so excited and chatted cheerfully with her husband as he drove them. “I cnt wait to meet Nora and this handsome man she has fallen in love with !” she exclaimed looking at a wrapped gift in the back seat.” this will definately surprise her” Thabo agreed with a smile.
    When they reached the gate Racheal told the man by the gate that she and her husband went to see Nora the nurse.
    “oh yeah sure mam” the gate man smilled “please come in.” he said as he opened the gate for them. They where ushered in by the maid and indicated them to sit in the living room..” let me get the owner of the house” the maid told them..
    “thank you mama ” Nora smiled.
    As she looked around her heart skipped when she saw a photo of a young graduate on the wall. he looked like Joe.. “what? ” She asked inside her as she looked on the other side and saw another photo where Joe and Nathan where captured standing in suits smiling.
    “Oh my God..” . she whispered standing and going closer to the photo.
    ” oh my God what is this? ” She asked loudily. Thabo looked at her shocked..” honey what is it? Are you okey..? ” He stood going to her. she was shaking like she just saw a ghost.
    “Racheal what is it ? ” He asked again holding her..
    Just then Joe walked in on his crutches.
    ” Racheal? ” He called out loudly and shocked.. “Racheal? ” he said again.
    Racheal heard his voice and as she turned to face him she grew pale and weak.. “No !” she shook her head pointing a finger at Joe “.. J..Jo.. Joe !” She screamed once and fall back unconscience. Thankfully Thabo who had been watching the two of them held her before she got to the floor.
    ” Racheal !” he shouted. “.honey wake up.. honey what is it?” He asked shocked. Everthing not making sense to him.
    Joe staggered and slowly went down and sat on the floor his eyes wide open.his eyes filling up. seeing Racheal was so shocking. He never anticipated that moment his whole life. she was a bit older but as beautiful. he didn’t understand what was going on and what Racheal and the man who seemed to be her husband looking at the rings on their fingers and the look Thabo was giving her were doing in his house..
    He threw down the crutches and the moment in seconds felt like it was hours, in a flash he was able to recall all that transpired between them.
    Nathan and Nora walked in… they both looked at Racheal laying down and Thabo trying to help her. They turned to look at Joe whose face was turned to the ground. not knowing what it was, whether it was because of his shame or his devastation.
    “Dad! ” Nora shouted running to Thabo “what happened to her” she asked kneeling before her unconscience mother..
    “she collapsed ” Thabo told her “what is going on sweety?” He asked her…
    Nora shook her head tears falling..” dad it’s a long story. let’s put her on the couch ” she told him trying to bring her back.
    Nathan stood quitely by the entrance his hands folded. He didn’t know whether to go and help the woman who was supposed to be his mother or just stand and ignore the woman who just ruined his life.

    EPISODE 18

    After some minutes Rachael come back to her conscious. she moved slightly and looked at her husband next to her.. “honey what happened?” She asked Thabo.
    Instead.. Thabo responded with a question..” how are you feeling Honey? You scared me.”
    “. am ok ” She sat up and seated next to her was Nora. She looked around and saw Joe and Nathan the other side of the room watching her. Nathan couldn’t even look straight at his mother..
    Reality struck and Racheal looked back at Nora and Thabo crying..” am sorry” she said..
    “Sorry… you are sorry? Is all you can say? ” Nora responded..” mom tell me this man here was not your husband and Nathan is not your son. please I beg you tell me all this is a lie.. ”
    “Nora what are you talking about ?” Thabo asked surprised .
    ” What do you mean she was married to that man. who are these people ?” he asked looking at Joe and Nathan.
    “please someone tell me what’s going on here or I will loose my mind.. ”
    Nora stood up still crying..” ask your wife dad. that’s what I want to know too..”
    Racheal felt embarrassed, ashamed all she could do is cry. she didn’t know this time would come. what she had forgotten is that the truth can never be hidden. now just like Joe the past had come to hunt her. her heart broke seeing the look of disgust on Her son’s face. just there she knew it was time, no more hiding. she was paying for her sins.
    “Am sorry honey” she told Thabo who was looking at her to confirm the horrible thing Nora had just said.
    “It’s true I was married before you? this man here, his name is Joe and the one next to him is my son. I left him when he was still a baby..”
    “What? ” Thabo shouted..” you mean you had a family before I met you and you are just telling me this now? Racheal I have lived my life for you. I did every thing for you even moving here from my home country and all you did was hide this terrible lie. You deceived me Racheal..” Thabo told her his face full of anger.
    “I can explain Thabo please am sorry ” she said kneeling before her husband.
    “Well” Nora burged in..” tell him that you left a one day old baby too mom. how could you.. ” she added..
    ” am sorry my dota I didn’t mean for all this to happen” .Racheal looked at Nora
    Nora gave a weak smile tears in her eyes.
    “Your sorry doesn’t count mom. it’s too late for that. You have no idea what you have made me and this your son do. for crying out loud you should have said something earlier before I could fall in love with my brother!” she screamed on top of her voice..
    Racheal looked at her dota and then Nathan..” you are?… ” she asked not wanting to finish what she was just thinking..
    “Oh yeah !” Nathan spoke. “you mam are the waste kind of person I have ever met in my life.. you don’t deserve being a mother ” he spat furious. “In fact forget that I even exist. becoz for me you are nothing. I burried my real and true mother. The woman who gave her life for me despite the fact that she didnt give birth to me. she paid the consequences of marrying this your husband here” he said pointing at his father ” and both of you put together can not be compared to her. you both are evil..” he said stressing the word evil.
    his eyes filled with tears which he tried fighting back.
    Racheal stood to walk to him..” am sorry my son please forgive me. I was not strong enough. please I beg you in the name of God forgive me, am your mother and I love you. I loved you the first time i saw you. please you have to understand..” she cried
    “Don’t come near me woman, you are not my mother.. don’t you get it.. I don’t want anything to do with you, nothing! stay away from my life like you have done for 27 years. i hate you for ruining my life. I didnt ask for all this” Nathan cried..
    “i never asked you two to bring me in this God forsaken life and now the woman that i have loved turns out to be my sister and all you can say is sorry.. ” he told her sternly.
    “What do you want from me ?” he shouted.. “you want me to tell you I slept with my sister, that I can’t even stay away from her even after I was told it’s forbidden..? eeeh ! tell me both of you, how do you expect us to forgive you and forget what has happened? You and this man here ” he added looking at his father who sat head down crying. “Couldnt live and settle your issues and now we are the ones to suffer.” He shouted uncontrollably.
    Nora was crying softly her chest shaking.. Thabo held her close as tears ran his face too. He felt for his dota. he could remember how excited and happy she sounded on the phone as she told him about her boyfriend. Now he had no words. Knowing his wife had such a shocking secret hidden all these years they spent together was hurting him too.
    He now understood why she was the way he found her and why she for years never opened her heart to him.
    he had to be patient for them to reach that far. Now that things where okey between them, the past came back to light..
    He felt for Nathan too. the boy was hurting he could see he wasn’t doing well.. Joe too looked devasted, he wondered why Racheal had to make all those people go through such hell. Even her excuse of a misbehaving husband didn’t amount to the pain the people in that room were feeling. He couldn’t say anything because he had no idea what to do at that moment.
    His love for Racheal was however stronger than his pain, so he went where she knelt and held her from the back. she was so much hurting he could feel her heart..
    “Am sorry please, what else can I say to you all..please am sorry.. you two cannot be together I gave birth to both of you.” she said between her cries.
    ” Am sorry Joe” she looked at her first husband.. “forgive me for leaving like that. I was hurting and didnt think through things..”
    Joe nodded silently..” it’s your son you are supposed to apologise to Racheal. his life has been pushed to the wall..”
    Nora couldn’t take it any more. deep down she had hoped all that was just a dream. she wished that her mom would tell her she was not Nathan’s mother and that she would somehow end up with him and live a normal life. She looked at the devastated Nathan, the pain in Joe and her father’s eyes, shaking her head, she lifted the long dress she was wearing and ran as fast as she could to the kitchen.
    Nathan followed her and she banged close the door and Locked it before he could enter. It was a glass door so he could see her inside..” stop it now Nora!” he screamed when he saw her head to the knife holder.
    she got the longest knife.. “am sorry Nathan!” she shouted crying.. ” I cant live any more.”
    “No! Please Noooooo!” He screamed making the people in the living room all came running towards him. They all stood by the door watching and screaming.
    Before their eyes she lifted the knife and stabbed herself, her green dress instantly displaying a pool of blood as she fall to the floor.
    “Nora! ” Thabo screamed. . “no my baby, please someone open tho door!” he shouted desperate while Racheal slowly fall back to the floor her hands on her mouth..
    Nathan quickly grabbed the flower base next to him and broke the door in pieces. he pushed in his hand and unlocked the door, running to her , he slowly pulled out the knife and the now gasping Nora.. tried to talk before falling back her head on his laps.
    “Oh Nora please don’t do this to me” he struggled..immediately lifting her and running to his car.
    “we need to take her to the hospital ” he told Thabo who followed behind him, nodding….
    “pray she lives!” Nathan Told Racheal when she too followed them outside..” or else..” he paused, walking ahead.

    EPISODE 19

    Hours later at the hospital, Nathan came out of the emergency room. He had called some people from the hospital to prepare the emergency room. Nora was bleeding badly. In his heart he prayed the knife didn’t go through any important organ. Immediately they reached the hospital with Rachael and Thabo, he had changed into his doctor uniform and went in to work on her.
    Now as he came out he found Thabo seated by the benches waiting his head held in his hands. he noticed Rachael wasn’t there with her husband but he didn’t bother to ask where she had gone. deep down his heart he still wished all that was happening would be a lie.
    Thabo saw Nathan walk towards him his face still down.. “how is she doing?” he asked before he could get closer. Nathan shook his head,” she lost a lot of blood but we have managed to stop the bleeding. she is still unconscious though” he added sadly..
    ” Oh my God” Thabo frowned, ” this is bad, so what next? is she gone be okey?”
    ” I hope so “Nathan responded sitting down next to him. “We just need blood, but the hospital bank doesn`t have a match for her. So i was hoping one of you could donate some blood for her if you would.”
    “Yes i will give her my blood..” Rachael answered from behind as she joined them
    “my husband has low blood pressure he cannot donate any blood” she added standing next to Thabo.
    “Well then, ” Nathan answered without looking at her face.
    “its even better since you are the cause of all this can as well ease your conscious by saving your dota`s life.”
    ” Please not now,” Thabo cut in.. “lets all focus on saving Nora`s life and this thing can be discussed later on.”
    “yeah Whatever!” Nathan answered carelessly.
    “Just go to that room the nurse will tell you what to do ” he told Rachael pointing at the room adjacent to the emergency room.
    Joe who followed them to the hospital with his driver, arrived as Rachael was donating the blood. he walked to Nathan`s office immediately he was told that`s where he had gone. Entering, he found Nathan facing the window his hands inside the coat. he cleared his throat to get his attention..
    ” hey son! ” he called him..
    “hey,” Nathan answered looking at Joe and back to the window.
    “you should have stayed home dad” he spoke up, “you are in a delicate state to stress yourself coming here.. ”
    “I had to Nathan” , Joe answered
    “you are my son and i know you, you are not doing well too and i needed to be here for both you and Nora. You know how i feel about her.”
    “Yeah sure dad, ” Nathan responded still looking outside, ” its too late to stand for me. You could have thought of the consequences of your actions before it was this late. just to make things clear, am no longer interested in being close to you or anyone else from now on. am moving out of this town immediately Nora gets better. its clear there`s nothing for me here and i have to find time to heal and probably forget this episode of my life” he added, passing a hank on his face…
    Joe knew that whatever he would say at that moment would not help the situation, he decided to just listen in and said nothing. when Nathan was done talking he sighed..
    “sure son whatever decision you make no one will blame you. just tell me how Nora is doing?” he asked looking at his son who clearly wasn’t interested in his presence..
    “she lost a lot of blood, thank God the knife didnt cut through any sensitive organ. the mother is giving her blood and any minute they should be done” he said coming to sit in his chair acting all professional like he was talking to someone he didnt really know.
    Just then, his phone rang and as he pressed the receiver, the person on the other line spoke up on loud speaker… “Doctor, we are done but you need to come over, there`s a problem.. ”
    “okey, ” Nathan answered calmly
    ” will be there. I have to go now,” he told his father…
    “go on son i will just sit out side ” he added getting his clutches under his arms..
    “Doctor,” the nurse explained to Nathan as he arrived to the room he was called.
    “the blood sample of the patient`s mother didnt match”
    “what? ” Nathan asked shocked, “what do you mean sister,”
    ” just that Doctor ” she continued.. “it means the donor cannot be her mother, she wasnt born from her.. ”
    Nathan sighed and slowly looked at the records, “oh my.. what the hell is going on with this woman ?” he whispered..
    “What did you say?” the nurse asked thinking he was talking to her…
    ” sorry i was just thinking aloud, sister let me see what i can do. call the lab and ask if we will have any more blood later today.” he added leaving the room with the papers..
    He called Thabo, Rachael and Joe to his office. They all sat silently waiting for Nathan to say why he called them. Nathan took his time walking back and forth in the room as the 3 watched him anxiously. he was not sure whether to get excited by the news or feel sorry for Nora, who just like him would too turn out to have lived a lie. All thanks to his so called mother.
    “What happened Nathan? ” Thabo finally broke the silence..” is everything okey?” he asked holding his wife`s hand.
    Rachael was quite and praying her dota would get well. Oh she needed was that night mare to come to an end and the torment in her heart to stop.
    just after they took Nora to the emergency room earlier on. She had walked to the hospital Chapel. she knelt down near the alter and prayed for her dota… “my God, i thank you that today no matter how painful it is, you have let this secret come out and the heavy burden might come to an end. I need you more than i ever did my God. Forgive my sins dear Lord and please heal my dota, shes innocent and doesnt deserve what is happening to her. help me my God to be strong enough to face my mistakes and if possible find a solution. touch the heart of my son and help him to heal and forgive me and his father. he needs you more than he needs us, please lord forgive them for being together, do not judge them on that sin, oh God please hear me.” She prayed whilst crying.
    she had been there for hours and when she lay down to the floor she felt a hand touch her shoulder. she turned to look at the person behind her, and there stood a tall and dark man with a small mustache. In a long white robe, holding a black bible.
    ” it is well my child ” the man told her.
    ” Who are you sir?” Rachael asked looking at him..
    “Am Father Danny, i visit the sick and work around this hospital. before i came here i had a vision. God told me i will find you and that i should tell you your sins are forgiven and that your enemy will soon be revealed and put to shame. ” Rachael looked at him and shook her head..
    “what enemy Father?, i dont remember having enemies..”
    ” oh yes, you have” the priest added..
    “There is a woman who has a hand in all the bad things you have gone through in your life. I dont really know who but in my vision i saw you and that woman. she has always wanted to destroy you, now dont worry the Lord has fought your war and he heard your prayers. it is well.. ”
    Rachael couldn`t believe what the man was telling her but she thought it wise not to argue with him.. ” thank you ” she told him standing to go.
    “another thing,” the man added.
    “your son will be happy with the woman he has fallen in love with. she`s gonna be his forever.” Rachael nodded and walked out thinking the man was surely crazy.
    so here she was now waiting for Nathan to explain why they were all called…
    Nathan sighed ” Mr Thabo and your wife, care to explain who the mother to Nora is?” he asked without hesitation..
    Rachael looked at Thabo then back at her son, “whats that? ” She asked her facial expression showing total surprise.
    “Excuse me Nathan, i know you are hurt but for you to insult us in that manner is not fair. i was the one who carried Nora`s pregnancy for nine months and spent several hours in labor, how can you say i didnt give birth to her?” she added looking at Nathan with so much sadness.
    she understood his pain, but she couldnt take it for him to talk about her dota as being someone else`s child when she carried the pregnancy herself.
    Nathan got the test results from the lab and handed them over to her, ” well then tell me how the blood samples do not match.” he asked folding his arm and sitting back in the chair, ” that just came from the laboratory and they just confirmed you cannot donate to your dota because your blood and hers are not matching.”
    Rachael`s hands shook as she confirmed what was written on the forms in her hands.
    And all this while, Thabo was quite and his head turned to the floor. His thoughts ran back to the time Rachael went to give birth at the hospital 24 years back….

    EPISODE 20

    “Honey,” Rachael shook her husband, “please tell them Nora is our baby..”
    Joe who was quite all this while too looked at them. he felt bad she belonged to another man. Deep down his heart he still loved her and over the years he had hoped she would go back to him and maybe the two of them could be together again. But looking at them proved otherwise, it was evident Thabo loved Rachael too and he had to to live with that fact from now on..
    Thabo shook his head ” am so sorry honey ” he said looking at his wife, ” she`s not our blood”
    Rachael stood up.. her eyes popped out.
    ” what the hell are you talking about Thabo. were`t you there when i was in the labor ward? aren`t you the one who even brought her to me when i regained consciousness?” she asked now tears coming out of her eyes..
    ” i breast fed her and saw her grow and we both never left her side for 24 years and you tell me shes not our blood. whats this nonsense..?”
    “Am sorry Rachael, i never wanted you to go through this pain, you were too weak and the doctors told me hours later when you went to the operation room that your life and the baby`s life was at steak. They had to save one of you or i was going to loose you both. so i signed for the doctors to save your life first and we lost our baby.”
    “oh my God!” Rachael cried.. “all these years i was meant to believe i gave birth to Nora? oh God” she said, slowly sitting back in the chair before her.
    “who is Nora`s mother Thabo?” she asked with a stern voice not looking at her husband..
    Thabo went on, “well after i was told the baby died.. the doctor who was operating on you had another operation done on another woman, she was brought in an hour after you and unfortunately she didnt make it but the baby did.. the Doctor told me the woman was alone and from the records she had signed to give up the child for adoption when the child was born. she had no family and she didn`t even know who the father was. so i agreed to adopt Nora and take her as our own, i didnt want you to be sad over the child we lost so i kept it a secret, the only person i told this was my father. He didnt support my idea at first but he had no choice since we had already taken the baby and raising her as our own…” he explained whilst everyone in Nathan`s office listened in quietly.
    “oh Thabo !” Rachael sigened.. ” you should have told me this. ” she cried.
    “am sorry” Thabo answered hugging her…
    “well then, Joe spoke for the first time. it seems all the secrets are now coming out finally and the good part of all this is that there was no incest between Nora and Nathan then,” he commented looking at his son whose face was expressionless.
    “Yeah i didnt have the chance to say anything before” Thabo responded,
    “everything happened so fast. am also glad there`s some good out of this story after all, he smiled slightly ” looking at Nathan too..
    Nathan stayed quite as they all cheeped in and said their things. his mind now focused on finding a solution to Nora`s condition. now more than ever he needed her alive. He couldn`t wait to see her smile again and tell her he was free to have her again.
    “Son!” Joe called him, “are you not going to say anything? ” he asked him.
    “well Dad i guess its time to find some blood to save Nora`s life and drop the next boom on her,” he said looking at Thabo.
    “am not sure how she will feel knowing her parents are not real after all,” he added and walked out leaving them all quite in his office.
    He went to check on her and an hour later she came to. He went besides her and held her hand, “hey!” he smiled weakly.
    “how are you feeling ?” Nora looked at Nathan in a hospital uniform.
    “where am i ..?” she asked looking around, “what am i doing in a hospital?”
    “Calm down Nora” he told her, “you lost a lot of blood due to the stab..”
    “Oh.. ” Nora relaxed, realizing what she just did.
    “I couldn`t let you die on me” Nathan told her.. “please don`t ever scare me like that again ok.? ”
    Nora looked away, “i dont just know how to live Nathan, my life is over.”
    “dont say such things. You have a long and beautiful life ahead of you.” he smiled squeezing her hand. Nora shook her head.. ” i dont know ” she responded weakly.
    “Concentrate on healing then,” he told her as the the nurse walked in with a drip of blood and connected it to her. believe me ” Nathan smiled, “we both gonna end up happy…”
    He went outside and told the news to her mother and Father. “Shes finally gained consciousness and will be fine after receiving some blood” he informed them..
    “Thank you God” Rachael sighed facing the roof..
    Thabo hugged her as they sat to wait for the time they would be allowed to go and check on her. He had talked to his wife about the happenings.. “we are going to pass through this soon.” He said, rubbing her hand.. “together we shall stand strong and God will help us.”
    Joe went out and sat in his vehicle packed outside. He sent his driver to go and buy lunch for everyone after handing him the money.
    Got out of the car and sat alone on the pavement looking at the people passing by. He was deep in thoughts when he saw Jessy coming his direction.
    “Jessy?” he whispered, it had been years since he last set his eyes on her. He wondered what she was doing at the hospital. All her beauty had faded, in fact if he didnt know her well he would not recognise her. She looked kind of pale and skinny. He watched her his jaw dropped as she headed direct to seemed she knew he would be there and was somehow expecting to see him.
    He waited untill she was close enough, before he found his voice.. “Jessy?” he asked her just to be sure..
    “yeah !” she smiled blankly.
    “well well!” Joe shouted.
    “guess who the wind has blown in.” he teased extending his hand to greet her.
    she let a fake smile feeling a bit jealousy Joe was still looking good and handsome. He actually looked younger than her.
    “How do you do Joe?” she finally asked ignoring his statement.
    ” am okey ” Joe told her.
    “what brings you here?” he asked looking up at her.
    “Sorry i still cant stand properly ” he told her pointing at the clutches. i had an accident..”
    “well ” Jessy started.
    ” i went to your house but was told you have come here. i waited a bit but i had to come its important i talk to you.”
    Joe looked at her serious face.. “what about ” he asked her?
    “its about your wife Joe,” she paused
    ” can we sit somewhere private?”
    ” my wife? ” Joe asked her surprised.
    ” Nancy?”
    ” Rachael ” she corrected him.
    Without another word Joe stood up.
    “well lets find a better place then” he told her.

    EPISODE 21

    “What is going on Jessy ? ” Joe asked, after they sat down at the cafeteria near the hospital. They sat in the corner table and he ordered some drinks for them.
    Jessy was quite for a while. her face wore a shameful look. “I need to find Racheal” she started.
    ” Racheal?” Joe Looked at her with a frown.. “what for?” He asked when she bow her head to the table between them.
    “Am sorry Joe, I have caused you and your family pain but before I could tell you anything I need to find your wife. someone told me she came back from South Africa, but I have not been able to find her. it’s a matter of life and death” she added with her white eyes focused on Joe’s.
    Joe looked at her and he could tell that whatever it was she wanted Racheal for was very serious. She had this scared look..” well you can first of all start by telling me what is up with you and then I might come in to help, otherwise forget it…” he insisted.
    He watched her silently as she narrated her odeal. shaking his head he sat back leaning on the chair.
    “I can’t believe you did that to me and my family Jessy. you are the waste kind of a human being. how could you?” he retorted..
    “Please am sorry” Jessy pleaded
    “just help me locate your wife and I will fill you in on all the details..”
    Joe agreed to let her to go his place.” Give me your number and I will get in touch, let me try find her” he told without telling her Racheal was by the hospital. he didn’t want to bother her with some terrible news when she was still hurting with what had happened so far..
    4 days later…
    Nora had gotten better, she was discharge from the hospital and Nathan explained that her parents where at her place. “I need you to come home with me.. ” he told her.
    All this while they had not told her Racheal and Thabo were not her parents.. Even if she had noticed Nathan being too close to her. she just ignored him and thought he was just being stubborn. she noticed the brightness of his smile and the spark in his eyes whenever he looked at her and thought it was arkward. That the person who seemed deeply hurt and disappointed some days ago was the one who had quickly moved on and was thinking of being happy and all that.
    So when they got home. They all sat down again. Racheal and Thabo went through the story of adopting her. She was quite for some time and when she finally spoke up..
    “No wonder my grand father always ignored me and never considered me as his grand child” she sighed.
    she was disappointed but at that moment she decided to not live by the hurt she was feeling.
    They all talked at lenght about their way forward, with Nathan and Nora deciding to continue their relationship.
    when Racheal knelt and pleaded for her son to forgive her, all he said was.. “what you did is unforgivable. but what option do I have? no matter how much it hurts that you dumped me, you are still the one who gave birth to me. so I guess all we need is time and please don’t expect me to consider you anything more than the woman who raised the woman I love. Anything else will figure itself out” he added.
    “It’s okey son” , she told him in a low tone
    ” I understand..”
    “You can spend some time here” Joe suggested.
    “we all are one family now despite everything that has transpired. for the good of Nora and Nathan we need to stay and learn to support one another he explained looking at Thabo who nodded his head in agreement.
    Later that night they all had their dinner at the same table. After talking for a while Nora excused herself and went to the room she had been sleeping in before.
    she lay down and held her stomach feeling her hands on the wound which was still healing.
    “Mind if i come in?” Nathan followed her minutes later leaving the elderly guys in the TV room..
    ” sure..” she answered
    “how are you?” Nathan asked sitting next to her.
    “I mean with the sudden news of your parents..” he added.
    “mmmmmmmh I don’t know Nathan” she Sighed,
    ” it’s not easy to learn your life isn’t what it seems and I don’t even know what kind of people my parents were. From the story my, biological mother could have been a harlot and God knows what kind of man impregnated her. I don’t know” she said shaking her head..
    “Don’t worry Babe” Nathan told her.
    ” what ever it is, it’s not in you. You are a good person and from the times we have been together I would put my head on the chopping board for you, it’s alright” he said rubbing her hand.
    she smiled a little..
    “I still love you” he whispered after some silence.
    “I know ” Nora chuckled.
    “I saw you at the hospital not knowing you knew about mom and dad.. ”
    he smiled.. “you don’t know how much that news over joyed me am even willing to forgive my mother, raising you for me will be compesation enough..”
    “She’s hurting too ” Nora added, ” I know my mother and the past days I have seen the pain in her eyes, please forgive her.
    ” she’s suffering, let God be the one to judge her. even if she didnt give birth to me i know she loves me. how crazy,” Nora continued “we both sucked from the same breast..”
    “No you are wrong” he told her.
    “remember she left me when I was hours old. she herself told me the time she left her milk had not started coming out.”
    ” mmmn I see you will do everything to justify we are not siblings ” Nora laughed..
    “Am not leaving your side” he giggled throwing his shoes and getting besides her..” in fact am sleeping next to you tonight.”
    ” unbelievable!” Nora sighed holding his hands as he wrapped them around her from her back.
    In the TV room when Thabo and Racheal were showed the room they would sleep in. Joe asked if he could talk to Racheal alone.
    ” if you don’t mind ” he told Thabo..
    “it’s okey..” Thabo answered. “you will find me in the bedroom” he told his wife as he left.
    “Well?” Racheal asked. she never had a chance to speak to Joe alone and she felt kind of unease being around a man who she once loved and lived with for two good years.
    “if Thabo wasn’t the good and most understanding husband he was. it could have been hard to resist him. but she had moved on. Thabo was the man for her and she wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.
    “Um. …thank you for sparing time to see me .” Joe begun with a tone more like that of a person desperate.
    For him it was clear..he loved her still.
    ” I have never told you Racheal but you are as beautiful as the last time i saw you.. ” he smiled..
    “Well Joe the last time you saw me all you did was throw insults in my face remember? And if my memory saves me well, you were too drunk to even drive me to the hospital. oh yeah I remember ” she added teasingly.. “you never came to the hospital for me or your child..”
    “Please Racheal am sorry. I know better now please let’s not go there ” Joe begged moving closer to her.
    ” if it was up to me i would take you back, I still lo….. ” before he could finish. Rachael cut him short “stop talking about that now and tell me what it is You called me here for” she retorted moving away from him.
    Joe explained briefly about Jessy and told her she had gone to the hospital and was looking for her. she looked at him shocked..
    “Joe, why what has a womam you were involved with got to do with me for crying out loud? forget it, am not seeing anyone. infact tomoro we are going back to Lusaka. my husband has to go and report for work.” Racheal told Joe.
    “You have to, please.” Joe insisted.
    ” I dont know why but I know for sure whatever she will have to tell you is quite serious.”
    After some time of talk, Joe finally manage to convince her to stay back. But Thabo Refused to stay and day there, he had to report for work the next Monday.. “you will have to find me home then honey,” he told the wife when she finished explaining what Joe had told her.
    The following day Thabo left, leaving his wife and dota at Joe’s place. Joe had called Jessy as I promised and they all waited for her later that afternoon.
    Someone informed them she was outside. “Let her in” Joe told the worker.
    As Jessy walked in the sitting room, Rachael stood shocked “Jessy ? ” She asked her puzzled “what are you doing here?”
    Joe looked at Jessy and then back at Racheal, he was surprised Racheal called Jessy by name. He had not told her her name the time they talked.
    “so the two of you know each other? ” He asked shocked……

    EPISODE 22 (Final)

    “Yes its me, ” Jessy answered Rachael.
    “its been over, 28 years Jessy ” Rachael responded standing to greet her.
    Joe watched the two women exchange greetings. he was shocked they seemed to know each other very well.
    Nathan and Nora just stared at them too as they sat next to each other. they didn`t really know why they were called to stay in the living room that afternoon but since Joe insisted that the whole family needed to be present, they joined him and Rachael.
    “whats going on here? ” Joe asked them.
    ” well am not sure why she is here Joe,” Rachael explained.. “but Jessy is a long time friend. we went to high school together and we were neighbors. we practically grew up together. Its just you don`t remember but she even attended our wedding.”
    “Oh no,!” Joe said confused. “shes the person i told you about last night and believe me i had no idea you two knew each other or ever met before”
    Rachael`s mouth opened in surprise.
    ” Jessy, you are the one who was going out with my husband? how could you Jessy?” she screamed, ” you knew very well who he was and you decided to break my marriage deliberately. You are a traitor. i regarded you as a sister and you stabbed me in the back? ” Rachael lamented looking at the now seated Jessy. She had come with unidentified man, and up to that moment no one asked who the man was.
    “Am so sorry my friend i betrayed you and believe me i have paid a high price for my sins. That`s why am here. I want to beg you to forgive me Rachael. i was jealousy of you since we were teenagers. you always had what i wanted, the best parents, best results and on top of it all, the man i loved when we where in college fall for you.”
    “oh no Jessy you are crazy, what jealousy? i loved you and we shared almost everything. i even helped you in the subjects you weren`t doing fine back in school. How come you were jealousy? and that man you are talking about you knew very well i never loved nor liked him.. he was just a jerk obsessed with me. why didn’t you say anything back then?” Rachael asked her.
    “i was just a fool i agree” Jessy sighed.
    ” anyway i told your husband i had to see you because i have something important to tell you..”
    “Spit it out already, ” Jessy Joe scolded her “am tired of all this nonsense.”
    “Yes.” Nathan spoke for the first time..
    ” we now know you are partly to blame for what happened to our family, can you talk already. we have had a crazy week already..”
    “It all started at your wedding ceremony, ” Jessy begun, i admired your husband and vowed to make you suffer. so i tried to seduce your husband when i used someone from inside his company to hire me. my intention was not to work but benefit from Joe`s wealth and destroy your marriage. so when my efforts failed, a friend of mine suggested i go and see a witch doctor, he gave me some charm to put in my bathing water and call out Joe`s name every time i used the water. The charm worked and Joe slowly fall for me.
    I was not satisfied with just him being with me and give me all the money i wanted.. since the Witch Doctor told me that i could never marry him, i decided to make his life a living hell. i did more charms to make him hate you and treat you badly and start drinking. In that way i would easily control him.
    To cut the story short ,” Jessy sighed, ” i succeeded and he was all mine except i couldn`t marry him. i even wanted to kill you during labor but for some reason i failed and you gave birth. so when i heard from the nurse i had placed to brief me about you when you went for labor, that you were okey and had delivered a baby boy. I made sure i strayed Joe and spoke to the charm i was given to control your lives that you should not live in your house anymore. i was however disappointed that you left your son back, cause it meant Joe would pay more attention to his son than to me.”
    At this point Rachael was crying tears wetting her blouse. “OH my God Jessy, you are evil, now i understand what that priest told me. so all this while we suffered thinking we all made terrible mistakes, not knowing you had placed your hand of evil on us. My God will punish you Jessy” she cried aloud..” you have no idea what i went through and how my son grew up without me his mother all because you were jealousy? you are unbelievable..”
    “What the hell!” Joe screamed too he had only gotten part of the story, but the full version shocked him. He tried standing up to lash on her and hit the hell out of her pale face but Nathan quickly held him down “shes not worthy it dad, ” he whispered, “just let it go the damage has already been done..”
    “Am sorry please my life depends on your forgiveness she pleaded. This man here is the man of God who has been helping me get delivered. The thing, is from the time i decided to dump Joe and marry the man i finally loved. he too left me on the day of our wedding and married some other woman. Since then i started moving from one man to another using the same charms. The problem is, i made a mistake and used it on a man of God from some Pentecostal church and now the charms have turned against me. I don`t really know what is wrong with me but i loose blood each day that passes without any trace of illness. i have terrible night mares hunting me. I see a lot of bad visions even during the day am loosing my mind.
    So my family decided to take me to this man here, hes a pastor and he’s the one who told me i have to revisit my past and ask you all for forgiviness, am dying any time soon and please i beg you find it in your hearts especially you Rachael to forgive me and please let me die in peace. i know i only have a few days to live please.” Jessy begged kneeling and crying.
    later on the pastor talked to them all and helped them through reading the bible chapters on salvation and forgiveness. They decided to forgive her and Jessy left.
    A week later….Rachael was called from Lusaka, as she had gone back to her husband a day after they met with Jessy. They informed her Jessy had died, “what a world.” she sighed as they lay in her bed with Thabo.
    Thabo smiled, “its all over now honey and Your son and Nora are going to be happy.”
    Joe was completely healed and went back to his company. He was no longer drinking and never even thought of marrying again.
    Nathan and Nora were happy together. Nora was pregnant and they planned to get married a month later. Nathan and Nora were now staying with Joe, he never allow them to leave his house.
    Nathan walked in the bedroom and saw Nora looking at her belly. ” I cant feel anything ” she complained looking at her self.
    Nathan let a laugh.. “babe its only 8 weeks you dont expect the baby to be kicking yet.” he said as he stood in front of her and kissed her tenderly.
    “I love you so much my almost sister” he teased.. “and i pray we live a happy and charmless life.”
    Nora looked at him laughing, “Amen !” she responded kissing him back.
    ………THE END………

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