Story: Sound Of Love

Sound Of Love

    Episode 1

    Sarah's pov
    "how does it look mom" I asked my mom staring at my beautiful self in the mirror, "you look great honey" my mom replied smiling brightly ..
    ..sorry for not introducing my self, my name is Sarah Barclay am sixteen years , I live with my single mom, in California..My dad died when I was three, but still everything is still perfect, ...
    And tonight am getting ready for my senior prom.. My dress was amazingly beautiful, and I could say I really loved it..
    I kissed my mom on the cheek and wave her good bye, I went downstairs and met my friend Taylor who was waiting for me, she was also looking stunning, "wow girl you look amazing " she said while i smiled and said "thanks you don't look bad yourself " she smiled and said "come on Zack's waiting for us in his car" ...
    ** a brief explanation about zack**

    Zack is a guy, I made friends with during our final exam two weeks ago and he's also among the most coolest and popular talented boys In school, Taylor got to know him through me and now we're all friends.
    We got outside and met Zack he was in a red tuxedo luking handsome his black hair was combed back and he dyed the tip of his hair red.. "wow you look pretty good tonight sarah" Zack said while I smiled and said thanks..
    We all head to our school that night.. The prom party was big, fun and partilish.. I hanged out with all my friends, we danced and had fun..
    + Zack's pov+
    Sarah was the most beautiful girl that night she looked stunning in the pink and black dress she wore, I got to know Sarah two weeks ago and I could say I was already liking her, I stood with my friends as we all drank happily, they talked about a particular thing which I wasn't interested because I was too busy staring at Sarah, I can't take my eyes off her, she's just too beautiful..
    I saw her whispered something to Taylor and then Taylor walked away, I wanted some alone time with her so I could talk about this feelings of mine I don't understand...
    I was busy staring at her when Natalie, a girl who's the leader of the cheerleader group, and also a girl who has a huge monster crush on me called my name and smiled, I ignored her and continued staring at her Sarah, she traced my eyes and angrily grabbed the wine from my hand and approached Sarah and splashed it on her body with everybody watching "that was from Zack" Natalie said angrily taking me by surprise while everyone watched silently, every one watched as Sarah covers her face with her palms and cried walking away angrily...

    Episode 2

    [ ] Zack's pov continues [ ]
    What Natalie did made me angry, I gave her a look and she smiled and said "I did it for you" I sighed and hurried outside so I could find Sarah and apologize to her for Natalie's naive character...
    I ran outside looking to and fro for Sarah,until I saw her under a shady tree behind our school building she sat on a log crying, I slowly approached her and sat beside her.
    "hey"i said slowly and she swiftly turned to me and cleaned her tears
    "what are you doing here" she said timidly. "look I'm sorry for Natalie's attitude earlier " I said while she frowned and said "you're not Natalie so why are apologizing to me" ..
    "well Natalie's kind of my friend and so are you... So please it's okay" I said while she slowly smiled and said thanks, "so are we going to the party or not" I said while she smiled and said "we are" we both stood and she strangely hugged me which made me kind of happy..
    [] Sarah's pov []
    We both got inside the party again and immediately taylor quickly walked up to me and said "are you okay " I replied her a yes and turned to Zac I lipsync him a thank you and he walked over to his friends and I had a feeling he was staring at me which made me uncomfortable..
    The music went from hip-hop to slow music and immediately someone tapped me and when I turned it was Zack "care of a dance" he said.. "wouldn't miss it" I said while he smiled and placed his hands on my waist and I placed mine on his shoulder.. And we began to dance, we stared into each others eyes which feels totally kinda weird to me but I didn't ruin the moment.. ............
    After the dance an hour later the party went wild with everyone drinking except me and Taylor and a girl called Avril.. We stood in a corner and I watched as Zack's friend made him drink and I smiled to my self they all got drunk but not as Zack.. As that went on the party finally came to an end, as Taylor was parking her things like phone and lipgloss I remembered I forgot my phone outside, I quickly went out and took it from under the shady tree.. Going back to meet Taylor I heard footsteps I couldn't see clearly cause it was nighttime and everywhere was dark.. Suddenly two guys held me "what are you doing" I asked nervously they laughed and I recognised their voices, Samuel and Ricky, Zack's friends suddenly more came out including Zack.. Cuz I heard his voice he was saying "what were you guys going to show me" ..suddenly they started ripping off my dress "what are you guys doing let go of me, " I said struggling and freeing my self but instead they covered my mouth I tried to scream but I couldn't and dat when I got the idea that I was about to be raped and worst of it they're going to make Zack do it..
    That's why they made him drunk , I tried to free my self from them but I couldn't, Zack came closer to me his mouth smelling like liquor, "Sarah it's good you're here I've lust for your body for weeks now you're too beautiful to resist which is why my friends came up with this idea of me satisfying my self" he said slowly and drunkly staggering.. I bit Samuel's hand that was on my mouth and said "Zack please don't do this to me " ..
    "but Sarah.. It won't hurt"..they ripped my dress off and I cried for help.. But no one came and that was it. That was how I was raped by Zack that night they all left me and ran away, it was the night I wouldn't forget..and till life time I'd never forgive Zack..
    But little did I know that fate has it own ways..

    Episode 3

    ** Sarah’s pov continues**
    After Zack was done with Me his friends took him away while I sat down on the floor and cry, I was shocked, lost confused and devastated , it was like my whole world had fumble, just then I felt a light touch on my shoulder and flinched..
    “it’s okay it’s just me” I hear Taylor voice as she walked up in front of me and bent down..
    “what happened why are you sitting on the floor half naked what happened ” she said but I just cried even more
    “Sarah what’s wrong ” she asked her voice breaking
    “he.. He.. P.. Planned.. it.. ” I cry and shiver
    “talk to me Sarah what, who planned what” she queerer
    “he raped me ” I finally say and gasped and break down in more tears..
    “oh my goodness who” Tay said and I cleaned my tears..
    “Zack” I say, and she became suddenly speechless
    “that son of a bitch” she said and quickly raised the arm of my dress and tuck my hands inside them and zipped the zipper,
    “come-on stand up you can’t stay here it’s too cold I’m taking you home, I’m calling Avril to get ready with her car” she said and helped me up but I felt a sharp pain in my uterus and shrieked..
    “oh my god ” she said and held me tight with one of her hand and used the second one to operate her phone before placing it on her ear,
    “A.v you need to come out here stact, under the shady tree and be fast it’s an emergency ” Taylor yell Into her phone and seconds later a car came screeching in front of us and the front light shining directly at us… The Pain came and go and I felt like I should just kill my self , I held stomach with my hand maybe to prevent the pain but it didn’t stop and I felt so weak..
    “what happened ” Avril came down from her car and said running up to us and suddenly gasped seeing me.
    “oh my goodness is that blood ” she said her eyes streaming down my dress
    “just help me get her in and drive her home” Taylor said and Avril didn’t hesitate to hold me, I couldn’t even walk, I mean I can but I couldn’t ..
    She drove me home quickly and the drive was about me explaining and crying what had happened.. And Avril couldn’t stop cussing Zack and his stupid friends..
    Finally we got home and Sarah ringed the door bell and my mom opened it, while Avril helped me get out of the car,
    “Taylor? why are you guys home early it’s just ten thirty ” I hear my mom say
    “we have bigger problems Mrs Sydney ” Taylor said
    “problem? What problem” my mom asked and then Avril and I got down from the car with Avril holding me and my mom. Gasped seeing me..
    “what in the name of..
    “she got raped ma’am ” Avril said..
    “come-on help me get her inside we’ve got to clean her up and take her to hospital and then you’ll tell me who’s responsible for this mess” my mom said and the both of them nodded..
    Two hours later, I was sitting at the back seat of Avril’s car with Taylor beside me my mom Is sitting on the seat beside the driver’s seat and the driver’s Avril.. I was in my normal clothes and my hair was in ponytail but still I felt like,… I felt like I wasn’t me anymore I wasn’t the Sarah Sydney everyone know me as I felt like I have changed, Taylor narrated the whole story to my mom and my didn’t know what to do she just stayed quiet..
    “pullover ” I hear my mom say and Avril did we got to the hospital where my mom took me inside and Taylor and Avril trailed behind her..
    A doctor immediately attended to us. A familiar Doctor Who is actually my mom’s high school friend
    “hmm Rebecca how are you what bring you here” doctor Lucas said and my mom started to explain..
    Few minutes later I was lying on the bed after taking some shots, and my mom, Avril and Taylor walked In they were still in their prom dress.. Lucky me!
    “so, baby how are you feeling ” my mom said and I shrugged she turned to the doctor and asked
    “is she okay”
    “yes she is, I’ve given her treatments and everything’s fine” he said and my mom breathed
    “is she going to get pregnant or something ” Avril asked
    “good question girl, I did check the status for that, she’s not pregnant.. Yet, but still it’s 99% sure that she’ll get pregnant soon Like maybe a week or two” doctor Lucas said and my eyes went shut, no way, I can’t get pregnant for that filthy basterd, no way, no fucking way,.. Tears filled my eyes as I took it a deep breath.. And try to think all of us as a dream but it just couldn’t happen..
    “so is there anything I can do” my mom asked
    “no, just leave it all to me Becca ” the doctor said and my mom smiled and said
    “thank you Lucas ” ..
    After thanking Avril and Taylor, my mom shut the door and helped me to my room, I was still In tears, I sat on my bed gently and she sat beside me
    “honey please stop crying you’ll make it worse ” she said but I gave no reply.. She also broke down in tears and coverd her face with her palms but removed it and held my hands
    “look honey you have to be strong, you have to overcome all this, who knows maybe this can be the best thing that ever happened to you” my mom said and I turned to look at her is she serious
    “like they say every disappointment might be a blessing” she said
    “m.. Might” I asked
    “no.. Every disappointment is a blessing and yours might be one so cry no more honey, okay” my mom said and hugged me and I cried on her shoulder.. This is the worst day of my life, a sixteen years old girl got raped on her prom night… Worst night ever..
    I sat down on my bed on a Sunday morning, searching the internet for the best company I can find and work I just got fired from my last company, yeah I don’t want to explain that.. My eyes have rings under it and my hair was itchy and sweaty I haven’t take my bath.. After searching and searching I finally found one and fill in the application form for the job.. And then closing my laptop, this Is bullshit, I hope I get in.. I looked at the time 7:30am I quickly took my bath and changed before going to the living room, I saw my mom with candies and I sighed
    “mom are you giving Valery sweets again” I said
    “yes, because she asked for it” my mom said
    “mom.. You know. She’s just five years old ” I said and my mom rolled her eyes “and so ”
    “you’re spoiling her ” I yanked
    “I gave you sweets when you were young and now are you spoilt ” my mom asked while I rolled my eyes..
    “where’s Valery..
    “mommy mommy look” I saw Valery running out from the kitchen with something in her hand
    “what is it sweety” I asked
    “my tooth came off” she said and showed it to me.. “oh really ” I said and turned to my mom
    “hey it wasn’t my fault” my mom defended taking a lemon candy in her mouth ,
    “you know what Valery, why don’t you put it under your pillow tonight for the Tooth Fairy to come and exchange it for money ” I said while Valery jumped in happiness.. And walked away
    “so you’re going to borrow a dollar from me now right” my mom said and I smiled at her, and she rolled her eyes..
    I told her about the job and she wished me good luck and said I’ll get in. And I hoped so, Valery came out later saying she just put her tooth under her pillow and I smiled at her, she’s my world my daughter and my heart but it pains me so much that she had to look so much like Zack she even inherited his dimple and smile.. But any fucking ways she’s still my baby..
    That day passed so quickly and when I woke up the next day I received a notification on my phone, I screamed happily seeing it I just got in, thank goodness that all my searching for where to work didn’t go in vain, the name of the company was “the marbella” I shared the good news with my mom and quickly have my bath, I make sure I straighten my hair properly added some light makeup on my face and putting on a simple yet responsible clothing..
    I head out to the living room and saw my mom wearing Valery her school uniform..
    “so I’m off mom” I tell her
    “safe journey honey ” she replied
    “Valery, sweetie see you after school and give mommy a kiss ” I tel her and she pecked me.
    “mom look the Tooth Fairy visited me last night and dropped this, ” Valery said and showed me a dollar..
    And I smiled remembering how I took her teeth and put the dollar there..
    “but I’m going to give it to you mommy cause you’re the best” she said and I took it and kissed her forehead before heading out..
    Finally I got to the marbella and my heart start pounding but still I had hope..

    Episode 4

    **Sarah’s pov continues**
    I made my way into the marbella and suddenly received a text message, I
    looked on the screen and saw mom, I dropped my phone back now is not a
    good time and I’ll reply her later, as I zipped my hand bag I bumped
    into someone,
    “oh my god I’m sorry” I said and looked up to see a tall muscly dude, correction handsome muscly dude..
    “it’s okay” he said and picked up his coffee cup because the coffee was on the floor, spilled coffee which I caused,..
    “I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my coffee cup” he said and smiled, and
    he had that smile that could send a sad person to a happy world
    “still sorry ” I said and he scrunched his nose and said
    “no worries, I’m Owen by the way I work here and you ”
    “I’m Sarah and you’re delaying me for my interview ” I said smiling and
    he said “oh I’m sorry, well I’ll see you soon sarah hope you get the
    job ” he said and I smiled and nod
    “and if you want to get there
    fast for your interview take the right elevator the left one is a
    psycho” he Said and I laughed and thanked him..
    I got to the
    floor of my destination and walked out of the elevator and saw a door,
    this must be the place, I said to myself and opened the door and
    entered, oops and it looks like I’m late, I saw a man directing some
    other ladies like me what to do and what not to do, looks like I’m not
    the only one who came for this job.. I saw a dude seated at a table at
    the center of the room looks like he’s the boss and he was busy turning
    from page to page in a magazine..
    “well well well, and you’re” the man directing us asked and I looked at the name tag on his shirt, he’s the assistant CEO
    “I’m.. Sarah Sydney” I said as boldly as I can.. Immediately I said that the boss looked up and started staring at me..
    “Sarah Sydney you’re late and that shows that you’re not responsible so
    if I may, get out” the rude assistant CEO said to me and i felt like
    slapping his head out of his body..
    “but I’m sorry i..
    and leave ” the assistant CEO whose name is Ken said and I gave him a
    glare and was about to walk out when the boss said “stop” I stopped and
    turned and looked at the CEO clearly “m.. Me” I asked and he nodded and
    he looks a little familiar but charming, he had a little shaped beard
    under his mouth and above his lips and had a manly dimple, strangely
    “yes, you! ” he replied his voice was thick and heavy that it made my heart beat go fast..
    “but sir, she came late and
    “silence, you can get on with the interview for the rest but she, she’s
    hired, not yet but I’ll interview her my self ” the boss said and Ken
    looked at me before walking out and the other girls followed him..
    He told me to sit down on a chair in front of him and I slowly did, what
    the hell is going on I quickly put on a small fake smile..
    “so Sarah Sydney right? ” he asked
    “yes” I replied and nod
    “okay let’s see” he said and smiled
    “age? “
    “um twenty four ” I replied
    And he nodded and smiled at me.. And I tried my best and smiled back I just Want this job badly
    *ZACK’S POV*
    It’s her it’s absolutely Her, Sarah, she’s changed so much from six or
    seven years ago, she’s still the beautiful Sarah I know and still so
    matured I can’t believe she’s seeking for a job in my Company, she
    already got the job but one problem is she doesn’t really recognises me
    if she does she would have landed slaps on my face for being a pervert
    six years ago when I raped her, I remembered how she begged me to stop
    but I just wanted to have her, assuming I was intoxicated I would have
    let her go but I wasn’t I was madly drunk and Samuel, my friend filled
    my mind up with dirty words that I couldn’t even control my self, “it
    won’t hurt ” I remembered when I told her that, but she just cried,
    I remembered when I got home that night I wasn’t my self and when I
    became intoxicated the next day, I started regretting , I laid cusses on
    my self and and stayed in my room all day I wanted to hear from her but
    anything I go to her house her mom just tells me She’s not available
    and I wondered what that means, still every day by day I regretted my
    actions and stupidness, I even stayed alone in my room crying that I
    raped the girl I loved, and till then I haven’t seen her up till now,
    and I’ll make sure that I make it up to her because what I did Is
    totally unforgiving..
    “so… Tell me are you married” I asked I know it’s stupid but I’m just a little curious and she looked a little blown off
    “no I’m married ” she said and I breathed calmly
    “so tell me why do you want this job ” I asked,
    And she bit her lips uncomfortably “ I can
    “it’s okay if you don’t want to answer though ” I say and she nods
    “who do you live with” I asked
    “my mom and my daughter ” she said
    I thought she said she wasn’t married!
    Or could it be my… No.. Maybe.. Who.. I don’t think so
    “could you tell me the father of your daughter” I say before I can stop my self,
    “excuse me.. Uh” she said surprisingly
    “sorry I.. Well that’s the end of my questions and also the interview ”
    I say and she breathed, I could have let Ken the asst CEO do the
    interview for her but no she’s Sarah Sydney, the girl I loved and
    raped.. Wow I am one big fool..
    She breathes and waits for my suggestion or something
    “instead of being a secretary for the first ward, which Ken is the
    head, why not be my personal secretary and trust me the pay will be
    good” I say
    “Yes!” she said immediately “I mean yes.. ” she said calmly and smiled
    “good ” I said and nodded, I may be giving her too much but she totally
    deserve it and she’s need it for her daughter, who knows that kid could
    be mine, I’m hundred percent sure.. Or maybe fifty percent sure..
    “so sign here and come as early as possible tomorrow, your job starts
    tomorrow ” I tell her and handed her a contract paper to sign as my
    personal assistant (secretary) and she did and she just couldn’t stop
    “so Mr.. Um
    “Zachary ” I tell her and she smiled
    “Mr Zachary see you tomorrow ” she said happily and I nodded and she stood up and was about to walk away when I stopped her..
    “so your daughter, sorry for asking, how old is she ” I asked
    “five, five years old “she tells me and I nod and she walked away,
    happily I wanted to ask her for her daughter’s name but I’ve already
    asked too much, I continued what I was doing, but quickly stood up and
    walked to my window behind me, and looked down and saw her Walking out
    of the building but bumped into Owen. The manager of our soap sales
    He asked her something and she nodded happily and they both smiled and shook hands and she walked away,
    I went back to my seat and sat down feeling a little jealous, why am I
    even jealous I don’t even deserve to be jealous after everything I did..

    Episode 5

    **Sarah’s pov continues**
    I got home that afternoon and met my mom on the couch.. She turned and sighted ME immediately she heard the door slammed
    “hey sweetie how did it go” she asked she switch off the TV..
    “it went great and I got the job ” I say and she smiled and said “told you you’ll get it”
    “the boss is way too nice and he picked me as his personal secretary, this is amazing ” I said happily and my mom smiled
    “I’m happy for you honey finally you can save up and buy a car” my mom
    said and I nodded , I’ve always wanted a car so I don’t have to pay for
    taxes or buses and I’ll always be the one to drive Valery to school…
    “so what time is it” my mom asked and I glanced at my watch
    “2:54pm” I tell her and she sighed
    “well I guess I have get going to pick Valery from school ” she said and was about to stand up but I stopped her..
    “it’s okay mom, ive got this, it’s not like I’m busy or something I can go” I say and my mom nodded and I hurried out..
    “mommy!!” Valery said immediately she saw and hugged me as I stood in front of her nursery class..
    “hey.. Sweety, come-on let’s go home ” I said and held her little hand as we both walked out together.
    “why didn’t grandma come to pick me up today” Valery asked
    “because she’s a bit tired and I’m not working why do you ask” I asked
    “nothing , but it’s because grandma always bring candy ” she said
    Oh Mom
    “oh.. Candy’s not good for you honey all your teeth are going to fall off” I tell her
    “I know.. but it’s so sweet” she said slowly and sadly
    “I’ll tell you what, when we get home I’ll make an ice-cream sundae
    just for you, to celebrate” I said and she asked “celebrate what? ” she
    “I got a job, so we’re going to celebrate with ice-cream ” I said
    “yay! ” she said happily and I smiled,
    Getting home I did make an ice-cream sundae as promised to valery and
    went to my room to pick tomorrow’s outfit for work I’m just madly
    excited about it..
    As I was done I laid down and sighed I need
    enough rest as possible tomorrow’s gonna be so tiring, now that I’m
    close to the ‘boss’who knows, he might load so much for me tomorrow, but
    why the hell did he choose me,..
    I didn’t know when I fell asleep that afternoon
    .i woke up the next morning very early, I couldn’t believe I slept
    since yesterday.. I glanced at my table clock and it’s only six thirty, I
    took my time to bath, get my hair done and and finally decided on an
    I didn’t want to eat and because I couldn’t I was a
    little nervous I took a taxi even though they’re a little expensive I’ll
    take the bus next time but I just feel like spending a little today,.
    I got to the marbella and people were there already, and I made my way
    to the boss’ office so I can ask him where or whatever I can begin
    I got there and knock but there was no response so I decided
    to enter, as î did I was surprised to see another new made desk beside
    the boss’ desk but wasn’t too close on the new desk there was a blue,
    red and black pen with a pencil beside it and a plate at the middle that
    “Sarah Sydney”
    Oh my goodness I can’t believe it this
    desk is for me, I walked closer to it and admired the way the name was
    carved I looked below the name and saw
    “boss’ personal secretary”
    wow this is a dream come true not actually a dream come true but
    absolutely incredible, just as I admired the table, Mr Zachary or
    Zachary or.. Whatever I call him came in and he paused seeing me.. “oh
    you’re here early that’s nice” he said and smiled.
    and I nod..
    “just so you know your work start at exactly 7am and closes 7pm and your lunch break is 3 o’clock” he said and I nodded
    “so work doesn’t start until three minutes from now ” he said and I
    nodded and everywhere became silent the tension between us was awkward
    ..and he kind of noticed it…
    “so what do you think of your new desk” he ask and closed the door Walking closer to me, oops I was wrong he’s desk..
    “I think it’s nice, very nice” I say and he nods … I sat down on my
    new chair, feeling a little awkward about all this but still, happy,
    Just then Ken walked in, “good morning Mr Zachary, ” he said but Zachary just nods his head..
    He turned to me and gave me the fakest smile he could get, I could feel
    it “and good morning to you miss Sandra” he said but I gave him a real
    happy smile and said “it’s Sarah, not Sandra ” he glanced at the plate
    on my table and turned away,..
    “I just wanted to give you this
    information early, the chairman wants to see you this afternoon in the
    conference at exactly three o’clock ” Ken said and Zachary sighed
    “what the hell does that old man wants” Zachary said fiercely
    “not to be rude but you do know that, that old man is your father, “
    “I know that, now Fuck off I’ll be there” Zachary tells Ken and my eyes
    widen, wow Zachary is so not whom I thought he is, I can’t believe he
    actually use those negative words and called his father old man, Ken
    adjusted the collar of his shirt and walked out..
    “um..sarah, can
    you take this to the soap sales department for me, give to anyone to
    print it for me ” Zachary said and passed a bunch of documents on my
    “sure thing, Mr Zachary, I mean Zachary, or sir” okay seriously I have to work on what to call him
    “you can call me Zachary but put sir because I just like the title ” he
    said and laughed lightly and I smiled and took the papers and hurried
    out.. After coming out from the elevator just threw feet left to enter
    the soap sales department, I bumped into Owen
    “hey.. Sarah, I see you’ve already started ” he said and I nod and tuck my black hair behind my ear,
    “so what’s that ” he asked
    “it’s um.. Actually Mr Zachary said I should hand it over to anyone in
    this department to print it out for him” I say and he smiled
    “well lucky you because I’m the manager” he said, wow he collected it from me
    “wow um thanks ” I say and was about to go but he stopped me
    “want to grab lunch with me today” he asked
    “I don’t know my lunch break is actually three o’clock” I tell him
    “it’s everyone’s lunch break time, so you and me? ” he asked
    “sure” I replied and he smiled , I looked inside the soap sales
    department and there were a lot of workers it was nice and wide and some
    where talking while some were working, I immediately removed my gaze
    from there
    And then I walked away and back to my boring office but with a cute boss,
    When I entered inside the office there was a typing machine on my desk..
    “sorry but you have a lot of work to do ” Zachary said and I nodded does he have to put sorry.
    “okay no problem ” I said
    “I need you to type these, then print it out and photocopy it” he said and handed me some blank papers and a written one..
    “make sure you get all that before three so you can catch up and eat, I
    don’t want people to think I’m giving you a hard time ” he said and I
    nodded and got to work .. At exactly 1:pm I head to the photocopying
    room to photocopy what I did and wow I was fast, and after that I
    arranged it on Zachary’s desk before going back to my chair and falling
    “hey wake up” I hear Zack’s voice
    “wake up, Sarah, I’m sorry okay I raped you big deal let’s just get over it” his voice says again and I flinched
    “wake up!!” I hear mr Zachary’s voice and my eyes flipped open, and I breathed and sit properly, I must have been dreaming,
    “oh I’m so sorry sir ” I say and he smiled
    “no need, just go to the cafeteria it’s your lunch break I didn’t want
    you to miss it” he said and I smiled gently and nodded, then stood up
    and walked out, I got to the huge cafeteria which was way way down the
    building and I bought my food and sat down alone on a chair placing my
    food on the table, and just then Owen joined me
    “you made it” I say and he smiled
    “yeah I wouldn’t miss it for the world ” he said and I smiled back..
    We ate silently until he said “so.. You’re done with college”
    “I didn’t go to college” I replied “oh” He breathed
    “I mean there was no money and I live my single mom and I need money
    badly to raise my little girl” I say and he suddenly dropped his soda
    “your little girl?” he asked
    “yeah my daughter, she’s five ” I said and he looked surprised
    “wait like you gave birth to her ” he said
    “yes Owen, I did she’s my daughter I carried her for nine months ” I said and he shook his head negatively
    “you don’t look like a mother at all, you look like a teenage girl ” Owen blurts out and I laugh
    “that means you must be married I guess ” he said
    “no not really, it’s actually a long story ” I said and he smiled and said “I’m all ears”

    Episode 6

    **Zack’s pov**
    I closed my office door and walked away to the conference room to meet
    my dad, anything he has to say must be quick cause I don’t like staring
    at his face,.
    I walked briskly to the conference room, getting
    there the door was half closed and my dad was making a phone call I
    didn’t really want to eaves drop on his conversation because I know it
    will be one of his stupid girlfriend, ever since the day I learned that
    my dad had been having an affair with different women I hated him cause
    it’s not like my mom is dead or something, and when she finally found
    out she just couldn’t do anything, nothing..
    I pushed the door open and walked Inside, seeing me he quickly end his conversation and turned to me,
    “sit” he tells me
    “I know what to do” I harshfully remarked and he adjusted his collar,
    “can we just get over with this I’m missing my lunch break too with everyone’s” I said and he nod
    “we have a problem, after doing some research I found out the cloth
    sales department aren’t having any progress at all, but they have the
    newest designs of different attires but I just don’t have any idea why
    it’s not working out” my dad explains
    “that’s because it’s hidden,
    to make it sell you have to show it to the costumers in a graphic way” I
    say and his eyebrows arched.. He doesn’t understand
    “we need
    models dad, someone who would wear them, and then we’ll take pictures
    of them and put them in magazines and that way people will see it and
    boom we’ve hit” I say and he smiled and nodded
    “so you’re getting it now” I asked and he nodded and said
    “yes I have, but where are we going to find models ” my dad asked
    “anywhere, what we need to have is enough money for everythin” I said and he rubbed his neck
    “yeah, money is actually the problem ” my dad starts, and he’s already
    pissing me off, I know he has a lot of money, not a lot, he’s stinkin
    rich, but doesn’t like spending his goddamned money he’s just being a
    stingy ass hole,
    “don’t start shits with me dad” I yelled
    “seriously, I’m not lying..
    “you know what dad just leave it to me I’ll see what I can do about it,
    you can go on and spend your money on those worthless whores, while I
    deal with my company, ” I said through my teeth and he tried to hide his
    stupid smile.. I walked out of the room angrily and adjusted my collar,
    I need to get me some food that old man has made me hungry,
    As I
    walked in the cafeteria I spotted Sarah and Owen, I walked close to
    them but they didn’t See Me, because of the building pillar, dividing
    “I’m sorry I barely even know you I can’t really tell you may life story ” I hear Sarah said mouth full
    “I know I understand, but since you know me now, let’s be friends” Owen
    said and Sarah nodded and smiled and shook his hand on the air..
    This Owen is seriously something,
    I have to tell her soon enough that I’m Zack, I can’t take this Shit no
    more, I can’t believe she really didn’t recognize me, did I change so
    This is bullshit..
    I walked away and to another food court, I need to give her space..
    *Sarah’s pov *
    Owen escorted me back to my office, (Mr Zachary’s office)
    “so lunch again tomorrow” he ask
    “wouldn’t miss it” I said and he nodded and walked away but still turning back, glancing and smiling at me,
    I entered the office and sat down on my chair I’m so full I could
    barely get up again.. I brought out a book from my bag which I actually
    call my idea book, it’s a book where I write down my scale of preference
    , and get the most needed, and today all my need is for a car which I
    think is coming after three months time.. Or a year after saving up for
    my pay at this company..
    I drew a shapeless car at the middle of
    the book and wrote coming soon. Under it and also the reason why I need
    to buy it. Cause I think it Will come true soon enough, I hope, .
    I immediately put the pen in the book and closed it as Zachary walked inside
    “hey how was lunch ” he asked
    “great, it was great” I said and smiled..
    “I see you’ve been hanging around owen now” he said
    He walked over to his seat and sat down
    “you know him” I asked, of course he does.
    “yeah I do I know everyone here in marbella ” he said and I smiled and said “well actually Owen is just a friend”
    “okay” he said and moved his hair backward and I almost lost my mind of
    where I’ve seen those sparkly eyes before, he I hit my head to stop
    falling for the boss, my boss
    “are u okay ” he asked
    “Huh?, yeah! Why? ” I rush my words
    “you just hit your head with your hand” he said
    “did I? ” I whined
    “okay.. You’re acting weird” he said and laughed and goodness I could swear that it’s like I’ve known him before..
    “okay so Sarah I want to make a request ” he asked
    “go on” I replied
    “look our clothes sales department aren’t progressing at all and I need
    a model to, you know what models do” he rushed his words and stroke his
    “are you asking me to be a model for you” I say stupidly
    “not for me though, the company, and please I really need it, we need it and seriously the pay will be huge trust ” he said
    “I don’t even have any qualities of a model ” I say
    “you do, you’re tall slim.. And also you don’t want me to describe all
    or. You’ll slap me. ” he said and smiled and his manly dimple made a
    hole he’s adorable.. Wait. What..
    Wait a minute
    Money equal to, ‘car’
    “I’ll do it” I say and his eye widen
    “really ” he yanked and I smile
    And nodded
    “well tomorrow it is” he said and I nod I can’t wait to share this good
    news with mother.. “oh and please I just finish with this can u help me
    give it to Ken his office is right under mine” he said and gave me some
    written documents and I collected happily and walked out the door..
    *zacks pov*
    Yep.. She’s just a sweetheart she didn’t change at all, still the helpful and nice Sarah I know..
    I glanced at her table and saw an unfamiliar book I took it and it
    suddenly opened which seemed like a pen was stuck in, and when it did I
    saw a shapeless car, she drew yeah she’s bad at drawing.
    I. Looked below the car and saw coming soon. She wants to buys car, *a car*
    I red all her reasons and smiled
    *to take Valery to school *
    *to get to work faster*
    *to stop meeting strange people at the bus*
    *to stop catching up with expensive taxes*
    I laughed and stared at d shapeless car maybe it’s time to make this really interesting..

    Episode 7

    **Zack’s pov continues**
    I dropped the pen inside the book back and closed it, keeping it the way she dropped it..
    I sat down back on my seat but stood up and was about to go out but bumped into Sarah who was coming inside and when our bodies touched I flinched and moved back, because I suddenly had a glimpse of prom night.. I held my breath as I tried to make the memory go away and finally breathe as my mental screen suddenly went blank
    “sir, are you okay” I asked
    “yeah, I am” I said immediately, “okay.. ” she said and I walked out, okay for starters I need to tell her that I’m Zack real soon but still I’m kind of scared..
    As I walked through the corridor of each floor, I made my way to the soap sales department ,where I saw Owen coming out with a pen behind his ear,
    “oh hey, boss” he said with friendly smile..
    “oh hey, I’m I wanna ask u something ” I said
    “okay go on” he replied and I nod,
    “what relationship do you have with Sarah” I asked, I know it’s stupid but God knows it’s the sake of love and protection
    His face beams by the mention of Sarah and his smiles grew wider
    “why do you ask” he remarks
    “are you questioning me on top my question” I said angrily
    “Sarah and I are just friends” he said staring at me suspiciously
    “well you guess better be ‘just friends'” I said and walked away, while he continued staring at me, I know am being way too protective but screw it..
    I took out my phone and called ken
    “I want you to get me the latest and finest BMW car okay ” I tell him and he agreed
    *Sarah’s pov*
    Finally work was over and I grabbed my back and shove my idea book inside bidding Zachary good bye and heading out, I just couldn’t wait to go home and sleep..
    As I came out of the building I met Owen talking to someone but excused himself and turned to me
    “hey” he said and gave his happy smile
    “hi” I replied
    “going home already ” he asked and I nodded and he reciprocated
    “so, I want to ask do you have any thing with Mr Zachary” he said
    “Huh?” I said feeling a little, confused, a thing with Mr Zachary.. Huh?
    “like a relationship, or do you guys know each other before ” he asked but i shook my head negatively
    “why are you asking ” I asked
    “nothing never mind” he tells me and I nod and walked away, weird I had this sudden strange feeling that I should look up, and when I turned and looked at the window of mr Zachary’s office (my office also, maybe I should just call it Mr Zachary’s office) I saw him staring at me, I froze but gave a friendly wave his parted lips suddenly closed and he smiled and waved back, I turned and started to walk home okay that was so weird…………
    Why the hell was he staring at me.. Well who cares
    “mom.. I’m home” I announce immediately I walked in
    “mommy!! ” Valery screamed in excitement and ran to hug me
    “hey.. How was school ” I asked
    “it was okay but mommy you’re home Late” Valery said with a frowny face
    “look hon my job’s changed I’ll be coming home a little late from now you’ll just have to learn to live with that okay” I say and she bat her lashes before nodding..
    “so how was work “my mom asked
    “okay, great actually the boss is seriously, absolutely too nice and goodness I’m starving, no I’m tired” I say and dropped my bag on the couch..
    “I’ll go take a shower now” I announce and walked to my room, ..
    I stood still as the warm water roll down my body, and on my hair it just felt so good, I closed my eyes and suddenly saw smiling Owen, what the hell, I quickly opened my eyes and breathe, I glanced down at my stomach, so flat and normal, I remembered the exercises I took after giving birth to Valery, it really helped.. Well I’ve actually become a mother by mistake.. I guess.. I turned of the water and grabbed my towel before going into my room and changing into my pajamas..
    I ate dinner which my over motherly mom served me and I ate till I was satisfied and Valery just sat still on the couch staring at me with her teddy bear with her and I know something was wrong so after eating i walked up to her and sat beside her..
    “hey, there sweetie what’s wrong, why the long face and why were you staring at me like that” I asked and rubbed her back
    “nothing ” she replied and breath out a little sigh..
    “Vally, If anything’s wrong you can tell me okay” .i stroke her hair and she nods..
    “so mom guess what” I tell my mom and she shrugs
    “seems like you don’t want to hear me out anyway I’m off to bed” I said and stood up and Valery just kept staring at me like she wanted to tell me something but still she stayed mute..
    I laid on my bed with so much power and sniffed my pillow, and breathed out smiling, nothing like home.. And seconds later I fell asleep..
    I woke up by the sound of a small knock, I groaned and got down from my bed, what is mom doing here.. I glanced at the clock 10:05pm..
    When I opened the door, I saw Valery in her pajamas and her teddy in her cuddle..
    “baby, what happened why are you not asleep” I asked
    “I can’t sleep mommy” she says and rubbed her eyes.. “awwn come and sleep here tonight ” I tell her and a Zack smile appeared on her little face, oh god.. And for the first she looked familiar, okay I’m going crazy of course she looks familiar she’s my daughter..
    Valery jumped happily on my bed and finally laid down and I did too beside her and switched off the lights ” .and stroke her hair..
    “mommy” Valery called
    “yes baby” I replied with my eyes closed
    “do I have a daddy ” she asked, oh..
    “um yes you do” I replied and she moved a little
    “why do u ask” I asked
    “nothing it’s just that my friends have daddy’s to and I do too but mommy where’s daddy ” she asked, Valery is so..
    “he’s not around he went on a vacation ” I lie
    “a v-ao-catio-nn, what’s a vaocation” she asked
    “it’s vacation and it’s like taking a holiday” I say and she nods and sighs I love that little sigh if hers
    “mommy I missed you today, and also I wished you’d always come to pick me up like yesterday” she seethe
    “what u don’t like grandma anymore ” I asked, “I do but o would like it if it was you even though you don’t bring me candies” she said and I laugh
    “you know for a five years old you talk to much” I say and she smiled
    “that’s why my teeth are falling off that’s what miss Wendi said in class to me today” she said and I laughed again. “I’m sorry I can’t pick u up from school today but how about this every Saturday I’ll take you to work ” I say and she nods and finally we both fell asleep..
    “oh my gosh I’m. Late” that’s the first thing I say the next morning I woke up, way to go Sarah, Valery was not beside her but with my mom having breakfast in her school uniform I quickly took my bath and got prepared for work, I had to take a taxi cause buses are slow..
    I paid the taxi man immediately I got to the marbella and hurried to mr Zachary’s office oh I hope he doesn’t get mad.. I got to the office and saw him reading something and he looked at me and I started
    “look sir I am so sorry for coming late, I had to make Valery fall asleep and I..
    “it’s okay Sarah I’m not biting you and who’s Valery” he asked, well on a second note he’s not mad thank god..
    “my daughter ” I say and his lips curved into a smile
    “well get ready for the photoshoot today, model Sarah and which will start any minutes from now but first, can you drive” he asked
    “yes I learned a year ago ” I say and he smiled and nodded “well then please follow me and hold this ” he said, stood up and handed me a key..
    I followed him and we both head downstairs, and he moved to the Parking lot, and then pointed to a sparkly black shiny BMW..
    “that Is yours” he said
    “excuse me? ” I said
    “okay, actually I bought that car for you ” he said and rushed his words okay is this a dream or what....

    Episode 8

    **sarah’s pov continues**
    “I.. I don’t understand, why?” I ask, Mr Zachary bought me a car, “why
    “do you like it or not” he asked
    “I like it but, sir, I still don’t understand” I replied truthfully,
    “well to be sincere I had a peek in your idea book don’t be offended”
    he said, seriously he’s way to nice for a boss.. My old boss was oh god,
    I can’t even describe that monster..
    “I’m not ” I say and he smiled
    “so I thought I’d buy it for you” he said and rubbed his neck
    “you’re not going to deduct the amount of the car from my salary right ” I said in anticipation feeling a little paranoid.
    “no.. Not at all, your modeling money and salary stays the same” he Said and I breathed a sigh of relief..
    Wow.. Do mr Zach likes me or something,
    “so what do you think” he asked
    “it’s great ” I say and he nods and smiled
    “so do you accept it, well there’s no need of saying no because you’re
    already with the key” he said but I just stare at him, but u was
    actually thinking about the stuff I can do with my (the) new car, I
    don’t want to be selfish though but he’s pushing me
    “yes I do accept but please may ask again, why” I said and he sighed..
    “well my birthday will be coming up in a week, so I decided to celebrate
    early by giving the people around me gifts, cause I don’t like
    collecting from others, so don’t see as something new” he said and I
    nodded “thank you” I said softly and lowly..
    “oh.. It was nothing
    now get ready, the cameras are begging to see you” he said and I laughed
    and he joined me.. I did the photo shoots and Mr Zachary just couldn’t
    stop complimenting me on how great i was.. And I was glad..
    After doing some research on what Zachary said I should do, it was time
    to eat and I gladly closed the laptop I was using, as I was about to
    stand up when Mr Zachary stopped me.
    “wait.. How about we eat lunch
    together ” he said and gosh I wanted to say no like really badly
    because what would people think seeing us together.. But he’s the boss..
    “sure.. ” I said and faked a small small, he shoved a book in his
    drawer and walked up to me.. And we head to the cafeteria together…
    I bought my food and he bought his and we sat at the same table and
    believe me I was definitely uncomfortable, because the amount of eyes
    staring at us was definitely unbearable..
    “just ignore them”
    Zachary laughed and I nodded but still I can’t stop staring around..
    Behind Zachary but faraway, was Owen he waved at me and I smiled and
    waved back, Zachary turned to look at the person I was waving to and
    found Owen, Owen quickly looked away and walked away and I felt bad, …
    “so it seems like Owen likes you” Zachary said,
    “maybe.. I don’t know.. I like Owen too he’s nice” I say and stab my
    broccoli with my fork and brought it to my mouth and when I looked up
    Zachary was looking at me awkwardly, I swallowed my saliva and tilt my
    head, “so you like Owen too right” he asked and I nod.
    “but just as a friend ” I tell him and he nodded, he should not take this the wrong way,
    “okay… ” He said and took a sip of his water before eating, we both
    ate silently, until he said “Sarah I have to tell you something ”
    “okay.. You can go on” I say as politely as ever..
    He looked around and then brought his gaze back at me and then sighed
    “now’s not a good time… Maybe later.. ” he said and I nodded and faced my food..
    After eating Zachary said I should get back to the office alone that
    he’ll be back later, and I did.. When I sat down on my chair the memory
    of the BMW he bought for me flashed in my mind and I smiled I quickly
    took out my idea book and place a heart on my shapeless car, and writing
    came true, at the bottom, immediately I closed it (the book) the door
    flew open And Owen walked in with some written documents in his hands..
    “hey… ” he said and closed the door,
    “I thought I was going to find Zachary but hey I found you, so would
    you tell him I dropped this” he said and passed the files to me
    “sure” I smiled and collected it.
    “um so.. Still I don’t get it yet, but seriously is anything going in between you and Zachary ” he asked
    “no.. For Christ sake, Owen you’ve asked me before ” I said lowly..
    “I.. Know.. But why were you guys eating lunch together, I thought it was supposed to be me ” he said
    “I know I couldn’t say no, trust me I would have said no if I could but he’s the boss” I said and Owen sighed.. And said
    “yesterday, Zachary asked Me what relationship I had with you and I
    said we were just friends and he said we should better just stay friends
    “why would he ask that” I seethe..
    “I don’t know, ” Owen replied and held bottom lip between his teeth..
    “and the strangest Part today is he bought me a car” I said and Owen eyes grew wider..
    “a car?
    “yes a BMW, it’s outside I don’t know why exactly he said his
    birthday’s coming up that’s why he bought it for me that he likes giving
    out gifts before his birthday” I say and roll my ball pen between my
    “what? We’re In May, and his birthday is yet to approach,
    it’s December 1st that he has a birthday” Owen yanked and my mouth
    falls open..
    I’m confused
    “he may be trying to get something from you” Owen explains I was about to reply when Zachary entered inside,
    “what are you doing here” Zachary asked Owen..
    But Owen give him a reply instead he just turned to me and mother be
    careful” and then walked out.. Zachary seemed pissed off that Owen
    snubbed him. He was about to go out maybe to deal with Owen or something
    but I called..
    “sir,.. He came here actually to drop this ” I said and pointed to the files, he nodded and closed the door..
    “what was he doing here aside from delivering those files” Zachary asked
    “he was Just here to …to.. He is actually disappointed because I
    promised to eat lunch with him today but ended up eating with you” I
    explained and he looked a bit angry.. But still controlled his temper
    for a reason I don’t know and he started working.. .
    Work was
    over that day and Zachary didn’t tell me goodbye or goodnight like
    before he just faced his work while I carried by bag and head home.. In
    my new car,

    Episode 9

    **Sarah’s pov continues**
    I got home and parked my car outside our building, …
    I walked in and found my mom and Valery watching cartoon
    “hey mom” I said removing my jacket and placing it on the arm of the couch,
    “mommy!” Valery came to hug me and I leaned forward and kissed her forehead.. I sat down on one of the couch and started to remove my heels..
    “let me help you with that mommy, you look tired” Valery said happily and moved closer to me but I shook my head negatively
    “it’s fine honey I can manage” I say and she frowns and sat down next to me. . .
    My mom stands up and head to the kitchen, while I turn to Valery
    “valy dear have you eating”
    “no I told grandma I’m going to wait for you ” she said and I smiled, mom came back with a plate of spaghetti tacos..
    After eating, Valery went sat beside me, and I didn’t know what was wrong with her actually, she didn’t stick like this before to me.. And later on the fell asleep and I tuck her in bed, giving her a good night kiss..
    I went back to the living room remembering my car, I forgot to tell mom..
    “mom I have to show you something ” I said
    “who owns that car outside our yard” my mom said in a high pitched voice thinking it was someone else car,
    “it’s mine” I said with happiness and my mom flinched
    “yours?…how when, huh” my mom said confusingly
    “i know it’s strange but my boss, he bought it for me and I don’t even know why” I said still smiling
    My mom narrowed her eyes at me and said “tell me more about your boss” she said
    “why? ” I ask
    “are you sure he doesn’t have any feelings for you” my mom asked
    “what, mom not.. He’s my boss and I’ve only known him for two days or three, how can he possibly fall for me and he knows I have a daughter and guys fall for single girls not grandmas like me” I said and my mom arched her eyebrow..
    “look mom he just bought it for me as a token of his appreciation to me” I say not actually listening to my self
    “okay.. ” my mom said and crossed her arm.
    I sat on the couch and grabbed a pillow, “mom don’t you Think Valery has been acting strange” I asked
    “how strange?” my mom said
    “sh.. she’s been acting kind of not-Valery, she just stick to me like taffy and she even insisted to remove my shoe how weird is that , she’s acting like if I go she’ll. You know.. Break” I seethe and my mom laughed ..
    “that’s because she’s missing you silly, everyday she keeps telling me how she wished you never got this job because you come back home late,” my mom said and I suddenly felt heart broken,..
    “really?” I said lowly and my mom nods..
    Well the next day approached faster than I thought and i got up early, bath, brushed, morning stuff and I took Valery to school and she was damn happy, I parked my “car” at the parking lot in front of the marbella and walked straight to Zachary’s office, I hope he’s still not In a bad mood like yesterday cause he didn’t look fine and he didn’t even tell me goodnight..
    “good morning sir” I say as I entered into the office
    He looked up and nods
    “you’re three minutes late” he remarks.
    Three minutes.. Is he fucking serious, if he’s so pissed off about it he should just..
    “I’m sorry sir” I apologize for the dumbest thing he just said
    He nods and I sat down, why is he so angry… At me. Or.. What..
    “take this to Owen.. Or no I’ll do it my self ” he said angrily and stood up with a book in his hand and walked out. Someone’s in a bad mood..
    Few minutes later he walked in and sat Down, he seemed more angry and I wondered why,
    He didn’t talk to me or tell me to do anything so I just stayed quiet and stare at my ball pen biting my bottom lip .. He suddenly sighed and I looked at him and we made eye contact
    “look Sarah I’m sorry” he said
    “for what sir” I asked knowing what exactly he was sorry for
    “for being rude minutes ago I let my anger for another person fall on you am really sorry ” he said and sighed
    “actually.. It’s okay ” I say truthfully and he let out a small smile.. And breathed out a sigh of relief..
    “so have you eaten ” he asked and I nodded even though I haven’t eaten though..
    “okay” he smiled
    “I need you to help type these out its not much” he said and I collected the papers he handed me
    Finally, work..
    I started to do what he asked me to do and I was done in no time so I handed it to him, he collected it with a smile and I felt happy..
    I felt down again because I suddenly had a thought of Valery, she misses me, my daughter missed me. The thought of that made me a little misty and I sniffed
    “are you okay? ” Zachary asked
    “yeah. I’m fine” I say and coughed
    “if there’s anything tell me I’ll…
    “I’m fine thanks ” I interrupted him and he nodded and faced his work,
    During lunch, I ate with Owen and we talked about a lot of things, and I find him very interesting…
    ***fast…. Forward***
    Days passed with me doing my job fine, mr Zachary’s still nice and l’ve already gotten closer to Owen and we hang out like a lot and he had already know about my harsh past.. I just couldn’t keep it from a friend..
    It was Saturday I woke up by the sound of Valery’s voice calling ‘mommy’
    “oh honey what is it” I ask as I opened my eyes..
    “it’s Saturday I don’t have to go to school and you promised me you will take me to work today” she said happily and I smiled
    “you really don’t forget things” I say and she smiled exposing her dimples..
    I took my bath and my mom helped me bath Valery and I took her to work and she just couldn’t stop talking and pointing at buildings.. “look mommy that building’s so big ” she’ll say but I’ll just nod “look mommy that house Is very very ugly” she’ll say but still I’ll just nod..
    Finally we got to work and I parked my car and me and Valery came down with me holding her little hand..
    While entering the marbella I bumped into Owen
    “oh hi ” I said and he smiled “this must be Valery right” he said and bent down to look at her closely “hello” Valery said and Owen smile beams.. “you’re one cute girl” Owen said and stood up
    “so till lunch right” Owen said and I nod and he walked away while I grabbed Valery and we went to my office..
    As I walk in Mr Zachary wasn’t in the office and I was kind of happy, I don’t know how he’ll react seeing Valery.. “so Vally don’t act naughty okay my boss we’ll be here soon” I say
    “boss? ” she tilts her head
    “he’s someone you work for like the owner of something, he’s the owner of this big building” I explain and she nods in understanding..
    My hand mistakenly pushed the files on my table and it fell and scattered on the floor so I picked it and started to arrange it but stopped by the sound of Valery’s voice saying
    “mommy I can see everything from up here” she said and when I looked up she was standing on Zachary’s chair looking down the window
    “Valery come down!!” I yell and immediately the door opened and Zachary entered inside..
    Oh geez
    He paused seeing Valery and she suddenly looked scared..
    “uh-huh um good morning ” I said nervously
    “is this..?
    He pointed to Valery.
    “I’m so sorry sir, Valery get down from there ” I yell and she came down slowly and ran to me..
    I thought Zachary was supposed to be mad but he just smiled and stared at Valery..
    “mommy he looks scary” Valery whispered to me but Zachary heard it and laughed..
    He walked up to his seat and sat down still smiling. “I look scary” he said to Valery and she nods slowly..
    “well I’ll tell you what, Valery I may look scary but I’m not” he said and Valery beamed a “really” and he nods
    “so.. Sarah” he calls and I made eye contact with him
    “the magazines are coming today and I need you to get me three from the cloth sales department before distributing” he says and I nod and gave Vally a smile before heading out..
    I made my way to the CSD (cloth sales department) as fast as I could and when I walked in the manager said I was the best and when I looked in front of the magazine there was a me.. A different beautiful girl like me.. I thanked him and head back to the office..
    As I stepped in I met Valery sitting on Zachary’s table and they were both having a conversation
    “so here it is” I said and Zachary Frowned.
    “don’t you recognise me at all Sarah” Zachary tells me and I became confused but said no
    “don’t you ever get a feeling that you know me before” he asked
    “no” I shook my head he stood up and sighed I do but not really..
    “well.. It’s me Zack.. Zack.. Your high school friend” he shouts and the books fell from my hands
    Oh my goodness
    It’s true
    I could I not know this,
    His smile and Valery’s smile are the same the same dimples and oh god this is so not good..

    Episode 10

    **Zack’s pov **
    Oh no, I just made a mistake I shouldn’t have tell her that I’m Zack because the way she dropped the magazines made my heart skipped a beat, … “what’s wrong” Valery whispered in my ear as everywhere went silent Sarah stared at me I searched her eyes but didn’t read anything, Valery got down from my table, she’s a very sweet little girl who asks a lot of questions.. She went to Sarah ah touched her
    “mommy, what’s wrong” she asked
    Sarah flinched and sighed “oh Valery I just had a thought of something.. She said she’s lying I know she’s sad and angry about it, she also looked very shocked and I felt like the ground should just open and swallow me.. Cause it just felt like my judgement day and I’ll do anything for her to forgive me..
    A tear roll down her cheek and I tried to get close to her but she immediately muttered “don’t!! ” and I stopped on my track…
    ¤¤¤Sarah’s pov ¤¤¤
    “I’m sorry” Zachary… Zack’s voice cracks ..i couldn’t believe I was actually this stupid, I didn’t know what to do..
    “why didn’t you tell me” I cried lowly..
    “because I didn’t.. Because I felt that it wasn’t the right time I swear I could have told you but î was scared, but seeing Valery I felt like I should tell you, maybe she’s my child” he said
    He’s not fucking serious
    I cleaned my tears, I have to be strong in this..
    “your child? , Valery is not yours and cab never be yours” I said even though they both look bloody alike.. “but..
    “I can’t believe you Zack” I cut him off and stared at his glossy eyes and quivering lips..
    “you know you’re such an idiot.. And is that the reason why I got this job, oh and the same reason you bought me a car, I can’t believe you, so you were trying to buy my forgiveness how can you be so low Zack.. How could you not notice you were being very stupid,” I yell and he sighed, oh no my eyes have start to water..
    I tried to hold back my tears but I couldn’t the memory of me in my prom dress getting raped by a guy that I thought was my friend played in my mental screen and I couldn’t help it but cry..
    “Sarah seriously I’m sorry” he said and it seemed like it wasn’t only my mouth and head that was angry but also my hand and immediately I slapped him open walked in, I didn’t bother to turn to him because all my attention had been set on, Zack , I felt like.. I Felt like ripping his head off
    “you’re sorry, you’re sorry, that’s what you’re going to say, you think when you say that you’re forgiven, no.. You’re not, ” I yelled and sniffed and cried even more
    “did you even know what I went through after you did that, I felt pains for weeks , and after that I was pregnant for her, I started having this traumas about you freaking out every minute my mom thought I was going crazy , she took me to a mental institution I didn’t get any treatment because they found out I wasn’t crazy after all, ..but the doctor said Valery could die if care wasn’t taken, after taking meditation classes , it took my traumas away and I was fine and now you want me to forgive you after everything, you’re the most selfish person I’ve ever seen ” I tell him and cleaned my tears.. He wanted to speak but he couldn’t..
    “oh and here if you think you can buy me with your car or any of these” I say and gesture my hand in the air before throwing his keys at him and dragging Valery hand and walking away, I’ve got to stay away from him..
    “Sarah” I hear him calling me but I’m not a fool to answer …
    I took the elevator and as the door closes I cried.. “mommy what’s wrong” Valery said crying to..
    I didn’t give her a reply because she’s too little to understand..
    I cleaned my tears and turned to her “everything’s fine, honey but don’t worry I just quit my job and I’ll be spending time with you okay” I say but she didn’t nod.. She still wore frown on her face,
    As the elevator door went open I drag Valery hand and walked out, we were in the cafeteria ready to burst out the exit door to get out of this goddamned building when I heard my name, Zack’s calling me..
    I turned and saw him running up to me and then stopped Like five feet away from me..
    “what!” I yell and my voice echoed in the whole cafeteria that the people passing stopped just to look at Me and the person I’m yelling at.. And was thrilled to Zack’s their ‘boss’
    “I’m sorry ” Zack yelled back.. And everyone watches the show surprisingly.. I rolled my eyes
    “you’ve got to be kidding me” I said and was about to go when he slowly went on his knees ..and the people watching gasped..
    “I’m so sorry” he said again and it seemed like he will break down in tears any minute “you hurt me Zack and sorry can’t fix that, I’m sorry too because I’m not the Sarah I was in high school, go look for your sarah” I say and drag Valery out..
    I took the bus even though the people in there were very crowdy, I didn’t care, I carried Valery on my thigh and I faced the glass as the bus went moving, u couldn’t help it but cry.. Zack caused a lot pains in my life, physical, emotional and mental
    I thought I was going to die at sixteen when I haven’t even lived yet, but all thanks to my therapist, and meditation classes which helped me get rid of bad traumas and nightmares I was fine, I cried remembering all that happened when the bus stopped I quickly cleaned my tears and came down with Valery, immediately I opened the door and walked in with Valery my mom knew something was wrong
    “what’s wrong” she asked
    Instead of replying I cried even more and she glanced at Valery who was dozing beside me..
    “go to your room, I’ll take Valery to bed, she must have had a long day too, cause she doesn’t sleep during afternoons” my mom smiled maybe trying to cheer me up but I Just couldn’t get a hint.. As my mom took Valery to her room I went to my room and sat tiredly on my bed before my mom walked in..
    “okay now.. What’s wrong” she asked
    “it’s Zack.. I met..him” I crack
    “I don’t understand” my mom eyes flutter and I cleaned my tears and cleared my throat in attempt to talk clearer..
    “I.. I didn’t realise Zachary, my boss was actually zack” I cried and my mom say beside me and rubbed my back. “so that was the reason he bought you a car” my mom said and I nod
    “and he told me to forgive him that he’s sorry but I can’t forgive because I know what I felt mother” I cried..
    “don’t say am taking his side I’m taking neither sides but I think you should forgive him” my mom said
    “what? Mom you know exactly what I went through” I yanked and my mom nods
    “I know but, its all in the past now, everything happened for a reason sweetie and it has already happened you can’t shift time, you just have to let go and forgive him, because if you don’t the anger will just stay within you and festered and it will end up hurting you” my mom said
    “no way mom. I can’t believe you’re actually saying this” I yanked and cleaned my tears, she sighed and said
    “look think whatever you want to but, just forgive him, be thankful he admits, accepts and begged, be thankful because Valery was the best thing ever! Don’t you see like I said every disappointment is a blessing.. And yours is.. ”
    “Valery was a mistake mom” I say and regretted I said that
    “she is but not anymore she’s your pricest possession, at least she’ll have a father think about this hon huh” my mom said and u sighed.. I don’t want to forgive Zack.. It’s just so hard even my mom don’t get me.. . Just then we heard the door bell go and my mom stands up and head out.. To the living room..
    “sarah” she calls
    I sniffed and cleaned my face with my hand and head to the living room to see Zack sitting on the couch impatiently, immediately I came in his eyes lit.. His face looks pale like he had been crying and his hair was all rough and his nose was red and his eyes soaked and looks heavy
    If he’s here for forgiveness then he’s wasting his time..

    Episode 11

    ** Zack's pov **
    Immediately Sarah left with Valery, I sighed and got on my feet people had been watching the scene but I didn't care all I cared about was Sarah forgiving me and I won't forgive my self If she doesn't forgive me,
    I quickly head back to my office, grabbed my car key and hurried down the flight of stairs, I didn't take the elevator and I didn't know why,
    I entered my car and sighed heavily I have to see Sarah that were the the only five words that came and played in my mind.. As I was about placing the key in the ignition my hands were shaking, I was scared and nervous I could feel it.. I slammed the key angrily on the passenger's seat and hit the steering wheel angrily, a huge fucking lump was hanging at the back of my throat and I suddenly went hot, my grip on the steering wheel became tighter and I hit my head occasionally on it
    Dang it..
    Damn me..
    Damn me,
    I didn't know when tears started to gush out of my eyes and I couldn't hold it In so I just let it all out one of the greatest pain is regret, it is really killing me now, it is eating each and every single flesh in my body and my back suddenly became heavy like I was carrying a burden of guilt..
    After cleaning my goddamned tears, I grabbed the key and turned on the ignition and without wasting time I drove to Sasha's house..
    I got to Sarah's house with my swollen eyes, and red cheeks and nose and packed my car in front of the compound,
    I got down from the car and slowly walked to the porch, I sighed heavily and knocked on the thick and plain Woody door, Mrs Sydney opened the door and I breathed calmly I didn't know what could have happened if Sarah was the one that opened the door
    "Zack? " Mrs Sydney said tilting her head for response and I nod immediately
    "please Mrs Sydney I really need to talk with Sa..
    "dont worry just come in" she said and gestured her hand backwards and trust me I was surprised and happy,.. I walked in and sat down on the couch and she called Sarah
    "Sarah!!" she called and Sarah came out and when she sighted me her glare almost gave me a heart attack.. But I just breathed in and looked at her warmly but it didn't work she still had that angry look that made my palms sweaty..
    "I think I'm going to leave you two alone" mrs Sydney said and walked away with Valery in front of her,
    "what? " Sarah breathed out harshly
    "Sa..rah.. I.. please.. I'm..let.. " I stammered not knowing where to start from
    "look Zack or Zachary which ever your name is, if you're here for my forgiveness then I suggest you leave because I'm not forgiving anyone, not today " she remarked harshly and the lump in my throat which felt like leaving minutes ago came back and I shut my eyes and played the horrid scene from six years ago In my mental screen, I groaned in disappointment as droplets of tears fell from my closed eyes wetting my eye lashes ."Sarah I'm sorry" I say still with my eyes closed, I didn't hear her voice so I slowly went on my knees spread out my palms and joined them together and opened my eyes..
    "Sarah, please I beg you please forgive me, I did wrong you know that, I'm sorry for not telling you who I was I'm seriously very sorry" I said and the look on her face made me calm down a bit, she had this sympathetic look, she feels pity, for me..
    *SARAH's pov*
    Oh no, he's getting on his knees, his eyes closed what am I going to do
    "Sarah, please I beg you forgive me, I did wrong and you know that, I'm sorry for not telling you who I was I'm seriously sorry" he said and I swallowed my saliva and looked at him In a sympathetic way, "you're sorry I get that" I said and sighed I glanced at the floor then at him
    "you're sorry and you want me forgive, I know that's the reason you're here Zack but it's not really that easy, for all those years it was like I've been through hell and----
    "I know, I know Sarah that's why I want to make up for it, I want to. Make some adjustments and amendment, I want to be a part of Valery's life, so please just---
    "can you please sit down I'm not comfortable with you kneeling down" I said cutting him off and he nodded and sat down on the couch again "so just please let that get behind you, you really have to move forward please Sarah" he said his voice cracking I couldn't take it anymore, maybe I should forgive him, not maybe I will forgive him, what if mom was right,what if I don't forgive him and the anger grows and festered in me and I'll be the one who's going to end up living In guilt..
    It's actually good, he admits, accepted and apologized, mom was right he is a great person..
    "I hate to say that you're right Zack, but you are right, we both know you did wrong people make mistakes and you're among those people so actually there's nothing else I can do than to forgive you, so there you go, you have my forgiveness" I breathed out and his eyes suddenly lit
    "really" he stood up in shock and I slowly nod observing his eyes as they suddenly went from sadness to happiness
    "oh my God thank you thank you Sarah you don't know how much this means to me thank you" he said and strangely hugged me, I flinched on the inside but calm down..
    "it's okay you can head back to. Work now" I said as we disengage from the hug and i stood up and held the hem of my shirt..
    "thank you so much Sarah" he said and wiped his face with his Hand and I gave a knowing smile
    He walked to the door and sighed heavily, a sigh of relief I guess, I felt like a load has been pulled off my chest and it felt good.
    "thanks once again" he said and finally walked out and I couldn't help but smile..

    Episode 12

    **Zack’s pov**
    I went back to the Marbella happily, but still not that happy, but happy, I couldn’t define it..
    I parked my car beside Sarah’s I’m going to wait for her even though she has already forgiven me I still want to get close to her very close like we were in highschool…
    As I walked to the hallway to get into the elevator I met Owen
    “so how did it go with you and her” he asked sarcasm full in his voice “what’s it to you blonde” I said and smirked
    “nothing, you know Sarah told me about her high school prom disaster and you were the disaster and..
    “what are you talking about..” I cut him..
    “just want to let you know that she’ll never forgive you, ” He said with a little smirk I know he has feelings for Sarah but now if he says one more Shit about her or me I’m going to give him the beatings of his life..
    “well too bad because she already forgave me, lover boy, I know you have feelings for her but just so you know those feelings should die, you know why? Because she’s the mother of my child and you know what again because I raped her and I’m proud to say it, and Owen Ricardo, stay away from her and remember I’m your boss just because we were college buds doesn’t Mean you have the right to tell me shits whenever you want to remember who you are and who I am” I say and walked away but I could still hear him chuckle behind me..
    Ass hole
    I walked straight to my office but Ken came in uninvited and told me my dad was calling me I quickly head to the conference room… I met my dad and I sat down without him telling me so.
    “son you did a great job you know, how did you even do it the cloth sales department aren’t booming now.. You did a great job” my dad compliments
    “I know” I seethe and he smiled nervously..
    “so can I get out now or Is there anything else you want to tell me” I yanked..
    “son.. I’m getting married again to a second wife” he said nervously and my fist tightened that my knuckles turned white..
    He’s crazy…
    “and what do you want me to do about it” I yelled and he flinched “easy” he said and I calmed down a bit
    “it’s not like I’m leaving your mom or some stuff but she’ll just be my first wife” he said
    As far as my mom doesn’t suffer because of this sack of shits in front of me I’m fine with it..
    “okay.. Whatever” I say sarcastically
    “and also my new wife Kasey she has a son about eighteen and I want to give him Part of the marbella too” my dad said and I laughed
    “look dad, you don’t know what you’re talking about, I run this company not you I’ve run the marbella for four years now and you’re not going to share it with any body, or some boy who’s still in high school and still the company lies in the hand of my daughter” I said through my teeth and his scared face suddenly turned confused
    “I don’t understand what daughter” he asked
    “you didn’t know what I did six years ago, well how would you know when you don’t come home at all but sleeps with those whores else where”
    “watch your tongue son” my dad warned
    “no! You watch your tongue dad because I ain’t giving shares from this marbella to anyone and just so you know or not I have a daughter and I’m giving it to her when she’s come of age.. ” I said and stood up..
    “and don’t worry about us dad, mom Nixie, Xander and I are fine without you you can go ahead and get married to Carlin, or caster or whoever you’re getting married to” I said and walked out if he thinks he can tell me piece of shits then he’s wrong..
    I went back to my office I have works that need to be done but I’m exhausted, I looked over at Sarah’s desk and smiled, just thinking of her is making me smile, I have a daughter, it just feels so good saying that.
    . I want valery to know I’m her father, and Sarah I just want Sarah by my side, I loved her and still loves her.. I quickly closed my book and parked my stuff together I grabbed my car key and called Ken to take over today and I drove my car to Sarah’s house.. I need to spend more time with my daughter it had been six years and I’m happy, very happy that I have a daughter..
    As I arrived at the house, I knocked and just who wanted to see Valery”, she was the one who opened the door, she tilt Her head right and her ponytail followed
    “you’re Mr Zachary the man who maked mommy cried” she said and I nod..
    “can I come in” I asked
    “no” she said fiercely
    “what. But why” I said gently
    “you made mommy cry so you’re not coming in” she yanked
    Okay she’s tough how the hell will she react when I tell her I’m her father…
    “Valery be nice and go back to bed” I hear Sarah’s mom voice said from behind and Valery moved back and I walked in..
    “I don’t want to sleep again, I hate sleeping when it’s still bright” Valery said and Mrs Sydney sighed..
    “why are you here” mrs Sydney asked me and took a coffee sip from her coffee
    “actually. I’m here for Valery and Sarah but Sarah I need to ask her something” I say “Sarah’s asleep” Mrs Sydney said
    “no let him talk I’m awake” I hear Sarah said and walked out of the hallway wearing a sweatshirt and a sweatpants..
    “mom can you leave us alone” Sarah tells her mom and her mom nods and walked away
    “Valery can you
    “no Valery can stay” I interrupt her and she nods..
    “actually I’m here to ask for permission if I can spend the day with Valery” I say, I don’t really need permission though but I kind of actually do
    “Why” Valery chipped in
    “don’t be rude Vally he’s your dad” Sarah breaks the news awkwardly..
    “you’re my daddy” Valery said as her eyes lit and I nod
    “will you buy me a lot of candy” she asked
    “Valery!” Sarah calls and I laughed
    “so can.. I”
    “of course you can” she said and I breathed a sigh of relief and happiness
    “so Valery do you want to go out with me there will be candy” I say
    “yessss” she agrees happily, assuming she’s old enough she wouldn’t have accepted me and I’m glad it’s not too late..”thank you” I tell Sarah and she rolls her eyes.. And watched as I carried Valery on my thigh.. And as she stroked my beard with her hands
    “mommy I want to have these ” she said to Sarah referring to my beard hair..
    “no you can’t girls don’t have mustache okay” Sarah said and I laughed..
    Immediately they both left I sighed heavily, he does need time with Valery, so she can know him better.. As I stood up to go in my room I heard a knock on the door and when I glanced at the time it was four thirty, are they back already..
    I opened the door and was surprised to see Owen and immediately he held me and kissed me..

    Episode 13

    ** Sarah's pov continues **
    I quickly pushed Owen away and my breathing got rapid, "what the.. Owen.. You.. How.. " I mixed my words I was taken by surprise he just kissed me how dare him..
    "Owen how dare you" I yell, finally my words come in pairs
    "Sarah, I came here to say , I love you" Owen said and I almost slammed the door in his face
    "what the hell are you talking about" I yanked and he sighed and stepped inside closing the door while I moved back,
    "I'm saying that I love you and I'm willing to take care of you" he said and my jaw fell down, he's not serious about all this..
    "I'm sorry Owen but I still dont know why you're talking abort though" I said and folded my hands across my chest
    "what is there not to understand I said I love you don't you get it" he said almost yelling...
    "look Owen you love me, I get it but I don't now would you leave" I yelled back
    "no I'm not going anywhere, Sarah the first day I set my eyes on you I wasn't my self, you're actually the first girl I've loved so please be with me I'm better than Zack please" he said with pleading eyes,
    Gosh I can't believe this guy
    "look please Owen just leave, " I said polietly .."leave??!! No way Sarah I'm not leaving until you say something I want to hear" he yanked and I flinched
    "something you want to hear, look Owen I have to say to you than leave" I breathed out and he sighed and and said.
    "Sarah okay please just tell me, why don't you love me"
    "seriously you want me to explain that, I just don't love you, you can't force love" I replied and he shook his head negatively
    "yes you can, anyone can force love" he breathed out and I gave him a glare
    "just leave Owen" my voice comes out horrific
    He looked at me with sad eyes and then approached me and then forcefully and me before I could stop him.. He kissed me forcefully without me kissing him Back and I tried to push him away but his grip was to strong but I finally pushed him away and Gave him a sounding slap.. He smirked devilishly and said
    "I still did what I had to"
    "you're crazy Owen, how dare you come into my own home and tell me all sorts of things that are stupid" I yelled and started to boil in anger
    "because I love you Sarah, I love you, I love you, I fucking love you" he yelled back but this time I didn't flinch..
    "well too bad for you" I tell him and his hand fisted in a ball "Sarah I love you, and I'm telling you, you have a daughter who I can accept with full heart, " he said calmly and I almost laughed
    He's absolutely stupid.
    "you're out of your damn mind Owen she has a father, who already accepted her" I said and his pupil suddenly blow out..
    "Zack?? That piece of shit who raped you, begging you at the company to forgive him, Zack is not a man Sarah, what he did to you is unforgettable and unforgivable think about that" he ponjured gesturing his hands
    "well too bad, it is unforgettable but it is forgivable" I said and he moved back a bit
    "wait.. You forgived him! You forgave Zack? He yelled, he was taken by surprise I could see it
    "yes I did he deserved it" I defended and he laughed
    "that is crazy, that guy raped you Sarah he made you suffer I heard what you told him I heard when you told him all that you went through" he seethe while I shook my head negatively without smiling and said.
    "he made me go through a lot but he gave me a blessing, he brought a little angel to this world" I can't believe I'm actually defending Zack right now..
    "you just made a huge mistake by forgiving him" he breathed out while I rolled my eyes..
    "just leave! " I yelled and he nods slightly
    "fine, I'll leave but forgiving Zack is the worst mistake you've ever made just wait and see" he said in the most threatning way and then walked out
    That guy is crazy, I held my chest and and sat down slowly on the couch, I started to think about what just happened that I didn't know when my mom walked in until she said
    "who was that"
    I quickly Regained my self and said "Uhm who?"
    "I just saw a boy coming out of here and entering his car" she said and I realised it was Owen
    "oh that was Uhm.. a friend at the company" I lied and she just nods and walked away.
    Few hours later Zack and Valery walked in with Valery on his shoulder she was fast asleep..
    "oh hey you guys are finally back" my mom said with a smile behind me , Zach nodded and smiled and my mom directed him to Valery room so he could lay her in her bed..
    After tucking Valery in Zack came out and smiled
    "uhh I'll be leaving now" he announced while my mom hissed through her teeth and said
    "why don't you just stay for tonight"
    "like have a sleepover? " Zach asked while my mom smiled and nod
    "okay sure" he agreed and sat down smiling, I didn't say any thing I just walked in my room

    Episode 14

    ** Sarah's pov continues **
    I gave Zack the extra blankets we have and he thanked me once we again before taking it from me and sitting on the couch
    "so good night I guess" he said and I nod.
    "good night" I walked to my room, I got inside and laid gently on the bed, Owen flashed in my head and i squeaked his words played in my head
    "fine. I'll leave but forgiving Zack is the biggest mistake you've ever made just wait and see" .. I kept tossing and turning he's crazy he's absolutely crazy, I couldn't sleep so I stood up and went to the living room, the lights were still on and I knew Zack was still awake..
    "hey" I said and sat down on the other couch opposite the one Zack was lying on and I covered my shivering body with a blanket "oh hey" he said and sit up..
    "couldn't sleep" he asked
    "me too" he replied..
    I swallowed my saliva and said
    "Owen came here today"
    "he did" Zach replied his voice full of surprises
    "yes and he k.. he kissed me " I said and his fist tightened
    "what the hell? Why" he almost yelled and his fist tightened even more..
    "don't yell everyone's asleep and he told me he loves me and that forgiving you is the worst mistake I've ever made that I should wait and see and it's been bothering me since he left so I just felt like telling someone and you're the only one awake" I explained and his breathing got heavier
    "and when did he come here" Zack asked his voice very low..
    "four thirty like three minutes after you and Valery left" I said
    "that son of a bitch I sw---
    "please don't do anything" I said and he gave me a look
    "he's getting fired, but tell me the truth is forgiving me the worst thing you've ever done" he asked
    "what? No.. Owen is just being difficult and stupid" I said and he nods slightly.. to be sincere Forgiving Zack is one of the best thing I could have done, seeing him and Valery together made me the happiest mother on earth..
    "okay but still he's getting fired" Zack said and laid down back on the couch facing up and placing his hands on his stomach and I stared at him as he closed his eyes his fist still tightened he must be mad about Owen.. I sighed and stood up to go back to my room , I grabbed my blanket and was about going away when I stepped on the goddamned blanket and trippee falling on Zack's lying body
    Oh. Geez
    He quickly opened his eyes and his eyes grew wider seeing mine "Sarah" he called his breath all over my face and it smells Like strawberry cotton candy.. He must have given Valery a lot of it
    "I'm sorry I tripped " I said and was about to stand up but he held my waist and said
    "no I'm kind of comfortable this way"
    "what but...
    He shut my mouth with a kiss, oh geez, I didn't know what to do but I had only one choice in my mind
    I reciprocated ..
    We kissed passionately like it was our first time....
    and it is our first time kissing, I tug my hand in his hair and he moaned in my mouth.. We kissed till were both out of breaths and then we stopped.. And started to breathe.. Okay that was one of a kind and also awkward
    "I... I.. have to go to bed" I Say and stood up immediately and walked briskly to my room..
    I laid on my bed and start to breathe, what just happened I place my hand on my chest and listened to my heart beat go, it's kind of weird why did I reciprocate I don't even like him.. I mean I liked him when we were still in high school but now I don't think I do or is my heart playing jokes with me, I know he loves me but wow, this is crazy..
    After tossing and turning during nighttime I finally fell asleep.
    The next morning which was Sunday I woke up feeling great, as always I guess , I could perseve a great smell of toasted bread, I got down from the bed and quickly brushed my teeth before heading to the living room, I felt a little jealous seeing Valery on Zack's thigh, now she found out he's her father, she won't want to spend time with me but Zack but what can I do I'm happy she has a father who's ready to accept her..
    "mommy, good morning" she said still sitting on Zack's thigh
    "hey sweetie how was your night" I asked
    "fun" she squeaked
    And I smiled and said "glad it was fun" ..
    "why haven't you left yet" I asked zack
    "she wouldn't let me she kept telling me to stay and your mom said I should have breakfast before going and I couldn't say no" he replied and I nod and bit my bottom lip.. Okay looks like my family likes him..
    My mom made tea and toasted bread for breakfast and while eating Valery just couldn't stop talking..
    "Valery keep quiet and eat your food for god's sake " I yell and she shut up immediately and stuffed a bread in her mouth..
    She turned to Zack and said I'n a whisper "mommy's mean" and Zack nodded and smiled
    "I heard that " I tell her and she turned to her food..

    Episode 15

    . ** Sarah's pov continues**
    Finally breakfast was over and Zack put on his jacket and said
    "okay I'm off"
    "can't you stay any longer " Valery said and leaned into him
    "I can't am sorry" Zack queried
    "can I come with you?" she asked and grinned
    "Valery!! " I yanked and she pouts "okay then good bye" I said and he smiled and kissed Valery on her cheek before going outside..
    "Valery come here" I tell her and she walked towards me
    "who's your favourite me or your dad" I asked and she smiled
    "it's you mommy" she said
    "okay...go to your room and don't worry he'll come visit again" I said and her smile beams and she nods and walked away happily
    "do you really need to ask her that, she's your favourite honey it's just that she has been away from her dad and she just want to feel close to him" my mom said behind me
    "I know.. But..
    "you're just jealous, because she hasn't been paying any attention to you but Zack, just give her time okay aren't you happy she have a complete family" my mom said
    "I know, but it's not like I'm gonna marry him or something " I seethe
    "I'm not asking you to marry him I'm just saying you should be a little nicer to him" my mom said
    "I'm nice to him" I defend
    "you're but not nice enough" my mom said and I rolled my eyes and stood up
    And head to my room to today's going to be the longest Sunday ever everything is just happening so fast but today I have a feeling it's going to be slow..
    I just then I paused and the memory of me having my first kiss with Zack flashed in my head and i couldn't help the stupid grin that laid on my face..
    ** zack's pov **
    I drove home happily I've unite with my little daughter but still Sarah hasn't fully accept me i can feel it, I remembered the kiss of yesterday and smiled it was my first with her and it was nice and one of a kind the thought of the kiss made me remember Owen and my fist tightened the steering wheel and I made a U-turn and head straight to Owen's house he is so going to get it..
    We used to be best friend in college but not anymore not today he is so going to my black list
    I pulled over in front of his goddamned house, and I got down from the car and immediately I spotted him coming out from the house..
    Perfect timing..
    I quickly approached him and gave punched him in the face, that send him to the ground
    "what the..
    I punched him again cutting him off and he his lips became bloody
    Good for him, he deserves more
    "what the Fuck did you tell Sarah, that I'm not good enough for her or what, she made a mistake forgiving me,? You're an asshole Owen you hear me asshole " I yell in his face and dragged him up by the collar of his shirt and pressed him against my car, "the only mistake she did was ever knowing you, you dickhead, and you know what I've got great news you're fired" I say and punch him one last time before going in front of my car and entering inside again..
    "you just made the worst mistake of your life" I hear him say but I ignored him and drove my car away ...
    ***[]fast forward[]***
    [] Sarah's pov []
    Monday morning, I packed my stuff and head to work after taking pleadings from my mom,
    I took the bus since my 'car!' is not with me..
    I got to work and head to the office, while opening the door my heart started to beat okay this is way over the line and awkward I opened the door anyways but he was not inside I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down and Immediately the door pushed open and Zack walked in..
    His eyes got brighter seeing me
    "oh.. You um came" he said trying to hide his smile
    "yes.. I did turns out I didn't get fired or neither did I quit I still need to get my salary I really need it" I say and he finally smiled revealing his manly dimples..
    "so this belongs to you" he said and handed me my car key and u shyly mouthed a thank you to him and he nodded and sat down on his chair
    "so I fired Owen" He tells me
    "oh" I say
    Poor Owen he deserved it anyway
    "yeah he's a psychopath and a jerk" Zack laughed and I joined, it feels so good sharing a good laugh with Zack, ..
    We did morning work together I was feeling totally uncomfortable with the way I'm feeling right now..
    After everything's done it was lunch time I stood up and to go out when my mom called
    "hey mom" I say into the phone
    "is Zack there" she asked
    "yes I'm at work and Zack is here" I replied and Zack looked up wondering who I was talking to
    "it's Valery,i can't find her I went to school to pick her but her teacher told me her father has already picked her and I was wondering if it was Zack " my mom cried out
    "what!!?? Zack has been here the whole time and who was that and how did it happen who's the young man" I yelled and my eyes was getting wet
    "I. Don't. Know. I'm confused she's no where to be found" my mom cried through the phone
    "I'll call you back" I say she cleaned my tears
    I hung up and turned to Zack who's face looks pale and he's on his feet "who was that " he asked
    "it's mom she couldn't find Valery she said she wanted to pick him up from school but the teacher said a man had already picked her up claim to be her father " I cried
    "what??" he yelled and immediately my phone started to ring
    "who is it" he asked
    "I don't know" I said staring at the strange number
    "pick it up " he said and I did and put it on loud speaker
    "hello" I sniffed
    "oh hey Sarah is Zack there" Owen voice calls
    "Owen?? " Me and Zack called the sake time
    "oh thank goodness you guys are together I happen to be with a young girl about six black hair brown eyes. The cutest dimples ever and who ask a lot of questions" Owen laughed and I gasped
    "son of a bitch" Zack yelled
    "don't you dare go calling me Zachary or your daughter's going to get it" Owen threatened...

    Episode 16

    ** Owen's pov **
    Finally I have them under me now,Zack can't try anything stupid now that I'm with his precious little girl, now I can get what I want ..
    "am with your daughter, and to get her back you need to give me what I want, I don't want money I have that already you two should just come at earnest lane street number 53 off elk street and dont be late assholes and that word was only meant for zack and don't you dare call the police or bring anyone with you, you guys should come alone" ..I said and hunged up, I turned to the little Valery on the chair staring at the strange place.. When she looked at me and realise I was done with the phone she asked
    "where am i"
    "I can't tell you that" I replied
    "but why"
    "because.. Just Shut up okay " I yell I can't keep up with a little girl..
    "why's your hair white" she asked oh
    Kill me
    "looks like your school teacher's kind of an illiterate, it's blonde not white " I yanked
    "you're mean" she pouts
    "I know that, so maybe if you just shut up I'll be a little nicer" I say and she blinked rapidly and I couldn't resist the irritation that occurred to me when I saw Zack's face in hers, anyone can notice she's his goddamned father..
    "I'm hungry" she yanked.
    "well will you eat my arm cause I don't have any food" I queried and she gave me her best glare..
    "I can't eat your arm it doesn't taste good" she said and I almost laughed she's a fucking little pest.
    I sighed and dipped my pocket and brought out a big bar of wrapped chocolate ..
    "will this do" I say as I unwrapped the chocolate.. She nods happily and got down happily from her chair, "sit down" I tell her But she snatched the chocolate with her tiny hands from mine and sat down she ate the chocolate In peace and I breathed a sigh of relief at least she'll stop talking..
    "do you know who your dad is" 8 asked her
    "yes, mommy calls him Zack but I call him dad he's very sweet he's not mean like you" she replies ,she talks a lot it was just a question she's got some attitude like her fucking father..
    "hope you're enjoying your chocolate " I asked and she nods
    "I'm thirsty" she said
    What the hell?
    "I don't have any water what do you want me to do" I seethe
    "go get me some water" she ordered, she's such a little wench
    "and who's gonna make me?" I yanked, she pouts and faced the chocolate..
    Few minutes later I heard a screeching car outside the building and when I peeped at the window i saw Zack's car
    Lovely, just like I imagined
    "stay here and don't move" I tell Valery and she gave me a glare, as I walked out of the room I told two built men who working for me to keep an eye on Valery and they nod and walked into the room.. This house was my father's but not anymore, he handed it to me Before he passed away but I didnt want it but I didn't know it will come in handy one day and today's the day...
    I met Zack and Sarah outside .."Zack my Goodman and Sarah so good to see you guys " I said with a smile
    When Sarah turned to look at me I scanned her face she looks pale her cheeks flushed, her eyes were red and looks baggy and her nose was almost huge and red.. Oh no she's been crying..
    "where's Valery" Zack yelled
    "don't go all yelly In my house this is peaceful place" I queried pissing his ass off
    "don't you dare give me shits okay where is she." he yelled again his hand fisted and his face red..
    "please where is she " Sarah chipped in her voice sore and cracked, from crying
    "she's fine" I tell her, cant believe I'm falling weak for Sarah, she's my goddamned weakness, that's because I fucking love her..
    "what do you want owen" Zack asked me and I laughed lightly..
    " I want her " I said and pointed to Sarah
    "you son of a bitch" Zach said and immediately punched me in the face, he's so going to get it..
    "stop it.." Sarah yelled and walked up to Zack and held him to stop
    "if I come with you will you let Valery go" she asked and I nod
    "no Sarah don't do this" Zack begs her but she ignored his words
    "I'll be fine" she tells me and I smirked at him, the two built men who's name's are bolin and Niko came out with Valery and let go of her and immediately she ran to hug Sarah
    "mommy you're here, that man is so mean" she said pointing to me
    "look I want you to go home with your dad I'll be back. Okay" Sarah said to her
    "promise??" Valery replied and she nodded, hmm I don't think that promise is coming true.. Sarah gave Zack a look I didn't understand and Zack took Valery and they both entered his car and drove away while I smiled at Sarah and we both walked in my house..
    While walking through the hallway she stopped... "owen" she called and I turned to look at her she's in tears already, damn it
    "what is it" I sound like a fucking ass hole
    "what do you really want" she asked gripped more tightly in her tiny bag she held
    "I want you" I break the words
    "do you even listen to your self you want me, but I don't want you, I have a child Owen I have a life ahead of me and you do too but without please don't ruin anything for anyone please, do. You think by kidnapping Valery I'll accept to be with you, you can't force love it has a mind of its own, I don't love you Owen please understand " she cried
    Dang it I'm getting weak
    This is bullshit..
    "where's the smiling owen I knew I didn't realise you could do such a thing, do you think that I'll be happy without my family but with you, and happiness doesn't work that way if two people doesn't love each other, so please just drop the act please Owen I beg you" she cried
    Dammmmmn it!!!!
    She's right I hate that she's right
    "But you don't love him" I said
    "maybe you think I don't but I know I do" she said and sniffed
    "leave!! " I tell her, she should get out of here before I change my fucking mind..
    ** Sarah's pov **
    He understands
    Thank God he understands, and it's true I do love Zack but I'm afraid to admit it and Owen is the first person I'm admitting it to..
    I cleaned my tears and said "thank you, for understanding I hope you find someone better than me, smarter than me and prettier than me" ..
    "I hope so" he said almost quietly but I heard him and I walked away,
    I hurried out of the building and glanced at my watch it was almost six thirty.. I don't even know my way around this goddamned place, it's strange and unfamiliar and Zack's left already.. Before I knew it Zack car pulled over in front of me and I gladly entered and Valery was asleep at the back seat of the car..
    "thank god you're okay" he said and hugged me and I buried my face in his Chest and cried,
    "I almost lost my mind " he said and his voice cracks and he kissed my hair and I appreciated the warmness that follow his lips..

    Episode 17

    ** Sarah's pov continues **
    Zack drove Valery and I home and as I was about to carry Valery inside he stopped me and said I'll do it, I didn't argue with him because I feel pretty weak and now's definitely not a good time, as he carried Valery in I followed him and opened the door for him, immediately my mom spotted us, she got on her feet in excitement and the worried look on her face seconds ago, actually disappeared and she smiled..
    "oh my god I was worried sick what happened" my mom asked
    "dont worry it was nothing" I lied I don't need her to get all misty and sympathetic..
    She nods and Zack took Valery to her room, "he's α real charmer you know" my mom said referring to Zack
    "quit whining mom" I rolled my eyes and she smiled
    "I'm complimenting him who's not even here and you're the one getting all flushed up uhh look at your cheeks it's so red" my mom yanked pulling my cheeks..
    "ugh stop it" I say and my mom rolled her eyes still smiling, which made me smile too..
    Zack came. Out of Valery's room with his car key in his index finger
    "so I'm off now" he smiled
    "I'll escort you out " I say calmly and my mom nods totally agreeing with my kind gesture ..
    As the door closes behind us I turned to Zack and Gave him a small smile
    "thank you for today" I said
    "no thank you if it wasn't for you I don't know where he would have taken Valery to thanks for talking some sense into him" he replied and I smiled
    "it was no biggie, he actually thought I didn't love you" I laughed..
    oops I can't believe I just said that ..
    "I don't understand you he thought you didn't love me" He said
    Oh. Good. Lord..
    "just.. Just forget I said anything" I yanked
    "no way, I can't forget this you have to tell me or else I ain't leaving" he smirked and I laughed a little.. The day had start to become dark and his eyes became sparkly under the little fluorescent light outside our porch..
    "fine.. Owen said I said I didn't love you but I.. ..i.. told him he was wrong that...i.. I.. " I couldn't complete my words Dang it that I'm not a straight forward girl.
    "that you love me!!??" he completes it his answer coming at a statement and a question.. I slowly nod and gulped and as adorable grin was placed around his face and we both remained quiet
    Okay this is awkward but great, I feel like no tables are turning it no tables were turned and I feel like me and Zack.. Oh. Goodness..
    "so.. I.. have to go inside or back to work cause I haven't really you know I'm.." I mixed my words and Zack laughed
    "why do you work??.." I asked
    "Huh? I don't understand" I said
    "I mean you should quit cause I can actually provide for you and Valery" he offered charmingly and I was sudden speechless ..
    "I.. I.. You know this is kind of. Awkward " I admit
    "what's awkward about me trying to provide for my own daughter" he said and shifts uncomfortably
    "I know you're not just talking about Valery" I yanked and he bit his lip.. And tried to hide his smiles
    "okay you got me there but at least I'm trying to be a better dad" he yanked
    "and I'm not being a better mom is that what you're saying" I asked somewhat teasingly
    " Not at all you're the best and I really appreciate your effort and support I mean you've been there for her for six years and I've just known her weeks I want to be around her too" he suggest and I couldn't help the sympathy that took over me for him
    "awwn that's so sweet of you" I tell him and he smile beams
    "thanks" he tells me and I bat my eyelashes at him and he let out a sounding laugh. .
    When he recovered from his laughter he sighed and said "so I'll come by tomorrow to pick my car since you fired me" I say and he smiled
    "okay, I'll also come by tomorrow after work to see Valery " he said and I nod..
    "so good night then" I said
    "yeah.. Good night" he tells me back the day has finally become dark I was surprised to see my self still standing outside instead of walking inside
    "is it awkward that I don't you to leave yet" I said almost in a whisper
    "yes.. Yes it is" he laughed and I smiled.. And hit his arm playfully, he rubbed it playfully like it hurts him and I laughed and he surprises me by kissing me and I reciprocated
    It's actually the second time...
    I can't believe I'm busy counting our kisses while I should be enjoying it while it lasts..
    "okay good night for real this time" he said as he pulled out From the kiss and I nod..
    When I walked in my mom gave me the most strangest look ever
    "what?" I asked
    "nothing,..i have a feeling you like Zack" my mom said and I roll my eyes
    "I'll take that as a yes" she said "I'll go to my room" I announced
    "you know I. Just think you should marry him" my mom said and I almost choked on my breath
    "what? " I yell
    "what are you yelling about you two have a child and you love it each other" she seethe
    "I don't love him.. Who told.. y.. you that" I lie and could feel the hitting on my cheeks..
    "hmm-mm" my mom. Looked at me and I rolled my eyes ,
    and walked away I got on my bed and removed my shoe today had been a day I'll never forget.. I laid on the bed and started to think about Zack.. Strange Huh?
    **Zack's pov**
    I got home happily form work, immediately I got in, I met my mom, dad my younger brother Xander and my baby sitter Nixie on the couch my mom was in tears and the sad expression on my siblings face made me felt a tight knot in my stomach and my smile changed to a frown. What's this old cargo doing here anyways
    "hey mom. " I greeted and she cleaned her tears and nod
    What the hell happened
    "you're home early" my dad said
    "what's it to you" I yanked removing my jacket..
    "be a little nicer to your father Zachary " my mom tells me.
    "nice my butt mom do you even know he's getting married" I yelled
    "not anymore" my dad. Chipped in
    "I realise I was making a full time mistake of getting married to another woman you guys are my happiness I've already apologized to your mother and she forgives me and so did your brother and sister" he explained
    "whatever" I say and my mom gave me a look,
    "so you're home early" my mom changed the subject
    "yeah of course I wasn't at work since like three In the afternoon".i say taking my shoes off
    "why?" my mom asked
    "Valery got Kidnapped " I said and Nixie got up from the couch
    "OMG is she okay" she asked
    "that poor thing" my mom adds
    "she's fine actually, " I say and tossed my tie over the couch
    "who's Valery? " my dad and Xander asked at the same time
    "his daughter" Nixie replied
    "oh.. You've seen her? " Xander asked
    "yeah she's a cutey and a blabber beak" Nixie said and I rolled my eyes "don't call her that" I said
    "oh.. I thought you were joking on having a daughter" my dad said and I rolled my eyes at him and head upstairs.. To my room I think it's about time I get my own house, but I can't or else my mom would break
    Fucking great...
    ** Sarah's pov **
    The next morning I shrugged awake and the sweet smell of brownies filled the entire house That my mouths starts to water in my sleeps and I had to wake up.. I quickly brushed my teeth and head to the kitchen..
    And met mom
    "brownies!!" I said happily and my mom laughed
    "like mother like daughter you go crazy for brownies and so does Valery" she said after taking a bite from two brownies I head to Valery's room to wake her up and I did and she took her bath and I took her to school through a taxi
    I got back to work to take back my car and unfortunately at the parking loft I met Zack parking his car.. He saw me and smiled and immediately got down from his car
    "hey good morning " I said
    "morning to you too" he replied cheerfully and I smiled..
    Suddenly an unexpected rain starts to pour
    "come-on get In the car" he said and I got in the passengers seat while he sat at the driver's seat
    "what kind of rain is that? " I seethe and touched some strands of wet hair on my head
    "maybe it's just passing rain clouds" he said and I nod
    "so you're here to pick your car" he added and I nod
    We both remained quiet staring at each other..
    "what are we doing sarah" Zack said still his eyes on mine
    "what? " I replied
    "I mean we have a daughter and all.. Just get married to me " he said and I smiled, he's right my mom's right..
    "is that suppose to be a proposal" I asked
    And he laughed
    "no no way but maybe I guess yes. I mean I'm not very good with it" he said
    "you're awful" I lied
    "thanks it means a lot" he said and we both laughed
    "you know I really love you sarah" he said
    "I know." I said with a low voice and throw my gaze somewhere else
    "so is it a yes " he asked and searches my eyes and I slowly nod and he smiled happily reveling his dimple and we kissed...

    Episode 18

    ** Sarah's pov continues **
    I drove by car home and when I got inside I met by mom sitting on the couch and drinking coffee, she takes too much coffee
    "hey mom" I said and closed the door behind me
    "hey darling you're back" she said and dropped her coffee and I nodded
    "er.. mom.. he proposed to me"I break the news
    "Zach?" she called
    "of course who else" I seethe and she smiled
    "and what did you say was it a yes or a no" she asked
    "I said no" I lied
    "what.. Huh..why " my mom mix her words and I couldn't help but laugh
    "what's so funny about it" she said angrily
    "you should have seen your face mom, I was joking I said yes" I replied and she breathe in a gave me an unpleasant look
    "so when is the wedding" she asked
    "there will be no wedding" I seethe
    "but why?? " she asked with a frown , I sighed and said
    "I just want a small court wedding and I feel like huge weddings are bad luck"
    "don't say that, but okay what ever you say I just want you to be happy, " she said
    "thanks mom " I said and she smiled
    "well you better tell your husband about that" my mom said and I gave her a look "he's not my husband " I yell and walk away
    "yet!!" she added
    I walked in my room and brought out my phone from my back pocket of my jeans..
    I took my idea book where I stored Zack's phone number and I called him..
    "hey zack" I said as he picked up
    "oh hey, Sarah I was just about to call you" He replied
    "well I won" I said and he laughed
    Okay this is going to get awkward somehow..
    "so I told my family the news" zack said
    "me too" I replied
    "are we going to have a wedding or..
    "yes we are" I cut him off
    "but I don't a huge wedding let's just take court" I added
    "okay, so when do you think it's a good time" I asked
    "I don't know maybe tomorrow" He said
    Is tomorrow not to early??
    "tomorrow's perfect" I said ,
    "okay.. Bye then.. I love you" he said
    "bye.. I love you.. too" I said and hunged up, that wasn't so bad..
    ** Zack's pov **
    I couldn't help but smile after making a phone call with Sarah I can't believe I'm getting married to her after tomorrow it will just be about me, her and Valery no one else..
    My office door flung open and my mother walked in looking overly dressed and wearing a heavy makeup, her hair was curled and perfectly trimmed ..hmm and my father was behind her, I still haven't forgive him..
    "hey mom " I say
    "hey son" she walked up to me smiling, ..
    "what a surprise visit" I said referring to both her and my dad
    "actually I came here to see if I find Sarah so she, Nixie and I can go shopping for her wedding dress" my mom said and I sighed
    "there will be no wedding dress just buy a normal dress okay we're having a court wedding" I replied
    "court wedding?? " my dad chipped in and the expression on my mom's face made me laugh a little..
    "have you seen this girl mom? She doesn't like huge things like you, she's a nice quiet and gentle girl who doesn't like too much of attention I've known her for years okay" I explain
    "okay, court it is" my mom sighed
    "I can't believe your dad and I haven't seen the girl my son is getting married to but I've heard about her crazy right? " she said and laughed
    "dad have seen her but haven't met her " I said
    "I have? " he asked
    "yeah, she's the model I used for the clothes sales department" I said
    "oh my.. she's pretty " he smiled and i rolled my eyes
    "oh really are you with the pictures I have to see her please" my mom whined and I smiled and brought out the magazine from the drawer and gave it to her ..
    "oh my.. She is a very beautiful girl she looks so young and just like Valery look at that smile I can't wait to meet her so when can I meet her" my mom squeaked happily still staring at the book
    "mom you're drooling on her " I tease and she laughed
    "so where is she I must meet her" she said
    "I just finished talking to her on the phone she's at home" I replied
    "gimme her address I need to meet her and her mother" my mom yanked
    "really? I'm busy maybe later" I said and she gave me a wicked look I haven't seen on her face before "okay whatever" I said and finally gave her the address and she smiled and walked away, talk about dramatic.
    ** Sarah's pov *"
    Me and my mom had just finished talking with me telling her that I'm getting married tomorrow and stuff and I just feel like it should just come and go, I dont like huge things.. Suddenly a knock came on the door, "I got it" I tell my mom and got up from the couch and to the door when I opened it I saw Zack's mom, I recognised her immediately even though it's been six years ago when she came to school for Zack when he broke the principal's window Zack and I haven't actually been friends then, he was very popular..
    "oh hi there you must be Sarah" she said and smiled and I nod
    "oh hi there Mrs Anderson" I said and opened the door wider and she entered with her husband behind her..
    "mom this is Mr and mrs Anderson Zack's parents" I introduced
    "oh call me rose" she insisted and I nod and did my mom
    "oh my I can't believe I've finally gotten to meet you, you look more prettier and taller in person" she squeaked and I couldn't help it but smile
    We talked about the ""wedding"" and I had to repeat my self telling that only family members are allowed there and Zack saved me from the outrageous conversation by telling me he's going to pick Valery from school and I agreed...
    **** fast forward ****
    It's the day after our wedding Zack's mom was crying and sitting on the couch we we're at their house my mom and Valery beside me and Nixie and Xander beside their mom while his father stood behind the couch staring at us as we stood still with our luggage
    "come-on mom it's not like I'm going to die" Zack groaned
    "I know I know.. I mean you can't just leave I've trained you for years and you've grown up and you have a family now and I'm just so proud of you" she cried and Nixie couldn't help it but laugh.. And his mom rolled her eyes at her
    And then stood up
    "that's the point mom, I have a family now" Zack protested.. "can't you guys just live here" she pouts and looked at me and I gave her a small smile and glanced at Zack
    "no mom we can't, goodbye and goodnight we would have gotten here like two hours ago if it wasn't for you" Zack laughed and she sighed
    "good night .. I'll. Come visit every single day" she said and hugged me, then Zack
    Finally we'll be moving to our own new house I can't wait to see it..
    "bye mom" I tell her she now lives with Zack's family because Mrs Anderson insisted and without me and valery in that house there's no home.. She hugged me and smiled
    "I'm so proud of you honey" she said and I smiled, "make my brother proud" Xander said behind me and I gave him a warm smile and hug. Nixie jumped in front of me and hugged me tight that I couldn't breathe
    "you've been the best sister in law ever I know Xander's wife isn't going to be like you" she said
    "I don't even have a girlfriend" Xander chipped in and Nixie laughed and let go of me.
    "bye " she tells me and I nod
    "I'm sleepy" Valery said rubbing her eyes
    "it's getting late we'll be leaving now" Zack announced
    "maybe Valery should sleep here and you two should leave" his mom. Said.
    Seriously she is so twitchy
    "no fucking way" Zack breathed and took Valery from me and start to head outside "goodbye son" his father said
    "thanks dad" he replied and he walked out and I carried my bag and waved everyone goodbye before trailing behind him...
    We got to our house and it was amazing a medium sized building just for us three or else we have more children..
    "wow this house is amazing" I said staring at the arranged living room and wow I was speechless "glad you like it" Zack says
    "I love it" I added and he smiled
    "well I have to take Valery to her room now she's finally asleep " he said and I nodded "wait. She has a room already" I asked
    "we do too" he replied and I rolled my eyes
    Valery room was painted and furnished with pink and white and it was magical her bed was enormous and four pink curtains surrounded it, it was beautiful and wide likewise her old manageable room..
    "who told you she likes pink that her room had to be pink and white" I said to Zack and we walked in our own room
    "all girls like pink" he said
    "right" I added sarcastically and rolled my eyes but stopped seeing our room it was wide and all white.. Seriously Zack spent a lot on this place
    "wow" I breathed out
    "what do you think" he bit his lips
    "there are no words to describe it" I said and jumped on the bed
    "this feels magical" I say and he laughed and closed the door behind us
    "and we also have our personal bathroom" he said and smiled and when he showed me I almost laid down on the floor.. The bathtub was made out of glass instead of ceramics..
    "I wanted everything to be perfect" he whined and closed the bathroom door and I rolled my eyes.
    "thank you for everything" I tell him
    "no thank you " he replied
    "I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I'm with you I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you're making of me, I love you for the part of me that you bring out" he added and my smile changed brightly
    "awwn that's so sweet" I said and bat my lashes at him
    "you're not gonna cry like my mom right" he teased
    "asshole" I replied And he laughed
    "can you help me with the zipper this dress is killing me" I said and moved my hair one side and he unzipped my dress
    "you have an amazing body" he said
    "shut up" I ponjured
    "I'm gonna head to the shower first " I said packing my hair in ponytail
    "how about we have our bath together" he said
    "what!! No fucking way" I repeat his words from earlier
    "come-on you're my wife now" he pouts
    "yeah, I know that duh! But it's kind of you know.. Awkward" I blurt out
    "there you go again, ninety nine percent of married couple have their bath together" he said
    "and we're not them. Where's the towel " I asked
    "in the bathroom " he pointed and I laughed at his frowned face and head to the bathroom I closed the door but quickly take a quick glance at him before slamming it I pulled my dress over my head, and then my inner wears before heading to the bathtub, I turned on the hot water and the steams were clouder than I thought
    The door clicks open and a figure stands in front of It naked I couldn't see the person clearly
    "mind if I join"
    "oh my god Zach you're disgusting" I say sounding loud "if I am and so are you " he said and Joins me in the tub..
    "I'm in now and there's no going back" he said and I rolled my eyes he leaned closer to me and kissed me and I sat upright so he can be comfortable and we kissed under the cool warm water..

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