Story: The Spell Weaver

    Episode 1

    Giving up on Michael was never an option for Sophie. Even though he didn’t have a job, Sophie never stopped supporting him. They loved each other so much but somehow, Michael was always caught cheating. He was in fact, a serial cheat. He cheated all the time and sadly, Sophie always found him out.

    Still, Michael loved Sophie more than any of the girls he was seen flirting around with. Sophie, on the other hand, believed that if love made all things perfect, then there was hope for Michael and herself.

    They had been dating for three years now without having sex. They both agreed to maintain a sex-free relationship until they were married. On the positive side, it kept their relationship healthy and strong. Michael’s cheating habit was what caused friction in the relationship.

    Sophie felt he cheated on her because of sex but what confused her the most was the fact that Michael respected her and her decision not to have sex yet.

    He never forced her, not even on a single occasion. During moments of intimacy, they both knew when to stop in order to keep their ‘chastity’ promise.

    There was this time that Sophie couldn’t control herself and it was Michael playing the perfect gentleman who found a way of calming her.

    All this made Sophie love him the more but the question was: If Michael could control himself with her whom he claimed he loved most, why couldn’t he stop cheating?

    Michael had graduated from the university with a second-class upper degree in accounting and went ahead to an eventful national service year. After the mandatory service period, he found it difficult getting a job despite all his applications.

    One day while on a bus, he found that his pocket had been picked and his wallet taken just about the time the conductor came asking for the fare.

    Sophie was the one who came to his rescue, paying his fare for him. They right away exchanged numbers and their love story began from there.

    Sophie had gotten a starting position as an administrator in a micro finance bank. She was hardworking and a cheerful person to be around. In addition to that, she was beautiful. Men always turned round to take a second look at her.

    She was honest and very humble and had the respect of all her colleagues, most especially the superior officers.

    Sophie recommended Michael to her human resource manager and tried to get the firm to employ him. However, the man insisted on having an affair with her in other to give Michael the job, so she backed down.

    Since he didn’t have a job, Sophie virtually had to split her salary between both of them to make ends meet.

    Michael’s conscience didn’t feel right about this. He felt he owed Sophie for all the sacrifice. The least he could do was make Sophie happy. However, the more he tried to stay faithful, the more he kept cheating.

    One day, Sophie got a surprise for him. Her persistence had paid off and the office had offered Michael a position as an accountant. She was highly elated.

    She could barely hold her delight but decided not to spoil it until she had gotten the appointment letter lest the company changed its mind. Now she had finally gotten the letter. In her joy, she quickly set off from work to Michael’s place to deliver the message.

    Michael getting a job as an accountant meant that he was going to be her senior at work. His salary package was thrice hers. It really was a breakthrough for them. She passed through a supermarket on her way to the house so that she could get a bottle of fine wine for them to celebrate.
    The front door was locked when she got there. “Maybe he is sleeping,” she said to herself. She didn’t press the bell; rather, she used her key and opened the door gingerly and as quietly as she could so she could surprise him.

    The TV in the small sitting room was rather loud and blocked off any other sound. She was happy as that would mask any noise she would make. She took off her shoes, all the while smiling to herself. She imagined in her mind how he would react to the news and this made her laugh with joy to herself.

    She noticed that the door to his room was ajar and she went quickly so as to catch him before he could notice she was there.

    Sophie’s blood froze and the smile disappeared when she caught sight of Michael on the bed. He was at it furiously with a woman who seemed to be lost in whatever he was doing to her. Suddenly her breath stopped as the face of the woman turned and caught her eyes. She found herself staring right into the eyes of her younger sister, Nicky.

    Episode 2

    Her blood froze and the smile disappeared when she caught sight of him on the bed. He was at it furiously with a woman who seemed lost in whatever he was doing to her. Suddenly her breath stopped, as the face of the woman turned and caught her eyes and she found herself staring right into the eyes of her younger sister, Nicky.

    Nicky’s eyes locked with hers for what seemed like an eternity. She initially was too far gone in passion to recognize who she was looking at. There was something totally amiss with the scene. Like a flash, however, her eyes transited from passion to shock and then settled on pain. She pushed Michael off her, picked up her clothes and ran out of the room.

    Michael was shocked at the complete change in her behaviour as he hadn’t yet seen Sophie. He suddenly sensed a presence, turned round and saw Sophie standing – a bottle in one hand and what looked like an envelope in the other.

    Instantly, Michael got up and knelt in front of Sophie begging.

    “Babe, I really don’t know what came over me he said. Please…”

    Sophie was too hurt for words. She didn’t quite know what to say or do. She just stood there crying silent tears as Michael knelt before her.

    She felt like tearing the appointment paper and breaking the bottle on his head but thought to herself “what good would that do?”

    She threw the envelope at him, dropped the bottle on the bed and walked out of the room, through the sitting room and straight out of the house. Michael initially tried going after her but had to go back to put something on as he was stark naked. By the time he got back to the door, she was nowhere in sight, she had left without a word.
    Michael went back into the house. He went straight to his bed and lay down thinking about what had just gone down. His thoughts were on how he was going to repair this damage. Suddenly he remembered that Sophie had thrown an envelope at him.

    He found the envelope, tore it open and read the job offer with glee. He couldn’t help giving a small shout of joy as well as a dance. He was filled with joy and guilt at the same time. He immediately picked the phone to call Sophie. Her phone rang out without any answer. He decided to give some time and maybe even go over to her home later.

    Meanwhile, Sophie had gotten home, her heart heavy and her eyes all teary. The first person she saw in the house was Nicky. She was sitting on the porch. She seemed to have been waiting for Sophie to show up. She quickly stood up and went towards Sophie as she saw her coming.

    “Sophie, can we talk? Please” Nicky asked.

    “Sophie, I’m sorry. It is not what you think. I can’t explain what came over me. One thing led to the other and things went to the extreme,” said Nicky.

    “I can’t believe you’re telling me this. It’s enough, ok” Sophie said and walked out on her.

    Michael tried calling Sophie all through the weekend but she ignored him. He thought of going over to the house but he was afraid. For once, he had a feeling that he had crossed the line this time. He knew that he would get to see her on Monday, his first day at work so he waited patiently.

    Nicky, couldn’t get over her guilt feelings. She just kept seeing Sophie’s eyes at that point when she caught her with Michael. She desperately tried all through the weekend to see her but Sophie did a good job of avoiding her. Sophie remained in her room and avoided all contact. All she could hear was the sound of music and faint sobs now and then.

    By Monday, she had had enough and she decided to go see Michael and talk with him. She left home at the crack of dawn and was at Michael’s place within 45 mins.

    Michael was getting ready for his first day at work and was interrupted in his preparations by the sound of the doorbell.

    “Who could that be?” he wondered to himself as he wasn’t expecting anyone. He opened the door to see Nicky. She was one of the last persons he ever thought he would see that morning and he was quite surprised.

    “Nicky, I wasn’t expecting you,” Michael said.

    “Well, I am here. We need to end this Michael. I can’t bear to hurt my sister this way again,” said Nicky.

    “Come in and sit down, let’s talk. I still have a bit more time to get to work” Michael said, inviting her into his room.

    “Wow! You didn’t tell me you had gotten a job” Nicky said.

    “Yes, it came suddenly and unannounced. We haven’t spoken in the last few days. I would have told you. I now have a job as an accountant ” Michael disclosed.

    “I’m so happy for you Michael,” Nicky said. “……Anyway, we need to end this, and find a way to make amends. Sophie is really hurt. She has been avoiding me since Friday” she continued.

    “Same here, she’s not answering my calls” Michael said.

    “Michael, there is something else you should know” Nicky said.

    “What is it?” asked Michael.

    “I’m two months pregnant for you.” Nicky disclosed.

    “What!” Michael exclaimed.

    Later that morning Sophie reported to work and went straight to the Human Resource Manager’s office.

    “Sir, thank you so much for giving Michael this chance, ” said Sophie.

    “I must say your boyfriend is really lucky”, said the HR Manager.

    “Sir, can we put behind whatever happened. I beg of you.” Sophie said.

    Before he could answer, they heard a knock on the door. It was one of the secretaries.

    “Sir, the new employee is here,” said the secretary.

    “That must be your guy?” said the HR Manager

    “I’m sure it’s him. Sir, let me take leave of you” Sophie said and left.

    The HR Manager asked the secretary to usher Michael into his office immediately.

    “Good morning sir” Michael greeted

    “Good morning, you may sit down,” said the HR Manager.

    “You are welcome to your new job. I must say, you need to thank your girlfriend for the extreme sacrifice she made to ensure you got the job,” said the Manager.
    “Thank you very much, sir. I promise to be very effective and productive ” said Michael.

    “Mind you, your work here is under strict conditions which weren’t stated in your appointment letter,” said the Manager.

    “Sir, what conditions? Michael asked.

    “Good question. Your girlfriend and I have come a very long way so if you want to keep your job, then you must keep your distance,” the manager said.

    “Sir, I don’t understand,” Michael said.

    “It’s as simple as that. I’m sure you’re matured enough to read between the lines. What were you thinking when I said she had made extreme sacrifices. Young man, you either keep your distance or you forget about the job,” the manager said.

    Episode 3

     “It’s as simple as that. I’m sure you’re matured enough to read between the lines. What were you thinking when I said she had made extreme sacrifices. Young man, you either keep your distance or you forget about the job,” the manager said.

    The encounter with the HR manager left Michael with the impression that Sophie had slept with the manager. This made him jealous and left him with a sense of betrayal even though it was said the sacrifice was for him to get a job.

    Michael decided to avoid Sophie. He dumped the apology he had rehearsed before as he now didn’t feel like seeing her.

    Sophie’ was quite surprised at the fact that Michael didn’t make any attempt to come see her even though they now worked in the same office. She had managed to forgive him on the matter with her sister and was willing to go ahead with the relationship. She, however, wanted him to come to her and apologize for his bad behavior.

    By the third day, Sophie was uptight. She didn’t feel comfortable about it. She needed her guy back. She loved him so much even after what he had done. Later that day around lunch time, she saw him standing afar off and she decided to confront him.

    ” Michael, I want us to talk.” said

    “About what Sophie, Tell me.” Michael asked.

    “Why are you doing this? Michael, am I the one to blame, after sleeping with my own sister?” Sophie asked.

    “Oh yes, I did that and I’m sorry yeah. But two wrongs do not make a right” Michael said.

    “What wrongs Michael? What are you talking about? Sophie asked.

    Suddenly, Amah the secretary to the HR manager showed up and barged into their conversation.

    “Michael, you have kept me waiting for too long. Lunch will soon be over” Amah said interrupting the conversation.

    “Sorry Amah, I was just rounding up here,” Michael said. He turned to her with a grin and said “see you later Sophie” and then promptly walked away with Amah.

    From the look of things, there was something brewing between Michael and Amah even though Michael had only been at work for 3 days.

    Sophie knew Michael couldn’t be trusted around Amah. She knew him and knew what he was capable of. This only worsened her plight as she had practically dwelt on his attitude over the last three days

    She really loved him. Asides Michael’s cheating, he was really caring, loving and fun to be with. Although it could be more of the ‘good girl loving bad boy’ syndrome a lot of women find themselves in.
    Sophie was willing to give Michael some time to come around. She innocently didn’t suspect that he could have any other reason for staying away from her.

    Days went by and Michael indeed kept his distance. Sophie, on the other hand, was waiting for Michael to come around.

    She had also forgiven Nicky. They spoke a bit about the matter and had gotten back to being the sisters they were. They had both enjoyed a good relationship and Sophie considered Nicky to be one of her BFFs. Little did she know that Nicky was carrying Michael’s child.

    On the last day of work, Sophie decided to surprise Michael with a gift. She bought something she knew Michael loved so much, packaged it nicely and placed it on his table at a time she knew he wouldn’t be around.

    Michael had been in the conference room with the CEO. He came back to meet the package on his table, He thought the gift was from Amah. He didn’t stop to think that it could be from Sophie.

    Immediately, he called Amah and promised to take her out on a dinner date right after work.

    Sophie was just coming into his office to let him know she was the one who dropped the gift when she overheard him fixing a date with Amah. She stopped in her tracks, pained. Michael hadn’t seen her and went into some flirty talk with Amah oblivious of the fact that Sophie was overhearing.

    It was quite obvious to Sophie that Michael and Amah had something going on. She ran out of where she was and returned to her desk.
    Sophie couldn’t control herself. She kept thinking and weeping for something that was not worth it. Was it wrong to sacrifice so much for the one she loved? Probably, love was not her portion.

    These among several other thoughts kept running through her mind all day to the point that her productivity started to suffer.

    She decided she needed a break. She was glad that this was the last working day of the week and she wouldn’t get to see Michael for a while.

    As the day wore on, she became a nervous wreck; many people passed by and noticed her countenance. At a point, she just couldn’t continue. She wanted to leave the office so she wouldn’t have to go through the pain of running into Michael and Amah going on their date.

    She rushed out of the office and ran out. She was absentminded, partly weeping and totally oblivious of her environment.

    Without thinking, she drifted into the center of the road right at the junction. A car coming from the other direction suddenly drove up and hit her.

    Episode 4

    She rushed out of the office and ran out. She was absent-minded, partly weeping and totally oblivious of her environment.

    Without thinking, she drifted into the centre of the road right at the junction. A car coming from the other direction suddenly drove up and hit her.

    Luckily, the driver had seen her on time and applied his brakes. By the time the car hit her, it was a very soft touch. She fell down more from shock than from the impact of the accident. She had no bruises on her neither did she feel any pains. The driver knowing very well he was at fault came down and helped her.

    He was a gentleman and very courteous. He helped Sophie and insisted on taking her to the hospital for check up. Sophie initially refused because she felt she was fine. After they exchanged names, Jason, the driver was able to convince her and eventually took her to the hospital.

    Jason was apparently well connected; Sophie breezed through the hospital formalities with ease even though the place was busy at that time. A number of the doctors and hospital staff knew him.

    Jason pushed for Sophie to undergo an x-ray and proper check up. After all the checks, nothing serious was detected.

    Jason insisted on taking Sophie wherever she was headed. On their way, Sophie drifted away, thinking of Michael and  totally oblivious of the man driving by her side. Jason soon noticed this and tried to get her attention.
    “Are you ok? Jason asked but Sophie didn’t hear him.

    “Hello Madam” Jason called, tapping her shoulder.

    Sophie came to herself, realizing that Jason had been trying to get her attention.

    “Sorry, come again” Sophie said.

    ” You seem distracted, just wanted to know if you’re ok,” Jason asked.

    “Yeah I am, I just have a couple of things on my mind, but I am ok” Sophie said.

    “Ok then. I am really sorry for what happened earlier today, it’s entirely my fault. I had this family issue that I just couldn’t get off my mind. ” Jason said.

    “Funny world, isn’t it? We all have seem to have personal problems eating us up,” Sophie said.

    Jason offered to take her on a ride around town so that they could take the time to know each other. Sophie agreed to the ride and suggested they found somewhere they could sit and talk.

    “Sounds perfect to me. At least, we can have a reason to smile at our worries.” Jason said.

    They immediately struck a cord and talking was easy from them then on. They talked about life in general, made fun of things and laughed all through their conversation.

    They totally forgot about all that was happening in their lives and just enjoyed the moment.

    Meanwhile, Nicky was pissed off by the fact that Michael seemed to have completely ignored her. He refused to pick her calls or even return them.

    Rumor had already gone out that Michael was in a relationship with one of his colleagues at work. Nicky had heard of it and honestly was not impressed.

    Even though she had promised herself not to get intimately involved with Michael anymore she was not pleased with what she was hearing.

    Out of anger, she stormed Michael’s office just about closing time to confront him. She apparently missed her sister by just a few minutes. She caught him alone and it became a heated argument as Michael denied responsibility for her pregnancy.

    Unlike her quiet sister Sophie, Nicky could be quite vocal. She wasn’t one to take things lying low. The more they argued, the more the rage in her heart grew.

    “Look Michael, you can mess around with Sophie but you can’t deny responsibility for your child. ” Nicky said.

    Michael tried to drive her away from his office and it turned into a bit of a physical fight. As they struggled, Nicky suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She looked down and saw some blood running down her dress. Almost immediately, she felt a choking sensation and found herself gasping for air.

    Michael soon noticed that she was no longer struggling with him and that she was fainting. He immediately borrowed the company car and rushed her to the hospital.

    At the hospital, Nicky insisted that Michael should call her sister, Sophie. She wanted her by her side.

    Michael called Sophie but she refused to answer his call. Sophie thought Michael had now come to his senses and was probably calling to apologize. After calling several times, he finally sent her a text that got her attention.

    “Oh no! Jason, my sister was just rushed to the hospital.” Sophie told Jason. She called Michael to ask him what had happened

    “I am really not sure,” said Michael. “When you get here, I am sure I can explain better”

    He gave her the name of the hospital and promised to wait at the reception.

    Sophie and Jason quickly rushed to the hospital together.

    Michael was waiting at the reception. He was running up to her when he paused in shock as he saw a man beside her. He was not surprised that Sophie was with a different guy but this guy in question was his estranged elder brother.

    Episode 5

    Michael was waiting at the reception. He was running up to her when he paused in shock as he saw a man beside her. He was not surprised that Sophie was with a different guy but this guy in question was his estranged elder brother.

    Jason was unhappy also to see Michael. On Michael’s part, the feeling was mutual.

    “What are you doing with my woman, shouldn’t you be with your wife? Michael asked Jason.

    Sophie was surprised that that they knew each other. She was even more surprised at Michael’s reaction seeing that he had ignored her for almost two weeks.

    “Do you guys know each other? “ she asked Michael

    “Oh yes, very well my love, very, very well.” Michael said.
    He actually called Sophie his love just to intimidate his brother.

    Sophie however was more concerned about her sister and didn’t have time to dwell on the coincidence or the fact that Michael had mentioned something about Jason having a wife.

    “Where is Nicky? What really happened to her?” Sophie asked Michael.

    “Well, she came looking for you at the office. All of a sudden she started complaining of abdominal pains so I rushed her here.” Michael lied.

    “She is being attended to right now, but she is in emergency.” he continued.

    Sophie became more agitated upon hearing of her sister’s condition. It was quite unlike Nicky to come over to the office without first calling her up. That was quite uncharacteristic.

    Sophie knew her sister very well. She also knew Michael and it was obvious to her that Michael was lying. She knew he was hiding something from her and she became determined that whatever that thing was, she would get to the root of it eventually.

    Jason found Michael’s presence annoying. He didn’t feel comfortable around him. They had a history of bad blood between them.

    Michael and Jason were brothers. Michael was the older sibling. Their parents had thrust them into intensive sibling rivalry. Right from their childhood, they had always competed intensely against each other. Everything to them was a competition. One always wanted to be ahead of the other; either in school, at home or even in fun games.

    Things got particularly intense back in high school after Jason met his first love.

    Everything was perfect between Jason and his girlfriend until Michael showed up. He soon succeeded in getting Jason’s girlfriend’s attention by making Jason look like an uncaring boyfriend.

    Not long after, Michael started dating this same girl and they disliked each other right from that time.

    Life went well for Jason. He successfully completed his education, got a good job and eventually rose up the ranks to a top managerial position.

    He never lacked anything and in no time, he found love and eventually got married.

    Jason was however facing challenges at the homefront that was taking a toll on him. This was the position he was in when he had the fateful encounter with Sophie.

    Having found that Sophie and Michael seemed to be in some sort of relationship, Jason called Sophie aside, gave her his contact details and left the hospital in a haste. He uncharacteristically didn’t even wait to find out the state of her sister.

    Sophie had gotten to like Jason in the short period they had met. She felt comfortable around him and didn’t want him to leave. Not long after he left, she felt something was missing. For the first time, she didn’t like the idea of being left alone with Michael.

    Michael had noticed some form of closeness between his brother and Sophie. He didn’t like this at all and was determined to tear apart whatever was forming between them.

    As soon as he saw that Jason had left, he decided to take advantage of the moment. He felt he needed to do something, especially now he saw that there seemed to be something brewing between his brother and Sophie.

    “Michael, who is Jason? How do you know him?” Sophie asked.

    “Is that really important? He is just an irresponsible man who doesn’t take care of his wife.” Michael asked.

    “Oh, he is married?” Sophie asked.

    “…So he conveniently didn’t mention it to you? I see he wants to have his usual way with you as with his string of mistresses.” Michael said.

    “Michael, he is married!” Sophie repeated.

    ” Yes, and not just married, he has a young son” Michael said.

    Episode 6

     “Oh, he is married?” Sophie asked.

    “…So he conveniently didn’t mention it to you? I see he wants to have his usual way with you as with his string of mistresses.” Michael said.

    “Michael, he is married!” Sophie repeated.

    ” Yes, and not just married, he has a young son” Michael said.

    Sophie was disappointed. She had thought something could have come out of her meeting with Jason. She decided not to call him back again. As it was, she had enough on her hands with Michael’s philandering.

    Michael noticed the look on Sophie’s face and began taking advantage of it. He knew Sophie well, he knew her weak spots. He had always been an expert at manipulating her. He knew how to use her weaknesses to his advantage.

    He came closer to her and said “Sophie, I have been waiting for a time like this to tell you how sorry I am regarding the matter with Nicky. I don’t know what came over me. It must have been the boredom, not having a job all this while, all the rejections I had faced. I promise you, I am a changed man now. Please forgive me and take me back. Let us be as we used to be.”

    “Michael, for how long will you keep doing this? You completely ignored me and now you expect me to believe you? What about Amah. I know how easily you move from one lady to the other. What about her? I know you are dating her.” Sophie responded.

    “Sophie, I may be guilty of many things but I am not dating Amah. I know what you have done for me what you have been through on my behalf. Let me make amends”. Michael dropped on his knees and went “Let’s work things out and get married ”

    Marriage? Could he be serious? Never in the entirety of their relationship had he ever spoken of marriage to Sophie. Was he being real this time around? This move of his gave Sophie a different impression. She found herself believing him and was ready to give him a second chance.

    It took Jason about 45 minutes to get home. He parked the car in the garage, handed his key and office things to the housekeeper and walked into the sitting room.

    Immediately he came in, his wife jumped up from the chair, charged at him and began shouting.

    “Where are you coming from at this time of the day? I called your office and was told you were not there. Where have you been?” Helena his wife shouted.

    Jason didn’t answer her. He turned away and started climbing up the stairs to his bedroom. She pushed him aside rushed ahead and blocked the entrance to the room.

    “Tell me where you have been before I allow you to enter into this room” She yelled at him.

    “Look woman, don’t forget that this is my house” Jason said.

    “It can belong to your dead father for all I care! You useless impossible man! If you think you’re gonna cheat on me and walk around freely, then you must be joking!” She said.

    She was completely over-reacting. There had to be more to this matter than met the eye. It was however obvious that theirs was indeed a troubled marriage. Jason truly was an unhappy man.

    At the moment, Jason looked very frustrated. He didn’t quite know what to do. He wasn’t a violent man and had never hit his wife before.

    The combination of the day’s events with it’s climax being his wife’s theatrics were proving too much for him to handle. He glared at his wife as if to push her aside. However, he turned away and walked down the steps, out of the house.

    That however didn’t stop Helena from shouting at him.

    “Walk away as you always do. You coward. You are always afraid to face your problems. Walk away. I will be here waiting for you” she said and went back into the house as Jason drove away.
    Back at the hospital, Michael was still on his knees, sweet-talking Sophie. Suddenly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring.

    “I have been waiting for this moment for days now and this ring has been on me everywhere I went. Sophie will you marry me?” Michael asked.

    Sophie didn’t know what to say. She was caught by surprise. She was very delighted but had some apprehension. More like a sixth sense warning her that something wasn’t right.

    She decided to push it aside and take the plunge. This was what she had waited for all these years.

    As she was about to stretch forth her hand and open her mouth to agree, the door suddenly burst open and a doctor and nurse came in.

    The interruption startled Sophie and Michael. Michael jumped to his feet and went towards the doctor.

    “Hi Doctor any news?” Michael asked.

    The doctor took one look at him and one look at Sophie, he took a deep breathe and said.

    “I am sorry, we tried all we could. The patient didn’t make it.”

    Episode 7

    “Hi Doctor any news?” Michael asked.

    The doctor took one look at him and one look at Sophie, he took a deep breathe and said.

    “I am sorry, we tried all we could. The patient didn’t make it.”

    The Doctor told them how several complications had arisen during the operation. He said that despite all they did to save her, it was a little too late. The harm had already been done before she came to the hospital.

    Sophie was distraught she almost fainted. She couldn’t believe that her sister whom she had seen so vibrant and full of life earlier in the day could be dead. He took Michael aside and spoke some more words to him.

    Life they say is unpredictable, who is actually to be blamed for Nicky’s death? Her relationship with Michael actually began when she was most vulnerable and heartbroken.

    She was lonely and hurt at the time. Her boyfriend whom she had loved very much, her first love to be precise had broken up with her on her birthday. The worst part of it was, it was that very same day she broke her virginity with the guy. It was only after the act that Nicky’s guy knew he wasn’t much in love with her.

    That was just pathetic. Nicky was so much into the guy. He had made her believe that he loved her very much and would do anything to make her happy… Only to break up with her, right on her birthday and after having sex with her.

    A few days after this incident, on one of his visits to Sophie’s home, Michael ran into her looking very dejected in one corner of the sitting room. Sophie hadn’t come home from work and he and Nicky were all alone.

    She wept her heart out and cried bitterly. Michael sat with her as she spoke out her pain. He listened to her and tried consoling her. Eventually, he was able to calm her down and promised her that he would always be there if she needed someone to speak to.

    Emotional healing really takes time and in that state, you need friends and loved ones to be there for you. It’s nearly impossible to heal on your own.

    Nicky for some reasons had kept Sophie out of her relationship with the guy and didn’t want her involved especially at this point.

    She had made a pact with Sophie not to have sex before marriage and she didn’t want Sophie to be disappointed in her. She knew Sophie would never have approved of their relationship.

    During this period, she and Michael developed a special bond. She began visiting him at home and calling him up whenever she wanted someone she could talk to.

    On one occasion, while Michael was reasoning with her over the relationship, one thing led to another and they ended up first kissing passionately and then had sex.

    To Nicky, it felt good at the time. She could not hold back, she just gave in and enjoyed the moment despite the fact that Michael was in a relationship with her sister Sophie.

    Back at the hospital, Sophie cried bitterly for her lost sister. She couldn’t understand why Nicky would suddenly start bleeding just like that, resulting to her death. Could it be possible that perhaps, Nicky was pregnant?

    She turned and faced Michael with tears streaming down her face.

    “Michael, was Nicky pregnant” Sophie asked.

    “Come on Sophie! And you suppose that if she was then I am the one responsible for the pregnancy, right? Michael asked.

    “Just answer my question Michael, was she pregnant? Sophie asked him again.

    “No, she wasn’t.” Michael lied.

    Sophie felt that there was something fishy going on. She couldn’t explain all the unknowns. Why Nicky would come over to the office without telling her. Why it had to be Michael that brought her to the hospital. She however chose to believe him.

    Michael consoled her and took her from the hospital to her home. It was a long weekend as there was two days of public holiday. Michael stayed with her all through, cooking and caring for her.

    Sophie called the office and asked for some more time off as she needed to mourn her sister.

    Michael was the perfect gentleman during that period. He made sure he served her breakfast before going to work and always ensured he closed early.

    Sophie appreciated his kind gesture. Michael truly seemed to be a changed man. She found herself relying more and more on him and depending on him for emotional support.

    One evening, Michael returned home to meet Sophie in the living room going through Nicky’s pictures and crying . Michael upon seeing her went closer to her and sat beside her.

    “You miss her right? He asked.

    Tears couldn’t stop running down from Sophie’s eyes.

    “Michael, she was the only family member I had. How could she leave like that?” Sophie said, crying bitterly.

    Michael placed his arm around her neck, allowing her lean on him.

    “Sophie, I can feel your pain, I know what you are going through but I am here for you. You can rely on me, my love” Michael said.

    His words were comforting, the mood was right. For several weeks they had not felt this way or come even this close. Not since Sophie had walked in on him and her sister having sex together. There was an instant click. They began kissing. Their breath got heavier as it got intense. From just a lip-to-lip kiss, it ended up in intense deep French kissing.

    Suddenly, the front door opened impatiently. Michael apparently hadn’t locked it. It seemed the person behind the door was anxious to come in. They either didn’t knock or maybe the impassioned pair hadn’t heard the knock.

    Startled, Michael and Sophie turned to see Joe the human resources manager and Amah from the office looking at them. It was obvious that they had both caught them kissing.

    Episode 8

    Startled, Michael and Sophie turned to see Joe the human resources manager and Amah from the office looking at them. It was obvious that they had both caught them kissing.
    Michael upon seeing them stood up immediately and acted like nothing had happened.

    “Sir, I wasn’t expecting you, you are welcome. Please have a seat,” Sophie said offering them and a seat.

    Amah looked very furious. Michael tried hiding his face. One could not tell what he was hiding from. Was it from shame, or was he hiding from Amah or from Joe and the fear of losing his job?

    Michael noticed the furious look on Amah’s face. It was obvious that he had a lot of explaining to do.

    “Well, I thought you will be mourning and that’s the reason we are here. To offer our condolence, but it seems we were mistaken” Joe said. His statement was pregnant, indicating that he would need more explanations about what he had just witnessed. Michael was already feeling apprehensive about the whole matter.

    Sophie, however, was ready to stand up for herself and her actions. Ethically, she wasn’t supposed to be cozy with her boyfriend at the workplace but she had every right to do whatever she wanted within the confines of her own house.

    “Sir, yeah, it’s true I am bereaved. My sister just passed on and I was enjoying the company of my boyfriend who has done so much to ease my pain.” Sophie said. Her statement worsened things. It had breached the conditions which Michael had agreed to with Joe as regards keeping his job.

    Michael was definitely not happy about it. He didn’t know how to speak for himself, especially with Amah around.

    “Anyway, we are here to offer our condolence. May she rest in peace” Joe said.

    “Thank you very much. I appreciate it “Sophie said.

    “Since Michael our accountant is here, there is something I would like to put across. It’s such a coincidence to have met him here, because sooner or later I was going to contact him” Joe said.

    Amah, who was sitting beside him, wondered what he was going to say. All she knew was that they were coming to offer their condolences to Sophie. Any other reason for the visit was completely unknown to her.

    “What is it Sir?” Michael asked.

    “Let me be quick, the company wants to review its labor force and as such we will be sure to lay off workers” Said Joe.

    That was a blatant lie. He was sending a signal to Michael for not keeping up his own end of their deal. That statement was a clear indication that he was thinking of firing Michael after seeing him kiss Sophie.

    “Please see me at the office tomorrow morning “Joe continued. “ We will be on our way now.”

    Amah didn’t say a word yet her facial expression was enough indication as to what was going on in her mind. Michael needed to figure and sort things out before he resumed work the following morning.

    Meanwhile, nothing had really changed in Jason’s marital home. Helena kept up the nagging and accusations. This time, the barrage was worse than before. Eventually, Jason had to leave home and take up shelter in a hotel. He couldn’t for the life of him understand where all the accusations were coming from. It wasn’t as if she had ever caught him with a woman before. He really was at a loss as to what to do.

    Jason tried getting in touch with Sophie. Her number was unreachable. He didn’t know that Nicky had passed away and that Sophie was mourning. The more he thought of her, the more he wanted to see her. He was also bothered by the fact that Sophie seemed to be in a relationship with his brother Michael.

    Jason didn’t have Sophie’s details. The only other person he knew with contact to her was Michael. But he knew it was futile going through Michael. He remembered that she had mentioned something about working at a bank not far from the accident spot.

    Jason drove to the accident spot and located the bank just down the road. He didn’t know that Michael and Sophie worked together. He walked into the bank and met the receptionist. He introduced himself, lying that he was a relative who had just come into town. After convincing the staff by showing him Sophie’s number, the staff informed him that Sophia had been away from the office for some days and gave him directions to her house.

    Michael had already left for work leaving Sophie alone at home. Jason knocked on her door and to his delight, Sophie came to open the Door.

    On his way to work, Michael made a swift detour to a restaurant for a prearranged rendezvous with a lady. The restaurant apparently was a usual meeting point for him and his lady friend.

    He had arrived earlier than planned so he sat down to wait for her. While waiting, he ordered a cup of coffee.

    Just as the coffee was served, the lady he had been waiting for showed up. It was Helena, his brother’s wife.

    Episode 9

    On his way to work, Michael made a swift detour to a restaurant for a prearranged rendezvous with a lady. The restaurant apparently was a usual meeting point for him and his lady friend.

    He had arrived earlier than planned so he sat down to wait for her. While waiting, he ordered a cup of coffee.

    Just as the coffee was served, the lady he had been waiting for showed up. It was Helena, his brother’s wife.

    She sat down and placed her handbag beside her.

    “Sorry for keeping you waiting, I had family matters that I had to attend to.” Helena apologized.

    “No problem, I haven’t been here for long either” Said Michael.

    “Have you seen your brother lately? He hasn’t been home for the past two days. Do you by any chance know his whereabouts? Helena asked.

    Michael was astonished that she would be asking him such a question. “I’m the last person you should be asking the whereabouts of your husband” Michael said. “Anyway, the last time I saw him, he was around my girlfriend. I’m not so sure of their relationship” He continued.

    “You have a girlfriend, Michael? And you are bold enough to tell me” Helena said.

    “You haven’t been around lately, besides we needed a decoy.” He said.

    “I don’t think that’s true. You seem jealous of this relationship, Michael.” Helena countered.

    “Helena, that should be my own problem. I am running late for work. Already, my job is on the line. Let’s be quick please. Did you bring it?” Michael asked.

    “That’s all you think about right? Anyway I have it here” Helena said. She opened her handbag, took out a wad of notes and handed it over to him.

    Michael counted the money. It appeared it wasn’t the total amount that he had been expecting.

    “This is half the amount you are to give me Helena, I need all the money” Michael said, looking anxious.

    “Don’t try to be a smart boy, you know where to meet me tonight. Show up, then the rest will be given to you. It’s as simple as that.” Helena retorted.

    Having said this, she took her hand bag, blew him a kiss and walked out of the restaurant. Shortly afterwards, Michael followed and set off to work.

    He wasn’t sure what he was  going to face at the office and that made him very nervous. What explanation was he going to give Joe the Manager to save his job? His threat was very clear and it got him thinking. Worse yet was how Amah on the other will handle the issue.

    Back at Sophie’s apartment, she was pleasantly surprised  to find Jason at her doorstep. She warmly welcomed him to her abode.

    “I’m very glad to have found you. I had to retrace my steps to the scene of the accident and then to your office.” Jason explained. “I lied to the receptionist that I was your cousin from out of town. The tough lady refused to give me your address until I showed her your phone number.”

    “Oh! That’s so thoughtful of you. Thanks for coming,” Sophie said.

    They made some small talk and then Sophie suddenly went pensive.

    “I have two questions for you Jason. How do you know Michael? Sophie asked.

    “I see he hasn’t told you anything” Jason said.

    “Yeah, except that you are a happily married man with a kid.” Sophie said.

    Jason wasn’t surprised to hear that from her.

    “Yeah that’s  true. I’m not surprised he mentioned that bit. I was pretty sure that he’d be quick to do that. He is right; I’m  married with a son but as for happiness – that’s something I am not so sure about. Hey! Come to think of it, why are you dressed in black like someone mourning?” Jason asked

    Sophie face suddenly darkened and she looked sad. It was obvious to him that the question had hit a raw nerve.

    “What is it Sophie? Is something wrong? He asked.

    “It’s my sister, she is gone. She passed away that day you dropped me at the hospital.” Sophie said.

    “Wow Sophie! That is so sad.. I can assure you though that she has gone to a better place. She is resting in peace.” Jason said trying to console her.

    “Thank you Jason, she was all I had you know? Sophie said as her eyes became teary.

    “I am sorry, ok. Do you have any picture of hers? Jason asked.

    “Yeah, that’s her personal album on the table there.” Sophie said.

    Jason went to the table and took the album. He opened it and instantly his face dropped, full of shock and surprise.

    “Is that Nicky? Your sister? Jason anxiously asked.

    “Yeah, do you know her? Sophie asked.

    Apparently, Jason was Nicky’s first love, the guy who broke her virginity on her birthday and broke up with her.

    Episode 10

    Apparently, Jason was Nicky’s first love, the guy who broke her virginity on her birthday and broke up with her.

    A mistake that he had come to regret. He had found himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time with Nicky.

    He had committed to a relationship he thought would be a successful one, only to find out in the end that it wasn’t what he was looking for. He wasn’t in love.

    Jason believed that perhaps love would grow eventually between them. It however proved to be a lost cause. Having sex with Nicky made it worse and he knew this wasn’t something he wanted to continue with.

    He felt guilty and obliged to continue the relationship but he also knew it was all a charade that would eventually backfire. He decided to come clean with her and seek for them to part ways.

    That proved difficult for Nicky to take however, it was the only way out. Jason had always been upfront with her about his feelings. Nicky knew that Jason didn’t quite love her the way she wanted him to. She only hoped that with time, the love would grow.

    In a desperate attempt to keep Jason, Nicky got him to sleep with her. He had resisted sleeping with her several times before but this one time, he found himself doing it without thinking. It really wasn’t enjoyable and they both regretted it after. Nicky wouldn’t say she didn’t enjoy it. She was so much in love with Jason that anything  was all right with her. On Jason’s part though, he was ridden with guilt.

    Sophie could tell from his face that Jason was hiding something. It was obvious that he knew Nicky from somewhere. Being that this was his first time to her house and she hadn’t seen him before, Sophie could never have guessed that there was more to the story.

    “Jason, how do you know my sister?” Sophie anxiously asked.

    “I think we should wait until the burial is over, then we can talk “ Jason said. He knew that Sophie would find it difficult to believe anything he would tell her in view of the present condition of her mind.

    Meanwhile, Michael had arrived at his workplace. He fussed around at his table for a bit and went up to Joe’s office.

    “I see you came in early today,” Joe said.

    “I’m impressed. That’s a sign of a good worker” He continued.

    “Thank you Sir” Michael said. He knew there was more to the compliment.

    “Now Michael, what were you doing at Sophie’s end?” Joe asked.

    Michael kept mute. He didn’t know what to say or the answer to give him.

    “I asked you a question, Mr. Michael” said Joe.

    “Sir, I couldn’t leave her all by herself knowing her condition. She was bereaved and needed someone beside her to at least console her. I know how much her sister meant to her being her only family member. Sir, I am sorry but that’s the least I could  do” Michael finally answered.

    “How caring of you. I am so sure she appreciates your kind gesture.” Joe said sarcastically.

    His comments drove Michael crazy. He couldn’t bear it any longer. He knew where this was going. He began pleading knowing full well that Joe would eventually arrive at that.

    “Sir, please, don’t fire me, it won’t happen again” Michael pleaded.

    “Oh No Michael, I am not going to fire you, but this is your last chance. Trust me, the next time; even over a single rumor as regards you and Sophie, I will ensure you get fired. Get out of my office!” Joe said.

    Michael with a sigh of relief wasted no time getting out of the office. As he got into his station, he saw Amah sitting behind his table. She apparently had been tracking him and knew to wait there for him.

    After the encounter in Sophie’s house, Michael knew he had to come up with something tangible to assuage Amah.

    Amah was one hell of a girl who had issues with anger management. She had a bad temper and didn’t even try controlling it.

    Despite his denials, Michael and Amah did have something going on. Michael had come up with what he decided was the best route to go to quench this fire.

    As he got close to Amah, Michael Suddenly knelt down before her and brought out a ring from his pocket. The exact same ring he had offered to Sophie. He opened his mouth and said to her: “Amah, will you marry me?”

    Before he could finish talking, Amah slapped off the ring from his hand to the floor.

    “You think you can be smart Michael! I am not just any girl you can fool around with like you do with the other girls. Now tell me: Are you the father of Ishmael, your brother’s son?

    Episode 11

     “You think you can be smart Michael! I am not just any girl you can fool around with like you do with the other girls. Now tell me: Are you the father of Ishmael, your brother’s son?

    Michael was shocked by the question. It was meant to be a secret that only two people could know about.

    “Answer me; Are you Ismael’s father? Amah asked him again.

    “How do you know this, Amah? Michael asked.

    “Typical African! You answer a question with a question. I really don’t care whatever answer you give me though, I already know the truth and listen, there’s something you should know about me, I’m very possessive, sharing is not my thing. Tell Sophie to back off.” Amah said and walked out of his office.

    Michael knew instantly that he had met his match. Amah was unpredictable; in fact, she was capable of doing anything. She apparently wasn’t ready to let go no matter how much he cheated on her. Amah was proving to be a possessive woman who wouldn’t give up on anything.

    Michael didn’t have an inkling what he had let himself into. When Amah got something in her possession, she could do the unthinkable to keep that thing as long as she wanted it. Amah grew up in a home where everything was at her disposal. She never lacked anything until her father was arrested for fraud.

    She had been spoilt growing up. She had learnt to go for whatever she wanted. It was common knowledge amongst her friends and family members that whenever she was unto something, she got it no matter what she had to do to get it. Also when she got what she wanted, she never let it go until she was done with it. Including a man like Michael.

    Jason was still in Sophie’s house keeping her company. The conversation turned to Sophie and her past. Sophie found herself telling Jason about her love for Michael. Her love for him seemed to come through every word of hers; in all her talk of him however, she never mentioned that he ever cheated on her.

    She just wasn’t ready to wash her dirty linen in public. She regarded Michael as her own personal mess and she felt she would clean him up with time. Besides this was only the second time she was meeting Jason, it didn’t seem right for her to tell him all about her relationship.

    “Sophie, tell me, what was troubling you when you ran into my car that day? Jason asked. He was curious to know. Somehow he suspected it had something to do with Michael.

    Sophie wasn’t ready for that question. Answering it truthfully would expose Michael. She was conscious that there was something not right between the two men. However, Michael was her man and she felt obliged to defend him till she knew Jason better.

    “I had an issue at work but thank God it’s all under control” She said.

    “I am glad to hear that” Jason said.

    “How long have you been married Jason? Sophie asked. It was surprising how Sophie was really particular and concerned about Jason’s marital life.

    “I have been married for two years and I have a three year-old son. A lot of people say he looks a lot like his mother which is true but he also has a lot of my character traits.” Jason said.

    His statement got Sophie smiling.

    “Your wife must be really lucky; I would love to meet her,” Sophie said.

    “Why not, I’m just hoping to get our issues fixed.” Jason said. He looked quite hurt when those words came out of him. His words and expression betrayed the inner turmoil he was going through. He seemed to wear his hurt and family issues on his sleeves. Sophie quickly caught on and she knew Jason needed help.

    “Do you want to talk about it” Sophie asked.

    Without hesitating, Jason began pouring his heart out. He sorely needed a listening ear.

    “I love my wife very much. She was an Angel when I met her. Everything changed 6 months after our wedding when I accused her of cheating on me. It was on the basis of a flirty message I saw on her phone. I guess I was feeling insecure; I should have given her time to explain herself. I kept accusing her for days. I was so hurt by what I had seen but eventually I learnt to live with it and forgave her”.

    “Ever since, She has been doubtful and curious of what I do and where I go. But I have been honest with her. My life is predictable and I live by the same schedule every single day. From work to lunch, from lunch to work then later I go home. This is me, I don’t do anything else”.

    “She all the time accuses me of cheating because I sometimes come home late. She would insult me, disrespect and yell at me in front of my own kid. Can you believe that for the past 48 hours I haven’t been home? I have been sleeping in a hotel because I don’t even feel welcomed in my own house any longer.” Jason said.

    Sophie noticed the sincerity in his eyes and couldn’t help but feel pity for him. Time was far spent. It was getting late; they had been talking without even noticing.

    Meanwhile, Work was over and Michael made his way to a guesthouse where he had scheduled to meet with Helena. It was a usual rendezvous point for them.

    Michael already knew the room number where Helena would be waiting. He got to the room, turned the knob and opened the door. Helena was in the shower by then with her dress lying on the bed.

    “Perfect moment for a romantic shower.” Michael said to himself. Without thinking, he got undressed and quietly joined Helena in the shower. She was delighted that Michael had joined her. Michael stood behind her and began kissing her neck. He slid his arms towards her breasts and began fondling them.

    Her body was covered with soapy foams making her body slippery. This gave her an unusual sexual feeling yet very enjoyable. From behind she could feel his hardened manhood. She needed it on the bed. She turned to face him and started kissing him on the lips.

    Still kissing, they got out of the shower completely naked making their way to the bed. Getting to the bed area, they heard the clap of hands like someone applauding a performance.

    Startled, they tore away from their kiss, and turned to see Amah sprawled on the bed, her head against the headboard patiently looking at them.

    Episode 12

    Startled, they tore away from their kiss, and turned to see Amah sprawled on the bed, her head against the headboard patiently looking at them.

    Time was far well spent and Jason got ready to go. Sophie found herself quite at home with him. She had enjoyed his company so much and didn’t want him to leave. She found herself thinking that Jason was far better company than Michael. Just before he got into his car, Jason informed Sophie that after Nicky’s burial, he had something urgent he would love to discuss with her.

    Sophie wasn’t quite sure the real reason for the bad blood between Michael and Jason. It was obvious they knew each other and had history. But what exactly their relationship was and what might have happened to cause such bad blood was beyond her.

    She thought to herself that Jason was truly a man of mystery. He seemed to hold the answer to several questions; Questions regarding his relationship with Michael as well as regarding her sister Nicky. She was definitely interested in unravelling this mystery.

    Before he drove off, they both agreed to a lunch date for the following afternoon.

    Sophie found herself looking forward to the next day and the lunch date with Jason.

    She had really enjoyed her day with him and she found herself comparing him severally to Michael. Both men seemed a whole world apart. At a point she questioned herself as to why she was thinking so much of Jason. She consoled herself with the thought that she was empathizing with him regarding his situation with his wife. Something else in her seemed to suggest that it was more than this.

    Back at the guesthouse, Michael and Helena stood in shock at the sight of Amah. Michael knew this wasn’t good for him. He quickly looked around for his clothes but they were nowhere in sight. Amah apparently had hidden them.

    Amah sat back on the bed with a drink in her hand and just watched as they embarrassingly looked for their clothes.

    Helena ran back into the bathroom to get a towel or something to cover up herself.

    As soon as she left, Michael went straight to where Amah was. First he stood by the bed too embarrassed to know what to do and trying hard to come up with an excuse.

    Finally, he realized that there was no way he was going to get out of this that easily. He remembered his encounter with Amah at the office less than 9 hours ago. The way she had slapped away his ring and her words kept ringing in his ears.

    Amah meanwhile was enjoying all the drama. She knew it would be tough for him to wriggle away this time. She had Michael right where she wanted him.

    There was some silence in the room. The tension was so high that you could cut it with a knife.

    Helena stayed put in the bathroom. She didn’t know who the woman was but she was definitely up to something.

    “How could Michael have been so stupid and foolish not to lock the door?” Helena thought to herself.

    After a while, Michael knelt down on his knees and started pleading with Amah.

    “Why are you pleading?” Asked Amah

    “I already knew you were sleeping with your brother’s wife. Oh! Michael have you forgotten so soon? Have you forgotten the question I put to you in the office just a few hours ago?”

    “Anyway, I knew you would both be here that’s why I decided to show up. I wanted to let you know I have you in my palms. Michael you are still my man no matter whom you sleep with. However, you should worry more about my mouth. It doesn’t keep secrets. “ Amah said.

    “Please lady, it is the work of the Devil don’t tell my husband, I beg of you” Helena said from the bathroom. “Please name your price and I will honor it. Just don’t tell my husband please,” She continued.

    “Please, don’t do this; I will do anything you ask ” Michael also added.

    Amah found the situation very amusing. “So it has gotten to this, paying me to keep my mouth shut. Anyway that’s a fair deal, I could do with some money but hey I still can’t trust my mouth.” She said.

    Michael quickly reached for Helena’s handbag. He knew that there would be some money in it. At least if nothing, there would be the balance of the money she was to bring to him. He found a thick wad of note in it and handed it over to Amah.

    “Please, take this for now,” Michael pleaded.

    Amah stared at him, took the money from him and slowly counted. It was quite obvious that she was enjoying everything especially the pain and discomfort that she was putting both of them through.

    After counting, Amah got up from the bed, put the money in her bag and walked up to Michael.

    She gave him a good hot kiss and whispered to him

    “This is not the end boy. The game has just begun. See you later” She said.

    Amah turned round and started walking out of the room. She paused at the door and spoke out loudly to Helena

    “Helena, say hi to Ismael for me. I pray he doesn’t take after his father’s character.” And with that, she walked out.

    Episode 13

    She gave him a good hot kiss and whispered to him

    “This is not the end boy. The game has just begun. See you later” She said.

    Amah turned round and started walking out of the room. She paused at the door and spoke out loudly to Helena

    “Helena, say hi to Ismael for me. I pray he doesn’t take after his father’s character.” And with that, she walked out.

    Michael looked around and finally spotted their clothes where Amah had hastily thrown them under the bed.

    He called Helena and they both began to dress up. All trace of the passion that had consumed them just a few moments ago had disappeared.

    “How could you have been so dumb! Why didn’t you lock the door?” Helena said looking very upset.

    “You shouldn’t blame me, didn’t you like what happened in the shower?” Michael said.

    “And did I hear her call you her man? Michael, who is that girl? Who is she to you and how does she know so much about us?” Helena asked looking really pissed.

    Michael grabbed her and tried to play smart, kissing her.

    “Cut that crap boy! I am not falling for that. I should go be with my husband now.” She said and started walking out on him.

    “Hold on, don’t go yet. What about the rest of the money?” Michael asked.

    “Such effrontery! You can be so annoying. Last time I checked, you used that money to shut your girlfriend up. Have a nice day, ok!“. Helena said and walked out of the room.

    After his discussions with Sophie, Jason had decided to go back home and try work things out in his marriage. Something had clicked in him as he spoke with Sophie and he knew that the best way to deal with his problem was not by running away from it but rather, by facing it.

    He decided that he had spent too long running and believed he could make amends by sorting out the issues with his wife. He was quite impressed at the way Sophie had spoken about Michael although he felt she didn’t know him enough. He knew Michael enough to know that he couldn’t have changed and he hoped Sophie wouldn’t get hurt.

    He got home and found the house all quiet. Usually, his wife would hear the sound of his car and come wait for him by the stairs to shout and cause trouble. He looked at his watch and noticed how late it was. “Well, she could be asleep.” He thought to himself, it is quite late”

    He went to his son’s room and found the boy sleeping soundly. His teddy bear had fallen off him and was on the floor. He picked up the bear, tucked it in with the boy and pulled the bed sheet over both of them.

    Ismael would always push off anything you wrapped him in even with the A/C blowing cold. He kissed the boy on the forehead and made his way to his room, steeling himself for a verbal onslaught fom his wife.

    On getting to the room, he was shocked to find the place empty. His wife wasn’t on the bed. He went into the bathroom and then into their walk-in closet but she wasn’t there.

    “Hmmmmmm” he thought to himself “where could she be?”

    He picked up his phone and begun calling her. Before the phone call could go through, he heard footsteps coming from the hallway.

    “That must be her” he thought to himself.

    Jason came out of the bedroom to meet her up across the hallway.

    Helena was surprised to find her husband back from wherever he had been for the past two days.

    She had been too tied up in her thoughts to have noticed his car packed in the garage. She had taken a taxi as she had wanted her movement to be untraceable.

    “Where have you been, Helena?” asked Jason.

    Helena walked up to her husband and planted an intense kiss on his lips.

    “Hey, what has come over you dear?” Jason asked.

    As much as he liked what just happened, this was totally out of character. It had been quite a while since they had kissed or had sex together. All she seemed to do was shout at him and quarrel.

    “Shut up Jason, I will be in the bedroom” Helena said and went into the bedroom to wait for him.

    It felt to Jason as if God had finally begun to answer his prayers. His wife hadn’t acted like this in a very long time. It most probably was due to the time out he took from home, he thought to himself. He had never left home that way before and it was likely that shock that made her miss him. Anyways, he was glad his wife was back.

    He quickly rushed into the bedroom and saw that Helena had changed into a transparent silk nightdress and was looking really hot and sexy. Helena was a beautiful well-endowed woman. A Rush of blood went through Jason’s veins as he saw his wife.

    He joined her in bed. He got on top of her and begun kissing her lips passionately. Soon they were engaged in passionate lovemaking.

    At the height of their passion, they both found themselves climaxing together. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jason shouted out Sophie’s name.

    “What!” asked Helena “Who the hell is Sophie, Jason?

    Episode 14

     “What!!” asked Helena “Who the hell is Sophie, Jason?

    Jason couldn’t believe himself. He didn’t realize how deeply he had come to like Sophie. How could it be that he would utter her name at such a crucial time?

    This was all so complicated. Just when he and his wife were getting back together he thought to himself. How would he get his wife to believe that there was nothing between him and Sophie or any other woman for that matter? It would just seem to confirm her suspicions that he had been cheating on her. Waooo, this was all so complicated now!

    Helena jumped off immediately completely turned off from the passion. She wore her nighty and turned to him

    “Jason, answer me please? Who is Sophie? She asked him again.

    “Sorry dear, I am really sorry, it shouldn’t have come out like that. Trust me I am not cheating on you if that’s what you’re thinking” Jason tried explaining.

    To Jason’s surprise, Helena was acting rather calm over this issue. That was quite unusual of her. By now she would have been screaming, shouting and yelling at him. She would even have either thrown him out of the house or dramatically moved out of the house herself.

    There was something different about tonight. He couldn’t put his finger on it but Helena was behaving like a changed woman. She appeared quite concerned about the abrupt utterance. Jason felt she was really hurt and kept apologizing.

    “I am not accusing you of cheating Jason, I know I have been distant lately. This “Sophie” must have become very special to you for you to mention her name” Helena said

    Her statement softened Jason. He felt a need to come clean and honest over the whole Sophie matter.

    “Let me be honest with you, Sophie is a special person like you rightly said but there is nothing going on between the two of us. I met her not long ago at the height of when we were having our issues. She listened to me and encouraged me to make it up with you. She is the key reason I came back home. I didn’t know she could have entered that deep in my subconscious to the point that I would mention her name at such a time as that. I am really sorry. I know how this feels, but I’m truly sorry,” Jason pleaded.

    Helena took Jason by his hand. She then kissed his hand and looked into his eyes.

    “I understand. it’s entirely my fault. I pushed you away and I am really sorry about that too.” said Helena.

    “Come on, let’s get over this. Come to bed” She continued.

    Was this a miracle or what? What was happening? Jason found it difficult to take it all in, considering that they were virtually at each other’s throats just a few days back. He jumped back into bed and decided to ride out his luck. There truly must be a God out there who listens to prayers.

    Michael didn’t go to Sophie’s house that night. He wanted to keep his distance after his early morning confrontation and discussion with Joe. He valued his job much more than Sophie. Besides, he had Amah’s threats on his mind.

    He went straight to his apartment and locked the door behind him. He already had gone through two encounters of unlocked doors and didn’t want to have a third.

    Michael was battling it out in his mind whether Amah was going to be discreet about what happened at the hotel after all the money he had given to her. He knew he needed to do something to keep her mouth shut.

    Sophie was still awake waiting for Michael to show up so she could go to sleep. After waiting for long she picked up the phone and gave him a call.

    Sophie: “Michael where are you, it is getting late?

    Michael: “Sorry I didn’t tell you, I can’t make it tonight, there is something you need to know. I will tell you in the morning”

    Sophie: “It’s about Joe right?

    He mumbled something and quickly ended the call.

    A text message from an unknown number had come through while he was still on the phone with Sophie. As soon as he finished the call, opened and read the text message which went:


    Michael got so frightened and shaken up that he almost threw the phone on the floor.

    Early the next morning, Jason’s house was awesomely peaceful and tranquil. Helena had gotten Breakfast ready for the family and they all sat together at the dining table to eat their breakfast as a family.

    For a moment, everything was normal. Jason had smiles on his face throughout that morning as he spent time enjoying time with his family.

    Suddenly the bell rang.

    Jason looked at his time. Usually the only person to ring the bell at this time would be their driver who would usually appear to take his son Ismael to school. This was however a bit too early for the driver.

    Jason put Ishmael’s backpack on him, and together with Helena, walked their son to the gate to meet the driver.

    On getting to the gate, Jason was surprised to see a pleasant looking fine lady at his door. The driver was nowhere in sight. Helena’s breath however caught in her throat as she saw Amah standing at her gate looking as innocent as someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    Episode 15

    On getting to the gate, Jason was surprised to see a pleasant looking fine lady at his door. The driver was nowhere in sight. Helena’s breath however caught in her throat as she saw Amah standing at her gate looking as innocent as someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly.
    “Good morning, you must be Helena’s husband, Jason” She said “I’m Amah, her friend, she has spoken so much about you” She continued.

    Helena stood there speechless wondering what to say. Amah’s presence had caught her completely off guard. She fumbled and tried not to show her surprise. But she was indeed quite shaken.

    “This is quite a surprise, you didn’t tell me your friend would be visiting today Michael said.

    Helena knew she was vulnerable; She had no option than to play along with Amah. Amah had truly proven to be unpredictable and could do anything at this point. She had to have her wits around her lest amah spilled the beans.

    “Oh I’m really sorry, she told me her visit will be a quick one, she won’t be here for long? Helena said.

    “Oh Helena, have you forgotten our discussion? You asked me to speak with your husband. You asked that I discuss that my business proposal with him. Amah said jokingly with a light laugh.

    “Oh my manners, why don’t you come in “Jason said and invited her in. Helena was on the verge of losing her mind. She had no idea what Amah was planning. Her presence made her very nervous.

    Ismael was running late for school, their driver hadn’t yet showed up.

    “Honey, why don’t you see Ismael off to school? Seems like the driver is running late.” Jason said to Helena.

    Helena was now in a fix. She didn’t like the idea of leaving Amah alone with her husband. This definitely was turning into a nightmare.

    “I wish I could help, but it’s rather unfortunate that my car broke down a few days ago, but don’t worry Helena, I will be here waiting for you. It would give me the opportunity to discuss the details of my business with your husband” Amah said looking very harmless.

    Helena was really put on the spot. She had no option than to take Ismael to school. She couldn’t wait to come back home. She went off wondering if she would have a home to come back to.

    Sophie spent the time in deep worry about Michael. She knew that Joe would have threatened him and she was quite concerned about how Joe handled seeing them kiss. It was apparent that something had transpired, as Michael hadn’t come back to her apartment after that scene.

    Sophie decided to go surprise Michael at his apartment. Her thought was to spend the day there and then surprise him when he got back from work. She thought she would take the time to clean up the apartment and make him a lovely dinner.

    She knew Michael very well and where he kept his keys when he wasn’t at home. She got there knowing that Michael was already at work. She looked beneath the doormat where he kept his keys and took them, opened the door and made herself comfortable.

    After cleaning the house, Sophie felt a bit tired and thirsty so she went to the fridge and took a bottle of soda. She then went to his room to lie down a bit. As she was lying on the bed, her eyes came across a brown bottle with strange markings that seemed quite out of place in the bedroom.

    Hmmmmmm she thought to herself “when did Michael start taking traditional medicine” she got curious and reached for the bottle. On reading the words on the bottle she realized that this was herbal medicine used for the termination of pregnancies.

    She looked again and remembered that this particular brand had been involved in several controversies. It had come out that a number of ladies had died from using it and the drug was currently under a ban by the health authorities.

    Sophie noticed that the bottle had been opened and only a quarter of the contents was left. Sophie got alarmed. “What was the bottle doing in Michael’s room, what was he doing with it? It obviously wasn’t him that had used it. Which girl had Michal impregnated?

    Amah was enjoying Helena been away. She and Jason all to herself and she could do what she wanted. She was really cherishing the moment. She and Jason chatted about several things as Amah freely flirted with him. Amah was quite a charming and attractive girl and she knew how to turn on the charm when she wanted.

    Finally Jason went “Amah tell me about this business idea of yours, let me see if it will be profitable “

    “Oh yeah I almost forgot, I learnt you have a brother by name Michael, If I am correct? Amah asked.

    “Yeah, He is my younger brother, any problem? Jason asked

    “Well He was the one who talked me into bringing you on board” She said

    “You mean Michael actually told you that? I see, what connection does he have in this business?” Jason asked his eyes now narrowed and his senses on the alert.

    “Well he is the major shareholder of the business. Jason, I must be frank with you, you are sleeping with your legs outside your room” Amah began.

    “I don’t understand you” Jason said looking very confused.

    “Your brother has a son whom I think you should be more concerned about. I believe also that you know who the mother of his son is?” Amah said.

    “Since when did Michael have a son that I don’t know about and who is the mother? Michael asked.

    “She is right under nose, It’s your …………….” Amah said

    Episode 16

     “Your brother has a son whom I think you should be more concerned about. I believe also that you know who the mother of his son is?” Amah said.

    “Since when did Michael have a son that I don’t know about and who is the mother? Michael asked.

    “She is right under nose, It’s your …………….” Amah said

    Just as she was about to spill the beans, Amah paused. She realised that suspense had more value than revelation for now. It wasn’t time to reveal all she knew about Helena and Michael. It would be more profitable for her if she kept both of them in suspense about her next move. She could ward off Helena and keep Michael all to herself.

    “My what? Go on, please finish your statement.” Jason urged her.

    Suddenly the door opened and Helena walked in. You could tell from her sweaty body and body language that she had been in a hurry to get home.

    She quickly joined them in the living room to know what was really going on.

    “Wow! that was quick. Did you get time to do all you needed to do at the school?” Jason asked looking at his watch.

    “Well, it’s been a while since I last saw my friend. I wanted to get in on the juicy parts of the business proposal” Helena countered.

    Amah glanced at her wristwatch and exclaimed, “Wow! Time is really well spent. I must be on my way. I just remembered I have something urgent to take care of.” Amah requested to leave.

    This took Jason by surprise. Amah had been in the middle of making a crucial disclosure. It somehow wetted his appetite and he wanted to hear all of it. Jason was smart work-wise but he wasn’t street-smart enough to read the interaction and body language between the two ladies. He was too naïve. Helena’s entrance had given Amah the cue she needed to take off.

    “Oh! So soon? I thought we were in the middle of a conversation? Jason asked.

    “Don’t worry, I have to be at work. But trust me, I will surely pass by soon” Amah said and headed for the door.

    The couple walked her to the door where Amah couldn’t resist giving Helena a passing shot.

    “Helena, I must really commend you on your son, he looks so much like his dad!” She then stretched her hands to shake Jason. As she shook him, she passed a piece of paper into his palms. When Jason got the note from Amah, he hid it from his wife and kept it his pocket. Amah then left and went on her way.

    Helena heaved a sigh of relief. From the part of the conversation she had stumbled upon, it was obvious that Amah hadn’t revealed her secrets. She felt very threatened by Amah’s visit and she would surely have felt even more threatened if she had witnessed or had any clue about the paper exchange. She felt she needed to do something to shut Amah up and remove her as a threat

    Helena was quite curious as to what had gone on between Amah and her husband. She was wondering how to get information without revealing much.

    “So which of her various business proposals did Amah present to you?” Helena asked Jason

    “Oh well, she wasn’t really detailed but I don’t think I will go for it” Jason said.

    “Why? Was it not a good deal?” asked Helena.

    “Not that, but my brother Michael is involved.” He said.

    His response threw Helena off balance. She suddenly became nervous and tense. “What in the world did this woman tell my husband” was the thought that ran through her mind.

    Other times, Jason would have picked some signal from her but his attention at the moment was on the note Amah had given him. He couldn’t wait to read it. For some reasons, he was playing along with Amah. He didn’t want to open it while Helena was with him.

    “You mean Michael?” Helena asked to be sure.

    “Yes but hey, let’s forget about it. I am not going to be a part of it. Please tell me about Amah, your friend. How come all these years of our marriage you never mentioned her?” Jason asked. He was trying to bait her.

    “Well, I will only tell you more on one condition,” said his wife

    “A Condition? Interesting, Please tell me what condition?” asked Jason.

    “Tell me who Sophie really is” Helena asked.

    Helena was determined to find out who Sophie was. She wasn’t about to allow the event of the night before go away that quietly. As determined as she was to shut Amah up, she was also going to get to the root of whom this special friend of her husband was.

    Jason mumbled something that stalled her from further questions.

    Back at Michael’s house, Sophie’s mind kept wandering back to the strange concoction. Why would Michael have such a drug in his possession? What did he need it for? She kept asking herself.

    Suddenly she started putting the pieces together. Could this be why Nicky had showed up at the office without informing her? She had always wondered how much of a coincidence was involved in the events at the hospital.

    There had been too many moving parts and several questions. Suddenly it came to her: Could it be that her sister Nicky had gotten pregnant and took this drug to abort it?

    She became scared as these thoughts raced through her mind. She couldn’t wait any longer; she decided to rush to the hospital where Nicky passed away to find out from the Doctor if her sister had actually died pregnant.

    She took the drug along with her as she went to the hospital. She had to wait a while to see the doctor, as he was busy attending to several patients.

    Soon her turn came and a nurse ushered her into the consulting room where he sat.

    “Hi. How are you?” said the doctor, recognizing her. “Hope you are not taking your sister’s death too hard. By the way, you look nervous. What is the matter?” he asked.

    “Doctor, do you know this drug?” Sophie asked and showed him the herbal medicine.

    “What are you doing with that substance, are you pregnant? That concoction has been banned from the market. It’s not safe for human consumption,” said the Doctor.

    “I’m not pregnant Doc, I believe this has something to do with my sister’s death” Sophie said.

    “Yes I would say that your thoughts make perfect sense. Her medical reports showed that she attempted an abortion that went awfully wrong. She was messed up inside and there wasn’t much we could do as she got to us late ” The Doctor revealed.

    “But Doc, how could you have kept this from me? I am her sister” Sophie said with teary eyes.

    “I told your colleague who brought her here. She was already bleeding and in great pain by the time they both got here. He was quite aware of what the issues were. I believe he must have kept it from you for a good reason” The Doc. said.

    Sophie’s face dropped, it was now obvious that Michael had given Nicky the drug and that was what eventually led to her death.

    Disappointment, Anger, Hatred and vengeance were the emotions that ran through her all at the same time. She couldn’t believe what she had just discovered. She felt an acute sense of betrayal. She had loved Michael with al her heart and might. She had made sacrifices for him and in the end, this was his way of repaying her?

    She found herself overwhelmed by her feelings of hate for Michael. It was so strong that she felt a pain in her belly. She couldn’t cry. She felt very lonely and dejected. She needed someone to talk to. In that moment, her thoughts went to Jason. She remembered how comfortable she had felt with him. She also remembered that some relationship existed between Michael and Jason. She decided to call him.

    After his talk with his wife, Jason had stepped out of the sitting room for a while. He wanted an opportunity to read Amah’s note. He had been pushed by curiosity about the day’s events. Amah’s sudden appearance from nowhere, the strangeness between her and Helena and then the covert slipping of the note into his palm.

    He left Helena lying on the couch in their sitting room, his phone on the side stool not far from her head.

    Helena was in deep  thought. Her mind first went to Amah and all the challenges she presented. A bigger curiosity for her though was Sophie. She kept wondering how a woman could so occupy her husband’s mind that he would scream out her name in the middle of their deep passion.

    “What kind of woman is she? I really would love to meet her.“ Helena mused. She was jarred out of her thoughts by the sound of Jason’s phone ringing. She thought to ignore it but a sixth sense told her to pick it and take it to her husband.

    As she picked up the phone, she glanced at the screen. Her eyes widened as she saw the words “Sophie” pop up as the caller ID.

    Episode 17

    Helena was in deep in thought. Her mind first went to Amah and all the challenges she presented. A bigger curiosity for her though was Sophie. She kept wondering how a woman could so occupy her husband’s mind that he would scream out her name in the middle of their deep passion.

    “What kind of woman is she? I really would love to meet her.“ Helena mused. She was jarred out of her thoughts by the sound of Jason’s phone ringing. She thought to ignore it but a sixth sense told her to pick it and take it to her husband.

    As she picked up the phone, she glanced at the screen. Her eyes widened as she saw the words “Sophie” pop up as the caller ID.

    She didn’t hesitate to pick the phone call.

    Sophie: “Hello Jason”

    Helena: “Hi, this isn’t Jason. I am his wife”

    Sophie: “Oh so sorry. Please, is Jason available? I would like to talk to him”

    Helena: “No, he is not, you can leave a message for him”

    Sophie: “Thank you very much. There is really no need for that. Please tell him to kindly call me back”

    Helena: “You sound uncomfortable, can you tell me what the problem is?”

    Sophie: “It’s nothing I would want to involve you in Madam”

    Helena: “Look, Jason has told me so much about you and how caring you have been with him. Trust me, I really appreciate what you have done for us. You sound quite agitated. Could you share the problem with me, I really want to help. “

    Sophie: “Thank you very much for your kindness but I prefer I talk to your husband instead”

    Helena: “Well, even if you talk to him, he will surely tell me. I am insisting and I would like to be your friend too, ok?”

    Sophie: “Hmmmn. I guess I have no other option. It might also be good for me to get a woman’s perspective on this. However, this matter can’t be discussed on the phone. Could we meet somewhere?”

    Helena: “I am free anytime, please let me know where you would like us to meet. How about your place? I think that would be the most private place for us to meet.”

    Sophie: “Ok, I will text the address to Jason’s phone as soon as we are done talking”

    Helena: “That is fine by me. When would you like us to meet? You seem as if this matter is quite heavy on your mind. I am also anxious to meet with you. What do you say to us meeting tonight?

    Sophie thought to herself that this was a bit awkward. There was something faintly familiar about the voice on the other side. She however was quite anxious to discuss the matter with someone.

    “Yes” said Sophia “I am free this evening. You could come over.“

    Helena: “Ok, I will be there.”

    This was exactly what Helena wanted. She was getting an opportunity to meet with this mysterious lady who had gotten such a firm place in her husband’s mind. She knew that there was nothing sexual between Sophie and Jason. She was just curious to know her.

    Sophie on the other hand didn’t like the idea of involving Jason’s wife. However, Helena had been very persuasive over the phone and she really had nothing to hide. Sophie also felt that since Helena was Jason’s wife, she could also use the opportunity of the meeting to know the relationship between Jason and Michael.

    The note Amah had pressed into Jason’s hand hinted at telling him of something he needed to know in a more private setting. She had asked for a meeting and had included in the note, a time and venue.

    Jason thought initially of informing Helena of her friend’s plans. However there was something mysterious and compelling about Amah and her moves. He was also suspicious of the assumed friendship. He had been married to Helena for a while and he had never heard of or seen Amah until she showed up strangely at their door.

    Additionally, he had noted in hindsight that his wife seemed rather anxious and fidgety during the period Amah was at the house. They thought he hadn’t noticed it but there seemed to be some coldness during the period. He decided that it would be in his best interest to keep the date, which was also for that evening.

    Back at the office, Joe the HR manager believed he had succeeded in scaring Michael. He however wanted to press his advantage further and decided to recruit Amah in his plan.

    Later that afternoon, he called Amah into his office for a talk.
    “Amah there is something I want to discuss with you.” Joe said

    “Go on, sir” Amah replied.

    “I know what is something going on between you and Michael and you know….” Suddenly he was interrupted by Amah

    “Sir, with all due respect, our relationship here is quite professional but whatever goes on outside the company’s gate is personal and none of the company’s business” Amah said hotly.

    “Easy girl, you should allow me finish, that’s not what I meant.” He said “I know the look you gave Michael when we went to visit Sophie, all I am asking for is a big favor.” He continued.

    “Favor? What favor sir? Amah asked

    “I want you to hold on to your man Michael. Be possessive of him enough to persuade him to stay away from Sophie.” Joe said.

    “Sir, Do you love Sophie or something? Amah asked.

    “That is not your business.“ Joe said haughtily “Just do as I have said and you will be rewarded accordingly,” said Joe.

    Amah laughed out loud at the absurdity of the whole matter. She was willing to cooperate since her bread was going to be buttered in two directions. She reassured Joe that it was okay and assured him that everything was under control.

    They bantered a bit and then she left him to get back to her office.

    Michael tried seeing Amah but she somehow managed to avoid him. She however came around now and then  managed to keep him in suspense.

    The workday finally came to an end and Michael found himself home. He got himself a drink and was in his bedroom going over the issues of the past few days. He suddenly remembered the SMS warning him about Nikky.

    He got up from where he was and walked over to where he had kept the herbal concoction. He was shocked to find the drug wasn’t there. He wondered to himself who could have taken it. The only person that had access to his house was Sophie and he knew she would have called him or waited for him to come home.

    “I should have thrown that thing away since” he said to himself. He had been avoiding Sophie since the incident with Amah and Joe and hadn’t called her once. The only time he took her call, he had hastily cut it off. However, he curiously called her to find out if she had come to his house.

    The phone rang out twice without Sophie picking it up. Michael wasn’t so disturbed. He felt safe. If Sophia had seen the drug, she would likely have called him about it. Maybe he had gotten rid of it without realizing, he thought to himself. He made a mental note to check up on Sophie on his way to work the next morning.

    Amah had gotten to the rendezvous point ahead of Jason and was already sitted. She had chosen a fine restaurant halfway between her office and Jason’s house.

    She was halfway into her cocktail when Jason showed up and joined her at the table.

    They were in between chitchats when the waiter appeared to take Jason’s order.

    She ordered a gin and tonic for him

    “I really don’t want any alcohol, a soft drink will do.“ Jason said.

    “You think so? Trust me, you will need the gin and tonic for what I’m about to tell you” Amah said.

    Her words freaked Jason out completely.

    Sophie had been waiting for Jason’s wife to arrive. It was getting late; she assumed that Helena would have come earlier. Sophie took a look at her wristwatch, noted the time and started doubting if the visit was going to happen. She put on a movie and soon drifted off to sleep while watching. In the middle of her doze, she was suddenly awakened by the sharp sound of her doorbell.

    “Finally, she is here.” Sophie said to herself and stood up from the couch to go open the door.

    She walked towards the door not really knowing what to expect. The woman on the other side had sounded pleasant. She was suddenly curious to know what Jason’s wife would look like.

    Helena on the other side of the door was suddenly apprehensive. She had looked forward to seeing this woman and now the time had finally come.

    Sophie opened the door just about the same time that Helena was looking up at the door. Their eyes met and they both simultaneously froze in shock.

    Episode 18

    Sophie opened the door just about the same time that Helena was looking up at the door. Their eyes met and they both simultaneously froze in shock.

    Sophie’s face was filled with shock as she saw Helena. They had both been inseparable childhood friends. Their friendship had lasted all the way through secondary school. They only lost touch after Sophie’s family relocated.

    Initially, they had tried to keep in touch but after a while, it become very difficult and they stopped. For over 10 years, they hadn’t been touch. They were not just ordinary friends. They did everything together to the point that several people thought they were sisters. Sophie had in fact been closer to Helena than she was to her sister Nikky.

    The two long-lost friends starred at each other now, not believing what they were seeing. This was most unexpected.

    Helena was the first to speak “Is this you Sophie? I can’t believe this! Is this really you?”

    Sophie couldn’t hold it anymore, she grabbed Helena and embraced her tight.

    “Come in, I miss you so much!” She said.

    Because of their reunion, they quickly forgot the motive of the meeting. They were just so happy to see each other again.

    “Are you the same Helena I spoke to?” Sophie finally asked.

    “I can’t believe this whole thing. I am the one Sophie, Jason’s wife.” Helena confirmed.

    “Where have you been all this while? After your family relocated, I didn’t get to hear of you again,” Helena continued

    “Things became difficult. We moved severally until we finally settled. I lost my phone  and eventually got a new number. I lost all the numbers on the old phone. I tried severally to contact you but you know you didn’t have that many friends I could relate with so it was difficult.” said Sophie.

    “Along the line, I met this guy, who actually made me very happy with his love until I found out that he was cheating on me.” Sophie said and she started telling her everything she had been through.

    “I hope you haven’t broken our chastity promise?” Helena asked.

    “No Helena, I’m still a virgin” Sophie said.

    “Good, I guess this guy must be very understanding then” Helena assumed.

    “That’s what I thought initially. But you’re married now to Jason, I hope you also kept your promise?” Sophie asked.

    Helena and Sophie had always been sincere with each other. Their friendship was such that they could tell each other anything. Ten years later, that hadn’t changed. Helena wasn’t about to start lying.

    “Hmmmn Sophie, I couldn’t. I don’t know what happened to me. I guess I found myself in certain circumstances beyond my control. I am a changed person now. I have been very bad Sophie and I’m currently in a tough situation. I wish I knew how to correct things but I am thinking it might just be too late.” Helena confessed.

    “Whatever happened dear, there is nothing too late for God. I am sure we can patch up and fix whatever it is.” Sophie answered.

    “I’ll tell you about it but you tell me first, are you really dating my husband? Now that I know it’s you, I have my doubts.” Helena said.

    “Haba Helena, you know I can’t do such a thing. He told me a lot about what was going on in his marriage. I guess this is the best time to talk to me as your sister. We can figure things out Helena.” Sophie said.

    They then began to talk.

    On the other side of town, Amah and Jason were deep in conversation at the restaurant.

    “I believe it’s time for you to tell me what is really going on with my brother.” Jason said.

    “Ok. Let me properly introduce myself to you. I know it has been a long time but can you remember Gloria your ex?” Amah asked.

    “Of course I do, everything was perfect between us until Michael my brother came along. How is she? How do you know her by the way?” Jason asked.

    “Hmm, She died three years ago.” Amah revealed.

    “What?! Gloria is dead? What happened to her?” Jason asked in shock.

    “Suicide Jason, she committed suicide out of disappointment and a broken heart.” Amah said with tears in her eyes.

    You could tell that she had been really hurt by that.

    “Gloria is my biological sister and your brother broke her heart when she needed him most. He abandoned her and left. She couldn’t bear it and she committed suicide.“ Amah said.

    “Oh no! Gloria was your sister? She always spoke about you but we never got the opportunity to meet. But why are you blaming Michael for this? It was her choice to follow him.” Jason said.

    “You still don’t get it, do you? There’s a note she wrote before she committed suicide. Michael and Gloria had agreed to get married in court. On that day, we were all gathered for the occasion. After several hours, it became apparent that Michael wasn’t going to show up. We tried reaching him severally; we called his phone and sent him messages – all in vain. Finally, he sent her a text that he never intended marrying her – it was just a game for him.” Amah revealed.

    It was now apparent that Amah’s motive in her relationship with Michael was to exert revenge for her sister’s death. Jason saw the tears in Amah’s eyes and felt the depth of her hurt.

    “Hmmmn. Michael really did that?” Jason was shocked. He knew Michael’s capacity but he didn’t know he could be that evil. He was however in for more shock as Amah was just warming up.

    “That’s not all… Your wife is not who you think she is, Jason.” Amah went on.

    “What are you insinuating?” Jason asked. He was getting furious with the direction the conversation was taking. He got up as if to take his leave.

    Episode 19

     “That’s not all… Your wife is not who you think she is, Jason.” Amah went on.

    “What are you insinuating?” Jason asked. He was getting furious with the direction the conversation was taking. He got up as if to take his leave.

    “Sit down Jason, don’t go anywhere I have a lot to tell you.” Said Amah.

    Jason sat down at the edge of his seat. He had a feeling that something akin to a moving train was about to hit him. He braced himself and waited for the hammer about to fall.

    “You know, you have always thought that Ismael was born prematurely but he wasn’t. Helena was two months pregnant before you two got married.“ Amah revealed

    The first hammer blow had fallen. Jason gripped the table tight. He didn’t want to believe her but this woman in front of him looked like she knew what she was saying. She was insinuating that his wife had cheated on him. He didn’t want to believe this. He needed to know more.

    “Are you saying Ishmael is not my son, Amah? Jason asked, his tone weak.
    Meanwhile, Michael was thinking of his next move. He wanted money from Helena. He had a grip on Helena going way back and through a combination of blackmail and emotions, he had held her.

    Their relationship all started when Jason stood Helena up at a pub due to his having a flat tire. Michael was the one who had caused the tire puncture. Just as he had done with his brother’s other relationship, he had been monitoring this one and was waiting for the perfect time to strike.

    The relationship had encountered some difficulties due to Jason’s workload. They had agreed to this date to patch things up. Somehow Michael got to know and planned that the meeting wouldn’t hold. He wanted Helena to be vulnerable.

    That night, he showed up at the pub like a good, caring guy and engaged Helena in a conversation. He persuaded her to move to another pub and kept her company. Helena with the idea that she was with her fiancée’s brother let her guard down and freely poured out her heart to him. He eventually got her very drunk.

    Michael taking advantage of the moment, took her back to his house and slept with her. That was the night she broke the chastity promise she had made with her best friend Sophie. That same night her virginity was broken, Ismael was conceived.

    One thing led to another and through a combination of emotional blackmail, sex and his charm, Helena continued in a relationship with Michael even though she was in love with Jason. Losing her virginity to Michael made her vulnerable to him.

    She found herself under Michael’s spell to the point that whenever Michael asked her for anything including money she always granted his wishes. She didn’t know he had gotten a job. He made it look as though without the money he was getting from her, life would be difficult.

    Conscious of the fact that she was cheating on him, she also feared having her husband find out the truth and thus losing him. The thought of losing Jason made her very jealous and insecure. She nagged him all the time and became very possessive.

    Jason was totally clueless as to what was going on. He couldn’t understand what was driving his wife to behave as badly towards him as she was.

    He and Helena had agreed that she should not work for a while until their son had grown to a particular age. To compensate for her not working, he had ensured that she lacked nothing and was well taken care of. Jason felt that it was most probably the frustration of staying at home that was eating her up.

    Matters came to a head when he saw some inappropriate text messages on her phone and confronted her. He didn’t know then that the text messages had come from Michael. After the issues with the text messages, Helena started accusing him of cheating on her and made his life even more miserable.

    Michael picked up his phone now to call Helena to ask her for more money.

    Back at Sophie’s house, Helena was in the middle of her confessions.

    “I couldn’t keep my part of the promise as we planned. I broke it with this guy who is also the father of my son. My husband doesn’t know that he is not my son’s father. The worse thing is, I’m still addicted to this guy in as much as I know that he is just using me.” Helena was recounting her ordeal.

    She started weeping bitterly as she spoke with Sophie. All the emotions and pain of the last  couple of years seemed to come to a head. She felt shame, pain and relief as she poured her heart out. It didn’t feel like they had been apart for such a long time. Sophie could feel her pain and agony. She had known Helena well and could tell she was regretful.

    “Calm down my dear, we would work this out; I will talk to your husband we would pray about it and I know that God will take charge of this.” Sophie assured her.

    “Sophie, I can’t live my life like this anymore, I want to end this and be the happy woman I used to be. Please call him now, let him come here and end this once and for all.” Helena said.

    “Are you sure about this, Helena, do you really want to do this now?” Sophie asked her.

    “Sophie, I really can’t wait any longer,” Helena confirmed.

    Back at the restaurant, Amah was battling it out with Jason. As convincing as Amah sounded, Jason was refusing to believe the fact that he was not the father of Helena’s child.

    Before Amah could reveal who the father of the child was, Sophie’s phone call interrupted their conversation.

    Jason was quite relieved to see Sophie’s call. He had heard enough and wanted to get out of this meeting. The call gave him the perfect opportunity.

    Sophie requested that Jason should come to her place immediately. Jason didn’t hesitate.

    “Amah, can we continue this some other time, it’s too much for me to take in all at once. I have to go somewhere.” Jason said and immediately walked out on Amah.

    In no time, Jason got to Sophie’s house. He walked into the sitting room and was shocked to see his wife seated on the couch, her face buried in her hands weeping.

    “What is going on here?” Jason asked.

    Before Sophie could answer him, the doorbell rang. Sophie wanted to ignore the bell but the person ringing was very insistent. Sophie excused herself so she could go check on who was at the door.

    She opened the door and looked into Michael’s face.

    Episode 20 (Final)

     “What is going on here?” Jason asked.

    Before Sophie could answer him, the doorbell rang. Sophie wanted to ignore the bell but the person ringing was very insistent. Sophie excused herself so she could go check on who was at the door.

    She opened the door and looked into Michael’s face.

    Michael took one look at the the people gathered in Sophie’s living room and freaked out. He didn’t need to be told anything. He immediately felt under pressure; he couldn’t take it anymore. All he could do was push Sophie away and escape through the door.

    He got home immediately and started packing all his belongings as fast as he could.  He got hold of anything portable that he could lay his eyes on including his ATM card and dashed off.

    Not only was he running away from Sophie or Helena or even his brother Jason, but from something that only him knew about.

    He knew he had lost Sophie and Helena and this was his only chance was with Amah at least that’s what he thought. He knew that Amah was the possessive type and was convinced that she would do anything to please him.

    If not for anything at all, he would take advantage of the love Amah had for him. The poor guy, little did he know that he was digging his own grave.

    The more he got closer to Amah the more he became vulnerable to her boiling hot vengeance.

    Amah on the other hand, sat at the restaurant where Jason left her full of bitterness and hatred towards Michael. She didn’t want to waste any more time. Like a venomous python, she was ready to strike Michael at the moment he least expected.

    Meanwhile at Sophie’s house, Jason was lost. He felt like a stranger in the presence of his wife, Helena.

    “Can someone please tell me what all that was about.” Jason anxiously asked.

    A guilt-stricken Helena immediately fell on her knees trembling. She grabbed Jason’s leg and with a shaky voice that indicated that she was about to burst into tears, she started talking.

    “I’m really sorry, my husband, I have made a lot of mistakes and I ask for your forgiveness.”

    “Erm.. Erm… Earlier today, I answered your phone and.. and I persuaded her to meet up with me only to discover that she’s my best friend who I lost contact with for almost a decade.”

    “So, are you saying that you two are bestfriends?” Jason who was surprised about that piece of news asked.

    “Yes, Jason we were.” Sophie quickly chipped in and answered him.

    “So is that why you are shedding tears like this? Come on, get up and wipe your tears dear,” Jason said.

    “Jason, you don’t understand. I have really sinned against you and God. I will understand if you end this marriage right away. I will never hold you responsible for your actions.“ Helena said.

    “Now, you’re beginning to scare me. What else do you want to tell me?” a very anxious Jason asked.

    “I…I cheated on you with your brother Michael before we got married.” Helena dropped the bombshell.

    “What???” Sophie and Jason exclaimed in shock.

    Jason’s head spun as he tried to process what he had just heard. He felt like fainting for a second or two. Sophie’s eyes on the other hand almost popped out. If she had not heard what Helena just said with her own ears, she would never have believed that Jason was Michael’s biological brother. How?

    “I can’t believe this. You mean, Michael is your brother Jason? And it’s this same Michael that you have been cheating with, Helena? How on earth did I fall in love with such a monster?” Sophie asked.

    A rush of former conversations raced through Jason’s head. He recalled what Amah had told him back at the restaurant. Everything was beginning to add up.

    “So this is actually true? Tell me you deceitful snake, who is Ishmael’s father? Answer me now!!!” A very angry Jason asked Helena.

    Helena cried some more making it even difficult to even get words out of her mouth.

    “Woman if you don’t stop crying and answer me, I will be forced to hurt you. Tell me who Ishmael’s father is!” Jason shouted at her.

    “I’m sorry Jason, please forgive me” Helena cried and said.

    “I will ask you one more time after which I promise I will kill you if you don’t tell me who Ishmael’s father is”  Jason said breathing heavily

    “It.. It’s him.” Helena said. “It’s Michael, Jason, am sorry” Helena finally revealed.

    Jason was dumbfounded. His heart raced and pounded so fast that he felt a pain in his chest. Mixed emotions of hurt, betrayal and heartbreak made him speechless.

    When Jason finally got a grip of himself, he walked out of the living room like a raging lion.

    Meanwhile, Michael was on the run when he decided to call Amah, the only person he trusted and could control.

    He picked up the phone and gave Amah a phone call.


    “Hey! Hello baby” Michael said as soon as Amah answered the call.

    “Yes, what can I do for you?” Amah asked.

    “Awww baby why are you sounding like that? Wait till you hear what I have for you! I’m sure you won’t be so cold to me when you hear it.” Michael said.

    “What is it?” Amah asked.

    “How about we elope right now? Baby I’m going to rock your world. I’ll take you to The Gambia where we can settle, get married and make babies, away from all the drama around here.” He said

    “You must be a dreamer! Michael, you don’t even have money to take care of yourself and you can open your smelling mouth to say you want to marry me and make babies with me.” Amah said.

    “Hahahaha” Michael gave a loud laugh.

    “You can call it a dream, but you will know how serious I am when we get to Gambia. You know as an Accountant, if you aren’t smart on your field of work, you’ll have nothing to boast about. Amah, I’m not that kind of guy. Let’s run away and make our happily ever after happen for us baby. I will be waiting for you at the airport” Michael said.

    “Ok. See you in 10 minutes” Amah said and hung up.

    Michael got to the airport 5 minutes before the scheduled time and waited anxiously for Amah. He was nervous. He felt like a fugitive.

    10 minutes later, Michael saw Amah coming with her suitcase from a distance. He was overjoyed! Yes! it worked. He still had control over Amah.

    As he opened his arms to embrace her, she donated a spectacular slap on his face.

    “This is my revenge for what you did to my sister, Gloria” Amah said.

    In a split second, he felt two men grip him on both sides. When his eyes cleared, he realized that they were policemen. He had been fooled by Amah.

    Jason was standing alone outside when Sophie joined him.

    “I know how you’re feeling now” Sophie said.

    “How could she lie to me and hurt me like that?” Jason said.

    “I don’t blame her Jason. We’ve all tasted the evil part of Michael. I lost my sister because of him, don’t lose your wife because of him. I know you love her. I saw that right from the day you told me about what you were going through in your marriage. She also loves you and it is glaring. If you leave her because of this, it won’t take the pain away neither will it change the mistakes she has made. Please give her another chance to right her wrongs.” Sophie advised.

    Her words really touched Jason and he began to calm down and think straight.

    Sophie was right. Asides everything that had happened he still loved his wife and was ready to forgive her. It was only a matter of time.

    “Thank you very much Sophie, you are a really good friend indeed.” Jason said.

    “Come on, let’s go in and talk to her” Sophie said and they headed towards the door leading to the living room where Helena was sobbing profusely on the floor

    That night Joe showed up again. He wanted to break the news about Michael’s arrest. Turned out that while Michael was working with Joe, he had duped a customer. It took months of investigation to trace the fraud to him and Joe finally had enough evidence thus, his arrest at the airport. Of course, with the help of Amah who had been looking for ways to deal with him.

    Joe was also there to profess his love for Sophie. He wanted her badly.

    “Sophie, can I talk to you for a second?” Joe asked.

    “Sir, what are you doing here at this time of the night?” Sophie responded.

    “I will be inside” Jason said and headed inside to iron things out with his wife.

    “Sophie, please there is something I think you should know.” Joe said when he was left alone with Sophie outside her house.

    “What is it? Sophie asked.

    “Michael was just arrested about an hour ago.” Joe said.

    “Really? For what?” Sophie asked.

    “We discovered that he duped one of our customers while he  worked with us.”  Joe said.

    “Hmm, I see. I am not surprised” Sophie said.

    “I’m surprised you’re saying that. Anyway, there is something else I would like to tell you. and I will go straight to the point. Sophie, I love you and I want to be with you.” Joe said.

    “But Sir……….” Sophie said not knowing what else to say or do.

    “You don’t have to say anything now, sleep over it. I will be here tomorrow so we can talk more. Perhaps you may have an answer for me then.” Joe said.

    Jason and Helena came outside to continue their discussion when Helena looked up and saw Joe.

    “Oh my God, Joe!!! Is that you?” Helena asked.

    Joe seemed not to know her so she went on to say “It’s me Helena. I was one of your wife’s bridesmaids at your wedding last year.”

    Suddenly, Joe began coughing uncontrollably and pretended to walk out to get some water. He never returned.

    Michael was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Jason and Helena began working on their marriage. It was a long process but they were both committed to giving it their best shot.

    Sophie was promoted at work and transferred to another branch. She hopes that one day a man who truly loves and will treat her good will find her.

    We hope that eventually happens for her.


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