Story: Tale Of a Ritualist


    Please mama, I don’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t kill you on
    purpose, they forced me to do it. Fred has killed me I said while
    weeping. she stabbed me with the knife in her hands and I fell down in
    pool of blood.
    I waked up immediately and was sweating profusely, chai so this was a
    dream I said. I stood up still shivering and sat at the edge of the
    bed reflecting over what happened in my dream.
    Did I just kill my mother? why is she tormenting me with a knife? I
    keep on asking myself in regard to my dream.
    my name is Emeka,I was born in the family of 3, comprising of 2 girls
    and a boy. I was the only male child of my parents.
    my father was a farmer while my mother was a petty trader. we are
    extremely poor. I managed to finish secondary school because of lack of money. One painful Monday morning, as I sat near a mango tree located in
    my compound. I was in bitterness and many questions are running
    through my head.
    why are my parent extremely poor?
    Why is my life so miserable?
    Why didn’t God allow Dangote or Billgate to be my father?
    Why will I be a son to a lazy farmer?
    All this question were running through my head and there is no
    answer to it, at my age no job. I had tried to apply for jobs
    but couldn’t get any. my friends that were born with a silver spoon has job waiting for them at home. Which kind wahala be this? As I was
    still reflecting over my life on how I’ll make it in life, my mom interrupted me by her harsh words.
    Mom: so you are still in this house by this time of the day, when your mates are busy making their life count and all you could do is to stay one place and gazing at the sky. Do you think that money falls
    from the sky? Days of manner has gone. Better go out there and find for yourself something doing.
    Me: it’s never my fault that am jobless
    Mom: if it’s not your fault, then it’s my fault. Emeka go and work,stop lazying around. very soon your mates will start getting married.
    I have harboured you enough in this house, am tired.
    look at Fred, he is in Lagos making huge amount of money. last Xmas he came home with a car, bought land which he is building on it now. What are
    you? Just eating free food. in fact I won’t be feeding you again in this house.
    Tears flowed down my cheek, I looked up to heaven and said God why
    is my case different. why did you allow this kind of calamity befall me.
    I decide to call Fred to know if he will help me. I picked my phone and dialled his number and his number went through….
    Fred : my guy how far naaa
    NE: am not fine Fred, i
    Fred : What’s the matter? did you need money?
    ME: None of the above. the world is about to collapse on my head.
    Fred : why are you speaking in parables Emeka? Just open up to me.
    ME: you are a millionaire now, but looks at your guy lavishing in the villa,help me to make it in life.
    Fred was my child hood friend, We attended the community school. he is indeed a good friend of mine. after Waec he travelled to Lagos to learn trade with his uncle. But I stay behind because I have nobody to serve. I lost his contact then till one faithful Christmas he came back home with one exotic car and was throwing money on the air. I came to
    his house, I bowed and great him. we exchange pleasantries, he
    presented a bottle of Ompa(hero beer) for me and we continue chatting while sipping my bear. At a point I begin to ask him to help me that I want
    to be rich like him. but whenever I raise the topic of him showing me
    the way he will ignore it and raise another topic.
    back to the present *********
    Fred : what did you want me to do now?
    ME : just show me the ocean and I’ll get many fishes as I want.
    Fred : are you sure you have what it takes to fish in the same ocean with me..
    ME: though I don’t understand what he meant, but I replied him yes….
    Fred : if you are mentally prepared, then come Lagos.
    ME: thank you fred
    Fred : don’t thank me yet. and he hung up.
    I went inside my room to pack some things that I will need.
    was still arranging my things when Mom walked inside my room with a rising eyes.
    mom: Pls forgive me son, I don’t mean to hurt you but seeing you without job is my greatest pain. some of your mates are now getting married but you are yet to secure a job before talking of marriage.
    ME: Mom, it’s OK now. am also sorry for causing you pain. don’t worry much, I will be leaving here to Lagos tomorrow morning.
    mom: is their any job for you there
    ME: no ma, you remember that my child hood friend called Fred.
    mom: yes
    ME: he said that he will help me.
    mom: what of accommodation?
    ME: he promised to accommodate me.
    she left after giving me some piece of quality advice******
    I called Fred to inform him that I will be coming early tomorrow morning.
    **** I laid back to sleep immediately after the call and wishing to
    wake up early. I woke up around 4:00am the following morning, I
    prayed for 10mins before I started preparation proper. I arrange my
    credentials and arrange them in a file before putting it inside my bag
    in case the need of it arise. I was set to dress up.
    I was dressed in red shirt and black ripped trouser on a(i don tire)
    black shoe. if you see me and my attire, you don’t need a prophet to tell that am a poor man..
    The journey was not eventful
    when I reach Lagos, I called Fred to inform him of my arrival……
    ME: (dialing) hello bro
    Fred : where are you?
    me: Am already in peace park Lagos.
    Fred : I will be there in less than an hour….
    not quite long, Fred drove in with new model Range Rover sport evoc.
    I sighted him as he alighted from the car. so I rushed down to meet him
    while struggling with my luggage.
    seeing me he was very happy, We hugged ourselves very warmly.
    me: Fred is this machine also your car?
    Fred : Hahahahah, yes Emmy
    Jesus!!! I exclaimed, Fred (ipiakago) meaning excess money..
    Fred : don’t mention.
    I entered the car and he drove off. he drove me to the nearest
    restaurant and ask me to order for anything I want.
    I order for fried rice and chicken with sauce, after that we drove to his house.
    On our arrival, he stopped at one giant gate and bowed a horn which
    one aboki man rushed to the gate and opened it without hesitation.
    He drove to the car park and we both alighted from the car. I was so
    amazed seeing this magnificent house. Recomending it to be a duplex is
    a downgrad to the house. if I must recommend,I will just call it a
    Me: Is this your house? mouth still open
    Fred : hahahahaha, this is one of my buildings in the state.
    he walked inside and I followed him. the interior of the building is
    intimidating, the floor alone is like a mirror. he mounted 65 inches
    Smart Samsung television. with a standing Air condition………
    he later showed me my room and drove off.
    One faithful Sunday morning, as we are chatting and sipping a glass
    of champagne, I issued a conversation
    me: Guy I have been in your house for good two months now doing nothing .
    Fred : yes, and am not complaining.
    Me: that’s not the reason why am here which both of us knows,please
    show me the way forward so that I will be independent and also be
    enjoying what you are enjoying.
    Fred : bros, don’t worry about that. if you need money just let me know regardless of the amount, I will give it to you.
    Well Fred had been good to me, he was bombarding me with cash since I set my fit in his house. sometimes he will just give me 100k
    but how the money will finish I myself can’t tell.
    Me: I don’t want to depend on you for survival. show me the way.
    Fred : Emy, this is not a child’s play. to be a millionaire required
    a lot of sacrifices.
    Me: am mentally prepared for anything.
    Fred : are you sure you’ll do anything?
    Me: as long as it has to do with money, I can do anything.
    Fred : are you really sure you are ready for this?
    Me: yes am 100% ready…..
    though I don’t really know why he kept on asking me if am ready. but
    thats not the issue. my main aim now is money
    The next day evening being Monday, Fred called me inside his bedroom
    Fred : emeka, do you really want to join millionaires in town.
    Me: yes and that’s why am here.
    Fred : tonight will determine whether you will join the league of the millionaires or not.
    Me, : hmmmm, what did you mean by that ?
    Fred : I hope you are prepared for this?
    Me: yes
    Fred :ok, prepare yourself tonight. when it’s 12am dot we will be
    leaving this compound.
    Me: To where Fred?
    Fred : you will know, when we reach.
    my life as an occult member is about to begin….


    Fred was wearing red gown and a black hat cap bearing red ribbon round it. We ride on his Lexus jeep. We arrived at the scene not less than an hour. When he alighted from the car, I am about to join him when he interrupted by saying that I should wait first till he notify me, when am needed inside.
    When it’s time for the new member to join them inside, Fred signaled me to come inside which I did without hesitation.
    Am not the only one to be initiated to the cartel. We are five in number. We are attended to one after the other.
    When my time fully came. Fred carried me inside and presented me to their Queen Mother saying, this is the person am talking about..
    The Queen Mother though she was old but still looking good.
    I was shivering in fear when I saw human head, gasket and also human bones. What should all this things means. Common be strong boy I said to myself.
    I was carried away by my thoughts, when Fred whispered into my hearing to greet the Queen Mother which I did instantly. She responded me with this question
    Queen Mother : what are you here for?
    Me: I want to be a billionaire.
    Queen Mother : do you have what it takes to be a billionaire?
    Me: yes ma’am, I can do anything for money.
    Queen mother: you will sacrifice three ladies to igbudu…. If he accepts your sacrifice, then you will see money right there in your bedroom.
    Me: but how will I achieve that mother?
    Queen Mother : Fred will help you with that.
    She requested for a gasket which they brought out. She ordered me to lie on it and confessed to igbudu what I want Igbudu to do for me.
    Igbudu I need money I confessed, excess money, money in all denominations, money -money-money. I want to be billionaire by dollars. After my petition to igbudu. An oath was made and they gave me a cup containing blood and I drank from it.
    Your assignment on sacrificing three ladies should not exceed this coming weekend or you become mad the Queen Mother added.
    Fear gripped me because I don’t want to be mad, not when I haven’t enjoy wealth. What will I do now?
    How will I get three girls that will allow me to f--k and clean there private parts with white handkerchief. What will I do now I asked Fred.
    Fred : he laughed, it’s very simple. Just drive down to unilag and you will get as many girls as you want.
    I thought he was joking until I see it to my self. I drove down to unilag and behold it happened as Fred has predicted.
    I came back home with three pretty young girls.
    Don’t forget to use handkerchief Fred said,. OK boss I replied.
    I took them inside my bedroom and I do exactly as I was instructed by Queen Mother.
    I was instructed to clean their private parts with handkerchief after I might have finished f-----g them.
    I gave those girls #100,000 each. they thanked me, little knowing that their life is at stake.
    I took those white handkerchief to her. She made some incantations and those girls appeared and she sacrificed their souls to igbudu.
    Igbudu have accepted your sacrifice my son, go and enjoy riches she said. I was overwhelmed with joy.
    I met the shock of my life when I entered my bedroom.
    What is this?


    I met the shock of my life immediately I entered my bedroom. Behold I saw 100 bags of money both in pounds and dollars.
    I was dumb founded with my mouth wide open, I was like running mad because I have never for once seen such money.
    So you are the cause of my pain and bitterness I said while pointing at that money bags. I picked a stick and started hitting it on one of the bag till the whole money in it scattered into pieces..
    On Tuesday morning, I went to the market with Fred and bought one venza and Lexus 350 sports car.. I throw party round the town.
    One faithful Monday Morning, I was relaxing on a sofa located in my sitting room and my 62 inches Samsung smart TV was on and sound system was at its peak. Movie watching mode was activated. I resumed with one movie title A MAN CALLED GOD episode 2.
    Half way into the movie, my phone started ringing. I looked at it, and the number was unknown to me so I ignored it.
    The number called again and I ignored it, and on the third time I decided to pick it.
    Hello?, came a sweet and a romantic feminine voice. Immediately I heard the voice, my head ran a voice recognition search. Match was not found.
    Me: good day MA
    Lady: Good day, how are you doing sir?
    Me: am fine, so who are my talking with?
    Lady : I’m Amanda and she was about to say something before I cut her off with another question.
    ME : so Amanda have we met before or is something wrong?
    Amanda : yes we ran into each other somewhere and you drop your complimentary card.
    Immediately she mentioned of me dropping my complimentary card to her, I laughed.
    Me :but I don’t remember giving any lady my complimentary card, because I don’t have one.
    Amanda : Please, are you calling me a liar?
    Me : only you knows the answer.
    Amanda : let’s have a date, I don’t mind sleeping over
    Me : hahahahaha…
    Guys can you see something here. Am not the one initiating talk or begging her for us to see in a hotel room rather she is begging for us to see. Reason, is because I have made it big. The sweetest revenge is success.
    Me : so where are you now?
    Am in unilag campus, you can pick me up there in the evening.
    Me : OK.
    When it’s 10:30pm, I went to her lodge with the help of her address which she sent to me.
    She was very beautiful a girl of 20yrs, she is a student of bio-chem 200level. She introduced me to her friends and thereafter she entered my car and I drove off. When we get to the hotel, I went to the receptionist there and booked an executive room. We entered the room and she was like this is heaven on earth. I have never been to this kind of hotel before she said.
    I sat down on a sofa there and she came closer to in a romantic manner and our lips met we begin to kiss and my hand is doing some great job on her big bb and she was moaning, Her n-----s was awesome as I was kissing at the same time and she was playing with my Dickson ……didn’t take me long before I located her k—y catt and started finger bleeping as there was no pant in the first place but I make sure our lips were together to forestall any loud ring tone………..i was bleeping real hard seriously as she was rocking my Dickson so hard as if to remove it from my body……….After like 10 mins she whispered to my ear “I need you inside me.
    I pulled down my boxers and was full naked. I was about to wear a condom when the Queen Mother appeared on the roof top…
    What is it again?


    I pulled down my boxers, and was fully unclad. I reached out my hand and brought out a condom, I was about to wear it on my Dickson when the Queen Mother appeared on the roof top.
    Queen mother: I came to warn you, don’t dare to f--k any girl with condom. You must make sure to release inside her system and also don’t forget to report to our chamber with a used white handkerchief. You must sacrifice her to igbudu.
    Am the only one seeing her. After her warning, she disappeared into the air.
    For the first Time to feel pity for my victim. So i have to kill this innocent girl I questioned myself. But anyway, she called for it.
    I was lost in thought on what to do when she tapped me saying, baby common let’s enjoy ourselves.
    She came closer to me and started kissing me passionately and at same time stroking my Dickson with her hand. I pushed her down and was about to slide my d--k, please stop she voiced out.
    ME: what is the matter dear?
    Amanda: please, you need put on a condom.
    ME: but I love it Raw
    Amanda: and i don’t like it Raw.
    Chai, what will I do now? Try to use romantic and smoothing words on her but no avail.
    I reason for some time within me. Little while, something in me told me to engage Fred in a chat to know if he will have solution to my problem.
    I quickly logging to facebook and he was online.
    ME: hello my guy
    Fred: Am fine my boy and you
    ME: omo, I dey on a hot seat now. Things are not going wella for me ooooo
    Fred: what could that mean?
    ME: I carried one beautiful girl to that hotel we normally handle our victims.
    Fred: yes and what happened?
    ME: she refused my advance to have sex with her flesh to flesh. She harshly kick against it and you know the consequences
    Fred: yes off course, falling to do so you will lost 5% of your life. Igbudu doesn’t joke with his sacrifice.
    ME: fear gripped me, in a shivering voice, what will I do now Fred?
    Fred: Emeka you have to cool down first. Have your forgotten so quick?
    ME: what?
    Fred: the Bible passage that said money answereth all things.
    I know that some of my readers now, Will be asking how we know that particular scripture.. O yes we do read them so that no man can convert us. We can even preach it to in away that you will hate reading Bible.
    ME: yes I know about that scripture.
    Fred: then try giving something tangible to her, and you will see her going against her words.
    ME: wow.. Thanks for your wisdom.
    Fred: you’re welcome
    After I have ended the chat, I turned to her and she is almost finished dressing up.
    Babe cool down okay, don’t worry I will give you a check of 3million if you accept my proposal. Immediately I mentioned 3million, her eyes come open more wider with her mouth wide open.
    Why not make it 5million she said.
    Compare to your life, the money is nothing I said within.
    No problem, I will give you 5m I replied.
    I believe she has done a proper calculations on how she will use the money. Girls and material things.
    I later had a Raw and hot sex with her. I release maggot instead of sperm inside her system as I was commanded by the Queen Mother. Once the maggot entered her system, it will be feeding on the girls blood and she will be dying slowly. No lab can detect the cause. They will only be seeing malaria.
    I brought out my cheque book and wrote 5m and handed it over to her as I promised her.
    She thanked me and thereafter I drove down home.
    On getting to my house, I saw Fred lying flat at the floor in my sitting room weeping.
    What is the matter with you Fred I asked.
    Fred : After our chat last night, the Queen Mother appeared to me.
    ME: and what could be her message this time?… Did she demand another sacrifice ?
    Fred: if she demanded a sacrifice, I could have be happy
    ME: then what on earth could be her message that weaken a strong man like you?
    Fred : she came to remind me that my time to die has come.
    What!!!!! I shouted while shivering….
    What did you mean by that your time has come?


    Me: what on earth could be her message that weaken a strong man like you?
    Fred : she came to remind me of my death.
    What!!! With a shivering voice, I shouted.
    What did you mean by reminding you of your death.
    Fred: on the day of my initiation, I used half of my life in exchange for money.
    Me: Jesus!!! why will you do such a thing.
    Fred: s--t happens, I don’t regret it now, because poverty is the worst thing that can happen to a man.
    Me: that’s the f-----g truth man. Does it mean that igbudu have come to claim your life?
    Fred: yes, Can you do me a favour?
    Me: yes, Just ask me anything and I will do it for you.
    Fred: when am dead, Pls don’t cry for me.
    Me: what!!!!
    Fred : just do it for me.
    After our brief discussion, he entered his car and drove off to his house.
    So this is how my friend (Fred) Will die.
    After all this killings and sacrifices, and yet he will just end like that.
    I don’t even know when they will demand for my own life.
    All this thoughts where running through my brain but no answer at all.
    Not less than 15mins my phone started ringing, I looked at the number calling and it was Fred. So I picked up
    Me: hello
    Caller: are you Mr Emeka
    Me: yes, and what could be the problem? Where is Fred?
    Caller: your brother or friend just had an accident and he is admitted into our hospital. So run as fast as your body can carry you to our hospital.
    The address was sent to me, so I rushed down to the hospital with my car, on arriving to the venue, the doctor told me that Fred died at the spot, that he couldn’t tell me on the phone because he didn’t know what I would have done to myself in regard to my loss. I was shocked, I thought he was joking. So this is true tears rolled down my cheek. Fred died without a wife and children. What a loss.
    My advice to young fellas, there is no gain in money rituals or occultism. Say no to it because you will definitely regret it and in the end it will cost you your life.
    As popular man he is, the news of his dead had circulate in the entire city of Lagos and his village.
    His burial ceremony was conducted and handled by our members in the club and thereafter we gave the family members of the deceased (Fred) 20m. they were glad that their son had good friends, not knowing that their son was an occult member.
    After the burial we all drove back to Lagos in convoy.
    The Next Day,
    I woke up very early in the morning and did some morning incantations and later did some exercise before I dressed up and went to one of my company, to know how the company is moving financially and way around.
    On my arrival, I saw an angel in lady form very beautiful and gorgeous. The lady was very pretty. Wooow!” I exclaimed. This lady is an over definition of beauty. She is tall and fair in complexion. She is endowed with a nice b**b and a massive A-s. She was well dressed in a pink gown that stop at her knee level.
    Her laps were very attractive. I was busy projecting naughty into my brain on how the lady will fit in to my Dickson, when her greeting brought me out of the dream world.
    Lady: good morning sir,
    Me: good morning my dear, how are you doing?
    Lady: am fine sir
    Me: do you work here?
    Lady : yes, I’m newly employed.
    Me: OK, am the owner of this company just came back from United Kingdom and I decided to know how my company is moving.
    Lady : OK sir
    Me: so what is your name?
    Lady: am cindy
    Me: nice name, well you can call me Murphy.
    Nice meeting you cindy, i said that while stretching out my hand for a handshake which she obliged.
    I gave her my card, you can call me anytime and I left the company after checking out everything through the manager.
    On Sunday morning, one number called me and I picked up immediately
    Caller: hello, Good morning sir,
    Me: Good morning and who are my speaking with?
    Caller: I’m cindy
    Me: Cindy!! Mmmmmm the one I met at my company?
    Caller: yes
    Me: so how are you doing dear?
    Cindy: I’m doing fine sir
    Me: I have been waiting for your call but didn’t see it. Well since you have called now, are you less busy? I wanna see you.
    Cindy: there is no problem with that, Am free. She demanded for the venue address which I sent to her immediately.
    I prepared myself entered my car and drove to the hotel. I booked a room and went in and sat down on the sofa there while sipping a grass of Jack Daniel (hot drink) when a knock came at the door and I ushered her inside with a smile.
    She was dumb and I can sense she was a but confuse on why I invited her to a hotel room.
    She sat down on the bed and looked at me in a confused manner. Why did you invite me here instead of your house? she managed to say.
    I stood up from the sofa where I sat and came closer to her, I lowered my hand on her neck and planted a kiss on her lips. I thought she will resist me but there is nothing like that instead she relaxed on the bed gazing at the ceiling. I decided to romance her a little before the real business will start. I lowered my hand to her skirt and tackled the button.
    She then hold my hand and in a lowered tone she said, please stop……


    She holds my hand and said, please stop sir.
    Me: what is it dear?
    Cindy: wears her top very well and adjusted her bra what are you trying to do Sir?, you want to have sex with me? On a first date?
    Me:*** couldn’t talk but bend down my head.
    Cindy: so you invited me here because of sex sir?
    Me: (Before nko, what did you expect from a guy in a hotel room). No dear.
    Cindy: please let’s stop it. This is our first date sir, and besides, you are my boss.
    Me:*** I frowned my face.
    No problem I replied her
    Cindy: please sir, don’t be offended are you married
    Me: No and why did you ask?
    Cindy: nothing sir, Just wanna know, So why are you not married yet.
    Me: ( see this girl ooo. Must you know everything that concerns me). Well I’m still searching.
    Cindy: oh I see!!!
    I drew closer to her, I held her two hands with mine, looked into her eyes for a few seconds and said I love you Cindy. My heart accepts you. She was shocked hearing that, she couldn’t believe her ears…..
    Truly my heart melts for Cindy immediately I saw her at one of my company.
    Little by little our head was getting closer and finally, our lips met and we began to kiss. The kiss was getting intense as she began to press my head closer. I moved my hand into her boob and was squeezing and smooching it from outside her clothes. Cindy was moaning but I wasn’t satisfied with her tempo.
    I decided to move my hand away from her bb and took it down to her locals. Cindy jerked instantly and kissed me harder.
    Ooo yeah, ****I Don get am****. I was tickling her navel and kissing at the same time and she was rubbing my head in response. I moved my hand upward and traced it to her bra and unbuttoned it. I pulled out two twin sisters from her bra and began to squeeze them again. Cindy was lost in ecstasy as she pushed up her head and her neck was on my lips.
    Instantly I moved my hands down to her navel and traced the tiny hairs below it down to the button of her skirt, and my Dickson was fully erected. I unlocked the button and dipped my hand inside her pant and behold, Cindy was seriously wet. I dipped my hand further to her p---y and was rubbing her c--t, she left out a moan… Aaahhhhh, I love you sir, f--k me sir, ooooooh you are good.
    I was about to wear condom on my Dickson when the thought of Amanda flashed my memory.
    I hope that Queen Mother won’t appear in a time like this, cos I really love Cindy and won’t dare to sacrifice her. F-----g her flesh to flesh will cost Cindy her life and I must not try it.
    Will it work as I thought?
    Found out in the next episode


    Baby what’s the matter with you? You have been thinking for some minutes now. Come on let’s finish what you have started.
    Her word interuptedly jerked me off my subconscious state of mind and reviewed the kind of romantic look bestowed on her.
    I moved my head closer to her and our lips met and we resumed our kissing.
    I kissed her from her mouth down to her toes. I located her boob and kissed the tips and she jerked up.
    I lowered my hand down to her p---y and insert one of my finger and she gave out a soft moan an attractive moan so to say, my Dickson became hot, I started with finger bleeping, she was moaning and trembling in the best way unlike other ladies I have bleeped. I was pushing my finger to and Fro.
    Cindy began to work on my Dickson and I was also doing some work on her punana.
    She was stroking my Dickson so hard and my finger was also going inside and coming out of her p****y hole at the same time.
    As we are working on each other, the demon of konji had totally possessed me and all my thought was ( bleep bleep bleep!!!!).
    Suddenly, she pulled my Dickson out from my boxers and drew it closer to her a-s. This period the demon of konji had possessed me 100% and it seems like I would die if I didn’t bleep her. Instantly I brought out a condom and wore it on my Dickson, I pressed her bottom forward and gently slide in my fully erected Dickson into her p****y hole from behind as we are positioned in a doggy style and I was pumping in and out of her with all my reserved strength. The hotel bed was shaking and making some sound as we were f-----g each other. After about 3minutes, I remove my Dickson from her socket in a soft mode, I turned her to face the ceiling.
    I held her laps, raised her two legs up and I was pumping in and out of Cindy with a full force and she was moaning out various tunes. We bleeped for about 10mins and I cumed inside the condom.
    After the bleep, I was breathing heavily and sweating profusely. I dropped her laps, returned my d***k to my boxer and rushed to the toilet and disposed the condom.
    Me: **** drew closer to her and cuddle her**** why did your mood change dear?
    Cindy: **** silent ****
    Me: baby please talk to me
    Cindy: it’s about you sir
    Me: me?
    Cindy: yes, why did you do this to me on a first date.
    Me: I can’t control the feelings I have for you because I love you so much.
    Cindy: now that you had gotten what you want, your love for me now will reduce abi?
    Me: ****giggled**** it has just increased, I now love you more than ever.
    Cindy: are you sure?
    Me: came closer and held her hands…… Yes my love.
    She stoop up and paced to the bathroom to have a quick shower. My eyes trailed her huge butt to the exit.
    Indeed Cindy was a very pretty. She had a killer body and definitely, guys can teleport themselves from planet Pluto just to have a glimpse of her beauty.
    Should I just marry this girl, I can’t live without her. As this thought where running through my mind, not less than 2mins, our Queen mother appeared. Pointing her right index finger towards me in anger.


    The queen mother appeared pointing her right index finger towards me in anger.
    Present yourself before igbudu tomorrow and she disappeared.
    Queen mother: (in anger) what have you done Emeka?
    Me: (in shock) I don’t understand ma
    Queen mother: why didn’t you sacrifice that lady to igbudu?
    Me: MA, I love Cindy very much and I don’t want to lose her. My desire is to get married to her.
    Queen mother: as an old member,you supposed to know that igbudu derived joy and happiness in blood sacrifice and you denied him that. You have to pay for it.
    Me: (on my knees) am really sorry MA, but I love Cindy very much. Is there no other way to appease igbudu?
    She made some incantations before she turned toward with an alternative
    Queen: igbudu have decided to show you mercy by allowing Cindy to live.
    I was filled with joy and she interrupted me by saying
    Queen: don’t be overjoyed yet cos igbudu had demanded another sacrifice from you
    Me: (mood changed) what could be the sacrifice?
    Queen: you will have to sacrifice your sisters heart to igbudu or you pay with your blood.
    Me: what!!!!! Which of my sisters
    Queen: your younger sister
    Me: what, I can’t do that.
    Queen: then prepare yourself to dieeeeeee
    (in tears I walked out on her)
    Kelvin was one of our eldest member in the cult
    Kelvin: what brings you to my house this night
    Me: I cant sleep in my house again.
    Kelvin: what do you mean by that?
    Me: the spirit of those that I killed is hunting me
    Kelvin:****giggled ***is that why you are sweating like a goat. Just go and pay your dues.
    Me: dues kwa, must I be sacrificing innocent souls to igbudu?
    Kelvin: yes, you have to doubt very quickly or else you will die
    Me: (in fear) Fred didn’t explain this thing to me very well. Fred (erigom)
    What will I do now?
    Kelvin: my friend go and pay your dues.
    In tears and pains of sacrifice my sister, I left his house to my abode
    What will I do now?
    Why will I sacrifice my lovely sister?
    All this innocent thought were flowing through my mind. but if I don’t sacrifice Cindy or my sister, I will end up loosing my own life.
    I have to do something before its too late.
    Oh!! Yes, I have to sacrifice one of them.


    QUEEN MOTHER: have you come to pay your dues(EMEKA)
    Me: yes my Queen
    Queen mother: who did you want to sacrifice to igbudu?
    Me: I will sacrifice Cindy MA
    Queen: give me her picture
    I handed her picture over to Queen mother and she made some incantations over it and she said:
    Queen mother: igbudu had rejected her
    Me: what!!!! (what else did you want me to do?)
    Queen: you have to sacrifice your sister
    Me: you are not serious MA. I won’t sacrifice her cos she is the reason why I made this money. Killing her is killing myself.
    Queen: then prepare to die
    Me: I rather die than to sacrifice her to blood sucking (igbudu) .
    I mentioned that and walk away from the temple.
    (IN MY MANSION)………………
    I came back home depressed and so many thought where running through my mind.
    This doesn’t make sense, why will igbudu reject Cindy but chose my beloved sister?
    Igbudu really want to wreck my life.
    I prefer to sacrifice my mother than my sister.
    The knock on my door brought me back from my subconscious state of mind into reality.
    When I flung the door open, behold Kelvin and one young guy I didn’t know.
    I ushered them inside and present a bottle of champagne to them. While we are sipping it,
    Kelvin: Emeka, have you paid your dues?
    Me: not yet
    Kelvin: then what is holding you back from paying your dues when you know the consequences that befall anyone who didn’t sacrifice on time.
    Me: I rather die than sacrificing my beloved sis
    Kelvin: *****giggled**** you must be out of your senses. Did you know how many of my siblings and relations that I had sacrificed?
    Me: I may not know. I have decided to die than to sacrifice her.
    Kelvin: OK, I have solution to your problem
    Me: what could be the solution?
    Kelvin: do you know this guy that is here with me.
    That’s when I realized that he came in with somebody that I don’t know yet I didn’t bother to ask who he was
    Me: no
    Kelvin: he is a member of a great cult and he will help you by initiating you into their cartel.
    I nuzzled my hand for an handshake and he accepted it.
    Me: what’s your name sir?
    Guy: Am Murphy and you?
    Me: Am emeka. So how can you be of help the problem am facing now
    Murphy: you have to visit our grandmaster
    Me: what did you mean by our?
    Murphy: ****giggle*** Kelvin is our member now.
    My eyes come open more wider
    Kelvin: oh yes, I belong to their cartel so that their God’s will protect me from igbudus wrath
    Murphy: prepare yourself, we are going to visit our grandmaster to know what he will say concerning your prob.
    Grandmaster: what bring you people here?
    Murphy: (bowing) I brought this young man to you cos he is seeking for protection
    Grandmaster: young man, what brings you to my temple?
    (Observing the protocols so I bow)
    I explained everything to him and also how igbudu is demanding for my life.
    Grandmaster: so what did you want me to do?
    Me: (see this man ooo) I came to take refuge in thee
    Grandmaster: can you pay the price required for these your request.
    Me: what could be the sacrifice?
    He made some incantations before he said
    Grandmaster: you will make a sacrifice of human head.
    Me: hmmmmm, that is not a problem. But who could it be?
    Grandmaster: you will sacrifice your mother to IYI
    Mw: what!!!!

    EPISODE 10 (Final)

    Grandmaster: you will sacrifice your mother to IYI and He will save you from Igbudu.
    Me: what!!!!***** won’t there be any other alternative sir?
    Grandmaster: there is no alternative my son and there is no turning back.
    I went outside in tears.
    How will I sacrifice my mom?
    What should I do?
    Murphy: guy what is the matter with you?
    Me: why will I sacrifice my mom? Why won’t (IYI) demand for young ladies and I will gladly sacrifice them.
    Why my mother Murphy? What will I do now?
    Murphy: you have to sacrifice her or you will die Emeka. Better heed to my advice.
    After much serious consideration, I decided to sacrifice her to IYI and then save my life and that of my sister.
    Grandmaster: you will call your mothers name three times and she will appear on a mirror then stab her with this knife, (she handed the knife to me) and she will die.
    I did according to her direction.
    I was shocked as she appeared on the mirror as He said. But she appeared in a different way cos I saw her praying in the language I don’t understand (strange tongues) having the knife, I raised my right hand and stab her but it didn’t penetrate. I tried and tried but to no avail.
    (To be prayerful is good cos you don’t know what the enemy is planing against you in the secret).
    Our grand master made some incantations again and then ask me to stab her.
    I tried stabbing her but to no avail.
    I tried it for some minute before He said”
    Grandmaster: we have to try another alternative now. Since we can’t kill her through this medium, you will have to kill her with gift.
    You must travel to the village unfailingly tomorrow on your way buy bread touch this coffin on it (he handed the coffin to me). Give it to her to eat. If she ate it, then our mission will be accomplished. If not, then you will run mad.
    I did exactly as I was commanded
    I gave the bread to my mom in the anticipation that she will have a bite of it that night but she didn’t.
    I tried forcing her but she refused.
    In the midnight, our Grand master appeared and he said” Emeka, you have failed to sacrifice your mother to IYI. Now it’s time to pay……….
    I knelt down and started begging for my life in tears
    He stretched forth his staff and hit it on my head.
    Instantly I started talking what I don’t understand. That’s how I became mad.
    But all thanks to Almighty God who delivered me through his servant after 5yrs of madness.
    I gave my life to Christ and become a pastor.
    Don’t ask me about those I killed.
    THE END…….

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