Story: Thorn in the Flesh

    Episode 1

    Greg rested his head back, he breathed deeply down again
    and swallowed hard, he lock his hands together he has lost
    count of how many time he has done that, it was dark
    everywhere but he doesn’t care what the time is, he has
    untouched drinks in front of him, he has asked the bar lady to
    give him five bottles of any hard drink, and the alcohol
    percentage should be high, because that’s what he wanted to
    do tonight, get high and forget he ever has worries, he has
    taken only two out of the five bottles and couldn’t go further,
    he was not use to drinking and this is his first time in many
    years tasting alcohol, he has hated any drink that has alcohol
    in it, and also hated the smell off it, but tonight he has drove
    right down to the hidden bar, where he won’t be easily seen.
    He has pastored shepherd house church for years, ever since
    he turns thirty, and now he is thirty nine. the church is
    growing, he was held in high esteem by his member, after
    every service people always line up to see pastor Greg, he
    speaks and council them but at the end when he returns
    home is always terrible, his life was becoming a mess, there
    use to be a time he begged God to take his life, he was tired
    of living, how can he be a hypocrite, he appeared all nice in
    front of the church every Sunday, give them a life changing
    sermon, and counsel those who needed counselling, pray for
    those who needs prayer and encourage those who needs
    encouragement, but who helps him when he needs to be
    counselled, encouraged, prayed for and also talk to, nobody,
    is always him and God, and everyone thinks his life is so
    perfect, he has no trouble, but his trouble was as deep as the
    blue sea, nobody to rescue him out of it. Sometimes, he locks
    himself up and cry out to God with tears rolling down his eyes,
    he was tired of pastoring, he felt unworthy, he was tired of
    pretending, he was tired of smiling and laughing with people
    when deep down he was broken, he was sad,
    He wondered how God chose to deal with him this way, he
    seek for his own answer but he tried not to question God, he
    was tired of pretending, tired of life it self.
    The sales lady brought back his attention to the present.
    “sir, we are closing , is almost eleven o’clock, I want to lock
    up, aaah…you have not even finished your drink, you still have
    three bottles here, and they are not cold again, you would
    have said you wanted only two bottles instead of asking for
    five and end up taking two…and a customer was asking us for
    this drink and we told him that we have ran out of stock, but
    we will restock tomorrow, and you are here with three
    unopened bottle sitting right in front of you…please stand up
    and go…
    Greg looked at the lady who was angrily speaking to him, he
    has wanted to drink to stupor but after the first and second
    bottle he knows he can’t go further or he will throw up the
    ones he has taking…
    “I will pay for the five bottles, you can sell the untouched ones
    if you want or you can do whatever with it, can I still stay a
    little while here, I don’t feel like going home now…I hate
    home…I just hate it…
    “why, is it not from there you came from, as fine as you are
    what is pursuing you from your home, anyway that’s not my
    problem, but you really need to leave…go to a hotel and sleep
    if you don’t want to go home, there’s a hotel down the road,
    not far from here, I can even arrange girls for you, who will
    keep you company through out the night, a beautiful clean
    girls, should I call her…
    “I am a pastor, I am married, i don’t even suppose to be here
    or found in a hotel, I suppose to live by example, being here
    only means that life was dealing with me unfairly, the woman I
    married is my pain, she is the puzzle God gave me to solve, I
    don’t even know how to go about it, I don’t…I really don’t….i
    wish I do…I can’t be violent, I can’t use harsh word, I can’t
    even divorce because I am a pastor, yes, you see why I am in
    the middle of a deep blue sea, I am lost but I try to find
    others and direct them to the right direction but nobody
    knows my hidden pain and those unspoken words, even if
    they do they will not understand, here is your money for the
    drinks, I will go home anyway, there’s no hiding place for me, I
    can’t keep running from my problem, if I die in fighting this
    sadness then let it be so, I am so tired of living a saddened
    life….i just don’t know what to do or how to pray anymore…
    Greg paid the young lady, he checked his pocket for his car
    keys, he stood and fell back into the cushion chair again, the
    alcohol was taking a hard effect on him,
    The bar lady watch him and felt pity for him, she has seen
    some men take eight and ten bottles of alcoholic drinks and
    yet nothing happens to them, but just two bottles and the
    handsome, tall, black man who was unfortunately a pastor
    and also married, who by her guise will be in his late thirties,
    he has a wedding ring on, and will not give somebody like her
    a second look, not just her but any lady. he will see them as a
    devil he has to rebuke, she wish he wasn’t a pastor or even
    married, at least she would have love to keep him company
    tonight, she has being watching him as he sat here, he was
    not comfortable, he seem like something was tormenting him,
    she has asked other of her colleagues to go that she will wait
    for the man to finish his drink, this was her first time of seeing
    Greg, she has admired him from afar, unlike her but she has
    picked interest in him, but still have to wave it off and see
    him as one of those new customers that comes to drink and
    go but there was something about him, it was almost 11pm
    and she needed to close, she has wished to stay and just
    stare at the handsome man who seem to be in some sort of
    struggle. She helped him to stand and guide him to his blue
    Toyota jeep parked outside.
    “My name is Fiona, anytime you come around you can ask of
    me, I am always here. That’s if you decides to come around
    again, hope you can drive in this your condition, I wish I can
    drive I would have helped you, I hope you will not have
    accident on your way…if you can’t go just come over to my
    side, and leave when you are fit to go, my place is a bus away
    from here..
    “Thanks for your kindness, I will manage and drive home,
    good night…
    Greg starts his car, and drove off leaving Fiona standing,
    Fiona was wishing he will change his mind but Greg was gone.

    Episode 2

    Greg rang the door bell again and waited but no respond came, it
    was late, he has managed to drive home, he doesn’t even know
    how he did it but he was home all the same. this was the third
    time he was ringing the door bell but no respond came, he knows
    that Klein, his wife was inside. He quietly went back to his car
    and sat inside, and just when he was about falling into a deep
    sleep he had a hard bang on his car door, he woke up and saw
    Klein, his hearted skipped a little, he wondered why his heart will
    skip anytime he sees Klein, he opened the door and stepped
    down, Klein walk out of him and straight into the house, Greg
    followed her inside
    Klein locked the door and faced him
    “Where have you being, but first look at the time, what the time
    say…answers me Greg, and you smell of alcohol, what kind of
    pastor are you, oh you now visit bars and prostitutes, all those
    one coming to you all in the name of counselling and prayers…is
    that a lipstick I’m seeing on your shirt…oh no…you were with a
    woman, is she also seeking vision or spiritual guidance from you,
    “pastor Greg” having affair now part of your counselling tips…
    As Greg checked himself and knew it must be from the lady at
    the bar, he can’t even remember her name again, she helped him
    into his car, she might has mistakenly get her lipstick to his shirt
    “Darling…please I don’t want your trouble tonight, I left the house
    early because of that… I did not visit any woman, you can say
    that I drank but that’s my only sin tonight, please all I want is to
    Greg tried to walk past her she pushed him back and slapped
    him hard on the face,
    “How dare you try to walk past me Greg, did I say I was done
    talking, and what kind of lie was that, how did you got the red
    lipstick on your shirt, you can pretend and lie to the church
    member but not to me, you think you can do anything you like
    and get away with you, I have always told you that…
    Greg stood and waited for Klein to finish ranting before he went
    into his son’s room, who was just seven years old, Greg checked
    up on him, he wasn’t sleeping he was lying awake on his bed,
    Greg walked up to his bedside, and sat down
    “How are you son…are you alright?
    “Dad, are you fighting with mum again, you said it was not good
    to fight yet you with mum every time, our Sunday school teacher
    told us that is the devil that causes misunderstanding and makes
    people to fight…Dad is the devil living in our house now, because
    you and mum are always fighting and quarreling, you don’t agree
    on anything but you are happy whenever you are in the church
    and with other people, you laugh and play with each other but
    you are sad in the house…how do we kick out the devil so that
    you and mum will stop fighting…
    “Tim, you know I love you right, and your mum also, and we told
    you whatever happens at home remains at home, you should
    never let anyone know about what is happening at home, so the
    only way to keep off the devil from our home is by praying and
    rebuking it, I know you still pray, so keep praying and the devil
    will eventually leave our home…
    At that moment Klein entered the room
    “I hard you say that I am the devil, so you are feeding our son
    with this rubbish, making me look bad before him, you called me
    a devil and you want to kick me out, before you even do such I
    will destroy you, I will disgrace you before your church member
    and leave you in pieces, please leave my son’s room, you can’t
    be smelling of alcohol and a cheap woman’s perfume close to
    my son…please do not influence him with your stupid life style..
    “Mum, that’s a bad word to use on Dad, he only…
    “shhhhshshh your mouth…i don’t want to hear a word from you,
    go back to bed your mate are all asleep, and make sure you
    don’t say anything to anyone outside, do you understand, go
    back to sleep now.
    Greg walks out into the bathroom, after he showered he returns
    to the spare room he now stays after his wife kicked him out of
    their master bedroom, she calls the master bedroom they both
    share hers now, Greg put off the light, he tried to say a word or
    prayer but his mind was occupied, he couldn’t concentrate, he
    shut his yes and tried to catch some sleep and just when he was
    about to sleep the light suddenly turned on, he opened his eyes
    and saw Klein standing at the door, his mind skipped again, he
    wondered what she want this time
    “Come over to my room and do your husband duty after which
    you can return back here…come right now…I don’t want to wait
    for you or come back here to call you again…
    “I don’t feel like it tonight, please not tonight darling…please
    “who are you to say such, I said I need you tonight and you have
    the gut to open that your stupid mouth to deny me of my right…
    oh so you have had your fill outside with your so called church
    ladies and my needs are not relevant, you have fully satisfied
    yourself outside and you think you will sleep in peace if I don’t
    get what I want, if you ever…I mean ever deny me of my right in
    bed I will go out there and mingle with any of those fine men in
    the choir or among the ministers, or better still any man I so
    desire, I will get dirty with the man, look at me, I am so
    desirable, it will be hard for any insane man to say no to me, and
    when that happens, it will be to your shame, you will be first
    called out, the scandal will be on your head, don’t dare me…you
    know what I’m capable off…so don’t you dare me or I will expose
    your dirty secrets to the world, how you have being having affair
    with some member and also how you drink to stupor everyday, I
    will even add some spices to it and say you always punch me
    anytime you get home drunk…it will be an interesting headline,
    you will be on every ones lips…don’t just try me Greg, come into
    my room quickly…
    Klein walked out, Greg sat up on his bed, he held his head in his
    hand, he breathed deeply before getting up, he walks into Klein
    master bedroom, and try to do what ever she says but no matter
    how he try his mind was so far and the whole thing was boring,
    Klein started raining abuses on him and pushed him out of her
    room, Greg quietly walk back to his room, he shut the door, and
    locked it behind, he sat on his bed and held his head in his hand,
    he wonder how he will escape from his trouble, sleep has left his
    eyes completely, he sat up and picked up the bible by his bed
    stand, he read few chapter before knelling down beside his bed,
    he locked his hand together in agony, he wanted to shout out his
    prayer but to avoid further trouble from Klein he started
    muttering silent prayer, and the more he prayed tears pour down
    from his eyes, he prayed deeply into the night to the early hours
    of the following morning before he finally slept off.

    Episode 3

    Greg drove out early one morning to one of the ministers’ house,
    Mark was an assistant pastor in Shepherd house church, and he
    was married with two kids.
    When Greg came in that morning, he sat with Mark as they talk,
    Mark wondered why Greg came over that early, he asked his wife
    to serve them breakfast, of which she gladly did, Greg had his
    breakfast in Mark’s house, he decided to open up to Mark what
    was going on in his home, he tried not to go into deep details, he
    just told Mark he has being having misunderstanding with Klein,
    Mark was surprise to hear him say that because Greg and Klein
    are one of the best couples that most people envy in the church,
    they were always happy, and Greg was a true man of God who
    also uses his family as a good example to the singles who plan
    to get married, people love Greg and his family,
    Mark was shock at the revelation from Greg,
    “I have prayed and hope that she will get back to normal but
    instead she becomes worst, it was not like this from the
    beginning but with time she changed completely, I have tried to
    keep it as a secret but not any more, I decided that you of all
    people should know what was going and to also put my family in
    your prayer, devil is trying to destroy me and my home and I
    know God will not let that to happen…
    “I am deeply sorry to hear this pastor, truly God will not forsake
    his own, indeed he will not allow the righteous to be forsaken,
    you and your family will always be in our prayer, now we know
    how to channel our prayers whenever we pray for you, you and
    your family is covered pastor….
    They talk and even study the word together as Mark’s family later
    join in the fellowship, and when Greg stood to leave, Mark and
    his wife asked him to stay for lunch but he said he needed to go,
    he thanked them before driving off, Greg stop at a mini mart to
    get some beverages for his family, and just when he was leaving
    the mart he had some body calling him “pastor, and when he
    turned, he couldn’t recognize, the slim tall lady, who was full of
    smiling walking towards him.
    “Hello pastor…always looking handsome…fine pastor…the single
    ladies in your church must be tripping…hahahaha…when I saw
    you from far, at that other end, I wasn’t certain if it was you or
    not until I got close, and I thanked the Lord when I became sure
    that it was you…do you live around here, this is where I use to
    come sometime to buy things, how are you doing, you are
    looking good…
    “Pardon me, I can’t seem to place the face, are you from the
    church…I mean do you attend Shepherd house?
    “No, I attended to you at the bar…hahahaha… my name is Fiona…
    the lady that…
    “Ooh oh…I remember, thank you for helping me that night, how
    are you doing…
    “I’m doing well, I decided to take off this afternoon, I will resume
    back in the evening because that’s when lots customers comes
    around, right now, no much customer, you never came around
    again after that night, I was looking out for you even ask my
    colleagues to look out for you in my absence, I guess you have
    made up with your wife now, you look so frosh…even more
    handsome from the last time I saw you, men of God hardly have
    troubles with their wives or have any problem at all, maybe only
    five out of hundred do, the rest are always perfect, so you
    happen to among the five percent…
    “you only saw what they want you to see, no man is perfect, even
    pastor do have conflict, some of them are troubled even more
    than their followers but nobody notices because they are suppose
    to be perfect and live by example for others to emulate, that’s by
    the way, I and my wife are good, we are fine, thanks for asking…
    what church do you go to Fiana…
    “is Fiona not Fia…I don’t go to any church, heavenly race is
    personal, so I run my own the way I know best, and people like
    me hardly go to church, we are full of sin, and when we go to
    church and repents of our sin…we return back to our normal life
    and continue with sin, it has become part of us, there’s no point
    and I also work at the bar even Sundays, since I don’t go to
    church I stay their and attend to customers until other of my
    colleagues comes back after church and join me…
    “can I invite you this Sunday, listen, like I said earlier, no man is
    perfect, don’t get intimidated if anybody act so perfect around
    you, non of us is, we are only walking in God’s perfected work
    which is the grace he made available to us through his son,
    Jesus Christ, and when you open your heart and accept Christ
    and you repent of your sins, leaving your sin behind and focusing
    on salvation which is Christ, and if you mean it by embracing this
    new life, you will see that those things, those sins you are use to
    doing will begin to look bad and irritating to you, what seem fun
    won’t be fun any more because deep down you are now a new
    creation old things has passed away, and gradually, you will get
    free from their strong hold, for instance if you are chain smoker,
    you take like twenty sticks of cigarette, you will find out that your
    intake will keep reducing everyday, from fifteen to ten and then
    five until you eventually stop, and whatever that it maybe holding
    you captive will slowly and gradually disappear, is a process
    Fiona, because theirs devil behind every bad addiction, Satan will
    try to pin you down with such act and wouldn’t want you to be
    free from it but with God and your determination you will
    eventually break loose…
    “Hmmmm, you preach so well, you look good and preach well
    too, because of you I will try and come to your church this
    Sunday, give me the address. I will like to be under your
    preaching, you look and sound interesting already to me,
    although I don’t pay attention to all those preachers and church
    people that come preaching to me but you really do got my
    attention, I will be in your church this Sunday…hope you will
    recognize me if I come, even if you don’t I will still remind you…I
    know you have a lot of people you meet every Sunday… but
    please kindly drop me off at the next bustop, my house is not far
    from there…you can come in for a cup of chilled lemonade tea, I
    made it myself…will you like to have a taste of it…
    Greg rejected the offer but thanked her all the same, he agreed
    to drop her at her stop, he drove her down to the bustop she
    said, and she alighted, stood with a disappointed smile and
    waved him good bye, Greg shouted out to her as she stood by
    the road
    “I will not forget your name Fiona, I expect to see you on
    Sunday… goodbye.
    Greg got home and Klein was out, Tim was home at the basket
    ball cot, playing with his two friends that visited,
    “Hey boys, how are you all doing…
    They all chorused “fine”, Tim ran to his father and hugged him
    “I can see you are so happy with your friends around…where is
    your mum..
    “I don’t know, she drove out and not back yet…
    Greg left Tim with his friends and went to the house, he prepared
    food, one of Klein’s favorite, hoping to make her happy.
    Klein came back in the evening, looking all moody, Greg wanted
    to know where she has being but that may probably bring up
    another quarrel which he was trying to avoid, Klein saw him in
    the living room with his study pad and ignored him, she went
    inside and came out again to meet Greg as she began her normal
    “You were out so early this morning, I guess you went out to see
    one of those your ladies that needs prayer or you visited the beer
    parlor again, what kind of pastor are you, running away from your
    house, you hardly stay at home this days, I will expose you one of
    this days if you continue like this, keep on with your new found
    habit, I have not thought of what to do to you yet…and when I
    do, when I finally decided to deal with you, nobody can save you
    not even God…nonsense…
    “I went out to see Mark and from there I stopped at the Mini mart
    to get somethings for the house…I made one of your favorite
    food darling…. so where have you being?
    “do not patronize me with the food you made, do you understand
    me… why are you making it sound like a big deal, that suppose to
    be a normal thing to do….and what right do you have to ask me
    such question, you left the house without telling anybody and
    return home at the time you like, I also went out because I got
    places to go and you don’t have any right to ask me where I was,
    not as a husband because you are not even man enough, not as
    a pastor because you can not deceive me like you do to the
    congregation, not as the father of my child because you have not
    being a good example to him, not as anything because you are
    nothing, you are only at my mercy.
    Greg ignored her and continued with his study pad, Klein became
    very angry that she was ignored and slap the pad out of Greg’s
    hand and it fell on the floor and broke into pieces, Greg looked at
    her not knowing what to do, he tried to remain calm even though
    he was boiling inside of him with rage, he walked out on her into
    his room.
    He can still hear her voice as she kept shouting and insulting
    On Sunday morning, they all dressed for church very early as
    usual as Greg drove his family to church, on getting close to the
    auditorium, Klein who has never stop nagging since they left the
    house, picked up another quarrel with Greg, Tim, their son was
    seated at the back seat, he put his ear phone that the father
    bought for him on his ear to avoid hearing the mother’s nag
    Klein kept shouting at Greg and Just then Greg suddenly pull the
    car to a halt, and Klein was surprise at the sudden stop
    “Get down…right now, I said you should get down from the car
    Klein, if you can’t keep quiet, get out of the car …walk or fly to
    church or better still go back home…
    Klein wanted to shout back but Greg hushed her with an angry
    voice and boiling temper, Klein was shock to see Greg angry, and
    asking her to get down from his car, she was speechless
    because she never expected such from him, Greg continued
    “…get out Klein, I have had enough of this your constant nagging,
    what is your problem…no tell me what exactly did I do wrong, I
    try to be a good husband to you, a good father to our son and
    also be able to help people that the Lord put in my care yet you
    don’t want me to achieve any of this, I keep mute on every of
    your violent act not because I am scared or I don’t know what to
    do, but two people can not be mad at same time, in the same
    house, I can’t join in your madness rather I wanted to find a way
    to help you get off it, but you are pushing me real hard, yes Klein,
    you are… I am a pastor and that contributed to me over looking
    some of your ill attitude, but how do I move forward, how do I
    even pray when I am mostly distracted because of you, I have
    learned how to pretend and act all is well in front of everyone
    when all is not really well, do you even consider Tim, Tim is
    affected and all I am trying is for it not to have a psychological
    effect on him, women are great achiever, they mend their home
    when they notice any lop hole but yours is to scatter, God gave
    you to me… to be able to help me when I am down, pray and
    encourage me when needed, same here with me, to help you
    and to pray for you, to respect you and to love you but you keep
    making that difficult, instead of you to mend… you scatter, what
    exactly is my offence, where did I go wrong Klein, tell me,
    because this got to stop or I will leave the house for you, I can’t
    allow you to come between me and my God, No way, you are
    pushing me too hard, do you want to frustrate and finally kill me,
    will you be happy if I am no more, no tell me, what do you want
    me to do that I am not doing right or not doing at all, Klein I love
    you and that’s why I have tolerated so much from you, today is
    Sunday, I took the whole night to prepare a sermon and prayed
    for a turn around in today’s service and here you are again,
    sometime all I need is the serenity, quietness to be able to
    commune with God but you make that unachievable, you are
    driving me nut… Klein, why do you allow the devil to be using you
    against me, why have you decided to be the devils workmanship,
    why…Klein, I have prayed and fasted for my home to be restored
    but you have taken it upon you to be a candidate of trouble, what
    has gotten into you, this got to stop, and even if you have to
    continue making yourself available for the devil, tell him to flew
    from you today, tell him not today because another word from
    you again and I will push you out of this car and you will have to
    find your way, I can’t allow you to distract me from saving souls
    today. Remember what the bible said about a bad wife, is better
    to dwell in the wilderness alone than with a contentious and
    angry woman, do not be like proverb description of a bad
    woman, be like the proverb 31 woman Klein, even if you can’t be
    perfect like her just be close, don’t be a hindrance to our
    happiness….i am tired…so tired of your constant trouble…
    Klein opened her eyes wide and watch as Greg kept shouting
    angrily at her, he was too angry and she can’t remember seeing
    him act in such a way, she saw that he meant every world, and
    kept quiet as he later starts the car again and drove to church,
    members came to greet them as they drove in.
    Greg and his wife wore their normal smile, as if all was well, they
    greeted everyone around with a nice smile, Greg held his wife’s
    hand as they walked into the church,
    People were so happy to see Greg and Klein, some of them
    began to wish for a perfect couple like pastor Greg and his wife,
    one of the most beautiful and happy couple. Nobody knows or
    understand the pain behind the cute smile, except Mark the
    assistant pastor to Greg, who knows just the little that Greg told
    Everyone loved Pastor Greg and his beautiful wife Klein who was
    always filled with smile.
    At the last seat roll of the church sat Fiona, she watched as
    Pastor Greg mounted the pulpit after the choir ministration. Fiona
    looked at his wife who looked upon her husband with a beautiful
    smile, Fiona was beginning to wonder if Pastor Greg and his wife
    ever had any quarrel at all, looking at how happy they look and
    act together.

    Episode 4

    “…God didn’t t just send his son to be crucified for our iniquities,
    he also called us into a divine family, now talking about family, I
    am so blessed to have a woman like my wife, who completes
    me, I know I always say this, yes… she has being so encouraging
    and has supported me all the way… God has blessed us with a
    unique son, who loves God dearly, my wife has being a great
    mother, everyday I wake up I thank God for her as I also wonder
    how perfect a woman can be, she is one of my greatest blessing.
    So I am talking to the married, husband love your wife as Christ
    love the church and wives please respect and summit to your
    husband as the church summit to Christ, me and my wife are a
    living example to this. To the singles please be careful with
    whoever you settle down with, do not be in a haste to do so, or
    see it as a way to escape from lust because if you are easily
    blown away with lustful pleasure, marriage can not cure that, it
    takes God and discipline to get in the right line…hallelujah…
    The church chorused Amen, they listened with keen interest as
    pastor Greg kept on preaching, they all love the way he always
    use himself as an example.
    Fiona was seated at one corner listening and wondered how
    good pastor Greg was in preaching, merely looking at him or
    listening to him you will never believe he has ever had any issue
    with his dear wife before, Fiona started wishing she was the one
    the pastor was showering all the praises on instead of Klein, she
    has come to like Greg but she knows Greg will never give her a
    second look, there were so many beautiful women in his church
    who admire him greatly.
    The men and women in Greg’s church were becoming better in
    loving their family just the way pastor Greg taught them. Everyone
    was following Pastor Greg’s footstep
    There were single men and married men too but Fiona’s eyes
    was fixed on Greg, who to her was a big fish, she wish Greg can
    make eye contact with her, but she was seated at the back and it
    will be difficult for him to see her, she planned to wait after
    church to say hello to him
    Klein was smiling from ear to ear as she watch her husband
    preach, deep down she was so angry with him for the shocking
    way he cautioned her on their way to church and she has loads
    of plan of what she will do to him back home.
    Pastor Mark wondered if Greg was mistaking when he came to
    his place and told him about having issue with his wife, watching
    him preach and make emphasis on his wife being a loving and
    perfect woman makes him wonder all the time.
    Mark was beginning to understand Pastor Greg more than before,
    he may sound perfect in his preaching but deep down he has
    pain that nobody can see with their physical eyes.
    After the church service, people started coming to greet him and
    to tell him how good his teaching was and how it has impacted
    their lives, and some other member who needed counselling
    while some needs prayer, he counselled, prayed and encourage
    And just when he was rounding up he saw a familiar face, he
    quickly recognized her.
    “Pastor Greg I’m blessed to be under your ministration today…
    thank you for inviting me
    “Fia..Fiona, yea, am correct, I’m glad you came, and hope you
    will make here your home of worship, where you can always
    come and fellowship with brethren…please meet my lovely wife…
    “Your wife is beautiful…
    Klein smile and gave Fiona a side hug before saying…
    “I’m please to meet you, you are also beautiful, and we will be
    glad to always have you here, shepherd house is a place to be
    and I’m planning on starting a weekly women fellowship and I will
    like you to also join in, is for both married and single…
    “Really, I will love that, I’m glad to be here… thank you, I will be
    on my way now…
    Fiona looked at Pastor Greg as she walk out with a smile.
    That same day as Greg got home with his wife and son, Klein
    switched into her real mood, she started keeping malice, she
    refuse to say anything to Greg, Greg ignored her and that got
    Klein more angry as she went to unleash all her stored up anger
    on Greg
    “first this morning you called me a bad woman, you said I was a
    distraction to you and your God, and we acted all nice in the
    church, I never know you invited your girlfriend to church, do you
    see the way she looked at you, you even remembered her name
    which means you have being seeing her, see the way you called
    her “Fiona”, as if you have known her all your life, you think you
    can deceive me like you deceive everyone in church, Greg I will
    nail you down, I will make sure you become nothing for calling
    me a bad woman and saying I’m a nagging wife…and also
    inviting your w---e to church…I will so destroy you…
    “Fiona is the lady I met in the bar one night after I couldn’t stand
    your trouble, you almost drove me crazy that day and I drove
    down to the hidden bar and there I met Fiona, she attended to
    me that night and I ran into her again at the mini mart and
    decided to invite her to church, and it was the right thing to do,
    calling sinners unto repentance, because when she finally repent
    and believe whole heartedly all the glory will be to God not to me
    or to you…stop all this… Klein, I am tired of this, why can’t we
    have peace and live as husband and wife should, Fiona just
    attended to me at the bar that one night and I have never return
    there again..
    “Did she just attend to you at the bar or somewhere else, she is
    even a bar lady…what a mess…you are shameless Greg…so
    Greg kept quiet and walked into his room leaving her alone.
    Klein continued with her constant trouble everyday, Greg started
    leaving the house, he was either in the church or with Mark, and
    he tried everything possible to avoid Klein’s trouble. And acted
    all cool every Sunday, he started avoiding coming home and
    some time stays in his church office, Klein got even angrier as
    Greg found another way of avoiding her.
    Fiona noticed that Greg was mostly in his Church office and she
    planned to start paying him a visit there.
    Greg wish he can get another house but his church member may
    notice and raise a questioning eye at him, he put his son in a
    boarding school so that he can grow up normal without seeing so
    much chaos at home, he wish he can say out his pain to the
    church member, exactly how it is but he can’t because everyone
    believe in his teaching and followed him, he wish he can also get
    some counselling and encouragement but he was on his own,
    Mark has being helpful, he was the only one that understand his
    Greg knew he was being a hypocrite, making everyone to be
    believe his is so happy and his wife is a loving and very
    supportive woman to him, he wonder how long he will keep up
    with his normal make to believe show
    Every Sunday and other fellowship days was always the same as
    they act all nice and happy, while Greg was dying inside.
    He wondered if God was testing his patient or the devil was
    trying to destroy him through his wife, he couldn’t ascertain what
    exactly was happening to him but he was determine not to
    weaver in his faith.
    Fiona was happy as she dressed up and checked herself in the
    mirror to make sure her make up was good, when she was
    satisfied with herself, she took her hand bag and left. She knows
    exactly where he will be and that’s where she was going.

    Episode 5

    Fiona arrived at the church late evening and told the church
    secretary, a young man who happen to be on duty that she has
    an appointment with Pastor Greg, she said has a counselling
    section with him and the secretary later led her to the pastor’s
    Greg was surprise to see Fiona, after the secretary told the
    pastor he was leaving for the day because is past his closing
    time, Pastor Greg asked him to go ahead, so he left, leaving
    Fiona with Greg alone in his office, Fiona was seated, she
    crossed her leg and has a twisted smile on her face
    “Fiona, how are you doing and to what do I owe this sudden
    “First, I am not really fine, and you shouldn’t be surprise when a
    member or non member visit’s you, God’s house is like a hospital
    and you are the doctor here so doctors should always be ready
    to receive patients…
    “yea, you are correct, so what is the problem…I mean you said
    you are not fine…what could be wrong with you and how may I
    be of help…I will be glad to help in any little way I can…
    “well, I have being having night mare, you know all this terrible
    dream that makes one to wake up breathing so hard, yes, I have
    being having that, and sometime I am always afraid to sleep at
    night because of that, I don’t know if you can help me..
    “Tell me what exactly you do see in your dream…
    “I see myself with a man, and he seem to always force himself
    on me…I mean he always want to have sex with me and if I
    refuse he will beat me up, I think is a spiritual husband…can you
    help me, maybe a deliverance will do…
    “sure, God will deliver you from such… first of all you have to
    purge your heart off filthiness, you have to be sure that you are
    ready to be free from the devils claws, when light appears
    darkness have to disappear, you need to really surrender all to
    God and let him wash you off every curse of the land, spiritual
    and physical curses, Fiona can you surrender your fears, your
    imperfection and let God begin to perfect all that concerns you…
    then we will start a deliverance section with you…
    “hahahaha, I was only joking, you are already taking me serious…I
    was only trying to get your full attention, and now that…
    “Hold on…wait…why will you joke with something so salient, that
    was a bad joke Fiona, don’t do that next time please, you don’t
    joke with things like that, so tell me why exactly you wanted to
    see me and have to throw such an expenses joke just to get my
    “I am sorry pastor…is just that I care so much about…about you…
    and I know you have started having issue with your wife again
    and that is why you are mostly in church, I just wanted to reach
    out to you, nothing more, and I also wish you can come around
    to the bar sometime, there’s no harm in coming around, even if
    you don’t want to drink just stop by and say hello to me, I don’t
    want to be just a church member I also want to be a good friend
    to you…and also give you a listening ear when you want
    someone to talk to, I am so sorry for the expensive joke, I forgot
    that I don’t suppose to joke with everything, but it saddens me
    that you are always running away from home because of your
    wife, I also hard some of your member talking on Sunday that you
    are mostly in your church office for those that want to visit or
    book for a prayer or counselling section down, so that was how I
    got to know that you are mostly here and I know the reason even
    if some of your church members are blind folded by all the
    glamour and preteens you and your wife display every Sunday, I
    can no longer fall for that…is right in your eyes that you are not
    happy so how long do you want to pretend to be…
    “Thank you for caring, I do appreciate, but I and my wife are just
    fine, we are fine, me being in the office is to have a quiet time
    with God I don’t want to be distracted, I still go home to my
    family everyday when I am done here, I also enjoy spending time
    with my lovely wife, I don’t live here… I’m good Fiona and I
    totally understand and deeply appreciate your care.
    Fiona saw that she was almost getting defeated, she has taking
    her time to do her makeup and also selected the short gown
    tight gown which showed her curves, she has chosen to come
    late so that she and Greg can be alone, and she was happy his
    secretary left. And now that she finally alone with Greg he was
    playing hard to get again, she wondered why he was so difficult
    and has never picked interest in her despite all her tricks, she
    knows being a pastor must have contributed to him resisting her
    but she was determined to make him pick even if is little interest
    in her, she wanted him to herself, right from the first day she saw
    him at the bar, she has planned on how she will make Greg to
    pick interest in her but non of her plan seem to be working, she
    can see that the pastor wanted her to leave since she doesn’t
    have anything important to say to him, but she wasn’t going to
    leave like that, she to began to think of what to do, she knows
    that the secretary was gone so it was just her and Greg that was
    in the office, and despite that Greg was not comfortable with her
    being around anymore she wasn’t going to leave just like that.
    She must achieve her aim before leaving, so she stood up and
    move close to Greg’s chair seductively and try to sit on his lap,
    he quickly stood up and gently pushed her away, he insisted for
    her to leave but Fiona has not even started, she can’t take no
    from him this time, she likes him a lot and wish he can just stop
    playing hard to get, Fiona went to him again and told him that
    she will not leave until he sees that she was only there to care
    for him and give him the love he deserve. The love that his wife
    couldn’t give him.
    As Greg was trying to leaving through the door, Fiona rushed to
    the door and stood on his way, she rushed to his arm as he stood
    in front of her and held him and just at that moment Klein walked
    in, she was surprise to see Greg and Fiona together.
    Greg was troubled as he saw Klein who came unannounced, he
    knew this was going to be another trouble and no amount of
    explanation will make Klein to understand why Fiona was in his
    office at that time and holding him. He breathed deeply as he
    looked at his wife’s face who smells of trouble.
    And immediately Fiona saw Klein she quickly let go of Greg as
    she picked up her bag and tried to leave.

    Episode 6

    As Fiona tried to leave Klein blocked her from passing
    “I always knew it…I Knew there was something fishy going on
    between you two, and today my kind God has decided to expose
    both of you. Greg, so she is the main reason why you move down
    to your office, she is the reason why you abandoned me at home
    and now turn the office into your home, aah! my God never
    disappoints me, I have always told you that I will expose you one
    day, and that day has come, I will destroy you Greg, I will nail
    you to the earth. And as for you w---e, I will nail you together
    with him, you two are going to be on the headline of a news
    paper, just imagine this type of head line “pastor Greg of
    shepherd house church caught having extramarital affair with a
    member. hahahaha, is so interesting, or rather this one “a Pastor
    in sex scandal with a bar lady where he goes to drink. I will chose
    a better title, maybe this will also do. “pastor Greg of Shepherd
    house, who is married to a beautiful loving woman and blessed
    with a son was involve with another lady who works in a bar, he
    abandoned his wife at home and started staying in his office, his
    wife caught him pant down having sex with the bar lady who’s
    name is Fiona. Hahaha, interesting, I like this one… this will surely
    do, Fiona or whatever you name is you are a devil, sneaking
    around and trying to destroy my home, I will destroy you and
    also your foolish partner, home breaker like you…I will deal with
    both of you…just watch and see
    “funny enough I don’t have shame…yes, is so unfortunate that I
    don’t even know what shame feels like…You can go ahead with
    whatever you plan to do, I only pity Greg, he deserve a better
    woman unlike what he got, is very sad he ended up with you, just
    take a long look at me… do I look scared to you, I know you don’t
    care about your husband and you have being looking for a way to
    destroy him before now, and now you have the opportunity
    presented to you on a platter of gold, enjoy. you are the real devil
    in fine clothing, deceiving innocent members, you pretend with
    your husband every Sunday and act as if everything is alright with
    both of you, when doing that don’t you have an iota of guilt, don’t
    you feel bad, deceiving people that God entrust into you and your
    husband care or you don’t know you are suppose to be
    supportive, encouraging and a caring wife to him, if you don’t
    know your work come to me I will be so glad to teach you, even
    though I am not married but I know far better on how to take of
    my man than you so called foolish pastor’s wife, you kept
    pushing him away with your bad attitude, you actually think I am
    fool, no I am not, when I saw him I know he was a good man
    and if he has given me a second look, you will never have the
    mouth to call him your husband again, you are a foolish woman,
    and this man has accommodated too much of your nonsense. I
    thought you will charge me with a fight when you came in….i will
    be so glad to beat you up and give you enough trouble just like
    you have given Greg, stupid woman, let me get out of here,
    because just looking at you I feel like beating you in front of your
    husband, remember I am very shameless, I am a core street girl,
    I work in the bar, I even engage my customers in a fight those
    who refuses to pay, i do other things you will not like to know,
    with this little you can see I got no shame, go ahead and market
    me to the world, I have being looking for a way to become
    popular, probably it will be through you. But I’m very considerate,
    is not just about me here, an innocent man is involve, Greg
    deserve far better than that. I would have love it so much for you
    to go the media and publish what you have in mind but looking at
    Greg, he is a good man and he doesn’t deserve such, he has
    being too hurt and broken for too long, I saw his hurt the night he
    came to my bar, you kept pushing him to do the things he
    doesn’t want to do…you are terrible, I don’t know why God has to
    give a nice and good looking man like him a foolish woman like
    you, the truth is you don’t even deserve him…you don’t….
    Klein watched as Fiona angrily speaks to her, Fiona looked like
    she was ready for a fight, Klein looked at Greg who was seated
    now, he held his head in his hand and he looked so worried.
    Fiona kept on insulting Klein but Greg did not stop Fiona, he
    allowed her to bare her mind because she was saying the real
    truth to Klein who stared at her angrily too, after sometime Greg
    stood and ask Fiona to leave, but before Fiona could turn to
    leave Klein stomped out angrily, leaving Fiona and Greg,
    Greg breathed deeply, he knows Klein will like to destroy him
    now that she has something to hold onto, he shot his eyes and
    then open it
    Fiona looked at him and felt sad for him, she knows he has being
    through alot in the hand of his wife and that is the main reason
    why he now spend more time in his office, she wish she can help
    him, she has never wanted to complicate issues for him, she
    wanted to give him the love he deserve although she went about
    it in a wrong way,
    “I’m sorry pastor Greg, I wasn’t thinking straight…I never planned
    to get you into more trouble with your wife…I only wanted to be a
    friend and to help…I’m sorry I went about it in a wrong way,
    please pardon me…
    “Is alright Fiona, this is my cross, God will see me through, I
    know that my wife is a very difficult person to deal with but I do
    love her. I can’t soil the garment of leadership the Lord has put
    on me, God knows that I was going to past through all this but he
    has made his grace sufficient, so I can’t disrespect the most
    high God, who sees everything done in secret, I can’t mingle with
    you or any female admirer, or even disrespect my wife, no, I
    can’t do that Fiona, the moment I start thinking towards that line
    God will also start separating himself from me. Klein maybe ill
    tempered but she is still my wife and she deserve my love and
    respect, I don’t know what will happen next after now but I have
    learn to totally depend on God for everything…
    Fiona apologies again before turning to leave, Greg watched as
    she walked out of the door, he kept looking at the door not
    knowing what to do next, going home will be disastrous, who
    knows what Klein will do, he sat in his office for a long time, he
    couldn’t even pray or read his bible because of Klein, he walked
    round the office, he went to the window and stood, looking out
    into the street that was covered with darkness and street light,
    he walked back to his seat and held his head, within him he felt
    like going home but it may be too dangerous to face Klein, he
    checked the time it was almost 10pm, he said a quiet prayer
    before picking up his car key and leaving,
    He drove slowly, it was as if he doesn’t want to get home at all,
    and when he finally got home, he parked his car, stayed for some
    time before coming out, he walked to his door way, every step
    count, he probably will not be able to sleep tonight, Klein will
    want to destroy everything in the house before coming for his
    head, he rang the door bell as he prayed to God to take control,
    he will ignore Klein as usual, if she is ranting and cursing he will
    not pay her attention, even if she slaps him he will quietly walk to
    the room where he sleeps in and lock the door, whatever
    happens will not be new to him, he won’t be shock or surprise
    because it has always being like that, ever since Klein changed to
    troublesome and nagging wife.
    As he was about to ring the door bell for the second time, the
    door opened up, Greg heart started beating faster as he saw
    Klein stand by the door, her countenance was different, she
    looked up at Greg without a word, Greg swallowed hard before
    walking in, something nice was smelling everywhere, a nice
    aroma, his stomach made a sound, he remembered he has not
    really eating today but to avoid further trouble he started going
    towards his room, he still wondered why Klein was all quiet, the
    house was clean and well arranged, unlike what he has expected,
    he has thought that Klein would have destroy, tear and scattered
    everywhere out of rage but everything was in shape.
    “I made your favorite food…is on the dining table, you will love
    it…please can you have a taste of it even if you are not hungry….
    Greg turned around to look at his wife in shock, he looked around
    the house to know if there’s another person she was talking to
    but Klein was looking at him, she was not looking angry but has
    a look of care, Greg looked around again but there was nobody in
    the house except both of them, he breathed deeply, he really do
    not know how to respond to Klein or probably he did not hear her
    clearly, he wish she can repeat exactly what she just said as he
    stared at her surprisingly, he wondered if this was all a trick,
    maybe his wife has an evil motive, or something was totally not
    right, he can’t remember the last time his wife cooked for him
    and served him on the dining table, he can’t remember the last
    time Klein made his favorite food, is being years, ever since the
    trouble started he has being the one making his own food most
    time or whenever he is hungry, he sometimes cook much food
    and put it in the fridge for her but even with all he has being
    doing there was still no peace, Klein has always created trouble
    when she can’t find anything to nag about.
    Greg stood as if he was transfix, Klein repeated herself again in a
    calm and loving way, Greg nodded without a word, he quietly turn
    and walk to his room, on getting to his room, he found out that
    all his things where not there again, it has being moved out, he
    wondered what Klein did to his things, all his cloths, shoes and
    other things were all missing, he quickly stormed out of the room,
    he knew that Klein was upto something, she has gone to burn all
    his things. So he thought. As he was coming out of the room he
    saw Klein standing with the same suspicious eyes he saw when
    she opened the door earlier, she was looking at him, grinning.
    “I’m sorry. I moved your things back to the master bedroom, our
    room…they are all there…please I will appreciate if you move
    back to the main room, it doesn’t just belong to me, is our
    matrimonial room…it belong to both of us, and I don’t want to be
    sleeping far from you every night, can you do that for
    me….please darling…
    Greg widened his eyes, she even called him “darling” he stared at
    her, he wanted to see if it was really Klein or another person
    entirely. It seem like his eyes and mind was playing tricks on him.
    he rushed to the master bedroom, the big room he and his wife
    shared together before he moved out to the spare room, as he
    got in, he saw his shoes well arranged, his cloths were properly
    kept and hanged, everything was in place. Greg thought he was
    probably dreaming, as he looked around the room, he sat hard on
    the bed and held his mouth in shock, he wondered what was
    going on, this wasn’t Klein, all he could say was ‘OH God, could
    this be true…hope this is not a dream”…
    He was still sitting on their matrimonial bed when Klein came
    into the room
    “I have prepared your bath, I don’t know if you want to eat first
    before bathing or have your bath before eating…whichever one
    you choose… is all ready for you darling… I know you must be
    hungry, maybe you should eat first before bathing…is that okay?
    All the water in Greg mouth dried up from swallowing hard, he
    opened his mouth and shut it again, he kept looking at his wife
    without a word, he was speechless, Klein stood there with a nice
    smile plastered on her face, urging him to respond.
    Greg wondered when last he has seen Klein smile to him for real,
    apart from their usual pretense act in the public, where they have
    to wear a fake smile to make people believe that all was well
    with them. Greg can’t even understand what was going on,
    neither do he even know how to respond to Klein.
    He wondered what was happening, what happened to Klein, who
    is wearing Klein’s body, what is really going on, is there an evil
    motive behind all this niceness or she was real with all this
    unexpected care.
    Greg has questions running through his mind, he doesn’t
    understand or even know how to respond to all of it. The only
    thing that crowded his mind was “what exactly is going on”.

    Episode 7

    Greg went into the bathroom, and stayed there for long, still
    thinking of what Klein could be upto, he stayed there until Klein
    came to knock the bathroom door and he came out…
    “are you alright…sorry I was wondering why you were taking
    almost an hour in the bath…I’m sorry if I disturbed you, so now
    you are don bathing can you come to the dining table now and
    eat your food…
    Greg nodded, he still have not found his voice yet, he has not
    said anything to Klein because he was totally speechless.
    He was not sure if he want to eat or not, he wondered why Klein
    was urging him to the dinning. Greg quietly walk to the master
    bedroom and started changing up to his night wear, Klein came
    in and stood watching him with same suspicious smile on her
    “I don’t want your food to get cold, so I put it in a flask, even if
    you are not hungry just have a taste of it, you will love it, I
    specially made it for you, is your favourite food, it taste great
    darling so can we go now…please
    Greg was not in a rush to leave, he is still not sure of all the
    niceness coming from his wife, out of sudden, and he was
    almost loosing his appetite as Klein kept on pleasuring him to go
    and eat his food on the dining table
    “Will you like me to bring it down to the room, if you can not
    come to the dinning, will you like to be served here, if yes, then
    let me get your food down?
    Greg can no longer hold it together, he spoke out
    “what exactly are you up to Klein, why all this care out of sudden,
    what are you planning, what do you want, what is your plan Klein,
    no…say it out because I can not remember when last you acted
    all nice to me, even when I did everything possible to please you,
    you still pay me back with insult and constant nagging, and I
    know you are mad at me, you showed it all when you saw me
    and Fiona in the office, and even threaten to nail me to the
    earth, you said you will take my name and that of Fiona to the
    print media and have them publish and disgrace me…you said a
    lot more before leaving, and hours later you are acting all nice
    and caring, just out of the moon, Klein if you are up to something
    say it out stop all this because I am not even comfortable any
    more, seriously, I am not. You can’t be so angry with me this
    minute and another minute you are all loving, I know you Klein
    and this is not you, ever since you turned my life upside down
    and made a big mess out of it, I have being managing to keep
    sane, I have tried not to loose my sanity, I have live and acted
    just as the public demand of me, I have suffered too much from
    you Klein and I can’t question God why so many sad things is
    happening to me rather I will quietly endure and depend on God’s
    grace to see me through it all but right now…I really don’t know
    what is going on and if…
    Before Greg could say another word Klein rushed to him and
    went into his arm sobbing, she was sobbing silently, Greg became
    even more confuse
    “I’m sorry, I know sorry is not enough for all I have done to you,
    but please find it within you to forgive me…I have really being
    terrible this past few years, I have being a thorn in your flesh, I
    can’t really say what happen to me but I am deeply sorry darling,
    I wish I can make up for the lost sad years, I am deeply sorry
    Greg…please forgive me…Fiona…when she spoke to me this
    evening…I got scared of loosing you, I saw my foolishness right
    then and I wish I can undo the things I have done all this while…
    Fiona flogged me with every of her word, I felt heavy, I cried
    when I got home and began to thank God for keeping you
    together after everything I did, I am deeply sorry darling…I also
    overheard what you said to her, after I left I stood behind the
    door and hard you tell her that you still love me…I was broken on
    hearing that, so I drove with speed to the house… perfect and to
    make your favourite dish
    Greg still did know if he should trust her or not, he loosened
    from her grip and went to the dining, Klein followed and sat
    opposite him as he said a prayer over the food, Greg looked at
    her and she smiled,
    Greg tried to smile but he still wasn’t sure if this change he sees
    in his wife is real or not, Greg enjoyed the food after which he
    went to bed with his wife.

    Episode 8

    Greg picked up his car keys as he move towards the door.
    “Where do you think you are going…I feel so sorry for you Greg…
    so sorry, so you want to go and die out side there… is all fine…
    don’t worry in few minutes from now you will understand better…
    you don’t play with the lion’s tail and get away with it…I told you
    I will nail you to the earth and is about time…
    “What do you mean darling….I’m going to my office, I already
    told you earlier…I will be back by evening…
    “don’t you darling me…call me Klein, I am more comfortable with
    my name, senseless man, so you want to go to your office so
    that Fiona, your w---e, can come over, you are very wicked, I still
    wonder what kind of man of God you are, what did I even see in
    you and settle with you, aside the your fine face you are so
    stupid…you left me at home to go and dine with some useless
    girl, a bar cheap w---e, what do you even see in her, I am more
    beautiful, and more of everything than her. you watched her that
    day insult me and call me names and you never said anything,
    you did not even stop her or push her out of your office, you just
    sit and relax as she insult me, and when I left your office and
    stood behind the door and listen to both of you talk, you where
    not even angry with her or question her why she have to insult
    your wife, you were rather calm as you and her talk…I felt like
    killing both of you right there but I had a better plan, and is
    already in progress…
    “Klein…this is too early, just yesterday you were all good and nice
    and today you have gone back to your old self…I knew it…I just
    know that you are up to something…I wasn’t comfortable with all
    your niceness…I wasn’t at all because that’s unlike you, I’m still
    hoping on God for a big miracle and you are part of the miracle, I
    want a happy home, I want to come home everyday to a loving
    and understandable wife…who will cook a meal for me just like
    you did yesterday, encouraging, supportive and always happy to
    have me around…and if I haven’t said thank you yet…I’m grateful
    for the meal…is being years I tasted a well cooked food from
    you…I just wish everything you did yesterday was all real…
    because it was too good to be true… I wish tha…
    “keep quiet, nonsense…so you enjoyed yesterday meal, that’s
    how your downfall will also be enjoyable to you…do I look like
    your cook, I had a mission yesterday and it has being
    accomplished…and it will start manifesting in few minute from
    now, I am so glad you enjoyed yourself last night, but that’s all
    the enjoyment you will ever get from me, it was like a last super
    Greg, that was your delicious last super, you know as Judas
    Iscariot betrayed Jesus that’s how you have being betrayed by
    your loving wife…hahahaha…I am really good at what I do…I am a
    real actress…I acted it all and you bought into it…you are just a
    shadow of yourself…you are finished Greg…your w---e…Fiona will
    never see you again…I will be a better parent to our son than you
    will ever be in your entire life…to hell with you Greg…when I said I
    will nail you to the earth you took me for a comedian, I talk and
    do, I don’t joke when I’m serious, well I needed to stage it all so
    that you can fall into my hands helplessly and I will have you
    where I want you…and now that has happened I am the happiest
    woman I alive…
    “What are you even talking about… you are confusing me…what
    did you do…what did you do Klein…I don’t understand…what are
    you really ab..ou…
    His stomach began to hurt…he could no longer stand upright…it
    was as if the hotness that was coming from his stomach was
    burning into his chest…he held his stomach and then his chest as
    all he could say was Jesus…he was trying to say the name out
    loud but he couldn’t find his voice…he started begging Klein get
    him a cold water maybe the hotness will stop but Klein was
    standing afar laughing, Greg fell to the ground and tried to speak
    “What…di.did you do to me…K…k..lein…I loved you…I valued you,
    I respected you, I cherished you with my life yet you find joy in
    wanting to destroy me…why do you hate me…what is my offense
    Ki..Klein…whaaaat…tell me…did you put something…in the food…
    last night…how…what is going on…please I need water…please
    give me water let me drink…I can’t get on my feet…my inside is
    burning…the heat is too much…please I need water to drink…I
    want water Klein…Klein please…please…Jesus…Christ…help me…
    water, I beg of you Klein…
    Klein was laughing as she move to the fridge and get a chilled
    water, she put it far from Greg and ask Greg to crawl and get it if
    he really want to drink water…Greg tried to reach the water but
    Klein moved it back, far away from him, she urge him to come
    get the water again…he was loosing his strength as he began to
    search his pocket for his mobile phone, he brought out the phone
    to call somebody for help, Klein on seeing the phone rush to him
    and slapped him across the face before retrieving the phone
    from him, she threw the phone to the wall and it broke into
    pieces, she took the water and poured everything on Greg’s head
    and body, as Greg turned to get some drop of water to his mouth
    to quench his dry hot throat, Klein poured the remaining on the
    ground and stepped on it, after which he asked Greg to craw to it
    and drink the water from the floor, where she was standing, Greg
    tried to craw, not minding that Klein was standing on it, all he
    needed was just a little drop to see if the hotness in his throat
    could stop, as he tried to crawl Klein came and kicked him hard
    on the stomach and then to his face…Greg was in pain as he
    cried out in agony…he held his stomach…he was weak but was
    fighting hard to remain calm despite darkness was already
    crowding his eyes
    “I am the type of woman you shouldn’t mess around with, you
    brought this upon yourself Greg…you did by allowing Fiona to
    insult me…you watched her and did nothing, you brought this on
    yourself by picking interest in another woman…oh darling…I said I
    was going to destroy you and the time has come…nobody…I
    mean nobody will ever save you from this…not even God that you
    pray to morning afternoon and night…nothing will save you from
    my claws…absolutely nothing… I am far too dangerous than you
    can imagine…and a good actress too…do not worry after you are
    gone, I will put up a good act for people, they will never
    suspect…trust me I am very good at what I do…
    Klein brought out a short sharp kitchen knife and a gun and
    placed it in front of Greg
    “open your eyes and look at this beautiful weapon before you…
    and you have to chose one, do you want to die gradually from
    that pain or you want me to help you and end your life so quick,
    because I hate you suffering like this and I want to help you as a
    the kind and loving wife that I am, this pain you feel now is going
    to take time before it finally kills you, it will cut every of your
    intestine after which it will destroy your heart and you will finally
    loose your breath, and just then you will beg for death before
    death finally comes, but I really want to save you from all that
    trouble by ending it quick my darling husband…so chose either
    the gun or the knife, the knife is quiet sharp, I will just dig it into
    your heart and off you go and the gun has only two bullet but
    one will do the work for you…so chose darling…my fine
    husband…is a pity you will be gone this way but like I said
    nothing and no one can save you…chose quickly, I will be fast
    about it, look up and take a pick between the two, don’t waste
    my time…
    Greg tried to say something but he was too weak to mutter a
    word, he tried again but the word hooked in his truth, he was
    weak, he was dying gradually, as he kept on praying in his heart
    for God to save him, he knew that Klein will kill him anyway even
    if he did not chose any of the weapon, he was scared because he
    had wanted to watch his son grow up, he has wanted to help so
    many people that God entrusted to him, he never ever thought his
    wife will bring his downfall, he wanted to cry out, he wanted to
    plead with God to help him because right now he felt helpless,
    and just then as he tried to look up at Klein he saw her with the
    sharp knife
    “I think the knife will do the work perfectly, the gun will make too
    much noise and may call for attention but I will just dig the knife
    to your chest straight to your heart and that will be the end, so
    my darling fine pastor husband…I bid you farewell to the other
    world, in your next life never you mess with strong woman like
    me, good bye and may we never meet again, this is our final bus
    top, it was nice riding with you in this so called marriage, I am
    done and so you are…Greg…
    And as she raise the knife, targeting his heart, Greg found his
    voice to scream, he called Jesus as he saw the knife coming
    down to his chest, he screamed so loud and awaken from his
    His body was covered with sweat, the dream has felt so real, the
    dream was still so fresh in his heart as he widened his eyes in
    shock, he look straight at nothing, the day has break, he
    wondered how long he has being sleeping, he tried to understand
    it all but got more scared as he thought of it, it has felt so real to
    Greg was panting heavily as he sat up from the bed and look
    around him, he saw Klein sitting beside him and looking at him
    with a worried face…
    “Darling, You have being struggling in your sleep…I guess it must
    be a night mare…
    She tried to touch Greg but he move back from her, before
    standing up from the bed, he ran to the next room with sweat all
    over him and locked the door, he can hear Klein calling his name
    but he was breathless as he fell on his knee beside the bed.

    Episode 9

    Greg stayed in the spare room for long time without coming out,
    he ignored Klein’s call and constants knock on the door, he
    prayed against every manipulation from the devil, using his wife’s
    face, he also prayed that the peace that was about taking place
    will settle in his home, after sometime he came out of the room
    and saw Klein sitting by the door sobbing silently,
    On seeing him she rose to her feet and spoke
    “I know I was terrible, I know I don’t deserve you, your
    forgiveness and love, I don’t deserve anything from you Greg, but
    all I ask is that you will forgive me, just find it in your heart to
    forgive me…please Greg, I beg of you, I still love you…so very
    much, I just expressed it in a very wrong way, I was jealous of
    seeing you having female admirer in church, and some of them
    even wanted you to counsel them or pray for them, I got jealous
    Greg especially the way you respond to them, you are always
    smiling and giving them a listening ear and attention, I don’t
    know why I hated that, and became bitter and started hating
    you… I still feel lonely anytime you are away from me and angry
    anytime you are close to me, I know I allowed myself to be used
    by the devil, jealousy took control of me and I wanted to destroy
    you so that those female admirers will run from you, you will
    become frustrated and helpless. I wanted to have you exactly
    where I wanted you, I wanted to stripe you off everything and
    make you useless, I wanted you to see me as your second god, I
    know I was wrong Greg, I was totally wrong, and when I met
    Fiona in your office, I was determined to take a further step in
    achieving that which I have in mind, seeing you together with her
    was enough evidence to hold onto, then I hard Fiona speak to
    me with those threatening voice of hers, she just spread my fault
    before me and I began to see how gullible and selfish I have
    being , she even said if you have given her a second look I would
    have being without a husband, i hated her for saying so much yet
    all she said was the truth, i was hoping you will stop her from
    insulting me but when you didn’t I got even more scared probably
    you are really tired of me and may end up with Fiona because
    she was desperately ready to have you to herself, I just got
    scared Greg, I don’t want to loose you to another woman Greg,
    and I also hard you say to Fiona that you still love me, I felt so
    unworthy of you, in truth I don’t deserve you Greg, I don’t, I have
    being a bad wife and a terrible mother to our son, and also a bad
    example to the church, I am deeply sorry, all I ask for is another
    chance to prove myself again, another chance to be better than I
    was, another chance to be the real mother I was meant to be to
    our son, a good wife to you and also a good example to the
    church of God…please…
    Greg kept on looking at her as she shed tears and plead to him,
    he was moved by her sincere confession, he moved close to her
    and Klein on seeing him looking like he cared so much about
    her, went into his arm still sobbing, Greg held onto her before
    loosening up a little, he still doesn’t know if he should believe
    her or not, despite she was looking all sincere.
    “please permit me to go and make you breakfast, you have being
    in there for long and I don’t know what to do because I was
    really worried, i know you had a night mare that got you scared, I
    saw the way you looked at me and moved away from me when I
    tried to touch you, I’m sorry for everything, you took forever in
    there and I thought you won’t come out again, I love you Greg,
    please let me prove it to you.
    She loosened from his grip and went to the kitchen to make
    breakfast for Greg,
    Before Greg finished from the bathroom and dressed up for the
    day Klein was done with food, and set it up for him on the dining,
    Greg who decided to fast that day knows that he can not eat
    anything at that moment until he breaks his fast
    Klein came to meet Greg in the room
    “Darling your food is ready, and is set on the dining…
    “Okay, thank you, go and be eating, I am still busy right now…
    She said okay and left, after five minutes Greg came out and saw
    her sitting on the dining chair, she wasn’t eating
    “Why aren’t you eating…
    “Because I am not hungry yet, but I will eat…maybe when I am…
    “okay, maybe you should preserve the food for me, I will eat later
    not now…I have to get to my office and also have to see Mark
    Klein frown, she looks unhappy, she breathed deeply before
    “Are you still angry with me…i have pleaded to you to be
    “I am not angry with darling…you are always forgiven, that’s just
    the fact, I have forgiven you even before you tendered the
    “Then come and have breakfast before going out…eat before
    leaving, it will make me happy…
    “I can’t darling…I will do that when I return in the evening…I’m
    fasting today…
    “are you afraid of me…even when you were eating last night you
    seem to be careful and was looking at me suspiciously, I know I
    was capable of doing anything to you then…but I am no more the
    same person…I have changed…and I want to get your trust back…
    do you think I will poison you
    At the mention of poison, the dream flash back to Greg’s mind
    again, he knew he has prayed against any mishap but he was
    troubled in his mind as Klein mentioned poison, he looked at
    Klein who was still asking him to eat to prove to her that she has
    forgiven him…
    “I just told you that I am fasting…I don’t like letting anybody know
    when I am mounting…not even you…but I still told you that I
    can’t eat now for that reason and you are still talking…
    “am sorry…I did not hear you say that you are fasting…was
    carried away with wanting you to eat something before leaving…
    if I have hard that I wouldn’t have trouble you any further…alright
    go on I will make something better before you return..
    And after Greg left, Klein dressed up and left the house with her
    own car key, she drove to most of the hidden bar that she think
    Fiona will be in, after she couldn’t find her she decided to ask
    most of the bar tenders around there they directed her to the
    place, she went to the exact place that she was directed and
    asked for Fiona.
    When Fiona was told that somebody was looking for her, she
    came out and was surprise to see Klein, sitting at one corner,
    she wasn’t sure if she wanted to see her or not, Fiona wondered
    what Klein want because their last meeting was just yesterday
    and their encounter wasn’t good after Klein threatens to disgrace
    her and Greg, a lot of things went through Fiona’s mind, as she
    thought maybe Klein want to start what she planned to do right
    here in her bar, but Fiona was ready for her and even plan to
    beat her up if she tries to insult her or do anything bad, Fiona
    was even happy that Greg, Klein husband who she respect was
    not with her, so if Klein coming was to make trouble with her she
    will disgrace her instead, she will even tell everyone how she has
    being a pain in the pastor’s neck, she was ready for the
    Fiona walks up to her, Klein on seeing Fiona try to smile but
    instead frown on seeing Fiona with a straight and hardened face,
    Fiona looks like she was ready for a fight
    “yes, what do you want…why are you looking for me…and wait
    before you say anything…look around you, this is my zone…if you
    try anything funny I will be force to mess you up…I am not the
    type of lady you should mess around with…I am far too big than
    what you think…if you are here to warn me to stay away from
    your husband…I have already made up my mind to do that, I am
    not his type…I have nothing with him before, as much as I would
    have love to but pastor Greg will not give me a second look
    despite how unworthy you have being to him….so instead of
    coming here, which is obviously a waste of time go and make
    that man happy…because he deserve to be happy…if you don’t sit
    up…another woman may eventually take him from you because
    good men like that are very scarce…do you understand me…even
    if Greg decide to separate from you…and he make up his mind
    not to have anything to do with any woman again, believe me
    nothing in you will ever interest him again…he will be focus in
    God and his only son who you have not being a good mother to,
    judging from your attitude toward your husband, at the end you
    will be the one left in disgrace and whe…
    “Hold on…enough said already Fiona…what you are thinking is not
    why I came…I came for a different thing…i need you for
    something…I don’t know if you can help me
    Fiona looked at her suspiciously as she still wonder what Klein
    was up to, what is she planning that she has to involve her, she
    was suppose to be her enemy not her friend so why is Klein here
    and what is she planning against Greg that she has to involve her
    in it.

    Episode 10(Final)

    After Greg left the house that day, Klein called Fiona to quickly
    come over and she did, they sat and go over there plans again,
    they even joke together and laugh as old friends, in a about a
    month time they will execute their plan, they were just busy
    planning and making sure everything was in place.
    Greg was still watching Klein, but she was still in her nice self,
    doing everything possible to please Greg, his food is always ready
    before he comes back, he doesn’t have any doubt about her
    niceness anymore, he was always happy to eat her food and they
    sometimes eat together, Greg never fails to commend her for the
    delicious food, Klein felt happy and encourage to do even better
    anytime Greg commends her and also thank you to her for the
    sumptuous meal she served him, the house was well kept, his
    cloths washed and kept away, Greg sometimes assist her in
    some house chores whenever he is at home and less busy, Klein
    will tell him not to stress himself but Greg will insist, the master
    bedroom became warm and loving unlike before, he did not
    move back to the spare room, he even started telling Klein how
    his day went as they both lie on the bed, talking about everything
    and anything, and laughing together which was usual, Greg acted
    like a young man in love for the first time,
    Klein was also filled with joy as she watch Greg become livelier,
    they pray every night, and even do morning devotion together,
    Greg even taught her the negative effect of anger, and how to
    shut the door against every bad and evil thought which may
    breed negative behavior towards people even to those she claim
    to love
    Klein becomes Greg home student as he prayed with her and
    kept on in his teaching with her.
    In church it was no more the preteens they have kept on with for
    years but a realness that comes deep within.
    Their love making was not as before, it also changed, is unlike
    then when Klein has to command him to come and do his
    rightful duty to her and Greg has to obey even when he doesn’t
    feel like it, he hurries in and hurries out so that he can return to
    his spare room, which always get Klein more angry anytime he
    does that, it wasn’t like that anymore as everything about them
    was changing and he was loving it, he began to see the loving
    side of his wife which he thought never exist, she was becoming
    supportive, respectful, loving and accommodating not just to him
    but to everyone, both in church and everywhere, this time it was
    Schools where on break, Tim, their son was home and was happy
    to see his parents corporation, he has prayed constantly for a
    miracle and although it took God time to answer but he was glad
    God answered and his parents are always happy with each other,
    no more fighting or using bad word, his father was more happy
    than he has ever being, Tim was happy that God answered his
    prayer which was to make his parents to stop fighting and
    It was Greg’s birthday, he has awaken early to pray that morning
    before preparing to go out, Klein did not say anything about his
    birthday, he knew she must have forgotten because she hardly
    wish him a happy birthday except if is in the church when the
    members comes to wish him a happy birthday or sometimes
    organised a party for him in church, ever since their trouble
    began years ago his wife has always forgotten the day of his birth
    and also their wedding anniversary, which has become normal
    for him, so he didn’t want to bother her by reminding her that it
    was his birthday, reminding her may make her feel bad and he
    doesn’t want that.
    Greg picked up his car keys and just when he got to the door
    Klein called his attention to something which they both recently
    started practicing again
    “Darling, you have forgotten to do the needful…
    “What could that be…
    Greg smile as he quickly remember but wanted Klein to say it
    “if we must be an example both to the church of God and to
    those looking up to us, to those who believe in love again not
    just because you preach about it every Sunday but also because
    they see us practice it, if we have to a good example let’s start
    practicing what we preach, not only when is necessary or relevant
    but at all time, both home and outside there…so where is my
    forehead kiss…
    Greg was glad to hear his wife say that as he took another step
    close to her, he had wish she will also remember it was his
    birthday he was turning forty years, he wanted to say something
    about that in a kind way to her but quickly waved it off, as he
    gently drew her into his arm and planted a kiss on her forehead
    before saying
    “I love you…
    I love you more my darling husband, my pastor, my best friend
    and companion…
    They both burst out laughing at the way Klein showered praises
    on Greg, kissing his wife on her forehead before leaving the
    house was becoming normal to them. They both act like new
    lovers around each other. Which was what Greg has always
    After Greg left Klein called Fiona, the day has come for their plan
    to be executed, she has being planning a surprise birthday party
    with Fiona, who was glad to tag along, she has apologies to
    Fiona first and Fiona in return also apologies for her abusive
    words too, from there they became good friends, as Klein told
    her of her plan to surprise Greg on his fortieth birthday, they even
    involve some other church member, Mark and his wife was also
    involve, but Greg was not aware of all the plan, the party was
    suppose to be in his house, as the caterer delivered the cake
    which was well customized, food and drinks where also available,
    Mark’s wife was also there to assist with things, after everything
    was set, Mark and other ministers came in, few other church
    members started arriving one after the other,
    Towards evening, Klein called Greg to check up on him and to
    know when he will be home, and Greg told her that he was
    already on his way home. Klein quickly informed the house and
    they put off the light and everyone get set to take a hideout.
    Greg drove to a mini mart, he got something for the house, he
    has finally made up his mind to tell the wife of his birthday in a
    loving way to avoid her feeling bad, despite he would have love
    to have family and friends around to celebrate with him but he
    will do that on Sunday, and also now that his son was around it
    was a great moment to celebrate love and thank God for
    restoring his home and he pray that the peace, love and
    understanding that has come to settle in his home will remain
    He parked his car and stepped down with the goodies he bought,
    he walk to the front door and rang the door bell.
    Before, coming home was always sad for him and every time he
    sees his wife his heart will skip but not again, now he enjoys
    coming home and being with his wife. He was so grateful to God
    for using Fiona to restore his home, he had never thought an
    ordinary lady from the bar will bring the peace he now enjoyed,
    he felt so happy, he knew that God uses the foolish things of this
    world, the things the word condemns and calls nothing, God uses
    it to shame the wise, and that’s in the case of Fiona who God
    use to bring Klein to order and sanity.
    As he tried to ring the door bell for the second time he noticed
    the door was open, he wondered if it was Tim his son or his wife
    that left the door open, he entered inside and found out that
    everywhere was dark, the light was off, he called out to Klein
    “Darling…I’m home…what happen to the lights…I got some
    goodies for you…Darling…Tim…son…where’s everybody…
    He wondered why the house was dead silent, Klein did not say
    that she was going out and who left the door open if she was not
    home, he quickly switched on the light and everybody shouted
    out of every corner like a chorus
    “Happy birthday pastor Greg….
    Then laughter erupted from all angle, Greg stood puzzled, he was
    shock to see so much people and everywhere decorated, his
    wife was holding a fine cake that has “happy 40th birthday
    He couldn’t utter a word as he remain speechless, even his son
    has a gift pack in his hand, every one present were all lively and
    happy, the house was warm, he was more surprise to see Fiona
    among the people present, looking all cheerful, how did Klein do
    it, to get Fiona to be among the surprise show
    His heart was overwhelmed, he was so happy as he began to
    laugh, he has never expected what he got, he thanked everyone
    and also thanked his wife for pulling all the people together for
    his birthday,
    He cut the cake and there was eating and drinking and
    merriment, after sometime all the people started leaving one
    after the other, there was also a take away pack for everyone.
    It was time for Fiona to leave after helping Klein wash off the
    dishes and arranging the house back to order, she got to the
    door where Greg stood hugging, shaking and thanking everyone
    as they leave, he stood with his wife beside him.
    “happy birthday once again Pastor Greg, it must be surprising to
    you to see I and your wife together, remember there’s nothing
    God can not do…hahahaha…well you preached about that almost
    every Sunday, and I will be glad to finally pitch my tent in
    shepherd house, no more preteens and sadness, is all going to
    be real this time, and I am happy that your wife sit up in her duty
    I was all ready to whip her a-s like a child…I am very happy for
    both of you, which means I will never trespass again in your
    territory, is all guarded… hahahaha…I am very happy that your
    family is back to normal just like you have always wanted
    pastor…and your son is so cute…congratulation once again..
    Klein who was filled with laughter as Fiona speak, began to say…
    “thank you Fiona, all thanks to you because it was through you I
    knew I needed to sit up, if you have whipped me I wouldn’t have
    mind, I needed to be flogged anyway and I saw you were not just
    ready to flog but to also kick and push…hahahaha…t
    hank you for joining hands with me to give my husband the
    birthday that he deserve, I promised him that I was going to
    make it up to him and I just started, I know I can’t undo the past
    wrong but I will make every moment from now on count. God
    bless you Fiona….remember like I told you, you are always
    welcomed here, if you need somebody to talk to without being
    judge, if you need a hand to hold or want to hang out…don’t fail
    to call on me, I will be both a sister and a true friend to you…
    Greg was happy as he spoke and thank Fiona, she later gave
    Klein a warm hug before leaving
    Fiona got another job through the help of Klein, Fiona also joined
    the choir, as her job gives her time to go for rehearsals, she was
    very happy as she started dating one of the strong members in
    the church. And within months they started planning for their
    wedding, and Pastor Greg was going to officiate their wedding in
    shepherd house.
    “…how many of you knows that pastor’s are humans too who
    also need counselling, prayers and encouragement…
    All the hands in the church went up, and Greg continued
    “thank you…and how many of you have being doing that…how
    many of you knells in your secret place and pray for the ministers
    of God…I was faced with a battle, which I wouldn’t want to go
    into details, even when I told Mark what was going on he
    couldn’t believe at first because I appeared all perfect, but at the
    end God intervened and saved my family from the devil’s claws…
    God use somebody we never expected to mend the brokenness…
    so God can use you too, don’t feel to big or too small, everyone
    is a master piece in the hand of the Lord, if you have not being
    putting the ministers of God in your prayers please start doing
    that because they are an open target to the devil, the devils
    knows ones the head is off the body becomes dead so he will
    keep fighting but we will always be on guard and will not give
    asses to the enemy, the wicked can only try but they will never
    succeed over the people of God because victory is ours through
    Christ…hallelujah…so today all we will do is just to pray for all the
    ministers of God all over the world, some of them go through fat
    trouble than you can imagine but they have to appear perfect
    because that is expected of them…we will pray not just today but
    always even in our quiet time, as they water the flocks of God,
    they will also be watered in return…they will overcome all life
    challenges that the enemy throws at their feet just as God helped
    me overcoming mine…and I am a living testimony of God’s
    Is being two years that Greg’s household was restored, Fiona
    was happily married to a God fearing man, Klein became her best
    friend, as other women join in their fellowship where they get to
    study the word of God, talk about everything that bothers them
    and pray about it, they also pray for their different family and also
    continued praying for the ministers of God.
    Their fellowship keep increasing in number as more women
    joined in, Shepherd house was also growing. Greg remain forever
    grateful to God for his mercies, anytime he looks back, he
    remember how frustrated, lonely, sad and bitter he use to be, he
    can’t thank God enough for the present moment, it was a great
    miracle. Now he has forgotten what it felt like to pretend to
    people, him and his wife smile, laugh and speak to people in a
    warm and loving way, it was real this time no more cover up or
    preteens, this has always being Greg’s wish and it came to past.
    God used Fiona, a street bartender lady to speak to Klein and she
    turned a new leaf, no more suffering and smiling for Pastor Greg.
    Please remember to pray for the true men and women of God all
    over the world, some are really suffering and smiling.
    THE END.

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