Story: To Love a Thief


    It was a long journey from Ajaokuta to Lagos state. I was already exhausted, it seems the driver was just rolling the vehicle. I Wish he could speed up all better still, disappear cos I can’t really wait to get back to school. The holiday was a very boring one, cos I really missed my friends at school.
    Pardon my manners, let me introduce myself. My name is Noge, I have a twin brother named Nobel, we are the only kids of Mr and Mrs Williams Onuh, we hail from the igala speaking part of kogi state. My brother and I school in Viv-University, which is in Lagos.
    Back to present, when we were miles away from Lagos, the driver started struggling with the steering wheel of the bus, jolting me from the world of trance. I could hear other passengers screaming,and some were even praying. At first, I didn’t understand what was going on until sounds of gun shots were heard, that was when it dawned on me that we are about to be robbed. “jeez, I screamed, but it was already too late cos the driver stopped the vehicle, making all of us to jump down. The robbers started beating people up, forcefully extracting stuffs from them. The place was noisy,screams and cries were heard all over. The only thing I was thinking was how to escape, I didn’t even bother to look for my brother. I crept to the back of the bus, luckily for me, the robbers weren’t there, and the boot was open. Thank God I didn’t travel with a big bag, it was just a small kit, so I dragged it out of the boot cos other bigger bags were on it, I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking it’s settled, I never knew the worse awaits me. Someone touched my shoulder, when I turned, behold it was one of the robbers. “good night, he stuttered, before hitting my nose with the down of his gun. “jeez, I yelled as I fell crashing to the ground, I could see him grinning wickedly before I passed out.
    After the robbers finished robbing, sirens were heard, indicating that the police was coming, the robbers started running, they took all they stole, both jewelries, phones, money and lots more. “move it guys, move it, sharks the gang leader yelled, making them run hastily but zipper was reluctant to move, he kept looking back at the body behind the bus.”get your f-----g a-s here man, Sharks yelled at Zipper but he rather did the opposite, he ran back to the body lying on the ground and lifted her to his shoulder, this time, the police was closer, he managed to hide inside the bush, cos his gang left him.


    He managed to hide inside the bush, cos his gang left him. The police men opened fire, they started chasing the robbers vehicle, the robbers kept exchanging bullets with the police, they continued that way until the police got tired and went back to the passengers who were robbed. Zipper escaped with me on his shoulder. He took me to his house, I really don’t know how we got there cos I kept blacking out at intervals. I woke up to the rays of the morning sun, flashing my eyes through the window. I stretched lazily on the bed, then suddenly a knock came on the door. I started wondering, why is he knocking in his own house. The knock came again, jolting me from my thoughts. “please come in, I managed to say. Zipper came in with a tray on his hand, it actually smells good. My eyes widened as I gazed at him without saying a word. “good morning miss, he stuttered, making me to remember I was supposed to greet him first. “good morning sir, I replied. He got startled at the sir, he paused for a while, before shoving the look of surprise from his face. “am Reuben, but I prefer being called Zipper, he stuttered. What da hell, I wanted to say but I kicked against it instead. “why Zipper? I asked, making him smirk. “never mind, just call me Zipper, don’t add sir, he said before keeping the tray beside me. He prepared fried plantain and egg sauce. “please, manage this for breakfast, I’d get you something better, later on, he said with a smile,, oh my gosh, did I mention his cute? Yeah his d--n cute with pretty smile, I wonder what he was doing with those thieves.”that’s, this is much more than a breakfast, I replied before eating my meal. I could see him stealing some glances at me but he isn’t saying a word. “uhm, Reuben.. I tried to say but he corrected me. ” Zipper you mean? He said, making my lips hang open, I swallowed the lump in my throat before nodding at him, he smirked and brought out something from his pocket, it looks like cigarette but it’s not, seems it’s Marijuana. “gosh, you smoke too? I asked, he looked at me like someone who’s gone naught, he ignored my question and started puffing out the smoke. “sorry, but it smells terrible, I murmured, covering my nose. ” watch your mouth young lady, I don’t take such for a joke, he half yelled, his eyes turned red immediately. Jeez, you need to see how fear grip me, I stopped eating and watched him smoke, making me cough each time I inhale the smoke. ” I want to go home, I said soft


    Zipper paused the moment he heard me talking about home. He took another drag of the Marijuana and puffed the smoke into my face. “sorry miss, you can’t go for now, he stuttered. “What da hell am I doing here with a thie…. I wanted to say thief but I quickly cut myself off. “you want to know what you are doing with a thief right? Very well then, I’ll tell you, the same thief saved your life last night, the same thief took the risk of inviting a doctor here to get you treated cos you lost a lot of blood, the same thief donated his blood for you, now you are awake, you never cared to know about all that happened when you passed out, it’s the same thief you want to expose so the police out there could get him arrested, well I said no to that, you are going no where, we gonna stay here together until everything is cool, Zipper yelled. “oh my, I never meant to call you that, please forgive me, like seriously, I need to get back to school please, I pleaded but he ignored me and left the room. S--t, he looks so pissed. I don’t even know what he was talking about, I can’t remember being treated by any doctor, maybe he’s lying self. I hissed and rested my back on the wall, then my eyes caught a little drip of blood in between my elbow. D--n, he was right, that’s the sign of a needle, well maybe I over slept that’s y. But how can he care about someone they robbed? And he doesn’t want me to leave here, mtcheeeww, that’s not gonna work cos I must go to school, i kept thinking different things. Then I heard noises,it’s from the sitting room I guess. I got up and decided to eaves drop on the noise makers. I walked halfway to the sitting room and paused at the entrance. “Sharks will get you roasted if he hears that, one of the robbers said, his name is Sparrow. “chill Sparrow, you heartlessly knocked her out, we agreed on no blood shed,, what if she died there? Zipper yelled. “D--n you Zipper, since when have you started caring about people? Sparrow


    Sparrow yelled back at him. “enough of this madness dudes, let’s think of how to get rid of her before she ruins us completely, Fixo yelled making my heart jump, I almost got my self messed up with urine but I held it tight, I was sweating profusely, crying in my mind that so this is how my life will just end, I don’t even know where I am right now cos I’ve not been outside since I came . “listen guys, we aren’t getting rid of anybody, I won’t watch you end that innocent girl’s life ok, just forget it, let me handle things my own way, Zipper pleaded. “you are trying to violate our orders right? You know what the outcome is, just think twice before doing anything stupid, Fixo added, I swallowed hard, still thinking of how to escape. “please guys, can you keep this away from Sharks? I really don’t want her to get hurt please, Zipper pleaded, making the guys to exchange looks. “this is serious, Zipper of all people, this is really amazing, Sparrow teased, making the other guys chuckle. “just be careful, cos Sharks always have his way, make sure you don’t fall victim, Fixo stuttered. “I promise we won’t have problems if we can keep our mouth sealed, Zipper assured. “noted, Sparrow muttered, while the others nodded in agreement. He thank them and they started discussing random things, I ran back to the room, pacing around. I really need to leave here, the way they are talking about that Sharks, it seems he’s the devil among them. I kept pacing up and down that I didn’t know when he walked in and tapped my shoulder, I quickly jerked away from him, I was frightened, he raised his brows at my reaction but later understood and composed himself. “sorry about that, I came to ask what you would like to have as lunch? He said. He looks like an angel but D--n it he’s a thief, I don’t f-----g care about him anymore. “I don’t need anything from you, just take me out of here, I yelled at him, he was startled, he kept quiet for a while, before coming close


    He kept quiet for a while before coming closer to me, I started shivering cos I thought he’s gonna hit me for yelling at him. He stopped in front of me and wiped a tear out of my eye, that was when I realized I was even crying, s--t, he’s so cute, I don’t really understand how I feel each time he’s close to me, and I really don’t like it. “I’ll let you go but please, can you do me this favor by letting the area cool first before you leave? It’s really not safe to let you go now, it’s not safe for me, please try to understand, Zipper pleaded, I felt weak instantly but hey, who cares about him anyway. “I can’t wait any longer, I need to go back to school, i stuttered, moving away from him. “OK, let’s make a deal, I will be taking you to school from here and I will be the one to pick you up from school, and you will have to be living with me, for a week, Zipper said, my eyes widened. D--n it, I can’t spend one more day in this house with a thief like him, gosh, what do I do now. I bit my lips, thinking of what to do. “ok, deal, can we go now? I asked, looking straight up at him.”you have to eat first, so let me make something for you, he said, heading out. “can you cook? I asked, making him stop on his track. “wait until you taste this one, he said, I smirked. “I will help you then, to avoid mistake, I stuttered. “no, thanks, you can come watch me do the cooking, Zipper replied. “Alright then, I followed him to the kitchen. He’ll cook chat and continue talking, he really never gets tired of talking. But he’s really kinda funny, I enjoyed his company. “here we are, food is ready, he said with a smile. “awwn, it smells nice, hope it’s gonna taste nice too? I teased. “you are sure gonna bit your fingers when you taste this soup, he bragged. “uhm, let’s have a taste then, I said, stretching out my Palm, he used the soup spoon to touch my Palm. ” wow, this is delicious, how did you learn how to cook so nice? Am sure you are mummy’s boy, I teased, he chuckled and started setting the tray up with dishes. We then head to the dining and ate the delicious egusi soup and eba.
    After the meal, I had my shower and got dressed for school, cos I would like to check some of my stuffs at school. I forgot to tell you, he actually took my bag for me when he rescued me, so it was easy for me to change my clothes. I went to meet him in the sitting room, he was already dressed. Wow, he’s so cute. I stood at the entrance door, staring at him. I just wished


    I just wished he is my boyfriend, I felt like throwing myself into his arms for a hug but I quickly rebuked the thought. He was actually staring at me, D--n it, he caught me drooling, hope he’s not gonna start feeling porch now cos I hate it, I pinched myself out of my thought and walked straight to him. “you are looking stunning miss, he complimented With a smile. “thanks, I said, blushing. “you look good too, I stuttered, he smiled and stood up. “shall we? He said, gesturing his hand on the way. I nodded and walked in front while he walked behind me, though I don’t feel comfortable for a guy to walk behind me, It makes me miss my steps. When we got outside the compound, it was indeed beautiful. He has lots of cars parked in the garage, like seriously, after waking up, this is the first time am coming out of the room and I wonder while he is still stealing, when he’s got all he requires. Well, thieves will always be thieves. “sk, is the Jeep ready? He yelled at a dark guy who’s almost of same age with him, the guy ran to him before responding. “yes sir, I’ve cleaned it up, here is the key, the guy said, giving him the key. “thanks, help me open the gate, he said to sk. He ran to the gate, while Zipper went to open the door for me, I felt like screaming wow but I held it back and gently sat inside, he shut the door for me before going to sit on the driver’s seat.
    Noble my twin brother was with Dave, my boyfriend, I don’t even know if I love him but we have been dating right from first year. “there’s no trace of Noge at all, I just hope she’s fine wherever she is, she just disappeared just like that, even her bag wasn’t there after the robbers had left, Noble kept saying, worriedly. “you worry too much, remember she’s also my girlfriend, I know she escaped bcos of the robbers, I strongly believe she will be hear soon, Dave said. “What if she was kidnapped by the robbers? Noble said. “taar, don’t say such a thing, she can never be kidnapped, I know Noge more than you, she is smart, trust me, she wouldn’t want to miss her lectures for any reason, though no serious lecture for now, I really know she would come around, Dave added.
    Zipper dropped me off at the school gate, I asked him to come inside but he refused. “here’s my number, call me when you are done, ok? He said, without looking at my direction, it seems something is bothering him, who cares anyway. “I’ll give you a beep, I said, before stepping out.


    I noticed how he was staring at me, I just banged the door and walked away without looking at the car. I met my friends outside our department hall, they were so happy to see me. We hugged gist and hugged again. I later narrated my ordeal to them and they were like. “babe, you are in a hot soup, Cheryl said. “so you mean you slept in the same house with the thief who robbed you people? Cole added. “chill girls, don’t let anyone hear about it, just bring your voice down, I pleaded. “What about your brother? Cheryl asked. “I’ve not even seen him, I’ll check on him later,I stuttered. “that your brother wey like you pass him babe, I know he would be very worried now, Cole said, I giggled. “sure he should, I replied, while we were discussing, we saw Renee, my twin brother’s girlfriend, she is also our friend, she walked in on us, frowning her face. “babe, how e de do you now? Cheryl teased her. “una don quarrel abi? Cole added. “I don’t know what’s eating him up, he practically ignored me, Renee cried. The three of us exchanged glances, Cole giggled. “where is he? I asked. “he’s with Dave, in front of their department, she replied. “let’s go see him then, I suggested. We all headed to go see them. He was so excited that he grabbed me for a tight hug, making the others jealous. “oh my gosh, so you mean, you abandoned the rest of us to die there, while you escaped right? Noble said, making me giggle. “come on bro, it wasn’t as easy as you said, I really don’t know how I left that place, God only helped me to escape the death that almost befell me, I said, making my bro frown. ” you escape death and you are looking this good, he said, I could see the pain in Renee’s eyes, I giggled and winked at Cheryl and Cole, they giggled also.”that aside, why were you snubbing our queen? I asked, playfully, that was when he realized her mood. “oh my, am so sorry baby, I never meant to do that ok, I wasn’t in my right state of mind when you came, that’s y, am really sorry ok, he said, hugging her from behind, making her blush, she was smiling cheekily, winking at me. “that’s ok, I was only worried about your mood, now I know why you did that, she turned and hugged him so tight, he grabbed her lips and started kissing her. ” oh please, you guys should get a room, Cheryl teased, Making us chuckle. “Noge, you didn’t even notice me, Dave said painfully. Like seriously, I’ve told him several times that I feel nothing for him but he won’t leave me alone


    He likes pestering my life, calling himself my boyfriend, spending money on me, unnecessarily. It was actually Cole’s idea to give him a chance thinking the feelings would come but the more he comes closer, the farther my heart leaves him. “sorry about that, I really need to clear up my head right now, take care, I walked away, to everyone’s surprise. They stood watching with mouths agape. “have I said anything bad? Please you guys need to help me beg her, please, Dave pleaded. “chill bro, she’ll be fine, I will personally talk to her, Cole assured. “I will do same, I really don’t like the way she’s treating you, Noble added.
    I don’t care about what they think, am really gonna quit that guy, enough of the pretense. I sat alone in our resting place, then my mind drifted to Zipper, that guy is something else. I think he’s kinda addicted to stealing, cos with the house he’s living, I believe he has a lot of money, he should stop stealing and get himself something to do, I will talk to him about it, maybe I’ll try being friendly towards him, am sure he needs help, I will do that, I assured myself. I was in my thought when I felt someone sit beside me. I tried to look at the face but he’s wearing a dark spectacle, he wasn’t looking at me, he had a face cap on, he looks dangerous. I suddenly felt the urge to pea so I got up slightly but he pulled me back to the seat. I wanted to scream but he covered my mouth and showed me a gun, making my eyes popped. “just relax, and be a good girl, he ordered, grinning wickedly, I nodded hastily, not wanting to provoke the gun he’s holding. “Zipper dropped you off this morning right? He asked, making me wonder how he knew him. “don’t be surprised, cos he is also our member, he has violated our law by taking you to his house, and so, the only way he could be free from our wrath is if he agrees to waste you, the guy said, making me gasp. “if you must know, he has refused to waste you, so, we are gonna do it by ourselves, he whispered into my ear, I started crying. “please don’t kill me, please I beg you, I started pleading, but he hushed me. He chuckled. “sorry baby, I would have spared you but you already told your friends about it, so, you are going down, he yelled. “aaaahhh, I mistakenly screamed, making him give me a dirty slap, I quickly covered my mouth with my Palm. He looked at a direction as if he saw something, he got up and hurried away, making me wonder what he saw. “who was that?


    A voice startled me, I turned and saw Zipper, wow he saved my life again, he’s sure my Guardian angel in a thief form. I couldn’t say a word, I just got up and hugged him, he was surprised cos he stood still. When I realized what I just did, I shyly moved away from him. “” sorry, I was just, uhm… I really didn’t know what to say to him, he gave me a knowing smile, he’s sure gonna rip my heart out with those smiles. “I understand, hope he didn’t hurt you? He asked. “he slapped me, I heard myself said like a baby, his eyes instantly turned red. “he did what? How dare him? He yelled as he cupped my face in his arm and saw the sign of the slap cos his fingers showed on my face. “am sure gonna break his neck if I find out who he is, Zipper yelled and pulled me into a hug again, this time, I found myself hugging him back as he caressed my hair, no one was willing to break from the hug.”So he is the reason why you were snubbing me right? I heard Dave’s voice, making us break from the hug. I suddenly became dumb, Zipper just stood watching us. “Noge, how could you cheat on me after all I’ve… He tried to speak further but I cut him up. “Dave, can you please shut up? I yelled, making him startled. “oh, you are asking me to shut up right? You have been cheating on me with this thing and you are asking me to shut up, Dave fired up. “excuse me, you have no right to call me that ok, Zipper yelled back at him. “Dave, it’s really not what you think, Zipper am sorry about that, meet my boyfriend Dave, Dave meet Zipper, I introduced, I know how hurt Zipper was when I called Dave my boyfriend. “even if he is your husband, he’s got no right to insult me ok, as for you, I’ve got nothing to do with your girlfriend OK, better settle your differences, excuse me, Zipper said and walked away. I became so angry, I felt like giving Dave a dirty slap. ” am sorry, I was just jealous, seeing you hug another guy like that, when you’ve not even given me such before, Dave kept saying but it seems he was making noise. “you know what Dave? I need a break, just leave me alone, I hissed and walked away. I heard him calling my name but I ignored him and went out of the gate. I dialed Zipper’s number but he wasn’t picking my calls. ” why am I even bothered? Abeg, shift jor, I switched off my phone and placed it in the pocket of my trouser. I decided to go spend the night with my friends in hostel. At 7:30 pm, that was when Zipper decided to call me back, I hissed

    EPISODE 10

    I hissed and flung the phone, it landed on the bed. “pick your call now babe, Cheryl said. “maybe it’s Dave, she has finally broken his heart, Cole teased, making them chuckle. “you girls still haven’t changed with your noise, I will soon run and leave you girls, I blabbed. “you will sure gonna miss us then, Cheryl stuttered. “you wish, abeg, make I sleep jor, I switched off my phone and decided to rest. Not quite long, we heard a bang on the door, making us jump from the bed cos it’s so unusual. The bang came again, this time, it was louder than the first one. My friends and I started praying all sorts of prayers, screaming and shouting for help. It provoked them, they started hitting it so hard as if intending to pull it down. It seems no help was forth coming, I decided to switch on my phone maybe to call anyone for help but I don’t really know who to call, my friends were already crying. While we were still deliberating on what to do, my phone beeped, I checked the screen immediately, it was from Zipper. It reads “that hostel is not safe tonight” I read it aloud, when my friends heard it, we all started screaming at the top of our voice. “open the d--n door, we heard a baritone voice yell from outside, we held each other tight, and our eyes closed tightly pending when the door would break. We started hearing sounds of gun shots from outside, making us run into the bathroom, we were all shivering. The door to our room finally broke down, it was like they were fighting, Cole couldn’t bear it, she started urinating on her body. The fight became intense that, they were breaking things in our room, Cheryl started crying seriously that the people outside could hear her voice, I quickly covered her mouth with my Palm and pin her to myself. All of a sudden, the bathroom door broke and the two fighters fell in with the door, it was a police officer fighting with another guy. Our hearts hung cos it was like, we were dead already, then, came in more police men, this time, Zipper was with d--n. The guy who broke into our room spat on Zipper’s face. “d--n you Zipper, you will surely pay for this, the guy yelled while his hands were being cuffed by the police, Zipper smirked. “I warned you bro, sorry you crossed the lane, Zipper stuttered as he watched the guy being taken away. He turned to us and saw the fright on our faces. “chill girls, he’s been taken care of, he stuttered before trying to walk away. ” Zipper, I called out, making him Stop

    EPISODE 11

    “Zipper, I called out, making him stop on his track, he turned towards me, I swallowed cos his eyes were kinda piercing through my soul. “please, can I go with you? Cos I don’t think I can stay here anymore, I muttered, forgetting what I actually wanted saying.”sure, I advised you stay with me for a week but you are just too stubborn to accept the advice, he said sadly. “I are lucky today, you might not be lucky next time, shall we go now? He asked, stretching out his hand. I hastily placed my Palm in it, he held on to me, his hand was so soft, making me wish for his touch. “please we are coming with you, Cheryl quickly said but Cole kicked against it. “don’t bother, we’ll stay back and get things fixed up here, Cole stuttered, making Cheryl to glare at her.” you girls are safe, ok, they actually came for her, not you, that’s y I don’t want her far from my reach for now, I’ll make sure she gain back her freedom after this week ok, please permit me to go with her, Zipper pleaded, they smiled and gave him the go ahead, Cheryl winked at me before waving us goodnight.
    We drove in silence, many thoughts were on my mind, I really don’t know why he’s bent on protecting me. But like seriously, am kinda liking him shaaaa or is it love? Hell no, I can’t love someone like him cos I will only end up being hurt. I think am only Attracted to him cos of the little time I’ve spent with him. I pray he isn’t planning on taking something from me, cos, devil no de give free gift ooo, lol. “why are you smiling? I heard him say, that was when I realized my thoughts was manifesting on my face. “I wasn’t smiling, was I? I asked, trying hard not to laugh. He looked at me and shook his head. “it’s obvious you were, so can you share with me your thoughts, so I too could smile, he said. “well, my thought is non of your business, I replied, nonchalantly. “too harsh miss, he stuttered, making a funny face, I felt like laughing but I hid it. “stop calling me miss, I do have a name, I murmured, trying to change the topic, he giggled, making me glare at him, I felt like giving him a dirty slap but hey, he’s so cute when giggling. “sorry about that,, but you never told me your name, he said, oh my gosh, that instant, I knew I didn’t tell him my name, he was the one who told me his.”you never cared to ask,, I said. He looked at me and just smile. “can I know your name please? He said, dramatically, I chuckled and hit his shoulder slightly. “no you can’t

    EPISODE 12

    “no you can’t, I teased, he gave me a puppy face making me giggled. “Alright, am Noge, I said, plainly. “Noge? What tribe is that? He asked. “igala, I replied. “oh, you are from kogi state, I think I’ve been there twice or so, in fact, I think I’ve visited almost all the states in Nigeria, he stuttered, his eyes still on the road while driving. I gazed at him strangely, how can he visit almost all the states in Nigeria? I kept thinking in my mind. Well, he’s a criminal, what do I expect before, mtcheeeewwww. I suddenly stopped talking, I was having a strange feeling of anger in me. He noticed my mood and decided not to say anything till we got to his house. It was already late mid night, he got down and opened my door for me to get down, but he never paved the way, his hands were on the door and the top of the car, respectively, I never knew what his intention was. I carelessly got down only for my boobs to touch his chest, making me freeze at the spot. I frowned and looked up at him. “why the sudden change of mood, did I say anything bad? He asked innocently. “erm, can you atleast excuse me to come out fully before any interrogation? I asked, formally, he shrugged his shoulders. “not until you tell me what’s eating you up, he persisted. I got furious about it and was ready to pour out my mind. ” you want to know what’s eating me up right? Fine, I’ll tell you, what have you been doing in all the states you have visited? Stealing right? I asked nonchalantly, gazing straight up at him. He raised his brows, I could see him battling with words, the pain in his eyes was so visible but I cared less. “I see you’ve got no response, so out of my way, I pushed him aside and walked away. He stood by the door still thinking about what I said but I don’t give a d--n, I went straight into the house, I entered my room, had my bath and went straight to bed. My conscience was kinda troubling me, I pondered on what I had told him, I know he would be angry but he deserve it. No reason is enough to get someone into robbery, those who do that only felt like doing it and I doubt if they ever have conscience. I dozed off after many thoughts.
    I woke up late the following morning, Zipper didn’t bring me breakfast in bed like he had done the previous day, and I kinda missed it. Maybe he’s still angry, d--n him jor, I will go prepare breakfast myself. I checked the time. “oh my gosh, am already late for lectures, I forgot about breakfast.

    EPISODE 13

    I ran into the bathroom and quickly had my bath. I dressed up hastily and stormed out of my room only to bump into Zipper, he had a nylon in his hand, seems like he got take away from an eatery, that moment I realized how hungry I am. “good morning Noge, he greeted with a smile, making me feel awkward, I thought he was angry, but here he is, smiling as if nothing happened, I was lost in my thoughts that I never bothered to reply him. ” sorry, I woke up late, that’s y I couldn’t prepare breakfast, so I actually went to a nearby eatery to get you this, so you won’t be late for lecture, he explained but I was dumbfounded cos he amazed me, how could someone I insulted last night, take the stress to still get me what to eat, I just stared at him without making any move to collect it from him. “please take it, you can eat it after lectures, he said again, stretching the nylon to me. “thanks, I stuttered after collecting it. “can I drop you off now? I’d be heading for a meeting later, he said. I wanted to decline but hell no, I’ve got no money for cab so, I gats obey and go with him, my shakara no reach that side at all. I nodded in affirmation and he paved way for me to pass, while he followed suit. The drive to school was a silent one, he drove into the school compound and dropped me in front of my department. The lecture was already going on, I just jumped down hastily and wanted hurrying in before Zipper called me back. I walked halfway and he came closer, giving me some money. “please I don’t know how long I will spend at the meeting I want to attend but in case you don’t see me on time, get a cab, I’ll join you at home, he explained. I nodded and accepted the money. “thanks, I stuttered. He just smiled and went back to the car. I head straight to the hall and sneaked in, thanks goodness, the lecturer didn’t notice me, or so I thought. As I was about sitting down, then I got the shock of my life. “miss Noge, can you come forward and explain to us, why you are thirty minutes late to my class? I heard Mr Scott Brown stuttered, without even looking at me. This man is behaving like a devil, I never knew he saw me, I hissed and sat still. “will you come here fast or leave my class, he barked. I jerked immediately and started walking towards him. “am sorry sir, actually… I.. I mean, something came up, that was y I came late, I stuttered, feeling awkward cos it seems the whole class were looking at me. “see me in my office, he said

    EPISODE 14

    I went back to sit beside Cheryl and Cole, I knew no one goes to Mr Scott Brown’s office and comes back the same but, he’s not going to succeed with me, I hissed. I wasn’t even concentrating on his lectures any more. “babe, you are in a hot soup, Cole said immediately the lecturer stormed out. “like seriously, I don’t think I deserve any of his rubbish, today is my first time of violating his law, it hasn’t gotten to that now, I murmured, and hissed. “that’s your own, he has his principles and we all try to keep it, so prepare for yours, Cole added, making me feel sad. “abeg, forget Mr brown, what’s up with your boyfriend now? I saw him drop you off, Cheryl said, making my eyes popped. “don’t be ridiculous, he’s not my boyfriend and can never be, I blabbed. “shut up jor, that’s how it will start, Cole added, eying me, I giggled. “like seriously, that guy like you ooo, I can see it in his eyes, Cheryl muttered. “for get it, he’s not my kind of guy, he’s into robbery, I whispered. “and so what? What matters is what the heart feels, and I know you have some feelings for him, stop pretending, Cheryl muttered. “Cheryl better stop it, I don’t have any feelings for him, and that’s final, I replied, giving her a warning look, she chuckled. “the guy get money shaaaa, just chop your share before the one week end, Cole advised. “I don’t do that, and you know it, let’s forget about him and discuss something better, I said, trying to change the topic.
    “Sharks please, you need to understand me, the girl is harmless, she doesn’t deserve what Fixo did to her and he’s still planning more, Zipper stuttered at the meeting with his gangs. “you violated our law, Zipper, you have no right to call the police for Fixo, and the girl was the cause, so she’s gonna pay for it, Sharks barked. “please Sharks, I can’t let you harm her, please let her be, am sorry for involving the police and it was the main reason I ordered for his release that very day, please don’t harm, I beg you please, Zipper pleaded. “well, if Fixo is willing to forgive you, then, it’s settled, Sharks concluded. Zipper turned to Fixo who have been quiet all the while. “Fixo please, don’t do that to her, please, Zipper pleaded again and again. “hope she’s not going to come between us? Cos I know, no girl will like to date a thief Fixo stressed out. “oboy, how e de do you now? Na by force say make you mention thief? Just say our kind of job, sharks cut in, making them chuckle. “anyhow

    EPISODE 15

    “anyhow you call am, na still thief we de thief, just make sure say, the babe no make you back out, na my own be that, Fixo said. “she’s got no problem, and I’ll make sure she doesn’t come between us, Zipper stuttered. “very well then, we have an operation by 12am, get your selves prepared, no one is permitted to leave this place until we return from the place, understood? Sharks addressed and they all replied “yes boss.
    I went to meet Mr Scott Brown after the day’s lecture and he was kinda giving me a strange look. I smirked and greeted him, he adjusted his spectacle and started checking me out. “sir, you called me, I yelled, eying him, he cleared his throat and rested his back on the seat. “yes, erm, as you know my policy, I’d just go straight to the point, you know late coming to my class, attracts failure in my course, even if you are the world vest student, I would fail you woefully for coming late, he blabbed. “but sir, this is my first time of coming late, please you have to consider that sir, and you know I’ve never failed any course, yours won’t be an exception, I murmured, looking him over, he smirked. “well, we’ll see how it goes then, just leave my office, he said calmly, making my eyes popped, cos I know he’s gonna fail me just as he had said. “sir, it hasn’t gotten to that now, ok fine, what do I do to get my real marks, I suddenly asked, making him smile mischievously. “now you are talking, just meet me up at Zina’s hotel tomorrow by 4 pm, every thing would be sorted out, he stuttered. I took a good look at this old thing sitting in front of me, I felt like strangling him, he’s such a devil. “Alright sir, I replied, eying him. “good girl, you may now leave, we’ll see tomorrow, he said, leaking his lips. I left his office so angry, I needed someone to talk to, I couldn’t tell my brother cos he has no idea of how to treat such issues. Maybe I’ll tell Dave about it, he helped me with such issue In first year, I pray he isn’t still upset about the break up. Mtcheeww, I won’t tell him cos he might want to use that as a means to get me back.
    When I got to Zipper’s house, he wasn’t home and he didn’t pick me up as he had said. “gosh, I’ll be so bored In this house without him. I took my phone and tried calling him but his phone was switched off. I called my brother, we chatted for a while before ending the call. I prepared lunch but couldn’t eat. “why the strange feeling now? I asked myself.

    EPISODE 16

    I just hope am not missing him already cos that’s how that their stupid thing called love starts and I don’t think I need that now. Even if I want to love, it shouldn’t be with a thief now, Mtcheeww. I’ve spent just three days in this house but only today that he’s absent, it now seems like he’s been absent for many years. I looked at the time, it’s 10pm already. I tried sleeping but it’s not coming, I kept thinking about what the lecturer had said and how to handle him. I think I’d forget pride and go tell Dave about it. I’ll just pay him a surprise visit, and am sure he can’t say no to me, or so I thought. I had a quick bath and dressed up to go see Dave. I wore a short fitted dress, it’s sleeveless, and it hugged me perfectly, showing all my cleavage. I wore a simple pink sandals, the dress was sky blue, I picked up my hand bag, checked myself out on the mirror. “he can’t resist this, I said to my image in the mirror, I smiled before walking out. “madam, oga say make you no go anywhere before he come ooo, Sk stuttered. “am not a prisoner, open the gate for me jor, am not coming back tonight, I replied him. “aaaahhh, make oga no sack me ooo, sk stressed out. “that’s your own, I opened the gate and walked out.
    I got to Dave’s apartment, I knocked several times before he sluggishly opened the door for me, he looked surprised, seeing me that way, I smiled and walked into his sitting room, without waiting for permission. I was about sitting down before his question stopped me. “What are you doing in my house by this time of the night? And how come you never told me you were coming? He asked, making me frown. “since when do I need permission to come to your house? I asked forgetting we are no longer dating. “Noge, have you forgotten you broke up with me bcos of that guy? Why are you now here? Or has the guy chased you out of his house? Or maybe he got what he wanted and threw you out, Dave muttered, making me angry but I tried to hide it.”Dave am sorry for breaking up with you the way I did,,, I never meant to, I was just angry, that’s y, I tried to explain but he flared up. “listen up Noge, I heard you clearly that day, you told me vividly that you never loved me, please I don’t want to be a bug to you anymore, just go and meet the love of your life and leave me alone, Dave stuttered. “but Dave, am not dating him, please let me spend the night before leaving in the morning please, I pleaded. “enough of the deceit, you love him.

    EPISODE 17

    “you love him, please go and spend the night at his place, or don’t your Prince charming have room that can accommodate you? He asked, trying to upset me and yes I became so upset. “enough of your insult ok? He has the best house that even the whole of your generation can not afford, but I chose to come here, since you think am dating him, so be it, am going to date him for sure and you will lose your chances of being with me, I yelled, he just chuckled. “I care less ok, I don’t need you anymore, just go, he yelled back. I was surprised, he has never yelled at me before, maybe the break up changed him totally. I was about begging him to let me stay when I heard a female voice coming towards the sitting room. “baby what’s keeping you now, I heard the half naked girl say. She eyed me and went to give Dave a peck. “who is she? She girl asked, looking me over, I swallowed and kept quiet to listen to Dave’s introduction. “baby, she’s no one important, she’s only looking for where to squat, I heard Dave say. “jeez, I screamed, I couldn’t believe my ears, I started wondering if he had ever loved me as he claimed and that instant, I grew more hatred for him. “look here girl, there’s no way I am going to let you squat here, this is my boyfriend’s house, so get out, the girl yelled. My mouth hung open, I looked from her to Dave but he supported her. “you heard her, get out, Dave yelled and forcefully pushed me to the door, I almost fell but I held the wall, he just banged the door at me heartlessly. I left his apartment in tears, there was no cab or bike on the way again, I checked time, it was already some minutes past 1 am, I was just trekking maybe I could see help on the way and Zipper’s house was very far from where I was, I just paced about, shedding tears.
    Zipper and his gang finished robbing a hotel, they were hurrying back with their car, chatting in the vehicle. “stop stop stop, Zipper suddenly said, making Viper hold automatic Break. ” what’s that for? Sharks yelled from the front. “sorry boss, I saw Noge just now and I believe she’s kinda stranded, Zipper said, they all started hissing. “just get your a-s out Mr nice guy, Sharks stuttered, angrily. “please help me tell my driver to meet me up, Zipper pleaded. “you have his number, call him, please get down jor, he took off his mask, dropped his gun in the car and ran out.
    I stood facing the road up, just praying for help to come, after a car sped past me, I don’t think

    EPISODE 18

    I don’t think another vehicle is forthcoming, maybe I should just go rest under a tree till morning. Just when I have lost hope, I heard my name from behind, I didn’t look back cos I thought it’s my imagination playing trick on me. “Noge wait it’s me, I heard the familiar voice again, this time around, I looked back and oh my God. “Zipper, I yelled happily and ran into his arms for a hug, he hugged me too before breaking free. He looked into my eyes and found tears dripping. “What…. What happened to you? He asked, curiously, searching my eyes for an answer, I star sniffing, he pulled me closer, and caressed my back. “I was lonely in the house, so I decided to come see Dave, but he threw me out, I explained halfway. “I thought he’s your boyfriend, why would he do that to you? Zipper asked, raising up my jaw so as to look into my eyes. “I actually broke up with him but I wanted settling things between us that was y I came, but he is having another girl already, I said painfully. I watched how Zipper shot his eyes tightly, battling with his feelings. “maybe he never loved you as he claimed, just forget him ok, I’ve called my driver, he’s already on his way here, Zipper said before pulling me to sit on a small fence that’s closer to the road, his arms still rapped around me and like seriously, I wish he could hold me that way forever. “Zipper, what were you doing in this area by this time before you saw me? I asked, without looking at him, he hesitated before speaking up. “I.. I was with my friends, the car that passed you a while ago, I was in the car when I saw you, I decided to let them go, so I could take you home, myself,,, Zipper stuttered, our hands actually locked in each other, I could feel his hot breath close to my neck, I loved the feeling that transpired so I wouldn’t want to spoil it, I know he went to rob again, let me just forget it and enjoy the cuddling cos that’s what I actually needed right now. The driver soon arrived, Zipper held me by the waist while we walked to the car. He opened the back door for me, I got in and he joined me at the back, while the driver drove straight to the house. I was already sleeping before we got to the house. Zipper carried me like a baby into my room. He changed the dress I put on, and wore me my nighty, I was conscious of all he was doing but he thought I had slept off. He covered me half way with the duvet and pecked my forehead. He was about leaving my room.

    EPISODE 19

    I started stretching, he turned and our eyes met. “sorry I had to carry you here cos you dosed off in the car, Zipper tried explaining but I wasn’t listening to what he was saying, I only watched his lips move. “Zipper, could you please spend the night here with me? I really can’t sleep alone tonight, I muttered, I could see a look of surprise on his face cos he hesitated before coming closer to sit beside me on the bed, looking into my eyes. I pulled him to the bed by force cos he was seeking for permission. He took off his shoe and laid beside me, I moved closer and curled into his arms, he rapped his arms around me and was just staring at me. I shot my eyes so tight cos it seems his eyes were piercing through my soul. “kiss me, I whispered, he didn’t waste time in taking that opportunity. We locked our lips together, kissing passionately like lovers, well I don’t know if we are in love shaaaa, I was only being directed by my emotions. His hands started roaming around my body, the romance became so hot that I got carried away, moaning under his touch. “make love to me please, I whispered in between the moans. He instantly stopped and moved away from me. “I know you aren’t yourself, you need to get some sleep now, good night, Zipper said, getting up from the bed. Gosh, why now, I became silent and watched him leave the room just like that without completing what he started. I kept turning and rolling in bed until sleep finally came and I dosed off.
    The next morning, I woke up very weak, I remembered the event of last night, I smiled but later frowned when I remembered how he left me, I hissed and rested back on the bed. My door crept open, here comes my prince charming with a smile and a tray, breakfast I guess. He’s such a romantic guy, I smiled inwardly. “good morning my angel, Zipper said, dropping the tray beside me on the bed, I raised my brows cos he’s never called me his angel before, I just smiled and watched him peck my lips, I felt like pulling him for a deep kiss but I kicked against it. “do you have a girlfriend? I asked, ignoring the greeting. He frowned but later chuckled. “we don’t do girlfriends, he replied, making me gasp. “why? Is it some kind of tradition or what? I asked, making him chuckle. “you know what we do, having a girlfriend will only cos distractions, he simply said but I wasn’t comfortable with that cos I was wishing he could have feelings for me but here he is, saying girls are distractions.

    EPISODE 20

    I became silent all of a sudden, I watched how he set up the breakfast for me. He actually prepared yam and tomato sauce, dished with egg, and coffee beside it. He handed me the coffee, while I took a bite out of the yam, he stared as I ate. “why the sudden change of mood, angel? He asked, taking out a strand of hair from my face. I looked at him, I just wish I could change the feeling am having towards him and I can’t really tell him, so I decided to change the topic. “my lecturer wants me to meet him in a hotel just because I was late for lecture, yesterday, I whined, pouting, his facial expressions depicted anger immediately I said that. “how dare he? Is he insane or what? Why must he meet you at a hotel, Zipper muttered angrily. I wanted to laugh cos I love the way he’s reacting to it but I can’t laugh ooo, I need to know if he feels same as I felt for him, so I started faking baby face cry. “he even threatened to fail me in his course, if I don’t turn up, I added, he flared up angrily. “am going to teach him a lesson he will never forget, just notify me when leaving ok, he said, I nodded.
    After lectures, I told Zipper the name of the hotel I’ll be heading, I also gave him the exact time which is 4pm. When I got to Zina’s hotel, I noticed Zipper and his guys were already in the hotel, they split themselves as if they weren’t together. They were on different tables, with girls hovering round them. I walked straight to Mr Scott Brown’s table, we did a little chit chat before he asked me to follow him to the room he paid for. Zipper winked at me when I got up to follow Mr Scott Brown. The guys started pacing up and down, girls kept throwing themselves at them, dancing to meaningless beats. I ignored them cos I know the task ahead is a tough one. Mr Scott took the lead while I followed suit. As soon as we got to the room, he bolted the door and went to sit on the bed, he gestured me to sit beside him, I obeyed and sat down, he was just leaking his lips as if he’s a snake. “you know what to do right? Mr Scott Brown asked, I eyed him before faking a smile. “of course lecturer, but first, you need to have your bath,, let me show you what am made of, I blabbed, smiling sheepishly. He giggled, shining his rotten brown teeth. “oh, I really can’t wait baby, let me shower fast, he quickly got up and started offing his clothes. I pock nosed and looked him over, in my mind, I was like, see this old fool, mtcheeewww.

    EPISODE 21

    Immediately he entered the bathroom, I sneaked and opened the door for Zipper and his guys to come in. “babe are you still there? Mr Scott Brown asked from the bathroom. “of course I am here, and am really missing you right now, please come out fast and quench this burning desire, I yelled seductively. “oh babe, I’d be with you shortly, he replied excitedly, I poke nosed. Zipper stood up on the bed, with his gun pointed at the bathroom door. His guys split themselves in the room, all waiting for the lecturer to come out. Soon, he came out with towel around his waist, immediately he sighted the guys, he wanted to run back inside but it was too late for him. One of the guys named Viper quickly rooted his foot from the floor, the act sent him crashing down with his face badly hitting the floor, he instantly got black face. He started shivering and begging. “please don’t kill me, just take whatever you want, but please don’t kill me,, he kept repeating before Zipper gave him a hot kick on his head, he winced in pain, gasping profusely. “you son of a b---h, so you are the useless lecturer, who’s been taking advantage of innocent ladies right? Well, you met the wrong one this time, Zipper yelled and spat at him. “am sorry, am sorry, I never knew she is your girlfriend, please I will not try it next time, he pleaded shakily, Zipper chuckled. “sorry man, there would be no next time, cos this world is not for people like you, Zipper yelled. “aaaahhh, please don’t kill me, please, the lecturer begged.”Viper, I’ve got no time to waist, just waist the idiot let’s get out of here, Zipper yelled, I became so scared immediately, I never wanted him dead, I looked at the lecturer already urinating on his body, he was still shivering and begging, I moved closer to Zipper, he hushed me and assured they only want to scare him, I heaved but still the tension in the room was unbearable for the lecturer. “say your last prayer, you b-----d, Viper yelled, cracking his gun as if he was gonna shoot. I myself was scared cos they looked so serious. ” please oooo, please, pity my wife and children, please spare my life, the lecturer said, making the guys chuckle. ” so you have wife and children, and you are going to spoil someone else’s wife and child, in fact, your family must hear this, Chito threatened. ” aaaahhh please, don’t tell my family, am ready to pay 2 million, please don’t expose me please, he pleaded, the guys exchanged looks.

    EPISODE 22

    “sounds interesting, Zipper stuttered, rubbing his palms together, I was wondering if they’re going to take that huge amount from this old man. “well, let’s go straight to business then, we’ll accept nothing less than 7 million, Zipper said with a straight face, my mouth hung open, I wanted to shout but I couldn’t. “please, I don’t have that kind of money, let me make it 2.5 million, please, Mr Scott pleaded, still shivering. A hot slap landed on his head, making him shout in pains. “you de mad, we resemble people wey come follow you play? Before I count 3,just transfer the money into this account now now, Viper yelled, giving him a piece of paper containing the account details. Mr Scott collected it with shaky hands and quickly did mobile transfer. Zipper’s phone beeped, indicating an alert from the lecturer, he smiled and tapped the lecturer’s beard with his gun, lifting up his face, but the lecturer shut his eyes tightly. “now listen and listen good, if you dare harass her next time or even try to involve the cops, you will be as good as dead, is that understood? Zipper yelled. The lecturer nodded hastily. “good boy, now lye down flat, facing the floor, Zipper instructed, he instantly did without hesitation. “you wanted sex right? Oya that’s the floor, start making love to it, Zipper yelled. The lecturer hesitated but after receiving a thunderous slap, he instantly obeyed, banging the floor as instructed. The guys spat on him before we left the hotel.
    When Zipper and I got home, I wasn’t myself at all. The money they extorted from my lecturer is too much, it wasn’t among the plan, but that old man deserve what he got anyway, he should stay away from women completely. I was deep in thought that I didn’t realize Zipper was in my room already, until he touched me, I jerked but smirked when I realized he was the one. “What’s wrong bae? You’ve been acting different since we came back, Zipper asked. “when am I going back to the campus? I know you’ve resolved the issue with your friends, so please, I don’t think I can stay here anymore, I muttered, nonchalantly. He drew backward and stared at me with an expressionless face before adjusting himself, he later cleared his throat. “we agreed you stay here for a week, it’s just four days today, we still have three days to go, he replied, gazing at me. “I said am tired, can’t you get it? I flared up. He frowned and watched me vibrate with my hands on my waist. “why the sudden haste?

    EPISODE 23

    “why the sudden haste? Or is there something I did wrong that you don’t like? Zipper asked, innocently. “everything you did was wrong, I never asked you to extort money from the lecturer but you did, am complaining of your act of stealing but you aren’t trying to change at all, am done living with a criminal like you, please take me out of here, I yelled. His eyes became so red immediately as if he was going to cry but I don’t care anymore. “it’s ok, I’ll take you back now, get dressed, I’d be waiting for you in the car, Zipper said softly, and got up to leave the room. My conscience started troubling me, I knew he was really hurt but come to think of it, he deserves to know the truth, am not pleased living with a thief anymore and I think I have to fight the feelings am having for him cos he’s not worth it. I parked my clothes into my little kit and stormed out to join him in the car. He wasn’t looking sad, neither was he Happy. I opened the door and join him in front, he drove silently without saying a word to me. “am sorry about how I spoke to you earlier, but don’t you think you should stop all these you are doing? You have enough money to start up a business of your own, please stop stealing, it’s people’s sweat you are taking forcefully, they aren’t happy about it and you know it, I kept saying but he didn’t even say a word to me, so I gave up talking, and decided to keep my thoughts to myself. He drove straight to female hostel and parked in front of our room. My friends weren’t around, the door was locked. “thanks Zipper, please can I use your phone? I don’t have airtime in my phone, I pleaded, staring at him. He handed me his phone without looking at me. I dialed Cheryl’s number, and she picked up immediately. “who’s this? She asked. “your missing friend, I replied. She recognized my voice immediately. “Noge, what’s up girl, this one you remember me today, is this your boyfriend’s number? She asked, giggling. “you’re so naughty, am in front of our room jor, come and open the door, I said, before she could reply, I ended the call and gave Zipper his phone. I saw Cheryl and Cole running towards us, so I quickly got down from the car and we hugged in three. They were so happy to see me, but Cheryl was kinda acting funny cos I didn’t spend up to a week as planned. As we were busy with each other, Zipper got down to say hi to them. After exchanging pleasantries, he decided to leave. “do take care of yourself.

    EPISODE 24

    “I’d be on my way, Zipper said before walking towards his car. “stop being naughty, go see him off, Cheryl whispered, pushing me to move, I just smiled and went to meet him at his car. “thanks ones again for all you did, I appreciate it, I murmured, he took me unaware and buried my lips In his, I tried to resist but my emotions failed me, I could hear my friends cheers but I don’t give a d--n at that moment. After the kiss which seems like forever, he broke it and whispered “sorry about that, he said softly, I became shy all of a sudden. “it’s ok, bye, I replied shyly, avoiding his gaze. He pulled me closer and hugged me tightly. “I know am not good for you, but I really need to tell you this, I don’t know how you will feel but, the truth is, am already in love with you, but please, don’t love me back, cos am a thief, a Robber, and a criminal, have a nice day, he pecked me and quickly got into his car and zoomed off. I couldn’t believe what he just said, I was stunned. I stood gazing at empty space even after he had gone, many thoughts running through my mind, I never realized how long I’ve been gazing until my friends came over to drag me inside. “what’s up with you girl, are you missing him so soon? Cole teased. ” girls, I really don’t know what to do, I actually had a quarrel with him before leaving the house, but he just confessed his love for me a while ago and left without getting a reply from me, I said bitterly. “oh my gosh, so you mean you guys haven’t been dating all these while? Cheryl asked, exchanging looks with Cole.”girls, I actually insulted him before leaving there, I thought he was going to hate me but no, he loves me as much as I do, well, it’s so unfortunate, I can’t date him, I said bitterly. “and who said you can’t date him? Cheryl asked, I swallowed and licked My Lips. “he ones told me women are distractions to them based on what he does, I replied. “listen up Noge, that guy needs help, if women are distractions to them, and you know he loves you, use that opportunity to stop him from stealing, he’s got enough money already, please help this guy out, unless you don’t love him, Cheryl stuttered, making me glare at her. “well, I can’t deny that, I love him but, he’s got a bad reputation already, I stuttered. ” don’t be naive girl, his reputation will change only if you want it to, Cheryl added. “how do I go about it now? I asked, tapping my cheek. “you have plenty work to do, better find a way to go see him.

    EPISODE 25

    “better find a way to go see him and sort things out, pretending not to care is the worst lie you can ever tell to yourself, Cheryl muttered. All these while, Cole was just silent listening to our conversation, without contributing anything to it, I turned my gaze at her and gave her a pinch. “ouch, that hurts you know, she whined. “that shows you are still alive, now tell me, what’s your own point of view? I asked, watching her closely. “you want my point of view right?(I nodded) good, I don’t believe anyone could change bcos of someone, if he’s a thief, he will always be cos they get so addicted to it that they find it hard to change, don’t stress yourself thinking you can change him cos he won’t change, if you love him, just flow well with him, enjoy the pleasure while it last, cos I know you love him Already, Cole said. I kinda saw some sense in what she said, and as it is, I know Zipper can’t stop stealing, he’s addicted to it already. “thanks to you both, I will try my best and see how it goes, I stuttered, hugging them one after the other.
    It’s been two weeks since Zipper dropped me off at the campus and I’ve not bothered to go see him as my friends had said. I have been trying to stop the feelings but it’s not working, I find myself missing him every now and then. So I decided to pay him a visit one afternoon. The gatekeeper let me in without hesitation, we exchanged pleasantries before I head straight to the house. I pressed the door bell once, I got no response. When I was about pressing it again, the door opened slightly, bringing me face to face with my prince charming, with bare chest and a short knicker a little bit below his knees. I was just checking him out from head to toe, focusing mainly on his chest. I felt like running into his arms for a hug before his voice brought me back. “you came, he simply said, with a smile. I blinked and ran into the arms I’ve been drooling at. He held me so tight to himself. “I’ve missed you, I whispered, before I could say another word, I felt my legs raised from the floor. Zipper carried me straight into his bedroom and placed me on his bed. He knelt beside the bed,there was an awkward silence, our eyes fixed on each other, with no one willing to break the stares. “you are beautiful, he simply said, making me blush. “I don’t want to do this, I found myself trying to deny this feelings but I just realized I can’t live a second without you, the four days you spent with me.

    EPISODE 26

    “the four days you spent with me, made a great impact in my life and I just realized you are my better half, please be my girlfriend, I heard Zipper said, Sweetly, I smiled as tears of joy kept falling down my eyes. I couldn’t say a word, I just nodded with a smile, he was so excited that he grabbed my lips before I could even realize it. We kissed passionately for many minutes, his hands kept traveling all over my body, the romance was so hot that his hand went through my back and unhooked my bra, he lifted it up and cupped my boobs with his hands, fondling it softly, making me yearn for more pleasure. He took one of my n----e into his mouth and started sucking it gently, I moaned and held his head closer, urging him to continue. He started sucking them interchangeably. He started kissing me all over my body, sucking my neck, which shows he wants me badly. He started kissing me downward, from my Tommy to my navel and then my thighs. Before I could know what’s up, I was already unclad on the bed, responding to the pleasure he’s giving me. He looked at my well shaved p***y, he kissed it and started sucking my h---y pot. I gasp and moaned in pleasure, oh my gosh, I’ve never experienced this before and it’s so awesome, I never knew I’ve been missing all these while. He kept doing that, making me call him all sorts of sweet names, it was as if I was going crazy. After much pleasure, he lifted his head back up and started kissing me, romancing me Sweetly. “can I go in? He whispered in between the kiss. “yes love, am burning inside already, I replied still kissing. He brought out his hard cork and went in forcefully but stopped when he saw my tears drip. “you were a virgin? He asked, looking at the blood on the bed sheet, I smiled and drew his face closer and kissed his lips, he wanted to stop but I urged him to continue. He started thrusting gently, with my hands around his waist. I got both pain and pleasure but I never stopped him.

    EPISODE 27

    We both climaxed at the same time, he collapsed beside me and pulled me into his arms, with my head resting on his shoulder. “I love you bae, he stuttered before giving me a peck on my forehead. “I love you too Zipper, please permit me to call you Ruben, I muttered, looking into his eyes, he smiled and kissed my lips. “only in bedroom sweetie, he said, I pinched his nose. ” so you don’t want me to call you that outside? I asked, still gazing at him. “let’s just say, the name makes me soft and I don’t like it, he replied, avoiding my gaze. “so why don’t you want to be soft? I asked, touching his beard. “come on bae, I don’t need that you know, life has knocked me out so many times, the only way to make it easily in life is just by the hard way, he said painfully. I could see the pains In his eyes and I know he’s battling with something. I placed my hand on his chest, playing with the hairs there, I pecked his little n----e, making him shiver. “can you share with me, how life knocked you down? I muttered, still playing with his chest, he closed his eyes so tight, trying to stop a tear from dropping but it still drip a little. “they are bad memories, I don’t wish to remember them, he said softly. “but the more you don’t say it, the heavier your chest would be, and it can make you sick, you know? I muttered, trying to lure him to talk but he’s kinda weird cos he isn’t willing to say anything. “forget it girl, it’s past tense already, let’s just say, all the bad memories were wiped out the very day I rescued you from our attack, he stuttered. ” are you serious? (he nodded) then you shouldn’t be doing what you used to do before now, I said, trying not to get to his bad side, he smiled and looked into my eyes. “am working on that bae, just give me a little time, I’d quit, he assured me. A smile crept to my lips cos I really can’t wait for him to quit stealing. ” you will quit for my sake? I asked carefully. “yes love, that’s the only way I can prove my love to you, he replied. “What about your friends, I know they won’t take it lightly, I reminded him. ” sure it’s gonna be hard but I must quit, I will start avoiding them now, he said. “awwn, I really can’t wait for the day you will finally quit, I pray it goes well, I said happily. “enough of that, come here, he pulled me closer and started kissing me.
    One month later, Zipper had already started avoiding his friends, he was making plans for both of us to fly out of the country.

    EPISODE 28

    This faithful day, Zipper and I planned on going out for dinner, when his friends called him to meet up with them but he refused. I got dressed in a red flora dress, added a little make up and took a cab straight to Zipper’s house. He was actually not there, I became so angry and dialed his number but he wasn’t picking. “What the f--k, I yelled, throwing the phone on his sofa. Did he actually did that to get me angry or what? I kept asking myself. “I should have known he didn’t love me enough to quit stealing, maybe he’s gone out to rob again with his gang, I hissed and took off my shoes, I threw them carelessly before laying on the couch. Some minutes later, my phone started ringing, I hissed thinking he was the one. I reluctantly took the phone and to my greatest surprise, it was a private number. Who could be calling me with such number? I rhetoric and refused to pick but the caller was persistent, they kept calling, so I decided to pick up to calm my curiosity. I heard a baritone voice from the end of the line. “your almighty boyfriend is under abduction, and he’s with us right now, the voice said heavily. My mind skipped, my heart beat increased its pace, I felt like urinating on my body, I started shivering. “how do you expect me to believe that trash? I yelled, wishing it’s not true. “listen to his voice then, the caller said and the next thing I heard was Zipper’s voice, he was crying. “Noge… He said shakily. “oh my God, what happened to you? Where are you? I kept asking but unfortunately the line went dead. I started praying and crying so they don’t do anything to him. If they should ask for money, how do I even get it? I kept asking myself as I paced about in the sitting room. My phone rang again, bringing me out of my reverie, it was the same private number, I picked instantly. “hello, I said hastily. ” are you willing to cooperate with us? Cos if you don’t, you lose your boyfriend completely. “please don’t harm him, please… I stressed out. ” are you cooperating or not? The voice yelled from the other end, I instantly nodded but when I realized I was on phone, they can’t see my nod, I quickly said “yes sir, I will corporate so long nothing happens to my Reuben, I replied. “good girl, now gently take yourself outside, a car would come pick you up, don’t even try to involve the cops cos, you will lose your boyfriend forever, the voice threatened, I swallowed. ” I won’t involve the cops please don’t harm him.

    EPISODE 29

    (let me just disappoint somepeople)
    “please don’t harm him, I pleaded but the call went dead instantly. “What do I do now? They don’t want me to involve the cops, do I even have the money? I hissed and looked around, searching for my shoes. “f--k, this shoe is too high, how do I go about it now? What if there’s need to run? Well, I’ll off it then, I struggled with the shoe and finally wore it. I stepped out of Zipper’s compound, waiting for the said car to come, but it was taking forever to show up. I kept hissing and checking the time, it’s past seven already. “oh God please, help us to come back alive, I said, looking at the sky as if I can see God. Soon a car drove past me but reversed to my front, I couldn’t see the person’s face, he only gave me order to hope in but I wasn’t willing to obey. Two men came out of the car, walking towards me, I started running but what do you expect, I can’t run with hilly shoes so they caught up with me, one carried me on his shoulder, I was struggling and screaming but he bundled me and took me into the car. They blindfolded me with a cloth. I kept struggling, screaming and hitting them to let me go, they concluded in covering my mouth with cello tape. They gripped my two hands, making me powerless, I gave up struggling and started shedding tears which the blindfold didn’t let the tears come out. I don’t know where they were taking me to, I just accepted faith the way it is. We soon arrived somewhere, I don’t really know how long we spent on the way but I kept dozing off on the way. They brought me out of the car, I really don’t know what’s going on, I kept praying for God to deliver me, the placed seemed dark or so I thought. I heard a foot step coming towards me, I started moving back but the men who brought me there, held me firm so I don’t move. “please don’t harm me, please.. I cried but a voice hushed me. The blindfold was later taken off from my eyes, but the place was still dark, then someone put on the light, the cello tape was removed from my mouth. The room was decorated as if there is an occasion, I frowned and wondered what kidnappers would be doing in a place like this. I decided to turn around, just to ask the kidnappers what was going on but the site before me made my jaw dropped. “What the he……. I tried to say but was cut short by….
    Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday to you Noge….
    Happy birthday to you….
    ” oh my God, so today is actuall my birthday, jeez.

    EPISODE 30

    “jeez, I can’t believe I forgot my own birthday, looked at the faces of those singing for me. “What so you girls are actually here, oh my God, you scared the hell out of me, I happily went and started hugging them. My brother was also present with his babe, all my course mates were there. I kept hugging and thanking them, but I was still curious cos I don’t know who actually made all the arrangements for me. “please don’t be Angry, who actually did this? I asked curiously, everyone chuckled. “I thought you would never ask, Cheryl said, giggling. “over there, they all chorused, pointing at a direction, so I followed their gaze and there hid the answer to my question. I saw a well decorated cake with candles on it, shining in a dark corner, I walked straight up to the place. Lo and behold, Zipper kneeling on one knee with a diamond ring in its box, opened broadly, my eyes flashed through it, my lips hung over, I was speechless on what to say, then he pointed to the wall were there’s an inscription saying, PLEASE BE MY WIFE.. I smiled and looked down at my one and only sweetie, d--n his so cute, no wonder I couldn’t help but fall over and over for him. I nodded as tears of joy drip from my eyes. He slid the ring in my finger and kissed it before rising up. I flung my hands around his neck and we hugged tightly, the people present started clapping, the dj started playing a soft music, while I pulled Zipper to one side of the room. I gave him a resounding slap, he was shocked but I chuckled. “that’s for scaring the hell out of me, I teased, he frowned and held his cheek. “that’s way too hot bae, he whined, I drew him closer and kissed his cheek. “sorry love, don’t play such prank with me next time, I warned. “sorry isn’t accepted until you cure the slap by yourself, he said with a straight face, I giggled. “how do I cure it now? I asked playfully, caressing his chest. “like this, he said and pulled me closer with his hands on my boot, he grabbed my lips and started kissing me, I tried to resist but I couldn’t, I found myself kissing him back passionately until someone came to interrupt. ” hey lovers, the cake needs to be cut, Cole informed, not waiting for our response, she pulled me from Zipper and dragged me straight to the cake, Zipper was giggling as he watched me protest but Cole would have non of that. I made my wish and blew the candles, there was cheers from the crowd, most of the people present, I don’t really know them.

    EPISODEs 30-31

    After the celebration had finished, Zipper took me home and we made great love that night. The next day, we got the information about his friends who went to rob in a bank, being oblivious of the tight security, they got into shoot out with the police, some of the guys got killed while others were injured by the police and got arrested. “jeez, Ruby, you see y I’ve always wanted you to quit? What would have become of you if you had gone out with them? I kept murmuring. “that’s y I always wanted you by my side, cos I know with you, am gonna quit, he said, hugging me from behind, he started kissing my neck. “what’s next now? Are you bailing them out? I asked, touching his hands that rapped my waist. “if I should try bailing them, they might involve me, Zipper stuttered, and I believe him so I left him to his decision.”bae, I can’t wait to make you my wife, I am kinda addicted to you, I don’t want you to leave my site anymore, please move in with me or should we get the wedding fixed? Zipper asked, I turned around and face him. “why are you in a hurry? I still have a year for my youth service before thinking about marriage, I said, making him give me a raised brow. “come on babe, I wanted the wedding to be this year, immediately after your project defense, he whined like a baby, pouting his lips, I smiled and kissed him. “your wish is my command my love, fix the date for us to go visit my parents, and yours, before planning on the wedding, I suggested, he smiled and lifted me up. “that’s my sweetheart, he kissed me and head straight to the room. “What are you doing, Ruby? Keep me down, I can walk, I protested but he will never drop me. “you would waste junior’s time you know? He really needs attention, he said, I giggled and hit his chest. “you’re so naughty, I said playfully. ” for my angel alone, he replied.
    The day we are supposed to visit my parents came so fast, Zipper and I, decided to travel back to kogi state with one of his latest jeep. When we arrived at ankpa, where my family house is located. My parents were so happy to see us cos I already notified them before our arrival, and I trust my mom in terms of hospitality, she is really good at entertaining visit. Knowing our aim of coming, she tripped the entertainment. “mum, you worry too much, don’t tell me you went this far to prepare all these meal for us, you sure know we aren’t gonna eat much, I said playfully while on the dining, enjoying our meal.

    EPISODE 32

    “anything for you daughter, mum stuttered with a smile. We had a lovely time with my family before returning to Lagos. We fixed another day to visit Zipper’s family too, though his dad is late but his mom was looking so young and beautiful. Yeah, that’s were Zipper got his cuteness from. He actually looks like his mom.
    Days changed to weeks, and weeks turned months and a year past.
    It’s our wedding day already, Cheryl and Cole were just so excited for me, people will wonder if we are triplets cos they were all over me. “awwn, I can’t believe am getting married to Zipper, a notorious criminal, turned Saint all bcos of me, I muttered happily, while the make up artist was doing her thing. “I told you girl, and am glad you heed to our advice, Cole added. “oh please, don’t take the glory to yourself, it’s God all the way, Cheryl reminded. “What ever, Cole rolled her eyes. I just couldn’t stop laughing, these girls are really fun to be with. “enough of the argument, let’s get going, Noble said immediately he opened the door. “oh my God, I never knew my twin sister is a goddess, Noble said immediately I looked at his direction, I chuckled and gave him a hug. “and my twin brother is also looking cute, I complimented. “thanks sis, he replied. We all head straight to church. My dad held my hand as we walked slowly to the front of the church, with the keyboardist giving us a lovely cool music. My dad gave my hand to Zipper, who winked at me, I smiled and held him. We both stepped forward as instructed by the pastor. I was feeling nervous cos I never thought I would get married so soon, and Zipper wasn’t ready to give me a little break, and am kinda loving it shaaaa. We took our marriage vows at last and the pastor pronounced us HUSBAND AND WIFE.
    (You can continue with your imagination, I rest my case)
    THE END.

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