Story: Tochi

    written by Chipappii

    Episode 1

    Ada was a girl you would love from like 10 miles away except of course you are gay.. But don’t count on that, she was wow enough to make a gay niggar straight. A glance at her face will make you hunger for a ripe paw paw and a look at a ripe paw paw will throw you into a desperate need to see her face once more.
    Description of people had always been a tough job for me talk more of a perfect angel that’s more likely to make her creator jealous of his work. She was the perfect height. Not too tall and not short. The type you can kiss comfortably without breaking your neck.
    She was fair and spotless.
    Ha shape was the hour glass thingy. Boobs like an over inflated baloon
    and bums like a royal throne, i swear you could sit on them and cross your legs confortably..
    Summary of Ada was that she was too good that she had a player like me scared of even approaching her. I just stroked my emotions from afar each time i saw this angel walking among humans wondering whether her feets touched the ground.

    I was in my 100 level in the University, electrical engineering my course. I had always love messing around with electronics and always thought it would be like that studying electrical engineering as a course. I soon came to realize that i will solve everything only on paper, how to start a car, u solve for x and y,.. So i would just have to solve my way out.
    My department was an uninteresting one that year..
    We were like 58 altogether, new names always popped up once in a while.
    We were all boys except for a few that looked like Girls or rather they were girls but their demeanor, countenance and stuffs, men you could just count them in among the guys. I can’t say am a whizkid but i sure do know how to pass my exams excellently.

    It was on a Wednesday, it just stopped raining and the weather was just too cool. Cold breeze flew by once in a while. I was headed for my department from the library for a 3 o’clock lecture. The time was 2:48 pm. I was walking leisurely to the tune of music coming out from my high bassed monster beats by dre headphones, the fake one though. All of a sudden something caught my sight. It was coming from the opposite direction. For a while everything seemed to stand still. It was like the sun came out of the cloudy sky. My headphones went dumb, maybe it was looking at the object that caught my attention too. This girl, this out of the ordinary creature, the cause of my confusion, was on white jean trouser resting on a pair of black plain sneakers with white sole, over ha well shaped upper part rested a white shirt with unbottened fly over a black singlet.
    For a While i was busy taking in all these details, i forgot if i was walking or I stood still, all i knew was that i ran into something or something ran into me. We collided. Our books fell, i shifted my gaze to this intruder, it was my course mate stella and by the look on her face, i decided maybe i was the one that ran into her but we all know about girls and their blame games. I murmured my apologies. Helped her pick ha books and picked mine too. She asked if i was going for the 3 o’clock lectures, i nodded like a zombie still stupefied by what i saw earlier on. She then said she was going too so we both walked towards our department. I looked back and didn’t see her again. I thought to myself, Maybe my guardian angel showed herself to me because she was too beautiful to be an earthly being. But if so, why was she displaying her boobs?
    That days lecture was not for me. I was hoping to see my guardian angel again because as far as i was concerned, my class started and ended the moment i set my eyes on her.

    Episode 2

    The dark sky was lit by sparkly stars surrounding a half crescent moon, it was a bit chilly but wasn’t so much noticed by us. Maybe because she lay on my arms, we kept each oda warm enough. My heart told me this was probably the best night of my life only second to when i had my first sex. There she was looking up at me from my arms. I could hold her like that forever, the girl of my dream. I could hardly believe she was mine. I bent low n planted a light kiss on her forehead, she looked into my eyes and giggled, oh that smile, it was like the sun just lit in the middle of the night. She looked up at the sky and called me..” Tochi,.. I called ha back ” Eva,.. She said “look up in the sky and tell me how many stars u can count.. I looked up and said ” a million thousands of them.. She smiled again and stroke me on the cheek with her tender fingers, my hormones rushed, she looked into my eyes and said “thats how long i’m going to love you… Tears welled up in my eyes.. I bent to kiss her, she said wait and raised ha hands.. She said mosquitoe and slapped my cheek. It was a little hard and her once tender palms was a little rough. My face froze for a split second as i called ha baby, anoda slap followed..
    I opened my a eyes a bit.. They were blurred.. I could hear a hoarse voice that was not hers say
    “Na who you dy call baby, this guy sef. Common get up there!
    I rubbed my hands on my eyes and opened them again. This time i didn’t see my beautiful eve but my brother laughing sheepishly at me with two of our logde mates on the floor laughing like people on an epileptic seizure…

    Episode 3

    I got up to a warm meal of indomie prepared by my brother. We both sat on the bed while our two lodge mates kossi and Emeka sat on the rug, we surrounded the steaming food dished out in a large saucer. I was really moody as i did more staring at the food than i ate it. All of a sudden, my brother laughed and turned to me “Guy which level nah. How you go dy sleep, dy call baby and dy smile like mumu at the same time, nawa you o.”..
    I looked at him and hissed. Emeka and kossi were visibly trying to suppress their laughter. I was weak and fuming inside at the same time. I thought to myself “so all these perfect romance was just one stupid afternoon dream”.
    I put my fork into the food, rolled up some noodles and put it in my mouth, i swallowed hard. Staring across the room and softly asked
    “But Martins why naa”
    From the corner of my eyes i could see him raise his head up with a frown on his face aimed in my direction
    “why what? He asked
    “Why must you wake me up at that instant, you just disrupted my kiss with this chic and i no go forget am”
    For some seconds he looked at me with a puzzled look on his face like he was trying to understand what i meant and then they all burst out laughing.
    Kossi looked at me and said
    “Oga no vex, go back to sleep and collect that kiss make we see if this indomie go do us” they laughed
    “But seriously that girl must be nicki minaj, guy imagine how you were smiling and screaming my baby, imagine wetin for happen if you completed that kiss, maybe you would have scattered my pillow with your teeth” Martin said amidst laughter.
    I got up, stretched myself to breaking point, hissed and walked outside, i could hear them eating and laughing as I left.
    I walked outside the gate. The sun was still high up, i noticed a familiar figure walking past, i stared sheepishly at her as she walked down a bit and catwalked into a logde adjacent to mine.
    Two guys passing by stared hard at me, one of them with a wicked grin on his face shouted in my direction. “Guy easy nah, no be only you see her”
    I gave them this killer frown and noticed other passers-by stared at me like i was doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk. I stared back at myself and noticed how my reproductive organ was raised in an awkward angle
    ” yaaay, this Ada no go kill me for this world” i half screamed and ran inside..

    Episode 4

    Fridays at school was always considered not different from Saturdays. Lectures hardly hold so we just gist our time away. I was with my guys discussing about everything and nothing, most of us were sitting on the desk, i was at the extreme. The time was just 9 am. I took a glance around the hall and noticed stella looking at me, we had gotten a bit closer since i ran into her or she ran into me. She was with her girls, the types that when they look at you they see books. I waved at her, she waved back and started coming towards me. She got to where we were sitting, my guys were still talking but an observant me knew they were eagerly waiting to eavesdrop on whatever it was stella was about to say to me.
    “Hi” she said
    “Hello, stella how far? I asked
    “I’m fine and you”
    “I just dy, wetin you bring for me?” I asked giving her the mr charming smile
    “My humble self” she smiled, a cute smile i observed.
    “Well i can manage, lets start with a kiss” I said with a naughty grin as i noticed the tempo in my friends conversations drop, those bad guys..
    “Well you can’t manage me joor, am enough for you” she said with a fake frown
    I smiled and rubbed her hands while pouting my lips “well babe, give me everything”
    She laughed and punched me lightly on the chest.
    “I wanted to know if you have gone for your medical tests and stuffs” she finally asked
    “Nop, i just got my form last week so i just have the x-ray and blood test left to do” i explained scratching my head.
    “Well i want to go do mine today, why don’t we go together” she said with a little plea in her eyes
    I looked up and frowned like i was in deep thought
    “Hmmmm, well yea but you have to beg for my company” i said and smiled at her
    She bowed and said please
    “Bribe me” i winked
    She came closer and pecked me, i was shocked but i didn’t let it show. At this point my guys almost stopped their fake conversation.
    She laughed and i looked at her
    “Ok, i accept. Lets go”
    she ran back to where her friends were seated and picked her handbag. We both started leaving, steve, one of the guys shouted
    “Tochi so you wan carry her go abort the belle for medicals abi?” Everyone laughed
    I turned and shouted “your father” at him, put my hands accross stella’s shoulders, she slid hers around my waist as we left the hall. I didn’t see them but i felt everyones eyes on us…

    Episode 5

    As usual, there was a long queue at the medicals. Year one students lined up to get their blood examined. We approached and joined the queue with stella right in front of me. We started talking about taking the needle in the process of getting our blood.
    “I’m scared, I heard its a bit painful” stella said
    “Yea, I heard they will stab you like three, four times with the needle to get enough blood ” I said loudly with a mischievous grin on my face while demonstrating the stabbing with my hands, people laughed, the ladies smiled uneasily. Stella turned at me with a look of disbelief in her eyes and said “Baby could you just comfort me?”
    I circled my arms around her moderately shaped waist and half whispered into her ear “Baby don’t worry, they won’t use a knife, it’s just a sharp big needle” she pinched me hard, I laughed and withdrew my hands and someone said from the front “they should jejely crucify us naa” Everyone laughed but i noticed only one even though she didn’t laugh, she only smiled but to me, it was louder than every other sound there. I looked at her as she stood there. The Eve girl from my dream, the one that made me run into stella. My heart pounded as i grew cold all of a sudden. All i just wanted was to go there and lift her in my hands.
    I don’t know what my expression looked like but stella looked up at me and asked
    “Tochi why is your face like this?”
    “Nothing” I replied absentmindedly
    She nudged me on my stomach and I squeezed my face and looked at her
    “Please stop caressing my six packs ” I said in a low sassy tone and smiled. She smiled back and in my mind I thought ” why must she always intrude anytime i set my eyes on this “fine china” “.
    “I’m coming” I whispered to stella as i left the queue and started walking up to where she was. I got closer to her and reached to touch her, my heart pounded so hard I thought everyone noticed the noise it made. I quickly brought down my hands and put them in my pocket. I looked around and nobody seemed to notice my little drama. I relaxed a little.
    “Eve please can I borrow your pen?” I said in a not so audible voice . She didn’t even make a move or look at me. Maybe she didn’t hear me i thought. I coughed and touched her, she turned to me with this charming but low self esteem inducing frown on her face.
    “I was asking for your pen” i managed to reiterate with the highest level of seriousness i could muster. Her face lightened and my heart skipped as the beauty of her ovally shaped face came much more to the fore. I felt hot all over.
    “Well, first my name is not eve or whatever and secondly, isn’t that a pen am seeing on you” she said nodding towards my b----t pocket.
    ” Like seriously your name isn’t eve? But that was what you told me” i said as i bent my head with a little frown on my face
    “Told you where? ” she asked with a slight puzzled look on her face. I was going to answer in my dreams but checked myself as I said never mind.
    “Besides I wouldn’t be asking for your pen if mine was ok” i said
    She observed me from head to toe as i was some good she wanted to buy and brought out her biro, handing it over to me she said
    “Please return it immediately you are done”
    I smiled and walked back to my position in the queue with a pen I wasn’t going to use. At least i needed a reason to meet up with her again.
    Stella was giving me this naughty look as i walked back to her.
    “I thought you went up there to create space for us” she asked as i settled behind her.
    “Yes bae but those people up there were getting ready to eat me so i ran back.”
    “Hmmm, so what are you doing with her pen”
    “Well i borrowed it just in case i needed it” i said
    “So all this sweating just because you wanted to borrow pen” she said almost laughing
    “leave me joor. Didn’t you see as i ran up there now, thats why i’m sweating ”
    Which kind wahala be this, i thought as she started laughing

    Episode 6

    Two days gone and i haven’t seen my dream Eva neither has she seen her pen. The thoughts going through my mind all those while was that i could have taken her number. D--n! I don’t even know her real name. I hardly smiled much. It was funny how much of an effect this Eva girl had on me. Someone i dont even knw her name. I had strolled the lengths and breath of the schools medical hoping she would come back there. I missed her even though i had only seen her twice, thrice actually if i were to count in my dream. I began planning on making a poster with my name and number on it asking Eva to call for her pen.
    “Guy unto say wetin happen? Dont come here and be disgracing your family because of a girl” Martin had said to me as i told him my plans about the poster thing.
    “She doesn’t even know my name” i said absent minded looking into space
    “Tochi its like you no hear wetin i talk?” Martin asked. I looked at him with a frown on my face “so how do i locate her?” I asked
    “Use Google map” he said getting up from the bed we were sitting on and picking his bag.
    “Guy i get lectures now, give me that girl’s pen make i use am jott since you no wan keep am” he said looking down at me. I looked up with half a smile on my face and said ” Give you p---y, na your joystick you go use write today” he gave me a slight jab on my chin and walked out of the room laughing.
    “Mumu, I know say you don kiss the pen to stupor because na girl get am” he said amidst laughter as he left. I smiled and fell back on the bed. I picked my phone and checked the time. It was 10:05 am, i decided to catch some sleep as i had one lecture by 3pm.
    I lay across the bed and not long after i drifted off to sleep.
    Someone knocked on the door, i tilted and looked in the direction of the door, the knock came again, i said come in and waited for about 5 seconds. The person knocked again. I grudgingly got up and walked to the already open door, pulled the curtains aside and across the little corridor locked by a burglary proof, Eva stood staring back at me.

    Episode 7

    She was dressed on a dark blue skinny jeans trouser with a white singlet on top. Over the singlet she wore a grey hooded long sleeve shirt. Her hairs were partly covered by the hood as some of it ran down a part of her face covering a bit of her eyes. Her face shone like the mid morning sun only out shined by the glitter of her lovely eyes. In summary, she was to die for.
    A thousand thoughts ran through my mind as i let her in. I just stared at her as she stood there. Michael Jacksons speechless kept ringing in my head. Only then i came to realize what he meant in that song.
    “Hi” she said waving like i wasn’t seeing her.
    “Sorry, forgive my manners, please sit down” i said pointing towards the only settee in the room.
    She walked to the bed and sat on it disregarding the chair. I sat on the bed too keeping a little distance between us. I stared at her and she stared back. She appeared calm which is more than I can say about myself. We stared on for like 20 seconds but to me it seemed like a lifetime. Then she looked away staring around at the room
    “Nice room” she said jostling me back to reality.
    “Thank you” i said trying to calm my nerves. “How were u able to locate where i lived?” I asked her.
    “Hmmm, i asked around and it turned out a lot of people knew you” she said
    “And what did you ask about?” I asked really glad we were making a conversation
    “Hmmm, actually i asked about a certain tall fair guy that barbs galaxy which he usually forgets to comb with a little hair on his chin ” she said touching her head and chin in a funny way. We both laughed.
    ” But its true naa” she said in between laughter.
    ” But some people think the hair is cute” i replied looking into her eyes
    ” well i never said it wasn’t cute, i was only trying to say i could borrow you my hair comb if yours is not ok too” she said smiling.
    “Oh, its true, your pen” i said getting up and walked to our reading table and picked up the pen. I tried giving it to her,
    “No, you can keep it, i just wanted to know where you lived and don’t get flattered by that please” she smiled at me
    I said thanks and smiled back.
    “I’m going” she said and got up.
    “Thanks for coming” i said touching her hand. As she headed for the door i called her eva, she stopped and looked back. I walked up to her, looking in her eyes i asked “can we be friends?” I asked nervously.
    “I don’t pay my enemies visits” she said half smiling
    I held her hands and pulled her closer gently… “I meant this…” I said and put my lips against hers. She didn’t resist. We kissed as long as 5 seconds and she withdrew her lips and headed towards the door as i watched with the greatest joy i had ever known in my heart.
    “I’m going, and don’t bother walking me out, you look like something straight out of a ghost dream ” she said as she walked out of the door.
    I crashed on the bed and shut my eyes, my lips broke into a big smile.
    I thought i heard someone walk into the room, i tried opening my eyes but everywhere was blurred. I closed my eyes again, rubbed my hands against them and opened them again, i saw stella.
    “Why are you smiling in your sleep” she said looking down at me on the bed
    “F--k!!” I said and jumped up. Jesus!, another Eva dream, i thought angrily and looked up at stella.

    Episode 8

    “How long have you been Standing there?” I asked stella
    “I just came in to see a big smile on your face while you slept, tell me, did you win a lottery in your dream?” She asked as she sat on the bed close to me adjusting her hair. She looked quite attractive that afternoon. I sighed and scratched my head “Bae it’s nothing, just had an enticing dream”
    “Tell me about it” she said caressing my bare back.
    “Well i dreamt i was banging you really hard” I said jumping up from the bed laughing as she threw a pillow at me. She hissed and laid back on the bed, i went over to her and lay beside her, brought her closer and planted my lips on hers. She was calm as we smooched for as long as 40 seconds and she pulled away. I fell flat on my back and stared at the ceiling. Stella was beside me but Eva was on my mind.
    “Tochi look at the time” she said after a few seconds of silence. I looked at the wall clock and it was 2:23pm, i remembered our 3pm lecture and jolted up from the bed.
    “Its like your dream made you forget you had a class” she said looking at me as i grabbed my towel.
    “Babe once its about you, i tend to forget every other thing” I said tying the towel round my waist. She kept mute and just stared at me like she needed to learn what i was doing.
    “Look away jare lemme change” i said rolling my eyes at her.
    “Nothing new joor, I have seen bigger” she said waving her hand and looking the other way.
    “Mumu girl” I said and threw my boxers at her and ran into the bathroom.

    The time was 2:40pm. I held Stella’s hand as we both strolled leisurely to our department for the proposed lecture. I heard someone call my name from afar. I turned and saw kossi walking up to where we were. Stella disengaged her hand and moved a little distance from me as kossi got closer. He waved at her and faced me.
    “Guy hafar nah?” He asked as we shook hands.
    “Bro i dey o. I wan tidy one 3pm lecture like that” i said looking at my watch.
    “Ok ok, i get gist for you shaa” he said with a smack on his face while rubbing his palms together.
    “Guy you too like gist, no waste my time with any irrelevant story abeg as you see say my sweetheart dy wait for me” i said and looked towards stella who smiled and looked away.
    “Mumu na about that fair girl wey you carry her pen that day for medicals” he said licking his lips. I stared at him for a while and asked him how he knew i took pen from anyone at all.
    “Guy i was there that day nah, just that your romance with her no gree you see me” he said nodding towards stella.
    “Guy forget am shaa, abeg gist me about the girl, how i go take contact her”
    “Guy na small matter, the babe na my department she dy” he said
    “You mean mass comm” i asked folding my hands
    “Yes nah, na im i been wan tell you but its like you dey busy and i no wan waste your time” he said slowly turning around to walk away. I held his cloth and pulled him back.
    “Guy no vex abeg, waste my time biko, yarn me the gist” i said
    “Oya nah, make we shift small” he said walking away. I turned to stella and winked at her.
    “Bae just go ahead without me, i will be there soon”
    She said ok and left while i ran after kossi.

    Episode 9

    We got to an eatery besides a classroom block that belonged to the department of mass communication. I sat down, kossi pulled up a seat and sat besides me. I ordered for meat pie and soya milk for the both of us. Kossi looked at me with a wide grin on his face.
    “i swear you be correct guy” he said as he opened the cover of the soy drink. I frowned as i Picked my meat pie removing it from its package.
    “Guy u go vomit all these things if i no see this girl” i said biting into the pie and sipping the drink with a straw.
    “Bro chillax, you go soon confirm” he said
    “okay o” i said looking around the environment and admiring the girls around. We soon got through with our snacks and sat there eagerly looking around. Kossi was busy greeting his course mates who came around, girls mostly.
    I looked at my watch and the time was 4:36 pm. I had forgotten totally about the lecture i was supposed to be attending. I looked impatiently at kossi who was busy fondling with his phone.
    “Guy, what’s up nah? Make e no be say i miss my lecture and come miss this girl too o” i said.
    “Chill nah guy. She go soon show up” he said still focused on his phone. I grabbed the phone from him, he looked up to protest but rather broke into a big smile looking in the direction of the classroom block. I followed the direction of his eyes and there stood my dream queen. She was gorgeous as ever, she was on a red fitted gown and black sneakers, her hair was braided. She hid her eyes behind sunshades. My heart was on the verge of running out of my chest. I was sweating or maybe i thought i was. For what seemed to me like a lifetime, i sat there staring at her as she stood near the classroom. I was jolted back to reality when kossi snatched back his phone. I stood up and was about to rush at her but was pulled back by kossi.
    “Guy chillax” he said motioning me to sit down.
    “For what nah? ” I asked spreading my hands.
    “cool down and watch” he said. I sat down reluctantly still staring at him with a deep frown.
    He looked at me with a grin.
    “Just watch” he said looking back in her direction.
    I looked back to her position. A black Toyota camry pulled up a little distance from where she stood. She walked to the car and got in and the car drove away.
    “See, you for go disgrace your self now” kossi said as he picked his books and stood up. I was really disappointed as many thoughts flew through my mind. Kossi pulled me up and we left the canteen. I was really downcast as we walked back to our lodge. Kossi wasn’t helping matters as he was busy suggesting how i could get a car better than the camry to impress her.
    “But kossi come” i said as we got to the junction that led to our logde.
    “so you made me miss my lecture, made me buy you free lunch just so you can show Me my crush’s boyfriend and his car?” i asked as i bent down and removed my right sneaker. Kossi laughed and broke into a run. I threw the sneaker after him as he ran into our lodge, it landed on Ada who was just coming out of the gate.

    Epidose 10

    “Jesus” she shouted as the footwear landed a little above her chest which i noticed made her b----t jingle a bit.
    I stood rooted to a point with my hands over my open mouth. I was oblivious of my posture. For some seconds i stood there not knowing what to do next. At this point Ada was observing her white t-shirt and the dirty mark the sneaker had left on it. I managed to walk a little bit closer to her and noticed Lucy was with her. Lucy lived in our lodge and we were all very close. I was a little glad on seeing Lucy there, at least someone to speak on my behalf.
    “Am really sorry, i never meant to throw that at you” i started to say in a shaky voice while i fidgeted my fingers which i had managed to slide into my pockets. She looked up at me with an expression that was hard to decipher. Not smiling and not much frown there. She said nothing while trying to brush off the dirt on her shirt. Lucy cast a glance at me and gave me one of her naughty smiles. She pulled a hanky from her pocket and used it in blushing the spot off. I was tempted to go over and lend a hand but i just checked myself to avoid stories that touched.
    “Hmm, no problem, i guess i’ll just go in and take this shirt off, lucky my Lodge’s over there” Ada finally said in a voice that made me want to ask her for a kiss.
    “OK, i will see you later” lucy replied her while i stood there almost invisible to them but i was glad it seemed i would be left off the hook. Ada walked past me without even looking at me. I heaved a sigh of relief as i turned and my gaze followed her for some distance. Honestly i was observing her perky a-s which Lucy seemed to notice. She dragged me into our Lodge holding me by my hand.
    “it’s like you want to throw the remaining shoe at her butt too” she said pulling me by my ear. I grimaced and pulled myself away. I saw kossi peeping out from his door with a wicked grin on his face. I pulled the remaining sneaker and threw it at him, this time making sure it landed him squarely on his head before he ran inside.
    Emeka rushed out from the room, observed me and broke out into a laughter.
    “see them, busy body” i said and picked the sneaker that i threw mistakenly at Ada. Kossi threw the other back at me and i caught it mid air.
    “But seriously guy, Ada likes you o” Lucy said. I looked at her.
    “yes nah, you needed to hear what she told emeka for stepping on her slippers that she kept outside and this one, you threw ur dirty shoe at her and she just let you go like that, maybe she dy trip for you” Lucy said smiling and winking at me. I looked at the three of them hissed and went inside with my sneakers clutched under my armpit.

    Episode 11

    Exams were fast approaching. Just two weeks left. Usually i hardly touched my books until its a week to exam day but this time around i just decided to start early with no reason.
    The day was Wednesday and the time was 12:45. I strolled leisurely into the school library with my books tucked under my armpit. My head was covered with a black face cap which partly covered my eyes too, i just didn’t want to observe or be observed by anybody there. I found a seat and sat there alongside a guy and a girl whom i suspected to be couples romancing their books more than they were reading it. I hissed lightly and rubbed my nose. Opened my mathematics textbook and started reading it. I was just a little too lazy to solve instead i solved in my head and crammed the formula for the ones i couldn’t solve. About 15 minutes gone, i raised my head from my books, i yawned and stretched my body. Three rows from where I sat i noticed someone that looked like Eva. I wasn’t so sure and i couldn’t walk up to her seat to check. I screeched my feet on the floor, it made a little lot of noise. Few people looked at me, i managed to hide my face behind my face cap. But my plan worked, she managed to look up, i recognised her with the style of her hair. I smiled at myself and picked my books, i felt my pocket and made sure her pen was intact. I walked up to her seat and sat besides her. She didn’t even as much as look at me.
    I coughed. She then stole a glance and focused on her book again and then looked back at me with an expression of recognition on her face. She gave a little smile and faced me fully.
    “You again, i don’t have a spare pen here” she said
    I looked at her with a fake shock on my face and smiled.
    “so you are now calling me a pen borrower?” i asked still smiling
    “Not exactly but i don’t see a pen on you and I’m quite sure u came here to read”
    I looked into her eyes and shook my head.
    “You know there’s something cute about you” i managed to tell her with my heart pounding at the prospect that i was actually going to sweet talk her.
    “Really?” she asked her eyes focused on mine.
    “Yea, and i was hoping we could go beyond pen lending and borrowing relationship” i said touching her lightly on her hands.
    She gave me this feminine laugh that warmed my heart and made her beauty animate.
    “So what should we now lend and borrow?” she said
    “Well i would love to borrow your heart and besides i don’t think you have any pen that you can lend me now, do you?”
    “Well right, i don’t think i have a pen to lend you for now and about my heart, i also don’t think i can spare it either”
    I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but i have started and i wasn’t going to stop.
    “Well i don’t necessarily need everything, you can keep the part that pumps blood and all, i just need the emotional side of it” i said with a smile and still keeping eye contact.
    She laughed.
    “You are not serious” she laughed.
    “I am” i said smiling.
    She tilted her head and looked at me with the most charming smile I have ever seen which seemed to spread into her eyes.
    “Whats your name?” she asked.
    “Tochukwu and yours?”
    “I thought you already have a name for me?”
    “Do i?” i asked
    “Maybe, well i’m Eve” she finally said
    “Well i was actually close the last time i called you Eva”
    She smiled and said there’s a difference. I dropped my nokia torchlight phone on the reading desk.
    I pulled her pen from my pocket and waved it in her face.
    “Well I’m giving it back to you on one condition”
    “What condition?” she asked.
    “That you write down your number for me with it” i said trying to sound confident.
    She smiled, looked at me and then back to her still open books
    “Well you may have to keep it for a long time” she said
    “Why?” i asked a little disappointed
    “Well, Because i can’t possibly oblige to your condition, and don’t border to push it cos it would be a futile attempt”
    i moved my hand closer to hers on the desk, held her fingers and was about to tell her the story of my life when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw my brothers name on the screen, i swore under my breath and picked the call, placed the phone to my ear and said hello with a killer frown on my face.
    “Hello idiot come house” Martins said hastily and cut the phone.
    I slid the phone back in my pocket. Picked my books. I made to pick my nokia phone on the desk but on a second thought decided to leave it there.
    I looked at Eve again. Her shinning skin made me so weak i felt like i could fall. She looked at me and asked if I was leaving.
    “Yea, my brother just called me”
    “So when would i see you again” i asked her.
    “Well, whenever you see me, you see me”.
    “Cool” i said and pulled closer to her, planted a kiss on her cheek, stood up and observed the shock on her face which broke into a smile. I smiled back and turned straight for the door deliberately forgetting my Nokia phone on the desk,.

    Episode 12

    “Hello, sorry he misplaced his phone, maybe you could help him pick it up” I heard a lovely voice say over the phone as i called my Nokia torchlight.
    “Hey Eve, its me, tochi” i said
    “Oh you, how could you be so careless”
    “Ermm, things like this happen, thank God that you kept it”
    “Okay o, so where will i be bringing it?” she asked
    “where will be more convenient for you?”
    “Maybe you should come around to my side for it” she said after a little silence.
    “And where is your side? ”
    ” Just get to Five star junction, then call me”
    “Okay, will do that”
    “so when are you coming exactly?”
    “I don’t know, is now okay?”
    “Ermm, I guess yes”
    “fine, I’m on my way, can i get your number so i can call you when i get there?”
    She laughed over the phone and her voice was like a melody to my ears
    “Nice try Clever guy, just call your phone when you get there, I’ve charged it full” she said, laughed and dropped the call.
    I smiled as i lay on my bed staring into space. I prayed to God to grant me this girl as a gift for Christmas. I swore to myself never to look twice at any other girl should Eve ever become mine.

    The next 2 hours found me patrolling around five star junction. I had called her like 2 minutes before i got to the junction. I was rehearsing my lines in my head, i was really determined to move to the next level with her. I called my phone for the second time since getting there, it rang and she didn’t pick. I was about calling again when I turned my back and saw walking towards me. She was exceptional as she had always been. She wore a hair net over her head, a loose white mini gown with flower patterns which revealed her fair laps and beautiful legs. Setting eyes on her walking towards me, every single thing in my head that i had wanted to say to her evaporated.

    “Hey” she said as she got close to me
    “hi” i said staring at her and lacking the right words to express myself.
    “here, have it” she said after about 10 seconds silence and handing over my phone. I took it from her outstretched hand.
    “thank you” i said putting it in my pocket.
    “You welcome”
    “So you live around here” i said looking around.
    “Yes i do”
    “Well i don’t think i saw which house you walked out from” i said.
    “And i don’t think you need to see which house it was” she retorted almost immediately.
    “Well, i just wanted to know, in case i wanted to see you again”
    “Don’t worry, if it ever becomes very necessary that we should see again, it will happen. She said turning to leave.
    “At least, see me off” i begged her.
    “Tochi, can someone ever tell you off” she said folding her arms and looking straight at me.
    “Eve, you can’t tell me off, just walk with me a little distance please?”

    She sighed and followed me. We walked and talked. Most of the talking was done by me, it was mostly a question and answer session. Eve really had a thick skin on her. She was however very beautiful so i didn’t expect anything less.
    We ran into a friend of hers who happened to be heading for her lodge.

    “Evelyn, where are you going?” the girl asked as she hugged her.
    “Seeing him off” she replied nodding towards me. The girl looked at me like she was just observing me for the very first time.

    “Hmm, tochukwu right?” she said looking at me, i was surprised but i didn’t show it.
    “Yes? ” i said giving her a puzzled look.
    “Hmm, what are you doing here”
    “Well came to pick my phone” i answered trying to figure out if i knew her from somewhere.
    “Hmmm, pick your phone?” she said looking at me and then Eve.
    “Yes, he misplaced his phone and i picked it for him” Eve shot in
    “okay, i see” she said smiling.
    “Do you know each other? ” Eve asked, i shrugged.
    ” Yea, we live in the Same street” she answered.
    “Really? ” i said folding my hands.
    ” I am Ada’s lodge mate, since you don’t know me, you should know Ada naa” i smiled, bade them farewell and turned to go, only to be called back by Eve, she held Her friend by the hand and faced me.

    “Tochi please come, On no account should you ask Tonia for my contact and Tonia” she faced her ” and should he ask which i’m very sure he will, on no account should you give it to him” we both smiled.
    “Yes madam, Tochi you have heard naa” Tonia said
    I nodded and was about to protest when Eve grabbed Tonia and the both left.

    “Greet martins for me” Tonia called behind her.
    I shouted okay and boarded a bike back to my lodge…

    Episode 13

    I started frequenting the library on daily basis with hope of seeing Eve. I would go there with my maths textbook and read up about 2 to 3 chapters before going home.
    On the third day, on my way home, i was clutching my math101 textbook on my left hand and my iPhone 6s on my right. An earphone connected to the phone was plugged in my ear and i moved to the rhythm of music that played in my ears.
    As i pushed the gate to our logde open, someone touched me, i turned around to see who it was and Ada stood there. I was startled, i wasn’t expecting her to even look in my direction talk more of walking up to and touching me.
    “Hi” i said pulling the earphones from my ear..

    “Hey, do you know how long i have been calling after you?”

    “I’m sorry, i had these on and i couldn’t hear you ” i said referring to the earphones.

    ” Okay, you are tochukwu right?”

    “Yea, i hope no problem?”

    “Not really, just that i saw you coming with the maths textbook and i wanted to ask if you offer math101”

    “Yes, we do, i’m engineering so we are mathematics ”

    ” Okay, ermm, i was thinking, Can you teach me? As in help me with mathematics ” she said scratching her head. I was taken aback by this request. I wasn’t even that good in mathematics but i needed to give her a positive reply, first, not to let myself down or make myself appear an olodo to her and second, i needed anything that will bring me closer to this dame.

    “Well, yes i can help you, but it may have to be more of a study together thing ” i said trying not to present myself as a whizkid in case i flopped in my teaching duties towards her.

    ” Okay, its cool with me, i don’t mind ”

    ” Yea, so where do we meet?” i asked her

    “Is my room ok for you or do i come to yours?”

    I weighed the balance and decided it was going to be her room. I didn’t need my nosy lodge mates or my hyper active brother interfering.

    “i think your room is just fine”

    “okay, can we start tomorrow, you know exams are coming up and apparently i must confess i really suck at mathematics”

    “okay then, tomorrow by what time?”

    “Is the afternoon conducive for you?”

    “Yea, its just fine ”

    ” okay then, thanks dear, see you tomorrow afternoon ”

    ” You welcome ”

    ” Hope you know my room” she asked while backing away

    “I’ll find my way”

    “Okay then bye” she said and left for her logde.

    I looked at her as she walked into their gate and in my mind i thought
    “we are going to make one hell of a study group Ada”.

    I walked into our lodge and my brother was there at the front of our room smiling sheepishly at me.

    “Oga maths lecturer God don butter your bread o” he shouted at me.

    “Martin were you eavesdropping on us”

    “No i was just passing by o”

    “Na you sabi” i said and walked into our room.

    “See better girl you for bring over here make we teach am the maths together ” he said.
    I acted like i didn’t hear him.

    Episode 14

    Our math101 study kicked off the next day. I arrived at her lodge at exactly 2pm. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to be with her.
    Her lodge had more female inmates than male. It was a bungalow and had 7 rooms. Each room had 2 people living in them except Ada’s. She lived alone. Obviously she was from a well to do family. There were a total of 13 students in the lodge and 3 were guys. One of the guys was cohabiting with a girl.
    I knocked on the door and and went in.
    Ada was asleep on her bed. I took a quick glance around the room and it was dope. An lg 25″ tv hung on the wall facing the bed, beneath it was an lg dvd which sat on a fancy stool surrounded by two tall speakers belonging to a home theater sitting under the fancy table. The floor of the room were covered with stylishly designed tiles and in the middle was a round rug on which a glass center table stood. A jar of flower was placed on the table.
    At the foot of the bed stood a mini fridge.

    She was sleeping in a short skirt which revealed her fair sumptuous laps and a white singlet, i could see the top of her boobs over the neck of the singlet. I felt lovesick as i wanted so hard to walk over to her and kiss her on the lips. I quietly went over to the bed, sat down on it and rubbed her gently on her arms, i expected her to jump or freak out but she just opened her eyes, looked up at me and gave me the most beautiful smile i had ever seen. She was beautiful even as she slept with no make up.

    “Hey” she said as she smiled.
    “Hi, i hope i’m not disturbing you”
    “No, you are not, shebi i was d one that called you ” she said and got up from the bed.
    I pulled my math101 textbook from my bag and kept it on the center table. She drew the table closer to us on the bed, brought out an exercise book and a pen, then our mini lecture started.
    Just like she said, she knew next to nothing. It made it easy for me not to embarrass myself. I just focused on teaching her the ones i knew well enough. I was a good teacher and she was a fairly good learner. My flows were so fluid as she rubbed her smooth skin against mine, consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously i didn’t know, all i know was it felt good and helped ease the tension between us as i played her maths teacher and she played the good student.
    We did our thing for over two hours before she excused herself and went into her kitchen. I watched her hips sway from left to right as she moved and i wished i was teaching her biology.
    She came back and we continued for another one hour during which she rested her head on my shoulder, my p---k stood at attention all those while as i tired not to look focus.

    “Are you tired” I asked her.
    “A little, are you” she asked and sat up on the bed.
    “A little too, maybe we should continue tomorrow”
    “Okay, just wait for me” she said and went back into her kitchen. She soon reappeared with a big bowl of delicious looking indomie which was decorated with fried egg. I was tempted to play the gentleman and decline but heck, the food looked good and my tummy looked empty.
    We both ate from the same bowl, i decided not to show her my eating prowess as it wasn’t gentlemanly to start devouring food like a starved beggar in front of a damsel such as Ada and it was also our first time together. She too ate slowly like any other girl. We soon finished and she walked me out to the gate, as we stood outside the gate, i saw my brother walking into our logde with Tonia, he waved at us and Tonia followed suit.

    “Hmmm, Ada and Tochi” martins shouted and Tonia laughed holding him by the waist. We smiled at them and waved back.
    “Take good care of my last born for me o” Martins said and they both walked into our lodge. I bade Ada goodbye and went home.
    I got to our door and martins was standing there deliberately blocking me.

    “I don’t need you here, you know I will be leaving for my I. T next week and i need to spend some time with my bae here, so don’t come and disturb us”

    “Ah ah, how will I be disturbing you naa, i will just sit and be looking ” i said

    ” Looking at what? We dy act blue film?”

    “so where do i go now?” i asked

    “Go back to Ada’s room and look at her” he said, went inside and shut the door. I smiled and left the house for a nearby restaurant. I intended eating two plates of rice on my brothers account, he always ate there and would have to pay for the ones I ate whenever he comes….

    Our studies the next day was just fine and so was the day after the next day. Something told me we both looked forward to seeing each other everyday more than we looked forward to solving our maths textbook. I had the feeling that something i never expected was about to happen to me and i wasn’t prepared for it. Ada had been the last person i had expected to even come close to me talk less of spending time with me. A lot of people had often called her a snub and i liked it very much that i was close to a girl whom a lot of guys fantasied about.

    On the fourth day, i came as usual and met her watching a movie. She sat on the bed with her back to the wall.
    She wore a faded blue jean bumshort which revealed her thigh and an extra large t shirt which looked good on her with her big boob.

    I went and sat beside her on the bed,, we had really gotten close since our lesson started and had grown carefree around each other..

    “what’s the name of the movie” i asked her
    “Shameless” she said.
    “Hmm, what’s shameless about it”
    “just watch and you will find out” she said and laid her head on my shoulder. I didn’t want to waste that chance so i slid my hand round her very robust waist, she adjusted so we could be very comfortable in that position.

    I soon discovered that the film had many adult contents and as they came, we snuggled closer to each other until we could no longer take it. She jumped up from the bed like her pot of soap was on burning and sat on my laps facing me, she then hung her arm round my neck and i held her on her hips, we kissed like we just discovered that we were into each other she pulled her lips from my mouth and put her chest against my face. My p---k hardened as i felt the big, robust and firm boob, i quickly put my mouth on one and squeezed the other with my hand, she closed her eyes and bit her lips. While i worked on her boobs, I grabbed the zip to her short, drew it open and pulled the short down a little, i gently laid her down on the bed and spread her legs, her eyes were still closed. I put my finger into her wet v---a and she moaned softly, my finger had a little difficulty going in so i made it two fingers and she grabbed my hand.

    “Use one finger” she said.
    “sorry dear ” i said, bent and kissed her, i got up and the door to the room opened, Tonia walked in dragging my brother by the arm and behind them was Eve.

    Ada had quickly pulled up her short while i pulled away from her. My brother had blocked the door in a way that Eve couldn’t come in quick enough to see what was happening but Tonia and martins would have been fools not to notice that something was going on, even a fool would know.

    “Ada and Tochi” Tonia shouted with laughter in her face.
    “Teacher and student” my brother too shouted. Eve walked in and we smiled at each other, apparently she hadn’t seen us.
    Ada got up and my brother gave her a hug. I couldn’t get up or risk getting my attention seen by everyone, i didn’t want to ruin whatever Chance i had with Eve.

    “It’s enough naa, ah ah” Tonia said and pulled martins and Ada apart while we all laughed. I eventually managed to get up from the bed and went straight to Eve. I gave her a hug and she smiled.
    We all sat on the bed while Ada and Tonia went into the kitchen. Soon they were frying stew and cooking rice. Martin kept himself busy with the film which he had changed to Spartacus. He eyed me as it started, nodded towards Eve and give me a naughty smile.
    I edged closer to Eve and held her soft hands in mine.
    “This film is x rated, i hope you are up to 18” i whispered to her, she smiled and squeezed my hand. We talked as we watched the film, for every naughty part that played, Martins would eye us and laugh and Eve would giggle.
    Soon Tonia and Ada appeared with 3 steaming plates of Jollof rice. They handed one over to Eve while Tonia shared one with Martins and I with Ada. The food was delicious and we had fun. I downplayed mine in a way not to displease Ada and also not to lose Eve. Polygamy isn’t easy.

    We packed up by 6pm, martins left for Tonia’s room with her, he intended sleeping there since her roomie traveled, probably to visit her guy. Ada saw me and Eve off to the gate,while Eve walked away, i turned and gave Ada a passionate kiss and we said goodbye.

    I decided to walk Eve home, she was quiet as we walked, not that she talked a lot though.
    “Are you happy?” I asked her
    “About what”.
    “oh, it was fun”
    I hung my hand around her shoulder, i would have gone for her waist but i wanted to appear more decent.
    “I hope you know there is nothing between me and Ada”
    “How would i know?”
    “I don’t know, its just that we both study together and that’s all” i said
    “So why are you telling me, did i even ask?”
    “No, i just wanted you to know”
    “why would you want me to know?”
    “Because i like you a lot Eve” i said trying to convey the emotion in my voice
    “Hmmm, because you like me a lot ”
    ” Ok, i will approximate it, i love you Eva, ever since the first day i set my eyes on you, i have always loved you and wanted you to be mine” i couldn’t hold it in anymore, i made her face me, i bent my head and started to kiss her. She responded and hugged me while we were at it not minding who or what was around us.
    “Eve, would you be my girl? ” i asked her as we pulled apart.
    ” Hmm, i don’t know ”
    ” Please? ” i begged going down on my knees. She pulled me up.
    ” Okay, yes” she said. The joy in my heart knew no definition. I hugged her and lifted her up. I left her in front of her gate, forgetting to take her number, I got home only to see Ada waiting in front of my door..

    Episode 15

    “Ermm, i noticed your brother was with Tonia in my lodge so i thought you will be sleeping alone tonight” Ada said as i approached her.
    “most likely”
    “Errm, well, mind if i sleep over” she was asking and i couldn’t believe it.
    “Yes, why not”

    I picked her hand and led her inside. Lucky enough, we had light otherwise i was getting confused on what to do with her. We decided to watch a movie of her choosing. We cuddled up as we watched.

    “So what do you think? ” she asked me after some moments of silence.
    ” Think about what?”
    “About me, about us” she asked adjusting to face me. I was really confused on what to say, i fell in love with Eve ever since the first day i set my eyes on her but i have always crushed on Ada right from time, only difference was that i had always thought Ada was far from my reach and i was just okay watching her from afar but Eve was someone i needed to be closer to, i can’t bear to stand aside and just watch, but now, here is Ada seemingly falling for me and me loving every part of it and catching feelings for her too. Nothing was more perfect than having the two people you need most in your life needing you back and i wasn’t going to waste that chance of being happy, even if it meant dating two of them apart.

    “Do you see me as cheap?” she asked jostling me back to reality.
    “why would i do that”
    “I don’t know, maybe because it seems like i’m the one running after you”
    “No, i don’t think you are cheap, you are too perfect to be cheap, if only you knew how high i placed you”
    She fell deeper into my arms and closed her eyes, the touch of her skin and the smell of her hair made me weak, i was sure i was in love with her but how can i possibly love two people at a time. The connection between the three of us scared the life out of me as the thoughts that my dangerous game could make me lose both of them drove me crazy.
    “Tochukwu I love you” she whispered like she couldn’t help it anymore.
    “I love you too Ada” i said and held her tighter.
    “Are you sure? ”
    ” Yes I am and i will always love you”
    “So you won’t break my heart?”
    “I swear to you i won’t” i said that but within me, i was getting really scared, like a lot of guys, commitment scares the crap out of me and here i was making promises that i don’t even know how to keep.
    She hugged me and kissed me passionately. I undressed her down to her pants. Ada was really endowed and i couldn’t wait to feel all of it. I grabbed her hand and tried pulling down her pants but she held my hands.
    “Wait, i haven’t done this before” she said looking me deep in the eyes and i saw her eyes were a bit watery.
    “You haven’t done what?” i asked really shocked.
    “I’m still a virgin” she said as i fell on the bed surprised.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes, but i love you and i’m willing to do it for you” she said and dropped her head on my chest while caressing my navel.
    “No, not this night” i said and helped her to dress up and we both cuddled each other to sleep…..

    My love adventure with Ada and Eve moved on smoothly. Ada was the possessive type and didn’t waste any opportunity in showing me how much she cared. Eve on her part was a bit reserved to herself but she did try her best to show me the love we had often pledged to each other. I loved them both to a fault. Ada was always there to dote and fuss all over me while Eve always kept me on my toes, learning new ways to express myself to the one i love and this made it all fun.

    Martins had earlier left for Port Harcourt for his Industrial training in an oil company. So i had the room all to myself, at first, i wasn’t so interested in cooking and going to eateries was off the hook for me as Martins that normally took me there was no more around. I usually depended on Lucy atimes for food and she had always been more than happy to help out. Everyone liked me. Ada soon found out that i don’t like cooking for myself so she decided to take it over. Her reasons, i shouldn’t be going to her friend to eat while she, my bae, is close by. Through the influence of my brother, i had gotten really close to Tonia who was quite a flirt and had always tried to make it obvious anytime i was around, even when Ada was there, she would often do it covertly. She sure enough knew what Ada would do to her should she find out that She had an eye on me.

    On a Saturday, two days before our exams commenced, i had just finished my revision with Ada and she had gone back to her lodge to bath and change before coming back, the time was 6pm. About 5 minutes after she was gone, i heard a knock on my door, i was sure it wasn’t Ada because she hardly knocked, she would just push the door open.
    I went and opened the door and Tonia was there. She was on a black skimpy dress which revealed her cleavage and heavy thighs. Tonia was a very sexy girl whom every guy would love to un-package, and she has this smile that would make you wish for many naughty things.

    “Tonia, what are you doing here? ” i asked folding my hand and leaning on the door.
    ” I came to see you”
    “Hmmm, i hope you have not come to Seduce me?” i asked smiling. She pushed me out of the door and walked in, went directly to the bed and sat there.

    “So how are your babes? ” she asked me
    “Which one is my babes? ”
    “You think i don’t know you are also dating my friend Eve?” she stood up, walked to me and held my hand.
    “Hmmm, you know and so what?” i said praying in my heart that she was not a snitch but knowing girls like Tonia, she doesn’t care about other people’s affairs as long as it does not interfere with hers.
    “Nothing shaa, lets forget about it for now” she said and laid her lips on mine, i obliged her as we started kissing and fondling each other, i stooped low, lifted her gown and pulled down her pants, she climbed out of them and pulled me to the bed, she sat there and pulled down my shorts while i stood. She grabbed my already erect dikk and shove it inside her mouth. I breathed hard as she gave me a mesmerizing headjob, d--n she was good. When i decided i have had enough, i pulled myself out and lay her on the bed, spread her legs and went into her….
    For like 15 minutes we were on each other like wild animals until we both came. She quickly got up and dressed up.

    “So now I’m your side chic or sex toy, which?” she asked after putting on her pants.
    “it’s your choice, give your self any name you want ” i told her as i got up and kissed her while rubbing every part of her asset with my hands. She moaned lightly as we kissed, Tonia was too much of a sauce for one outfit and everyone who’ve been with her knows this. She soon bade me goodbye and left. My phone rang and i picked, Ada was on the line.

    “Did i leave my jotter there? “she sang out, i looked around and saw it all roughed up on the bed where i had been with Tonia.
    ” Yea its here” i said picking it up.
    “Okay, i’m on my way”
    We dropped the call and i arranged the room as fast as i could.
    2 minutes later, i heard a knock at the door. I opened it and standing there, looking all charming and sexy was my Evelyn.

    Episode 16

    She rushed at me and gave me a tight hug. I pecked her, lifted her and carried her in. Even though i had shown her where we lived, it was her first time of crossing our gate not minding that she did so at the wrong time. I dropped her on the bed gently as we both laughed. In my mind, i was contemplating on how to avert the disaster that was looming. I sat beside her, pulled her closer and kissed her, she put her hands around my neck as we engaged each other. We felt very relaxed, the chemistry was there and i wasn’t going to let anything destroy it. I jumped up from her as an idea struck me.

    “Baby what?” she asked looking up at me with concerns written all over her face.
    “Nothing sweet, i just needed to buy something outside before the shops closes.” i said and dressed up. She said ok and lay down on the bed, i secretly grabbed my Bible and ran outside. I headed straight for Ada’s lodge and into her room, i met her rubbing powder on her face.

    “Boo what are you doing here with a bible?” she asked on seeing me.
    “Errm, something just came up” i said scratching my head.
    “What? ”
    ” i just remembered that our church would be holding a midnight crusade today and my friends are waiting for me at the junction”
    “Ok, wait for me, we’ll go together” she said and my eyes widened.
    “Okay, errm, i mean NO Sweetheart ” i started explaining
    ” No what? “she asked and faced me with this look that made my legs shake. I walked up to her and held her.
    ” See, its a guys fellowship kind of thing, i would have taken you along since if girls were allowed” i explained praying she believed me, being simple minded, she bought my excuse, hugged me and asked that i prayed for us.
    “I will boo” i said and hugged her tight.
    “So what will be your prayer point? ” she asked
    ” That our wedding will take place at the Burj Khalifa” i said and smiled. She laughed and kiss me, she saw me off to her gate and made sure she watched me as i walked towards the junction looking back to make sure she had gone in but she stood there waving. I had to follow another shortcut back to my lodge through the back. I had bought two cups of ice cream for me and Eve as i walked back. I needed proof of what i went to buy.

    Eve was a sweetheart despite being a bit of an introvert which made a lot of people see her as a snub and proud, being very beautiful didn’t help her much. She tried her best that night at being naughty. We fell in love over and over again that night, we made promises to each other that we swore never to break. I was so scared that i was going to disappoint her, i felt feverish with emotions as we held onto each other in the darkness. Everything about her made me come to like her the more. I kissed and practically licked her body clean, i wanted to do more but i was running out of ideas. She was so sweet and delicate and i could swear i have never been so in love before.
    I discovered to my utter Joy and partial dismay that she too was a Virgin. I came to respect, trust and cherish her the more.

    I had made my decision to love them both without making any unnecessary demands on them. It wasn’t easy being with two sweethearts who were still virgins and not be getting intimate with them considering that a look at them would make you want to take them straight to bed. Tonia seemed to be taking care of that part of my life, we never needed each other, we just wanted what we both want, our bodies. She was good in bed and i wasn’t bad either and we do try our best not to get emotionally attached. Tonia was a kind of girl that when she wants a thing, she goes an extra mile for it. She wanted me and she got me, i hoped and prayed she wouldn’t want my heart because she wasn’t going to get it and she could do stupid things just for it.

    Our exams kicked off on a good footing. I was doing fine and it was all thanks to my search for Eve which had led me to the library many a times and my lessons with Ada which were more than just educational. My after revisions were spent in the library with my Eve and she was quite a good study companion, i had often imagined how she managed to study with me being all over her, i just couldn’t keep myself away from her as we studied and she didn’t mind, she also did a part of the flirting herself. My night and mid night studies were spent in my room with Ada, she had often said she hated the school library because of the presence of many over serious students. We kissed and flirted more than we read, but at least we read something. My life could never have been better.

    We wrote our math101 on a Thursday, the almighty math101 that brought me and Ada together. The exam wasn’t bad, i was a bit prepared for it. Ada was in the same hall with me and made sure she stayed right next to me. We wrote the ones we could and she sourced answers to the rest herself, all the guys around were more than willing to help her out. The powers of a beautiful damsel can never be underestimated. Her first and foremost concern was with me, she made sure i wrote well. We were through in 3 hours and we all left the hall. Ada made sure she grabbed me like someone was going to steal me away from her. Everyone stared at us like we were aliens.

    “I hope you finished all” she asked me as we sat under a shade outside the hall.
    “Yeaa, you nko?” i asked hanging my hands on her shoulder
    “Trust me naa” she smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder. I was glad Eve’s hall wasn’t anywhere around ours. Ada got up, dropped her phone with me and left for the school canteen. Her Facebook massager binged and i decided to take a peek. We shared everything including her phone password even though i’m still yet to give her mine and she wasn’t asking. The message was from a mike and she was asking why she ignored him, i prodded further and what i saw shook me….

    Episode 17

    Most of the advances from her male Facebook friends were ignored by her except for one. I found out that there was something between them right up until she started ignoring him. I checked up on the guys profile and he was dope. Seemed to be living abroad judging by the places he took his pictures. He looked like he was in his late twenties or early thirties. I just sat there and stared like i just submitted my question paper and came out with my answer sheet. Ada came back with two cans of fanta and two large meat pies. I was too annoyed or should i say heart broken to even look at her, she sat beside me oblivious of my composure and was trying to hand over the drink and snack to me. I ignored her and looked in another direction while trying to figure out my next move.

    “Let’s go home” i finally said getting up from where we sat.
    “Now?” she asked looking up at me
    “Yes, now” i sounded a bit harsh, she looked confused as she stared at me.
    “But what are we now going to be doing at home?”
    “I don’t know, i don’t want to stay here, either you come with me or you stay here, either way i’m going home” i said getting up. She got up and walked after me as i led the way.

    We got to my lodge and we both went in. I sat on the bed, she dropped the drinks on top of the fridge and sat beside me. She had probably noticed my countenance had changed. She came closer to me and held me by shoulders.

    “Too, is anything wrong? ”
    I kept quiet
    ” Talk to me naa, eh baby, why is your face like this?” she kept asking, she was going to break down when i decided to talk.

    “Ada who is Oscar?” i asked looking at her.
    “Oscar, from wherever?” she asked
    “Oscar from your Facebook, Ada, who is he?” i was beginning to sound very bitter and i was bitter. I loved her and couldn’t bear having someone who is probably better than me getting her attention, i was scared she may decide to leave me for him. From the chat, i had figured out that they have gone far and i wasn’t ready to lose her. She looked at me with a little bit of sadness in her eyes.

    “He’s my fiance” she quietly said as my heart started pounding so hard i assumed people outside could hear the sound.

    I stared at her like i just met her for the first time, i had wished it was a joke but it wasn’t.

    “Your fiance?” i asked again and she nodded.
    “And you never told me? ”
    ” It wasn’t necessary” she said pulling closer to me, i shifted farther from her which seemed to hurt her, she was hurting me with this revelation and i wanted so hard to reciprocate this love so she could feel how i felt. Sitting there all of a sudden i realized how scarcely we knew each other, we had been too consumed by our affection for each other that we cared about nothing us but us.
    “What do you mean it wasn’t necessary? ” i asked.
    ” It wasn’t necessary because i was going to break up with him”
    “Why would you want to break up with him? ”
    ” Because of You tochi” she said and i stared at her.
    “Why because of me?”
    “Tochi, i met you and i fell in love with you, i was with Oscar because he told me he loved me and always tried to show that he did, i don’t love him as much as i would want to, but you tochi, you lit a part of my heart that had been dark for ages, i love you for what it’s worth and i’m willing to let everything go for you” she hugged me as she cried, i was supposed to be happy about her reassurance but i wasn’t, the thought that i may end up breaking her heart made sure of that. She was going to break up with her fiance because of me and i wasn’t sure i would marry her. Heck, i was just in my year one in the University. I drew her closer to me and held her tight, I loved her and that was the only thing i’m going to allow to matter, i was going to let my fears sort themselves out.

    “I love you and i’m never going to let you go” i said as we held onto ourselves.
    “I love you too” she whispered and sniffed.

    My door opened and Kossi walked in, he observed us silently for sometime and rushed to the fridge, he grabbed the drinks and meat pies and ran outside. We didn’t care, our bellies were obviously filled with our love for each other. About 30 seconds later, kossi walked in again

    “Guy you fit borrow me garri” he said, i picked my heavy dictionary and flung it after him as he ran outside. I gently laid Ada to the bed and cuddled her to sleep. I dressed up and left for Eves lodge to find out her math101 exam was.

    Very much to my objection, Ada had broken up with Oscar in my presence over a call. He had asked her why and she told him bluntly to his face or rather his ears that she doesn’t love him enough to want to be with him. She had asked me why i was against her breaking up with him.

    “Or don’t you want to be with me” she had asked with fears in her eyes…
    “It’s not that” i hugged her and pulled her closer to me “Its just that we are still students in our 100 level and i keep wondering if you can wait so long for me”
    “Tochi, i will wait for eternity for you, if you want me to” she said and held me tighter. Tonia walked in without knocking.

    “Hmmm, lovebirds ” she said and laughed.
    ” Ada come and give me your English textbook, i need it now”
    “Ermm, go and check my room, it should be there”
    “No, come yourself, it will be faster” she insisted and winked at me
    “Tonia must you disturb us” Ada said and heading for the door.
    “Go i’m coming behind you” Tonia told her as she left and faced me
    “Are you sure its just the text book you want or do you have ulterior motives” i asked staring at her.
    “I have dozens of English textbooks” she said hugging me and kissing me on my lips.
    “So what do you think you can do within the 3 to 5 minutes she’s going to spend bringing back the book”
    “Nothing, if i wanted to start something, i would have sent her to the market and not her room” she said and bit my lips while grabbed her hips and squeezed them hard, she moaned and kissed me again and longer.
    “She’ll soon be back you know” i said
    “Yea, I just came to tell you that Eve would soon be here, she was taking her bath when i left her room” she said pulling away from me. I looked at her with my mouth open.
    “And you couldn’t say that since? ”
    ” At least i told you” she smiled
    “What do I do?” i was getting worried and confused.
    “Don’t worry, i will go and hold Ada back” she said, kissed me and left while i tidied up my room .
    Eve came in 10 minutes later looking like a model. She was on a grey tight gown which revealed her hour glass shape. I hugged her for like 10 seconds in which i felt every part of her in HD. She laughed and pushed me away.
    “I have missed you” i said as i sat on the bed and pulled her to my laps.
    “I missed you too” she kissed me and i held her cheek and we both kissed for long. Her skin were radiant and they made me weak and lovesick at the same time. We were in love and it was very obvious. The more I thought about whom i loved most, the more i became confused and the more i found myself entangled in my state of dilemma.
    My phone started ringing but i wasn’t going to be distracted. I flung it away and laid Eve on the bed. I lay beside her as we kissed, i was too engrossed in the affair that i didn’t notice when Ada walked in…

    Episode 18

    She just stood there looking at us like she couldn’t see us. I was caught red handed, there was no way i could lie myself out it. I was on the verge of losing two of the most valuable people in my life should Ada freak out. She just stood and stared like she was dumbfounded. I had gotten up and sat on the bed, i couldn’t look her in the eyes and i couldn’t say anything. Eve had innocently gotten up from the bed too, she was very ignorant of the situation in the room. She said hi to Ada with a broad smile on her face.
    “Hello, i just came to take my jotter” Ada said to my surprise and shame, she turned immediately and walked out. Eve dropped her head on my shoulder.

    “Ermm, i will be right back, let me return her jotter” i said and she said ok. I ran blindly to Ada’s room and found her lying on her bed. Her eyes were wet with tears but there weren’t running.
    I went on my knees and held her hands and to my surprise she allowed me..

    “Ada i don’t know what to say, I’m sorry for what you saw, Ada i love you and i swear i never meant to break your heart ” i didn’t even know what to say, i wasn’t going to deny my love for Eve or call it a mistake but then i loved Ada and i wasn’t going to lose her. She just lay on the bed, she wasn’t even looking at me. I sat on the bed and wiped her eyes, she got up and kissed me, i held her and kissed back. Just then Eve came in on us.
    “Tochi! “she called as i looked back at her. I was staring at the ground, expecting it to open up anytime soon and swallow me but nothing like that happened. I jumped from the bed and stared at the ground. I was going to pay for all my sins that particular day and i wasn’t ready for the penance.

    “Are you two together” Eve finally asked and i saw Ada nod. Eve looked at the two of us.
    “I just came to tell you i was going back to my lodge” she said and left without looking back. Ada got up and walked to where i stood
    “Tochi why? ” she asked me as she cried.
    ” Ada i’m sorry” i muttered. She slapped me as i held her and pulled her to me. She held me and cried on my body. I drew her to the bed and held her as she cried herself to sleep. I prayed so hard that all these should turn to one of my dreams but my prayers were never answered. I bent my head and cried without tears…..

    Ada had broken up with me that day, i had betrayed her love and it was more than she could take. Eve doesn’t even want to see anyone that looks like me or bears my name talk more of seeing me, she had cried the day i visited her and when she could no longer stand my sight, she ran out of her room and i went after her. I caught her up on the road and knelt before her to the spectacle of a few number of people. She couldn’t even look at me, she looked beautiful and fragile as she cried and i fell in love the more. She later walked out on me and into her room and banged the door.

    The funny thing was that i had kept to the same mistake i had made at first, i was still begging the both of them for reconciliation. I couldn’t even imagine how i was able to write the rest of the semester’s exam. The holidays were the next big thing after boredom and couldn’t wait to get back to school. Ada and Eve had since blocked my number from reaching them and didn’t waste time in blocking any other number i called them with. Fast forward to the end of holidays. I ran back to school, i was determined on getting the loves of my life back to me.

    I had just gotten to my room and was unpacking and then Ada walked. She looked exquisite. I was surprised, she was the last person i had expected to walk into my room at that moment.

    “Hey” she said and sat on the bed
    “Ada, how are you doing? ” i asked and sat beside her
    ” I’m fine, welcome back”
    “Thank you, how was ur holiday? ”
    ” Fine thank you” she said and we stared into space for a long time. I could sense the tension between us. Maybe she still felt something for me, maybe she missed me during those periods we were on break and had come to tell me that, i mean, we really loved each other and love doesn’t just die like that. I managed to look at her and our eyes met, God she was so beautiful in a way that i haven’t noticed. I pulled her to me and she obliged. I hugged her and she hugged back.

    “I really missed you” i said with the greatest bit of emotions i could ever muster in my voice.
    “I missed you too ” she said in the sweetest voice i had ever heard in a long while. We kissed passionately for a while and then she pushed me away.
    ” Tochi stop ” she said moving farther away from me
    ” Why? ”
    ” Nothing, just stop please ”
    ” Ada you should know i’m really sorry for what i did, you are all i want now and forever” i said hoping i meant it but i knew i was hoping against hope, i wanted Eve too.
    “Its too late ” she said in a shaky voice, i was shaken by the statement and i prayed that some random guy haven’t snatched her away from me.
    ” What do you mean too late Ada” i asked with my heart pounding. She looked at me and she was crying, she looked away, wiped her eyes and sniffed. Then she dropped it on me like Hiroshima..
    “I’m getting married!!! ”

    Episode 19

     I was in a daze as I stared at her. Her eyes were red with tears and I was just too dumbfounded to say or do anything. I just stared with my mouth open and my eyes blurred with tears.

    “Why, Ada how? ” i asked holding her by her hand.
    ” I’m getting married to Oscar, he came back during the holidays and was desperate to have me in his life, he tried his best to fill the void that you bloody cheat had stupidly created” she said and pulled her hand away from mine.
    “He proposed and since i had no other option, i accepted” she said and sniffed
    ” Ada i was sorry, you couldn’t even wait for long before jumping into his arms, if you loved me, you would have known it was going to break my heart” i was almost yelling at her, i was getting frustrated and my heart was breaking into a million pieces.
    “So what did you expect me to do, come back to you so you can break my heart again and rub it in my face, i wasn’t even gone for an hour and you brought another girl in here, and if you fukking loved me, you wouldn’t have looked at any other girl because i broke up with Oscar in the first place because of you lying cheat and now you open your stupid mouth to judge me, i hate you, fukk you” she shouted and left the room banging the door behind her. I fell flat on the bed and cried to sleep.

    Eve had moved into the school hostel, she was probably still devastated and needed to be around her friends. Seeing her was no longer easy as the female hostel was off bound for guys. Tonia soon became our mediator, no amount of pleading from me passed through Tonia was able to get her to meet me. The more i went after her, the more she ran farther from me. I couldn’t see any other girl except her. So one day, i decided i was done with the hide and seek game, i decided i was going to do something stupid for Love. I invaded the girl’s hostel.

    Tonia had given me the number to Eve’s room, she stayed on the first floor and her room was in the middle. By 7 pm that fateful day, i had set out for her hostel, i was clad in a black hoodie and black slim jeans, my sneakers were also black and so also was my face cap which i covered with my hood. I had the perfect camouflage for the dark night. I got to the big door that led the way into the hostel and only one guard was there. He had his face to the wall and was on the phone. I snuck in stealthily behind him and moved quick through the corridor. I had merely taken a few steps before i heard him call out to me.

    “Hey you, come back here, where do you think you are going?” he was slowly walking up to me. I turned towards him, acted like i was going to walk to him and then dashed up the stairs. He came after me but i was a bit faster, my sneakers also gave me the advantage. I practically jumped the rails as i ran to the third floor, he was far behind me. I used the opportunity and ran into one of the rooms and shut the door behind me. There were 3 girls in the room and they were about to shout before i saw Stella was among them.

    “Tochi what are you doing here” she asked
    “Errrm, i came to see someone ” i said as i breathed hard. They gave me cover as i heard the man’s footsteps run past the room. I waited for some seconds before i gave Stella a big hug and headed out of the room. I managed to get myself down to Eves room on the first floor, i walked in and she was there with a book in her hand.

    “Tochukwu! ” she shouted as she saw me. 2 of her roommates were there with her. I waved at them. They smiled at me and said hi. I turned back to Eve who was still staring at me. I went straight to her and went on my knees.

    ” I don’t have much time here because your hostel guards are searching for me now, but i hope i can use the little amount of time i have to convince you that i took this great risk to show you how sorry i am and how much i love you. I can well assure you that i’m not leaving here unless i acquire your forgiveness. It is very important to me because i’m running mad Eve, i made mistakes, complicated mistakes that you probably would not understand” i stopped to catch my breath. I looked at her as she looked past me.
    “I love you so much Eve. If you ran into hell to avoid me, i would still break in there for you because there is no me without you”
    Her friends thought i was cute and i begged them to help me beg her. They helped, by the time i was done, we too were almost crying. Soon the door to door search for me commenced and they were almost getting to Eves room.

    “Tochi please go, i will tell you my mind tomorrow” she said as she tried to pull me up.
    “No, that is not enough ” i insisted.
    ” I swear i will come and see you in your lodge” she pulled me up from the ground. I hugged her and she hugged back. I kissed her forehead..
    I covered my head with the cap and hood and left for the door, i walked out and was immediately grabbed by one guard. I struggled with him but he had me by my clothes. I looked around and saw more guards were coming for us. I intensified my struggle and managed to pull myself out, by then the other guards were running towards me, i pushed him down, grabbed the balcony rail and jumped to the ground. I waved at the guards as they watched me, i ran into a nearby bush and disappeared into the night..

    I had ran all the way back to my logde that night to meet Tonia waiting there for me. I quickly stripped down to my shorts and sat by her on the bed.

    “So what happened?, did you see her” she asked me as I tried to catch my breath.
    “Yea, i did see her but not without some hassles from the hostel guards”
    “So what did she say? ”
    ” urrm, she said she will come tomorrow and i’m guessing we maybe come back together again” i said and lay down on the bed, Tonia caressed the hairs on my belly which filled me with sensations. She bent low and kissed me while i held her by the nape. She tried to pull down my shorts and i held her hand

    “Wait a little, let me rest, you will be sleeping over right?”
    She nodded and sat up again. I too sat up and just then the door flipped open and Eve stormed in. She was on a black gown which revealed her hour glass figure. I quickly jumped up from the bed,she ran to me and gave me a tight hug, i closed my eyes and held onto her.

    “I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to see you” she said as we disengaged and held hands.
    “I missed you” she seemed to whispered
    “I missed you too “i said, we were oblivious of Tonia’s presence, Tonia coughed and we both looked at her and smiled, she got, touched us and said Good luck to us before she left the room.
    ” What was she doing here?” Eve whispered to me
    “Erm, she was the one that gave me your room number and was here to know how it all went ”
    ” Hmm, cool” she said and shrugged, she probably knew how naughty her friend was and wouldn’t like to have her around me. So i put my arms around her waist, brought her closer to me and put my lips on hers. She hugged me while we were at it. I was glad she came back.

    I lifted her from the ground and carried her to the bed where i gently laid her down, she held me down to her and our lips were on each others again.
    “Break me” she said and looked me straight in the eyes
    “What? ” i asked looking down at her.
    ” I said make love to me” it sounded more of a command. I unzipped her gown from the back and pulled it down to reveal her firm b-----s. I put my mouth on them and s----d at her t--s while she held my head and moaned. I pulled up her gown and removed her pant.

    “Are you sure you want this?” i asked her
    “Yes, if its not with you, I don’t think i want anybody else to do it”
    She said. I kissed her and we continued. It wasn’t so much fun for either of us but the point wasn’t about the fun but the commitment. I swore to her that i wasn’t going anywhere if it’s not with her, i promised to stay true to her and this time around i meant it. It was a promise i held to my heart and no amount of Tonia can make me break it. We prayed together after everything and i prayed God for the strength to love her and only her forever. She soon fell asleep in my arms…

    Episode 20 (Final)

    Our love was the best in town, i have never felt so fulfilled in my entire life. Tochi and Eve, Bonnie and clyde had nothing on us. We spent more time together than we spent anywhere. She was my unofficial wife. All i did was aimed at making her happy and she was happy and that made me happy. She had moved out of the school hostel and gotten another lodge. For the sake of decency, she wasn’t going to move in with me but we spent time together anyways.
    I never get to see much of Ada these days and i thought it was a bit better that way. What i had for her never died but i wasn’t going back to who i was. I had made up my mind to stick with Eve and i wasn’t going back on that and after all Ada and I happened by chance and not because i intended it to happen.
    But i guess when you love someone, you just love them, maybe i was able to keep to my resolution because Ada had kept her distance and didn’t want anything to do with me again.

    It was on a Tuesday afternoon, Eve had gone for her lecture and i was alone in the house watching a movie. Ada walked in looking all cute. I was startled, i had never expected to see her again.

    “Hey” she said and sat down.
    “Hi, what’s up” i said and faced her
    “I’m cool”
    We were quiet for sometime and then i talked.
    “I’m sorry for yelling at you the last time ” i said and she nodded, then silence again.

    “My wedding is next week Saturday” she finally said after a while, i was surprised that the news got to me when i thought i was finally getting over her.
    “Are you happy with him?” i found myself asking, i was jealous.
    “Tochi, i don’t know, i just came to tell you as someone i knew” she said and got up, said goodbye to me and left. I realized i still needed her anyways.

    I never got to see her again until a day before her wedding. She had traveled down from her hometown where she was supposed to be having the wedding. I had just finished taking my bath when she rushed in. She grabbed me and kissed me like she needed it to survive. I snapped out of my amazement and kissed her back. We kissed our selves out of breath and i realized how much i had missed her.

    “Tochi i may be getting married to him tomorrow but my heart and everything is with you, if i have any regrets tomorrow, it would be not getting married to you. I never meant to end it like this but you caused it, i love you so much ” she said with tears in her eyes. I just stared at her, i couldn’t speak. She pulled her clothes down and without any words, she engaged me in the process of breaking my second Virgin. She was all over me by the time we were through.

    ” I belong to you and there’s nothing i can do about it” she said as she laid her head on my chest.
    “I love you Ada and i’m sorry for everything ”
    ” Do you want me to call off the wedding?” she asked and looked up at me
    “I wish its possible but i think its better you go ahead with it, you should know i’m with Eve now but that does not change a thing about how i feel about you” i said. She was silent for a while.
    “I wanted you to be the first person inside of me and I’m happy about it. I want you to know that i hold nothing against you and would forever think of you” she said and left the bed. I watched her dress up and prayed to God that I would be able to leave without her.
    “Please don’t come to my wedding, i may be forced to put the ring on your finger instead of his'” she said and smiled a weak pretty smile
    “I won’t come, i may also be forced to shoot him for taking you away”.
    She kissed me and left me staring at her as she walked out of the door. She called me later in the night and wished me well with Eve. We spent over 2 hours on the phone after which i sulked to sleep.

    I woke up late the next day, i had dreamt of my wedding on a hill top, a lavish wedding and the funny thing was that Ada was by my side..

    The time was 10 am, i sat on my bed sulking. My boo was getting married to another guy and it wasn’t funny. I may be greedy and selfish wanting two people at the same time but then, the heart wants what it want.
    I was still seated on my bed contemplating on what to do with my self when i heard a car stop in front of our gate and Ada entered my room clad in her full wedding gown, she looked like she just fell out of heaven. She wasn’t smiling.

    “I have made up my mind, i can’t give my heart to one man and marry another. It’s you Tochi or no other and its final” she said as i just stared her with my mouth wide open. She locked the door, undressed herself and came to the bed..
    I just knew my DILEMMA was just about to start.

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