Story: Troubled Mind


    Memories are still fresh,I can still recall as if it was yesterday,how joy filled and nervous I was on the day I finally had to bid farewell to spinster hood...

    Tears of joy ran profusely down my cheek as Uncle Rodgers escorted me down the aisle where a tall,handsome,perfectly dressed light complexioned groom awaited to be joined by his bride..

    I could tell from the look at his face as I peeped through the veil how impatient he was,thirsting to finally be presented with his longtime girlfriend.. I could not help but admire just how adorable he appeared in a sky blue slim fit suit,white culflinked shirt accompanied with a matching executive sky blue nectie and exquisite tony brown shoes,I had always known Sam to be a smart guy who was always immaculately dressed but I had to admit just how chubby he looked more especially when he smiled at the bride in me exposing his snow white teeth sending me into total awe..

    Sam Phiri had been the man behind my chain of smiles day in and out..his sound,funny ever cheerful character had always been a driving force at all times,it was just amazing how he always  managed to make smile even if I never contemplated to..our compatibility spoke volumes of how companionship grew by day,I had no doubts whatsoever Sam was the best partner I could ever settle for...

    our love story stretched back six years ago when we met during a workout session at Eric's gymn where he usually used to workout on weekends..I never took him seriously despite him walking up to me,cheer me up besides assisting me adjust the Treadmill I was using for my exercise,I remember how I snubbed him the opportunity to get my telephone number but that did not put off his intentions towards me not until he finally persued me after a three month struggle to get me friendly..

    Before we met was cacious my high school boyfriend who stupidly dumped me for my best friend Mercy..It was really a bitter pill to swallow but just as I was almost giving up on love,Sam came in and I must say he fitted in so perfectly rewriting all dents Cacious had painted about the male folk,Sam was the reason I had to believe in love once more....

    PART 2:

    It is always a beautiful experience getting married to someone you love wholeheartedly.. The  vows we exchanged sunk deep down into my soul more especially that we opted for our own freestyle where either of us was to speak from out hearts..

    It appeared as though we had been practising the sweet words that escaped out of our mouths but that was not the case..The heart touching vows where evidence enough that the Chemistry that existed between us was a hard nut to crack..

    His eloquence and confidence all summed up in a strong,Romantic yet audible voice was the sweetest melody my ears had ever been treated to,I had known Sam to an expert at flattery at times but I was deeply convinced he meant each and every word he uttered...

    After about a good hour in Church,it was finally the big moment...It seemed as though it was a mere dream yet was absolute reality,Sam and I were finally declared the latest among the fleet of singles to have graduated into holy matrimony..

    I felt on top of the word as he gently pulled my veil exposing his face making me have a clear view of his handsome round face,his tender kiss nearly sent me panting for more but I quickly realised we were in Church hence had to restrain from his ever tempting romantic kissing abilities moreover we were to explore each other all night long,moreover it was our wedding night..!

    It was such a colourful event far more than I had pictured it to be..It was such a relief from all stress to it's build but at least I could finally breath a sigh of relief..Sam was more than jovial sending everyone into laughter with his crazy dance skills at the reception,I had seen my husband dance before but I was sure the crazy dance he put in at the wedding reception was specially tailored for our wedding...I felt blessed to have such a man as my own husband...

    Our wedding night was absolutely Romantic,breath taking and full of adventure..I could at least feel the sweet side of marriage more especially when it comes to love making,we had made it out with Sam a few times before marriage but later on gave it a quit just in order to build the thirst for craving for each other more and more and it was worth it..

    I was amazed at how we twisted each other from one angle to another nearly sending the bed to the was such a wonderful time though tiresome that both of us slept off like babies,.....

    I opened my eyes to a well decorated environment before quickly realising it was Grand Harvens Hotel where Sam and I Would be accommodated for our three month long Honeymoon...I unhesitatantly turned round to peck my hero of the previous night Sam who was still fast asleep before suddenly his phone's message alert tone rang..

    I quickly reached out for it and opened the text...I could not believe my eyes!

    PART 3

    'Hi Sam,so you went ahead and married that simple b*tch? After all the fake promises you made,the abortions..God will deal with you' read the text from someone only saved as Veronica in the contacts face turned hot upon reading through the notorious text message..I could feel my heart pump at an uncontrollable pace as I turned towards Samuel who was fast asleep innocently wrapped in a white duvet..For once I felt like slapping the hell out of the sleeping man but my conscience quickly triggered the thought that him and I were now legally married and thus deserved the much needed respect no matter how tempers would flare...I restrained from my thoughts of harming him despite that I felt terribly hurt as numerous questions which never seemed to have answer flocked my mind..How and when did Sam even had an affair with somebody else? Was it one of those bitter exs from his past relationships trying to pop up trying to destroy our marital life? Even if it was an Ex lover, Sam and I had ever talked about our past love lives so openly but never had he ever made mention of Veronica...I had known my man for a good six years prior to our wedding but neither had I ever come across such a disturbing text message nor head anything suspicious about him...but how it be possible that he was seeing someone else apart from me?my head was nearly breaking with thoughts as I sat helplessly on the edge of our expensively decorated honeymoon bed as I starred at my sleeping husband...'Maybe there was someone trying to spoil our fan' I finally concluded, not giving any chance for such drama to spoil our wonderful time at honeymoon.. Put myself together,cheered myself up that I was now Mrs.Phiri come side chick or not I was his legally wedded wife who would fight for what is rightfully hers..I decided brush the incident of the text message aside,deleted it,rang the Hotel's room service to arrange Sam's favourite dish heading for the bathroom to have an early morning shower...It was cool,refreshing shower following the previous night's crazy bedroom gymnastics all courtesy of my beloved husband...I finally stepped off the bathroom only to be met by an awake Sam who appeared to have woke up few minutes ago wrapped in a white towel but to my surprise was holding the phone I had switched minutes before heading into the bathroom..He threw a quick suprise look before showering me with morning greetings..'morning honey?' He greeted with a great smile, the mere fact that he appeared to be in chat mode on phone really got on my nerves especially that I had earlier found a suspicious text message but Quickly put myself together,forced a smile in pretence as though all was well..'morning honey' I replied in a jovial tune trying my best not raise any suspicions in the way I responded...I walked up to him and flashed him with a passionate kiss much to his delight..'Its now my turn for a shower' he quickly uttered no sooner had I stepped aside to apply lotion..'alright baby you will find me' I replied before he vanished into the bathing quarters leaving his phone on the bed...I quickly picked the phone,whisked through to the messages and found something more disturbing than what I had come across earlier on....Part 4 is coming soon

    PART 4

    I could hardly believe my eyes that Sam was just from having a lengthy chat with with the same Veronica...I froze,ran cold feet as I sat hopelessly giving up on applying my make up..

    'we will talk things over one I return from my honeymoon'

    read one of his replies...

    My world came to a standstill as I sank deep in thought wondering what was really going on..why should my man allow another woman intrude into our fresh marriage so cheaply?

    For once I felt like jumping on him like a tiger on carcass but quickly restrained myself..I felt a huge lamp on my throat which I could not swallow,I had seen it yet was quite hard to believe that Sam was already having an affair..I was still deep in thought before a heavy knock on the door interrupted cutting short my next plans..

    I walked over,opened the door only to be greeted by a cheerful,friendly face,it was the waitress who had come over to serve us with the meal of bread,cheese and coffee..Sam's all time favourite breakfast meal..'good morning madam?' She greeted cheerfully leaving me with no option but force a smile out of my thought stricken face.

    'breakfast is ready'

    she continued much to my delight,atleast my man would have an early morning meal upon showering off last nights sweat..'thankyou dear' I replied before offering to get the tray and headed into our executive room..After a long battle in thoughts,I finally concluded neither to confront Sam nor Veronica but rather came up with the idea of having a cell phone free honeymoon which to my delight was a welcome idea on my husbands part...I could at least breath a sigh of relief knowing that my honeymoon would be stress free from the issue of veronica..

    It was quite amazing how our gorgeous time flew so swiftly during our honeymoon...seconds translated into minutes,hours,days,weeks and before we could realise,it was time to head to our matrimonial home..I could not help but only prayed that the happy moments Sam and I had shared over the past weeks of our honeymoon would continue in our very own home...

    PART 5

    The first few months in marriage were as enjoyable as I anticipated...our new apartment Sam had rented as our Matrimonial home was a perfect description of a Harven of peace..

    Love and utmost fan were the order of each day that past imbedding a permanent mark in my heart of how my newly wedded husband loved and cared for me..Sam resumed work earlier than I, seeing him drive off for his office early every morning always left me with a big lump on my throat not only that I would remain home alone but that the bond we had built during our honeymoon where we had no disturbances apart from sharing a light moment seemed to cramble..Thank God my man never forgot to check up on me regularly,confessing how much he missed my company before finally reminding me how much he loved me...

    His sweet utterances and concerns whenever he was away for wake never ceased to melt my heart such that in no time, all the worries and suspicions I had earlier developed during our Honeymoon quickly vanished off my mind..His actions were simply enough to convince me that I was the only woman in his life and this really made me feel on top of the world...!   

    Finally my leave was exhausted..I could hardly picture myself in the office once again but there was nothing I could do but put in the best I could to supplement my hubby's efforts...

    I had quite a headache on how best we were to manage our home more especially that I had to resume work but Sam came up with an idea of employing a live in maid so as to ease the burden of work  and home chores.. I was really grateful more especially that he had always rated my cooking as second to none...

    Now I had nothing more to worry about,thanks to my charming husband's support...

    I pulled out my phone and in no time was talking to Mum back in the village who never hesitated to help me find someone trustworthy to be my house help much to my delight

    PART 6

    It was on Saturday morning around 08 hours when Mum called before I picked up without hesitation

    'hi Mum?'

    I uttered nervously praying that my wish be granted..

    'Hi Ericka?'

    She responded as Sam looked on in admiration.. His smile was arguably the best every lady would wish to stick their eyes to at all times... After a lengthy talk with Mum, we bade farewell and dead went the lines.. I turned to Samuel with a bright smile insinuating positive news and yes it was...

    Mum had engaged her old friend to help her look for a maid and she had just confirmed the girl was ready to travel once I sent her transport money, besides Mum had spoken highly about her assuring me of the best of her services... Sam was equally upbeat about the development..

    'That is awesome honey',

    he replied calmly no sooner had I finished explaining the outcome of my talk with Mum..

    'in that case I will have to send the money early just this morning',

    He offered,much to my delight...

    'you can remain doing the laundry let me get into town and do the required,I will be back in no time'..

    he shrugged,gave me a loving peck on my cheek leaving me craving for more, smiled and turned away leaving me speechless, Sam was simply the best man I could ever ask God for....In no time I was done washing.. I quickly hastened out of the house to hang clothes on the drier line..

    I was almost winding up hanging clothes before I noticed two young ladies one tall, dark complexioned while the other short, light in complexion walked into our yard much to my surprise...

    'good morning madam? '

    greeted the tall one in a rather cheeky tone whilst the friend starred at me in a rather worthless manner bringing my errand to a standstill...

    'Is your husband around?,'

    she continued before I could even honour her greetings ,making my temper boil before I answered aggressively..

    'who are you and why are you asking about my husband?'
    They both burst into mockery laughter making me appear a fool in their eyes..

    'when he comes back, tell him Veronica came looking for you replied the short one before they both turned and left leaving  me speechless upon hearing the name Veronica... I could not believe the issue I had gotten over had resurfaced once again... I swore Sam had questions to answer once he got back from town...

    Hurt and annoyed I quickly picked the empty washing dish I was using to ferry clothes,got into the house and slammed the door only to be greeted by the ringing tone of Sam's phone... It was obvious he had forgot to carry it to town... I moved closer to see who was calling*****

    PART 7

    It was Veronica calling,..

    I could feel the inner me boiling like never before.. I knew I was too emotional when pushed too far..I had hardly reached for the green icon in order to pick up the call before the line cut.. This Veronica drama was becoming a thorn in my flesh and I felt it was time I fixed it before the girl could ruin my marriage..

    The mere thought of Sam being in another woman's hands could not even cross my mind but the fact that she had the audacity to walk into my yard was evident enough of something fishy going on between the two which I hardly had any knowledge  about.

    For once I thought of calling her and get vulgar on her but quickly restrained and rather decided to behave maturely but before I could make further reactions,tick tick... A text message had landed in and to my surprise was from the girl herself and it read...

    'I came home only to find the small b**ch you call your wife, Sam I will fix you'

    ....till date I still recall how my tempers flared to an extent that I found myself hitting Sam's phone on the ground several times before a gentle hand pursued me from behind..

    'baby what is wrong with you? '

    I turned around and it was Sam.. I raised my palm and landed a heavy slap into his face, a reaction I regret up-to date... I was really hurt that the only option  I had was to greet him with a slap even before he could hear my side of story.. Puzzled, furious and off course humbled by my reaction, Sam manouvered a metre away and watched me cry helplessly leaning against our bed.. He watched in despair before hurriedly snatched his phone off the ground, whilst I narrated what had just occurred amid bitter sobs...

    Sam kept quiet as he went through the phone before he threw my phone which he had carried into town,pushed his phone into the pocket and left the bedroom without saying any word... I could not help but wish he left me alone for sometime..I felt like a trunk of a huge tree had fallen on me with full throttle..I could not understand why I had to go through this pain in the first few months of my marriage...I cried bitterly till I fall asleep before my phone ringing tone cut shot my sleep..

    I quickly reached out for my phone and it was Mum..we talked for a few minutes as she confirmed receipt of the money had sent earlier in the morning.. The girl would be starting off the following day much to my delight.  It was shortly after the phone call that I had to realise it was already thirty minutes past 7 In the evening and Sam was not yet back home and I was getting worried as though Few hours I had not wished him to be an inch closer to me, I was already feeling jealousy and blamed myself for hitting him earlier on.'perhaps he was having a goodtime with Veronica, ' I anticipated..

    I decided to go through my phone only to find a number of missed calls from Jeremy, Sam's  closest friend whom I had known during wedding rehearsals as he happened to be Sam's best man on our wedding... I began to wonder if at all was well with Sam.....

    I was buried deep in thought before a strange number called, I could tell it was a land-line.. I froze in fear before  I could answer...

    PART 8

    'Hello,' my voice trembled in fear as I anxiously awaited to hear the voice behind the call from a strange line... 'good evening madam is this Mrs. Here? ' asked the the man in a rather calm tone much to my panic..'yes please'I replied much to a heavy pile of impatience building up within me.. 'is anything the matter? ' I continued..'Yes madam it is me Jeremy,' at least I felt a bit at ease upon hearing it was him but all I needed to know was either or not he had seen or communicated with Sam.. 'I will be coming home soon to pick you, but do not panick all is well' he continued before cutting my call... I was really stuck in mind.. The only thought that clicked my mind was that Sam had ended up in Police cells maybe in an attempt to confront Veronica he ended up beating her.. Oh dear me I shouldn't have hit him,I pilled up all sorts of blames upon me..I tried to teach him but both his Linea were off.. Damn, I hit my head so hard with my right hand before I jumped off bed, dressed up in a pink sateen dress Sam had bought me on my graduation,picked my favourite handbag and rushed for the door where I put on some black sleepers I had found.. I had just finished locking the door before Jeremy drove in with Sam's car,  a red Nissan X Trial... 'where are you rushing to Mrs. Here? ' he enquired in a calm tone... 'where is Sam please? ' I asked before he smiled... 'Sam is play and fine',  come with me I take you where he's he calmly offered before both of us headed for the car... But to my surprise,Jeremy had come with a lady....

    PART 9

    I took the back seat still with a sense of impatience written all over my face.. I was quite upset with Jeremy's silence on where exactly Sam was but at least was an inch closer to find out what really was going on..

    The fact that He appeared composed and in high spirits at least drove me into thoughts that maybe it was just a way of reuniting Sam and I which if that was to be the case, Sam needed to put up a concrete explanation as regards to the Veronica girl... But all in all, I had already forgiven him and could not wait to see him.. I was so deep into thoughts that I could not hear the lady seated next to Jeremy greet me..

     'Hi sissy? '

     she greeted in a much audible voice before I realised it was not her first attempt..

     'am am.. Okay',

    I stammered  In response trying hard to force out a smile.. 'Who could this girl be?' I wondered without convincing myself to any answer..I had never heard Sam mention anything about Jeremy's love life apart from one instance when I challenged him to start keeping friends that were either married or in a committed relationship before he mentioned of Jeremy having a fiancee who used to work from a different city...

    Perhaps this was the woman he meant..I sat quietly as We maneuvered through the fair traffic in the friendly city of Ndola watching on the two love birds share a light moment whilst sipping on some Alcoholic beverages...

    No sooner had we hit the road going to Itawa than Jeremy took a deep sigh before finally breaking the silence..

     'Mrs. Jere this is my fiancee Leah'

    Turned to Leah and introduced me to her as Mrs. Jere... At least I felt at ease after the introduction,she appeared a little bit tipsy and excited as she suddenly grew more friendly towards me bringing me in the limelight of each story that came about..

    Finally we were making way into the yard which I at first glance assumed was Jeremy's place but the neat surrounding and loud music playing disputed my thoughts.. I looked around amused with the neatly maintained surrounding as Jeremy pulled over at an unoccupied park slot and halted the engine before we are jumped off the vehicle..Jeremy quickly headed for the building which was clearly labelled 'LITTLE EDEN' In electronic fittings.. the loud music which was being played suggested it was a bar
    .while Leah led me towards a much isolated spot where I finally saw Sam from a distance seated all alone at a table with three other reserved chairs,my heart was now at peace and I for once felt like jumping on him and shower him with a big hug... But he appeared to be on phone leaving me wondering who his was talking to...

     'alright later'

    he cut the conversation short upon seeing us leaving me wondering who his was from talking to.. Greeted us cheerfully, reached for my check and burried his soft lips onto my cheek much to my delight.. I felt like forgetting about all that had happened before his phone rang again....

    PART 10

    My heart thumped in hunger seeing Sam excuse himself to pick the call, I had no room to react but rather remain troubled deep down my heart... Besides I did not want to paint a bad impression to Leah as the saying goes 'first impression matters.. '

    I kept a close eye on Sam who stood few metres away from where I and a jovial Leah were seated chatting happily as though we were old friends but little did she know that my mind was not fully into the conversation as she assumed.. I just could not understand why I was so jealous of someone who had hurt me earlier on in the day, but like any woman in love would attest to my situation, I was deeply in love with my husband Sam, he was all I had, I just could not imagine him utter those sweet words he chuffed me with on another woman..

    Leah seemed so outgoing.  She opened up so easily and talked about herself within the shortest period of time that I nearly got irritated, thank God Jeremy chipped in when he joined us before decorating the table with two by six packets of packed Alcohol beverage Spin.. I felt like resisting at first glance but quickly got motivated by the fact that Sam was also in dope mood which was rare of him..

    I quickly tore it open, grabbed myself a bottle ,took a deep breath before peeping on Sam who was still busy on phone whilst sipping on some wine in his glass. It had been quite a while since I took beer so I sat down quietly,sharing a lite moment with Leah and Jeremy before Sam joined in later on and apologised for taking quite a while on phone...

    I waited for a little while as anxiety creped in as to who he was just from talking to and what the call was about, before asking for his phone in a respectful manner leaving no room for suspicion that I would begin stalking his contacts... And to my surprise the lengthy conversation and calling time tallied well that he was just from talking to Mum much to my relief..perhaps the talk was about the issue of my house help..

    I quickly scrolled to the messages and boom he had cleared all the mess with Veronica after a heated exchange of vulgar language,warned her to stay away from his marriage and blacklisted her completely... I was delighted with the step he took which was symbolic of the fact that he respected and treasured our marriage... I felt as much relieved and happier than earlier before though I was a bit hurt with the fact that he was having an affair with Veronica whilst we were seeing each other... Anyway I was finally at peace and so proud of my man such that I could not wait to sleep next to him that night..

    The rest of the evening went on well, fan filled and so refreshing..Leah and I could not hold back our laughter more especially when Sam and Jeremy took to the stage mesmerising us with their crazy dance skills... I could not believe that the day which was nearly headed for a bad ending had finally been really written with a joyous conclusion all thanks to beloved Sam and Jeremy..Sam and I dropped Jeremy and Leah at their home in skyways before driving off to our home in Kansenshi...we both talked and chatted happily even joked about the issue of Veronica after Sam had apologised..

    I remember how peaceful I slept knowing that my marriage was once again on the move as I looked forward to welcome our third party home the following morning, our house help Martha....

    How will life be now that we will soon have a live in maid?

    PART 11

    The following day was all rosy,I woke up early in the morning, prepared warm water for Sam and made him a delicious meal of cheese, scones and coffee...

    I could help but marvel, admire and thank God for the happiness we were sharing once more.. Mum had earlier called confirming that Martha had started off from Mumbwa for Ndola...Sam even offered to help out prepare lunch in the kitchen as I sat comfortably watching some documentaries on Discovery channel...

    After a lengthy while in the kitchen characterised by his regular check ups on me, food was ready and awww what a delicious meal he had served which sent me nauseating! Nshima with fried T-bone accompanied by Bowl of some perfectly chopped and fried vegetables..

    I remember how I ate my lungs out all thanks to my hubby's stunning kitchen work... We later retired to bed for a nap only to be awakened by Martha's call that she had reached Ndola..

    Sam and I quickly drove off to the station to pick her and surely there she was.. Tall,slim light complexioned beautiful young girl in her late teenage years
    ..I felt sorry and wondered why such a young lady full of life and energy would sit back and languish in the village..

    The three of us drove back home as Sam I took turns talking to the young girl just making her feel free around us till we finally reached home, showed her around,allocated her a room, prepared water for bathing and some warm food for her before..she appeared to be humble,respectful and intelligent much to my delight..

    ****I spent the entire week inducting her on duties she was expected to perform..i was amazed with how quickly she adapted to her new roles in the house.. She could wake up as early as possible, and do all house chores such that by the time I woke up all was set, I felt So relieved and had no doubt my home would be ever sparkling even when I resumed work and true to my expectations all went well, Martha took good care of our home such that whenever Sam and I would return home, all would be perfectly in place....

    ****six months later, Our marriage received yet another blessing.....

    PART 12

    I still remember as though was yesterday, how Sam received news that I had finally conceived... Truly it was a joyous moment too sweet to forget just how he got embroiled in utmost happiness lifting me up and and down in the air as though was his toddler...

    It's a man's joy to lay his ears to news that their woman has conceived!  It was really amazing how Sam's gear of love,care and romance suddenly engaged into overdrive.. Awww sweet Sam for me,  such men were a scarce to come across.. He could cook, wash and sometimes bath me like his own kid.. I could see read beyond his thoughts that he was putting in his level best to ensure that even our unborn angel was happy wherever he was...

    My pregnancy period was such a stress free experience I could only describe as awesome..The bond between Martha and I had equally grown, being born in a family where I was the only child had robbed me off the opportunity to taste a sibling's love.. But all was in the past now, Martha had definitely re-wrote my story through her love, care and advice she rendered to me throughout my pre delivery period...she was such an amazing soul who had fitted so perfectly into our small family and I could help but shower her with nice clothes, jewellery,make up and all that she needed to maintain her pretty body.. She had turned into someone I regarded as my own blood...

    My last few months of pregnancy became quite challenging with all sorts of implications but charmy Sam was always at hand to ensure that I was offered the best medical attention till I was finally due for delivery... Every mother can attest to how involving it is to put to bed.. But after few minutes of labour, I had finally brought to life a bouncing baby boy, Sam's true photocopy who resembled him within few minutes of being on the planet...

    I was proud to be a mother..tears of joy rolled down my cheek upon imagination of being referred  to as BANA..... I bet Sam was super excited about news...

    I was discharged the following morning after tests showed that my baby and I were good to go... Sam was in high spirits as the midwife escorted us to the vehicle bade farewell before letting us drive off happily with our newly born held tight in my hands...

    'baby how is Martha? '

    I asked in a happy tone... He took a deep breath,shook his head in disapproval before saying something that send cold shivers all over my body....

    PART 13

    'Martha left home yesterday',

    replied Sam his response leaving me totally shocked and short of words..

    'But why and how? '

    I asked...

    'maybe it was one of those pranks he was fond of unleashing just to pull my legs'

    I thought in anticipation but his face appeared all serious about it... He shrugged wobbling his shoulders..

    'I don't know' he continued...this time his face glowing, suggesting how serious he was about the whole thing..

    I was deeply confused about the whole development...Martha and I had become like sisters so was she with my husband... I wondered why she decided to leave and what really transpired during the two nights I had spent in the Hospital's maternity ward...

    I closely examined Sam's face, he appeared a little bit nervous with a caption of guiltiness engraved on his face... I did not even want to imagine that he was behind her departure which I quickly convinced myself he was not.. But what could have really transpired for her to reach to an extent of leaving home?  Her and Sam were the only people who remained home...I was really puzzled and could not really understand what was going on.. Sam and I remained quiet as though we're just from having an heated argument..

    No sooner had we drove into our yard than he parked in the garage, got out and helped me usher our newly born baby into the house.. I could feel Martha's absence the moment I entered the house.. It was true she was gone, her warm bright smile, her friendliness, her sweet charming voice.. Aww her cleanliness, I was already feeling the pressure mounting..

    Sam was busy in the kitchen while I was bathing the baby when my phone message alert rang and to my surprise was Martha..

    I quickly opened the message without hesitation...

    PART 14

    'sorry I had to leave home without saying anything to you as to why I left, Iam at my Aunt's place in kitwe' read the text.. I froze for once begging my mind to understand the whole scenario behind her departure..

    Martha and I had become best friends and sisters indeed and for her to leave in such fashion meant something was wrong somewhere,besides Sam had never said anything more but kept quiet and seemed frowny.. I was slowly beginning to suspect Sam to be behind all that was transpiring

    I was not sure about anything yet so I decided to pretend as though all was well and deleted the text message before it could come across it.. Finally the meal was ready courtesy of my husband..

    I had no appetite but had to ensure that I ate something for fear of raising any suspicion.. I felt I would have to dig out all the information I needed about Martha's departure and I decided to do it on my own without involving Sam's helping hand and yes I had an idea..

    **a month later

    No sooner had he left for work early the following morning than I decided to sneak into kitwe and check on Martha,it was quite risky not only because I had not informed him that I would go out of town but that the baby was not yet of age to travel on such a long distance so I decided to store enough milk in the feeding bottle and left him at my distant cousin.. Grace's home knowing that I would not take long in kite as I had already communicated with Martha to pack her things, pick her then head back to Ndola..

    Martha was super excited to See Me..her smile spoke volumes how much she had missed me, tears of joy dropped as we hugged tight whilst her aunt looked on.. We had quite a snap conversation with her Aunt before agreeing that I go with her much to my delight..

    Our once broken bond was reunited once I again and I felt all joy driving back to Ndola together...

    PART 15

    We reached Ndola city around 10am in the morning, straight headed to Grace's place to pick Samuel junior whom we found deep in slumber before heading straight home where to Sam had not returned for one of his regular check ups he was fond of carrying out..

    Martha never ceased to admire the handsome newly born young Sam.. Martha's company was second to none, we sat and chatted happily despite her being busy checking on food on fire..mixed thoughts ran through my mind each time I looked at her, he had not stressed out any reason why she had earlier left home..

    The only reason she gave was that she needed to visit her aunt in Kitwe who she had last years ago back in the village.. That never sounded any convincing to because I had a strong feeling deep down my heart that something transpired leading to her running away from home...

    We had lunch and later sat relaxing in the couch watching soap operas before Sam walked in happily whistling from the door 'baby I'm home' much to my delight.. He walked In with a big smile, faced us before his smile quickly vanished away.. He quickly headed to the bedroom without saying a word before I followed behind and found him busy playing with our son who was now awake..

    'honey you do not seem happy, is anything the matter? '

    I asked..

     'not at all honey's he quickly responded faking out a smile,reached for my cheek and pecked me..

    'Iam hungry please get me something to eat'

    he continued..

    'food is already on the table let us go you eat'

    i replied...

    'just bring I'll eat from here's he cut in short in a rather harsh tone...

    'Okay if you say so'

    I replied, shrugged and walked off heading for the dining room...I had just peeped off the curtain separating the dining room from the sitting room before my eyes were treated to a terrible sight I had ever witnessed my entire life....

    PART 16 [Final]

    It was Martha busy spraying DOOM all over Sam's  share of the meal...

    I nearly collapsed upon the scene but quickly gathered up myself. Tip toes from behind and grab her mouth so hard with my right palm.. She dropped the can of DOOM out of fear, nearly screamed but my grip on her mouth was watertight ensuring that she never rose any suspicion whatsoever..

    I threw the food in the sink, poured water on it and led Martha to her bedroom where we sat down as she broke out in confession amid sobs.. I could not believe Sam was this cruel.. He had raped her the night I was in labour before which made her leave early the following morning.. She ran away for fear of him repeating the same thing..

    She revealed how Sabym had been taking Veronica our neighbour to various hotels... One-day she overheard Veronicah telling her friends she was heavily pregnant for Sam and how Veronica came home the very evening I was rushed to hospital for delivery.. How some predicted could be turned into veronica's maid once she bore her a child... I was deeply sad and astonished..I could not believe the man I had loved wholeheartedly,cared for, bore a child for was nothing but a beast capable of killing me one-day..

    Martha and I cried uncontrollably before we suddenly heard two concurrent  gunshots in the bedroom..***Sam had had taken the life of our precious boy Sam junior before turning the trigger to his head...

    Years passed mourning the two people who had come as a flash into my life and left so painfully without saying goodbye..

    I have come to know Peace as just a word, love as just an  expression mostly used wrongly..

    I thought Sam would paint the rest of my days with endless joy but little did I know he would trigger me to lead the rest of my life with a TROUBLED MIND...

     *THE END*

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