Story: Until I met You

    Episode 1

    Writer: NICKY
    "Anna, I love you"Dave said looking into my eyes. "I love you too."I said smiling. We were both standing close to each other. Dave wrapped his arm around my waist and was leaning in to kiss me. "Oh my God! This is the time I've been waiting for all my life. I can't believe it's about to happen. Dave and I are about to kiss right now. Kiss kiss kiss kiss. The word keep ringing in my head as I shut my eyes tightly expecting his lips to touch mine. I pouted my lips out expecting the kiss which feels like it's taking forever for his lips to touch mine.
    "Annabel!!!"I head my name and my eyes were widely opened. Before me, was standing racheal, my best friend. She was staring at me strangely and immediately, I raised up my head knowing I had been dreaming since."What the fuck are you doing?"she asked staring at me. "Oh gosh! Why did you have to shout my name that way? You should have waited a little bit. That was close. You ruined everything"I said feeling bad. "What's she talking about?"rachael asked. "Never mind. Why are you in my room"I asked scratching the back of my head. "What! Have you forgotten we are going somewhere tonight?"she asked and I remembered immediately. "Oh that's true."I said and quickly climbed down from bed.
    We are going to Dave's concert tonight. You guys are wondering who dave is?
    Well dave is my boyfriend. He's a celebrity. Singer, artist and a model. I fell for him from the first day I saw his picture and some of his performance.  Did I mentioned my boyfriend earlier? Oh sorry. He doesn't even know me. We've not met before for real except I watch him perform on stage and in videos. I had a very huge crush on him which I can't get over it no matter what. Let's say we are dating only in my dreams. My room right now is full of his stickers and posters. The pouch of my phone has his sticker on it too. I really love dave so much that I wish I can be his cell phone if that will keep me so close to him everyday. Lol. Am crazy right. Well, that's how much I love him.
    After we are dressed and ready to leave, I took my car key and headed out with Rachael.
    Soon, we were at the concert. We used our tickets to get in and I feel so happy that am about to see my love again. When we got in, the place was crowded with people. Obviously am not the only girl that'll have crush on dave. He has so many female fans too.
    We stood somewhere among the crowd. Soon, he was coming up on stage. Everyone cheers and were screaming including me. I kept jumping up waving my hand in excitement. "Dave! I love you!"I screamed on top of my voice even tho he can't hear me. He took the mic and shouted "hello everyone" they all replied hy. And when everywhere was a bit quiet, he began his performance. I could not keep calm throughout the show. I was recording with my phone and cheering for him.
    Minutes later after the concert, Rachael and I were both heading out. "Hope you enjoyed it? I told you he's cool"I said to her smiling. The way I was sweating, someone would think I was the one that just finished performing on stage. I dried face with hankie. "Yeah yeah. He's a bit cool"Rachael said out of concern. "A bit? Like seriously. I don't know why you don't like dave. I mean he's hot, sexy, talented, he has every charisma of a perfect man."I said to her. "Whatever. Let's just go home. am tired as fuck."she said looking exhausted.
    On getting to the spot where we packed my car, the black sport car before us wanted to drive out but it mistakenly bumped into my car and left a huge scratch on it. "Oh my God!"rachael said covering her mouth. It stopped and a guy came down. I quickly rushed to my car looking closely at the damage. "You just scratched my car. Oh my God. Why are you not careful?"i asked almost in anger as looked at the guy shooting daggers with my eyes. "Am very sorry ma'am. I'll pay you for the damages"he said apologizing. "Who said I need your money? You should have been more careful that's what am saying."I said. "Oh my God! It's so much."I said touching it. "Am very sorry"he said. I looked at the other car and noticed the other guy who drove it was not even coming down to apologise. I became more angry and looked up at the guy before me. "Let him do the apology instead. Since he was the one who caused this damage"I said looking at him. "Him?"the guy asked staring at me. "Yes him. The driver"I said. "No miss. It's not his fault, so please I'll pay for everything."he said. Rachael was staring at the drama not saying anything. I ignored the guy and moved to their car to meet the driver. Rachael followed me holding my hand. "Anna please let's settle this and just go"she said. I knocked on the windscreen of the car. "Sorry miss. I think you're trespassing."the guy said coming to me. "Trespassing?"I asked looking at him badly. "I mean we can settle this peacefully. I apologized to you and you said you don't want money for the damages then what else do you want?"he asked looking at me. "What I want?"I asked. "What I want is for the person that hit my car to apologize to me directly. simple"I said looking at him. "The person can't get down right now. because......"he didn't finished his statement before the car door opened and the guy stepped down. He shut the car door and faced me.
    "I am very sorry for the damages miss. I should had drive carefully. Please I apologize for it. And we can pay for the damages if that will ease your temper."he said looking at me. I froze in shock and disbelief. "Dave..."the other guy called but he faced him and nodded his head with a smile. He brought out his wallet and wanted to pay for the mess. He was super handsome in person. He spoke softly and fluently. I couldn't breath properly because I held my breath the moment I saw his face. I looked at Rachael with my mouth still hung open. She was surprised as well. It would be better if this is not another dream. If it turns out to be a dream, I won't sleep for a whole week. I thought to myself In surprised. I stares at him not able to say a word.

    Episode 2

    The anger in me just faded away. I can't believe I finally met Dave. Everything just felt like a dream but it's reality. "Here"he said stretching the money to me.
    "No. Don't worry about it. I don't know it's your car."I said. "No. Am at fault. I can give you more if this won't be enough. Please just accept it"he insisted. "It's ok. Am very sorry for causing a scene. Am not a girl like that. It's just that I was not in my right sense earlier"I said feeling bad. I did nothing wrong but am the one apologizing right now. I don't even know what am doing again. Rachael looks at me. I guess she was about to laugh but was controlling it. "Ok. If you insist."dave said taking back the money. "I'm sorry once again"he said before turning to go into the car. I feel like holding him back not to go. "Please don't go. Stay for a while please. Don't leave me Dave"I was thinking this to myself staring at him. He got into the car and was driving off. I stood there looking like a nuisance. Rachael bursted out into laughter. "I know you'll do that"I said not looking at her. "like seriously. He's so sexy for real but can't believe that was Annabel earlier."she said. "I told you he's amazing"I said. "How I wish I can get the chance to meet him again"I said feeling sad. "You'll definitely meet him again. He's your soulmate. Let's just go home for now or you plan to sleep there?"Rachael asked heading to the car. I turned back and headed after her.
    Dave's POV
    "Are you ok?"Mick asked. "Do you think I'm OK?"I replied. "Am sorry for not taking proper care of it"he apologized.
    "Some girl are just so crazy but I have to act all nice because of my name. I can't let something like that turn to big thing you know. I have to be careful and control my temper because they are my fans"I said. I turn on the radio and was driving a bit faster. We got home and Michael suggested we go clubbing. I refused but later think it's great idea just to catch some fun so we left for club.
    Four days later, after work, I got home really exhausted. I went to the fridge to take some water.
    Am living all alone except if rachael comes to visit once in a while. Mum died a long time ago while my dad got married to another woman. Madam Lisa. She's a very cunning woman and she has a daughter too. Regina. She's the same age as me but I senior her with three months which made me the elder sister. I was living with them before but when everything turns out bad between all of us, I packed out of my dad's house and relocated choosing to live alone. I got myself a job as a chef in a standard restaurant where I got paid well. I used that to take care of myself. Dad use to call to ask after me but I don't like picking his calls because he chose those people over me his lovely daughter. Madam Lisa is as evil as the devil and I know she's behind all this. Dad is a great successful business man. Am just 22. when I left home, I chose to live as just as a normal happy person. It's good this way because I have peace of mind and gained my freedom. I went to my room preparing to sleep because I had dinner at work. I took my phone and was surfing the internet.
    I saw an article about Dave which really made me click on it.
    Then I saw the news.
    "Dave forced to rape a lady at a club because he was drunk."I saw that and my head was spinning. I saw some pictures under it too. In a picture, he was half naked sleeping on a lady. And another pics they rolled over to the edge of the bed with the lady trying to free herself.
    The images were so real but how in the world could this happen. Dave can never do something like that. This is a setup. No Dave can't do it. I believe he can't. I thought to myself staring at the screen of my phone. I went under comments and saw people saying bad shits about him already.
    "He's a perverted jerk.
    "I can't believed he can do such. That's so bad of him.
    "Fuck him!"
    "Am unfollowing him right now."
    "He doesn't deserve my love anymore"
    "This can't be true. Could it be setup?"
    "It can't be. Maybe that's who he truly his. A rapist"
    I slammed my phone hard on the sofa to stop myself from reading the comments. "This can't be happening. What in the world happened to Dave?"I said feeling bad.
    Dave's POV
    "What should we do?"Michael asked as I was moving to and fro in my room. I could not get out because reporters and everywhere waiting for me to show up.
    I was set up. I didn't do anything like that. I don't Even know how I got to the room I found myself.  I could remember how I went to a club with Michael. The last thing I could remember was drinking a cup of wine when Michael went out to receive a call.
    I asked him what happened to me but he claimed not to know cause he couldn't find me again when he got back.
    Who did this to me? The lady's face was not even showing in the picture. I couldn't trace anything from the picture.
    How do I start? My reputation was dragged to the mud with this incident. How am I going to face the crowd again. Why would anyone want to ruin my career for no reason? Why?

    Episode 3

    Annabel's POV
    I went grocery shopping because I need to buy some food stuffs.
    I shop for things I needed and moved them to the counter to pay my bills. A message notification came into my phone and I checked it.
    Rachael: hy honey. Am coming over to your place in the evening and I  might sleep over."I smiled and slipped the phone back into my pocket. Guess I won't be bored with her around me.
    Rachael is my old friend. We started our friendship right from when we were in high school. We went college together and graduated same day too. We are like five and six always doing things together. She is my best friend. She's simple, kind,  and friendly unlike me. My attitude might annoy you at a point because am not an easy girl. Am kind of mean at times which I know that myself. But I have soft spot of me too.
    After my goods were calculated and it's time for me to pay, I found out am not with my purse but I remembered bringing it from home. Where could it be? It was then I remembered a guy bumped into me while I was coming in. Oh gosh! He removed my purse.
    "Ma'am how will you pay"the cashier asked. I don't know how to tell her  my purse was stolen. "Erm.... Sorry. I think I misplaced my purse"I said to her. She was staring at me strangely not saying anything. "Ok. Can I transfer it to you instead?"I asked her. I brought out my phone and it went off too. I slipped in back into my pocket feeling a bit embarrassed. "Am sorry I don't think this would work. Can I just return everything?"I asked feeling so embarrassed already. A guy came to the front with few things and gave the cashier his credit card. "I'll pay for her own too"he said to the lady. "What!"I said staring at him. "It's ok"he said smiling. "I mean the bill is much"I said. After he paid, he didn't look at me before heading out. I quickly packed my stuffs and went after him.
    When I got out, I met him about to enter his car and I quickly walked up to him. "Excuse me"I said and he turned back. "Yes miss"he said after dropping the bag he was holding in the car. "Thank you so much for earlier. Can you give me your account number? I promise to transfer it back to you once my phone is on"I said looking at him. He smiled nodding his head negatively. "It's ok miss. I didn't do that to collect it back later. I just did it because I know how that kind of situation feels like"he said. "I know but at least you really helped me out and am indebted to you. I have to pay you back and my mind would be free"I said. "It's ok miss. Bye. Take care"he said and got into the car. He drove out and I watched his car until it was out of sight. I sigh and turn to leave.
    I got home minutes later and soon Rachael arrives too. I narrated what happened at the shopping mall to her and we also talked about other things too.
    Two weeks later.
    After I finished preparing for work. I took my bag and was heading out to the compound.
    My apartment is very ok and nice. The building is big, beautiful and neat. It's a five storey building with other neighbors living in other apartments too. Am on the sixth floor which means I'll have to use the elevator before getting to my floor. There's another apartment beside me but no one lives there right now. I heard someone will be moving in today. Finally am having a neighbor too. What if it's married couples or a bachelor or probably a very scary old woman?
    I don't know yet. I just hope it's a good neighbor. I got to the compound and went to my car in the garage. I got in and was driving out towards the entrance.
    Few minutes later I got to work. "Good morning." I greeted my coworkers and they replied my greetings too. I got to my locker and took my uniform. I got to the entrance of the changing room and overhead some workers talking about something.
    "I heard the new chef is so handsome. Oh my God can't wait to see him here."a voice said. "I pray he does not have any girlfriend currently"another voice said and they both giggled. I went in and they were quiet. "Good morning"the greeted bowing a bit. "Morning"I replied with a smile. They took their apron and both went out. I heard about the new chef too but it's annoying how the female workers keep talking about him too much.
    I got out and went to the kitchen to start working then the manager and a guy came in. "Good morning"I greeted bowing my head. "Good morning miss Anna."he replied. I looked at the new guy beside him and I recognise the face immediately. "Here's our new chef. He'll be working with you guys from now on"the manager said. "Oh it's you"I said looking at him. "You work here?"he asked looking surprise also. The manger starred at both of us confused. "Do you guys know each other?"he asked. "Yes sir"I replied smiling. He looks at me and smiled too.

    Episode 4

    The manager left after the introduction and we were left alone in the kitchen. "Thanks for the other day"I said. "You're welcome miss Anna"he replied with a friendly smile. "You must be a great cook"I said looking at him. "Not that good. I guess you're great too"he said and I almost blush. "When other chefs get in, we'll do a proper introduction"I said. "Ok ma'am"he said. "What can i help you with for now?"he asked looking at me as I dice the lettuce. "You can watch me for now"I said. "Am not comfortable watching other work"He said and went to wash his hand then joined me in preparing other things too. I smiled at his nice attitude. I think he's not bad. I thought to myself smiling.
    When I got home after work, I was heading up to my apartment. I pressed on the elevator and got in when it opens. Someone came in after me too and the door closed. I pressed my floor but the guy beside me didn't press any button. I looked at him wondering why. He was dressed in a blue jeans and black shirt. He had a faze cap on and was covering his face with a black half mask which was covering his mouth and nose only. I wonder who he is. Could he be following me? Why is he not pressing any floor? I thought to myself in fear. I cleared my throat and folded my arms. When it got to the sixth floor, the door opened and I walked out. I was holding my phone tightly against my chest when I noticed he came out too. I kept walking fast and I had the feeling he was doing this same. I became so scared that I don't know what to do. Why is he following me? I hope he's not here to kidnap me. What should I do? Should I scream or call the cops? I thought to myself. When I almost got to my entrance, I stopped to face him but he walked pass me and went to an entrance. He pressed his security pins and unlocked the door. I breath out feeling relieved. So, he's the new neighbor. Why is he dressed like that? Oh my God. Thank God I didn't call the police yet. I went in too closing the door behind me. I took a drink from the fridge and went on into my room. I sat down on the sofa looking around. My wall is full of Dave's wallpaper and I don't think am removing it soon. I took my phone and started surfing the internet.
    I saw an article saying Dave was signed out from his industry because of what happen.  Does this mean he won't go on stage again? I won't get to see the amazing Dave perform again? Oh no. Why? I thought to myself feeling hurt.
    "He must be feeling so heartbroken right now."I said. I stood up and walked to the wall. I looked up at the big wallpaper that has his pics on it. He was smiling so brightly in the picture holding a beautiful rose flower in his hand. I love seeing the pics that was why I put it opposite to my bed. I touched the wallpaper smiling but still not happy. "How I wish I can get to meet you again"I said looking at it. I rested my head on the wall shutting my eyes. "It must be really hard for you right now. I wish to help but I don't know how"I said and sighed.
    Dave's POV
    I got into the living room and removed the mask and faze cap. I sat on the couch wiping my face down. Michael resigned been my manager because there's nothing he can do with me again when everything turn worst. I chose to live all alone now because I have to work on things on my own. I must find out the person that framed me and want to know why. I want to reinstate my name even tho everything won't be as before. I must clear my name. My phone started ringing and I picked the call. "Hello Jane"I said pretending to be ok. "Hy. How are you?"she asked. "Am good. Just getting home"I said. "Ok. I called to confirm. Please be fine ok"she said and I smiled nodding my head. "Don't worry. I'm ok"I said. "I love you. Good night"she said. "Ok. Love you too"I said and she hang up. I dropped the phone and wiped down my face. Jane is my girlfriend. We've been dating for two years now. I love her so much and I believe she love me too. She makes me smile when I'm down. like how things are now.
    I got up from the couch and went to my room.
    The following morning, I decided to visit Richard because we have somewhere we are going together. Richard is a rapper and a model too. We are friends right from beginning. We started together which made us best of friends. He really felt bad too about the incident that happened to me.
    After dressing up, I used the mask and faze cap again so that people won't recognise me when I get out.
    I got out and was heading to the elevator. As I was trying to dial Richards number, I bumped into someone and that made my phone fell down including hers too and her bag. "Am so sorry"she said bowing her head. She was avoiding eye contact with me and quickly took her bag and phone then walked on in hurry. I took my phone and slipped it into my pocket. I think I don't need to call him because he knows I'll be coming anyway. I got to the elevator and met the lady again. She was acting impatient and unsettle and I wonder why. Few seconds later, she looks up at me smiling. "Hy. You're the new neighbor right?"she asked and laughed. I didn't reply then she scratched the back of her neck. "Ok. Anyway am anna...."the elevator opened and I walked out not minding her. "How rude"I think I heard her say that before coming out too.
    I walked to the garage and unlocked my car with remote before getting there. I opened the door and got in then drives out of the compound.
    Soon, I was at Richard's place. I went into the living room but found no one there. I saw a familiar bag on the couch and I guess it's Jane's own immediately. "Why's she here?"i said in confusion then I headed to Richard's room to check him. When I got to the entrance, I heard some strange sounds. "Could it be...."I didn't finish before opening the door. The scene I saw, made my eyes wet. I was dumbfounded at the sight. Tears dropped from my eyes without me even noticing.
     Is this a dream?

    Episode 5

    Richard and Jane were romancing on bed half naked. I caught them red handed. My girlfriend and my best friend? No. This is so unfair. They both looked back and saw me. Jane quickly got off him and was covering her body feeling ashamed to look at me. Richard was also shocked to see me. I shook my head sadly and turned back leaving. I stormed out to the compound in anger. I got to my car and hit my fist hard on the body. Why? Why's everything going wrong for me? Why's life so unfair to me? I thought to myself leaning my head on the body of my car. "I heard some footsteps behind me but I didn't bother to look.
    "Dave"I heard Jane's voice. "I'm sorry. It's not the way you see it. Let me just ex...."
    "Explain what?"I caught her short yelling angrily. "Jane I just can't believe you'll do this to me. I thought you love me. I gave you all my trust. I gave you all my heart but is this how you wish pay back? Richard is my best friend. Why? Why would you do that?"I asked yelling with tears almost escaping my eyes. "I'm sorry. I know I really hurt you. I'm so sorry dave."she said, crying. "You don't have to be sorry. It's over between us. We are done for good. You can continue with whatever you were doing with that son of a bitch!"I said in anger and get into my car. I drove out in full speed thinking about so many things. So Richard of all people can also stab me in the back? I must be a fool for trusting people easily.
    Even the ones you love and trusted most can end up betraying you. That's life.
    I keep driving until I got to a bar. I decided to stop and go in for some drink just to clear off my thoughts.
    Anna's POV
    After my shift, I changed from my uniform and was heading to the compound. I met Josh by the entrance and we were both walking out together. "Do you live far from here?"he asked. "Not too far"I replied with a smile. "You're lucky."he said smiling too. "Why? Do you live very far?"I asked. He node his head head in respond and waved his hand. "Bye. see you tomorrow"he said and went to his car. I went to mine too. I sat down calmly and brought out my phone to call Rachael. I unlocked it and a strange wallpaper appeared on the screen. "What's this?"I said in confusion. I checked the back of the phone and found out it's not mine. "Whose phone is this? Where's my phone?"I asked looking confused. Then I remembered when I bumped into my strange neighbor. "Oh my God! We swapped phones?"I said in shock. So it means that guy is having my phone? I thought to myself. His phone looks exactly the same as mine
    IPhone8+ and it's gold too except my own has Dave's wallpaper at the back. This is a big mixed up.
    I quickly drive home to check if he'll be around so that I can swap it back.
    On getting home I quickly changed into my casual wears and planned to step out. When I got to the entrance, I stopped and decided to call my phone instead. What if he is not home? I thought to myself. I walked back to sit on the couch and unlocked the phone. I went to call log and dialed my number. It rings for long but no responds. It's past 8pm. But has he not noticed that we swapped phones? He should have called since morning.
    Well maybe he was too busy to operate his phone. I called my number again and no respond. I stood up and went to his apartment. I took a deep breath before pressing the door bell. No one answered and I pressed on it again.  No one came to open the door and I guess he's not home yet.
    What's all this? I need to call Rachael and also need to check some things on my phone. How am I going to do all that without my phone? I thought to myself sadly. The phone started ringing and I checked the caller. Jane displayed as the caller but I couldn't answer it because It's not mine. It went off and started ringing again. I didn't pick it and let it go off. Soon a message came on the screen. "Dave please can you pick my calls at least? I still have something I want to tell you"I read it and quickly took the phone off my face. "So his name is dave"I said. "But why is he always covering his face with mask? Is he a criminal?"i asked myself. I decided to go to his gallery to check for some pics just to know how he look like. I opened the gallery and clicked on some random pictures. my eyes were widely opened that they nearly pop out of their sockets. "Oh my God!"I gasp in surprise. "How can this be true? No maybe he just have his pictures. Anyone can have Dave's pictures on their phone. It means nothing"I said laughing. "But dave. He is dave too? How funny. What a coincident"I said laughing out more louder.
    I called my number again to check if there would be respond this time around and luckily, someone picked up. "Hello"I heard a man's voice. "Hello"I said back. "Sorry. The owner of this phone Is at my bar. He is so drunk and can't get up right now. Am closing soon and can't just watch him here like this."he said. "Drunk? Where's your bar located?"I asked.
    He told me the address and I went to wear something warm then set out to leave.
    I took the bus and got to the place mentioned to me. I walked into the bar looking around. I called my phone and it started ringing. The man picked it on the table and answered it. "Are you here?"he asked. "Yes I'm here."I said walking towards them. I got there and greeted the man. He gave me my phone and went back to what he was doing. I looked at the guy who was resting his head on the table and tapped him softly. "Hey. Excuse me"I said tapping him but he didn't raise his head. I took his hand and shook him roughly before he raise up his head. He was not wearing a mask this time but had a faze cap on. I couldn't see the face properly. So I was trying to assist him up. "Leave me alone. Who are you?"he asked looking up at me. He tried to Jack off my hand but staggered and the faze cap removed revealing his face. I opened my mouth in shock. "Dave?"I said in surprise. He held the table before him to gain balance and raised up his head looking directly at me. I moved back a bit full of surprises. So he is the strange neighbor? The annoying guy that never reveal his face or give me attention is really Dave?
    I was dumbfounded not knowing what to do next and he was also staring at me without a word.

    Episode 6

    I blinked my eyes and gathered myself together. "Who are you?" He asked still sounding drunk. I moved closer to him and hold him by his arm. "I need to get you home first then I'll explain later"I said pulling him. "Wait wait wait."he said removing his arm. "I'm not really drunk. I know what I'm doing. I can get home myself"he said. I was staring at him strangely. "Are you sure you're ok?"I asked. He nodded his head and stood firmly. He started walking towards the entrance but he is not fully balanced. He staggered and walked off balance until he got out to where he packed his car. I was following him behind quietly.
    He rested his head on the body of his car.
    I wonder how many bottles he took for him to get drunk like this. He must be really depressed. I sighed and went closer to him. "Dave."I called his name. He raised up his head and looked back. "Oh Jane is that you?"he asked. "I'm not Jane."I said. I wanted to help him to the passenger's seat so that I can drive but he took my hand and was looking straight into my eyes. My breath seized and my heart was racing very fast. "Why would you do that to me? I trusted you most but you betrayed me? Why?"he asked looking at me. I don't know who this Jane is but I guess she must be his girlfriend. "I'm sorry. Let's get into the car first."I said taking him to the passenger's seat. He got in and I used the seat belt on him. I went to sit down too and started the engine.
    I helped him out of the car wrapping his arm around my neck and my other hand around his waist. I assisted him to the elevator and when we got to his apartment, I stopped at the doorstep. I don't know his pin to unlock the door. "What's your password?"I asked but no response. How am I gonna deal with this? I can't just leave him outside here it's dangerous. I tried a pin and it didn't work. I tried another one and still same thing. "What can he use for his password?"I thought to myself. I tried his date of birth and it unlocked. I smiled to myself feeling relieved. I then assisted him in. "We are here"I said to him. He didn't reply. Looks like he is dosing off already. "Where's your room?"I asked shaking him. He didn't reply again and I sighed feeling tired. "Why am I the on doing this? Well, I won't get angry because you're Dave"I said and was walking him in. I checked two doors before finally finding his room. We walked in and I assisted him get in bed gently. My hand stuck behind him and he was sleeping on it. I managed to remove it gently and let out a great sigh. He is now sleeping. I pulled the blanket and was covering his body. After covering it, I wanted to get up but he pulled me back that I fell on him. I was resting my head on his chest and he was wrapping the other arm around me. I froze in shock with my heart beating so fast. I could persevere the strong odour of the alcohol on him. I raised up my head slowly and looked up at his face. He was closing his eyes but I could see traces of tears at the corner of his eyes. I removed his arm gently and got up. I knelt down before his bed and was staring so closely at his face. "Everything must really be hard for you"I said feeling bad. "I know you're innocent. You can't do things like that. If anyone didn't trust you, I will surely do because I know you're a good person. Your face is too innocent for those accusation. I believe you'll rise up again and go back to your position."I said looking at him. I stood up and adjusted the blanket well before setting out to leave. I took my phone leaving his own on the stood beside him.
    I got to my room and went straight to bed. I saw messages from Rachael already so I was clicking to check on them.
    Dave's POV
    I opened my eyes slowly and found out it's morning already. I looked around wondering how I got home last night. My head was aching so badly as I managed to get up and sit on the edge of my bed. How did I got home? Am sure I can't drive yesterday talk less of getting home myself because I remembered I drank 8 bottles of alcohol. My tummy is not comfortable right now. I feel like throwing up. I stood up and went to the bathroom. I bent down and was vomiting in the WC then flushed it down after I was done. I feel dizzy and my head was spinning. I stood up and washed my face and mouth then looked up at myself in the mirror. I remembered what happened at Richard's house yesterday and how I went to drink at a bar. I sighed and took a towel to clean up my face. I stood up and was heading to my room. I heard the sound of the door bell. It rings again and I stood up wondering who could be at the door. It can't possible be Jane.
    I went out of my room and walked to the door. The bell rings again and I opened the door. I saw the lady living next to me holding a nylon bag in her hand. "Good morning."she said smiling. I didn't reply before she got in and closed the door behind her. I was shocked and speechless. I quickly turned my back at her hoping she won't recognise my face. "How could you bang into someone's home like that without asking for permission? That's so rude"I said not looking at her. "Permission? I brought you home last night have you forgotten?"she said and I turned back to her. "What?"I asked looking at her. "Yes. You were so drunk and can't drive home all by yourself. The owner of the bar called me and I..."
    "Who are you to do that for me?"I asked cutting her short. She looks surprised and was staring at me. "Why would you bring me home? It's none of your business. Why do you guys like poke nosing on other people's business? Are you ok now that you've seen my face? Are you the one sent to monitor my movements? This is me. You can now go on and spread the fucking rumor on social medias about me. I'm sure you took enough pictures yesterday while I was drunk so Why are you here this morning again? Were they not enough?"I asked her in anger.
    She stares at me for a while before replying."really? But I'm not someone like that. I think you misunderstand me. I really mean no harm and I didn't take any picture of you. I'm sorry if I really got you mad by bringing you home. I'm deeply sorry for not minding my business as you said. I'll leave now after you accept this"she said stretching the nylon to me. "It's some hangover pills. It'll make you get better quickly"she said. She placed it on the stood beside and turned to leave. I looked at the nylon and sighed rolling my eyes. "Who are you?"I asked staring at her. She turned back slowly looking at me."I'm your fan"she said staring at me. "Fan?"I repeated looking surprised. I don't even think I can still have some fans left after all what's going on with me?    Could she be a spy or she's truly my fan as she said? How am I going to believe this? What if she was sent too? I can't trust people again because most of them end up betraying me. What if she is one of those people?." I thought to myself staring at her.

    Episode 7

    "It's ok if you don't believe me. I understand all what you're going through right now but my intentions towards you are not bad ones. I can't do anything to hurt you because I'm one of those fans who love seeing you happy"she said with a little smile. I was not able to say anything because I was short of words.
    "Bye. I wish to see you again"she said and left shutting the door to my face. I moved back and sat gently on the couch hanging my head.
    "I don't want to fall victim again. I have a very flexible heart. I trust people easily and always end up been betrayed. I can't let that happen again. Never! Even if she's my fan, that doesn't mean I can trust her because I have many of them who betrayed me too. I have to stay alone. I have to fight alone for what's mine. I can't stumble again. Enough of all this heartbreak. I have to fight back and clear my bad name."I thought to myself tightening my fist.
    Annabel's POV
    After work, I was leaving for home. I'll have to take the taxi today because my car has a little fault.
    When I got out, I met Josh by his car. "Goodbye miss Anna"he said smiling. "Oh goodbye"I replied.
    I was walking to the bus stop but a car stopped beside me. "You didn't bring your car today?"Josh asked looking at me. "Yes. It actually has little fault"I said. "Ok. Would you mind if I drop you off today then?"he asked. I first hesitated but he insisted so, I have no choice than to get in. I sat down using the seat belt then he continue driving. "I noticed you don't look good today is there any problem?"he asked as I was staring blankly at the road. "That's true."I said not looking at him. "Oh. Can you share it with me?"he asked and I looked at him. He shrugged with a smile. "It's nothing much. Don't worry about me I'll be fine"I said. "Ok. If you don't wish to tell me."he said.
    "Uhmm. It's about a friend if mine"I started.
    "Well he is not really my friend because we are not that close."I said with a little smile. Josh look at me then concentrated on the road. "What happened to her"he asked.
    "It's nothing bad. It's just that he's having a hard time right now and I feel so hurt to see him that way. I wish to help him but he won't trust me so I really don't know what to do. That's what has been on my mind since morning"I said playing with my fingers.
    "Really? Maybe he can't trust you because you guys are not really close or maybe he had been betrayed a lot in the past."josh said.
    "Oh. I guess that's it"I said. "Well it's ok. If you really want him to trust you, you have to prove it to him."he said.
    "Prove? How?"I asked staring at him.
    I got home one evening and was in my room preparing some food. Even since that day incident, I didn't see Dave  again and wonder if all is ok with him or could he have moved from his apartment because of me? Or maybe he locks himself in all day because he doesn't want to go out. I thought to myself.
    After i'm done preparing the dishes, I served myself and put some in flask too.
    I dressed myself properly and took the one in the flask heading out. "I hope he'll accept it and welcome me this time"I said smiling. I got to Dave's apartment, and pressed the bell. No one answered and I pressed it again. I pressed it the third time before someone opened the door. I couldn't see anyone at the door step and was wondering who opened the door. I walked in slowly with the flask behind me. Everywhere was dark and I wonder if someone is still home. Of course it's a person that opened the door. I looked around the dark room walking slowly and when I looked back, I saw a dark figure behind me. "Oh my God!"I screamed out of fear dropping the flask on the door and followed it after. I looked down in fear closing my eyes afraid to look up again. I opened my eyes and the lights came on. I looked up and saw dave before me. He was wearing black all through and was even covering his head with a big hoodie. I breath out feeling relieved. "Why are you dressed like that? You almost kill me"I said looking at him. He smirked looking at me. I stood up adjusting my dress. "Will you stop dressing like ghosts and stop scaring people"I said looking at him. He had this confused look on his face. "Why are you here?"he asked.
    "I came here because I was worried about you.
    You never came out, I don't know if you're fine or not. I didn't see you for couple of days now so I wonder what's going on with you"I said sounding worried. I looked back at the flask on the floor and took it up. "I brought some side dishes for you. I can at least still do this as a caring neighbor right?"I said smiling while stretching the flask to him. He stares at me blankly with an expression I couldn't read. He then smirked and rolled his eyes. "I'm sure you're gonna enjoy it because I'm a great cook. I can bring more if this...."
    "What do you want from me?"he asked staring at me. What does he mean?  Am I not suppose to do this too?"I thought to myself staring at him strangely.
    "How funny. The more I look at you, the more suspicious you are. Is there something you want to get from me?"he asked looking straight into my eyes while moving closer. I was stepping back slowly too staring at him. "But you're so brave. How dare you come into a guy's house by this time of the night?"he asked moving closer. I was moving back until I got to the wall and couldn't move any further again. I froze looking at him in the eyes when he stopped before me. He placed his hands at both side of the wall looking straight into my eyes with a  half smile. "Are you not scared of what might happen to you? Don't you think that guy who you barely know might be a dangerous guy truly?"he said. He touched my neck softly moving his lips to my ear. "What if he does something you didn't expect him to?."he asked. His hot breath fanned against my skin and sent shiver to down my spine. I closed my eyes holding my fist tightly and let out a soft sigh. "What if he truly did what he was accused of and do the same to you too?"he asked and brushed his lips softly against my collar bone.
    "I believe you're not that kind of person. I know you didn't do it. I trust you."I said. He moved from my ear and looked at my eyes."Who are you to say you trust me? Do you even know me that much? You know nothing about me. You're just a mare fan. What would you know about Dave?"he asked looking at me so closely. "Stop playing hard to get. You're not that kind of person. Stop forcing yourself to act tough it doesn't suit you at all. I saw it all through you. I trust and believe you're not that kind of person even if no one does. I know you can't"I said looking at him.
    The expression on his face changed and he became calm. He dropped his hands from the wall with his sparkling brown eyes boring into mine. I took a deep breaths staring at him too.

    Episode 8

    Dave's POV
    Her words calmed me and I moved away from her leaving some space between us. So there's still someone who still believe in me? There's still a person who trust me.
    "I wish to help but how can I do that when you don't give me a chance? I want you to go back being that amazing dave who put smile on people's face with his music. I love to see you sing and I wish you can do it again"she said looking at me. "Do you think I can do it again? Is there possibility I'll be at the top again?"I asked staring at her. She smiled nodding her head.
    "You will. I believe you can do it. Don't give up keep going. It's your dream you can't stop chasing it until you get there"she said.
    "Are you really wishing to help?"I asked and she nodded her head. "I will. I'm ready. If it's to make you rise again, I'm fully ready to risk anything just for you"she said and my heart melted. I was staring at her without a word and she was smiling looking happy.
    Annabel's POV
    It's a Sunday morning and my day off too. I was cleaning up and rearranging my room because Rachael is coming to visit me with our old friends.
    After I cleaned up everywhere and trashed the junks, I sat on the couch in the living room feeling exhausted. I took my phone and unlocked it.
    It's 9:10am. I guess Dave would still be indoor or probably gone to see his friends. I decided to send a message to him. "Good morning"I typed and sent it. Few minutes later, he replied. "Hy"
    "How was your night?"I asked. "Not bad and yours?"he replied.
    "Are you home?"I asked again.
    "No, I'm not"
    "Ok. When you get home,you can call me. I have something to tell you"
    "Yeah"I replied and dropped my phone. I never told Rachael about who my neighbor is. I want to keep it a secret between both of us because I promised to. I rested my head back on the couch staring at the roof. I heard my phone ring tone and I took it thinking it's Dave but to my disappointment, it is not.
    Lovely dad was displayed on the screen. I frowned not wanting to pick it up. It went off then started ringing again. I don't know why he's calling. I've been refusing to pick his call since these days but he keep calling. My lovely dad just turn to someone I don't want to hear his voice. I moved my hand to my phone slowly debating whether to pick it or not.
    Finally, I picked it and placed the phone to my ear. "Annabel"I heard his voice but I kept mute. It has been a while I head that voice so I felt somehow. He called my name again but I didn't reply. "Annabel are you there?"he asked but tears only dropped from my eyes. "Why are you like this Anna? Please come back home. I've missed you a lot. Don't you even care to see me anymore? You remembered how you call often then telling me you miss me,has it changed?."he asked. I sobbed and quickly ended the call. Tears streamed down my cheek uncontrollably.
    Why do I hate him so much? He's my dad but I don't want to get involve with him anymore. I believed he neglected me because of his new family. My lovely dad turned to someone I don't want to see but I miss him too.
    I wish mum was still alive so we can live happily as we were before. I miss my mum so much.
    I buried my face down crying out my heart.
    "Honey we're here"I heard Rachael's voice and I quickly came out of my room.
    I got to the living room and saw her with Lizzy and Bella. "Hy guys"I greeted sitting beside Rachael while they were both sitting opposite to us. "What's up girl. Long time no see"Bella said with a smile. "Yes. It's been long. How have you guys being?"I asked.
    Lizzy and Bella are my old friends. We all went to the same high school and college. It has only been two years and their faces has changed.
    We talk and gist about things.
    After a while, I went to bring whine and some snack I prepared for them and turned on the music.
    It was Dave's song playing because I have a lot of them. The title is "my angel"
    I went back to sit down and we continued our chats. "Wow looks like you're Dave's fan too?"Bella said smiling. "Yes I am"I replied and threw a snack into my mouth. "That's good. I was one of his fan too"she said. "You were one of his fan?"I asked staring at her. "Yeah. Don't you know about what he did?"Lizzy asked.
    I was staring at them not replying. "Well the rumor was all over the internet. I stop being his fan because I think he is a pervert"Lizzy added.
    Rachael looked at me and shook her head. "He might be accused wrongly. He is not what you guys think he is. He can't do such thing."I said. "Really? What if he truly did it? No one knows anyway but the pictures proved it all. now, everyone knows he's nothing but a perverted jerk"Bella said and I couldn't control my anger again. "You better watch your mouth"I said in anger. Rachael pulled my skirt winking at me. Bella and Lizzy looks at me in confusion. I then came back to my senses. "Sorry guys. I think I overreacted. Don't mind me"I said laughing. They both smiled too and drank some whine. I eyed them badly when they were not looking and Rachael pinched my arm.
    Dave's POV
    I was coming back from my parents home and was heading back home. I wasn't putting on a mask because I was in the car and I just left my family's home too.
    I was thinking about how things are going with me currently.
    I have been thinking so hard to remember what happened that night but I couldn't. I'm sure something is wrong somewhere. Was I drugged? I have to remember for me to figure out how I'm going start my investigation.
    I heard a hard bump and I came back to my senses.
    A car just bumped into me. I pulled over and got down from my car to check. The side mirror of the other car was broken and my car has a little scratch. I'm sure the car bumped into mine. The car pulled over too and a lady came out. She was putting on a red sleeveless short gown which was tight and revealing her laps. She wore black heels and had a long hair tied in ponytail. "What the hell just happened?"she said looking at her car. She then raised up her head and faced me with her face frowned but immediately she saw me, her expression changed and she had a smile on. "I'm sorry I bumped into your car"she said looking at me. "Yes you should be sorry because you scratched my car"I said. "Oh my God. Are you really Dave?"she asked in excitement but I kept mute in confusion staring at her.

    Episode 9

    I don't think I know her or could she be one of my fans too?. I thought to myself.
    "Hy I'm Regina matins. A fan of yours. It's good to see you like this"she said. "Oh. Ok miss Regina. Thank you"I said. "Well if you don't mind, can I have a picture with you?"she asked smiling.
    I don't want to but I can't say no too. I put on a nervous smile and said ok. She went to bring her phone and came beside me. She stretched her phone forward and took a selfie smiling. She took couples of pics and finally stopped. I took a breath of relieve when she moved away from me. "Thanks for you time. It's great to meet you in person. And I'm sorry for the accident."she said. "It's ok. You don't have to"I said with a fake smile.
    "I think I need to go"I said and left her. "Ok bye. I wish to see you again"she said and I went into my car. I sighed relaxing my head back on the seat.
    "Looks like I still got some die hard fans of mine left."I said and smiled. I started the car and left.
    Annabel's POV
    Rachael and the girls left and I was the only one at home again. I was watching a movie in the living room with a big cup of popcorn before me. It's 6:35pm, I guess Dave won't be home yet.
    After some minutes, I dozed off already and it was the ring tone of my phone that woke me. I opened my eyes and sluggishly reached my hand for my phone. I took it to my face and saw Dave on the screen. I jumped up on my feet quickly and cleared my throat before picking it.
    "Hello"I said.
    "Hy. You told me to call you when I'm home"he said. "Yes. Are you home?"I asked and he replied yes. I dropped the call without bothering to ask if I should come or not. I went into my room and changed into something comfortable. A pink sweatshirt and a blue Jean. I dressed my hair properly and sprayed some collagen on myself. It's not like I'm going for a date. I wonder why I'm doing all this just to visit a neighbor close to me. I thought to myself.
    I took my phone and headed out.
    When I got to his door, I pressed the bell. But no response. He just doesn't opened the door on time. Is that a habit?
    I pray he doesn't put off the lights today too. I took a deep breath and wanted to press the bell again but the door flung open. I looked inside then stepped in when I didn't see him. The door closed and I looked back. He was standing behind the door. He look at me and I put on a shy smile raising my hand. "Hy"I said. "Hy"he replied staring at me. Thank God he's not putting on all black today. He wore a blue Polo and black short. He looks so amazingly sexy. Well, he's always like that. Dripping hot. Hell no!. What am I thinking again. Just get to your senses Annabel."I thought to myself.
    "You can have your seat."he said in his soft friendly tone. "Thanks"I said and went to sit down on the couch.
    He sat opposite to me and was staring at me not blinking. I caught his eyes and I blushed. Oh my God I hope he won't notice how embarrassed I am right now. There was an awkward silent between us and my heart was beating fast that I think he can heart it too. Stop you stupid heart.
    "Uh... You said you have something to say"he said breaking the long silent.
    "Oh yeah."I said not looking at his face. I think his face makes my heart go crazy when I see it. It's better to avoid them till I finish whatever I wish to say or I might end up saying nonsense. "What is it?"he asked.
    "Yes. It's about the inci..."I looked up and caught his eyes. I stopped and hiccup. I covered my mouth and quickly looked back down. "Sorry"I said feeling embarrassed. "Is there a problem?"he asked. "No but..."I said and look at him. "What?"he asked staring back at me.
    Oh my God! I can't do this. No I can't. I can't" I thought to myself.
    "Please Can you do me a favour right now?"I asked.
    Dave's POV
    I was sitting on the stood instead of the couch with my back turned to her. I wonder why she asked me to do it. Does my face irritates her or I look scary to her?"I thought to myself in confusion.
    "I'm sorry I ask you to do this but I have no choice"she said. "It's ok. You can go on"I replied with a little smile.
    "Ok. About the incident, can you remember anything that happen to you that night?"she asked. I thought and thought but couldn't.
    "No. I can't"I said.
    "I think that'll be hard. You must have been put on heavy drugs"she said. "You think so too?"I asked and turned to her face. She didn't reply but was staring blankly at my face. I think I scared her. "Oh sorry"I said and turn back again.
    "Ok."she said and I folded my arms quietly.
    "Yes. I think you were drugged but still, you should be able to remember"she said. "I try doing that but I couldn't"I said.
    She was quite for a while then spoke again.
    "Ok was there anyone else there with you at the club. Maybe someone who you went with"she asked. "Yes there is. Michael was there but he went out to make call. He told me he could not find me again when he got back"I said.
    "That's strange."she said.
    "Michael is a suspect"she said and that made me turn to her.
    "What?"I asked staring her her in confusion.
    "Yes. If he truly can't find you, the first thing that he should do is to call the police but he didn't? He went home alone. Why?"she asked looking at me. "But Michael can't do that."I said.
    She put on a half smirk and stood up staring at me. "You still trust people at this stage?"she asked. I then think about everything again. It's true Michael went out saying he have to pick a call but he told me while we were in the car that his phone was off. Could Michael know about this too?"I thought to myself.
    "Suspect number one is Michael."she said. "I think you're right"I said looking at her.
    "We need to do proper investigation. First of all, we're going to visit the club you went to that night maybe you can start picking some things from there or what do you think?"she asked and I reason with her. "Ok. That'll be good."I said and she smiled. "I believe we can do it together"she said raising her hand. I looked at it confused on why she was raising it. She took my hand up and gave me a high five smiling.
    I smiled too staring at her. She stopped smiling and was staring at me with and unknown expression. "Why? Is there a problem again?"I asked but she shook her head looking down. There she goes again. Avoiding eyes contact with me. "Why? Am I looking that scary even when I smile?"I asked.
    "Scary?"she asked looking at me. "Hell no!. Your smile are so perfect. I mean it makes my heart stop that I think I might collapse. You're so amazingly handsome Dave"she said and I almost blush. People tell me that a lot so I'm not surprise to hear it from her too. "Really?"I smiled looking at her.
    She was quiet after saying that and I guess she was embarrassed.
    "Oh...Sorry...I think I should go now. Goodnight"she said and turned back not looking at me. I stared at her in confusion until she was out. I smiled again and sat on the couch. "How cute"i said. Oh that means she actually told me to turn back while she talk because she doesn't want to meet eyes with me?"I thought to myself and smiled shaking my head.

    Episode 10

    Annabel's POV
    I got into my room and threw myself hard on the sofa in embarrassment. "Why did I end up saying that? No. I shouldn't have"I said kicking my feet roughly.
    After a while, I stopped and stayed calm. I looked up at the wallpaper before me and covered my face again. Looks like he's smiling at me for real."Don't look at me like that. I also know I'm a fool"I said. A massage notification came on my phone and I jumped to check it.
    "Goodnight" a message from Dave.
    "What? He texted good night to me? Why?"I asked myself looking at my phone. Then the image form in my head. "Goodnight"he said smiling brightly at me. I shook my head to snap out of it. "I must be crazy." I said hitting my head. I fell back to the bed staring at the message with my phone close to my face.
    Two days later, I went out to get some foodstuffs. This time, I paid more attention to my purse in case someone remove it again like the other time.
    I was heading in when a guy bumped into me. "I'm sorry"he said said and was leaving. I was going inside too but then remembered how it happened the other time. I checked myself and my wallet was gone. I quickly turn back and saw the guy moving so fast. He looked back too and our eyes met. I frowned my face know he took my purse. Immediately he saw this, he started running. I tied my hair back in ponytail and started running after him. I chased after him for like 3minutes without catching up with him. "Stop right now!. If I catch you, you're dead"I screamed still running after him. When I almost got him, someone put their leg on the road and he missed a step. he flew up then landed on the floor. He was groaning in pain trying to get up. I looked at the person that helped me but he was having a mask on. I quickly jumped on the thief when he wanted to run again. I twisted his arm and place it on his back sitting on him. He screamed in pain hitting his palm on the floor. I removed my purse from his pocket and kept it. I then removed my shoe and started hitting his head. "You this jobless thing. You're dead today."I said hitting his head hard. Soon I heard the siren and looked up. The police are here. I got up and took him up not releasing him. I wanted to hit him with my shoe again but someone held my hand from behind. He removed the mask and I was shocked to see him. "You can take him"he said to the cops and they took the thief in after putting handcuff on him.
    "What are you doing here?"I asked staring at Dave who was still holding me. He looked down at my leg and I felt embarrassed. "Are you not going to put on your shoe?"he asked. I dropped it and quickly put it on. I then got up and faced him again.
    "I was surprise to see you here. Did you call the police?"I asked and he nodded his head. "I can't watch a girl kill someone right in front of me"he said and I got embarrassed. "Why are you here anyway?"I asked. "I was actually waiting here for a friend"he said. "Oh. I came to get some foodstuffs at a store down there"I said.
     "You're stronger than I think"he said and I smiled shyly.
    You think I would act that way if I knew he was the guy standing there since?  How embarrassing. I thought to myself. "Bye. See you later"he said with a smile and his deep dimples formed on both cheeks. "Bye"I said and was leaving to go back to the store which was not far from there.
    A guy came around and they both went into the car.  I was thinking all sort of things on my way back. Did I overreact? Would he think I'm a mean girl or would he think I'm a gangster? I shouldn't have act up earlier"I thought to myself feeling bad.
    I was sitting in the living with Rachael watching Harry Potter together because she has been disturbing to watch the movie again. This is making it the 5th times we are watching the movie. I wonder if she doesn't get tired of it.
    I wasn't really concentrating because I was surfing the internet.
    "I think something is strange with you these days"Rachael said. "What's that?"I asked not looking at her. "You don't mention anything about Dave like you used to before. Are you over him already?"she asked and I raised up my head. "Uh... Uhm...that's true. It's not that I don't talk about him again. It's just that I think I need to give it some rest or what do you think?"I said smiling nervously. "Wow. Unbelievable!"she said in surprise and I smiled nodding my head. I can't tell her anything yet. But she's going to act up once she find out. I just hope she won't get mad too much.
    My phone started ringing and I took it thinking it's Dave but it was an unknown number. I answered it and placed it to my ear. "Hello miss Anna"a familiar voice said. "Hello"I said.
    "I called just to tell you Mr matins is really sick and he was admitted today. I think I should tell you because you're his daughter"Mr Raymond said on phone. "My dad?. What's wrong? What happened? Hope he's fine?"I asked getting off the couch. Rachael got up too and was staring at me confused. "Ok. I'll be there right now."I said and cut off the call. "What's wrong? Is he ok?"rachael asked. "I don't know too. I think I need to get home right now"I said. "But it's late"she said checking the time. I looked at my wristwatch and saw it almost 9pm. "Don't worry. I'll be fine"I said and went inside to change. A call came in again and I checked it and it was madam Lisa. I don't want to pick it at first but took it to hear what she have to say.
    "Hello"she said and I replied.
    "Mr Raymond told me he called and told you about your dad's health."she said. "Yes. He did"I replied.
    "Don't worry about coming home. I'll take good care of him ok?. Don't bother to show up. Just be as you used to up till this moment don't ever think of coming home"she said.
    There she goes again, threatening me. The same way she did until I left home for her and her useless daughter.
    "Why would you tell me that? He is my father too. It's my right to look after him"I said confidently.
    "Oh. You talk back now? You've grown a lot I guess. So it's now you know he's your responsibility too? When you left home, you didn't think of that?"she asked harshly.
    "What's your business with how I live my life? You can't tell me whether I'm to visit my dad or not. It's not your right to say that. Just mind your business and leave me alone ok?"I said and cut off the call then took my car key and headed out.

    Episode 11

    I got to the gate and it was opened after the security confirmed who I am and I drove down towards the garage. I packed and got down closing the door.
    I rushed towards the building hoping my dad would be ok. I might resent him, I might hate him for neglecting me but I don't want any bad to happen to him because he's the only family I have left in this world.
    Soon, I was in his room. He was lying on the bed while his PA, Mr Raymond was sitting beside him. I walked on slowly looking at him. "You're welcome miss anna"Mr Raymond greeted when he saw me. Immediately he called my name, dad looked at my direction and was trying to get up when he saw me. I quickly went to him and supported him. "You really came?"he asked looking at me. The look on his face were sad. I wonder how much he missed me. "Yes. I have to check on you"I said not looking at him.
    "I'll take my leave now. Goodnight sir"Mr Raymond said and bowed before going out. Dad managed to get up and sat on the bed and I was sitting on the couch beside his bed. "I'm really sorry about everything. I missed you a lot. Please come back home"he said. "I'm not happy when I heard you're sick. You know I don't like to see you sick am always scared. How are you feeling? Are you ok?"I asked looking at him.
    "It's not severe. Just the heart pain again. My doctor just left a while ago. I'll be fine soon don't worry about that."he said. "Will you come back home?"he asked. "I can't."I replied. "Why Annabel? Everything is fine now. I already talked to your mother and Regina. I promise they won't give you hard time anymore. They've changed. It's ok. You can come home now"he said feeling sad.
    "No dad. Don't worry about me living all by myself. I'm not a kid anymore. I'll be 23 soon, I'm all grown to do that. I can't continue living with you forever. Ok I've forgiven everyone for what had happened in the past but I can't live here anymore."I said.
    He took a deep breath then nodded his head. "Fine if that's what you want but promise you would start picking my calls and visit often. If you can do that at least, I'll be ok"he said. I thought about it for a while before giving him reply. "Ok dad."I said looking at him. "Thank you. I'm sorry for everything"he said and I smiled. "It ok. I'm good"I said. We talked about some other things before I finally decided leave.
    "It's late. You can't leave tonight. Why not wait till morning before leaving?"dad said looking concern.
    "Ok. I'll do that"I said smiling.
    "I'm going to sleep in my room then. Goodnight"I said and stood up. I gave him a big hug before leaving for the door.
    When I got outside, I met Regina on my way. She folded her arms staring at me badly. I stopped, staring back at her. "Any problem?"I asked. "Did you come back?"she asked twisting the tip of her hair. "And if I do?"I asked her. She laughed mockingly then eyed me badly. "That's good because I've missed you sis"she said faking a smile. "Oh really?"I asked. "Yeah. Because another slave is here again. That's a bonus for me I think"she said laughing. I clenched my teeth tightening my fist.
    She moved closer to me folding her arms. "You're welcome the loyal dog"she said and laughed.
    That's how she and her mother treat me when I still live with them. They use me like a slave and the worst part of it is they don't even call me by my name. That's the name they call me "loyal Dog" but they act normal when dad is around. I dare not tell him because my step mother is a very wicked woman. She'll beat hell out of me later if I do. The day I finally gained freedom from them was the happiest day of my life. Although I've been asking and begging my dad to let me live separately but he always go against it telling me he can't live far from me until a night that I threatening to stab myself with a knife if he doesn't approve to it. He was scared and finally let me go. That was 2years ago after my graduation from college. Regina and I attend same school right from highschool. Life was like hell for me in school because she's always picking on me with some other mean girls.
    Now I think those days are gone. I've suffered for good 8years living with them. I have fought for my freedom now, it's time to fight for my right too.
    Regina looks at me and had the disgusting evil smile on as usual. "Oh. Have you forgotten the name given to you already?"she asked and wanted to touch my face. I held her hand and dropped it down. Giving her a killer look with an evil smile. "Be careful. I do bite now"I said smiling. She was shocked but was at the same time angry.
     "You guys don't know. When you treat a weak dog badly too much, at first, it might be scared and run away from you anytime you're around but a day is coming when it'll turn back at you and fight back by biting you angrily for the bad treatments. You'll then end up been in pain an regret treating it badly all this while because you don't expect such dog might be dangerous too."I said staring at her. She was quiet not saying anything but staring at me in surprise.
    I walked closer and moved my mouth to her ear. "So, be careful"I said and walked pass her.
    I got to my room and closed the door taking a deep breath. "Oh my God! Did I say all that?"I said feeling my heart. That was hard tho but I think I did a great job. I smiled to myself in satisfaction and laid on the bed.
    A message came into my phone and I quickly checked it. "Anna is dad ok?"Rachael asked. "Yeah he's fine. I won't come home tonight ok"I messaged her.
    "Ok. Take care of him and be careful on your way back"she said. Another message came in from Dave and I checked.
    Dave: Hy Anna. Where are you? I remembered something.
    I quickly jumped up from bed and dialed his number feeling impatient to hear about it.

    Episode 12

    He didn't pick up my calls. Could he be sleeping already?
    I thought to myself and dialed again. he wasn't picking, I decided to leave early the following morning and went to sleep.
    I woke up by 7am, dressed up and was preparing to leave. I took my bag and went to say good bye to dad. I told him I'll visit often just as I promised. I left his room after our discussion and was going out. When I got downstairs, I saw Mrs Lisa sitting on the couch with cup of whine before her. The maid was cut her nails for her.
    "You're leaving already?"she asked and I looked at her direction. What does it have to do with her if I'm leaving? Not like she really want me to start living with them again. "Yeah"I said and continued walking to the entrance.
    "Didn't I tell you not to come? Looks like you're disobeying your mother again"she said and I turned to her. "Mother? Oh that's true I forgot I have another mother"I said. The expression on her face was unreadable as she was staring at me. She signaled for the maid to stop and she left after bowing to her. She then sat properly looking at me. I was staring at her with so many bad thoughts running through my mind. Should I just snap her neck and kill her. Or I should just hit her head with the wine bottle? I wish she got choke with the wine and die instead, I can't kill her with my hands."I thought to myself.
    "Really?"she said and smiled. "I think you've become brave while you were out but I don't think it would be of any use. If you continue this way, you might end up dead like your mother. Just be loyal as you use to and don't trying acting strong before me"she said. I got so angry and hurt by her words. "I'm... Not afraid anymore. From now on, I won't let you intimidate me any longer. Enough of your evil acts"I said staring at her but she was quite not answering. "From now on, I won't give space for you and your daughter to harm me any longer. those days are of the past. it can't happen again..
    I'll promise you one thing today"I said and stopped. The reaction on her face were like that of a lion ready to bounce on it's prey. "You and your daughter will soon live to regret all your evil acts."I said. "What?"she asked in anger. I smiled nodding my head before leaving. I smiled to myself feeling so satisfy. I never saw her feel that way ever since I know her. I think I really hit her hard on the bad spot today. I thought to myself.
    Soon, I got home. I narrated everything that happened to Rachael. She felt so happy about what I did and credited me for my boldness. Soon she left and I was alone at home. I remembered what Dave told me last night and I quickly got up to go to his apartment.
    I pressed the bell several times but no response. After some minutes of waiting, I unlocked the door and got in. "Dave!"I called his name but no respond. Could he still be sleeping?"I asked myself looking around. I checked the time and it's 10am. He can't possibly still be in bed. He didn't pick my calls last night too. Could he be sick? I thought to myself. I dialed his number but his phone was ringing on the center table beside me. I took it wondering why it's there. "Dave! Dave are you ok?"I asked walking to the door of his room. I was imaging a lot of things in my head thinking he might be sick. I got to the entrance and heard the door sound. "Anna?"I heard a voice and the door opened. I was shocked to see him. He was standing holding the door.
    I looked at him from head to toe with my jaw dropped.
    He was in the bathroom all this while. A white towel was wrapped around his waist while water drip down his amazing abs. He looks so hot that I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Guys have six packs but I think Dave's own is twelve. I heard him say something but I was lost in my own fantasy as I stares at him. I looked at his face after checking him out for long. "Uh? Did you just say something?"I asked looking at him. He was quiet not saying anything but staring at me. I couldn't hold on to staring at him. I think I might pass out soon because my heart was about to jump out of my chest.
    I blinked my eyes and turned my back to him. "I...i'm so..rry. I didn't know you were taking your bath. I'll come back later then"I said and was leaving.
    "You haven't answer my question"he said and I froze. Did he ask me anything? When was that? What is it? I knew he said something but I didn't hear.
    I was thinking so hard to recall but I could not. This is so embarrassing...

    Episode 13

    I turned to him slowly scratching the back of my neck. "I'm sorry. I didn't hear what you said"I said looking down in embarrassment.
    "I asked how you got in. I didn't open the door for you. How did you know my password?"he asked staring at me.
    "Oh that?"I asked looking at him and he nodded his head. "Actually, when I brought you home that night. I didn't know your password and you refused to tell me so, I tried your date of birth and it works"I said.
    "Like seriously? You even know my date of birth?"he ask in surprise.
    Dave's POV
    Soon I went to the living room after changing and found her viewing the photo albums I left on the table last night. I went to sit quietly beside her. She looked at me strangely with a little frown. "Why?"I asked staring at her. She covered her mouth with her hand staring at me. "Why?"I asked again curiously. She then removed her hand and bursted into laughter. I was so surprised and confused. I stares at her the way she laughs. What could be cracking her up this much. Don't tell me she....
    I quickly reached my hand for the album but she snatched it from me still laughing. "Unbelievable"she said and laughed a little.
    "Give it back. You're not allowed to touch that"I said looking at her. She opened it back and showed me the picture of when I was small. In the picture, I was putting on dad's suit which looks like a gown on me and an oversized shoe with a big hat covering covering almost my whole face. That day was just so funny that mum took some pictures of me.
    "Is this you?"she asked trying hard not to laugh.
    "W..why would you think that is me?"I asked trying to deny.
    She started laughing again looking at me. "I know it's you. You're so much alike"she said.
    "Oh really. Ok it's me"I said feeling a bit embarrassed. "This is so funny. I can't just stop watching."she said cleaning the tears on her face. "Is it that funny?"I asked. "Yeah. You're so cute and adorable"she said smiling. Wow I think that made my heart flutters. I stares at her  beautiful smile and a smile formed on my face too.
    She sat down and I did too. "Ok. What is it you remembered?"she asked.
    Oh that's true I wanted to tell her yesterday but I slept of while typing.
    "Uhm. Last night, i remembered, while I was laying on bed at the hotel room, someone was removing my cloth. A guy and a lady was standing behind him. I couldn't see his face clearly but he had a tattoo on his arm. I think it's some Chinese character tattoo"I said.
    "After that did you remember anything else?"she asked looking more serious.
    "Uhmmm. No that's all I could recollect."I said. She sighed thinking so hard. "A tattoo. We got an hint. I'm sure there's possibility we might get this people at the club tonight"she said.
    I looked at her and nodded my head.
    Anna's POV
    I was getting dressed in my room preparing for the club mission.
    I brought out some cloths debating on which one is suitable for a club. I searched and finally I got it.
    A short black ripped miniskirt and an armless topped which had an opening on the chest and the back was very low too.
    I put it on and went to look myself in the mirror. "Aww. Who's that? Am sure that's not Annabel"I said making a disgust look. The clothes are way too exposing but I just have to put it on to get attention at the club so that I can get the tattoo guy somehow. I looked down at my chest and was covering it with my hand. It expose my cleavage and I think am not different from a prostitute.
    But I have to put it on just for tonight. Let's do it for Dave"I thought to myself smiling.
    After I was done, I put on a black heels and took my bag heading out to Dave who was waiting in the compound for me.
    I got downstair and walked to his car feeling a little ashame of my outfit. I spotted Dave standing by his car pressing phone. When I got to him, he looked up at me. He was surprises because his expression said it. His jaw dropped and he couldn't blink his eyes while staring at me. The car key he was holding, fell down from his hand and he didn't notice. "Why? Is this bad"I asked drawing the skirt down a little. He stared off blinking his eyes. "It's too..."he stopped and looked at me. Too bad? I thought to myself.
    "It's too sexy!"he said. "Sexy?"I repeated looking at him. "But It's ok. Just for tonight"he said not looking at me. I bent down and picked up the car key for him. "Oh. Thanks"he said and laughed. I was confused by his attitude tonight. It's unlike him.
    We got into the car and he drove to the club.
    When we got there, we both came down but he had his mask on as usual so people won't recognise him. We both looked at each other and nodded our head before moving in. I removed the band I use to tie my hair up and let it flow behind me. I walked into the club in action swaying my hips sexily.
    I could see guys drooling over me already. "Hey" "what's up babe" "sexy" I heard different comments from the guys.
    Now let's get to the plan A. I looked at Dave and winked at him. He nodded his head and went to sit on a chair not far from me. I looked around and saw the number of guys I caught their attentions. I smiled and moved to the pole. I removed by shoes and dropped them down. I looked back and saw Dave staring at me in confusion cause he had no idea of what I was about doing. I dropped my hair on one side in sexy way. I looked at the guys and wink. It was then I spotted a guy staring at me from a corner. He was holding a cup of wine. When he took the wine to his mouth, I clearly saw the tattoo on his arm. That is him. My mind said. There was a lady before him but I bet he was drooling over me too. I got up on stage and Dave stood up staring at me. I held the pole before me and curled around it. I pushed my butt back and was swaying my hips left and right. Yes, I'm stripping. Lol. I think this is fun. I was doing it like a pro thanks to YouTube and my love for dance too.
    It got to a stage that the guy moved away from the Lady before him and came closer to where I am. I could see the lady dragging him back but he jacked off her hand. I winked at him and he smiled coming closer. I continue stripping sexily getting all the guys really crazy already because some wanted to touch me but I pushed their hands away.
    The guy was coming closer and Dave get up too when he saw the guys trying to touch me.
    The tattoo guy got to me smiling. I wanted to move back to avoid him touching me but he touched my butt smiling and brought his hand up placing it on my tiny waist. I was shocked and angry at the same time. "Can I have you for tonight? I'll pay you any...." He didn't finish talking before a heavy punch landed on his face. Some guys moved back when he fell hard on the floor. I was surprise and looked at the person that punched him. "Dave?"I thought to myself in shock.
    He looks at me and I looked down at the tattoo guy. I quickly got down from the stage and wanted to help the guy up because we can't lose him. We need to get information from him but I think Dave is ruining it. As I wanted to touch the guy, Dave took my hand and dragged me out of the crowd. I removed my hand from his and he turned back staring at me. "No. Please we have to do this"I said feeling bad.
    "No. I can't stand it anymore."he said with jealousy in his voice and I stares at him in surprise.

    Episode 14

    Dave's POV
    "I can't let that lowlife jerk touch you illegally because of me. Let's just stop if possible"i said feeling angry at what the guy did.
    "No Dave. just calm. I understand what you're trying to say. I don't like it as well but we just have to do it anyway Please"she said staring at me. I stared off still feeling mad. "Ok"I said. "Trust me ok. Let me go back to him now"she said and was leaving. I moved back and sat on a chair behind hanging my head.
    She's doing all this because of me. I want her to stop but she keep insisting to help. How am I gonna pay her back with all this she's doing for me? She's really trying her best to help me and I can see that.
    I looked up and saw her leaving with the guy. He was wrapping his arm around her waist and they were both going in. I stood up feeling more angry. I feel like breaking his ribs. I tightening my fist feeling mad.
    Immediately they left, I followed after. They entered a room and the door closed. I drew my mask down feeling so hot. Why am I doing this? Am I really jealous?
    I thought to myself. When I heard voices, I went to the door and placed my ear on it to listen but the voice stopped.
    I'm so curious and dying to know what's going on inside but I have to be patient because I trust Annabel. She's a very smart girl. I stood by the door in panic. Seconds, minutes, hours I was still standing there. Until finally, the door opened. Annabel was coming out while the guys was lying on the bed. I think he slept. Immediately Anna got out, I rushed to her looking at her face. "Are you ok? What happened? He didn't try anything funny with you right? Please tell me everything."I said feeling impatient. "Calm down Dave. Why are you like this?"she asked looking at me weirdly. "I'm sorry. But what happened between you guy?"I asked feeling so curious.
    "You didn't even ask if the plan went well."she said staring at me. "You're more important right now"I said holding her. She was surprised staring at me speechlessly and We were both staring at each other. "Uhmm.  Ok. I'm fine. Nothing happened. Plan worked successfully"she said not looking at me and I smiled feeling relieved. "Ok. Let's go home for now. You must be really tired"I said. She looked up and nodded her head. "Ok"she said and we were both leaving.
    Annabel's POV
    We got home and were about departing to out apartments. "Thanks for today"he said with a smile. "It's my pleasure. Goodnight"I said. "Goodnight"he said and we both went inside.
    The following day, I got to work and carried on my normal duties at work.
    When my shift was over by 3pm and I was preparing to go home, Josh came to me. "Hy"he greeted and I replied. "I heard the manager wants to transfer you to another branch?"I asked and he smiled. "Yes. I won't be coming here again starting from tomorrow."he said. "Ok. I'll miss you"I said feeling a little sad. "Really?"he asked. "Yes. But anyway take care"I said. I was about leaving when he called my name. I turned back and he walked closer. "Hmm. There's something I have to tell you since I'm leaving soon"he said. "Ok what's it?"I asked. "We can't say it here. How about we go to a place more convenient?"he asked. I wonder what he have to say that much. "Ok."i said "should we go to the coffee shop down there?"he asked. "Alright no problem"I said with a nervous smile.
    We got there and he ordered something for us on the menu.
    He then started what he wants to say. "Are you ok here?"he asked. "Yes I'm good"I said and sip from my drink. "Actually there's something I've been wishing to tell you for long but I don't know how you'll react if I say it. Because I don't want to lose the friendship between us."he said and I was listening. "Hmm. The thing is. I like you Annabel."he said and I was a bit surprised staring at him. "Are you joking?"I asked and laughed a little but he was serious. He isn't smiling as he use to. "Oh I guess you mean it"I said. "I know it sounds funny but it's the truth. I fell for you at first sight and it keeps growing day by day as we got closer"he said.
    "I like you so much. Annabel will you go out with me?"he asked but feeling a bit nervous.
    I was surprised to hear this. Josh is just like a friend. He's nice, heartwarming, cool and handsome as well but I never had such feelings for him. I can't date him because I like another man.
    "Will you give me reply now?"he asked staring at me. I was silent for a while before I finally said something. "Uhm Josh. I understand what you said but I'm sorry"I said feeling a little bad.
    He looked down in disappointment and smiled. "Ok. I understand. You can't force yourself anyway. Thanks for your time and take care too."he said having the amazing smile on as usual. I suddenly felt like a bad guy seeing him that way. I know how he must've felt but I love another man. I can't accept his proposal.
    Dave's POV
    I was in the room working on some song I just wrote. I was playing the piano and singing at same time but my mind wasn't there. The thought of Annabel kept crossing my mind. I think I miss her.
    Oh no. I can't do this. She's just a friend. Yes. We have to stay friends. No special feeling than just a friend.
    I started the song over again trying hard to concentrate. I then remembered how she was stripping back in the other night and a smile formed on my face. I was surprised watching her that night. For a moment, I thought she was a real stripper. I think she's cute and beautiful too.
     No no no no no! Dave concentrate. I thought to myself shaking the thoughts out of my head.
    I stopped singing and wanted to start over again. This time, I heard the door bell. I smiled thinking it's Anna. When I got to the door, I opened it expecting to see her beautiful smiling face but unfortunately, I saw Jane's face. The smile on my face vanished and it turns to a frown. "Why are you here?"i asked refusing to let her in.
    She stood there staring at me. "Dave. Please would you let me in at least?"she asked. "Why should I? What else do you want from me? Enough of your fucking explanation. I don't wish to see your face again. Will you leave or you want me to slam the door on you?"I asked staring at her badly. I heard some footsteps and I saw Anna behind her. She was going to her apartment but when she heard us, she quickly walked to me and looked at Jane weirdly. "I'm home honey"Anna said and my eyes went wild. "Ho..hon... Hmm"I shut up when she pinched me a little. "Who's she?"Jane's asked staring at her. "Oh. I should be asking you that. Who are you? I'm Dave's girlfriend"Anna said folding her arms. I wanted to smile but I try heard to control my expression. "What a joke. His girlfriend?"Jane's asked and look at me confused. "Honey, Let's go inside hun. I think What we did last night made me so weak and tired. I couldn't work properly today. I came home early because I'm missing you already"she said and I started coughing. "What?"Jane said looking at Anna badly. She wrapped her arm around me tightly pushing me inside to close the door on her.

    Episode 15

    We got in and she closed the door. I was so surprised by her act.
    She was still wrapping her hands around my waist.
    "I think she left"she said.
    "Ok. Let me go then"I said and she quickly moved back. "Uhm. Sorry"she said with a little smile. "Why not go into acting?"I asked looking at her. "Me? Why?"she asked. "You're so good at it. I was surprised but thanks for saving me"I said and she smiled. "It's ok. I guess she's Jane?"she asked. "Yes. Anyway can you explain what we did last night that made you so tired cause I'm confused"I asked teasingly. "What? Uhm... That's just..."she stammered. I smiled drawing her cheek playfully. "Just kidding. You're so cute"I said smiling. She look at me and smiled too.
    "What's your plan this evening?"I asked. "Nothing"she replied. "Oh ok. How about we eat dinner together?"I requested. "Dinner? Ok"she replied. "Ok. I'll be waiting by 6pm"I said and she agreed.
    I think this is like asking her on a date indirectly.
    Annabel's POV
    "Ok"I said. "I'll take my leave now. Take care"I said and was leaving. "Ok bye"he said and I left.
    I got to my room and jumped on the bed facing up. "You're so cute"I remembered what he said and smiled burying my face in pillow.
    "I think he's cuter"I thought to myself smiling. I took my phone and was browsing the internet. I uploaded a video yesterday night. It was about Dave's issue.
    While I was with the tattoo guy, I made sure he took so much drink and started asking him questions. I set my phone camera on the table before him and it was recording him as he talk.
    We got into the room and  we not sat down. "You're such a beauty. Can't wait to have you tonight"he said. I was irritated but tried putting on a fake smile. "Would you like some drink?"I asked and he quickly agreed. I poured some in the cup and he drank it. I was stroking his back and touching him seductively while pouring more for him to drink. When he almost finish the whole bottle and I noticed he wasn't in his right sense again, I began with my questions. "Uhm. I'm curious about something"I said. "Come on baby. Ask me anything. I'm here to answer you."he said.
    "Ok. I heard Dave came to this club last month. After that, something happened, about him trying to rape a lady. I wonder if that jerk really did it"I said. He looks at me for a while and I was scared he caught on I was trying to use him. He bursted into laughter and I got more confused.
    "That jerk? Oh yeah he came to this club last month."he said and I smilies nodding my head. "I guess you saw him then?"I asked and touched his laps seductively. My back was turned to the camera so it won't capture my face.
    "Uhm. Let me tell you a secret since you're mine from now on"he said moving closer. "Yes of course I'm yours. Tell me anything I'm listening"I said smiling.
    "Actually that night he came with his manager, he didn't force to rape any lady. It was all a planed work. The idiot was put on drugs and dragged into the room. I actually brought him myself"he said. "Oh my God! You mean you guys framed him?"I asked in surprise. "Yes. You haven't hear anything. The worst part is..."he stopped and took a sip from the wine cup. "What's that?"I asked feeling so curious. "His friends paid us to do it."he said. "Which of them? Do you know him?"I asked impatiently. He stopped and was staring at me suspiciously. "Why are you so interested?"he asked and I smiled nervously. "Sorry honey. I'm just wondering"I said touching his cheek. He smiled and nodded his head. "Well it's Richard. The popular Richard known as his best friend and his manager."he finally said and my jaw dropped. I tried heard to hide the shocked expression on my face. "What a pity. So Dave is really innocent?"I asked and he nodded his head yawning. "Oh sorry. You must be feeling sleepy already"I said holding his arm. "No we have to do it before I sleep he said touching my body and about to push me to the bed. "Hold on honey. Let me take my shower first. I've been sweating from the dance earlier. Give me just 5mins I'll be back ok"I said and pecked him. "Ok baby. Don't stay long"he said and I left for the bathroom.
    I waited In there for long and went back to the room. I found him very fast asleep and I took my phone and saved the video smiling to myself.
    Back to present...
    I uploaded the video record on internet last night after cutting out some parts. It's has millions views and thousands comments. I read the comments with a smile on my face. "I think everything would be over soon."I said smiling.
    When it's almost 6pm, I got dressed and quickly went down to Dave. I got to him and we both hop in.
    I checked the internet and saw the news about Richard and Michael been arrested by the police. thanks to the help of my dad. I asked him for help last night about it. He told me the police arrested the tattoo guy and was tortured to confess. He confessed mentioning Richard and Michael's name and they were both arrested immediately this afternoon. I wonder how Dave didn't see anything about the news. Anyway I planned to make it a surprise for him. I thought to myself smiling. "Why are you so happy?"he asked staring at me. "It's nothing. You look good this evening"I complimented and he smiled. "Thanks"He said and plugged his phone with the car charger. "Your phone is off?"I asked.
    "Yeah. I actually misplaced it somewhere in my room this morning and just found it this evening after a long search."he said. "Oh. That's good"i said. "What?"he asked and I quickly realized what I said. "Oh I mean. It's good you found it"I said changing it. He smiled nodding his head.
    Soon, we got to the restaurant and he packed his car at the garage. We got got down and he took his mask and wanted to put it on but I shook my head negatively and took it from him. "You don't have to do that anymore"I said and he was confused. "Why?"he asked and his phone started ringing. He took it and went to answer the call. After he was done he came back with a more confused look. "What have you done behind me?"he asked. I smiled looking at him. "I guess you didn't see the video yet?"I asked. "Which video?"he asked confusingly.
    Dave's POV
    I was shocked when Mr mark, the president of my entertainment company called me to come and see him tomorrow. He apologized for not trusting me and also told me Richard has been arrested by police today. I just don't know what's going on right now cause I'm confused. "Please tell me. What's going on?"I asked and she showed me the video on her phone. "Sorry for not Informing you about this one earlier."she said. I was so shocked after watching the video. How could Richard and Michael do this?
    I looked around and saw people has gathered around us. They were murmuring and snapping pictures with their phones and that was because I revealed my face in public after a very long time.
     "It's Dave." "I heard Richard framed him" "oh my God. That's too bad" "I've missed him"
    "Who's that lady with him?" I heard them saying this and that. Soon, the reporters came out of nowhere and surrounded us just as if they've been monitoring me before. Flashlights and sound of the cameras filled the air. I couldn't here all what they're asking because my mind was not there.
    I looked up at Anna who was smiling happily and I sighed. "I don't know what to say right now Anna."I said looking at her. I was short of words cause she did just more than try for me. I owe her a bigger time.
    "You paid for it tonight. We are having a dinner together. That's more than enough for me cause I only imagine and does that in my dreams. now you made it turn to reality for me"she said. I shook my head staring at her. I just don't know what to do to her right now. My heart and mind want to hug her so badly cause I can't really express how happy I am. "What's wrong?"she asked and it was then I noticed tears was on my face. She moved closer and touched my face to wipe it off but I took her hand and pulled her into a tight hug smiling.

    Episode 16

    This is the most happiest moment of my life. I chose not to trust people again after so many betrayals but Anna changed that. Now I believe there are still good people out there. Everything was hopeless and hard for me until I met Annabel. She made me stand strong and at last it leads to success. She promised to reinstate me and she just did.
    After a while, I released her from the hug and was holding her shoulders with a little smile. She seemed shocked about the hug but it doesn't matter to me.
    The cameras and flashlight become more unbearable and I took her hand to go back into the car. We can't have dinner here again because of the present situation but I promise myself to make it up to her a bigger time than this. I was leading her to the car and flashlights and sound of cameras keep following us. She got in and I quickly went to the drivers seat and closed the door. I took a deep breath because the sound and noises reduced a little.
    I looked at Annabel and smiled. "As you can see we can't have the dinner anymore"I said. "It's ok. I understand."she said.
    I thought of an idea and faced her again. "How about I prepare it at home? I promise to make it great?"I said but she giggled. "Are you serious? Can you cook?"she asked. "Uhm. Yeah."I replied briefly. I know I'm not that good at it but I can still try. "Oh my God! That'll be fun. I can't wait to see how it'll be. Better then. I'll love you to do it"she said smiling. I smiled too and started the engine to go back home.
    Soon we got home. And I was in the kitchen not knowing which one to do first. I don't usually cook unless it's noodles. I prefer ordering it online or taking snacks cause I'm so worst at it.
    She waited in the living room watching tv. While I was in the kitchen. She volunteer to help but I refused because I don't want to stress her.
    Annabel's POV
    After some minutes, I stood up and decided to go and check Dave in the kitchen cause he's taking so long.
    When I got there, I was surprised to see everywhere messed up with ingredients. I opened my mouth and gasp in shock.
    "I'm done"he said facing me. I moved closer to him and checked what he prepared. Everything was half burnt. We both looked at each other and he smiled. "I guess this with be delicious"I said and laughed.
    "It have to be cause I put so much effort in it"he said.
    We sat down in the dinning after he set the table.
    I took a deep breath before taking the spoon to eat. I pray I won't die of food poisoning tonight.
    I took a spoon and ate. He looks at me smiling expecting me to comment about it. I stopped chewing and swallowed it straight.
    "Oh. It's so delicious"I said smiling. I took another spoon and forced myself to swallow it without chewing.
    "I told you it'll be delicious"he said and dipped his fork in it too. He took the first spoon and his expression changed. He quickly ran to the bathroom to pour it out. He came out and took my plate from me. "Why are you eating it as if it's good?"he asked staring at me. "It's because you put so much effort"I said. "Oh no. Are you ok? This tastes so horrible"he said feeling bad. "No it's not. It's so delicious to me"I said trying to eat again and he pushed all the plates away from me. I looked up at him and smiled. "I need to use the bathroom for a while ok"I said getting up. He stares at me until I got in and close the door.
    I got to the bathroom and bent down before the WC. I vomited everything and flushed it down. "Oh my God. I think my intestines are twisted"I said feeling bad. I stood up and went to wash my hand before going out. I opened the door and met him right in front of me. "You vomited?"he asked staring at me. "Uhm... I think I did"I said not looking at him. "And you said it good"he said.
    "That was a lie. It's the most horrible food I ever tasted"I said and he frowned a little. "I'm sorry. I can try again next time"he said feeling bad. I smiled staring at him. "Don't worry. It's fine"I said and closed the bathroom door.
    "So you won't eat dinner because of me?"he asked.
    "No. I'll prepare another one for us."I replied.
    "So will you help?"I asked and he smiled.
    After I finished preparing another one, I set the table and we had our dinner.
    We both went to the living room after he asked me to watch a movie together before leaving.
    I sat down crossing my legs and he was sitting right next to me.
    "You're a great cook"he complimented. "Well I told you the other day"I said and he smiled.
    "Well, I'm jealous of your future husband"he said and I looked at him smiling. "Why?"I asked.
    "Just that he'll be happy to have the most perfect woman on earth. You're nice, smart, a great cook and overall beautiful as well"he said and my heart skipped a bit. He actually said I'm beautiful? I thought to myself smiling.
    "You're not bad as well. Your future wife is lucky too. To have a good looking, caring and heart warming husband like you"I said and laughed nervously.
    I looked at him and found out he was staring at me. My heart started the normal stupid race again and my gaze couldn't move from his eyes. What's wrong with this awkward silence? It's making me uncomfortable.
    Finally, I blinked my eyes and pushed it with a smile. "Oh. Why am I feeling hot"i said fanning my face with my hand because my cheeks are burning.
    "Why didn't I meet a lady like you earlier?"he said and I froze in shock. Our eyes locked and I feel like there's a magnet controlling it cause I found it hard to stare off. He moved his gaze to my lips and back to my eyes. I blinked and bite my lips.  What's going to happen now? Why this stare competition?
    He was leaning closer to me and my heartbeat rate increases.
    "Oh no! Another dream?"I thought to myself.
    He leaned closer slowly until out lips are just an inch apart. This time, I didn't close my eyes cause I'm took shocked.
    He looked at my face the last time before crushing his lips on mine. My eyes were widely opened as if they are going to pop out of their sockets. He raised my shin up and deepen the kiss pulling me closer.
    Don't tell me this is a dream cause it's too real to be.

    Episode 17

    I think it's a dream but it's not. Dave kissed me. I closed my eyes and was kissing him back. It feel so good and passionate that I wish it never end anytime soon. But my phone started ringing and that made us broke apart. I took my phone and checked the caller. It's Rachael. "Hello"I said.
    "Honey, I'm on my way to your house. I'm in the elevator right now."she said. "What?"I said and stood up. Dave got up after me looking concern. She hang up already and I guess she's almost here.
    "Sorry. I need to go. Goodnight"I said rushing to the door. "Wait!"dave said coming after me. Just as I opened the door, I saw Rachael standing there before me. She looked behind me and saw Dave too. She was so shocked that the nylon she was holding fell from her hand. "What's this? Wh.. Why.."she wanted to talk but I stepped out and went to her. "We'll talk about this. Let's go inside first"I said pushing her but she was still trying to look back. I looked back at dave and he had this confused look on his face.
    I got into my apartment and closed the door. Rachael screamed at me asking for explanation.
    At last, I told her everything and apologized. Thank God she didn't get mad too much.
    I asked why she came and she told me no one was home. Everyone went to his uncle party except her so she decided to sleep at my place.
    After we talk and it's almost 10pm, she slept off and I woke her to go to the room. I went to my room too and laid on the bed but couldn't sleep. I stood up again and sat down folding my legs. I remembered the kiss and I bite my lips. "Why did he kiss me? Did he like me too?"I asked myself confusingly. But I enjoyed it because its the perfect kiss I ever had although it's not my first kiss but Dave's own feels so special and great. I feel like kissing him again but is it gonna happen again?" I thought to myself touching my lips. It took me long to sleep cause I found it hard to get his thought out of my head.
    Dave's POV
    I was lying on bed finding it hard to close my eyes. I didn't get the chance to confess about my feelings for her.
    I love Annabel. I want her to be mine because I had this feeling a very long time ago.
    I woke up in the morning and was preparing to go out to see Mr mark at the company. After I finished dressing, I took my phone and car keys and set to go.
    I opened the door to step out and Anna's door opened at same time too. She had a smile on as usual but immediately she saw me, she was shocked and acting weird. "Good morning"she greeted with a smile and was rushing out without waiting for reply. "What's she like that? Could she still be embarrassed about last night?"I thought to myself and smiled. I closed the door and went after her. "Annabel"I called her name but she increases her steps, practically running. She got into the elevator and was staring at me as I come. The elevator's door almost close but I caught on with it and got in.
    "What's wrong? Why are you avoiding me?"I asked looking at her. "Why would I avoid you? Ha ha ha. How funny."she said laughing. I sighed and put on a serious face. "Uhm.... About last night... I was.."
    "Yeah. Hope you slept well?"she cuts in smiling. Soon the elevator door opens and she steps out. "Bye see you later then"she said and went on. I stares at her until she got into her car and drove out. I scratched the back of my neck feeling bad. "What's happening? Is she mad at me?"I asked myself.
    Soon I got to the company. After I was welcomed back, and asked to sign some papers, the president congratulates and offered me to do the modeling shoots for MW company as my first comeback contract. Modeling? that'll be great. I agreed to do it and signed the contract.
    He asked me to visit the company together and I didn't hesitate.
    We took his car and headed to MW company.
    Annabel's POV
    I was actually avoiding him because I was afraid he's going to apologise or talk about the kiss. I'll feel embarrassed if he say anything about it. But I can't be this way forever. I think confessing to him would be great but what if he reject me? I'll feel more worst. I'm afraid to confess my feelings. I love and I want him as my man but he might not feel the same. I thought we were friends until last night when he kissed me.
    I'm more confused about the kiss.
    Soon, I got to dad's company and got down from my car. I told him I'll visit today to thank him for the help he rendered and to see him as well.
    I took the elevator and when I got to the floor, I came out and was walking to his office.
    I greeted the secretary and toldher I'm visiting daddy. She knows me so she doesn't ask if I had an appointment with him or not but told me dad is in a meeting right now. I said ok and waited. I sat on a chair waiting for him to be done with the meeting. Someone came around and I raised up my head. Regina. I think she came to see dad as well. She looks at me and rolled her eyes. I just stare off and did as if I didn't notice her. I focused on my phone while she sits opposite to me. "Ma'am I think he's done with meeting"the secretary said and I stood up. Regina stood up as well and we both wanted to go in at same time. I raised my eyebrow at her and she was staring at me badly too. "I'm seeing him first so it's better you wait"she said. "Oh. I guess I'll see him first cause I've been here before you and because,"I look at her and smiled. "I'm the biological daughter too"I said. She looks so angry and wanted to slap me. "How dare you!"she said raising her hand to slap me but I took her hand staring at her in anger. "Why are you angry? It's not like I lied? You and your mother are nothing but gold diggers. Like mother, like daughter"I said and dropped her hand pushing her. She almost stumble to the ground but raised her head and was panting angrily. "How dare you?"she yelled but I smiled. She was coming to me angrily but the securities arrived and held her. I folded my arms staring at her badly. "Let me go"she struggled to free herself. "Ma'am you can't do this here"the security said holding her.
    The door to dad's office opened and he came out with the people he was having meeting with. He was surprised to see us fighting in the company "Anna, Regina. What's wrong?"he asked looking at the scene. The security men released regina and she stayed calm staring at someone beside dad. "I'm sorry dad but..."I stopped when I sighted Dave and two other men with dad. Dave was shocked to see me and I was also surprised to see him too.
    Why's he here?

    Episode 18

    Regina came forward dressing her hair properly. "Good morning dad"she greeted with a smile. What a joke. Why's she acting calm all of a sudden? I thought to myself looking at her badly.
    "Morning Regina. What's the problem? I've been hearing noises inside. Were you guys fighting?"he asked.
    "No dad. It was just a little misunderstanding. Isn't it ?"she asked smiling at me. I rolled my eyes feeling irritated. "Uh"I replied looking at dad. "Alright. Sorry this are my daughters. Regina and Annabel"dad said to the guests smiling.
    "Wow, they are both so beautiful"the man beside dave said and my eyes never leaves dave.
    "Thanks so much for coming. I'll get back to you as soon as possible."dad said and shook hands with them. They were leaving but dave and I keep looking at each other until he was out of sight. "Both of you should come inside"dad said and went in ahead of us. "So you were trying to seduce Dave with the way you were staring at him?"regina asked looking at me. "Will you mind your business or you want me to pull out your hair?"I asked staring hard at her. I walked pass her and went to dad's office.
    Dave's POV
    Mr mark and I got into the car and the driver was driving us back to office.
    I was surprised to know Anna is the daughter of Mr matins. Why is she living alone and not living with her parents? I can see she's not married yet.  Is there something wrong?.
    I got home late at night and was walking down the passage, I heard footsteps behind me and I stopped. I looked back but couldn't see anyone. I continue walking and again I heard footsteps. I stopped and turned around. Looks like someone is following me.
    Annabel's POV
    When I got down from my car, I saw dave just going in and I stopped. I took the next elevator after he is gone.
    I came out and was walking down the passage. I saw him and stopped. I quickly went to hide beside a wall looking at him. He stopped too and was looking around.
    He continue walking and I came out walking slowly behind him. When he stopped, I hide again. I closed my eyes with my heart beating fast but why am I doing all this? Did I do something wrong? Why am I avoiding him?"I thought to myself and opened my eyes. "Let's just face him and clear this once and for all"I thought to myself and wanted to step out. I took a step and found him right in front of me. I was startled by his sudden appearance that I fell hard on my kneels. "Ouch my leg"I yelp feeling pain on my left kneel. "Annabel?"he called my name. He bent down in front of me and I raised up my head. I felt so stupid and embarrassed. "Are you ok?"he asked touching my shoulder. "Uhm... Yeah.. I am"I said with a little smile and wanted to get up but fell back on my kneels. "Ouch!"I screamed in pain. He sighed and got up. "Why were you sneaking around in the first place?"he asked looking down at me. "I'm... Not"I said in a low tone. "Ok. Why are you avoiding me then?"he asked and I was quiet. "I can't get it. You changed towards me after the..."he stopped and was staring at me but my mind was begging him to shut up already. "It's ok. Don't worry"he said. He turned and bent down before me. "Get on my back"he said. I got surprised and was staring at him. "You can't walk with that leg get on and let me help you"he said. "Uhm. It's ok. I can just manage"I said. "By crawling or by hopping? Like seriously. Will stop being stubborn and get on?"he asked looking back at me. I moved closer and wrapped my arm around his shoulder. He lifted me up and I gasp.
    He walks slowly and there was a total silence between us. I thought he would bring anything up about the kiss again but he wasn't saying anything till we got to my door. "You can just drop..."
    "Your password"he said and I kept shut.
    I input the password and the door was opened. He took me in dropped me on the couch. He turned to me not saying anything. "Take care. Goodnight"he said and was leaving.
    I turned back and watched him until he got to the the door and opened it.
    I sighed feeling bad. "What's this? After kissing me, he's now acting all cold? Did I made him angry? I shouldn't have avoid him in the first place"I thought to myself.
    I touched my kneels and pressed down on it softly. "Ouch. That really hurts badly"I said.
    I looked back to see if he's gone but he closed the door and got back in.
    He walked up to me and stopped right before me. "You're just making me so worried about you"he said looking at me. "I..I'm sorry"I said not looking at him. "Do you have some ice block?"he asked. "Yes in the refrigerator. What will you use that for?"I asked but he ignored me and went straight to the refrigerator. He brought some iced block in a bowl and came back to me.
    "Erm... I'll need a napkin or towel"he said. "Oh. It's in my room."
    "Oh. I see you can't get up to bring it and I think it's not proper if I go get it myself"he said. "It's ok. You can go into my room. Just the first door by left side over there"I said pointing at the my room. "You'll see the napkin on the shelf"I said.
    Dave's POV
    "Ok. I'll be right back"I said and was heading there. I got to the door and opened it. I looked around walking in.
    "Oh my God!"I said looking around the room. Her room was prettily designed but I was so surprised when I saw my posters and stickers everywhere on the wall. I moved closer to the wall and was looking at each pictures. This is incredible. I never imagined someone in somewhere can be this addicted to me. I mean a real die hard fan. I smiled looking around. I heard stumbles and sound and I looked back. The door flung open and I saw annabel staring at me with a blank expression. She has one leg up and the other feet on the ground which mean she hopped on one leg before getting here. I wanted to laugh but controlled it and ended up smiling. "Oh no! You can't see them."she screamed and that scared me. I wanted to look back at those wallpapers again but she quickly walked to me not balanced. She missed a step and wanted to fall but I caught her and drew her to my body resting my back on the wall.
    She covered my eyes with both hands and was panting heavily. I laughed out loud cause I couldn't hold on any longer.
    "It's ok remove you hand. I saw it all already"I said. She removed her hand and was staring at me badly. I looked at her and smiled. "You're amusing"I said but she bite her lips not looking at me probably too embarrassed. I touched her face and removed some hair covering it. "How long has it been?"I asked. "What?"she asked. "How long have you been crushing on me?"I asked staring at her. She was quiet not replying and I smiled.
    "Uhm. Well..."
    "Stop. Don't dare say anything again. Fine I've been crushing on you for a very long time. Even when I know I might not get the chance to meet you personally. I dream about you every night even if you don't know I existed. I just like you and can't stop doing that everyday. Some times, I think I'm stupid for doing that because I know you can't date a girl like me even if we finally meet.
    When I first met you and get the chance to talk to you, I was the most happiest girl on earth because it's like a dream come true for me. And when you kissed me..."she stopped sounding hurt.
    "What of now?"I asked staring at her. She was quiet but staring deep into my eyes. "Do you still like me. Are the feelings still intact?"I asked.
    She sobbed and nodded her head. "I do"she said looking down with her voice shaking. I sighed and brought her shin up with my hand. "I'm sorry I took long before confessing but I like you too"I said and she seemed so surprised. "Stop fooling around"she said smiling and a tear drop from her eye. "I'm not."I said.
    I lifted her face up looking into her eyes while tears streamed down her cheeks. "Will you give me the chance to love you?"I asked staring at her. She sobbed nodding her head. "Thank you" I wiped the tears with my finger and smiled. I lean in and planted a soft kiss on her forehead then looked back at her face. "You're ugly when you cry but I still love you"I said and she smiled still in tears. I pulled closer to me and hugged her tightly stroking her hair. 

    Episode 19

    Annabel's POV
    I opened my eyes slowly with a smile on my face. I noticed it's morning already. "Oh. Was I dreaming the whole night? Again?"I thought to myself looking around my room. I got up and was sitting resting my back on the pillow. "Don't tell me it's all a dream"I said. I got down from bed and wanted to go to the living room but I felt some light pain on my left kneel. I touched it and remembered I hurt it last night. My phone beeps and I checked the message that came in. Dave: Good morning dear. How was your night?"I read it and a smile curve on my lips.
    Definitely, I'm not dreaming. Dave asked my out last night. "Does it mean we are couples now?"I said smiling.
    I fell back to my bed burying my face in the pillow. My phone started ringing and I quickly raise my head.
    Dave is calling on video what should I do? My face must be swollen and bad right now cause I just woke up. I quickly got up and went to wash my face in the bathroom. I came back to the room and dried it. I put little face cream checking myself out in the mirror. The call went off and started ringing again. This time, I took some red lips stick and put it on then apply little powder too. I sprayed perfume over me smiling"Perfect"I said with a smile looking at myself in the mirror. I then took a deep breath before answering the call.
    I saw his handsome face on the screen and I smiled. "Good morning"I said grinning. He was sitting on the couch with a cup in his hand.
    "Good morning but are you going out right now?"he asked. "No why did you ask?"
    "What's with your look early in the morning? Did you sleep with makeup on?"he asked. I felt so embarrassed but I managed to smile. "You might not know but this is how I normally look like every morning."I said. "Oh really? I see"he said smiling. "Are you going out today?"he asked. "Uhm... Yes I'm going to work"I replied.
    "Ok never mind then"he said.
    "Oh sorry I forgot today is my day off. I'm not going anywhere"I said. "Oh really? That's good. Will you go out with me then?"he asked and I quickly replied yes without wasting much time.
    "Ok. I'll be waiting outside by 10am agreed"he said. "Alright agreed"I replied with a smile. "Ok. Take care"he said and ended the call.
    "Going out together? Oh my God. It's our first date"I said feeling excited.
    Dave's POV
    I was waiting in the compound for Anna to come down. It's past 10 and she hasn't show up. I just hope she won't appeared with a revealing top and a very short skirt just like the other time.
    That outfit was too seductive.
    Finally, she's here. She walks towards me with a smile and I couldn't help but smile too. She wore a pink gown which has blue flower patterns and blue shoes. Her hair was dropped down and it flows across her shoulders. What an angel. She looks so beautiful as always. She got to me smiling. "Sorry I'm late"she said. "It's ok. We can go now"I said smiling and went to open the door for her. I got in too and was driving out of the compound.
    Regina's POV
    I was in my room with Angelica. My best friend and my coworkers too.
    She works in dad's company and I also work there but I'm in an higher position than her.
    "Are you not going out with Peter again?"she asked. "No"I replied pressing my phone not paying much attention to her. "Oh really? I thought you said you like him so much"she said. I dropped my phone and look up at her.
    "That was then. I got tired of him and ended the shit?"I said. "Is that it? Hmm. What's with the sudden change thus time?"she asked looking at me suspiciously.
    I moved closer and whispered to her smiling. "My heart belongs to someone else now"I said and she looks at me confusingly. "There you go again? When will you stop this habit of yours? Falling for guys easily, date them for a while and dump them when you meet a hotter guy."she said and rolled her eyes concentrating back to her phone.
    "This time around, I'm serious. Once I get him, I will never let him go because, he's the man of my dream"I said smiling. She looks at me for a while and shook her head. "Are you not hungry yet?"she asked. "No. I'm not"I replied and she nodded her head.
    "Are not interested in knowing the next guy this time around?"I asked and she raised her head looking at me in shock after seeing something on her phone.
    "Oh my God! Am I seeing it wrong?"she said looking closer at her phone. "What's that?"I asked and she moved the phone to me.
    "Is that not Annabel? Why's she with dave? I mean why did he hug her?"Angelica asked in surprise as I was also surprised to see it too.
    I read the articles on top of it which says "dave finally came back but with a big surprise for his fans as he hugs his girlfriend in public"
    I dropped the phone feeling hurt. "How do they come across? Wait don't tell me Anna seduced him. How? This is totally unbelievable. Regina say something"Angelica said as I was pacing into the air looking angry. I got up and took my phone heading out. "Where are you going to?"Angelica asked getting up too. "This can't be true. Dave can't date a girl like her. Annabel is nothing but a slut who seduced him. I know that for sure. I'm not gonna let this happen. I can't let her have what's mine."I said clenching my teeth in anger. I walked out and slammed the door hard in anger.

    Episode 20

    Annabel's POV
    I took a day off work today because it's dad's birthday. I have to visit home because he's having a party. Just a little party for workers and some special guest.
    Rachael and I were in a store checking out some cloths to wear for the party.
    "Anna how does this look?"she asked showing me a peach coral gown. "Hmm it's good but looks childish to me"I said. "I think it's cute"She made a dull face and put it back. "I think this will look good on you."i said showing her a blue laced gown. She smiled and collected it from me. "Definitely my type"she said.
    I haven't seen the one I like until my eyes caught on a white flayed gown which has Pearl around the neck. I took it smiling. "I'm taking this"I said facing Rachael. "Wow. It's pretty"she said smiling.
    We both left the store after paying and we went to my car. When I got in, my phone was ringing and I took it with a smile after seeing the caller.
    "Hello"I said.
    "Hi. Where are you?"he asked. "I went out with Rachael. on my way home now"I said. "Ok. I'm not home too. I just left a meeting"he said.
    "Ok. Will you come with me tonight?"I asked. He took a while before answering.
    "Oh sorry we can't go together. I'm going with Mr mark and some guests. We'll meet when I get there ok?"he said. "Alright no problem. Take care"I said. "Bye love you"he said and I smiled. I wanted to say the sane but looked at Rachael who was staring at me the whole time. "Ok. Same"I said. "Same? Oh won't you say you love me too"he asked and I smiled. "Of course I do. I love you more than anything"I said and Rachael gasped covering her mouth. "Alright bye"he said and ended the call. I dropped my phone and Rachael coughed. "Did I just hear you wrong? Are you in a relationship now?"she asked looking at me. "Yes. Don't you want me to date too?"I asked. "No that's not it. I'm just surprised you love another guy and not dave. I wonder what's going on. Who's the guy? How do you guys meet hope he's handsome?"she asked staring at me for reply.
    I started the engine not replying. "Come on tell me"she said holding my hand.
    "He's Dave"I said and she rolled her eyes. She rested her head back on the seat pretending to be unconscious. "I'm serious"I said. She got up and faced me. "Dave? Are you fucking kidding me?"she screamed and I quickly blocked my ears to protect them. "Be serious. Are you guys really dating?"she asked again in surprise.
    "Sure. I know you won't believe but it's the truth"I said. "Oh my God. I'm jealous. At last, you have that hot dude to yourself? Wow. Tell me the charm you used. Come on tell me"she asked teasingly and we both laughed out loud.
    Regina's POV
    It's 6pm, the compound was decorated and people have started coming in.
    Everywhere looks beautiful in the big compound. I came out with Angelica after we've dressed. I wore a black strapless gown and silver heels. The gown was short revealing my laps but I love it because it brought out my curves. Angelica wore a blue dinner gown and black heels. I put on a smiled as we walk out of our building to join the crowd.
    On our way, I saw bunch of guys having talk and laughing but when they saw us, they were quietly staring at me. I walked with more pride making them drool over me.
    "She's so sexy"one of them said. I spotted dad welcoming some guest who just arrived and I walked up to him smiling. He saw me and smiled too. "Oh regina you look pretty tonight"he said smiling. "I have to be pretty because it's my dad's birthday. Happy birthday dad"I said smiling. I peck his cheek and gave him a side hug.
    "Here's one of my daughter Regina."he introduced me to the guest. "Wow. she's beautiful. Hello miss Regina"the man said and we shook hands. I spotted an handsome guy beside the man who was staring at me lustfully. "This is Daniel my son."the man introduced him to me. "Nice meeting you miss Regina"he said. I smiled as he stretched his hand for a shake. "Yes he's the other guy I told you about. He'll also be doing modeling for our company on the project."dad said.
    "Oh really. That's great"I said with a smile.
    "Anyway Mr Gideon, let me walk you to your seat thanks for coming"dad said and they left with him. I went back to Angelica and we were both leaving. "Who was the guy with your dad earlier?"she asked smiling. "He's Daniel. Isn't he cute?"I asked. "He's so cool"Angelica said. "Yes he is. but not as Dave"I said.
    Just as we were talking, I spotted Anabel and that her annoying old friend.
    They saw us too but ignored.
    I walked up to them and they both stopped, looking at us. "Any problem?"Rachael asked staring bad at us.
    I stared at them from head to toe and shook my head.
    "Nice outfits for cheap little bitches like you"I said and Angelica bursted into laughter. "What?"Rachael said looking angry but Anna took her hand and pulled her back.
    She looks at me from head to toe smiling.
    "Yes but what of you?"she asked staring at me.
    "Whats with your slutty dress? This is a birthday party and not a club. Can't you still get that or you're used to it because you spent most of your life clubbing and hunting for hot guys?"she asked and Rachael started laughing clutching her tummy. "What?"I got so angry staring at her. I feel like hitting her but I don't want to cause a scene. "How dare you guys...."angelica stopped when Rachael moved closer shooting daggers with her eyes.
    "Oh. What of you that doesn't go clubbing? What do you gain in seducing guys? you this cheap bitch!. How many guys have you seduced your whole life?
    You did same thing back in high school, college and even now? You always get attentions of guy's I'm suppose to have? What are you? Are you even prettier than I?"I screamed at her angrily catching few peoples attention. She smiled and moved closer to me. "Oh you think I seduced them all? Hell no. You think because your face look pretty you can get any guy you want? Come on babe not every guy is as dumb as you. What's the excess of outer beauty with a dark empty brain. Out of all the guys that have chasing after you,which of them had serious relationship with you? They won't because you're a cheap slut. They get into bed with you and end up dumping your ass off later."she said staring at me badly and I couldn't hold in my anger anymore. "It's ok Anna let's just go"Rachael said holding her away from me."Say that again you this bitch!"i screamed raising my hand to slap her but spotted dave and I brought it back down still feeling angry.
    "Anna"he called walking up to us. Rachael moved back as we were all looking at him as he approached with a smile. He got to us and he greeted in his soft voice. "Hello guys"he said with a smile. I stare at him not replying.
    "Uhm... Sorry to interrupt you guys. I guess you were having fun."he said. Annabel look at me badly and smirked. "Sorry honey you must have waited long"she said smiling at him. "No I just got here."he replied. "Let's go"she said and they were both heading to another direction with a smile on Dave's face as he talk to her. I clenched my teeth in anger staring at them as they left. Racheal looks at me and smiled mockingly. "Bye losers"she said raising her middle finger at us and was also leaving. I threw my phone hard on the floor in anger and it dismantled. "Oh my Goodness!" angelica said in shock. "I'm going to kill you annabel. You won't get away with this I swear. I'll not gonna let it slide this time around"I said with my blood boiling in anger.

    Episode 21

    Annabel's POV
    Dave and I got to a place and stopped. People were moving around some were sitting enjoying the slow music playing.
    I took a deep breath relaxing "Are you ok?"he asked. "Oh yes. I'm fine"I replied. He stares at me for long and smiled. "Hmm well you look pretty tonight"he said. "Thanks you're not bad too"I said smiling. "I thought your were busy with your sister earlier. Why do you have to leave like that without a word?"dave asked.
    "Don't worry about them. It's not necessary."I said.
    "Ok"he said nodding his head.
    "Erm I want to ask you something"I said looking at him. "What is it? Let me know"he said listening.
    "Uhm. Do you know Regina before? I mean have you guys come across each other before apart from the company?"I asked. "Hmm. I don't think so or maybe I can't remember. Why did you ask?"he asked staring at me confused.
    "Never mind it's nothing"I said smiling. "Ok"he said.
    I know what I'm trying to prevent. I know Regina to be a very cunning and greedy girl.
    Back in college, Regina took a guy from me knowing we were dating . She know her way to seduce them and they always end up breaking up with me just to be with Regina. She always make life like hell for me. I even remembered a day I caught her with my boyfriend kissing at the school garage after a party.
    I confronted her and made it a big fight then because I was heartbroken. When we got home, she told madam Lisa I disgraced and beat her in school with my friends. That day, I was given the best beating of my life. Madam lisa told her to beat me back with a whip until my body started bleeding and I dare not complain. I was a total idiot and puppet to them back then.
    She continues like that. Any guy who I date or plan to go out with, Regina always end up getting her way through us and will end up with the guy.
    I don't want same thing to happen this time around. I can't stand to lose Dave especially to her. Never.
    I trust and believe dave can't betray me like other guys. He won't go out with that slut.
    "Are you sure you're ok?"dave asked bringing me back to my sense.
    "I'm fine"I said with a fake smile. "Alright you're making me worry with your expression."he said.
    A waiter brought wine to us and I took a glass.
    I drank little from it and placed it on the table beside me. The rest of the party went well and I gave dad the gift I bought after the party.
    A week later, dad called me to visit him at the office and I did.
    We were both sitting opposite to each other while his PA was sitting beside him.
    "I guess you've been well"he said and I smiled nodding my head.
    "I called you because I need your help."he said. "What's that?"I asked.
    "It's about the people modeling for our new wears which will be on sale next moth. You heard we'll be doing the shoot soon right?"he asked. "Yes. You told me before."I replied. "The thing is I want you to be one of the female model for the female brands. One of the model we suppose to use can't make it so I decided to use you. What do you think?"he asked. "Hmm well. You know I'm working and won't be chanced plus my boss is strict."I said and he sighed.
    "We took care of it. I told him personally that you might take days off"dad said. "How could you do that dad? It's my personal business. What if I don't want to do it?"I asked getting annoyed.
    "Annabel. Enough of this. You know it's not my wish to let you work but because you have passion for it, I just have to let you do it. You don't want to work in my companies but always doing things your way. Who do you want me to make the successor later when I step down? You're my daughter too why do you always count yourself out of my business?"dad asked getting angry already. I calm a little but still not ok with the idea.
    "Do it if you don't want me to disown you as a daughter. That's my final say. You can leave"he said. I stood up and was heading out in anger.
    When I got outside, I stood beside the secretary table thinking about the whole thing. "What a joke"i said still annoyed. my phone started ringing. I picked it and placed it to my ear. "Hello anna"dave said. "Hy"I said trying to sound ok. "What's wrong?"he asked sounding concern. "It nothing. I'm fine"I said smiling. I saw a poster beside me and I took it.
    It's about the shoot he was talking about. I looked closely after seeing dave in the picture. He was there with some other guys and some female models too. "Dave"I called and he answer. "Are you doing modeling for my dad's company?"I asked. "Oh yes. I forgot to tell you. Sorry it skipped my mind."he apologized. "Sorry I'll call you back ok."I said and hang up. I took the poster looking carefully. I then saw Regina among the female model.
    Regina is going too? It's a business trip which means they might use days before coming back. Oh no. I can't let regina use this chance and opportunity. That'll be the most perfect and easiest time for her to get in. No way!
    I turned back and was heading to dad's office.
    I then heard him talking on phone. "You mean the  female model will arrive before the day?"he asked the caller. "Alright thank you. We'll be expecting"dad said. I flung the door opened staring at dad. He was shocked with the way I opened the door.
    "Fine. It went as you wished. I'll leave you to do your work or whatever. We got the remaining model. You don't have to join for the trip anymore. Happy now?"dad asked staring at me. "Oh no. No. Please take that back. No no!"I thought to myself feeling bad. "Why are you still standing there? You can leave"he said. I closed the door and walked up to him. I stood before him looking like a lost puppy. "I'm sorry dad. I take everything back. I wasn't in my right sense when I rejected it. actually, I wish to do it badly"I said hoping he would approve but he was staring at me in confusion not saying anything.

    Episode 22

    I left dad's office in disappointment. I got to my car and was about going in. Madam Lisa got down from her car too. When she saw me, she stopped and was staring at me. "Good morning madam Lisa"I greeted her in a low tone and was going to my car. Dad told me stop been rude to her and to greet her whenever we meet so I'm doing that to obey his command not because I want to do it. "Madam?"she asked looking at me. "When will you stop calling me that? I'm your mum can't you still accept that? After your mum's death, you've been with me for the whole years. Why is it hard to call me mum? Are you mocking me?"she asked looking angry. I turned to her and could see the fire in her eyes. "I've been with you for years after mum's death but did you ever treat me like you daughter for once? I'm practically a slave to you guys isn't it?. You don't deserve the title to be called mum. To me, you're the wicked step mother I know and not my real mother. That will never change about you madam li...."
    She slapped me hard on the face before I could finish talking. "Say that again you this rude bastard."she said looking at me angrily.
    "Now I know. Because you've been living outside for a while has really turn you to something else. You dare to look into my face and talk back? I don't blame you, I blame your stupid mother for training you this way."she said staring at me in anger.
    I removed my hair from my face and looking up at her. "Does this make you feel better? Do this continuously from now till eternity, you'll still remain in the same position madam Lisa. You're not my mother and can never be. Get that!"I said and walked out on her in anger.
    Got into my car and drove out. A tear dropped from my eyes and I didn't know when I started crying. "My mum didn't train me bad. How can she keep mentioning my innocent mum whenever she's picking on me while her own daughter is even worst? What did mum do wrong.?
    I know if she was alive, I won't receive all this bad treatments. Why did she have to leave me so soon."I thought to myself crying as I drive.
    I got home and went to my apartment. I took some water from the fridge then go to my room to rest.
    I laid on the bed thinking about the whole thing again. I touched my cheek softly feeling hurt.
    Mum never raise her hand on me before. She never slap me for once. But I can't count how many times that witch has hit me.
    I stood up and was sitting down resting my head back to the wall.
    Dad told me I can't go to the trip because the remaining model already filled in. So It'll be of no use if I come. I was sad when he said it but I can't do anything about it. It's not like I'll tell him to keep Regina out and replaced her with another person. It's impossible.
    But I wish to go because I know what Regina might do. I just pray dave won't fall for it no matter what trap she might bring. Dave can't betray me. I trust him. He won't end up dumping me like other guys did. I sighed and got up from bed heading out.
    I got to Dave's apartment and walked in without pressing the bell.
    His living room was in mess and I guess he wasn't chanced to take care of it in the morning. I quickly put everything back in place and tidy them up.
    "Could he be sleeping?"I asked myself smiling. I walked to his room and didn't even knock before going in. I saw him in his short sitting on the sofa and when he saw me, he was shocked. "Anna why are you here?"he asked staring at me. I sat on his bed staring at everywhere.
    "Why? Do I have to ask permission before visiting my boyfriend?"I asked staring at him.
    "No that's not it. I... I.."he stammered not sure of what to say. I spotted something on the shelf beside his bed and I was surprised.
    "What's this dave? Why's a woman ear ring on the shelf?"I asked and my eyes spotted a female shoe on the floor. I got up staring at everywhere.
    "What the happening here Dave?"I asked in confusion. He stood up and was coming closer to me. "You brought a girl home?"I asked feeling hurt"No Anna. I can never do that.  This is pure misunderstand. Trust me Anna"he said trying to touch me but I moved back. Just then, his bathroom door flung opened and I looked at the direction. I saw regina in towel staring bad at me."Don't tell me this is real. No! Please not again! Dave why? Why would you do this? No!"I screamed in tears feeling hurt. She was staring at me twisting the tip of her hair. I looked back at dave as tears dropped from my eyes in disappointment. "Even you? This is so unfair"I said crying. I looked at Regina again shaking my head. "You want it and you have it. Satisfied?"I asked in shaky voice. I walked out of the room crying. I got to my apartment and went straight to my room with a heavy heartache.
    I sat on the floor crying my heart out. "Why again? Why is it happening again? Regina did it again with dave. Why?"I thought yo myself crying out.
    I opened my eyes slowing still lying on bed. Tears dropped from my eyes as I look around my room. I quickly got up panting hard. I got out of my room and straight to Dave's apartment. I unlocked the door and went straight to his room. I saw him before his piano but I just went to open the bathroom door. I didn't see anyone there and I took a deep breath.
    Dave got up staring at me in confusion. "Anna what's wrong? Are you ok?"he asked touching me. I hugged him tightly feeling happy. "It was all a dream"I said feeling relieved.

    Episode 23

    He stroked my back gently then pulled me slowly from his body. "You had a dream?"he asked looking at me. I stared into his eyes thinking about what I saw in my dream. "Yes. A very bad and scary dream"I said sadly. He hugged me patting my back lightly. "It's ok. I pray it won't come to past as it is a bad dream"he said.
    "Me too"I said. I pulled away from him still wrapping my hand around his waist.
    "I believe it can never happen. You can never hurt me. I love you so much"I said. He smiled and kissed my forehead. "I love you too. More than you do love me"he said.
    "Promise you'll never leave me"I said. "Why would I do that? What else do I want in a woman? You're my everything. I can't leave you on less you plan to leave me and don't even try to do it."he said and smiled. I smiled too staring at him. "Tell me. what's the dream about?"he asked. I stared at him for a while not replying. I stood on my toe and kissed his lips then come back down on my feet. "It's a bad dream I don't wish to tell you"I said. "Really? It must be very bad"he said and I nodded my head.
    "You really scared me when you barge in earlier."he said. "I'm sorry"I said playfully and he smiled.
    I went to sit beside his piano and reach my hand to take the book beside it but he took it before I did and closed it. "Why?"I asked. "You're not allowed to read it now. It's my new song"he said. "Uhph ok ok."I said. He dropped the book on the shelf and came to sit beside me.
    "What's it about? A love song? Sad or heartbreak?"I asked staring at him. "A love song"he replied.
    "Wow it'll be good usual. I love listening to your love songs because they are always so emotional and touchy"I said smiling. "Really? This is special"he said looking at me. "Special?"I asked and he nodded his head. "I'm dedicating it to a very special person in my life."he said. "Oh really? I guess that's your mum"I said. "My mom?"he asked staring at me. "Am I wrong?"I asked but he shook his head. "Never mind."he said.
    I stood up and was heading to the living room to take some water.
    I got there and drank the little I want and sat on the couch resting my head back.
    "It's getting late do you plan to sleep here?"dave asked coming to me. He switched off the tv yawning. "It's past 9pm already you should go to your room I'm going to sleep too."he said turning to leave.
    I got up staring at him and he turned back.
    Dave's POV
    I turned back and caught her staring at me. "Why?"I asked looking at her.
    She walked closer staring at me."I don't want to go. Can't I sleep here? Just for tonight"she said smiling. "What? Sleep here? No way"I said and she looked down feeling bad. "I'm scared I'll have another bad dream again. Can't you just let me sleep over for tonight?"she asked looking sad.
    I sighed looking at her. "Ok. As you wish"I said and she raised her head smiling. "Thanks"she said and walked straight to my room happily. I stood there looking at her like a lost puppy. "I only have one room"I said. I walked to my room and saw her laying on the bed already. "Are you not sleeping now?"she asked.
    "I will but erm... I only have a room. I think I'll just sleep in the living room then. Goodnight"I said planning to leave.
    "No. Sleep beside me. I'm scared all alone please"she said and I was mute for a while. I think there's nothing wrong in sleeping together what was I even thinking?"I thought to myself. "Ok"I said with a nervous smile. I laid gently on the bed beside her but not close to her because my bed is a little wide.
    She moved closer and wrapped her hand around me. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. "I'm so comfortable this way"she said. "Really? I don't think I am"I said and she looked up at my face.
    "Why?"she asked. "My heart feels so uncomfortable that I think it'll explode anytime soon"I thought to myself staring at her. "I don't know. Let's just sleep ok. It's late already"I said closing my eyes. I stayed like that for a while then opened my eyes slowly and found her still staring at me. I got carried away and couldn't stare off her face. I looked down at her lips which looks like there were begging me to kiss them and looked back at her face. "Will you sleep or you plan to stare at me like that all night?"I asked. She smiled staring at me. She lean closer and pressed her lips down on mine. My heart skipped a bit. She wanted to pulled back but I drew her closer to me deepening the kiss and she gave in too. I wrapped my arm around her kissing her passionately. I forgot I was at the edge of the bed until we both stumble and fell to the ground. She was on top of me while I was lying my back on the ground. We both stopped kissing and looked at each other. She giggled and I couldn't help but smile too. "Are you ok?"I asked smiling and she nodded her head. We got up and I carried her in a way she was wrapping her legs around me. She smiled looking at me. "I love you"she said. "I love you more more more more"I said and we both laughed. She tilted her head and kissed me. I couldn't help it but kiss her back too.
    The kiss became more intense and hot.
    It's feels like we are the only one on earth right now and no body else. I moved back and placed her on the sofa still kissing her. I kissed her neck down softly and she let out a soft moan. I went back to her lips and pushed my tongue in running my hand into her hair. She placed her hand under my shirt rubbing my chest down and before I knew it, we were both carried away. She was unbuttoning my shirt while I unzipped her dress and removed them.
    Light out!
    Annabel's POV
    I have woken up but my eyes are still closed. I sniffed my nose perceiving the lovely familiar saint. I felt someone kiss my forehead and I opened my eyes slowly to see dave beside me smiling. I smiled stretching my body and hugged him.
    "How long have you been staring at me?"I asked andhe smiled. "For a very long time"he replied. "That's embarrassing. Did I snore?"I asked and he smiled again staring at me. "Hmm. I think you did"he said and laughed. How embarrassing. I took the bed cover and threw it over my face. My phone started ringing and I took the cover off to pick it.
    But it was a strange number. I picked it and took it to my ear waiting for the person to talk. "Hello"the voice said and I recognised it immediately.

    Episode 24

    "Hello"I said waiting to hear what she have to say.
    "Why are you picking his phone instead?"Regina asked and I checked the phone I was holding. I looked at dave who was staring at me confused because I took his phone. "Oh why are you calling someone else's boyfriend early in the morning? What is it you want to say badly? How did you even get his contact?"I asked and dave got up moving closer to me. "Who is it?"he asked in a low tone. "Why does that have to do with you? Give the phone back to the owner. I don't have any business with you"she said. "I don't have to. Don't ever call him again ok? I don't care what you have to say as I'll block your number right now"I said and hang up.
    I looked at dave and dropped the phone on the sofa. He took his phone and checked the caller then looked back at me. "Why did you pick my call?"he asked. "Oh sorry. I thought it was my phone ringing but I was wrong."I said. "But still you should have handed it over when you find out. Who is it?"he asked and kept mute.
    Regina's POV
    She ended the call and I became more angrier. I took his contact from dad's office yesterday and decided to call him and say hi this morning because I heard he'll be doing the modeling too so I want to use the chance to start a chat with him but annabel ruined it all.
    "Well this is the perfect time for me as she won't be coming with him this time around. Everything is working my way. He'll end up been mine at last because I know how to handle it. I'm Regina. No man has ever reject me before no matter how strict he is. See you soon dave"I said smiling to myself.
    Annabel's POV
    It's finally the day dave will be going for the trip.
    I was in his room as he pack few things in his bag but wasn't happy. I was thinking of so many things and feeling bad I won't be going.
    After he was done packing and was about leaving, he look at me and sighed. "You've been like that since. Not saying anything but watch me pack. Is there something wrong?"he asked staring at me. "Nothing. I'm just going to miss you"I said not looking at him. "Well I'll miss you too but I have to go"he said smiling. He kissed my cheek and was leaving his room holding my hand.
    I saw him to the compound until he got into his car and dropped his bag. He looked back at me again for the last time and I feel like holding him back not to go. He hugged me smiling "be good. It's just three days not three years ok. It won't take long"he said. I know it's three days. In fact, I'm not sad because he's leaving but that was because of another thing.
    He released me from the hug and went to his car waving at me. "Bye"he said and I waved my hand too putting on a fake smile.
    Regina's POV
    Angelica and I left home together after packing for the trip. I was driving to the airport with her to meet others waiting for us. "I noticed you're so happy today. Is there something going on?"Angelica asked as I drive with a smile. "Nothing. I'm just happy. Isn't it good to be happy?"I asked and she smiled. "I know it is but I think your lips might split apart with the way you are smiling so much"she said and I giggled.
    Soon we got to the airport and was walking to meet others. We got there and exchange pleasantries. I saw Daniel smiling brightly at me but I was looking around for another person. You guys should know who it is. "He's not here yet"I thought to myself.
    "You look pretty today miss regina"Daniel commented and I smiled. "Thanks"I said.
    As I was waiting eagerly to see dave, I spotted him coming from afar and my smile brightened the more. He looks like an angel who just descended from heaven. I couldn't see anyone else in the airport except him. I was lost in my own fantasy staring at him. He got to us having a smile on. "Good morning"he greeted and they were responding and welcoming him specially. Who won't treat Dave specially when his look and personality is so special. Sexiness overload. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he smiles and shook hands with few people. Even some people around the airport were staring at him nonstop. "Hello"I greeted stretching my hand for a shake. "Hy. Miss regina?"he asked and I nodded my head smiling. He remembered my name."You look so good"I commented and he smiled. "Oh you're beautiful too"he said smiling and my heart flutters.
    He stood right next to me  and I couldn't keep my eyes off him every seconds plus the lovely scent coming from him. He smells just so good. How can a man be this perfect? Face, body, voice everything is just out of this world. Can't wait to make him mine at the end."I thought to myself staring at him.
    I looked forward and spotted Mr Raymond coming with two other ladies. I don't know the lady by the right but who the hell am I seeing right now?
    "Why is annabel here? Dad told me she won't be coming. Why did she show up all of a sudden?"I thought to staring at her in shock. They got to us and she had a smile on greeting everyone.
    "Hy"she said to me smiling after greeting others and we were having a stare competition.

    Episode 25

    Annabel's POV
    After dave left, I was alone in my room thinking about this and that. How I wish I can go too. I don't want to worry because I trust dave but Regina can be a beast at times.
    Soon dad's call came in and I took it. He told me the model couldn't make it and asked if I can replace her. I didn't let him finish before replying yes. He told me to visit his office for necessary information and others.
    I took my bath and got dressed then headed to dad's office.
    After everything was done, he told his PA to drive me to the airport to join others.
    I was so happy and relieved.
    When we got to the airport, Mr Raymond and I were heading to where others were waiting and the first person my eyes located was Regina. She was busy checking dave out. We got to them and greeted everyone. When dave saw me, a smiled curved on his lips and he was confused at same time. I think I'll explain to him later. I faced Regina and greeted her stretching my hand. She was staring at me in shock refusing to reply. I withdrew my hand smiling.
    Few minutes later, we got on our flight and took off.
    I was sitting opposite to dave in the plane while Regina was at the other side with her friend.
    "So surprise to see you all of a sudden"dave said looking at me.
    I explained things to him and he understood.
    For all the moments I was talking to dave, Regina's eyes never leave me. She was staring at me badly talking to her friend too.
    After an hour and few minutes, we got to our destination and the plane highlighted.
    At the location...
    We arrived at a big building to stay for the three days the same place we'll be having some of the shoots. Everyone was put into their rooms. Unfortunately for me, Dave's room was not close to mine but so close to Regina's. I think that's not a problem.
    We'll be starting the shoots the next day because it's late. So we use the opportunity to hang around like having some fun.
    I was sitting beside the pool with two of the female model. Dave was with some guys talking and discussing things. while Regina was nowhere because I didn't see her around probably hanging out with a guy again.
    I excused myself to use the toilet and left the girls.
    On my way, I met a guy talking to someone on phone. When I got there, he hang up. "Hy"he greeted. "Hy"I replied with a smile. "Oh I guess you must be Annabel"he said. "Yeah. That's my name"I replied. "really? Well I'm Daniel."he said. "Oh ok."I said and wanted to leave but he called my name again and I stopped. "I'm sorry to bother you"he said. "It's ok"I replied with a little smile. "Ok. I must say this. You're so beautiful"he said. "Oh really? Thanks"I said smiling shyly and he smiled too. "do you have a boyfriend?"he asked. Why this question? Is he trying to hit on me? "No. I mean...."
    "What are you guys doing over there?"I heard a familiar voice and I turned back. I saw dave walking towards us staring seriously at the guy. "Who are you?"he asked looking at him. "Why? It's so rude to cut in when people are talking"Daniel said staring at dave.
    I was staring at both of them not saying anything but wait. Are they about to fight over me right now? No.
    "Rude? I think it's rude to talk to other person's woman in private too"dave said. "What? How is that your business? She didn't tell me she have a boyfr..."
    "Guys it's ok. Cut it out"I said getting in their middle. They were both staring at each other badly until I dragged dave with me and left.
    We got to a place and he stopped, facing me. "Why would you talk to other guys in private?"he asked. "I'm not. I was going to use the toilet when I met him."
    "Oh you met him and you guys decided to flirt? Did you really tell him you're single?"he asked sounding more jealous. I don't know he can be this cute when jealous."I thought to myself smiling. "What? You dare to smile?"he asked staring at me. "Let's go. Others might be worried"I said smiling and was walking on. "Wait you have to answer me first. Did you tell him you don't have a boyfriend?"he asked but I didn't look back.
    Regina's POV
    It's quarter past 8pm, everyone has gotten in and I was outside planning to do my thing. I brought out a pack of cigarette and lighter. I put the cigarette in my mouth and about to lit it when I heard footsteps from behind. The person already got to me before I could hide it. So I just removed it from my mouth and look at my side. To my surprise, it's dave. He wore a black hoodie cardigan and white short.
    He stood beside me receiving a call. "Ok good night. I'll go in soon"he said smiling. I used the chance to drop the cigarette and kept the lighter in my pocket. He finished receiving his calls and turn to me. "Why are you here alone?"he asked. "Hmm. I'm just looking at the stars and receiving fresh air."I replied. "Oh really? I think it's too cold out here"he said and I reasoned it's true. The breeze is much and cold.
    "I'm not really cold."I said with a little smile. "Oh ok. I'll get going in then. Don't stay out too long because of the weather ok"he said smiling and was leaving. "Dave"I called his name and he stopped. "What's that?"he asked staring at me.
    "Erm. Can I ask for a favour?"I asked. "You can. I'll do it if it possible"he said smiling. "Ok. Can you stay with me for a while?"i asked but he took long before replying. "Ok."he said and came to stand beside me but not too close.
    He looked down and spotted the cigarette I dropped. He looked at my face and bend down to pick it.
    "Did you drop this?"he asked and I didn't replied. I think he caught me so it's better I look for an excuse. "Yeah."I said not looking at him. "Come on. This is very bad for your health. Why would you do such? It's very bad"he said.
    "Erm..well. I'm not really the type that smoke but I have a reason for doing it this night"I said acting sad. "What's it? Is there a problem?"he asked feeling concern. "Actually, my heart was broken because my boyfriend broke up with me this night. I felt so sad and unhappy. I don't know what else to calm me so I decided to do this to clear away the thoughts. It was so painful and sad for me I couldn't sleep"I said sobbing. "Oh no. I'm so sorry. I didn't know that's the reason. I'm sorry"he apologized feeling bad for me. I then started shading tears. "I love him so much. I didn't know he's gonna do this to me. I'm so down right now I have no one to lean on"I said crying. "It's OK dear. Stop crying"he said comforting me.
    "What a warmhearted caring guy."I thought to myself crying more. He gave me his handkerchief  to wipe my tears and my heart melted totally. I looked behind him and saw Anna standing a little far from us. She was holding her phone and staring at us in confusion.
    "I'm sorry. I think I have to go for now. Take heart ok"he said planning to leave but I stopped him. "No please don't go yet."I said and he was staring at me. "Can I lean on you just for few seconds? Please do this for me at least. Please"I said sobbing. He stares at me not saying anything for a while then he sighed. "It's ok"he said and I moved to hug him. I looked behind and annabels expression were unreadable. "I'm sorry to make you do this. Thank you so much"I said to dave pretending to cry again. "It's ok. You'll be fine"he said and was patting my back lightly. I smiled behind him staring at Annabel as her phone dropped from her in shock.

    Episode 26

    Annabel's POV
    I want to believe that's not dave. I want to believe he's not the one hugging my step sister right there."I thought to myself feeling bad. My phone feel down from me because my system was ruined by what I saw. Dave told me he was on his was in. After 10mins, he's still here doing what I don't know with my sister this late at night. I was looking at them from afar feeling so hurt. I picked my phone from the ground and left in a hurry.
    I got to my room and closed the door in anger.
    Is dave lying to me? Is he cheating on me with Regina? I want to believe it's not. "Yeah dave can't do that. maybe... Maybe they are"I sat on the sofa and broke in tears. Why would he hug her if nothing is going on?
    Dave's POV
    After getting in, I sat on the sofa thinking about Regina's situation. She must be really heartbroken. What a pity. I just felt bad for her because she was too down earlier. I hope she'll be fine soon. I laid down and took my phone. "She must be sleeping already"I thought to myself planning to call Annabel. I called her phone trice but she wasn't picking. I decided to sleep thinking she might have slept off too.
    The following day...
    After the first shoots, everyone went on few minutes break. I noticed Annabel was not that free with me today. She was acting strange since morning. I saw her talking with two other ladies and I decided to call her. It started ringing but she didn't pick my call. I thought she was not with phone before but now I clearly saw she was ignoring my calls intentionally. I decided to go to her directly.
    "Annabel can we talk for a minute?"I asked looking at her but she look at me with some strange expression then said ok.
    We got to a free place and stopped. "Is something wrong?"I asked. "No"she replied. "Ok. I called your line this morning you weren't picking. I messaged you, you didn't reply and now, I called you again you totally ignored my call. Why are you doing that? Is there something wrong?"I asked staring at her. She shook her head. "I'm sorry I didn't know my phone was ringing"she said. "Ok. But are you sure everything is ok? You're making me feel sad about something"I said.
    She was quiet for a while the spoke up again.
    "Don't you have anything to tell me?"she asked. "Anything? No I have nothing to say again"I replied and she nodded her head. "Ok if you say so. I'm fine"she said with a smile. "Can I go back?"she asked and I shook my head. "No I want to see your face more"i said but she didn't react. She just stood before me without a word. I think there's something wrong. This is not how she act with me on a normal day.
    Regina's POV
    We finished the remaining shoots for the day and throughout, I could see the sadness in annabel's face.
    We all got to the dinning table to eat dinner. I was sitting beside Daniel while dave was beside Annabel. She stood just in between dave and Daniel and the rest sit anywhere round the dinning table. "Hope you guys enjoyed today's shoot? Since it's the last day hope it's not too stressful?"Mr Collins asked and the rest replied yes except few people. Anna wanted to take from her food while Sara wanted to take the whine bottle from her side. She took it up but Anna mistakenly bumped her hand on it and the bottle fell to the ground. Some spilled on her skirt too. "Oh my God. I'm sorry."Sara apologized. Anna stood up to dust her skirt but I think she stepped on some broken bottle and that hurt her leg. Daniel and dave quickly rushed to help her at same time and the ladies stood up to help too. I looked at them and rolled my eyes.  It's not like she's a fairy princess or something. Why so much fuse?"I thought to myself in annoyance.
    Annabel's POV
    Dave and Daniel volunteer to help me but I got up and was heading to the restroom to clean up myself. I got there and was cleaning my injured leg first. It's not a deep cut so it's nothing much. I cleaned my dress too and was going back to the dinning. Just as I opened the door, I met dave right before me. "Why are you standing here?"I asked but he rushed to me looking concern. "Are you ok? How about you leg?"he asked and I told him I'm fine. "Sorry about that"he apologized looking bad.
    "You don't have to be sorry. You're not the one that caused it or is there other thing you're sorry about?"I asked staring at him and he was also staring at me in confusion. "Never mind"I said and was leaving. He pulled me back to his body and was holding me. "Why?"I asked. "I don't know what you mean but can you tell me what's really bothering you? Stop acting this way towards me. I miss my annabel so much. You're not acting like that annabel again. Please tell me what's going on"he said looking at me. I sighed then decided to ask him about what I saw the other night only if he'll tell me the truth.
    "I...I want to ask you.."I was about saying but his phone rings causing interruption. He took it and after the conversation, he came back to me. We heard some ladies voice coming our direction and I decided not to talk again.
    "Never mind. We'll say it later"I said and was leaving.
    On my way back, I met Regina. "Hy"she said with a smile. I just ignored her and wanted to leave because I don't have the energy to argue. "Were you down because of what you saw last night?"she asked and I stopped. I turned to her slowly looking annoyed. "Well I think you're overreacting already when it was just small thing you saw. I mean what if you saw us kis...."
    "Shut up you mouth!"I said staring at her.
    "Wow! you have the guts to tell me that?"she asked. "I believe dave can't go out with someone like you. I know what I saw that night might be one of your evil plot or am I wrong?"I asked acting like I don't care when I do so much.
    "My evil plot? I'm sure you'll understand soon because I'm just a step closer in letting him mine. You'll be surprised soon."she said and laughed. I got so angry that I feel like hitting her but I controlled my anger.
    "Oh ok. I guess you must have learn something from your mother"I said staring at her. "What?"she asked and the smile vanished from her lips. "Yeah. Was that how your mum seduced my father? I'm sure you took after her. Bunch of hoes!"I screamed at her and she slapped me. "How dare you insulted my mother?"she asked panting angrily. I looked up straight to her eyes. "How hurtful is it? I'm sure it's hit you more than what you just did to me now. I'll let it go this time but try it again and I won't take it lightly. Stay away from dave. My last warning"I said looking at her. I wanted to leave but Dave showed up staring at both of us confused. He must have been standing there for long. He walks slowly towards us and then stopped when he got to me.

    Episode 27

    He stopped before me and was staring at both of us strangely. "Whats going on with you guys?"he asked staring at me. "I heard you saying she should stay away from me. What's wrong with me? I mean what were you guys talking about?"he asked again in confusion. I guess he didn't listen from the start.
    "I don't know why she's treating be this way but I think it's getting way too much. If you're angry at least stop venting it on others. She has been this way since"Regina said acting innocent. I was surprised by her acting that I was totally speechless. Regina is so cunning and smart when it comes to lies.
    "What? Are you kidding me?"I asked in anger. "You want to hit me again?"she asked and Dave was more confused.
    She turned to dave pretending to be hurt. "I don't know she can even go to the extent of slapping me just because she want me away from you. I mean is it bad for girls to talk to you now that she's your girlfriend? I think this is unfair"Regina said facing dave. She look at me for the last time and walked away leaving us behind.
    I stood there totally speechless and shocked. I think she's a pro. How could she come up with such fat lie? I can't believe my ears. I looked at dave and he stared down in disappointment. "Why would you do that?"he asked not looking at me and I sighed. "What? So you can believe I really did that? Do you think..."
    "I heard you yelling on her. How could you hit her too? You went too far. Is it true you don't want to see ladies around me? Do you threaten them after?. I think you've changed a lot from whom I know"he said and I was staring at him in disappointment too. "Why would you side with her? Why would you believe what that bitch said instead of mine? So I'm right? You're interested in my sister? You guys have things together? You've also changed from the dave I know like seriously"I said almost in tears. "What? How could you say that"he asked staring at me in confusion.
    "I thought you at least is better from the rest but I think you're worst. You guys are all the same. I hate you all!"I said and broke into tears. He wanted to come closer but I walked out on him and quickly went on to my room closing the door. I sat on the floor crying silently because I was really heartbroken.
    "Annabel please open the door. Please stop all this and open the door. I'm sorry for getting mad at you please. I'm very sorry Anna open the door"dave said hitting the door hard.
    Dave's POV
    I had been standing by her door for more than an hour now and she still refused to open it. I wonder what's going on.
    What does she mean by interested in her sister? Did I say to much to her? Does that really made her say that?
    But I have to see her at least so we can sort things out. Seeing her cry made my heart aches really bad and I feel guilty for no reason.
    I left her door in sadness and went on to my room too. The rest of the guys were still hanging outside having fun. I picked my phone and called Annabel but she refused to pick up. I messages her. She didn't open it talk less of reading.
    Maybe I shouldn't have say anything earlier or maybe I should have sided with her even if she was wrong.
    I got so sad and depressed that I was think about a lot of things. Or should I apologise to Regina and ask her for help instead? I just don't know what to do.
    The following day, we were all preparing to go back as we've completed the shoots.
    Everyone was in the compound with their bags. Some where chatting and laughing while some were with their phones operating it. I was looking around for Anna but I didn't see her anywhere. Where could she be? I thought to myself looking around.
    I dropped my bag and decided to go check her in her room. On my way I met Regina. I quickly rushed to her to ask if she has seen Anna. "Hy."I said and she replied.
    "Have you seen you annabel this morning?"I asked. "No. I haven't."she replied. "Oh ok"I said. I think I can use the opportunity to apologise to her.
    "I'm sorry about what happened last night. I'm really sorry on behalf annabel's"I said. "It's ok. I'm fine I was just surprised by her attitude"she said. "It's unlike her. I think something wasn't right yesterday. I'm deeply sorry"I said. "Alright apology accepted."she said and I smiled. "Thank you."I said. "Ok"
    "But I'm curious about something"I said. "What's that?"she replied staring at me. "Did annabel truly hit you?"I asked. "Why? You think I lied?"she asked. "Noo no. That's not what I meant. I was only wondering. sorry if I offend you"I said smiling and she smiled too. "Anyway thanks for the other night too."she said smiling. "It's ok. It's nothing to thank me about"I said with a little smile. I look forward and saw annabel waking towards us with her bag. She isn't looking good at all. She stopped when she saw us. She then rolled her eyes and was leaving. "Anna..."I called her name but she walked pass me without looking at my side.
    "I'm sorry I have to go"I said to Regina but she pulled me back holding my hand. I stare at her in confusion and she was staring at me too. "I'm sorry I think she'll get more angry if you go now"she said and I turned back staring at her as she left.
    Annabel's POV
    I saw them together smiling. Looks like they are having fun. I must be right. Dave is no different from other guys in my past. He doesn't care if I'm ok or not. He was busy having fun with Regina instead after all what happened. He have no conscience at all.
    I dropped my bag and sat on a chair among the guys. "Hey"Daniel greeted and sat beside me. "Hy"I replied with a fake smile. "Oww. What's wrong? Your face is not looking good today? Is anything the problem?"he asked. "It's nothing I'm fine. Just a bit sick"I said. "Really? Should we go to the hospital? How are you feeling now?"he asked looking concern. I smiled and shook my head. "It's nothing big. I'll be fine soon"I said. "Ok. He replied. My phone started ringing and I got up to pick it."Please can you watch over my bag? I'll be back soon"I said to him and he agreed. I excused myself to answer dad's call.
    He asked if everything was fine with me especially with Regina and I have to tell him yes. We talk for some time before he hang up. Someone came beside me and I faced them.
    I saw it's Regina and I was leaving quietly until she said something. "Are you feeling ok?"she asked. "You must be in shock. Did you cry all night? Cause I know that's how you do all the time"she said. I turned to her feeling annoyed already. "Do you enjoy to see me cry? How long would you go with all this you've been doing to me?"I asked. "How long?"she asked and smiled. "Well I don't know. I just love doing this because I hate you smiling"she said in her evil voice. "Oh you must have hated me so much to that extent. I know you don't love dave. You were only trying to play along like playing him as you use to do to other guys but please not with him. Let him go and don't hurt his feelings. I'm begging you to stop all this you're doing all the name of you don't want to see me smile"I said staring at her. "How do you know I don't love him? Are you the owner of my heart?"she asked and I sighed. "I know you were planning to dump him later just like you do to every guy you meet. I'm warning you. Don't you dare hurt dave. He's not a person I can see been hurt even though he hurt me. I still love him. I'll beg you to stop whatever's on your mind and leave my dave alone"I said almost yelling on her. "Your dave?"she asked.
    "Didn't you seduce him in the first place? He's not yours. I got my eyes on him first. He saw me first but I don't know how you did it to make him fall for you. But now, I'm assuring you I won't let him go this time"she said and I felt more angrier. Ok I was trying to be cool but I think this won't work.
    "How many days do you wanna go with him before dumping him?"I asked staring at her. "What do you take me for? How dare you say that to me?"she asked in anger. "That's you Regina. You're just like a gum. Sticking around from one guy to another. This is so bad of you. I wonder if you're not HIV positive already cause I can't count how many guys you've dated your whole life"I said and she wanted to slap me. I took her hand and pushed her away from me. "Was that hurtful?"I asked with a smile. "I think it's the truth"I said and smiled again and she was staring at me angrily. I turned to leave but she came at me and pulled my hair hard. "You think you can get away this time?"she asked in anger. I pulled her hair too and the fight started. She pushed me to the edge of the pool and before I could force myself back, she pushed me in with full force. I fell deep in the pool and was diving to come up but I couldn't.
    I began to lost my breath and my body was unable to move.
    She did it intentionally because she knows that I can't swim and have bad memories about it. My breath seized and I couldn't move any part of my body anymore. My eyes were shutting slowly.
    I noticed a great splash and someone was swimming towards me but I couldn't see. My eyes closed and I became unconscious.

    Episode 28

    Dave's POV
    I was heading back to the guys after getting something inside. I was pressing my phone and walking. I heard noises and I looked at the direction. To my surprise, I saw Regina and Annabel fighting. Regina has pushed Anna to the edge of the pool and before I could get to them, she pushed her into the pool and Annabel was struggling to dive. I quickly rushed there but before I could get in, someone jumped into the pool and was diving to save Anna. I was so scared and shocked by this. Daniel brought her out and placed her on the ground but she was unconscious. I looked back and saw the remaining guys around us all wondering what happened. Regina was standing there not saying anything or making attempt to come close to her. I was going to Anna but Daniel bent beside her tapping her to wake up. I bent down beside her calling her name too. "Annabel wake up"I said shaking her body. Daniel pressed down on her chest multiple times but she didn't open her eyes. I got so impatient and scared something bad might happen. Daniel was trying all his possible best until he was trying to do mouth to mouth breath to her. "Stop"I said and everyone look at me. Daniel stares at me in confusion but I moved closer to Annabel and pressed down on her chest more. When she didn't open her eyes, I closed her nose with my fingers and leaned down to her lips. I blew hair in her mouth. I did it the second time and pressed down on her chest until she coughed out water and opened her eyes slowly. I took a deep breath of relieve and sat back on the floor. I look at regina again and she stared off.
    I can't believe she pushed her sister in the pool but I saw it with my own eyes.
    "Annabel are you ok? What happened?"they started asking but no response from anyone.
    I went to annabel and carried her from the ground in a bridal style. "How could you do that to your sister?"daniel asked regina staring at her badly. "Do you think I push her? She started it first. I didn't even...."
    "Stop lying. I saw everything clearly. And the other night with dave too, I saw what you did"daniel said and I stopped. I turned to her and everyone else was staring too.
    "What are you talking about?"regina asked.
    "Oh you're pretending you don't know?
    Well I was actually watching the other night before dave joined you. I heard all what you said and the lies you told just to receive attention from him from him.
    You purposely did that right? I know you did that just to hurt your sister. She saw you guys that night and you know.
    You know what, I've been watching you ever since the night of the party when you picked a fight with her. I knew something was going on since then but I never thought you could go to this extent of harming her. That's so cruel of you"daniel said.
    I looked at annabel and we were both staring at each other.
    "Is that true?"I asked staring at regina.
    "That's all lie. I did nothing wrong. Annabel hurt me first. She..."
    "That's not what I ask."I said and she was quiet.
    "You telling those that night was a lie? You did it intentionally just to get my attention?"I asked but she kept mute.
    "Oh you even told me to hug you because you know annebel came around that night? What do you gain in doing all that?"I asked.
    "Is it a crime to love? I love you that was why I did all that. I want your attentions badly but you seem to be so clueless. You never look at me for a second. You took me just as your girlfriend's sister. It's not my fault I fall for you is it? I did all that because I want you to look at me"she said crying.
    "That's not love. If you truly love someone, you won't hurt or destroy what's important to them. I'm highly disappointed in you"I said. "I'll take my leave then"daniel said and left.
    I stare at her for a while before turning to leave too.
    The rest of the guys were staring at the scene speechless. Some were even recording but her friend told them to drop the camera.
    I got to Anna's room and placed her down. She walked the chair and sat down. There was a long awkward silence between us. "Are you ok?"I asked breaking the silence. "Uhm. I'm fine"she replied not looking at me.
    "You have to change your cloth"I said. She stood up and headed to the bathroom to change.
    Annabel's POV
    I got to the bathroom and removed the wet cloth I had on. I on the shower and watch it pour down my body. So that's what really happened? I blamed dave for no reason when he is innocent. Now I'm feeling guilty cause I think I'm the stupid one right now. I have to apologise because I'm feeling bad for judging him wrongly.
    After the bath, I wrapped a towel tightly around my chest and went back to the room. He was still sitting there while I went to stand beside my bed.
    "I'll turn my back while you dress"he said and I smiled. Not like it's first seeing my body what's with the attitude.
    He turned his back to me and I was wearing my cloths. After dressing up, I was unable to zip up my gown. I tried but it was so tricky I couldn't draw it up. "Are you done?"he asked. "No."I replied trying more. "Why taking so long?"he asked.
    "Erm... Can you please help me here?"I asked and he turned back. "What?"he asked staring at me. I turned my back to him pointing to the zipper. "Can you help me with this?"I asked.
    "Ok"he said and walked up to me. He drew the zipper and it was all done. I was still turning my back on him feeling bad to look at his face. There was an awkward silence again and I wanted to use the chance to apologise.
    "I'm sorry...."we both said at the same time. I turned around looking at him and he was staring at me too. "Why are you sorry? You did nothing wrong. I'm the one at fault"he said.
    "I didn't know that was what happened. Actually I came out that night just to check on you. When I got there, I met you and Regina instead. I saw you hug her and I was thinking of so many things. I didn't know there was a reason to it. I'm sorry for jumping into conclusions on my own"I said hanging my head.
    He lifted my head up staring at me. "It's ok. We are both sorry because it was a misunderstanding. I didn't know you were going through such threats from your step sister just because of me. But you should have tell me at least. but it's ok now huh. We are good"he said smiling and I nodded my head.
    "Are you feeling better?"he asked. "Yeah. I'm ok. Thanks for saving me"I said and he smiled. "You should thank daniel too. He really helped. I didn't know that rude brat might be useful someday" he said and I smiled. "Jealous huh?"I asked and we both smiled.
    "Oh my God. I've missed you so much. I just realised that now"I said and hugged him. "Me too. Don't let us fight again in future ok. It really hurt my heart"he said stroking my hair.
    "Ok"I said smiling. "Other's must be waiting. Let's get going now"he said holding my hand. "Ok let's go"I said smiling and we both left the room.
    Two weeks later, I told dad about dave and my relationship with him. I was surprised he approved to our relationship. He told me he knew something was going on already because he saw some news and also saw it in my attitude.
    Everything was just going smoothly and I love that.
    On a Friday night Rachael and I went to Dave's show and stood somewhere in the front. I remembered the first time I came to his show and the first time I met him in person. I wonder if he still remember me to be the girl.
    I was watching him on stage with a smile on my lips.
    He took the mic and was looking around the crowd. I told him I'll be coming so I guess he was looking around for me. Finally, our eyes met and he smiled.
    "This night, I'm dedication my song to no one else but someone so very special to me."he said smiling.
    Oh I remembered he told me about it. Who could it be? I thought to myself smiling nervously then he began.
    "You're a great person and someone I can never forget. The moment I met you, my life story changed.
    You made me believe in myself and always tell me things can get better.
    Anytime I see you, I feel like I was blessed with an angel sent from heaven.  I feel incomplete and lonely until I met you.
    How can I forget the memories we shared together?
    How can I forget the smile on your face each time you look into my eye?
    You promised to be there for me forever when I feel like no one else is there.
    I don't know what you do to me because I think I'm addicted to you.
    Tell me how can I forgot you when all I see is your love and care. You're my amazing just the way you are"
    this touches my heart and I feel like I'm about to cry. I remember each memory of us as he sings and my heart melted."Are you ok?"Rachael asked and I replied yes with a little smile.
    He came to my side looking down at me while everybody was cheering so loud and screaming. He stretched out his hand for me to come on stage and I was surprised. "Oh my God"Rachael said smiling so brightly. I took his hand even if it feels a little uncomfortable because of the crowd and screams. I got up on stage and was looking around feeling so embarrassed because there are lot of people than I imagined.
    Dave was smiling looking at me and I smiled shyly too. He took my hand and moved to the center of the stage feeling so happy.
    I should be expecting my photos on internet tomorrow as this is going to go worldwide. "I love you"he said without the mic and I smiled. "I love you too"I said smiling.
    I thought that was all until he moved back and brought out something from his pocket.
    He knelt on one leg and opened a little black box revealing a shining object. Could that be a ring? Oh my God! I was totally surprised by this. "Annabel matins will you marry me?"he asked staring at me and the whole crowd screamed louder than before. I don't know what else to say than yes. I couldn't express how happy I am. He slipped the ring on my finger and a loud clap came from the crowd. I stood there staring at him speechless and happy. He moved closer to me smiling. "You deserve more than this."he said. I covered my mouth still in surprise.
    "I love you"he said with the mic and another cheer roar in the air. "I love you more"I said and tears dropped from my eyes. He moved closer and kissed me. Tears streamed down my cheek and I wrapped my arm around his neck kissing him back. I can't believe this is happening right now. Words can't express my happiness.

    Episode 29

    Two weeks later, everything was going on smoothly between Dave and I. Regina stop bothering me and I have peace of mind.
    One afternoon after work, Mr Raymond called and told me dad's sick and was admitted into our family hospital. I rushed there in panic to check on him.
    I got to the hospital and straight to his Ward.
    I opened the door and walked in slowly looking at him. I wonder if it's the chest pain again. Dad has a heart disease which he has spent so much money on but nothing changed. Sometimes, I got scared whenever he's sick because I don't want anything bad to happen to him. The door cracked open and Mr Raymond walked in. "You're here"he said and I nodded my head. "Is he ok?"I asked feeling concern. "Yeah the doctor said he'll be fine but his heart disease is getting serious."he said.
    I moved closer to dad and took his hand in mine staring at his face. "Nothing is going to happen to him right? I know he'll be ok."I said feeling hurt.
    I'm afraid he might be unconscious for a long time. I don't want anything bad like that to happen. mum's death heartbreak which I'm still dealing with till now. I can't watch my dad end up the same way before my eyes. Never"I thought to myself. "Madam Lisa and Regina just left not quit long"he said. "Ok"I replied.
    I left the hospital later after dad woke up and was going back home late at night.
    Regina's POV
    I found out where Anna is living and it was just so close to Dave's.
    I'm not over dave yet and I don't think I can't get over him.
    I was been mocked in the company and on social medias for what daniel revealed the other day. I don't know how the video got there but my heart is really filled with revenge.
    "What I can't get, I'll rather destroy it. Since I can't get him, I'll rather destroy them both"I said. I smoked my last shot of the cigarette and dropped the stick. I stood up and dressed my cloth properly then headed out for my car.
    Annabel's POV
    I was driving home around 8pm. Dave's call came in and I took it using Bluetooth. "Hello honey"I said smiling. "Where are you?"he asked and I told him I was on my way home. "Ok. When you get home call me. I got a surprise for you"he said and I smiled. "What is it?"I asked curiously. "It's a secret. Get home first. Drive carefully"he said and hang up. I smiled wondering what the surprise might be.
    When I almost get home, a car blocked me in the front which almost cause an accident. I stepped on break breathing heavily.
    "How could someone drive like this?"I said looking at the car. I horned for it to go so that I can move but it didn't move. I wonder what's going on with the driver.
    I removed my seatbelt and got down from my car heading to the car before me.
    "Hello please can you move your car so that I can go?"I asked when I got there but the four doors flung opened and four guys stepped down from the car staring at me. I got scared because of the way they were dressing just like gangsters. "Can you move...."
    "Hy miss Annabel"one of the guys said with a smile.
    Who are they? How does he know my name? I was staring at them in shock and was moving back slowly. "Who are you guys?"I asked staring at them as I move and they keep moving closer to me. I quickly rushed to my car but a guy gripped my hand tightly from behind pulling me back. He carried me to their car and locked the doors. "Let me go. Who are you guys? Help! Somebody help me!"I screamed out loud. "Let me go!"I said hitting him and causing fuse in the car. He removed a white handkerchief from his pocket and blocked my nose with it.
    I began to get weak and my view became blurred.
    I couldn't moved my hand or lips so I became unconscious.

    Episode 30

    I began to open my eyes slowly but my view was blurry. Finally I opened it and everything was clear. I looked around where I am trying to move my body but I couldn't. I looked down at my body and found out I was been tied down to a chair. My mouth was stapled too so I couldn't scream. It was then I saw a guy smoking a little bit far from me. He looked at my direction and was coming towards me.
    I stayed calm but very scared and confused because I don't know this guys. I don't know what they want from me.
    He stood before me and tilted his head. "You're awake"he said looking at me. I was struggling to free myself from the chair while staring at him badly.
    Another guy came around hanging a big stick on his shoulder.
    He smiled and removed the tape from my mouth. "Who are you guys? What do you want from me?"I asked breathing heavily.
    "We? Oh. I'm a friend"the guy said and smiled. "Let me go now or you'll all regret this. I promise to Sue you all later for this"I said yelling. "How dare you raise your voice?"the other guy said raising his hand to hit me but the stick guy stopped him. "Don't"he said pushing him back. He then faced me again smiling.
    "How can you hit a beautiful girl like her. Such girls are meant to be treated nicely"he said.
    "Let me go!"I screamed again struggling from the chair.
    "Will you shut your mouth you're too loud"the other guy said again.
    "You're too pretty for torture I think. How about having a nice time with me before then"the stick guy said touching my face. I opened my mouth and bite his hand angrily. He moved back and slapped me in anger. "I was trying to be nice but I think this won't work"he said after slapping me. I felt a sting at the corner of my lip.
    I raised up my head staring at both of them. "Why are you guys doing this? Who sent you? Regina?"I asked staring at them but no reply.
    "Ok. Bring that bitch here now I have to face her directly"I said in anger.
    "Too loud. Too loud. You're just the same. Throwing fit and shouting even at the point of death"a voice said from the side and i looked back.
    I saw Regina walking towards me with a stick of cigarette in her hand. She came to me smiling. "Hy sister"she said. "You again? How could you do this? I think you're going too far this time around. What is it you want again?"I asked staring at her.
    "Me? I want nothing but your life."she said and I was shocked.
    "How dare you Regina? You know you'll pay for this. You won't get away with it this time around. Dad won't let it slide will he? Be prepared to be thrown out with your mother"I said angrily. She dropped the stick of cigarette and puffed the smoke to my face. I started coughing trying to catch my breath.
    "Daddy? Oh you mean that sick father of yours?"she asked and that surprised me. "My sick father? How could you?"I said feeling hurt.
    "I don't care what he does. I still can't believe he was trying to hand over 60% of his property to you. Why? Because you're the real daughter? What of us? Didn't he love us too? I've know ever since I got in with mum, he never love me the same way he did to you. I won't let mum and I lose to you. never!. He'll die soon anyway. If you're gone too we won't have any worries"she said. "Die? You guys are so cruel. How dare you wish my dad death after all he has done for you and your mother? Isn't this heartless?"I asked. "Yes. It's heartless. Not my fault. You already say it yourself. We are gold diggers. Yes we are. Over my dead body will I watch you take over dad's companies and most especially, Dave"she said with fire in her eyes.
    "You're not human regina. I'll keep saying it. You don't deserve to live on earth"I said. She pulled my hair back staring at me in anger. "Yes I'm not. I don't have a heart. I'll prove that to you today. Because you'll die slowly regreting all the bad you've done to me"she said. "You can do all you want with me but not with my father and Dave. Don't touch any of them"I said breathing hard. She dropped my hair and moved back.
    "Ok. But that's if you'll know cause the dead won't know what's happening on earth after he/she is gone"she said with a smile. She pulled something out from her back and to my greatest shock, it was a gun. Regina had a gun!
    "You'll die now!"she said angrily pointing the gun at me. I got so scared and closed my eyes expecting her to pull the trigger but she stopped and withdrew her hand.
    "I think not yet"she said smiling evilly.
    My phone started ringing beside me and I looked at the screen. It was dave but I can't pick it. He must be really worried by now. "Go and pick the phone"she said to one of the boys. He took it and went to give Regina.
    "I think it's the chance to say your last goodbye"she said and brought the phone to me.  "But you know what?"she said taking the phone away from me again and I was staring at her with my heart full of anger and pains. "I think I don't need him. I was only trying to hurt you by getting him but I failed woefully for the first time? How funny. I think he really loves you. but how could he hurt my feelings before everyone? Just because of you this worthless thing?."she said raising her voice.
    The phone started ringing again and she picked it then placed it to my ear.
    "Hello Annabel where are you? I thought you said you're almost home"dave said sounding worried. "I'm fine. I'll be home soon. Just wait a little more time"I said trying to fight my tears. "Come on I'm worried. What's wrong with your voice? Are you ok?"he asked. "Nothing. Just wait I'll be there"I said looking at Regina. "Ok but.....something is suspicious. Are you sure you're almost home?"he asked again and I sobbed trying not to cry. Regina took the phone from me and hang up the call. "How romantic. Oh God. I want to have a caring boyfriend like Dave"regina said mockingly and laughed.
    Tears streamed down my cheek as I watch her in anger but not able to do anything. "Promise me you won't hurt anyone again after you do this to me. Please I'm begging you"I said throwing away my pride If that will make her change her mind about hurting dave and dad. "Hmm let's see"she said scratching her head with the gun. "I'm not sure"she said and that evil smile curved on her lips again.
    "Regina please. I'm begging you not to. Please don't"I said crying.
    "Ok. Maybe I'll change my mind about it later or maybe not. It's up to me to decide"she said.
    She took the gun up coming closer to me. "Anything more to say before I shoot"she said with the gun on my head. "No."I said in tears expecting her to shoot. The door flung opened and she stopped. Everyone looked at the direction to see who it is. I raised my head slowly and looked at the direction too. I was surprised to see Dave standing there staring at the scene in shock. he must have used the GSP he connected to my phone to locate where I am. But I think he'll be in danger too. No I don't want this to happen not to him too!

    Episode 31

    "What in the world is happening here?"he asked coming in.
    Regina was also shocked to see him but the guys were rushing towards him. "Who are you? How dare you come in here"the first guy said in anger. He moved to hit him but dave threw a punch to his face causing him to fall. The other guy tried to hit him with stick and he collected it from him. He hit him with it instead and kicked him to the ground. The two guys stood up again and they were fighting. Dave overpowered and beat them badly. One of the guys pulled out a gun and pointed it to him trying to shoot.
    "Stop!"regina screamed and he stopped. I let out a breath of relieve staring at him. Dave walked up to us staring at me. "Are you ok? How dare you guys do this to her?"he said looking at my face. He left me and stood up to face regina. "Why again are you doing this regina? You're going too far. How dare you hurt her?"he said with anger in his voice.
    "Why did you have to come here? You shouldn't have. You just put both of you in more danger by coming to rescue her"she said looking at him. As they were talking, I was already trying to lose the rope tied to my hand.
    "I think you're bad but I don't know you're this worst. You have no conscience at all. Release her right now or..."one of the guys hit his head with a stick and dave fell to the ground. "Oh no"I said in tears
    "Good. I don't want to hurt you but what? You're still trying to side with her till the end?
    What you can't get, it's better you destroy them. That's my rule"she said looking down at him. "No. How could you guys do this to him? Dave"I said crying. I have loose the rope used to tie me and got down crying beside him.
    "Get up dave. Please get up"I said touching his face. "Why would you do this regina? This is unfair. I thought you promised not to hurt him"
    She signaled to one of the guys and he went to bring something. He poured down water from a bowl to Dave's face. When he was conscious, I got a little relieved. He got up looking at me face. "Are you ok?"he asked. "You have to be OK first"I said sobbing and he hugged me tight as I cry. "Hmm. Love in Tokyo. How I wish to be loved too"regina said and dave released me. He turned to her but we were still both on the floor. "What do you want exactly? I'll do anything you want but please let her go"he said. "Why would I let her go when I want her?"she asked.
    "Ok. You want me? Fine. I'll sacrifice myself but please let dave go. Don't you touch a hair on him"I said looking at her. "Really? Sacrificing yourself for him? What are you guys? Romeo and Juliet?"she asked laughing. She waved the gun in the hair looking at both of us.
    "Who should I take first? You? Or you?"she asked pointing the gun to us.
    All this while, Dave was looking around and I don't know why. Is he trying to do something?"I thought to myself. My dress was messed up already and bruises were over my face as they sting so bad but I think my heart stings the most. Dave got up facing Regina. "Ok. What exactly will make you stop?"he asked staring at her. "I told you earlier. Nothing but her"she said looking at me. The guys were staring at us with one of them pointing his gun straight.
    "Ok."Dave said. He looked at me and winked.
    When he hugged me the other time, he said something to my hear.
    "I promise we'll be fine ok. Whenever I wink at you, just lie down on the ground ok don't move."I remembered and quickly laid down. I heard crumbles and raised my head slowly. He was wrapping his hand around Regina's neck pointing the gun to her head. How does he manage to get that from her?
    "Drop your gun or I shoot her"he said to the guys. Regina was breathing heavily looking at the guys. The guy with the gun, stare at him pointing his gun then he dropped it down slowly.
    "Hands up"he said and they both raised their hands.
    "What do you think you're doing?"regina asked. "Me? Oh I'm trying to save my love"dave said smiling.
    He began to move back with regina still pointing the gun at her. He nodded his head at me and I got up from the floor still feeling scared. "Sorry. The police should be here any moment from now"he said. "How dare you!"regina said in anger. I was walking slowly behind dave because my leg had an injury which was bleeding. I tripped and I fell down out of stamina. I hit it against the chair and it was even bleeding more. Dave left regina and quickly came to me. Oh no. He doesn't even care she might hurt us again but let her go?"Are you ok."he asked looking at my bleeding leg. He removed his shirt and tied it around my ankle to stop the bleeding. This time, Regina picked the other gun from the ground and was moving to us. I gasped and dave looked back too. "Drop the gun you're holding or I shoot her"she said and dave dropped the gun. "Don't worry just trust me ok. we can do this. I promise you we'll be fine"dave said to me and got up raising his hand. "Ok. You won. But please don't shoot"he said to her. I sat there staring at them. "You're trying to prove smart huh? Not even you can get in my way."she said looking at dave. "Please drop the gun. We can settle this with words"dave said to her but she didn't.
    "No. Enough of all this! Her presence is annoying. Sorry I have no choice"she said and pointed the gun at me. Her eyes were full of anger and I guess this time, she'll shoot. I closed my eyes expecting the worst. She pulled the trigger twice with the sound filling my ears but I couldn't feel anything on my body. I opened my eyes and saw dave before me. "Its ok. I promised to protect you"he said smiling. His eyes shut and was falling. "Noooo"I said looking at him. Tears streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably and he fell on my shoulder. "Noooo. Dave why!"I said crying and shaking his body. My hand and cloth were filled with blood. The gun fell down from Regina and she was staring at dave in shock too.  "Nooo this can't happen. Please look at me. Please get up! Dave!"I said crying like a baby but that doesn't do anything. His body didn't move or listen to my cries. My heartaches so much that I think I couldn't breath again.
    I heard the police siren outside and soon they were inside the building pointing guns everywhere.
    "Drop your weapons and hands up"the police said and that was all I could remember.
    I opened my eyes to found myself in a hospital bed. I got down from the bed quickly trying to go out. but someone took my hand.
    I looked up and saw dave. "Where are you going to? Your leg is hurt"he said looking at me. "Why are you here? You were hurt"I said in surprise. He was smiling at me. His body was perfectly ok without any blood stain on his cloth. "What happened? Your cloth is...."I said looking down at his cloth. I look at mine and could still see the blood stains.
    The door flung opened and I saw dad and Rachael walking in. I looked beside me and dave was gone.
    "Wait! Don't go. Dave wait"I said and dad quickly came to me. The doctor got in too and came to my side. "Are you ok? What happened to you?"dad asked hugging me. "We have to put her to sleep. She needs treatment"the doctor said taking me to the bed but I jack off his hand. "Where's dave? What happened to him? He's hurt. You need to treat him first. I'm fine please save Dave first. I'm ok"I said crying. "They are treating him. please ma'am you have to receive treatment too"the nurse said holding me.
    "I said I'm fine. Please let me see him. It's ok if I see him"I said. Rachael came to hug me crying too. "It's ok. Anna. Dave will be fine. Get in bed and let them treat you"she said.
    After my treatments, I was permitted to see him. When I got to his Ward, I saw him lying in bed. I walked in and sat beside his bed taking his hand in mine. I asked the doctor and he told me Dave was shot at the back twice. They removed the bullet but can't guarantee he'll survive yet.
    I sat there looking at his face and tears streamed down my cheek. I pictured him smiling at me and wiping my tears but he's not. He was lying in bed unconscious.
    "Why do you have to get in the way? You risked your life to save me. Why would you take some bullet for me? I'm feeling bad because I think everything is my fault. You're in this situation because of me. Please wake up for my sake. Please you have to get up"I said crying. The machine started making some sounds and the doctor and nurses quickly get in.
    They were running around doing all sort of things while I stood there in confusion. After a while the sound stopped and the doctors faces were full of disappointment. "What wrong? Is he ok? Why are you guys not doing anything again?"I asked looking at them.
    "Ma'am. He'll be fine but you have to go to Ward first uhm"he said with a fake smile. I knew something was going on.
    "Please tell me what's wrong? Don't lie to me. I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying beside him"I said to him.
    Dad and Rachael got In too looking at the scene. "Sir can I see you in private?"he asked my dad and he said ok.
    "Tell me anything. I'm his girlfriend. Don't say anything privately. Say it now. He's ok right?"I asked.
    "Ok...Ehm. Sorry we lost him at last"he said. "W..what! No. You can't... Nooo!"I screamed in tears and before I knew it, I fell in the hand of dad and became unconscious again.

    Episode 32 (Final)

    Everything felt like a dream but it's not.
    I opened my eyes again looking around. I saw Rachael beside me. Immediately she saw me, she came to my side. "Are you ok? Are you feeling better?"she asked. I managed to get off bed and got down walking to the door but I stumbled and fell.
    "Oh no. You should be careful"Rachael said helping me up.
    "Where's dave? Why is he not here beside me when he knows I'm sick?"I asked her but she was quiet.
    "So heartbreaking we lost one of our beloved celebrity. Dave Kingsley. May his perfect soul rest in peace. He was claimed murdered....." Rachael took the remote and switched off the tv.
    I moved back and sat on my bed. "Is that true? Dave died?"i asked. "Uhm. I'm so sorry for the lost"rachael said feeling bad.
    "Why him of all people? Why dave? Why would death kill the good people leaving the evil and bad ones behind? This is because of me."I said sobbing.
    Rachael came beside me patting my shoulder.
    "This wouldn't have happened if we never met. It won't happen if I have rejected his proposal. He died because of me. Oh no. What should I do?"I said crying with my heart aching. "It's not you fault Anna. Dave really love you. It's fate not your fault."she said.
    "You have to be strong ok? I'm very sorry for everything that happen"she hugged me crying too.
    The following day, I visited where dave was buried. I didn't want to go at first because I couldn't stop crying every minutes his memory come into my head.
    I got to his burial ground and sat on the floor beside it.
    "You're so bad and selfish. Why would you leave me without thinking what I might do to myself later? Why would you die in my place? I didn't tell you to do it for me. I didn't tell you to die for me. Why would you take those bullets and pains without thinking twice? I know you love me but that too much dave"I said and tears run down uncontrollably. "Remember what you said to me? You said you won't go anywhere without me. You promise to be there even when I'm not looking. You promised to do anything just for my happiness. Is this what you meant? Death? Oh no. Why do you have to do this to me?"I said crying out loud.
    My eyes were blurred with tears and my heart was filled with pain.
    I couldn't stop crying. I was there till evening not leaving. My heart couldn't take it any longer and I thought of suicide. If I die, I didn't lose anything. I'm just feeling sorry for dad. But I don't think I can live without him.(dave) I should be the one buried here anyway. It's better I go to him and we can both rest in peace. Can't take the pain alone in my heart forever.
    I thought to myself crying.
    I noticed a bright reflecting of light from above. It was so bright I could resist from looking up. I looked up and......
    "Annabel please wake up. Doctor do something"noises and sounds of machine filled my ear drums until I opened my eyes yo reality.
    "She's breathing. She's alive"a voice said. My view wasn't that clear so I couldn't see those people beside me. "Annabel are you ok? You got us really scared"Rachael said crying. He face was swollen and I guess she must have cried for a really long time. I saw dad beside me too with his face full of worries and concern. "What's happening here?"I thought to myself looking around.
    The doctors then began to give me some treatments.
    I stood up from the hospital bed trying to sit but my body was in so much pain. "You have to stay calm. Please don't move"one of the doctors said. "Where's dave?"I asked. "He'll be fine. He's still in the operation room"rachael said. "Nothing happened right?"I asked and she nodded her head. I have to go as quick as possible to see him myself. I can't stand to let what happened in my dream came to reality.
    After the doctors and my family left to let me get some sleep, I couldn't blink an eyes or sleep for a second. Immediately I saw they were gone, I climbed down from my bed but my stamina was not that strong so I have to hold things to support myself till I got to the entrance.
    I managed until I finally got to where dave was. I looked inside and saw no one there except him lying on bed. I sighed and opened the door slowly to go in.
    I got to his bed and sat right beside him. I looked at the matching beside him which I saw in my dream. I pray nothing bad happen to him. I believe he'll be fine.
    God please save him.
    I can't live if he dies. Please save him from this bad accident. I prayed in my heart with tears dropping. I was holding his hand in mine. Immediately I remembered how it happens in my dream like that, I wanted to remove it to avoid everything repeating in real life but I couldn't remove my hand. Why is it hard to do?
    I looked at his face and his lashes were moving. "Dave! Can you hear me? Are you ok?"I asked wiping my tears. I looked more closely and his eyes opened a bit. He was looking around the room. "Are you really awake? Thank God. Thank you. I was really scared"I said crying. He looked at me trying to raise his hand to my face but it fell back. "Its ok. Don't move. I'll call the doctor."I said trying to get up but he squeezed my hand causing me to sit back. I looked at his face wondering why he did that. "Ar...are you okay?"he managed to asked in a very low tone.
    "Again? Will you stop worrying about me and look out for yourself? You need to be fine too. Stop worrying about me for Christ sake. Please"I said and tears started falling again.
    "I'm sorry. I made you cry"he said looking at my face. "You got me worried and sad. I think something is going to happen. Please don't leave me"I said crying and hugged him on bed. He lifted his hand to my back stroking it. "It's ok. I'm fine if you're fine too"he said.
    I went back to my Ward after some times but still scared something bad night happen. The doctor came in to check on me. "How's dave? He'll be fine right?"I asked him after he was done.
    "He should be fine. Can't believe he survived that after loosing so much blood but he was lucky the bullets hit his shoulder and not somewhere very fatal or else, it would have been another story from this"doctor said.
    I got a little relieved by his words. "But ma'am"he said looking at me. "What's that? Any problem again?"I asked.
    "Not really. I'll like to tell you this too if you weren't aware of it"he said checking some files he was holding. "Ok. What's that. Please tell me"I said feeling more curious. "Are you aware you are pregnant?"he asked and I was shocked.
    "Pr.. Pregnant?"I asked.
    "Yeah. We carried out some tests and discovered you're 8weeks pregnant. During the time of the accident, you body went through a lot of damages due to some shocks but so sorry we lost the baby. Sorry to break the sad news to you"he said but I was too shock to know what to do.
    Writer: NICKY
    A week later, I went to visit dave in the hospital. Regina was taken to court and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Dad divorced with madam Lisa when he later found out she planned to take all his property and also want him dead. I didn't want to tell dave I lost a pregnancy because I don't want to shock him and worsen his condition. I plan to look for a way to say it to him later. Although it was so painful to me but I can't keep it to myself forever anyway.
    I visit him everyday at the hospital because his wound is yet to healed fully. But thank God, he'll be discharged today and we can go home together.
    I got to the hospital and straight to his ward.
    I got there but couldn't see him.
    "Where is he?"I asked looking around. I went out dialing his number. Just as I put it to my ear, I spotted him with some girls snapping pictures. "One more. One more"a girl said smiling. She linked her arm around his and stretched her hand smiling. "Cheese"they said smiling.
    "What?. Cheese my foot. I guess he got some energy now"I said looking a the girls badly. I brought down the phone from my ear and walked up to them.
    "Looks like you're having fun"I said and he looked back. The girls all look at me too with some weird expression. What? Are they going to eat me raw or what? Because I'm always scared of this fan girls each time I come across them. They can be so crazy and dramatic at times.
    "Oh you're here"dave said smiling.
    "Bye guys. I have to go now"he said smiling at them and they all stared at me again. "Oh no. One more please. Just one more pics"a girl said acting cute and linking her hand wrong Dave's. "Not anymore. Enough of those pics and clings. He's someone's boyfriend ok"I said and removed her hand from his body staring at her badly.
    "Who are you? Why are you stopping him from taking pics with us?"one of the girls asked staring at me. "Oh you don't know? Ok. I'm this man's girlfriend. Got it?"I said glaring at them. "Oh my god! She's the girl"one of them said and the rest were all staring at me in surprise. I moved closer to dave and linked my arm around his hand smiling. He looked at me and smiled too. "Oh ok. I'm sorry for being rude. I didn't know that's it"the girl apologized feeling bad. "It's ok. It's ok."I said with a smile. "Ehm... Sorry to ask. How about we all a take picture together with you too?"she asked. I stared at her for a while then smiled. "Ok!"I said and they all smiled moving closer for the picture.
    Soon, we left the place and was going back. I was smiling walking by his side. "How are you feeling?"I asked. "I'm getting better. I mean I'm all better now."he said smiling. "Of course you are. Guess you were having some much fun with the ladies earlier"I said. "Jealous?"he asked. "What? Who said that? I'm not. I'm even older than them. Why will I get jealous of those little things?"I asked almost raising my voice. "Really? But your attitude said otherwise."he said and laughed. "Stop it. I said I'm not. Like seriously"I said and hit his shoulder. "Ouch... My shoulder. Oh ohhhh that hurts"he yelled in pain holding his shoulder.
    "Oh my God I'm sorry. Does it really hurt you? I didn't even hit that hard. Oww I'm so sorry dear"I said feeling bad. He look up to my face and bursted into laughter. then I remembered it was the other shoulder he got wound on"How dare you? Were you playing me? Huh"I asked and hit him more.
    "Your expression was so hilarious I couldn't help but laugh. Sorry"he said looking at me and I smiled. "Good to see you laugh so much like this after a while"I said.  He took my hand and linked our fingers together walking on.
    He was discharged from hospital and we both went home later in the evening.
    We were both sitting on the couch in the living room watching movie. I was leaning my head on his chest while he was playing with my hair.
    "Hope you're not stressed today because of me?"he asked. "Why would I be? I'm ok"I said. "Thank you"he said. "For what?"I asked. "Just everything."he said and I smiled. "I didn't do anything. I should be thanking you Instead and I'm sorry for everything you went through because of me"I said.
    "You don't have to be sorry towards me. You saved me too and I didn't regret doing it for you either because you deserve it"he said.
    "But I had been thinking about this over and over. Why would you jump in front of a bullet just to save me? I mean what if you end up dying?"I asked. "It's ok. if it is to save your life"he said and I raised my head looking at his face. "But I think that is too much"I said and he smiled.
    "It's ok. Thank God I didn't die anyway and you're fine too"he said. I sat properly thinking of telling him about the pregnancy.
    "There's something more I have to tell you"I said not looking at him. He came closer to me wrapping his hand around me. "Go on dear. I'm listening"he said.
    "Uhm...the doctor said I'm pregnant"I said not looking at him. He was quiet for a while and I look at his face to see the surprise expression. A smiled curved up on his lips and he got up in excitement. "Are you serious? For real? Wow! That's a good news."he said smiling. He took my hand and pulled me up from the couch. He hugged me so tightly feeling so excited. He was too excited that I'm afraid to break the sad news to him.
    He released me from the hug and was looking at my face. "I'm so damn happy right now. What next? We have to fix a wedding date. That should be as soon as poss....."
    "I lost the baby"I said looking sad. His happiness died down and he was sad immediately. "Oh no. Why?"he asked.
    "The doctor said I lost it due to the accident. I'm sorry"I said in sorrow.
    "Oh my God"he said feeling more hurt.
    "I'm really sorry"I apologized.
    "No it's ok. Don't be sorry. Everything is ok as long as you're fine"he said and pulled me into a hug stroking my hair. "You must be disappointed"I said. "I'm not. You're more important right now. Don't be sad don't worry about that for now ok"he said. He pulled me from the hug and kissed my forehead. He kissed my lips then my forehead again and hugged me.
    "It's ok. Don't be sad"he said and I hugged him back.
    Two months later, We did a very big wedding and went for our honeymoon in Paris.
    On the night of our honeymoon...
    I was standing at the balcony looking at those beautiful stars. Old memories flashed to my head and I was smiling to myself. "How beautiful"I said. I remembered our first meeting, the day I first got to his apartment and the time went to club."those memories keep putting smiles on my face.
    "What are you doing here smiling to yourself?"dave asked. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder hugging me from behind.  "What are you thinking about?"he asked. "Nothing. Just wondering how things turn out."I said. "Like?"he asked. "I mean meeting you and us ending up together this way"I said smiling.
    "Really? Isn't it great?"he asked and I nodded my head.
    "Do you remember the first time we met?"I asked. "In the elevator?
    "he said and I shook my head. "I guess you can't remember"I said. "When was that?"he asked. "The night you bumped into my car and I was throwing fit insisting you apologise to me directly"I said. "What? You were the girl from that night?"he asked. I turned around smiling. "Oh. You didn't recognise me. I guess that was because it was a short meeting"I said. "Like serious, I just remembered. That's true. You were the noisy girl from that night"he said and we both laughed. "You think I was noisy?"I asked.
    "You were so loud and angry that night. I could remember"he said.
    "But you were so cool and attractive that I couldn't do anything when you got down to apologize"I said and he laughed. I wrapped my arm around his neck smiling. "But now, you're mine! The handsome, hot and sexy guy from my dream and imagination is now my husband"I said looking into his eyes and he smiled too. I kissed his lips and smiled. "The brave, smart, beautiful and greatest chef is my wifey"he said smiling and I laughed. I kissed him again and he pulled me closer lifting me up to his body kissing me more.
    I have to confess he's so good when it comes to kissing. After a while, we stopped and he was smiling brushing my hair off my face. "I love you"he said. "I love you more more more more"I said and we both laughed. He pressed his lips down on mine and was kissing me again walking into the room still carrying me.
    This is a dream come true for me. I remembered then when I always pray that I wish to meet dave. I wish to be his girlfriend. I wish we get married. I do say this a lot anytime I'm praying because I was so much in love with him. I dream about him almost every night because I couldn't get his images off my head. Now I think my prayers are answered and my dreams came true.
    Our love grew stronger day by day and we never got tired of our moments together. It was a sweet and beautiful memory. Most happiest moments of my life was spent with him "Dave".
    THE END!

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