Chapter 1

    Never ever, I repeat never ever disobey your parents because even the bible condemns it, how I wish I knew this before I did what I did.

    “Joanne!” I heard my name from behind. I looked backwards and saw Deborah smiling as she ran towards me.

    “Hey girl, what’s up? I’ve been looking every f*@king place for you” I smiled back.

    “Joanne, when are you going to stop using the ‘F’ word.” She replied with a faint smile.

    “You mean f*@k? Till my motherf*@king ass gets tired of it” I replied holding her hands and dragging her along.

    I’ve always had the nasty mouth, my friends all tried to correct me but they are kind of use to it now. I’m Joanne H. Quay, a 100 level student at the prestigious Yogan University studying Medicine and Surgery. I’m 17 years old. All my life, I’ve fought so hard to get to where I was not because my parents wasn’t financially buoyant enough as a matter of fact my father is a well known pastor in this country. Peter H. Quay; my father is the founder of Christ our Saviour ministries (COSM), but just because my father is never satisfied with anything I do, either he thinks I do too much or I do less which freaks me out all the time but what can I do about that? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! School was on holidays but I decided to still be on campus because I didn’t want to go back home to see my father’s face and hear his constant nagging about my behaviour.

    “Ain’t you going home for the holidays?” Deborah asked.

    “F*@k home Debbie! I don’t wanna see that sily excuse for a parent” I waved my hands in the air but Deborah dragged my ears and I winced in pain.

    “What the f*@k what’s that all about?” I asked her.

    “Please make one sentence without using the ‘F’ word” she corrected but I just rolled my eyes and walked ahead of her. Deborah Johnson has been my best friend since birth, her parents are very close to my parents and they are ministers at my father’s church. She is a 100 level student student studying pharmacy just like my brother. Debbie has always been the holy type, Jesus this; Jesus that but me on the other hand I don’t give a f*@k about all those holy stuffs, all I ever wanted was a crazy life and I dreamt one day I’ll marry the man of my dreams and we will f*@k each other forever. I was moving really fast so that Debbie wouldn’t catch up with me, I don’t have time for her sermon this hot afternoon, I really need to rest.

    “Joanne! Please wait” she screamed but I just ignored her and hasten my pace but I later stopped when something popped into my mind.

    “By the way Debbie, what are you still doing in school?” I questioned placing my hands on my waist.

    “I came because the JHD had a little seminar” she replied.

    “JHD, as in?” I asked.

    “Jesus heart domination” she replied.

    “Oh! Yea, you and your spiritual freaks, anyways when are you going home?” I asked.

    “Soon, I just need to bade Ken good bye” she replied.

    “Hmmm, so Ken is still in school and his roommate all went home, that means you guys have the room all to yourself” I winked at her.

    “Jesus Christ! Joanne, you are so naughty, you are a pastor’s child for that matter, you should advise me against immorality instead of pushing me towards it” Deborah replied with disgust in her voice.

    “Holier than the holiest, and yet you have a boyfriend, why don’t you just die a virgin” I hissed and walked out on her.

    “He is not my boyfriend, he is just a friend” she called out but I was no longer in sight.


    Later that day, I packed my things and decided to go home for the holidays since my parents almost blew up my phone with texts and calls. I decided to call my mother to ask the driver to come pick me up from school. Few hours later, George; our driver was already at the front of my apartment that I shared with 2 other girls who already went home on holidays. I swiftly entered the car as I watch George put all my things into the car and we zoomed off. I remained silent all through as I plunged in my earpiece and increased the volume enjoying the latest jam and all I could think about was how I am going to miss clubbing and night parties as I knew my parents would never let me out the moment I get home.

    “F*@k you b*tches” I sang along as George was watching me through the mirror but I didn’t give a d--n. I just kept twisting my butts on the chair like I was riding a… You know what? Never mind.

    We got home about 3 hours later, I came down majestically as Kira our house maid ran forward to pack out my bags.

    “Good evening ma’am” she greeted but I ignored her and kept looking around.

    “Is mom inside?”

    “Yes ma, but your father isn’t around, he went for some church counselling” she replied.




    I walked inside and met my younger sister; Jessica watching TV as she saw me and glanced at me but continued watching her soap opera.

    “Jess!” I yelled but she paid deaf ears. We kind of have bad blood between us, we hardly get along, I was about calling her again when my elder brother walked out with my mom by his side.

    “Mom” I hugged her. She returned the hug and asked me why I didn’t come home sooner that Jaden came home five days ago. Jaden is my elder brother and he is a 300 level student at Yogan university studying Pharmacy while Jessica is still in secondary school, she is planning on writing her WAEC next year. I sat down on the couch still holding my mom.

    “You look so pale, hope you are feeling well?” She asked touching my forehead with the back of her hands.

    “Yes mom, it’s because it’s my first year” I replied.

    “Your dad would soon be back so we can have dinner. I prepared your favourite” she smiled.

    “Thanks mom” I kissed her cheeks and held her tighter coolval stories .


    My dad came home later and same old same old he complained about my dressing, this and that but I didn’t care I just went to have a shower and joined them at the dinning table. We were eating our food when my mom broke the awkward silence.

    “Joanne dear, how’s school?”

    “School is fine mom, just still struggling with some stuff” I replied.

    “I know you are one of the head at the JHD” she smiled.

    “JHD?” I asked confused. The tone of my voice drew the attention of my dad and he gave me a stern look. I quickly remembered that Debbie told me about it earlier and I played along.

    “JHD… Of course, I’m very active and so occupied with the things of The Lord, we even had a seminar today that’s why I didn’t come home early” I lied.

    “I’m proud of you my dear” my mom smiled as Jaden almost chocked on his juice.

    “Lies lies lies” Jessica rolled her eyes.

    “Shut up Jess!” I replied.

    “Enough!” My dad yelled and we all got back to eating.

    After dinner, we retired to our room, I was about sleeping when a text came in.

    I took my phone and read the text, it was from Fred; my boyfriend. I texted him back. We sex chatted for hours till I fell asleep.

    The next morning I woke up really tired because I slept late the previous day, it was on a Saturday, I took my bath, wore a pair of ripped jeans that Fred bought for me on my birthday and wore a crop top to match revealing my flat tummy, I looked into the mirror.

    “F*@k I’m hot” I smiled and positioned my ass right and went downstairs to have breakfast. Immediately I tried sitting down, my dad yelled and ordered me to go change but I just stood there looking at him saying nothing, he kept talking but I paid deaf ears and pretended I didn’t hear him.

    “Would you run upstairs and change!” My mother added.

    “Mom!” I pouted.

    “Are you okay? Now go remove those rags you call clothes, what message are you passing to your sister?” My mom added. I ran upstairs crying as I felt embarrassed because all this things happened right in the front of the maid.

    “I promise, I’m going to deal with them” I mouthed and fell back on my bed. I picked up my phone and got a ‘you up’ text from Fred. I replied him and narrated my ordeal to him. He then invited me to a night party not too far from my house and I agreed to be there. I changed into a flowing gown and wore my slippers before heading downstairs.

    “That’s more like it” my mom said. I scanned the room but couldn’t find my dad. “maybe he is off to those dumb church stuff” I thought.

    Later in the day, I was laying on my bed chatting with Gina and some other of my friends, it was a group chat, Jaden came into my room unannounced and I flared up.

    “Can’t you knock? Don’t you know this is a girl’s room and I need my privacy” I barked.

    “Sorry if I interrupted anything, were you masturbating or something?” He asked curving his eyebrow.

    “F*@k you!” I exclaimed and threw a pillow at him. He giggled as he caught the pillow and placed it on the bed.

    “Anyways I came here for something important” he sat down beside me.

    “And what can that be?”

    “It’s about your friend Debbie” he replied. Jaden has been crushing on Debbie for a while now, he has asked her out several times but she always turned him down.

    “And what about her” I asked confused because I didn’t see that one coming, I thought he should have gotten over her by now.

    “I like her and I want you to help me talk to her” he replied.

    “J, you know I’ve tried doing that before and she still said no and perhaps I think she likes someone else so move on” I answered and that last part infuriated him.

    “Who could that be?” He asked.

    “Ken” I replied. Ken Adekunle is also a 300 level pharmacy student at Yogan and his parents are f*@king rich, his father is an oil magnet and Deborah has a crush on him, she hasn’t told me but I guess she does like why is she always around him if she doesn’t have feelings for him? And I think he likes her too.

    “And she told you that?” He tightened his fist and I could see the rage in his eyes.

    “No but I’m a lady and I’m not blind so bro move on” I said going back to my phone.

    “So that stupid boy wanna mess with my girl” he gave a devious smile and left my room. I watched him as he exit my room and I hissed and went back to my phone planning how the party is going to turn out tonight. Maybe I might have lots of sex, who knows? But the billion-dollar question how the f*@k am I going get out of this prison called a house tonight?

    Chapter 2

    I finally sneaked out of that hell hole, it wasn’t easy but it was so worth it because my jam is blazing on the stereo.

    “Hey girl” Phina screamed hugging me so tight.

    “What’s up Hun?” I asked scanning the room for Fred.

    “You are looking for that stupid guy of yours? He is with Tori” she added and danced towards a very handsome guy who I guess is her boyfriend. Phina is my friend but we are not that close. My besties all travelled out for the holidays, Tessa went to New York, Becky went to Dubai and Gina went to Australia. I pitched the idea to my father to travel for the holidays but he declined. Anyways I’m still here and haven’t seen Fred, I’ve tried calling but to no avail. I wandered round the room till I stopped at a table and took a seat and ordered for hard liquor, I was really trying not to get drunk because apparently tomorrow is Sunday and I don’t want to have a migraine so I just took a few glasses, I was on my third when I sighted someone, he saw me and smiled, I smiled back too and he moved from his table heading towards mine, I quickly adjusted my hair and my top.

    “Hello stranger!” He beckoned.

    “Hi Ken” I smiled.

    “May I?” He said pointing at the chair opposite mine.

    “Sure” I replied.

    “So why are you drinking alone?” He asked.

    “My friends all travelled out and my boyfriend is no where to be found maybe he is cheating again” I replied with a faint smile. Ken cheats on me all the time, I’m used to it tho but he leaving me here was so bizarre because I sneaked out of the house just to attend this party because of him and he is lost!

    “Guys right?” He raised his glass in the air.

    “Guys” I raised mine too before gulping it all down.

    We talked for 2 hours straight, I lost the idea of time because he was a really fun person and made me laugh so hard. All this while I still haven’t seen Fred, I checked my time and it was 2am already.

    “I’ve to go” I interrupted him.

    “Okay, can I drop you off or you have other plans ?”

    “You definitely can drop me off” I smiled.

    We got to his car, d--n! He is rich, I mean I’m rich but he is so f*@king rich and got freedom, it was a matte black sport car. He opened the door for me and I entered placing my bag on my laps. He then walked to the other side to enter the car, this gave me time to check him out, he is so hot, his physique is perfect,with his dark hair carved right and his round eyes and long latches and his lips; OMG his lips! I must taste them, no wonder Deborah is all over him. He entered the car and zoomed off. I was face to face with my gate as Ken slowly stopped at my gate.

    “Thank you” I opened the door but he grabbed me back and brush his lips with mine, he teases it for a little while before taking my lips in his, at this moment I wanted to sleep with him right there and right now but I was already home, why didn’t he do this earlier? After the long kiss, we broke apart and he kissed my forehead squeezing his number written on a white paper in my hands.

    “Good night” he said with a killer smile revealing his dimples.

    “Good night” I smiled revealing mine also. I came down and saw him zoom off. Now another problem, how the hell am I going to sneak in again. I quickly took my phone and called my brother who I texted earlier that I was on my way home. He then came to open the gate for me. He had a spare key to the gate so on occasions like this we didn’t have to wake the gateman. I sneaked into my room, thankfully my parents wasn’t aware.


    At 4am my mom already rang the bell, she does this every Sunday morning to wake the family up for morning devotion before we went to church. On other days it’s 5am or even 6am. I still felt so sleepy because I just got in bed. I managed to struggle downstairs as I saw my dad sitting in the living room with my siblings and mom was already singing praises while Kira our house help was standing and dancing. She is such a pretender! I caught her the other day having sex with the gate man and now she is pretending to be holy, that’s why I hate this holier than the holiest people, they are the worst. I joined them and sat down clapping my hands slowly, I was so tired. We had our morning devotion before I went to my room to change into something church worthy. We drove to church in silence because my mom and my dad seemed to have a little misunderstanding which I don’t care about. We alighted as my dad parked at the parking lot, I came down from the car, we arrived really early, we got there by 5:38am, church service begins by 7am and second service begins by 10am to end by 12am, then we remain in church till 5pm or even 6pm because of church counselling and meetings. We walked into the church, few church workers were already present in church.

    “Bless you papa!”

    “Bless you mama”

    That’s all I could hear as they helped my father with the bag he was carrying. I sat down for a while as Jessica went to the teens church and Jaden on the other hand was busy flirting with some weird girl.

    “Joanne” I heard my name from behind. I tilted my head to see the person.

    “Deb! What’s up” I dragged her to seat down by my side.

    “So you came home. Wow bless Jesus” Deborah smiled

    “Yes oo, ah ah Debbie must you dress like a village girl all in the name of Christianity?” I asked accessing her from head to toe, she wore a long skirt and top and tied her hair with a black scarf.

    “Please J, don’t start this morning” she flared up.

    “I’m sorry ooo Daughter of Christ, you know I’m Jezebel” I teased and took a quick glance at Jaden as he winked at me, I understood what he wanted me to do.

    “Ehnn Deb, I saw Ken yesterday” I said holding her hands.

    “And?” She asked with a puzzled look

    “He was asking after you, he is head over heels for you” I smiled.

    “Please, I’m too young for all those things besides dating at this time could cause temptations leading me to sin and I don’t need any of that” she explained.

    “Not even with a pastor’s son?” I asked.

    “Joanne! What are you driving at? Hope you are not talking about Jaden again?” Deborah asked raising her brow in a suspicious manner.

    “Deb please my brother truly loves you and he promised that he wouldn’t touch you till you guys get married” I replied.

    “Now it’s marriage?” She burst into laughter holding her tummy

    “Don’t kill me with laughter Joanne, excuse me I need to go wash the toilet” she stood up and headed towards the toilet. Debbie is in the ushering department, sanctuary unit and the evangelism group.First service was over, I was so bored, I literally slept through out the service and they expected me to go through another service again, I strolled out of church to the nearest kiosk to purchase gum when an unknown person creeped up on me.


    I turned back to see Steven still looking dashing and hot as ever. Steven use to be my paddy during the good old days, he is very holy and stick to the things of God, he finished secondary school the same time with me but hasn’t gotten admission into the university, his parents are struggling so they can’t afford to send him to a private university.

    “Steven!” I replied hugging him tightly.

    “When did you come back?” He asked.

    “Few days ago”

    “And you didn’t bother to check on your paddy?” He asked.

    “I’m sorry dear” I replied.

    He kept lamenting and it got to a point when I talked about my boyfriend mistakenly, I didn’t want Steven to know because he would start preaching and stuff.

    “So you have a boyfriend?” He asked

    “And so?”

    “Joanne my dear, you know for your age it is wrong because it can lead to premarital sex which is a great sin in the sight of God and you know that the wages of sin is death. Jesus died…”

    “Please Steven, my father is a pastor, I hear sermons everyday, don’t f*@king add to it” I interrupted waving my hands in the air.

    “Joanne” he called out calmly.

    We talked a little before he went back to church to continue his ushering. I was so bored and to my greatest surprise I saw Ken in the church premises, he isn’t a member of my church maybe Debbie invited him.

    “What’s up, why ain’t you inside the church” he asked.

    “Please, like your Jesus himself” I teased as he giggled before taking my hands in his.

    “What are you doing here” I asked.

    “Debbie invited me” he replied.

    “So you and Debbie?” I said raising my brows. He chuckled before replying me.

    “There is no me and Debbie, I’m just helping her with some school stuff and she is like my therapist, she teaches me about God and spiritual stuff” he replied.

    “I see” I smiled and I felt relief, I didn’t know why I felt relief at that moment.

    “Have you heard from your boyfriend?” He asked peering deep into my eyes with those cute eyes of his.

    “No” I replied looking away because his stare made me uncomfortable. For more interesting stories, kindly join Author MarbleJ Love Stories (A.M.L.S)

    “I really like you Joanne like I’m crazy about you and would love to be more than just a friend” he smiled squeezing my hands romantically.

    “Errm-you-what…” I stuttered because I was speechless and surprised about his forwardness.

    He placed his hands on my lips indicating I shouldn’t say anymore.

    “You don’t need to reply me now” he said.

    “Ken I like you too and I’d love to be your girlfriend” I replied with a wide smile. That was where it all started, I started double dating. I was still with Fred and I was dating Ken at the same time.

    Days later, I was preparing to go on a date with Ken when I got a text from Fred that he was in the mood for having sex, I replied him that I’d come over later since his parents are not always around they are always on a business trip. I too was in the mood for sex so I cancelled my date with Ken and headed for Fred’s house. I got there real quick because his house isn’t that far from mine.

    “Baby boo” he kissed me on my lips as he opened the door.

    “Don’t start I know it’s because Tori is busy that’s why you called me” I replied knowing the truth. I really like Fred or maybe I like his… Never mind but I know I can’t leave him now.

    He pushed me into the chair and started fonduing my body before we had sex right on the chair, we had countless rounds before I took my bag and left for home. Immediately I got home I saw Jessica having sex in the living room, apparently my dad and mom travelled out the country for a revival and Kira went to the market and Jaden was no where to be found. I wasn’t surprised but the guy she was having sex with surprised me. I had to have a clearer look at his face to be sure.

    Chapter 3

    Dream? Dream? Dream? I mean this must be a dream. Steven is one of the most holy guy in church, I mean he is always active in the things of God.

    “Steven!” I yelled.

    “Joanne” Steven replied with fear in his voice as he quickly stood up and Jessica hissed, wore her clothes and went upstairs. I’m used to walking in on her having sex but what the hell! Steven of all people.

    “I’m disappointed” I managed to say before going to my room.

    My mom returned home later in the day but my dad didn’t, he had some issues to sort out.

    “Good evening mom” I greeted as she sat down on the couch looking so exhausted.

    “My darling, how are you?” She asked.

    “I’m fine mom, what did you buy for me?”

    “Joanne, must I always buy you something, you are no longer a baby ooo” she replied jokingly opening her bag as she brought out a gold chain with a lovely heart shaped pendant.

    “Thanks mom” I jumped up for joy and took the chain from her wearing it on my neck.

    “Where is Jess? I got her something too”

    “She is upstairs” I replied.

    A call interrupted our conversation, it was from Steven, he has been blowing up my phone since the incidence earlier but I declined the call and continued chatting with mom before Jessica joined us.

    “Jess darling, can you please get me a glass of water?” mom calmly asked.

    “No I can’t!” Jessica replied.

    “Why not?” My mom asked with anger.

    “I’m not Kira the house help and Kira would never be me so if you would please excuse me I’ve better things to do” she said and attempted to leave when my mom landed a hot slap on her face.

    “How dare you” Jessica shouted.

    “Joanne can you see what’s happening?” My mom questioned dumbfounded. I remained silent, personally I supported the fact that she declined bringing the water. I mean what was Kira there for but she would have said it politely, but she kind of did anyways never mind my opinion but she deserved that slap she had been a pin in my ass for a while now. Mom grounded Jessica and took away her gadgets and would return them in a month time. I was happy with mom’s decision not because she disobeyed just because Jess and I have an unfinished business. When dad got home that day hell broke lose, he punished Jessica to the extent that she wished she was never born.


    Weeks went by and I was to resume second semester next week Monday and today was Thursday. I was already packing my things because I plan to leave tomorrow. Jaden went to school yesterday so I was on my own because mom and dad went on a trip as usual and Jessica went to see her boyfriend. I called Debbie to come help me out.

    “What are you packing that I have to help you out?” She asked over the phone.

    “Please na, stop behaving like I’m the crazy one” I replied.

    “Fine, I’d be there shortly”

    “Thank you bestie” I replied tossing my phone on the bed. When I’m in school I make sure I avoid Debbie so she wouldn’t spoil my vibes with her Christian attitude, we are only besties when I’m at home or in church or at school on seldom occasions.




    She got here and we started talking, I haven’t told Debbie about Ken and I being in a relationship but I plan on telling her soon but not today, I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable telling her because she and ken were never in a relationship or were attracted to themselves so i didn’t break the girl code but I was still feeling uneasy about telling her.

    “So any gist?” I asked so as to make the room lively.

    “The JHD are organising a crusade next month and I was asked to preach” she said really feeling proud of herself.

    “Must you always spoil the mood with your Jesus stuff and by the way when did you become a pastor?” I asked folding my clothes into a box.

    “It is a student fellowship and the Holy Spirit ministered to Brother Joseph to make me the officiating minister for the day. My sister you need to see how scared I was when Joseph told me about it but after praying The Lord gave me strength to face the situation and take advantage of it” she replied with a smile.

    “And why are you telling me about it?” I asked with disgust.

    “I want you to come and join the JHD and also attend the crusade. The Lord is going to…”

    “Stop there Deb, please I’m not in the mood for this, I can’t go one conversation with you without you talking about Christian stuff. What the f*@k is wrong with you? I’m tired abeg start going home” I pushed her out of my room, I could hear her say ‘The Lord would touch your heart someday’ Her words infuriated me who does she think she is? Jesus? I doubt that, I’m tired of all this her holy holy.

    I continued packing and put a call through to Gina who just landed in the country.

    “Pastor daughter!” She teased

    “Babe abeg, you know I don’t like that title.” I replied.

    “Sorry ooo child of the World, anyways I’m having a party tomorrow I already told Tessa about it, she would be back from New York tomorrow.” She added.

    “What about Becky?” I asked.

    “Becky came back from Dubai yesterday” she added but the background was so noisy I barely could hear her.

    “I’ll call you later it seems you are busy, Australian baby” I said

    “Later ooo Pastor child” she ended the call before I could say a word.

    So Becky is back and she couldn’t even tell me, how cruel of her, I tossed and turned on my bed I wanted to call her but a part of me said I shouldn’t so I just lay on my bed waiting for my dad to return so he could give me some money, I was lost in my thoughts when I heard noise downstairs, I knew it was my dad and mom so I rushed downstairs to welcome them.

    “Mom, dad welcome back” I greeted as I hugged my mom who looked so happy for a reason unknown.

    “How are you my dear? Hope you’ve eaten?” She asked still smiling.

    “Yes mom, why are you so happy?” I couldn’t hide my curiosity anymore.

    “Darling, I’m travelling to the UK next month for the world women conference and I’m officiating on one of the days and I get to be with other great women of God, I’m more than happy, I’m grateful to God” she smiled brightly.

    “Ha! I’m happy for you mom, so happy for you” I hugged her tight. All this while my dad already went upstairs so I didn’t see him to ask him for the money I needed.


    “I know, go and ask him, don’t forget to knock before entering” she added before heading to the kitchen with Kira.

    I knocked on the door gently but no response, I did it again for the second time before my dad answered from inside.

    “Come in!” I heard his masculine voice.

    On getting in I saw bundles of money arranged on his table, to my estimations it was up to 500 thousand or maybe more.

    “Hey dad, I’d be going to school tomorrow” I said calmly. My dad and I have a very rocky relationship, since I could remember I have always disappointed my dad and I was fine with it, since his problems don’t affect my lifestyle and he sought out my bills, most at least.

    “And?” He asked.

    “I need some money to survive” I replied.

    “Joanne! How much do you need? I said NEED not WANT ooo” he laid emphasis on the need.

    I chucked before replying him, I think that’s the first time in forever since my dad made me laugh.

    “400 thousand” I replied.

    “For what?” He barked.

    “Ah ah daddy, that money would not even be enough, I just had to cut it down so it wouldn’t be much” I pouted and did a little baby cry.

    “Get out! You spoilt brat” he yelled.

    “Dad…” I tried saying but I was interrupted by a very hot slap.

    “Why are you treating me like this, you say you are a pastor and you are behaving like this? I wanted to spend the holiday abroad like my friends, you disagreed, I wear this you hate it, I do well in school, you say I should beat the highest person, you are not satisfied. You treat me like trash. That’s why I hate you holy freaks, you are the worst. I HATE YOU!” I yelled before storming out if the room and went to mine.




    My mom tried consoling me but to no avail she even ended up giving me the money before I finally left for school, I was about entering the apartment when I got a call from my dad.

    “Hello” I said. For more interesting stories, kindly join Author MarbleJ Love Stories (A.M.L.S)

    “How dare you? Now return my 500 thousand you stole before I find you and deal with you seriously.”

    “But I didn’t…”

    “You bloody liar” he added. I cut off the line and gave a wicked smile.

    “Now he’s going to know the real Joanne” I smiled and opened the door.

    “Hey girls!” I shouted.

    Chapter 4

    “Hey girls!” I shouted.

    I walked into the room dragging my bag along as I saw Gina, Becky and Tessa sitting down unpacking their bags, on sighting me Tessa stood up and ran to hug me.

    “Babes” she hugged me tighter.

    “TT my baby, you are shinning, New York must have been awesome” I pulled from the hug observing her from head to toe.

    “You ain’t know s@*t” she said in a New York accent while turning around. Tessa Brooks is the daughter of a well known politician in the country, her father is the minister of works and he has other business he runs, Tessa is an engineering major, she studies Petroleum engineering. Gina Hawt is a Medicine and surgery major just like me, her father is also a politician. Becky Donalds is a Nursing major, her father is a business man who is f@*king rich. Despite our busy schedule, we still got brains and excel in our various majors, we have been friends since secondary school and we are closer and stronger than ever.

    “Becky, you didn’t even tell me you were back. It’s not fair oo” I urged as a phone call came through, it was my mom. I picked up and heard her voice from the other side of the phone.

    “Hello Joanne” she said.

    “Mom, how are you?” I replied winking at my friends.

    “My daughter, you know stealing is not part of the virtue of a child of God, you are supposed to be holy and make sure nothing defile you…” She was still talking when I interrupted.

    “The kingdom of God suffers violence and the only the violent taketh it by force. So don’t say those f@*king s*@t to me mom” I ended the call and tossed my phone on the bed.

    “That’s my pastor’s daughter” Gina praised me as she laughed at my answer to my mother.

    “So what exactly was the problem this time around?” Becky questioned.

    “Don’t mind that crazy man they call my father, I asked him for ordinary 400 thousand and he slapped me then I took the 500K I saw on the table” I replied as a rolled my eyes and click my tongue.

    “That’s my baby girl!” Tessa chipped in.

    “Don’t mind those fathers of ours ooo, that’s how I asked my dad for 600K to shop and he only sent me 500K, I query him but he told me stories till my mom sent me the 100K and Josh sent me an additional 200K” Becky added.

    Immediately she finished we all shouted and hailed her.

    “F@*k parents joor! Let’s think about the party tonight” I added.

    “Yes baby, we gon party all night” Tessa said.

    “How’s Fred?” Gina asked me.

    “You mean how’s Fred’s D*@k because you know that’s all Joanne cares about” Tessa said and we all laughed.

    “He’s fine, but you know he still messing with Tori and I’m f*@king fine with it as long as he gives it to me” I added and we burst into another round of laughter.

    “And that other guy, Ken?” Becky asked because I told them about Ken on our group chat.

    “We still haven’t had sex oo, the guy is somehow sha but he likes me and I like him” I added and we continued chatting.

    Hours before the party, I called Jaden on phone just to say hi.

    “Sis what’s up?” He asked.

    “I’m inviting you to a party tonight, Gina is throwing a party” I replied.

    “Oh! I’m sorry, I’m not in school at the moment” he replied.

    “Jaden, where the f*@k are you?” I asked wanting to hear his lies because I know Jaden would never tell me the truth about his location.

    “You worry too much, talk to you later” he hanged up on me. A call came in my phone again, it was my dad, I picked up the phone.

    “Joanne, what has come over you my daughter.” He said calmly.

    “Old man! Don’t disturb me at all, I’m very tired and I have better things to worry about.” I hanged up and toss my phone aside, I was feeling hungry and decided to go buy eggs from the nearby shop to prepare noodles since we haven’t bought new crate for the semester. I told the girls about it and headed outside, on my way I saw Debbie.

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    “Deb Deb” I hailed her as she smiled.

    “I was even coming to your house” she replied.

    “For what?” I asked rolling my eyes.

    “To remind you about the JHD crusade, it’s next week” she replied.

    “Would you just listen to yourself, day and night all you think about is God, I’m ashamed of you, very!” I told her.

    “I have one assignment for you, go and mediate on the book of Proverbs 23:26. And remember that the only reason you are alive today is God and His mercy upon you keeps you going. I’ll talk to you later” she said before leaving. I hissed and went ahead to buy the eggs.



    Gina rented a club for her party. The girls left for the party with their boyfriends but I stayed behind waiting for Ken to come pick me up, I made sure Fred wasn’t in the party so as to avoid unnecessary scenes although Fred wouldn’t care if I was with another guy but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I waited a few minutes before Ken arrived. He looked so dashing, all I was thinking about was how good he’d be in bed.

    “Hey Baby, you look amazing” he commended. I was dressed in a pink ripped top and a white bomb short and pink sneakers to match.

    “Thanks, you ain’t looking bad as well” I replied smiling as he kissed my lips and I hopped in his car.

    We got to the party few minutes later while Nicki Minaj’s song was blaring hard, I was busy hugging my friends and other party freaks like me.

    “Baby I’d be right back” Ken said before kissing my lips.

    “Sure!” I smiled as I saw him walk away, f*@k! He is so hot. I wandered around the room because my girls were busy with their boyfriends. Soon the dance floor was filled with people and they all were dancing as I joined shaking my ass real good on Ken, I made sure I gave him a lap dance and twerked on him. I drank to my satisfaction, Ken tried stopping me but I didn’t stop.

    “Welcome to Gina’s welcome back party” Gina screamed as everyone roared in praise.

    “Incase you ain’t a student of Yogan, this is how we run s@^t here” Gina added. I sat down as I held a pipe smoking my lungs out.

    “Go easy girl” ken whispered in my ears.

    “I’d go easy on you” I nastily replied as Ken couldn’t control his laughter.

    “There is a room behind, why don’t we…”

    “You are drunk, please excuse me” he cut me short and left heading towards the bathroom.

    “What the f*@k is wrong with him” I muttered. I was in the mood for having sex and started wishing I came to the party with Fred instead. I was about taking another taking the pipe in my mouth when I saw Fred heading towards me and I had told Ken that I broke up with Fred the day we started dating. Immediately I saw Fred I remember the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’. What the f*@k am I going to do now, how am I going to make sure Ken don’t see me and Fred together.

    “Hi Fred” I said nervously.

    He ignored my greeting and kissed my lips and then whispered in my ears.

    “I’m in the mood”

    “Me too” I replied before leading him to a room at the back. We were about getting down on business when Ken walked in on us.

    Chapter 5

    I was too perplexed to find words as Ken looked down on Fred and I disgustingly before he angrily left the room without saying a word.

    “Ken!” I called after him but he left the club going towards the car. Gina tried asking questions as I ran after Ken but I ignored her and finally caught up with Ken as he was about entering the car.

    “Ken! I’m very sorry, you won’t understand, he is my ex and I was drunk, please forgive me” I said trying to play the drunk card.

    “Joanne, how could you do that to me? I’m not just having a fling with you, I want a real and committed relationship” he said as I could see the hurt in his eyes.

    “I know baby I’m sorry” I pouted moving closer to him and tried to hug him but he pulled away.

    “We will talk later” he said before entering his car and he zoomed off.

    “What the f*@k?” I muttered to myself. I went back into the club feeling uneasy, Ken words pierce through my heart, I have never fell in love before or let me say I’ve never felt loved by someone before the way Ken has made me feel special. The rest of night was gloomy, before I came back to see Fred, he was already having sex with some other girl.

    “Fred, how dare you disrespect me like this” I yelled yanking the girl’s hair.

    “Joanne, what’s all this rubbish?” He asked pulling the girl’s hair from my hands. I pushed him down and beat the girl up badly and left her bleeding as Fred took his anger out on me, I fought back but he was stronger and he took the girl away and pushed me down before he left the room as I sobbed on the floor as I remembered all that had happened that night. I couldn’t wait for the night to be over. We got home that night except Gina who went to spend a night with her boyfriend.

    “Girl what’s up?” Becky asked as she noticed my mood.

    “Yea, J what’s up, why were you running after Ken earlier?” Tessa asked also. I told them everything that transpired between Ken and I that night.

    “I think you should forget about that Fred that treats you like trash and focus on Ken who is ready for a committed relationship.” Tessa suggested.

    “I agree J, forget about that lunatic who only remembers you when he feels like getting down, I mean that dude is trash and he messes around with other girls, no respect for you” Becky chipped in as I lay down in confusion.

    “But I’m fine with Fred.” I replied.

    “Then what’s the problem?” Becky asked.

    “Why did you accept Ken then?” Tessa questioned further.

    “Good night girls” I replied and faced the other side. The apartment is a two bedroom flat. Gina recently came to join us for second semester and we shared the same room while Tessa and Becky shared the other. But I decided to spend the night with Tessa and Becky because Gina wasn’t around and I felt like spending the night here with them.


    A beep from my phone woke me up, I got up and saw that it was a text from Debbie reminding me about the JHD crusade. I hissed and tried calling Ken but he wasn’t picking up, I texted him but no reply. I scanned the room but no trace of Tessa or Becky, I wonder where they went then I remembered, I have early morning class

    “f*@k!” I cursed under my breath.

    I rushed into the bathroom, had my bath and dressed up in ripped jeans and an oversized hoodie with a white sneakers, I tried calling Gina to remind her about the class but she wasn’t picking up. I boarded a taxi to school, my father didn’t buy me a car, he said I should pass my MBBS exams first, that means I must get to 400 level first before I have a car, same with Gina but Tessa and Becky both have cars. I got to class very late and the annoying lecturer Mr Jerry was already in class.

    “Hey you girl!” He called out to me with rage.

    “Yes sir” I replied.

    “Why are you late and dressed like that, don’t you know you are a medical student? And yet you are dressing like a prostitute” he added looking at me from head to toe.

    “And so f*@king what” I replied clicking my tongue. I had slept with Mr Jerry during our first semester just to pass his course and now he is disgracing me.

    “See me in my office later, I’m going to deal with you” he blared as I eyed him and clicked my tongue.

    “Deal with me with your d*@k” I muttered to myself. After class, I strolled to Mr Jerry’s office alone since Gina didn’t attend class today.

    I knocked on the door and he told me to come in.

    “Naughty Gina!” He laughed.

    “It’s Joanne” I replied

    “Oh I see!” He looked at me licking his lips.

    “What do you f*@king want? This?” I asked unzipping my jeans and pulling it down, I moved closer to his desk as I could see the lust in his eyes. I touched his trousers and I could feel it, he moaned. I looked at him and smiled dragging my jeans up. “Well you ain’t getting any of it” I smiled and for the record I recorded everything that happened just now so you ain’t going to mess with me again or else I’d report to the school board and you know what that means” I smiled. He laughed not believing me but I just smiled.

    “Tessa!” I shouted and she came into the office showing him the video clip and laughing too as she had recorded everything behind the door, I didn’t completely lock the doors.

    “How dare you?” He shouted.

    “You are still talking, shut your f@*king mouth dude” Tessa added.

    “Thanks babe” I added and we left the office laughing.

    “That’s my baby girl!” Tessa gave me a high five before she hurriedly left because she had a class to attend.

    I sighted Ken from far, he was laughing with his friends when Jaden came with his friends and started embarrassing him. I moved closer so I could hear what they were saying.

    “Stay away from my girl” Jaden shouted.

    “Who’s your girl?” Ken asked confused.

    “Who’s my girl? You want to know my girl? Guys deal with this fool” Jaden ordered.

    “Stop!!!” I quickly intervened.

    “Joanne, what are you doing here?” Jaden asked.

    “Is this your girl?” Ken asked because he had no idea Jaden was my brother.

    “No!” Jaden and I said at the same time.

    “Jinx” we both said at the same time again and laughed.

    “What’s going on here?” Ken asked.

    “He is my brother” I replied as Jaden was pissed that I’m even talking to Ken.

    “Let me deal with him Joanne, leave him to me” Jaden tried pushing me lightly out of the way because I was standing in front of Ken.

    “No way Jaden! Ken is my boyfriend and you are not touching him unless you want us to have a problem.” I said and dragged Ken along with me taking him to a quiet place.

    “Ken baby, I’m very sorry about what I did, I know…” Before I could continue, he had taken my lips in his kissing me passionately.

    “I’m crazy about you Joanne, please don’t hurt me again!” He replied hugging me tightly. In this moment, I made my decision that I’m ending my so called relationship with Fred, I can’t let this Ken go, he loves me so much and my friends are right I deserve to be treated like a princess. After spending some quality time with Ken, I called Fred that we should meet up, he obliged and we met at a fast food joint inside the campus.

    “I can’t do this anymore!” I said firmly.

    “Do what anymore?” He asked sarcastically.

    “I mean us, I don’t want us to be together anymore” I replied.

    “Wait, let me get this straight, were we together before?” He asked and his questions pierce through my heart like a sword, I could feel the pain, I had been with Fred for the past 4 years now, since secondary school and he dares ask me if we were ever together. His father is our family friend, we didn’t attend the same secondary school but we started dating when he normally come to visit us during the holidays. Fred was handsome, very handsome with nice built body and his dark skin drew me more to him and his eyes were like sparkles. I starred into those eyes as he told me this crap.

    “What do you mean?” I managed to say because I was too shock and weak to find words.

    “F*@k you Joanne, I’m out of here, I don’t know you called me out here for this stupid reason, us be together? Be together indeed.” He laughed and hissed before he walked out on me, I could feel hot tears flowing down my cheeks. How could he? After everything? I sat there crying when I saw him coming back, I thought he wanted to apologise to me but instead he said “you are not even good in bed. Useless s--t” he hissed and kissed a random girl right in front of me, I was dumbfounded, I felt like trash. I

    managed to find my way home feeling sad and dejected. Gina was the first to notice my mood during our conversations.

    “Joanne, what’s wrong?” She asked trying to remove my hands from my eyes as my hands were on my eyes.

    “I got in a relationship and was dumped all in the same day” I cried out like a baby.

    “Oh my God Joanne, please stop” Becky pulled me into her arms.

    “Let me get this straight, A guy asked you out today and dumped you today after he had sex with you?” Tessa asked puffing smoke into the air and drank liquor.

    “Ah ah Tessa, Joanne is not cheap to meet a guy today, have sex with him today and get dumped today. I’m sure any guy who even have sex with Joanne will come back begging for more.” Gina added wiping my tears as Becky rocked me like a baby.

    “Just tell us what happened so we would know what to say instead of all this assumptions” Becky added.

    I told them all that happened, how Fred dumped me and how Ken and I got back together.

    “So you and Fred are over? Thank you Jesus!” Tessa shouted out for joy.

    “Hallelujah, Fred is out of our girl’s life” Gina added and did a victory dance and this made me laugh because Gina is a bad dancer.

    “You should be grateful, you’ve got hot Ken all to yourself” Tessa winked at me. They teased me and made me laugh till I fell asleep.

    Next morning, a call from Jessica woke me up. I was surprised, the she devil herself called me today.

    “Hello” I said but all I could hear was Jessica crying and rushing her words.

    “Wait wait wait, you are pregnant? What do you mean you are pregnant?” I asked.

    Chapter 6

    I was still on call with Jessica, I tried calming her down but she kept panicking.

    “Jess, tell George to bring you to my apartment in school” I said trying to ease her tension.

    “Okay, but what are we going to do?” Jessica asked over the phone.

    “Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan, just get here first” I replied.

    “Thanks sis, I’d be there shortly.” Jessica ended the call.

    “Was that Jess?” Gina asked.

    “Yes and she is pregnant” I replied getting up heading towards the bathroom, I entered the bathroom so I could ease myself but I could still hear Gina talking.

    “That’s not a problem, just take her to our usual spot so they can flush the foetus away” Gina said heading towards the bathroom to wash her cucumber she normally use for m----------n.

    “Gigi I’ve always told you to buy a d---o instead” I told her looking at the cucumber disgustingly.

    “Abeg babe, I prefer this one” she smiled and started washing it.

    “Please, get rid of that my sister would be here soon and I don’t want you to spoil her” I replied spreading my bed. My words made Gina burst in laughter, she laughed so hard that she couldn’t regain her breath till minutes later.

    “You mean your pregnant sister? Me, corrupt a pregnant spoilt brat” Gina pointed her index finger at herself and started laughing uncontrollably again. Soon we heard a knock on the door, I ran to go open the door thinking it was Jessica but to my greatest surprise I saw Debbie smiling at me.

    “Madam, what do you want?” I asked really angry because I’m tired of Debbie’s behaviour, she would soon change, she would soon change that’s what got our friendship this far, since she don’t want to bend, I’ll soon discard her.

    “May the peace of The Lord be with this household” Debbie said smiling and came into the living room.

    “Amen” I replied sarcastically as Tessa just took her liquor and herself inside, she hated Debbie with passion and I’ve been the one telling her that Debbie is not so bad but I’m beginning to see reasons with Tessa.

    “I’m here to remind you about the JHD crusade, I’ve tried calling you but you didn’t take my calls” Debbie added but I was focusing on the fact that Jessica would soon be here and I don’t want Debbie to find out about Jessica’s pregnancy.

    “Deb, I will come for the crusade, are you happy now?” I asked not wanting a reply.

    “God is happy, whenever we make time for him or when we are in his presence, he is always happy and ready to receive us, Proverbs…”

    “Madam Debbie, I’m not in the mood for a sermon right now so just go, please” I clapped my hands dramatically.

    “Fine, one more thing I had a revelation last night” she said.

    “And so f*@king what?” I asked

    ” I saw Jessica running and someone was chasing her and then the person finally caught up with her and put a dagger into her stomach and she bled till death. Sister Joanne please be very prayerful and pray for your sister, I’ll put her in prayer also.” Debbie said and her words put me in a state of tension. Does this mean, this abortion would kill Jessica?

    “Okay madam seer, start going” I urged her out of my house.

    “Bye” she said before leaving.

    Immediately she left, I called my girls to tell them except Becky because she wasn’t around.

    “Leave that Debbie joor, it was just a dream and she don’t know what’s she is saying” Tessa said as she sipped her liquor and puffed smoke into the air.

    “But I’m scared ooo because my dad is a pastor, whenever he has revelations like this, it always means something” I added.

    “Have those things ever happen before?” Gina asked.

    “Not really if my dad sees something like this, he normally goes into prayer and fasting to avert it but there was a case of one woman, my dad saw a revelation concerning her but after prayer she died, I ask my dad why and he told me she didn’t have enough faith and didn’t pray enough personally because not all situation that someone can intercede for you some cases need personal intercession” I replied as Gina started laughing while Tessa just looked at me with disgust.

    “Ain’t you quite the pastor’s daughter. See you preaching.” Gina laughed harder.

    “Some cases need personal intercessions” Tessa mimicked me mockingly.

    “Abeg eee…” I was cut short by the knock on the door. It was Jessica, standing and crying with George beside her.

    “Don’t worry George, she would spend a few days with me, I’ll call mom and dad to let them know about her whereabouts” I turned to George as he nodes and left us. I ushered Jessica in and got her a cup of juice.

    “How did this happen? I know you’ve always been careful” I asked.

    “I don’t know sis, I thought I was careful too” Jessica replied sipping her juice.

    “Do you really need that juice, I could swap that with a bottle of beer” Tessa added.

    “Tessa!” Gina and I exclaimed at the same time.

    “Sorry” she replied.

    “Is this your first pregnancy?” Gina asked.

    “Yes, it is” Jessica sobbed.

    I went closer to her and pulled her in my arms and tried calming her down.

    “Who is the baby papa?” Tessa asked.

    “It’s Steven’s” she said calmly.

    “What? You mean that church boy Steven?” Tessa asked because she knows Steven and I haven’t told them about what I saw the other day.

    “I’m not surprised joor, I saw them together the other day” I said not feeling surprised at all.

    “What?!” Tessa and Gina said at the same time.

    “Jinx” Gina winked at us and let out a smile.

    Days later, we were still contemplating if we should take her for abortion because of Debbie’s words and I didn’t tell Jessica about Debbie so called revelations.

    “Sis, when are we going?” Jessica asked.

    “Not today, I need to make an appointment with the doctor first” I nervously replied.

    “Okay, I’m feeling sleepy, I’d be inside” she replied and went to my room.

    I left the house almost immediately because I had a date with Ken, he told me to meet him at Kevb Kitchen. I got there and met him sipping his orange juice. He is so perfect, handsome, check. Rich, check. Loving, check. Amazing, check! Check!! Check!!! And I’m sure he would be good in bed too.

    “Hello darling” he said revealing his white teeth.

    “Baby!” I kissed him on the lips and took my seat.

    “What would you care for?” He asked.

    “Menu please” I replied as the waitress brought the menu for me and I glanced through and ordered jollof rice and turkey with red wine.

    The waitress came back with the food and placed it on the table, Ken also ordered for jollof rice but with orange juice. We started eating and chatting.

    “Hope you are taking your studies seriously?” He asked.

    “Of course” I lied.

    “Good girl” he replied.

    Ken looked at me and held my hands as we ate slowly, he must have been so crazy about me.

    “So when are you taking me to your house?” I asked as he almost chocked on his food, I offered him water.

    “Thank you” he gulped the water down.

    “Are you okay?” I asked.

    “I’m fine, very fine” he replied and continued eating, I wondered what his problem was, I needed sex because I haven’t had sex ever since I broke up with Fred.

    “So about your place?” I asked curving my brow.

    “Don’t worry dear, we will talk about that later” he smiled.

    “Why? Please take me to your place” I pouted.

    “Soon” he replied.

    “But…” My phone cut me short, I took it and Mom appeared as the caller ID.

    “Hello Mom” I picked up the phone.

    “Hey dear, how are you?” She asked.

    “I’m fine Mom and I know why you are calling me, Jessica would be home soon, she’s with me.” I quickly said.

    “Give her the phone” my mom ordered.

    “I’m not at home at the moment, I’m on campus” I replied.

    “Fine, I know I’ll see you in church on Sunday anyways” my mom said after a long sigh.

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    “What do you mean why? The JHD would be coming to our church to invite our youth to their crusade, ain’t you a leader there?” My mom asked with confusion in her voice.

    “Yes! Oh yes-I-don’t mind me joor of course, see you on Sunday” I stuttered.

    “Okay dear bye, take care of yourself and your sister” she hanged up.

    “F*@k! I’m in trouble” I mouthed.

    “What’s the problem?” Ken asked.

    “Nothing” I quickly replied

    We continued eating but I still wasn’t at peace with myself, what will I do? After the date, I put a call through to Debbie to meet me at my house.

    I got home and asked Gina the whereabouts of Jessica because I couldn’t find her or Tessa.

    “Wait, I thought you were the one who called Tessa to bring your sis to you at least that’s what she told me” Gina said.

    “What do you mean? Where’s Jess?” I yelled.

    “Calm down, she left with Tessa few minutes ago” Gina said in panic.

    “Didn’t I tell you I was going on a date with Ken?” I yelled in panic.

    “I-didn’t-maybe…” Gina stuttered.

    “Oh my God Gina, if anything happens to my sis, I’m going to hold you responsible for it!” I said dialling Tessa’s number but she wasn’t picking. Soon Debbie arrived but I didn’t welcome her well.

    “You were the one who called me here ooo” she said feeling uncomfortable as Becky puffed smoke into the air and eyed her.

    “Please Debbie don’t mind me joor, can you come back later?” I asked still in panic because Jessica life matters most to me.

    “Sure” Debbie said and left.

    “What do you need that b*tch for anyways?” Becky asked.

    “Long story dear” I replied.

    I paced to and fro before attempting to go the hospital where we normally do our abortions unsure of what was going to happen.

    Chapter 7

    I was about heading out when I saw Tessa coming in with Jessica holding bags.

    “What’s the meaning of this?” I asked.

    “Relax babe! We branched Kiki’s shop before coming home” Tessa said dropping her bags on the chair.

    “Where are you coming from?” I asked.

    “From the hospital of course, I’ve done the abortion” Jessica replied.

    “Seriously! Are you okay?” I asked trying to observe her movement and make sure she’s okay.

    “I’m fine, I’m going home. Thank you Tessa, you are the best” she said and blew Tessa a kiss in which Tessa also blew her a kiss.

    “What’s going on here? Can someone explain!” I yelled.

    “Ah ah Joanne, I took your sister for the abortion, she got rid of her baby, period!” Tessa replied angrily, she hates to repeat herself.

    “You have no right whatsoever to take my sister for an abortion even after what Debbie said” I shouted.

    “Don’t tell me that Christian classless low life girl got to you? What happened to the the Joanne I use to know, that club b*tch that f*@ked up whoever got in her way? Please I need her” Tessa hissed and went to her room.

    “Gina, can you see what Tessa did?” I asked pointing my fingers at Jessica.

    “I’m not a baby!” Jessica rolled her eyes.

    “Oh will you shut up there” I ordered.

    “You are not a baby and yet you were crying like a broken record nonstop just few days ago, I don’t have your time, next time when you have issues like this, don’t bother me” I hissed angrily and went to my room leaving Jessica behind.

    Few hours later, Jessica started packing her bags to go home, I observed her and she really looked fine, I secretly thanked God that she was safe. Thank God Debbie lies didn’t come to pass.

    “I’m going, George is outside waiting for me” she said holding her backpack.

    “Fine, I’d be home on Saturday” I replied still operating my phone.

    She left the room and I could hear her thanking Tessa, Gina and Becky.

    I told Debbie to meet me at a restaurant so we could talk, Jaden sent a text to me saying he is still interested in Debbie and that I should set them up together so I decided to tell Debbie to meet me up by 3pm and told Jaden to come by 4pm at least by then I’d have discussed with her about the JHD stuff before Jaden’s arrival. Debbie was right on time. I ordered food and we started talking.

    “This one you brought me here to buy me food today, hope I’m safe?” She jokingly asked.

    “Can’t I but my holy holy friend food again?” I teased and we both laughed.

    “Anyways the reason I called you here is because…”

    “Don’t tell me it’s because of him” Debbie cut me short

    Jaden arrived earlier than planned, I didn’t get to tell Debbie what I wanted so I could leave her with my dumbass brother, now I’m caught in a trio date with a Holy Mary and a shy crazy dude. What the f*@k am I going to do?

    “You set me up?” Debbie asked angrily.

    “No, I didn’t” I replied.

    “Hey girls, hi Debbie” Jaden smiled and I couldn’t help but laugh because Jaden is always stupid anytime he is around Debbie.

    “Hello Jaden”Debbie replied.

    We ate in silence and it was awkward, Jaden kept giving me signals to excuse them but I couldn’t because I had something to discuss with Debbie.

    “So Deb, I want to join the JHD” I broke the silence.

    “Serious?! Thank you Jesus” Debbie shouted for joy.

    “Don’t get too excited, I have my conditions” I replied digging real hard into my chicken with my fork.

    “Anything” Debbie replied.

    “My conditions are simple, one of them is that I should be made one of the leaders and I get to be the one to deliver the speech at my Church on Sunday” I replied and Jaden almost chocked on his food.

    “What speech?” Debbie asked.

    “The one to invite guest to the JHD crusade” I replied peering deep into Debbie’s eyes.

    “You know it doesn’t work that way, you just can’t join today and be a leader automatically and also make a speech as delicate as that, you need the Holy Spirit to guide you and teach you” Debbie said and this made me angry but I just had to play nice.

    “What are you trying to say now that I don’t have the Holy Spirit?”

    “No my dear just…”

    “Deb, my father is a pastor, I’m a pastor’s child for Christ’s sake and my father is the owner of the church you are going to so it’s only right if I say it” I cut her short rolling my eyes at Jaden who was just laughing.

    “No my dear, first of all your father is not the owner of the church. Christ is the owner of the church, your father is just a vessel who Christ uses to do great and mighty things and he is part of his great plan and secondly you can’t deliver the speech, Kesha is doing that already.” Debbie replied before drinking her water.

    “I don’t care! And what sort of name is that Keshi or Ketchup”

    “Kesha” Debbie corrected.

    “Whatever is her name, she ain’t giving the speech I’m the one giving the speech so you can tell Ketchup…”

    “Kesha” Debbie corrected again.

    “Whatever! Tell Kesha to resign and one more thing my father is the owner of the church and who’s even your leader?” I asked.

    “Brother Joseph of course” she replied.

    “Which Joseph? Oh I remember now, I’ve heard of him, that kid that is on scholarship. Can you organise a meeting with him for me?” I asked looking at her eyes as I could see the uncertainty in them.

    “I doubt that would change anything but I’ll try my best” she sighed

    “Great! I’ll leave you too then, I have other pressing issues to attend to” I said and walked out before they could say a word.

    It was on Friday and I’d already called my mum that I’d be giving the speech that day and she was really proud, I could feel her joy from my phone. I later got a text from Debbie that Joseph agreed to meet me up and that I should go to his hostel and wait for him at the entrance. I quickly took a shower, wore my ripped jeans and hoodie with my fancy slippers and told Gina that I’d be meeting up with someone but I didn’t say who and why. She didn’t even bother to ask because she was busy sex chatting with her boyfriend. I was jealous though because Ken is so formal and no fun. I boarded a taxi to his hostel and waited at the entrance and got restless since I’d been there for an hour now and no sign of this Joseph, I called Debbie who said she called him and he apologises and told me to hold on that he’d be out in a moment. As I was waiting I saw Fred heading out from the hostel, he saw me and blew me a kiss followed by a wink, I just rolled my eyes and clicked my tongue then I faced the other side.

    Minutes later I saw a young handsome dude coming towards me smiling dressed in long sleeves and corporate trousers.

    “This must be the Joseph” I thought to myself.

    “Hi, you must be Joanne” he said calmly with a soft voice, d--n I fell in love with everything about him. He was cute, dark, slim, tall and not too muscularly built but perfect.

    “Holy s*@t!” I didn’t know when it escaped my mouth.

    “You are Joanne right?” He asked curving his brow.

    “Yes, I am” I managed to find my voice and was embarrassed because I know he noticed how seductively I looked at him.

    “I’m very sorry for coming late. I had…”

    “No worries” I interrupted him.

    “Okay let’s go somewhere and talk” he said and took me under a tree not too far from the hostel.

    “You can seat there” he said pointing to a wooden chair under the tree.

    “Thank you” I replied and sat down but I was still drooling over him, who knew that church boys could be this handsome, no wonder Debbie won’t leave church later she would say it’s because of the things of The Lord.

    “So Debbie told me you want to be part of the JHD but you gave conditions” he smiled and d--n his smile is heavenly, maybe he is an angel? Because he is so perfect.

    “Yes and I’m sure she told you the conditions?” I asked looking away as he looked into my eyes because his looks was killing me, I could feel my legs grow weak just at the sight of him.

    “She did and to be honest they were quite impossible” he smiled again, does he want to kill me?

    “Nothing is impossible” I replied still looking away.

    “You are right my dear” he said and that my dear sounded so romantic in my ears that I wanted to even kiss him but I controlled my emotions.

    “Joanne, I know your father very well infact he is the one paying my school fees, you know I’m on scholarship right?” He asked and I wondered why he’d ask that kind of question, must he tell everyone he meets that he is not some rich kid and that he is on scholarship?

    “I know” I replied with a faint smile.

    “Your father has been like my father and your mother my mother but I’m afraid I can’t grant your request but you are free to join the JHD, we would appreciate it” he said still smiling. Now I’m officially dead!

    “I need to give that speech on Sunday, please” I pouted.

    “Kesha is already doing that and I can’t take that away from her right now” he said.

    “You mean ketchup? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I take her spot, we are girls, I can work it out with her” I replied as and idea popped into my head.

    “How about we make a deal!” I said.

    “Okay, go on” he curved his brow curiously.

    “I’ll talk to Ketchup to give me the speech and if she agrees I get to say it” I replied curving a mischievous smile.

    He laughed loudly holding his tummy as he laughed some more.

    “Why are you laughing?” I asked confused.

    “It’s Kesha not Ketchup” he managed to catch his breath.

    “Oh that! Whatever, do we have a deal or not?”

    “Fine! If you can convince her to give up the speech, you’d take it” he agreed.

    “Nice” I smiled

    “Why are you after the speech?” He asked.

    “Well, let’s leave that for the birds to answer” I replied.

    We parted ways after saying goodbyes but Joseph was still stamped in my memory, I mean how can I forget such a cutie in a hurry. I was about entering my apartment when I got a text from Ken saying we should go on a date tomorrow, I then replied him that I’d be going home tomorrow on a special assignment, we then rescheduled for Monday, to be honest I was getting tired of Ken, I don’t like this no sex kind of relationship. He hadn’t told me that our relationship is a no-sex one but his attitude shows it and it was making me sick, I needed to feel a man inside of me. I went inside only to find Gina high with cocaine.

    “What’s up babe, come join me” she shouted crazily.

    “I’d love to join you but I’m on a mission darling” I went to my room to change clothes, this time I wore a baggy jeans and crop top with white sneakers.

    “Where are you going dressed like that?” Tessa asked because she knows I hate baggy jeans and to be honest I didn’t know why I wore them anyways.

    “I’m off to meet some girl called Ketchup…Kesha” I quickly corrected myself.

    “Kesha?” Tessa and Gina said at the same time.

    “Yes, you know her?” I asked.

    “Who wouldn’t know that pretender, I’m even shocked you don’t know her.” Tessa replied.

    “Pretender as in how?” That part got me.

    “Kesha is a party freak as in the best of the best but pretends to be a Christian I think she is even part of a Christian fellowship and one of the head there. What’s that fellowship called again?” She asked Gina who was still high.

    “JKD” Gina said.

    “JHD” I corrected.

    “Yea Jesus Heart Do…”

    “Domination” I finished Tessa statement.

    “Well isn’t that amazing” I smiled.

    “You have that smile on” Tessa raised her brow.

    “What smile?” I asked pretending not to know what’s she is referring to.

    “That evil smile of yours especially when you are about to crumble someone” Gina said. I’m very proud, she is the only one among us that speaks sense when high.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll fill you girls in later” I smiled and took my phone to call Kesha to meet me up because Joseph gave me her number earlier.

    “What are you doing?” Tessa asked.

    “I’m calling the Ketchup, sorry I mean Kesha” I corrected.

    “Well KETCHUP is in a party right now, I mean club for that matter” Tessa said laying emphasis on the Ketchup and this made me laugh.

    “At this time of the day?” I checked my time and it was 4pm.

    “Yes oo, it’s all over instagram” Tessa said showing me pics of Kesha in the club. Apparently it wasn’t her instagram but that of the club, they snapped her and uploaded it without she knowing.

    “I’m sure that’s her boyfriend, I heard he is loaded” Tessa said pointing the guy she was frolicking with.

    “I’m sure she’s high that’s why they snapped her and posted it without she knowing” Gina said.

    “Well if she is high, she can’t be as high as you now” Tessa teased and I laugh.

    “it’s her boyfriend they snapped not her, she just happened to be there.” I added and took a screenshot of the photo and asked Tessa to send it to my phone. I still proceeded to calling her but this time with a different game.

    I told her to meet me at the club tonight, she declined at first saying she don’t club but after I told her I knew who she was, she agreed.

    “Girls! We are going clubbing tonight” I shouted.

    “Yea…where is Becky?” Tessa remembered.

    “That’s true” I added.

    “I’m right here” I heard her voice inside as she lazily came outside rubbing her eyes.

    “The b*tch has been sleeping” Gina said still sniffing the cocaine.

    “My God Gina, that’s enough” Tessa tried pulling her away from the table but she declined.

    “Suit yourself!” Tessa gave up.


    💞💞PARTY TIME💞💞


    We arrived exactly 9pm, Tessa ran to get some drinks leaving me behind with Gina and Becky, I texted Ketchup sorry I mean Kesha. What the f*@k let’s just call her ketchup. I texted her that I was at the party and she should tell me exactly where she was. She replied instantly and told me to meet her at table five not far from where I was. I located the table with Gina because Becky went for drinks and cigarettes with Tessa.

    I finally met Ketchup, the girl is so f*@ked up and rugged. She is the definition of bad! She had tattoos and piercings all over but she is hot and pretty though, I won’t take that away from her. She looked at me and stood up in midst of her friends.

    “Hello” she said in perfect British accent. From the look of things her parents are very rich but why the pretence?

    “Hi Kesha, I’m Joanne” I smiled introducing myself.

    “Nice meeting you Joanne” she replied.

    “Can we talk?” I asked.

    “Yea of course.” She replied.

    “Privately” I looked at her friends. She told her friends to excuse us including Tessa.


    “So I’m here to talk about the JHD” I replied.

    “What about the JHD” she shrugged.

    “I want to give that speech on Sunday…” I started off.

    “…my father is a pastor and I’d love if you would understand my situation here” I completed after talking for long.

    “Nice talk but I’m sorry, my papa is also a pastor, and I’d love to impress him also” she said sipping her wine. “Serious, then we are in the same shoes here, please understand me at least your father wouldn’t be there when you are giving the speech but mine would be” I pleaded.

    “I’m sorry but my father would be there also, do you know my father?” She asked.

    “No” I replied.

    “Well allow me to reintroduce myself I’m Kesha H. Quay” she smiled.

    “What do you mean?? Why would you answer H. Quay I mean that’s my surname as in the Hillary Quay?” I asked confused.

    “Unless you are my…”

    “I’m your sister, hello baby sister” she smiled cutting me short as I opened my mouth in shock.

    Chapter 8

    My world was turned upside down on hearing that, my perfect father, the pastor who blesses souls and who console souls have a child out of wedlock? I know I have a rocky relationship with my father but his perfection tore us apart, how would my mom take this?

    “What the f*@k?” I managed to find my voice.

    “So you see baby sis, I’m taking that speech” she smiled stood up and left. I couldn’t believe my ears, I took the drinks on the table and gulped them down in confusion.

    “Babe what’s up?” Gina asked holding my shoulders and this jerked me back to reality.

    “Nothing” I replied flashing a fake smile.

    “How did it go with Ketchup?” She asked laughing before sitting down and lighting up a cigarette.

    “It went fine, she said we will talk later” I lied because I was too ashamed to tell Gina what just happened.

    “Let’s go home” I dragged her but she withdrew from my wit

    “Loosen up girl, what’s up? Why are you behaving like a p*ssy?” She asked

    “F*@k it Gigi I’m going home” I ran out of the club, boarded a taxi and went straight to our apartment, I couldn’t wait for the night to be over so I’d go home the next day. I got into the shower and stayed there for hours, I guess. I lost track of time, I could hear the girls giggle from the bathroom as they came into the apartment.

    “Joanne!” Gina called out as she stepped into our room, I wore my robe and came out hearing her voice.

    “My God Joanne, why do you look like this?” Gina asked touching my forehead.

    “I’m fine, just have a migraine” I lied.

    “This is strange J, you’ve been like this since you had that talk with KETCHUP” Gina said trying to make me laugh.

    “Trust me babe I said I’m fine so I’m fine.” I replied and went to lay on the bed.

    “Is it because of ken?” She asked joining me in bed.

    “Oh f*@k it Gina, I said I’m fine for Christ sake, leave me the f*@k alone” I half yelled as I laid on the bed remembering the face of my perfect father, the man who gave me the name ‘DIRTY DAUGHTER’ have a child out of wedlock. But Ketchup, I mean Kesha called me baby sis that means she is older than me, from my findings, she is a 300 level student of Mass communication and I was told she is around 21 and Jaden is also 21 which means that the other woman was also pregnant when my mom was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep well that night, Ken texted me but I didn’t reply his text, he called but I declined. I turned on the bed for hours before I managed to fall asleep. I had a lot of questions.

    The next morning before 7am I texted George to come pick me up, he didn’t reply early I guess he was asleep, he replied me 20 minutes later that he was already coming. Then Ken call came in, I decided to take it.

    “Hello, please call me back later” I quaked my words.

    “What’s going on Joanne, please talk to me, I’m your boyfriend for God sake, please Joanne” he said with hurt in his voice because we have been distant lately.

    “I’ll talk to you later” I hanged up and I felt like calling him back and breaking up with him instantly because I didn’t need that kind of guy in my life, so boring and vague. But i just let it be. I picked up my bag and told the girls I’d be back on Tuesday.

    I put the little bag I packed into the booth and told my girls bye as George zoomed off. Soon we were at my compound, I got inside to only find Kira around, She told me my mom and dad weren’t back from an all night service. I asked after Jessica and she told me Jessica wasn’t feeling too well and the sickness started yesterday. On hearing this I rushed into Jessica’s room, I knocked but no answer so I pushed the door open as it wasn’t locked.

    “Jess?” I called out but I could see blood stains all over the duvet and traces of blood leading to the bathroom, I followed the trail and opened the bathroom door and saw Jessica bleeding profusely as she sat on the WC.

    “Jessica?!” I shouted but she told me to hush it so no one would hear us.

    “When did this start?” I asked in a whisper.

    “Yesterday, I was perfectly fine till yesterday at first I thought it was just my monthly flow but it got intense” she cried out weakly trying to subdue the pain.

    “Didn’t mom see you” I questioned

    “She saw me, she was the one who noticed the blood stains during breakfast but I told her I was on my period. She later asked George to come pick me up for all night service but I declined saying I was having cramps” she let out a loud moan.

    “You mean mom hasn’t come home since yesterday?” I asked holding her and helping her up.

    “No, please don’t let me talk much, my stomach hurts badly” she cried.

    “F*@k it Jess, we need to take you to a hospital” I tried cleaning her up but the blood kept gushing out.

    “No!” She exclaimed in pain.

    “Do you want to die?” I yelled as tears flow down my cheeks.

    Soon I heard my dad and mom’s voice from downstairs.

    “Mom and dad is back!” My eyes opened wide.

    “What do we do now?” Jessica asked in pain and panic. I could hear my mom singing downstairs.

    “We need to let them know and get to the hospital” I packed the tissue on the floor as she was sitting on the bed, the blood didn’t stain the bed because she wore a pad but that couldn’t hold it because she said she had been changing pad every two minutes.

    “Let them know I did an abortion?” She half yelled in pain.

    “Look there is something I didn’t tell you before and I think you should know…” I told her about Debbie’s revelation and she panicked even more.

    “I don’t want to die” she sobbed very weakly as she had lost a lot of blood. She barely could speak, I only heard fragments of her words.

    “You are not going to die” I held her hands and held her chin up with my other hand.

    “I’m not going to let you die, now let’s go the hospital” I said but little did I know my mom was close to Jessica room.

    “Take her to the hospital for…Jesus Christ” my mom was interrupted by the sight of blood in the room and how weak and emaciated Jessica looked.

    “What’s going on here?” My mom asked as she went to hold Jessica.

    “Mom, let’s take her to the hospital” I said not minding her, I texted George to prepare the car as I called Kira to help me carry Jessica downstairs and my mom cried behind us. We rushed her to the hospital with my dad driving behind us, we got to the hospital and nurses rushed out to take Jessica inside because she fainted on the way here.

    “What happened?” My mom asked me in the reception as she was restless, my dad just sat down and looked at me with disgust.

    “Please mom, don’t f*@k with me right now” I waved my hands in the air. The doctor interrupted our supposed conversations

    “Are you the parents of Ms H. Quay?” a beautiful female doctor asked.

    “Yes, we are” my dad answered and I glared at him. I hate him so f*@king much.

    “Well can I see you in my office?” She asked pointing to her office, we followed her as she entered a mini office and took her seat ushering my parents to seat also, I stood as there was no space for me to seat.

    “Madam, sir” she began and my father listened with keen interest.

    “Your daughter case is delicate although we have stabilised her for now, we don’t know if she would be able to give birth again” the doctor said and my mom gave a loud scream.

    “What do you mean? What kind of ailment does she have?” My dad asked.

    “She had an abortion and it was conducted wrongly and it really affected her womb but let’s be grateful she is even alive” the doctor added as my mom kept crying and screaming.

    “Jessica have killed me ooo” she placed her hands on her head.

    “Joanne, your name is written all over this” my dad looked at me and yelled.

    “How is my name written on it? Old man please leave me the f*@k out of this” I yelled back.

    “Can you please discuss this elsewhere, I have other patients to attend to, I’ll fill you in on any progress” the doctor interrupted and ushered us out.

    We got to the reception and a slap landed on my face.

    “How dare you dad?!” I pushed him and hit him on the chest.

    “You see the disgrace you gave birth to?” My dad turned to my mom who was still sorrowful.

    “F*@k you dad!” I yelled

    “Will you shut up your mouth there? So this is what you took Jessica to do when she came to your house. I said it both of you don’t get along, how manage she went to spend days with you in school. Joanne how could you? You are a child of God, a pastors child and also a leader at the JHD! How will you present that speech tomorrow with blood on your hands?” My mom asked with pain in her voice.

    “I’m not a JHD leader and I’m not giving any f*@king speech tomorrow” I shouted because I was fed up of the lies and pretence.

    “So you lied?” My mom asked with more hurt in her voice.

    “Obviously, I knew it” my dad added fulfilled.

    “And I wonder who is the bigger liar among both of us” I faced him and he had a puzzled look on.

    “You dare call your father a liar?” He shouted. By this time nurses had ask us to step out because we were making noise and disturbing other patients.

    “You are a liar, and you knew I’m not giving the speech tomorrow because your golden girl Kesha would gladly do that” I added with anger mixed with pain.

    “What’s your crazy daughter talking about?” He asked my mom who was still weak after crying and he laughed nervously.

    “Joanne, this is a private matter. We will discuss it when we get home” my mom tried shutting me up.

    “Mom, don’t tell me you knew Dad has a child elsewhere?” I questioned but my mom was embarrassed giving me a look of ‘yes I know and I’m ashamed’ and my dad just didn’t care if it was out or not.

    “Oh my God mom, you too deserve each other, go f*@k yourselves” I said and went to sit in the car, I watched my dad and mom go back into the hospital. They didn’t even bother coming to me to explain things. Now I hated them both, I called Jaden to tell him what’s on ground right now.

    “What do you mean Jess is in the hospital? I’m coming over right now!” He said in panic and hanged up.

    “A-----e” I muttered and couldn’t believe Jessica won’t be able to give birth anymore. I was lost in my own thoughts but Ken’s text jerked me back to life. He wanted to check in on me because we have been distant lately. I shunned him and was waiting on the doctor to tell us what next, I needed to cool off so I brought out a liquor to drink, George kept looking at me from the mirror.

    “Mind your f*@king business” I glared at him and he looked away then something struck me George is really cute, I’ve never noticed before.

    “George?” I called out.

    “Yes ma’am” he answered.

    “Do you have a condom?” I asked.

    “What for?” He acted surprised but I just rolled my eyes.

    “Are you in for a quickie?” I asked looking at him from the back seat.

    “I-May-what…” He stuttered

    “Joanne!” Jaden interrupted and opened the door. I could hear George let out a heavy sigh.

    “What?” I asked.

    “Where is Jess? Is she okay?” He rushed his words.

    “Let’s just go inside” I stepped down from the car and strolled with Jaden to the hospital, I noticed my mom was the only one present among other people waiting and my dad was no where to be found. I just pretended not to see her as Jaden was asking her questions.

    “Joanne! You took Jess to the hospital for abortion?” Jaden faced me.

    “Hmm well ask mom how come we have a sister, we don’t know about” I hissed and Jaden was now caught in the middle.

    “Mom, what’s Joanne talking about?” He asked with cross eyes.

    “Can we talk about this at home please, at least let Jessica be strong so she can be part of this discussion” my mom sighed.

    “Joanne” Jaden turned to me.

    “Please Jaden, I’m not in the mood for that…” I was interrupted by the presence of an unwanted guest. Kesha walked into the hospital and met my mom.

    “Ma, I’m very sorry for your loss” she said patting my mom’s back.

    “Get your hands off my mom, and we didn’t lose anyone” I pushed her off.

    “Why so bitter? Anyways I have dinner with dad, I just came to say hello” she said and wanted to go when I dragged her back and we got in a fight.

    “Stop this, please take them out of the hospital!” The doctor chased us out leaving my mom behind to stay with Jessica in her room.

    “You crazy b*tch, I have dad wrapped around my fingers, I’m the one who told him not to let you travel out for the holidays and I’m the one that told him about how you waste your life in school” she yelled and curved a smile.

    “How dare you? What do you have against me?” I asked with anger knowing that Kesha has been the reason my dad and I don’t get along quite well. For more interesting stories, kindly join coolval Stories

    “Girls I’m lost here” Jaden said.

    “Shut up!” We both exclaimed at the same time.

    “You want to know? well I’ll tell you. Nah I change my mind, go ask your mom” she said and moved closer to Jaden.

    “You are cute, if you weren’t my brother, who knows” she smiled.

    “Eewww!” I exclaimed.

    She left and I went into the hospital confused about the situation, Jessica had woken up and my mom was already with her, she was crying because my mom told her that she can’t give birth anymore. So Debbie’s dream didn’t mean the death of Jessica but meant the death of her womb.

    “Mom” Jaden said as sat beside her while I console Jessica.

    “You guys deserve an explanation, let me tell you a story…” My mom started off.

    Chapter 9

     “…your father was just a young brother in church when we met, at first he didn’t like me, he liked another woman in church and I noticed this but your grandfather who was a rich man and a very influential person was a family friend to my parents and they agreed that your father and I must get married, I loved the idea since I already had feelings for your father. Your father on the other hand hated the idea and said he doesn’t want to marry me so he ended up impregnating Kesha’s mother but your grandfather still opposed the marriage, and then something happened and Kesha mom died after giving birth and I discovered I was pregnant…”

    “Something happened or grandpa killed her?” I interrupted rolling my eyes as my mom sobbed.

    “I don’t know but years later after I had Jaden, we got married and your father said The Lord called him into ministry and that was how Kesha started staying with her grandma and your father became a pastor” my mom sobbed the more and this infuriated me.

    “How did you get pregnant in the first place? Like did you seduce dad?” I asked dramatically and did a fake pout.

    “Joanne!” Jaden called out.

    “Oh shut it Jaden, like they say an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree” I said and hissed.

    “Mom, don’t mind Joanne, she is being crazy” Jessica managed to find her voice.

    “Well, as for that b*tch I’m going to put her in her place and what does this have to do with me, why does she hate me?” I asked because honestly I was confused and didn’t understand why she chose me to pour all her anger on, I’m not the only child.

    “Well I guess it’s because, when I was pregnant with you, I went over to her house and beat her up for something I framed her for and told her my baby girl would be better than her” my mom stuttered and was ashamed.

    “That’s stupid” Jaden said confused.

    “And it doesn’t give an explanation to my question.” I added.

    “Well, I don’t know, she is crazy” my mom shouted and was fed up with the questions we asked.

    “Says a woman who killed her mother and married her father, well can someone tell me the definition of CRAZY!!” I yelled and smiled leaving them in the hospital room.

    I called Debbie because I felt like talking to her and not Gina, Becky or Tessa! We met at the a restaurant not too far from the hospital.

    “This one you are always inviting me to a restaurant and buying me food, I’m scared oo” she teased.

    “Debbie, my life is somehow right now, I don’t even know where to start” I dropped my spoon on the table and looked at Debbie who just smiled.

    “What’s up?” She asked and in the moment I realised something, Debbie is always there for me when I have any problem, she never criticises me or ostracise me but rather preaches to me and if I tell her to stop, she does and never crosses her boundaries.

    “Why are you always here?” I asked peering into her eyes.

    “I don’t get you?” She asked.

    “When I have a problem you are always there, I have never called you once to come and you tell me no, you are always available and very patient even in my sinful acts, you never criticise me but rather tell me whenever I’m ready to change, you will be here to lead me to Christ” I asked with great interest as she smiled all through.

    “As a Christian, we are reflections of the life of Christ, you ask why I’m always here well I’m only trying to show you that even in our sinful and worst acts, Jesus is always here, even when we make mistakes, he is always ready to answer us as far as we call on him, he doesn’t come uninvited and when we don’t need him, he leaves us, he doesn’t force us to serve him but wants us to serve him because we want to serve him, that’s why when you tell me please I’m not in the mood for your sermons, I don’t force it but whenever you are ready for it, I’d be here by God’s grace to give it to you…”

    “Debbie, it’s okay please, I want to start going home. Thank you for your sermon. ” I stood up to leave.

    “Ain’t you going to tell me what you wanted to tell me again?” She asked standing along with me.

    “No, thank you Holy Mary, talk to you later” I attempted to leave.

    “Say to hi to Jess for me, I’d visit her in the hospital soon” she said sipping her juice.

    “How did you know Jess is in the hospital?” I asked in surprise because I never told her.

    “Oh that” she smiled.

    “I warned you about what The Lord revealed to me but the devil covered your ears” she smiled again.

    I hissed and rolled my eyes.

    “One more thing Joanne, The Lord is waiting for you, hurry up because it may be too late” she smiled one more time and it infuriated me, I dashed off and went back to the hospital, Mom stayed behind with Jessica because she would be discharged the day after tomorrow. Jaden and I went home and found Kesha with Dad having dinner on the dinning table. I was furious but just hissed and was attempting to go upstairs when her words stopped me.

    “Who knows if this one can give birth too” she walked pass me as I was on the staircase.

    “B---h, what the f--k do you want from me?” I faced her as she smiled and started singing gospel songs ignoring me.

    “Jesus, my only way…” She trails off.

    I just sighed and went to my room, now I wanted to talk to my girls so we could rough up this b---h a little.

    I lay on my bed and was watching a movie on my phone when Gina text came into my phone.

    “When you coming so we can teach that b---h a lesson she would never forget” I read aloud and laughed because I told them everything that have been happening on our group chat.

    “Soon” I replied.

    I laid on my bed tiredly before I drift off to sleep after long hours of chatting.

    Today was Sunday and the JHD would be in church today at least I’ll see Joseph, that’s the only motivation I have to go to church.

    I sluggishly got up from bed since mom wasn’t around, no one rang the bell for morning devotion, I strolled out of my room and it seems Kesha wasn’t around. Thank Goodness that b---h isn’t around. I went to the kitchen and told Kira to fix me breakfast.

    “But ma, your dad said George should take us to church right now” Kira said with fear because she is scared of me.

    “Do I look like someone ready for church?” I asked pointing to my pyjamas that I wore and rolled my eyes after. Jaden then came downstairs dressed in suit.

    “Wow, is it time for prom?” I teased and he chuckled.

    “Ain’t you ready for church? I’m off JoJo” he laughed and buttoned his suit.

    “How do I look?” He asked with smiles.

    “Like someone a truck just ran over” I rolled my eyes sipping the juice.

    “Well if you keep rolling your eyes, they might fall off soon” he scoffed and I sticked my tongue out and he did the same while Kira laughed lowly.

    “I’m off, George would come pick you when you are ready!” Jaden dashed off with the speed of lightening. I guess he wants to impress Debbie, when will he get it into his thick skull that Debbie don’t care about him and may never will? Let me mind my business.

    I had breakfast and proceeded to picking out an outfit to wear to church, George then came to pick Kira and I because I delayed Kira, I mean who would lock the house or wash the dishes I used, me? Definitely not!

    We got to church very late, we met my father conducting his prayer, the one he normally conducts after preaching. After the prayer, the JHD was invited to come on the altar.

    “Good morning my esteemed members of COSM, we the JHD are here to invite you to our crusade coming up very soon…” Kesha blabbed on. I didn’t pay attention to her words because I didn’t want to spoil my mood. But Ketchup i mean Kesha dropped a bomb at the end.

    “…I’m Kesha H. Quay and would love you to come for the crusade” she ended as whispers turned into murmurs among the members of the church. Kesha just told everyone that she is a Quay now my father’s dirty secret was out, I was happy on one side but not so joyous because I could see the pain and shame in my father’s eyes but why do I care? He deserves it even worse but Kesha didn’t stop there.

    “Oh please reduce your whispers, I have something important to say” she went on with her blabbing mouth. My dad was restless, he stood up wanting to stop her but Ketchup wouldn’t just stop talking.

    I smile curve on my face but I wasn’t happy deep down.

    “You guys wonder why MAMA isn’t here today, well I’m going to tell you guys why” she said pointing at the church projector as pictures of me in the club drinking and partying appeared on the screen and the congregation shouted in disgust, I was ashamed and weak then Jessica’s pictures appeared next with her in the club and even her lying on the hospital bed, then doctors report sprang up on the projector and I flinched. It was Jessica doctor’s report saying she can’t give birth anymore due to a damaged womb.

    “MAMA is at the hospital taking care of her 15 year old daughter who did abortion and lost her womb” Kesha added and a loud roar was heard from the members. Why is no one stopping her? Why? My dad was a hundred percent ashamed. I’m sure he is wishing the earth could just swallow him up because the shame was just too much.

    “Oh I almost forgot my amazing beautiful brother” she clicked her fingers and Jaden party pictures appeared on screen too, even the ones of him smoking and taking cocaine.

    “My work is done here!” Kesha exclaimed and dropped the mic and cat walked out of the building, my leg was weak, it was as if it was rooted to the ground. The church congregation kept on murmuring and didn’t stop as my dad assistant and other church workers shook their head in shame. I couldn’t help it but ran out of the church, I entered the car and watched as members took their bag and left for home, the press arrived minutes later and collected the clip of what happened from the church technical unit.

    My father entered his car and zoomed off, Jaden and Kira joined me in the car and George took us home. I watched the world through the window, it was obvious our lives was over, very over! Ketchup ruined our lives. We drove in silence and when we got home, dad car was parked in the compound and it was obvious mom was back in the house with Jessica, I’m sure the press harassed them in the hospital.


    We got down and I met my mom crying in the sitting room while my dad paced to and fro on seeing us, he turned and stopped.

    “You see what your carelessness and stupidity caused?” He asked with anger and pain coursing through his veins.

    “What the f--k are you talking about? My sperm didn’t bear that mistake” I talked back and a slap landed on my face as he pounced on me beating me vehemently, my mom dragged me off him and was crying and knelt down to beg my dad.

    “Don’t beg this crazy old man!” I cried- yelled and touched my face as I could feel pain all over me.

    “I hate you so f-----g much!” I ran upstairs and Jaden ran after me but i locked my door so he wouldn’t come in. I sobbed for hours as the pain my father inflicted on me was much and the sore he bore in my heart would never heal. I laid there for hours till a knock came on my door.

    “Go away” I sobbed.

    “Let me in please” I heard Jessica’s voice. I wiped my tears and opened the door.

    “Joanne…” I cut her short and hugged her tightly sobbing on her shoulders.

    “Oh my God Joanne, dad broke you” she scoffed and wiped my tears.

    “I’m sorry, I know I should be the one comforting you” I pouted and cleaned my nose.

    “No problem, I’ve made peace with myself” she smiled and patted my back.

    “Stop crying, you look ugly when you cry” Jessica teased and I laughed. We had a soul to soul conversation before she left.

    “And Joanne I love you” she smiled.

    “You do?” I flinched.

    “What? Did I say something?” She teased scratching her head dramatically and I smiled.

    “I love you too Jess” I went back to laying down but this time I wasn’t crying, I was chatting with my girls, we planned on meeting in a club. I changed into another outfit after taking a long bath. I went downstairs and met my mom and dad sitting on the couch discussing. I didn’t mind them but just passed them.

    “Where do you think you are going to young lady?” My dad asked looking at me.

    “I’m going out obviously” I rolled my eyes.

    “Joanne, please darling it’s late, don’t go anywhere” my mom said with a cracked voice, she must have been crying. What the f--k I’m saying, she has been crying.

    “I would be back later” I hissed and left but I could still hear my father shouting for me not to go but I paid deaf ears and stepped out. I got to the club and met my girls on table 4 as they were smoking and drinking, I joined them and we were chatting then a camera flashed on my face.

    “Click! Click!” Came the camera. What the f--k? I saw Kesha behind the camera.

    “Hello sister”

    “How dare you?” I grabbed her and yanked her hair pushing her to the floor. We got in a real fight with bottles flying in the air. I punched her face and mistakenly stuck a broken bottle into her neck and blood gushed out. I was scared, very scared, what if she is dead? I feared for her life as she laid lifeless on the floor and Gina who was the bravest among us went close to her to check for pulse, by this time there was already commotion in the club.

    “I can’t feel any pulse” Gina alerted and fear replaced the blood in my veins…

    Chapter 10

    Never ever disobey your parents ever! Because even the bible condemns it. If I had listen to my parents not to leave the house or to live a decent life I wouldn’t have been in this situation right now.

    Instead of blood to be transported to my heart through my veins, fear replaced it as I watched Kesha’s lifeless body on the floor, the club owner had called the cops on me but my girls told me to run and I ran not knowing where to turn to, I called Ken but his phone wasn’t going through, who will I call, what am I going to do? I called Ken again and this time he picked.

    “Ken Ken” I breathed out.

    “Joanne, is that you, what’s up?” He asked.

    “Ken, please can I crash at your place, I have a lil tiny problem” I blurted out.

    “Sure, where are you so I’ll come pick you up” he said I breathed out a sigh of relieve, I looked around to find anything familiar to identify where I was, my eye caught a popular eatery.

    “I’m at dork eateries, please ken be discreet and don’t tell anyone” I pleaded.

    “Okay. Anything for my baby girl, I love you” he said lowly and I rolled my eyes, if he knows the hot mess I’m in right now, those words would be the last thing he’d say.

    “I love you too” I tell him but I didn’t really care right now.

    I waited on the street since it was dark and almost morning, I checked the time and it was around 2am. It’s morning already, I slipped my phone in my pocket and sat down on one of the bricks I saw on the floor.


    Soon a light flashed in my eyes, I blinked my latches and saw Ken’s as he stood in front of the light and I struggled to take a good look at him. He helped me up and kissed me on my lips.

    “I missed you so much” he smiled and I gave him a fake smile too.

    “I missed you so…can we please go” I said as I saw some people coming.

    “Sure” he said tracing where my eyes went and he let out a small laugh.

    “Scared much?” He asked.

    “Me? Scared of what? please let’s got” I scoffed and he smiled and led me to his car opening the door for me, I got in and we drove off.

    Minutes later we pulled over at a fancy mansion and the gate opened on its own.

    “Hope your parents ain’t home?” I asked and he smiled.

    “No, you are scared of parents?” He teased and I rolled my eyes.

    “You are fond of rolling your eyes” he playfully punched my arms.

    “And you are fond of smiling, can we please just go inside” I opened the door and stepped on his porch as he joined me and held my hands.

    “welcome to my humble home” he opened the door dramatically. I was restless, if he knew what I just did, I’m sure I’d be on the streets by now.

    “Nice” I faked smile as he had a puzzled look on his face.

    “What’s up with you Joanne?” He asked as he stepped closer to me.

    “Please Ken, I’m fine I just need to rest” I pushed him back lightly.

    “Okay let me show you to your room” he led me upstairs. The house is breathtaking, his parents is f-----g rich, I was too tensed so I didn’t pay attention to the beauty of the house. I just killed someone. Oh my God I still can believe it Joanne just murdered a soul.




    Ken led me to a room beautifully arranged, it was obvious that a girl had stayed in the room but I didn’t bother to ask because I was more focused on my problem, I needed to sleep and think of my life and what’s the next thing to do, I can’t tell Ken right now, he’d hate me completely.

    “Okay make yourself com…”

    “I will, thank you” I interrupted and sat on the bed, it was comfy.

    “Would you like anything?” He asked.

    “Yes” I replied.

    “What?” He asked.

    “I need my privacy” I tell him and he felt embarrassed.

    “Oh I’m sorry, I’d leave you then, good night” he tried to force a smile. “more like good morning” I rolled my eyes as he left closing the door behind him.

    I lay on the bed and checked the internet I saw my face all over

    “The daughter of a well known pastor who recently revealed the dirty secrets of her supposed father has been killed by another of his child Joanne H. Quay. The deceased who was identified to be a Kesha H. Quay; May her perfect soul rest in peace was found dead…” I was interrupted by the sound of my door as it clicked opened and I jerked in fear.

    “Oh I’m sorry if I startled you or something” he apologised.

    “No problem Ken…what is it you wanted to say?” I asked and he curved his brow in confusion.

    “Yea, right! I wanted to tell you that..” He stuttered and scratch his head looking round his room as my eye trailed his.

    “The shower! Yes the shower” he announced.

    “What about the shower?” I asked raising my brow in confusion.

    “It’s good, it’s soothing” he said slowly and I had a puzzled look on.

    “Ken, what do you really want to talk about?” I asked because I was tired of all this his drama.

    “Well I wanted to talk about us” he scratched his head again as he sighed.

    “Us as in?” I asked.

    “I’m your boyfriend for Christ sake and you don’t talk to me” he said moving closer to me because he was standing by the door.

    “Talk to you? I don’t get” I grunt. Honestly I don’t understand that communication part of a relationship because my past relationship it was just party and sex and Fred was the only one out of all my ex that I actually was close to me and we never talked about any personal issues, only some crazy ones, SOMETIMES!! and I’m not used to telling anyone anything except my girls.

    “What do you mean, we are in a relationship for crying out loud” he scoffed and I could see he was hurt.

    “Ken, can we please talk about this in the morning?” I faced the other side and used the duvet to cover my legs. He looked at me for a while before heading out. I sighed and lay in bed. Ken is just blabbing, how I wish he knew what the f--k I’m going through, I tried my girls number, it wasn’t going and I texted them but no one replied but my parents almost blew up my phone with calls and Jaden also called a few times but I declined them all. I drifted off to sleep without knowing but a tear dropped from my eyes because I knew my life was over, if I keep running I’d be fugitive, if I show myself, I’d be jailed or even killed.




    I woke up the next morning or let me just say, i woke up later because I slept in the morning anyways to a familiar scent of scrambled egg and toasted bread. I stretch myself and got off the bed and saw a card on it.

    ‘Meet me downstairs when you are done” I read aloud. I looked to my right and saw clothes neatly folded on the bed with a card in it also.

    “Wear this” I read again.


    I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, had my bath and came back into the room.

    I wasn’t having an appetite but I just forced myself to eat anyways and went downstairs.

    I now had a better look at the house, it was well decorated and had nice couch and flat screened TV placed on the wall with some flowers guarding it, oh my God did I just guard? I’m officially crazy!! and I saw a maid, I didn’t see her yesterday, maybe she was sleeping.

    “You!” She exclaimed.

    “Do I know you?” I questioned and she looked scared if me.

    “Yes, you! The girl on TV who killed…”

    “Shut up!” I shouted.

    “What’s going on here?” Ken interrupted and I flicked.

    “Nothing-no-th-in” I stuttered.

    “Go back to work Fiona!” Ken ordered and a breath of relief escaped me.

    “Are you okay Joanne?” He faced me and ran his hand through my hair romantically.

    “Good morning darling” I pecked his cheeks and he was surprised.

    “Morning princess” he smiled and I gave a fake smile too.

    “You are going home now right?” He asked.

    “No. God. No, you are going out?” I asked and he shakes his head sideways indicating no.

    We remained silent till I broke the silence and told him I’d be resting upstairs.

    “How about we spend time together” he scoffed.

    “Later, I’m very tired now” I replied and ran upstairs before he could say a word. Kindly join Coolval stories to read more.

    I breathed out as I closed the door with my back on the door and I slipped down working my hands through my hair as I sobbed. I then leaped to the bed and sat there crying some more.

    “Joanne! You killed your sister” Ken barged in and I raised my head up and I saw him angry, very angry. Lord! I’m finished.

    Chapter 11

    “Joanne! You killed your sister?” He asked as I could see the anger in his eyes.

    “Ken..” I broke down in tears and he rushed to my bed touching my hands softly.

    “Hey..hey..hey please don’t cry, I’m not gonna rat you out” he said raising my chin with his hands.

    “You’ve known right?” I asked as he sighed looking away then looked at me again and played with my fingers.

    “Yea” he replied.

    “Since when?” I questioned.

    “Since you called me to come pick you up, I saw it on my news-feeds” he smiled. F--k! Why is he so nice to me, I mean I’ve done terrible things to him and yet he hasn’t given up on me.

    “You really care about me that much?” I asked.

    “Yea, I just wanted you to tell me, I wish you will talk to me more” he said lowly and I shrugged. He is so perfect! That shouldn’t be my problem now right? I just killed someone.

    “You are turning yourself in?” He asked and I looked down.

    “It’s normal if you are scared, if you want to keep running, I’m ready to run to the end of the world with you Joanne” he proposed and I rolled my eyes.


    “But if you turn yourself in, I can ask my parents to arrange good lawyers to fight your case for you, we could call it self defence” he said really fast while I just cried. What did I do to deserve him? What?

    “Ken, I’d turn myself in, I can’t be a fugitive forever” I sighed and he rubbed my face with his palm romantically.

    “One more thing, before I step out can you please ask Debbie to come see me here, there is something I need to do real quick” I said looking into his eyes as he sat uncomfortably.

    “Fine! Anything for you pretty” he smiled and took his leave. I cried some more, I came downstairs to have a glass of water and I met Fiona cleaning the kitchen.

    “You are Fiona right?” I asked and she shakes in fear.

    “Yes” she replied still shaking and I just rolled my eyes.

    “Get me a glass of water please?” I ordered and she ran to serve me the water. D--n! She must be so scared of me, I mean who wouldn’t be? I’m a murderer! A full human murderer.

    After she gave me the water I gulped it all down, then the door clicked open and I saw Debbie running towards me with her arms stretch, I ran into her arms and mouthed a thank you to Ken and he smiled.

    “I’ll give you girls some privacy” he beckoned and we moved to the living room.

    “Debbie I’m in serious trouble” I panicked.

    “Don’t worry darling, The Lord would see you through” she smiled.

    “How? Can Jesus take this away? I mean he he erase this and bring Kesha back to life so I wouldn’t have to go to jail?” I asked and she smiled shaking her head.

    “Well of course he can take your burdens and your sins away, he literally came to earth to die for you and I for that purpose but it doesn’t work that way, the devil has misled to this and you have to face the consequences but you still need to have faith and receive Jesus into your life, because he said he would show mercy on who he would show mercy. There is still hope for you Joanne” she explained and I burst out in tears.

    “Debbie, I want to receive Jesus, maybe he would save me but can a murderer like me be saved?” I asked and she smiled some more.

    “Of course, let me give you the instance of a woman in The Bible who committed adultery and they brought her to Jesus holding stones and was ready to persecute her and kill her but Jesus told them that who hasn’t committed a sin before should be the first to cast the stone…”

    “How does that affect murder” I interrupted.

    “Joanne let me finish. They all dropped the stone one after the other and left, we all have sins, we are not 100 percent holy but His grace sees us through, even me I’m not 100 percent holy, I have my flaws but the difference between you and I is that I take my flaws to Jesus so he would replace them with perfection, I ask God for help that’s the only difference.” She said I was amazed.

    “I thought you had no stain, I mean you are so perfect” I tell her and she smiled.

    “I’m not perfect…what I like about that story was what Jesus told the woman, he said go and sin no more. No matter your sin, as far as you confess it to Jesus, he would save you, cleanse you and redeem you” she patted my back because by now I was already in tears.

    “Do you remember that scripture I gave you as an assignment?” She asked I sniffed.

    “What scripture?” I sniffed again.

    “Proverbs 23:26” she said.

    “No” I replied looking away.

    “Well it says and I quote ‘my son give me thine heart and observe my ways’ Jesus is at the door of your heart knocking, are you ready to open?” She asked and I nodded.

    “I’m glad to hear that. Now say these words after me…”

    After the confessions, she prayed for me and I felt sudden peace in my heart, I decided to go home to see my family before I turn myself in.

    “Joanne, one more thing always remember this scripture Isaiah 43:2- fear not! When you pass through the waters I will be with you and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you, when you pass through the fire you shall not be burned; neither shall the flame scotch you’ The Lord Jesus is always with you even when you don’t know it. ” she quoted and I smiled.

    “Thank you Debbie” I thanked her.

    “For what?”

    “For everything, you’ve been more than a friend to me but a sister” I hugged her and she returned the hug.

    “You ready…oh sorry I interrupted an emotional moment” Ken apologised and I smirked.

    “Okay Joanne, time to go home and face the music!” I tell my self after a long sigh. Ken drove me to my compound and attempted to go in with me but I stopped him.

    “No Ken, you’ve done more than enough for me, you can move on with your life now” I tell him and he had a puzzled look on.

    “What are you talking about?” He asked.

    “I’m ending this relationship, since I’d be in prison now I don’t want you to come visit or do anything of any sort. You deserve better” I said and he shrugged.

    “No Joanne, you are my girlfriend and would be my girlfriend no matter the circumstances” he held my hands but I released my self from his wit.

    “Too bad you are not my boyfriend” I opened the door and ran inside, I felt bad for him but I felt worse for myself, I’m a murderer now. I stepped inside. it was all over the news. “The daughter of Peter H. Quay, the senior pastor and founder of COSM had been confirmed dead and sources has it that one of Peter’s children who was identified to be Joanne H. Quay killed the illegitimate child; Kesha H. Quay due to jealousy…” My dad turned off the TV as he paced to and fro while my mom cried.

    They saw me and my mom ran towards me along with my siblings.

    “Joanne where the hell have you been?” Jaden asked and I smiled.

    “I’ve made peace with myself, I’m turning myself in, I can’t be a fugitive forever.” I said and my mom cried some more while my dad gave me a stern look

    “I told you Joanne, stay at home, don’t go anywhere but you left now see” my mom cried as she placed her hands on her head and Jessica consoled her while I watched in regrets. Dang it! I killed Kesha, I tried calling my girls but their phone were switched off, I’m sure their parents flew them out of the country so they wouldn’t be afflicted with the crime since they were spotted on the crime scene.

    “You’ve ruined me Joanne” my dad added and continued in panic. Soon we heard a knock on the door. And fear gripped me, it’s the police, I’d be arrested right now! My dad opened the door and the gateman told us that policemen was at the front of our gate. I panicked and my mom stood up to comfort me.

    “Breath in, breath out” she said with her hands on my back, my dad glanced at me.

    “Let them in” he said lowly.

    We waited for a while when the policemen came into the house.

    “Good day to you all” a man dressed in uniform said and we greeted him back.

    “Sources told us that Joanne is back to the house” the man said and I scoffed, my neighbours have a big mouth I’m not surprised.

    “Yes, I’m Joanne” I said with a shaky voice.

    “You are under arrest for the murder of Kesha H. Quay…”

    “Anything you say would be used against you in the court of law” I said along him and rolled my eyes and I lift my hands up so they could cuff me.

    “Joanne!!!” My mom cried as they dragged me away, I breathed in and out wondering how Juvenile prison would be since I’m not up to 18 and maybe before my trial ends I’d already be 18, trust me this sh… God have mercy on me. I’m just so tired of life right now. You can join Author MarbleJ Love Stories (A.M.L.S)for interesting stories. They put me into the car and drove off, I could still hear the screams of my mom and the cries of my family, this is what I brought upon myself by myself.


    I got to the station and they locked me in the prison still awaiting trial.

    Days went by I was still there very tired and weak, they fed me with unhealthy meals but I had to eat because if I don’t I’d starve to death. I had started to pray and read the bible daily and I was amazed how spiritually strong I was getting by the day, I still had to fight some urge like drinking, sex and m----------n but the grace of The Lord is seeing me through. Debbie visited the previous day and she gave me scriptures to meditate on and also gave me the story of Paul and Silas and said The Lord would deliver me just like he delivered Paul and Silas and I have been walking in the consciousness.

    I stayed on the floor praying when a police officer said I have a visitor. I came out to the counter and saw him standing right there looking at me, my heart skipped and I froze as I swallowed the big lump in my throat.

    “What the hell are you going here?!” I yelled and he smiled.

    “I’ve missed you Joanne!” He said and I flicked. How dare he after all the insults, now he came here in my predicament to insult me.

    “Joanne, I’m sorry!” He said.

    “Fred, how dare you come here?” I asked and he smiled.

    “Well, I don’t really care about your ass, I just came here to tell you to test for HIV because I just tested and I have it so I’m warning all the people I had sex with to check their status” he blurted out and turned to leave.

    “You are heartless Fred, very and my God would judge you” I cried as the policemen dragged me inside. But wait is he kidding me? Does that mean I have HIV in this my predicament. D--n! I ruined my life.

    Chapter 12 [Final]

    I was taken for a test and it was negative, i don’t have HIV, thank goodness.

    I lay on the bare floor as my first trial would commence today, I told my parents not to waste money to go for a trial but they insisted. This is torture, pure one! Soon they came to drag me out of the prison and took me to court with handcuff on my legs and arms, I prayed and told God whatever is best for me, let his will be done in my life. As I walked through the court I saw my family and my friends which was just Debbie and Ken because I haven’t seen my girls ever since the incident happened.

    “Court rise!” I heard as the Judge walked in then they all sat down. My mom was the first to testify.

    “I swear on this bible to say the truth and nothing but truth” she started off.

    “My baby girl has never been violent, she had never been involved in a fight. Kesha was the one who…” She talked on but I wasn’t just feeling it, this is torture to me because I know I killed the girl, why this trial? I wonder.

    Ken testified next.

    “Joanne is the sweetest and most wonderful person you could ever meet, she can not even hurt a fly, it all was just self defence…”

    “You say you were her boyfriend? Will a well mannered girl in this country have a serious relationship at 17” the opposing lawyer said.

    “Objection my lord!” Our family lawyer said.

    “Objection overruled, go on” the judge said.

    This went on for hours and I was tired, finally first day of trial was over and it didn’t look good for me, I was taken back to the prison where my mom came to visit me.

    “Darling, you have to hang on I’d do everything in my power to make sure you are out of this place” she said and I just smiled knowing my fate has been decided. But I put all my trust in God.

    “What about dad and his ministry?” I asked and my mom sighed.

    “Well, we lost it Joanne and it wasn’t your fault, it was Kesha’s fault…”

    “But I killed Kesha” I interrupted.

    My mom left later and Ken came to visit but I didn’t want to see him so I avoided the meeting.


    After months of trial, by now I was already 18 years old, today is the last day of trial and I was hopeful because we have been making progress since the trial, I am even sure I’d be released.

    My family and friends got to court very early and we all waited for the judge.

    “Court rise!” I heard and they rise as the judge walked in. After wrapping up the judge wants to give his final decision and the hall was silent as everyone was on the edge of their seats.

    “After listening from both party with evidences, facts and statements, I’ve made my decision I hereby sentence Miss Joanne H. Quay to life imprisonment for the murder of Miss Kesha H. Quay! My decision is final, court dismiss” he said and hit his gavel before stepping out. My body went cold as my mom cried and my dad just shook his head. My disobedience and stubbornness got me this far, Tears dropped from Ken’s eyes as he watched me being taken away. I was lost, I’d spend my entire life in prison? Why me lord?




    My mother came to visit me the next day with Jessica and Jaden.

    “Where is dad?” I asked and they looked at each other.

    “I’m sorry Joanne, he said he wants nothing to do with you” Jessica said. Yea! Great! I’m a disgrace, i almost forgot I’m the DIRTY DAUGHTER!!

    Years went by, a lot of years, my dad came to visit me for the first time in ages. He looked older but younger, yes you read that right! I think I’m going crazy!! I heard he went back to bible school and was now an assistant pastor to a big church.

    “I’m sorry JoJo that I didn’t come sooner” he said and I sniffed because I was crying.

    “No need dad, that’s the past” we did a lot of catching up, I have never been this close to my father before. Thank God for this.


    Ten years later after my dad’s visit I heard Jessica just delivered triplets, isn’t God wonderful? He changed an impossible situation to a possible one. I also heard that Ken and Debbie got married. That’s awesome, very good because Ken deserve better. I remember when he came to visit me last five years which was the last time I saw him, I told him to move on because he can’t wait for me at all! Jaden got married too and he is blessed with 2 kids. I’ve haven’t heard from Gina, Tessa or Becky ever since that night at the club. They left me hanging. My family is closer to God, I’m closer to God and even if I’m in jail right now, I still have faith and believe fully in God because without him I may be dead by now and I’m nothing!

    “Joanne!” Jessica exclaimed as she came to visit me with her babies.

    “Oh my God, they look beautiful” I carried one of them.

    ” they look just like their aunt and crazy like her too” Jessica teased and I laughed. You can join coolval stories for More.

    “Oh my God, look at you Jess, now a mother, someone who didn’t have a womb” I said with tears.

    “God is wonderful, I’d be travelling next week to Dubai so i just say let me see you before I go because I might relocate to Canada from there” she said with tears.

    “So this is goodbye” I sighed.

    “No. no I can never say goodbye to you, it’s a beginning of a new chapter for me and I promise to come visit you when I come back. I promise.” She said with tears and we hugged each other.

    There is no gain in partying life, wayward life, disobedience or stubbornness, it only leads to destruction because look at me now, my mates are married and having children relocating and this and that but I’m here in jail although I have Jesus which is more than enough but I learnt my lesson the hard way and I pray no one learns the hard way.


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