Written and composed by PRINCESS ASA JOE

    (Sister’s Betrayal)

    Episode 1

    I looked up at the ceiling and wept profusely

    Two things are bothering my mind seriously

    And this has caused me sleepless nights so many times

    I have been married for 6 years now without an issue

    Not even half talk less of one

    I have never even gotten pregnant let alone having miscarriage

    My husband and I have gone to several test and nothing was found wrong

    I have gone to series of deliverance but still no positive result

    I am sick and tired of going about seeking for fruit of the womb and have decided to stay and pray to God

    Its so painful to see my friends that I got married before with two to three kids but here I am childless

    People were beginning to call me barren and my husband impotent but neither me nor my husband knows the reason behind our predicament

    I don’t lack anything in my home

    My husband is a well to do business man and I am also doing very well in my fabrics business but whenever I remember I have no child to call my own, I shed tears sadly

    Its really eating me up emotionally but my husband seems not to be much concerned about it that much

    The second thing bothering my mind is my sister

    Ella my sister have been staying with me ever since I got married cos our parents left us at a very young age

    She moved in with me and she school from home cos our house is very close to her school

    She is now in her third year and still very humble and obedient

    She is 24 years old and respects me a lot but my husband is beginning to change towards her

    He now complains of everything she does

    He find fault in all she does and always accuse her wrongly

    But whenever I suggest we get a room for her so she can give us space, he refuses and insist she stay but should try talking sense to her

    I am yet to see any error about Ella but my husband keeps complaining

    I threatened to leave him if he dare complains of my sister again cos his complain is getting out of hand

    My sister is my all in all

    I love her so much cos it was just the both of us

    The both of us struggled through thick and thins together before our life got better

    My parents left us at a very young age and the both of us hustled and cater for ourselves

    We never misbehaved

    I met my husband a virgin and married him a virgin and I am very sure my sister is still a virgin

    My husband stopped complaining of her but after a while he started again

    Ella was aware that my husband hates her but she don’t give a d--n about it


    This whole issues seems to be disturbing me alone


    Ella, I am so concerned about this whole issue honestly

    My husband used to like you before

    How come he developed this hatred for you overnight

    I sad sadly


    You don’t have too worry about that sister

    Life is full of ups and down you know

    If people don’t hate you, you won’t find love

    Forget about your husband attitude towards me

    Its a part of life experience. She said lackadaisically


    Ella, I don’t like the way he yells at you sometimes

    You are a grown up girl for Christ sake and he shouldn’t treat you like a slave

    You are my blood

    One blood and he should know that

    Why treating you bad? Why?

    I think I should just rent a house for you somewhere so you can come visit once in a while. I said and she refused immediately


    No no no no sister

    Why should you do that?

    You shouldn’t do that at all

    Don’t waste your money for my sake

    I have told you this is not bothering me

    Your husband has every right to treat me however he wish cos I am in his house and he pays all my school fees

    So why shouldn’t he do that?

    Sister forget about this please

    We should think of solution to your childlessness not me biko. She said holding my hands and I nodded



    If you say so

    As for a solution to my childlessness, I have left that for God to solve

    I have gone to series hospital, different church but no solution

    So I believe God will do it for me at His due time. I said and she nodded



    I prepared fried plantain and sauce

    Let me get some for you to eat

    With this your look, I don’t think you have eaten today

    Its so delicious

    Ella said and left while I bowed my head sadly

    Episode 2

    So the next day, I forgot taking my booklet to shop so I decided to call Ella to bring it for me but she didn’t pick up

    I was about going home to bring it myself when one of my very good customer came

    She bought a lot of goods for me worth almost 200k so it took a lot of my time

    I called Ella over and over again to bring it while coming or come help me stay in the shop while I go home go get my booklet cos I don’t trust Alice my sales girl but she didn’t pick

    So after rounding up with my customer, it was around and I decided to go get my booklet cos there a lot of important things jotted down in the book and since my house is not that far from shop, I will go get it


    I got home and climbing the stairs, I heard Ella and my husband James laughing out loudly


    Is this for real?

    I asked myself happily


    Did my husband change overnight and what is he doing home by this time?


    You are so sweet. I heard Ella said laughing


    I got to my door mouth and opened the door when they suddenly went dumb


    I have told you times without number that I am not happy having you here

    Go get married you are of age

    Are you not ashamed at yourself? My husband yelled at her angrily and Ella frowned




    Brother why are you treating me this way?

    This is getting too much. Ella said shedding tears and I was more than confused


    What exactly is going on?

    I just heard the both of you laughing out loud some seconds ago

    How come you changed the topic immediately you saw me? I asked confusedly


    Sister I don’t think you are right

    I was on call just few seconds ago

    I was on call with Tricia my friend. Ella said and I looked at her confusedly


    Lies was written all over her face and my husband kept straight face to the television


    And what about my husband?

    He was on call too? I asked and she was shocked


    Sister please you are getting it all wrong

    Maybe it was an imagination

    Your husband have been yelling at me since he returned home and here you are saying you heard us laughing together. I am out of here biko. She said and walked out on me


    Ella, you are walking out on me?

    By the way, hubby what are you doing home by this time of the day?

    You are putting on shorts unlike you!

    You are watching romantic movies unlike you

    What is going on

    Is there something you are not telling me? I asked him and he stood up angrily


    Tell your sister to get married before I lose my temper on her

    I am getting tired of her presence here. He said and attempted to walk into the bedroom


    That does not answer my question Jimmy

    What are you doing home by this time and why are you putting on shorts unlike you and at the same time watching romantic movie which is also unlike you

    What is going on? I asked as my voice was beginning to choke


    So its now a crime for me to come home at will and wear whatever suites me at home because of your witch sister right?

    Don’t worry

    I am leaving!

    He said, went inside, put on his clothes and walked out right before me


    Tears dropped down my cheeks

    I am totally down, confused, angry and speechless


    What exactly is going on?

    Is Ella telling the truth?

    Are they pretending to be fighting?

    But I am sure of what I heard

    I know my husband voice and I heard Ella voice too clearly

    I heard her said “you are so sweet”

    Was she referring to the person she was calling

    Oh God, please let it not be what I am thinking! I said and wiped my tears and heard Ella laughing again

    This time louder


    You are so sweet! I heard her say again and my mind became at rest again



    Let me believe nothing is wrong or going on between them

    Let me believe my instinct is deceiving me

    God forgive me for ever letting such thought come across my mind. I said and walked into Ella’s room


    Ella, I have been calling you for over 2 hours now but you aren’t picking up my call

    You didn’t even bother to call back after you saw my missed call

    What happened? I asked her and she frowned


    I am sorry sister!

    My phone wasn’t with me and when I saw your missed call, I didn’t had airtime to call back

    I am sorry about that

    So what brought you home by this time? She asked and I smiled


    I forgot my booklet and you know it can be very important to me on daily basis

    Even the few hours I spent without the book affected me a lot

    Go get it for me inside. I said and she’s stood up and went inside my room




    I sat on her bed and noticed the place I sat was wet


    I touched it and it was thick like discharge or sperm


    My heart skipped 10 times beat


    What is this?

    Oh my God!

    This is c-m

    This is sperm!

    What happened here?

    Ella, it shouldn’t be what I am thinking.

    What do I do? What do I do?

    I need to think fast before she returns

    I think there is nothing I can do now cos I don’t have any evidence

    Or maybe she’s having discharges. I said and walked out immediately


    We both went to the shop but I kept flashing back all what happened at home

    I am so confused


    What is this?

    Why did I even went home at the first place?

    I really don’t understand

    Let me just believe my instinct is deceiving me. I said and wiped it off my head


    I got home in the night and when my husband slept off, I took his phone and noticed he pass worded it

    I tried taking his finger to unlock his finger prints but he woke up and slept back again

    This is unlike jimmy

    Jimmy hates passwording phone

    How come he passworded this one?

    How do I make him unlock it?

    How do I get to know his password?

    I tried my name but it didn’t unlock

    I tired his name it didn’t unlock

    I tried his account numbers, phone numbers, everything I could think of but it didn’t unlock

    A thought came into my mind that I should use Ella

    But my husband hate Ella so much

    He can’t use her name as his password

    I said and continued trying everything I knew but none worked

    I finally decided to use Ella and to my greatest surprise, it unlocked

    Episode 3

    I felt like I was struck with a rod in my head

    I felt dizzy for minutes and I dropped the phone on my leg so my head can cool off

    I felt serious dizzy for almost 20 minutes and that was when I picked the phone up and it fell from my hand to the floor


    I picked it up and noticed the screen is already crashed



    Oh my!

    I said as tears dropped down my cheeks


    What is this?

    I didn’t get to see what I was searching for

    Jimmy is gonna be mad with me

    I won’t tell him I touched his phone

    Let me just put the phone inside his pocket so when he wake up in the morning, I will tell him he slept on it.

    I said and put the phone in his pocket and laid down in the bed

    I tried to sleep but it seems sleep was far away from my eyes.

    I went to Ella’s room and she was fast asleep

    I took her phone and unlocked it cos I knew her password

    I went to her call log but didn’t see my husband call there

    Went to message but found nothing

    Went to WhatsApp but found nothing

    I know Ella can be smart enough to delete all these things

    If truly she is having affair with my husband, then I will kill her with my own hands

    How will she want to repay me with evil after all the sacrifices I made for her?

    My instincts don’t lie to me

    Ella is having affair with my husband

    I saw sperm on her bed earlier today


    Hope is not what I am thinking

    Ella, hope this is not true

    I asked myself shedding tears as I kept staring at Ella

    I went back to the room and laid back on the bed




    Sister Miranda, tomorrow is the final day for our junior WAEC form

    Honestly I don’t know what I am going to do

    How will I sit and watch my fellow classmates write the JSCE while I sit at home? Ella said crying and I held her on the shoulder


    Stop crying sweetheart

    I will find a way

    don’t worry!

    You must join those sitting for JSCE

    I will see what I can do

    Just go to schools tomorrow

    Once they ask you of the fee, tell them your sister is bringing it

    Remember I dropped out of my JSS2 just to make sure you finish your own education

    Just make sure you don’t follow men no matter what

    Some of them will offer you silver and gold if you agree to sleep with them but please, don’t fall for their tricks okay

    I will pay the fee for you

    2600 right? I asked and she nodded


    Yes sister

    Thank you

    I won’t sleep with men I promise you

    Thank you for the sacrifices! She said wiping her tears and I nodded


    Anything for you Ella

    Our parents left us all alone to cater for ourselves and I promised them that we will make them proud

    Don’t forget to pray in their grave tomorrow before going to school. I said and she nodded


    We went to bed and I kept thinking of how to get that huge amount of money from!

    I remembered our neighbor

    He always leaves his door open and go for hunting around 1.00am

    I will sneak into his room to check if I can steal some money from him. I said and kept checking the time

    Ella is fast asleep already

    When it was ten minutes past one, I sneaked into Obiozor’s hut and searched all through

    Luckily I saw some money in his pocket

    Counted it and it was 8,000

    I removed 3000 and returned the other one to his pocket

    I sneaked out and went back home

    Knelt down before my parents grave and cried out

    Father, mother, please provide for us

    Don’t let any cause laid on us to affect us

    We are only trying to put food on our table. I said and went inside


    The next morning, Ella woke up and I gave her the money


    Ella, this is 3000 naira here

    Please make sure you return the 400 naira change so we can use it to buy some garri, rice and maggi

    At least it will help us for days. I said and she nodded happily


    Thanks sister

    How did you manage to get the money? She asked and I smiled


    I stole it from Obiozor but listen to me

    That doesn’t give you the right to steal

    Stealing is bad and is against God’s commandment

    I only did this cos I have no choice


    I have an idea


    Thank God this idea came

    We are going to use that 400 to buy 6 bags of sachet water and hawk around the street

    Then the remaining 80 naira change, we will use it to buy garri and sugar and drink it once in a while so we won’t die of hunger

    And remember we are doing this together

    We’re doing it because we have no choice

    Let’s hustle together and put food on our table.

    We can also get to pay your other school bill through it

    I said and she nodded happily


    Good idea sister

    Perfect idea

    I support you 100 times

    You are my backbone

    What would I have done without you? Ella said and hugged me happily


    Remember you are all I have left in this world

    All our relatives left us to cater for ourselves

    We will put them both to shame

    With this 400 naira, God will wipe our tears

    Once we buy the sachet water today, I will start hawking around and immediately you come back from school, you join me. You get it,? I asked and she nodded


    Sure sister Miranda! She said and jumped happily and waved me good bye.

    I waved back and smiled


    Ella, you are my happiness and I promise I will make sure to see you have a bright future

    I don’t mind sacrificing my own future for yours

    I promised mother that I will take care of you and I will sure fulfill that promise. I soliloquized and went inside




    Tears flowed down my cheeks and I wiped it off.


    Ella please don’t pay me back evil with good after everything

    I won’t bear it

    I will just kill you I promise you

    Oh my!

    After everything

    I never went to school cos of you!

    Is this how you want to repay me?

    I just wish all these are imagination

    I remembered the day I was beaten black and blue cos I was fighting for Ella



    Ella why are you crying? I asked her running close to her


    Sister, I was on my way coming back from school when I passed by 3 girls and they called me witch

    They said I killed my parents and I told them I will kill their parents same way I killed mine since they are calling me a killer and the three of them beat me up. She said crying and I raged angrily


    Whaaaat! Take me to where they are. I said angrily and she walked after me and I followed her


    Sister, here they are! She said pointing at them


    So you are the fools that called my sister a witch and still beat her up hun?

    I will teach you guys lesson

    I said, walked towards them and pushed one of them and they fought me back

    I was beaten up by them mercilessly and Ella stood looking at me

    She didn’t even retaliate nor call for help

    They left me there before Ella came and held my hand


    Sister I am sorry

    Next time, make sure you are strong before you indulge in a fight!

    She said and I was shocked




    That her statement alone is enough proof to know Ella is ungrateful

    I won’t confront you nor my husband now until I get enough proof but I just hope this is not true! I said as tears flowed down my cheeks again


    I kept remembering a lot of things I passed through cos of Ella and I couldn’t help it but cried

    I checked the time and it was past 3.00am and I closes my eyes to enable me sleep

    I didn’t even know when I fell asleep

    Episode 4

    I woke up very late the next morning and my husband was already out before I woke up


    Is it that he didn’t notice the phone?

    I asked myself and went outside


    Good morning sister! I am set to go to shop

    You woke up late.

    Hope all is well?

    I have prepared your favorite, yam and egg sauce

    When you are done eating, you can join me in the shop. See you later sister

    She said and left


    I went to the dining and opened the food and it was mouth watering but I no longer have a single trust for Ella

    What if she poisoned this food?

    Since she is capable of sleeping with my husband, she is also capable of killing me if she sees the opportunity


    I won’t eat this food

    No, I will eat it but not this sauce

    I said and went to the kitchen, poured the sauce in into the water waste bin and dished another sauce from the pot

    I got there and was about sitting down when I heard Ella’s phone ringing


    Ella forgot her phone? I asked and rushed to her room and took the phone


    It was my husband calling which he saved with “brother Jimmy”

    I picked it up and what I heard shocked me


    Hello sweetheart

    I am so sorry I couldn’t listen to you this morning

    Your sister might meet us and you and I know what it will result to

    I promise I will make it up to you with your favorite style on bed and as for the pregnancy, please don’t abort it

    I will sort it out please

    Your sister have been unable to give me child for past six years now

    I can’t let you abort my child


    I don’t mind divorcing her and marrying you

    Since she is barren and can’t beget a child for me I will divorce her

    Please keep the child for me

    I will buy you a car

    Get you a comfortable flat and start up a big supermarket for you and……………..


    I was beginning to lose my breath

    I couldn’t control it anymore.

    It became so unbearable to me and I angrily removed my wig and let out a shout




    Jimmy! Is this for real?

    Oh my goodness! I said and burst out into a loud cry


    Noooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaah!

    Since when has this been happening under my nose?




    I cried uncontrollably

    This is too much for me



    Oh no!





    I continued crying out loud

    I took Ella phone and unlocked it

    I went to her WhatsApp and didn’t see anything

    I went to Facebook and didn’t see anything

    Until I remembered she had a telegram app

    I went to telegram and my eyes saw my ears

    Ella have been feeding my husband with her nudes

    My husband have been doing so too

    Their chat is nothing to write about

    Ella and my husband are backbiting me

    Calling me barren

    Ella have stabbed me beyond imagination

    Ella you have killed me

    Ella, after everything I did for you, is this how you want to repay me?

    You want to repay me by taking over the home I have spent years building?

    Ella! I said crying profusely

    My cry attracted our neighbor living downstairs and she came knocking



    Miranda please open the door

    She said knocking on the door


    This is Glory’s voice

    She is the nicest woman in this estate

    I think I have to open the door and let her in

    I will share my burden with her since she is an elderly woman I might get advice from her cos right now, I can’t think. I said and stood up weakly and went to open the door for her




    I walked towards the door and opened it for her and she walked in


    Miranda dear, why are you looking so staggered?

    Why are you like this?

    Look at your hair!

    What is it

    Whatever it is, please share with me and I promise it will remain between us

    I don’t like interfering in peoples matter but looking at you like this, I can’t just walk away like that

    Glory said and I burst out crying again


    Mom Glory ooo!

    Mom Glory I have been stabbed!

    I have been broken beyond repair!

    I have been hitted so hard!

    I have been destroyed!

    I have been broken into pieces!

    My treasure and pleasure have been taken away from me!

    My crown has been removed!

    My joy has been seized!

    My eyes have seen what I can’t bear

    I am seeing the end from the beginning

    I have been living in hell thinking I am in heaven

    I regret ever coming to this world in the first place

    Its better for God to take my life than to continue living in perpetual penury

    I am living a living dead

    I have been flogged with thorned

    This is not a life!

    Mom Glory

    This is the end of the road for me

    I will take my life

    This is too much for me

    I can’t…………….


    Glory interrupted me in deep tears


    Didn’t even know when I dropped tears

    Miranda, what is it?

    Why all these? Glory asked


    Please tell God to come and take my life

    Tell God to take my life

    What am I living for?

    What am I doing in this world?

    What mom Glory?



    This pain is too much for me to bear

    My mouth can tell the abomination happening under my nose

    My mouth can’t tell it ooo.

    I rather take my life cos I don’t know where to start handling this matter!

    I said still crying profusely


    I think I have to give you some time to get over yourself but first, you will have to come with me before you harm yourself

    Mom Glory said and went inside my room, took my wrapper and came and held my hand


    Come with me! She said and picked my phone including Ella’s phone and we left

    We got to her flat and I sat down

    She went inside and brought me a cold water and I drank and continued crying


    Mom Glory, please I need a favor for you.

    Please help me go to my shop and collect the money they made this morning

    Give Alice 7000 out of it

    That is her salary for two weeks

    Tell her I am on a break

    Close the shop for me

    As for Ella, don’t say anything to her

    Please give her phone to her

    Here it is!

    I said and she nodded


    I will but promise you won’t harm yourself

    She said and I nodded


    I promise! I said wiping my tears and she left


    I think I should call mother in-law and explain to her

    I said and dialled her number


    Mama, good morning ma!

    I said and burst out crying


    Shedding of crocodile tears

    Hope you are not calling to tell me your sister is pregnant for my son you barren woman

    Witch of the highest order

    What did you expect?

    Since you can’t bear my son fruit

    Won’t he go for another tree?

    Tree without fruit that’s what you are !


    Eater of her unborn children!

    You better pack your things and leave that house

    I am no longer interested having you as a daughter in-law

    You are a man in woman form

    Ordinary child, you can’t bear and you call yourself a woman.

    You should be ashamed at yourself

    For having sex for complete six years without any result to give for it

    Shameless woman!

    You should be thankful to James my son for even bearing with you for years


    Today should be the last time of you calling my number to avoid being striked with thunder. She said and hanged up the phone and I was left in shock with tears streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably

    Episode 5

    Not up to 30 minutes, Glory came back and Ella walked right behind her


    I was raged at seeing her but thank God she didn’t come when my temper was extremely hot

    I am sure I would have killed her


    Sister, what happened?

    Why did you ask her to come lock the shop and pay Alice off?

    You didn’t even call me to……..


    I interrupted her


    Keep your mouth shut you devil in human form! I said and stood up from the sofa as Ella shifted back fearfully


    I am very sure she have never seen me in this mood before


    Ella, Ella


    Ella, congratulations. I said as tear dropped down my face


    Oh no, I don’t want a single tear to drop down so Ella won’t feel victorious

    I want boldness written all over me

    But I just can’t control it

    The pain of the one you fed biting you is uncontrollable


    Sister, what are you congratulating me for?

    She asked and I smiled and wiped my tears


    Hope you are happy now Ella?

    You are happy that you have taken what rightfully belongs to your own blood

    Hope you are happy for biting the finger that sacrificed a lot and lot to feed you

    Hope you are happy to God for answering your prayer

    Hope you are Ella?

    Hope you are happy now becoming the new Mrs Jimmy? I asked and she was shocked including glory who covered her mouth with her two hands


    Sister what are you talking about?

    I am lost here! Ella said pretending seriously


    And you will forever be lost for making this day memorable to me in a bad way

    Ella, what have I ever done to deserve this treatment from you?

    Have I ever wronged you?

    Did I do the wrong thing by accommodating you in my house?

    Did I do the wrong thing by sacrificing my everything for your sake?

    Ella, I dropped out of school cos of you

    I stole from people, toiled so hard and suffered so much to see you through school

    I remembered the day I was beaten blue and black cos of you and the statement you dropped that day was, “next time, if I am not strong, I should not fight”

    The scar in my left hand till today is as a result of that fight

    Ella, I remembered almost being raped by a drunkard the other cos I was hawking in the night just to pay your school fees

    It was only God that saved me

    Ella, I remembered being knocked down by an okada rider because I wanted to cross to the other side of the road to sell 10 naira pure water just to buy you drugs cos you were dying

    Ella what I passed through cos of you was uncountable

    And you decided to repay me back by sleeping with my husband

    You decided to pay me back by having sex with my husband right under my nose

    You decided to pay me back by restricting me from having my own child

    You decided to pay me back by getting pregnant for my own husband

    Aah! This pain is unbearable

    Ella, you stabbed me beyond repair

    God should take my life

    I have seen it all

    I see all these things happen on movie

    I never knew I would be a victim

    Ella, you got pregnant for my husband

    No problem


    I won’t lay a cause on you cos if I should, I am sure you will suffer till the end of your life

    If I should lay cause on you, you will never know peace but I won’t

    Let me be the strong woman I am and step down for you to take over and reap where you did not sow

    Enjoy what you did not suffer for

    I won’t judge you cos the bible said judgement belongs to God alone

    Let me leave you and Jimmy for karma to find it’s way to you guys

    God knows I never wronged you in any way and since you have decided to repay me this way, karma will surely finds it way

    You slept with my husband because there are no men outside again right?

    Ella, this tears I am shedding for you today, you will shed it in million ways unless I am not serving a living God

    I don’t want to hear anything from you Ella

    Get out of this house. I said and sat down and Ella clapped her hands thrice and burst out laughing


    I got the biggest shock of my life

    Ella isn’t even remorseful after what she did? I asked myself


    Aunty motivational speaker, are you done?

    You should be ashamed of yourself

    6 good years without any good result and you are not thanking me for helping you get a good result

    Thank you for stepping down

    You know what, Jimmy is such a sweet man and every woman’s dream

    So I got pregnant for him since you couldn’t

    Eater of unborn children

    You have eaten all your unborn children and you are here talking nonsense in the name of motivational talk

    Abeg shift joor

    You can come and pack your clothes and move out of the house or if you don’t mind, let me help you do that

    Shameless……….. She was interrupted by a hot slap from Mom glory


    Are you not ashamed at yourself?

    As in, you are even bold to talk rubbish,?

    You are not ashamed of sleeping with your sister’s husband?

    You are a devil incarnate.

    Your type can kill and eat a human being

    I never knew you were this poisonous until today

    Please get out of my house you evil child. Glory said and Ella laughed


    I will go, but please don’t forget to tell Miranda to come and pack her things out of the house

    If she doesn’t come, I will change my mind and she won’t take any pin from the house again

    That house belongs to me

    The house is mine

    I am already carrying Jimmy’s son and you know what that means

    It automatically makes me his wife

    Miranda, hahaha

    So you never knew you were just a side chick all these while?


    Shame on you! Ella said and walked out leaving me speechless and shocked

    Episode 6

    For real?

    Did Ella actually talked to me in this manner?

    She have forgotten I am her older sister?


    She won’t go Scot free with this

    I said and stood up to go after her and Glory held me


    No Mira

    Don’t do that


    You have said it already

    That you will leave her for karma to deal with her

    Why going to fight with her again?

    Your sister has turned out to be a beast so why going to fight her?

    What if she had a knife with her and stab you with it or don’t you think she is capable of doing that?

    Leave her alone!

    Sit down let’s know the way forward. Mom Glory said but I was still raging angrily


    Mom, didn’t you see the way she talked and walked out on me?

    No mother

    She does not deserve to go scot free

    She need to be dealt with

    My own sister?

    My own sister taking over my home right before me

    This is unbearable ma’am

    I can’t bear this

    I said and burst out into tears.


    Its unbearable truly my love but sometimes, you have to let go of temptation when it comes knocking on your door

    What if you get upstairs and Ella stab you with a knife?

    Or what if you get there and push her head to the wall and she dies in the process?

    Do you think you will go scot free?

    Do you think you you won’t be judged to life imprisonment?

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life in jail?

    A wise woman is known on how she handle storms when it comes her way

    Don’t act out of anger cos it might land you to permanent wailing

    Be strong my daughter

    I understand how you feel but please, leave everything in the hand of God.

    Come let me take you to your house so you can pick one or two things and go cool off your head somewhere

    You can stay here if you wish

    Glory said and I nodded


    But mom Glory, am I going to start from the scratch again?

    I am just so confused right now

    Should I divorce Jimmy and let go of them

    Should I go and stay in my house as a stranger?

    Mom Glory so this has been the reason why Jimmy was no longer concerned about our childlessness?

    I never knew it was because he is sleeping with my sister

    My wicked and useless sister saw me crying and over thinking myself cos of the way my husband treats her

    I never knew they were just pretending

    I never knew they were both wolves in sheep’s clothing

    Are you sure I won’t die of depression?

    I asked crying and looking at her


    No my love

    You won’t die

    This is not the end of life

    Listen, sometimes, God send the wrong people into your life to teach you some things

    Now that you have learnt your lesson in the hard way, kindly sit down

    Give yourself time and think about what you want to do with your life

    If you really wants to remain in this marriage or you want it over

    Please don’t take any decision while angry so you won’t end up regretting it

    Decision taken when angry is not a decision.

    Meanwhile, have you tried calling your mother in-law? She asked and I nodded in tears


    Her statement was more harsh than that of Ella’s

    In fact, Jimmy already told her about Ella’s pregnancy and you know how some mother in-law can be desperate.

    She asked me to leave her son’s house for her that she is no longer interested in having me as a daughter in-law. I said and Glory held my hand and smiled


    Smile my dear for your storm won’t last long

    Don’t take whatever you find yourself in to heart

    God will comfort and take you to a greater level

    Let’s go so we can pick something’s that is important to you. She said and I smiled


    Okay ma’am

    But please, I would like to go when my husband is around

    Right now I can’t think of anything

    I am just so confused

    Is it possible for me to leave my marriage for my sister? I asked and Ella walked in


    Yes aunty motivational speaker

    You are leaving

    If you don’t want to leave then provide a result for yourself

    Go and get pregnant

    Your husband has been shooting you with sperm for over six years now but your womb is not a good gaol keeper hahahahaha

    We have been doing it for the past 4 years and just this month that he begged me to get pregnant for him, my womb get hold of it

    Won’t you call me Boss lady?

    You think is easy?

    If its easy go and get pregnant naa

    If its easy get pregnant let me see

    Witch of the highest order

    Shameless barren woman

    Barren woman

    That’s what you are. Ella said and I stood up and clapped my hand smiling and walked towards her

    I raised my hand and gave her four dirty slaps


    That I gave you the chance to talk shouldn’t make you talk to me in a mannerless way

    I still remain your elder sister as far as I am concerned and………..


    And I have disowned you as my own sister

    Don’t you ever refer me as your sister

    I am not senseless like you, if not I would have slapped you back but I have respect for the owner of this house

    But just try this shit at home

    Try it in my home and see if I won’t kill you and eat your corpse raw. Ella said with her eyes wide opened


    Ella, don’t push me to push you out of this house.

    You are so mannerless and don’t worth being created a human being

    God would have made you a wild animal so you can remain in the forest and roam all over forever

    How dare you badge into my privacy without even a knock?

    Don’t try that next time if you don’t want me to accuse you of attempted murder

    Now you have overstayed your welcome

    Get out of my house. Glory said and Ella walked out


    My mind was a little bit at rest for at least laying my hand on Ella

    Foolish ungrateful ingrate.

    I said and sat down on the sofa


    Hope you are seeing the kind of sister you have been sharing the same roof with?

    Do you think if she had gotten the opportunity to poison you, she would hesitate?

    No she wouldn’t hesitate

    She would do it without giving it a second thought

    Fear Ella

    Fear her

    She is heartless and a monster in human form

    That girl have never loved you from day one

    Didn’t you hear she have been sleeping with your husband since?

    That was two years after your marriage

    What if the atrocity happening under your nose was what restricted you from getting pregnant?

    Think twice my daughter before you decide on what to do

    If you would like to continue with your marriage or not

    Glory said and I sat down and burst into another round of cry


    Till when will you continue crying like this?

    Till when?

    Can’t you just behave like an adult for once?

    Stop making the devil feel victorious. Glory said and I wiped my tears


    Its so painful mom Glory

    The pain of being betrayed by your own sister who you suffered so much for

    I am just full of regrets now

    If I had known, I wouldn’t have suffered so much for her

    You won’t understand maami

    You won’t! I said and bowed my head still shedding tears


    Be strong my daughter!

    Everything will come back to normal again and you will find yourself happier

    Each challenges that comes to us, always make us stronger and gives us room for more opportunities

    It is only a fool that don’t learn from his or her challenges

    Be wise my daughter.

    And be strong!

    She said and I nodded

    Episode 7

    I slept at Glory’s house

    The next morning, I told her I would like to go pack my things and look for where to go cool off my head

    She agreed with me and I went to my house and got my biggest surprise when I met my clothes and shoes on the floor

    I was so furious and I rushed back to report to mom Glory and she asked me to go bring them


    Forget it and go bring in your clothes! She said and I left

    I took my clothes and went back to Glory’s house and placed them on the sofa


    Mom Glory, please I need to get a house today, pay for it today and pack into there and my other properties that I bought with my hard earned money, I won’t leave it for Ella

    I bought the fridge, washing machine, table top gas cooker and every other utensils in the kitchen

    I will pack all my things and leave

    Even pin, I won’t leave for wicked Ella

    I won’t! I said and she nodded


    I support you but don’t you think it would have been better if you pack those things when they are not around?

    Do you think they will let you pack it?

    You can wait till Jimmy leaves the house

    Then I will take you there to pack your things and won’t let Ella touch or harm you

    Get yourself ready, I know a vacant self contain for rent at ikorodu side

    Before we will return, Jimmy must have left the house

    She said and I nodded

    I quickly went to the bathroom and showered then dressed up and we left with my car


    We got to the house and I loved it

    Everything about the house is cool

    Its expensive but I don’t mind

    As far as the house is comfortable, then fine.

    I will pay for it


    They gave us the landlord address

    We were told he lives at Oshodi side and we went there

    I got there and I paid the landlord for two years via transfer

    I paid the agreement and commission and he handed the receipt to me and Glory signed for me as a witness

    The key to the house was handed to me and we left happily


    We drove back home and luckily, Jimmy was out and I chattered a very big caster that would carry my load once


    Mom Glory and I went to my house and Ella blocked me from entering


    Where do you think you are going to?

    Listen, you have no place in this house and you don’t have the right to walk into this house without my permission

    Beside, my husband asked me not to let you in again. Ella said and she stood in the door mouth


    Her statement sounded like a bombshell to my ear and I landed a hot slap in her cheek

    I pushed her out of the way and run to the kitchen and took my rope and sign mom Glory to hold her from behind


    I kicked Ella down and Glory held her hand as I used the rope to tie her two legs up to her hand

    I tied her so tightly and carried her to the toilet and left her there while Glory, the driver and I packed my other properties

    My washing machine, blender, fridge, table top gas cooker, cylinder, bed, shoe rack, E.T.C


    I packed everything I bought with my money and didn’t leave a pin there


    Mom Glory, I think you should leave her in the toilet

    When her stupid husband returns, he will untie her

    I said and she nodded


    I quickly went to the toilet and laughed at her


    You think I would die cos of you right?

    Listen, you just gave me an opportunity to become more great

    Watch and see what will happens

    Karma will so deal with you Ella

    I am moving on with my life and please, don’t forget to tell you community penis husband that I am sending him the divorce papers soon

    He should get ready


    I said and she called me


    Sister Miranda, please untie me

    Don’t leave me in the toilet please. She said and I looked at her


    Gone are the days when you deceive me with your crocodile tears

    You have taught me a lesson

    Stay there and rot

    But when karma hits you, don’t come looking for me cos we are separated forever. I said and walked out

    I heard her saying


    Sister please naaaa

    But I ignored her

    I went to Glory’s house took my remaining clothes

    I thanked her immensely and asked her to always check on me once in a while

    I gave her a cash of 50k but she refused


    You just spent roughly 300k before me and you are giving me another huge amount

    No sweetheart

    You need to take care of yourself for now. She said and I nodded


    Thank you so much ma

    Let me run along

    The driver is waiting for me outside

    Please ma, can you come with me today? I pleaded and she nodded

    We left together and drove off




    I was done arranging the house and it looked so beautiful


    Its just remaining sofa, curtain and other electronics gadget

    I will buy those ones gradually. I said and mom Glory nodded



    Don’t spend your money anyhow

    I believe God will strengthen you and give you the mind to move on

    Please be nice to guys as you don’t know the one that God is sending to you as your husband

    Always remember that all men are not like Jimmy

    Good men exists

    Don’t be too rude to them

    Glory advised and I nodded


    Okay mom

    I really do appreciate all your efforts

    Thanks so much ma. I said and she nodded

    Episode 8

    Glory left the next morning and I sat down looking around the house

    I felt bored and I decided to go to my shop

    I called Alice and asked her to resume work today


    I got ready and left for shop


    I got to shop and saw another padlock in my shop

    Could this be Jimmy’s handwork?

    I asked without expecting answer from anyone


    I think Jimmy is trying to bit more than he can chew

    What sort of nonsense is this?

    What gave him the right to lock my shop?

    Was he the one that started up this business for me?

    Or did he pay a dime for me in the shop rent?

    What gave him the courage to lock my shop?

    I asked raging angrily and I called mom Glory

    She didn’t pick up the call

    I called her twice and she didn’t pick

    I decided to go lodge a complain in the police station

    I am going to arrest Jimmy

    I said and left angrily

    I got to my car and drove off


    I got home and was perambulating the house


    I remembered a lawyer that once came to buy fabrics from me that gave me her contact

    I picked my phone and searched for it and luckily, I saw the woman number


    I quickly dialed her number and luckily, she picked up


    Hello ma, good afternoon ma

    This is Mrs Miranda

    The fabric seller

    Yes ma

    The woman you gave your contact two months ago

    Please ma I would like to see you if possible today

    Where can I meet you ma

    Oh, you live at ikorodu too


    That’s nice


    I will be there in a short while

    I don’t know there but I will ask people

    Thank you ma

    Thank you so much..

    I said and hanged up the phone and rushed to my car and drove off to where she asked me to meet her


    Luckily, I met her there and we exchanged greetings


    We got into my car and sat down


    How are you doing darling Miranda? You are not looking bad but you are looking more slim compared to the first day I met you

    Are you on weight loss tips? She asked and I smiled


    My eyes saw what my ears couldn’t carry

    In fact, the past four days have been hell for me

    As I am.speaking to you right now, I am no longer living with my husband and that is why I called you

    I want you to prepare a divorce papers for me latest today and tomorrow

    Please. I said and she looked at me and smile


    Miranda, whatever it is, divorce is always the last option

    Have you thought about this?

    She asked and I nodded


    Very well ma’am! I replied and she smiled again


    What exactly is it?

    I met you two months ago and you told me how sweet your husband can be

    What suddenly went wrong to the extent of seeking for divorce?. She asked


    I never knew my husband is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

    I am even ashamed to say this but I will explain everything to you

    I said and narrated everything to her and she was shocked


    This is unbelievable and betrayal of the highest order!

    For real?

    Your own blood sister? She asked


    Yes Joyce! And my annoyance is that she is not even feeling remorseful at all

    She even had the audacity to asked me not to go into my house to take my properties

    I suffered so much for this girl

    I passed through a lot cos of her

    Why did she pay me back this way?

    I just can’t get over the shock

    Sometimes I pretend to be smiling but deep down inside me, I am dying emotionally

    My only sister took away my source of joy from me

    How come she is pregnant for my husband and I can’t get pregnant?

    I have gone to several hospitals and I was told that nothing is wrong with me

    I am even suspecting she is the reason behind my childlessness

    Joyce, my anger right now is that the shop that jimmy locked up isn’t his

    I got the shop myself

    Paid the rent and have been building it over the years.

    What gave him the effrontery to padlock it with a different key??

    After everything he did to me, he still had the courage to lock my shop.

    I said smiling

    Don’t worry

    Thank God you came to me

    I will handle this case perfectly and will treat the so called jimmy f--k up

    For locking up your shop, he will be accused of taking 1.5 million naira from your shop

    I promise you

    First of all, we will start by writing a petition to the area commander police

    Zone 2


    I will write a petition there

    And listen, I am not collecting a dime from you

    I am doing it just for friend’s sake but after the case, you can appreciate with anything. She said and I nodded


    I thanked her happily and she promised me that everything will be sort out tomorrow


    Go home

    My petition will get to Zone 2 today unfailingly and Jimmy will be arrested today or tomorrow

    Your divorce paper will be ready tomorrow or in two days time

    I will try my best for you hun

    Men like jimmy need to be dealt with.

    She said and I thanked her happily


    Thank you so much for this assurance

    God bless you ma

    Its nice meeting you again

    Thank you ma

    I said and we shook hands and she got down from my car and I drove off


    I drove home happily

    Jimmy has crossed the lines this time and I will show no mercy to him

    I said driving happily


    As for Ella, I pray God give me the courage not to lay cause on you cos I feel like causing you till you die

    I don’t want to

    No matter what, you are still my blood

    I will leave you for karma

    I don’t have anything to say to you. I said as I continued driving home happily


    I got home and met mom Glory standing in my door mouth


    Mom, good day ma

    I wasn’t expecting you

    I called you twice and you didn’t pick

    Hope all is well?

    I asked and she smiled


    Not that much dear

    I got home this morning and Monica my neighbor told me that Jimmy has been looking for me with police men

    She said he told them that I tied his wife with rope and locked her in the toilet and in that case, it is called attempted murder

    I am so scared to go home now

    She said and I smiled


    Hahahaha! Don’t worry mom

    The case will be settled

    He won’t do more than a dead rat I promise you

    I have gotten a correct lawyer that will handle the case perfectly

    I got to my shop and met it locked with another padlock

    So I remembered a barrister woman that came to buy goods from me two months ago

    We got talking and we exchanged contacts

    So I called her and she asked me not to worry that Jimmy will be dealt with

    I will call her right now to tell her to add your case to the petition that she intend writing. I said and dialed her number


    She picked it up and I explained everything to her

    She asked me not to worry

    That the case will be handled

    She told me that her husband is the assistant commissioner and I was so happy.

    Glory and I hugged ourselves happily

    Episode 9

    (@ Jimmy’s house)


    I am so going to deal with her

    Yes, I will deal with Miranda

    She had the hardihood to tie you up and leave you in the toilet?

    I will teach her and her stupid friend a big lesson they will never forget

    If she dare open that shop, she will see the other side of me

    But I am sure she is going to come here to take the keys.

    When she comes, I will give her two condition before the shop can be opened

    First condition is, she should go on her knees and apologize to you then when you forgive her, she should go back and bring back those properties she packed here so if she doesn’t want that, then that shop will remain locked forever and if she dare break the key, I will so deal with her that in her next life, she will never want to cross the path I crossed! Jimmy said perambulating and berating angrily


    She needs to be dealt with

    What if you didn’t return early that day?

    I would have remained in the toilet

    That’s so wicked of her

    She must apologize and before I forgive her eeeh, she must be on her knees for like two to three hours or else her shop is not important to her

    She must return those things she took here especially the washing machine

    I hate washing clothes with my hands. Ella said and Jimmy tapped her chick


    Don’t worry sweetheart

    I promise I am going to get you a better and stronger washing machine

    Even if she returns those things here, I will destroy it right before her presence

    I have money

    I will buy all those things for you today or tomorrow

    I am waiting for the stupid barren Miranda whom I have been f-----g for years and she has no result to give for it

    An ungrateful human being

    Instead of her to kneel down and thank you, she is leaving the house

    Let her leave naa

    Do we even care? Jimmy asked and Ella burst out laughing



    If she like she can go and kill herself

    Who cares?

    You know eeh

    I have been wanting to tell you the truth for so long now but i was waiting for the day Miranda will leave you just like she did

    See eeh, forget what my sister is saying oo

    She was not a virgin when you married her

    She lied

    Yes she lied

    She just used a v----a tightener so she can pretend to you like she is a virgin

    She is not a virgin

    And I know the reason why she is yet to have a child

    I know the reason why she is barren

    Do you want to know the reason? Ella asked winking at Jimmy and he nodded



    I will be glad to hear it. Jimmy replied and Ella smiled


    Miranda aborted 11 pregnancies before she married you


    Its only she and I that knows the truth. The last abortion she did, the doctor told her that her womb is damaged and won’t be able to carry a child

    That she will be barren forever

    She was a prostitute before she met you naa

    Or what were you thinking was the cause of her barrenness?

    If you were the cause, would I have gotten pregnant for you?

    She didn’t want to tell you and she pleaded me not to tell you but since you are my husband, I think we shouldn’t hide things from one another. Ella said and Jimmy was shocked to his vein


    What are you saying? Are you for real?

    Is this the truth and I have been living under the same roof with Miranda for years and she kept this away from me?

    So she knew she was the reason behind our childlessness?

    But our family doctor already said nothing was wrong with the both of us. Jimmy said in a confused state


    She bribed the doctor

    She bribed the doctor to tell you that

    You don’t know Miranda

    She is a dangerous and deadly snake with a poisonous venom

    You don’t know what she is capable of doing

    That woman or should I say girl? Ella said rolling her eyes and Jimmy smiled confusedly


    For real?

    Is this the kind of Person I have lived with for years?

    Are you kidding me sweety? Jimmy asked with eye wide opened


    Do I look like a liar?

    I don’t lie like Miranda

    Come on

    Everything I have said to you here is truth. Ella said and Jimmy stood up angrily


    I will arrest the doctor. Jimmy said and Ella heart skipped a beat


    No no no

    You don’t have to do that

    Just stop going there

    Let’s get a new family doctor

    That doctor does not care about your happiness

    He just needs money

    Don’t arrest him. Ella said and the door flinged open


    They both smiled thinking its Miranda when three police officers walked in


    Mr Jimmy, you are under arrest for breaking in into one miss Miranda shop and stealing a huge amount of 2millon naira and padlocking it with another padlock

    You are not allowed to say anything until you get to the station

    Anything you say or act will be used against you in the court of law

    Copra Segun and Inspector Joshua, handcuff him. The police men said and Jimmy gave in


    Sweetheart, are you going to let them take you away?

    My husband

    Please don’t take him away. Ella cried but they ignored her and left and she ran after them


    Miranda God will punish you

    God will punish you

    She said running after the police car as she halted a bike rider and asked the bike rider to follow them


    ******** ********


    Mom Glory, barrister Joyce and I was sitting in the custody when Jimmy and the other officers arrived


    Jimmy was handcuffed like a criminal

    I saw him and beamed a smile


    Miranda ran in like a mad woman and faced me


    You right?

    You Miranda?

    You arrested my husband?

    You arrested my husband and allegedly accuse him for stealing from you right

    Hope you are ready for the battle line that you have drawn?

    Are you ready Miranda?

    I am talking to you! Ella berated like a mad woman and I winked at her and smiled


    I am very sure my smile hitted her like an iron and she angrily hit her hand on the table


    Get ready for me

    Watch and see what happens next! She said and I winked and smiled at her again


    Hey hey hey!

    We don’t bark like dogs here

    This is the state headquarters for crying out loud

    Any other word from you and you will be detained! One of the police officer said and Miranda sat down

    Jimmy was asked to sit down and write down his statement

    Episode 10

    But officer, I didn’t steal her money

    I didn’t even enter the shop at all

    Why would you ask me to pay 2million naira

    How will I pay for what I know nothing of? Jimmy asked frustrated


    Mr. Man, that’s none of our business

    The statement here says you broke into the shop, stole 2million naira and locked it with another key

    If you are not paying the money then get ready to go to jail. One of the police men said and Ella cried


    Officer my husband is innocent of this accusations

    He knows nothing about the money they are talking about

    She is only using it as a revenge because she couldn’t get pregnant for him and I did. Ella said and the police shunned her immediately



    You talk too much

    Shameless woman

    Get out of here

    I don’t even know why you were allowed in here at the first place

    Get out

    Go home

    Mr Jimmy, are you paying the money or not? Please don’t waste our time

    He asked and Jimmy nodded


    I will pay but God knows I am innocent

    I am very innocent

    Sweetheart, go get me my cheque at home

    Its inside the cupboard

    Please be fast

    I need to get out of here. Jimmy said and Ella frowned



    That’s the only money left in your account

    You want to give it to them?

    Miranda so you want to collect the money knowing fully well that he didn’t steal your money?

    Miranda its unfair oo

    Its unfair

    Ella said as tears was about flowing down her cheeks


    I looked away and Jimmy asked her to go bring the cheque and she left


    Joyce brought out the divorce paper and placed it on the table


    Mr Jimmy, here is your divorce paper

    Sign it so your divorce with Miranda will be official

    She said and Jimmy collected the pen and signed it


    Officer, please make sure he and his wife sign that they will never ever pester Miranda around and will be held responsible for anything that happens to her and that he won’t bother Mrs Glory

    Joyce said and the police man nodded countless times


    Your wish is my command ma

    I will do just as you have instructed


    Mr Jimmy, please sign under here that you will never ever disturb Miranda and you will be held responsible for whatever happens to her.

    You will not cross her shop, you won’t threaten her and you will never pester her.

    And Glory as well, you won’t ever arrest her

    The police officer said and frowned


    Officer how much did they pay you?

    These women tied my wife with rope and left her in the toilet

    Before I returned, her body was swollen

    What if I didn’t get home on time?

    You are not justifying this matter at all

    How much did they pay you?

    I will pay times five of it. Jimmy said angrily


    Shut up

    We don’t take bribe here in head quarters

    We work according to the commissioner’s order

    Beside your wife deserve everything they did to her

    She is so disgusting and talk too much

    I wonder how you cope with her sef

    Look at the wonderful, sexy and mature woman you left for that parrot


    Some men can never be grateful

    Please sign the papers immediately the policeman said and he signed the papers

    ************ ************

    @Jimmy’s house


    Honestly sweetheart I won’t stay to suffer with you if anything happens to your business!

    Why would you give her the 2 million naira when you know fully well that you didn’t steal any money

    You couldn’t even defend your self

    You call yourself a rich man and you don’t have common lawyer.

    Look how a woman defeated you over a common case

    Ella said berating angrily


    Shut up!

    What do you know?

    You called that case a mere case?

    What do you know you w---e?

    Don’t get on my nerves cos I just returned from the station

    I don’t want more problems

    Besides you are the cause of all these problems

    Because of you, I have spent 2.1 million naira

    I used a hundred thousand to bale myself plus the two million naira I gave to them

    Why would you give me such advice?

    I never wanted to go lock the shop but your stupid advice pushed me to do what I didn’t want to do

    So you want me to go to jail right?

    And instead of you to encourage me, you are here blabbing nonsense

    You are blabbing nonsense

    Your sister have never talked to me in this manner so don’t dare talk to me like that again

    You get that?

    Go to the kitchen and get me something to eat

    Ungrateful human being

    Jimmy said and Ella clapped her two hands together


    For real?

    Are you talking to me in this manner because you spent ordinary 2million naira?

    You are changing seriously

    Or is it because of the divorce paper you signed?

    Remember I am carrying your baby

    Don’t talk to me like that again

    Your baby won’t be happy with you if you do. Ella said touching her tummy


    Go get me food to eat or you want me to starve the same way you want me to be jailed?

    Jezebel! He said and went to the kitchen himself


    What is the meaning of all these name calling naa?

    What is it?

    Why calling me names?

    Is it my fault that you got me pregnant and your barren wife couldn’t

    I don’t like it o

    Please stop talking to me like that. Ella said and walked inside angrily


    *********** **********


    Mom Joyce, honestly I really appreciate your efforts..

    You did so very well and I thank God for the day I met you.

    Without you, I would have seen hell.

    Thank you so much…

    Here is a cheque of 500,000 naira

    I promise I won’t forget this day

    You helped me get my divorce paper at the snap of a finger

    I so much appreciate you. I said handing over the cheque to her


    Thank you Miranda but that is a huge amount of money

    I don’t think I can accept that. Joyce said and I frowned


    Honestly I will feel bad forever if you refuse this little token from me

    Please take it from me please

    Its from the depth of my heart. I pleaded and she smiled and collected it


    It’s okay

    Thank you so much

    You deserve to be happy

    You don’t need a man like jimmy honestly

    And your sister too is so shameless

    She don’t have an iota of decency on her

    I marvel at her behavior

    She behave like an uneducated fool

    I wonder what she have been learning in school

    No wise human being behaves like that

    She really hates you and I am sure that is her reason for behaving that way.

    She wants to hurt you by all means but I thank God for the kind of human being you are

    You are a strong woman.

    Please keep being you. She said and I nodded


    Thanks ma

    As for Ella, I have cut ties with her

    Nothings about them bothers me anymore

    I have move on with my life

    Whatever God wants me to be, I will surely be it

    Without jimmy or Ella, I will survive

    Everything happens for a reason and only God knows why this happened

    I believe it is about to open another door of opportunities for me. I said and they both nodded


    That’s my girl!

    This is what I want to hear from you

    You have truly moved on

    Glory said and I smiled


    I dipped my hand into my bag and brought out another cheque


    Mom Glory, you are the mother I never had

    I appreciate all your efforts for me

    Thank you so much for everything you did for me

    Please accept this little token from me as a gift of appreciation to you

    Its a cheque of 300,000 naira

    Thank you so much for everything and I promise I will pay your house rent for next year

    Once your house rent is due, just let me know.

    Thank you so much for everything ma. I said and handed the cheque to her and she hugged me happily..


    God bless you my daughter

    God bless you..

    You are a strong woman.

    Women like you are rare and I hope some women will come learn from you

    And I surely know that karma doesn’t miss road

    Nemesis will surely locate your ingrate of a sister

    God bless you once again. She said happily


    We all hugged ourselves and parted ways

    I called Alice and asked her to resume shop the next day.

    Episode 11

    Its been 3months now and I am doing just fine

    Sometimes I feel sad for being betrayed by my own sister but sometimes, I thank God cos I know it happens for a reason

    So many men approaches me but I don’t give any one a chance for now

    I know age is not by my side but I need to take a break

    Most of the men that approached me are married men but I vowed never to cause my fellow woman tears cos I know how I felt during mine


    God will surely bless me with a good husband that will take me as I am

    My everyday prayer points is for God to bless me with my own child immediately after marriage

    I don’t want to experience being embarrassed by people again

    I really want a child of my own


    Joyce and I became very good friends

    She asked me to give a man a chance in my life but I told her I will but not ready yet


    Babe you are 28 years old naaa

    James is good for you

    He is ever ready to settle down.

    Joyce said and I smiled


    Is James his name?

    God forbid

    Another James again?

    When I have not yet recover from the other James that broke my heart

    I never knew his name is James sef

    If not, I wouldn’t have even given him chance to talk to me at all.

    James ke?

    God forbid. I said and Joyce burst out laughing

    It doesn’t matter naa my love

    It doesn’t matter at all

    Will you now tame all Ella as husband snatchers because of what your sister did?

    No naa

    Don’t think like that

    Joyce said and I tapped her


    Babe, its none of my business

    Listen, if it doesn’t matter to you, it matters to me oo

    It matters to me big time

    It matters biko

    I said and Joyce burst out laughing



    If you don’t want James, why not go for Fred?

    Fred is cool and loving

    That his name alone is so romantic and all men that bares Fred are always caring, romantic and faithful

    I believe Fred is also ready to settle down

    He is well to do in his business even though he doesn’t have a car

    I would advise you give him a chance

    Don’t waste time much

    You are happy

    What else are you waiting for? Joyce asked and I nodded


    Okay, agreed!

    I will give Fred a chance

    I replied and she hugged me happily


    That’s my babe!

    That’s my love

    Contact him naa

    She said and I frowned


    No no no

    He is the one that needs me, so he will come looking for me

    I said and she nodded


    No problem

    I agree with you. Joyce said and we both laughed


    *********** ***********

    @Jimmy’s house


    Honestly I am sick and tired of this

    How can they be telling me that my baby heart beat its not normal

    I have gone to two different scan and this is what they keep saying

    Ella said as she wipe her tears and James eyed her from head to toe


    What is the sex of the baby? He asked


    Why are you so concerned about the sex of the baby?

    Our baby’s life is at stake here and all you keep asking is the sex of the baby

    Will the sex of the baby put food on your table?

    Let’s seek for solution first before you ask of the sex of the baby

    Ella replied and James flared up


    Shut up your mouth you small witch

    I asked you a question and instead of you to answer me, you are whining me

    What is the sex of the baby?

    I really don’t know if you are a witch or not cos ever since I started living with you, everything has changed

    My business is going down

    The baby you are carrying which I am not even sure if its mine is abnormal

    You are not giving me peace either

    You are either complaining of waist pain, tummy pain, back pain or dizziness

    I have spent almost all my money cos of you

    Three months ago, I spent 2 million naira cos of your stupid advice

    You pushed me to do what I never wanted to do

    You made my beautiful sweet wife divorce me and now you are saying the baby’s breathing is not normal

    I won’t take it lightly with you if anything happens to my child I promise you. Jimmy said raising his voice angrily


    Jimmy, go and collect microphone from the church and use it to announce this bullshit you are vomiting to the whole world

    You should be ashamed of yourself cos the baby’s health is all your fault

    Is it not what you put inside me that I will give to you?

    Are you not the one that put this baby inside my womb

    Whatever happens to him or her, you will be held responsible okay

    Bloody nonsense. Ella said and sat back on the cushion


    I won’t blame you

    I won’t blame you at all but blame myself for coming to you for the first time

    I am going to get my wife back and I will divorce you

    That baby you are carrying is not mine

    Get out of my house you witch

    I am frustrated of you already

    Get out of my house you witch

    Jimmy said and left while Ella burst out laughing


    Shameless man

    Instead of you to tell me that you have spent all your business money on your sidechicks, you are here telling me that I am the cause of your business collapsing

    Go and get Miranda back naa and see if she will not baptise you with boiled water

    A fool at forty. Ella said and jimmy rushed out of the room angrily to go hit Ella and she stood up and ran inside her room banging the door and at the same time laughing


    Miranda’s POV


    I was sitting on my sofa watching TV when my phone rang

    I picked it up and greeted her


    Good evening mom Glory

    How are you doing? I asked


    I am fine my daughter

    How are you too? She asked


    I am fine ma

    Just sitting alone watching TV

    I replied and she chuckled


    Good of you

    I will be visiting you tomorrow

    ~_Gist full yakata for ground

    Gist plenty_~

    I can’t wait to come tomorrow so I can gist you

    I am sure you are gonna be happy hearing this

    Glory said and I smiled


    I can’t wait then

    I will be waiting in the shop

    I replied and she laughed



    Gist lover

    I know you love gist a lot

    Don’t worry

    I will feed you to your satisfaction tomorrow. She said and hanged up the phone


    What could it be? I asked my self wondering.

    I dropped my phone and it rang again


    I took it and it was Fred calling

    I am beginning to fall for Fred ever since Joyce convinced me about him


    I smiled and picked up the phone


    Hello Fred! I said and he greeted


    Angel of my life

    Good evening

    How are you doing today? He asked


    I am as cool as never before. I replied and he laughed



    Please will you be chanced tomorrow

    I want us to hang out around the town please

    Please don’t say no

    Please say yes this time

    You have been saying no to me everyday of my request

    Please say yes

    He pleaded in his romantic voice as usual


    Yes but not tomorrow

    I have an appointment tomorrow

    I replied and he murmured


    Can we hang out in the night then?

    Maybe by 7pm

    Please? He said and I scoffed




    I replied and he shouted



    Thank you thank you thank you

    Thank you so so much

    Sleep tight honey and have a nice dream

    He said and I nodded and hanged up the phone


    I kept smiling at Fred’s voice until I slept off in the sofa.

    Episode 12


    See who we have here

    Mom Glory you are highly welcome

    Honestly I am so glad and happy to see you

    Welcome ma

    I have missed you

    9 days without seeing you have been like one year to me

    Welcome ma

    Alice, get her juice from the bar

    I said and Alice nodded


    Mom Glory, so how have you been? I asked and she smiled


    Fine as usual my Darling

    She replied and I smiled back


    She sat down and sipped from the juice that Alice served her


    You never told me you had a bar here in your shop. She said and I laughed


    I’m sorry ma

    It escaped my mind

    I serve some of my tired customers drinks

    Sometimes I also feel like taking cold drinks or juice so instead of looking for where to buy around, I rather take from the bar. I replied and she nodded



    That’s beautiful

    She replied and sipped again from the juice


    Mom Glory I am impatiently waiting for the gist you promised to gist me oo

    Abeg gist me

    You know I am a lover of gist

    I said and she laughed out loud



    That’s why I came

    Guess what? She said and I laughed


    Mom I am not good at guessing. I said and Joyce walked in majestically


    Oh wooooow!

    Look who is here

    My personal person

    Mom Glory now we are complete

    I am sure this gist is gonna flow very well. I said and gave Joyce a loud handshake


    You and gist!

    You really do love gist shaaaaa

    She said and I smiled



    That is what have been making me happy all these days

    You both have been my happiness since my only sister took away my only happiness

    I really thank God for bringing you both into my lives. I said and they both blushed


    I expected you not to ever mention those brats again

    They are your past

    Let go of your past my dear

    Joyce said and I nodded


    Tell her oo if she will listen! by the way, karma is beginning to hit your sister so hard

    Sometimes I feel for her

    Just three months?

    Sometimes I think karma stays for years before it visit

    I never knew it hits one so fast. Glory said and Joyce nodded


    Ella’s own was much that is why karma remembered her on time

    Joyce added and I smiled


    Tell me mom Glory

    Why did you say so? I asked feeling so concerned for Ella


    Everyday, she and her Jimmy fights

    We keep hearing the both of them shouting at each other every blessed day

    The worst is that today, all the whole estate tenants was at Jimmy’s house today to settle their matter


    Ella was crying on top of her voice

    Saying Jimmy slapped her and Jimmy said he never wanted her to be his wife that she lured him to bed

    Ella chipped in and told everyone of us that he is lying that he first raped her

    That he was the one that took her virgintiy

    Infact, I was ashamed on their behalf cos the both of them was so shameless vomiting those trash

    Jimmy said Ella is the cause of his downfall that ever since you left him, things haven’t been moving fine and Ella doesn’t give him peace cos she is pregnant

    All the time the baby this, the baby that

    He said the most annoying part is that Ella’s baby is not breathing normal

    It was confirmed by scan

    Honestly everyone was so ashamed hearing the both of them out

    Jimmy even threatened to leave Ella and run out of this country and Ella dared him to try it and see himself dead

    Today eeeh

    I have never seen what I saw today

    The both of them are so shameless. Glory said and Joyce burst out laughing


    She left her chair and sat on the floor and burst out laughing so so hard


    Please give me microphone

    I need to loud this laugh

    I want the passers by to come ask me why I am laughing this way so I will share this testimony with them

    Oh my oh my oh my

    Oh my


    Ella this is just the beginning. She said and looked at me and was surprised to see me in a sad mood


    Don’t tell me you want to cry for Ella

    I swear to God if you try it, that will be the end of our friendship. Joyce said and I smiled


    Why will I cry?

    I don’t want to cry

    I am only feeling sorry for the innocent baby that is passing through what she doesn’t know about

    Ella deserve whatever she is going through but that little unborn child shouldn’t suffer for her sins

    God please

    I beg of you to please and please heal the little baby. I prayed and Joyce and Glory frowned at the same time


    What is this one saying?

    Joyce kindly tell me what she is saying?

    My dear shut up!

    Do you know the implications of what your sister did?

    Do you know?

    Is it because you are strong?

    So many people don’t survive it!

    Some end up killing themselves

    Some don’t even survive it at all

    Some die of depression

    And some run mad or start having mental issues but you survived yours and are living fine

    Stop behaving like a child

    Ella deserves whatever she is going through now

    She deserve it

    Glory said and tears dropped down my cheeks


    But she is still my sister! I said shedding tears


    Sister my foot!

    Do you think she still count you as a sister

    Please I beg of you don’t you ever say such in my presence again

    Honestly next time you say such again, I will walk out of you and that will be the end of our friendship

    Does a sister treat her sister that way?

    I was thinking that by now, you must have been strong and stop being too emotional cos that was the reason why your sister took advantage of it and stabbed you to the last

    I don’t associate with people like you.

    If you aren’t changing for good, then I am done with this friendship. Joyce said and took her bag to leave and I held her hand


    I am sorry

    I am just feeling for the little unborn child

    I am so sorry

    Honestly I never wanted to feel sad for Ella

    I don’t just know why I am feeling this way

    Mom Glory I am sorry. I said wiping my tears and Joyce sat down

    We continued hosting while Alice was busy attending to customers




    Its 3 months and Fred and I have been together

    Honestly he is the best thing that ever happened to me and I really wished to spend the rest of my life with him

    I told him everything about Ella, Jimmy and I and he was so sad and promised to make it up to me


    Its on Sunday morning and I was still sleeping when I heard a knock on my door

    I quickly went and opened it but didn’t see anyone there but I saw a box beautifully wrapped at my door mouth

    I picked it and saw my name pasted there

    I carried it inside and was surprised

    Who must have done this? I asked my self unwrapping the box

    I opened it and it was filled with jewelries


    The jewelries I have admired all my life

    I said kissing it then I saw an envelop in the box

    I opened it and saw a letter

    I recognized the handwriting immediately

    Its Fred’s handwriting

    He is wishing me happy birthday and asking me to come meet him at sweet sensation restaurant



    Fred is so sweet

    I didn’t even remember today is my birthday


    I love you Fred

    I took my phone and called him

    Appreciated him and promised him I will be there at exact time

    We kissed each other through phone and hanged up

    Episode 13

    I can’t wait for the exact time Fred asked me to meet him cos I know that it will be full of surprises

    Maybe he is hosting a birthday party for me

    Thanks to Joyce for convincing me to give Fred a chance

    He is the best thing that have ever crossed my life

    Fred have made my life so beautiful that I forgot totally about Jimmy and Ella but whenever they cross my mind, I always pray to God to keep the both of them alive and safe to witness what I will become


    Ever since I married Jimmy, he have never for once wished me a happy birthday not to talk of buying me a gift

    Fred posses all the qualities that Jimmy doesn’t have

    I even wonder what made me accept Jimmy’s proposal at the first time

    Anyways, God knows the best.

    Let me go take my bath, eat breakfast and wait impatiently for the time that Fred asked me to meet him at the restaurant

    I said and went straight to the bathroom


    I was done bathing and eating and I decided to call Alice to let her know I won’t be in the ship today


    Hello Alice

    Good morning how are you?

    Are you in the ship already?

    Okay that’s good

    I won’t be coming to shop today so make sure you are very concentrated and careful to avoid making mistakes during calculations and also being careful with the customers to avoid upsetting them

    Don’t forget to let me know the amount you made today

    Okay take care. I said and hanged up the phone


    I laid on my bed thinking about my life and thanking God at the same time

    I slept off on the bed and woke up exactly the same time Fred asked me to come


    Oh my!

    This is 2pm already

    I should be in the restaurant by now

    I shouldn’t keep Fred waiting

    I said and rushed to the bathroom and had a quick bath

    Put on my best dress and applied a little make up

    I am 13 minutes late but Fred will understand

    I said walking towards my car


    I drove down to sweet sensation restaurant and called Fred

    He asked me to come inside


    Hmmm, I soliloquized and went inside


    I went inside and was surprised to see Joyce and her husband, Glory and other Fred’s friend


    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you Mira. Happy birthday to you

    They sang happily


    I was so happy but Fred was not there


    Joyce came and led me to the chair but I was still confused cos Fred is not there


    I know you are looking for him

    But he organized this party for you

    He is not around

    He traveled to Canada this morning

    Joyce said smiling


    Am I a kid?

    Why are you whining me

    He traveled to Canada with Nigeria number right?

    I said and she burst out laughing


    Anyways, Fred won’t be here

    Now take a look at that wonderful cake

    Isn’t it beautiful? Joyce asked pointing at a particular direction


    I looked at the direction she is pointing and admired the cake


    Indeed its beautiful

    I replied and was surprised to see Fred kneeling right before me with a ring in his hand


    Miranda, ever since I met you, my life have been so complete

    I don’t care what people think about you

    I don’t care if you are a divorcee or not

    I don’t care if you were unable to give your ex husband a child

    I don’t care about your past.

    All I care about right now is to spend the rest of my life with you

    All I am after right now is to make you the mother of my unborn kids

    You complete my life and always put smile on my face

    I love you so much Miranda and I want to spend the rest of my life with you

    I want to walk you down the aisle

    Will you say yes to me

    Miranda, will you marry me? Fred asked as I continued shedding tears uncontrollably


    Yes Fred

    I will marry you

    I said and offered my finger to him

    He fixed the ring and everyone clapped while taking pix


    This is wonderful

    Joyce said and I smiled staring at the ring


    I hugged Fred and smiled


    You never ceased to amaze me Fred

    I wasn’t expecting this. I said smiling


    Thank you for saying yes to me

    Today is the happiest day of my life

    Fred said and I hugged him


    Everyone kept taking pictures of us and I was so happy


    Everyone was dancing while Fred and I danced together.


    I want everything to be done within one month

    Who are we meeting for the bride price and traditional marriage? Fred asked and I smiled


    All we need is just church wedding and that is all

    My parents are dead and our uncle never cared about us

    They don’t even know if we are dead or alive

    So just down to the altar and that is all. I said and he nodded


    I can’t wait for that day

    I can’t wait for the day we will exchange our vows. I Fred said and I nodded


    Same here. I replied and we continued dancing.


    ********** **********


    James, I saw your wife picture all over Facebook

    She said yes to one handsome dude like that

    They really look cute together

    The video is in my phone here. Jimmy’s friend William said and Jimmy was shocked


    Its a lie!

    Which young guy will want to marry a divorcee that was unable to bear child six years after marriage

    Its a lie

    Maybe its someone that looks like her

    Jimmy replied and William burst out laughing


    I told you that you are losing a precious gold but you wouldn’t listen

    Now someone far better than you in everything have proposed to her

    You weren’t patient enough

    You went and impregnated her sister that you keep fighting with everyday

    They both of fight like cat and dog

    And I think that’s best for someone like you

    Karma is paying you guys a visit soon

    Take a look at their picture

    Even your wife posted it on Facebook herself with a caption

    “And I said yes to the LOML” she posted the video too

    The guy even mentioned that he doesn’t care if she is a divorcee or not

    He don’t care if she was unable to bear child

    Take a look at the video. Williams said and handed it to Jimmy

    He watched and a tear dropped down his cheek



    You are crying?

    I told you but you didn’t listen

    Hope you see what your deaf ears caused you. William said and Jimmy gave him the phone


    I can’t watch this

    Its so heartbreaking

    Miranda is still my wife

    I will get her back no matter what. Jimmy said removing his two sandals


    You are a joker

    Maybe you want to spend the rest of your life in the prison

    Remember you signed in the police station that you will never pester her

    Not just police station but from the headquarters

    Those people don’t take bribe

    I rest my case. William said and left Jimmy shattered and broken


    Oh nooooooooo!

    I will get my Mira back. Jimmy said and left

    Episode 14

    Our wedding date has been fixed and I am so happy cos everything is working out


    Sometimes, I go to Fred’s house to spend the weekend with him


    I keep wondering why you are yet to get a car darling and you have the money

    Why don’t you have a car and why are you not even talking about getting one? I asked and he smiled


    I don’t rush things

    And besides, I am waiting for our wedding day cos my club member’s gift to us is a new brand Toyota Camry

    So I don’t want to waste money to buy car

    I would rather use it to buy something more important to me. He said and I smiled


    I quickly felt a cramps on my laps and it was exactly mensuration cramps and that was when it dawned on me that I didn’t see my period last month and this month is about to end and I haven’t seen it to


    Sweetheart, something just crossed my mind right now.

    I missed my period for almost two months now

    I really need to go for test

    Who knows it might be bacteria or typhoid fever. I said and Fred smiled


    Typhoid or infection you said?

    What makes you think so?

    You have forgotten pregnancy can also make one miss her period

    He said and I burst out laughing out so loudly


    You are very funny

    Very very funny

    How can that be possible?

    We just met twice and……….


    He interrupted me


    And I released everything inside

    Don’t you think you might be pregnant? Fred asked and I kept laughing


    You amuse me like seriously

    What makes you think so?

    What exactly?

    I slept with my husband for seven years and he kept releasing everything inside even extra but I never got pregnant and you slept with me just twice and…..


    He interrupted me again


    That was just because you guys are not meant to be

    Stop doubting me babe

    I trust us together

    You might be pregnant

    Let’s go to test together

    We can use your car. He said and I was confused but stood up to go with him


    You just want to waste your time

    Cos I am not even having any symptoms of early pregnancy at all

    I said and Fred smiled


    Don’t doubt me

    Just follow me. He said and I nodded funnily and followed him


    We got to the hospital and waited for like 18 to 20 minutes before the test came out

    The nurse came out smiling and handed the result to me


    Congratulations madam

    The test showed that you are pregnant. She said and I was shocked

    After a momentarily while, I burst out laughing


    You are so funny


    How? I asked confusedly


    I expected you to be happy

    Sorry I broke the news that way

    I never knew you don’t need the child

    Our doctor is also good at performing D&C in case if you need one but I would advice and suggest you keep the baby cos so many people are direly in need of babies. She said and Fred smiled


    No no nurse! That’s not what we mean

    She is just surprised cos we have been childless for years

    Thanks anyway

    We gat to go now

    Or babe, do you want to us to conduct another test on you? Fred asked and I shaked my head in disagreement


    Let’s go to another hospital

    I replied and he nodded


    Fine. He said and we both got to the car and drove off


    We got to another hospital and its the same thing


    I was so surprised cos I don’t believe it

    How can this happen miraculously

    I think I need to go to scan to confirm this. I said and Fred nodded


    Supported. He replied and we both left


    We went for scan and waited patiently for the result

    The result came and I was told I am 7weeks pregnant


    7weeks? Fred and I exclaimed at the same time


    Yes madam

    You are seven weeks pregnant

    Congratulations to you both. He said and I hugged Fred so happily


    Oh my!

    I am pregnant!


    Oh God you are so wonderful

    I said shedding tears of joy uncontrollably


    This is so unbelievable to me

    God you are too much

    Is this how you do your own things?

    Thank you for putting smile on my face again. I said waving my hands up the sky still shedding tears and Fred hugged me


    I am so happy honey

    Honestly I am so happy

    I said it that you are a golden treasure

    You don’t deserve that dog you married at the first place

    I can’t wait to officially walk you down the aisle so we can be together forever. Fred said wiping my tears and I nodded


    Madam you can start going now okay,

    Others are waiting to come in

    Congratulations to you both. He said and we both stood up and left


    Today is the happiest day of my life

    So finally I am going to feel like a woman

    God I thank you. I said still waving my hand to the sky


    And I am also going to be a father. Fred said and we both smiled


    Sweetheart please do the driving

    I am too excited to drive. I said and he nodded


    He collected the key from Me and we drove off


    ********** **********


    Mr Jimmy, you wife is still 32 weeks pregnant which is 7 months but she is in labor

    The only way we can save her life and that of her baby’s life is through carrying out CS. Doctor said and Jimmy hitted his hand in his face..


    All this whole issue is getting complicated

    What is it exactly

    Doctor I don’t have money for CS

    Is there no other way?

    Jimmy asked and the doctor shakes his head


    No other way Mr Jimmy

    And please we have to act fast

    The total is 250,000 naira but you have to pay a deposit of 100,000 before the surgery can be carried out. No need of negotiating Mr Jimmy

    That is the amount we use for Cesarean sections (CS)

    You can go now

    He said and Jimmy stood up frustratedly and headed outside


    Mr Williams, what kinda of life is this?

    Honestly I am sick and tired of all these

    Ever since this witch came into my life, it have been from one problem to the other

    The only money remaining in my account is 200k and the doctor said he is taking just 250k

    Where do I look for such money?

    I don’t have goods in my shop

    And I have sold my car to settle other debts

    My wife is doing nothing but eating and eating like a goat all day

    She have finished everything I have

    Jimmy said and William tapped his shoulder


    I would have blamed you for all these but I have seen that you truly need encouragement and not putting all blames on you

    You brought all these upon yourself

    I understand your pain but for the sake of the lives involved in this matter, I think you should pay the deposit first then we will know how to sort the remaining one out

    Go pay the deposit first. Williams said and jimmy left rubbing his hand on his head


    If only he listened to me

    I pity the both of them cos karma is just starting

    Look at the way they threw an innocent woman out and took over her sweat and they thought they would go scot free

    No way

    Things don’t happen that way

    Now the woman is happy and sharing her wedding invitation all over

    Karma please have mercy on them. Williams soliloquized and sat down waiting for Jimmy

    Episode 15

    Williams no I can’t take this

    You need to see the kind of thing this woman gave birth to in the name of a baby

    She looks like a lizard

    My anger is that she did not even give birth to a boy

    After so many years of waiting, she gave me a baby girl and not just a baby girl but a baby lizard. I can’t stay here to watch after her and that baby

    They disgust me. Jimmy said and Williams shaked his head


    James, you need to understand one thing

    Your wife gave birth at 7 months which means her baby is premature that is why she is placed in an incubator and she will be there until after two months

    Then after that two months, she will turn normal to a baby and looks beautiful and beside, having a baby girl as a first child isn’t bad

    A child is a child

    Ella needs you this time more than anything

    You need to go there and comfort her

    Pet her, pamper her and care for her

    Going through CS and coming out alive is not that easy

    You need to thank God that both mother and baby are alive

    Your baby will be fine

    She will turn to a normal baby after 2months

    Just be patient and stand by them

    They are your family. Williams said and Jimmy chipped in


    They are not my family

    Williams, I am ashamed of that thing she gave me as a baby

    I can’t stand and watch

    It irritates me

    How sure am I that I am even the one that impregnated her?

    That baby doesn’t look like a baby that comes from me

    I can’t proudly present her in public

    I am ashamed of both of them

    I hate Ella

    If she wants, she can even remain in the hospital

    I won’t pay the remaining balance and I am leaving this area

    I am moving to another local government entirely

    Where she will not find my where about

    I am not happy with them at all

    I am leaving

    You can marry her

    I dash them to you

    Let me go and make money

    When things get back, I will come back for my Mira

    I miss her so much

    Take care Williams

    Jimmy said and left.


    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy you can’t do this. He said staring at him but Jimmy ignored him and left


    Hmmm, since the man of the house left his family, will I now stay and watch over them?

    No way

    The only way I can help Ella is going to Mira’s shop to tell her everything

    Maybe she can help

    But even if I am in her shoes, I won’t help but there is no harm in trial

    Human being are different

    She might feel for her sister

    Beside she is still her sister. Williams said and left




    Doctor I am hungry. Ella said in a weak tune


    I haven’t seen your husband since morning

    I have called his number and it isn’t connecting either

    Though I called Williams his friend and he said he is coming

    But I will tell the nurse to make you some hot tea to take

    Maybe when your husband comes, he will get you a light vegetable food. The doctor said and Ella nodded


    Thank you doctor. She said and looked away


    Where could he have went to?

    He knows my condition and he left me and the baby here all alone

    That’s so bad and unfair of him. Ella said as tears dropped her cheeks


    I regret doing what I did

    I never knew Jimmy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing

    I regret ever taking over my sister’s home

    It haven’t been easy with me since then

    I haven’t known any joy since then

    My biggest mistake was ever getting pregnant for my sister’s husband. Ella said till dropping tears


    The nurse entered and handed her a cup of tea and left


    She drank it and slept back on the bed


    ********* ********


    Good afternoon Miranda

    William greeted cheerfully


    How my I help you Mr? I asked rolling my eyes


    Seems like you don’t recognize me anymore! William said and I scoff


    Of course I do recognize you but I don’t need any of you in my life

    I don’t want to have anything to do with all of you

    You all are part of my past and it is said that we should let go of our past so tell me what you want and get out of my shop. I said rolling my eyes


    Miranda please calm down

    I understand how you feel and I promise you that I never supported Jimmy for once

    Even up till date, I still blame him for what he did and I am sure karma is beginning to hit them. Williams said and I smiled


    Who cares if you supported him or not

    As long as you are Jimmy’s friend, all of you are part of my past

    Please tell me why you are here

    I have customers waiting. I said and he scoffed


    You are a hard nut to crack Miranda

    Anyways, I am here cos of your sister

    Your sister gave birth to a premature baby and jimmy said the child is irritating him that he can’t stand and watch them

    He said he have spent all his money on them but this time, he is moving far away from them

    He refused to drop a dime for them and also cared less about what the hospital will do when its time to bill them and he is not there

    He said he is tired of them.

    He left!

    He left and I don’t know where he headed but he said he is never coming back for them. Ella is in the hospital stranded and starving. He said and I felt really bad for Ella but she have caused me enough

    She deserve whatever she is going through


    And what does that have to do with me?

    Anyway congrats to her but as far as I am concerned, Ella no longer exist in my life.

    Please get out. I said and left him there


    But Miranda, you can’t leave your sister to die no matter what she did to you right?

    She is still your blood and I think you need to forgive her

    You have found a new guy more caring and handsome than Jimmy so why are you still angry with Ella?

    Even if you can’t help cos of Ella please do it for the sake of the innocent baby

    Please help your sister

    I don’t have any money on me

    All they need for now is just money for feeding

    Please I believe you can help with that. Williams said and I felt bad and guilty


    He is right

    For the sake of my little niece

    For the sake of the innocent baby, let me help

    She is still my sister no matter what and I can’t watch her starve to death. I said and looked back at Williams


    I will be back. I said and went to my draw, took some money and headed back to him


    Here is a sum of 40,000 Naira

    I believe It will go a long way for her to feed but please, don’t come back here again to tell me a story about Ella

    Ella stabbed me to my face and didn’t feel remorseful for her actions

    She had the audacity to throw my belongings out of my matrimonial home

    She deserve no mercy but I am doing this just for the sake of God who pays back and the sake of the innocent child.

    Goodbye! I said and left and heard him saying


    God bless you

    You are real good. He said and left happily.

    Episode 16

    So I explained everything to your sister and she gave me this 40,000 naira to give to you for feeding

    Williams said and Ella kept shedding uncontrollable tears


    Do I still deserve any mercy, pity or even a help from my sister?

    After everything I did to her?

    After paying her evil with good

    After all the pains and tears I caused her

    After taking away her only source of joy from her, she still care for me?

    O’God will I ever be forgiven?

    Is this karma hitting me?

    Jimmy left me and my baby here in the hospital without thinking about out well being

    This is too much for me

    I can’t bear this

    Ella said in deep tears


    Ella, this is no time for regrets and tears

    Let bygone be bygone

    Forget about what happened in he past

    Just try and make some amendment and go apologize to your sister

    You dont need this now

    Your condition is still critical

    You need rest

    Maybe when you get out of this place, we will find way to make peace with your sister.

    Williams said and Ella looked up at him


    Will that ever be possible?

    Will she find a place in her heart to forgive me?

    Do I still deserve a second chance after everything I did to her?

    Ella asked in deep tears


    My dear, calm down, relax and rest,

    Your sister has a soft heart

    I am sure she is going to forgive you

    For her to still send some money to you shows that she still cares a little about you

    Do not panic

    I will help you talk sense to her

    For now you need rest

    I will be back in a short while

    Williams said and left


    Jimmy, it will never be well with you wherever you are

    I cause you with the scar in my tummy that you will come back crawling to me

    You will know no joy wherever you are. Ella said in deep tears and she kept thinking about her life


    ****** ****** ******


    Mira I swear you f--k up big time

    Your sister is coming back to destroy you since you can’t learn your lesson at the first place. Make sure Joyce doesn’t hear this at all if not, she will cut off the friendship with you

    Glory said angrily


    But she is still my sister

    I said feeling bad


    Sister my foot

    Did she consider you a sister before she stabbed you to your front?

    If she had gotten the chance to take over your shop, she would have done that without having a rethink

    Have you forgotten all that she said to you?

    Have you forgotten how she threw your things out of your own matrimonial home?

    How come you forget things so easily?

    Glory said angrily as tears kept flowing my cheeks slowly


    I know mom Glory but this is a matter of life and death

    She just survived death

    Its true that she caused me lot of pains but I can’t just watch her starve to death

    You have to understand my point too mom Glory. I said and she stood up angrily carrying her bag


    I am done with this conversation

    She said and left


    I am sorry mom Glory. I said loudly but she ignored


    What have I done wrong here?

    I don’t feel bad for helping my sister anyway and I am sure my sweetheart wont feel bad too. I said and sat back




    Our wedding came and passed and I finally moved in with Fred

    Fred is so caring and sometimes ask God here he was when stupid Jimmy came to marry me.

    I haven’t hear from Ella since the last time Williams came but I kept praying to God to keep her and the little baby safe.


    I am 8months gone and Fred and I are patiently waiting for the day we will officially become a parent

    According to scan, I was told I am going to have a baby boy and Fred and I was so happy


    We should go shopping for my little blue me in the womb. Fred said and I laughed


    What else do we still need to buy?

    We have gotten everything we needed. I said smiling


    Let’s go get more things like shoes, clothes and others

    Buying those things gives me a lot of joy.

    Fred said and I nodded happily



    Let’s go. I said changing my dress


    Are we going with your car or mine? Fred asked


    Anyone is OK by me. I replied and we both laughed


    We headed to the car and Fred drove off


    We got to a particular junction and met a crowd of people gathered round a laying lifeless body

    A woman was shouting on top of her voice


    Emergency! Emergency!

    I pleaded with Fred to stop the car and he did


    I think she needs help

    Let’s help her please. I pleaded


    I have told you to stop being too soft hearted

    You don’t know her and you want to help.

    Fred said looking straight into my eyes


    But the woman down there is dying

    Look at the way they are pouring water on her just for her not to die

    I promise after today, I won’t ask for help again

    Please sweetheart

    This is a matter of life and death

    Let’s save the woman’s life please

    I pleaded almost shedding tears and Fred hissed and got down from the car


    What happened to the woman? Fred asked


    She Hawks sachet water along the express and I called her from the other side of the road to come sell water to me

    Just as she was about crossing the road, a speeding vehicle knocked her down and escaped

    Her little baby is dead but she is still breathing

    Please let’s help her.

    The woman narrated crying heavily and Fred looked at me and I stared back with a pleading look


    Tell them to bring her to the car. Fred said and not so long, 2 guys carried her into the car and we drove off.

    Episode 17 [Final]


    We got to the hospital and the lady was rushed to emergency room

    She was injured so badly and I felt so bad for her

    The man that hit this lady beyond recognition will never smell good thing in his life

    I said amidst tears


    Not so long, my husband came out from the doctor’s office with his countenance changed


    Sweetheart, hope all is well with her? I asked and he nodded


    Yes love but she has fallen into coma

    I just pray she wakes up so she can go back to her people. My husband said and I nodded painfully


    That man that killed the innocent baby and injured this woman beyond recognition will never smell good thing in his life

    Sorrow will remain his portion forever

    I hardly curse people but this particular one has so gotten into me

    I hate seeing my fellow human being in pain. I said and my husband held my hand and we left together


    Did you tell the doctor that we will be leaving? I asked staring at him



    We will come back to check on her tomorrow or next

    You need rest

    You have over stressed yourself a lot today

    Let’s go home

    You need to rest. He said and we left




    I just hope she is not your sister Ella. Joyce said and I frowned


    What are you saying? She can’t be Ella.

    Are you telling me that I can’t recognize my own sister?

    She is not Ella. I replied furiously


    I just hope so. Glory said and Joyce nodded


    Exactly my thoughts

    Joyce added and I eyed them


    I just thank God Fred asked me to go shopping with him

    God just wanted to use us to save that lady

    You need to see the way the car grinded her little baby

    The innocent baby died painfully

    Ever since yesterday, I have lost appetite for food

    Whenever I remember the corpse of the innocent child, I lose appetite immediately

    How I wish we all saw this together

    I said in tears and Joyce and Glory stared at me


    I can relate

    Pregnant women feel too emotional

    Next time, don’t see what you can’t get over.

    Remember you are pregnant and you need to eat a lot of food cos of your baby

    So try eating something

    Just for your own good

    Joyce said and I nodded


    I will try! I replied and they both laughed and left me perplex




    Sweetheart any good news from the hospital? I asked my husband immediately he stepped into the room


    She woke up from coma but the doctor said she was injured badly on her head and it affected her brain and he don’t think if she can ever be normal again.

    Fred said and I burst out crying


    God why? God why?

    She was just hustling to feed herself and her little baby

    Why did she end up this way?

    I said crying loudly


    I can understand why you are feeling like this

    Indeed blood is thicker than water

    Fred said and I was confused


    What do you mean sweetheart? I asked wiping my tears


    I am just returning from the hospital

    I went inside to check on her and she asked me to go


    The doctor said she doesn’t allow anyone to enter there

    That treating her is even by false

    She keeps shouting she don’t want to see anyone except her sister Chioma

    She wants to see Mira not the doctor

    I went inside to confirm and she did the same thing

    She threw her pillow at me and asked me to get out

    She don’t wants to see her baby or anyone apart from her sister Chioma Miranda

    So I assumed she is Ella your blood sister. Fred said and I closed my ear


    Whaaaaat! Noooooo!

    Fred please tell me you are just assuming. I said shedding tears


    That is why I said I assumed

    You know I have never met her before

    But from the picture of her you showed me, she looks exactly like her


    oh nooooooo! Ella I never wanted to set my eyes on you again

    did fate actually bring us together again?

    I hate you Ella

    I said scratching my head in a confused state and Fred came close to me and held my in the shoulder


    Love, I think you need to forgive her

    karma have dealt with her already

    she deserves everything she went through

    I only feel for the little baby that died painfully

    this time, she needs you to recover cos all she keeps talking about is you and you alone

    she doesn’t even remember her child

    Fred said and I felt pained


    oh no. this isn’t happening

    can I ever forgive her?

    I asked wiping my tears


    Yes you can

    No offence is too much too forgive

    we need to go back to the hospital now

    Fred said and I nodded


    I called Joyce and Glory and asked them to meet me at the hospital and we left


    We got to the hospital and Glory and Joyce came at the same time


    I asked Joyce to go in firSt to confirm what Fred was talking about


    I looked through the window and truly it was Ella


    Get out

    get out

    I knew you somewhere right?

    but you are not Mira

    Get out

    are you Mira

    I want to see my sister Chioma Mira

    I want to see her. She said and threw her pillow on her and Joyce came out


    Glory went in and Ella burst out laughing


    Glory .

    Glory help me to get Mira plesse

    she is your friend

    I want to see her

    I knew I offended you too but please I need to seek Mira’s forgiveness first. Please

    Ella said and started crying


    I went inside with Joyce and Fred and Ella saw me and went on her knees immediately


    sister Miranda, please

    please, please and please forgive me

    I know I don’t deserve any forgiveness but for the sake of our late parents

    please find a place in your heart to forgive me

    I am not asking you to accept me back

    All I need is your forgiveness and nothing more

    please sister Miranda

    I have suffered a lot for this past one year and I knew that I was only being paid back for what I made you go through

    I lost my baby too

    please forgive me. Ella said in deep tears and I hugged her back in deep tears


    It’s okay

    I have forgiven you from the depth of my heart

    I said and she hugged me wiping her tears


    Glory, forgive me please. She pleaded


    If your sister can forgive you, then who am I not to forgive you? Glory asked and hugged her


    we sat down and I introduced Fred to her


    she narrated all that transpired between her and Jimmy and I felt bad for her

    I promised her that I will pay her house rent and start up a small business for her but she must not come to my matrimonial home until I trust her again

    She thanked me happily and we all left




    Three weeks later, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and we lived happily ever after



    Story written and composed by PRINCESS JOSEPH

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