Story: Regret Season 1

    Written by By: Stonez

    Episode 1

    I hated myself,regretted my action and i cursed my bad friend….

    It was on my 27th birthday,i went out to drink with my friend,and they told there is a suprise package waiting for me in my room…we left bar and we went home,i alighted with my friends and they told me a call gorl(prostitute) is the suprised they had for me and she is waiting for me in my room ..they led me to my room because my drunken state…. i forced myself on the girl after beating her cuz she refused,i raped her..the next morning my friends came,took her out of my room and came back some munutes later,we discussed and i ask them if they have paid the girl,they said they’ve paid her,i was still suffering from hangover so they left me to sleep… i woke up an hour later,i decided to go downstairs,as i was coming down,i overheard my friend saying that they kidnapped and drugged the girl i had sex with…on hearing this,i ran downstairs and held Fred by his collar,i punched him hard and i ask him where they got the girl,he told me they kidnapped the girl a day before,i was furious that i sent them packing out from my house,i had to find the girl because i’ve defilled her,i need to amend my mistakes…

    My name is Daniel,the only grandson of a rich business woman,born in USA,grew up in the phillipines and now living with my grandma in Manila………..

    i hired my private investigation to help me find the girl and where she lives……….he returned the next day with all information about the girl

    her name is katarina,she about to get married to a son of a rich politicaian named Roberto,and her all her family members knew about

    what happened to her,i decided to start following her around and see how thing turns out………

    Finally,it was saturday katarina’s wedding day,i dressed up in my tuxedo,drove to St Mary church,i got down,entered the church and i saw the groom standing in frontt of the priest and suddenly the church door opened and katarina came in,she walked down to the alter and it was time to take the vow,she took hers and it was Roberto’s turn but to everyones suprise,he told the priest that he cant marry a rape victim and he walked out of the church……..she ran after him but he asked his guard not to allow her follow him,he got into his car and drove off…….

    Little by little,everybody started leaving the church since the groom has left…

    I was just thinking why he cant just call off the wedding than just to disgrace her in front of everybody…she sat on the floor,crying like a baby with her mother…suddenly she stood up and ran out of the church,i followed her,she took a bus and i followed the bus in my car,she alighted on manila main bridge,i got down from my car and i was watching her from a distance and suddenly she jumped into the sea……..

    Episode 2

    And boom,she jumped into the sea,i ran towards her direction and dive into the river after her,thank God am a good swimmer…I rescued her as she was about to drown,people already gathered by the bank of the sea,i carried her in a bridal style with her already dirty wedding gown,i took her to my car and drove off…i took her to my house,the one my grandma gave me as my 25th birthday,i dropped her in a room and ordered the maids to attend to her…i drove to her house and i saw Roberto’s body guard chasing her out of the house with her clothes….i was watching the scene from a distance,i got out of my car,and went to meet her,i told hervto come with me,she refused at first but later agreed when i told her katarina is with me…i drove to my mansion,i took her to her daughter room and left both of them…..

    i woke up the next day to meet both mother and daughter in the lounge talking,o was afraid to face katarina because am not sure if she know that am the one that rape her,i summoned up courage and i ask her why she wanted to kill herself even though i already knew why…I told her mother that they could stay as long as they wanted….

    I left the house to my office,i am the MD while my granny is the CEO…..i entered my office to see my bad friends giggling like a fool,i called the security to send them away….Not long after,my granny came to my office and told me i will be having a business date with Maria….Actually my granny had been trying to get me to marry one of the daughers of rich bussiness men in order to unite oue company with theirs…i told her i’ve heard because she wont take no for an answer……..The date was just dry,i was not intrested sef,i juet agreed to satisfied my granny,i tried to make it business-based,but the yeye girl is just asking about my love life..Finally„at last the date is finally over,i escorted her to her and she suprised me by kissing and telling me that she love me. . . ……

    On my way home,i stopped at a boutique to get some clothes for katarina and her mother……i got home and gave the cloth to her mum,she begged me to call a doctor to check on her,i called my doctor,he came and ran a test on her…when he left her room,he came to the sitting room where i sat down with her mother…….

    “She is two weeks pregnant” the doctor said……. . .. .

    Episode 3

    I was shocked and i,i asked the doctor again to be sure if my ear is functioning well,the doctor confirmed that she is pregnant…I was on a cross-road,i dont know which decision to make,should i confess or conceal the truth..I was lost in my thought not knowing her mother was talking me,she tapped me and asked what was wrong,i told her nothing,i took my key and left the house,i wanted to got to a club to chill out but decided against it….I got to my granny house,i met her in the sitting-room,i greeted her and went to my room,i sat down to make a choice,after considering all option,i decided not to tell her,i decided to keep it as a secret…..I also concluded to send my friends to the state because i know the three fools will let the cat out of the bag if i dont get rid of them….I called a travel agency and told him to prepare visas for my friends…….I woke up the next day and went to my friend house(they all live together),i met them by the poolside and they all started laughing immediately they saw me


    Byran:see who we have here


    Ray:he has finally gotten his sense back,common boy let have fun


    Ryan:i know he can do without us


    Me:cut the crap and shut the f--k up,i said angrily




    Me:guys,i’ve got a job for u in the states


    Ryan:are u trying to send us away so we wont expose you


    Me:(shocked)no,why would i do that


    Ray:u know brain,i love it here in phillipines


    Me:if u work for my company in the states,u will earn $500,000 per week and i will pay you $25million each if u guy work for the company for 5years,think about it,i said and left…….


    I already laid the bait,i know they will call me soon,i need to get rid of them before they start blackmailing me…

    I got to my office,i told my PA to cancel all my schedule for the day,i need to see katarina,she is depressed and i dont want anything to happen to my baby,i called a childhood friend of mine who is a psychologist,i told her about katarina’s plight and she told me to pick her up at her office so she could go and see her……I picked her up and we went home together,i told ann(katarina’s mom) that Emily(the psychologist) would be coming to attend to katarina……my friends called me later in the evening and they agreed to go to the states,i know they will agree because of the money i offered them……

    Within few weeks,katarina is back to her old self,the usual happy and jovial person,she has recovered thanks to Emily and both of them are now close friends……..

    I am already developing feelings for katarina,actually she is a pretty lady,down to earth and she is caring but am not sure if she is also feeling the same…we always go out together,from cinema to the mall and to other places….Itook her out for a date and i confessed my feeling for her,promised her to take care of the baby and she accepted to be my girlfriend………My friend travelled to the state a week later………

    Episode 4

    She accepted my proposal and we started dating,everything was going well and our love for each other is increasing day by day….After two month,her pregnancy is already visible..

    I took her out for dinner a particular evening,after eating, “katarina will u marry me” i asked kneeling down and holding a diamond ring in my hand,she was shocked and wasnt expecting me marry her,”yes,i will marry you”she finally said after a long silence………

    News spread so fast,when i got to my office the next day,everyone started congratulating me,i wondered how they got to know….i was signing some documents when my granny suddenly barge into my office


    Granny:is it true




    Granny:that you proposed to a girl yesterday,are u out of your mind


    Me:granny,nothing is wrong with me,am alright and yes i proposed to katarina and she is the woman i love and i am to marry her




    Granny:you mean u want to marry a girl that was raped,a rape victim


    Me:i dont care if she was raped or not,i love her


    Granny:Mr Alcantara,i mean his company withdrew their partnership with our compant all because u want to marry that thing


    Granny:i wont let u insult my wife,what does me getting married has to do with business


    Granny:shut up fool,dont u know that our three major partners joined our company because they thought u will marry their daughters


    Me:i did not promise that i will marry them,this is why i have been telling u not to set me up on a date with them…u dont care about me,u only care about the company


    Granny:(She slapped me),dont u dare talk to me like that,with all what i have done for u,i this how u will repay me…..she hissed and left my office…


    After she left,my PA informed that there is an emergecy board meeting….

    I left for the board to see all board sitted including my granny,i sat down and the man at the far end spoke….


    Man 1:welcome everyone,we called this emergency meeting because we lost 7 of our major partner and the contract awarded to us by PINGPONG has been withdrew

    (Everyone in the room was shocked)


    Me:who withdrew the PINGPONG contract from us


    Man 2:the CEO daughter


    Me:u mean karia cancelled the contract


    Granny:u see,ur decision is now affecting the company negatively


    Me:what does my private life has to do with business


    Man 3:we all know that we got all the partnership and contract because of they want u to marry their daughter…


    Man 1:i just got a mail from the GLAZZERS,theu also withdrew their partnership


    Granny:we have finally lost our partners,Daniel u have 72hours to set things right or i am going to fire u


    Me:no need to do that,i resign(i dropped my resignation letter on the table and left the boardroom…..


    I got to my office,pack my things and i gave the key to the office and that of my official car to my PA “give it to the new CEO” i said and left the office……..

    I drove home and i told katarina and her mother to pack that we are living the house….we packed and left to the new we moved to the house i just bought,i went home to return the keys and document of thr house she bought for me……..i want to start a new life,a family…katarina and my unborn child are my only happiness,i will protect them at all cost even if it is to sacrifice my life for then…..we choose our wedding day,i want us to get married before she give birth…A day to the wedding,i went to make arrangement concerning the church we are gonna use,as i was coming back,a car stopped at my front and my granny came out of the car with two armed men with a gun in her hand


    Granny:son,so u are finally getting married tomorrow,u disobeyed me and u repay all what i did for u disobeying me,no problem u will pay the price of disobedient…she raised the gun and pulled the triger



    Episode 5

    Boom,i started hearing my name,seems like someone is calling me but the voice is not clear enough…..i opened my eyes to see my maid calling me,so it was a dream and it was my maid that was calling me…..she told me my granny want to see me and she is waiting for me outside my house,i went outside and behold i saw her waiting outside with the two armed men i saw in my dream,she was even wearing the cloth she wore in my dream….


    Granny:grandson,hw have u been


    Me:as if you care


    Granny:common son,dont talk like that i cared for u,i started taking care of u since you were 5years,when your parent died in plane crash so dont say that


    Me:u said it a thousand time,why are u here


    Granny:why did u want to do this


    Me:love,am doing all this for love


    Granny:so this is how u want to repay me for all what i’ve done for u


    Me:try to understand mom


    Granny:understand what,the company has lost all it major partners and all our major contract because of u


    Me:granny,i told u not to use me to get partners from the onset,u promised them that i will marry their daughter if they partner with your company,i told u not to set me up on a date with their daughters,u gave them hope of marriage and now see the outcome




    Granny:(she slapped me),how dare u,u know that u are not going to marry any of them and u had sex with them


    Me:concerning the sex,they also enjoyed it and u are even the cause


    Granny:i am not suprised that you want to marry a rape victim because u are also a product of rape


    Me:what did u mean


    Granny:i want you to re-think and give me answer tomorrow or u will have yourself to blame,she said and left angrilly


    I went back inside and what she said kept replaying on my mind…i wondered whar she meant about me being a victim of rape……

    After two month my wedding day finally arrived,i have not heard from my granny since the day she left my house and i know she had a plan…i employed a bodyguard for katarina and her mom…on my wedding day,i ensured adequate security and i ordered the guard not to let anyone acting suspicious into the church premises….

    The service started and the priest finally joined us together…she was scared when the priest asked if i accept her as my bride,she thought i was going to say no…when i looked back as everyone started congratulating me,i saw my granny and my three so called friends smiling at me..

    I was shocked when i saw them,i knew they were up to something because i was expecting to see them……

    My granny walked up to me and my wife and she said “congratulation son on your wedding,i would like to see u tomorrow at my office,i have some lovely video clips i would like to show u and am sure u are gonna like them…


    Me:what videos


    Granny:actually,your friends gave them to me after giving them a decent amount of money……

    I knew my friends had finally betarayed me,so they had the rape videos and they already sold it to my granny..


    Episode 6

    I went home with my wife after the ceremony,i wasnt my self at all,i was just thinking about the video my granny was talking about….


    katarina noticed my foul mood and she ask me of there is any problem,i told her there is no problem that i was just stressed up….


    as we were talking i stylishly ask her what she is gonna do if she know the person that rape her,”i will personally put a bullet into the motherfucker head” she said…when she said that i knew there is gonna be a problem if she get to know that am one that rape her..


    I pressed futher and said what if the person is someone very close to you..


    Katarina:i dont care who the person is,and i will ensure that the person will not go unpunished….


    She said and gave me a kiss as we engage in a hot romance and we end up going four round…..


    I woke up before her the next and serve her breakfast on bed before leaving for my grandma office…i got to her office and her secetary told me i would have to wait till she is ready to see me,i was allowed to see her after an hour,i entered into her office


    Granny:wow,see my newly wed son,how is your wife doing


    Me:just tell me the reason why am here


    Granny:relax son,i would like you to see some lovely videos before u i say anything,

    She played the video for me on her laptop and it was the rape video which show my face clearly…


    Granny:i never knew my son could stoop so low to raping a lady,when rich girls are dying to have you on their bed


    Me:what did u want,pls dont show her the videos,i will do anything pls dont jeopardise our marriage i beg u


    Granny:good what i want is simple,i want you to divorce her and i dont want u to have anything to do with her and get all our investors back


    Me:pls i will do any other thing but i cant divorce her,we just got married for crying out loud,pls dont be heartlesd,what did u start to gain from all these


    Granny:i will gain a lot,if u do as i say,all our partners and investors who left will come back and i will be finally be able to pursue my political dreams


    Me:political dreams!!!


    Granny:yes,i want to contest for the next ambassador of the phillipines


    Me:and what does that have to do with me marrying kate


    Granny:it has a lot to do,the president promised to help me win if u would marry his daughter


    Me:u promised a lot of people that i will marry their daughters without my consent


    Granny:did u know how much the company lost this week,infact this discussion is over,i give you 48 hours to part ways with your wife…gey out of my office


    She called her security to send me out of her office….


    I was so annoyed,how will my friend betray me with all what i have done for them,and katarina promised to punish the person that rape her…..


    Am on a crossroad,i dont know which way to go,i dont know what to do…My life is really f----d up..


    I drove to nearby bar and took a drink in order to increase my thinking faculty,i smiled to myself as l got a solution to my problem…..

    Episode 7

    I drove back to my granny house, “i will do anything u want as long as you dont show her the video but you have to give me at least a month to sort thing out with my wife”


    Granny:u mean to say your ex-wife,son i give u two month to sort out the mess u called marriage and u have to resume back to your office tomorrow,we really need u here because things are not going as expected


    Me:i agree,i will start work tomorrow but stick to the deal because i know u well and dont try anything funny


    Granny:i will not release the videos as long as u are not trying to play smart with me


    Me:u know i dont voilate agreements so u better keep your mouth shut or else


    Granny:are u threatening me or what


    Me:u better not violate our agreement,i said and turn ti leave her office


    Granny:and young man,prepare for your date with the president daughter tomorrow


    Me:dont start fixing dates for me again


    Granny:u dare not refuse


    I left her office and drove home,it seems like my plan i working out,i know she knew i have a reason that i cant just give up like that…

    I drove home and i met my beautiful wife sitting and watching movie in the lounge,i kissed and sat beside her and suddenly she spoke up


    Katarina:honey,i think there is something you need to know concerning my health status


    Me:(worried),is anything wrong with the baby,i spoke with the doctor today and he did not say anything


    Katarina:relax,the baby is fine at least for now


    Me:what did u mean


    Katarina:my days are limited,i was born with a not too good heart,and i have been living on drugs to aid my heart


    Me:i dont get


    Katarina:my heart is failing little by little and my days are limited,i was born with a hole in my heart,and i have been sustaining thanks to drugs,but the drugs are no longer working…i planned having a transplant before i was raped and now that am pregnant,my doctor said i dont have up to five month left and the chances of me surviving the transplant now that i am pregnant is slim…Dan,am scared i dont wanna leave u,u taught me what love is all about,she said and she started crying


    Me:dont cry love,i will talk to the doctor tomorrow and we will see what can be done…i have once witness a heart transplant before so i will talk to my friend who is a cardiologist


    Katarina:are u into medical stuff


    Me:actually,i studied medcine and surgery in the states with the hope of having a hospital here but my granny did not support my career in medicine,she want me to take over her businesses so i had to take a two-year professional course on business management


    Katarina:so u are a doctor


    Me:partially because i havent treated anybody before but i still have a knowledge about it


    Katarina:so u quit your dream and career to please your granny




    Katarina:i wish i could lay my hand on the bastard who raped me,he is the cause of all this if not for him,i would have done the transplant earlier,she said while sobbing


    Me:dont cry dearie,everthing is gonna be ok


    Katarina:i love u

    Episode 8

    I was sad when i heard that she is gonna die if we dont do the surgery immediately

    I called my friend who is a surgeon,we both studied medcine in the university af Atlanta…he now works as a surgeon in the states…i told him about my wife health,he told me to bring her to the states for surgery….i called the agency who is in charge of my visa,i told them to prepare visa for my wife and her mother….i left for the office,my plan was to pretend that i agree to my grandma terms until my wife visa will be ready so we would go and start a new life with a new identity abroard..

    I greeted her and went to my office i need to back all my stuff secretely because katarina need to operated soon…i drove home when i finished packing my stuff from the office,i am determined to bring my granny down if she does not back-off…..i will not let her come between me and my wife,because i know her…i was still in my thought when the intercom rang,i picked and came my granny voice “see me in mu office”,she said…i left what i was doing and went to her office,i sat down


    Granny:prepare,u are having a dinner date tonight with the president daughter




    Me:granny,u just set me up on a date without knowing if i have any plans for tonight,i am fed up with your behavior…..


    Granny:just shut up,i brought u up so that u would be useful for the company…anyways,u have no choice than to comply….her father had decided to join his company with ours if u marry his daughter…so i want you to meet with her tonight,so u can sign the contract concerning your marriage to her and that of the company…i dont want you to mess up because the alliance is gonna benefit and boost our stand in the international market….




    Granny:no but,u have to do as i say as long as i and my lawyer still have the video and i will release the video and also charge you to court for rape if u dont follow my instruction and u know the punishment for rape here in the phillipnes is death/life imprisonment……….


    Me:ok,time and venue


    Granny:good boy,give her a call and you fix the date and venue yourself


    Me:why would i be the one to call her


    Granny:because she is your wife-to-be


    Me:but am married


    Granny:you promised to divorce her right,so you are marrying karia


    I stormed out of her office angrily,hell no,it is not gonna happen i will not call karia…

    I went home and stayed with my wife who was sleeping peaceful,i was still having a nice time with wife when my granny called


    Granny:she is waiting for u at Atlantis Cafe,i guess u wont wanna keep her waiting


    I took my keys and i left for the cafe,i saw her sitting at the far end of the cafe,i sat in her front and muttered a silent HI


    Me:let go straight to business,let me have tje contract,i have things to do


    Karia:is that a polite way of greeting your wife


    Me:i beg your pardon,u are not my wife,so let me sign the contract and leave here

    She streched the contract to me and i collected it and it and read through it


    Me:what the f--k is wrong with you guys,thank God i read the contract,i will not agree to this trash you called contract,i yelled and storm out


    I drove back home,my agent called me to inform me that the visas are ready…….

    Episode 9

    I was packing our bags in the night when i saw my gun in my wardrobe,i bought the gun when i visited Russia two years ago,i have a international lisence for gun,so i can use it anywhere,i took the gun and i kept it in my bag….i also helped my wife and her mother with their bags before i slept……..

    Finally,i woke up the next day to start preparing for our trip,i made breakfast and we left for the airport……


    Unknown pov


    The brotherhood were all at my house by dawn,i gave them daniel picture, “i want that guy dead,he will be travelling today,so i want u to kill him and kidnap the lady with him”,i told them and i brought out three bags full of amunitions and everyone picked his choice,we entered 5 helux van and drove out of the compound….


    Granny pov


    The boy i called yesterday came to my house very early with the rest of his gang, “my son is on his way to the airport,i want you to kill his wife and i want you to kidnap him him,he must not leave the country and i want his wife dead” i told the gang….They left for the airport in their bus while i drove behind them……..


    Katarina pov


    Finally,i will be having my surgery soon,i still have hope,i am not ready to die,not now that i have a man that cherish me,a man who could die for me,i love him and i want to be with him forever….i was still in my thought when a bullet shattered the windscreen and another bullet hit the tyres which made my husband lose control of the car……….


    Daniel pov


    I was happy that all my nightmares are finally going to be over,i was driving on a high speed until someone shot the tyres,i lost control of the steering and the car tumbled twice and we crashed against a tree by the side of the road….i managed to open my wife and i saw my wife lying unconscious in her own pool of blood,i checked the back seat and i saw that her mother is dead,i saw men in mask approaching us with sophisticated guns,i opened my bag and i brought my 9mm pistol and i tucked it in mu tux,i wanted to get out of the car but i cant….They got to where we were,the door gave way and they dragged me and my wife out of the car……


    Man 1:kill her and bring the man with me


    Man 2:i think she is dead already,no need to waste bullet…

    Then my granny came out of her car,i was shocked to see her,”what are u doing here” i managed to say


    Granny: u think u can outsmart me…”tie him up and take him to the car and kill the girl” she ordered and left…..


    Suddenly a bullet hit the man that wanted to tie me,i looked up and i saw that it was katarina ex-husband who shot the man..i was shocked to also see him…They started exchanging bullet…they engage in a serious gun battle……

    Episode 10

    I carried my wife as they were battling with each other in a fierce gun battle…Roberto and his men seems to have the upperhand,i carried my wife and i brought out my gun,i carried her as i moved towards one of the helux van,i dropped my wife at the back of the van and i sat in the driver seat,i shot one of roberto’s trying to block my way i drove away on a high speed,i need to get her to the hospital because she is badly injured,i drove straight to the hospital that have been handling her case,i immediately took her to the emergency section while i sat outside,i was really bleeding but i dont really care all that matters to me is my wife health…While i was waiting,one of the nurse treated and mend my wound…After an hour,one of the nurse attending to my wife came to meet me….


    Nurse:Are u her husband




    Nurse:Actually,we have a lot of problems


    Me:As in


    Nurse:Her heart is failing,she need to be operated soon


    Me:what are u waiting for,carry on with the operation


    Nurse:the surgeon is out of the country and she need a new heart and am not sure she could get one


    Me:i dont get


    Nurse:to be frank,your wife only have 5hours to live unless we do the transplant immediately


    Me:ok,so what about the heart


    Nurse:u can only get that at Manilla Central Hospital and am sure there are a lot of people currently in need of it…..


    Me:u mean i wont be able to get it


    Nurse:except you pull some strings


    Me:ok nurse,i will get to it… what about the surgeon


    Nurse:we already called his,he is on his way back….And u need to get the heart fast your wife only heve 4½hrs left…..


    I thanked the nurse and ran out of the hospital……


    Granny pov

    I was relaxing in my lounge when one of my boys came to me


    Boy:ma’am, i have an information about your son and his wife


    Granny:ok go on,am listening


    Boy:his wife had a heart problem,she is currently in the hospital,she is about to undergo transplant and your son is currently on his way to get the heart..


    Granny:ok,u must get the heart,dont allow my son to get hold of it,katarina must die so my son will have no choice but to obey me…Get the heart and kill anybody who want to stop you…


    Boy:ok ma


    Granny:i want a clean job


    I smiled as the boy left,it they get sucessfully get the heart then i will finally control my grandson……..


    Daniel pov

    I called the CMD of manilla central hospital,i told him what i need and he asked me to pay 5million dollar because a lot of people are seeking for the heart,i transferred the money to him and i told him to prepare it for transport that i will be there soon….


    5 cars drove into Manilla Central Hospital and 20 armed men came down they killed all the securities at the entrance and 10 of them went inside while 10 stood on guard outside…They went straight to the CMD office and forcefully collect the heart from him,they tied him and they exited the hospital……Daniel drove in immediately they left,he rushed into the hospital and he was told some harmed men just took the heart away…..he was told he need to get it fast because the heart can only live for 4hrs before it is

    gonna die…..


    Daniel pov

    i was sad when they told me about the heart,i need to find it so my wife can survive….i took my phone and dialled a number…..

    Episode 11

    As i was about leaving,a nurse came to me handing a phone,”that is the location of the heart”,go and save your wife…..i dialled a number on my phone






    Me:i need a package


    Man:ok,is it a complete set




    Man:it is gonna cost 100,000 dollars


    Me:ok no problem,i have the money here with me,meet me at manila bridge in 15mins




    I drove on a high speed following the direction on the phone,i got to manila bridge and i met him,i collected the package and i gave him the money

    I went to my car,opened the package and i smiled,the package is containing,3 pistols,a shot gun,3 smoke granade,empherine-cotimazol(drug) and a pack of heroine……

    I swallowed the empherine-cotimazol and i injected the heroine…..i took a pistol and i kept it in my boot,i ignited the engine and drove off,i got to the location where they were,i parked my car a few meters away from the house….i took my guns and i advance toward the house,i fixed a silencer on my gun…i threw a stone at the gate while i hid behind a flower,a man opened the gate he came outside to check,as he passed where i was,i shot him in the head….i entered and i close the gate…i moved to the balcony and i peeped into the house and i saw two guys dicussing in the kitchen,i knocked on the door and one of the came to check,he was pointing his gun,ready to shoot,i came from his back,as i was about to pull the trigger,he turned and shot me but i was quick to dodge and i gave him a head-shot…the other guy started shooting randomly at anything thereby alerting the rest of the gang,thank God i already lock the gate,nobody is gonna escale,i rolled into the kitchen and i shot him…

    I moved to the next room,i kicked the door and i entered,i saw two of the gang having sex(a male and female) they were taken awy by pleasure o----m that they did not notice me,i hit the female and she passed out,i tied both of them up….i went into the sitting and had a good gun fight with 7 of them,i won but i already ran of arms except for the one in my both,i interogated the two i tied down,they said the heart their is with their boss and he is in the underground section of the house,i killed the male and i told the female to take me to their boss,she led to the uderground passage she punched a code on the door and it opened revealing a flight of stair….we got down and saw their boss,i killed him and i took the box containing the heart…….

    Episode 12

    I drove to the hospital like a mad man,i got out of the car and ran into the hospital with the heart….


    i met the nurse waiting for me,”where is the doctor” i asked,she burst into tears and said “the doctor had a plane crash”…..Nooo i asked again to be sure if i heard her right…..


    i sat dejectedly on the floor and i joined the nurse in crying…..


    The doctor is the only doctor that can perform heart transplant in the phillipines and he is the only doctor who has the lisence to perform the surgery……


    Me:can you do it


    Nurse:though am a senior nurse,i cannot do it


    Me:is there any doctor u know that can perform the surgery in other hospitals


    Nurse:No,the doctor who had a plane crash is the only doctor that can do it


    Me:Nooo,i shouted


    Nurse:the heart has two hours left and your wife will die in the next 1½hrs if she is not operated now……..


    I sat on the floor,upon all my efforts,all the blood i shed because of her,all the sacrifices…..


    My dear readers,i need your help,my wife must not die,is there any doctor among you that can perform the surgery…….

    Episode 13

    I sat down dejectedly and i spoke up after a while


    Me: I am a doctor/cardiologist,let me try the surgery on her


    Nurse:have u done it before


    Me:no,but i can try


    Nurse:did u have a lisence




    Nurse:dont try to fool me everyone knows u are a business man,pls dont try anything silly


    Me:i studied medicine and surgery in the states


    Nurse:everyone knows u are into business,so dont lie


    Me:but my wife life and my baby is at stake


    Nurse:hey,back off and stop or i will call the cops


    I removed my gun from my boot and i point it at her




    Me:tell me the name of two nurses who are good and experience in this hospital


    Nurse:nurse kim and nurse kira,she said with a trembling voice


    Me:give me your cellphone (she gave me and i kept it in my pocket)….prepare her for the surgery while i go get the nurse….


    i wont hesitate to kill you if u do anything funny….


    I ran to call the two nurses,they did not want to follow me at first but they complied when they saw my gun…..


    The nurses wheeled her into the theatre and connected her to a life-support machine and a heart-lung machine,i did a blood test and x-ray…


    i ran a call to my friend who was to operate her in the states,he told me to be brave and go ahead,he gave me some useful tips….


    I started as i tore her tommy,my intention was to bring out the baby first before the transplant but the head nurse spoke up


    Head nurse:i hope u are not trying to get the baby out


    Me:that what i wanna do


    Head nurse:getting the baby out first is risky,because u are going to stress your wife in the process and she might not survive


    Me:i will do it my own way


    I proceeded and i sucessfully brought out the baby,it was a baby girl,i gave her to the nurse and she took her away for incubation because she is premature….


    I checked the time and i realised that i have 45mins more to operate my wife….


    i set to work and i sucessfully brought out her worn-out and hollowed her and i was transplanting the new donor heart,the unexpected happen…….

    Episode 14

    Her temprature stopped and she stopped breathing


    I immediately connect her to a ventilator to aid the flow of blood as i was about to remove the heart,i removec the heart and replaced it with the healthy one…..i connected the vien and arteries after giving her a anti-rejection injection so that her system will not reject the heart……i disconnect the ventilator and the heart started pumping and distributing blood….


    i placed her on a heart activoty monitoring machine and i stitch the incision/cut i made when i wanted to operate her,i placed her on drip and i told the nurses to dress her cuts well……i went to check on my baby in the incubator…….


    We waited for three hours and she is not still awake,i checked on her and one of the nurses told me she has drifted into coma and all she need now is prayer…….


    we continue to monitor her heart beat and everything seems normal until the seventh day when we noticed that her arteries are blocked and she needs another surgery……..


    I did the surgery and it was sucessful……


    She woke up after 3month,by then the baby is already matured and developed….


    We went home,she named her EVA,i did not tell her about her mother death because she has not recovered fully……


    I decided to start building my own business empire,we planed to start it abroad but we could not travel out of the country due to some reasons……..


    I ventured and start the same business that my granny is into which is importing & exporting….i invested 20billion dollars in the business and i used my connection to pull some deals and my business is fast growing……


    my company made it big within few month and everything was going well,my granny and i became busuness rivals….


    My company became popular than that of my granny,i became rich and very powerful and i employed bodyguards for my wife and daughter


    My love between wife and i grew up day by day….my daughter is a beautiful like her mother,she is lovely and a good girl………


    I became one of the biggest and richest businessman in the phillipines,we established branches all over the country and outside the country,i snatched all my granny business partners and my company is really making it big…..


    We were living fine until roberto which lead to a big problem

    Episode 15

    we were living peacefully until katarina ex-husband showed up….


    i went on a dinner date with my wife,i took her to a fancy resturant outside town…


    we placed our orders and we were about eating when Roberto came out of nowhere to ruin our date….


    he came to where we sat and said “my dear katarina,it been while…

    it quite a pity we did not end up together,i know u still love me and i promise you that i will get back what belong to me…..he left the resturant afterwards


    I drove my wife home,i felt like killing the idiot that ruined our date,i pulled over in front of my house,she got out of the car without uttering a word…….


    Later in the night,i laid beside her on the bed as we slept in each other arms……


    Katarina:my love am scared


    Me:of what


    Katarina:concerning roberto’s threat,he dosent make empty threat


    Me: relax,nothing is gonna happen,i wont let him come near u…….i consoled her and she slept off not long after….

    I picked my phone and i called one of my friend


    Me:hey bro


    Friend:yes boss


    Me:i have a job for u,i need you to follow my wife and protect her without she knowing


    Friend:ok,that is not a problem


    Me:just be her bodyguard,keep an eye on,follow her everywhere she goes and dont hesitate to kill anyone if you need to,someone threatened her and i have to keep her save




    Me: and i also need one of your boys to monitor a guy,i will send money and the details of the guy to you…pls dont disappiont friend:ok.we will get to work….


    i felt relieved after the call,i know they will work on it…….


    about a week later,it was on a saturday,Eva instited that i should take her and my wife to the park,i tried to turn down her request but my smart daughter wont take no for an awnser….


    i agreed and i took them to a park not knowing that something bad awaits us at the park……..

    Episode 16

    I took them to the park,

    i sat and watch as my wife and daughter were having fun going on the roller coaster,

    i looked around and i saw Greg(my friend whom i paid to watch over my wife) sitting on a bench not too far from where i sat….


    i stood up and i went to sit beside him, “my boys have been keeping tabs on the guy…


    there is nothing suspicious about him,but he met with your granny twice this week…seems like they are planning something big against you,be careful bro” he said and left…


    i was shocked,could my granny be working with Roberto….


    i was still deep in my thought when i heard gushots and my wife scream my name……..


    I stood up and ran towards where my wife was only to see my daughter lying unconscious in a pool of blood,and a young girl was also on the floor…


    i saw greg and his men chasing some guys chasing someone with two of his boys….


    for the first time in my life,i was scared,my daughter must not die….


    i carried her and the other girl into my car and i rushed her to the hospital…….


    She was immediaty rushed to the emergency ward for treatment


    The doctor came out hours later looking sober and tired and said “am sorry ”

    Episode 17

    “Am sorry to say this,your daughter has a slim chance of surviving,though she has no bullet wound like the other girl but she lost a lot of blood and she need blood urgently and her blood type is scarce,her blood does not match with her mother’s blood and we dont have her type of blood in our blood bank” the doctor said……


    Me:doctor take my blood,it match with her’s


    Doctor:are you sure


    Me:am a universal donor


    Doctor:ok,let me take a sample of your blood to the lab for test


    Me:ok…he took a sample of my blood to the lab and he came back minutes later to take my blood after confirming that my blood match with hers…..


    I felt weak and dizzy after i donated three pant of blood,the doctor came out after 30mins..

    “she is stable and now responding to treatment” the doctor told us….


    After 3weeks she was discharged ……




    How on earth is it possible,daniel’s blood match with Eva blood,can daniel be her biological father……


    i need to get to the root of the matter,i will carry out a DNA test on them,i have a feeling that daniel is the guy that rape katarina…….


    i will go to their house tomorrow so that i can get the DNA samples…….


    Ann visited katarina the next day…….


    she sucessfully collected a sample from both daniel and eva,she secretely took some strand from Eva’s hair and she snuck into daniel room where she also took some strand of his hair from his comb…….


    she took the samples to the lab and she was told to come back for the result after three days……..


    Granny pov


    I was in my office when my phone rang,i picked up the phone and it turns out that ot was roberto that was on the line


    Granny : hello


    Roberto: let meet tomorrow,come with the evidence


    Granny:ok but what do i get in exchange


    Roberto:i will get u new client in order to save your company and i will help you with your political ambition


    Granny: ok


    Roberto: i will send u the address,see you tomorrow


    Next coming soon


    What do u think Ann will do with the DNA result


    Will granny sell his grandson out and give out the evidence…….


    Make sure u comment after reading

    Episode 18

    Granny walked into crystal resturant with her guards,she saw Roberto at the far end of the resturant,she joined him


    Granny:sorry for keeping you waiting,let get down to business


    Roberto:ok,let me have the video,i already pull some strings concerning your political appointment and am sure u will get the post…


    Granny:what about the clients


    Roberto:i already contacted them and they promised to partner with you…i also have a plan to make your son client and investors become yours, so let me have the video….


    Granny gave the video to roberto,he played the video and smiled to himself and he gave granny Some document to sign before they parted ways….


    Three days later,granny’s political appointment was confirmed by the government and she also has new investors for her company….


    Ann went to the lab to collect the DNA result which was 99.9% match,the result confirmed that daniel is the real father of eva…..


    Roberto on the other hand has been trying to set-up a meeting with katarina,she refused at first but she later agreed,they met in a resturant…


    katarina:what do you want to tell me,we have just 10mins for this discussion


    Roberto:i already know the person that raped you


    Katarina:if u want to talk about our failed marriage,am sorry to tell you that am not intrested,it all in the past

    Roberto:it was daniel that raped u


    katarina:i see that u are going nut,am out of here {she stood up}


    Roberto:i know you wont believe me,take a look at this video{he played the video for her to see}


    katarina:where did you get this,she asked with a teary voice


    Roberto:i got it from his friends,he was the one kidnapped you that night,he defiled you and raped you and later married you in order to cover his trace


    katarina:no,i dont believe you,daniel can never do that to anyone


    Roberto:if you say am lying, the video cant lie,here take this home,re-watch it so you can know he is really the one that rape you,he gave her the phone and left the resturant……


    Katarina left the resturant with a shattered heart she got home and she met Ann waiting for her….


    Ann gave her the DNA result,she passed out when she read the result…..


    She woke up minutes later in her room,ann has gone home,she walked into the kitchen and saw daniel fixing dinner,she already decided not to tell him anything until she have a strong evidence…she joined him


    Daniel:(he pecked her) evening dear


    Katarina:evening love,when did you get back,am sorry i could not come to the office today


    daniel:apology accepted,but you must be at the office tomorrow,we will be having a meeting with our foreign investors…what wrong with you,you look worried katarina:am fine,am just stressed out


    daniel:or have i scored a goal


    katarina:naughty you,no am sorry to tell you that it is an offside,am not pregnant


    daniel:i thought u were,go get eva dinner is ready……


    The next day,they both went to the office for the meeting,katarina left the office and went to ann office….

    Episode 19

    Ann we need to talk,katarina said as soon as she got into her office


    Ann:ok am listening


    katarina:who asked you to conduct a DNA test on my daughter,who ask you to and what did u tend to achieve by showing me the result


    Ann:the day your daughter had an accident and she needed blood,when daniel donated blood for her,g was the one who took the blood samples to the lab for test,so when i check the result,i discovered that the blood are almost the same…and you once told me that you did not know the father of eva because you were raped,that was why i carried out the test…


    Katarina:who else knew about it


    Ann:no one


    katarina:ok,i’ll see you later…….as she step out of the hospital,she got a call from Roberto,he says that he want them to meet where they met a day before…

    she got to the resturant where she saw roberto with three other guys,it like i’ve met them before but i cant really remember,i sat down with them and roberto introduced them to me


    Roberto:meet daniel’s friends,you must have met them before,they were present on your wedding day and they knew about the rape case…let them explain how it all happened…….


    Ryan:the three of us are friends with daniel,we all live together in his mansion,it was on the night of his birthday,we went to club and when we were coming,we saw u by the roadside,Daniel said he would like to have u for the night,i discourage him and told him that how will he want to sleep with a stranger,he said he must have his way with you and there is nothing i am going to do to stop him,he did not listen to me and he went ahead and kidnapped you,he took you home,raped you and defiled you and dumped you where he picked you the next day….we all promise to expose him but he threatened us and sent us out of his house….luckily for us,we got the video from the cctv in the house before he deleted it….

    Dont think we are betraying him,we only want the truth to prevail and he married you in order to cover his trace….

    We are ready to testify against him in court,act fast before he destroys you…..


    Katarina left the resturant with a heavy heart,she is really heartbroken and confused on what to do next…….


    Unknown to katarina,proberto already planned with daniel’s friends that they should lie against daniel…

    immediately she left the resturant,roberto gave daniel’s friends the money he promised them and they went their various ways….katarina got home,her husband was not yet back from work,she made up her mind to confront her husband when he comes back…


    Roberto called her not long after and said “katarina,i will send my lawyer to you tomorrow,so she can file the case to court” he said and he hung up…..


    katarina stormed into daniel office,she threw the phone at him and she asked him to explain the content of the video


    daniel:wifey,i can explain,they lied to you


    katarina:save your lies,i dont wanna hear,get ready to pay for yours sins,

    you will hear from my lawyer,she hissed and walked out


    Daniel sat in his office,minutes later daniels lawyer called him


    lawyer:sir,your wife filed a rape case and she also filed for divorce,the court hearing is in three days….

    Manilla supreme court


    court clerk:my lord,mrs katarina filed a divorce and rape case against her husband,but according to the law,we will be treating the divorce today while we treat the rape case later…..


    judge:ok,shall we proceed


    katarina’s lawyer stepped forward and spoke her while daniel’s lawyer defended daniel……


    After both lawyers are done,the judge gave his verdict….


    judge:i thank and praise both lawyers,after listening to both of them,here is my final judgement………..divorce,with all the document presented before me,70% of all his properties will go to his wife and the wife wins the custody of their child…..


    The court hearing concerning the rape case miss katarina filed against her ex-husband will be in a week time,till then mr daniel should be placed under house-arrest,i rise(he said and hit the gravel)……….


    clerk:court(he said and everybody present stood up)….


    three policemen walked daniel to his car,one of them drove his car and two followed them from behind…….


    they got to daniel house,and he was stripped off his phone and other gadgets….


    later in the evening his lawyer visited him…..


    lawyer:daniel,am really sorry,there is nothing i could do,but that not the problem for now,you know she also filed a rape case against you,so i want you to tell me how it all happened….


    Daniel went on and narated how it all happened to him…


    Lawyer:it is really a strong case,and our chance of winning is slim,especially when they have enough evidences against us…..


    Daniel:so what can we do


    Lawyer:we will plead guilty so the judge can reduce your punishment,according to the law of our country,the punishment of rape is death but you could get imprisonment if we plead guilty…


    i already worked on the house-arrest,you will be released tomorrow,let hope for a good and favourable judgement in court…..


    he said and walked out…


    The next day daniel was released and he went to the company,he walked into the fourth floor where his office is located and he saw that the office has been locked,he walked back into the lobby and saw katarina P.A,he asked her about his office and she said “the office now belong to my boss,your office has been moved to the last floor sir”,she said

    I was suprised,i took the elevator to the last floor,immediately i stepped out of the elevator,my P.A came to me,she look sad


    P.A:morning sir,there os an emergency board meeting you need to attend sir,all our investors are there sir


    Daniel:who called for the meeting


    P.A:your ex-wife sir


    Daniel:ok,i said and left for the boardroom


    I got into the boardroom,i saw all our investors seated,and katarina sat on my seat,i walked in and i sat down on an empty chair


    Katarina:let proceed,she signalled her P.A and she gave a file to everyone present

    Katarina:am now the new CEO of this great company,the document shared among you guys confirms it…i now own 70% shares of the company,a new dawn has began and i will like to change some rules,and also appoint a new general mannager….

    As from now,Mr Daniel no longer have the right to attend board meetings because he is a criminal,and the name of the company has been changed to KATARINA GROUPS……

    Episode 20 [Finale]

    My words are law,it is not proper for a criminal to be in our midst,you all might not understand what i mean now but am sure you will understand very soon,till them this meeting is adjourned….she said and walked out….




    court clerk:my lord,today,we are treating case number 21,where miss katarina accuses her ex-husband of rape


    judge:shall we proceed


    katarina’s lawyer(mrs tonia) stood up tonia:thank you my lord,jan 28 2010,my client was abducted and raped by mr daniel…


    judge:if am correct,the event took place ten year ago,so why are you just charging him to court


    Tonia:the matter was brought before the magistrate that year but the case was buried due to lack of evidence…


    judge:defence lawyer,is there anything you will like to say


    callum:no,my lord judge:ok,go on mrs tonia mrs tonia:i have some questions for mr dan,mr daniel pls step forward(daniel moved into the box)where were you that night


    daniel:it was my birthday,so i was at the club with my friends


    tonia:are you guilty as charged




    tonia:if this honourable court perits me,i will like to call mr ryan to the witness box…


    judge:call him


    tonia:mr ryan,will you pls come into the witness box


    (ryan stepped forward)


    Tonia:where were you that night


    Ryan:i was with him that night


    Tonia:but mr daniel said you guys went to the club


    Ryan:it was his birthday,so we all went to the club together


    Tonia:did he really rape miss katarina or not


    Ryan:he raped her tonia:thank you,you may go have your seat,my lord(she faced the judge)kindly permit me to present my final evidence

    Judge:go on


    Tonia:(she brought out a flashdrive and her laptop)my lord,take a look at this video,it was recorded by his friends…it shows how mr daniel molested my client…


    judge:mr callum,is there anything you will like say


    Mr callum:my lord,my client plead guilty before this honurable court,i will be glad if you can reduce his sentence


    Judge:with all the investigations and evidence presented before this honourable court,it shows that Mr daniel is truly guily as charged,i hereby sentence Mr daniel to life imprisonment with hard labour and all his properties should be given to Miss katarina as compesation…….









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