Story: Regret season 2 - Escape and Revenge

    Written by Stonez

    Episode 1


    Warden:hey daniel,you have a visitor

    Daniel:a vistor,ok open the cell

    He opened and they both walked to the visiting room

    Daniel got there and he saw Humpty waiting for him


    Humpty is a friend of Daniel,he was the one who introduced Daniel into drugd back in the States,they went their seperate ways when daniel quitted drugs….


    Daniel:(shocked) humpty,what are u doing here


    Humpty:is that how to greet a friend who you have not seen for a long time


    Daniel:sorry bro,hw have u been


    Humpty:good,i heard that you are back into the business


    Daniel:yeah bro,i need to leave this place


    Humpty:that why am here


    Daniel:so how will you get me out


    Humpty:it very simple,i already have everything planned out




    Humpty:here is the game plan,(he gave him a tablet) take this tomorrow morning and you will be out of here


    Daniel:why are u helping me


    Humpty:cuz u also helped me in the states,take the drug tomorrow as i have said,he said and he exited the building……


    The next day,daniel took the drug as he was instructed,but nothing happened until later in the evening when he started vomitting blood while they were playing basketball,he fell down and passed out,his fellow inmates gathered round his as the prison nurse started treating him


    Nurse:he was poisoned,we need to take him to the hospital


    Warder:it against the prison rule,we cant take him to the hospital


    Nurse:if you dont,he will die


    Warder:ok,i’ll call an ambulance


    Nurse:be fast with it,we dont have much time


    An ambulance arrived immediaty and they took him to the hospital……


    On their way,they had an accident,a boy ran across the road not caring to look before crossing,the driver quickly manovered so he wont hit the boy,the ambulance skidded off the road and went up in flames……..

    Episode 2

    Daniel Pov


    I open my eyes slowly and i look round the room,i was in a strange place,i remembered i was playing basketball when i slumped,i dont know what happened and how i got here


    i tried to sit down that was when i studied my environment well,i was in a bedroom


    i noticed that i was on a drip,i laid on the bed and was about sleeping when someone opened the door,it was Humpty,he came in and sat down on the bed beside me smiling


    Humpty:Finally you are awake


    Daniel:how did i get here,what happened,why am i on drip


    Humpty:finally,you are now free,i told you that you are gonna leave the prison


    Daniel:how did it happened bro,hw did you do it


    Humpty:you remember that i gave you a drug to take




    Humpty:Actually the drug na poison


    Daniel:what did u want to kill me


    Humpty:actually it a weak poison,it is not really strong,it dosent kill…..I gave you the poison because i cant attack the prison or break into the prison to release you,so i decided to give you the poison to lure u guys out because i knew that they will take you to the hospital once they noticedd that you have been poisoned….You slumped when the drug took effect,and they rushed you to the hospital,on their way,an accident occured and everyone in the ambulance died…Actually,it was a planned accident,i and my boys caused the accident when we attacked the ambulance,we killed everyone and we rescued you….we also set the ambulance up on fire,so now we made everyone believe that none of you survived….


    Daniel:wow,you are a genius


    Humpty:since the government and people already believed that you died in the accident,you need to leave the country


    Daniel:ok,i will but that will be after my revenge


    Humpty:you really wanna revenge




    Humpty:ok,i need to be somewhere now,did u need anything


    Daniel:yeah,i need my daughter,kidnapp her and bring her to me




    Later in the evening,daniel decided to look around the house since he is now feeling better…he got out of the room,on opening the door,he saw four gaurds at the door,they bowed as he walked past them,he went outside the building that was when he realised that it is one of the house he just bought,guards were everywhere,he retired back into his room after he was through…….

    Episode 3

    I went back inside after checking my house,i sat and i turned on the television when i saw the news headline “POPULAR BUSINESS TYCOON WHO WAS IMPRISONED HAS BEEN REPORTED DEAD AFTER HE WAS INVOLVED IN A FATAL ACCIDENT”….


    I smiled when i saw the news,everyone now believed that i am dead,it will make my revenge easier….


    i was still lost in my thought when i heard someone calling daddy,i looked up and i saw my daughter smiling and running towards me to hug me,she look lean and malnourished…..


    I was so happy,seeing my daughter after two years,she is already ten and i saw her last when she was eight…..




    Words could not describe how happy i am,i ordered the maids to bath her and dress her up….


    Now that i have my daughter right with me,there is nothing that can make me lose this battle of revenge,because she is my only weakness and the only weapon in which the enemy can use to pull me down…..


    I bagan planning for my revenge,Humpty already returned to the state because of he is the man controlling drugs in los angeles…..


    I recuited my own men because the fight against roberto is gonna be a hard one… ..


    Firstly let me begin with Ryan….you know as a businessman i must not record any loss,i still remember i paid my three ingrate friends off with $5million each which makes it $15million and i must get my money back first……..


    Now let the game begin,i decided to send EVA abroad to stay with Humpty till my revenge game is over……


    What suprised me most is that since the day my boys took my daughter away,katarina did not even look for her,i wonder the type of mother she is,i did not know when she became a monster…..


    Three days later,my daughter travelled to the state,now i can fully concentrate and carry on with my revenge……


    Firstly my main aim is to get my $15million dollars back…

    I have a feeling that callum is also involved in it because he is also my granny’s lawyer….


    I sent my boys to bring ryan for me,they searched and searched but they could not find him,i want to start with him because he was the one who sold the video to my granny and he also testified against me…….


    After searching for 3weeks,they finally found him,he already fled to mexico,the found him and they brought him back to the phillipines…


    He will be my bait,i will use him to get my money back and he will tell me where brian and ray are……

    Episode 4

    I smiled as i entered into my safe house,my guards led the way and they opened a door,i entered and i saw Ryan tied to a chair,my boys brought a chair for me and i sat down….


    I ordered them to remove the blindfold…..when he saw me,he was shocked and he look scared,i cleared my throat and said “long time bro”


    Ryan:but you are dead


    Me:no bro,that a false story,am alive and free…


    Ryan:pls dont kill me


    Me:i wont kill you as long as you return my money


    Ryan:which money


    Me:i can still remember i gave you money so you would keep the secret but u betrayed me,so i want my money back….


    Ryan:you wont get a dime


    Me:if you say so


    I stood up and i said to my boys “guys,u know what to do,i want the money before 8pm after that,send him forth” with that i left with my guards…..


    Around 8pm at night,my boys called me that he already transferred the money to my acct and they already know where byran and ray are ….




    I ordered him to bring Ryan to my house,i want to kill him myself…


    They brought him and i personally put a bullet into his head …


    I ordered my boys to send his head to ray and with a letter to inform him that he is the next….With ryan out of my way,i only have three more people to kill but before that,i wanna see my lovely ex-wife……


    I was chilling in my house when i got a call from one of my boys that they could not find ray again after they delivered my letter to him…

    I smiled and told him not to worry that i will get back to him when i figure out a plan.


    I was lost in thought,thinking of every possible way to finish the game so i could leave the country quickly before the i get caught…..i smiled as i remembered that ray has a daughter,he got a girl pregnant 16years ago and kept her away from everyone…..


    I called hammed(one of my boys),i gave him the location of where ray’s daughter is living and ask them to kidnap her….He later called me back to inform me that they already kidnapp the girl…..


    I know ray will call my boys

    once he find out that his daughter is missing,like i expected he called later at night and he was asked to bring $10 million dollars to a specific location as ransom for his daugher….I ordered my boys to abduct him once he bring the money….


    Fortunately and unfortunately for me,bryan also came with him,both of them the money to the location i gave them but they cane with the police,a gun battle ensued between my boys and the cops,my boys won but i lost 10 out of 15 boys…..


    I came down from my car after the gun battle and walked up to where they tied the both of them and i killed them……..


    Only Roberto is remaining on my list,i knew killing him will be very hard,especially now that i only have 5men left….


    I contacted humpty if i could get more boys but he said he does not have any…..That means that i have to fight with the little men i have left,my chance of winning is slim because the cops are on roberto’s side…..

    Episode 5

    I got back home,i was so tired and worried,i did not know where i will get more boys…..


    I placed a call to Humpty


    Humpty:hey bro,hw are u


    Me:Am not fine ooo


    Humpty:am sorry i cant help,i dont have much men again


    Me:ok,is there any top politician in the phillipines that is buying drugs from us


    Humpty:Yes,the minister for foreign affairs and the minister for education,they are our good client


    Me: That good


    Humpty:why asking


    Me:contact them and tell them that you need 5 boys from each of them to transport drugs


    Humpty: they wont agree


    Me: Send me their private line,i will talk to them myself…




    Me:How is my daughter doing


    Humpty:she is fine


    Me:Good,pls thighten her security,i dont want to hear stories ooo


    Humpty:ok,no problem,he said


    Few minutes,i recieved a text containing the number i asked for from humpty…..


    I called the minister of education first




    Voice:who is on the line


    Me:i want to speak with the minister


    Voice:your pass code


    Me:i dont have any pass code,tell him it is humpty


    Voice:give me a minute…..i will go give him the phone


    After some seconds,he gave the phone to the minister


    Minister:hello humpty


    Me:This is not humpty,am his boss


    Minister:how can i help you


    Me:i need 5boys from you,a package(coke) which is meant for you got missing,i need five of your trusted men to search for it……

    I will send you a location now,send your boys to meet me there tomorrow….if you fail to do so,i’ll expose you…i said and i hung up..


    I also called the other minister and i threatened him….


    The next day,both of them send me five boys each to the location i gave them,i sent my boys to pick them up….


    I now have 15boys in total,i will launch my attack very soon but first i want to go see my granny…


    The next,i drove to my granny’s office with 7 of my boys,we got to the gate and the company,the securities at the gate refused to let us in and i ordered my boys to shut them up,they beat and tied them up…


    Two stayed at the gate while five followed me inside,i put on my mask as we were about to enter,we got to her office without any form of disturbance…


    Her office is on the fifth floor,i took the elevator and two guards stayed while the remaining three followed me to her office…..


    Getting to her officei ,i destroyed all the cameras with my gun and i removed my mask ,i smiled as i opened the door,i webnt in while my guard stoodfff,, outside,granny was busy signing some documents she did not raise her head up,i sat down on the couch waiting patiently for her to finish what she was doing…


    She looked up some seconds later and she was shocked and i could see that

    “Hello granny ” i said


    She picked her intercom,she want to call her securities


    Me:no need of doing that granny,am sure they are all sleeping as my boys already took care of them


    Granny:pls dont harm me,she said stammering


    Me:so you dont want to die,u dont want me to hurt you




    Me:am not here to kill you,it has been since i have seen you,i just wanna say hello and i want you to pass a message to Roberto,tell him that i am coming for him…..i killed byran,ryan and ray and he is the next and after him i will kill you …..Goodbye gran,ensure u pass my message across to him…i said and i left her office….

    Episode 6

    Leaving my granny office,i was not sure i did the right thing by showing up at her office but i could bet that she was scared….


    I know that one of them will contact me soon,all i need is just a perfect plan,i hope granny delivers my message to him,i knew he already took over my former company…..


    I need to know his weakness and the people supporting him in the government….i need to get the defence to be on my side so the cops wont trouble me but how am i going to do that….


    Thinking through and planning my next move,i remembered Katarina’s PA,back then she had a crush on me and she wanted us to be intimate back then,she might be of great use and besides i need a mole in that company…..


    I decided to use her,i instructed my boys to keep tab on her,after my boys followed her for a week,i decided to pay her a visit….

    I dont know if it is gonna work but i’ll give it a trial


    I pulled over in front of her house with five of my boys,the all stood outside while i proceed to knock on her door,i knocked and i heard her asking who is at the door..she opened the door and drew back in shock when she saw me,i smiled and said


    Me:wont you let me in


    Sonia:come in


    Me:i know u have a lot of question to ask


    Sonia:but how come,they said you are dead


    Me:i smiled and i asked her to sit beside me on the couch,my dear am not dead,luckilly i survived the accident,i was rescued by a good samaritan…..i have no one to go to that why i came here


    Sonia:but you know the police will search for you once they find out


    Me:yes,that why i came here,i need to get my company back,afterwards i will surrender myself to the police and i will file an appeal again…


    Sonia:am sorry i cant help you,i dont want to get involve in any mess


    I stared silently at her not breaking eye contact,i bravely moved forward and kissed her,she was suprised and didnt respond but finally gave way after a while….


    I carried her and removed her gown revealing her well shape body,we f----d like craze,from the sitting room to the kitchen to the bedroom and later the bathroom……


    Later at night,she was rubbing my chest while we both lay naked under the duvet


    Sonia:i cant believe this,it finally a dream come true,i love you


    Me:u are so good,u almost killed me


    Sonia:she blushed and smile… how did you plan to go about the company


    Me:that where i need u dearest,just provide me with every information you know that can help


    Sonia:yes,according to the contract roberto and katarina signed when they were about to get married,it states that katarina will sign all your properties to roberto after three years


    Me:what,is she insane


    Sonia:it mean that in the next three days,she will sign all your properties to Roberto


    Me:OMG,i need to act fast


    Sonia:yes,u need to be fast…..let sleep,we will talk tomorrow


    I held her as she slept,but i could not sleep,i need a game plan…

    Thinking all through night,i came up with a plan


    Early morning the next day,i dressed up and was about leaving,i walked into the sitting room and i saw Sonia watching the news i bade her goodbye and as i was about opening the door,i saw the news headline and i was shocked with what i saw “police are on the hunt for a popular business tycoonmr Daniel who escape from prison last month and went ahead to murder his three friends”…


    i sat down beside her to listen to the news,i took my phone to read the news online,according to what i read,it was my granny and roberto that inform the police that i already escape from prison….Scrolling down i saw my picture with the word “WANTED” boldly written on it..


    I left her house,i could see my picture and police everywhere..


    when i got home,i ordered my boys to kidnap katarina,i know that once she kidnapped,Roberto will look for her because she is yet to sign my properties over

    to him

    Episode 7

    Katarina pov


    I woke up in a strange room,i had no idea how i got there,all i could remember that i was slept in my room,how did i get here…..


    It been an hour and i havent seen anyone or heard any movement,i just hope that i’ve not been kidnapped…..


    Some minutes later,a woman came in with a tray of food and water,i tried talking to her but she didnt respond,she dropped the food and left the room…..


    I ate the food and i took my bath,i opened the wardrobe and i found different clothes of my size,i wore one and sat on the bed,i knew i have been abducted……




    I knew roberto must have been looking for me by now,i dont know why they kidnapped me,i havent wronged anybody,my daughter got kidnapped last month and it me now…..i wonder who is doing all this..


    Three days later


    It been three days now,am still in the room,i did not even know my abductor,the only person that always come to my room is the woman that always bring food for me….Apart from her,i havent seen anybody else since i was abducted and she keep assuring me that am in safe hands…..


    The next day,i finally met my abductor,i was shocked and suprised


    Daniel pov


    My boys called me that they sucessfully kidnapped katarina,i told them to bring her over to my safe house,she was locked up in a room and i assign a maid to care for,i have not seen her since they brought her in,i have been busy supervising drug sale…


    On the fourth day,i decided to see her,i opened the door to the room she was kept in,she was sleeping peacefully,i sat on the chair looking at her,i realised how much i’ve have missed her,i realised that with all what she did to me i still love her and am ready to spend the rest of my life with her….


    I did not know when i slept off,i woke up to see her staring at me,she was shocked,scared and suprised when she saw that am the one sitting in front of her…


    I cleared my throat and said

    Me: i dont know where to start from but be assured,i wont hurt you and our daughter is safe….there is a lot u dont know,they decieved and lied to you….i knew i raped you but it wasnt my fault,i was decieved by my friends,i was drunk that night and they told me that you are a call-girl…..i had my way that night but when i got to know who you rely were,i felt guilty and decided to set thing right,i was at the church when he left you on the alter,i saved you from drowning,i disobeyed my granny and i married you,i gave up my inheritance all because of you……i went to prison because you did not let me explain…..i escape from prison to serk revenge but i find it hard to hurt you because i love you……You charge me for rape but you didnt do anything to the guy that keep molesting you every night…….


    I promise not to hurt you because i love you,i have decided to let you go but think twice before going back to that monster….i said and left the room


    I left her door open,few minutes later,she came to the sitting room

    Episode 8

    She look calm,she sat opposite me and said


    Katarina: where is my daughter,i want to see her….


    I looked at her and i called Humpty and i told him to give the phone to eva,i gave katarina my phone…..


    I left for my room immediately,i need to take a bath…..


    Some minutes later,i came out of the bathroom to meet katarina sitting on my bed,she was staring at my wet body,i looked at her and said


    Me:what are you doing here


    Katarina: * stammering * i came to return the phone,she said while staring at my wet body


    I smiled and took the phone from her


    Me:anything else


    Katarina: no,i just want to apologise for all i’ve done,she said


    I smiled,i knew her body is on fire,she cant resist me….

    I sat beside her on the bed,i held her hand and she immediately closed her eyes as our lips met….we end up making love passionately ….


    A loud knock at the door woke me up,i looked beside me and i saw katarina sleeping peacefully,i stood up and i opened the door,i saw one of my boys looking terrified


    Me:what is the matter


    Boy:Boss,we are under attack,you need to leave


    Me:by who


    Boy:the police


    Me:what,how did they get our location


    Boy:i dont know,boss you need to leave,we are out-numbered


    I quickly woke katarina up,i opened my drawer and brought out my 9mm revolver,i held her and we went out through backdoor,a car is already waiting for us outside the compound……


    I carried her up so she could jump over the fence,she jumped over sucessfully….


    As i was about to jump over too,a bullet hit my left shoulder and i fell down…


    I managed to stand up but i was shot again…

    Roberto walked towards me with the gun still in his hands,he pointed it at me and said “am smarter than you,u fell into my trap,i knew u were coming for her that why i planted a tracker on her”


    He stood up and backed,i try standing up but was sent back to the by a kick from him….


    I closed my eyes and said my last prayer as he was about the trigger…A tear dropped from my eyes as i remember my daughter,i already had ny will prepared by my lawyer so that my daughter will not suffer if i die…


    I laid on the floor waiting for a bullet to pierce through my heart but nothing happened,i opened my eyes and i saw him battling with his gun,he is out of bullet…

    i stood up and braced myself for a fight….


    i was weak but still managed to fight,after fighting for 10mins,he pinned me to the ground and held my neck,he wants to strangle me….he had a firm grip and am begining to lose consciousness,i brought a

    the kinfe he kelt in his pocket and drove it into his heart…i stabbed him to death….


    I stood up so i can escape but i was caught and arrested by the police…..

    Episode 9 [Final]

    Three months later,i was standing before the supreme court,the same court where i was sentence to life imprisonment three years ago…..


    Waiting to know my faith,according to my lawyer,i might get a death sentence..


    Humpty visited me a day before and told me that i shouldnt worry myself that he has everything planned out but he refused to unveil his plans,i had no other choice than to wait for the judge verdict….


    I dont know what happened or how it happened,my lawyer was changed before the hearing,humpty brought another lawyer to defend me…..


    This time around,it is a female lawyer that it is on seat….

    The judge came in and the hearing commence


    Clerk:**he opened a file**

    Mr daniel was accussed of murder and for breaking out of prison


    Govt lawyer:my lord,three years ago in this same court,mr daniel was sentenced to llife imprisonment,he later broke out of prison after two and half years…..He want ahead and murdered mr roberto and his three friends after he escaped from prison……..


    My lawyer:My lord,my client is innocent,he did not commit any of the crime he is being accused of….


    Govt lawyer:my lord permit me to ask mr daniel some questions


    Judge:go ahead


    Govt lawyer:Thank you my lord,***he turned to me****

    Mr daniel,can you pls tell us why you broke out of prison


    Daniel:i did not escape or break out of prison


    Govt lawyer:-**she smiled**

    You broke out of prison in order to kill your friends


    My lawyer:objection my lord


    Judge:Objection overruled


    Govt lawyer:i will like to present my evidences to this honourable court

    **she gave a file to the court clerk and the clerk passed it to the judge**

    The files contain all the evidences you need

    We sucessfully retrived the knive used to kill mr roberto and the print on it matched with that of mr daniel…

    Also there is a footage which shows how mr daniel killed mr roberto…

    We visited the prison where he escaped from and we were told that he had been missing for over two months.


    My lawyer:my lord,all the evidences are fake except for the footage….

    My client killed mr roberto out of self defence…

    My client did not break out of prison,three months ago he was poisoned while in prison,he was rushed to the hospital for treatment but unfortunately they had an accident on their way and my client was lucky to survive….After investigatinv the cause of the poison,we discovered that some group of people are after his life…

    The case got to the minister and he ordered that he should be kept in a safe house till he recovers,here are the document signed by the minister…..

    After further investigations,we got to know that it was mr roberto who paid some inmates to poison him….He later attacked mr daniel at the safe house,my client had no choice than to defend him self and fight back……he said and sat down…..


    I was stunned,how on earth did humpty and my lawyer came up with such story…


    The judge cleared her throat and said”


    judge:after all evidences provided before this court,i shows and prove that mr daniel is innocent of all charges against him,i hereby acquit and discharge him…..i rise


    I looked back and saw Humpty smillimg at me,an officer came forward and uncuff me….


    Am glad,finally free at last,i wonder how my lawyer and Humpty was able to pull it off,everyone knows am guilty…


    On our way home


    Me:Humpty,how did you do it


    Humpty:quite,it just a little blackmail




    Humpty:The judge os into drugs,so i blackmailed her so she could set u free


    I got home to see my daughter and katarina waiting for me,i was happy to see my daughter…we were still hugging each other when granny came in,she knelt down crying and said

    “my son forgive me for all what i’ve done,i REGRET all my actions,pls spare and forgive me”


    i looked at her,though she did bad things to me,i still love her…she picked me up when my mother left me immediately she gave birth to me,she clothe and cater for me,she made me who i am….


    i hugged her and said “i forgive you”,i wiped her tears,she stood up and hug katarina…..


    i quit drug business and i re-build my business empire


    i merged my company with that of my granny


    on my granny’s 70th birthday,i proposed to katarina and we got married some months later….



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