Story: Sexy School Girls


    The Summary or Synopsis goes like this:

    Millson Lamptey was posted to a remote Senior High School where there were a lot of sexually active teenagers. Most of his colleagues had fallen into the web of sexual promiscuity with the sexy-looking teenage girls. Seeing him as different from his colleagues, Dzifa, the Girls’ School Prefect was determined to seduce Millson. Will she succeed? Who wins? - The teacher or the student?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you” SEXY HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS”


    He’s your teacher. He’s so nice to you. Soon you have a crush on him and you look forward to having a feel of him. In addition to being nice to you; he looked so young and handsome. Instantaneously, your heart yearn for him. After all, you are a teenager with raging hormones and a high sex drive.

    Then you meet him on the way carrying loads on his head. You offer to help him. He smiles and say,” thank you.”

    As a female student, you know his house is out of bounds to you but you accompany him to the house anyway.

    Then you reach his house. He wants to take the load from you so that you will return but you said he should not worry.

    He opens the door and enters the room. Without waiting for an invitation, you follow him inside. You put the load down. He says,

    ” thank you, see you in school tomorrow.”

    You look a bit disappointed. Then you feign tiredness and sat down in his couch saying, Sir ,I’m tired. I want to rest for five minutes. Can I?

    He looks at you suspiciously but agreed to your request.

    He turned on his TV and went to his bedroom to undress.

    As the clock keep ticks, you realise your time will soon be up.

    Then you have another idea. You called him and ask to use his washroom. He comes out with his singlet and trousers and directed you to his washroom after which he leaves.

    You go to the washroom, remove your clothes and wrapped his towel round your waist. Then without knocking, You enter his bedroom when he was in his boxer shorts. You allow the towel to fell off your gorgeous body to reveal your alluring figure from your bossom to your feet. He gapes and gaze at you in bewilderment.

    At that point ,You know you have cornered him.

    You smile……What will soon happen is obvious to you.You landed in his bed.

    After a few Quickies with him, your mission is accomplished but you know you can never see him the same again , he is now more than just your teacher, he’s your loverboy.


    Episode 1

    The Internship

    Summary of Episode 1

    Millson decided to become a teacher. He went to the university and soon was posted to a remote village to do his internship with his friends.


    {Dzifa’s Point of view }

    “Aww,my God ,this new teacher is simply hot and handsome. I need to get closer to him. Maybe he will even propose to me. I can’t take him off my mind. It’s like I’m going crazy—-”

    “……The word government can be explained from three perspec

    tives,”my sensual thoughts were interrupted by the teacher’s lesson.

    “The first one is Government as an institution of the state ,secondly Government as an academic field of studies and lastly Government as a process or function. I will take each of them one by one and explain to you what they mean. Before we delved into the explanation I will like to tell you the etymology of the word:Government ”

    The word “Government ” originates from—-”

    My mind drifted back to my sensual thoughts. I look at his musculature. Everything is on point. Nice biceps, amazing triceps. Superb Physique.

    Goosh, this teacher is a rare specie of a man, one of the very few Ghanaians who look more like….a non-Ghanaian. My God, this teacher is so sexy. Look at his eyes. I felt naked before him. It’s as if he’s looking at me ,beyond my school uniform. “Wow.” How I wish it were true. I can’t just imagine him making love to me. I hope he’s good in bed. Yes. This teacher is my dream man. Surely, he was the cause of my sleepless nights over the years. The man I always see in my dream… Aww. Dzifa, you don die naa”

    [Millson’s Narration ]

    My name is Lamptey Millson. I attended Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School . When I completed my high school, I decided to go to the teachers’ training college because I found teaching very exciting and interesting. Of course, my choice of profession was heavily condermed by my parents who wanted me to become a doctor. To them the word teaching is an anathema in their ears.

    I stood firm and politely told them I would rather stay at home than going to the school of medicine.

    I didn’t really blame my parents for opposing my choice of profession

    In Ghana teachers are not respected. The profession is seen as a poor man’s job. Besides it’s not attractive to the youth who want big money. Why waste time earning a meagre salary in a profession often denigrated by others, even the students themselves.

    To put the nail on the coffin,

    most teachers behave in a manner that do not command respect; like dating and sleeping with young underage girls. I intended to change the narrative , at least from my side.

    There was a quote that I love so much and it had become my guiding principle. It states , “Everything you do in this world, do it with a difference.”

    I saw a lot of sense in this quote, if I do things just like the ordinary person , what would make me unique?”


    My father eventually changed his mind and agreed that I could choose any profession I wanted.

    He suggested that if I want to teach , it should be at the secondary school level and not at the basic level so instead of sending me to Accra college of Education, he sent me to the University of Education , Winneba. This University specialises in training and churning out professional graduate teachers of high calibre and good moral training.

    I went to that University to offer Political Science Education. I was highly enthusiastic at my academic work and the affairs of the school. It therefore came as no surprise when I was elected the president of the University. Soon it’s time for my internship programme.

    In level 400 , We were posted to the surrounding villages to do our internship under more experienced teachers so that we could acquire pedagogical skills in our noble profession. While some of my friends were posted to more urban communities, My friends and I were posted to the typical remote village called Tutukpene.

    Tutukpene is a small village in the NKwanta District of Oti Region in Ghana. Before I embark on the Journey, my father called me and gave me a simple but powerful advice. He said, “My son, before you travel, I will like to share with you a few words of advise that could make you different from your colleagues. One , as a teacher , be a lifelong learner. You can’t teach what you don’t know.

    Two, be morally discipline and avoid dating those adolescent girls. They can lead you into big problems and a lot of male teachers have fallen prey to this sad but avoidable phenomenon.”

    Three, trust no one. Not all those who smiles with you are your friends.”

    “Four, work hard but expect no thanks or compliment and lastly , live a modest life. Don’t pretend to have money when you have not.”

    I said “thank you father” and left.

    Our journey to Tutukpene was a long tiring one. The road was dusty and bumpy. It forked through thick canvas of forest , interspersed with streams .Finally we reached a spot on the road where the bus couldn’t go further. The driver explained to us why he couldn’t go further . I realised we had to continue the rest of the journey on feet. I couldn’t believe my eyes we still have just level of undeveloped places in my country. Anytime I watched Nigerian movies and I saw some typical villages in the movie, I asked myself, how can this villages still exist in this 21st century rose especially in a famous country like Nigeria, noted for famous players like Jay jay Okocha and authors like Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian novelist, poet and professor. Oh, lest I forget Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka, known as Wole Soyinka, who was a Nigerian playwright, poet and essayist. He was even awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature. I don’t want to mention the super-stars in the movie industry.

    Well, I was faced with the same reality now in my mother and fatherland, Ghana.

    Walking through the beastly looking forest on foot seemed like a herculean task but we soon realised the reality when the bus sped off, leaving us in a quagmire of confusion.

    My nine friends and I started walking through the thick forest. My bags hanged loosely around my shoulder, others put theirs on their backs and yet others carry theirs on their heads. After four hours of tiring journey, we reached the small village , Tutukpene.


    Episode 2

    Before The Class began

    [RECAP: Millson Lamptey went on an internship programme in a remote village called Tutukpene. The Girls’ Prefect was getting very attracted to him]

    <Third persons Narration>

    Millson couldn’t help but notice how Dzifa was staring at him in the classroom. That wasn’t his first time of seeing her. He recalled his first experience in the village and how he first met Dzifa.

    <•<•<< Flashback began<•<<•<•<

    Life in Tutukpene was extremely

    difficult, no electricity, no pipe borne water, no stable communi

    cation network, poor School infrastructure, poor market facilities, poor road network , no Internet connectivity.

    The village had no health centre but traditional birth attendants and herbalists. The thick forest surrounded the while village , as if it was an army, ready to advance on its settlers. He could see the girls carrying clay pots, going to the river side to fetch water, the boys carrying cutlasses and firewood, returning from their farms, the sounds of twigs heralding their return.

    The vibrant economic activity in the village was yam farming. Most of the young ladies,however, helped their families on the farm or sold food in the community. Majority of them were baby mama’s. Schooling wasn’t really a priority to them.

    Living in a cemented house in Tutukpene was seen as a privilege. Almost all the houses in the villages were made of mud or bamboo and roofed with thatch. The buildings were laid out in circles ,like compound houses.

    Village life was always communal. As expected , the villagers slept on mats made with raffia, the luxury of owning a mattress was an unimaginable achievement.

    In the nights, local lanterns were a common site plus the sight of naked children running here and there under the moonlit. Some of them seemed to have livedo reticularis.

    The indigenes of the entire village live a carefree life. In the absence of farming , the young men play “Oware or Draught and in the night , they play this hide-and- seek game locally called, “bebilobebi” in ewe Language. Some of this hide-and-seek games eventually ended with the young boys and girls having sex in isolated buildings or under the moonlit.

    Millson remembered picking himself up from his mattress. He and his mates were some of the very few people living in a cemented house and sleeping on a mattress , a privilege given them by virtue of their educational status. The villagers saw educated people as semi -gods and more important than the illiterates. Any matter that required formal knowledge was given to the village teachers to offer their much welcome opinions on them.

    He decided to take a nap. He was tired from the long journey from Central Region to Tutukpene in Oti Region.

    It was mid-day. A yakayake seller shouted to advertise her food, “Hot Yakayake, hot Yakayake, the delicious Hot Yakayake is here.”

    Millson was woken from his afternoon nap by her melodious voice. Her shouting became more and more intense, “hot Yakayake, sweet Yakayake. ..!!.

    When the Yakayake seller drew closer to his house, the cause of atrraction shifted from her voice to the aroma of her food, the savory of scented stew and fried meat was irresistible.

    He  grabbed a plate and shouted, ” Yakayake seller, please come!!! She materialised into his compound.

    Millson put on his sunshade and cap to reduce the quantum of UV rays entering his eyes. He knew that too much exposure to the suns ultraviolet (UV) rays can harm his eyes.

    Millson didn’t wear them just for fashion. He knew extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to significant eye problems,including cataracts,

    macular degeneration,

    pingueculae, pterygia and photo

    keratitis. What he didnt realise was he was drawing attention to himself by wearing sunshades in a vicinity whose people rarely saw that.

    When the seller came into his house ,his eyes got locked in contact with the young lady’s who was selling the Yakayake. He found it difficult to restrict himself from the luscious captivity that overwhelmed him .

    The Yakayaka seller was beautiful beyond expression, he could hardly compose himself and it took him some few minutes to regain his composure. Her beauty was flawless beyond description.

    She was as beautiful as an angel . Her corn-rolled hair was immaculately knitted on her scalp. She had a round hair and diamond-shaped face. The radiant smiled on her smooth brown skin perfectly fitted high cheek bones.

    Her slightly arched chestnut brown eyebrows highlighted her emotions by moving up and down as she reacted to the world around her.

    Her deep dove -like eyes, were like Indian ladys’. She seemed to have candy in her eyes.

    Her curved nose gave her a little girlish look that made Millson want to smile when she talked. Her mouth was outlined by puffy lips. When she smiles, which is often, her well -formed white teeth brighten up her whole face, betraying her dimples which split her face

    She was very curvaceous and her front elevation bounced with the rhythm of her pendulous breast.

    As he kept gazing at her, she brought him out of his  reverie by asking, “How much of Yakayake do you want?” In fluent English.

    He stuttered.“ How much is one yakayake and the friend fish.

    “1 Ghc for each of the Yakayake and 50 pesewas for one friend fish, “she responded in fluent English.

    “Give me….. three “yakayakes”, and two friend fishes ” he said and paid her.

    When she finished selling the “Yakayake” and fish , she asked him to help her lift the Aluminium basin

    which contained the ‘Yakayake’ onto her head. He said, “may I have the privilege of knowing your name?”

    Millson remembered she said, I’m called Dzifa Agbemabiase” and he complimented her beauty by saying

    “Dzifa, that’s a beautiful name. Nice meeting you.”

    He recalled stretching his hands to shake her. She shook his hand and said, ” nice meeting you too Mr. ….”


    “Lamptey Millson,” he recalled filling in his name.


    “Wow, nice name too”, she said, why are you in our village?

    “I’m here to………”

    “Yakayaka seller !!!,” somebody called her outside. She turned to leave. When she was leaving , he couldn’t help but followed the rhythmic movement of her buttocks as they jiggled up and down in series of beautiful bounces.

    Before she made her final exit from his compound , she turned and their eyes met. Then they smiled at each other like teens gripped in some high school crush. He was hypnotised by the magic of her sheer beauty. Surely, she must have completed Senior High School because her English was impeccable and she looked mature.

    When he was eating the food, the incidence was etched in his mind. She sounded quite educated and more dignified to be selling ‘yakayake.’

    He couldn’t stop thinking of the incident. He knew he needed a friend to keep him company while he did his internship in that boring village and Dzifa just happened to fit into the picture perfectly.


    Millson remembered the next day, he reported officially to the school he was posted to to commerce his work as an intern.The school girls were perambulating on the school compound. Surely, Tutukpene SHS abound in beauty resources

    He was assigned to Miss Frema Rosemary, a teacher of Government in SSS 3. She was assigned to be his mentor. Under her , he would learn the rudiments of teaching.

    He couldn’t ignore her marvelous pulchritude. Beauty seemed to be her Birthright. She was of moderate height, full shaped , curved at the essential areas and had piercy sexy eyes that spoke more words than her mouth. Her lips were gorgeous. Intuitively, he knew all his internship in the remote village would be a difficult mountain for him to climb considering the bevy of beautiful ladies he had encountered in the school within a short space of time.


    Episode 3

    Surprised Encounter

    [RECAP: Millson was recalling his first experience in the village and his first encounter with Dzifa, who was then selling ‘yakayake.’ He was attracted to her natural beauty]

    [Millson’s Point of View]

    <•<•<Flashback continued <•<<•<

    I remembered the next day, I went to class, fully prepared to teach when my eyes caught a familiar face. It was the girl that sold the yakayake to me when I first visited the village. For a moment, I was confused because I never knew she was a student, not to talk of being a student at Tutukpene Senior High School.Tutukpene SHS is a girls’ school , located not far away from the heart of the village.

    She seemed surprised too. Probably, She didn’t know I was a teacher or she had not seen my face clearly the previous day.

    There were three things about Tutukpene girls that made them highly attractive. One,they have nice curves. This could easily be seen despite wearing school uniforms.Two, they have thick legs that matched their body frame. Three,they are extremely friendly.

    Being a new intern in the school,I had the feeling each one of them was trying her best to put up an impressive behaviour to capture my heart.

    I knew I would give myself away if I kept looking in Dzifa’s  direction so I refocused my attention to the other section of the class and began my lesson.

    “My name is Lamptey Millson, an intern. I will be assisting Miss Frema Rosemary in teaching Government.

    The class applauded in approval.

    I continued.

    “I guess I would get to know you with time,”I said, fully aware that a pair of lovely eyes were starring at me at the far right end of the classroom.

    I ignored them and continued,” today, I’m going to teach you on “Government ”

    “The word “government” can be explained from three perspectives.

    The first one is Government as an institution of the state ,secondly Government as an academic field of studies and lastly Government as a process or function. I will take each of them one by one and explain to you what they mean. Before we delved into the explanation I will like to tell you the etymology of the word “Government.”

    The word “Government ” originates from the Old French “governer,” derived from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern”, which is derived from the Greek kybernan (to pilot a ship). …”

    I realised she was not paying attention. I continued teaching, explaining the concept “Government.” When I finished with that concept,I moved on to the next term ” Constitution.”

    I continued…”You will all agree with me that every society operate under a system of rules and regulations, values and norms, the absence of which will make society disorganized , perhaps chaotic. At the national level, laws are made to ensure the smooth running of the entire state and these laws are collectively called the constitution.

    A constitution is simply defined as the fundamental laws and principles of the land through which a state is governed.

    “Sir,” I head the sweet voice of Dzifa calling me.

    “Yes, Dzifa , how can I help you?” I asked , pretending not to know her true intentions.

    “Sir, you said the constitution refers to the laws used to govern the state. .. Does it mean the state cannot be governed without the  constitution?”

    I was amazed Dzifa asked such an intelligent question but I was also aware she just wanted to draw my attention towards her.

    “Dzifa,That’s a very good question” I said succinctly,”Before the advent of Democracy, kingdoms, chiefdoms and nations were governed by decrees, not constitutions. Decrees are pronouncements made by autocratic rulers which were seen as laws. But in modern democratic countries , people are not governed by pronouncements of individuals but by a set of laws officially called the constitution. Discretionary powers were highly limited.

    She wasn’t too convinced so she asked again, “but sir, how can the state ensure that rulers abide by the provisions made in the Constitution? ”

    Well, there are checks and balances that _____”

    My answer was cut short when Miss Frema Rosemary entered the classroom and the whole class stood up to greet her in chorus,

    ” You are welcome, madam”

    She responded, “thank you. I hope you are getting on well with Mr. Lamptey Millson.

    The whole class chorused,” YES, MADAM.”

    After she left,I explained how checks and balances were put in place to ensure adherence and compliance to laid down rules and regulations in the constitution. The lesson was impressive. They were awed by my teaching talent. I knew one person was particularly impressed. Yes,you knew her.

    The rest of the lesson was event-free.

    <•<•<•<Flashback ended <•<•<•<•<

    Wednesday was a very tiring day for me. I had a lot of markings to do. I decided to stay behind to mark the exercises before I go home.

    –3.00 P. m–

    ~After School~

    ~At the staff common room~

    I was in the staff common room after class, marking the students’ Government exercises when I caught a glimpse of Someone by the doorside.

    “Who’s there?” I asked with a loud voice.

    (No answer)

    I asked again , “Miss Frema, is that you ?”

    Then there was a response,” No, it’s not miss Frema, it’s miss Dzifa.

    “She said with a giggle and entered the staff common room.

    ” Dzifa, what are you doing here,”

    I asked , a bit stunnedby her


    “I am going home when I realise you are still around so I decided to come and say “hi.You know, as the Girls’ Prefect, I must ensure that everything is intact before I leave so I’m always the last student to leave school.

    Me :OK, that’s good of you but I’m still marking so I need a little bit of concentration here.

    Dzifa :Yea, I can see that but you need a little bit of company too. All the teachers have gone home, and you are here alone. I will be happy to keep you company.

    Me: Thanks for the offer , Dzifa, but it’s against school rules and regulations for a student to be seen in the staff common room when she has no real business to be there. In addition to that, you being a female student will raise eye

    brows making people suspicious about our interaction.

    Dzifa: I understand your concern

    sir, but I thought school rules end when school closes.

    Me: Yea, that may be partly true but the fact that I’m still on school campus means I’m still under the authority or jurisdiction of the school.

    Dzifa:(looking at me with romantic eyes) I understand your argument , sir, I guess I have to be on my way then.

    Me: Yea, and thanks for your co-operation.

    Dzifa : You are welcome.

    Dzifa turned around and left. I was quite relieved. If there was something I have seen in her eyes, it was her determination to be with me, as a friend or______girlfriend?

    I don’t want to think about it. I hastened with my marking and got finished within 30 minutes. I left to my home still thinking of what happened in the classroom.


    Episode 4

    Secret Admiration


    [RECAP : Millson was surprised to see the Yakayake seller he was attracted to in his class. He realised she was a student. Dzifa decided to initiate a friendly move]


    {Dzifa’s Narration }


    School has always being boring to me.If there was a place I wish I could avoid, then that place would have been school.Sometimes I pretended I was sick just to skip school. This habit nearly made me lose my post in the school as the GP( Girl’s Prefect) I couldn’t agree more with Prince Ed when he defined -S.C.H.O.O.L as the S.ix C.ruel H.ours O.f O.ur L.ives.

    Everyday , when I went to school to meet all those boring teachers trying to force useless theories into my head, I always pray secretly that lessons should end quickly.

    “Who the hell brought schooling to the world at all?,” I always ask.”That person would suffer forever.”

    All my sentiments about schooling and its boredom changed when Mr. Millson Lamptey came to our school.

    When he was teaching ,it seemed as if he was delivering a presiden

    tial speech. His voice was musical and he had a majestic personality.

    My heart sunk whenever he spoke. This teacher is indeed charismatic.

    Mr.Millson is a teacher every lady will admire. There was no doubt about his fine features.

    His hair was a rich shade of black. It curled round his scalp in waves and stretched in parallel lines towards his hairline. His glowing, fair-like skin was adorable with hairs running smoothly on his skin. His dove -like eyes were alluring and seemed to brighten the places around him. His round face was matched with a pointed nose and full lips. In general, he was tall and athletic.

    He epitomized the idea of

    perfection. When he realised I was excited, his lips parted into a smile, and the dimples on his cheeks materialised. I could see myself reflected in the mirror of his crystal clear seductive eyes.

    There were three things that separated Mr. Millson from most of the teachers- His style of teaching was very flexible, fun-filled and engaging , his way of dressing reflect modernity and class. More importantly he had a unique sense of humour. He looked friendly but principled. I knew I admired him the moment I saw him.

    The coming of Mr.Millson made me change my lackadaisical attitude towards School. From that point onwards, I became very punctual in class, hardly missing any of his classes. I wanted him to be my friend or if possible my …….

    never mind. I will tell you later.

    Sir Millson had become my idol.

    Two things happened in the school that drew me more closer to him.

    I was bullied by a boy called Yema , a fearful looking and notorious boy in the school. He was famed for fighting with a teacher in the school for taking his girlfriend,

    an action that earned him three weeks suspension and signing of a bond of good behaviour.

    When Yema started bullying me, I reported him to the school’s authority but that didn’t seemed to scare him. It was Mr. Millson who came to my rescue. He took over the case and arbitrated it fairly.

    Yema was eventually punished with a strict warning never to harass me again.

    The second thing that drew me closer to Millson was his subject “Government.” He noticed I was weak in his subject and decided to help me improve upon my grades.

    After class, every Wednesday, he would use one and half hours of his precious time to re-teach topics in his subject that I found difficult to grasp in class. With time , my academic performances improved.

    The subject I hated most suddenly became the subject I love most.

    I’m sure you know the reason. ‘Government’ had suddenly become my favourites subject. No doubt, it was because of the teacher behind the scene. I wished he was not a principled teacher. It could have made things easier for me.

    My behavioural change was noticed by my father when I went home one evening . He said , “Dzifa,” I have noticed that now, you go to school happily and regularly and your academic performances especially in Government had improved marvelously. What is the secret?”

    “It’s Mr Millson, Our new Govern

    ment teacher. He is very good and committed to his work. He made class very engaging and entertaining,” I explained to him, hiding my real intention behind that statement.

    My father gazed at me curiously for a few minutes.He was not fooled by my charade. After all, he is my father and was supposed to be more mature and experience than me.

    He asked , ” is that all?

    I was quiet.

    He continued, “I think you really like your new Government teacher. I can see it in the manner in which you spoke highly of him.”

    I said in my heart,”Like?….you said? I love him. In fact, I adore him !!!”




    My secret love for Mr. Lamptey Millson grew day by day. It became so strong that not even the strict school rules on Teacher – Student romantic relationship could stop it.Yes, my love couldn’t be quenched by any bogus school rule. Afterall, are the teachers also not human beings with sexual feelings? I wish I were the education minister. I would have repel that rule. It’s Obnoxious.

    I must make Millson aware of my feelings for him. I knew I could not summon enough courage to look him in the face and tell him about my feelings for him so I decided to put it into writing.


    The letter went like this;


    “My dear Millson, 🌷❤

    The sweetness of this season has given me the Golden opportunity to write this letter to you to express my heartfelt and unconditioned emotions through the words I am penning on this writing pad.

    Dear Sir, from the moment you step into our class , I have never been myself. I have countless sleepless nights just thinking of you.

    I thought the feeling will fade away with time but it is apparent it’s not going anywhere. In fact the more I see your angelic lovely face in my class, the more my heart yearn for your warm embrace. I wish I can just fly into your arms so that you take me to the world of bliss.

    ” Please Sir, this is NOT a joke. I love you and I pray you love me too.Please and please, Sir, don’t reject my proposal or else I will die. I need you in my life to make it complete. You are the missing rib I have been looking for all this while and thank God I have found you in my class.I knew the curtain of professionalism is a standing block to our loveship but I also believe there is no force stronger than love. Remember, love doesn’t ask why. It does what it wants to do. I wish to say more but the prevailing condi

    tions has made it highly difficult.

    In any case, I believe I have made my feelings very clear to you without any trace of equivocation.

    Thanks in advance.


    Your admirer………. “D”



    Please reply as soon as possible. Leave the reply in the cardboard in the Staff Common room after closing from school. I will pick it from there.



    Not sure how he would react to the letter, I decided not to write my full name under it. I wanted to be partially anonymous, at least for the time being. After parceling the letter, I secretly went behind the Staff Common Room after he left for another class and placed it on his table, since his table was closer to the window.

    I knew Mr. Lamptey Millson was a principled young man despite been free with us but I was hoping against hope that a miracle would happen and he will reciprocate my love for him.

    I waited for three days, then one week. He never even mentioned the fact that someone wrote a love letter to him. Two weeks, no response. I was disappointed but encouraged myself to write another letter to him.

    I wrote a second letter to him and it went like this;


    “My dear Millson, ❤🌷❤

    I am very happy to once again express my emotions to you through this penned words.

    ‘When I cast my eyes round,

    I see a vacuum created around me.

    When I look back and forward,

    there is nothing to hold on to and there I remember I needed someone special like you.

    When I lie on my bed at night,

    I feel I am lying beside you,

    then I remember you are far but close to me.

    You are very important to me.

    When my tears flow over, I needed only you to wipe them for me, in the valleys and shadows of death, my heart will still yearn for you.

    I really need you by my side.

    Yes.Just you by my side is more than a thousand others.

    I needed you to console me in time of troubles.

    Anytime I feel like I was alone,

    I remember you and my loneliness disappear.

    Please Sir. Make my fantasy a reality and do not see me as a small girl.

    Your admirer

    ” D”

    I waited for two weeks but again,

    he did not give any reply to the letter. I was sad but decided not to give up. I tried once again and wrote him a third love letter.

    I started…


    Dear Millson ,my love, 🌷❤🌷👄

    I waited for your response to my previous letters but I couldn’t get any. I want you to know that love is about caring. It is also about sharing each other’s problem.

    Love is about being there for your partner at the time he needs you most.

    when things are getting bad,

    when the world is forsaking me,

    remember that I still need you most. Pleasssssse,don’t leave me this way, when my heart refused to be comforted,

    when all doors are closed and when nobody was there to console me, I want to get the assurance from you that you will be there for me.


    Yours admirer………… “D.”


    Once again, he had not reacted or responded to my third letter .It became obvious to me that Millson had chosen to remain nonchalant to my love letters. But wait a minute, how can he respond to love letters that does not bear the senders full name.

    I had been a coward all this while.

    More surprising, Millson had shown no sign that he suspected me of writing the letters.

    Finally I decided to approach him and tell him about my feelings for him and d--n the consequences.

    That Wednesday after our usual private Government class, he was walking home when I called him, “Sir !”

    He turned abruptly, not aware that I was following him.

    “Yes, Dzifa,how can I help you?”

    he asked.

    I stood watching him for more than a minute. It is easier said than done. I thought I can simply walk up to my teacher and tell him I love him but now that I approached him , I realised the word is not that simple to say especially when you are a female student and he is a male teacher.

    “Hello, Dzifa, I thought you wanted to tell me something,” he said, cutting through my chain of disoriented thoughts.

    “Oh, yes, Sir, I just wanted to say I enjoy your class today. Today’s lesson was so exceptional and I want to thank you for that,” I lied. Deep within me,my heart was racing like a speed train.Two voices were speaking to me. One was saying, “Dzifa , say it, tell him you love him , afterall, is he not a human being, a male for that matter?

    The second voice inside me was saying, Dzifa , don’t say it. He is not your classmate, he is your teacher and if you say it, he will bounce you. You will lose his respect and he will see you as a bad girl”

    “Hmmmm,” I sigh . Should I say it or not. I was really in a dilemmatic situation. Finally, I decide to listen to the voice of the devil. I opened my mouth and say, ” Sir Millson, I like you a lot.”

    He smiled back at me and said, “it’s normal for you to like me. Afterall if you don’t like me, then it means you hate me and I am not sure I am your enemy, enjoy the rest of your day.”


    ” You too, Sir,” I responded rather reluctantly


    He walked away. I stood there , rooted to the spot.That was not exactly what I wanted to say, I wanted to say,” Sir Millson , I love you” but somehow ended up saying ” Sir Millson , I like you a lot”

    I was quite disappointed with myself.I have lost a once-in- a -lifetime- Golden opportunity but I live with the hope that since he was still in the school, I would surely get the chance again .At least I told him I like him, maybe that’s a progress.The famous adage said ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

    I needed to be patient,it’s just a matter of time. With those words of encouragement, I went home a bit satisfied.

    For the next two weeks, he was particularly busy with some school stuffs and we couldn’t meet after class.I was beginning to get discouraged. I really needed to tell him my feelings.

    The world they say was full of surprises, out of his busy schedule, he called me one day after class into the staff common room after all teachers have left. I smiled secretly in my heart. “He had read all my love letters after all,” I thought.

    I’m sure we are going to do it in the Staff Common room. But what of if a student or the headmistress come around and saw a shocking scene of the Staff Common room being temporarily converted into a hotel or mating ground?

    “Come closer to me ,Dzifa,” he commanded me.


    What happened next? Watch out for Episode 5

    Episode 5


    [RECAP : Dzifa’s admiration for her teacher compelled her to write series of anonymous letters to Millson which were not replied. She eventually decided to approach him but couldn’t voice her feelings for him.Millson called her into the staff common room]


    My Confidant


    { Dzifa’s Narration }


    I drew closer to Sir Millson. I was happy in my heart.

    “Please Sit down,” he ordered.

    I sat down on a chair closer to him.

    He said, “I have noticed something is eating you up . You are trying to hide it from me but it’s not helping you. It’s really affecting you psychologically and would soon trickle down to your academic performance. What is it?”

    Tell me.”

    “Sir, it’s nothing.” I said.

    Sir Millson looked at me smiling. He said, “C’mon, tell me what is worrying you. ”

    “Ermmm, I just ………..”

    I realised the word choked my throat. I tried hard to say it but I couldn’t. Something seemed to seal my mouth.

    Well, if you don’t feel comfortable telling me what is eating you up, I need not push it. Have a great day then.”

    Before I could open my mouth again , he left.

    I was flabbergasted.

    I needed to share this nagging issue with someone. Most of my classmates were not trustworthy

    so I couldn’t share my problems with them, especially this one which was very delicate to my heart.

    I knew I couldn’t share this ‘little secret’ with my parents. How could I go to my father or mother and tell them I am in love with my teacher? How will they see me. NO!  Discussing this issue with my parents is a non-starter. It’s  out of the question. Then I remembered Emefa. She was a past student of my school. I could trust her. Yes, Emefa could be trusted. Besides, she was very knowledgeable in love and relationship issues. I decided to open up to her.

    When I closed from School the next day, I went to Emefa and we had a private  conversation.

    Me: Good Afternoon, sister Emefa.


    Emefa: Good Afternoon, Dzifa,

    How was class today?


    Me: It’s Normal. Same routine.


    Emefa: ok.


    Me:I have something to tell you.


    Emefa : Ok. Go ahead.


    Me: I have a crush on my new Government Teacher.


    Emefa: Ok. That’s quite normal. Most teenage girls have crushes on their handsome male teachers.


    Me:Hmmm. I know but he’s special.


    Emefa: How?


    Me: He’s not like the other teachers who chase school girls.


    Emefa: I see. He’s special then.


    Me: Yes and that is where the problem is.


    Emefa : Hmmm. You see, the problem with you students is that if a teacher is very principled and highly professional, you don’t like him. If he’s very friendly and chase students too, you don’t like him. What exactly do you like?


    Me: Honestly, I don’t know about that issue but what I know is I’m in love with Mr. Millson Lamptey. So what do you suggest.


    Emefa : That’s a difficult question. If this teacher were to be a teenage boy or not a teacher, it would have been much simpler but he’s a grown -up man and principled. My suggestion to you is,forget about him. Anything you will do will lead to embarrassment because he will see you as a small girl, and indeed you are just a girl.Perhaps, you are just infatuated with him.


    Me: Hmmmm. What you said is true but I am afraid I can’t do that.

    Forgetting sir Willson will be like forgetting to breath.  I love him and I can’t stop loving him though I knew he’s older than me.


    Emefa:I know the feeling but I believe my suggestion to you will help you. I agree it’s a bitter pill but I don’t see how you will win this love game.


    Me :I will try,Emefa. I think I should get going now but please don’t tell anyone about our chit-chat.


    Emefa:Don’t worry.Your secret is safe with me. I wish you all the best in your love adventure.


    I left Emefa and moved towards my house .As I was going , I became sad at the prospect of losing Sir Millson. Was I really chasing a wind? Was my teacher truly beyond my reach. Emefa’s words flashed through my thought “If this teacher were to be a teenage boy or not a teacher, it would have been much simpler but he’s a grown -up man and principled.My suggestion to you is to forget about him. Anything you do will lead to embarrassment because he will see you as a small girl, and indeed you are just a girl.Perhaps, you are just infatuated with him.”

    No!, I said rather forcefully. How can I forget about love. Love is a sweet feeling. Once it get hold of you, it’s very difficult to forget it. No matter how I tried to forget this feeling , I can’t. It simply refused to go.

    A child who drank honey never forget its taste.I can never forget the taste of love, even if I just have a tiny bite of it. Her words bite deep into my spirit. ” Anything you do will lead to embarrassment because he will see you as a small girl, and indeed you are just a girl.

    I agreed Mr. Millson was older than me but I was not just a girl. What kind of embarrassment was Emefa talking about ?

    Was she forseeing me being bounced by Mr Millson? There is a saying that it’s better to try and fail than fail to try. Surely I have to try. I may get lucky.

    “Welcome back”My mum said.”Are you okay?”

    “I am OK. Mum, “I lied.

    “You can confide in me if you have problem from school, “she continued.

    “Alright mum, I will consult you if I have one,” I said.

    That evening , I jumped into bed.

    Suddenly, I saw myself on a beach, running on the Golden sands. Mr. Wilson was wearing a nice T-shirt and short. We enjoyed the cool breezes of the sea, as I put my arms around him.

    I turned my attention to the beach and  stared at nature’s beauty, the picturesque landscape, the golden sands on the beach and the smiling sun as it descended beyond the horizon to give way to the moon.

    As we sat down on the cool golden sand,we talked and laughed. It was getting late. I got up and put my hand out to help him up.

    When I felt his hand grab my hand,a sensation came over me and coursed through my body in a never ending circle of pleasure. My pheromones began surging like angry rams. We clung to each other as if we want to be like that forever.

    I looked into his eyes. He gave me a slight smile and I itched closer to him for a kiss. My heart was racing fast and my breath came in gasp.

    I placed my free hand on his waist and began pulling him towards myself. I put my other hand on his waist .We could hear the angry waves crashing along the beach as if to signal us of its presence or perhaps tell us the number of countless romantic scenes they had witnessed.

    Our lips were about two seconds from meeting when he looked into my eyes and said, “Are you ok?”

    I shook my head. He looked at me with doubts. I pulled him closer to my visibly shaky body and we hugged. He moved his hands down my chest and felt my heart pound.

    We began walking  away from the beach with our hands interlocking between our fingers.

    At that moment a feeling came over me like a wave. The feeling was overwhelming. My mind was racing and could not believe all these things were happening.

    Indeed,I counted myself lucky to have a boyfriend like sir Millson.

    He looked straight into my eyes and muttered the words, “I love you


    “I love you too,” I said. Once again, I drew him closer to myself and moved my lips towards his, to kiss him. My lips touched ……”


    “Dzifa! Dzifa !! Dzifa !!!,” I heard someone calling me. It was my father. I woke up and realised I was dreaming. I got angry because my father interrupted my ecstasic dream in which Mr.Millson was suddenly within my grasp.

    “Dzifa, you were sleeping and talking. That’s bad.What is bothering you?”my father asked.

    “Nothing, dad”, I responded.

    He said, “Pray and sleep well, my daughter.”

    He left the room. I was fully awake now but I could vividly recall the dream.It was  all coming back to me in shimmers of light.

    Episode 6

    Student Seductresses


    [RECAP: Mr.Millson Lamptey asked Dzifa what was worrying her but she refused to open up to him.She later seeked counsel from Emefa but was advised to stop crushing on her teacher. Dzifa’s dream about Mr. Millson was interrupted by her father and she was annoyed with her father secretly.]👈


    [ Millson’s Narration ]


    My stay in Tutukpene Senior High School have been peaceful so far except for one thing. The incessant sexual harassment and promiscuity among the female students in the school.

    A student had been sending me anonymous letters frequently. She had sent me about three letters already.

    Who might be doing that? I was close to almost all the students in the school but Dzifa seemed to be the closest.

    I strongly suspected it would be her, but why will she be writing anonymous letters to me when she could just tell me what she felt. Well, I didn’t no.Maybe the ” D” could just be a coincidence and the person may not be Dzifa as I was suspecting . It may be another person. But Dzifa had been behaving weirdly recently , as if something was eating her up.The last time she stopped me when I was going home only to say she like me and my lessons. Could all those things be charades?

    Maybe it was just a figment of my own imagination.

    I knew I had to be careful when trying to find out the one who had been sending me the anonymous letters. As I said earlier, my instinct told me it was Dzifa.

    But this case was not an isolated case. At a time when irresponsible teachers including some school heads had turned their female students into sex machines, some students, of course, the bad ones had also made life very uncomfor

    table for the teachers in and outside the classroom.

    It was a common phenomenon that was fast becoming a norm in most senior high schools in Ghana. Adolescents aged between the age group of 15 and 17 tried to express their adolescence by engaging in sexual relationships. They indulged in lesbianism and some also dated their schoolmates outside the school.

    Personally, I knew how adolescents behave so I was not so much perturbed about their irresponsible behaviours but my concern was about some of my mates who had began dating the female students. Some of the daring adolescent girls were seen in the company of fully matured male teachers too ,

    hugging and touching each other sexually.

    It was a common sight in most of our Senior High schools to see some unscrupulous teachers dating and lusting after equally bad and lascivious female students.

    The question I kept asking himself was, “How can we learn from these teachers who are morally handicapped or is it only the pedagogical skills that we are supposed to learn from them?”

    I stayed close to the P.E teacher’s  bangalow. Most often, I saw students who deliberately wore skimpy dresses to visit him during weekends for reasons best known to them.

    I remembered I once asked a student why she was wearing a seductive dress to her teacher who doubled as her godfather’s house to study and she told him all her dresses are like that and she wears them with no bad intentions.

    I needn’t stay in Tutukpene SHS for 10 years before I realised most of the girls in the school were sexually active and were either dating boys outside the school or some male teachers in the school.

    They  sat half-naked in class with their thighs widely opened  when teachers were teaching. Some even expose their breast on purpose to distract teachers. Series of advice given to them to desist from such inappropriate behaviour fell on deaf ears.

    I remembered a scenario in which a female student came to me after school closed. She began asking unnecessary questions on topics she claimed she didn’t understand and while I was trying frantically to re-explain the concepts to her ,

    she intentionally unzipped her school uniform to reveal her sensual well rounded breasts and at the same time open her thigh wide to reveal her new transparent pink pant which did little to hide  her female organ.

    Without uttering a word, I picked  my bag and left, leaving the lascivious student surprised.

    To her, no male teacher could resist an attractive teenager like her.

    I told my Government Head of Department about the issue only to be told that that was how the girls always behave anytime a young and handsome hard-working teacher or intern was posted to the school. They even tried to convince me that their behaviour was a normal expression of adolescence by Quoting, “when you go to Rome, do what the romans do.

    I personally took exception to that norm. There was another intern that also looked resolute with his moral principles, his name was Kwame Ankrah.

    I remembered one time , I was on duty with Kwame and we tried to supervise the girls so that they keep their dormitories tidy. Before we realised, some of the shameless girls who have gone beyond all form of ethical restrictions

    undressed in their domitories and walked naked right before our very eyes, giggling.

    At first , we thought it was a dream before reality dawn on us that these girls just wanted to tantalize us with their gorgeous bodies and trigger our sexual feelings.

    I later learnt that even among the girl’s circle,they acknowledged Crystalene possessed the most beautiful body of all and her charming body had caused the downfall of many men,including some teachers.

    In general, those girls had the potentials to pull even a Roman Catholic Bishop down. I could see my friend kwame slowly becoming

    disoriented with Crystalene’s sexy body.

    The rthymic bouncing of their full well chiselled breast cupped with black t--s, and the smoothness of their adolescent skins, being made more magnetized by their voluptuous figures with a tuft of hair at their private parts, was the very definition of their womanity.

    It wasn’t long before my colleagues were trapped in the web of their  feminine  charm.

    As anticipated, some of my mates began copying the maladjusted lifestyles of the unscrupulous teachers on campus. They did not only enjoy the company of the female students on the face value but also engaged in hot sizzling romantic activities with them.

    I visited my mate Laurence one early friday morning at his apartment only to see a female student with him. It was obvious to me she ran away from campus under the cover of darkness to have “fun” with him the whole night.

    I decided not to question Laurence about the female student because it was pretty obvious to me that Laurence had been sleeping with her for quite some time now.

    I told Laurence I will come back. Then I left.  Actually , I wanted to take the textbook Laurence had borrowed from me two days ago.

    Then an idea occurred to me.

    I diverted my course towards Kwame’s apartment to collect another textbook and prepare for the day’s lesson.

    When I approached his compound,

    I couldn’t help but listen to the ecstasic noises emanating from his room, followed by happy cries and moans,”Plea…s…..sss, Sir,take your time,Ehh, ahhhh, ummmmm, sir ……rock me harder, oh God,I’m cummin.’

    My heart skipped a bit.  I hoped what I was thinking was not happening there. I quickly entered the house,knocked on the door but realised it wasn’t locked. I pushed the door silently. The voice of the female moaning inside the room was familiar to him, no doubt about that.

     I opened the door silently.What met my eyes was amazing, so chilling and so real to be true. It was a shocker that almost made me faint. I saw Kwame in a missionary position with Crystalene, the queen of curves,the assistant girls’ school prefect both stark naked as the former rode the latter to heavenly joy, their moans becoming mistakenly uncontrolla


    My presence in the room broke their connection like a baby’s umbilical cord severed from the mother.

    They gazed at me in shock and shame, as they began to adjust to the sudden break of the hot intimacy they had experienced a few minutes ago.

    “I’m sorry Millson,this girl is too….”

    I didn’t wait for him to finish his naughty explanation. Without uttering a word, I turned back quickly and left.

    It was these bizarre discoveries that made me distant myself from my ill-mannered collegues with the intention of living the life of a hermit, in order not to be influenced by my colleagues immoral lifestyle. Deep within me, I doubt if I could maintain my moral compass for long in an environment full of moral contamination.

    When I entered my classroom after break and sat down on my desk, I took my text book and a white envelope fell from inside it. It was addressed to me.

    Again, the sender’s name wasn’t fully written on the envelope. I got curious and tore the envelope, to reveal another love letter , nicely written in neat handwriting, the writing pad had designs embla

    zoned at its edges. It reads;

    Please reply A.S.A.Pand place it on your table.


    My Dear Millson,

                     Apple of my Heart🍎

    There is nothing so sweet and palatable that has happened to me except you.

    There is nothing so pleasant, nothing so soul satisfying and nothing so caring and loving like you

    I know you will not believe my words but sweetheart, let’s forget about jokes

    You really mean the world to me

    Both day and night, I always thank my stars for setting my eyes on a loving and romantic person like you

    I kept wondering how my life would have been if I have not seen you.


    I wouldn’t have known the true meaning of love

    My life would have been disorganised and bitter if you were not to appear in my life

    Like the sunshine that came to drive away the cloud of darkness


    That’s why I want you to make this wonderful and sweet experience a reality.

    Anytime, you come to my mind,

    All my problems are solved immediately

    Even if I am hungry , I become satisfied Immediately by the mere mention of your name or just by hearing your voice

    How I wish I could fly and perch in your arms

    So that we can stay together forever

    Both on earth here and life hereafter.

    You see, I just want you to know my love for you is beyond comparison and I would do everything possible to prove my love for you forever

    Be assured of my everlasting love

    Your admirer.




    I opened another part of the text book and there was another love letter that ended with ” you are the core of my heart. The sender only put her name as L……..•

    Then another letter fell from another page, and loo and behold, another one fell. At the end I got about six different love letters from six female students.

    I left for my house to relax.On my doorstep, you won’t believe it, there was yet another letter and that one bore the familiar letter ” D”

    Episode 7

    [RECAP: Mr.Millson Lamptey was worried about the high level of moral decadence prevalent in Tutukpene Senior High school.

    He saw a lot of love letters in his text book placed on his table. They were from female students. He contemplated on who wrote the love letters to him. He went home and saw another love letter on his

    doorstep ]


    {Third Person Narration }

    For about two weeks, all the girls who sent their love letters to Millson waited for a response. Unfortunately, none came.

    It become apparent to them that Millson won’t kowtow to their request. Millson had completely ignored the love letters they took time and energy to write for him.

    Pains began to set in for the girls;

    Dzifa, Evelyn, Vivian, Irene,Lucy, Sylvia. You can call them the D.E.V.I.L.S.

    Dzifa in particular was badly hurt. She felt so sad and worthless and had lost interest in things she loved doing. Though she struggled to keep focus in the classroom, the rate at which depression was eating her up was becoming physically visible to her friends. She made a resolutions not to write any love letter to Millson again.

    It wasn’t long before the first term drew to an end and the exams came.

    Dzifa couldn’t concentrate on her studies but she managed to write her exams. After the exam, the school closed for a three week vacation.

    When the school closed, five of the girls who wrote the love letters to Millson and were ignored met to discuss how they could trap Millson to fall for them. Dzifa and Dima were not present at the girls’ group meeting.


    Evelyn : Good Afternoon girls.


    The four girls : Good Afternoon.


    Evelyn: You all know why we have gathered here.


    The Four girls : Yes


    Evelyn: You all know this young man masquerading in our school as a teacher is giving all of us sleeping nights. Isn’t He?


    The four girls : Yes, he is.


    Evelyn : I learnt he is not yet a teacher.


    Irene : So who is he?


    Evelyn : A teacher trainee or mentee.


    Irene: Meaning what?


    Evelyn: Meaning he’s in the process of becoming a full teacher. Now he’s undergoing the process or training to become a professional teacher.


    Irene : If he’s not yet a full teacher but a teacher- trainee, then I wonder what he will do when he complete his training.


    Lucy: This fine teacher come bring wahala for my heart inside.


    Sylvia : Don’t mind him. He’s just a ‘yeye’ boy.


    Evelyn : Hmmm.


    Lucy : Maybe he’s pretending.


    Vivian: This guy is just flexing on us.( Abi, who dey see sweet toto wey he no go chop. This fine

    Bobo be mumu/mugu)


    Lucy: Maybe his “thing” is not working properly.


    Sylvia: I think it is working well. I saw it bulge one day in class. He didn’t know I’m watching him.


    Lucy : So why is he denying us this enjoyment . Why is he rejecting us?

    (He no sabi sey we bi fine babes, wey our toto dey sweet well well? )


    Sylvia : I think he has a strong Christian background.


    Irene: Is he better than the rest of the teachers who love tasting our ‘toto?’


    Evelyn : No, he’s not but he’s different. He’s not like Mr. Frimpong who enjoy us by force. That man is a beast. His thing is too big. The day he enter my ” sweet thing,” I cried the whole day. Then he beat me on top.


    Irene : Me too. He enjoyed me in the Staff Common room. After closing. Then we did it again in his home. He’s a sexy beast.


    Vivian : Shhhh. Those ones has pass. This is a fresh babe. what can we do about him?




    Vivian : Talk or we quit.


    Irene: I think we should propose to him directly.


    Evelyn: That’s not a good suggestion. He will reject our proposal.


    Irene : How do you know?


    Evelyn : I can see it in his eyes. He’s not like Mr.Frimpong who enter every ‘pots.’


    Sylvia : This fine teacher is my dream man but he’s yeye boy.

    ( Free toto for you to enjoy has become a problem. Nawaaa oh)


    Lucy : What else can we do to him.


    Irene: let’s send some boys to beat him up for breaking our hearts.


    Lucy: Hmmm. I don’t think that’s fair.


    Irene : Why?


    Lucy : Because you can’t hurt the one you claimed you love. He had not broken our hearts. We decided to love him.


    Sylvia: (Na true talk)


    Vivian : I agree with you.


    Irene: Me too.


    Lucy: Me too.


    Sylvia : (Yea, make we no beat the fine boy. He’s our fine bobo naa.)


    Evelyn : I have a better suggestion.


    The four girls: Tell us.


    Evelyn whispered something into their ears one by one.


    The girls gazed at Evelyn in astonishment. Then they begin to clap for her. They say , “Evelyn, you are such a genius.”


    *Two days later *


    Night was falling. The moon was slowly announcing its presence. Most of the village’s natural beauty was lost, hidden under the thick canvas of darkness. The nocturnal creatures were becoming active. More darkness emanated from the evening sky. Darkness began reigning but the giant blanket of darkness that blocked out the sky completely was broken. Moonlit trickled in in enough quantity to temporarily convert the night into light for a few minutes.

    More darkness emanated from the evening sky as if it was a battle.

    The five girls put on a locally manufactured mask and moved towards Millson’s house. They hide behind the bush to assess the situation. No one was coming. The way is clear. They entered Millson’s House and broke in, their game plan that evening was simple. They want to GANG RAPE MIlLSON LAMPTEY.!!! Upon entering the room , they rushed towards the bed and lifted Mr. Lamptey Millson’s cloth. Then they were amazed…..

    Episode 8


    [Millson’s Narration]


    Initially, I wanted to stay at Tutukpene for the three-week vacation but something happened that changed my mind. I was going home that day when I saw a group of girls meeting in a secluded building. From the look of things, they had a sinister motive. They didn’t see me but I saw them.

    I had a premonition that they were planning something against me. Seven girls wrote love letters to me. Now I saw five girls meeting secretly. Could that be a coincidental?

    That night , I had a dream. In my dream, I saw a group of naked girls chasing me. Hmmm. Please don’t laugh at me. I suddenly woke up. It was then that I realised I couldn’t spend my vacation peacefully in the village.

    I left Tutukpene the next day. In any case , if I go back to Accra, It will offer me the chance to see my family. I relished the warm company of my family, my father Peter and my sister Delise. I prefer to call her by her local name Ekuwa.

    It had been many hours of travel

    ling from that God-forsaken village called Tutukpene to Accra.

    In reality, It had not being that long since I left my hometown but life in that village was simply boring.

    Thank God I decided to leave that village to Accra to spend the three- week vacation.

    I travelled by motorbike because finding a car from that village to the city is almost impossible. From that village to Accra is about 7 hours or 300 kilometers.

    It was in the evening when I finally arrived in the city of Accra. Darkness was spreading its thick blanket on the city, signalling to the gloomy sun that its time was up. This natural phenomenon depicts the concept of time. To every activity on earth, there was an appointed time, a time for the sun to rise and a time for it to set.

    Night was falling. The time was 7.00 p.m.The moon was slowly announcing its presence.

    Most of the city’s natural beauty was lost, hidden under the thick canvas of darkness. The tall buildings crowded close to both the streets and each other, obscured the sad sunset and plunging the ground below into deep dark shadow.

    The streetlights which were powered by solar gave enough illumination to the streets, driving away the nocturnal creatures from the route. More darkness emanated from the evening sky.

    The streetlight cast sickly yellow pools of artificial light around their immediate area, but somehow never managed to bridge the gap between adjacent lightposts entirely.

    They were bright enough, to hide most of the stars from view, leaving the sky above Accra, a dull, undifferentiated gray slowly fading to black. The dorminance of the darkness was soon broken by the countless rays of light. I did not gaze up at the uninspiring sky.



    The joy of being in my hometown

    made me feel so excited. It was great coming back home.

    Home sweet home.

    Accra looked more sophisticated to me. Perhaps it was because I was now living in a village so coming back to the city felt new.

    When I reached the station, I board a taxi home. The driver drove in the Obscurity, been aided by his headlight. I was almost home, making my way to my father’s home through the winding, cobbled streets.

    When I reached home, my parents were very happy to see me. They gave me a hearty welcome. My mother Naayah hugged me like a lost son and my younger sister was super excited. We chatted over a lot of things.

    It was a lovely reunion. The next day I had a conversation with my father.


    My Father: Millson, how’s life?


    Me: life’s difficult.


    My Father: Hahaha. That’s what make it worth living. If it’s not difficult, then it’s not worth it.


    Me: I agree with you?


    My Father: How’s your experience in the village so far?


    Me: Village life is quite adventurous.


    My Father: How?


    Me: Life is not automated in the village. It’s more of an active lifestyle. They used physical energy

    while we use machines.


    My Father: That’s the beauty of village life.


    Me: That’s why village people live longer and active than us.


    My Father: That’s a nice observation.


    Me: Tutukpene Senior high school is a single sex school.


    My Father: oh, I see. How are you coping there?


    Me: Well.By his grace I’m managing.


    My Father: How long will you do your internship there?


    Me: One year.


    My Father: How many of you are posted there?


    Me: Nine.


    My Father: I see. You won’t feel lonely, then.


    Me: [ silent]


    My Father: Why are you quiet.


    Me: Dad, the truth is , I felt lonely all the time.


    My Father: Why?


    Me: My colleagues are not like me.

    They chase the school girls.


    My Father: Hmmm. Do you remember the advice I gave you?




    Me: Yes, you said a teacher must be a lifelong learner because he can’t teach what he doesn’t know.


    My Father: That’s good. Do you think it’s helpful?


    Me: Yes, a teacher must learn everyday. That’s the only way he will be ahead of the students.


    My Father: Ok. What is my second advice.


    Me: You said I should be morally discipline and avoid dating those adolescent girls.


    My Father: Why should you avoid them?


    Me: They can lead me into big problems


    My Father: Good. So let me ask you, have you encountered any problem with teenage student girls

    In the school?


    Me: Yes, Dad. I encountered some

    tempting situations. The truth is, the girls are highly attractive and difficult to resist.


    My Father: Have you slept with any of them?


    Me : No. I didn’t.


    My Father: Good. Maintain your self control. I knew they will tempt you, they will trap you and some may even try to rape you. They are matured and tempting , with big breast and buttocks but look beyond the beauty. Look at your future and your dignity. Don’t let this girls overcome you. Make me proud of you. Please , don’t follow your colleagues and chase these girls. It always end with bitter consequences.

    In Accra, I was becoming accustomed to home-life again when I realised the holiday was almost up.

    It wasn’t long before the holiday ended and I had to return to that village again. Sadly, I said Goodbye to my parents and sibling and set off to Tutukpene.


    Another term had begun. It was September and students began trickling in, like drops of water. Within two weeks , Tutukpene school was in full section.

    I marked their end of term examina

    tion papers and was appalled by the high rate of failure and poor performances among the student body.

    I wasn’t surprise though. Most of those students were not interested in learning. They love sex. How can one combine love with education?

    It was Dzifa’s performance that amazed me most.


    {Dzifa’s Narration}


    When I saw my end of term examination, my heart sank. I failed in most of the subjects!!!

    When I reached home , I met my mother.She asked me why I was crying.Unable to answer her question, I by-passed her into my bedroom where I sobbed.She knocked on my door but it was locked.

    “My dear, “she said, “please open the door.I want to talk to you .

    ” No, mum, I don’t want to talk to anyone, please go, “I replied.

    Without saying another world , she left.That evening, I refused to eat. I had a sleepless night . The next day, I bathed and went to school with a heavy heart. On reaching the school, I entered the classroom and sat down, avoiding curious eyes.

    Mr.Millson came to the class. He admonished us to learn hard.

    I gazed seductively into his eyes .

    After closing from school, he called me and enquire from me why I performed badly in his subject.

    I was quiet.

    The manner in which he spoke to me melted my heart. This Millson teacher,huh huh ! He was just too exceptional. He could adapt and play dynamic roles and he was task -oriented.

    He made me so relaxed in his company to the extent that the invisible bridge between us seemed to break . It was not surprising ,therefore,when I said, “Sir, I LOVE YOU.”

    Without uttering any word , he left.

    It was then that I knew I had to stop the diploma and do something more extreme.

    Episode 9


    [RECAP: In Episode 8, Millson went home to spend his holiday with his family after he dreamt some girls were planning something bad against him. At home, his father reminded him to keep his integrity amidst sexual temptation from the students. When he returned to the village after the holiday, Millson advised his students to work hard since most of them failed his exam. Dzifa proposed love to him but he left without a word]




    Shocking Home Visitor


    ~Weekend, Saturday~


    [ Millson’s Narration]


    I was home , feeling too lazy to wash my clothes and sweep my small compound when I heard footsteps getting closer to my compound. Then she materialised onto my compound.



    “I brought you some jollof rice and meat, “she said.

    I was surprised but remained quiet. She sensed I was quiet and decided to probe further.

    “Are you alright,Sir?”

    “Yes, Dzifa’s,but I’m surprise to see you here.”

    “Why?”She asked.

    “I wasn’t expecting you,”I replied.

    She gave me a romantic smile and said, “don’t worry sir, you know life is full of surprises. I’m here to assist you with your household chores.”

    Behind her generosity, I was highly sceptical. Why will my student pay me a visit just to help me when I have not ask of her help?”

    Initially , I wanted to reject her offer but later decided to let her to what she wanted to do.

    Somehow, I was really touched by her magnanimity and felt she truly cared for me. The most remarkable thing she did again was, she washed all my dirty clothes, including my T-shirts and she swept my room and arranged my stuffs at the right places.

    I was moved by her dutifulness and felt impressed by her caring nature.

    She stayed with me for a long time and insisted I ate the jollof rice.

    I told her I will eat it when I got hungry.

    In the evening , I politely asked her to go home. She was hesitant so I took the initiative to see her off.

    I got to my room and it looked quite different. Neat and very organized.

    I laid on my neatly made bed and asked myself, “Is it possible something real can happen between Dzifa and I?”

    She was getting too close to me.

    I don’t want to break the code of ethics of professional teachers and lost my dignity and respect by becoming emotionally and sexually involved with female students. Despite my moral high ground, I Knew I was going to be in trouble if I didn’t caution myself.

    I decided to immediately erased the thoughts of Dzifa from my mind.

    But I wanted to help her pass her examination. I knew she could be a good student if she focused on her studies. The problem was, we wanted different things; She wanted to date me but I wanted to help her pass her examination.

    I knew she had a strong feeling for me , but I was afraid it will lead to trouble and also I didn’t want to make a promise I couldn’t fulfill.

    I have seen ladies cursing men who used and dump them. It was a sordid sight.

    It was a tough decision for me, because I had to fight every temptation inside me. Sometimes struggling with the enemies within us is more difficult than the enemies we see outside.


    ~ The Next Two Weeks~


    Dzifa showed a lot of seriousness. I saw her reading her books more frequently and avoiding most of the time wasting activities most of her mates usually engaged in.

    Somehow, her change of attitude got me admiring her secretly. She got closer and closer to me.

    That day, I didn’t see Dzifa in school. I was wondering what might have happened to her. As usual, I spent two good hours marking students’ exercises before deciding to go home.

    There were about six other female students in my class that behaved like they hated me.

    I think they felt uncomfortable with my presence in their class. Seeing beyond their gestures, I believed they might have been disappointed in something I did.

    Going down the memory lane , I didn’t remember doing anything that could have hurt them. Then something occurred to me. If I hurt these girls, it might have been because I rejected their love moves. If I rejected their love moves, then it’s because I didn’t reply their love letters. That’s it. It might have been a conjecture. But I was convinced those were the girls who wrote the anonymous letters to me. What was more, they were six in number and the love letters, excluding Dzifas, were also six.



    I returned home late that evening only to see my door open. My heart skipped a bit. At first I thought some thieves came and stole my belongings. It reminded me of how I returned from Accra to see my door tampered with. It looked as if someone had broken into my room but somehow managed to replace it. Now , my door is opened.

    When I got closer I realised someone was in my room. I entered the room only to see one of the greatest shocks of my life……

    Lying on my bed was Dzifa,

    completely naked from the crown of her head to the sole of her foot.

    “Welcome sir,” she said calmly as if it was  normal for her to be there in my room uninvited.

    Ignoring her greeting,I immediately asked her, ” what are you doing here and how did you enter my room?”

    She looked at me silently.

    “Are you not the one I’m talking too?” I thundered.

    Still,She was lying on my bed naked and quiet.

    I became visibly angry and advanced on her to pull her from the bed.

    Just when I was about to pull her from the bed,she said,” Sir,Sir,

    Please,let’s not spoil this wonderful moment. If you try to pull me out of your room,I will shout on top of my voice and accused you of raping me and you can imagine what the villagers will do to you. They will believe what I said because I’m a female student and you are a male teacher.”

    At that moment,I realized I was cornered. I realised  that in order to deal with the situation,what I need to use was tact and wisdom.


    What happened next?

    RECAP: Dzifa got close to Millson and somehow managed to win his confidence. She helped him in his household chores but she had another scheme down her sleeve.

    Millson returned home one evening to meet a shocking situation that could  jeopardize his career and dignity. Dzifa was lying on his bed threatening to shout if he dared try to force her out of the room. Now he was trapped and had a decision to make ]




    My heart thumped sporadically. If Dzifa shouted and claimed I tried to rape her,who would believe my innocence especially in an era in which so many male teachers were found culpable in this rather shameful act?

    I silently prayed to God to give me wisdom to to handle that dire situation.

    “Sir,What are you waiting for?

    Stop pretending and come, let’s have fun.I know you love me but because of that obnoxious and archaic rule in your teaching etiquette that a teacher cannot bang a student ,you are afraid.”


    “Hmmm,my dear,You are right,”

    I responded.

    She was a bit surprised at my response so she asked, “Are you sure of what you are saying?”


    👨🏫Me:My dear,can’t you see from my eyes that I love you?


    👧Dzifa: Well.Sometimes I think you do but other times you behave as if you don’t love me.


    👨🏫Me: But you should understand the etiquettes of our profession forbid it.


    👧Dzifa: I know but if we keep it a secret ,who will know?


    👨🏫Me: Nobody but how long can you keep a love affair a secret?


    👧Dzifa: As long as I remain a student. Do we have a deal?


    👨🏫Me: Yes,of course,We have a deal. In fact it’s a mutual agreement. I always admire your gorgeous body. It’s so tantalizing.


    👧Dzifa: Do you like my breast.(Dzifa held her breasts in her hands and showed them to me. She juggled them and they bounce temptatiously )


    👨🏫Me: Oh,God,I can’t find words to describe them.

    They are simply glamourous.

    I’m feeling concupiscentand red -hot to have you. 🙄😍


    Dzifa laughed uncontrollably.I’m truly surprised at all your words, Sir. I never know you have a romantic sense of honour. Do you like my “thing”?”She said showing me her orifice of her “toto” without any trace of shame.


    👨🏫Me: It’s simply beautiful in all dimensions.


    👧Dzifa :I’m getting ….h---y. Sir,Let me tell you a secret.


    👨🏫Me :Okay.I’m listening.


    👧Dzifa: Sex is my hobby. Everyday when I see you in class, I feel yummy down there and I always fantasize the day you will pound me till I cry. I’m sure you have an ” “anaconda” down there so that it can feel my thigh chamber and ease me into that sweet feeling.


    Dzifa’s words surprised me a lot. My dear readers, I am a virgin and had never has sex before. I was a staunched Christian and I believe in the sanctity of sex in marriage.

    Somehow, Dzifa’s opened ” Toto” created a huge tension in me. I moved towards her.

    She said, C’mon, Sir, hit me hard. I know you will like the water you will drink from my sweet pot. I never disappoint my ‘riders.’

    For a moment,I got disoriented and almost cancelled my plans. Just when I was accepting the scenario as it is, I got an inner energy that seemed to revitalise my determination to be an icon of moral purity and a PACESETTER TEACHER. 👈

    I just prayed silently in my mind,

    lord, let this temptation pass by me.”

    Dzifa had already hugged me and was kissing me sensually.

    I remained glued to the spot. He rubbed her bossom on my chest. The tension was great and I felt my rock resistance crumbling before my very eyes.


    👨🏫Me: Do you really LOVE me, Dzifa.


    👧Dzifa: She nodded.


    👨🏫Me: That’s wonderful.


    👧Dzifa: Sir, make me feel like a woman. I can’t control it. Please hurry up and get in….


    👨🏫Me: Wow.I’m a lucky man then.


    👧Dzifa: Yes,You are…(She gazed at me more critically) Sir, don’t break my heart.


    👨🏫Me:Oh dear ,Why will I?


    👧Dzifa: Can I just call you Millson,

    without the title “Sir?”


    👨🏫Me: Why not,Afterall,we are now lovers.


    👧Dzifa: Thanks Sir….ehhhh,

    Millson, Please come into me ,Let’s make love.


    👨🏫Me: Yea,let’s not waste time. This is the day I have being looking for. Anyway,have you brought a condom?


    👧Dzifa: Nooooooo!!!!!!!!🙄.


    👨🏫Me: Oh,Why?Don’t you know you can easily get pregnant through unprotected sex ?


    👧Dzifa:Yea,I know but I didn’t think about that before coming.


    👨🏫Me: Hmm,I’m sorry Dzifa. I don’t think you are fully prepare before coming here,You need to go get a condom. If not it will be impossible for me to have sex with you. I don’t want us to regret our action after enjoying this sweet thing . You know it’s gonna be all night long.


    She seemed to be convinced.


    👧Dzifa: Okay,Sir…..Millson, Stay right here.I’m be back soon.

    I know where to get one right now.

    Dzifa hurriedly got dressed and rushed out of my room shouting,

    “I will be back in a jiffy,Sir.”


    “I responded,Don’t worry ,I will be right here.”

    The moment Dzifa left my room,I firmly locked my door. Then I went on my knees and prayed to God for saving me from a situation that could potentially become an embarrassment to me.


    My prayer went like this:


    My Lord,My Redeemer,My Rock and Saviour

    I thank you so much

    You are my strength and my support

    You fill my heart with joy and my mind with abundant wisdom.

    You have said that if I delight myself in you, you will not let me down.

    Help me to be mindful of my actions and deliver me from the lust of the flesh.

    My Soul is willing but my body is weak.

    Everything I have is a gift from you. You are the God of peace,

    the great shepherd of the sheep.

    May you equip me with everything good that I may do your will and not the will of the canal flesh.

    Work in me, that I may be pleasing in your sight.

    Revitalizing me that I may be an honourable and clean vessel in your sight.

    Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


    After the prayer, I opened my bible and was reading 2 Samuel 11: 1- 5;

    It reads,

    1.In the spring of the year, the time

    when kings go out to battle,David

    sent Joab, and his servants with

    him,and all Israel. And they ravaged the Ammonites and besieged

    Rabbah. But David remained at



    2. It happened, late one afternoon, when David arose from his couch

    and was walking on the roof of the

     king’s house,that he saw from

    the roof a woman bathing;and the woman was very beautiful.


    3 And David sent and inquired

     about the woman. And one said,

    “Is not this Bathsheba, the

    daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?”

    4.So David sent messengers and

    took her, and she came to him, and he slept with her.Then she returned

    to her house.

    5 And the woman conceived, and

    she sent and told David,

    “Iam pregnant.”


    “Kor!!,kor!!!,kor!!!!!” I heard a loud bang on my door. I knew who was there. Definitely,it’s Dzifa. She kept knocking and banging at the door with all her strength,shouting,

    Sir,!!Sir,!!!Sir!!!!,Please Open the door for me.I’m ready now.


    I responded,”Dzifa,go home. I’m sorry but I can’t sleep with you.I’m a child of God and a teacher who has dignity and respect.”

    “But you said you love me,”She said.

    ” Well, I love as as a student. Jesus admonished us to love our neighbours as ourselves. So please don’t confuse the agape love

    I have for you with Eros love. Im sorry.

    Dzifa broke down behind my door and cried uncontrollably. She threatened to kill herself in front of my door if I don’t let her in.

    “You lie to me,You receive me and you tricked me,Sir. I will kill myself if you don’t open the door.”

    At first ,I was quite afraid but I stood my ground and said,”No,

    Dzifa. I can’t open the door for you. Do whatever you want to do to yourself.

    As if my words worked some magic, she stopped sobbing.Then I heard her footstep fading in the background. I guessed she was gone.

    I knelt down and thanked the Almighty God from delivering me from the lustful jaws of this teenage girl.


    What happened next?

    Episode 10


    The man behind the scene and DC


    [RECAP: Millson used tact and wisdom to extricate himself from Dzifa’s trap. He thanked God for giving him that wisdom ]


    {Dzifa’s Point of view }


    God,I could have been a little more smarter. How on Earth did I allow this ‘milli teacher’ to outwit me?

    I thought it was real. He acted it so nicely. Now, I’m totally embarrassed. After that embarrassment, how would I see his face in class again. It will be very difficult for me. What I felt for him was very deep. I thought by telling him I love him, he would change his mind about me but all those tricks failed.


    I kept wondering what exactly made sir Millson behave so differently from the rest of the interns who chase my mates like c---s running after hens.

    Was it his home- training, religion or personal decision. I knew for a fact that most people would tell you they are christians but in reality they are simply hypocrites. Surely, I don’t want to be the judge of their behaviour but Mr. Lamptey Millson was a unique teacher and he’s so dear to my heart.

    Admist my tears, I vowed, “Sir Millson, I will always love you. I tried to control my tears from spilling.

    Now I lost a game I paid for with my body. Perhaps, let me tell you how I ended up in my teacher’s room in the first place.


    Sir Kwame had been proposing to me for quite a long time but I often told him I’m not interested in him. Somehow, he got to know I’m interested in his friend Millson rather.

    One day he told me to come and see him at home. I told him bluntly I won’t come. To my amazement, he laughed out loudly and Said, ” oh, I thought you will do everything to get my friend Millson. Maybe I’m wrong. You are not serious afterall.

    At the mention of Millson, I became interested and asked him what he meant. He said if I am interested I should meet him at his house.

    Curiosity took the greater part of me and I rescindedmy earlier decision and went to his house.

    “I can help you get access to my friend’s room if only you cooperate with me,” said Kwame.

    I don’t understand, please explain.

    “Hahaha, I’m happy I’m getting your attention now. The truth is, Sir Millson gave me one of his keys to keep for him so that if the one he’s using get missing , he will come for the spare key I keep for him.

    Along the way , we had a misunder

    standing. I thought he will come for his key but it was apparent he had forgotten about it.”

    I became excited and say, “please give it to me.”

    Kwame said , ” not so fast lady. If you really want to have access to Sir Millson’s room, you need to allow me taste the sweet waters in your honeypot. That’s the deal.”

    I smiled at sir kwame. My dear readers, isn’t it funny. Kwame was lusting after my body but I didn’t like him that much. I was lusting after Mr.Millson but he didn’t love me too. Love could be frustrating at times.

    I told kwame I won’t have sex with him. I stood up and left. On the way, I changed my decision after weighing his offer meticulously. Maybe that is the only chance I had. I returned to him and said, ” I will do it , for the sake of sir Millson.”

    He smiled with satisfaction and said, “thanks for your cooperation.

    He kissed my earlobe and helped me undress. I could see he was already “rock hard.”

    He began kissing me passionately with his soft lips. I let out a soft moan and wrapped my arms around his neck. He gently pushed me onto his bed and mounted me and kissing me incessantly.

    He ripped my shirt off me, revealing my laced bra. I had my eyes closed and felt his lips move from my mouth to my neck and slowly made his way down to my chest. He spotted the cleavage between my breast and used his mouth to explore it. A moan escaped from my mouth.

    I unzipped his trousers and his ‘joystick’ popped out ready to gobble my sweet pie.

    He touched my inner inner thighs lightly and moved his hands slowly in the direction of my V-spot.

    “Kwame ” I moaned.


    Suddenly, his ‘joystick’ became very aggressive as it advanced towards my pit of pleasure.

    Then , it plunged itself into the forbidden hole. The sweet sensation was spontaneous, much to my amazement.

    I was enveloped with immea

    surable pleasure. “Ughhh, ahhh, ummm, wow, rock me hard, rock me, please rock me hard, ooohhhhh, my God!!!!!!!”

    I moaned. “Oh kwame, Oh kwame,


    As you are already aware , SEX IS my HOBBY. Sex is fun. I love it.

    Please don’t judge me. I know you are not a saint either. like it or hate it, what I said about sex is true.

    I really enjoyed every bit of it even though Kwame was just a means to an end.

    Then I said, “oh, my God, oh, oh , Millson, oh my babe Millson, I love you so much.”

    Kwame stopped sexing me and gazed in awe. I realised too late that I was unconsciously calling ‘kwame’ as Millson.

    “You have breached the terms of our agreement. Go home. I won’t give you the key. Why should you be calling me Millson?”

    I knelt down and began begging him. I even cried to him to give me the key and promised to give him another round of sex after I seduce sir Millson.

    He asked if I will give it to him even if I fail and I assured him I will.

    He smiled gleefully. He gave me the key.

    So that was how I ended up in sir Millson’s room. I paid my way in with my feminism. When Sir Millson requested for a condom, I rushed back to kwame and he gave me one. Hmmm. All these efforts came to naught.



    ~The next day, in the night ~


    You remembered I promised giving kwame another round of sex. It’s an obligation I had to obey though my mission had failed. I headed

    towards his house. Soon, I reached there and knocked on his door. He opened the door and ushered me in.

    “I’m here to do as I promised you, even though my mission failed.”

    Kwame said, “If I were to tell you your mission will fail, you wouldn’t have believed me. Trust me, Sir Millson will never allow you to have sex with him. He’s a highly religious, principled and hard working man. My advice to you is to leave him alone and be my girlfriend. If you keep forcing yourself on him, you will hurt yourself. Don’t say I do not warn you. I’m just…”

    “Shut up. Let me give you what I promised you and go.” I cut him short.

    I put off the lamp and laid beside him. Before I could say jack he started touching my sensitive spots. I began kissing his chest, sending sensual signals to his charged hormones. I kept on kissing him clinching his t--s with my lips .He took charge and laid me on my back. He tickled my t--s and other sensitive spots . I moaned. Then it happened again in his room.


    The thought of Millson, my love one ,rejecting me was too difficult to bear. He hurt me so much and inasmuch as I love him,I wanted to retaliate. As I kept wondering what to do to hurt him back for embarras

    sing me, I remembered the Disciplinary committee (DC) of the school.I decided to report him to the headmistress.

    The following day, I made a complaint to the headmistress about him. I lied to her he always tried to harass me sexually despite the fact that I warn him severally against such unprofessional conduct. The headmistress was quite surprised to hear that. She said, “this intern is well spoken of by the staff and students.I find it hard to believe he’s sexually harassing you. Well, I will do my own investigation before summoning him to a Disciplinary Committee.”

    It hit me hard. I wished the headmistress had responded a little more aggressively.


    ~Three days later~


    The headmistress called me three days after I lodged the complaint. When I reached her office, she asked me to sit down. I was quite nervous. There was something about her body language they told me I was not in for a favourable decision.

    She said, “Upon my own investiga

    tion using a team of experienced teachers , we found nothing concrete on Mr.Millson to back your claim that he tried to harass you sexually. On the contrary, we heard nice things about him like how hard-working he is, how God-fearing , committed and result -oriented he is. This further reinforced my earlier conviction that he is a good intern.

    In all earnesty, I think you are simply having a crush on him, knowing very well he won’t respond to your advances so you wanted to use the Disciplinary Committee

    (DC) as a conduit to teach him a lesson.”

    “My advise for you is this,leave him alone. He’s your teacher,not your boyfriend.”

    I left the DC completely embarras

    sed. Surely I needed another plan and Kwame is very essential to my next plan. He has become a puppet in my hand. I know how to manipulate him. All the male teachers in my school are the same except …M.I.L.L.S.O.N.


    What is Dzifa’s next move?

    Episode 11


    RECAP: Dzifa revealed how she got into Sir Millson’s room. After a failed attempt to seduced him again, she went back to

    the man behind the scene, kwame to fulfil her promise and strategize for her next move.



    >•<Third Person Narration >•<


    Dzifa went to Kwame to finalise her plan on how to trap Millson. She knocked on his door and kwame came out.


    🤵Kwame: Dzifa, why are you here?

    As a girl’s prefect, you shouldn’t be breaking bounds. You should be an example to your friends.


    👧Dzifa: Sir, are you preaching to me?…errr, but you are also guilty and don’t really live by example, with all due respect, I heard you slept with crystalene, my assistant, I mean the Assistant Girls’ Prefect. Is it true or it’s just a mere rumour.


    🤵Kwame : Shut up , girl, are you here to interrogate me?


    👧Dzifa: No, sir, I’m sorry. Just that Crystalene said something about you in the girls’ dormitory that got all of us laughing.


    🤵Kwame : Like what?


    👧Dzifa: She said you are “hot” in bed. She also said no man has ever made her squirt before but you have done that.


    🤵Kwame : So Crystalene share intimate details of our lovemaking with you?


    👧Dzifa: Yea, She’s my friend. We share secrets.


    Kwame was quite surprised but he decided not to prolong the conversation.

    Dzifa : Now, this is what I want you to help me do to your friend, Mr.Millson.


    Kwame: Yes, I’m listening.


    Dzifa said, I want you to _____.


    [Millson’s Narration ]


    I kept wondering how Dzifa got into my room but I couldn’t fathom it.

    It was apparent that girl wanted to tarnish my image. I was wondering what exactly I could do to put finality to her adolescent gimmicks. I pray God gave me wisdom to keep extricating myself from the web of that lascivious girl and her accomplices.

    Perhaps, my only saviour would be when our internship ended and I left that village.

    I then remembered I kept one of my keys with Kwame. But would kwame stoop so low to the extent of giving my spare key to a female student to come and seduce me ?

    Well. It’s a possibility. If kwame could sleep with students, why couldn’t he compromise his integrity and give my spare key to Dzifa?

    I decided to take back my key from him the next day.

    I glanced at my watch. It was 6.00 p.m. I was still reminiscing past events when I heard a knock on my door.

    I opened the door and Kwame was there.

    “Please come in,” I said.


    Kwame : It has been a long time. I know we are no longer friends but I want us to reconcile.


    Me : I don’t have anything personal against you.


    Kwame : Then why did you break our friendship.


    Me : I’m sure you know why. I can’t keep company with a paedophile.


    Kwame : meaning?


    Me : Meaning someone who find children sexually attractive or sleep with them.


    Kwame : Well. Those girls are not children.


    Me : To me , they are. Most of them are 16 years old with few now turning 18.


    Kwame : Hmmm.


    Me : So if you want our friendship to restart, you know what to do.


    Kwame : Ok. You have a point there.


    Me : Ahaa, my key is with you. Have you brought it?


    Kwame : Ummm. No. I didn’t realise you will need it now.


    Me : Don’t worry. Tomorrow, I will come for it.


    Kwame : Why?


    Me : Why why? It’s my key. I have a right to keep it or give it out to whom I desire.


    Kwame : Yooo. I hear. But I hope it has nothing to do with Dzifa breaking into your room to entrap you.


    Me : Well. It has. You are the only one keeping my key so how did she enter my room when I had not given her my key?


    Kwame : I can’t fully answer that question but I guess she stole the key from my room and used it to open your door.


    Me: Besides , she’s very close to you know now. She’s your friend.


    Kwame : She’s my student.


    Me : But how will she know that key belong to me?


    Kwame : I can’t tell and I don’t know. I’m just guessing. It could also be possible you forgot to look your door before going to school and she took advantage of that.


    Me : Well. It’s a possibility but how will she know my door was not locked.


    Kwame: It’s simple. She’s monitoring you.


    Me: Yea. That sounded logical.


    Kwame : Anyway, I brought you some mangoes. Just a token of friendship.


    Me : Thank you kwame. They looked juicy and fresh.


    Kwame: Welcome.


    Kwame stood up and left. I looked at the Mangoes. They really looked fresh. I decided to eat them before retiring to bed. The mangoes were about seven in number.

    ‘Cram!’ I bite the mango and became gnawing through one.

    Along the way, something came into my head. ” what if these mangoes were poisoned or drugged? Kwame couldn’t be trusted. With that thought in mind, I stopped eating the mango, bathed and went to bed.

    I began feeling drowsy when l laid on my bed. I don’t know when sleep stole me from this world but I dreamt Dzifa was making love to me. Then the dream became too real.I was staring in awe at the sight before me. She had big brown breasts with just the right sized nipples with just the right amount of sag to make them look desirable.

    Dzifa noticed my attention and gave me a sultry smile.

    She jumped up and down and her breast swayed in response. She made a move to pull me towards herself.

    “Naw uh…” I responded and jumped back. “You touch me and I won’t be able to stop you from doing anything else. She looked pissed.

    She latched on her bra from behind, pulled up the straps and said, You keep me waiting for so long ?”

    “Honestly, I don’t know. My emotion was in a whirlwind , so I didn’t remember much from her speech.

    She scoffed and shook her head, “Sir, stop playing hard-to-get!”

    I suddenly woke up from my dream only to realise someone was actually on top of me, naked with her breast flapping to and fro on my face.

    I was stripped naked. She was bouncing up and down on my “joystick” but the tip of my phallus wasn’t submerged in her “honeypot.” Her up and down movement seemed to be a make -believe. But she started directing the Joystick towards her “entry point”.

    MY hands were tied at my back.

    The entry wasn’t deep but I could feel some sweat sensation on the tip of my “joystick.”

    She wanted to sit on it full and have the whole thing buried deep into her through her sweet spot but I turned to the left side quickly and prevented the deep penetration.

    I don’t want to enjoy the pleasures of sin.

    The room was dark but the glimmers of the moonlit set their way into the room giving it some illumination. The figure of my assailant or seductress looked familiar to me.

    She gripped me closer to herself. I tried to free myself from the rope but it was pointless and difficult.

    I managed to hit her hard with my chest and she moved away for a few minutes. I moved my tied arms below my legs so that they will come to the front of my body. With my hands still tied but now in front,

    I struggled with her. She advanced on me again but I was poised to extricate myself from her grip. The struggle became so intense.

    Still she pinned me down forcefully.

    Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t stronger than me but the effects of the mango I ate was still evident.

    I was weak. I realized the mango was drugged by kwame.

    “STOP IT, I commanded her ” but she was adamant.

    Somehow , I felt the rope used to tie my hands loosened. Slowly, I fred my hands.

    “If you struggle with me, I will scream that you are raping me,” Dzifa threatened me.

    “Go to hell with your threats!” I said with bravado. She held me again.

    I SLAPPED her.

    When she realised my slaps were becoming incessant and I was over powering her, she began screaming so loudly that even a deaf  could hear her. 

    As she continued screaming ,

    a group of villagers bumped into my room with lanterns and saw us struggling. Dzifa was I were naked and she was crying and screaming. She said I wanted to rape her. No sooner had the villagers heard of her accusation than I was subjected to severe beating. They beat the living daylight out of me. I dare say, I was almost lynched.

    I was beaten to the point blood was oozing from a deep cut on my face, legs, nose and arms. I was weak and almost fainted.

    A man that looked like her father said, “TEACHER, is that how you are? Raping your students? You must be banned from our village.” Soon ,three muscled and fearful looking men arrived at the scene and yanked me off to the chief’s compound admist shouts and condemnation. The time was around 8.00 p.m. Underneath that heckling and condemnation, there were very few discerning people who cast doubts on what Dzifa said. They knew the situation wasn’t really as it seemed.


    ~In the Chief’s cell~


    The bruises inflicted on my body made me feel excruciating pain. I was beaten for no cause. Here was a school girl forcing herself on me ,

    harrasing me sexually but I ended up in the four corners of the Chief’s cell. “Why do bad things happened to good people? ” I found myself asking that question after I had gone through series of beatings for a crime I have not committed.

    Dzifa had it all planned out with kwame after she realised I was determined to reject her sexual advances.

    I knew she must be smiling by now. No one was ready to listen to my side of the story. To them, I was already guilty.

    There was a common saying that you can’t force love, you are more likely to find it when you are not looking.Just like how the Fetridge’s law works. Important things that are suppose to happen do not happen, especially when you are looking. Sadly, trouble found me in the form of love when it was the last thing I was looking for on earth. To me , this thing called love is not the roses that blossomed or the fairy tales that bring magic to our lives. It look more like a figment of our own imagination in which we see ourselves swimming in seas of depthless metaphors.

    I was trying to pry into this universally valued sentiment called love whose core mystery was shrouded in inexplicable theories, beyond deciphering as I sat in the cell. It was six feet by four .The walls were thick with a wooden door welded firmly to a pivot hinge.

    The cell had only one small

    Window. It was no brighter inside than the gathering gloom of dusk.

    My pains were exercebated by the bed , which was just a plank of wood on creaky legs, an unguranteed monument, with no mattress, no cushioning and only one worn out blanket. I slept.

    The next day dawn, I woke up early and prayed to God.


    My lord and my God ,

    I felt nothing but hurt and pain.

     I feel so broken, my heart is torn apart, shredded by the scheme of the wicked one.

    All I can do is wait upon your abundant mercy Wait in this desolate place,

    I believe and have an unflinching trust in you that somehow you can meet me and touch me with the anointing of your holiness

     I feel too weak to go on.

     Drained of all energy I am like a shell, living, breathing, yet so empty. All I want to do is give up.

     Give up in this heartbroken time,

    And believe that somehow you can restore me.

    I find this sadness overwhelming, and too strong

    Like wave upon wave of emptiness

    All I can do is rest.

    Rest within your suffering and hope that through you – Your love, your forgiveness and your strength – I will wake to a new day

    A new dawn for my heart and my life.


    I was in the prayer mood when the door creaked open and two of the Chief’s bodyguards walked in. “Hey, teacher , the time has come for you to be trialled in the chief’s court.

    I stepped out of the cell and was taken to the Chief’s palace.


    Will Millson be found guilty or innocent?

    Episode 12


    Trial By Ordeal


    [RECAP: Dzifa used Millson’s friend, kwame to drug some mangoes which were given to him. He ate one and slept. While sleeping, Dzifa entered his room again and attempted to made love to him but Millson woke up and struggled with her. She ended up screaming and the villagers came and arrested Millson. He was put in a cell to await a trial]


    [Millson’s Narration ]


    ~At the chief’s Palace ~


    The chief and the elders were already seated in the palace when I was taken there. The palace had an aesthetic appeal. The chief’s stool was beautifully designed in golden colors and strange symbols were emblazoned on the walls.

    Greetings were exchanged. I was asked to remain standing

    The chief spoke through his linguist.

    He said , “Did you know about the norms,culture and taboos in this village?

    I was silent.

    “A case had been brought before me that you attempted to rape one of the daughters of our land. According to our Customs and traditions, rapist are castrated and ban. Now , young man. You are a teacher and much is expected of you as an intellectual. You are supposed to be a role model for the children. Tell me what exactly happened.

    I took a deep breath and narrated how Dzifa had been harassing me ever since I came to the village. I skipped certain details but maintain the essentials. I also recounted how my door was broken into, how Dzifa got into my room and finally how I was drugged by my friend to facilitate Dzifa’s sexual harassment and seduction.

    A lot of the villagers who heard my recountal were awed. Most of them found it difficult to believe what I said. There were few who believe me.

    I was asked to mention anyone who witnessed all the allegations I put across. I knew Kwame had been a witness to a lot of these incidents but I doubted if he would vouch for me.

    Nevertheless, I decided to give him the benefits of the doubts so I told the court Kwame was my witness.


    It was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Kwame said he had no idea about what I said and thus couldn’t collaborate my claims. It was as if I jumped from a storey building, counting on my friend to catch me in the air to reduce my chances of crushing to the ground and dying only for him to look unconcerned as I fell to the ground.

    I was however amazed when my mentor Miss Frema came to my rescue. She told the court I was a good mentee who respected myself. She even said it was the female students rather who had been flaunting their bodies around me.

    The headmistress of the school also told the court she believed I was telling the truth. She said Dzifa had made false accusations against me before so she was convinced that case was another manipulation. Those words didn’t go down well with the villagers and they accused the headmistress and miss Frema of supporting wrong doing.

    Dzifa was called to narrate her side of the story. She said I have been pressurizing her to have sex with me but she kept denying me. She cited so many scenarios I was not conversant with.

    She was asked what she was doing in my room at that time. She said,

    “I have a problem in Government and asked my teacher to assist me. He told me to visit him in his house so that we would have a congenial atmosphere to study. I asked him when he will be free and he told me he will be free around 7.00 p.m.

    So I went to him around that time. At first, he was very cooperative and helped me with some of the confusing concepts in the subject ‘Government’ but an hour later , he began fondling my breast.

    I humbly told him to stop but it was apparent he decided not to adhere to my instructions.”

    Then he carried me forcefully and laid me on his bed and unclothed me after which he removed his own clothes. I reminded him he is a teacher and I’m a student so he should behave professionally but he told me to shut up. I began struggling with him but he was mega strong. He overpowered

    me and was on the verge of insertion when I screamed. I began fighting him until some men came to my rescue.”

    She was asked why she went to my house since she claimed I had been harassing her.

    She said, “Mr.Millson promised to turn on a new leaf. I decided to take his words for it and go.”

    She was asked if she had a witness to support her claim. She said she had six witnesses whom she called as Dzifa, Evelyn, Vivian, Irene,Lucy and Sylvia.

    They were already in the Chief’s palace so they were commanded to collaborate the claims made by Dzifa.

    I was amazed when the six girls said all that Dzifa said was true and that they were also victims of sexual harassment from me.

    After hearing all that, the chief asked me through the linguist if I still stood by my words that I was innocent. I told the chief through the linguist that I was very innocent. Now it was 2 witnesses against 6 witnesses.

    The council of elders discussed the issue among themselves and came to a conclusion; they decided that the only way to know who was telling the truth was to invite the chief priest to initialize a trial by ordeal.

    The chief priest serves as the mouthpiece of the deity that dwelt in the shrine.He is regarded as intermediaries between humans and the deities. The words of a chief priest were final in all matters because the forces he or she represented were higher than all secular powers.

    A few minutes later , the chief priest arrived. After hearing everything, he asked that fire should be set and plenty oil should be poured in a big earthenware pot put on the fire.

    Soon it was done. I was summoned by the chief priest to put my hand in the boiling oil in the pot on the fire. The chief priest said if I was indeed innocent, nothing will happen to my hand but if I was guilty, my hand will burn to ashes.

    I knew I was innocent but I doubted the efficacy of the chief priest’s medicines. Everyone was looking at me. I was shivering. I don’t want my hand to burn. Then I saw an angel of the Lord in the heavens in an apparition. No one else saw him. He said, ” Millson, do it and shame your enemies.”

    Gathering courage, I immediately put my right hand into the hot boiling oil in the big pot on the fire.

    Nothing happened to my hand in the boiling oil. Everyone was stunned. The chief priest asked me to remove my hand. Then he turned to the council of elders and said, “Millson had proven himself to this court that he is INNOCENT. The gods have also declared him clean.”

    What a relief it was for me to silent my enemies and how embarrassing it was for Dzifa and her cohort to be seen as liars, including their supporters. The council of elders declared me innocent.

    It was with great shame that Dzifa’s supporters left the chief’s palace.

    I returned home relief and peaceful at heart. I prayed to God;


    A Prayer to Endure


    Lord, I am weary and don’t know when this “race” will end in my life. I feel like I’ve been running forever, trying to outrun this trial.

    Help me to stop trying to outrun my pain but rather run with endurance the race you have set before me.

    I know that because of you I am ultimately a victor over the trials in my life.

    I know that nothing in this world can separate me from your steadfast love.

    Please give me a measure of your love today; give me the strength to endure this trial.

    Thank you for your love for me that never ends! And thank you for the crown of joy that awaits me forever in your Kingdom!

    [Prayer credit :Adrian Rogers]

    Episode 13


    End Of Menteeship And Reposting


    [RECAP: Millson was sent to the Chief’s palace to be judged on accusation of rape but he was saved by the trial by ordeal. He was graceful to God for helping him and shaming his enemies]


    [Third Person Narration ]


    As surprising as it may seemed, the girls were only asked to work at the chief’s palace for two weeks as labourers and their parents to bring three goats, three bottles of ‘akpeteshie’ and some undisclosed amount of money. They were then strongly cautioned to stop wooing their teachers and left to go.

    Days turned into Weeks and weeks turned into months. It wasn’t long before the mentees’ time was up and they had to leave Tutukpene. While some people were happy that the mentees were leaving , others were sad. The unscrupulous mentees were also sad.

    They knew they would be leaving their girlfriends behind. One could not help but hear comments such as ,”Sir, I will miss you.”

    Sir,promise me you will come back to me. Sir,I wish you stay.

    Please ,don’t go.”

    No matter the level of passion among the mentees and the students, they all left in April, including Lamptey Millson.

    The departure of Millson from the village made two people sad. One, Dzifa , who was always crushing on him.

    Second , Miss Frema Rosemary, who missed Millson’s selflessness and devotion.


    Millson went back to the university, finished his project work and graduated with a first class honour.

    His graduation was attended by his parents who were proud to have such a disciplined and target oriented child.

    After his graduation,he waited for his posting.

    Hmmm. What was destined to happen would happen.

    When it was announced that newly trained teachers were assigned to their various stations, Millson Lamptey went to check where he was posted only to realise that he was posted back to Tutukpene Senior High School. He wasn’t a lone fish in that situation.

    He was posted back there along with his colleagues Kwame Ankrah, Laurence Franklin, George Quaye, Edward Tagoe, Nortey Fred, Okine Edward and Ashong.

    Millson didn’t like being posted to Tutukpene, not because he disliked the village but because of the deviant lifestyle of the girls in the village and what he went through in the hands of Dzifa.

    He tried all that he could to get a reposting but all his efforts were unsuccessful.Eventually, he accepted his fate and went to the village alongside his seven friends.

    Of course, the school girls were happy the mentees were back to them as full-time teachers and they were vividly aware of the dark side of their return to their school-more sex.

    Tutukpene had changed a little bit. The Government had embarked on Rural Electrification project and one of the places electricity was extended to was in Tutukpene. The introduction of electricity in Tutukpene brought life and vibrancy into the village.

    In addition to that,Some village folks began to replace their thatch and mud houses with cemented houses.

    It wasn’t long before the amorous activities between the teachers and the female restarted unabatedly.



    Perhaps, one of the hottest relationship between a teacher and a student on that school campus was that of Mr. Ankrah kwame and Crystalene Asinyo.

    Their relationship was so obvious that even a blind man could see.

    Dzifa was crystalene’s friend but their friendship was based on the fact that they were student executives. Dzifa was the Girl’s Prefect and Crystalene was the assistant.

    When Mr. Lamptey Millson incessantly reject Dzifa’s proposal, she decided to take her comfort from Kwame, Millson’s fake friend.

    She went to his residence and indulged in a dialogue with him.


    👧Dzifa: Hi, Sir, I’m here to see you.


    🤵kwame: See me,Why?


    👧Dzifa : I miss you.


    🤵Kwame: You know your friend

    Crystalene is my girlfriend. Is she aware you are here?


    👧Dzifa: No Sir.


    🤵Kwame: Will you tell her you come here?


    👧Dzifa: I’m not sure. I don’t think that will be necessary.


    🤵Kwame: OK. Please come in.


    👧Dzifa: Thank you , sir.


    Dzifa entered the room and sat down. She said, ” I have been thinking, what makes Sir Millson different from the rest of you?


    Kwame answered, ” self control.”


    Dzifa: So I can’t win this love battle, Can I?


    🤵kwame : I once told you you can’t win this battle against him but you were so full of yourself, so self -opinionated. You think he will fall for your feminine charms. You think all men are weak when it comes to sex but he’s an exception. I wished I’m like him but you students managed to lure me into this sex game.


    👧Dzifa: Sir,You are an adult. You chose to be lured. Just accept it. You can’t resist our tempting bodies. We are too hot and sexy for you to resist us.


    🤵Kwame : You are right,Dzifa.


    👧Dzifa:You are also right , Sir, I wished I had listen to you.


    🤵kwame: Well, I guessed you have learnt your lesson now. I always tell you I love you but you prefer that roman father to me. After he bounced you, you come running back to me like a defeated dog with her tail between her legs.


    👧Dzifa: I’m sorry I rejected your proposal, sir but thanks for helping me during the case everythough we didn’t win.


    🤵Kwame : Don’t mention it.


    That night became the turning point of Kwame and Dzifa’s glowing relationship. He became more and more attached to Dzifa than crystalene and they became more carnal and engaged in more sexual intimacy.

    The rumours about their lascivious adventures and the pleasurable ecstasy hit its apogee.

    ” One more round babe…” Dzifa often heard herself saying during their peak seasons.

    Crystalene became highly suspicious of the two of them until she caught Dzifa red-handed in bed with Mr. Ankrah Kwame. She was very angry and hurt. The result was inevitable. A furious fight occurred between the Girls’ Prefect and the assistant Girls’ Prefect leaving each of them with wounds on their heads , arms, legs, but crystalene was beaten far more than Dzifa.


    Will Dzifa try coming back to tempt Millson again?

    Will Millson stand the test of time?


    Watch out for the next episode…

    Episode 14


    The Unexpected Question


    [RECAP: Dzifa was given a minimal punishment.The Mentees finished their internship(Menteeship) and returned to the university to complete their education. Some of them were posted back to the village. Dzifa became more sexually involved with Kwame who was actually Crystalene’s boyfriend. Crystalene caught Dzifa red handed in Kwame’s room and a fight resulted leaving each of them wounded.



    [Millson’s Point of view ]


    One day, I went to class to teach . The topic of the lesson was “Qualities of a good leader.” As a rule , I always prepare thoroughly before going to class. That day was not an exception. So the lesson began. …”Class, I’m very happy to meet you today to discuss this interesting topic with you . We all know that for progress to be made in any society, the quality of the leaders is paramount. The question is ,”How will you define a good leader?

    Suddenly , Dzifa who was late for class that day entered the classroom and greeted me, “Good afternoon my love .” I responded to her greeting quite unconsciously, “Good Afternoon , Dzifa.

    The mention of the word “my love ”

    by Dzifa drew sharp disapproval from a section of the female student body. Some used gestures to register their disapproval. Others also coughed jokingly. Then one courageous student asked me a question that nearly threw me to the wall.

    Jennifer raised her hand and asked , ” Sir ,is it appropriate for a male teacher to woo or date a female student?” She looked serious though her classmates erupted into hysterical laughter.

    I saw myself pinned to the wall, cornered from every angle.

    Mustering courage I answered, “Jennifer, I must first of all commend you for asking such an intelligent question. The answer to your question is, “No” it is inappropriate for a teacher to date his or her student. If you look at the code of professional conduct for teachers, Section 3 clause 27, subclause 1 and 2, a teacher dating a student was categorised under MISCONDUCT .

    I glanced at Dzifa’s face. She looked disappointed. I continued, ” Nevertheless, there are certain situations where a teacher could be romantically involved with a student without it been seen as a violation to ethical rules.

    The first instance , is where the teacher got married to the girl before she become a student. In that case, You can’t charge the teacher for commiting an offence or a misconduct because they were legally married by law before his wife assumed the status of a student. Even in this situation, it is advisable for the teacher to put his wife (student) in another school.

    The second situation is when the student complete the school and is no longer under the authority of the school. In that case, the teacher could propose and even get married to his ex -student, though I won’t personally recommend that.

    “Take note,The Profesional code only applies when the romantic relationship started on the school campus at the time the teacher is performing his or her official duties in the institution as a teacher. This law however is not only limited to the institution of work but any other institution of Education categorised as ” Primary or secondary” whether the teacher teaches there or not.

    I glanced at their faces. Some of them looked uncomfortable.”

    I continued,”Inasmuch as we want to put this issue under the remit of the law, we must also be cognisant of the fact that matters of the heart cannot be limited by mere human laws. There are situations where love would touch two people who are not suppose to be in love with each other. In this case ,the law cannot be a limiter of their feelings but their own ability to manage the situation.


    When I finished the explanation , there was pin drop silence, followed by a round of applause. Dzifa was impressed by my ingenious and practical explanation but I could see she looked very sad. Bruises were found all over her body. I knew if I dare want to find out why her body was full of bruises,she would take advantage of the situation. Wisely,I kept quiet.

    Episode 15

    The New Female Teacher


    [RECAP: Millson was teaching when Dzifa entered the classroom. She called Millson ” dear” and that resulted in Jennifer asking if it was appropriate for a teacher to date a student. Millson gave an answer that Impressed the most of the students. He decided not to inquire of Dzifa’s bruises]


    [ Millson’s Narration]


    A new female teacher came to the school. Her name was Bansah Lovelace.

    Miss Bansah was a very lovely lady.

    Her smile was so infectious that she’d light up everyone around her with it. I don’t know the extent to which I could describe her beauty.

    “Oh,my God,her  beauty was so alluring. She made me believe without scepticism  in the possibility of perfection. A lot of things made her beautiful but her eyes were unimaginably attractive. Those broad and expressive eyes sitting atop the amazing vessel of a body made me feel charmed , as if they were gleaming down the greatness of  mountain Everest.

    Miss Bansah Lovelace made me believe in the possibility of flawless pulchritude.

    Her eyes sparkled in the Golden sun. Everyone would love to admire her. She would look beautiful in any dress. She was a beautiful mystery of a lady. The more I saw her, the more I find other amazing dimensions of her.She lived every moment fully. Her ultimate mantra was to live, love and and laugh unconditionally.

    Her life wasn’t a fairy tale, but to me she sure was a princess.

    She had a slender waist, whistling down from her bust, as smoothly as the water cascading from a waterfall.

    The bends of her hips was so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carefully carved out by the creator who sculpted it out carefully like how a potter sculpts a vessel from raw clay. The fullness of her bosom, reminiscent of the idea of perfection. Her  long slender arms were not different.

    Her glistening chocolate skin,

    infused with a hint of cream,

    balanced her perfect figure and epitomized her ethnic origin – Fante. There was no denying the fact that her physique was more than enough to give headache to any of the pasers by,as it surely cause my heart to skip a bit.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have seen quite a few good looking women but it is rare that her eyes got intrigued enough so that it was tough for me to look away.

    Tough for a mortal to not feel  something ,something greater than an instant infatuation .Something akin to respect and absolute wonder at the work of genes.Her genes were so good. How can someone literally look so beautiful. I kept questioning myself. I asked myself,how can someone defy all odds and actually look so stunningly magnificent. She may have come from a fairy tale  because in reality, that rare beauty didn’t exist.

    Prior to Miss Bansah’s Coming to the school,a lot of the girls  believed I was gay. They simply couldn’t believe a young active man of 22 years could resist beautiful adolescent school girls. Miss Bansah’s arrival broke that myth.

    She was closely seen together with me. At first nobody took notice her association with me because they didn’t believe I have the potential to show love to anyone. With time ,the students were becoming increasingly aware that Miss Bansah’s involvement with me was more than ordinary. One Student in particular was very worried.


    {Dzifa’s Point of view}


    My colleagues kept gossiping Mr. Lamptey was dating Miss Bansah.

    At first I don’t want to believe it. Then out of Curiosity,I decided to do my own investigation.

    For three weeks I kept watching Miss Bansah and Mr. Lamptey Millson. After a meticulous observation,I realised they were in a clandestine relationship.

    Suddenly hatred crept into my heart for Mr. lamptey and Miss Bansah.

    My anger burnt within me like an inferno.

    I asked myself, “did Lamptey Millson rejected me truly because I am a student or because he didn’t see me attractive enough. What exactly is miss Bansah having that I’m not having?”

    I decided to write a short letter to her as a warning.

    Taking a pen and a paper I wrote:


    Dear miss Bansah Lovelace,




    I will like to use this medium to warn you that you are threading on dangerous grounds by dating Mr. Lamptey Millson. He had already captured my heart and I’m not ready to leave him for you. I will advise you to kindly back off from this relationship if you value your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you choose to Ignore this

    warning, I can assure you, the consequences will be great.

    Yours Faithful


    I silently slipped and placed the letter on miss Bansah’s Table.

    When I returned home, I tuned in to a radio station. They were talking about why love hurt so much.


    <<The radio discussion <<>


    Why does love hurt ?

    One of the biggest reasons is because of the uncertainty of it all.


    Love is wonderful and when we are falling in it we feel so wonderful and secure. And happy. And we get accustomed, in a way, to that security and comfort and we don’t want it to go away.


    Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in love. We know that from experience. And our hearts are so scared that this relationship will turn out like others and will cause us pain. Again.


    So, it’s not knowing the future of our relationship – how it will turn out – that causes us physical pain. The anxiety can cause stomach pain, heart ache that feels real, head fog and other physical symptoms. Symptoms that cause us literal and figurative pain.


    Try to manage your worries about the future. No one knows what will happen and worrying about it will only take away from the happiness that you are feeling right now….


    I acknowledged all that was said was true. “It’s not knowing the future of our relationship – how it will turn out – that causes us physical pain.”

    That Evening , I slept a worried and sad girl.

    Episode 16

    The Evil Schemers


    [RECAP: A new Female teacher came to the school and began associating with Millson. Dzifa wrote a letter warming Bansah Lovelace, the new teacher to stay off Millson ]


    {Dzifa’s Narration}


    It looked like miss Bansah  was not intimidated by my letter. The more I saw them together,the more I felt unhappy and moody. I felt like the saddest human being on Earth.

    My parents were very worried about my moodiness.I shut the door. Tears streamed down My face.

    I could still hear my father’s voice ramming with my mum’s.

    Solemnly, she strode into my room with an air of anxiety. I crept into my bed with my hands folded across my legs and my chin placed carefully on my knees. I stared into the blank space for some minutes before my face started welling up with tears .

    With a blink, the tears fell down my beautiful face like a torrent of an angry rain which was withheld for some couple of years.

    Judging by the present state of my face, one would think I was more than a 17 year old secondary school girl.

    My skin had lost its beauty and

    my short dazzling soft natural hair suddenly lost its lustre.

    I hit my legs several times to get rid of the mosquitoes buzzing in my ears as if to lure me to sleep with their irritating lullaby. I wiped my dried face, repositioned myself by straightening my legs and rested my back against the wall.

    “Dzifa !.. Dzifa!!!. Come and eat your meal, it will get cold”.

    My mother Mrs Agbenyega maud walked slowly to my room when she didn’t hear any response from me. She jerked with fear when she heard the sound of the door opened.

    My mother was surprised to see me moody.”

    “Come and eat your food, dear, “she said, “what happened to you at school?”I was quiet.

    Dear Reader,You don’t expect me to tell my parents I had a crush on a male teacher who was not simply interested in me. Do you?” Mama I am not hungry. I want to sleep”.

    I laid down and pretended to sleep.

    “Okay, goodnight,”my mother said without further hesitation and covered me with a wrapper to keep me warm and to wade off the notorious mosquitoes hunting for my fresh blood.When I woke up the next day, I felt worried and nervous. I couldn’t sleep well throughout the night. I got up, had my bath and left for school.

    That evening I met six girls and we drew a strategic plan.

    It was around 7 o’clock. The moon was slowly announcing its presence. Most of the village’s natural beauty was lost, hidden under the thick canvas of darkness. The nocturnal creatures were becoming quite active. Darkness was beginning to emanate from the evening sky.

    The changing dynamics of the weather seemed to convey a hidden message to us. Nothing is permanent under the sun.

    Evil operates under the cover of darkness. The moon begin to glimmer the blue planet. The giant blanket of darkness that blocked out the sky completely was broken. Moonlit trickled in in enough quantity to temporarily convert the night into day but more darkness

    emanated from the evening sky as if it was a battle of supremacy.


    ~@ 7.10 p.m~


    I met the six girls who were also disappointed and heartbroken when Sir Millson decided to ignore their love letters in an isolated hut.

    I’m talking about Dima, Evelyn, Vivian, Irene,Lucy and Sylvia.


    Me: You are all welcome.


    The D.E.V.I.L.S : Thank you.


    Me: I have a problem that I believe you can help me solve since it concerns you too.


    Evelyn: What is it?


    Me: Our new Female teacher Bansah seemed to be interested in our ” Roman Father “. At first I do not want to take the issue seriously because I knew sir Millson does not like girls. Later on I realised miss Bansah’s intention was to date Millson or to be in a relationship with our crush. I’m sure that’s what she wanted to achieve. The most painful part is ” our Roman Father seems to like her too. He’s tolerating her too much to my liking. I wrote a letter to warn her about her relationship with our “Roman Father” but she was still nonchalant. Now is action time.


    Sylvia: So what do you want us to do to help you?


    Vivian : Yea, how can we help you?


    Me: I want you to help me gang beat her. As I’m speaking to you now, she’s still with Millson chatting and laughing.


    Dima : Like seriously?


    Evelyn: Hmmmm.


    Irene: This woman wan come take our bobo away. Abi?


    Evelyn: Na so.


    Me: Girls, as I suggested early on, let’s gang up and beat her so that next time she sees a nice guy, she will be careful how to relate with him.


    Slyvia: but….do you think beating our teacher is the right thing to do? Are we not going to bring a curse upon ourselves?


    Dima: hmmm. Maybe….


    Irene: Shut up, you idiot. We are not interested in your sermon. Do you think writing a love letter to your teacher is good?


    Slyvia: N…..No.


    Irene : Yet you wrote it.


    Sylvia: ..Yea , I did but love is not the same as aggression.


    Irene: We need a realistic approach to this problem, not your righteousness nonsense.


    Slyvia: Look. I think we are missing the point. Sir Millson is just like any other male teacher. He also has feelings. What make him different from the other teachers is self control. If Sir Millson likes miss Bansah, its because miss Bansah is not a student. Remember school rules forbid teacher- student relationships. He’s just trying to be obedient.


    Evelyn: Slyvia, I swear, if you talk again, I will slap you.


    Slyvia: Try it and see. Your mother won’t recognise you when you go home this evening.


    Me: Please let’s not quarrel. We are here to unite and deal with a common enemy who want to snatch our lover boy.


    Sylvia: Dzifa, let me give you this candid advice. If you attack miss Bansah, you will lose Sir Millson forever.


    Me: Why?


    Sylvia: You see. The moment you attack her , Millson’s attention will be drawn to her. He will want to help her recover. He will console her ,sympathise with her and through his efforts, their love will grow naturally.


    Dima: I think Slyvia is right.


    Irene : ( Laughing ) Since when did you become an aficionado of love.


    Evelyn: Let’s ignore this talking cricket. What is our final decision?


    Me : Ok. Those who want us to beat Miss Bansah Lovelace raise up your hand. All the girls raised up their hands except Dima and Sylvia. That’s 4:2.

    Majority decision.

    We planned to ambush miss Bansah on her way home after she finished chatting with Millson.

    Around 8.00 p.m Millson saw her off. We waited for Millson to return home. When he passed by , we captured miss Bansah under the cover of darkness and began hitting her with series of punches. She screamed and fought back with venom. We were surprised at her reaction but we had an advantage. 5 against 1. Dima and Sylvia went home. They refused to partake in the assault on miss Bansah.

    We beat her, pulled her hair, slapped her severally on the face and kicked her in the stomach.

    Of course, we also sustain some degrees of injuries as she fought back in fury.

    Evelyn went a bit extreme. Using a stone nearby which she chanced on, she used it to hit her head.

    She fell down and didn’t wake up.

    Out of fear, we all ran away to our various homes.


    Is Miss Bansah Lovelace dead.

    What happens next ?

    Watch out.

    Episode 17

    Rescue and sickness!


    RECAP 🌍: Miss Bansah was unperturbed by Dzifa’s warning letter. Consequently, the school girls met,schemed and beat her up because of her refusal to leave their crush- Millson.



    [ Dzifa’s Point of view ]


    I got home a bit worried about what we have done. I didn’t know that Evelyn girl would go to the extreme. I guessed I was too annoyed to think rationally.

    Before my decision to meet the girls to help me gang beat miss Bansah, something else happened a week ago prior to my warning letter to miss Bansah.

    I was returning home from church one Sunday when I saw Miss Bansah and Millson moving towards the latter’s house. I saw them at church a few hours ago.

    Instinctively,I followed them until they reach the house. I got nearer to Millson’s room and eavedropped on their conversation.


    👩💼Miss Bansah: Do you love today’s sermon?


    👨🏫Mr. Millson: Yes, especially the part that the pastor said we must be role models for the unbelievers to follow. He cited the example of the apostles of Christ. When people saw how the apostles were behaving,they said ,”these people were behaving like Christ,thus the name ” Christian”


    👩💼Miss Bansah: You perfectly sound like a pastor.  I never realised you have a Ph.D in theology.


    👨🏫Mr.Lamptey : Hahaha. Sometimes,I wish I’m a preacher instead of a teacher.I just want to cut myself out from the rest of the people who have a mandate to effect change and solve the problem of society but have become problems themselves.


    👩💼Miss Bansah: Who exactly are you referring to?


    👨🏫Mr. Lamptey: Some of my colleague teachers are disgracing themselves by having sexual relationship with these teenage girls who are still learning about personal and menstrual hygiene.

    I wonder what exactly they find pleasurable between the thighs of these adventurous female students. It breaks my heart when I saw them preying on the young girls instead of ______”


    👩💼Miss Bansah : Preacher. So you have never tasted their ” honey” before.




    👩💼Miss Bansah: I like your determination to maintain your chastity. Keep it up.


    When Sir Millson said he will never sleep  with any student ,my mind went back to an encounter I had with him. He had refused to date me because I was a student and it is inappropriate for a teacher to date a student.

    I told him that law was not applicable to me since I was of legal age to date .

    Besides what is more  important was the  love I felt for him which I’m sure he also felt for me.

    Sir Millson responded that It was not that simple. He said, “Laws are there for a reason.”

    I told him his colleagues were doing it. I also asked him why he was trying to be different.

    Sir Millson gave me a resounding response, “I’m not my colleagues. I just want to do what is right. You can be my friend but not my girlfriend. Even the friendship will have limitations.

    My mind was abruptly brought back to the conversation between The two teachers.


    👩💼Miss Bansah: Do you have a girlfriend?”


    👨🏫Millson: (laughing) No,I don’t have a girlfriend.


    👩Miss Bansah: I dont believe you.


    👨🏫Millson: I am not lying to you. I used to have a girlfriend but she left me for two reasons. One I’m not rich so I couldn’t cater for her unlimited wants.


    👩💼Miss Bansah : …and what was the second season?


    👨🏫Mr. Lamptey: I told her we would have to abide by the bible’s moral standard of “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE.” The moment I told her that ,she said I’m an antiquated man and left. I never saw her again.


    👩💼Miss Bansah: “Hmm, modern ladies and their love for material things . They chase men with cars and mansions instead of men with virtues.


    👨🏫Millson: Yea. That’s modern ladies for you.

    They then switched the topic to academic issues and how the females were misbehaving.


    Miss Bansah: I heard some spoilt girls have been trying to force themselves on you.


    Millson: uhuu. Where do you hear that stuff from?


    Miss Bansah: hahaha. It wasn’t exactly a secret. In fact it was an open secret in the village.


    Millson: I see.


    Miss Bansah: Now that I’m around You, they wouldn’t dare try that again.


    Millson: hmmm. If I were you, I will be careful. Those girls can go to the extreme. You need to act wisely in this village if you want to remain save.


    Miss Bansah: Why? Are you afraid of them?


    Millson: No. But I’m careful of them. They nearly gang raped me.


    Miss Bansah : What? Such insolence. How can school going girls be behaving like a bunch of Devils?


    Millson : I hope I have a good answer to your question but I don’t.


    Miss Bansah: I like you. I want our friendship to have a purpose. Ever since I came to this school, I never heard anything bad about you. In fact you are famous for bouncing those lascivious girls who have made your colleagues their sex mates.


    Miss Bansah’s comment infuriated me. I decided to write a letter to warn him to stay off Millson. But she ignored my letter.

    I then decided to show her the stuff I was made of. After taking my lover from Me, she was also haughty.

    They also about other things


    I lost interest in the rest of the topics and came back home.

    It was then that I decided to team up with the D.E.V.I.L.S so that we can deal with miss Bansah.


    [Millson’s Point of view ]


    I was still on my way home when I had an intuition that something was wrong with my new found friend, miss Bansah. I returned quickly and headed towards her house.

    A few metres to her house, I heard someone groaning and writhing in pain. I surged forward and saw a feminine figure by the roadside.




    It was my friend’s figure. Miss Bansah was lying in pain. My adrenalin shot up. I picked her up quickly and rushed to the village’s herbalist. Her head was gashed with a stone. The wound was deep.

    “Please help her for me,” I told the herbalist whom I later got to know was called Mawufemor.

    She was later transferred to a hospital in the city. I followed her there.

    For two weeks , I was preoccupied with taking care of her. I saw it as a personal responsibility.

    The question bothering my mind was , who would have attacked Miss Bansah and hurt her like that.

    From my past experiences in the village I suspected Dzifa. She might have gotten jealous because I was free with miss Bansah.

    I couldn’t think of any other logical explanation. Yes. That must be Dzifa’s handiwork.

    In the course of helping Miss Bansah, something else happened to me. The more I helped her and wished she recuperated, the more my feelings for her deepened.

    I began to feel whatever happened to her was my responsibility. I knew what I was feeling for miss Bansah was not ordinary. It was love.

    In the third week, miss Bansah healed completely. I was very happy. I asked her what exactly happened to her. She said she was attacked by a group of girls numbering about five. I knew it .Those girls may have been the same girls who planned to gang rape me. They may be the same girls who wrote me the love letters. Yes, those girls were Dzifa’s hitgirls.


    My joy of seeing Miss Bansah healed from her wound was short-lived. One weeks later, I began having fever, headaches, and flu-like symptoms and was cranky.

    I went to Dambai Health Centre for treatment where I was diagnosed with flu, and sore throat and treated with antibiotics and discharged.

    Three days later, I realised my eyes were becoming yellowish. I went back to the local hospital, where the doctors examined my blood and suspected it was malaria. They promptly transferred me to Ridge Hospital in Accra for more specialized diagnosis and treatment.

    It was found that malaria parasites  were in my blood. Examined under the microscope, four red blood cells (marked “P”) are infected with Plasmodium falciparum parasites, the type that can cause severe, potentially fatal disease, even death.

    The malaria had made me severely ill. My blood was too acidic (lactic acidosis) and had too little sugar (hypoglycemia). I was very anemic and also had low blood pressure.

    The doctors admitted me to the  intensive care unit (ICU) and connected me to a breathing machine. They administered intravenous fluids to correct my acidosis and hypoglycemia.

    The doctor also administered  intravenous drugs to destroy the malaria parasites.

    Most fortunately, I recovered from that extraordinary ordeal. After two weeks of intensive treatment, I was well enough for the doctors to disconnect me from the breathing machine.

    In all my sickness,Miss Bansah Lovelace had shown real concern by volunteering to come all the way from Tutukpene to Accra just to help me recuperate.

    She was my support line at the hospital,giving me the medicines,

    food,assisting my parents to bath for me and even praying with me.

    One observing her from afar will find it very difficult  to believe that Lovelace was not biologically related to me,let alone being my wife.

    My parents were very thankful and appreciative of her indefatigable support. Later, my mum told me she wished to have Lovelace as her daughter -in-law.

    After those two incidences,the bond between Lovelace and I became stronger and almost inseparable.

    Episode 18

    Beginning of Nemesis


    RECAP 🌍

    Millson saw miss Bansah lying on the ground hurt. He took her to the herbalist and she eventually recovered in a hospital.

    Later on , Millson himself felt sick and was nurtured back to life by miss Bansah. Those two incidences caused them to come more closer to each other.


    [Dzifa’s Viewpoint ]


    Do you know what really surprised me? Despite our deadly attack on miss Bansah, she still remained clinched to Millson like a tick. Slyvia was right. She told the group that day in the isolated hut the moment we attacked Bansah , Millson’s attention would be drawn to her. He would want to help her recover. He would console her ,

    sympathise with her and through his efforts, their love will grow naturally.

    I remembered Irene laughing that day and asking Slyvia “since when did you become an aficionado of love?”

    Whatever the case was, the love between those two people was becoming obvious.

    I summoned the girls to a meeting again to plan our next move.


    Me: My friends, we are here once again because our objective have not be achieved.


    Dima : What do you mean exactly?


    Me: Are you a stranger in Jerusalem. Our objective was to discourage Miss Bansah from following Millson. It’s obvious we have failed. She’s still with him.


    Evelyn: Were you not the one blaming me for hitting her too hard with the stone?


    Vivian: Hmmm.


    Irene : it’s true.


    Lucy : Attacking miss Bansah was a conundrum. We have to bear the spill -over -effects


    Sylvia : You and who? Didn’t I warn you against attacking her. I told you it will bring the two of them together and even make their love grow deeper. Now you see what’s happening? They are more closer than ever.


    Lucy: Okay. Aficionado of love. We hear you.


    Me : This is not time to complain. What is our next move?


    Lucy : Let’s beat her again


    Evelyn: Yes. This time I will finish my unfinished job.


    Sylvia : Let’s leave them alone. I have come to realise that love is not by force. Whatever we do to these lovers will not yield the desired result.


    Dima: I think you are right. After all sir Millson cannot marry all of us.


    Evelyn: keep quiet, you moron. You see why I say your head is full of sand? Who is taking about marriage? We are not saying Sir Millson should marry us. We just want to feel ‘his thing’ in us and enjoy him small. Can you imagine how it will feel like if that young handsome man is digging you and you are moaning, eh, ah, give it to me, awww, my God, it’s so sweet.

    It’s a once in a life time experience.

    How I wish it can happen just once.


    Sylvia: Hmmm. Evelyn. You are becoming obsessed with this Millson love illusion. You better stop it before something bad happens to you.


    Evelyn : Be there and be talking nonsense. Who no dey like bobo?

    Look at this hypocrite. You see am you no dey do?


    Vivian : Shhh. Make u no vex ah ..ah.


    Me: I think we should burn her house. If we do that, she will have no other option than to leave the village.


    Sylvia: That’s not a nice move. If miss Bansah leave this village, Millson will follow him. Have you thought of that?


    Dima: I think what you said make a lot of sense.


    Evelyn: It make sense to you but if you are a deep thinker, you will notice its deficiencies. No teacher can leave his station unless he stayed there for at least three years.


    Lucy : That’s true but every law has an exception.


    Evelyn : ..and what is the exception in this


    Lucy: No. Security. He could say his life is unsafe in this village.


    Me : That’s a possibility but I still insist we burn her house. Now who’s with me on this?


    As usual four of the six girls raised up their hands. We planned to strike under the cover of darkness.


    ~11.30 P.m~


    It’s time to strike. I meet the four girls and we planned our route and the role everyone of the girls would play in the evil scheme. Evelyn volunteered to carry kerosene along . Lucy brought matches and torchlight.Vivian brought a cutlass. I volunteered to carry anyone who may get hurt in case miss Bansah attack us or any unknown stranger.

    Soon miss Bansah’s house came into sight. It was a mud house roofed with thatch. All we need to do is to torch her thatched roof.

    Fifty metres to her house, Evelyn stepped on something. It was thread-like. The thread like figure turned round and bite her.

    Evelyn screamed so loudly that we are sure miss Bansah could have woken up. She clung to her foot.

    “Shhhhhhh!!Stop screaming! I commanded her but she kept screaming and holding her foot.

    Lucy turned her torchlight on Evelyn’s foot. We were all amazed at what we saw. Her right leg was getting swollen, her breathing was becoming difficult. The colour of her leg was turning black.

    Immediately, we knew what happened to Evelyn.


    Snake bite!!!


    The snake moved in our direction.It looked like a rattlesnake.

    It has a ring like design at the end of its tails. It shook when it felt threatened making rattling sounds. It looked very venomous.

    We threw our tools down

    ,screamed and run shelter- shelter. I mustered courage and carried Evelyn who was now about to lost consciousness.

    Miss Bansah was opening her door to ascertain what was happening.

    Evelyn was twitching and convul


    She was becoming hot and her spasm was erratic. I knew if I didn’t do something about her situation, the snake bite will poison her blood and end her life.

    I rushed Evelyn to the village’s herbalist and knocked on his door. He came out and saw Evelyn twitching and struggling in her excruciating throes. Without asking asking any question, he rushed into the bush, cut some herbs, make some concoctions and applied them onto her swollen foot.

    Still Evelyn didn’t regain her consciousness.

    The herbalist said, “she needs to see a medical doctor in the city. The herbs will stop the poison for some time but a doctor is needed to further treat her. By the way , what were you going in the bush this night?

    I pretended not to hear his question. Instead I said, ” I will get her mother” and left the herbalist’s house.

    I reached Davi Adzovi’s house and knocked on her door. She was deep asleep. I knocked and knocked but still she didn’t respond.

    “DAVI ADZOVI!!!!!!” I combined the knocking with shouting. Finally she woke up and asked ” Who’s there?”

    “It’s me Dzifa.”

    “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

    Your daughter Evelyn was bitten by a snake and is now in Efo Mawufemor’s house.

    “What are you trying to tell me?”

    “Please go to the herbalist house. She’s there!”

    I knew I won’t be able to answer the plethora of questions she would be asking me. Wisely , I ran away towards my own house. I don’t know what happened later but my heart was thumping heavily. Every second, I looked at my door, expecting Davi Adzovi to come down to our house to demand an explanation from me. How will I explain myself to my Parents?

    I have already lost their confidence during the trial of Sir Millson.

    Luckily, Evelyn’s mother didn’t turn up.


    <Third Person Narration >


    Adzovi went to the herbalist’s house and was shocked to see her daughter there. She made arrangement with a taxi driver and Evelyn was rushed to the Hospital in the big town to undergo medical treatment.

    Management of the Hospital say Evelyn was seriously bitten by the snake and her chances of survival was 50-50. They gave her several shots of anti-venom and hoped it would be efficacious.

    Snake bites are common in many rural dwellers especially among peasant farmers.

    It is essential for snake bite victims to get immediate medical attention, however, most rural communities in Ghana do not have access to emergency facilities or better road network to facilitate their transportation to nearby hospitals to get the correct medicine as soon as possible resulting in deaths.

    The bigger question now is

    “will Evelyn die or life will give her a second chance?”


    Is Evelyn’s snake bite purely coincidental or induced?


    What happens to the group?


    Watch out for the next episode. I’m sure you don’t want to miss it.

    Tighten your belt !!!💀

    Episode 19

    Another Trouble!


    [RECAP: The girls held a meeting and decided to burn miss Bansah’s house. On their way to execute their plans, Evelyn was bitten by a snake and their plan was thwarted and Evelyn ended up in the hospital]


    {Dzifa’s Point of view }


    Evelyn stayed in the hospital for two weeks after which she was discharged. I knew she would not want to be part of the girls’ group again after such a bitter experience. Plus she felt we have abandoned her when calamity struck.

    After that snakebite , we began to fear miss Bansah. We believed Evelyn’s snakebite was not ordinary.

    Another incident happened a week after Evelyn was discharged from hospital that convinced us that Miss Bansah had something down her sleeves.

    We were in class that day when miss Bansah began talking. She said, “some renegade girls attacked me some few weeks ago. I decided to forgive them because I knew they did it in ignorance. I have been seeing these girls in my dreams every night. They are seven in number. Two of these girls are not really evil but they allow their colleagues to influence them.

    As I’m speaking right now, they are staring at me. I forgave their first mistake but I won’t forgive them if they ever try anything foolish on me again. In fact, the next attempt they made will end their lives. I am using this time to warn them. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

    Miss Bansah’s words troubled me so much and I called the girls to a meeting after class.

    At the usual meeting time, Vivian, Irene and Lucy turned up. Slyvia, Dima and Evelyn were absent.


    Vivian: Where are the rest?


    Me: I don’t know.


    Irene: Will they be coming?


    Me: I don’t know.


    Lucy : I think we should cancel this meeting.


    Vivian: Me too.


    Me: I’m not sure that’s a good idea.What miss Bansah said today was very disturbing and worth analysing.


    Irene: It’s true. I have a feeling she’s aware we are the ones behind her assault.


    Lucy : I’m even beginning to fear her. I think we should cancel today’s meeting. I’m not comfortable with it.


    Vivian: Me too.


    Irene: Me too.


    Lucy : It sound like a good advise.


    Me: Ok. Today’s meeting is call off.


    Vivian, Irene,Lucy and I stepped out to go home and there she stood gazing at us.We were awestruck. I felt like I was rooted to the spot. She gazed at the four of us for a few minutes,turned round and left. Hmmm. Miss Bansah is becoming mysterious.


    –Three days later–


    We laid low for the time being. I renewed my romantic involvement with Kwame. We made love in his house like two animals on heat. Even newly weds don’t desire each other sexually like that.

    Sometimes when I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for him, he’d sneak in behind me and grab my buttocks. I would gasp and tell him to stop it.

    In those joyous and lustful

    moment, I even forgot the man I was frolicking with sexually was my teacher with the primary mandate to teach and help me improve my academic life as a student. Do you know the funniest of all these things? I have even forgotten I was a student, a Girls’ Prefect for that matter.

    Well, I didn’t want to engage myself in self recrimination. I just wanted to make use of the opportunity while it last.

    Then I suspected Kwame was cheating on me. He was secretly dating other girls. I saw them several times with him.

    I became cold towards him. Every time he tried to initiate sex, I would refuse. I even threatened to report him to the headmistress.

    His last attempt was when he tried to do the “kitchen sneak” on me. He tiptoed to where I stood busy with what I was doing and slid his hand beneath my school skirt, reaching for my crotch with his fingers.

    I turned around quickly, brandishing the knife I’d been chopping carrots with, intending to cut his hand.

    He quickly dodged and the knife had slightly cut him just at the side of his hand. He stepped back with fear as I pointed the knife at him with a scowl on my face to show I had meant it.

    He was angry, but at the same time, didn’t want to do anything that would attract the attention of the school. After that incident, We broke up. I even regretted sleeping with him in the first place. You know the man I always wanted before giving Kwame a chance. It’s sad he didn’t feel the same towards me.


    ~One weeks later ~


    {Third Person Narration}


    In Church the next Sunday, the pastor preached about lust, it’s effects on our physical and spiritual life and how to overcome it. Kwame listened with rapt attention and hoped to overcome the constant urges he had to sleep with Dzifa. At the end of the Pastor’s sermon, he felt renewed and assured that he could resist the desires of the flesh.

    He returned home to relax when he heard a knock on his door. When he opened the door ,It was Dzifa.

    “What are you doing here,Dzifa,

    ” he asked with a frown on his face.

    She ignored his question,pushed him away from the door and entered the room.

    She was looking pale and feverish. Kwame’s heart sank. He asked her, “what is wrong with you?”

    She looked at him angrily but uttered no words.

    Suddenly, Dzifa rushed out and vomited. From what he had watched from numerous nollywood movies at that time, he realized then that Dzifa was pregnant.

    At first, the news hit him with such dreadfulness that he just went into his room and sat on his bed, wishing that all the events of the past few months never happened. That first o----m, the many after it, all the sexcapades they had enjoyed. The slamming and the rocking . He just wanted to undo everything. If Dzifa was pregnant, then the seed within her was surely planted by her.

    Then she said it more explicitly,

    “Kwame,You have impregnated me”

    There was an uneasy silence between them. He thought he had prepared for the news but it hit him like a thunderbolt.

    He wished the ground could just open and swallow him whole.

    He wondered how the school will take that news. Sir Kwame had impregnated the School’s Girls’ Prefect. He must do something about the pregnancy before he got disgraced.

    He said,”You know you can’t keep that bastard in your womb. You are still a student.”

    Dzifa sobbed heavily. Her cries spoke more of what her words couldn’t speak.

    “I don’t want to have an abortion. I’m afraid I will die,”she finally said.

    “Then get ready for the

    consequences,” Kwame said,

    “I’m not yet ready to be a father.”

    Dzifa continued crying. Kwame felt pity for her. He knew trouble was looming ahead. In the evening,he consulted his colleagues to advice him on what to do but found out they were also worried. They told him their student girlfriends were also pregnant for them.


    What will Dzifa do with her pregnancy now?

    Watch out for the next episode.

    Episode 20

    Arrest !


    [RECAP: Dzifa and her group were shaken by Evelyn’s incident and Miss Bansah’s Utterances. Later, they discovered they were impregnated by their teacher boyfriends]


    <Third Person Narration>


    The unscrupulous teachers decided to use local concoction to abort the girls’ pregnancies. No sooner had the Girls taken the concoction than their temperature began to rise. Then they started foaming. The school authority got winds of the news that the Girls’ Prefect alongside three others,by name Vivian, lucy and Irene were dying.

    They quickly ordered for a vehicle to convey them to the hospital but the journey was too long and bumpy. Three of the four girls gave up the ghost on the way.

    The bodies of the three girls were deposited at the Mortuary after a thorough autopsy was done on them. It was realised that the concoctions they took were poisonous.

    As expected, the school set up an investigative committee and the lascivious lifestyle of the teachers with their students came to the forefront.

    The Ghana Education Service came into the matter and the immoral teachers were dismissed from the service. They were Kwame Ankrah, Franklin Nuru, George Quaye and Ashong Clifford.

    After their dismissal,they were arraigned before court for the death of the school girls. The court found all four of them guilty and sentenced three of them to 35 years imprisonment with hard Labour while Kwame was given a 20 year-sentence since Dzifa didn’t die.

    The media held talking points to talk about how some teachers,

    behaved like paedophiles and exploit the innocence of raving teenage girls.


    That news made Headlines:



    [Millson Point of view ]👨🏫


    I cringed when I hear the news. Kwame was now in prison all because he could not take his eyes off the bodies of those adolescent girls.

    He used to be a good teacher but along the way had allowed the pleasures of the flesh to overcome his moral conviction. I pitied him but I couldn’t help him.

    Sometimes I wondered why adults can’t use common sense. My friends were trained as professional teachers. I expected them to be professional in their conduct with the female students. Sadly, they live below expectation, kowtowing to the bad norms embedded in the school where teacher- student romantic relationship has been normalised.

    Why normalise a bad thing. To me a teacher must always be a good role model for students. No excuse about that.

    What a disgrace. I tried to warn Kwame about his sexcapades with Dzifa but he became overly defensive saying I didn’t know the sweetness the girls were having between their thighs and that I should stop behaving like a Roman Father and enjoy them now before they grow up because when they grow, they won’t belong to me again.

    I told him to stop thinking like a paedophile. Now,it’s too late.

    What pained me most was Dzifa. I tried to advise her to quit flirting with teachers and focus on her studies but all my advices fell on death ears.Now ,she found herself in a deadly situation that could damage her future.




    The next day,another news broke from the school that Ernest Azuma, the Chemistry teacher also raped a female students in the school. He openly admitted that he took the female student to pass the night in his room in town but denied they had sex.

    By recent practice and precedent, such misconduct is punishable with termination of appointment and possible prosecution in court.

    In line with that,Management

    recommended the appointment of Mr. Ernest Azuma should be terminated in line with section 63(iii) (b)(vi) page 86 as contained in the code of conduct for Teachers and other workers of the Ghana Education Service.

    I don’t know if such punishments deter those unscrupulous teachers but it is the expectation of Management that terminating Azuma’s appointment as a teacher would act as a deterrent to all staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES). I support them fully. Such conduct must not be countenanced.

    We later got wind of the whole story. Ernest Azuma reportedly went back to campus after school hours and invited his victim into the school’s staff common room where he allegedly raped her on the floor until she bled.

    He then carried her to the girls’ hostel and abandoned her until her colleagues raised the alarm for help before she was rushed to the medical centre.Azuma was later arrested by the Police Command after some days.

    He was put before the Magistrate Court where he was charged for rape and detained in police custody. He was later granted bail waiting for recommendations from the Attorney-General’s Department for the next line of action.

    Episode 21

    The Scholarship


    [RECAP : Dzifa and her friends were impregnated by their boyfriends who were teachers in the same school. In their attempt to abort their pregnancies ,three of the girls died.The teachers were found guilty, dismissed, arraigned before court and sentenced to a prison sentence]


    [Millson’s Viewpoint ]


    I was in the classroom one day teaching when the headmistress called me. I was quite nervous. I asked myself,” What have I done?”

    I hope no student went and lied against me again that I have proposed to her or sexually abuse her. From my experiences in that school, I don’t trust those teenage girls. They were very adventurous.

    After much deliberations, I encouraged myself that since I haven’t done anything wrong, there was no need for me to fear.

    The rest of the lesson was jittery as I was anxious to finish the lesson early and see the headmistress.


    ~After the class~


    I went to see the headmistress. In the headmistress’ office , I saw Miss Bansah sitting on a couch.

    My mind went blank. Is the headmistress  going to scold me for befriending Miss Bansah?”

    Madam Celestine, the head

    mistress  welcome us heartily,

    “You are welcome ,Mr.Lamptey Millson and Miss Bansah Lovelace.

    ” Thank you, madam, we said in unison.

    I have some news for you.” Said the headmistress.

    My facial expression changed a  bit. The headmistress realised I was nervous and assured me,

    “Don’t worry,it’s a good news. A very good news.

    At once,I  relaxed. She then gave us the details .” About three days ago, we receive a call from the Canadian Embassy. The ambassador wants to give scholarships to two hard-working,energetic and pacesetter teachers who live by example.

    The critria for choosing the teachers was not left to the discretion of the school head but in the hands of the students. Students were asked to vote to determine who they perceive to be the most-hard-working and morally astute teacher in the school. The students voted anonymously,citing reasons for their votes.  It turned out that you have garner  55% of the vote,Followed  by Miss Bansah who had  40% of the vote. Mr. Edward Morley  had 5 % of the vote.

    So Congratulations ! Both of you,You have won a scholarship to Cananda to further your education.”


    {Third Person Narration }


    When the headmistress brought the forms to the students to fill to assess the quality of the teachers in order to select the appropriate teachers who qualify for the ROLE MODEL TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP ,

    Dzifa knew before hand Mr.Millson and miss Bansah were going to receive massive votes and support  from the student body. Even a blind student knew Mr. Millson. Sir Millson epitomized who an ideal professional trained graduate teacher should be. In addition to that,he was also a staunch Christian who never hesitated to preach the gospel to the students.

    The truth about students is that even though they never like to admit It,they always wish their teachers should be very good models for them to emulate instead of the ‘play types’ of teachers who behave like them.

    Though on the face value,they are seen praising the “joker or ” funny teachers” they knew deep in their hearts that they were not living up to their professional expectations.

    It therefore didn’t come as a surprise to her when teachers who are seen to be liked by students scored very low marks and Sir Millson scored more than 50% of the overall assessment followed by miss Bansah though most students don’t seemed to like them. There  was a basic underlining reason for Sir Millson’s success.

    Almost all the teachers(90 %) selected for the prestigious scholarship were immoral. They flirt with female students and thus couldn’t possible be seen as a good role model deserving such laurels. The more a teacher get notoriety for chasing female students,the lower his marks thus disqualifying him from the ROLE MODEL TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP.

    On a more serious note, even a bad student wouldn’t want to vote for a teacher who is a bad influence on them to receive A  ROLE MODEL TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP when she knew very well it’s only two teachers who deserved it in our school-Mr. Lamptey Millson and Miss Bansah Lovelace.


    The case is close.


    [Millson’s Point of view]👨🏫


    Our joy rose beyond comparison.

    Is it really true that soon we will be airborne to Canada. It looked more like a dream to me. Tell me I’m dreaming.

    I was busy making series of preparations towards the great journey which was there days ahead. It looked as if time has suddenly became very short for me. Then I heard a knock on my door. Surely, that must be my dear friend Miss Bansah. Without much thought, I said, ” come in dear.”

    The she came in but it wasn’t the

    ” she” I was looking out for.



    She said, “Yes Sir”


    There was an uneasy silence between us.


    “Sir,I know you are surprise to see me. I just want to apologize to you for the way I disturbed you ever since you set your feet in this school. I know I have put a lot of pressure on you luring you to “rock” me but you knew exactly what you stood for. You tried to advice me but I was adamant.

    Now,I have learnt life’s lessons the hard way and I promise to turn on a new leaf. Sir,on a more serious note, If we have just 30% of teachers in this school like you,Tutukpene Secondary School  would have been a better school but sadly the school have not been firm on teacher- student romantic relationship and that has resulted in teachers dating and mating us for free. In all honesty, most of the faults came from us, the teenage girls. We lure the charming young teachers when we have a crush on them. We often use it to boast in our dormitories as to who’s more romantic, who’s hot in bed and who’s not. You know it’s a girls’ thing. Girls’ talk.

    I just want to say,keep up the good work and always be the iconic teacher I know you to be.

    When you travel to Canada,always remember me, not as a spoilt girl but as a girl who have changed.

    Are these words really coming from Dzifa. Is this another trap?

    Readers, help me.

    Finally, I said,”Hmmm. I hear.”

    Suddenly, Dzifa began to cry. She sobbed so heavily that I was moved to tears myself but I controlled my emotion.

    For the first time, I did something I never did with Dzifa before. I opened my arms and asked her to give me a hug. She was quite hesitant but after much encourage

    ment, she rushed into my arms. She hugged me so tightly that I could feel the softness of her boobs on my chest.

    I politely disengaged myself from her. She didn’t insist. She merely looked at me but still carrying the melancholic look.I asked her , “what is wrong, Dzifa?”

    ” Hmmm, errrr. During my abortion , my womb got damaged.” She said.

    “What ?” I was surprised.

    “Yes, It’s true sir. Your fake friend Kwame got me pregnant and gave me that concoction which eventually damaged my womb. The Doctor said the herbs has a highly toxic substance in it which perforated my womb. ..”

    “I’m sorry Dzifa”

    “Don’t be. I caused it.”

    I think it’s time to leave .Until I see you again,it’s bye for now, sir.”

    I was awestruck but highly  impressed by Dzifa’s sign of  maturity. I thanked her for showing remorse and I forgave her for all the troubles and she had caused me. I promise her I won’t forget her and we will talk regularly when I travel.


    ~Two days later ~


    Lovelace and I arrived at the Kotoka International  Airport in time to check in. Indeed Accra’s new Kotoka airport is an impressive facility. Its sophisticated, futuristic look and modern trappings with its plush business lounges, retail spaces and state-of-the-art equipment are the equal of any airport in the world, JFK, Heathrow or Schipol included.

    The new Kotoka Terminal 3, not surprisingly, bears much of the hallmarks and the finest qualities of ACSA’s or Tambo International Airport, Cape Town International Airport and King Shaka International Airport in some of South Africa’s major cities.

    Kotoka International Airport is a product of truly breathtaking global class. I learnt that at its height Terminal 3 will be able to handle 5 million passengers a year, with the capacity of handling 1 250 passengers an hour.

    Episode 22

    Twist Of Fortune


    [RECAP: Millson and Bansah received a scholarship to study in Canada due to their exemplary lifestyle in the school. Dzifa apologised for all the troubles she had caused ]


    [Millson’s  Viewpoint ]


    Prior to arriving at the airport, I offered a prayer to my Lord and saviour. I thanked God for the blessings I received.


    Lord, Thank You for the blessings, favour and change in luck I’ve experienced since becoming your servant.

    There has been changes in my life since I’ve paid attention to your presence.

    I may not do your will exactly as it is written in the holy scriptures all the time,but I try as much as possible to be a devoted follower.

    My only wish is for the World to be a kinder place than it is now,

    Make me a vessel of honour.

    whatever I can do,

    Lord, give me the strength to do it

    Help me avoid transgressions,

    I want to live in harmony with your will,

    Lord, I’m surrounded by doers of iniquities.

    Yes, a lot of hypocrites who have evil intentions.

    I cannot speak for them or change their minds.”

    I put this journey under your control.

    I put the pilot in your care.

    Be the pilot of the plane.

    I believe you will grant us travelling mercies.

    This and more we asked in Jesus’ name.



    I was about to board a car with Bansah Lovelace when Dzifa appeared.

    ” Sir, I’m going to miss you. Can I accompany you to the airport?”

    I wanted to say ” No” but Miss Bansah signalled me to allow her. Out of respect for her, I allowed Dzifa to get on board the car with us. The journey to the airport was incident- free.

    I was amazed at Dzifa’s perceived change of behaviour. What actually made her change her behaviour?

    Is it the pregnancy or her near- death experience. I was not too convinced that she had changed though from the face value, it looked like that. I asked ” Is the change coming from within her?

    From experience, I knew it’s human nature to put on a face. Most people wear a mask. They have three faces. The first face is the one they show to the world. The second face, is the one they show to their close friends, and their family. The third face, is never shown to anyone. It is the truest reflection of who they are.

    Our true selves are buried under piles of fakeness and what we assume to be true of ourselves.

    To add to the pile of surprises, Dzifa volunteered to carried our bags. When we read reached the check in session, she looked at me happily saying, “safe Journey to both of you. Enjoy your stay in Canada.

    “Thank you Dzifa.” We said, deeply overjoyed.

    “If you ever reach Canada , Please don’t forget me.”

    Of course I won’t, Dzifa.”

    She turned round and left. Intuitively I looked at her one more time. She turned her head and our eyes met. Then she laughed.

    I reciprocated her smile.

    Then she disappeared from my view.

    It wasn’t long before we got our boarding pass,passed through a long tiring immigration process.

    My bag was about to go through the final process when the light on one of the bag scanners beeped.

    The immigration officer looked at me suspiciously and asked me to step aside.

    Soon a NACOB officer appeared on the scene. He seemed to suspect me of hiding something illegal in my bag.

    “Are you Mr. Lamptey Millson?” He asked me.

    “Yes, Sir.” I responded.

    I’m afraid you have to follow me. I was led from the departure hall of the airport to a room that looked like an interrogating room.

    “Sir down!”

    I sat down.

    Miss Bansah was not allowed to come into the room. She waited for me outside.

    There is another man in the room. He said his name is Douglas Amoah, the Head, Communications Media Relations & Protocol Unit.

    The officer who took me into the office said his name is Osborn Nartey, head of NACOB

    (Narcotics Control Board) at the airport.

    The Narcotics Control Board

    ( NACOB) is a Ghanaian agency under the Ministry of Interior. It is the agency concerned with the formulation and enforcement of narcotics laws in the country. The board’s work is aimed at preventing the use, import, and export of narcotics or banned drugs.

    We have a cause to think you are carrying an illegal drug in your suitcase. May you open it for cross- examination?”

    As far as I know, I have not carried any banned or illegal substance along. Quite confidently, I opened my bag. My eyes widened immediately. A powdery substances that looked like cocaine, a narcotic drug was found concealed in it”

    “Who have done this to me in this crucial moment?”

    Only one person came to mind. She played on my intelligence and emotion. No wonder she said

    “If you EVER reach Canada , Please don’t forget me.”

    I suspected her. Yes, Dzifa, the girl who told me she had changed. I should have known better. Leopards never change their spots.

    I was asked what it was.

    I deny knowledge and ownership of the substance in the bag.

    The powdery substance was taken from the bag and sent away.

    Osborn Nartey, the head of NACOB said, “the test analysis would be out in ten minutes, so relax.

    I was very nervous. What if that powder turned up to be cocaine?

    How did Dzifa manage to put cocaine in my bag.

    Oh , God, help me.!

    If the test result prove positive,

    I will be disgraced, the news men will broadcast the news and my hard – earned reputation would be ruined forever. More importantly I will be sent to prison and waste my youthful life languishing in the four corners of a prison.

    At that moment, I knew I have only one saviour and I turned to him.

    I offered a prayer in my head.


    I have faced obstacles, I have faced harsh conditions in life.

    I’ve seen things

    I’ve done things, things that made me weak, and made me stronger.

    I am yet to understand so much more but I know enough now,

    I have fallen and I have gotten back on my feet. My faith for you my lord had grown so much over the years. I trust in you, you never failed me. I have falter and you have forgiven me. The one person I need is you.

    Thank you for everything..



    <Third Person Narration >


    The level of impatience was growing. Miss Bansah Lovelace couldn’t understand what was really keeping Millson. Very soon the scheduled flight time for the plane will elapse and they won’t be able to board the plane. As she was contemplating, the NACOB boss materialised.

    He by passed her and entered the room holding the test result in his hands.

    In modern era cocaine is tested by using a new chemical sensor for cocaine .The method developed by LRCFS(Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science ) staff. They use a novel hybrid fluorescent nanozyme peroxidase-mimic catalytic sensor to detect the presence of cocaine. Nanozymes are nanomaterials-based enzyme mimics that are produced synthetically to mimic the properties of natural enzymes, proteins that speed up and facilitate reactions in living things.

    The man looked at Millson’s face.

    Millson was a bit nervous even though he knew he was innocent.

    He didn’t know exactly what the

    NACOB boss was going to say.

    The man looked at Millson for a short time. Then he began talking, “After thoroughly conducting a test on the substance found in your luggage, we have found out that what you carry in your luggage is_____”


    Will Millson be arrested for carrying cocaine in his suitcase?

    Will the journey be cancelled?

    Where from the cocaine?

    Episode 23

    [RECAP: Millson and Bansah Lovelace received a scholarship to study abroad. Dzifa schemed and put a substance in Millson’s bag. Millson was detained at the airport for a drug test]


    <Third Person’s Narration >


    After thoroughly conducting a test on the substance found in your luggage, we have found out that what you carry in your luggage is_____”




    At once , Millson felt his legs wobbled. He began to perspire. His heart suddenly jumped into his mouth. Cold shivers ran down his spine. “What will I be doing with cocaine?” Millson asked.

    Osborn said, “you will tell the court soon. ”

    As soon as Osborn Nartey, the head of NACOB told Millson the drug in his bag was cocaine, the airport police came in and arrested him saying , “Mr. Lamptey Millson, you are under arrest for possessing an illegal drug. You have a right to remain silent because anything you say here can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney, if you don’t have one, the state will provide you one.”

    The plane scheduled for Canada took off.

    Millson was handcuffed and put in a police van off to the police station for his statement to be taken.

    Bansah was disoriented. She followed the police to the station as they took her boyfriend away.

    As soon as they reached the police station, Millson’s statement was taken. Media men crowded the Police station. Soon the news was broken.


    ~Breaking news @ TV3~


    A teacher by name Millson Lamptey was nabbed by the NACOB at the Kotoka international Airport after a parcel of cocaine was found in his luggage. He was set to go to Canada to pursue further education after winning the pacesetter teacher award for being the most morally disciplined teacher in Tutukpene Senior High School along with another teacher who was rumoured to be his girlfriend.

    We could not reconcile why a morally conscious and ethically sound teacher would be dealing in drugs. We will keep you updated with the latest development on this story.

    Stay tuned to TV3. First in news , best in entertainment.



    ~Millson POV~


    I have never been shocked in my entire life until now. I knew Dzifa could be cunny but I never knew she could go to that extreme, considering the fact that she put up an appearance of genuine repentance. I could just imagine how the court proceedings will be. I would be set to court, Sandwiched by two police men. I will be made to swear to tell the truth. Then I will be charged with illegal possession of arms. A state prosecutor will be assigned to me. The state prosecutor would question me on how the drug ended in my bag. I will tell the court the truth but my truth will lack evidence.

    After questioning and cross referencing, the Jury will find me

    guilty and sentence me to 45 years imprisonment with hard labour. Two police men will then take me away to start my prison sentence in Ankaful Maximum Security Prison in Cape coast. In prison my freedom will be curtailed. I heard

    Ghana prison is like living in hell.

    There I will meet hardened criminals in a very dirty environment. I will struggle to get a space to sleep. The food will be cooked based on prison standards. Meat and fish will be eaten once in a blue moon. The quality of the food will be terrible.

    Even if I eventually leave the prison, I will be seen as an ex- convict.


    Well. My dear reader, that is how a faithless man will think but I believe in my God. He will rescue me from the jaws of the enemy and I won’t end in prison. No I WON’T.

    ” Lord, in you I put my trust. Man see the impossible but you see the possible.

    “Beep! Beep!” I turned round. It was my phone ringing. Guess who was calling. Talk of the devil.


    It was Dzifa’s call.


    Dzifa: Hello Sir.


    Me: Hello.


    Dzifa: How is Canada?

    ( Dzifa was laughing)


    Me: I’m not in Canada.


    Dzifa: Ohh, I see. Where are you?


    An idea occurred to me. I put the phone on record <<>>


    Me: I’m in a cell in Accra.


    Dzifa: I saw the news on TV. It’s rather unfortunate.


    Me:Ok. I’m sure you are happy now.


    Dzifa: Yes. You deserve that place.


    Me: Why?


    Dzifa: You throw my love in my face and follow that…that Witch who called herself a teacher. I beg you to give me the ‘thing’ but because you are a wicked man , you deny me the ‘ thing ‘. Now you are going to Canada with that…prostitute. she’s going to enjoy the …’thing’ until they kingdom come. I can’t allow that to happen. I could have placed the cocaine in her bag but I realized if I do that, your love for her will become stronger. I decided to punish you.


    Me: oh.hmmm. Dzifa. You can’t force love and sex is NOT by force.


    Dzifa: You kraaaa, you get free

    ” toto” , something a lot of your friends are dying to enjoy. I give it to you on a silver platter. Just take it and enjoy till you die of joy and ” you no go fi do”. Do you know why your friend kwame was addicted to me?


    Me: No, tell me.


    Dzifa: Hahaha. My “Toto” is sweeter than honey. Sir, I’m not a bad girl but I’m not a hypocrite too.

    You see, as humans, we are sexual beings but we pretend we don’t like sex.


    Me: Dzifa, So because I want to do the right thing as a teacher, you put a bag of cocaine in my bag?


    Dzifa: Hahaha. Yes, That’s correct. You rejected my love and I decided to deal with you . I could have put two bags of cocaine in your bag, Pope Millson. When you go to prison, you will learn how to respect women and not reject or hurt their feelings.


    Me: Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will understand that not all men can be toyed with.


    Dzifa: what do you mean by that?


    Me: You will understand soon.


    Dzifa: I hope you are—-”


    I cut the line before she finished her speech.


    I pressed the “stop” button. I tried to replay the recording. It came


    Me: –I’m in a cell in Accra.


    Dzifa:–I saw the news on TV.


    Me:-Ok.I’m sure you are happy



    Dzifa:– Yes, you deserve that place.


    Me: –‘Why?


    Dzifa: “—You throw my love in my face and follow that…that Witch who called herself a teacher. I beg you to give me the ‘thing’ but because you are a wicked man , you deny me the ‘ thing ‘. Now you are going to Canada with that…prostitute. she’s going to enjoy the …’thing’ until they kingdom come. I can’t allow that to happen. I could have placed the cocaine in her bag but I realized if I do that, your love for her will become stronger. I decided to punish you.”


    I stopped the recording and smiled.

    I know God is good and he will not allow me to wear the cloth of disgrace.

    Episode 24

    In Court


    [RECAP: The substance seen in Millson’s bag turned out to be cocaine. Millson was arrested and detained at the police cell. He received a call from Dzifa. Dzifa told Millson she was the one who set him up. Luckily he recorded the conversation.]



    [Millson Point Of View]


    My experience in the police cell gave me a preview of how prison life would be . In my cell, there was a small torn and worn- out mattress on the damp floor.

    The cell has one small window. It was so small that my hand could not even passed through it fully. The door was made of solid iron.

    If there was oxygen in that room, it was in very short supply because all that I breath was foul or no air.

    I even fear I will have asphyxia.

    That evening,Dzifa called me and we had another chat. For some reasons, she didn’t talk as freely as she talked in our previous phone conversation.

    I suspected she had become aware of my game plan.She asked me which Police station I was but I didn’t disclose my geographical location to her.

    Somehow , she got to know the police station I was detained in.

    I was surprised to see Dzifa at Police station.

    She was provocatively dressed. She wore a very ‘short’ mini skirt and an Sleeveless blouse. What made her blouse so provocative was that she wore no bra thus her nipples were explicitly outlined in the blouse. She seemed to wear no undies under her mini skirt. Her long legs were fully exposed and the mini- mini Skirt she wore re- emphasized her point. She was surely on a mission to destroy me.

    She said, “my dear Sir.” I didn’t come here to see you but I can’t come here and leave without saying “hi” to you. That will be disrespectful. That’s why I pleaded with the Commanding Officer to allow his boys bring you out from that hell- hole for me to greet you before leaving. It is such a pity,

    you were heading towards the Kotoka International Airport the last time I saw you. Now you find yourself in the four corners of a cold room in a police station.

    I will make sure you move to the advanced form of that cell. You know what I mean.”

    ” Yes, I know what you mean except that at the end of all this , I won’t be the one going to the prison you euphemistically called ” advanced cell. I believe My God will deliver me. I am just surprised your hatred for me now is very deep.”

    Hmmm, my dear, there is a thin line between love and hatred, Dzifa said.

    “My dear student, You need to repent genuinely. Just confess your sins and repent. It will hurt me to see you regretting all that you are doing now in the near future in a more painful state. Please God love you. You_____”

    Dzifa interrupted me, “I hear you, my Pope. When you reach there, you will understand the difference between talking and doing. Anyway, I heard your location from TV3 news on Telly.”

    I suspected Dzifa came to see the Commanding Officer. But Why?

    Why did Dzifa travelled all the way from Tutukpene to Accra just to see the Commanding Officer.

    No, she has a game plan.I sensed there was more to Dzifa’s visit than I was perceiving. If Dzifa came to see a man then she wanted to ____.

    Oh, I see. I got it now. All the same, I asked Dzifa when she would be returning to her village. She told me she will stay in Accra for one week by which time I will be sent to court.

    ” Where will you be staying for that one week ,” I asked her. She told me I should leave that to her.Just then, the Commanding Officer came out from his office holding his car key. He held Dzifa by the waist and they moved towards his car.

    The gameplan was very clear to me now. She was going to _____.”

    “Get back to your cell.’ An officer interrupted my train of thought.

    I was taken back to my cell and

    told to prepare for court the next day.

    That evening Miss Bansah called me and we chatted. I knew she was the only person I could trust apart from my God and my parents.

    She told me she had been crying ever since I was detained at the police cell didn’t know how she would come and see me at the cell without breaking down in tears.

    She promised to do her best to rescue me. I don’t know how she intended to do that anyway.

    We chatted on WhatsApp and exchanged love messages, both text and audio. She encouraged me to trust in God because he can do the impossible.

    The next day was the day of the court. I didn’t wake up very early.

    I overslept. How could I sleep on the day that would determine my fate?

    I felt I have been drugged. I wasn’t exactly myself.Two policemen came to the cell to pick me. I was put in the police van and sent to court,sandwiched by two police men.

    The court was packed with people eagerly waiting for the trial to begin. Finally , the Judge and jury entered the court room .The Court clerk ordered the Court to Rise.All the people in the court rose to honour the presence of the Jury. After the judge sat down in his seat on the elevated platform,the people in the court were also asked to sit down.

    I was made to stand in a box and swore an oath holding the bible, promising to tell the truth.

    The court clerk searched through the dockets and brought out the case. He said, “Case Number 155 Millson Lamptey vrs the state.

    Then my charge was read to me.

    Mr.Lamptey Millson was arrested

    at the kotoka International Airport on his way to Canada for hiding cocaine in his luggage on the 12th day of February.”

    A state Prosecutor was assigned to my case.He asked me why I was in possession of such an illegal substance.

    I told the court I was not the one who put the drug in the bag and that I only realised it when my bag was opened.

    The lawyer said that was the song all the drug dealers sang anytime they were arrested on drug offences. ” Did the Cocaine magically entered your luggage?”

    I kept quiet.

    Then I turned round. Dzifa was there. She was laughing.

    Miss Bansah didn’t come to the court. I thought at least she would be there to give me moral support.

    Why did she abandoned me at a time I need her most ?

    She promised to help me. Where is She?”

    I turned to God.

    “Oh, my God, don’t forsake me.

    The lawyer gave me the chance to prove I was not into drugs.

    I did my best to convince the state Prosecutor. He looked at me for a while. Then he said, “Gentleman , do you have any evidence to support your claim? If you claim that girl set you up, at least show us something to prove your point.”

    Once again, I turned round and saw Dzifa. She was still laughing. In fact she almost fell from her seat because of excessive laughter. Then she opened her thigh wide. I saw what I DON’T WANT TO SEE.

    Emblazoned on the panty she wore under her mini skirt that day, were the words ” SO SWEET.”

    Then I remembered my phone recording. I reached out into my pocket to get my mobile phone.

    Alas!! My mobile phone was gone. It was not in my pocket. I was shocked to the bone. I looked round but it was not on the ground.

    Dzifa’s laughter had reached its apogee.

    People turned to watch her.

    I told the lawyer the evidence was on my phone which I suspected dropped in the police van. The judge ordered the van to be searched but no , it wasn’t there.

    All other explanations I gave to the lawyer were rejected due to lack of evidence.

    At that point , I knew my fate was sealed. The court reporter sat near the witness stand in the courtroom and recorded everything that was said during the trial.

    After so much legal battle the jury decided the facts in the case, and applied the law on which the case was based.

    He said , “Now this is my



    Episode 25

    Before Millson’s detention


    [RECAP : Dzifa managed to locate

    Millson’s Prison. She was seen in the company of the Commanding

    Officer in charge of that Jurisdiction. Millson was eventually processed and sent to court. The judge was about to pronounce to declare the verdict]


    <Third Person POV>


    A lot of things went on before Millson was arrested and processed for court. In the first place, Dzifa acquired the drugs from his older brother who was part of a criminal gang that dealt with exportation of banned drugs. His name was Foli. After comple

    ting his basic education, he became a renegade. All efforts by his parents to correct him proved futile. Eventually he left home for the city to perfect his crime. He came home during the rural electrification project which saw Tutukpene also connected to the national grid. There he gave out his number to Dzifa but Dzifa have never called him before.

    That day, He was surprised to get a call from his younger sister Dzifa because they never see eye to eye with each other. After a few hours of dialoguing, Dzifa asked him to give her a small bag of cocaine. Foli agreed to give his little sister the drugs , not because he wanted to but because he wanted to impress his sister and strengthened the cord of family hood.

    She told her brother she wanted to set her teacher up because he used and dump her.

    What hurt Dzifa about Millson’s issue most was not the incessant rejection she experienced from Millson. The thought of Millson leaving Tutukpene Senior High School with Miss Lovelace was an unbearable thought Dzifa couldn’t endure, especially as Millson was resolute in befriending Miss Bansah, something she struggled to get but failed.

    “Who knows what will go on when they reach Canada?” Dzifa asked herself. ” Lovelace will enjoy what I desire. No, it won’t happen. Over my lifeless body will they reach that point. Unless I’m not DZIFA!!!

    On the departure day, Dzifa volunteered to help accompany the couples to the airport. Since she had pretended to be a changed person, Millson wasn’t too hesitant.

    Millson unlocked his bag to pick something. In the process, Dzifa saw the unlock code. When carrying the bag at the airport, she managed to slip in the cocaine when Millson and Lovelace were chatting with an immigration officer.

    When Dzifa reached home , he waited anxiously for the news to break and indeed it came.



    “…….A teacher by name Millson Lamptey was nabbed by the NACOB at the Kotoka international Airport after a parcel of cocaine was found in his luggage. He was set to go to Canada to pursue further education after winning the pacesetter teacher award for being the most morally disciplined teacher inTutukpene Senior High School…..”

    Dzifa was overjoyed. Finally She had defeated her Crush-turned- enemy. She jubillated and it was in her jubilant mood that she called Millson and had a dialogue with him. Snippets of the dialogue;


    Dzifa: —You rejected my love and I decided to deal with you . I could have put two bags of cocaine in your bag, Pope Millson. When you go to prison, you will learn how to respect women and not reject or hurt their feelings.–


    Millson: Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will understand that not all men can be toyed with.


    Dzifa: “—what do you mean by that?”


    Millson: “—You will understand soon.


    Dzifa: I hope you are—-”


    Then Millson cut the call before Dzifa finished her speech.

    Dzifa soon realised she had said more than necessary. She also suspected Millson had recorded her conversation with him. This was hidden under Millson’s Statement, “Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will understand that not all men can be toyed with.”

    She was very worried and was contemplating what to do. Millson refused to disclose his location to him. That evening, in a news bulletin, TV3 news revealed Millson’s location and name of the Police station when broadcasting their news.

    The next day, she got up quickly, got herself into a stretchy mini- skirt and sleeveless blouse and headed towards the Police station. It was over seven hours journey. Upon reaching there, he asked to see the Commanding officer.

    The Commanding officer was dazed to see such a piece of beauty in his office. Dzifa told the Police officer that she was the one who set Millson her teacher, up. She told the Officer,Derrick, that she made a phone call to Millson which she believed implicated her in the crime. She pleaded with the officer to retrieve the recording from Millson and ensure Millson landed in prison.

    The officer gazed at Dzifa’s tight blouse which clearly revealed the outline of her nipples. His gaze went down Dzifa’s bare legs. They looked fresh, hairy and tantalising. When the officer’s gaze reached the acute angle between Dzifa’s thighs, she opened her legs widely to revealed her “bare Womanity” without any panties.

    The officer was transfixed as he glued his eyes on Dzifa’s pearl of pleasure. The lust that swept through his body was

    innumerable. He was suddenly “Hard” and rose to his feet, and moved towards Dzifa.

    He squeezed her breast.

    They juggled repeatedly.

    The Police officer said, “Don’t worry about Millson. He’s as good as a prisoner already. I will make sure he goes to jail but you know how it work here. In Ghana, Exchange is no robbery. I want to taste the honey from your pot and in exchange for that you get your revenge. Besides how can a normal man refused to eat a meal set before him. He’s foolish. I thought teacher are supposed to epitomize acknowledge.”

    Dzifa sighed, “Hmmmmm, you are right.”

    Derrick continued, “can I taste the honey now?”

    Dzifa smiled meekly and said, ” you have already began, “Aren’t you?” She stared at the officer’s hands caressing the ‘fleshy balls’ on her chest.

    Derrick Mortey grabbed her inner thigh and slowly moved his hand in the direction of her ‘V’ line.

    He began to kiss her passionately, impressed by her soft sweet lips.

    Dzifa let out a soft moan and wrapped her arms around his neck. He gently pushed her onto a couch close to the office wall and climbed on top of her while kissing her non- stop.

    He lifted her mini shirt and blouse simultaneously revealing her bra- less fleshy chest balls and pant-less female organ, already oiled for action.

    Dzifa closed her eyes and felt his lips move from her mouth down her neck and slowly made his way down to her chest. He spotted the cleavage between her chest-balls and used his mouth to explore them. A moan escaped from Dzifa’s mouth. Then he reached her ‘V’ line

    and connected his mouth to the fleshy folds in her inner core.

    “ Wait, Wait, Wait. ” Dzifa said while moaning. Her breath came in gasp.Then someone knocked at the door. Derrick’s attention was diverted towards the door.

    Dzifa quickly dressed up as Derrick went to attend to the door. He shouted at the junior officer who came to tell him of a case file he requested for a few hours ago.

    After sending the junior officer off, he came back to resume the Ecstatic play but Dzifa put his hand on his chest and pushed him away. “ Officer ,we can’t do it here. Let’s go to your house but before that I want to see Millson’s face. Derrick who was obviously burning with lust readily agreed and asked that Millson should be brought out from the cell. Two minutes later, he was told Millson was brought out. It was at that point that Dzifa left the officer’s room to see Millson.

    The next day , the case was sent to court and upon several interrogation,cross examination and lack of evidence from Millson to prove his innocence, the Judge was ready to give his verdict. He said, “Now this is my


    Episode 26

    The Verdict and Last Ray of Hope


    RECAP: Episode 25 focused on the incidents before Millson was sent to court. It highlighted how Dzifa acquired the Cocaine and how she used her feminine charm to manipulate the Commanding officer.



    <Third Person’s Point Of View>


    The Judge declared his verdict.


    VERDICT : “Having considered all the statements and evidences put before me carefully, I hereby, declare you, Mr. Millson Lamptey guilty of the charges brought against you. You are therefore sentenced to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour.”


    The judge tapped his table with his gavel.The police came in , hand

    cuffed Millson and were about to take him away when Lovelace Bansah stepped into the court. She told the Police in Charge of court security she had something to show to the Judge.

    Millson was happy. He knew his salvation was near. The night he communicated with Miss Bansah, he sent her the recording in case of any eventuality or emergency. It looked like his smartness was about to pay off.

    ” Father Lord, Thank You.” Millson said. He turned and gazed at Dzifa. The smiles on her face was wiped out. She looked scared.

    Lovelace was asked to hand over the evidence to the Police Officer. She had already open the recording folder. What was needed was for the officer to press the “PLAY” button. The officer moved towards the judge with Lovelace’s phone. He pressed the “DELETE” button” before reaching the Judge’s session.

    Then he said, “my Lord, the folder seemed empty. It contains no file or recording.”

    He showed the empty folder to Judge Maverick Appiah. The smile on Dzifa’s face returned. The officer also smiled but Lovelace was shocked and annoyed. She screamed at the officer, “You liar, you deleted the recording. I saw it right now before handing it over to you.”

    The Judge told Lovelace to produce the evidence or face a fine or imprisonment.

    Lovelace took the phone and searched for the recording but couldn’t found it. Then she told the court she had a duplicate of the recording. She was told to bring it within thirty minutes or face prosecution. She left, promising to come back within the stipulated time. The officers who arrested Millson were told to wait for a while.


    Police Officer Derrick was a worried man. He counted himself lucky to have had access to the recording brought in my Lovelace. It could have exonerated Millson and implicated Dzifa and possibly him.

    He asked his boys to follow Lovelace and retrieve the duplicate recording from her the moment she entered the house before she forward it to another person.

    Dzifa was unaware she had been followed. She headed towards her Parent’s home in Accra, around Manet New Estate.

    She signalled a Taxi Cab and entered saying ‘Manet Estate’.

    In the Taxi, a thought occurred to her. She had kept a duplicate of the recording on her second mobile phone. She must forward it to as many people as possible to reduce the possibility of its total loss.

    He reached the house and looked for the Second phone. She was about to click a button when she heard some noises.

    She sensed something was wrong.

    She peeped through the window and saw two police men coming towards the door. She was hurriedly forwarding the audio to her sister Maíla when the phone had a LOW BATTERY.

    Quickly, she removed the memory card from the Phone and reclosed the cover.

    She managed to squeeze herself through the bar- less window and climbed the tree closer to her bedroom window. Then she heard heavy knocks on her door.

    It was quite Paradoxical to think policemen were chasing Lovelace to retrieve an evidence that will exonerate an innocent man. Instead of going after evil, they were protecting it.

    One of the Police officers said,” let’s break the door and enter. She may have seen us coming.

    They broke the door and entered the room but Lovelace wasn’t there.

    Then one of the Police men suggested they looked behind the bedroom window,the window closer to the tree.

    Lovelace ran towards the gate after passing through the window but an officer saw her before she negotiated a curve. He screamed, She’s running away, She’s running!! away.!!! In that moment Lovelace knew she was cornered.


    {Lovelaces Point Of View}


    My heart jumped into my mouth and goose pimples sprang onto my skin. Cold shivers ran down my spine. I knew Millson’s exoneration depended on the evidence I carried. I must protect it with all my strength.

    I mustered courage, opened the gate and broke into a ran. The policemen came out of the house and entered their van. The van moved towards my direction.

    I knew if I ran straight,the van would catch up with me in a few seconds . Quickly, I diverted into the bush and ran harder. They stopped the van and the two

    policemen begun chasing me again.

    Soon they began to narrow the gap between themselves and I.

    I increased my pace. The inner energy in me increased and I outran them. I didn’t know how I did it because the way those policemen were ranning when I glanced at them through the corner of my eyes, I was amazed I was not captured.

    Just then,I saw a taxi moving towards my direction. It was adjacent to the bush. I quickly signalled it. It Screeched to a halt.

    I guessed the taxi driver might have slammed on the brakes and brought his car to a complete halt.

    I jumped into the taxi and shouted ” Driver,Go,Go,Go,Go!!!!”

    The driver put his leg on the accelerator and the car sped off just a few seconds before I saw the Police appearing from the bush.

    I was quite relief. Three minutes later,I gazed into the rear mirror of the taxi. I saw a van.

    My heart started beating. Surely,it was the Police van. The van kept tailing us.

    The taxi driver sensing danger  changed his gear and stepped on my accelerator and began speeding. The Police van having realized we were aware of being followed also changed gear. My taxi driver negotiated a curve, sharply turning the steering wheel to the right.The van also negotiated the curve and chased us.

    The van leaped forward and nearly overtook ours but the taxi driver was tactful and smashed the side of his car into the Van, causing it to back track for a minute .

    The Taxi driver now realising the cruciality of the situation maximised his speed. We left a great distance between the van and our car.

    I glanced at the speedometer. The taxi was going at a speed of 250 kmph.There was a traffic light ahead. It suddenly turned red  and we were forced to decelerate fast. He applied his break. The Taxi screeched to an abrupt halt.

    I could smell the burning tyre,

    resulting from the friction between the tyre and the asphalt road.

    I could see the Police van getting closer again. There were three cars between us.When the traffic light turned Green, the taxi driver sped off, quickly, and negotiated a sharp curve that nearly tipped the taxi in the process.

    He kept driving to maximum speed and jumped the next traffic light, almost crashing into an Articulated truck . He by -passed a hidden route few metres from the T- junction. Putting the car in reverse gear, he drove backward and entered the hidden back road before reversing the gear again to full acceleration just in time before the articulated truck moved away from the Police Van’s line of vision.

    When my taxi driver manoeuvred the car through the hidden lane, the Police van missed the view of our taxi and passed the opposing lane. I was relieved the police missed us. I turned happily and praise the taxi driver for such expertised driving.

    He took me to the court. I got out of the Taxi . I still have five minutes out of the thirty minutes I was given.

    Just then a hand convered my mouth. I lost my consciousness for a moment. When I regain consciousness, I gazed at my watch. I was ten minutes late.

    As soon as I emerged at the court, the Judge got infuriated. My evidence was stolen from me. Both phones and SIM Card.

    I looked into Millson’s face. He was highly disappointed in me. Dzifa was still at the court. She was very excited. The Judge asked me to pay a fine of Ghc11,891.39 (800,000 Naira).

    I didn’t have that amount of money so I was sentenced to two years imprisonment for deceiving the court and wasting the time of the Judge unnecessarily. I saw the Police van. I’m going to prison with Millson.

    Episode 27

    Edges Of Prison


    [ RECAP: In Episode 26, Lovelace went home to get a duplicate recording. She was chased by Officer Derrick’s men because he had become involved with Dzifa romantically and promised to help her. The second recording was eventually taken from Lovelace and she was also sentenced to two years imprisonment for deceiving the court. ]


    <Third Person Narration>


    Prior to the Judge’s pronounce

    ment, Lovelace looked for the memory card she took from the phone but couldn’t found it. She assumed the officers took it away along with the mobile phones.

    Now she was heading towards Prison to spend two years there because she couldn’t pay a fine of Ghc11,891.39 (800,000 Naira).

    It was not her Short prison sentence that hurt her most. The thought of seeing Milson, an innocent teacher and friend going to languish in prison for 25 good years was heartbreaking to her.

    Some girls from Tutukpene Senior High school also came to the court to witness the court proceedings.

    There was huge jubilation on the side of Dzifa and the girls when the verdict was pronounced.

    The Court Clerk said ,”Silence in court.!!”Suddenly ,the court was as quiet as a cemetery. Then he ordered the Court to rise! The judge and jury were getting ready to leave the court.

    Dzifa said to Derrick, the officer,

    “I will give it to you today hot and raw.”

    Officer Derrick was all smiles. He gazed at Dzifa’s breast lustfully and said , “Of course, I can’t seem to have enough of use. You taste more than honey.”

    He hit Dzifa on her buttocks and they both laughed. It was an awful sight as Millson and Dzifa were handcuffed and thrown into the police bullet proof van, ready to be transported to PRISON.


    {Millson’s Point Of View}


    After I was found ‘guilty’ of possession of banned drugs and sentenced to 25 years imprison

    ment with hard labour, my faith in God weakened for a few minutes.

    At that material moment, I was lost for words. Somehow, I saw myself in a dreamland. How can I be guilty of a crime I didn’t commit. My legs wobbled under me and my wind pipe blocked all of a sudden as I was lost of air.

    This is not fair. I’m going to waste twenty – five good years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. Tears well in my eyes and flow freely like the clean waters of a great waterfall cascading at enormous depth.

    The police van soon headed towards Ankaful Maximum Security Prison.Soon I would begin my prison sentence. Nobody cares about my innocence.

    Then I stopped crying and told myself, “Milson, you are a Christian, pray to your God. Don’t lose hope.”

    I encouraged myself that all hope was not lost. Suddenly I closed my eyes and with tears in my eyes , I prayed to God.


    A Prayer for Hope


    Lord, help me to hear you saying,

    “I am your hope” over all the other voices.

    Lord, your word says, you are the hope for hopeless so I’m running to you with both hands stretched out and grabbing on to you.

    Fill me up with hope and give me a tangible reminder today that hope is an unbreakable spiritual lifeline (Hebrews 6:19-20).

    God, you know those things in my heart that I barely dare to hope for, today I give them to you, I trust them to you, and ask that you because I know that you can do more than I could ever guess, imagine or request in wildest dreams (Eph 3:20).

    God, you are my hope and I trust you.


    Soon we reached the prison.

    A group of prisoners were taken outside to work. Guess who I saw among the prisoners. My former colleagues who were arrested for impregnating school girls and helping them to abort their babies which led to their death. They were ; Kwame Ankrah, Franklin Nuru, George Quaye and Ashong.

    When they saw me and Lovelace , they were shocked. And it was understandable. In their mind , they may be asking several questions, what is the “POPE” doing here among us the criminals?”

    I gazed at Lovelace’s face. She was sad. Anxiety and fear was written all over her face.

    I told her, “Lovelace, don’t worry, we will leave here before you know it. Just be positive. Have faith. No fears, no tears.”

    MY words seemed to work magic on her. She giggled and hugged me but we were quickly separated by the police officers. Lovelace was taken to the female part of the prison and I was moved towards the male section.

    Various documents were brought for me to sign. I took the pen and signed the documents.

    My clothes were taken from me and I was given a khaki Shirt with a black star in the middle.

    The prison warder took me to a Prison. The room number was 33.

    I stepped in and sat down. I don’t know how long I stay in the cell but when I woke up, I saw my former colleagues in the prison room with me. They broke into smiles saying, “finally the POPE has fallen”.

    They laughed so loud that they didn’t see the prison warder opening the prison door.

    “Milson Lamptey, step out.!” he called me.

    Suddenly they were quiet and gazed at the officer.

    The prison warder took me to an office. My clothes were given back to me. I was surprised. Was I dreaming?” or was I transferred to another prison.?”

    “Follow me!” The prison warder told me. I followed him until we reached another section of the prison. It was a huge apartment for the prison warders. Inside the room was a nice mattress, fan , TV, wollen carpet and all that can make a room comfortable.

    He said, “sleep here, tomorrow, you will go back to the court.”

    I was surprised so I asked the officer ” Why?”

    He left after saying, “you will find out soon.”



    What happened next ?

    Episode 28

    Triangle of Confession and Travel


    [RECAP: Having lacked evidence, Millson was sent to Prison along with Lovelace. For some time , they lost hope. Millson met his colleagues in Prison and he was ridiculed. Strangely, he didn’t stay in the prison for even a day before a prison officer took him out and get him a decent place to sleep, telling him the next day he would be back to court]


    [Milson’s Point Of View ]


    I woke up at dawn anxiously waiting for the officer who gave me that room. Soon the door was opened and he came in , beaming with smiles.

    “I guessed you sleep well,”he said.

    I managed to force a smile and said, “Yes, Sir.”

    As soon as I stepped out of the room I met Lovelace. She was happy too. She told me she was given a comfortable place to sleep instead of the smelly prison. When I told her I was also given a nice place to sleep , she was mesmerized and said, “Millson, tell me, what exactly is happening?”

    I told her , “I wished I know.”

    Soon the police van came and took us to the court again. What I saw at the court shocked me. I saw Dzifa in Handcuffs. The female students who were with her the previous day also came.

    Dzifa wasn’t smiling again. Instead, she was crying. I don’t know how long she cried but her melancholic state was so resounding. When she saw me, she turned her face away.

    Soon, the court proceedings began.

    The judge began to talk to me. He said his name is Johnnie Sarpong.

    He said, “Mr. Lamptey Millson, yesterday I sentenced you to 25 years imprisonment for possessing illegal drugs. You must agree with me that that decision was taken based on the information available to me then.”

    “Yesterday, when I was going home, my eyes caught a tiny black plastic material on the ground. Something told me to pick it. I did and realised it was a memory card.

    I suspected that memory card may belong to you or Lovelace. When I reached home I put it in the memory card slot on my Bluetooth speaker. This is what I heard……”


    He pressed the Bluetooth speaker.


    Dzifa : —You rejected my love and I decided to deal with you . I could have put two bags of cocaine in your bag, Pope Millson. When you go to prison, you will learn how to respect women and not reject or hurt their feelings.–


    Me: …..Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will understand that not all men can be toyed with.


    Dzifa: “—what do you mean by that?”


    Me: “—You will understand soon.


    I hope you are—-”




    The judge continued his narration,

    ” After hearing the recording I realised you are innocent. It was then that I phoned the Prison officer not to put you in prison.

    Well , as required by law , we need to hear from the culprit before proceeding to the next stage.

    I was lost of words. What the lawyer told me was too good to be true. I was overwhelmed.

    For a moment, I thought I was in a dreamland. Soon Dzifa was asked to enter the witness stand and she was asked to repeat the oath. “Oath: I swear by Almighty God that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but thetruth. Affirmation: I solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

    She was made aware that lying under oath constitutes perjury and also liable to prosecution and fine or imprisonment.

    Dzifa was asked if the voice in the audio recording belonged to her. She was silence. Then she gazed at me. There were tears in her eyes.

    “Is the voice yours?” The state attorney asked her.

    “NO, “She told the court. While standing in the witness box, someone else appeared at the court. He was Osborn Nartey, the head of NACOB at Kotoka International Airport. He went to the state attorney and told him something. Then he opened his laptop and showed the court a video. In the video, we saw Dzifa putting a parcel of cocaine in my bag. It waa a CCTV foottage.

    That was the strongest evidence against her. Upon seeing the video she broke down in tears saying she was sorry. She finally agreed the voice in the recording was hers. She told the court she used to love me but I kept on rejecting her sensual advances until she began hating me.

    Before being pronounced guilty, she told the court she had an accomplice. She called officer Derrick as her accomplice. She told the court how she bribed the officer with sex to ensure I was sent to prison. In order to prove her point, she brought out a recording which was played;




    The Police officer:– “Don’t worry about Millson. He’s as good as a prisoner already. I will make sure he goes to jail but you know how it work here. In Ghana, Exchange is no robbery. I want to taste the honey from your pot and in exchange for that you get your revenge. Besides how can a normal man refused to eat a meal set before him. He’s foolish. I thought teacher are supposed to epitomize acknowledge.”


    Dzifa: —, “Hmmmmm, you are right.”

    The police Officer: –can I taste the honey now?”


    Dzifa : — you have already began, “Aren’t you?”





    The officers face distorted and twitched. Waves of shocks were written all over his face.

    The judge said, “Mr Lamptey Millson, on the basis of the current evidence before me, You and Lovelace are hereby declared INNOCENT. In addition to that you will be paid a compensation fee for the psychological trauma you passed through. That is an amount ofGhc15,891.39 ,(1,056,179.Naira).

    I was overwhelmed with joy. I knelt down and lifted my hands to the heavens and praised the Lord.


    The judge said the Inspector General of Police would be notified on the case against Officer Derrick for legal actions to be taken against him.

    He then turned to Dzifa who was palpitating.Having gathered enough evidence against Dzifa, the judge made his pronouncement.


    Having considered all the statements and evidences put before me carefully, I hereby, declare you, Dzifa Agbemabiase”

    guilty of setting up an innocent man. For this you are hereby sentenced to 30 years in prison. In addition, you lied under oath, that’s perjury and you are hereby given an additional 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.

    Upon hearing a 40 year prison sentence, Dzifa shrieked loudly and collapsed. An ambulance was quickly brought to convey her to the hospital. Surely, she will go to jail when she regain conscious

    ness and remained there for the next 40 years.

    Lovelace Bansah was overjoyed. She ran and hugged me saying,

    “the Lord has done it at last.”

    We left the court as free people. It is true, we walked by faith and not by sight.




    ~Two days later~


    Something else happened that surprised us. Our scholarship was not affected by our case in court.

    It rather enhanced it. We received a congratulatory message from the Canadian Embassy. They said our innocence had proven that we were indeed morally upright.

    Another arrangement was made and we booked a flight. The destination was Canada.

    At last we were air-borne. The Air-hostesses were friendly and would smile at us. One lady in particular was very chummy

    She would bring food every few hours,not the local foods but foreign foods like salad, cucumber,carrot,macaroni, Apple  juice.

    My experience with Air Canada  was simply extraordinary,perhaps being made more interesting by the fact that I was travelling with the Lovelace. Though I have not officially proposed to her,it was an unsaid agreement between the two of us.


    ~Arriving at Canada~


    The huge metallic cylindrical bird move at supersonic speed. For about 10 hours I was airborne until we arrived at Canada.We arrived at  in Montreal international airport. Several security checks were conducted on us immediately we arrived at the international airport.

    After passing through another meticulous immigration process we left the airport. We discovered that the transportation systems in Canada are excellent.There are rapid transit systems operating in the Canadian cities. Finally,We entered the country proper. It was awesome.


    In Canada,you could ride commuter trains in the cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

    There were major several outstanding tourist destinations. We enjoy the splendor of the three waterfalls of Niagara Falls on the Canada-USA border. Vancouver and its neighbouring Victoria are arguably two of the most beautiful cities in the entire world.


    ~Shopping, Dining and Night Life~


    The largest shopping malls in Canada include the West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton) and Metropolis at Metrotown Burnaby. However, we found some excellent deals at small venues, such as boutiques and department stores.

    We find several bars, cafes, discos, nightclubs, and so on, throughout Canadian cities.

    Since we were on scholarship,we were given free accommodation.

    We studied at University of Toronto in Canada. I offered Master of Philosophy in Political Science while Lovelace offers M.phil. Communication studies.

    We didn’t face much racism as we initially feared.

    Canada is friendly to foreigners and an extra advantage in that country is the ability to speak French in addition to the English Language.

    Our performance was so outstanding that when we graduated from Toronto University ,we were recruited into the university as Teaching assistants.We helped the university for about two years before we upgraded our academic credentials by pursuing a doctorate programme.


    ~Four years later ~


    We undertook a lot of research work. It was made easier by the abundance of Educational resources the university could boast off.

    Upon several persistence, I graduated from the same university with a doctorate in Political Science and Lovelace graduated with a Doctorate in Communication studies.

    The university decided to give us full employment status as lecturers. After achieving such academic heights,we knew we still have one more important thing to do.

    Episode 29

    The Proposal And Wedding 👰


    [ RECAP : Dzifa was finally caught when the judge found the memory card that contained the recording implicating her. That evidence was supported by CCTV foottage from the NACOB Boss. Millson and Lovelace were fred and Dzifa was handed a 40 year prison sentence. She collapsed and was hospitalised.

    Millson and Lovelace travelled to Canada and passed their academic programmes with flying colours. Millson said he had one more thing to do]


    [Millson Point Of View]


    Though we knew we had a great  feeling for each other ,I never made it official. Now ,I want to do just that before our feelings take the greater part of our mental faculties.

    That evening I took Lovelace to dinner at West Edmonton Restaurant in Canada. We chat and ate.

    In the course of the conversation,

    I asked her, “will you be the future mother of my unborn children , the missing rib I have been looking for all this while, and follow me in this unpredictable journey of love to the very end of the Earth,?”

    Lovelace gazed at me quietly and said,I’m sorry Millson,I can’t marry you.”

    At that moment,I felt like I was handed a death sentence by a Judge. Nervously,I asked her ,”Why Lovelace, I thought you love me.”

    Lovelace responded, “Well,You may have been mistaken.”

    I was so shocked that I couldn’t utter a word. I was totally disoriented. Have I really misjudged her actions?

    I lost my appetite and got up to leave. I took one step,two,three step…. then I heard her voice.

    “Come back dear ,do you honestly believe what I said?”

    I turned round and looked at her.

    “You must be a joker. I am just testing your pulse. Come on. Let’s enjoy this moment to the fullest and the life after this wonderful moment.”

    She rose up and kissed my lips passionately and then hugged me.

    I could feel the softness of her breast on my chest and my body tingled.

    I retraced my steps like a man who have returned from hell and back and said, So what is your response?”

    Lovelace looked deeply into my eyes and said,”YES,YES,YES,I WILL MARRY YOU.!!!”

    “Hhhhhhh,”I breathed heavily,it was as if a heavy load was lifted off my head.

    I told her,”Lovelace, some jokes are expensive!”

    Finally,my joy returned. I brought out a promissory ring and slipped it

    on her finger. I then hugged her and said, “thank you,dearie. Since you are Lovelace, we would bind our union with the lace of your love.


    For the next few weeks all our conversation was centred on wedding issues and after.

    We decided to return to Ghana,

    to inform our parents about our intention and get their blessings before getting married. We planned to come back to Canada after we tie the knot to continue our professional work.


    ~Three months later~


    *Royal Embassy International church in Ghana @ 10.45 a.m*


    <Third Person Point of view>


    The church was full to capacity and everyone was impatiently waiting for the arrival of the couples. Lamptey Millson, Lovelace’s husband -to -be was already in the front seat in the church. The officiating Pastor Andrews was in one of his best moods and happily singing along with his congrega


    Among the congregants were their families, relatives , friends and well wishers, as well as the ‘parasites’ popularly referred to as the gate crashers.


    ~In the bridal car @ 10.55 a.m~


    Lovelace looked really magnificent and beautiful and exuded such radiance and confidence that her mother couldn’t help smiling ceaselessly saying, “This man is very lucky to meet you. You look so adorable.I envy him.”

    ” Mum , don’t envy him oooo. I should rather count myself lucky to meet Millson. He’s so cute, disciplined, intelligent and above all, God- fearing.”

    Her mother was surprised at her daughter’s admiration for Millson. She said , ” WOOW!!!,You really love this guy. I can see it in your utterances and look at your forehead, it’s written all over your face.”

    We both laughed. Then she said , “yes, I love him so much.”


    ~In the Chapel @ 11.00 a.m~


    It was a solemn moment. The congregation cheered as Lovelace arrived at the church with her father. Upon her arrival, she was helped to sit beside Millson and the sermon began. People waited patiently for the crucial moment. After a long sermon on the importance of remaining faithful to ones partner and the role of the husband and wife,the moment everyone was looking forward to finally came.


    ~Time for vows~


    The couples stood before the pastor , sandwiched by their

    bridemaid and best man.

    Pastor Andrews began the ceremony , “Fellow Belovers, we are gathered here today, to celebrate the joining together of Mr.Lamptey Millson and Miss Bansah Lovelace in Holy Matrimony. Let’s remember that Marriage is a time where two people share their love before God and before men. Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony?

    Both of them said , “No.”

    They all went down the memory lane but found nothing incriminating.The pastor continued, “Millson,say this after me, ” I do solemnly declare that I know not, of any lawful impediment, why I , Lamptey Millson should not be joined in holy matrimony to you, Bansah Lovelace.”

    Millson repeated the words. People clapped loudly. Others cheered him on. The pastor made Lovelace repeat the same vow. They were made to face each other and as they were looking into each others eyes, the pastor asked Millson to say these words to Lovelace, “I call upon these persons here present, to witness that I , Lamptey Millson , take you Bansah Lovelace , to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold.I pledge to love you and respect you,with all that I have and ever hope to be.I will protect you and provide for you , honour and be faithful to you, in poverty and in abundance, sickness and in health. Till death separate us, I give you this promise today.”

    Lovelace was also made to repeat the same vow. Then they exchanged wedding rings and signed the marriage document brought by a representative of the registrar of marriage from Accra Metropolitan Assembly. The marriage certificate was issued to them. Family and friends were very elated. They took pictures with their families and friends. Then They all left for the refreshment.

    The refreshment was as specta

    cular as the wedding itself. There were a lot of merri-making, drinking and eating, followed by

    dancing and later an open floor dance. A lot of people danced their heart out. The bachelors used that moment to lure potential spinsters by the way they dance.

    Eventually, the wedding ceremony came to an end and they left the refreshment ground , as the newest couples in Town. Lovelace knew what was waiting for her; Hot-Sex in the secrecy of the Blue Virgin Hotel.

    Soon their new Honda CR-V

    headed exactly in the direction of the hotel. Lovelace can’t wait to have a feel of Millson, her Husband and the reason for her desires was understandable.

    Millson had never attempted to sleep with her and she never wanted to tempt him because she realised he was a staunch Christian like her.

    The couples knew that night was surely going to be a Golden Experience for them. Now that they have been wedded , the road was cleared for them to have limitless sex anytime ,anywhere,anyhow. That is how God say it should be and they intended to do just that.


    Episode 30

    🌻A night of Sexual Ecstasy🌻



    [RECAP: Millson and Lovelace returned to Ghana. They got wedded at Royal Embassy Interna

    tional church in Ghana. After the wedding ,they headed towards the honeymoon.


    [Millson’s POV ]


    ~9.30 p.m @ Blue Virgin Hotel~


    Finally, the wedding was over!

    The long awaited night we have been waiting for had come. The days before the wedding had been extremely hectic. We’d fasted and prayed and went for various counseling sessions at the church. We had been prepared for the wedding weeks before it came in terms of recitation of vows, and other etiquettes of wedding.

    Lovelace had been a pillar of support for me. Her smile alone gave me the assurance that all would be fine and we’ll get through thick and thin.

    When we got to the Hotel room, We were both quiet. I put on the television to kill the silence and tuned the DSTV to a Gospel music channel . Soon Don Moen’s gospel musics filled the room.

    I asked Lovelace if she needed help getting out of the gown but she said she’ll be fine. I watched her enter into the bathroom which was adjacent the bedroom. She closed the door. I reduced the volume of the TV, locked the front door and sat on the sofa. So many thoughts were going through my head.

    Now we were married, so the sex will finally happen right? What if it doesn’t? What if she’s the type that hates sex? Man, that will be awful.

    A voice cut through my chain of thought,somewhere behind me.

    “Honey, I want you to “rock me.”

    At first I thought I was dreaming, then I turned round and saw Lovelace standing totally naked behind me. My jaw dropped suddenly and my “thing ” hardened instantaneously.

    Her body glistened with the water she used to bath. Her boobs gazed at me tantalizingly as if saying, ” I’m ready for your enjoyment.”

    The flare of her hips was magnifi

    cent. She was clean-shaven at her erogeneous areas, her V spot was as smooth as a terazo.

    She saw how awe-struck I was and rephrased the words she spoke first “My darling, I want you to make love to me, you know tonight is a special night. Lets seal our marriage with sex.”

    I pushed myself out of the sofa and ran towards Lovelace . I grabbed her waist and planted a kiss on her lips. Her hand had already gone down and grabbed my “thing”.

    “Take off your clothes ,please” she requested. I dutifully did as I was told and got rid of my wedding suit as if it was ridded with soldier ants. Soon we were both stark naked right there in the living room.

    My hands rubbed her wet body. I grabbed her massive buttocks that I had wanted to grab for so long but on moral grounds decided against it. Now , its moral to play with my wife. I’m sure you will agree with me I have that moral right now.

    “Are you a virgin ?” I asked her, my heart beating at an incredulous pace.

    “Yes” she replied. With a soft smile, but sometimes I feel I have broken it along the way.”

    We both laughed, then I carried her to the bedroom and gently placed her on the king-sized bed. It had been made for this occasion, with white sheets and plenty of soft pillows.

    With both hands, I lifted her and made her cross her feet around my back . After a few minutes of foreplay, I directed myself towards the fleshy folds of her inner core.

    I found the lips of her cooch and caressed it gently before trying to get into the ” depression”.

    She squirmed, trying to drag me into her valley of pleasure. Her moans increased, her body shivered as I tried to delve deeper and harder into her fleshy crevice, putting much work into pleasing her.The entry  was difficult. I applied a little pressure. She whispered to me to do it gently. We grease the path of entry with oil but

    her unexploited chamber resisted my advancement midway.

    I stopped abruptly. She moaned painfully.It took a lot of energy to finally break the condor of flesh barricading her pearl of pleasure. Finally my advancement was rewarded. I reached the intended destination~ her deeper inner folds. Something snapped hard inside her. She screamed loudly,and cried. Streams of blood dotted the white bed sheet.

    It is done!!! I have taken away her virginity and she had also taken away mine.

    She wailed and called my name, screaming  until  she reached a point she could hardly take it anymore.  She went berserk with ecstasy as her orifice became fully engaged, with millions of pleasurable hormones  rushing through her.

    Cynthia wailed once more, grabbed my body and hugged me tight as I dug deeper into her in a traditional missionary style. She urged me in with the move of her hips, wailing and moaning intensely. She would grab the bed-sheet and drag it towards herself.

    I kissed her and tears of joy came out from her eyes. She moaned, and hissed and told me how much she loved me.

    I told her how much I loved her too. I felt my c----x approaching and I closed my eyes and let it take over me, slamming harder against her.

    Our bodies entangled in love and sweat.

    She held onto me as my spasm became uncontrollable and my penile thrusts harder and harder until I fired my “load” into her pink fleshy crevice . Then things slow down and I softened and returned to an equanimitous state.

    I laid beside her on the bed and we kissed again, even with more passion than before.

    I looked into Lovelace’s  eyes. She looked into mine. She was so beautiful. Her smile made her even prettier.

    “You were surprised when I told you to rock me. Why?” Lovelace asked me.

    “Uhh, I wasn’t sure I heard you correctly. I never thought you could….”

    “say such a word?” she cut short my words and smiled.

    “So my new husband doesn’t know everything about me like he’s supposed to”She say playfully.

    “Well, I’m hoping you will show me more” I said and kissed her.

    “Of course. We have a long night ahead of us, Mister lover boy”

    With that she got on top of me. I was ready for her…  then ….We made love again and again.

    I could not fully explained it but my first sex with my wife on our wedding night was a glorious night.


    Two week later, we said goodbye to our friends and families and enplaned back to Canada to continued our work- Lecturing at the university of Toronto.

    Episode 31 [Final]

    From Teachers to Prisoners


    [RECAP: Millson’s wedding night was highly ecstatic. For the first time,he had sex with a woman,his wife Lovelave who was also a virgin.]


    [ Third Person’s Point of view ]

    •~Ten (10) Years later~•


    Kwame Ankrah, Franklin Nuru, George Quaye and Ashong, the teachers who were imprisoned for impregnating Dzifa’s friends were transferred from Ankaful Maximum Security Prison to Nsawam

    maximum Security Prison in an effort to decongest the prisons which had seen a surge in inmates.

    Coincidentally, Dzifa was also imprisoned in Nsawam Maximum Security Prison. It had been roughly ten years now since Kwame and his maladjusted friends were arraigned before court for the death of the three school girls.

    Kwame could recollect how the court pronounced them guilty and sentenced his friends to 35 years imprisonment with hard Labour and him to 20 years with hard Labour.

    He recalled how they were handcuffed and pushed into the police van like hard- core criminals.The inside of the van was filthy and they were made to sit on a creasy spare tyre which slided from side to side as the van rumbled its way to Accra on the road filled with pot holes. They were dirty and infuriated by the time they reached the prison. Their anger was aggravated by the fact that they were made to sleep in the dirt with no food or water.

    Ghanaian Prison do not only robs you of your freedom, it attempted to take away your human dignity and identity. Everyone wore the same uniform, ate the same food, followed the same schedule. It was by definition purely an authoritarian and restrictive institution that tolerate no independence or individuality.

    The standard prison uniform was a pair of khaki shorts with a black star in the middle of the shirt. Senior Prisoners wore all blue, Both shirt and short.The dinner was a stiff cold salty porridge with a half teaspoon of sugar.


    Kwame was sent to an isolated prison for a month when he shouted at a prison officer.

    He was completely isolated. He did not see the face or hear the voice of the other prisoners. He was locked up twenty four hours a day. Hours seemed like decades. There was no natural light in my cell, a single bulb burned overhead twenty four hours a day.

    Since he was not allowed to have even a wrist watch, he couldn’t even tell if it was night or day.

    He had nothing to read and no one to talk to. His mind began to turn in on itself and he was completely roomed in the recesses of his own mind -world. After a time in solitary , he relished the company even of the insects in his cell, and found himself on the verge of initiating conversations with the mice and coackroaches.

    It was therefore a great relief for him when he was moved from solitary confinement to his former prison, where he could chat with his friends and other Prisoners.

    There were people he met in prison that would merely have been his acquaintances but prison was an incubator of friendship. Prison conditions have a way of tempering polemics and individuals see more of what unites them than what divides them.

    In the depth of darkness, he laid on the bare floor with his Colleagues.

    They were talking to busy themselves, not even aware of time or place. The prison smelled stale and dirty, a place he wouldn’t imagine any human being could spend even a night. However ,he got accustomed to the place and circumstance. Their conversation sounded weak, hopeless and sorrowful. Kwame’s voice was full of sadness and pain.

    In the prison, they chatted.


    🤵Kwame : God , Why should this calamity come upon me?


    💁️Franklin: leave God out of this. When you were busy enjoying the girls’ creamy pie ,did you remember God and his laws?


    🙎️George: Are you trying to be a moralist. Were you also not doing the same thing.?


    👦Ashong : The school girls were temptatious. It’s so difficult to stay clear of them without tasting their nectar.


    🤵kwame: Hmmm. Not really. I was once a good role model until I allowed myself to lust after her gorgeous curves- I mean the assistant Girls’ Prefect Crystalene who I later dumped for the Girls’ Prefect- Dzifa.


    👦Ashong : Your case is a pity. At least you used to have a very good role model like Millson Lamptey to follow. He’s your friend.


    🤵Kwame: It’s true but I allowed lust to break our friendship.


    💁️Franklin: I wish the years could be fast forwarded so that I leave this God- forsaken shit- hole. We are languishing here, dying slowly, spending day and night in a dark smelling cell, in the company of insects, with no real human dignity and freedom.


    His voice sounded regretful and reflected the need of crying. Kwame’s own tears had stopped flowing long ago. The more they talked about the past the more they grew desperate and remorseful.

    Ashong and Franklin even alleged they often see the souls of the dead girls crying and cursing them for their death.


    ~Early in the morning~


    A plate was pushed with some poor food from a hole at the bottom of the door. The prisoners were not interested in eating the food.

    Kwame was standing while Ashong was lying on his bed. “Try to stand and move. Your body needs food to resist the imprisonment here.” Kwame said, encouragely to his friend.

    “Do you really believe in that? This cell killed every desire of life in me” said Ashong.”Besides my body have suffered a lot. Torture, poor nourishment, few sunlight, no visitors, insomnia and nostalgia.

    Kwame said, “it’s really a miracle we can still move. Our bodies didn’t give in and our souls are stronger. We will die like eagles with our heads looking high and never bend.”

    “I wish I have your faith but the darkness surrounds me from all sides and it had dampened my soul for ages. I see everything dark and I stopped longing for a new sunrise,” Ashong lamented with a feeling full of bitterness and disappointment. There are only two different approaches for coping with compulsory imprisonment. One is longing for the sun and the second is, feeling already buried alive in the darkness of pessimism.

    If you are cut off from reality for long, illusion becomes the new reality. A beautiful illusion gives meaning to a fantasic life.


    ~One week later~


    A stern looking officer materialised at the exit.He really looked stern, ruthless and sadistic. He stared at the prisoners and sarcastically said,”It’s work time fellas,let’s go. Ashong was still on his bed. Kwame went to call him.

    “Ashong,Ashong , Ashong!!!!!!”

    Realisation dawned on him, Ashong was dead.!!💀☠ .

    A deep silence and pain descended on their souls and they became speechless.Ashong was taken away and buried like a dog. Then the officer returned.

    Kwame, Franklin, and George were

    crying heavily but the prison officer remained unconcerned.

    He said,” Let’s go. Life must go on.”

    At that moment Kwame knew it was going to be another hell .

    A long winding routine of farming,

    breaking stones and cutting logs.Honestly, Kwame regretted the day he had sexual intercourse with his female students. Now, he must face the consequences of his action for another decade. At least his own situation is quite better.




    {Dzifa’s Point of view}


    ~ In prison ~


    * Ten years later*


    Come to think of it. I had a very strong passion for my teacher Sir Millson. I wanted him to have sex with me but he rejected my proposal countless times.

    Was I really in love with this teacher or was it just an adolescent crush ?

    What of if he were not to be a good teacher?

    He would have slept with me and left me. He wouldn’t have married me anyway, so what was the point in going that extra miles for him?

    Today,I realised I only made myself very vulnerable to him in the name of what I thought was love then which in reality was mere INFATUATION.

    Besides, I wasn’t aware that I was jeopardizing Mr. Millson’s career by forcing myself on him.Today in Prison, I realised I have been very foolish in school by falling in love with a teacher I knew I couldn’t date or be in a relationship with. Even if I could get him,what would be the end game?

    I regretted allowing paedophile teachers like Kwame take advantage of my innocence.

    I should have have been more careful. I’m lucky to be alive because I nearly die from that dangerous abortion I had for him like my colleagues Vivian, lucy and Irene.

    Mr. Millson had proven to me that his “NO” is a no. I envied Miss Bansah Lovelace. She had gotten a very good man.

    I sat beside my cellmate in the prison room. Had I not been in prison, I would have taken my WAEC and even completed University and be working by now. I hated the prison. The food wasn’t good. It wasn’t something I would have liked if I were free but here I have no choice. It was my birthday but there was no party in prison.

    I have to quietly wish myself a happy birthday. I still continue to think of my mother, what is happening to her now? Had she decided to move on with her life? Or was she crying everyday because I have disappointed her? Or was she cursing the day she gave birth to me?

    I never thought of praying because I don’t believed in God. To me prayer is just nonsensical activity.

    My cellmate Sika nudged me and asked , “are you still thinking about him?”

    I turned and smiled at Sika. She knew what led to my imprisonment. I told her. I wished I could turn back the hands of time in order to right my wrongs but I couldn’t .

    I resigned myself to my fate. I knew I was doomed to spend another 30 hears in prison. Im not sure I could cope with the hellish condition in Nsawam Maximum Security Prison for another 30 years.

    Turning to Sika, I replied her question, ” No, I’m NOT thinking about him. He’s too good for me.




    Mr. and Mrs. Lamptey initially gave birth to Twins- Jack and Jim. Three years later they had another baby girl named Sunshine.

    They continued lecturing in Canada until Millson rose through the ranks to become the Vice -Chancellor of the University of Toronto.

    Lovelace later divert into Broadcast Journalism.

    Lamptey Millson’s father,Edward was extremely happy with his son’s success. Millson bought his father a brand new car; the Cadillac


    He also bought a luxurious 4 bedroom house at East Legon with 1 out house, security post and swimming pool. All rooms are en-suite, fitted kitchen laundry machine.

    Millson believed his father’s advise had been the reason behind his current success story. If he had given in to those SEXY HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS, he would have ended up in Jail like his Colleagues and wouldn’t have had the chance to travel abroad or marry Lovelace.

    He kept blessing his father day and night.

    Kwame and the rest of his colleagues are still in Nsawam prison serving prison terms for sleeping with Under-age female students.

    Sadly ,Dzifa committed suicide in prison after been in prison for twenty years. The pressure in prison was simply unbearable to her.

    Fellow Readers,pray for her soul.🛐

    For it is written, in Romans 6:23

    “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


    If you are a student ,remain focused on your studies. Dating an adult,especially your teacher is not only inappropriate but will divert your focus from your books and will eventually result in disciplinary action taken against both of you. Remember,We have good and responsible teachers as well as the bad and unscrupulous ones.


    Use the good teachers as your role model. They are gems in your schooling life.


    Avoid adults who try to sexualise you. Report them to the appropriate authorities if necessary but before you do that,make sure your hands are clean.


    It is morally wrong to seduce your teacher. Make sure you don’t draw unnecessary attention to your body through the way you dress or sit in class.


    Using your body to secure good grades doesn’t pay in the long run. Word hard and earn your own grades with honour and dignity.


    Teachers are human beings. Don’t put them into trouble by flirting with them. Know your boundary and cleverly avoid the “bad nuts”



    If you are a teacher,keep in mind you are in a position of authority. Never underestimate your position. It’s delicate. Be the professional teacher that the State has used her scarce resources to train you to be. See the students as your younger brothers and sisters NOT as sex materials. I repeat ,NOT as sex materials. 👈


    If you love your job and your freedom,use your wisdom and tact to dissuade any adolescent student who try to seduce you.


    One Principle is key,NEVER EVER COMPROMISE because the consequences are great and shameful. It can make you a national atimy or public ridicule for the rest of your life.


    You are an Adult. Date an adult like Millson Lamptey did in this story. Leave the young teenage girls alone.


    Advise yourself. Always Play by the book. It pays.


    Remember, what comes easily won’t last .What last won’t come easily.


    Stay blessed.



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