Episode 1

    I sit up in bed yawning widely while stretching my arms forward looking at my wife’s side of the bed as I do so. I am not surprised to find it empty Tasha is an early riser- she is always up before daylight.

    The curtains are drawn and there is a bit of sunlight peeking into the room.

    I get out of bed, grab my black chenille robe, pull it on and head out of the room.

    Walking into the kitchen, I find my wife preparing coffee. She is immaculately dressed in an expensive knee length sparkling blue dress. The dress is tailored to fit her like a glove.

    Her hair is tied into a tight bun leaving two strands to frame each side of her face. I eye her from head to toe and back again, she is still as attractive as when I first met her.

    Small dark eyes, flawless skin which is lightly tanned hour glass figure & a beautiful face.

    I walk over to her and hug her from behind, with my arms wrapped around her, I lean in slightly and kiss the back of her neck but she flinches and I step back.

    An awkward silence follows.


    Finally she turns around, ‘Morning,’ she says, her voice is cold.

    ‘Morning,’ I respond.

    When the coffee is ready, she pours herself a cup of coffee and sits at the kitchen table.

    ‘Clarence won’t be coming in today, you need to wake the children up and prepare them for school,’ she says wrapping her hands around the cup. Clarence is our maid we hired her when we had our second child.

    ‘Why didn’t you prepare them?’ I ask

    She shots me a serious stare, ‘Do you honestly want me to respond to that?’ she asks

    ‘Tasha, you know I have to be at work too, you woke up earlier, you could have gotten them ready for school.’

    ‘Not today Satan,’ she mumbles under her breath.


    She takes a large sip of her coffee before she intently looks at me, ‘Fred, make sure you get the kids ready for school, this is not negotiable,’ she says.

    I blow out an irritated breath, ‘I am not your maid I am your husband Tasha.’

    She is about to respond when suddenly her phone which is on the cupboard rings and she jumps spilling her coffee all over the table, I quickly grab a towel and begin mopping up the spill while she answers the phone.


    “Let me call you back in a bit, I am about to leave the house, she says.’


    She ends the call and drops her phone in her handbag. And she faces me.

    ‘Don’t forget to prepare the children breakfast and also pack some food in their lunch boxes for break.’

    I don’t respond.

    ‘See you,’ with that she walks out.


    I walk to the living room window and peer at her walking to her car. Before she climbs in, her phone rings again, when she thinks no one is watching, she pulls her phone from her bag and answers smilingly.

    After a minute she gets into her Porsche and drives away.

    I walk back to the kitchen and pour myself some wine I take a big gulp and allow the warmth of the alcohol thaw me. Closing my eyes, I wonder where I went wrong with my wife.

    To the world I seem to have it all, a successful beautiful wife, a huge sprawling house & two beautiful daughters, Talia 7 and Tailor 3 but in reality I am tormented, empty and lonely.

    Tash and I met about 11 years ago at church a friend had invited me over to their church. The first time I laid my eyes on her, my heart raced with joy, she made me feel things I had never felt before.

    After that encounter we became friends we went on several dates before I asked her to be my girlfriend, a year later I asked her to marry me and she agreed.

    We had a small ceremony, only a few close friends and relatives but it was the most exciting day of my life, just standing by the altar next to her meant the world to me.

    Our marriage was great in the beginning, we were inseparable. She led me to Christ and I got baptized in her church. I was working a small school at that time and even though I was earning much, life was good.

    I remember I would come back home from work tired and she would be waiting for me at the door, she would gently kiss me, led me into the house, massage my feet and prepare a warmth bath for me.

    And then there was the sex, with her sex was different than ever before, I explored her body and learnt what she loved and what she didn’t, through sex I was able to communicate my love for her and it was amazing.

    We were not teenagers but we were not quiet grownups and life was so much easy then.

    After a while, she got tired of being a housewife and started looking for a job but because she had only gone up to grade 12, she couldn’t find any decent job, I saw how this frustrated her.

    After she gave birth to Talia, I saved up some money and enrolled her into University to study accountancy and finance.

    She had our second daughter when she as in her final year but she still managed to ace her exams with good grades. A year after graduating, she landed herself a job as an auditor for the bank of Zambia.

    And then things changed.

    One day she stopped cooking for me, one day she stopped touching, one day she became cold and stopped listening to me. Tash spends most of her time at work and when she is home, she is always on her phone or laptop. She doesn’t include me in anything she does I think she no longer remembers she has a husband because she is the husband now.

    The only time Tash pays attention to me is when we are at church or at a function where she needs to show me off. After I make an appearance, she places me back into the closet.

    Our sex life is non- existent, there is no intimacy at all, I try to initiate sex on different occasions but I have experienced rejection from her more times than I can count.


    A sudden uproar brings my mind back to the present and I run to the children’s bedroom to see if they are fine. “What?’ I ask Talia who is screaming.

    She points at the wall in horror I turn to the direction where her hand is pointing and that’s when I see what had scared her. It is a huge black spider climbing on the wall.

    I grab a nearby shoe and hit it repeatedly.

    ‘Is it dead daddy?’ she asks

    I laugh, ‘Yes it is darling.’

    ‘But why are you laughing at me?’ she pouts.

    ‘How does a big girl like you scream like that?’

    ‘Spiders are scary.’

    ‘Oh please, girl it’s time to get ready for school.’





    Episode 2

    Friday morning, I woke up early and got the children ready for school. This has become part of my morning routine, wake the girls up, bathe them, get their breakfast ready & drop them off at school.

    Then afterwards I head straight for work, I am a teacher by profession, I teach the grade sevens. Clarence won’t be coming back for work she sent Tasha a text and told her to find someone else.

    I don’t blame her for quitting, my wife is unbearable, she can talk for days and she doesn’t whose feelings she hurts in the process, she treated that poor girl like trash and made her feel worthless.


    I am making breakfast when the girls come downstairs, Tailor looks furious, she is not a morning person, waking her up every morning is a struggle, she cries and whines the whole time.

    ‘Daddy can you fix my hair?’ Talia asks

    ‘Of course darling,’ I respond as I pick her hair up and put in on a pony tail.

    ‘Breakfast is ready,’ I announce after a while.

    I set the muffins in front of them and then I put the coffee next to each of them.

    ‘Thank you daddy,’ they say in unison.

    ‘You are welcome.’

    I pull a seat next to Tailor and sit down we eat our breakfast in silence. Tasha is quiet strict about her table manners, she doesn’t allow anyone to talk while eating, I guess we are all used to eating in silence now.


    After breakfast, the girls grab their bags and we rush out of the house, they get into the passenger seat while I go round and climb into the driver’s seat. I start the car and drive out immediately.

    When we get to the school, I kiss the girls goodbye as they head to their separate classrooms. I get back into my car and proceed down the road into town, just quickly enough to avoid the usual daily traffic.


    I pull up at my usual parking spot, grab my bag and step out of the car. I immediately head towards my class. I walk into the class full of chattering and laughing.

    As I walk to my table, my footsteps echo on the tiled floor catching the attention of my pupils and they keep quiet. I put my bag on the table, open it and remove some books.

    ‘Good morning class,’ I greet

    They rise to their feet, ‘Good morning.’

    ‘How are you?’

    ‘We are fine thank you and how are you?’

    ‘I am fine, sit down.’

    ‘Thank you sir.’

    With that, they all sit down. I ask one of the girls to pray for us before we begin our lessons, as soon as we say Amen, the bell rings indicating first period.

    ‘Do we all have our home work books ready?’ I ask


    I go round colleting the books after I collect all of them I place them on my desk. I stand in front of the class room and start explaining the first lesson of the day.


    The day flies by so fast and before I know it, it’s time knock off.

    The pupils stand up and start packing their belongings as I walk out of the classroom, I leave some books in the staff room before I say bye to some of my colleagues and march out.


    I turn to find Anna running after me, Anna is and I have been friends more than five years.

    ‘Buddy,’ I smile at her.

    ‘Where are you rushing too?’ she asks

    ‘I have to get the kids from school I am even late as we speak.’

    She shakes her head and I know what she is about to say.

    ‘Let’s just leave Tasha out of this,’ I say

    ‘I didn’t say anything.’

    ‘I know you were about to say something ill of her.’

    She scratches her head, ‘Any chance getting a new house help?’


    ‘SO you are officially the maid,’ she laughs


    ‘I have a friend that has a cousin, who is in desperate need of a job.’


    ‘So what do you say?’

    ‘Let her come home tomorrow, we can interview her.’


    ‘I will see you tomorrow.’

    ‘Say hi to the Bambinos for me.’

    ‘I will.’

    When I arrive at the school, the girls are waiting for me at the front most of the pupils have left.

    ‘Daddy!’ Tailor squeals hugging my leg

    I scoop her up and she crawls into my shoulder till she gets to the top.

    ‘How was school?’ I ask Talia

    She yawns loudly, ‘Hectic daddy, we did long division today in Math and I got two wrong, it’s so frustrating.’

    ‘We will go through it when we get home.’


    Once in the car, Tailor begins to hum to herself while happily kicking her feet in rhythm with the tune.

    ‘Someone is in happy mood?’ I say looking back at her through the mirror.

    ‘It’s been a good day,’ she says and I burst out laughing.

    ‘We thank God.’


    We get home a few minutes after 18 and the girls rush into the house, I carry their bags and run after them. Then I change their clothes & give them something to eat before I start cleaning the house.


    By the time it’s 19, my wife is not yet back home and I am exhausted, I order us some Pizza and as we wait, I help the girls with their home work. When the Pizza finally gets delivered, I set the table and we sit to eat.

    Tasha walks into the house just as we finish eating.

    ‘Mummy!’ the girls run up to her

    After a couple of quick hugs and kisses, they rush towards their bedroom to brush their teeth and prepare for bed.

    ‘Hey,’ I walk towards her and kiss her forehead.


    ‘Rough day?’

    She yawns, ‘Yes.’

    I get her hand bag from her and walk her to our room, she throws herself on the bed and I slip her shoes off her feet. She closes her eyes as I stroke down her ankles and around her foot to press into the arch.


    I slowly work out the ache in her foot, stroking, probing and pressing.

    ‘Feels good doesn’t it?’ I ask

    She gives a soft sigh.

    ‘How was your day?’ I ask

    ‘Busy as usual. What have you cooked?’

    ‘Didn’t have time to cook, I just ordered pizza.’

    Her eyes snap open, ‘Pizza? You fed my children Pizza? What happened to healthy home cooked meals?’

    I shrug, ‘I didn’t have time to prepare anything.’

    She pushes me and stands up, ‘What time did you leave work?’ she enquires.

    ’16: 20,’ I respond.

    ‘Your class ends at116:00, why did you leave school at 16:20? What were you doing in those twenty minutes?’

    ‘Well, I had a mini discussion with Anna.’

    ‘Anna again, haven’t I told you I don’t want you associating with that woman?’

    ‘She is my friend.’

    ‘I don’t care if she is your friend,’ she snaps, ‘you must cut off all ties with her, you are a married woman what do you have in common with an old single woman?’

    ‘I don’t want to fight with you, just let this go.’

    ‘I will not let this go, you have to tell me why you are so bent on being friends with that woman? Have you been sleeping with her?’

    ‘My God Tasha,’ I shake my head.

    ‘Don’t take me for a fool Fred,’ she grabs my shirt roughly and holds it.

    ‘Mummy,’ the door creaks open and the girls walk into our room.

    Tasha let’s me go instantly.

    ‘Yes sweethearts,’ she smiles at them

    ‘Can you read us a story?’ they ask

    ‘Sure my darlings let me just change into something comfortable, go to your room and I will oin you soon.’


    They walk out happily.


    She undresses and changes into her yellow pajamas.

    ‘This is not over,’ she says before she walks out of the room.


    Episode 3

    Saturday morning I wake up and as usual Tasha isn’t in bed. I slid my robe on, grab my phone and walk downstairs. I see her in the living room lying on the couch talking on the phone.

    ‘I will call you later my dear,’ she says before she ends the call.

    ‘Morning,’ I politely greet her.

    ‘Hey,’ she sits upright.

    I sit next to her, ‘what do you have planned for the day?’ I ask

    ‘I will be having lunch with Prisca in the afternoon then later in the evening, we will have a little get-together.’


    I stare at her disappointedly, Tasha and I never spend time together her job and friends always come first in her life, sometimes I wonder why I am still with her when she doesn’t even pay any attention to me.

    There was a actually a time in our marriage when Tasha and I were inseparable I don’t know where we went wrong or how she turned into this, I can hardly recognize this woman, I want my wife back.

    ‘What?’ she clicks her fingers in my face and brings me back to the present.

    ‘I thought we were gonna spend some time together.’

    ‘Doing what?’

    ‘I don’t know,’ I shrug. ‘We could go out to a nice place for dinner and—–“


    My phone rings, cutting my sentence short.

    ‘Who is calling?’ she asks

    Oh! Have I mentioned how insecure & jealous my wife is? She is always suspecting me of cheating on her.

    ‘Who is it?’ she asks again

    ‘It’s Anna,’ I respond

    She frowns, ‘That w---e again?’

    ‘Oh please.’

    ‘Put it on speaker?’ she commands as I answer the call. I don’t wanna argue with her so I do as she says.


    ‘Buddy,’ Anna says

    ‘Hey you.’

    ‘I forgot to ask what time Carol should come.’

    ‘She can come through at ten.’

    ‘Oh great.’

    ‘Hope I didn’t wake you up.’

    ‘Nah I am already up.’

    ‘I thought by this time you would be cuddling with the lady horse,’ she laughs

    Tasha shots me a deadly stare.

    I clear my throat, ‘Nah! With these kids around, we hardly have the time to cuddle in the morning.’

    ‘I see.’

    ‘Do you have plans for today? The guys are planning a mini brail to celebrate Mubita’s promotion. Mubita is one of the teachers at the school who was recently promoted to Deputy Head teacher.

    Before I can even respond to Anna, Tasha grabs my phone

    ‘Firstly stop calling my husband and secondly he won’t be attending that stupid brail,’ with that, she ends the call.

    ‘Tasha! Are you being for real?’ I ask

    ‘Lady Horse?’

    ‘That doesn’t give you the right to grab my phone and insult my friends.’

    ‘You are such a fool Fred you call that woman a friend when she does nothing but disrespect me? What sort of a husband are you? Husbands are supposed to protect their wives.’

    ‘It’s too early to argue, ‘I rise to my feet.


    ‘I don’t want to argue with you.’

    I turn towards the stairs but she grabs my arm roughly I turn around and face her.


    ‘Who is Carol?’

    ‘Carol is a lady looking for a job as a maid.’

    ‘I don’t want her.’


    ‘I don’t want anyone who is friends with Anna to be in my house, that woman is just a w---e who is after you.’

    I shake my head, ‘You are being unreasonable.’

    ‘I am real Fred, don’t you dare me, you know I am naturally a psycho and I can be dramatic if I want to be.’

    ‘I hear you your majesty,’ I mockingly say

    ‘Don’t f--k with me.’


    I walk out on her to our bedroom, this woman will be the death of me, I don’t understand why she acts so insecure, I have never cheated on her in fact i have never looked at another woman since I married her. If only she knew how much I love and adore her, she wouldn’t humiliate me in this manner.


    Once in our room, I spread the bed and pick the dirty clothes from the floor and put them where they should be. Tasha used to be a hardworking woman when we got married but now she doesn’t even spread the bed unless she is in a good mood, all she does is bath, eat and leave.

    Her behavior is uncalled for, I wish she can just talk to me and tell me what’s going on, maybe I have offended her in some way, I am willing to apologize if that will bring back the peace in our house.


    She walks into the bedroom a few minutes later and heads straight to the bathroom, she steps out of the bathroom thirty minutes later, dropping the towel to the floor, she checks through her closet for what to wear.

    All this time I am quietly looking at her.

    A few minutes later she is fully dressed, her makeup and hair is perfectly done as usual. She is wearing a very tight and short dress the dress is too short for my liking.

    ‘I am heading to the café by the corner to get the girls and I some breakfast,’ she says

    ‘In that dress?’ I eye her from head to toe.

    ‘And what’s wrong with my dress?’

    ‘You are a married woman Tasha you can’t be dressing as if you are single. What will people think when they see you dressed like that?’

    She laughs, ‘Who cares about what people will think? Just because I am married doesn’t mean I should dress like an old maid, spare me the drama.’


    ‘I will be back before the women coming for the interview arrive.’


    ‘And please tell Carol not to come, I don’t want to see her.’

    ‘Whatever you say.’

    ‘Are you fooling around with me? Do I like look like one of your dull pupils?’

    I shake my head, ‘No.’

    ‘Thank you,’ she grabs her bag and walks out of the room. A few minutes later I hear the front door open and close. Then there is the sound of car leaving.

    When I am sure she has left, I call Anna.


    ‘Your wife is dramatic, what sort of woman behaves like that?’ she asks

    ‘I don’t even understand her myself.’

    ‘You need to leave that woman before you run mad.’

    ‘I love her.’

    ‘Love should be reciprocated you cannot be the only one willing to make things work.’

    ‘You don’t understand.’

    ‘I don’t even want to understand right now, buddy you need to read in between the lines, your wife has fallen out of love with you that’s why she treats you like a child.’


    Her words sting but I pretend as if I didn’t hear her, ‘Well I called to apologize for that rude interruption.’

    ‘You don’t have to apologize I know how that woman is.’

    ‘And please tell Carol not to come over.’


    ‘Tasha doesn’t want her to come for the interview.’

    ‘That is bullshit, sometimes be a man and stand up to her, why are you acting like the wife in that house? Banakudyesa iwe ai?’


    I laugh I find no offence in her words because she isn’t the first one to tell me that.

    ‘Anyway Carol aside, come for that brail.’

    ‘I will see.’

    ‘Just come over and if you have nowhere to leave the kids just come with them.’


    ‘Later buddy.’


    Episode 4

    I arrive at the café a few minutes later then I step out of the car. I walk into the café, looking around until I spot him sitting at the far end of the café. I walk up to him and when he sees me he looks up smiling at me.

    He stands up,’ Hey you,’ he cups my face in his hands and kisses my forehead.

    ‘You look beautiful,’ he says

    I feel myself blushing. ‘Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself.’

    He smiles, I pull out one of the chairs before sitting down he sits down too.

    ‘I didn’t think you would make it,’ he says

    ‘I needed some fresh air.’

    ‘I see.’


    The waitress walks to our table a minute later and takes our order. Kai orders toast, bacon and juice while I order coffee and cake.

    ‘How are the girls?’

    ‘They are perfect.’

    ‘And your husband?’

    I frown and roll my eyes, ‘He is perfectly fine as well.’

    ‘Why the rolling of the eyes?’ he laughs

    ‘My husband sometimes gets on my nerves we actually had an argument before I left.’

    “Is he cheating?’

    ‘He wouldn’t dare cheat on me, I am psycho and he knows it.’

    ‘So what happened?’

    I intently look at him, ‘I don’t think you called me here to talk about my husband.’

    He laughs, he opens his mouth to say something but is interrupted by the waitress she puts our food on the table and walks away.


    I take small sips of my coffee as he takes a bite of his toast. There is a long silence between us for a few minutes as we eat. Suddenly he leans towards me from across the table and picks up one of my hands and turns it over his. As he touches my hand, a shiver sweeps through me and I feel nervous.

    ‘I haven’t stopped thinking about you Tasha,’ he says as he looks into my eyes.

    My heart skips a beat,

    I met Kia three months ago. The first time we met I was angry, I had an argument with Fred and I decided to go out with my friend Prisca to cool off. And that night I made the stupidest, mistake of my life.


    I got drunk and Kia showed up, I don’t know what happened but I was all over him, we kissed and made out in his car. I was actually this close to sleeping with him when Prisca knocked on the window and pulled me out. He asked for my number before I left and I gave it to him.

    I know I should never have let it go any further than that, but he called me the next day and we got talking, two weeks later we met up and shared yet another passionate kiss.


    I told him I couldn’t have anything to do with him and hence I have been avoiding him since then though we have been talking here and there. Kia is married with one child.

    ‘I know I shouldn’t feel what I am feeling but I can’t help it you know? That kiss we shared made me feel things I have never felt before.’

    ‘You know I am a married woman right?’ I ask

    ‘And I am a married man.’

    ‘So you stick to your wife and let me stick to my husband.’

    ‘The same husband you are always complaining about?’

    I laugh, ‘Don’t use that against me.’

    ‘I am sorry.’

    ‘What do you want?’

    ‘A chance.’

    ‘I love my husband, yes I know he isn’t perfect but he loves me perfectly.’

    ‘I know you feel something for me.’

    I don’t know what I am feeling at the moment but I know that the kiss we shared ignited emotion in me, emotion I don’t want to feel. But I know I can’t let it happen again, one kiss and I might end up doing something that I would later regret.

    ‘You know what?’

    ‘What?’ he asks

    ‘Let’s just forget about all this, I can only offer you friendship and nothing else, I don’t want to defile my marriage.’

    Our gazes lock. ‘Okay.’ he responds

    ‘Okay?’ My eyes widen in surprise, I didn’t expect him to accept defeat just like that.

    ‘Yes, if you want to be just friends then I respect that.’


    When it’s time to go, we stand up and he puts his hand around my shoulder and squeezes it from the side. The hug leaves me feeling uncomfortable, this is a public place and anyone could walk in and get the wrong idea.


    I pull away from him and we walk out towards my car.

    ‘Thanks for coming,’ he says

    ‘Thanks for inviting me and thanks for accepting to be just friends.’

    ‘You are welcome.’

    He pulls me into his arms and hugs me tightly, as if his life depends on it, I pull away from him.

    ‘I have to get going.’

    ‘Sorry. I got carried away.’

    ‘I will see you later.’

    He leans in and kisses my forehead before h opens the door for me I get into my car and shut the door. I start the car and drive off instantly.



    I have just finished preparing breakfast for the kids when a knock sounds at the door.

    ‘I will get it,’ Talia says

    ‘its okay hun I will get it you need to start eating your breakfast.’

    She frowns, ‘Your wish is my command Mr.’

    I laugh, ‘Such attitude


    I open the door to find a woman wearing a t-shirt and a chitenge wrapped around her waist standing on my door step.

    ‘‘Hello,’ she politely says


    ‘My name is Leah and I am here for the interview.’

    I open the door wider and allow her in.

    ‘Please feel at home,’ I say gesturing at the couch. She sits down and I sit on the couch across from her.

    ‘My name is Fred, Fred Sakala, my wife and I have two kids.’


    ‘Have you worked before?’



    ‘I worked at a school in Kabwe as a maid so I am very good with kids.’

    ‘I see. Why did you stop?’

    ‘The school closed down.’


    ‘I was hoping I would find your wife.’

    ‘She is on her way but I should warn you that my wife talks too much, if you are too emotional and can’t handle someone who talks too much, I think this job isn’t for you.’

    She laughs, ‘I have dealt with talkative people all my life I guess I can handle her.’

    ‘We don’t want someone who will be here for a week or two we want someone to be here atleast for a year and more.’

    ‘Then you can count on me.’


    ‘Daddy!’ Talia calls out.

    ‘Yes hun.’

    ‘Aren’t you coming to eat?’

    ‘I will join you shortly.’

    ‘Please be quick.’


    ‘How old are your children?’

    ‘Talia is seven and Taylor is three.’


    ‘Thank you.’

    ‘I will just attend to the kids as we wait for my wife.’




    Meet Kai

    Episode 5

    An hour later I pull up I front of my house, before I step out of my car, I check my phone and as suspected Kai has texted.

    “Are you home already? I know I promised to lay low but I can’t stop thinking about you.’

    I feel the warmth of the blush crawling up my cheeks as I respond to his message.

    “I just got home & you really need to stop texting me, I am married woman remember?’

    A second later there is another vibration on my phone and this time around the warmth spreads through my body as i read his text, ‘I wish I met you earlier, you are everything I want in a woman.’

    ‘Stop it.’

    ‘I am serious.’

    ‘When am i gonna see you again?’

    ‘Boy bye,’ I respond before I tuck my phone back into my purse. I get out of my car and shut the door then I walk towards the house, I hope he will stop texting me. As far as everyone is concerned, Fred and I have the perfect marriage even though we have been having issues the past few years I don’t want to ruin the illusion by starting an affair with another man.

    Fred and I come a long way he took me to school and made me the person I am today. I love and appreciate him though my actions speak a different story. I do love him but in my own special way though sometimes he irritates me and another thing I hate is his job.

    I wish he can go back to school and just study something else, he is below me and sometimes I feel I deserve better, I should be married to a CEO of a company and not a teacher.


    Anyway, I push the door open and enter the house firmly closing the door behind me. As I walk into the living room, I see a strange lady sitting on my couch watching television.

    “Who are you?’ I ask pinching my eyebrows together.

    She instantly stands up and smiles at me, “Hello madam,’ she reaches out to shake my hand.

    “And you are?’ I ask once again

    “I am Leah.”

    “And what are you doing in my house? Why are you even sitting on my clean couch?’ My voice isn’t pleasant. I hate to find strangers sitting on my couch, they are quiet expensive.


    Before she responds, Fred comes out of the kitchen with a beer in one hand. He walks over to me, leans down to kiss me and nuzzle my neck but I push him off me.

    “Who is she?’

    “Her name is Leah and she is here for the interview.’

    I exhale loudly, ‘She is the maid?’


    ‘And you allowed her into my living room? You asked her to sit on my couch? Do you know how much these are? They cost me a fortune Fred.’

    ‘Tasha come on, you expected me to ask her to sit on the floor?’

    ‘Outside on the verandah, we don’t even know this woman, for all we care she could be a criminal,’ I snap.

    ‘My bad.’

    ‘You always find ways to annoy me.”

    “I am sorry.’

    I shake my head and turn to the woman in question, ‘Please carry your bag and leave my house.’


    ‘I said leave?’ I yell

    She grabs her bag and runs out of the house Fred is about to go after her but I grab his arm, “you wouldn’t dare run after a stranger would you?’

    He takes a deep breath, ‘You are impossible.’

    “I don’t like that woman so let us wait for someone else, well unless you have other motives.’

    He takes a sip from his beer and throws himself on the couch.

    “Where are my babies?’

    “In there room.’


    I walk to the children’s bedroom they are laying on the bed watching Sofia the first, there all time favourite.

    “Hey my darlings.’

    “Mummy!’ they jump up and down.

    I scope Taylor in my hands and hug her tightly, ‘My bambino is growing so big,’ I whisper

    She giggles.

    I sit on the bed and Talia hugs me from behind, ‘What did you get us?’



    I hand her the small plastic with the cake I got from the café, she shares with her sister and they start eating. I love my children a lot though they are more close to their father because he spends a lot of time with them plus I am a little strict and their father is always tolerant of them.


    I spend some time with them reading and singing for them, afterwards some more ladies come for the interview and I interview them one after the other till I finally find one that I like.

    Her name is Fatima, she is dark in complexion and not very beautiful, I love how is she dressed, long blue dress, a head wrap around her head and some black sandals.

    “So I will see you tomorrow Fatty,’ I wave at her as she walks out of the gate.


    I rush back to my room I get a quick shower and brush my teeth. After leaving the bathroom, I walk back into the bedroom I make the bed before I get dressed.

    I decide to wear a yellow off the shoulder blouse and pink slacks I let my hair fall loosely on my shoulders and slip my feet into a pair of sandals.

    I apply my make up perfectly then I scan my perfume shelf, grab one of my favourite perfumes, spritz here and there walk out of my room leaving a trail of fragrance behind.

    When I get to the kitchen, Fred and the kids are having their lunch.

    “I will see you later.’

    ‘Okay,’ he responds.


    I kiss the girls goodbye and head out of the house, I am meeting up with my best friend Prisca for lunch, we will go shopping after lunch and then later in the evening go clubbing.

    Prisca and I have been friends for more than ten years, she is my go to person, she is my sister from another mother, I love her whole heartedly I can never do wrong by her.

    I head over to the restaurant I arrive first at our usual meeting place. It is a small restaurant in the outskirts of town. I order myself a drink while waiting for Prisca to arrive.


    After what seems like forever, Prisca finally arrives we chit chat for a while before we make our order. “So I met up with Kia today,’ I say

    Her eyes widen, ‘Say what?’ she squeals with excitement.

    “Shut up.’

    ‘Details please.’

    “He says he likes me and would like me to give him a chance.’


    ‘I can’t.’


    ‘I am a married woman, dah!’

    ‘And who cares?’

    “I do.’

    ‘How are things with Fred?’

    I shrug, ‘Same old stuff.’

    ‘You see.’

    “He has his flaws but he loves me and I love him, I am not gonna leave him for someone I hardly know.’

    “I am not telling you to leave him, I am just telling you to let loose and have some fun.’

    “I only agreed to be friends with him.’

    She rolls her eyes and smirks, “Let’s see how long you guys will last as friends.”

    “Shut up.”



    Meet Fred

    Episode 6

    After lunch, the girls and I prepare for Mubita’s brail which will be held at Anna’s house, I dress carefully in a pair of grey pants topped with a dark olive shirt.


    When I finish getting dressed, I sit on the bed for a long time, contemplating whether or not I should go for this brail because my wife doesn’t approve. I feel guilty as if I am trying to offend her on purpose.

    It’s just a brail with some work colleagues, I tell myself.

    I step out of my bedroom and head downstairs where the children are waiting for me.

    “Finally; Talia exclaims when she sees me.


    “You took forever, I was begging to doze.’

    I laugh, this girl is a spitting image of her mother, unlike Taylor Talia is a little too talkative, I just hope she doesn’t adopt her mother’s attitude I want my daughter to be humble and respectful.

    “Earth to daddy,’ she clicks her fingers in my face and I laugh while shaking my head. I swear these children keep me sane, I don’t know what would have become of me in this house if I didn’t have them.

    “Let’s get going girls,’ I announce

    ‘Yes,’ Talia says

    I look at Taylor, she doesn’t even seem interested in going with us her eyes are glued to the television where she is watching Sofia the first.

    Turning off the television, I scope Taylor in my hands and she giggles, we walk out of the house and walk to the car, I gently buckle her into her car seat, Talia hops in too and I walk round to the driver’s seat.

    Sliding into the driver’s seat, I start the car.


    When we get to Anna’s house an hour later, Anna get’s the girls and takes them to the other side of the house where some kids are having fun bouncing up and down on the jumping castle.

    I grab a bottle of beer and join my colleagues, the day progresses by so quickly, we spend the whole day talking, laughing, drinking and dancing. There is so much happiness around this place that for a minute I forget about my marital issues. My house is like a battle field, Tasha and I are always arguing, there is no peace between us, we are like two strangers living in the same house and sharing a bed.


    I don’t remember when last we had a normal conversation, I truly love my wife and I wish she could see how much her ill-treatment is killing me inside I miss how we used to be in the beginning, if only we could go back in time.

    “You are thinking about her?” Anna startles me from my day dreaming.

    I didn’t even see her come up to me, I guess I zoned out thinking about Tasha, I wonder if she ever thinks of me as much as I think of her, why is life so unfair? The ones we love don’t seem to love us back and the ones we don’t love are the ones who care and love us.

    “Fred,’ she taps my shoulder

    “What?” My eyes widen

    “You keep zoning out on me.”

    ‘I am sorry,’ I look up at her.

    “I know you are thinking about Tasha,’ she says.

    “I can’t help it.”

    She pulls me away from the crowd and we find a quite place and she sits down, she pats a place next to her and I sit down too.

    “Spit it out,’ she says

    I laugh, ‘I seriously don’t know what to do about Tasha anymore,’ I begin

    She takes a deep breath, ‘anything new happen?’

    “She left the house as usual to meet up with her friend Prisca, I don’t know if she will be back.”

    “You need to put that woman in her place.”


    “Put your foot down as the man of the house, give her rules to follow and if she doesn’t kick her out.”

    I burst out laughing, ‘Better said than done.’

    ‘This is no joking matter, for how long will you allow your wife to step all over you?”

    “I know.”

    I glance at my clock, “It’s getting late I think the girls and I need to leave.”

    “Always avoiding the topic.”

    “Oh please.”

    “I will never stop talking about this, as long as you allow her to treat you like trash I will talk.”

    “Leave me alone Anna.”

    We stand up and walk towards the girls they seem to be having so much fun.

    “Can’t you stay for a little while?”

    “Tomorrow is church we need to be well rested.”

    “Ya the perfect family.”

    I ignore her then I get the girls and say bye to my friends.

    Anna walks us to my car, which is parked in her driveway.

    “We had a nice time, thanks for inviting us,’ I smile softly.

    ‘I am glad you came, today was fun we should do this more often,’ she says

    “I will see you on Monday.”



    I drive home and when we finally arrive, the children are sleeping in the back seat I wake Talia up and carry Taylor into the house. When I walk into the house I am surprised to find Tasha sitting on the couch, she is holding a can of beer in her hands.

    I didn’t expect to find her home.


    She ignores me.

    “Mummy,” Talia hugs her

    “Hey my darling, where are you coming from?”

    ‘Auntie Anna’s place,’ she exclaims, ‘we had so much fun.’

    Tasha shoots me an evil look, she is furious I can see it in her eyes.

    “I am glad you had fun.”


    I take Taylor to her room and tuck her in, Talia joins her shortly she grabs a book and jumps into her bed. I kick my shoes off, slip my feet into my flip-flops and join Tasha.

    I sit on the couch across from hers she looks up at me then downs the rest of her drink and crushes the can in her hand.

    “So you went for the party even thought I didn’t approve? And you had the guts to take my children to your girlfriend’s house?”

    “You know Anna is like family, she is not my girlfriend besides it was a work brail.”

    “F--k off,” she snaps

    “Suit yourself,’ I stand up.


    I am heading towards the bedroom when she grabs me roughly from behind, I turn around and I face her. I shoot her an angry look before I raise my hand ready to slap her but I drop it the minute I realise what I am about to do, I have never raised my hand on any woman I will not start now.

    “Oh so you want to beat me up?’ she laughs “Unbelievable.”

    “Tasha please just leave me alone.”

    “Fred what sort of a husband are you? I came back home early to spend some time with my children but you were not here and I tried to call you but your phone was off.”

    “I was busy.”

    “Busy sleeping with Anna?”

    I shake my head, “I don’t have the time to argue with a mad woman.”

    With that she gets angry and grabs a vase from the table which she slams on the floor. She begins yelling and calling me all names while throwing everything she grabs at me.

    “I will castrate you if I find out you are cheating on me,’ she yells

    I don’t want the kids to wake up so I rush for the door and run outside, she comes after me with cooking stick, I quickly get into my car and drive off.



    Meet Prisca

    Episode 7

    I am sitting against the pastel painted bed in my room with a bottle of wine in my hand, I am drinking straight from the bottle I don’t have the energy to pour the drink into a glass.

    I glance at my watch for the umpteenth time, 01:30 and Fred is not yet back, I still can’t believe he walked out on me all because I questioned him about his relationship with Anna.




    Fred is cheating I can feel it in my heart. I sacrificed my youth for that man. I can’t believe he is treating me like this, I am a high class woman and I know I deserve better the fact that I choose to be with him doesn’t mean I don’t have any other options.

    Anyway, he will find me when he comes back and then all hell will break loose. I spend the next two hours drowning my sorrows in my bottle of wine eventually I fall asleep.


    The next morning I awaken at the sound of my alarm clock, I quickly reach over to my nightstand and push the snooze button. I am not ready to get up I don’t feel like myself this morning, I have a pounding headache, I am sure it’s because of the wine that I drank last night.

    “Beep! Beep! Beep!”

    The alarm goes off again and this time I am forced to slid out of bed and hit the alarm button off. It’s a Sunday and we need to go to church, for me and my family church is a must. I don’t miss church for anything in the world, I was raised in a Christian family and I uphold my Christian values.

    Fred didn’t come back home last night, where in God’s name did he sleep? I am gonna kill him when he comes back home, I just can’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

    I grab my phone and dial his number but I get the same response- the number you have dialed is switched off. Anyway, I reach for my robe, slid on my slippers and head for the door. I walk down the hallway to the children’s bedroom so I can wake them up and prepare them for church.

    “Talia,’ I shake her

    “Huh,’ she turns

    “It’s time for church my darling.”

    “Can’t I sleep a little more,’ she asks in a sleepy voice

    “No my darling, we don’t wanna be late for church.”

    “Fine,’ she opens her eyes and yawns loudly

    “Morning sweetheart,’ I say with a smile

    “Morning Ma.”

    “Morning mummy,’ Taylor reiterated

    I turn my head towards her and find her sitting straight on her bed, wow that’s a first, Taylor woke up on her own, this girl gives me trouble every time I have to wake her up that’s why I usually let Fred handle them when going to school because her tantrums get on my nerves.

    “I am glad you are up.”

    She smiles, “I am a big girl.”

    “I can see that.”

    I bathe them and after bathing them I dress them up in some pretty blue dresses.

    “I have to get ready to so after you finish eating just watch some television.”

    “Yes mummy.”

    I hurry back upstairs and walk into the bathroom to turn the shower on. I undress. After I get naked I jump in the shower and clean up. I get out of the shower, lotion up and slid on my outfit.

    Standing in front of the mirror, I stare at my hair trying to figure out what I should do with it. Finally I brush through it and decide it to let it fall loose on my shoulders.

    Then I grab my make up bag and apply some minimal make up on my face.


    After one final glance in the mirror I am ready to go, I look elegant as usual. Sliding my feet into a pair of peach wedges, I walk out of my room.

    “Girls let’s get going.”

    Taylor walks up to me, “I spilt coffee on my dress,” she cries

    I eye her from head to toe, she is all messed up. I am this close to losing it with her.

    “Girl you are getting on my last nerve right now,” I grab her arm and lead her to the bedroom where I change her dress. A few minutes later we are on our way to church.

    “Where is daddy?’ Talia asks

    “Daddy had to attend to something.”

    ‘On a Sunday?’

    ‘Yes girl, on a Sunday,’ I snap at her and she keeps quiet.

    We get to church eventually, I step out of the car open for the girls close the door and hold their hands. With a huge smile on my face, we match into the church.

    “Tasha my darling,” The reverend’s wife greets me the minute I enter.

    “Mummy,’ I smile back at her

    “You look good.”

    ‘You too.”

    She laughs, “Like mother like daughter.”

    She kneels down and kisses the girls on their foreheads, “how are you my princess?’

    “Fine,’ they answer in unison

    “And where is your husband?’

    I clear my throat, “Fred is unwell.”

    “Oh! What’s wrong?”

    “He is down with Malaria.”

    “Poor thing, you should have told me about this.”

    “I didn’t want to bother you mum, I know you are a very busy woman.”

    “Oh please, you know I always spare time for you and Fred when you need me.”

    “I will call you next time.”

    “Sure thing.”

    I am sitting in the pew of the church during the service, I keep staring at my phone every now and then hoping time will move faster, I have scores to settle with Anna.

    She is the reason my husband has been acting up I need to put her in her place. After the preaching from the reverend, the room is beaming with excitement as people are singing and shouting praises to God.


    I quickly stand up and start singing along with the congregation, I have to keep up appearances, I can’t have anyone suspect that things are not going well in my marriage.

    The service ends on a high note with everyone testifying of the goodness of God. After the service I greet some of the members and then quickly get the kids.

    Shortly after we are driving back home, as I pull up on front of my gate I find someone waiting for me, I step out of the car and realise its Fatima the new maid.

    “Hello,” I say




    The girls step out and I push the gate open, we walk in and head for the front door, I pull out my keys from my handbag and open the door.

    “Come in,’ I say

    She walks closely behind me as I lead her to the guest bedroom.

    “This will be your room.”


    “I guess you went through the form I gave you and you agree with the rules.”


    “If you adhere to my rules then you and I will be good friends.”


    “I am heading out so you prepare the girls some food to eat and start cleaning up.”


    I say bye to the girls and head out. I get into my car and quickly drive towards the road the leads to Anna’s house. I get there a few minutes later because I was speeding.


    Stepping out of my car, I march in and at the door I knock loudly.

    Anna opens the door a few minutes later she looks as though she has just woken up. She yawns loudly and stares at me in surprise.

    “You!” I scream


    “Where is my husband?” I push past her and into the house.

    “Tasha,’ she runs after me as I head up the stairs screaming and calling out Fred’s name.

    “Come out and face me you man w---e.”

    I search all the rooms to absolutely no avail but I am still convinced he is hiding somewhere in this house.

    “Happy?” She asks when I walk back into the living room where Anna is sitting on her couch sipping on some wine.

    I shake my head, “Where have you hidden my husband?”

    “You are paranoid,” she says

    “Anna you need to find yourself a husband that way you will stop following mine.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “Fred is my husband…,”

    “And so?’ she cuts me short.

    “Stay away from him,” I yell

    She laughs, “I wonder what Fred sees in you, he can do better than this.”

    “Say what?”

    “You don’t deserve that man you are a heartless b---h I hope he leaves you soon.”

    Upset, I march up to her and slap her hard across her face.

    “You slapped me?”

    “I will do more than that if you continue sleeping with my husband.”

    “Leave my house,” she points at the door.

    “Hule! Hule!” I scream

    She shakes her head, “Find your own husband.”


    “I will leave but this is not over.”

    And with that, I walk out of the house.



    Episode 8

    “Are you okay?” Prisca asks when I barge into her house.

    “No,” I shake my head

    “What happened?”

    “Can I have a drink first?”


    She pours a red wine into a glass and hands it to me. I grab the glass and gulp the drink in one gulp. Then I throw myself on the couch next to where she is sitting.


    “Fred didn’t sleep home last night.”

    Her eyes widen, “Say what?”

    I shrug, “We had an argument last night, he came home late with the kids apparently he had gone for the brail that Anna organized.”

    “The same brail you asked him not to attend?”

    “The same one.”

    “Go on.”

    I fill my glass again and take a large sip of wine, “So I asked him why he had gone for that brail, he got mad, one thing led to another and before I knew it he was gone.”

    “He drove out on you?”


    I waited for him the whole night but to no avail, I tried to call him but his phones are switched off.”

    “Did you try calling Anna?”

    “I actually went to her house, this is where I am coming from, I didn’t find Fred but I warned her to stay away from him.”

    She takes a deep breath, “Could he be cheating on you?”

    “I don’t know, from the time that Fred and I got married this is the first time he has slept out.”

    “This is unlike Fred, sleeping out? There is more to this than meets the eye,”

    “I will find him and if I do, hell will break loose, I will not allow Fred to make me a laughing stock.”

    “You need to act fast my sister,” she says

    “I will.”

    “Anyway that aside, how is Kai?”

    I smile, “He should be fine.”

    “That smile.”


    “You definitely like Kai.”

    “Shut up,” I roll my eyes. “I am a married woman and we both know that.”

    “So how is Kai?”

    “He hasn’t called since the last time we met.”

    “And why haven’t you tried to reach out to him?”

    “Because I am married,” I flaunt my ring in her face.

    “Forget about being married, Kai is the real deal, that man is everything, if you don’t want him, just give him to me.”

    “B---h!” I exclaim

    Prisca laughs as she sips her wine, “Atleast I am free to mingle, I am not answerable to anyone.”

    “You are lucky.”

    “You know what you should do about this situation with Fred?”


    “Play it 50/ 50.”


    “If Fred sleeps out, sleep out too, show him that what he can do you can also do. We leave in a free world after all. A man shouldn’t treat you like some piece of trash, show him you are valuable.”

    “You are right.”

    “And you are even lucky you have a man like Kai by your side, open up and just have fun.”

    I laugh, “Fred surely needs to be taught a lesson.”

    “That man acts like he did you a favour by marrying you when it’s vice versa, he doesn’t deserve you. You deserve better not a teacher. Everyday ma ABCD, when are you gonna have time to travel the world and have fun?” she laughs

    “Ala mwandi.”

    “So do what you can to put him in his place before he brings in another woman or a child out of wedlock.”

    “He wouldn’t dare.”

    “Baby, abaume niimbwa , they can’t be trusted.”

    I take another sip of my wine and quietly take in what she has just said, Prisca is not married but relationship wise she is very much experienced, I will have to take her advice.

    “I have heard you,’ I respond




    I left home last night and drove around in circles for almost an hour trying to figure out what to do with Tasha and how to sort out this situation at home.

    I could have gone back home last night but I decided to book myself into a hotel and that’s where I spent my night, I wanted to give her some space.

    I don’t understand why Tasha is so insecure, ever since I married her I have never looked at another woman, I have never wanted another woman the way I want her. When I vowed to be faithful to her till death do us part, I meant it. Why is it so hard for her to trust me?

    I am heading back home now and I hope she has calmed down we need to talk like adults and sort whatever is going on in her mind atleast for the sake of the children they need to be in an environment that is conducive for them. We can’t be arguing all the time.


    I drive home and when I get there, the kids run towards me, I scope Taylor in one hand and hold Talia in another hand we walk towards the couch and sit in front of the television.

    “I missed you,” Talia says

    “Come over here,’ I pull her in my arms and kiss her on her forehead before I hug her tightly. “And I missed you too.”

    “Mummy said you had to work, why where you working on a Sunday?”

    “I just had an emergency at work,” I respond, I hate lying to my children and the way Talia is looking at me it’s as if she can see through me, like she can tell I am lying.

    “Where is mummy?” I ask changing the subject.

    “She went out to see a friend,” A strange voice responds, I turn around and find Fatima, the new house help.


    She gets down on her knees, “Good afternoon sir, can I get you something to eat?”

    I shake my head, “I am okay.”


    “I want some ice cream,” Taylor whispers in my ears.

    “Let me just change into something else and then I can drive you to the mall for that ice cream.”

    She giggles, “Thank you daddy.”

    I stand up and take two steps ahead then I look back and stare at my children. They are my happy place, nothing beats being a father to these adorable babies.chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.


    Some days I wanna pack out of this house and leave Tasha but I don’t think I can handle leaving the girls behind, besides I want them to grow up in stable family.

    I want to give my children what I didn’t have, i grew up in a dysfunctional family and life was tough, I want a better life for my babies.

    “Daddy why are you staring?” Talia snaps me from my reverie

    I smile, “Nothing hun,” I respond before I hurry off to my room.

    I change into some clean clothes I already took a bath at the hotel. After that I turn on my phone and there are several messages from Tasha.


    I dial Tasha’s line and the phone just ring I call again and still no answer. I am about to walk out of the room when my phone rings, it’s Anna.


    “You are alive?”

    “Yes. Tsup?”

    “Your wife came here to look for you, ala she searched the entire house.”

    “She what?”

    “She thought you spend the night here.”

    “Dude you married a crazy woman, where did you sleep? Wayamba ma out?”

    I shake my head, “We had an argument because of the brail so I drove out on her and went to a hotel that’s where I slept.”

    “I see.”

    “And where are you now?”

    “Just got home though Tasha is not here.”

    “I see.”

    “I will call you later let me just drive the children to the mall.”


    I drive the children to the mall, I get them ice cream and a few goodies, we drive to the park where we spend a few hours just having fun and talking about random stuff.


    Later in the evening we drive back home, Fatima has already prepared supper for us but none of us feel hungry, the kids go to their room to nap while I go to mine.

    I lie on the bed, close my eyes and doze off.


    I am awakened by someone shouting and vigorously, I snap my eyes open and sit upright.

    “Tasha what is it?” I ask

    “Where did you sleep last night?”

    “And where are you coming from?”

    “That is none of your f-----g business.”

    “Where did you sleep?”

    ‘In a hotel.”

    She claps her hands together and laughs, “You think I am fool?”


    She shots me a deadly stare,” Who is she?”

    “Who is who?”

    “The girl you have been seeing.”

    “You are sick, you need help,’ I rise to my feet and heads for the door.

    She grabs me roughly pulling my shirt.

    “What exactly do you want?” I yell

    “The truth.”

    “I love you Tasha I would never cheat on you, why do you doubt me?”

    “I can feel it, you have another woman by your side.”

    “You know what? I am fade up, I am tired of explaining myself to you, I am just so tired. Maybe you and should take a break.”

    “What do you mean a break?”

    I take a deep breath, “I will go away for some time, I will give you space so you can think of what you really want? I can’t do this anymore.”

    “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “Watch me.”

    With that said, I walk out of the room slamming the door behind my back. Maybe what we need is space, some time away from each other.


    Episode 9

    I walk down the hall into the children’s room. I sit on the edge of the bed and stare at the sleeping girls. My girls are perfect in every sense, they keep me going. I can’t imagine being away from them but for their sake I need to take some time away from their mother so I can regain my sanity. I love Tasha with everything in me but she is toxic. This little break will do the both of us some good.

    “I love you both a lot, I hope you never forget that,” I lean in and kiss both girls on their foreheads before I leave their room. I walk back into our bedroom and Tasha is sitting on the bed typing away.

    I get a suitcase out of the closet and throw it on the bed.

    “You are serious about leaving?” she asks placing her phone on the bed.


    “And the children? Are you gonna walk out on me and the children because of Anna?”

    “This has nothing to do with Anna and I am not walking out on you, we just need some time away from each other.”

    I open the suitcase and start throwing my clothes in it.

    “You are not going anywhere,” she stands and tries to take the clothes out of the suitcase as I put them in.

    “Tasha, you and I know if we continue like this we will end up hurting each other.”

    “Be a man and face your problems, running away will not solve anything,’ she yells

    “Leave me alone,” I push her over on the floor, she bawls like a baby. I have never put my hands on her to harm her but she is doing everything possible to get on my nerves.

    “You pushed me?” she screams

    She stands up and begins grabbing anything she can find to hurl at me, I protest while dodging the items making her angrier. Finally, she sinks to the ground,” Leave if you want but just know that this war.”


    I quickly grab the suitcase and leave, if I stay in this house one more minute I will do something that I will end up regretting. I am heading to my sister’s house that’s where I will stay for a few days until Tasha calms down. I just hope she doesn’t poison my children’s mind because anything is possible with Tasha.



    Fred pushed me and walked out on me again, I simply can’t believe he had the guts to do that. Now more than ever, I am sure he is cheating on me because not once has Fred ever acted so cold towards me. We argue all the time but not once has he ever packed out of the house. I will get to the bottom of this and when I do, all hell will break loose.

    My phone rings startling me from my reverie, I look at the caller id and see that it is Kai.


    “Hey,’ I respond

    “How is the most beautiful woman on the planet doing?” he asks

    His words make my heart melt Kai has a strange effect on me, one I cannot comprehend, I have never experienced such a strong attraction to anyone else ever since I have been married.

    “So, so,” I respond

    “Are you okay?”

    I take a deep breath, “Not really.”


    “Fred has left.”

    “What do you mean he has left?”

    “He says he needs space, he packed some of his clothes and left.”

    “Did you guys argue?”


    “I see.”

    “But this is the first time he has actually left the house and asked me to give him some time to himself.”


    “What? Are you thinking what I am thinking? What does it mean when a man says he needs space?” I ask

    “It could mean that he needs a little time to himself to think things through…,”

    “Or?” I cut him short before he can finish

    “He wants to end things with you so he can pursue a relationship with someone else.”

    “He wouldn’t dare.”

    “He is a man.”

    “I know he loves me.”

    “What if he has found someone else?”


    “Anyway that aside, would you like to spend some time with me? I could cheer you up.”

    I bite my lower lip as I think about his offer, “Ya.” I respond

    “I will pick you up in an hour’s time.”

    “I am not comfortable with that arrangement just text me where you want us to meet from and I will drive myself there.”



    “You are welcome.”

    “Take care of yourself beautiful.”

    I giggle, “I will thanks and take care of yourself too.”


    I end the call and lie down again on my bed, I don’t want my marriage to fall apart, I cannot allow Fred to find someone else, I will give him a few days to cool off but if he doesn’t come back home then I will cause havoc. In the meantime, I see nothing wrong with spending some time with my friend Kai.


    I enter the bathroom and take a long bath, style my hair and apply makeup. I slip on my dress, grab my handbag and car keys before I walk out of my room.


    “Madam,” she appears from the kitchen.

    “I am going out, take care of the house and the children, call me if need arises.”


    “And don’t leave any food for my husband and i.”


    I head for the door and walk out I get into my car put it in drive and sped out of the driveway. A few minutes into the drive, I decide to call Prisca.

    “Tsup girl,” she answers almost immediately.

    “Hey you.”

    “Miss me already?”

    “Oh please.”

    She laughs

    “Fred and I had an argument, he left the house, says he needs space.”

    “Say what?”

    “That’s not why I even called you Kai has invited me over for dinner.”


    “I am driving over there right now though I am kind of having second thoughts.”


    “I am married.”

    “Oh please, with the way things are moving, you won’t be married for long.”

    “Don’t say that.”

    “Forget Fred, go out and have dinner with Kai, it’s not like you two are going to have sex it’s just dinner.”

    “You are right.”

    “I just want you to be truly happy, go out and have some fun.”


    I end the call and smile, about thirty minutes later I pull up in front of the restaurant and I step out of my car. The minute I walk in, I instantly spot Kai I walk up to him nervously.


    He stands up to welcome me when I get to his table he looks at me intensely without saying a word. The way he is looking at me creates a stir in my belly. This is not right.

    “Hey,’ he finally leans in to kiss my forehead.


    I pull a chair back and sit down.

    “You look beautiful as usual,” he says

    “Thank you.”

    He leans back in his chair, “I am glad you agreed to meet up with me.”

    “I needed some fresh air.”

    “As usual,” he smiles broadly.

    Afterwards we order our food and eat silently.



    Episode 10

    Dinner was memorable, one glass of wine was enough to make me relax and feel comfortable. The rest of the evening, we talk about families, our upbringings, politics and business. The majority of the time is focused on politics, collectively our favourite topic.

    “This has been amazing,” he says. “A lot of women don’t talk about politics nor do they analyze it like you do. I am really impressed, you are quiet a funny and intelligent woman.”

    I feel my cheeks burn with excitement.

    For desert, he orders carrot cake and apple pie, both are incredible. By the time we finish, I am stuffed. He pays the bill, stands up and helps me up. With his hand on my back, he leads me out of the restaurant. I shudder with pleasure at the feel of his hand on my back but I manage to keep my emotions under control. I don’t want to give him mixed signals, I am a married woman after all and this is just friendship.


    As we stand next to my car, his eyes stare into mine, for a few minutes no words are spoken between us. The look in his makes my heart flutter, I don’t remember the last time I felt this excited by a man’s look.

    “Thanks for dinner, this place is amazing and the food is out of this world,’ I say “I really had fun, you helped keep my mind occupied, for a moment there I forgot about my issues with Fred.”

    “I had a great time too I hope we get to spend some more time together.”


    He shots me a serious stare.


    He clears his throat, “Tasha I love you I want to make you happy. I know I promised to just be friends with you but I can’t do that. I want more from you.”

    Before I can even respond, he leans forward and gently kisses me on my lips, I know I should push him off me, atleast that’s what my mind keeps telling me but my body keeps betraying me. I lean into the kiss and put my hands on his shoulders. He deepens the kiss holding me as close as he can.

    Finally he draws his head back leaning his forehead on mine, “You make me feel things that no one has ever made me feel,” he says

    “You know I am a married woman right?”

    “Gosh Tasha, must you bring that up all the time? We were having a great moment and you just spoilt it,” he moves away from me.


    “Maybe you should get going,” he says in a harsh and cold tone.

    “I am sorry I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

    “It’s fine.”

    He opens my car door but I shut it, I hold his hand, “I am sorry,” I whisper. Without thinking about it, I lean in and smash my mouth over his. That spurs him in action, he takes over, the kiss is light at first but soon it is more. Wrapping my hands around his neck, I hold on. I don’t mind kissing him over and over he tastes and smells so good.

    “Am I forgiven now?” I ask when I finally pull away.

    I feel his smile against my jaw, “I can’t be mad at you for more than one second.”


    “I think I should get going now,” I start to move away but he keeps me close to him. His hand caresses my back gently and I sink against him.

    Near my ear he says, “I wish you didn’t have to go back home.”

    “But I have too,’ I whisper

    “I know.”

    “I will find time to see you again soon.”


    “I cross my heart and hope to die.”

    He laughs.

    “And please think about what I asked you, give us a chance. Let me make you happy.”

    “I will definitely think about it.”


    He kisses me again before he helps me into my car I wave at him before I start the car and drive out of the driveway. Great night I had, Kai is really a great man I wish I met him earlier.


    An hour later, I pull into the garage and step out of the car. My phone rings as I am about to open the door, i don’t even glance at the caller ID before I answer.

    “Tasha,” the familiar voice speaks on the other side of the line.

    “What?” I angrily respond when I realise its Fred and not Kai.

    “Are the children sleeping? I would like to say goodnight if they still awake,” he says

    I laugh, “Are you serious?”


    “I just got home I don’t know they are awake or asleep.”

    “This time?”


    “And where the hell are you coming from?”

    “None of your business.”

    “I am still your husband.”

    “Runaway husband,” I burst out laughing, “You left on your own free will, don’t call to ask me silly questions. If you want to see your children, you know where to find them,” I say before I end the call.

    I open the door and walk in, the house looks quiet seems the children are sleeping, I head straight to my room I kick off my shoes, undress and take out my pajamas.

    I am about to wear my pajamas when my phone rings again.

    “What do you want?” I ask, raising my voice in anger.

    “Hey,” Kai says

    “Kai,” I breathe out.

    “Are you okay?”

    “Yes, just that Fred called me a few minutes ago and I cut the call, I thought he was the one calling again.”

    “Are you okay?”


    “You are home already?”


    “What are you doing?”

    “Getting ready for bed.”

    “Wish I could see you right now. I wish I could lie next to you and hold you in my arms I wish I could wake up to you every single morning.”

    My heart skips a beat, I am a married woman I shouldn’t be feeling like this but I can’t help it, Kai has a way with words, he makes me feel wanted.

    “Give me a chance to love you.”

    “It’s not that easy.”

    “I know.”

    “Let’s take things slowly.”

    “I could work with that.”

    “Are you home yet?” I asked trying to change the subject

    “I just pulled into my driveway.”

    “Aren’t you supposed to be with your wife right now?”

    He sighs, “That one bores me I would rather be with you.”

    “I see.”

    “Anyway, I have to sleep I have a busy day tomorrow.”

    “Sleep tight darling.”

    “Good night.”

    “I love you.”

    My heart skips a beat he isn’t supposed to say things like that so instead of responding, I end the call.



    As soon as Tasha ends the call, I delete her number from the call history, I place my phone in my pocket and step out of the car, grabbing the banquet of flowers and chocolate I got for my wife, I walk towards the door. I open the door and walk in before I firmly close it behind my back.

    My wife appears from the kitchen to welcome me she has a huge smile on her face when she sees the flowers in my hands.

    “Darling you are back?” she says


    I hand her the flowers and the chocolate.

    “Thank you baby,” she places them on the table.

    “You are welcome.”

    “Where is Sofia?”

    “She is sleeping.”

    “So soon?” I ask glancing at my wrist watch. Sofia is my 5 year old daughter.

    “She fell down and started crying, I soothed her and she fell asleep.”

    “How did she fall?”

    “You know Sofia she was running up and about.”


    “Can I set up the table now or you will first have your bath?”

    “My bath first.”


    I rush up to my room for a quick warm shower before I join my wife for supper, even though I am not hungry, I have to eat others wise she will begin to question my way abouts and I can’t afford for her to know about Tasha.



    Episode 11

    The next morning, I woke up at around 07:00 am the sun that punched through the window had never felt so good to me, today is going to be a great day I could feel it.

    Rolling over the bed, I stretched myself out over the covers I groaned, slid out of bed and stretched my legs. I walked out of the room in search of my wife, when I walked into the kitchen the first thing that hit me was the smell of the food she was cooking.

    Kenzie was standing at the stove flipping bacon and eggs moving jerkily. Her hair was secured into two buns, she was wearing nothing more than a lacy nightgown which barely covered anything. I quietly walked towards her and stood behind her, wrapping my hands around her.

    She instantly turned around, bumping her eyes into mine, “Morning babe,” she said

    “Morning,” I smiled back at her

    “Slept okay?”


    Dipping my head, I brushed my lips against hers then she slid her tongue across my lower lip. My tongue slid out and reciprocated the gesture.

    “I could get used to this,” I said as we pulled away from each other after that long passionate kiss.

    “Oh please.”

    I laughed.

    “You are a spoiled brat,” she said

    “See who is talking.”

    “Girl Bye,” I turned and walked towards the stairs to my room.

    I walked back into my room, stripped and headed for the bathroom.

    “Babe,” Kenzie called a few minutes into my shower.


    “Your phone is ringing, should I bring it over?”

    “Who is calling?”

    “Mrs. T Sakala.”

    Shit Tasha, why was she calling me this early, doesn’t she know I have a wife, does she want to ruin my marriage like she is ruining hers?

    “Babe,” she called again

    “Just let it ring, I will call her back when I am done.”


    I trust my wife not to pick my phone without asking me, she doesn’t even go through it like other women do when they find a chance too, so many times I have left my phone at home and I will find it just the way I left it. My wife is one of a kind, I love her dearly, this fling with Tasha is just an experiment.


    When I step out of the bathroom a few minutes later, the bed has been made and there are some clean clothes laid on top of the bed.

    I drop my towel and lotion my body. After that I quickly get dressed, I have a meeting in the morning I don’t want to be late. I was almost done when my wife walked in.

    “Let me help you with that,” she gets close to me and adjusts my tie. When she finished, she took a step back,” You look great my husband, I could look at you all day.”

    “Thank you darling, this is your doing.”

    “Breakfast is ready i will join you after I take a shower.”


    I walked out of my room to the dinning where breakfast has been set, I pull a chair and sit down before I pour myself a cup of coffee.

    A moment later, Sofia walks into the dining room, wearing her school uniform.

    “Morning princess,” I great her as I help her to sit on her chair.

    “Morning daddy.”

    “How was your night?”

    She shrugs, “It was okay.”


    “I fell last night and mummy laughed at me.”

    “She did?”


    “Sorry, we need to punish mummy for laughing at you.”

    She giggled, “Please do.”

    I poured her some coffee and put bread and bacon on her plate. After we were done, I stood up and Sofia did too.

    “You are guys are done?” my wife asked when she walked into the room.


    She frowned, “You couldn’t wait for me?”

    “I have an early meeting.”


    “You look awesome,” I said eyeing her from head to toe, she was wearing a yellow off the shoulder shirt, blue ripped jeans and sneakers. My wife owns and runs a restaurant in town.

    “Babe we have to go now,” I lean in and lightly kiss her lips.

    “Ill,” Sofia pouts

    “Jealous people never win,” my wife laughs at her.

    “Oh please.”

    Sofia grabs her bag, “Buddy let’s get going,” I said

    “Bye mummy.”

    Kenzie walks over to her and gives her a good bye hug, “Enjoy your day darling, i love you too.”

    She giggled, “Love you too mommy

    We walked towards the door and stepped out of the house. Once in the car, I drove to Sofia’s school, dropped her off before I drove myself for work.



    “Talia!” I angrily scream, “You are wasting my time, will you please allow Auntie Fatima to get you ready for school?” I asked

    “No,” she screamed back at me, “I want my daddy.”

    “Lord,’ I drew in a sharp breath, I was this close to snapping at her and her sister, these girls have given me and Fatima a hard time, apparently they want their father to get them ready for school but where am I gonna get Fred from, he left, it’s not like I kicked him out.

    “For the last time please stop whining and get ready for school,” I said in a cold harsh tone.

    “No! I want my daddy,” she said again.

    “Your father left, he doesn’t f-----g care about you,” I yelled to her before she burst into tears.

    “Daddy! Daddy!”

    “You know what? Don’t go to school if you want,” With that said, I march to my room and finish getting dressed, satisfied with my look, I grab my handbag and walk out.

    “Does it mean that they won’t go to school?” Fatty asked

    “Just let them be I will see you later.”

    I walked out of the house and went straight to my car, before I could drive out, my phone rang. I checked the caller I.D, it was Kai. I had tried to call him earlier on but he didn’t answer.

    “Hello,” I answered in a cold

    “Good morning beautiful,” he said

    I blushed and smiled cutely, ”Hey you.”

    “I am sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower.”


    “Are you okay?”

    “The kids are driving me crazy.”


    “They keep asking for their father, they didn’t even go to school today.”

    “And have you talked to your husband?”

    “No, he is a grown ass man he should be the one to reach out.”

    ‘I am sorry you had a rough morning.”

    “I feel better now that I am talking to you.”


    “Yes, you brighten up my day, maybe I am slowly getting addicted to you,” I laughed

    “Does that mean you will give us a chance?”

    “Let’s wait and see what the future holds,” I said


    “Are you at work?”

    “On my way. You?”

    “About to drive out.”

    “I will bring you lunch at your work place.”


    “Take care.”

    “You too.”


    He ended the call and in felt a whole lot better, Kai is amazing, why didn’t I meet him earlier? With the way things are going with Fred, I might be tempted to accept Kai’s proposal.


    Episode 12

    I arrive at work a few minutes after 8, I know I am late and this is unlike me, I love to be punctual, that’s one trait that distinguishes me from most people I work with. The girls delayed me big time, Fred has to come back home, he handles them better than I do.


    I head straight to my office, shut the door behind my bag, settle down and burry myself in work. Time flies by so fast and before I know it, it’s almost lunch time and Kai will be here shortly.

    I quickly rummage in my bag and pull out my make up kit I retouch around my eyes and apply fresh gloss to my mouth. Then I anxiously wait for him to arrive.

    I don’t know why I am this excited, I actually feel like a teenager in love, I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way about Kai but I can’t help it, I like him and he makes me feel safe and wanted. He is smart, handsome and a gentle man, the kind of man I have always wanted to settle down with.

    At exactly 12:25, a knock at the door startles me from my day dreaming.

    “Come in.”

    My secretary walks in, “There is someone looking for you, he says his name is…….,”

    “You can let him in,” I cut her short before she can finish her sentence.


    She walks out and shortly after, the door opens and Kai walks in. Closing the door behind his back, our eyes meet instantly & his piercing gaze causes a flutter in my tummy.


    It is at that moment that I realise that I like Kai more than I should, I am slowly falling for this man. Lord have mercy, I do not want to defile my marriage.

    He walks towards me then he places the plastic in his hands on my table without taking his eyes off me, I feel like I am about to suffocate, he makes me feel things I have never felt before.

    As we continue to gaze at each other, my breath quickens and I imagine him kissing me and roaming his hands all over my body. Shaking my head, I dispel the stupid thoughts from my head and clear my throat.

    “Hey beautiful,” he finally says


    “You look stunning.”

    “Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself.”

    “I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I couldn’t sleep last night,” he says

    I chose not to respond, I hardly slept too, I had him in my mind almost the whole night, that’s why I even called him the moment I woke up.

    “You are a very beautiful woman and you deserve to be treated like a queen,’ he says as he strides towards me, closing the distance between us.


    My heart skips a beat and I can feel the butterflies in my tummy jumping up and down.

    “I would do anything to have you to myself,” he says before grabbing me by my waist pulling me close to him, my heart continues to beat fast and I want to push him off me but I just can’t.

    “I really like you,” he says whispers, taking my mouth for a kiss.


    At first I try to resist, this is my office what if someone walks in, how would I explain this especially when everyone around here knows that I am happily married. Finally I give in, the kiss which starts off slow, deepens within a few minutes. I kiss him back desperately as if my life depends on it. Shortly after, I feel his hands roam along my hips and he lifts my dress a bit before he runs his hands along my thighs making his way up to my underwear.


    Suddenly, I hear footsteps approaching and I jolt to reality, pushing Kai off me. Within a few seconds, my door opens and my secretary walks in. She looks at me curiously, I am sure she can tell by Kai’s breathing and my disheveled clothes that we were making out.

    “Can’t you knock?” I snap at her.

    “I am sorry, Mr. Chile just called, he won’t make it for the meeting at 14, he would like to reschedule to tomorrow if it’s okay.”

    “Ya it’s okay.”



    She quickly turns and walks out.

    Shit! I hope she doesn’t run her mouth anyhow about what she thinks she might have seen.

    “I am sorry I got carried away, I hope I didn’t get you in trouble.”

    “It’s okay,” I fake a smile

    “I won’t be staying for too long, I just wanted to bring you lunch and to make sure you are okay.”

    “I am fine now that I have seen you.”

    “I am glad.”

    “Thanks for lunch.”

    “Anytime for you.”

    A huge smile spreads across my lips.

    “I will see you later.”



    He gets closer and quickly kisses me one last time before he leaves my office. As soon as he walks out, I sink slowly to the floor, what am I gonna do with this situation? Should I play along and give him a chance? What will happen to my marriage? Fred could be cheating too but does that justify relationship with Kai? One thing I am sure off is that I don’t want to divorce Fred, him and I come a long way plus we have children but I just can’t give up on my marriage.

    “God you have to give me strength.”



    I curled up on the living room sighing contently as i took a swig of my wine while watching my favorite movie, “Something Borrowed,” though my mind wasn’t on the movie, it was constantly on Fred. I seriously can’t stop thinking about Fred, he is everything I want in a man and more, I care less if he is married I just want to be with him at all cost.


    Spending time with him at work and talking to him almost all the time just made me love him even more. Tasha doesn’t deserve him, she is rude and arrogant Fred deserves a woman like me, a woman who will love and respect him, a woman who will worship the ground he walks on, a woman who is ready to submit to his every need and that woman is me.


    I was in deep thoughts when a knock at the door startled me causing me to drop the glass. I walked to the door and when I opened it, Trish was at the door step.

    “Bestie,” I smiled

    “How are you?”

    “Better,” I didn’t go for work today because I have been unwell, I miss Fred I hope he will pay me a visit after work.

    “Come in,” I opened the door wider for her, as soon as she stepped in, I closed it and joined her in the living room, I cleaned the mess on the floor went into the kitchen and got us two glasses, when I emerged, I poured some wine in both glasses and handed her one.

    “Something Borrowed?” she furrowed her brows

    I laughed, “All time favourite.”

    “What’s been going on? How is Fred?”


    I sighed wistfully, “He is fine, he had an argument with his wife and he moved out.”

    “This is your chance,” she squealed with excitement. “Seduce him.”

    “You know Fred is faithful, he would never cheat on his wife I have to wait until he leaves her before I can have my chance.”

    “So you are just gonna sit here and wait?”


    “I have a plan.”

    “I am all ears.”

    “Make his wife think as if you guys are having an affair.”


    “We could think of so many ways to do that, you have to frustrate his wife into leaving him.”

    “Where do I even start from? Won’t he be suspicious?”

    “Trust me we can do this without Tasha suspecting a thing. I will show you.”

    “I am game.”


    “To successful plans,” she clanked her glass against mine.”

    “Cheers,” I half-heartedly responded.


    Episode 13

    I park my car in my driveway and begin unpacking the groceries before I make my way inside, shutting the front door behind my back.

    When I walk into the living room, Sofia is playing quietly with her toys in front on the television.




    I stand in the doorway for a moment just staring at her. They grow up so fast, a few years ago, she was an adorable infant and now she is my precious little girl.

    Sofia is my greatest gift from God, nothing is dearer than a daughter, I would give up my life for her.

    “Daddy,” Sofia squeals with delight when she finally sees me. She jumps of the couch and runs towards me and I carry her in my arms.

    “Where is mummy?” I ask as we head to the kitchen.

    “She is in her room,” she responds

    I set the plastics on the kitchen table then we walk back into the living room, Sofia and I exchange a few words before I decide to check on my wife in the bedroom.

    “Hey baby, welcome back,” my wife says warmly as I enter the bedroom.

    She pulls me into a deep kiss which I return with excitement. We kiss briefly before my ringing phone interrupts us and my wife pulls away first.

    “I will set the table as you attend to that,” she says

    “Not fair,” I frown

    “It could be important Bae.”

    “This is not over,” I say

    She laughs, “Let’s wait and see what you’ve got for me, I think I am ready for baby number two.”

    I burst out laughing as she walks out of the room closing the door firmly behind her back. I grab my phone and look at the caller I.D before I answer it.




    “How far?”

    “Things aren’t moving as fast as I want them to.”

    “Give it time.”

    “I don’t have the time to wait around I need this done with immediately, I have a wife and child on the line, I don’t want them finding out about her.”

    “I know.”

    “I am doing my part, please do yours and do it real quick.”

    I ended the call before she could respond. After that call, I change into something comfortable and join my wife and daughter at the dining table.


    My wife is a very good cook I enjoy her food I rarely eat out. Her restaurant is actually a huge success because of her great skill in the kitchen.

    “You fixed dinner so I will clean up,” I said later after we finished eating.

    “Babe, I can do this,” she says

    “You and Sofia should relax while I clean up.”

    I clear the table and return the dishes to the kitchen. Standing over the sink, I wash the dishes. A few minutes later, I finish washing the dishes and make my way to the living room.

    “Movie time,” I squeal in excitement


    I throw myself on the couch next to my wife as she flips through the channels for a movie we can watch, finally she settles for an American comedy and we all fix our eyes on the television.

    A few minutes into the movie, my phone vibrates, my phone grabs it and hands it to me then she focuses her eyes back on the television.

    “I miss you,” I read the text from Tasha. ‘I wish you were here right now, the kids are giving me a tough time, are you free? Can we talk? I just need to vent for a few minutes.”

    Shaking my head, I delete the messages, turn my phone off, place it back on the table and focus my eyes back on the television.



    I turn and toss in bed, checking my phone every second waiting for Kai to respond to my messages he was supposed to have responded an hour ago and now his phone is even off. I just needed someone to talk to, I can’t talk to Prisca because she is out with her sugar daddy and he doesn’t like it when she picks calls when they are together, he is quiet clingy.

    The past few days have really been hectic, I can’t get the girls to listen to me, Fred has to come back home, I have been trying to call him but he keeps ignoring my calls. I know he is staying at his sister’s place I called her too and answered me rudely. Can you imagine that that foolish woman cut my call? She hasn’t heard the last of me I will surely deal with her, in fact I will sue her for marriage interference. Being a woman like me, she is supposed to tell her brother to come back home to his wife and kids but instead she decides to welcome him into her house.


    Anyway, I guess I have to sleep it’s obvious Kai won’t call or text me back tonight maybe he is busy with his wife. My stomach drops at the thought of his wife and for some strange reason, I feel jealous. I know Kai and I are just friends and I shouldn’t be feeling this way but I can’t help it, I can’t deal with the thought of him making love to another woman not even his wife.

    Oh God, what the hell is wrong with me? My heart is beating so hard and fast, I want to scream. I feel like am about to lose my mind. To clear my head, I roll out of bed to watch television in the living room, Fatty and the girls are already sleeping.



    I am lying in bed, going through the photos of Fred on my phone, poring over them for the hundredth time. He is a handsome man, very humble and down to earth. He is passionate about his job, he is prayerful….just what I want in a husband.


    My biological clock is slowly ticking and everyone else around me is either married, engaged or in a serious relationship while I am still single, I have dated quite a few times and I have had my fair share of heartbreaks, I am not gonna go that road again.


    I need to go through with the plan so that I may end up with Fred his wife doesn’t deserve him after all. I will treat Fred better than she treats him, I will take care of his children as if they were my own. Once he is with me, I won’t even give him the time to think about Tasha.

    “Make his wife think as if you guys are having an affair,” I smile mischievously as the plan runs through my mind, I guess it’s my time to take over, Tasha has to leave.


    Kai’s wife and daughter!!

    Episode 14

    “Are you drunk?” my sister asks

    I look up from my glass and shake my head.

    “You are drunk,” she repeats herself.

    I laugh, ‘I am not drunk.’


    She sits on the edge of the bed and pitifully looks at me, I haven’t been myself ever since I left home I miss my children, I miss Tasha too. I don’t know if she thinks of me as much as I think of her. Do I even cross her mind? Is she even willing to make amends so we can make things work between us? I haven’t been picking up her calls lately because the last time we talked she hurled insults and curses at me. I have been trying to think of ways to make our marriage better.


    “Is it wrong to love someone as much as I love my wife?” I ask draining a third of my beer in one swallow.

    “You need to slow down on the bottle,’ she says

    “I am okay.”

    “No you are not, if being away from them affects you this much then you have to go back but when you do, take charge and be the man.”

    “You know Tasha she loves to be in charge.”

    “Do what you have to do as man or leave her, I know you are soft spoken and humble but your wife is too much.”

    “I will see what I can do.”

    “The reason I haven’t come to your house to cause havoc is because I respect you but if he this shit continues when you go back, I swear Tasha will know they are people madder than she is.”


    I laugh, my sister Amelia and Tasha are not in good terms because of Tasha’s behavior, the two women don’t see eye to eye but she loves the girls to death.

    “I am serious, talk things through and decide what exactly you want but don’t do things for the sake of the children, do what you think is right for you and your wife.”

    “I hear you.”

    “I am tired I am off to bed take it easy on the bottle you have to be in class tomorrow remember?”

    “I know.”




    She rises to her feet and walks to the door she walks out closing the door behind her back. After a minute, I grab my phone and stare at my wallpaper, there’s a picture of my wife I took the photo without her knowledge a few weeks ago. Beautiful woman she is, I can barely keep my eyes off the picture, I can’t find the right words to describe my feelings for my wife, all I know is that she is my entire life, I can’t do without her, I love her deeply.


    Maybe that’s my problem, I love her too much, from the word go, I knew I loved Tasha more than she loved me, I have teased and called names for loving her too much but what can I do? Some people think she gave me a love portion for me to love her, this much but this is who I am, when I love I love with everything in me, body, mind and soul.

    When I met Tasha, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever see and when she accepted to be my wife a few months later, I felt like the luckiest man on earth. I would do anything to get things to how they were when we first got married.


    My train of thoughts is disrupted by my ringing phone, who would dare call me at such an ungodly time of the day I wonder as I pick up without checking the caller I.D. coolval stories


    “Fred,” Anna says on the other side of the phone.

    “Anna,” I manage a smile as if she can see me.

    “Hope I didn’t wake you.”

    “No,” I shake my head. “I can’t sleep.”

    “I can’t sleep too.”


    “I have a lot on my mind.”

    “Care to share.”

    “I met someone,” she says



    “Tell me about him.”

    “He is a nice guy, he is cool and fun to be with, he is smart and loving, he is everything I have ever wanted a man.”

    “I have never heard you talk about a man like this.”

    “I love him.”

    “I am happy for you buddy.”

    “There is a problem.”

    “Which is?”

    “He has someone.”

    “Is he married?”


    “Does that silence mean he is married?”

    “He is on the verge of a divorce.”

    “You are better than that Anna, a married man?”

    “He is about to divorce his wife.”

    “But he is still married to her?”


    “A married man is a no go area, forget about him, you are better than this.

    “Well, I like him and he says he will leave his wife for me.”

    “I am serious Anna, you are a beautiful and smart woman, any man would be blessed to have you don’t rush this, you will find your own man.”

    “You think I am smart and beautiful?” she asks


    “And if you were single, would hint on a relationship with me?”

    I burst out laughing.

    “It’s just a question.”

    “I only have eyes for Tasha I think that has been established.”

    “What if Tasha wasn’t in the picture? Would things between us work?”

    “Are you okay?”

    “Yes, anyway thank you for your advice see you at work, good night,” she hangs up before I can respond.

    Well that was strange, I hope she doesn’t purse that relationship with the married man, such relationships could end up draining her, most married never leave their wives for their mistresses. Anyway, i undress and crawl under the covers I need to get some rest.



    I woke up quiet early today and I must say I am proud of myself because I managed to get the girls ready for school and drove them there in time, now I am on my way to Prisca’s house. I am not working today, I took the day off.

    Pulling up in Prisca’s driveway, I step out of the car and head for the door.

    “Girl,” she smiles as I walk into the house, she is sitting on the floor in her living room typing away on her phone.

    “Hey you.”

    “You are good?”

    “Yes, i just dropped the girls off at school.”

    “How are my babies?”

    “They are fine.”

    “You are glowing,” she says

    “Oh please,” I roll my eyes before I sit down.

    “How is Kai?”

    “He should be fine,” I respond


    “Let’s not talk about him.”

    “Spill,” she says


    “What happened?”

    “I texted him yesterday and he didn’t respond, up to now he is quiet.”

    She laughs, “You are upset?”

    “No, I am fine.”

    “You must see yourself in the mirror.”

    “I want to sort out things with my husband, let’s forget Kai I am sure he is busy with his wife.”

    “But when he calls you will be crawling back into his hands.”

    “I do feel a lot of things for him but I am a married man and I have to take my vows seriously, I have children I have to think off.”

    “What are you saying?”

    “Fred must come back home.”

    “And you will be that submissive wife that he wants you to be?”


    She shakes her head, “You become submissive and he will cheat on you, he will step on you.”

    “Fred would never cheat.”

    “You are sure?”




    Episode 15

    “Marriage is an intimate relationship between two people. It is a bad idea to involve a third party.”



    “Hey Fred,” Anna welcomes me with a bear hug and a kiss on my cheek when I walk into her office at Break time. I didn’t see her in the morning because she was attending a meeting. Anna is the careers and guidance teacher at the school hence she has her own office.

    “Hey you,” I respond when she releases me from the hug.

    Anna looks different today she has that beautiful glow on her face that I can’t even explain plus she looks very beautiful. Anna rarely applies make up but today, she has make up on and she even has even styled her hair in a different way, it does look really nice.

    “What?” she asks


    “You have been staring.”

    “Well, I am just surprised.”


    “The makeup, the hair and the short dress, are we trying to impress the married man?” I ask placing an emphasis on “the married man.”

    She rolls her eyes and sits down. I stride to the opposite side of her table and took my seat.

    “You called for me?”

    “Yes, I haven’t seen you all morning plus I wanted us to have breakfast together.”

    “How thoughtful of you,” I respond

    There are two smoothies on her table and some burgers on the plate I guess she had bought them on her way here.

    “So how are things with Tasha?” she asks

    I shrug, taking a sip of my smoothie, “We haven’t spoken in while,” I respond

    “And what’s the way forward?”

    “I have decided to go back home, I can’t live without Tasha and my children, I miss them terribly.”

    Annan gives me evil glowy red eyes,” You wanna go back?” she asks


    “You enjoy being stepped on don’t you?”

    “Tasha is my wife and yes we do have our issues but running away from her isn’t the solution.”



    “Well, all the best let’s see how this will play out.”

    “Thank you buddy,” I playfully hit her shoulder, she hates anything that has to do with my wife, who wouldn’t? Tasha’s behavior makes it so hard for my friends and family to love her.

    “Banakudyesa chiani iwe ai?” (What did they feed you?) She laughs

    “Let’s forget about Tasha, tell me about this married man you have been having an affair with.”

    She smiles, “He is a great man but his wife is a cheat, she has…,”

    “He told you his wife is a cheat?” I ask cutting her sentence short before she can finish.


    “And you believed him?”

    “Yes, he is a genuine man.”

    I laugh, “No genuine man would have an affair with another woman while he is still married to another. “


    “You should cut all ties with this man, let him go. You are better than this you don’t have to stoop this low.”

    “I have just been lonely and my biological clock is ticking, I need someone to call my own.”

    “Your time will come I believe there is man out there for you.”

    “You believe so?” she asks

    “Like I said last night, you are beautiful and smart woman any man would be blessed to have you.”



    “I am just thinking.”

    “About?” I ask

    “When you say every man would be blessed to have me does that include you?”

    I laugh, “Where is that question coming from?”

    “Just curious.”

    “Curiosity killed the cat,” I say

    “And satisfaction brought it back to life,” she shrugs

    “Oh please.”


    “You are like a sister to me I have never looked at you in those lines so no I am not included in that equation.”

    “I am not your sister.”

    “I know but I regard you as my sister.”



    There is an awkward silence as we continue eating, I don’t know what’s going on with Anna I just hope she leaves that man and gets back to her normal self soon.

    A moment later, the bell rings signaling the end of break time, I quickly rise to my feet.

    “Thank you so much buddy for the food, I owe you one.”

    “You are welcome,” she says in a low tone.

    “You are okay?”

    “Yes,” she nods her head.

    “I have to get back to class, will see you later.”


    I walk out and head straight to my class.



    “I am not your sister Fred,” I furiously kick the table with my foot. Just when I thought I was making progress he decides to go back to her. Why does he love her so much? Why should it be her and not me? It f-----g hurts me to know that he doesn’t love me in the way that I do.

    I love Fred, I love him more than anything in the world, if he becomes mine, I will give him everything he has ever desired and I will have my burning desires fulfilled.



    I smile as I steer my car onto Amelia’s driveway, I know I have to sort things with my husband but first I have to deal with his silly sister for allowing him to stay in her house knowing very well that he is a married man with kids. Prisca couldn’t come with me because she had an engagement somewhere but she advised me to teach Amelia a lesson and I will do just that.


    I park my car step out and head for the front door then I barge in without knocking.

    “Amelia?” I furiously call her name.

    “Amelia?” I call again, louder this time around.

    Her maid appears instantly carrying Amelia’s child. Amelia has a one year old baby, she is engaged to her baby daddy and they are set to wed next year.

    “Auntie Amelia is not home, “the maid says

    “And where is she?”

    “She went out with Lucia’s father.”

    “And where is my husband?”

    “He has gone for work.”

    “So you people decided to keep a married man in this house, don’t you know I can sue you for marriage interference?” I ask

    “I am sorry madam but I think I have the right to answer that?”


    “Your husband is old enough to decide what he wants don’t come here making unnecessary noise.”

    “What?” I scream so loud the baby starts crying.

    “You scared the child.”

    “Did you just talk back at me?”


    “You are just a filthy maid, you have no right to…,”

    “I am sorry I have no time to entertain you, I am not your husband,” she turns to walk away but I grab her arm roughly the baby in her arms almost falls.

    “Are you are?”

    “You need prayers, i feel sorry for your husband, that man doesn’t deserve a woman like you.”

    “With that said,” she walks out on me.

    I throw myself on the couch, I will wait for Amelia to come and when she does, I will give her a piece of her mind. She will find me.


    Episode 16

    “Tasha, what a pleasant surprise, what are you doing in my house?” Amelia asks when she finally arrives.

    I clear my throat, “I came to talk to you.”

    “About?” she asks uninterested. Amelia has never liked me, I wasn’t her choice for Fred, she actually wanted him to marry someone else, she doesn’t even hide the fact that she doesn’t like me anyway, who cares? It’s not like I like her, the feeling is mutual she annoys the hell out of me.

    “Why have you chosen to interfere in my marriage?” I ask

    She laughs, “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “You know what I mean, why did you allow Fred to stay here after he left home?”

    “Because he is my brother and I felt like he needed some breathing space.”

    I shot her an evil eye, “Meaning?”

    “You are toxic for my brother, you suffocate him. Fred deserves better.”

    “Well Fred is with me, he is my husband you have no right to interfere in our marriage.”

    “You know what, I have had a busy afternoon I need to rest, if you want to talk to Fred, wait for him here while I take a nap.”

    “Amelia,” I stand up


    “Let my husband go, don’t interfere in my marriage because it doesn’t matter what you say or do, Fred will always come back to me, he loves me.”

    “I know Fred will come back to you and it’s sad that he loves you as much as he does but believe me you, even the nicest people have their limits, when my brother has had enough of your tantrums, he will walk out on you and never look back. Mark my words.”

    “You are just bitter that your brother chose me and not the girl you had chosen for him,” I yell

    “I feel sorry for Taylor and Talia, it must be exhausting to have a mother like you, you are a disgrace to motherhood and marriage,” she screams

    “How dare you talk about my children?”

    “Girl bye, you know your way out,” she turns and walks towards her bedroom.

    Frustrated, I grab my bag and walk out of the front door, slamming the door behind my bag, I get into my car and drive off immediately, I am heading towards Fred’s workplace. I must talk to him, how dare he allows his sister to talk to me in such a manner, I will not allow such disrespect he has to put her in her place or else hell will break loose.


    I get to his work place, step out of my car, I am about to walk towards the administration block when I hear a familiar voice so I turn.


    I look at her with a frown on my face I hate this woman why would she even be calling my name like we are buddies.


    “What are you doing here?” she asks

    I roll my eyes, “I am here to see my husband. Dah!” I flaunt my ring in her face.


    I laugh, “My husband dummy, not your husband,” i say before I try to walk past her but she grabs my hand. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I ask

    “Give Fred a break.”

    “And what is that supposed to mean?”

    “Let that man breath, he looks happier and heather now that he isn’t staying with you, can’t you just let him be?”

    I laugh, “Unbelievable! Even the old Virgin Mary has the guts to ask me to stay from my husband? Tasha you have seen days oh,” I clap my hands together.

    “I am serious, you need to leave him alone, he deserves better.”

    “And by better you mean you?” I ask

    “I am more of a woman than you are, I can make Fred happy if you feel you can’t handle him anymore please let him go.”

    “Oh lord this isn’t happening, you want me to leave my husband for you?”

    She smiles, “I am glad we are on the same picture.”

    “Devil,” I scream before I push her aside and head straight to the administration block. I get to the principal’s office and knock twice on the door.

    “Come in,” she calls out

    I compose myself, push the door open and walk in. She is sitting at her desk having a glass of juice while looking over at something on her computer.

    I clear my throat to get her attention, she looks up at me.

    “Mrs. Sakala,” she smiles. “How are you? Please take a seat.”

    I pull the chair on the other side and sit down.

    “How are you?” she asks again

    “I am fine,” I respond in a low voice

    “Can I offer you anything to drink?” she asks

    “No,” I shake my head

    “Are you okay? Did anything happen at home? Are you here for your husband?”

    “I am here to talk to you.”



    There is an awkward silence for a few minutes as I pretend to be searching for the right words to use, I have to make sure she falls for my act or else this will have no effect at all.

    She clears her throat after a few minutes.

    “I am sorry,” I say

    “It’s okay.”

    “I have come here because I have no one else to go to, I hope you will help me,” I begin

    “I am all ears.”

    I close my eyes for a brief second and when I open them next, tears are streaming down my face.

    “Are you okay?” she asks again

    “My husband hasn’t been home for the past one week,” I say

    “What do you mean Fred hasn’t been home for one week?”

    “He left home a week ago after we had a little misunderstanding and he hasn’t returned even after pleading with him to do so.”

    “That’s sad,” she says

    “I need you to help me,” I burst into tears. “You need to beg him to come back home to me and the children, he just can’t abandon us.”

    “I am really sorry,” she stands up walks over to me and pats my back, “I would never have imagined Fred to be such a husband, we all think he is responsible.”

    “Fred is not who everyone thinks he is that man is a crook, if not for my children I would have left.”

    “It hasn’t come to that,” she says

    “I am really tired please talk to him for me.”

    “I will.”

    I sniff, “I will really appreciate.”

    “Excuse me,” she walks out and when comes back in, Fred walks in too.

    “Tasha,” he says surprised to see me.


    I wipe my face with the back of my palm before I get on my knees, “You need to come back home please forgive me,” I cry

    “What are you doing here?”

    “I came to talk to your boss.”

    “You shouldn’t have done that,” he says angrily, “You are embarrassing me please stand up.”

    “That’s no way to talk to your wife,” his boss says and he keeps quiet, he helps me up and we both sit down.


    She takes about ten minutes to scold Fred for his behavior and asks him to apologize to me, inside I am dancing with joy he got what he deserved. After that she gives Fred the rest of the day off and asks us to go home and talk things through.


    Episode 17

    “When a man truly loves a woman, she becomes his weakness.”

    The minute we get to the car park, I break into a fit of laughter I think I should try acting I am so good at it.


    “What was that all about?” Fred growls with a questioning tone.

    “Let’s go home and talk,” I respond

    “And if I say no?”

    “You wouldn’t want me to take this issue to the church now would you?”

    I know how much Fred respects our spiritual parents at church and he wouldn’t want to be in their bad books, they regard him in high esteem because of how he conducts himself.

    “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “Try me.”

    He looks at me, a penetrating gaze that meets my eyes.

    “Fine,” he responds in a cold tone.

    “See you home,” I say before I get into my car. He walks over to his car and gets in. He starts the car and immediately makes a U-turn and heads home. Then I get into my car too and follow him.

    When I arrive, I see his car in the driveway. I get out of the car and walk into the house.

    “Madam,” Fatima rushes towards me she obviously wants to say that my husband is back.


    “Your husband..,”

    “Okay,” she wasn’t allowed to finish her statement as I cut in.

    I go upstairs and walk into the bedroom I open the door and find him sitting on the bed.

    “Why did you come to my work place to cause havoc?” he asks

    “I missed you,” I respond

    “Tasha!” he yells, “You embarrassed me in front of my boss how dare you wash our dirty linen in public?”

    “The children miss you I wanted you back home what did you expect me to do?”

    “This is not the right way to solve issues.”

    “You are my husband Fred, this is where you belong and not at your sister’s place,” I respond

    He shakes his head, Fred doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t love confrontations, he is calm and always humble even when we are having an argument he never really raises his voice at me.

    “I am tired of fighting Tasha,” he says

    “I am tired of fighting too,” I respond kicking off my shoes.


    “I want to make things work between us, I know I can be unbearable and sometimes I overreact but I love you Fred, you are my husband till death do us apart, I will not allow you to walk out on me. I won’t allow a woman like Anna to take over what’s mine.”

    He sighs, “What has Anna got to do with this?”

    “That s--t wants to come in between us.”

    “There you go again.”

    “I am serious.”

    “Anna is just a friend and nothing more.”

    “You are too blind to see that she wants you to f--k her.”

    “Stop it.”

    “Tell her to stay away from you I swear I won’t be responsible for the damage I will do to her.”

    “What should I do to make you realise that I love you and only you, I have never looked at another woman the way I look at you.”



    I undo the rubber band around my ponytail, letting my long hair fall softly on my shoulders before I begin to unbutton the buttons on my blouse and let it slide from my arms.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I am undressing, I feel a little bit hot, I want to bath,” I smile

    “We are having a serious conversation Tasha.”

    “Listen Fred, you are my husband and whatever issues we have we will sort them out by ourselves, I am sorry for pushing you over the edge, can we make up already?”

    “Just like that?”

    Next I undo the buttons at the top of my jeans and unzip the fly I wiggle the down past my hips and let my pants fall to the floor stepping out of my jeans.

    Then I unhook my bra and slip out of my underwear now I am standing naked in front of him.

    He lets out a deep sigh, I know he is trying so hard to ignore me but he can’t, my plan is working.

    “Wanna take a bath with me?”

    He shakes his head.


    I walk towards him, ten feet from him I stop then I look into his lust filled eyes, Fred and I haven’t had sex in like three months, he is a man and I know he has needs.

    “Babe, come and bath with me,” I say

    “Tasha, sex won’t solve the issues at hand. You came to my work place and told lies about me, how do you think my boss will look at me tomorrow when I report for work?”

    Ignoring his question, I lean towards him softly on the lips while my hand heads towards his g---n.

    “Tasha,” he takes a sharp intake of breath.

    I smile knowing that I have him exactly where I want him to be. Fred has never resisted my advances his body always magically responds to my touch, he was truly made for me.

    “I missed you,” I whisper

    “I missed you,” he responds before he pulls me closer to him and hungrily kisses me like a starved child, he pulls away after a while gasping for air.

    I quickly pull off his shirt and he kick off his shoes while I unbuckle his belt then I unzip his trousers and push them down his legs. Afterwards he takes control he carries me and puts me on the bed.

    Well the rest is history!



    Tasha and I are lying in bed, we made love, had a bath together and went back to bed, she has her head on my chest and this feels really wonderful like those first days when we got married and had nothing to worry about.


    I wish things could remain like this forever but with Tasha I know that is impossible, she will go back to being her normal self soon. What happened to the woman I married? How did she turn out into this? I can hardly recognize who she is I hope her actions at work didn’t cost me my job.

    “We should get dressed so we can pick the girls at school.”


    “Talia will be excited to see you.”

    “I can’t wait to see them as well, I miss them too.”


    We roll out of bed and change into our clothes before we walk out of the house to my car. I drive off to the girl’s school by the time we arrive it’s almost time for them to knock off.

    My wife and I are leaning on the car when the girls come running towards us.

    “My babies,” I exclaim

    “Daddy,” Talia says excitedly when she sees me I scope her in my hands and wrap my hands around her before I kiss her forehead.

    “I missed you daddy,” she says

    “And I missed you too my princess,” I put her down and carry Taylor.

    “Hey you.”

    “I missed you daddy, she says softly.”

    “I missed you too.”

    “Are you gonna leave again?” she asks

    “No my darling, I won’t I am back.”

    “Yes!” Talia exclaims

    “Let’s get going.” Tasha says.


    Episode 18

    A week later…

    The past week has been awesome, my husband has been amazing. He took me out some two days ago and we really had fun like back in the days when we had no worries, when I was just a housewife and he was my super hero. Back in the days when all I would do was wait for my husband to get home from work so I could ask him all about his day.

    But things changed.

    Anyway, I am trying to make things work with Fred so I have sort of cut Kai out, let’s see where this will lead us to. I cannot allow that Anna to reap where she did not sow I am keeping a hold on my husband because he is mine and mine alone.

    It’s a Thursday and I didn’t go for work today, I knocked off late yesterday, I had a late meeting so my boss asked me to take the door off, so here we are.




    Fred just left with the girls and now I have the house all to myself so I can catch up on some of my favourite shoes. Fatima should be downstairs getting the work done I hope she doesn’t disturb me with her nonsense. That girl is quiet nosy, she likes to ask irrelevant questions.



    I am heading to work in a good mood, I have my stereo blasting. Things between Tasha and I have been working out perfectly, she is home more often and she has been giving me daily doses of amazing sex. What more can a man ask for? I hope things stay just like this for the next few months because I am surely enjoying the peace in my house.

    I pull my car into my usual spot at the school parking lot, ready to begin my day.

    As I head towards my classroom, I bump into Anna.

    “Morning,” I greet politely

    “Hey,” she responds sounding uninterested.

    “You are okay?”


    Anna has been acting so cold towards me, I don’t know what I did to offend her.

    “Did I do anything to offend you?” I ask

    “No,” she responds almost immediately

    “You have been moody.”

    “I am fine.”


    “Yes,” she responds in a cold tone.

    “I am sorry if I have offended you in any way.”

    “I have a few things to work on, I will see you later,” she responds ignoring my apology.


    She walks into her office and slams the door behind her back. Taking a deep breath, I walk towards my class room she will come around when she feels like it.



    I am in a Frenzy, my heart is aching, I haven’t been myself ever since went back to his wife and now they seem to be working things out, why does he love her this much? What does she have that I don’t have? Am I not a woman too? What is it about Tasha?

    I pace back and forth in my office, I haven’t been myself the past week, I can’t seem to get any work done. What do I have to do make Fred realise that I am the woman for him?

    Frustrated, I grab my phone and dial Trish’s line.

    “Babe,” she answers almost immediately

    “I am really disturbed.”


    “Fred went back to his wife.”


    “She apologized and they seem to be making things work between them.”

    “I see.”

    “I can’t think straight, what should I do?”

    “We need to think of another plan.”

    “What do you have in mind?”

    “I will get back to you in a bit I need to attend to one urgent matter.”

    “Sure babe.”

    “Just stay put, we will find a way to handle this.”

    “I trust you.”

    She laughs, “Later babe.”




    Prisca and I are sitting in my living room enjoying our lunch she brought me lunch when I told her I was unwell. I really love Prisca she is like the bigger sister I never had. She always looks out for me I know I can trust her no matter the situation. She is always one call away from me.

    “How are things going with you and your husband?” Prisca asks

    I smile, “We are good. We are working on our differences. I should say that we have been getting quiet along well since he returned home.”

    “Enjoy it while it lasts,” she quips

    I roll my eyes, “Hater.”

    “Why would I hate on you and Fred, you know that man has never been my favourite person.”

    “My husband is a good man, I don’t even know why you hate him,” I shrug

    “I don’t really hate him,” she begins


    “I just feel you deserve better, you are way too ambitious for that man.”

    I laugh, “Well I guess I have to live with that for the rest of my life, for better or worse remember?” I flaunt my ring in her face.

    “Anyway how is Kai?” she asks

    “I don’t know.”

    “You haven’t spoken to him lately?”

    “Nop and I don’t expect to. I blocked his numbers on my phone.”

    “Oh so you pushed him aside now that you are working things out with Fred? What happens if Fred messes up again? Are you gonna unblock him?”

    “Well, you know things were getting a little too intense with Kai, I am a married man I am not supposed to entertain the thoughts of being with another man.”

    “Intense?” her mouth drops open

    “Yeah, I don’t want the things I felt for him to mess things between Fred and i. I do love my husband I really do despite me acting crazy sometimes.”

    “Well, if you feel that way then maybe you must cut him off completely, we don’t want Fred finding out about Kai.”


    “So tell me about your latest man,” I say trying to change the subject.

    “Abby?” she asks

    “That’s his name?”

    “Yes,” she smiles

    “That look,” I point an accusing finger at her.


    “Tell me about Abby.”

    “For starters Abby is younger than me.”

    My eyes widen in shock, “Since when did you start hitting on small boys?”

    “He isn’t a boy,” she hits me playfully


    “He is younger than I agree but he is so mature and I like him.”

    “And all the other men?”

    “I will keep the older one for the money but the younger one is for keeps, let’s see where our relationship will head to, who knows I might end up getting married.”

    I burst out laughing, “You wanna get married?” I ask

    “Of course.”

    “I never thought you were interested in getting married, this is news.”

    “Who doesn’t get married?” she shrugs “when the right one comes along I am definitely walking down the aisle so fingers crossed, Abby and I might be saying I do sooner than I expected.”

    “Well I can’t wait to be your maid of honour. If Abby makes you happy then go for him after all age is just a number.”

    “That’s the way to go girl,” she smiles

    I spent almost the whole day with Prisca, we watched some movies and talk about random stuff, by the time she left, it was time for me to get the kids from school so I quickly changed into something comfortable, picked the girls from school, treated them to ice cream and drove home.

    “Hey Fatty, is my husband back?” I ask when I walk into the house.

    “Yes, he is in his room.”


    “Should I get started with supper?”

    “Change the kids, get them something to eat, wash their uniforms and then get started with supper.”



    I head upstairs to the bedroom and find Fred sitting on the bed texting away on his phone.

    “Hey,” I kick of my shoes

    “Hey babe.”

    “How was your day?”

    “Great, yours? How are you feeling?”

    “Perfectly fine.”

    His phone vibrates as I undress my clothes so I wear something comfortable, he responds to a message with a smile on his face.

    “Who is texting you?”

    “A friend.”

    “Male or Female?”


    “What did she say that made you smile like that? So it’s Anna.”

    “Nah it’s not Anna, it’s one of my colleagues from work she just sent me a joke about teachers.”


    “Wanna see?” he asks


    I quickly change into a pair of shorts and a vest.

    There is a knock on the door shortly after.

    “Who is it?”

    “It’s me madam.”

    “What do you want?”

    “There is a gentleman here to see you outside,” she informs me



    “I will be down shortly.”

    “Expecting someone?” Fred asks

    “Nah, let me just check who it is.”


    Who could it be? I wonder as I head downstairs, maybe it is someone from church or work.

    When I walk into the living room, I find the last person I expected to see, he is propped up on my couch and has a glass of water in his hands. Our eyes instantly meet and my heart slams hard against my chest.


    Episode 19

     “What do you want here?” I ask in a shaky voice, he was the last person I would have expected to see.

    Without responding, he stands up and stretches.

    “What do you want?” I ask again

    “You,” he responds

    “F--k Kai, you shouldn’t have come to my house, my husband and kids are home. What is this?” I nervously ask

    “Why have you been avoiding me? Why did you block and blacklist my numbers?” he queries.

    “I am a married woman and I have no business with you,” I respond urgently. “My husband and I are trying to make things work and I don’t you coming between us.”

    “So you are just gonna kick me out now that things are working out between you and your darling husband?”

    “I am sorry I didn’t intend to lead you on but please forget about me.”

    “Just like that?”



    There is a brief silence between us before he walks towards me closing the space between us, I try turning back but he moves quickly and grabs me by my waist pulling me closer to him.

    My heart slams hard against my chest, “My husband is upstairs, he could appear any moment from now,” I whisper


    “You need to leave now.”


    I try to pull myself away from him but he is stronger than me. I hope Fred and the kids don’t appear otherwise how can I explain being wrapped in the arms of another man?

    He leans in quickly trying to kiss me I try to resist but my body responds to the kiss. There is a desperate hunger in his kiss and I respond the same forgetting about Fred and the kids.

    After a minute, he detaches himself from me.

    “And she says she doesn’t want anything to do with me?” He laughs

    “Kai, please leave, this is insane,” I say steering him towards the door.

    “I will leave but first you and I need to talk, let’s end this in a civilized manner.”


    “And you should unblock me.”

    “Fine I will,” I say desperately

    “I hope you stick to your words or else there will be fire on the mountain,” he gives me a peck on the check and walks out of the door.

    “Lord that was close,” I sink to the floor and close my eyes, I seriously thought I had gotten over Kai but with little kiss from him, my body just melted.

    I allow my thoughts to wander, how do I get over this little fling with Kai? Why did I get involved with him in the first place? Lord my body craves for his touch but I can’t do that to Fred, not after everything he has done for me I have to get Kai out of my system as soon as possible.

    “Tasha!” Fred calls startling me from my reverie, I didn’t even hear him come downstairs he is with the girls.


    “Are you okay?” he asks

    “Mummy why are you sitting on the floor?” Tailia asks “You look sad, have you been crying?”

    I stand, take a breath and let my shoulders drop, “I am fine my darling.”

    “Are you okay?” he asks, his voice deep with worry.


    “Who came to see you?”

    “Just someone from work, he gave me some bad news,” I lie

    “Care to talk about it?”

    “No,” I shake my head, “I will be fine. Are you guys heading out?”

    “Yes! Wanna get some movies for the girls from Amelia.”


    “Wanna come with us?” he asks


    He sighs and nods, “Alright, I will see you later then,” he holds the girls hands and walks out of the house.


    I head towards my room, pull my cell out of my bag, dial Prisca’s number and wait, my heart hammering hard in my chest.

    “Tasha,” Prisca instantly responded

    “Girl, Kai was here.”


    “In my house, a few minutes ago and he kissed me. Fred and the girls where upstairs, can you imagine what would have happened if he had walked in on us?”

    She laughs.

    “It’s funny?”

    “My bad, what was Kai doing in your house?”

    “He came to find out why I blocked him and why I have been avoiding him.”


    “I told him I am making things between Fred and I, he asked me to unblock him so we can talk like civilized people, what should I do?”

    “Unblock him.”

    “That’s not all.”

    “I am all ears.”

    “He wants to see me.”

    “I see.”

    “What should I do?”

    “You want my honest opinion?”


    “Schedule a meeting and meet up with him, you led him on after all and you owe him a decent break up.”

    “Break up?” I roll my eyes

    “Whatever it is, you owe him that much, end things on a good note and try to make things work with your husband if that will make you happy, I just hope Fred doesn’t end up cheating on you when you finally decide to be a humble submissive wife.”

    “Fred loves me and I know sometimes he can be annoying but Fred is definitely not a cheat.”

    She laughs out loud, “All men are cheats, your husband is no different he is just clever I am sure he covers his tracks carefully. “

    “Oh please.”

    “I am telling you the truth, the quietest and humble are the worst, ask me how I know.”

    “You are the expert I know.”


    “Anyway, I will find time to see Kai and end things in a civilized manner. I will talk to you later I want to check on Fatty and what she is preparing for supper.”

    “Alright babe, I love you.”

    “I love you too.” I end the call

    I head back downstairs to the kitchen Fatty is standing behind the stove cooking.

    “How far are you with that?” I ask

    She turns to face me, “I am almost done.”

    “Okay you need to hurry, my husband and children will be back shortly.”


    I turn round and I am about to walk out of the kitchen when Fatty calls my name.


    “Who was that man?” she asks

    I shot her a quizzical look, “What man?”

    “The one who came to see you, he looked familiar.”

    “Did I employ to ask me stupid questions?” I yell

    She nods her head, “No madam.”

    “Instead of watching my life try watching your weight, you dirty fat thing. Mxxxm,” I click my tongue.

    “I am sorry.”

    “You had better be.”

    With that said, I march out of the room.



    I am sitting in front of the television, watching the news, my little girl is playing with her toys on the other side of the room and my wife is busy preparing supper in the kitchen.


    I came home straight after I left Tasha’s home, she has been avoiding me and that sort of delayed the plan a bit, I need to get this over and done with, the sooner she gives into me the better for everyone.

    My phone rings a few minutes later, looking at the caller ID, I pick up almost immediately.

    “How far?”

    “Back to square one but I will make progress soon.”

    “We are running out of time.”

    “I know.”

    “I have something different in mind do you have enough time to talk?”

    “Call me tomorrow morning, I can’t talk now.”





    Episode 20

    4pm, the bell rings, school is over, it’s been a long day I finally get to go home. I pack my stuff into my backpack and zigzag my way through the hordes of the students in the hallway, stepping outside into the cold, I head towards my car in the car park.

    “You are okay?” I ask Anna, she is standing next to her car and she looks frustrated.


    “Car trouble?” I ask

    “It was running perfectly in the morning but now it just won’t start.”

    “Why don’t you try starting it again,” I ask

    “I did a few minutes ago.”

    “Try again.”

    She gets into her car slides back into her seat and turns the key in the ignition but nothing.

    She steps out, “I think I just need to get myself a new car.”

    I put my bag into my car before I check her car to see if I can see what is wrong but everything seems to be perfectly fine so why isn’t it going on?

    After a few minutes, I pop my head around, “I don’t think I can get it to start, you need to call a mechanic.”


    She lets out her breath, “Maybe I should just leave it here i will call someone to work on it tomorrow.”

    “I could drive you home.”

    “You would?”

    “Yes, what are friends for?”

    “Thank you so much, I hate the idea of getting on a bus,” she grabs her bags and locks her car then we head to mine. A few minutes later we are on the road heading towards her house. There is an awkward silence in the car for a few minutes before she finally speaks up.

    “How is Tasha?” she asks

    “She is fine.”

    “The kids?”

    “They are doing perfectly fine,” I respond.

    “Has Tasha started behaving like a normal human being?” she asks

    I shot her an evil stare, I know that Tasha has her flaws and sometimes her behavior is questionable but I don’t appreciate it when my friends call her names or label her in a certain way, Tasha is my wife and I respect her hence everyone around me should do the same.

    “What?” she asks

    “Tasha is my wife and I love her, I would appreciate if you don’t use certain words to describe her.”

    “Come on,” she laughs, “I was just joking.”

    “Well I don’t appreciate your joke.”

    “I am sorry.”

    “It’s fine.”

    She turns her head and gazes out of the window, I feel guilty, was I too harsh?

    “I didn’t mean to lash at you,” I say

    “It’s okay,” she responds

    After that there is an unusually long silence, when I finally pull up in front of her gate, she grabs her things and steps out of the car, slamming the door behind her back.

    Anna and I have been friends for a long time now, she is one of the people who understands me and genuinely makes me laugh, I wouldn’t want our friendship to end we have come a long way. I step out of my car and follow her she is at the door trying to open her door.

    I grab her arm, “Hey I am sorry.”

    “Its fine, I get the memo, Tasha is being a good wife and you don’t need your friends anymore, it’s totally cool, I understand – marriage over friendship.”

    “Has it gotten to that?”

    “Well, if I can’t joke with you then yes it has gotten to that,” she says

    “Come on.”

    She pushes the door open and walks into the house, I walk in closely behind her.

    “Please forgive me Anna, I didn’t mean to upset you, you and I have come a long way, you are one of the truest people I know, please don’t be mad at me.”

    “its fine,” she finally says after a few minutes.

    “Am I forgiven?”

    “Yes,” she smiles

    “Thank you.”

    “You are welcome.”

    “Wanna make a cup of coffee, you want one?”

    I shake my head, “No, I have to get going, I will see you tomorrow.”


    She walks me out of the house to my car, “Thank you for driving me.”

    “You are welcome.”

    “See you tomorrow,” she leans in and kisses me on my forehead, she has never done this before though and I find really uncomfortable.

    I get into my car, “Later buddy,” I say before I drive off.



    I left work early and came straight home, it’s a Wednesday, my husband and I are supposed to go for our mid week service at church. I take a bath, get dressed and wait for Fred to get back home. The girls are in their room resting, they were very tired when they got back from school.

    I sit on the couch in my room and scan through the channels for a movie I can watch as I wait for Fred to get home.


    Two hours later,

    I glance at the clock on the wall once again, its 18:20 and Fred is not yet back home, I tried calling him but it keeps taking me straight to voice mail. Where the hell is Fred?

    A few minutes later, I hear the sound of his car driving into the compound and I instantly rise from the bed and wait for him. The minute he walks into the room, I the vase from my table then throw it at him. He ducks it skillfully and it misses him by several inches.


    The vase hits the wall and falls onto the floor, breaking into tiny pieces.

    “Tasha,” he screams

    “Where the hell have you been? I have been waiting for you for over two hours, you knock off at 16, where did you go after work and who where you with? Are you cheating on me?”

    He looks at me and shakes his head, “I am not cheating on you.”

    “Where have you been?”

    “I took Anna home.”

    The minute he mentions the name Anna, I go wild with anger, I begin to grab everything I can find to hurl at him he dodges most of the items which makes me even angrier.

    “Calm down,” he holds my hands

    I can’t stand Anna because I know she is after my husband, I don’t know what I should do to put a stop to their stupid friendship.

    “Listen to me,” he says

    “What happened to her car?” I ask curiously

    “It wouldn’t start.”

    “And so you decided to drive her home when she could have easily gotten on a bus or a taxi?”

    “Come on Tasha don’t be unreasonable.”

    Anger bubbles inside of me, “Now I am being unreasonable right?”


    “You know what f--k you,” I curse rising my middle finger at him, “F--k you and Anna. I am done trying to fix things between us.”


    “You will know the meaning when the time is right,” with that said, I grab my phone and car keys before I march out of the room. I need to get out of the house before I kill Fred.


    Episode 21

    I drive around in circles for a few minutes before I get my phone from my purse and dial Prisca’s number. A number of thoughts go through my head as the phone rings. A moment later, she picks up.


    “Hey you,” I say

    “You are good?”

    “No,” I shake my head as if she can see me.

    “Fred?” she asks


    “What has he done again?”

    “Apparently he drove Anna home after work and came back home very late, my intuition tells me he is sleeping with her.”

    “I told you,” she says, “No man is perfect, abaume nimbwa, they can’t be trusted, I told you.”




    “And that Anna is a w---e, can you believe she told me to stay away from my own husband.”

    “She is after him.”

    “What should I do?”

    “Confront her,” she encourages, “Go to her house and have a woman to woman talk, mess her up pretty badly, let her know who is Queen.”

    “Are you busy? Can we go to her house together?”

    “I wish I could go with you but I am not home, I am Bae’s house, I am spending the night here.”

    “Okay, I can do this alone, I will update you.”

    “Alright babe, all the best and please update me on how everything will go.”


    I ended the call and drove straight to Anna’s house, I surely need to put that woman in her place, I am not going to allow her to destroy what I spent years building.


    When I get to her house an hour later, I park my car in front of her gate, step out, close the doors and barge in. At the door, I knock loudly and wait.

    When she opens the door, she looks surprised to see me I guess she wasn’t expecting me.

    “Look what the cat dragged in,” she says. “Mrs. Sakala, what can I do for you?”

    “I told you to stay away from my husband didn’t i?” I ask

    She laughs, “Fred is a grown up, he has the right to decide who he keeps in his life.”

    “You even have the guts to answer me?”

    “I am not afraid of you.”

    I push past her and walk into the house, she follows me.

    “Please leave my house.”

    “You deliberately spoiled your car so my husband can give you rides.”

    “And so what if I did?”

    “You have no shame find a man of your own.”

    “That man you treat like trash is valuable to me and I won’t stop at nothing till he becomes mine.”

    “You bastard,” I slap her so hard across her face, she stumbles and almost falls, I don’t think she expected me to slap her.

    She yelps as she touches her wounded face then she blinks, “Did you just slap me?”

    “And I will do more than that if you continue going after my husband.”

    “Your husband likes me,” she says

    “What did you just say?”

    “Fred likes me too, we kissed the other day,” she says

    “You lie.”

    “You should ask him.”

    “You b---h,” I lunge for her and we both fall to the ground, just like that a fight ensues between us. After a few minutes of rolling on the ground and throwing punches at each other, I finally pull away from her. My head is aching and my whole body feels sore.

    “Stay away from my husband, this is the last warning I have given you, I won’t be this kind next time,” I spit before I march out of the house.


    I drive straight to the nearest club after that, I just want to clear my head, if I go back home, I could kill Fred. Anna said they kissed and she looked serious, could it be true? Is my husband slipping through my hands? This is heart breaking, I want someone to talk to, I wish I could call Kai but am sure he is with his wife right now.

    Speaking of Kai, I unblocked him and we have been talking for the past few days, we are yet to meet so we can end things between us. But do I really want to end things? I thought I would get over my insecurities with Fred but with everything happening, I just can’t.


    Before I step out of the car, I text Kai and ask if he we can meet up for dinner tomorrow, he replies almost immediately and says tomorrow is okay by him.

    I almost do the happy dance I can’t wait to see him this man is my happy place he makes me wanna break my rules and risk it all.

    Anyway I step into the crowded club and make my way towards the bar.

    “Hello,” I say to the bartender.

    “Hey, what would you like to drink?” he asks

    “I will take a sex on the beach,” I respond

    I remove some money from my purse and hand it to him, “Keep the change,” I say

    “Thank you, I will fix you drink in a moment.”

    After I get my drink, I find a table by the corner and sit down, I drink my cocktail while thinking about my marriage, I do love Fred but in this case I feel love alone isn’t enough. When I am with Fred, I always feel like something is missing, I want more.

    After a few minutes, they play one of my favourite songs and I hurry towards the dance floor and begin to shake to dance, I dance like my whole life depends on it and almost everyone is watching me, when I finally stop they all clap for me and I feel proud.

    I spend a few more hours at the club dancing and drinking. A few hours later, I finally step out of the club into the clear dark night. I get into my car and drive off.


    I arrive at home a little after 1 o’clock Fred is still up watching TV, I am sure he was waiting for me to get home.

    “Where have you been? And why did you go to Anna’s house to cause trouble?”

    That b---h, she called him, why is she so bent on defiling my orders?


    I ignore him and head straight to my room where I take a quick shower and go straight to sleep. The next morning, I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock i bolt out of bed and yawn loudly, my head pounding hard, I wish I could call in sick for work but I have a an important meeting.

    I grab my robe and head downstairs, Fatty is preparing breakfast.

    “Coffee please,” I say

    “Good morning?” she greets

    “What’s so good about this morning? Just get me a cup of coffee.”


    She pours me some coffee and hands me the cup a few seconds later, I instantly take a large sip instantly. Lord I need this headache to go I have to be active for the meeting.


    Fred walks into the kitchen a minute later and he leans in for a kiss, “I am sorry,” he says

    “You need to stop hanging out with Anna, can’t you see she is the reason we are fighting.”

    He takes a deep breath, “Fine, I will stop hanging out with her.”


    “I promise. I cross my heart and hope to die,” he says

    I laugh, “Talia got your head wrapped around that.”

    “How about we hang out tonight? Date night, just you and me.”

    I am about to say yes when I remember the date with Kai, “I can’t


    “I am meeting up with a client for dinner.”

    “Okay, maybe tomorrow.”

    “Ya tomorrow it is then.”


    Episode 22

     “Adultery occurs in the head long before it occurs in the bed,” Chuck Swindoll

    Sometimes I don’t get my wife, one minute she is mad, the next minute she is a complete different person, like she is all loving and soft. Take for example this morning we talked like normal human beings and before she left for work, we even had sex.

    Let’s just say luck was on my side this morning, things could have taken a totally different turn but here we are I feel satisfied. I want peace to reign in my marriage so I will distance myself from Anna for atleast until the dust settles between me and my wife.

    When I get to work, I head straight to my class and get started with the lessons.


    At break time, Anna sends me a text inviting me for breakfast but I decline her offer. I manage to avoid her the whole day and when the bell rings, I quickly grab my stuff and head for the car park.

    “Fred?” I hear her voice as I am opening my car door but I pretend not to hear her. She calls my name again for a second time and I turn around. I plaster a smile on my face as she walks towards me.

    “Hey,” she gives me a look

    “Hey you.”

    “Are you avoiding me?” she asks

    I laugh, “Why would i?”

    “I have been trying to talk to you and you haven’t been available, wait did you wife say anything bad about me?”

    I shake my head, “My wife didn’t even say anything about you.”

    “She attacked me last night.”

    “I am sorry on her behalf that won’t happen again,” I quickly say

    “Are you sure you are okay?” she asks

    “I am perfectly fine.”

    “My car hasn’t been fixed yet,” she scratches her head, “I need a lift home.”

    I bite my lower lip, I have to find a way of saying no without hurting her feelings, I know Anna is a great friend but my wife and kids come first.


    “I am sorry I can’t give you a lift, I have to pick up the kids from school.”

    “And what happened with the maid?”

    “She is around I just want to spend some time with them.”

    “Okay,” she responds with a frown. “I will get a Taxi.”

    “Alright, I will see you tomorrow,” I get into my car and drive off, I really feel bad for not giving her a lift but I don’t wanna fight with my wife anymore.

    When I get back home, the kids are already home.


    “Yes sir.”

    “I am giving you the night off, I will prepare supper for the kids my wife is going out on a dinner date.”

    “Thank you,” she smiles

    “You are welcome.”


    When I get home from work, Fred is preparing dinner with Talia and Taylor. He gave Fatty the night off because he wants to spend some time with the girls.

    I head straight to my room and I freshen up, I am running late for my dinner with Kai, I had an emergency meeting at work so I got off a little later than I should.

    I quickly check my closet and decide on exactly which outfit I will be wearing. A few minutes later, I am clad in a pair of blue ripped jeans and a red silk blouse with a matching throw-over. Then I set out a pair of high heeled shoes out of my closet and slip my feet into them.

    Afterwards I tie my hair back into a knot then I apply a little make up then I grab a bottle of perfume and spray myself all over my body. Satisfied with my look, I grab my purse and head downstairs.

    I walk into the kitchen and stand by the door, watching Fred and the girls, they are so busy baking, they don’t see me watching them, I always wanted a family of my mine and now that I have it, it feels like something is missing to make this complete. Maybe I should have a son a little handsome boy to run around the house, a new baby always brings light into a home.

    “Mummy,” Talia wakes me from my reverie.

    “Hey baby.”

    “You look beautiful.”

    “Thank you.”

    “You are ready to leave?” Fred asks

    “You look beautiful as usual, take care of yourself and have a great night,” he walks close and leans in before he lightly kisses my lips.

    “Get a room,” the girls say at the same time.

    “Oh please.”

    “I have to go I will see you all later.”


    “Bye, I love you,” with that note, I walk out of the house to my car. The drive to restaurant brings back memories of my first date with Kai, that night that I almost changed my mind and went back home. I feel like a teenager in love, Kai always excites me in a different way.

    A short while later, I park my car in front of the restaurant and step out, I head straight for the entrance, the minute I walk in, Kai and I lock eyes.

    With a huge smile on my lips, I slowly walk towards him, he stands up when I get to the table, then he eyes me from head toe and again, my heart races, maybe he doesn’t like the way I look.


    “You look amazing,” he says

    I let out a sigh of relief, “For a minute there I thought you didn’t like my outfit.”

    He laughs, “With those curves that you have, any outfit looks amazing on you.”

    “I will take that as a complement.”

    He kisses my forehead and pulls a chair for me and I sit down, the restaurant is small and cozy, I love the fact that it is not crowded.

    “I am glad you could make it,” he says.

    Before I can respond, the waiter walks to our table and we place our order.

    “So how have you been?” I ask when as he pours me a glass of wine.

    “I have been okay, just been missing you since you sidelined me.”

    “I didn’t sideline you.”

    “What did you do?”

    “My marriage was crumbling down right in front of my eyes, I had to do something.”

    “I see, how are things with Fred now?”

    “Good, we had a minor misunderstanding last night because of his friend from work but now things are okay.”


    “Yes, the same b---h.”

    He laughs, “B---h?”

    “She is a b---h.”

    “I see.”

    “So how is your wife?” I ask

    He hesitates before he responds, “She is okay.”

    “Tell me about her.”


    “Your wife.”


    “I don’t know, I am curious.”

    “My wife and I have nothing in common, we are always arguing because we can’t seem to agree on anything.”

    “Did you ever love her?”

    “I thought I did but I guess sometimes love alone isn’t enough.”

    “I see.”

    “You know I want to make things work with her but I feel like something is missing.”

    I smile.


    “That is exactly how I feel about me and Fred.”

    “I honestly don’t know what to do.”

    “Me too, I look at Fred and I feel like there is something missing in our life.”


    “It would be easy to walk out if we didn’t have a child together.”

    “Ya, tell me about Sofia the first.”

    He laughs, “My little Sofia is everything she completes my world she keeps me going.”

    “Would you want to have another child in future?”

    “Yes,” he face lightens up, “a little boy to run around the house.”

    “OMG,” I exclaim


    “Can you read minds?”

    He hits me playfully, “Why?”

    “That’s exactly what I was thinking about this morning, a little boy to run around the house.”

    “Well we think alike.”


    There is a brief silence between us after that as we eat.

    “So?” we say at the same time.

    “You go first,” he says

    “So, I came here with the intentions of breaking things off with you.”


    “I think I should give you a chance to be my friend, you and I have a lot in common and you get me in a way that nobody does.”

    He raises his eyebrows and gives me a mocking look, “Are you pulling my leg?”

    “I am serious.”

    “Wow, this is the best news I have heard in years.”

    My eyes twinkle, “I am glad you are that excited.”

    “Let’s make a toast.”


    My smile brightens as I lift my glass, “To new friendships, adventures and having fun,” I clank my glass to his before taking a sip.


    Episode 23

    My boss gave me the night off to say I was excited is an understatement I almost hugged him. I haven’t gotten a break ever since I started working for this family, Fred is a good man and he treats me like I am part of the family but his wife is something else, that woman can nag for days.

    So I head straight to my auntie’s place because I have no friends around. When I get to her house, my auntie is excited to see me. I didn’t tell her I was coming I wanted to surpri1se her.

    “Fatima darling,” she says

    “Auntie! Auntie!”I respond.

    “Come in,” she opens the door wider and I walk in, I shut the door behind my back and join her in the living room, there are bottles of beer on the table and a box of pizza.

    “You have been drinking?” I ask

    “Life is boring when you are single,” she responds

    “Feel free,” she gestures to the things on the table.

    “Thank you,” I kick my shoes off and get comfortable then I grab myself a bottle of beer and take a large sip.

    “So how is work?”She asks


    “Just okay?”

    “You know Tasha, she has been driving me crazy, one day I will forget she is my boss and I will end up beating her up.”

    “And that will spoil the whole plan, I am paying you a lot of money, don’t mess up.”

    “I know.”

    “So what’s new that side? Why are you here?”

    “Fred gave me the night off Tasha had to go out for some business meeting so he wanted to spend the night with his girls- that man is heaven sent, he is everything.”

    She shots me a look, “I didn’t say I want him.”

    “Just making sure you don’t get any ideas.”

    “Oh please.”

    “I have a new plan and I want you to execute it diligently, this should set the house on fire.”

    “I am all ears.”

    “So,” she begins to tell me all about the plan she wants me to help her with as I silently listen.

    “You think you could do that?” she asks


    “Good girl.”

    “So how much do I get for this?”

    “Double the amount I have been giving you.”

    “Then it’s done.”

    “Deal,” she extends her hand to me, I take it and shake it firmly.


    We spend the rest of the night talking about Fred and Tasha and how their marriage will crumble sooner than we expect. A few minutes after 1, we decide to call it a night and head to bed.

    I wonder why my auntie desperately wants to break Tasha and Fred up. I am working in that house a spy for my auntie, though I haven’t given her much information to work with.




    I have a feeling Tasha is having an affair, there was something about that man who came to see her the other day, I intend to get to the bottom of this.

    Anyway, I slid under the covers and instantly fall asleep.

    The next day I wake up feeling like hell, I guess I drank more than I should have I have to be back home in time to prepare the girls for school before Tasha kills me.



    I am walking back and forth across the living room floor, while turning my head from side to side, I am beyond pissed, I am supposed to be at work but instead I am here waiting for Fatty to show up. I wonder why Fred gave her the day off when he knew he had a meeting at school.


    And to make the matters worse, the girls aren’t going to school today because Talia is unwell, I can’t leave them alone so I have to wait for that stupid maid to show up.

    After what seems like forever, she finally walks through the door.

    “Good morning,” she says

    “What’s good about this morning?” I yell startling the girls.

    “I am sorry I am late, I got stuck in traffic,” she says

    I walk close to her and without warning I slap her hard across her face, “I am sorry I am late I got stuck in traffic,” I repeat after her, “Uli mbushi? How could you come back so late when you know I have to work for work?” I yell

    “I am really sorry..,”

    “Just shut up before I do more damage to your fat ugly face. I am heading for work, Talia is unwell I have given her some medicine, observe her and make sure to call me if it gets worse.”


    “Girls I have to get going,” I kiss their foreheads, “What should I get for you?”

    “Ice cream,” they say at the same time.

    “Ice cream it is.”

    “Love you ma.”

    “Love you too.”

    I grab my bag and head out of the house to my car.

    I arrive at work a few minutes after 8 and though my boss is not angry with me, I somehow feel guilty because I am always yelling at people who arrive for work late.


    Stepping into my office,, I drop my bag on my table, turn on my computer and ask my secretary to bring me some coffee, I need it after the show that Talia put up this morning. Lord my daughter can whine for days, she is a mini me, when she is sick we can’t rest she acts like a baby.

    My phone rings as I start drinking my coffee.


    “Boi ati how? Ulibwa?”

    “Nilibwino boi,” I respond excitedly.

    “Tell me how it went with that stupid Anna I have been so busy I haven’t had time to respond to your messages.”

    “I gave her a beating of her life I am sure she will think twice before she goes after my husband again.”

    She burst out laughing,” I trust you girl.”

    “And I have something else to tell you.”


    “I went out for dinner with Kai last night.”


    “Well we talked and we decided to continue being friends.”

    “Just friends?”


    There is a long stretch of silence.


    “Nothing, I just hope this doesn’t mess things between you and Fred.”

    “What do you mean? I thought you are the one who wanted me to have a little fun with him.”

    She sighs,” Don’t mind me.”

    “Are you okay?”


    “How is lover boy?”

    “Perfectly fine, he treats me like a Queen.”

    “I am happy for you.”

    “Thanks girl.”

    “You are welcome anyway I have to go now will text you later so you can tell me all about lover boy.”


    I end the call before I start checking on my emails, I respond to the important ones and ignore the rest. At about 9 o clock I grab my note book and pen then I walk out of my office and head to my first meeting of the day with the board of directors.

    The meeting takes longer than I anticipated I end up missing my next meeting. When I finally get back to my office I am tired and hungry and it’s almost lunch time.

    I am still trying to think about what I want for lunch when there is a knock on the door.

    “Come in.”


    Mimi walks peeks her head through my door, she is one of the few people at work that I get along with.

    “Tsup girl.”

    “I am hungry,” she pouts

    “I am hungry too.”

    “So there is no food here?” she frowns


    “Let’s have lunch at the canteen.”

    “Sure,” I stand up remove my high heeled shoes and slip my feet into my pumps I usually carry them for days like these.

    We make our way to the canteen, order our lunch and settle at one of the empty tables at the far end, I am glad the place is not crowded and it’s unusually quiet.

    “How is Tammy?” I ask. Tammy is her daughter, Mimi has been married for two years and she only has one child.

    “Tammy is fine,” she responds

    “And your husband?”

    Her face brightens up, “He is fine. How is Fred? It’s been a while I think hubby and I should invite you out for lunch one of these days.”

    I fake a smile, “Fred is fine and so are the girls.”

    “That’s nice.”

    She seems like she wants to ask more but since I look uninterested, she keeps quiet. We have our lunch in silence and afterwards I head back to my office.


    There are tones of files on my desk that I need to go through.

    By knocking off time, I am exhausted I grab my back and head out of the office. I get to the car park and just as I am about to get into the car, my phone rings.



    “I was just thinking about you.”

    “That’s nice to hear, are you home yet?”

    “I just stepped out of the office.”

    “I would like to see you,” he says

    “Right now?”

    “Yes just for a few minutes, I need someone to talk to.”

    “Where are you?”

    “A taste of heaven diner.”

    “The one next to the cinema?”


    “I will right there,” I respond.

    I end the call and drive out instantly.


    Episode 24

    “Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they are being unfaithful”

    Less than five minutes later I arrive at the diner, I step out of my car and walk towards the entrance. I spot Kai the minute I walk in, he is sitting next to the window and he is typing away on his phone.

    “Hello,” I smile

    He looks up, “That was fast.”

    “I drive like a bus driver.”

    He laughs.

    I sit down on the chair across from his.

    “How was work?”


    “Care for a cup of coffee and some muffins? There muffins are the best you won’t regret it.”

    “Challenge accepted.”

    He calls for the waiter and we make an order, our food comes in less than ten minutes and true to his words, the muffins are heaven sent. I make a mental note to get some for girls before I leave.

    “So what’s up?” I ask

    “My wife and I had an argument,” he says pain written all over his face, “We exchanged some mean words and in the end I told her I want a divorce.”

    “You did?” I ask eyes wide open.

    “Yes, I am done I just can’t do this anymore, she is suffocating me.”

    “That is really sad.”

    Fred and I have had so many fights and arguments but I have never thought of divorcing him. The thought of a divorce gives me the chills I don’t think I would be brave enough to ask him for a divorce.

    “You are okay?” he asks


    “I am sorry for burdening you with my issues.”

    “What are friends for?”

    He smiles, “You get me in a way that nobody does.”

    “I feel the same.”

    “So how about we watch a movie, a comedy to lift up your spirits, ” I suggest

    “Let’s do this,” he says


    I hate to see him this sad I hope by the time we are done with the movie he will feel better. Kai’s wife is unappreciative she doesn’t deserve a man like him. If he were mine, I would never hurt him in anyway.



    I am in a very good mood, my wife and I will get to spend some time together today after a long time, I am treating her to a romantic dinner later in the evening. I left work early and went to the mall where I bought her a beautiful turquoise dress I know Tasha will do justice to the dress.

    It’s been a while since our last dinner date- just me and her. The girls are at Amelia’s house she picked them up from school, she wants to spend some time with them, Amelia loves the girls as though they where hers, if I died today I would die a happy person because I know my girls are in safe hands.


    When I finally get home, I take a long shower and wait for Tasha. I lie on the bed and watch a movie as I wait for Tasha. After watching for a few minutes I end up dozing.

    When I awake, the room is dark and there is no sign of Tasha, I grab my phone and check the time, its a few minutes to 9 Pm. I dial her number it rings several times without a response.

    “Where is she?” I wonder as I roll out of bed, I turn on the lights and head downstairs. Fatty is eating supper in the kitchen.

    “Sir,” she stands when she sees me.

    “Hello, have you heard anything from my wife?”


    “Is anything the matter?”

    “No,” I turn and walk out then head back to my room. After waiting for a few more minutes, I call the restaurant and reschedule the reservation because the time has almost passed.

    Afterwards, I brush my teeth, splash some water on my face and head to bed. I am too angry to do anything, so I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling. This marriage is slowly draining me I am tired of trying to fight for someone who’s okay with losing me.


    Kai and I laughed heartily as we walked out of the theater we watched about three comedy movies.

    “The last movie was the funniest, I haven’t seen something that funny in years,” he says

    “Me too.”

    We walk towards the car park slowly, I wish we could spend the whole night watching movies and laughing, Kai is funny, we have the same taste in movies and our conversations are never dry.

    We get to the car park and lean against my car.

    “I had a great time, I feel a whole lot better now,” he says

    “I had a great time too.”

    There is a brief silence between us as we just stare at each other.

    “I have never wanted to do anything as much as I want to kiss you right now,” he whispers.

    “I know we agreed to be friends but I can’t help it,” he says before I can respond.

    My mind says I should say no, I should push him away because I am married and so is he but my body is telling a different story.

    “Then do it,” I say

    He cups my cheek with his hand as he leans in and presses his lips to mine.

    I wrap my arms around his neck and desperately kiss him back, I could kiss him forever but unfortunately we have to get back to our lives so I put back.


    “It’s getting late.”

    “Are you okay?” he says full of concern.


    “When am I gonna see you again?”

    “I don’t know,” I respond

    “I have an idea.”

    “Which is?”

    “How about we go out of town for the entire weekend just you and I, no disturbances, no phones,” he says as he plays with my hands.

    “Out of town?”


    One part of me is telling me to tell him no and to run away from him but the other side, the winning side is screaming how amazing it would be to spend the weekend with him out of town.

    “Think about it” he says

    “I will.”

    “Sure.” He says before he pulls me closer and kisses me, a long sure kiss. There is no hurry in the kiss, he is kissing me slowly with tenderness it takes my breath away. Finally we detach from each other.

    “I have to go.”


    “Call me when you get home and thanks for everything.”

    I turn to leave but turn when I am about to get into my car, “Take care and call me if you want someone to talk to.”




    I stand in the car park watching her drive off, I am almost sure I am getting close. Tasha is attracted to me, I can see it in her eyes, she wants me, she is ready to risk it all for me, I have her where I wanted her to be and there is no turning back.

    When I embarked on this journey, I thought she would play hard to get but Tasha is an easy target. That woman is easily taken by words I pity her husband because their marriage is headed for disaster.


    My phone rings, I glance on the screen to see who is calling before I press the answer button.

    “Hey you.”

    “Just checking in,” she says. “Are we making progress?”

    “We are getting there.”

    “Let me know if you need my help.”


    I hung up, get into my car put it in drive and speed out of the parking lot.


    Episode 25

    I am sitting on couch while Sofia is sitting on the rug between my legs I am braiding her thick hair. I braid her hair every night so that it doesn’t get into knots and tangles during the night.

    The television is on, Sofia is watching Word girl, it’s one of her favourite shows, I love how it helps enrich her vocabulary and expands her speaking skills.

    My husband isn’t home he had to attend a late business meeting.



    “Do you know that my birthday is next month?” she asks and I burst out laughing. How can I not know when I gave birth to her?


    “How can I not know?” I ask

    “Well I was just reminding you.”

    “What do you want for your sixth birthday?” I ask

    I still can’t believe she turns six in a month’s time it feels my heart with joy to see how God preserved her life when the odds were against her. Sofia was born at six months, she was so small I could hardly look at her without breaking down, no one expected her to survive, the doctors had given us a week, it was a 50/ 50 situation but look at us now, God has been too good to us.

    While I was braiding my daughter’s hair, a knock sounded at the front door. I get up from my seat and walk over to the door. I open the door revealing my sister Trish, smiling.


    Trish is the only sibling I have she is a year older than me though is tiny and short that makes her look older than me. Must I also mention I behave better than her? Trish behaves like a teenager.

    “Hey sister,” she hugs me

    “Hey,” I hug her back.

    “Can I come in?”


    I step aside and she walks in then I close the door firmly behind my back.

    “Auntie Trish?” My little girl squeals with excitement.

    “Hey baby,” Trish scopes her in her hands, then she hugs and kisses.

    “I missed you,” Sofia says, I love how my sister and daughter bond, she is her second mother.

    “Missed you too,” she says

    Afterwards, I continue braiding Sofia’s hair.

    “I am starving,” Trish says

    “There is food on the table, you can dish up for yourself.”

    She kicks off her shoes, removes her coat and puts it on the couch before she disappears into the living room. I finish braiding Sofia’s hair and she says goodnight to my sister.

    “Brush your teeth and change into your pajamas,” I say to her as she walks towards the stairs.

    “Night, mom.”

    “Night boo.”

    “This food is amazing, you are still a good cook,” she says


    “Where is your husband?”


    She glances at the clock then back at me.

    “He had a late business meeting,” I say before she says anything.



    “I know what you were about to say.”

    She shrugs, “I am not saying anything.”

    “I know you.”

    She sticks out her tongue then laughs, “Just forget it.”

    “What are you doing here?” I ask

    “Can’t I visit my baby sister anymore?”

    “You never visit unless you want something, I haven’t seen you in months, don’t tell me you just appeared to say hi.”

    She laughs, “This food is amazing.”

    “Don’t try and change the topic.”

    “Fine,” she rolls her eyes again, “I need some money, I will pay you back as soon as I get paid.”

    I shot her a quizzical look, “I sent you money a few weeks ago, what did you do with that money?”

    “Well, I had bills to pay.”

    “Trish! Trish! Trish?”

    “What? Are you gonna help me or not?”

    “This life of drinking and gambling will not take you anywhere,” I say

    “Don’t start preaching to me.”

    “I am serious, you need to set your priorities right, you can’t be squandering money on useless things.”

    “Will you help me or not?” she asks in a harsh tone.

    “How much do you want?”

    “A three thousand, I will pay you back soon.”

    I roll my eyes, she never pays me back not once, not ever, Trish needs to set her priorities right, at her age she should be married but she chooses to waste her life on useless things.

    “I will send you the money tomorrow let me run this through with my husband.”

    “You are trying to rub the fact that I am not married in my face?”



    “You will never change,” I laugh

    “I have to get going now.”

    “I thought you will be spending the night.”

    “Nah, I have a meeting.”

    “At this time?”

    “Late business meeting,” she responds and I chuckle.


    I stand up and walk towards my room, I grab my purse from my bag and remove 5 hundred kwacha notes then I head back to the living room and hand them to her.

    “Thank you so much,” she hugs me, “I will be waiting for that three thousand tomorrow.”

    “Oh God.”

    I walk her to the door and as soon as she leaves I close the door and head back to the living room. I wait for my husband for a few minutes before I decide to head to bed, I had a busy day and I am tired. He will wake me up when he gets home.



    An hour quickly flies by a sinking feeling settles at the pit of my stomach, I haven’t been able to sleep so i am in the living room trying to watch some television as I wait for my wife.

    Glancing at my empty glass, I refill it and take before I take a big gulp of wine, I allow the warmth of the alcohol to thaw me out then I check the time again and shake my head.


    Finally after about twenty minutes later, I hear the sound of her cat pulling up in the driveway and then the front door opens and she walks in. She has this huge smile and glow on her face.

    “Hey you,” she kicks her shoes off, puts her bag on the table and sits next to me.


    “Fred? Are you okay? Did anything happen while I was away?”

    More silence

    “Picture no sound?” she asks

    I set my glass on the table as I turned to head to the bedroom and she follows me.

    “What was that?” she asks slamming the door behind her back. “Why are you ignoring me?”

    “Where have you been?”

    “Oh it’s that?”

    “Yes that,” I snap

    “I had a late business meeting sorry I didn’t call or text it was a last minute thing.”

    “Tasha,” I pause taking a deep breath and letting out slowly, “Are you tired of this marriage? Do I irritate you? Do you want us to get a divorce?” The question rushes out of my mouth before I can stop it.

    “What is this? Where are all these questions coming from?”

    “You don’t respect me anymore, I keep trying to make things work between us but you are making it hard for me, you act like I don’t exist and honestly I am tired, do you want us to get a divorce?”

    “You know,” she says in a steady voice, “I don’t owe you any explanation and that divorce issue you are bringing up is silly, you want to leave me and our two kids so you can run off with your concubine?”

    “This isn’t about me Tasha.”

    She shrugs, “Whatever.”

    “I had a busy night I need to rest, if you have nothing more to say then allow me to rest.”


    “Thank you.”

    I grab my phone and pajamas, “I will sleep in the guest room,” I say

    “Suit yourself,” she responds as I walk out of the door.


    Episode 26

     “The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.”

    A week has passed and I haven’t seen my wife, she wakes up early before I do and comes back home late at night when I have already fallen asleep.

    Her “business meetings” must be keeping her busy, at this point I am tired of fighting with her and I am tired of asking, I am tired of investing in a marriage that seems to be reverting each day

    “Are you okay?” Anna asks.

    I tried to ignore her but I haven’t been able to, I don’t have a lot of friends, Anna is someone that I can always talk to because she always gives me a listening ear even though she has been behaving strangely of late.


    “Tasha?” she asks

    “Yes,” I respond without looking at her.

    “It is always Tasha,” she mumbles under her breath, “What do you honestly see in that woman?”

    “I love her.”

    “Don’t they say if you love someone you have to let them go and if they come back then you know they surely belong to you?” she asks taking a small sip of her juice, we are actually in her office and it’s lunch time.

    “And if she never comes back?”

    “Then she wasn’t meant for you.”

    “I can’t imagine life without Tasha, the minute I set my eyes on her I knew I would never want another as much as I wanted her.”

    She frowns, “What has Tasha done this time around?”

    I clear my throat before I tell her about what has been happening the past week.

    “You want my honest opinion?”


    “Tasha is definitely cheating.”

    “What?” I almost chock on my drink

    “That woman is cheating no married woman would behave like she does.”

    “Stop talking about my wife like that.”

    “Truth hurts?”

    “You know what?”


    “Just forget I even said anything, I will handle this situation on my own so tell me about that your boyfriend.”

    Her face beams with excitement, “He is on the verge of divorcing his wife, I think we are gonna be together soon.”

    “How can you be this happy about being with someone’s husband?”

    “Ex husband.”

    “He is still married to her.”

    “Well he will divorce her, just be happy for me, I really love this man.”

    “I see.”



    Kai and I have gotten closer over the past week we have been hanging out and spending hours talking on the phone especially when I am work. I have opened up to him and told him all there is to know about me. Kai is always attentive, he listens without judging me and that has made me draw closer to him.

    He is always on my mind these days, he is all I wanna be with and it’s frustrating to get home and sleep in the same bed with Fred when I am thinking about another man.

    I am trying so hard to resist my sexual desires for him, I always imagine him making love to me- kissing my most sensitive areas, exploring every part of my body like no one ever has.

    I know I am a married woman and I shouldn’t be having such thoughts but what if Kai is the one I should be with? What if being with marrying Fred was a mistake? What if I rushed? Maybe if I had waited a little longer, Kai and I would have met under different circumstances.

    My phone vibrates a few minutes later, disrupting my thoughts and I quickly grab it. There is a message from a strange number that says, “Tasha, tell your husband to leave me alone.”

    My eyes widen in shock as I read the message over and over again before I decide to reply to it.

    Me: Who are you?

    Stranger: Ask your husband

    Me: Is this a joke? Wait is this April 1st?

    Stranger: Nice try.

    Me: Who are you?

    Stranger: Tell your husband to leave me alone, I am in a happy relationship, I don‘t him to ruin things for me.

    Me: Call him and tell him that yourself

    Stranger: Ask your husband about Sharon.

    Me: F--k off

    She doesn’t respond after that last text and when I try to call the line takes me straight to voice mail, who the hell is she? Has Fred been going after other women? Lord knows I will murder him, this better be a joke.

    Later that evening when I arrive home, I find my husband lying on the bed, he is typing away on his phone. I haven’t seen him for a week because I have been avoiding him.


    I kick off my shoes and then undress myself. After that I head straight to the bathroom for a quick shower. When I walk back into the room, Fred is still on his phone. For a minute I stand next to the bed and watch him, maybe he is really cheating he never spends this much time on the phone.


    “Yes,” he responds without even looking at me.

    “We need to talk.”

    “About?” he asks, his eyes still glued to his phone. He types something and when his phone vibrates he smiles.

    “Who is that on the phone?” I demand

    He ignores me and continues texting.

    I stare at him as a jolt of anger sweeps through me mixed with a touch jealously. Without giving it a second thought, I walk towards him yanking the phone out of his hands and throw it into the wall.

    A look of sheer anger spreads across his face as the phone breaks into pieces but he still doesn’t say anything.

    “Who was that?”

    “Someone from work.”

    “Have you started sleeping with her?” I yell.

    He gives me a quizzical look, “What are you talking about?”


    “Who is that?”

    “The girl you have been following around,” I yell

    “Tasha, I seriously don’t know what you are talking about but whatever it is, I don’t want to understand please leave me alone.

    “You cheat on me without shame and expect me to keep quiet about it?”

    “I didn’t cheat on you I will never ever cheat on you.”

    “Then who is Sharon?”

    “I don’t know.”


    He gets up from the bed and I pick up a glass vase my friend got for me, I hold I high.

    “What is wrong with you?” he asks, I am trying to get a certain reaction from him but he is unusually calm for my liking.

    “Who the hell is Sharon?” I yell advancing him.

    “You want to hit me with that? Hit me, end it right now, maybe when I am dead you will be happier,” he says intently looking at me.

    “Why are you cheating on me?” I ask smashing the vase on the floor and it shatters into a thousand little shards.

    “I am tired Tasha really tired, I don’t even have to justify myself, believe what you want and do whatever you wanna do,” with that said, he walks out of the room slamming the door behind his back.

    Frustrated, I throw myself on the bed and dial Prisca’s number.


    “He is cheating on me,” I cry




    “I got a text from someone named Sharon, she told me to warn Fred to stay away from her.”

    “Did you ask Fred?”

    “I did.”


    “He couldn’t even deny it I could see it in his eyes Fred is cheating on me.”

    “That is really sad girl.”

    “What should I do?”

    “Talk to him when you are calm and then get the truth out of him and when you do kill him.”

    “Kill him?” I ask surprised she would even suggest such a thing.

    She bursts out laughing, “Cheat on him too, 50/50 remember what a man can do, you can do it a hundred times better.”

    “I see.”

    “Girl I have to go, let’s link up over the weekend we have a lot to catch up on.”



    I ended the call and was about to call Kai when Fred walked back in. He looks at me and then shakes his head then he picks up the pieces of his broken phone, for a minute there I feel sorry for him but he deserves it anyway.


    Episode 27

    “You deserve someone who is terrified to lose you.”


    “How are things between you and Tasha?” my sister asks

    I asked her out for lunch so we could talk, the girls are still at her house, I don’t want them to witness the tension between Tasha and i. The house seems too small for the both of us we are barely civil to each other. I am angry at her for accusing me of cheating when I have been nothing but faithful to her. I am angry because she chose to believe everybody else but me.

    “Are you okay?” my sister asks, firmly holding my hand, I zoned out like I always do when I am thinking about Tasha, that woman irritates me but I can’t picture my life without her.

    She is the love of my life and the mother of my children maybe she isn’t happy with me, maybe I should let her go like Anna suggested but what will happen to our children and the life we have built together.

    “Fred?” she waves her hands in my face.

    “Tasha and I have been fighting a lot, she thinks I am cheating.”

    “That b---h.”

    “Don’t start please Amelia.”

    “I am tired of Tasha mistreating you. You need to let her go.”

    “Is it okay if the kids can stay with you for another week or two until we sort this out? I don’t want them witnessing what’s happening at home.”

    “Yes, I have no problem being with the girls, they brighten up my days.”

    “Thank you.”

    “You are welcome. I am worried about you Fred, let Tasha go, you don’t have to divorce her but you could be on separation for a few months.”

    “I will think about that.”

    “Please do.”

    I spend an hour with my sister, chatting away as we have our lunch. When we finish we walk out and I hug her before she drives off and I get into my car and drive back home.

    When I get home, I find Tasha standing in front of the mirror doing her makeup she is clad in a sleeveless emerald flare short dress which hugs her body perfectly.

    I sit on the edge of the bed and watch her as she finishes doing her makeup. Then she grabs some shoes from her closet and slips them on to her feet. She quickly sprays some perfume and grabs her purse.

    “I am meeting a friend up for lunch, see you later,” she says


    She walks out of the room and closes the door behind her back.

    “Dear God please save my marriage, I know you hate divorces,” I whisper as I lay on the bed. I have a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach, I feel like my marriage is about to end and that scares me a lot.



    “You are going out?” I ask my husband

    “Yes, I am meeting up a friend for lunch,” he responds

    I frown he has been spending time out a lot the past few days I don’t know what to make of it.


    “I thought we would be taking Sofia for a movie.”

    “Oh that,” he hits his head with his hand

    “Yes that.”

    “I am sorry baby I totally forgot can we take her next week?”

    “You don’t have time for us anymore.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?” he asks

    “You come back very late from work and you are out with friends the entire weekend, Kai what is going on?”

    He laughs, “Nothing is going on here.”

    “Something is defiantly going on and you need to be honest with me.”

    He walks over to me and holds my hands in his while intently staring at me, “Nothing is going on, I am just going to have fun with some friends. Is there a problem with that?”

    “There is no problem with spending time with your friends however I have a problem with you putting your job and friends before your family,” I say a little louder than I expected

    “Stop being insecure, I am not going anywhere, I love you.”

    “Fine,” I respond, choosing not to argue any further, I know a lost battle when I see one.

    “You are upset?”

    “No,” I shake my head.

    “I can cancel the meeting with my friends so we can spend the day together.”

    “It’s okay,” I say softly

    “I don’t like it when you are upset and it’s not okay.”

    “Do whatever pleases your heart,” I say

    “Fine, I am not going anywhere.”

    He kicks off his shoes before he removes his coat and joins me in bed, “I am not going anywhere.”

    I frown and turn the other side.

    “Let me just text my friends that I will not make it today.”

    “You don’t have to stay because of me and Sofia we will find our way to the movies.”

    “You and Sofia are my life I want you to be happy at all times.”

    He grabs his phone and types something before he types something then he turns it off and places it on the table.

    “I am sorry if I have been too busy,” he whispers



    More silence.

    “Babe,” he moves closer and starts kissing along my neck a few times. I draw in a breath of air.

    “I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

    “It’s alright,” I respond before I turn to face him, i can’t afford to stay mad at him for a long time even if I try.

    “How about we start making baby number two?” he asks with a mocking smile on his lips.

    I roll my eyes,” In your dreams.”

    “A little boy to run around the house,” he says

    “And we have Sofia, isn’t she more than enough? That girl makes noise for five children.”

    He laughs, “Come on.”

    “Fine,” I respond as I try to climb on top of him but he flips my body over and climbs on top of me instead then he begins to kiss me, he kisses me passionately igniting the fire within me.

    He continues to kiss me as he slips the dress off my body. Kicking off his pants, he eases every inch of himself inside of me and I moan as he takes his time thrusting in and out of me with deep strokes.

    When it is over, my heart is overwhelmed with joy and I feel more connected to him than before. I lay my head on his chest as he brushes my hair out of my face.


    The tension between Fred and I has continued, the feeling that he is cheating on me seems to increase with every smile as he texts on his phone and every time he gets home later than his usual time.

    The same Sharon woman called me the other day, she told me she will accept my husband if he doesn’t stop pursuing her. I didn’t even bother to ask Fred because I know he would deny it so I have just decided to do me and live my life to the fullest, Fred can do as he pleases as well.

    I am on my way to meet up with Kai at our favourite restaurant when my phone vibrates and I pick it up.

    “Sorry, I can’t make it for lunch something came up,” I read his message.

    I try to dial the number but it takes me off to voicemail, what could have happened that he would cancel our date for? Anyway, I decided to go ahead and have lunch all by myself.


    Episode 28

    “No matter how mad you are at your partner, don’t go and seek someone else’s attention. You sit down and make it right. If you can easily go to someone else, you do not love the person you are with.”

    A week later,

    Its laundry day and I am picking through Fred’s laundry basket trying to remove his clothes so I can hand them over to Fatima.

    I reach the bottom of the laundry basket & as I pull out one of his shirts, a bra and a pair of underwear fall out. I pick them up and examine them, they are definitely not mine. The owner seems to be smaller than I am.

    Disbelief and rage sweep through me when I realise they could be Sharon’s, the woman who has been bugging me about Fred, the last time she called, she told me she had finally decided to accept Fred’s proposal and she would be taking over my marriage if I wasn’t careful.


    So that bastard is really cheating? How could he do this to me? To us? To our children?

    Sinking to the ground, I let out a loud cry as I realise that my husband is not who I think he was.

    Fred comes into the room a minute later, “what happened?” he asks

    “How could you?” I ask in a low soft voice


    “I found these in your clothes,” I say pointing at the bra and underwear.

    “I have never seen them, I have no idea who they belong to,” he responds

    “Lies,” I yell

    He gets down on his knees and intently looks at me, “I swear I don’t know where they came from or what they were doing in my laundry basket.”

    “You have been sleeping with her?” I ask wiping tears with the palm of my hand, “Have you atleast been using protection?”

    He lets out a breath, “Tasha I haven’t been sleeping with anyone, how do you want me to convince you that it’s only you I have been with since we got married?” he tries to touch me but I shot him a serious look and he stops.

    “I am tired Fred, just leave me alone.”

    “You have got to believe me,” he pleads but I am not having any of his explanation, Fred is a cheating bastard, the existence of the bra and underwear s proof that he is sleeping around, I am glad he has been exposed because no one will vindicate him this time around.

    Maybe he brought that woman into my house and she deliberately left her stuff so I could find them and leave Fred for her well her mission has been accomplished.

    “I want to be alone,” I say

    “Okay,” he stands up and walks out of the room.

    I try calling Prisca so she can tell me what to do but her phone is switched off, after trying again, I give up. Then my thoughts take me to Kai, I dial his number and wait for him to answer.

    “Kai,” I say the moment he picks up


    “I really need you,” I respond before I start sobbing into the phone.

    “Where are you?” he asks

    “I am at home.”

    “I will text you and address shortly where you should meet me,” he says


    I end the call & he texts me his address then I freshen up a bit before I change into something more appealing and elegant.

    Grabbing my handbag and car keys, I head down stairs to the living room where my husband seems to be lost in thought.

    “Going somewhere?” he asks as I open the door but I ignore him, I walk out and slam it behind my back.



    I end my phone call from Tasha with a huge smile on my lips, I think we finally have her where we want her to be and this is just a perfect moment for me to execute the plan since my wife is out of the country.

    I clean up the apartment, put on some soft music then I place a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table. I just rented this apartment a few weeks ago, there is no way in hell I would take Tasha to my matrimonial house that would be disrespecting my wife.

    I sit on the couch and patiently wait for her I am wearing a vest and a pair of shorts the earlier we get to this stage of the plan, the better for everyone.

    A few minutes later there is a knock on the door, I open the door and she walks in. She looks sexy as usual, she is clad in a tight yellow dress that is very short and parts of it are made out of lace so you can see through it. Her hair is in a tight ballerina bun and she has minimal make up on her face.



    I look around the apartment for a moment before I sit down and try to relax. I don’t even know why I am here in the first place, I am nervous as hell, maybe I should just go back home and cry my heart out.

    He silently grabs opens the bottle of wine then gets a glass and fills it before handing it to me. I take a large gulp, the wine tastes good, exactly what I need to relax.

    “What happened?” he finally asks

    “I found a bra and a pair of underwear in Fred’s washing basket,” I pause. “And they are not mine,” I respond as pain sweeps through me.

    “That bastard,” he yells. “How could he hurt you like this?”

    “I am so confused right now I don’t even know what to do anymore.”

    “I am sorry,” he wraps his hand around me and gently rubs my back, I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of his hand on my back blocking any thoughts of Fred from my mind.

    Shortly after, the nervousness disappears and I feel a whole lot better.

    We sit in fearful silence for a few minutes just staring at each other, in his eyes I feel safe and secured, I could look at him forever.


    Slowly, with his hand on my cheek, he leans in and kisses me softly on the mouth. At first the kiss is slow, tender and passionate this moment right here feels so right and perfect.

    Sparks fly and a fire ignites within me as the kiss deepens, his hands caresses the side of my face pulling me ever closer to him. After kissing for what seemed like forever, he finally carries me and takes me to his bedroom. Then he places me on the bed and pulls off my dress and panties.

    “You are beautiful,” he whispers before he quickly pulls of his vest, pants and boxers. I gasp in surprise as I stare at the hard length of his member, it is bigger than I imagined. Ever since I got married to Fred, I have never been with anyone else, speaking of Fred, my heart thumps hard at the thought of him.

    What am I doing? Am I finally ending my marriage by giving to another what belongs to him? Well he cheated first, I am just showing him that what a man can do, a woman can do triple.

    Finally, he sinks into the bed positioning himself between my legs, slowly he eases into me and I gasp at the feel of him stretching me deep within.

    “Jesus!” I sigh grinding my hips against him, the chemistry is too much for me to contain.


    I cling to him, digging my nails into his back as he strokes in and out.

    I feel the fire burning and my breathing increases as I explode calling out his name. Finally we collapse on the bed.

    There is no point of return we have finally been joined together. & surprisingly, I don’t feel as guilty as I should. I want to have more of these moments with him maybe Kai is my soul mate after all.

    I wake up hours late to find Kai sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me, he has a towel wrapped around his waist but he is shirtless. I smile as he leans down and kisses me.

    “I could get used to waking up like this,” I say after he pulls away from me.

    “I made you something to eat but you need to freshen up first.”


    As soon as he walks out of the room, I grab my phone from my bag to find 50 missed calls from my husband and a few from Prisca, I put my phone on silent before coming over. I make a mental note to call Prisca after my bath but Fred can wait for now.


    Episode 29

    “The grass isn’t always greener, that’s just a filter.”

    Sunday morning, I say bye to Kai and promise to be back soon before I drive over to Prisca’s house. I spent the night with Kai and he made love to me almost the whole night.


    Kai is a great lover, he is an expert he made love to my body in a way that my husband never has and now I don’t feel like I want to let him go, I want more I hope he feels the same too.

    Pulling up in front of her driveway, I step out of the car and close it behind my back then I head for the front door.

    “Hello,” I push the door open and walk in.

    “I am in the bedroom,” she calls out.

    I head towards her room and walk in, she is lying on her bed eating fries and watching a movie.

    “Hey you,” I say before I throw myself on the bed.

    “Grow up,” she rolls her eyes.

    I roll my eyes back at her,” You look tired,” I say

    She yawns loudly, “I got in this morning, my body is sore I have body pains.”

    “W---e!” I exclaim

    “Whatever. Aren’t you supposed to be at church? What are you doing here this early on a Sunday morning?”

    “Well I didn’t sleep home I am just coming back from Kai’s apartment.”

    “You slept over at his apartment?” she asks



    “I found a bra and underwear in Fred’s laundry basket I was so upset I went over to Kai’s place and…”


    “I had sex with him.”

    “You what?” she asks, dropping the fries in her hands in surprise, startling me.


    “You had sex with Kai? Are you for real? Tasha? You are a married woman, what was going through your mind?”

    I give her a questioning look I thought she would be happy that I finally did what she has always been telling me to do. 50/ 50, she always says and I did just that.

    “I thought you would be thrilled to know that I got back at Fred and finally gave in to Kai.”

    “Well I didn’t expect you to sleep with him, I told you to have fun but not this way.”

    “But he cheated,” I say

    “So? I know I said 50/ 50 but I didn’t expect you to go through with it.”

    “Kai is fun and I love him, he made love to me in a way that no one ever has.”

    “I told you to have fun not to go around falling in love with other men, have you forgotten that Kai is married too?”

    “He is separated from his wife currently.”

    Abaume nimbwa I have told you that several times, he could be lying to you.”

    “Now you are confusing me.”

    She takes my hand, “Did you have sex with Kai at his house?”

    “No, he has another apartment.”

    “If he was over his wife he wouldn’t have had an issue taking you to his house, I want you to be careful Tasha,” she says

    “I will be careful I promise.”


    After an hour, I decide to head back home, is seriously didn’t expect Prisca to react like that, I thought she would be happy that I am finally stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out new things.

    When I finally get home, Fred is out. I take a shower and change into something comfortable before I decide to prepare lunch, I haven’t cooked for my husband in a while, I don’t know why I suddenly feel the need to do something for him, maybe I am just feeling guilty for sleeping with Kai.

    I spend the next two hours in the chicken cooking his favourite and when I am done, I set the table and wait for him, there is this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach and I can’t seem to shake it off.

    When Fred walks into the house later, he doesn’t even spare me a single look but heads straight to our room. I follow him.

    “Hey,” I say, he is sitting at his desk, turning on his laptop it seems he went to church.

    “Hello,” he says without looking up at me.

    “How was church?” I ask trying to make my voice sound as normal as possible.


    “What was the theme of the service?”I ask


    “I see.”

    There is a brief silence before I open my mouth again, “Lunch is ready,” I say

    “I am not hungry.”

    “What did you eat?”

    “What do you want?” he asks


    “You left this house calling me names and accusing me of cheating and now you are back pretending like all is well, what do you really want Tasha?”

    “I was just trying to be civil with my husband.”

    “I am not interested.”


    “I said leave me alone,” he yells

    Defeated, I turn and walk out of the room this is not how I thought he would respond.



    Later in the evening, I am lying on the bed with my phone in my hands Fred is still sitting at his desk, he has typing almost the whole day and he hasn’t said a word to me.

    My phone vibrates shortly after, “I miss you,” the text from Kai reads.

    “Hey,” I respond

    “You don’t miss me?”

    “I do.”

    “Yesterday was amazing, when are we gonna be together again?” he asks

    “My husband is home.”


    “I am trying to give him my attention.”

    “I have been thinking about you all day.”


    “I think I am falling for you.”

    My heart skips a bit and my breath stops, “ No.”

    “I am falling for you and I know you feel the same, I could see it in your eyes yesterday and the way your body responded to my touch, that was confirmation enough.”

    “We are both married.”

    “You know I am willing to kick her out for him if you are willing to do the same.”

    “I don’t know.”

    “After what we shared last night, I think you should give us a chance.”

    “Let’s meet and talk tomorrow, my husband is looking at me in a weird way.”


    I put my phone back on the bed and Fred focuses his attention back on his laptop, I hate it when he ignores me, why do I feel so guilty as if he can see through me, as if he knows what I just did.


    “I am trying to work here I will appreciate it if you can keep quiet, watch a movie or something.”



    “Congratulations buddy,” she lifts her drink and clank his glass with it.

    “Thank you,” I smile graciously at her.

    Then she takes a large sip and swallows, this is her favourite wine, I guess she loves the light sweet taste that it has.

    “So now that step two has been successfully executed what next?”

    “You need to make her believe that you have deeply fallen in love with her & then when you have her in the palms of your hands, infiltrate yourself in her life so that your relationship with her should be revealed.”


    “How long will your wife be away?” she asks

    “Two months.”

    “That is enough time for you to get this and done with.”


    “Tasha’s days with Fred are numbered,” she smiles

    “I am glad I could help.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Anytime buddy.”


    Episode 30

    I have been in an irritated mood since yesterday when Tasha accused me of cheating and walked out of the house on me. I seriously have no idea where the bra and underwear came from.

    I asked Fatima and she said she had no idea and I know they can’t be hers because they are too small. When Tasha walked out yesterday, I thought she would come back like she usually does but when she didn’t I tried calling her and when she didn’t pick up after 50 attempts i began to lose my mind.




    I am glad she is back home and right now she is fast asleep but I can’t bring myself to pretend that everything is okay like she is doing. I love Tasha a lot but if she is tired of us, I am willing to let her go, I will not force her to stay with me no matter how much it will hurt to see her happy with someone else.

    Maybe she has found someone else like my sister said, I quickly grab her phone and try to check it but it has a password which adds to my suspicions because she has never had one before.

    I spend the next hours turning and tossing, my mind is troubled and I am restless. I have a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach and it won’t go away, I know something is not right.

    At last, dawn peeps through the window penetrating through the panes. I roll out of bed and head for the bathroom. I stand in the shower and turn on the warm water as it flows over my body.

    The water is refreshing and it helps me clear all the bad thoughts from my mind, maybe all she needs is space, things will get better soon, I think to myself.


    I am still in the shower when Tasha walks in and sits on the toilet. The hissing of emptying her bladder fills the bathroom, shortly after the toilet flashes.

    Afterwards she walks towards me, stepping in close behind me she wraps her arms around me and presses herself against me, I turn around and she smiles up at me. Then she takes hold of my member and I push her hand away.

    Her eyes widen in shock, on any other day, this gesture would have me melting in her hands but today it just won’t work, I won’t give into her advances. The sex is great yes but it doesn’t permanently solve our issues, it is just a temporarily fix and that’s not what we need, we need more than sex to sort our problems out.


    She leans in close and tries to kiss me but I pull away from her and this infuriates her.

    “Are you sleeping with her? Is she better than me in bed? Am I not attractive anymore?” she asks

    Tasha is very manipulative, I know what she is trying to do but it won’t work.

    “Fred?” she blinks away tears that are about to fall.

    And did I tell you she is a good actress too? She would definitely win an Oscar Award. If you don’t know her very well, you would think she is being real when she is definitely acting.

    “Are you gonna just stand there or you will allow me to take my bath in peace?” I ask

    “You have never rejected me,” she says

    “There is always a first.”

    “You are definitely cheating on me.”

    “If that makes you sleep better at night then maybe yes I am cheating,” I respond

    “You will regret this,” she clicks her tongue and storms out of the bathroom.

    I spend a few more minutes in the bathroom before I walk back to the room. Tasha is pacing back and forth, she has an angry look on her face for a minute there I feel sorry for answering her that.

    “Are you okay?” I ask

    “Mxxxm,” she clicks her tongue before she marches towards the bathroom.


    I walk towards the closet and pull out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, casual on a Monday because we have a field trip with the children at school.

    As I am getting dressed, Tasha’s phone starts ringing and I am about to pick it up when she quickly rushes into the room and pushes me to get the phone first, luckily I don’t fall but I am caught by surprise.

    “Hello,” she answers the call as she intently stares at me.

    “I just finished taking my bath I will get back to you soon,” she says

    “I am gonna be late for work so let me get dressed and then we can talk as I drive for work”

    “Okay,” she says again before she ends the call and places the phone on the table.

    “What was that about? I growl

    “None of your business.”

    “Oh, that’s how we are playing now?”

    “This is my phone darling, don’t you dare pick it up when it rings.”


    I finish getting dressed and head downstairs where I have my breakfast afterwards I leave for work without saying bye to Tasha.

    “Freddie!” Anna exclaims when she sees me.

    “Hey you.”

    She engulfs me in a quick hug, “How was your weekend?”

    “It was beautiful,’ I say

    “I see.”

    “So what are you so excited about?” I ask

    “It’s a new week, new things I am just excited.”

    “Good for you.”

    “So, how about dinner with me tonight?” she asks


    “Just like that?”





    My day hasn’t really been a good one, firstly Fred has been avoiding me, as if that’s not enough he rejected me and had the guts to answer me in like I am nobody. If I had any doubts about him cheating, they have been cleared, Fred and I have had big fights before and he has never rejected my advances. He is cheating on me and I am sure the b---h is giving it to him real good.


    For a moment there, I was beginning to feel guilty for cheating on him but I think he totally deserves it. Anyway I have been moving up and down at the office, I can’t wait to get this day done with.


    I am excited because Kai is treating to dinner at the house, he is gonna cook for me, isn’t that romantic?


    Episode 31

    At four thirty, I turn off my computer, pull out a mirror from my bag and quickly redo my makeup. Then I walk out of my office and head for the elevator.

    I step out of the elevator a few minutes later, walk to the car park and get into my car. I drive out of the driveway and turn to my right towards Kai’s apartment.




    I pull into his driveway forty five minutes later, stepping out of my car I walk towards the front door and knock. When he opens the door, he gently pulls me to him wrapping me into his arms, he kisses my neck and whispers,” I have been thinking all day about the things I want to do to your body.”

    My heart slams hard against my chest and a wave of desire sweeps through me.

    He leads me into the living room, I drop my bag on the floor and sit on the couch he sits on stool across from me.

    “How was work?” he asks as he leans down in front of me and removes my shoes.

    “Work was hectic,” I respond

    He lifts my feet onto his laps and begins to gently massage them. I close my eyes in bliss and give in to the enjoyment of his hands. He slowly works himself up the calves of my legs then my thighs.

    A wave of ecstasy races through my whole body, starting from my head down to the tips of my toes as his hands enters between my legs at the upper inner thigh.

    This is a whole new level of pleasure I don’t want it to stop.

    A moment later, I decide to take off my blouse and he stares at me in amazement.

    “I have never wanted any woman more than I want you right now,” he says quietly

    I can’t speak I merely nod my head as I continue to enjoy the feel of his hands on me. He pulls me to him and kisses my neck then I unbutton his shirt before I rub my hands through his bare chest.

    He presses his lips on mine we kiss and caress each other our tongues merge in a hot wet dance of desire. As we continue kissing I feel a swoop of intense hunger sweep through me banishing logic and reason.

    When we finally have sex, it is everything I have ever dreamt of, it’s sex like I have never had before. When we are both spent, we finally fall asleep in each other’s arms.



    “What did you do to finally convince lover boy to take you out for dinner?” Trish asks as she works on my makeup.

    “I didn’t even have to do anything, I just asked him out for dinner.”

    “Does that mean he is falling for you?” she asks

    “Fred is unpredictable, you can never know.”

    “Make an impression tonight.”


    “Flirt with him, seduce him if you have to.”

    “Won’t that scare him away?”

    “Be creative girl.”


    “I am done,” she says

    “I love it, thank you,” I smile at her as I stand up.

    I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. I am clad in a white dress with a plunging neck line. The dress is tight and very short but it clings in all the right places accentuating my curves.

    “Isn’t this too loud?” I ask

    “You look amazing,” she replies meaning every word.


    “That dress is to die for its long enough to cover the goodies but short enough to create interest. If you play it right, Fred will be in your bed tonight.”

    “I really can’t wait to have him in this bed,” I respond

    A short while later, there is a knock at the door, “I thank that’s my queue to leave,” I grab my purse.

    “Go grab your man girl.”

    “Alright, stay safe.”

    Trish is staying with me for a couple of days she had an issue with her landlord.

    I march down the stairs and walk towards the door, when I open it. Fred is standing on my door step looking handsome as usual.



    “Shall we?” he asks, I extend my hand to him thinking he will walk me to the car but he quickly walks ahead of me and I walk right behind him, he didn’t even look at my me for more than a minute and no complement whatsoever about the way I look.

    He opens the door for me and I slid into my seat then he walks around to his seat, as soon as he gets in, he starts the car and drives out. The drive to the restaurant is quiet, there is utter silence expect for the music playing in the background. I keep stealing short glances at Fred but his eyes are focused on the road.

    When we finally get to our destination, we step out of the car and head straight in, we are lead to a table at the far end of the room and surprisingly it’s a table for three and not two.

    “Table for three?” I ask, maybe we have been assigned the wrong table.

    “I have invited someone,” he responds


    “Me,” Patrick walks up to us.

    Patrick is a colleague from work, he has been trying to get into my pants for a long time now and I keep rejecting his advances, Fred knows I hate this guy with a passion, why would he invite him over to our date, this night is supposed to be for me and him alone.

    “Anna!” he exclaims as his eyes travel down my body, “You look heartbreakingly beautiful,” he says

    “Thank you.”

    “I am starving can we all sit and order some food?” Fred says


    Patrick sits next to me while Fred sits on the chair across from mine.


    I am fuming with anger I went all out to make an impression on Fred and not this fool sitting next to me. The waiter walks towards us a few minutes later and we order our food.

    “I hope you are not upset that I invited him, this guy here has been bugging me about you,” he laughs

    “It’s fine,” I respond

    “Really? You won’t strangle me this?” Patrick asks

    I roll my eyes at him, “why would I do that?”

    “Because you are Anna and no one messes with Anna.”

    I choose not to respond.

    The waited brings our food and we start eating, Fred is focused on his phone while Patrick keeps asking me silly questions, the only reason I am responding is because I don’t want to seem rude.

    “I am sorry but I have to leave right away, Patrick do you mind taking her home for me?” Fred asks

    “What?” I shot him a serious look. You can hi ome on+233544142683 to be added to his story head quarters room to read more of this…

    “My wife just texted, her car won’t move, I need to pick her up,” he says

    “I don’t mind driving her home,” Patrick responds

    “Great,” Fred grabs his car keys, “Dinner was amazing Anna, we should do this again soon, buddy I will see you later.”

    And with that he hurries out of the restaurant.

    “What just happened?”

    “Fred just left,” he says

    “I said that out loud?”


    “I just played myself.”


    “Never mind.”


    “Don’t even start Patrick,” I snap at him before I continue eating my food even though I am no longer hungry. I went through all this for a man who doesn’t seem to notice me.


    When I wake up a few hours later, I shower, get dressed and head to the living room Kai is sitting in front of the television though he is focused on his phone. I stand at the door and stare at him as he types away, from the expression on his face, he must be enjoying the conversation & suddenly I feel jealous.

    “You are up?” he asks when he finally notices me.


    He walks over to me and wraps his hands around me before he lightly kisses my lips.

    “I have to go,” I say pulling away from him.

    “Is anything the matter?”


    “You have to eat something,” he says

    “I am fine.”

    “I cooked for you the least you can do is try and eat.”



    He leads me to the dining room where he dishes up for me and I eat in silence. After I finish, I go back to his room and grab my stuff. I am still picking some of my things when he walks in.

    Then he grabs me, pushes me up against the wall and pins my hands above my head then he looks intensely into my eyes and the next thing I know, his lips are on mine. As usual his body feels so good against mine and his lips are as soft as ever. I melt in his hands as he kisses me and all the anger that I felt towards him is gone.

    “I am sorry, if I hurt you in anyway,” he says finally.

    “You didn’t hurt me,” I respond.

    “Spend the night.”

    “Your offer is tempting but I can’t,” I respond


    “My husband…,”

    “Forget it,” he cuts my sentence short before I finish, grab your back so I can walk you out to your car.



    Episode 32

    A month later,

    “Kai,” I scream his name and fall forward onto the pillows.

    Before I collapse completely, he wraps his hand around my waist and pumps his own release. Then he lowers us both to the bed with lying on top of me.

    “That was mind blowing,” he smiles

    “I know right,” i smile back at him.

    For the next few minutes, we remain connected, him inside of me.

    “Are you comfortable,” he asks

    “I am perfectly fine.”

    I seriously don’t understand how we got this far, at first I thought this was fun and all but now I am hooked. Kai is romantic, he does things that surpass my imagination and the sex is mind blowing. I want more of him.

    The past month I have had to lie to Fred in order to spend time with Kai. As far as Fred is concerned I got a promotion at work and I am required to work long hours, weekends inclusive.

    Church has even become a thing of the past for me i spend every free time I have with Kai.

    Kai is my breath of fresh air, he makes me feel alive and as much as the guilt is eating me up. I can’t stay away from him I am addicted to his touch, maybe I am just obsessed I don’t know but I think I am ready to break the rules for him.

    “So I have been thinking,” he says lightly kissing my lips.



    “I am all ears.”

    “I want to marry you Tasha,” he says and my heart instantly slams hard against my chest, I didn’t expect to hear these words from him.


    “I want us to get married,” he says again

    “Your wife?”

    “You know my wife and I have been on separation, we are in the process of finalizing our divorce.”

    “I see.”

    “That is all you will say?”

    “I am short of words.”

    “Tasha I have fallen in love with you and I want us to get married, I kicked my wife out because I knew it’s you I wanted to be with. How about you? What sacrifices are you willing to make?”

    “I have children with Fred.”

    “I have a child with my wife.”

    “I know.”

    “You will have to make a decision Tasha, it’s either Fred or me,” he says before he pulls out of me and rolls out of bed.


    “Love is about making sacrifices, I did my part, do yours.”

    “It’s not that easy.”

    “If you love me as much as you claim to then it won’t be that hard to leave Fred for me.”

    “Can I atleast think about it?”

    “You can think about it but I don’t think I will be able to see you before then.”

    “What?” My eyes widen in shock

    “You need to set your priorities straight, if you choose me I will make you life exciting but if you choose to be with your husband, I won’t bug you about it. Follow your heart.”


    He gets dressed and walks out of the room I get out of bed too, take a shower and get dressed. I know I want to be with Kai but how do I break this news to Fred and my children without hurting them?

    I grab my bag and walk out of the bedroom, Kai is pacing back and forth in the living room he has a bottle of whiskey in his hands. I walk towards him and wrap my hands around him, he flinches.

    I kiss his neck, he turns around and our eyes meet, he looks like he has been crying.

    “You are okay?” I ask

    “Yes,” he nods his head.


    “I want to be left alone please leave,” he cuts me off short.



    “Okay,” I give him a quick kiss.

    Heartbroken, I walk towards the door hoping he will change his mind and call me back but he doesn’t.

    I drive out of his apartment with a heavy heart, he truly loves me I can see it in his eyes, I feel the same way too, lord why did I have to cross paths with Kai, my heart is stuck between a rock and a hard place.



    “Are you sure about this?” Chansa asks

    “Yes,” I respond, taking a sip from my glass of wine.

    “You won’t regret hiring me buddy.”

    “I know I can always depend on your services.”

    “Thank you.”

    After I give him more details, I walk him out of the house.

    Chansa is a private investigator that I have just hired to track my wife and her way abouts. I have been watching Tasha for the past month she has completely changed into someone I hardly know.

    She hardly has time for me and the children, she has stopped going to church and her attitude is intolerable, she is always out on business dates and when she is at home, she gives me the cold shoulder.

    Maybe my sister was right after all, Tasha could be seeing someone else but I won’t accuse her without getting proper evidence and that’s the reason I have hired Chansa.

    I finish my drink and head towards the bathroom I take a quick shower and get dressed. I am taking Amelia and the girls for a movie and dinner tonight.

    I am about to walk out of the room when my phone rings, I pull it from my pocket and stare at it not recognizing the number.



    “Hello? Anyone on the line?” I ask

    “Hey Fred,” a female voice says on the other end of the line.

    “Who am I talking to?”

    “My name is not important I just call to give you some important information about Tasha.”

    “My wife? Did anything happen to her? Is she okay?”

    She chuckles, “Tasha is perfectly fine in fact she is on her way home.”

    I sigh in relief, “Oh.”

    “Do you know where your wife is coming from?” she asks

    “How is that your business?”

    “You deserve better, that woman you call a wife is cheat and a w---e. I hope you leave her the minute her sneaky ways are exposed” she says before she hungs up.

    I sink to the bed feeling sick is Tasha really cheating on me? Who the hell was that woman on the other side of the line and why did her voice sound familiar? I have to get to the bottom of this soon.



    “How are things between Fred and his wife?” My auntie asks, Fred gave me a few days off since there is nothing much to do at home because the children are with his sister.

    “Intense,” I respond

    “What do you mean intense?” she asks

    “I think Tasha is cheating on her husband.”

    “What makes you think so?”

    “She has been in and out of the house she hardly spends time with Fred.”

    “I see.”

    “And how the underwear issue? How did it end?”

    “It eventually just died down you know Fred doesn’t like talking too much.”

    “And that’s why I adore him,” she says

    “What’s your plan? You wanna be his second wife?”

    “I want to be his only wife Tasha has had her share she has to leave that man for me.”

    “Should I be honest with you?” I ask


    “I don’t see Fred falling in love with someone like you.”


    “And I am tired of spying on that couple you pay me what you owe me so I can move on with my life.”


    “I have done what you asked me Auntie, that man loves his wife dearly it’s a pity she maltreats him, I don’t want to be part of this plot anymore.”


    “Thank you.”


    Episode 33

    I am lying on the bed reading a book and texting when i feel a sharp pain in my stomach and lower back so I shift around on the bed thinking that the pain will go away, I haven’t been too fine for the past few days. All of a sudden, I feel sick to my stomach I throw the sheet off and run to the toilet where I vomit.

    It seems like forever before I can breathe again and rise to my feet.

    I have been throwing up constantly for the past few days, my body aches and I can’t seem to keep any food in my system. I haven’t been able to admit to myself the possibility that I might be pregnant.


    I have been having unprotected sex Kai though I am on the pill.

    I brush my teeth quickly before showering and dressing in a record ten minutes.

    After that, I am on my way to the pharmacy across the road to buy a pregnancy test kit, I have to be sure I am really pregnant before I tell Kai about it and if he wants still wants us to be together then I am game.

    After buying the kit, I hurry back home to take the test. I rush into the bathroom and nervously read the procedure. Afterwards I gather some of my urine in a cup and soak the stick from the kit in it.

    I pace back and forth as I anxiously wait for the results, after what seems like forever I pick the stick and stare at it, it is positive- I am pregnant for Kai.

    I am very sure it is his because Fred and I haven’t been intimate for a couple of months now.

    Shortly after that discovery, I am on my way to Kai’s house.

    When I finally get to his house, I greet Kai with a warm hug and a kiss, I can’t wait to tell him but I am scared of his reaction.

    “What a pleasant surprise,” he says

    “I have something to tell you,” I pull him towards the living room.

    “I am all ears.”

    “I’m pregnant,” I finally spill the news.

    “You are?” he asks, his face his unreadable, I don’t know if he is excited or not.

    “Yes, I used a pregnancy test.”

    “That’s great,” he says

    “Is that all you will say?” I ask

    “Could the child be mine?” he asks

    For a minute there I feel sick again, his question makes me want to vomit all over again.

    “Did you hear what I asked?”

    “I heard you.”


    “The child is yours but from the look on your face, you are not amused, I thought you wanted us to get married and start a family.”

    He silently scratches his head,” I am just shocked.”

    “I am out of here,” I say turning towards the door but he holds my hands and intently stares at me.

    “I just wanted to be sure. I didn’t want to get my hopes high for nothing.”

    “I see.”

    He pulls me closer to him and kisses me while rubbing my tummy, “I can’t wait to m]=-eet our baby,” he says.

    “Me too.”



    Tasha is lying in my bed I wore her down after our intense love making session.

    I can’t believe she is pregnant, this messes up everything, she told me she was on the pill how could she get so careless. How am I gonna get out of this without my wife finding out?

    I have been trying to call this silly woman who made me do all this but she isn’t picking up my calls, I feel so helpless right now, I didn’t intend for this to get this far, a lot is at stake, how do we go ahead with the original plan when a child is involved?

    When my phone finally rings, I grab it and answer without checking the caller ID.


    “You have been calling?” she asks

    “There is a problem.”

    “I am all ears.”

    “She is pregnant, Tasha is pregnant,” I say


    I roll my eyes as if she can see me,” How do people get pregnant? We have been having sex.”

    “Weren’t you using protection?”

    “She said she was on the pill.”

    “Are you sure she is pregnant though?”

    “Yes, what are we gonna do?”

    “We? Am I the one with a weak pull out game?”

    “This is our mess don’t you dare put it all on me,” I snap

    “She has to abort.”

    “You want her to abort my baby?”

    “That’s the only way out otherwise it’s gonna be so hard for you to get rid of her. You make her abort and then you dump her end of show.”

    “It’s not that easy.”

    “Think about it. Think about your wife and Sofia.”

    The knot in my stomach tightens at the mention of my wife and daughter, they are my first priority, I have to do what I can to end this stupid affair.

    “I will get back to you, I need to think.”


    I end the call and head back to the bedroom.



    I just ended my phone call with Kai, to say I am happy is an understatement I am thrilled. Tasha just played herself by getting pregnant for Kai this is exactly what I needed to pull the final string.

    Phase two is complete, a foolish woman destroys her home with her own hands, I believe Tasha has just done that, they will be no one to blame but herself when things finally come crumbling down.

    Well, it’s time to work my magic, Tasha is going down Fred will officially be mine, I have waited for so long for this, I can’t believe my dream is finally going to be fulfilled.

    Phase three is the final straw, after this there is no going back, I am ready to end this game just like I started it.


    “How are things going with Patrick?” Trish asks. We are sitting in front of the television watching big brother Nigeria.

    I shrug, “Okay.”

    “Just okay?”


    “And has Fred said a thing about your relationship with Patrick?”

    “He just asked me to take things slow with Patrick.”

    “I see.”

    “I don’t know what to do anymore to get Fred.”

    “F--k him out of that marriage,” she laughs

    I roll my eyes, “Fred is a saint he would never agree to have sex with me not even his dreams.”

    “Then you will have to wait.”

    After that evening that Fred played a fast one on me and Patrick, I decide to accept Patrick’s proposal so I could make Fred jealous but it hasn’t been working.


    Fred’s eyes are only for Tasha, I wonder what that evil woman has that I don’t have. I am slowly losing it, all my efforts to get that man have proven futile, what am I gonna do now?

    “Don’t lose hope,” she says

    “I am f-----g tired.”

    “All things work together for the good of those who love the lord,” she laughs

    “You are mocking me?”

    “I am quoting the scripture for you.”

    “I see.”

    “Cheer up darling.”



    Episode 34

    “Every wise woman builds her house but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” Proverbs 14:1

    I am sitting in front of the television though my mind is elsewhere, my heart is racing, there is a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that something is going to happen and my hands are kind of sweaty. I feel so uneasy.


    A knock at the door startles me out of my thoughts and I jump a little before i walk towards the door. When I open it, Chansa is standing at my door step and he has an envelope in his hands.

    “Come in,” I open the door wider and step aside, when he walks in, I shut it firmly behind my back.

    “Please take a seat,” I point at the couch.

    “Thank you,” he responds

    I sit on the couch across from his, “How have you been? Did you find out anything about my wife?” I nervously ask.

    “I have been fine and yes I did find out more than enough.”

    I clear my throat, “Let’s hear it.”

    He hands me the envelope, “Everything you need is in there,” he says

    My hands trembling, I tear the envelope open.

    Inside, I find two photographs. I stare at the photos and my heart clenches at the sight of Tasha with another man.

    They looked so happy together, in one photo they were in a restaurant holding hands and in another, kissing passionately in front of a car.

    “Are you okay?” Chansa asks

    “Yes,” I lie

    He hands me some papers, “You will find information about the man in these papers.”


    “Thank you,” I hand him some money before I walk him out of the house.


    I walk back into the house, pour myself a glass of whiskey, gulp down the beer and throw myself on the couch. Then I get the papers that Chansa left and start going through them, based on the report, the man she has been cheating on me with is married with one child and they have been together for a few months now.

    He has even included the address of the apartment where they meet from and apparently it’s the same address that I received via text earlier this evening from a strange number.

    Grabbing my car keys, I decide to head over to the apartment because I am sure Tasha is there right now, I need to see her with him to believe truly that she is cheating- talk of giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    I get into my car and start the engine, the drive to his house is stressing, I keep telling myself that there is a mistake somewhere that my wife can never cheat on me, that this is a nightmare and someone will soon wake me up.

    An hour later, I arrive at my destination.


    Taking a deep breath, I step out of the car and strode up to the front door. I walk up to the door to the sound of loud moaning. I feel the usual knot in my stomach as I push the door open.

    I slowly make my way to where the sound is coming from, I walk into what looks like a living room and that’s when I see her, my Tasha, my beautiful wife of 11 years and mother of my two babies is in the having sex with another man on his living room floor.

    For a moment there, I see my whole life flash before my eye and I die not physically though. A mixture of emotions sweeps through me, I feel weak, I feel rage and I feel worthless.

    “Fred?” her eyes are wide with shock when she sees me. The guy instantly detaches from her and hides behind the couch. No homo, he is handsome, I bet he has several woman running to him.

    “Tasha,” I fake a smile

    “What are you doing here?” she asks, I search her eyes to see if there is any hint of guilt in them but there is none, she isn’t remorseful at all.

    “You will find me at home,” I respond before I turn and walk out of the house and back to my car.

    You know how I feel? Like I have been hit by a track and I have lost my limbs. The pain is unbearable it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before. I drive back home at high speed.

    And when I get home, I sit on the floor of my bedroom and wait patiently for Tasha.

    She barges into the house an hour later and we lock eyes then she walks towards the bed, kicks off her shoes and sits down.

    “I didn’t want you to find out this way,” she says

    “Why?” I ask

    She begins fiddling with her fingers as her head hangs down, “I don’t really know how this started but you pushed me to him,” she says

    Anger courses through me in an instant. “Me? How?”

    “You cheated first,” she says

    I laugh, “I would never cheat on you and you know it. For the past eleven years I haven’t looked at a woman the way I look at you, I have been faithful to the end.”

    “Stop lying,” I cut in, “You and Sharon where sleeping together, have you forgotten how I found her underwear in your clothes?”

    I give a mirthless laugh, “I have never cheated on you, I swear on the lives of Taylor and Talia, God is my witness.”

    “You are serious?”


    “Where did you meet him?”

    “That’s not important.”

    “It is to me.”

    “No,” I shake my head.

    “Can I ask you another question? And I want you to be completely honest with me, you owe me that atleast. Are you in love with him?”

    She looks at me for a minute as a tear slides down her face, I know her answer even before she opens her mouth to say, “Yes, I love him a love.”


    At that moment my heart begins to ache, I feel as if someone has just stabbed me in my chest.

    “So you want to be with him?” I ask an obvious question.

    “I am carrying his child,” she whispers

    I feel numb as I ask the next question, “Does his wife know?” I ask

    “They are in the process of a divorce she doesn’t know about my pregnancy.”

    “What next?”

    “I am moving out of the house today and I plan to file for a divorce as soon as possible.”

    “You can’t be serious,” I respond.

    “I am serious Fred this is the end of the road for us. I will always love and appreciate you.”

    “I always thought I was more than enough for you but I was so wrong, wasn’t i?”

    “You are enough I just wanted more.”

    “You are good man Fred and I wish you the best.”

    She stands up, grabs a suitcase and packs some of her stuff. I watch her silently, where did I go wrong with her? I loved her since the first day, I promised her I would be faithful and I did just that, where did I go wrong? Is love ever enough?

    “Sometimes love is never enough Fred,” she says as if reading my mind.

    I give her a questioning look.

    “You said that out loud,” she responds

    “I have to go now,” she says when she is done packing.

    “What can I do to make you stay?”

    “There’s nothing you can do to make me stay,” she says

    I feel the tears in my eyes begin to stream down my cheeks as I grab her hand and wrap my hands around her.

    “I have to go,” she says pulling herself from me.

    “I hope he is worth it.”

    “He is.”

    And with that said, Tasha marches out of the house.



    Sitting at the far end of the room, I watch her silently as she moves with the rhythm of the beat. She sure knows how to move her assets. When the song ends, she turns and finds me staring.

    “Why are you looking at me that way?” she asks

    “You amaze me,” I respond

    She walks back to the couch and grabs the glass in my hands she takes a large sip and hands it back to me.

    “You are an excellent brother Kai,” she says

    “What next?”

    “You keep her entertained for two weeks while I work my magic on Fred, as soon as Fred falls into my trap you dump her and leave the country for a while.”

    “The child?”

    “Let me handle that,” she says with a smile on her face.



    Episode 35

    “Let go of the illusion that it could have been any different.”


    I am sitting on the stool in Prisca’s kitchen as she prepares lunch.

    “How are things with you and Kai?” she asks

    I smile as I stare at the ring on my finger, “Excellent,” I respond

    “You are glowing,” she says

    “I guess it’s the pregnancy and the ring on my finger,” I say taking a sip from my lemon water.

    “So you and Fred are completely done?”




    “He was a good catch.”

    “I thought you never liked him so why the change in heart?”

    “I just feel like you are moving too fast, hasn’t been like a week since you left your husband’s house and now you have a ring on your finger? Won’t that affect your divorce case?”

    “I don’t want anything from Fred I just want us to share custody of the girls.”

    “I see.”

    “His wife?”

    “He has told her I am carrying his child and she is angry but I am sure she will get over it.”

    “I see.”

    “I can’t wait to have a baby boy, a little boy like Kai running up and down the house.”

    “I wish you well.”

    “Thank you.”

    “You don’t feel guilty for hurting Fred though?” she asks

    “I do feel bad for Fred but this is about my happiness, I did the right thing, I followed my heart.”


    She finishes cooking lunch and sets the table, “Lunch is saved,” she says

    “Thank you.”

    I dish for myself and instantly start eating the food, Prisca is a very good cook, I enjoy her food.

    So I moved into the apartment with Kai after I left Fred. This had to be done we had already fallen apart before Kai walked into my life. At first I wasn’t sure where our affair would lead us to but now I am glad we are heading into marriage as soon as we sort out the issues with our partners.

    A part of me didn’t want to leave Fred but the other part wanted to test the waters and be with Kai. Fred is a great man, he will find someone soon I just hope the girls understand my decision.

    After lunch, Prisca and I spend a few more minutes together before I finally leave her house.



    I still can’t believe that Tasha feel pregnant for another man and even left her husband’s house, I am disgusted by her actions Fred is a good man who doesn’t deserve everything he is going through.

    As soon as Tasha leaves, I get ready to pay Fred a visit, I have to sympathize with him, I think I owe him that much since Tasha is my friend and I might have pushed her to cheat on him with Kai.

    When I get to his house, I step out of my car and head towards the door, I know thrice and wait.

    I wait for what seems like forever before he finally opens the door.

    “What do you want?” he barks

    He looks messy and scruffy and his breath smells of beer, I know he has been drinking, he sure loved his wife, his heart is broken, I can see it through his eyes- poor man.

    “Your wife told me what happened?” I say

    “And then?” he asks, his voice is cold and harsh.

    “I am sorry for what you are going through.”

    “F--k off,” he yells


    “You and Tasha are birds of the same feathers, we both know that you helped Tasha to cheat on me. You have never liked me.”

    I laugh, “I would never do that.”

    “Did you know about Kai?” he asks


    “Did you?” he snaps

    “I did.”

    “And you encouraged her?” he prompts

    “I knew about Kai but I didn’t encourage her to cheat, Tasha is old enough to make such decisions on her own.”

    “You are right.”

    “What next?” I ask

    He sighs, “I love Tasha and I don’t want to let her go, she is the mother of my children, it was supposed to be till death do us part.”

    “Then talk to her.”

    “She doesn’t want me anymore and I can’t force her to be with me.”

    “Give her time,” I respond

    “Can I come in?” I ask

    He hesitates.

    “Its fine, I just came to see if you are okay. I know we aren’t the best of friends but if you need someone to talk to, I am here.”

    “Come in,” he says

    He walks into the house and I follow him closely.

    The house looks filthy there are bottles of beer on the floor and some boxes of food all over the place.

    “Have you tried to call her?”

    “She no longer picks my calls.”

    “Where are the girls?”

    “With my sister, I can’t see them in this state I am.”

    “I am really sorry,” I say as i pick up the bottles and try to clean the mess.

    “It’s not your fault.”

    “I will talk to her,” I say

    “Please do, she needs to reconsider her decision for the sake of the girls.”

    “I will.”

    I spend the next two hours cleaning the house and preparing him something to eat. As all this is going on, we talk about random stuff, I crack a few jokes and it’s actually amazing to see him smile.

    “Thank you so much for your help,” he says as he walks me towards my car.

    “You are welcome, I will talk to Tasha, don’t worry.”

    “Thank you.”

    “You are welcome.”

    I get into my car and wave at him before I drive off.



    After Prisca leaves, I walk back into the house and throw myself on the couch, grabbing my phone I check my whatsapp messages, Tasha has a new profile photo, there is a bright smile on her face, she has her hand on her cheek there is a ring on her finger. My heart slams hard against my chest as I stare at the ring, isn’t she moving a little too fast? Did this woman even love me? Did I even mean anything to her?

    It hurts to actually realise that she won’t change her mind about us, I should stop hoping because it is so clear she has fallen out of love with me, I am no longer the man she wants to be with.

    I take a glass of whiskey from the table and let it touch my lips. As the liquor burns me, it makes me alive. It dulls the pain in my heart so I continue to drink one glass after the other.



    “Your husband is broken Tasha,” I say, I just got home and I decided to call her since I promised Fred I would talk to her for him but from the look of things, Tasha’s mind is set. She wants a divorce.

    “Ex- husband,” she snaps

    “Your divorce hasn’t even been finalized do you even know what you are doing?”

    “Where has this sudden interest in Fred come from?”

    “I am trying to help you make the right decision you cannot throw away 11 years of marriage for someone you hardly know.”

    “You are not my mother Prisca we are not even related so quit acting like we are.”


    “I don’t want to be with Fred anymore, I want to be with Kai is that so hard for you to understand?”

    I give a nonchalant shrug, “It’s your life anyway.”

    “I have to go, I will talk to you later,” she hangs up before I can even say anything more, so much for trying to help someone.


    Episode 36

    A week later,

    “Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce.”

    “Daddy, what time is mummy coming?” Talia asks

    “Soon,” I respond

    The girls and I are sitting in the living room waiting for Tasha, we are finally gonna tell them about the divorce. I didn’t want to do this, I wanted to wait a little longer but Tasha insisted.

    I am so scared right now, I want to disassociate myself from this moment, I wish I could disappear and come back when it’s over. Because who wants to tell their kids that their parents won’t be together anymore.


    I love Tasha a lot and it breaks my heart so see her with another man but if this is what she wants then I have no option but to let her go. I want Tasha to be happy even if it’s not with me.

    Feeling another person’s presence in the room, I look up from the television to find Tasha I didn’t even hear her walk in.

    “Mummy!” Talia says glancing over her.

    “Hey my darling,” she responds

    “Taylor,” she scopes the girl into her hands and kisses her forehead.

    She talks to the kids for a few minutes before she turns towards me, “Hey Fred.”

    “Hey,” I respond.

    “Talia can you please get me some water,” she says before she sits down on the couch across from mine.

    Talia runs off to the kitchen and returns a minute later with a glass of water which she hands to her mother. I watch as Tasha rapidly drinks her water before she places the glass on the table.

    “You are okay?” I ask

    “Yes,” she nods her head.

    There is an uncomfortable silence in the room before Tasha clears her throat and intently stares at me. Does she expect me to start the discussion? She put us in this mess she has to break the news to the girls.

    “Girls,” I begin. “Your mother and I have something to tell you.”

    “Oh,” Talia exclaims

    “You can go ahead Tasha,” I say

    She shoots me a look and clears her throat again, “Girls, do you know how much your father and I love you?” she asks

    “Yes,” they respond in unison

    “How much?” she asks

    “You love us more than anyone in this world,” Talia says

    “Exactly,” I shot in, “Your mother and I love you a lot you are the most important people in our lives.”

    Talia beams while Taylor kicks her feet, I wish we didn’t have to do Taylor is too young to understand.

    “Sometimes parents decide not to live together anymore when things don’t work out,” I continue

    Talia nods her head she is a smart little girl, I am sure she will figure it out one way or another.

    “Mum and dad are getting a divorce do you know what that means?”

    Talia tips her head to the side, “A divorce? You aren’t going to be together any more like Kendall’s parents?”

    I let out a sigh and swallow hard, Kendall is her friend from school and church, her parents got a divorce last year. For a few seconds neither of us responds finally Tasha breaks the silence.

    “Yes, we won’t be living together anymore.”

    “But that isn’t fair.”

    “I know it isn’t fair but that’s how life is sometimes,” Tasha responds

    “Where are we going to stay?” Taylor asks, I look at Tasha, we haven’t discussed that yet.

    “You will be staying with your father, I will get you weekends and holidays,” she says

    “Is this our fault? Have we been bad girls?” Talia sniffles wiping her eyes before the tears can fall.

    It breaks my heart to see her in this state I would do anything to reverse this conversation. I have failed my children I promised them a good stable family but look at us now?

    “It’s not your fault we both still love you a lot,” Tasha says

    “But you are leaving?”

    “Yes but we will still get to spend some time together.”


    “I don’t want to be without you mummy,” Taylor starts crying.

    “Please don’t make this harder than it is,” Tasha says

    “You are being insensitive,” I respond

    She ignores me.

    “Girls, we love you a lot, we just can’t leave in the same house anymore and you know mummy is busy, you will have more fun with your father.”

    Talia stands up and runs off to her room, Tasha is about to go after her but I stop her.

    “Give her time.”

    “That was disrespectful.”

    “She is just a child.”

    I pick Taylor up, “It’s going to be fine,” I say before I set her down brushing my fingers through her hair.

    “Hey baby, go to your room so that daddy and I can talk,” she says


    “That didn’t go so well,” Tasha says

    “Ya it didn’t go.”

    “The kids get to stay with you,” she says. “I will see them weekends and holidays.”

    “You are leaving them behind because of a man?”

    “Don’t start with me.”

    “Does he know you have kids?” I ask

    “Fred? I love my children but I can’t move in with them, it’s too soon, it will be too confusing for them.”


    “The divorce papers will be ready by next week, I don’t want anything from you, you can keep it all,” she says


    “Do you have any questions regarding the divorce? Any objections?”

    “I am good.”

    “Thank you.”

    “You are welcome.”

    “I will take my leave now.”


    She rises to her feet, grabs her bag and walks out of the house, lord! How did we get here? So she has seriously given up on us?



    “This is getting too complicated,” I yell

    “Calm down,” she says on the other end of the line.

    “It’s been two weeks already and my wife will be coming back home any day, what’s the plan?”

    “Phase three is almost done you will be out of the picture sooner that you think.”

    “Do something.”

    “I am working towards that.”

    “A week, that’s all I am giving you.”

    “Thank you so much, I owe you one.”

    “I will talk to you later, I think Tasha is home.”


    I end the call as Tasha walks in to the room.

    “Hey,” she walks over to me and lightly kisses my lips.

    “Hey you,” I fake a smile, I am tired of pretending, I want get this over and done with. I miss my wife and daughter I can’t wait to have them back home.

    “I am tired,” she says sitting on the bed.

    “How did it go with Fred and the girls?”

    “Bad but I am sure they are gonna be fine.”

    I look at her and for a moment I frown, what sort of woman is she? Tasha is selfish, she only cares for herself, I feel sorry for those children, they don’t deserve a mother like her, they deserve better.


    Episode 37

    It’s been a few days since Tasha told the children about the divorce. It hasn’t been easy on any of us but life must go on. Life without Tasha is not the same.

    The wounds she has inflicted on the inside are so deep words can’t even begin to decipher the ache in my heart. That woman was everything to me, when I married her I was the happiest man on earth I was so excited, it felt like I had won myself a jackpot. And when we had our girls, I was content I always thought we would grow old together but look at us now.


    Isn’t it funny how life can change in the blink of an eye? What we love, our happiness and security can all be taken away and one word “DIVORCE” can change everything.

    When you marry someone, you build your life around them & even though you know that things are not moving as good as you would want them to, you hold on so tight and hope that they eventually turn around. And then one day they walk up to you and ask for a divorce because you are no longer what they need to be happy, “How the hell did we get here?”

    Anyway, I am sitting in the living room on the couch looking at a photo Album of Tasha’s which contains several pictures of our family, she left the photo album for the girls so they can look back at their lives.


    There is a bright smile on my face as I stumble on our wedding photos. In those photos, Tasha looks happy and content. She was wearing a simple mermaid gown but she looked gorgeous.

    Lord, what happened to us? I wonder, for a moment there I squeeze my eyes shut and think about all the good times we shared especially in the early years of our marriage.

    “You have to let go,” a voice says in my head.

    “I know,” I respond before I open my eyes and fix my gaze back on the photo album.

    I hope that man loves her as much as I do i hope he makes her smile and I really- really hope he is worth it. It is about 20 minutes later when a knock comes at my door. I walk to the door and open it, to find a delivery man standing on my door step.

    “Fred Sakala?” he asks


    “I have a parcel for you.”


    “You just have to sign for it,” he says handing me a pen and showing me where to sign. After that he hands me a big manila envelope and says, “You have a nice day Mr. Sakala.” and he walks off.

    I close the door, walk back to the couch and sit down. I open the envelope, I go through the contents and what I discover makes me sick to my stomach, there is a white paper with the words, “Petition for Divorce” written in block letters followed by Tasha’s formal signature.

    So this happening? I grip on the paper tightly as betrayal and hurt stings deeply within me. Tasha is seriously divorcing me, I thought she would wait a little longer but it seems she is in a rush to marry her new lover.

    I quickly read through the rest of the paper and neatly swerve the pen along the line next to my name. Staring at my signature for a moment, I would do anything to save my marriage but it’s done & I just have to accept things as they are.



    Standing in front of the mirror I eyes myself critically in the mirror, my dress is elegant and sexy, the makeup is on point and my hair looks amazing. “I am a beautiful woman, any man would be blessed to have me as his wife, I am a keeper, I am the favour,” I say these words to myself over and over again.


    Satisfied with myself, I walk away from the mirror then I grab my car keys and purse.

    I walk out of the house and get into my car I throw my handbag into the passenger side and drive off. I am in high spirits as I drive towards Fred’s house, since Tasha moved out and she is pursuing a divorce, I figured this was the right time for me to have Fred all to myself, he is hurting and I know men heal by having sex with someone else, I will offer him this and more, Fred is the man for me, I am certain now more than ever.

    I will make Fred comfortable and then I will seduce him, after he has a piece of me, there will be no turning back.


    I get to Fred’s house an hour later and pull up in his driveway, stepping out of my car, I head for the front door, I knock twice and wait, the door is opened a minute later by Prisca, Tasha’s friend.

    Prisca and I lock eyes, we hold the gaze for what seems like forever before she breaks it and smiles at me, “Hey,” she says

    “Hello, is Fred in?”

    “Yes,” she steps aside and allows me to enter.

    “What is it about this woman?” There is something about this woman that doesn’t ring true and it seriously gives me the creeps. When I enter the living room, I find Fred and Patrick playing cards. I didn’t expect to find Patrick here, he called in the morning and asked if we could spend the afternoon together but I told him I would be held up.

    “Babe,” he says

    I manage a weak smile, “Hey,” I walk over to him and lightly kiss his lips.

    “I thought you had a busy afternoon,” he shots me a questioning look.

    “Ya, I had a lunch date with a friend but she canceled so I thought I would come over and cheer Fred up.”

    “I see,” he responds.

    “Hey buddy,” Fred greets

    “Hey you. How are you?”

    “I am trying.”

    “Okay, “I sit down next to Patrick and Prisca joins us a little later. “Lunch will be served soon,” she announces.

    “Thanks,” Patrick responds


    They continue playing cards while talking about random stuff though Fred isn’t talking much, the divorce issue is still affecting him, I really wanted this afternoon to be just about me and him.

    “Isn’t she your wife’s friend? What is she doing here?” I ask when Prisca walks back to the kitchen.

    “Yes, she is Tasha’s friend, to be honest with you I don’t know why she is here but if you ask me, she is here for the same reason as you.”

    My heart slams hard against my chest, “Which is?”

    “To sympathize with me.”


    “I don’t think she should be here?” I say

    “Why?” Prisca shoots in, I didn’t even notice she was standing on the door way.

    “You are Tasha’s friend, you probably knew she was cheating and now you are here being sympathetic towards friend, what really is your motive?”

    She laughs, “Tasha is my friend but I am not happy with what she did, I am only here to help Fred get by,” she snaps

    “I know your type,” I respond

    “And what is my type?”

    “I want everyone out of my house,” Fred yells before I can respond

    He catches everyone off guard.

    “I don’t need your sympathy, just leave my house already,” he says

    Patrick stands, “Babe I think you should leave,” he says

    “Yes leave,” Prisca says

    “You too,” he points at her and I burst out laughing.


    “Fine,” I shake my head and walk towards the door, Prisca grabs her bag too and walks behind me.

    I head straight to my car and just before I get in, she grabs my hand and I turn around.

    “Fred is my Best friend’s husband, I know they are going through a rough patch right now but he will forgive her soon because he loves her so back off,” she warns


    I am about to respond when my phone rings, I pull my hand from hers and get into my car.

    “I am watching you,” she says before she marches off.


    “Auntie I have been waiting,” Fatima says, her voice is impatient.

    “I told you I will sort you out soon.”

    “This wasn’t part of our agreement, you promised to pay as soon as I accomplished my mission.”

    “But you pulled out.”

    “A deal is a deal, pay me my money or I tell Fred you sent me to his house to work as a maid so I could spy on him and his wife.”

    “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “Watch me.”

    “Ba Fatty, you are threatening me?”

    “Auntie just send me my money, I have bills to pay,” she hangs up before I can say else. That girl is stupid, she will regret threatening me, for peace’s sake, I will settle her I don’t want her to ruin the only chance I have to be with friend.


    Episode 38

    I am sitting in the doctor’s office awaiting my pregnancy results, I haven’t been feeling too fine the past few days, I have the same symptoms I had when I was pregnant with Sofia, I just want to be sure if I am really pregnant, my husband and I talked about having a boy, I am sure he would be thrilled to know I am expecting.

    Speaking of my husband, I miss him terribly I have been away from home for some weeks now my vacation is almost done so I should be heading back home in a day or two.




    “Your results are ready and they are positive, congratulations you are two pregnant,” the doctor says when she finally walks in.

    My heart skips a beat and a huge smile instantly plays on my lips, “This is wonderful news.”

    “Yes it is.”

    The doctor and I discuss a few things before I finally leave and drive back home, I am tempted to call my husband but this news is too amazing to be shared via the phone, I am heading back home tonight. I want to surprise him.

    As soon as o get home, a book a flight and start packing my things, I am not really sure how I should break the news to him but I want it to be special, something he will always look back at.

    “What’s going on?” My cousin Faith asks

    I smile, “I am going back home, I miss my husband.”

    She rolls her eyes, “I thought you were leaving in two days time.”

    “Actually I am pregnant and I can’t wait to break the news to Kai.”

    “Awwww!” she screams in excitement.

    “I know right.”

    “Congratulations sister, I hope it’s a boy.”

    “I hope so too.”

    “Let me freshen up so I can drive you and Sofia to the airport.”




    I rise from the chair and run to the bathroom and throw up, I can hardly breathe as I retch continuously even when my stomach is empty.

    Tears stream down my cheeks as the sour smell of vomit fills in the room. This is like the fifth time I am throwing up in one hour, I feel sick and weak as if I have malaria.

    I don’t understand what’s happening to me, i have been experiencing constant vomiting and diarrhoea for the past two days, I never experienced these kind of symptoms when I was pregnant with my first two kids, why is this one so different? I am constantly drinking fluids so I don’t completely become weak.

    When I finally walk back into the living room, Kai hands me some water.

    “Take this,” he says

    “Thank you,” I smile at him. He such a gentleman, I fall in love with him every single day. I think Kai is my soul mate because I can connect with him in more ways than I did with Fred.

    Speaking of Fred, he signed the papers I sent to him, I am glad he didn’t fight this, Fred is a great man, I know he will find someone who loves him for who he is.

    I can’t wait for our divorce to be finalized so that I can start my life again with Kai.

    “How are you feeling?” he asks

    “Weak and nauseous.”

    “It will get better with time.”

    “I hope so.”

    “I know so.”

    I smile, “I love you.”

    His phone rings before he responds, he picks it up and stares at it for a moment, “I have to take this call.”




    “Time is running out,” I said to the person on the other end of the line.

    “That’s why I called.”

    “I am all ears.”

    “Have you been giving her the water I gave you?” she asks

    “Yes, give her more of the water tonight, it will make her sick, you will drive her to the usual clinic and then we stick to the rest of the plan. I am tired of playing hide and seek, it’s about time Tasha gets to meet her rival.”

    I sigh in relief, “Finally, I can get my life back on track.”

    “And I can marry the love of my life, you are a life saver brother, I shall forever be indebted to you.”

    “You know I would do anything for you right?”

    “I know.”

    “I took the risk for you.”

    “I am grateful, I owe you one,” she says before she ends the call.



    “Home sweet Home,” I exclaim as I throw myself on the couch while Sofia runs upstairs to her room, she obviously missed her toys. I called my sister Trish when we landed and she drove us home. You can hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to storybaze, storyline, House of stories, unlimited story platform to enjoy reading more of this …

    She said she is meeting someone for some drinks so she couldn’t enter the house, my sister is dramatic can you imagine she charged me for the ride she said something about fuel being expensive. I have never seen someone who loves money as much as she does.

    The house looks clean and tidy but although the floor needs to be swept and the furniture encased with a deep layer of dust needs cleaning. This will have to wait until a little later.


    I walk into the bedroom and set my bag on the bed then I look around the room and realise that it looks exactly as I left it, it doesn’t look like someone slept in it.

    There are no dirty clothes scattered on the floor and the laundry basket is empty, I walk to his closet and search through it, some clothes are missing and when I look around, I realise that one of the suitcases is missing.

    What the hell is going on? Where is Kai? Did he travel? I wonder, I talked to him just last night and he said he was home. A sinking feeling tags at the pit of my stomach as a mixture of thoughts & questions fill my mind.

    I pick up my phone and call Kai, his phone goes unanswered so I try his office number and listen with worry to perpetual ringing. When I finally get off the bed, I head to the bathroom for a quick shower, after that, I walk into the kitchen to prepare something to eat for Sofia.


    Speaking of Sofia, she hasn’t come out of her room since we got back I walk into her room and find her sleeping she has her arms wrapped around her favourite teddy bear, this little girl always melts my heart, I take a quick photo of her and head back to my cooking.

    I spend the rest of the day cleaning up and moving a few things in the living room. By 9 pm, I am surprised that Kai hasn’t called me back so I pick my phone and decide to call him again.

    “Baby!” He answers

    “I have been trying to call you,” I say

    “I saw your missed calls, I was just a little held up. I just got home from work, I was actually about to call you.”

    “You are home?” I ask

    “Yes and the house is boring without you, I miss you terribly.”

    For a moment there I am a little confused, what does he mean he is home? Which home is he talking about?

    “Kai,” I hear a voice on the other side of the line.

    “Who is that?”

    “Kai!” it comes out more like a scream and the line drops dead at the moment. I stare at my phone for a second, wondering what just happened.

    Episode 39

    I awaken to a radiating pain through my lower back, my stomach hurts and my heart race seems to increase by the second, I can hardly breath. I don’t know what’s happening to me but I think it’s about time I went to the hospital, I might be end up losing my son.

    I slowly get out of bed and walk towards the door but I don’t get far, my legs become jelly and I feel the last bit of energy drain from me as I sink to the floor. The pain tightens around my abdomen it is strong and intense, like nothing I have ever experienced before.


    “Kai,” I scream louder than the first time.



    He rushes into the bedroom, “Are you okay?”

    “I need to go to the hospital, I think I am losing the baby,” I respond

    Grabbing his car keys, he helps me out I struggle down the corridor and down the main staircase. As I reach the middle steps, another sharp pain buckles my knees and I scream.

    When I fail to take another step, Kai carries me and takes me to his car, once I am inside and belted into the seat, he walks round to the driver’s seat and starts the car.


    He drives as speedily as possible, my heart continues to beat faster than usual and the pain in my stomach feels like I am being shredded.

    Soon we reach the hospital and his car comes to a screeching halt, Kai calls for assistance and the nurse walks out with a wheel chair.

    She helps me sit before I am rushed into the hospital, Kai gives them the much needed information about my condition and then they rush me into the ER.

    When the Doctor starts examining me, I begin gasping for air as the breath seems to be leaving my body. The doctor urges me to breath and then all of a sudden, all I can see is darkness.



    As soon as Tasha is taken to the ER, I head out of the hospital and back to my car, I get in and drive back home, wondering if the last phase of the plan will be completed successfully.

    I drive up the driveway some minutes later before I step out and head for the door.

    When I walk into the house, I head straight to the bedroom and start packing Tasha’s clothes in suitcases and some duffle bags. Then I pack my stuff too.

    I rented this house for this specific game and now that we have come to the end of the game, Tasha and I need to leave this house, I am leaving first thing tomorrow morning. I hope she leaves too when she gets back from the hospital.

    I take a quick bath and then decide to call my wife, I know she must be mad at me, Tasha almost blew my cover, I had to cut the call and switch my phone off.

    Dialing her number, I wait for it to ring, it actually rings several times before she answers and from the tone in her voice, I know she is super furious.



    “Where are you?” I furiously ask Kai, hoping he will finally tell me the truth because I am tired of his bullshit i hate the game he is playing. I have this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that something is definitely wrong, my husband could even be cheating on me.

    “I am at home.”

    “Which home?”

    “Our home.”

    “And who was calling your name when I called? Why did you even cut the line and switch off your phone.”

    “My phone went off, the battery was low.”

    “And the woman I heard screaming the background?”

    “There was no woman in the background I am just alone it must have just been the television.”

    I laugh,” I see.”



    “How are you? Where is Sofia?”

    “She is sleeping.”

    “I miss you.”

    “I am coming back home tomorrow,” I respond



    “What time should I pick you up from the airport?”

    “I will let you know.”


    “I am really tired, I have to rest, will talk to you tomorrow,” I hang up before he even responds. My husband is lying to me & this can only mean one thing, he is cheating.

    My stomach tightens at the thought of him cheating, I don’t know what I will do if I find out he has being seeing someone else, our marriage has been perfect, Kai hasn’t given me any reasons to distrust him until now.

    Anyway, I lie back on the bed and try to sleep but as the night slips away, I try to close my eyes, I just can’t sleep. I keep turning and tossing, I am restless, I have a lot on my mind, I need answers. Eventually my eyes finally give way and I fall asleep.

    I don’t know how long I sleep but when I finally wake up, I have a tone of messages from Kai, most of them are about him apologizing and professing his love for me but I ignore them anyway.



    I wake up to the sun glaring from the window, something is wrong I can feel it in my bones. My eyes try to adjust to the dark room as I struggle to sit. I wonder how long I have been asleep. I feel so weak though the pain in my stomach is no more.

    “My baby?” My heart slams hard against my chest as I touch my stomach.

    Where the hell is Kai and how long have I been unconscious?

    The door suddenly creaks open and the doctor walks in.

    “You are awake? How are you feeling?” he asks

    “I am feeling much better,” I respond.


    “Where is Kai?”

    “He left last night where you were in the ER and he hasn’t returned,” he says

    “Kai left?”


    “This isn’t making any sense. And my baby? How is he?”

    “I am sorry we…,”

    “I lost the baby?” I ask cutting his sentence short, my voice is a mare whisper now, faint as much as much as my heart.


    “My son,” I whisper as tears start flowing from my eyes.

    “I am really sorry.”

    I feel empty I had so many plans for my baby boy even though I never got to meet him.

    The doctor quickly examines me then he tells me that I am fit to go home. I call Kai but his line takes me straight to voicemail so I end up calling Prisca so she can pick me up.



    “Thank you so much for renting out the house to my sister and i.”

    “You are welcome.”

    “Tasha will be here soon to get her things, let her give you her keys.”

    “I will do as wise.”

    “Thank you once you, you are a life saver.”

    “Anytime for you boo.”

    I grab my bag and walk out of the house to my car. I start my car and drive out.


    My wife hasn’t called me today I bet she is still angry but I will call her as soon as I get home so I know what time to pick her up. I am happy this Tasha phase is over, it’s about time I started giving my wife my full attention.


    Pulling up into my driveway, I grab my bag and open the front door. Entering the living room, I freeze at the sight of my wife sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and her arms folded tightly across her chest. Sofia is playing with her toys on the floor but the minute she sees me she rises to her feet and runs towards me.

    “Daddy!” she squeals with excitement.

    “Hey baby,” I kiss her forehead.

    “I missed you.”

    “And I missed you even more.”

    My wife shakes her head before she stands up and walks towards the bedroom. I chat with Sofia for a while before I decide to face my wife. When the hell did she come back? Does she know I have been seeing Tasha? Lord, I am busted.


    Episode 40

    “Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock.”

    When I walk into the living room, my wife is sitting and I stare at each other for what seems like ages, I feel as if I cannot breathe, what do I even tell my wife?

    Everything feels like a dream, I don’t know what to do or say? Her face is unreadable, she is directly looking at me and I am falling to tear my eyes away.

    “Are you gonna just stand there with nothing to say?” She finally breaks the silence.

    I clear my throat, “When did you get back?”

    “You have been home all along, you should know when I got back,” she responds

    I close the door behind my back and drop the back to the floor before walking towards her even though I am dead scared of what she might do to me.

    “Baby? It’s not what you think.”

    “Oh,” she smiles, “So now you know what I am thinking? Tell me about it.”

    “I am sorry I lied to you about being home.”


    “I have been away from home for the past few days the house was too lonely I couldn’t stay here without you and Sofia.”

    She bursts out laughing instantly, for a moment there it seems like she has gone nuts.


    “You think I am a fool?” she asks


    “Then tell me where you have been.”

    “I just told you.”

    “I want the truth.”

    “Which is?”

    “Don’t f--k with me Kai!” her voice rises to a tone that I have never heard her use before.

    “Babe,” I begin but she shots me an angry look, I instantly shut my mouth.




    “I need to know where you have been since I left. Looking at that bag and the way the house looked when I came back it shows that you haven’t been home for days.”


    “I was at a hotel.”

    “You were at a hotel but you lied to me that you were home? Do I look stupid? Who were you with at that same hotel?”

    “I was alone.”

    “Okay. You know what we are gonna do?”


    “You and I are driving to that hotel this moment and they better tell me that you have been there for the past few days or else all hell will break loose.”

    She grabs her car keys, “Let’s go.”


    “Let’s go Kai.”

    “I am not going anywhere with you.”

    “I thought as much.”

    “So now you don’t trust me?”

    “Nigga please!” I roll my eyes, “Don’t make this about you just tell me the truth.”

    “What truth?”

    “Who is she?”

    I sigh, this isn’t going as planned, “There is no one else,” I respond calmly.

    “Why?” I ask

    Before he responds Sofia barges into the room and she grabs Kai’s hands.

    “Let’s go and watch cartoon,” she says

    I roll my eyes did she have to walk in at this moment? Sofia is dramatic, she will cry her lungs out if he refuses to watch the cartoons with her i signal him to go with her, we can finish talking later.



    “I am really sorry for your loss,” Prisca says as she drives me home.

    “Thank you.”

    I am confused I don’t even know what’s going on with Kai, why he would leave me at the hospital alone at a time when I needed him the most?

    He better have a good reason for doing what he did or I will never forgive him.

    “We are here,” Prisca announces when she pulls up into the driveway.

    “Thank you,” I step out of the car and she does the same.

    We walk into the house and I am surprised to see a strange woman sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in my hands. I also notice my suitcases and plastics lying on the floor.

    “Who are you?” I ask

    She places the glass on the table and turns around to look at me, “Hey Tasha,” she smiles

    “Who are you & what are you doing in my house?”I angrily ask

    “Your house?”


    She clears her throat, “This is my house, I rented it out to Kai for a few weeks but I am back now.”


    “You need to get your things and leave my house.”

    I laugh, “Where is Kai?”


    “What do you mean gone?”

    “Kai has moved out of the house, you should do the same too.”

    “This is a joke right?”


    “Kai!” I shout rushing up the stairs, I search for him in almost every room but he isn’t there. Frustrated I trot down the stairs and back into the living room.

    “He left you this,” the woman hands me a neatly folded white paper.

    “What is this?” I ask

    “Open it,” Prisca says


    I slowly unfold the sheet of paper and take a deep breath before reading its contents. My eyes widen and my entire body freezes as I read the contents over and over again. It reads:


    By the time you read this letter, I will be out of this house and back at home with my wife and daughter. I lied to you when I said my wife and I were in the process of getting a divorce.

    I love my wife with everything in me I can never imagine life without her. What we shared was a game to me, I played the right cards and in the end I won. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Please hand over the keys to the owner of the apartment and leave.



    I can’t believe Kai wrote this, he can’t do this to me, to us. I just can’t believe it. It goes against everything I know about him. There must be a mistake somewhere. Kai loves me.chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.

    “Kai didn’t write this,” I say intently staring at the strange woman she has to tell me what she has done to Kai.

    “Darling,” she laughs. “As we are speaking, Kai is with his wife and daughter.”

    “They are on separation,” I yell.

    “They were never on separation his wife was out of the country Kai played you. He pulled a fast one on you and you fell for it.

    “No I shake my head, Kai loves me he asked me to marry him.”

    She laughs, “Prisca, please explain to Tasha here that what she had with Kai was an illusion.”

    I stare at Prisca,” You guys know each other?” I ask

    “Yes,” Prisca responds.

    “What the hell is going on? What do you know about Kai? What did he tell you?”

    “Tasha?” Prisca begins, “Kai is my brother,” she says and for a moment there I freeze.

    “I don’t understand,” I finally say after a few minutes.

    “I sent Kai to start an affair with you and you fell for it. I wanted your marriage to end so I could take over. I am in love with Fred I have been in love with him for years now.”


    My mind spins, trying to process what is happening. This can’t be happening. There is no way my best friend could have set me up like this. And why would Kai do this to me? I love him. I gave up everything to be with him.

    “You played yourself best friend and in the end, I get to have the last laugh,” she laughs out loud.

    I can’t take it anymore, I feel so cold and hot, my hands are trembling and my heart is aching. I allow myself to succumb to the pain and terror that is building inside. Then I sink to the floor and lie faint.

    Episode 41


    My eyes flutter open and shut. My head aches intolerably & my mind is in a daze. Everything feels like a nightmare. I wish i could remain unconscious but i have so many unanswered questions, questions that Prisca and Kai need to answer, they owe me that much.

    Awareness returns to me, my eyes open again darting back and forth.

    “Finally awake, i see,” Prisca says staring back at me.


    I stare at the woman i thought was my friend and a pang of hate shoots through me. This time it’s just the two of us, i wonder where the other woman is and what her involvement in this matter is.

    “So like i was saying, Kai is my brother and i sent him to have an affair with you, Kai never loved you he just used you,” she says

    I have a lot of questions for her but i don’t know where to start from.


    I met Prisca when i was 22 years, which was about 15 years ago, she has never told me about having a brother i only know about her young sister they are just the two of them in their family.

    “When did Kai become your brother?” i finally ask, my throat hoarse as i utter those words.

    She laughs!

    “Kai and i were in a gang together.”

    “Huh?” my eyes widen in shock.

    “When i lost both my parents at a 15, i had no one to turn to for love and support. I was introduced to the gang by a friend and from then on, i depended on the gang for love and support. The gang made me feel like i belonged and they gave me a sense of security.”

    I open my mouth as if i am going to say something and then i shut it abruptly.

    “The gang ended when our leader was arrested but even though we all went our separate ways we promised to hold each other down no matter what.”

    “My God!”

    Prisca continues, “Kai is like the big brother i never had, we know a lot about each other. He would do anything for me and vice versa, he didn’t give it a second thought when i asked him to deal with you for me.”

    “So meeting Kai wasn’t an accident?” i ask

    She smiles again, “You wanna know what our motto was?” she asks

    I shake my head, “No.”

    “I will tell you anyway.”


    “From this day onward and for the rest of my life, i pledge my support and trust to the dark squad gang. And i pledge my loyalty to all its members. If one bleeds, i bleed with them too,” that was our motto, it still is.

    “The gang is no more and we don’t meet publicly like we used to, but we have each other’s backs and we meet secretly once in a while,” she says with a smile on her face.

    “Is there anything else i should know?” i ask

    “Alice isn’t my biological sister, she was part of the gang too, i adopted her when the gang ended,” she says

    “And to think i thought i knew you?”

    “There is a lot you don’t know about me best friend,” she says placing an emphasis on “best friend.”

    I stare at the woman i thought was my ride or die, “Why did you send Kai to ruin my marriage?”

    “Kai didn’t ruin your marriage, you ruined it yourself.”

    “You sent him,” i yell

    “You know the best lesson i learnt from the gang?”

    I choose to keep quiet.

    “To win a war, you need to know your enemies’ weaknesses,” she says. “And when i knew yours, it wasn’t so hard to destroy you.”

    “When did i become your enemy?”

    “When you married the love of my life.”


    My head spins, “How is Fred the love of your life? You hate him.”

    “Have you ever wondered why i hate him?”

    “Of course but i never paid attention to it.”

    “She smirks, “I met Fred before you met him. I loved him the minute i set my eyes on him and i wanted him for myself but he declined my offer for us to date.”

    “I was devastated when he told me he could never bring himself to love me. Then he disappeared without a trace until a few months later when you introduced us.”

    My head hurt, i can’t believe my ears.

    “I was hurt, why did all the men prefer you to me? You can get any man just by smiling at him while i have to struggle and plead for men to be with me. Men just sleep with me and leave, all i wanted was someone i could call my own and you took him away.”

    “I didn’t take him away,” i yell. “He didn’t want you, how the hell is that my fault?”

    “I could have found a way to make things work, he would have loved me eventually but you held on to him even when you didn’t truly love him.”

    “I loved Fred.”

    “No you didn’t,” she yells

    “I did.”

    “You don’t disrespect and degrade someone you love Tasha. You don’t cheat and hurt them like you did to Fred.”

    “You’ve ruined my life Prisca,” i scream as tears begin to pour down my eyes.

    “I am gonna make Fred happy and i will raise your girls as though they were mine.”

    “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “Watch me.”

    “Fred can never be with a woman like you.”

    “Watch and learn girl, watch and learn,” she grabs her phone, dials a number and places it on loud speaker, i look at her as it rings, wondering what game she is playing.

    “Hello,” Fred answers on the other side of the line and my heart skips a beat. I haven’t spoken to him in a long time and now that i have heard his voice, i must confess i miss him terribly.

    “Hey buddy. How are you?”

    “I am getting there, i am taking it one day at a time,” he responds.

    “I am meeting up with Tasha later in the day do you still want me to talk to her about coming back home to you?”

    “No,” he responds. “The kids and i are doing fine, i have made peace with what happened. It’s life.”

    His words make my heart aches will he take me back if i decide to go back to him? I know he loves me a lot but is love enough to forgive and take me back?

    “Alright. How are the girls?” she asks

    “They are fine.”

    “Pass my regards to them, i will drop by tomorrow to see you guys.”


    “Have a good day,” she says before she ends the call.


    She puts her phone back on the table and looks at me, “I am this close to getting Fred, just watch and learn.”

    Taking a deep breath, i rise to my feet,” I have to get going now.”

    “You should,” she laughs.

    I grab my bags and head outside, i feel sick and confused plus i am in need of a cold shower.

    Episode 42


    I drive around in circles before i decide to book myself into a hotel. I need a cold shower first and then i will be able to process everything that has just happened to me.

    Pulling in front of Lusaka Hotel, i step out of my car feeling exhausted and dizzy. I grab my bags and head for the hotel entrance.

    Then i walk straight to the hotel registration desk and book myself a room.

    After the receptionist hands me the key card to my room, i walk into my room. I close and lock the door behind me. Dropping my bags on the floor, i get undressed and head for the bathroom. I take a long cold shower while thinking about my next move in life.

    The last few hours have been the most devastating hours of my life, as if losing my son wasn’t enough, my best friend and the love of my life played a fast one on me.

    I still find it hard to believe that the person i considered my sister and best friend would hurt me in such a manner, indeed the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.


    I step out of the bathroom and get dressed, i feel tired, my exhaustion is overwhelming but the questions racing through my mind are even more intense, i need to see Kai, he has to tell me why he would lead me on when he had no intention of catching me.

    Kia ruined my marriage, i will ruin his even if it’s the last thing i do. Kai never took me to his matrimonial house but i know where it is, there was a time i tracked him down, that was before we our affair started.

    When i am fully clothed, i grab my car keys and head out of the door to my vehicle.



    I am sitting on the couch in deep thoughts trying to figure out what is going on with my husband. Kai is avoiding me and from the way he has been behaving, i know he is hiding something.

    Kai isn’t home at the moment, he went out with Sofia, i hope by the time he gets back, he will be willing to talk i want him to tell me the truth no matter how painful it is.

    A moment later, a knock at the door startles me from my thoughts; i slide off the couch and head for the front door, i open the door to find a beautiful woman standing on my door step.

    “Hello,” i smile politely.

    “Kenzie?” she asks


    “Is your husband home?”


    ‘I need to talk to you and him, do you mind if i come in and wait?”

    “And you are?”

    “A friend from work,” she responds, it’s strange that i don’t know her, i know almost all of Kai’ friends from work, maybe she is new, he could have hired her when i was away.

    “Come in,” i step aside and allow her in.

    “Thank you.”

    “Please take a seat,” i point at an empty couch.

    “Thank you,” she sits down.

    “Can i get you anything to drink?”

    “Water would do,” she responds

    “Okay,” i rush to the kitchen and get her a glass of cold water.

    “Thank you,” she says when i hand the glass to her, she takes a small sip and places it on the table next to her.

    “You are welcome,” i sit on the couch across from hers and grab my phone before i start typing away with my sister.



    I keep stealing short glances at Kenzie as she types on her phone, lord the woman is beautiful, i feel ugly in her presence, why would a man cheat on a beautiful woman like this?

    I really thought i was one of the most beautiful women around, well atleast that’s what always told me but looking at this woman right now, maybe i was wrong all along.

    For the next few minutes, we sit in silence, she is so busy on her phone, it’s as though i don’t even exist. Like what woman would allow a strange woman to sit in her house and wait for her husband without asking any questions? I know i wouldn’t tolerate that, i never allowed any strange women in my house, i am psycho like that.

    After what seems like forever, i hear the front door creak open and then it is closes again. Afterwards, Sofia comes rushing into the room, she is more beautiful in person than in the photos. She has a banquet of flowers in her hands which she hands to her mother.

    “Daddy loves you so much,” she says

    Kenzie smiles and gets the flowers from her she sniffs them and smiles again.

    “Thank you darling, “she responds

    Sofia turns to me and gives me a questioning look, “Hey,” she says.

    I am about to respond when Kai walks into the room carrying a bottle of wine in his hands. He looks at me and his widen in shock, i guess he didn’t expect to see me here.


    Kai stands frozen for a moment, staring at the woman who claimed to be his work mate, his face looks pale it’s as if he has seen a ghost. There is something about this woman that gives me the chills. And from the look of things there is more between her and Kai than just work.



    When i walk into the room, i get the shock of my life Tasha is sitting in my living room. Why would she even come here, what the f--k was she thinking? Does she want to ruin my marriage?

    “Are you okay?” my wife asks.

    “Yes,” i try not to panic. I have to find a way to get Tasha out of here before she says anything to Kenzie, that’s if she hasn’t said anything yet.

    “Kai,” Tasha stands up she walks closer to me and wraps her hands around me unexpectedly. What the f--k? Is this woman insane? I push her off me.

    “What are you doing here? I ask

    “I am here for you my darling,” she responds.

    “Darling?” Kenzie shots me a questioning look. I choose to remain silent, what’s a man supposed to do in such a situation?

    “Tasha i think you should leave,” i say


    “You know why.”

    “I am not leaving, i am here to talk, i have so many questions for you and you will answer them weather you like it or not.”


    “Sofia, go to your room right now,” Kenzie says. When Sofia is gone, Kenzie faces me, “What’s going on? Who is this woman?” she asks

    “She is a nobody,” i respond

    “Now i am a nobody?” Tasha asks

    “Tasha leave,” i grab her hand.

    “I am not going anywhere, we have to talk.”

    “Leave my house now, i will call you later.”

    “I said i am not going anywhere.”

    “What the hell is going on here?” Kenzie yells, i can tell from her voice that she is angry.


    “Don’t babe me,” she cuts me off before i can finish. She looks at Tasha and asks, “Who are you? I am asking this question for the last time and if you are not willing to respond, please leave my house,” she says.

    “Your husband knows who i am.”

    “Tasha leave!” i yell losing my patience.

    “I am not gonna leave so shut the f--k up,” she snaps.

    I am losing my patience at this moment, if Tasha doesn’t leave my house this moment, i might have to drag her out by force, i will not allow her to ruin things between Kenzie and i.



    “Please leave my house,” i plead with her, i don’t know who she is and what hold she has on my husband, i just want this woman out of my house because she isn’t making any sense.

    She looks at my husband, “Are you gonna tell her or should i?” she asks

    “Please,” he begs.

    “Tell me what?”

    “Tasha don’t,” Kai holds her hand but it seems his plea, falls on deaf ears.

    “Kai? She begins, “You thought you would ruin my marriage and go scot free?” she asks.

    Her question takes me off guard and for a moment my heart races.

    “Tasha, let’s talk about this some other time,” Kai pleads.

    “I lost our baby,” she says. “I lost our son Kai.”

    “Baby?” my mouth falls open with shock.

    “Yes, your husband and i have been having an affair, i was even pregnant for him but unfortunately i lost our son,” she says.

    At that moment i feel sick, tears well in my eyes and my entire body rushes with mixed emotions. I was right all along Kai has been cheating on me.

    Episode 43


    “Your husband here led me on for months, he made me believe that he didn’t care about you, he told me you guys were on the verge of getting a divorce. He even asked me to marry him,” she flaunts her ring in my face.

    Staring at ring on her finger, bile burns at the back of my throat & tears sting my eyes as thing razor blades of pain slice across my chest. A spasm of bitterness tightens my rib cage and my stomach cramps, i jolt forward and begin gagging. Kai rushes to my side and he rubs my back as i continue gagging.

    “Babe? Are you okay?” he asks

    What a d--n question for him to ask, how in God’s name am i expected to be okay with all this drama going on?

    “Do you want a glass of water?” he asks


    Before i can even respond to his question, i puke all over the floor. I feel awful, my stomach feels is cramping and churning as if it has an endless amount of things it needs to rid itself off.

    A second time, my stomach tightens then i open my mouth and make a loud groaning grunt as a flood of vomit shoots on the floor. My vision becomes blurry and my head aches as i continue to retch time and time again.

    “Babe? What is wrong? Do you think it’s something you ate?” he asks with a worried look and for a minute there, i almost believe that he is genuinely worried about me and then i remember the woman standing in our living room. Lord i feel so sick, i still can’t believe that my husband cheated.



    I look up at him and try to speak but throw up again instead until i finish with a low, drawn out moan. I wait for a minute until i am sure i am finished. Then i sit back on my heels wiping my chin with the back of my hand.

    “Feeling better?” he asks

    I shoot him an evil eye and click my tongue, “Mxxxm.”

    “I will grab a mop and clean up the mess,” he says rushing towards the kitchen.

    I turn around to my husband’s mistress, “Aren’t you gonna leave?”

    She intently looks at me for a minute before she asks, “Are you pregnant?”

    “And how is that any of your business?”

    “You are pregnant,” she says and Kai chooses that exact moment to walk in.

    “Kenzie? Are you pregnant?” Kai asks

    Lord this is not how i intended for him to find out, this was supposed to be a special moment for him and i.

    “Are you pregnant?”He inquires

    I pull a deep breath, “Yes i am pregnant,” the words finally rush out of my mouth before i burst into tears.

    “Oh God Kenzie, why didn’t you tell me?”

    “I recently found out, i flew back here to surprise you, guess what? I surprised myself.”

    “Babe,” he tries to touch me but i yank my hand off his.


    “I am sorry.”

    “Sorry to break your conversation but i am not done here.”

    “Tasha, haven’t you done enough damage already?” Kai asks

    She looks at me, “This man you call a husband was part of a gang, do you know that?” she asks

    “Tasha?” Kai snaps

    Tasha looks at me again,” And his fellow gang member helped him to…,”

    “I think i have heard enough, you may leave now,” i say

    “I still have a lot to tell you.”

    “I said leave my house,” i yell, my hands clenched by my side.

    She looks at Kai, “You and i are not yet done,” and with that said, she marches out of the living room, slamming the door behind her back.

    “Babe?” Kai begins but i my wave my hand in his face to shut him up. He doesn’t say another word as he starts cleaning up the mess.

    I just a little bit of time to breath, to wrap my head around this whole thing, my husband not only cheated on me, he impregnated another woman and he was part of some gang. This man I’d thought i knew so well, my best friend and lover is really a stranger.

    He has been lying and sneaking around behind my back.

    Oh God. What am i going to do?

    After he finished cleaning up, he begins pacing till he eventually stops in front of me.

    “Babe, let me explain,” he says

    “I don’t want to hear your lies.”

    “I can explain.”

    “Just leave me alone.”

    “What do you want me to do? i will do whatever you say.”

    “Leave,” i respond

    “What do you mean i should leave?”

    “I want you out of this house now i don’t care where you will stay just not here.”

    “Babe let’s talk about this,” he pleads.

    “Leave!” i scream.

    “You are sure?”

    “Yes,” i nod my head.

    “Okay, i will leave so you can calm down but i will be back.”

    He heads for the bedroom, he returns a few minutes later with his backpack and car keys. He looks at me one more time obviously hoping i will change my mind and when i don’t say anything he walks out of the door.

    I hear the garage door open a few minutes later and when he drives out, my heart breaks to pieces, i never knew a time would come when my marriage would crumble right before my eyes.



    Kenzie asked me to leave, i still can’t believe she did that, i thought she would allow me to explain but she didn’t even give me a minute to do so. Lord i hope she calms down soon so i can make her understand that what happened with Tasha was just a misunderstanding.

    When i accepted to help Prisca out, i didn’t know it would get this far, i didn’t even know Tasha would be crazy enough to face my wife and tell her what she just did.

    I love my wife a lot i really hope she forgives me atleast for the sake of Sofia and the child she is expecting.

    “Why the hell did you tell Tasha about the gang?” i ask Prisca when i arrive at her house.

    “I wanted her to understand what you and i share.”

    “Never let your emotions control you,” i yell, “Have you forgotten that was one of our rules?”

    “I am sorry i didn’t know she would come to your house.”

    “That woman is crazy she wants to ruin my marriage.”

    “Allow Kenzie to calm down, i am sure she will forgive you.”

    “You think so?”


    “If you say so.”



    I am driving back to the hotel thinking about my next move, from the look of things, Kai loves his wife a lot, i don’t know why he lead me on, he still owes me an explanation and i won’t rest till i get it.

    And what hurts me the most is that she is pregnant while i lost my own child, why should life be so unfair, if i lose my marriage, he must lose his too, i will make sure of that.


    Right now i don’t even know what do with myself, the divorce is still in the process, it hasn’t been finalized, maybe i should go and beg Fred to forgive me and take me back.

    Episode 44


    It’s a nice and quiet Sunday evening i am preparing dinner while the girls are watching television. We went to church in the morning then went grocery shopping for the week. I also took the girls out for lunch then we came back home and started watching movies and playing games.

    This has become our Sunday routine ever since Tasha left, Taylor and Talia are adapting to life without her and i am slowly trying to get over the hurt and pain she caused me.

    I quietly sing to the song playing in the background as i stir the stew i am cooking upon the stove, glancing at the children so often, just to make sure they are fine.

    I haven’t yet gotten a nanny for them, i am still looking for the right candidate, my children come first on my list, i want them to be safe at all times.


    When i finish preparing dinner, i finally set the table i didn’t cook anything fancy, just stew, rice and some salads.

    I am about to call the girls to the table when a knock sounds at the door, i am not expecting anyone this evening i wonder who ever is at the door. I head for the door and open it Anna is standing on my doorstep.


    “I was in the neighbourhood so i thought i should pass by and check how you and the girls are doing.”

    “How thoughtful of you,” i smile back at her.

    “Cane i come in?”

    “Of course,” i step aside to allow her pass. She enters the house and closes the door behind her back.

    “Something smells good in here,” she says

    “I just finished cooking.”

    “I am starving,” she responds

    “Then let’s go and eat.”

    “Girls, food is ready.”

    “Coming,” Talia responds

    They come rushing into the dining room a minute later.

    “Hey girls,” Anna politely greets them.

    “Hey Auntie Anna,” they respond in unison before they sit down and i dish up for them.

    Dinner is a quiet yet pleasant affair, i am sitting at the head of the table as usual, Anna is sitting to my left, Talia is on my right side and Taylor is sitting next to me.

    After Dinner, the girls finish their movie while Anna helps cleans the kitchen as i clean the dishes.

    “When last did you talk to Tasha?” she asks

    “It’s been a while.”


    “Why do you ask?”



    “It’s nothing.”

    “You are sure?”


    “Okay,” i can see that she has something on her mind but i won’t push her to tell me what it is, she will tell me at her own time.

    “And how are things moving between you and Patrick?”

    She frowns, “I broke up with him.”

    “What? When?”

    “A week ago.”

    “What happened?”

    “The relationship wasn’t working out.”

    “I see.”

    “I am in love with someone else.”

    “The married man?”

    She shots me a look, “He isn’t married anymore.”

    “Congratulations, your wish has finally come true.”

    “Thank you.”

    We quietly finish up cleaning and head back to the living room.

    “Girls it’s time for bed,” i tell them


    “Good night Auntie Anna.”

    “Good night.”

    I guide them through the hallway to their room. I help them change into their pajamas then they brush their teeth and get under the covers.

    “Sleep tight,” i kiss their foreheads and turn around to leave the room. I am about to turn off the light when Talia calls out to me and i stop.

    “Yes princess?”

    “Read us a story before you leave.”


    I grab a book from their shelf and sit down on the edge of the bed.

    “What are you going to read for us?” Taylor asks

    “The secret lives of princess,” i respond.

    “Yes,” her face beams with excitement.

    I open the first page and start reading the story in a soft voice, by the time i get to the tenth page, both girls are fast asleep. I place the book back on the shelf and kiss them both on their foreheads before i leave the room.

    “Are they sleeping?” Anna asks

    “Yes, finally.”

    “I want us to talk,” she says


    “It’s something serious.”


    She stands ups and paces back and forth for a moment as i silently stare at her, i can tell she has something on her mind.

    “Spit it out,” i say

    “I don’t know how to say this.”

    “Come on, i am your friend, you can tell me anything.”

    She breaths deeply but still no sound comes out from her mouth.

    “Tell me,” i demand

    “Can i get a glass of wine first?”

    “It can’t be that bad!”

    “Just get me the wine please.”


    I head to the kitchen and pour her some wine i walk back into the living room and then hand it to her. She takes a large sip and sets it on the table.

    “I am all ears.”

    “Look Fred, i know this will sound crazy but i am in love with you and i want you to marry me,” she says.

    For a moment there, i am speechless, i don’t even know if i heard correctly.

    “What did you just say?”

    Without responding, she gets down on one knee and pulls out a small box, she finally opens the box to reveal a ring. coolval stories


    “I love you deeply Fred, i have always been in love with you, you are the married man i have always told you about, i have tried everything for you to notice me but you keep acting as though i am invisible, i can make you happy Fred and i can take care of the girls as though they were my own. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me Fred Sakala,” she says tears streaming down her face.

    I am shocked into silence and i all i can do is shift my eyes between her face and the ring in her hands and here i thought i had seen it all, lord this is so embarrassing, why would Anna choose to humiliate herself like this.

    “Please,” she pleads.

    I shake my head,” Anna this is absurd, what the hell are you doing?”

    “I love you Fred.”

    “You and i are friends.”

    “I don’t want to be just a friend anymore.”

    “Just get up and leave,” i say

    “Is that a no?”

    “Leave,” i yell

    “Tasha is gone and never coming back, you will be happy with me,” she cries

    “Even if i wanted to remarry, you would be the last person i would think of marrying Anna, i love you like a friend, you are like a sister to me, i am sorry but i can’t marry you.”

    “No,” she rises to her feet and grabs my hand,

    “Please stop embarrassing yourself like this, i don’t love you, i never will.”

    “Fred?” her voice chocks with emotion as more tears pours from her eyes.


    I can’t believe Anna would do this she has straight up ruined our friendship. How did i not see this coming? Tasha was right after all, this woman has always had her eyes on me and to think i defended her several times.

    “You are leaving,” i yell grabbing her arm and leading her towards the door.



    I still can’t believe that Fred rejected me and he kicked me out of his house like some prostitute. I know i acted childish and out of order but i am desperate, i am in love with Fred and i can’t help it.

    I am scared that Tasha might come back to him, Trish just found out that her sister’s husband was the man Tasha has been seeing and things are rocky between them.

    I know Fred loves Tasha a lot and he might want to take her back i honestly don’t know what to do anymore. My heart is aching, i feel lost and alone. All i want is a man to call my own, why did Fred do me do that to me?

    Episode 45

    “When all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”

    Monday morning, i wake up feeling sick and restless plus there is a sour taste in my mouth, groaning, i shoot out of bed and run for the bathroom clutching my stomach. I lean down next to the toilet before i throw up. I gag as i finish up. Then i sit back on my heels breathing hard.

    Lord i hate this part of the pregnancy.


    For the past few weeks i have been struck by nausea, it seems to hit mostly in the morning and early afternoon. I thought morning sickness meant that i will be sick in the mornings only but i am sick all day long every day. I went to the hospital yesterday and the doctor told me the morning sickness will go away soon but he also said i could be one of those women that are sick for their entire pregnancy. I hope it goes away soon.

    Closing my eyes, i rub soothing circles over the slight curve of my tummy hoping it will calm the nausea. Feeling better, i rise to my feet and walk to the sink, i take a sip of water and swish it around my mouth for a minute then i spit it out of the sink.

    Looking up at the mirror, i stare into my eyes and for a minute i can’t recognize the woman in the reflection of the mirror.


    “How did i get here?” i wonder

    This pregnancy came at a wrong time, i can’t do this alone, when i was pregnant with Sofia, Kai was there each step of the way and he would always find a way to make things better. There is a part of me that can’t stand to see him while another part of me longs for him to wrap me in his arms and tell me everything is going to be okay. But will things ever be okay? Will they ever go back to how they used to be?

    Why did Kai have to cheat on me? I thought we were perfect together, i thought he loved me more than anything. My chest compresses with pain as Tasha’s words ring in my mind.

    “Your husband here led me on for months, he made me believe that he didn’t care about you, he told me you guys were on the verge of getting a divorce. He even asked me to marry him.”


    As if sleeping with her wasn’t enough, he got her pregnant and asked her to marry him.

    “Where do i go from here?”

    Divorce? I have never felt it could ever happen to me and now that it is looking me in my eyes, i wonder if i will be able to handle it.


    So many marriages fall apart every day &many women live through it so will i. i try to comfort myself, but how? How do i tell my daughter that her father and i cannot be together anymore? How do i break the news to my family and friends? How do i tell my unborn child that he can at the worst time?

    “Lord why? I ask tears running down my face. Why did you let this happen to me? Why me? i scream as more tears pour from my eyes.

    “Kenzie?” My sister rushes into the bathroom.

    “This hurts, i still can’t believe he cheated, i don’t know if i can ever get over this,” i cry, my voice choking with emotion.

    “I wish there was something i can do to make you feel better,” she says, she has this pained look on her face i know she is worried about me. She is the only one i have told about this issue.

    “Come,” she holds out her hand out reaching out to me.


    When i finally manage to get up, she wraps her hands around me and i cry even harder, she slowly rubs my back as i cry, eventually i calm down and she leads me to the kitchen where she prepares me a cup of iced tea.

    “How do you feel now?” she asks


    “I will get Sofia ready for school call me if you need anything.”


    I sit in silence drinking my tea, i know i have to find a way to get over what happened, for the sake of my children, i know i need to pull myself together for their sake, i just don’t know where to start from.

    A moment later my phone rings, startling sound in the quiet living room. I look at the caller ID only to find it’s a strange number.


    “Babe,” Kai’s familiar voice makes my throat tighten. I hold my breath waiting to see what he wants.

    “I am outside the gate, i am here to take Sofia to school,” he says

    “Trish is getting her ready.”

    “Can i come in and wait for her?”

    “No!” i respond almost immediately, i don’t want to see him.

    “I will wait out here then.”



    I cut the call before he says anything else, things might be rocky between Kai and i but that doesn’t mean he can’t see his daughter and spend time with her.

    I compose myself before i stand up and head upstairs to the bedroom. Sofia is all dressed up, Trish is working on her hair.

    “You need to hurry up, daddy is waiting outside,” i announce

    “Daddy?” she jumps up and down.

    Trish shoots me a look and i ignore it, if it were up to her, Kai wouldn’t be allowed to get anywhere close to the house. I walk back downstairs and head straight to the kitchen to prepare Sofia her breakfast.

    Sofia rushes into the kitchen a moment later i place her food on the table and watch her eat. She has been my source of strength for the past few days, she is the reason i wake up every day determined to become a better version of myself.



    While Sofia is having her breakfast, i quietly walk out of the house, Kai’s car is parked in front of the gate and he is leaning on it. The nerve of this man to show up here after what he did to my sister.

    If it were up to me, this man wouldn’t leave to tell the tale, my sister is too calm and kind for my liking, this is why he stepped all over her and now he wants to act like all is well.


    “What?” i snap

    “Good morning?”

    “And what’s so good about this morning?” i rudely respond.


    “My sister hasn’t stopped crying since you left and she is pregnant, if anything happens to her or the baby, i swear you will not know what hit you.”

    “I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

    “But you did and that’s what matters. You have to find a way to fix this mess, you have to find a way to bring a smile back on her face, my sister is a good person she did nothing but love you and see how you repaid her.”

    “I am sorry.”

    “F--k you!”

    “It hasn’t gotten to that.”

    “Fix this mess Kai, fix it.”

    “I hear you.”

    “Mxxxm,” i click my tongue before i head back inside. I didn’t expect Kai to cheat on my sister; they are so perfect together he has to find a way to fix his mess.

    In the mean time, i have to pay that w---e Tasha a visit. I got her number from facebook i am yet to call her. I need to warn her, she should stay away from Kai or else all hell will break loose.



    “Mummy, let’s go together,” Sofia pulls my hand. She wants me to escort her out but i don’t want to see Kai.

    “Go with Auntie Trish.”

    “No!” she screams.


    I grab her bag and we head out. Kai is standing next to his car, i pause when i see him.

    He clears his throat, “How are you?”

    I don’t look up, “Just fine.”

    “Daddy,” Sofia runs up to him and he carries her in his hands then he kisses her forehead before putting her down again.

    “I will see you later hun, have a great day at school.”

    “Thank you mummy.”

    “I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    I turn to leave but he grabs my hand and turns me around, “I miss you a lot,” he says, he sounds miserable.

    “I see.”

    “You don’t miss me?”

    I laugh, “How is Tasha?”

    “Why do you have to bring her up?”

    “She is a part of us now, not so?”


    “Just drive Sofia to school already.”

    “We need to talk.”

    “Not now.”

    “I will drop by later so we can talk.”

    “Whatever,” i respond before i walk back into the house.

    Episode 46

    Close some doors not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.”



    My heart is heavy & my soul is wrecked, i have tried to get through to Kai but no avail, he has made it clear he doesn’t want anything to do with me he actually told me that he can never love a woman like me. I swear i am devastated, i don’t even have anyone to talk to right now, Fred is my only option but how i do i go back to him after everything i did to him? Will he forgive me? Will he take me back?

    If there is something i am sure of in this life, its Fred’s endless love for me, i know i hurt him when i left but i am willing to make amends, i am willing to make things work this time around. I will be content with what he has to offer.

    The sound of my ringing phone startles me from my reverie bending low i grab it from the stool. I glance at the screen and joy instantly floods through me, it’s Kai, he had actually blocked and blacklisted my number, maybe he has changed his mind about me, maybe he wants to reconcile.


    “Hey,” he responds.

    “Kai? Is that really you? You don’t know how excited i am to receive a call from you.”

    “Don’t get your hopes high,” he says


    “We need to talk.”


    “We have a lot of unfinished business, are you free? Can we meet up around lunch time at the Italian restaurant near your work place?”


    “See you.”

    He hangs up before i can respond but who cares, what matters is that we are going to talk and if luck is on my side then maybe we are going to make up. Anyway i rise to my feet and quickly rush to my closet to choose something elegant to wear for this lunch date.

    I got some few weeks off work i need to work on myself before i can officially face the public.



    “Done,” he frowns as soon as he ends the call.

    “Was that so hard?” i ask

    “I just don’t understand why you want to meet Tasha. What do you want to tell her? Do you think Kenzie will be happy if she finds out you are meeting up with Tasha?”

    “Who will tell her?” i ask

    “No one.”



    “Kai thank you for setting up an appointment for me and Tasha, leave the rest to me. You just concentrate on apologizing to my sister so she forgives you.”


    “Thank you,” i laugh before i grab my bag and walk out of his rented apartment.


    I forced Kai to call Tasha, i told him to make it look like he was asking her out on a date so they can talk but in reality, i am the one meeting up with her and not Kai. Let the games begin.

    I spend the rest of my morning running errands and when it’s finally time to meet up with Tasha, i get ready and drive to our meeting place.

    I spot Tasha the second i walk into the restaurant wearing a purple dress, cleavage bursting out of the low-cut front. She is more beautiful in person than in photos, i must say.

    “Hello,” i say when i get to her table.

    She looks up at me, “Hey.”



    I pull out a chair next to her and sit down she looks at me with a questioning look.

    “Can i help you?”



    “My name is Trish, Kenzie’s sister,” i say

    “And what can i do for you?”

    I laugh, “I see you are all dressed up, you were ready to meet up with Kai, my brother in law,” i say placing emphasis on “brother in law.”

    “What do you want? Where is Kai?”

    “He is not coming, i am here representing him.”

    “Kai sent you?”

    “No, i came on my own.”


    “You and i need to talk but first things first, i need a drink.”

    I grab the bottle of wine which is on the table and open it before i pour myself a drink then i take a large sip.

    “What exactly do you want from me?” she asks

    I laugh, “My sister hasn’t stopped crying because of what you did to her,” i say

    “And what did i do to her?”

    “Interfered in her marriage, you slept with her husband and even got pregnant for him.”

    She laughs, “Kai asked me out, i am not at fault.”

    “Did you know he was married when you accepted him?”

    “Yes but he told me things weren’t stable.”

    “And you believed him?”

    “He never gave me any reasons to doubt him. I know your sister is hurt but i am the victim here, i just lost my child and the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with doesn’t want me anymore.”

    “And who is that man?”

    “Kai,” she responds rudely

    I try to remain calm as i pour myself another glass of wine i am trying by all means to hide the anger building up in me. And i thought she would be remorseful, what sort of a woman is this?

    “Kai is a married man Tasha, you need to stay away from him, move on and find someone else for yourself, leave Kai for Kenzie.”

    “How about you tell your sister to back off, why is she forcing herself on a man that doesn’t want her? The fact that he cheated means that he doesn’t genuinely love her.”

    “I am warning you.”

    “You and your sister can go to hell for all i care, just leave me alone,” she yells as she rises to her feet.

    And that’s the straw that breaks my resolve i stand up too and grab her hand, “How dare you fix your mouth to say some shit about my sister?”

    “Truth hurts.”

    “Home wrecker that’s what you are ndiwe che chi hule,” i scream catching the attention of everyone in the restaurant. “Find your own man, leave mine alone leave him oh,” i scream

    “You are embarrassing me,” she whispers

    “That’s what i want let the world see that you are nothing but a pathetic home wrecker,” i scream

    “I could do more to you, i could ruin your reputation if you continue running after Kai.”

    “I am sorry for messing up your sister’s marriage, i will stay away from Kai,” she says.

    “You will?”


    “Cool,” i let go of her hand and as she turns to walk out i start screaming, “Hule! Hule!” and the crowd joins in, she runs out as if she is being chased by criminals, this is just a warning, if she dares to go anywhere near Kai, i will have no option but to post her on facebook, i will ruin her reputation if i have to.


    Tears pour down my face as i rush towards my car i haven’t been this humiliated my whole life some people even got videos, bet they will upload them on social media. I feel so drained right now, i need someone to talk to, maybe this is the right time for men to head over to the house and make amends with Fred.



    The girls and i are watching a movie when a knock sounds at the door, i didn’t report for work because Taylor is unwell and she has been a little clingy.

    “I will get it,” Talia says then she stands up and rushes towards the door.

    “Mommy!” she exclaims.

    My heart skips a bit, Tasha? What is she doing here?

    “Mommy! “she screams again.

    “Mommy is here?” Taylor asks softly

    “I think so.”

    “Okay,” she responds before she closes her eyes.

    “You want to see her?”

    She shakes her head, “No.”


    A moment later, Tasha walks into the living room she has Talia in her arms. She puts Talia down and finally comes face to face with me her gaze meets mine and my demeanor changes.

    Episode 47 [Final]

    “You may think you’re getting the short end of the stick but when it’s all said and done, God will make sure that you don’t lose anything truly valuable. Moreover, he will make sure you get your just reward. Your responsibility is to remain calm and peaceful even when those around you are not.” Joel Osteen



    When she puts Talia down, she finally comes face to face with me; her gaze meets mine and my demeanor changes. She smiles at me but i don’t smile back, i know it’s strange but i am not excited to see her.

    “Fred,” she says


    “Mummy! Are you moving back in?” Talia asks

    “Yes,” she responds and i shot her a questioning look, like what the hell is going on? But she ignores me and walks over to where Taylor is sitting.

    “Baby! How are you? Aren’t you excited to see me?” she asks



    Taylor has her eyes on the television she doesn’t even spare Tasha a single glance.


    “I don’t want you,” she responds before she rushes over to me and i scoop her in my arms before wrapping her arms around her beck, embracing her.

    “Fred? What did you do to my child?” Tasha asks

    “You are joking right?” i ask

    “Did you turn her against me?”

    “You chose a man over your children, you turned your back on them do you expect them to run into your arms just because you are back?”

    “We need to talk,” she responds

    “Girls, go to your room, your mother and i need to talk.”


    I put Taylor down before they run up the stairs to their room. For a moment, silence engulfs us both then Tasha clears her throat and finally breaks the silence.

    “What are you doing here?” i ask

    “Is that a way to welcome your wife back home?” she asks

    “Ex- wife,” i respond.

    “You and i know that the divorce isn’t finalized,” she says

    “We have both signed the papers and have agreed on the terms and conditions, the only thing left is the court hearing and then we are done, so why are you here?”

    “What if i don’t want us to go through with the divorce? What if i regret walking out on you and the children?” She says, inching closer to me stopping only when we are inches away. Her hand reaches out and gently caresses my lips. I push her hand away and angrily look at her.

    “What do you think you are doing?”

    “Is that a way to treat your wife?” she asks

    “Some wife you were,” i respond bitterly

    “I know i hurt you deeply but i am really sorry Fred, i miss you a lot, i want to come back home,” she says

    For a moment there i don’t respond, i just stare at her as if she is a ghost.


    There was a time when i wanted to hear these words from Tasha, there was a time i desperately wanted her back i could have done anything possible to bring her back but not anymore.

    I loved Tasha with every bone in my body and every beat in my heart. I loved her with everything i had. Losing her was the most painful experience of my life but i didn’t kill me, it made me stronger.

    I have done so well for myself the past months, i am actually in a better place and i won’t go back to what broke me.

    “Fred, i miss you a lot please let me come back home, we don’t even have to go through with the divorce,” she pleads.

    “Why?” i ask

    “Because i regret walking out on you, i am really sorry please forgive me,” tears stream down her cheeks.


    I won’t buy this, i know Tasha very well, she is a manipulative woman, i am sure she is only back because things didn’t work out with the other man.

    “And what happened with Kai? Aren’t you guys expecting your first child?” i ask

    She wipes her face with the back of her hand, “I lost my son.”

    “I am sorry for your loss.”

    “I just want to start all over again with you and the girls, please forgive me,” she grasps my arm. Her other hand reaches out and grabs my chin, lifting my head so our gaze can meet. “Find it in your heart to forgive me please.”

    “Tasha? I loved you with as much passion as any man could muster and you walked away. I know our marriage wasn’t perfect but i loved you a lot, i was everything a husband should be but you cheated on me, i begged you to stay and you laughed in face, why are you really back?”

    “I know i hurt you, i don’t know what came over me, it was the work of the devil, i am back to my senses please, please, please, forgive me,” she lets go of my hand and gets down on her knees.

    “You don’t have to kneel down, i forgave you a long time ago,” i say

    She stands up, “Does it mean i can move back in?”

    “No! I forgive you but i am not taking you back, we had our time together and it didn’t work out, i am done Tasha, i am so done with you,” i say words that i have been keeping in my mind for weeks.



    “What do you mean you are done?” My intestines squeeze up into a knot as i feel the blood rush to my face. I was sure he would take me back, what the hell is going on here?

    “I am in a better place, i am fine without you. I am sorry i can’t be around the same person who broke me and caused me pain every single day, being with you will be a reminder of the bruises and wounds of the past, just let me be.”

    “Lord what have i done?” My heart begins to race faster than normal, where will i go from here? What will people say about me? I broke my own marriage for someone who doesn’t even give a shit about me.

    “Please, i will do anything you ask me to please Fred,” i plead. I never beg, i am not so good at such things but i am desperate, i want my husband and daughters back, i don’t want Fred to find someone else.

    “Don’t do this to yourself Tasha, you are still the mother of my children and you will always be a part of my life, pick yourself up and start all over again.”

    “Forgive me,” i cry

    He is about to say something else when a knock sounds at the door.

    “Come in,” he says

    Prisca marches into the house, “Fred you won’t believe what i just watched on facebook, Tasha was humiliated by…,” she pauses when she notices me.


    “If it isn’t my adorable best friend,” i fake a smile.

    “What are you doing here Prisca?” Fred asks

    “I came to show you something.”

    “And i thought i said i want nothing to do with you, i even told you that i don’t want you to tell me anything about Tasha, why the hell are you back?” he asks

    “I am sorry i couldn’t keep the news to myself.”

    “Just keep it to yourself from now on,” he responds

    She ignores him and looks at me, “What are you doing here?”

    “None of your business,” i angrily respond

    “Oh, now that things have gone sour between you and Kai, you are here to beg Fred to take you back?”

    “Prisca? Haven’t you done enough damage?”

    “Oh please, you cheated on your own i didn’t force you to do it.”

    “You laid a trap for me.”

    “Just leave Tasha,” she says

    “Prisca,” Fred begins, “I think you have over stayed your welcome please leave.”

    “Yes, leave,” i say

    “You are gonna take her back?” she asks

    “Just leave,” he responds

    “You know i love you Fred, i can treat you better than Tasha, please don’t kick me out.”

    “You and Tasha are birds of the same feathers, even if i wanted to find someone else, you are the last person i would think of choosing,” he says


    “Leave my house,” he yells, i can see tears running Prisca’s eyes as she grabs her bag and walks towards the door. She is such a b---h did she think Fred would choose her over me?

    “Now that she is gone, can we talk about us?” i ask Fred

    He shots me a cold look before he says, “Get out of here, i don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

    “Fred,” i take a step towards him and i am met with a push from him.

    “Leave! i would rather die than allow you back in my life,” he says.

    More tears fill my eyes when those words escape his lips, i know i deserve this but that doesn’t help ease the pain. I shouldn’t have fallen into the devil’s hands, i have lost a perfect man and it’s all my fault.

    “Fred?” i try one more time but he doesn’t even spare me a single glance.

    “Close the door behind your back when you leave,” he says as he turns around and heads towards the stairs.

    I slid down to the floor sobbing. I still can’t believe i have lost him for good, my he