Story: Wrong romance

    Episode 1

    I was still lying on my soft mouka form bed, with my legs wide open to allow free flow of air pass through all the parts of my body.

    I was only wearing my light singlet using a wrapper to cover my legs because I was only on my panties, my ceiling fan was realing blowing because of the full current NEPA just brought.

    I was still enjoying my afternoon sleep when it was interrupted by a phone call, the vibration of my phone woke menup because it was close to my pillow, I woke up and starred at the phone with anger, see how it just spoilt my beautiful sleep, I picked the phone and it was Nancy


    Me: hello (said sluggishly)


    Nancy: hey girlfriend wassup, why is your voice like this where you sleeping?


    Me: yeah


    Nancy: alright then, I just called to inform you that mike will be taking me out tonight to his friends birthday party, so he asked me to invite some of my friends, I already told perp about it and she is coming, so are you coming or not?


    Me: count me in babe.


    Nancy: alright, we’ll pick you up by 8pm so see you soon

    Phone hangs….


    Wondering who this girl is?

    Well am sandra, and am 22 years old, I just got admission into UNILAG, and am in 100level, I really love clubbing and parties, I was single because I broke up with my boyfriend who I caught cheating with another lady, nancy and perpetual are my best friends, we usual hang out together and today, nancy’s boyfriend named mike will be taking us out by 8pm




    (Back 2 story)

    I sat on my bed staring at my wardrobe thinking of what to wear to the party, I really need to look nice and sexy, maybe I can find another guy at the party, I stood up opened my wardrobe kept staring at it for a while deciding on what to wear, untill I finally choosed a blue mini gown, it was a gift I got from my ex on my last birthday.

    The gown was d--n short with silver design, I choosed it, and a silver high heeled shoe, with a silver purse, I kept it aside and went to prepare noodles for myself as lunch.


    By 8pm I was already dressed, with my mini pencil gown, and heels, my makeup was really attractive because it took me a lot of time to finish, I knew I was beautiful enough to attract a guy at the party.

    I was still staring at the mirror admiring my makeup when I heard a horn I knew it was them so I picked up my phone and purse about to leave but I decided to add a few more lipstick, after that I locked my door and went to meet them outside.


    It was a black venza, perp and nancy were already inside, hey girlfriend this one when you package like this, hope all this well o, perpetual said, see you why you non wear tartared clothes, I said and we all laughed together, sandra, really I must confess you look takaway mike said, thanks boo, I replied, abeg enter make we dey go jare no time to waste Nancy said, I entered the car and we zoomed off…


    We got to the party and made a brand entry, we sat together in a table, and where offerred a lot of drinks, including champange.who is this guy that is even celebrating sefbi asked nancy, his name is nicholas, but many call him nick, his rich and handsome, don’t worry he would be out soon, OK oo I said.

    Few minuted later nick was out, he was d--n cute, with pink lips, he was invited to cut the cake and after that it was all about dance. Mike and nancy went to dance together leaving me and perpetual behind.

    Per and I startef taking a lot of selfies, together, excuse me mylady, someone said from behind, it was nick, do you care to Dance with me, he said…

    Episode 2

    Do you care to dance with me he said, I didnt expect that o anyway I think its my opportunity, uhmm yeah sure I replied, while perpetual gave me a secret thumbs up.we got to the dancing floor and started dancing, I was really shy though, dancing with an unknown guy, nancy was giving me an eye contact which means, I should dance freely, but I cant, due to too much crowd staring at us.


    Few minutes later, dancing was over, nick and I went to the corner of the party and had a brief discussion, so am nicholas but my friends calk me nick, so can I know you better he said, uhmm am Sandra am a student of UNILAG, wow a student, thats nice, oh thanks, I said , you are d--n a beautiful girl, oh stop flattering me, I said, really I must confess, you are d--n beautiful, I think I like you, hmm thanks, I said in a shy manner, so can I have your contact, yeah, he brought out his phone and I gave him my contact, we laughed and chatted for sometime, before nancy called me, to start heading home.


    We bid each other good bye and I went to meet their Nancy, they were already in mikes car, babe you be witch oo, I talk am say your dressing of today get reason, why you come the talk this kind talk as if say I be…abeg enter make we dey go before you dey explain nancy said, I entered and we zoomed off.


    Few mintues later we I got home and bid them good bye, It was already 11.30pm I silently opened my door to avoid noises, I entered my room locked the door and went to bed without taking off my clothes, I even managed to take off my shoes and was about sleeping when my phone rang, I took it to see who it was but there was no name, I picked the call and it was nick

    Me: hello


    Nick: hi, its me nick, how are you


    Me: fine and you


    Nick: am good, I just called to know if you have gotten home


    Me: yeah


    Nick: alright, good night, sleep tight and dream of me


    Me: alright bye


    Nick: bye

    Phone hangs… And I went to bed


    The next day after class, perp, nancy and I were heading home after class, and was discussing about last night party, we were outside the gate when we saw nic waiting for us outside with his white Camry, what is he doing here perp asked, just then he walked up to us, good afternoon ladies, we all replied, can I have a word with you he said pointing at me.


    I went to meet him, good after noon I said, afternoon how was class today, it was fine, I replied, so are you hungry, what about we go have lunch together, me I asked, yeah, but uhm, just get in the car lets go don’t be shy, I know you are hungry, I looked at perp and nacy who where giving me eye contact to go with him, I entered his car and we zoomed off




    We got to the resturant, and sat together, nick orderd for a plate of fried rice and chicken for the both of us, followed by wine, he was really a nice guy.That was how my friendship with nick began….

    Episode 3

    After lunch in the resturant, did you enjoy the food, nick asked, yeah sure, I replied, why are you shy talking to me, am not a ghost, or do you see me like one, noo not at all, I said, OK if you say so, he said.


    I should be on my way now, oh come let me drop you, we both walked to his car, and drove off.So nick what do you do for a living, I asked, oh am a the owner of donstar communication, you mean you are the owner of donstar, yeah and I was the one who sold that phone for you wait are you talking of donstar, where sales of phones, laptop, TV and all other electronics are carried out, yeah, he replied, wow you must really be making it oh, I said and we laughed together


    Few minutes later we arrived at my apartment, we bid each other goodbye and departed.I got to my apartment and and found out that my key was already on the door, and it was opened, I was scared have thieves invaded my house, how did they get my key, I opened the door silently to check but to my greatest surprise it was nancy and perp.


    Hey girlfriend you are back, per said, oh my goodness how did you guys……get your key right nancy cut in, excatly I said, so love don catch you reach so tey you non know when you by yourself give us key before you enter nick car abi, but I remembered, vividly that I didn’t give you my key, hmmm you that personally gave me your key,nancy said, I thought you guys where thieves, not knowing It was the both of you I said taking off my shoes and siting down on my bed.


    Abeg enough talk,perp said, where the take away, when you carry come, which takeaway as if na your papa carry me go outing I said back, wait o you are not serious, you mean say you no bring takeaway, you go resturant with your bobo go flex come dey come with empty hand you o go back o, perp said, opoor is plenty, abey no be my bobo, we are just friends, whant is the difference, Nancy cut in,na you sabi, wait o una cook noodles chop abi nai this one still dey ask for takeaway, see noodles pack for ground, if I knock you now ehhh I said.




    Uhmm sandy I like this your gown oo, e be like say I go borrow am take go someone tomorrow with mike o, nancy said, see you borrow pose, slay mama, no go buy, fake life, ( perp and I started laughing)see una as if una no dey borrow my things, infact I no dey carry again, drop am for me who beg you before.


    So sandy how the level na gist us watin sup na.wait oo nacy, nick na the owner of donstar, before you non know nancy said, ehnn that guy go get money oo, that big plaza, hmmm I no go let this guy commont for my hand ooo, see you, dey find money, nancy said, never go hustle,hmm if no be money why you follow mike idiot, abeg shift make I lydown biko…..

    Episode 4

    On saturday afteroon, I was preparing jellof rice for myself, and you know student life na, no money for meat or fish, so I used egg three eggs, most especially now that those my poke nose friends already informed me that they are coming.


    I just finished preparing the food, when I heard a knock on the door, I already know its them, I went to open the door, when perp rushed, something smells nice, she looked at the direction of the pot, which was half opened,oh thank goodness, perfect timing perp said.


    I locked the door and went to serve the food, it was really hot, bringing out yumming smoke, nancy went to buy cold scachet water and returned within few seconds.The food was served in a big plate, and we all sat down to deal with the food.


    We were still eating when there was a knock on the door, perp please go and answer that person tell him or her am eating, I don’t need disturb at all, I said still dealing with the food, since perp was the youngest among us, she always respect us, although she misbehave sometimes.


    Perp went to open the door and quickly closed it, sandra its nick oo,perp said, please please don’t tell me you are serious, do i look like who is joking perp said, although nick has never being to my house before, what if he laugh at me, I said inside me.


    I stood up and went to open the door, hi nick said, uhmm good afternoon, I greeted, afternoon how are you, am fine, I replied with the door half opened, I don’t want him to know we are eating, can I come in nick said, uhmm yeah but I have to settle something just wait a second I’ll be right back.


    I quickly shut the door and wishpered please keep that food, hurry, perp and nancy quickly covered the food, hid it at the back of my storage where he cant see it.I opened the door, OK you can come in sorry for keeping you waiting, I said, OK he walked greeted perp and Nacy, while I offered him a seat, which is a rubber chair I bought along side with my reading table.


    He sat down and was staring at the place like who suspect something, nice room, he said with smile on his face, oh thank you, I replied, where you eating, because this place smells delicious.

    I was shocked, did he actually see us, uhmm No No, I was uhmm, cooking, I stammered, hmm cooking and you didn’t tell me, and am starving right here, what about I have some to eat, nick said.


    I didnt expect that answer from him oo, you want to eat my food, I asked, by now Navy and perp where already staring at me, I dont have a choice, the secret has exposed more than expected.


    I went to serve him the food, Thank God I reserved one egg in the pot, I went to buy him sachect cold water, and before I returned he had already halfed the food.I was staring at him, while perp and nancy where secretly laughing at me.


    He finished the food and drank the chilled water, that was delisious, I don’t know you can cook like this.Thanks, I said and removed the plates.

    He stayed with us for few minutes, and We all laughed and chatted together, later he decided to leave, while I escorted him to his car, sandra why where you hiding your food, I know you guys where eating,am not king am just a human being No difference between us just our gender, I was silent, because the cat was already out of the bag.




    Well thanks for the food OK, he dipped his hands into his pocket and brought money, here have this fifty thousand, I will see you next time OK he kissed me on my cheek, I love you, have a nice day.


    I was silent althrough.I can’t even say anything, I was only smiling, but the kiss and his statement, caught my feelings, I kept staring at his car until it was out of sight, wow this guy is lovely, am madly falling for him now.. ….

    Episode 5

    I went inside to meet perp and nancy, immediately I entered they started laughing, upon all the hiding you where still caught, nancy said and continued laughing, I didint even answer, I just went to sit down and was still reversing all that happened most especially the kiss and I love you.


    Sandra what are you holding, perp asked, who gave you all that money nancy asked, its nick I repiled.wait o, are you trying to sa that nick gave you all this money for just jellof rice and egg, Nancy said, wait let me count it, nancy collected the money from me, and counted it.


    Fifty thousand for just jellof rice and egg, nancy yelled, nick is a really nice person o, perp said, but girfriend lets share it na, perp said.Share what, you are not serious, I dragged the money from Nancy and hid it in my bra, shey you people where laughing at me abi, now you what to share the money with me you are mad, come and carry na nonsense .


    From that day, forward nick and I became closer than before, and later on we starts dating, I know you might think its too quick but I don’t care, I cant afford to loose that kind of guy, handsome, rich and caring, his love an care where like heavenly blessings, I pray he is the right one for me.


    On Sunday, after church service, by about 7pm, nancy and I went to a nearby club to have fun, perp didn’t follow us, becausw she went to visit her aunty in lagos.

    We got to the club and nancy introduced me to some of her friends, a group of two boys and girls, some of the girls have tattoo, while the boys where smoking, we all sat together and we (nancy and i) where offered a drink.


    Nancy where did you know all this people, I wishpered to her, just relax, we’ll be fine, I was already feeling uncomfortable, uhmm guys, nancy started, meet my friend, she is sandra, hi I said, waving my hand.

    OK am lissy, one of the girls said, while am susan, the other said, the two boys where staring at me, before they finnally spoke am Desmond, while am Gabriel, one of the look familiar, but I can’t remember where I first saw him.




    Now that we know each other, susan said, let play truth or dare, we all agreed, I’ll go first Desmond said, sandra I dare you to kiss gabriel for 30seconds.

    What me, I said, sorry but I already have a boyfriend, just then gabriel came close to me and said, it doesn’t matter its just a kiss, his lips started coming close to mine.I pushed him backward and said, am through playing and left with anger while nancy followed.


    What is wrong with you nancy, why will you introduce me to those rascals, and how did you know them, I said in anger, relax babe, its just a game, and beside, this is how I meet mike, in a fame like this,just blend in, nancy said, blend in do you know I already have nick, I cant and will never cheat on him excuse me…

    I left with anger and went home.

    Coolval stories

    That day, I wasn’t able to sleep, what if it was a setup, maybe nick must have sent nancy to test me, I said inside me, I didn’t reply to any of nancy’s chat or calls, I was really angry with her, I didn’t expect her to those kind of friends.


    The next day, was on monay morning, I didnt talk to nancy, after class, she came to meet me and perp, sandra m sorry, its was just a game, besides I thought you like clubbing, nancy said, of course I do but not with those rascals, I know nick must have sent you to test me, I said, no it wasn’t any test, it was…(.perp cut in)enough of all this talk lets go your place am hungry..

    Episode 6

    Enough talk, perp cut in, lets go to your house am hugry, which house I replied, hope you are not referring to my house because I didnt cook anything. Lets go to mine, nancy said, I prepared sphagetti early this morning before going to class.


    Am not hungry, I said and walked away, I was walking slowly so I can hear what the where saying, what have you done to sandra now, nancy you ehhnn, perp said, see you better close you mouth, sandra wait up Nancy yelled, and she ran to me while perp followed suit.


    Am sorry, it won’t happen again,no more silly games during clubbing I promise, please nancy said, this time i smiled, laughed ee,perp said pushing me with her hand, I laughed and said make sure it won’t happen again, sure nancy siad, finally am hungry lets go biko, perp said, you and food, don’t go and eat poison one day I said, and we all laughed and went together to nancy’s place.


    A month later, my relationship with nic was going fine, no quarrrels, no cheating, and he never ceased to shower me with love.

    Oneday, I went to visit him at his apartment, it was a two bedroom flat and a big comfortable sitting room.He gave me a warm welcome as usual,including hug and peck, because that was not my first time of being in his apartment.


    I sat down comfortable while he sat close to me, so what do I owe this surprise visit nick said, nothinh just decided to check on you,I replied, ohhh what a sweet girl, nick said and we both laughed together. Later on, he held my hand, an rubbed it slowly, his hands where soft and warm, his eyes came in contact with mine and without wasting time our lips joined together.


    He kissed passionately like his life depend on it, I was really enjoying it, my body system suddenly changed and you know what that means.Just then he stopped, why did you stop I asked, we can save that till the right time, nick replied, it was as if he knew what was about to happen but thank God he stopped, He stood up and went to get something from the refrigerator.




    This guys is sweet, I have never met a guys who can resist s*x before, what does he mean by the right time.He returned with two glasses and holandia yoghurt, he severed the two glasses and handes one over to me, I collected it and started drinking, he chatted together for a long time, before I left.


    The next day, by 3:30pm, I was just coming out from a shop where I went to buy food stuff, when my phone rang, I brought it out of my crossed bag and it was nick, perfect timing I said an picked the call

    Me:hey baby


    Nick: wassup sweetheart, how are you


    Me: am fine and you


    Nick: good, babe I called to inform you that I won be around for sometime, my dad had an accident and I need to be there right now


    Me:am so sorry, hope its not serious


    Nick:I hope not, am already on my way to Enugu now, take care of yourself OK, I will always call to check on you


    Me:OK sweetheart, drive carefully


    Nick I will, bye (kisses)

    Phone hangs….


    Oh God, just when I was about calling him to come pick me up,with all this loa uhnn, why must bad luck follow, na wah oo.

    I stood at the edge of the road waiting for okada or a taxi, when a black benz parked in front of me, I waited to see who it was and also was ready to run I it was kidnappers, the car window drew down and to my surprise it was?…….

    Episode 7

    To my greatest surprise, it was gabriel the guy I was asked to kiss in the club, hey babe wassup, he said, I stared at him for a while hissed and moved away from his car to the other side.


    He still drove close to me and said, why are you acting smas if am a ghost, am just a friend I mean no harm, an if you are still thinking about what happened at the club, just cut it off its just a game.

    What do you want I asked,I want nothing but your friendship, thats all, gabriel said.Gabriel or whatever you call yourself, I don’t want to be your friend, and besides I already have a boyfriend,if you think am one of those cheap girls you better think again, excuse me, I said and walked away.




    I stopped a taxi, wenbin with the stuffs I wen to buy and zoomed off.

    I got home, drooped the stuff and fell down on my bed, so this guy think he is wise, he wants friendship then from friendship will lead to something else, nonsense I said inside me.


    later the afternoon, I went to perp’s place, I meet her preparing beans, so I have to wait till, she finish so as to eat from the food, not only my food she knows how to eat.

    Food was ready and served Al’s with garri and chilled water, we started eating when nancy barged in, I knew it, herer you are, that’s why you didnt pick my calls, nancy said, dropping her bag, you called me, I replied, sorry my phone was on silent.


    Nancy went to bring her spoon and joined us, nancy do you know u meet gabriel to, which gabriel nancy said, the one at the club na, ohh oh, what happened, nancy asked, he said ehhn, he wants to be my friend, did you accept, Nancy asked, accept what, accept fire, from friendship to something else.


    Sandar be careful with that guy oo, he is very flirtly, a womanizer, a man who gets whatever he wants No matter what or how hard it is nancy said, hmmm well that is for other people not me, I said, am for nick, nick is already mine, not can stop it oh, not even that good for nothing gabriel, just telling you nancy said..


    The next day I was getting ready for class when I heard a knock on the door, who’s there, I said, and went to open the door, it was a young boy, you are you I aasked,my name is john my boss asked me to give you this, he said and handed me a fancy bag, who is your boss, I asked, you will see it in the bag, I bet to take my leave now, I thought it wae nick so I collected the bag and went inside.


    I opened the bag, it was filled with many beautiful thinhs, cosmetics like cream, perfume, make up, flowers and all others.There was a letter i n it, I opened it read it, and at the end the name of the sender caught me angry, it was gabriel, I torn the letter into pieces and threw it in my little wastebin basket, at the corner of my room, hissed and left for class.


    I just wasted my time listening to that fool love letter, nonsense, if I had know it it was him that sent those stuff I wont have collected it, let me return from class first before I will deal with the rest stuff I said inside me.


    What is gabriel up to?

    What about Sandra?

    Episode 8

    That day I was so angry, and did not pay attention to the lecturer, his lessons where entering one ear and coming out of the other, all my mind was about gabriel, why did he send those stuff.


    Few hours later, classes where over, I walked out of the class with perp and nancy, perp do you know that gabriel sent me some stuff and others, who is this gabriel of a guy you both are always talking about, perp asked, Nevermind nancy said, did you collect it, yes I thought it was from nic not knowing it was him.


    So what did he send,nancy asked, so comestics but I havent checked everything, he even wrote a love letter, which I tore into pieces after reading, I dont understand this guy at all.Hmmm sandra be careful with him oo, justne careful, nancy said.By now we got outside, bid each other good bye and departed.


    I got home and without wasting time went to check the bag properly, I empted the bag on my bed, it was my body cream, perfume, flowers, bathing soap, necklace, bangles, earrings, and other stuff, I wonder how he managed to know my body cream, what will I do with all this stuff, I cant use them.what if he initiated them, I cant oo, I returned the things back to the bag and threw it at the corner close to my waste basket.


    I layed down on my bed, when my phone rang it was nick, I quickky picked the call with smile on my face.


    Me: hello baby


    Nick: hey babe wassup


    Me: am fine and you


    Nick: same,am back home.


    Me: really, why didnt you tell me you were coming


    Nick:not to disturb you, can you come to my place I have a something for you


    Me: really, I cant wait, am on my way now


    Nick:am waiting.

    Phone hangs……


    I took my crossed bag, phone and wore my slippers, leaving for nicks house.

    I boarded a taxi and few minutes I was already at nick’s place.

    I knocked gently on the door and waited for it to be opened, nick opened the door and I jumped on him, I held him tight because I have missed him, we kissed each other an he offered me a seat.


    Baby have missed you so much nick said, me too, so how its your dad I asked, he’s doing well he just sustained few injuries, that all…oh thank God its not serious, I said.

    So how is school,nick asked, school is fine I said, except from one guy that is disturbing me, I said, nick’s face changed immediately I said that statement.Who is he nic asked, his name is gabriel, I meet him at the club and ever since then he has beinh disturbing me, he even sent me some gift this morning and I mistakenly accepted.




    You accepted nick yelled, I thought it was you who Sent it am sorry, its OK nick said, you give me his details later let me warn him, no problem I will, so what was is it you wanted to give me I asked, ohh am coming nic said, he went inside and came back with a big fancy bag, this is for you, he said and gave me the bag.


    I collected it, and what I brought out first was a silver design high heeled shoe, wow I said, the next was a golden necklace, a area gold at that, I was really happy, what I brought out last made me shut of words a brand new iphone 8+ I was overhelmed with joyed, I hugrd him and gave him a kiss.


    Hope you like it, just manage it, we havent receive the latest iphones from the company, so use this for the now, I will get you another one when its available, nick said, you have done enough honey, I love you, I said, love you more nick replief and we kissed each other

    Episode 9

    When I got home that da I was d--n happy, so the iphone they are all talking about, I have finally have one, I looked at the phone several times and smiled, if not for nick I won’t have gotten this one free of charge, no requirements like other boys who demand for sex, thank God ooo I said.


    There is nothing that will seperate me from nick, what a sweet guy, NEPA should do and bring their light let me charge this phone.I dropped the phone at the corner of my bed, and brought out the shoe and necklace, I wore the shoe and the necklace and start walking up and down in my room, like who is getting ready for a parade, my love for nick is irreplaceable I won’t stop loving him.


    Later that day, by 3:pm nick called me to get ready, that we will be taking me out.I was really happy, upon all he bought for me, he still want to take me out.

    I went to shower and few minutes later I was ready, I wore a white fancy shirt, and a short jean, and fancy high sandal, since I wasn’t going to a party or club I decided to wear something simple.


    By now I havent charged my new phone because NEPA havent brought their light, I took my other phone(Tecno spark 4) and my crossed bag and waited for nick outside.




    Few minutes later, nick arrived I hopped in and we zoomed off. So where are we going I asked, to the nearest resturant, nick said, alright if you say so I replied.


    Few minutes later, we arrived at classic town resturant, it wasnt even like a resturant, it has a hotel, bar an resturant together but different building, I don’t even know this place.we came down from the car and nick walked up to me, is this a hotel or resturant I asked, both of them nick replied, havent you being here before nick asked, nope I replied, well classic town is the latest in lago and also known by few because it was opened few weeks ago, so thats why you might not have heard of it nick said.


    I stood ans admired the building for a while, shall we go now nick said, oh right I replied and held his hands as we walked in.

    We were about entering the resturant when I saw gabriel coming out of the hotel building, with two men following him like his body gaurds, including that big head that gave me those things earlier today.


    Honney wait, I said and pulled nick backward, what Is it nick asked, thats the guy I told you about that is disturbing me I said pointing at gabriel, you mean that guy nick said still pointing at gabriel yes I replied, alright let me go have a gentleman talk with him nick said and left , walking to gabriel direction while I followed him and held his hands.


    He guy nick said, while gabriel who was about entering his car came down, how may I help you gabriel said, well and nick and this is the love of my life Sandra, nick said pointing at me, she told me you have being disturbing her for some time while wasnt around, so I came to warn you as a gentle as I am to stay away from her, there are lot of girls in this whole wide world so you can get youself one and leave her alone.


    After nic finished talking, gabriel laughed and clapped his hands, well I like you gabriel said, I like you courage and boldness, but let me tell you she might be the love of your life, I don’t care but do you have what it takes to care for her gabriel said, of course he does even more than you I cut in…

    More than me, gabriel said, well tell how, is it that toy car he has over there(pointing at nicks car) or his donstar plaza whatever he calls it, do you even realise who you are talking to, look around I own this hotel and restaurant, am the owner of classic town, can he do this gabriel laughed, or can he even affored this my car, sandr he is a no life, I can get you times two of all he have done for you.


    Hey gabriel nick said, you can mock me I don’t care, but I know I don’t flirt after women just like you, I know that statement killed gabriels spirit, but he didn’t show it, instead he wishpered to one of his men, who went inside his car and came out with a brief case, he opened it and it was filled with money, a thousand naira note.


    Well nick or what ever you calk yourself, I don’t have time to talk with people like you, he brought two bundle of money from the brief case and threw it up which fell back like rain upon us, covering me and nick, this is worst than an embarrasment I said inside me.


    Gabriel, I said, you might be wealthy or even the riches man on earth, but since I ave nick by myside am 100% satisfied, thanks for the embarrasment, but this money I said picking up a thousand nair note from the floor is nothig but papers, I tore it into two pieces, money can build a house and even buy a house but it can buy love or build love, nick is mine forever I said and drew nicks hand who I know must be feeling pain inside him due to the embarrasment, honey lets go .


    You might be couragous now, but I will do what ever it takes to have you, you are mine sandra nick yelled….


    Things are turning upside down rightπŸ€”


    But sandra seems to love nick more..πŸ’


    Will gabriel get his wish?

    Episode 10

    You might be courageous now but I will do whatever it takes to have you, you are mine sandra gabriel yelled.By now people have already gone to pick the money, I dragged nick to his car, honey lets leave here, I said, from tge look on nicks face I know he wasn’t happy.


    We went into his car and drove off.

    On our way home there was total silence in the car, not untill nick broke it, honey am sorry for what happe down there, sorry for what I said, dontbe so hard on yourself am comfortable able with you as long you always be with me and not with someone else, I promise I won’t leave you sandr nick said, I love you nick, I love you too.


    I got home that day still thinking of what happened, I can’t forget that embarrasment, everyone will be talking about that now, I was the reversing all that happened when NEPA brought light I jumped up and rushed to charged my new phone, I made sure it was charging and went to prepare something for myself.


    The next day, after class, perp was the first person I bumped into, hey babe wassup perp said, am fine I replied, all of a sudden perp started laughing, what’s funny or am I naked I asked, not at all it was about yesterdat perp said, what happend to yesterday I asked, hmmm you think I didnt know all that happened I was there yesterday when Gabe showered you and nick with money.


    I was shut of words, wait you mean you where at classic town yesterday, yeah perp said, so that was the gabriel you and nancy where talking about and as a matter of fact its already on social media, only God knows who snapped it, wait tell me its a lie I said, of course not, I brought out my new phone and quickly logged into face book and it was true, gabriel was the one who posted it and he also tagged me, I didnt know he was my friend on facebook.




    Wait girl who owns that phone perp asked, none of your business I replied, hmm OK oo, well wassup with you and that guy, that was a big time disgrace, but it was all good sha, atleast I picked 5k from the money, you picked the money I yelled, what do you expect, throwing money at my front and you expect me not to pick while I was alone.


    Are you stupid I said, what if it turms out to be blood money, and so f-----g what, but the money touched you na, you even picked one and tore it into two, why didnt it kill you first, and you are talking as if you don’t know that guy and his lineage, his parents are rich also, classic town is not only his hotel oo, see babe if I where you I will go after gabriel oo, I swear, most especially now that he is into you, imagine standing as the gurlfriend of a milloniare, chaii see, opportunity comes but once, move into greener pasture my sister enjoy your life when you are young ooo.


    I was just staring at perp who was busy preaching, look at this one what do you know, look at your mouth like parrot, cho cho cho every minutes, what do you know, see let me tell you money is not everything I said, says who it must be in olden days not now, my sister money is everything oo, my sister am jus advicing you

    Keep you advice biko(cuts in) why didn’t you leave your own boyfriend hmmm, just stay out of my relationship please if you want gabriel you can have him he is not mine, why won’t you mind your business tafia… I said and left


    Why is everybody into this gabriel of a guy, I don’t want him, am I the only girl in this world, he should go for someone else. I got home that day and met Gabe standing at the door of my apartment, I was shocked, I stood away from him to avoid trouble.


    What are you doing here, nothing just waiting for you Gabe said, now you’ve found me what do you want, he smiled and said, I can see you are nervous but don’t be I mean no harm, why is it hard for you to believe, am the you for you, not nick I love you soon much sandra, I cant even concentrate because of you, and I hope you must have seen the post on facebook.


    Why did you do that, and how did you become my friend on facebook, gabriel how many times will I tell you, I already have my boyfriend, just stay away from me please, how will you feel if you where under nick’s shoe

    Sandra its like you don’t know how I feel I love you with all my heart Gabe said

    Enough of all this(cuts in)leave now or I will shout rape, has it gotten to that, even more leave or else, OK I with go he said.




    I watched him walk out of my apartment and entered his car and left, nonsemse why cant you just leave me alone for christ sake, I opened my room and went in


    Is like things are changinπŸ€”..

    Am so sorry for the late post guysπŸ™

    Episode 11

    A week later exam sets in, I was unable to visit nick, in order to avoid distraction, I read all night and barely sleep well, I don’t want to have carry overs at all, I really want to impress my parents and become a medical nurse.


    Nick always call me to check on me, and won’t stop encouraging me to stick to my books.

    Our exams lasted for almost two weeks, and when it was over I was really excited.

    No more reading all night for the now, I was already missing nick.I jumped out of the class with nancy and perp, babe now that we are through withour exams are you travelling nancy asked me.


    Travelling, hmmm maybe oo, I don’t know yet, but now maybe I will be spending my holiday in nicks house oo I said happily, hmmm nick house, don’t go and collect banana oo perp said, what do you mean by banana I asked perp, hmm be asking me as if you don’t know well as for me I will be travelling home ooo I cant stay in lagos oo wothout food stuff perp said.


    Na you sabi, I will see you guys later, but right now I have to see my boo bye and have fun, I said as I rushed out of school, I boarded a taxi an few minutes I was already home.


    I have really missed nick, I wanted to inform him that am coming to his house, but a surprise visit will be nice.

    I took off the gown I was wearing before and wore a long jean trouser, a pink top and white slippers and as usual my crossed bag.

    I entered another taxi to nicks house and luckily for me he was at home.I knocked on the door and he opened o jumped on him an gave him the biggest hug, I missed you so much baby I said as I still held him tigt, I missed you too, why didnt you tell me you where coming Nick asked.


    I just wanted to surprise you I said, now that we are through with our exam, wow how was the exam he asked, hmm fine oo and so stressful I said sitting down, hope my girl read very well o.ah don’t you trust me again I said, why not I trust you na.


    So what will I offer you, hmm anything cold I said, OK I will be right back.I brought out my phone and went online on facebook before nic returned.

    He returned with a bottle of eva wine and and two glass cup, to celebrate the end of your exam, he opened the bottle of wine, filled both cups and handed one over to me.

    Cheers, we kissed each other and sipped our drinks, sandra if I propose to you will you accept, hmm why won’t I accept, have a lovely man like you as my husband I will gladly accept.


    Just then he dropped his glass of wine

    And brought out a ring from his pocket and knelt down, Sandra from the day I set my eyes on you I knee you where the one for me, I cant help it if I loose you, you have shown me love like no one else, please don’t say No will you marry me


    I was dumbfolded, nick I cant, am too young to get married, am too young to be a mother, am still a student, its just two month now that we have been dating.


    I know ssandra,we can keep the wedding first all I want is to accept my request and always be mine so no one can take you away from me, people like gabriel, u don’t want to loose you, I can wait till you finish your school but just accept me please….


    Who is confuse here?


    Is like nick don’t want to loose Sandra

    Episode 12

    Sandra If you think am doing this to get in between your legs, then you are getting me wrong.


    I promisw not to have sex with you till our wedding night, am doing this because I don’t want anything to come in between us nick said.


    What about my parents, they don’t even know you, how can I explain to them.


    We will go visist them together, just please, accept me, please.


    I was really confused, I stared at him for a while, and finally accepted.He place the ring on my middle finger, hugged and kisses me.


    Thank you so much darling, nick said, but the wedding is not now oo, maybe when I finish my school I said.


    No problem, since you are now my wife to be now, so when are we visiting your parents, nick said.


    Maybe next week, but first I have to call and inform them first oo, because my dad is a very, strict man, he will make sure I finish my school before getting married.

    No problem nick said, lets just celebrate, as my wife to be.


    That day I got home and and called nancy and perp to com over to my place.


    Few hours the both arrived together, they sat down and I broke the news to them.


    Sandra, you are engaged so quickly, don’t you think you are too young to get married, when you havenot yet finished school perp said.




    Am not getting married now nancy, he already promise to wait till I finished my school, and besides, we will b going to see my parents next week I said.


    Sandra don’t mind perp, as for me am happy for you oo, as for all nick is a nice guy, but make sure he doesn’t see your panties oo, or else you will be regarded to be foolish


    Ahh nancy am I that cheap, no sex before marriage ooo, thats only if my dad agree for me to marry him.


    The next morning, I called my mom to inform her about I and nick

    My mom is a tailor, who sew differnt types of clothes for young girls and women, while my dad is a retired government worker.


    I know my mom must be at home by now so I decided to call her, instead of my dad.


    Me:hello mama good morning


    Mom:ebere my daughterhow are you?

    (Ebere was my native name)


    Me:am fine oo, how is everybody


    Mom;ah we are all fine ooo


    Me: mama, where is papa


    Mom: he’s here


    Me:please gove him tge phone


    (Hands over the phone to the father)….


    Dad:my daughter how are you?


    Me: am fine papa, good morning sir


    Dad:good morning how was your exams


    Me:fine oh


    Dad:hope you read well oo


    Me:yes na


    Dad: thats good


    Me: hmm papa, have found someone oo


    Dad: what do you mean by someone?


    Me: hmmm papa, some one asked for my hand in marriage.


    Dad:marriage kwa, is that the school I sent you, I want you to be a medical nurse, not jumping into unnecessary marriage




    Me: I know papa, but I love him, just as he loves me too, he promise to wait till I finish my school, before marriage he even wants too see you


    Dad:wants to see me?


    Me:yes papa, we will be coming home by next week


    Dad:ebere are you sure its not all these gra gra boys oo


    Me:ahh No papa na, hes a nice person, when you see him you will know..


    Dad: OK if its your choice, but you know no one gets pregnant before marriage in my house


    Me:I know ppapa, trust me I won’t fail you,


    Dad:OK oo


    Me: thanks dad , bye



    Phone hangs…


    I was really happy, my dad has agreed, I cant wait to tell nick about it.


    I said and rushed out of my room to nicks house….


    Episode 13

    I got to nicks house and knocked on the door.


    He opened and gave me a soft kiss and hug as usual.


    A sweet aroma was coming from the kitchen.


    “What are you cooking” I asked sharply.


    Am preparing jellof rice, nick answered.


    This early morning, why not take something light like bread and tea, I said.


    “Hmmm” that won’t hold me till afternoon, I’ll be going to my store today for some investigations, and I don’t know when I will return but taking tea and bread is out of my list today, nick said.


    Mr glutton,see if we get married, don’t expect me to be doing this all morning oo, If you can’t take bread and tea, each morning then you rest, I said.


    “Hmmm” till then now, if we get married eh, I won’t take tea as breakfast again, only strong food, nick said.


    I laughed and said, strong food ni, are you strong.


    “Ah don’t try me ooh, nick said. Now that you are here please come help me finish with the food please, so I can go have my bath.


    “OK no problem.I went to the kitchen, while he went to his room to have his bath.


    ” I brought out one large onion, and sliced it so I can add it to the food at is still on fire.


    Few minutes later food was ready, and by now nick was already waitinh for me at the dinning.


    I served him his food,and also served mine.


    We ate together at his dinning, and after he has finished eating I told him that my dad has finally accepted for us to come see him.


    He was really happy, so was i, he gave

    me a tight hug and kissed me like never before.


    Baby am so glad that you are finally going to be my wife, by next week monday we will go and see your parents nick said.


    “Hmmmm me too, but when will tou introduce me to your own parents, I asked.


    He laughed for a while and said, my parents already know you, In case you don’t know.

    I showed them, your picture the last time I went to Enugu.And don’t worry after we visit yours the we go visit mine l, nick said.




    Next week Monday finally came, and I slept in nicks house on sunday, so we can be on time, because from lagos to benin is a long journey.


    I was the one who woke nick up from his sleep.


    We did got ready on time and by 8pm we where ready to go.


    We used nicks car, so ad to prevent all the stresd, of entering one bus to and another, and waiting for the bus to get filled up.


    Our journey from lagos to benin, was a tight one, there was too much traffic(hold up).


    It was a miracle we where able to break through.


    We got to benin by 2pm and went to saint saviour street, where our house is located.


    We got to our houseand met my mom and kid sister outside.


    My mom was sewing outside as usual,

    I know she didn’t went to her shop today because of our visit.


    Are you sure your parents won’t decline our marriage nick asked.


    I don’t know, but the first thing my dad look at Is your attitude. To be a man is not a day job abi, I laughed and got down from nicks car which was packed outside our compound.


    It was my little sister who first ran to me and hugged me, shouting sister, sister as usual.


    Ade baby(my little sisters name was Ade) see you are now a big girl ooo.


    By now nick was already shy, he greeted my mom respectfully and stoo d at the the door side of his car.


    Mama good after noon I greeted my mom and and hugged her tight, because I have really missed her.


    Ebere my daughter, see how big you have become, my said, as I huggedher one more time.


    (My mom is and igbo woman, while my dad is a benin man).

    Episode 14

    Just then my dad came out.


    “Ah ah, who am I seeing, my dad said.

    As I greeted him and hugged him.


    Good afternoon sir, nick greeted.


    Afternoon my son, how are you my dad said giving him a hand shake.


    Am fine sir, nick replied.


    ” hmmm papa this is the guy I told you about I said.


    Nick was really shy, if not we are in front of my parents, I would have laughed at him so much.


    Oh my son, how are you, my dad said.


    Am fine sir, nick replied.


    What is your name, my dad asked staring at nick from head to toe.


    My name is nicholas okafor sir, nick said.


    I know my dad was looking at his dressing, to know if he is irresponsible or not.

    Nick was only wearing a complete blue native and sandal.


    I was the one who asked him to wear it, because of my dad.


    OK, nicholas okafor, you are welcome, feel comfortable OK.


    Thank you sir nick said an we both walked inside, with ade carrying our bags.


    We got to my room my room, where I do sleep bwfore I went to lagos and dropped our bags.


    We went to have our shower an changed our clothes.


    Few minutes food was served and we both went to the sitting room to have our food.


    A plate of pounded yam and egusi soup.


    Nick was still shy while eating, because my dad was there, I was just lookimg a him with corny eyes.


    Later my dad went out leaving the both of us.


    So you can shame for Africa, you think to get married is easy I said.


    “Hmmmm if only you are in my shoes you will understand.

    Wait till you visit my parents, that’s when you will know nick said.




    ” later that day at night. My dad parents called the both of us to the sitting room.


    I sat close to nick, while my parents sat down facing us.


    I know the kind of shame that is with nick that minute.


    “Nicholas my dad called, you are the one who wants to marry my daughter, right


    ” yes sir nick said.


    “Alright, how old are you,he questioned.


    ” Am 25 sir, nick replied.


    “Alright, what do you do for a living my dad asked.


    ” I own a big store where I sell phones, and all kinds of electronics.


    “Oh oh I see my dad replied.Do you still leave with your parents?


    ” No, I have my own apartment and and o leave alone, nick replied.


    “Where are your parents


    ” they live in enugu sir


    “Where are you from?my dad asked


    ” lbadan, my dad is from ibadan while my mom is from delta, but my dad built his house in enugu when he was transferred there.


    ” My son hope you don’t do rituals or scam .


    “Ah papa, why now I interrupted.

    Not at all sir, I have a legit business and it brings food to my table nick said.


    OK my dad said, I’ve observed you and have see you are a nice person, well you can go on with your plans, your parents are aware of the both of you


    Yes sir, nick said with a smile on his face.


    Alright, you can go to bed now.


    OK good night sir, nic said aand we went inside together.

    Episode 15

    The next morning we were about to leave for Lagos.


    My parents have finally agreed to ur relationship, its like I won’t even finish my school before getting married o.


    I will just marry him and still continue my school, because I don’t trust those Lagos girls, let them not snatch him from me.


    We got ready and very early and was good to go.


    My parents prayed for us, as we went to nicks car.


    Nick dipped his hand into his pocket and gave ade(my little sister) one thousand naira note.


    Here this is for you, use it to buy something for yourself, nick said.


    Uncle thank you, God bless you ade said and bid us good bye.


    We entered the car bid my parents good bye and left.


    We got to Lagos, and nick decided to stop at his store to check it everything was in order.


    We got to donstar and met the shock of our lives.


    Nick’s store has being burnt to ashes.

    There was nothing left behind, but charcoal and ash.


    Some other stores close to his store also got burnt. It was a really sorrowful day in Lagos.


    I was confused and my eyes where heavy how did it happen, I asked ahmed one of nick workers.


    Aunty I don’t know it was overnight we met it like this, this morning and tried calling oga before he came.


    Nick hands was on his head, and all of a sudden he fainted.


    I and some Of his workers carried him into his car, while ahmed drove us to the nearest hospital.


    We got to the hospital and nick was carried into the ward, while me and ahmed where asked to stay outside.


    Now my eyes where already swollen, and tears where rushing out like spring water.


    What is all this problem, nick store got burnt and nick is at the hospital, God please save my fiance he’s the only one I have I said inside me.


    Few minutes later the doctor came out while me and ahmed ran to him.


    “Doctor how is he? I asked


    “Well he is fine, nothing happened to him. It was too much pressure, He just have to relax for sometime, he’s on drip the doctor said.


    “Ha thank God, I said and gave out a sigh of relieve. Can I see him


    Yes sure the doctor said


    I rushed into the ward so was ahmed, and met nick lying down and sobbing.


    I sat close to him at the edge of his bed, and saw tears in his eyes.

    That was my first time of seeing nicks tears.


    Honey its ok, God is on control I said wiping the tears in my eyes with the back of my hand.


    Nick Didnt reply me, I knew what must be in his mind, how was he going to cope with no where to get money, that must be what he is thinking I said inside me.




    Later that day he was discharged.

    Ahmed was the one who still drove us home because nick couldn’t drive.


    We arrived at nicks house and he didn’t say anything and went inside.


    I gave ahmed some money for transport and he left. While I went to meet nick inside.


    I tried all I could to console him but all fell on deaf ears.


    Later on some of his friends came, I knew it was because of the incidence.


    They came inside and sat close to nick while I went to take another seat.

    They where four in number, mike was among but I don’t really know the rest that much.


    Guy pleas you have to stop crying now, crying won’t solve anything one of his friends said.


    Where will I start from nick finally spoke out in tears.

    All is gone, nothing is left and I just used alot of money I have to buy most things in there before I traveled, not knowing it was going to be a waste nick said.


    I was touched by those words that tears where already gathering in my eyes.


    I left them together with nick in the sitting room and went to prepare something in the kitchen.


    I calledy parents and informed them about what happened.


    They where also In pain and felt pity for nick.


    They asked me to give him the phone but I couldn’t, he wont even collect the phone, but only cried.


    By evening, when everyone who came to console home left.


    I prepared sphagetti and served it at the dinning.


    Honey please come and eat your food I said to nick who was in the sitting room.


    I have no appetite he said.


    “Honey please even I’d it is small, you haven’t eaten anything since morning don’t go and kill yourself biko.


    “Will eating bring back all that I’ve lost nick said.


    “Will starving yourself now bring back anything I said, just take a little or don’t you like sphagetti? I asked.


    “Baby rest yourself I can’t eat now, today is the worst day of my life and I wished I could reverse all this back to normal, nick said and went to his room.


    “Honey come back and eat oo, I don’t like all this, you haven’t eaten since morning and you don’t want to eat

    Ohooooh I groaned I frustration

    I stared at the food for a while and covered it with a flat plate and went to meet nick inside.

    Episode 16

    That day we both went to sleep with empty stomach due to what happened.


    The next morning I prepared bread and tea with fried eggs for breakfast.


    I was really hungry that I rushed the food, while nick ate not much. At least something is in his stomach.


    He still continued with his mood since yesterday. I was already tired of all that is going on why will this happen at this time.


    Why does the devil like to interfere in someone’s happiness, if only I could stop all this and bring back nicks shop so we can be happy again I said Inside me.


    Later that day I decided to go check on my apartment and maybe return by evening so as to be with nick, in order for him not to do anything crazy.


    I got to my apartment and fell tirelessly on my bed. Just then my phone rang it was Nancy.


    πŸ“²me : hello


    πŸ“²nancy: babe how far


    πŸ“²me: hmmm fine oo.


    πŸ“²:I heard what happened, am so sorry how is nick?


    πŸ“²me:he’s fine oo. Hmm


    πŸ“²nancy:are you at home


    πŸ“²me: yeah


    πŸ“²nancy:alright perp and I will join you soon.



    Phone hangs……


    I gave out a big sigh and relaxed I was so tired.


    Few minutes later perp and nancy arrived, they sat close to me on my bed.


    Babe like seriously how did it happened nancy said.




    I don’t even know my sister, we just returned from Benin and met the whole store burnt to ashes, only God knows how come.


    Whether its someone handwork or natural only God knows I said.


    Eeyaaah kpele perp said.


    “Ah poor nick going through all this, what a pity nancy said.


    what about your visit to Benin, how was it? Perp asked.


    Fine oh, but I can’t talk about that now at all, I tired and I came home to have some rest before going back to nicks house.


    I had sleepless night yesterday because of this recent incidence, so please I want to rest because I know you like gist too much I said and lay back on my bed.


    πŸ’˜ Two weeks laterπŸ’˜


    I was in the kitchen about to prepare rice and beans for Nick.


    I opened the rice bag and to my greatest surprise there was nothing in it.


    I went to meet nick in the sitting room.


    “Honey I said, there is no more rice in this house and I wanted to prepare rice and beans.


    “Nick looked at me in a sad face and said. That was what I was trying to point out. There is nothing in my account but 50 thousand naira how long will that last, I pumped all my money in buying new expensive product which many of my customers asked for, and I know it will yeild great profit.


    But I lost it, all I have is this house and the 20k nothing else. I have nothing to show, I have to start from grass nick said.


    Why would you done such a thing, aleast you should have not used all the money into buying of all the stuff.


    That’s how I always run my business, this is not my first time, I run big business which requires alot nick said.




    I was dumbfounded and confused, does this means we are going to suffer, does this means will have to start again all this where going on fire inside me as I walked slowly into the kitchen.


    God please intervain, please see us through, help us lord i said. I later prepared beans which nick only ate because I hate beans.


    Through out that day I wasnt myself, how can this be happening now. The wrong thing at the wrong time.


    I was lost in thought all day, life would be hard now, and I can’t leave nick alone he is now my fiance.


    And am just a student who doesn’t even work, let alone having money. I thought I have found a place to rest my head not knowing it won’t last forever.

    Episode 17

    Nancy and perp visited me and I told them all that was going on.


    Hmm babe you are going to suffer oo,Nancy said and you can’t leave him OK now that there is a ring on your finger.


    Me suffer I reject, God will find a way for us, I can’t suffer oo God forbid.


    You won’t suffer jare, perp said no matter what be what him, he has tried for you, so be with him on this hard times, nothing last forever.


    Hmm but suffering can, nancy said.


    Later that day I prepared pounded yam and okro soup and dish it in a cooler and went off for nicks house.


    I got to his house and nick was not at home, I called him and he told me he was on his way that I should wait for him.


    I sat outside and waited for him.

    Few minutes he arrived and he was not with his car.


    Honey what happened to your car, did it disappoint you somewhere.


    My car nick said I’ve sold it to raise money, that its where Coming from.


    What is the use of it anyway since my legs are not paining me he said.


    But honey why did you do that, you are not supposed to sell it I said.


    Hmmm now that life has arrested me, I don’t have anything now so should I kill myself of huger because of car no na, just understand please let’s go inside he said opening the door.


    Why would he sell his car, its like Nancy is right oo, suffering is knocking, but I can’t open for suffering to come in.


    God please we need your help now please.we went inside and I served him the food.

    Episode 18

    Throughout that day at my apartment I wasn’t myself, why would nick sell his car. This means all I gone. I have suffered alot with my parents too much, now I will still gonna continue.


    God please I need your help and intervention, please lord help me and my fiance.


    All this where going on in my mind when I heard a knock on the door. Who is it? I asked.


    Its me a faint voice said from outside, I already knew it was nancy, come in I replied.


    The door opened and nancy rushed in happily. Babe, babe am so happy right now, nancy said with her teeth wide open.


    “Ah babe wassup did mike propose I asked with concern.


    “Propose? Propose ke, metcheew… Propose fire nancy said.


    “Ah then what’s all this excitement all about I asked.




    “Hmmm babe my boo just got me a car, although its not a new one, but am expecting something much better next time nancy said.


    “Wow babe you are lucky oo, do you think is easy to buy okada let alone a car.

    Mike is really trying for you oh.


    Mike ke, which mike, I got this from Desmond, he’s one of my boyfriends in case you don’t know. Nancy said.


    “Haha nancy, dating two guys at a time, including that good for nothing Desmond, what if mike finds out.


    He will never find out, nancy said. See that Desmond you are calling good for nothing bought that car from your fiance. Coolval stories

    Am sorry to say this o, so you won’t say I didn’t tell you when am cruising it around town. Nancy said.


    Wait nancy you mean, Desmond bought nicks car and gave it to you? I asked.


    Yes na, see that’s just one of my collection, babe this life ma sense if you dull na you fail. Nancy said.


    I was shut of words, my finance’s car now belongs to my best friend. This is a pure embarrassment, why would nick sell his car to desmond, why not someone else.


    Babe see, nancy continued, in this life you need to depend on more than one thing. If nick have gotten more than one business he won’t feel anything when donstar for burnt.


    What are you trying to say? I asked.


    What am trying to say is you have to get another man without letting nick or anyone else find out, just like me, you don’t have to depend on only nick, you can get another and enjoy life while you can’t still be with nick. Nancy said


    Nancy can you just hear yourself talk? How do you expect me to follow someone else when am engaged, nick will certainly find out.


    “hmmm miss engagement, wait till he sells his house and come and join you in this one room before you’ll realize what you are into. Nancy said.


    See am not saying you should quit him, you can still be with him, but you need more freshing up, you need enjoy life as you are young, not suffering while you are young is it when you are old and no teeth that you will enjoy?.


    See you have Gabriel a man who loves you, he doesn’t find interest in me at all but you only. Just accept him enjoy his money then zoom off to nick for your wedding that’s all.


    I was just silent I was d--n confused, is Nancy telling the right thing or wrong, I don’t even know which path to follow.


    See babe, nancy continued, in this life you need money, that’s why David o said that “love is sweet o, but when money enter love is sweeter”.


    You still gat opp opportunity, if you like take it and if you like leave it. I’ve given you my advice but as for now I want to go cruise that car around town.

    What about we go together its gonna be fun and don’t panic I will settle the bills. Nancy said.


    Never mind am fine,maybe some other time I replied.


    Cmon I know you too well, If its because its your fiance car don’t just worry yourself. Nancy said.


    I some other time I yelled not today at all I need to just rest my head.


    Hmmm ok if you say so, lemme go ask perp, and we bring you takeaway, see ya.

    She said and locked the door.


    Bam confused right now, its like nancy have a point, but nick will find out and stop our marriage. Look at nancy now have a car and I have none only this iPhone nothing else. Its like i’ll try my luck and also help nick too.


    The next day I was off too the salon to make my hair without asking for a dimeb from nick.


    I don’t want him to start thinking of what happened again so I have to use my money.




    I made packing gel, because it wasn’t expensive. And hopped out of the salon waiting for bike to go home.


    Because I won’t visit nick today, the transport fee are really eating me up And staying at his house will put more expenses on him.


    I was the waiting for okada by the road side with my stomach boiling bcos of hunger when a black Benz stopped in front o me I alredy know its Gabriel.


    Wassup my angel how are you he asked


    Am fine I said facing another direction to avoid eye to eye contact.


    Well am sorry about your boyfriend loss, pray God provide for him.


    Amen I replied.


    Ok you look hungry what about we go have launch at my restaurant.


    Just then my mind flashed back to what nancy said yesterday, should go with him,what if nick find out I was so lost in thought

    Episode 19

    Just then my mind flashed back to nancy’s advice. Is this the opportunity I have. What If nick finds out.


    Well I didn’t murder anyone, its just lunch I said to my self.


    Ok we can go for lunch I replied. I know he must have wondered why I accept to go with him but i don’t care.


    I entered his car and we zoomed off for his heart was beating fast that if you can hear it you can easily dance to it.


    We arrived at classic town and went to the restaurant section.


    We sat together facing each other while Gabriel called one of the waiter.

    He wishpered into his ear and he left without asking me what to eat.

    Only God knows what he told him.


    So tell me how did it happen, nick asked.


    How did what happened?


    I mean how did the store got burnt overnight nick asked again.


    Please can we not talk about that now.


    Oh alright he replied.


    Just then, the waiters walked in carrying different trays. One was dropped in front of me while the other for Gabriel. With different kinds of drinks.


    It was like a feast table, due to the kind of drinks that was set in our table.


    I opened my plate and it was fried rice and jellof rice together and a big lap of chicken which can be used to serve two people.


    “Hope you like it nick said with a bit g smile on his face.


    “Yeah sure I replied.


    “Ask for anything you want if that’s is not enough this is my restaurant, feel free.


    Everyone was just staring at us, while some where hailing him, with big names like odogwu.


    We started eating and I didn’t look at his face throughout because I was really shy.




    Later that day he drove me home and I make sure he didn’t drop me in front of my apartment to avoid being seen by those gossipers who won’t mind their business.


    I got to my apartment and fell on my bed. I can’t believe am really doing this, upon all the promise I made to myself and nick not to go for Gabriel is what am now doing now.


    Well atleast am not dating him, I just want his money that’s all then get married to nick as usual.


    The next day I went to visit nick. I knocked on his door for a long time before he finally opened.


    We hugged and kissed as usual. What took you so long to open the door I asked?


    Am so sorry I was sleeping and didn’t hear you that’s why.Nick said


    Alright have you eating M?


    Yeah, sure I ate yam and egg. O didn’t see you yesterday what happened nick asked.


    I was scared, what if he had seen me yesterday.

    Hmm nothing I just decided to let you rest, without disturbing you thats why I didn’t come.


    Alright then, hmm baby I’ll like us to fix a date for our wedding please, nick said.


    Wedding, uhmm babe I think that should be put to a halt first until you recover other things. I don’t want to put you in more expenses now because of our wedding. Am here for you. I said.


    Hmmmmm OK if you say so… Nick said.


    πŸ’˜A week laterπŸ’˜

    I was already enjoying life with Gabriel, although we are not dating, but I made sure nick didn’t know about us.


    My plan was to eat his cash and move to nick just like Nancy did. But was always watching his steps to avoid regrets.




    I was in my apartment chatting with nick on WhatsApp when Nancy and perp barged in.


    “Hey why didn’t you guys know, this is my room not a market place where you can walk in as you like.


    “Sandra am very disappointed in you perp said sitting down on my plastic chair.


    What do you mean I asked looking at perp.


    I thought you love nickbso much, why going around town with Gabriel she asked in a angry manner.


    Is that why you bardge into my room like that I asked


    Help me tell her, madam Mary amaka Nancy said.


    See perp lemme tell you, I love nick. So much, buy that won’t make me suffer all because of love, and about Gabe am not dating him and just enjoying life with him that’s all since nick is now broke.


    Sandra are you not ashamed, I know I do telk you to go for Gabriel but not now, if you want to leave him you should have left him when he was still rich not now when he needs you very much. Perp said


    See perp if you came here to tell me about my relationship please use the door and never return.


    Wait Sandra I should do what perp asked.


    She said you should use the door madam Mary and don’t return Nancy said.


    Just then perp got angry and left my house without saying a word leaving me and Nancy.


    Just then my phone rang, it was Gabriel, I picked the call and he told me he will take me out by evening and I should get ready by 4pm.


    I was really happy so was Nancy, am still going to party, for a long time now.

    By evening Gabe came to pick me uup and we left to have fun.


    The next day as usual I went to see nick, that how I do it so he won’t suspect one day for Gabe one day for nick.


    I got to nick house and I wanted to hug him as usual but he pushed me aside.


    What was that for I asked.

    Just start talking where you went to yesterday night. Nick said


    I was dumbfounded has he caught me….

    Episode 20

    You better start talking where you went to last night nick said.

    I was dumbfounded has he caught me, or is he trying to find out?

    Speak now or else, nick yelled. That was the first time nick has ever yelled at me.

    Oh yesterday I was in perp’s place. I said as if nothing happened.

    You where at perp place, so you have started telling lies abi, nick said. Am going to ask you for the last time where we’re you yesterday nick asked again.

    I said I was at perps place why all this this questions I replied frowning my face.

    But before I knew what was happening I received a hot slap on my cheek which made me fall down on the chair.

    That was the first time nick has ever slapped me, the slap was so hot and painful that tears begin to run down my cheek.

    My parents have never slapped me light that before. Nick you slapped me I said in tears.

    And I will do that again if you do not tell me where you and that prostitute you call a friend went to yesterday.

    I became furious, that I didn’t care what was about to happen.

    Fine I was with Gabriel yesterday I replied bravely without a grain of fear.

    That statement made nick’s eyes widened. I knew it he yelled out. I knew that you have already gone deeper than I thought.

    You call yourself my fiance and you are going around with another guy all because of money.

    Hey hey hey I interrupted what is it, why all this fiance this fiance that. Haven’t I done enough, have I not showed you my love enough besides am not even dating him and you are shouting.

    See I appreciate all you’ve done for me fine, not all this, ever since your store got burnt have you ever taken me out, have you bought me anything new, have you even paid for my transport I spent in coming here. Do you even know how I feed now, No tell me I said bravely.

    Now that I have moved to greener pasture and you are shouting.

    Wait Sandra are you talking to me like that nick asked with his eyes red.

    I don’t care, my parents haven’t slapped me like that and you have already slapped even when we are not even married, excuse me I said carrying my bad and matched out of his house while he was busy calling my name.

    I knew it must be perpetual’s hand work. And she is going to pay for it I said a I walked out of the house.

    I went to perp house and luckily she was about going out and I caught her I gave her the same slap nick gave to me.

    So you have the guts to report me to nick abi I said as I gave her another slap.

    We fought in her compound if not for her neighbors I would have thought her a bigger lesson than I wanted.

    I was like a mad woman that day, I didn’t know what came over me, I got and sat on my bed reversing all that happened earlier.

    Just then my phone rang. It was my dad, I picked the call…

    Me: papa good afternoon

    Dad: what is good about the afternoon ebere

    Me: I don’t understand you papa.

    Dad: so I sent you to school to learn and you went around flirting with men like a harlot.

    Me:papa why all this na.

    Dad: you got engaged by nicholas and I accepted, who is the guy you are now moving with eh ebere.

    Me: papa nobody (I pretended as If nothing happened) .

    Dad: so ebere you are now lying, Nicholas is the only one I regard as my son in-law no one else. Why can’t you realize you are throwing away diamond and picking stones.


    Me: papa its my life, and that’s how I want to leave it.

    Dad.:you re an idiot, I regret having a daughter, because of his condition you are flowing someone else, you are a disgrace ebere. As a matter of fact I caught you off as my daughter don’t come to this house except you go back to your rightful husband.Ewu(goat).

    Me: see papa if its Nicholas that is telling you all this don’t mind him oo

    Phone hangs….

    Hello papa hello

    All this people should leave me, Its my life I want to enjoy it..

    Episode 21

    I was angry and threw my phone at the edge of the bed.


    Quitting nick wasn’t part of the plan oh. All I wanted was to eat gabriels money and move to nick.


    But that slap He gave me changed the topic. Even my father have never slapped me like that before.

    How does he want me cope when my parents can barely send me a dime.




    I can’t be a wife material hundred yards, two yards Is enough biko I said to myself and lyed down.


    My phone rang and it was Nancy.



    πŸ“²Nancy:babe why did you beat up Nancy like that?


    πŸ“²me:I won’t I beat,did you know what that little brat did?


    πŸ“²Nancy:what did she do?


    πŸ“²Me:she have the guts to report me to Nicholas, about me and Gabriel.


    πŸ“²Nancy:eh eh, I knew we should no have trusted that girl. Anyways Gabe will be taking us out to the club today an he insist you join us.


    πŸ“²me: am in a very bad mood today am not sure I cam make it.


    πŸ“²Nancy:see no excuses today, you are coming with us and am the one who is gonna pick you up by 7pm or 7:30.See you later.


    Phone hangs.


    Ever since I started following Gabriel I have never gone to club with him because I don’t want nick to find out, but how that the secret is opened today is gonna be different.

    Today is gonna be my first time with him


    By 7:30pm I was already set for the party, I wore a short red pencil gown with a strip at the back, and black heels.


    Nancy finally arrived by 8pm and came to meet me inside.

    Nancy was dressed like a semi harlot.


    What are you wearing I asked.

    Dress of course, she replied, please don’t comment on my dressing because I love it this way.


    But nancy you’ve never dressed like this to a party before I said.


    I guess people change, and enough of all this talk let’s go she said and went out while I followed her after locking my door.


    We got to the party and met Gabe and Desmond waiting for us.


    They sat together leaving two empty seat which nancy and I later occupied.


    The table was filled with different kinds of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and alcoholic wine.


    Well welcome ladies Gabriel said you can ask for anything and get settled.


    They started drinking while I stared at nancy in amazement as she removed one stick of cigarette lighted it and started smoking. O never knew this girl has gone wide.


    Babe why are you not drinking Gabriel asked.


    Nothing actually, its just that I’ve never smoked or drink anything alcoholic before I replied.


    Just then they all started laughing including nancy.


    What’s funny I asked?


    They still continued laughing until Gabriel finally said You are not serious right?


    Of course I am I replied.


    You are at this age and you don’t drink or smoke you are really funny Gabriel said.


    Well girlfriend since you haven’t done it before then you have to give it a try. There is a first time for everything girl.

    Nancy said as she finished a glass filled with an alcoholic wine of which I don’t know the name.


    She filled another glass cup with the same wine and handed it over to me, here try it, it’s not bad nancy said.


    I looked at Gabriel and Desmond who where telling me to try it. My dad or nick have never smoked or drink in front of me but here I am doing it.


    Well atleast its not bad, I collected the glass from nancy and sipped a little from it and dropped it on the table.


    I tightened my mouth and my cheeks folded due to the taste of the drink.


    Now how is it Gabriel said. Well you get used to it. Now try the cigarette Gabe said.


    No I can’t, I just can’t I replied.


    Why Gabe asked.


    Because smokers are liable to die you.


    They all started laughing again, why haven’t I did since am young Gabe said.

    See you need to shine your eyes and start leaving a morden life like us. Not all those stupid fairly tales.


    Here try it, you won’t die, its just to satisfy the body Gabe said.


    He lighted the cigarette and handed over to me. Nothing will happen to you I promise.


    I collected the cigarette and looked at their faces and then sipped it.


    I quickly throw it on the table and quickly coughed out a huge smoke.


    I almost fainted because of hard coughing. They where petting me and also laughing at me while Gabe was using his hands to rub my back.


    That doesn’t feel good at all I said still coughing. That’s how it is for the first time nancy said.

    Episode 22

    I finally got home that day at midnight.

    Thanks to Gabriel who dropped me at home, although he insisted I spend the night in his house which I refuse.


    I was so tired and my stomach was really disturbing me, because of what I drank.


    I managed to sleep that night.


    The next morning was on the 1st of July. And guess what it was my birthday.

    I woke up early morning and upload it on social media.


    Gabriel didn’t even call me to wish me happy birthday although I told him at the club yesterday.


    I was confused and feeling guilty of myself. If it was nick he would have done alot for me today.


    Time was going and I didn’t see Gabriel or his call, I was really sad I kept checking phone to see if there was a message from Gabe but none.


    I rolled about my bed thinking of how today is going to end without any birthday gifts like before.


    Just then my phone rang it was Gabriel, I looked at the time and it was half past 1pmalready.


    I picked the call in a angry manner


    Me: hello


    Gabriel:hey babe happy birthday sorry I’ve called I was kinda busy




    Gabriel:well am outside your apartment come out.


    Me:Hmmm why?


    Gabriel :just comeout and see.



    Phone hangs.


    I wore my slippers and went out to meet Gabriel. Only God knows why he said I should come out.


    I got outside and met Gabriel and Desmond with two cars parked outside. One was Gabriel’s Benz and the other was a new Lexus jeep.




    Happy birthday baby Gabe said as he came close to me and kissed me on the cheek.


    Why did you ask me to come outside I asked.


    Well you see that baby over there he said pointing at the new Lexus. Its yours darling.


    Wait are you kidding or what I asked.


    He smiled and said, am not kidding. he gave me the car key.


    I was speechless, am now a car owner I shouted as I ran close to the car and observed it. It was d--n cool.


    I opened the car and sat inside this is wonderful I said. I ran to Gabriel and gave him the biggest hug and kissed him.


    Well babe this is just the beginning. Go inside and dress up let’s go to my place Gabriel said.


    I rushed inside and dressed up and went to meet them outside.


    Although I don’t know how f drive but it will be from time to time for me to learn.


    I entered Gabe car while Desmond drove my new Lexus along with us.


    We got to gabriel car and my mouth opened wide.


    Gabriele house was a mansion, I don’t know how to describe it. It was painted white and was a storey building.


    I got down from the car and looked around wondering if we where in the right house or not.


    At car park was three extra cars which he barely use.


    We walked into his sitting room and I met a big surprise.


    Nancy and some of Gabriel friends including their girlfriends where there and a big cake was set at the table.




    Is this a surprise party or what. Happy birthday they all yelled. Nancy walked up to me and wishpered into my ears. Now you see the sweetest life you where rejecting.


    I was speechless this is life paradise. I’ve finally found the right place for me.


    What are you waiting for come cut the cake darling Gabe said as I walked towards the car and place my hand on the knife.


    Now after the spelling of love you cut the cake Gabe said. L. O. V. E they spelt love and I cut the cake while they all applaude.


    They started playing music and everyone where dancing with their girlfriend.


    This time I drank that alcohol without fear or shame. I was already getting use to it…


    I drank alot and later danced with Gabriel that day.


    I was really enjoying the life I choose. I guess I have finally made the right decision for mysewith gabriel Lifw with is like heaven on earth.

    Episode 23

    Through out that day I really had fun like never before.

    I decided to pass the night in Gabriel’s house that day.

    Am night after having my bath and about going to sleep. Gabriel called me to the dinning and decided we have a little drink before going to bed.

    But babe I’ve already taken alot today, I don’t want more I said.

    It’s just a little, I don’t wanna get bored drinking alone. Pretty please Gabe said.

    I joined him in the dinning table and we both drank together and i went to sleep before him that night.

    The next morning I woke up really late. I was so tired and felt alot of pain all over my body. I thought it was as a result of yesterday.

    I looked around and Gabriel was not in the room, I tried to stand up and felt a huge pain in between my legs.

    My hand touched a soft light material at the side of the bed I picked it up and oh gosh it was my pant which I wore before I slept.

    I managed and used all my strength to stand up and found out I was naked. I removed the blanket which was still until me and found out I was defiled.

    The white bed sheets was stained with blood. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The only pride I have has been taken away.

    I screamed at the top of my voice and Gabriel rushed in. What happened he said in a shocked manner.

    I Couldn’t utter a word and tears began to roll down my cheeks.

    Are you crying because of that have said. Am sorry I didn’t know you are a virgin, am sorry he said as he walked close to me and held me to himself.


    Tears continued to rolled down my cheeks more and more, my virginity is finally gone over night after years of keeping it.


    Look, don’t be so hard on yourself honey I was the one who put a sleeping drug in your drink last night. Go clean yourself up Gabe said.


    He helped me up to my feet and I walked tirelessly to the bathroom for a clean up after that mess.


    After the bath, I wore my dress still feeling the pain so much, and I still went to bed, Gabe has already changed the bedsheet.


    Gabriel returned to the room and few minutes later with a big tray. He placed the tray on my lap and sat close to me rubbing my back.


    . It was a hot tea fried egg, bread and others.

    I managed to eat a little from it and went back to lie down. I was just thinking of how Gabe could have s*x with me secretly.


    Later that day I overheard Gabe telling someone on phone not to come now that he is busy. Only God knows who it was.




    The next day the pains where finally going away than before, I secretly took his phone to check who he was talking to yesterday and it was not a Nigeria number.


    It was saved with Michelle, I wanted to go through his photos.

    What are you doing a voice said from behind as I quickly looked back in shock it was Gabe.


    What are you doing with my phone Gabriel asked.

    Who is Michelle I fired back.


    Michelle, Michelle is my junior sister and why all this silly questions.


    Nothing just wanted to find out i said.


    OK but next time let me know I you want to use my phone Gabriel said and collected the phone from me.


    πŸ’˜A month laterπŸ’˜

    I couldn’t find my period, weeks and weeks added and I still couldn’t find my period.


    That was to confirm that I was carrying Gabriel’s child. Ever since he defiled me he has being treating me nice than ever.


    But I don’t know if he would be happy with what is going on.


    I waited for him at the sitting room, because he was upstairs dressing up to go out.


    He finally came out, babe please wait we need to talk I said.


    About what, am in a hurry and it is about 2pm already.


    Uhmmm babe i, I, I (I stammered)


    You are what tell me Gabe said.


    I’m pregnant I said and faced down.


    What do you mean, hope am not responsible Gabe said.


    My eyes widened, but babe you are the one who took my virginity now.


    Just then the door opened and a you white lady walked in. She is not a Nigeria lady at all. She was carrying a little beautiful lady.


    Honey am home the lady said as Gabe went and hugged her and kissed her.


    What’s going on here, I asked?


    Well Sandra meet Michelle my wife


    Honey who is she? The whit woman asked.

    Episode 24

    Your wife? I thought you said Michelle was your junior sister.

    Honey who is she the white woman asked.

    Well sweetheart meet my house maid Sandra. She is a very good girl and she cooks and clean the house before you return.


    I was shocked. Mrs white woman please he is lieing to you, he’s my boyfriend and am carrying his child.


    The white woman stared at Gabe and asked again honey is that true.


    Of course not, how do you expect me to cheat on you with that kind of person when I have a sexy classic woman as my wife. She is the one that is lying Gabe said.


    Now you black ass b---h the white woman said referring to me. Am an american woman and I presume you’ve heard about it.


    You lied to me about my husband and am not gonna take that, so I you don’t leave this house this minutes I’ll make sure am gonna kick you ass out.


    I was shocked and tears began to roll down my cheeks. Am telling you the truth ma am pregnant for him I said in tears and am his girlfriend wait let me call an evidence.




    I picked up my phone and dialed nancys number. It rang several times and she didn’t pick up. Why will this girl throw away her phone when I need her the most.


    B---h you know what you hat two options right here, you go upstairs and pack your things and leave or am gonna throw you out myself the white woman said.


    I have no option most especially now that there is no evidence. I can’t stay most especially now that I’ve being threatened by this white woman.


    I went upstairs and packed my things, I got to the sitting room and still meet them kissing and romancing.


    You know, you can go with the car, but remember am done with you Gabe said.


    Now darling let’s go inside am not gonna stay here all day. She said and they both left.


    My life has being ruined. No where to go except my apartment, nobody to call. Life is really a b---h.


    I walked to the car and kept my things in the boot, at least I’ve already learnt how to drive.


    I got to my apartment and went inside. I sat on the floor crying heavily. What have I done to myself, and I havent heard from nick.


    what a shame, I can’t even dream of going back to him. What a disgrace life have put me in.


    my phone rang and it was Nancy.

    Me: hello


    Nancy:hey babe I saw your missed call.


    Me: why didn’t you pock when I needed you the most.


    Nancy: sorry I was in the bathroom when you called. Why is your voice like this.


    Me: Nancy the worst have happened to me. I never knew Gabriel has a wife.


    Nancy: and so is that why you are crying.


    Me: Nancy am pregnant for him. He slept with me on my birthday night.


    Nancy: why did you do that. I didn’t tell you to let him have s*x with you o.


    Me:he was the one who put sleeping pills in my drink that day.


    Nancy: well all left for you on how to go around with the child. Its better you abort it now or you become a mother with no husband.


    Me: but…..


    Nancy; have said my own.


    Phone hangs…


    God am finished. My life is now like a dirty rag.

    I left the house that day went to a beer parlor and drank my self to stupor. Just to get rid of all this pain.


    The next day I went to the boutique to get some clothes with the money Gabriel transferred into my account the day the disvirgined me.


    I go the boutique and did some shopping I was about going make payment when I saw nick. I quickly hid myself at the corner of some clothes so he won’t see me.


    He was looking more fresh, handsome and fat more than before. He went to talk the sales girl and later left.


    I watched him as he entered a white Ferrari, and zoomed off.


    Wait oh is that is car, am not sure I said inside me and went to meet the sale’s girl for my payment.


    After my payment, hmm excuse me don’t be angry i said to the sales girl. Do you know that man who came here few minutes ago.


    You mean the one with the Ferrari she asked.


    Yes, yes I replied.


    That’s my boss, his name is Nicholas. She said.


    Wait your what?


    My boss, he’s the one who employed me here and pays me every month.


    Are you serious. When did he build this place.


    Build what, he bought it and redesigned it from what I heard. Anything?


    No not at all, just wanted to confirm thank you, I said and walked away.


    Blood of Jesus. Sandra you are such a fool, a big one at that, how could I have left nick and my parents won’t even listen to me, God am I triple trouble.

    Episode 25

    I got home that day and I wasn’t myself. God how am I going to survive all this.

    No friends, no finance or boyfriend, my parents have disowned me. God please I need your help this minute.

    How can I beg for forgiveness or even dare call my parents am so scared.

    I picked up my phone and called perpetual, to beg for forgiveness but I wasn’t going through maybe she has changed her line.

    I dialed my mom number and called her because I won’t dare call my dad.

    Mom: hello


    Me: hello mama it’s me ebere your daughter.


    Mom: what is it.


    Me: mama please don’t hang the phone please I beg you in the name of God. Am so sorry for all that happened, am sorry mama, I’ve come back to my right senses now.


    Mama: you see your life, how you threw away your opportunity because of money and wealth. You would’ve been in your husband house now.


    Me: I know mama please I beg you can you help me talk to nick, i’ll a nd you his number.


    Mama: talk to who, you are very senseless, you want to beg him now that you have realize yourself, haii ebere you are disgrace to your entire family. If it was because of money why did I marry your father. Did I marry your father as a rich man. Now see your life.


    Me: mama please OK, can you help me talk to papa please.


    Mama: your father won’t even listen to me, he said you are no longer his daughter, I sent you to school to make me and your father proud but you brought disgrace upon us.

    Now nick we see us as the parents of a harlot. Keep on with your life, and continue enjoying non sense.


    Me: mama please listen to me please….

    Phone hangs…


    I wept bitterly like never before. What have I brought upon myself, I can’t even go back home to see my parents.


    I’ll go to nicks hose to beg him, maybe he can still accept me since his wedding ring is still with me I said to myself.


    The next day, I got dress for nicks house, I dressed so sexy and hot at least to still attract him.


    I entered my car and zoomed of to his place. I got there and knocked on the door waiting to get on my knees and beg.


    The door opened and an elderly man came out, it wasn’t nick at all.

    Good afternoon sir, I greeted.


    Good afternoon my daughter how are you.


    Am fine sir. Sir please am looking for Nicholas.


    Nicholas which Nicholas.


    Sir the one who lives here.


    No such name like that the man said. I live here now and with my family. No one is called Nicholas. Maybe its someone who lives here before.


    Ewo.. Where can I find him now, God. Sir please do you know where he stays I asked.


    Not at all my daughter. Maybe you can find someone else. Thank you. The man said and went inside.


    So Nicholas have left this house. Where can I find him. I don’t even know where to go.

    Maybe that sales girl might know where he lives I said to my self.


    I wen into my car and zoomed off to the boutique.


    I got there and went to meet her.

    Hey girl how are you. I asked.


    Am fine aunty good afternoon.


    Afternoon how is everything inasked.


    Fine oh. What do you want to buy

    Because we just received new products.


    Uhmm nothing exactly. I came to ask foe a favour. Please that your boss do you know where he stays?


    My boss, hope all is well.


    Yeah, sure, we have a little business conservation which we didn’t finish. So I need to know his place because he asked me to come over.


    Hmm, I think I have to call him to confirm.she said.


    Noo. You don’t have to do that, am innocent. Trust me.


    It took a long time to convince her. But she finally gave me the address.


    I went to my car and drove to nicks place thinking and praying for a miracle to happen.


    I got to the place and couldn’t believe my eyes. Is this the right place or what I said to myself.


    I came down from my car and knocked on the huge ironngate.


    A boy came out and from his dressing he look like a security or gateman.


    Good afternoon ma, he greeted.


    Good afternoon, please am looking for Nicholas.


    Nicholas OK my oga. The boy said.


    Yes I replied.


    He is inside, but I need to inform him first oh say you dey here. So he will know weather to let yyou in.


    OK OK no problem. I replied.


    Wait for me am coming.

    Episode 26 [Final]

    The gateman left and returned in few seconds.

    You can come in, the gateman said.


    I walked into the compound praying in my heart for a miracle to happen.


    I raised my head and looked at a Marvellous building.


    Nick has really changed times two. He now lives in a story building, from small to big.


    I looked by my left hand side and there was a car park, with about three extra cars. I wonder if his the only one that rides them.


    I was really ashamed, how am I going to start my statement.


    I go to the door and hit the door bell. I quickly move backward to create space between me and him.


    The door finally opened and nick came out looking at me like he’ve seen his enemy. I know I was one of them though.


    What are you doing here nick asked in a angry manner.


    I went on my knees and started begging.


    Am sorry, please forgive me, I know I’ve done alot of harm to you, I beg you in the name of God, please forgive me. Tears began to run out of my eyes.


    Hmmmm, you are sorry, after all I did for you, just because of what happened you ran after money. Now you came back here and tell me you are sorry. I wonder who gave you




    Please nick (I said in tears), I beg you in the name of God our creator to please forgive me, please forget about the past I beg you.


    Of course I’ve forgotten about the past, I’ve forgotten how you insulted me when I had nothing, how you left me when i have nothing, and most of all I’ve also forgotten the love we shared.


    His words where piercing me like q sword and tears rushed out of my eyes the more.


    Nick please, please I beg you, we can still set things up please.


    Set what up? He asked, well its like you haven’t heard. Honey he shouted and a female voice replied from inside. Please come with the card on the table.


    Who is he calling honey, is he married, I said to myself as I waited for the person to come out.


    The door opened and who came out made my eyes widened and my mouth opened wide making me to stand up to my feet.


    It was perpetual, she was the one he was calling honey.


    Hey Sandra she said waving her hands.


    I was really ashamed of myself, how could perp go for nick.


    Well Sandra nick continued, since you are here, this is my fiancee and wife to be, perpetual.


    I was shut of words, I couldn’t say anything as tears began to rushed down.


    Hey Sandra how is Gabriel and Nancy perp asked.


    Is she your fiancee, I asked nick.


    Yeah and since you are here you are specially invited to our wedding, as the guest of honor, at the end of thus month,or you can be her brides maid if you want. here you go he said giving me the card.


    But honey you engaged me, am still your fiancee am still with your ring I said raising up my left finger.




    Hey cut the honey part nick said, you were my fiance not until you left for greener pastures as you said. So you can keep the ring cause I don’t need it.


    And remember I forgive but I can’t accept you, go looks for more greener pastures, pasture finding. He said and went inside while perp stared at me for a while and followed him.


    I couldn’t control my tears, this is the worst thing that have ever happened to me in my life.


    I ran out of the house in tears, I banged the gate opened and rushed into my car.


    I couldn’t control my driving, my fiance is now getting married to my friend, Gabe too my Virginity and made me lost all because of Nancy.


    I was driving really rough and couldn’t control my spedd.


    My hands where shaking and it slipped off the stery and I landed on and electric pole which feel down and smashed the car.


    That was how sandra’s life ended. What a pityπŸ˜₯. In this life beware of bad friends, always think for yourself to know if you are making the right decision, always think ahead and imagine the consequences ahead before taking your decision to know if its right or good.


    Go after true love not moNey love,

    because Love, and peace of mind don’t have a price which can be bought with money.


    Ladies and gentlemen of the group this is the end of wrong romance. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Love y’all


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